Dying to My Selfie

Dying to My Selfie

September 16, 2014

“For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin …” Romans 6:6 (NIV)

Girls’ weekend was finally here! I was so excited to be going away with my two girls and their friends, that when someone hollered, “Selfie!” I nudged my way into the picture just in time.

The selfie is a spontaneous picture taken to capture …

To capture what?

Sometimes, like our road-trip shot, it’s to capture a moment we’re enjoying and people we’re loving. Other times, I wonder if it’s more than that.

“Mom, you always find a way to get in there!” one of my girls lovingly laughed from the back seat.

My daughter’s tease got me thinking …

Do I always find a way to get in on what is going on? If so, why?

Do I turn selfie moments into opportunities to make the moment about me? Shift the attention toward me?

Shouldn’t I be past this?

Sometimes the young girl we once were, the one who wanted to be noticed, the one who sought after a boy’s attention or longed for her parents’ approval, is not completely gone.

Maybe there’s a side of me still wanting acceptance and attention. This possibility makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to be an insecure woman.

I want to be a woman who reflects love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). I want to have selfless attributes of a heart that reflects Christ in me, the fruit of His Spirit on display. A lasting grace that isn’t about getting attention, but about serving and loving others more than I love myself.

I want that kind of beauty for me, and for my daughters as well.

But to gain it, I have to give something up. I’m going to have to die first.

Die to the me who is all about me.

Die to my selfie.

Because, when I die to me, another woman can emerge. A woman whose character is found in the love she gives, the joy she lives and the peace when she forgives.

A woman who doesn’t make her life about gaining attention, but giving it.

Today’s key verse reminds me that Jesus’ work on the cross makes it possible for me to become this kind of woman: “For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin” (Romans 6:6).

Christ died so I don’t have to struggle with the sin of self-centeredness, the pull to make life about me. Christ’s new life in me means I no longer have to be a slave to needing attention. I can confidently put the spotlight on Him and others.

And here is the intriguing twist: A woman who possesses this type of beauty, who chooses others above herself is hard to find, yet she is easy to spot.

Jesus, I want to be beautiful the way You define beautiful. A woman whose life reflects Your life inside of me. Help me to die to myself so that You might daily live strong in me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Galatians 2:20, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (NIV)

Do you know a girl who longs to grow in confidence and live in the fullness of her God-given potential? If so, Lynn Cowell’s new book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants is for her.

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Reflect on the past 24 hours. Can you spot a moment when you needed to “die to your selfie”?

In that moment, were you able to recognize this difficult choice you were facing of choosing others over yourself?

Today, ask the Father to help you recognize when you need to choose others over yourself.

Β© 2014 by Lynn Cowell. All rights reserved.

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  1. My husband walked out on our four kids and I last year. My oldest three are girls ranging from 11 – 5 years old. He has continued to not be active in their lives. I can already see the desperation in them to attract male attention and it really frightens me to think of where their lives can go if left unattended. I am trying hard to be as proactive as I can, filling them with truths they’ll need later. My prayer for them is that they’ll be strong women of God confident in the love of their Heavenly Father. I think this book sounds like something that would really help me navigate them on their journey. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    • Give her that book!!!

    • Oh Karen! My heart aches as I read your email. Magnetic would be good for them; to help them focus their time, energy and emotions toward the One who will fill them.

      A great foundational book would be my first, His Revolutionary Love: Jesus’ Radical Pursuit of You. This book teaches girls that no man can fill the love gap in their heart: not a dad, not a boyfriend and not even an amazing husband one day. Only Jesus! When they find and experience His perfect, unconditional love, it starts the foundation of confidence.

      I pray Jesus uses His words of true love for you and your girls to heal the hurt and fill your hearts.

      • Gloria Gilpatrick says:

        I’m going to try to practice what I’ve just read and pass the opportunity you’ve given to me onto Karen. As much as I would love to receive a copy, I think that it would be awesome if Karen were to have it in her hands. Karen, I am going to be praying daily for you AND for your precious family. Thank you, Lynn, for making this book available to women like Karen. God Bless xoxoxx

    • Karen, I will be praying for you and your precious family. πŸ™‚

      • I just purchased a copy of this book for Karen. I don’t know the best way to get it to her, but I wrote a note in with my checkout that I would like for it to go to her. God bless πŸ™‚

        • This just made me tear up, it’s great to see that people still care for each other. God is good!!

          • I am so encouraged by the way the women above have been so giving! What an example of God’s love they have shown! God, bless each and every one of them!

          • Everyone in this blog has been so inspiring for me. It is so great to see such good-hearted women still exist. Hugs to you all!

    • thank you for the reminder!

    • Jeannie Martinez says:

      I wish I had the opportunity as a young girl to read books as yours. I wish someone would of guided my me as a mentor in those years. I want to be that person for my daughter. Hoping to win your book. Praise God for the gift he has given you as an author.

    • Karen,
      Keep lifting those babies up to God and know that He has them in the palm of His hand. Pray also that they will find peace and knowledge that there was nothing about them that made their dad leave and completely disappear. Pray that they will forgive him and that you will also forgive and heal. Your healing and modeling of forgiveness, trust and dependence on the Lord will speak volumes to your daughters. My girls father left us seven years ago, and like your situation he has not reached out to us at all, so I know all to well the pain and concerns you are facing. My oldest withdrew into herself and struggles with the war of wanting others to notice her (she’s 13 now) and to have the “boyfriend” like the other girls at school all the while being afraid that she will be hurt and left. I have all to often heard her ask “why no one likes me like that”. But I know that God has her and God has you and your beautiful daughters as well.

      • Beth, Praise God for you. Are your girls Chrisitans? Just wondering as I pray they pursue God rather than boys. They are yet young (as are Karen’s children) and God needs to be their life. In His time He will lead them to a mate if that is His plan. These gals are so young – it is too soon to be thinking about boyfriends and needs being met through anyone other than God, their moms and other godly adult influ-
        ences in their lives. May they be protected and kept in the loving arms of their merciful, healing, Father God! Father, please also give these precious, caring moms wisdom for their daughters, words to say to lead/establish them to/in You. May both moms and daughters be strengthened in their inner men to keep their eyes, hearts and minds fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of their faith. Please bring strong, caring Christians into their lives to help them through this time as You lead. May these moms and daughters know greatly and deeply love, joy and hope in You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

    • suzanne kanyavong says:

      It would be nice to win this book. I’m constantly struggling with listening to my sinful desires in the midst of desiring God’s will for me.

    • My prayers are with you, Karen. I’ve traveled that road with only two and I know how hard it can be. The only thing I can suggest, other than using great material like this book, is to be consistent. Show them that you can be strong and that God can fill that hole in their heart that has been left empty. They can fill it with God and with love of themselves. Be an example to them and watch how you are with dating and relationships because they will be looking to see if you practice what you preach. You can do this and God will see you and your children through this storm.

    • Karen, If you happen to see this, please let me know how I can get the book to you. I purchased the book and put in the notes to have it sent to you and it still came to me anyways. I would love to get this book to you if at all possible.

      Thank you.

  2. I am really trying to break the unhealthy patterns that have been going on for generations in my side of the family- of narcism, selfishness, impatience, bouts of rage out of nowhere and self/others judgement. With God’s help, things are getting better, but I have a long way to go. I think this book would help me learn more about where my true identity and character comes from. I pray that my life can be a testimony to others as Jesus heals me and sanctifies me day by day.

    • Amen, Tregenna! Many of us have seen this type of behavior modeled so we’ve thought it is normal. Jesus, help us to see “normal” for your’s is the fruit of the Spirit naturally pouring out of us. We need your strength, Jesus, to become who You want us to become. Girls and women reaching our fullest potential, when we become more and more like You!

    • Monica James says:

      Tregenna, I can so relate and I have grown so weary of the cycle. I know that God is with me, those old tapes died on the cross with Him and that each day I am a new creation in Him. If I focus on that truth I am better…. when I don’t, I am lost. But every day is a new beginning in Christ Jesus and He is healing me. I pray you feel his healing on you too!

  3. Pick me!! pick me!!! πŸ™‚
    I’m 26, broke, discouraged, in massive amount of debt and jobless!
    But I want to become a woman that makes God proud! It easy to settle in ways for a temporary high, but I want to learn how to love myself the way God does.

    • I want that for you too, Sjelby!

      Jesus loves us, forgives us, stands by us NO MATTER WHAT! But He does want more for us than we are often experiencing. When we learn and live out that more, His life in us, we not only love ourselves, others see it too!

  4. If I win a copy please send it to Karen who has the three girls and whose husband/father walked out on them.

  5. Hang in there…. Mine left too. We have stayed close to The Lord on all we do. …. Our church family have filled the void. My daughter has two older brothers which has helped. Most important is you stay firm and convicted

  6. Diane Kelly says:

    I would love to get the new book Magnetic. We have raised 2 sons both in their 20s now, my husband and I also had 2 daughters who are now 11 and 7. I would very much like to teach my girls the value they have. I can see how having girls is so different and more difficult in ways from boys. This day we live in now too is almost terrifying to raise children, the influences, the mind set of the world is so anti God, we fight a battle daily for the hearts of our children. Our daughters especially Need to learn how important and loved they are by God! When as a woman you know your value, then you can avoid many of life’s heartbreaks. I didn’t know my value as a young girl, I don’t want my daughters learning lessons the hard way! I look forward to either getting or buying this book!

    • Diane – you are so right, Diane! When a girl knows her value, that knowledge can lead her to making wise choices. She doesn’t have to please any one but her King who is crazy about her!

  7. Lori Rodriguez says:

    Is really like this book for myself. I’m just beginning my journey and would love to read this book.

  8. Discouraged. Upset. Disappointed. Raising 4 boys all by my self is not so easy. I am always looking at what to read for encouragement and hope. God and information is what have kept me up all this time. But still faith is what still lacks in me.

    • Mayra, every morning that you wake up and you look to Jesus for strength and guidance is a step in the right direction. Give yourself the grace that Jesus is giving to you. I cannot imagine raising 4 boys alone. Keep pressing into Him. He is there for you, not judging you, but loving you!

  9. Magnetic – sounds like a perfect book for my daughter (Patricia 21) and myself (41). I have always struggled with confidence as a child until now. I just recently realized how much my daughter is a reflection of me and it breaks my heart seeing her struggle with her identity. I believe God led me to this post tonight because of this reason. I am excited to read this book. Very good message, thank you for your transparency and honesty. Really blessed to have read this.

    • Thank you, Kimberly! I have a girl just about the same age as your’s. Praying Magnetic will be a great connector in your relationship! There is a leadership guide in the back to help your study together!

  10. I have been called to serve our Lord by volunteering with a non profit organization called ERCO Ever Reaching Community Outreach. It requires patience, compassion, love, and caring. I have all of these but not in the way I think I should. We help people who have been abused, homeless, fire victims, and prison ministries along with other issues that have caused them to need clothing, furniture, household items, etc. I struggle every day to try to follow the path I have been put on. The people I meet are sometimes hard to help. Some break my heart with their humbleness but others come in demanding and act as if it were their due. I keep reminding myself that I am not to judge but when I find out they have a pattern of doing this with many other helping organizations I get so angry, hurt , frustrated. You name it. I struggle with this ,thinking others could have used the items more and how much my time was wasted. Then comes the guilt for making it about me and the feelings I shouldn’t have. I know they are searching for the Lord as much as I seek Him but the difference is they don’t know it and I do, so that’s all the more shame on me. I need a very healthy dose of dying to self in order to recognize this need in people. Our organization has been blessed with many donations of clothing and our requests for the other household items so there is plenty for others that truly need the necessities. I need to be able to recognize the lost soul and start to sow the seed to give them the greatest gift and do my part to lead them to salvation. Please pray for me and ERCO. Thank you so much and God bless you for what you do!

    • Jesus,

      Thank you so much for the humility and vulnerability Holly has shown. You know her heart. You know her desire to live You in front of those You love regardless of where they are. Thank you for her servant’s heart. Empower her to run to You each and every time her mind tries to drag her where she does not want to go. Help her to keep on “dying” Jesus! Amen

  11. Kari Massengill says:

    I am 42 years old. Self-esteem and confidence have been a constant struggle my whole life…but of course the struggle is less and less these days. However, I have two daughters and this book would be an important resource for them. In addition, we are missionaries working in the Middle East, and this could be a valuable ministry tool here as well. God Bless!

    • Kari – I think we all struggled as teens. I don’t think Magnetic will take away the struggle, just help girls know what to do with the struggle – run to Jesus to build their confidence and esteem on the foundation of His love. From there, they can live out a magnetic life – a life others are drawn to because they reflect His traits!

      God’s strength and power to you and your family. Thank you for making a huge difference for His kingdom!

  12. Stephany V. Lopez says:

    Hi my name is Stephany. I’m 23 years old, serving our country in beautiful Hawaii. I have a 3 year ol daughter and mother who support me everyday, and I them. Coming to Hawaii I never imagined becoming christian and so many things and obstacles I would face. I’m still young yes but I never let that stop me. My walk with Christ has been amazing but there’s those dull moments I went through where I didn’t know where He was taking met. Well, lately it’s been one of those moments. Knowing I want to grow in Christ but turning slowly the other way at times. Feeling lost and falling into old sinful actions that were suppose to be left at the cross. When I read this give away it’s like HE talked straight to me. It would be amazing to read this beautiful book and know What the Lord has in store for my life and the way HE wants to keep molding me. Showing me love that no other man can give. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I’m one of your blessed winners πŸ™‚ . Good Luck and God bless everyone! πŸ™‚

    • Stephany – don’t you give up!!! You have a beautiful life ahead of you, to grow and develop to your fullest potential! Don’t you let the devil speak even one whisper to your beautiful mind of what this world has to offer so very temporarily. God has good – His best – ahead for you. Keep saying “yes”. Even when it seems beyond possible.

      My life has not been perfect, but it has been a life where I have had Jesus meet the desires of my heart. It was beyond hard at times; lonely too. But it has been more than worth it.

      Get Him, my friend!

  13. single insecure mama says:

    As titled, I’m a divorced insecure mama of a 14 year old daughter. Reading the some of the comments and the message made me think. I am my daughter’s role model and I see myself in her. This book would benefit both of us. I need the tools to learn how to be the woman God wants me to be so that my daughter has a good model to follow. Blessing to all the lovely ladies that posted.

    • Friend, you do not have to wear that label any more! Jesus died to make you secure, stable, joyful, peaceful, kind, gentle, wise, self-controlled, loving, joyful Mama! That is your new name. Wear it! Speak it.

      You are the best mama God gave your girl. Together, you can learn to pursue Jesus, just as He is pursuing you. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  14. I am an auntie to 4 beautiful girls ranging from 3 to 23..none of them are married..LOL! but right now my 23 year old niece is the one struggling to feel worthy…she LOVES Jesus and lives her life for him but I know she doesn’t understand why “he” doesn’t see her and my other niece is 11 and just started jr. High, she is all legs and arms gangly little thing but starting to develop and not quite sure about herself yet…I would love this book for them…

  15. I’m a very interested in your book. We are trying to move homes but our loan wasn’t approved. So now my husband and my two kids are staying with my parents. We’ve been here for 3 months, had both cars break down this summer, and got the bad news of our loan. So we sold one car and thought that might help. As well as our vacation for next year, furniture ect. To help save for our house.
    Also my daughter who is 8 is really stressed out I think over all this confusion. She’s doing horrible in school and not connecting with me. On top of that I’m just now slowly getting over my disability from the past four years. Whew. My husband works at a Christian school so we don’t make much money but I know God has big plans for us! I just need to trust and lean into His arms. I want my daughter to see strength in me not sickness or stress. I love her so much and want that closeness most moms want from their children. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have much more to give. Looking for a study that I can really grow with.

  16. Thank you for a valuable book and message for girls/women of all ages. Looking forward to reading it! πŸ™‚

  17. Danielle Bresnak says:

    I would gladly give my winning book to Karen with the 3 girls abandoned by their father. I’ve dealt with abandonment from my father and 2 husbands, its very hard to let your selfie go. My 5 year old boy has dealt with it since birth. End the madness!

  18. Halona Luna says:

    I have three girls that I would love to give this to. My 16 year old, 10 & 17 (11 & 18 in November) girls would enjoy this.

  19. Worried Aunt says:

    I would like to get a copy of this book for my niece who has just started her freshman year in high school. She has struggled with anxiety, depression, cutting herself, and suicidal thoughts. My brother, her dad died when she was only ten and she was a daddy’s girl. She attended a private Christian school and fought with judgements and pettiness that is common in middle schools of any kind. She has just switched to a public high school. I would love for her to have the tools to shift her focus to pleasing God and being confident in the beautiful young lady that she is.

  20. Angie Gutierrez says:

    Tregenna, it seems you and I have A LOT in common. I too lack a great amount of patience, am so quick to turn things into being about me or against me, envious of other women’s friendships, an anger that lashes out like a serpents tongue, and filled with bitterness and resentment that it just about chokes me to death..I am so tired of being this type of woman. I want to be an “us”ie, not a selfie anymore. I feel pulled to have this book, show me the way.

  21. Magriet du Plessis says:

    I also have to die to “self” but with a strange twist. I hide and want as little attention as possible and want to be as invisible as possible and that also results in me not serving where I should. So, its the same, I still have to die to self and be the woman He wants me to be.

  22. Slindokuhle says:

    I’m turning 21 this year and I had been suffering from insecurities and trying to present Christ using my own effort to be good and appear Christ like and now I’m just tired and decided to just have faith that Christ would help me,develop me to what He wants me to become .I’m hoping this book can also help me as I grow and forget my self and as I also offer my body as a living sacrifice to God for Him to do His will in my life, help me have a relationship by faith and present Him.

  23. I have 2 young girls and I would love to help start the foundation of being confident in Christ rather than looking to the world for approval

  24. There are so many things going on in my inside that i do not have the right words to put down but i know this past week especially, it has really dawned on me that i need to be who God has made me to be, more confident and expressive, so i can live the life He has called me to live. I will really love to have this book, I want to be the girl He has called me to be, no holding back.

  25. VICKIE MORRIS says:

    Thank you so much for you word and testimony on a “selfie” This spoke to me and i am determined to die to my old self so that i can be a better God fearing person.
    God Bless your ministry

  26. Thank you for your heart for teen girls! and us grown up women too!
    I would love to read this book. I constantly need reminders of my value in Jesus’ eyes! It is so difficult in our culture to remember that He loves us no matter what. God has blessed me with a lovely 15 year old daughter. She would also love to read your new book, Magnetic!
    Thank you for your ministry Lynn!

  27. Mercy, does there ever appear to be a need for this type of writing. So many people to hopefully benefit from this book. There are too many before me who so need to win and read this book. I can truly say I’m glad I don’t have to be the one to decide. I’m going to buy it. What a great book for organizations to buy to give to people like the
    Ones here who so desperately want to better their lives and the lives of their children. I separated from my husband 2 years ago. The grace of God has brought us back together. He currently has a stage 4 cancer and we are just trying to hold on, live each day to the fullest and raise our 2 boys to be strong and enjoy life. I don’t see a “selfie” as anything but just wanting to be a part of the fun!

    ones who have written here and so desperately want to

    • Thank you so much, Victoria, for investing in the next generation!

      Father, give Victoria and her husband strength for their days and hope. Give them life even as they feel it slipping away and make eternity in their hearts more real than ever before! Amen

  28. After a women’s retreat a fortnight ago God has started to dig deep to the root of my issues with insecurity and anxiety, much of which comes from placing others opinions of me above gods opinion of me. I want to be the person God wants me to be, I want to seek to please Him above all else, but I don’t know how to overcome 30 years of cyclic self-hate, I wonder if this book would help me on the way

    • Kath – the beginning of healing from self-hate is to first discover just how much you are desperately loved by your Creator! My first book, “His Revolutionary Love: Jesus Radical Pursuit of You” is also for young girls, but the truths reach deep. We all need to know that Jesus can and so wants to fill the love gap in our hearts.

      Jesus, reveal yourself to Kath. Open her heart & eyes to see You as the lover of her – all of her. Start the healing today, Jesus! Amen

  29. I would love to win a copy for myself, because I believe this book would help to be the fruitful branch God wants me to be. Everything I do should stem from Him and for Him. I would abide in Him thus producing fruit, that would cultivate the beauty of Christ. To move past selfishness and forsake that idol and fall madly in love with the King of Kings

  30. Dawn Johnson says:

    I volunteer as a small group leader in our churches youth ministry. I lead a group of 7th grade girls. If I won a copy of Lynn’s new book I would share it with them. It sounds like a book that would help capture their hearts for christ and help them on their faith journey.

    • Dawn,

      Thank you so much for being an investor in young women! I pray often for Jesus to call women to pour truth into His girls.

      There is a leadership guide in the back, making it an easy resource to lead girls through!

  31. Dying to self is the most hardest but most rewarding thing you can do for urself as a women in Christ…We desire and long to be beautiful but not realising the power lies in us putting others first. My motto is living JOY=Jesus Others Yourself, we need to be able to wash people’s feet in order to beautify ourselves.

    • That’s an interesting statement, Kholofelo: “We need to be able to wash people’s feet in order to beautify ourselves.” I must give that some thought. It really speaks of humility, and in that bettering ourselves for the glory of our God! God continue to bless you richly!

