Hidden Hardships Behind Closed Doors

Hidden Hardships Behind Closed Doors

August 28, 2013

“On the day I called, You answered me; You made me bold with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138:3 (NASB)

Hidden behind the door of many homes is the reality of hardship. A devastated home isn’t always apparent on first impressions, is it?

Take Susanna Wesley’s life for instance. A quick glance reveals she was married to a preacher in the late 1600s. They had 10 children, two of which grew up to bring tens of thousands of people to Christ: John and Charles Wesley. Sounds like a sweet story, doesn’t it?

But if we look behind the door of her home, hard conditions were the norm. Her husband, Sam, couldn’t (or wouldn’t) manage their finances well. They disagreed on everything from money to politics. This couple actually had 19 children; sadly, nine died in infancy. Sam left Susanna for long periods of time—sometimes over something as simple as an argument—leaving the duty of raising their children to her alone.

One of their children was unable to walk. Another couldn’t talk until the age of six. Susanna herself was desperately sick most of her life. Their home burned to the ground twice; everything they owned crumbled to ashes. One of her daughters became pregnant out of wedlock. They had no money for food or necessities. Sam even went to debtor’s prison.

Long before Susanna had an inkling of how difficult her married life would be, she made the Lord a promise. When she was young, Susanna committed that for every hour she spent in entertainment, she would give the same amount of time to Him in prayer and in the Word.

Taking care of the house and raising so many kids made this commitment nearly impossible to fulfill. She had no time for either entertainment or long hours in prayer! This wife and mother worked the gardens, milked the cow, schooled the children and managed the entire house herself.

It would have been understandable if Susanna reneged on her promise to the Lord. But she didn’t. Instead, she gave the Lord two hours a day in prayer!

As you can imagine with 10 kids, she struggled to find a quiet place to get away with God. So she advised her children that when her apron was over her head, that meant she was in prayer and couldn’t be disturbed.

Susanna was devoted to her walk with Christ, praying for her children, and growing in the knowledge of the Word … no matter how hard life was.

This dedicated woman’s story may have never been known to anyone but the Lord and her children, except for the fact that her example greatly inspired two of her sons. They both said that their mom influenced them more than any other person.

John and Charles Wesley became powerhouses for the glory of the Lord. John preached to nearly a million people in the 1700s. He brought revival everywhere he traveled and taught the Word of God! Charles wrote over 9000 hymns, many of which we still sing today.

In the middle of great hardships, Susanna consistently tapped into her source of strength. She connected intentionally with the Lord every day. It’s amazing how her choices influenced not only her family, but also countless individuals, families and worshippers over the years.

Hidden behind the door of my home, I want my children to see a mom who prays, no matter how busy I am or how hard my circumstances. I’m going to continue letting Susanna’s example influence me. How about you?

Dear Lord, I need Your wisdom, peace and strength. Help me to rely on You and not myself. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
How much time are you spending with Jesus every day in prayer and in the Word?

Make a plan for how you can increase your time with Him. When your kids grow up, how will they describe how you handled hardships?

Power Verses:
Proverbs 31:28a, “Her children arise up, and call her blessed …” (KJV)

1 Chronicles 16:11, “Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.” (KJV)

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  1. Susanna consistently “tapped” into her source of strength…?

  2. Dee Rochelle says:

    When you make God your foundation, your core, your rock; there is nothing that you will encounter that you will not be able to withstand. And as an additive the new covenant allows you to withstand it with grace. Ain’t God AMAZING?!

  3. Be blessed womn of God for the powerful encouragement.


  4. I want to thank you for this post, this is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. It’s amazing how God works things out in your life. Being a Pastors wife I struggle with trying to keep everyone content. When God is who I should be seeking to serve. I can’t even imagine having having this many kids and still finding time to spend with God. This is a great example to me in showing me how important it is to spend time with God not only for me but for my Children and church family also. Thanks you for your Encouragment!

