Facing Your Giants

Facing Your Giants

September 21, 2017

“The LORD who rescued me from the claws of the lion and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine!” 1 Samuel 17:37a (NLT)

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Of all the wonderful stories in the Bible, the story of David and Goliath remains one of my favorites. Just imagining David — a young boy — loading a small stone into a sling and stepping onto a battlefield (knowing he was going to face a giant) bolsters my sometimes-fragile faith.

Can’t you just picture David as he stepped out in front of enemies and critics? Can you hear the naysayers?

By earthly standards, David was woefully unprepared to engage Goliath. The Bible says Goliath was over nine feet tall and covered in more than 125 pounds of armor. Not exactly a fair fight — unless the Lord is on your side!

I marvel at the confidence David placed in the Lord as he begged King Saul for a chance to face the giant: “The LORD who rescued me from the claws of the lion and the bear will rescue me from this Philistine!” (1 Samuel 17:37a)

Such trust! Notice David said nothing of the size of the giant. He was focused on the size of his God.

I don’t know about you, but David’s faith encourages me. We all face different kinds of giants in our lives. The question isn’t whether they’ll show up; it’s whether we’ll have the courage to load stones into our slings when the time comes. The question is: Will we trust the Lord?

On June 26, 2017, I came face-to-face with a giant I’d previously only heard about. At 11:30 that night, I got a call from my sister explaining how her son Bobby had been in a car accident. In a race against time, emergency responders had stabilized my nephew and were on their way to a trauma center in Portland. I woke my husband, and we joined the family at the hospital.

After agonizing hours of waiting in the ER, the doctors gave a devastating diagnosis: Bobby had sustained a traumatic brain injury known as DAI, or diffuse axonal injury. His spine was crushed at C6, leaving him a quadriplegic. An artery in the back of his neck had been completely severed, depriving him of oxygen and causing further damage to his brain.

We were devastated. This was one of those “I can’t imagine” stories that happened to other people — and yet there we were.

Our giant was a diffuse axonal injury and a crushed spine, but in reality, it was even bigger than that. This giant’s name was fear, and its goal was singular: to cause us to doubt the goodness of God in a sea of suffering. Not exactly a fair fight — unless the Lord is on your side.

That night we cried out to God like never before. Our declaration of war, like David’s, played out on the battlefield. And like David, we knew things didn’t look promising from a human standpoint.

When I imagine David on the battlefield, I usually picture him afraid. How could he not be? Sometimes the only way to face a giant is to do it afraid. Bobby’s fight wasn’t a fair one by human standards, but that’s the point, isn’t it? When we have the Lord on our side, the fight becomes supernatural. If God is for us, we’re assured the victory — whether here or in heaven. With this in mind, we go before God with the confidence of David.

To our amazement and to God’s glory, Bobby woke from his coma about three weeks after his accident. Even though this injury should have resulted in quadriplegia, Bobby is slowly regaining the use of his limbs. Bobby’s battle with his Goliath isn’t over yet, but we’re no longer ruled by our fear. Like David, we know this battle belongs to God.

David’s confidence in the Lord was well-placed, and ours is too. Where human wisdom and healing ends, God’s begins. Whatever giant you face today, whether it’s a struggling marriage, wayward child, sickness, injury or financial struggle, we can rest, knowing God will rescue us.

Fear is no match for the Lord of heaven’s armies. God is pretty good at helping amateurs like David (and you and me) make their aim sure. If David did it with one stone and the power of God, we can too.

Heavenly Father, You see the giants I’m facing. Thank You that you are good enough, wise enough and big enough to conquer them. Thank You that your Holy Spirit offers comfort and peace in the midst of the struggle. As I pick up my stones today and load them into my slingshot, steady my aim. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Joshua 1:9, “This is my command — be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” (NLT)

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What giant are you facing right now?

How can you remember that God is trustworthy even when your circumstances cause you to doubt?

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  • Tina

    I will be facing my ‘enemy’ tomorrow at work in a meeting. She took something I said and blew it out of proportion and refuses to forgive me. Instead she is twisting lies and spreading gossip about me to upper executives. She is even trying to convince my employees to leave me. I have never experienced a person that evil, vindictive, and immature… and she is not young. I wanted to be sick tomorrow to not have to face her because I feel it’s a no win situation. But this devotion was God-planted and gives me courage. Amen

    • Brenda

      The Lord will make your enemy your footstool. No weapon formed against you will prosper.

    • Kathy

      Tina you are in my thoughts and prayers. You will be able to handle tomorrow and every day after through God’s strength.

    • erin terrell

      Hi Tina,

      I know how that situation can be, I will keep you lifted in prayer.

