He Speaks in the Silence

He Speaks in the Silence

January 5, 2016

“Morning by morning he wakens me and opens my understanding to his will. The Sovereign LORD has spoken to me, and I have listened …” Isaiah 50:4b,5a (NLT)

Diane Comer

I was 26 years old the day I sat in front of the doctor in stunned disbelief, his words barely registering with my reality.

Losing my hearing? I can’t be losing my hearing!

How does a young wife — a mother of little ones — go deaf?

The weeks and months of tests and treatment that followed confirmed the truth I’d tried so desperately to pray away. My hearing was going fast. And there was nothing anyone could do.

I begged God to heal me, to stop the progression of loss that would isolate me from the world of words. I needed to hear my children, to stay connected and close to my husband. How could I do that? How could I be who I was supposed to be without sound?

Please God, please! I want to hear! I have to hear!

I walked and prayed, rocked my baby and prayed, prayed with my husband, my friends. I asked everyone I knew to please, please pray!

All I heard was nothing. No hint that God had heard.

I stewed in sullen bitterness, appalled at a God who called Himself a God of love, yet, it seemed to me, silently refused to listen to my pleading.

Of course He could heal me, after all, He made my ears! So why wouldn’t He?

The day my husband gathered the leaders of our church to pray for healing, I barely said a word, lest all that scalding rage come spilling out. I sat still and silent, the thinnest veil of pretend plastered on my face.

And there, in my desperation, in the midst of my anger and doubt, is where I first heard God speak to me. Two words: It’s OK! Di, it’s OK. It’s OK!

Like a father firmly calming his terrified daughter lest she run away to her own hurt, His words washed over me again and again.

It’s OK … it’s OK … Diane! It’s OK …

And in that moment, it was. Instantly. All pretend fell away, and I was left raw and weeping, healed in a place I didn’t even know was broken. It was OK!

Strangely, beautifully, inexplicably OK!

I knew in a knowing that goes beyond words that God wouldn’t heal my ears. Instead, He was asking me to trust Him to take this thing — this awful, terrible hurtling into deafness — and make it OK.

Would I trust Him with my children? Could I trust Him to bring them close to His heart even when I couldn’t hear theirs?

And would I trust Him to somehow forge a way for me to hear and know my husband’s heart without words?

Could I, would I, trust my Father in the isolating loneliness of silence?

Since that exquisite first moment of hearing God, of accepting His words for me, of surrendering my will to Him, He has not stopped speaking into my silence. As today’s key verse reads, “The Sovereign LORD has spoken to me, and I have listened.”

How could I have missed this in all those years of church and Bible study, of daily devotions and teaching? How could any of us miss His invitation to come and hear?

To hear His words just for us, for each of us?

That was 30 years ago. Thirty years of learning to listen to God. Of being awakened to the allure of His voice inviting me to lean in close. And of honing the skills of hearing God much like I have had to hone the skills of listening to the people I love without having ears that hear.

Father, I want to hear You, to know that it is Your voice calling me to come close. Your words bring life and hope, wisdom when I am weary, understanding when I’m confused. Will You teach me how to listen? To know and love Your voice? I ask that You do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 27:8, “My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’ And my heart responds, ‘LORD, I am coming.’” (NLT)

Revelation 3:20, “Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” (NLT)

If you long to hear God’s voice in your story, Diane Comer’s book, He Speaks in the Silence: Finding Intimacy with God by Learning to Listen, will bring you on a journey deep into the heart of God.

Visit Diane’s blog, hespeaksinthesilence.com, where she writes about listening in real life.

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How have your worries and disappointments opened your ears to God’s invitation for you to come near and listen? When was the last time you heard God knocking?

What are some ways you might hone the skills of listening to God so that you hear Him nearer and clearer?

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  1. I need you here God to deal with a very devastating loss that’s both confusing and destruct full

  2. I would love to win a copy of this book and be able to hear God’s voice.

  3. Bethany Reilly says:

    This was so amazing to read. Sometimes I feel like He doesn’t hear me. But He does and His plans and timing are perfect. It’s ok to trust Him.
    When I don’t listen I get scared and anxious. When I do I feel His unexplainable peace.

    • This was a great read for this morning. I struggle with taking a moment to have that relationship with God and be silent and listen. I don’t think I have ever heard him before so I easily get frustrated when I don’t get a response right away. This year, I really want to take time to be still, listen, and know God and hear for his voice that I so long for.

  4. Please Lord let me sit in the quiet and hear you. In Jesus name, Amen.

  5. Brandi Orozco says:

    This was a great devotional. I would definitely enjoy reading He Speaks in the Silence!

  6. Christena R. Coc says:

    My God, what a beautiful word! Thank you for sharing your testimony. If I do not win it, I will surely have to buy the book.

    God bless you.

  7. Stephanie says:

    For the past three years, it has felt like a nightmare. Everyday, something new. I had so much hope, loved to take care of my family and serve my husband, children and others. ive never been the one to tell my business but I remember telling God, nobody would ever believe my story. I can’t have a hard time believing it. Through it all, I’ve been mad at God. Not understanding and begging him to take it all away. Nothing! It seemed like everyday got worse. I’ve lost hearing in one ear also and there’s days I’m not able to walk, I Live in constant chronic pain that nobody understands. That’s just the tip of my story. I’ve become depressed, resentful but also upset with God. When I read your story, it sounded like me in a lot of ways. I pray I hear Gods voice and I believe. I never thought I would doubt him. It’s seems impossible to see your future, to have hope in the storm. especially when the storms never ends.

    • Stephanie,
      My pain is different than yours, but I heard echoes of it in your words…the never-ending nature of it, especially. I’m quite sure God hears your prayers and mine, but I, like you, am waiting for the storms to pass. It’s hard. I am sure, though, that our pain has Purpose and will bring Glory to God and, ultimately, joy to our lives. I’m praying for peace, wisdom, and understanding…for both of us now.

      • Dear Stephanie and Tammy, my heart goes out to you. Our culture sees pain as the enemy–health care strives to eliminate pain. Looking back historically and Biblically, we see how God uses pain to refine and strengthen those he loves. We say, “If you loved me, God, you’d take away my pain.” God says, “I love you, and I am with you in the pain.” I know that from the emotional pain of wayward children.

        Lord God, fill Tammy and Stephanie with the assurance that you love them. In their Lamentations-like misery, show them that your mercies are new every morning. Give each of them a ray of hope to sustain them for another day. May they see that when they weep over their pain, those tears are soaking your shoulder. Let them rest in your embrace. Amen.

        • Stephanie and Tammy, your stories have both touched and encouraged me, thank you for sharing them.

          Shirlee, your wisdom with words and encouragement is a gift I always enjoy reading.

    • Stephanie and Tammy — Praying for you both!

    • OH MY!!!! I have read and heard the Comments-Testimonies on here. I am also a person with Chronic Pain (Fibromyalgia). I would like to Comfortly say to Stephanie and Tammy. I too understand as GOD understands, feels and knows our pain as HE, HIMSELF has gone thru what we all go thru. The only thing I KEEP REMINDING myself is that MY PAIN is for HIS GLORY. I am a mother-grandma that is a 13 year recovering drug addict, by the terrible CHOICE I made for myself. My daughter was raised by my sister. Again by MY CHOICE. I still live with the hurt and pain “I” put my Daughter and Family thru. I DO have a Beautiful relationship with my daughter and my Precious Granddaughter. To say all of this to the both of you. YES GOD does hear US. Maybe not in a way we think HE should, but I can PROMISE you HE HEARS. My heart was very much touched by your Testimonies. Many PRAYERS and LOVE to the both of you.

  8. We all need to learn how to listen to God. Sounds like an interesting read.

  9. Lisa Guest says:

    My desire has been to hear God speak to me, to know it’s Him, and to be able to follow Him wherever He leads me! I have lived my whole life in church, came to Him as a child (6-8 years old) but am just now desiring a RELATIONSHIP after all these years with Jesus, not just rules and regulations (to KNOW Him, not just know Him.)

  10. Chandra Stehle says:

    What an excellent reminder that God is listening and He may not answer our prayers the way we want Him to but He will in His own way, if we just listen.

  11. This truly spoke to me today. Thank you for your wonderful words.

  12. Shanna McKellip says:

    Thank you for your devotional. I need to be silent and listen for God’s words more often.

  13. Nicole Chasteen says:

    Such a beautiful reminder… thank you for sharing, I would love to read the book.

  14. I really needed this devotional today as there seems to be less and less quiet or silence in my life. I feel like I lose touch with God amidst the noise.

  15. Heather perla says:

    I would love to have a copy of your book❤️

  16. Wow. This is so powerful, especially in this season I’m in where I am learming to discern God’s voice in my life. It’s a good reminder that God is so much bigger than anything we can ever experience. There’s so much grace. Thank You, Jesus.

  17. Sharon Hicks says:

    What a beautiful testimony. Your words captured me and allowed me to journey with you through this experience. How I long to hear and know the Lords voice. I’m praying for direction on how He wants to use me. Please join me in prayer for clarity.

  18. Lisa Marie says:

    I remember a time when I felt so broken and asked God to forgive me for my divorce ever day for over a year. Then on Christmas Eve at church when all was quiet I heard a small voice say, “Quit asking, you’re forgiven.” I finally was quiet enough to hear.

  19. Amber Braun says:

    I know several people who could benefit from this book. Would love to be able to pass it on.

  20. What a blessing this was to me! I would love a copy of your book!

  21. The world is loud and God’s voice is heard in silence. Such powerful and inspiring testimony of God’s love despite our circumstances. Yet in all things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ (Rom.8:37-39). God bless you Diane! Jesus loves you.

  22. Cheryl Moser says:

    This sounds like a very interesting book. But more than that, I will soon be teaching a class on Hearing from God & would love to read another person’s perspective. This devotional ministered to me because I am going through some trials & need to hear from God for several different situations. Thank you for the encouragement.

  23. Kimberly Smialek says:

    The holidays, the new year and the business draws me further from God then closer because of my own “crazy making”. If I were asked to share one word to describe this past year without much hesitation it would be “EXHAUSTING”. Family issues, overcommitting, little rest, Heath problems, blah, blah , blah. :-/
    I want Jesus. I want “stillness” and a quiet mind to heighten my senses to hear the whispers of my Father to walk the path He has in store for me this year. Father help me to carry the gift of this discipline throughout my days…. I’m tired and at the end of myself… Speak to my heart and give me ears to hear and a heart to turn those jewels into actions only from a place of “stillness”.
    I would sincerely appreciate being a recipient of your book. I’m weary and at 1:00 am I couldn’t sleep and this devotion was the first post I saw. Thank you❤️
    I promise to pay your gift forward.. Kim ?

  24. Anna Mesgarzadeh says:

    Thank you so much I really needed this today. God bless you.

  25. I would live to know how to listen… Really listen..
    Hearing and Understanding are not a problem, it is the retaining and applying that I have difficulty with

    • Melanie Steere says:

      You could keep a journal to record what you hear the Lord speaking to you. I’ve been told journaling can be a really good method for communicating with God. I pray that He will give you the strength and endurance you need to apply His teachings to your life, but remember you can lean on Him for this too. 🙂 God bless you Grace.

  26. In the silence of the night when my thoughts consume me the most, I try to listen. With losing my car, mom with Lupus now diagnosed with meningitis, son stealing money from school, and work is just confusing. All in 3 weeks time frame. Oh how Christmas was not a joyous occasion. I just want to walk away from it all… I need to hear from God. It’s so hard to continue when so much negative is impacting my life at the beginning of a new year. I’m waiting to hear from Him…

  27. Leanne O'Dell says:

    I would love to win a copy of this not for myself, but for a dear friend who is still grieving the loss of her spouse from suicide.

  28. What an encouragement to know that we can put all our trust in Him! I bought your book right away. Thank you for sharing your story!

  29. I have recently felt God speak to me about his calling for my life. It’s an amazing feeling, and one that I’d like to have more.
    I’d love a copy of the book!

  30. Anita Greene says:

    Thank you for sharing, even in such a small space, the intense desire to hear GOD soak peace and reassurance. I suffer from a hidden disability that plagues me even after constant prayer and healing hands have been laid on me. It is ok. I’ll be ok. I just need to remember that He did listen and He hears, but my will I’d not His and it’s all for His glory.

  31. I would like to learn to listen to God in silence in the midst of so much noise. To be able to meditate pass the noise in my environment.

  32. What a wonderful devotion. Thanks Diane.
    This last year has been the hardest as i struggle with infertility for over five years. There seemed to hope through medical interventions but after the losses. I feel lost in my own silence. But as i was reading this i felt the silent whisper and HE tells me that it’s Ok. I believe that its Ok. I can trust him to guide me through the storm and get me to shores safely because He is God.
    God bless you for sharing your story.

  33. I would love to hear my Heavenly Father’s voice!! Its been 40 years since I last my Earthy Father and his voice, when I wasn’t even a teenager yet, and have forgotten what it sounds like. My ears have become clouded, without guidance, and can’t hear God. Oh to hear the words of a father’s unconditional love. Precious indeed.

  34. Schelle waldrop says:

    This is just beautiful… Amazing how we want something so desperately, yet God always has a bigger plan! He uses our lives to serve Him, touch others, make a difference and above all else, to depend completely on Him for everything! Having faith, trusting Him and knowing He loves us so much, that He never makes us go through it alone. Thank you for sharing your story, it really ministered to my heart♡. May God continue to bless you and use you for His glory!

  35. Bethany Goins says:

    Learning to lean and listen for God’s voice in a new way right now. Thank you for this beautiful reminder and scripture to point to peace.

  36. I have been struggling in my marriage. I was getting so angry and hopeless. I started praying for my marriage. One day out of the blue I heard God say take the plank out of your eye. Wow. Pretty powerful. I looked up the verse not being a big bible reader other than when in church. This really convicted me. I am still struggling but I am trusting God. I also watched war room today. What a great movie. As I read devotions I am finding hope and joy.

  37. Janell Harville says:

    Praise the Lord! I truly did enjoy that wonderful testimony that you ha e graciously shared to God’s people! It just amazes me everyday how such a GREAT GOD we serve! Keep on doing what you are doing! God bless

  38. Valarie Yerdon says:

    Thank you for the call to silence.

    I used to get so frustrated at the stops, pauses, and waiting to my plans. I have learned and need reminding like this, to see these times I am awakened, detained from my schedule, are made to stop, whether night or day, as an invitation and special time God is calling for me to come to him. I have found the practice of Praise, Prayer, and Quiet Listening to be liberating and fulfilling to overflowing as I go to the feet of my father in praise and thanksgiving. It’s amazing how my attitude, person, and life is transformed from this practice. Praise and Thanks be to God. Always and forever, almighty, the Great Comforter.

  39. Janell Harville says:

    I am looking forward to reading this book that you have written.

  40. Barbara Stonicher says:

    The gift of hearing-listening goes so much deeper than our human ears.

  41. Amarachi Simon says:

    I am blessed by this write up. I sincerely desire a read this book because I need to hone my skills in hearing God.

  42. Would love a copy…kristen

  43. Diane Fouts says:

    This is just what I needed to read today. Thank you for sharing your story.

  44. Karen Colard says:

    I just came to my room to start ending my day reading the bible…it was a word put on my heart to do….and I get to read this loving invitation written to come closer to Him and He will come closer to me…I am humbled.

  45. Amber Runnels says:

    Pleas, oh please!?

  46. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I know how hard it can be to hear Gods voice when we are in a difficult and unknown place in our life. I have found in my darkest moments –He is there waiting for me.

  47. Thank you for sharing. I need to learn to listen to the voice of God.

  48. Contest Entry for He speaks In the silence book.

  49. Thank you for sharing! Just the reminder to listen that I needed

  50. Pamela Stanley says:

    A friend from my old church when I was on active duty with the Army sent me a link to your site after I commented on her FB post! I love this, daily devotions snd the online bible study! I sent info to my sis snd daughter who is expecting her first child 9 feb in Cody WY! I’ll be leaving VB in a few weeks to stay with her thru March, am hoping we can do bible study together and I’d love to read this book! Thanks for such a great resource so I can begin to get closer to God again and help my daughter too! ♡ XXXX 🙂

  51. I would love to hear his voice . I need his direction .

  52. We all need to know its ok and he will take care of whatever comes our way.
    Thank you for reminding us of this precious gift.

  53. On my way to deal with my husband coming back home from Apfghanistan, after been alone for few years and my daughters graduating and leaving home and the feeling of abandon by family, I lost my spiritual hearing and disconnected. Didn’t seems to find back the purpose and how to listen. His voice. Trying to recuperate my peace I found proverbs 31. Thank you for been there…..

  54. Mary Young says:

    Beautiful message of hope and encouragement to always draw near to our Redeemer and Lord who knows our heart and desires. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of love.

  55. Pat Taylor says:

    Your messages are always beautiful and inspirational. The Lord speaks to me through your words. Thank you for sharing your story. May you continue to be a blessing to others.

  56. LORETTA GILL says:

    It is 2 am and God is calling me, I feel I don’t hear Him and he beckons me. I am in an unfamiliar place right now and need to hear God, but I know I have to be in His word and in prayer. I feel lost right now and He has guided me to this website. I want to learn how to trust and hear God to the depths of what He has for me. Thank you for writing a book about this and I look forward to reading and learning to hear Him. it is encouraging to know that God is guiding me.

  57. Thanks very much Diane. Sometimes we as Christians are so busy doing church businesses and other religious duties without giving an ear to what God is saying or wants to say to us. There are specifics that he would like us to attend to so that we begin to understand His sovereignty better. He is to be the one in control.He therefore brings certain things (including ailments) in order to draw our attention to His voice.

  58. This was very moving…as I have a difficult time hearing God. I get so frustrated sometimes. I just have to remember he is always there watching and listening.
    Thanks for sharing.

  59. Jeanne Cox says:

    I?this ministry!!
    Iam committing to use Proverbs 31 daily email as my morning devotionaland using my church’s daily emailed devotional to my evening prayertime in 2016. I would like to considered to win the newest book.
    I will pray for this ministry daily in 2016.
    Thanks a lot 🙂 jrc

  60. IPO TAVARES says:

    Listening in the midst of chaos…In Him I will trust.

  61. Encouraging!! I struggle with hearing God’s voice… I will be reading this book, thank you!

  62. Listening to God is what I desire to do everyday. When I truly know He is speaking to me, I have the Peace and confidence to obey Him. My Father God always knows best. I would love to share this with others.

  63. Maureen Heckroodt says:

    God is so good. He never takes away without blessings us with something wonderful. May you and your loved ones be blessed.

  64. Cynthia Blanton says:

    I am learning to listen for G-d’s voice. He has been revealing His plan little bit by little bit. I would like to learn more ways to listen.

  65. Lana Parks says:

    I was touched by Diane ‘ s devotion today. I ,too, want to hear Him speak to me. I would love to have her book.
    Thank you for this chance.


  66. Thank you for your honesty. I have fought against growing more and more deaf over the years. Received prayer, believed healing was the children’s bread; to accept anything less was living a substandard Christian Life.

