How Every Wife Can Fight Like a Warrior

How Every Wife Can Fight Like a Warrior

February 5, 2016

"Take … the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Pray always. Pray in the Spirit. Pray about everything in every way you know how!" Ephesians 6:17b-18 (VOICE)

My littlest boy pattered down the stairs in the dark before dawn and found me sitting in the big leather chair by the window. On my lap were my Bible and the book I’d used for over a decade to prompt prayers for my husband.

My son sidled up beside me and reached for the book. He examined the tattered cover with 5-year-old curiosity then flipped through the yellowed pages inside. He studied the words splattered with coffee stains and rainbow highlights and cast me an inquisitive gaze.

"What is this thing?" he asked.

"It’s a book that helps me pray God’s Word over Daddy …"

My 5-year-old’s green eyes grew wide. "It looks like it’s been in a battle, Mommy!"

I planted a kiss atop my son’s unruly tuft and murmured, "It has, sweetheart. It has."

My son leaned his sleepy head against my shoulder and as we sat in comfortable silence, I remembered the day when God had called a younger and floundering me into combat.

I’d stepped into marriage with grand plans to dance happily through life with the man I loved. But seven years and three kids later, our union felt more like a stumbling shuffle than a tantalizing tango.

There were bills to pay and children to feed; problems to solve and jobs to keep. And as life settled heavy on our shoulders, our marriage spiraled into a jaded jitter of frustrations and unmet expectations.

Sadly, I could name my husband’s shortcomings faster than I could list his strengths, and I could articulate my disappointment more keenly than I could define my delight. I knew God intended marriage to be more than a baffling boogie, but I didn’t know how to reclaim the joy that had once spurred our steps.

One day in Bible study, I aired my grievances to an older and wiser woman. She listened quietly, then pulled me into a one-armed hug and whispered words of truth: "Honey, you’ve gotta decide if you’re gonna spend your energy fighting with your husband or fighting for him."

My stomach lurched with conviction, and she held my tear-filled eyes in a silent gaze. "Every wife was made to be a warrior," she said with resolve.

I felt a sliver of hope stirring deep inside, and when I got home, I scoured the shelves for that book of prayers I’d been given as a young bride. Maybe somewhere on those crisp white pages I’d find ammunition for battle.

Later that night, I sat on the couch and begged God to teach me how to fight.

Day after day, I took the Apostle Paul’s words to heart —"Pray about everything in every way you know how!" And like a baby learning to walk, I learned to speak God’s truth over our waffling and weary union.

When I was tempted to fling hurtful words, I asked God to help me swing the sword of the Spirit instead. When I felt weak and discouraged, I asked Christ to infuse me with His strength and His hope.

Eventually I found myself choosing to battle rather than belittle, to praise rather than pester, to believe rather than despair. And one day I woke up and realized I was no longer blind to the gift of my husband. My prayers had granted me fresh vision.

Slowly and surely, our marriage dance began to change. We found ourselves waltzing to a new rhythm of joy. Not with flawless steps or perfect poise, but with confidence in the One who had joined our hearts.

I looked at the worn book on my lap and whispered a prayer of thanks as my son’s sleepy stupor gave way to playful frolic. "Let’s have a sword fight before breakfast, Mommy!" he said as he leaped off my lap and raced up the stairs in search of his plastic saber.

He paused at the landing and cast me a reassuring grin, "Don’t worry, Mommy. We’re just pretending."

I mirrored his smile and swiped my Bible through the air like a dangerous dagger. "I’m not a bit worried," I replied. "I’ve had lots of practice in battle!"

Dear God, Teach me to fight for my marriage on my knees. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

James 5:16b, "The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." (NIV)

Matthew 21:22, "If you believe, whatever you ask for in prayer will be granted." (VOICE)

Lysa TerKeurst’s book, Capture His Heart, can help you strengthen your marriage and see your husband through fresh eyes.

Stop by Alicia Bruxvoort’s blog today for more encouragement and for a warrior wife giveaway.

Find one Scripture to pray over your marriage this week. Declare God’s truth out loud by reciting it frequently and fervently.

Next time you are tempted to tear your husband down, lift him up to God in prayer.

© 2016 by Alicia Bruxvoort. All rights reserved.

