Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories


When I was twelve, my family moved from the suburbs of New Orleans to a farmhouse in Shelby, North Carolina.

Hi, I’m Renee Swope for Proverbs 31 Ministries and, as you can imagine, this middle-school city girl, had a lot to learn!

One Saturday my stepfather took me out to a field and showed me several rows of green beans that I was responsible to pick. I completed my bean-picking in less than an hour and was so proud of myself! But, when my green beans were inspected, I got in trouble! You see, instead of picking the beans off the plants, I pulled the whole plant out of the ground, and then picked the beans off the stems. My step dad was sure I did it on purpose so they wouldn’t grow back. I don’t think I was that smart, but there weren’t as many beans to pick the next time!

It wasn’t so funny then, but it cracks me up now! What’s one of your funniest childhood memories?

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  1. When i was 8yrs old, i called my teacher a stupid teacher. He flogged the hell out of me.

  2. When I was 3 or 4 and had learned to count. I recall one day, sitting on the pot and counting the squares of toilet paper. When my mother came in and saw the pile of toilet paper on the floor, I knew by her shocked look that I was in trouble. She yelled at me to roll it back up “and get it on there straight.” I cried and cried because toilet paper never re-rolls straight.
    I laugh now just remembering the pile of toilet paper on the floor.

  3. Most of my childhood was spent out in the garden, green beans, black-eyed peas and corn, okra and fresh tomatoes, we use to eat green onions with dirt on them… oh such good food, digging for potatoes was the job I didn’t like the most because you actually had to get down below the ground to get the potatoes. My parents and their neighbors back yard was all connected and the three city lots was garden, such hard work, but it was time well spent and I learned how to cook from both my mom and my mom’s neighbor. I just recently saw the movie “Faith Like Potatoes” and i was crying by the time it had ended, because of remembering that time. Did you know that if you hide the seed potatoes in the haystack from your parents that the potatoes will still grow and reproduce. God has provided us a way to start next years garden by saving the last crop of everything, “let it go to seed” for next year. All was so thankful for all the food that was shared. The number one rule I remember was that you were supposed to give your first picking to someone.

  4. When I was about 2 1/2 my aunt and uncle came to visit. They never had kids, so my brother and I were like their kids. They spoiled us rotten.
    Anyhow, that year I got to help plant the garden. I even had my own little patch I was responsible for. The first morning my aunt and uncle were there I was so excited to show them my garden, that I ran right out the door pulling my uncle by the hand. The only problem was that I was wearing the new white socks that they had just given me as a present. Oops! We laughed about it for years after that. 🙂

  5. In northern Minnesota, my Cousin and I went in the woods and field in back of grandparents house to pick blackberries for dinner. We were picking our berries when we heard something in the brush. We looked and didn’t see anything, a few minutes later we heard it again. So we went running back to house and my aunt wanted to know were berries were, we told her what happened. She went with back to where we were picking you couldn’t miss the spot because all you had to do was follow the trail of berries. When we got back to the spot my aunt heard the same noise, and starting laughing not at us but with us to find out our mystery animal was two baby wild turkeys. My cousin and I still laugh about, and we did have black berries for dinner.

  6. Wow Renee! My dad was from Shelby!! What a small world! 🙂

  7. My sister and I recently celebrated our birthdays on July 31 and Aug 1. We were born 3 years apart. I am the older. My sister sent me a card and included a funny magnet with a picture of 2 older ladies and one says to the other “We’ve been through a lot together, and most of it was your fault.” She called later to apologize saying she really didn’t think that about me, but I know sometimes I did lead us into temptation! We started reminiscing about a time in the 50’s when we lived in a small Kansas town that had open sewage ditches at the end of the street. We were riding our trikes down the sidewalk one day and came to the end of the street and I proceeded to go into the ditch with little sister following behind. Next thing we know Mom is pulling us out and rushing us home to the bathtub and scrubbing us raw! We laugh until our sides hurt every time we talk about that event.
    I’m so thankful I have a sister to share life with!

  8. As a young child we lived in the neighborhood directly behind a large furniture store. One day we discovered the large appliance boxes and my siblings and I (5 in all) drug those boxes to an open area where once a skating rink had stood. We colored those boxes and our big brother had a pocket knife and he cut windows that would open and close like shutters. It wasnt long before all the kids in the neighborhood had joined in the fun and our houses became the cardboard city. We were so proud but within the week rain had began to fall and our parents had to clean up the mess left behind. When we meet up with someone from that time in life we still refer to that slab of cement as the cardboard city where children gathered as one and became close friends. Our older brother laughs everytime we mention it because he cut every window of every cardboard house :~)

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