  67. This was just what I needed.

  68. Patricia D Gardner says:

    Th devotion Herr is so important. God is always there for us. Praise the Lord.

  69. Tylah DeJesus says:

    We have to learn to hear the voice of God with our hearts!

  70. Veronica Vasquez says:

    As a new year has begun, my heart has been asking the lord to allow me to listen to his voice in my life. to guide me and lead me wherever he wants to take me. Although i may not be losing my hearing, sometimes I feel deaf to Gods voice in my life. It’s pretty scary, but I’ve learn that I have to trust him even if he is silent. It’s so inspirational reading Diane’s devotional, God wanted me to read it and feel encourage. thank you Diane for sharing your amazing story.

  71. Paula Hodge says:

    This is a powerful reminder that God’s voice is “loud & clear” when He speaks.

  72. Carol phillips says:

    Our pastor spoke about reading the Bible every year n how it becomes a struggle because you know it. This I!have found to be rue but want to read I again without that familiarity so prayed that each time I read it God would speak anew and show Himself in a way I had not seen. So this was a very timely n encouraging reminder

  73. I am going through a difficult transition in life and I am desperately wanting to learn to hear God. I want to hear more through His word and to be encouraged in His will for my life. I would love to read this book!

  74. I am looking forward to that day and moment when I’ll hear God speak to me direct and clearly – both to my heart and to my hearing. I pray that I may learn to listen that I may recognise God’s word when I hear it.

  75. There’s nothing i desire more than to hear God’s voice…I try and try but I don’t know how to recognize his voice. I would love a vopy of your book and Thank you!

  76. Yvonne Richardson says:

    I need your help father god my heart isn’t pure anymore due to all those that inflicted pain in my heart it’s rotten lord where there is no trust just plain no more feelings, help me father I wanna here you tele me its okay I got you sometimes I run back into getting hurt hold my hands give me guidance father renew my heart so I can love again

  77. Your devotion today spoke to my heart with understanding for you and I can relate!

  78. Lisa tisdel says:

    I would love this book! Hearing God is something I have always longed for

  79. Dawn Beaton says:

    Thank you you helped me find my way back to the Father. Bless you. Lord please help me hear you.

  80. This is a great reminder that we hear God best when we tune out the noise of this world. Wonderful devotion and can’t wait to read the book!

  81. Hi! I want to join in bs have the opportunity to win a copy! 🙂

  82. You are so right. Been suffering from spinal injury for many many years and every time I pay attention to the voice of my aches and pains God seem so far away. Peace and joy returns as I tune my ears to His Words alone.

  83. Patricia Mann says:

    Thankyou for your testimony on hearing Our God

  84. Rhonda Faulkner says:

    Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  85. Thank you for reminding me that blessings and burdens are often a package deal. Happiness is always a byproduct of listening to and knowing God.

  86. Sarah Grove says:

    In the still of the morning, I hear my Lord ‘s voice speak so loudly that it’s almost deafening. All the noise of the world goes silent during this private time. You see, the message I need to hear isn’t audible because it’s not a noise heard with ears. It’s a message that can only be heard and understood with my open heart. Losing my hearing would be devastating! But Heaven help me if my heart goes deaf to the sound of my amazing God’s reassuring voice….

  87. Feeling blessed – thanks for all you do through God ?

  88. God does give us a “peace that passes all understanding” .

  89. Gwendolyn Peart says:

    Many years ago, I asked God to reveal to me my purpose. Like Diane, I prayed and prayed. For such a long time, I heard nothing……until I listened!! Glory to God!!!! He revealed this scripture to me…Isaiah 50:4
    I am blessed beyond measure this early morning by your testimony and I thank God for being able to just listen…..

  90. Pam Greene says:

    Beautiful devotional this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  91. I would love to win this book. He speaks in the silence soind like a great book.

  92. Stephanie says:

    This devotion reminded me of praying to God to “make it count”. Not -take it away God, but let this difficulty, this trial or this victory count for eternity.

  93. Thanks for sharing this intimate moment of healing in God’s way. Yet, allowing yourself to hear His voice and accept healing in a way unexpected. I appreciate today’s lesson of confirmation.

  94. I would love to receive this book. On my new journey with the Lord, I am learning afresh how to listen and heed to his direction and purpose for my life.

  95. Thank you for a wonderful and touching devotion. Would love to read more.

  96. The silence is the gift. Thank you for this gentle reminder

  97. Falayi Helen says:

    Listening to God will really help in leaving from Him. This can only be done if we take our quiet time serious. God will help us to do His will

  98. Angie williams says:

    Been praying this prayer for a while. I know he is speaking I just want to Know I am hearing Him.

  99. Thank you for this reminder. I’m terrible at listening. I’m still alive, which means I have more to learn! 🙂

  100. Thank you for this devotion. It reminded me that listening to God is the most important thing to do each and every day. I also thought of — it’s in God’s way and God’s time–not ours. Bless you!

  101. Karen Epps says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful testimony and message this morning. My prayer is for a better year than last year and that I will listen to the Lord. I know He speaks and wants me to listen. I feel so unworthy to even talk to Him. Please pray for me.

  102. I long to hear God’s voice. I have been praying to him for over 10 years to heal my foot and my heart. I would really love and need to read this book.

  103. Judy Redden says:

    I would love to read the rest of your story. I looked inside on Amazon! I can’t imagine all that you have learned from the Lord from the time this began til now.
    God Bless You

  104. Love her testimony and needed to hear it today.

  105. Julia Richardson says:

    Awesome devotion today thank you. I have never had Good talk to me but the reading today reassures me that He does and will if we let Him.

  106. That beauty in the seeming tragedy of God’s silence is the opportunity for real trust. I love the moments of silence that open me to God Present, deep and still. Knowing Him in the stillness enables being still in the noise, a spiritual stillness deep and far beyond circumstance. Praise the LORD, oh my soul!

  107. YEMISI FASAN says:

    Sometime i wish i can hear God tell me all is well in all the situation i face in life

  108. Julia Richardson says:

    Òops, terrible typing – I should have written God, not good!

  109. LaRena Armstrong says:

    I am interested in Diane’s book for a ladies Bible Study. Sounds great and love to share it with many ladies.
    Thank you

  110. Pam Purington says:

    Thank you for this message. I recently lost my very best friend of 40+ years. She died of cancer at the age of 59. I have heard God telling me it is going to be ok. Their is going to be a new normal, a new happiness. I would love to read your book to learn how to hear more from God.

  111. Francesca Ward says:

    I’d love to win the book, to help me hone my hearing of God’s voice in my life

  112. I’m at a crossroads in my life. I desperately need to hear God. I need to know what direction He wants me to go.

  113. My life may not be the way I thought it would be, but I, too, need to be reminded it will be ok. I want to go deeper in my faith! Thank you….I needed this today!

  114. Oh, how beautiful was this message. Tears flowing in a place I didn’t know I was broKen. As I read this, I am slowly losing the use of my legs. It’s so difficult to swallow as I have two autistic children and I struggle to know how things will go when I’m suddenly immobile. As I read the words He spoke to Diane, I heard Him whispering them to me as well. Thank you Diane. And thank you, Jesus. I desperately need to read this book so I can read His truths through her experiences and claim them as my own.

  115. I am touched by your story. Tears welled in my eyes as I placed myself in your shoes. I have no idea what the pain must be at times. My husband and I face trials in a financial way….he is self employed and God lead him there as our family was just beginning. It has been a long yet wonderful road and I know He is with us and has a plan to prosper and not to harm in the times we face trials when income doesn’t make ends meet. We would love to learn how to draw closer and hear God in the silence in order to grow and teach our children, who are old enough now to understand. We want to be faithful to teach in our actions and words so they have a deeper understanding of God at the foundational years.

  116. Very inspiring story! I would love a copy of this book to learn how to deal with my chronic illnesses and pain and weariness and grow closer to the Lord.

  117. Crystal Walker says:

    Thank you for this.

  118. Sandra Needham says:

    I would love to win, but if not will buy and read this!

  119. There’s a lot going on in my world now. I need to KNOW Gods voice. Clearly. I need to know what to do and who to trust. This book would be so appreciated.

  120. Leathie McIntyre says:

    Leathie McIntyre

  121. Rina Senjobi says:

    Wow! What patience it must have took to get to the point of really hearing God during that difficult time. But He is faithful, and will never leave his children alone.

  122. Would love to have a copy of this book as God is moving me to a new ministry.

  123. Powerful! Thank you.

  124. Tori Grable says:

    This is a book I need to read!

  125. Thanks for the reminder that when we speak to God we need to be quiet while He speaks.

  126. It’s been difficult for me to trust God but once I tuned out all the other voices and listened for His my life has been not so cloudy. There are some days I cry within and say Where are you God and in that still small voice He say right here with you.

  127. Thank you for that. It’s so wonderful how God puts exactly infront of us what he wants us to hear. I’ve been feeling so down what a way to start the new year with a daughter who’s suicidal and a broken marriage asking God to please let me not go through another year like last. But truly God wants to silence me to listen to his word to stop asking and listen thank you I pray in Jesus name Amen

  128. I have a “divine appointment”,with God every morning at about 4am. Recently He started asking me at that time. I have a son that gets up for school at 6am. I had tried getting up at 5:30 for quiet time, but my son would wake up too.
    Now that God is waking me up so early, my son doesn’t bother to get up so early with me and I have a quiet house for my devotional time with the Lord. I have tried to remain obedient to His calling by getting up and getting into the Word instead of going back to sleep. Your scripture reading today reminds me to remain steadfast so that I can hear Him.

  129. Linda Allred says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony!

  130. Lemau Tesese says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Quite often I hear people talk about hearing God, and I get this overwhelming desire to experience it. Then I remember His promise…”Be still, for I am God”. Thank you Jesus.

  131. Wow!!! What an awesome testimony

  132. Lissett Machado says:

    Thank you for the beautiful devotional! I was inspired to really listen to what God says in the midst of so many worries.. I loved that what you ” heard” was ..it’s OK.. because no matter the outcome, it Wil all be OK because HE’S in control. Thank you. Awesome.

  133. I love this testimony, to be able to focus on His still small voice in times of trouble. I want to be able to hear God speak in the silence. I am going through a trial (a long trial), I want to focus on God’s voice and for Him to lead me. I have only heard Him say wait and trust me lately. I want to be able to hear that still small voice and to grow closer to my Lord and Savior.

  134. My head is SO full of good and bad thoughts that even when I purpose to listen to God I can’t hear Him through the muck. Can’t wait to read this book!

  135. Oh how I long to hear God’s voice. I long for His sweet whispers of reassurance and encouragement, but sometimes it seems the more I strain to hear, the louder the silence becomes. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used by God to speak to me today…”It’s OK”.

  136. Theresa Haskins says:

    Such an amazing story! I would love to read her book!

  137. As I read about Diane losing her hearing, I kept waiting with anticipation to see when God would heal her. Saddened at first to learn that her hearing did not come back, and then awed by the lesson I learned. Though I have my physical hearing, I do not want that to drown out the still small voice of God speaking to me.

  138. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story. I know that feeling so well when you pray and don’t know if God is listening. God bless you.

  139. Thank you. I really do need to know how to hear that Voice through all the noise.

  140. Deidre-Ann Thompson says:

    I am a young girl who witnessed a little girl at church who was deaf from birth be healed. There are so many young adults who I’d love to encourage with a copy of this book. I’m not in a position to make a purchase to support the ministry as I would love to…. But I would hope that you consider sending me a copy nonetheless. Much love…. All the way from Jamaica!

  141. Loved this!

  142. Thank you so much for sharing part of your story

  143. What a wonderful word this morning. Even when God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we want Him to, I love knowing it will still be ok because He is in control. Now to remember this!

  144. Sandi Demkovich says:

    I would love to read her book!

  145. Haley Stallworth says:

    Beautiful and compelling.

  146. Mickey Piliafas says:

    Not only does He hear you,,,,,,He sees you too. You are so loved by Him.

  147. This was such an encouraging word for me! I may have my hearing, but so often I don’t take time to listen!

  148. This was a wonderful devotion and I would love to hear more about her and her journey .

  149. I would love to learn more of her story! Such a testimony!

  150. As i sat with bible in hand listening to hear a word for the Lord this devotional popped up and i read your story I Realized God is speaking to me in the silence i was blessed by that portion of youur story and wouuld love to hear more of his healing toyour ears in the way he confirmed it being ok in your spirit. I am also waiting for answered prayer for healing in my spirt.
    THank your sharing your story and how you truuly felt.

  151. melody Owen says:

    Your story is very similar to mine I have been working in a hospital kitchen using a dishwasher for 19 yrs in the process I also have had to get hearing aids I have lost my singing voice because of the chemicals they use and the hearing aids distort my singing Iwas in a praise team and I love to sing it breaks my heart not to be able to sing very good anymore I have lost my confidence and my quality of singing so your story really hit home please pray for me my singing was how I felt close to God Have a nice day Melody

    • I am praying for you, Melody. Your story touched my heart. God hears only a beautiful voice as you lift it in worship to Him alone!

  152. Paula Correa says:

    Ohhhhhhh how I need to learn to shut up and listen….. What a beautiful and needed word this morning!

  153. oghenovo Abimbola says:

    I long to known d voice of God frm my own voice. Wish hv made me to feel God word hv Not been coming to pass

  154. Jennifer b says:

    I desperately need to be able to stop and listen and be able to hear God’s voice in the chaos of life.

  155. I would love to receive this book! Thanks for the great devotion today!

  156. Not only do I need to listen for His voice more often, but to be obedient to when He speaks for me to “do”.

  157. In all the noise of the world, it’s sometimes hard to quiet our hearts and minds so that we can hear what God is trying to say to us. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us that He has something to say.

  158. Laurie Intriago says:

    I have struggled to hear God for years. I pray but cannot hear Him. I feel so far from Him most of the time. I am hoping He would use your book to draw me closer so I can hear His voice.

  159. Oh how I need to stop and listen! Beautiful devotion this morning. Would love to read your book!

  160. Lori Hirt says:

    What a beautiful and important message! Thank you.

  161. Adlai Wingfield says:

    What a blessing of a devotional. I am not deaf, but sometimes struggle with hearing out of one side, and can too relate to a tiny tiny bi t of the frustration of being unable to hear things, or mis-hearing things. This is a call for me to keep listening to the still small voice of my Father and He will continually lead me to His rest.

  162. I am thinking, that Diane must remember, that whatever the locust takes, He will replace ten-fold for her…

  163. I remember that feeling of questioning God, and I too prayed those desperate prayers, not for my healing but for my husband’s. God gave me a very clear answer by giving me a rainbow in the sky, and I too heard Him say it would be ok. I was able to tell my 4 yr old daughter that we would be ok. 24 years later we have been so blessed

  164. Stephanie K says:

    Thanks for a great devotion. I felt like God was not listening to my pleas, but he is. Your devotion today is also proof gr8 is listening. Thank you!

  165. Beautiful words this morning. I awoke early this morning feeling that He was calling me to be with Him. So many times I fight this and choose sleep over Him. Thank you for the reminder this morning that he calls us into His presence.

  166. Beautiful testimony. Today I sit in quiet with God to focus on his word first. I pray I can look back and see growth for myself instead of just starting over again.

  167. I think that everyone struggles with hearing God’s answers to our prayers. We want Our answer and we want it Now. That’s not always in God’s plan.

  168. I would love to have this and to read of Gods awesome works in her life!! Who knows may help some one else with problems with hearing. Thank you Cheryl

  169. I’d love to read the book. For the past few months I’ve felt like there is silence from God. I’ve been praying for Him to reveal to me the right decisions in a number of key areas that potentially may be life-turning, but I do not feel any feedback from Him. I know in the past He always would let Himself known, but this time I feel the silence, and I do not know why (maybe because of some sin in my life that needs to be tackled, maybe because it is supposed to be silence and ‘in the dark’ decision making…I just dont know and it feels strange and confusing).

  170. Maryrose West says:

    I am beginning my walk with Jesus. I admire you for being able to share this with us. I want to hear God’s voice and listen. Your sister in Jesus.???

  171. Karen Nichols says:

    Thank you for your openness and honesty that points to Christ in despair and brokenness.

  172. Very encouraged and touched by Diane’s story! I think so many of us, me definitely right now, battle to make time to step away into the silence and hear from God, at least that’s what I’m longing for. Of course not hearing others especially your loved ones must be so hard but I guess now you’re Like that elite few who get to hear whispers from Jesus all the time anytime when others like me are just hearing the hussle and bussel of noice! Bless you for sharing Diane

  173. We have to learn to listen in order to hear Gods word. Being silent in the mornings and meditating on his word helps me!

  174. Lisa Smith says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Diane Comer’s book.

  175. Eunice oluwasola says:

    It is good to hear from God……

  176. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful word today. It was exactly what i needed to hear this morning. I would love a copy of your book.

  177. Ada Davis says:

    What a beautiful sharing. I have been through the same experience. I can still hear a bit but it is a daily struggle to not want to crawl in my bed and stay because I cannot hear — it cuts you off from people. Your message brought me back to thinking that I am right where God wants me to be and that He has control. Thanks for the reminder.

  178. Jennifer Ratcliff says:

    My favorite verse since I was a child is ,
    Psalm 116:1-2
    1 I love the Lord because he hears my voice
    and my prayer for mercy.
    2 Because he bends down to listen,
    I will pray as long as I have breath!
    As a child, I pictured God putting His hand around His ear and bending over to listen to me! I felt He wanted to be sure what I said. This image stills remains strong inside me. There are times I feel He may not be listening because I think a prayer has not been answered, but then I remember this scripture and know that it will happen in His timing and He always is listening!!

  179. Great devotion

  180. I am not deaf, but have always been mesmerized by sign language. I found a site called Deaf Missions that offer many Christian resources for the deaf as well as a daily devotional in ASL. I watch them everyday. Maybe God is opening up a whole new opportunity to minister in a different way!

  181. You opened your heart to share real feelings with us. Thank you so much as it proves that our God does love and knows our situation. You and your husband followed God’s Word to seek healing. Praise His name for the peace He provided you. I would love a copy of your book to read and share with friends. God bless you for allowing Him to use you to honor Him.

  182. Connie Boles says:

    In order to have some morning prayer time, I am still developing the discipline to wake up earlier than I need to because after many years of not working I am back to work full time. Today’s devotion is a challenge to me to not just spend that time talking, but to make time to listen and invite the Lord to talk to me – like a regular conversation between two individuals. Thanks for the reminder that He truly wants to speak to me if only I will get quiet enough to hear to gentle voice of the Shepherd.

  183. Thank you for sharing your words of inspiration! I can not imagine how feel/felt…. I am not as strong 🙁

  184. Such a beautiful set of verses for today’s devotion!Thank you.
    Picturing Jesus knocking at the door of my heart to awaken me each morning gives new meaning to the stained glass window in the church I grew up in and was sure to stand in front of for a wedding picture 44 years ago.
    Although my husband died 3 1/2 years ago,I still have that picture of the three of us facing our shared lives together knit together for eternity.David and Jesus are together in Heaven waiting for me to finish my race and meet them for Jesus’ grand wedding with His Bride!

