Dealing with My Doubt

Dealing with My Doubt

August 7, 2017

“Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, ‘I believe; help my unbelief!’” Mark 9:24 (ESV)

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I’ve been a believer for almost four decades now. Or at least that was what I would have told you until recently.

Don’t get me wrong. I gave my 10-year-old heart fully to Jesus, and I’ve never looked back. I know He’s my Savior, and each year has brought experiences with Him that are growing in me maturity, love and passion for God. I’m still a work in progress, but He’s clearly at work!

However, the dawning realization Jesus has given me this year is a painful gift. He’s giving me a startling look at how unbelief has permeated my life.

Like I do each year, last December I asked God to give me a word for focus and growth in the coming year. I heard God whisper “believe” into my heart.

This year my word is going to be easy, I thought. I’ve believed since I was a little girl!

I knew I needed to dig deeper to understand what God wanted to teach me about my word for the year, so I started a study. Each morning, I sit with my Bible, a pen and a pretty notebook and dig into the next verse with the word “believe” in it. Day after day God has been teaching me about His view of belief from Scripture and shining His unrelenting light into my heart.

It turns out that I have a lot of unbelief.

As I sat in complete silence in the presence of God a few weeks ago, I wrote all the areas where my faith wavers and doubt prevails — in my parenting, my job, my marriage, my calling … the exposing list went on and on.

I knew God was showing me truth by the way I worry sometimes and by the nights I toss and turn. I know it’s true by my control-freak ways and the times I try to “help” Him manage my life.

I wanted to argue with God and tell Him that I do love Him and believe Him, but all I could whisper was the cry of a father from long ago, “I believe. Help my unbelief!”

Mark 9:14-29 tells the story of a father who was struggling. His son was mute and had severe convulsions that endangered him, so he had brought the boy to the disciples who were unable to heal him.

Then, the father approached Jesus with a pebble of faith and a mountain of doubt and said, “If you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.” (vs. 22)

Jesus’ response to him holds indignation and challenge that rings in my ears, “‘If you can’?”
said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for him who believes
.’” (vs. 23)

In the past, I’ve been so much like that father.

When the circumstances seem overwhelming …

When my own abilities have run dry …

When others have failed to help …

Then, I approach Jesus with a wavering faith, wishing He could help but not sure that He can or will. But Jesus is challenging me and changing me just like He transformed that dad.

With His answer to the father, Jesus puts doubt to rest. He’s simply waiting for our faith to come in line with His power.

Belief is knowing that Jesus is fully able.

Belief is approaching Him with confidence that He will help, not wondering if He’s capable. It’s coming to Him first instead of worrying and waiting. It’s understanding that there are no “ifs” with Jesus. Instead, we’re called to believe that everything is possible for Him and to apply that belief in every area of our lives.

I’ve believed that Jesus is my Savior since I was a girl, but this year He’s transforming me into a true believer. Putting our doubts aside, crying out to Him in our uncertainties, and embracing true faith changes us and puts the help that Jesus holds into our hands. Lord, we believe. Help our unbelief!

Lord, I do believe, but I wrestle with unbelief. Help me to grow in the confidence that You are fully able. Erase the “ifs” about You in my mind and replace my doubt with faith. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.” (ESV)

Are you a work in progress too? In Amy’s book, Breaking Up with Perfect, she shares the lessons she’s learned in giving up her own perfection in favor of God’s perfecting work in her.

Visit Amy’s blog today for a beautiful, belief-building PDF that you can print, frame and enjoy.

What Scripture verse erases your doubt and reminds you of God’s faithfulness?

Write it on a notecard and carry it with you to read when doubt strikes.

© 2017 by Amy Carroll. All rights reserved.

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  1. Rasalba Urbina says:

    Amen, thank you for that message he is by my side I am being talked too thank you for confirmation

  2. I’m awake at 3:30 in the morning and asking God… if you can or will and this devotional popped into my email. Bless you for “hitting me” with my unbelief. I know God sent this to me this morning. 🙏🏻

  3. I’m with Deb. Up early, read your email and it also hit me with my unbelief. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  4. Thank you for this powerful message! And just like that papa with a pebble of faith an a mountain of doubt, I cry out for us all, ” We believe, help our unbelief!”

    Praying for us all.

    Blessed week ahead!

  5. What a wonderful lesson this morning full of HOPE,LOVE, AND UNDERSTANDING. God cares for us all we all have different walks with him and different needs. Don’t be afraid The Lord knows us Well.

  6. Thank you! Your message ALWAYS speaks to me in just the way I need. Many tears, much worry, great doubt carried me all day yesterday. This morning’s reading brings peace and humbles me. Thank you!

  7. Thank you…

  8. Believe. Yes, I also believe but also have the ‘if you can’ in my mind. I do know that He can, but what happens when He doesn’t? Thank you for this devotion to think on! And pray on!

    • That is my stumbling block also. I know that He can…but what if His answer is no, or wait…Ultimately, He works things for our good. And that is what I have to continue to trust. May we both grow in our unbelief as our faith in Him grows.

