Give it a Rest!

Give it a Rest!

January 6, 2016

“This is what the LORD says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.’” Jeremiah 6:16a (NIV)


I stared out the window, my eyes filling with tears as the flight attendant gave her familiar pre-flight safety drill. It was the third time in a two-week period I had heard the same spiel. Minutes later as the plane raced down the runway, I thought about the irony of the moment.

I was headed to a women’s event to share a message on prioritizing the one thing we all need — time with Jesus. Yeah, right, I thought to myself. If the planning committee had followed me around for the past couple of months, they would have canceled the invitation and organized a Vicki Courtney book-burning.

Who was I to speak to women on the topic of finding rest for your souls when my own soul was on life support?

For as long as I can remember, I have been busy. As a young girl, I signed up for enough school clubs and extracurricular activities to keep me hopping every day of the week. It wasn’t enough to be on the cheer squad; I juggled class officer duties, student council and a part-time job. Oh, and homework. Come to think of it, never mind about the homework.

The only pace I knew was breakneck, and I carried it with me to college and eventually into my marriage and family life.

At times, I would make bold declarations to slow down. After I met a book deadline. After a busy season of speaking engagements came to a close. After my kids wrapped up a chaotic school year filled with activities. Yet, when after finally arrived, I had already filled the empty block of time with more activity.

When I wasn’t busy, I felt restless and ill at ease. When I was busy, I felt weary and in need of rest. It was a never-ending vicious cycle. I hated the pace, yet at the same time, I needed the pace.

It wasn’t until I hit a wall several years ago and suffered extreme burnout that I began to finally take a closer look at what was really going on beneath my habit of chronic busyness.

I was beyond quick-fix remedies like the familiar tips you might see in a magazine or devotional to “de-clutter your life.” Trust me, I had tried them all, and the results were always short-lived. My turning point came when I realized that my busyness was not the result of a scheduling problem but rather, a sin problem.

Somewhere along the way, I had based my worth and identity in performing, achieving, doing and serving. Ironically, true identity is found by resting in God and being conformed to His image, not running ourselves ragged in an attempt to find it on our own.

What robs your soul of rest? Unless we take a deeper look at the source of our chronic busyness and get honest with ourselves about the underlying motives, we will only be treating the symptoms instead of the problem. Until then, we might make minor tweaks and adjustments here and there to reduce our load, but our efforts will only provide a short-term solution.

When we say “yes” to too many other things, we are actually saying “no” to God. Which path will you choose at the crossroads of busyness and rest? God has shown us the “good way,” but it’s up to us to walk in it.

Father, thank You for showing us the good way in order that we might have rest for our souls. Give us the courage to change paths if the one we’re on has left us with little time for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (NIV)

Psalm 46:10, “He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’” (NIV)

Are you ready to take a deeper look at the enemies that rob you of rest in your soul? If so, Vicki Courtney’s new book, Rest Assured: A Recovery Plan for Weary Souls can help.

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Is chronic busyness a problem for you? If so, are you ready to stage an intervention on your life and take steps to redeem rest for your weary soul? List three specific steps you can take to begin the process.

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  1. I tend to worry a lot, and I know it doesn’t help one bit. I pray the Lord to carry my burdens as He promised in His Word!

  2. Mandy gardner says:

    I would love to relieve this book!

  3. Suzanne Schramm says:

    I could really use this book right now. Going through a divorce that I don’t want. I can’t sleep. I need to trust in the Lord and stop worrying.

  4. Ella Clark says:

    I continually feel the need to achieve something.

  5. Having a child with special needs and a husband with a chronic health issue causes a lot fear and worry that rob me of any free time. I may be here physically, but mentally, I can’t catch a break.

  6. Interesting this devotional showed up today. I had just posted that I wished I could “quiet my soul” so I could hear the heartbeat of God. I don’t know what is robbing me of the peace I long for. A season in my life where it is just busy. If I knew what it was, maybe I could fix it. I just feel empty and tired.

  7. Kristie S. says:

    I find myself over thinking things and having too many things on my to do list, thus hindering my time to find joy in resting in God. Praying for a guidance to improve my ways and habits!

  8. Wowee!!!!! Um, this devo has my name written alllllllll over it!!!!! How do you go about your days now??? I’m at such a war within myself!!!! Too much drains me, but trying to do less makes me go insane???? Does one ever really find balance? I’m exhausted TRYING to do less, and keep blocks empty on my calendar!!!! I’m a mess of a person trying to juggle marriage, motherhood, house-keeping/laundry/dishes, health issues, working, and having friends, church duties, whew! I have this idea that I will get to a pivotal moment and make a change, or that something will finally “free” me! Am I just naive to think it works that way? How do I get out??? I feel trapped!!! ?

    • My heart goes out to you Neyha. It is easy to say, “Let God order your day.” It is harder to tell you how to do it. You so ably described the pace of your life, I’m tired just reading it! What stands out is keeping blocks empty on your calendar. That’s you, controlling your time. How do you let go, let God take control of your time?

      Are you a Sabbath-keeper? Years ago, I made from dinner time Saturday night till Sunday evening my Sabbath, my time set aside for God. No cleaning, no shopping, no homework (I was in grad school)), simple meals. I practiced the art of letting things go undone. I had time for Bible reading, prayer, relationships and sleep. I resumed my activities with a refreshed soul. And I discovered that sometimes undone is just fine.

      • Thank you Shirlee. You have helped me so much with your reply. My life is just like Neyha’s. Your reply has resonated deep in my soul. I am going to instill a Sabbath in my life, so that I can be the best me God created me to be. THANK YOU!!!!!

      • Thank you Neyha. I’m in the same situation. Thank you, Shirlee. I always look for your comments because I know God speaks to me thru your comments. I grew up keeping Sabbath, not by my choice, but because my mom told me to. It was like a rule for me and something I HAD to do. But your comment made me think, and I think I’m going to try it again. Thank you!

  9. Worry and fear. 🙁

  10. As someone who has struggled for most of her walk with trying to “do” enough and do things big enough in order to avoid being “lukewarm” (thanks Francis Chan, David Platt and K.P. Yohannan), this is a huge stumbling block for me. If I want to know how to rest, it is only so that I can “do” with the right attitude/perspective.

  11. Allowing my mind to bounce around the items on the “to do” list. My greatest rest comes when I give myself permission to wait.

  12. Hi. My name is Mitch and I am a busy-holic. I am in need of physical, emotional and spiritual rest. I will make more intentional time with Him and lift up more intentional prayers. This new year I will be okay when I say no. This year I will appreciate the down time. This year I will find rest.

  13. Julianna Weigle says:

    Trying to be all things to all people. When you said you had tried the usual quick fixes only to discover they were a bandaid for a bigger problem, that struck a chord with me. Time to reevaluate everything from God’s perspective.

  14. Melissa Hamrick says:

    I let myself be robbed of my soul. 21 years of trying to be a great wife , now divorced. Trying to please others lost all friends with divorce. when i should have been pleasing God.I know now that i need to step up and please and praise Father God more. I know in my heart he will never turn me away.

  15. I really clicked with this – finding that I too often base my worth with God and man on my accomplishments, what I give or do for others, the “success” of my career, etc. And this past year I’ve fallen deeper into a pit that I was beginning to climb out of. The stress of a lot of personal problems as well as a lot of career issues caused me to work harder and harder – only to find it seemed I hadn’t accomplished anything. After Sunday’s sermon questioning whether we are truly building our house on the rock, or are too busy building everywhere else in a misguided attempt to please God and earn his favor, my mind and heart are super open to now this second mention of the same issue! I’m excited to see what God is going to do in me this year! Thanks for the post! 🙂

  16. Letting my job overtake my life in so many ways is what makes me weary and exhausted. I am so stressed that I don’t sleep. I pray for strength and peace.

  17. Lorin Neslony says:

    Being a military spouse robs my soul of rest! We are constantly moving, juggling, dealing with deployments, making new friends, trying to fit in, helping our kids adjust, learning about our new home, finding a new church, the list goes on and on. Whew! I’m exhausted just typing that!

  18. What robs my soul of rest is simply not spending time with Jesus. I too find myself busy, busy with things that drain my emotions and make me weary. I am always trying to fight the war that belongs to him when it comes to family and friends and me always thinking that I can help in my own strength. (wrong) I just can’t do it anymore 🙁

  19. Liz Fields says:

    Anxiety, depression, worry and a chronic illness. Some people would not call these things chronic busyness, however my life is consumed by these things so much that it wears me down as if I did a million things in a day. I find that struggling with these things sometimes pulls me away from reading my Bible and being in prayer because I am exhausted. I worry about being enough for my husband, my kids, my family. I worry that my illness prevents me from being the person I want to be. So I push myself and push myself to try and prove something to others and then end up regretting it because I have pushed myself to mental and physical exhaustion. Its time that I said No to other things, other people so I can say yes to God. I need to find my rest, my strength, my power, in God and in him alone.

  20. Kristina Johnson says:

    My constant need to book activities to feel productive robs me of my rest. Every time I have a free day, I get excited with all the things I could accomplish and jam pack my day. Finishing my bachelor of education degree is also a big thief of my free time and ability to rest.

  21. Nichole Jones says:

    Wow a 1am smack in the face! Boy do I love God’s timing!! 🙂 It’s been over a year since I read My Best Yes and I’ve been meaning to read it again, but somehow despite learning to say no to lots of stuff and refocusing life on God I’ve still managed to get into this state of busyness all over again. Now its just a new set of things on my to-do list. Today I even commented to a friend that I’m always behind that I’ve decided that’s just my life and I need to zero myself out and re-calibrate. Thanks for this much needed read!

  22. I worry about everything…my marriage, my kids, my job, the dog…

  23. Kelli Schilling says:

    Full time job, full time mom, commitments at church and commitments with family. I need to take time to rest!

  24. Madison O says:

    My own expectations and the pressure I put on myself

  25. Judy Koskela says:

    Thank you. I needed this message today!

  26. Father, thank You for showing us the good way in order that we might have rest for our souls. Give us the courage to change paths if the one we’re on has left us with little time for You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    This speaks to me so profoundly. I have been at a crossroads for awhile. I asked this very thing just today Father give me courage!

    • Scott Grafton says:

      I’m at the crossroads as well and have been for some time. I will have to set something aside that needs done, modern life is so busy. Like most of us I work full time, spend at least two hours commuting, manage a home on my own which could be a full time job in itself. I have been cleaning out my parents house with siblings that have NO spiritual tools and it shows. I am an avid outdoorsman and spend as time as I can in those pursuits. My spiritual life has been on the back burner and the consequences have been showing themselves for a few years now. I know what I need, to be involved in the spiritual activities that I was knee deep in 4 years ago. But I don’t know which part of my life to put on hold so there is time?

  27. Gwendolyn Handley says:

    Oh my soul is so Weary & in need of resting on God. I would love to have Vicki’s new book to help me open my eyes & heart to learning to say “no” to people & things.

  28. Marilyn Bravo-Brown says:

    Worrying about my children, my 4 girls especially my son who is incarcerated and has a son who is 3 years old and trying to keep our head above financial waters…

  29. I would love to win a copy of Vickis book! The busy lifestyle describes me to a T! I might need some changes in 2016
    Happy new year!

  30. Blair Lynn Sprouse says:

    You are speaking directly to me. I am tap dancing as fast as I can.

  31. Constantly restructuring our families schedule due to my husbands shift work.

  32. Alicia Haywood says:

    Too many activities

  33. Not slowing down robs me of rest.

  34. What robs my soul of rest,is consistent worry with children,financial matters and health issues.please send me a copy of the new book I am praying it will lead me into a new direction of less burden more faith in God’s beliefs to overcome this extreme anxiety.

  35. Living in the flesh is a daily sin that’s tries to rob my soul of rest.having positive readings is a blessing that puts this to ease THANK YOU LORD.

  36. Erika Gibson says:

    Procrastination, letting hours and days slip by by not standing firm in my walk. Busy feet, but slow to focus when there is time.

  37. Elaine Landon says:

    My family and friends. For as long as I can remember i have felt responsible for everyone. Making sure all their needs are met. I was the main caregiver to both my parents and,for about a year, to my grandmother as well. While my role as caregiver has blessed me with deeper relationships with each person that i cherish to this day it was still a true burden. One of extreme love but nonetheless a burden. My heart goes out to those in need. So much so that i overlook, no – i push aside my own needs. And my husband’s heart is no different. I often refer to myself as his ambassador – going to take care off those he feels are in need. PLEASE NOTE – We are neither perfect nor are we saints. We have been praying that God will give us discernment in this area. That what we do is truly His work and not our work. We are getting better. Spending more time in His word, more time in prayer, and more time alone with God. I love my life. I love my God. I love that when i am weary He is faithful to give me rest. As we have both begun to make making time with God a priority and not something we merely squeeze in when we get the time we are finding that serving others in His Name is becoming a blessing from God more than a responsibility we put on ourselves. We are learning that we can offer nothing of true worth unless it comes through a close and personal relationship with our Lord and Savior.

  38. kathy rusch says:

    this is exactly what i see going on in so many lives. how do you send this to someone as an encouragement?

  39. Worry.

  40. I think i purposely make myself busy to avoid spending personal time with God…i just recently started to think, there might be something i might be ashamed of, afeaid of or just not quite sure…. i need this book.

  41. Robin Marsh says:

    My one word for 2016 is REST. I’ve discovered that my busyness and serving others was a way for me to avoid feeling my own hurt. God is showing me I need to slow down. Live from my heart. Feel my feelings. And Rest in Him.

  42. Gisele Phillips says:

    My husband and I are asst pastors at our church. I am church clerk, childrens church teacher and worship leader. My son is 34 years old and learning disabled. I take him to work, shopping and special olympics to name kust a few of the many responsibilities I have. Its fiffi ukt to catch a few minutes for mw, but I yry to do so every day!

  43. I am tired of trying to change others and make them care – it has worn me down in 2015, with a lot of disappointments and tears and ultimately little success. I just need to let God change people’s behaviour and hearts and trust Him (rest in Him)

  44. I need rest and am such a care taker and have a compassion to help the helpless,widow and the fatherless,the broken hearted cause I’ve been there and done that. So it’s hard to say no. What a women to do. Jesus Christ of Nazareth I ask that you can help me to do your will and not mind in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    Daisy N

  45. I need to rest in Jesus and not constantly rely on myself. I need to go to Jesus first

  46. Lillie Phillips says:

    I am married with 2 children. My husband has not worked in 9 years due to being disabled leaving me to be the financial guru. I am tired but have to keep going. I work 3 jobs currently but cutting back to 2 soon. I will still work over 50 hrs a week but it has to be done. I am a a RN and work in 2 hospitals and am a Nursing Clinical Instructor. I still have to come home with a smile and help my kids with their homework. Pray for me.

  47. Paul Dobbing says:

    Hi, Demands of my job rob me of soul rest. Also demands to conform to society, my childs fashion, keeping up with the Jones’s

  48. Tracy Rogers says:

    I work 2 jobs plus at home. just everyone s stuff.sometimes get in my way of really Knowing God

  49. Oh how I can relate to this post. Thank you. Its exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

  50. I connected with your confession of struggle to rest and not knowing what to do with yourself if not busy. I am very task-oriented and can get my identity wrapped up in it if I’m not careful. I would love to read more!

  51. Reading your devotion about rest and filling your time with one thing and the next was like looking into a BIG mirror!!!
    I desperately need to find peace and balance for my life. Can’t wait to get your book to get your take on things with what I hope will be a good lesson in what God’s Word tells us about this. Thanks.

  52. Thank you for this devotion – very timely. Balancing it all is a struggle especially with chronic illness and a child with chronic illness.

  53. maeve Bennion says:

    Hi yes I can identify with being robbed of rest.I work as nurse but now husband is working I’m enjoying being mum.
    It is strange not to be working lots of time to rectify the error of my ways and put God on the agenda. Kind regards
    maeve bennion

  54. Kim Swanson says:

    I received the devotional in my email today and when I saw it was about rest I just chuckled because God is hitting me over the head with the word “Rest”. First it was my son giving me a card with one of God’s rest verses on it. Then I received Max Lucado’s book Traveling Light as my Secret Santa gift at work. Finally I got an email devotional from Leah Adams where she talked about her word for 2016 was…yes you guessed it…REST. I told God “all right I get it” so opened my Bible to read all about rest. Between work and caring for a disabled son along with my husband I easily can become too involved and I forget to rest in both mind and body. Reading your devotional today, the phrase “Somewhere along the way, I had based my worth and identity in performing, achieving, doing and serving. Ironically, true identity is found by resting in God and being conformed to His image, not running ourselves ragged in an attempt to find it on our own” hit home. I had been a deputy sheriff for 20 years and recently changed roles. I had always found my worth and identity in being a deputy sheriff and when that ended I have thrown myself into my new role at work for the last couple years to “prove” myself. This year it sounds like I will be learning to rest in Him and not my own busyness. Thank you for the reminder. I will be printing out this devotional and adding it to my “rest” collection for further reflection.

  55. Gayonna lee says:

    I struggle with the guilt of saying no when im exhausted so I say yes. I thought as long as I’m useful then I’m needed. Lol somehow my prayer and study time suffered and I found myself telling God I’m helping others isn’t this what you want. I’m still going wow, did i really lose my identity like that. I hade prioritize everything but God,which left me burnt-out. I need a reboot before total shutdown.

  56. I am disabled and I let that cause me not to study like I should. The pain and the doctors appts. Trying to take care of myself and trying to help my family leaves me weary at times. I believe in Jesup wit all my heart. I want to walk in His path all of my life and not get distracted.

  57. Ann Martinez says:

    It’s about 2am. Can’t sleep find myself over thinking. Recently I get online and find His word to nourish me, am I lacking.
    Seperated and I’m exhausted trying to fix it..when instead I need to trust and rest in the Lord.

  58. What ribs my soul if rest?! In the past, busyness. Last year, I took a one month timeout. It was then that I took time to completely my schedule and just send time with God.

    It was then that I really resolved to schedule my time with God before I scheduled other things in. And I also take the items that I wish to schedule to God before I make a commitment so I will know what God says about it.

  59. Thank you.
    3 steps
    Meditate on HIS word.
    Trust HIM first.
    Walk in HIS rest.

    To win the book would provide a much needed road map on my journey

  60. Lately I have been contemplating returning to ministry, but then I think about what happened when I walked away ten months ago. I don’t know if I am ready to go back. I was serving in three ministries in my church, doing volunteer work and working my regular corporate job and felt like I was going nowhere and not getting anything accomplished when I heard a voice say, “Just stop.” Not one to take a long time to make decisions, I did. I just stopped. I dropped everything (except my job) and just walked away, but the feeling to walk away from that too still remains. I’m not saying that the voice I heard telling me to stop was God’s. Truthfully, I don’t know. I feel I am not serving a purpose and want to get back to what I was doing, but I don’t truly want to be busy all the time. I’ve always tried to maintain a ba Lance between work and “play” to the point where I believe I have missed some promotion opportunities in life. Yet, I’m still reluctant to take on so much responsibility. I see everyone in leadership (whether at work, church, charity events,etc.) is busy, busy, busy. So, this is something I struggle with. I don’t want to be so busy that I don’t enjoy the blessing in serving God, because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Yet, I don’t want to rest too much because I will have to account to Him for the use of my talents and time. If I could resolve this argument in my mind, maybe I could find the real rest you wrote about.

  61. Everyday “to dos” sometimes rob me of time with the Lord because I foolishly allow them to be completed before I get to my quiet time. PTL for His patience & grace!

  62. My job. I have determined that I will spend time with God therefore I now get up early morning at 4am.

  63. Leela Lawrence says:

    Too much thinking. Negative assumptions.

  64. Indie Cooper-Guzman says:

    The meds I take leave me drowsy and I can’t function at my best. I either have to postpone what I planned to do or I am unable to focus enough to read and study the word.

  65. Vicki, thanks so much for this devotion. Rest was my word for 2015, but I’m a slow learner. For me, not resting in the promises of God is a major cause of fatigue. I’m learning to pace myself, but you are so right. Doubts about our identity are a major cause of over commitment.

  66. Trying to be good enough for God on mmy on is a total waste of years. You can only waste time that you could have spent in the present of ouur Savor, in prayer and reading hhis word.I Am 67 years oldd and just now learning this and it so sweet

  67. I think I need a break, this book sounds interesting, it’s telling me it’s time to let go all the stress in life 🙂

  68. ‘When I wasn’t busy, I felt restless and ill at ease. When I was busy, I felt weary and in need of rest. It was a never-ending vicious cycle. I hated the pace, yet at the same time, I needed the pace.’
    I could be writing that in the present tense! I so needed to read it today, particular after being challenged by yesterday’s First5 More Moments:
    ‘Moses was a man who wanted God but was still struggling with his own pride and agenda.’ He ‘wanted to do the right thing but for the wrong reasons’!
    God help me to slow down and wait until you show me clearly what you would have me do… Even if that means waiting in a seeming wilderness of ‘uselessness’ for 40 years!!!
    I’m so desperate to be used by God and discover his purpose for me that I regularly take too much on but still feel inadequate and frustrated that I’m not doing more. I work full-time, mostly from home, do the school run with my 4-yr old, have taken on the chairperson role for our school’s PTA so that I can get to know more parents and build a good relationship with them and with the school in the hope of more opportunities to share Jesus with people in our community. I’m on the Prayer Ministry team at church, would love to rejoin the music team and play flute again, try to attend our small group, church meetings & prayer meetings. I go to a weekly women’s Bible Study group, and as well as working through that study and still trying to work my way through the whole Bible and do my First5 App reading, have tried and failed to do the last two OBS studies & desperately trying to read Made to Crave & The Daniel Plan! Plus I have Swedish & Pilates lessons at work, take my daughter to two dance classes and a swimming lesson after school and am about to rejoin Slimming World & need to start exercising as I desperately need to lose weight. And on top of all that I regularly try to meet up with both Christian and non-Christian friends for coffee and /or kids play-dates. I guess I average about 5 hours sleep a night and often that is broken by our little one joining us in the night and squirming!! Writing it like that – no wonder I’m tired! Maybe what I don’t need right now is another book to read!!! But at the same time I’d be delighted and grateful if you would send me a copy of Vicky’s book Rest Assured – seems like it might be just what I need to hear right now!

  69. I am a physician, and I let people take advantage of my time by making me feel it is my duty- I stay late, go in early, and do work from home just to keep up with the demands. I lose precious time with family and sleep. My quiet time with God is sometimes just a breath prayer between patients and sometimes the 1-2 minutes between when my alarm goes off and when I throw my legs off of the bed to get up. I need to find balance. Thank you for the reminder.

  70. I like Vicki Courtney’s book, “Rest Assured”
    Hopefully, my name would be picked to receive a copy
    1208 park manor Blvd
    NY 13760

  71. I’d love a copy!

  72. Wow! I am a working mom, with three little ones. I am busy! I totally relate to what Ms. Vicky said. Going at a breakneck speed. I can’t seem to slow down. And when there has been a slower pace, I almost get depressed. Resting in God is something I desperately need to do. Please help us Lord!

  73. For years after suffering abuse, I was adopted at 7 1/2. Later I would spend five years attending my Alzheimer’s victimized mother all night after teaching all day. Now worries over my children and grandchildren keep my mind in a flurry. How do you stop this madness? I can’t. I’m seeking God to help me.

  74. Physical, emotional and circumstantial stuff is pounding on my life right now. Satan is so trying to steal, kill and destroy the rest that God has for my soul. Thank you for your Words this day. God has used them to buttress me!

  75. Thank you for this word IN SEASON to my soul this morning!

  76. Dianne G. says:

    Never feeling good enough and unable to carry all the burdens and expectations of family. Even when I know family expectations are dysfunctional and unfair due to their poor choices and sin.

  77. I love helping others,and in doing that I stay busy,anytime anyone asks for help I am the first to volunteer. I have always had two jobs. Always keeping busy. It is hard for me to sit still. I have reached burnout level,I no longer enjoy serving others,it feels more like an obligation. I think Vicki’s book will help me get back on track and focus on my relationship with God and force me to be still and listen.

  78. Aubrey-Shea says:

    What steals my joy us allowing deep sorrow to take over my life. So instead of being busy, I shut down and wish that all that is me will cease to exist.

  79. Teresa Kimbrough says:

    My allowing my problems to consume robs my soul of rest

  80. I definitely need this book!

    My husband had just asked me on Monday morning during our devotions if I had “bitten off more than I can chew” for the next couple of months. I am a full-time high school mathematics teacher , and I generally teach Spanish 1-2 nights per week at our local technical college…this is in addition to our 5 children. I love both jobs, but for this upcoming semester my boss happens to be on maternity leave and needs me to teach her online class (I’ve NEVER taught an online class). In addition to that, I also need to take a graduate class this semester in order to renew my teaching license in June.