  185. Cheryl Guidry says:

    I am excited about reading the book and blog.

  186. Conquering fear of physical change is a major issue for me.

  187. I would love to read her story.

  188. Rita Safari says:

    This devotion really touched my heart and soul, I felt as though God was talking to me and telling me its ok, everything I have been through and am still going through will be ok, if I could be quiet and listen to his voice in the silence. I would be honored to receive this book.

    Thanks and God bless you.


  189. Celia Silva says:

    Thank you for your words! Thank you for speaking to me, I needed to hear Gods answer and it was made clear to me through your words! God Bless you Di?

  190. Linda Heath says:

    It sounds like a great book!

  191. Oh how I need to hear from God. This past year has been filled with disappointments and setbacks. Through it all I struggle to hear God’s voice. I would love a copy of the book and to share with one of my good friends.

  192. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been struggling with hearing from God and your story touched me.

  193. Was reading Min Tatem’s new devotional book Embracing Excellence about Proverbs 31 Women and I remembered about your ministry and devotional. And I came here. Looks like I will be reading both books!

  194. Thank you for sharing God’s words to you-It’s OK, DI. So intimate and real.

  195. I was awake most of the night crying out to God for my daughter who is getting married in 11 days to a man we have many concerns about. I’ve cried and prayed for over a year. I have heard nothing, but just like this devotional I have slowly been hearing God ask me to trust Him. Thank you.

  196. I would love to read the book.

  197. Awesome devotion. This really spoke to me.

  198. Heather Sweeney says:

    Today’s devotional really struck a chord in my heart. It made me realize that so often I am liatening to the noise around me that I don’t hear that still quiet voice of God. Please Lord let my heart be open more than my mouth is!

  199. I am listening and praying to hear Gods word !!

  200. Would love to read the book!

  201. Sue Muoio says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your (and His) story with us ?

  202. Life gets so busy being a mum of 4 & running a business and lately I’ve really struggled. I know I need to spend time with God and I try to remember to talk to him.
    It is a great reminder though how important it is for us to just be in his presence and listen to him.
    Thanks Di & GodBless xx

  203. Debbie Jobes says:

    Truly inspiring! Would love to read your book!!!

  204. Wow! I would love to have a copy of the book… Touches my heart!

  205. 2016 I start out fasting for 21 days. Fasting to hear God’s plan for my life. I’m a 46 year old wife and mother of 2 and I don’t want to waste anymore time doing something that’s not God’s will for my life. I need to hear His voice.

  206. Thanks for sharing your heart and life. I have trouble hearing God in this busy world. I pray everyday for Him to speak to me but so often don’t tarry and listen. Would love to read this book!

  207. Thank you for your story. My son had cancer from 9 yrs old until he passed at 17. He was an amazing boy who loved the Lord and people were drawn to his sweet spirit. It’s been a journey but the one thing that gets me through is Cody won by going to be with the Lord. He got the greatest gift. I know and rely on that God has the Perfect Plan for our life. I miss him terribly but Gods grace carries me through. Thank you for your story. God Bless you and your family.

  208. Tea Sutton says:

    Silence is special & so difficult to achieve in our current world. It must be intentional and regular. It costs nothing yet is the most priceless asset we have. As Joyce Meyer says we were give 2 ears & 1 mouth so we can listen more & talk less ?!

  209. Cassandra Jones says:

    As I read today it dawned on me that while I can hear the voices of this world that I was in a sense deaf to Gods voice. I’m praying God will open my ears to His voice and that I may truly hear Him when He speaks to me. I need to hear Him! I ask this in Jesus mighty name. Amen!

  210. Wow….completely touched by your story today. Would love to read your book. Thank you for sharing!

  211. Traci Pace says:

    What strength it takes to humbly accept such a challenge from the Lord!

  212. Beautiful devotional.

  213. What a testimony!

  214. I need to be silent….so I can hear God….
    Oh how I long for answers. I wish I could crawl up on my father’s lap and have him tell me it’s going to be alright.

  215. Linda sellers says:

    I lost hearing in my left ear from a virus,i so can relate to this story,

  216. Tracey Malone says:

    What a beautiful story. I know I should be listening for his voice in anything and everything that I do.

  217. Angela Raphael says:

    I would love a copy of this book to read.

  218. I want to learn how better to hear God in the silence. It feels that He is silent more often than not.

  219. Diane Chambers says:

    As a teacher, mother, etc. I lead a busy life like many of you. I enjoy my time in the morning with the Lord but I would love to listen to him in a deeper level. God bless you and your journey with him. I would love to receive your book if possible.

  220. Janice sylvester says:

    In quiet of the early morning, God so often speaks softly. One blessing of retirement: my prayer life has changed from just my own speaking to the Lord to, sometimes, just sitting and listening…my thoughts will ramble…I would criticize myself because I would think they were aimless and, then, in the midst, He speaks. So grateful to have time to sit and just listen.

  221. Susan Mitchell says:

    So much need to learn how to commune, listen, and follow God’s voice. I struggle with this daily. No matter how many devotionals I read each morning and spend quiet time I still struggle with hearing and feeling His presence.

  222. Cindy Kuhns says:

    I thought of leaving a comment that said I need this book to pass to someone I know. But if I’m going to be honest with myself , I would say, I need this book as much as anyone else does. Thank you for your stories I know they are a true inspiration to many. God bless

  223. Wow what powerful words to hear Gods silence. In the hustle and excitement of life we forget to listen even if he is screaming. I love reading my daily proverbs 31

  224. Becky Moreth says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to get a copy. I was encouraged by this devotions, My husband an I currently are having trouble hearing God and knowing what he wants for us and what decisions to make. But I know I need to learn how to be still and listen and to hear His’ silent voice.

  225. Cindy Rodriguez says:

    Hearing from God is such a core desire. Sometimes just knowing He present even in his silence is comforting.

  226. Kathryn Smith says:

    I enjoy P31 devotions so much. This one touched me close this morning. I long to hear God’s voice and what He would have for me. Thank you for these women who share their struggles, praises, experiences. They mean so much!

  227. Lisa cervera says:

    I loved this devotion. I usually hear God speak to me through his Word and confirmation of it. I would loved to read Diane’s book on hearing His voice in prayer.

  228. Julia Sorensen says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story. I would love to be able to hear Gods voice in my life. You are very inspirational. Bless you.

  229. Shana Sewell says:

    Really good devotional. Hearing God in the midst of children, husband,work and life sometimes you don’t and you feel lost.

  230. Mary Mossie says:

    I first heard God’s voice 35 years ago when my husband left me with 3 small children, no job, bills, etc. He left me for a man…no competition what was done was done. In my darkest hours, I heard God say to me, “Mary, be still and know that I am God. I will take care of you. And, he has through 2 bouts of breast cancer and all my trials God has been there whispering in my ear. And, every morning before work, I seek God out and listen to what he has to say.

  231. I read my Bible. I pray. I’m good at talking. Being still & listening…not so much. I’d love some tips on hearing from God.

  232. Thank you for your post this morning ehe we a processing preparation for our daughter’s heart transplant. I needed these words. Wishing you and your family well!

  233. Ashley Clifton says:

    What an amazing story! I, too, long to be able to hear God. I’m trying to make myself listen.

  234. Thank you for sharing this devotion. I’m constantly amazed at how our humanness differs from God’s ways and how He patiently pursues us despite our earth “wants”. This testimony is very powerful to me in showing how God used something so undesirable to refine this lovely woman. Thank you!

  235. Amy Newton says:

    Great article! Thank you for your testimony.
    God is good!

  236. Thank you for that reminder!

  237. Tammie Allender says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion this morning! I’m finding that life is becoming so noisy. I desperately need to hear God and find some silence. This was a great reminder to meet him early in the morning before the noise before the kids before the work and find my silence so I can hear His voice. Thank you!

  238. Working on listening to Gods voice in 2016!

  239. About 10 years ago I began to recognize that every time I’d experience a difficult situation, no one would call, my husband would be deployed, and all of my family and friends would be busy. I remember asking God why He would have me feel so alone. And in the silence He answered. He wanted me to hear His voice and His message. I began to understand and long for these moments, which I call my ‘gray moments’. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.

  240. Tammy Jackson says:

    I am so yearning to be a better learner and follower of God. I thank you for the chance to win one of your books.

  241. I needed this today!!! God has been silent lately or at least he seems to be concerning my prayer for his Presence to be more real. I know he hears me , but I am discouraged right now. Please come close , Lord!!! Thank you for this devotion, Diane!!

  242. As I read your devotional this morning I felt those same words were also meant for me. I have been experiencing self condemnation and anxiety and I know God is healing me through this but I need to feel Him close to me I need to know when I ask Him if he is here with me that I will be able to hear Him say “I am here and I’ve got this”. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sure your book is filled with more heartfelt accounts of God speaking to you, and I would like a copy.

  243. Leslie Yokeley says:

    Listening to God, what a treasure! ?

  244. Wonderful devotion. How ironic that you lost your hearing but “heard” God! We all long to hear from him and I agree with so many comments that it is necessary to seek his voice regularly, whatever way necessary!

  245. Many times I drift away from the Lord by becoming distracted by the devil. Thank you for this devotion today to remind me to paddle towards the Lord.

  246. Lisa Laurent says:

    I want and need to learn to listen.

  247. Stacy Fortenberry says:

    Amazing story of God’s desire to be with us, to woo us to Himself. I would love to read more of your story and learn more about listening to God.

  248. Great devotion and prayer. How I long to hear God, but I often don’t listen for his voice. I let my emotions or feelings take over.

  249. Christine says:

    I just “met” Di this morning…if love the chance to win her book! A beautiful post about listening…

  250. Loved the devotional today on listening. It goes right along with my promise to God for wanting to draw closer to Him in 2016.

  251. I don’t have a web sight. I began losing my hearing in my late thirties. I have the most powerful hearing aids now but without them I can not hear at all. I am now 77. But God has been with me all these years and I am so thankful for His presence. Even with hearing aids I miss a lot and every year it is getting worse. But my precious time with the Lord every morning is the best time of the day and I know He is listening to me. Thank you Father. God bless you.

  252. I have struggling with some things and this devotional was a god sent. Ty for your obedience. I would love to glean more by reading your book. Life gets so hard what an honor to know God still speaks.

  253. MaryBeth Raible says:

    Love it! Thank you for this mornings devotion. I often struggle to listen and this was a great reminder to be still.

  254. Wonderful words of encouragement for me this morning.

  255. This is a truly amazing story of faith. I would love to read your book!

  256. Amen!

  257. Connie Crandall says:

    Very inspiring! As I read this I was immediately convicted by the Holy Spirit of my failure to hear God’s voice because all the clatter of life was drowning it out. God reminded me to “Be still and know that I am God” and to trust in Him!

  258. Thank you for sharing, and for all the time you put into this ministry. I have this longing so deep in my heart to hear His voice. I know he speaks to me because when I’ve heard him before I feel like an excited child. Lately it has been hard. I don’t want to focus on my struggles. I want to focus on Him. I am so tired and drained all the time. How do I shut my mind off at night and be still? I am a single mom I long to hear from the Lord.

  259. Gwen Bennett says:

    What a great devotion!

  260. Tammy Nolan says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I am trying to stop and listen. To find God where I am I my life.

  261. I needed this devotion today. I feel God has been silent to me for a while now. I need to hear His voice speaking to me to tell me that it’s okay, that things will be okay and to show me what to do.

  262. Kelly Clossin says:

    I have been longing to hear God speak to me, I have struggled with knowing what he is telling me. God has been working on me to trust him with every part of my life. Lately that has been through my mom’s cancer diagnosis. It has been a year of ups and downs and I want to draw closer to him. I think this book would be good for me to read,since my mom has lost almost all her hearing.

  263. Thank you. That was beautiful. I needed that.

  264. Fran Legband says:

    God is able to redeem all brokenness and pain. He truly is near to the broken-hearted and to those who call on Him in truth. Great devotion… Sounds like a wonderful book.

  265. Denice Carryl says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I believe God is speaking to me and I want to draw near to him everyday.

  266. Thank you, this devotion hit home.

  267. Diane, your message is so timelyAs I am going through a similar situation losing my eye sight. I am learning to talk and listen to God and trusting him with all aspects of my life. I don’t know his future plans for me,but he has shown me he is there for me as he is for all of his children. Proverbs 31 daily devotions have helped me tremendously during this journey and I thank and pray for you and all of the contributors to this website.

  268. Shawnda Franklin says:

    I loved this Daily Devotion as this is the first thing I read after morning prayer with God. I forward the devotions each day to many people in my life who need His encouragement in their luves, as we all do.

    I was not feeling well and failed to send the devotion to one of my best friends that day. She called me later to make sure I was okay as she missed her daily read. Thank you for every word written from your hearts with the help from the hand of God.

  269. I am searching and seeking more intimacy with God. Listening for his voice in the quietness of the morning and in the chaos of the mid day.

  270. Sue England says:

    I would love to be able to listen to our Lord.

  271. I needed this today! Just to know that sometimes things happen that we don’t like or can control. But even in the midst of these things God never leaves us and always gives us peace! For me it comes to trust! I am encouraged by this that God is a good God and always has a plan even when we don’t understand…we just have to trust.

  272. Georganne Hilton says:

    I appreciated this devotional today. It is so hard to listen to God speaking. Silence is difficult to achieve. Seems I try to fill silence with TV, music, iPad, etc. Mind wanders all the time.

  273. Sarah Bryson says:

    Diane, your story truly humbled me. I wish to know the voice of God as intimately as you do. Thank you for sharing your story.

  274. Debbie Tyson says:

    Thinking of my 92 year old Mom who is beginning to lose her hearing. It’s scares me a lot. I can’t imagine not being able to hear the birds sing, ocean waves, leaves rustling in the wind, and hearing my loved ones say the words “I love you”. But I am absolutely sure I will continue to God speaking, as long as I’m willing to listen. Thank you so much for sharing. May God continue to bless you greatly!

  275. Thank you Diane, I needed this.

  276. Christins says:


  277. Nancy campbell says:

    This is a very interesting article to me because i interpret in sign language for the deaf at my church. My church is very demonstrative in worship and I often wonder if people understand that God speaks to the deaf and accepts their praise and without sound all the time. One of our pastors is actually “latent deaf” like you are, having lost her hearing in a major stroke, yet has developed a ministry for the disabled. I understand that, in a world filled with sound, going deaf can be terrifying. But God’s “hearing” us and “speaking” to us has very little to do with sound.

  278. “It’s OK…I’ve got you”…words I’ve heard as well just before being consumed with bitterness while God seems inactive & quiet. Thank you for the reminder of how “Great is our God”!

  279. I long for the quiet stillness to hear His voice-more often then not it is the noise of my own mind that just doesnt shut off. Thats whne I realize I am not as close to Him as I should-avoidng reading the Word,avoiding study avoiding prayer.I am learnig it is a beautiful,peacful silence where I will hear His Voice its just getting there that I find hard sometimes.

  280. Michelle Clarke says:

    How I long to hear Your voice, Lord God!

  281. Thank you for your timely reminder!

  282. Linda Murphy says:

    This makes me think of the phrase that “Silence is Gokden”. But would it be, if we truly had silence like Disne?

  283. Barbara Smith says:

    Our family is going through some difficult changes and your book would certainly help! Just when we thought my husband could retire, our daughter and infant granddaughter moved back home as our son in law is now deployed overseas. A mixed blessing with all the emotions. Then our youngest son unexpectedly lost his job and has moved home. Another mixed blessing. We don’t own our home – it is tied to my husband’s employment so he must continue to work to house everyone. Communications in the house are somewhat strained with 4 adults and a baby and some dashed dreams sharing living space. Listening, really listening, is a skill we are struggling to develop. Your devotional today was spot on and pointed me in the right direction. God ALWAYS gives us exactly what we need when we need it if we but stop and listen 😉

  284. Wonderful!

  285. Michelle j. Thomas says:

    Right now I feel crushed under the weight of my trail and I would be blessed to read about how He speaks in the Silence if I win. Thank you for the chance to win and God bless!

  286. Thank you for this word today.

  287. Oh how I need to hear his voice now!

  288. Amy Ramsay says:

    I want to listen but am so afraid that Gods answer will be a negative with regards to my daughter(s) not following God and/or staying in the pig slop of sin. Just as Gods answer to Diane was a no to restoring her hearing. It’s one thing for God to say no to something about me, but it terrifies me to have Him say no to the salvation and redemption of my loved ones.

  289. As I face my son’s deployment into a war zone and my other military son’s dangerous training, I need to learn to hear God through my fear!!

  290. What a beautiful story. God speaks and we hear Him. ( hopefully!!) ?

  291. Clevette Coombs says:

    2016 is for me going deeper with God I want to be closer to Him each day!!!!

  292. Penni Howard says:

    what wonderful words today. Thank you for giving me the scriptures to listen.


  293. What a story!

  294. Lois Gray says:

    Ibjust wanted to thank you for sharing your story.it brought back memories of a time when I felt so alone and lost. I had fallen away from God because of the death of my son and other problems I was going through.I remember calling out to god because I needed him so badly. I remember hearing the same words it’s OK. But I thoughtit was me and I thought its not in . then I heard it again. It’s OK. As I accepted his words of comfort things got better. Now I know that when we think God dint see,hear or answer he’s right there with the right words and help.

  295. beth watson says:

    I wake to your devotions each morning. So many have meant so much, beginning or echoing whispers from God. But this time, behind Diane’s words I sense a call into something deeper…to awaken to more intimacy with Him. And I think it may begin with reading Diane’s book. I can’t wait to read it!

  296. Barbie Thomas says:

    Needed this today!

  297. A wonderful message, thank you for sharing.

  298. Tara Bensinger says:

    What beautiful words of wisdom.

  299. Thank you

  300. Sarah MacDonald says:

    Thank you for that beautiful message of hope. With the struggles of everyday life, we often forget to just listen to what the Lord is telling us. It might not be what we want to hear, necessarily, but we must trust in His plans for us and hold close in our hearts that He loves us and will never lead us astray. God Bless you all this day.

  301. I feel i desperately need to find that place of intimacy with God. My heart is so broken and i want to know how to get to that place of healing where all that matter is satisfying God with my life.

  302. Donna Boyle says:

    Hi Diane…i REALLY enjoyed this TIMELY NOW word for Me…i am in the midst of a marital separation n lost my job 6 months ago n found out yesterday my unemployment has run out n there are no extensions..BELIEVING God for an AND SUDDENLY as I continue sending out my resume longing to hear Him speak a word of COMFORT or direction for my life!!..Blessings

  303. Karen Feigh says:

    I would love your book for my niece who is a newly graduated sign language interpreter. She loves her job and is very good at it. She would be able to use your book with many she serves.