      • Me too! I have no doubt God has all power and can do anything. But He has chosen not to answer several prayers I have been crying out to him to answer for years. So I guess my problem is not unbelief, but lack of understanding which causes me to doubt his love for me. Please don’t tell memGod’s waysnare mysterious and He works all things out for our good. I know all that. It doesn’t always help.

        • VL, I was thinking the same thing as I was reading this. I believe He is able, but is He willing? There have been some big prayers that seemingly went unanswered or came back no. My heart has broken over these and the usual Christian platitudes only deepen the pain. VL, I’m praying for you and me and the other women here that are struggling with the same pain. I pray that He gives your heart comfort today.

          • Oh my goodness Anne. That could have been me who wrote your comment. I think EXACTLY the same thing. I know beyond a shadow of any doubt that He can, but I never truly know in my heart of hearts if He will. I never know what promises He has that are truly for me. After my ex-husband left me for someone else (they are now married with children), I have prayed and prayed for a new companion. He CAN give me a husband and family, but WILL He? I never know.

        • I am right where u are at. Desperate for answers and guidance but in spite of my pleading I still don’t know what to do. I have tried everything to help a family member and his addiction doesn’t go away. I don’t know if God wants me to remove him from the house away from his children again. I need His confirmation and courage. Please someone who understands reach out to me. I feel so alone. I’m sorry if this is not the forum for this. I’m just so lost and would be grateful for your prayers. God bless you and yours.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      I totally understand your question, and I’ve struggled with it myself. Here’s the key I’m starting to understand… our belief is to be in Christ Himself– His love for us, His sovereignty over our lives, His goodness– rather than in an outcome. Belief and trust go hand-in-hand, and as I’m training myself to trust Him more, my belief is growing. I hope this helps!

      • My unbelief is like Diana’s….your reply helps, thank you so much. As I thought more about this I realized that it is also pride and death. God’s love and sovereignty for me in my life has frequently been very painful. My husband was terminally ill for 20 years and died in November, my father passed away in May, our son was born with a disability I grew up in a family of Alcoholics….etc. All of these things have shown me God’s amazing provision and love for me and yet I still want a happy peaceful pain-free life….so it comes down to surrending my will to Him…death of self and not stubbornly demanding my way while my heart is full of pride. I struggle everyday to find joy…this is where the evil one attacks me whispering, if God really loved you life wouldn’t be this hard. It has taken me 4 decades to learn that this battle is not mine but rather the Lord’s. He is equipped to fight this spiritual warfare on my behalf, I am just supposed to listen and obey, doing the next thing He calls me to. Please pray for me as I walk this out in my life.

  9. Thank you Amy for your honesty. It is nice to know that people in ministry struggle with belief too. I have been a Christian for decades as well. I too, chose the word “Believe” for this 2017 year. It is amazing how many scriptures I am learning with this word in it. I chose it because of a personal trial/storm in my life that has been going on for almost seven years. I am claiming Mark 9:23 which spoke to me at Christmas last year. I have to “believe” God is using my trial for his Glory and his plan is the best for me even when things seem unclear right now. (Romans 8:28). I have your book, I get your blog emails and I enjoy your videos. I “believe” God is using you in a mighty way as you are an inspiration to many people. ~Lisa~

  10. Thank you, Amy, for your honesty. Our enemy loves to whisper into our unbelief, “If God really loved you, he’d do what you want. He isn’t, so either he can’t do it or he doesn’t love you.”

    Lord, I believe! I believe that you have a plan for me, a loving, long-term good plan. I see only this moment, you see my eternity. Close my ears to the enemy’s whispers of unbelief. I want to hear you, you alone. Amen.

    • I love that. “I see this moment, You see eternity”. I am going to remember to use this to change my perspective and remember that God is so much bigger and that His plan for me is perfect.

    • Bridget M. says:

      I struggle greatly in this area too. I fully believe God is able – it’s the “WILL” He do so in this situation. Why do some people get the miraculous answers and others get heartbreak and pain? When that happens I do go back to thinking I must have done something wrong, I’m being punished, or God doesn’t love me as much as that person. As you shared, lies straight from the enemy. God’s love is not limited or exhaustible. Thank you for the reminder that we are living for eternity and that our current struggles pale in comparison to the joy we will experience in eternity in His presence!

    • Thank you this helps so much…close my ears….I’m going to start praying thst today!!!

    • Hello Shirlee, I was wonderingif I can ask youto pray for me. I see you prayingfor others in the comments section and I thought I’d ask youto pray forme. Iam a long time believer and a few weeks ago, I received shocking news pertainingto my brother about something very unfair that had happened to him. I became really, really angry at God for allowing this to happento my loved one. I haven’t prayed or thought about God since. Please pray for me as I am confused and very weary emotionally. I really appreciate reading your prayers and encouragement to other ladies.

  11. Please pray for me. I’m struggling w some things and I can’t seem to break it. My tendencies go one way and my heart another. I too thought I was a believer. Now I’m adrift and since becoming a mother I realize how much i don’t know and inadequate in so many things.
    All I could pray laying in bed before reading this morning was ” Lord I’m scared, I can’t,….”I’m very hesitant to allow God to work w me bc I have certain fears.but I’m hear him say my name very clearly and yet I’m still scared.
    I know it’s awful! Argh.