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  1. I love love love this! I have struggled with prayer and am getting back on it and I already see a difference.

  2. What is the book called that you’ve used to pray for your husband? My husband and I are facing the challenge of making enough time for each other as we parent and work. We’ve had harsh words, and I would love to learn how to change my harsh words for prayers. Thank you.

    • The book is Stormie O’Martian’s book called The Power of a Praying Wife.

      • Jennifer Johnston says:

        I have the book The Power of a Praying Wife, it has helped me tremendously.
        Thank you for your devotion today. It was just what I needed to hear.

        • Can’t recommend this book enough for a wife. It’s been an absolute blessing to our marriage. The electronic version, downloaded to my smartphone, has served as a wonderful tool.

  3. I was about to throw the white towel in.
    Thanks for the reminder….greater is He that’s in me, than he that’s in the world.
    With God at our side all things are possible

  4. Stormie Omartian’s book ‘Power of a Praying Wife’ is the book I’ve used for prayer and scripture prompts to battle for my family!

    • Agreed, Shauna. I just passed my copy on to a younger wife.

      I have made it my practice to put some aspect of my morning devotions into prayer for my husband and family. For example, I read the passage in Exodus about the people tiring of waiting for Moses to return and worshiping the golden calf. I prayed that my husband would not tire of “waiting on the Lord,” but would persevere and step into God’s best plan for his life.

  5. Denise breaux says:

    I know this is the Holy Spirit I’ve been struggling in my marriage for a while now was ready to throw in the towelBut I know God ordained marriages. And He’s faithful and He said He would never leave us are forsake us it’s 12:15 am I’m usually sleep wot tomorrow but up late on my phone and here comes this message Holy Spirit.

  6. Juanita O'Connor says:

    Wow what a blessing. This a a confirmation to me of what God is talking to me about right now. Our church has just watched “War Room” and I was powerfully touched. I want to be that warrior women. Thank you for your openness and obedience to God in the words that you share. God bless OOOXXX

  7. This encouraged me,as I am also in the same path of building me as warrior for my husband,were trying to travel in spiritual way with the guidance of God’s word and Holy Bible. Now,through your message,I got some more points. Thank you.

  8. Agnes kiruai says:

    This is just what I needed.needed . my choosing to go quite on me no communication at all.all . above everything I believe God will fight for our union.

  9. Heather Andrus says:

    Please tell me the name of the book you mentioned. I’m a wife standing for my marriage and am always looking for prayers for my husband.

  10. When God is for us
    Who can be against us

    My battle cry this week beginning NOW!
    Fervently and out loud!

    As a widow into her 43 month without my earthly husband, I am reminded of many people telling me “To let God be my husband!”

    Well, I’m just beginning to see the wisdom in those words.

    Greater is HE whom I know is able to
    fight for me as I walk/talk/do and most of all,live according to His will and purpose for my life.

    Thank you Jesus for dying for all my transgressions and making it possible for me to know God in all His wonder.

  11. Bettie Carter says:

    As a young wife, of 7 years, in 1966, we moved to country, and bought cows, chickens, pigs, and horses, my husband planted a garden and ought farm equipment to sell, then he went to work, construction, 6,7 days a week, it was my job to take care of 3 kids, and all this. Needless to say it was very overwhelming, so I cried til I couldn’t cry anymore and told God I needed something done that’s when He taught me to get up early and pray, which I really didn’t know how except to complain, so He began to teach me how to use the Word. Much to my amazement He helped me get everything done each day that I needed to do. My husband also was saved and filled with The Spirit before he died in 1975. Thanks for reminding me what an awesome God we serve. Bless you

  12. michelle patterson says:

    This particular proverbs 31, was right on time. It was exactly what I needed and there was confirmation in reading

  13. Oh THANK YOU God for sending me to this, I had been keeping a horrible secrrte, a lie from before our marriage. I allowed it to infect our union. .I tried every lie possible, God was convicting me, my husband was disconnecting from me…I finally told the truth-even though this was before our marriage, the LIE about it caused a hurt in my husband. I HAVE to fight like a warrior I WANT to fight like a warrior- for God, for my marriage, for our family. Thank you for this! God’s timing is PERFECT!