  304. This devotional really spoke to me this morning – thank you.

  305. Donna Boyle says:

    Hi Diane…i REALLY enjoyed this TIMELY NOW word for Me…i am in the midst of a marital separation n lost my job 6 months ago n found out yesterday my unemployment has run out n there are no extensions..BELIEVING God for an AND SUDDENLY as I continue sending out my resume longing to hear Him speak a word of COMFORT or direction for my life!!..walking in QUIET CONFIDENT TRUST… Blessings

  306. Debbie Burkett says:

    Thank you Diane for sharing how you was able to listen. I pray I could listen more to His voice and discern more and more His leading in my life. God Bless your ministry.

  307. A great reminder about how easily we fall into the trap of not being grateful for the simple things in our lives until they are taken away. It is easy not to “truly” listen to God. We are blessed to have God’s word with His precious promises. May I do a better job in 2016 of truly listening and following His precious words. May I be grateful for the simple blessings and not take them for granted.

  308. Teresa Banks says:

    Your messaged has touched my soul

  309. Please enter me in drawing for book. It sounds like just what I need right now!

  310. Beautifully written. My desire is to always here the voice of God above everything else.

  311. Julie Delesdernier says:

    I believe my word for the year may be “invitation” and it stood boldly put in your blog when you wrote an invitation from God to hear Him. How amazing your story is. As I finished, my three year old boy came to me and I was convicted of all the times I have taken for granted that I hear his tiny, little voice. Through your trial there is blessing. Thank you.

  312. So often we fail to listen to God. I have just been through a tragic job loss, a loss that I never expected would happen. But, God knows best and now I am trying very hard to follow God’s leading and listen intently to what he has to say to me. It is often hard to know exactly what God is saying – I would love to have this book so that I can better understand just how to listen to God and hear him better.

  313. Kristie Speers says:

    Such a touching story. And one that makes me realize how I need to listen to God’s voice.

  314. Brandee Zacharias says:

    Praise God for the ministry He does through y’all!

  315. I have gone to church my whole life. I even attended Christian school. I grew up a preachers kid. For my whole life I have been taught what I feel is a false view of God. 1. If you do your best to obey God and follow him and serve him and are a “good girl” and follow the rules – God will bless you. 2. If you don’t obey him and follow him and serve him and are a “bad girl” and don’t follow the rules – he won’t bless you. In fact he will probably punish you. So then with each trial I viewed it as punishment. I must have done something wrong. With each blessing I figured I must be doing something right. It’s a false view of God. I’m still trying to figure out who my “new view” God is. This devotional put into words what I have been struggling with. I’m glad to see I’m not the only Christian that felt this way at some point.

    • Someone who cares says:

      Denise, thank you for your post, I can totally relate. In my childhood, I was told to “be good”, and every time I failed, I felt inferior and worthless, to the point where I thought to myself, “why even try?” Since I knew I could never successfully “be good” all the time, I just started to “be bad”, live in my flesh, adopt societal norms, etc. In my adulthood, the Lord kept calling to me, and eventually led me back to Him. Through bible studies, reading His word and teachings, I have learned who God truly is, who I am because of Jesus, and what He expects of me. He created ME, loves my spirit and soul unconditionally, has a plan for me, but he despises my sinful behavior, which is separate altogether. He is merciful, since I am saved He forgives me for each sin, but each time he forgives me for sin He still calls me to turn away from it and “go and sin no more.” He knows that my sin causes me grief and heartache in this world. I’ve learned that only by accepting Jesus as my savior, by accepting the power of the Holy Spirit in my life, I can more consistently turn away from my sin and exhibit more “good” behavior, but it is totally through His power and not my own. To Him be all the glory!

  316. Jennifer Scott says:

    I would love a copy, thanks!

  317. Kristen Swanson says:

    I would be so blessed to have this book at this difficult time.

  318. Diana Riner says:

    Watching my 10 year old granddaughter go thru a horrific surgery yesterday and being able to do absolutely nothing but lean on God and my faith in Him to get her thru this difficult time made me realize that I can do absolutely nothing in this life without God’s help. And she has to go thru the same surgery on her other hip and leg nest week. I could use anything to help me increase my faith at this time. Thank you!

  319. Oh this is what my heart is longing for, to hear his voice! To still my heart so that in my silence he can speak! The loudness around me sometimes overwhelms me but I want his voice to lure me in to his stillness that heals!

  320. Last night before bed I was thinking about how God has always taken care of me and my boys. It has been a while since I have “heard God knocking.” I need to work on listening and coming to Him more. I can do this by spending time with him every morning. I’m working on my relationship with God, and asking for His will in my life. It has been a while since I have wished that for myself. I have left Him out for a while out of my own bitterness and unforgiveness, and I have come to realize that I do want Him in my life and I do want to have my relationship with Him again. God is always there for us even when we turn away from Him. He has been waiting for me to return, and I am working on returning to Him.

  321. Sheryl Whitworth says:

    Those thoughts were so needed. Listening in the silence. Sometimes hard to do, but with God’s help, we are able.

  322. Oh, how I long to hear God’s voice! I would love to win your book and read more.
    Thank you.

  323. Thank you for sharing this today. We all need to learn to hear God speak to our hearts.

  324. Jessica Jones says:

    Good morning! I <3 Proverbs31! And I would be thrilled to win a copy of your book, Diane. 🙂

  325. I’ve followed Jesus since 1973. I believe God has spoken to me through people or pastors messages. There are many times in my life that He wouldn’t respond and I made the wrong decisions. That has put a wall in between us that I fight to break through. Thanks for listening. Karen

  326. Thank you for sharing your story. I am continually learning to be still and slow down to be able to hear what God has planned just for me, to hold tight to his faithful promises. It is a journey!

  327. Stephanea Araujo says:

    I am blessed by your story and long to hear as you have learned to hear!

  328. Beautiful… Thank you.

  329. Tracy England says:

    In a world full of noise, it can be difficult to hear God speaking in the silence. I am always looking for ways to tune out the noise and hear God speaking to me.

  330. Thank you for this devotion. I would love to read your book.

  331. I just have to tell you how perfectly timed this devotion is. I am taking my seventeen year old son to have his hearing checked today. He was unable to hear until he was two and after a surgical procedure was able to hear. Now we are having problems again. I have worried about what we will find out today. I am at peace now knowing that God knows what we are facing and sent this word through you to us with the perfect timing of this devotion. I know we will be ok no matter what the doctor tells us. Thank you for sharing what God has given you.

  332. Wow! I have definitely felt the silence of God. I would love to learn how to listen better!

  333. I’m still stuck on “30 years ago.” My mind just wandered from there…but somehow I managed to read the rest of your entry. I know your story isn’t like Job’s but, for me, it sounds close enough (apologies if that sounds rather blunt). I guess for a moment, your testimony reminded me of that Scripture about rain falling on the unrighteous and the righteous, and likewise sun rises on the unrighteous and the righteous. Even as Christians, we go through turmoil, heartache, and pain yet we still claim to serve a loving God. And He is loving, no matter what we seem to think or feel at the time we go through “the unimaginable hurts” or unfavorable circumstances in this life. His love is loyal. And I heard all that in your testimony. We may not understand why He allows certain things to happen, but I guess that’s why He said His ways are greater than ours and His understanding surpasses our understanding. For me, it’s through His Word and the testimonies He rises up out of his people, that’s where people like me see His hand moving through the not so good things of this world. Thank you for being open and raw with your experiences, and more importantly, thank you for sharing them on a public platform. If I didn’t know before, I definitely know now–He speaks in the silence, we just need to focus on his voice and truly listen. May God bless you with continued strength and a heart for Him first, always, in Jesus name. Aloha.

  334. Lucretia Adams says:

    What a blessing for me to receive and share with my non believing hearing deprived friends. Another “wink from GOD”.:-)

  335. It has been difficult for me sometimes to trust that the Lord is speaking. Thank you for these verses of encouragment.

  336. Mary Nolan says:

    What an amazing story! Reading this helped me to realize how strong my faith has become because as I read this instead of thinking, I can’t imagine how hard, sad, whatever that would be I thought to myself if that was God’s will for me then I know he has a reason or plan. I love when I know God is speaking to me. Blessings to you! Thank you for your faith and strength.

  337. Susan Matthews says:

    We often get so fixated on hearing from God that we forget to rest in Him. He often speaks to us in the quiet and in small ways. Thank you for reminding me to listen.

  338. God bless you, Diane. I was 30 when I was diagnosed with a progressive hearing disorder, but I have not yet lost all of my hearing (I am 53 now). I do rely on hearing aids but I can hear. Your post reminded me of the shock and fear of the unknown future when I was diagnosed. Pretending everything was okay when it wasn’t was part of my denial. However, I told myself that if this is what God chose for me, then I am blessed. I can tell by your post that you feel blessed too. Many people do not understand that, but God does.
    Thank you so much!

  339. Thank you for the devotion today. I struggle with being able to hear God. I would love to read your book.

  340. When I pray I always feel like I need to be “talking” therefore I struggle with just listening to hear God. When I do wait in silence to hear God speaking to me, my mind wonders and I end up thinking about my to do list or something that’s on my mind. Thank you for this devotional to help remind me of the importance of being silent and actively listening to hear God’s voice.
    God Bless

  341. Beverly M says:

    For so long I have talked to God but rarely took the time to listen. My word this year is to listen more than I speak.

  342. thank you for this confirmation that healing comes in God’s way and with Him it will be okay. As I fear for my son’s doctor visit…wondering what the prognosis will be…I need to remember “God’s got this”.’ Thank you for giving me some peace after a sleepless night.

  343. I recently lost my husband to a dreaded disease called ALS. I’m very down in spirit and your book sounds like the very instruction I need to draw closer to God and his great wisdom and make my life count for his kingdom.

  344. Learning to listen to God in all the chaos of the world’s would be a beautiful blessing!

  345. Thank you for your words of love and encouragement.

    May you hear Him All the day long speaking to your heart.

  346. Very powerful devotion! Thank you. Learning to listen better to God is my New Years Resolution so don’t think this book showed up now without a reason. ? Would love a copy!

  347. Gin Myree says:

    This is what I SO needed! I’ve been trying to learn and know when the Lord is speaking to me. Praying that He would help and show me how to listen to my kids and “hear” what their saying. How to be an example of Christ in my life that I live before them. How to continue to press forward with all of my health issues that I also have and have been dealing with for 11 years without a true diagnoses. Just praying for strength to continue to persevere and not lose hope.

  348. Trina Louallen says:

    I don’t know why this hit me so hard this morning, but I wept as I read this devotion. Maybe the season I am in, wanting to hear God’s voice so clearly so that I know that I know it is Him who is telling me, It’s OK Trin, It’s Ok. Thank you for sharing this devotion and the realness of your heart. May God continue to bless you.

  349. I wish to hear God’ voice. I have a very painful situation with family members. I need his help.

  350. Spoke to where I’m at – learning to listen for God’s voice and making my heart beat with His.

  351. Heather Stiltz says:

    What a wonderful devotion this morning! It made me reflect that I am able to hear, but in all honesty….I probably don’t hear as well as some that have no physical ability to hear at all. Thank you for a timely and beautifully written devotion.

    What a blessing to know God spoke to you and shared His will for you Diane.


  352. Moira Bruce says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart in today’s devotional. I needed to read and be reminded.

  353. Michelle Pettit says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s amazing to me that when I am struggling, someone elses’s struggles touch me in ways that calm my anxiety, fear and doubts. Peace again. For the moment anyway. 🙂

  354. What brave and inspiring truth! Thank you for allowing our good Father’s plan for your life and purposes in your deafness touch so many hearts. His ways are perfect and loving indeed.

  355. Isaiah50:4 has a special place in my heart. The Lord showed me this verse three years ago. I was seeking God at that time to confirm whether He especially desired me to serve as an altar worker in my church. This entails each
    Sunday praying for tons of people for their needs at the altar. The first part of verse 4 confirmed that!
    I would LOVE to win a copy of your book and hear what He has shared to your listening ear/heart!

    The Sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue,
    to know the word that sustains the weary. Isa 50:4A

    Judy Cox

  356. wow what a beautiful story. How I long to her His voice more clearly.

  357. I long to hear God speak to me. I need to learn to listen to really listen above the noise. God I pray that I will hear and listen to you and trust that you have my best interest at heart. I would love to win this book. It would be such a blessing since I just lost my job and really can’take afford to buy it.

  358. Great devotion to start the year. Help me to hear

  359. Beth Miramonti says:

    I long to hear God and follow His voice. Not the voices of this world which lead me further from His truth.

  360. Josephine Washington says:

    What an amazing testimony, as I was reading your words of encouragement my eyes filled up with tears and I got goose bumps all over me. I have been truly touch today and it has open my ears to be more in tune with God least we forget how he’s there everyday if we just take the time to listen. I love arriving to work at least 30-40 minutes to have that alone time before I start work so that I could be able to have a prosper day at work and this is where I’m emailing you from today. I thank God for your wisdom and inspiration and may he continue to use you as his messenger.

    Be Bless

  361. Kristin KLeinwolterink says:

    I love your devotionals and would love to enjoy your book, thanks for sharing!

  362. I would love a copy of this book!

  363. I would really enjoy this book 🙂

  364. Sonja harpe says:

    Oh to hear God and then follow His will. This is my prayer.

  365. I needed this message today…I have ears that hear, but I have been having difficulty hearing (or more accurately) listening to God. Thank you.

  366. Thank you for listening to God and sharing your experience. My word this year is whisper, learning to stop, be still and listen for the quiet whisper of the Lord and draw near to him.
    I want to walk closer to him every day and know him more. May all the glory be his.

  367. Joanne Davenport says:

    Just what I needed to “hear” this morning! Thank you very much!

  368. Rhonda Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing how God reached you in your journey. We want to put God in a box and if he doesn’t respond the way we want we just don’t hear… So we stop listening

  369. Heather Boone says:

    What an awesome devotion! Truly blessed my heart! I’d love to read this book!

  370. This was very encouraging to me today as I struggle to hear God and know “it’s ok”

  371. Mary Beth says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing your amazing story. I would love to read your book. In my prayer time this morning, I was remembering the first time I heard God’s voice, when I was 12 years old. I was wishing I could hear Him more, and then I read your post this morning. I feel Him calling me to lean in closer. Thanks for sharing!

  372. Great devotion. Lord, Help me, to be still and listen to your voice even when the storms of life are raging around me.

  373. God is so good and His timing is perfect! Thank you for this message!

  374. Brenda Tuttle says:

    I’m learning to listen again. If love a copy of this book!

  375. Cara McGarry says:

    I’d love a copy of the book. I’m desperately praying and trying to listen for an answer to those prayers. Thank you for the consideration.

  376. Beautiful!

  377. Help me to learn to listen and hear your voice precious Father

  378. Just what I needed to see this morning as I start my day. Such a powerful reminder of a God who truly loves and desires for us to seek him.

  379. Joyce LeBlanc says:

    This devotional really spoke to me. I long to shut out the noise of the world and only hear God for directions in all I do and say.

  380. This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  381. THANK YOU!!!!
    This spoke into the silence of my soul, I have not been “listening/hearing” God, but from today on I will listen more closely. He used your story to speak His words to me. THANK YOU again!!!!!

  382. I love to read and also desperately trying to learn how to hear Gods voice in the busyness of life.

  383. Pat fawley says:

    We Christians spend much time learning about God, when our real goal is to Know God. Knowing about God is good, but experiencing God is awesome…..there are no words to explain being in Gods presence 24/7 , no matter the circumstances, knowing he loves me. Romans 8:28, is true, as is all of Gods Word! This devotion nailed it…..listen and know you belong to Him! What a blessing!

  384. Vanessa tipton says:

    I’d love a copy of the book….I want to hear with not only my ears, but with my heart too.

  385. Beautiful post. I’m in a place right now where I want to take time to be still in my soul so I can better communicate with God as well as hear from Him. The noise of this world, through our own busyness, ambitions/dreams, desires for more can often keep our souls from hearing and living in the peace that God has for us. Thank you for listening to Him and being willing to allow your natural ears to be dimmed so your spiritual ears can hear and so that you can also share with others what He is speaking to you.

  386. Amy McGraw says:

    What a precious testimony! Thank you for sharing. God is incredibly amazing and I’m touched by this.

  387. Thank you for your words. Amazing!

  388. Anita Dorsey says:

    What a powerful word! Thank you for sharing!

  389. Kathy Wilshire says:

    I too need to learn to hear God in the “silence”. I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  390. That was beautiful and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  391. Zanet W Oakley says:

    This story is an inspiration. I had a stroke (it will be 2 years this June). I couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen to me. I knew that He had a plan for me. I just had to trust and believe in Him. God is continually blessing me each day in my healing process. And I thank God. I shared your story with a young lady that is going through the same ordeal(single). Thanks for sharing your story!!!

  392. Today’s devotion reminded me of when I first felt God’s presence in my own life. I knew very little about God, however, there was no denying His presence as I cried out to Him in desperation and He reached down and scooped me up in His very capable and loving arms and assured me as only He can, “It’s okay.”
    A co-worker recently shared with me the frustration of losing her husband during the holiday season. I will definitely share today’s devotion with her, and would like to share the book with her as well to help her on her journey of healing.

  393. Ann-Marie says:

    I would love to read this book!

  394. thanks for sharing your story.

  395. As someone named Diane, and someone struggling in the moment, I desperately needed to “hear” this devotional today. Thank you for your words of encouragement and your testimony.

  396. Thank you for this reminder. How easy it is to not wait and listen or see the big picture when God is working in our life.

  397. Willa Grannis says:

    Being hard of hearing myself and having to wear a hearing aid due to damage from Ménière’s disease, I also know the isolation felt by being left out of conversations and misunderstanding comments. It is very difficult but I do praise God that I was able to be fitted for a hearing aid that has helped tremendously. I’m anxious to read this book and share the journey.

  398. My pastor challenged me this past Sunday to be quiet and hear God. Thank you for this confirmation today.

  399. Cindy reeves says:

    my goal for 2016 was to be quiet more and listen so what a blessing this devotion was!

  400. Love your beautiful devotion! Thank you, with all the craziness in this world,just stopping and listening and trusting God is definitely key!! God bless you all! And thank you for encouraging us each day as sisters in the Lord! Xo ? ? ?

  401. Susan Thomas says:

    Oh, how I can relate to this scenario. I learned a couple of years ago that I’m losing my hearing…a mother of four sons, someone who has been singing all of her life…it is devastating. I don’t even know what to do with that news. I love the sound of laughter. I have been a lifelong listener of friends and strangers alike as they pour out their heartbreaks and struggles. I have dreamt of listening to the beautiful sounds of laughter from my future grandchildren…I just don’t know what shelf to put this on, so to speak. I would really like to read your book. Thanks for sharing your heart and your experience. Blessings to you ~

  402. What a beautiful and honest sharing of God’s words. Inspired me to listened and to hear His voice.My resolution for this year is draw near to Him and listening to His loving voice.
    Thank you

  403. Thank you for sharing your story. It is so touching. Fills me with hope. Sometimes it is hard to trust when we don’t see the end game.

  404. Thank you for sharing your story! It is such a wonderful gift that God hears us, listens to us, takes care of us and loves us at all times! He is always faithful!