    • It’s not awful. It’s a growing moment. Don’t let the whispers of Satan overpower the affirmations of God and remember that He loves you and He knows you can accomplish whatever task He has in mind for you.

    • Melanie, you ARE a believer because you placed your trust in what Jesus accomplished on the cross – taking upon Himself our sins and bringing forgiveness and new life! The hard part is the life long transformation process. Here is where we question and doubt and it’s natural for us to do so. He’s teaching us something so contrary to our worldly lives. Here is where our fears are exposed and confronted. I can’t tell you how often I’ve cried out “Lord, I’m scared, I can’t….!” He knows our weakness and holds us close. He is faithful to bring us through every one of our fears. This, too, is a process and takes time. Give Him your fears, Melanie, and His strength will come through!

    • I just prayed for you, Melanie. God loves you, and He is at work.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Melanie, I understand the struggle, but we can be at rest about our eternity in His Life. Just this morning I was reading I John 5:12, “Whoever has the Son has life.” We may wrestle with trust, but we can rest in the assurance of our salvation, growing in our deepening belief of Jesus each day. He loves you and in praying for you, so do I!

  12. C. Lewellyn says:

    This is a good reminder to us to go to God first, not try to manage everything on our own. Faith is necessary, and without it we fail to please Him. God can do anything, from heal physically or raise the dead or create the universe. But, I think we need to remember that just because He can, does not mean that He will do what we want or always answer prayers the way we think He should. So many Christians are dismayed and become bitter because God’s answer to their prayer is a No instead of a Yes. I have certainly been there, done that, and it is a really hard thing to experience. Trusting God, believing that He loves His children and is working everything together for our good and His glory, even when He says No to us, is necessary for us to grow in our faith. Sometimes those “no answers” are the means He uses to help us deepen our faith so that we mature as true believers.

    • Amen!!! And, God’s “wait” answers can be even more powerful in our spiritual growth! Along with “believe” comes “trust!” Not my will but His be done!

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Yes! Great extension of today’s devotion. Our belief is to be in Christ rather than in an outcome. We can count on Him completely!

  13. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. I go to eye dr tomorrow for
    some special test. I have been worried about ALL the if’s I may hear, but I do
    Believe Christ can take this and make it for his Glory. I pray for more belief and less of my unbelief, Lord.

  14. Soljarogerkay says:

    I have held issha 40:1, SINCE GOD ANSWERD ME IN KENYA 2007, HE WHO BELIEVE IN ME RISE HIGH ON WINGZ AS AN EGAL AND B PROTECTED UNDER HIS WINGS, as reading this a very large fish eggs landed behind me and Jessica pople SCAFING ME BEYOND DOUPT

  15. Thank you so much for this! I too came to that realization some time ago that I needed to work on my belief and line it up with Chrust’s unlimited power. That sounds like a wonderful study. Would love to see something like that in print!

  16. “Lord, I do believe; help my unbelief…” Those words have come out of my heart and my mouth SO many times this year. I thought I would be growing SO much in my faith, and I, too, find myself lacking — not lacking the assurance that God CAN – I KNOW He is ABLE; my shortcoming lies in the HOPE to expect that He WILL – He has already done the utmost, when He forgave my sins and promised me an eternity with Him…so WHY should I believe He will want to do anything more for the sinner I am, and after all the mess I have made?
    THIS is my stronghold. This is what the enemy catches me with almost every time. But I have begun to cry out these words to Him who loves me, literally, more than I can comprehend. He is teaching me, and I am learning, s-l-o-w-l-y. I praise Him for His longsuffering with this silly child and I am so thankful that He put this story in someone’s heart as they were writing the words He gave them long, long ago. This father, who was confident in the Savior, but afraid to hope, has taught many of us a prayer that is a comfort when we feel that we are the only ones who are not strong enough in our faith. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for Your infinite love and grace that is SO much greater!

  17. Fran Shine says:

    I have no doubt that God can do something my problem is believing that he WILL do it. Just because you pray for something doesn’t mean that God will give it to you. My question is how do I pray believing that God WILL answer my prayer?

    • Hi Fran,
      I once read a wonderful article that was online by Joyce Meyer about this. I cannot find it in this moment, but maybe you could do a search. In this article she explained that you pray and then praise! Pray for needs, and while you are still waiting for answers…praise! This has helped me as instead of praying and worrying, praying and worrying, worrying and praying, I instead pray and praise…even before I see Him at work. It gives hope and helps me rely on God!

    • Amy Carroll says:

      You’re right, Fran. We don’t receive everything the exact way we pray for it. I’m learning that belief has to be rooted in Christ Himself rather than in an outcome. I can pray for an outcome, believing fully that Jesus will answer according to His goodness and love for me. That shift in where my belief lies has been essential for me, and I hope it helps you too!

  18. I definitely struggle with true belief, and I certainly need and want to practice it now as I pray daily for God to restore my marriage and my family in spite of difficulties.

  19. “A pebble of faith, a mountain of hope.” <3

    Belief. Tranceds all of the "ifs" with which we struggle.
    "If you can, …"
    "If you will, …"
    "If you want to …"
    "if you love me, …"

    All statements in the present tense for there is a conversation with the One in question. We are closer to Truth, Love, and the power of the Lord when we humble ourselves and converse with transparency (i.e. Pray).