    The thought of the upcoming months is already stressing me out & I need to work to find a balance of some sort.

  81. So need this in my life!! Thank you for the devotion and being real!

  82. Being worried about my Mother, an her illness,that steals my rest,my younger sister unexpectedly died at My mother house she was a caregiver for my Mom mostly, We were torn up, Needing prayer for all my Sister’s.

  83. Janet Roembke says:

    Loved the article. My 4 children are grown now but I can still fill my time with other forms of busyness such as too much tv, reading, FB, and computer time. Needing to spend more purposeful alone time with God.

  84. What robs my soul of rest is being able to keep up with the pace of work at times, when we are made for a slower pace. Loved ones mean the most to me. Also when the enemy wants to hang condemnation on me, is when my soul also loses rest.

  85. Elaine Kapetanakis says:

    Would love to read the book……

  86. Brooke Wyant says:

    Felt like your devotion today was personally mine. Too often times my busy schedule and lifestyle have been my way to “serve” God instead of seeing it as a sinful attempt to do what pridefully is not mine to do. in awe that God speaks truth into our lives through so many avenues lovingly turning our lives back on track.

  87. Melodie Merriman says:

    Thanks for sharing the message you did today!

  88. What robs me of rest is working as a nurse with those who know what to do to care for patients but rather come to work with their own agenda to socialize among themselves. It is hard to keep doing my best & commit their patients to God because I cannot take care of theirs & mine

  89. Patti Bruni says:

    I work in an environment where we are judged by achieving results, completing targeted accomplishments and goals, completing professional development plans, etc. no where in this schedule does it allow us to rest and reflect. Yet it is so important for our well being and our relationship with God. I pray for others in this environment. I know there are many.

  90. Tea Sutton says:

    Totally the message of the day/week/month & God woke me up 2 hours early yet feeling alert & ready for the day so I could receive the message….LOUD & CLEAR!! Thank you Lord God Almighty!!

  91. I find myself doing the same thing. I am busy every night of the week. I keep ordering devotionals but no time to read..I am very weary, but don,t know what to give up. My house is a wreck which makes me a wreck…guess I am not praying enough either.

  92. As a teacher for 31 years there always seems to be school related things that need to be done. I also have 2 children who were very active throughout school. I kept planning to slow down once they graduated, but that didn’t happen. As retirement nears, I find myself reaching for a better balance of my time. As a matter of fact, that is my One Little Word for 2016- BALANCE. I am striving to start each day with the Lord, leave some of the school stuff at school, and spend more time each evening with my family.

  93. I don’t think it makes sense, but procrastination robs me of rest. Instead of just doing what I need to do, I put it off and then fret about it until I get it done.

  94. I woke up at 3:30 am and my mind was torn between all the things I need to do and wanting to do life like yesterday when I slowed down and actually lived…enjoyed my children and being in relationship with others. I’ve struggled with my faith for so long now. I am so encouraged by this because for the first time in years it doesn’t feel so scary to just stop and to trust God.

  95. Wow. So glad to have read this this morning. What robs my soul of rest? Continuing to give my mentally ill ex-husband “free rent” in my brain…worrying about his poor decisions/judgment and their effects on my teenage children. Raising these wonderful kids by myself. The fact that my son refuses to see his father and the potential lifelong implications of that for him. I need to surrender to God’s embrace on this.

  96. I would actually like to give this book to a family member! She needs to slow down for herself and for her family.

  97. 1. Don’t let Fear stand in your way. 2. Don’t let Procrastination run you, as it is a time waster and steels your joy. 3. Don’t be paralyzed into doing nothing when it seems impossible to you. Nothing is impossible with God.

  98. Angela Raphael says:

    I would love a copy of this book. Thank you.

  99. I am a divorced teacher of twenty-eight years whose only child is serving in the U.S. Navy. I have always been the type to do, do, and do, but it got worse while my son was deployed. Doing was easier than coming home to an empty house and not being able to talk to him. Working late was easier than accepting the fact that my daughter-in-law would make time for HER mom to Skype with the grandchildren, but I would not get the same treatment. When they started having serious marital problems was when I decided that I REALLY had to give it all to God. I couldn’t give something and take it back! That included trying to fill my time with busyness. All that was doing was making me worn out and keeping me sick to the point that I couldn’t even sing in church. As we went back to school this week, I vowed to work late one night a week, only if needed when I got everything planned out for the week ahead. I have a new but experienced teacher in my department now that is truly a God-send and will help make that possible. Even though I’m fighting to get rid of upper respiratory problems, I’m doing so with an eased mind and thankfulness that she was sent back to our campus. God knew what I needed to ease my burden and help me slow down.

  100. Melissa Plets says:

    My job takes me away from home three to four days a week. When I arrive home, it appears as though a tornado has hit my house – clutter everywhere, a laundry list of bills to pay, appointments to keep and “quality time” to spend with family and friends. I spend all my time running around, putting out fires, leaving me exhausted and wondering where my “off” days went. Every week. My time for Jesus is squeezed into the margins of the day, rather than truly resting in Him. It is a BIG goal of mine, this New Year, to carve out a more central spot for Him – to fill up my well, so I can fill my family better! Look forward to reading this book!

  101. I get caught up in daily task. I feel like I don’t have enough time. I feel like an exhausted failure. I feel sorry for myself, knowing that it takes more of my energy. I know I need to give it to God.

  102. I need this book! I am always busy… Always running behind and running to the next thing. Sometimes I don’t even enjoy what I am doing because I am thinking of the next thing I need to do!!

  103. Same here…..just too much busyness!
    I would love a copy of the new book…thanks!!

  104. Itzamir Pagan says:

    I was just like you, Vicky. I always did so much that I was always exhausted and had such an grumpy attitude for doing all I did. I have gone to a different extreme now. Now, I feel like I don’t have anything on my plate (other than normal mom/wife duties) that I feel paralyzed and still don’t have time or rather take the time for God and me. I have asked myself a variation of the question who am I for a long time now. And most of the time, I come up with I suck. The last few days I was teased about who I am by different people including my mom and it has hurt me so much. I have been angry and have been searching for what God is trying to tell me through the comments of others. And through reading today’s devotion maybe I do have to change but most of all I just need to see that God is with me. I need to take time to acknowledge his presence instead of searching for him. He is here. It’s time to make me brand new and acknowledge God.

  105. Sabine Elisee says:

    1. Anxiety of decision making. As it pertains to family life, ministry and my career as a Physician
    2. Worry that I may be failing to adequately fill my God calling of being the help mate God needs me to be for my hubby.
    3. Questions of how to raise my 4yo &16 month old sons for the kingdom while providing balance & perspective of living in this fallen world as salt of the earth
    4. With aging parent what it looks like to honor my parents and be available for them while still prioritizing my unit of “Team Elisee, 4 Strong”
    5. At the very core of it all being a daughter of the King and missing out on my needed quite time with Him to recharge refresh & renew.

  106. Working full time, mommy of 2, PTLS vice president, husband’s long hours at work…but this past year I made a job change and gave my career the back seat to my family and faith, and I’m happier for it. That’s one step in the right direction.

  107. “When I wasn’t busy, I felt restless and ill at ease. When I was busy, I felt weary and in need of rest. It was a never-ending vicious cycle. I hated the pace, yet at the same time, I needed the pace.”

    THAT paragraph hit me like a bucket of ice water as I recognized myself in those words. I also see – saw between busy and weary to restless rather than finding peace and rest in the Lord.

  108. Oh do I need this book! This is exactly the season of my life right now. As a wife, mother, and full time worker I often feel I am being pulled into a hundred directions.

  109. Too often I find myself at the same point of exhaustion. Kids have events, work is hectic, there are birthday parties, play-dates, sports….you name it we fill it in our “free-time”. As Vicki said, it has become my identity. I am praying for God to help me refocus my goal to please him, not everyone else, thus freeing me. Thank you for this devotional it came at a much needed time.

  110. Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel that women and moms need to stop being so hard on ourselves and ask God to help us prioritize. I have been working at only giving my best yes and saying no to the “extra.” It does feel relieving to say no and focus my time and energy in seeking my steps by consulting God first.

  111. Thank you for reminding me to be more Mary and less Martha.

  112. Thank you for this. Ive been struggling with pushing my child to do more. What am I doing that for? I feel like your devotional hit home with not just my life, but with how I raise my children too. Great reminder! Thank you for your authenticity.

  113. Sharon Landis says:

    What robs me of rest is worry. Worry about the future of my children. I have two boys graduating from college soon. One knows mostly what he wants to do, the other not so much. I bring that worry and stress on myself…..and want to release it but never truly do.

  114. Yes…I find financial stress and people pleasing robs my rest.

  115. Great devotion. Will be looking to buy this book if I don’t win.

  116. My soul feels so lost and disconnected at times with the busyness of my life. I have
    so many demands for my time that just thinking about it makes me feel tired
    I struggle with this everyday. I was so tired one day so emotionally wrecked from my burdens that while crying out to a friend I was told when do you care about Joan When do u realize that you are important. That propelled me to a place of meditation. It was then I cried out to God and discovered He had already given me a time-out. It’s called a Sabbath. His word says the sabbath was made for man. He also invites me to come to Him in my weariness and find rest. Thus began my mission to embrace moments of rest, but I can only achieve it through a commitment to embrace God’s gifts. I share this with my friends. I know we struggle as mothers, grandmothers, and with work duties as well as care taker duties and yes some as wives or significant other and sometimes as friends to find the true meaning of rest. So I encourage my girlfriends frequently to even stop for a minute, close their eyes inhale hold and slowly exhale and taste the sweetness of God’s gift of life. Thanks for this message. We need to be reminded that God loves us and His love is refreshing and He knows that our soul and bodies both need rest to hear His voice and to restore and fuel up

  117. Nichol barnett says:

    Worry, trying to be everything to everyone

  118. The everyday things at work and keeping up with my grandkids activities. Sometimes I feel like I am in burnout mode but still keep going. Need to learn when enough is enough and spend time getting rest with Jesus.

  119. I think it is one of the great lies of the enemy to try convince me that if I’m not doing, serving, helping, organizing, leading, volunteering, working or going Mach 10 with my hair on fire, then I’m being lazy and not contributing. I very much struggle with the challenge of being more like Mary in a Martha world. I need to force myself to remember that even on the seventh day, God rested. And we need to remember how and in whom to rest.

  120. Social media sucks me in and robs my soul. It’s must for my businesses, but I need to set boundaries/blocks of time.

  121. Hmmm, perfect timing as my word for the year is wanting ‘balance’ which includes quality rest and more intimacy with God. My body, emotions and spirit know when I need it so I’m going to listen. Would love to give this book to a friend that could use your guidance.

  122. As a single mom, I’m always juggling. The only speed I drive is rush. You know it’s bad when your child notices that as well. I would love to win a copy of this book; I’m hoping to slow down the pace of my life this year.

  123. Thank you for your words! I need to restructure things to slow down myself… I am single and adopted a precious 8 year old….all of a sudden the merry go round won’t stop!! I am so blessed, yet how to find the time to stop and relish and enjoy those blessings? I am tired. Trying. Hoping. Hoping your book would shed some light! Thanks again for your words today!

  124. Thank you for this devotion. It is what i am dealing with also. I am trying to slow down. Your words are very timely and encouraging.

  125. I’d love to win a copy of Rest Assured. ?

  126. Wow, how appropriate the timing for this devotional. I have been this way since I was a teenager, am approaching 50 and look back with regrets of saying yes to things that then make me miss very critical events or moments in my life. Change is a must. Thank you for this and here is to saying no more often!

  127. Doing things that I think are “in the name of Jesus” rob my time. My guilt “call to action”. Me not asking Jesus what my days should look like.

  128. Wow, I can so relate to this post. I grew up in a performance based approval household that still sticks with me today. So most of of my life I have spent pursuing one project after another. Worked in jobs that have left me exhausted and very frustrated. Never enough time. I have tried all the rest tips you can find and they are only a temporary fix for true emotional, physical and spiritual rest.
    The last nine years I have spent a lot of my time in school getting my degree and traveling 90% for my job. Now after losing the third job in that many years I am really learning how to completely rest in God.

  129. Ada Davis says:

    I am slowly, and I mean slowly, coming to the realization that being “not busy” is okay. I, too, hit a brick wall with the buziness — mine was a suicide attempt. Five years later, I am still learning to rest in God. Proverbs 31 Ministries has been such a blessing to me. There are sometimes weeks that go by when I feel like I have had a personal conversation with the authors of the daily devotions — like I was being ministered personnally. THANK YOU!

  130. My racing mind robs me of quiet time with God.

  131. Nancy Dawso says:

    What keeps me busy? It’s not just the full time job, aging mom with constant needs, 6 grandchildren and building a home.’s having love withdrawn when you don’t “do enough”. Because of that lifetime experience, I’m still trying to convince myself that what the Bible says is true: God’s love is unconditional.

  132. Wow! Smacked between the eyes with today’s devotion! I need to read this book.

  133. Sue Grossnickle says:

    I thought when I retired I’d finally have time to relax & rejuvenate my weary spirit; however as part of sandwich generation I have 91 yr old mother to care for & several blessed grandkids for whom I’m first line of help when illness strikes (including a chronically ill sweet granddaughter). My soul does get weary & the “why God?” creeps in. Back to the Word!

  134. Lisa Smith says:

    My soul is robbed of rest when I don’t make time for God first thing in the morning.

  135. Marquita Jacks says:

    What’s wrong with me??? God has blessed me with so many gifts. I get to be a wife. I get to be the mother of 3, all 11 years apart; 27 (grandma of 3), 15 (with autism) and 4, all boys.
    College grad (debt)
    Worship leader
    Christian radio DJ
    I write
    I have a catering business (I “USED TO” love to cook)
    Nail Technician (30 yrs)
    AND I’M TIRED! I’M JUST HERE…DOING… and I wanna love what I do again.
    What’s wrong with me? God has blessed me with so many gifts…

  136. Jill Walker says:

    I can say I am the only reason I fail to make time for God. I would rather sleep more, or be distracted by a TV show. I need to stop being so self-centered.

  137. So comforting to know i am not the only one that suffers with busyness. I feel the holy spirit has tried to convict me on this topic before but am at a place now that i am ready to listen. Thanku for your honesty and your guidance and being a channel for me from God for me finally take some action.

  138. Brenda Pisco from says:

    Thank you for your help in those issue is I am afraid of what will show me in my quiet time with him. Thank you taking the binder of. God bless

  139. Too much going on! Serving on staff at church, 3 girls to raise, building a house….

  140. Thank you for sharing your story. This is also my story, the never ending cycle of super busy to restless back to super busy. I need to to learn how to rest in God and what it is that robs my soul. In 2016 I want to have a more balanced life.

  141. Kira Wilks says:

    What rob me of rest for my soul is time and worrying. I know the scripture said “Be anxiety for nothing”, and I try to apply that principal to my life. With family, work, extra activities, and a special needs child, I’m so overwhelmed. I’m learning to cast my cares on the Lord, in due season He will come through for me.Please pray my strength in the Lord!

  142. Lisa Smith says:

    I also have spent my life saying yes to many (maybe even all) good things and have ended up exhausted. It’s only now that in realizing that the ones that suffer are me and my immediate family. As my kids move into college years and beyond, we need more available time to talk and to just be together. I’ve been saying no more in the past few years and am grateful for the time to rest physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

  143. Rebecca L. Etzler says:

    Just turned 70 ….is too late?

  144. My job can quickly rob me of rest! I pour so much in my students that I often leave school completely drained with no time or energy to put forth effort to spend time with God or put into my marriage.

  145. Boy, did I need this message! Rest is not on my “to-do” list. You are right, God needs us to say no at times, so we can Yes to His best! Amen

  146. Charessa Bryant says:

    I do need this. I’m always coming up w things to do as soon as I finish something. I have more lists than I can keep up with. I would love to read or do a bible study on rest

  147. Kathy Tingle says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing moments of your life with us. It shows how easy we fall and that God is right there to pick us up. May God continue to give you his words to share.

  148. I need it!!!! u jus explained my life!!

  149. So glad to hear it put in words. I feel the same way.

  150. Marsha Tennant says:

    Sometimes I confuse busy with relevance.Thank you for reminding me to be wary of the smoke screen.

  151. Kim Moody says:

    What a great devotion. I could see my own 20 year ministry in Courtney’s words. It took a life threatening illness for God to get my attention. What a difference that has made in the last 15 years. I still struggle daily with “busyness” and probably always will. I think it is in my DNA! However, I have a much deeper relationship with Jesus than I could possibly have had.

  152. Feeling like, that no matter what, I am never quite good enough robs me of rest, joy, and peace.

  153. Beth Fields says:

    When I get very snappy at home I know I need to slow down, usually after I hurt someone’s feelings?

  154. Worry robs me of rest. So worried about my kids and the choices they are making that I am turning into a basket case. Worry – which can’t change anything about the situation but is clearing changing me and not for the better!

  155. Christine says:

    I desperately need help to learn to rest…it would be so great to read…I want to be done with the busy. God wants me to be done with the busy, and I’m guessing my family does, too.

  156. Thank you so much for getting me on track each day. live your emails. god bless you.

  157. Would love this book. Six kids a lot of worry and a busy schedule. I definitely need rest for my soul.

  158. wendy buchanan says:

    This devotion was so appropriate. The minister on Sunday spoke on detoxing our souls. We need to be still and listen to God. Thank you so much for this message!

  159. I feel I keep busy to not think and dwell on circumstances in my life ( separation from my husband, the loss of loved ones, etc). I need to learn how to enter into the Lord’s rest.

  160. Lina Teague says:

    What robs my soul of rest? My need to be perfect…

  161. I am always volunteering to help. God gave me a servant’s heart and I don’t know when to say no. Sometimes I get so snappy around my family, I don’t even want to be around me!!

  162. Kris azlin says:

    what tends steals His peace for me is wanting or trying to “fix” things, be it my church, family, work or self. We all have our own ideas of what is right- but I believe this is a dangerous business when we have not been still with God. The hardest step in walking with God is waiting on and with Him. Kris

  163. Cheryl Gillespie says:

    This book would be a answered prayer. I have done this busy work as long as I can remember. At almost 50, I am still not comfortable resting. Because of what’s inside I know I have not dealt with. I never looked at it this way, until this morning when I read this. I would love a copy. In hopes that I can get revelation and heal areas to stop and as they say smell the roses. If I dont, with my health, I will die. And my 4 grown children and 6 grand babies need me healed. Thank you for this message this morning. I am at a cross road and I do need prayer too.

  164. Venessa Barber says:

    I have a busy life but have also been dealing with fear. I have found that fear can be very draining. I think this would be a wonderful book to read.

  165. Chronic busyness. We are business owners and I’m a substitute teacher because the business is not currently supplying enough to pay us an adequate living wage. My husband fills up his time chasing after work and ministry opportunities while encouraging me to do the same. This devotional spoke deeply to me. I so desperately want to be more Mary and less Martha.

  166. I can’t seem to slow down enough to really enjoy life. There is always something calling my name. If I’m not being productive, I’m “wasting” time. I need to learn to sit down and rest.

  167. Amy Burke says:

    Wow this really hits home in my walk in faith, marriage, and being a mom. I always think the more I do the closer I will get to God, my husband, and my kids. My husband gets upset when I “try to take on the world” as he says rather than slowing down and asking for help. Thank you for this. It really does hit hard in the heart. May God continue to bless you.

  168. Doing too much. Standing at a crossroad and trying to figure out which way to go.

  169. Trying to “fix” everyone’s situation robs me of rest. Financial stress. Health issues right now for one of my children. The past weighs heavy on my mind. I am a “fixer” by nature and always have been. I feel responsible for everything.

  170. Jan Rolan says:

    Wow! The devotion this morning spoke to me. I am one of those people described, but I never thought about my busyness as sin! Learning to rest in God and finding peace sounds wonderful (and honestly hard to believe that I could do it). I’d love a copy of this book!

  171. Shannon Pruitt says:

    I would love a,copy of your book. I enjoy reading your articles and would love to study this area in God’s words Thank you for sharing your heart.

  172. love this!

  173. Hello
    I just wanted to say I feel now the same way and was wondering why I’m always tired. I hope I can win a copy of your book so I to can slow down at the age of 64.

  174. Juli Wright says:

    Worry, anxiety, fear and need for control robs me of rest. My mind is in constant chaos and it makes it very hard to settle and hear God. I’m always trying to figure everything out and make sure nothing happens that would mess anything up or turn bad.

  175. Thanks for this message. Exactly what I needed to hear.

  176. Shera Cooley says:

    As a minister’s wife, mother of five daughters, grandmother of 1 1/2, and school teacher I yearn for rest daily.

  177. Thank you for this timely devotion! It has been on my mind and hearing this the first of the year when I think about the changes I want to make this year helps me to put everything in my life in perspective! I hadn’t heard the verse Jeremiah 6:16 – writing this one down, its a keeper!

  178. Heather McGregor says:

    Great devotional today. I needed it! Between 5 boys and a full time job along with normal housekeeping, my schedule gets too busy. Unfortunately God seems to be first to go on my priority list.

  179. Aimee Bartis says:

    Wow! This was so convicting as I struggled out of bed this morning for my quiet time for the 3rd time this week. Thank you!

  180. This book sounds like a blessing!

  181. I am a CPA and mother of 3 wonderful teenage girls. They are a blessing to me every day, and have somehow turned into lovely young women, despite enduring a divorce at a young age. When I was 39, I suffered a layoff and decided to pursue a Masters in Accounting and become a CPA. The 2 years was a blessing as I was able to be a full-time mom and full-time student. the studying was grueling, but the girls were a good support. Now having entered the full-time work force and entering my 5th tax season, I wonder if I have made the right choices. I have so little time for myself or my family, working 70 hours a week January-April, and 50 hours a week the rest of the year. I love what I do, but hate the deadlines and the hours. I feel like God is telling me to slow down and reset, but I don’t know how to switch paths when I’m in so deep.

  182. Wedding planning and work has been robbing me of my time.

  183. Jennifer Scott says:

    Id love a copy, thanks

  184. Busyness and not being present to the moment.

  185. There are so many good things to do, praying that God gives me wisdom to do the right things!

  186. I never get rest from the moment i open my eyes in the morning untill the moment i fall asleep at night. Even when i fall asleep i keep waking up several times . I need to stop and think so what if the house is in a mess i wont stop untill its done

  187. Perspective carries a lot of weight. When we show the world how important it is, we are showing God how important He isn’t. True for children, spouses and friends as well. Tithing is a principle of giving under the OT Law, to which we now give under NT grace. Not only should we give money to our home church, but we should also give the first and best part of our time to the Lord. Not only is He honored and pleased by this, but we are blessed by His presence and intimacy in our lives. If we choose not to give proper time to God, we will be in unrest. Time of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord and nowhere else. Oh, how we miss out on the fullness of God, trying to find it in everything but Him. Thank you Holy Spirit for using the words of this devotion to speak to so many. Now use it further to help many of us forsake ourselves and the works of our hands to seek You with our whole heart and simply rest in the palms of Your gracious and glorious hands.

  188. I am soooo guilty of this. Even though I am a stay at home mom, I have 2 part time/side jobs as well as activities for my children. I totally feel that I have to perform at break-neck speed in order to be approved. The truly hard question is how do you just cut everything off? I have told one of my side jobs that at the end of the school year I was done, but now I feel guilty for “disappointing” her. Those are my words not hers. How does it stop?

  189. Jana Haight says:

    What a wonderful & timely post!! My soul is robbed of rest by my actions/choices to try to fit too much into each day. I recently started working full-time after being a stay-at-home Mom for nearly 10 years. It has been a struggle for proper time management for sure!

  190. I sure needed to hear this devotional this morning and thanks for sharing

  191. Angela Brock says:

    My job robs me of rest… I am an elementary teacher. It is so emotionally draining as well as physically draining.

  192. Caroline McLennan says:

    Thank you for these words. I would be delighted to receive your book.
    I have come to realize that the expectations I place on myself rob me of my time and need for rest. Sometimes I lose hours because I have to have things in a certain way, and I’m slowly, very slowly trying to give in and say that sometimes okay is good enough.
    God bless!

