Feeling Alone and Disconnected

Feeling Alone and Disconnected

September 7, 2016

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” John 15:4 (NLT)


For some reason, I’ve always struggled with inner loneliness.

No matter how many people are around me or how many “likes” I get on Facebook, I fight that deep dark feeling of loneliness.

I remember the night I became a Christian. I was alone in a hotel room, and I was fighting with guilt and shame from my past. To be honest, I was contemplating taking my life.

I felt so desperate, I finally cried out to what seemed like an invisible God and asked Jesus to come into my heart. In that moment, something happened. I knew God’s presence and love were real, because for the first time ever, I didn’t feel alone.

I thought I would never have to fight feelings of loneliness again. But I was wrong!

I’m in the hardest season of my life. I lost my marriage, my health and many friends. However, in the midst of my deepest heartache, God has used my tears to heal my broken heart, and in His goodness, He gave me what I needed and longed for most — a CURE for my loneliness and a REAL relationship with Him!

It was hard to see the Holy Spirit at work until I was totally alone and had no one else to run to but God. It took me a while to fully surrender to the only One who will never leave me or forsake me.

Through my trials and tears, the Lord revealed the reason I felt alone … I connected more to doing the works of God and to God’s people than I did to God Himself.

In other words, to cure my loneliness, I needed time alone with God! I was brokenhearted and that takes time to heal. The only way to complete the process is to connect with Him.

Jesus reminds us of this in today’s key verse: “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me” (John 15:4).

I don’t want to oversimplify our connection with the Creator of the universe, but the vine Jesus talks about in John 15:4 is similar to a light switch or a Wi-Fi connection — always there, but of no benefit to us until we connect to it.

In fact, God was there for me all along, lovingly and patiently waiting to connect my heart, my mind and my spirit to His heavenly vine through Christ alone!

I’m not sure what season of life you’re facing. Maybe it’s a marriage where you feel alone, or you’re divorced and feel abandoned by the one you loved and trusted, or you’re where I am — fighting cancer — and you feel disconnected from the life you once knew.

I know from personal experience there’s a cure for loneliness and a real connection to a Heavenly Father who wants to heal our hurting hearts.

So here are some hard questions that may help when you feel disconnected from God. Answering these questions honestly will be worth your time, truth and tears for an encounter with true love and new life found in Christ alone.

1. When you’re hurting, where do you run first?

2. When you’re alone, who do you miss the most?

3. What are you connected to right now that could be disconnecting you from God?

4. When you need wisdom, where do you find it?

5. Do you feel your relationship with God is artificial or authentic?

6. Have you prayed and asked God to become real to you and to fill those empty places meant just for Him?

There’s no better place to connect than to the One who gave His life to connect with you — your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, if I’m honest, many times I don’t feel Your presence or Your peace. You left the Holy Spirit for us while You’re away preparing us a place in glory. So be with me. Fill every lonely place in my heart and heal every broken piece of me so I can know I’m never alone. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

John 3:16, “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (NLT)

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As you think through the questions Sheri Rose Shepherd asks, pray for God to give you courage to assess them honestly.
Consider calling or texting a friend you think could be lonely to remind her God loves her, and she is never alone.

© 2016 by Sheri Rose Shepherd. All rights reserved.

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  1. Susan Valentine says:

    Thank u for your words of wisdom.GOD is good.

  2. A timely post since right now God feels far away and silent as we’re dealing with hiccups in the road regarding one of our sons…

    • I’ve been through some struggles with my son as well. I’m praying for you today, Sunshine!

    • Dear Sunshine,
      I pray that you love your son now more than ever. Love covers a multitude of sins. I don’t know what the exact “hiccups” are, but prayers with hugs go a long way. I just lost my son, and if I could change anything, it would be showing more unconditional love vs “tough love” to get him through the ups and downs. God bless you and your family!!

  3. What a blessing this ministry is to me.

  4. Donna Blankenship says:

    This daily devotion seems to be..always the right thing. At the exact right moment!

  5. I would love to win a copy of Thrive! To help me further flourish and thrive in my walk with God and this journey. Seeking his peace and presence continually right now and hope to always. ❤️

  6. So hard to turn to prayer first instead of a person but that is exactly what I must do.

  7. When answering these questions honestly, it definitely made me realize that God was not the answer to any of them. I’m not sure how to find the “an encounter with true love and new life found in Christ alone.” I don’t know that I’ve ever felt the presence of God that she described, so I’m a bit jealous.

    • Pray Sue, pray!! The one prayer God will always answer “yes” to is the one that is calling out and yearning for Him! God wants to be close to you as well! Talk to Him, give Him every fiber of your being and every part of your heart, let Him be the only one you want. This is where I was, and what I prayed for about a year and a half ago, I knew there was more to my relationship with Him, and I asked Him to light a fire in me. And it didn’t happen right away, but an acquaintance asked me to attend a women’s retreat with her (unlike any I’ve been to), and I haven’t been the same. God was definitely working! I will be praying for you to find that closeness with Him!

    • Sue, I also encourage you to not only pray, but pull our hour Bible (or even a bible app) and begin to read some Psalms. Psalm 139 will remind you God knows exactly who you are.

      The word of God is powerful. I went through a serious struggle and when I began to turn to God’s word for strength and inexplicable peace overcame me. I began to learn what the author states – I am not alone.

      Psalm 62:8 tells us to pour out our hearts to him. God is our refuge.

      I will be praying for you this morning. ((Hug))

  8. I feel so lost right now in my life. Please pray for me.

    • Amelia Atukunda says:

      my dear I pray that the presence of God comforts you in the situation you are going through. God promises that he will never leave or forsake us. Jesus Christ in John 14: 25-28 left us his helper, the Holy Spirit to guide us and connect us to him and he promises us a gift of peace not as the world gives. Go in his presence and pour out your heart to him and ask God to comfort you, ask for his peace which is beyond human understanding and he will give it to you in Jesus’ name. Ask for his presence and believe me you will not be disappointed. Jesus Christ in Matthew 7:7-8 promises that if we seek we shall find and if we knock the door shall be opened unto us.

    • Veronica, I am praying that the loving arms of the Almighty God, the best Father ever, provides you with comfort, strength, peace and the vision He has for your life.

    • ?❣?

    • I can truly empathize with your feeling…I too feel completely lost and alone in my life right now. I pray that we both may learn to seek and listen intently to what God is speaking into our lives. *hugs*

    • Dear Veronica,
      I prayed for you tonight. Trust in the Lord and don’t give up!

  9. This spoke to me while picking a small group. I think this would be a lovely addition in my journey to be closer to God.

  10. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you. I’d love the Thrive Bible.

  11. Crystal Cummings says:


  12. I want to learn how to seek Jesus and know him more. I want to learn how to study his word and understand it.

    • Pray for knowledge, wisdom and strength! Do this daily! Read the Living Word in the Bible and seek Him. Be willing to write things you are learning throughout your spiritual journey.

    • You must get the First 5 app right here from Proverbs 31 ministries. It is amazing! Great teaching and insight to biblical events of scripture helps bring deeper understanding plus practical life application. Perfect tool to draw near to God daily. First 5 has made the Bible simplified, magnified,and God Glorified!

  13. michelle ingram says:

    My mother died in October… my father in January… it’s been an ugly mess… so painful… all there is, is Jesus….

    • Oh, Michelle! I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother suddenly almost 2 1/2 years ago and it cut me to core like nothing else.

      I encourage you to read through Psalms, look for the ones where David cries out in desperation. God knows our pain and He can give you the strength to bear it.

  14. Alicia Davis says:

    Excellent article, just what I needed to hear!

  15. I could really use this devotional Bible. Now more than ever. I pray this and ask for this in Jesus name. Amen.

  16. Wow. Perfect timing for this message. I am saved, married with 2 adult children and I saw myself immediately when I began reading this message. I am more in tune with doing good works than I am with my previous Lord. Change has to start now! Feelings of loneliness have to go!

  17. I’m an avid journal writer and would LOVE to receive a copy of THRIVE! Blessings to you!

  18. Thanks for chance to win a devotional

  19. God has a path for me even though who,when and where to go on different situations !!!
    To be honest is so important; God knows who am I? What my worries are….. I used to go to my Pastor and tell him how do I feel….there is a reason not to be reject by God……Godly friends inspired me when I opened my feelings through prayers!
    God bless

  20. Trish Holman says:

    I could really use this devotional bible. I do feel empty. I am trying to connect. I still struggle daily.

  21. Perfect timing to hear God’s word and feel his presence. Can’t wait to use the devotional!

  22. Sheri, I pray that God blesses you with healing restoration. I lost my husband to cancer recently, may your journey be orchestrated by the Great Physician. He is my Hope, Source, and Strength to get through each day.

  23. Susanna M Briggs says:

    I was just sitting in my living room, alone, sobbing, when I decided to go on line to Google self help books about grief, when this link “fell into my lap”. I am longing to be closer to Christ and need help in doing so.

    • Susanna, pray and cry to Him. He will show His presence the more you prove that you are seeking Him. Read in the Bible and seek forgiveness for your sins daily. He will never let us down. He will use others to show His love as well. Nothing is a coincidence.

    • Susanna, sending you love and prayers. God promises you that “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart” Jeremiah 29:13. Some time ago, He gave me a number of words relating to “seeking” Him, and I started doing regular quiet time with God which has totally transformed my relationship with Him. I started by reading my daily devotional or a bit of bible, listening to a couple of worship songs and reflecting on Him and marvelling at His love and grace for me, and then just closing my eyes and listening to anything that He wanted to say to me. I would picture Jesus in my mind, and I found that sometimes I would see Him on the cross, sometimes I would see Him smiling at me and holding out His hand, sometimes I would just see His face. “Seek my face continually”. It has got easier and easier over time to hear Him speak and to find that connection with Him wherever I am. For we have the privilege of being able to boldly approach His throne at any time. If you want to seek Him, and go deeper in your relationship with Him, He will transform you and bring you greater joy than you have ever known. Don’t be discouraged or disheartened, He wants to know you better – He died so that He could know you better. Go for it! Praying for you. xx

      • Helen, Thank you for detailing how you’ve spent quiet time. I too sometimes see the cross when I shut my eyes but truth be told, I didn’t know if my own mind was conjuring the image or if it was a whisper from God. This gives me hope that God is talking to me after all and it’s not just “wishful thinking.”

  24. Bettina garcia says:

    I have felt this way for quite sometime. I lost my Aunt suddenly 11 years ago and I have never fully gotten over it. Last year I lost my dad to cancer. I wasn’t never really felt connected to God until the passing of my dad. Losing him really opened my heart and soul to Our Heavenly Father But, I still have moments of loneliness and I am striving to have a deeper relationship with God!

  25. Thank you. I needed to read this tonight.

  26. I would so love to win this. I feel lonely a lot of the time. We moved 4 years ago and still don’t feel connected here much at all.

  27. Anita De la Rosa says:

    I needed to read this tonight! Thank you for your ministry without thus I wouldn’t have reconnected again with the Lord.

  28. Gina Garland says:

    This really struck home to me. Even though I know I have family and friends who care, a lot of times I feel like I’m all alone. Thank you for the reminder that God is there.

  29. Thank you for your honesty, I feel the same so many times… God is so good and I want to thirst for Him more. Sometimes it’s hard, especially when I read his word and expect myself to understand what he’s trying to say to me or if he’s saying anything at all…

  30. Tanya Fiori says:

    Thank you for letting me have The opportunity to win a new Bible! My 14 year old daughter needs one!

  31. Sending love and light. Thank you for such lovely words.

  32. This is so helpful. It helps knowing I’m not so lost seeing so many others feel this disconnection, I was beginning to wonder what’s wrong with me. Most people don’t admit to the loneliness or disconnection… Thank you

  33. Dear Sheri Rose,
    Thank you so much for this post, it is exactly what I needed at this time. My young husband passed away two years ago; no children, no family; I had to put my sweet dog to sleep last month and last week I lost my job. The loneliness is awful, just as you describe. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. I pray that God will heal me and also bring the right man for me into my life. Sheri Rose, I will pray for you, too, especially to be healed from cancer. Love and Hugs, Therese

  34. This really spoke to my heart. I feel disconnected and alone a lot. I am still learning about turning to God and drawing nearer to Him. Trust is hard for me to give out.

  35. Thank you, a much needed word at this time in my life. God continue to bless your ministry.

  36. Your email was sent when I was feeling lonely. I remembered Jesus loves me and it was Him who used your site to make me feel loved and happy.

    Thank you for dedicating your time.

    God bless you and heal you.

  37. Lora Justice says:

    Timely, effective and full of purpose. Loneliness can be a self inflicted wound. At least it has been for me. I get wounded, so I retreat into myself…a bad habit that through this ministry is beginning to get healed in those deep dark recesses of my heart that only God knows. Thank you for being real with women so they In turn can be real.

  38. Deborah Cuellar says:

    The Thrive Bible sounds so amazing!

  39. Love!!! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  40. Cheryl Gatlin says:

    Thank you for these words. I love the questions.

  41. Deborah Cuellar says:

    The Thrive Bible sounds so amazing! Thank you for the reminder that Jesus is the answer to my loneliness & fears!

  42. I would love the Thrive devotional bible. My 18 year old daughter is about to go on the World Race for 9 months and this sounds perfect for her. She and her teammates are broken for God and desire to share the gospel to those who may not hear otherwise. I’m sure there will be days they need to lift each other up for loneliness will surely prevail at some point.

  43. Pamela Robbins says:

    This is good. I want to share this with a couple of my friends.

  44. I would love s devotional. I could relate to this message so much. Loneliness is a dark scary place. Sometimes the only voices you hear are the ones on the pages in HIS word.
    Thank you! I needed this so much!

  45. Thank you Jesus for the questions.. I just finished reading Romans 8:11-15, being a new Christian.. Just baptized.. I found my self fallen to to the old belief Iam alone.. Unlovable.. To many times latly.. I needed to read this.. Thank you

  46. Thanks so much for sharing this devotion. I am going through a separation and it has been really tough letting go. I am fighting for my connection with God because of the loneliness. This was very encouraging and a great reminder of how to remain connected. I pray for your healing and peace. Thanks again.

  47. Julia Simon says:

    I would love this Bible to go deeper

  48. This is so spot on for my life right now. I have been struggling with quite a few things, all of which have one commonality – feeling alone within each one. I must know and remember and claim that I am not alone for He is with me. My strength comes from Him. I needed to read this tonight. Thank you for sharing!

  49. Praise the Lord…I really needed to hear these words! Thank you!

  50. I want to win a copy of thrive to better my relationship with god. I feel him so far away I get depressed because I can’t find a teaching job in grade level I want. I been looking for a job for a long time with no results struggle a lot with interviews.

  51. Kelli Schilling says:

    Wonderful words at a time of hurting. Thank you!

  52. The Verse of John 15 has been my companion since several weeks. I so long to grasp the whole wisdom and truth flowing Out from it. So I’m looking for messages and posts on it. Now, I was looking for a devotional for Moms this morning and found this precious page. I’m reading this devotionals here for the first time and this verse follows me. 🙂 I Love the way God talks to my heart and soul!

  53. Diana Grimes says:

    It would be a blessing to me to win one.

  54. Thank you for your daily words of inspiration and healing!

  55. Sherry wallace says:

    been struggling with this lately. Really needed this tonight

  56. I would love to win! Struggling with a job search and lost marriage and this would be helpful.

  57. Christylee Watson says:

    This book seems like it would definitely help me connect better with God!

  58. I really needed to read this tonight. Thank you for reminding me that God is always with me 🙂

  59. Thanks P31 devotions for the uplifting message. I am married and my husband knows Jesus but does not believe that He is alive. We had a fight about me going to church and i have not been to church for 8 weeks now. However, i still pray and my faith never shaken. The only problem is fweding the inner person, this morning when i read this devotion something happened inside me. I was really disconnected and felt that i have failed my father in Heaven but when I read the devotion i felt the connection taking place, i felt my deliverance. I am praying for my husband and trusting God for His intervention in my husband’s life that He should come to know Jesus as his Lord and personal savior. But i trust God and I know that through Him all Things are possible. Please keep me in your prayers.

