Be Who God Created You to Be

Be Who God Created You to Be

January 12, 2016

“God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. He says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ and to the rain shower, ‘Be a mighty downpour.’” Job 37:5-6 (NIV)


For a season in my life, I tried desperately to be a professional, buttoned-up, organized-type person. I wore slacks, for heaven’s sake. I white-knuckled a schedule and a set of responsibilities that felt like wearing someone else’s too-tight shoes. I’m amazed, when I look back now, how long it took me to realize I was playing a part, acting like someone different from the way God made me to be.

I’m messy and loud, a hugger and a crier. I like stories and meals and have absolutely no sense of routine. It was a gift to finally admit that I wasn’t made for that job, despite how much I wanted to be.

What would it look like for you to admit today what you are and are not made for?

I love today’s key verse, and I love the freedom and grace that flood through me when I read it.

So God says to the snow, “Fall on the earth.” That’s it. Just do one thing. Just fall. And then He says to the rain shower, “Be a mighty downpour.” Essentially, He’s saying: Just do the thing I’ve actually created you to do. You’re rain … so rain. You’re snow … so snow.

I love the simplicity of that, the tremendous weight it takes off my shoulders. God’s asking me to be the thing He’s already created me to be. And He’s asking you to be the thing He’s already created you to be.

He doesn’t tell the snow to thaw and become rain, or the rain to freeze itself into snow. He says, essentially: Do your thing. Do the thing you love to do, what you’ve been created to do.

So many of us twist ourselves up in knots trying desperately to be something or someone else. Trying to fulfill some endless list of qualities and capabilities that we think will make us feel loved or safe or happy. That’s an exhausting way to live, and I know because I’ve done it.

What is God asking you do to? What is the thing God created you to be?

What do you do with the ease and lightness of falling snow? Many of us, if we’re honest, have wandered far from those things. We’ve gotten wrapped up in what someone else wanted us to be, what we thought would keep us happy and safe and gain us approval.

I’m finding there’s tremendous value in traveling back to our essential selves, the loves and skills and passions God planted inside us long ago.

When I look at my life, I see the threads of passion and identity I’ve carried through my whole life: Books and reading, people and connection, food and the table. These are things I’ve always loved, and they continue to bring me great joy and fulfillment.

Think about your adolescent self, your child self, the “you” you’ve always been. God imprinted a sacred, beautiful collection of passions and capacities right onto your heart: What do you love? What does your passion bubble over for?

Much of adulthood is peeling off the layers of expectation and pressure, and protecting those precious things that lie beneath. We live in a culture that tries to define what it means to be a woman, what it means to be a success, what it means to live a valuable life.

But those definitions require us to live on a treadmill, both literally and figuratively, always hustling to fit in, to be thin enough and young enough and sparkly enough, for our homes to be large and spotless, our children well-mannered and clean-faced, our dreams orderly and profitable. But that’s not life. That’s not where the fullness of joy and meaning are found.

The snow is only meant, created, commanded to fall. The rain only meant, created, commanded to pour down. You were only meant, created, commanded to be who you are — weird and wonderful, imperfect and messy and lovely.

What do you need to leave behind, in order to recover that essential self that God created? What do you need to walk away from, in order to reclaim those unique parts God designed for His purposes?

Dear God: Today, give me the courage to live the life You’ve called me to with the same contentedness and confidence as the falling snow or the pouring rain. Please help me to walk away from roles and expectations that other people have for me, and to live in peace with the exact way You created me — on purpose and for a purpose. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Corinthians 12:4, “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all.” (NLT)

Sink deep into God’s everyday goodness and savor every moment! In Savor, Shauna Niequist becomes a friend across the pages, sharing her heart with yours, keeping you company and inviting you into the abundant life God offers. And there are recipes, too, because spiritual living happens not just when we read and pray, but also when we gather with family and friends over dinners and breakfasts and late-night snacks.

To learn more about Shauna and Savor, click here to visit her website.

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What is one unique thing God has designed you to do today? How can you take a step of faith to begin doing more of that in the next month?

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  1. Leona Suderman says:

    I truly need to completely believe how God has made me – me.

  2. Mary Jane Higdon says:

    Just what I needed tonight, thank you for sharing your insight. God bless you!

  3. Anita Pease says:

    Need this Thank you

  4. Sounds like a great book!

  5. Great reminder- totally needed this encouragement today!

  6. Such a great devotional! So simple yet so powerful!

  7. Janet Reeves says:

    thank you for your story. it speaks to my heart so much. I am still trying to find my way even at 64 years old. I have a passion for creating and making things, whether it’s sewing, painting or any other medium. I also love giving and helping people. sometimes who you are get obscured in the demands of a parent or spouse and by the time I left my ex, I barely knew “me” and it’s been a journey trying to find me again. I feel so much love for others but sometimes there’s no one to love and I get lost . it seems all my life I’ve just wanted someone to love me, not what I can do for them or because they thought I was pretty or any other shallow reason, but me, love me, the one with all the crazy idiosyncrasies and the weird and odd things about me. so I give love to those I can and help and give when I can and thank God that he loves me unconditionally .

    • Rhonda Salsbery says:

      Janet, your talents sound similar to mine! I have been using my sewing and crochet skills being involved in a group our church has for creative fiber arts, called Graceful Hands. Each quarter we choose specific organizations to serve. We have made backpacks, prayer shawls, baby layettes, toiletry bags, toys, etc. It has been such a blessing! Maybe you would be able to find a group like this to use your wonderful skills! What better way to show your love and gratitude to the Lord through the work of your hands and heart. God bless you!

      • Janet Reeves.
        The only difference between your story and mine is that I”m 62, not 64. I’ve recently downsized everything in my life, home, financial obligations, etc. to pursue the talents God gave me. I’ve loved sewing since I was 6 years old and learned to thread a needle. I crochet, learning to knit and I’m pursuing ways to be a blessing to others with the talents and passions God gave me. Notice I said “pursuing”. I’m not there yet, still in the process of moving and working too many hours. But I now have a goal. It was encouraging to me to read your story and identify with it. At least I now know I’m not alone in my struggle to find “me” again and especially the ‘ME” God created me to be with my own talents and abilities to be used for HIM and HIS GLORY!

  8. Michelle Tucker says:

    What a powerful thought … “you’re snow, so snow”! I SO want to be what God made me alone to be!! Thank you Shauna!!

  9. I LOVE this topic and message. I’m in a season of life in which I need constant reminders from God that I am enough. This book would be a blessing to me.

  10. Ellie Larez says:

    How do I find me? I got lost in being a mom, wife, caregiver, employee…
    I don’t remember who I should’ve been. Only what I was shoved into becoming.

    • Oh Ellie, there is a difference between being and doing. There are tasks that must be done, needs you are called to meet–you do them, yes, but they don’t define you. Focus less on who you should have been and more on who you are becoming. Look forward!

      Lord God, wrap your arms of love around Ellie! May she know without a doubt that she is your much-loved daughter. As she reads your Word and prays, as she praises you for who you are, may she sense who she is in you. As the song says, “ever changing from glory to glory, mirrored here may her life tell your story.” Shine on, in and through Ellie. Amen.

    • I can relate. I guess we just keep seeking and asking God.

  11. I would really like to recieve a copy.

  12. Loved this! What are my passions? What am I meant to be doing?? Instead of running in vain on the treadmill of life…what is it that the Lord has programmed into me? Thank you for these verses and thoughts. Blessings to you!!

  13. Loren Fisher says:

    I am so grateful for Shauna’s words and encouragement. My life was changed by Bittersweet! I am going through a challenging time right now, trying to figure out what way is up, and which way God wants me to go, all while trying to enjoy what is happening this very moment. Maybe Savor would help make that possible… Thanks for truly being an inspiration of living out your calling.

  14. Tristina Senter says:

    I thrive when I am helping others. I am in a descovrey phase right now. Taking leaps of faith and making some major changes in my life. I am trusting God that this is the path I am supposed to take. Excited about where it will lead me.

  15. I so needed to see this tonight, I have been going through many emotional things the past three months. God is opening my heart and spirit through so many other believers with their testimony and witness. I’m so grateful for all! This evening I have been praying about where to go next with my career and there was this..what a blessing. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Julie Jackson says:

    I love this reminder to be who He asks us to be! We will do the best work to glorify His kingdom when we accept and embrace who He made us to be.

  17. God made me to be a connector, a listener, and friend. I can do more of this by carving out time on my calendar, instead of assuming it will just happen. Life is so busy! We have to be intentional. 🙂

  18. Tracy Howell says:

    I can’t think of a more relevant topic to explore. I’d love to have a copy.

  19. I needed this today, thank you!

  20. i didnt even mean to be in this site so early this morning. i just found myself tapping the web address in the browser. i am so gratefulvand humbled i did. this is exactly the word i needed and the reason i would greatly benefit from Shauna’s book. like her iv been trying to put my life intocschedules since i was at school now as a young sahm of preschoolers and wife. i feel there are benefits and peace im missing for not being so scheduled in a home and housekeeping routine. but its not working no matter how muc i rework the schedule if i even have the time and energy to. i then often feel a failure, and past failures chime in. and i feel so defeated, frustrated, depressed and overwhelmed. such feelings seep into otherareas if my life and is destroying my marriage, not to mention pride and refusal to admit im not a buttoned down super organized person. There i said it. iv terrubly lost any semblance if cinfidence

    • Memu, first let me say… You are so not alone in this, sister. I had a (teary) conversation just like this with my husband the other day. I struggle big time. I think sometimes we have to let go of the schedules and give ourselves some grace. Also, u MUST find a group of Christian women to spend time with. Maybe that’s MOPS (mothers of preschoolers), or maybe your church has a ladies Bible study. But u need to talk and pray with other moms so u can see that u r not the only one struggling and it’s going to turn out ok. It’s kind of like therapy, honestly?. I have found it helps me to sit down with moms older than me who have been there, done that. They give me hope and assurance that I will get thru the tough times and hard seasons of my life. I hope this helps…

  21. I love to create, learn, read, love on people, and grow. I went through a season where I didn’t work very hard, and was kinda sad, and not pursuing God enough to have any of that change. Now I’m going into a season where I realized that I can do what God created me to do, but it takes a combination of hard work, rest, and fighting to pursue Him above all else. it means letting go of the lies of what I should be, and pursuing Him in the ways He made me too.

  22. Roxana Daymude says:

    It sounds thrilling, exciting, and wonderfully refreshing…to be whom I was created to be!

  23. Seems like this is my eternal question thru this season of my life trying to find out whether I’m snow or rain or something else and what I should be doing… I’d love a copy of this book

  24. Donna Sloan says:

    I love your devotions today…I really needed to hear this! Thank you!

  25. Patti Johnson says:

    Really enjoyed this. Simplicity of God and His purpose for our life

  26. Just the book I need when I need it! Hoping!

  27. my gifts are in creativity, writing, singing, songwriting,designing. i enjoy painting, reading, music, films, connecting to people, but somewhere along the line iv also attatched being organized as a neccessity, even though its not as iv reluctantlv discovered my bent as i want it so much to be. but its not working. iv been trying by doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. i cant do it anymore although its hard. i have to believe my value is in God just how he made me and not coz im a super otganized buttoned down wife, mother and Christian. God help me to depend on the Holy Spirit for my direction snd humble myself that i dont know kt all.

  28. Wow, thank you so much for sharing. Really needed to hear this to gain courage for the decisions I need to make in the next month. Now I truly know God has a plan designed for me and will work things out according to it, at the right time and in the right place.

  29. This sounds like a wonderful book…one I would very much like to read. Thank you for the chance to win!

  30. This is so amazing. Thank you for sharing. I went through the same thing. I was a “business person” for 15 years and just realized I am not a business person. I am a creative butterfly who kinda loathes business! Lol. Instead I love to write and encourage my friends, serve my church and just adventure around with a God from one assignment to the next. I use to believe that no man would ever marry me because I was a domestic nightmare. But now God is showing me that my fun snd funny personality will bless a certain someone because made me this way.

    • From one 30+ single (and wanting to be married someday) Lindsay to another (and both -ay, woohoo!), I applaud you. Way to step out and be brave and be YOU! 🙂

  31. Andrea Boyle says:

    This article appeared at the perfect time!

  32. Jeanie Armstrong says:

    I’m pondering the next steps for my life and would so love to read this book!

  33. Opps on my cell. Forgive my mistakes above. Not talking about “a” God. Only the One True God!!!!!

  34. This really tugged on my heart! Very inspirational!?

  35. I needed this message today. Thank you. And thank you the chance to win. 🙂

  36. Lydia Soh says:

    Yes, we often choose and conform to what others expect from us. Just for once or today, let’s be our true self – unique being made by God, and called to live for His glory.

  37. Suellen Boyd says:

    Thank you. Needed to hear this tonight.

  38. Regina Lopez says:

    Thanks, just enough light for the spot I’m on.

  39. Lacey Beard says:

    I absolutely love this!

  40. I was at this point for the last 5 years. I was chasing dreams that others had made for me and I was trying to be someone I’m not. This brought stress, sadness and disappointment. 5 months ago, I jumped off the crazy train and decided to trust God and follow the passions He had ingrained in me from the beginning. That was the best decision I have ever made. I feel peace I haven’t felt for a long time. I feel purpose and hope. God is good!

  41. Jackie Marshall says:

    It’s funny how I stumbled upon this page page as I was having a sleepless night talking and praying to God how I just wanted to learn to be me, to be the person that God wants me to be….to just learn to be me…
    I would absolutely love to read this book, just to know that it’s ok to let the snow fall, and not to complicate life……no status quo…..

  42. Thank you so much for this. The Lord has been speaking this to my heart a lot lately…and I am listening.
    Blessings to you!

  43. Jennifer Oman says:

    God knows exactly what we need in our lives and he needed me to hear this. Things haven’t been easy lately. After reading this I realize I need to walk away from some things and people in my life so I may live the life God created me to live. Thank you so much for this post today. God Bless.

  44. Lydia Soh says:

    God intends for me to care for my good friend who is right now very low in mood. Going forward, I have to act when God prompts me to keep in touch with others, as you never know, who might need help.

  45. I am searching for my purpose in life. Perhaps this is th book God intends for me to read!

  46. Joann Hair says:

    It was so good to read this! God gave me the love of nursing as a profession.
    I keep trying to be something else and keep ending up back at the bedside.

  47. Elizabeth Bovenmyer says:

    Your lesson today really got to Me feels like it telling My story
    I have felt like I have been living someone else’s life.
    Thank you for sharing

  48. I loved this devotion and it really hit home! I’m slowly learning who I am after many years of trying to be who everyone else wanted/needed me to be. Thank you for the reminder!

  49. Katherine Johnson says:

    I’ve tried to become what others expected me to be. Not with any regard for me and how I would thrive in that situation as long as they were happy. I forgot about me! Thank you for your encouragement.

  50. I don’t know.

  51. I appreciate this message. I’ve struggled for a few years with fitting into the box that people expected me to be in. It’s caused nothing but numbness and a lack of fulfillment. I think we get so caught up in being scared that we won’t get accepted that it’s easier to conform then to be honest with yourself.

  52. What a perfectly timed devotion. I adore Shauna’s wisdom. Praise God for the many gifts we have all received through reading Proverbs 31 devotions. I found “me” once and have been feeling a bit lost lately. Needed this nudge. Thank you!

  53. Wld love to win the book

  54. Staci Land says:

    This spoke directly to me. I know I am not being what I was created to be, the harder I try to “fit” that mold, the more lost and unhappy I become. I need to let go of the fear of walking my own path, the one I know is intended for me!

  55. All I can say is, Thank you! God Bless.

  56. Kathleen Lindsay Noble says:

    Everything about this just speaks volumes to me. In fact, it just screams at me!! Accept me for who I am! Look at me, I don’t have to be perfect. I can stop running and trying so hard to keep up. I can just be ME.

  57. This was what I needed to hear/read right now. I have felt lost and confused lately. Not knowing what I want anymore. I feel like I have lost my passions I once had. What does God have for me to do….. It was a good reminder to go back and think to what my hearts desire was when I was younger. What brought me joy. I know what I need to do now. Thank you for allowing God to use you in so many lives, for His glory.

  58. Innocentia dumor says:

    Wow. What a timely message. It’s a real eye opener and answer. Thanks for sharing.

  59. Tammy Thomason says:

    This was exactly what I needed tonight. Thank you

  60. Thank you for today’s message. It is just what I needed to hear. Have been a wife and mom for 21 years and keep thinking I need to get a job, but maybe this IS the job God intended for me. Always in a happy place loving and looking after my family xxx

  61. Kim McCaulley says:

    Shauna,while reading your message today, I felt as if you were speaking directly to me. I spent part of my evening in tears, due to the fact of my feeling like a “square peg in a round hole”, my feeling of wearing a “mask” for others, and my deep fear of breaking free from both. Your message inspired me and has given me hope that I can do the same. I so very much appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your past feelings and the leap of faith you took in order to find the true you. I greatly admire your courage and hope to learn more about your spiritual journey in finding the true joy of being the person God created you to be. Thank you so much for sharing!

  62. Roxanne Vincent says:

    I need this but I never win anything.

  63. Your message was exactly what I needed to read tonight. I couldn’t sleep tonight and going through my email and I stop and actually read her whole message and not skip through it. It amazes me how God leads me to read certain messages especially how I was feeling about myself this evening. Thank You!

  64. Kristin F says:

    I have many things I do well or did well in the past. I’ve never truly been able to identify what my spiritual gifts are or feel like I know what he has created me to do. I feel like for years I have been doing mostly things I am not good at. I am a SAHM and I feel like so much of what I have to do is not stuff I am good at. This message hit me because yet again I have been buckling down to try to be better at the things I think I should be better at and what my husband thinks I should be better at. It all seems so easy when he says it but I just can’t make it happen. Like creating a routine for myself. So I guess one thing I can do this month is pray for what my gifts are the God wants me to use and for what purpose he created me for.

    • Kristin F,

      You are not alone! I chose to stay at home with my children too, but did not feel I was very good at the things people expect stay-at-home moms to be good at, like cooking and keeping my house clean (and I’m definitely not into entertaining). So, although these are things that are necessary, they certainly are not my gifts…so I just do the best I can. I have come to realize that there are other things (not quite as visible) that I am pretty good at, like spending time with my kids, doing my best to protect them in this crazy world, encouraging them to love and follow God, to always give their very best, to be honest, to seek out their gifts and use them to bring God glory. I am sure there are things that you are very good at too, that will have much more lasting effects than a clean house. Also, Lysa TerKeurst once wrote about feeling overwhelmed with all of her responsibilities, and she asked her husband what the three most important things were to him. Maybe you can’t keep your entire house clean, cook gourmet meals every night, and keep up with the laundry, but maybe you can focus on the area your husband relaxes in after work. Or maybe the most important thing to him is having all the toys picked up, or a clean bathroom, or one favorite meal a week, or teaching your children about God’s love. It’s different for everyone. Maybe if you take some pressure off yourself to “do it all”, and just focus on a few things, you’ll have more success. You’ll feel better…and so will your husband. I just know that whenever I would get down on myself regarding my perceived inadequacies, I always returned to why my husband and I wanted me home in the first place. It’s not always easy, but it is so worth it…my children have truly benefitted from me being able to be home with them…and so, I press on! My prayers are with you!!

