From Panic to Peace

From Panic to Peace

May 13, 2014

Lysa TerKeurst“So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17 (NKJV)

Here I am, lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. No sleep. Body still, mind racing. Panic building.

I forgot to contact Pat today. She’s so sick and probably needed me.

Did my daughter realize she hurt my feelings with that comment?

What if I don’t make my deadline?

I should have exercised today.

Why does life seem darker at night? Not just literally. It’s as though Satan and his minions are just waiting for me to be alone so they can begin the battle for my mind.

Recently I began to meditate on Philippians 4:6a: “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything” (NLT). Did the Apostle Paul really mean not to worry about anything? Is that even possible? Isn’t worry just part of human nature?

Yes, worry is part of our human nature. Unfortunately when sin entered the world, emotions like worry did too. However, our fallen human nature always clarifies what being separated from God looks like. And it often looks like fear.

As God’s beloved children, we are called to faith, not fear. Faith says, “God is in charge of my life; I will trust Him, even when circumstances might suggest He’s not there. I believe God loves me and knows what is best for me.” Faith always crowds out fear.

My heart longs to live in faith; however, at times this is difficult. But here’s the key: “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17).

If I haven’t made time to hear from God through His Word, I find my prayers being more of a monologue of fear-based worry.

But when I make time to listen to God, I’m reminded of His promises and I become familiar with His voice. As a result, my prayers really do change from panic to praise. In bed at night, a dialogue evolves (no longer a monologue). When I turn to God with my concerns, I can hear His response. As John 10:27a tells us, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them …” (ESV).

God’s Word reminds us to put the kingdom of God first and the things we need will be ours (Matthew 6:33, ESV). In other words, when I devote myself to God first, all the rest will sort itself out, and this brings peace.

What is most pressing in your life right now? Whatever that is, put God’s Word there instead. Replace worry with the truth of God’s love and power. Then we can trust that God will do as He says: “keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed” on Him (Isaiah 26:3a, ESV).

As I think about God’s promises, panic turns to praise, praise turns to peace and peace turns to sleep. I begin to understand what Paul meant when he said, “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand” (Philippians 4:7a, NLT).

It is possible to experience God’s peace. When we learn to cast our cares on God and trust Him to handle them, faith replaces fear. Worry sees problems, but faith sees the God who can handle the problems.

God’s Word changes how we cast our cares. When we choose to cast them onto Him instead of into the air, we’ll find comfort in His promises. Then maybe we can finally get a good night’s sleep.

Heavenly Father, thank You for watching over me at night. Forgive me for the times I have worried. Help me to be devoted to You and Your love, not my circumstances. Instead of tossing and turning at night, I want to remember to turn the pages of Scripture in my mind. I want to rest in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 4:8, “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.” (NLT)

Isaiah 26:3, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” (ESV)

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How can you make time in your day for more of God’s Word? Write down your current worries and look for God’s promises in response to each concern.

Consider making a “to think” list each day, instead of a “to do” list. List the promises of God that apply to your life and meditate on them.

© 2014 by Nancy McGuirk. All rights reserved.

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  1. Annette says:

    No truer words could ring clearer into my journey. Thank you

  2. Pauline says:

    Aww.. I loved this! I can definitely relate. Thank you for this, truly inspiring!

  3. I really needed to be reminded of this. Thank you and God bless.

  4. “WORRY SEES PROBLEMS, BUT FAITH SEES THE GOD WHO CAN HANDLE PROBLEMS.” I ♥ this wonderful quote on this stormy Monday night! Though there may be storms of rain and thunder fro…m Mother Nature, Our lives can also be filled with difficulties. Naturally, I make time for more of God’s word by listening to powerful music on WCIC to begin each morning with my wonderful husband, Ron Smith. I ♥ beginning my day on the right foot.Ultimately, my husband is having to replace a brand-new pair of shoes already because they weren’t made correctly. On top of that, he is concerned about how long he can wait before replacing the fan in our desktop computer here in our living room, the main one we use for making CDs, charging the digital recorder, and clearing church services from the recorder to the external hard drive, along with using it as a way of playing computer games. “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17 (NKJV)
    How so very true! I ♥ the truth behind tonight’s main verse. Faith comes from hearing the word of God. Nevertheless, we need to act on hearing what the word of God is telling us about the circumstances we may be confronted with throughout our lives.
    “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything” (NLT). Wow! What an awesome reminder for those times when there may be a lot of things on our minds. Naturally, we may not be able to control certain situations. Naturally, this means we should allow God to take care of the things that are beyond our control. God wants to take our burdens away from us. Currently, my husband and I are concerned about our leopard gecko because he hasn’t been going to the bathroom or eating like he normally does throughout the week when we feed him. Our hope is that he’s just conserving energy and fat reserves for when he completely sheds off his old, tight skin- meaning he’s growing more, and he’s probably bigger than when he was measured last. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them …” (ESV Ultimately, this is a wonderful verse. How powerful it is! God is saying that He is our shepherd, and we’re His flock of sheep. When He calls, we hear His voice. We then answer to His becon and call. “Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand” (Philippians 4:7a, NLT).
    Wow! I am glad that this reminder has been shared tonight. No mate what I may be going through, God can give me greater peace than anything else in the entire universe. What power God’s peace has in whatever situations we may go through.
    “Heavenly Father, thank You for watching over me at night. Forgive me for the times I have worried. Help me to be devoted to You and Your love, not my circumstances. Instead of tossing and turning at night, I want to remember to turn the pages of Scripture in my mind. I want to rest in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~NANCY MCGUIRK
    Wow! Such a powerful prayer to pray when times are stressful! I go o bed each night, remembering all the good things that God has already done for me. I know that He will do more wonderful things for me in the days to follow.
    Psalm 4:8, “In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O LORD, will keep me safe.” (NLT)
    Wonderful! I ♥ how awesome this verse is. God doesn’t want us to worry about anything at night. He will keep us safe as we sleep throughout the night. He doesn’t want worry to keep us from having a restful night.
    Isaiah 26:3, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” (ESV)
    Powerful! My mind is always focused on God, no matter what may be going on. I know that there are things only God can have complete control over. Why do we sometimes assume we can takecare of everything that we may be going through? Nevertheless, I can trust in God to help me overcome whatever obstacles I may be dealing with.

  5. Tired and need gods grace says:


    Ladies i was just about to go to bed again and i have been dealing with my husband who texted me he wanted a divorce because i rejected his phone call. I took an anxiety pill and i was out i mean out. We live in two different houses and iw as awaken by some demons. He continued to tell me that i was not an adult. That i was emotional. I was a liar. Our cinances are a mess. Im trying to think of everything i can do to save my family… Win a court battle with my first born. Work on my marriage. Im tired of the devil using my husband to shake up everything. I didnt reject his call like he says i did…therefore he says i am a liar. He then contiues to say im emotional…therefore i have no feelings… He said he was going to pack up the rest of my stuff at the house n put it on my porch….therefore i told him be an adult n dont subject my son to it(we have a four yr old together) he continues to tell me take money to ur attorney and give him it n draw up a divorce…i tell him i dont want one….he then tells me hea not tdxting anymore… Just tdxted me r u gonna call. Im tired of being tired ladies. Y is it so hard for a married couple to come together as one with jesus and conquer all these trials.

    Ladies i need prayer please.

    I so needed this devotional just now. I laid my head down and as my head hit the pillow this came to my inbox. God u r so great u know how to send things at the right moment.

    Goodnite and amen for your love for me.

    • I am so sorry to hear of the struggle you are going through. It breaks my heart to see marriages breaking, but I know how you feel. Me and my husband separated 2 years ago for 4 months and we were on the brink of divorce but we both decided to put God first and our marriage is better than ever. One thing that helped me through it was resting in the fact that it is NOT God’s will for my marriage to end. What God has joined together let no man separate Mat. 19:6. This time of separation could be a time that God needs you alone to work on each of you. Ask God to show you the area’s he wants you to work on. Pray for your husband but try not worry about what husband does and just focus on yourself, making sure you are doing all you can do to be the godly woman God has called you to be even if the godly actions you do are not returned by your husband. There was two books that helped me during this time and I don’t have a ton of time to read but I would try to read one chapter a day during my devotion time. The first book is Captivating by John and Staci Eldridge and the other one is The Excellent wife by Martha Peace. Both of these books changed my life and my perspective as a woman. I am praying for you Sister and wish you all the best.

    • Tosha Gurley says:

      You are not ALONE!!!! I shared the the very same night as you my friend in Jesus Christ!! I want you to know you are NOT alone! I was told my two women yesterday who bairly know me both in odd places of my day that I needed to STOP trying to solve it! Stop trying to FIX it alone! Yes I “think” I have fully given it to Him, but HAVE I really????? I tell myself “yes”. But from todays message, it is clear when we fully surround ourselves with the word of God he provides us peace but when we try to find it, fix it, clean it up, change it ourselves……. we are letting the worry “control” us. Our body and mind is HIS temple not our own nor is our body or mind anyone else’s here on earth. Together, you and I can give this all to Him our body and mind. Like you I am trying to not let those text, mean hurtful words full me apart—- I know for me all I want is for my husband to grab me, hold me and say this is going to be okay and we can do this together but he has never been able to do that. I told him this lastnight about the same time you were sending in your message. He threw his arm over me as if I was a piece of board, paper, a piece of nothign that had no feelings. There was no confort his arms!!!! From that moment, I remembered once “AGAIN” and could hear God saying to me….. Tosha, it is not by his arms you need peace, comfort, security…… It is by my ARMS “alone”. Seek me first, Tosha!!! I am praying for you wherever you are today that God lifts your head and protects your heart against the darts of the wicked one. (Ephesians 6:16). My dear friend in Christ you are loved by Him all the women who understand this are lifting you and your family in prayer. Be a good mom and be strong for that little guy!!! May Christ reveal peace in your marriage precious lady!

  6. This post is exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you for sharing the powerful word of God and speaking honestly about your experiences.

  7. Well it is 3:30 am and since I was awake, tossing and turning I thought I would get up and check my email. What a blessing to read your devotion that directly spoke to my sleepless night! Isn’t God amazing, how He uses the body of Christ to build His kingdom! He is at every turn when and where we need Him! I do recognize His voice through you this night! Thank you for willingly allowing Him to use you to reach others (me)!

  8. God bless you for today’s devotional, thanks for always listening to God, you are so on point for me, been having trouble sleeping well, and also have some circumstances that have been causing me to worry, the scriptures at the end are timely and also the to think list, you are right because I put some scriptures on my ipod and I meditate on them, would start doing that more often, God bless you

  9. Thank you. Your devotion today is just what I needed today. No worries in particular , just general distractions from concentrating on God.

  10. Faith for a wedding says:

    God’s strength is perfect when our strength is not. I’m grateful for his word that is strong and true and for the ability for it to reach out and touch me wherever I’m at. I have my own struggles that I was focusing on but by reading this and the posts after, it caused me to stand firm on His word and believe for others whose struggles are more pressing. Be strong and of great courage ladies there’s someone standing in the gap for you.

  11. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for the wisdom and guidance in this devotion . I had been praying for God’s direction in regards to my worries , I had asked for God to show me wisdom in my devotion and this Proverbs 31 devotion is what I read this morning. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel to reach others. Keep up doing the good work.

  12. Sue Claggett says:

    Thank you for the reminder to think and meditate on the Word when worry or all the stresses of life flood my soul, especially when I’m trying to go to sleep.
    Also, I LOVE the new format for the devotions. It’s great!

  13. Beautifully perfect message. “Faith sees the God who can handle problems” Holding onto that! And printing it for my fridge!

  14. Malinda says:

    This was such a good devotions!!! It spoke right to me. So many timed I lay awake a night and worry. Thank you God for taking my worries and giving me your peace! Its amazing how God works that this devotions was something I needed to hear right now. Such a blessing!!

  15. Priya Kumaravel says:

    Thank u.. I needed this desperately ..amazed at how the Lord spoke, through this… God bless you.

  16. It sounds like everyone needed to hear this today. I was tossing and turning last night as well. There are some people in our lives who cause us so much trouble and stress. If we could, we would leave the relationship. I got to bed with a resting heart rate of 90. I ‘know’ this stuff and yet I find it so hard to practice. Life is so busy and full of consuming stress I find it hard to pluck the appropriate scripture from my mind and even then it seems to bounce off me as only words. Please pray for me ladies.

  17. Susan O'Brien says:

    It’s like you were in my head. I need to remember when those thoughts come – they are from the enemy. Talking to God, thanking Him for His blessings is soothing and helps sleep and rest come. We can truly rest in Him. Thanks for this – so timely!

  18. This was a good devotional but do you know that the one sent to emails didn’t have the chapter & verse to some of the scriptures? There was a space after the book name, then ESV(or what ever version that particular verse came from). Oops proofreader.

  19. Wow – this perfectly describes the battle of my own mind just last night! Ultimately, I did put my trust in Him and got the rest I so desperately needed. Thank you for putting such experiences into words – I needed the reminder that the enemy finds that as a prime time to “attack” with our deepest fears. I will be more prepared when he strikes again with God’s Word!!!