    Kind Regars

  60. Thank you for the reminder that God is the one we should be relying on, the one true constant. The new Thrive devotional would be so helpful to get me back into the Word daily.

  61. Thank you Sheri. Thanks to God for his word. Im in a real lonely place. Asked God yesterday to send a message of hope and here it is. I thougt i needed a person to fill the gap but i only need Jesus. Amen. Thank you

  62. I am in South Africa, praying for a wayward child, the Word of God is my go-to place when I feel in despair. And He is always so faithful to reveal Himself through His Word and His Spirit.

  63. Ginnie Stewart says:


  64. Melissa rogers says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read today. God has used this to reach my heart more than you know.

  65. I do desire a deeper relationship with my Saviour! This was the perfect devotion for me to read this evening. I’ve really been struggling with feeling alone, ad’s I’ve been going through a lot physically, mentally and emotionally. Tomorrow is the fourth anniversary of my mom’s passing from this life, and I miss her so much!! This Bible would be a wonderful way for me to actively pursue my Jesus!

  66. LaChanda Ricks says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony this truly touched my heart and allowed me to examine my relationship with Christ and those questions brought about the truth in regards to my relationship with Christ thank you and may God continue to shine upon you and heal you completely…

    • LaChanda this ministry spoke right to my heart. I strayed away, I couldn’t hear God’s word. I’ve struggled feeling so alone. These words give me hope again.

  67. Renee Leger says:

    This topic hit home with me. Lately I’ve felt lonely as a stay at home mom, but its because im not spending enough time connecting with God. I’d love to win “Thrive”!

  68. DONNA GATES says:

    Yes Ineed God to fill my loneliness so badly.
    I need peace in my life and Iam trusting my Saviour to give me that.

    Thank you for your devotional words today.

  69. Thankful for this ministry. It continues to challenge me to grow and seek God first in my life. Would love to win the Bible for a friend of mine to challenge her to growth.

  70. This devotion was on time for me tonight. I have recently felt disconnected from God and prayed earlier for reconnection, and I believe part of the reason is because of loneliness. Thank you for sharing.

  71. Kimberly Simonson says:

    This especially hit home for me today and spoke to my heart.
    I am definitely in a rough time of loneliness right now. Thank you for this site!

  72. Renee Carnes says:

    This was so on point, when my daughter passed away in felt so alone. I was even pushing God away, but it was when I finally let God in and spent time with Him that I know longer felt alone. I felt His love immediately.

  73. Thanks for the inspiration. Perfect during my time of loneliness right now.

  74. I truly needed this tonight. I am struggling so bad with my Dad’s death and this helped me focus on God and not the pain of loss. Thank you.

  75. Lisa Bediamol says:

    Thank you for this devotional.

  76. Julie Stroup says:

    I live away from my husband 5 days a week/every week! We have a strong marriage, but I miss him and feel so alone!
    I am constantly in scripture and play hymns, but I’m struggling with loneliness. I just want to to continually feel the Holy Spirit.
    I know Our God is an Awesome God and I Love him!!

  77. Im working on making God the first person I go to with praises and trials… The Lord will direct my path for I believe He can and will. Amen

  78. Donette Coker says:

    I would love this bible! A way beautiful way to learn and grow in Christ!

  79. Hey! My name is Bri and I would love to win a bible that speaks to my present situation — thriving. I am 23 years old and recently I accepted a fellowship in Atlanta, GA. I decided to dedicate a year to growing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in God. I knew this transition would be challenging, but a few days ago I received news from a family member of mine who told me my father may have dementia. If you knew me you would know I am indeed a ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’. My heart is broken 🙁 I cannot fathom my life without my daddy. Who’s going to walk me down the aisle? Or call me ‘Bri Bri’ (my nickname). My father is my heart. While reading your blog post about “Loneliness” I realized that God was second to my biological father. As difficult as it may seem, my biological father is not my saving grace. My Heavenly Father loves me more than anyone in this entire world. He sees me as the apple of His eye. Although this is one of the most darkest and loneliest times in my life; my broken heart understands that the love of God can heal every shattered place in my life. So, this bible will be extremely instrumental in this season of my life.

    Thank you in advance.

    Yours Truly,

    Bri Bri

  80. Donette Coker says:

    I would love this bible! A beautiful way to learn and grow in Christ!

  81. Mallorie Tripp says:

    I would love to win a THRIVE Journaling Bible!

  82. Nicole Jacobsen says:

    Thank you for this devotion

  83. Tonya Norris-Wile says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion today. God Always knows when I need encouragement. I too am going through a divorce, something I thought would never happen to me. I lost my first husband when I was younger and am feeling that same loneliness with my situation know. I know God is there but it’s so hard to trust when the loneliness overwhelms you. Thank you God for Always being there.
    Tonya Norris-Wile

  84. I took the time to read each question and answer each question to God directly. It let me open up about certain issues and helped me to start conversations I wouldn’t normally bring up with God. Thank you.

  85. Ola Ogunniyi says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I am blessed daily.

  86. I loved this. As a recent graduate with no job, no sense of purpose, and punches keep on coming I tend to run to quick releases when God is always there

  87. Gyslaine clarke says:

    Thank you for sharing this

  88. I would like to go into a drawing for this thrive devotional Bible.
    I am struggling emotionally and physically on various levels…believng this special bible would help me and others. Thank you.

  89. Thanks so much for your courage to write about loneliness, Sheri.
    It’s not by accident, that your email and devotion came tonight. I’ve been
    dealing with the subject of loneliness in my couples’ marriage devotional
    with my husband. I’m not struggling so much with loneliness lately, as when
    and how to connect with certain friends b/c of the busy lives that we are currently
    living. I would love the chance to have this Bible, to help my friendship with God,
    as only he can take away the loneliness.

  90. Kelli hanson says:

    Thank you for this lesson on loneliness. Something promoted me to read this message because Iam feeling lonely and depressed right now. I want inner peace. I would love to win this devotional book.

  91. I’m leaving a comment for the thrive devotional bible. Not really sure what else to say.
    I’m thankful for these devotional emails.

  92. Christy White says:

    This article really spoke to me. I am a cancer survivor and recently divorced. I feel like my life outside my kids has become meaningless. I’ve never been one to seek out help as I don’t want to inflict my problems on anyone else. I am a Christian but have let life’s circumstances weaken my faith. This was a great reminder that I’m never truly alone and that I need to open my heart up again and seek the comfort only He can provide.

  93. Loneliness overtakes me too often, so when I read the last question I realized maybe I have not been asking God to take up that lonely space…now I will.

  94. Hope MichellePassmore says:

    Write on time message!

  95. so many life changes that I am not prepared for. I don’t know who I am or what to become. I question everything. Was I ever truly a believer? Lost, lonely, depressed, and afraid. I don’t know how to have a relationship, I think this devotional bible would help.

  96. Hope MichellePassmore says:

    Right on time message!

  97. I have definitely had my fair share of struggles as has every woman out there. I would absolutely love to receive this Bible as my daily reminder that Jesus loves me through it all.

  98. This would be an awesome tool to help refocus my quiet times.

  99. This devotion was very timely. I’ve been battling discouragement, loneliness, even hopelessness for awhile. I’m planning to go through the questions believing I need to run to my Savior daily for hope and healing.

  100. Leonie Brewer says:

    Hello Sheri thank you for sharing your heart with us. I feel your pain as I also lost my marriage and I found out last year I had a chronic thyroid problem (and not the one that loses weight either)! I struggled deeply last year with my identity in Christ, but through those struggles I have risen out of the ashes and into His glorious light. It is still a one day at a time journey, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I treasure those struggles as hard as they were, as they brought me to a place of surrender, looking up and not in. I would love the Thrive devotional Bible – which gal wouldn’t!


    • Judy Curry says:

      Sometimes I feel so lonely and God is the only one that can feel that spot in my life. In the past I considered taking my own life but I know deep inside me that is not pleasing to the Father.Loneliness can be one of the worst tricks Satan can pull on us.

  101. I so appreciate your vulnerability and can relate to your susceptibility toward that inner loneliness. The questions you encourage us to ask ourselves are just what I need!

  102. Emily Henrikson says:

    I absolutely love this ministry and all of the different things becoming available for women! I would really love to win this devotional!

  103. Sheri ,
    Boy can I relate to you. The circumstances are not the same but I have learned to cling to and love the LORD. In the past two and a half years I have had my left hip replaced, a below the knee amputation on my right side, and on Tuesday the 13th of September I am having my left shoulder replaced. My health issues are related mostly to erosive osteoarthritis, along with Psoriatic arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, severe sleep apnea, and fibromyalgia. My foot was removed due to a disease called Charcot foot that came from old injuries and the erosive arthritis. But you know thru all of it He has been there carrying me, drawing me into a deeper relationship with Him. I would not give any of it up for the relationship I have with Him today. Yes, I would prefer not having to go thru it all. But it has opened so, so many doors that would not have been there were it not up to where I’m at physically, and spiritually. He lets me be a vessel of His love to them and it is all for His glory. That experience is like no other. Sometimes we have to take it moment by moment, literally. But when we turn to Him He is Faithful.
    God bless you girl and remember, We are not Home Yet!

  104. Your posts are always spot on! Thank you for your encouragement!

  105. God know’s how much I need this!

  106. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  107. Thank you, praying for you! God bless you and restore you.

  108. I needed this right now.

  109. Kate Quinn says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion. I, too, have felt very alone following the end of my marriage and then the failure of my first relationship after that. Along this difficult road my best friend exited my life, too. Some days I allow rejection and loneliness to completely define me. I know in my mind that Jesus is the true lover of my soul; but sometimes I don’t know how to feel that reality in my heart. I look for tangible ways to fill the void, instead of allowing that hole within me to be filled with the love of Christ. Thank you for the reminder that I have to make the choice to connect to Him daily. And the best way for me to do that is in prayer and thru reading His Word. God Bless you, Sheri. I will keep you in my prayers.

  110. Tiffany Hayden says:

    Your post was exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you for sharing and for reminding me that I’m not alone.

  111. Kimberly LePore says:

    I so need this. 🙂

  112. I often gt the feeling of loneliness, no matter how much I am loves and have people around me. During that time is it hard for me to connect with God and get his help to seek me through this rough time. I pray that will time I will be healed and relieved of this negative feeling.

  113. Mufaro Mapanda says:

    After reading the questions above I realised all my answers were not seeking God first.
    Pls get well soon

  114. Laura M Johnson says:

    I feel alone often, but it’s during those times that I fill myself with God’s word and truth. He walks with me in these dark times and I praise Him because I know He is faithful. I know He is with me.

  115. Sahry Vargas says:

    I thank you for the encouragement you gave me in your article. She’s at times I feel lonely and wonder what I am doing in this world. Feeling sick all the time with physical and possibly emotional pain. Dr. Says chemical depression. Bone pain and many other alignments that seem unreal. Decades like this. Praying………loosing the joy…..at times confuse and sad. But knowing there is a God who send his Son to die for me. Thankful for people like you who share the love of Christ.

  116. Oh this is exactly what I needed to hear today. After a divorce and now custody battle- I feel very much alone. I needed this word to remind me because honestly I feel so forgotten and forsaken. I have forgotten to look up and connect with the only person who can heal all this brokenness.

  117. Would love this devotional. This spoke to my heart.

  118. Sheri Reed says:

    This devotional was so very Timely really opened my eyes. I would love to have a copy of this. God bless you

  119. I feel lonely often. The one I run to is the one who rejects me. It is my husband. He’s been my only family for such a long time. We’re separated but I go to him when I feel I need support, not because he gives it to me but because it’s familiar. My heart stays broken.

    • I am so sorry. Amy. I KNOW it’s hard but remember you are not alone. God promises to never leave us. I’ll be praying for you. Hugs.

  120. I always love these daily pieces of wisdom & would love to win a copy of this devotional!

  121. Andrea Watson says:

    Your devotions have truly blessed me. The Thrive bible sounds lovely.

  122. Kathy repass says:

    I have been deeply longing to be completely surrendered to God and to know Him fully. I’ve never known that kind of relationship before. God has been helping me to get acquainted with Him. I would love to have that Bible to help me learn more of how to follow God fully and to accomplish His purposes for my life in the earth.

  123. Yvonne Ortiz says:

    this devotional is like the first step towards healing from loneliness!

  124. Yes please. I would love one, I have looked at them and eventually will get one. But money is tight and there are other have toos that have to come first.

  125. Yvonne Ortiz says:

    This devotional is a good tool!

  126. This really spoke to me. I’ve been feeling extremely lonely and empty, I’m not in the place with God that I used to be and its because I’ve allowed the loneliness to affect me where you get to the point where you wonder if God is even there anymore and if he hears your cries. But I realize that I’m the one who moved and not God. Thank you for this read. Blessings!

  127. Yvonne Chavez says:

    Sheri Rose Shepherd? The same Sheri Rose Shepherd that authored ‘His Princess, Love Letters From Your King’? Wow! I just read this and went to grab my copy of this book. It’s inspired me and helped me understand our Savior’s love in a whole new way time and again. Sometimes, as a new believer you tend to think that those who have been walking with the Lord, teaching others, authoring inspirational spiritual books–are somehow beyond such pain and disappointment. Like they’ve conquered these experiences a long time ago and have somehow achieved a super spiritual state of constant peace and joy. But to read Sheri’s words tonight let’s me know that Life itself is full of mixed emotions and experiences and that as long as we’re in this flesh and in this world, pain will continue to exist. But the difference now, I see, is that we have Hope in the midst of our darkest moments. Hope to know that one day it will all make sense. Until then, we can allow the Holy Spirit to walk, guide, speak and teach us while he takes the broken pieces and creates a new masterpiece out of our painful experiences. I’m inspired again by you Sheri. Please know that your devotion tonight…learning about your Real, Personal Hardships let’s me know that a Christian Woman isn’t just one that tells others of the Lord’s beauty and faithfulness…a Real Christian Woman is also one that unveils her broken heart and says, “I’m just like you. I go through painful heartbreak too and in that pain I choose to believe in His Love nonetheless”. Thank you SOOO much Sheri. Thank you for being such an example of what it means to persevere in Christ. I don’t know you, but I love you sister. I identify with your pain, your disappointment, and your Love for the One who gave it all.

  128. Maria Gloria Cordero says:

    I would truly love to receive that THRIVE bible that you are giving away! may God be glorified in all you do! god bless you!

  129. Would love to win…

  130. As I read all the comments I realize that I am not the only one who definately needed to read this and am so glad that I recieve these daily devotionals. So many times I do not see that I am not alone. I do not have to face my troubles or worries alone. With God I am able to release those to Him. Many times in my self pity I cry out why am I alone but that is because I am not looking to Him. I pray daily to become closer to the Lord. I know He will never leave me or forsake me. I never have to be lonely with Him by my side, guiding me through this hard time in my life.

  131. I just needed these at the moment. Thank you.

  132. Thank you Proverbs 31 for all the amazing women of God that share their testimonies. Sheri Rose, thank you for being so real. God Bless and love you Sheri Rose.

  133. I’m a single parent to a teenage daughter who is very social in a good way and adjusting to being alone again is not coming easily. I have been looking for something like this and definitely be purchasing.

  134. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

  135. Liz Barnes says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this incredible book. I need a deeper connection to God now more than ever, and have been looking and praying for guidance.

  136. I love your writings/messages. So often so timely in my life. Thank you!!

  137. What a great idea to combine Bible reading and journaling:)

  138. Lisa Gonzalez says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear at this exact moment!

  139. Susanne Tso Grant says:

    Thank you, Sheri. I’m sorry about all the pain you’re going through. It’s been the toughest season for me as well. I have been feeling alone and painstakingly lonely. Your message has encouraged me.