  65. Gilbertina says:

    Wow! There are a lot of people up late seeking God! I hope God googles this website– 😉 I have tried the work-is-enough approach as well. Blah! It makes me feel like I have a zombie living in this body! I have decided to add humor back into to my work life (Now why didn’t the Apostle Paul list humor as a spiritual gift!). I can be me who loves to laugh when appropriate, and work hard at the same time. Being me also meant wearing a cross to work last year. I had struggled with the fear of judgement of being labelled a Christian, then realized that there is only One’s judgement I should be worried about! It was a Godsend that I was finally comfortable wearing a cross in this liberal area—because that cross reminded me to keep going while enduring a year of sorrows brought on by a Prodigal son (if u live in a conservative area where it is accepted and not so crazy to believe in Jesus, you are lucky!). At any rate, the true me is ready to live again with humor and my cross beautifully hanging close to my heart.

  66. I love the verse from Job. What an eye opener! That’s my task for this week, to peel back the layers and try to discover if I can’t remember, who I really am. God bless Shauna

  67. I really needed this reminder today. I was really hard on myself about not getting things done that is expected for a stay at home mom. This message help me breathe and remember that He loves me for who I am.

  68. Melanie Harmon says:

    Can we have coffee? My treat! And you can pour out your story while I drink in the hope of your journey? I need someone like you in my life. want to be sisters? ? I feel like in the demands of marriage to a husband with ptsd and being a stay at home mom to four kiddos 5, 4, 3, and 1, I get caught up thinking about “if onlys”. If only I was more scheduled, had a monthly menu, lost 80 pounds…discontent. I’d love a copy. Or a coffee with you. Whatever works best for you. Thanks for your transparency!!

  69. Mishqah Gous says:

    Im unlearning to listen to others opinions of me, making me want to become who they perceive me as or look at myself in the same light. Sometimes i just need to read the Bible to be reminded of who God wants me to be and what he wants me to do

  70. Lorraine Roggie says:

    I love this devotional for today. I’m guilty of trying to be someone elso. God didn’t create me to be like her or her. He created me to be me. Such a good reminder! I would love a copy of this book!!

  71. I could really use this right now on my spiritual journey!

  72. This devotion encouraged my heart so much! In a world where we’re constantly told what we ought to be be, it’s awesome to be reminded that the Potter is the only one who knows us and what He created us for. Thank you for this amazing message…

  73. Emalee Buckner says:

    What an incredible blessing it was to read this! I’ve recently been struggling with anxiety and fear and this just hit so much close to home in the way I feel. I pray that whoever may recieve this as a gift will be blessed whether it’s me or 5 other women. This book is going to encourage and strengthen someone. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Dana Squires says:

    I really love this devotion. For years I’ve be a people pleaser and I haven’t forgot just how to breath and be me. What a great devotion this morning. Just be what God has called me to be. Just be me. Thank you.

  75. Adrienne Robinson says:

    Very inspiring and encouraging article. I feel as though I have been given permission to be me; and by a truth straight from Scripture–God Himself. Where did we get so twisted in believing that we live to please man when God tells us we were created for His pleasure? Thank you for a timely reminder to enjoy and embrace who I am.

  76. This book looks awesome! If I get a copy I will read it on my day off! Woo!

  77. I needed this devotional at a crisis moment in my life. Thanks so much!

  78. Thank you! That is just what I needed. I’m still trying to determine where I fit, especially in this season. This encourages me to relax and be me and enjoy myself.

  79. Karla Salsbury says:

    Can’t wait! Loving these devos!

  80. Preshgena Sekaran says:

    Proverbs 31 Devos have helped me through a lot! God always uses them to speak into my heart. I really appreciate them!

  81. God makes it so easy for us but yet we go out of our way to elaborate on his perfect plans.

  82. Ashley Carreon says:

    what a great reminder.

  83. Love ‘the snow just has to fall’! Over the past couple years, God has been showing me more of who He created me to be. I’d love a copy of the book.

  84. Ginger Porter says:

    Oh my…this came just when my heart needed to hear it. I just wish I could figure out who and what I am now. =)

  85. Jeanette Wilson says:

    Thank you so much for this message! It started to really speak to my heart since recently I have found myself fighting some similar issues. I struggle with going back to work to “be someone” or staying home with my beautiful children and “just be” a stay at home mom. The circumstances are heavy and answers are hard to hear, see, or feel through the storms. Thank you again and God bless.

  86. adele mandagie says:

    Many thanks for the offer. God bless you abundantly.

  87. Such an eye opener! Such a beautiful, refreshing concept. I had never thought of it that way. So pure and simple. Love it & needed it!! Would love to read more! Thank you for your writing!

  88. Novella Wilson says:

    This devorion was so on point for me! We so often get caught up with the whirlwind of life and trying to fit into society and live what they can classify as a “normal” life and totally dismiss the creator who created us and knows each and every purpose that we were designed for! I’m taking “ME” back and going to live out MY true purpose for which I was created for!

  89. Debra Stith says:

    This was a wonderful timely read for me. The question you ask of us, what do I do effortlessly, like the falling snow, is wonderful and so simple yet elegant. Thank you!

  90. Raine Rosson says:

    This is one of the most beautifully written devotional a I’ve seen on here. So comforting and encouraging! It’d be awesome to win a copy 🙂

  91. Lynn Foster says:

    I was created to be me! Thank you for reminding me that I do not need to impress anyone physically, mentally or spiritually. I can relax and just BE me, 24/7/365!

  92. Helen Agarin says:

    Thanks for allowing yourself be used by God, I needed to hear these words today. God bless you.

  93. I read this as I spent the entire day struggling to do and be all these things that I am not, and feeling terrible about all these things that i was failing to do! I love how God speaks to us at exactly the right moments!!

  94. Trust God that He’ll lead you to the right path even though it seems a difficult task for you. Always remember that nothing is too hard for God. Celebrate the unique desire He has given you.

  95. Michael Cowan says:

    I would like to read more of this.

  96. I would love to have this book. I would share all of it’s information with many other women in my life.

  97. Lynda Hodgetts says:

    I am in a desperate struggle pulled by what others want from me I am making wrong decisions just to please them I would love to find more from this book I feel I have had a taste of something pulling on my heart and need to know how to move forward and I need to share this book with my family so they to can stop struggling to be someone they are not and let me be me.

  98. Sheila Haver says:

    I would enjoy reading more of your book.

  99. Pamela Birss says:

    I have your book but would love it if my friend could also have a copy. She so needs to slow down and Savor Jesus.

  100. I am not sleeping at 3:39am and decided to read this devotion. I am struggling with not wearing shoes that are too tight, but no shoes at all. For the last 8 Years I have planned women’s ministry activities and retreats. I loved every stressful minute. But this year I don’t feel led to organize, plan, study, teach. I feel nothing. Wearing no shoes. That leaves me bewildered and unsure of what God is calling me to do. be. Shauna’s words remind and confirm that yes God is calling me to something. To serve Him some how. I just don’t know in what way. I will keep seeking. I have been struggling with anger and an unforgiving heart the past few months. Maybe, just maybe. He’s calling and commanding me to deal with that before He can use me again. I want to be free of this burden but it’s just not as easy as Nike says it is. But my head knows what my heart needs to do. I keep praying for God to reveal His plan, His role for me in all of this. This devotion is part of my process. Kristy

  101. Patti Bruni says:

    I definitely needed this today- thank you!

  102. The message today has truly touched me, I am going thru a step of faith as I call it, to change myself to find me and to find my purpose, to find Gods wonderful plan for my life. For so many years I have lived according to someone else and their plan for my life and how it should be. Its not a step I actually wanted to take, but I have prayed about this for over a year and I do believe God has answered me several times I was just to scared to fully listen, please pray for me for this next season in my life, and this wonderful journey I am about to take and increase my faith walking with God. For he is my Strength.

  103. I am His and He is mine … The shelter of the most High is a mighty Strong safe place where you can hide in HIS warmth .. thankyou Adonai Elohim

  104. Great article!

  105. This was exactly what I needed to read this morning because it is 100% what I struggle with daily, living as the person God created me to be rather than living as the person I think I should be. Would love to read this book and pass along to friends.

  106. Surya prakash says:

    Thank you. It’s something which as opened my eyes. Yes it’s good to be what we are created for and how simply and clear thank amen

  107. Geralyn Miller says:

    I would love to win. I am going thru a transition time in my life and trying to be content with what I have and to start right where I am and just help people in any way He shows me to. Thank you for your devotions.

  108. These words were just what I needed to hear tonight! I so need to be just who God made me to be, and not spend time making myself miserable wondering why I’m not like so-and-so. Thank you! I would love to have a copy of this book!

  109. These words were comforting and convicting at the same time…a rare and wonderful mix. Thank you.

  110. Tonya Conner-Varlack says:

    Awesome article. Thank you for the words of encouragement, so enlightening. Definitely will share.

  111. Sherry Bontrager says:

    Thank you for your insights & this devotional. It was refreshing for my spirit & soul this morning.

  112. Regina Cash says:

    I hope I win!

  113. Shellie isakson says:

    Lord thank you for making me me as you have made the rain rain. Lead me to be the servant you have designed me to be to help others with thier finances and abilities to purchase thier home. And be a witness so they allow you into thier home.

  114. zoraida Barros says:

    good morning
    thank you for taking me back to basics and letting me be ME!
    How refreshing and so very liberating!
    God bless you as you continue to bless others and share your story with us.

  115. Amanda Jacobs says:

    Thank you for todays devotion! I have been struggling with this very issue and letting in cause stress and issues in my Marriage so i really need this.

  116. God has an amazing way of leading us to where we need to be exactly when we need to be there. This has been a blessing to stumble upon. This topic is one I’ve been struggling with for some time now. Thank you for this.

  117. Dear God, help me to get back to the woman you designed me to be. Help me escape the fear of this human world and trust your guidance tolead me to where icanbsst serve you. Amen

  118. Nancy Castleberry says:

    Thank you!

  119. Melanie Wheeler says:

    I am right there actually. I am in a job but feel like a square peg in a round hole at the moment. I know God will guide me through this season so I am praying for ears to listen and strength and wisdom to obey.

  120. What a perfect blessing this was to read this AM. Again last night I broke down in tears, why could I not be…. well, the statement was very personal. But the breakdown was my heart pleading to be someone else. Someone not me… how perfect was it to open my email and this devotional was the first thing that caught my eye. How perfect is the voice of God when he reaches out to comfort. I read this and I could see myself being told, just be who I created you to be. He did not make a mistake, he knows the agony that grips my heart. My prayer is help me to appreciate that I was created to be who I am. To stop the struggle and be.. my hearts cry is for me to be free to be me. I thank God for woman who dare to be real and share with others. Thank you for sharing this with us, you will not always know the impact these devotionals have on us everyday beautiful creations of God.

  121. Marty Martinez says:

    Love today’s word❤️

  122. Sheena Stark says:

    Praying that God lead me to the job I am suppose to do. I am seeking peace and a stress free life please stand in pray with me on my journey to finding this. Thank you and have a blessed week.

  123. Anne Reid says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I have been struggling with being free to be me, gently reprimanded by friends for being too loud, too cheeky, not “together”. It all came to a head yesterday and today on reading your blog, I just……breathed!
    I got it…God made me like this, zIp am finally free to be me. I have been crying out to God, what do I have to do to be accepted in certain circles? I feel liberated from that now, you’ve no idea how your pist resonated with me. Thank you and thank you Lord for bringing me new hope, even excitement, as I venture forth to “be me”!

  124. Jade Manning says:

    This is right on time for me. I feel like a robot and scared to death that my commitments are running me away from myself. I have asked God in prayer but honest this early morning… I haven’t sought his word. Thank you for sharing and giving me the push I need to get back to who God created me to be.

    Blessings and Blessings to you and yours!


  125. Shauna’s message today was just what I needed !

  126. Mary in NH says:

    I would love to read more. I’ve entered a season in my life where Gods giving me the opportunity to do His work, with a job I feel really fits my gifts.

  127. Kristi Dennis says:

    I needed to hear this today, actually I need to hear it everyday. I just wish I could figure out what he created me for.

  128. Susan Doub says:

    I am faced with some decisions this week that require me to understand God’s plan for me – plans that may require me to reevaluate who God created me to be.

  129. Sharron Schafer says:

    I loved your devotion this morning. It was just what I needed for today! God bless!

  130. Our sweet creator provides such energy and freedom when we live the life we are created for…I feel that jumping out of your heart from this devotional! Thank you

  131. Wow!!! Loved, loved, loved this devo. Sometimes less is more…simple right? NOT! I will be seeking the Lord’s direction for the changes that need to be made.

  132. Thank you Shauna!! Loved reading your much needed message today????. Blessings. Barb Wall

  133. This devotional really touched my heart today – so relevant. I was speaking to someone over the weekend about studying again next year and how I wasn’t sure whether I should and why I really wanted to have this diploma in the first place. This has been a constant worry for me. Turned out it wasn’t my heart’s desire at all at this stage and that I was trying to be someone else’s perfect. I got so much peace when it became clear that I had to find my identity in Christ and that pressure was immediately gone! I am so grateful for the revelation.

  134. Thank you for this reminder, now I need to teach it to my daughters…

  135. Mindy Ewing says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion!!

  136. Great reminder and encouragement to be myself, and to do what He created me to do…to worship Him and to live in His presence!

  137. Thank you for this message that encourages me to think if what I am doing now is what God wants me to do. I want to learn how I can be more sensitive to God’s voice and His leading.

  138. Barbara Elliott says:

    I’ve been searching for what God wants me to do with my life.
    Proverbs 31 is so encouraging.
    Barb Elliott

  139. Beautiful and just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  140. Crystal Walker says:

    Love it!

  141. I so appreciate the message and the heart behind this message. Being who God has created me to be, not what others expect me to be has been allows me to experience freedom. I have grown in that area and look forward to greater growth. Thank you for the reminder to do ONLY what God created me to do…fall like snow, pour down like rain.

  142. Tammy Austin says:

    Would really like to win this. Thank you.

  143. Ria Newberry says:

    I so needed this today. I’ve been wrestling with “I’m not good enough” and “I’m not worthy” as of late. Thank you!

  144. Thank you!

    What I read is exactly what I needed to hear right now..

    God bless

  145. I cannot beleive how ‘me’ this post is! I have been living in a skin that is far too tight for me. But after doing this for 46 years I simply have no idea of how to begin figuring out who I am. Even so, it still encouraging to feel understood and not alone! Thank you!

  146. Thank you Shauna for the devotion and reminder that God made us all unique and for his purpose. I have struggled the majority of my life comparing myself to others and now almost 50 years old I am realizing that God only made one ME. I have grown closer to God through a divorce. God brought beauty from the ashes, good from the bad and I thank God for blessing me with my present husband that is truly my best friend. He says “God doesn’t make junk”. I’ve had low self confidence for years and my husband is trying to help build that up for me. Some people learn sooner and some people learn later what their spiritual gifts are and we all have our own walk. However I’m learning that…. it is what I do and my choices through my journey are to please God, no one else. I’m also learning to be quiet and let God speak to my heart and let the Holy Spirit confirm what I’m to do. I feel that one day God is going to use me and my husband to help restore marriages, help people financially, encourage people and build their confidence. God is still pruning the both of us for this assignment and oh my one day we both can look back and see why certain situations took place. This may be off the beaten path of this devotion but this is coming from my❤️. Also God spoke to me clearly a couple of years ago with Colossians 3:23-24 whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving. We will never please everyone however the only one we need to please is God, the one that created us for his glory. ~Lisa~

  147. Rhonda Henson says:

    Perfect timing! Thanks for the message! Would love to receive a copy.!

  148. This is so perfect to what God has been telling me for 2016! Totally perfect! Time to be authentically the ME God created! Amen!

  149. Sharon Divens says:

    This was a great reminder to allow God to show us what He would like us to do for Him.

  150. There’s no doubt that its its easy to get tangled up in the expectations of the world around us. There are definitely times that I feel that my true self is hidden deep under a web of work and daily routine! Shauna’s devotion struck a chord in me today…I’d love to learn more about how to untangle these strings to rediscover the person God created me to be!

  151. Stephanie says:

    When I put this in perspective of myself, I think of all of my worries that cloud my thinking and get in the way of enjoying who I am and where I am right now. I’m often thinking what am I doing wrong and what do I need to do differently so that “fill in the blank” will be happier with who I am. i pray that th Lord would help each of us see ourselves from His perspective and rest in that truth more and more.

  152. Loved this devotional today! Encouraging women to be themselves is so very needed in today’s world. Hope to check out the Savor book very soon.

  153. I have been struggling with this issue for over 13 years now. I’ve never had a devotional seem so personal, so real, like it was written for me. Still trying to accept my life and the role/job I have. Will I ever figure it out? I see a glimmer of hope today.

  154. Julie McElwee says:

    It is so amazing how God speaks to me through these devotions. Thank you!!

  155. Brianna Fitzpatrick says:

    “God’s voice thunders in marvelous Ways”. God keeps waking me up, way too early in the morning, too get a moment of silence with him. This morning, I did my bible study & then after telling my husband how God seems to wake me up with loud noises (that don’t exist). I decide to read your devotional. That line made me know without a doubt that God wanted me awake, and he wanted me to read your devotional. Loved it, thanks!

  156. Fane Crossett says:

    Your comments have prompted me to see that I have denied myself of myself for too many years. For a moment I was conflicted with an idea I had from recently reading Ecclesiastes, that I had never truly accepted my lot in life. If I reconcile the two ideas, I think I see that the lot I was supposed to accept was not the chores and jobs of everyday but the lot of who I was, created by God. I really used to like her.

  157. Great message! Thank you?

  158. So encouraging!

  159. Thanks for a great post! Would love to read this book!

  160. Amazing how these devotionals show up exactly when I need them! Thank you.

  161. WOW. Thank you.

  162. Inez Ortiz says:

    This morning message profoundly affected me. I have been battling depression and currently taking medication for it. I have lost the joy and passion I used to have and as I read the message I began to realize that my depression is somehow connected with trying to be someone who I am not. Consequently, I am now asking the Father to help me overcome this obstacle in my life and to reconnect me with who he created me to be. Thank you so much for this message. God bless.

