Godly Friends, Godly Wisdom

Godly Friends, Godly Wisdom

November 28, 2016

“Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverbs 19:20-21 (NLT)

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I didn’t know where to turn, what to think or what to do. My emotions were running high, and I feared they were getting in the way of making wise decisions.

Over several months of dealing with a difficult circumstance, I received a lot of godly counsel from beloved friends and family. Yet I found it hard to heed their good suggestions at times, because my feelings seemed to be in control of my thoughts.

Recognizing this struggle within, I bowed my head and prayed: “Lord, please help me see with eyes that are wise, not eyes blurred with overwhelming emotions. Help me act out of a heart that follows You, not a heart heavy with worry. Help me think with a holy perspective, not a mindset based on my own opinions or feelings. Give me wisdom and discernment, and the ability to recognize and follow wise instruction when I receive it.”

I opened my eyes and reached for my Bible, and immediately came across today’s key verses, Proverbs 19:20-21 …

Get all the advice and instruction you can, so you will be wise the rest of your life. You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.”

My heart quickened at the thought of God whispering the comforting answer I had just prayed for. I sensed His assurance that it was okay to accept and trust wise advice that aligned with Scripture, because His plans and purposes would always prevail even if my decisions weren’t perfect.

As the primary author of Proverbs, King Solomon obviously grasped the importance of listening to the advice of trusted, God-fearing believers. The book of Proverbs gives numerous wise instructions and advice for living an effective and faith-filled life based on the authority and direction of God. He even referred to the passages in this book as the “sayings of the wise” (Proverbs 24:23a, NIV).

Obviously my first place for wisdom and guidance is God’s Word and prayer, and I had been anxiously seeking His direction for weeks. But as I read this verse, I felt prompted to ponder all the people who’d offered me loving wisdom.

I thought about their relationships with the Lord, and how much I respected their faith and advice that was always laced with holy truth and love. I suddenly realized these people had been divinely designated in my life — long before I needed them — to be the voice of the wise during my trial.

With grateful humility, I bowed my head again to pray, intentionally thanking God for all the people who continually poured wise instruction into my heart and seeking discernment about the best advice to follow.

God sends people into our lives for many reasons, and in many cases, it is in response to a need we have — whether it’s now, or yet to come. No relationship happens in the Kingdom of God by circumstance or without reason, whether it’s to provide friendship, help us through a season of difficulty, provide wisdom or inspire us to stand strong in our faith when we feel weak and unsure.

Throughout Scripture we are instructed to choose our friends wisely, because with godly friends comes godly wisdom — just when we need it most.

Lord, thank You for the people You have divinely placed in my life who speak holy truth, love and words of wisdom. Give me a heart of discernment to know when You are using someone to speak instruction into my heart and my circumstances, and give me the strength and courage to follow through with that advice, even when it’s hard. Fill me with peace in knowing that even if I take a wrong turn, Your purpose will prevail. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” (NIV)

Proverbs 12:26a, “The godly give good advice to their friends.” (NLT)

Proverbs 13:20a, “Walk with the wise and become wise.” (NLT)

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Visit Tracie Miles’ blog for tips on becoming the type of friend who can be trusted to give godly, wise counsel to those you care about.

Have you thanked God lately for the people He’s lovingly placed in your life? Those who are able to bless you with godly wisdom and advice? Write out a prayer for those whom you are most thankful for.

What decision/circumstance are you currently seeking discernment and wisdom about? How does it bring peace to your heart knowing that whatever choice you make, God’s purpose will prevail?

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  1. God is so good. This speaks to what I’m currently dealing with in my life.

  2. Gail Mattox says:

    God is truly faithful in caring me in time trouble. My help comes from the Lord, He knows what is best for my life. Amen

  3. This is such a timely word for me today. I have been struggling with a decision, afraid I’d make the wrong one. The reminder that God’s purpose will pravail even if my decision isn’t perfect is so encouraging. Thanking God this morning for His Word.

  4. This is so true… there are no accidents. God has placed so many special people in my life especially the last two years. They have been hard years filled with every sadness possible yet the prayers of these faith filled women have been my rock.
    Thank you for sharing and reminding us that God is right beside us.

  5. Please pray that God will provide me with Godly friends and that I will trust to let them get close

    • Jody, may God send you a Jonathan, as he did to King David before he even became King.
      Trust him, he will give you a trusted friend in due time!

  6. I’m thankful to have Godly counsel in my life. Sometimes, I’m hesitant to approach them because I know that their advice may go against what I want to do. It’s easier to just try to “handle” problems myself instead of involving others, when God actually created us to be in community. As believers, we are meant to help and pray for one another. Each day, I want to be thankful for God’s provisions.

    • Your honesty is refreshing, Julie. We often choose the friends we listen to by the advice we want to hear.

      Long ago, I worked for a man who was often out of the office. I joked that the only decision I made in his absence was choosing who would decide. When a problem came up, I turned it over to the person I guessed would make the decision I wanted. But if the decision did work out, I was never to blame (a rather ungodly motive, I confess).