  20. Right on the mark!! Excellent devotional!!

  21. Linda Mullin says:

    Actually at night when all is quiet except for my racing mind it is opportunity to talk to our Father in Heaven. It is often at those times I am conscious of my thoughts and feelings as they are present. God does not tell us we won’t be afraid but rather what to do when we are. “But when I am afraid I will put my trust in You.” Putting our trust in Him is often talk in to Him in the midst of our feelings, thoughts and or emotions. Also understanding the necessity to take a deep breath through ones nostrils and out your mouth slow helps to disperse anxiety often help in a person focus. It has often been understand in how to go to Him with our feelings an emotions people become freer. Years back I asked God what was the best thing I could teach my children and His answer was how to experience their feelings and emotions and what to do. It has been people recognizing feelings are neither right or wrong but indication personally for individuals of certain things some resolved some unresolved. Years ago also in going for help they had me confessing my feelings as sin which often times is a natural response to circumstances and or situations. In understanding also what a person is responsible for their actions and reactions an seeking help when necessary alleviates a person from taking responsibility for others actions and or reactions.
    The Apostle Paul states in 1 Corinthians 4:4 that he is conscious of nothing but express to the Lord yet there could be etc. Recognizing he could be unaware but recognizes God is not and a help in that situation. When our mind races etc. Perhaps I is those times we become aware of our feelings and thoughts opportunity to talk to Him and seek His help and allow Him to be present and comfort.

  22. Barbara says:

    Love this!!

  23. Danielle says:

    This is great confirmation. I’ve recently read the same sentiment in another book but now it’s time to put what I know into action! Thank you!

  24. This e-mail – this morning, was as if I received a letter in the mail from my heavenly Father. My husband was fired from him job yesterday and though we see it as a blessing because it was not a good match / situation, still this is the 3rd time in 8 years that he’s been let go and we’re in Chapter 13, middle aged with a 13 yr old daughter who attends a private school (transfering to public for high school). The scriptures you referenced were perfectly aplicable to our circumstances today (and always, really ). It is an hourly battle of the mind to keep back the tsunami of worry / fear that is growing in height and arching overhead, looming as if it could crash down upon me at any moment. With no savings and in a rental situation – could be very scary unless a new job happens quickly. Trust… just keep trusting all this is for our good and God’s glory. Thank you.

  25. Great statement to say out-loud, “God is in charge of my life; I will trust Him, even when circumstances might suggest He’s not there. I believe God loves me and knows what is best for me.”
    I also love the reminder to replace worried tossing and turning with turning through the pages scriptures in my mind (or literally).

  26. Great and timely devotion! I’m a “fixer/rescuer” by nature and sometimes I dwell on things over which I have no control, especially at night. I remind myself often that God is the fixer, not me.

  27. Dawn johnson says:

    LOVE,LOVE, LOVE. the graphic!! Can’t wait to download it!!
    A message I need to remember often. Thank you.

  28. Tired and need gods grace says:

    Thank you all for your words of support. I an very bad at trying to control situations and instead letting God control all of it. I was really shocked how my morning has been. My husband and I talked and i think its going to be all right. I got a call to help my business too!! God will open doors at the right moment. God bless all of u for your imput and your stories. I love this forum. May u all have a blessed day!

  29. And let the church say . . . .AMEN! Writer your devo hits the nail hard on the head. Worry! Worry! Worry! For me I constantly feel a discomfort in my chest. Meaning heart ache because of unrestored relations, waiting on breakthroughts, job situations, and every other thing. This is for me today. I must replace my worries with the pages of the scriptures. I intend to cntinual remind myself that Jesus loves me, and he knows what is best for me. God will never leave us or forsake us. Once we/I believe this with all our hearts and soul, we can over fear, worry, and anxiety. What a BLESSING ! ! ! !

  30. For God’s promise is yes and Amen, he is the same yesterday, today and forever ..praise and honor belongs to him. This came at the right time

  31. When the worry is chronic illness, it’s really hard. I ask God to take it for me and I’m still ill and still suffering. It doesn’t go away-ever. Though I do pray with faith that healing will come in Gods time. When I’m going through discomfort though, it’s very hard. Very hard.

  32. This post was just what I needed to hear right now. Thanks for allowing God to use you to share this Truth. I would love to win a copy of your book. After 12 years of being a loyal employee of a non-profit agency, I had a mental breakdown. I busied myself too much with my work instead of spending time with the Lord. I would benefit from your book so that I can back on track and use this time in my life to allow God to renew His Spirit within me and use me for His Glory. Thanks.

  33. Just what I needed to hear! My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 yrs. doubts in my head at night that’sGod hasn’t provided as he doesn’t love me. Faith will over come and God will provide in the right time.

  34. Tina Daniel says:

    Phillipians 4:6 has always been my life verse, the one that comes up over and over again….I am a worrier too. So I would love to win the Phillipians study.

  35. Jessica says:

    We just finished a 3 week series at church entitled ‘Why Worry?’….it was the most notes I’ve taken a church in a long time! Very good series and this book would just keep that study up! 1 Peter 5:7

  36. Shelly F. says:

    Thank you for this. It’s what I needed to hear today.

  37. Great reminder when we live in a state of worry.

  38. Heather says:

    I had read this post earlier today and believed that it would be a great bible study for myself. I am always a worrier. My mentor has had me memorize Phillipians 4:6-7.

  39. Judy Cook says:

    I really need this message. A very good reminder.

  40. This has been my life verse! I’m a worrier and God always sends me to Phil. 4:6.

  41. Jenny Gipson says:

    I would love a copy to read. I definitely get caught in satans worry trap

  42. I would LOVE to win a copy! I would use the study with my Bible study group!!!

  43. Lindsay says:

    I’d love to win a copy. Everything that I’ve read/seen from Nancy I can apply to my situations. My husband and I are struggling trying to conceive our first child. And while the journey ishard, I thank God for it, as I’ve become a better person and stronger in faith. I believe that God has placed me in this journey, to make me a “go between” to help others going through infertility and share his word and his love, and let them know ALL things are possible woth Him.

  44. Stacey C. says:

    This really hits close to home. I can be so tired but the minute I’m in bed, the lights are off, all of my fears and worries just seem to jump out at me. I worry about my mom’s health, how I’m going to handle it. I worry about still being single at my age and being alone. I try to read and study my bible and I do better for a while but then I seem to lose focus and can’t concentrate. I would be very appreciate and thankful to win your study to help me with my bible study and to focus more on turning my worries and fears over to God.

  45. As someone who has lived in the midst of a season of trials I can say I’ve spent a lot of time researching Scripture on worry and anxiety. Gideon was someone I read a lot about. Philippians is a great place to study regarding how we are to live, or at the very least, strive to live. Worry does not add a moment to your life but as science has proven, shortens it. God predestined our lives and it’s all in His hands. God’s got this and He can’t be stopped!

  46. Suellen Jennings says:

    Thank you for this reminder! There has been a lot going on lately and it’s been a struggle to “let go” and just have the faith that God will take care of it all.

  47. Virla Neithinger says:

    Love this and needed it today.

  48. I would really love a copy of this material. This is a real stronghold in my life and I am really trying to let go and let God. Our family has experienced some real attacks this past year and as I look back over those areas all have had good come out of them. There is one particular situation that I am struggling with and could use this encouragement to help me deal with whatever the outcome may be. Thanks

  49. I have been going through so much and at night I am not able to sleep. I have fear consuming me and it freezes me from praying. Please pick me so I can hear the message to help me out. I thank you.

  50. Kiley Robinson says:

    This is so true!! I recently turned one of my biggest worries over to God and completely trust Him to handle it. Since then I feel His peace and much more happier and joyful daily. I can see him taking over and dealing with my worries for me! 🙂

  51. I would love to win a copy of this study!!! Worry is something I struggle with and would love to overcome!

  52. i would really love to have less anxiety in my life

  53. Elizabeth Clarke says:

    Would love the book for me! I really need the help!

  54. Angie Pamela says:

    Philippians is my favorite book in the bible

  55. Shawna M Cumberland says:

    I would LOVE to do this study with my ladies at my women’s bible study!!

  56. Shirley says:

    I would like to receive a copy of this study for myself. I am a worrier and need some peace.

  57. Jimma Robertson says:

    This message hit very close to home today and ever since this morning, I have really been working to think and pray a little differently.

  58. I would love to win a copy to use with a friend! We both struggle with us and love learning together!

  59. Laura Mark says:

    I’ve just quoted Philippians 4:6-7 as it’s one of my favourite verses which I keep referring back to. Would love a copy of this book and feel I would learn a lot from it ! X

  60. I love this and need a daily reminder not to worry. I would love to win the book! Thank you.

  61. Jackie Broom says:

    I really need this! Lots of upheaval in my life right now, and persecution for standing up for God’s Truth.

  62. I love her devotions! Love reading things that are encouraging and uplifting!

  63. Alice Matthews says:

    I received news from my breast biopsy today. It is cancer. I’m a little afraid. A little worried. I want my faith to be so strong that I’m not at all afraid or worried. I know my God has this all mapped out for me.

  64. I have always been a worrier, staying up late thinking a mountain of what if’s.
    This devotion really spoke to me. It is easy to get wrapped up in a sea of what ifs, thinking you are the only one with this struggle. But I am not.
    Thank you for this touching devotion!

  65. Our family is dealing with some serious challenges right now. Financial, emotional, employment… some days, no most days lately, it’s a challenge to give it to God and not worry. In fact, the biggest challenge to my faith is knowing when I need to stop spinning my wheels making things move along and just let God’s plan move along in His time. Thank you for this poignant reminder when I so needed it.

  66. Kristi W says:

    I love this! Need to read the book 🙂

  67. As a single mother of seven children, worry is my constant companion. I give it over to God and two minutes later, I’ve got to give it back again. I’m starting a single parent family ministry at my church andfI’d love to read this book. It might become part of our weekly discussions! 🙂

  68. Tammy Yow says:

    I would like this because I love the book of Phillipians. It’s my favorite book. Plus, it holds my favorite verse in 1:6. AND, I can always use and grow my faith.

  69. Barbara Rivera says:

    It’s always good to slow down and enjoy every moment for the blessing that it is. Tomorrow will take care of its self. God does not want us to worry and fret. Abide in Him, and He will bring you peace.

  70. I am a worrier-I loved and related to this devotion. Very encouraging! I would love to win a copy.

  71. Michelle Lucatorta says:

    I’d love a copy of the eight week Bible study in Philippians. Been going through a lot past couple months with several things. To name a few, husband lost job and still hasn’t found one, finances tight when available, have to move out of our home and haven’t been able to find affordable one yet…not to mention my fightings within. I need to find that joy. This study would be a blessing to me during this time.

  72. Barbara Maxwell says:


  73. I would give a copy to my mother. She is my rock and inspiration to continue on during the day when I don’t feel worthy. She is an 8 yr breast cancer survivor but has recently hit a slump in her health. After the results of a breast exam on her mastectomy side, the doctor felt a lump. Upon further investigation God provided a good diagnosis on that but we now know she has 3 worrisome nodules in both lungs, all fairly good sizes. She is going to have a PET scan tomorrow and her faith is faltering. If she could win this copy or I could to give to her, I know it would lift her spirits, no matter what the results show tomorrow. Thank you!

  74. Charmaine says:

    Would be a great book to read just before bed to help settle the mind!

  75. Stephanie domer says:

    Looks like a good read to get focus and perspective in my life

  76. Angela Teetsel says:

    Would love to win a copy. Great devotion!

  77. God bless.

  78. Would love a copy of this book. Worry and fear has been gripping me for the past year and I don’t want that to rule my life!

  79. jessica romero says:

    I definitely needed this message! Would love a copy of the book.

  80. Linda Posey says:

    Read this earlier today!! Awesome

  81. Hope Heidenreich says:

    I’d like to win a copy so it can be a blessing book- I will send it on to someone when I’m finished and then they will send it on after they’ve read it and so on. 🙂

  82. I would love a copy of the book, as I have struggled with depression for the last year. I love to continue learning ways to rely on God and cast all my worries on him, instead of relying on my own understanding! 🙂

  83. Danielle says:

    This book study is right on time for me. It’s time to stop worrying, let go, and let God take control of my life. I’m making such a mess of things trying to do it in my own strength.

  84. Erin Niehorster says:

    I have just began my journey to find Jesus and was recently saved. Proverbs 31 and it’s contributors have been integral during this quest for faith. Thank you for being exactly what I need.

  85. Thank you! So important to remember!

  86. What great words to hear-awesome reminder !!

  87. Emily Finnegan says:

    I’d be very grateful to win a copy. If I did, I would give it to my boyfriend. He’s a chronic worrier. I wish I knew the perfect words to let him know he doesn’t have to worry…that he can simply hand over all of his burdens to the Lord and know that He will take care of everything. Thanks so much!

  88. I have been working on reading through Philippians, as well as claiming several verses in chapters 3, 4 and 6 for myself these days. I tend to worry too much, but after having lost a child last March, it’s hard not to worry. When you lose a child, well, the world just seems really, really different. You feel much more vulnerable to the unknown. God walked us through those dark days, and still walks with us today, but it doesn’t mean its been easy, smooth or without fear of days to come. Philippians has been a lifesaver to cling to in dark days. And I would love to be able to use this Bible Study for myself and possibly with my husband too. Thank you!

  89. I would really like a copy of this book because this is something I’ve been working on. I would love to keep this book close to remind me to cast my worries on Him. Thanks for sharing this!