    • muralartist says:

      Inez…try to learn to daily count your blessings! Even when life has you on a rollercoaster of trials and tribulations. You need to rejoice and find the blessings that are in your pathway daily. Take an daily write down how you are blessed. From the littlest to the biggest thing. When the bills are paid, when the children if you have something that brings joy to your heart, when you were able to tackle anything to everything big or small, when someone gives you something or blesses you, when you were able to fix a meal with whatever food is in your home, the list goes on and on. with what blessings can be found in your life. If you feel you don’t have anything to be blessed with, just say I made it through the day. You will find that you are more blessed than you need to be depressed. Learn also to “let go! ” some things that help bring you down. Learn to redo it, rewrite the circumstances, or to let things that bind you with the spirit of depression be worked in another avenue. Learn to let things go until you can deal with it. Babies take little steps and fall down. So do we daily. Take the baby steps and learn to rewrite the things that are making you feel depressed on how you look and deal with the daily things that are making you feel depressed. Lord, Bless Inez, Satan you can not have this spirit of depression on Inez. Lord anoint Inez from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Giver here a clear mind, body, and soul. Let her walk daily with you. Let there be a spirit of hope, love, joy, and happiness. Let her be anointed by the Holy Spirit to be able to fight the enemy of depression. To be a renewed person. In Your Precious name, Amen
      Read Ephesians 6. Especially 17. Any time you feel the spirit of depression start to creep in, start reading uplifting scriptures. Romans 8:37, John 16:33, Esphesians 5:22, the list goes on and on..

  163. Janice lindsay says:

    Love it! Great encouragement to me!

  164. Thanks for putting this up today. Perfect article to begin my year with – I’ve been asking myself, recently,
    who am I? I’m having to make some major changes in my life and more than anything, I want to be
    who God created me to be. Thanks for help in helping me clarify that!

  165. Enjoyed reading today’s devotional. I’ve struggled for years because I wasn’t who I thought everybody wanted me to be and now I see I am who I should be. Thank you! God’s blessings on everyone.

  166. Great post and one I needed to hear this morning. Thank you!

  167. Tiana Malala says:

    Thank you for this great message. I often struggle to measure up from people’s expectations around me although the One I should please in the first place is God. I want to live to the truth that God created me for His very purpose and embrace it fully. God, give me the courage and the grace for that. Amen

  168. Just last night I took the first step toward a big life changing decision…to look for a new job and move to a new state. I put in my first on-line resume, but then started having doubts about making a change. My daughter and her family, and my boyfriend are all in another state and moving means stepping out of my comfort zone, giving up a good job (I haven’t been happy in for years) but so many things have happened that point me down this path. I want to find myself again, to find true happiness and peace. It was amazing to read this devotion this morning and hear what Shauna had to say about being who God created me to be. I pray I have the strength to take those steps…..

  169. I am 61 years old and still trying to figure out my place in this world. I loved the devotion today because I feel like I’ve been living my life trying to be who my parents wanted me to be, and then who my spouse wanted me to be (and who I am no longer married to), and then who my children needed me to be. My oldest daughter loves your books, and I would love to read this book.

  170. Great truth spoken here!

  171. Tracy Larson says:

    Yes! We all would benefit from finding the true genuine person God created us to be and share that with the world! Thank you!!!

  172. Your devotional was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I am working on embracing me as I was created to be, leaving others possible thought and judgment behind (because most times I am projecting what they’d say anyway). Thanks for the encouragement.

  173. I am seeking wisdom about my current job situation. Thank you.

  174. Grace Ortiz says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes, I have been struggling of who I am ?
    I like how you said look back when you were younger , it’s in you I just lost it
    What kind of person we were then we are still that person ! Never left us
    We just get molded what people want not what we want? Thank you

  175. It’s so easy to live for others’ expectations sometimes it’s hard to know what we like or want. Thanks for the encouragement to return to who God meant for us to be.

  176. Thank you for the reminder to be who God created me to be!

  177. Thanks for the very thoughtful insights.

  178. Cindy Moss says:

    (I would love to win the book!) Each day I need to quiet my busyness to “Savor” the Glory of God and all He has called me to be.

  179. This devotion brought me such joy! Off to bring my unique light to the world!

  180. Very inspiring and timely. I recently left a management position due to health issues and am contemplating what the next chapter of my life will look like without the focus on my career. Would love a copy of your book.

  181. Hi,
    I would love to win a copy of your new book. I have been reading your devotions for quite some time. The one today
    “Be Who God Created You to Be” was just what I needed to read today so it came right on time. I shared it with many
    of my friends because I thought it needed to be shared. Thank you for continuing the daily devotions.

  182. Shauna’s message is a powerful one, especially at this time of year when everyone is trying to change. Be who God made you to be…nothing more and nothing less…a simple blessing, but an important one.

  183. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  184. Madie Torres Herrera says:

    Thank you for your message today. I pray God will help me to find my essential self again. I’d love your book and your recipes. Your joy came through your message…your satisfaction with who God made you to be…I want that too. God bless!

  185. I’m so thankful that God created me as me. There is no other like me and I am free to be me!

  186. Debbie Proctor says:

    God is AMAZING! He brings His Words to me and anyone who will open their hearts and ears to Him. This devotional came at a perfect time for me.

  187. Jeanne Harned says:

    What a refreshimg and liberating message!

  188. What a great devotion! Just what I need to hear as I head out the door for my 4th 12 hour shift in a row as a nurse. I know God has called me to serve others but sometimes its too exhausting. May be time to slow down and focus on my family.
    Thank you.

  189. Good word! I have been struggling with this myself since my husband of 20 years left. We married young and over the years, I lost myself. Now I am trying to find myself again. There are things I used to be that I want to be again. I need to find out who God made me to be.

  190. ELLA DISMUKE says:

    The message today really spoke to me. I would love to read your book.

  191. Want to know my purpose. What I’m suppose to be doing. Who God created me to be. ???

    Thank you for the encouraging words!

  192. Be the same ne true woman I am by spreading the word of God daily thru actio & or word.

  193. now I just need to figure out who I am to be. I have tried for many years to be someone to please others and make them happy. it has been too long, I really will have to look long and hard at the person I was created to be.

  194. This book is very timley God has been telling me this very thing

  195. Chanell Glenn says:

    Dear God help me be who you called me to be. I’m still trying to find my God calling gift. Daily I fail you and really want to know my purpose for the kigdom.I will like a copy

  196. Julie Rogers says:

    What a wonderful devotion. Very timely as I sit and watch the snow fall around me at the end of a very long day! Thank you Lord!

  197. I already have this devotional, so I would gift them to 5 of my friends! Love her!

  198. Jessica McKamie says:

    This is just the reassurance my heart needed this morning! Thank you!

  199. What a perfect word for this morning!!! The simplicity of the snow and rain and yet I am a tornado- thanks for sharing!

  200. Kathy Lang says:

    I love this verse…thk u for ur obedience

  201. Clara Ellis says:

    Entering my 70s has become a milestone. I’ve had to become a mother substitute for an 8 year old grandchild who just lost her mother. I’m not good at this. I have no skills for this; I love eldercare and hospice work. I took hula lessons for 10 years and adored the music and movement, the bright dresses and camaraderie. We entertained at nursing homes and parties. I miss that but don’t have the time or energy anymore. How do I gracefully, lovingly tell my grieving son that I’m uncomfortable caring for his child? How do I tell my blind husband that I’m tired of being a cook and driver? I can’t ! I have to do these things for my family but I’m so weary from all of it. What AM I suppose to be doing?

    • muralartist says:

      Bless You Clara!! Why don’t you rework what conflicts you feel you are facing. Having some one ill can be tiring and stressful. But look at it on how you may be able to bless someone else with how you are dealing with your husbands ailment. You say you love eldercare and hospice work. What a ministry you could be as you take of your own husband and drive your husband medically. You never know who you may encounter that you may be rewarding.
      Same with your grandchild. Scripture says the old are supposed to teach the young. Don’t feel you can’t be a blessing to your granddaughter. You don’t realize what joy, love, peace, and comfort you may be able to provide to your granddaughter. Take baby steps in helping her and she will be a wonderful blessing to you. If you raised your son, you can be a blessing in helping raise your granddaughter. Don’t look at the challenges. Look at the rewards of the blessings on what little things you could do for her. Then in return she may be a blessing to you and You to her. Take little steps on doing little things. Sooner or later you will look past the obstacles you see now and find that they were not obstacles. But great rewards.

      • muralartist says:

        I forgot the word care in the one sentence.
        What a ministry you could be as you take care of your own husband and drive your husband medically. –

  202. I woke this morning at 3:00 am so I decided to read for awhile. A revelation came to me this morning related to this devotion. For a long time I have tried to conform to jobs not intended for me no matter how hard I tried. So I asked myself why do I kee doing this. Now that I am unemployed, again, I am really paying attention to what God is saying and searching for answers. I think reading this book may help me to find those answers and find what I am truly meant to be doing

  203. For the past 9 years I have been working full time in health care, supporting college kids,tending indoor and outdoor home,monitoring aging parents…oh yes…and wife to a small business owner. The business always “asks”, be it cleaning, filling in for absent staff, etc., and emotionally draining. I have lost my playful self, and passion for much. God has asked me to TRUST Him with the future, and I desperately need a reset.

  204. I am a new mom so I have been seeking God in trying to see how my gifts CB be used as a stay at home mom instead of a career mom. Thanks for the encouragement.

  205. I thank you for this devotion, I want to be exactly who God created me to be, its so easy to get lost in what everybody else wants, people pleasing, rather than serving God and doing what really pleases him. Thank you for those encouraging words!

  206. I want to be more open, authentic with myself and others. I have a tendency to keep my distance and build up walls and have this façade of the perfection I want to portray. Never wanting to show weakness or failures though inside I feel I have many. I want to embrace God’s perfection in the midst of my imperfection and let others see me, the real me (warts and all), so that they can see the real God and all His glory in my life. Because those walls not only hide me, they hide God in my life.

  207. Wow..God is always right on time. This is something i have been struggling with more so than ever lately. I have, for as long as i can remember, been who or what everyone else wanted me to be. Who i am at heart has never been celebrated or noticed. I have spent the majority of my life not feeling good enough for anyone. I cant tell you how many times i have heard the “square peg in a round hole” saying. But reading this devotion i suddenly feel like its OK to be the square peg! I am not organized, im a little rebellious at times, my house isnt spotless, and i hate planning and schedules. a freeing feeling it is to type this out and not feel afraid or like people will think i am awful,weird or not good enough for not meeting the standards all around me. “Just the snow” I love this. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s time to celebrate who God made me to be. I am so incredibly thankful to be a child a of the most amazing God.

  208. What a great reminder to be who God created me to be. I struggle with feeling the need to fit into a certain mold.

  209. I would love to get a copy of your book.I am at a crossroad in life. Chasing after things I struggle with because it is socially acceptable and would make me look smart. I have been a this crosstoads gor years and I feel if I don’t change my perspective then my life will be truly meaningless.I want to finally stop the struggle take hold of who i am and live my remaining days in full pusuit of God’s intended plan

  210. Wendy Peters says:

    Lord please help me to find the purpose you’ve made me for. Life gets busy and in that hustle and bustle I seem to have lost me.

  211. Mary Froelich says:

    Thank you so much for this. Just what I needed to hear. Now, let’s see if I can peel back my layers and find what I was created to do.

  212. Lisa Foster says:

    I would love to read this book

  213. Leslie Miller says:

    Thank you for reminding me to be who I am. Because that’s who God made me to be. I really need to be reminded of that right now.

  214. Jessica Maldonado says:

    It has been a hard journey being a single mother of three working hard and long hours I have lost myself in the midst of that. I just read your article and it home I really need it that. I’m constantly trying to do for every one else that I completely forgot about how God truly wants me to be. Thank you so much love reading and I will continue to read more about how God wants me to be.God bless you all truly inspirational!!

  215. Angela Thompson says:

    I would love to win this. My daughter and I went to get us each a copy and the store only had one so I got to for my daughter. <3

  216. To coin an old phrase, “Let go and let God.” Amen and Amen! LIVE.

  217. Mandy Eley says:

    I would enjoy this book. Thanks!

  218. I love this message! The simplicity is so refreshing in this over complicated world in which we live. Thanks!

  219. Marci Burkhart says:

    I just told my husband that I feel like a lost soul and I need to refind my purpose. Savor sounds like a gem of a book to help me with my soul search.

    • I have been feeling like so empty recently. Although I am good at my job, I feel like I do not belong in that setting. I feel like I am just trying to fit into a mold that everyone has created for me. I am just going through the motions because I am the sole breadwinner right now and I have a family to take care of. I have many dreams and hopes bottled up inside of me and I am aware of where my talent lies but I am not confident enough to just step out. I thank God for this website which I stumbled up on by mistake. As a matter of fact, I was looking for Proverbs 31 and this just popped up. God does not make mistakes because I have been inspired by the message.

  220. Kathy Davis says:

    Like many of the other comments, I woke up early with lots on my mind, so I got up to write down lists of things to take on a short trip my husband and I are taking. reading todays devotional was an encouragement to me. Trying to be that person others want you to be is hard work. I would so enjoy reading this book and discovering how to be blessed by God by becoming the person He wants me to be.

  221. CHaressa Bryant says:

    I’m trying to find out who God wants me to be. Would love to read your book

  222. How refreshing to read your column and about your journey of becoming who you really are and hearing your excitement in doing so. I have 3 adult daughters with kids all in that same process and I think your book would be a great encouragement to them to be who God created them to be, and not be so molded by the influences of our peers and the rest of the world.

  223. Thank you for sharing! This is where I am in life and I need to change!

  224. Thank you

  225. Shauna, thank you for a simple but beautiful illustration of who God is and who we are through our life with Him.

  226. I’m so guilty of worrying about how or what I should say or act but not really sure of who or what I am supposed to be, what my purpose really is. I would love to read this book !

  227. Ashley Kendrick says:

    Thank you for your devotional today. I’m a Human Resources professional who lately does not feel satisfied with my work. Back in August I began to advertise my handmade clothing items for little girls that have crosses stitched on them. I believe this is the unique quality God has blessed me with. I’m eagerly waiting for the day when I can take the step to leave my full time job to pursue & grow my side business. Thank you for your encouraging words it reminds me I’m on the right path.

  228. Brent Williams says:

    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration your sight is to me, even though I’m a guy, it really ministers to my wife and I both.

  229. Shana Keenan says:

    I would love to win this book!!

  230. Laura Wagner says:

    Thank you so much for this! I needed to hear this today….

  231. LaRay Johnson says:

    This was such a timely word straight from God. My husband and I were just speaking on this the other day. Specifically saying, “LaRay, just be who God created you to be”. I am really blessed to have received such confirmation today. Thank you!

  232. This was wonderful to read! I would love to read the book.

  233. Ada Davis says:

    My heart jumped with joy to read your article. I have been riding the crazy rollercoaster of life knowing that God made me for one specific purpose but others have placed burdens on me. Last night I prayed with passion for God to point me in the right direction (His direction!) and this morning — here is your article. Thank you for being a servant of God and a messanger of grace.

  234. I have been working at my current job for a long time but it is not my passion. I keep praying God helps me find another job but I know deep down inside I need to make a career change to work in what is my true calling. I need to cut ties completely but I am too afraid to start over.

  235. Like so many of the other comments – just what I needed right now. Thank you.

  236. Thank you! I really needed to be reminded of this truth & I appreciate you sharing your gift! God bless!

  237. Amazing how today’s encouragement touched something going on in my life right now.

  238. melany blinson says:

    How do you get back to who you were meant to be when you have lived a life of obligations? i would love to read your book and savor who God made me to be.

  239. Lisa cervera says:

    Excellent devotion. As I get older, I’m much more comfortable with my quirks and how God made me. i do want to be aware of things He wants to change and develop, though. I’d love to read this book to explore this issue!

  240. Wow! Looks like this message designated with a large crowd this morning! We do this, don’t we? We are so quick to “be” what others need us to be. I often grab a one-liner from these devotions and share it with my friend at work and we repeat it to one another throughout the day. Today’s take-away: you’re snow, so fall!!! I love your straightforward wisdom! Made me smile!

  241. Looking for guidance on this matter, What is my purpose questions seem to follow me around, Very interesting article that I may want to explore further. Thanks for posting

  242. It is very hard for me to not compare myself to the standard that the world has set for me. This message is so timely because I have decided to really focus on what God wants for me and his Purpose for my life. Would love this book! Thank you for this wonderful devotion!

  243. I was praying about being the mom God created me to be. I need to learn that it is ok and that’s what my boys need, not some other mom. Thank you Lord for confirming your word to my heart and mind.

  244. I’ve spent my entire life from grade cschool on trying to please other people. I really don’t know who God created me to be.

  245. I want to live abundantly and be who God has created me to be.

  246. Nia Norville says:

    Thank you for sharing this on time message this is always a wonderful reminder of God’s love and kindness towards us, when you read something that confirms what he’s been speaking to you about in the Spirit.

    I AM WHO GOD SAYS I AM…FEARFULLY and wonderfully made…imperfections and all..☺

  247. I’m stepping out in faith to start a recovery group in our community where addictions are holding so many in bondage. As a recovering addict myself I believe my journey has brought me to this very place, to be able to share God’s deliverance, freedom, joy and peace with others! Praise and glory to God for allowing me to be His voice to the broken!!!

  248. Amanda Plesscher says:

    Thank you for this encouragement!!

  249. Victoria hinds says:

    My husband and I literally just had this conversation yesterday! I truly need to savor! I get so caught up with the stress of everyday household and finance management I’m not taking the time to enjoy our beautiful new home and neighborhood and my son!

  250. Would love a copy of this book.

  251. Thank you Lord for this word! I’m in a position where I am patiently waiting on God to bless and take me back to the field of Social work where I can truly be his hands and feet by helping others. He’s created me to encourage, help and support those in need and this post was confirmation of that and how I need to just soak up/savor each day and moment in the specific roles he’s called me to

  252. This is what I need to hear. This is what so many of my friends need to hear. Thank you! I cannot wait to read this book.

  253. Mary J. Glaud says:

    In these obviously last days of this system of things, we all need all the spiritually uplifting knowledge and information that is available and the divine wisdom to apply it in our lives. Thank you for being a part of the solution and not the problems that exist.

  254. LOVE this devotion!!!!!! I have no idea who I am, but I am learning. Thank you for the reminder to just be!!!

  255. Love this!

  256. Kathy Davis says:

    This was a great devotional. I would love a copy of this book to find out more on how and who God wants me to be. We get so caught up in what we think others want us to be, that we forget God had a plan even before we were born, I want to find that plan and be blessed by discovering this person He wants me to be.

  257. Mary Scharff says:

    I would love to win this book! Thank you.

  258. That was excellent! Amen!

  259. Brenda Pisco from says:

    My gift is joy and laughter, I love to hear the belly laugh of a child or to see my friends and family laugh. Thank you for your help in making me see some light.