  32. It always happens- I come on here ready to make my best pitch to win the book and I start reading the comments that reveal I’m not alone in my insecurities and struggles. So once again I pray that whoever will benefit the most from the book that God will divinely allow them to be the winner even if it’s not me. We all struggle, we all face challenges. But God is able to deliever us all through though our deliverance may come in different channels! Let your will be done God…

  33. I am looking forward to reading this book with my daughter. She is a young teen who has struggled with self confidence for several years and I have found that it’s difficult to find solid christian based resources to walk her through this season of her life. AND let me be honest, even though I have managed to survive those teenage girl years, I believe I too will benefit greatly from reading this book. You see, while I am much more aware of those moments where I allow my insecurities of self doubt to peek through, I still find myself wishing that someone had invested time into my life while I was young to provide me with the tools that would have helped me become more aware when those moments occurred and helped me understand how to positively deal with my insecurities. Can’t wait to read it!

    • Thank you, Traci! That is my prayer – that women – moms, aunts, grandmas and any one in the church will pour this truth into our girls. Build true confidence on the love of our Jesus; something that can never be taken or lost.

  34. This is probably the most powerful and needed devotion I’ve ever read and they are indeed all needed but this one, I need to frame and hang on the wall.
    I have one friend who is a SELFLESS woman and I love her dearly.
    Thank you.

    • Lisa – Jesus is just so gracious to allow us to be used by Him. Humbled and thankful. He has a word to say and He’ll do what He has to to get it out…even if it means sharing our faults!

  35. Linda McMillan says:

    I have not been a completely good mom. I have failed in many ways. Now at 56, I am trying to help my children follow the right path. I so enjoy your encouragements daily. They guide me to give good, wise advice to my grown children struggeling through their lives today.

    • Hi, Linda: I am 57, and, like you, “have not been a completely good mom.” The younger of my two daughters has just begun her freshman year in college. She is very outgoing, but in many ways insecure, too. I often fail to see that, and I want to help grow to be a confident woman in Christ. My older daugher is married, has an almost 2 year old boy and is expecting our second grandchild. I see bits of me in her, and some of it saddens me. I want her to be stronger in God, too. She is a strong Christian, but I think we all have areas of weakness where we need help. May I be stronger for them, having truth-filled, encouraging words for them. I pray the same for you. I should probably share this book with my daughters, too. πŸ™‚

  36. I would give the book to my lovely daughter who is 16. She has a
    beautiful heart and spirit, but waging the teenage battles that come with being a girl and a Chritian girl in some very difficult environments. I think this book would help her strengthen her spirit and mindset to know who she is and who’s she is and grow into the strong woman of Christ he’s called her to be.

  37. Katherine griffith says:

    I am that person , I recently became a Christain , although I give to others it is about me first, I realize I should be give to others before and I need help in this area . Reading this devotion really made me realize I’m still have a long road ahead of me on this journey.

  38. ronda keysor says:

    I would like a copy of your book because not only do I need it but I know this young lady who is a stripper and a prostitute that has came to my church a couple of times but she is constantly taking selfies. she even has pictures of her self taped in her bible. and she wouldn’t come in to church on time this past sunday cause she too worried about working on her fake tan in the parking lot.

  39. I would love to be able to share this book with my daughter, and the group of 11th and 12th grade high school girls that I lead for small groups. We are actually teaching on dying to selfies this Wednesday night at our weekly youth worship service and this would be an awesome book to kick off the year with them.

  40. DeLona Young says:

    I have a set of 15 yr old daughters & I would love to read & study this with them & use in our home devo- as a teaching tool. Thank you so much!!! May God continue to bless your works!

  41. I am truly thirsting to become the woman God wants me to be.

  42. Thank you so much for today’s devo!! I had a selfie moment yesterday when I requested one assignment but my team leader gave me another, saying that I knew more about it. At first I was perturbed. But then I realized I wasn’t there to serve myself. The work we were splitting up was all for each other. Besides, the team leader obviously thought my assignment was for the good of the team. I was already reflecting on this moment even before I read the post, but now I understand what God was trying to teach me in that moment.

    I am so appreciative of all of the resources that P31 provides. I would really love a copy of Lynn’s book to give to my daughter. She is 11, and just started middle school. I’ve been warned these can be hard years for girls and their mothers! And I actually remember mine more clearly than I wish. However, I know with God’s guidance we will both make it through. And the book will be the perfect resource for guiding us through God’s Word and helping us understand how Scripture applies to her at this time in her life.

    • Ashley, they are hard, but I have also found with my girls, they have been the most rewarding. Don’t back up. No matter what happens – no matter what they do, what they say or the looks they give – don’t back up. They want us to love them (not hover, but understand and love them right where they are)

      Learn all about her. Study her. Be interested in her. Then you will have the relationship to be able to speak to her.

  43. I work with 13-14 year old girls at my church. Because I have been blessed to have worked with them since they were 4, I have always considered them my ‘first daughters.” (I have an 18 month old daughter)These girls are all learning the value of having meaningful, Godly relationships. Because they are teenagers, one of the biggest things that they struggle with is the acceptance from boys. I think this book would be a great tool to go through as a study with my small group of girls!

    • KAC – thank you so much for empowering these girls with the tools they need to reach their fullest potential. The teen years are about more than surviving; they are about thriving. That only comes when they know the One who made them and have their confidence built on Him .

  44. Thank you for these words. I would love to read the book because my hearts desire is to be the woman God made me to be!!!!

  45. I would love a copy of this book for my daughter Christina. She is trying to rebuild her self-esteem after being bullied in high school. She is such a gentle beautiful soul and it hurts me to see her struggle with insecurities because of bullying. She has been going through therapy to help rebuild her fragile self esteem. Slowly she is starting to come around and leave the house. She is in college now and is struggling to make friends for fear she will be bullied again. This book would be a tremendous help for her and me. Thank you and God Bless!

    • Jesus, give her the courage and bravery of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. No matter what, she is loved and adored by You. Fill up her heart places, Jesus and make her victorious in You~ Amen

  46. Lynn Snipes says:

    I remember struggling with these feelings as young as 7th grade which my niece Sarah has now entered. I pray she can see herself through God’s eyes not the worls and I would love a copy of your book to give her b/c I think it would make a great end of the day devotional she could read w/ my sister to gain confidence in Him who loves her even more than we do. My own daughter was stillborn @ 37weeks so I am a Blessed Mom of 2 boys helping them w/ different struggles. Thank you Lynn for giving us tools to help us love ourselves, a very unnatural emotion that takes daily choice.

  47. Joyce Freeman says:

    I would like to give this book to my granddaughter who has been going thru a lot of tests in her life. She was attacked by a dog at the age of 7 and left with facial scarring. The scars she has accepted and God used them to bring her prodigal mama home to her family. Although she has accepted the way she looks, some others don’t miss an opportunity to bring it to her attention. As she would never have a boyfriend etc. She is battling the attacks of the enemy daily right now. And I see this once confident child, who as teachers would say could pray dying tress to life with her faith, now falling for the enemy’s schemes. My heart cries as I see the lies she is falling for.

  48. I think this book would make the perfect Christmas present for my niece who is 13 years old. I know at that age I didn’t want to listen to the things my mom had to say but when I was given advice from other women (aunts, family friends, etc) I was much more open to receiving their wisdom. I’m hoping that I can be that influence in my niece’s life.

  49. I have a special girl that is growing up and I would love for her to read this new book Becoming The Girl He Wants. I think it would be an awesome resource in helping her grow!

  50. I would love to read/teach this book to my middle school small group girls. They are looking to everyone and everything for attention. I would also like to share this book with my 9 year old daughter.

  51. I’d love a copy of this book to share with my 7th grade girls in my Sunday night small group.

  52. Great message, and great devotional to start my morning! Thank you!!

  53. I have three young daughters that we are trying to raise…. I personally am going through a phase of my life where I am struggling to find and live out my true identity in Christ rather than in what my mirror shows. I look at myself and all I see are the negatives and what I don’t have… this sometimes translates unto the way I treat my daughters and it makes me unhappy because I know I should rather be the godly mother role model.
    I want to focus on being who God made me to be ad nothing else.
    Thank you for your devotions

  54. I look forward to your book, as I have a daughter who is 11. But you should definitely give copies to the single moms who are raising daughters alone. I cannot imagine how difficult is for both mothers and daughters.

  55. I would give the book to my daughter. The last year has brought many challenges, a husband who wasn’t the person he lead us to belief, health issues and the loss of a loved pet. Her confidence has been shattered. She is coming through all of this and realizes the strength God sees in her. This book would help her in his continued process. With all this said, please give the books to those who need it most.

  56. I left a comment

  57. I would love to give the book to my step daughter whom just recently entered into our lives. She is 16 yrs old and my husband has just became a part of her life. She is a product of an affair and she is struggling with fitting in, measuring up, abandonment issues, daddy issues, self love and view issues. We are trying to get to her and she us and it’s a process for all of us. I believe that this book would be a great aid in this process.

    • Lord, go before this family and provide the love, courage and kindness to do everything it takes to pull together. Make their home a safe place and your family, Jesus! Amen

  58. Janay Roberts says:

    I have always had low self esteem and still do to this day! Always afraid of what people think. I am desperately trying to work on that and pray through that! My dad walked out of my life when I was 10 and it ripped something up in me. As my girls are going into their teenage years I see the same low self esteem in them! I think it would be good for all three of us! Always Always always need a good read:)

  59. I hand to die to my self my husband left me after 38 years of marriage.
    I posted my comment.

  60. If I won, I would give a copy to the 4 middle school girls who I lead in my Accountability group at the school I teach at. I love each of these girls and have watched their faith grow. I want each of them to know how much God truly adores them and I pray they grow in their confidence as young Christian women who can take on the world with Jesus by their side! This year our theme is “Clothed in Virtue, Bound in Love” based on Colossians 3:12-14. This devotional would reiterate the virtues of kindness, compassion, humility, patience, forgiveness and love. It would help the girls see the need to set aside their self-centerdness and embrace their true selves!

  61. With the holidays approaching, I am always looking for gifts that will bless and help grow my teenage daughters and my daughters of the heart that I try to pour into regularly. This book sounds like a perfect choice. Looking forward to shopping now (and I really am not a shopper, so, yay!).

  62. I would love to give a copy of your book to a young girl that I go to church with. She is shy and struggles somewhat with relationships. I think this would benefit her greatly. Then, maybe she can let my 13 year old read it in a few years!

    • Melanie – I love how you would share this book with this sweet girl.

      Don’t wait too long with your girl πŸ™‚ They grow up a lot faster than we see sometimes. I have always tried to give my girls what they needed a little bit too early, because as a teen, I got truth a little bit too late.

  63. I’m so encouraged by these words today. I can’t wait to read this book!

  64. Melanie McKinley says:

    I have been praying for my girls. I want more than what I was taught and how I was loved. I feel sometimes as if I am giving from an empty well. I want them to be so bold and so confident in Christ’s love for them that they do not let anyone or anything replace that or take that from them. I will do a devotional with them if I get this book.

  65. Jen Heemskerk says:

    Wow! Just bang on! Thank you for this gentle reminder.

  66. Thank you so much for this devotion on this day! I have come along way since starting Recovery.. I celebrated 3 years last week! I want to become more and more of a Godly woman and I start everyday by trying! I love anything that could show me some ways! Thanks again!!

  67. I would love to have this book. I want to be the one that is hard to find but easy to spot.

  68. I would love a copy of your book. Thank you for the devotional today!

  69. I’d love a copy of Magnetic. My entire life I’ve struggled with self esteem and just wanting to be noticed/valued.

  70. I would be very excited to gives copy of Magnetic to my 14yr old daughter, Olivia!

  71. I would use the book for the girl’s youth group that I lead. I would have it available for them to read. I am excited to get my own copy today! I can’t wait to read it and share it with others.

  72. crystal britt says:

    This is such an encouraging word for me. I am that attention seeking woman. I am always out going and the center of attention but my daughter is unlike me she is very intraverted and quiet. I would love this book because I think that it would benefit both of us.

  73. I would give the book to my soon to be teenager and share with a group of 9th grade girls that I work with,

  74. Beautifully said Lynn. I pray I grasp the truth of this my heart so that my daughter sees it and lives it in her heart as well. I would love to have the new book for my daughter and myself. But thee are so many girls I know who need the truth of this message. Keep spreading it so beautifully! Hearts are changing!

  75. I’d love to read it myself and then give to my daughter in college. I’d love to conquer this and build my daughter up
    And support her to do the same in her walk. Thanks for your ministry!

  76. I’m teaching a senior high girls sunday class for the first time! I have two older boys and my daughter is in junior high still. These girls are precious and I feel such responsibility for this awesome season of planting seeds in their life. We are focusing on being a woman after God’s heart. We have spent several weeks talking about forgiveness of others and ourselves. Next week is about consecrating yourself. I don’t know where the Spirit will lead us next. I believe we are supposed to do a retreat in December to really dig deeper into all of these things. I think having a copy of Magnetic would be very helpful as I continue to discern where to speak into these young ladies lives both during Sunday school and at our upcoming retreat.

  77. If I were to win, I would by give the book to my niece who is 7 (almost 8). Our favorite song to sing together is Newsboys “Gods Not Dead”.

  78. This so touches me in my deepest insecurities, I was and still am to some extent that girl who doubted her self worth and doubted who God created her to be. I have two daughters, and this book is just what I need to help them not to follow in the same path as their mom has. I want them to be bold, confident in who God has created them to be. Both are involved in an organization called DOLLS – a wonderful christian group for girls at our schools but the struggles they face daily in their self worth can be so discouraging.

  79. You would think after 40 years, I wouldn’t have the desire to be popular. But I do. After read in this devotional it is clear just how much I can benefit from Magnetic. Just scroll through my social media posts to see how my attention I need, when all I really need to care about it Jesus’s love for me. What am I teaching my daughter? Yikes!

  80. I asked my husband for forgivness before going to bed last night…not wanting to sin for going to bed angry at him. This morning I woke up, still feeling hurt, resentful and obviously still upset. I am thinking…really? Why? As I am trying to pinpoint the reason, the reasons all begin with “I”. It has prompted me to think if it’s my selfishness keeping me from truly asking for forgivness. Todays devotional has really hit a cord with me. (Funny how devotions can do that} I am looking forward to reading into this “selfie” issue.

  81. Jennifer Harrison says:

    I would love a copy of this book for my daughters! As teenagers and adults, I think we all struggle with the issues of self-centeredness and self esteem. But my teens are enduring this tough peer pressure time of trying to find out who they are and struggle with trying to find happiness with friends, boyfriends, and material things – which is like building a foundation on sand. They need His word to life them up and fullfil them in the ways wordly people and possessions cannot.

  82. Sharon Gingerich says:

    I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a book study with my 13 yr old nieces. If I won the book I would use it to lead a study with them and if that wouldn’t work, I’d use it as a gift for one of them.

  83. I have 5 daughters ranging from 22-12. I have been blessed with a wonderful family, but have recently had some issues with my middle school age daughters. I see a selfish tendency, a rebellious attitude and it scares me. This book sounds like it wil help them to put the focus back on Christ, and not themselves. What a great ministry to young girls, and so needed right now in our society.

  84. I would love a copy to read with my daughter.

  85. Jennifer Nicks says:

    Thanks for redefining a word we take for granted today. Self reflection behind the real “selfie” moments in our lives deserve introspect. I will certainly be more mindful of having a servant heart w/actions that are opposite of “selfie” moments.

  86. Marci Goodale says:

    Sounds like a wonderful book for my teen daughter!

  87. I would love a copy of the book. I have never figured out who I am supposed to be. I have been looking all of my life. I had a very abusive marriage that I survived, but 25 years later, I still hear him saying ugly things. Just this week, there was a situation at work where the county commissioner’s said my boss had to fire me or my sister because after a year and a half, they decided that two sister’s couldn’t work in the same office. Even though I was first hired, I was relocated to my old job so I wouldn’t lose my retirement or insurance. I felt like trash that had been kicked to the curb. It has really made me feel useless, because she chose my baby sister over me. On top of that, my Dad has been in the hospital over two weeks. He has good and bad days, but we don’t think that he will be with us much longer. I want to find a purpose for my life and feel loved.

  88. I would l-o-v-e to share this book with my 15 year old daughter. I think back to when I was 15 and all the mistakes I made, that I don’t want her to suffer. There is so much out there in the world trying to twist our thoughts and get our attention off our Father. The One that cares about us the most. Thanks Lynn for writing a book that gives girls practical advise about where they should place their focus in order to be truly happy with themselves.

  89. I want to give this to my daughter. She has been clean for 3 1/2 years. I am so proud of her and I think this book would be a great tool for her to further her journey in Christ. Thank you!!!!

  90. Our church is focused on reaching the next generation; our vision is “loving the next generations into the family of God and empowering them to become world changers.” I would like this book for our youth group.

  91. I’d love to give this to my daughter. She’s just starting 6th grade. I wish I’d had a book like this when I was starting my teenage years!

  92. I struggle with this every day. I strive to be that confident woman you described, yet I, too, push too often for acceptance and approval. With God’s help, I will do it!

  93. At 56 years old, 2 grown kids and 6 grandkids, I saw myself in this word today. Profound does not even touch it. I’ve lived for Jesus since I’m 22 and always have a twinge of “look at me”. I know where it comes from and am astonished that the need for attention and recognition still creeps up in my life. God bless your soul mightly for this book. I intend to get one as my daughter could benefit from it as I could have as well.

  94. I am a mother who is still trying to have confidence and know that I am valued. Something that was never instilled in me while growing up. However I do not want to blame anyone as I know I have the power and strength from above to be whom God wants me to be. I have a 9 year old daughter that is full of life and would like us both to read the book together and grow together. Please also pray for her as she just mentioned to me last night that she does not like herself. Pray that I encourage her and lift her up in the name of Jesus and also for her to know how valued she is.

  95. Yes, insecurity is an old friend…that I am always disappointed to see show up again. Definitely do not want to pass my struggles on to my daughter as she approaches her teens…but often feel like I am.

  96. Thank you for your devotional. Growing up I didn’t have the best relationship with my father & one comment has always stuck….I am selfish. During disagreements my husband tells me the same thing. It makes me stop & think…is this true? I don’t feel selfish…my friends never tell me that or is this something not said in love? This part of me needs to he and I am so thankful you wrote your book for me and others to read.

  97. Thank you so much for your daily devotions. I begin every day as a chaplain at a highschool being inspired by your words and trying to pass them on to others.
    As chaplain of a large highschool, I try to lead and model the woman Christ wants each of us to be.
    This book would become part of my ministry to teach our young women to be selfless in a world of selfies!
    I would also love to share this book of wisdom with the chaplains acroos our province.
    I know the books will land in the right hands – to touch the lives Christ chooses.
    God Bless your wonderful ministry.
    Blessings, Kimberly

  98. I have an older sister (56) who is struggling with this issue. She is married but not happily. This is her 6th marriage. She has for years been searching for that inner peace of self and has yet to find it. She is churched, that’s not the issue. She won’t even talk about the issue or acknowledge it. She constantly asks for approval of what she is wearing, how her hair looks, etc. She also jumps in the middle of conversations, dominating them actually and selfies are quite the norm. She hangs out with the partier crowd just to feel part of a group. When I pray for her, I’m not even sure what to pray. God knows her heart and her deep rooted struggle, so I just give it to Him. She loves to read so if I win this book, she may be offended at first but I know she will read it.

  99. My hope is that the deserving women who have posted will win the book. Just because it’s a random drawing and we never know what God has up his sleeve, I will enter for my 14 year old daughter. I truly believe that every little girl needs to know that the love of their heavenly Father will never leave them and is completely unconditional. Armed with that kind of love they can conquer anything!

  100. my daughter just found out that her father had a child out of our marriage. Every time she sees him doing something for or with that child she compares it with the time he was not there for her. I know she loves her father and her little sister but she can’t get pass that all those things she never got to do with him because he was with the other women or child. This book might give her a different insight of what her life can be with out that resentment. i forgot to mention my daughter is 19 and her little sister is 9.

  101. I would love a copy of this book. I had depression and self esteem issues in high school and thought I stamped it out but recently the enemy has brought it all back. I am my husbands biggest weakness and I hate to see my insecuritys slow his ministry’s progress. I am on the road to recovery and will take all the help I can get. I have a daughter (10monts) who I desperately want to be a good model for.

  102. I would love to share this with my daughters.

  103. I want to be beautiful the way God defines beautiful. I believe this book will be a wonderful tool to help me to become such a woman, as well as, for the young ladies I mentor.

  104. I would love a copy of this book. I will read it and maybe pass along to my teenage sister. Growing up without a father, I sought male attention, and my teen years were spent in sin and anguish. My twenties were…embarrassing, but I somehow made it through and with the help of my husband and my church I am becoming closer to who I was meant to be. There is still plenty of work to be done, but I’m miles away from my younger self. I want better for my sister.

  105. Thank you for this timely devotion and the book would be a treasure for me and my daughter.


  106. Lea kallenbach says:

    I loved this devotion today and would love for my 2 young daughters to grow in God.

  107. Kelly Brandt says:

    My prayer is that my daughter grows up KNOWING that she is a new creation and that she is a daughter of the Most High God – King of Kings – which makes her a princess. I want her to not make the mistakes I did – seeking validation and confirmation from the wrong places. As a homeschool mom, I think this books would be a wonderful source of truth for her in our Bible studies. Regardless of the drawing – I want to use this book. Thank you for offering it!