  90. jeanette says:

    I am starting my walk again with the lord and this time I have a man in my life that is going on the journey to. We both need guidance to do this. And when I have my weakest moments and don’t remember nothing else Philippians 4:13 comes to mind.

  91. Deb Morris says:

    I’m in the process of finding my way BACK to The Lord and living HIS will, not mine! I’m totally in LOVE with this page! It encourages me every single day.

  92. Belinda Flowers says:

    If I won I would give it to a very special friend. She has had a rough life and even though she knows God I know worry creeps into her life disableing her for days even weeks. She loves to read and I feel this book would really help her. Always looking for wants to lift her spirits. Thank you!

  93. Danielle says:

    I would love to do this study, worry is a daily struggle for me!

  94. I thought of my daughter who tried to take her life last weekend. She suffers from Bipolar Disorder and at night her thoughts overwhelm her and this night she chose not to use her coping skills. When I heard that she did this, the verse in Philippians 4:6, 7 came to my mind. What a good reminder to search Him out and receive peace in our times of trouble.

  95. Carolyn says:

    Before I got up this morning, I was lying in bed thinking about praying for a member of my family who is struggling with some things. Sometimes my mind gets so jumbled and I don’t know what to pray. All if a sudden, it came to me that I need to pray that he have peace and me too. Got up and started my devotions and they were all about peace this morning. It was so amazing how God provided this. It was like a load was lifted.

  96. Suzanne W says:

    I have always enjoyed learning and being taught about Philippians. Some great verses are in Philippians, such as: I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me. I would absolutely enjoy this book.

  97. Tatum Pretorius says:

    Philippians 4:6-7 is one of my favorite scriptures. It helps to remind me to lay my burdens down and God will give me peace. Love Philippians, so much truth there.

  98. Chelsea Stover says:

    Would love a copy of this book…God has had me in the fire for several months. Learning to trust…faith over emotion. Hard stuff!

  99. adelina rodriguez says:

    I’m a single mother of two beautiful teenage daughters, that alone makes me worry. I truely want to cast my worries upon the Lord but find it difficult at times to actually do it

  100. Sarah Prokopiw says:

    This was a very good read. I needed to hear this today! I’d love to win a copy of this book to help me get my relationship back with Christ. as a mom of 2 toddlers it’s hard not to worry or try to figure everything out on my own. This book would really help me. Thanks again for the great read..

  101. No truer words. The Lords peace is what I need in my life every second, of every moment, of every day.

  102. Sherry Rupe says:

    Thank you so much for your words.

  103. I’d love to receive a copy of this. I’m battling depression and anxiety and I think this would be a good tool in my road to recovery.

  104. This sounds like a great study for my ladies group!!

  105. Brenda Efaw says:

    This has been the biggest challenge in my faith walk…leaving fear behind. This comes on time for me.

  106. Wendy Lucas says:

    I love this devotion. It really speaks to me in this part of my life. I am a mother of five children ages 18 to 5 years old. We are going through really difficult financial times right now. We are also going through the biggest spiritual battle I have ever known. I know four of my children are saved, but I am not sure about my fifth child and I know my husband isn’t by what he tells me his thoughts on God are. It has been years fighting a (seemingly sometimes losing) battle with the enemy for my husband to open his eyes and hears and his heart to hear and see God and His Son Jesus. I would really love a copy of your book because I know it can help me to understand how to deal with these emotions I am facing and be able to cope better each day as we struggle to live in this situation. Thank you for your words of inspiration and encouragement. They mean so much to me and they have come at just the right time. God is never too early or too late, He is always on time with what we need at the exact moment we need it.

  107. This topic seems to be coming into my life a lot this week, when reading your blog it really make since and is so true! Thank you!

  108. melissa says:

    I would love to read this book. Coming up on month 3 of being separated. My husband is not interested in working on our marriage, and appears intent on divorce. Prayers are appreciated for me and my daughter, who is really struggling with anger at her father for doing this.

  109. John Minton says:

    Would love win one to give to my wife!!

  110. Goodness did this hit home! Being an army wife and a mom of four…I always find myself saying “I’m a’s my job to worry” I would truly love the devotional for my daily walk and to share with other moms going through what I do.

  111. This was just what I needed right now. Definitely struggling in this area in my current season of life. My husband decided he didn’t want me anymore, because he is with someone much younger and skinnier than I am. He denied this for months, but God revealed the truth to me. My children, son is 12 and daughter is 9, and I were forced to move in with my parents in a different state because I have been a stay at home mom for years and couldn’t find a job to support us. I gave my husband 2 different chances because he acted as if he wanted to work things out. He basically wanted both worlds and I can’t live that way. I am now facing court for the children issues and divorce. I never dreamed this would be happening to my children. I hate it most for them. We were together for 16 years and things just drastically changed in a very short time. Satan took over and destroyed our family.

  112. I would love this book for myself!! I have very bad anxiety and want to experience more of gods peace

  113. Diane Collins says:

    I am going through some very stressful things in my life. My favorite verse is Phillppians 4:4. I had a break down that God forgot me and I let my guard down. I would live your book to boost my spirit up.

  114. Kim Hinds says:

    What a great reminder about putting our trust in God. Our faith can waiver because of circumstances and life coming atus fast. We don’t get an opportunity to recover from one event and then something else comes along.

    If given a cop of the book, I would read it with the intent of teaching its content and sharing with others. As a Christrian Educator, I am excited about teaching others and equipping them with the knowledge of God’s Word.

  115. Kelly Y. says:

    I would love to win this book, study it, then pass it along to my friends I know would benefit and be blessed by it! Who doesn’t need more Word, more Light?! Thank you for the chance to win. Such a lovely devotion!

  116. Betty J. webb says:

    I can no longer attend church because of several health issues. I miss Sunday School. I would like this book for my own personal Bible study.

  117. Diane cuc says:

    Philippians 4:6-8 is a life verse of mine. God has proved over and over his faithfulness. I pray this scripture whenever I am feeling anxious god releases me and brings me peace.

  118. Worry has been a part of my life for too long. Recently I have been worried and stressed and it has affected my health. Need to renew my mind and restore my faith

  119. Gail Willey says:

    I love Phillippians & to continue to grow in my walk with Christ this book would be very beneficial. After I read it I would definitely pass it onto others who desire more of Jesus… God bless you

  120. Jessica Beck says:

    I would love to read this book. It seems all I do lately is worry, worry, worry. I am having a difficult time letting go and letting
    God handle my situation. I keep trying to handle myself. As a result, I have been having a lot of restless nights. Please pray for me that I can have faith and let God handle everything.

    • Yes! Let’s pray for one another, Jessica. I have the same problem. I don’t worry nearly as much, but I have a difficult iime leting go and letting God handle my situations. My husband calls me Mrs. Fix-it Fox. 🙂 It is true. (My last name is Fox, too 😀 ) May God strengthen us in our inner men and enable us to cast all our cares/concerns on Him once and for all. May we hear His voice and follow the direction He gives. Just thinking as I am typing this prayer, maybe I don’t spend enough time before Him with these concerns and listening for His voice. Selah! Thank You, Father God, for your unfailing, unrelenting love with us. May we be strong in You and the power of Your might, seeking You first and resting in Your strong, loving arms. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

  121. I love the book of Philippians. I would love to have a copy of your book for myself!

  122. I love growing closer to The Lord trough learning more and more by digging into His word.

  123. Sheila Watson says:

    What a great message. I would love to win this book and give it to my friend. She’s moving in with her parents after her divorce and starting new. She’s unsure of what’s in store for her future.

  124. Donna Torrado says:

    I would love a copy because I do struggle with worry. Especially at night I can’t seem to fall asleep without thinking of the hundreds of things I did wrong – need to do – finances etc.
    This has been such an issue I have been falling asleep on the sofa because the TV helps me to fall asleep without thinking.
    Not the way I want to continue to live.
    Thank you.

  125. ellie meade says:

    I would love to read this book! It sounds great!

  126. Jessica says:

    What a powerful reminder. I can relate to the stories of broken marriage and divorce. I have spent many a night lying awake in worry over the impact of my ex husband’s choices on my three beautiful girls. While I still have tough nights, more and more I find myself being able to battle the fear and worry with God’s truths.

  127. ellie meade says:

    Love this!

  128. I am struggling with discernment right now and would love a copy of this book. I so let fear from my past overtake my faith and then I go on lockdown mode. Its like a shut out the Hold Spirit and won’t allow Him to speak to me…just when I need Him the most. I so need peace right now in my life at this time of struggle!

  129. Jessica says:

    Very incouraging in this rough time!

  130. Stephanie says:

    What a great reminder that our petty worries are nothing to God and that we must rely on Him for everything, even the small concerns we have.

  131. barb schneider says:

    Im so enjoying this ministry and olbs I would love to have this book

  132. Laura Rasnick says:

    Philippians is just full of awesome verses, my favorites being 4:6-7. I would give it to my son who is having some struggles and needs to be reminded that he must give it to God and have faith.

  133. I would love a copy of this to help me with my daily struggles. I am still learning about my Faith and recently accepted Jesus as savior and now have dedicated my life to God! He has changed my life for the better in so many ways but I still struggle with so much anxiety and fear. Learning to live in Christ is a blessing

  134. Tiffany says:

    Thank you for this devotional. We all need to be reminded to give everything to the Lord. I know I definitely needed this today…i have no specific worries, just the everyday things that try to distract us from God! Your words are a true blessing!

  135. Nikki Deklotz says:

    This book would be helpful at this exact moment! I’m a first time mom and have had such an overwhelming couple of days – worry is something I’ve done quite a bit of! Need to remember that God will get me through this.

  136. I’d love a copy of this for my daughter. She’s about to leave home for college and life will never be the same. She holds her emotions until she’s physically sick and I’ll be far away for the first time in her life!

  137. This sounds like a book written for me, as I’m struggling with fear, and panic attacks.

  138. Janet S. says:

    Philippians is one of my favorite books in the Bible…so favorite, in fact, that I committed it to memory two years ago. I would love to see the insights that you have gleaned from this letter that Paul wrote.

  139. I’d love a copy for myself. Too often I find my mind wandering and worrying

  140. Debbie Childress says:

    I works read it first then share with a friend that has expressed her problem with worry and no peace. Blessing to you hope your book touches many!

  141. Marsha Tennant says:

    This is so important to living in The Word……let go snd let GOD! It yruly works!

  142. Worry is a struggle for me. I used to have an anxiety disorder. Life is hard. I am a caregiver and deal with a lot.

  143. You are a great author and inspiration to all who read you! Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

  144. Aubrey King says:

    I am a third generation “worry wart.” I have always thought it’s just what the women in my family do, until recently. God has been opening my eyes to the fact that worrying is not from him and it actually means that my faith isn’t in Him because I won’t allow Him to handle every aspect of my life. I would love to have a copy of the book to help grow in this area and not pass down the “worry wart gene” to my daughter.

  145. Jennifer Goodnite says:

    I would really love having this book. I struggle with overwhelming anxiety and Horrible panic attacks, but getting back to God, church, and the Bible has helped me immensely. Phillipians 4:6-7 is the main verse that helps me through.

  146. Tabitha Rex says:

    I would love a copy because it would help me strengthen my relationship with God & assist me in my spiritual journey.

  147. Julia Marra says:

    Since my husband’s death, I have so many decisions to make and no one to really help me know if it’s right or wrong. So I worry more than I should!

  148. Melissa says:

    Just reading this calmed some of my daily anxiety and worry. What an encouragement….would love a copy of this devotional. Might need to order a couple more for the worriers in my family!

  149. I’d like a copy of the book for myself

  150. Tanisha G says:

    I am currently working on my spiritual growth and this book will help me in my quest.

  151. Tracy Hailey says:

    Philippians 4:6 is my absolute favorite verse & I think this book will be awesome…if I don’t win I will buy it plus some to give to loved ones

  152. Would live to share this with friends.

  153. Jessica Santos says:

    ‘Trust in the lord with all your heart Lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths’ … ive been meditating on this scripture to remind myself to live for god. I dont want small tribulations in life to pull me away from my journey with the lord…. I thank god for proverbs31 ministry … i pray to continue to hear his voice and would love this book xoxox

  154. Annie E says:

    The study of God’s word has helped me thru many hard times. However I do tend to worry too much. I try to follow God’s command “do not fear”. He tells us this 365 times in the Bible. I think this study on Philippians would help.

  155. Joy Martin says:

    Would love to read this book many times over the past year I have been lead to the book of Philippians.

  156. I would like it for myself then I would share with my daughter. I love Philippians Paul states if we use Christ as a model we can enjoy life–It changes our purpose and our attitude and we don’t have to worry just give it to the Lord !!

  157. Amanda Evans says:

    I’d give a copy to my sister who has been struggling for several years now with addiction, poor choices and bad relationships.

  158. Debbie Adkins says:

    Right now, at this point in my life, I have several friends who are struggling just to be alive. One suffers with a rare cancer, another suffers with pancreatic cancer, and another has lost her 2nd child in 6 months. I would want to share the book with all 3, especially the one who does not yet know Christ. I have found that even I can become sad with them at times, and I need to keep my faith and encouragement to them high.

  159. Mandy Eley says:

    I need this myself…struggling to choose faith over fear.