  405. Bobbi McDougle says:

    Wonderful messages wait in this book I am sure.

  406. Charla Skinner says:

    Would love to read your whole story!

  407. Emily Lawrence Valera says:

    Diane your words were a fresh and true encouragement this morning. I am facing likfe as a single Mom, about to re-enter the workforce and care for 3 young ones. He is teaching me to put my full and complete trust in Him constantly. I praise Him and am thankful for this ministry. God bless you.

  408. God’s voice can be heard in many ways. Over the years I have heard Him speak to me through other people, through a church newsletter, through nature, through an object (beautiful or ugly), through music, through words on a page…He has answered prayers, and given directions, comforted and lived me. Oh, how I love to hear His voice!

  409. Thank you, Diane! So encouraging. This is my first year teaching and so many days on the way to work I spend in prayer with the Lord—now I will strive to listen just as much!

  410. What a poignant message that I desperately needed today. I look forward to reading the book.

  411. Zanet W Oakley says:

    This story is an inspiration. I had a stroke (it will be 2 years this June). I couldn’t understand why God allowed this to happen to me. I want to hear God’s voice because I know that He has a plan for me. I trust and believe in Him that I am a work in progress. God is continually blessing me each day in my healing process. I have a story to tell about by situation and the goodness of God.And I thank God. I shared your story with a young lady that is going through the same ordeal(single). Thanks for sharing your story!!!

  412. What a great message! I would love a tool to help me listen better to God!

  413. Susan Brandt says:

    I too have had quite a year of trying to hear Gods voice. In July, while home on leave from a mission teaching in Ghana Africa, I fell and badly broke my leg which required 2 surgeries and months of rehab while being seperated from my husband many miles away. During this time, I began writing a Gratitude Journal on FB to keep me focused on being grateful amidst grief and dissapointment.I was to return in January but 2 weeks ago, right before returning to the US for Christmas, the board of the school informed my husband we would not be returning in January . As I write this, we are going to job interviews while being homeless, jobless, and carless. We sold our home and vehicles before going to Ghana.I too felt disbelief, grief and yes…anger. I too wanted an answer as to why this was happening when we were just trying to serve Him in the mission field. I too am trying hard to listen. Many of my friends and family have told me I should write a book with my Gratitude’s. This was never my intent, but I am wondering now if this is Gods small still voice speaking to me. I don’t know the first thing of how to write a book or should I pursue it, but I am trying hard to grab his hand and listen. Thank you again for your devotion today. It touched my heart.
    Susan Brandt

  414. Susan wolverton says:

    The spirit within me rejoiced at her words!

  415. Lisa McGinnett says:

    Very touching! Trying to hear God thru all of my life’s babble…thanks

  416. Thank you for your encouraging devotion. I am an artist and very active grandma to 11 .
    I too am going deaf but mine has been gradual. Have had a cochlear implant and am adjusting to that.
    Last year I was diagnosed with macular degeneration so also am losing my eyesight.
    I know that my only hope is in Jesus but sometimes it is overwhelming. Your devotion was a reminder
    that real listening comes from the heart.

  417. Thanks for sharing your story. I have a deaf son and your story was very touching.

  418. Rhonda Hood says:

    Was touched by this devotion and I understand through tragedy healing happens. Thanks for fill ministering to me today! Blessings for your ministry.

  419. Maria C Jaramillo says:

    I hope God teaches me how to listen to Him.

  420. Deb Muntis says:

    I was struggling with something very personal in my life several years ago. It was only after I finally sat in silence that God whispered to me. He is an awesome God…..we just need to listen. I Look forward to reading this book.

  421. Lyndsey neumann says:

    Beautiful devotion on listening to God.

  422. Hearing God has become my goal every day, every minute. I can’t imagine my life apart from Him. I do find myself waiting often, which is so hard, but knowing He is faithful keeps me waiting.

  423. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! I have been praying and fasting asking GOD to bless me to hear his voice throughout the caos of this world. The more I pray and fast his voice has become more and more clear to me. God has just blessed me with more clarity in my spirit. Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing to me.

  424. Colleen Danner says:

    I would love one of her books…I am dealing with a loss of my own right now, my husband has been diagnosed with throat cancer right on the edge of being able to soon retire. It appears all my dreams are crushing down and I really am looking for hope from God. Thank you.

  425. He may have taken your ears but he also has your heart. He has given you the gift of writing. What a pencil story today it had really made me stop and pause!
    God Bless!

  426. I’m so glad I read this story… Thank God for you and your experience that has shown us how we can trust in Him. I’m going through something in my life that i keep praying to God to fix and your story has inspired me and encouraged me to trust in Him. Thank you…

  427. Vicki Welter says:

    Blessed by this testimony!

  428. This is a wonderful devotion – one I will save and read again and again.

  429. Christina scida says:

    I just finished praying to and praising my Lord Jesus when I went into my phone after
    To read this morning’s devotion and tears just kept streaming down my face as I continued to read
    I needed this message especially today!
    It was a confirmation to me that He is listening to me ,but most importantly that I am hearing Him and listening
    Thank you !

  430. I was so moved by the story! We all need to take time to listen to and for God! We need to trust!! Thank you for starting my day off on the right foot!! God Bless!

  431. It took me 8 years of trying to get sober to finally be quiet and still enough to hear God tell me “I have loved you all along.” I didn’t feel worthy of His love. I knew and believed He would heal others of the lethal disease of addiction, but I didn’t believe I was worthy of His healing. It was day 35 in a treatment facility, I went to hear a sermon and it was during that sermon when I heard God’s voice. I knew then that He was healing me, that He did love me and I was worthy of that love. I have had 5 years of sobriety since that day, but I know I really only have one day at a time. I am not perfect at remembering to follow His will, but when I feel weak, I lean on His strength. I am now going through other health issues and today’s message reminded me that no matter what, I will be ok, because He loves me.

  432. Ms Bert Rogers says:

    Believing God in the silence………

  433. Jacquelyn says:

    Listening is one of my struggles in prayer. Thank you for this devotion.

  434. If longing for a deeper walk, a deeper understanding, a deeper hearing is what is necessary, then I will plunge in over my head to lean in and hear His still small voice as He whispers to me.

  435. Candyce DeKruyff says:

    Desiring to listen and hear with my heart.

  436. I would love to win a copy of this book, to help me in my journey of learning to listen to what God is speaking into my life!

  437. Am in a dark place now in my life. And thinking maybe the Lord hates me? Is that why He has placed such a difficult life journey for me? I have heard Him before but there has been so such booming silence before. Sinking back into depression and insomnia. I want to get my anger and disappointment out. But I don’t know how. I’m afraid, that I might just go end this misery once and for all.

  438. Penny Veldhuizen says:

    What an awakening devotion for today. I need to listen more to God.

  439. Jenny Carpenter says:

    I am Jenny, single missionary to Ecuador of the past 12 years. This devotion so touched my heart. 9 years ago my family friends noticed I was losing my hearing in a rapid pace until 2 years ago I was completly depending on lip reading. Still on the field we searched for cures. One year ago, the Lord provided a way, and my hearing was restored by use of cochlear implant. Now back on the fields hearing and doing the things I love most. God is so good! Thank you for your devotion!

  440. Thank you for the inspiration today! Just what I needed. 🙂 ?

  441. Typing with tears in my eyes after reading this heartfelt devotion. Thank you for sharing your experience hearing God during your trial and His simple, “It’ll be OK” response. I hear Him too. Nudging me mostly as I balk and say, “But I don’t want to!” I need more Jesus. I need to draw closer to God in prayer and reading scripture. I need to stop wrestling with Him and submit…but I don’t want to. I am scared of what’s next. I don’t want to be that raw, vulnerable and transparent. *not yet*

  442. Than you….

  443. Proverbs 31 daily encouragments start my days with joy and confidence. no matter what has happened in the last 24 hours, I know I can read words of God and be refreshed. thank you.

  444. Shelley Lasater says:

    Simply WonderFULL and I needed these God lead words today. Tears of pain and JOY , thank you Diane***

  445. Barbara Cole says:

    Thank you, Diane for your thought-provoking words. I am inspired to ponder my need to hone my listening skills in hearing God’s voice.

  446. Angie Demeree says:

    What a beautiful awakening! 🙂 I am at a point where I am trying to hear HIS voice more as well as I am facing a battle I was not prepared for either. I have been a very BUSY mom, wife, teacher, adviser, volunteer, etc…..perhaps I have not been listening as well as I should. May God continue to bless you and your ministry in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord!!

  447. Thank you for these words. Made me cry I want to listen and hear
    God bless You and your ministry

  448. I used to feel like I could hear God and feel His nearness but lately all I hear is silence when it seems I need His voice more than ever- right now. I’m holding on. Waiting, waiting with faith and hope.

  449. I was so blessed to read this. Thank you for letting God use you to bless others. I don’t think we have peace in any situation until we let go and trust God. When we accept His will, whatever He has planned for today or tomorrow,
    we know we will be OK.

  450. I need to listen…focus….meditate on the Lord.

  451. Diane- thank you so much for your words this morning. I have a dear friend who doesn’t think God is listening and i pray by sharing your testimony with her, she will know God is listening and will use this lifelong struggle she is facing for personal growth with Him.
    Thank you.
    ~ Susanna Heffernan

  452. This is one of my deepest desires right now, to hear the Lord speak. I’ve cried out in prayer for as long as I’ve known for this and still nothing. So even if I don’t win the book, please pray that I develope this skill soon. Thanks!!

  453. Thank you for sharing! This is the area that I am working on. Hearing God’s voice and obeying what He tells me.

  454. Evelyn bracken says:

    I so want to wait and hear the voice of our Lord Jesus!

  455. Becky Cook says:

    What a fabulous birthday treat to me this book would be because it can only better the servantn as in me that I try to better daily. God is so good to me and I am so blessed to be His child. To receive your book and to read about how to listen would better me on a daily bases. God is always teaching me. I just need to learn how to listen. I would love a copy of this book to read if I am worthy of receiving it at this time. Thank you for writing such an awesome message about listening and hearing God.

  456. I sometimes feel so lost as to what is the next step? Which direction am I to go now? I so desperately want to hear God’s voice directing me, guiding me. But I don’t, at least not where I know it is Him. The desire of my heart is to Be Still and learn to listen this year. Thank you for sharing your story.

  457. So much sadness and disappointment facing people all around me who know Jesus and long to hear his voice. Your writings today will be forwarded to many who will find hope through your story. Thank you!

  458. Thank you for this timely post- it spoke right to my heart. I desperately want to hear God’s voice speaking truth in the frustrations and disappointments I have been facing and to not be led astray by my own bitterness and lack of understanding. Waiting on His timing is difficult but I know hearing His voice is what will lead me through and keep me on the path that is best.

  459. I am going through a time of suffering and transition that don’t always make sense but the Lord is showing me it doesn’t have to, I just need to trust Him. His grace is sufficient

  460. Bethany N. says:

    Hoping to win the book! 🙂

  461. Judy VandenBerge says:

    This was beautiful! It’s so heartwrenching when you pray and pray but the answer you want doesn’t come. But Gods peace can sooth that in a way you can’t explain. Thanks Diane. Curious my maiden name was Comer I live in Traverse City Mi. Wonder if related in anyway.

  462. Growing up I was rarely aloud to speak. My thoughts and emotions were to be kept to myself. If my dad spoke it always meant a bad thing so I avoided conversations with him. Your story breaks me because I can relate to silence. Since I became a Christian the biggest struggle I have had to overcome is desiring to hear God’s voice (which I really do) and expect good to come from what God is saying (requires faith) God is breaking me from the lies I learned as a child. The hardest part is breaking my silence with God. I still struggle with giving Him my voice, my words, my thoughts and emotions. I look forward to the day when my mouth speaks to God and I would be long-winded. LOL

  463. Stephanie Myers says:

    Thank you for this reminder…..God hears us and speaks to us, we just have to be willing to trust and to listen.

  464. Trina Crescenzi says:

    Beautiful devotional! I needed the reminder of this beautiful truth this morning!

  465. Grateful for the encouragement to press in, to keep listening. Thank you!

  466. Thank you for sharing. I am trying to establish a prayer life and learn how to listen to God, hear what He has to tell me so I can become closer to Him, do His will and be a better Wife and Mother. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  467. I want to hear Him clearly…

  468. Thank you for sharing your fears,anger, and hope. This inspires me to be still, surrender and listen to the voice of peace and comfort. That this time is always in his mighty hand.

  469. Anita Quillen says:

    Thank you for the testimony. Knowing other believers struggle with loss and heartache and even get angry with God and circumstances, gives me hope in the Lord. I am a young in my faith but every day it grows and stories like yours give me encouragement to continue to live my life for Christ.

  470. I need to be still and listen.

  471. Diane, this is the first devotion that I have received from Proverbs 31 and I cannot tell you how much your precious words spoke to my heart. I too am losing my hearing and am unable to find answers until now — Whether I win a copy of your book or not, I will purchase one as soon as possible as I feel that God has so given me this blessing this morning. You have blessed me beyond measure today – thank you for sharing your heart.


  472. I’m trying to learn how to listen better – this book would be wonderful!

  473. Sandra Dixon says:

    Thank you for such a personal inspirational message this morning. Being a widow and a senior citizen it is very important to me to fully realize that the God of all the universe, listens to my heart, soul and mind. Your book would be a wonderful addition to my reading material.

  474. Pam Musick says:

    Like bed this devotional on Proverbs 31!

  475. Wow – what a powerful reminder that we need to be attentive to God’s voice and not let our hearing the world drown out what He has to say.

  476. Carol Miller says:

    As I sit in a hospital room, after spending the night, my husband is having a nuclear stress test done, I wonder why can’t I hear Him? Since CHRISTmas eve, my family & I have been back & forth to Duke Hospital (with my Daddy) & now in Concord with my husband. Please Lord hear my prayers, bu most of all, allow me to hear you!

  477. Wow, this was a moving devotional. It made me stop and thank God for ears to hear. Great message.

  478. Building intimacy with the Father is a life long pursuit. Would love to read this book.

  479. Stephanie says:

    It takes more than ears to hear…it takes willingness, being open, and desiring to learn more and grow stronger…and sometimes vulnerable to truth and change is difficult. But God’s love is bigger and stronger and never changing!

  480. Lois Repine says:

    I would love to recieve a copy of Diane’s book, He speaks in the Silence. I’m sure I will find it simply amazing.

  481. Would love to hear more of the voice of my Father, Brother, Savior, King, the Lover of my soul! Your testimony is very inspiring.

  482. Always enjoy Proverbs 31 devotions
    They are a good way to start my day with God

  483. Incredible testimony.

  484. Sandra derby says:

    My husband has primary progressive aphasia and has gradually lost his ability to speak. Your devotion today meant so much to me after having a really rough day yesterday. We too have begged for healing and had hands on him at our church to pray for healing . He was not given healing but received God’s love and peace.

  485. Kelly Powell says:

    I am in a season where I long to hear God’s voice yet hear only silence from him. My cries for help seem to be unheard by my Father. My faith is weakening and desperation increasing.

  486. Truly a word of encouragement in the midst of my own personal silence.

  487. I’ve was diagnosed with cancer over 4 years ago. After almost 2 years being cancer free, it came back. In the last 18 months, I’ve had chemo, radiation and brain surgery. It has metastasized. I’m currently undergoing chemo and just find out last week there are now three new spots on my brain. I’ve prayed so hard and so have my brothers and sisters in Christ. I just want to hear His voice!

  488. Shayne Livingston says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  489. Angela Beard says:

    This book sounds like just the encouragement I need right now. My relationship with my Lord is okay but my family is going through a particularly difficult time. A time that’s affecting multiple generations and many relationships.

  490. God always goes after the greatest good for our lives, often through trials. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  491. Thankful for this timely word this morning.

  492. This is a wonder devotion. How many times do we become so distracted by the world we miss out on Gods voice?? It made me sad but hopeful. I need to be in the Word more. I need to have my prayer room so I can connect with God on that deeper level. Lord help me be a doer not just a listener. I know my life would be a mess if you weren’t a part of it. Bless all these women and continue to lead us so our lives will bring you joy!!!

  493. In the rush and business of everyday we need to be purposeful in being quiet so that we can hear the voice of God, to hear His truth and know his peace.

  494. Kathy Krisfaluzy says:

    I would love to have a copy of Diane’s book. I am struggling to hear God’s voice and wonder why I am unable to focus enough to hear Him. I yearn to learn to hear and discover His will for my life. I need Him in all my decisions.

  495. Jody Walters says:

    Thank you dear sister in Christ for your openness in sharing your heart in this devotional… I know in my own life sometimes I haven’t heard God simply because I’ve been talking too loud.

  496. Reba Brown says:

    Thank you for you encouraging words. There’s so many times I question if it’s Gods voice or my own, I want to know, I need to know. Life seems to have a lot of punches, but I can look back at some of these times and know for a fact it was him. Just at the moment, I’m not sure.

  497. I have been a long time believer but was pretty much inactive. I have been going to a new church for about 5 years and recently just joined the church. The blessings I have received have been astounding. I cannot believe I allowed myself to miss out on all these years. I am just glad I am not stuck in the past. I want to continue to hear God.

  498. Christie Hamby says:

    Thank you for this reminder this morning

  499. Thank you! I needed this reminder that I need to insert silence in my day. God can’t talk to me with all the noise and busyness I have going on.

  500. Julie Folkerts says:

    Thank you for your inspirational words this morning. With all that’s happening in the world today it’s refreshing to hear that there is hope if we just listen for God. Blessings to you!

  501. I would love to read your book. I want to learn to listen for His voice. Thank you for sharing.

  502. Alexandria Denson says:

    Dear God,
    It’s only the 5th day in 2016 and I feel like the enemy has attacked me on every side! Lord I just pray that I stay grounded and continue to believe and depend on You. You are the same God, today, yesterday and forever more!
    Thank you for this amazing read.

  503. I was recently saved as were my two little boys. As a family and with our Church family we are getting closer to God. I am trying to soak up as much knowledge as I can for my two boys so that I can be a good role model for them. I would love to have a copy of your book to help us get closer to knowing our God.

  504. Leeann Brown says:

    Our family has been going through a very difficult time due to the trauma our adopted daughter has suffered. I have always been a Christian and prayed to God. Until this rough time has occurred I didn’t realize how far away from God that I drifted. Through this difficult time I have been talking with God on a daily basis, praying like I have never prayed before. I haven’t heard God speak to me, but I have a unbelievable sense of peace and comfort that I have never felt before. I feel truly blessed that we are going through this difficult time because God is showing us his wonderful love, mercy and grace.

  505. My prayer before leaving my pillow this morning was for God to speak to me. Your post was encouraging. He will in His time. Thank you for your openness in sharing your feelings and how your trust carries you through.

  506. Shawn Bowers says:

    In the past few months, I have nade changes some life changing in my life. I prayed about these changes before I made them, really not knowing if this is what God wanted me to do. I still question if I did Gods will. Would love a copy of your book.