  193. Thank you for this devotion today!

  194. What robs my soul of rest is… people pleasing & the thought “if you want it done right do it yourself “. I got a new job and few months ago and I love it but it’s 10x’s more responsibility and 24-7 around the clock. I also have 2 side businesses (ones really a “hobby” because I’m too nice and don’t charge enough & usually loose money). Add to that a husband, regular church and then ladies bible study, and as if that’s not enough I just signed up for a 30 day weight loss challenge, so now I need to figure out when I can get to the gym! #PleasePrayForMe

  195. Fear, worry, and anxiousness are what robs me of resting in the Lord. I get consumed by circumstances that are out of my control, which in turn, hinders the peace and rest I have been promised in Him.

  196. Vicki Clark says:

    Would Love to read this new book! Just stepped out of my career of 22 years to be more available for our family! This transition has been challenging. Your post hit the nail on the head!

  197. Good reminder! I believe complacency robs me of rest. Though it seems odd, I think the acceptance of life being “crazy” and having to run at “breakneck” speed is a big robber of time. If I accept I have no control over my time or schedule I never will.

  198. Shauna Williams says:

    I have a hard time saying no. I say yes to almost everything and over book myself frequently.

  199. What a beautiful and timely message to start the year off right. Learning to rest in God and not let the business of life take over. Thank you for your message this morning!

  200. I am an animal lover, and have always been even as a 18 mo child. I have rescued horses, dogs, cats etc. I am now caring for several wild critters from cats to possums, to racoon s. I am in cold country, and keep building shelters for them, supplying heat by lamps or elect heaters. I feed, clean, and care for them beside working a school bus driving job for special needs children. I am also trying to do my masters thesis for drug abuse counseling. All this at the ripe old age of 69. God has called me to a ministry and I feel I have to finish some things first. Just old and tired.

  201. I feel like when I’m not busy, I’m lazy. So I try to raise four kids and have a small business in the side. This article hit me in the gut. It was God reassuring me that my decision to close down my business yesterday was the right one! My kids are far more important than me staying busy.

  202. Jennifer Sofie says:

    I sure schedule to the brim and have never thought of it as sinful….but this is giving me much to chew on. I think you are right…its a desire to obtain my self worth from actions which is sin. I making some.changes but will need some guidance in how to thin my schedule because I too have been busy as far as I can remember. Thanks for the devotion. It was just what I needed.

  203. Jessica G says:

    I would enjoy your book .

  204. Christy Hammond says:

    This devotion spoke to my heart. My tired, exhausted and worn out heart. I need guidance on how to better rest.

  205. My family could use help I this area!! Would love help from the book!

  206. My heart is usually eager to say yes because I am a people pleaser. I need to be more of a God pleaser. I think so many find a “worth” when we can do for others. I truly don’t mind helping when needed…God definitely gave me the heart of a servant. But I know that I must find more time to invest in Him and His Word.

  207. This devotional is me. As a child, my busy days were an escape from an abusive, dysfunctional home. Extreme poverty, pregnancy and drugs were my only option – had I followed my siblings’ paths. Thanks to extended family and friends, I had a church-life and school-life that gave me hope, and I worked tirelessly to avoid the lifestyle my family had chosen. Now, living the “American Dream,” I am afraid I never have experienced a healthy middle ground. Working and volunteering has kept me so busy for years that my relationship with Jesus had evaporated. I have been working on prioritizing my connection to God. I pray for the Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me every day. I start here in the morning, move to Truth For Life Ministries, listen all day to a Christian music station and attend an amazing church and small group weekly. All of those things have certainly lifted my spirit, but Shirlee is right – nothing made quite the same difference as making time for sabbath. I realized my busy schedule, beyond robbing me of relationships with God and my family and friends, was also a sign of a lack of trust in God. I have been praying for Him to help me accept His will, to trust in His provision and for guidance each day to be obedient to Him. I am broken, as we all are….and the older I get, the more I understand the beauty of a simple existence. I am praying for every woman here to have peace, comfort and rest in the Holy Spirit.

  208. This sounds so much like me! My word for 2016 is Simplify….much needed rest is in there too! Thank you for the devotion and reminder ❤️

  209. I have always struggled with busyness in the name of being a productive and responsible wife and mother, but I find the list never ends, and I find myself missing important moments and being present in the “now”. My goal this year is to bring my busyness into balance. Thank you for a great devotional today!

  210. Cheri Hall says:

    Attending 12 step meetings, kids sports schedules and working. Thanks for sharing this I make my own schedule and couldn’t see the sin in it until I read this. I’m so weary and didn’t understand why. I have short devotion time but God just showed me it’s not enough. Too much me and not enough Him. Thanks for this message

  211. Mary Kneppe says:

    Focusing on the sin in my kids life, robs me of the joy available to me through resting in God’s presence. It’s hard, but God is training me and He is faithful. He will have His Way in my kid’s lives and in mine as well!

  212. My need to make sure my kids have every opportunity in life takes away from rest for my soul.

  213. Kim Traynor says:

    This message as I read it, pierced DEEP. My soul longs for the injection of the Truth. Just as in the words of the well known hymn. “My soul says YES!”

  214. Sherry Taveras says:

    What robs me of my soul is my insecurities of who I’m supposed to be as a woman. With all the responsibility of being a wife, mother, friend I’m constantly wondering if I’m enough. Did I do enough today. My thoughts attack me before I lay my head down to sleep and upon awaking. Always criticizing what I should have could have done more of, better etc. I feel deep in my gut a need to rest in my soul. To find peace within and no longer judge myself which can be extremely debilitating. It robs you of your joy, peace and contentment. My goal this year is to not chase my tail anymore. To give my self grace and to find my identity in Christ And to rest in God.

  215. I have been in the same boat my entire life. I am in nursing school and work full time. I recently didn’t pass my semester because of my busyness, tiredness and weariness of running myself into the ground. I was praying this morning on my way to work like I usually do and was asking for help. Guidance on my future and thinking I am in the same routine with God. I need to move forward in my relationship with Him. I read this message this morning and it brought tears to my eyes that this was His answer to my prayers. The busyness is always with me. I need something that will work and bring me closer to God. Hopefully this book may do the trick.

  216. Michelle Bendele says:

    I really loved your message this morning, I find myself in that same boat of busyness, I have always struggled with acceptance and approval. Have a hard time saying No sometimes. So thank you for letting me know I am not alone. And that I need to ask for. Forgiveness, and start seeking And praying to God before I make decisions.And opening my eyes that this is sin. Thank you Appreciate it.

  217. Oh Vicki you have described my life to a t. Please help me

  218. I was just pacing the floor wondering how to organize my time and to find time with God. A wife, a mom of a soldier and a 16year-old and a trustee of my church and I work full-time. Its seems year after year I find my self at the same crossroad feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

  219. Worry and anxiety rob my soul of rest.

  220. I am the mother of 6 adult children from ages 23-38. It makes me sad to know I can’t “solve” all their challenges in life and make it “easier” for them. None of them complains, but I feel the sadness as though they were little children in trouble at school.

  221. Amazing Grace says:

    Thank you for your words. Indeed, what we truly need is time with Jesus. It is in His presence that we find rest and healing for our souls.

  222. I live and work in Guatemala. My husband passed away 8.5 months ago and I returned after his memorial in Canada to continue our projects. I find that talking to God should be a priority but since my husband’s death I have realized more that HE is my priority. I have no idea how people survive after a death of a spouse without a faith in God.

  223. Brenda Sternfeld says:

    Biggest robber of rest in my life is the computer…. Specifically playing games!

  224. Karol Riggall says:

    The thing that robs me of rest is worry. That is what I would like to eliminate from my life.

  225. When I read this, my only thought was “yes, yes, yes”. I love being busy. It makes me happy and stressed out at the same time. Without busy though, I tend to feel unfulfilled. I need to sit and stare atGod sometimes and tell Him how sorry I am for being so busy.

  226. I am asking for suggestions or help for a family member that does so much for me and everybody else. She does it however for the same reason as you stated, to receive love. How do you address that with someone? Also she doesn’t take the time to read : ( Does this come on CD? What suggestions do you have for me to talk to her to bring up the subject. Thank you.

  227. I would love to win a copy. Work robs my soul of rest. I feel the need to prove myself. So I put extra hours in, take on extra projects

  228. I would love to receive this book. Busyness robs me of rest…created by myself…which I try to tell myself is just life. Hmmmm…God truly does speak to us if we can listen!

  229. Melinda sanders says:

    This article have me pause to think about the things that Rob me of my rest, especially with the Lord. We are programmed to take care of everyone and so we do-work or home. Time to make a change.

  230. I too, have experienced ministry “burn out” and never want to go there again.

  231. I learned at a young age that acceptance & love were based on performance. Although a Christian and freed by grace I still struggle with this mind set. I even regret I have passed some of that on to my children. I desperately want to break this generational lie, but struggle with “how”.

  232. Luwanna Huff says:

    I really needed this today. I was searching for an answer on my very busy time.Thank you

  233. Lack of boundaries and my need to help everyone else out

  234. Tanya Wilcox says:

    I have a good idea of what robs my soul!! I have struggled with walking with the Lord because I let alot of negativity in. I have struggled with addiction since I was a teenager and man don’t I struggle. One thing, no matter what, I try to give God time first thing in the morning for many reasons. One of those reasons are to help change my train of thought. I can tell i do not do it enough, because as soon as I step out that door, the worries of the world flow through my mind and then deppression, etc. There are more steps I need to follow through with and can only pray that I gain more of the desire.
    I thank you for this opportunity and pray I am not late and can one day indulge into this book. I do not have income and it puts a damper on some of the christian readings I would like to catch up on. If it’s His will, I know I’m able to learn alot from this reading. Another prayer of mine is that one day, I will publish a christian book!
    God bless and my prayers are with you.

  235. Busyness is what I call, “The Martha Mentality.” Ensuring that every waking moment is filled with accomplishment/productivity. It wasn’t until yesterday that I saw the “Martha” in ME! At home, I focused on getting everything done and not wasting a minute before the school bus arrived. Then it happened. Shockingly, my 6 year old son screamed, cried, and refused to get on the bus. At work, I planned to finish every task on my desk before close of business. At homework time with my son, I taught him a math concept that he hadn’t grasped in school. Immediately, I imagined completion of the assignment and the smile on his teacher’s face, but he didn’t finish because it was time for bed. Fortunately, God is gracious in our sinful moments. He offers forgiveness and comfort at the same time. He graciously whispered to me each time when I felt unsuccessful, unaccomplished, or defeated by my UNREALISTIC, SUPERWOMAN goals. At home He whispered that I missed the sheer joy found in quality time spent driving my son to school. At work He whispered, the most important, time sensitive tasks were completed. He also informed me that I hadn’t even paid any attention to the MANY concerns that I resolved over the phone. Then He mentioned, the colleagues, supervisors, and directors that I assisted with important tasks when they called me, emailed me, and as I passed them in on my way to the restroom. Yet, my self-created score book was very low because I was seeing a glass that was half EMPTY. When in fact, it was OVERFLOWING! My vision was blurred by measuring busyness which always presents failure. As for homework time, my son learned in 30 minutes what is taught in 30 days! Oh, and the boost of his self-esteem after applying the concept and for the FIRST TIME, getting an answer RIGHT- PRICELESS! When God revealed that to me, the glass that held the measure of my success SHATTERED! I’ve been my worst critic operating by “The Martha Mentality” of busyness my entire life! I completely missed out on the beckoning of my Savior to bask in His presence and abide in His REST where His yoke is EASY and His burdens are LIGHT! It’s going to take a lot of undoing to reverse my stinking thinking, but like Mary (Martha”s Sister) I’ll rest on JESUS and if I soak His feet with snot and tears, no worries- I’ll just wipe them with my hair! 🙂 #restNOTrace

  236. The things that rob me of my rest is fear, too many Christian engagements even though I love it and my profession( I’m a health care provider ). The devotion is very insightful. God bless you ma

  237. A very good word, help us Lord to keep our eyes on You!

  238. Lack of sleep robs my soul of rest with God. By filling the days too full and rushing around all day God often comes at the end of the day when He should be first. he should get the best of me not what’s left. And what’s left is too often an exhausted Mom…

  239. I would love a copy of rest assured. I feel my time is robbed of peace due to the needs of my elderly parents and the demands of my job and then day to day livng. I need to be still …. and like yesterday’s message…listen in the silence.

  240. Wow, was this something I needed to read today. We were just discussing this very concept of busyness at our women’s bible study yesterday. I would love a copy of this book to learn more on my quest for peace and rest.

  241. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I have also struggled in this area…trying to prove my worth by what I do and not who I am in Christ. Your words were very encouraging!

  242. Michelle Pettit says:

    Thank you for this message. You described my life as a single working mom exactly. I too am suffering from burn out and trying to listen to God for direction. Thank you.

  243. Elizabeth P. says:

    The Lord often reminds me, come and rest..for life circles can be quite exhausting. Just not sure where to start, and hoping this book may be that opportunity to learn.

  244. Thank you for the read, I am very interested in this book. I find myself very busy with work, family and personal obligations. If someone asks something of me I cannot say no and later feel overwhelmed, exhausted and lately resentful. Please pray that I am able to prioritize, refocus and keep in mind not every request needs to be accepted by me.

  245. Brenda Marsh says:

    Wow! As a homeschool mom, public school mom, part time teacher in a private school, and a full time graduate student I can so relate!! Lately been feeling a struggle and a loss of my first love for Jesus. Been examining my spiritual walk and how to “fix it”. I am reminded that I need to be still in Him and wait on Him…through devotional such as today’s devotional. Thank you!

  246. Andrea Ransom says:

    Life can be so busy-this title interests me as I struggle prioritizing rest times!

  247. A great word of truth that spoke LOUDLY to my soul today. I’m a list maker and like to check things off so I can look at my accomplishments and evaluate my day. If at the end of the day I see a lot of check marks then I feel like I’ve had a good day because I’ve worked and made accomplishments. I’m a stay at home mom and often compare my day to women who work outside of the home. I feel guilty if I’m not busy “working” at least 8 hours every day. This article reminded me that my busyness is usually about what I want to accomplish not necessarily what God is choosing to accomplish in me.

  248. Normally, in the New Year, I get very optimistic but I am just plain tired and worn out this year. I know that I am a very anxious individual so it’s harder for me to be still and rest. When I am resting, my mind is not, so I tend to get overwhelmed and fidgety. I know the source of my issues are trying to set higher, unreachable goals on myself. Trying to please people, have everyone like me, be the best at everything I try, and not fail-of course I do fail…I am only human, but I put a lot of pressure on myself. Those are just a few ways I struggle in this crazy life. Thank YOU for your devotional and opening my eyes this morning on a possibility to discover a true, new way of peaceful living. Many blessings!

  249. Your situation just made me realize that busyness has been a problem all my life, too. What an awakening I just experienced. I not only want to read this book – I NEED it.

  250. I cannot begin to tell you how much this post rang true to My story. I have years of “busy by choice” behind me that have chronically stolen my mental energy. I have a healthcare career that explodes and becomes a full extension of interruption on a monthly basis. It seems that I can’t find rest to recover between these events. My obedience to the Lord has suffered even though I remain accountable. I pray that this year unfold a new vision for my spiritual life in order to bring the light of Jesus to others, but I must FIND rest.

  251. Being a workaholic I longed for the praise of how hard I worked. I thought this was important for ny self worth, versus the rest in our Lord to fill my soul.

  252. Heather Capozza says:

    I am hearing about rest from multiple sources so obviously God wants my attention on this! I enjoy checking off my to do list….maybe I need to start changing what’s on it…putting rest and time with the precious people in my life, not just activities and tasks. It’ll be like swimming to the edge of a raging river, feels like I am being carried away by the pace of our busy family’s life!

  253. I am a chronically busy person too but never thought of it as a sin issue. I would love to read your book and gain some tools in how rest in God and not be so busy.

  254. Robin Stillwell says:

    What robs my soul of rest is that if I have skills to help someone and I dont, I feel guilty, so I help them. This isn’t a good motivation! I need to be filled up with the Lord so the “helping others” is like spill over- so to speak. I would love reading the book and would share it with the leaders in my American Heritage girls troop!

  255. Sally stevens says:

    I have always looked at my worth as what I’ve done – sewing, teaching, cleaning etc. – instead of being a loved child of God. I need to be the child snuggling in my fathers lap instead running around Him doing! Even in my devotions I sometimes get caught up in “reading through the Bible” instead of listening to God through his word. I want to stop and savor my Lord

  256. -Stop feeling guilty when not busy
    -Stop feeling the need to say yes to every opportunity/stop being afraid you’ll miss something if you say no
    -Stop feeling the need to do what others expect you to do

  257. My people pleasing ways rob my soul from rest and serenity. Would love to win this book by Vicki to help me learn ways to let my mind and soul rest at weary times! Blessings.

  258. Vicki described my life up there! I need that book in my life at such a time as this. Thanks

  259. Shannon Menzies says:

    I’m just tired and exhausted from constantly over scheduling. Nothing I have tried in the past worked. Would love to read this book!!

  260. Busyness robs my soul of rest – mental and physical clutter that im always striving to “get done” but it is only a short lived fix. I want to be Mary instead of Martha.

  261. Tammy Moll says:

    The computer. I wake up and it is the first thing I go to, check each of the online groups I am in and that can take hours if I stop and respond to others and the of course add my own responses. Then I will play a few more hours or computer games. Can you tell I don’t work, so some days I could be at this computer for 10 hrs or more. I believe the book would be very good for m..


  262. I’ve often struggled with a too busy schedule. My husband will sarcastically say, “Well sign up for something else” when I comment about the busy or about something being done/cancelled.

    I think it comes from my own ideas on what my life should look like. “I homeschool so I should be able to…”. “I stay at home so my house should…and I should be able to help…”. “I’m have my own business so I should…”.

    This December has actually been the most relaxed time in awhile. I tried so hard to purposefully simplify. Not all the decorations got out. Not all the homemade gifts got made. Not all the activities got attended. I felt like I should have been panicked, like I was forgetting something. But it was nice.

  263. Tiffany Fountain says:

    Wow! This sounds identical to my story. My intention for 2016 is to rest in God’s word and deepen my relationship with Him.

  264. Tracey Malone says:

    This devotion totally hits me in the face. Always striving and trying to perform for God and others. Dear Lord help me to focus and rest in u

  265. Deborah Vines says:

    Thank you for HS direction on a sabbath rest. Would so appreciate reading more on how to obtain it. Been struggling with this issue for all my life if I am really honest. And yes for me it is a sin issue —discipline. Keep hearing HS say get your house in order—physical body mind spirit but also our living building too and responsibilities we have taken on at church and community and family expectations plus job responsibilities. Thank you for consideration on drawing of your book.

  266. Wow this post spoke volumes to me. I am in the final phases of editing my first book, working on creating products and serviced for the website, helping take care of my mother who is moving, helping my husband prepare for job interviews so he can move up the corporate ladder in addition to his technology business and helping my 13 and 11 year olds navigate the challenges with school, peer pressure in addition to working full time and volunteering in my home church. I so desperately want to press the pause button but when I do I feel like I should be doing something and become antsy. Did I mention that I work full time? 🙂

  267. Signing up for to many kids activities working outside the home and trying to attend bible studies have robbed out family of peace and rest. The state of maintaining the rhythm of business has been an ongoing security for so long the kids asked for home time – what a wake up call!

  268. Niki Runge says:

    Thank you for this devotion! It touched my heart!

  269. Shirley Meek says:

    I have learned that we hear from God when we are walking with Him at a slower pace.

  270. I am a busy person in my daily life, but it seems meaningless and stuck in going through the motions. I have retreated from being spiritually fed by believers. It’s overwhelming to think of what I am missing but am stuck in the routines and suffer guilt.

  271. judy grivas says:

    Thanks for the book giveaway! I have a problem with staying still and restful, too. My upbringing is most likely responsible for the busyness. Even as a senior citizen I still have to at least keep my hands busy with a crochet hook instead of sitting quietly by my husband’s side.

  272. Social media& worring about what others think of me Rob my soul of rest!

  273. Business, and the inability to say no

  274. Thank you, Vicki Courtney, for the encouraging word on busyness and that our greatest joy is found sitting at the feet of our Savior and Lord Jesus,

  275. Trying to juggle motherhood, work and ministry, knowing where the boundaries lie and keeping to them.

  276. I need this book….my whole adult life has been consumed with trying to make up for past sin and guilt. I am truly a Tasmanian Christian…more groups…more service….more opportunities…more schooling….more kids… poor husband is just holding his breath waiting for the next project. The sad part is deep down I know what I am doing but I am unable to fix it. Where do you start?

  277. Joan Rickords says:

    I enjoyed your devotion this morning. Thank you for your insights! Blessings to you. Joan Rickords@comcast.

  278. Holly Scoular says:

    While I was ready to find out the solution to my problem while reading the devotional today and nodding yes as I read, I find my problem is guilt. I feel guilt when I sit and do nothing. I feel unproductive, which equals laziness, the root of all evil when I was growing up. I had never considered the “productiveness” the sin of saying “no” to God. I will be cogitating on this today;)

  279. Susan Atkins says:

    This morning I decided to check out Proverbs 31 Minisiries and was so glad I did! Thanks for the message, it was exactly what I needed. I have been struggling with time and priorities. I know I must make more time for Jesus. This opened my eyes & I plan to make Proverbs 31 Ministries a part of my daily quiet time.

  280. If there ever was a message for me, this is it! I’ve struggled with chronic busyness throughout my life, and I’ve dealt with bouts of exhaustion, depression, and anxiety because of it. When things would finally slow down, I’d just dig and find more ways to busy myself instead of resting. This year, however, I have been forced – no I’ve been LED by God to SLOW DOWN. I’m ready to live with intention and mindfulness. I’m ready to say no to more and yes to God. God, I pray that you help me find that pause in conversation to ask You “yes – or no?”

  281. Stacy Morrow says:

    Two days in a row the Lord has given me Matthew 11:28 in a devotion. I’m a teacher. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m the daughter of a sick elderly parent. I’m a friend. And I try to keep up with everyone’s life on social media. I need to focus on time with Him. Thank you for this reminder. I would love a copy of the book.

  282. Thank for this encouraging message. I also can relate and can say that it is because of my inability to say no and also feeling like there is always so much to do and not enough time to do it. Every time I have a second to breathe I stress and think about all that has to be done instead of appreciating the time and allowing my mind to rest.

  283. Stacey Mason says:

    I deal with the same issue as Vicki. Always trying to get my worth through things I can accomplish, how I look, or how many people I can help. I need to learn to see my worth as what the father provides and not what I can provide. I need to learn that I don’t always have to be at one pace, “FAST”.

  284. O MY GOODNESS!!! This is a struggle I have had ALL my life… Every detail of what you said was ME… EVERYTHING… I k now God has been dealing with me for a few years of my busyness but I would do good for a while and get right back swamped.. I would see friends and quaintness and they would be “Michelle I just see how you do EVERY
    THING that you do” I always respond that it is God” And it is, in spite of all my craziness. But I do long to just REST in God, enjoy my family, to be able to visit love ones, clean my house, create something beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win your book.

  285. Pam Moore says:

    staying busy so I can not think about the only child God gave me 33 years ago. He died in a tragic motorcycle accident. His children’s mother will not let me see the kids or one reason or another. I am so tired. I have church, work full time, take care of my father, and volunteer. I know God does not make mistakes but this one I can not understand…… I try to say as busy as I can so I don’t think. I feel guilty to say NO also.

  286. Cindy kennington says:

    I can definitely relate to needing a rest. You see I am in the middle of the sandwich generation. I juggle full time work, home life with husband and 3 sons (2 still at home and 1 in college) plus help care for my mom, aunt and mother in law. There is no time for me. I fall asleep trying to read my devotionals. I sometimes read them while in the bathroom. Two of my closest friends are going thru the same thing. We don’t have time to talk so we check in with a text every couple of weeks and maybe actually see each other twice a year. We only live a few miles from each other. If I won Vickis book maybe I could share with my friends as well. Thank you for consideration.

  287. Cassie Laffan says:

    A friend and I just purchased this book yesterday. I can’t lie though… I would love to win it so I can give it away. I would love to buy one for every lady on my ministry team. So excited to read this book!

  288. Looking forward to finding balance in my life this year.

  289. My job robs me of my rest. My husband recently asked me what I would do if I didn’t have to work and I told him I couldn’t imagine not working. I have been thinking more and more about his question and realize that I too would be ill at ease. I pray that God shows me His desire for my life and what He wants me to do for Him if I don’t have to work.

  290. This article has really made me stop and think about how trying to make things perfect in my life causes me to spend less time with God than I need. And at the end of the day I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing and have lost valuable time alone with my Savior, the only one who will ever be perfect.

  291. Chronic Busyness is the word I have been looking for to describe the feeling I have been battling. I am looking to “Rest in God”!