    • Kathryn being a pastors wife you should get one of Susanna Wesley’s books. I think there is more inspiration for you to be gleaned. I have two books on her, one written by Sandy Dengler entitled- Susanna Wesley Servant of God and the other one is written by Rebecca lamar Harmon entitled Susanna Mother of the Wesleys.
      Blessings to you!

  5. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like Jesus will be back to get his people, SOONER than later? With what’s going on in Syria, I feel like shouting from the rooftops for people to get ready because it’s almost time! Has anyone listened to the radio show Prophesy Today? It’s all lining up so perfectly and we need to spread the word!!!!! I’m nervous but excited! Is there anyone out there who feels the way I do??

    • I haven’t heard of the show Prophesy Today. I’ll have to go listen to some of the archives! I do agree with you-the signs of the time is getting intense. Let’s scream it from the rooftops for sure! The harvest is ready and the laborers are few-let’s pray for harvesters to go into the fields!!

      • I agree the harvest is ready and the laborers are few. Lord, help me to be a soul winner, to spread the love of God everywhere I go and may my light shine for Jesus. I pray that people will be lead to Christ through my words and deeds as I allow the Holy Spirit to dirct my words and my actions. I pray that I will take advantage of every opportunity that Christ makes available to me to be a witness for Him.We are letters from Christ to the world…a living message of love. Lord, I pray that my life is pleasing to You and that I can lead many people to You, the Life Source, while there is still time. Grant this plea, I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen

  6. Sharon – you are one of my favorite writers – thank you and may God richly bless you and the lives you touch through your writings! Have a wonderfully blessed day – thanks for enriching others!!!!!

  7. Jenni – I am so glad you mentioned the current events that are all around us! Signs are indeed everywhere – with the fires, the raging rivers of hail in Colorado from the storm last week, the landslides – the sink holes . . . Revelation is here –

    • Many are going through intense hardships-I’m praying hourly for those!
      I am reminded of a verse in Daniel 11:35, “And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, until the time of the end; because it is still for the appointed time.” The verse before that one says that those of understanding will instruct many. Let US be strong and faith filled in middle of the hardest days and may the Lord use us to bring many to Him!

  8. Thank you …thank you. So encouraging and yet so convicting to me. I’ve been complaining too much about “how hard my life is.” tsktsk. My life is not anywhere near as hard as Susanna’s. The Lord spoke right to my heart. Thank you.

  9. Sharon Thank you for this. THis really spoke to my heart and this is something that I need to practice with my son daily and pray with him instead of telling say your prayers when I tuck him to bed.
    My daughter is 18 yrs old and on her own schedule shes graduated from high school and works. I need add prayer time for her and I. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome Rachel! The most important disciplines seem to be the hardest to fulfill amidst a busy day. The Lord is going to bless your family by your obedience in doing this! Thank You Lord!

  10. Nancy Brown says:

    What a pleasant surprise to read the post about Susanna Wesley this morning. Everyone can benefit from her faith story and the impact she had upon millions of Christians through her sons, John and Charles. Our pastor is currently preaching a sermon series entitled “Revival-Faith as Wesley Lived It.” The sermons can be accessed online here: http://www.cor.org/worship/current-sermon-series/

  11. This post was so encouraging to me this morning. I am a struggling Christian in every sense of the word. I have walked away from God in my life and now that I am coming back there are so many factors trying to keep me away. I am returning to college and have seven classes which is enough to send me over the edge but several other negatives recently came into play as well. I know I need to carve aside time in my day to be with God but with seven classes I am so overwhelmed and do not know how I am going to do it. Hearing about someone with ten children and an absent husband makes me realize as a single female that I can find the time and it will be well worth it to take the time to be quiet before God. Thank you for putting things into perspective.