  260. At the age of 57 I am slowly learning and accepting what it is that God wants me to do in my life & working on accepting that and being happy with how he made me & the gifts he’s given me and trying hard not to compare myself with others.

  261. I would like to win a copy of this book.

  262. Lori Mead says:

    This devotion struck home this morning as I start my day heading to a job I was not designed to do. I am praying for guidance and direction. Thank you!

  263. Life is too short to do anything but savor it! Would love a copy of this book!!

  264. I have been struggling for a very long time to find that person God created me to be and be content with that. I struggled and struggled until I found myself at Rock bottom and out of control with an eating disorder. I am on my road to recovery by the grace of God, but I’m still struggling to find that person God has created me to be. This is my year! I can feel it.

  265. Sarah Goodwin says:

    I related to every single word of this and feel so encouraged by it. So well written, I can imagine the book would be even more insightful!

  266. Thank you for reminding me to be the woman God wants me to be, not the vain, selfish, low-self esteemed woman I think I am. I am never good enough in my eyes, but in Gods eyes, I am a princess. I want my daughters to be reminded of this as well. My mom was the greatest example of this, she never showed that she was struggling with things, she always was seen reading Gods word, and falling on her knees. I miss her, and I want to be more like her, and this devotion reminded me of her this morning. Thank you.

  267. Perfect for today! I love Shauna’s books!

  268. Sounds like a good read!

  269. Jennifer Rhoads says:

    This is a great message. I would love a copy of the book. This message really hits home with me on many fronts yet it is so hard to figure out and doubly hard/scary as a mom in my position.

  270. Holly Fisher says:

    This book sounds amazing. I have been struggling with my daily time with the Lord. Bad things happen and I slip. I get upset but the only way I can change it is by having that time with God.

  271. Karen Taylor says:

    Thanks for the devotional. This year, 2016 I’ve committed to redefining myself as God wants me to be. I like the writing where you mentioned: what do you need to leave behind in order to recover that essential self that God created. Thanks, Karen

  272. Loved this devotional. I think we need to remember this with our children as well. As they struggle to find their place in this life as they grow, we need to remind them that God has created them in a special way and they should be proud of who they are in Christ. They should not try to conform to what the world says that they should be or look like. Thank you for sharing! I’d love to read more.

  273. Thank you for the wisdom, words and desire to read and continue on my journey with a relationship with God.

  274. I’ve always loved helping people. I wanted to be a police officer but while doing my training I was told I was too soft and that I’d make a good teacher. So I dropped out, went back to school, earned a degree and became a teacher. I also love Zumba so I became an instructor. It’s amazing when we listen to God,really listen to His voice, He will bring us to the places that only He can.

  275. Thank you for the encouragement.

  276. How? As a woman the are so many hats so I know which hats are right and what hats I need to put aside?

  277. I think a lot of us are waking up to the message to stop trying to be the worlds version of who we should be and instead be Gods version that he created us to be. Sounds like a great book would love to win a copy. Perfect timing in my life ?

  278. Julie Sweeney says:

    Shauna – thank you for today’s message. The older I get the easier it is too see where I need to let go and be my true self.

  279. were you reading my mind? My thoughts exactly. My theme this year is Be-you…Be-you tiful!!!

  280. Terry Leach says:

    Love p31 ministries daily devotions. Thank you.

  281. Thanks for your words!

  282. Elsie Kappler says:

    God chose for me to give up teaching at a Mother’s Day Out at the end of Oct. 2015. I now have a real devotion and prayer time with Him in the morning before I turn on my computer. All of the devotions on Encouragement for Today have aided me in becoming closer to My Lord and Savior.

  283. Life changing! Such simple words but definitely hit home! Inspiring me to live my authentic life and be the person God wanted me to be!
    Thank you!

  284. Shauna, I am not writing because I want to win your book, that would be nice, however I am writing to let you know that God used you to speak to me about an issue on my heart that I have been laying before His feet. I won’t go into the long details but I want you to know that your labor is not in vain. God is using you to speak to His daughters. As I read, I found myself almost breathless as the answer poured into my soul. I can honestly say that I am clear about what I am to do. What a relief to have that decision made and to be certain that it is from God.

    Thank you for being obedient to Him and “doing YOU”. Your obedience in being who He created you to be has reached across the Internet and landed directly in my soul. God bless and keep you until the day of His return.

  285. Julia PAschal says:

    I so need some direction and feel this book with Gods instructions, I will be able to be who he has called me to be.

  286. This devotion landed in my mail at the perfect time. Thank you xoxxo

  287. Thank you for your service to our Lord.

  288. I could so use this book!

  289. Melissa Ramos says:

    Just been really struggling with where I’m supposed to fit it. I have been so worried about pleasing people and receiving their approval. I know God has not called me to this but having a hard time kicking it.

  290. Reva Bowden says:

    Beautiful devotion today for starting a brand new year and self. May God light your way and direct you in the way he has planned for you..

  291. Thank you for the reminder. I need to find that person again.

  292. This is a very timely message. I may have to leave behind people who have been important my whole life because they want me to be rain when I should be snow. That is scary and painful.

  293. Thank you for this! It’s a great reminder as I raise my daughter (and son) to focus on God’s purpose for her life instead of letting go everyone around her dictate who and what she should be.

  294. Elaine McCullough says:

    Winning a copy of this book would be such a blessing!

  295. This truly was a precious message and reminder of who the Lord really is as Creator. I personally can remember times when I was mad at God because I wasn’t like the person I perceived I should have been or like other women, I thought were better than me. It has been through His grace that I have come to accept that I was always meant to be me, which was why He never made me like anyone else, I am already created in His image 🙂 🙂

  296. Sarah Bryson says:

    Definite food for thought. I don’t even know who the essential me is at this point. Maybe it’s time to find her.

  297. Cecelia Akinwumi says:

    Thank God for reminding me to be whom He has created me to be again this morning. My prayer to God for all of us is that the grace to remember to be who wants to be will be available for us daily in His name. Amen

  298. Leeann Singleton says:

    This book sounds like exactly what I need. I have been talking a lot to God lately to seek what he really wants me doing/involved in. This would be a great read for me. God bless you.

  299. Elsie Crasto says:

    Your words really hit home today. Savoring life from just as we are and just where we are, simply makes sense. I cannot wait to read your book and pass it on to all who would benefit from it. Please consider me as a recipient for one of your free copies. It will be used and shared to bring many people hope. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You have been a blessing to me today.

  300. Becky Thompson says:

    I love proverbs 31. It always touches my life in different ways.

  301. Denise Dixon Stewart says:

    Loved this! One of my favorite sayings is JUST BE…JUST BE WHO GOD CREATED YOU TO BE!
    I learned this the hard way but when I learned to truly embrace who God created me to be it brought forth freedom, peace and joy within.

  302. Very timely devotion! Thank you!

  303. Wow do I need this book. Thank you!!

  304. This book sounds like an amazing tool for me- a child of a god, Mother & Wife trying to put God over my people pleasing & appeasing tendencies. A road I have made great progress, but will always need to be aware & grow in this area!!

  305. Amen to this message! Before reading this lesson today I prayed that God help me to live according to His purpose for my life, then boom this message. I think God is trying to tell me something. Thank you for making it clear to me.

  306. Katherine says:

    Working hard, making money feels like the only value I have. I yearn for family who are not near, the outdoors and a soft place to land at night. I need to balance out my life toward being more family oriented.

  307. Perfect timing for God’s words as usual!

  308. I have spent most of my life trying to portray an image that isn’t me. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that we are not created to do it all but we are created to follow God’s calling and use the gifts he has blessed us with!

  309. I have been an empty nester for 4 years now. And I am trying to figure out just who I am. My kids are everything to me and I centered my life around them that now that they are on their own and not living at home, I have felt so empty and lost. I am a people pleaser and it seems like I have lived my life trying to please other people that I do not know who I am, what I like . It’s scary cause I do not know who God intended me to be. I have been really trying to focus on who I am and what I like . It’s so hard for me to focus on me.

  310. Leslie Giddens says:

    What an awesome reminder of just “being” who God created us to be! Thank you!!

  311. I greatly enjoyed this devotional. I would love to read the book! God bless

  312. Jennifer Bryant says:

    Such a good reminder to live the life only God intended for me to live.

  313. Loved this devotional today. I want to share this with my daughter. What a great message. I would love to read your book!

  314. Debi Seirafi pour says:

    Would love to read this, really need this. Thank you

  315. Edie Kirkpatrick says:

    Good thoughts and words

  316. Julie Parker says:

    This devotion resonated with me this morning because I feel life, work, church, etc. often taking me over. I find myself wondering who I am and how I got here in this too busy, too crazy place. I need to reflect more often on my calling and lean into my purpose.. Thank you for this message!

  317. Susan Williams says:

    When I was younger I believed I was who God wanted me to be, a daughter, wife, and mother. Now Iam a,widow that has buried boyh parents,and my husband.. My kids are grownwith lives of their own and now I struggle to find who I am.

  318. Joy Smith says:

    I love my joy time each morning with Jesus
    and this devotional today has spoken so
    much to my heart. No matter what our age
    may be or season of life, the evil one will
    try to discourage us and make us want to
    be like someone else in our serving the
    Lord. Thank you for this scripture to remind
    me, I can’t be who I am not. Blessings, Joy

  319. What wonderful encouragement when we live in a culture that is screaming at us to be something more than is possible for anyone to be! It is snowing here this morning which always brings renewal and clarity. Paired with this devotion, this is a day for reflection. A day to remember what my ‘snowy attributes’ are. Thank you ….

  320. Buffi Mitchell says:

    Somewhere along the past 30 years as wife, mother of 3 including a special needs child, grandmother and caregiver to 8 mentally ill adults who live in our home 24/7 for the last 24 years I have lost who I am…I love my life…God has given me blessings -abundantly…this was just never the life I dreamed of as a child/young adult and now I have sooooo many responsibilities I have no idea how to find my authentic self….while remaining committed to all those who count on me – because that is love – commitment.

  321. That hit some buttons for me, your book is a must read. Thank you!

  322. Raeleen Phillips says:

    As I watch the Wisconsin snow fall, I ponder who am I to be?

  323. Awesome devotional! Be whom God has called you to be. The snow and rain are commanded to do one thing and we should be content with whatever the one thing or things we are commanded to do.

  324. This devotional came at JUST the right moment for me. I am seeking to be just what God made me to be so that I do not leave this life missing out on the chance to make my God smile with the joy my surrender and faith would bring. I am a full time teacher with a passion to serve God with far greater freedom and use of my passion to both sing and encourage. The loss of my son due to a host of issues causes me to have SO much I need to share with others.

  325. Thank you for sharing this truth from God’s word.

  326. Your post resonated with me today. I constantly feel as if I should be something more than I currently am. Some of
    the events of the last few years have also reinforced that into my head. I would love to read your book to find peace and contentment with “who God created me to be.”

  327. Ann Pinson says:

    A beautiful & timely reminder that God has created each of us for a special purpose.

  328. Sarah Yonkman says:

    This is exactly what i needed to hear today. As a stay-at-home mom i often feel unappreciated or even looked down on in a society that values careers. I need at appreciate where God wants me to be & who he wants me to be

  329. What a breath of fresh air…just be who God created you to be. Do the one thing he’s gifted you the abilities for. Real living. Would love to win a copy of this!

  330. I really appreciate your devotion today for this time in my life. I’ve been struggling in this season of my life with what to do and what my purpose is now that my children are grown, and your devotion was a word from the Lord that he will help me find my path forward!

  331. Toni Helton says:

    Thank you for this devotion today. I need to remember to be who I was created to be.

  332. My prayer for 2016 is to really see where God wants me to be and who ! I needed this!

  333. Martha Moore says:

    Thankyou for your words!!! Definitely needed to hear this as we all struggle with our identity at times and forget to just be ourselves and who God created us to be “Individuals”. God loves us for us that’s it!!! It really is simple and we tend to makes things complicated. This book sounds like a great book to put this into perspective living an abundant life and the life we were called to live.

  334. I so relate to your devotion and would love to read your book.

  335. I really needed to hear that it’s ok not to be what the world, family, and friends wants me to be. It feels like I’ve been struggling with this question lately as if I am a teenager all over again and not 18 years in my career as a nurse, a mother of 7, a performance Christian at best trying to get approval by works from God. It’s like this devotional just let me off the hook and told me it’s ok to be me. Now I have to see who me is. I too am a hugger and a crier and I enjoy children. I feel like the nursery ministry is for me and children’s church. I’m going to join those ministries after reading this devotional. I enjoy teaching new nurses so I believe teaching will be my next career move. It’s not the money maker that I thought my next career move would be because anesthesia would of been and that’s what I thought I would do. But now I’m encouraged to do what I love.

  336. I’m excited as I begin Bible college to learn how to delve into verses like this and get such an amazing Truth out, instead of just reading verses at face value and trying to apply them.

  337. Nikki Gamble says:

    The best wife & mom & mimi God wants me to be, & the best PE Aide for a season.☺

  338. This article resonated with my spirit. I’m at a time in my life where fear and worry has taken over. I don’t want to be lead by these emotions. I’m learning to rely on His Spirit. The book you are sharing with everyone is a flicker of hope to ignite a passion to serve the way God designed each of us individually.
    Praise to God for you sharing your talent and love He has given you.
    God bless.

  339. This writing resonates deeply within me. I am praying for God to reveal my purpose and my passion, because I have spent most of my life doing the expected. I want to know now what life would look like if I returned to the purpose He created me for. This book sounds like an excellent tool for just that.

  340. Tiffany Wismar says:

    Wow!!! This devotion came at the exact time I needed it!! I am amazed at God’s timing and His plan for my life! I’m sure this book is a wonderful read! Thank you for your continued ministry 🙂 xo

  341. Lynn Fuhs says:

    Oh, how I long to be who I was created to be … accepting me for me. Thank you for your post. Now, to find the real me. It’s been so long, I pray the Lord will help me to find me again. I am tired of wearing masks to please people. It’s very exhausting.

  342. linda m ruggeberg says:

    Our pastor says live your gift. I would love to read this book and share something with him! Linda

  343. Kathy Barrett says:

    I’m retired & I have time to do as God created me to do. But what is that? What is that spiritual gift planted in me? I need help to find that special purpose!

  344. Vicki Flinchum says:

    I would love to win a coy of your book to read. I can relate to your statement of being on a treadmill. How do we find that person we were meant to be?

  345. Beverly Brown says:

    My word for 2016 is “free” – as in John 8:32: The truth will set you free. This book would help me on my way.

  346. Definitely something God has been leading me in lately. I am not really sure where I am going with it all but I can relate to pulling back the layers. I have just begun and where I will end up is not clear but I do want to live abundantly being exactly who God created me to be.

  347. God bless you!

  348. So excited to be who I’m created to be !

  349. I would love to receive a copy of this book! The images of snow and rain made so much sense as to be who God created me to be!
    Thank you for sharing!!

  350. Deborah Wilson says:

    Would love a copy,

  351. Thank you for sharing this devotional! All of us need to be reminded frequently that we were created to be who we are and not someone else. Finding our unique place in this world can be difficult but that’s why we’re here. You never know who you might impact by just being you.

  352. Thank you for this today. I’ve been struggling for some time to figure out what God has next for me. There was always pressure from my family to be a certain way. Partly that’s who I am. Partly not. But I think I may have found fulfillment in other ways that would not pay as much as they envisioned. I need to continue looking to God to figure out how to put the two different sides of myself together and go forth in grace and peace. I think your book could help me with that process. I’d love to receive it, but may it be a tremendous blessing to the women who receive it.

  353. Unique thing today???


    Shovel the snow!!!!

    School may be on 2 hour delay?❄️?❄️

  354. Lisa Stewart says:

    I’ve tried to be like others for too long! At 50, I’m ready to discover who God created me to be. ?

  355. So lovely- the peace and confidence of God that’s woven into what you’re have written Shauna. I want so badly to break out of the layers that keep me from getting back to my passions, again for the first time. I’ve been praying about this for some time now. It’s so encouraging to read about you finding you in God; I wish every last one of us could know what God created us for. Imagine how productive and peaceful things would be! 😉

    So after saying thank you for sharing your truths, I’m taking the nuggets God gave me from this devotion and using them, starting with some quiet, listening time with my Creator.

    So inspired! Thank you Lord and thank you Shauna.

  356. Thank you for the word, good word for my soul in due season. My daughter age 26 , great devotion and book for her. Mother of two very young children, working full time for a non profit. She continues to listen to God’s call in her life, but is still missing something God gave her at a very young age. She would love this book. Blessing to you for sharing your heart and Gods message.

  357. Jennifer Scott says:

    I would love a copy, thanks

  358. Thank you for this devotion. This is my struggle and I would love a copy of your book

  359. Christina says:

    Thank you for simplifying what my analytical brain makes so complicated.

  360. Thank you for this important message. It has really started the wheels turning in my mind.

  361. I would LOVE to rediscover Who I Am!

  362. What a blessing to read this morning! I would love to read more of Shauna’s work!

  363. Deb Handy says:

    I would share this with the young women in my family. Many times they need the reminder to be who God made them to be and slow down, enjoy this life God has put before us and let go of “perfectness”.

  364. Uniquely created, Psalm 139, would love a copy of your book.

  365. What encouraging words! I recently went through a period of feeling lost and depressed, but I’m now feeling much better and have been working on remembering what I’m passionate about and not worrying so much about what others think of me. This sounds like a helpful book for me!

  366. What a wonderful reminder! Thank you!

  367. Today I will live 4P&OP (for a purpose & on purpose). 🙂

  368. Faith thomas says:

    So grateful to see/hear someone admit that they are messy and not organized. I try so hard and cannot be that organized person. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

  369. Yes. Just. Yes. This touched a place deep inside of me that I was ready to leave behind, because I’ve thought I was “aging out” of that role. But I cannot deny that it is my passion and what I was made for! Thank you for writing obediently! Blessings!!!