  140. Lonely is the word I’ve wrestled with the past 7 years serving on a church staff. I go through seasons of accepting my circumstances and persevering, and then other times (like now) when it seems unbearable. Thank you for this devotion and the needed reminder to connect with Him.

  141. Beautifully written and so timely. Thank you for such real reminders that only God can fill the empty places in our heart. God continue to bless and heal you and may your life continue to be a testimony to all you meet, Sheri

  142. Wow…. thank you for sharing and being vulnerable. I can really relate and thank you for your encouragement

  143. this would be absolutely amazing….God has been teaching me the exact same thing, I can only find my hope in him and he will help me to feel less lonely.

  144. Gloria Hardee says:

    I have been in that place of loneliness. During this horrible season in life I called out to God. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt He was with me and would carry me through this difficult time in my life. Since that day I have not felt lonely at all. I do get sad because I too lost many friends that were dear to my heart. I know I caused many pain. The people that forgave me and stuck by me, I am forever thankful. Our friendship has grown much closer. I have learned many lessons through this dark time in my life. The biggest lesson learned, God loves me unconditionally. He took this old piece of clay and He continues to mold me daily. What a beautiful masterpiece I will be when He gets through. He will use me like He has never used me before. Until then, I will sit daily in His word and rest on His promises!

  145. No matter how long I’ve been a Christian, I have seasons of feeling lonely. So thankful for my long suffering Savior, who loves me unconditionally and never leaves me. Thank you for sharing your journey and a much needed reminder. God bless you!

  146. Thank you Sherri Rose for sharing the questions with me . I am new to Proverbs 31 Ministries. Thank you. Sally Marie

  147. I would love a copy of THRIVE!

  148. Thank you Sherri Rose . The questions are a blessing. Thank you Sally Marie Everts

  149. Mickey Smith says:

    Would love to win this ! So I can Thrive!!

  150. Ashley Rovenski says:

    Thank you for this devotional. As a new mom, I feel too exhausted at times for connecting with friends but it’s a good reminder that I can always connect with God.

  151. Thank you for sharing your story.

  152. God Bless you, and thank YOU for this much needed encouraging message! And thank you for sharing your life with us! ✝⚓️♥️

  153. Tiffany Altamirano says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement! I enjoyed reading your questions about our relationship with God being artificial or authentic. I think so often I get busy doing life, that I forget I need to nurture my relationship with God just as I do with my own marriage and children if not more! Thank you for speaking life and truth back into my life and the life of all these other women who are reading your post. I’m a working mama of two beautiful children ages 22 months and 8yrs old, finding time to do devotions seems quite impossible these days. I’m ready to make adjustments to nurture my relationship with God and surrender, by putting a stop to crisis prayers once and for all. I feel I have gotten really good at only praying when there is a major crisis in my life. When I know the Lord wants all my prayers and praise everyday good or bad. Thank you again for sharing! Sincerely, Tiffany

  154. Thank you for this article.I’m so in need of encouragement. I want to give up because of hurt and loneliness.I been through so much and every time, I think about I want to cry.

  155. I would enjoy having s copy of Thrive. My daily devotions keep me on track.

  156. Michelle Smith says:

    God Bless You! Hi there! My name is Michelle Smith and I am a survivor just as I believe you are! My esophagus has been removed and my stomach brought up into my chest, now sitting on my right lung. I asked The Lord to share what I could possibly do to thank Him for giving me another day on earth to “get it right” and what came over my heart was this “Michelle, show your faith, and all you love, including yourself, will be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations.” And I am so blessed. I thank God right now for directing me to your post on Facebook about loneliness as I suffer greatly, and He knows… I don’t believe God ever does anything “by chance” and so me coming into contact with you was not at all by chance, but God Led.. And I thank YOU Sherri Rose!!

  157. DeAna McClure says:

    This couldn’t be a more timely coincidence as I lost my job of 20 yrs just recently, my boyfriend is married to his job and has hardly any time for me or his kids, and I feel like my skills, talents and experience aren’t valued to be of help to the business I am supportive of regularly. I feel that I live out God’s work and will daily though I know i’m guilty of not spending enough time with Him. I need this Bible to help me with these feelings of loss, self-doubt and loneliness from my current world.

  158. Asia Douglas says:

    This message was so encouraging. This year has been one of pain, unhappy changes, and disappointment. I have to remind myself that although I don’t FEEL God right now, HE is still there and is waiting on me to BE STILL and rest in HIM.

  159. Not only feeling disconnected but trying to serve Him at the same time… Doing but getting nowhere makes me feel even more disconnected.

  160. Este Briel says:

    I would love a Thrive Bible!! Thank you for the daily devotionals.. the best way to start my day, spending time with the Lover of my soul, Jesus Christ! ♡

  161. I would love to win this journaling devotional Bible!!

  162. Stephanie Thomas says:

    Would love to learn how to journal and find ways to become closer to Jesus. I feel alone more than I would like to admit. Going through a divorce and now bankruptcy is so depressing and hard to go through let alone find the good. Thank you for this timely devotion. I truly needed to be reminded I am not alone ever with Jesus in my heart.

  163. I have been walking in loneliness and emptiness for a year until recently when I decided to pursue God with all of my heart, soul, mind and body. The scripture “Be still” spoke to my heart; to pursue means to be still and listen to His voice. God filled my loneliness & emptiness with joy, love and peace. He reminds me daily that He is with me All the Time.

  164. Ruth Veazey says:

    I too am heartbroken over my broken 46 year marriage…all of a sudden all is gone…I have been a Christian since I was 8 yrs old and I know God and the Holy Spirit are with me and That I am safe in His arms and loved but I still feel the broken heart and the loneliest that I have ever felt…I fought and prayed so long and hard for my marriage but I couldn’t any longer…thank you for this Bible verse and the words of wisdom and love. God Bless you all…Ruth

  165. Mechelle Duke says:

    Appreciate your article on Loneliness. There are so many lonely, hurting and disconnected people out there who need hope. Thank you for your ministry.

  166. Dee Thomas says:

    I love getting to work, having a cup of tea and reading my encouragement for the day.

  167. Question 5 hit hard! Why am I not sure if my relationship with God is authentic? I feel more alone since my children left home, empty nest. I need to really connect with God, I am assured He is willing from this article, thanks.

  168. This is a wonderful ministry. God is faithful to bring us through heartbreak when we seek Him!

  169. What an amazing idea – bible and journal in one. This is something I’d really love.

  170. Josephine Gomez says:

    My heart is broken, my husband cheated.
    I want to forgive but it’s hard.
    Right now it’s a live and hate relationship.

  171. Sheri, I am so sorry to hear all what you are going through. I am praying for you right now! Thank you for sharing your story and for a wonderful devotional.

  172. Thank you fur reminding me God alone can fill the brokenhearted where nothing seems p9ssible. I would enjoy a new devotional bible!

  173. I would love to win this journaling women’s Bible!

  174. This message spoke volumes to me.. Thank you for sharing it

  175. Peggy Wood says:

    God bless you Sheri,
    This is an amazing devotion & your questions definitely move me the need for honest reflection.
    Loneliness is no joke, this will help me encourage my sister.
    Be Blessed,

  176. Thank you for the needed encouragement. Loneliness has been s battle lately.

  177. Thank you Sheri for sharing your heart. It’s wonderful to trust and feel him so close to us. I need his closeness everyday Sheri, he is who I trust going through a very difficult time right now! but I know he will take me through pain and all. Bless you.

  178. Today’s word is timely. God bless you

  179. I too battle depression, dislexia and at times lonliness. I am a graphic designer and resently turned to sketching and drawing scripture…what the Holy Spirit speaks to me. I have been looking at several journaling bibles. I love the idea of having devotions included with space to journal.

  180. Megan Gissendanner says:

    I could use this right now. Going through what I don’t understand ando feeling just so empty and alone.

  181. Thanks very much Sheri, for this wonderful and uplifting devotional. Times are hard for me. I sit and stare at my kids, cords of financial stress are strangling me, waking up each day not knowing how you will survive. I thank my God who takes me through each day at a time. I feel lonely, sometimes hopeless. I honestly pray to God, I never lose focus, to strongly abide in Him. He will see me through. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.

  182. Sheila Rials says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I have been looking for a way to get closer and more intimate with God. To know how to be connected to HIM alone . Amen

  183. Praise God for this wonderful message as it’s so relevant to me to cast all burdens on to the Lord seek Him above all to fill those lonely places with His powerful presence. I wish to receive a copy of Thrive bible ?. Pls keep our family in prayers so v can seek God as one .thank you

  184. I would appreciate winning this bible

  185. Sheri, thank you so much for this share, it has truly blessed me. I pray that Almighty God heals you and continues to comfort you through this trying time. May he bless you and your family always.

  186. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I am so desperately struggling to not feel alone. I feel like I’m drowning in loneliness. I am going to keep reaching for Jesus.

  187. Thank you for this devotion. It is so hard to not let loneliness take over. I’ve never thought of this scripture in this context but it makes sense. I could really use this Bible and I really need to start reading His Word and taking notes again

  188. Stephanie Sutherland says:

    I’d like to see this devotional bible and how it’s laid out. It sounds like it would be a great way to stop and connect when you’re actually “in” the Word.

  189. Lisa Ingram says:

    I would so love this book. I had something terrible happen to me when I was younger and lost my faith in God. Recently I met someone who put that spark back in my heart to believe again, I think with everything going on in my life, divorce, a new love, many battles with my health and the loss of a good friend who I think just gave up on me ? That this would help with my understanding God’s word more and to know I’m not alone. ?

  190. Terry whitham says:

    Loneliness is something I have battled with all of my life, an only child living in a very rural area I spent most of my childhood alone. The only practising believer in my family, I find myself on this walk of loneliness yet again but now know to turn it into something useful and use it for prayer and intercession. Learning to be more dependant on Father than myself and trying to learn to turn to Him first every time.
    Hard questions to answer but will try to be honest in them!! X

  191. Qiana Davis says:

    I honestly think the book would help me see God. I think the book would help me get closer to God. I definitely need the help.

  192. Samdy Smmons says:

    Your devotions are always so timely to what’s going on in my life. Especially this one today on loneliness. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.
    May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

  193. God’s gift of a women is indeed very special. We Christians are called to embrace it and cherish it with all holiness. Such a delight to be called a daughter of God. Many others should too 🙂

  194. Would really love to get my hands on the Thrive Devotional Bible by the way! Talking about loneliness, it’s hard to think that loneliness is even possible in such a big world, with media, fame, fashion, people all around us! Yet very discouraging when we do feel lonely. However, we need to dig deeper into God’s truth and claim it to our hearts and spirit and souls. 🙂 It’s a beauty and gift to be alone with Jesus <3 Thank you Jesus and Sheri Rose! <3

  195. Andrina Law says:

    Hi. I am lost and know I need to turn back to God, but not sure He will accept me back. :/

  196. Well, not to often do I subscribe to the books, journals, etc. being offered..jus the ones that I feel stand out to me and this one did. Sooo…
    Hope I’m lucky!
    Im prayin for a young lady named Yolanda who is supposedly gay as a result of sexual molestation at a young age. I will share this passage or devotion with her. She is special and on my heart..

  197. One can be in a crowd and still be lonely. Its very easy to get so engrossed in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to connect with God. Attending church and doing all the work of God available still doesn’t automatically connect me to God. i see now that i have to “flip the switch” or click connect so i can wrap my life in Christ’s warm embrace. Thank you for this insight. I am sorry about the cancer and will say a prayer for you. I love you with the love of Christ.

  198. Alisha Laws says:

    I would love to have this bible! Please!!

  199. Identity is something I struggle a lot with. Especially being halfway through my twenties and feeling far away from God’s plan for my life. I just have to remember patience. This article definitely helps with the loneliness aspect!

  200. I see and know so many who can relate to feeling alone, including myself. I would love to win the Thrive Bible.

  201. Regina Speagle says:

    I so needed to read these words today. Thank you!

  202. Siphindlie Mathonsi says:

    For many years I was sitting in the dark alone longing for the light. There was an emptiness in my heart that I could never fill, no matter how hard I tried. I tried to draw on other peoples light, tried filling myself with what ever they had left over to give me. I thought that they could lead me into this happy place that everyone around me seemed to be in. But it was never enough. Until my Father came and filled me up. They say that there is a part of mans heart that can only be filled by God, I totally agree. When I went to the source of all light, of all love I found who I truly was. And the more I get to know Him, the more I am over come by love. The more I see that I was never alone. Because I now know how much I am loved by my Heavenly Father, though droughts and hard times may come, I will stand. Evergreen, ever blooming like the myrtle tree. For my foundation, my roots are now deep in Him. I will no longer depend on princes or human beings (Psalms 146) for my fulfillment but on the Lord the maker of heaven and earth. The living God. The keeper of my soul.

  203. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot felt alone but after reading these words I will never leave you or forsake you am always with you uplifted me gave me hope that your with all of us and that you see our hearts and you love us more than anything gave hope I hope and pray I win I really need you God to guide me and help me in thsee hard times. Bless you all God is good and amazing he is always there for us and knows how to comfort us and uplift us people don’t give up look up to God lift your hands up and praise him he is the best!

  204. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot felt alone but after reading these words I will never leave you or forsake you am always with you uplifted me gave me hope that your with all of us and that you see our hearts and you love us more than anything gave hope I hope and pray I win I really need you God to guide me and help me in thsee hard times. Bless you all God is good and amazing he is always there for us and knows how to comfort us and uplift us people don’t give up look up to God lift your hands up

  205. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot felt alone but after reading these words I will never leave you or forsake you am always with you uplifted me gave me hope that your with all of us and that you see our hearts and you love us more than anything gave hope I hope and pray I win I really need you God to guide me and help me in thsee hard times. Bless you all God is good and amazing he is always there for us and knows how to comfort us and uplift us

  206. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot felt alone but after reading these words I will never leave you or forsake you am always with you uplifted me gave me hope that your with all of us and that you see our hearts and you love us more than anything gave hope I hope and pray I win I really need you God

  207. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot felt alone but after reading these words I will never leave you or forsake you

  208. Thank you God that I can always count on you these days been hard I cried a lot

  209. these days been hard I cried a lot

  210. I have been thinking of having an affair. As I write this I feel so guilty. I live in a place where I have no friends, take care of a disabled husband and an aging mother. On top of that I work two jobs. Some days all I want is a hug. Someone to listen and care. A man from work is doing all of these things. He makes me smile and makes me feel like a woman again. As I read these words, I feel very convicted and I have tears rolling down my face. Thank you for these words and especially the questions. I know God has not forsaken me, but I am forsaking him.

    • In trying to get to the bottom of the comments I happened to stop on your comment. Just wanted you to know I will pray for you. Remember the temptation is not the sin. God understands your weakness and loneliness. I pray that he will give you the strength to turn from that man at work and honor your wedding vows and that God will fill you with all you need to be faithful. It’s in God’s strength that you can do it, not your strength. Hugs to you from Georgia.

      • Imagine or picture a person who is standing behind the man or inside of that man! The thought would make you to do anything with him
        Utterly shuttering! Any man knowing your situations reaching out to you with intentions other than godliness and noble mindedness sourced from that liar of whom the Word of God says, “the devil,he is the father of all liars!”
        My dear sister in Christ, stretch out your hand and touch the garments of our ultimate dream come true Prince called “Jesus” who is right next to you waiting to be touched by you so He can bring you joy that cannot be quenched or drained out of your dried and thirsted heart and life for what may seem eternity now. Thank you for moving me to reply to you because I know you need prayer supports from all who will. An army of prayers be there for you everyday. You can believe there will be heavenly army joining us for you. Your servant in Christ.

  211. On the days that I read your emails, it always feels like it was sent just for me. Forever thankful ?

  212. Jennifer Ingraham says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I will bear fruit only when I am genuinely connected to God.

  213. Linda van Dijk says:

    Thank you for your inspirational message today. Our God is always there for us and His love is amazing! Connecting daily and staying close to GOD is what I need to work on most in my life and to continue to search Him in all things.