  160. I think this was written for me. I would love to win this.

  161. Jennifer Ryan says:

    I am so encouraged by this! I have been reading this over and over in the bible. It is so full of peace. I am walking a road of suffering now , and the peace I have is from Jesus. I am so grateful for this gift from Him

  162. Mary Eidson Rose says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Much needed!!!!

  163. Megan S says:

    Exactly what I need as I start a brand new MOPS group!

  164. heather says:

    I am addicted to worrying. If I dont have somethingto worry about, I find aomething to worry about. I am working on breaking this time wastig destructive habit, and am usi g the Bible as my guide. This 8 weem study would be perfect for me.

  165. Rochelle D says:

    From having anxiety and worry as far back as I can remember I’m always looking for new reads, new perspectives using scripture. Seeing as to I’m new to studying Bible I would love to receive a copy!

  166. Julie Armel says:

    I would love to win a copy. I love the book of Phillipians and would love to study more. And I have some family members who worry a lot and would love to share this book with them.

  167. Cheryl Wilson says:

    I’m going through a divorce. Dealing with serious financial issues, possibly about to lose my job because my boss is drinking again. If that happens I’ll lose my car & apartment. I already live paycheck to paycheck as it is. I’m trying to have faith but I’m scared.

  168. Philippians is one of my favorite books of the bible. My life verse is Phiippians 4:6-7. What a blessed message.

  169. Rochelle D says:

    From having anxiety and worry as far back as I can remember I’m always looking for new reads, new perspectives using scripture. Seeing as to I’m new to studying Bible I would love to receive a copy!

  170. Searching for peace. I would enjoy reading the book.

  171. I need this book. I’ve been growing in my faith so much lately but this is what I need to learn most. I need to learn to let go and trust that God has everything under His control.

  172. Brandie says:

    How amazing our God is and how wonderful it is that we are able to use the internet to share His wonderful word for His Glory!

  173. Claire holloway says:

    I want this book because this is a book of the Bible I constantly am running to. I would love an in depth perspective to this book.

  174. Sharon Owsley says:

    Our community church, 121, is named for that Philippians verse! I would love to delve deeper into my spiritual journey through great reading and studies.

  175. Lisa millard says:

    I need inspiration and daily lessons! This would be so monumental for me and to share with my small group! God bless!

  176. Jeanne Duran says:

    Thank you for reminding me to “turn the pages of Scripture” in my mind as I lay down to sleep. Night is when I am most vulnerable to Satan’s attacks – what I didn’t get done, what I forgot, how I failed in my day… and the list goes on. Scripture is the best defense against his attacks. I would love a copy of your book on Philippians. Thanks!

  177. Bettina says:

    A little over a month ago I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Philippians 4:6 has been a verse I’ve had to remember daily. I’ve already had surgery but am still waiting for final results to determine whether further treatment will be necessary. Daily I must remember not to worry, but to pray…… God’s got this!

  178. Denise Snead says:

    Am going through hard times right now and have heard alot about the book and wld love to read it.

  179. Denise Snead says:

    Already sent a comment..updated email

  180. Lisa Korpela says:

    I read what you wrote and thought that you were writing my story. I have the most difficult time at night. Fear grips me as I try to fall asleep and worries flood my mind. I am very interested in this study.

  181. I needs this to help me to not worry so much

  182. God blesses those who trust in HIM….help me to lean harder

  183. Kelly Shore says:

    Hi, I would like yo read the book because in January of this year our house caught on fire and it was only because of God’s hand waking me up, that we all made it out alive. Ever since then I struggled and still continue to struggle with fear of the unknown. Nothing ever traumatic has happened to me before, Praise the Lord, but it was very scary and now I get scared thinking about the future and death. My Pastor is a wonderful man and he sent me that scripture too and in the same week I’ve read it at least two other times, I know that was probably from God. I know my faith needs to grow. Please pray for me and my family.

  184. Theresa Lawson says:

    The enemy has a stronghold on my husband and our family. I have been praying for years for freedom for him and Peace for my family. I have recently relinquished control and given it to God. The peace I feel is great, but it would be great to have a reminder how to live in peace through Christ.

  185. Heather Reeves says:

    I would share this book with my sister. We are learning to walk in faith and it is so important to have dependable references to turn to!

  186. Teresa Clark says:

    I would like to win a copy for my daughter. She has two little boys 4 and 8 years old. The 8 year old is nonverbal Autistic and is very hard to handle. My daughter and her husband are struggling with the boys, especially the older one and financially. I feel this would help her to know that God really is there for her each step of the way and is in control of all her worries and fears and wants to give her His peace.

  187. Maranda says:

    As a woman with 70 days of sobriety, I often find myself trying not to panic over new situations and feelings and remember that God is all knowing and all powerful. I would enjoy a copy of this book in order to continue on my journey with a new tool in my toolkit. Thank you.

  188. Talia Nichols says:

    God giveth and God taketh…
    so so so many times I failed to give Him all the glory. I allowed my human pride to say “praise me… look what I did… I alone earned this”… He tried to intervene many times by slowly removing each of the blessings that he had bestowed one by one but my foolish stubborness was so convincing with “oh its ok you lost your job… you are an independent strong woman you will obtain another one” not once did I fall on my knees bow my head to give him thanks and ask for guidance!! I was wrong and ignorant… My narcissistic tunnel vision prevailed but only temporarily…
    UNTIL a very dark heavy hour fell upon me and as the quiet set in, I became still, I looked up and all that was present was my baby boy and I… by this point my sin had cost me my job, my home, my car, and my family…….
    HE takes center stage, HE clears his throat, HE taps on the mic and says
    “Testing, testing, testing 1,2,3…”
    HE then looks straight at me and asks
    “are you ready to listen now….
    are you ready to do it My Way….
    are you ready to humble yourself and let go of control…
    you, my child are human and weak,
    but I AM strong…
    you have only what I have given, give thanks for EVERYTHING…
    I created you for a purpose and for way too long you have been too busy going and doing… stop…

    • Thank you for sharing this, Talia. Wow! I especially what you wrote about God speaking into the mic! 🙂 “Are you ready to do it My way?. . . are you ready to huble yourself and let go of control? . . . ” Wow! God continue to bless you as you relinquish control to God. I need to to that, too.

  189. Kellie Ralph says:

    Thanks so much for this encouragement. I worry the most about my children but am learning more n more God is the only one who knows what is best for them.

  190. Faylin Myhre says:

    Yes Please! So want to let God have all my cares and concerns. Prodigals, aging parents. work, finances…..I know He cares for me but am always looking for practical tools to use in my daily walk. I have several friends or family members I can pass it along to as well. We live in a world of turmoil, those all around us struggle with the same concerns. We need to be sharing and reaching out to others as we are learning to lean on Him.

  191. Talin Arisian says:

    I felt so uplifted when I read this! Worrying is one of my weaknesses and this lead me to open bible and starting reading all of Gods promises. I just need to be constantly looking to rest in His Word and have faith He has it all under control. I would love to win any resource that would help me to keep turning to God instead of giving into my worry. Thank you for the opportunity:)

  192. I need this book. I recently got married and two weeks after we married he walked out on me because I found out he was lying to me and scamming me for money. Two days later my 13 year old decided he wanted to go live with his dad. I can’t sleep and I feel panic stricken.

  193. I am so grateful that I found your blog. I needed to hear every single word that you have written. I would love to have your book has I’m going through a bit of the valley I transition and I’m trying to figure out what to do with my life. I’m alone and I’m afraid, fear has taken over my life and I want to walk in faith.

  194. Thank you for posting this. Exactly what I needed. I will keep reading it!

  195. Love this struggling with worry and how things will turn out with our teenage daughter who has some special needs .trying to decide what will happen after graduation next year. Thanks for the encouragement.

  196. Marci rupert says:

    I enjoy sharing your wisdom with the single moms I my church so would love to utilize the books for our monthly single moms bible study thank you and keep it coming

  197. Barbara Paton says:

    Paul’s God-inspired words in Philippians have helped me to change my way of thinking by pointing me to the “whatever’s.” I study the book at every opportunity.

  198. Peace wondrous peace

  199. Mary Aguirre says:

    Would love to read this book! Today’s message was exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  200. Beth Stoy says:

    Loved this..loved how it gave us an applicable way to apply it to our lives.. I love how take the worry and look for a positive response to it in Gods word

  201. I am a Christian counselor and would utilize this book with my clients to help them learn that despite the trials they are experiencing that they can still have peace. I think this would be a great tool for teaching clients the true source of peace that surpasses all human understanding. I would love the opportunity to utilize this amazing resource at my office and refer many clients to purchasing their own copy!

  202. I saw the picture this morning “Worry sees problems but Faith Sees the God that can handle the problems”. It hit me hard because it seems that’s all I have been doing lately. I printed the picture and posted it next to my computer as a reminder. I would love a copy of this book as I take the leap of Faith to entrust God with my cares and worry less.

  203. Those are such true words. Recently I have found some peace in my stressful job, and I know its because I pray to God every morning, to bring peace over me and give me patience and help me through the day with the frustrations of trying to stay focused and organized and not overwhelmed. This would be a valuable addition to the books I have already purchased. Thank you for providing words of encouragement to so many women.

  204. I want to walk in faith. I have been going through some low times and have been clinging to the Word. Thank you for your encouragement.

  205. Love the message. Would love to read the book, please, please, please.
    I really need it!

  206. Tina Thomas says:

    Would love, love, love to have this book! My favorite verse is Philippians 4:4 — Rejoice in the Lord always! Thanks for the chance to win!

  207. My 30 year old husband just got diagnosed with bone cancer. We are young, have 2 young baby girls and my faith is shaky right now. I’m constantly worrying and asking “why us?” I am grieving hard and am looking for anything to help me. Thank you.

    • As I was just praying for you, Lauren, I saw you casting all the care on God and laying at his feet and listening for His voice. Rest in His presence and receive inner strength from Him. We have a Great High Priest – Jesus – who understands our emotions, weaknesses and what we go through. We can take it to Him. Hebrews 4:16 says: “Let us fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of grace (the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us sinners) that we may receive mercy {for our failures} and find grace to help in good time for every need {appropriate help and well-timed help coming just when we need it}. AMP Bible This speaks to me, too, as I have a hard time giving it all to Jesus. God continue to strengthen you in your inner man and help you to keep your eyes, heart and mind fixed on Him! His love for you and your family is great and deep!

  208. I would love this study – it’s an area I struggle in.

  209. My wife is going through a lot lately, with a hard, mom’s day cuz we had a daughter who was killed
    We’re raising 3 adopted teens goingthrough their issues always encouraging them now, me with a nodule in my thyroid. She into read a little more on God’s peace. Blessings and thanks for the opportunity. Peter

  210. Diane Albino says:

    Worry steals. Faith heals.

  211. Debbie Kohany says:

    The more I have memorized scripture, the easier I have found it to recognize Satans attempt to mess with my head when I’m trying to fall asleep! Whenever past mistakes rise to the top of my mind at night, I just start to pray and quote scriptures until either I fall asleep or feel comforted. I loved reading this and will print it out. Thank you and God Bless You!

  212. I am always in need of reminder of this. Thanks for sharing.

  213. Nicole G. says:

    This couldn’t have come at a better time in my life!! I would be more than blessed to receive a copy of your eight week bible study!! Worry has consumed my thoughts these days. Thank you, Proverbs 31, for your daily devotions!! They are so incredible for me and I’m sure everyone else who takes time to read them!!!

  214. Thank you for this reminder. Life can be overwhelming at times. We all need to remember to stay in the word and trust our God. There is nothing he can’t handle for us.

  215. Perfect timing and I really needed to here this message.

  216. Angela Shade says:

    PHILLIPIANS is my favorite book besides Matthew. Thank you so much for your words. They were just what I needed hear today

  217. Samantha Glenn says:

    Because I would like to Learn more about the bible and God and then I am done with the book I will pass it on to someone else to read

  218. The heart knows to keep our focus on Him but the mind doesn’t like to obey. I am trying to trust and not fear every day.

  219. I understand it but it is difficult for me to do.

  220. rebecca says:

    I have always been drawn to Philippines since worry seems to be my biggest struggle. Now I’m in a time where I am faced with day to day pain and anxiety. Searching for answers every day I know that although God sends people our way to help the true peace that surpasses all else only comes from God. He gives us the peace that can give us comfort when the world doesn’t understand how. I need this study and daily reminder now more than ever. The hope that only comes through Him. Thanks for sharing your insights from this wonderful book from God. God is faithful. I know that in my heart. I look forward to seeing what you have taken in from Him.

  221. Would love to get this and start a devotional!

  222. Lindsey Green says:

    As a new Christian I am learning what God’s peace feels like! I’m new in this journey with Christ! I love learning about His word and how pertinent it is to my life and daily activities! This will definitely be a book I add to my collect to help me grow in my journey with Christ!

  223. I would give to my younger sister. She lost her husband 2 1/2 weeks ago in a motorcycle wreck and is struggling. She is relatively young (52) and my nephew is 15. We are helping her all we can but she needs the strength that only He can give her.Yes, as much as I would like a copy, she would get it if I am chosen.

  224. Lesa Washington says:

    My trials, tribulations and testimonies are to many to list and I’m thankful for every endeavor. My praises and” FAITH” are what got me through. Thank you for sharing and encouraging me to keep fighting the good fight of faith. God bless you.

  225. Samantha says:

    I would LOVED the copy to read and help my deal with worries! Thanks for considering me!