      That’s what we often do with our problems. Tracie wisely suggests that we consider our friends’ relationship with God. Those who best reflect Christ will likely give the best advice–not necessarily the advice we want to hear.

    • God cares:)

    • Amen. Blessings.

  7. Cheryl Phillips says:

    I thank Proverbs 31 ministry, my pastor, my family for speaking love and grace to me, and encouginger wisdom in my life dealings.

  8. Anita Metcalf says:

    I awakened early this morning. I am scheduled for a yet to be determined cancer surgery later today. I am a bit anxious with not knowing what will be found and its surgical and long term implications for my life. Thank you for these verses to remind me that God’s got this. I have a devoted husband, great friends and neighbors. I am a blessed woman.

    • Praying for you this morning, Anita! For God’s supernatural peace as you go forth for the procedure. May God guide the hands of the surgeon, fill them with precision and wisdom. I pray for good news, speedy recovery, no complications of any kind and strength to come out victorious, so our God can be praised. In Jesus name, Amen!

    • Jennifer Butler says:

      I know how hard that is. Last year I had ovarian cancer and lost my fallopian tubes and ovaries. Then, I was put on birth control to keep my hormones in check. Last month, I started bleeding and spotting heavily. So, they changed my birth control again, which totally got rid of the bleeding and turned into minor spotting. However, I have been bloated a lot lately. This is a side effect of the new medicine. Today, I had a DNC and I am only thirty-four.
      I tell you all this to encourage you. I don’t like that word: cancer. It scares me. However, God got me through ovarian cancer last year and I didn’t even go through chemo! They cut it out and now I see my doctor every three months and do tons of pap smears. God, could have allowed me to die or worse, yet God spared my life. I don’t know what God is going to do in your situation, but he is so good. We totally don’t deserve him and his grace. Just keep reaching out to him. Yes, there will be days of fear and tears. Trust me, I went through that this past weekend. Yet, when I asked God for forgiveness and just reminded myself of his word and his plan, it gave me a sense of peace going into the operating room this morning.

  9. Deep down in our hearts we may already know which choice or path is the right one – even though it may not be our preferred choice. Remember that just as other people are in our lives for a reason or a season, we are also placed in other peoples lives. Lord, we pray for discernment – show us when we are that person who is your light in someone else’s life.

  10. This has been a prayer of mine. (To find true Christina Friends). It’s been a long time. I do find it hard to stop out of mu comfort zone of isolation. Where I once was very social and friendly, I have become less so as the years have progressed and the betrayals of friends that have dotted my landscape. So my prayer is finding true loyal christian friends and a Godly man (if its God’s will). I guess I sure hope there will be some real decent people out there I can trust again This time…i will let God’s wisdom guide me.

  11. I love how God’s timing is so perfect. I will be meeting with other leaders of a ministry our church supports. The ministry is changing and the future is filled with uncertainty and it’s causing us to question our future involvement in this ministry. The ministry is so close to our hearts that it is an emotional time. I will take the first prayer to our meeting today so that we can approach the decisions we might come to today with wise eyes and hearts that follow Him. I’m blessed because the women I will meet with are godly wide women that I can call friends.

  12. yenny corredor says:

    I am asking direction, guide and wisdom for my new life in the professional area, I am independient right now so I want to set up my business, and I believe that if a take a wrong turn the Lord will guide me to the right way and that is a very strong hope for my soul, He and His purposes are greater for me and He is Good all the time!

  13. Gwendolyn Jones says:

    Asking for prayers. I am currently disabled in a wheelchair. I was dependent on my husbands daily care. Early Thanksgiving morning he was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Thought at first a heart attack, but thankfully that was ruled out. He is still in the hospital as they try to come to a diagnosis. My sister and nieces have been driving an hour each way to my home to feed, clean, and feed me. I am also on nightly peritoneal dialysis. I don’t know where to turn for help, even when my husband comes home as he will have restrictions.

  14. I find it difficult to trust people these days. It seems everyone is caught up in the politics of the world and the chaos. My personal life has been attacked by many changes going on, and new attitudes of family and friends. I am stressed and would love some compassion from good people, Christians or otherwise. I think my decision making is okay, but I sometimes choose to pass up things while I regain my strength from all the hurts I am experiencing. People don’t understand this. Years ago when in my late teens I prayed so hard to God for a good husband to marry so I could have the children I love. It seems everyone else had a boyfriend or a husband and I did not. Soon after at 19, my husband came into my life and it seemed he was the man I had dreamed and prayed about. We were married for many years, but it was not a happy union. This man betrayed me beyond belief every which way. He was not a good father either. We recently divorced and there is much bitterness. I had prayed so hard to God for this man. What happened? It may be helpful to look for godly people to guide us when we are lost, but one must still be careful in discerning who is godly and exactly what messages we are hearing. In this day and age there are many false gods and messages. Make sure your decisions correlate to the holy bible.