  108. Wow! How encouraging to read the comments of other women who have faced similar struggles and have also learned to seek help and answers in Christ. I also have three daughters ages 16, 16, and soon to be13. Their dad was arrested twice for domestic violence 3-4 years ago. At that time I did not understand my value. And, unfortunately did not set a good example for my daughters. Now Christ is my center and focus. I’m happily remarriedprank it is most likely because Christ is still my first love and focus! My daughters are still being manipulated by their father; too often I witness them desperately trying to “earn” his affection. Thank you for following God’s inspiration in providing TRUTH for the women we love through the books you have authored. Looking forward to “Magnetic” as well as “His Revolutionary Love.”

  109. Kareen Lively says:

    I would love to win this book not for myself but for a young woman I have tried to mentor during this past year. This young woman’s self esteem has taken a beating over the years and she now seeks solace in the arms of different men. She unconsciously sabotages all her relationships even the ones with female friends. She decided to move back home after this past tumultuous year which is about 300 miles from here so we are no longer able to meet on a weekly basis and the downward spiral has once again started. She is on medication for depression but each weekend she hits the bars and picks up men to help her find acceptance, peace and love. She is a Christian and when she is on track she shines with the beauty of Christ but when she fails she feels worthless and unloved.

  110. This will be a wonderful book that truly every woman could benefit from!

  111. My husband and I are the youth leaders at our church. Every other Sunday, we split the girls and boys and teach them separately. I have a very diverse group of young ladies. Many come from broken homes and struggle with insecurities. My goal is to teach them that through God they can become strong, secure, successful, Christian women. I know sharing your book with “my girls” would be such a blessing to them and me. Thank you for your devotion to encourage us all to be better Christian women!

  112. I would love this book for myself and my daughters. Beautiful post today.

  113. I’m new to this site but I love it! As you can see by my email address, Proverbs 31 is something that lives in my heart. I am 31 and have struggled to end an abusive marriage for two years. It finally ends in nine days. I’ve been trying to work on who I am now but even though we are physically detached, I’m still married to this abuser. God is my number one and rock. But I don’t know who I am despite all the counseling as I emerge from this situation. I pray for resources that bring me closer to me! I read the blogs daily and share them incase there is another empty vessel waiting and willing for God to fill.

  114. My daughter is 15. She was sexually assaulted in March of this year. She has Jesus in her heart but often struggles with who she is in Christ. Girl drama is definitely a huge force in her life although she recognizes it and hates it. I would love to host a study, based on your book, for teenage girls. God is faithful and is carrying our family through this journey, and I know your book would allow us to help others who are seeking Truth.

  115. I knew something great had taken place in my life but I didn’t know what it was until now. I have finally “died to selfie”. The past few weeks have been totally amazing. I have become more self controlled and letting Jesus take the lead instead of allowing my emotions get the best of me. I was so hurt in church by church but instead of storming off or giving everybody a piece of my mind. I rolled the issue to the lord allowing Him to work in me and I have great peace and also learnt submission. Its a journey I am loving and thankfu to be experiencing. Life is not about me but about Him.

    • Thank you for sharing this, Gladys! May God continue to bless you richly, and use you and your testimony in the advancement of His Kingdom!

  116. I would like to win this book as well for a girl I mentor. In her past she has struggled with self-acceptance and seeking it in all the wrong places. She’s on a good path now, but at 20 years old she’s heading into some tricky times as friends start turning 21 and are heading to the bars and all the temptation that brings. This book seems like it would be a great encouragement to her and remind her how wonderful and valued she is. She is also a WyldLife leader at a local middle school and I see her using this book as a fantastic tool with the middle school girls as they navigate those confusing, awkward and life shaping years.

  117. I lead a small group of 15 yr old teen girls on Sunday nights after the youth minister talks, we divide up and discuss. Alot of times, m girls wind up talking about themselves, especially one. She is the attention seeker and “mean girl” of the group. I am 34, divorced and single. they ask about relationships alot. I just think if I could pass this book around to them, it would be great. Thank you!
    In Christ,

  118. My daughter is 15 and was sexually assaulted in March of this year. God has been faithful, as He always is, to carry us through this ordeal. We are all growing closer to Him and to each other. I would love a copy of your book so that I can lead a girl’s group. So many girls struggle with their identity in Christ and I would love to be able to share Truth with them so maybe they can avoid situations like my daughter has encountered. The release of your book is timely and very much appreciated.

  119. I’m the leader of the girls group at my church. It is called Girls for Christ and I think this would be a great book to share with my ladies. There ages range from 5 to 16. I was just working with the ladies and just going though the motions. I prayed to God for him to guide me and lead me in the direction I should go. Our meeting on Sat was awesome the girls didnot want to leave. Praise God. I would love this book but if not your prayers would be grateful. Pray for me and my ladies. Thank you

  120. I would love a copy of this book. My daughter just graduated from a Christian school that doesn’t have a high school so we put her in public school. We have realized more than ever the importance of being grounded in The Lord, but have struggled to find a resource to help during this season of life she has entered. Today she woke up and asked if I had a devotion for her and I said let me see (as I felt weary and completely unprepared as I have for days now) and by the grace of our precious and loving God, there I saw “Die to your selfie”, and knew God had answered! Thanks so much for your heart to see young impressionable girls know their importance and put their confidence in God alone, I’m so grateful to you!

  121. I admit, this stung a bit to read but I need to hear it. Thanks for being vulnerable and allowing God to speak to us through you.

  122. Christy Blackburn says:

    The devotion today just reaffirmed what the Lord showed me this morning! Being in union with Him will make us transform into the woman God wants us to be. Halellujah!!!

  123. I would like the book for myself. I was reading about the book, and immediately thought the characteristics that were listed not only pertain to young girls, but I think adult women as well. The phrase that really captured me was “”I was only joking” isn’t a line she needs to use.” Today, we easily fall back on this phrase as an out for our behavior. Even the concepts of resisting girl drama and being faithful, no matter how old we are, we can end up being these women. I look forward to reading your book.

  124. I would love this book for my granddaughter. She’s just starting college this year but friends have always been a little difficult for her. I know her parents are equally concerned for her decisions. We are in prayer for her because this is a hard transition and she’s away from home for the first time.

  125. I would love to share this book with my sister who struggles with self confidence as well as the girls in my Wednesday night Bible study!

  126. My son and his girlfriend just graduated from high school and she is in her first year of college. She has been through some very tragic things in her life. She saw her best friend’s Mom murdered and they were held hostage for several hours until the step father surrendered to police. She is having a hard time adjusting in college. She feels that she doesn’t fit in. She is really struggling and I feel this could her center her in her journey. She knows God has great plans for her and she desparately wants to do his will. I think this book would greatly help her and her friends at college. I greatly appreciate your time, Teresa

  127. This was such an encouraging article. God’s love is so amazing. We don’t have to work to get it, he so willing gives it. My heart goes out to those who do not know this truth. As we understand His love posture toward us, that acceptance just covers us and gives us a boldness to want to share that truth with others. I desire, as God desires, that every person in the world would understand this. If I were to win this book, I would definitely pass it on, probably to my teen daughter first. God bless you and may you be encouraged.

  128. I would like a copy of the book for myself. My husband and I have 10 month old twin daughters. I want them to grow up to become God-loving, confident, beautiful women. I look forward to reading your book!

  129. Katie Dailey says:

    I have been struggling to find the woman that God created me to be instead of who the world says I should be and this message today was exactly what I needed to hear!! I must die to myself to allow Christ to make me into the woman He created me to be! Thank you for inspiring me and allowing the Holy Spirit to work through you to reach others!!

  130. I would love to get this book because my husband and I are in the midst of trying to teach our girls to live out the Fruits of the Spirit and be reflective of Christ. I need to always remember to do the same so I can be an example to each of them.

  131. I struggle so much in discipling my girls (14 & 11) to help them keep a Christ centered persective in this day and age. They need this book.

  132. I would love a copy of this book, 3 years ago after a cross country (away from family) move my 4 daughters father told them that the heart wants what the heart wants and he was in love with a 23 year old. He continually chooses his relationship with his girlfriend over his relationship with his girls. My daughters watch him verbally abuse me and become panic stricken that he will do that to them so they compromise themselves to please him. He is disrespectful to my teenage girls who have given up on their relationship with him and my younger girls are desperate for his love and approval and are conflicted with the roller coaster of emotion. I try to continue to cultivate and see a relationship with God the Father for my girls but it is increasingly difficult with the damage and lack of trust their own father. Would love for my daughters to recieve this book and learn to love themselves as God loves them. Thank you for your words of encouragement and sharing the words God places on your heart.

  133. Becky Rogers says:

    I could definitely use this book as a reminder!

  134. I think that this would be an excellent read for me and my granddaughters who I think are growing up way too fast. They look at themselves in the mirror and feel like applying makeup is the answer and that is a deep concern of mine. Whatever help I can get would be appreciated. Pray Pray Pray!!!

  135. I just started reading these devotionals and enjoy them. I struggle with work issues. I have read some of the other blogs and I am just amazed on how many ladies are having so many issues with life. My heart and prayers goes out to each of you. I always try let the light shine on others. I just like to work in the background. I do not have to be up front when I do things for others. My heart smiles every time I do something to help others and I thank God for giving me the spirit kindness.
    Thanks everyone for opening my eyes to see what others go through and reminding me that I do not always have it together.

  136. I know I struggle with this! About the time that I think I have it together I do something that I know isn’t in line with what Christ wants. Every time I out on my cross necklace I say a prayer that I remember why I am wearing it. When I have a moment of sharp tinge my hand goes to it and again I remember. It is a process! And I have stubborn self that does not want to give up! So constantly I am in a state of grace!

  137. I can relate to today’s message. There are times I want to be in on what is going on and feel left out if I am not. Dying to the need for acceptance and approval from others is something that creeps up from time to time and I can relate it to my need for a father growing up. Thanks for your message and may we all pray for each other to die to the self so our real selves in Him can emerge.

  138. What timing these various devotions are. They continually touch my heart and show me areas where I need to get better. Dying to selfie is another good one, showing my feelings are so minimal compared to those of others!

  139. My oldest daughter just turned 18 and started college, It’s a great big world out there and my prayer is for her to be confident in who God created her to be. She has so much doubt in herself. I think this book will help her grow in confidence to live the life God meant for her,

  140. Hi, if I won this book I would give to my daughters to take turns reading. They are age 23, 21 and 14. My oldest daughte and I suffered abuse at the hands of her father at a very early age and I was not in a good place to walk away. I have seen her at her lowest and now that she has a son, at her highest. She, actually all 3 of them, are the strongest young women I know. They have grown up without a real man in their lives, so this book would be a blessing to them and me, becuase we all know that God works in mysterious ways. My 14 year old is a point in her life where “dating” is everything in their young lives. I want her to know that if she waits for the right young man, the young man HE has chosen for her, he will be worth waiting for. Thank you!

  141. I am currently trying to make some changes in my life to die to self . This post is exactly how I feel and what I want to strive for, a woman Jesus can be proud of :). I would love this book!

  142. I have 3 girls ages 11-13 and this sounds like a book we could read together to help them get through these rough teenage years. It also sounds like something myself and most of my friends need to hear even though we are older. Thank you!

  143. Lisa Edwards says:

    I have two daughters in their senior year in high school. I think would love to give them this book to help them remember to not only be the girl he want them to be, but also the young ladies he wants them to be.

  144. I would give this book to each of my 2 daughters.

    I was a teenage mother, and raised my beautiful children on my own for a very long time. I am only now realizing some of the unexpected results of this. Being a mom at 17 meant I didn’t have the chance to be young when I should have been. There was such a backlash from it in my life, but not what you would think. As my kids grew, I began to focus more and more on me, instead of on them and what I needed to do for them. It has ended up creating a very strong “me” culture in my home and in their hearts. Children truly do learn from what they see at home before anywhere else.

    My girls are beautiful, loving girls, now aged 15 and 17. They are amazing and I am so proud to be their mother. I count myself lucky every day to have them. Unfortunately, they are so wrapped up in the “land of the selfie” that they have become so selfish in many ways.

    When I found Jesus, I hoped that my children would too. This hasn’t been the case. If the messages in this book can reach into their hearts and guide them, I would be thrilled beyond hope.

    I love my children dearly, and I can only hope that God reaches out to them the way He has to me.

  145. Barbie L. Dansby says:

    I am a woman that has been through many trails. Reading Proverbs 31 this morning has been inspiring as well as enjoyable. What pulls at me is the thought of becoming more perceptive, growing in faith, respect, wisdom and understanding. I recently reunitied with my ex- husband and rededicated my life to our Father. I am becoming a better mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter because I now know Iam a child of GOD, love the skin I’, in and the striving to be the beautiful woman GOD has created me to be

  146. Ronda Ceynar says:

    I am a youth leader for girls (and boys) ages 13-18. So many of them are struggling with so many things-cutting, self esteem, bullying. It breaks my heart every day. I just want to share with them that Jesus loves them no matter what and that He is the only one that matters!

  147. Tamara Davis says:

    I would love this book. My daughter and I have always done a quick devotion every night before bed. We have recently finished our last devotion book and are in search of a new one. I believe this would be a great one! This is exactly what I want for my daughter to be…a lady after God’s own heart.

  148. My daughter is a freshman in high school and she is truly struggling with finding her way. She is easily swayed by peer pressure which scares me to pieces! I have been trying to find the right resources for her to spend time with outside of the Bible and this devotion this morning is spot on what I needed!! This book as well as His Revolutionary Love… both seem perfect for her. God Bless!!

  149. Amanda Farley says:

    Hi, I love this devotional. It hit me right where I needed it. I needed to see how to put this bible verse to play in my life. To see why I need to “die to self” but to also understand why it is hard to “die to self” I’m always looking for attention and acceptance from others. Now I need to live out the fruit of the spirit and know that The Lord loves and acceptance me just the way I am. Being secure in that should make me be secure in my life. Now just putting it too work!!!!!! Thank you for this devotion!

  150. with 4 granddaughters struggling to find themselves in middle school to high school, “Becoming the Girl He Wants” would be a great help to them. They are believers but with the things the world throws out to them in school, they can use every tool available to overcome those temptations.

  151. I would love to win a copy of this book to give to my step daughter!!

  152. I just finished writing “casting my cares on GOD” list. This is the answer to my Greed. I am a buyer for a resale shop. There are approximately 3 buyers working together at any given time that purchase items for our customers. This position began as an opportunity for me to help those in need by using my fashion sense to purchase items at a discounted price. Our customers are able to afford clothes that help them transition back into the work force, interview for new positions etc.
    I have recognized how I lost sight of the goodness of God’s plan…through selfishly buying these items for myself and actually arguing with the other buyers about why I should have these items over them. I cringe when I read this. All praise goes to God for this opportunity to rid myself of this sin and Thanks to you for writing this article to help me become sensitive to this issue. Your book will not only help me…but all those who God calls me to give it to.

  153. Wow, I really wish someone would have written powerful truths like this when I was younger. I have many anxiety issues that have been popping up in the last few years and I think they could be from unresolved anger and past hurts. The devotion today really spoke to my heart and would love to be encouraged by the book as well.

  154. I would love a copy of this book! It would be such a great tool for getting my daughter ready for middle school.

  155. Since “dying to self” is foundational in honoring and glorifying our Lord and yet remains a daily struggle, this book would be such a help for my granddaughter who is in college now. What a blessing it would be to receive a copy to give to her.

  156. This devotion was meant for me today! I have just been asked to help lead a new women’s Bible study, and the peacock in my heart was delighted at all the attention on Friday – I have been doing a LOT of soul searching at how good that made me feel, at the instinct to take over the whole thing so I get all the acclaim, etc. Thanks for sharing your heart with us! A copy of the book might be just what I need to keep going on this journey.

  157. Lindsey Collins says:

    I would love a copy of this new book! The devotion really spoke to me this morning. As a new mom it’s hard to struggle with not getting the same attention from people as you I’d before the baby. I also struggle with how to balance my life and relationship with God and the life that everybody else wants me to live.

  158. I’d love to get this book for my daughter. The past year has been challenging for her. She has been abused twice in her short lifetime. She is now off at her freshman year of college at a christian university trying to start fresh. I’m praying that she will take this time to grow closer to God and praying for some Godly friends to step into her life. She has seen God work in our lives and she could benefit from this book tremendously. Thank you!

  159. Kelly Justice says:

    I really needed to hear this today. I am about to turn 50 and have been doing a lot of reflecting lately, and lately I have felt like I am always doing for everyone else, but no one is doing anything for me. After reading this it made me feel very selfish and self-centered, for which I repented. I want to be more like Jesus. I want a servant’s heart. I would LOVE a copy of this book not only for myself, but especially for my daughter. She is young and becoming a mother to a little girl in a few weeks. I want her to know that it’s not all about what people can do for her, but instead what she can do for others; and I want her to be able to pass this on to her own daughter. Thank you again for such an uplifting devotional today!

  160. I loved this devotion……and I would LOVE to read this book!!!

  161. I would like a copy of this book for my 13 year old daughter. She is a beautiful young girl who is struggling with body image, wanting to be noticed, and desiring to follow the crowd instead of God. I was just thinking this morning of doing a Bible Study or something with her to help her regain her focus on what’s really important and to keep the lines of communication open. Then I read your devotion and thought, Wow, this is it!

  162. If I won I would share it with my neice. Shes a 16 year old young lady who was raised by her mother. As my brother fought to have her in his life she was raised thinking her father wanted nothing to do with her πŸ™ She is back in our lives as of the last year and my brother and his wife and all 4 of his children (16 year old brother and sister and 12 year old twins boy and girl) are together on the weekends. I see her struggling to put the pieces together and Jesus is the way. I would love to see this young lady find her identity in the Lord and not travel down the dark paths the world has laid out. She is very receptive and open. There are some very compelling stories in here and I believe without laying it all out our ladies in our family would benefit from the book!

  163. This hit home for me so much! I have been thru a lot of the years and have been battling cancer and fibromyalgia for many years. I have learned that things are better when I do what I can to help others instead of feeling pity and doing for myself. But I still struggle at times with this. I now have a couple of family members who are going thru a difficult time, which need my support. But I feel helpless. All I can does pray. But after reading the is – I feel this book could be a great tool in helping them refocus, and also help me grow stronger and more reliant on God.

  164. Lesley Milliken says:

    I would love a copy of this book! I am 21 years old, and my new husband is 22. We are serving the Lord right now in various ways – my hubby is an evangelist and I am able to minister to others through hospitality in our home and through teaching. Thankfully, I have rarely ever struggled with self confidence issues. I watched my sister battle poor self confidence for many years however. She struggled with her body image, her self-worth, and eventually ended up in several abusive relationships and a bad marriage. I don’t ever want to see girls go through that, so a copy of this book would help me share this message with my sister, my niece, my family, my friends, and all the beautiful young ladies that I come into contact with through our ministry. Thank you for a powerful and highly needed devotional!

  165. As much as I would love to have a copy for my daughter. Reading Karen’s post broke my heart. Please give her a copy. My husband died Oct 9, 2012. Even though my daughter is now 24 years old, I still see where the influence of positive male role models in her life is needed. Men just don’t realize what they do to their daughters when they ignore them. I will be praying for you and your girls Karen.

  166. Trisha Spangler says:

    Great devotional this morning! I have struggled with finding approval and being who God wants me to be. I have two little girls, that I need to raise up to love God and let him work through them and me! I would love to read this book and pass it on to others that need it! Thanks for the great devotional, I love reading Proverbs 31 every morning!

  167. Thank you for these words today. I often feel like, as a mom, I do choose others over myself often. BUT….I often do it with the wrong heart. I do it so I can say I do it. I’m being a martyr and want to be recognized as such. These words hit hard today. I would love a copy of this book to share with my daughters. I see them getting caught up (and sometimes spit out) by this world and I want so badly for them to know that God created them beautifully, perfectly and that what He sees is what really matters! Loves these devos!

  168. I am in the middle of this journey of dying to self(ie). I have never felt valued by the ones in my life who should love me. I didn’t come to my personal relationship with Jesus until my 40’s so there is so much damage and lies to undo. Even if I don’t win this book, just this devotional has been so altering to me. God bless you for writing this book.

  169. This book sounds like a great one for my almost teenage daughter & for me as well as it is so easy to fall back into those old insecurities! Glad I am not alone!

  170. Great post, very encouraging in our selfie serving culture. I would love a copy of Lynn’s new book!

  171. Vondalee Buehler says:

    I love this devotion. I would love to win this book and read it and share it with my 23-year-old daughter. I would like to learn to be more Christ-like and less of me, more of Him and share that with my daughter.

  172. Thank you for the reminder to die to self-ie. How many moments of each day there is another opportunity to die. How gracious our God is that when we do, the strength He has given to overcome is so overwhelming. Glad He is so faithful. Thanks again for sharing.

  173. I would love to win this book. Just reading this devotional reminded me of all that I’m seeking. I’m recently married and watching how my own insecurities impact our relationship and I so desire to figure it out before we raise a child. At 29, we are not holding off that long. πŸ˜‰ Besides that, I seek to influence college students through a college ministry and it could be helpful material conversation with them as well. My prayer is that one day when we have daughters that their mom will not be desperate for approval and instead strong in Christ. That would be a far greater gift than any vocation I could ever achieve. Thanks for sharing the devotional!

  174. I would really love to have this book for my 15yr old daughter (she will be 16 next month). She has been talking to a 18yr boy for several months now. At first I tried to give him a chance but over the last couple of months he has gotten into trouble over and over again. He is into weed, drinks and goes to strip clubs!! I have tried to explain to her that a true guy would not choose all of that over her…. she says she cannot cut her feelings off!! There have been many tears shed the last few days. To make matters more complicated her father and I divorced 5 years ago, we have no relationship so I cannot expect any support from him . I am remarried and he is good to my daughter but she thinks he has no say so in this matter since he is not her “real dad”
    Help I am at a loss!!