    • Lisa

      Praying for you Tina. I have been in a couple work situations that were very difficult especially at one time being a single mother and depended on my income for my three children. There could be some insecurity and envy in the other party concerning all the lies and twisting the truth. Psalm 3:3 says the Lord is the lifter of your head so hold your head high, look them in the eye, pray for God to give you “his” words when speaking and the truth will set you free. ~Lisa~

      • Maríposa♥


    • LoveNeverFails

      I’m joining the other’s in prayer today for a full recovery for your nephew Bobby.

    • Peggy

      If only we could go through our days and be in relationship at work and at home with people who see things as we do. Unfortunately there are a lot of injured people out there that don’t believe in themselves or a loving God. They feel their best move is to destroy someone for their own gain. I have been there where you are. And three years later I am still pulling the shrapnel from my heart. But I can tell you I held on to God’s hand through all of it. I looked at the people in this storm in the eye and did not run and hide. You will get through this. You will be stronger in yourself and in your relationship with God. I always tell myself that God loves me so much to allow these things to happen because it’s then He can show me just how amazing His love and Grace is. Pray for that person. It will work out exactly the way it is supposed to.

    • Kim

      Tina, I’ll pray for you. I’ve faced this “giant”. Know God is with you at all times. I needed to be reminded as I face my “giant “. Thank you.

    • Dee R.

      Tina, this woman is expecting you to cave, to give up, to succumb to fear, to run and hide. I had struggled with fear of my giant for years and was so tired of caving in, so I cried out to the Lord to help me overcome. God had given me the courage to push past those fears and face my giant…not with words of aggression or blame, but with confidence and truth. I think we were both astonished, but what transpired at that moment changed everything. My giant had a newfound respect for me, and my trust in the Lord grew leaps and bounds as I experienced the strength He promised. “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.” (Psalm 105:4) That Psalm is filled with all the great wonders He has done for those who belong to Him. When we are at our weakest, His strength shows up big time! Count on it, Tina! I’ll be praying for you!

    • Marla

      Praying for you. I am in a very similar situation that is my giant too. I have to trust God to work this out and let the truth come out for me. I will pray the same for you.

    • Heidi

      I just read your comment and I, too, am facing a meeting at work in just a few short hours in which I need to face “my giant.” Much like the author, I know that my REAL giant is the fear of going into the meeting and not the actual person themselves. They are human and I am allowing them to make me feel a certain way. I am planning to remember that I have a supernatural ally in the room with me and I am praying for his peace and guidance as I encounter this giant.

    • Pam

      I had to work with a ‘giant’ for two years. He was insecure and felt I was out to grab all the power I could. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. He was paranoid and vindictive and had subtle ways of ‘punishing’ me that I could have never proven. I won’t say that I handled each situation correctly, but it was a big step forward when I gave ‘soft answers that turned away wrath.’ Not that I caved in but I spoke kindly and rationally and did not let myself get dragged into his conflicts. The funny thing is that it turned away MY wrath. Sometimes it took him by surprise that I didn’t fight and he calmed down but being kind set my heart at peace more often than not. The absolute hardest thing I ever had to do was to give this man an anonymous gift of money when I knew he was in a terrible bind. I argued with God about doing it! But, I did it, and it gave me such peace. After that, very little that the giant did bothered me–it was like a spell had been broken. This person did eventually leave the office but I think having to deal with him helped me grow as a person…God can use it all for good!

    • Merle Nursten

      Tina this is so difficult, most if life’s pressures and frustration come from other human beings. I think what’s required here is a question ‘what would Jesus do?’ Eek I know…hard one. Love and forgiveness! This resentment can land up hindering you for a long time. I also find what helps me when dealing with difficult fellow humans is to take a step back and say why is she doing this Lord there must a reason, there is clearly pain and fear here. Take the time to pray for her and almost get to a point of ‘feeling sorry for her’ out of love. There is something in her life that’s making her act like this and you need to find the compassion.
      I have a very difficult colleague who I’ve just been praying about this morning, not the same as you but I literally have to ask for forgiveness everyday…Lord Jesus help me love her please.

    • Lucille

      God is good to see His children threw any battle we face
      I’m just now reading this, how did your meeting go ?
      .Father thank You for the unconditionalness You have for us
      Thank You for Your grace and mercy
      Bless Tina in a very special way as she struggles to do right in her workplace in Jesus name Amen

    • Sengretta Shephard

      I truly understand I’ve experienced the same thing at my job from a woman of God . She has said terrible things about me and even told lies but her behavior is the giant that David had to defeat . So I say this to you sister in Christ let’s pray for those ladies on our job and trust God that he will cover our hearts from the pain of others.

  • Mary

    I trust you Lord! even in the midst of my fears and challenges. Thank you for the word this morning and faith stirred.

  • Mary Calderon

    Over coming grief.