    Thank you for sharing!

  20. Julie McLaren says:

    I usually skip over these in the morning & go back & read them later if I have time. This one called out to me. I have been struggling & really needed to read this this morning. Thank you for posting this one. Bless you.

  21. I have lost more rest and more peace in the past year than I care to admit – worrying about my new business, the bills, the back taxes we owe and, well, basically everything. This weekend, during Sunday School a challenge was issued to pray for God’s light where it was needed. Your devotion today is just such a place of light. Lord I believe, help my unbelief!

  22. Valerie Carey says:

    Oh wow so true.

  23. Rebecca Fritz says:

    I can relate to the unbelief. I am in a very dark period right now with my teenage boys. Thank you for the encouragement.

  24. I have no doubts that the Lord CAN do anything. Sometimes I just don’t know if He WILL do certain things.

  25. I have been praying for God to help my unbelief.My faith has always wavered but this summer has been the worst. I have loved and lost so many people in my life.I lost my brother over 20 years ago to a drunk driver amd lost my dad to a car accident 7 years ago.Leaving only me and my mom to take care of one another.Now this year my mom has been diagnosed with dementia and forcing me to put her assistant living,Because I work and still have a child at home. At the same time I had to do this I also lost my best friend whom I always confided in to cancer.I have to sell my mom’s house amd going through all the stuff everything has some memory attached to it and is like opening the wound back open again from losing my dad and my brother.To go through all this ,I am ashamed to say.Is there really a God? Why would he allow one person to go through so much pain ?

    • I am so sorry for your pain, Kelly. Life is wonderful…but yes, so hard!!! There is a God, and He loves you. He is with you. He sees your struggle. He is doing thousands of things in your life, even if you are not aware of any of them. Hold onto a few Bible verses that give you hope. I will pray for you, and I will pray that God helps you find someone who you can talk to.
      Exodus 14:14
      Romans 8:26-28
      Colossians 1:17
      Ephesians 3:20-21
      2 Peter 3:9

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Kelly, as I read your comment, my heart hurt with yours. I’m praying that God’s Presence surrounds you today and that some of His people reach out in love to you too. Right now I’m doing the First 5 study of Job and learning so much about faith in the midst of terrible pain and suffering. If you haven’t joined this study, I encourage you to check it out. You can download the app on your phone or go to

      • Thank you.I will take a look at that.Definitely could use any ecouragement right now.Just have been emotionally and spiritually depleted. 🙁

    • Kelly don’t ever give up on God because he hasn’t given up on you. I know what you have been going through isn’t easy I’m sure but he has you right where he wants you and that is taking care of your mom and being there for her now. God has placed you to be a servant for your mom and take care of her now and giving you another day to do so and enjoy the time you with her. We all will experience at some point in our life to experience heartache, death, pain, hurt, sadness, loneness, wonder why bad things happen to the one’s we love the most. We don’t have the answers only God does and it is beyond our understanding. God is our creator from the beginning and he has a purpose for each of us. As for you your purpose is taking care of your mom,

      The Bible is a truth to our questions, also it is a love story but also it has heartache , pain and death. So even in the Bible wasn’t perfect but it is Pure Truth!! God was willing to give his Only Son Jesus for us and there is no greater love he could offer for us!! We have a hope to Eternity in Heaven one day were there is no death or sickness and have to continue to Trust and Believe because it isn’t over yet!!:) Many prayers to you Kelly and for your mom!! You are doing a great job and God loves you and your mom!! Don’t ever give up!!!

      • Thank you for the encouragement.I’m not going to give up.I had a strong foundation in trusting God through my parents growing up. And surly won’t give up on my mom.We have been through a lot together since losing my dad and brother.Just a lot to handle all on my own at one time.And been feeling discouraged.I haven’t had anyone to turn to but God.But feel as if my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. 🙁

        • Kelly- it is a lot to handle alone. It is okay to cry. Tears cleanse the soul. Eventually they stop. Every tear is saved in a bottle and written on a scroll as promised in Psalm 56:3. Hugs!!

  26. All of this is true and good, but it could be read to give immature believers the idea that if your faith is strong enough, the result will be the answer you are “hoping” for; it does not address the “truth” that even when faith is strong, and one is a believer – there are times that no matter how much or how strong our faith is, God says “no”. The challenge then is to accept God’s answer, move on and to remain strong in faith.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Darci, I’ve been praying about this very thing this morning. Thank you for praying with me! I’m praying that God will show readers that our belief is to be in Him, not in an outcome. He is utterly faithful and good, even when the outcomes of our prayers aren’t what we thought we wanted.