  175. My oldest daughter is 12. She struggles so much. I think this would be the perfect book for her. Well, for me too.

  176. It is so hard to let yourself die to the hardships of life and be born again into Christ. To allow him to carry the burden for you when all you want to do is hide the hurt and the pain and keep going because isn’t that what we are taught. Even when you aren’t sure what direction you need to be going in you push yourself forward. Even today as a grow-up I find myself needing that reassurance that all my time I spend pouring over my family and the organizations that I am involved in is what God desires for my life. Still today my self confidence is like a shaking leaf that sometimes when life it still it stands strong but it takes nothing more than a gentle wind to upend the strength. God Bless you for your gifts!!

  177. Judy Clanton says:

    This is a very important message to all women, but especially for our young women and teenagers who are struggling to know exactly who they are and are trying to find their way in this current world in which we live. I plan to share this message with my church’s youth leader and will share this with the WMU ladies I lead. It is hard to die to self and can only be done through the love and salvation of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  178. donna fusiara says:

    after reading this morning, I realize I want more than anything to be able to do just this and die to myself to become more like Jesus, but I would love to be able to share the book coming out with two of my very broken friends. Each of them struggle with insecurities because of traumas which happened as young girls, but both having to do with abusive relationships within their families. I try to speak of Jesus’ love for them and minister to them as much as I can as a person who knows and loves Jesus. I am not equipped enough to handle this delicate situation. I would love to be able to afford to purchase he books when they come out but if I could win at least one of them, I would be so grateful. I am an unemployed school teacher and I would love a copy for myself, and both of these women. I will purchase them, when they are released, as I feel compelled to read this message, but it would be so helpful to be able to give them as very necessary gifts for healing and forgiveness and a sign to these women that God is really the only one who can truly provide the security and mercy they need. My prayers to all of the women who are in need of this. We are all in his grace and mercy at all times, it is simply that we each need the reminders and something as powerful as the printed words may be what is needed to grow in His love. I tell these girlfriends that His is the only approval we should seek. I love reading the daily Proverbs 31, as I need to see things in print, and it is the most uplifting and encouraging beginning to my day. THank you may God continue to bless each of you and each of the women who read these messages.

  179. Andrea Sullivan says:

    I love this devotion! It was exactly what I needed today. I would love a copy of your book. I rededicated my life to Christ Sunday night and this is an area I am working on. I am trying to be the best example I can be for my 3 daughters!

  180. Absolutely loved the message in His Revolutionary Love. I had the great blessing of sharing it with my daughter and a living room of her friends for 8 weeks. It was a message my daughter needed do desperately needed to hear. Looking forward to sharing the message in Magnetic. Our relationship is troubled and as we continue to work through it and the teenage years, she listens to you through your books even when it’s not cool to listen to me. Thank you!

  181. Kimberly Burch says:

    Loved this & would love to win the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  182. Definetly a book I want to read and have my daughter read. I struggle with insecurities and try to hide them. It’s exhausting.
    I also work for a non profit who cares for abused, neglected and traumatized youth sounds like this would be a great book for the library at our girls program. These girls feel as though no one cares for them. We are trying to break those patterns

  183. I would use this book with the women in my church.

  184. I have a daughter who is in 7th grade. Right now she is struggling with accepting the changes that come with puberty to the point of denial. I also see her becoming more introverted than she ever has been, to the point where I wonder if professional help would be beneficial, the only problem would be I would do all the talking. She is a wonderful girl who loves God whole-heartedly and I want to see her use that love to become a more confident young lady.

  185. This was an amazing article! It made me really examine my own desire to make things about me! That is not what I desire for myself. I want to knows someone who reflects the character of Christ…As a someone who grew up without a strong male influence in my life I have experienced the long term affects that that can have. I used to think that I didn’t struggle with acceptance from the opposite sex, but boy was I wrong! I am in my mid-30’s, married with 3 kids and I am just beginning to see how important it is that no matter your upbringing (with an earthly father or without), you need to find your acceptance in Christ alone! If I won this book, I would definitely pass it along to my girls. I want them to realize their worth only comes from Christ!

  186. Books are an interesting thing, for those who enjoy reading they are a source of relief and a secret getaway. And for others books are a source of hope and answers. For me, books are a place to obtain valuable information that can help shape the views that society has attached to me. Who I am in Christ is drastically different than who the world claims I am. I would enjoy a copy of the book just so I can dig deeper into discovering who I am and help other women do the same.

  187. shirley welch says:

    Thank you for your devotional today. Very timely.

  188. Ashley Carrizales says:

    Where was this when I was in college πŸ™‚ I would love to win a copy of this book. I work with inner city teenage girls and I would love to share this with them, also I’m having my first little girl and would love to have something to share with her when she gets older.

  189. Dear Lynn,
    Thank you for this message! It really hit me in my heart! It seems that that “little girl” in me is still looking to be noticed, or for approval. Your message is a great reminder to me and all of us. Bless you and thank you so much again!

  190. I struggle with this a lot. It is good to have several bible verses to help and to know others struggle with this also. I guess it comes from being neglected as a child. Thank you for some resources to help and for the chance to receive one of these books.

  191. Id love to give this to my boss. She runs 2 community mental health centers gracefully taking care of all our clients, staff and her church’s issues. This book would validate and encourage her.

  192. Dorrie German says:

    Thank you for sharing your selfie this morning. It helped me see mine or open my eyes more to mine. I have grown boys that I love with all my heart. One a Sgt in the Marine. I handle a lot of stuff for that Sgt still to this day. He is my baby and it has always been hard to break my ties. Yesterday he got upset with me for trying to do just that and tell him how to handle some stuff, what he needed to to to get some things done. He is a good Sgt., but in regular life he procrastinates. I guess I have to leave that on him. He is also getting married soon and wanted to go over the list but with dad not me. Hello! They are getting married here at our house and dad is cooking. I am trying to step back and realize it is ok. That nothing is meant at me, I also need to real have Gods help with the selfie and help me just remember how blessed I have to have my wonderful boys that are strong men in The Lord. Father help me with my selfie!!

  193. I would greatly appreciate this book to use for my church group helping women recover from body image issues. When we find out eternal value in Christ and focus on following Jesus we reduce the value and strong hold our outward appearance has on us. This book would be a wonderful resource for us! Thank you for considering!

  194. I am recently divorced, after 26 years of marriage and have a 17 year old daughter that lacks confidence. Although I depend on Christ as my source of strength and we are pressing forward in our new life. She has seen what years of defeat can do to a person and I want her to be a strong women of faith that does not allow anyone to bully her and she can stand confidently in the direction that God is leading her. Thanks to listening the the nudging of the Holy Spirit and writing this for those of us that need confidence in our lives. God Bless you!

  195. Kenia garcia says:

    It happens to me, i see someone else’s selfie and i want to get attention too, thank you, the lord is always reminding us to stay focus into what really matters. HIM!

  196. As a 42 year old, recent empty nester, I’m struggling to find my new “me.” I’ve battled depression and beibg overweight most of my adult life. I believe I was led to this blog for a reason.

  197. Heather Pilgrim says:

    Thank you for this devotional today! It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. My father left our mother and three kids when I was a freshman in high school, and he never looked back. He remarried, had kids and to this day doesn’t know his first set of kids, or grandkids and seems to not care to. I’ve always had a needy, attention getting type of personality and I believe it stems from my father abandoning us. It’s amazing thehow strong the connection and need of that father/daughter relationship can be. And when you don’t have it you look elsewhere, which is what I’ve done my whole life. I go back and forth with my relationship with God, but I’ve never been able to fully give myself and my “need for attention” to him. I would like to learn how and to DO IT! Because now this “need” is beginning to affect my marriage of 12 years. My husband means everything to me and our relatiinship is not something I want to lose, especially to something like this! Please pray for me. That I can give my FULL self to God and allow him to lead me and use me in His way!

    • I’m in the same boat. My insecurities and sense of “less” really affects my marriage. We’re both flawed people but this just adds really heavily to problems in our marriage. I am very not secure in him and am always imagining him emotionally connecting with women, even coworkers from his job and it really makes it hard to trust.
      This past few months I’ve just started to see how bad it is and I want to be secure in JESUS so I don’t need to fear anything else.
      Even if I don’t win the book, this devotional was a blessing. I’ll be referring to it and to the verses often I think.

  198. Davida Moraga says:

    Wow such amazing heart felt posts! Well this sounds like an amazing book and I look forward to reading it. As I read the list today I just love how the Lord speaks directly to my heart. As a mom with two young girls 7 and 9 it is NY hearts desire the would have this inner beauty to let be others before themselves. It so incredibly hard in a narcissistic society. But I will continue to teach them the truths both in word and by example. Thanks for sharing your blog!

  199. “Die to my selfie” that says it all, so a new godly woman can emerge ,so You can live strong in me!
    Lord do your work in me, on me and for You!
    Put Godly women mentors in my path .
    Thank you for this devotion .

  200. RuthAnn Sexton says:

    I’m a divorced mom of 5 daughters and 1 son. I am trying to be an example to my girls of how a godly woman should be and to my son of what he should look for in a woman. I am struggling to find my own value and worth to God. How can I convince them of their value if I don’t know my own? I keep praying to be the woman God can use and that He needs me to be, then I fail/sin in some aspect and I feel defeated, condemned and unworthy. I know in my head it’s the enemy attacking me. How do I guard my heart to keep the enemy from getting a foothold? I want to be a confident woman of God, I want to leave that legacy for my children. Even if I don’t receive the book, if you could pray for me to hear the word I need, pray for God’s mercy and grace to surround me, for me to accept God’s forgiveness, for me to forgive myself for my own sins and shortcomings, I would appreciate it.

    • Praying for you, RuthAnn! May you know that you know the great, deep, undying and untiring love God has for you. He gave His only Son that You can hear the voice of God and be rid of those things that hinder your relationship with Him. We all deal with things in our lives and, maybe daily, need to give them to our loving Heavnly Father. I speak to myself here, too! We must remind ourselves of how God sees us, and those with whom we interact, and give Him place to be through us. Holy Spirit is in us, and we need to yield to Him. We must stay in His Word, hide it in our hearts, and live out its truths! May you be strengthened in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. Know that under you are the everlasting arms of the One Who defeated our enemies – the devil, our flesh and the world. It’s all about Jesus! In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen!

  201. I have the book for myself already, to be used in a mentoring group. If I win one of these 10 I will give it to my 13yo daughter. She took the magnet that came with my book for her school locker, so it only makes sense that she have the book as well. πŸ™‚

  202. I think it would be a blessing to receive this book.
    I grew up with an insecure and paranoid mother who had father issues. Of course my parents got a divorce and I became the same as her.
    I looked/still look for love in all of the wrong places and I can see how it is affecting my own marriage. It takes two, but I know if I learn to become secure in the Lord at least I won’t have these family habits attacking our marriage as well. I want to change the pattern, but it’s so hard. I don’t even believe God wants to listen to me sometimes. I try to please Him and be a worthwhile woman but I only ever fail over and over.
    I know I haven’t yet grasped His true love or I wouldn’t struggle so badly with my depression, paranoia, and insecurities. I don’t know HOW to grasp it as my own. I just cannot FEEL it, no matter how much I pray or read His word.
    Maybe if this book teaches all of that it would be worth reading.

  203. I look forward to reading your new book. I am working through “A more confident Heart” right now and am excited to keep learning and growing with your new book.

  204. Oh this book sounds so good, I would love to give a copy to my teen daughter. She has been struggling with so many things lately – rebellion, hormonal changes, the desire for attention from boys, depressed feelings, etc…. I really worry about her lately and pray daily for revival in her heart!

  205. Jennifer W. says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to give to my niece who just started college this year and is struggling with image and who she is in this world. Thanks!

  206. Lori Ehlenfeldt says:

    How true! I struggle to remember to put my desire for attention on the back burner and to put the needs of the moment and others to the front. Raising two young boys from another family is such a challenge that I forget they need me more than I need me. Thank you for this devotion – it hit home!

  207. christina baldwin says:

    Thank you so much for today’s devotional. If there is only one thing I do every single morning it’s read my Proverbs 31 devotional, except that is when I read it the night before. And today’s (just like so many days) you delivered exactly what I needed to hear this morning right to my in box. I am a mother of 6 children 5 of whom are under 8 years old and 4 of them being boys. My husband struggles with sleep apnea and is apparently having a really rough morning today. I was struggling to not let his grumpiness steal the inclining of joy my exhausted body was feeling this morning, when I decided it was time to check out my Proverbs and I am so glad I did because, dying to my self(ie) is just what has happened, no matter how tired, or overwhelmed I may feel, I know that Jesus will live in me today and I want to share his joy with my family and the world. I would love a copy of the magnetic book to share with my oldest daughter who already is magnetic. she amazes me daily with the fruits of the spirit specially when I’m can’t seem to find them for myself. Thanks again Proverbs 31 for helping me to hear God’s word just when and where I need it.

  208. Deanna Furrey says:

    This would be great for my two teenage girls and I to read together.

  209. Sabrina Batycki says:

    Magnetic sounds like a book I would love to read to help equip us with the right words to help our young daughters as they grow. They’re only three and five right now, but I want them to always know that they are a child of God, and later, a woman of God. I see so many girls, even in the church, so focused on finding their identity and worth in what others think of them. I pray my daughters always look for and remember their worth in Jesus. I pray that they are an example of God’s love to others. I’m so excited to read this book, even if I don’t win, and to share it with other friends who are raising daughters.

  210. I would love to give a copy of this book to my 17 year old daughter who is struggling through what has been a year of healing from a fractured bone in her foot. Her dream is to become a professional ballet dancer so that she can influence others in that field for Christ. Right now she doesn’t know if she will be able to pursue that dream. She feels that others don’t understand and I pray continuously for God to encourage her heart!

  211. I would love to be able to win a copy of your book. I also would love to learn how to be the beautiful woman that God intended me to be. Growth is important and I am looking forward to that as well as my walk with HIM to be stronger.

  212. I’d love a copy!

  213. I really needed this encouragement today and was hugely encouraged to die to myself and focus on what I can do for others rather than bringing attention to me. I would love to read your book and hope to but I really want my two young (17 & 20) sisters in law to have it. They are both insecure in their identity in Christ and struggle so much day after day to feel self worth and acceptance. I long to see them freed from this burden.

  214. Like so many others I’ve struggled with self-confidence and longing for approval from events of my childhood. I long to be beautiful in the eyes of God and truly get my sense of approval from Him. This devotional was something I truly needed!

  215. Glenda Toye says:

    I am in tears as I read your dying to selfie post. I am such a “selfie” girl on too many levels. I truly need to die to self in order to be able to walk in the forgiveness I need to be able to be a caregiver to my mother. She has hurt me emotionally sooo much and was not there for my Dad as he was dying. I have alot of resentment and bitterness toward her, but for now, I am have caregiver and it is very difficult. I have been praying for God’s help and your post hit the nail on the head…Galatians 2:20!! Praise God…and thank you. Your book is a MUST READ for me. I believe many women will be set free by reading your book!

  216. Hi I am a 60 year old single gramma raising a 13 year old girl. She is a wonderful girl but both her parents are drug and alcohol addicted. Her mother works as a hooker and my granddaughter has been exposed to so much. The judge ordered bi-weekly visits and I can’t refuse. Mom likes to get my granddaughter to dress sexey and experiment with makeup. I can’t do much about it but I do take my granddaughter to church with me regularly and we study the bible and I don’t have cable. Instead we watch Christian/family movies, like God is Not Dead and FlyWheel etc. I would love this book for her to help her understand where beauty really comes from. Thank you. Kerry

    • Praying for you, Kerry, and for your granddaughter and her parents. It is a blessing what you are doing for your granddaughter! You are a great influence in her life. May you both continue to grow up into Jesus in every way, and be strengthened in your inner men to keep your eyes, hearts, and minds fixed on Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith. May He keep you both healthy, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. God continue to bless you richly! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  217. After a tough year, my 15 year old daughter is turning back to God. PTL! She is now hungering after Him, and Magnetic sounds like a great book for her.

  218. Petra Fantley says:

    Lord help me be the woman that dies to my self and reflect youre beauty! Thaks for sharing this message!! I want to teach my girls to reflect his beauty!

  219. Wanting attention has been a struggle for me …seems forever! I don’t like it and I feel it’s from the enemy of this world . I love giving to others but deep inside I long for approval . I realize this stems from my childhood even though it has been a long time ago. I want to be healed from this , in Jesus name. I would read the book and then pass it on to my daughter Renee.

  220. Thanks so much for this giveaway. I have been looking for a good book like this to do with my 13 yo daughter.

  221. This post has really touched my heart. As a survivor of rape and domestic violence, I have really struggled to define beauty in myself – having so long been told that my body and the attention it could get was all the mattered. I sat down and cried when I read this post. Thank you, thank you for letting Jesus speak to me through you today.

  222. I have experienced more bullying and demeaning people in the past six months than I ever realized could exist. I was elected to a political office this past May. Since then, I have been ridiculed and demeaned and so many demands from activists til I have lost sight of the “real me.” I hate it. I have become bitter and angry.
    I just told a friend this morning, “I want to be the sweet me I used to be.” I know your book seems geared to youth, but it sure sounds like one that would help me. God Bless You, Lysa. You have such an anointed, beautiful ministry. Even if I don’t win one of your books, please pray for me. I want to be the way Jesus wants me to be. I must die to “self.”

  223. Wow, that hit the nail on the head for me today! Thank you!

  224. I have a cousin I’d like to encourage with this book but I also wish to share it with some young ladies at church.
    The girls of today need the type of message you bring in this book and your others. Reading the devotion and book description make me wish I had read a book limk this when I was that age-thankful this new generation has such wonderful godly books to help them in their Christian walk.

  225. Laura Cathey says:

    What a thought provoking message. I think about looking into the mirror…and who is that woman staring back at me. This is the era of self. Self absorbed, self reliance and and a big one, selfish. Not a reflection of HIM at all. The image of Christ’s nature is often hard to see in others and ourselves as we are so encourage by today’s lifestyle to present “ourselves” first. It is as if we arrive and HIS presence is behind us trying to catch up. We are living in the ME First Genation and it is gaining momentum. Never before have we lived amongst such a dangerous self serving, self minded era. It humbles me when I see the woman in the mirror without HIS reflection. I am consiously only seeking my own reflection? If we truly take our new life and put HIM on, then He should shine and we should be easily recognizable as living in Him and He in us. Let us take every precaution to loose our life and live within His light. Lord Jesus protect is from our self image. Allow us to project our new life in you and project your image of a selfless woman.

    • Thank you, Laura! This is true and very important. I pray the prayer with you and say, Yes, Please!! Wow – “project our new life in You and project Your Image of a selfless woman.” Selah! So be it!! God continue to bless you richly and strengthen you in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus!

  226. I am still that little girl. Thanks for shedding light on this issue. Now I have direction!

  227. I am a 27 year old mother to a 6 year old little girl. I have been a single mom for most of her life, up until about the past year. I have been going through a really rough time with my boyfriend, and have really been struggling to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I have noticed myself becoming bitter, worried about my self, and many other traits that I am not proud of. I know that I am the sole role model for my little girl and I don’t want her to have those traits rub off on her. Growing up, my father was an alcoholic who was never really there for my family. After 16 years of marriage, he left my mom for another man and I remember the devastation my mom felt. I remember the struggles my mom had dealing with it all, and I think the image that he left me of men has hurt me when choosing a mate for myself. I know that I need to get past that and work on creating a better me for everyone, especially my daughter. I think this book would help me to be able to do that.

  228. Would love this for my niece. Would love for her to realize just how wonderful she is and that she is a special gift from God.

  229. I work with 7th & 8th grade girls at my church. This is so much of what I want for them; to know who they are in Christ, to know their value and be able to value others from a heart of thankfulness for the grace and forgiveness they’ve received from God!

  230. Lord help me to be selfless for My KIDS sake. You know I never got the love unconditionally from the world and the abuse of my LIFE has damaged me so irreversibly. I pray constantly to be free of the mental anguish that plagues me yet to no avail. Dying to self ? Seems like I have been dead all my life! Please help me love as you do selflessly. in Yashuas name amen

    • Hi, Dixie! I am praying with and for you. Know that the damage is reversible in Christ. He can, and very much wants to, use this in your life and the lives of others for good. That is not a frivolous verse – Romans 8:28. It may take time, and you may not see His working, but He is at work in answer to your prayers. Never doubt that. I pray that God will strengthen you in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. He sees your heart and your desire for selflessness. Jesus, Father God, and Holy Spirit love you greatly, deeply and unconditionally. Please don’t lose sight of that. May you be healed physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and menatlly – from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That is part of for what Jesus gave Himself! May you be LIFED in the Name of Jesus – His definition of LIfe for you. Cling, sister! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  231. Thanks you for this opportunity!
    My step daughter is 27 and this book would be life-changing for her at this stage in her life! It’s so heart breaking to watch people/women struggle with these types of issues!
    I so wish I could join you at the retreat for prayer (and other fun)but regardless, I am super excited about this up and coming study!
    May God bless each and every one of you involved in leading this study! May you and your families be protected from the enemy as he tries to disrupt the good works of The Lord through this online outreach!

  232. Janie Elizaldi says:

    Love this God is doing a work in me everyday. I want to be the kind of woman God wants me to be wonderful words!