  370. muralartist says:

    How fitting this devotional is with some things I am dealing with. God is the designer of us. The Molder the creator like a potter with clay. With the Help of Jesus and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit we can be molded into what Jesus wants us to be daily. But life throws different obstacles in our life pathways. To where Satan the deceiver, the liar, can make us feel unworthy in many ways. But the Lord on High has other plans for us. If we only allow him in control.
    This devotional is fitting because I know I am a child of God. I know Jesus is in control. I know the Holy Spirit will anoint and heal many situations. I just need direction daily. I need it right now on where to sit in his presence in a body of believers in a Bible believing Jesus church. I know the Lord and the Holy Spirit had showed me many times to attend a local church. The Lord healed many issues in my household many times while there.. I was using my God given talents to be able to serve in the church. But two of my family members are ill. This church doesn’t believe in sickness or money troubles. So there was constant strife. Then one day there was a letter sent by the church Pastor and the board, telling me to never attend the church again. Nor to bring my family. This is just part of the letter…I question the fact that God told you to the church.. The Word says His Spirit bears witness with our spirit and I and many of the leaders do not have that witness.
    Every church has it’s own DNA and if you don’t have the same you will never be happy there. It’s apparent you don’t have the same DNA as this church. You need to find another church, because our church is not your church.
    I was floored that someone in leadership and a board of leaders would write such a letter. Where is the Love of Jesus in this letter and the leaders of this church? We have walked away. But I have been wrestling with this situation and just can’t feel 100 percent released. I bump into other people from the church who wonder why we left. When I tell them why? some understand and some are floored, and some don’t say a word but hang their head.. The ironic part is the Pastor who demanded us to leave, would preach on why people wouldn’t go to church and that people need church.
    So again this devotional fits in many ways. Because I know I am a child of God on High, that Jesus is the one to restore, and mold me daily, with the help of the Holy Spirit anointing.

    • Martha VanHoffen says:

      Wow does this message hit me straight on… I have struggled against my real self and my real passions all my life. The need for love and acceptance has overridden who I really was meant to be. I really need to read your book to help me understand the concept that God created me to be who I need to be – what a freeing thought. God bless you for taking on this topic and may He bless and set free all who will read it.

  371. Shauna has challenged me to start living the way God intended me to live.

  372. Lisa Laurent says:

    I definitely was moved by this. I’ve alway let others tell me who I am not God.

  373. I would love a copy of your book!!

  374. Thank you for reminding me that it’s not only ok, but it’s expected that I just be me. This sounds like the perfect book for me!

  375. Thank you, Shauna, for your life-bringing truth. I so appreciate your post!

  376. Loved your writing style. Loved you point— simply be who God created you to be :).
    I am 65 and have finally reached the point where I say Does losing 5-8 lbs really matter? Does buying new couch pillows and end tables impact the richness of my family life and marriage????
    Of course not! That is simply trying to impress my artisticly gifted friends.
    How Wonderful to be at Peace simply being who God created me to be.
    Thank you. Keep on writing to set the captives FREE !!!

  377. Thank you for this post. It took a long time for me to realize that who I was created to be is good enough. God didn’t make me to be like everyone else…not even like everyone else in my family.

  378. God’s timing is perfect. Last night I blew up at my family. My personal love tank was empty and I did not go into God’s reserved. So reading how my love at times will be messy was a re leaf to read.
    thanks for sharing

  379. Struggling at work lately, got a new manager who is also a Christian, and now we are working together and also praying for the same stuff to happen at work. GOD MOMENTS, and thank you God is speaking to me through your writing.

  380. Tammy percival says:

    I have been feeling such discontentment in my life.i am 47. I am recently divorced. My kids are grown. I live with my parents. I don’t know what God’s plans are and never had any intent for any of these things to occur, but your devotion really helped me today. Thank you! I am setting outtoday to savor this day and all it has In it! One step at a time. One day at a time. God’s got it!

  381. Kym Estes says:

    I have tried my whole life to be loved. You like it, I can be it. Or so I thought. I need help to peal of the layers to be me. Those passions of a little girl were swallowed up by death and abuse. It’s never to late to discover me and to be that for my God.

  382. Thank you for reminding me I can be who I Am created me to be. So needed at this time of my life.

  383. This has been an eye awakening devotion. A devotion that has reached down and spoken to my soul. I often overthink things or overdo things in the end making everything complicated. This is a great reminder to slow down, enjoy and simplify my life. This is how I plan on living the purpose of God every day.

  384. That was a great devotion, but it made me very sad. I’ve gotten so far away from myself, God, who I am that I don’t have a clue who I’m supposed to be.

  385. Gillian Thornback says:

    My heart sighs at the simplicity of it all. So many times I wonder why we put so much stress on ourselves, that we should just be real with ourselves and with one another. And then I read your devotion and I see in His Word where He allows me to be just that … “So God says to the snow, “Fall on the earth.” That’s it. Just do one thing. Just fall. And then He says to the rain shower, “Be a mighty downpour.” Essentially, He’s saying: Just do the thing I’ve actually created you to do. You’re rain … so rain. You’re snow … so snow.

    I love the simplicity of that, the tremendous weight it takes off my shoulders. God’s asking me to be the thing He’s already created me to be. And He’s asking you to be the thing He’s already created you to be.”

    I would love to read your Book Savor and gleen some more from it…to share with other women; young and old.

    Thank you for the opportunity to actually win a copy of it!

    God’s continued blessings to you in your writing and sharing!

    Because of Him

  386. Theresa McGuinness says:

    I always think I have to “prove” myself, when actually God loves me the way I am.
    Learning to be who I am in Christ is a ongoing lesson. But, I learn more everyday!!
    I go use on Inspirational Devotions and have grown a lot!!

  387. Wow! I loved this devotion, and will ponder it throughout this whole week. I long to be who God created be to be, and live confidently in that. Xo.

  388. I so needed to read this message this morning. Thank you!! I would love to read Savor. Anything in this world to better my journey and free myself from bondage is worth reading!

  389. Thank you for your devotional on being ourselves.

  390. As I read this mornings devotion I had to smile. At 58 years old this is exactly where I am at! Having spent my working years trying to be someone that others would admire, I’m finally figuring out that being who God created me to be was where I needed to be. Friday I will be ending a short chapter in my working career. And beginning something new and very exciting next week. I would love to be able to read more of this book, it has already been confirmation to me that moving forward I’m walking in His steps!

  391. Cathy Anderson says:

    Be who you are meant to be!
    Not a coincidence that my word for 2016 is change.
    I need to search more passionately for the real me hidden underneath the layers and barriers that I’ve carefully constructed over the past 50 years.

  392. Emily Gilliam says:

    Would love to read your book 🙂

  393. I love the devotion this morning! We are all so different and beautiful in our own precious ways. It is hard to be true to my self because of all the hats I wear but slowly I am trying to rediscover my gifts and use them! What an exciting way to live! Praying for God’s light to shine in each of us~ Blessings

  394. Angela Raphael says:

    I would really love a copy of this book.

  395. Shauna, thank you for posting this today. It fits right in with a class I started last night, Pathways to Purpose. Your post has helped me to clarify a few things, so thank you! Thank you for being so obedient to God’s call on your life.

  396. What a great read to start my day! I have spent a lifetime trying to do what I thought everyone expected of me and it’s a hard way to live! This last year I took time to explore what it is that brings me joy. Those are the things I am choosing to focus on in 2016.

  397. Thank you for the reminder to be who God created is to be. It’s exhausting when you live outside of God’s will.

  398. I have always struggled with this. What’s my passion? What am I good at? What did God create me for? I feel like I’ve missed getting to know myself. Thank you for your words today. I will bring these questions to the feet of Jesus and start hearing His answers. Have a great day!

  399. Warms my heart to remember what I was passionate about as a child and teen!

  400. I tried for so long to be accepted by being who I thought I should be as I compared myself to others. Through God’s word I have come to believe He created me uniquely, but I am a work in progress waiting to understand fully who I am and what good am I to be doing.

  401. Love this. At 37, I’m just now seeing who God intended me to be. Now I’m focusing on how to grow in that gift! I work at this massive church and I can’t help but believe that God has placed me there to learn! He’s got me where He wants me now I just need to be ready to study and be the Best me I can!

  402. Elizabeth Williams says:

    My husband and I were just discussing this last night. He’s a truck driver, with lots of time to be with God while he’s driving. I, on the other hand, am lost in my day-to-day responsibilities taking care of children, job, and home while he’s gone. And I’m trying to find the time to sit and be with God to remember who I’m supposed to be. We were just talking about it last night. He’s recognizing how much I’m struggling right now, and we’re working on how to find the time for me to figure this out.

  403. Jennifer Domes says:

    This devotion really hits home for me today.My prayer is that I do exactly what God has made me for. Thanks!

  404. Janice sylvester says:

    How free I became when I finally laid down my need for people approval (even “church” people) and sought only to please my Savior. That old demon still tries to cause me to seek people approval from time to time…now, when I recognize his voice, I am reminded to lean into grace and cast him out in the mighty name of Jesus. It’s not easy…the enemy is relentless…and God’s grace is abundant, available and endless. Thx for this encouraging devotional.

  405. The relief that has flooded my soul from your devotional today!!! Thank you!!!


  407. snow be snow…rain be rain!
    me be who God created me to be!
    Love this!! ❤️

  408. This devotional was like a breath of fresh air that I so desperately, desperately needed. Thank you for allowing God to touch us through you!

  409. Emily Kyzer says:

    One unique thing God has asked me to do lately is speak the awful things I think out loud (not to others of course, to myself and Him.) It’s been taking the power away from the enemy quite effectively. I’ve had road rage for ages but when I started saying things like, “I want you out of my way because I feel entitled to be able to drive how I want” or “I won’t let you in front of me because I feel like I deserve to be in front of you,” it’s begun calming me down and a bit nicer on the road.

  410. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to be everything to everyone else and that all God wants is for me to to be me. I want to be only what he intends for me to be.

  411. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!! This is exactly what my soul is recognizing in this season of my life. But how do you know what to leave behind? When you look back and life is a blur, how do you identify what you KNOW is you true calling?(I feel like I have a few.) I’m anxious for this new soul awakening and your message today confirmed that I’m headed in the right direction. Love you, Sister!

  412. I don’t know who God created me to be, but I would love to find out, and I would love a copy of the book! But I never win at these type things so oh well, lol!!!

  413. Came across this reading today in iDisciple and it spoke to my heart. My husband and I of 30 years are changing our eating habits and we need all the help we can get. We love having family and friends together.

  414. SAndra Golightly says:

    I would love to win a copy of her new book.

  415. Sandy Lopez says:

    God’s Word says ‘ He came that we might have life and that more abundantly”. I have been seeking this truth for sometime now in my career choice mainly. I would love to receive a free-copy of the book.

  416. Such a great reminder especially in the busyness and demand to be perfect in our world today!

  417. This is so inspirational. The perfect thing for me to hear during this season of my life.

  418. What joy can come from this simple task: Be who God created you to be. This spoke volumes to my heart today.

  419. Laurie Anne Scott says:

    What a blessing to read this beautiful testimony this morning! It was so freeing for me! I am in a season of transition- not quite ready to retire, but feeling the urge to change- and I needed to hear these words as I desperately seek God’s direction.

  420. This was my word from the Lord this morning. I needed this so badly today. I just retired from the Medical field after 35 years. I cared for both of my parents in our home before they passed. I am the caregiver & sometimes it’s tiring but yet it comes so naturally to me. I am presently caring for my husband after reconstructive knee surgery & babysitting a 16 month for extra funds. I’ve watched him for a year now. It works so well but I need balance. I would love to read your book. I need to be strong spiritually so I can be the best caregiver God has designed me to be. Thank you for your words !!❤️

  421. Carla Palmer says:

    Be who God wants you to be. This is so important to find yourself so you can do the work God has in store for you. I’m 41 and I continue working daily on the best me. Thank you for this devotion this morning.

  422. Melissa Park says:

    I really liked your words about being what you are supposed to be. At 59 I am still struggling with being what I think everyone wants me to be. I liked the snow and rain analogies.

  423. Babita Sunder says:

    Oh My God…truly divine intervention…I really needed this God spoken devotion today when my heart is heavy and I’m truly sooo troubled.I pray to find myself within the madness of life and rituals of being caught up in keeping up to an image of perceived success…May God’s grace, divinity and wisdom cover us all. Thank you..God Bless.

  424. Casset armstreet says:

    Please pick me. I’m trying g to read and learn more of God’s word and would love a new book to do so.

  425. Jamie Jones says:

    Loved devotion this morning. I am always trying to wear a thousand hats and miss being what God made me. I’d love to read more !

  426. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and God’s truth

  427. This devotional spoke straight to my heart! I am finally realizing that who others want or expect me to be doesn’t equal who I really am and that trying to please them by being that imaginary woman isn’t going to make me any happier or fulfilled. That will only come by being exactly who God made me and following His plan for me. Sadly it’s taken me 40+ years to understand this and I’m still struggling to live that out.

  428. Always a good reminder….God created me to be ME….now, who am I?

  429. Love. Love. Love the idea of just falling like snow! I definitely need to pray through what needs to “peel away.” Thanks!

  430. Leslie Melton says:

    All my life I’ve tried to conform to what I’ve believed others wanted me to be. It’s exhausting and debilitating. Shauna’s message today was just what I needed to hear. The freedom behind her words is encouraging and brings hope. I only have to be what God created me to be. Now I just have to discover what that is!!

  431. Interesting concept. Not sure I agree totally. There are responsibilities that cannot be passed off. Should be an interesting read.

  432. I need to remember this message, not only for myself, but for my children as well.

  433. Margarette says:

    Thank you. As a Pastor’s wife, church members expect you to be a certain way. Thank God I understood that early enough to be who God wants me to be. This devotion affirmed my behavior. Thank you again. Be blessed!

  434. This devo came in perfect timing. Thank you!

  435. Perfect words for me this morning! Thank you so much! I love the reminder that God made snow and rain with the intention that they would just do what He created them for! I pray I can see what He’s made me for more clearly.

  436. Diane Woody says:

    Thank you for the words of wisdom for today, to be who God made you to be. I am in my late 60’s and still am trying to find what my lot in life is. Your article will help me do some soul searching as I try to remember the things I am good at and do them to God’s glory. You sound like someone I could call a really good friend. Keep writing because you are an inspiration- even to us old folks.

  437. I love this. I needed to hear this! Thank you, Shauna!! I loved Bittersweet and cant wait to read Savor!

  438. Melissa Brown says:

    I really enjoyed reading “Be who God created you to be.” I love using coffee mugs with inspirational messages so as I’m reading this devotion and having my coffee, the cup I’m holding reads “Be yourself everyone else is already taken!” I’m so thankful that this message was for me today and that God made sure I got it. He is wonderful!

  439. I absolutely loved this devotion and now have your book on my list to read. 🙂 I have been in such a season of growth, change, and transformation over the last several years. I found your words today to be encouraging to keep moving forward. Thank you!

  440. Beverly Numssen says:

    I recently retired from my “job” a banker, I did a good job but I never felt that I was allowed to really help the customer. It was about selling and meeting goals. (sell it even if the customer did”t really need it) Today I have the time to volunteer at a local assisted living center. With a couple of other friends I teach or facilitate several women creating quilts by hand. I have gotten such joy out of watching the ladies accomplish simple tasks. They were so thrilled to make pot holders for their loved ones for christmas. I recently accepted the job of calling a new pastor to our church. The comittee is very hard working it is a big job. God will send us the right person. I will continue to use my gifts and not try to change who I am for the world.

  441. katie purcell says:

    Thank you for the reminder to be who God created me to be, a caregiver to my husband who has Alzheimer’s. Abundantly! HE will give me the strength and endurance I need each day.

  442. Wow! This devotional spoke to me so loudly this morning! I’ve spent my whole life trying to prove how smart I am and in a career that others encouraged me to do. After all these years, I don’t think I am where I need to be. I wish I had done what I originally wanted to do, but was too afraid, but I wouldn’t trade what I’ve learned along the way for anything! I am praying for clear guidance to lead me where I’m supposed to really be. To discover His true plans for me. Thank you so much for these inspiring words this morning! I would love to read this book for even more inspiration!

  443. I really needed this devotional today. I’ve forgotten who the ‘real’ me is, but today I’m going to start the process of finding out. Thanks Shauna….

  444. Rhonda Hill says:

    Thanks for this timely reminder that calmed my spirt today

  445. Cindi Ruiz says:

    I so loved this morning’s devotion. Such an encouragement to me. I very much need healing with shame and guilt. I’ve spent my life seeking validation and approval of others because I had no love for myself and I had not had loving caring parents who validated me. Once I met Jesus; He saw me in my brokenness and has been restoring me to wholeness. Beauty for ashes. I’m finally learning to see myself as He sees me and how to recognize my own self worth and I’m slowly becoming the woman He intended for me to be. It is a process for me, often a painful one. I’m still seeking His plan and calling, but because He loved me even when I couldn’t love myself, I’m learning and growing each day. I’m just a widow woman, often still struggling with insecurity and self esteem, but I learning even I have value and God loves me no matter what so I need only His approval to be happy.
    I so very much would love a copy of your book. I am going to pray for God’s favor…. God bless you

  446. Nancy Wilson says:

    With a sigh of relief to be just me. What a wonderful way to start the day. This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

  447. As a single mom, I struggle with this. I have to work a job I don’t feel made for, because my son must be supported. Why, after so many years, must I still do everything alone, without the support of a companion? Perhaps that’s the answer, I’m not alone…I still feel the stress and the pull in so many directions though, and that’s something I’ve never grown used to. Thank you for giving the tools for self introspection. Many blessings!

  448. kathie bonham says:

    My purpose in life and being every bit of what God needs me to be .

  449. I needed to hear this today got passed up for a well deserved and earned promotion again and it’s upsetting always doing 110% and not getting recognized for it after reading this maybe that’s not he one thing I’m supposed to do maybe all the work I out into this job is not what God has for me 25 years long and nothing I’ve prayed and continue to pray that I can stay home with my kids who need me more then any job ever will and the rewards are priceless . I need this book I really do

  450. Thank you. I need to get back to the me I am meant to be, my husband saw her, loved her married her, then placed her in a box and limited her by his new expectations , how he thought she should be and she has tried but always felt trapped and unappreciated…I need to not worry about what he thinks and just be who God created me to be and and honor God instead of constantly feeling trapped and defeated.

  451. Thank you for much needed truth this morning! How gracious is our good to not only create us for good works which he planned but enables us to do them as well!

  452. This is something my mentor was just talking to me about, being who God made me to be. It’s hard to know with the demands and pressures of life.

  453. Sheri Vrancken says:

    This was my prayer this morning as I contemplate leaving my job. Overly stressed unnecessarily, I seek God’s direction. Let it go and be free to be me.

  454. Donna Long says:

    That sounds wonderful!

  455. My word for this year is “present.” Reading your devotional gave me another layer of meaning… I should relish the present I am, the present God intended me to be. Thank you!

  456. Charlotte Lynn Layton says:

    I loved your devotion! And it is so true. I’ve just started back as a school nurse after 25 years and it is the perfect fit for me! Kids to be with and adults to talk to! And such a place to shine Jesus’ love to everyone! I would love to read the whole book! Please enter me in the drawing!

  457. Nicole Hackett says:

    Realizing our gifts that God wants us to use to share his love is a turning point in one’s life. Thank you for the reminder to be what God created us to be!