  14. Thank you for today’s devotion. It convicted me because I haven’t really prayed all that faithfully for my husband. I’ve been hurt neglected and emotionally abused for so long that I have given up,felt defeated. I long to be a warrior to see prayer change me,my husband. Please pray for me that I can be a woman that prays faithfully powerfully for my marriage. Thank you

    • Yes, I will pray that very thing for you. God can use you as a mighty warrior, Myrna. I don’t know HOW He’ll change things through your prayers, but I know for sure that YOU will be changed. That’s the beauty of battling with the Holy Spirit!

  15. THANKS!!!!

  16. I’ve been married for 30 years and been with my husband for 39 years. We’ve never seperated or been apart not even for one day. We are self employed and work from home together. Do you see everything but the kitchen sink flying across the room yet 🙂
    Its been quite a battle and my biggest mistake was when my husband tried to have our whole family read the bible together each week and I acted so ugly during the sessions that after two times he gave up. Huge mistake ony behalf. We have literally struggled ever since..about 15 years…up until recently when I started getting down on my knees everyday no matter how bad they hurt and being intentional with my prayers to God. I’ve seen things in our life change instantly. So please dear wives stay on your knees no matter how bad they hurt. Thank you for this blessing and reminder.

  17. Best marital advice I have heard in a long time? It really is convicting and takes the blinders off so you can pray assertively regarding the man you love and are blessed to spend your life with.

  18. Thank you for this devotion. It is easy to forget about prayer as a tool in battle. I wish there were more resources for women married to an unbeliever. I feel the struggle is harder or maybe just different. It is hard to fight for someone who doesn’t love the Lord. But this is a good reminder to keep praying.. Thank you!

    • You’re right, it IS hard to fight for a man who doesn’t yet know Jesus. Praying with you and for you today, Joan, that your husband will be “wrecked” by the love of Jesus and say YES to all the Lord has for him. It’s not too late yet.

    • I had thought my husband was a believer when we married, but I was mistaken. I still pray Stormie’s Power of Prayer books not only for myself, and our child, but for my husband. My days are much more difficult when I do not. Prayers for you, JoanE.

  19. I don’t have a husband, I don’t have a boyfriend, I am not even dating, but I am praying and will continue to pray for and about the marriages of friends, colleagues, church family and this continuously growing body of women who have chosen to be a part of this awesome ministry. To God be the glory!

    • Yvette Williams says:

      As a single woman myself, I appreciate your devotion to praying for your loved ones who are married. Thanks Brenda!

  20. Thank you for this message! I recently watch War Room and began The Love Dare to rekindle my marriage. These words of encouragement and knowing I am not alone has truly helped.
    May God truly bless you!

  21. Hi, as a wife desiring to battle in my marriage I was wandering what book you used. Thank you and God bless you!

  22. Thank you for this devotion. Great words of wisdom for every marriage whether in a battle now or a not. You never know when the battle may start.

  23. Janice Fontenot says:

    This would be wonderful. I enjoy reading your post and today’s really touched home. I have been married for 37 years and our struggle or my struggle is my husbands drinking. So to win your book would be wonderful.

  24. This devotion is VERY ENLIGHTENING!! It truly helps to know that I am not the only wife, mother, woman that is dealing with this same ordeal. My husband and I have been married for 25 years and have struggled for the last decade. Mostly because I have grown closer to God since birthing our 2 boys where as he has remained distant. I have learned in the last decade to devote more time to prayer, bible study and being on my knees more than to confronting what I can’t change. I STRONGLY believe that living by example is the best way to raise children. Both of our boys (age 15 and 12) enjoy going to church and doing nightly devotions with me. Thank you for reminding me that I am not in this situation alone. God is ALL I NEED. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

    • Praying for you, Dantean— asking Jesus to continue to be your strength and your joy and to woo your husband’s heart to His.

    • Someone who cares says:

      Thank you Danean. You are indeed not alone. I am walking the same path as you. The anniversary of my marriage is in six days. It will be 21 years married to my husband, who is a believer but is not submitted to the Lord. Your strength refreshes me. I pray for God’s will for our marriages, and for our husbands’ relationship with Jesus. Only God has the power to change our husbands’ hearts, our husbands’ wills, and our husbands’ ways. I am accountable to my loving God no matter what my husband does. My God loves me, He has blessed me abundantly, and there is nothing more important than my Jesus, who brings me great peace, joy, and comfort when I walk in His ways.