      • God has revealed this issue of “unbelief” on my heart too! I have a prodigal son living a lifestyle out of Gods will for the last 10years. He was a devoted follower as he grew up in the church and was involved in his youth ministry. My fear and unbelief sometimes send me to my knees crying out. With this recent revelation of unbelief… God has guided me toward First5 app reading Suffering and Soverignty (the book of Job) and your devotional today encouraged me to seek more of His truth and promises in trust and belief! I fervently pray (and want to believe) that my son will someday return to Our Heavenly Father. My heart weeps and yearns for this. Love all the inspiring stories and encouragement! ♥️

  27. Wow! This really spoke to my heart this morning. The Lord has placed a desire on my heart to start a Bible study at our church for young girls in upper elementary through junior high. We have some precious girls who I want to help grow into the young women God wants them to be. Part of me is excited, but the other part is scared. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been in school at that age, and my husband have only boys. So in my mind I’m thinking, “What do I know about ministering to girls, Lord?” There are so many other things I want to do well, but I get scared that I’m going to come up short or that I already have. I know I need to let go of thinking all these things rest in MY abilities. It’s really all about HIS abilities. My husband was feeling very discouraged the other night, and I reminded him that God’s strength is made perfect through his weaknesses. I guess I need to use this verse for myself too. It’s just easier when you’re speaking it to someone else rather than practicing it yourself. If there’s anyone who would pray along with me concerning my desire to start a Bible study, I would appreciate it. Thank you, Amy, for sharing your heart today.

  28. The year of 2017 has brought me closer to God and trusting in Him and believing. I was diagnosed with Sarcoma and prayed that He would heal me and He has brought me through. I received good news. Throughout my life, God has been there with me, carrying me. I still pray and wait on His timing until He heals my twin daughters and they are able to walk independently. Some days I wonder if my faith is not as strong as it should be and this is why my daughters still cannot walk. It’s been 15 years yet I still don’t give up on Him. It is so hard to just let go and leave it in His hands but so far, I haven’t been able to do it although I know He has brought them a long way and saved their lives. He is the reason my daughters are alive and I am healed. I choose to trust and believe in Him and it will be in His timing, I just need to trust wholeheartedly and have Faith and I know I am still lacking it. Thank you for this devotional, I needed it.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Lilly, I praise the Lord alongside you for your daughter’s lives and how He is caring for you! I’m learning to put my belief and faith fully in Him, not in a specific outcome. In His goodness, He uses our weakness to show His strength and so can create full lives even where human beings see brokenness. I’m praying for you as God shows His glory through you and your girls!

  29. Sonia Fabbri says:

    This is exactly where I am this year, Amy. One of the verses you shared is not only the verse I pray, but it’s the verse I cry (and sometimes SCREAM) out as we’ve been working with doctors to control and figure out what is causing our son’s seizures and controlling them. He is 15 years old and just started having them last Fall. I lean on His word and His promises and scream, cry, and whisper, “I believe, help my unbelief, Lord!”

    • Sonia- I am praying for the doctors and medical personnel caring for your son. Praying for their wisdom, guidance and healing hands. There are many healthcare workers who are believers and appreciate prayers as they work to help your son. You are standing on holy ground! May God continue to show the way to his healing!

    • Your honesty touched my heart. I too have a son with a disability and have cried and screamed for anything that could help….my son is 23. I have wrestled with this for 20 years. I’m praying that God will show you that He has heard you and is with you. While His answers to me have been wait and No….I have experienced His presence multiple times and that has given me peace. I’m praying as a mom who knows what you are going through…praying for peace, wisdom and comfort for you and your family today.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you very much for awesome devotion. I really need to confident in Jesus
    instead of unbelieve.

  31. This devotional has put some thoughts on my mind about asking God to give me a word to develop me into a better person

  32. Mary Lou Palm says:

    WOW, thank you for your teaching Amy on BELIEVE! As a Christian since 1972, I know the LORD has ALL power to do anything and everything, but I’ve struggled with unbelief many times in my prayers. Your words and insight really helped me this morning and I will cherish them and “believe” God will reveal in my heart as He has yours. “Father God, help MY unbelief, and please change my heart to truly “believe” in your power!”

  33. Please Pray for me. I am a relatively new believer. Some things have happened in my life and I can’t seem to shake the unknown. It is so hard for me to accept things that I have no control over. I want to really believe with all of my heart. I need this. Please Jesus find your way into my heart and soul – turn my unbelief’s into beliefs!!!! AMEN!

  34. Thank you for sharing thus pieace. Very helpful ,blessings.

  35. I do have doubt. I have prayed some prayers for the last 15 years and see no result. I feel like I am left hanging out to dry and recently things have gotten worse instead of better so I am full of doubt because he don’t answer.

  36. Love this! I sometimes struggle not with if God is able but what His will is in whatever circumstance I’m in the midst of.
    When my dad was ill, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe He was able to heal Him but what His will was concerning my dad’s health.
    When I struggle to pay my bills, it’s not that God doesn’t provide but where have I not been a good steward of what He has provided and how He will work thru it and what consequences I will face because of my decisions.
    The list could go on and on. So maybe that’s a way to even go further? Like you, I believe… so maybe what questions could we ask ourselves when we face those uncertain times…. I believed He could heal my dad if it was according to His will, so where does my unbelief come… is/was it unbelief in the worry or fret if it wasn’t His will?? Hope that makes sense!