    • Bethany- 7 classes is A LOT!! I’m not going to ask why you took so many! That’s overload, but Susanna Wesley was overloaded too. I have found 100% of the time when I spend time with Jesus and His Word everyday everything else comes into order on fast speed. Everyone asks me all the time, “How in the world do you accomplish so much Sharon.” If I wasn’t on my knees before Him all the time I would accomplish next to nothing well. He super charges me, gives me wisdom because I ask Him everyday and protects me from saying yes to the wrong things that can drain my ability. Lord- supercharge Bethany with your wisdom and power today and the coming days. Draw her to Your Word and Your presence! In Jesus’ name, amen

      • Sharon: Thank you so much for the encouraging word and prayer! I am in a teacher certification program in Pennsylvania and in order to finish in one year (which all of the profs. tell me is possible) I needed to take seven classes this fall before student teaching in the spring; otherwise there is no way I would be taking this heavy of a course load. You are absolutely right, it is beyond overwhelming! I feel like God has put me in this place and has tested my every limit lately to prove that I need to rely on Him because only He is capable of making this dream a reality. He is definitely showing me I can’t do it alone! Thank you for your encouraging words, I will keep them in the forefront of my mind.

    • Bethany…I felt on my heart a need to respond to your post. Bless you for your strength to come back to God and all a christian life has to offer. The amazing benefit of being a Christ follower is the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide us and shoulder our hurts and pains. Time in prayer….actually communication with God can be on-going and anywhere. You can say “mini prayers” all throughout the day…while driving, in class, cleaning, exercising. Just open your heart to God’s presence and talk to him…he’s not asking for long fancy prayers with big words…He knows your heart and wants you to put your faith and trust in Him. Lifting you up today as you undertake this challenge.

      • Thank you Di!

      • Thank you so much Di! I have probably prayed more in the past two weeks than this entire past year. I have been brought to my knees time and time again just realizing and saying to God that I cannot do this and that I desperately need Him in my life again. I know God uses all different means of bring you back to that place of having a relationship with Him and this was my huge reality check. I have a 40 minute commute to class and I spend the majority of it saying mini-prayers and asking for strength to make it through the day or even just the moment. I am so grateful that His arms are always open! Thank you again for your encouragement!

    • Bethany,
      God’s Word is the foundation to all knowledge. You are overloaded, but with God all things are possible. Begin your day with Him in prayer and studying His Word, even if you have to go to bed early and get up an hour early to be with Him. You will be #AMAZED at how God will supply His peace and order for the other activities of your day. Put Him FIRST and “all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33). You can do it my sister. Praying the you will seek Him with your whole heart.

      • Thank you Joycelyn! I am realizing very quickly how much time is being taken up by my classes but I have started to get up an hour early so I can spend time with Him…He knows I would rather be sleeping and I do become distracted thinking about all that my day is going to contain but I know that my day is going to be even more difficult without Him so the distractions become part of prayer to get through everything. Part of my worship is simply listening to Christian radio while I am getting ready instead of having the TV on with some mindless entertainment and I cannot believe how much of a difference that has made.
        Thank you again for your encouragement and your prayers!

  12. On more than 1 occasion, but 1 that was louder than others, I told Him that if He wanted these bones to move, He had to breathe into them bc I couldn’t do more. I had 2 boys ages 2 and 18 both yelling “I can do it” and they couldn’t…and I couldn’t. He had to.
    Great reminder, thanks ~ holding the thought in my postures today.

  13. Sharon: Take you so much for sharing Mrs Wesleys life. I was having a pitty party this morning until I read this. Life seems so hard. After reading this, I do not have anything to complain about.

    • You’re welcome Esther! Lord give Esther renewed strength for the journey today! Increase hope and peace in her home. In Jesus’ name, amen

  14. Sharon,

    Thank you for this devotion. This women had a trillion more things going on in her life and she still found time to meditate on God’s work and seek him out. Her determination and wantingness to have a closer relationship with HIM helps to give me the encouragement that I need to realize that spending time with HIM is of utmost importance and should definitely be on my priority list. I pray that I am able to remember this and apply it.

  15. Cleverley says:

    Thank you for this. Just a few days ago I was blogging about her. But for me its about hiding in the bathroom . lol. With 5 boys in my house and I am the only girl, and living in a small home there is nowhere to have privacy but the bathroom, so I will go in there and just sit and pray and collect my thoughts. It works wonders. God is my strength ,he is there for me no matter where or when all I have to do is show up and give him my time.. And not every day do I do that but I do try. Love how God confirms things in our life..

