Right on Time

Right on Time


This past week I was facing a fairly overwhelming deadline.

I had several major projects due, and the prospect of getting them all done on time was going to take a major move of God. One project in particular just kind of stalled out.

I called a few girlfriends and asked them to pray. The last morning before it was due, I was hit with an influx of creative ideas. Two hours later the project was finished with only some minor details to wrap up.

Friends, that’s just like God. He is never late. But in my experience, He is rarely early. I think He is teaching us to trust Him rather than rest on our own sufficiency or timetable.

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  • I have had the experience of waiting for Gods timing many many times and you are absolutely spot on when you say He is never late. Also that He is rarely early. God knows just when to put things together. We need to trust Him FULLY and to do that, sometimes it takes bringing things right down to the wire so we can see that we need not operate on the worlds timing but His alone. Thank you for your story.

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