  37. I agree with all of this. The challenge is when someone believes with all their heart that God can heal their sick child or cure the cancer in their husbands body. That they can be free of depression or conquer the struggle with their weight. They come. Fully believing and walk away with those particular things seemingly unchanged. Did they not believe enough? God works all things for the good of those who love Him. Yes. Absolutely. But sometimes that is hard to see when there is so much hurt. What would the story be if the son wasn’t healed but God told the father to continue to believe? I think that’s really where we have to dig deep to find that belief. Helping others grasp that- even me fully grasping that is hard.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Yes. This is the struggle for sure, Jenn. We always have to look at scripture as a whole, and sometimes we also see God working through suffering (the study of Job in First 5 is phenomenal right now on this topic). The key that I’m finding is that my belief, trust and faith are fully in Christ, not a specific outcome. He is fully reliable and trustworthy to be true to His character–loving, merciful, compassionate…– even when my circumstances are painful. Belief in Him is a place where I can rest, trusting that He’s at work even when I have trouble seeing it.

  38. I’ll spare you the whole story, but we’re (my 4 kids and I) headed on a 12 day road trip starting tomorrow partly for my bro in law’s wedding turned into vacation turned into a way for my mom to come visit (bringing her home with us–her first big trip since her stroke). Husband can’t join us until Friday so this whole thing has felt like something God didn’t NEED to bless because it doesn’t NEED to happen. This weekend, I began to see my unbelief in WILL He care for us? I know He CAN. I read these devotions every day. So often they are straight at a secret need in my heart. So many brave ladies comment on here, and I hope some will pray for us–for safety, smart decisions, health (Kids are 12, 10, 8, and 5), and especially for my unbelief. That I’ll see God’s help when I don’t deserve it and maybe even be glad we made this effort. I even feel badly for taking up space here when so many hard needs are represented and here I’m just scared to go on vacation!

    • Amy Carroll says:

      So glad you commented today, Colleen! I’m praying for you now that your vacation is a blessing and bonding time for your family and that God strengthens you to do so much alone. <3

  39. Donna Craig says:

    ME TOO! Love God’s perfect timing with this message.
    Also, thinking about your saying “Don’t get me wrong. I gave my 10-year-old heart fully to Jesus, and I’ve never looked back”….that spoke to me too.. We may have given our 10 year old heart, but what about our “right now” heart? I can honestly say that although I too have been saved for decades, I only recently really gave my adult heart to Jesus.

  40. The work Believe has been in my spirit for over a year now too. I found the word Believe on different things and I know in my heart and spirit that GOD is telling me to just Believe He loves me and have great plans for my live and my family’s lives. I believe GOD’S goodness and mercy is following me every moment of my life.

  41. When I am having those “help me with my unbelief” moments, and I think we all have them, I look back at all the amazing things God has worked in my life, prayers answered, needs met, and I am reminded of His faithfulness to me in the past and this helps me face the future knowing He is the same God yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

  42. Cookie Cole says:

    Oh have I’ve said this many times. And I do understand how that father felt when he said “if you can”. There are times when I get to the point and say to myself when the miraculous healing doesn’t come that I have gone along ok this far without as long as I know I will be ultimately healed when I go Home. I know this is just settling and letting go of the hope. To be honest, “if I can” part seem to have jumped out at me like hearing it for the first time!!! Thank you for sharing this today!!

  43. thank you me I have those doubts too but i do beliveve God allow thse message to across our path yes i Know my child hear my words you are not alone wow there message from proverbs 31 in my email box thank you for these message i do belive I work ong my doubt issues today

  44. Lonni Briles says:

    I am right there with you, Sister! I have been a Christian since I was 13 and have always believed I had the gift of faith because I could trust God for stuff others didn’t trust Him. But lately, I have realized that I have a lot of doubt and unbelief as well. Exodus 34:6, Numbers 23:19, Lamentations 3:22-23 AND Romans 4:21 all speak of God’s faithfulness. So even though it doesn’t look like it or feel like it, God is ALWAYS faithful.

  45. Denise Hudson says:

    Needed this today. As I sit waiting on my son having a follow up MRI for a spot found earlier in his left temporal lobe. Knowing God is able, but fearful of what may be. Thank you! I leave my son in His capable hands!

  46. Wow!! This devotion had almost the same message I got out of my bible study this morning.. I wrote “help me grow the kind of faith that doesn’t need to see to believe.” I had another negative pregnancy test this morning after 14 months of miscarriages and infertility. God is really calling me to hear this message today. Thanks for your post.

  47. Thank you for your devotion.I am having eye surgery on Wednesday for a misdiagnosed cataract which has gone untreated for too long and has become painful.Please pray for a positive outcome.Trying to give it to our Lord but feeling anxious.