  • Christiana Odumeru

    This has boosted my faith in God. I am facing a giant supervisor this morning, and I believe that whatever he’s brewing against me will not stand. God is my defence. The battle is His. He will give me victory concerning my staff of bread. God bless your ministry.

    • Lisa

      Praying for you Christiana. ~Lisa~

  • Colleen

    I love knowing or my case slowly learning that I don’t need to know everything. I love the feeling of releasing the pressure of needing to be constantly vigilant. God knows all therefore I can relax and rely on Him. I can do my best for today and let God take care of the rest. My giants seem less scary when I give them to God. What a joyous feeling.

    • Donna

      Colleen, I love what you have said. I felt peace while reading your words and being that I live in constant fear that is not a common occurrence. Thank you for posting

  • Tricia

    I have a major giant right now! My mother has some type of mental disorder that she refuses to see and seek help. My brother and I and our families are really struggling with her. We actually had to call mental health this past weekend,but she lied to them and unless we sign to have her committed, there is nothing they will do! For my peace of mind and family, I had to distance my self from her. My peace right now is shaken and I need to feel Gods courage right now to deal with this situation! Prayers appreciated!

    • A giant of a problem for sure, Tricia.

      Lord, give Tricia and her family discernment to know when to speak and when to keep silent. Shine your light of truth into this dark place so that the right people can see: her mother see her need and her children’s concern, the agencies see the true issues to offer the right help, Tricia and her brother see the balance between risk and independence. And may all see the true enemy here, the one who seeks to disrupt and destroy. Give Tricia the eyes to see her mother cradled in your hands and trust that you know what she doesn’t. Amen.

  • Millie Mirembe

    Thank you Heidi for this.

  • Ukinebo

    Thank you Heidi, as I find comfort in your devotional today about resting on God as we face our day to day giants.
    I totally love the prayer about God steadying our arms for a perfect aim just like He did for David.

  • Mark

    The giant i face each day is myself. When my faith is secure in God’s protection, there is no fear. When my focus is on the impossible, I can allow my mind to take a bruised toe to a leg amputation in a matter of minutes. Fear is paralyzingly and combustible. Loading my slingshot was a great reminder how to face fear and doubt head on

    • Rebecca

      Praying for you Mark. You are right, fear is paralyzing. I struggle with this every day. But I do find relief in my relationship with Jesus. I like what she said here about focusing on how big our God is, not on how big the fear is. This can be difficult to do when my head is wrapped up in the fear I am facing. But when I do it, when I force myself to make a habit of doing this, God comes through for me in big ways. Praying for strength for you so that you may face your fears knowing God’s holding your hand, walking ahead of you.
      ~Isaiah 41:13~

  • Lisa

    Thank you Heidi for your awesome reminder and scripture. I really like your prayer….”As I pick up my stones today and load them into my slingshot, steady my aim. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”…..and I will use this as a visual when facing my battles. I also think of Jehoshaphat in II Chronicles 20:15, 17 when facing a battle. I am praying for your nephew and family. ~Lisa~

  • Kris

    I love this and find it so comforting and yet, it’s one of my biggest struggles as a Christian. We know God already knows our story and what’s going to happen…do we pray for Gods will & our acceptance of it or do we pray for what we want to see happen? His will doesn’t change right? So why pray for anything we want? What if it isn’t Gods will. Why aren’t we all just praying for the acceptance of His will? & yet the bible says to pray fervently and to bring your requests to Him and your prayers will be answered. Thoughts? Opinions? To be honest, this is something I really struggle with.

    • RM

      This is a main struggle of mine too. Do our prayers change God’s will? I’ve also heard my adult kids say the same. It’s almost like they don’t make prayer requests because ‘God’s Will’ will override their prayers. At times I feel the same. Yet, so many passages proves this to be wrong.

    • Dee R.

      Kris, I struggled with this, too. For me, God’s answers are often “no” or “not yet” or “wait” which made no sense to me! His ways are so perfect and the way He unfolds everything in His timing is astounding…when we wait for it! We lack that understanding and in our minds we can’t fathom any other way for it to come to pass. We want things fixed now, or try to take control, or freak out when we or our loved ones are suffering. But, I’m finding that God is at work with many, many other things that we’re not aware of that must take place first, and trusting Him with it stretches our faith. He tells us to ask, to seek, to come, to run to Him, to pour out our hearts, to hide under His shadow as we learn. When we determine to know Him spending time with Him in His Word, He not only reveals more of Himself to us, but reveals a lot about ourselves. Then it becomes more about Him and less about us. He totally gets where you’re struggling, Kris, and it is His great pleasure to be a help to you, just as He is for me. You’ll be surprised at how your prayers begin to change as He straightens our crooked places.