      • I love what you said, “I am accountable to my loving God no matter what my husband does.” My husband grew up in church and knowledge wise has the upper hand on me. I have wished, hoped and waited for my husband to be a spiritual leader for me and our kids. It has been there some but not much and definitely not consistent. I am realizing that I cant wait and depend on him to grow in my walk with the Lord! I also need to go to battle in prayer for him on these things more consistently.

  25. She is giving the book away on her blog. “the power of a praying wife” Stormie O’Martian. Would be nice to have someone reading comments and answering the questions people have. Maybe proverbs 31 can change that for us 🙂

  26. Leeanna Reynolds says:

    Great post! What book is it that you pray over him? Is it Power of a Praying Wife or another?
    I’d love to have the recommendation.

  27. I needed this. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Just what I needed today! Going through this right now.

  29. Which was the tattered old book that you read to pray over your husband?

    You mentioned it in the Feb.5 ’16 edition of Proverbs 31 Devotional.

    I need this book!

    I prayed so ernstly f poo r guidance last night.And God has placed your devotional before me this morning!

    I believe He’s answered my prayer!

    The book you described was about 7 years old, and very well read.

    Please share this with me?

    Sincerely in Christ,

  30. This was very powerful to me this morning. My heart and my marriage needed these words.

  31. Wow, if this wasn’t meant for me nothing was. My husband has been struggling with God over the last few years on and off. It’s a hard struggle to watch. Nothing I do or say seems to help. As a wife, I feel that’s my job, if it’s broke fix it. I will try to remember to lift him up even when it’s hard. I pray others will also find this as eye opening as I did.


  33. Vida Ursic says:

    I wept, how beautiful this sight in reading a mother and son over the pages of a bible and journal as you intercede for your man, a father to the children. Beautiful. Married almost 40 years, mother of adult sons and a reminder how my battle torn bible and journal have brought forth a now saved husband, 30 of them unequal. God is able. John 6:44. Another reminder of the war room experience. Zechariah 4:6

  34. Thank you, I need this! Please share what the other book was. Thanks!

  35. Happy Friday(:… In Jesus name. Amen! Oh did my soul need this right now! Ta DA, thank You Father. My 23 year marriage ended in an unwanted divorce in December 2014 after 6 years of separation… I resolved this year to FIGHT for restoration, to God first & then to each other. Fighting on my knees until He blesses me. Thank you for your transparency.

  36. Wow Alicia – thank you for this post today. I could have written the same words you did. Thank you for helping me to remember to fight instead of complain. I am so encouraged by your powerful words – they melted my heart. Thank you for giving me renewed strength to pray for my husband!!!

  37. I’ve been praying for guidance and direction – I was just about to give up but today the Lord answered my prayers. Now I know the direction and I will fight for our marriage.

  38. Alicia, It’s beautifully written, and what I needed to hear. Thanks for allowing God to inspire your devotions today.

  39. Kris Swecker says:

    Thank you for sharing this, i have been in a battle for the life of my marriage. God has answered the prayers of many and our marriage is being restored. But i had to folllow this same advice. Battling on my knees! God is faithful to those who are faithful and is above and beyond able to do exceedingly more tha we can imagine. Its not easy to obey, we are as wives to pray for our husbands. But hold onto Him in your weakest moments he will sustain you!

  40. Gloria Hamilton says:

    This advice is just like the movie War Room and prayer works. I have seen changes in things I have been praying about. I pray for my husband and kids daily and it works

  41. God bless you real good for today’s devotional. I have made up my mind to deliberately take time out to pray for my husband daily.

  42. I am really grateful for this encouragement. I pray often but not often enough for my husband. We have been married for over 35 years and for a time worshiped together but he pulled away from the Lord. I have been praying about him returning to the Lord but after reading this, I realized I haven’t been a warrior for my husband. I want to be and I thank God for this gentle reminder. But the real reason that I am posting a comment is for my sister. She is young in the faith, and her husband is bi-polar with very manic moods and it is a constant struggle for her. I am going to send her this encouragement for the day. and I would like to ask for prayers for her . Thank you.

