Embrace the Wait

Embrace the Wait

September 2, 2013

“I say to myself, ‘The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.'” Lamentations 3:24 (NIV)

My three young kids were playing near her feet in her assisted-living home. “How busy things must be at your house these days. Why I’d give anything to be able to spend an ordinary day with my children all little again. What joy!”

What joy? What was my husband’s 90 year-old grandmother talking about?! As a worn-out mom I wanted the kids to get to the next stages in their lives and fast! For one to walk, another to stop wearing diapers and the third to learn to read. I wasn’t joyful. I was anxious.

Now that two of my three kids have graduated from high school, I know what Grandma meant. I’d love to rewind the clock and experience one more ordinary day with my babies. If only I could make time wait, instead of waiting on time to pass.

Even so, I still have a hard time applying this lesson in the wait. Each morning I wait in the school carpool line. In the afternoon, I wait for my son’s football practice to wrap up. Sometimes the coach keeps the team after for a pep talk. Some days it’s a lengthy one. And so I sit. The minutes tick by threatening to tick me off.

You see, I don’t like to wait.

Just this past week I waited in line at the grocery store, sat in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, and lingered at the airport, anxious to board my plane. I spent hours at the DVM (Department of Motor Vehicles) so my son could get his driver’s permit.

While these types of hindrances are short-lived, waiting for the next big thing can take longer and be harder. We wait on Prince Charming to appear, our house to sell, our child to take his first steps, a better job, financial relief, or physical or emotional healing to come to us or a loved one.

Just like when my kids were young, instead of patiently embracing these harder times, I have a tendency to want to rush them. I long for my circumstances to hurry up and change. To fast-forward to the next thing. But Scripture teaches us how to make it through these difficult seasons.

In those waiting times, even when life is hard, God says to us, I’ll be what you need while you wait.

God steps in to be our portion for that day. He is in the wait and we’ll sense that if only we will look for Him rather than always looking ahead to the next stage of life.

He was my portion as a little girl while I daydreamed about becoming a woman.

He was my portion as a woman when I waited to become a bride.

He was my portion as a new bride as I longed to become a mom.

He was my portion as a young mom as I looked forward to easier days.

And He is my portion now as I am learning to look to God when my impatient heart waits for the day when my husband and I retire and can travel more.

The point of life is not to keep looking ahead, but to look to the Lord to be our portion at every stage of life. Will you seek Him as you sit and wait? It makes the lingering have meaning. And tethers our hearts to His as we use these times to pray and ponder His goodness. Yes, right in the midst of those in-between times. It even makes the waiting sweeter.

But I still suggest you bring along a good book to the DMV!

Dear Lord, help me embrace the wait and look for You to be my portion during the in-between times of life. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
What next big thing are you waiting for in life? How could focusing on God as your portion help the wait to be easier?

Power Verse:
Romans 8:25, “But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience. (ESV)

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  1. Stacy Bernheisel says:

    This has really touched my heart . I am @ an in between stage in my life right now.
    I have just started on a new chapter in my life and although I am anxious for this to
    All get started and be at the end of some hard times, I find myself being reminded
    That this time will never come again, I will most likely be presented with this opportunity
    Learn this lesson until I really learn it. Whatever this lesson may be. I trust god, I believe that he and Jesus
    Have control and I have been saved by their grace. I just have to learn to appreciate @ recognize them in the wait 😉

  2. This was just what I needed to read!

  3. Thank you for sharing. This touched me deeply on many levels and encouraged me, as I’m in a period of “waiting” in a couple of areas in my life. Just what I needed to start my day with a fresh attitude and perspective.

  4. This is just what I needed today. I have been waiting to have a baby (am currently 2 days overdue) and am not feeling patient at all! I need to trust that the Lord is with me while I wait, and that in His time, we will be blessed. Thank you for the words of wisdom from God’s Word.

    • Lord, I pray You are closets Allison this morning. Give her Your Peace in knowing that Your Grace IS sufficient. This is a hard lesson to send to our hearts. We know it in out heads but , but, but…for our minds to capture the awesomeness of this is so so so hard. Bless you , Allison

    • Hang in there. A baby!!! How wonderful. Enjoy the miracle of life and I pray your delivery goes week.