  • Terry A Gwathney

    Standing in the gap with you and the others for Bobby! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Jodi Kidd

    I had that devastating call about my own son four years ago. As a nurse, I immediately knew what we were facing and it was a faith defining moment for me. I knew that there was nothing that anybody in this world could do to bring him back to me. I knew that my only choice was to lift him up to God and accept whatever His plan was. I prayed fervently everyday for what our specific challenge was each day. Doctors told us that there was no hope that he would ever be able to do anything again, that we should look for long term care for him. God had a different plan. My son is now working and driving again after a long battle. He still has some brain issues and I still pray and lift him up to God to continue to heal him. In the middle of all of that, my father died unexpectedly, I found out that I was pregnant, my husband was unhappy in our marriage and had an affair, I had a tumor removed and feared I had cancer for a month waiting on my biopsy results, my ex-husband sued me because our old house wouldn’t sell (for 4 years trying), and I had to file bankruptcy. All of this within a year and a half. I can assure you that God is the only reason that I have any sanity left because I did my best not to let my faith waiver. It was so hard and still is some days. I keep loading my stones and He helps me to have good aim.

    • Donna

      Wow, what a testimony. I am in awe of your faith. Most people would have crumbled under so much stress. It is hard sometimes to see Jesus in the midst of the storm but you took His hand and he calmed the waters. ❤️

      • Maríposa♥

        I second what you said Donna♥ Blessings Jodi Kidd

  • Carmen Hernández

    Thanks great word this morning ,facing the giants even in fear wow God is amazing that’s the only way just by trusting God amen

  • Sandy Eidson

    My niece Madeline Conner is fighting a battle with leukemia and yesterday she was diagnosed with acute respiratory distress. This is our giant, that if it be Gods will, he can heal her here, but if not we still believe in the goodness of God who sees the edges like it states in Job. If you see this post please lift up Madeline Hope Conner and our family today as we cry out for God to slay these giants and bring glory to Himself. Thank you For this word. Sandy Conner Eidson

    • Kelli

      Praying for her. My husband is battling cancer as well. This giant is ruthless but like this devotion says David didn’t stay focused on the size of the giant but the size of his God. God has got this. Prayers for complete healing.

      • Maríposa♥

        Prayers for you kelli and sandy♥

  • Jennifer

    Itty bitty problem, Great Big GOD.

  • Susan

    Thank for this reminder of God’s power. At 18 years old, my son suffered a massive stroke while working out. He almost did not survive. He is left wtih physical limitations and aphasia which means he lost the ability to speak and understand English. This has been a devistating impact on our family and we are 4 years into working through the ongoing rehab for him to relearn English using a part of his brain that did not handle communication. It is difficult to keep hope alive at times through the daily struggles and a life we never envisioned for our son. Knowing God is in control and is with us in every battle is the only thing that helps us through each day.

  • Molly Ann Birth

    My giant is stress eating. Your words encourage me to fight back against stress by pray and going with God into every situation with confidence that He is bigger than my stress. Thank you.

  • Sarah DeCristino

    Thank you so much for this mornings daily devotional, Oh how I needed it so bad; Facing so many different GIANTS in every angle and direction possible. Please Pray for us and for all our Giants to be slain and Victory given unto the almighty King.
    Thank you

  • Shari walpole

    God is truly amazing in how he connects people for His glory. Social media is not typically used for good, yet in this situation it has been. I have been praying for your nephew since his accident when a friend of mine shared his story on social media. His fight, his families unrelenting trust and fervent prayers has impacted my faith and prayer life. So incredible to be reading a devotional in my favorites spot on the internet and YOU are his aunt!! Praises to our incredible God and to the testament your nephews life is speaking about the good God we serve.

  • Margie

    Oh my! You, Bobby and your family are in our prayers. A great, big God is indeed what we have.

  • Michele Bonifanti

    I have been dealing with anxiety but I know God is faithful and is with me on my bad days as well as my good ones. He is faithful!

  • Mae

    Tuesday, September 5th. I lost my daughter at 32 weeks. I had been given every sign possible for a week but my doctor kept telling me everything was fine. I’m not angry at God, I give my praise to him for trusting me with our daughter for that 32 weeks and blessing me with such an honor of being M.E.’s mom. WE WILL PRAISE HIM IN OUR STORM! My prayer is that we bring others closer to him as they watch my husband, our 2 boys and myself glorify God in our toughest Battle yet!
    Please pray for us Monday as I face my giant at my post-op appointment!

    • Linda

      I’m so sorry for your loss Mae. It’s ok to be upset. Go through the grieving process. It’s healthy. I lost a child at 11 months. This is a special time that you will depend on God like no other time and will draw close to Him if you choose. My prayers for you and your family.

    • Laurie

      I am so sorry for your loss. I pray for strength and comfort for you. I want to thank you for being God’s shining light.

