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Online Bible Studies are designed for the woman who is busy and needs a flexible schedule. They use a selected topical book that has both a practical and Biblical purpose. There is a balance between Bible study and community that allows the participant to be as active as she would like to be. Online Bible Studies uses social media and a study blog to generate involvement and excitement throughout the entire study. You can sign up at anytime to participate.

The Bible Study Class is for those who want to go deeper in Bible study than our online Bible studies allow. The class will offer more personal Bible study, more homework, and will require participants to keep up. The Bible Study Class will have a private study blog and an optional Facebook group where discussion will take place. Registration is for a two-week period and all participants must sign up within that window to participate.

Unfortunately not. Because the Bible Study Class involves homework week-to-week, it would be difficult for a latecomer to catch up after the study has already begun. We want you to enjoy the full experience and not have to worry about overloading your schedule with the class!

No, there will not be small groups for this class. All discussions are limited to the Bible Study Blog and the optional study Facebook page instead.

The access code will be emailed to you after you register for the class.

You should not need to use the access code every time you sign in for the class. If it does happen, just re-type your access code.

See the Bible Study Class page on our website for updates on the content of our current class


You will need a Bible (or Bible app), the Bible study book/workbook we are using, pen or pencil, and internet access. Colored pens, highlighters, and a journal or notebook are helpful as well but are not required unless the teacher indicates otherwise.

Of course! This Bible Study Class does not interfere with Online Bible Studies. We will still offer five Online Bible Studies a year and you can view the upcoming study by going to

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