  507. As I’m driving in to work today I’m telling God that I don’t understand why no amount of “telling” & “trying” are helping the message of His Good News to break through this darkness, isolation and loneliness I feel to my very core – what is wrong with me & to please just fix it – I read this message and hear that He is asking me to “trust Him to take this…awful, terrible hurting…and make it OK.” While I don’t know exactly what letting go in trust will look like, I get at least a few minutes of rest this morning “hearing” this today. Thank you.

  508. Thank you for sharing your story, Diane! It’s so comforting to know that He beckons us to come, talk and listen. Where I struggle is being able to quiet my own thoughts in order to open my heart to his voice – and often to discern whose voice I’m really hearing (God’s, my own, culture’s?) when I do feel called to act. You’ve definitely struck a chord with me, and I look forward to digging into this more. Thanks again!

  509. I would love to hear God amidst the silence.

  510. I’d love to reaf snd lesrn more about how to better listen to my Father.

  511. This devotion has really come to me in a moment when I really needed it. Thank you for that.

  512. Pamela Koop says:

    Going through a tough time right now and need to grow in this area! Would love the book!

  513. I need to hear from God, i need and want His guidance and hope! I would love to be close to Him and that is my only New Year resolution, to be close to God and hear Him speak to me!!

  514. Judy Barnhill says:

    Yesterday I spoke with a Christan sister who is in danger of losing her sight. Her testimony of faith when she said, “I first prayed that I not lose my sight; now I am praying that God leads me to handle with grace whatever happens.”

    What she said so resonated with today’s message. I will share this with her. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.


  515. My daily prayer is ” Lord give me ears to hear you, open my ears Lord, speak to me” . I need help in learning to listen for His voice.
    Thank you!

  516. This devotion really resonated in my heart this morning. I’d imagine the book to be a huge blessing.

  517. Would love to read this and pass on to others.

  518. Kim Steele says:

    In 2009 I had a car accident. 6 surgeries on my right leg followed. What stayed with me isa very loud ringing hissing noise in my head. No amount of prayer or medical testing has figured it out or cured it.Through reading God’s Word, support of Christian family and prayer, I have learned to trust God even more. There is no quiet time for me, though. I miss it so desperately. I wonder so often I am missing what God is saying.

  519. I have prayed and trusted God for years for healing from chronic back pain. The pain is so exhausting and affects all that I do. I too became angry because I’ve seen God work miracles and heal those I’ve lifted in prayer. But, for some reason He hasn’t healed me. He created me and knows me like no other and I know all things are possible with my God. My prayer is that there is a purpose for my pain and it will glorify Him. He is still God and I’m still His child. I still cling to the hope of healing.

  520. Good morning Diane, I just loved your devotional today from Proverbs 31 Ministries. I can relate as I have hearing problems and wear hearing aids and I have also read and studied several studies on how to listen to the voice of God. Sometimes I believe He is speaking but I am never sure. It is hard when one is trying to make a decision which way to go or an answer to prayers. I would love to read your book to understand it further. I will pray and get peace but don’t feel I get an answer. Thank you,

  521. Jackie Adams says:

    What a powerful word. I would love to have a copy of this book!

  522. so true.
    we have ears but we can’t hear.
    We are so “In” the world that we missed the world we live “In” and that surrounds us.
    Surprised to head Dianne can’t hear with his physical ears but She Can Definitely Hear with her Spiritual Ears❤️

  523. Oh how I understand this. I ranted against a God of compassion and peace and mercy and love because he refused to allow my mom the peace of returning to Him. “Be still and know that I am God” became my mantra and I am now at peace with God’s will. My mom is still with us, although frail and failing a little at a time. She’s not happy with my decision as to her placement, but God led me there, letting me know that she’s in a good place, where healing and recovery can take place. I have never felt so at peace and so comforted as I have these last couple of weeks. I am rediscovering the love of God.

  524. I know in my heart He always hears me, but I’m often tempted to wonder because I don’t hear Him. I want to learn how to listen for Him. Thank you for sharing.

  525. Encouraged & Blessed as I start my day to work.


  526. would so LOVE to have this book…I have Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Arthritis and severe scoliosis (that needs to be fixed, but we can’t afford it and I think I am too old,(62) to have it done, without severe repercussions. I think this book would help me immensely. God bless…Tina Blackwell, Columbia, SC

  527. “Speak Lord, your servant is listening” help me to not miss your still small voice… Would love to read this book.

  528. Peggy pahl says:

    This was my prayer yesterday! That i would be still and listen and know His voice. And this morning I opened my email and saw this! Oh God you amaze me everyday! Help me to hear your voice, to know your will.

  529. God’s voice. The most beautiful voice we could ever hear.

  530. Monica Crawford says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book for myself! Thanks!

  531. Debbie Powers says:

    Each year God gives me a word to focus on for that year. This year is “Trust” and hearing you story makes trusting Him more real to me. Trusting Him in the hard times and being OK with what we go through because we trust Him. God bless you and thanks for sharing your journey of intimacy with the Lord with us.

  532. For the past six years, I have become distant in my relationship with the Lord. I believe this book would help me daily get my relationship back where it needs to be with the Lord.

    I love your work…keep on being a blessing to us.
    thank you,

  533. ginger5922 says:

    Praise God even in the silence for it is there in the silence that I hear God’s voice the loudest! Sometimes in a busy world of phones, email, texts, we loose the ability to hear the still small voice of the Holy Spirit and because we do not hear, we loose our way or start depending on ourselves for the answers. My heart is tore is so many directions and problems, I need to hear God’s voice! I can’t do this on my own. Praying for silence.

  534. Trista Schefers says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and the hope that it brought.

  535. Judy Fickel says:

    I tend to struggle with issues all the time, family, work, etc., then when I feel overwhelmed and indecisive I think of God and how peaceful I feel when I turn all things over to Him. I need to learn to “hear” and most importantly “listen” for Him to guide me. I have a long way to go, sometimes.

    I would love to receive a free copy of this wonderful book.

    Blessings, Judy

  536. Anne Rightler says:

    What a wonderful promise we have that He is not deaf and He hears us, His children. May I be in tune w/ Him so that I may hear Him speak to me.

  537. Latanya Wheeler says:

    I would love to win this book it was my prayer this morning prior to reading the devotional that I would know how to hear God’s voice so I believe this is an ordained moment for me.

  538. Elaine Segstro says:

    I pray that I might listen to His voice. When my husband suffered a heart attack 9 years ago, he had warning signs, especially 2 days before and he too heard God saying “It will be okay.”

  539. Encouraging reminder that God does speak if we remember to listen.

  540. A New Year is always the time we look at the past and reflect. I loved your piece this morning and it made me reflect on times when I may not have listened. Thank you for a simple reminder of a task that can be so hard to do…listen.

  541. Latanya Wheeler says:

    I would love to receive this book.

  542. Emily Kyzer says:

    I needed to read this. Having been born with a birth defect and raised in church one develops a sense that you don’t deserve healing for some unknown reason. I’m not quite sure how to allow God to heal that scanned over wound.

  543. Cheryl voss says:

    cant wait to read it!!

  544. The last 10 years of my life have been a spiraling whirlwind of heartache, illness and depression. I have been disconnected from God, church and good friends. God has been speaking to me and I long to be close to him and hear him again. Thank you for your devotion today, it truly inspired me to listen more for God than the clutter of problems.

  545. How to stop the clanging of busyness in my head to hear the whisper of God!

  546. Such an inspirational message at the right time in my life. One of my resolutions is to slow down and listen to God and stop Doing. Would love a copy of this book! thank you for your faith and ministry. God Bless.

  547. This was a powerful message! Thank you for the encouragement!

  548. Boy, have I struggled with “hearing God” for a long time. I feel encouraged today to practice this and grow in really listening to Him. I would love to read this book on my journey. I feel like “listening to God” is the direction HE is leading me in this year. THANK YOU, Lord, for speaking!

  549. Anne Neemann says:

    Thank you for showing me that spiritual healing is far better than physical healing.

  550. Beautiful story. I love that He calls and speaks to me personally. And always in a personalized special way for each of us so that we can hear and know it’s Him.

  551. I could definitely use guidance in this area of my life!

  552. I appreciate you sharing what must have been a devastating time in your life that God proved to have control of and bless your life through. Your honesty is much appreciated and is a draw to your reader.

  553. Suzanne Sevier says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. Being silent in order to be able to hear God speaking to me is something I struggle with. Thank you for sharing your story.

  554. I can not remember much but the sorrow and sadness which is with me everyday. I have lost my 23 year old grandson in May 2014 to a flash flood and in June 2014 we found out my husband had non curable lung cancer and he was a non smoker. They said is was non small cell type which is a non smoker cancer. He lived until April 23, 2015 just 6 days after our 27 anniversary. He made me promise him that I would keep on living and I am trying to honor that promise but this is the hardest thing I have ever been through and I keep praying. I will pray for you as I have some hearing loss from age and noice in a factory when I was younger but not total silence. Thanks for reminding me that others are suffering in different ways than I am. I do want to know how to hear God speak to me in the silence.

  555. Thank you for sharing your story. I sometimes need to be reminded to listen, just listen….

  556. Wow, what a message! I certainly needed to “hear” this. I don’t think I have ever heard God, but maybe that is because I’ve been listening with the wrong ears.

  557. what a testimony of faith listening to Christ in His still small voice.

  558. I want to hone my listening skills so that I will hear Him nearer and clearer.

  559. Laughing…I have a hearing test this morning to test my failing hearing. I found this devotional after a quick google search for an encouraging word before I went to my appointment. I love how God can make personal messages to so many of us simultaneously. I feel loved. Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  560. sandy hyson says:

    this sounds like my personal story. I lost my hearing shortly after birth of my twin girls at the age of 33. I know the heartache of trying to understand people and my children.

  561. It is difficult to just listen to my Father when there is so much busyness and life going on around me. I need to slow down and just listen. Beautiful story of how we need to learn to rely on God.

  562. I love how this verse starts. Morning by morning He wakens me… I work at a school that had a 2hr late start today and was upset that I was up before we were notified. Then I decided that I would use this time to seek God and came across your daily devotion. He had waken me for a reason!!! I can always use a reminder to listen to God speak to me! Thank you

  563. Maryanne Naath says:

    This was a beautiful read!

  564. In the time of the “loudness” of life and living, I desperately want to hear the Lord speak in the silence, through His still small voice.

  565. Thank you for this message. Being able to be still and listen is difficult, but what I am being called to do.

  566. Wanda Crane says:

    So encouraging- Trust Him – trust God with everything and completely!
    Thank you for sharing. Wanda Crane

  567. Linda Dawson says:

    God spoke to me only once in my lifetime and I am now 73. It was when my sister had cancer and we were praying so desperately for her to be healed. When I flew to California to see her, I immediately went to her house. As soon as I walked into the room I heard a voice that said, “She’s gone. Let her go. Let her go”. She lived another six months, I got to tell her that I loved her but my prayers changed. I trusted God with her journey to be with Him and I had peace about the fact that He was in control.

  568. Annie Gonzalez says:

    I want to listen to God, to hear his voice speak to me.

  569. This was such a powerful message to me this morning. I needed it so desparately and did not even know it. I woke up early this morning and began my day as usual. I tried to wake the kids up to get ready for their day, and then I headed to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. I noticed the kids had not gotten out of bed, so I went to rustle them up one last time, but they had fallen back into a deep slumber. I decided to let them sleep a few minutes more since they are still recovering from a lazy Christmas vacation. I was going to use the time to pay the bills and engage in some other activities that lend themselves well to the unusual surplus quiet time I was about to enjoy. Then, I heard that still, small voice; the one we all know and sometimes ignore. I heard “Come spend some time with me.” Not having much experience with devotionals and where to begin, I decided to Google “devotionals for women” and came upon your site. How appropriate was your message for me today! I believe that He spoke to me and I listened, and was blessed by your scripture choice and I was encouraged by your story because I too have an affliction that it seems God wants me to keep. It will not kill me, but I do not want it; so I am learning to shed the bitterness the same way you did and trust that He knows what He is doing. Thank you for doing what you do, and for loving the Lord out in the open. You are a blessing to all who cross your path!

  570. How great it is to hear others tell their stories of how God
    Spoke to them during a time of great anger and sadness. It gives such hope to those of us that are feeling not heard.

  571. I am so excited about seeing this. It was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I have heard His voice, I have known the sweetness, the beauty, the deep joy and peace of hearing Him speak deep within; and when I listen to Him this way, no matter what is happening, it is truly OK. But in recent times I have been bewildered by the things that have been happening in my life and I have been walking under a cloud of sadness and disappointment for too long. This has helped me to remember; and to see that this is where I need to go, what I need to do. Thank you so very much.

  572. This spoke to me! I would love to read her book!

  573. Kristina Meadows says:

    As a mom of two little boys, losing my hearing would be so hard for me to accept. Grateful to be able to hear and glad that God has made you closer to him through this experience.

  574. I would love to win a book. Your heart that you shared this morning has been also, a cry for me and healing. There are foods I am unable to eat which would help my bone density. I can only supplement but I am not sure that will be helpful. I am active 6 days either swimming or lifting weights/biking. At almost 60, I am asking the LORD for a way, where there seems to be no way. Thanks for the encouragement to hear Him.

  575. Wow! What a wonderful testimony. Thank you.

  576. Diane:
    I am sorry for the loss of your hearing, but I must admit that your revelation inspires me to calm down and have more conversations with our Heavenly Father!

    May PEACE be with all of us!


  577. God is really trying to get my attention – the last 2 devotional books I have gone through turned out to be about listening to God (though I didn’t know that when I got them) and now today’s devotional. I am eager to hone in – to hear what it is God wants to tell me, and to have a deeper relationship with him.

  578. Jean Reed says:

    This devotional touched my heart, truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  579. LaVerne Cross says:

    This devotional helped calm my spirit and soul. God was speaking to me through your words of wisdom and encouragement. Have so much on my mind but God reminded me that He is never letting go no matter what it may look like. May God continue to speak to you in silence and you keep being a blessing to people like me.

  580. Stacey S. says:

    I am truly blessed by this post today. My story isn’t the same, but I to have cried out to GOD and didn’t understand why the healing didn’t take place instant. I love him, I worshipped him and I believed he would do it, I just wanted it quickly. I didn’t realize I had to go through a refining process. I needed to be fixed from the inside out. May sound silly and childish, but I needed to know when you are faced with something that could possibly be life changing.. I MUST TRUST HIM REGARDLESS. Thank you so much for posting and GOD bless you and your family.

  581. Listening to God in hard times is something I really have trouble with, this devotion was a perfect reminder of his greatness this morning. Thank you for your wonderful words.

  582. Melinda Bensler says:

    I’ve been trying to hear God speak for the last couple years. Would this book help me?

  583. WOW!! As I sit here in tears waiting to hear Him speak to me I come across your story. A story that gives me hope to know that if I listen closely He will tell me that everything will be ok. My family is preparing to go through so many changes and while I am scared and wanting to know that everything will work out I am putting all my trust in God. He knows the plans He has for us. He knows what our future holds..and not matter how many times I keep asking Him to show me I know that He will in His own time. I just have to learn to be patient and to LISTEN! Thank you, so much for your message…I truly needed it at this very moment.

  584. Anita Germano says:

    I enjoyed your devotional so much and your book is something I wold love to have as I seek to go deeper with Christ.

  585. Wow! Thank you Diane for sharing your story. I am currently 26 and couldn’t imagine my world being drastically changed. Sometimes, because I am in the health field, I imagine the “What if” scenarios of loosing a loved one or facing a diagnosis. And I wonder how I would respond to God’s calling through it all. He is a good father, loving and caring. In the midst of what looks like a tragedy, He holds us closer and mold us into a better you. I would love to win a copy of your book. Thank you for your love of Christ shared with the world.

  586. Becky Holmes says:

    Oh how I long to always hear His voice, that voice that is like no other! Thank you for this!!

  587. Gabria j.Flowers says:

    I remember when I was 14 ( over 46 years ago)and loss my hearing and went deaf, I was young and in total shock and traumatize. I didn’t know How to pray but my mom and Aunties and church prayed for me. But during that time I went to hearing specialist 3 days a week, out of school for about 3 to 6 months , throughout this I could still read, write and di my homework, while I was at home until my hearing came back. The lord restore it back only in one ear. I been wearing an hearing aid over the last 43 years of my life. My hearing loss is connected to my nerves and Ni doctors will operate on my nerve to correct it. I have adapted to this. For years, learning how to adapt and adjust . I didn’t like how I was treated,by teenagers they made fun of me and the teachers didn’t know what to do . I was isolated by peoples now remember this was over 46 years ago this month in January 1970 when society didn’t know or how to accept the hearing impaired. I realized today they still don’t. I been a sensitive subject to me because of all I have had to deal with being a teenager and going back to school after being out for 3to 6 months where public school and society didn’t know how to accept me when I was the only teenager with this hearing impairment. My prayer request I want my hearing fully restored without the use of an hearing aid. In Jesus name we say amen.

  588. Becky myers says:

    One of my goals this year is to listen, not only to God but to others who are in need of a listening ear.

  589. What a sweet devotion this morning. I want to be still and hear God speak to me. Thank you!!

  590. Thank you for inspiring me!

  591. Beautiful devotion today! I feel myself in that silent place, waiting for God’s voice amidst the hurt and chaos.

  592. So over the past 30 days even though in the Christmas season I have felt distant from God. Maybe, I just haven’t been listening. Today’s devotional was exactly what I need it. It is amazing the difference if you just listen.

  593. Shelly Schilson says:

    Thank you for the wonderful message – God’s timing is impeccable.

  594. Dawn Kiker says:

    Thank you for sharing your testimony of how God has worked in your life, getting your attention by allowing your physical hearing to diminish, yet giving you “ears to hear” His voice. My heart’s desire in this new year is to be able to better hear God’s still, small voice over and above the noise of this world. This book would be a blessing to read!

  595. Wow! What a testimony! It’s amazing how God uses different trials for each of us to bring us closer to Him. In your case, hearing Him only. In mine, the loss of a son. By His grace we are blessed by it.

  596. Melissa Jenkins says:

    Thank you. I am learning to listen to God! A year and a half ago God told me to quit working part time as a nurse and to stay home with my youngest daughter to give more time to her and homeschooling . He would speak to me in different ways by different things and through people. I was was a little scared cause I was fixing to have my first child in college. Glad I listened because God has supplied our needs in many ways that I thought was impossible! Scholarships, free piano, babysitting in exchange for dance tuition being paid for and these are just a few examples!

  597. Karen Robert says:

    I have felt “stuck” for the past 2 years….. praying for relief of my husband’s burdens. I last heard God speak to me back then, he said “Trust me… and trust him.” Since then…. SILENCE. It has been a LONG 2 years. The hardest financially, the hardest physically, the hardest emotionally…but spiritually grown leaps & bound. I cry out to God, “Abba….please let me hear You.” and Nothing. Thank you for your article. I’ve found a ray of hope. I’d love to read your book, I feel like it’s God calling me closer. Listen to the Silence!