    • I’m guessing there is probably some tension there. 2 days isn’t so much that it should cause impatience, (I mean, a lot of it :-). Although, I could understand that if you were stuck in one place, particularly one really expensive or isolated place. As long as both you and the baby are not in medical distress, be glad you made it, over even. Praying everything goes well for y’all. Again, as long as you guys don’t get into some kind of distress, going over, puts the infant into a developmentally “safe” place, as far as brain and organ development.

      (P.S. I’m a developmentalist, as a profession. Not trying to be wierd or anything.)

  5. Loved your post today. I enjoyed reading a book on this very subject by Jeff Goins entitled, “The In-Between.”
    Waiting is hard. Waiting well seems impossible. Focusing on the Master’s face is the only way Peter could walk to Jesus. As soon as he noticed the wind and the waves he got thrown off balance. I seem to do fine till I look around to notice how I fare. Thank you for your post. Really enjoyed it.

  6. Waiting. Patience. Long suffering. Trusting in God’s Sovereignty. Isn’t it all the same?

  7. God’s Sovereignty….long suffering….the question I had for the last 8 years is over. Last night I found out from our 44 year son that the child to the African wife he married because he “got her pregnant” was not his”. The paternity test proved my suspicions for the past 8 years. Their marriage was built on a beginning od deceipt from the beginning and now this Rwandan wife is an alcoholic, staying up each night drinking. This 8 year old daughter is “his” as our son says. And the 3 year old son is actually a mix of the two.
    So I wait as son’ mother and support him, pray for my first born as he goes through a new move, “carring” for this wife who is 17 years younger. I want a perfect life for him. it will never com. i lean on God to give me wisdom in dealing with this life he has chosen. He is drawing closer to God.

    • Oh Linda–
      Please know that I am praying for you today. Such a hard place and yet such a caring, loving mom you are!! Lean hard into Jesus as you support your son. I am thrilled to read your comment “He is drawing closer to God.” Bless you today. He is enough.

      • Barbara Collins says:

        Linda: Coming in agreement with Karen. Praying for you today. And I also was touched by the simple statement that “He is drawing closer to God.” Leaning on the everlasting arms.

        • Further prayer needed here, too, if you think of it.. Physical abuse involved to the point where when he confronts her in fron of children she goes into a rage. In front of the kids.

          • Oh Linda, I hear and sadly, can relate to the ache of your mother’s heart for her grown son . . . and the innocent children involved. How I long and pray for the day when I can see my son drawing closer to the Lord — his only true hope. How blessed we are, even in the midst of our pain (ESPECIALLYin the midst of our pain) to know that our loving Savior is sovereign, understands our situation better than we do, and will carry us, day by day. God bless you as you love and support this precious and struggling family.

          • Brenda, thank you so much…..we are back home in CA, having helped son in Austin TX, Trying to find counseling for him. Paternity test showed his first child was not his. Marriage was begun on a lie and has continued. What does a mother do. My husband handles it by not communicating but I know son needs his FATHER’s help, both heavenly and earthly.

        • Yes, God is Sovereign. His mercies are there for us. Linda

  8. I can so identify with the ‘young children at home’ syndrome. Now that they’re not so young, I am so sorry I wished those days away. They were excruciatingly painful and lonely, but they were the biggest most important job I will ever have. Now that they’re older, my marriage is falling apart. Now that they don’t need us so much, I need them more than ever. Facing life alone is one of my biggest, secret fears. Not secret from Jesus, but to everyone around me. I used to long for a break from it all, now I beg God to make it all stay put.

    Young moms, don’t be so quick to get through it. The young hearts you hold in your hands are worth more than the rarest of gems. Take a breath and be grateful for the chaos. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and family. Admit your frustrations, don’t hold it all in. Pray without ceasing, and then pray some more and trust that Jesus still holds you in his hands and will give you all that you stand in need of.

    • You have such great wisdom…rarest gems and they always will be. I will be praying for your relationship with your husband. Once AA grandma, they WILL need you!

    • Myra Fabian says:

      Maria, I am with you. I think back on the last 21 years and wonder where my son’s childhood went. My daughter is 19, high-functioning autistic, and still at home (very much like having a pre-teen still), and she has so consumed my time from the moment she was born, I’ve missed so much of the wonderful young man whom, I feel, raised himself. Now, he’s a senior at college and I don’t know how to talk to him. (And while I realize this doesn’t have a whole lot to do with “waiting” -we’re very much there, too, as we await God’s providence in our financial situation). My life would be a mess of guilt and anxiety if I did not rely so heavily on God’s promises!