  233. I have two daughters, ages 8 and 6. I would like to have the book to read with them as they get a little older.

  234. Love the title! Made me laugh

  235. Karen Ruth Myers says:

    Please if you would consider it, I would like a free copy of the book Magnetic. Right now I am down in Peru doing missions with youth and with a new Christian radio station in Lima (I do freelance missionary evangelism and discipleship with churches and pastors and camps in various countries including Mexico, Israel, Peru, Brazil) and I have found that one of my greatest struggles in traveling and being in other cultures and far away from home is not so much the homesickness but more the battle that I have with loneliness and the intense longing for acceptance and belonging, for personal attention for me (not just what I do) and the desire that someone know me deeply and treasure me. It’s so hard sometimes. I cry a lot. The cost of ministry is so high that sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and say “WHAT ABOUT ME? Who will love me and pay attention to me and my needs and wants and desires?” But then I have to rest and trust God and wait on him. I think this book would help me and indirectly help the people I minister to/with. Thank you for your consideration! May God bless you.

    • Hi, Karen! Praise God for you! I am praying for you, and that you might be a recipient of this book. I pray for deep, personal relationships for you, both at home and abroad – that you can take with you wherever you go, and that will be maintained no matter what. God does indeed know your need. In the meantime, be sure to tend to your relationship to Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit. I have one very precious friend/ sister in Christ with whom God brought me into relationship. We have similar backgrounds in some areas. She has moved several times since we met, but God has enabled us to have prayer and share times on the phone wherever she has been. πŸ™‚ That includes Germany, Alaska, and other parts of the USA. We met in West Virginia. She now lives in Texas. This relationship came about after some years of praying for that relationship, my and husband’s prayers and specifically the prayers of a freind of my husband’s. God continue to bless you richly, sweet sister. Do you have access to messages on the radio or computer? I am thinking of Joyce Meyer and can hear her say, “What about me? What about me? What about me?” πŸ™‚ You are loved greatly and deeply, Karen. May you be strengthened in your inner man to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Jesus. May He keep you healthy, spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically and mentally. Is there a way we can stay in touch, and get to know each other better? Love, Because of Jesus, Cindy

  236. Whew! I’m embarrassed to say that I need this book for me! I’m a 34 yr old woman! I wish I had had this book when I was a teenager and now I feel like I’m experiencing those feelings all over again as an insecure woman. Feeling left out and not good enough is tough! This devotional is such a good reminder that I must die to these feelings and find my fulfillment in The Lord. That his strength is all I need. That I can completely trust that his love is enough for me. Looking forward to reading this book! And sharing it with my 4 yr old daughter when she becomes a teen.

  237. This email came at a good time. I have been involved in a Crazy Love book study. This really hit today when I read it. We all at times want recognition for what we do yet we want to be humble and stay in the background. I enjoy getting these daily devotions.

  238. I’ve been saved for 36 years…love Jesus….truly know His Presence through worship, reading….and yet still have that ugly need for attention and approval rise up way to often! My husband let me know on our 10th anniversary he didn’t love me as a wife….long story short we are still together but everyday I am longing for his relationship and feel so alone…..and that acts out in silently wanting attention and approval from other people in my life…..my dad was present physically, but absent emotionally as well, and my two sons are less than attentive sometimes to Mom. I hate feeling this “need” be so overwhelming at times….so disappointed at how my life has turned out and wonder if my times with Jesus daily are just superficial…if I truly believed I am a new person, would I still feel so alone and in need? This was a very timely post today

    • Hi, Sophia. Praise God for you! This is not an excuse, but we are all human, and live in a fallen world. Fix your eyes, heart and mind on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your faith. I am praying for you, and for all of us responding to this devotion, to hear God’s voice, to take the time to be silent before Him and receive from Him – be it encouragement, reproof or correction. May we and Jesus have dialogue, rather than us be monologuing before Him. I’ve been saved for 43 years and still question my relationship with Jesus at times. I think we must rebuke our flesh, and the enemy, and the world with its lies, and surround ourselves with the God’s truth – for every area of our lives. God loves us greatly and deeply, no matter where we are in our walk with Him. He doesn’t tire of loving us or pursuing us. So thankful for that!! He won’t give up, so let us choose to cling tightly to Him, no matter what. Jesus is our strength and our song, our slavation, our God! God continue to bless you richly! You are not alone! Because of Jesus, Cindy

  239. Carolina Vasquez says:

    Reading this post this morning has really made my day. I have been reading lately about singleness and using this time to live life for God as I would not be able to if I were not single & I really want to concentrate on being selfless. On focusing on others’ wellbeing over mine and loving them with a love that overflows just like my loving God does to me. As I read more about it I notice I need guidance and to know there are other woman out there with the same desire and reading Magnetic would be perfect in installing in me thoughts and practices that will help me better myself and die to my Selfie πŸ™‚

  240. Thanks for this wonderful devotion, I will be buying a copy of your book to share with my 2 teenage granddaughters!!! Thanks again, & many blessing to you & your ministry!!!

  241. Trisha Christian says:

    I would love to enter the contest and win this book for my teenage daughter. She is overweight and this causes her a lot of self esteem issues, which she hides by being rude to others and being very arrogant. I am hoping this book can make an impact on her heart.

  242. I logged on to share how I would use the book (with college girls who work at our camp all summer…..precious women who love The Lord but still struggle so much with their security in Christ)…but after reading the posts…my heart is heavy and tender toward the single moms. My father abandoned us when I was 8. I am now 48. Like so many of your stories…we went through many challenges and heartaches. But I want you to have hope…because we have a Redeemer who will be faithful to you. Please share this verse with your girls….this was such a comfort to me after living with yrs of shame ….”Those who look to God are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.” Psalm 34:5. Please look up these other verses that fit so well…Lamentations 3:22, 31-32. Isaiah 30:19, Psalm 18:1, 2 Samuel 22:31. Find comfort and hope and help in Him. He is your faithful, loving, compassionate Provider.

    • Hi, Jane. Praise God for you! Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging verses. We must be sure to read around them, too. I read beyond them and am blessed! His promises are so comforting and strengthening. God continue to bless you richly. Because of Jesus, Cindy

  243. Norma Roldan says:

    My sister is a 33 years old single mother to a 4 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. She has been going through a really rough time and has really been struggling to live a life that is pleasing to our Lord. She is not able to live on her own and has had to move in with me since the father of the children is not in their lives. She really needs this encouragement today. I would love her to read your book, since she struggles so much day after day to feel self worth and accepted. I long to see her free in the Lord.
    Thank you so much for considering her to receive your book. God richest blessing.

  244. Heather Stark says:

    I am starting a nonprofit for girls in grades 4th-8th grade that is focused on being strong, having grace for others, being confident, loving ourselves and each other. This book would be a great reminder for me and for the moms of the girls I work with.

  245. I am a 50 years old and have a 14 year old daughter. This topic is so real for us. At my age I still struggle with acceptance and I would love to share the book with my daughter . The media has such a stronghold on the minds of our children and we are constantly battling these forces. This book sounds like an awesome tool!!!! Thanks for your ministry and sharing your life with us!! Blessings to you!!

  246. Susan Beauford says:

    I work in a women”s faith based rehab. When we as women get off drugs and alcohol with God’s help, one of the hardest things is dying to self. Everything has been about us for so long and learning through the Holy Spirit that the less we become the more he becomes is such a key to peace, happiness, and loving ourselves and our new life.

    • Thank you being honest and open, Susan. Praise God for you! I like your statement about “the less we become the more He becomes . . .” Wow! So let it be in all of our lives! Because of Jesus, Cindy

  247. I love this! I think many woman are looking for attention in all the wrong places. It’s a great reminder I need to die to self and put other’s needs before mine. In this generation that is not something we hear all the time. I would love to read more on this topic and instruct my daughter’s in this type of motto.

  248. I am constantly amazed at the unconditional love
    God has for me. He is very much a part of my life and constantly teaching me. My journey has been amazing and grows stronger every day. I feel I would truly benefit from this book and draw closer to God. Becoming the woman He has chosen me to be.

  249. Nancy Ramirez says:

    I would love a copy of this book for my sister. She is the most giving and caring person I know. She is a great sister, daughter, mother and grandmother. It pains my heart to see her so caught up with this social media frenzy. If only she could reach out to God instead of seeking approval on social media.

  250. Thank you for writing a book on this subject. I to wish I had been pointed in the right direction at a much earlier age. If you learn these lessons younger your not so adapt to make so many wrong choices. There’s no do overs in life. I would love to share the conference with my daughter.

  251. I don’t really have a story. I deal with the struggle of being the only college age girl in my area who strives to go deep in Gods word. Also the confusion to the fact that the really only important thing in my friends life or people my age is how many Instagram likes they got (when the people liking their stuff aren’t even people they know or have ever met) basically I just pray for fellowship with women who really love The Lord. And it’s hard to fully love your life without any trates of the world when your friends who are “Christians” have not a single care or understanding who God is. So instantly reading the beginning of your post I couldn’t stop reading it, because it hits home for me. That is our world today and I don’t want to be like the world. So dark, unfulfilling and empty. (The Instagram likes are just a 2 sec. bandaid to how people really feel) I am guilting of getting wrapped up in this worldly life. I wanna be all in and done with this battle. πŸ™‚ ….i guess this is considered a story. πŸ˜‰ Thank you for your devo today.

  252. The young girl in my life who I think would learn so much from this book is my niece. I can remember back about a year ago when she was watching Grace Unplugged with a bunch of her friends. She was trying so hard to grasp the meaning behind the movie but her friends weren’t watching and would rather goof around. This is a crucial time in a young girls life learning about God and the girl she should become. Yes there’s a time for friends and playing but she shouldn’t have to hide her faith because of what her other friends might think.
    I think she could really use this book to help her grow further in her faith and maybe even pass it on to her friends.

  253. If only I could go back… those words ring in my ear over and over when I look back over my life of being a single mom raising 4 kids alone… well my parents were there for us but their father was not. For years I thought I was giving the best I had to give but its only in the recent times that I have accepted a cold hard truth… I really did not give them my best. I was too busy making excuses and looking for another man to validate me. Unfortunately that resulted in me not truly being the best mother I could be and today I watch my grown children suffer from the lack of a strong leader for them… mother or father. I have finally admitted where I failed and stopped lying to the one who could make a difference… ME!! Now that I have been truthful with myself, I can be truthful with God and allow Him to finish the work He started in me… I may have squandered much of my life thus far (I’ll be 50 next year) but I am bound and determined to not let the latter years of my life be the same as the earlier years… What I could not do for my kids, Its my prayer that I can do for my grandchildren and with Gods direction maybe just maybe help someone else before she makes the same mistakes I did… God forgive me for not being a woman who fears The Lord when I could have made a difference for my children…. Lord give me the grace to do as you would have me do… I want people to see You when they see me… I want to die to self and LIVE for JESUS!!!!

  254. I have been struggling with this very issue for years now. I’m a teenager trapped in a 38 year old woman’s body who desperateley needs approval and reassurance of others, mainly my friends. I realized that this was wrong to look for my self worth in others instead of God who does not disapoint and fervantly started praying over this issue. The Spirit within me started answering putting on my heart and telling me almost the very same words that you used in your blog today. It amazed me to hear and see the actual words written out that God has been writing on my heart for sometime now. I still am struggling very much, I think more now because the devil knows I’m trying so hard and wants me to fall back into my self-centered ways. So, I pray harder and dive deeper into God’s word and he gives me encouraging words through you and other means. I appreciate your words so much. Thank you for your words of wisdom and guidance.

  255. Hello, I help out with the youth group at our church. Last year, we started holding small groups for guys and girls. I am searching for our next book to read through in the spring and this seems like it would be perfect for our girls’ small group. These struggles are so real among teens and women and what better way to study this book than with other girls dealing with similar struggles!!

  256. I would love to win a copy of this to give to my step daughter! She will be 11 and I can already see the ways she is searching for identity in different places and people. Those teen years are so brutal! I pray that she finds her identity in Christ.

  257. Timeshia Wright says:

    If I was given this book I would read it for myself first. If I don’t get myself together how can I help my girls. I have 3 little girls from ages 3-8. I want to be a mom that they look up to and say she is strong and comfortable in her own skin. I want to be right so that I can help lead my girls. I don’t want my girls to feel the same way I did when I was yonger and still sometimes today. Like im just not sure of my lifes purpose. This book will help enlighten me so that I can help the next person. I need this

  258. I struggle daily with what I see in the mirror. My unsaved daughter says I need help. This sounds like it would get me on the road to where I need to be.

  259. ziska phillips says:

    Ive been trying to die to myself and serve god whole heartedly with everything that I have, reading this book would some what strengthen me along my walk with god when i feel like giving up and throwing in the towel I dont have no fancy words just my heart and a desperate need for change that not only I can see but also a change that others who come in contact with can notice and that my family can see also

  260. I would love to win a copy of this book to share with my daughters, ages 11 and 14. Fighting the culture war these days is harder than ever, and I’d love some help in guiding my daughters toward Truth.

  261. “Christ died so I don’t have to struggle with the sin of self-centeredness, the pull to make life about me. Christ’s new life in me means I no longer have to be a slave to needing attention. I can confidently put the spotlight on Him and others.
    And here is the intriguing twist: A woman who possesses this type of beauty, who chooses others above herself is hard to find, yet she is easy to spot.”

    I think we all struggle at times to want to be “known”, but I think it’s important to define that correctly. Am I striving to be known by others or am I content with being known by Christ? It is always helpful to study Truth about our identity in Christ and learn more about how He knows us.

  262. Sherri OConnell says:

    Would like to know if the Magnetic book has a bible study to go along with it? I lead a small Women’s Bible study group at church and we are looking into doing another study starting October 7th.

  263. I would love this book not only for myself but for my daughter and I would share it with my single friends. This article hits deep. God Bless.

  264. Oteka Perkins says:

    Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!! This just sucker punched me in the belly

  265. I am the mom of 3 girls (14,13,10) and am trying to pass on to them what I have learned in my 45 years about security and who we are in Christ. I suffered from needing attention from boys/men most of my life until Christ got a hold of my heart and filled me with His approval and love.
    One of my daughter’s is searching from approval from boys and I found out some very disturbing things on her phone last night from boys asking her for pictures of herself, videos and even to meet up if they are local. I want my girls to realize who they are in Christ and to value their selves as He does. I don’t want them to bow down to Satan’s schemes of giving themselves away and not seeing their worth. I believe that this book would be very helpful in my teaching them and showing them that they are worth so much more than this world tells them they are.

  266. I love this devotional! It not only applies to myself, but my 3 teenage girls as well. I see one of my girls struggling so hard to “fit in.” I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of Lynn’s book to not only have them read, but myself as well!

  267. I truly want to be this woman. I have looked at my outward appearance because that is what the world looks at. And found myself sorely lacking, to put it nicely. My inside was okay but needs plenty of work too. Now I am concentrating on my inner self, who I really am. Wanting to be what God wants me to be. That will reflect on my outward appearance and my inner light will shine brightly to people, because God is in me and His light shines from me. As I was not who I should have been and what God wanted me to be, I could not teach that to my daughters. I would like to help my granddaughters to start out right and see themselves as God sees them. I would like to get this book to help with that.

  268. Thank you so much for this! Definitely something I needed to read today, and something I need to keep in my heart as I raise my two babies. I pray they don’t seek anyone’s approval but God’s!!

  269. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Sounds like a really good book for my daughter (19) and me (it’s hard to die to selfie πŸ™‚ I need to program my thinking with more of these truths! Thank u!

  270. This is so true Lynn. I love a the selfless woman – the selfless friend. I want to be one. It’s an ongoing struggle to always step aside and take yourself out of the “picture”. I think we can all relate.

  271. I am totally embarrassed to admit how immature, needy, and worthless I am. Especially because I’m over 50 years old!!! I don’t think I will ever learn. Why is it so easy for me to believe lies how I am unworthy and ugly etc, yet so difficult for me to believe that God really loves me…??? Yet, I know I’m a child of God and spend eternity with Him, I long to feel special here on earth. Selfish and childish. ..especially at my age!

  272. I would share this book with my 11 & 7 year old. We are competing against what media has decided that is beauty. I want them to learn God created and designed us beautiful and we don’t need to conform to the patterns of this world.

  273. I would love to have a copy of this book. I’m 44 and I’ve dealt with a lot of insecurities throughout my life due to my childhood. I seem to go back-and-forth now between secure and immature. I would also love to share with my daughter who is a warrior for Christ!

  274. Busy day today so I almost skipped reading the blog because I don’t do selfies. But, I was prompted to read, and all I can say is “ouch”. I guess there are many ways that I make the world about me, and I do want to be noticed. I think this would be a good book to read through with my 18-yr-old. Thanks for sharing.

  275. Immediately my mind went through a list that covered all of the women I know and I concluded that every single one of us could find healing of some kind in this info. I have two daughters and a niece that struggle with this along side me. Thank you for sharing your heart, struggles, triumphs, healing, and growth with us. Isolation is a weapon and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Helping other women realize that they are not ‘the only one to ever’ feel something, struggle, and doubt is a noble ministry. Be blessed.

  276. Rebecca Cochran says:

    I would love to read your new book! I’m nexcited to your website, but I am truly enjoying all that you have to offer. May God bless you and your family!

  277. I’d love it for my 14 year old daughter and to share with my 16 year old step niece (lots of self esteem issues previously too) who after going on a Mission Trip this summer with my daughter started seriously attending church afterwards. We received news that in a few weeks she is going to be baptized!!!! God is AWESOME!

  278. After reading the 1st chapter I can see how valuable your book will be to help young girls find the right way to happiness. Being a 66 year old I never had that opportunity to wise counseling. Growing up in an abusive home where there was little love and no good example to follow I made a life time of mistakes that have been passed down to the next generation. I hope your book will have some value for women my age. I still have the hurts inside that won’t go away. Best wishes on your book reaching those that haven’t made life decisions yet.

  279. I would love a copy for my 10 year old daughter. She is just beginning to enter the phase where the hormones are going crazy and so are the crushes. I would love this resource to guide her with God’s wisdom over the coming years that are sure to be full of adolescent challenges, development, and growth. My hope and prayer is that she keep her eyes on Jesus always.

  280. It feels almost selfish to post when there are so many women who need this out there. I’m praying that the books will go to just who needs it right now. Thank you for writing this book, it’s amazing to me how common it is for women to feel the way you describe. I’m 42 and my parents were divorced when I was young and my parents parents divorced when they were young. My husbands parents were also divorced. In this short devotional I was able to get a perspective and explanation for my lifelong smuggles. In spite of them I’ve been praying for years that God would make me into that wise Titus 2 woman that younger women would feel comfortable coming too. Maybe your book is another tool God will use in his refinement of me to get me there.
    Blessings and prayers to all of you ladies who are posting and those that aren’t.

  281. I have a niece that has over come challenges in her life. I consider her loving and kind I always try an encourage her. This book I feel would let her discover how special she really is.

  282. Proverbs 31 ministry was recommended to me by a dear sister in Christ who, in the middle of her own tragedies (loosing a newborn and having her husband walk out on her) was standing in the gap for me during some of my trials. When I see these posts, I see her face smiling at me. Not only does she minister to those of us around her directly, she works with children & families who are in the foster system. This resource would be one more tool in her toolbox. It would be a blessing for those around her if she were to receive this gift.

  283. When I read the first few lines of your article, I knew that this book was meant for me. I still have issues with being such a people pleaser and wanting acceptance – from my family and from a former love. It does cause a lot of hurt, because I thought love could overrule dysfunction and wrong. It does not. I would love to have your book. Thanks for the consideration.

  284. Kim ensminger says:

    If I were to be lucky enough to win the book Magnetic, I word hive it to my daughters to read and share with each other. My oldest is married to a man who is in the army and due to his many issues they are both finding God again and renewing their lives and spirits. My youngest daughter is in college and searching for that attention and love due to an abscent and uncaring father. Both have emotions that they and I deal with everyday. I would love for them to be more comfortable with who they are and who God made them to be. To be in a true peace.

  285. Carolyn Rogers says:

    Lynn, Thank thank you for your devotional that is for girls of all ages. I love the one phrase, Jesus died so “I don’t have to”… I don’t have to be [fill in the blank] any more! Because His work is victorious and once for all! Thank you for that wonderful reminder…or putting it in such a way as to sink into this thick skull πŸ˜‰ I would like to give a copy of your book to my teen and tween daughters. They need these truths as they enter these tough years. We have your devotional and love it!

  286. Karen Feigh says:

    I am mother of two girls but I was hoping that I would have boys. I was two afrai They would be like me and struresource for myh self esteem and loneliness issues. This book would be great as a great resource for raising my girls. But as I read these other comments I know there are girls out there that need it more.

  287. Gwen Sledge says:

    Thank you for your ministry to young women and their moms!! There is such a need for this book and many more resources such as this one. I have 2 daughters who would definitely benefit, but I also serve in student ministry and would love to share with my sweet 8th grade girls! This book is on my list to purchase either way!!! May God bless your ministry richly as you seek to help lead our next generation of women to the feet of Jesus!

  288. I have two young women in my life who would benefit from this book. My 18 year old daughter just left home for her freshman year of college. The day before we were to take her, her brother died unexpectantly, making her start to college even more difficult. I think she has always lived in his shadow and I want her to know its ok to grow and bloom into her own person.

    The other young lady was my sons girlfriend. She would have given up everything for him, but She needs to discover who she is as a person and heal from this great loss in all of our lives.