  43. Great encouragement, Alicia. Two sentences in particular (below) drew me in… sentences that I, like every woman, can identify with, I believe. Thanks!

    Sadly, I could name my husband’s shortcomings faster than I could list his strengths, and I could articulate my disappointment more keenly than I could define my delight.

    “Honey, you’ve gotta decide if you’re gonna spend your energy fighting with your husband or fighting for him.”

  44. Thank you! If you only knew the battle I was fighting you would know this was written just for me.

  45. I look forward to reading your encouraging words everyday. Today’s scripture was wonderful. After fourteen years of marriage and still loving my husband – I realize I need to pray more for him. I was just wondering if you had any biblical verses for sons. I feel like I am at a crossroads with my oldest now thirteen – always battling. I want to pray for our relationship but I need guidance. Thank you, Angie

  46. What is the 10 year old book that is yellowed and tattered sge is talking about?

  47. We recently watched War Room which had the same message you shared. And the next day we had our own battle. Unbelievable and intense. And we both kept saying, “I don’t know what’s happening.” After all we are nearing 40 years of married life this summer. Then a wise new friend shared that she knew other couples who experienced the same thing after seeing the movie. Why? Because satan doesn’t want us to love our husbands and to pray for our marriages, he would rather we fight them, and give up. Really enjoyed this. And I loved the picture of your little one who reassured you it was only a pretend battle. Not for one second did he want you to worry you might be hurt. Loved it.

  48. Love this post! I am currently doing an online study of “The Power of a Praying Wife” and just as you said…we are warriors fighting on behalf of our marriages and our husbands.

  49. just when the last bit of hope and despair was gone this post appears. Now I know I am not just praying to God about my marriage but he actually hears me and is concerned about me and my hubby. The job of a wife when it comes to her hubby is learning how to fight God’s way and I am learning that God wants me to fight for my marriage and no longer fight with my hubby. Help me Lord as my desire is to please you even when it gets extremely hard and I want to give up cause I see no change in site. Give me fresh eyes to see what you intended for my marriage. in Jesus name I pray.

  50. Rumen Govender says:

    I look forward to these emails every single day.? I can’t tell you how it has impacted my life. Today’s email was especially powerful for me & it’s what I really needed. I will definitely use the scripture & go on knees praying for my husband to change. ? Thank you so much Proverbs 31 ministry. God bless your’ll. ???

  51. Alicia,
    You were the messenger of Christ to me today, Thank you !

  52. I read these words of encouragement but today it seems that it was written especially for me. I was diagnosed with cancer 5 years ago and I’ve been through several recurrences. We have walked through many HARD days, deep valleys, and dark days. My husband has stood by me through all of it. His love never wavered. We pledged our vows almost 37 years ago in holy matrimony. I will battle for him! Thank you for reminding us what to do when we seem to have a heavy weight on our shoulders. Your writing has blessed me greatly.

  53. Candis R. says:

    Thank you for this encouraging piece of wisdom. It is exactly what my heart needed to hear and I have been so blessed by this. Thank you for sharing!


  54. Lisa Bunner says:

    Can you tell me what the name of the book of prayers is that you pray over your husband?

  55. Thanks for these words of wisdom.. I’ve been really struggling with my relationship with my spouse regarding financial issues, his health and etc. With my prayers last night, the lord placed you in my path today for such words that I needed to hear. I ask for prayers on how to address the issues of financial with him that he doesn’t want to hear, but he needs to. Along with putting strength back into this relationship..

  56. I needed this today! I have been struggling with my feelings of resentment toward my husband. Been praying for me to keep my mouth shut and my heart soft toward him and that God would soften his heart toward me and stop the verbal abuse. It’s not perfect but God’s way is perfect. It’s amazing what prayer can do. God is working in my family, and I have faith that he will work on my husband too. I pray the ending is a happy one with my husband coming to know Christ and be the leader in my family that God intended. Your prayers are appreciated.

    • Oh, Danielle, yes, I will join you in prayer. God is able to soften hearts and make us new. I love this hope in Ezekiel 36:26New Life Version (NLV)–
      ” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you. I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”

  57. My “sword was drawn” about 10 years into my marriage when God planted a book right in front of me called “Lord, Change Me” by Evelyn Christensen. I have no idea how the book got there. It had been my mothers but she had passed away 5 years earlier. I remember arguing with the Lord. “I’m not the one who needs to change.” It was almost audible…”Just read the book”. The verses Psalm 139:23-24 became my marriage “life” verses
    Search me, O God, and know my heart;
    Try me and know my anxious thoughts;
    And see if there be any [a]hurtful way in me,
    And lead me in the everlasting way.