  598. My word for this year is “trust”…with relationships, rejections, circumstances, outcomes…praying BELIEVING prayers, listening for His comforting answers and trusting in the “due time” of waiting.

  599. It seems that I stumble on to these things from time to time. I believe in my heart, but still feel confused and afraid. I want to learn to hear Him, to stop the worry and the fear. Thank you for those words. 🙂

  600. Patti Blankenship says:

    A very uplifting testimony! I would love to read her book and learn how to listen in the silence!

  601. Thank you for sharing! I have been trying my best to listen to God, it seems that sometimes I struggle to hear Him. I want to be sure that I am listening. God Bless!

  602. What an inspirational devotion. God has been teaching me more and more to trust Him. My heart’s desire is hear His voice and follow where He leads. Thank you for sharing. ?

  603. Kim Lawson says:

    I am in a season in my life where I have learned to listen and to feel God’s presence on a daily basis. The hard part that I am learning now is to obey and do the things that I hear God asking me to do even when they are hard and uncomfortable!

  604. Sharon Peterson says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion. I long to hear God and would love to read this book.

  605. Thank you for sharing!~

  606. lilian ohito says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience i have struggled to hear and listen to God and after reading it has come to me that sometimes we just need to silent for Him to speak and make His will known to me and that He desires me to know His heart.God bless you lilian from nairobi kenya

  607. Thank you and God bless!

  608. Trying to still wrap my head and open up my heart to what we chatted about over breakfast on Saturday. Boundaries, spacious boundaries …not sure how to do that….my thoughts are processing the steps I will need to take…watch out for opportunities (be alert) to those things that come my way good or bad I then choose what I will allow in or stop at a distance …it’s not that I don’t know how to do it…I find I’m so busy and distracted by what I’m attending to i forget and walk in my own strength and call to God out of my need. I thought this was the way to walk but he is calling me to walk in the very center of his identity where I can draw from him which leads me to walk in his ways…I’m learning to listen in every moment….
    This book would be a great tool for me to learn how to listen ….

  609. This is one of my morning verses! To me the verse is saying that I can give a word of instruction or encouragement because I have listened to God. I need to hear that every morning….to remember that it is God speaking through me and that he does that best when I am listening to Him daily, both in the Word & just sitting & waiting on Him. That’s so hard for me, but so necessary!

  610. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of how God is with us even in the times of not getting the answer we want.

  611. Susanna Davey says:

    I was saved almost 35 yrs ago, and I crave to come into an even more intimate life with my Father.

  612. Longing and trying to learn how to listen for Gods voice. To draw closer this year to him in a intimate and loving way.

  613. At 69 my hearing is disappearing and found myself afraid and grateful for reminder with God this is OK be cause He is with me, and in this showing me more of Him than I would have known. With thanks for all things for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus. So with a grateful heart, thank you for hearing and sharing His mighty ways.

  614. Wow….these are a lot of comments how are you guys gonna even see mine. But praise be to God that what the enemy meant for evil God turned it into God. You are bless to be a blessing. Praise be to God for using you to inspire us today. I can’t say sorry for losing your hearing because if I did I would be rejecting the work of God. So I appreciate how God uses you though difficult but He clearly had bigger and a better plan in mind. Keep on trusting God because His compassions fail not. To God be the Glory.

  615. After 4 grueling months of finding out that I had to have stents and 3 being placed only to find out 2 months later I had ovarian cancer and would need 6 rounds of chemotherapy I thought I’d hit bottom. Then later my kidney could not be revived caused from the tumor cutting off the blood supply I sank pretty low and was so angry at God. I couldn’t believe God wouldn’t revive my kidney and wondered how much more I could take. But what I learned is that when you hit bottom you can rest assured God will be there. Exactly when you need him the most. He told me that I could live with only one kidney and that I would live. One day sitting in my bathroom getting ready to have my first chemo treatment I was so afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Wondering how sick I would be or how quickly I would lose all my hair or what else it would do to me. Whether I was going to die or make it. Reflecting back now 12 years later I still hear the voice in that little bathroom to “FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH YOU”. It was loud, it felt audible and it felt unlike anything else I had ever experienced in my life. That still small voice brought me through 5 treatments like a breeze. I never got sick. I did walk the floor for hours after each treatment with restless legs but God held my hand. I’m so grateful that he loved me enough to speak directly into my heart and comfort me.

  616. Tricia Byington says:

    As I read Diane’s devotional I was awed once more that our God does speak even when we feel we are all alone. What an inspirational testimony to the faithfulness of God. A reminder that His plans are greater than ours, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense in the worldly realm. Praise Him for speaking in silence!

  617. This is a book I need to read.

  618. Elizabeth says:

    I really was touched by your devotion on January 5, 2016. It was awesome that you knew God wasn’t going to give you your hearing back but trusted him that things would be okay.

  619. laurie long says:

    Good Morning, I was just thinking the other day, in what way i could help touch my daughter who at 18 years of age realized she had a 60% hearing loss and has slowly drifted from the Lord. I just read your devotions and maybe this is Gods answer. God bless you and Thank you for sharing your precious gift with us!

  620. Erica Murphy says:

    I so enjoyed your devotional this morning. Perfect for anyone who has trusted in the Lord when expectations have shifted. I myself am in a life transition right now. And I find I must continually fast to tune out the many distracting voices if the world. I look forward to learning from your book and passing wisdom along to my women’s ministry. Thank you.

  621. Jessica Leser says:

    This is the first time for me going to proverbs31 devotional, I found her story so touching, with everything that goes on around us we need to remember to stop and focus on Him. Thank you, God has been speaking to my heart about this and this was my reminder.

  622. Such a beautiful message.

  623. Laurie Columbia says:

    Amazing journey of faith.

  624. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I think that being brought up in church and hearing the scriptures so often sometimes, unfortunately, causes us to become deaf to God. I just finished reading John Maxwell’s book “Intentional Living” which reinforces that we all need to stop and think about our actions and be doers. I think that it can apply to our action of listening. I feel that God has been speaking to me through various books, devotions and scripture (probably more like yelling) and I stubbornly have just begun to really listen. Thank you again for sharing your story and heart.

  625. This is one of those devotions that feels written for me. My own hearing loss has challenged me in many ways, but my joy is learning to seek God in the looming silence.

  626. Joyce Kyle says:

    This devotion truly resonated with me. I, too, have a hearing loss. I am not completely deaf but I have to wear hearing aids. I do know the sound of silence. My prayer for the last few years have been for the Lord to help me to “listen” to Him and then to “obey” Him! Jesus and I have made good progress in that department. Sometimes up and sometimes down but headed in the right direction. I am truly blessed by this devotion.

  627. Wow Diane,
    God bless you, God is certainly using you to help others hear Him! Thank you for being a light and blessing!

  628. I immensely enjoyed your devotion today. I would love the opportunity to read your book. May God continue to Bless you!

  629. Thank you. I loved this shared message. Many times I have faced similar circumstances of much lesser crisis. I’ve prayed and tried “control” the outcome by prayer and sheer will. The l lesson so obvious, to pray for God’s will and acceptance of whatever that is. Each morning, prayers of sheer gratitude for gifts in my everyday life and for harmony for the day ahead. Loved your post, thank you.

  630. Thank you for sharing your story. 2015 was the year I began to cry out to the Lord that I needed desperately to hear His voice. Reading today’s Proverb 31 devotional he speaks in the silence confirmed my heart and desire that He does hear us. I still desire to see and hear my Lord in a deep and personal way like never before. My desire to walk and with Him like Abraham did!

  631. Jenny Rodriguez says:

    This was an amazing story to read I would love to read and learn how I sometimes wonder if God speaks to me

  632. perfect devotional for today!

  633. Anne Presutti says:

    Just sending a note to say I would love to read this book’He Speaks In the Silence…I enjoyed reading this devotional.

  634. As we start the new year I want to be more open to God’s voice and His leading.

  635. Trisha Mullan says:

    Sometimes God may tell us something we don’t want to hear, but His Peace and Presence make it “OK” Have experienced that peace that surpasses all understanding and felt very loved.

  636. Debbie Hyland says:

    This touches my heart because my little grandson lost his hearing to illness at 16 months and we all cried the same tears, felt that pain, felt the anger….how could God take away his hearing and separate us from him and him from us? But, we have watched him learn to sign, and communicate and today at 5-1/2 years, he can make himself know well and is a sweet and loving boy. I remember sharing with my son and daughter-in-law during his hospitalization that God has a plan and purpose for Micah and they are for good; that Micah will hear God in ways that we never can. Diane’s message reminded me of that. Thank you!

  637. Jane Scott says:

    The devotional today for Proverbs 31 brought me to tears as Diane spoke of God telling her it was going to be OK. This is where I find myself right now…learning and actually trusting God in the “disappointments”, where I can’t understand exactly where He is. I am starting to “hear” Him each morning as I sit quietly in front of the fire and read His word. This book will be a gift to my journey.

  638. Thank you for such an amazing reminder to block out the ‘noise’ of this world and listen to HIS Word and will for our lives!

  639. This sounds like such a great book!

  640. Tracy Acker says:

    Great reminder that we need to learn to trust God in all things, with all things and at all times!!! Love this message!!

  641. I definitely could use some help sitting before the Lord and listening. Feeling so numb lately. It’s very hard to express. I have no words to even speak.

  642. Sara Berdanier says:

    Thank you ever so much for your words, Diane. This was everything I needed to hear this morning. The Proverbs 31 woman has been heavy on my heart lately. I love hearing of the strength through struggle from you and the other women. Thanks again!

  643. Perfect timing as I was sitting here crying and praying, trying desperately to hear God’s voice when this email popped up in front of me. I will continue to wait to hear from God about His will for me. Thank you for the renewed patience.

  644. Eva Dubois says:

    I am 44 and I am currently going through tests for hearing loss as well. I have been in denial for quite some time that I was losing my hearing. Due to being afraid of facing the fact that I am losing my hearing we are not sure if anything can be done to save or stop the loss of hearing. I just waited too long to have my hearing checked. With all of that being said, thank you for sharing your story with us. In the last two years I have read the bible twice from cover to cover and January the 1st I started a third time. Each time I read it I learn something more and new that touches my heart and life. I hope to be able to accept my hearing loss with as much grace as you have. I know that it is completely in God’s hands. Again thank you for sharing.
    Sincerely Eva Dubois

  645. Kathy Charles says:

    My mother was deaf. She wore hearing aids most of her life and all of mine. But she was depressed and an alcoholic. In my memory she never thought life was fair to her. Our family did have many good times but also some horror stories. We were a church going family. I still wonder if my mom ever sought an answer from God. I pray that she had some sense of understanding in her heart.

  646. Wow- what a powerful story!

  647. Paulina Armstrong says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to receive your book. This is my hearts desire to hear from God. This email is confirmation for me. Just last night, I’d asked a minister what do I need to do to be able to audibly hear from God.

  648. Gary Kins says:

    I originally started receiving these because my wife is struggling with her health issues and needed extra encouragement. I found that they were not just for woman and find real value for me as well. I have shared many of them with other friends as the devotion has applied to their needs.

  649. Kristin S says:

    Thank you for your words of humility and wisdom!

  650. Listening….I need to hear.

  651. We often listen to the voices of others when we need strength and encouragement so this is a good reminder to “listen” quietly for the Lord to renew, strengthen us, and grant us wisdom.

  652. My heart and ears are tuned to hear from our Father. I have asked and I pray that I may hear His presence in my life? Thank you for your post

  653. Linda Frerichs says:

    Thank you for a powerful and very applicable message!!!

  654. God has been diligently dealing with me to learn to listen to His voice. While preparing for the New Year for our Ladies Ministry I came across this. I am excited to learn to hear and receive what God has to say.

  655. This is what I was praying for this morning, to be able to listen to his voice and grow in a closer relationship with him. Thank you for this message, it hit the spot!

  656. LaDena Williams says:

    Love how God met you in the “it’s ok” moment.
    Although my physical hearing is intact, I have had a year long journey of learning to hear the Father’s heart by filtering my hearing, and seeing for that matter, through His perspective. For the first time in my life I hear “love” when He speaks to me instead of disappointment, disgust and anger.
    Your “it’s ok” moment spoke to me this morning as I read it. Hearing Him say “it’s ok” is such a relief!!
    God Bless you and your family.

  657. Diane, you have touched my heart. I desire daily to be still, listen and hear the voice of God. In a world that is so loud and demanding it is sometimes hard to hear. I have found the easy way out…I give my trials and heartaches to God, and let Him take them away; let go, and let God. To some this may be the cowardly way out, but I truly find it the only way to deal.
    Thank you for sharing, and showing us how the Lord has blessed you through your hearing loss, and how the Lord has blessed us with your message today.

  658. I love “I was healed in a place I didn’t know was broken!”

  659. Adriana S. says:

    I had this very scripture come to my heart this morning “He wakens me morning by morning Isaiah 50:4 then I went to this Devotion God’s confirmation that he does hear Me in All my prayers! Thank You for this Divine appointment and your Devotional.

  660. Thank you for your testimony… God is always with us even when it doesn’t feel like it… My baby at 20 mos old started having seizures and God let me know in the middle of the night while holding and cradling her after rounds of seizures that He was with us… She didn’t stop having them for 4 years and now she’s 22 years old ( seizure free) but with severe autism.. God is good and wonderful … He gave me something He knew I would cherish forever here on this earth.. My daughter is wonderfully made in every way… Thank you Father God!!

  661. I needed this as I really sense the Lord is prompting me in a certain area and so far I have not moved than you Lord for your faithfulness and live

  662. Lyndle phillips says:

    God has blessed me so. It hasn’t always been easy. I want to hear his voice!!! I want to know his purpose for me at this time in my life!!!

  663. Wow, Diane I so appreciate hearing from you today. I would love to receive your book. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. It was a timely manner. Hearing yes hearing the voice of the Lord! Thank you Jesus!

  664. Carol Sherwood says:

    Hi Diane…thank you for the lesson. I’m just beginning to seek a daily devotional. At 53, I haven’t studied God’s word for years and made the decision that 2016 was going to be a new start. Ironically, I was searching for a devotional, having zero direction in mind, and I landed here on yours about losing your hearing. I hear just fine; my problem is not listening to God. Your story is welcome news to me and I’m glad this is today’s lesson. It’s a perfect place for me to start. Thank you!

  665. Be still and know he is God. Such a simple request that we in our humanness find it at times difficult to do.
    Thank you Lord for your reminder through this reading today. God bless you all! Nina

  666. Tammy Evans says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. May God Bless you!

  667. Jenny Rice says:

    A wonderful devotional and testimony.

  668. Mary Quick says:

    I was born again at age 19 but havent lived my life the way l should have. Ive made so many mistakes and have paid a high price. I struggle to get close to God and always have but l know he has never left me and l love Him! Please pray for me that whatever blocks me from getting close to God will be broken and that l will learn how to draw close to Him!

  669. Hi, this is very touching and I am eager to read your book.

  670. Ronda Manager says:

    I am listening!

  671. This was just what I needed this morning, THANK YOU, and Praise God! I have been struggling as a mom lately, and not trusting that God is laying the path for my children. I have allowed FEAR to seep into the cracks, and in doing so, I have let the voice of God fade into a whisper. I need to LISTEN, and your article truly helped me to see that I CAN DO IT! Thank you so very much, and may God continue to bless you. What a scary situation you went through 30 years ago – a true inspiration you are! <3

  672. melissa bryant says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your words, spoken from a place of deep love for God and for His people. Tears…of love, God loves me and wants to speak to/with me, He longs for me to hear His voice and for Him to hear mine. Tears…of repentance…for the times I’ve taken hearing His voice for granted…not fully cherishing when He speaks to my heart. Thank you again.

  673. Evelyn price says:

    Confirmation for me….I’m listening

  674. Beth Pearson says:

    What a powerful message! I am encouraged this morning by your example of trusting God With the hard stuff and submitting to His will even if you don’t necessarily like or understand it. Thank you for sharing !!

  675. What an inspiring story!

  676. I have a niece, 18 years old, who was born without ears, no ear canal, only the inner hear….with a couple of surgeries, she has ears and a bone anchored hearing aid….for years, she has been a real trooper about her hearing but recently, she has asked why God would allow this to happen to her….I am glad she has asked the question if it was harbored in her heart….so I think your book would help her so much. In fact, I am going to share today’s devotion which is perfect to demonstrate how someone else many years ago cried out to the Lord and how your life has been blessed by “listening” to God with your heart. Thank you for sharing and living unto Our Lord….Avery

  677. Tammy Kelsey says:

    I loved this devotion. It was a great lesson on learning to listen to God in the midst of trials. Thank you and I will start listening closer to God’s voice so I can receive all He has for me to learn .

  678. Loved Diane’s devotional on hearing God. Such an important concept for all Christians and any healing issue. Trusting God in our anxiety relieves the tension and frustration we feel. So pertinent to leave it with our Maker. He is our only strength and help! 🙂 God bless you all!!!

  679. My 25 year old daughter suffers with invisible isolating debilitating illness in the form of chronic Lyme disease. Having felt the panic of life altered and three years of seemingly unheard pleading for healing,Diane’s thoughts and experience of leaning in and listening to God truly spoke to my heart. We would be so blessed to receive a copy of her book

  680. Debbie A Smith says:

    Even though I can hear, I have not been listening to the Lord with my heart. This is a great reminder to me that I need to take back what the devil has taken from me and rely on the Lord.

  681. Sarah Krueger says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. It spoke very deeply to my core. Thank you.

  682. Melissa Smith says:

    I really am going through a dark, hard season, I would love to know how to better listen and hear His voice.

  683. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is in quietness and silence where we are strengthened. Would love to read your book. May the Lord richly bless you.

  684. Thank you Mrs. Diane for such an amazing and powerful testimony. Added confirmation that even in His silence there is still a mighty word!!! Also, confirmation that even in this seemingly impossible situation…His reassurance settles within me that I
    “Its okay Quila!!!” and that He can make the impossible possible…Hallelujah!!! God Bless You!!!

  685. Christina says:

    Wow. Just this little excerpt caused a stir within my soul. I’d love to read the whole book!

  686. Karmen Mattsen says:

    I have been praying to ‘hear God’ for some time now. I can get so wrapped up in my busy life that I don’t take time to listen. I think he’s telling me to slow down and take time to listen to him, and THEN I will hear him. I have heard Him tell me ‘It’ll be ok’ too, in a time of desperation, the day before my bilateral mastectomy. And He was right – it WAS ok! We have to trust and believe in him, but I first need to learn how to listen to him and to know that it is what HE wants me to hear, and not what I want to hear. I would love to hear what Diane has to teach me and others about listening with our hearts and not our ears.