  289. OH my that hit straight to the heart.
    “Maybe there’s a side of me still wanting acceptance and attention. I don’t want to be an insecure woman” This is something I have been struggling with. I don’t want to be a insecure woman, I want to be sure of myself and secure in the love that God has for me. Thank you for this devotion today.

  290. OH HOW I LOVE THIS POST! I want to be this woman:
    “Christ died so I don’t have to struggle with the sin of self-centeredness, the pull to make life about me. Christ’s new life in me means I no longer have to be a slave to needing attention. I can confidently put the spotlight on Him and others.
    And here is the intriguing twist: A woman who possesses this type of beauty, who chooses others above herself is hard to find, yet she is easy to spot.”

  291. How timely!!! Just started a Sunday School Class for middle school/high school girls on the very subject of your new book!!

  292. I still struggle with this acceptance issue. Struggle wanting to be loved by others. As a single woman I ask will I ever be married again. And the fact that I am not makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me.

    • Carolyn – we all want to be wanted. It was placed in us by Jesus so that we would want the love He has to give us. If that need is completely met by another person, we might not feel that need for Him. There is nothing wrong with you, sweet friend. Jesus made you exactly as He defined beautiful!

  293. I was that little girl, then teenager who always looked for the attention from boys/men. My parents divorced when I was 11 and I knew my dad loved me but he was NOT there when I needed him most. I married at the age of 17 and PRAISE GOD we have just celebrated 30 years together. God has brought healing to my life but the scars sometimes show up when I least expect them. We have raised 3 sons and our daughter is 16. My prayer, which the Lord is answering, is that she have a great relationship with her daddy. I would love for her and myself to have this book to read together and affirm that NO one can fill us like the One and Only JESUS!!

  294. Maria Quiles says:

    I will love this book for my daughther. She tries really hard every day to get closer to Jesus but I know that sometimes as a teenager and with so much pressure from the world can she gets discouraged. She has also grown without a father figure which is always hard to deal with. I want her to know that she can be happy not because she is pretty (which she is), because of what she has or who is around her but because she is a child of God. I want her to be filled with the amazing love of God. He will put everything else in placed in due time. He is good.

  295. I just visited with a friend this morning who shared with me about her jr. high aged daughter. She does not have a close relationship with her dad, as her parents are divorced, and recently has felt rejected by him. To top it off, my friend had remarried but discovered many untruths in her husband’s life, so her daughter lost the stepdad that she had adored. I am concerned about her and have committed to pray, and I think this book would be a great resource, too! I bought your first book for my son’s “girlfriend”, when she shared with me about her horrible life regarding dad leaving, etc. I read some of it, and really appreciated what you had to say.

  296. I bet I have the best selfie story here. I, a christian woman, married with two great kids, decided to have an affair this year. First it was an emotional affair which I confessed and my husband graciously took me back, but then I continued after our counselor deemed us “okay”. I eventually left home and had a full blown affair and within a month realized what a terrible, awful thing I had done. However, it is too late for my husband to give me any more chances. When I had left home, we drew up paperwork and I was the one who essentially filed the divorce. Now, I do not want it. At all. All I want is to reconcile, to make my family a family again. And unfortunatly my husband wants the divorce now and it’s almost like he can’t wait until the day he is free of me. I have apologized. Begged. Cried. And have been broken at God’s feet. I have been such a selfish woman my whole life. And an eros love junkie. I have only cared about how I felt. I was never the wife I should be. Oh how I need to change my ways. And I’m trying. And I am praying. So hard, for God to change my husband’s heart. I know God does not want this divorce, but my husband only focuses on the verse that says God allows divorce because of marital unfaithfulness. He says it’s God’s will that this divorce happens. I am no longer unfaithful but redeemed and forgiven by God but my husband declares he no longer loves me like that. The amount of regret that I have over my actions is tremendous. Please, if any of you read this please pray for God to change my husband’s heart. All I want is for him to try. Just try and see of we can make this work. I know it’ll be hard but I am so willing to do it. Please. Thank you.

  297. I would love to share this book with my daughters, one is in 6th grade the other in 8th. They are both entering new chapters in their life and I cannot be there always. I have given my older one your devotional and she reads it daily.

  298. Sherri Smith says:

    I would love to win a copy for my daughter! Can’t wait to read it!

  299. Sounds like a great book!I appreciate your desire to inform young ladies of the love that their Heavenly Father has for them (us old ladies too πŸ˜‰ I have a 17 year old daughter who has lead a pretty “boring” “uneventful” high school life so far. She is now a senior and is seeking after new friends, going out on weekends,and this overall attitude of YOLO (you only live once) she is still a virgin but has had some “oral” experiences. She has drank and smoked pot a few times….I can relate to the idea that God and His ways are “boring” because I had that attitude as a teen. It’s heartbreaking because we can encourage til blue in the face but they ultimately make their own choices and I want to lock her up and throw away the key to prevent heartbreaking mistakes from happening, but I know I can’t do that either! It’s hard to know the balance of when to be quiet and pray….I want to continually speak truth and direct her paths….but that might also be pushing her away! I also have a 10 and 8 year old girls so hope to get this teenage thing somewhat figured out :O

  300. Hi Lynn,

    If I win this book, please give it to Beth (the woman whose post is before mine) or Jan the mother with the 15 year old daughter was assaulted.

    I was assaulted at 13 years old and struggled for years to find self worth. I struggled with eating disorders and other unhealthy lifestyles. I have been set free of these strongholds and my heart breaks for both of these ladies.

    Jan, you are an amazing mom who is involved and engaged with her daughter. There is hope and healing that can come through Christ. You and your daughter are in my prayers.

    Beth, your story spoke to my heart. Although I’ve never experienced “your selfie story” I’ve been broken before, like the woman at the well. Jesus can carry you. You and your marriage are in my prayers.

    With love,

  301. This is exactly what I long to see developed in myself and my daughter. Just turned 17, she lives in the confusing and sex-saturated world of high school, yet she has made the choice to follow Jesus and be baptized. I would use this book to disciple her and help her to grow in her faith.

  302. Alecia Parker says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants to share with my beautiful niece who is constantly trying to find her self-worth in all the wrong places. She loves to read and I think she would really enjoy your book. She is a beautiful young lady both inside and out and my goal is to do everything within my power along with Gods help to get her to see that beauty as well.
    Thank you

  303. I love this. It is important message for all women , but i would give the copy of the book to my daughter and grand daughter. I feel it would be helpful for my daughter to go over it with my grand daughter. Both love the Lord but as my grand daughter is transitioning into a young woman and school teaching and experiences are at a different level she is coming home with questions of doubt or teachings of other beliefs. Other girls her age are doing things differently than she has been taught. She is being tested. She needs to have encouragement to stay on the path God has chosen for her and how to be and grow into a a woman of God. Thank you

  304. I have a lot of women going try a lot of pain as a result of abuse from family, marriage and have lost the sense of who they are, I think I need this book to give to the so as they can be the girls and women God wants them to be , so also they stop seeking attention from where they not have to. Thanks

  305. I have a 13 year old daughter who has a very rough year and I think this book would boost her confidence.
    Thank you

  306. Hello, so my name is Ashley and I’m 22 years old and I’m attending school in Southern California. I’ve recently gone through a break up with a guy I was with for 5 1/2 years. A small part of the reason I moved to this area was because he was attending a bible college nearby my school I was transferring to. We were wanting to get married and everything got turned upside down when he said we would probably be better off not dating and not pursuing marriage because we wanted to go into different ministries and how we would be better for Gods kingdom if we were in the same type of ministry. He said God was leading him into a life of being overseas and to be a missionary, and I’ve worked with middle school girls for two years at my home church and now considering leading a small group of high school women in this new church I just moved to. I also want to go into working with an organization that helps with the recovery of trafficked victims. So our hearts for God’s kingdom is the same, it’s just different ministries and I still don’t understand why we can’t make it work. Well my heart was literally shattered, and it’s been about 8 months now and I’m still havin a hard time. For a few months I was not talking to him because I was upset, but then God revealed to me that his standard for relationships and friendships is to preserve them and not back away when we’ve been hurt. Well, for a while I don’t think I was dealing with it and I kind of just shoved it down inside of me. Then it all came out and I was now trying to hold myself together from not falling apart. I had never thought of myself as insecure or someone who didn’t know my worth in Jesus, but the enemy definitely had a way of sneaking in and started whispering lies to me. I started thinking I wasn’t Christian enough or pretty enough, and just not living up to this standard and that’s why my ex boyfriend didn’t want me anymore. I’ve always thought of myself as pretty confident of my identity in Christ but I was suddenly overwhelmed with negative thoughts. For a while I pulled away from God (it’s funny how that’s something I never thought I would do either!) and then I began drawing near to The Lord and asking him to reveal His heart to me. Wow and has he blown me away! He has showed me that He desires to spend time with me and I’m perfect in his eyes, that he allows me to walk in truth and he makes me radiant with joy. Although God had shown me these things, this season has been incredibly hard and choosing joy despite my circumstances has been one of the headrest things I could do. It has been so rewarding and special to learn that God, the creator of the universe wants me, chose me because delights in me and loves spending time with me. I’m trying to find peace and trying to be okay with this whole thing but this whole transformation to be more like His son can seem very hard at times. Especially when he strips things away from us that we thought were good things, and maybe they were but God has more to teach us. I think he’s drawing me near to Him and that this whole season is about learning to rely on him and to see that he is what I need to be focusing all my time on and He is where I find my worth and not in any guy and certainly not even the guy(the “ideal” Christian ) who is pursuing Gods heart.

    Anyways, I think it would be great if I recieved a copy of this book. I’m wanting to learn more about The Lord and his love for his daughter and hopefully not buy into the lie that satan tries to throw at me, so easily. I think this book would be a great source to be encouraged and to also pass it along to encourage other girls so we can learn to rely solely on the one who knows our entire heart and continues to pursue us even when we feel turned away by by others. Thanks so much! <3

    -Ashley Campbell

  307. I would love to have this book for my daughter. She is only now 3 but what a treasure it would be for me to have for her and share now of what she can understand, then as she grows older she will have it as a treasure and memory of what her and I talked about when she was little! Thank you for the opportunity!

    Jodi from Hawaii!!

  308. Praise The Lord , whew to this reading today , selfie and all about me syndrome in our society is so eviden. The has me thinking the same question about myself to I want this moment to be about just me or what. I thank you for the eye opener because I want it to be about Jesus because it is about Him. God bless your ministry.

  309. Loved being referred here today by my daughter. I’m going on a 20 day road trip and the greatest thing I want to possess is the fruit of the spirit . This is with 4 adults who are family/friend. Seeking less self and more serving. Would love to reAd this book! Loved today’s blog!

  310. My daughter is in her senior year of high school and is the last of our children at home. I would love to have this book to go through with her as a mother and daughter share time. We have so many technology bombardments in life today and it would be wonderful to set aside time to go through this book together. Young people need to learn to put others before themselves, which is not the view of the world today! Thank you for caring to give back! Kris

  311. My husband recently became the youth pastor at a church in our community. We have about 30 girls (middle and high)!! It would be such a blessing to be able to share this book with one of the high school girls. She just wants to be the girl God wants her to be in a world that doesn’t think that’s all that “cool.” That is the biggest part of my testimony; overcoming (its a daily struggle) what people think and being what God has called us to be as women who follow Him. I feel like I have such a great responsibility to pour into these girls lives because I want them to pursue Jesus despite what others think is “in.” Having this book would be a great blessing to this student. πŸ™‚

  312. Thank you for sharing this today. Truly God’s timing is perfect. He has been shaping me so much lately. I am a mother to three beautiful girls, ages 7, 5, and 3. Inside, I am still longing for that acceptance and satisfaction that come from being the apple of His eye, but He has to remind me when I lose sight of that.
    If selected, I would love to read this book and share with my church and community and the children whose chapel I teach at! πŸ™‚

  313. Would love to read this. It sounds like me.

  314. I would love to share this book with my sweet 13 year old daughter. The devotional today was so inspirational. Today’s society makes it ever more difficult to be secure in oneself and in Christ. While my daughter is self-confident and strong, she is still so affected by the ‘self’ elevation attitudes & influence that surround her. While I also thought I was self confident and strong as a youth, I look back and realize I was sooo lacking, especially as a young woman in my early 20’s. I wish I’d had influence from sources like Proverbs31 and books like Lynn’s.

  315. Wow! Powerful and painful. This fits me so well. And that’s not a good thing. Even at 53, following after the Lord 32ish years, I’m still trying to figure out who God wants me to be. As a mom of 2 mid teen girls I so don’t want to be so selfie focused. I don’t want them to learn that mindset.
    I could use this book. It sounds like a book I could share with my womens’ Bible study group and/or the teen girls in our church. And might even fit in for chapel at our local womens’ mission. Good stuff here. Even if one moment you say ‘Amen’ and the next you say ‘ouch’.
    Thanks for offering this!

  316. Diane watts says:

    I would to have a copy of the book for my teenage daughter. This devotion hit home for me as I see myself doing the same thing. I also want my daughter to grow in faith & be a confident young woman who lives her life, not for her friends & selfies, but for Christ.
    Thank you for this – you made my morning!


  317. This was a great devotion this morning. It really spoke to my heart. Thank you!

  318. I lost my husband 68 months ago and moving past that death has been hard for me personally while the rest of the world tells me that I have done so well been so strong it is hard to even imagine my life with anyone else. I have 3 daughters actually got to walk one down the aisle a little over 3 months ago , I have one the is a senior in high school and college for her is just around the corner, and last but not least I have a sixth grader and while my life is very full with activities I feel so alone inside that part of me is gone and that will never be filled again. Just the title of this book spoke to me Becoming the Girl He wants not what I want but what he wants for me…

  319. If I win this book, I would give it to my daughter, Molly. She just turned 18 on Sept. 12. While I try to be an example of a godly woman, through my actions, my dress, and my love for Jesus, I am competing against a broken society that tries to pull our girls in. I’m sure the information will come easier from someone else’s writings than from mom! Thanks

  320. mary mccauley says:

    I so saw myself in this devotional! I would love this book to read and to share with my 12 yr old granddaughter. I want her to know how special she is. Thank you for your honest sharing. It is such a blessing!

  321. I would love to win this book! My pastor’s wife and I were just discussing tthe need to teach our tween girls God’s deFinition of true beauty before the world teaches them culture’s definition.

  322. Phyllis Barlow says:

    I would like to have a copy to share with my 13-year-old granddaughter. She is struggling to find her place in the world and I am trying to teach how to be in the world but not consumed with the things of the world.

  323. Nicole Austin says:

    I would love a copy of this book. God has done so much work in me to show me how much He loves me, and how I am created exactly the way He intended. I know I still have some work to do in that area, and this book sounds wonderful!

  324. How sad is it that I will be 50 in a few months and I have not learned this yet. In addition to that fact, I have a 29 year old daughter that I could not teach this to because I did not know. How do you teach something you – yourself don’t understand. The journey in life is long and I know one thing for sure – I am a child of GOD and a work in progress (WIP). From all the comments posted I pray for healing on our hearts God and for those young ones may they feel your love and be protected from the anguish that came before them.

  325. Ashley Parker says:

    I’m am recently married and I’m a youth pastor’s wife. I’ve been praying for the girls in our youth group to find their worth in Jesus. My heart aches for the girls in this generation finding their worth and value in things of this world. I’ve also been praying for a great resource or book to do in a bible study! Just dreaming big to find what God’s will is for me and the girls in our youth group! It would be a blessing to receive a copy. Either way thanks you for your heart and willingness to write truth! God bless you!!!

  326. Monica James says:

    I have been blessed with a new marriage (my previous marriage was verbally and physically abusive) and this devotional spoke to me in an amazing way. I struggle with my role and I make a lot of mistakes. I long for love and attention, all of which my husband provides, but at times, it feels like it’s still not enough and the characteristics I display are horrendous. I want so desperately to be the wife my husband can be proud of, but more importantly, the woman Christ created me to be. After reading this devotional, I truly believe your book can help. Thank you so much for the reading today – it has changed my perspective and given me hope I haven’t had in a long time.

  327. I am so glad to see these literature coming out. God has layed this message on my heart for young girls and their importance and beauty in him!! I would love this book to have as reference but also for my daughter!!!!!! Thank you for all you do and your passion for young girls!!

  328. This devotional would be perfect for my young granddaughter s and neices.

  329. I’d give it to my friend whose teenage daughter is struggling with feeling lonely in high school because she tries to follow Jesus. I think it could really be an encouragement to both of them.

  330. I am currently facilitating Renee Swope ‘s A CONFIDENT HEART study at my church. It took a marriage crisis and my husband’s sin to realize thr truth of who I am in Christ..I now want other women to realize their identity as a Daughter of THE King and find their unique beauty in the
    eyes of their Abba and Crreator. I am looking for a new study to pick up where Renee’s leaves off…Perhaps your book will be what I’ m looking for…Thank you for your kind consideration…

  331. I would love to have a copy of this book for my two girls. They are 16 & 17. My oldest has always had such a hunger for her dad’s, and recently, any males attention. The younger one has pretty much given up. She will tell you that she doesn’t care anymore because he doesn’t. It just breaks my heart. I have tried for the past 7 years (since the divorce) to encourage them and build their self confidence, but it seems like nothing I do can replace what dad does and does not do. We have gone through rough times with depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, internet predators, unhealthy sexual encounters…the list goes on. They both are working on getting well and both love the Lord, but occasionally something happens to knock them down. Their dad does not see and will not acknowledge that his actions have such an effect on them. He doesn’t even try to talk to my youngest and will complain that his feelings are hurt because she doesn’t make an effort to see or talk to him. Anyway, based on what I’ve seen, this book will help solidify what I have been trying to teach them these past years.

    • Lisa – I know it must break your mom heart for your girls. I know that God says he is the father to the fatherless which your girls seem to feel like. I know, God. He is faithful. You can trust Him to fill their hearts. Hang in there!!

  332. I would love to read this book. Somehow I seem to turn everything that happens in my life to be about me. I would love to be a more Godly woman. One who is hard to find but easy to spot.

  333. I am 23 and have a 2 year old son. I am married.. We seperated for awhile. He found a girl who he decided he liked better.. This took a huge blow to my heart. I have health issues so I can’t work or support us so I had to stay living with him and watching him live his life without me. Not seeming to affect him at all that I wasn’t a part of his new life. I started to give up.. But i decided to turn to God.. God tells me that I am amazing, for He made me. But as a human, when the one I love just leaves.. That is tough. We have been back together for about a month and it is going okay.. The closeness is not there, he feels no need to reach out or help my emotional needs and it is breaking me. But I KNOW God has a plan!! For me physically I need reassuring in myself. My confidence is gone.. This book is for me!

  334. I was very intrigued by this post. As a woman who was a teen mom and is now in her early 30s striving to live for God, I am often left feeling as if I still need some of the “younger me” and that I lost out on many years of being a free young adult because I became a mom so early. I would love to read your book and gain more insight into who I should be.

  335. Oh I have been talking to mom’s about this very thing. I want to get this into the hands of every teen girl I can. What a great idea for a book and much needed. I also needed this idea about the selfie. Gotta remember it’s not about me.

  336. I have been in a relationship with my first love for 3 years now. We are both in our early twenties, and he has recently started going to church with me. I have been wanting for our relationship to progress, and as I keep pushing for progress, he is stuck. I realize that there is no sense in maintaining a relationship with someone that isn’t ready for that type of committment, so we are taking a break. During this break, I want to focus on myself. I have been taking life much too seriously and I want to truly focus on what is right and make it stick. I do not want to be the woman my boyfriend wants; I want to be the type of woman God wants me to be, and to fulfill the plans he has for me.

    I am looking forward to reading this book! Thank you for your time.

  337. It’s a daily struggle to be selfless. It’s a great question to ask myself what are my motives. Is it really about me? I have a 17 yr old daughter of whom I long to have a better relationship with, but it’s difficult. It would be great if we could read this book together!

  338. I love anything that can help woman grow into their empowerment and walk with Christ. I would love this book and I would share it with my 3 daughters whom I want to leave a legacy of Christ empowered woman!!

  339. Cheryl Jacobo says:

    I want to be that kind of woman!

  340. Even though I am an adult woman I am an adult survivor of childhood domestic violence & other severe trauma. I am very interested in this book for myself because I am having to go back and allow my little girl to come out because she never had the opportunity to be a child. I am seeing how much I am struggling with wanting all the attention on me because I never received appropriate attention as a little girl nor did I ever learn how to love Christ first than myself. Blessings to all of you!

  341. I would love a copy of this book too! This has been a huge battle of mine. I have a father who was emotionally, physically, and spiritually absent growing up and I craved male attention. In His grace and goodness, the Lord gave me an incredible man as my husband who I still can’t believe I’m married too (after 14 years!). But there is still that side of me that struggles with wanting to be accepted; that side of me who wants to be beautiful on the outside; that side of me who never feels like I’m pretty enough; that side of me who feels like what I look like = who I am. I battle this every, single day. I have three daughters and I do NOT want to pass these insecurities on to them! My prayer is to be able to live in the freedom of knowing that who I am = how God sees me! I think this is the cry of many women’s hearts!

  342. Tisha Duran says:

    Dying to self is a lesson I have been truly studying for about a year now. Each time I believe I have a grasp on it a new facet appears.
    Just like a diamond…the more facets, the more brilliant the sparkle. I pray that God will help me persevere so I can shine His light and love.
    Any godly knowledge and encouragement in this area would be greatly appreciated !

  343. I would love a copy first for myself and then to pass on to my oldest sister. I think it would be a wonderful thing to help us both grow.