  214. Susie Mika says:

    I loved your article and can so relate. Different circumstance but same feelings.

  215. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  216. Laura Hooley says:

    Thank You for your encouraging ministry, I would really LOVE this BIBLE, you are very nice to give away. I gave away all of my Bibles too that’s why I need a new one. I only kept my old one that I’ve written in so much that it doesn’t have anymore places to write in it. That’s also why I need a new one, thank you so much for a chance to have this one, it seems perfect for me. Blessings to you and all your staff. I will keep you in my prayers, my sister and a bunch of my good friends are going through breast cancer too at this time. So I will share all your ministry with them as well. I am only 50yr old & I have a chronic mystery illness and lost a lot & going through a lot lifestyle changes, some not so easy & wearing on our 9yrs of what was a Great marriage. no diagnosis & no disability, has used up all of our retirement savings, so its financial & emotionally draining but I’m trying to lean on the LORD and I know HE’S with us and it will turn out GOOD in the end. I’m learning a lot from The Holy Spirit! But I still have a disconnect feelings too often! May our Lord give all of us HIS strength and healing, thanks Laura 🙂

  217. I have a very low opinion of myself and struggle with God loving me so much. I am grateful everyday that I read or hear some verse assuring me that He does love me and calls me His child! I look forward everyday to strengthening our connection and relationship. I am really happy that God is patient with me! Thank you for this sharing!!

  218. Janice Havner says:

    Thanks for this devotional today. I recently lost my husband and feel very lonely at times. This reminded me that God is with me all the time and I am never alone.

  219. Julie Crighton says:

    Thank you, Sheri Rose Shepherd for your piece on inner lonliness. This has also been a struggle of mine. The Lord was with me through a series of losses and through that painful season I realized that I didn’t have to feel lonely! I simply needed to run into the arms of my loving Father!

  220. Pat Wittenberg says:

    I could really identify with what Sheri said about feeling disconnected.

  221. The Encouragement for Today on fighting loneliness truly spoke to me! It was such a blessing to see EXACTLY how I feel on the page right in front of me. So glad to know I’m not alone in my struggle…and to receive guidance on how to make a positive change. Thanks so much. I really needed that message today. 🙂

  222. I have been struggling with loneliness for most of my life. Even though I seek companionship it is just never enough. I feel my real connection is when I approach God and speak earnestly. Your true cure for loneliness comes when you decide to walk with God. The bible and reading brings us close to him. I love to read the bible for that connection I can truly trust.

  223. Patsy McWhorter says:

    Thank you for reminding me through your devotion that I am never alone. One of my favorite verses of scripture is Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” God is never as close as when our hearts are broken. Thank you for challenging me to search my heart and consider how close l am to the Lord and also how close I desire to be. God’s blessings!!

  224. Leslie Lockstampfor says:

    Love this devotional and the verses have always been close to my heart… Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  225. Blessed that no matter how lonely I get, I always have the one who can cure me waiting for me to say “Father, please help me!” and He will.

  226. Yes. I can identify with today’s topic. My marriage is in the deepest shambles my job ends by month end and I am 1000’s of miles away from home
    I’m encouraged reading the testimony.

  227. Alicia Hilliard says:

    I am divorced and now by myself at 52. It is very scary to say the least. Never thought I would be here.

  228. Lisa rouse says:

    I would love to have this bible.

  229. Thank you for your awesome words. I pray that God will fill me and let me know He is with me at all times.

  230. I shared this article with a friend who has been feeling lonely and disconnected from God. I’ve prayed for her with words similar to those expressed by Sheri and it brought us both to tears. Thank you for communicating your testimony with candor and love.

  231. I am reminded of this truth.
    “How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.”
    ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:17-18‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  232. I have been divorced for more than four years, raising my 2 children alone, their dad (my x) is no father or example to them. Does not take the custody that he has (sees them seldom) and does not support them. It does get overwhelming, I yearn for someone to be next to me and help me make the decisions I need to make every day – I trust my Father for answers and believe He will send me someone picked especially for me. I may still have my lonely times, but thanks to my Father being with me through His Spirit, I am never alone… thank you Sheri, for your share today, may God bless you, heal you and keep you close to Him, always.

  233. Jeannette wallace says:

    I’ve lost my husband, my daughter who meant the world to me I have a rebellious son who I can’t depend on or talk to. My brother is the only person I have left. He is a Christian but he looses patience with me to many times. He talks hard to me and makes me feel inadequate to do anything. I am so lonely. I do not have any friends to really count on. I know I need to get closer to God but i mess up so many times. I really need some help to get through living alone.

  234. Thank you for your words.

  235. I would love to receive a copy of Thrive in the hope that it will help me on my never ending journey of gaining victory over my low self esteem.thank you

  236. Please chose me for the free Bible

  237. Jennifer Bergh says:

    I would love a THRIVE bible. I am battling with loneliness owing to widowhood after many years of marriage.

  238. when you’re up in the middle of the night with worries and this is what I find- His perfect timing!

  239. I needed to read this this morning. Divorced got almost 4 1/2 years and it’s not easy. Trusting God’s timing and plan step by step but the time aline is sometimes hard

  240. Oh I so need this!

  241. I would Love to win a copy! I am having a very hard time at life and feel like I’m suffering alone. Everyone keeps reminding me that this will pass but it’s hard to believe that I can ever recover from what my ex husband is/has done to to me and my kids.

  242. I have been fighting depression for over 8 years now. With help I have realized I stuffed a lot of the hurt and anger from abuse, abandonment and rejection. Oh yes praise God He is faithful and I am better but not where I need to be. I have tried to journal but always end up giving up. Maybe with THRIVE and the journaling as part of my devotional time it will help. That internal loneliness still plagues me.

  243. Thank you for today’s lesson. It was just what I needed to read and hear in my heart.

  244. This is a great article, reminding us that we are never alone and only He can fill those broken places where we feel the most empty. It is so easy to try to fix ourselves with worldly things, but indefinitely it is only God that can truly heal us. Thank you for reminding us of that.

  245. Barbara Tuck says:

    Journaling is something I have thought about but never pursued. This would be an absolutely wonderful prize!

  246. Sylvia O'Bryant says:

    Thank you For this devotion today. I am struggling in some of the same areas and I desire total healing. I do trust God to see me through.

  247. Shannon Barnes says:

    What a great devotion on feeling alone. It was just what i needed at 4:29am in the morning.

  248. Lisa Ridgely says:

    This was a message I really needed to hear. As I type this out I’m crying. You DO NOT know how lonely I feel. Sure I have “friends/acquaintance” and I try to do things that would be pleasing to our Lord but I still feel lost and alone. Yes there have been many times that I feel that God is not with me, He’s just someone everyone believes in because why not. I have been baptized and have accepted Him as my savior but I still feel very distant from him. Sure everyone thinks I’m a great Christian women. A women that taught Sunday School, women’s bible studies, leader of the Awanas club, on the prayer chain and doing everything in my power to please God and make everyone think I’m just doing great. It hurts but I’m Trying not to give up. I know that I need to spend more time with God one on one until I feel the Holy Spirit in me. Please pray for me to really believe that I am a child of God and that he loves me and is with me. Just FYI why I may feel this way life has been against me for so long. Abused physically, mentally and sexually as a child, gang raped, on my own since 16, abused by an ex, the loss of two of my 4 boys one at 18 months due to being born at 7 months and then another at 23. He was being a good Sameratin according to witnesses and police he was trying to break up at fight between some gang members and ended up being the one shot. Then the lose of both my grandparents and my mom two years ago due to cancer. She lived with us in home hospice and had died in my home. This is just some of the things I’ve gone through. I know I’m no different than anyone else because we ALL go through trials in our lives. I just wonder when it will all end. I do have praises though. God did give me 4 wonderful boys and a man that came into our lives and showed me what love really is. Sorry for such a long comment but I do want to say you gave me some encouragement. I would like to know how to get a copy of this book if I’m not drawn to receive one. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  249. Theresa Kearse says:

    Please send me a free copy of Thrive so that I can connect ever more deeply to God and share the connection with my daughter who is away at college. Thank you.

  250. I am there. Lonely. Disconnected. Feeling rejected. I am a mom of 3 little girls under 3 years old and although I have someone always on top of me or near me, I still feel completely torn away from joy. My marriage is in shambles as we have lost “us” and become just parents and roommates. I know what the void is. I know that only God can heal this brokenness. I just don’t know where to begin. Hoping a journal and writing down these thoughts can help push me forward and closer to the One who created me.

  251. Hi,
    So glad I read this. I currently feel so alone, I’m going through some things with my extended family and I feel very alone and misunderstood. I would love to win the bible.

  252. I love this, bc depression and anxiety is something I’ve battled off and on my entire life. I never feel more at peace then when I’m in the word connecting with him. I am guilty of turning to and relying on friends more than him.

  253. Judy Redden says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart on loneliness. I have felt that way from time to time. Sometimes it takes several days to realize that Jesus is always there but you have to talk to him to know you are not alone.

  254. Jennifer Gibbons says:

    This sounds like a much needed bible! I would love to try it out! I’ve been looking for a bible that would help me get back in the habit of daily study!

  255. Maggie Voth says:

    I would love to win the Bible – thanks!

  256. I did not expect this devotional to resonate so profoundly with me. I am in a place where I have lost my joy in serving. I am wrestling with so many emotions. As I read these words today,I was stunned with the realization that perhaps I am more connected to the people of God and service for God than I am to God himself. I would never have for even one moment considered that to be a possibility…until now. Thank you for a place of rejection. My greatest desire is to be fully connected to Christ alone.

  257. Lisa Quinn says:

    This article is beautiful and so authentic. I know that loneliness is a painful condition that is real. I feel such peace reading this and reflecting on God’s love and knowing that he is always there!

  258. Amy Greene says:

    I needed these words this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart!

  259. Brandy Holmes says:

    Thank you for this message today; I really needed this today. I often feel alone, and disconnected from God. I find it hard to feel his presence in the midst of all my trials, and even more during my lonely times. I give God praise for delivering his message to me through you Sheri.

  260. THRIVE

  261. chris ehlers says:

    Thank you for this message. My husband and I are separated and it is so difficult for me.

  262. Leaning on the everlasting arms.

  263. Brandy Waugh says:

    Thank you for the opportunity

  264. I’ve struggled for a really long time with not feeling connected with God, no matter how much I do or read my Bible… This devotional just brought me so much clarity!! Thank you Jesus!

  265. Sylvia O'Bryant says:

    A prayer of healing for Ms. Sheri has come over me…I ask in Jesus’ Name that You Father would cover her, touch her body, strengthen her and see her through as Only You can do. I thank You Lord in advance for your provisions for her. To God be the Glory!

  266. ramona fredericks says:

    thank you my sister this was a true revelation for me and i recieve Gods healing on this right now in Jesus name.

  267. Found you this morning when I am faced with health issues.

  268. God knows just what we need and I needed this today. Being in a marriage where the waters are so rocky right now and I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do. There are so many nights I cry myself to sleep and feel so alone certain that God doesn’t hear my prayers or my cries. This reminds me that He does. Thank you so much. Keeping you in my prayers also, God bless you my dear.

  269. I would love to win a copy of this women’s devotional bible.

  270. Thank you, Sheri, for this devotional. My divorce was final one week ago, after 26 years of marriage. Your message is just what I needed to read this morning. I would live to win the Thrive Bible, so that I can improve my time with the Lord. Thank you for the opportunity. God bless you, Sheri! ❤

  271. Thank you so much for sharing what you are going thru. It has made me realize I need to step up my relationship with Christ to another level. Praying that God will get you through the cancer.

  272. Jennifer Tenhoff says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart! I too know what that deep inner loneliness is and I know that you are so right, only God and connecting with Him can take that pain away. He truly is the only One we have need of.

  273. patti strain says:


  274. Debie Bruns says:

    This is talking to me directly as if you knew me. It’s exactly the way I feel. Would like a copy of Thrive please. Thanks Debie

  275. Thank you for sharing. I know the struggle of loneliness and the faithfulness of God. Working to trust Him to fill those lonely places that I have too often looked to other people to fill, only to become lonelier by alienating those that I expected too much of. Thank you again for your encouraging testimony. I will pray for your healing.

  276. Thank you for your vulnerability. I can relate to at least part of your story. I’ve been separated for over a year and have been fighting for my marriage but over the months I just keep finding out more garbage. My heart is broken and lonely and I have an underlying sadness most of the time and I’m struggling to think of being “alone” the rest of my life. I know God is enough but I still struggle with feeling like he really is enough to heal my hurts and loneliness.
    I will be praying God will heal you of cancer completely and give you strength for your journey.

  277. Dawn Lawson says:

    I’ve been divorced for a year now and I’ve been really lonely at times. But thank God He never leaves me nor forsakes me!

  278. Kim Buchanan says:

    I would love to have a Thrive Women’s Devotional Bible.

  279. In a similar situation and place of loneliness. Seeking for the knowledge that will help me know my Savior and His companionship better.

  280. I often wonder what is my place and purpose. Holy Spirit you please let me hear the answer. Open my eyes that I may see and my ears to hear. Place my feet on the path.

  281. I need encouragement. Right now I feel alone in our financial struggles. It’s been a long road and I am tired. Thank you for the reminder that I am not alone.

  282. Thank you so much for this on time word that saved me from going back to filling those empty voids of loneliness in my life with wrong things. I found the CURE today, A Richer Relationship with GOD:) Thank you:)

  283. This was the best thing Ive read that spoke to me about true loneliness. It makes so much sense now.

  284. Thank you for sharing and God bless you

  285. I was just thinking of how alone I felt right now, at 5am. This email was perfectly timed.

  286. Denise Eaton says:

    I love your devotionals because they speak to my spiritual needs in a profound manner. My 3 1/2 yr separation from my husband after a 29 yr marriage as been incredibly painful yet it brought me to know the Lord in ways I never knew were possible. He truly does use brokenness to redeem us!!

    I find the idea of a devotional Bible a wonderful idea!

  287. Connie Edwards says:

    Love this devotional, it’s good to be reminded you are never alone when you have Jesus in your life!

  288. Please say a prayer for my husband, that he would read this today and it would speak to him, that God would make himself real to him & he could begin to not feel lonely and worthless anymore. I want him to find true peace and love while he is living, not through suicide or giving up and just living for a moments fleeting “happiness”. I want him to discover lasting joy and to see that Christ & His comfort are real… Not just coincidences. Thank you!! </3

  289. “There’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for”. This Is something I say a lot, even when I take my first sip of coffee in the morning ? Lonliness lets the negative in and this is where we need to shift our thoughts big time. More of JESUS and less of me will do the trick every time.

  290. Jamie Springer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. When you have been through a divorce that blindsided you I don’t know if you ever recover. You do feel so alone because the world & friends that you knew are gone. But at the same time they are continuing life, just with out you.
    But my friend & our Lord & Savior who never ever forsaken are leaves me is always there!
    I love the questions who do you turn to when….. my answers were very clear.

    Thanks for sharing,

  291. I needed to read this. Thank you for your continued effort to speak to others in need. God bless you!

  292. I needed to read these words today. Feeling disconnected from God is lonely and I struggle with these feelings daily but I want to rest in His truth. Thank you for the reminder this morning!

  293. Rachel Frees says:

    Please consider me for this new Bible. It sounds exactly what I need to grow in my understanding and to share with my grand daughter. Thank you for any consideration for this comment and request. I hope that you are blessed richly in this endeavor. I had hoped to see more journaling bibles in print more abundantly. That is where I speak back or in response to what Jesus is or was saying to me in the word. Thank you for taking the time to create an easier way for us to spend time in the word. — Sincerely, Rachel Frees

  294. Thank you for this reminder of the need of God’s presence. When my life becomes so hectic that I put time with Him on the back burner.. I feel overwhelmed and yearning for that time. And when I return back to His ear and heart I am home again.

  295. Mary Brantley says:

    This sounds like a wonderful Bible study tool and way to grow closer with the Lord.