  16. Crystal Hidalgo says:

    I am so thankful for this ministry. I look forward to reading the devotion every day before I have my quiet time with God. It always encourages me.

  17. Patricia McCoy-Panniell says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This is my first time on your website and I sit here at my computer blown completely away by the devotion for today. Talk about Purpose Perspective and Persistence!!! What really amazes me is knowing that God is not telling me (through this devotional) “Patricia when you compare your current life situation to Susanna Wesley, you really need to get it together, get focused and carry on” , I hear Him saying to me that no matter the situation, circumstances or forces that are affecting your life today, choose, yes CHOOSE to let Me be the focal point of your life and My Purpose will be revealed in you. Thank you for this devotional today, this was my first time here, but surely not my last, God Bless you and meet your every need in His Son Christ Jesus the LORD.

    • Amen Patricia! Welcome to the P31 family too!

    • Patricia, I really appreciate you sharing how God wants you to look at Sussana Wesley’s life. I get stuck on comparisons and always end up feeling I don’t “do” enough or am not as godly as other women. Having just one child, who is now 21, usually meant getting comments from other moms that I couldn’t possibly have problems etc. Thank youmformsharing God’s perpective. And thanks to Prov 31! Always touched by the devotions! Thank youmSharon for today’s devotion!

  18. Shirley Allen says:

    This devotion was added to our Group OBS and the “apron” really brings home the radical obedience required to #stickwithit and REMAIN in Jesus daily, no matter the cost. Growing up in church, I was blessed by the Wesley’s hymns. However, I had not learned of their family’s hidden-hardships-behind-closed-doors until today. I know it exists in our world, as it touches my life everyday in some form. Thank you.

  19. I would love to read this biography. Is there a particular book you read about their family life? There are so many books about the Wesley family I couldn’t easily find it on Amazon. Thank you for this beautiful post. I am thinking about giving the book (if I find it!) and an apron to my girlfriends for Christmas gifts, what an encouragement.

    • That’s a GREAT idea Jessica! The two books I recommend are one written by Sandy Dengler entitled- Susanna Wesley Servant of God and the other one is written by Rebecca lamar Harmon entitled Susanna Mother of the Wesleys.
      You can get vintage CUTE aprons on ebay for great prices.

  20. Thank you Jesus, for this message of hope and gentle reminding. I’m going through one of the hardest seasons in my life right now – Menopause on top of depression, focusing on being a Proverbs 31 woman (seriously, I do). I have an adult son who has strayed away from God and into the darkness of crystal Meth – I haven’t heard from him for two years this time around. My husband is AMAZING and understanding and picks up where I lack. I haven’t had but a total of 7 hours of sleep in 3 nights – one of the beautiful symptoms of menopause, therefore, I’m exhausted at every turn. I’m a care manager for high-risk prenatal moms and NICU babies… many of the moms are antepartum drug addicts. My heart and words are calm, but my body is tense, exhausted, and frustrated. Lord – please gently poke me to come spend time with you daily and several times a day. Remdind me that if I get on the piece of junk treadmill which now holds two sweaters drying, that it’s an opportunity to not put Pitbull music on and exercise, rather to take another walk and talk with You. I am going to get through this. YOU are going to hold my hand and walk me through this crazy, funky time. I love You, Daddy!! Thank you for never leaving me, nor forsaking me!

    • Wow Birdee -how are you doing it on so little sleep? I’m a nutritionist. What is your diet like? Are you getting good nutrition? Menopause is brutally hard without a really great diet to support your system. Fruits and vegetables grown for mass market are low in nutrition. Organic foods have more nutrients. Processed foods don’t have much to offer other than negative affects. Even on a great diet there are tweaks that can improve your symptoms. Lord thank you for Birdee and her heart for You! Heal her body of these menopause symptoms and give her rest and sleep for her weary body. Bring her son to You! Open the window of heaven and pour out on this family such blessings that they won’t be able to contain them all! In Jesus’ name, amen!