  • Alicia

    My Giants: 19yr old son in kidney failure, awaiting 2nd transplant, marriage separation, financial hardship, mother with severe COPD… My Giants are huge, but I know my God is bigger. I pray God reminds me every moment of every day that my faith and trust in Him will bring peace and will defeat these Giants in my life! It is a daily struggle to take the focus off of the Giants and place it only on God and His ability to conquer! I ask all of you to pray with me, for me and my family, as I will pray for you and your giants also. God is greater than any giant we may face.

    • Maríposa♥


    • Sharon

      Alicia I’ll be lifting you and your family up in prayer. Prayer will be bigger and stronger then these giants you face but I know how hard it can be in the waiting. I hope you have a good support system nearby that can pray, encourage you and give you a listening ear. I’m glad you shared this here so all of these amazing women can be covering you in prayer. God is our ultimate comforter and healer

  • Sharon

    My giant right now is my daughters struggles. She has high functioning autism and for the past year has developed a bondage with OCD. It’s been the most difficult thing I’ve gone through. Watching my girl suffer and nothing I’ve done helps. She’s on meds now and receiving counseling. We pray, we grapple, we cry out to God for complete healing, we plead for wisdom. We know we serve an awesome God and we know he has a plan for her. We’re doing the best we can to be brave like David but we are weary at this time and in great need of prayer.

    • Donna

      Sharon, I just lifted you, your daughter and your family up in prayer. I know how powerless we can feel as mom’s when trying to navigate through having a child with a mental illness.

      • Sharon

        Thank you so much Donna!

  • Jean

    Father God, as I read the comments in today’s Proverbs 31 devotion I am so touched by the “giants” these woman are facing. Lord, strengthen their faith and comfort their hearts. Let them know they are not in this battle alone. Amen!


      Amen Sister!


    What an amazing story – God Bless your family. Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for loving us so much, and thank you for your healing hands dear Father. God is so good, he knows our struggles, he knows exactly what we need, and everything goes according to his timing. Dear Lord I am proud to serve you in Jesus name, Amen. God Bless ladies!

  • kerrie

    Praying for my kids

  • Dot

    Thank you for the reminder that our focus should not be on the fear thing but on the God who conquered all fears. May your family continue to gain strength in your relationship with the LORD and one another.

  • Rose Hope

    Hello all,

    What a privilege to be able to read this devotional and the beautiful thoughts you all have shared. I am overwhelmed at what my fellow believers are facing and yet amazed at God’s Faithfulness in our lives. The testimonies have encouraged me. I can relate to so many of the stories. My biggest giant is Fear…it is indeed paralyzing and they often take me to such horrid situations. I struggle with fear for my family’s safety, health and well being. I worry constantly about my son, who just turned 20 on Monday, as he commutes by train to college daily….especially when he has late classes. Almost a year ago on October 9, 2016, my husband was listed in critical condition and in a coma as a result of an incurable brain tumor. Several surgeries later and a new trial drug treatment, the tumor has returned….much bigger this time ….with more serious implications. Another surgery is a must doctors told us this past Tuesday. My husband is uncertain. We have been fasting and praying for healing…for it to be dried up like when Jesus cursed that fig tree. I told the Lord that I know that He is able, isn’t He the God who parted the Red Sea? who created the universe? By Whose stripes we are healed? Yet at times I deal afraid. Will God do it for me? For us?

    I praise God, He healed your nephew Heidi and I will continue to pray. I have read all the responses and each one has encouraged me…Tina, God is able to accomplish all that concerns you today and tomorrow. God will refute every tongue that rise up in judgement against you. The same for all of us who faces Giants in our jobs sour marriages and any situation. Is anything too hard for Our Heavenly Father? Our Savior? Our God? Psalm 77 encourages me and I will share these few verses:

    I shall remember the deeds of the Lord; surely I will remember Your wonders of old.
    I will meditate on all your work and muse on Your deeds.
    Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God?
    You are the God who work wonders (performs miracles); You made known Your strength among the peoples
    Psalm 77: 11-14 (NAS)

    God has already worked wonders, is working wonders and will continue to wonders for His people. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. You’re all in my prayers.

    Rose Hope

  • Marilyn

    Me and my husband live in separate places,he even has someone else,I know God can do what seems impossible,I want His will to be done in this and in the wait I want to trust him and know that he know whats best and get out of the pit and wrong mindsets and doubt that I am under.

  • Chris

    But what if you don’t get a miracle. It is easy to keep that trust when it feels like God delivers but what if your trust and faith does not deliver a miracle. What if in the middle of the night with no ones knowledge your son dies while attending a Christian school- making great decisions and fully healthy and vaccinated. in a period of 3 hours he dies of meningitis for which he was vaccinated against alone in a dorm room. It will be two years since this has happened on September 23 and every day we strive to regain our trust in God. We watch our living teenage daughter try to make sense of this as we ourselves are so broken. Why do some get the miracle and others are left with a broken family as it changed every aspect of our view of life. We know that we will see him again as we are Christians but waiting for that time and having to live in this world sometimes seems so defeating.