  344. What an awesome lesson. I would love to read this and share it with my 6 daughters. Thank you for sharing.

  345. I would like a copy of this book. I’m fighting depression currently and it is not an easy thing to recognize or deal with. It totally removes all will for evetything. Even if I am not picked I would just like to encourage everyone reading this to be aware of those you love and their state of mind and encourage them always. You never k ow what is really going on inside them. No one in my family would have ever known what I was dealing with and they still don’t understand it. They are really struggling to grasp it as I have always been the one they all turn to. I no longer have that ability. I’m trying to get this under control at least to a point that I can live each day now.

  346. I would give it to my unmarried daughter who would like to be in a relationship.

  347. Donna Torrado says:

    God is teaching me about dying to self. It isn’t an easy process but His grace is truly sufficient to get me through. I love the changes He is making in me. I am loving life.
    Thank you Lord for your mercy & goodness.

  348. I really needed this. I wore a dress today for the 1st time in over a year. I thought I looked pretty good. My spouse made no comment. Hurt my feelings. This lifted me up showing me that the focus cannot always be on me. Thank you

  349. Stefanie Hartman says:

    Sounds like just what I need to read!!!! Blessings

  350. I would love to share this book with one of the middle school girls that I lead in a small group.

  351. Sharon Vaupel says:

    Even if I don’t win the book, I will definitely read it. Thank you for all you do through your ministry. God Bless You

  352. Holly Matewicz says:

    This book seems perfect to use for a junior high girls bible study we are starting in October. I would greatly appreciate winning a free copy to review. Thank you!

  353. My spirit responds to your blog and new book. After being raised know The Lord is awesome ways @ age 34 My spiritual faucet has been turned on and boy does it feel good to be flowing in the gifts God has given me and doing what I was born to do. The stirring in my spirit is unexplainable and would love to win this book as a tool to help me be the girl He always knew I was. Thanks for the opportunity!

  354. I’m so grateful for the strong ladies at P31 ministries and how they mentor me remotely. I’ve never met them, but i hope to one day. I believe mentoring others is so necessary for both the giver and the receiver. It’s my turn to begin sharing what i’ve learned with those ladies around me. Thank you for your devotions and books and online encouragement! God bless richly!

  355. Nicole Culver says:

    I would love to have this book for myself to read. This is speaking volumes to me right now!!!

  356. I would love to win this book as I am in desperate need of knowing the woman God wants me to be. I separated from my husband October of last year and divorced him in July as I was not following the Lord. I wasn’t going to church, reading the word, or fellowshiping with Christians. I lacked any and all confidence in Him and thought that I was so broken that He couldn’t repair the pieces. I have since realized that I made a mistake and that a lot of what I believed was the lies of the devil. I have repented from my sins and have returned to Church and the loving arms of Christ. But I am tired of his lies and need to grow in confidence with the Lord.

  357. Kimberly Bean says:

    My daughter has anxiety and ADHD which creates a constant inner struggle within her. She usually wants to make the right choice, but these challenges make it very difficult for her. She’s always asking “why can’t I be like everyone else?” And my heart breaks for her. I’ve been trying hard to help her build her faith, but her maturity is quite there yet.

  358. I would love a copy. My self esteem issues have caused many poor decisions in my life. I eed to breake this cycle once and for all. I so needed to read all of this. I’m not alone and neither are any of you wonderful ladies.

  359. I am in desperate need of this book. After reading the article, I cried knowing how self-centered I truly am but have yet to gain control of it. I will read this book hoping for practical tips to help me win this life-long battle. Still crying…

    • Debra – the beginning to us getting over our selves is first seeing our struggle. I wrote this devotion recently – so it’s a continual battle. But one, with the power of the Holy Spirit that we can win more times than we don’t!!

  360. This sounds like a great book! It is a constant struggle to leave our “old self” behind so that we can truly be the woman God wants us to be. I look forward to your insight on how to let go and move on to something much more rewarding.
    Thank you,

  361. becky dicharry says:

    This is an issue God has been tugging at my heart to work on recently. I would love to win a copy of your book in order to facilitate further growth and change in this area and grower closer to God.

  362. I would love a copy of this book. Helping women/girls overcome their insecurities and need for acceptance is a passion of my heart and one that I still wrestle with at times. I would love this book for my own encouragement, but also for furture ministry purposes!

  363. Hi, I would love to have a copy of this book. I love this quote “Die to the me who is all about me. Die to my selfie. Because, when I die to me, another woman can emerge.
    A woman whose character is found in the love she gives, the joy she lives and the peace when she forgives. A woman who doesn’t make her life about gaining attention, but giving it.” – Lynn Cowell

    I simply want this book because I believe that it will help me to become more like a woman God wants me to be. thanks! πŸ™‚

  364. I struggle daily with my confidence and I am trying so hard to find it in Him.

  365. God has its own perfect timing when he wants to talk to us and here is the answer he wanted me to hear. They call me the “selfie queen” and now i’m introducing the “selfie” thing to my two-year old baby, yes it could possibly mean nothing to my daughter for now but it would develop to a character of attention-seeking attitude someday that somehow leads to frustration and depression if not fed up.. So when i read the phrase “die to my selfie” its like boom i know God is talking to me and he wants to change the “me” that im still living right now.. thank you for sharing and yes i want a copy of this..

  366. I thank you for the opportunity to receive this life giving book, but I’m asking that Karen, who commented on September 16th, with the 4 children, the oldest 3 being girls , be the recipient.
    Her story is so similar to mine 25 years ago! If I were aware of this kind of help and encouragment then, my children would have had a different momma when they were their most impressionable years.

  367. I would like to win a copy to help me grow and eventually when I have kids I would like to have something to help me raise wise Godly girls. I wish this book would have been available when I was younger to help me and some of us single ladies probably still struggle with this a little if we’re honest about.

  368. I have 3 girls 8, 11 and 13. I would give them this book to read.

  369. Rebecca Losh says:

    I love the title here… Death to self and being reborn in him is so difficult at times. I would love to have this book and read more of the devotionals and further myself in my relationship with Christ!

  370. Krista Bonestroo says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I have a 14 year-old daughter and I have lead a Bible study the past 3 summers for her and her friends. This sounds like a book we could use next summer!

  371. Karissa Hochstetler says:

    Thanks for this opportunity.
    I struggle with the realization that I can note a time in the day yesterday that I had to die to selfie… and then another time today… and am scared there will be another tomorrow… I should be dead by now but I keep rearing my ugly head πŸ™‚

    • I like that, Karissa. Thank you for sharing. May we die (to self) and stop rearing our ugly heads. πŸ™‚ God continue to bless you richly !

  372. Marty Clontz says:

    I have struggled with adandonment issues all my life, mostly because my dad left us when I was 11. Thank you for always providing food for thought in your stories on overcoming life’s challenges by looking to God!

  373. Shannon LaRosh says:

    I would love to win a free copy of this book, because I feel like this story was about me. I am in a constant battle with my “selfie-ishness” and need for attention, and how that conflicts entirely with my mission as a mother, wife, and woman of faith. I also have a daughter, only 3 years old, and by the time she has firm memories of me I want them to be of a woman who was gracious, kind, loving, and selfless… and who DID NOT need to be the center of attention.

  374. Lindsay Chupp says:

    I never even thought about what God’s standard of beauty is compared to how I view it. Thank you for opening my eyes to this. My heart is sad realizing that I’ve valued what the world thinks is beautiful more than what God’s view of beauty is. I am thankful that I can now learn, and change into the beautiful that God desires for me!

  375. This book would be perfect to share with my roommates old roommates. We read scriptures and pray and share our little bible study group that grows and will become larger. We all confessed that we need to die to our selfie selfish self-centered beings. That devotion Lynn was a inspiration and move of God. God Bless you!!! I would be so grateful and honored to read the magnificent Magnetic book. I would give the book to my mom and daughter who is everything and would truly be blessed by this perfected book. All love to Lynn and proverbs 31 ministries.β™‘β™₯β™‘β™₯β™₯ mad love to you congratulations!!!!

  376. To share this with my daughters and then my granddaughter would be a gift worth sharing. Then to share with friends to have them then to share with others.

  377. Grace Crapitto says:

    I would love to read this book in hopes of becoming much, much more of a person that God would want so He could use me to spread His Word

  378. Krystii Scott says:

    Love this opportunity to gain wisdom, insight, and inspiration a gift it on to another. Thankyou!

  379. I read the devotional and I’ve read all of the comments as well. We all hve our own journeys and our own struggles. My confidence and self-esteem isn’t where it needs to but I know I’m gaining in confidence and self esteem because God is working on me each day ever since I got saved in July. I pray blessings on whomever is chosen to win the book ‘Magnetic’ and that God will work in their lives as He will continue to work in my life for His glory. May God bless you!

  380. Teresa Hughes says:

    Of the four children my husband and I share, two of them are teenage girls who are Freshmen this year. I am thoroughly enjoying sharing these devotionals with them and would love a copy of the book to give them (they often read books together).

  381. Wow, awesome that so many moms want to help their daughters. I have two girls aged 18 and 12. I want them to know they have such a great friend in Jesus. I wish I had books like yours when I was a teen.

  382. My some day to be daughter in law/mother of two of my grand children, is saved, loves God but loves herself and being spoilt a lot more. She is raising my grand daughter the same way. I think she would really benefit from this book. Me too.
    Margaret’s (apologies if I miss spelled it) I understand wanting to stay invisible. I’ve been that way my whole life

  383. Jenn Wolfenbarger says:

    Oh how I long to be a woman who exudes God’sPeace and Joy…so that His Light overflows spilling out of me. But not only do I want to be the one noticed for that reason…even more so…I want to be the one always ready to welcome my brothers and sisters into my home…to serve them…to nurture.

  384. I lead a group of 8th grade girls for confirmation. This would be a great book to read with them.

  385. Deanna Clardy says:

    What an amazing message and insite! This book sounds like the book I need to read. I feel stuck in that middle ground of people pleasing and pleasing God, when I know full well it’s ALL about God! My life long goal is to die to my selfie and exude the fruits of the Spirit, in ALL things. More of You, Lord, less of me and my selfie!!
    God bless you abundantly for all you do for His Kingdom!

  386. I have a daughter and granddaughter that I would love to share this amazing book. Need to prepare them to face this world with the tools in this book.

  387. Peg J. Ribble says:

    I would love to get this book for my granddaughters. They are still pretty young, 9, 7 & 3 yrs. old, but I think the older 2 would benefit from this book. Thanks for all you do for us!!

  388. Just today I blogged my testimony Tuesday about living my life to please others to gain their love. This post and book couldn’t have better timing for me! Hope to win a copy!

  389. I am going to have to check out the other books you have written! If I am not selected to win this book, I will have to ask for it for Christmas and then share with my daughters!

  390. Tiffaney Schrimsher says:

    I enjoyed reading your devotional on idisciple. It is going in my favorites. It was a reminder that it is not about me. I have to stop focusing on myself. It is so easy to say yet so hard to practice.
    I would live to read your boook for myself and daughter. I look forward to readkng moredevotions by yuou. Thanks!

  391. I would like this book for myself because just the article die to my selfie really spoke to ME. This is something that I do struggle with honestly and I just feel that this book would be the encouragement I need. I would also share the book with the teachers that I work with. Such a great devotional and so helpful for my life.

  392. I love this devotion. You speak the truth. We are to die now for a new person yo emerge. I have never lived a christian life til recently. I was talking to a friend and she asked me how this other person was. I told her that “oh they have changed” then i said ” wait they didnt change. I need to rephrase this. I have changed. My christian values are in place and i cjose not to live around people whodrink all the time and have bad behavior. ” its amazing how much better i feel as a child of christ. Living a life where my 4 year old can see the changes i made and not have to live thru old past behaviors that i dont want to live by. My husband and i have never lived a life like this one in the eight years we have been together. I love my new life and its amazing. Thank you jesus fir giving me a new life and im excited to be an example of a christ child. God bless to everyone.

  393. Thank you for your words. They always hit home. I’d love a copy for my sisters & I.

  394. Shakira Syn says:

    Wow just this excerpt alone truly blessed my spirit.
    I’ve been saved for about 5 years now and it is still a process learning to die to self.
    Leaning not to my own understanding and truly walking by faith and not sight.
    Im 32 with two kids and just trying to do it Gods way.
    realizing its never to late to get on the right path

  395. Would love to get a copy of the book!

  396. This message resonates with many of us….at any age! I realize the older I get that a mark of greater maturity is being willing to be ‘invisible’…..which goes against our grain, ok MY grain, so often! I would read it and certainly pass on to a younger loved one who is big on selfies since a young age, LOL!

  397. Melissa Goode says:

    I am so grateful that you wrote this book.I have a 19 yr.old daughter that is in an abusive relationship.this man was 39 and my daughter 18 when they got together a year ago.he was an I.v drug user so she fell into that until 5 months ago when she found out she’s pregnant.she went to rehab and has stayed clean for 5 months.thank you God.6 weeks ago he broke her nose,thank God the baby is okay,but 2 days ago she went back to him.I know God is with her.I would love to win a copy for her but either way she will be getting a copy..I just thank God for touching your heart to write about this and for Him bringing it to my attention.may God bless you and all that you do.

  398. Hello, I have 2 girls in preteen years and I can see the pressure that they feel from the girls around them (mostly from school). The pressure is about being beautiful, sexy, to get boys attention by the way they look and dress, to have a group to be part of and so on. So, I would like to read the book for myself and to read it with my girls, too.

  399. Myrna Hernandez says:

    I have been seek God plan for me now that our 4 children are grown and have children of their own. My life has changed a lot this past couple of years, now that it is just my husband and me at home. We are having to learn how to do things jjust for the 2 of us all over again, sometimes it hard, God is show us the way… I would to read the book for myself and then pass on to couple friends that I know would benfit from reading it also…

  400. I am a single mother of two amazing children. I have had my highs and lows in relationships and I want this book because I am trying to get myself back to a place of peace after domestic violence followed by a relationship that was never going to lead to marriage. I am a woman who loves hard and fully. I value the principles of a P31 woman, tho I am not executing it with telhe right person. I am now aware of what I am doing wrong by giving to much without getting what God has. I am now in a place where I am reflecting on me, my life and my relationship with God. So when I am whole again, He will place the rest of my hearts desires and blessings in my life.

  401. Tonia Norris says:

    Struggling with my own Mother Daughter relationship has given way to me learning to realize the generations of broken legacys of Mother Daughter relationships that I come from. So much broken hurt, so painful. I want very much for my daughter and I to have a very different story. To let my history of legacies due within me, so that my daughter and I can successfully start a new beginning fully of beautiful love and Grace!

  402. My daughter Elisabeth is 10. When she was 5 I had slowly spiraled into alcoholism and drug abuse of all kinds landing me in rehab and separation from her father. It wasn’t til recently that the Lord graciously took me by the hand and walked me out step by step until this school year I was directed to homeschool her. I thought that all her wounds were healed from my destructive behavior but as we have started learning on forgiveness anger and fear I have found out she has A lot she just never let out to me. Not only have I carried weighty negative habits from my mom I have turned and placed just as bad onto my daughter. while I am learning to forgive myself and mother I have been asking God how to talk to her and work these exact type things into her school plan for both our benefits. I would love to win this book, While at the same time I agree with so many of the ladies above. there are so many stories deserving of this. Thank you ladies for the awesome words of encouragement you send out to us all! You are appreciated πŸ™‚

  403. candie wright says:

    I’ve been married and divorced twice. Have children by both ex husbands. I have reclaimed my life in Christ and want to become the woman He wants me to be. I want to be so lost in God that the man he has planted for me has to find me through Him.

  404. I would really like to win this book because I’m a young woman (22) who is trying to live out a Godly life- but also struggle with the world’s perceptions of beauty, love, and the meaning of “success”. Its tough becoming an adult in a world that is filled with media telling you how to look, instant gratification from social media vs real authentic conversations, and lies about relationships filling up my newsfeed to magazine racks. I’d love to win a book that talks about becoming a woman of God and how to conform to his plans vs the world’s standards. As a young woman and follower of this blog I’m looking for recourses that will help me on my journey towards being more in line with Christ. Thanks!

  405. My name is Deena Maga, I am 20 years old and I just want the perfect will of God to be done in my life. I would really like this book because I bleieve this book would really help me out as to what is my life journey in being a grown woman in God is all about and also in being who I am in God and what God has called me to be in him.

  406. Pam McGuire says:

    I have had a void in my heart since my divorce seven years ago. I now see that instead of trying to fill the void with another I need to allow God to fill my heart and follow his purpose in my life for his kingdom.

  407. Janet Roten says:

    This devotional was exceptional and just what the LORD has been showing me in my own heart. We need this book in our family right now. I need this book desperately. The LORD will provide.

  408. I would love to this book. Coming from a non Christian family this is a struggle I battle every day as I have not had much guidance.

  409. Natalie Monroe says:

    I’d love a copy because anything that brings me closer to God and puts the focus on him instead of me is a good thing! I’m glad I saw this and I’m excited to read over your webpage and apply any good advice toward the raising of our daughters. Thank you for your encouragement.

  410. Linda McMillan says:

    I would enjoy this book, and share with daughter whom is raising 2 children with a loving husband in this crazy world.

  411. Terri Clevenger says:

    Thank you for this website. I came across it the other day on my news fed, and am especially grateful for this book you are highlighting. I believe this is just what I need right now. I am dealing with a situation that would require a great amount of forgiveness, understanding, and trust. I need to know HOW to die to myself, and not feel so afraid of doing so. I love God, and I trust in Him. It isn’t so easy to trust in myself or other people though. I have been doing much research in the past few days and I believe this book would be the answer. I need to change myself instead of trying to change others or situations around me. Thank you

  412. pelagia garcia says:

    I am so excited to read this book. I have always been a person that had struggled with self confidence and looking for others praise and adoration. This is a vicious cycle I have been trying to break as I have a daughter who is 12 and I don’t ever want her to feel like she needs someone other than God to accept her for the way she is. Thank you Jesus for giving us woman in the world to write books like this to keep us going in this fight against these sinful nature’s of the world.

  413. Kathy Lamaster says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this book. I struggle every day with self-acceptance and self-worth. It is a constant struggle to understand God’s love for me, a sinner. Most days I feel so unworthy and lonely. I lost my job in March and my unemployment benefits have depleted. I know God has a plan for me and I am trying to be patient! I am taking a class at a local community college and it is helping me to regain a bit of self-esteem. I constantly berate myself and need to stop the negative thoughts and accept and embrace the love and plan God has for my life.

  414. I would absolutely love to have a copy of this book, it would start with me and be passed down to my two little girls one at a time when they’re old enough to have it. Hopefully they will have their girls read it too someday, it literally has the potential to change generations of women’s relationships with the Lord and themselves. In a day where people judge everything from the outside girls are learning is what they look like that matters, What a gift this is going to be in so many girls lives- I was super excited to see this in my inbox this morning,imagine Jesus smiling as women and girls alike (we are all His little girls:) come to know exactly how they can be pleasing to Him; the only true love and attention they need to seek and this book is going to make that happen!

  415. I would love a copy of this one. This world makes things ‘all about me’ and to live in Christ is to not live life for the ‘all about me’ but all for Him. I struggle with trying to be relevant to reach this younger generation for Christ without falling into the ‘selfie’ mode myself. Would love to read this book as I am sure it gives great insight into this. Thank you!

  416. kathy newell says:

    Lynn. Thank you for this inspiring message. I surely need to die to self. God bless

  417. Thank you for the beautiful devotion. I feel I have found what I was looking for.

  418. After reading Lisa’s devotional this morning, I immediately thought of my sister-in-law who became addicted to narcotics about 8 years ago. My husband rescued her from the pit of depression by moving her from her home town to a foreign place to her and admitted her into a drug rehab program. After a year of living with nothing but the shirt on her back and other recovering addicts she made remarkable change. She was perseverent about her sobriety and wanted severely to reinstate her credentials as a school teacher. Now with the grace and mercy of God, she is teaching again but with a renewed view on her call in this profession. God also provided a soulmate for her in the AA FAMILY. They married and now protect each other in their weakness. This book is exactly what she mentioned to me today: trying to put herself aside and let God use her in His powerful plan.

  419. Cynthia Benson says:

    Reading all of these comments makes me wish that all of us could get together! To share, to praise God and seek His will for us as women. Someone ordered the book for Karen….Amazing!! This fills my heart this morning.
    I too am struggling internally on letting my selfie die, so a new loving, kind and peaceful woman can emerge. It’s tough in today’s society to block out everything except Gods’ way. I believe it can be done though, I just wish there were a workbook or guide. Prayers for all of you ladies and your families! ❀️

  420. I too have been where Karen is now. I had 3 children at the time and was pregnant with my 4. I would have loved to had this book then. Since that time I have remarried to a WONDERFUL man. He has stepped in a became a father my kids needed. We have 2 beautiful daughters together an I gained a step son as well. However my oldest daughter took the divorce really hard. She has gotten over the divorce and loves her step dad but she is now 17 and she is constantly”dating” someone new all the time. I feel like she is looking for something from these boys that she is not receiving from her own father.

  421. God has blessed my life so abundantly. He has given me an amazing husband who loves me beyond anything I deserve and who has supported me unconditionally while I have unpacked the very serious baggage of my past. He has blessed me with three wonderful boys and a church family that I can always count on. I would love to read this book because I am desperate to become the woman He wants.

  422. Marcia Halversoni says:

    I struggle with this and pray often. This book could lead me to follow Christ in all I do!