  292. Barbara Holum says:

    I really have a hard time with rest. .always having to “do it myself” my whole life. Now I am 63yrs old and after years of burn out I am finally returning to the land of the living I still need to learn how to turn it over to the Lord and come into His rest. ..HELP!!!!

  293. Sarah High says:

    I could have easily written this! I don’t know how “to be still” and it drains me. But then being still causing me anxiety! Thank you for this devotional Proverbs 31 and Vicki Courtney!

  294. Elaine Nunn says:

    Thank you for the insightful reminder that resting in God’s love and time with Him should always take priority over our busy lives no matter what, when, where, or why

  295. Sharon Burkes says:

    Wow… I def NEEDEd this. Ironically its 1 of my goals for the new year to Stop … Before I start my day….spend time with God before facebook our racing around for our 6 boys.. I enjoyed reading this devotional and I would love to win this book

  296. Shauna Dueck says:

    In December I made the decision to stop over extending myself. It is okay to no and I need to realize that I don’t need to have an excuse, reason or something else already on the go to say no.

  297. Janelle Wyant says:

    Thank you for this wonderful devotion. As a mother of three active children and a sixth grade teacher this is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Pause and pray!!

  298. Kim Warner says:

    Thank you, I needed this. Always trying to stay busy.

  299. Abbey Francis says:

    ME. ME. ME. I am 100% responsible of robbing my soul of rest. It’s Me, Myself & I without a doubt.

  300. I am robbed of rest when I try to be “God”….its much better when I allow Him to do his job and me to mine….Praise the Lord!!!

  301. Kym Estes says:

    Right now illness has stole my ability to rest. My 12 year old is hospitalized with treatments every few weeks. When I get home my other children need me. And then there is guilt parenting, because after all, it’s a tough time for everyone. So time to rest seems allusive. Time with the Lord and just resting. I need wisdom to balance it all and permission to say, “no”

  302. Waiting on God says:

    I really struggle with this. I have pulled away from so many things in order to “de-stress” that I sometimes think I have gone too far. I got rid of many commitments but made the mistake of not filling the empty space with Him. Still trying to find the “resting place”.

  303. Christy Crawford says:

    This devotion completely spoke to me. I am the same way and have always been a part of something to keep me busy. I felt inadequate as a person if I wasn’t involved in serving. I need to remember that I will always be enough for Jesus no matter what because He is more than enough.

  304. J Holland says:

    My husband and I have never quite found a good balance between work, home and our children’s school activities.

  305. The stress and businesses of my job leaves me feeling burned out and full of anxiety. I often feel my life has little meaning in the big scheme of things but feel trapped by the security it provides for my family. I need to find more time for God to help ease the burden and bring a peace and calmness.

  306. Thank you for sharing this devo. It is just what I needed. I have been struggling so much about being so busy with leading women’s ministries, music, helping those in need, mentoring, being a wife, mother and grandmother and the list goes on. I am feeling like I never have time to rest in Him because I am always planning for the next event or crisis. I too have been like this since my teen years. My gift of encouragement and service gets me to a place where I can’t say no. I have been really pondering your words. Thank you again.

  307. Cissy Yarbrough says:

    This is just what I needed. Now reflection time to prayerfully consider what to eliminate in my life that adds to more and more busyness,
    Thank you for being so honest.

  308. Sometimes, I am still very much stuck in the notion that I have to DO and BE for everyone. That I must be wife, pastor’s wife, and Mommy to the max, even at the expense of my own rest and replenishment. I am doing better, thank God, but sometimes I still find myself falling into that trap.

  309. I am so weary and burned out with all the business of life. I get so wrapped up in everything but God…. I truly need a religious jump start, I need to get back on Gods track….

  310. Cindy Horton says:

    Love love Vicki and her books and all her studies! I am so tired with life. Trying my hardest to prioritize Jesus first in my crazy life. Jesus is the only way we will make it to heaven! He deserves my full attention.

  311. Jennie Van De Velde says:

    Vicki’s devotional spoke right to my heart. For the first time, I’m asking God if my busyness is just a scheduling problem – or, at its root, a sin problem. I pray that He will give me eyes to see as I delve into this question.

  312. Whitney H. says:

    I keep myself busy with so many things, thinking if I take time to slow down it might mean I’m lazy or something. But, it also means I sacrifice time to spend with and listen to God.

  313. Ginger M. says:

    It is so hard to keep an even balance. Almost impossible at times.

  314. Definitely needed this today especially!

  315. Maybe your book will biblical and personal examples of how to slow down, but your devotional didn’t. It felt like you were saying the right words but not believing them in your heart, therefore now following them. Not being busy leaves us alone time with ourselves and God. For some that is scary. It is also the way some are made, to need the excitement of being with others. I am not, too many people suck the life out of me. I am better alone. But we all are made differently. Learning how to manage our time with what God is calling us to do is the trick.
    When my breakdown came I finally listened. My pace now works for me, but to others it would appear that I do very little. Sometimes I struggle with the comparison but I know this is how God made me, and I am in His will.

  316. Wow! Needed this today! With a move happening in less than 30 days, my mind is spinning. My soul needs rest. Even in the midst of chaos, we can find rest in Jesus.

  317. Michele S says:

    I’ve overdone the busyness by doing things for my children and neglected their dad! Thank you for sharing your heart

  318. Martha Swenson says:

    I pray GOD helps you to find HIS rest and you are able to keep encouraging our sisters in JESUS!

  319. I would love to win a copy of this book! The main reason is the fact that you mentioned not even enjoying the peace when you get it. I can really relate, feeling lazy and restless unless I’m juggling too much! The root of this is also an identity issue for me- trying to earn value through accomplishments or get those 5 minutes of glory when one of the many things on my plate is completed. I am in the early stages of being a mom and would love to read this book while there is still time to break the cycle! Thanks so much!

  320. Anita Hall says:

    My soul finds rest in you! What a wonderful sentence, but so much easier said than done. From the time I get up in the morning to the time I get home, I am at breakneck speed, and worried al the time if I have forgotten something, or missed an important detail. By the time I get home, I am exhausted mentally and physically, and trying to free my mind from the condemnation of “I wasn’t good enough”. Thank you for this devo this morning and for being real with us. I believe that it is just as important for women to share our struggles and failures as it is to share our successes. We too often wear the mask of “I’ve got it all together” when we are crumbling inside, and desperately wanting someone to come along side of us and say, “It’s OK that you don’t have it all together. Neither do I.” Through Christ we can do all things. And by “all things” He means those things that HE has called us to.

  321. I need to become more organized so I can learn to rest!

  322. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, I devote as much time as I can to my family. Unfortunately, my work in the field of public education requires a great deal of time and travel, often robbing me of time with my family. I know in my heart that I should be prioritizing my time with God each day, but I struggle to fit everything in, and He often comes last if at all.

  323. I’ve been working two jobs that consume my days, nights, and weekends. The stress has caused my hormones to be out of whack which has caused the immense pain of infertility. I’m also wife and mother to a 4 year old.

  324. Nicole Sprintall says:

    Thank you SO much for the God-annointed devotion today. My revelation came through reading your words! I find it so incredibly beautiful that He provides women of faith and openness to share themselves with a world who’s listening. Your faithfulness to your calling of your true heart brings victory and healing to others.

    Be blessed, and thank you.

  325. Julie Folkerts says:

    Loved this devotion Vicki. I heard once that the devil keeps us so busy so we won’t have time for God. How true. I wish our society could see that. Parents including me a few years ago, think they need to keep there children busy to keep them out of trouble and in the case of sports to keep them competitive. Thanks!!

  326. I need this book! I have been so busy serving at church, helping my daughter and dealing with her depression, taking care of my husband and his diabetes, taking real estate course—–!I need to rest in Jesus more!!!! That is my desire so I can be better in all things! Thank you!

  327. Lynn bynum says:

    At 68, I still find myself having to “do” something. Sometimes I say it is just my personality, sometimes I say, might be something else. Balance for those of us that “do” does not come easy.

  328. I spend so much brain energy on what I need to let go of and give to God. I need to put situations and concerns firmly in His divinely capable hands and not snatch them back. As much as I want to be in control, His plans are much better than mine and He knows best. Then I can truly rest in Him. It is a minute by minute intention and prayer.

  329. Vicki Wohlers says:

    This devotion really hit home with me. I can so relate to your words: “Somewhere along the way, I had based my worth and identity in performing, achieving, doing and serving. Ironically, true identity is found by resting in God and being conformed to His image, not running ourselves ragged in an attempt to find it on our own.” I constantly volunteer and say Yes to way too many things, as if my busyness somehow makes me more worthy. Focusing on Psalm 46:10, “He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’” (NIV) will be my start to slow down and rest in God.

  330. Barb Evans says:

    Thank you for this message. I think that society wants us to be busy all the time. Our minds are always occupied with some form of electronics(TV, Radio, Internet, Cell phone) and we don’t take the time to be quiet and listen to God. I know that even when you say ‘yes’ to too many activities in the church, it doesn’t fill your up and just another way to stay busy.

  331. Angela Hobbs says:

    Good Morning Everyone,
    What Rob’s my soul of rest is the fear of the unknown. I am truly learning to trust GOD in every area of my life but it’s so hard the flesh and my spirit is in a battle and most of the time my flesh win…. I really desire for my soul to win in trusting GOD with and in everything. HELP!! HELP!!!
    Relationships that my flesh does not want to let go…
    Saying YES to different projects before considering all the work that has to be completed.

  332. Although it is an ongoing process, one thing I’m learning is my worth is not tied to the good things I may be involved in, or what I might accomplish. My worth rests in the fact Jesus loves me and died to prove it. That truth gives the freedom to slow down.

  333. What robs my soul of rest?? Busyness..the article hit so close to home! I feel I need to keep busy, I love being busy. But then I hit a plateau and have a mental breakdown..slow down for a week or so, and I am right back at it. Sometimes I feel I know no other way. I love serving, I love helping, but I need to find a balance. Because it is so true, when you say “yes” too much, you are saying “no” to God.

  334. Julie Kozak says:

    Having two sons heavily involved in sports from football season starting in late summer to basketball season to soccer season ending in early summer keeps us all running. And that’s not to mention trying to help with homework on a daily basis, serving in several capacities in our church and serving in a local jail ministry 3 – 4 times a week, maintaining a household, running a huge fundraising event, etc., etc., etc. I am able to spend time in the word almost every day, but there is never really time to rest in Him.

  335. I guess that we all have the conflict of knowing when to say yes and when to say no!

  336. Adrienne Wilson says:

    Your devotion on busyness hit me between the eyes this morning. Even after retiring I find myself still trying to find “things” (albeit good things) to keep my life at breakneck speed. I look forward to reading your book. God bless you!

  337. I, too, have always been the person that is busy. I have recently, turned in my resignation at my ‘retirement’ job. It was always taking me away from the time I wanted to be with God. I spend time each morning with #First5 but I don’t take the time to really sit with God and be ‘with Him’. I am praying that as the end of ‘the job’ comes I will be able to walk away. God has been giving me moments to see what I need and that is keeping me looking forward to next week.

  338. Elaine Segstro says:

    My soul is robbed of rest. I am filling my life so that I can feel worthy. Too many commitments and yet when I have a “down time” I’m not sure what to do, so I make a “to do” list, again to feel worthy. A vicious circle.

  339. Stephanie Myers says:

    I struggle with this daily….I am my own worst critic and my own worst enemy. I feel like I need to be all things to all people and if things aren’t perfect, I am a failure. The Lord has really been working on my heart and telling me to slow down and using internal dialogue like “That’ll do.” This spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing and letting us know that we’re not alone!

  340. Gwendolyn says:

    Awesome devotional!!! As I was reading the scripture you referenced, I thought of a time when I was running here and there, volunteering all the time at church and work. I remember neglecting my home responsibilities and learning how to focus and get my house in order. Thank you for sharing this with us today.

  341. Beth scarbrough says:

    Actually to busy to leave a long reply I need help rest prayer relief…I need more jesus today and everyday

  342. This devotional was such a timely message that further confirmed to me the REST that God has promised. Our Pastor spoke on 7 promises for our church this year and Rest was number 4! Ok God……..I hear you speaking to me LOUD and CLEAR!! Thank you Vicki!

  343. Marge Henson says:

    Vicki, WOW, did I ever need this jolt this morning!!1 I, too, since childhood overloaded myself- doing “good” &/or all I “should” do for everyone else -not me as that would be or spear selfish! Trying all my life to be everything for everyone so no one would have to worry etc. especially my adult children. Yesterday while out doing errands I suddenly felt TIRED and thought I’d not make it home. I couldn’t even stop for lunch—I HAD to get home. Got home, put on robe & literally CRAWLED into bed at 2:34 P.M. and COULD NOT get up. Finally, got enough strength to get nitro to put under tongue. I, truly, thought I was dying. I have never felt completely helpless and immovable. I DID NOT get out of bed, although I had a call from my son who I said we’ll talk later then my daughter, whose husband is in hospital, recovering from a stroke which resulted in his being on life support and in a medically induced coma for over a week to tell me of his progress. Due to a situation 8 years ago she doesn’t drive thus part of my exhaustion as I’ve been driving 65 mi. round trip every day, then every other day and finally last Sunday, 3rd I knew something HAD to give.!!!! She realized something was wrong with me so made up her mind to begin driving again. When her incident happened she mentally made a cripple of herself & her husband helped as he’s a manipulator & controller so he didn’t want her to go anyplace UNLESS he was driving her. All this has been a heavy burden on me mentally, emotionally & physically ( my husband died June 2014 so there’s no one but me as my son is legally blind.) as I have no one who can drive or help me. My Lord finally HIT me. I am a Christian and praise God my faith is strong and I know He’ll work situations out including my health (I/m79 on the 15th)
    Your devotion REALLY hit home. This morning I’ve cancelled any appointments, etc. and today I am going to read my Bible & pray. Thank you and thank God for giving you this insight to give to others/ME! Pray for my daughter & son-in-law that they will seek God’s will in their lives and begin to live for Him!!

  344. Bradley Thompson Sr. says:

    Since getting married and and preaching my first sermon in the same week life has been one invent and activity after another. And even now after three children, a dog, the mortgage and a host of other responsibilities that accompany the American dream I am still searching for that peace and rest. I keep telling myself after this and after that and when this kid gets through with that it will get better but when will it get better? We need help. Bradley and Yolanda Thompson.

  345. Fear that I don’t have enough money to live the quality of life I like makes me work too much, often 7 days/week. I neglect God, family, and relationship time for material possessions.

  346. I went thru this very thing in 1999. Consequently my life changed dramatically. Here I am 19 years later and living with chronic illness as a result of my busy-ness, need for approval and driven by performance. Weary souls do not make good decisions and my crisis of faith, though hard at the time has brought me to living simply, keeping time with Jesus and keeping my soul at rest. As Paul had a thorn that buffeted him and my illness certainly buffets me.

    I lived 18 years coming to this conclusion…I would rather have a sick body and a well soul then go back. My time with God is vital to the peace and rest to my soul.

  347. Cindy Heacock says:

    Thankful for the challenges of Proverbs31…… I just celebrated my 60 the birthday, and desiring to live for what counts, be an example to younger moms, love my grandchildren in a way that reflects the love of my Lord. Moments, minutes, months, years matter………all for the kingdom in 2016….

  348. I, like many women, struggle with rest. When I do have a few moments of quiet time, my mind does not quit. I currently praying that God will direct my paths toward Him versus continuing to feel overwhelmed with busyness.


  349. As a young single adult (27), the pace of life is overwhelming when you consider the demands of a busy career, social time with friends, dating, events with church, etc. I can only imagine the pressure once you add a husband and family to that one day – and I’d love to start preparing by reading about the topic sooner rather than later!

  350. Marti Turgeon says:

    Today’s devotion from Vicki just touched my soul. It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday go, go, go and forget to take the time to rest in Him. And when we do get going and forget to stop and rest….don’t forget to listen to that “still small voice”. LISTEN, because otherwise one day you may just tune Him out completely. Just stop and listen for His voice telling you to slow down and rest in Him.

  351. I feel so torn in all the direction I am being pulled. I need the time with God.

  352. Thank you so much for this word today. I am a mother of six very young kids, wife, business owner, etc, etc. The truth is, I just don’t know how to rest. I would love to read your book to learn how to rest in Him. Thank you and may God bless you.

  353. At an early age I was taught to take care of others but never how to take care of me. I am 57 years old and trying ti turn my life around to find my self worth in Jesus not in others..

  354. jennifer mahoney says:

    Thank you
    What robs me of rest are the voices in my head that compare me to other women and some ridiculous unachievable image i have of myself
    Comparasion is the thief of joy

  355. Jennifer Harder says:

    The Lord knows I need help with prioritizing and why – don’t need to pull on anyone’s heart strings here . . . I KNOW I need to spend more diligent time with Him, it’s just making that a heart choice too, then it will actually happen. . . but I’m making baby step progress each day. Praise the Lord!

  356. I hit my wall 2 weeks ago and know that the lord needs my attention. I have lots of time on my hands now and can still find a way to busy myself. I need to learn to rest. I would love to have a copy of your book. I need all the help I can get!

  357. I need this so much in my life and hope to use it as a tool for rest and recovery.

  358. Wanda Anker says:

    What robs my soul of rest? My life motto has been Life=Choices. I’ve had it placed on home decor items, engraved on bracelets and forever quoting it to my family. I am a chronic busy entrepreneur (and list of other female titles) who has experienced serious health issues due to a busy schedule and career. I rob myself of rest because of my own choices. I am thankful for the living word of God and his direction that keeps the balance, if we allow him to. I hope to win the book and to share it with others.

  359. Stephanie Schmitz says:

    Thank you, Vicki, for that honest message. It is refreshing to read something that I can really relate to! Have a Blessed day!

  360. This devotional explains my life. Always busy and craving rest and when rest comes feeling restless and uneasy. This book would be a great tool for my 2016 goal of “‘be’ more and Do less.”

  361. In the world today, we don’t use the word sin. If we don’t identify it we can’t change and ask for forgiveness In your devotion you named your business as a sin. Refreshing to hear.
    For some of us it’s hard to realize God loves and we don’t have to earn it.
    What an amazing God we have and serve

  362. Rose Blanton says:

    Thank you for your insight Vicki and to admit you struggle. Don’t worry because it helps us that you encourage to see you don’t have everything perfect. I would like the book. My time with Gid is a desire I am trying to complete.

  363. I too suffer from burning the candle at both ends and putting 10 pounds of potatoes in a 2 pound bag. It started as a child with performance for acceptance and as a teen, approval addiction. This is a constant thorn in my flesh and yet our sweet God is so precious to remind me daily that He is enough therefore I am enough. This devotional is another love note from heaven to me on simplifying and prioritizing. Rest is a gift and not to be disregarded. Peace comes from the stillness of His Presence. Being STILL is spiritual and to be embraced.. especially by us Type A personality, go getter, fix-the-world girls.

  364. What robs my soul and makes me weary is my job and the long hours. I routinely work over 40 hours per week and am a wife and mother of two young children. I put in the extra hours at work because I want to be successful and support my family. I recently realized I do not have a healthy work life balance and have been eliminating my quiet time with God and his word in an effort to get rest. I know this is wrong and now am trying to restore proper balance to my life.

  365. Sandra Helmer says:

    Thank you!
    What robs me the most of rest- is worry. Worry for my disabled husband, worry for my kids,worry I will never find my true calling, and worry for the what if’s in life. I am always on the run for others and need to learn to take time of myself to clam the worry.

  366. “true identity is found by resting in God and being conformed to His image”
    Oh, to be like Jesus; this is my prayer.
    Thank you Vicki for your encouraging words.

  367. What makes my soul weary is when I, too, find myself on the merry go round of life and I’ve let myself get caught up in ‘the doing’. I’m much better than I used to be, but it took God getting my attention in a huge way before I learned not to ‘over promise and under deliver’! Only when I rest in Him as I’m making decisions for my time do I discover where and what He wants me to be!! Always a learning process 😉

  368. Business and perfectionism are enemies of our souls.I would like this book.

  369. Thank you for sharing this. Boy, that is me alright. After this event, deadline, season, I will slow down, take on less. In this new year, I see much more clearly that dedication to our King, time really spent went w/Him, reading, studying His word will promote better understanding, relationship.
    I start my mornings early, best time alone w/Him. Now to prioritize and do it. The push I needed, thank you.

  370. Lyncoya Pinchon says:

    I was just terminated from my job Monday and I honestly think it was God’s way of slowing my life back down. In the busyness of those job roles I haven’t had much time for him not even being tested enough to fellowship on Sunday. I feel lost and confused and hurt right now I’m trying to give Him more time even prayed so He would understand, but I know He sees and knows all. Please lift me in prayer

  371. Delia Parker says:

    What robs me of my rest is trying to do God’s work for him when don’t need my help.

  372. Diania Abernathy says:

    As I was reading the devotion this morning I didn’t want it to end….I thought, “wait…no! You didn’t tell me the rest of the answer! The solution…ahhh…help!” ?

  373. Traci Pace says:

    I have a very close friend who keeps herself so busy that her body is beginning to shut down. I would love to give her a copy of this book

  374. Thank you so much for the encouragement! Day to day life robs my soul of rest many days of the week.

  375. Stephanie Rayman says:

    I think this is something we as women need to read often!!!

  376. Fear

  377. While it hurts to call my busyness sin, it is God’s truth. I hear my inner voice always saying, “yes, you did this, this and this… BUT you should have done this.” I KNOW my Savior doesn’t condemn me in this way. I KNOW I need to stop listening to that voice and Be still and know that He is in control.To listen to His voice by being in His Word. I have been making an effort to get out of bed when I wake up at 4 or 4:30 to meet Him at the kitchen table to and open His Word. On the days I do that, I notice my mind stays more focused on Him.

  378. I, too, fill my days and calendar with stuff, addicted to being busy. I crave rest and downtime, but never seem to be able to let myself get some. I love to serve, but I’m getting better at saying NO and finding time to rest. However, it’s still not enough. Praying for God to continue to help me find that balance.

  379. Thank you – This really came as a confirmation to me. I’m a 53 year old blessed mom with a 5 year old and a full time job. LOL (I also have a grown son who has his own family). I have a constant struggle between getting to bed at a decent hour, or having a little down time alone. Most of the time I chose the alone time and it has drastically decreased my time with the Lord as this is usually an early morning thing for me. Yesterday as I was praying about my tired mind and soul. I came to the realization that I was choosing time with myself instead of time with Jesus. Now I like myselft a lot but I cannot restore myself, neither can I redeem or santify myself. So I decided in order to get my life in order, I was going to have to give up that alone time. As I read this message today I decided to look a little further and although I have read the verses before they spoke to me in a new way. “He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. So I went to bed early and I’m up early to spend my time doing what matters most. Thank you for the confirmation.

  380. Diana Page says:

    Did Vicki actually do these steps? Did they work? I struggle to get closer to God, but it isn’t a time problem; it’s a “how do I do it” problem.

  381. I also need to add, my husband and I are separated. I have been dealing all my life with family with mental illness. My husbands daughter lives with us and she has aspergers and is bipolar. She is the main cause of our issues. We have raised her oldest son and he has the same issues..My husband also has a lot of health issues. I am tired of taking care of everyone and I am so tired of mental illness. I just want to escape it all. I know God is in control and I have only made it this far because of Him. But we need prayers- lots of them..There is little to no help resources out there for these issues with mental illness. I ma burn out and do not want to go home. I just want to run as far as I can and get away…Extended family is no help…

  382. Cynda Lee says:

    A great devotional and very thought provoking. Thank you for this…I have been there and God is teaching me to “Be Still” I am learning…

  383. I work 32hrs/wk. I have aging parents, grandchildren, church responsibilities. My mind is constantly running. How can I fit it all in? My time with God is on the run many days.

  384. This devotion spoke directly into my heart. For years I have been running the rat race of busyness. I serve at church, take on many hats at work and try to provide for my family only to find no peace or rest. I am a believer but get very overwhelmed with my chaotic life. I know I need change and the verse that continually comes to mind and was in this devotion today was BE STILL. This has always been difficult for me, I want 2016 to radically change the way I have done things for years.

  385. Marilyn Pabon says:

    I need encouragement and guidance in resting at Jesus’s feet

  386. Tracey coker says:

    I have always loved Vicki Courtney’s books. I find myself being busy and drained all the time. I’m a wife, mother, business owner and involved in marriage and family ministry and children’s ministry at our church. I find myself trying to always find other things when I feel it’s time to let something I already have on plate go. Rest for my soul is what I need. Time at the feet of Jesus. And learning it’s OK TO SAY NO!