  9. This really touched me this morning. I have been going through such a difficult time and battling emotions that are impacting me both physically and mentally. I am turning to God during this time and rely trying to focus on the present. I have two little kids and I worry that I’m letting time pass while I’m deig with these unbearable feelings 🙁 I pray for mental well being and peace. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Myra Fabian says:

      Kim, I pray God will ease your mental anxiety and give you peace. I pray He sustains you with His presence and you find shelter under His wings. He is the Healer and He will redeem your tears. He promises and He never lies. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    • Kim, I was so encouraged that I am not alone in this very difficult stage of life. I long for Gods peace in the midst of post partum depression and anxiety. I have to fight each day to enjoy my 3 beautiful children and I needed to hear the wisdom from all of you more seasoned moms on not wishing this hard time away. I am praying for you right now Kim. Thank you!

  10. I found myself lingering in the days of my kids childhoods~ I loved it! The biggest challenge of my lifetime has been waiting for my oldest daughter~hoping and praying that she will want to re-connect with her family. She left 2 1/2 years ago at 18 and we have not seen or heard from her since. the hardest part is we really don’t know why she turned her back on everyone. She is a follower of God and not into any trouble.
    Our hearts ache every day. “Ambiguous Loss” can be a devastating place to navigate…her sister and brothers torn between anger and longing. thank you for this encouragement on waiting and “tethering our heart to God”, allowing Him to meet our needs and heal our hearts. I will be sharing with my kids so we can embrace “the wait” together.

    • Lisa,
      I can only imagine how your heart aches. But knowing that she is a follower of God should bring much encouragement and hope,and know that as you pray to God persistently concerning her, that He is speaking to her heart. Oh, but what joy it will be when you welcome her into your warm embrace as she return in need of her mother’s love. I am praying for you and your family that God will shower you all with His peace and patience as you wait for this blessed event. I’m also praying that she will be obedient to God’s leading in her life and return home very soon.

  11. Our daughter’s family is “camping out” with us as they wait the rebuilding and renovation of their new home. And as well, we help to care for their children when their parents are at work. So our lives look little like we had pictured way back when our daughters were little. Thank you for the reminder that He is our portion in every season, because your words have ageless meaning. Some times the free time we are counting on as hours tick away becomes the time we, instead, are called to freely give away. Recently, our little granddaughter wanted me to sit with her while she bathed. Nearly I said, “not tonight sweetie”; I ached with the aging feeling, “I”m so tired.” But I did sit and we embraced together the story of Naomi and what her name meant and all God had in store for her and through her. And she soaked in my words, with these words, “mimi, I did not know MY name had meaning.” We miss so much when we fail to be thankful that He has purposes in the wait, realizing how His grace overflows in every way “for such a time as this.” j

  12. Karen, this line right here spoke VOLUMES to my heart this morning, ” If only I could make time wait, instead of waiting on time to pass.”. Yes. May I relish the time in The Waiting and remember that He is my portion until and always. Thank you for the much needed reminder.

  13. Wendy Maxwell says:

    This devotion to has touched my life . . . reading through some of the comments has also stirred my heart and emotions! I have been a stay at home mom for 16 years . Have survived a suicide of my former husband of three children at the time 1, 7, & 10 . And now , with Gods amazing Grace and Mercy , a new husband of 5 years , and 7 children now ages ranging 4,7,14,16,25,26,& 29 , and 3 amazing grandbabies and one do any moment . With that said , I too , wish for the days of just “me and my husband ” . the days are filled with chaos ,endless chores that mostly never get appreciated, running back and forth from practices and lessons, not to mention church. I am so greatful for all that God has given me and sometimes I still slip into a depression thinking what else is there to life. .. I feel many times that it is just an existence and it is lonely . . . But then I am reminded of Gods beautiful Grace watching my sweet young ones looking at a spider web or bringing me flower from the yard or telling me I am the Bestest moma in the world . . . then I know what it is all about . . . that it is all about His timing . . not mine . . and these small yet precious moments are just that . . .moments God has given us to enjoy and memories that will last a lifetime because these little miracles are truly on loan to us for a short time . . . .and when I sit here and think about all that needs to be done and all the energy it takes to be a mom . . . I rob myself of the gifts He has for me every second of the day . . . .so thank you for this devotion and reminding me that I need to stop and smell the flowers each and every day . . . . because once today is gone . . . it will never come back . . . .