    • Hi Deb-
      Wanted to reach out to you. I was skimming through each of these messages but yours stopped me in my track. I, too married young (at 20) thinking that would be my ultimate dream come true. Five years later, I realized my relationship was extremely abusive and new the best path was to get out for my safety. I was very angry and bitter. I didn’t understand why a loving God would allow this to happen. But, through time….I prayed and prayed for God to surround me with healthy people. People that would help transform me by the renewing of my mind. My prayer and challenge for you today is:
      1) Continue to pray for God to surround you with “healthy” friends
      2) Know Your Worth
      3) Monitor Your Self-Talk
      4) Reminder *Romans 12:2 Be Transformed By The Renewing of Your Mind
      5) Thinking positively – God can turn your mess into a message. Hold on to that!

      In His Love,

  15. Rhonda Gardner says:

    Praise God for Proverbs 31 devotional ministry. Everyday I walk away with a word I needed and my heart, soul and spirit feels fed! May I also be a friend that can direct a sister as well as count on ones to help me with direction. God Bless!

  16. I always try to thank God for the great people he has placed in my life. My spiritual mom who was one of them who has gone to be with the Lord last week. She has poured soooo many things in my life. She has gave me A LOT of godly wisdom. She even told me a few things that I still haven’t moved on yet. I am really going to miss her. During those timez I feel out the loop I love to sing and listen to praise and worship music.

  17. Jennifer Butler says:

    Lord Jesus,
    I thank you for Bindy, Joyce, Star, Ellen, and any other Christ-like follower who is a close friend of mine. God, you have used these ladies to speak truth, even if I didn’t want to hear it, show me love, give me encouragement, prayers, and just joy in my life. Thank you so much for putting them in my life over the years. Bless them, strengthen them, and encourage them with your word. I just praise you, God! You are so good and your love endures forever. In Jesus Name. Amen.

    A Situation that I am dealing with: I just had a DNC done today because my papsmear came back abnormal. Last year, I had ovarian cancer and lost my fallopian tubes and ovaries. Hence, the idea of having a child, the normal way is out for me. This situation scares me because I might lose my uterus next; this is the next step, if needed. God, has been my comforter. I have asked him many times for forgiveness because I want a child so bad to come from my womb and I have been a little mad that my reproductive system is broken at the age of thirty-four. Yet, I told God last week, uterus or no uterus, let your will be done. I don’t understand what is happening. The last two adnormal pap smear tests ended up with surgery ( one wasn’t cancerous cysts-age 21, and the other one was-age 33). So, I daily go to him. I have no other option.

    • My heart goes out to you!!!… I also had a hysterectomy last year. (age 46). so i am also…unable to have children the normal way. (and i am OK with that now). But I can almost hear your tears in your pain and worry. Please know, you will be in my prayers tonight!! I wish there was something more I could do for you!! Just know, God will be with you in this. He will sustain you. You are still young. Adoption isn’t out of your realm. There are sooo many unwanted children right now…that would do anything to have a mom that loves them. (or a dad). But you also need to know… God has a divine plan for your life. Its not for me to say what that is. Only he knows. Just know this…he is with you!!…and he loves you soooo much. Have faith God will guide your steps in the days and the years to come!!. Trust in him. May God be with you!!!! IJNIP

  18. I’m so thankful for one Godly friend in particular. All I have to do is ask and she’s praying for new and offering wise council when asked. I had the privilege of being God’s ears and arms this past weekend in a particularly stressful situation for a young lady. And when I asked my friend for prayer, she didn’t hesitate. I know she’s been placed by God in my life for His purpose… And I in hers.

  19. I am so thankful I stumbled across this blog ? I definitely needed in my life.

  20. Carla Chandler says:

    This verse has weighed on my heart for many months. I was praying waiting for my husbands simple test (that turned in a life changing event). As a planner, this verse hit me squarely between the eyes. Slowly, I am learning to give up the planning that (for me) was distracting from the daily blessing an opportunities in each day that is already here. ‘As per usual’ Gods plan was not what I would have picked out but is leading to the kind of healing that is the goal I dreamed in my heart. Turns out letting go of some of my self designed plans has helped me let go of some of the worry (pertaining to unnecessary details). I write this to encourage anyone that has a “planning habit” like I did.

    • Thanks for sharing. We make plans and submit them to our Heavenly Father for approval. In the multitude of counsellors there is safety. It is God Almighty who establishes the plans. Blessings. I also thank God for each day and His opportunities that He gives me. I understand where you are.

  21. danessa bolling says:

    This is confirmation of what I am going through right now and the plan God is working out in my life. There was one friend in particular that stood out in my head as I read this . I’m going to call her right now.

  22. I pray for wisdom and guidance almost daily. I struggle with being my best and who God wants me to be as a mother and a wife. I pray that I am doing things right and continually seek what I need to do in my every day life. I am thankful for your blog and daily encouragement.

  23. This was comforting

  24. This was comforting.

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