  423. Michelle Hoekstra says:

    I thought as I got older, dying to myself would some how become easier. But it is not! Now that I am a Mom, I find my “self” popping up more than ever. How do I daily die to myself, and teach my girls to do the same? A constant struggle.

  424. Heidi Brandt says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book. We have 3 kids, 2 of them being girls ages 12 and 10. Our 12 year old “tomboy” is just starting to question her appearance and athletic build. I would love to be able to read this book with her. I enjoyed the devotional very much. Thank you for speaking truth into our lives.

  425. diana callahan says:

    Wow! If I win this book it will be a miracle:) I am praying that whoever needs it most will win! I will give it to my daughter who just started college. I prayed the prayers of the fruit of the spirit over her(and me) today. She came home this weekend. Her text said, “I just want to come home where I am loved and don’t have to try so hard to be what other people want me to be”. Wow, that broke my heart. I think this book will be an excellent tool for her and her friends:) Thank you, Lynn for your heart!!! God bless:)

  426. Thank you for this message, Lynn! My friend and I often pray about that insecure “little girl” still within, for her to grow up into Christ and be who He created her to be. I really like the title of your book. I would probably read the book first and then pass it on to my precious friend/sister in Christ. I like the intriguing twist, too: ” A woman who possesses this type of beauty, who chooses others above herself is hard to find, yet she is easy to spot.” πŸ™‚ God has been dealing with me concerning life being all about Him and my making it all about Him – my choice. Whew! He also used the word arrogant with me in addressing that area. I don’t know I would have thought it, honestly. God is so very good! God continue to bless you richly!

  427. Hannah Elrod says:

    I’d love to win! I have 3 small children and sometimes find it hard to always have good attitude. My days are filled with being about everyone but me. I need His grace daily!

  428. Jennifer Gearheart says:

    I would love to share this with my almost 15 year old daughter. Her dad and I separated and she is dealing with her brother being in jail. All of the male figures in her life are not positive. So thankful for her youth group and her persevering through all of it. I can tell she is missing something. She will call herself fat, or not pretty and it doesn’t matter how much I tell her she is beautiful and God created her, she still says it. Now she has a boyfriend and this Mom is wanting to lead her in the right direction. We read devotions and she loves the Lord. I wish she would spend more time in His Word instead of listening to other teens.

  429. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years, and have always longed for a confident walk with God, to know and understand who I am in Him, and my purpose. Anyone with either of these disorders knows how self-defeating and destructive they are. I have two little girls who look up to me, and I desperately want to be an example to them, and I pray they have a strong walk with God. My biggest fear is passing on my anxiety and depression to them (it runs on both sides of my family), and I want to break the family curses that have been going on my family for generations so the future generations don’t have to suffer with it.

    • Ms. Lisa B, today you have broken that cycle. I too have suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression since childhood. I’m 48 years old and still embarrassed to feel the need to be accepted. Hold on to God, great articles about GAD and depression and laugh with your girls. God bless.

  430. My first baby girl (and only child) just had her first birthday last weekend. She is such a blessing to my husband and I and we pray for her and over her frequently. I would love this book – not only to hopefully help me be a better mother, but also for myself. Thank you for this opportunity.

  431. Sheila Lilly says:

    In this world, it is so hard to accept ourselves the way we are. It is hard to have self confidence when all the world is screaming that we don’t measure up. And, unfortunately, we pass this thinking on to our daughters. Because of this thinking, my daughter suffered from anorexia. Thankfully, she is doing much better and is now in college studying to be a nutritionist so she can help other girls with this problem. We need to learn positive self image so we can pass it on to our children.

  432. What a blessing this devotional was to me today! I am that girl. I struggle sometimes with needing attention and wanting approval. In fact more than I should..embarrassingly. I thank Jesus for giving me this food for thought and placing a seed into my heart and I thank you!

  433. Elizabeth Barr says:

    I would love to win this book for my 15 year old daughter. I believe it would help her in her constant search of finding love from objects or people when she needs god. Her father left us when she was 8 and he has been a yo-yo ever sense. I finally had to stop him because he would come back around but everytime she made a mistake or upset him he would leave again and not contact us or answer her phone calls for months even a year. He got married and took on his new wife’s 5 wonderful boys. But he hasn’t seen his daughter in 2 years. In the last two years as I’ve tried to show her love and acceptance and that she’s perfect the way she is. She’s pushed me away. She doesn’t want to here of God and his love. She’s angry and I pray for her daily. She’s turned to food and other things for the love she needs from god. She’s been in a institute once for trying to take her own life. All the while I’m praying for her. I know God will bring the best out of this. We just have to get over the rocks and rivers before we see the beauty. I have faith in God and jesus. I don’t ask why anymore. Because I know there’s a purpose. If I don’t win the book I will pLan on saving it to buy one. A life that’s all about self is no life at all. I lived years with the me me me syndrome. And finally I’m breaking free from that and it’s about my kids my parents my friends my fiance my dogs the neighbor and the man on the street with dirty clothes and a mangy dog that I give money and a warm meal to when I can. The donations to people. Life is so much better when you give I personally know that now. Praise God in all we do.

  434. May God’s life supply your needs every single day!
    I love the article that is posted in this blog. I was touching and I was wondering how touching will it be the whole book. That is the very source problem we have in our life….”the self”.
    God bless us all with his life flowing in us everyday for we can be his full expression.

  435. I have four children, the oldest of whom is my 12 year old daughter who is rapidly becoming sucked into finding her worth in worldly things, as girls tend to do, despite our best efforts to teach/tell her otherwise. I’ve read an excerpt from your book and several reviews and I’m so excited about it. I would love a copy to go through with her and some of our close mommy/daughter friends. I think we could all benefit from the information & perhaps coming from someone else would be beneficial for my daughter, since mom doesn’t know much right now. πŸ˜‰

  436. In learning to be the best partner and queen to my future King I feel the need to die to myself. I desire and strive to erase any and all traits left of insecurities and residue from my previous abusive relationships. To know my true worthiness and the magnificence of my purpose and spiritual gifts. To allow my beauty to be from the sheer essence of my light as I glorify God in all I do according to his call and purpose for my life.

  437. I would love to have this book for my daughter. This past year has been a struggle for her. She had fallen away from attending church because of a lack of young adults. She is trying to find a church to fit her needs. She has also. She has struggled with many relationships for the past several years. Ten years ago she was in a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship that, unfortunately, still haunts her. After each guy drops her, we have to work on her self-esteem. I think this book would serve to remind her how much God loves her and wants to be in her life.

  438. Wonderful article. Well written and it got MY atttention!!! You just described me.
    Today I will die and will be reincarnated a new strong, humble, kind, successful woman in the name of our father God. Thank you.

  439. I grew up with a single mom, my dad has been incarcerated since I was 10. Growing I was so close to God. I don’t think I ever coped with the fact that my father wasn’t in my life. I was so focused on school and trying to make my mom proud until I began man’s attention. Now I’m 22 and struggling to find peace in my life. I’ve only been in two relationships. The last one just ended but in each one I’ve found myself giving my all. Before marriage I have found myself giving them all of me and at the end of each time I’ve being used, lied to and cheated on. And then I just run right back to them. I guess you can say I made them my “god”. The last man I was with basically told me after a year that I had been the “other woman” and he wanted to keep it like that. I’m praying God will give me deliverance and allow me to forgive. I am hurting I need some break off of me.

  440. Sherry Bruner says:

    I see lots of hurting people on a regular basis. I will hear them telling of their issues and I will get frustrated when I here the same issue each and every week and I just wish they would trust the Lord more. I then stop and think, maybe they aren’t where they feel as if they can give it all to God.

  441. I would love to win a copy of this book & would give it to my twin daughters. Hoping the Lord will use this to open their eyes of understanding of who God is: how He love them & longs to have a love relationship wirh them. And that they could trust Him because He has the best plans for their lives! Thanks Lynn for sharing your passion for daughters. Actually I have been wanting too to give my daughters a copy of your other book: His Revolutionary Love! Once again THANK YOU!


  442. I want to give a heartfelt thank you for being an inspiration to many woman Laura. My message of why I believe this book would help me to grow is I first noticed the pangs of growth for this 51 year old mother when she walked into her sons home and had to set herself aside, the side that cooked all her life for her boy and entertained everyone on created the ambiance that warmed the hearts that gathered so my son who for the very first time had invited everyone over for the first time could enjoy what He Had Done and not his momma. I sat teary eyed. This is not about me and what I used to do, thus is about glorifying my son and the wonderful man he has become. Maybe, yes maybe I may had a bit to do with that but here he was and this day was His now let him shine. So here I am in my new role…letting others shine.

  443. My eyes filled with tears as I read this post. As a 24 year old, I feel as though the sooner I figure out what it means to die to myself the better. Right now I feel as though I can’t escape the need to promote myself, especially in social media. It causes me to constantly be insecure and question my purpose. I want to be a woman who is confident in Christ and when others look at me, they see Him. And from what I’ve read, this book would be a great step in the right direction.

  444. Would like to have a copy of this book for my 14 year old daughter. Despite being raised in a Christian home, living in the mission field for 10 months now and consistent reminders to love others, the ugly head of selfishness seems to be taking a foothold in her life. Only prayer and God can truly change that, but resources such as your book can help keep the right focus.

  445. I have 3 daughters that I would love to share your book with. I want them to find there true confidence through God, not through others!

  446. I shared your post on Facebook the other day. I was always the one and still do sometimes, if I want to be honest, that likes attention. But I’m working every day on trying to focus the attention back to God. He deserves the glory in my life, not me. But I also want this book for my daughter who has not gotten past that point in her life. She hides her insecurity by pushing her way forward many times. The focus has to always be on her & her wants. How do I know this? I was the same way for so many years. God is helping me to leave that behind. Anyway, whether I win or not, I love the post.

  447. Cathy Pangburn says:

    I think everyone needs this book at some point in their lives and can pass it on to a person currently in need.

  448. Cleasa McLain says:

    I raised my three boys the best I knew to do. Starting to church when they were young so that they would have a better foundation. Well, they have all grown now and all three different directions. My oldest is 29 and still single, he is looking for the right lady but waiting for Gods timing. The next is a missionary, married to a missionary, they have one child, one on the way. The last one has two children, with different moms and he not been married. He has been in prison the past four years, we have never seen one child, who is 4(except in pictures via facebook) and the other was one when he lef(he is now 5). The first baby momma has been into drugs and has been recently arrested for a felony theft. We now have the five year old full time and it has been a life change for me. I have not had kids at home for many years and I have had a hard time adjusting to losing My time. I recently had something happen at church that really, really hurt my feeling along with a few other things and that whole day was hard on me. I cried most of the day. I could not sleep and was awake at 3:00 am. So when I went to my email, I found this devotion about self. I cried again, because I felt God tell me I needed to get over myself and start looking more at others needs and not my own. I didn’t think I was doing that but I guess maybe I really was because I wanted my son to be here for his son and not put me in this situation to take care of him. But God let me know that I should be more thankful I am here for him because he would probably be in foster care if I had not been here. And the thing at church that hurt me so much, God told me everyone has faults and I needed to look past what they did and see them through His eyes. Sometimes life through a bump in the road but we have to figure a way around it or over it and move on with our adventure called life. I believe this book would be a great help to get my self back in line with Gods will and out of my own. Thanks for considering me to get one of your copies. If I do get it, I would be glad to pass it on to someone else next.

  449. Susan Waterfield says:

    My sister died almost three years ago with bone cancer. My niece is now 13 years old and lives with my mother. She is going through a very tough stage of her life, without a mother, father or grandfather (that she was very close to). I have read the first chapter of this book and it seems to be exactly what she needs to read right now. She has been showing signs of being deceitful among other things. With my sister being a meth abuser, I/we certainly want my niece to stay focused on Jesus! I believe that this book would be valuable for her to read and possess.

  450. Joan Thomas says:

    I read your article about dying to selfie. People do accumulate too many photos. This world is passing away. If I win the book I would give it to Jackie. She is approaching 50 and told me she wants to attract a good catch for a husband.

  451. Diana Barnes says:

    I would love to win this book for I have fought with perfectionism my whole life. I lost my sister 31/2 yrs ago due to diabetes and she would always tell me to quit trying to be perfect in everything. Thank you for a chance of winning it but if I don’t then I will be purchasing it. God Bless You!

  452. I would love to give this book to my 16 year old daughter !

  453. Amen!

  454. Heather Peters says:

    I work with our youth 7-12th grade girls…. I’d love this resource

  455. I am a perfectionist on the outside and a mess on the inside. I struggle with fears, anxiety and fitting in on a social level. I can’t seem to be comfortable with myself. I always feel out of place.

  456. Jessica Fortner says:

    I’d like to win this book because like everyone else “I’ve got issues.” Not really up to exposing my deeply personal life on a website for all to see…

  457. I live in Thailand where many young women have extremely low self worth and they are willing to do anything to get attention. I could really use this book to teach truths that could save lives.

  458. I would love to have a copy of this for my mom. For over 49 years she has been taught self worth is found in giving men what they want. She is saved now but still struggles with this very issue it breaks my heart that my mom doesn’t see her own worth she has tried to teach my sister and I to be confident and die to self. To be godly women, strong in the Lord. For 27 years of my life she’s been my lean on go to friend I want to give back to her so once and for all she can learn to be beautiful without feeling the need to win everyone’s approval!!!

  459. Tiffany Smith says:

    Thank you for this message! I’m feel even more encouraged to go forward. It’s not about adjusting to the trends of this world, but kingdom minded and heart enriched in the Lord.

  460. Tiffany Smith says:

    Thank you for this message! I’m feel even more encouraged to go forward. It’s not about following to the trends of this world, but kingdom minded and following after God.

  461. Thank you so much for this message. A true revelation of the heart. And what every woman experiences at times. Would definitely love to read the book!

  462. Ashleydawn wells says:

    As a youth leader I see it everyday …..in myself. I want so badly to share with the girls about Gods goodness but somedays it’s a struggle not to mention one of my stories but allow the girls to tell me theirs. The flesh is real and the struggle is real-er. I would love a copy to read myself and to share the knowledge with my girls. Thank you for following God as He drops wisdom bombs in you.

  463. I have 3 girls & with this I would hope to be able to learn for myself & then instill in my girls what is like to live a Godly life & as or church motto says… Love God, Love Others’ Serve Others.

  464. When I was 16 and 25 I was raped. I ended up with no family support through it, I wasn’t even taken to the hospital or nothing was done. My trust was betrayed by family I thought loved me more than anything. The second time I went to the hospital but 5 years later justice still has not been served. I used to always look for attention, approval, and love from the wrong source, men instead of God, and sometimes honesty still do. I have three young boys that I need to be a shining example to of the kind of woman they should want in there lives.AllAll three of my boys dads left me shortly after they were born. I think this book could really help me grow. I’d love to win it because I have very little income and can not afford to purchase it!

  465. When I was 16 and 25 I was raped. I ended up with no family support through it, I wasn’t even taken to the hospital or nothing was done. My trust was betrayed by family I thought loved me more than anything. The second time I went to the hospital but 5 years later justice still has not been served. I used to always look for attention, approval, and love from the wrong source, men instead of God, and sometimes honesty still do. I have three young boys that I need to be a shining example to of the kind of woman they should want in there lives.All three of my boys dads left me shortly after they were born. I think this book could really help me grow. I’d love to win it because I have very little income and can not afford to purchase it!

  466. I must say that I instantly loved the title of the book. I loved reading this message, so I think reading the book will be joy. I am sure this book will find its way to those that need it most and it will help us understand the changes we need to bring into our lives in order to be the women of purpose that God created us to be.

    May God continue to bless you Lynn with wisdom, health and strength. And protect you always.

  467. Her thots are very well put; she speaks for me & most likely most of us females. I don’t want it to be all about me; I want to be putting the attention on others too. One thot though: when someone yells “selfie” isn’t that so people know to get in it too? So mom was supposed to just be chauffeur & not consider herself included in pix, apparently. I have 3 girls; one of them saying that would kinda hurt. It would have me making sure I backed off & didn’t include myself in any more pix, etc. But that would be a spirit of ?? I forget the word, but you know what I mean.

  468. I am a grandparent raising a granddaughter. I find these ideas very much me. I would love to read your book and pass it on.

  469. nicole riley says:

    I don’t have any sad stories to share of why I should win one of these books,and I’m sure those women prolly deserve it more then I for what they have gone through. I am a mother of 3 boys and 1 girl. I am the nursery director at our church and a small group leader for our youth group. I have had most of the same girls since their freshman year and now they are seniors! I would love this book to use in ministering to them before sending them out I to the world as “independent” women. I have a total of 8girls in my group.

  470. Your posting was as if I was writing it myself. I didn’t think anyone else felt that way. Thank you so much for making yourself transparent so that others may connect with you and thus with the Lord. Please keep them coming for they are making a difference in my life. Sandy

  471. I’ve read all these post and frankly I wish there were enough for everyone to win.

    My story is tragic to me. I has open heart surgery in 2007 and in 2008 my husband divorced me because of the scar, unhealthy heart and weight gain. I was broken, and for six years I asked God to take my love for him away if we weren’t meant to be. My ex is still contacting me. I love him and I want to be the girl he wants. I pray this every night as well. God has never released me from the pain and now that my ex is back in contact with me. I pray he seeks God and then loves me as Christ loved the church.
    I WANT TO BE THE PERFECT GIRL FOR CHRIST, SO THAT I am LIVING IN HIS WILL AND IN SERVICE TO HIM.. if my ex isn’t in God’s plan for me maybe when im the perfect girl for the Lord. The Lord will send me the right man and we can grow on our faith and grow in love.

  472. Thank you for this devotion! This is something that I continue to work on daily!

  473. Mindy Adams says:

    I would love to win this for my mom. She is such a beautiful woman inside & out. I wouldn’t know Christ if it wasn’t for her. She is one of those women who has died to self and serves others first, always. Yet, when she looks in the mirror, all she sees is failure and flaws. She forgets that she has been purified through Christ. I think as she has gotten older that she has released these images from her thoughts. After all, at some point you have to give up and let God take over. She is an amazing woman and an awesome example of a woman who has died to self and lovingly serves God.

  474. Geni Pickens says:

    I would love to win this book for myself. I often find myself teetering in trusting Jesus to answer my prayers. I need to allow him to do his work instead of trying to fix all my problems myself. I know that God’s timing is not always our timing, but I struggle with it daily, I’ve got to some how let loose of being in control!!

  475. Jeffie Wilder says:

    I truly love this type book. Books that reflect God’s love and teaches about how we can reflect His love. I would really love having one of these books.

  476. Jennifer Given says:

    I am a youth leader and would love to give the book to some of the girls in the youth group πŸ™‚

  477. Dee Cameron says:

    I grew up in a family that wasn’t affectionate. I have always strived to be noticed by others. I must move forward and pass this obstacle of wanting everyone to notice me. This book will help me on my journey.

  478. My daughter, 9, recently excepted Christ! Hallelujah! Praise The Lord! I want to be a light for her, a constant beacon. I think this book will open her eyes to her worth in Christ and give her a better perspective as she faces each day in a dark and fallen world.

  479. I’ve always loved this passage in Proverbs. I’m sure much can be learned by others who love it as well. We grow by sharing. I would read it myself and then pass it on to friends, nieces…

  480. Hi I would love a copy of this book…as a mom of 3 I feel like I get lost in the measure of what a woman of God is really supposed to be like

  481. My 18 your old girl/woman is so struggling to find her identity in the suspense time after leaving High School & not being sure where/what she wants next. It’s been super difficult in the midst of her friends that do seem to have a plan. Praying she will look more to Him and less to friends, boys and even us her parents to learn who she is and what HIS plan is for her.

  482. I’m participating in a youth ladies class at my church. It’s set up for mothers to attend with their daughters to help prepare them and discuss gender specific topics. There are a few girls who do not have moms participating, so I’ve been assigned to a young lady as her mentor and prayer partner. We have challenges each week on specific areas to focus on, along with daily Bible reading, passage memorization and prayer times. I’m working on building a relationship with her and finding ways to have meaningful connection that will make a lasting impact on her life. This book would be a wonderful gift to give away to the young lady I’m working with.

    Thank you!

  483. Christina Buss says:

    Hi everyone, I just listened to this message, I realized that my Harden selfish heart is affecting my relationship with my Lord, Jesus, and my God, my Heavenly Father……. I was married for 28 years, and verbally abused for all those years, I could go on but it doesn’t change the fact that I have a callous heart… My daughters, won’t let me be a part of their life, or my grandchildren’s. Any mother would know that her kids, and her grandchildren are a piece of your heart……
    I have read the book strongholds by Beth Moore, and a form of pride is always thinking of yourself…… I had been praying for God to sent me to a place where my heart can be healed, God did

    The death of a marriage, not being a part of your children’s lives…… This left a hole in my heart… looking back in the past years…. His Addiction to pornography was his problem, even though somehow everything was my fault. I’m not saying I am perfect, I am a sinner and always will be until Jesus calls us up in the clouds.
    At one point I could not even pray for him, but the devastating things unforgiveness brings your heart mind and body, God’s words are not empty,and do not come back void.

    I have no one to blame but me. But I do ask for help, and your prayers, for my Harden selfish heart…… The reason being I want to fulfill Gods plan in my life.

  484. Brenda Steere says:

    Thank you for opening us ladies to our true selves. Coming from being raised in a cult religion, I have only begun my spiritual journey. I may not deserve this special book, as others are needing it more, but if I am, thank you.
    Now I will begin my first look at Proverbs31Ministries. Praise to Him and bless us all.

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