  458. Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m suppose to do. I love encouraging women who feel like they are down and out. The ones who feel like they don’t belong. I would love to have a copy of your book. Thanks for the encouraging words in today’s devotional

  459. Thank you, Shauna, for the freeing, refreshing message. Philippians 2:
    13 came to mind as I read -” for it is GOD Who is at work in you, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.” I have become more of a Mary and less of a Martha as I sit at JESUS feet, listening and resting in His love for me. Letting go and letting trusting HIM has become the way to truly live. (and all to the glory of Abba FATHER)!!!!

  460. I’m not where I dreamed of being but all on all, I’m very happy.

  461. I’m a writer!!! And a lover of people. . A lover of truth, and a rescuer of the unjustly hurt woman who has been pounded by life and the enemy!! 2016 WILL be the year of finishing my nook, setting the captives free, and joy unspeakable! ! Thank you for your wonderful devotional today!!

  462. My heart longs to find just who I am. My oldest child is almost 5 now and I still feel I haven’t found the right valence in my life since she was born. I want to focus more on who He calls me to be as a mom of three and a wife and focus less on the expectations I place on myself. I would love to win a copy of Savor!

  463. What a great reminder of something that sounds so easy….just be me. I was made to be me!!!!

  464. Cheryl cressman says:

    Would love to read!

  465. Love how when I read your devotionals I feel like it speaks to me. Makes me be honest with myself. Thank you for that!

  466. Once again I am encouraged and uplifted by the devotion and by reading the responses. It’s like a Godly support group for me! Tks everybody! Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  467. great reminder for a phase in life that circumstances have us stuck! Finding joy in all circumstances is what I’m working on!!

  468. Marion the Librarian says:

    You remind me of a “too much” kinda gal. That was a fun freeing testimony to share with our local MOPS group last year. Some of us may be quiet, or quite self-contained by nature, but then some of us hear it over and over again. “Honey, I like your diaper bag, because that surely isn’t a purse.” “Wow, those are a lot of notes for this short of a time.” “Oh, I am glad to help you move, but I didn’t know you had this much stuff!” etc etc…and the leaking as you mentioned since there is just too much emotion to hold in and oh, so many reminders that frequent definitions just don’t apply. I find it so interesting how the enemy of our souls so often abandons one tactic for the opposite. Stasi Eldredge’s Captivating pointed out that we hear the messages you are too much and you are not enough back and forth as women. You are so right though. What we need to keep listening for is the voice of our father reminding us and reveling in us as we are who we are, a gift! Thank you for your words…I love festivities myself and family and food so this book sounds Amazing! I look forward to reading Savor!

  469. Thank you. I needed to be reminded again!

  470. Thanks for this devotional. Life has been difficult this past year, I am hoping and praying this year is different; better. I know people have seasons of struggle, frustrations, trials. Holding on to God’s faithfulness has kept me from sinking into depression. Please continue to share these words of hope.

  471. Jennie S. says:

    This devotion was exactly what I needed to hear before another busy day. If Savor is written in the same style, then I plan to read it!

  472. I love this so much- especially the reference to peeling back the layers of what we are told we are “supposed to be” and protecting what is inside. Wonderful way to start the day!

  473. I am working on that this year. How fitting!

  474. Friends and I were just praying yesterday over our purposes in this season of our lives. I’d love to read this book!

  475. Thank you for this post, God’s timing is always amazing to me! I have been struggling lately with homeschooling, children and keeping up with everything I think needs done. This was a good reminder that I am his and he created me, I desperately need to get back to daily devotions, because when we start are day with him he guides us not our expectations.

  476. God’s PERFECT timing as I have so been praying Lord help me with the struggle of never feeling like I fit because I keep trying to BE something I am not!!! Thank you for this Word today affirming I really am ok being ME! I am sure God would speak to me through you & your book!! So glad you are now FREE from bondage of “buttoned up”!!

  477. Tori Grable says:

    This sounds like an inspiring read.

  478. Melissa N says:

    This is exactly what has been on my heart. I ask for God’s direction on the adoption we have been considering for some time and the job change I long for.

  479. Catherine McDaniel says:

    Thank you, I needed to hear this for me and to also extend this grace to others

  480. Kelly Clossin says:

    Thank you for this word today, I think I have been trying to be what others expect of and not who I was created to be for over 20 years. I have been working on being me. I have allowed others to mold me into their idea of who I should be not who God wants me to be and do. I want this year to be different and one that I seek what God wants for me first and only. Again thank you for this devotional.

  481. Dealing with ongoing health issues while still providing for my family has proved more than difficult over the last few years. I’m struggling with how God wants me to handle the situation. Now that my 18-yr old daughter in college has started having the same issues, I’m especially wondering what our path is. Would love to read this book for inspiration!

  482. I would love a copy of this book! Every day I struggle with wanting to be something I just am not. To know that God is OK with that and simply wants me to exist is in how He has created me, would just be lovely. Thank you!

  483. Christy Davenport says:

    I spend way too much time worrying about what other people think of me instead of focusing on what God wants for my life. Thank you for this devotion today.

  484. This absolutely resonated with me! I am at a crossroads in my life right now. God has forced me to stop, slow down, and listen to Him. I am searching for what my next step is. I believe this book could help guide me!

  485. I really needed to hear this this morning! I am struggling with what I should do next in my life. My husband and I were living in Costa Rica for 3 years and we were partly retired and now that we are back in the US I am need of a job to fill some void in my life. I really want to go back in the fitness industry I have always loved it and I am very good at it. My husband thinks that ship has shank……..but I still feel all excited when I think about it. Looking forward to reading this book.

  486. Thank you for this simple, yet powerful reminder to just be “us.” I struggled with this for a long time as a young adult and have come to the realization several years ago on who I really am.

  487. Would love to read this!!!!! I recieved so much life just reading the devotion. I needed this word today!!!!!!

  488. I’d love to read the book too. I’ve noticed that over the past month in the back of my head I started analyzing my life (whether I made the right choices, am I falling behind the ‘plan’…in human terms- yes, but I know I should trust God and His timing). My whole big thing to achieve is to not regret the choices of the past and trust that God will unfold the desires of my heart in his perfect timing, even if it is not my timing…

  489. I have searched to find the person God created me to be for years and haven’t been successful.
    I still battle the lies of the father of all lies and have not found the peace in God that I desperately look for.
    Please pray for me in this journey.

  490. What a wonderful way to start my day. Your message is right on schedule and God’s timing for me! I’d love to have a copy of your book!

  491. This really doke to my heart. For too long I have been trying to fit the mold of business woman. I have been learning lately that that is not who I am. However, I’m having a hard time trusting God for what He has for me and for His provision. Thank you for speaking life-giving words into my heart today. Good bless you!

  492. Such a good message!!

  493. Shelly Burkett says:

    What an impact we as a church would have upon doing that one thing passionately! I would love to share this book with our children’s ministry volunteers. Thank you for sharing Shauna. God bless you.

  494. Thank you. It doesn’t always feel as though I’m doing all I should for the kingdom as a stay at home & home educating mom. But this was a whisper from God, reminding me to do the thing I was created to do for this season.

  495. Love this! Really spoke to my heart. God knew what He was doing when He created each of us.

  496. I would love to win the book. I enjoy starting my day with positive thoughts!

  497. Working to find who I am before everyone is told me who I am. Thanks for this message.

  498. Awesome devotion to start my morning. I would love a book!

  499. B Williamson says:

    I have been praying so hard for God to reveal to me what my gifts are and how/where/when I can use them. Many changes have occurred for my family and myself over the past year or so. It leaves a once “overly busy” female feeling confused about what direction I’m supposed to be headed in. I know without out doubt that God has a plan. I’m just not sure if I’m already living that plan (it feels like there should be ‘more’) or if there is something to be revealed to me (not good at waiting).

  500. Donna Tyler says:

    This is such great timing . With a life change personally and professionally .. Struggling with the “fit” of my new life . Doing what I love is helping people but the industry is just like you described … So buttoned up.. And the shoes tied too tight is mine . Financially not sure I can make a change, but I pray for acceptance daily

  501. Thank you for the devotional. God really spoke to me through it. I didn’t even know there were things I dreaded doing because they just aren’t who I am. What a freedom to know it’s ok to just be who God created me to be!

  502. Children Are now grown and gone and finding out who I am is a new challenge in this new empty nest stage of life

  503. This was EXACTLY what I needed to read in this very moment! On this very day! I am currently in the battle of settling for a job so bills can be paid or following God and trusting that he will provide with a financial income doing what he has called me to do! I am finding that even when it seems like there is no more time left and I just need to settle for what comes first, that I still need to be a little more patient.

  504. This devotional spoke to my heart. I have stepped out and followed God’s calling in my life and it has led me to amazing places. I have been held and supported in the very hand of God himself. Thank you for this reminder

  505. Phyllis Sidelko says:

    Perfect! I’ll carry this reading with me today and the next as I ask for guidance for direction in my life. My husband suffers from a traumatic brain injury as a result of a serious car accident. My role has/is changed and the navigation can be difficult.

  506. Aubrey-Shea says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion!!

  507. This came at the best time for me. It served as a reminder that Im right where I should be and that I MUST trust God with this plan and praise Him for the passions and gifts He’s placed inside of me. I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend 6 yrs ago, telling her my desires to make an impact in teen girls lives for the sake of their hearts and health. While It doesn’t look smooth or as impactful as I’d like, I do recognize that I’m living out the dream He placed on my heart 6 yrs ago! God created me for such a time as this…to pour like rain my gifts and passions on others. He will nourish the hearts I touch!

  508. The children are growing up and gone and identifying who I am in this empty nest stage of life is a new challenge

  509. This is perfect timing to expand on a verse God has put on my heart and confirmed numerous times the last two weeks. That is Ephesians 2:10! Thank you!!!!

  510. So great to hear a devotional from Shauna. My cooking club loves her and recently did a theme night using only her recipes. I’m a new mom and trying to do it all perfectly- what a great reminder to just be who God made me to be!!

  511. The reading for today is so fitting for me. It is early morning and I’ve awakened to a beautiful blanket of fresh snow on the ground and more is falling as I respond to the reading. But I am struggling in my new career as a real estate agent. I am having trouble building the confidence I need to go out there and get business and making the phone calls necessary to get business. I am questioning my career choice and feeling at a loss for what I would be doing otherwise. My prayer for today is that I make the right call and get the business I need to get my career started. It isn’t easy and it is scary to think about how I would support myself otherwise. Today, I pray that I make that one phone call that will give me the confidence I need to keep going.

  512. You have no idea how well timed this devotional is for my family. 2015 was quite a year, not all in the greatest way. Now, we are determined to redefine, rededicate, heal, and transform. Thank you!

  513. I am a history teacher to 8th graders. I love my job but have been struggling this year with attitudes and discipline with students. I’m also single mother of 4 daughters and 1 son, and grandma of 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. I love serving in my church ss well. My life is full! I am praying for focus on God’s will for myself and all these lives that i am affecting every day. I want to live out my purpose with a grateful heart and sweet spirit. Thank you and thank God for Proverbs 31 ministry!

  514. This a message I needed 30 years ago! I struggled for years with who I thought I was suppose to be rather than who God created me to be. Learning to live in His freedom, abundant life to the full!

  515. Kristi Beer says:

    Great thoughts to start the day. Thank you!!

  516. Thank you so much! This was exactly what I needed to hear today! As the New Year begins and list of resolutions are made, it is such a joy and relief to be reminded that all I need to be is who God created me to be!

  517. Kendyll Breweur says:

    I would love a copy of this! This message spoke to me loud and clear. I’ve been praying for God to show me what I was designed to do for months. I’ve not been happy in my job or with life as it is. Looking back, the things that bring me the greatest joy have always been people, serving others and organizing (homes, weddings, schedules, finances). Lately, my heart feels pulled to be that stay at home mom (although both kids are in school) because I feel more complete in that role; this allows me to go out and speak to numerous people and serve in a greater capacity plus be home to nourish myself and my family spiritually, physically and emotionally.

  518. These are such important questions…..What do I need to leave behind, in order to recover that essential self that God created? What do I need to walk away from, in order to reclaim those unique parts God designed for His purposes?
    I certainly have days I wonder why am I doing what I do? Professionally and personally. I want to change.

  519. I need this book, have always struggled with what or who I am. To this day still dont understand & am 62yrs old.

  520. Like a breath of fresh air, the truth you just shared reminds me to relax and be confident in who God created me to be. So beautifully written and perfectly timed. Thank you.

  521. Yvonne Cottey says:

    I love the way the simplicity shines through her words! It is empowering to hear that we should be just who we were meant to be with no pretentions! Thank our Lord for giving that insight to her.

  522. Love your devotional today…it’s OK to be who I am, and quit trying to change me. would love, love,love to have this book.

  523. I feel I have so much to learn about this idea…do I even know who I am?……eager to read the book.

  524. I’d love to read this book. I’m on a journey of self discovery and learning to be the person God created me to be versus the person I’ve always thought I was supposed to be. Thank you.

  525. Another book by shauna…now that’s something to look forward to! I recently got out some old watercolors and remembered why I loved art so much. This mornings devotional makes me consider how I can incorporate more art into daily living!

  526. God’s Grace is sufficient for me…even to the pulling down of strongholds….I am so grateful this morning for this particular devotional, it is right on time!!!

  527. This devotion really touched my heart today. I am always trying to be what I think people want me to be so I can be more comfortable with them. It is hard for me to share my real self because I have a fear that I just can’t explain and need to work on. Thanks for showing me a different way.

  528. Natalie Daugherty says:

    I’m turning 40 in Feb. I am saying good-bye to a decade with extreme difficulties, as well as years of personal growth. Grateful and excited, I welcome a new decade. Truly desiring my passions to resurface.

  529. Thank you so much for sharing. I need to read this word of encouragement daily. Praying for wisdom in discovering who I truly am and a bold confidence in whoever God created me to be! To hold my head high and not feel inadequate. Praying for all of us to seek him , not to give up and to hold each other up. I am good at encouraging others but i so much desire to be a mighty courageous woman of God!

  530. Kathy Coombe says:

    I loved today’s devotional! This is exactly what God has been trying to speak to me lately. I got divorced in October and I also empty nested at the same time. This is my time to just read my Bible and pray and let Him work in my life and take me where He needs to take me. I don’t need to try so hard! I just need to be obedient and willing to go where He wants to take me. And this devotional this morning was so refreshing to me!

  531. Wendy Garner says:

    I really enjoyed this devotion. I am a fellow messy, loud book-lover, so I think SAVOR would be a balm for my soul. 🙂

  532. Dorothy Laughmiller says:

    I’ve tried to be a Sunday school teacher with the company but I I guess you might sending this book is still don’t know who I am I don’t know what I want something to do besides pray I carry me in a Sunday school teacher and that didn’t work

  533. When I read your devotion just now I finally felt as though I had permission to peel back the layers and rediscover the “who I am”. Thank you!!

  534. Christy Duplantis says:

    Really enjoyed this mornings devotional it opened my eyes and made me realize God put me in this different job because he has a plan. I just need to open my eyes and heart and let him work through me. Alway remember to ak him for guidance through out my days so I can ran down on the people around me when God asks me to.

  535. Steph Halland says:

    Excellent words! A good reminder to all of us!

  536. Lisa arfons says:

    Would love a copy! Thank you!

  537. Really needed to hear this today. It’s amazing how God delivers the perfect words at the perfect time. Xo

  538. God made me who I am and I refuse to conform to the ways of this world!
    Your book will be in my collection whether I win it or not. Continued blessings!

  539. Sarah Scharry says:

    Thank you for your daily emails. I’m so lost from who I was and I don’t even know where to begin to try and figure out my life right now. Step one, get back into the word and let the Lord lead me back to Him where I will find what I’m suppose to be doing.

  540. I could not have read this at a better time than today. At my age (in my 50’s), I’ve wondered if it’s even too late for me to live the life that’s been buried deep under a load of pressure to conform to what others expect of me. This devotional spoke to my heart and sparked hope. Thank you.

  541. Enjoyed this devotion through Proverbs 31, would love a copy.

  542. Nita Gruttadauria says:

    Even at my age, and I am retiring very shortly, I am not sure exactly who God created me to be. So many years have passed that found me trying to be who someone else wanted me to be that I will have to do some soul searching to find out just exactly who God sees me as being. I will work toward that goal this year. Thanks for great insight. This article is very good for people of all ages.

  543. Marian Christina Alsisto says:

    I have been struggling with the pressures at work to be this and that. But this article is just a timely and refreshing breath of air. It tells me that I am fine just as I am, and I do not have to play pretend to love living a role I was not born to play. So starting this moment, I will just be me, and give all of me always- not something unreal, but authentically happy and best version of me. Thank you for this!

  544. Shauna’s encouragement to “peel away the layers of expectation” really spoke to me this morning. I’m inspired by her ability to find her purpose and want to dive into this concept more as it relates to my life.

  545. Wow! I just had a conversation with my husband about this yesterday. I discovered that most of my life I’ve been trying to fit in. This caused a lot of fear and anxiety. When I got tired and asked God for help. I was encouraged to rest in who God created me to be and to adhere to his guidance.

  546. Tracy Anderson says:

    This is a book I need!

  547. Wow! This speaks to my soul! Thank you!

  548. Celia Storey says:

    Sounds like an amazing book!! Thank you for doing what God created YOU to do!!

  549. Wide awake now!!!
    Shauna’s message delivers the raw truth of our unique value directly from our loving Savior, Jesus. HE knows us intimately… But do we really know ourselves? And if we do, are we allowing ourselves to be used as we were intended, for HIS Glory?
    Thank you for this precious reminder; I really needed to hear it today! would love a copy of Shauna’s book.

  550. We women spend so much of our days and energy trying to be something we think others will think is important or valuable. If we just took that same energy and poured it into discovering what God has already known since before we were even formed, we would find true joy! That place that God designed us to be, I call our “sweet spot”. There’s no better place to be! It’s right in the centre of His will.
    I would love to read this book and gain more insight into this truth.

  551. Loved the devotion today, it really hit home with me. Thank you!!!!

  552. This devotion is exactly what I needed this morning. Seems like I have always struggled to be who I was meant to be. Insecurities always creep in just about the time I think I’m headed where God wants me. Still trying to figure out exactly who He made me to be! Thank you for your obedience to God and sharing His love and words with us. My prayer is for each of you that you will seek and listen to Our Father and become who He made you to be. Blessings!!!

  553. Renee Krebel says:

    What great devotion! I am a wife, a mom of 3, I teach online and I manage a program for treatment of child abuse and domestic violence. I am at a point with the blessing of two kids in 15 months that something has to go. And we are working on a plan so I can be home more as I believe that is what I am created to be. But it will require faith as it’s very scary to leave some of the worldly security I’ve grown accustomed to. Everything that is encouraging in that direction-including today’s devotion- comes always at the perfect time…maybe getting a copy of Savor will also be at the exact time I need it!

  554. Thank you for your timely devotional. I so want to just be me To do what God created me for.

  555. Alicia Casady says:

    I have been wanting to read this book. I so loved Bread & Wine.