  48. Thank you for this devotional and, also for all those who share! Very encouaging!🤗

  49. Thank you for this devotional today. So timely for me.

  50. God absolutely works in perfect timing. My mother passed away a little over a month ago. As she grew sicker my fear grew greater for losing her. I spoke freely with my Pastor of all that was going on in my heart and we prayed a lot. I too knew I believed but faith was in doubt. Each day as I prayed and especially having others pray for me, I felt a different kind of strength I had not experienced. When the day came that my mother passed away; that morning again there was a peace that came over me. I felt that this was going to be mama’s last day on earth, in that knowledge I was sorrowful but so joyful for knowing she was going home. He did take her later that morning and the words I doubted I could say poured from my lips like water from a fountain. God is good, thank you Lord for all that you do. My heart was at peace. Now as a new chapter begins in my life, I have been seeking employment. My prayer has been for God to shut all doors that is not pleasing to him through this search and for me to not bevome anxious and step a head of His plan for me. I have placed many applications and a few interviews of which I thought would be suitbale employemnt for me, however many doors have been closed. There has been one door opened for me of which I wasnt sure would be the right fit because it at this time isn’t offering full time position. I had great doubt about this opportunity and after much prayer and of course discussing my concerns about my doubt with my pastors’ wife, I came to the conclusion that I was not allowig God to work in my life because I was letting doubt over come me. At that point I decide to push fear out and hold on to my beleif and my faith that God knows best and he will provide for me. I decided to accept the position, knowing that God is incontrol, I surrender this to Him and His will be done. Thank you so much for this devotion this morning. I feel this is God working on me through your heart. His timing is perfect.

  51. christine butler says:

    Oh yes… I know that verse well… “Lord I believe, help my unbelief”… this is the second summer of living in Phoenix with 110 plus temperature… My husband has a brain tumor.. after a fall on Memorial day weekend we flew on a medic flight to Mayo Clinic. We are still here– after another brain surgery ( first surgery was june 2016– followed by proton beam radiation and chemo)– 3 weeks in hospital, 3 weeks in-patient rehab and now out patient rehab.
    how often I have read how Jesus healed so many of their illnesses… I do believe he is fully able — He has the power and the might… so is part of the believing including… Is jesus willing? that is the piece that I struggle with…. with a blink of an eye — in an instant my husband could be walking completely normal after left side paralysis, my husband could be working at the business God has given him to manage utilizing all the cognitive abilities that God designed Brian with, my husband could be out fly fishing in God’s creation, my husband could be spending time at our home in Albuquerque with our son– who needs to go back to NY for college in 3 weeks. So much for a family summer– my heart breaks for all the loss I see and feel– why again. You see this is a repeat of summer 2016. Our youngest son is again alone for the summer to work and to take care of house and pets– to shop and cook for himself… yes I know he is responsible but my mom heart is in pieces when all I wanted to do this summer was to love on my son– to give him home cooked suppers , to sit at the dinner table and talk about real things and to laugh– he is the one that makes me laugh with his silly dry humor…..
    so I have lost count with the number of times I have implored.. I have beseeched God to cure my husband — to give us the healing I read about in His Word, to give us the miracle that I hear others receive, to even overflow my spirit with His peace and joy. and yet…. here I am today asking again….and again…as tears drip….
    yes all things are possible for God… He is Sovereign in all this… so when I ask if He is willing…. then I wonder if this test – this storm- this dark valley is actually in His will- His plan– doesn’t seem all that good to me… Is he able ? oh yes…. Is He willing? not so much…..
    Help me Lord… my mustard seed seems smaller…. I believe, help my unbelief….
    so I pray Holy Spirit -remind me and yes even show me that my God is still Good and Loving….

    • Sister Christine, I will be praying for your husband, you and your family. I feel terrible, complaining about my struggles. You have had many.

  52. Wow, this is an eye opening devotion! I, also, when praying catch myself asking God to move “if” he can… I never really thought of that as unbelieving but after reading this I can definitely see how it is. Thank you for this beautiful, honest and raw reminder.

  53. Wow, this is an eye opening devotion! I also, when praying, catch myself asking God to move “if” he can… I never really thought of that as unbelieving but after reading this I can definitely see how it is. Thank you for this beautiful, honest and raw reminder.

  54. Janice Alston says:

    I pray so hard that God will help me to stay strong. I have had cancer, and chemo three long cycles, and now taking the pill. I an a true Believer that God is healing me. I truely do have Faith and Believe, but doubts do sometime enter my thoughts. But, I read James 1: 8. , that is what give me the understanding, or how I can push my doubts out of my head. Satan can intervene anytime, I have to stay strong, have Faith and Believe. Thanks for this inspiring message. Please pray for me.

  55. Amen!

  56. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and experience on doubt. A great reminder to trust in Jesus promises! God bless you.

  57. Thank you, Amy. Too many heartaches to list, so I’ll simply say that I’ve been overwhelmed with pain and fear. The enemy tells me I’m not a believer, and that I never have been. I know that’s a LIE. My faith crumbles. I understand how important it is to trust in Jesus, not in the outcome. So I boldly ask God to cast out my fear, to make me brave, and to give me hope. HOPE.

    • Praying for you sister Debbie. Fear and feeling hopeless, are overwelming feelings…that I’m dealing with right now. I’ve never experienced this before. Its painful. Thinking of you, and praying. These are not the feelings of God. They are of Satan. We have to remember that.

  58. Karen Thompson says:

    I find my faith to be a double edged sword. I know my Lord can fix anything, but there have been times in my life where I know he can change something but he didn’t and I struggle with the fear that He won’t fix something because he has a bigger plan. Knowing that my life is a piece of His plan means sometimes we suffer painful things. Those are the times when my faith vanes. I need help praying to do better with this. Thank you for your devotional!

  59. Susan G. says:

    Thanks for this!
    I’ve also known the LORD for over 50 years and I guess it’s just our human-ness to not fully understand and believe all God can and will do. I think I trust Him more for the big things than the little things…but I’m working on it every day! 😉 I do know He is always faithful and has never let me down!