  226. I would love to read this.

  227. Margaret Fraleigh says:

    I would love to win this book toread and study it over the summer.

  228. This was an amazingly encouraging post. I would love this book as I feel I am constantly wracked with worry. I have a toddler and will be delivering another baby any day. My life is filled with chaos and anxiety right now. Thank you so much for these encouraging words!

  229. Courtney says:

    Worry is a daily struggle but when I give it to God, I love the peace that only He can give me.

  230. Kim Berger says:

    I am hungry! Hungry for Him! I want to learn more!

  231. Thank you for your encouraging words. I lie awake most nights.

  232. Almost 3 months ago my husband left us unexpectedly. He has missed two kids birthdays, a high school graduation, and is about to miss the birth of our 2nd grandchild. He will not talk to me, so I have no idea why he left us. Even though I pray constantly, I still hear and sometimes believe the doubts. So I’m reading anything God puts in my path.

  233. Philippians is one the books in the Bible that speaks to me the most & I would live to get her perspective & encouragement from this book.

  234. Thank you so much for this post. I may try and save it to print out at work tomorrow. I’ve been getting this same message for the last 2 weeks in one form or another. I have so many problems that I can’t seem to find a solution to. And that’s my problem.. I CAN’T FIND THE SOLUTION. I’m looking in the wrong place for my answers. I need to leave it all at Christs’ feet for Him to deal with. Once I learn to do that, my life will take a different turn. My anxiety will quiet down and I won’t feel so stressed all the time. I need to be quiet, sit tight, and wait for God’s perfect timing.

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I would carry it with me everywhere. I have such bad anxiety and most of it stems from all the problems I am dealing with in this life. I would share it with others, as well. I don’t have money to spare to buy books so I try to find freebies and free downloadables wherever possible.
    Either way, I thank you for this post.

  235. Deb Pryor says:

    Awesome! Thank you! Would love to dive in deeper!

  236. First I have to say that I haven’t had much teaching of the bible, I know there is a god but sometimes I often wonder if he’s really out there. I have had many struggles, I try to go to church but then after awhile I find myself only going once in awhile. But reading this tonight really helped. I hardly sleep because I worry about so much and I do believe it’s Satan doing is evil work… but after reading this I can honestly say I feel better tonight about falling asleep. I would very much like this book so I can get help with my struggles, thank you!

  237. Kim stephens says:

    I would so love a copy of this. I have really been struggling with worry. It seems I worry about everything anymore. Marriage,finances,daughter,aging parents and so on. I can’t seem to get anything done in any of these areas due to worrying so much. I have been studying my bible and borrowing books from friends to help restore my faith and make it stronger. I know God is good all the time. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. I know it will be helpful.

  238. Janet Church says:

    I have been a Chrixtian for way over half of my life , but struggle with general anxiety disorder. . I would love to read this book and be able to apply these scriptures and advice to my heart ! I try to ” help” God sometimes instead of listening to His promises . Thank you for sharing ! I would love to be privileged to win this book .

  239. Sheila Lewis says:

    This was a perfect reading for me tonight. I am a teacher at a Christian school and have been praying about my job. School is in its last weeks and ive had a lot of worry and stress about going back to public school. I love teaching a Christian based curriculum, which is impossible in public schools. I think that’s partially why our country is in such a mess. This message has reminded me to stop the worry and focus on FROG! Lol Fully relying on God! Thanks and God bless you!

  240. Meghan Respess says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I have felt God speaking to me about my worry and surrendering those “idols” so I can fully commit myself to him!

  241. Janice Pierson says:

    My constant prayer is to be wrapped in God’s perfect peace. My mind likes to spin in circles at times and I need to continually remind myself about God’s truths. When my eyes and thoughts are on Him, I can feel His arms wrap around me and His peace envelop me. I would love this book for myself and would then share with several young women at my church who are struggling. We all need God’s peace, and when we know how to rest in it, we need to share it.

  242. Thank you for this article; it rings so true.

  243. Shannon Cruz says:

    Thank you for these words of peace as I lay in bed thinking of leaving my husband. Just feeling tired and hurt but this passage has helped me to put it back in God’s hands and seek peace. Thank you

  244. Arguably the most succinct verse written that was written for all of us to repeatedly share with ourselves and others in remembrance of our calling and purpose.

  245. I love Philippians, it’s my favorite book.

  246. Cyn Ritter says:

    I worry constantly. Right now it’s financial worries. I would love to read and study about not worring so much.
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  247. L. King says:

    My favorite verse is: TO Live is Christ…

  248. Nette Mayer says:

    I learned how to worry from my mom… I’d love to read this Bible Study on those nights when I can’t sleep because the stress of the day has left my mind awake with worry over the littlest things.

  249. This is actually the first time I ever read anything by Nancy, and right off I related to her and really enjoyed her writing! I would love to get this free book for myself and gain a closer relationship to God through her writing.

  250. Jo Anne Mangampo says:

    Hi! Today upon reading this feeds from my fb page. Starting to restore myself from all the challenges i have been recently. Truely, God always turns our disappointments into a surprising victories and giving us peace with His words. I thank God for everything. No matter how big our problems, we have a great big God who can really make a way! To God be the glory.

  251. Stephanie Casida says:

    Wow. So very good. Amen. Amen. Amen. That prayer was absolutely perfect for me right now. Thank you for your wisdom and sharing these incredible, life changing truths. Thank you Jesus, we have everything we need in you. Love.

  252. I became a new Christian a year an a half ago and love reading and studying God’s word. I am always so eager to learn and to study what I learn, I take notes on almost every bible lesson I hear, I have almost three journals full of notes and studies. I would love to learn more about Philippines and to be able to use it in my life, to learn to live for christ and to follow his teachings.

  253. Angela Alpaugh says:

    I would love to have this book to soak in the inspiration.

  254. Worrying is something I do best. I know I shouldn’t, but it’s so hard not to! I would love to have this book to read through and follow along with the Bible Study plan so I can learn to rely more on God and stop worrying so much!

  255. Joyce Gortz says:

    Recently a person shared with me that sometimes we get “stuck” in the “flight or fight” mode, which keeps us in a constant state of stress at various levels. This hit home with me as I’ve struggled over the years with completely trusting God, & acknowledging Him in all thy ways. I used to think of myself as relatively easy-going, but there are certain “triggers” that set me into a state of worry, anxiety, & fear moreso since my middle-aged years. I shared this devotional message by Nancy McGuirk, along with three incidences in the past week that occurred in my life. Since I’m working to establish a women’s health resource center, I would appreciate reading Nancy’s Bible study & sharing it with others. Praise God for women reaching out to women. Joyce Gortz

  256. I’ve been struggling with letting go of being hurt from a recent experience and let God take full control. Reading this was a good reminder.

  257. Shanan mallard says:

    As I sit here worrying about something I did at work today this verse hit home as a gentle reminder of how I should be thinking. I have struggled with worrying and anxiety for the last 10 years and have been looking for a bible study to start. Seems like a god send.

  258. Lakenya Parker says:

    Thanks for that devotion I really needed this tonight. I’ve not been able to sleep a week now, worry have taken over. I would love a free copy of your book. To help me along this journey

  259. Mitzii Roughface says:

    I grew up watching my mother worry about money and what other people think all the time. I believed this is the way we were supposed to live. Worry only creates stress. Over the years I have begun practicing worrying less and allowing God more. I have not perfected this yet as I have learned recently that I tend to be a closet worrier. 🙁

    I would love to read this book to learn more and to encourage myself to live more worry free so that I can be a light for others in this day of worry and stress. I know some that don’t have time to read books, but they do have time for short conversations where I have been able to share what the Word and what books have taught me.

  260. God is truly working through you! Thank you so much! My family seems to be going through the storms of life but we are so blessed to know that God is there every step of the way! But it’s reading something like this that gives me strength & the courage to go on & to work on my faith & most of all, to continue to believe in our one & only God! Thank you!

  261. I am such a big worrier and nighttime is the worst for me. That is when I get down and have put parties and don’t really have anyone to go to for comfort. I feel like my prayers go as high as the ceiling and stop. I don’t hear his still small voice. I want to strengthen my Walt and go closer to God. I want to know him as Loud and Savior and friend and father. I also have never won anything before. I would give this book to myself.

  262. Susan knapp says:

    Today was a worry and fear day. And I prayed on my home for The Lord to give me the words and scripture to take them both away. So many answers to my prayer – the last one before I sleep was this amazing post. Amen and amen

  263. I have been struggling with this issue for too long and I’d love more guidance I would appreciate this book.
    Thank you 🙂

  264. Leah Lopez says:

    Worry has always been a struggle for me. I seem to worry about everything, and then feel guilty for worrying! It is something I am trying to be more self aware about, and I am trying to redirect my worrisome mind to God’s promises.

  265. Ive always worried. I want to learn to let go and stop wasting precious moments

  266. Eddie Alfaro says:

    I would love to win a copy of Philippians: To Live Is Christ! I trust and lean on God’s promises, but some days I need to be reminded! This guide would surely come in handy. In turn, I would share it with someone else in need of it, when I am done with it! Thanks!

  267. I am inspired by Proverbs 31 and learn from it daily in my faith journey.

  268. This looks like a great study. I’m a huge worrier who would love to find peace and since I can’t control my life circumstances, I can at least learn how to change me and find peace.

  269. I would like a copy of Philippians Bible Study because; I have been going through a very tough spiritual battle and would just like to study Philippians out more with the hopes of gain insight into my battle and how to be an overcomer instead of being overcomed.

  270. katrina thomas says:

    This book sounds great!! Something that i struggle with, would be great to read it.

  271. Therese says:

    I would like to win a copy for both my husband and I to share. Worry seems to be a stronghold for my husband and we need victory over it. Thank you.

  272. I could really use this book! My middle name could have been worry wart. I am just getting to know the Bible, I have always been a christian but I am just realizing that there is more to being a christian than believing and attending church. I did an online Bible study with Wendy Blight and loved it. I want to know more and also see if I can work on worrying less.

  273. Laura Pape says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book for myself and my husband. We worry about many things together and have gone back to Phillipians 4:6-7 often. I believe this book would help us both rely more on God and his promises from the Bible.

  274. I would like a copy of this book,my husband is dying of liver cancer,no insurance,owe mt. of debts that I can not pay,what am I do too,I am handicap and can’t work.the future for us looks dim,dark,impossible, Need prayer.

  275. Cindy K says:

    I would love to win this book because fear is something I struggle with quite often and I also see this same feature in my teenage daughter. She will leave off college soon and I would love to prepare her for the world with a book like this that will remind her if who us in charge of her life so shd doesn’t need to worry so much!

  276. Machelle says:

    What a wonderful reminder to rest in Him and His truth. I think as a mom I tend to worry first and then pray. If I could pray first, then I would not need to worry. Going to God in times of stress and anxiety, ultimately is always the best solution.

  277. Heather says:

    I would love to have a copy of this, I struggle with this fight daily, I am truly trying to live in Faith would like to read this book for daily applying!

  278. Donia Wayne says:

    This post came at the right time. I struggle so much with worry and fear that I don’t have the faith or trust in God that I truly want to be free. I feel I try hard to do this but for some reason I’m missing something.

  279. I would love to win a copy. This is so speaking to my life right now.

  280. Kelsie Wagner says:

    I would love this book. The world is full of worries and it’s just hard to be quiet and trust God. I would love to be more in tune with Gods voice.

  281. Charlene says:

    I find myself worrying about things as soon as my head hits the pillow or as soon as my eyes open. This devotional was a nice reminder that I should hand my worries and fears over to Him. Through Him I can be free of worry and fear.

  282. Joan Burton says:

    I am the Director of Women’s Ministries at my church. I have been wanting to lead a study on Philippians for some time. So many of the women at my church struggle with worry, self-doubt, anxiety and fear. I’d love to be able to help them.

  283. To live is Christ I believe would better equip me as a wife, mother and woman in the Father to exemplify and honor Him in all areas of my life. My desire is to study to be fully equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 2:15 and 2 Timothy 3:16)

  284. Trish Parker says:

    This year has provided me with many challenges including the loss of my Momto Alzheimer’s…but through it all…I have lived Philippians 4:13. I would really love to have a copy of this book to help me grow in my worry-free walk.

  285. I think of 2 people in my life whenever I hear about worry and fear. My Dad (63) and my Son (21). They both worry and fear so much. My dad has a mild form of Agoraphobia so I can’t even get him to attend church due to it. My son is seeking counseling with what looks like possible Social Anxiety disorder. I think this book would be a great way for me to help start on a journey of healing of their worries and fears.

  286. Racquel Peterson says:

    I would like a copy so I could share with a small study group I lead at my home. Fear and worry can grip people, myself included if I’m not careful. What a great resource to remind us why we should not allow the tools Satan uses to keep us defeated.