  387. Oh, how I can relate to this! My “to-do” list is always to full, and I am constantly longing for more “free” time. I am determined to rest more this year, though. This post was such a perfectly-timed reminder for me! Thanks so much!

  388. Sue Threatt says:

    I get it! When I was a teen, I loved to see my calendar full of filled in squares. Now as a mom, I really love seeing empty squares on my calendar! That doesn’t happen often either. It fills up with part time work opportunities, children’s activities, church happenings, etc, etc. My quiet time with God in the mornings after my husband leaves for work and before the kids get up is such a treasure!

  389. That was me this time last year, I hit a wall and feel apart both mentally and physically. I almost lost my job which is ironic because that was where I spent all my time and energy. God blessed me with a different job position and a second chance that I have not squandered. I am still a work in progress but this devotion today is so true and helped remind me of the blessings from God that I have received, and that I am not defined by what I can accomplish at work. Thanks Proverbs 31

  390. My soul is robbed of rest when I cannot spend time with my family. I work a full time job (50+ hours a week including commute time) and until this past October I was also working on a Masters in Divinity. The next part of that journey required a clinical pastoral experience unit which was 15-18 hours a week of time – away from home. My sleep was lessened, my time at work was lessened, my time with my family was lessened (walks with my dog, cooking, spending time with my husband) and my time spent with Jesus in morning devotion also suffered. Every “bucket” of my life was being drained. I had always said I needed to walk forward in the journey of working on the MDiv to know if that was the direction I was supposed to go. But I realized I was so unhappy. Then I read Lamentations 3:22 (Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.) I was trying to work very hard to give back to God because he had given so much to me – but I was consumed by the excess time commitment. I realized that I was a child of God – and completely loved by God whether I became a pastor or not. Since I let go of this I have found so much joy with my husband and my family and friends. I still want to serve God and my community – but I will still be able to serve my family!

  391. Thanks Vicki, I see my life as a mirror image. Always striving to fulfill obligations that may not even be necessary, but wanting to fill an empty void. Focusing on God clearly helps me to understand and prioritize my life and my soul is filled with mirth because of HIM.

  392. Just what I needed today. Told myself that I am going to slow down this year, and found myself doing it again this morning. …

  393. Yolanda Adams says:

    I love how well my Lord knows me and what exactly I need to hear. The past year in my life has been a total roller coaster of emotions, changes, over worked, underpaid, running my 4 kids around to all their extracurricular activities, a full time job, a part time job, total exhaustion not only physically but emotionally. I feel that regardless of how hard I tried and work is never enough!!! Because of my exhaustion I stopped going to church and my faith has been attacked by the enemy. I feel I am not worth of feeling close to the Lord because I have not been good and I feel ashamed of my self and not worthy!!! I even stopped reading my daily devotionals because I was mentally exhausted!!! But today I decided that it was time for me to come back to Jesus, more than anything I need HIM and ONLY HIM!!!!!! And as always He gave me just what I needed to read!!!! I would love to win your book so I can have some guidance of how to start de-clutter my life and focus on what is real important…..HIM!!!!
    Thanks you!
    One very exhausted wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and worker!!!

  394. I was blessed with your post today and like to put my name in the mix for a free copy of the book.

  395. LaVetta Hall says:

    Falsely believing if I don’t do “it” it won’t get done causes me to take on far more than I should. Parker Palmer. In Let Your Life Speak points to this mentality as sinful and arrogant. We function as though God has no other means of accomplishing God’s will when we overextend ourselves in this way. Ouch, did I ever need that power and sobering revelation.

  396. Worry, anxiety Rob me of the time and peace that come only from spending time with Him.

  397. Playing out scenarios of “What if” in my mind steal rest from my soul and cause me to keep fires burning on every burner. I am learning to take thoughts like these captive.

  398. Kristy Beaverson says:

    Im 41 yrs old, saved by the grace of God from a long history of drug abuse, alcoholism, homosexuality, among other things.After I got clean, I threw myself into my job as an assisted living worker, making my way to management which had me on call 24/7 & working upwords of 60 hrs per wk at least. When I was home, I worked on work. About 2 yrs ago I met a man who had 2 small children & we all fell in love. We married & I have cut back on my job along with changing jobs. However, I struggle with feeling exactly like this article. If I am not busy, I am restless. I try to find rest in God but somehow it escapes me. My children came from an abusive environment so they are very clingy at times, especially my lil girl. I have begun leading worship at the church but find no time to practice. If I take some time to myself, I feel guilty. I feel overtaxed & unable to give to my family, I strive to give them the perfect “Mom” but instead I give them a tired, worn out mom who cant find the time to play with them becase there is too much to do. We are constantly on the go for one reason or another & when I try to cut back our schedules, more seems to appear immediately. Sometimes I feel this “busyness” I have created in my life is my substitute for all the sin I no longer escape to. How do I change it? I have tried so many snippets of advice without success that I feel like giving up

  399. Ashly Mercado says:

    I’m always busy pleasing someone. Doing things for family or church but rarely do I ever do things intentionally to make time for God. I need this book!

  400. I’ve always had a need for busyness. I was working a Jo and a half & a pastor’s wife. At 53, I was able to retire early and finally get around to all those things I didn’t have time for. But I wish I would have attended these things sooner. I find myself constantly fretting myself with how to stay “busy.”

  401. Your post truly rang a bell with me this morning. I really have trouble slowing down, resting and listening to the Lord. With a new year beginning, I need to take your words of advice and apply them.

  402. Thank you for sharing, this has helped me realize that I don’t need to be doing a lot more, I need to rest in God and what He has me to do. Oh, how I love Jesus!

  403. Anne Griffith says:

    I would love to win this book! Right now I am coming out of a season of rest and into a season of busyness and asking myself “what am I doing” did I make a mistake?? Would love to see how God has shown Vicki how to balance this, especially in the new year!!!!
    Thank you! 🙂

  404. I totally get this! I often feel that my worth is based on how much I accomplish in a day which keeps me going and going. I keep thinking I’ll slow down and take time to read more of the Bible and pray when things slow down. This devotion is opening. Things will never slow down unless we make them! Thank you!

  405. Joan Balthszot says:

    I desparetly need this book. I retired last April after 31 years of working. I did not start to work until I was 38 yeats old. I had alot of good years raiding 3 children and being wife and mother. Basically the last 20 yrs I was the breadwinner of the home. Now that I am retired I thought I would have a ton of time and honestly some days I don’t feel I accomplished anything. I have this ministety sent go my email and read it daily. This year I am trying to read scripture every day. When I read this one today I thought this may be just the book I need. I am weary and need encouragement. That is why I would like to receive this free copy
    Thank you ad I continue with the daily Proverbs 31 readings. I know God hels me every day with the struggles I have. I am thankful he is in my life.
    May God Bless.

  406. Kimberly Richards says:

    I absolutely need to learn this. When I don’t rest in Him, He forces a rest through medical issues. This has been a wake up call for me. But I am still struggling to find rest.

  407. Tavonia Pearson says:

    I was really blessed by your post today. It allowed me to sit back and take a look at my life. I find myself busy with everything but the word of God and I know that’s not right. My soul is very weary and I really need to find rest and be able to live with it.

  408. Renee Bussell says:

    What robs my soul of rest? Me! That really sums it up. I need to put a “comma” in my daily life and just pause and remember the good Lord is watching over me, and if I just turn to him, he will give me rest.

  409. Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions rob me of time and organization that I desperately crave in my life. The phone, the cell, the doorbell, needs of my child, pets, husband, friends, and wanting to put their needs first rob me of time for quiet time with God. I have not been as efficient at getting a handle on this as I would like to have been, and it’s left me empty and hopeless.

  410. Cheryl light says:

    Just recently had surgery that has allowed me to just sit and rest. How important these couple of weeks has been in my life. Be still and know that am God!! What a blessing surgery has been!!

  411. This book sounds like just what I need! A little extra push to sit down and rest with God.

  412. Inspiring

  413. Abbi Annis says:

    When reading this today, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am the same way. I have six children, all in various activities. We bounce from practice to practice, eating fast food in the car and doing homework while waiting for one practice to finish! Its a busy day, everyday. I often wonder if my children do these activities because I have ‘pushed’ them or because they truly enjoy them. Its a difficult thing to know, if you ask them, they love playing sports, but I still wonder. I look at my calendar and it is full. There are times, when I feel so blessed and thankful that my children are active and able, then other times, I’m exhausted! I have made it a priority for 2016 to take some time for me…a few minutes in the morning or afternoon naps, or while waiting on the practice to be over to sit and reflect on the word of God.

  414. I was raised a believer. I was also raised a doer. It didn’t matter so much as ‘what’ but THAT you were doing something. And if you could do more than one ‘something’ at a time, by golly you had the secret to great success within your reach. Years of doing, and exhausted, even exasperated… I’m soul searching now… To re-program this need for busy to become an instinctual need for time with God. So I can pass on the incredible love and gift of quality time I was also taught, and nurtured as a child, to my own. xo

  415. Susan Cox says:

    Striving for perfection has robbed my soul rest in Jesus.

  416. The things (and people) I cannot change, though I long to do so, are what robs my soul from rest. I get caught up in them and the frustration takes over. I know I need to stay focused on Him to be able to love these even when thereisn’t change.

  417. Becky Hanna says:

    At this point in my life the things that rob my soul of rest and time with God are worrying about making everyone happy, buying the things that I was not able to have in the past, and trying to keep my two year old boy acting perfectly. All so easy to get and stay wrapped up in. I believe this book would help me get my life and time back with God.

  418. I can completely relate with you on staying busy too busy; however, In 2008 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This disorder brings me to the brink of sheer exhaustion and then mercilessly stays there until it has run its course on me. It has forced me to humbly attempt to explain I’m not contagious or sick with the flu it’s a sickness in my head. Trying to explain that true I look tired yet everything else about me looks healthy while inside I’m in pain and so tired I can sleep a day away. I’ve had to back down from responsibilities time and time again. Most times I’m very embarrassed and humbled to have to say I just can’t get it done. However in all of this I am slowly learning what truly matters and to trust in Jesus that He knows how much I can or cannot take. He has been trying to years to get me to slow down and honor Him first then my family. In this new year I’m going to do my best to follow His plan and not my own.


  419. JANET ABLES says:

    Thank you for the devotionals. They are a blessing.

  420. Thank you for your encouragement

  421. Amber Donnelly says:

    I tend to take on everything and leave little time for rest and relaxation. If I do it all I feel better about myself but I need to realize resting in God is more important than being super mom!

  422. Terri Rogers says:

    I think the stress of life makes me too busy while doing what is expected of me which puts me in state of busyness. You would think that with my children grown and out of the house that I would have extra time to stop and rest. I believe it comes down to saying no to myself while standing at the crossroads and choosing to walk down the ancient paths to find rest and keep it even if I am busy.

  423. Lindsey McIntyre says:

    Reading this devotion made me feel as if you were exposing my heart. I’ve struggled with this my entire life and only in the past year have I realized it needs to be addressed. Thank you for your honesty, as it has spoken truth into my life. I recently began writing specific journal entries around the subject of ‘Being Still” to capture everything in my life that prevents me from finding peace in just being still! One of my journal entries focused on busyness and how I struggle with living for the “next thing.” Here is an excerpt that summarizes where I’m at with it. It’s hard to pinpoint one single thing that robs my soul of rest, but I have committed to making 2016 a year of intention and I believe that starts with rest and time with Jesus! Thank you for speaking to my soul 🙂

    “Proverbs 31 always reminds me of the ways in which I lack! I’m thankful for a loving, forgiving, merciful Savior, who gives me new life every day. I just pray that I can accept this and get out of the rut my life has been in for the past decade, specifically. I want to be free from the chains that keep me from living life to the fullest. I want to soak in and enjoy every moment, rather than continuing to run at 100 miles an hour, just so I can move on to the next thing. My family needs me. my husband needs me, my church needs me, my organization needs me, and I need me. But most importantly, I need Jesus. Help me, Jesus, to find rest and peace and let go of the busyness!”

  424. This article really made me think. I can only imagine what an impact the book will have! Very eye-opening.

  425. This spoke to my heart that I need to commit to my morning devotions in preparation for my day. I find my self taking care of my elderly mother and find myself at one particular intersection I call my praying/crying corner…on my way to her house I find myself praying to change me so I find the strength to deal with her overwhelming personality and to try to be compassionate. Leaving her house I’m at the intersection crying because I realize we will never have a close relationship and God’s strength is all that keeps me from walking away.

  426. TallulahJane says:

    What a great book. I feel the pull of this direction and that with my kids and I am a single mom with no support so I feel stressed all the time. I think this book would be great for me.

  427. Patty Meade says:

    Dear Vicky,
    I absolutely can relate to today’s message about slowing down. I have appointment books dating back to 1975 that have each day filled with many different “things to do”. Auditions, shows, dance class, acting class and gigs filled the appointment books before I got married. After that was all about my children , not just sending them to school but working at the school as drama, music and nursery school teacher while playing gigs at night with my husband and trying with all my might to be the Proverbs 31 woman at home.
    Today my children are grown and I still do so much that people say “I really don’t know how you do it all ” and somehow that statement keeps me doing it all, even though I’m exhausted a lot and I DO NOT spend that needed
    time with Jesus. I’m the one leading the worship, bible study and prayer groups. I’m the one working long days in order to keep up with the financial demands which have increased at home. I’m the one who said to myself yesterday, “I’m only gonna take down a few decorations from Christmas and pace myself but of course, wound up putting everything completely away after work and dropping into bed too tired to pray! It’s like that a lot.
    I’ve been asking the Lord to forgive me for not spending enough time with Him for so long that sometimes I think He’s going to let me go!” But I know that’s not true. I love Him , His word, His presence with me all day long and I will continue to “run with endurance the race that is set before me, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith”. After all, I’m pretty good at running, my track record proves it!

  428. Jenn Raabe says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement and prompting to value and prioritize time with God in His Word. Although I know better, I often gather my worth from “doing”. Cramming more and more into the day depletes the soul when they aren’t divine assignments. Time for a refocus.

  429. I am a type a personality and always feel like everything has to be just right so I am always doing stuff that I really don’t have to do.

  430. The best rest for my soul has been retirement! Yes, I was able to rest in the Lord nearly daily before, but in the back of my mind, that “to do” list always waved and fluttered for attention. Now, my Quiet Time includes 2 devotions, 2 long Bible readings, study for Steven Minister Training, and prayer in my Prayer Journal. The morning stretches to noon, the pjs rest easy on my body, and I’m wearing out a spot on the sofa on the sunporch! I love every minute of it and I’m sure God does, too!

  431. It is so crazy to me how one of the shortest words in the English language can be so very hard to say!!!! What robs my soul of rest….. going, going, going and not sitting at the feet of the One who really deserves my time and energy!

  432. Debbie Herbst says:

    I feel like I am recovering from the “busyness” stronghold. What an important journey to figure out what is driving us–when will it ever be enough. My sister is the conummate giver and doer, but to her exhaustion. I prayed for her this morning after reading the devo. This might be the tool to help her navigate to a healthier, more peaceful place. Thank you.

  433. Without question, the number one thing I let rob my soul of rest is my son. He has high-functioning autism, ADHD, and oppositional defiant disorder and I find myself very concerned about his future. It is likely that he will wind up having to live in a group home and not be able to be an independent adult, and while we will not know for sure until he’s older (he’s 11 now), I find myself starting to grieve the loss of the dreams I had for him now… He is very bright, but his behaviors are what caused him to have to leave regular school about 4 years ago… I believe the underlying issue is technically sin because I’m worrying, which is not trusting in the Lord – that He has a good plan for our son, and that good plan can be in a group home… I’m just not there yet, mostly, I believe, because at this point we do not know where he will wind up…

  434. Willene Keith says:

    Church is what robs me of rest. It’s very hard to find the balance of what “needs” to be done and what God wants you to do!

  435. Cheryl Moser says:

    Man that sounds like me! I hear so much of myself in this devotion…the need to stay busy, to feel important or for people to impressed with all I can accomplish, then feeling worn out & in need of rest, but not knowing how to do that. I always thought I had a problem with balance & time management, but maybe it goes deeper than that. I’m looking forward to learning more about rest this year & have enjoyed your devotionals that I have read so far. Thank you for sharing!

  436. Hello, I too have always been sooooo busy my whole life. Always wanting that perfect fairytale life and always ending up so disappointed when moments in life could not measure up to those Hallmark movies etc… Between owning several businesses throughout our marriage and being so involved with church being Sunday school teacher, youth leader, JR church teacher. Never seemed to have much time for rest. Until these past few months. I found out a few months ago that I had ovarian cancer that has spread throughout my body. My life got turned upside down, I was no longer in control. {although are we really ever, we may think we are} But God has a plan for me and he had to slow me down so he could spend time with me alone. It is a journey I would not want anyone to go through with having cancer and chemo, but it is a journey with God that I would want everyone to experience. That still small voice that he has been speaking to me with and has gave me his precious time during this my time of need is so AMAZING! His love for each of us is so BIG! He is getting me through all of this in such a wonderful way to let me know he is there. I came through 3 surgeries in 5 weeks and started chemo on the 7th week. Got through 2 rounds so far and feeling GREAT! He promises to never leave us and never forsake us and his promises are so true! My advice to all of you, is to never get too busy to listen to HIS still small voice, he is always there trying to guide our lives and direction. He spoke to me with that still small voice the day before I got my cancer results to not believe the reports and to TRUST HIM! So I know no matter what they say, I feel soooooo healthy and my numbers are all doing great, the DR’s are so happy with how well I am doing. God had to slow me down so I could spend this time with him. I will cherish it for the rest of my life. The PEACE he has enveloped me with is so wonderful. He has shown me how to slow down, appreciate what is important in life and to never take it for granted. I choose to enjoy each and every day that I have left and to do HIS will with my life. My husband and daughter are so special to me, and I am enjoying the simplicity of life with them and cherish each moment! We are none promised tomorrow, slow down and enjoy this wonderful world he has blessed us with. No better life than serving HIM! God bless each of you, Annette

  437. Ginny Burgduff says:

    Boy did you hit that on the head today. Did you know that is what I have been praying about? Lord, what do I give up here. I need help and then there was your devotion. Thank you. Answer to prayer.

  438. WOW! What a wake up call – I never stopped to think that saying yes to too many things was saying no to our God. We are so blessed to have such an awesome God!!!

  439. Christina Pensyl says:


  440. Cathy Denis says:

    It took a stroke to get me to the point of rest. I am a 62 year old women who for the past 5 years has been holding my family and 3 businesses together like I am God. I was still working from the intensive care unit the day I had the stoke because the TPA had taken the symptoms away. That night I lost the use of my right hand and had to go through occupational therapy.and rehab. i have let go and let God take the reins. Gone are 3 businesses and 2 buildings and intense struggle. I have learned to say no and that has helped make time for the important things in life.

  441. How I can relate to this message. I have been in a season of financial stress , teenage years and being an older parent. I believe as a lifelong control freak what robs me of my rest is the need for order and supposed control over my world . It’s a hard lesson to learn that God is truly the only one who can bring us through the difficulties of life. self sufficiency dies hard at least for me.

  442. cara ridlehuber says:

    thinking I need to provide, fix and do everything robs me of my rest. I just realized this in the last week or so and the verses you listed have con’t to pop up everywhere I look. No I have to learn to rest in God.

  443. Life can get so busy and we can use this business as excuses to keep spinning and spinning. Sooner or later we will crash and fall in the arms of Jesus and repent of making our business o god before Him. Stop, learn to say “no”, and get back to a routine that includes a time of rest with our savior and our heavenly Father. Bless you for this reminder to do so!

  444. Tammy loew says:

    Rest, rest, rest in his arms. I am just coming off of forced physical rest. I had ankle surgery in November and had to stop all things. Five kids in four schools. PTA board of two schools. Work at church at a children’s ministry director. 3 girls in dance 3 nights a week. 2 boys on traveling basketball teams( 12 games this past Saturday and Sunday ). Daughter in speech. Running kids social lives. Work part time for a friend originating and filling. Have a fabulous husband. Who had. To become me for the last two months…cleaning, organizing, shopping, taxi driver…rest is all I could do and making time for Jesus is the only way to do all we need to do.

  445. Wanting everything right….perfectionist

  446. Vicki Hulse says:

    This would be a blessing.

  447. Stress of everyday living

  448. This devotion really hit home. My husband and I just returned from a 3 day get away. We try to do this at least twice a year for the very reason of getting away from the busyness of life. Once we return home I jump right back into that same busyness. It is my hope your book will help me “slow down”.

  449. Exactly what I needed to hear today! I am chronically busy!! I enjoyed the insight and your honesty. I could sure use some more guidance to help me be still and know that He is God!!!

  450. JoAnne Harrison says:

    I worry about finances, doing better at my job and my living situation. These worries rob me of the true rest I need.

  451. Placing worth in achievements of this life.

  452. Therese Kettman says:

    Reading this brought tears…….. it was speaking to me. I know better. I crashed hard 6 years ago. It took me 18 months to recover. By the grace of God, I got a second chance. Today, this hit me square between the eyes. I have created the same pace and insane schedule that robbed me of my energy, strength or desire to do anything. I sit here today exhausted, taking a mental health day from work because I had no rest time over the holidays. Thank you, I needed to read this as a plan the day before me. I cleared my schedule at work to rest and find peace, then I immediately filled the space with all the outstanding todos, hoping maybe there would be peace at the end of “catching up” on things. That is the lie we accept. It is not the TRUTH. Our only rest is in the Lord. Why we think we are stronger that our Savior??? Jesus is our example, He took time away to rest and pray……. are my todos more important than his where?! The Holy Spirit is our guide, the whisper tells me daily to pause………. if I don’t pause, can I hear clearly the words meant to guide my steps?! I see now the trap I have fallen into, my foot is hooked in the snare. I was aware but didn’t realize how tight the hold. Only through Jesus, can I break this bondage of busyness. This article was a blessing to me today!

  453. Trish Tharp says:

    Guilt causes my busyness. …. Thinking if I work hard enough for my family and my Lord then I will ” earn ” their forgiveness…. For where I have failed them all….

  454. TINA WILLIAMS says:


  455. I related greatly to this teaching and have been aware most of my life of the “busy-ness” culture of this world, that only gets faster and faster. Always thinking that some day, I will be organized enough that it will be easy and I will have time for every pressing thing. Lol. Assuring myself, that I choose the true priorities for each day. This has always been something from an early age, I was concerned about so after college, determined to choose a more peaceful, slow-paced life as an at-home wife and mom, rather than pursuing my career. But strangely, it didn’t make any difference…the same temptation to be at-all-times preoccupied and busy still remains. Today, at the start of this blessed, new year 2016, I determine to “stop and ask (the Lord) for the ancient paths and ask where the good way is”…and I will walk in it. Jeremiah 6:16 Thank you.

  456. I too have also found myself busy all my life. I have always been working, going to school and caring for a house as I was single. Then married and a baby in a year lead me to a stay at home mom which I now am busy again with different things. I finished the best yes recently and that has helped but I would love this book!!

  457. I struggle with busyness just like the test of the posters. It’s like an epidemic. And I believe the enemy wants to keep us so busy so we don’t have time for God or for genuine relationships. I’d love to read the book.

  458. Oh the weight of responsibility! I feel it as a teacher, mentor to other teacher, Director of Children’s Ministries at church, Women’s Council, and pastor’s wife…not to mention “lead sibling” of 7. The business sometimes becomes a badge and burden at the same time. I end up praying against pride and for discernment simultaneously. Feels sort of like a “loop de loop” of spinning out of control: recognizing I need adjustments, pausing for a short time, then spinning again. God is still faithful in my faults…He’s allowed me to step down from Children’s Ministries next month with an amazing replacement. God is good, all the time!

  459. What a wonderful devotion! I’m not weary from busyness but from caring for my precious husband for the past 3 years; God called him home a week before Christmas. How I miss him and his sweet smile. I am SO exhausted and need God to fill me with His Holy Spirit anew and give me rest.

  460. Rebecca Hayes says:

    Wow! This is exactly what my heart needed to hear at the start of this New Year. Feeling frantic with the pace of Grad School, Family, Work, and best of all Church Ministries, I long to hear God say to me, “Just REST my child, you Don’t have to do everything, just REST in me”.

  461. I woke this morning with Psalm 46:10 in my head and promised myself I would open my Bible “later” to find out what God was trying to tell me. Now I’m at work and opened up today’s devotion to read this very verse! Now I know without a doubt what God is telling me to do!