    • Laurie


      My heart aches for you and yours. I think that losing a child is every parents worse nightmare. Please know that when your son died Jesus wept for you. I also strongly believe He has been with you every moment before, after and will continue to do so.

      Hold Philippians 4:6,7 near to your heart. Continue to cry out in prayer. As humans we can not possibly give an explanation of why but I can with all my heart tell you that God loves you and your family very much.

      Watching your daughter having to process this would be another parents nightmare. The first time she was diagnosed I knew the Lord but did not trust Him. At her one year check up, which was suppose to go well did not.

      I thank God that I had just gone through a program called Freedom Session. Because of this program I was able to let God in to heal some serious hurts that were preventing me from knowing Him and trusting Him.

      When we got the news that my daughters cancer cells had gone up and not down I cried a mothers anquish. What is different this time than last is that I do not fear. I am able to live in His fullness and it has been by her witnessing me hold on dearly to Him that I believe has given my daughter the courage to open herself up to God like she never has before. She had had her treatment and we are waiting till next week when we get her results of follow up tests. I have placed Her in God’s hands. How could I not? He loves her to a capacity I that never could. No matter what. She is safe in his hands.

      You are right, you will see your son again. It will be a celebration. Until then please take comfort that he is with our Lord and Saviour. He is being loved, and so are you and your family.

      • Chris

        ThankYou. We believe our son had his favorite blanket over him when he passed into eternal life- it was the prayer blanket that was given to him by our church ladies on graduation Sunday- he cherished this blanket- and when he wrote his thank you note to the ladies he told them it would be the first blanket he would pull out when he needed to warm up. When he received that blanket we formed a prayer chain each church member holding hands with the other including my son! So when my mind wonders I refocus on the prayer blanket and the love that covered him when he took his last breath and Jesus receiving him in his arms. I know it to be true but it is just hard to continue when part of you is in heaven and the other part here on earth with my daughter. I sleep with his prayer blanket every night for the last 728 days. Thank you for the encouragement and I will pray for you and your daughter right now!!!!!

  • Laurie

    Today I go for stress test. I get dizzy just breathing normally. When I talk it gets worse. I am also being sent for an ultrasound of my neck to look for blocked arteries, and an MRI of my brain and stem cell.

    Sounds really scary and I won’t lie. It is. I have been sustained by God so far and this article, so very timesly showing up on in by inbox that it did, it affirmed for me that God is in control. Where I am weak He is strong.

    Thank you for this reminder. ❤️

  • Mary Lou Palm

    Thank you, Heidi, for today’s teaching on facing your giant. I needed this lesson today. Our family has been facing a most difficult trial. Our hope in the LORD is bringing us through, plus knowing God is always faithful and true to His Word. Doctors try their best but God is the ultimate healer through them with or without meds. Please lift up our family to the LORD. God bless you for your timely lesson.

  • nanette

    I am facing a giant with dizziness from time to time and its very hard to live day to day. But believing in god I will survive thru my circumstances.

  • Kyleigh

    Good morning,
    I looked up P31 this morning because I’m feeling scared and defeated, only to find a post by my FAVE – Heidi. What a timely message this is….I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to have baby number four for well over a year now. I finally got a positive test and confirmed the results via blood test at the doctor’s office. I go again in a few minutes for a blood draw to see that my numbers are rising, but I awoke to spotting this morning. I know this is in the realm of normal, but when the journey has been so long and emotional – wanting to grow our family for the Lord’s kingdom – it is disheartening. I appreciate the reminder this morning, that I don’t have to be ruled by fear. It’s been a minute-by-minute battle lately, but please join me in praying that I may be boldly trust the Lord has got this.

    And to all those who posted before me, I read your words and my heart breaks for so many of you. I am praying for healing and wisdom.

    • Rachel

      I totally understand your pain ❤️ My husband and I have had two miscarriages over the past 14 months of trying and are currently 8 weeks pregnant. I had awful bleeding at 6 weeks and just knew we lost this one too. It turns out, I have a subchorionic hemorrhage and baby is just fine so far. It is so hard to accept loss, especially when you have been waiting so long, but my comfort is knowing God already knows the perfect time and situation for our child to be born. Praying for the best for your pregnancy.