  556. Sharon Bowman says:

    Wow, God sure showed up this morning in this devotion. I was up early and sent an email to a friend about what direction should I take with my retired days. I’ve always been a secretary and I just never liked it even if I was very good at it. I want to work/volunteer with women and children whose lives have been effected by domestic violence. The ‘but’ to that is that I react intensely to injustices. So my question to myself and God is where do I fit into helping these people on their recovery path. After reading the devotion, I reflected, what did I always, always enjoy and I realized I’ll offer activities that will give them a clearer path to the things of life that they might enjoy! thank you for allowing God to show up this morning in my emails. May He use you and bless you richly.

  557. Natalie Sindelar says:

    What a wonderfully simple message! Be who you are! A simple message that interestingly requires a lot of time and effort to pull all those onion peels back. I need a book like this!

  558. Love Shauna and the image of the snow and rain is something that will stick with me!

  559. Elaine Segstro says:

    I so enjoyed your post today which spoke to me especially at this time as I contemplate a new job. What are my God given passions? How do I be the person God created me to be, rather than bow to society’s expectations?

  560. Angel Coleman says:

    Simply put, Do you boo! Love it, this devotion speaks to my heart. I will meditate and pray on it for my life. Thank you for sharing.

  561. Tammy Brown says:

    What a beautiful truth! I want the Holy Spirit to search my heart and see how this applies to me.

  562. Theresa Viggiano says:

    All I can say is “WOW”! What a powerful, inspiring message! You’re snow … so snow!!! I’m really looking forward to reading “Savor”!!

  563. Tamar Petty says:

    I have been looking at this book for ages…would love to win a copy!

  564. This really hit home for me today. I’ve always been the one sitting on the outside looking in. Not always fitting in with this group or that group. At least that’s how I’ve always felt. But God calls us to be different, to be set apart. I would love this book to help rediscover God’s calling and to share with others.

  565. Thanks for reminding us to be who God created us to be.

  566. Brenda Rockers says:

    Just fall like a snow flake sounds so comforting. Recently retired after 44 years as a nurse and doing for others, I’d like to feel like falling snow. Where am I suppose be? Where does God want me to land?

  567. Laura Jungeblut says:

    Thank you for causing me to look at this verse with totally fresh eyes. I needed this article today. Being a widow causes me to look around and wonder, “Who am I?” Every ending (even though it may be a heartbreaking one) is still a new beginning. I will sit with this for a long time and ask God to show me.

  568. Amanda Woods says:

    I feel so much at peace with God in my life, you do have to take a step back sometimes and say, “Who I am is enough, what I am doing with my life is enough.” Be what God created you to be, go to the Lord in daily prayer and reflection and he will reveal that to you and so much more. God Bless Love, Amanda

  569. Teri Sieving says:

    Thank you for this message . I plan to share this with my daughter who is struggling with this and trying to figure out her career. Please lift her up. Thank you

  570. Very true!!!! I started this path in May- leaving behind a career I thought I wanted for a life with my children that I really needed.

  571. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! A devotion my heart yearned to hear this morning.
    Praise God for allowing YOU to be YOU!!!

  572. Brenda Davidson says:

    I need to know who I am and what I am to do for God.

  573. This is so perfect for me today, as I’m struggling with this very issue! I would love to get a copy of this book! I’m struggling with figuring out who God wants me to be. Thank you for this post ❤

  574. Torey Yates says:

    Only wish I had been able to accept this truth from God years ago. Be who you are and love that self. Today, life is far from what I was supposed to be, but, I am so much happier with where I am now and LOVE the woman I really am.

  575. Liz Feldman says:

    Shanna is a wonderful author and I would love to read and lend out this great book! In my new job it’s difficult to know how to act. It’s hard for me to remember “who I am.” I could really use some direction and encouragement here.

  576. Feeling Like an Alien says:

    Just recently dealing with my husband of 23 years having an affair. … I would really appreciate this book to help me make the steps to rediscover who God wants me be…. I know I have value inside somewhere

  577. Pamela Guffey says:

    Thanks for the reminder that we don’t all,fit into a mold God used to create man. We are not a mass produced people but a unique creation by a master creator.

  578. Thank you for the refreshing devotion. I needed it this morning!

  579. I truly thank you for speaking God’s truth. The world is missing the truth of God’s word and his people need to be more transparent for the world to see God in us so they may turn to Him for His glory not ours.

  580. Thank you so much for this devotion!! It was exactly what I needed to hear!! I was struggling with that very thing right before I read this!! God is SO good!!

  581. Ginger M. says:

    Thank You.

  582. Mary Lou chretien says:

    The power is God he is inside of her. She will know what to choose.

  583. Michelle Weirich says:

    I do not read your devotional so every day, but I feel that I was led to read this one today. I started teaching four years ago at the age of 49, and have been feeling like I am pretending the whole time, even though my director has nothing but high praise for me. Maybe I wasn’t created for this.

  584. Mary Dana Baird says:

    So simple but so thought provoking! We hear about our gifts but never thought how to use them to glorify
    God and be the best and happiest we can be. We usually think of a job that pays the most to provide for our needs. Some think of only what they like, but no thought to how we can live on what could be a hobby. Only seeking God’s help will we choose the best job for yourself.

  585. Challenging thots for me.

  586. Colleen Williamson says:

    I’d love to win this devotion book!

  587. A very timely devotion for me as I am struggling with much of what is mentioned in this writing. I look forward to reading this again, more in depth and with God’s Word. Thank you for speaking truth in my life today.

  588. Thank you Shauna, for such a freeing message! I’m reminded to dream and be in touch with all the gifts God has blessed me with, and to use them for His purpose.

  589. Great devotional. Would love to read the book.

  590. Sandra S. says:

    This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you so much for reminding to look to God for my purpose.

  591. I so struggle to know what my purpose is, I’ve lost it so long ago. I pray so often to know what it is.

  592. Christine siders says:

    I just started with your daily devotionals and really understand them. I have read others and it’s not so.

  593. Great devotional this morning!

  594. Loved this devotional. I felt like it was speaking just to me as I make decisions for my future! Thank you!

  595. In the recovery years after losing my teenage in an accident and subsequently my husband to suicide, I found myself in a foreign land both spiritually and emotionally. I had to decide if I would choose to be the person God had shaped me to be after those losses. I am thankful to say I have allowed God to use me and my losses to be a support to those in the same lost land. It is now who I am, and I pray I minister with God’s love every day.

  596. I am so grateful for today and everyday GOD gives me. I am free in GOD no matter what, I don’t have to fill anyone shoes but these GOD has given me to walk in. Thank you for such a lovely story. I thank GOD for you. Have a beautiful and bless life.
    Cynthia SImmons

  597. What a wonderful devotion for the entire family.

  598. I really needed to read this today. I’m always trying to ft into someone else’s mold. I want to feel loved and safe doing what God created me to do. I pray that God will help me to be courageous and to break the mold, to step out in faith and be the person he created me to be.

  599. I have struggled with this for years! Basically my entire life, being a people pleaser has caused me to focus on everyone else’s needs and am at a loss of what I need and who I am meant to be. I know God has a purpose for ME! Just need to learn how to find ME!

  600. Leah Fultz says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom this morning! Thank you!!!

  601. I love these ideas! How often do we beat ourselves up for not being who we are “supposed to be?”

  602. Thanks for sharing!

  603. Lynn Snipes says:

    I too tried the corporate role last year for the same company I’ve been with but left the cafe side to enter the world of purchasing….Yikes! I’m not a numbers cruncher or nearly that organized. So after doing the job for 9 months and training my replacement, I returned to the cafe and working with the customers and staff, training and helping.
    Our church is opening a home for young, single mothers who need guidance for their new babies and learning life skills to care for themselves. I’m actually attending a meeting tonight, excited about where I can plug in with culinary help and just being a fellow Mom. Praying GOD will show me His plan for this new ministry.

  604. I loved this! There are so many expectations that our placed on us/ or we place on ourselves. It’s great to be reminded we can’t and shouldn’t try to do it all, but rather focus in on our individual God chosen task.
    I would love a copy of this book!

  605. This beautiful reminder gives me permission to just breathe-thank you <3

  606. Oh, how this devotional speaks to my soul. It sets me free. My adolescent years were not healthy, growing years. Maybe that’s why I never have known who I was created to be, but I get exactly what the Author is sharing and it is life. Thank you.

  607. Melanie Wayne says:

    This devotion ministered to me so very much today. There’s no doubt in my mind that my life call is to help others see who they are in Christ and be confident in that. In order to do that I have to know who I am and who He’s called me to be. I am an encourager; one who encourages fellowship and relationship with God and others. I am a worship pastor in our church. I am blessed to have the opportunity to train people how to worship their Creator and to love who He created them to be.

  608. Excellent word for all peope. We get so busy with the worldy things we forget about who we really are. I thank God for His Spirit that helps put me back in focus.Thanks for your encouraging words that you publish.

  609. Well it is snowing here in Ohio and I just loved the connection of snow being snow and rain being rain. I simply loved your devotional and will share with friends !!

  610. I would love to utilize a great, down-to-earth devotional, and Shauna’s “Savor” sounds perfect! I am battling breast cancer, and God uses so many people, small things… Words… To remind me of His goodness. I have to keep my eyes on Him… I cannot stumble.
    Thank you for thus gracious offer, and blessing us all.

  611. Thank you for encouraging us to each be who God created us to be! I’d love to read the book!

  612. Kelly quinn says:

    Great writing today

  613. This devotion makes my heart sing with joy. What a wonderful verse, and lesson. Thank you! God bless!

  614. This has been my search for the past few months, reconnecting with who I am, and what God wants me to be doing in my life!

  615. Wow! Such powerful and freeing words. I so needed this message today. Thank you Shauna!!

  616. The last book I read was “Bread&Wine”. I did not want to close the book at the end..felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend…love Shauna’s writing.

  617. What a wonderful message that “God don’t make no junk!” We are fine just the way He made us! What a sense of peace!

  618. Thank you for writing exactly what I needed to read today! Praying fervently for God’s guidance as I leave a life and career I’ve known for 15 years to start fresh.

  619. Barbara Cole says:

    The very title “Savor”conjures up images and feelings of delight, comfort, and makes me want to curl up and rest in the Lord’s arms as I read the book. Looking forward to savoring your book.

  620. Stacey Hogan says:

    I’m a busy mother of 4 working full time to provide for my family. I have a husband who’s an amazing stay at home dad since he’s been unemployed the past 4 years. We also have a daughter with Cerebal Palsey. My family lives in CA ans we are in TX. I find myself always dreaming of someday living the life I want rather than toting the load I’ve been given. I think this book would be very helpful and a blessing to my soul!

  621. Sandra Castello says:

    Thank you for this devotional. It spoke to my heart. God has been showing me repeatedly over the past weeks that He has placed a Creative Call on my life. Each time I become even a little hesitant He reminds me He has promised abundant life and there is joy and blessing in abundance waiting along the journey! This devotional has been a confirmation as I read it with tears of joy.
    It is amazing to read the same words on the page that He has placed in my heart!

  622. Joyce Rosas says:

    Great advice. Sounds like this would be beneficial for not only myself but other ladies I meet with. Excellent topic for discussion!

  623. Just found this website yesterday and am in awe of how God is speaking to me through yesterday and today’s devotions. LOVED the daily devotional today and just what I needed to hear! Feeling the overwhelming pressures of being the perfect mom, employer, girlfriend, housekeeper, etc., etc. Sometimes I feel I lose my own identity and question who I really am and what makes me ME! THANK YOU for touching me today!

  624. A Blanton says:

    Such a timely word that I needed to hear!

  625. Patricia Ullmann says:

    Approaching retirement and not sure what to do with myself. This book s exactly what I need

  626. Pam Grissom says:

    I’m would live to hear what God has revealed to you about living in His abundance right where you are!

  627. cindy farver says:

    Oh my goodness–this thought for today makes so much sense. I sent it to my 31 year old daughter, too. So appropriate! Thnks

  628. Lovely & perfect words for me today! I love to read & cook & host & love on others but in our world today that is often not a reflection of success. would love to read your book & be encouraged by God through your words.

  629. This is a life changing message… Since childhood, through multiple circumstances of rejection, betrayal, abuse and abandonment; I have lived my whole life striving, wishing, pleading, regretful and basically disappointed in who I am. Never feeling like I am enough, or have ever been worthy of love or even life for that matter. After reaching the end of my rope mentally and emotionally, by the grace of God His Holy Spirit has been showing me the truth. And at 43 years old the healing process has truly begun! I thank God for devotions like these that speak truth to the heart of those deeper wounds that are carried by many women. Wounds of shame, guilt, worthlessness, and pain from past hurts. These are places the church of Christ needs to be healed from. Places of strongholds that need breaking so we can rise up and fully take our place in the purposes and plans of God. So we can walk and run in the freedom of Christ as we were born to. Thank you Shauna for speaking from the heart of Christ. God Bless you, your family, and your ministry.

  630. Dawn Mark says:

    This may be just what God wants me to read. Many struggles, constant searching….still lost.

  631. Amy Meyers says:

    Being myself has always been difficult. Striving to be what others perceive as perfect tends to be the way of my life. Thanks for the encouragement to just be what God made me to be.

  632. Pick me randomly! Not because of anything I’ve done or am?.. ?

  633. Such encouraging words today.

  634. These words got me thinking what on earth I’m here for. I sincerely need direction cause I sometimes get confused.

  635. God has called me to be kind and thoughtful to others. I feel that tug on my heart every day. Sometimes I respond to it and other times I hold back. I listen to that voice that says not to, that maybe that person won’t accept my help or think I’m a crazy lady or any of a dozen other excuses. My first step today is to listen to God and be who He made me to be. I can see that I need help to follow through with His plan for my life. Thank you for your message today.

  636. Kris Miller says:

    Just needing direction right now.

  637. This really rings true with me as well. I often wonder is this what God really wants from me, or am I pursuing this because I want it? Thanks for the devotion and insight!

  638. This message really struck a chord with me – always trying to live up to others expectations, with little time or thought for what I’m really passionate about; and now in my 60’s reevaluating and identifying God’s purpose and future for me. I claim Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for You declares the Lord…” I’m struggling trying to align my self with the Lord’s plan for this time in my life. Praise God that He is patient with me!

  639. How can I be sure?

  640. Christina says:

    I struggle with who I think I’m supposed to be and who I am. I am still looking for what he has called me to be. I can cook very well and I love raising my little girls and taking care of my husband. At times I feel like I’m falling short. Like I’m not doing enough.

  641. After reading Cold Tangerines, which I LOVED, I am currently reading Bread & Wine. Would love to read Savor next! Love your wor – thank you! Keep writing!

  642. Amy Daniel says:

    Thank you for sharing. Although I’m extremely goal-oriented and have been consistent in what I wanted to do all throughout college, now that I’ve graduated, I don’t know what to do next. God keeps getting my attention. I need Him first and to ask Him about everything before just doing things. I need a battle strategy from Him for my life.

  643. Jodi Smith says:

    This was so fitting for me! It spoke to my heart. Thank you!

  644. Peggy Booth says:

    I would love to win a free copy of Savor.

  645. I think this devotion was written just for me. It was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning and boy did it rock my world! I have been waiting to hear a clear answer from the Lord for awhile now and oh boy did he answer me clearly this morning! I recently took a huge promotion at work and things have been crazy and exhausting ever since! I can now confidently make a decision to resign from my new position and step back into my previous position, which I am sure is doing what God called me to do. Doing what I am passionate about, serving the elderly population. I feel freedom and grace knowing that I no longer have to run myself ragged trying to be what the world defines as successful, what others want me to be, and trying to gain approval from others. I now feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders that I can simply be what God called me to be, A Wife, A Mother, and to serve him in the capacity that he called me to serve! Thank you for this devotional. It was exactly what I needed to hear at just the right time!

  646. Would love to read this book. I love to cook and have family gather around. As my children are growing and leaving home the time we have to gather I truly savor. Blessings to all.

  647. God has been dealing with me about re claiming me! I am a mother of five and have been caught up in everyone’s expectations for me ( husband too). Timely article. THANK YOU.

  648. I love the simplicity of this truth. Thank you.

  649. Funsho Morakinyo says:

    I’m awake from my slumber and going out right now to be who I am created to be.

  650. I so need to read this message. For myself…my family…my life. Expectations of the world can be so consuming….how freeing it would be…just to be! Thank you for the opportunity to win a book. I look forward to reading it!

  651. Leah Chapman says:

    What a beautiful encouragement for today. As the mother of 3 adult daughters and 1 daughter-in-law I simply had to share this with them today. Encouragement for them to embrace their differences for they are each very unique and just the way God created them. Thank you for this reminder to be who we were created to be.

  652. Elizabeth Anderson says:

    I truly enjoyed this devotional! Thanks for the reminder to rediscover my true passions.

  653. Jackie Greenway says:

    Thank you for this devotion today. It causes me to really think and listen for God’s voice. I NEEDED to read this! I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 Ministries. What a blessing!!

  654. Beautiful message. I’ve been down the road of living up to everyone else’s plan and expectations for my life, thinking it would bring me a sense of joy and fullfilment. I was a stay at home mom and loved it, but felt pressured to go back to college and get a degree. After graduating I realized it wasn’t my gift or calling from God. I ended up finally hearing God whispering and telling me, I created you with a passion to be a Mom and a wife. Trying to fight that built in spiritual gift was harder than just being the woman God created me to be.

  655. I loved today devotional. I am needing to walk away from something. It spoke right to me.

    Thank you

  656. Waiting on God says:

    I needed to hear this today. I’m in a job where I constantly feel a battle and am seeking out if I need to “just snow” in this job ( is that possible?) or do I need to go elsewhere to “snow”? Thank you for these words and I’d appreciate your prayers.

  657. Thank you so much for sharing!

  658. Margaret Perry says:

    Such a truly needed reminder to focus on my God given talents.

  659. Kimberly Chapman says:

    My greatest struggle is finding out WHO God wants me to be. I feel I have stepped outside his desires many times. I know once I get in the path he has laid, I will be incredibly blessed.

  660. Charlotte Cornett says:

    Thanks for the chance to win!! Would LOVE to get this book.

  661. Martha Swenson says:

    Thank you for this refreshing& freeing devotion! We need to just be who GOD made us to be–after all that’s what we do best! GOD Bless&Thanks!

  662. Shauna, thank you so much for this encouraging post to be who God created us to be. “I’m finding there’s tremendous value in traveling back to our essential selves, the loves and skills and passions God planted inside us long ago.” That’s really what it is all about, isn’t it? God planted certain things inside us to be the person, snow or rain, he created us to be.