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. The Lord put on my heart weeks ago to read Lamentations 3. It has been everywhere I turn since then. I have read it over and over but still wasn’t sure what The Lord was wanting me to get from this. Well this is it, I finally know. I am most definitely in a waiting period in my life and he is trying to remind me that he is my portion!

  15. Ethel May Miller says:

    I loved the way you said “lingering — tethers our hearts to God “. There are so many distractions in our lives MY LIFE that just crowd out that still small voice I want to hear. I am not a morning person ie I love to stay up late. I developed this habit when my boys were very young. After they were in bed the house was quiet and I had my space, my time to do what I wanted to do. At the time it was to sew — not to seek time with God. The night-owl in me has treasured those quiet times — but please notice that it’s not time with God. With this OBS I have been trying to do what the girls have told us to do — after checking in for the day, “Don’t check other email, etc, but click OFF and be in God’s Presence a bit. In other words, “linger — tether my heart to God” . I have found that I am a little more patient during the day. So NOW I am going to turn this off and linger in His Presence in the quietness of my morning. My husband is bound to interrupt that time soon.

  16. Karen,
    I love reading your blogs. I was just talking to my mom about this the other day. She turned 60 on Saturday, and I asked her how she was feeling about it. She said God had given her a word to enjoy the stage of life he had placed her in. We talked about how we can miss so much by wishing away our days. Thank you for this lesson again in my life today! (By the way, my mom is Janet White….from Feminar.) 🙂

  17. “Embrace The wait” that speaks to my soul in so many ways, we had tornado damage two years ago & there’s still damage around us the way the tress fell the area of the building that was hit is in makes it impossiable for the right equipement to come in, waiting for my yard & home to get back to normal has been the hardest wait but I know God will send the right people at the right time, so I embrace the things that I can do something about & try not to woryy about the things I cannot

  18. Cynthia Swenson says:

    Pretty sure that the ultimate wait is to see our Lord face to face. Nothing else in this world is meant to fulfill that desire (although the Lord certainly gives us much to be thankful for while we wait). Revelation 22:20 “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

  19. Thank you for this devotional.. I read Proverbs 31 devotional every morning and this one tugged at my heart. I have been hurting in my marriage for a few years now, I am not sure if its because my husband lost his job years ago and seems to not be able to get back on his feet, or is it because our marriage lacks respect for one another. Financial pressure is very very hard on me. “waiting” for our situation to improve feels hopeless at times, especially since we are raising 4 children. Reading your post today makes me feel assured that as long as I keep my HOPE IN HIM, He will guide our family. It is exhausting to keep thinking from my daily perspective “how much longer will this season be”? so tired of worrying, I’m drained. Your perspective is much better, thank you for this today, I desperately needed this.

    • Myra Fabian says:

      Heather, I could have written your post. I recently realized that if I put my faith in God, instead of on my husband, it eases his burden just a little, and we can co-exist easier. I am kinder to him, hoping to rebuild the bridge to respect. He is full of self-loathing because our business venture is failing and we desperately need to sell to begin our financial recovery. He was raised to be the provider, and he feels this failure deeply. I am trying to lead by grace and by faith, hoping he will find a little of the peace. Be strong, my sister.

  20. Pray and ponder His goodness. There is no better advice to give than this. Pray and ponder His goodness is the only way to get through life’s trials. What a beautiful reminder. Today I will pray and ponder His goodness. That will be my mantra. Difficult.. oh yes. Necessary, oh yes. Thank you.

  21. Thanks so much for the encouragement. I am waiting to see what the next step GOD has in mind for me, but the wait is so…..frustrating. My heart tells me to be patient but, that little nudge from Satan keeps asking, ” why doesn’t he just show you so you can quit worrying and get on with your life. I keep telling myself he has taken you this far just be patient. Truly not one of my virtues, it is so easy to be patient for someone else rather than yoursefl.