  • Jennifer Palacios

    Thanking you for sharing your giant! My giant comes in financial problems. I don’t think I have ever beaten that. From the moment I put myself through college, having a child before I graduated college and then becoming a struggling single mom. I did get married, but am now going through a divorce. My financial struggle is real, but God amazes me every month by providing for me. My bills get paid and I am able to give my daughter what she needs. I know at some point, I will be successful. I know He will lead me to a point where I am not out of money after each pay check…but in this process, I am learning to lean on Him rather than on others. I am learning to be content with what I do have and I am teaching my daughter the same. I am learning to give to others when they are in need, even when I have very little. God is the ultimate planner…and He has never left me in this process.

  • Deb Jones

    My giant I face is my anxiety and low self-esteem.

  • Clifann

    My 14 year old grandson has mental illness. He is angry and is aggressive physically n verbally. He regularly turns me in to protective services. Please pray that his heart n mind accept the help he receives and truly accepts JESUS..his name be praised

    • Hannah

      I pray that God will draw your grandson to himself and give you wisdom and guidance.

  • Facing massive credit card debt right now, but as I continue to tithe, the Lord provides. My faith never wavers for I know the Lord has got this!

  • Mary Helen

    Oh My God … my nephew needs You … his eyes, his ears are closed … his heart is in a hopeless abyss … please .. please go to him ‘now’ … he needs to you face his giants … his addiction .. his fear …his hopelessness … please go to him today … touch him .. heal him … fill him with Your Spirit to face his giants

  • Myrna

    My goodness the heartaches and worries and fears I’ve read are so sad, so many hurting. Oh Father please comfort these woman, surround them with your peace. Hold them close and let them feel your presence,your love. Help them to look for joy beneath their feet.Oh Lord your will,nothing more,nothing less,nothing else. Amen

  • Tuere

    It is so funny that you brought up David that has been on my mind will God put it on my mind a week ago about how small he was how courageous he was it doesn’t say anything about him touting himself second-guessing what God told him to do and can you imagine how many people were around him laughing or thinking he must be crazy and I just pray just a moment before I read this for the courage of David The boldness of David that no matter who or what says that I will move the way God says MILF that is so funny to me God has such a sense of humor to confirm what he told you

  • Joanne

    I want to thank you for sharing this story about your nephew Bobby. It is so true that the giant in our lives is FEAR! There is so much suffering in this world. But as you wrote: ” If God is for us, we’re assured victory — whether here or in heaven.”
    Thank you for this devotion today, for it led me to your blog and some verses that I needed to hear again! 2 Chronicles 20:17, Psalm 103:8-11, Psalm 50:15 and
    Isaiah 40:31.
    P.S. I love that your PO Box is located in Battle Ground! How perfect is that?!

  • Amber M.

    My giant has been around for sometime now. It is marriage trouble. I have forgiven the sins of my spouse, he cannot accept the forgiveness from me enought to work himself through the season. It is easier for him to quit and tell himself he has worked on the marriage, it’s not working so it’s time to move on. You see my giant is not really mine, it is his, but I share the burden of this giant. Last night was the night we let our son know his father would be moving out next week. Our son was physically and emotionally devastated. To watch him sob and shake uncontrollably at a decision we made, instead of facing our giant, and saying that our giant of sin and lack of forgiveness in oneself is no giant if we give it to God. I have given the situation and our problems to God and I know He will come through for us in His time and not on mine. Yes there is emense pain before the birth and that pain is long forgetten afterwards. I have the hope that my husband will find his way back into the arms of Jesus so he can just be held. He is a good man in not so good of a place right now. I can’t wait to see the giant slayed.

    • Praying for you Amber!! I understand your pain.

    • Joanna

      My heart feels your pain.

      Though I have no idea what it’s like to have a spouse leave, my fiancé left me just days ago because he believed he’d done all he could to make us work as well. I know it isn’t the same, but so much of what you said resonates so strongly. My ex is a great man and my heart breaks that I lost him, but I trust that God will lead him back to Him. I should be the last person to say this because I’m struggling to believe it so badly right now, but God can use ANYTHING for His great purposes. As much as my heart can’t believe that right now, my head believes it full well. And, it’s believing it for you too.

      You’re in my prayers, Amber. The giant will be slained — perhaps not in our timing, maybe not even in our ways, but in His timing and in His ways. In the meantime, cling to the truth in God’s word. He loves you and your family — His ways are higher than ours, but they are ALWAYS good. Perhaps not how we understand it, but they are good — in the bigger picture, that we may never see.

  • I remember a giant around this time last year: my son’s heart problem. That whole time in our lives was nothing but God from catching it early to being able to treat it early to him recovering quickly to now. You can’t even tell he had 2 heart surgeries. I thank God for him not taking my son so soon (he was only a month old when it happened). What a crazy time to JUST have a baby and then they have to get surgery. It was scary. But I just prayed and talked to God often. He helped us all.