  663. That hit straight to the heart. Thank you.

  664. Elisa Vandzura says:

    I love this. I’ve been contemplating for a year now going back to school. I’ve struggled with the negative feedback of it being too late or I should just pursue what I already have a degree in. I constantly come up against the wall of my mother’s expectations for my life and what I feel I’m being called to do. It’s liberating to know that I’m not created to please my mother or anyone else on earth. I’m created to please God Almighty who created me purposefully with a purpose, and to do anything but fulfill that purpose would be to go against the only one I should be attempting to please. Thank you, Shauna, for that fresh perspective that I desperately needed at this fork road in my life. Through the Holy Spirit, I will have the strength to walk the path that God has called me to. And in faith, I will walk confidently.

  665. Our spiritual gifts are all different so each of us being our selves is so logical but so easily obscured. Thank you for the timely reminder that we are each God’s masterpiece!

  666. This post spoke deeply to my heart this morning. Wanting so much to believe that God created, knows me and loves me just as I am….that the ‘more’ I think I should strive for or accomplish for Him is burdensome; that learning to rest in who I already am delights Him and ultimately offers the contentment my heart is longing for

  667. Sherri Wright says:

    Your words speaks so much truth and I needed to hear them today! With choosing to work from home, I have given up the corporate ladder climb. Sometimes, it’s hard to swallow watching the path of others climb with promotions, bonuses, benefits, etc. but I know that is just pride trying to seep in. I step back and evaluate the blessed times I have of being home. No rush to drive over an hour to work…I use this time as my devotional time with God and SAVOR those moments. No commute for me, God has surely blessed me and I am so GRATEFUL! Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  668. Thank you for these words!! It’s so true- God made us who we are- we need to be that person!! I can’t wait to share this with my friends!

  669. Ann Bodie says:

    I needed to hear this today! Thank you for listening to God & putting it on paper!

  670. Emily Hicks says:

    Identity is something I honestly struggle with. When asked who I am deep down, I don’t really know. As a young child I was very rebellious and always pushing the envelope but at the age of 9 my whole family dynamics changed and I did a pendulum swing to the opposite side becoming meek and “sweet”. When I look back at who I was as a young teen I realize how that is so different than who I am now. I believe I’m finding the balance necessary and the “real me” but honestly I still feel like I’m a pendulum swinging back and forth looking for my place to rest. I need to be praying and really seeking for God to open my eyes to who HE created me to be and what HE is calling me to do.

  671. Jennifer Ayers says:

    I would love to read this book!

  672. Rebecca payne says:

    Thank you very much. I have recently stepped back from ministry and the hustle and bustle of doing. And I am now trying to just be. Be a child of God. Be a wife. Be a mother. Be me.

  673. Heather K. says:

    Shauna, thank you for this devotion. I’m soon to turn 44. Having endured much physical and mental abuse as a child and throughout a 23yr marriage has impacted me in so many ways, though God has been so good to me and has seen me through every ordeal. As of late, I’ve been talking with God about where my life is going b/c I’ve always tried to be what others expected to a degree. The verse in Job really impacted my thoughts this morning & I will continue to pray diligently for my eyes to be opened to God’s plan for my life as He deemed from the beginning.

  674. It is funny how the Lord has been working with me in the past week to accept myself as I am and then I stumble across your devotion. I love how God works.

  675. Thank you! This hit home. I need to make some serious changes to be who me created me to be!

  676. Thank you Lord for making me me. Help me to live my life as the best me always pleasing You.

  677. Donnalee Allen says:

    I’ve been trying to the prefect mother, the mother one of my children thinks I “should” be.To no’s hurts and saddens me so. I used to laugh and dance but now I just sit in the heap of regret.

  678. Thank you so much for this devotion! I am still looking and praying about who God wants me to be. This has helped confirm that I need to do that and refocused my efforts! Just in time teaching from the Word of God. How great is that!

  679. I need to do what’s on my heart, not be afraid.

  680. What refreshing and releasing sentiments! I can only be the person God made me to be, anything else is just a cheap imitation. I needed this reminder today!! I struggle with a serious “disconnect” from my authentic self, I see things in myself that annoy me, but what I really need to do is direct those feelings and my actions to God, and let Him alone sift through me and pull out what is the truest me and what is the act I have been putting together most of my adult life. “Cast your cares on God for he careth for you” “come unto me all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest” I realize I am worn out, my life here on earth is short, why live it worn out?? Thank You!

  681. I’m reading a library copy of Savor now! it’s a daily devotional & I have counted up to the days the book is due back. It is a beautiful book and I would love to have my own copy to enjoy the entire year. Thank you, Shauna!

  682. Julie Folkerts says:

    Great devotion today! So me and especially my sister. Wish I could get her to read this. Too bull headed. Thank you!

  683. Read the sample pages from your book and LOVE LOVE LOVE the image of letting someone “off the hook”! Would enjoy sitting with you over a cup of coffee to discuss! Thank you for sharing your essential God-given self.

  684. SAndra Golightly says:

    I would love to win her book.

  685. kathy wyg says:

    Good Morning…i absolutely loved your devo…esp. the loud & messy part…that is me
    all over & actually proud of it; for me i feel being a good wife, mom & grandma & being a servant for hopefully God’s purpose for me…i love serving the public;
    i retired almost 2 yrs ago after 18 yrs. from the fast food industry…from McDs…i was a mgr..& they were some of my best working times…many of my customers became good friends & we still stay in touch on a regular basis…& helping those in need..i just love doing….for me as well…what is neat for me now…is having wknds off to spend w/my hubby…i didn’t have that in my last 18 yrs…i worked wknds…so that for me is the absolute blessing …just hanging w/him….thanks for listening…
    have a blessed day……………….kathy

  686. Such good truth I needed reminded of. Thank you for sharing.

  687. I’ve been reading the first5 devos more than these lately. Today, I was drawn to this one. After reading it I know why! (This story is a little long, but I hope in the end you’ll understsnd why I’d absolutely LOVE to win this book!)

    My husband & I are taking a biblical counseling courseit is quite intense! Our first big project was a self-evaluation because if we are honestly going to help others address the heart of things on their lives we need to be willing to do the same. Our course started back in Oct & we were given the self-eval sheet of questions. That assignment was due at last night’s class.

    Yesterday, had me taking my rough short quick answers to the questions & writing them out in testimony form. There were a total of 7 questions, the last one being “What am I commited to do to change or resilve my ptoblem?” Without getting into my whole self-eval, I’d like to share the final thought from it with you:
    “Work on a current definition of who I am-life is different now, my main roles have
    shifted. How does God see this me? What is His purpose designed for me in this phase of life? Am I holding onto things I need to let go of?”

    Those last questions were echoed almost verbatim in today’s PR31 devotion! Thank you….for being God’s confirmation that I am asking the right questions!!

  688. Laurie Meares says:

    powerful devotional. loved it.

  689. Thank you for this. I’ve really been praying for what created me for

  690. Pertrinka says:

    Thank you for such great words of encouragement today. A wonderful birthday gift to me thanks. Be blessed and continue doing a great work for the Lord.

  691. Sheila Elliott says:

    Would love to win this book! I enjoyed the devotional I just read.

  692. I absolutely loved this devotional today. It woke something up in me. It’s going to take some work, but I’m determined to try this. My passions have been buried for so long, that I’ve almost forgot how they made me feel. Thank you! I’m excited about this book!

  693. Truth I desperately needed this morning. Be still…be who He made me to be…for His glory.
    Thank you.

  694. Cindy Hanks says:

    I needed this today! I am searching for the key to read the blueprint that God has placed on my heart. I am searching for what God has created me to do. Thank you for your transparency!

  695. Wonderful devotion, spoke to me today.

  696. Barbara Stewart says:

    Good idea! I’m going on 55 and still learning to be myself and be content. I needed these words this morning. I deeply appreciate the article and will be sharing it! I have a sign at our office that says: ” Just be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. . . Happy Tuesday!

  697. While I read Proverbs 31 most days, today I chose to read a different book in the bible instead. But a trusted friend specifically sent it to me so I knew I needed to read it today. It brought me to tears. It was such an answer to prayer. Affirming what I already knew to be true and giving me courage to do what I need to do to be who God has created me to be! In obedience, I have a ways to go to get there, but I am encouraged that it is OK. As if given divine permission to be myself and stop trying to fit this square peg into a round hole! I am so very very thankful. My heart overflows with gratitude!!

  698. Jenny Rutan says:

    This was so AWESOME this morning! I feel satan is trying to attack my mind in the fact that I have been feeling like I can do so much and so many things, but not really good at anything ( the saying…”I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of none”) Through your devotion this morning I feel God saying “I don’t have to be who I think I should be, just be who He wants me to be”.
    Thank you for our Lord using you as a vessel for Him!

  699. Memarie Lane says:

    I’m still trying to figure out if I truly know what God wants me to be, or if I’ve had this idea planted in my head my whole life by the well-meaning people around me. I wish I could know for sure so I don’t waste my time doing things that aren’t right for me. When I confide about this to other Christians, their answer is universal. They look at me and see a female and mother, so they say “God intended you to be a mother, and that’s the most important job there is!” But that’s a cop-out, and it’s sexist. No one would say such a thing to a man. Motherhood is important, and I do dedicate myself to it, but I wouldn’t feel this lack if I wasn’t missing something.

  700. This devotion was so close to my heart cry. Especially here lately but has been for years.. Everything you have description yourself to be, is ME… I am not being the person God has made me to be… And that is why I am struggling with JOY and everyday life.. To the messy self and working in a Administrative role trying to be organized. And I totally am not.. Look at my office.. my home.. But I am a creative soul.. I love and find my passion in my creativeness, if its photography, sewing, cosmetology, paper-crafting, cooking, up-cycling..But trying to find my place and God’s direction.

    • I feel like you do. I’m looking for the balance between a job that I enjoy and need but which takes me away from the house for 10 hours a day, and the creative side of me that longs to connect, write, read, encourage, an, like you, photograph, crochet and quilt! I get three hours a night during the week to try to fit in my passions, and I bet we all know how well THAT works out lol. My job plays well to my talents, but it is a far cry from ministry and my passions. So, that’s the prayer right now- how to strike the balance. Praying we both find our places through God’s directions.

  701. Jana crabtree says:

    Thank you. Good to remember.

  702. Marcia Saunders says:

    Loved the devotion this morning. Especially this comment “You were only meant, created, commanded to be who you are — weird and wonderful, imperfect and messy and lovely.” It made me chuckle. I hope the book is as poignant and delightful!

  703. Judy Gerassimoff says:

    I would LOVE to read more!

  704. Jeannie Stringham says:

    I have been struggling with this issue for so long! I am always trying to be who everyone else thinks I am and I feel like I pretend alot because I dont want anyone to know that I really dont have it all together. This was a great reminder that it is God who created me and I cannot fight what he has naturally made me to be. It is so very freeing and as you said it is way too exhausting trying to be someone we are not.

  705. Amanda kanady says:

    love this, thank you for sharing!

  706. Joan Avery says:

    Loved this word…Hard to fathom that there might be a different plan at this stage of life…..but I was stirred to think way back and I liked it…..

  707. Cathy Beane says:

    I needed to read this today. I need to be constantly reminded to “let go and let God.”

  708. Michelle carvell says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading today’s devotional and the down to earth truth of it. So many young women and even older women need to hear this message.
    I’m convinced if we could truly camp on who we are in Christ and allow that to sink into our depths….some revelations, resolutions, and even revivals may bust out!

  709. Susan Sarver says:

    I loved this devotional, I have spent most of my life trying to please others, to be and do what society expected. I’m finally learning to accept myself as I am,

  710. Thank you for the perfect words and the exact time. I am amazed at how God places each moment with purpose. I am struggling with what my purpose is and who I am. The words brought me to the realization that I do not have to struggle Gods purpose is my purpose and he will continue to open doors, shut doors and open windows in his perfect time. I just need to be quiet and still to listen. Thank you

  711. Ann Gober says:

    Wow! Hoping to share this with my son who is at a crossroads with career decisions. Thank you!

  712. Helene Catalano says:

    So wonderful to just be snow, rain, wind, whatever God created you to be. Took almost 72 years for me to find this out. Being a pastor’s wife for over 22 years means wearing many hats, many for the sake of people, never being yourself! Thank God for His Grace to reveal to me who I am in Christ, not in other people!

  713. Kim Dockery says:

    An awesome word that settled me this morning! To just be me! Thank you!

  714. This brought tears to my eyes. I cried just thinking I don’t even know the me God created Mr to be. I’ve been buried under others expectations for years. Even as a child I lived in an abusive environment and hated who I was. I tried anything to earn approval. I guess it’s only now I’m realizing I still live like that most days. I look at other moms and try to emulate them rather than just be myself. Who am i? I never feel good enough. But I can’t be others. I have to be me. Lord help me discover who you really created me to be and the one thing you created me to do.
    I’d love this book to help along the journey.

    • I love your heartfelt, honest comment. I respect what you said, and God has you at a very ripe place of wanting to know who you are in Him! Blessings on your journey towards the real you!

  715. Phyllis levy says:

    I believe was called to be a prayer warrior for others. I plan too do more of that inmy future

  716. This is exactly what I needed to hear at this precise time in my life. I’m 40 going through a divorce of 20 years, raising a 16 adventurous young man alone. I try to fit a part that I’m just not. I have for years, now is the time for me to realize Gods plan for me and let him be back in control.

  717. I need this book!!! I dont know how to be content with who I am. I dont even know who I am apart from who I would like to be. I wish i could be content….and then I put pressure on my husband to be who I want him to be 🙁

  718. Kelly Mason says:

    Thank you for this devotion, much needed today!

  719. Not always sure Who I’m suppose to be, but I usually know who I’m NOT!

  720. What a great devotional. I keep thinking that God wants me to do something with my life lessons. I would love this book

  721. Thank you I needed to read this today!

  722. Thank you so much! This was a wonderful thing to read this AM!!

  723. Cyndi Jones says:

    Thank you so much! This was a “right on time message for me”. I really needed to hear this today.

  724. Thank you for this devotion today very much needed in my life.

  725. Floundering…After my husband’s death from brain cancer in September, I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not a wife anymore. My children are grown with children of their own. At this time in my life I really don’t have a “passion” for anything. I’m like a fish out of water flopping around in the sand.

    • I totally understand and can completely identify with what you are saying. I have not lost my spouse so am not acquainted with that grief, and I am so sorry for your loss. But I have flopped like a fish for a good long while now, and finally had to come face to face with that reality and bring it before God in tears and trusted conversation with another wise individual. He will show you what passions He’s placed in you if you will go to Him and ask Him, and keep asking until He reveals them. It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a soul searching journey that will leave you stronger and more connected to Him than you were when you started. Give yourself time to heal from your loss, and seek God to fill you with His desires for you. Talk to Him about it. He’s always listening.

  726. Joan Boyce says:

    A great devotional by shauna. Thank you for the reminder. That we are His beautiful design. Just live into that. Love those words. Thank you Shauna!

  727. Pamela franklin says:

    Websites like yours with devotionals and any type of inspiration helps me so much!I have so many issues that I desperately need this encouragement daily! Would love to win this book to be able to have on hand when I need it!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  728. Carolyn McKinney says:

    Thank you for allowing God to speak thru you directly to me right where I am and right on time. I’ve been asking the Lord lately to help me in this area and give me peace about not being who others want me to be but who HE wants me to be. I been praying that he clearly reveal those buried passions he’s placed inside to be used for his purpose. This devotion spoke directly to me! Thank you my sister and I pray God bless you and encourage you as you have encouraged us!

  729. Amber Burt says:

    Thank you for this message.

  730. I need to start living for who I was made to be. I feel that I am caught in a whirlwind of get up, go to work, go home, have dinner, shower, go to bed, repeat. I need to slow down and re-prioritize my life, but I’m not sure where to start when I work 8-5 Monday-Friday.

  731. Love the devotional post, striving to be who God created.

  732. Sharon Dumas says:

    I love the truths shared in this book & would love a copy!!!

  733. Oh my, you must have heard me praying in the car on my drive in to work this morning- because this is exactly what I was talking to God about. I don’t want to push down anymore the parts of me that make my heart beat wild- ministry, connections with other women, prayers to change the world, sharing sometimes-encouraging-sometimes-heartbreaking stories across a room or across the miles. God is welling these buried passions up inside of me as well as outside of me in my world-He’s bringing ministry to my doorstep and I’m learning the dance of balancing my full time workday with also leaving room to pay attention to these soul needs I have. This post is perfect for me today, and every day. Thank you.

  734. Casi Campbell says:

    After 20+ years of marriage that ended in divorce and never being enough or the right thing for all the roles in my life I would love to try to find who I am underneath it all again.

  735. I’m ready to be who God created me to be.

  736. What you are saying rings true. It has been so long since I have felt passionate about anything that I’m not sure how to peel off the layers to rediscover them.

  737. So true – trying to please man only results in misery.

  738. I feel as though the questions asked at the end of the devotion need to be thought about. I am going to bookmark this devotion and Lord willing, I will have a chance to read and think through this devotion more. Thank you for the chance to win your book.

  739. Sunday was the start of my 21 day prayer and fasting. I have asked God to reveal to me His purpose for me.specifically, who is the authentic Beth,behind the single mother of an adopted autistic son? behind the nurses uniform? Who is that tending the yard,cooking the meals and washing the clothes? Somewhere between small group and volunteerism I sort of lost Beth…
    Your devotion is very appropriate for me at this time. I would love to read your book as well. May Gods grace be with you all.

  740. All we really have to do is take time to commune with our Lord and Savior and LISTEN. We are usually in such a hurry to do things that don’t really matter. Thank you for this wake up call this morning.

  741. Janet Price says:

    I have struggled with this so much of my life and I am 58 years old. Only in the past 5 years have I truly been more content with being who God created me to be. It has been so freeing to let go and hold on to only the things God wants me to. As I have spent time seeking the Lord and meditating on his word He has delivered me from feeling like I don’t have a purpose. I now know I do have a purpose and am doing what He desires me to do. Thank you for reminding me that He did create me to be me for His glory!!

  742. Thank you for your beautiful devotional. I feel encouraged. I would love to read your book. I’m a mom with food allergies and one of my children also has food allergies. We love food at our house but it is also a source of stress. I am also at a crossroad career wise and I’m trying to figure out what to do next.

  743. Very timely. I want my life, my focus, my prayer to be to accept myself as He made me to be.

  744. Nicole Schmidt says:

    thank you so much for this devotion. look forward to reading Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are.

  745. I fully believe being the you God wants you to be, I would like to give this book to my daughter.

  746. Brooke Abbott says:

    Much needed today. God bless.

  747. Sandy Jenkins says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. God bless.

  748. It is great to talk about following your “passions” but I would guess that most of us have to have jobs, whether we like them or not, whether they allow us to “be ourselves” or not. Wish that i had time AND energy to follow my passions after working a long week at a job that I must be at to help provide for my family.