  22. Embraceing the wait in each area of our life is something God has recently been working on me with…what God has showed me which is diffucult to do amist the what seems to be rushed society is to GET LOST IN THE MOMENT of what ever situation i am in and BE THERE and BE PRESENT…Even being patient and enjoy waiting on my child as they come out of volleyball practice (God showed me i can enjoy even that wait just knowing if I wasn’t willing to wait and pick her up then she wouldn’t be able to have the joyment of playing sports and isn’t it exciting for your child to come out and be fired up after enjoying being with there friends and learning new skills-SO JOYFUL) I find it easy to be doing one thing with thoughts of already thinking about what needs done next…A mother of two I am learning how to really GET LOST IN THE MOMENT so I don’t miss out on each step of their precious lives cause one day they will be grown and I don’t want to look back and wish I would’ve been present more…so God is really helping me to GET LOST IN EACH MOMENT just like today for example, as I was reading today’s devotional on here, one of my kiddos brought in a zoo zoo pet for all of you moms that know what them are and she couldn’t get them to move so I paused on the devotion and took the time to be all present for her and tried to figure out why it wouldn’t move (just had to give a a little shove) and then as she got that one to move, she brought in her other 2 and then we added her sistet’s two to the bunch and then her sister joined in and I had to choose to get LOST IN THE MOMENT and play with the zoo zoo pets with my kiddos and boy was it a joy…fun to be a kid again…but i’ve learned i have to be very sensitive to the Holy Spirits guidance in getting lost in the moment…So just wanted to share how this touched me today and learned also as our family is in the process of adopting, that we have to WAIT ON THE LORD knowing he will bring the child that is soppose to be here with our family when the time is right and He is never late….(just seems my timing and his timing are different quite often) boy i’m glad he is in control cause i would mess things up….Have a wonderful day ladies 🙂

  23. Michele Martin says:

    …..waiting on our house to sell……….sounds very familiar to me. For over four years our house and 11 achers have been on the market. Three of thoes years drove four hours a day bringing our son back and forth to Calvary Academy (the school where we attend church at) all the time praying feverantly,waiting, and keeping the faith that God would come through for us. We’ve had alot of people interested, but nothing ever went through. This school year my husband and I are so broke financially that we had no other choice to put our son who is in 3rd grade this year and our little girl, who just started K-5, in public school. I am so dicouraged after spending $21,000, so much time and energy, so may prayers and pleas sent up, being faithful, amd still the answer as neen no, or at least I’m hoping its just “not yet” we live so far (almost an hour) from our church that i just feel like I’m disconnected or just not part of the church family b/c I cant help as much as i would like, or make it to as many of the functions as i would like. My husband and I are very blessed, and we do have a beautiful place that we will miss, but we know God can give us another beautiful place closer to CALVARY ACADEMY, amd our church family. This article has been very encouraging. Thank you-

  24. So much of my life is spent “waiting”…. I have chronic illness and disability, and life seems to be lived in the limbo at our house because of it. I’ve even written a few blogs about it, hoping to help myself and others to shed that impatient feeling during these times. It’s always encouraging to be reminded of God’s Providence. Thank You, and God Bless!

  25. When I saw the title of this email I said to myself, huh, waiting? I am waiting or just aimlessly moving without purpose. After reading the words contained within, I began to praise God for where I am now because I am waiting to see what will happen to the house I’m living in, that the mortgage hasn’t been paid in two in a half years. I’m waiting to graduate from the community college. I’m waiting for looking for a job to fit with my class schedule. Waiting on my life partner, and waiting to hear what God will speak to me about each of the situation I’m waiting to hear from Him about. Lord I’m waiting to hear from You, speak Lord!

  26. When I was a child, I realized that I was not good at waiting. I believed then that as I grew older I would become better at waiting. I sort of have. I have learned to bring a book (or my Kindle) with me wherever I go. If for some reason I cannot bring a book, I have my prayer list with me so that I can pray while I wait. I still do not wait well if I do not have something to distract me while I wait. I have, however, read many good books and prayed for many people.

  27. Waiting is certainly a test to our faith that God is working in the midst of the stage we are at in life. I always found that God knows how to test our patience when ushered into a “waiting” room. You are correct that having a good book on hand is a good way to fill the time and fill my mind and spirit. Wonderful devotional to give me peace and calm in the midst of the stage I’m at.

  28. This is exactly what I needed this morning! I have been wishing away time as I have been having difficulty staying at home with an almost 2 1/2 year old daughter and a newborn baby boy! I am completely drained and I have been having thoughts of if only and I can’t wait for…
    Due to pregnancy complications, my husband and I decided to get my tubes tied since I had to have a c-section. This was our last pregnancy and our last baby (unless God has other plans). What a great reminder to cherish this time that will fly by instead of wishing it away. Thank you for the reminder that God is my portion when I am physically and mentally drained.