  462. This message keeps popping up in different ways in my life – I’m certain it’s God’s way of speaking to me and telling me to slow down. Trying to keep up with three older kids and a husband’s to do list, as well as, serve others, wears me out. I constantly struggle to figure out why I feel the need to do so much – am I serving God or searching for earthly rewards? Sometimes it’s hard for me to know.

  463. Financial problems rob rest for my soul
    Trying to continually pay my debts keep me working way way too much at the exclusion of rest and time with Jesus
    The worry I fight continually exhausts me
    I think I give it to God and then the phone rings or the next over due notice arrives in the mail box. How do I achieve victory over all this God!

    • Elisabeth says:

      Cynthia – I have been where you are. After a 2nd battle with thyroid cancer, my husband lost his job of 35 yrs, and we lost our savings in 2009. Prayer with many tears and more than a few angry outbursts, Psalms 27 and 46, devotions from Proverbs31, and many prayers and thoughts recorded in my prayer journal when I could not sleep for worry are what kept me from totally losing my mind. Fast forward 6 yrs, my husband has a job he loves that pays well, we have built a successful accounting & payroll business, and our oldest daughter is about to graduate from high school. It is truly a day by day walk in faith. I am praying for you to find peace, provisions, God’s plan and God’s blessings. Please enjoy the comfort that Psalm 27 and Psalm 46 bring.

  464. Lord I need peace and rest. This past year has been a whirlwind of events trying to take me down. I am thankful that I have been encouraged through probverbs31 and first5 and my bible. I will continue to fight the good fight with Our Great Savior Jesus Christ.

  465. My IVF treatments for baby #2 have been robbing my soul of rest. We just decided to take a break and it’s so hard adjusting to it.

  466. The timing of this devotional was meant for me. My life turned upside down 4 1/2 years ago and I have finally come to the conclusion to get God back in my life. I’ve been attending church every week and looking forward to each message. I also have been reading 3 devotionals on a daily basis but am looking to get even closer to God. I recently watched The War Room and decidEd I may need a quiet space to talk with God daily. I’m slowly getting where I need to be. Perhaps this book would help!

  467. Worry keeps me from resting.

  468. idle mind is a devil’s workshop. I feel guilty if I am not being productive. I am better with age probably because I can’t physically do it anymore. But I keep trying. I need to prioritize and not feel rushed so that I feel better about what I do accomplish

  469. Elisabeth says:

    As I read Vicki’s description of her life in high school, college, marriage & family, I feel as though she wrote MY life’s description (minus the speaking engagements & book deadlines.) At 47, wife, mother of 2, bonus mother of 2, bonus grandmother of 5, a daughter working with BOTH parents – this self employed accountant needs to find REST in my LORD & Savior. I need to say YES to God and NO to the busyness – especially in my business. Receiving a copy of this book would be an honor and a fabulous gift! THANK you for being real and sharing your life with us!

  470. Carol Kovachic says:

    This article is excellent. We all struggle with busyness which busy can be an abbreviation for ” buried under Satan’s yoke.” On the days I actually make and keep a “rest period with God”, I come from that experience relaxed and secure in the knowledge that I am not in control, God is. And He has everything under control. I just need to have acceptance that His will be done not mine. At an Al-non meeting I learned the 3 ” C’s”.” I did not cause it, I cannot control it, and I cannot cure it.” This statement has helped me so much! God’s love for us is beyond our limited human perception. Psalm 91 is a very comforting scripture.I grew up on a farm, and the image of the mother hen protecting her chicks is a vivid comparison of God protecting me in all ways. In 2009 I was in a major car accident. I had to be removed by the jaws of life. By the Grace of God, I survived and only had a few bruises and scratches. Praise God!!

  471. After the 2015 year we had I need to leave how to rest and not feel guilty

  472. I feel like I wrote your blog post today! Thank you for the reminder and words of encouragement. I have 3 young children, work a full time job and I feel like at this point anything extra outside of our everyday routine completely throws me off kilter here lately! I have hit the wall indeed and know I cannot allow myself and our family to have this stress! I look forward to reading this book!

  473. Gretchen Hendley says:

    My sister thinks I’m depressed but I think I’m weary like the message I just read. I work at a law firm and take take care of my mom and aunt on the side. I am afraid to slow down because I don’t want to be unhealthy or fat and I’m just scared of what might happen. Peace of mind, heart and soul would be awesome. Thank you, Gretchen

  474. Wow I need help as well. I don’t know why I can’t find balance in my life. I need to ask others for help, but I guess I think ” I got this ” but I really need to ask God what his will is for my day. I tell myself that I need to simply get it together or I will be I’ll. I need more time to spend with God. Thanks for giving me a chance to win your book.

  475. Catherine Carter says:

    Growing up with wonderful parents whom I love dearly, I have one area that has shaped me deeply and that is to be a perfectionist and have everything in its place. I am not built that way and it consumes my every ounce of any rest I desire. Rest USED to be felt as a child when playing or having no sense of time. My 24 hours WAS 24 hours. Now, time is a blur. Constant movement, doing, organizing, picking up, being present to everyone at all times is the new normal and it is exhausting! I pray for this year to be more restful so my mind can be more mindful, but it probably won’t happen. Gotta go… lots to do (always).

  476. Raynore Jones says:

    As a Church secretary and Pastor’s wife (two separate jobs), I fin myself getting weary early in the week. Saying Yes to too many things? Maybe. Would love to read this book and see what you have to say!

  477. I loved this statement “When we say “yes” to too many other things, we are actually saying “no” to God. Which path will you choose at the crossroads of busyness and rest? God has shown us the “good way,” but it’s up to us to walk in it.” God has been patient in teaching me this truth. I love spending time with Him but too often, get caught up in the next ‘to do’ list and hurry through my time with Him. It’s so costly when we choose busyness over Him. Thank You, Father, for Your patient pursuit of us. I’d love a copy of the book – thanks so much for your candor.

  478. Loved this devotional as busyness can rob me of the greater things God has in store for me

  479. Jayni Graham says:

    I was raised to work and perform. I always thought if I made to many mistakes/sin choices God would overlook them because I was always busy for Him. As a grade school child every Sunday we had to sing a little song and it had the line “everyone should be a busy bee doing service for the Lord”. I am a messy 48 y/o still being a busy bee and totally trying to earn my way to Heaven. Please help!

  480. I need your book. I am 78 and still running to get everything done except to stop and listen to the Lord. I have just realized that I don’t have to be doing all the time and I am starting my journey to slow down and let someone else take over what I’ve been trying to do. I am retired from work but not from thinking I need to be busy all the time. I loved your article and I know it will help me to remember to just slow down as others are just as qualified as I am to do the things I do.
    Bev Goff

  481. Dana Baker says:

    I am weary because I take care of everyone and I get what is left, leaving little time for God or myself. I have got to make a change. I can’t even complete my prayers at night because I am simply exhausted. I look forward to reading this book. Thank you, Dana

  482. Tammy Skeesick says:

    Too many activities for my kids!

  483. I am learning about busyness addiction. I am in a relapse currently and appreciate this devotional a lot. I would love to have a copy of the new book. Thank you!

  484. The stress and burden of being a single parent to my 3 children, working full time and trying to balance all of life’s demands. I crave intimate time with God, but somehow I still struggle to make it a priority within my busy schedule.

  485. Kathy van Heukelom says:

    A great lesson for all! Thank you.

  486. I can certainly relate. Usually I don’t sign up for books because I don’t want to take one away from someone who “really” needs it. But this time I may be the one who needs it most!

  487. Carol Sherwood says:

    Wow! I need to rest in God. My word for this year is “listen” and this is the perfect companion ….stop, rest, listen.


  488. Beautiful devotional this morning

  489. Darlene Kelley says:

    This really hits home with me. I am under so much, as I am sure everyone is, with work, family, caregiver to my parents, I have neglected time alone with God. I long to be more intimate with God, spend time in his word and become a better person, spiritually, physically, emotionally, a better daughter, wife, mother, employee, friend, etc. I am like most and struggle with finding the time to spend time with God.

  490. Christie Hamby says:

    Thank You!

  491. Even if I’m not that busy my mind worries enough that I’m busy worrying! Would love to read this book.

  492. Melissa Avery says:

    A great reminder for me!

  493. Thank you! A much needed reminder!!! I would love a copy of your book ❤️

  494. Alethea Charrette says:

    Having raised 6 children as a stay home mom as what I thought a strong Christian, divorced, remarried, widowed and married again and seeing my children suffer the consequences, I have found I wasted way too much time being Martha. It all took me to the place where I had nowhere else to go but to “His rest. So much time has been spent with clutter and doing what “I” thought was best that God had to push his way back into my life and show me it was all sin. I’m back to Him and oh what peace floods my soul. Every day I and I do mean every day, I can’t skip one without my eyes opening with my bible and devotionals (I have a couple) to seek his face. Thank you for this devotion and it will be yet another I have as part of my morning praise time. He truly HAS to be our center of all we do or we’ll fail. God bless.

  495. I have been so busy with expectations at work as well as time demands of my adult children (daughter’s wedding, son graduating from Pharmacy School, another son preparing to leave to study abroad, etc) that I just don’t stop for me, and more importantly, I don’t prioritize stopping for God. I just keep telling Him how things are gonna roll that day instead of stopping to ask Him how He would like to order my steps for the day. I definitely need to get my sin nature in check – somehow when we are doing things that are good and necessary, it doesn’t seem like a sin, but this devotional today is a great reminder that it is.

  496. I too have found too much of my value in busyness and accomplishment over the years. I yearn to slow down and to honor God on doing so! I would love to read this book!

  497. I was taken aback when I received this in my email today. I had just resigned my teaching position to take care of my daughter who has had to go to many doctors appointments at Texas Childrens Hospital. My husband had told me to take “me” time but I have struggled as I have always kept myself busy. I have had a nagging, tugging feeling that I needed to make time for God instead of my hour and 1/2 at church on Sunday. You were a refreshing ray of sunshine to know that I am not alone and I would love to read your book and find out ways to put the brakes on and park myself for Gof.

  498. My daughter forwarded this to me, even though I already receive the daily devotions, she wanted to make sure I saw this one. I use the excuse, “But everyone is so busy.” That is my mantra and my excuse for signing up for one more thing. I am very torn between my job, I am a professor at a university 2 hours from home, my church, the children’s ministry needs my help every weekend, and my family, whom I don’t see during the week. But God is working on me.

  499. Charmaine Curtis says:

    I thank God for today and life and being able to read about the goodness of Jesus. He is an awesome God. Thank you for having an heart for God.

  500. Today’s devotional really got to me, so many times I feel guilty and convicted of not giving God my 100% attention. With working 2 pt jobs, raising and tending to my children, attending after school activities/programs, helping my husband in the ministry, preparing lessons for children’s church, ministering and encouraging sisters that call or text me, I barely have enough time to unwind much less have any “me” time. I do however thank God for the strength and talk to Him on a daily basis as He is the one I talk to in the car, shower, washing dishes, etc ?

  501. Vanessa Tipton says:

    I want to sit and be still and know my God. I want to put Him first in all I do.

  502. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Ministry outside the home

  503. Lori Garza says:

    I find myself staying busy to “make an appearance.” Like, we (my family) have to go to gatherings and outings to be seen, or to have a story to tell at work. The house has to be clean and the children and myself have to look a certain way unless I want to be judged as being sloppy. When really the only one I need to be worried about judging me is God. I should be setting time aside for me and Him. Because I know He can reset my soul and I am enough for Him. My prayer today will be based on slowing my roll and enjoying God’s blessing given specially to me:)

  504. I would love a copy!

  505. I love to feel busy and productive, but hate the resulting feeling of utter depletion. Despite being recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and high blood sugar, I still struggle with even the idea of slowing down. Curious to discover what is involved with the recovery plan for the weary soul.

  506. God had perfect timing with this devotional! Work, ministry, and sometimes chores at home can rob my soul of rest. This book would be exactly what I need! Thank you for your willingness to let God speak through you!

  507. Linda Buchanan says:

    Very hard for me to do. Received a coloring book for adults and ironically, and, no coincidence it has helped me stop at night.

  508. Talier Peters says:

    I will Love for God to touch your heart. To be a Blessing to me with this Book. God knows i need spiritual growth.

  509. I’m not always busy but my worries over circumstances in my life rob my soul of rest. I do take my burdens to The Lord but I don’t always leave them. I know I need to be still more, trust more, & rest in Him more.

  510. This is what God is speaking to my soul now….to rest. I’m in a new season with an empty nest and both of my in-laws have passed away in the last year and a half. It’s been a busy, busy couple of years and now God is telling me to rest. My tendency is just like Vicki’s to always say yes to being involved and I’m trying to listen to God tenderly telling me it’s time for a season of rest. I also need to learn to have that rest in my soul even when I’m busy doing what He’s called me to do. I would love to have this book to help me walk through this with Vicki’s insights as well.

  511. Insecurity – brought on by trying to do too much it robs me of peace & rest. I constantly feel behind or that I didn’t do things as well as I should have.

  512. Sandra Conway says:

    You nailed my feelings exactly! So many things I have on my To Do keeps me from my most important priority – Spending time with Jesus. How do I break this cycle?!

  513. What robs my soul is laziness, complacency. It may seem like the total opposite of what you are talking about but it can be just as deadly to your soul. I can get so consumed by making sure Imm “not” busy, that I neglect God! Thank you for your devotion!

  514. Kristin Cotten says:

    My soul is being robbed by the busyness of the business side of finding care and taking care of my mother (lung cancer) and my father (Alzheimer’s). Even though hospice is involved, there is way too much to be done and all I want to do is love on my parents while I have the chance!! Trying to juggle and not drop a ball!

  515. Doreena Wimberly says:

    I spend my day cleaning and cooking for my family and trying to find the time in between to spend some “alone time” with God. Most of the time I get up at 5am to do just that but it makes my day longer because my family’s schedules keep me up past 11:30pm. I struggle daily for that alone time with our Father while my family is nipping at my heels. I know somehow someway God will make a way out of no way.

  516. Joyce Spence says:

    I am a behavioral health nurse at the hospital and always saying yes when they need help…even when my body is screaming no. I am also a born worrier and desperate to slow my poor tired mind down and find mental, spiritual, and physical rest.

  517. I can relate to feeling pressure to “do something worthwhile” when I have time to rest, and yet feel drained from the constant pace of busyness. I think I get my feet on the ground and off the hamster wheel, read about a new idea that inspires me to find that balance between go and rest . . . then life picks up and I am off and running again. I’m a work in progress. I know God’s best for me is learning to rest in Him while I am living life for Him.

  518. Busyness & my endless “to-do lists” robs me of time with God, and rest for my soul!

  519. I want be less busy!!!

  520. Bridget Gilley says:

    This is so me. I run myself to death but still feel empty. My son has aplastic anemia so I stay busy giving him his medications twice a day as well as hospital trips monthly. We have to spend so much time on him that I try to compensate and stay very active with my daughter so she will not feel left out. I am also a nurse who works full time 5 days a week and a bi-vocational pastors wife. My calendar is over filled in an attempt to meet everyone’s needs but I leave myself out of the equation.

  521. Karolyn Kernan says:

    I too have had chronic busyness my whole life. But what is deeper in my conviction, is that I have trained my children to do the same. My husband are working at instilling into them to slow down and find rest in God the father. Recently we have seen the large effect it has had on our sixteen year old. I pray we can develop a new path.

  522. I am so guilty of this. Just yesterday I broke down in tears as I talked of all the things on my agenda. I work full-time in the school system, attend school full time, coach, try to be a friend, mom and a wife all at the same time. Its a whirlwind, and yet I worry about being successful and what path I will be on upon graduation. I need to step back and put Jesus first on my agenda and then know the rest will come when it is supposed to. Its so had to say no.

  523. Finding what robs me of my rest and doing what God wants me to do daily is my hearts cry. I’m turning a significant age this month, praise God, and wish for purpose-filled days, restorative nights sleep and a healthy body & mind. Your post today helped me focus on 3 things that I can do right now to move in that direction: get good rest every night by going to sleep no later than 10 pm., eat a non-inflammatory menu, and exercise a little every day. Thank you for sharing Gods inspiration and word today.

  524. Thank you for this great reminder today!! ?

  525. Marilyn Wilkins says:

    I need guidance. I need help. I need REST. I want to learn to be a better Christian and better servant of God instead of filling my time with things that in the end; barely matter.

    Thank you for your words.

  526. My husband serces as youth and childrens minister to a fair sized church. Our church has significantly grown in the last year and our busyness has grown with it. I spend a lot of time in God’s word however not always through quiet time. I miss that peace I get from daily time alone with Him and am trying harder this year to improve upon that. Thank you for today’s reading and help prioritizing.

  527. I need to find peace and rest for this busy mom of 8!

  528. Barbara Van Every says:

    I am addicted to busyness and mentally check off what I have done on a given day so I can call it a good day – an accomplished day. I am slowly learning that time with Jesus is my best accomplishment!

  529. What robs my soul of rest (and please don’t think I am complaining): My current job. It is stressful, there is restructuring and other major changes occurring the beginning of this year, and I don’t feel I get paid enough to do it. I am also bitter, since eventually it is our goal for me to be a homemaker, because this job takes away so much time I want to otherwise devote to our home and taking care of my husband and supporting him however he needs. Which is SO BAD. Because I should be so thankful God has provided this job in this season of life. I am such a work in progress for being ungrateful. With a husband in law school, my small income is the only thing we have to keep us afloat. Thinking about the next phase in our life together and planning for THAT part, instead of being thankful and resting in THIS part, robs me of the joy and peace that comes from resting in the Lord. I would love to read this book, because I am definitely struggling in “resting.” I want to do everything and be superwoman. I want to be 100% devoted to my job for the income it provides us and also 100% devoted to being a homemaker. I know I can’t do it all! I need to rest knowing God holds my future. Thank you for this post! It was so encouraging!

  530. Stephanie Hunt says:

    Trying to please people robs my soul of rest.

  531. Anita Evans says:

    Fear of failure causes restlessness in my soul.

  532. I long for quiet rest and joy in the Lord. My day gets dragged along meeting the urgent needs of everyone around me as I homeschool, serve in the homeschool group and church ministries, run kids to activities, aging parents to appointments, and work the office of our family business. I am out of gas right now and want a time of rest. I am too busy!

  533. Work, my children’s schedule and my own laziness robs me of time with God. I need to carve out time out of the day for myself and spend quality time with God. Too many times I rush through my devotions because I put more value on rushing to work or my kids day to day than really spending quality time mediating in the word of God.

  534. This devotional spoke directly to my chaos. I have struggled for years with busyness to the point where I see it as a “spirit” that I need to be delivered from. Busyness has robbed me of joy and has left me exhausted and burnt out. Thank you for helping me realize that I need to repent, turn away from this very sin.

  535. Embarrassed to admit it…video games and tv

  536. I am also a busy person. I take on too many things then become overwhelmed. I am learning to say no and trying to find time to rest in Jesus.

  537. Sharon Clayton says:

    I have a mother in nurcing home who is going to leave me way to soon. I also have a grandson on DOPE. I am trying to deal with them and I just don’t feel like I can do any thing else but worry about them.

  538. I am on the road to recovery from being a doaholic. I also do and go and hurry and it has only made me weary, late and missing out on God’s still small voice. I’m committed to learning how to be still, and to rest in Him alone. thanks for the powerful reminder where true rest is found.

  539. Wow…You really hit the nail on the head. This sounds exactly how I was. I am very involved with church functions and all peoples issues. I have been working on not doing the Mary/Martha thing and have worked very hard at putting God first. I have been seeking God for wisdom & direction for my life for 2016. I have been led to stop doing things that have taken me away from where God wants me to be and what God wants me to be doing. As we call these circumstances, the little fires or big fires that we run around putting out for others, have taken me away from God’s rest. I have learned that I cant “fix” everyone and every circumstance. That is God’s job and we need to allow God to do it. He did not create us to carry that burden. Rest in the Lord!

  540. I have been over-committed in the past and worn out trying to keep up a hectic pace. I have quit several activities that I enjoy, and still feel that I am too busy. I feel like work consumes all of my time and my mind. I guess I need to learn to turn work off when I leave. I also need to learn how to relax when I have a rare moment of no busyness. That may be harder to do.

  541. I am a “do-er”, but many years ago in ministry my hubby and I were doing so much that we both suffered burn out! Now as we’re involved in ministry we try to be very careful about how much we do – sometimes we slip back into a too full load (usually because I’m wanting to “do”) but it doesn’t last long because we start to see and feel the pressures that are still all too familiar and we back off to let someone else – who is gifted in that area – serve. We also have some friends that are “newer” to the ministry and we are concerned for them because they are “doing” so much and it looks like burn out is on the way. We pray for them and their young family. We all need to remember that God provides a balance – we are to do, but not at the expense of our families, or prohibiting others to use their gifts. If I’m doing it, they can’t! I need to do what Jesus said He did “only what the Father told Him to do.”

  542. Karen Wilson says:

    My soul is robbed daily by Facebook and reading in general. I am busy working two jobs and taking classes, however I could make time. Also depression and despair rob my soul from the one thing that I need most, Jesus.

  543. Busyness robs my soul! The constant need to be busy in order to feel I have a purpose.

  544. What robs my soul is trying to stay busy helping others, even when I am burnt out & need rest. I have trouble saying “no” to friends in need…

  545. Jolene Ellis says:

    I was just thinking about my need to rest and find a way to change my life on the way to work this morning! I would love an opportunity to own this book!!

  546. I think perhaps she read my mind! Oh my word….this is exactly where I am. My constant busyness steals my peace and rest in Jesus. This is the first time I have ever thought of my busyness as a sin. It seems “good” but this devotional was so convicting!!

  547. I have lost my joy and peace. I “pray,” repeat Bible verses to myself, listen to music,sermons at work all day long, but I’m at the point of feeling lost, empty, sad and the list goes on to the point I feel sometimes that I don’t like the person I am.
    My gift is encouragement. I love discipleship, especially new believers/women, but feeling this way makes me like a liar because I’m preaching to others what I should be preaching to myself. Right now I’m feeling unsuitable to be used by the Lord.
    Please keep me in your prayers.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  548. Fear and worry are robbing my soul. I am so busy trying to fix things that I am exhausted. I want to completely rest in my Lord, especially since I feel like I can’t do this anymore!

  549. Rebecca L. says:

    What robs my soul of endless rest is the never ending to do lists for my family, I recently realized I have to keep the Sabbath holy and take some much needed rest on that day.

  550. If I should get this book I would share it with my sisters they are always busy but never really resting. If it isn’t one thing they are into it’s another. I think this would be a great resource for them.

  551. Thank you, just what I needed to here at exactly the right time. I have been struggling with this issue for a while now and feeling that I need to stop being busy doing things for God and spend time with God. Bless you

  552. Mariann Curl says:

    2 years ago, I was stopped in my tracks. My husband of 32 years informed me it was time for a change, and divorce was imminent. Soon thereafter, I was informed I had a hole in my retina and had to have surgery which would leave me face down for 2 weeks, and further restrictions the next month. What was happening? I had been involved in my church in many areas of ministry and service, and thought my life was fairly on track. It took a while for me to hear God telling me that I needed to stop DOING and start BEING closer to Him and in His presence. I have often thought this was God’s way of getting my attention, removing distractions that kept me an arm’s length away from Him; and putting me on my face was the time for me humble myself, and turn to Him for guidance and direction for the rest of the journey. I can relate fondly with this devotion.

  553. Audra Bidwell says:

    I have to live moment by moment by a calendar. I have a child with disabilities and medical needs that keep me busy morning till night. Then, worry occupies my down time. I’m a stay at home mom of 14 yr old twins yet I’m never home. I could use some rest

  554. Valerie Mayfield says:

    My family robs my soul from rest…I love my family and would do anything for them, however they can be mean spirited towards me…just because. I have to remind myself that the joy of the Lord is my strength!

  555. Tina Lightsey says:

    Wow! Looks like I’m in good company. Trying to learn to slow down and follow Gods leading in what in involved in so that I can be used by him. Thank you for the devotional.

  556. Cristina Leach says:

    My struggle with busyness is due to 3 things: 1. Because the harvest is plentiful and workers are few. 2. Because I honestly love helping others and find a lot of my self worth in that. 3. Because when I rest, I am scared of my chronic depression taking over my life again.

  557. Vicki, you really touched me today. I toggle between busy and feeling worthless.m thank you for sharing.

  558. June Heuston says:

    This is so totally where I am at in my life.Retirement was suppose to be Different! Thanks for the reminder of where the control really is!

  559. What robs me of rest is the running after success bandwagon. I have recently realized that I don’t need the things of this world, I need to be humble and content. When your health is affected you realize what is important. I have focused on God and His healing.