    • Maríposa♥

      My nephew had a heart surgery at a 1month old, now he is a healthy 13yr old boy. Blessings

  • janny holder

    thank you for this devotional, fear is mu number 1 enemy. the Lord has open and close many doors for me, I thank him for that because I have learned a lot. I am responsible for my own fears I just need to realize that God is bigger than my fears. thank you Lord for cleansing me from all the lies from the enemy. guide me Lord in this journey and that my business adventure opens many doors and that I will give to the kingdom of God.

  • Karen

    This was a wonderful post. I love taking the bible and appling it to my life today. I love to think about what it was like for the people in the bible to have this incredible faith. Thank you

  • jan

    I can’t imagine the pain and the heartache that Heidi and her family have felt, including Bobby. Doubting, questioning, wondering. What continually amazes me is how God uses our honesty amidst painful circumstances to encourage others, to help them realize that their feelings are not unique. The Psalms are a wonderful comfort as I read about the varying emotions that the Psalmist(s) felt many times. The enemy would like us to believe our emotions, be it fear, doubt, etc., are unchristian when nothing could be further from the truth. When I was 15/16, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the prime of my teenage years. Crippling set in quickly and I became bedridden for the next nine months. I learned a great deal during that time how unexpected accidents and diagnoses can blindside us and affect us in ways we can’t prepare for. Fear was a primary emotion that I felt. Eventually, I went on to live an active life and even served in Africa. What I have found helpful is remembering that I can’t do it in my own strength. Only by abiding in Him am I able to face the fear and the multitude of emotions that come my way as a result of life’s challenges. The One who created me, my frame and my temperament knows and understands why I feel the way I do more than I know. After two years of relentless, painful challenges I’m re-learning this painful truth. It is easy to want to want to appear spiritual amidst pain and heartache but by doing that, I am not only hurting myself and my relationship with the Lord, I forfeit ministry opportunities. By the same token, when I choose to be real, acknowledging my fear, questions and doubts, I also put myself at risk of being judged and hurt by well-meaning Christians. It isn’t always easy being real and honest. Thankfully, we have a Savior that understands. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you all.

  • Susan G.

    Thank you for this!
    Praise God! Praying for Bobby’s complete recovery!
    A favorite verse, “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Mark 9:23
    Bless you!

  • Janet Jackson

    I cried when I read the awesome progress of your nephew. It just proved so much about strong faith, looking beyond natural circumstances, but mostly about God’s love and faithfulness. My son went through similar injuries sever years ago. It was here that I learned the difference between facts and God’s truth. Despite the prognosis my son was totally healed with no residual effects. Praise God!! And I am believing for more great news concerning your nephew; will be praying. And thank you for your timely message on how we should deal with fear. As Joyce Meyer says..” feel fear but do it anyway “.

  • I love the story of David and Goliath! It became even more real to me when I visited the location in Israel where this event took place this past spring. The valley of Elah. I could look down from Mt. Azekah and visualize the battle taking place. Just hours after our group visited this location, we came face to face with our own giant. My 13 year old daughter had to be rushed to a hospital in Jerusalem because of a dangerous reaction to nuts in something she ate. It was a life or death matter when anaphylactic shock is possible! I had to trust God in that moment. Our daughter was okay in the end and didn’t have an anaphylactic reaction. But I learned that day that God is bigger than the giant of fear. Blessings to you. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  • Anne

    …so.good to hear those words of faith… Thanks!

  • Merle Nursten

    Such trust! Notice David said nothing of the size of the giant. He was focused on the size of his God.
    For God knows the plans He has for today….and they are all GOOD!

  • Lisa Jones

    I am ever so grateful for this spiritual message it was so on point with what i was facing. Thank you all so much. Keep doing the work of our Father. We are His eyes and hands on 🌎. Be blessed

  • Joy

    I am very grateful your prayers were answered the way you wanted them to be answered, but I think it is very discouraging for others that have prayers answered not in their desired way. My 4 year old only grandson fell into water. He lived for 5 days. We had people all over the world praying for him. I was raised that if you pray hard enough and long enough God will answer. God did answer but his answer was no. This was very hard for me because I felt like I was not good enough for God to care. It has taken several years for me to see a little good in my grandson’s death. No one ever tells this ending to a tragedy, it’s always a happy ending we hear. I think this is unfair; we need to hear the possibility that it will not end as we wish because that is completely possible.

    • Amy S.

      I am so sorry for your loss…praying for you and your family.

  • Marilyn

    Husband and I separated focusing on God helps.

  • Janet

    Thanks for providing such a service.

  • Really ministered to me . I need to be reminded “the size of my God”. staying focused on The Healer. Hard to do sometimes when His answer isn’t our answer.

  • Amanda

    Woah! What an amazing devotion! I’m bawling! I am facing several giants in my life (marriage, financial, wayward child) but reading your nephews story has really resignated with me… Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony! Praying for your nephew and family right now! ❤🙌

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