  29. Wow… My Girlfriends in God devo was on being still & now this!!

  30. Wow! Great message and right on time! I love the Lord!!

  31. Marlene Scott says:

    I waited eighteen years for God to send me a Christian husband. I knew it was in His time and so I waited.
    He answered my prayers and we met and had a wonderful marriage. Then after only four and a half years He
    called my wonderful husband home. Now I am lost and don’t know what to do with the rest of my life. I don’t
    seem to have the patients any more.

  32. Karen, I am greatful the Lord has given you this gift to encourage and uplift others. You are a blessing.

  33. Nancy Silvers says:

    Wonderful devotion Karen, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be a more patient, in the moment , kind of mom that my daughter deserved to have. As I write this, I am in the midst of doing the current OBS “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God” and at this moment I am waiting to receive God’s vision of what HE would have me do and not what my flesh would have me do. There are several areas in my life that I feel God tugging at my heart with but the problem is the tug is in the absolute opposite direction that my flesh wants to go SO I am waiting patiently so I know it’s HIS path that I will take. I want it to be crystal clear because for the first time in my life I want to be radically obedient to God no matter the cost. Did I really just say that? Yes, I did! I know that God will not lead me down a path that will hurt me, no, he will lead me down a path that will not only bless others but me as well. Be radically obedient has as way of doing that–giving us blessings when we least expect them.
    BTW This is the second blog I’ve read today about enjoying the waiting and delays. The other one had to do with a woman who had just lost her mom, her mom shared with her, on her death bed that she had wished she wasn’t so rushed and to take time to enjoy life…the exact same words her grandmoher told her many years before when she held her hand as she transitoned out of this world. I truly believe there are no coincidences. The messages is clear–be patient in the waiting. YES Lord I will 🙂

  34. ROFL, Yes, Jesus, it’s You and me and a lot of folks waiting. But we are waiting with YOU. Teach us patience, give us that peace that transcends all understanding. It’s rough! Please show us how to cast our cares on You. Like You told me, Lord- You’ve GOT this. Help us to just praise you in the wait. Maybe we’re not too crazy about the circumstances that we’re waiting in…but You’ve got something bigger and better and best suited for us…more than we ever imagined, because You are just that kind of God. Thank you, Jesus for my sisters who get it and are in the waiting time, too. Help us to use our waiting time wisely and for Your glory. Amen!

  35. KAY LYNN PARRISH says:


  36. Thank you very much for these advices. It will help me to change my attitude to my children and be a better mum. It will also change my perfectionist attitude . God bless you.
    Virginia Nwachukwu

  37. I read this devotion yesterday morning and have been thinking about it constantly since then.
    “In those waiting times, even when life is hard, God says to us, I’ll be what you need while you wait.
    God steps in to be our portion for that day. He is in the wait and we’ll sense that if only we will look for Him rather than always looking ahead to the next stage of life.”
    How long do you wait? Forever? I feel like its until God releases you and shows you the way out of that waiting place. But, how long do you stay in a loveless marriage waiting for what you thought was God’s promise? I believed that my marraige was going to last forever. God told me, “He’s the one.” but my husband slipped away and after his affair, abuse and head injury, he’s not the same person. God is not a liar, and I dont think God would put me through so much just to pull me out of the promise. I want to be with my husband through his struggles and i pray for his salvation daily. But Im bombarded with negativity and ruin. I stopped fighting a while back and gave it to God. So i sit here, after forgiveness, growth, prayer, seeking, doing, fasting, asking, proclaiming, looking at this wasteland in front of me and…nothing. No voice from heaven telling me to walk away. No urging to wait, except for reading this devotion. I’ve left 3 times, he’s left 3 times, says he loves me, but has no connection with me. I’ve given it to God, and just want him to release me or do the miracle.

  38. Thanks, Karen, for the reminders to “live the day.” It’s a time of transition and “waiting” to see what is next for me too, and I’m so glad to have the Lord by my side as I do so.

    Thank you for sharing the writing talent that God has given you!

  39. Robin Martin says:

    I am currently waiting for the Lord to restore my husband’s heart toward Him and me. It’s been a year and half and I just keep praying and hoping that our marriage will be healed. My husband has become agnostic and just doesn’t know if he wants to be married anymore…..after 23 years together. Praying and believing in His faithfulness.

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