  560. sarah cayton says:

    Wow! I’m so glad I read this! This really brought to my attention that often times the need to stay busy, always serving, and feeling like I’m not doing enough is a sin problem. It never occurred to me that I could be trying to seek approval by my performance. God knows my heart and sometimes I need to rest, recharge, and re-focus my attention on him. Thank you for this reminder!

  561. Ellen Roth says:

    I am going to consciously try to slow down and enjoy the MOMENT I am in. I also need to spend regular time in the Word.

  562. After resting for 2 weeks around the holidays, I resolved to keep a better schedule for 2016 and manage my work day schedule at a local high school, my growing Pampered Chef business and make time for family and above all time in God’s Word. Three days back to my school/PC schedule and it is all out the window. This devotional was so timely for me as I need to get to the root of why I get sucked into the busy vortex and everything spins out of control. I love the Proverbs 31 daily devotionals as so many times they are just what I need for the day.

  563. You are speaking to me.
    I know what robs my soul but find it hard to know the underlying motivation. Can you help?

  564. Mattea Van Zee says:

    This has been convicting me lately and the Lord used your post this morning to remind me of whom I belong to, despite my consistently finding time for the things of the world (striving for perfect career, perfect family, perfect home, perfect mom). I used to take it as a source of pride that my normal bedtime was 1 am or later. However, as I grow older, I am realizing that it is robbing me physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually.

  565. My soul is robbed of rest because I fill my schedule with work, my preschooler, my soon-to-arrive baby (due in March!), not to mention my marriage, family, and usual household stuff. But in truth, I can manage these items… I struggle more with the little distractions. Email… phone… tv… mindnumbing things that don’t matter. Learning to rest, rather than constantly fill my time with something, is a habit I seek to learn!

  566. Sally Ham says:

    As a widow, I am always trying to be mom and dad to my two kids as well as work and volunteer, all with a smile on my face. Let’s just say, “it becomes tiresome”.

  567. Leslie Hall says:

    I am constantly trying to help everyone work on their troubles, all the while, letting myself ignore my own. I relate so much to being too busy. I never considered it sin, until today. Thank you .

  568. Frances Quigley says:

    I am too busy doing “me” things.

  569. Amy McGraw says:

    I really needed this reminder. God revealed this truth to me a few years back when I realized a lot of the commitments I made were to satisfy my need to please others. When I allowed God to direct my schedule, He did some rearranging and purging. He allowed me to be a stay at home mom after being a RN for 18 years. I’ve been struggling with going back to “work” lately, today’s devotional is a much needed reminder of my commitment to follow Christ and pleasing Him rather than seeking the approval of others. Thank you for allowing Him to speak to me through you?

  570. Kimberly Myers says:

    My problem with business is it to keeps me from the Lord. When I have sinned or done something I’m ashamed of , instead of going to our Savior in repentance I keep my mind & body busy with useless tasks. When I know I need to fall into Jesus arms! It’s another one of the evil ones tricks to keep us distant from God!

  571. Sandy gallagher says:

    This Devo resonated with me. I usually run until I hit the wall and can’t run any more. Sitting still is and always has been a challenge for me. neurotic, nervous energy. When my anxiety passes on to family is when issues arise.

  572. tami morris says:

    I would love to win one thanks

  573. Alicia Beckler says:

    My rest is robbed because I prioritize my schooling, friends, and job over my time spent with the Lord, resting in his presence.

  574. Illonda Madison says:

    Chronic busyness is such an issue for me. I too have always been this way since my youth and losing my mother at the tender age of eleven added to this chronic busyness. Always aiding and serving my father and siblings. As an adult married with children I find that person grew busier.In 2010 I was slowed down a little bit due to an onset of pain at work that I thought was the beginning of a stroke. A er visit ruled that out but a diagnosis of MS was told. I was hospitalized for a period of fourteen days and released to a period of rehabilitation at home. It was there my rest began I literally had to learn to walk and function as a being with God’s help,spouse and family and friends. Five years later only one relapse I’ve learned to live well and manage my health. The busyness has began again and today’s devotional is the best thing I could have ever read!I’m thankful for your time in and of sharing. Be blessed and thank you!

  575. Elsie Kappler says:

    God is prioritizing my life to put Him first and to have a complete and close relationship with Him. He is helping me to put my devotions and prayers with Him first and to do it joyfully without giving in to my distractions.

  576. A friend forwarded this devotion to me today, as God would have it, just at the right time. Today, I read my Bible for the first time in a couple of weeks. (6 years of long story behind that statement) For a while now, I’ve been wrapped up in my own little pity party (quite a large one, actually!) . But God, in his mercy, would not let my soul be at peace when not in communion with Him. I tend to be a “Martha”, not a “Mary”; I hide behind my business. This devotion has challenged me to find my TRUE self; the one God has designed and created me to be for Him, not the one I feel others expect me to be. This statement describes me perfectly…”When I wasn’t busy, I felt restless and ill at ease. When I was busy, I felt weary and in need of rest. It was a never-ending vicious cycle.”. I’m ready to end this cylcle. Right now, I proclaim God’s power is great enough to pull me out of the muck of business and expectations, and plant my feet on a solid, peaceful, restful, joy-filled, abundant life!

  577. Elizabeth L. says:

    Wow, this was so incredibly timely. I’ve felt significant burnout for the last two months, emotionally bankrupt is how I’ve felt. With the demands of a fast paced career, a toddler, marriage, family demands etc I have no time left. I had one day back to work after the holiday, going at break neck spead to catch up and then developed fever over night. Come to find out I have strep throat…I can’t keep up with this pace. Your devotional was exactly what I needed. Thank you

  578. Great devotion! I really needed this today! I too struggle with taking on too much and robbing myself of what I really need…..mentally, physically, and spiritually!

  579. Kristie J. says:

    Praying through this exact topic over the last 2 weeks. Trying to figure out how God wants me to respond to his call to rest with 4 children and a host of responsibilities that I can’t stop doing. Would love to read her book!

  580. Vicki, you comments and the verses you sited were of great help. I think I could use your book to put into action what God expects of me. thank you for this message.

  581. Mary Beth says:

    Good insight on His word and the way we perceive our value and worth. Thank you.

  582. I am a mother of a 15 yr old and a 5 yr old. Both my husband and I are currently unemployed due to layoffs. I’ve always struggled with self confidence issues leading me to seek approval with friends and family which a lot of the time would leave me feeling empty and taken advantage of. For the the last 3 years I’ve been on this journey of discovering who I truly am. Who did God create me to be? Learning to identify the distractions in my life that can be roadblocks and how to get through them. Todays word couldn’t have been more timely I’m praying for the guidance on getting my life as a mother, wife ,a sister and Christian woman on track to be able to spend more time with my heavenly father. Thankyou so much for the encouraging words. God bless.

  583. Listening to certain secular music robs my soul of rest. Through prayer I realized that some music grieves the Holy Spirit.

  584. I’m at a season in life where I can clearly see something has to give when you live in constant busyness. You cannot thrive as a wife, mother, in the work place, in your friendships, your relationship with God, in your health mentally or physically. No good thing comes of it. Some busyness just happens because you have younge children, etc. other busyness you can on voluntarily. Take the time to pray before jumping in to your next commitment. If you don’t have the time to ask God you don’t have the time to take it on.

  585. I once was a very busy person and would get tired from time to time. I think it would have been worse if not for the Grace of God! I have, for quite a few years now, started my day with God by reading the Bible, and/or devotionals or Bible studies. Then I did a STUPID thing and took the advice of a physician and had a surgery that I had declined when two previous physicians suggested it. Now, because of that horrible decision and other events that followed it, my job was TAKEN from me. My mother who I not only love dearly, but took care of her in a number of ways went to her Heavenly Home. Now I don’t really have much of anything to do and find myself more exhausted than ever before. I am ANGRY about my job being TAKEN from me and still haven’t been able to forgive the person who STOLE it from me. Yes, I have tried to discuss this issue with him, but he really hasn’t taken responsibility for it and his apology was half-hearted, at best. Many more details to really understand the story. For what is left of me, emotionally speaking; someone please tell me how in the world I am supposed to be able to “Give it a Rest!”

  586. I think for me there aren’t many things I could take out of my schedule. But I definitely need to work on the focusing on one thing at a time rather than stacking my weeks worth of business to carry with me as a daily burden. I hope to get better at finding my quiet time and enjoying the Lord in all the small moments of my day.

  587. Thank you Vicki for your writing on this topic of rest for our souls.

    I first read a devotional of yours on faith.full and really enjoyed the topic. I am practicing this rest that is so needed because I think I too kept busy to define my worth and value over the years.

    With knowledge and time I have learned to rest and relax more for my soul. My sister just told me that I am one person she knows that knows how to relax ?

    My soul is still robbed of rest though and that comes from my relationships and work at times. So when I read devotionals like this it helps.

    Deeply appreciated. My soul is grateful…

  588. You could be telling my story…

  589. Technology! It robs…. a good old fashion pen and journal are my source of rest with the Father! Ironically my blog is technologically based (obviously) but it is centered fully around prayers to cultivate rest in our lives…His kind of rest, not the kind we come up with on our own.

  590. Regina Vollmer says:

    Funny how things come to you at just the right time. I missed a meeting this morning because I fell back asleep after getting my daughter off to school. I was disappointed in myself for letting this happen. I feel I need my schedule full all the time. If I am not doing something I feel I am letting family , friends and my job down. My friend sent me a text that made me stop and think and all she said was “allow yourself to rest when you need it”. That comment has me looking at my schedule and prioritizing (what is really important and what is just taking up time. What can I let go of to make time for me.)

  591. Just trying to decide to rest or forge on today. I have my answer.

  592. Leslie M. says:

    What robs my soul of rest is indeed worry. My son has a chronic health condition and I try to pray but I know many times its just listing my worries and not truly giving them to God. I also am chronically busy – I feel I have to fill up my time. I don’t really know why….

  593. Busyness….I “think” I thrive on it BUT, I`m always saying, “I`ll do my Bible study when I sit down, after I …., In a minute . and the list goes on ! BUT I do know that when I spend that time with God , it fills my soul . So why do I continue to put it off when the Creator of the universe is waiting for me to come ?

  594. Great reminder!

  595. Connie Bridgeman says:

    For the past two years I have worked two full time jobs. The only thing I gained was a huge bill to IRS. That’s right financially I’m in debt to the government to the tune of almost $10,000 because those two jobs threw me into a higher income bracket. I am letting go and letting God have control of my money and I’m not working two jobs this year! I am going to rest in Him who can take better care if me than I can myself.

  596. Helen Walker says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion. I realized that what I need to do is rest, let my soul rest and let Christ direct my path according to His plan for me. You have blessed me today. May God bless you.

  597. Latanya Wheeler says:

    I can relate to being weary and needing rest and at the same time needing to be busy. I would love to read this book and find the balance I need.

  598. Stephanie says:

    Today’s message was exactly what I needed. I hope I can receive a book simply to find new strategies to avoid the pitfalls of busyness.

  599. Lori Dopp says:

    Thank you for your words they truly touched home. I have been there in the past and it does take you down and away from the Lord so thankful for his grace and is love
    Would not want to be without it
    Have a blessed restful day

  600. Alison Andrews says:

    My soul becomes exhausted when I compare myself with others. Even if I don’t actually try to match their accomplishments, I find myself feeling beaten down because I’m “not as good” as they are. In reality, I am the only one with that expectation! This book sounds amazing–I’d love to win!

  601. I love this verse! I used it in a book I wrote about vision loss.
    Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your heart.

  602. Michael J. Larson says:

    After a 42 year career as a school teacher I recognize what busyness is all about. I am in my early 70’s now and I struggle every day adjusting to a less busy life style. Jesus has been a huge support in that task but I still need more of Him! 🙂

  603. Laura Baker says:

    I don’t even know what rest is anymore. I have a son facing 10 years in prison. He has reactive attachment disorder, fetal alcohol effects syndrome, and is bipolar. Raising him has been the biggest challenge in my life. Now he is 20, and has gotten right with God; he is a real joy for the first time ever. But now he has to pay for his bad choices and it breaks my heart. I homeschool 3 of our other kids, my husband is a cop, and our financial situation is pretty bad. I fight depression especially in January, as we had a baby stillborn who would be 13 this month.

  604. Grace Crapitto says:

    I think this must be written for me. I would love to read this and begin the intervention by God that I so need. I stay way too busy and just feel guilty about not having time to read and study the Bible and have that much needed relationship with God. I don’t seem to be able to make the change I need to and this book sounds like a wonderful solution to getting on the right track with God in control, not me.

  605. Bridget O says:

    I don’t always come on and read these devotions but I know God was calling me to today. I continue to say “When will I have time to spend with Jesus?” Well, in that question is clearly my answer. Thanks for this!

  606. What robs me of my soulwork’s rest is worry–I worry too much and very little prayer! I need to pray it up, stop fretting about ‘stuff’! Let go and let God work His good work!

  607. thank you for speaking to me this morning, through God’s word…as my day got turned around, fromnot what I had scheduled and was feeling guilty, I feel it is MY GOD telling me to slow down……

  608. Joke Demuren says:

    Thank you Vicki for emphasizing what true rest means.
    I often have told myself that the word of God is the only truth whilst all other circumstances and situations are facts that are subject to change .
    Thank you for reminding me of that again.
    I would love to win a devotional
    Happy new year !

  609. I’m addicted to the comment “I don’t know how she does it” when truthfully I’m not doing much of anything very well. In the effort to maintain this notion, there is certainly no rest for my weary soul.

  610. When trying to be a people pleaser, it becomes hard to say no. It can rob me from precious time and wrong priorities.

  611. Wow if we could change the world to let us slow down maybe we could do more as GOD wanted us to do…..


  613. I keep myself too busy because of fear that my children will “miss out” or not get to pursue their dreams because we didn’t “do enough” to put them in a good position to attain their goals or use their gifts. I have trouble resting because I’m driven by my own desire for perfectionism. I also struggle with organizing my time to schedule in rest and play. This was a great devotion for me today 🙂 Thank you!

  614. You are describing me, but I am 60 now. How do I finally get it & do it?

    • I am also 60 and my name is Pam!
      The Lord has begun a good work in you and He cannot fail to complete it. My encouragement to you (and yes, I have this busy struggle as well) is to focus on your relationship with God, make it a real priority in the ways that make best sense to you and watch Him work. He knows exactly what you need and He will love and care for you along the way regardless of how well or how poorly you perform.

  615. My troubles are trying to not make big plans for our lives, because ultimately God is in control. Also struggling on what my spiritual gift is and what God wants me to do next. It’s hard to know if it’s what I want or God telling me.

  616. Meredith McLendon says:

    This has been a lifelong struggle for me as well. As the expression goes, I can get so busy serving the God I love, I forget to love the God I serve. The enemy subtly appeals to my desire to please God and, of all things, ministry actually becomes my greatest distraction from The Lord. I feel this is what He wants to teach me most in 2016.

  617. Great devotion!

  618. Wow!!! Thank you so much Mrs. Vicki for a powerful devotion. Everything spoken was so right on point especially dealing with my life moreso in than past rather than currently. I made a conscious decision during the end of 2015 that I would not overwhelm my life as I had done in the past with busyness but yet slow down enough to enjoy the oh so simple things in life and brunch/lunch dates with God as priority. I am so thankful for continued confirmation on different areas of my life. May God Continue to Bless You!!!

  619. I declared my 40’s as the decade I would expand my career. I own a bookkeeping firm and love helping over 30 businesses. In addition I am a mom to 2 teen boys in every sport, a wife of a neglected husband, oh and then there’s worship team when I can. I have always sought the praise of others outside my home and I get it! But I’ve worked myself into a pit. Working day and night, no self care (rest is what???). Your post speaks straight to my heart, tears rolling down my face. I understand the restlessness when you do stop for a minute. You have worked yourself into a frenzy and His peace seems so far away. I am actively seeking a major change for survival at this point. I believe God knew I had to get here to understand my limits so I don’t regret where I am. Thank you for your reminders. God used you to speak to me today!!!

  620. Thank you for entering me in the draw. I was blessed by her post.

  621. Suzanne Batey says:

    Nine years ago my precious mama had a stroke. One year later we moved her into our home. I had to quit my job to become her full time caregiver. It’s where The Lord called me to be and I am abundantly blessed that I get to spend my days with her. Being a caregiver is a challenge that I never quite understood until it became my 24/7 job. Two years after moving her in our home, I lost my 19 year old son in a car accident. It’s been a journey but The Lord is good!!!!! He’s given me many opportunities to walk beside other mothers that have buried children. I would LOVE to receive a copy of this book because finding rest for my soul seems to be my biggest struggle.

  622. Bonita Gordon says:

    So much to do so little time.

  623. Jessica Clark says:

    This devotion really speaks to me heart. The past two years have been a very intimate lesson from God on
    the importance of slowing down. My goal has been to just “be present” and in doing so, I have grown even closer to the Lord. We really do have to focus on the most important relationship of all and not drown it with trying to do everything. We can do everything by simply sitting and listening to God. I have learned not to worry anymore and to just put it all into God. I refuse to live a life that will take me away from the Lord.

  624. It is amazing that my husband and I prayed that during our Daniel fast for spiritual, emotional and physical healing and this devotional on Give it a rest was on time. I am a teacher and love my job but the yesterday the Lord showed me that even in my assignment I have to make time for rest. What robs me of rest is thinking I have to do everything, accomplish everything now even to the detriment of my emotional health. My prayer is that God show me how to live simply, allow myself to find simplified effective ways to teach and allow myself to take a day or breather to refresh and regroup.

  625. Sonya Johnson says:

    I would love to have this book. I too have a problem with staying too busy and yet always feeling that I don’t do enough. I am exhausted and I’m starting to realize this is not how God wants me to be. I am working on putting first things first and not trying to do everything in order to keep others happy. When I take a moment for myself to breath, I feel guilty about it but I know if I put God first, He will lead me where I need to go and show me what I need to do. Prayer for all of you who suffer this type of burnout and please take care of yourselves.

  626. Heather R says:

    Fear, anxiety & peace of finances rob my soul! Seems as though no matter how hard I try and use my authority over these spirits, I’m always “whacked” with them again. Being a pastor’s wife I feel like I’m “losing” it but I also realize I’m human too and the devil will come at me too!! Some days I just want to throw jn the towel….

  627. Bethany Miller says:

    I say yes to too many activities. It’s not my best yes either. It leaves me stressed and exhaustec! I have stepped down from some of those things which gives me more time with my husband. That is the best yes. I still tend to need to stay busy. My 4 year old brought conviction to me in her play with me pleas. I told her I’ll play with you in a second I HAVE to finish this first. She replied no you won’t. You’re too busy! The best yes would be playing with my daughter. This was a great devotion!

  628. Kerri Arredondo says:

    Staying busy provides me a housing place from all the life experiences I don’t know how to deal with. When I am still, I am haunted by all those memories of what was & what can be no longer. So I stay busy, so those thoughts don’t have time to creep in. Not to mention, I have trouble remembering that I am not defined by what all I do or get done, but by the person I am inside. I never want to let others down by showing them I’m not able to get it all done for them and everyone else. For that reason, I found my one or two days off a week are always full of stuff I need to do for everyone else to be happy. My worries are confirmed when others call me “lazy” if I am non-productive in their opinion. This is a daily struggle! I feel responsible for so many others & there’s only God & me looking out for me. Sometimes my hubby makes dinner to…

  629. Fredricka says:

    What robs me most from rest for my soul is trying to be everything for everyone else and when it comes to me there’s nothing left. My soul craves for such an intimate relationship with Christ there’s no way to describe it, my heart craves for time to just smell the roses with family before my children are out of the house, and my spirit craves restoration. I was just telling a family member that I need balance and the more I say yes to other commitments the more I’m cutting God short. This year I want to do better in every aspect of my life starting with my relationship with him, and this book would be a perfect tool to help me to get started. I would love to have a copy of this book and the devotional was just what I needed today even if it was written yesterday! Thank you so much for allowing God to use you.

  630. Worry always robs my soul of rest!

  631. Vicki
    Thanks so much for today’s devotional.
    I am absolutely there: weary and miserable because I’m too busy but uncomfortable and anxious if I’m not.
    I think a piece of that sin-pie is perfectionism. I was raised very strictly and really had a policy dinned in to me at a very early age that if I did not do a thing exactly right it was totally wrong.
    I realize at the age of 60 that I am my own worst enemy and I need to fire myself as boss or manager of my life. I’m not a good one. I need to rest in God. He is the perfect Lord and Shepherd.
    Thanks again
    Pam W
    Reisterstown MD

  632. thank you so much for this today. I have to keep this in mind a lot. 🙂

  633. Jennifer Grieco says:

    I need rest from the stress of a recent move from upstate NY to central FL! Hubby’s new job, two little girls, three birthdays in three weeks, selling our house, and all four of us recovering from the stomach flu has left me a train wreck.

  634. Kimberley says:

    Thank you!

  635. Rachael Heard says:

    I definitely need to learn how to rest in the Lord! I never thought about it as a sin problem to be too busy. Thank you for sharing this!

  636. This hit my soul square on the head! I have been feeling completely drained and overwhelmed with keeping my life on track. Instead of giving all to Jesus, following his path for me and allowing him to lead my path. This has touched me deep to the core today and I pray I can use these words to start a fresh!

    Thank you for your words!

  637. I almost deleted this devotional without reading but I am so glad I didn’t!! It was a Word from the Lord for me today! I felt like you had been watching my life! Thank you for these words of wisdom!! I needed this!!!

  638. Kathy Fraser says:

    My “rest robber” is an unsettled deep need for approval. That said; what I really mean is that I am mistaken when I think that involving myself in the short term happiness of others I love is really going to “fill” an emptiness inside of me. That emptiness is there; period. It is filled ONLY by God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. When I invite their love inside FIRST; I am then ready to direct that fortified energy to others. All other acts of mine ‘alone’ are frivolous.

  639. my growing up and adult lifestyle…. Just the same as the author. Our Don passed away a few years ago and my mode of get through is busy…. Especially doing for others. I so desire to walk and not run. To seek and listen and enjoy the quiet with the Lord!

  640. What robs my soul of rest> Worry. Stress. Life.

  641. Worry robs my soul of rest. I give things over to the Lord but then I take them back. I want to be in control and I have not learned yet to but my whole trust into the arms of a loving Creator. By His grace, I hope to learn what it truly means to rest in the Lord this year.

  642. Praying before saying yes can provide wisdom and discernment to make a guided decision.

  643. Jamie CHe says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how important this Word was for me……and today especially!! I have been struggling with the idea of which direction to head in my life in relation to work, home, marriage, children, spiritual relationship and just taking care of me! Last night, I prayed – and my husband did as well – that the Lord would make a clear path for me in all areas of my life. I’m talking NEON SIGN clear, so I won’t miss it again. This morning I woke with a peace – apprehensive and timid at times today – but a peace and knowing that He is in control in all things. This devotional and verse choices just confirmed everything my heart was telling me.

    Thank you for your vulnerability and willingness to share how imperfect we truly all are – no one is exempt. I really do appreciate and value leaders in the Christian faith who are willing to do just that. Prayers and blessings on you, your family and ministry. May God continue to use your words at just the right moment!!

  644. Karen Hall says:

    The past couple weeks I have been praying over what word would God have for me this year. These are a few that have been rolling around…Breathe, Quiet, Release, Dwell. When I read this post I realized they all have to do with Rest. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

    • Candice Stauffer says:

      Karen Hall, I too was pondering a word for this year! Interesting to go through that process, and wait for the whispering of the Spirit to give us just what we need. I thought I had come up with a great word (on my own, of course!), then yesterday the whisper came: RESILIENT. Many challenges coming up, and that’s what I need to remember, practice, and BE!! Now I’m spending some lovely time searching out scripture references, which I’ll post alongside my word, in several places around my apt. When one is “olderly”, one needs all the help available to remember things!!