    As I began to allow God to show me my own heart/motivations, I began to see more clearly my own areas of participation in creating an environment of angst in our marriage. We will be married 36 years next month!
    I wrote a couple of songs for my husband (all men really). The first one is a fun song I wrote after reading one of Dr. Charles Lowery’s books on marriage “The way to a man’s heart is thru his ego.” The second one is just expressing how I feel about my husband and want other women to feel about their husbands.
    Verse 1:
    Just the other day I was watching boys play
    when I heard one of ’em say, “Feel my muscle”
    The other boys just laughed
    and said “I can do that.”
    If you wanna see who’s bad, you better hustle.”

    Girls just laugh at what they do and just how far they’ll go
    But if you wanna man’s heart
    you might as well be smart and learn…It’s thru his ego.

    Verse 2:
    Well, you think that things would change
    when they become of age
    But I read the other day about a “hero”
    He climbed up in a tree
    and skinned up both his knees
    to save a family of little sparrows
    You shoulda seen chest puff out
    when his wife said “that’s my Joe”
    Cause if you wanna man’s heart
    you might as well be smart and learn…It’s thru his ego.
    Men just aren’t that complicated.
    No need for feminine wiles
    whether you’re plain or sophisticated
    all you gotta do, now you know it’s true
    is lift that ego high

    Verse 3:
    Now you can try
    that naggin’zing or finger waggin’ thing
    but you’ll never get that ring if you don’t learn it
    It’s really not that hard.
    No need to go that far
    Just show ’em who they are
    and then they’ll earn it
    You may laugh at what I say
    but I’m tellin’ you what I know
    If you wanna man’s heart
    you might as well be smart and learn
    it’s thru his ego.

    Lisa Simmons copyright 2006

    How do I explain
    when someone asks
    What’s kept you together?
    What makes your love last?
    It doesn’t take long
    cause my heart is sure
    Of at least one thing and I tell them…

    He’s a man among men
    He knows what’s important
    God, family and friends
    are his source of strength
    His faith will prevail.
    His loyalty knows no end
    With the heart of a warrior
    He’s a man among men.

    How can I express in just one way
    How I feel about you?
    Thru our ups and downs
    We’ve covered some ground
    Many times rocky terrain
    And even in times
    When your heart and mine
    Were beating out different rhythms
    I never had doubt
    our love would win out
    Cause you’re a man
    who honors commitment.

    You’re a man among men
    You know what’s important
    God, family and friends
    Are your source of strength
    Your faith will prevail
    Your loyalty knows no end
    With the heart of a warrior
    You’re a man among men

    And though there were times
    I know you were tired
    And life tried to get you down
    You never gave up
    or said there’s no answer
    Faith in action
    gave you solid ground.


  58. Maria Mendez says:

    I liked today’s devotion. I thank God that we have Godly women out there writing these stories for others could read them
    and will be a blessing for their life.
    God bless you,

  59. Thank you for this devotional! It brought me to tears this morning.

  60. Faye Howard says:

    This was AWESOME, Alicia. My small group of women are in varying stages in our marriages – some of us are in battle, and some of us are enjoying the calm. I passed along this devotional to them as it speaks to each and every one of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are your family are such an inspiration and are thought of often. Blessings on your weekend.

  61. Would you be willing to share the name of the book you refer to in today’s devotional? the one you used to pray over your husband? Thank you.

  62. Amen!! As I sit here and read this mornings devotion I am amazed and tearful at how God finds ways to speak to us at just the time we need him. I was doing just this last night as my husband and I are fighting our battles, I was on my hands and knees in our patio praying to God to instruct me on how I can better pray for my husband and our marriage. This was such an inspiration and a true blessing that I know my father so graciously provided me this morning as I begin my new life loving on, praying for, and lifting my husband up in every way. Many blessings!!

  63. Thank you for sharing this…it really hit home and touched my heart. I pray that I can learn and choose to fight for my husband and not with him.