  60. He allows us to go thru many challenges to teach us to be closer to perfect, more like Jesus. Yet, He is a million % Able to do every- and any-thing!
    Beautiful, Amy! Thank you!

  61. Thank you Amy. I prayed your walk with Our Father will be full of faith & encouragement Love from Tracey

  62. Thank you for this very timely message. I’m learning how much I doubt God in certain areas of my life, and He is allowing trial after trial to teach me to depend on Him. The latest trial is a large cavity in a tooth with a large filling which will be drilled and filled today and may lead to a root canal. Can God heal the cavity? He surely can — but will He?? Has my lack of faith in this department prevented His intervention and healing, or does He want me to go through this to teach me to trust Him no matter what? Time will tell. He didn’t remove the thorn from Paul’s side, but let it remain to keep Paul humble and dependent on God alone. Deep faith is hard! Thank you for humbly sharing your struggle so we can learn by it.

  63. Thank you so much for sharing the kind of post that makes you take pause and think…WOW!!! You really changed the focus of my day!

  64. I sit here almost in tears. Heartbroken over a broken relationship with the love of my life. I’ve been crying out to God for 4.5 months, to cleanse my heart, restore me, fill my heart with the love of Christ again, restore and reconcile my relationship. God has showed me all the thoughtless
    things I have done and unloving behaviors. I became somebody else, as I dealt with grief, this year. I took it all out on the man I love. I hurt him, and he walked away. God allowed me in this storm, to teach me. I was sitting here, feeling hopeless, and I read these words. Sometimes my faith is so small. Satan loves that. God, help me to never forget the miracles you perform and the mountains you move. I’m sad, ..because my faith is small. God help me to build my faith back up and to truly trust you. Thank you God, for the work you are doing in me.

  65. Thank-you for sharing. When a love one pass away. We do question the Lord, Why? The Lord do not want of love one to suffer. The Lord showed me, when my mom was real sick in the hospital in Dec 2015. My mom bedroom did not feel right. Something was missing. It was my mom. I could not understand, what was happening. The Lord was just showing me. Soon, you will be left by yourself. The Lord was just preparing me. I was my mom caretaker. We lived together. On Oct 28,2016. My mom went home to glory. I have some good days and some bad days. I miss my mom. The Lord is good all the time. The Lord never fails us. The Lord is always on time AMEN

  66. Terry Davenport says:

    Good words. Amen to Hebrews 11:6 and also James 2:17. I must keep asking myself if I am willing to put obedience (to all of his will) along side my faith in him. As in Acts 22:16.

  67. It seems I don’t doubt God’s ability to help me. I believe He is capable of doing anything. I struggle with His willingness to help me. Maybe that is really me expressing my fear that He won’t help the way I think He should.

  68. Pamela Hill says:

    Read this just now, sitting in ER with very sick husband. Thank you for the reminder and sharing from your heart.

  69. Thank you everyone for your honesty. I was a philosophy major but all I really learned is that you can’t know anything for certain. I feel I need to come to the alter every time the pastor asks if I am sure I am going to heaven. But just recently I realized that I don’t have to have a perfect faith. Occasional doubt is ok and I now know it is Satan working at a time when I’m weak. I used to roll my eyes when I heard someone say that–not so much any more. I now realize that I must be vigilant when I feel doubt and pray for the Lord to be with me and that he be present in my weakness. And praise God he has answered my prayers for greater faith. I still have doubts but every time I step out of my comfort zone and act in faith, I find that God is faithful and my faith has grown.

    • May God continue to bless and keep you as you walk with Him. Continue to talk to Him and thank Him through the doubtful times. Philippians 4:6-7. His peace is beyond anything this world can give you.

  70. Your story and truth helped me tremendously. Thank you and May God continue to answer your prayers.

  71. I just mentioned this scripture from Mark yesterday to my daughter– I remembered the words but not the location of the verse. So here it is; I open up to this devotional today, the third day of a three-day fast to cover a scary circumstance in God’ s blanket of protection. Like most people, I assume, I normally fast in advance of something, but this is a circumstance I was not aware of that I could not control and put my daughter in harm’s way. It came to my attention after the fact so I MUST have faith that God knew it would occur and has the potential results in his worthy hands. This situation definitely challenges my faith and in that knowledge I may choose to run or to stay and believe. This message is incredibly timely for me and I will share it with the other moms whose children went through what mine did. We must choose the path of belief, that he had them in his care, and disable Satan’s attempts to derail our devotion to Jesus.

  72. Robin Idol says:

    It’s not that I struggle with belief that He is capable-but then I struggle with knowing what’s His will-for example I have a physical disability – is it His will to allow this in my life for a season-i believe He could take it away in a heartbeat-I know it’s building character in me but it also might be allowed because it is giving glory to Him when I’m able to do a lot of things that I shouldnt be able to do and other people see. Many people come up to me and tell me how inspiring I am-so is it His Will to allow this in my life – so that when He removes it, everyone will know it’s a miracle from God -I try to always remember to give God the credit ( to others) for the strength that is in me.

  73. Really struggling with this right now. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  74. Melanie Cobb says:

    LOVE this..THANK YOU 😊

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