  687. Lena Wagers says:

    I needed to hear your devotion today, thank you so much for sharing it. Im a single mom of four kids 39 yrs old. I went back to college last summer of 2015 only through Gods streagth and grace. I passed my summer classes an went on to my second semester where I passed all my classes. Yet I received an email stating I couldnt get financial Aide for this Spring term due to my grade average. When I was 19 I attempted college yet found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter who is now 18 an a rape survivor. I dropped out after two weeks because I was scared and gave up my dreams. Yet years later God set me free from 18 years of being abused by their father,being a drug addict, and gave me a new home life HOPE! After I read my bad email I just new Id never do any thing I felt afraid ,empty, except for the weight on my chest; which made me unable to breath. After I read your devotion today,my Lord reminded me he never closes one door without opening another. I also felt immediately ashamed of my pity party I’d been having. I wanted you to know, you were his voice today for me and I Heard Him thank you.

  688. Jennifer Sessions says:

    Your devotion this morning was balm to my aching soul. I have been praying that God would remove a certain ailment I am suffering with, but realized this morning it may just be what I need in my life to grow closer to Him. Thanks for your honesty. I know I will learn a lot from your book. God Bless.

  689. Peta Caldwell says:

    This spoke to me in a way nothing else has. I have alopecia areata, I found out this past summer after living two stressful years of flying back and forth every other month to exchange places with my sister to care for our brother who had stage 4 brain cancer and 3 teenage sons. My hair is falling out and my eyebrows have also. I’ve gone to so many doctors as it was first beginning and finally found one who did a biopsy. He now has me taking medication, rubbing steroid foam on my head and is giving me painful shots once a month in my scalp. All of this is to try to stop the inflammation, which can go on for years.. He also told me my hair won’t grow back. I have felt so much like this author did. I go from being so sad that God who loves me would allow this to happen to saying “OK Lord, I want my life to bring you glory”. I’m not at a place of total peace yet, but praying toward that end. I’d love to read this book!

  690. This one hit home for me. As a single mother with a son who is physically disabled I’m reminded as I age and struggle with my own physical challenges to listen and trust that God is in control and it will be OK. Thank-you for this needed reminder during a challenging time in my life.

  691. Kathleen Basss says:

    Blessed Morning Diane,
    Thank you for sharing such testimony. I would like to have the opportunity to walk through this devotional with God in hopes to better understand Hearing My Father. I have been in prayer to hear from the Lord regarding a series of dreams that I have had where I am certain God is showing my that I’m a Seer but my ultimate desire is to know that i’m clearly hearing from him and prepared to serve him in fullness. Again, blessings and thanks for the inspiration.

  692. I understand the isolation, loneliness and frustration at losing your hearing at a young age, with young children! Thank you for the reminder that it is God’s voice that I need to listen to, and it have faith! It will be okay! Thank you!

  693. Such beautiful words of hearing God speak in such an awful time in your life. In my own experience, God sometimes waits till we’re truly at a point of desparation to speak so we’ll cling to him even more. Oh! That I would listen more closely so I wouldn’t wven come close to those desparate times!!

  694. Thank you so much for this devotional. I am currently seeking God to speak to me of how I may help in my church.

  695. Lena Wagers says:

    I needed to hear your devotion today, thank you so much for sharing it. Im a single mom of four kids 39 yrs old. I went back to college last summer of 2015 only through Gods streagth and grace. I passed my summer classes an went on to my second semester where I passed all my classes. Yet I received an email stating I couldnt get financial Aide for this Spring term due to my grade average.They had averaged in where I hadnt finished in 1997 causeing my average to drop.You see When I was 19 I attempted college yet found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter who is now 18 an a rape survivor. I dropped out after two weeks because I was scared and gave up my dreams. Yet years later God set me free from 18 years of being abused by their father,being a drug addict, and gave me a new home life HOPE! After I read my bad email I just new Id never do any thing I felt afraid ,empty, except for the weight on my chest; which made me unable to breath. After I read your devotion today,my Lord reminded me he never closes one door without opening another. I also felt immediately ashamed of my pity party I’d been having. I wanted you to know, you were his voice today for me and I Heard Him thank you.

  696. I wear hearing aids. After reading this I’m more grateful than ever that my hearing loss can be corrected. What I want to hear most is God directing my life.

  697. Wow! Loved the devotional and would love to read the book.

  698. Than you for being a vessel of God, Diane! This is very timely in my life…

  699. Wow, I have found inspiration and truth in your words. I am also leaning in close and listening for God this year.

  700. Would love to have this book and read more about listening in the silence.

  701. This spoke to me because I’ve had impaired hearing since I was a child. I’m thankful for hearing aids, yet it is a struggle to understand children, such as my grandsons, speaking softly and hurriedly, and to understand people, especially when talking on the phone–which is ironically my job–telemarketing sales.. Thank you for today’s inspiration to listen to God, and for the prayer asking God to help me know His voice. That has been my prayer for quite some time…to know His voice.

  702. Stephanie Burton says:

    Thank you for sharing your struggle and God’s victory in this devotional. I am encouraged by your words. God bless!

  703. I listening but I am not hearing; I am seeking but I am not finding; I am knocking but He doesn’t seem to be there. Our daughter, 43, recently told us she no longer wanted us in her life. My husband and I have been married 50+ years and raised our daughters in a Christian home. Not a perfect home but lots of love and laughter. We are told we are too negative and we, somehow, offended their sensitivities. We are in our mid 70’s and we are devastated. Both of us our depressed. Life has lost it’s beauty and joy.

  704. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder! ❤️

  705. I really need this book.
    We are in a life shake up right now. A lot of changes to be made in our family in 2016. We have a dear family member in hospice who will pass to Heaven soon, changes in our work life, some marriage struggles we are praying for and by the Holy Spirit being intentional to overcome. I want to hear God, I want to give him my broken pieces, my hurts, fears, worries and even though I tell others to do the same, sometimes I don’t follow my own directions. I would love to hear and learn to follow Gods voice better from your book. I’m tired of trying to plan and and seek His will for our lives and I feel as if he is silent. Thank you.

  706. Your words touched my heart. I am searching for my “It’s OK!” from God. Thank you for sharing.

  707. thanks for sharing this! I’m wanting so much to hear Gods vioce nearer & clearer! God bless

  708. Your story is amazing.. We all need to learn to listen more, do less. Would love to read your book

  709. Such timely words, beautiful words. I have been seeking to hear God’s voice, feel His presence in my quiet places. Your prayer is what touched me so strongly. I want to KNOW His voice; I need to be taught; I desperately seek instruction.
    So this will be my daily prayer: Father, I want to hear You, to KNOW that it is Your voice calling me to come close. Your words bring life and hope, wisdom when I am weary, understanding when I’m confused. Will You teach me how to listen? To know and love Your voice? I ask that You do. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  710. Patricia Kemen says:

    Have been seeking God’s voice. Would love to read your book.God bless you

  711. This was so encouraging. I know God wants me to hear him, and this just gave me a new revelation. It also helped me to know that despite my current circumstances, everything is going to be ok.

  712. Good morning Diane,
    I was profoundly touched by your devotion; your heart-wrenching cry to our Lord Jesus. I deeply desire this for myself & my family, especially for my husband who is partially deaf & also “deaf” & doubtful at times about what God is able to do. My faith is Jesus has grown exponentially this year struggling with major depression, sickness, enduring menopause, empty nest stage & being unjustly treated & ultimately dismissed from my workplace. I continually desire to be a shining light to my family & friends & all so that they will “see” Jesus & “hear” His voice by my following Him. I am grateful for your sharing Diane. Bless you in your continung ministry in order for us to “hear”.

  713. I need to know how to find my “It’s OK”

  714. Suzanne McCormack says:

    What a beautiful powerful story..

  715. I wanted to thank you for your words today. This past summer I faced a major uncertainty in my life…such as I had never faced before (at 50 instead of 26). As I struggled each day in prayer and anguish I simply couldn’t believe that God seemed SILENT! I desperately wanted to hear Him assure me. I wanted to know that He was there but heard…nothing! I couldn’t “square” the silence with what I knew about God (“He’ll never leave, nor forsake…” etc.). What God wanted was my TRUST in Him.

  716. My one and only child was diagnosed to have Autism and a whole list of underlying symptoms attached to this diagnosis and one of which is Auditory Processing Disorder and Speech Disturbance. He’s improved and is on his way to recovery but most of the time he’s still quiet / silent. I love to listen to all the things that he has to say but for now I am asked to listen in his silence. Love to read this book and see and watch how this book can transform and help me listen more 🙂

  717. I have been so touched today by this message of learning to listen to God. My prayer for this New Year is to be still and know that he is God and to listen for his voice as he ministers to me.

  718. Darla McCarty says:

    Thanks so much for those words of encouragement. I have lost so many people in my life my daughter my husband my dad and now my mom is dying as well. I do feel void of God and good things even though I know He is there It’s great to read these devotions and get the reminder I need to gain the peace and encouragement to go on

  719. Well spoken words today that went straight to my heart! I have a hard time listening in silence and I would love to hear more of your story!

  720. This is exactly where my heart is this year. We have a daughter in law that has a disease that has no cure. Very hard, as we pray for His will in all of this. Would love to have your book thank you for sharing

  721. I’m trying to listen to God. Sometimes I hear Him and sometimes I know He’s speaking but I’m too far away to hear Him. I want to learn to stay close enough to hear him always.

  722. I need a deeper stronger faith: I know God but I feel sometimes I just don’t really understand what is being said around me. I went to a women bible study for the first time and watch the ladies around me and their smiles has they read your word. The leader is a close friend and a great Godly Women. She has helped me so much and is a blessing to me and God’s word. Thanks to one and all around me that has had patience with me while I stop and just listen. His voice not mine.

  723. Priscilla says:

    Your story is a beautifully powerful one–thank you for sharing!

  724. Shelly Curry says:

    I loved this devotion. For the past two years I’ve been through so much loss and hurt. Trial after trial. I long to hear Gods voice. My family is facing life changing circumstances. Without Gods intervention it appears hopeless with man. I believe Gods promises for my family and have committed them to Him. I’d love a copy of this book. God bless you for your ministry.

  725. How timely for me today. My husband is facing back surgery and I’m stressed out and concerned for the outcome. I needed to hear that “It’s ok”. I can go through the day knowing that God has this in his hands.

  726. Lori Acker says:

    Awesome Devotion. Thank you for these words. My longing is to hear HIM more intimately. Can’t wait to read further, study deeper.

  727. Would love to read & share this book. Being still & listening doesn’t come naturally for most of us.

  728. I would love to hear God clearly and at all times. His voice is so crucial to fulfilling His purpose and without the ability to hear Him I would be lost. I want to hear that still small voice from withing my heart.

  729. I have often wondered why I do not “hear” God. Maybe I am to loud or to busy and rushed to hear His voice.

  730. CYNDI BISHOP says:

    This was so beautiful, I also lost my hearing a few years back. One ear at a time. I was at work and my boss was talking to me only I didn’t hear her. She was almost yelling at me. Then realized I really couldn’t hear her. I have 4 children that are grown and have 9 grandkids. It was really hard for me to not hear the little ones talking to me until I got hearing aids. I still have problems but not as bad as it used to be. This story really touched me and now I realize that God is speaking to me and maybe I need to listen more to him now then ever. Thank you,
    Cyndi Bishop

  731. Dori Sheese says:

    Wow! An AMAZING STORY! Thank you, Lord God, for my hearing and bless Diane even more for sharing her story! I cannot imagine not having one of my senses in this world, and pray that God will continue to bless you! I would love to read your book and learn to listen to God, and be able to share it with others in my church and community.

  732. Diane,
    I do so understand. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, progressive vision loss. I was diagnosed when I was 28. At forty-eight, I learned I also had progressive hearing loss. So I am looking at a future of being deafblind. I have something called Usher Sundrome, dual loss. I have the hearing loss more than anything. I am not adjusted to it yet. I have moderate to severe hearing loss. I am taking it day by day in trusting God. I have had a couple of awful moments with my hearing. But God always brings me encouragement through someone I meet and I’m okay after that. I am a motivational speaker and talk to others about coping with vision and hearing loss.
    hank you for this devotion. Sometimes God doesn’t heal us but instead asks us to deepen our faith and uses us to shine the light in the darkness.

  733. Brandy Velasquez says:

    Thank you Diane for your awesome testimony. Reading this today really spoke to my heart. I have trouble hearing God’s voice and what he is trying to tell me. But I have heard Him tell me “It’s ok”. I am in the middle of a very dark season in my life…I am at the very beginning of going through a divorce that I really did not want. I have been married 17 years and have stuck by my husband no matter what, but I think it is all coming to an end. One night I was sitting outside in my back yard crying my eyes out because I had found out that my husband was having another affair, but this time it was with someone I knew, It hurt so bad. As i stared up at the night sky with all of it beautiful stars, I seen a shooting star and at that exact moment is when I heard God’s voice saying it’s ok. I know that He speaks to me and tries to get my attention, it’s just me..sometimes I can’t hone in and listen. I would really love to read your book! God Bless!

  734. Donna Doverspike says:

    This story has inspire me! thank you for sharing.

  735. Esmeralda says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimony. It brings to me joy and happiness to know that we are able to hear God’s voice. I would love to read one of your books. Thank you and May the blessings of the Lord be upon your life and family.

    God bless,

  736. Cynthia Wagner says:

    Thank you for sharing part of your story. I am also loosing my hearing. Have you written about how you learned to communicate with others?

  737. What a beautiful testimony! I would love to have this book to read & share with others.

  738. Jamie Dunkerly says:

    I believe that God is calling me deeper into Him in 2016, would love to read your book.

  739. I want to hear Him with the ears of my heart

  740. susan backhaus says:

    I seek to become a better listener!

  741. Hi, thank you for this wonderful devotion and for sharing your story! I would love a copy of this book to give me renewed perspective on how to listen to God. Thank you!

  742. Thank you for sharing. It is so hard sometimes to tune out the noise of the day-the noise of our own plans- and to just be still and listen to him. Your words were right on time for me.

  743. Margaret Flournoy says:

    Hi Diane this is so encouraging. I have been going through something that requires a move. Man move or God’s move!!!! On Sunday early in my quiet time I ask for a certain sign to my prayer request. I needed an answer by 11:59 pm. That time came and pass 2 times. What happen., I ask God. He had answer prayers before. Many times. In 2007 my kids and I were homeless. Couldn’t understand why, but God said to me, “will you trust Me.” It was hard but I did. What happen to this prayer, what happen this time. My thoughts started to stray until I open your devotion this morning.
    Thank you so much for letting God use you at this time.

  744. Nan Perkins says:


  745. Sylvia Goupil says:

    I am desperate to hear God speak in a time in my life where the circumstances are troubled and I am so weary. Waiting on the promises of God but finding myself feeling fearful when the day begins and when the day ends. Being in His presence brings me peace to face the day but I am so desperate for more.

  746. Truth is we all need to stop and listen in the Spirit and rely less on the physical.

  747. I want to learn to listen to God in my life.

  748. Stephanie says:

    Would love to read this.

  749. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I’ve felt so spiritually deaf- maybe because I’m not hearing what I want to. Thank you for the wonderful scriptures!

  750. I am on a 21-day fast with my church and my sister sent your story to me today. My goal on the fast is to be closer to God and to learn how to be obedient and more willing to do God’s will. Your story fed my spirit and told me to learn to listen because God will hear you even when it seems that He isn’t. He listens from the very first time you opened your mouth and cried out to Him. Thank you for such an inspiring story.

  751. Alma hambleton says:

    Thank you for this reminder today, to listen in the quietness of our heart amid the chaos of the worlds noise.

  752. Karissa Hernandez-Reyes says:


  753. Kathleen Maclachlan says:

    The honesty and truth-telling in this post is so meaningful. A timely message for many of us and I’d like to share this at our upcoming quarterly church “quiet day.”

  754. Vicky Fleischmann says:

    Learning to be still and listen is my challenge in this season of my life.

  755. Darcy day says:

    I want to be intentional about getting rid of the “noise” in my head and start to listen and be still. I need to focus on God’s Will!

  756. God is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us

  757. Michello jahnsen says:

    Thank you for your insight. I’m currently walking thru a divorce after 24 years. We have three amazing beautiful adult kids. I’ve prayed for god to heal our broken connection for 23 years. I trusted that He would, He could, I know it wasn’t part of His plan for us to divorce. Unfortunately, my husband hasn’t ever been surrendered to the Holy spirit. His heart is hardened. I’m broken, but God has been kind, loving, providing strong believers, work and transforming me. I choose to trust him regardless. I’m learning how to be thankful in all circumstances, to rest in him even though I don’t understand or see what he has planned.
    I would love a copy of your book to help me to listen, trust, follow and rest. For years I’ve done, kept busy, tried to perform and earn my worth. God wants me to simply trust, listen. Help me to learn his mysterious ways.
    You’re sister in Christ.

  758. Loved the testimonial this am.

  759. I would love a copy of the book. My sister lost her hearing as a teen and believes God gave her an extra sensitivity to the lords voice. I would live to learn how to hear him more clearly.

  760. Thank you for the devotion this morning, it spoke to my heart. I would love to read your new book.

  761. Diana Derrington says:

    I love this message. It’s timely in that as we reflect on a new year, a season of refreshing, we need to slow down and listen for His voice. Looking deep into our lives and seeking God more.

  762. Thank you for sharing your inspiring story and congratulations on publishing your book! God is using you in amazing ways. Blessings!

  763. This post and this book really spoke to me because for the past 3 weeks I have been seperated from my husband and trying to hear God’s direction through this whole thing. And hearing God is something I’m desiring.

  764. Ruby Kerns says:

    I was 19 yrs old, ready to walk down the aisle to get married, and God said loud and clear, “you should not be doing this”. It totally caught me off guard, and I remember thinking, “but, I can’t stop this thing now….what do I do?” And my father started walking me down the aisle and I got married. 29 years later we were divorced……..and over those years, my children’s well being and my ex-husband’s well being and my well being were shredded to pieces……….I did my best to be a Christian wife and mother, and prayed and cried out to God for help to fix the mess we had made through all those years of our lives, but now my son and daughter and their children are struggling with trusting God and mankind. And I feel I let them all down by not “listening” to The Lord all those years ago.

  765. Minnie Ross says:

    I would love to win your book. I just cried out to God this morning not my will but Your will. I have tried it on my own and my way hinders my growth. Thank you for the opportunity of reading your book if I selected and even if I’m not selected I want to purchase the book.

    Thank you

  766. Awesome and so timely. God has been revealing Himself to me in what seemed to be silence about an issue that I have been praying about.By His Spirit He lead me to the exact scripture Rev. 3:20 which I jotted down in my journal about a month ago. Blessings!

  767. Terri Taylor says:

    I am hearing impaired and I understand where you were at in today’s devotion. I was there even more when my 2 children were diagnosed as hearing impaired. That was 23 and 19 years ago, respectively. Today my daughter is in grad school to become an audiologist. God is awesome!

  768. Phyllis Dorman says:

    I’m thankful for your testimony that encouraged me today and, I’m sure, many others. It’s during those seemingly quiet times that we feel God isn’t listening that we learn how big He is and how desperately we need Him. During my husband’s doctor visits, listing time, and double-lung transplant surgery, and now a year after, we have discovered a greater peace and understanding of God’s character than we knew before this journey. Oh, how He loves and cares for His children! Blessings to you!