  287. For over 3 years I have been praying for our youngest daughter to move back home. She moved to Florida when she was 19 with her boyfriend(against our wishes). She did not like living at home with “our rules”. At first I thought it was o.k. She found a job and was making good money, sounded happy. We visited after she had been there about a year. Met her boss, who spoke highly of her,and said he would take care of her like she was his own. We left feeling great! Fast-forward 4 years…she is dating someone different. She is in a terrible car accident and broke her back., She was very lucky. People that saw the accident, were amazed when they crawled out of the car.We drove down and stayed until she was released from the hospital and then we brought her back home with us. While we were there, we met her new boyfriend and his parents. You could tell he was head over heels for our daughter. His Dad and Stepmom were really great people. Taylor stayed home the least she could. Her boyfriend and his Dad drove up to get her. That is when we realized something wasn’t quite right. Later we found out he was a heavy drug user, now she was using too. She finally came to her senses (we thought) and stoped seeing him.Then in November,I receive a call from her boss, telling me he had to let her go. She went from dating a drug user to a drug dealer. He said she was very messed up. I could not get in touch with her.She had no car, no place to live, no job..I needed to know she was ok, but I needed to tell her that her Dad was having surgery..he had back pain..MRI showed 3 tumors in his spinal cord. Finally talked with her, she was going to ride the bus home,but our Sunday School Class took a love offering and paid for her to fly home!She got to the hospital on Christmas day, we went home that night after 6 long days!! But NO CANCER !! Taylor ended up staying just a few days.Her “new” boyfriend paid for her flight home.Her calls home seemed like things were good..We get a call Mother’s Day from her. She is crying,saying she has no place to go, no money,no phone and that we need to come and get her tomorrow!But she needs a few hundred $$ to eat and for somewhere to stay.I had to say no to $$. told her to pray,and I was sure she had a place to stay She was crying,,mad,hung up on me. 10 minutes later she called,her Dad answered, she asked to speak to me,She said she was sorry and that she would be ok until we could get there tomorrow,and she loved me.I couldn’t go with him to get her, I just had Rotator Cuff surgery,so I stayed home..trying to figure out what to do.As I was coming home from physical therapy, I was listening to J-103,a Christian radio station.They were having Moms call in about there Mother’s day stories,and then he said ” how about any Mother’s Day Miracles?”It hit me. God HAD answered my prayer! Just not in the way I expected. About a year ago,I read a book that changed my life, “Not a Fan”. Through this book, one of the things God showed me was that I needed to rely on Him for EVERTHING. Every little thing pray about it. I vividly remember the night I talked with God about Taylor. I had literally been on my knees crying thru my prayers to Him.Iopened my Bible..there was Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”I prayed for God to have my all!! I was at his mercy! I could carry these burdens no was literally killing me….or driving me to do it…When I finished my talk with God, I was a different person!! A NEW person in God! My mantra is “I walk by Faith not by sight.” Taylor and her Dad got home late last night. We tried talking about rehab which she discussed with her Dad on the ride back and was ok with. But she doesn’t remember……I walk by Faith…………..<3

  288. I wud luv to have a copy of this book to help me b a stronger person in life n deal wit everything dat is goin on right now in my life…..

  289. Gloria Pinedo says:

    Lately I have been very deep in the valley while struggling with my faith, with who I really am in Christ, and what does all of this really mean for me?
    Fear, worry, doubt…all lies!
    I know I should simply be listening for the truth from God but sometimes I really don’t know how.
    I would love this study guide to be the jumpstart that I need to push myself to get closer to Christ. I want to be able to walk with a deeper faith! Without fear or worry!
    Thank you.

  290. Phyllis says:

    I’m still learning about the bible. My whole life I was taught to fear and worry. There was no peace, love, kindness or compassion. I thought those things belong to others and not me. I believed before I embraced my faith that I don’t deserve that in my life. I found the love of God Is what I have been searching for and I am excited to teach my children

  291. Elsa Haas says:

    Hi. Just leaving a comment to be entered in the drawing for the book. I have always pondered that verse about “to live is Christ and to die is gain” and I often repeat it to people when they have lost a loved one. I think it takes much faith to believe that death is better than where we are right now but if you believe in God then you should believe all the way. Thank you.

  292. I would love to share this book with my husband as we both struggle with this in differ ways.

  293. Paulette says:

    I worry and worry. I tell myself it does not good so relax, pray and trust God until the next time then the process starts all over again. I worry to the point of being sick in my stomach. The past three months I have been praying and listening more when I begin to worry over that which I cannot ‘fix’ myself, which I have no answers for. I read and pray over Psalm 4:8, it helps me relax and feel the safety I seek also.

  294. Thank you for this post! I found this because I was searching for ways to handle worry, as a Christian. Saw a link on a friend’s FB page and followed it finally to this article. I felt like God helped me to find it so I can begin to truly understand how to let go, trust Him, and have peace. God bless!

  295. Gillie Ruth says:

    Trial and error! For years! Now I find if I praise and thankGod for anything I can think of, then tel Him my needs and fears, that’s a good start. The answer for me, is NEVER to try to guess how God could possibly solve the problem, pass over that thought, and recognize it is Satan trying to disrupt our peace. I pray again about the issue, but refuse to get into that mindset, with Gods strength, such peace when you don’t try and second guess God and expect things to be answered as He knows best.

  296. Kalinda says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. It really spoke to my heart and is an answer to my prayers. GOD is so awesome! He knows what you need when you need it, at the perfect moment. Words can’t describe what a mighty GOD we serve.

  297. Sandra Davenport says:

    God answered my prayer tonight with this message. Laying here at 2:00am worrying, when I should be trusting in Faith believing. Let go and let God. I praise His name for loving me!
    Would live to read this book in its entirety. Thank you Proverbs 31 for posting this for me to see tonight! Helped me in a struggle. Going to close my eyes and praise God for His plan in this struggle and letting go and lettin God….

  298. Patty H says:

    Since it’s 2:39am, I guess that would make me a great candidate for her devotional!! 🙂

  299. Susan B says:

    If I won this, I’d use this as our next book study for my small group. I think that there is so much we could all benefit from learning with this book.

  300. I am that worrier. I need to constantly pray about giving my problems to God. When I read this I think I need to have something like this to read every night

  301. I would love to win a copy of the book because I’ve never actually studied Phillipians. This message really spoke to me, I am a huge worrier, in fact I was laying down worrying about the tasks of tomorrow. Let go and let God… I needed this tonight.

  302. Philippians is my favorite book in the Bible. I would be so encouraged by winning a copy!!!

  303. Kim wangler says:

    I would love to have this book I have Hartnups and the 4’D’s from in have Illiostomy for 9 years one day I was mouning and complaining how I had the bag and was sick of it when my six year old granddaughter Alyssa Louise ask if she could ask me something I told her you know you can ask you grandma anything so she asked if I would be alive if I didn’t have illy my reply the truth was no baby girl I wouldn’t the man Dr Moro saved my life she then said well then don’t you think you should wake up every morning and thank God for illy instead of being mad at us and the world she said I love illy I’m glad you have illy and you don’t smile anymore. At that moment I realized I wasn’t even aware that I had slipped away from The Lord and truthfully had one of my kids or bothers or sister had said that to me I would of told them they know we’re the could stick it .

  304. Esther Oluwakorede says:

    Thank you Nancy for this piece. It is indeed very helpful. Even though I spent the night trying to catch my mind to have peace and reading this this morning. I believe it’s God speaking to me.

  305. As I lay here at 3:00 am this truly is what I needed to hear. My worries are so many and the troubles so large, it is hard to see the big picture. So thankful that God not only sees the big picture, but knows the outcome! Still very hard to remember at times when you see your children facing huge life changing/defining obstacles. Many forks in our families road at this time and can’t figure out which way to go.

  306. I have been worrying about my finances for awhile. My child support will be ending when my youngest graduates from high school, and I’m not sure how I’m going to make ends meet. Both of my kids in college is expensive and their father pays no more than what was legally required. I know that God will provide, and I still worry! Why is that?! I really needed this email and will benefit from this bible study. I can’t wait for this teaching to come. I just need to train myself better so I don’t worry so much about things that I know He will provide.

  307. 2:00 a.m. and I’m up. I should be sleeping, alarm will go off at 4:00, but too much on my mind and, I have to admit, im struggling with my thoughts. I have been a Christian too long to allow things to bother me. I have seen His grace and glory too many times to fear, but here I am. The timing of this post was great, I will now try to sleep again. One hour more before I start my long day.

  308. Melissa Minnick says:

    I struggle with worry and fear, at times I obsess over it, its a daily struggle, but I am working on replacing fear with faith, and replacing worry with the Word.

  309. Deborah Rissmiller says:

    As a mother of four teenagers, it seems like worry can be a daily battle that I often feel I am losing. I am seeking wisdom and encouragement from the word of God and I believe this study would be very beneficial.

  310. Kathy souther says:

    The night use to consume me. Its only just recentjy have i been turning my head towards his wonderful voice. He has filled my heart with confidence and joy. My love for Him is overwelming and i want my daughter to know that same joy! She is 28 and just starting life on the right track. I want to be a pillar of strength for her.

  311. Chastidy Lundy says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I needed to hear this today. Just yesterday I had a scare. I had found some lumps in my breast and had to go for a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound of my breaat yesterday. After 4 very long hours of testing and waiting, satan started to attack my thoughts…some people survive breast cancer some people don’t….I have two boys how are they going to take this…and many many more thought. I kept reminding myself that God has this and whatever it is He will carry us through this. We’ll Praise God my diagnosis is not breast cancer it is Fibrocystic Disease and they are benign!!! Praise God!!! Thanks again for writing your devotion. It really helped me this morning!!!

  312. I would love to read this book. Right now I am going through financial struggles and on top of that I just had surgery that will add $3,000 of medical bills to my bills. Thankful I was paid a portion of my pay while I was out of work for 6 weeks. And now my husband is going through some medical issues and we have not found out what it is. He is having a ctscan in a few days. I’m trusting God in all this but the worry and fear is there.

  313. Chris Busby says:

    I am learning daily to trust in The Lord and depend on Him !

  314. Chris E. R. says:

    This spoke so clearly to me, not only for myself but for a dear friend who has been through so much the past two years and struggle daily, and oftentimes nightly with recurrent times of sleeplessness from those struggles. I would love to share this with her. It is a blessing that God is with us and glory to him who heals us in His own timing.

  315. Cecilia Ramos says:

    I have been overwhelmed with fear, doubt and worry all of my life due to abuse I suffered in my childhood however I have two children now and wish to finally break this generational curse and reclaim GODs victory for my family. I believe this teaching will give me the guidance necessary to do do, GOD bless you

  316. God has been working on my husband and I this
    Last year or so. we have started going to Tuesday night connections. I would like to read this book and grow inGod but in reality if I stay in my word of God I will also grow. Have a blessed day.

  317. Elizabeth L. says:

    This looks like a really great book. I am married to a small business owner and we have six children ages 1-14 life is very busy which brings a lot of stress which in turn tends to feed my worry/panic. I really want to give it all to The Lord.

  318. Melanie Smith says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I’ve been feeling “stuck” in my walk with God and I would love to get to another level!

  319. Worry is consuming me with everything going on in my life right now. I need to trust God and stop worrying but it is so hard to let things go.

  320. I have an anxiety disorder and I have chose to have God be my center. This was so great to read and such amazing reminder. This a life verse of mind. Thanx.

  321. I would love a copy for myself. I start my morning by reading the devotions from this site, and in so thankful for the example you ladies set, and I appreciate your honesty in situations with your families because I have similar stories and felt at times I must be the only one who goes through this. It’s nice to have sisters out there who understand. 🙂

  322. chelsie says:

    God is great and I love to learn more about him and continue on this spiritual journey with me

  323. Trina Welton says:

    I would love this book its so uplifting

  324. Nancy Cleary says:

    Bullseye! Right between my eyes!! I needed this thank you!

  325. I need help in that I constantly fight the devil in worrying about everything.

  326. Wendy Jo Williams says:

    So true for me I’d love a copy of this book

  327. As a mother of teenager boys, I find myself worrying about everything. The “what-ifs” haunt me during the wee hours of the night mostly when everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet. I want to save them from all the dangers and heartaches to protect them but also to protect my own heart. My worry is wrong I know, but I need constant reminding to trust The Lord. I’d love to win a copy of your book to help me remember to turn everything over to Him and trust that no matter what happens He will provide according to his will.

  328. A perfect reminder in my current situation. Thank you!

  329. Phil 4:6-7 is one of my favorites. Putting it into action has proven more difficult for me. However, becoming possible as I realize worry changes nothing. Staying in Gods word daily has changed everything for me.

  330. I am constantly putting things in my situation before God. And I wonder why I still have the situations lingering. Thank you for your simple and direct words. All we need is God first in every situation.

  331. New believer trying to get thru what life gives

  332. Tammi Kinchlow says:

    Thank you so much for this

  333. Misty Bryan says:

    If I won a copy of this book, I would share it with my pastor’s wife for sure!! She has just turned 23! What a big job for such a young couple! I love them dearly!!

  334. I love going deeper into God’s word. I want to learn as much as I can so I can draw closer to God and so that I can use what He has taught to in my ministry to Mormons.

  335. Perfect timing, for this heart and the hearts of many that are dear to it, especially our youngest daughter, nearing her 4th yr of college, overwhelmed by the uncertainty of what lies ahead.As we encourage each other to keep the eyes of our hearts laser-focused on God’s sovereignty and to remember to take EVERY thought captive (2Cor. 10:5), this study/book would be a wonderful tool to aid us on our way, equipping us for the present AND for future ministry to others (2Cor. 1:3-7)!

  336. Leah Sancimino says:

    Thanks so much for the devotion on giving our worries to God! He has taught me this when I was in terrible abuse and had to flee but I’m human and now am in a stressful situation again and in a lot of pain and have to work so haven’t been giving things to God like I should and “counting it all joy”. Hrbis our peace and not feelings, people, money or circumstances.

  337. Pamella George says:

    Philippians has always been my favorite book and I never tire studying it. So many great truths and promises from God.

  338. Deborah says:

    Wow…this is truly an ontime word for me. I have been struggling with letting go of worry and casting all my cares and fears on God. It’s nice to know that I am not alone. I am a mom and wife and try to do so much – I carry a huge weight on my shoulders and am constantly run by my thoughts, but it’s time to stop. I would love to win this book for myself because it’s time to be set free! Thank you.

  339. Jean Sundquist says:

    I try to always lay my worries, anxieties, and fears at the feet of Jesus. I just keep taking them back. I do need to learn to be silent and listen. This devotional is just what I need to keep me on track.

  340. Kristi Moore says:

    A true, daily struggle. Thank you for writing this.

  341. Kathleen Derrickson says:

    Loved this devotion! A great mix of scripture and life application! We are going through adoption right now and it was great timing. Will need more of this in my life as we integrate a new family member

  342. I have suffered with anxiety for 10 years now, and nothing seems to really help me long-term. I long for God’s peace, and feel this book might be the answer!

  343. Lauren Nebitt says:

    I worry about so much. What college will I go to? ..Will I ever get married? Have a family of my own? Will I know the pains and joys of motherhood? Will I be loved by a godly husband?

  344. I would love to win Nancy’s book. I need reminded constantly of not worrying at what I can’t control.
    God is in control not me.

  345. Sherry Traub says:

    Maybe just what our next women’s Bible study may need!

  346. Primary caregiver for aging parent and it is so easy to worry about all I have to do….need to leave it to God instead!

  347. Joe Coder says:

    Excellent devotion. Exactly what I needed to read this morning. It reminds me to cast all my cares on him, for he cares for me.

  348. teresa o 'dell says:

    Thank you for the word shared today! I have been struggling with lack of sleep.All because too much on my plate and worried sick.I have been taken off work for 3 weeks to try and get rested. God Bless

  349. Caroline says:

    I would love to read this with my best friend who struggles every day with the pain of celiacs disease and endometriosis. Constantly being discouraged by her health these truths can lift her spirit and help her cling to the God you made her so perfectly.

  350. I want this devotional!

  351. Delia Garza says:

    I have been going through some anxiety issues & this book will help to remind me that God is always here to help me get through all my worries & that I am not in control of any situation.

  352. Evelyn Copeland says:

    This study looks so encouraging. I would use this study myself. I’m going through a lot right now and really could use the study in my life. I am 30, happily married with 5 kids and found myself recently admitting that I have an eating disorder. I don’t want to put a sob story on here so I just will end with this, Thank you for giving this study away and I hope God blesses whoever needs it most. I know there are women out there that need this more than I do, I’m just excited to be considered!! Thanks again!!

  353. PAIGE GOBIN says:


  354. Nancy Rittenbach says:

    My life has been like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs between worry and faith. I would like to get off this ride for good. May God answer my prayer.

  355. Faith comes from the word of God… I’m craving MORE!

  356. Gods so good. He always provides. Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

  357. I have been struggling with worry being unemployed and my health being attacked as well. I try to stay calm I pray and I say I release everything to God but then a few minutes later I’m getting thoughts of dread again. It’s a cycle that I’m trying to overcome. I would love the book it sounds like I need to read this right now in my life. Thanks

  358. Kayla Broster says:

    I would love to win a copy because I want to grow in Christ! I love the book of Philippians and would thoroughly enjoy a book expounding on Philippians and helping me apply it to my day to day as a wife and mom! Heck, as a person!

  359. Worry just uses so much energy and time. It zaps our strength and ability to focus to focus on God and the good things in our day… even if they are little compared to the big issues of the day. After recently going through cancer, chemo, the death of my sweet dad and open heart surgery (all within a year) I tried – by God’s grace and encouragement – to look for the blessings of God in each day. Cancer was a blessing! Had I not had to have the requisite tests and scans my dangerous aortic aneurysm would never been discovered. God must have me here to continue to serve Him!

  360. Sharon W. says:

    One of my biggest flaws is that I worry about everything, sometimes even after the fact. I think this book would help me learn how to turn my worries into peace.

  361. Thank you for this teaching, it’s really what I needed to hear today! I would like the free giveaway for my nephew who just joined the military and is going threw a lot w his ex girlfriend and new baby. He joined for them and now they are not a part of his life. He recently started reading the word and I am overjoyed!!!! He could really use this word!!!

  362. Carol J says:

    Thank you for this timely post. I read Proverb 31 ministries every morning and appreciate all the blessings I receive.

  363. Colleen says:

    Worry is one of those rocks that we lay at His feet and next thing you know it’s in our pocket again. This sounds like a book that would help myself and others. Thanks for posting the info and for your website.

  364. Did I do enough schooling with the kids, did I hug my teenager enough, am I learning what I need to through this trial, so that God will bring healing? Yes, the night time hours can definitely bring those worries.

  365. Linda Figueroa says:

    I have been struggling with circumstances that have arisen here recently

  366. Nicole headley says:

    I’ve been walking with Christ for some time now and studying Scripture has become a true passion of mine as I have unearthed golden nuggets of the treasure of His Truth. I LOVE how Gods Word penetrates my heart and gently forces a heart-to-head connection needed for transformation. With six children – two that went to college this year- I have found myself playing tug-of-war with God. I cast my cares on Him then take them back, then cast them back on Hom and so on. Would LOVE the privilege of doing his study!!

  367. I have been struggling with a lot of things lately. Jut when you think they cannot get any worse, something else happens that you weren’t expecting. Find myself questioning God instead of leaning on Him. Think this study would really help me .

  368. Laura R. says:

    This would be great!

  369. I spent many years trying to solve my life problems on my own. I finally realized that my job was to sit back and let got take over. When I did that what seemed to me like huge mountainous problems were just little hills for God. I still struggle at times trying to control my life. But each day I wake and spend quiet time with God asking him to help me hand it over to him. The days I do so, are always the best days. I would love to receive this book to read during my quiet time with God.

  370. Cherice Armitage says:

    I needed to read these words today. A friend of mine sent this to me. I am thankful that God used her to get this message to me. Thank you! I would love her book. I think it is just what I need.

  371. Would love to win a copy…worry & fear are things I struggle with daily…thank you for this devotion….

  372. Debbie F. says:

    Wow, sounds like a book I would definitely read. The words above seem totally mentioned to me. I worry so much! I think the list at the beginning of the devotional are me….I worry that I cannot fulfill my responsibilities due to my illness but I do as much as I can. I have posted a comment before how I live in fear and worry over things that I cannot control and have felt criticized for the post. I will share….I have a very life crippling, phobia over illness. I don’t care what happens to my children or family or anyone as long as they don’t throw up, I can take care of the other illnesses but for some reason and I have been told it’s due to some of my youth but if someone tells me they feel like throwing up I go into major panic, crippling mode. I go into a major panic if I know the stomach virus is going around and avoid everything I can due to that. I do not travel much and will not travel during the winter months when illness is so prevalent. We also had a child that was very abusive to me and I lived in fear for many, many years. Fortunately God intervened and that situation was taken care of and I no longer have that fear but still the fear of illness.

  373. Abby Wolff says:

    Our church is going through Phillipians right now! I’d love a copy if this book!

  374. Barbara says:

    This past year has definitely been a testing of my faith. My son who is gay was in an abusive relationship and falling deeper into depression and turning to alcohol for relief. My mother who lived 1200 miles away was very sick and eventually passed away. I struggled with my own depression as our home went into foreclosure. I have been a Christian a long time and try to cast my cares on Him, but it is not always easy to avoid worrying. The prayers of faithful friends have kept me going.

  375. I so needed this word from God. Monday was the 10 year anniversary of my 26 year old sons suicide, my daughter had major surgery and would not allow me to come(she was right didn’t have the finances for the trip), then my youngest sons was on his way home from a CEU class and job interview and was side swiped on the interstate and the persons drove off. Finances are so tight its a struggles to cover the basics and now this!! I remembered to be thankful for the fact he and his co-worker are okay, that they were more important than anything. Then calming him down so that he could get home safely since the car was drivable.

    I couldn’t depend on my fiancee, he stated he had very little to offer that I had not said etc. I needed him and so did my son need a man’s perspective on things. He is selfish and I know that but it hurts none the less. He is just not a nurturing kind of guy.

    I couldn’t even think to pray. My mind was racing and so I just brain stormed on who I could call to help me. I believe and know the power of prayer but I could not find the words just tears. I’m sick and know it but am trying to save money and wait for my regular appt. Headaches, dizziness beyond belief and neck pain. I saw another bill. The tears come without warning and its so sad that I don’t have the empathy or solace I need. Sorry, its been a long three days. I’m not going to Church tonight because I can’t focus. Last week was the same. Pray fro me and my mess, God’s plan is so much greater for me I’m just having a hard time seeing anything through these tears.

  376. summer curtis says:

    I want to win a copy of your book because I’m a mom of two very special needs children and it is a constant struggle not to worry about their future. My oldest has aspergers and my other daughter has severe bipolar. I would really appreciate winning!

  377. Thank you for sharing your message and the truth of God’s Word! Worry seems like something so many of us moms easily fall into and we forget to take it to Him! As I am reminded today of these scriptures, and as I lay down my own worry to the Lord and refocus on Him, I am led to join the greater blessing of His work…coming together with other moms, encouraging, sharing and praying, these same truths, with those who are weary and worn and in need of refocusing their gaze…to find HIS purpose, joy, adoration and peace return! He works like that! 🙂

  378. joyce mcgee says:

    I truly trust God in every situation,, but hearing words like this make His word come alive all over again,I would keep this book for a while then pass it on to someone God would put on my heart that needs it..thank you for inspiration…

  379. Thank you so much for what you have shared. I don’t like being alone when it’s dark, which fortunately is not very often. I am 57 years of age, and am not as afraid of the dark as I used to be. When we lived in a mobile home, I didn’t want to leave our bedroom when I couldn’t sleep. Now, since we live in a house, I go out to the family room and read different things. Praise God for progress.

    “What is most pressing in your life right now? Whatever that is, put God’s Word there instead. Replace worry with the truth of God’s love and power. Then we can trust that God will do as He says: “keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed” on Him (Isaiah 26:3a, ESV). Yes! “PUT GOD”S WORD THERE INSTEAD! What a good paragraph.

    Here is a problem I have. I know much scripture, in my heart and head, but to put into pracrtice is whole other story. Why is it so difficult to totally cast things on my Jesus? My husband calls me Mrs Fix-it Fox, and so I am. I must learn to totally leave concerns with God and hear His voice regarding what actions I am to take. By His grace and the power of the Holy Spirit it can be done. 🙂 Thank you again. God continue to bless you richly!

  380. Cassie D. says:

    I would love a copy of that study. I know I am supposed to give everything to God and to trust Him but knowing and doing sometimes are two different things. I can look back on my life and see times where it seemed so easy to just let go and trust and follow but now it seems so hard to hear Him enough with all the noise in my head. And then when I think I heard Him I end up questioning whether it was Him or not. I would love to do this study with my friend who is having some Trust issues also.

  381. Ruth lucas says:

    I would love to share this book with my dear friend, co-worker and prayer partner Janet. The person who lifts me up in a stressful work environment. So happy to call her friend

  382. I would enjoy to read n win this gift so I may grow in my new life n Christ

  383. Lisa Jones says:

    Always need to be reminded of God’s promises from His Word

  384. Diana Bragg says:

    Today’s devotion had really hit home. I just lost my husband 10 days ago and everything is running though my mind. I know the Lord was intervening throughout my husband’s last days and into his death. I found peace in knowing that God carried him to his heavenly mansion with peace. He did not suffer. My thoughts at night are the worst whenever I am here alone. I have been away from studying His word but I am working to get back on the right track. Thank you for printing this particular devotion.

  385. Susan Pettit says:

    I am constantly being drawn back to the Lord when I stray with the help of Philippians verses. They show up in a blog or on Facebook just when I need to be reminded of where I need to be.

  386. Michelle says:

    I feel like this post was written for me. I had a serious medical issue after the birth of my 2nd child. I am still recovering over a year later but the emotional healing is the worst – especially at night when the “minions” creep in. I am consumed by worry and I need help with moving on and turning it over to God.

  387. Katie Fay Hayes says:

    I needed to hear this message this morning. God is taking me on a journey of learning to trust in him no matter the circumstances, many issues are being thrown at my family and in the midst of this my pastor asked me to do communion for 5 weeks, I said yes and then prayed big time. The first week went well and then my family was thrown such a huge curve ball I thought I can’t do this, then Gods voice said I am powerful in your weakness, be still and know that I am God. Wow, not only did I do communion the next week but with my pastors permission I did my first sermon ever. 🙂

  388. Anna B. says:

    I would love to win this devotional book to go through with a friend that I have nightly devotional time with. Thank you!