      • Sharon – thank you for your prayers and encouragement!!!
        I have been hoping to have input from a nutritionist!!! Seriously, the past several weeks I have considered going to one. I had gastric bypass 4 years ago, but hit a stall with 35 pounds to go. My biggest issue is I have Lupus and am not sure if some of these symptoms are that OR the menopause. Anyway, I manage the Lupus quite well. I eat a very well-balanced diet probably 85-90 percent of the time, with Friday being my “free day.” When I do the free day, it’s one, maybe two glasses of white wine in the evening and a splurge meal of cioppino and that’s about it. I try to buy as fresh food as possible and avoid the INTERNAL part of the grocery stores – in all honesty, I don’t buy much organic because I shop only once a week and organic spoils quick for me… could Denver have anything to do with that? Anyway – I hear about soy being good for you, then not good for you, so I’ve avoided it. My diet is very low-fat, low-carb, lots of greens (love kale and spinach especially) and I shoot for color. I drink one double-shot latte in the morning around 8 and I can’t seem to let go 🙂 No other caffeine the rest of the day. I have been drinking cucumber/lime/mint water for most of my beverages – 6-8 glasses a day, sometimes more. MY PROBLEM? Exercise. I’ve made the commitment to get back on the treadmill today since I read that exercise can combat sleep deprivation. God said do ANYTHING it takes, no matter how painful – “See what I have done for you already.” I am determined to heal FAST and SOON!! Any direction? I will seriously shop daily if I HAVE TO! Tell me what I need to do. Thanks for prodding me 🙂

  21. Wow, thank you for this devotional! It was RIGHT ON TIME!!!!!!!!! Be blessed.

  22. Bethany….I have been and still am in your shoes swinging day and night shifts as a nurse.I got myself in a habit most days of a devotional time of 20 to 30 minutes with coffee and a quiet place(before I access my phone or computer) years ago.It sets the pace and now I can not stop doing it…it is rare not to.It helps me so much In the beginning…. you may have to set the alarm even for 530am but it is a habit I wish i had started in college..it would have blessed me and saved me much grief.Prayed for you too…

    • Thank you Kathy, I feel for you too with your work shifts. Being a nurse is no easy position especially when your schedule is all over the place. I have started getting up an hour earlier than I need to and so far have been incredibly blessed by the results. I am so glad that God also hears us when we are in the car, at work, or even in the shower if that is what it takes to talk with Him.
      Thank you for your prayers!

  23. My family is going through a series of trials right now. It is easy to focus on the now and get overwhelmed by what is happening that it is hard for me to see the future. Reading about Susanna helped me realize that trials come and go, and it is important to realize that these are times you have to rely on God. I imagine that was what Susanna was doing with her apron over her head – handing it all over to God, again and again. Thank you for this reminder that we need to stay in prayer. Our children are watching us.

    If anyone feels led, please pray for my family. Thank you.

    • I agree Melissa, I believe Susanna was not only going to her father, but confiding in her friend….Sometimes we want to talk to people or our spouses about our trials and hardships, but God is the ultimate healer and deliverer. It’s nice to know that when our now is overwhelming and there’s no one to help or confide in, we can put our apron over our head and go meet God. Lord I pray for Melissa and her families trials in this hour. You know they’re each and every need Lord and I ask that you make all things work together for Melissa and her loved ones. I pray that her children see the strength of God in her and rise and call her blessed. Lord God, I ask that you send Peace to Melissa’s household and peace to her heart. When she comes to you in prayer that you envelop her in your arms and make her accutely aware that you are there, walking with her through these storms. I say that her children will marvel at her undying faith and those things that seem impossible and overwhelming, become possible and victorious. In Jesus name. Amen

    • Lord, bless Melissa’s family. Provide for them and pour Your peace on them right now, in Jesus’ name, amen

  24. Kay Parrish says:


  25. Hope Hardy says:

    I so needed this today as school has just started and life gets so busy. I needed to be reminded to slow down and give time to prayer. Love the reminder my children are always watching me and how I handle things and life. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!!

    • Lord bless Hope with greater vision into the future when the busyness of the day gets overwhelming. Give her strength and hope as only You can. In Jesus’ name, amen

  26. Praying for and standing with all these amazing women in this room right now!!

  27. Oh Sharon,
    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is the first of my ever hearing about Susanna Wesley. What a beautiful, faithful, committed life. Thank you for sharing a very crucial part of her life with us and offering such words of great encouragement. I will try to purchase those books. I am interested in reading more about her faith journey. I am so glad that God created us “female” and in His image. I love you all and am blessed to be a part of the P31 OBS family. (We Are Family! I’ve Got All My Sisters With Me!) Praise God!

  28. Joan Davis says:

    This was truly an inspiring story? I thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  29. Amazing….Thank You for sharing. Anna

  30. Sharon, Thank you for sharing the Wesley family story. One mom can make an eternal difference. Lord, strengthen moms to share Jesus with their children and live lives that honor You. Amen.

  31. Not sure which P I am but I know I need to learn to go to God for everything, now I rarely do and just take care of it myself, yeah because we all know that works soooo well 🙂 I want to be someone that talks to God about EVERYTHING! I have increased it, I have been leaving my drive to work for God, sometimes I talk, sometimes I try to be patient and listen and lately I have been catching up on the Connection Calls which is still with God. Thank you so much for this study!

  32. So what book did thus come from? I would love to read more about her! Thank for for a great devotional!

  33. Thank you so much, Sharon, for sharing the story of Suzanna Wesley! Wow, what an encouragement to remain true and faithful and in PRAYER! Hugs to you :-).

  34. Vimalkumari David says:

    I read the article & was greatly moved. With all our comforts I don’t give much time for the Word of God or for prayer .Have decided to be at the feet of the Lord and raise up a Godly generation!

  35. How helpful it is for us all to hear, as Paul Harvey used to say, the rest of the story. How many times have we, especially we women, compared ourselves to figures such as Susanna Wesley and found ourselves lacking because we did not have “the rest of the story”. I pray that all women will come to know that God is always there for them, that God does not compare them to anyone else, and that trusting in God, they can accomplish much more than they can imagine.

  36. Dharmesh Rai says:

    It really inspired me. As I went through the message tears were filling my eyes…I could see God working in me…..in my family…in my two kids…Mrs Wesley’s life is really an ecouragement and inspiration to all christian mothers…not only mothers, but to fathers too. (I am a father)..My wife gets so busy and tired in her daily chores and raising children that she hardly have time for meaningful prayer and reading word of God..She is a lovely wife and caring mother…She needs my and your prayers…Please pray for my wife that her prayer life be transformed and raise up our two children in the midst of all her works and assignments with much faith, prayer and His word, .as mrs Wesley had done..God bless you all.

    • Lord, we ask that You fill this family with more of Your presence and power. Bless Dharmesh’s wife with increased faith and joy. Thank You Lord!! In Jesus’ name, Amen

  37. I love the fact that she put her apron ofer her head! makes me want to go buy an apron just to signal to my babies that “this is mommy time”! What an inspiration. I have said for a few years now, you never know what someones life is like behind closed doors. I grew up in a family with 5 kids, I am the oldest and the only girl. My entire life, ppl would say, “i bet YOU are spoiled”. Fact of the matter is, there were MANY nights my parents did not eat because we didn’t have enough food to go around. my parents never really let on how bad they had it or how much they struggled to provide for our basic needs, but they never failed to have us at church every Sunday. I remember all 7 of us piled in a 6 person car, we often sat 2 of the youngest kids in the same seat just to transport everyone. this message really hits home for me and I thank you for sharing it. God Bless!

  38. I drop a comment each time I like a post on a site or if I have something to aadd to the
    conversation.Usually it is caused by the fire communicated iin the article I read.
    And on this articlke Hidden Hardships Bhind Closed Doors — Proverbs 31 Ministries Devotions.
    I was moved enough to drop a comment 🙂 I do have some questions for you if
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