  645. Nicole Olson says:

    Growing up I was told idle hands are the devil’s playground, and I still feel this is true. I’m newly sober (100 days), and feel that if I sit still I’ll do something bad. Truthfully, I’m still only when I’m sleeping. On top of being newly sober I’m trying to get my nine month old son back in to my home. This book will be very helpful for me so that I may learn how to take more time for my savior and maker, and maybe myself

  646. A great reminder that I am not alone in my trench of busy-ness. I love to meditate on the word of the Lord and I read Proverbs 31 during my lunch hour at work. I love being thirsty and realizing that I like other many women suffer from too much of this or too much of that. I find rest in being quiet. I dedicate my first waking 30 minutes to HIM and then another 30 during lunch and my last 30 at the end of the day. Before I was exhausted, expelled, and delirious with anxiety and fear due to multitasking. 2016 is bringing much change in all aspects of life. Need to stay focused on the Lord and the rest and comfort HE brings. Thank you for reminding me that we are not alone and must rely on HIS arms to carry us and care for us. I am thankful for the words you wrote as they feed us in the right way. Thank you for reminding me of the Matthew versus
    Matthew 11:28-30, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (NIV). I in turn need to be the same with others that are not in a hurry. 🙂

  647. Heather Fields says:

    I can relate to this so much. Thank you for posting this. I am taking a fast from social media this month and it’s alarming to me how much I miss it. I feel like I don’t know how to “Be still”.

  648. I’m a 60 year old wife, mother and grandmother. Im most always encouraged by the devotions, however, in recent months the holy spirit’s tugging at my heart. I am in a different season as a caregiver to a sick husband, but also am still involved in SS, choir, missions, as well as caregiver of children several times a week, including 3 young grandchildren. Our family have been in church for 30+ years. We were busy then with church activities, school and athletic commitments also. The times have definitely changed, but God hasn’t. But like ms Shirley said, its not easy to tell someone how to balance life. Only God can truly balance our life. The holy spirit’s shown me that our younger woman, esp.those with families, are more consumed with Ministries today than ministering to their families. Ive seen it my own family. If not careful, the enemy will use church or spiritual Ministries to keep us too. Our Lord gets used as an excuse to excuse mothers and wives from their God given duties(His design). To be so busy that meals aren’t cooked,( except for the ministry) clothes aren’t washed for weeks at a time, husbands and children often neglected due to ministry ought not be. God will never lead us to do anything contrary to his will, but Satan will use good intentions everyday. Lets seek him first ladies, he will teach us to work and rest in him. He established the Family before he did the church. Be careful teachers, that you aren’t Overpowering women to step out of Gods design. We r called to be a helpmate not a hindrance to our spouse and family. Let’s not be stumblingblocks. God can/ will balance our time. Lord bless all!!

  649. Amanda Stoner says:

    I think what robs my soul of rest is the looming feeling of everything that I feel responsible for and legitimate commitments in my life. They are not bad, but I do need to trust God with the outcomes, and trust him to supply me the strength to persevere even when I feel tired. His burden is easy, I don’t need to work to win his approval, I can rest in his faithful love for me.

  650. What robs my soul of rest? Hmmm…. I can honestly say materialism and trying not to be conformed to this world. Especially coming out of the holiday season.

  651. Busyness can get out of hand especially when you have kids. Even though my husband and I have tried to keep extra curricular activities to a minimum there are times we tend to feel overwhelmed. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

  652. Anna Jo Knight says:

    I load my day with “good” things, not the “best” things. When I realize I have overloaded, then I worry so much about letting others down or not being able to save face if I minimize my obligations. That fear of disappointment is not of God. That is from the enemy. I so long for rest in Him, peace, a calm, gently heart…..

  653. Praharsha says:

    This article does provide a lot of insight into my life where sometimes it’s overwhelming because of many reasons but finally when I realize that ,all these things doesn’t matter on the judgment day which gives me peace!! Thanks for sharing.

  654. Samantha Murphy says:

    When I worry and get stressed I rob myself from feeling the rest. I must always have faith and trust God is in control.

  655. I stay extremely busy as I work two jobs and go to school online so this book would truly be a blessing! Be Blessed Everyone and Good Luck winning a copy!

  656. Susan adams says:

    My soul is robbed of rest by worry about being aline and lonely.

  657. Thank you for this! I find myself constantly feeling like I have to be doing something. Making myself stop to rest is something I don’t do often. Your book sounds like something I should read!

  658. I’d love to read this book.

  659. I can so relate to this article. My husband and I are raising and 10 year old and 7 year old great-grandchildren, and my 102 year old grandmother also lives with us. My 79 year old mother lives 5 minutes away and is in bad health and at times I need to take her to doctor visits. The kids are involved in activities 3-4 nights per week. I am in the Lions Club, a trustee on our library board, a volunteer at the VFW once per month to serve a meal to veterans, I teach Sunday School to 3-4 year olds once per month, am an Awana worker every week, and go to bible study once a week. I go to my husband’s office every day to answer phones and handle client issues. By the time dinner is finished, homework is done and the kids are in bed, I am exhausted. I find it hard to carve out time to study and read my bible, along with other books that have been suggested to me as a new believer. I know it is Satan that is working to keep me so busy, but I can’t ascertain what I should cut out of my life. Everything seems like such little things to do. I know I have to make time for GOD, to study and read HIS Word. I pray daily for direction, but I think I’m too busy to listen for the Holy Spirit to talk to me. I need help and I think your book is the perfect place to start. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of your book.

  660. Hi, Vicki, Jeremiah 6:16 is the verse God gave me for 2016. I have been studying it each day, looking more into those “old, godly ways”. One thing God spoke to me (and I’ve been trying to study on) is to take a Sabbath. Ezekial 20:1-26 is especially convincing me. What wears me out is trying to keep a perfect house, cook homemade – from scratch meals – 3 times/day, homeschool our 2 children (5 & 8) and be a wife to an NBA coach who never has a day off and is often travelling or gone at night, and not have any one to help me.
    Your devotional today was confirmation that this is truly the verse for me this year.

  661. Jenny Diaz says:

    The topic of this book resonates so deeply in my heart. I am that busy body that never stops. Even as I type, I find myself thinking of what I should do or should be doing right now. I have a few days off work and in desperately need to slow down and rest. I find myself with an uneasy feeling because I think that it is a waste of time, but in all actuality it’s what I need the most, quiet time with God. My cup is running low and I need a filling, but one with purpose and with the power to change my thoughts and actions that lead to it running low.

  662. I really needed your devotion today. I’m a homeschool mom to 4 little ones and today I was just feeling inadequate. My long to do list never gets done. I’m so busy and discouraged so thank you for encouragement today!

  663. Rabecca Grauberger says:

    My chronic busyness is a daily thing. I clean houses 5-6 days a week. My clients take care of me so I never say no to them for extras. I am here for our adult children and grandchildren when needed at least once a week for something. I help watch my niece’s and nephew. I help my parents order stuff, plan stuff, clean at the bar. I have girlfriends that rely on me and need me. We have feuding in our family that I seem to mediate. Then I clean our house, plan baby showers and bridal showers, help with weddings, am in a book club, have date night with my husband, hunt with our family…the list just goes on and on. I wake up at 5am and go to bed at 11pm. I have minor insomnia because my brain won’t shut down.
    What are my 3 steps I could take? Start my day at my table with the bible, a good daily devotional and spend time with God.
    Have limits on what I do for my clients.
    Say no once in a while when others need me. I need to realize I can’t help everyone. My well is running dry 🙁

  664. My initial thought was my job. I work at home as a Family Child Care Home Provider and the children and parents and state regulations, etc. keep me extremely busy but that is not the real reason I am stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed with life. The real reason is that I too came to believe that my worth is found in what I can manage to get accomplished perfectly. Yes, I am a perfectionist. However, I am a recovering perfectionist. I do know that my worth doesn’t come from what I can do but rather from God. I just need to consistently remind myself of that repeatedly throughout the day. I would love to receive your book as I hope that it will put me on the right path to recover from my burn out.

  665. Thank you so much for this article.. It is nice to see others suffer from feeling the need to stay busy and It really touches home to me.. god bless you..

  666. Busy, busy, busy, thats me, but when I’m not busy, I feel depressed! I think your post provided me with some of the answers I needed. I never say “no” because I feel quilty. I feel like I can do everything and fix the world at the same time. I may be doing all this stuff for the wrong reasons. I would love to receive a copy of your book.

  667. Ginger thomas says:

    Today’s devotional truly spoke to me. I never rest. Never considered it sin until now. Thank you for opening my eyes

  668. Trish Sprecker says:

    What robs me of rest? Those pesky things called assumed expectations. I think we often assume we are expected to do this, or say yes to that. That work should come home to get finished by an assumed deadline, because we are too afraid to look foolish and ask when the deadline is or if there is a hard and fast deadline. I am the queen of the assumed expectation. I assume that because I am the wife of a worship minister that I should be involved in ministry somewhere, all of the time, never allowing for a rest, or saying no if something doesn’t feel like a good fit.

  669. Social media and technology rob my soul of rest! I find rest in quiet and gadgets and interwebs are not places where peace resides!

  670. I am over 85 years, have more free time than ever, and yet I find myself not making time for God. I have lived a Christian life as a wife, mother, teacher. and the usual VBS, SS teacher, choir, committee chairman, charities and always give willingly. I know He hasn’t moved, I’m the one responsible. I need your book!

  671. Judy Keller says:

    I think satan creates things in our lives to keep us from God time.

  672. Amanda Neikam says:

    I overload everything and say yes to it all – I avoid stillness for fear of what will come next.

  673. I find myself always feeling like if I don’t who will? God has had to silent for me to hear. I was raised in the church and had to be involved in some way. Relocating this pass year; we have a church home and God has yet to reveal what ministry to be a part of. I work two jobs, my day starts at 4:00am I’m home by 4:30pm, dinner, be wife.

  674. this is the first time I’ve thought about my busyness in this way. boy did this hit home! I’m constantly trying to find out what it is that God wants me to do with my life when all I need to do is to remain still and LISTEN! at this moment, I try to stay busy because I am a stage iv cancer survivor and to be busy means that I don’t have time to dwell on things. but, what I need to do is to slow down and dwell on God’s promise to hear my prayer and comfort my soul. thank you for this!

  675. Oh how my daughter needs this book. She called sobbing because her husband and she just had harsh words over the lufestyle in their home at the present time. Her father-in-law has moved in with them and their three children to prepare for major surgery scheduled January 12 at the Cleveland Clinic. Trying to move children and bedrooms to make this new life style as comfortable as possible for everyone. This has certian brought tension to everyones lives and prayers are needed for all. Love the daily devotionals provided, it crazy that they actually hit home at the perfect time…God’s will be done.
    Thanks for your continued support.

  676. I never percieved myself as busying myself ,but after reading about you,I guess I do. If I had to be honest with myself, it’s because my home life is a wreck and I keep putting a patch on it and not allowing the time with GOD, or allowing GOD to handle it and keep my hands off ofit.

  677. I feel just like Vicki. I have had periods of forced rest and, while I look forward to doing nothing at first, I soon become very discontented, depressed, and restless. How ironic that rest can cause me to be rest-less.

    1. I need to figure out why I can’t rest. When I’m exhausted by all I do, it seems like it would be easy to slow down and do less and be happy.
    2. Right now I’m facing the opportunity to do less for the next few months. I am going to try to actually rest. I need to resist my tendency to fill my time, start new projects, volunteer more, and create new ways to be busy. Can I just spend more time listening to God and my own voice?
    3. I want to start rewarding my family for resting. I always feel guilty when I take a nap or do somethibg unproductive, and I don’t want to make my husband and kids feel the same way. I want to reward self-care instead (how did you take care of your body, mind, and spirit today?) of only acknowledging action and results (what did you accomplish today?).

  678. Colleen Harvey says:

    Thank you for sharing your story! Even with having my 2 young daughters to care & husband with a busy job I feel at times I don’t do enough. I know my children are very important to me & want the very best for them. I know I need to be thankful and content in my season of life and wherever God takes me.

  679. I would love to learn to rest in God’s love and peace in a better way. I am a person that starts many things and only finishes a few……ADD i guess is what they call it. I know God is able to help me to slow down and minister to me so that with Him being first I will worry and stress less.

  680. I am someone who deals with anxiety and has chosen not to take any medication but rather lean on God to help me on a daily basis. Constanly on the go. Don’t sleep much. I know I need to rest, I just don’t know how.

  681. Sara Dearborn says:

    Busyness and people pleasing rob me of my rest.

  682. I am constantly on the go, doing things I am passionate about, but I find Im always living for the next thing, the next week, the next appointment, the next outing, the next social time and I find that instead of enjoying any of it I’m just going through the motions for what’s next on the calendar. I love my job and my friends but I would love to learn how to enjoy my life, instead of just blasting through it.

  683. Candice Stauffer says:

    As a president of our local LDS church women’s organization (Relief Society), I am on the “busy track” daily, dawn to dark and sometimes middle of the night. And I DO find myself, in spite of all intentions, shorting myself on taking time to read scripture, study, and REST in the Lord. What a wonderful article and reminder.When we are engaged in righteous endeavors we can only do so much, then we must totally lean on His mighty arm to take care of what is best for our sisters. I share P31 posts regularly with sisters who need encouragement! Thank you for this ministry!

  684. My husband is the busy one in our household, so I am always trying to find ways to help with the burden he carries. I do no always succeed but I try very hard to do be the best helper I can be. Now there are sometimes I do feel overwhelmed and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I don’t give God the time he deserves in my everyday life. I am working on that in 2016 and setting goals that are attainable for myself. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life.

  685. Carole Anne says:

    After many years away from school, I enrolled three years ago in seminary with a concentration in Christian Education. It is often a true struggle for me to balance the time required for this Christ-centered education with the all-important element of nurturing my personal time with Christ.

  686. After losing the most amazing Godly lady you could ever meet “my mum” to cancer in March 2015 I have learned in a big way to lean on Jesus. I felt after years of caring for my sick mum and running a photography business being a mum myself to two amazing boys and a wife, that all I could do was bring myself to GOD as I knew where GOD was my mum was there also. I knew mum was just away a while before me and i felt that this didn’t only renew my faith in my heavenly father but also helped me deal with grief. I love the sayings I see on facebook they are so encouraging.

  687. Thank you. So needed this. I recently hit “the wall” myself and realized I need to stop saying yes to everyone except myself. I know I need to rest in the Lord before the wall comes crumbling down.

  688. I am a perfectionist, a doer, a performer, and I’m my own harshest critic. I fight to relieve my weariness, but it creeps up more often than I care to admit. I would love to read your book. Thank you for your wise words.

  689. KarriLynn Keith says:

    Constantly striving to make everyone happy. So many times in our lives we equate the happiness of others as the ultimate reward of our brilliant efforts as a mom, wife, co-worker or boss. As long as everyone around us is happy and on track our lives flow smoothly.

    Constantly focusing on others is exhausting and I find myself at the end of the day searching for the quiet moments when I can steal away someplace beyond the reach of my loving family, friends and peers to recharge my energy and love tank. Without the ability to fuel our tanks, we cannot minister out of the overflow and pour His amazing love into those precious ones He has blessed us with. I now realize I am no good to others without taking that proverbial time out for myself.

  690. what robs my time is work, up keeping of a home, and taking care of/managing family & household schedules. I am a wife & mom of 4 children who works full-time, teach two days of fitness classes a week. I wear many hats.

  691. Deborah Stoots says:

    I can’t watch a movie at home without loading the dishwasher first, or putting in a load of clothes.
    I’ve raised a child alone since she was four. She’s still in the nest and I am working full time and caregiving every third night for my Mom. I think our circumstances sometimes make us “Marthas instead of Marys at the feet of Jesus. It’s not a quick fix, it seems. I would appreciate the book. Thanks

  692. God taught me a long time ago, not every ‘good thing’ was a ‘God thing’ for me! The Lord taught me to petition Him before I accepted any additional tasks. Although I was qualified for many, when I sought the Lord He said NO! As I humbled myself and followed His lead, every NO lead to a time of REST. Every REST lead to a time of purpose. God would faithfully let me know when the good thing was a God thing for me! If I had said yes to the other good things, I would have missed the thing God had planned for me to do. When we are in His will, our soul will be at rest. Staying true to this process has helped me tremendously. No guilt for saying no…true freedom in Christ always leads me to rest.
    1. Pray
    2. Listen
    3. Obey
    My three steps to staying in the Rest of God!!!

  693. I felt lost & in a place of depression with no reason to get up each day. So I kept saying yes to volunteer opportunities until I realized that I was missing the true opportunities when someone desperately needed help. By that time, I was sick & tired, and I was missing what God was calling me to do – stand beside someone in their time of need, encourage them, & listen. It takes time & energy to invest in others. If I spread myself too thin, I can’t be there for the people God has placed in my life. I pray and ask God to help me make the right decisions about what I should take on next.

  694. I would love to have this book to read but more so to give to a friend I have in mind! Thank you for such great wisdom.

  695. Sue Price says:

    This writing as well as many articles I get on the iPad is a blessing and always seem to fit my need each time. Bless you much as you continue to write and to minister through the messages. I look forward to the book, it would be good to be one of the ” winners” of the new book but I know it will be a blessing to many !!!

  696. As I view my commitments for 2016, I realize I am pushing myself to achieve the impossible. Your comments about the sin of performance in saying “yes” to all meant “no” to God and His ways hit me. I need to find that rest for my soul and spirit…to give every activity that comes up to the Lord so He can direct me in His perfect way. I feel refreshed and released from the demands that press upon me as I read your words. Thank you for your honest appraisal of how being performance oriented can be a sentence of burnout to our relationship with God.

  697. Sherilynn says:

    Loved this and am thankful to be pointed again to The Giver. Just in the nick of time,praises to God for He is constantly feeding my malnourished heart.

  698. It seems to me that God is sending a strong message to me that I need to “declutter” my life. After reading today’s devotional, I felt a strong conviction about my priorities. I am a school teacher, working on my master’s degree. I had to have surgery over Christmas break because of a growth found on my uterus. After a week, I thought I was doing great and no longer needed to off my feet. However, after cleaning the house one day, I found myself in the er with uncontrolled bleeding. Now I am on my third week of bed rest. I am ashamed that I haven’t taken advantage of my inactivity and focused on a closer walk with God by prayer and being the word. He definitely spoke to me through today’s word that I have to make Him first in all I do and that He is the great physician. My husband and I decided that our resolution this year is to push out the things of the world that clutter our lives and make God the main priority. Thanks for the encouraging word.

  699. Worry.

  700. Tracey Davis says:

    I have been a slain Christian for years since 1994 . Now that I am struggling with getting back with God because of my husband who had a bad experience with church where he lost in trusting member of his old church. They were faking themselves by being church goers and he doesn’t believe in organization church. Several times I have asked him if he want to try new church and he said no. I don’t want to be alone to go to church and I don’t drive . I am searching and praying for a new friend who can help me drive me to same church together one day myself. Please pray for my motivation to study god s words and to be involved in church one day and to stop worry too much as I have severe anxiety depression with medications daily. Thanks for your time.

  701. Needed to hear this. I tend to worry and right now my family life is kinda stressful.
    Thank for sharing.

  702. Such good advice! And one of my favorite verses – Jeremiah 6:16! Thank goodness I am not into the ‘busyness’ schedule any longer. I did have a ‘season’ of it though…when I had energy. 🙂 Since I am not co-facilitating the women’s small group bible study right now, I am actually on the other end of the pendulum. I have to force myself out of the house once a week or two to meet with good friends and have fellowship. I enjoy staying home and find plenty to do around the house. I do have a daughter who does not know how to stay home and relax but has to go, go, go! God made us all different…and together, we can learn how God wants us to be balanced.
    Bless you!

  703. Trying to keep up with others and feel accepted by others has always run me ragged. It wasn’t until recently I have begun to identify with my soul’s place of rest with God. The more I think of this the more I want of it.

  704. Oh, the stealer of my rest is *me*. I identified with this devotion so much – I have always found my worth in what I do, or achieve, not in who my God says I am, and I do not really rest in His love. Busyness and my to-do list are something I struggle with every day!

  705. I am a worry-wart. If I have nothing to worry about, I FIND something to worry about. It robs me of rest, and replaces trust with anxiety in my heart. I know the Lord has been calling me to actively trust in Him and find rest in His promises. It is so easy for me to crumble to the temptation of worrying. Reading this entry and Joshua 6:16 was such a good reminder of who He is and has reaffirmed his call to me to just rest. That’s all. Just rest in His promises.

  706. I know so many women that fall into this pattern, including me. We are so busy doing good that we forgo filling our own cup with God’s presence. We are trying to be good wives, mothers and friends that we forget the importance of being a child of the one true God.

  707. Trying to always be “productive” leaves you feeling drained and exhausted. I’d love a copy of this book!

  708. I have become so overwhelmed with life. I have been balancing school, work, and dance team since high school. In the recent months I have started my career as an educator but learned that my degree could not be conferred because I was missing one class. My grandfather passed away in November. And my family is now trying to move my grandmother into assisted living, but first we must sell her house to afford the care home. I am now engaged to a youth pastor and am trying to plan a wedding in 6 months.
    My mother has always been a busy woman. She volunteered for everything under the sun. I always told myself I wouldn’t be like her because I saw how absent she felt from my childhood. However as I enter the adult world I have become exactly like my mom. I have a hard time relaxing. The worst part is that my brain cannot find rest from thinking. When there is an issue I must solve it right away even if the issue arises at 2 in the morning. I become easily impatient and irritable when my fiance doesn’t understand my need to fix the situation right then and there. I feel as though I am beginning to crash. This devotional touched my heart in many ways. I think what really robs my soul of rest is imperfection. I cannot find peace in my imperfections. I have to have everything perfect and when it is anything but I become busy to fill the void.
    I want so badly to change this. I want to be the woman God wants me to be. I want to be the wife my fiance needs me to be. I just don’t know how to find rest in God.

  709. I am so ready to stop doing everything for everyone in my family. I need this book! I need to “let go and let God” and stop worrying about everything!

  710. The sentence somewhere along the way I had based my worth and identity in performing, achieving, doing and serving – really resonated with me. It was as if you were describing me. Thank you for sharing your heart. For through it the Lord has used you to touch mine. May Jesus help me to remember that my worth is found in Him and only in Him.
    Thank you Vicky!

  711. Kristi Brown says:

    My soul hasn’t been at rest since my brother passed in August suddenly. I have had to take over his “life” which includes a crazy girlfriend, a 23 yo son who acts 15 and a TON of bills. Even at 40 I was not prepared for all the mess that death brings with it.

  712. Teresa Peterson says:

    Working the night shift and not getting enough rest, leads to illness and weariness that pulls me away from my Bible studies and walking with God.

  713. A husband,five kids, four grand children,two dogs and two cats! and there is only one of me. My husbands dad is elderly and my mom also, so between kids,grand kids and our parents not much time for any kind of rest.

  714. I work full time, have a husband and 2 adult kids living at home who all work full time yet I am the one responsible for everything at home too. The kids do have their own things going on so are in and out but husband comes home after work and most weekends and just sits on the couch. I am tired of feeling responsible for everything and everyone and feeling guilty when I don’t get everything accomplished or choose to take some time for myself. How do I break this monster I have created? It is awful when the thought goes through your mind “if I caught a cold or the stomach flu I could finally have some down time”. UGH!!!

  715. 49 years of building my identity on how I perform has left me feeling the ruggedness of such hard work. Ready to be done, and still trying to figure out how to steer the schedule around to “resting” and honor the life commitments I already have…clearly not there yet…

  716. Vickie,
    I just read your devotional and must say that it made me chuckle. As Clerk of Session, I have a card table in my home office filled with this year’s minutes from our church Session meetings to help me prepare for my year end reports. The Christmas things were tucked in to the attic this afternoon, I swept out the garage and I filed at our courthouse to run for Precinct Comitteeman and State Convention Delegate for this year’s elections.
    I am in my early – well, maybe mid-sixties. Am I nuts….or what? Do I want an answer? 🙂

  717. Oh my goodness…This New Year I chose the verse…Psalm 46:10…so every morning I turn my thoughts to this verse and meditate on how this would effect my day….I’m not one to read too many things in the morning, but rather take my quiet time in the mid afternoon, when I feel that my rushed soul has quietened and I can be in a contemplative space. I came into my office here to read your words, “Give it a Rest.” while the whole time reading I was thinking about my verse, Be Still and Know that I am God, and it was triggering every part of my mind and as I completed the reading I noticed you had chosen the same words…How God orchestrates all this stuff shows us how infinite God is to us. Thank you for sharing. It resonated with my soul.

  718. Teresa Starr says:

    I wish my daughter could read this. She works 2 jobs and has a 7 yr old & a very busy 2 yr old. She is also a Girl Scout leader in her spare time and serves coffee at church on Sunday mornings. She never stops. I pray for her and her family so that she doesn’t “hit the wall”. We help her when and where we can. Please pray for them.

  719. Beverly N. says:

    Very hard for me to be still. Always thinking that I have to do instead of being.
    I think I will relax after I get this or that done and fall into bed without quieting myself before God promising myself that I will sit before Him tomorrow. Trying to change and take even minutes to quiet myself.

  720. Dawn says: