Hope Does Not Disappoint

Hope Does Not Disappoint

March 16, 2015

“And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:5 (NASB)

Stacey Thatcher

I turned off the ignition and eyed the grocery store entrance. People came and went with Sunday night dinner fixings, while I tried to encourage myself out of my seat. I paused, closed my eyes and considered camping out in the parking lot. It wouldn’t matter, I reasoned. Except for the small detail of my sweet family waiting at home for something special from the kitchen. They would probably appreciate some sort of effort from me in that department.

I’ll admit it; I was disappointed.

We’d moved to a new city a few weeks before and by then, the newness had worn off. Running errands was no longer an adventure. It was simply one more thing on my to-do list. Conveniently, Miss Disappointment had shown up in the past week with her best friend named Loneliness. On this particular day, I argued with both of them.

To top it off, my newborn baby girl was getting really good at crying and not sleeping. I, on the other hand, was crying because I wanted to sleep and thought a nap in my van seemed like a good idea. Thinking better of it, I had a little pity party for myself instead and was about to start singing the Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me song, but then I realized what I needed to do.

I prayed.

Lord, I’m trying, but I just can’t take this anymore. I need to know You are here, and I really need someone to say my name.

My prayer may sound silly to you, but it was important to this small-town girl now living in the big city without one friend to call her own. It had been weeks since anyone said my name out loud. Tears began to trickle out of the corners of my eyes. I figured I knew better than to give them a place to fall. I stuffed every last one down into the secret places of my heart, walked into the store, grabbed a cart and tried to remember what was on my list, which of course I’d left at home.

I spotted the two bubbly girls immediately. They were laughing and carrying on and I was jealous and annoyed at the same time. When I passed by them, they were clearly enjoying an inside joke. Longing filled my heart. Loneliness was now laughing at me, but as I reached for a jar of spaghetti sauce, I heard one of them say, “Is your name Stacey?”

I froze, wondered if I had imagined it, and said, “Yes.”

As it turned out, one of the girls was a long-lost friend from college. We hugged and chatted briefly. The tears I had pushed back were edging near the surface, so I made my small purchase and hurried to the van. I burst into uncontrollable sobs of joy as the door shut behind me and said, “Lord, only You could do that. Thank You.”

I drove back home to my family a different woman. Known and noticed, I realized God saw me and was with me wherever I went.

Hope showed up in the sweetest way in the aisle of my local grocery store, because hope is not a wish or a sprinkle of fairy dust. Hope is a person who loves me and you and all the particulars of our everyday, weary lives. He was the One who spoke my name that day.

We may find ourselves disappointed with life, a lack of friends and fussy children, because — let’s face it — life is hard. But as our key verse reminds us, true hope does not disappoint because God has poured out His love within our hearts through the Person of the Holy Spirit. This is His hope-filled promise to us, and He never disappoints.

Lord, thank You for being our true source of hope. I pray You will add to our hope, joy and peace, as we believe in You and Your powerful promise today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Romans 15:13, “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (NASB)

Hope for the Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess by Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin can help take you from weariness to hope.

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What has disappointed you lately?

How can you reach out for Hope and trust that His promises will never disappoint?

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  1. Thanks you for that. I really needed it!

    • The thing that has disappointed me lately is knowing that my husband, Ron Smith and I probably won’t be able to participate in Special Olympics anymore. The reason being is because there is a cost to join through the Champaign Park District, as they charge to join. That’s not right when you’re on a limited income, having no means to be able to pay or even find transportation to get to wherever we may need to go for practices. Ultimately, that was our exercise to stay in shape, especially when we had really no way of going for a walk in nice weather conditions.
      Although we aren’t going to be involved in our favorite past-time, I think that God’s giving us an opportunity to be involved in something that we absolutely enjoy. Needless , God has given us the opportunity to take care of such wonderful reptiles- like our bearded dragon, Marley.
      “And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” Romans 5:5 (NASB)
      Amen! What a very powerful thing to always remember! Hope has been given to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. We can always rely on this whenever we may be going through challenging circumstances in our entire life.
      “Hope is not a wish…hope is a person, and hope never disappoints.”
      Amen! What a wondrous way of looking at God. God is hope for things we wish for. Ultimately, He never disappoints us, even when our prayers may not get answered when we’d like.
      “Lord, thank You for being our true source of hope. I pray You will add to our hope, joy and peace, as we believe in You and Your powerful promise today. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~Stacey Thacker
      Incredible! What a very powerful praise and prayer! God will constantly add to the hope He has given us. We should thank Him for whatever He has already done in and throughout our lives.
      Romans 15:13, “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” (NASB)
      Amen! What a wondrous thing! We can be filled with joy by the Holy Spirit in our various times of weakness. This will help us when we need a little extra help during very difficult times.

    • Thank you for your message today! I needed this as my new reality has set in. We too moved this past summer and I really miss my friends, church, bible study and volunteer obligations. I left a big town with many options and opportunities to be involved and meet people to a small town of mostly retired folks. They are nice but I don’t have much in common at this point in my life. I know they have a lot of wisdom and experiences that I can learn from but I’m really homesick after a long lonely winter! My husband travels and my daughter and I spend our days trying to adjust. Our faith is what I rely on and draw from. Thanks for lifting my spirits today!

  2. Thank you. I thought it was only me who felt this way. I thank God for the friends he has placed in my life but i also thank him for his friendship with me. (Eventhough i am not a good friend to him most times). Earlier thos week the Lord reminded me that he is my Source for everything. Not a job, relationships, possessions but he is my all in all. Thank you Jesus.

  3. God definitely spoke to me through this devotional! It’s been 2.5 years now, that we moved our family 7 hours south of where I spent my entire life. It all happened in so fast – being notified my husband was being transferred, prepping the house to be sold, researching schools, finding a home to move into, tying up all the loose ends and pulling out of the driveway towards our new home – all in a short 6 wk period. I spent the first year making sure our boys were adjusting well. After seeing they were doing great in our new surroundings, the gravity of what I left behind began to fall. Up until then I hadn’t allowed myself time to see how I was doing; never allowed myself to mourn for the loss of the life I’d always known, and the long-time friends I was leaving behind. This past year has been tough on me. Even though God blessed me with an amazing group of friends here, moments still sneak up on me when I least expect it…like at a friend’s bday party where pictures of her with friends from the last 10 yrs had been posted everywhere – and realizing I couldn’t have a party like that, celebrating years of friendship, where we are now bc no one has known me for more than a couple years. Moments like that open the flood gates and let the emotions pour out. This devotional really hit home. I’ll remember it next time I “need to hear my name”. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Kate I truly understand. Life-long friendships take a lifetime to grow. When you move it can be hard. This time for me over 12 years ago was a time I pressed deeply into Jesus. And he did not disappoint.

      Saying a prayer for you now.

  4. Ashleigh Ewing says:

    This book sounds amazing!
    I’ve been in a rough season with two littles and starting a business. I am weary, sad and lonely.

  5. Lindsey Hazelwood says:

    This was what I needed, before getting some sleep tonight. I know I have had disappointments in my life. As well as my mother being disappointed of me for many reason. She has had a very tough time the past few years with struggling because of her father passed away, then losing her job which we depended on most of the income. She has struggled to fine who she really is without her job, she also has a condition of the heart called Afib. She is on tons of medication. I know God can heal, but I know God works with purpose and time. She is so disappointed in herself beyond belief. I really think she deserves this book much as anyone. To open her eyes and really her heart set on Jesus who can heal her broken spirit.

    • Hang in there Lindsey. how unselfish and caring you are! You mom has a wonderful blessing in you! Pray for her and keep it up. God hears you. You are not alone in this. I Am praying for you and your mom this morning. with JOY, Tracey

  6. I’d love to enter for the book 🙂 I am so 100% weary mom status, lol. Also, I really appreciated this post . I was starting to feel pretty down because I’ve been struggling with friendship in my life . Instead of feeling hopeless, and in turn feeling depressed, I will try to feel hopeful that I will have strong friendship in my life again

  7. Sam Winfield says:

    Hi. Weary, sad & lonely are the tip of the iceberg in my list of adjectives that describe how I feel. My first born (now 19) moved 1,000 miles away,his 1st move away from home. He doesn’t want any contact with me (Praising God that he still text his little brother). We have lived on the opposite coast from my family for 15 yrs so I have clung to God and am blessed by some great people he has put in my life. Thank you for that reminder.

  8. Wow Stacey! I don’t check my email much but today I happened upon your post and so thankful i took the time to read through your post..What a similar situation I am going through right now..moved this past Spring to a new area and been feeling very lonely recently, not sleeping well..up late at night, not feeling myself-even though I have gotten to know others around me there are no deep friendships and more surfacy…oh your so and so’s mom, or just a casual hello or here and there conversations.. I understand how you feel completely it can feel like an adventure at first running errands but when the newness wears off it’s hard and can be a very difficult time..not having time to think about things then..now I do more so and it can be very depressing at times .especially after going back to the area where we used to live to visit or talking to a good friend of many years on the phone catching up, and especially starting over in a new church after being super involved somewhere else..hard to start over and find where you belong and forming new friendships. I know that God does walk beside me and what an amazing answer to prayer you had with meeting someone at the store that day..who said your name..what a confirmation of His nearness at that tearful moment, I almost cried there when I read that..thanks for letting me know I am not the only one feeling this way, and that our Father is right there with us even when we feel all alone. God’s blessings to you my sister in Christ as you continue forward in His strength and hope, love and joy!

  9. I would love to read some encouragement during this season of my life. So very alone. Knowing that God is with me, providing and seeing through it all…but longing for that human connection. Trying to remain faithful in my heart that God is enough and yet there are scriptures that point to the need for community and relationships… and I wonder when?

  10. Needing hope and encouragement as we walk along side our kids on their journey expectantly waiting , hoping and praying for them to accept Christ.

  11. I have two grown children. My youngest child does not know whether there is a God or what she believes. Communication between the two of us is not good. My oldest believes but does not have a personal relationship with God but I will never give up on my family and I will never give up on God’s ability to work in their hearts. In addition, I have a friend who is a single parent and has a 9-year-old daughter. She moved from the east coast to the Midwest and left her family and friends behind. I know she would benefit from your book a great deal and I would love to win a copy of your book to give her an assurance in the Hope that we have as Christians. Thank you for the reminder that Hope Does Not Disappoint.

  12. I could really use some more hope in my life as a single mom.

  13. We all need hope in Him, a great reminder that we are never without either one, even on our loneliest days.

  14. I ‘m weary and tired. I know that God loves me and is waiting on me to prioritize my life so that I truly put Him first and not last. But, I’m weary and tired. I don’t seem to know how to get things back to the way they need to be. My life is spinning out of control and the reins are slipping out of my hands. I’m weary and tired. I think your book will renew my mind and give me the inspiration I need…the partner I need to encourage me to do better…better.

  15. Kyron Henderson says:

    Thank you so much for this, sometimes we all just need that reassurance to know that God is still right here with us.

  16. I’m weary and worn down. I need to rejuvenate, renew, and revitalize my relationship with our Father. I’m so busy with work and family obligations that I never take time just for me and God. Reading your book would be a welcomed beginning to a new way of living I’m sure.

    • Joyce our subtitle is “Let God Meet You in The Mess” because he is super willing to just get in the mess with us. He cares so much about our hearts. I promise he will meet you right where you are.

      Blessings friend.

  17. Just before seeing this devotion, I prayed that God would give me a sign of hope. God is great and faithful!

  18. Desiree Veazey says:

    I so needed this message at this very moment. It’s 12:49am and I just happen to hear my email notification go off, so I checked my email and it was this message. I am in this season of loneliness and I’m weary. I’m crying out to God for HIM to show me a hope!

  19. Thank you for this encouraging post. I would like to win a copy of your book for my daughter. She has a very active 2 1/2 year old son and is currently separated from her husband. I think she would really benefit from reading your book.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Heather Grace says:

    Single mom of two teenage daughters, would love the book!

  21. Wanda Berry says:

    I am a stay at home mom of six kids. I homeschool all of them. Some days I feel so utterly lost and overwhelmed at the task before me. I long to hear from the Lord. I long for adult conversation. I often need reminding that for this season, my children are my mission field.

  22. Jennifer says:

    I could really use this book. I’m a single mom that could use your encouraging words. Thank you!

  23. I’d like to read this book. Recently we moved to Hawai’i. I miss my friends and family very much!

  24. leslie gillet says:

    Need this for my daughter who has a medical condition amidst pregnancy

  25. Stacey, I thank God for bringing this message to me right at the moment when I desperately needed it. my fiancé and I are having issues. issues that are forcing me to try to be stronger than I feel I can be.

    This year I made a resolution to PRAY in earnest, fasting two days weekly and tithe faithfully. But in the midst of me doing all of that things seem to be falling apart. I cry often, have constant endless headaches, I am dropping weight. At times I feel hopeless. but I have stuck to my resolutions because I know they are for my good.

    But these distractions in the form of emotional pain threaten to throw me off but reading these words, I am encouraged to carry on, stay committed to my resolutions… *sigh*

    thank you

    • Melody, sometimes things fall apart for a reason. They are not strong enough, they’re outdated, they hid something that isn’t good. I know it is hard but I just think of it like a snake shedding it’s skin. Growth is occurring and more often than not it hurts and we can’t see tomorrow. As long as you cling to Christ and trust him, you come thru the trials, covered in his blessings. It’s something special to wear your “new skin” created for you by the Master Designer. Hang on! (Hope)

  26. Virginia says:

    Thank ️️you For sharing this. This touched me so much. I would be happy to read this. Greetings from switzerland

  27. Thank you, I struggle with hope does not disappoint. I have felt disappointed but in reading this and knowing what a good God we serve, maybe I just missed it!

  28. Sooooo needed this message of hope. Mainly for one of my children, struggling with being single, lonely and wondering if there is that someone special for them. Loneliness and hopelessness are not a good combination but God is bigger right and collects every tear that we cry! Sometimes it’s harder watching your children hurt than if it were yourself. Would love a copy of this book

  29. Sooooo needed this message of hope. Mainly for one of my children, struggling with being single, lonely and wondering if there is that someone special for them. Loneliness and hopelessness are not a good combination but God is bigger right and collects every tear that we cry! Sometimes it’s harder watching your children hurt than if it were yourself. Would love a copy of this book

  30. Receiving this email was like icing on top of a beautiful weekend & beginning despite me being ill. I’m not a mum but if I had the opportunity to win the book I would give it to my own mum. She is such a trooper & has been dealing with an illness over the last year and a half that God is healing her in an incredible way from! She often doubts her ability to be a successful woman & strong, influential mother but I know she needs the reminder that God gave her children knowing what He placed on the inside of her. Despite short comings as a human being, God strengthens her & every mother in the life work that is being a parent & as long as they keep in step with Him, all will be well!

    Thank you so much for sharing this moment with us all. I was so encouraged by it this morning!

  31. I would like to win a copy of your book for my daughter-in-law, Melyssa. She is a wonderful young wife and mother of two children, ages 2yrs and 4 mos. She is also in college to become a nurse. Thank you for the reminder of Who our hope is! ♡

  32. I would so love to win one of your books–I am a Grandmother who is raising a 6 year old Granddaughter all by myself. It has been difficult for me to switch gears from being a Grandmother. Simone is a dear child whom I love with all my heart, but she is very strong willed ( leadership qualities ). Some days are very trying for me

  33. lea-ann mcgregor says:

    Losing hope because of physical needs, but gaining hope and knowledge through your devotional. This sounds like a book God had you write and place in front of me!

  34. Christina says:

    God woke me up at 3 o’clock in the morning from a dead sleep, just to read this. Hope is something that I attempt to keep and yet it very often slips from my grasp. I fail in so many aspects of my life, that I am constantly trying to reevaluate. What am I doing wrong? God where am I not in your will? This book sounds amazing. I am signing up for the letter devotional. God said my name this morning on my couch. Thank you for sharing your story.

  35. Sometimes being a Mom is sooo hard- My son is 15ys old now and it doesnt get easier – it is just differerent. Thanks for the good Word this morning.

  36. Thank you for this today. Life can seem hopeless as the monotony of everyday life takes over. But God is hope, and I needed that reminder.

  37. Sarah McKinney says:

    Say my name Lord, you know my heart and what I need right now. What a special feeling she must of felt in that grocery store. Sometimes I wonder if God remembers my name? 🙁

  38. Sheeba daniel says:

    Thanks for posting this… I was in this stage in the early years of my marriage and now seven years later i have learnt to be contented in every situation. A journey that I could not do without the Holy Spirit in every moment. I belong to a small group consisted of families and a couple of girls who are single with and without kids. They would appreciate a copy of your book.

  39. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words on hope and how it dis a person and not a wish. That’s so true and we need more hope in our lives every day. I would love to have a copy of this book to give to a woman that just moved here to the small town I live in, in Newfoundland Canada. She is from India, and her husband works very long hours as a farmer. She spends a lot of time home alone. Her one child is a boy who is in Junior high. Her English is getting better and she tells me she is lonely a lot. I think your words would be an encouragement to her while she is home alone during the day. Thanks!

  40. When things go wrong worries and disappoint me I had being praying for hope one year ago for my husband’s job….
    Since I met him he had been accomplished on his own carrier time skills, which I admired when he gets on positions as a manager investor portfolios,etc all his credits…
    He had been working to people which are difficult to deal with!!! That is disappointment instead of construct what is had be done for each company achievements, the bosses he had to deal with everyone takes advantage of his knowledge and wisdom to do so, I feel so heartbroken when he put interest on his own he is diligent completes his tasks…
    I had been on agreement with him to stand up for both of us nowadays nobody works for free giving information on what each one knows the business ….
    I pray to The Lord saying to keep him in his hope grace and glory give him freedom of time because this virtues makes him great, I admire, advise, listen and understand each word on every conversation because it causes frustration on both sides ;I had been praying for Hope and Peace in our hearts everything has a solution in life so we could work together and stay beside eachother to make our relation stronger every day,thank you for this devotional day I hope you pray as well with me for the difficulties to come on the future,God bless

  41. because I am a weary working mom living in town grew up in and knows what this feels like.

  42. Wow, I needed this today. I have not read this blog lately but woke up needing and wanting a fresh start this morning. I have 3-year-old twins and I am also a teacher of small children. Some days I feel like I am literally dying on the vine. I need refreshing and I need to remind myself that God is always in control. Thank you….I would love a chance to win this book!

  43. Wow!!! Just yesterday, my prayer to God was I’m so overwhelmed, & I can’t take this anymore (referring to the current situation my family is in). A drug addicted husband & adult son & a teen who is angry at the world but takes it out on me. You see my husband his dad is not in the home with us & they used to be very close, so he’s really hurting. What my family needs is a miracle.

  44. Devon Sellers says:

    Hope in The Lord! I needed this to her me off my pity party and realize God was putting hope in me I just had to open my eyes to see it.

  45. Marcia M Harvey says:

    I am a divorced single mom of 3 teenage boys with a disability consisting of chronic pain and several visits to the hospital because my limbs give out on me like a stroke. I used to be a head forensic scientist prior to my illness. I feel disappointed and hopeless often about how my life turned out and having to raise my sons without my husband by my side. I know God has a plan in my process but I get weary and tired although the Bible says do not get weary in well doing for I will reap my harvest in its appointed time. Since being deemed disabled 5 years ago, God used me to self publish 3 poetry books about my life experiences since 12 but I have not been well enough to promote them. I have support of family and friends but still feel lonely, moving out of my hometown, and having to function independently while ill. I lost my home health aide assistance along with having financial and health insurance issues. This post has given me hope this morning as I have been in tears for days trying to keep my young men on track for a purpose driven life and do the best they can academically. I know I cannot raise a man but God entrusted my blessings to me because He knew I could do it with dependence on Him guided by the Holy Spirit. Any and all inspirational tools will help me on this journey for J do know the battle is already won. Signed, Hopeful

  46. We all go through seasons of hopelessness and this would be a great book to read

  47. Hello, I read your passage & was touched. I myself am stepping into a totally new role as a single mother. I’m scared, afraid, lonely, worried, sad. Anything you can imagine. My son is 4, & he keep asking for his father; whom is an alcoholic. I’m just going day to day. I have always had a plan; now I have no direction. I’m tired just feel like throwing in the towel, & checking out. How can I be mom & dad? I don’t want my son thinking it’s my fault his dad isn’t around. I tell & show him I love him everyday.

  48. I sat in tears as I finished this devotion as I have been in that very scenario moving 2x in a 15 month time frame. Starting over with new schools, church, friends, doctors…it is hard! But not impossible with a God who loves us! Thank you for the message of hope and that with God each day is a new day!

  49. Thank you for the up lifting words to fill my day and the reminder that He hears our prayers and cries.

  50. I would like to win this book because I am a MOPS leader at our church and it would be a great resource and I would love to read it myself!

  51. Thank you so much for this encouraging word. Three weeks ago my husband lost his job. So know it seems the friends I thought I had have turned their back on me. I have never felt so disappointed. I just keep trying to remind myself that they are not perfect, only human. It still hurts though. With three kids and a super crazy schedule; work, baseball games, therapy for our daughter(who has autism ), planning meals, cleaning house and making sure the bills get paid on my small income, i could really use more encouragement from your book.

  52. I would also love to read your book! Also along with so many above comments in a season of loneliness hardship and many stresses….. with three small ones in tow.
    I’m thankful to Good for theses devotionals which so often speak direct words from God for me.

  53. Melissa Latsch says:

    If I won a copy I would give it to my mom. She seems really tired lately and could use some hope and encouragement. She told me how much she loves and misses her family and it made me want to cry.

  54. Becoming a Mom meant saying no to many social invitations. I found that after a while those friends slipped away and the invitations stopped. Today 10 years later I find myself with many mere parent acquaintances and no true solid female friendships. I’m hurting and have been trying to reach out. In this busy world it’s hard to find those willing to care about you and be a friend.

    • Soooo true …I am single and in this busy world (and I live in a 3rd world country) where are the people who are willing to care and be a friend???, I have (like you) wondered that for the past13years…wish we lived close to each other so we could be friends…I have all this love to share with a friend or two, but Christianity lacks true love in acion nowadays…I will continue praying for you and I that God sends us each a true friend and we cherish them and they cherish us….God’s peace, love and joy be yours every moment of every day in this busy world….

  55. So good… I’d love to get this book for my sisters-in-law, who followed my brothers to a completely foreign country – away from their original workplace and comfort zone with old friends, to a place speaking a different language while they have to be stay-at-home mums while the husbands, doctors that they are, can never predict when they will be coming home to dinner (which more so often cold by the time they’re eaten)

    I just thought this book will be perfect for them!

  56. I would love a
    Copy of this book.

  57. I needed a book like this 20 yrs ago when my family was new and growing and as a mom was very weary. If I won I’d share this book with my neice, a mom of a 9 mo old who works 3rd shift at a hotel desk and has lately been very weary. I post scripture on her Facebook page often in hopes that she will hold onto her faith to see her through the day. I have hope that it does.

  58. Annette Marcum says:

    I soo enjoyed your devotion. I have MS and have been fown sick in bed for a month. I just prayed yesterday for the hope, and faith to get me thru these tough times. I would love a copy of your book, and then I will pay it forward to anothet heart thats hurting. Thanks and God Bless you..

  59. This is not coincidental! i felt this way too.. Fall asleep every night with sadness, disappointed and crying.. i need encouragement. same with this article what can i do is only PRAY! Thanks for what He has done for me, all in, in every season sweetness and bitterness. He want me to grow up and yell HIS name. pouring me with all positive ‘foods’ from books and sure from holy bible.

  60. Teresa Blakey says:

    I would love a copy of your book to share with my daughter’s in law. They both have small children and I know they would benefit from getting an opportunity to read your wonderful book.

  61. This was so uplifting and inspiring! I have been feeling the same way as so many others. We moved to a remote place and I homeschool my 3 children so adult contact and interaction is so limited. I also had children late in life so the two woman I would consider friends already have an empty nest. Other woman I have met with children my children’s ages I feel I can’t relate to because they are so much younger than I am! I often feel everything described here but now feel more positive. Thank you for touching my heart and spirit!

  62. Beautifully said, Stacey. And that Romans verse reveals such powerful truths. Love you!

  63. Stacey,
    after saying my morning prayer about being tired and had enough of the same issues day after day, month after month and now year after year. ororiginally from west coast now live in the south. Finally became a grandmother and I miss seeing my grandchildren grow up,seen and helped my husband’s step-grands grow up & become adults. I also miss my friends & home. This is an encouraging word Thank you & be blessed.

  64. I know how you feel….no one really knows me here…,moved here 2 years ago….no friendships.

  65. When I had to leave my new job a few years ago, I felt very defeated. I lacked the support and encouragement I thought I would receive. In the end, I saw that people were not happy with my choice and most said “oh you’ll be back.” Guess what, they were right. For the next year and a half, I lost most everything I worked hard for–my car, my home, my joy and my peace. During this time, the only thing that sustained me was me drawer closer to God. I began to read my bible more and I orsyed more. Although I still let the pain of what happened to me creep up on me from time to time, I maintained hope that my situation would change for my children and I. Eventually it did. Although I’m still not where I want to be, I’m thankful for my trials and tribulations because they have helped me grow spiritually.

  66. God gave me the word “hope” to focus on this year as my husband and I pray for our wayward son.

  67. Michelle says:

    I feel at the end of my rope. With every struggle in such a long endured stormy season, it can seem all I have left if my God & hope.

  68. Samantha says:

    Love this! I know many young mom’s that would be blessed by this book. Thanks!

  69. I would love a copy of the book. I am so tired. Nothing devastating. Just being a mom is tiring. It’s also a beautiful experience I wouldn’t trade for the world, but it wears me out. This book sounds like it would be an encouraging read.

  70. Jenni Strunk says:

    The words from the simple prayer you said in your van remind me to be more specific in my prayer life. Thank you for the sweet reminder and motivator to update my prayer journal.

  71. My husband filed for divorce in October. The issues that we have could be worked out if we both are willing to get the help that we need. At this point, my husband is not willing. I do have hope. Each time I feel hopeless and just feel like throwing my arms up and giving up, I am filled with Hope knowing that God has a plan for us. I could use this book as a weary mom of three boys, full-time teacher that is trying to manage my job, home, and family and there are days that I do feel quite weary. I feel that this book would be very uplifting.

  72. I’d love to win this book! Feeling weary at the end of my pregnancy and taking care of my two and a half year old little boy. This post was great and lifted my spirits. Sometimes I feel the loneliness even after living here for almost 9 years. I miss my old friends and it’s been hard to make those kinds of friends in adult life. But I’m clinging to God and his grace and promises!

  73. What a great message! As a woman, wife and mother, who averaged moving every 2 and a half years, I can see myself in the author’s shoes. It can be a lonely path that we are on at times.

  74. I am tired. I am discouraged. There are days that I feel like all hope is gone. Thank you for the encouragement today. God IS with me!

  75. alison hoeh says:


  76. I love how God shows up just when se need Him !Whether workifng out somthing big or small on our lives. I just quit my job in order to stay home with my 2 kiddos. I am loving it, but I know there will be some days of discouragement ahead bc life happens. I would love to read this book just bc of the encouragement I got from reading this post. Sounds like a great book! 🙂

  77. This Devotional was right on time for me! As a single mom it gets hard and I start to lose hope but I have to remember I am never alone. God is with me & he promised to never leave me nor forsake me.

  78. Thank you for sharing. I think this hits home with all moms of little ones. No one talks about this friendship vacuum you go into when you have babies. And how isolating it is if you keep them on a schedule for naps or are at different stages of kids. I lead a small moms group that started on this entire premise of not knowing anyone at the church. I think this would make a great study for my young moms.

  79. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE to get a copy of this ‘HOPE’! Like SO many others, I need to hear my ‘name’ often! Thank you for your encouragement!

  80. Jennifer Fick says:

    I would love this book for my friend Charly. She’s got an almost-two-year-old and is expecting her next baby. She has a great husband, but he’s got a tough work schedule. Between her full-time job & bring home alone in the evenings, she feels overwhelmed at times.

  81. Myra Sharp says:

    I would like to win a copy of this book. I do grow weary in life and as a single mom I need help from my Lord getting through every day. We all need that! Hope is always around the corner. Thanks for the devotion. Proverbs 31 is a great ministry.

  82. It has been a long time since the Holy Spirit has reached out to me through a devotional the way it did with this one. I, too, am in a new city without a friend in the world near by. I, too, am a weary mom who really just wants to take a nap in my van. I know that God is calling me to a certain type of ministry, but I don’t know how to get started and I am just so tired and overwhelmed and lonely. Thank you for showing me I’m not the only one. It makes me feel just a little less alone in this season. I would love to read this book.

  83. My father always said that anywhere you go, you will find people who know someone who knows you. And it’s true (this from the gal who was 50 before she lived more than nine years in the same place). Moving, done well, is an exercise in trusting God above all and an adventure in navigating new relationships. What a friend I have in Jesus. And He has such an interesting way of introducing me to His friends, who then become my friends.

  84. Shelley Sunmerville says:

    In tears reading this as I am about to move in 3 months. It’s such a huge gift and blessing to have the opportunity and we prayed for it- but the realization of leaving what I have known for the last 11 years is beginning to sink in. We always moved and I rememeber saying I couldn’t wait for the UPS driver to arrive at the house because at least it was a familiar place. Now I cant go anywhere without seeing someone I know and most of the Time know them well enough to have full conversations. This reminded me of when I moved here and saw the first person that I knew from the neighborhood out at a store-I was so excited. The thoughts of starting over and making those connections all over again is almost unbearable. But I know the Lord has plans for us and I know they are for His good. I will be praying to hear my name in NC and know that God is taking us there for a good reason and will continue to trust in Him. My greatest desire is to be obedient to His calling. Thank you for this devotion today

  85. Stephanie says:

    I really needed this today! As a single mom with three boys and no help, loneliness and anger have quickly become my best friends. I know this is just a season and this too shall pass, but for now, it’s a day by day ordeal that after two years should be easier, but it’s not. Maybe there’s a light soon…

  86. I am the Ladies leader at my church, and while I could definitely use this book to encourage myself, I also have several moms in my group that could and would benefit from it as well! Thank you for your obedience to God in sharing such vulnerable moments in your life. These are the testimonies that change people!

  87. This single mom needs a shot of hope on Monday morning. But I do know God is always with me. Thanks for the encouragement.

  88. Karen Feigh says:

    I am the little girl standing in line in gym class silently thinking to herself…PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!.

  89. Tina Shipman says:

    I would like to win this book for my daughter who is due to have her second child in June. She is a full-time teacher and has an active three year old.

  90. It’s remarkable; I say a prayer and God answers in such a unique way. I have a phone; it never rings unless one of my children need something (or a collector). My mailbox consists of bills and junk mail. My email, texts, networking sites have very few words of comfort…except the Daily Inspirations. This is how my God speaks to me. I am a single mom who works to pay for everything. I get child support on various occasions. And I have (I tell myself) acquaintances who I am able to talk with on small topics like the weather and work. I do not have a bestie or anyone close to that that I can really talk to, hang out with. I am lonely much if the time but try and not join the pity party. This is my world, I try to accept it. I know God is looking out for me and my children (who are grown and making plans with friends and enjoying being young). I so deaperatley want them to be happy on their journey through life and to remain that way. Thank you for this devotional.

  91. Thank you so much for that reminder of our loving Father who does not hold back from us anything good that we ask for. Even a small little desire that comforts and speaks to the depths of our hearts. God has delivered a loving hug like that. That moment when you say to yourself, He is there! He does see me! He does love me!” Though I know my God loves me those moments are like a huge hug from Him and make me feel like I am the only girls in the world…in a good way!

  92. Thank you for this beautiful devotion. Thank you for your honesty. We all have our moments that dip. Some of the moments seem to last so long. I am grateful for you and Proverbs 31. You make a difference for so many…just read the comments. Thank you for blessing me on so many mornings. This devo is too good not to share. With His joy!

  93. Thank u for sharing this. Loneliness and hopelessness are 2 things I have been feeling for months now during the time I have been a stander for marriage restoration for me and my husband. Your message came at a great time.

  94. Barbara Davis says:

    Being a mom is hard. Being a mom to 3 daughters is harder. Being a mom who has depression and anxiety AND being the strong one for 3 daughters is even tougher. I come across devotions like this that make me smile and be grateful that God has put a couple of really close friends in my life who I can go to when I feel all alone in this world. I love Proverbs 31 Ministries. Read it and pass it on I always say.

  95. April Kappler says:

    Thanks for the devo. It’s encouraged me to keep going. I am weary being the bread winner and running the house too. You know that feeling of picking up/cleaning the house with the tornado right behind you? Sigh. I’ve never really had a friend that I could call on, so I keep it bottled up. I just keep on pressing on. Thanks again for your devo, I enjoy them very much. Blessings!

  96. I am a mom and grandmother. I can relate to the story and the prayer you prayed. I love when God shows off big in a way that tells us only he could have done that. If I win the book it will be given to my daughter who has a 1 year old and a baby coming aug 4. She needs sleep and hope. Thank you for listening to Gods calling in your life. Ministering to others through writing books is a true blessing for this momma and Grandma.

  97. I am always amazed at how just when I need it these devotions are waiting …talking right to me . I am a mom of three beautiful children . My husband and I both have our own businesses and we are busy busy! It is easy to get lost in the day to day hustle and bustle and forget who you are. That has been my last few weeks… So when I looked this morning at the devotion I knew it was meant for me. Thank you for the support and uplifting messages they are always great. I think this book may help me focus on being happy and putting more positive in to my family and our lives!

  98. Oh, Sweet Stacey, thank you for this timely reminder. We moved to a new state – from large city to much smaller one – and I, too, felt that need to connect with someone. To hear my name. To have a friend. Then one day as I walked down the prison gray hallway of my school, my principal pulled me into a quiet room and said, “Carol, you need a friend. I’ll be your friend.” Then, the teacher across the hall let my class play a daily dismissal game with them and guess what that led to? Believe me, only God could have planned this. I started going to Heart to Home meetings (led by Dr. Joneal Kirby), became a heart mom, got baptized officially, joined the church at WFR and found the most wonderful friends, “adopted” my sweet child in Uganda, and am living the prayers that I’d lifted up to God for years and years as I’d walked through the desert of loneliness and pity. God certainly brought me here to show me His love through others, how to love as He loves, and to prepare me for what lies ahead. For now, dear Stacey, He is moving me again to Knoxville, TN where He will show me the way to serve Him there. No Heartfelt Ministries? I may need to begin one. I’m gregarious. God made me that way for a reason…to serve His purpose. I’ll think of you and your words when I’m lonely. I’ll try to stuff down the pity tears. I’ll listen for my name. He’ll call me. He always does.

  99. linda anderson says:

    i am a mom of grown children but i have a prayer request . i have bipolar depression which is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain, i have not been sleeping well at all for the last month. i am tired and very worn out while trying to live a normal life. i am a christian and believe in the lord and have been saved. please pray for me. thanks

  100. How often do so many of us find ourselves in the shoes of “lonely, tired, overwhelmed and hopeless”, even when we are surrounded by a beautiful and healthy family, a home and good community. We have so many good “thing” in our life, but as busy wifes, moms, (stay at home/working full time/combination) we try and get everything done and keep everybody happy and too often put ourselves on the back burner. Thank you God for always being there for us…especially on the back burner and even when the fatigue, hopelessness and sadness touches us in the middle of being surrounded by the ones we know and love. Please use that “back burner” to heat us up again with Your Hope, Encouragement, Joy and Your Fruit ls of the Spirit!

  101. Weary is a perfect description. I tend to cling to the song “Worn” by Tenth Avenue North these days. Just yesterday my husband was taking me horseback riding for the first time in years. He asked if I was excited and I honestly answered that I didn’t get my hopes up too soon about things like that because too many times our plans get sidetracked. The hope we have in Our Lord is the only hope I can truly cling to.

  102. I struggle with feeling alone and overwhelmed when I spend too much time thinking about the struggles of everyday life. I very much enjoyed today’s email and would LOVE a copy of this book. I have several people I would like to pass it on to after I read it so it would touch several people.

  103. I love the book!It has been a blessing to me and my family. I have two terrific, high energy boys and a new daughter. The book has many stories that are so relatable. I had already sent a copy to a friend who is a new mom. But as of late the Lord has placed many moms in my path from church and my sons preschool. I know the Holy Spirit is leading me to do something with this wonderful group of moms. I just met another new mom at our church yesterday. Sh moved from Louisiana with her two girls and husband. She expressed to me she has no friends here. I reached out to her and I know she would love this book. In fact, as we were talking I told myself I needed to send her a copy. And before we left church she told me she had books in her car to donate. She said she loves to read! So I know this mama would so appreciate your book. Thank you for all you do. You will never know how much I needed this book. Love you both!

  104. Sometimes it’s hard to look forward to the good times when you feel stuck with little ones. Thanks for the encouraging message today.

  105. Teresa Bohanan says:

    As I read your encouragement for today I thought of our former music ministers wife. They are a young family who moved to a much larger church in a much larger metropolitan area . She was very active in our church with our children’s ministry and had many friends with young children to do life with as well as many “older moms” willing to help out with her children. New church, community, diverse population, -trying to find Gods place for her.

  106. Thank you! Good is SO good… All the time!

  107. Thank you for this devotional. So many are weary and feeling disappointed by their surroundings. I myself get very weary because of things I want to handle on my own yet God doesn’t need my help. After battling breast cancer I know it was GOD who brought me through for a reason. The journey was stuff yet the HOPE I had I need it woukd be a testimony after the test. Thanks again.

  108. Lately I’ve had a lot of worries with my children. I will continue to pray and know that God is with me through it all. Thank you.

  109. Life IS hard! It seems you have all these stressors, then something else comes along. It never ends! While I devote myself to God, I do find myself getting down in the dumps., so weary and feeling I can’t go on. Last week, I talked with a friend, who is the perfect example of what it is to be a woman of God. She told me to read Romans 5:1-5, but really focus on verse 5. And here, the verse shows up again! 🙂
    I would love to win a copy of “Hope For the Weary Mom” because my mother is also going through some issues. She is going through a divorce, is going through financial issues, is living with and taking care of my elderly grandmother, and has been lonely, stressed, and depressed. She has recently been going through some sickness. I think this book would help her out so much! Thank you!

  110. Thank you for the hope this morning. I would love to read your book.

  111. Lisa DiRenzo says:

    I am a weary mom right now! Winter has been rough and been praying every day to find the peace I need. Thanks for writing this book.

  112. While reading about the grocery store trip, I realized that I too have been there more times than I can count. This year makes the 9th year away from “home” which is 4.5hrs away. My husband jokes with me that we need to have a daughter so I can always have someone to go with me.He laughs but it’s true. My two year old son is my sidekick, I’m sure as he gets older that will change! Good friends are really really hard to come by. All too often I feel lonely and downtrodden but, I know God is always there. I often wonder why I dont have many friends. This book sounds like a blessing to many. I too would like to be entered in the drawing.

  113. I am really needing hope right now. My husband decided he wants to separate and I all I want is for him to come home and work on our marriage with me. We have a 2 yr old son and it’s just killing me. This devotion really hit home for me today. Please add me to your prayer list and just give my husband some hope that we can make this work out.

  114. Thank you, this touches my heart in a very special way today! Romans 15:13 brought hope at a time of hopelessness and I have embraced it many times. You bring encouragement thru your writings so thank you! God knew exactly what I needed to hear today!

  115. Raeann Rouse says:

    hope for a weary mom was exactly what I needed!! Thank you!

  116. I cannot tell you how good God is that He sent this message on this very day…I so needed to hear that!! I am NOT a young mom with her same issues, but I relate perfectly to her feelings of being left out and alone. I feel guilty because those feelings were created from a church-related activity. My self-esteem is frequently so low that I over-react and let Satan steal the joy that God puts in my heart. Lord, teach me not to envy and never to feel alone nor rejected because I know that YOU love me

  117. Hope is necessary, and sometimes elusive. I want to share it with my kids, my husband, and my world.

  118. Krystal Roebuck says:

    This post could not have come at a better time. I am a weary mom of two small boys trying to cope with newly found food sensitivities, adhd, health issues and one very attached little guy who is due for kndergarten next year. O and our basement flooded last night! It seems to be one thing after another right now. I know God is remebering our names right now as we look to him for the next step in everyday life. Thank youfoe this encourageing message.

  119. I’m in a weary season and this was spot on for what I needed to read! Thank you!

  120. I can relate to this after moving 2 times in 4 years. My husband is in the military. Our last move was made easier by joining a wonderful church and getting involved there.

  121. Shannon Heimer says:

    God has filled me with hope, and I’ve felt it’s elusiveness. God has helped me to be a better mom, but I still struggle with 3 kids. I would love the book for it’s guidance.

  122. I have always lived in big and transitive cities, so these feelings of sadness and loneliness are not new to me. Though sometimes I do wish for the familiarity of lifelong friends but I don’t think that’s the life God has for me right now. My husband and I are now expecting our first and some days, I do feel incredibly weary. I’m thankful for a few “veteran moms” that God has placed in my life and while I don’t know what comes ahead, I will just walk one step at a time, looking for God’s guiding hand.

  123. I would love for my daughter to get a copy. She is my hero! She is the best daughter and Mom there is. She has recently moved to a small town and doesn’t have the friends that she had where she use to live. She has a nearly 4 year old daughter and an eight month old son. I know she would really enjoy this book.

  124. Lori Kamps says:

    Thank you for being a blessing today. Needed this more than I thought.

  125. This was just what I needed to hear today. I have been feeling lonely too.

  126. I just started getting these daily emails. As a new mom they have blessed me so and bring me new hope, and tears, to know I’m not alone in this. Thanks! I hope I can encourage someone by saying their name today.

  127. I really need hope. We’ve been trying for a baby and I just got another negative pregnancy test. I really thought this was our month. As I rejoice with my pregnant friends , celebrate with the new mothers and plan a baby shower next month, I continue to hope that my answer is on the way.

  128. Today God spoke to me the same message, while I was meditating the word of God this morning. It was a confirmation that i received the devotions today from Proverbs email. I really need it. Thanks for the encouraging words

  129. Would love a copy of this book! With two young kids and working full time, I need hope sometimes!

  130. Deborah K. says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. because that is exactly how I am feeling. Although not a mom of young children (I am retired and my 2 daughters are in college and high school), I feel unconnected and lonely. The part about no one saying your name in weeks hit hard. I am part of a great faith community, but sometimes feel as if my one or two times a week there isn’t really enough. I guess I just need to seek God’s presence in every moment of my life and have the hope that He will take care of it. Thank you for sharing.

  131. What a touching story and I can so relate to those feelings, having moved our family several times in the last 10 years! At the moment, we are living in Rwanda, and many here struggle (missionaries & locals alike) with incredibly hard situations. If I got this book, I would want to pass it around to my friends here, hoping it would give them some encouragement.

  132. I have a friend who is discouaged, tired and overwhelmed with 4 of her own children and 3 foster children. She loves your devotionals and lives to read when she finds a quiet moment. She would love your book. She is an amaxing mother…so sacrificial and loves the Lord with all her heart but life is very tiring and too busy!

  133. Thank you for the reminder this morning! Exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve always been hopeful in most all situations and times of my life. However, a situation I am dealing with has almost drained me of hope. Thanks for reminding me that my hope is in the Lord!

  134. Lori Losner says:

    Having a teenage daughter battling Anorexia, depression & PTSD for the past 3 years, you become very weary & there are many days that you need an extra large serving of HOPE! If it wasn’t for the love of the Lord, I would have thrown the towel in long ago!

  135. Thank you for sharing your story. I think we all feel lost at some point in our lives – my past year had many downs and very few ups. We lost my dad suddenly at the age of 56 and it is difficult being strong for my mom. I suffered a miscarriage and a husband who was making poor choices. Relying on God in the storm was tough but a new year brought us new HOPE. We have another baby on the way and we are finding life and hope in many things. Would love a copy of your book. In the meantime I love receiving the Proverbs 31 devotions in my email. What a blessing and thank you for all you do!

  136. We are moving across the country and your message today provided me that He knows me wherever I go and He is with me! What true peace that gives!

  137. With the unexpected having happened 7 months ago of finding out I was pregnant it has been a lonely time for me. With preparing to become a single mother I am sure this book could be a blessing for me to help with the feelings that I’ve been going through and with what is to come.

  138. Thank you for this encouragement. I needed this today! My mantra for today will be hope doesn’t disappoint.

  139. Thanks for that I really enjoyed reading it and it made me feel like I can be hopeful in difficult situations. I am going through a difficult time with my daughter which make me feel very hopeless.

    I believe your book could give me some tips and help me to work through this situation. Thanks

  140. Being a mom is tough! Especially when daddyis gone a lot for work and ministry. I would love to read this and add share with my small group. Glad to.know I’m not the only one who sits in the grocery store parking lot and cries. God bless you!

  141. Rachel Lee says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book. Being a stay at home mom with two little girls isn’t always easy.

  142. Thank you for this beautiful post! I would love to give your book to a friend. She is really struggling right now in life and her faith. She is a single mom with very few resources and no family in the area. If I win a copy of this book, I think it would really encourage her.
    Thank you!

  143. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I recently moved back to my hometown and am struggling to find a job. I’m waiting on God to lead me to the right source of income not just any job. Thanks for bringing back hope in my life.

  144. I was in the shoes of so many who have posted here and my heart goes out to you. I never write any comments, but because this is near and dear to my heart, I wanted to encourage you with a few ideas, in case you haven’t already thought of them. I met my future friends/play group at our library, during mommy and me type reading/play time. (After the story time we introduced ourselves, exchanged information and started having play dates.) Another idea is to find a MOPs/MOMs next group near you. The Moms Club is another option that you’ll find across the country. And last, but certainly not least, is to look for a Sunday School class at church whose members are young families/families with children. I’ve been involved with or around all of these and they can really be a life-changer! Love and prayers!

  145. I’m that mom who is tired and worn out and in need of hope.

  146. God knew what I needed to read this morning! Last night I went to bed & sleep having a pity party , as I often do. I feel like I am the one ALWAYS reaching out to other women. Always asking them if they want to do something. Always asking their children to come play with my child. And, hardly ever do they reach out to me. I was hurt because I had read a facebook post where several of my daughters little friends had gotten together and had a fab day dressing up, going to brunch, and all going to see the new Cinderella movie. I was hurt no one had asked us to join. Instead I should have just looked at the pictures and seen their enjoyment and been happy for them. But, no I went to bed hurt, confused and honestly a little mad we had not been invited. But, I woke up this morning and read this story of Stacey. I knew then, I was where God needed me to be. I often get my feelings hurt and feel so lonely. I stay in lots of days. My mom also lives with me full time. Seems like nothing I ever do is done the way she would do it. She makes me feel as a failure in so many ways of my life. But, I know God has a plan for me. I just wished it was easier finding it out than feeling so depressed all the time and sorry for myself. Thank you for todays and every days devotional.

  147. Katt Miller says:

    Thank you for this message, I would give this book to my daughter, she is a new Mom in a new community and I know it is very tough to balance family and get out there and try to make new friends, she is one of the first of her friends to have a baby and we lost her brother tragically 3 years ago and with every new milestone it makes the loss sometimes come back in waves. I cling to hope and I know He carries me but I would like to give something to her to keep her hope growing. Thank you for the support of this ministry.

  148. I’ve been calling on God to help me through these sudden feelings of loneliness and abandonment. I know it’s the enemy’s attempt to cause me to lose focus and to doubt. Your words confirm that God sees me and will never leave or forsake me. Thank you.

  149. My daughter is a young mother with 2 small children. One of them is a teething 7 month old. She needs reassurance that there is hope in the Lord. That this won’t last forever and that God sees her and hears her. I would give the book to her. Thank you for this devotion and the witness of Christ in your life.

  150. I would love this book for a friend! She could use the encouragement and insight! Having just started a family and her husband works long hours, she told me how she feels so lonely and confined.
    Thank you for your obedience to The Lord in writing such a book to help others! God bless!

  151. Raising an 8 year old son whom has anxiety, behavioral and sensory processing issues leaves me at times feeling pretty hopeless as a mother raising him. The overwhelming days of not knowing what the report will be from school each day, unable to leave him out of my site as he has no filter, safety concerns for himself with no fear and with the culture we live in of not understanding him in public gets exhausting. When we have provided for him all the tools, diet, therapy, people, etc. that he needs to assist him is such a feeling of hopelessness some days. I think this book would be a wonderful, positive, asset in my relationship with God in understanding where God is during these days.

  152. Thank you, I really need to know God knows where I am right now. I needed to read this today!

  153. Angela Raphael says:

    I’m a mother of four. I would love a copy of the book.

  154. This devotional was a timely encouragement for me! I’d love to read your new book. I have definitely found myself in that “weary” place lately.

  155. I would love this book for my daughter.

  156. Reina Franco says:

    Loved the devotional! Many women have felt that way at one time in their live and can relate but God has given us freedom from the depression. I would like to get a copy to share with several of my friends: Michelle who lost everything to drugs and is now serving the Lord; Rosie who recently went through a divorce; Belinda who went through infidelity and divorce; Vanessa who went through hip surgery and currently struggling with her weight; Aunt Grace who lost her source of income of more than 20 years. I know the book would be a blessing to all of them.

  157. Thank you for this word. I leave a comment not mostly for me, but for both myself and my friend, Nancy. We both in the last 2 years have lost our husbands. I even hate writing it like that – as we know where they are – with the greatest Love there is – their Heavenly Father. But, my friend has also struggled with enormous health issues and feeling sick most every day. One of the things that happens after a spouse dies is that you are surrounded with people for a while but at some point people disappear. I have experienced this, but not as greatly as Nancy has. I post this comment for her. She is the one who would love this book. I will send this post to her to encourage and support her. She lives 4+ hours from me, but had known her only marginally when we lived there. But through fb have become support buddies. Thank you for the many posts that speak to even the issues we experience later in life. The message isn’t just about the life event at that time. The message is still that God cares for ALL needs. He is a GOOD GOD. Thank you for your obedience Lisa and all the other contributers, to letting Him use your voice to speak His message. Blessings!

  158. Debby Gilliam says:

    I would give a copy of this book to my daughter. She is a single mother of two boys and is drowning in depression and despair. She feels beaten down by circumstances and is struggling everyday to survive. This could be the ray of hope that saves her.

  159. Your honest and truth encourage me. I lost my daughter Liv to anencephaly after 7 holy hours with us, almost 2 years ago. My so just turned 4 this week and it is true that ignorance is bliss. I feel a sense of innocence was taken from me that can never return and its been a challenge. I know God has carried me through and there is hope! Though it looks different than I’d imagined. Thank you for your heart to share and heart to receive a word from God to minister to all of us. It feels like chatting with honest, Godly women and again, thank you for that!

  160. Beautiful, encouraging post! Thank you.
    I would love a copy of your book! I am a young mother of 6 children all under 8 and battling discouragement and loneliness are sometimes daily struggles.

  161. It would be great to win a copy of the book. I am always looking for encouragement from a mom’s perspective.

  162. As I read this devotion, tears streamed down my face. Life is hard and I have found myself constantly on the verge of crying lately. I started blogging as a method of self therapy. I would benefit greatly from this book, it would be a great tool to gain perspective and remember God is always in control. Thank you.

  163. I feel like I could have written this post. I am a military wife and we move every 2-3 years. Unlike many military families, my husband’s job often takes us to “remote” jobs that are not near bases that provide the instant community and understanding of other military families. And I and my 11 year old daughter are shy introverts. Just the thought of “meet up” or trying a new after school activity makes us anxious, and my daughter is suffering from stomach aches from the stress. Middle school is tough, and transferring mid-year makes it so much harder. I would like to get this book to help myself and my daughter. We could both use some hope.

  164. Allie Cronin says:

    Thank you so much for this post! God has truly gifted with you encouraging your readers sincerely through written word!! I have 5 children ages 6 and under…the years are short but the days are at times unbearably long! I am a walking definition of a weary momma! Thank you for cheering us “weary mommas” on and reminding us God did not call us into to the trenches to leave us for dead, but give us life to the fullest!

  165. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. The Lord shows me his love in similar ways. It’s the intimacy that touches my heart so. I moved 4 hours away from my family to get married 6 years ago (Second marriage-I’m 52) and it has been very difficult because I miss my two daughters deeply and now I have a beautiful grandson. Still, the Lord shows me that I have purpose here. I trust His wisdom in all things and love Him with all my heart. He is an awesome God!

  166. Nicole Yeager says:

    I SO needed that scripture and that devotional on Hope. I too just moved to a new city and as a mother of two young boys it is easy to see yourself and your needs go unmet. Thank-you for the reminder that God meets those needs if we just are open and ask Him!

  167. Stacy McCabe says:

    I so needed to read this today. Last night, I too was feeling unloved and unnoticed by anyone and was so glad to be reminded that God does truly care and listen to the cries of my heart. I’m in a new town raising my family and have often felt alone. Thank you for this reminder today.

  168. Teresa Sheffer says:

    Our current teaching series at Bethlehem Church is “Be Hope”!

  169. Hope is so powerful. Thank you for your encouraging words and reminding each of us that we’re not alone. I think this is an important reminder especially for women. It is such a struggle to make new friends as an adult while working and balancing family life.

  170. I needed the devotional today, I am tired and feeling lonely. I know I am not alone, but I feel lonely. People can be so dissapointing, we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we don’t notice what others are going through. For those who do notice others needs I thank God for you. I am not the parent of a small child, but the I am the parent of and adult child. My heart is weary because of what she has gone through and is now going through. What effects her effects me. Our hope is in God. Thank you for sharing your feelings to encourage others who feel the same way.

  171. Would appreciate prayer. I have about 5 years living in a new city and still having problems finding friends I can connect with, I don’t have family here either. I’m from a much smaller city and the culture shock may have something to do with it but I’ve tried reaching out to others but after a while, you get weary looking for people and it is not reciprocated. Would love some friends, at least one to connect with. Appreciate your words on this devotional.

  172. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! So glad to see you on Proverbs 31…

  173. Thank you. This is a reminder that I need as this morning my oldest of six kids turns 14, and my youngest is 3 months. It’s been a long cold winter stuck indoors with a newborn or sick children. Finding purpose in revolving piles of laundry, dirty dishes and spilled milk is getting hard. I appreciate the uplifting words this morning.

  174. After 7 moves in 6 years I’ve become all too familiar with starting over and the feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. I lean hard into Jesus and trust that He is doing a good work in me and He never disappoints. He has provided in so many ways. I miss the close friends who truly know me and I won’t lie, it’s hard sometimes knowing I won’t get to “do life” with them anymore, but I trust in time God will bring more forever friends into my life where I’m at. Ones I can see and hug and who really know and get me. Thank you for this reminder that hope does not disappoint.

  175. I would love a copy of this book! As a mom to five children (all birthed by me), in a blended family, and wrapped in life’s challenges, this book is just what I need. Feeling very weighed down lately by the issues I’m facing. I know only He can ressurect my heart. 🙂

  176. Elaine Segstro says:

    I feel so weary in my mothering; I would love to read your book. My sons are grown but it is a trying period as they are going through early adulthood – not sharing, not talking, bitter, not helping with housework but creating more of it.

  177. Wow! I can really identify with this one. Twenty-five years ago my husband and I moved to another state with a one year old baby. She had been sick a lot since 2 weeks old so that meant leaving her Drs. who I really trusted and finding a new Dr. We left an area where I grew up my whole life. From a farming area to a large city. From family to strangers. From small church family to an unknown soon-to-be church family. One month later, my mom began a series of 4 heart attacks so my daughter and I were back with helping my dad care for her while my husband was at home with a new job, our duplex, strangers…………but he visited churches and I believe the Lord directed him to a church that seemed rather large to me. While he began to meet many folks with church and his job, two ladies from the church helped him with phone calls about his family being away, what did he need, etc. I could go on and on about how God carried us in His hands through each day even though we were apart for two months. Sometimes I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t always see or feel it but, looking back, I sure could write about it. God was BIG at that time and has been since. If I won this book, I would certainly share it with my daughter who is beginning her own little family. I look forward to reading devotions every day. Thank you!!

  178. If I won I would give to my sister Kati. She is a single mom of two. A 13 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. Over the past 6 years Kati has been walking with Christ; finding forgiveness but desperately needing Hope for tomorrow. Dealing with a teenage boy who doesn’t have a father figure and an eight year old girl longing for male attention is challenging Kati to her core. Hope is what she needs.

  179. Carolyn Bischoff says:

    Absolutely feel God talked to me this morning with this. My grown daughter lost her job on January 30th. She and her 19 year old son are struggling so he is living with my youngest daughter. Carrie is putting her house on the market, because she will not be able to afford it after May 1st. And this mother/Nana has constantly been worrying about it ALL. I would love for Carrie to have a copy of your new book. Thank you for reminding me there is HOPE!

  180. Joey Gagel says:

    Thank You great Devotion today it was exactly what I needed to hear.

  181. I am a full time working mother of a 7 yr old, who is having issues at school, and a very DEMANDING 2 yr old. My husband cant find work so I am pretty much working to support the entire house. I work sometimes from 6am to 6pm 5 days a week. I do not get the luxury of dropping my kids off at school let alone picking them up. Not to mention i manage a clinic so I am pretty much a mobile complaint box. My best friend of 10 yrs is getting married and Im scraping pennies to be in a wedding that I do not think I can afford but I fear the option of dissapointment. I am tired and exhausted and want to be able to enjoy my family/life again. My drive to and from work consists of tears and then a quick facial refresh ao that no one could know. I just want to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel

  182. My son and daughter in law will have a new baby soon and I would love to win this book and give it to them as a

    first time parents they will be overwhelmed. Children are a blessing from the Lord a great reward!

  183. wow! I needed this today. Life has been extremely hard lately between work, family and social life and really felt like just giving up and crawling in a hole. You helped remind me that our Lord is never far away and to just hold on to that hope. Things always get better it’s just hard to remember that when you are hitting bottom.

  184. Staci Harrison says:

    I would really love to get a copy of this book. Believe me I REALLY needed this today. It popped up in my notifications on FB just when I was sitting here bawling my eyes out regarding parenting “stuff” I am a mother of four who struggles with depression, anxiety, and getting discouraged easily. thank you for sharing this.

  185. Mary Halupke says:

    Would love to enjoy the benefits of this book. Sympathetic to all of the Moms, women and family’s I have read through that have left comments. I am too a single mother of 3 and 1 is disabled. I have always said though “God if you want me to go through this. It’s a season and purpose. I still by no means don’t feel sad, depression and pain. But I know how hard it is to go through the process of waiting for what God has promised or wants to Bless you. I struggle with it every day. I have always wanted to be used in some way to bless others. It would be a joy to read it and pass it along to other struggling women. Praise you father for gifting this woman with words of encouragement of hope. God bless!

  186. Courtney says:

    This devotional was timely for me. I’m disappointed bc we are in a period of on again-off again sickness with 4 small children (6 and under) as well as dealing with disrespect and dishonor from the kids toward the parents (mostly toward me). It’s a hard time and I’m weary. The Lord has definitely used the last 6 weeks to draw me close to Him. This is a beautiful reminder that He does know my name and is here in all my mundane-ness. Thank you!

  187. Jennifet says:

    Coming through a tough season which has left me weary & exhausted and unsure. Trying to manage life and two small children sometimes seems impossible! I lean into God to get me through. I’d love to lean into friends more too. I really enjoyed this post & would love a copy of the book.

  188. Thank you for today’s devotional. I have been in a slump and was having a “pity party.” Your words have helped me realize that The Lord IS my hope and I can continue on with His guidance.

  189. What a great devo! I would love this book but would give a copy to my friend Sara first. She had two little ones at home that have been nonstop sick this winter. They are moving to a new city in July for her husband work and she is very anxious. It was not her top location but it’s the best practice for her husband.

  190. Thanks for a working mom, the mess of the home and trying to take care of husband and kids it can be a bit overwhelming. Look forward to reading this book at some point 🙂

  191. Thank you for your words of encouragement. This devotional made me smile and gives me hope.
    I struggle with loneliness and I appreciate your reminder that I’m not alone.

  192. Christine R says:

    Wow…. words can not express how much I needed this. Just yesterday afternoon I came down the stairs to my husband sitting on his chair in the family room and stated ” I need a friend!” with the feeling of deep despair in my heart. You see Dec. 26th we had all our belongings and life packed into a truck and began a journey from So. California to Florida. We left behind a life of family, friends and ministry to begin a new. God called us here to help replant a church in Florida. I have to admit… I feel ill prepared for being a pastors wife, but God continues to show up and reveal to me those gentle reminders of the trials, tribulations, emotions, friends, family and what ever else He reveals through (which these days seems to be a lot) of how much he truly has prepared myself and my husband for this great adventure. I’ve had a very select few friends over of the years, and it’s truly been my hearts desire to have a firmly founded women, whom can help sharpen my iron, sort of speak 😉 I have had problems relating to women, because lets admit, we hurt each other by our judgements, comments and even our glares. Sometimes the friends you think you have, aren’t really friends at all, unfortunately I found that out the hard way from a past experience. God has been gracious to me in being that my best friend at this moment in time is my husband. He blesses me daily with his wisdom, strength, smile and love he shows me. I love it, but have to admit it’s not the same as having a girlfriend whom you can spill your heart out to and can relate to those “womanly things” 😉 Yes, I know that I do pour my heart out to God and yes He is so faithful to answer. But, it is great to have the kinship of another women.

    Thank you for your ministry! I pray the Lord continues to blossom it, and those women that it touches.

  193. This post was an awesome reminder that God knows us – our hurts, our struggles – our exhaustion…and He wants to show us that He is with us! Thank you for this.

  194. I’m going through a hard time in my life. Newborn with colic and acid reflux and an active/wild 3yr old boy. I’ve never poured so much of my self out on a daily basis so consistently. Feeling very tired…needed to be reminded of that there is hope in this season, even when it is hard.

  195. Thank you for this devotion this am. God surely knows what I need to hear and the exact time. We have been away from hone for 4 years now.We have no children, because of infertility. We moved because of my husbands job, and it was ok, because my aunt lived in this same city, so we moved close to her. We have always been very close. Well, she moved back to our hometown a year ago, because my uncle will be retiring soon. I have God and my husband, but I really miss having her around. Things just feel so different. Now, I never hear from her, and it just breaks my heart. I have been praying very hard these days about loneliness, and friendships. Asking God to please send me christian friends to fellowship with.
    He has answered my prayers with the sermon at church yesterday, and with your devotion today. While having friends would be great, especially God fearing women friends. I know that God is my “hope”. He is all I need. He is all I want.

  196. Janis Price says:

    I would love to give this book to a friend I revelry reconnected with, Melissa. She is on the waiting list for a 2nd liver transplant in her life at the young age of 34. I am softly mentioning the promises of God and trying to help her understand what faith is all about. The other day, I asked if I could pray for her and she said, “I don’t know. I’m catholic and the nuns pray for me when I’m in the hospital.” Maybe this book will help open a door for the Holy Spirit to do great things! 🙂 I still remain hopeful!!

  197. Amy McKemie says:

    Hope can be such a motivator to let you know you can go on and keep up the fight. I needed to read this today.

  198. Cammi Hevener says:

    I would share this with my sister.. She lives many miles and days away from any family and I know she suffers from lonliness often..

  199. Destaney says:

    Hope for me is found in this devotion and all the others that I read here daily. I have recently been feeling hopeless and powerless regarding my two tiny toddlers. As a mom and wife who hopes for nothing more than being great at serving my little family. I had been feeling lately like I was constantly falling short; my children are only 2 (Irish twins lol) yet I continually felt like I was not enough. So I said a short prayer and asked God for strength and a listening ear. to my surprise on yesterday my husband affectionately listened to my heart, shared in my emotions, and prayed for me and this morning I woke up to this devotion… my hope …my faith in my Fathers ability to hear my prayers and answer is refreshing and my passion ignited.

  200. I needed this encouragement today. I know that God is not a respector of person but sometimes it feels like, “this could never happen to me”. I need to hear a word from the Lord to me.

  201. Shantelle says:

    Your story sounds so familiar. My husband is a pastor and we moved for the third time less than a year ago. We lived in PA last where he pastored a very, very small church. Did I mention that our entire family lives in Louisiana? Talk about tough! I definitely understand the loneliness part. Oh, how Satan uses that feeling of loneliness against us! Thankfully, we are now closer to home (still 6 hours away though) and at a larger church with many kind, lovely women. I still get lonely and homesick at times, but God brought me through my most lonely time in PA. I learned that no matter how lonely I feel, He is always with me and I am never, ever truly alone. Thank you for the devotion and God bless!

  202. I would like to win a copy of this book for my daughter. She is a single mom with 3 kids ages 9, 6, & 5.

  203. Would love to win and read this book…. From your message..”Miss Disappointment had shown up in the past week with her best friend named Loneliness”…sadly, I know these people too and have hosted many pity parties for myself !!! But then I remember how good God is and how much he has blessed me !!

  204. I’m not exactly lonely, but more lacking hope in God’s plan for my life. It seems to have turned out completely wrong, professionally, that is. Stuck in a job that is meaningless, not my passion; but working in my passion means a huge pay cut that would affect my family. I’m angry, disappointed, bitter, cynical towards God. I should have been more than this. I could have had a degree that would have let me teach college all day…but the rug was pulled out from under me (and it was not my doing). I’ve made choice to help my family…but I’m frustrated and cannot hear from God (probably because I’m so angry with Him). Need hope.

  205. I would love to win this book for my mom. As a mother of a 17 year-old, a 14 year-old, and a 9 year-old, life can be very hectic for her. I know she would benefit greatly from this book. She has a hard time coping with the stress of life and busy schedules, and I believe this book is just what she could use (besides the Bible of course).

  206. Margaret Fain says:

    You just made me cry too! God really does hear and answer prayers!! Bless you in your ministry here.

  207. It is wonderful to see the Lord using you in such a mighty way! My prayer is to be used by Him each and everyday!!! Such a blessing!!!

  208. I have so many reason to pray for Hope. This post would be unfairly long. My most important reason however is my 2yr old grand daughter has an irregular heart rhythm. The doctors are still trying to figure out if she will grow out of it or other treatment is needed. She and our family could really use your prayers too. Sometime it seems as though my prayers just aren’t enough.

  209. I would love a copy of this book to read and pass along to fellow stay-at-home moms. I love my two beautiful children, but being a stay-at-home mom has its emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that no one warned me about. By the grace of God, I’m still learning how to cope with it all and this devotion today has been such a blessing and really taught me to be honest with myself. Motherhood is tough and rewarding. I can see how this book can help me be a better mom and person as a whole.

  210. kathy wyg says:

    good morning…i loved your story Stacey…awesome…i noticed on this devotional this morning..there are several ladies looking for encouragement…this iss by far the best place to find it…indeed…i love reading the comments from the speaker of the day along w/fellow readers who offer their support….i love this site for that reason..i also subscribe to a few other sites that offer encouragement…that i would love to share
    w/whoever might be interested…let me know if you are…
    ******i will include my e-mail..to get in touch w/me…thank you ladies…& guys..

    have a blessed day……………….kathy

  211. My best friends has been battling addiction for what’s now been almost 8 years now. Will we ever be able to get past it?

  212. Besides myself, I know of a couple other friends I would share this book with.

  213. Thanks for this devotional. Your message is so important to share with other moms. We spend so much time acting like it everything is fine. However, this is not good as there are so many of us who are lonely, weary and who given up hope. You think that you can’t get lonely when your children get older but it is can happen at any time. I am in a stage where I am hoping God will meet me to continue me through this journey of motherhood.

  214. Laura Brown says:

    I could use the book as a working mom. I’m weary all the time and feel like everything is an uphill battle. No matter what I feel like God has called me to do, I am always blocked from doing it. I want to be at home with my children, but I’m the only income for a family of 5, and my husband can’t find a job. I’d love to change careers, but can’t because doing so would cut my salary dramatically, and we can’t afford that. Weary doesn’t even begin to cover it. Thank you for your constant encouragement though. It’s a blessing to know I’m not alone.

  215. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I know God is speaking to me today when one of the first things I read was this after a sleepless night with my 4 month old. My husband and I moved away from family and friends last summer for a job opportunity in a small town. It’s been hard to make friends here, and I wonder if it is that way everywhere. I have a hard time battling loneliness and discouragement, but I know God is with me. It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in how I’m feeling.

  216. I too have struggled with loneliness and lack of friends; my church family is 16 miles away and I go 2-3 times a week to Bible study which is lovely, but I have no one to go with to functions. I signed up for a St. Patrick’s Day brunch at the local senior center. “Who will I sit with, when nobody cares or knows my name?” I thought. I walked into the brunch which was buzzing with conversation, I walked around, got some orange juice and plopped myself down at the nearest table. Across from me was a woman I knew well who had served with me in AmeriCorps, chatting with her was another woman who was in a writer’s group. I had a most delightful hour or so chatting with a delightful Irish-brogue lady from Ireland, on St. Patrick’s Day, singing Irish songs and talking and laughing together. It was such fun and God showed me that the desires of our heart are His also. May God bless all of us who long for heart solace and communication, because He will provide it if we only look up. Be blessed, Stacey.

  217. Brooke Smith says:

    I am not one to usually leave comments, although I am often encouraged by others comments that they have left. After reading this devotion today, it made me realize that I am not alone in this world! I quit my full time teaching job 2 years ago as I was pregnant with our first child and was looking forward to my dream of being a stay at home mom! My husband has been extremely supportive and I feel like there is no reason for me to feel so overwhelmed sometimes…I should be happy everyday because God has given me my hearts desire, but I’m not always happy. I feel so discouraged, overwhelmed and like a failure at this mom thing! It’s a feeling that comes and goes, but I’d rather it go and stay gone!!! Why do I feel so exhausted? Why does it matter so much that the laundry is done, house cleaned and dinner cooked everyday of the week!? I just long to be this godly wife, mother and women. Someone who doesn’t feel like a failure of the house isn’t cleaned everyday or I didn’t do laundry. My dream to be a stay at home mom was so I could spend time with my daughter, not on my house. I feel expectations of a stay at home mom are so big because so many times people think you have all the time in the world so everything should be kept nice and clean. You really don’t have all this extra time…I’m finding myself some days wondering where I could have made extra time to sit down and play with my 20 mo old baby girl! She’s only going to be this little for a short time, I want to enjoy it!!! If I were to win this book, after reading it I would lend it to my friends who are Mommas!! They have lent me books and it’s so nice to have a group of moms to lean on!
    Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  218. Thank you for reminding me of hope!

  219. B. Clark says:

    I am a Wife, Mother & Grandmother quickly approaching seventy seven years of age. This weekend I experienced a crying breakdown and I realize God’s promises to never leave or forsake us. I just kept telling myself I am human and not divine. I am the head of a family of 15 with many blessings and many responsibilities. I am employed full time and there are many challenges each week that I face and God has and will be there for me. It seems to me that I am taken for granted. I must repeat the song my granddaughter as a little child and I sang together “I still have joy after all the things I have been thru I still have JOY. That little one will be graduating from college this year on 5/17/15 with two more next year from college and two from high school and one going into his sophomore year at college and another one headed for management on his job. With this writing just brings me into thanksgiving that God is ever present and I have so much to be thankful for. I would like a copy of this book to pass around to the women in my family.

  220. This is just what I needed to hear today. I find myself in a very similar situation as Stacey. Thanks for this message of hope!!

  221. Kendra Clough says:

    This was a wonderful message and it spoke to me. I often feel lonly and by myself. I have a few really good friends but we live far apart and all have busy lives. I am looking for work and on unemployment, sometimes I feel i will never find a job. I know that God has a plan for me and I will have to wait to see as his time is not our time. I just need to pray and keep my head up and he will take care of me, but the waiting is hard and with each rejection, I feel somewhat less of a person, I know that this is not right but somedays it is hard to remember that. Your message lets me know that we all have those feelings and it is ok.

  222. Stephanie says:

    I would love to pass this book along to my best friend Jill!

  223. Thank you. I really needed to read this.

  224. After a year of disapointments, two moves, one failed job. This eas a great verse for me to read over. This . Past year has been the worst, m u husband of 26 uears cheated, causing us to be removed.from our pastorship. Sent into exile, with a declining in health mother. A special needs child and lost hope.

    Thank you for reminding me that He still calls me by name.

  225. Yes, I am a mess – a mom mess and I would love to read this. And I would turn around and pass it along to my sister, with the hopes that she would share it with another mom in need. Thank you.

  226. Gaye Hattaway says:

    Hope is what keeps us going. I am so discouraged not because of being a mom – yet that is always the case…hardly ever do we have perfect days in that department – but today because my husband is sick (and has been since 1985); but now we are not facing one more diagnosis but so far at least 4 or 5 added to being a cancer patient (in remission). When diagnosed with cancer it was one thing, dominos flicked and you do this, then this, then that and so on. Sounds easy peasy – Nope!! But one focus. Now we have so many things going on caused by the side effects of the meds taken then and since then – or at least some of them. My prayer has been God’s Will in our lives but please God do not let him suffer any more. So all the new diagnoses are debilitating (parkinsonism (caused by taking a drug since 2005 from the cancer regime)/rheumatoid arthritis/dementia vs Alzheimer’s/cirrhosis(caused by taking a drug since 2005 from the cancer regime)/COPD/neuropathy). One of these is not very good; but all at one time. It has to be a lot for him to handle; AND a lot for me to handle. So pray that I will seek God’s guidance because even though I have not moved, I sure feel all alone in this journey. How many of our family/friends want to deal with all of this sadness daily? I know I don’t and I am right here in the middle of it. So even though you may be near all the people you know and love and those who know and love you, you can still be alone. Sometimes it just me and Jesus dealing with all of this. I really hate to say the next sentence. Even though I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that Jesus will never leave me, sometimes I don’t feel His presence. That is the devil getting after me. But it is my reality. I certainly hope this is not a downer for anyone reading this. I know our journey could be way worse. But I don’t think God is going to answer my prayer of please no suffering the way I wanted. Just trying to hang on to the fact this it will be the way I need it to be. I covet your prayers for both of us.

  227. Andrea J says:

    Thank you for this devotional, I really needed it today. I’m struggling with loneliness and feeling like I just don’t measure up as a mother, wife, etc. We’ve moved twice in the past two years and are preparing to move again, and my introverted self is just dreading more failed attempts at getting plugged into a new church and group of friends. Thank you for this!

  228. This devotion was so perfect! I’ve felt this way recently, as I’m becoming an empty nester. Oh, the house seems so empty and the errands are not for a family of 5 but now becoming for 2. If I was to win this book I would give it to my daughter, married for 13 months, moved to a new town away from family and friends and now with a 3 month old. Often I’ve heard it in her voice the lonliness and frustration for a ‘friend’. God is answering prayers as I hear her speak of some new moms she has met a Church. But she like so many others can always use encouragment. Then as we are encouraged, we can pass encouragemnt on to others who are ‘in need’ of hearing their voice spoken.

  229. Upon reading some of the many incredible needs on your website, I struggle to list my own needs.There is no doubt we live in a desperate time of trials and heart aches. We get overwhelmed with the issues that face us daily and that’s where I’m at. I am in great need of a new and close walk with Jesus! The past 12 years have been nearly impossible to navigate through with survival being the goal! Forgetting Success, I only hoped to survive! Through the process of seeking a baby to adopt, we were given the promise of 3 separate babies at three separate times, with only to have our hopes crushed when the birth moms backed out at the last possible moment. One day we got a call from our adoption agency. They had 2 very needy toddlers who needed a family likes ours. This is when life got very difficult. We took the children and for the next 2 years, learned of the abuse and neglect these two children had to endure while living with their biological family. A very dark oppressive cloud came over our , once amazing ,peaceful ,joyous, nurturing home, and turned us upside down! After two very long years of unmeasurable trials and tribulations, ( God heard our cry for help and provided) a family to adopt from us the boy part of this sibling group. We have never stopped asking ( What was that about) why did we have to endure that test? While this was going on, I developed a questionable mass in my uterus and had to have a D&C. They discovered that I was about to develop cancer and had to have a complete and total hysterectomy! One of the most traumatic experiences of my life. About a week later my mother ( and best friend)suffered a major brain hemorage and was in a medical facility of some kind for the next 50 days. She was close to functioning mostly normal ( about 1 year later) she was hit with another hemorage and this one took her ability to speak with real words ( mostly) and she calls us nice people now! She struggles daily to recognize any of us most of the time. These are a few of the struggles that my husband of 33 years and our family have gone through these past years. It has left me depressed, full of anxiety, nervous and feeling very much hopeless. I had a very strong faith( or at least I thought I did) when this all began. We struggle daily with 2 of out 3 adopted children. We have 6 children! 3 grown and married. 3 young one still at home. Our 2 youngest have special needs and the battles rage on everyday. My husband and I love these children, however this doesn’t make the task at hand any easier! Please pray for us. We are very weary!

  230. Mimi Morales says:

    Every mom gets weary sometime, if I’m not going through it now I probably have gone through it before or I will go through it later. I think this book would be a good resource to share with another mama

  231. Oh, I am a weary mom trying to figure out how to be a great mom, great wife and great career woman. All the while, I feel worn down and like I am failing at everything! I feel like a complete disappointment even though I know it is impossible to be superwoman. This devotion today was a good reminder to have hope in good vas to lay my troubles on him. How often I need to be reminded of this!

  232. What do I feel disappointment about? What is draining my hope? I’ve been unemployed for months, trying hard to get back into the workforce. I’m a single Mom with a beautiful 10- year old daughter, I had to move in with my Dad as I had no place else to go. This Mom is weary I need hope. I’m new to the town and left behind all that I was familiar with. I need the Lord to tell me where I go from here. So if you believe your book would provide me the lifting up I need then I would love a copy to read. Thank you & God bless.

  233. Thank you Lord Jesus for this ministry. I am sitting here at work after being in the emergency room last night with a crushed finger. My 12 yr old son has struggled with serious mental health issues since age 3. He goes in rages, often hurting the people he loves the most…last night was no exception. I know God has a plan, sometimes just surviving day to day is all I can do.

  234. Michelle H says:

    This is an awesome reminder for me. For the past year and a half I have been living in unchared territory. I had moved away from everything that I had known. It has been quite a journey with no success. I am beginning to wonder if there is a friend for me to respond to every now and then. But then my husband got a promotion through work and now we are in the process of selling a buying a home. We are really hoping the make this new destination a bit of a stopping point till a couple of our children have graduated. So thank you for this devotional. It helps to remind me that it doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer . God the Father is always listening to his beloved children. So we shouldn’t fear!

  235. Thanks for such great message! Great reminder about Hope. Be blessed 🙂

  236. Wow,I REALLY needed this devotional today. Just this weekend as I thought of parenting three daughters, I texted me husband to say, “God really must not like me because of the challenges I’ve experienced with each of my daughters.” Despite countless hours of prayer, I often feel like a failure in the parental arena and so alone. It seems as though no one understands or if they do, they judge that I could do something better. To make matters worse, I am searching for a new place of worship that will provide more opportunity for growth and fellowship. My current church is over 40 minutes away so I miss a lot of opportunities for growth and fellowship. Life is hard and I prayed this morning that God would give me the grace to continue in my role as parent and not abdicate this important role and responsibility. It is tough but God’s grace is sufficient.
    I would welcome a free copy of the book but I trust that the moms (and maybe dads) who receive it will be blessed and will pay it forward and bless others who are enduring trying times as we parent these precious gifts from God.

  237. Brittney Harp says:

    I’m now in a season where I struggle daily or weekly against the same loneliness or depressing feelings you expressed. Coming into this new year, I faced losing a friendship I had since high school. Although necessary it has been somewhat difficult, because she was the only friend I felt was a true friend. Loneliness, something I’ve dealt with practically all my life. I never felt I fit in so establishing deep relationships has always been a challenge and more so now that I am an adult.This devotion has resonated with me so much, I am in a period of my life where I am learning to be the mother I never had. The blessing from it is that God has allow me redirect my focus to what matters most, my children. I am learning to rebuild and establish relationships with my daughters 10 and 1, which seems almost impossible because every relationship I’ve ever had starting with my mom has been broken. This makes me weary because I fear failing often, I feel I’ve over exhausted myself in relationships that have left me broken and extremely (mentally, emotionally and spiritually) drained, how could I possibly give my girls my best. Truthfully, I don’t feel that my issues are any more worthy of being awarded the book than anyone else, however I know it’s definitely a tool fitting for this season I am in, but I honestly can’t afford to purchase the book even if I wanted to and that’s why I would like a copy. Thank you for the transparency of this devotional, I was truly blessed by it.

  238. I needed to be reminded of this today. So happy to know I’m not alone!

  239. Tiffany Fisher says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I am a mom of three and recently went to work full-time as a teacher and I am struggling in every area possible. I miss being home so much, but we need my income to provide for our 3. I feel like I’ve lost connection with my stay-at-home mom friends, who are supportive but don’t understand my challenges. And at work, surrounded by childless, mainly single teachers, I have yet to find a friend in my same stage of life. I am so lonely. I don’t think what I am doing matters at all. But I believe that God sees me. Just waiting to hear from Him.

  240. Even though my 2 children are young adults, the memories of younger, weary days can come back to mind as if it was just days away. I would give a book to a pregnancy center that our church is doing a “baby shower” to help support the new mothers. My prayers are with you mothers of young ones. Hold onto hope, Jesus loves you!

  241. I’d love to win a copy, as right now I feel so weary. We move in two days with a 4 and 1 year old. Thankfully it’s only across town, but between tantrums and time outs, tears and goodbyes, I feel as if I have nothing left to give. I’m so tired, and as I pray for the endurance to get through, I feel like sometimes all I do is get through. Not thrive.

  242. Amber Hayes says:

    My boys are still young and I have been to the grocery store feeling like it was a vacation too! I am tired and often feel like a failure as a momma. My prayer is that this book will help me to refocus on what is important.

  243. Allyson Hodge says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I am a weary mom of two boys and would love to have hope that I am helping become the men God created them to be.

  244. Thank you for your post. I cried as I read it. The weariness and loneliness can really take over me. Thanks for sharing your heart and letting us know that we’re not alone in our struggles and that other women are going through the same things. Thank you for pointing us to the Savior who alone can meet our needs.

  245. wow! Judging from the number of comments above, you have touched a real need today. I remember moving to a new city with a 14 month and a second on the way. Oh so lonely…and I remember thinking once I recognized someone in the grocery store, I felt like I could now call my new home “home”. New moms are In a particularly vulnerable state as they attempt to transition into the wilderness of motherhood.
    I have two special women I would love to pass your book along to- my daughter and daughter in law. Both are new moms, trying to maneuver through sleepless notes and stressful days.
    Thank you for your insight.

  246. This really spoke to me and it reminded how Jesus spoke to me two days ago at the grocery store! A total stranger came up to me said, I love your shirt and clearly said, Jesus Loves You! It filled my heart as I have been very lonely! Had a disagreement with two of my closes friends and they both decided not to be friends with me! I am very hurt. I have been praying the Lord send me new friendships! It’s a very lonely season! Thank you for sharing!

  247. I am so glad that I took the time this morning to read this. I have had a very rough start to 2015. I took my husband of 28 years to the hospital on January 2 he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and passed away in the early morning hours on January 4. I was very strong the first couple weeks getting things done working on the adrenaline from the loss. Now as things are settling down, cards have stopped coming and life is supposed to be getting back to normal I find that I do not have close friends to do things with. He worked on the family farm as his job so we did not have an outgoing social life. I have 3 sons one on his own, and 2 at home ages 15, and soon to be 12. So reading this email really hit home. I have been keeping busy since I work a full time job and doing things around the house that we had put off because of lack of energy. But there are days when it hits me that I do not have close friends outside of my immediate family. Thank you for these scriptures I am writing them in my scripture book.

  248. Well I guess God does see me. I just finished sitting by my bed crying and talking to the Lord about the very same thing. mine went more like “Lord I’m just tired, tired of all being the strong one, and always fighting to not get depressed.” I am always wanting to blessed others with things, but I really think I need this book right now. I could really use some hope and encouragement in my life. I am married with a 17, 12, and 10 yr old. One special needs and another with learning difficulties. A daughter who I’m trying to help and encourage to keep the Lord first. If I’m not picked for this book, will you all please just pray for me. Thx!!!

  249. Kate Carman says:

    This is one of my favorite examples. Of God meeting a weary momma!!

  250. This devotional really resonated with me this morning. As I sit here holding my newborn baby girl who refuses to nap anywhere but my arms, I am aching for my family and friends 20 hours away. My husband and I moved to Texas 2 years ago and I still feel like I am struggling to find “my people”. I spend a lot of time wishing I were back home with my friends, raising our kids together. This devotional only furthered the words God has been telling me lately, “grow where you are planted” even if it’s not where I want to be planted! He is my source of life and my friend when I am lonely. There are days that will I will still feel like a mess but He is my constant. Thank you for your words!

  251. Amen. The season of being a busy mom is a never ending season, any words are hope – I enjoyed reading your post where it says “noticed”. Somedays I would just love from someone to notice the real me!!

  252. Sandy Hooper says:

    I would like to win the devotional book to give to my daughter. She is a young stay-at-home mother with three little ones under the age of six, and is having her fourth baby in September. She gets very overwhelmed and lonely at times.

  253. I have friends and family near by. I have a wonderful, supportive husband. I have 4 beautiful daughters, ages 3,6,7,&9. I have a God who loves me. With all this positive, I am still SOOOO tired and down. Fifth Avenue North hit the nail on the head for me with there song “Worn”. “My prayers are wearing thin
    Yeah, I’m worn
    Even before the day begins
    Yeah, I’m worn
    I’ve lost my will to fight
    I’m worn
    So, heaven come and flood my eyes”
    My girls are good girls overall, but in the last year it feels like a downward spiral of bad attitudes and total disregard for anything my husband and I say. It is so discouraging. We have tried every punishment and reward system we can think of. I keep reminding myself of Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” WOW is that hard. I would LOVE to win a copy of your book!!!!
    Thank you for these devotionals! I have been reading them for a couple of weeks now and it has been such a blessing. God has also been able to bless others in my life through them. I love hearing them on KLOVE between songs as well.
    Keep ‘m comin’,PLEASE! =0)

  254. This is definitely what I needed to hear today/this week. Feeling discouraged myself and in need of some good girlfriends. Good reminder that God knows my name and I’m never really alone even if I feel lonely. Thank you.

  255. Lisa from Florida says:

    God bless you for your post,my husband had left me 2 years ago for another woman. I like your simple prayer which encourages me to know that God indeed hears all our prayers. I sat this morning crying out to God because I miss having male companionship,I miss going out in a date, a hug. Plus I need to be out of my house by the 1st April and I have not been able to find any place to move to. 2 possible places I thought God had thrown my way turned out to be people wanting to take advantage of a woman in need, thanks for the encouraging post that God answers even our simple childlike prayers.

    • Jaynette says:

      Lisa – I am praying for you. I trust God to lead you to a safe haven for you and your family.
      I met a couple recently who live in Florida and they rent apartments. I am not certain where you live but if you email me personally and I can ask their assistance.
      Praying but I could partner with you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

  256. Today’s devotion brought me to tears….I have been consistently reading your devotions and really enjoying them. They are parallel to my life and I can relate in so many levels. Thank you all for sharing and being a willing vessel for the work of the Lord.
    Today’s lesson was touching, in that, as a mother, there are times I feel just like Stacey. Beat down from life and it’s difficulties. Then I think about the fact that I do not have it bad and why am I feeling this way? Then there’s guilt. Thank you for the inspiration and the lesson on Hope! God Bless, Tiffany

  257. Thanks, I needed that. I’ve been having more pity parties lately than I care to admit. Thankfully the last one appeared at a Girl’s Weekend Spring fling. I couldn’t get up out of a chair. I was very embarrassed when so much of God’s love poured over me through wonderful Christian friends who were present. I am a weary 60 to mother of a 23 year old autistic son and have my own health problems. Sometimes Chris can really drain me. While I do love him immensely sometimes I forget that he’s not going to change. I’ve felt quite broken and this task was the last straw. I received so much encouragement from these great gals that I now have a hopeful outlook. I hope to receive a copy to encourage me with God’s promises so that the momentum can continue. He is always faithful!

  258. AugustRose says:

    This was just what I needed. I was sitting here at my kitchen table thinking. I am disappointed that my son is leasing an apartment with his girlfriend. He knpws better he has been raised in the Word of God. He is a Christian. She isn’t. She has a record for violent behavior her family acts the same way. Also, there is student loan debt in both of our names and i.m afraid if he misses a payment on the bills that I cosigned for it will mess up my credit rating. I put my son through school because I didn’t go to college. He is the first grandson in our family, there were 3 girls before him that did not finish college. I feel like I just didn’t sign up for this. I have such high expectations for my son and for my daughter. I feel let down. I am aware of what “could” happen like a pregnancy or if he doesn’t pay the bills that I cosigned on it may affect my daughter going to college or helping her with things she needs not to mention spiritual ramifications. I pray for him no life long consequences like the ones I have to live with but lessons instead and a heart that turns toward God. I am hurting as a mother who cares deeply and wants her son to repent before things spiral out of control. Please keep us in your prayers.

  259. So thankful for this daily devotional….thank you!

  260. What a great reminder of how important it is to turn to Jesus in our season of struggles. I would love to dive into this book and then pass it on to the other stressed out moms I know.
    Thank you for being an encouragement today!

  261. This devotional was just what I needed to read. I am a single mother who just recently experienced the loss of a relationship which then was topped off with the acting out of my son, who ended up getting suspended from shcool 2 days before spring break, and now the uncertainty of keeping my job or where I should go is looming over my head. All of this has happened within the past 7 days. I’m in a city where I do not have many friends and feel so alone at times. Thank you for this as I know God sent it to me today because just before I read it I had just prayed from Him to bless me with His Hope, Peace and Joy and then I read this, I know He hears me, I just have to be patient in waiting for Him to work. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  262. Thank you for that story. I am a weary single mom of a 14 yo son with OCD. I am the source if his germs. He will not touch me, hug me, or touch anything I have touched. I am saddens to tears many days… But then God reminds me how blessed I am. I would love a copy of your book.

  263. Billie Jean says:

    I often wonder, God are you listening?
    Of course he is!
    Sometimes God is silent to show us what we know, and other times to show us what we do not know….And it’s always amazing when he shows himself when we need it most 😛

  264. I have been extremely disappointed in my so called “Christian” husband or ex-husband now…He did unspeakable things to one of our children, but the only thing that kept me going was my faith that God would get us through this. I am a totally single mom with no outside support except from God and we are healing and surviving but sometimes the pressure of being alone in this world can be overwhelming.

  265. HOPE is my “word” of this year. Hope is wonderful when you know God is the HOPE we hope for. I would love to enter to get this book. Having grown children & grandbabies, hope for relationships to be renewed is my hope from Jesus. I am so glad that God gives Hope each and every day of our lives…relationships that were once close, now so far apart..only God can do a Miracle…

  266. Keep up the good work, writing, Stacey. You’re encouragement through verses such as Romans 15:13 in the book would help me through a career change. I’d pass it on to my husband, a cancer patient, my daughter living with epilepsy and my son working toward a masters of divinity.

  267. Kelly Bronnenberg says:

    I would give it to a new lady in our Bible study that just started her recovery from addiction. Her Mother has been raising her two children while she was in her addiction, I can only imagine how overwhelmed she must get tying to balance it all and stay sober. I do know she could use all the HOPE she can get!

  268. This book sounds like just the ticket for where I’m at right now. Between homeschooling, taking care of everyone and the house and on, and on, I’ve lost my joy and struggle to find time to spend quiet time with God. I really appreciate this post, it encouraged me.

  269. Tammy Smith says:

    I would like the book to learn more about God. My 3 year old daughter has woken up twice now asking for angels to be hung above her bed. I don’t know where this came from because I’ve never talked about angels. My mom said she prayed that angels would surround my daughter. She thinks God might have spoke to her in her sleep.

  270. Such a good reminder that God sees us just where we are and either brings someone to encourage us or does it HIMSELF! Would love to have this book to give to encourage my daughter!

  271. Angela Morrow says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I find myself in the same spot. My husband is in the ministry and we moved a year and a half ago. It has been difficult to make friends here. It is a completely different culture than we are used to. As a stay at home mom it is hard to meet people. We have also had a lot of health issues with our 8 month old since she was born. Without our family and friend support system it has been very stressful and lonely. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  272. Sara Sikes says:

    Thanks for the encouragement this morning! I never imagined being a mother would be this difficult.

  273. Thank you for what feels like a letter straight to my heart. I feel like I’ve been seen, and enfolded in understanding and rest. It’s funny because I did’t even see myself as weary, but that is exactly what I am. Bone weary and emotionally spent. Between the winter illnesses that just won’t go away, six year old extremely energetic twin boys with special needs, a sixteen year old learning to drive, a move and Hubs starting a new job, I have wanted to just run away more time than I’d like over the last few weeks. And Romans 15:13 — oh man, I pray that over people constantly and yet how did I miss to pray it for myself? As soon as I read it in your post I hear God say, “See, see, my daughter. For you too. I wish this for you too. Don’t forget about you while you serve others.” Thank you, thank you!!

  274. Elizabeth says:

    I love the quote, “hope is not a wish or a sprinkle of fairy dust. Hope is a person who loves me and you and all the particulars of our everyday, weary lives.” Nothing is too small, trivial, or too big for God. Amen! I needed to be reminded of that today.

  275. Marva Naylor says:

    I would love to get this book for my daughter-in-law. I have a 2 years old grandson. I have 4 boys and 1 daughter ages 27-34 and I would have loved to have had a ministry like this where you could communicate with others and I know this book would be an inspiration to her and my son in raising a young toddler. Thanks for your ministry.

  276. I cannot go into any great detail on why I truly need this book, but I do. What I CAN say…is I could go on for days about how weary a mom gets and all the many places she has to search for a resource to pull her back together again (all while on the time constraint of turning off the alarm clock and placing her feet on the floor to start each and every day–we get 2 minutes ladies to fight back weariness for the day). This book would be an excellent resource to any one who receives it. So God bless each reader and “pass along” those words of encouragement to each and every mom you know.

  277. I would read this book to encourage my overwhelmed, feeling-like-a-failure, lonely soul. I’m thankful that I was able to quit work 7 months ago to spend a year or so finishing my master’s and being a stay at home mom to my 3 year old, but I don’t have any friends that I can spend real quality time with. Sometimes I feel like I am just lost in the shuffle of life while God is content to leave me on the outer fringes, if that makes sense. Thank you for the encouragement!

  278. Debby Klein says:

    Oh this devotional really touched me. I had moved from MO to FL and was really feeling homesick. This was in February and I was listing all the things I was missing. The geese flying from north to south and back come spring the robins looking for worms. Well we were sitting at our table eating lunch and I looked out the window and low and behold there was a robin in our back yard. One robin from God to tell me I know how you are missing home. I remember it was in February. God does care. I will never forget that moment.

  279. I found an unexpected blessing of hope in this story this morning! I was just last night trying to put into words the funk I feel I’m in right now & weariness is exactly it…..I’m so thankful my Heavenly Father reminds me oh so gently that He sees me, hears me, knows me!!!

  280. Thank you for pouring out your heart. Your story touched me as we are getting ready to relocate ourselves. All these thoughts of missing friends, our community, and wonderful church, have been coming to mind as we get ready to embark on the next journey God has for us. I know Jesus sees us but I’m still human. I want to rest in that hope that you talked about.

  281. Hello,
    My name is Sheila and I am writing for a book for my daughter I can’t afford to buy it, however she sure could use this book. She has 4 kiddos 13-12-10-6 and she is a subs at the local elementary school, and loves to work with the kids. However she is head The kid Church program at our church, and finding to people to help out in this area is like pulling teeth. She works so hard, and now I am afraid she is reaching burn-out stage. They both work her and her hubby and with that are teens it is hard to keep the food on the table let alone buy a book. I love her dearly I live with them on the end of there house where they made me a small apartment, I had major surgery on my foot last September and I am still doctoring a lot for it. She needs you prayers also for strength to keep up her busy life. Soccer season starts next week and she has two that play in that, but not at the same place. I am disability and have a fixed income so I can’t help them out. Please pray for her to be able to get a full-time position at the school she works out so she can be in the school where she has been working and where her younger kids are. Than-you so very much for listening wish there was some way I would know you read this message. Love to all of you!!!! Have a wonderful day in our Lord!!!

  282. Makes me think of the words to a song…”Don’t grow weary in doing good, don’t surrender in the fight, keep on stormin the gates of hell, keep on doing what you know is right.”
    Our flesh pulls against that at times. I’d love to share this book with my daughters/granddaughters.
    Thank you for sharing this devo. and your heart.

  283. I sure could use a little hope right now. Life today seems heavy and bleak. My family is in the military and we’ve spent 26 years moving. I’m weary to my very core. I have two teenagers. One is going into college next year and the other will be a junior in high school. My husband and I have discussed me and the kids staying here while he goes to the new station without us so my son doesn’t have to move while in high school and my daughter can go to college here. Being apart for so long…? We are supposed to be moving in a few months and it seems everything is going wrong and I’m feeling so very ALONE right now with this huge decision. Just wish I knew what to do.

  284. I definitely needed this devotional this morning. We recently moved from the east coast to the west coast (my husband is military)…leaving all my family and close friends in the east. I had just had a baby who was barely a month old and we also have our two year old. All this right after my husband thankfully made it home from his deployment in time for te baby’s arrival. Needless to say, it has been a rough year and a half. But all the blessings had me hopeful until we moved here…and like the devotional said, the “newness” wore off. I’ve been discouraged and lonely as I try to navigate this new journey and all the changes. I really needed to read this…

  285. I LOVE the Proverbs 31 Devotionals and often forward the daily devotional to my daughter – the mother of two boys – a 3 year old and a 10 month old! So often, the devotionals seem as if they are JUST FOR HER, right where she’s at! She works along-side her husband as a youth pastor at their church, chairs the Missions ministry, and plays and sings on the Worship Team; so she is very busy! The encouragement from other Christian moms of little ones is what she needs so much as she often has frustrating days! I would love to send “Hope for the Weary Mom” to her!

  286. Now that my children have reached 23 and 19 hearing my name will matter especially since my husband makes excuses not to talk to me or anyone for that matter until it’s convenient for him.

  287. I am a mom of 6 kids…5 boys 1 girl…I am homeschooling all of them as well and my loving hubby is a trucker and is gone a lot. This morning I was really struggling with loneliness and its easy to get that poor me syndrome. I felt really overwhelmed and the “bad mom” award would have been me today! I came across your email and link to this devotional and it was what this weary mom needed this morning! THANKS.

  288. I would love to win this book for my daughter who has two beautiful children! I know she would appreciate hearing other stories from other moms who face the same issues each day and it would give her hope to keep moving forward in raising her children to love God. Thank you for your devotion!

  289. What an uplifting devotional today. Would love to have a copy of the book Hope For A Weary Mom, Let God Meet You in the Mess. The title pretty much sums up my life right now and I’d love to be lifted out of the dumps.

  290. Grace Crapitto says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to give to my daughter and daughter-in-law. They each have 3 children and I think would find much comfort reading this and then sharing with their Mommy friends.

  291. I would love a copy of this book to give to my daughter – a stay at home mom!

  292. I have a daughter of the heart that needs SO MUCH to know that hope is real and that know Jesus as her personal Savior will allow her to have “real” hope. She has a sweet 14 yr. old daughter who has been bullied in school and is desperately trying to find acceptance. She found “friends” who were not friends but got her to try snorting a pill at school, turned out to be an Excedrin, but she got expelled for it. She has been receiving counseling, but was so depressed she tried to commit suicide by taking a whole bottle of her antidepressants and other drugs. Her Mom found her in time and she is fine physically. She spent 12 days in the hospital for psychiatric care, but insurance wouldn’t pay for more. Her Mom works 2 jobs, but takes her daughter with her, is homeschooling her and doesn’t want to leave her alone. Her Mom is barely keeping the bills paid and is struggling greatly in knowing how to help her daughter and give her son the time he needs. She keeps asking me to pray, but not seeing changes, she’s doubting God cares for her. She could really use concerted prayers and the book might be just what she needs to start looking up and having hope restored!

  293. Thank you for this reminder today. I feel I am in a slump and this reminded me of just who I am and why God is beside me all of the time. Thank you!

  294. Thank you Stacey. Your words are much needed today. I have been so afraid to hope. Your words have made me realize I’m afraid to hope because I have made mistakes, planned inadequately, relied too heavily on myself. Your words have reminded me that hope in Jesus is certain. I used to always be so full of hope, but in recent years and because of disappointments and struggles with unemployment and finances at a time in our family’s life when we should have some stability, I’ve stopped hoping for fear of being disappointed. Ive gone through a process of surrendering all to God and inviting him to take control and step in and be our strength where we are weak and although I trust him deeply, I realise I’ve stopped hoping. I need hope in my heart and in my life, I need it to light up my spirit and spur me on. Thank you Stacey for reminding me that hope is God is unfailing and perfect and that I can and should allow myself to hope again.

  295. Great post! I needed that. The book sounds great for myself. I have had trouble keeping up with all of life’s demands, and the book sounds as though it may prove helpful on my journey.

  296. Connie Wine says:

    Oh so excellent! Oh so true! Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s hope!!!

  297. Andrea Snyder says:

    Thank you for this devotional. It really touched my heart. I would love to have this book. I have been feeling very hopeless and alone. With 3 girls and so many sports/activities, all of my friends constantly needing my advice/help, a husband who has been working 60+ hrs/week and neglecting me….I have been feeling very overwhelmed. Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear! God bless you ♡♡♡

  298. Although I have moved back to my hometown full of people I know, I still feel alone quite often. I am now a divorced mom of two young girls, trying to find a place to fit in. I realize that I must put myself out there and friends aren’t just going to show up at my door, but there are many days when fear conquers and I simply give in to “lonely”. However, I am hanging on to hope…I am open to what the Lord has in store. This devotional was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you

  299. Johnie Groh says:

    I, too, felt the balm of the Savior in a grocery store and in a new town when an unlikely person said my name. Since then, I have tried to be more intentional with speaking someone’s name when I see them.

  300. Thank you P31 for having Stacey share and thank you Stacey for sharing!

  301. Nicci Ramirez says:

    Not enough space to express how much I HOPE I win this book!!!

  302. My hope is a flicker right now so this was a great reminder :). I’m thinking of starting a book club with my mommys group, and I’d love to win a copy of this book…sounds like it might be right up out alley!

  303. Cecilia Daniel says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read today and I didn’t even realize that this would hit home the way it did. My husband and I moved from St. Louis. where my family and friends live. to be closer with his family in Mississippi. With two children under two, it makes it very hard to make new friends and get out of the house. I can relate to this devotional in so many ways. It’s so difficult sometimes to be patient and know that He truly has an amazing plan for me and my family. This book sounds incredible. I would love to have this book for my quiet time when the kids are in bed. Thank you again for this wonderful devotional. God Bless!

  304. Love this sweet post. Great start to the day!

  305. Gail Joyner says:

    Loneliness is such an ugly monster that just seems to know when to grab our hearts when we are at that one point where life is tough. I have friends – and know they are there for me when I reach out to them…but the thing is that sometimes we so want someone to reach out to us first …to say our name…to include us in their world. I have a wonderful sister who deals with significant mental issues that so isolate her…how she would love to be able to put that sign up in her yard that says…HEY…I NEED A FRIEND…Apply inside! The thing is – this is the sister whose life takes her to live for only a short time in one place – so – to actually find a friend – for someone to know her and call her name is so impossible…and yet..so needed. How awesome to think that our God is so loving and so knowing that at that worst time He will find a way to let us know- He is with us – through the voice of a stranger – through the smile of someone we encounter – always with us, always there and knowing just the perfect time and way to send His love through another person. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – they touched my heart.

  306. Thank you for this timely reminder this morning! I’m struggling with pregnancy-related depression with our third child, and some days I really need this truth to be flowing through my heart and mind all day. Thank you!

  307. I have 2 jobs, 2 kids and sometimes too much stress! A little inspiration of this kind could really be used at this time. Congratulations to whomever wins!

  308. I am a single mom of wonderful and wild boys…. and sometimes the days are almost too difficult with all the demands of being “everything”! Thank you for this beautiful reminder to always put my Hope in God.

  309. Wow! Thanks for a great message. We all need those little reminders and I love that God does that for us.

  310. Stephanie Marsh says:

    Oh man, is this something I can relate to! Just moved, pregnant with #3, hormones flying, emotional basket case right here! I too often let the tears flow though and find it incredibly difficult to hold them back and press on. Thanks for the encouragement!

  311. Daphne Fitzpatrick says:

    Thank you! I have never put that type of day into words,”someone say my name”. How moving to feel less alone, how wonderful that such a simple prayer be answered. I would love to dive into this book and pass it on through the mommies I know.

  312. At times I feel out of the loop and on my own being a full time working mom. Thanks for the reminder! I know I am never alone in anything…just need to take a second to pray!

  313. I would read the book for myself and then pass it along to friends! Who doesn’t need encouragement!!!

  314. Your post echoes the longings of my heart lately. Disappointed and lonely are exactly how I’ve been feeling. I’ve been separated from my husband for about 4 months now. And though I’ve accepted that our marriage is over and divorce is inevitable, I am afraid of what my future holds. I fear that it is one full of loneliness. When I cry out to God, I ask that He will one day bless me with love again. But I almost hear Him say, “no”. I fear that being alone will be the lifelong thorn in my side. However, despite the great possibility of not having a spouse, God reminds me that I’ll never truly be alone. He puts images of raising my son in my mind, of being a supportive mother-in-law, and being a grandma to grandchildren that adore me. These images are full of joy. What He gives me may not be what I ask for, but I know it will be better than I can imagine or hope for.

  315. As a mother of 5 beautiful children, thank you. It’s good to read that I’m not alone. I’m thankful for the blessings from God.

  316. I would love to have a copy of this book. As a mom of two boys and an elementary school teacher who tries to play “mama” to numerous others, I often feel like a mess! I love the daily devotions, just the “bread” I need to start my day.

  317. Karen Bott says:

    A perfect word for my Daughter.I would love to send her a copy of your book.
    Sierra was raised in a Christian home and still has good core values,she is married and has a 2 year old son.
    Her husband Mark believes there is a God but does not have a relationship with the Lord. Sierra has not been walking with the Lord but I know she would like to raise her son to know the Lord and trust Him with his life. She is tired and lonely.I am trusting God and praying that he will fill her with the desire to seek him again, and to put her hope in him and restore her faith.

  318. I’m beginning to think that there is no such thing as a mom who isn’t weary. I’m the mother of two toddlers (3 years old and 15 months old), whom I love dearly. I work full time and also take care of my other “child” (my husband, who I also love dearly). I would love a copy of “Hope for the Weary Mom” to help renew my spirit and help me be a better friend for those other weary moms out there!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful devotional; they brighten my day. Every day!

  319. How lovely to read how Christ met you that day!! I would give my copy to my sister, Jacqui- a young mother of three little ones and pastor’s wife!

  320. I’ve been disappointed by my own behavior lately – short tempered and not joyful at all, in any circumstances. Would love a copy of this book!

  321. Thank you for this much needed reminder that God is always looking out for our best interest. I have been tried very much over this past year.
    I injured my foot at work, but the x-ray showed no fracture. I was in extreme pain and couldn’t walk right, so I was walking on the lateral side of my foot. I returned to the doctor two more times in the next 2 weeks, and they wouldn’t do another x-ray or MRI, but referred me to a podiatrist. I had been watching my metatarsal buckle as I walked, so I knew it was broken, plus now because of walking on the side of my foot, I felt I had torn ligaments and tendons near my ankle. The podiatrist took another x-ray of my foot, and Yep, there was a fracture. After 6 weeks of wearing a boot, (walking 7-10 miles a day at work the whole time because he didn’t think I needed to stay off of it so it could heal) I only had the boot off for 4 days and I was in worse pain than before. So back on with the boot, and they did an MRI (of the wrong part of my foot) but I talked the MRI tech into scanning a little higher even though he couldn’t scan all the way up to where I was having pain. It showed another fracture. So I was to keep the boot on for another 8 weeks, still walking at my job up to 10 miles a day. After that boot came off I still had bad pain and the doctor wouldn’t believe me, and abused my foot and leg to “prove” I was now adding ankle pain to the list. I left in tears, contacted another Dr and she ordered an MRI, but since her diagnosis disagreed with the first Dr, the case was closed. Everyday I’d push thru the pain and go to work, then go home and sit or crawl around my house, because walking caused so much pain.
    Over Christmas I had to fight to get the case back open, and found out my FMLA had been used up so they wouldn’t guarantee me a job any more, and if no job – no house. I was the only income since I lived at home by myself, after my husband had walked out just a couple years before, and my kids were grown and gone. I couldn’t cope with it, and screamed out to God, “God, Where are you?” And I heard a voice say, “He’s not here, he doesn’t care for you!” I knew it was the Devil, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I was so depressed yet I knew that if I was in my right mind, things could be different. My world was falling apart. I thought about ending it all, but I knew that my son would be the one to find me because he is the only one with access to my house, and I couldn’t do that to him.
    A few days later, I had to go to a store, and I said under my breath, God if you really care for me, please give me a parking space close to the door so I won’t have to walk so far. As I pulled into the parking space, the only one closer was for handi-capped, and I heard God nudge me, “Yes, I do care! I don’t want you in pain, and I will see you thru this.”
    Yes, I was able to reopen my case because something “tore” and I was in excruciating pain. They finally did an MRI 10 months after the injury and the Dr called me with the report. “How are you even walking on your foot? It is totally destroyed.”
    It is now a full year since my injury and I have been off my foot and no driving for 7 weeks, with another 5 weeks to go. I still have a lot of healing to take place and it will take time. My ex-husband even offered to come over and mow my lawn. People are finally realizing that even though I am tough and I can push thru the pain, that I can’t do everything myself. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and I know that it has been God who has been beside me as I have walked thru the valley of the shadow of death. He is there for me, even in my darkest hour.

  322. I really enjoy this site for my daily medicine. Many times I have shared these with friends and family on Facebook. This “hope” one was especially timely, not for me particularly, but for my lovely daughter, Jodi,.
    She’s a great mom but feels quite overwhelmed lately with a job, an autistic 4 year old, a newly burst water pipe (2nd time around) and no close friend (just me, her Mom) to share frustration with, and to be quite honest, sometimes Mom can be a bit tough on her being beyond that stage of life. I would like to pass on this book to her for encouragement and enlightenment. Thanks for taking the time to be a source of comfort and encouragement for many young moms.

  323. Thank you for this. I have been feeling discouraged. I need to always remember to look tho The One Who Created me first. I have been the one who moved from a small town to a large city and I had no friends. Our church was far from our home, so no local friends from church. Our hope is in God The Father, Jesus Christ Our Redeemer, and The Holy Spirit Our Guide.
    Matthew 7:11
    If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
    I would love a copy of the book.

  324. I would love a copy of this book for my new daughter-in-law. We have a brand new baby girl! I know this would be such a blessing to her.

  325. Working full time and raising a family leaves me feeling like I am not giving anyone 100%. I would love to read your book! After reading it I would pass it on to other mothers who feel invisible. God sees our hearts and knows how to comfort us. He sees our efforts and values us. He is truly amazing!!

  326. Hello,
    I really feel like this devotion today was the Lord’s way of giving me hope.
    My husband, daughter and myself recently moved to Houston from a small town in California. I identified with a few aspects of this devotion, like the loneliness, the occasional pity party and really sometimes questioning if we made the right move. A daily boost of hope would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  327. Hello Ladies, I started reading some of the comments, and it sounds to me like you all just need a big hug! So I just want to send a big hug to all of you that need it. Just take a minute to stop and feel Jesus’ loving arms around you. He’s ALWAYS there, even when we feel like we are all alone.

  328. Heather H says:

    Wow. Almost exactly what I am currently going through. Thank you for sharing this.

  329. Thanks for the reminder that God is hope. Sometimes that is easy to forget in the business of every day. So glad he is there to give us purpose, meaning and HOPE.

  330. Thank you so much for this devotion! It brought tears to my eyes. Hope is just what I need and often forget to rely on. This book would be an encouragement!

  331. Jennifer says:

    Hello! Thank you for this terrific, inspiring post! I would love to receive and read a copy of this book because I have been so easily discouraged by the world lately: war, terror, crime, sickness, disease, immorality, etc. Ugh! It seems to be all I hear about these days. I KNOW Jesus is our savior and redeemer and He will rescue our world but I’m deeply longing for glimpses of hope for the here and now!

  332. I would like a copy of your book to give to my grand niece Nikki. She just lost her four-month-old baby to HHLS today and she has two other children at home. she’s definitely a worry mom and needs encouragement.

  333. Tobia Kelly says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional today. It was right on time for me. Finding out that my husband may get extended on his deployment, and while dealing with raising a toddler alone can be a bit challenging. However, I thank you for your encouraging words.

  334. Blended families can be challenging especially when you long for your spouse’s child to love and accept you. I have so much love to give but it’s not being reciprocated because I’m not the biological mother. Although my husband’s first marriage was over 5 years before I became a part of his life, I am an easy target because the child wants his parents to be together. I have prayed about this for some time now and I try not to lose hope in knowing that God not only hears my prayers but that He will turn this around for His glory. I think of the many times when I have fought back the tears of not feeling loved during his visits with us. I was not able to have children of my own and it hurts when the people you love the most treat you as if you’re a doormat. Stacey, thank you for sharing your testimony and for reminding me that hope never dissapoints.

  335. Shelley Sunmerville, I read your post and saw you are moving to N. C. . It is a beautiful state! Don’t know where you will be located but I live in N. C.. I am including my email address in case you would like an N. C. connection. Praying for you! Deb

  336. Kathy Branson says:

    As I was reading this this morning it brought tears to my eyes. I am too a weary mom. I lost my 20 year old daughter in icy of 2013 and then almost a year later my mother in law passed away from complications due to a stroke. Since just before my daughter went missing my life has been full of lots of stress loneliness and at times anger. I have a fifteen year old son that is still having a hard time over his sisters death so it takes a toll on me and my husband has went through a major change in life which brought on depression. And it’s wearing off on me. So anything I can read to help is great. I just thank god for the time I got with my daughter and for the people in my life. If it wasn’t for him I don’t know what I would do!

  337. God is so awesome. That’s such a great testimony that He cares about the little things that matter to us – so sweet!
    I am a weary Mom, my 12 year old daughter is giving me a hard time. She refuses to do her homework. She tells me there is no such thing as God and laughs at me when I tell her how Jesus saved me. I work full time, going to school part-time. My house is a disaster. I’m 52 and I have two daughters 12 & 14 that need a full-time Mom. Yes, life is tough. Thank you Jesus that you are my Rock!
    Blessings, JoAnne

  338. tristina says:

    I am a mother of two a 3 year old daughter and a 6 month old boy. I struggle daily. I am a full time mom and full time employee as well as a part time Air force Reserve MSgt. I am exhausted all the time. I so relate to your blog today. I feel lonely and frustrated. It seems lately each simple task somehow becomes so difficult, requiring several more steps than it should. I have recently started to attend the Wed night bible study to give me a glimmer of hope to push me through the week. I am asking, praying, for an open heart to hear Gods word and to find peace in him. I am a weary mom :o)

  339. Stacy Cunningham says:

    I’m guessing this will be a great source of encouragement for any mom!

  340. I would love to win a copy of this book and I’d give it to a friend of mine who has 2 young boys (4 & 2). She could use some hope in the midst of her weariness! 🙂

  341. Started this morning off with a melt down and not sure if it would end! Stopped the tears long enough to read this and cried more! Tears of joy for the words I read and how God can hear us even when we forget to call on Him directly! The circumstances of the story are different than mine but the message was perfect! Thank you for helping me through a very rougher morning! Love and prayers, Norma

  342. Thank you for this! Made me cry but I needed to hear it! I haven’t moved but I might as well have. I’m a new mom and older than most my friends with kids already older than my little one. With the arrival of this amazing blessing came the loss of everything else… Job, friends, identity, life as I thought I knew it. It’s like starting over and has been such a painful process. But I can say that God is and has definitely been working on me and I see His hand and I’m thankful. If I can just continue to hold onto Him in this time of spiritual warfare! I totally relate to this devotion and would love for someone to just call my name. Thanks for sharing!

  343. Sharisse K. Stafford says:

    I would love to win a copy of “Hope for the Weary Mom”. I have recently been separated and have turned into a weary mom. Our kids have been heavily torn due to our separation. With the struggles of a broken family, I have grown weary in trying to hold it together. Ultimately, I am trying to keep God first and stay positive. However, I face daily challenges of trying to be “all things to all people”. I know this book would be a great inspiration for me to have hope, keep the faith, and stay positive!

  344. What a beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing your story with us. God works miracles in our lives everyday. It’s sad to think how many we miss because we’re so busy focusing on things that don’t really matter.
    Sometimes this can be a lonely world and we should be grateful for the people we have to share it with every day.

  345. I’m so thankful for your story. I feel completely alone and a failure as a mom. I have a teenager that has been raised in a Christian home yet I just found out she has been living a double life and making horrible choices. I see how unhappy and broken she is and she feels like she doesn’t have a friend in the world. I know that healing takes time but I feel like I’m not going to make it through the day. I have never felt such despair.

  346. I would love love to enter for a chance to win the book. As a mother of 2 girls and stay at home mom I face everyday struggles to be patient and be a great mom and wife to my family. I am working on strengthening my relationship with the Lord and letting him guide me in everything and letting go of worries and leaning on God for strength!

  347. I have moved within the past year, left all my dear friends behind, am struggling with loneliness and weariness on all fronts it seems- marriage, parenting and my faith. Does it ever get easier? Do all the sacrifices and trying mount up to anything or will it always be trampled by people who don’t think of anyone but themselves and think that you are there to help them make it. Need some hope and encouragement that even if not one person recognizes my worth, I should still keep doing my best and serve out of love and not expectations.

  348. This is the first I have heard of this book! It sounds wonderful!!! As a full time working mom of 2 energetic, yet wonderful little boys, and the one who does the majority of the cooking, cleaning, & laundry, and all of the finances, I am often overwhelmed & down right weary at times. I cannot wait to read this book!!!!

  349. I love reading these devotionals …. I have a dear friend who has 2 little boys, the oldest has ADHD, Aspergers, allergies. Her youngest has ADHD, Autism, sensory disorder. Plus her husband has a drug addition. I send her these devotions everyday. She says it puts a warmth in her heart to know she is not the only one having issues in life… It also helps me cope with life as well !!

  350. I would love for my daughter to win this. She is a Great mom of a precious two year old that doesn’t sleep! I know how weary she must get teaching and being a mom. She needs encouragement! Mems Bicking

  351. Margie M says:

    This is just beautiful, I promise to share it with all my prayer warriors.

  352. Monica T. says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this passage because that woman is me through and through! Raising three little ones on my own while trying to get my business off the ground has me living a life of constant exhaustion, and it is a beautiful and reassuring feeling to be reminded that God sees me, He notices me. The part about just wanting to hear someone say her name, I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I pretty much only hear “mommy” all day! Just to even see someone type my name in a text gives me a little pep. Isn’t that crazy? Thank God for hope. Thank God.

  353. I would like to have a copy of this book. I am a mom of two teenage boys and two toddlers (boy and girl). No none are twins just close in age. I feel like with this span of kids I don’t fit in anywhere. Loneliness is a place I visit constantly.

  354. Doriselle says:

    Thank you for that message. I have had so much disappointed times the last few months. I am sitting here in the parking lot of Wawa wondering how I am going to get food for my child and gas in my car so I can work the rest of the week. If you don’t mind I’m going to use your prayer only I want someone to call my name who truly loves me and care. Thank you again for sharing your life.

  355. Kimber Bates says:

    Thank you for the encouragement this Monday morning!

  356. Oh I would love a copy. All too often, I feel so weary, lonely and discouraged. Thank you for the opportunity.

  357. Ann Souza says:

    Thank you I feel invisible most of the time! ‘Friends’ too busy to call or even text hi.
    I needed this today!

  358. Mandi Baladez says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I have a lot of days like this. I am a homeschooling mommy of 4, I still breastfeed my toddler and cloth diaper, I babysit a 4 mo old baby boy, do all the home cooking, and I’m stuck at home most of the time, except when I have to take my 13 yr old daughter to softball practice. I have been soooo hungry for God’s spuritual food, but can’t seem to get it. I try to sit down and read the Bible, but I can’t seem to focus (I’m in Job right now). I can’t focus in church because my 21 mo old toddler won’t stay in the nursery without me and clings, climbs, and wanders all over and around me on my chair. I always feel like my whole life is just a never ending mess!! I wake up every morning wondering what I could read, or where I could read to get the word I need that intimately speaks to my heart. I could really use a Bible study like this book. We are tight on money also, mu husband is the only one really bringing in major income and it’s not much. I think my spirit would benefit greatly from this book.

  359. Heather German says:

    Wow! This was exactly what i needed to hear today and I know several friends who I have also directed to this particular devotional today! I would love to win a copy of your book for myself and then be able to pass it on to a couple of my friends. I am raising my son and my 2 stepkids and every day is a struggle. Everyday we find somethng new that brings with it conflict and discomfort. I want to find a way to work through these moments and find hope that one day I will be enough for all of my kids. Again, thank you for your words that can uplift and inspire me today!

  360. What a great message! Really hits home. Thanks for the smile in my day. Sounds like a great book as well. If I don’t win a copy I will be putting it done on my wish list for sure.

  361. I would love a copy of the book…I have no doubt me receiving that email about hope from this blog is a God thing, but even so, I am so tired and weary of hoping, so tired of being isolated spiritually. I am married with 2 kids under 2 and another on the way, plus I work. My husband and I have opposite schedules which makes communication and progress rough. I just feel so desperate to be surrounded by strong Christian women who can speak God’s words of Living Water into me. Why is it so hard?

  362. Thank you so much for this! SO true!

  363. This really touched my heart as I have been a “stranger” in a new town many times in my life – it reminds me to be open and smile and be friendly to those I see out and about – it might be the only acknowledgement they get in that day! I would love to win this book for my daughter who is soon to deliver her first baby and is living in a new town with her husband’s job transfer. I think it would minister to her sometimes lonely heart. Thank you for the honesty and hope in this devotion today!

  364. Thank you for sharing your story. It is easy to get down and discouraged when you feel like you’re not being recognized for who you are and what you do. Lack of sleep is the cherry on top 🙂 I would appreciate the book and pass it on to someone in my church should I win. May God bless your ministry and all who read and we’re touched by today’s message.

  365. Romans 15:13 has been a verse I have clung to as a member of the sandwich generation: parenting both my 13 year old son and my 81 year old Mom who lives with us and is suffering the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. I feel so cut off from friends and have little strength to carry on. Just getting through the day seems like an accomplishment! I know God meets me where I am and gives me the strength not to dwell on the many challenging parts of my life. He continues to show Himself faithful to give me glimpses of hope in the midst of Alzheimer’s. Thanks for the encouraging words to help keep me moving forward when lately all I can do is cry.

  366. Weary mom here. I have cried in my van more tgan I I would like to admit. I’ve even thought about sleeping in there several times. It was a lovely devotion thanks for the encouragement

  367. Christina says:

    I have been a slump for a while. My 2nd daughter is 6 months old and I have a 2 year old. My girls are great kids but I live on a ranch 45 min from town and farther from friends. I long for adult conversation and yes someone to say my name sometimes. My husband is wonderful but a girl needs her friends.

    God is who I rely on in these tough times. Without him I would be lost.

  368. I had a similar type of thing happen earlier this year…different, but similar… I was 1300 miles away from home for several weeks caring for my mom, who was at the end stage of a very quick and aggressive form of cancer. There were a couple other family members there at the time, but no one that I had a real intimate & close relationship with. I was missing my family and felt like I was surrounded by strangers. I missed my son’s first ever basketball game, as well as the second and third. I didn’t even realize how alone I felt until a card came in my mom’s mail addressed to me. It was from friends at a Christ-centered support program I am involved with. As I read the card filled with well wishes and scriptures, I just sat there crying and thanking God for showing me He was with me in this very lonely time!

  369. I have been disappointed by my family, again. I come from a large family, all girls and though we all get along, I always feel I’m on the outside looking in. When we have get togethers, I feel by myself eventhough surrounded by family. I often talk to myself about being too sensitive but I totally forgot who I should be talking to, God. He is really all I need and family is just exta. God’s love is all over the place and that’s where my focus needs to be. Thanks for reminding me to pray!!

  370. I remember those days of a stay at home mom of three and it sometimes seemed like a thankless job. I would love a copy of this book for my dear daughter who is struggling with a precocious 4yo and a husband who works driving a truck long hours.

    She is struggling with anxiety and depression and making her way with her child and full time job.

  371. I would love to win a copy of this book for my daughter. She has three year old and is definitely a weary Mom.

  372. I absolutely loved this devotional. I love that the Lord over all answered such a simple prayer in such a mighty way. I love this journey called mamahood more than anything and I am so very blessed with 3 amazing little gals. I feel like such a failure when I lose my temper and don’t show the fruits of the Spirit as I should. I feel like they deserve so much more than I am giving them even though I am trying my hardest. My baby girl doesnt like sleep either and just wants to be held all day. Makes for one weary mama. Would very much love a copy of this book.

  373. Leslie,
    I totally understand your feelings & your pain. That is such a hard place to be & for those who don’t live it, they just don’t know. My mom lived with me & my husband & our 13 year old daughter for 14 years. She also suffered from dimentia turning to Alzheimer’s. She just recently passed away at the age of 97. The last 5 years of my life were difficult & caring for her was not easy. I, like you relied on prayer & for God to get me through some pretty rough days. I also worked full time teaching & had a 13 year old too. My entire family turned their back on my mom & us as they couldn’t see themselves taking care of her as I did. I still don’t understand how they live with themselves. But know that God will never leave you & He hears every cry you make. He will not let you bear more than you can handle, even when it seems like you can’t do it. Rely on your devotions & worship songs – that’s what had helped me. Even friends at work couldn’t relate to what I was going through.
    I am praying for you now & I hope you feel the hug I’m embracing you with.
    God’s blessings on you today for all you do everyday!!

  374. Sarah Bredemeyer says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. I am about to me a new mom (in 69 days) and I am worried about balancing it all between momma duty, work, home, hubbs, church….I want to do well. I loved reading this blog today because it gives me hope in knowing that I’m going to have tough days but God is on my side. I’d also like to win a copy for a sweet friend of mine who is a first time mom as well.

  375. Susan G. says:

    This was so awesome! Only God! He has shown up for me so many times, I could write a book. There is no One like our God! If I was picked to receive your book, I will be praying who to give it to. I’m a grandma now but we never forget those days…
    Blessings upon blessings to you!

  376. This reminds me when God did something similar in answer to prayers – someone said my name in the midst of my loneliness in a country where I knew absolutely no one. I truly believe he was an angel because I never saw him again and have no idea who he was. But he said my name and asked how I was right when a wave of loneliness overwhelmed me. Remembering this story gives me hope – God does know my name. And He cares for this very weary mama!!

  377. Enjoyed this devotion. This book would be given to a friend, Susie, who has Hodgkins lymphoma. She began her radiation this month and is feeling down, because, “This is something I am going to have to deal with the rest of my life! it is not cureable, only treatable!” Then would pass on to my first cousin, Darlene was diagnosed with breast cancer and has just begun chemo in February. They are from the same community in the country where I live. They were diagnosed within two months of each other.

  378. I would love to read this book. Your post touched me as I struggle daily to wake up and begin my day. My husband and I have two beautiful toddler girls and now have recently had 3 miscarriages. With the emotional and physical struggle I have been going through I have felt loneliness, depression and the ache to feel alive again. To receive encouragement of how to others are struggling and how they have been blessed by God brings me hope and peace. Win or not this book is on my wishlist. Thank you.

  379. Please send out prayers to the world for a little boy named Cayden who lives in New Hampshire. he is deathly ill and the doctors cannot find out what’s wrong with him. After eons of tests, He has a lot of pain in his little body and swelling. Doctors put him on steroids and has worsen, He now might have to go on dialysis, as his organs are shutting down. This little boy needs everyone’s prayers. Please keep him in your prayers. In God’s love and power. Amen

  380. Just thank you enough for that story!!!
    I’ve been feeling Run Down, overworked & under appreciated!
    I’ve been battling depression off & on for years. Honestly it doesn’t make sense, when I try to see the positives in my life… a loving family and LOTS of acquaintances. I pray for to find a few good friends but am not in a church at this time. A lot of my depression has to due with my husbands health issues & my weight gain too. Please keep me in your prayers!

  381. I would love to win a copy of the book. Not only would it help me in my own life, but I love to read theses types of books so I can share my knowledge with others and have compassion towards them. I also would love to share it will my mops group as we share books.

  382. Beth Cooper says:

    How sweet it is when the Lord shows up for us in such a tiny but huge personal way. It is so hard to conceive of such a powerful, ever-present Love, but He faithfully reveals His Love for us in so many amazing ways. Your devotion encouraged me!

  383. I would love to win this book for my daughter who is pregnant, has a 2 and 4 year old and is struggling with financial issues and a loss of hope for her future.

  384. Marjorie says:

    I can relate to you. I have moved several times. I moved to this country several years ago left all my family and friends on a scholarship to attend university. 4 yrs ago my 2 girls and I had to make a big move to the northwest because my ex- husband abandoned us for drugs and I had to downsized big time, sold some of my things and gave a lot away to the community, all we brought with us was only clothes and small valuable things because we had to fly. But we saw the blessings of God in our lives because of my obedience to Him (He wanted me to move). It was not easy to start over again but with God’s grace, encouragements, and hope we’ve come a long way. I learned to trust in God more and He built my faith. Now I am in this road again and need to trust God at a higher level. I was recently remarried, a husband that the Lord has sent for me and he loves my girls as his own (that was my prayer). Because my husband’s choice to volunteer full time in this ministry now it is hurting us deeply getting into credit cards debt that we didn’t have before. The leader doesn’t see it he wants us to continue working without pay and hurting the team along the way. I know God wants us to be out of debt I have talked to my husband countless time but I guess he is afraid of the leader and doesn’t want to leave. We need prayer big time to be able to confront the leader in love and that he will understand and release us.

  385. Marjorie says:

    Forgot to mentioned that I would like to win a copy of your book for encouragement because at times I am very weary and get migraine because I cannot get my words across but I know God is listening and He will work in His timing. I’d like to share your book with my friend after reading it.

  386. I thought I’m the only one person in this world that no closed friends around the area. I moved all time ago exactly 18 years and yet no closed friends. I try so hard to have closed in my kids school but eventually they all gone since our kids is no longer friends. Now, I just rely on my spouse family to hang on weekend basis.

    I have few friends but we seldom see each other due to our family schedule. But some moments I wish we have friends that we can hang out and talked everything. Unfortunately, no one show up only ONE person GOD.

    He is always there for me – no matter what happened even though sometimes I feel so alone and lonely.
    I just wish I have one more closed friend in our area – I wish for it long time ago.

    Still waiting..
    SOmetimes I’m thinking I’m horrible person since no one wants me to be their friends.
    I’m used to it now.. I just go home after work, cooked dinner for my kids. just go to my room and read my daily devotions and my bible – that’s all.

    No one there!
    You are so lucky that you able to find one.. I wish I have one, too!

    Take care and thank you so much for this wonderful devotions.

    Best regards,

  387. Thank you Staley, and this is exactly what I need. There have been a lot of uncertainty in our life right now, and I’m on the verge of losing hope… And faith. We are relatively new migrants in Perth, Western Australia so everything is new to me and our whole family. We have been adjusting well to the new routine and new friendly faces, when my husband lost his job and has been struggling finding work since the mining industry crashed. Now, all work in our field seemed to have been filled here, so we have no choice to move to another state where work is – and start all over again! I remember only two years ago, we ‘started all over again’ and it was hard, tiring and stressful. And here we are again… Then again, we feel God is leading us to His plan but I just HOPE He reveals them and not keep us in suspense. Until now, my husband hasn’t received any firm job offer… And of course, we’re living off from our savings and still unsure about the move… Thanks for listening anyway, writing this kind of recharged the lost hope.

  388. This is beautiful. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  389. Johnette Hedrick says:

    faith as small as mustard seed has empowered hope in anew mercies day. Thanks

  390. I would love the win the book for my friend, Amber.
    She’s amazing! Married 3years with 2 small boys, working as a nurse and hubby with unusual work patterns due to what he does. She lost her dad not that long ago, her sisters all live over the water and she lives miles away from all her friends and her Gran (who is like a mum to her, but is going on in years). She could really do with this as a wee encouragement to help her through and to know that even though we may not get to see her, her hubby and the boys, they are still muchly loved and thought of. 🙂

  391. Lindsay Gowan says:

    This story hit so close to home! I would love to win this book!

  392. Life is hard…it’s reassuring that others are experiencing the same feelings we have. As a single mom of three, formally married to an alcoholic, I find myself exhausted more often than not. God rescued me from one demanding situation to place me in a different but equally challenging one. I just wonder if I will be on my own forever? Only God knows.

  393. Tina Wrubel says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book as I have struggled with hope and disappointment for a little while. I would like to be able to hope again and I think this book would help me. I would also like to pass it along to a couple other people when I am done. Thank you!

  394. My best friend has been reading this book and has shared some snippets with me. I would LOVE to have my own copy!!

  395. As I sit hear reading these posts, I ask myself, how could I feel this way when I know personally the God who is omnipresent and yet I feel so alone. My story isn’t like many of yours, I haven’t moved from the city I grew up in or left any friends behind. I’m a wife and mother of 2 teenage boys who feels like my head is always in a cloud. Like the weighty of the world is on my shoulders. If only I could cast my cares upon Him because he first cared for me. I feel this way because my marriage is falling apart and so are the boys! For the most part, normal teenage stuff but I know they’re watching my marriage as well. My husband is not there father. We’ve only been married 4 1/2 years. I find it very difficult to be the P31 woman at this time when my husband continues to make unfaithful attempts. It seems like everyone expects me to stand and make this work! I don’t want to carry this weight anylonger! Would someone please say my name? I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! RIGHT…. I look to the hills from which cometh my help, but I can’t seem to find it anymore! Please pray for my strength and encouragement.

  396. Could really use this book right now…

  397. Anne S Boudville says:

    We are a family with rather intense personalities. Just to give you an idea, some of the characteristics include melancholia, introversion, perfectionism, obsessions and compulsions (not severely pathological) but nonetheless, there. I have felt so weary at times and wondered if ours was a right genetic combination. It occurred to me that God fashioned their innermost being, their genes, their personalities. It’s a grave mistake to contort them to fit into the world’s mould. They are exactly as He desires them to be and I want to work alongside Him in raising them to fulfil their potential. Your words on hope lifted me and reminded me that God never disappoints.
    Thank you.

  398. I would love to win a copy of this book to give to my daughter. She is a great mother, to an absolutely adorable and VERY energetic 3 year old. She goes to school full time, works full time and still makes time to take great care of her family. She has her moments when she feels overwhelmed and needs encouragement and hope!

  399. Rebecca McFarland says:

    Loved the deco and have felt the same. God loves you. God loves me.

  400. Amy McCants says:

    Thank you for this post. I would love to win one of these books and share it with my friends. There are many times I feel frustrated disappointed and have to refocus my thoughts on the truth and on God’s faithfulness.

  401. I would like to win a copy of the book to give to my daughter. She is struggling right now in a difficult relationship, going to school full time, working, and caring for her 2 year old son. She has been depressed with all the things going on & responsibilities she has. Also her dad passed in 2011 & she misses him & wishes he could have been here to meet his grandson. I ask for prayers for her to find her way back to Christ & to know the peace only He can give.

  402. Linda Sanchez says:

    This filled my heart, it reminded me of how great my God is, how even though He doesn’t have to prove to me anything, He still takes the time for little old me and shows me He’s with me, I love that no matter what, there’s always Hope in front of me, and everyone! I know he does this for my friends too, I’d love this book and make it a book that can go from me to one of my friends and from her to one of their friends 🙂 <3 Spread the Love!

  403. What mom wouldn’t want a copy of this? I would love to win a copy so I can read and share but if I don’t I plan to buy a copy for myself to read and share and a copy for my lovely sister in law!:) With God in the center all things are possible!

  404. Rachelle Craig says:

    This devotion seems like it was written just for my daughter, who bu the way is the person I would give a copy of this book to. My daughter is a new creation in Christ. She got saved in November, and since that time, she has really come to know who her real friends and even some family members truly are. She has recently come to me in tears because there have been several women whom my daughter truly and genuinely loves. The problem is that they do not share her feelings and it saddens her that they have one by one turned away from her. It breaks my heart as her mom to see her cry and to be in such emotional pain. I told her that I think this is Gods way of weeding out the people that cause her strife and heartache. A couple of these girls have been almost life long friends, but they do not know the Lord and therefore they feel a bit awkward around my daughter now, so they choose to stay away from her. She is learning to pray for them and she has met some amazing friends at her church, but I think this book would just give her a little boost in learning about Hope. Thank you for the contest and for this devotion. I will definitely be sharing it with my daughter. <3

  405. Not only would I love to read this book I really need to read this book. I can so relate to the devotional today. Thank you!

  406. This devotional really hit home for me. We moved our family 10 hours away about 4 years ago and then again another 2 hours 2 years ago just when I had started making friends. I definitely find it hard to make friends. I don’t even really have anyone that I have ever been able to call my best friend. There are many days that I would love to hear my name from someone other than my family. Recently I have found a friend but I don’t want to monopolize her time because I do know that she has other friends that she spends time with. To make matters worse, I am in the process of trying to go back to work after being a sahm for 4 years. I’ve had several interviews in which I really thought I had the job only to get a rejection phone call or email. This is putting a lot of stress on my family right now. I pray everyday for the strength to continue the search and the support for my family.

  407. Ronda Pifer says:

    What a great reminder of hope. It is so easily missed in our daily lives, especially when all seems to be going wrong!

  408. Rebekah Lawrence says:

    I could really use a copy of this book! I feel exactly like the mom in this devotion lately. Have a 4 year old, a 6 week old, work and a second job when I get home. Lots of moms out there in the same situation and my situation could definitely be worse! But, this devotion really spoke to me as it is the season I’m in, and I would love a copy of this book. Thank you.

  409. April Anstey says:


    Your story sounds so familiar, I too, just moved to a new city and it’s been difficult. I left my hometown of 17 years where I had a huge circle of friends and now? – not one.

    Praying for God to place someone in my life.

  410. Sandra W says:

    I’m not just a lonely weary mom. I’m now a single mom. I’m trying to navigate a new life for me and my son. I’ve moved home to try and rebuild my life but I’m super lonely and scared. For me and my son.

  411. Thank you for the positive message. God bless all of the Mommas here who are alone. Even with lots of little ones around it is still possible to feel alone.

  412. Manuela Diaz says:

    I would like to win a copy of this book because at times I feel like a weary mom. I am in my last semester of college and working 12 hours as well as being a mother to a 3 year old wonderful little boy. I am away from him most of the time and sometimes just when it comes to being a mom, I find myself becoming exhausted.

  413. Melissa Haselby says:

    Thank you for the inspiration!! I would love a copy of this book! I’m a first time mom to a strong willed six week old girl. We have had a struggle from the beginning: emergency c section after 23 hours of labor, huge difficulty breastfeeding (still going strong), colic like behaviors, reflux, and lip and tongue ties that will be revised next week! All the while trying to serve God and am thankful for his mercies. I’m trying to figure this mom thing out and would love to have some great christian reading along the way!! ❤️❤️

  414. Too weary and overwhelmed to post! Attempting to at least “touch the hem of his garment”. Would love copy of book, but better yet, prayers from those who have been there.

  415. Needed this today. Sixth months ago my husband myself and our two small Kidd moved from our home we built in a small town to a city where my husband too a new ministry job. There has been tons of heartache from leaving our home and many close friends. Its been a huge struggle for us to make new friends in our new town I feel so alone and my heart breaks for my children as well.

  416. Thank you for this, I needed this reminder. I was just saying today how somedays it seems all hope is lost. My husband passed away unexpectedly 6 mos ago. I was 8 mos pregnant with our 3rd child. My world is upside down. Everything is hard, but God has shown me that He is still good even when our life circumstances aren’t. He has blessed us in many ways & I’m learning to lean on Him in a whole new way. Raising 3 kids alone, especially a new born, is overwhelming. Would love a copy of the book!

  417. Vanessa G says:

    I completely related to the devotion for today. We have made big moves to different cities 3 times in 3 years. In that time we had our first child, met and said goodbye to many friends. Then had to do it all over again. It can take so long to connect with people and get to know them as friends. I am so happy that God has been with us all along and never changes.

  418. thanks for sharing this. I came across it as I was lying on my couch crying. My youngest son is very strong willed and tests me everyday. He had just put up a fight with me and was in his room pouting. We moved to a new town 3 1/2 yrs ago and I haven’t been able to make new friends yet, being a stay at home mom. Thanks again for sharing, very encouraging and a great reminder that I’m to look to God for my strength and my hope.

  419. It was strange reading your story today, mostly because I’m in the exact opposite situation – I moved from a bigger city to this small map-dot (to care for my 95 1/2 y.o. she likes to say) where everyone knows everyone else and they don’t take time to meet anyone new. And secondly, your story jumped right off the screen at me because as you can see, my name, too, is Stacy, and I think I would have dropped the spaghetti sauce jar had anyone actually chosen to speak to me, much less call my name…I know I’m in this one place for this one time for this one reason, but I often ask God if I have to be so lonely doing it?? Thank goodness I have 2 very over-affectionate cats who don’t like to see Mama cry, so I try not when they (or my grandmother) are around…I just wanted you to know that I know exactly what you were feeling that day – I feel it every single day myself…and thank you for your point- HOPE is actually a person, and therefore I don’t have to feel alone – I always have HOPE!

  420. God always intervenes at the right time. Needed this reminder today, thank you!

  421. Thank you for this! I would love to win this book for my Mom. She is one of the strongest women I know and she has overcome so much. She doesn’t realize how beautiful or strong she is but she is finally slowly coming to realize it for herself. The past many months she has been hit pretty hard and had some constant companions such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, disappointment, discouragement, and many other things and my parent’s marriage is struggling. All of my siblings get so irritated at me because I have so much hope and even though things look bad, I keep reminding them of what the bible says and show 100% faith. They have called me blind, stupid, and naive the past many months. BUT, what they don’t realize is that; it’s not that I haven’t fought doubt, I have but by the Blood of Jesus Christ, we have been bought and guaranteed victory! I have 100% faith in MY GOD and how He can do the impossible! I may be blind or seeming blind but I am choosing to walk in faith, which you must do blindly because faith is in the things unseen. If I could see it, it wouldn’t require faith and I wouldn’t need to trust God or believe in Him. 🙂 My Mom has had serious issues but she is changing for the better. My Dad I’m hoping, praying, and believing will see this and move forward with us his family and God because right now, he has shut everyone out including those who love and were giving Godly counsel. Prayers much appreciated and I hope to win this book for my Momma! 😀

  422. Katrina ferguson says:

    I would love a copy of this book for me and my two close friends. One of which has two kids and the other who has one and just had their second. I think it would be a great reminder for us that no matter how busy life gets or what feelings we may feel, God always has our best interest at heart and will show us in his time. And who doesn’t need the reminder of that?

  423. Being a first time mom and a step mom you constantly doubt yourself… am I doing this right? Am I good enough? Do people realize I’m still here? So this book will hooefully give encouragements.

  424. brittany west says:

    As a blended family of 6…a stress reliever is much needed and a constant reminder of God’s presence.

  425. I really could use this book. I have two girls that keep me on my toes. I find that I need some guidance and words of wisdom.

  426. Terri Septer says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book for myself! I have a 2 yr old & I am disabled so I am a stay-at-home mom! I feel like I am alone a lot bc I don’t have any friends outside of my church family!? I feel like I don’t need to bother them with my problems so I keep it all in!! Def know I have Hope in Jesus to guide me but still get lonely sometimes too!!

  427. Jeannine says:

    I would like this for my friend who has become a single mom of a 2 year old after a recent divorce due to abuse. I myself was a single mom from a month before my daughter turned 4, actually 20 years ago as of today March 16th; my daughter is almost 24 now! My friend finally got a teaching position, for now, and has kept her job cleaning houses so she’ll have that income over the summer months. She is so weary and it’s justified. She loves the Lord, seeks Him daily, and strives to give her sweet daughter all she needs emotionally while also teaching her about Jesus. This book would be a sweet blessing to her and speak encouragement to her heart.

  428. Sabrina Minton says:

    I am a single mom. I work full-time. Take care of my son, make sure that he gets everything that he needs. It is my pleasure even when I am exhausted and nothing seems to be working, I know that I have to keep going for him. This devotional reminded me of why I need hope and how God does show up right on time to give us exactly what we need. When I saw the post about this book and potentially winning a copy….i knew I had to figure out how to enter. This ministry speaks to me almost daily and I am so thankful for having women like you out there, even if I never meet any of you, know that God has genuinely used you.

  429. I would love to win a copy for our Young mothers fellowship (YMF) in church…..Kenya. It would encourage us a lot and would love for all of us to be blessed.

  430. Ashleigh Lingerfelt says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. I feel lonely and lost in the shuffle daily. I have always felt like that. This reminds me that my only hope is in God. He will be my friend when my others seem so far away.

  431. Amy Locks says:

    I really need this. I am a single mom of a special needs child and I have so excited very difficult days. He will be 16 this week and I have been reflecting on how I have managed to make it this far. I chalk it up to that God gives me this because he knows I can handle it. I may not believe it most days, but it matters that HE does. Having a copy of the book will give me a little more faith that things will be ok.

  432. Carrie Mims says:

    This devotional really lifted me!

    I would love a copy of the book. I am a stay at home Mom of two, living in the country. My extended family lives thousands of miles away as do many of my close friends. I sometimes feel really alone and overwhelmed out here.

  433. My younger sister is a mother of FIVE. I was not able to have children myself so it has been an honor to share in her experiences and to LOVE her children. Her life is in no way easy. I see all the struggles she faces in being a wife and mother and I truly wonder how she gets through the day…financial issues, car issues, school issues, relationship issues…talk about a weary mom!!! But through it all she maintains her faith and hope. This book would definitely go to her.

  434. Jennifer Swetman says:

    I would love to win this book. I just had baby number two and life has changed drastically!

  435. Ashlea Lance says:

    Would absolutely love a copy of the book.

  436. I’d love a copy of the book! I’m a stay at home mom for the first time in my 7 years of motherhood. And although I’m completely grateful that God has blessed me by making this dream of mine come true, it has not come without it’s own struggles, complications, and lessons. I would lend this book to a couple mom friends I know could use it too:)

  437. I moved to a new area and work 35 minutes away from here. I’m a very friendly, outgoing person but have not made any new friends in my area because I spend most of my day away from home. I know God led my family here and believe that with my entire heart but I miss my home town And all of my friends. We lived there for 12 years so this has certainly been an adjustment…I believe this book would help me have some hope in this area!

  438. Stefanie Wynne says:

    I’d love to have a copy of your book. This tired teacher and mama needs a huge dose of Jesus everyday to even come close to being what my children need me to be.

  439. Thank you for allowing GOD to use you and share your moment with him with us. I have been that mother not too long ago and still struggle most of the time with loneliness and disappointment. I constantly fight with not being enough for my kids, my husband, family, church and GOD. Loneliness pops it’s ugly head in my thoughts several times a day. As a stay at home homeschool mom I have no close friends and barely speek to my family, outside of my immediate household. I even get jelous when my husband talks about haveing a good laugh with friends he has made at work. it seems like forever since the last time we had a good laugh together. Expecting our third child soon has brought up the fact that I will soon be isolated and lonely again. I love my family and know that the devil has no place and has been defeated. So I pray a lot and GOD is gracious and merciful. Thank you for the key verse.

  440. Your message today touched me as I am helping my 12 year old daughter and myself find meaning in the last two months. My daughter had a near death experience in ICU and spent a total of 7 weeks in the hospital. She is home and still recovering. I know there is purpose and meaning in all she has gone through. Thanks for your message of HOPE!! God bless! 🙂

  441. oh my! This is so wonderful! I am a single mom raising a teenage boy who is beginning to feel his own pains and trials that life tends to put on us. It so hard….. To watch your only son. Struggle and fight with emotional pain, while also trying to be supermom and heal my own hurts. Love this thank you for this.

  442. Julia E. Garcia says:

    Wow, how I wish I could have read this over the weekend. I’m a single mom of a 5 year old little boy and 8 months pregnant with a girl. I’m exhausted, alone, stressed out, unhealthy, depressed and just holding on with no words or energy to pray to my God. I cry daily, I move and so what I have to do to survive, and sometimes I can’t see ahead of me for any blessings from God, I’m too busy condemning myself for my actions that have altered my life as well as those around me. Help me to see that tomorrow will be better, I’m drowning in guilt and i don’t see a way out.

  443. Thank you for the beautiful devotion today. I can relayed you, Stacy, as I am completely alone in this foreign country, moreover I made redundant from the company in February 2014. I took nine month to get a part time job but now I feel I am losing it.The business is not going well. Two weeks ago, my boss called me off the work and last week, I went to work but he was not in good mood at all. Again he called me off the work the next day. I was really disappointed. I was doing another part time job but I could not work out for the scheduling between a couple of jobs and gave it up. Insecurity, Loneliness and worry…I could not handle them any more. I surrendered myself to God. On the day, all the way down to home, I felt God’s hand placed on my back like cuddling me.

    Two weeks ago, when the boss called me off, and lost another job, I was really weak and upset but this time, I was calm and strong because I felt God’s hand on my back. It has given me a hope.
    I have been back to the job market and stated to apply a job. I may face heaps of rejections but will keep doing it.
    Hope will never disappoint me.

  444. Just what I needed to hear! We recently moved and it’s been a struggle to meet new people!

  445. glenda robinson says:

    As always GOD knows when we need to hear a certain message.My daughter was killed in a car accident in 2010,she has 2 boys with no fathers involved. My husband and I are both in poor health, but they needed us and us them. They are currently 13 and 9. Being parents again has been tough.So very often I have set and cried from being lonely and lost. A recent prayer was for GOD to please let me know he is still listening. That I am not in this alone, my husband of 35 years is not saved, and I try to be regular in my local church,but mostly I am just tired. I would very much enjoy a copy of your book. Hope is not a part of my life now, thank you for listening.

  446. Thank you! I struggle daily with finding and keeping joy. I don’t really have any close friends where I live. My mom and my sisters are my friends but they live in other towns. My kids are my joy but being reminded that Jesus is our ultimate source of hope and joy is what I need.

  447. hank you for the encouraging devotion! I read it in the midst of an overwhelming night and of course, God spoke to me and really took care of my stress. He is so faithful!

  448. Karen Maynor says:

    Financial hope! Kids not listening and trying to make decisions on there own. Not caring about others feelings. What happened to respecting grandparents and parents?

  449. I would love encouragement. I’m such a private person I have a hard time opening up & letting people in but my shoulders are getting heavy with all the mom burdens I keep placing on them!

  450. My daughter in law has only been saved for almost 3 years now. She has blessed my son and blessed me by being the answer to my prayers for him (despite my reservation in the beginning). She has blessed our family with a beautiful baby boy who is almost a year old. The other day she was telling me about her day and the struggle she was having because her breast milk has dried up and he wouldn’t eat his food and kept pulling at her shirt for milk. She finally put him in the bouncer turned on a bible study video and then began to cry. I told her it’s okay. We all have days like that but you are a good mom so don’t ever think otherwise. She said, “No that’s not it. I just need God and I feel like I can’t get enough of Him”. I don’t know how to help her find that balance between Jesus and her family but all I could think of was the scripture that says “seek ye first the Kingsom and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you”.

  451. Hope…it is great to know that it ia alive! I would love a copy of the book to read. I only a week ago suffered a miscarriage and although I have 3 beautiful children already it still hurts. The “what if’s” not knowing if my precious little one was a boy or girl, trying to explain to my now weeping kiddos why their sibling needed to stay in Heaven. Hope is something we can all use an extra helping of and should I receive a copy I would read it and then pass on the Hope of our Messiah to all the other women in my life. We can never have enough encouragement on this journey of life.

  452. I really appreciated this post. We just moved to Texas from Michigan, with two young boys and its hard. I would love a copy of the book.

  453. Needed this tonight! Moving to a new place in about a month and searching for a job! So discouraging when no one calls back for an interview. This new place is where we are meant to be. Husband already has a hard to get job there. It’s just my turn. Hope.

  454. I’m a mom in need of hope. I will spare the details, but I would love to win a copy of this book. I would read it myself first and then pass it along to some of my fellow friend moms who also could use hope.

  455. Encouraged by the daily devotion. Sounds like a great book. If I get a copy of it I would enjoy reading the book and be a blessing by passing it on to other moms just like me

  456. This devotion was so from the lord as I read the comments there are so many hurting lonely worn out moms. I was a single mom with 4 kids and as I look back I wonder how I raised them I did remarry but it ended in divorce. I have felt lonely kids are grown have grandkids with ever ones work scheduleds including mine its hard. The lord says I will never leave you or forsake you lo I am with you always I pray for rest and renewed sprit and hope joy for ever women on this post god hears your heart cry and loves you so much he is carrying you through the storm.

  457. jessica sloan says:

    God is so good. This came right when I needed it. I feel like I’ve had a horrible, no good, very bad day. I feel like most days end up being like that. Having so kids that are quite spirited and very energetic…I feel worn down so thin by the end of each day. But this so what I am going to meditate on in the mornings. Pray for hope and joy for the day. I would love a copy of the book but I’m sure there and many other people who need it more that me. Just wanted to say thank you for being open on the real struggles we all feel and it’s encouraging knowing I’m not the only one having pity parties.

  458. I really enjoyed this read! I am in a similar spot as a young first time mom. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  459. Hope is something I’m clinging to right now. My husband left our home last August. I still have Hope our marriage can be saved. We have a 17 year old daughter and a 15 year old son. I Hope our current crisis isn’t distorting the marriage relationship for them. I Hope we can be a family again.

  460. Thank you…

    With the words, “there’s just not enough of me” on my heart so often these days, this book will be a welcomed reprieve in the coming weeks as we await the arrival of our new baby and become a family of four.

  461. As my daughters have become new Moms and I become grandma, the worrying has all started again, which at this happy time in our lives it has also become stressful.

  462. Thank you Stacy for this wonderful reminder. I live with this feeling of not only being a not good enough mom, but a not good enough anything. Yet Jesus is so sweet and loving and faithful. I am appreciated and loved by those in my workplace and by those I don’t even think twice to help out or share something small or insignificant but special in a way I never thought would be to them. I long to hear Jesus call me by name, especially when i’m very low in my spirit. But, yes, He is the only hope I depend on to get from day to day to keep me going and He never fails even though I do.

    As a mom this feeling plagues me daily and I end up thinking I’m the worst mom in the world, which is a lie of the devil and I don’t want to live like that anymore. This happens when I’m not all I need to be to my daughter and I feel I’ve messed up big time every time I don’t do something right for her. The self condemnation is choking and depressing. Please pray.

    A very weary mom

  463. Stephanie says:

    Im a fairly new mom & would LOVE a copy!

  464. Helen Coleman says:

    I’m a mum of 55 … I have one son who is now 28 … We are both Christians and I was blessed seeing my son baptised two years ago. But he is not well.. He has suffered from depression and anxiety for 14 years which has now led to serious addiction issues … He health is in danger, his life is in danger … I have learnt to step back and hand it to God… But it is hard and I am tired of the constant supporting, it is scary and it is draining… And I grieve for my lovely boy who once was and who I see glimpses of when he is in recovery. I am weary !!! But through my faith I have had a peacefulness that I wouldn’t imagine … I know God has plans for my son …. But the devil has plans also…. I need to keep strong with God and focused. Thanks x

  465. Thank you for this devotion. It came at the right time and truly was an encouragement. Look forward to reading your book.

  466. I could relate to so many things about this article… God is there for us even though we may feel lonely because of lack iof friends or raising a teenager on your own. I’d be honored to get a copy of this book!!

  467. Jacquie Ivey says:

    This post spoke to me on many levels. I am a military spouse, with a husband whom is currently deployed. We live in Germany (almost 5 years now)an entire ocean away from our family and we have 3 children. Loneliness has become a normalcy for me, although it is definitely one of the things I am praying to work through and come out of. This story is so simple yet so powerful and profound as I can relate. While we have made friends here in Germany, most of them arrived around the same time we did and have since left, leaving me once again alone and not knowing anyone. Sometimes I feel as though my entire identity has become lost and I am “just a mom”. I’d love to win this book, even if I don’t win i will probably purchase it to read. I know I need some encouragement and a change.

  468. It seems lately I need a dose of hope daily. Well more like hourly. Going through the hardest days of my life lately in regards to my marriage and there are times where I just don’t know if hope exists much less wanting to pray for it. Thanks for this reminder…timely reminder. These devotions often get me through my day right now and I cling to the prayers and verses that are here.

  469. I know a young mom who could certainly use this book. I’m not a mother yet and often times I struggle to find the word to help my mom friends. I would love to receive this book and gift it to my friend … And maybe take a turn at reading it myself one day 🙂

  470. How true this is. As a mama to a 6, 4 and 2 year old, weariness comes easily when my eyes are not focused on the job that the Lord has given me; to know and worship Him with all of my heart and to create disciples. Having my eyes on HIS prize, helps me get through the days of whining, entitlement and frustration with little, adorable, irritating and sinful hearts. God wants to be in our messes, but too often, we push Him out because we don’t invite Him in to lend a hand. What a blessing this devotional was this morning, and the book sounds amazing!!!

  471. I would be filled with gratitude if given the opportunity to read this book. I have two under two. I am in a dysfunctional relationship. I am exhausted and lonely. I feel without support. I have parents who are both narcotics abusers and of no help. I am the first in my family to graduate high school, college and graduate school. I am homebound with my babies feeling like I’m not using that education. I am weary.

  472. That was wonderful and it reminds us that our hope is in God and hope maketh not ashamed. It’s very encouraging and I would like to have a copy of the book to share with my sisters we hope, look, wait for our chance but we often forget to ask holy spirit to help us in this time of lonliness and overwhelmed at life.

  473. Shawna Kamenar says:

    Yes, to hear Him call my name! How I need that daily. I am married and a mother of 4 yet there are many times I feel alone. But I know, “He never disappoints.” Not only do I love to be encouraged, but I love to pass on that encouragement. And it is great to see that God has allowed me to do so with your words through Proverbs 31 Ministries. Sharing quotes from your page with my friends has inspired others and it makes my heart smile! And I am sure there are so many encouraging words in your book that will allow me to be encouraged and to help pass on that encouragement. All of this is done only through Him!

  474. I’m a proud military wife, mother of three and have moved every two years for the past 12 years. Three of those moves have been overseas. I know how to pack and unpack and make a closet that’s only supposed to hold 20 items, hold 40! Making new friends, leaving old ones, starting over, helping children adjust, trying to make a home a “home,” I’ve been there and oh how I have felt weary at times (many times.) but do you know who ALWAYS travels with me? Who moves and packs his things to join me? JESUS. Thank you Lord, for always being the first to greet me with open arms and to help dry my tears when I ask myself, “Can I really do this again?” Thank you for blessing me with a true man who walks in your image as my husband and father of my children. You have written my book, you knew me when I was in my mothers womb, you know my life and so with that, I trust you. I trust that you have given me everything that I can handle. So even when I feel weary, I will move forward, I will pick myself up and I know you will be there to help carry me. To all the ladies who have written something here, I know you can do the same. God bless you all.

  475. Melannie Stevens says:

    While I would love to win a copy of this book for myself, I couldn’t keep it. I would give it to my best friend. She is one of the most amazing women I know. She is a full time student, mother, and wife. She impresses me daily with the way he cares for her family. I would love to see her feel appreciated and know how valued she is.

  476. Thank you for this devo it was very encouraging. I recently went through post partum depression and have been learning to find hope in God and turn to Him more quickly in prayer when my emotions are heading to despair about my never ending job as a mom to two boys! I do find joy and hope in God for my weary soul.

  477. Deann Saxton says:

    I needed that this morning. The past few years have been crazy and ended last year with a divorce. I moved back to my hometown, where my friends from childhood are. Not thinking about it, but we are totally different people now who only talk in passing and birthdays if we remember. I have been feeling so alone this past year and a half since I split and finally in December God gave me someone to love and show me that I can love again, but still do not have the friendships that I long for. I have been praying for those to be restored or for new ones to be made, but it hasn’t happened and have been running low on hope that it will. I realized reading this, that He will provide those friends to call my name, but in the mean time, I have to listen for Him to call my name and let Him be my friend. Hard to do sometimes, but I think that I am up for the challenge to really sit down and listen to my very best friend, God.

  478. My daughter is a young mother. She also is in a large city, moving there with her husband. She gave birth to two of the sweetest grandsons ever. My husband and I live 5 hours away. She often feels lonely and I pray often she finds a Christian friend her age. If I won the book, I would send it to her.


  479. I have been disappointed a lot in the past week, wanting to give up on hope. My daughter best friend’s mom keeps calling me about my daughter…

  480. I would love a copy of your book! I am struggling right now with my kids… never quite knowing what my job is as a mom and when to let God take over! Being a mom can be such a struggle!

  481. Bailey Hall says:

    I think I need a copy of your book! The title sounds just like something I need! Thanks

  482. This read is such a blessing! I would greatly appreciate a copy of your book, if not for me then for my little sister who lives away from family and valiantly battles bipolar while raising 3 young men (9,6&4y/o), one whom is diagnosed with autism and has a husband who is verbally abusive and seemingly loves to create stress which is a trigger to the manic episodes of bipolar. She undoubtedly is my hero! I am raising my 4 young leaders (5y twins, 6&9y/o) and we are struggling with acting out in anger from hurt while this world and it’s counselors yell out for me to get a divorce from my husband whom I’m seperated from due to the verbal abuse that comes from his drug addiction. Managing the house and family alone is a great struggle for me even when I’m trying my best so when my child is acting out in anger at school or here at home it feels like I’m failing, like I’m drowning. I often have to force myself to look to our Mighty God rather than the world around me no matter what’s crashing and burning. This article reminded me not to listen to the voices of this world who don’t want to know our God of hope but to listen to Our Great God who is my hope. May God continue to bless you!

  483. Mary Lou Kleveland says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I am so weary of parenting my teens, especially my son who has emotional/behavioral issues at home. It feels like nothing changes even though we have prayed for years and obtained many different resources to help him. Sometimes I feel like I am lost in the shuffle of life and my children’s activities.

  484. Would like to read the book myself and then share it with other girlfriends with teens.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

  485. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I would love the book! I am a young stay at home mom with two little ones. I often feel lonely but am continuing to learn how to find peace and joy in my friendship with the Lord.

  486. Imagine yourself being over 400 pounds and bed fast, you’ve lost your home, DHR and home health are monitoring your choices and care of your 14 year old daughter. You are a single mom and daily your life is infiltrated with visitors…a team of women who come every few hours to change your soiled bedding, fix your lunch and leave you in your empty room. I work with this lady every day. She loves God but her answers are mechanical when you question how she’s doing. She has a huge obstacle ahead, her recovery and her future. I feel her hurt, her loneliness, her disappointment in herself and past choices. My heart breaks for her.

  487. Emily Fell says:

    I could use this book. I have a 4 year old nonverbal super picky eater with autism and 2 year old. I’m a SAHM currently. Have ideas to start business. Also will be working from home starting next month. New routines and schedules are hard to get used to. No time for friends.

  488. Kathy Walker says:

    Thank you for this, I woke up this morning feeling like I had no hope, I would love to have this book.

  489. I love this. I feel like as mother of six from ages 22 to 9, I have felt weary so many times and at so many different stages through the years. I wish someone would have told me when I first became a mother all those years ago that life would always be changing and that I would go weary at times but it was ok because it’s normal. When you go through it, you can’t see it, all you can think about is the why me process but then you overcome it and you realize you really weren’t alone there are so many other women and mothers who go through it too I can’t wait to grab a copy of this book to read!

  490. What a great post. A blessing to me this day. I moved away from family/friends/my church family, to Florida two years ago. Not a choice made by us, but for us, by being taxed our of our home. We still owned my in laws house here so that is where we went. I do not make friends easily and this move for me, after living in one place all my life, has been horrible. This past year we decided to live near our daughter in NC since a house across the street became available. It needs tons of work but it is near her and only one day away from those I love in NY. Due to our lives being in flux for so long I have not joined any things at my church here or made any friends in my community. Thank you for reminding me that even though I have not heard my name in ………..gosh I don’t even know how long….that God knows my name and cares how I feel……..

  491. Jenny Robinson says:

    Loved this!! Would love to win a copy of your book!!

  492. Loved this post! Thanks! As moms, we can definitely ALL relate in one one instance or another.

  493. I came to reply because the devotional touched my soul in only the places that the Holy Spirit goes! I would also love a copy of your book, but always find myself in these moments reading and pondering the thoughts of others that have also replied and find myself humbly less needing than many others. I am struggling with HOPE and knowing that I’m usable, mostly because of the many struggles that life has brought to my door the last 3 or so years. My perspective is clear and I can see Gods truths, however I seem to be struggling to grasp them in a way that is useful and meaningful in my life and the life of those around me. What I see as my loss of HOPE, which oddly enough I know is deep inside of me…knocking on the doors inside my heart trying feverishly to fill those rooms with His love and assurance! I heard HOPE in your story, it was a reflection of a conversation I had with a friend barley more than a week or two ago, that as I look back on now was God reminding me of the HOPE that he has given me! Thanks for allowing God to speak through you!

  494. What a great devotional and reminder that He knows our name. I would love this book to read myself and share with several others. Thanks, for the encouragement!

  495. I am a very weary mommy…the wife of a minister, full time healthcare provider, full time business owner, full time mommy and exhausted in every imaginable way. I would love to have a copy of your book for fellow weary mamas. It’s nice to know I am not the only one in this weary season of life.

  496. I am just catching up on my emails and this hit me so hard. I feel so hopeless most days. I moved from the only home I have ever known to a tiny town 2000 miles away, with no help other than my husband for our 4 kids. I would love a copy of this book

  497. Thank you! We just moved to a new state 2 months ago and now that I’m done unpacking and trying to find a new routine, I’m really missing my friends and my mom’s Bible group. Thank you for this comforting reminder. I apparently could use this book and will pass on to a friend that is about to move to another state as well.

  498. Thank you for sharing your heart with me. Our Father really does care about our hurts, and I shall take them to Him now.

  499. Christine says:

    As I read this I reflected upon how much I tend to keep to myself. Only on rare occasions do I long for some female companionship. I am a newlywed of only 1year and 8 months. My husband and I are best friends I can talk freely to him about anything. What this article made me realize is that in Gods timing he will provide a like-minded couple to enjoy a friendship with.

  500. Sarah Kline says:

    I would love to read more of this book! What a great reminder that God is always with us, to hope and press on despite circumstances, despite having kids that sometimes drive you crazy, despite feeling lonely. I know so many people who can use words of hope. I know I can! I think everyone can. I’d love to read this and hear what God has to say about hope and speaking words of hope to those around me.

  501. I am a new mother to two littles I have a 1 year old and a 2 week old they are a year and a day apart. I moved with my husband to Oklahoma for the Army and I cant count in the last week how many times I have been hit with the mommy guilt as my 1 year old struggles to adjust to not being the sole attention. My newborn spent the first 5 days of his life in the NICU struggling to breathe and I would sit beside him tears pooling in my eyes as I felt like I failed him cuz I didnt get to hold snuggle and breast feed him like my first. This has been a constant battle for me for the last week even spending 90% of my time chasing after his brother and I dont get to just lay on the couch and snuggle him like I did with my first. I would love to win and read the book! We have another young mom in our church who is a first time mom that I know could use to read it as well and I would dhare it with her.

  502. I would love to win a copy of this! We’ll actually be starting this book in May for our Mom’s Cadre monthly meetings! Can’t wait!!

  503. Jeanette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! This is exactly how I have been feeling and felt I am the only one. Being a stay at home mom can get very lonely along with all of the other stressors in life. It’s nice to know that I am truly not alone and there is hope in God! I NEED this book!!

  504. Would love a copy. This is exactly how I feel. Weary, exhausted and overwhelmed.

  505. Janice Lord says:

    Thank you for this message on hope. I would love to be able to give your book to my friend and caregiver, Carlayne, as she is an older but new Mom and becomes so weary and frustrated. She’s a new Christian and has a lot to learn and I think this book on hope would be a very welcome help in her time of trouble.

  506. I am struggling with problems at church. I really appreciated the story reminding me that God knows & cares about my problems.

  507. Heather M says:

    Oh, this was so God today- I read this just when i needed it. another friend posted another hope filled bit of encouragement – Like you, I sat in my van and cried…because of such a horrible feeling of hopelessness. -with my kids , my husband, our circumstances, my relationship with God . I cried out to Him and I believe He have given me a gentle bit of encouragement from you and my friend. thank you.

  508. Mayra Ramos says:

    Everything is a disappointment. Being a single mother, dealing with a father of my kids that doesn’t care for them. Not understanding what a father’s love is disappoints me. Not providing enough for my kids. Living with my parents and having them to live with 4 kids and loud days makes me feel like that. I know God is in control, but this is way to much to handle at this moment.

  509. This really blessed me tonight!! I am a mother of three girls and a wife to a wonderful husband. I am a stay at home mom. I feel so weary at times in my life when I feel that I should be the happiest! All I’ve ever wanted to be was a mommy and at this point in my life- I feel like I stink at being a mommy;) the house is always a mess-we ate fast food, again, the kids need new shoes, a broken bookbag, you see what I mean. I know it’s the normal stuff of life but some days it’s hard to feel like you’re just not “enough”.

  510. Erica Lemke says:

    I would love a copy of this book because recently I’ve been struggling with depression after my father was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer that has spread to his brain. He is given only months to live. I haven’t been able to visit him since I was 18 (now 26) and he has never met my two children. So I’ve been scrambling to figure a way to drive across country with my two girls 4 & 1. He’s on te west coast and I’m on the east coast, before it’s too late. My husband is active duty Navy and is gone often. I haven’t really had any friendships at the base we are stationed and I can relate to this post about feeling lonely. I’m really struggling lately but it has been turning me towards my bible just to get through the day. I feel so horrible that my girls have to lose out on fun or something because I am too sad or stressed to play and go out the way we used too. I hardly have the motivation or interest in cooking or cleaning and I feel like my family deserves better than what I have been giving.

  511. Love how God uses others to answer our prayers and let’s us know it was Him.
    Thank you for the reminder Stacy.
    I’d love to relax and read your book. 🙂

    I’m disappointed my cat hasn’t come back in 2 weeks!

    God bless you

  512. I would love to be entered to receive a copy of this book! I am expecting my second child with my husband and I have been in weary mom status for a while now, I am trying to find good Christian friends in my small town and find myself straying away from my high school friends which is hard on my heart but I know it is the right thing for my family! I am just weary when it comes to ly friendships and also when it comes to thinking of taking care of two going children while my husband works crazy long hours (6 am-10pm) and I work also, I need guidance and a shoulder to lean on 🙁 thanks for this post!

  513. I would love a copy of this book to help me through this unexplained loneliness I’m feeling, while I am trying to hold onto hope during the process of adopting our next baby. I know God will get us through because He called us to do it, but the process has me seriously weary and in constant need of hope!

  514. This was exactly what I needed yo hear. Been overwhelmed with being a weary single mum with so much going on and fighting for survival. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction and toward God’s truth as we navigate life. So encouraged. I would love the book to help me and other women i help who really need to hear this too.

  515. I know someone who would appreciate this right now…she is in my prayers ..this is very appropriate at this time! Thankyou

  516. Being a mother, period, will always bring you to need hope. This was a great story that i can definitely relate to. I moved away from a big city to a small city when i found out i was pregnant 2.5 years ago. That transition was tough , but what has been harder is that 2.5 years later, i have yet to meet a friend. i too long for someone, an adult, to reach out to me andsay my name. I am a single mother to an almost 2 year old so im not sure at what point i will even have the opportunity to meet ANYONE! Man or woman. I always tell myself, well, maybe in 3-4 years when he starts school you may have a chance. You may have a “life.” I love my son more than anything in this world but i long for adult companionship as well.Someone who understands the hardship of being a mother and will not judge. I have been feeling insecure in my career path and now my personal life, so i feel this book can help me

  517. Thank you Stacey for this encouraging post! My 27 year old daughter is back home after ten years and is going through a nasty divorce. All of her close friends live an hour away and with two young children, it is hard to visit any of them very often. She breaks into tears, even on a good day. She is longing for companionship with her friends. As her mom, I am her biggest source of encouragement, but she needs her friends. I’m sure she can relate to this book! If I do not win a copy, I’ll go buy one for her!

  518. Megan J. says:

    Love this! And would love to win the book as I would read then share with a good friend of mine. We are always needing encouragement as we are stay at home mothers asking Gid daily to guide us as we raise our precious littles!

  519. This last year has been overwhelming . We live close enough to family to visit but not close enough for a lot of help . I am homeschooling our 7 year old daughter this year while trying to go back to school and work part time . We also have a 14 year old son in public school. My husband has switched shifts at work and it has been an adjustment . I simply cannot do everything I have done in the past as a stay at home mom. We have lived here for 4 years and it is still a struggle to make friends . When I was in my early 20s we had a family conversation at my great grandma’s wake . My mom said that she did not want grandchildren because the world was a terrible place . At the time I couldn’t understand how she could say such a thing as a christian . How could you have so little hope that you would chose not to experience one of God’s greatest blessings ? At 40 I understand how she felt . Sometimes everyday life strips away what hope we have .

  520. Thank you! So positive to hear- and to see all the responses that so many other women have moved, had babies, and are lonely. It’s a difficult time- but we are never told this- We think it should all be perfect so we feel embarrassed in our emptiness! Thank you Jesus for being out hope!

  521. Marnie Stefanski says:

    I’m not a weary Mom, well sort of but my son is 42. Some weariness there. Lonely, a little. Just moved to a 55+ apartment that is great. I get involved with people too fast; have been taken advantage of; hurt. Everyone so friendly here. I have health problems that cause me stay home at times. I felt very lonely last night. It is hard for me to say. Sometimes just need quiet. Recent retired, changed Health care, moved. Lots of changes. My daughter; husband help me move. I am greatful. Say my name in prayer today. Thank you.

  522. Thank you for this…I was in need of someone telling me their is Hope!!! Life is hard in general and when you add a divorce and 4 children it tends to be harder. I Hope I can see the light at the end of the tunnel one day. Thank you again for this devotion.

  523. Would love a copy of the book! I have been a stay at home mom since my 2nd child was born a year ago, and it has been a huge adjustment! Slowly new “mom friend” connections have formed but there are times when I am just overwhelmed, housework doesn’t get done and my main accomplishment for the day is feeding the kids. Especially when I’m sleep deprived and we’ve been battling illness after illness all winter. I am most certainly a weary mom, and I just need hope.

  524. Dinah Ferrer says:

    I would share it with the young Mom Sandy that I met last night going through a divorce with a two and four year old. My heart was just burdened for her.

  525. Angelline Vave says:

    I would love to receive a copy of the book. Your devotions have really blesses & encouraged me. I have been a stay home mum for 2 1/2 years now and am starting to feel lonely &an appreciated by my husband and kids. please help me to be strong.

  526. My daughter!

  527. I’d love a copy of your book. My best friend moved away and I feel as though I have no one to talk with any more. I’m struggling with serious depression and have stop believing that God sees me or hears me. I feel very alone and isolated. I need some hope!!

  528. Kelly Lauwagie says:

    Thank you for posting! It’s an encouragement knowing other mom’s struggle as well. I often feel bad that when I’m not 100% joyful and that I’m seen as a “bad” mom, but that’s not true! God delights in our weaknesses, because it is through our weaknesses that His power can be revealed. What a relief! I just started a women’s bible study and would love to read this book. I know I would encourage both the women in my group as well as myself. Thank you for offering this 🙂

  529. Thank you this sorry really encouraged me remember to have hope that my walk is but alone and I can lean on him whenever I need.

  530. Hope is what I need desperately now as a mom whose children are 25, 22, and 20. How does one be a supportive, caring, and loving mom when all three children are at odds with one another? It is absolutely breaking my heart. I am clinging to God and His promises but am finding it so difficult. My heart is breaking. I don’t know what to say or what to do because I know that only HE can heal their wounding hearts and bring about reconciliation. And then the I let the ‘ole Enemy take over my emotions and it’s easy to lose hope. Trying to hold on to Romans 8:28.

  531. I so needed to hear this today! Our names seem to get lost as we take on our roles of housekeeper, cook, chauffeur and then the list of things we do 8 hours a day at work. Tears ran down my my face as I read this and all I wanted to do was give you a hug. I am so glad HE gave you the hug you where in need of!

  532. Great devotion! I would love a copy of the book.

  533. Katie Hansen says:

    I would be so blessed to win a copy of this book I am at a struggling point and looking to find the joy again.

  534. Danah Hubbard says:

    This was a timely message for me. I’m not even sure how but when I picked up my phone this was on it. I keep a lot inside of me and admitting now I’m struggling with extreme doubt. I certainly don’t have the worst story but enough has and is going on to compound my doubt. I found this devotion timely for this season of my life and would enjoy reading more.

  535. Lucy Gomez says:

    Thank you. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that has experienced this. 6 years ago when I moved from my very small home town in New Mexico to a bigger more fast pace city in Texas I felt so out of my element. Not only was there more traffic but this place was just out of my comfort zone. I remember crying and telling my husband “I want to go home” of course he would say “honey, this is home”. It didn’t feel like home to me. I remember going to the store or the mall with a sticky note pad. I would introduce myself and handing them a sticky note with my name and contact info. I would come home all happy and jumping for joy hoping and praying they would call. Of course they never did. Ultimately, I realized that the Lord is the only one that could “fix” my loneliness. I met a really sweet Christian friend a year ago at Wal-Mart parking lot. Oddly enough, I had parked next to her. She had just moved into town and she was struggling with a flat tire. We have remained close friends. God is good, all the time!

  536. I’d like a copy because I’m quite weary being a first time mom…

  537. I just loved your story! God does care for us, he does hear us, and he does answer us.
    I would love to have a copy of the book to read and then give away to my friend who just had a baby.

  538. Michelle B. says:

    Thank you for this devotional today, it of course was perfect and just what I needed. Hope is most definitely what I need, and I need to remember to trust Jesus enough to begin to hope. I am tired, lonely, sad, overwhelmed, and only living for my children right now. I need to trust and I need to hope. I would love to receive a copy of your book, as it is I’ve put it on my Amazon book wish list to buy once I can spare the funds. Thank you for the devotional, thank you for listening to God and sharing, and thank you for the opportunity to win your book.

  539. Masechaba says:

    Many thanks for speaking to me and reminding me that Hope is the only person I need through it all. I truly love this article as I believe it’s God speaking through you. Thank you for everything!

  540. Fabulous! Thank you.

  541. Women have the hardest jobs. My daughter is a wonderful mom! Like all of us she is overworked, gets overwhelmed and tired. Where do you begin to get it all done. She has 2 precious little boys who are in school, play sports and have their own needs that need to be met just because they are born and only 7 and 5 years old. The truth is, no one can ever get IT all done because IT just keeps raising ITS ugly head through needs, wants and desires from our self, family and extended family. I pray for my daughter everyday, love her to the moon, back and beyond as I so understand since I have been there and done it. Now as a GMa and retired, other things effect me but I never forget what it was and is like for myself, her and all the other women. Focusing on priorities – God, family, work and friends – is a must to keep sane and focused so that I can relish in “Be still and know that I am God”, Psalm 46:10. GMa

  542. Yesenia Auer says:

    I would love a copy of the book because I am in need of hope. When you mentioned you had left your grocery list at home, I could relate !

  543. Thank you God for giving hope through sending your love through people in my daily life. Stacey, I can relate so much to calling out to go for a small sign of hope. I am so thankful when my eyes are able to see those signs. May my eyes always be open!

  544. Your post brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing how God knows us and wants to be with us. I have been in a similar place, but I have a friend who is a young mom with 2 kids who I would give your book to. She is an awesome woman and I want to see how God is going to use her for his purpose

  545. This weary mom NEEDS hope! Never really wanted a child. Now I have a son with medical issues. He was a premie that spent 3 months in NICU. He is a year old & it seems like the dr & therapy visits have increased. Husband goes to school & works 2nd shift. I work 3rd shift. I miss my prebaby life, especially the relationship I had with my husband & sleep (not to mention my former weight). Would like friends too, feeling like I’m taking on all of this alone.

  546. Lilibeth says:

    Raising teenagers is such a test of faith. My son , before we did our Bible study was so complacent about reading the Bible saying he can’t see how it will apply to his life. I just saw 13 years of hard work floating and bidding me goodbye. Instead of giving in to my usual righteous anger, I remembered my devotional, “Trust in the Lord and do good” Psalm 37:3. He would stand up, get water, then get food etc… I continued and waited patiently for him to get back to his seat. (though i was so tempted to give him a TAEBO kick on the face). After reading, he started sharing his thoughts and really got engaged in the conversation and even prayed from his heart . He even prayed for his Dad to continue to trust God that He would give him a job soon . It became a night to remember. Thank you Lord> You are so faithful.

  547. I was really touched by this devotion. I’m a new mum in an international marriage raising my baby in my husband’s country far, far away from the needed support of my family. Facing language and cultural differences of raising a baby with my inlaws as well as loneliness has left me feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually drained and feeling like a failure constantly. I’m desperate to receive a touch from God again!

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    steroids sources which you can trust.

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