  296. Jesus says abide in Me and I’ll abide in you! What a glorious thought!

  297. Rachel Frees says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement today and the gentle reminder to be connected to Him vs. being connected to working for Him. How quickly this can change our whole outlook and peace inside. Thank you.

  298. Having this bible would be a great resource for this season of my life.

  299. Karen Moxley says:

    I want to be so saturated with God and His love that it spills over to everyone and everything I come in contact with. I praise God that my little girl is in remission from osteosarcoma and that I am about to become a grand-mother. I am sinful and deserve nothing. Thank You, Jesus, for my salvation.

  300. Thank you so much for this devotion. There are so many people out there that feel this way and I cant wait to share it with my friends. Then they will share it with theirs. I would love to win your devotional Bible. Thank you if you do consider me and if not I was blessed by your devotion.

  301. thank you for sharing so openly.

  302. ChristieAnne says:

    I would love to win this!

  303. I would love to have a bible and journal all in one!

  304. Would love love love a copy of this!

  305. Betty Schnable says:

    Sheri, thank you for insight of spirit-led devotion, it ministers well. I pray God ministers back to you as you go through this great trial in your health. Have you heard of the song by The McRaes “HE knows my Name”??? Listen sometime and I pray it ministers to you well. God bless you and proverbs 31 ministries.

  306. Thank you for this reminder that God is there. He is now, always has been and always will be. My prayer is that I will slow down and remember to remain in Him. I need His help to do this.
    I would be thrilled to win a copy of this journaling Bible!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  307. LaDawn Moore says:

    I’d love to be selected to receive a free women’s journaling bible.

  308. The “Thrive” concept of a journaling bible is wonderful! I’m sure that I would love the format personally. Should I be so blessed to receive a complimentary edition I would gift it to my daughter who is a peer counselor & technician at the Hope Center in Marksville, Louisiana where she herself became sober from drug addiction 2 1/2 unbroken years ago. “Thrive” would be a very special companion to her work related texts that she uses to work with sponsees as they find sobriety for themselves. I know that each of the five ladies who receive “Thrive” will be so happy!

  309. Julie Mims says:

    Would love to win this journaling bible!!

  310. Alison Merryweather-Clarke says:

    Hi, please enter me into the draw for a free copy of Thrive. (Only if you can post to the UK though!)

    And thanks to Sheri for today’s encouragement, with love, peace and prayers

  311. Would love too win went through brain surgurery and fell alone often.this would be a blessing.

  312. Paula Miller says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

  313. Such a wonderful reminder that we are never fully disconnected from God. We may turn from HIM for a time but HE is always waiting with open arms to welcome us home. thank you for sharing your story and experience!

  314. Lori Caldwell-Hopkins says:

    Journaling changed my life. A Bible that partners with that would be amazing!

  315. Jen Kennedy says:

    My bible study discusses prayer being the 7th piece of armor. I’m sensing God speaking to me. I don’t pray enough and my prayers are superficial. This was a refreshing reminder to pray.

  316. I truly enjoyed today’s devotion because in our busy lives I know there are times when each of us feels alone and disconnected! Thankfully there is a gracious and loving God that it there anytime we reach for Him!

  317. I am a social butterfly, I love to have people around. After having my daughter and my friends had kids, I felt like I was alone. Of course I have my daughter and husband but he works a lot. My friends are extremely busy especially my best friend. I feel very, very alone. I know God is there and I can put all trust in him but I long for time with my friends. This devotion came at the right time, it was what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you!

  318. Thank you for the reminder to connect to our only real source of peace, Jesus. Praying for your healing and wholeness.

  319. Heather Thompson says:

    I would love to be entered for the drawing!

  320. Thank you for sharing this, just what I needed to hear.

  321. Thank you so much for sharing! I need this very much so in my life!!

  322. Wow. I get up with God every morning. I read my devotion. I say my prayers. And yet… I feel alone. In not doing something right. I have my there children. That’s great, but my marriage is a mess. I have a job. That’s great, but I’m not sure that’s where God wants me. I’m not very happy in it. All this leaves me feeling lonely, however, you would never know it to see me. What am I doing wrong!!!

  323. This hit home. My husband and I have just moved to another state where he knows people but I know no one. He goes to work every day while I’m home searching for a job. I’ve gotten down and wondered if this was the right move to make but after reading today’s devotion all I need to do is trust in God and he will be my friend. Thank you.

  324. Jocelyn Pitts says:

    I having lost my father at the age of 3 1/2 in an automobile accident. Someone I loved so much, was taken away and I have kept that emptiness in my heart. Even though I know God is my true Father,I still fight loneliness.

  325. I would love to have a copy of the devotional Thrive. I’m sure many people have requested it! Thank you for sharing it!
    Susan Sanders

  326. Patricia Thomas says:

    Thank for for today’s encouragement! The entire Proverbs 31 Ministries is a true blessing….

  327. Thank you for sharing

  328. Kelli Sparks says:

    Your devotionals are always encouraging and to have the devotional and Bible in one place WITH an area to journal – that’s awesome!!

  329. Great message. Need to fully absorb it. Devotional bible with Journaling sounds wonderful!

  330. Doreen Braun says:

    I am very recently separated from my husban. I am very broken hearted, hurt and lonely. I am saturating myself with the Word. I believe this devotional will assist me in my journey through this valley. I need to rediscover who I am in Christ. Would love a copy of this journal.

  331. Thank you so much for these reminders of who can fill the emptiness like no one or nothing else. The qtuestions you gave us to think about gave me a gently shake to wake up and pay attention to what and who I turn to in my low moments. I’m so very thankful my Jesus will never leave me or forsake me, He is always, always with me, so I will never be completely alone!

  332. Thank you, Jesus for your daily messages from Proverbs 31. Help me live filled with you everyday. Take me and use me. Help me to live out each day with your Holy Spirit.

  333. Thank you for sharing and reminding me that God is always there.

  334. Andrea Smallwood says:

    The devotional on loneliness was so encouraging this morning. Thank you!

  335. Stephanie walton says:

    Hope I win!

  336. Amber Geggie says:

    Very helpful and perfect timing for my life right now. Thank you!

  337. Would love to win a copy as I am feeling lost in retirement. My job as a teacher was my identity and I realize now it was my “god”. Also my birthday is Sept 9 and it would be a great birthday gift. Thank you!

  338. Would love to have a copy of this journaling Bible. Thank you for sharing this devotion with us.

  339. Kay Kramer says:

    It seems in this ever more connected digital world we are more and more discconnected from each other and God’s creation. It seemed easier to connect when out kids were in elementary and middle school. Now that they are in high school and college, finding those connections for true community is more challenging.

  340. What a great gift this would make!

  341. Toni Lowery says:

    I am praying today to feel this deep personal connection to God. I do not always feel that my connection with Him is authentic. I pray that I will learn to let Him fill those spaces that are meant for only Him. I Would love the new THRIVE Bible!

  342. This devotion really spoke to me today. It was just waht I needed. Thank you. God bless

  343. This was needed today. Thank you for this message.

  344. I am so blessed by your messages and your ministry. I am going through such a hard time right now. God is really speaking to me through so many different avenues. I would love a free copy of thrive being that at this moment I am going through so much pain in my life that I could use all means to get my attention and focus to Christ.

  345. I met you several years ago at a conference in Ga and I continue to love your messages of hope and restoration. Yesterday I celebrated my 60th birthday, and today is our 41st anniversary.. I am blessed beyond measure, though Henry and I have experienced many struggles, the most recent our 33 year old daughter who has lived an addiction lifestyle for 15 years being incarcerated. We are helping to raise two beautiful grand-daughters, ages 13 and 7. God’s plan for us to bring our girls up in church and give them a foundation in Him is part of His redemption plan. We continue to have hope for our daughter, visiting her as often as possible. We have been in ministry for 20 years, and minister restoration on week-end retreats from our mountain cabin near Blue Ridge, Ga. I now write five inmates we have met through visiting our daughter. I have a retreat planned in October called HOPE (He Offers Peace Everyday) for mothers of addicted children. Please pray that my husband and I will use this experience with our daughter for God’s glory and to bless others through offering hope to those devastated by addiction resulting in so many broken families.
    I love, love, love your messages through your ministry and books. Be blessed and continue using your story to impact each of us. My word for this year is GRATITUDE. Daily I will count my blessings and walk out my journey toward home with His joy!
    Grateful to be about my Father’s business, Judy Wade Eph 3:20

  346. Deborah Shelton says:

    I would love Thrive. I will use it. I am a new widow, looking to put my life back together again.

  347. Teresa OFarrell says:

    Thanks for this message this morning. Great reminders to start my day!

  348. I want to Thrive !! In Gods light and love !!

  349. Kelli Hill says:

    Thank you for P31 Ministries. It touches this woman’s heart.

  350. Jodi Groves says:

    Would be blessed to win.

  351. Kim Schrader says:

    Love this!

  352. Thank you for your honesty. It spoke to my heart today.

  353. Christine A Guay says:

    This morning I am tired and not wanting to get up early to spend time with God before starting a busy day. This message comes at the right time!

  354. Darlene Vieira says:

    Thanks for this word so uplifting.

  355. Would be honored to win this. Thank you for sharing this message, as it has been ,my struggle as of late. Feeling alone and unappreciated then I prayed and like clockwork, the Father sent his message of love yesterday and again today! We are truly never alone unless we choose to be. Seek him first and do not be afraid because HE is always with us

  356. This devotion was God-sent to me!!!! It came at the right time as I am encountering a number of battles. I just prayed a prayer a few months ago, asking God to show me that He was still there and to give me direction. And, I can truly say that the devotional today was my answer. He has never left me….He is there!!!!! In the mist of the storms, God calms the winds and grants safe passage. We have to be still and know that He is with us. The enemy will try
    to trick our minds and have us to think that God’s presence is not here for us, but today’s devotional reassures us that God’s Holy Spirit is there!!! Praise the Lord!

  357. I often feel lonely at times but I know it’s because I’m not connected to God during that time. Thank you for sharing. I needed this.

  358. Barbara Vidock says:

    I would love a journaling bible…thank you for the opportunity.

  359. Catherine Hutchinson says:

    Thank you, Proverbs 31 Ministries! I have been so richly blessed by you. I look forward to your daily devotions that are helping grow into the woman God created me to be.

  360. Tiffany Manley says:

    This sounds like an awesome devotional book! I love having space in margins to write my own thoughts!

  361. Thank you for these words! I continue to focus on abiding – it is continual and God is always there! How marvelous His love for us is! CC

  362. Nancy M in NJ says:

    Your questions are humbling, thank you. And thank you for the chance to win a copy of THRIVE.

  363. I would love to win the devotional bible. I have been going through the hardest season of my life and my current bible has notes everywhere. Some pages do no have even have any space left on them.

  364. I would love to win a copy of Thrive, I love journaling.

  365. Jo Ann Rowles says:


  366. Love this reading. Am feeling a little lonely right now so need to ponder those questions.
    Thanks for all your work and God bless you.

  367. I’ve been praying a lot lately that God would help me to not just survive, but thrive in my new life overseas. And I’m learning that loneliness can draw me closer to Christ. Thanks for the reminder.

  368. Becky Hill says:

    Dear Sheri,
    In 1999, I went through hell, as did my family, as I found myself in a desolate place…depression. It was a time of darkness and void. Looking back, I wouldn’t wish what we travelled through to anyone else; but as my husband says, it was out wakeup call to what is really important. Many miracles happened along the road back…and when I thought God had given up on me, I was shown time after time, He not only loved me but was telling me HOW MUCH He loved me! The assurance has never left us. Thank you for your post today! I believe I would enjoy the THRIVE Bible so maybe you can toss my name into the hat! God bless and have a joy filled day!
    Becky 🙂

  369. Tiffany Sayles says:

    Praise God I was created to Thrive not merely survive. So as I labor to enter His rest and stay in the place of ok I want to thrive in Him.

  370. Christina Cook says:

    I’ve been looking for a devotional Bible and this sounds like the one! I absolutely LOVE reading these daily inspirations by my email! They are so helpful in my stressed life!

  371. Lori Partin says:

    I would love to have this journaling Bible so I can share scripture with someone I love.

  372. I have found over the years that I, too, find a deeper closeness with God when tragedy happens. And usually things have happened to those dearest to my heart: my husband and children. But I have also found that the closeness and connection I experience with God during these times are the way I want to feel always. I desire a deep relationship with God, and if through adversity I am closer, then so be it! I just know that I never want to lose my relationship with my Heavenly Father! I need Him and depend on Him to do the things only He can do! He is truly my Rock! Thank you for this devotion! I related to your words and circumstances! Bless you, in Jesus’ Name!

  373. linda johnson says:

    Would love bible

  374. Elizabeth mcnamee says:

    I went to sleep praying for God to heal my loneliness and woke up to this. Thank you.

  375. Needing to draw closer to God and start this year off grounded in His word.

  376. This post is so true. Loneliness can be a real struggle. But God will never leave us.

  377. Gretchen Jones says:

    Loved this devotional! Praying for you for complete healing and peace!

  378. Emily Whitlock says:

    I think that a devotional bible is such a good idea.

  379. Rachel Holmes says:

    What a wonderful gift!!

  380. Debbie Brown says:

    Feeling alone and disconnected that’s me. Thank you for this devotional!

  381. Leigh Graham says:

    Thank you for your timely message. I would love to receive a copy of the Thrive Bible.

  382. A chance to win a new book!!!

  383. I’m struggling right now with feeling very disconnected and alone. I am going to prayerfully consider your questions. Thank you for this post. God bless.

  384. I really enjoyed this devotion on conquering loneliness through an improved, authentic connection with Jesus! Thank you for your transparency.


  385. Michelle F says:

    Thank you for sharing from a deep place in your heart. It will help so many as it has me.

  386. Just was let go of my job and feeling very alone and down. God is here just need to seek him.

  387. Michelle Lamoreau says:

    Thank you for your honesty and willingness to share what the Lord has done through you! God really works through our pain and trials! This thought struck me today:” I connected more to doing the works of God and to God’s people than I did to God Himself.”
    I think I am guilty of this, but I am not sure if it is loneliness I feel or confusion on who God truly is?!?
    I appreciate the questions and I hope to meditate more on them.
    Blessings ?

  388. This was such a critical read for me this morning. I’ve been in such a state of loneliness and fuming over constant rejection. It seems like I overcome one battle only to be still caring for the wounds from the previous. I had made the decision to cut everyone out of my life including God because I just couldn’t deal with another heartbreak. I needed time to heal. Time to breathe. I woke up this morning worried and afraid of the choices I had made impulsively wondering how many of those friends I had asked to leave me alone for awhile would actually be waiting once I had come to my senses. I felt that pit in my stomach reminding me of just how tired, exhausted and sick over my current circumstances and unsure of where to run to next. I unplugged completely from social media but consistently checked my email for anything that could give me some sort of comfort or HOPE……While scrolling threw my morning emails, I ran across the title of the message for today and KNEW that God was going to reveal some big truth and comfort. Once again, God is faithful and loves me with an unending love. Sometimes just what we need in life is for someone to remind us that the truth hurts and we are not always going to get what we want. We have to check our heart motive in every aspect of our lives or we leave room for rejection and fear to distort our minds. I get to choose whether or not I am going to allow Satan to isolate me and remind me of my failures or I get to choose Mercy, Grace and a life of FREEDOM and Relationship with the man that created me so beautifuly in HIS image. I AM NOT ALONE!!

  389. Susan Mitchell says:

    With my husband traveling each week with a new job, I want Jesus to fill that loneliness with His living Spirit. Would love this new Bible to help me connect.

  390. What a beautiful gift.

  391. This would be a blessing as I am at a crossroads in my life and am not sure where this next stage will take me. Thanks for offering this chance.

  392. I just had my second child a week ago and my mom just left to go back to her home many hours away. I’ve been crying for hours wondering how I’m going to take care of my children alone (my husband goes back to work soon). But this served as a reminder that I’m never alone and that I need to reconnect to Him. I know I’ll be okay in the end.

  393. I would love to have this bible to keep my notes during my prayer time. I’ve recently created my “war room” and I write out prayers & scripture. This would be a wonderful addition to my war room. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this bible.

  394. Nancy Evans says:

    I love how The Holy Spirit uses P31 devotionals and gifted contributors to give just the right Word at the right time. God is Good! God is Alive, I hope I win a copy of Thrive!?

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  396. I have never figured out how to journal. This bibles kinds like it will teach me how! I would lov thirsty help me in my relationship with God.

  397. How true it is that to conquer loneliness, we must spend time alone with God. It is God’s way of calling us back to Him. The longing we feel in our hearts has always been there, and was put there by God Himself. We’ve tried to fill the holes with earthly quests, only to be disappointed. God is always here with us, and never disappoints! Fill your heart and thoughts with God, and never feel alone again! May God’s presence fill your awareness today and always. Amen!

  398. Thank you for your words of hope and encouragement. What a great reminder to call out to God to fill me as I struggle with my rocky marriage. I have been praying for Him to heal both of us and to show us His will for our future.

  399. Christine Lee says:

    I am quilty of not always going to God first, especially for wisdom and amswers.
    Thanks for those hard questions this morning to look at myself closer and to seek Him for answers and quidance.

  400. Stephanie Hegeman says:

    Thank you for the reminder and assurance.

  401. Christina Elmore says:

    Thank you for your words this morning. They are just what I needed to hear.

  402. I am new to journaling and struggle to do it on a regular basis. I love the idea of combining a devotional Bible and journal in one and would love the opportunity to win one.

  403. Marcia Reed says:

    As I read through some of the comments, it breaks my heart. So many people hurting and it’s difficult to understand why. I know God uses difficult times to strengthen us but I still ask why. I have made some bad choices in my life that have left me in a dark place I can’t seem to escape. It seems God doesn’t care because I chose this place. More than once. Why should He care?

    • Satan uses our emotions to tell us God doesn’t care. God used the cross to show us He does. Anytime you feel tempted to think God has forsaken you, think of the cross, and ask God for a special touch that can only come from Him. God isn’t hiding His love from us, but often, our emotions get in the way. He loves you no matter your past.

  404. How timely this is as I was just diagnosed with cancer yesterday. I feel like I have an army behind me to get my through. But I still long for a deeper relationship with Christ and pray that He reveals to me how to use this to glorify Him. ❤️

  405. I too struggle with an inner loneliness, especially now that I am in a new city without my friends. Letter writing to them and journaling to myself has helped sort through a lot of the emotions. It keeps me connected while I continue my search for a church and wait to be connected in that way again.

  406. Annie Barnatt says:

    I would love to win this !

  407. Throughout the years, I have come to realize that my times of feeling alone are God’s blessing. When I feel alone, in a time where people fail me, or can’t fill me, that I turn to God more quickly. The pain is definitely difficult, however, and sometimes I honestly tell God I’m tired of it. I pray that I’ll always immediately turn to God before succumbing to my emotions. This is the hardest thing for me.

  408. I’d love to have a copy of this Bible.

  409. I would love to have a journaling bible it’s great way to see yourself being transformed through the word of God.?

  410. Paula Faulknor says:

    Those were some really good and hard questions to answer. I had to think about a couple of them.

  411. This bible sounds like an amazing way to help me stay focused and connected.??

  412. I could really use some guidance and help focusing to better connect with God. I long for that relationship.

  413. thankyou, encouraged xx

  414. Thank yiu for this en rung, lifting and life changing devational. Only God knows the inner loneliness I battle. I am a born again chrstian for 14 years and how difficult it is to stay in connection with God when temptations are all around. Tempataaions that bring a moment of satisfaction or fulfillment but leaving you with a complete emptiness. Fighting with the truth and Avoiding the only person that can keep us grounded and full….Jesus Christ. A aiding to read the word because I am afraid of not understanding what I read. But today I surrounded all my fears to God, pick up a bible in faith that I will understand what I a reading. I will believe the Holy Spirit will reveal whatgid is telling me and I will not down to encourage others . Thank yiu again for this lesson.

  415. Wendy Linney says:

    My current bible has writing all over the place! Lol. I’d love to have one with space for journaling.

  416. I’m glad I didn’t scroll past this devotional this morning…I needed this message. I’m in a very lonely season right now but it is this season that I feel God drawing me closer to him. All is well.

  417. Susan Newton says:

    I am so thankful for Proverbs 31. I love the devotions. They always seem to be for me that day. Thank you for blessing me with them.

  418. Thank you. I really needed this

  419. Lynn Fowlston says:

    As I read this morning’s devotional I thought to myself , “I could have wrote that”. I can understand the inner lonliness.. The Journaling/Devotion Bible is a great idea. Thank you for making it for women.

  420. I’m going through a divorce and growing in my faith- and looking to God for peace and healing- I’d love a new bible to help me continue in my journey!

  421. Shelia Davenport says:

    I am a new reader of the Proverbs 31 devotions.

  422. Regina Brooks says:

    I love writing in my bible, thank you God for all the blessings you have given.

  423. Thank you for this devotion!!

  424. I am struggling to have a relationship with Jesus. I’m willing to read anything that will help.

  425. I’m new to P31 and am truly greatful that I found it! It’s nice to know there are other women out there who encounter similar real life situations and circumstances that are sometimes unique to women and how God is showing us how to work through things with Him. PS. This giveaway sounds fabulous ?

  426. Christianne McCall says:

    I struggle with loneliness too. I’m still trying to figure out how to connect with God in my own best way. I wish it were easy but I know that’s not the case. Thank you for today’s devotional.

  427. Glenda Campbell says:

    Thank you for your devotionals.

  428. Thank you for the opportunity to win this. Love this site. Always so inspirational!

  429. I have moved back home to take care of my elderly Mom. I am doing it all on my own. My family and friends are not here with me. I feel lonely and over whelmed. I feel helpless trying to take care of her.she is not easy to get along with. But she puts up with me because she has no choice. She doesn’t want to go to a nursing home.

  430. I struggle with journaling. I love the idea of having space for journaling in my bible.

  431. Thank you for your heartfelt words. I too, have struggled with inner loneliness for many years. God knows who to put in our paths at just the right time!

  432. Lori Powell says:

    I would like to have a copy of the journaling bible. It brings the two things I love together into one place.

  433. Jody Bennett says:

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  434. Stephanie B. says:

    It’s so hard to feel God and His peace in this world sometimes.
    There are so many things to be anxious about. I would love this journaling Bible to help me in my journey. .

  435. Wow. That was a powerful devotion and a wonderful reminder that we truly are never alone! Your devotion reminded me of a song, “Thy Will” by Hillary Scott. It’s so special to feel His loving arms around you and to know that He is always there. May He continue to be with you & touch, and heal.

  436. Shelly Hood says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart. I also have had the same feelings for most of my life. It’s easy to be happy on the outside, but finding that happiness and joy inside, for me personally, can only come from God.

  437. I NEED this Bible. I am going through a tough spot right now and it is affecting my family too. I want to feel loved and wanted more than ever- I am a Christian, but need a stronger connection with Jesus

  438. Thank you for this post.

  439. lynda holseberg says:

    Absolutely!… Only God can fill places in our hearts and souls. Thank you for this devotion. I would love to win a copy of the journaling Bible.

  440. This devotion was helpful in reminding me to go to God first, through prayer and reading His word. This Bible sounds like it would be wonderful.

  441. This ministry has touched my life in a special way. I would love to have one of the new bibles to encourage my journaling.

  442. It’s so hard to feel God and His peace in this world sometimes. There are so many distractions and everyday things to stress about. I would love this journaling Bible to help me refocus on His word!!

  443. Thank you for your beautiful devotion. There have been times in my life when I have felt disconnected to people and to God. It’s a terrible loneliness but once I went to my quiet place and communed with my Maker the loneliness went away and was replaced with joy and peace.
    I will pray for you as you go through your cancer battle. Victory in Jesus is yours!

  444. Tremendously Enlightening. What a much needed blessing having one would be. Thank you for this awesome opportunity! May you be blessed for your thoughtfulness and kindness!

  445. Donna Henry says:

    So this is a season that feels Sooo out of control and lonely as I care for my mom who lives with us and has dementia, I need to rely on God alone, but being out of church and away from friends doesn’t help. I pray I would be able to find my peace always in my Lord and His words of love and comfort.

  446. My health is deteriorating and my depression is worsening. I am in one of the darkest days of my life. Crying out isn’t working. What do I do now? Why do others find a way to claim victory but I cannot? How do I feel God’s love when I can’t find Him?

  447. Courtney O'Donnell says:

    God is the only one who can satisfy us fully in true relationship and fill the void shaped for Him! Great words, very wise.

  448. I open my heart to you Jesus, and fully surrender myself to your love, grace and power.

  449. Candy McAnelly says:

    Thank you for this teaching. Thank you for sharing. These words are truth nothing matters outside of our relationship with the one true God. Thanking Jesus that He is always with me. I may feel lonely but I am never alone. He is all I need and He is enough. I love my family. They love me but no one is like God. I appreciate this teaching.

  450. Thanks for the devotional. I would love the journal bible.

  451. Thank you for this beautiful devotion. Need to learn to reach first for the LOrd in all things.

  452. Colleen willson says:

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  453. Kelly Rawlins says:

    God is good and this devotional could not be more timely.

  454. I would love to receive this devotional bible. I was blessed to give my bible to a homeless person this summer. I’ve been using my very first bible, a VERY battered one since. Blessings to this ministry and may God bless this gal and all the wonderful women who openly share their hearts, stories and Gods word to enrich the lives of others.

  455. Wow thank you for sharing in a place lately where I feel terribly alone. So grateful to have read this devotion today to know there are others that struggle the same way.

  456. Oh to THRIVE! In his word, relationships, and as a person. So many people feel they must go through struggles alone. How awesome to be able to study Gods word and journal in one place. Can’t wait to get my copy!

  457. Thank you for this devotional! It is just what I needed during this time in my life!

  458. I am currently going through a breakup where I lost my identity. Everything I had was invested into this person I was going to spend the rest of my life with, and then one day he told me he didn’t love me anymore. I felt broken, used, and mostly hurt. I still struggle to feel okay with the loneliness and am slowly starting to feel okay with being single but I have breakdowns quite often. I need to seek out God more in my life

  459. I would love to win this devotion Bible. I’ve been struggling in my faith and this devotion bible would be perfect with the room to journal about what is being taught to us thru the Bible.

  460. Kelly Brandt says:

    This devotion couldn’t be more timely. I feel exactly as the devotion described – lonely and completely disconnected. This is the first day I have had a devotion in longer than I care to admit. I miss my relationship with God and want nothing more than to reconnect with Him.

  461. Catherine Prichard says:

    A womens devotional bible is life changing. God Bless this ministry

  462. Gaye Sewell says:

    I would love to win this new Bible!

  463. I am 60 years old and have always struggled with loneliness. I also struggle with depression. I appreciate your words. Each day I am blessed by these devotions. It as if they were written j

  464. I was just telling my husband I wanted a journaling Bible! The Thrive Bible would be perfect!!

  465. This is some truth my heart surely needed this morning. So thankful Christ is my Interrupter, and my own plans fumble in favor of HIS. 🙂

  466. Thank you for this devotion. I so needed to read this. I’ve been struggling with loneliness for far too long I feel dead sometimes. But I’m still praying daily and getting closer to God.

  467. I can definitely relate to this topic. We moved 10 years ago to be closer to family, but we have been unable to get connected with people/friends like we had before. I feel distant from God also.

  468. Wow. What a beautiful post… When we accept Jesus we’re never truly alone unless we choose to be by not “plugging in” to Him. Thank you for the great reminder!

  469. I would cherish the opportunity to own this Bible!

  470. Wow! God knew what I needed to read this morning! Thank you for being faithful to Him! Feeling so lonely and alone, as a stay-at-home/work-full-time-from home mom and wife. A reminder that I need to MAKE time to spend with God in order to fill me up, so that I can have the strength and energy to love those around me.

  471. Shawnta harman says:

    I would love to win the women’s journal bible…I think it would really help me!!

  472. Rasheida Washington says:

    Oh how I would love to spend time with God through this bible. Writing things down helps me to remember them and I need to do this more often.

    Praying for your healing from cancer.

  473. Carolyn Gloster says:

    As an introvert – yet a high school teacher – it’s often hard to express these feelings to others without them thinking you’ve lost your mind. I would love this Bible for one of our teenagers as I just know it would be a blessing to her as she struggles with the same thing, including the loss of her mother at a very young age and has become the care giver for her ill grandmother. Lots of pressure on a young girl and she needs His strength to “do it all”. Thank you for sharing your story with us so honestly!

  474. Lakesha Pickering says:

    I’m a teacher, and I’ve spent so much time and energy on working. I’ve neglected my relationship with the Lord, and I feel so disconnected. This message was right on time!

  475. Such a great devo with truly deep questions. I’m looking forward to digging Deeper into them.

  476. I would love to have this Bible! Thank you.

  477. Love this devotional!! I so needed this today as I step out another day in our wonderful public school… What a mission field!!

  478. Oh my, this devotion spoke straight to my heart today. I would love to have the Thrive Bible. I love journaling while I read scripture.

  479. Bianca McHugh says:

    A place to record my thoughts during Devo’s would be awesome.

  480. Sounds like an applicable devotional/journal for many of us!

  481. Donna Maine says:

    I have 2 granddaughters who live far away from me. I pray for them and talk to them by cell phone. One had called me last night asking for scripture to help her thru some tough times, lonely times. She told me she had no bible. I have been texting her scriptures but would love to send her this bible?

  482. Thank you for the wonderful post. I’m going through some difficult times; being anxious about my children’s future. Praying for God’s spirit to fill my heart and calm my fears. Please pray for our family.

  483. This sounds like something I could definitely use or also give to a friend! Thanks for this word. The enemy definitely wants us to feel alone and disconnected. I am trying to remain in Him, but it is hard when struggling in so many ways right now…Thank-you for your honesty and being real. God bless!

  484. Angie Wells says:

    Sounds like an awesome devotional Bible!

  485. Longing to connect.

  486. This devotional would be a great help for what I am struggling with in my life now.

  487. Aimee Fair says:

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  488. How exciting this book will be!

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    This was the exact sentiment I needed to read today as I take my youngest to her first day of school. I would love a copy of Thrive. It’s the perfect thing to use for my quiet time.

  491. Debbie Chandler says:

    Words of encouragement…needed so much & in a timely manner from above! HE knows our every need!

  492. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2014. I have been struggling with loneliness since that time. This devotional really spoke to my heart today. Thank you so much for sharing it. Blessings, Bonnie Annis

  493. Melissa Faulkner says:

    This would be a great Bible for me right now. I find myself needing to be in Gods word to hear His truth as I struggle through daily life and wondering His purpose

  494. Struggles are what have brought me closer to God! But sometimes I do forget to go to him first! Thanks for the reminder.

  495. Genia Wayne says:

    Thanks for this devotion…it hits home with me. Surrounded by people…but feeling alone. Lord, you know me better than I know myself. Please bring peace to my life.

  496. Sheri,
    My heart is with you – praying for your battle with cancer. I’ve just finished the surgeries and treatments and know the struggle. Your insight into loneliness is so real — as both my husband and I deal with health issues that take us out of the mainstream oftentimes.
    God bless you with HIS presence in such a rich and overwhelming way! All that you’re needing may he supply in full measure. Pressed down and running over

  497. Rhonda Johnson says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to receive a free copy of this Bible. Having found myself in a situation a couple of years ago that seemed hopeless, I re-united with My God and through daily sacrificing myself – He has brought me back to Him. I need God daily – the greatest joy of my day is spending time in His Word I would love a copy of this Bible.

  498. Hi Sheri.

    This devotional lead me to do some self examining. How often have I found myself also connected to doing the works of God and to His people than to God Himself. I would love to win The Thrive Journaling Bible so I can connect in a deeper way to Christ. When I take the time to journal, it helps me to engage the Word in an unrushed and unhurried way enabling me to gain more during my study time.

  499. What great encouragement for today!

  500. Grateful for this devotion!

  501. Angela Raphael says:

    I would enjoy a copy of this journaling Bible.

  502. Your message today was beautiful and touched my heart. I think most of us relate to this. My prayers are with you for your journey with cancer. And I don’t know where you are in this journey, but you may want to do some research on medicinal mushrooms to help. They are one of God’s medicines.

  503. This devotion is so perfect for me now. I love the questions we must ask ourselves honestly when feeling disconnected. Every morning I have my quiet time before the world bombards me with its demands….. I cherish it. These devotions are helping me grow closer to God and have the relationship I so desperately seek…. I only wish I could keep this feeling all day. It seems as soon as I go to work ( elementary school) my mind is overtaken with chatter and demands. I’m curious as to how others of you stay connected to his presence throughout the day???? A certain scripture? Or reflecting on these questions in the devotion?

  504. Every morning I long to have my quiet devotional time. I get up early just to have it, before anyone else is up. It makes such a difference in my day and my attitude. I used to think journaling was a waste of time. Now, I long for it. I can’t seem to write enough as I put my thoughts down on paper and/or write key verses or insights from authors/speakers. Winning a copy of the Thrive journal would be an asset to me.

  505. I love the idea of a journaling bible designed specifically for women!

  506. Thank you Sheri Rose for your brutal honesty. I pray Gods healing. ?

  507. I have been struggling – really needed these words of encouragement!

  508. Susan Soderstrom says:

    Thank you for the beautiful devotion.

  509. Tracy Potts says:

    Alone is a place I know well. Thank you for the words I needed to hear. I tend to look for connections in people and Earthly, albeit Godly, relationships. I try to serve in too many areas of my church…trying to fill the loneliness. Through several circumstances, I’ve lost one of my volunteer roles and as a result my familiar community. I know God is scaling back what I “do” to make more room for HIM. I needed these words today to remind me…HE is my community and HE will not leave me alone.

  510. Margaret Gilmer says:

    What a blessing your devotional was to me. When I had cancer 6 years ago it was THE BEST time of my life, because I was drawn closer to God than ever before. I’m so sorry you felt lonely, but I’m glad you found the Lords peace and comfort. God bless you and your ministry.

  511. Michelle king says:

    Reading your devotionals are the one thing I do for myself in what is a rushed and hectic life. You guys keep doing what you do, your making an impact.

  512. I’ve been looking for a new Bible as mine has fallen apart. I would love one made for women with space to journal!

  513. Denise Lusk says:

    I’m in the season of life that I can look back and see where I should have spent more time with the Lord daily. Im trying to do better and this would be an excellent way to do that! Thanks and God bless this ministry!

  514. I have just started reading about journaling bibles & this one looks like exactly what I would love to have to get started on my own journaling.

  515. Julie Henegar says:

    I would love to have a copy of this Bible for women. I think it would be beneficial to be able to journal in the Bible you use every day. Thank you for this opportunity.

  516. Would love a journaling Bible to strengthen my walk with the Lord.

  517. I do not always run to Jesus first–and I need time with him more than my next breathe! The Thrive Bible is beautiful; I would love to win a copy. Thanks!

  518. Bernie Porter says:

    Thank you for today’s message. I was convicted that when I feel disconnected from Him, it’s because I’ve allowed people or things to invade my time with Him. But when I turn back, He’s right there. Boy, am I grateful for His faithfulness!

  519. Jenn Albright says:

    I truly needed that devotional! I have spent the last year and a half feeling that way since my husbands affair with a best girlfriend of mine. Thank you!

  520. I am in the middle of a “lonely” season in my life. Even being around people doesn’t change the lonely feeling I have. I have so much going on in my life right now and I have pushed away from God. I know that the disconnection from Him is what has me feeling so lonely but I am having to fight through guilt and the feeling of being unworthy to rekindle my relationship. It is terrible feeling this way but I know I just have to get back on track and in His word. Thanks for this devotion today….it was just what I needed.

  521. I would love to gift this bible to my mother in law who was recently diagnosed with ALS. She loves to journal and she would love to do it while she still can.

  522. Thank you. I also struggle with inner lonliness. Ive had that inner peace and connection to God you wrote of, but somewhere along the way went off on my own in search of who knows what. I am so looking forward to being reconnected to my true soulmate, best friend, confidant, mentor and creator.

  523. I needed this devotion today. My husband left our daughter and I, and I am struggling with being alone.
    I say I have been relying on God but asking myself those questions, I realized I haven’t. Thank you Lord for speaking to me today through this message! Amazing!!

  524. Jenny Roman says:

    I want to strengthen my relationship with the Lord and know this bible would be a beautiful way to do that!

  525. Thank you for your daily devotions. They are such an encouragement and blessing to me every day. Would love to win this Bible. Would love one for women that I can journal in.

  526. Carolyn Matulich says:

    I would love to win a copy of Thrive! I desperately need to get in the word more these days and journaling is a great way for me to write out my thoughts and prayers!

  527. Angie Taylor says:

    Thanks for this message and encouragement this morning!

  528. Thank you for helping me to be closer to God each morning. When I don’t know what to pray or sometimes even what to feel, I am fed through your ministry.

  529. Bernie Porter says:

    I would love to receive a copy of the Thrive Bible.

  530. Thank you for this. Loneliness used to be my self-inflicted cage. Thanks to God for helping me break free from myself.

  531. Lori Spears says:

    Thrive sounds like just what I need!

  532. I would love to have this type of Bible to study. I have fought loneliness in the mornings for many years. It starts even before I get out of bed and is with me even when there is someone home with me. It is hard for me to get out of bed and I always ask Gid to come to me an help me with this loneliness.

  533. My heart aches for so many that posted here. I am not lonely but I’ve been there many times. I pray that we all turn to the One that can truly give us peace.

  534. I would love to have a journaling Bible. I often try to to write in the margins and there is never enough room.

  535. I KNOW God is there for me, but I keep looking to people first. I have been divorced twice, faced the death of a child, been financially destitute, and more…and He’s ALWAYS been there for me! People have come and gone, sometimes they left when I needed them most. And yet, I keep looking to people. Now I am finding myself very “alone”, in the middle of a job transition, and no financial back up to get me through it. Last night I found myself nearing a panic attack because fear had taken over. Instead of turning to Him and the Word, I was trying to find a “friend” to talk me through it. My very best friend, my perfect friend, was right there, waiting with open arms, and I turned away looking to imperfect humans instead. Oh how that must grieve Him.

    Father, please forgive me. Help me to feel Your presence and turn to You before any human. You are truly the only Friend I need, and the one who can guide me through this wilderness. Thank you for the human friends I have that are your hands and feet when needed, but help me to remember that YOU are my BEST Friend, my Provider, my Shield, my Abba (Daddy), my EVERYTHING! I need to start with YOU! In Jesus name I pray…AMEN!

  536. Lori Griggs says:

    This book we be perfect fit for my marriage and daily struggles! Thank you! ?

  537. Me please!

  538. Stacey Smith says:

    The Proverbs 31 ministry always speaks to heart, the devotions seem to be just what I needed to read that day. Connecting with other women with one thing in common and that’s our Lord Jesus Christ. I appreciate and I am so thankful for all the writers and most importantly The Proverbs 31 woman.

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    I have been seeking a way to daily journaling while reading Gods word. Thrive looks to be what I’ve been waiting for.

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  542. Thrive with the Lord!

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  546. Would love this Bible to use as I seek God in my life!

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    Thank you for the message today. I would love to receive Thrive and journal my way through the Bible.
    I am going through chemo now and learning so much about my relationship with God and the peace that only he can give.

  548. Sindy Pollard says:

    As I sit in this mornings early darkness reading this, I am reminded there is light in Jesus.I have been a Christian for many many years. I am now in a season of life I never thought I would see but as my marriage is over and my children are leaving my life because they have chosen other things, this devitional helped me remember I really am not alone. I pray I can always remember to cling to the vine.

  549. Hi Sheri, thank you for such an encouraging devotional and for being willing to share your heart with us. The devotional Bible sounds so good. I’m so glad that our amazing God knows exactly how to take the pain and troubles of our lives and bring something beautiful out of it all. May God bless you real good today.

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    I’m excited to hear about this journaling Bible! It provides room to personalize my interactions with Scripture.

  551. Ninette Farrar says:

    I really feel better after reading this devotional daily. I often share the messages with others including my husband, children, and co workers. Thank you, there are times that when I am struggling with an issue God uses this site to help me connect with him and fortify my faith.

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    I would love a copy. Thanks

  553. Thrive is the answer to reading and immediately putting the thoughts into words that help connect Bible verses with life. Thanks for this wonderful gift to help me during this time of stress in my life.

  554. Rosa Ramos says:

    I been married 3 times and after my last divorce i was 50 and developed breast cancer. I did encouraged myself as a believer that i was going thru but it was not for me but for someone else. Today in 56,I’m healed but lonely. This site was referred to me by a coworker. I love it. It’s real. Real woman talk. Thank You for the Love that comes from your heart as you walk with God. Bless you.

  555. Jeanette Gray says:

    Thank you for always bringing insight from the Word applicable to what I need

  556. Michelle Foster says:

    This so spoke to me today, I am in a season of often feeling lonely. I would love this Bible!

  557. I look forward to starting my mornings with these encouragements, as they guide me to focus on GOD. Please know that you are doing a good work.

    Love in CHIRST,

    Debra Maynard

  558. Thank you!

  559. Mary Lea free says:

    Thrive. How we all long to thrive. As a wife, mother, daughter, employee…. First and foremost, I am His. His. Resting in the pure presence of who He is.

  560. My daughter is so alone and struggling right now and I those this would help her. Not mom’s words but our creators words to comfort and encourage her out of a depression.

  561. Liz Potter says:

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  562. Loneliness is a hard place and I have been there many times. Thank you for this word today!

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  567. That Bible sounds awesome! And Sept. 12th is my birthday!

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  569. Thank you for the reminder to stay connected to the one true vine . I’d love a copy , have been waiting for someone to invent a bible with big margins !!

  570. I remember crying out to the Lord in my loneliness as a young and immature Christian. I remember coming to understand that even a godly marriage was not a cure for loneliness. It’s good to hear that I am not alone in my experiences.

  571. Nanette Fontenot says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this journaling Bible!

  572. I discovered a long time ago that when your feeling lonley that’s God calling you back to Him.

  573. sheri feight says:

    I am deepening my walk with Him.

  574. I would love a chance to journal and learn from my thoughts in the word

  575. Well your questions at the end hit home for me? I love Jesus and feel I have a real relationship but don’t feel I hear from Him always!?!?! That does feel lonely. I pray and have quiet time but after a while feel lonely after waiting. It’s not always like this. I feel His urging but want to talk to My Father always. Any thoughts

  576. Devotion has helped me…right on time just what i needed.

  577. Linda Rawley says:

    I thank God for this message today. I have those feelings of loneliness also and I know only God can feel them. Thank you for the Questions to ask yourself. They are a helpful start. I pray for your healing and wholeness in your body in Jesus name.

  578. I am so intrigued by this Bible! I classically start excited and then stop confused as I read the Bible. Journaling alongside, right in the Bible sounds fun and also very helpful!!

  579. Janetta Dobler says:

    This post really touched my heart. I have been feeling lost, lonely, insignificant, unappreciated. I was so worried that I wasn’t walking in the Will of God that I was neglecting the Presence of God. I pray for my eyes and my ears to be open to Him, but perhaps I have been withholding what He wants most – my heart. I praise the Lord and know that He is at work in my life, but many times, I just don’t “feel” close to Him. Of course, these are the times when the enemy loves to step in and tell me how artificial my life is. It’s led to depression, despair, hopelessness, regret, and doubt…. all things that are not of our Lord. I love the concept of a journaling Bible, where I can place bold reminders of God’s love, mercy, grace, goodness, and faithfulness. Thank you for your candid post. God Bless You.

  580. A very honest devotional that I could relate to. Thank you.

  581. Lori Gutierrez says:

    Would love the Thrive devo Bible!! 🙂

  582. I have been on the verge of journaling for years now and am looking for something to push me to the next step. The journaling Bible sounds wonderful.

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  584. Thank you for today’s message…. This was me and still is me. I know what I need now.

  585. Thank you for sharing from your heart. I relate to your statement of feeling lonely your whole life. I feel exactly the same. I have invited Christ into my heart almost 40 years ago but I often question my security in Him and if I am truly saved. The questions you ask are provoking and I plan to spend time searching my heart to answer these and hopefully find peace and assurance as I re- read this devotional you have written. Thanks again for sharing and may the Lord heal you

  586. Lauren Burnette says:

    I would love to have this Bible! I run out of room in mine to write notes and comments. I never wanted a journaling Bible because I felt it would more about me than God and His word. But I journal and take notes in mine anyway. It’s not about pretty. It’s about the Lord.

  587. Shelley Reeves says:

    I would love this Bible. To be able to thrive in the presence of God!!! What an honor!!!

  588. I have been hunting a study Bible. This sounds like just what I need.

  589. My new favorite word this year has been RELENTLESS because that is how I see God’s love and desire that I know Him. With a disabled husband not able to work, I sometimes feel that loneliness. This past year God has blessed me by challenging me in leading a women’s mid-week bible study group at our church which has grown and THRIVEd right on thru the summer! He continually calls me not just to read great words written by others but to go directly to His Word and meditate on it for insight. This new journaling bible looks like a great way to do that- would love to win one! God bless.

  590. It’s so easy to forget to turn to God for my needs and turn to other people or things instead. This is something I’m working on.

  591. This is the third time today I have heard this verse. I think its time I study it closely.

  592. God Bless you my sweet sister Sheri !!!

  593. Beth Frill says:

    I’ve never had a Devo or journaling bible, I would love it.

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  595. Thank you for sharing this. Beautifully written.

  596. Christel Brewer says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing. This speaks so loudly to my heart and where I am right now. I have experienced God’s presence–real and faithful–in my life where I am right now in my pain and I continue to run to Him daily, if not hourly. Thank you for sharing the difficulties He’s met you in. I’m so glad we do not live this life alone, otherwise we would not have any hope to cling to.

  597. Linda Clough says:

    Loneliness can take your mind to places you don’t want to go to. For myself, my life would have been over a long time ago if it had not been for my faith in Jesus. When I read you are fighting cancer, I stopped & prayed for healing & strength for you. We must always remember that we are “Under God’s Wings”.

  598. Shannon Harsh says:

    I am thankful for this today and all of you who listen to His Spirit and write it out for us. I have been in a season of loneliness after moving to a new place. I see I need more of God for sure

  599. Margaret Bueckert says:

    I would love to receive a Christ for as long as I can remember, but that does not keep me from feeling anxious and lonely inside. I truly feel a deep need and desire to have a closer walk with God, but life gets so difficult at times that it’s hard to work up the courage to carry on.
    I truly enjoy these devotionals!

    • Margaret Bueckert says:

      Not sure what I was doing but the first 2 sentences got jumbled .
      It’s suppose to say” I would love to receive a copy of this Bible. I have been a child of Christ as long as I can remember”

  600. Karen Reid says:

    This would be a blessing to me where I am trying to find my fullness in God not people

  601. Stephanie C says:

    Ine of these days I will stop being surprised that God speaks to me through these devotionals and, instead, I will open the email, excitedly looking for what He has to say today 🙂

    Thanks for a great giveaway

  602. Karen Reid says:

    This would be a huge blessing

  603. Tracy wooldridge says:

    I need to connect with Abba and Jesus and not my task list or goals.

  604. Lauren weber says:

    This really hit home to me, as I realize that my relationship with God is second to a lot of other things. I need to put Him first.

  605. Robin Graham says:

    Thank you for such loving inspirational examples of our Lord’s work in you! It was just what my Lord Jesus knew I kneeded this morning ( it’s 4 am!!) as I am going through trials myself but I am hopeful and putting my trust in Jesus to see me through this storm , so having a copy of Thrive would make it even more real to put the scripture and my thoughts together, relating to His promises He brings in my life!

  606. carol perrotto says:

    i have battled depression and anxiety for 30yrs and now i am finally realizing that deep down i have always felt lonliness and sadness deep down. this is my chance now to heal this part of me that haunts me practically daily. i realize if i dont heal this part of me i will never overcome my depression. i know now i can only do it with God’s help and becoming closer to his son Jesus. i am on my way, thinking of Jesus first rather than which friend or family member i can call upon in times of need. i thank you for this opportunity to win this bible as it sounds like a great addition to all of my tools to get closer to HIM!

  607. Thank you lord for today’s daily devotion . It truly encouraged me . My prayer this year is to draw nearer or connect more to God . God she be the first person I run to in all times .

  608. I thought the comparison to wi-fi was very fitting. Jesus used things from the everyday lives of people. You did the same thing. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for this devotion. I will keep you in my prayers.

  609. I’ve often struggled with loneliness so this was most helpful

  610. I’ve been struggling a lot with myself lately. I decided to start doing my morning devotional again this morning and looked up devotionals for women online and came across the “Encouragemnet for Today” Proverbs 31 women’s daily devotional and it was God was talking to me about exactly how I am currently feeling and how I am not alone as long as I fill myself him! Thank you so much for making this available for me. it is now my go to devotional.

  611. Linda Farrow says:

    I have been journaling for years. Just recently purchased a journal Bible but would love to try this new Bible.

  612. Deborah Wilson says:

    I know I’m not alone, but there are so many times those worldly blinders make us feel that way. I simply need to remove them, because He is always there. I have always wanted to journal and never can get going. Would love to win this Bible and finally get started.

  613. Dione Mitchell says:

    I often feel discouraged in my marriage and that leaves me lonely. I feel like if I let my guard down and surrender to what is rather than wishing for what is not, things could be better. I think my loneliness, or feelings of distance from God, are coming from me putting a barrier around my heart so that He cannot get in. I don’t want anymore pain from my husband and from God. I am a seasoned Christian and I know that is wrong.

  614. This Bible is just what I need right now at this time in my life. Feeling very alone and confused about a lot of things

  615. Amanda King says:

    This devotional was just what I needed this week. I’ve been battling loneliness and it’s progressed to battling depression. Your questions were just the ticket to help evaluate where I’m struggling the most and a clue as to how to be filled with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your struggles and heart! It has helped me so much 🙂

  616. It’s hard for me to express how much this devotional spoke to my innermost being this morning. I’ve struggled w/this my entire life and feel it the most right now-while living w/the most people I ever have (spouse and six kids)!!! But God is good (ALL the time) and I will cry out to him once again and know he is ALWAYS there for ME 🙂

  617. I could really use a Bible like this right now. Really struggling with life….

  618. Emily Thompson says:

    What a beautiful reminder that regardless of what our circumstances, we are NEVER alone! Thank you for this!

  619. Thanks so much for this encouraging words. Am so blessed by it today.

  620. I would like to win a copy of this Bible because I like to journal and need a new Bible.God bless and thank you.Im praying you will be healed in Jesus’name!!

  621. Thank you for such a timely and thought provoking devotion this morning. I am deeply moved by te honesty of this post, from a follower of Christ from who so much has been stripped away.
    I will return and seriously contemplate the very thought provoking questions which really touched home for me…..having been in a place of deep abandonment from friends and family and really questioning life, God and whats it all about……

  622. Susan Moore says:

    Would love to have this

  623. This Bible would truly help me right now

  624. norenda salmon says:

    Your devotional came today as if the prayer line to God was open for me alone ,we just had a miscarriage yesterday and so many negative thoughts filled my mind but God knows our hearts for sure thank u for that inspiring motivation that’s how I felt a few min ago I have new hope if He done it for u I’m sure He showed me this email to tell me He will do it for me as well it was a lifeline now I felt hopeless like nothing wants to come right but I have new strength so thank u very much God bless you

  625. Carolyn reel says:

    Thank you for your encouragement daily. God always has something for me.

  626. Faith Kapp says:

    I too often feel loneliness when I know I am not. Thanks for sharing your story. The Thrive Bible is beautiful and is on my wish list!

  627. Katrina Hicks says:

    This would be awesome! Thank you

  628. Sharon Henderson says:

    I would love to win a copy of this journaling Bible. I’ve struggled with feelings of loneliness all my life. Never feeling like I really fit in anywhere.

  629. I have felt alone so many times in my life…alone even when I am surrounded by people. A journaling bible would help me capture those times yet claim the verses to deal with my deepest fear. Thank you!

  630. I opened this devotion this morning read a bit then closed it… I opened it again after brushing my teeth, clearing the kitchen and all the other things I thought were more important than my quiet time with my Father. Yet, I went to bed feeling a lot like our devotional author lonely. I even spoke in my mind yesterday while at work and unfocused does God really think I can carry this load? Did he really think I was the best mother for these two boys cause I’m failing at this job miserably as I have so many times before. I felt and have felt a huge disconnect from both of my now young adults for the last few years. And slowly but QUICKLY if that makes sense Satan has poked holes in their hearts and mind and wreaked total havoc on our family and left me feeling broken, lost and very lonely. I can’t talk to my family or friends because they don’t understand my son’s trials that I feel are unbearable for me at times and I don’t want to hear the cliche statements! I want God to show up in their lives, in our home in a mighty way sooner than later! I want the peace that surpasses all understanding! I want this empty and lonely feeling erased from my heart permanently. Sisters of God of El Shaddai pray for my family and our healing. In Jesus name Amen.

  631. I’d love to win a copy of thrive ! I’very been stuck for many years now in the mud … and id like to fully live instead .. to thrive ! This is the year for that …

  632. Shady Malaeb says:

    I would love a chance to win a journaling bible. I am new to this, and no artist, by any stretch. The images I see on the internet of journaling are so lovely!

    • Joycelyn George says:

      Hi I was so bless by these words of encouragement I would love to have this devotional bible because God’s word is my life my everything I can’t live without God’s word and using the word of God with your experience has been a great blessing to me thank you

  633. I’m 46yrs old and feel like I’ve been lonely for 46yrs. Thank you so much for todays devotional. Now the hurt can heal.

  634. Robin Holsopple says:

    You have made me think this morning about my closeness to God and what I am putting ahead of Him. I must change my priorities and spend more time with the One who is with me ALWAYS and who loves me ENDLESSLY! Thank you for this reminder.

  635. Very good message, thank you.

  636. As a first time reader of your devotions, I am amazed at God’s timing. In light of the very serious situations that some have shared, my situation seems so trivial but…. I have felt so pressured and alone because I have to pick the colors to have our house painted. The decision has to be made by Thursday and no one is there to help my with this. Yes, I feel very alone – but – what is getting me through this time is the knowledge that my God is big enough to care about my smallest need and I am sure He will give me the answer. Amen.

  637. Janna Janke says:

    So many times in my life I have found myself in that place of desperate need of the Lords comfort and grace. He has never failed! Even in the darkest moments. My dear friend has lost her marriage and is devastated. I would love to pass this along a copy of this to her. Thank you for the blessing of this Bible. I know it will encourage many women!

  638. Buffy Fowler says:

    I really needed this devotional today. Thank you for the “real” and thoughtful connection to my world.

  639. Zena Holderbaum says:

    I want to strive to thrive

  640. Oh! How true! He is our Comforter,
    Peace, Sustainer! Thank You, LORD!

  641. I would love a new Bible

  642. Tears ran down my face as Iread yoday’s devotional

  643. Kathy Roberts says:

    This new journaling Bible would be such a blessing. I am blessed with a wonderful Christian husband but feel so alone and empty due to a severe fractured relationship with my son (moms I think hurt deeper this way) my son has very dangerous health issues but is far from Christ and my heartache is deep

  644. This spoke volumes to me today.
    Thank you

  645. I’m definitely in a place where it was difficult watching the Holy Spirit work until I was totally alone. I’ve struggled this entire summer wondering when I was going to catch a break….Reading this today shown me that all of what I’ve been going through is so I could be completely focused on Him. Thank you for this. Thank you for the questions that will help me to figure things out further. I’m new to these devotions and they have been nothing but a blessing thus far!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity as well.

  646. Tricia Oles says:

    I would love a chance to win the Thrive bible

  647. Erica Penner says:

    This devotional was just what I needed this morning. The Lord is always right on time. Thank you.

  648. What a great Bible,

  649. Bethany Marker says:

    Would love to start journaling in this season of my life!

  650. I too am feeling all alone and disconnected. I lost my mom to cancer then my dad committed suicide 10 months later. A year later I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a bilateral mastectomy. I’ve had 6 surgeries in 2 years . 5 days after my last surgery My husband of 19 years walked out on me and now filing for divorce . He’s only been gone 2 months now and I still love and miss him . I have no one now .

  651. Jackie Martin says:

    Thank you for your words today. You are in my prayers.

  652. Thank you for this.. we can be surrounded by a room full of people and feel so alone. I would love this. Christ is and will always be our all and all ~ He feels my soul ~ He is my source for everything. God bless you ~ and fill you~ with His love, peace, serenity and joy!

  653. Great devotional this morning and I would love to win the Thrive bible!

  654. Thanks for this devotional ‘Feeling Alone and Disconnected’…something I needed to hear today! I’m excited to THRIVE!

  655. The Thrive Bible would be an amazing way to connect with my savior and dig deeper into His word. I would be grateful to win it!

  656. My journey began with the unexpected loss of my son. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement.

  657. Darla Grunewald says:

    Your words are encouraging and inspiring. Thank you

  658. Thank you so much for sharing and encouragement. It’s amazing how alone one can feel surrounded by people. Praying for all the lonely who use the mask of “I’m fine”. May we all draw closer to God.

  659. This devotional really spoke to me as I seek to dig a deeper relationship with the Lord.
    God bless!

  660. Robin Lynn Armstrong says:

    As a woman that has never been married or had children reading the devotion this morning Feeling alone and disconnected really tugged at my heart. I truly desire to have God fill the lonely part of my heart, to be fully abandoned unto Him. He after all is in love with me, even the deepest ugly parts of me. I have more to gain with the blessing of THRIVE.
    Thank you for your ministry, and sharing God’s Word with us. Blessings to all of you.

  661. Steph Roukema says:

    Great insight for me this morning.

  662. Gayle McCorkle says:

    Thank you. The questions were startling in what they revealed about who we think of in our most searching & lonely times. Truly opened my eyes. I need to open the Word instead of my contact list.

  663. Nomitha Cansdale says:

    Always such an encouragement to know that we are never alone!! God bless you.

  664. I often feel alone and isolated. I am working on turning to Jesus at those times. Thanks for your message today

  665. I have been reading this devotions on this website for almost a month now and each one connects to a place in my life. I am saved but I don’t always feel connected to God. I am struggling with mending my marriage after my husband was unfaithful. I have children who are now becoming of age and begining to move out on their own and that is so difficult for me. I am proud of them and their independence but I am having problems letting go. I am so thankful that I have God to lean on.

  666. Oh I would love a copy of this devotional ❤️

  667. I love the devotionals and so desperately needed to hear them. Thank you so very much for sharing. God Bless you and your ministry.

  668. Nole Chick says:

    Love you Sheri, and still praying and believing for complete healing in you!

  669. Jodi Brown says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. I look forward to reading your devotional a every morning!

  670. I believe that even in this world that is filled with sorrow, we can find comfort in Him because of His promises to us that are found in His word.

  671. What a great chance to win a nice, practical Bible. Thank you!

  672. Your new devotional sounds perfect. Looking forward to it coming out.

  673. Leta Kirkland says:

    Would love to have this to help me live closer to God.

  674. This spoke right to me today, I am powerless to the loneliness in my life. I know the only way to ever feel complete is to give all this up to Him. Thank you for these devotionals daily, encouraging and providing a morning uplifting fresh everyday!

  675. I would love to win a copy!!! The devotions on fighting loneliness and rejection are truly ministering to me at a very broken season of my life. Thank you! Blessings?

  676. Great message. After my divorce I had to learn how to be alone and know that God is always with me!

  677. Your devotion this morning was just what I needed to hear today. It’s like I have spent my entire life trying to please others, to fix situations totally out of my control and to just bring a peace to not only my own life but the life of others. Recently, I have tried to go to God first before putting one of my “action plans” into place. It has been hard for a girl who wants to fix everything. Your list of questions will help me to further rely on my Lord before acting. Thank you and prayer that you may have a blessed day.

  678. I’m in a slightly disconnected time, and the reason would seem absurd, I think.
    But shame is the evil ones arrow, and I’m struggling to feel I’m worthy of God’s love.

  679. Reading this this morning was exactly what I needed to hear.
    I would love the THRIVE Bible!

    Thank you!

  680. Everyday is a journey; I want to rely on God for my every need and learn to always turn to Him first.

  681. I need a new Bible. I cannot find mine in the house anywhere. My husband has one, but I prefer to have my own. My heart is breaking right now with a situation in my life that I have no control over and need to learn to rely on God, that he has a plan, that there is a reason for all of the things going on, that I do have a purpose and want to prepare for the next step in my life.

  682. What an inspiring and honest devotion this morning. I desperately needed to answer those questions; and in answering found places where I was not being authentic in my worship. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. Trying to THRIVE in the midst of conditions!!!

  683. Leanne Forster says:


    I am currently going through a rough patch with my health and waiting to have a large operation where I am having part of my bowel removed and a full hysterectomy at the age of 34. I was very scared to begin with but now I am living in faitj and believing that the Lord will keep me safe. Studying my bible and prayers is what’s keeping me going. Without the Lord I would not be the person I am today.

  684. I’ve always struggled with loneliness…moving to a brand new city has not helped! I would love to reconnect with the Lord with this devotional bible.

  685. Beth Brown says:

    What a treat this journaling Bible would be! There is never enough room in my regular Bible for the notes I want to write!

  686. This devotional spoke directly to me today. I would be honored to win a copy of this Bible!

  687. Maureen Heckroodt says:

    I have served God many years but had a difficult father who I felt never loved me. Therefore it is so difficult to experience Gods love to me. I have trusted God so many years for this aspect in my christian life but always feel utterly alone and rejected.

  688. Renelle Maddrey says:

    Great words to HEAR!

    I’ve been trying to journal for years….sometimes successful, other times not so much. I could certainly use this book as a boost to keep me going and improve my connection and “alone time” with God through my journaling.

  689. Im thankful for people like you who can write what most of us feel, but cant quite put into words!

  690. This is very timely for me. I often have struggled with that inner loneliness. Would love a copy of this new bible.
    Thanks for sharing your heart!!!

  691. Meredith Kushner says:

    So thankful that God is our ever present help! Thank you for sharing your journey for others in similar times of need.

  692. This is also a personal struggle of mine. I have a chronic illness that exacerbates the loneliness. May the spirit fill all of us with peace.

  693. I have been wanting to get a Bible like this. Looking forward to it coming out

  694. Your devotional allowed me to see being connected to God as the metaphor of water seeping into the ground. It can lie on the surface, but when there is a crack, the water will flow in with a joyful gurgle and fill up the empty place it finds.

  695. Herlinda Strane says:

    I would like to have a deeper connection with God.

  696. Billie Lou Felker says:

    In my past life I felt alone most of the time. Now that I turned my life over to Christ Jesus I am never alone! He’s there in every breath I take. I am so thankful He loves me so very much. God is Awesome!

  697. Colleen Remein says:

    What a great idea! Space in your Bible to respond to the ways God is speaking into your life!! What a wonderful resource!

  698. Having a difficult time with loneliness since I lost my husband of 41 years to brain cancer last December. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer during the final months of his illness. Being his caregiver for 2 years and then not having him for support during my illness has been extremely difficult. Finding my way to a new lfe is a daily struggle and I am praying for direction and purpose.

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