  389. I am a first-time mom in the throws of the “terrible twos” and I can’t help but struggle with worrying about being the best mom I can be and wife and daughter, etc. I am trying to learn how to balance it all and it has been a struggle. Is also been frustrating phase of parenthood and I need to learn and grow and not worrying and trusting God just see me through it all and give me the strength for it all. The rest this book would be a blessing

  390. I would love a copy of the book :•}

  391. Nancy Greenway says:

    Philippians is one of my favorite books, with some of my favorite verses. I have drawn strength from this book during some health crises and would like to share this study with my ladies Bible study group! I really enjoyed Nancy’s devotion.

  392. This devotion couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time for me – as I have been restless, frustrated and worried about my percieved countless responsibilities and obligations not being met each day. It’s time for me to be still, pray unceasingly to my Lord and be in his word. I was not familiar with Nancy until my friend sent this devotion to me today. Thank you! I would like to read more in To Live Is Christ by Nancy McGuirk.

  393. Faith simsick says:

    Praising God for His perfect timing…as I sat here in bed replayimg my day I decided to read this devo…this truth and am now re”praising” my day! Thank tou

  394. Kim Daigle says:

    I would love to give a copy of this to a young mother at our church. She just came to me and said she would like to read her bible daily but doesn’t even know where to start every morn. What a wonderful blessing this would be!

  395. I would love to have an opportunity to read this book and to study it, for i am no stranger to worry. Often i lay in bed thinking about all of life’s worries and I get so caught up in it that i forget about God’s wonderful love and his promises for me.

  396. Jennifer Best says:

    I would love a copy of this study. I have always struggled with worry!

  397. DICKSON ES says:

    It is really a great message. I would like to get a copy of the book. Nowadays I am praying to overcome my worries. I believe god will release me from the medicine for depression that I am taking for 14 years . Please keep me in your prayers. I want my mind to be filled with our lord’s promises .

  398. Wonderful and so true. I would love a copy of the book to read and pass on to others who struggle at times as I do.
    Thanks for posting

  399. Wow, only God’s timing could be this perfect… Was starting to have a “panic attack” about 1/2 hour ago, so I opened up this website to do the devotion for May 15, when I see the title for the devotion a couple of days ago, “From Panic to Peace”…
    I’m not the type to ever have a panic attack; actually I’m not sure I can even think of a time that I’d ever had one before. Tonight I attributed it to too much caffeine, too little sleep, and a 7-year-old with a fever… But the more I thought about it, I realized it most likely stems from a combination of my work stress (one person in particular that I will have to work with tomorrow), my husband’s work stress, and (believe it or not) church stress. None of these are earth-shattering problems; I know many that have a much worse than me. But I had gotten to the point of focusing on the negative instead of the positive; the stressors instead of the blessings. So, thank you for this very timely devotion! I now feel peace I know can only come from God.

  400. Thank you!!

  401. I have always had my faith in GOD from
    a young age❗ My Son has just told me
    that He has Decided he is an atheist

  402. Karen M says:

    This was so timely. Thank you.

  403. Mary-Ann says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I am co-leading a weekly Women Bible Study group and the ladies would definitely benefit from this book.

    It’s very easy for us to say that we trust the Lord, but in fact we don’t. We still let our emotions and worries run wild. We pray for an answer from God and we want it right away. When things don’t work out the way we wanted, panic, fear and worry kick right in. To be able to experience the peace of God which transcends all understanding, we need to let go and let God.

    When I was asked the co-lead the group, my first reaction was like Jonah. If I left, I didn’t have to lead anymore. Besides, the other ladies knew more than I do. I didn’t feel qualified at all. It was when the Lord reminded me that when I am weak, He will be strong. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you wirh my righteous hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10 ~

  404. Every question that started your blog was one I woke up with this very am, so I know Jesus meant to comfort me personally with your words. I do prison ministry and teach tonight on the promise that you can accomplish great things in God’s Name! I’ll be sharing this article and will look forward to looking at your study on Phillipians for my “girls”.

  405. I’m a hot mess! Somehow my thinking has gotten off track. Could use some structure during my quiet times to help set my feet back on The Rock! Thanks for the devo! 🙂

  406. Sonya Ellerbe Mason says:

    Wow. Thank u. I am presently seperated from my husband, whom I adore, I’ve lost my business 2 yrs. ago, suffered thru a deep depression. So anxiety, fear, worry, and doubt battle for my mine daily. And get this in the natural i was born bipolar. But God has stood with me. I know everything is going to b alright !

  407. Mel Robinson says:

    I would love to read thru this book and then pass it on to my teen children first, and then outward from there. Thank you

  408. Wonderful devotion!! At this time in my life I really need to be reminded not to worry but study, pray and leave it in God’s hands. Nancy’s book is the next study book I will be ordering!!

  409. Jessica says:

    I would like a copy of the book. I am an avid reader, but still relatively new to Christian reading. I am seeking good gospel based literature to fill my mind in the fleeting spare moments of life. I share all my books, so many could benefit from this one gift. Thank you for your consideration.

  410. Josephine Antas says:

    Thanks alot for this

  411. Was lying restless in bed seeking peace and found this! I have lost loved ones to cancer, and I recently lost a few friends to cancer, mothers of young children, and suddenly have become consumed by these thoughts of cancer. I need to find my strength in The Lord and claim his promises and know that His will is perfect for me and He will sustain me every day even on my worst days when I’m fearful. I want to teach my children true faith in Christ and I need to overcome my own personal phobia of this illness to do that.

  412. Kimberly duvall says:

    Your post is a perfectly timed gift from the Lord. I was Journaling that I desired to be obsessed with the Lord instead of desiring a flat stomach. I desire to look for God as much as I glimpse in the mirror or glass windows to see if I have a flat stomach. All of your scripture references point me away from myself & more on God (where it should be). My heart always needs a refocus on God&your post did that today. Thank you!

  413. I would love to have a copy of To Live Is Christ! Just last night at my daughters graduation, coming home I was talking to my husband about how I can’t sleep at night due to the worries that come every night when I need sleep so badly. I pray all the time but I lack in the ability to hand my fears and worries over to God instead I grab them right back and my husband said I’m making satan happy every time I do that! I know this but for some reason I worry, especially about my grown children now that they are on their own! I can’t imagin living a single second witout God but I need help to learn how to give Him my worries, especially at night so rest can come. This devotion page on fear is just where I so despartly need growth! Thank you for sharing Gods word and love for us, with me!

  414. I truly needed to hear that !!!! Thank you so much <3

  415. I returned to this devotional this morning after a particularly tough week with our rental business. The trial that has hit us caused me panic and fear, which I have been working to replace with prayer and faith, Seeing it here and returning to it has helped me to focus tremendously. I read your devotionals daily and almost always find something to ponder or use in my life. Thank you all.

  416. Michelle swiger says:

    I would give it to my friend Jane. I met Jane when she married my coworker. My coworker was a widow in his mid thirties, he lost his young first wife to a battle with cancer and was left with three children under 11. Jane later came along and became a caring wonderful mom on Earth to these children. The oldest of the three is now a senior in high school. This February almost on the anniversary of his first wife’s death my coworker passed away. Now Jane is facing life raising her three children who have lost both parents. She is being strong but can always use encouragement especially as the senior activities are rolling around for her daughter.

  417. Dana Chambers says:

    Worrying has been a struggle in my life since I can remember. I needed to hear these verses and repeat them everyday. I know worrying is a sin, but it seems impossible at times to stop. I will print these verses and read them everyday. Thank you for this!

  418. Tronel v d Sluys says:

    So good to hear the truth again and again .This is beautiful and practical advice .So good that the Bible is not just a storey book strorey but hands on love from God for abundant life.

  419. Jessica says:

    I would love a copy I this book. I long for a consistent faith walk with Jesus and to experience His peace that passes all understanding on a daily basis.

  420. Right now, the problems in my life seem overwhelming. I need to learn to trust God to work out things that are not under my control. I would love to win this book!

  421. Just discovered Nancy’s ministry through a link on fb. I’ve been a believer for many years, but want to live closer to our Father and trust Him more in the trials of daily life. I would use the Bible study with a group of ladies, all in our late 50’s and 60’s who share my desire to know that freedom of trusting Him moment by moment.

  422. Jessica says:

    My mom passed away last Dec 2012, my marriage was falling apart, I went into 14 months deep depression, my mind constantly worrying in feb my husband asked for divorce we separated I went back to our home in another state he stayed in apartment in the other state I am back with him but I worry constantly if this is going to work out

  423. Cindy Cain says:

    I read this May 13th on facebook and saved it. Today I was lookingthrough Facebook and came across this again. I so needed to read it. So much has happened in the last month. Dad Cain was diagnosed with ALS and passed away March 22nd 2 weeks later to the day my mother unexpectedly passed away.
    They both lived in Michigan and we live in Colorado. Because of having to go back to Michigan twice with in 4 days, we were late in paying our rent by 11 days and were evicted and had two weeks to find a place to live, we found a place to live but me fear and anxiety has picked back up, this devotional has helped me very much.

  424. I would like a copy of this book to gift to my 87 year old Hispanic neighbor who has no family to care for her or come to help her. Thankfully she knows Jesus and is saved, however she gets very negative & discouraged a lot and I try to say Scripture to her to encourage her heart.

  425. My daughter is going through a very difficult divorce and is now raising 3 boys by herself. She is trying not to worry, but catches herself in that trap. I would like to give her this book to try to focus herself back to HIm.

  426. Candis Arrigo Wilson says:

    At this moment , I am thanking my God for you. This word came at the perfect time to me. God is bringing me into a more tangible relationship with Him, spacificlly concerning fear. Thank you for the reminder of His promises that are always true.

  427. Stephanie Davis says:

    Thanks for this timely word. I have been struggling with worry and sleepless nights lately. It is when we let the busyness of life drown out the calming, patient voice (Word) of the Father that we succumb to the anxiety our circumstances can bring. I want to mature in faith where it becomes my first response to adversity, not my last resort. Our God is Greater than Any Circumstance!

  428. I think this is exactly what I need right now. I came upon this website through Facebook and I can see it’s going to be great help to me. I have been struggling not to worry for a few months now and all I want and need is a little, no, a lot of peace right now. I have two amazing daughters who will pray with me when I am afraid and can’t sleep, when I have a panic attack and feel like everything is going wrong and certain death is at my door. I need more tools and just reading everything above makes me feel like I’m not alone in my struggles. I have been divorced for 5 years now and since then I suppose my faith and trust have gone to the way side with the struggles of being a single mom and trying to concentrate on everyone else’s happiness and in the process losing who I was in God. I need that peace and faith back in my life and yes Satan and his little friends prey on my weakness especially at night. I just need prayer and help in these areas. I will continue to read everyone’s thought and prayers. It does help.

  429. Christy says:

    Wonderful post! I’m a chronic worrier.

  430. Debi Martin says:

    God is so amazing! Why we might ask? Well you see I’ve been restless these past few days. Restless with what I wasn’t even sure. Did I open my bible? No…not much. Did I pray? No…not much. Then tonight I began chatting with God and asking him to guide me in discovering where to turn to find the answers to my restless mind. WORRY! Lack of God’s nourishment. I knew it the moment on clicked on Proverbs 31 and briefly scanned the blogs. “From Panic to Peace” is exactly where He took me. Thank you for this devotion. Thank you for being a part of God’s outreach. He truly used you and this ministry tonight. God is great!

  431. Bronwyn says:

    I would so love to win this book….I wake each night and lie awake for hours. My mom also struggles with this and I would love to share the book with her. My son is a real worrier and it would be so great to share tools with him to help him not to worry.

  432. Thank you for the devotional and the practical suggestions to write down your worries and God’s promises…I love it and will start right away!

  433. Jessie Tuno says:

    The beginning of this devotional sounds so much like most of my evenings. I will sometimes wake at 2 or 3 in the morning and be reminded of something then obsess over it until I have finally had enough and say “There is absolutely nothing I can do about this at 3am!” For me, it is always easier in my mind to worry than to let it go. I know it’s not the truth, but I often feel like I need to do something in order for it to work out. This is a great reminder that I cannot do it my self and no matter how much I obsess, until I let it go and give it to him, I cannot have peace! Thank you!

  434. I would love to learn the Joy that Paul has in all circumstances. To study God’s word and learn more about the Joy of the Lord.

  435. Night for me is the worst. It is like it is a battle zone for me. It is wonderful to know I am not alone in that regard, and it’s great to be reminded of God’s promises. Panic to praise to sleep. Amen.

  436. I need to remember these scriptures during those often restless nights.

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  439. Tawnya Woods says:

    I love this devotional. I have a lot of issues with my mind… chaos… anxiety… depression. I would love to win the book. I try so hard to “be still and know that He is God”… but there are times that it gets so chaotic that I can’t think at all…

  440. Stephanie says:

    This was perfect for me for two reasons: 1) I am bipolar and spend many nights just as described and need to be reminded to talk to and to listen to God at those times. Also,2) I lead a Mommy and Me bible study for young mothers, hoping to guide them with my experience (I am a “seasoned” mother). We have been studying the fruit of the spirit and are now on peace. Coincidentally on of the young mothers sent this to me. What an influence we all are on each other! Would love to have a copy of the book!

  441. I would love to WiN a copy of the Philippians book. Thank you for posting this. I love Phil 4! It has become my favorite lean on book/chapter since I have broken Free from two controlling and abusive marriages. God never intended us to live in fear or worry. Trust me when you live in control and abuse….worry becomes your survival technique. The only way to stop the cycle of abuse is to leave. But after the storm, there is healing in Jesus and peace. Thank you!

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