  64. Thank you so much for this. I am sitting in a coffee shop fighting back tears this morning after reading it. I spend so much time trying to fight battles on my own instead of letting God. I know the right things to do but still find it hard to surrender to Him and let Him work through me. I appreciate what you ladies do!

  65. Brittany Schlup says:

    A lot of women have asked what the name of the book is that you use to pray over your husband. I had only read the first paragraph of the devotion and then started googling “prayer prompts for husbands” because I would love to have some guidance on praying for him more purposefully. Thanks! I’m going to finish reading the devotion now 🙂

    • The book is The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O’Martian. There are lots of great prayer guides online as well– just choose one that is filled with scripture and begin to speak God’s word over your man and your marriage. God’s word NEVER comes back void. He promises that in Isaiah 55:11

  66. Thank you for serving others and witnessing through experience. Your devotion today hit home. Confirming that I need to readjust my focus and be more intentional in my prayers. Thank you.

  67. What a confirmation! My husband and I will be married 26 years this summer. This week I realized I had stop praying and was complaining about past and present hurts. We re-watched movie “War Room” this week-end and it finally hit me. I’ve committed to pray for my husband and forgive as my heavenly Father forgives me. I’d recommend the movie “War Room” to everyone, it is now on DVD. Also the book, by Stormie Omaritan is great, be warned, don’t put it down when you start reading the first chapter -it sort of hit the wives between the eyes, keep reading, it is priceless and a gift from God.

  68. After beening married for over 37 years . I try to thank the Lord each and everyday for my husband. Who God made him to be a Godly loving caring man. For 30 years we had a real bad marry. And only by Gods grace and mercy we are still married. It wonderful to now be in a happy loving married. I know longer fear for my life and limb. In all of that I kept crying out to God to help us and heal our married. And he did all for his glory and honor. He did it for us and he can do it for you just trust him. God Bless.

    • Oh, Kathy, THANK YOU for sharing your testimony. It gives hope to every woman waiting on God for a miracle in her marriage. Praising Him with you for the great work He did in your union!

  69. Thank you for sharing these words THIS morning–my husband and I have been married for almost 20 years and have experienced the highs and lows of life. Marriage is definitely a journey, and I have found myself falling into old habits of resentment, anger and frustration–my thoughts and sarcasm focus on what is “not right” with things, rather than what is of God. Last night, I made a commitment to use the Lenten season and focus on devotional thoughts for my marriage and husband while I knit a prayer shawl for myself. I lean on Psalm 139: 23-24 to confess my sins of damaging thoughts and words.

  70. I love this devotion. It reminds me of The War Room movie. So good! I also have learned how to pray for my husband and have noticed that while it does change him some , My perspective changes and I seem to love him more. So it’s a double positive thing!!!

  71. This struggle is real for me! This devotion brought me to tears as I read it. To be a praying wife for the husband I have or to find a new husband is also my struggle.

  72. Sonnie Jane says:

    i love love this devotion- a whole lot of take a ways – ” Slowly and surely, our marriage dance began to change. We found ourselves waltzing to a new rhythm of joy. Not with flawless steps or perfect poise, but with confidence in the One who had joined our hearts.”

    Dear God, Teach me to fight for my marriage on my knees. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Thank you !!:) 🙂

  73. Donna Craig says:

    I love God’s timing! My husband and I just took in our 3 yr old granchild to raise. I’m tired and we’re all adjusting..but my flesh has been complaining that I didnt sign up to be a single parent. How can he not see all there is to do? Todays devotional brought tears to my eyes. Needed a reminder of who my battle is really with and for !!!

  74. Thank you for the reminder to pull out my book on Praying God’s Will for My Son (and the book re Grandchildren).
    After 38 yrs of marriage, my husband decided to live on his own. That was over 6 yrs ago, and my journals sound like your struggles. My Christian husband is an addict and so the Spiritual Warfare has been long and hard.
    Since on of his father’s rehab, I’ve been facing the wrath of my son for over 20+ years. I’ve finally detached from him for my mental and Spiritual well-being.
    You’ve encouraged me to keep up the battle of praying Scripture over him, our family like I used to do.
    Thank you.

  75. I LOVED this devotion, and it’s such a call to every wife to trust the Lord and to arm ourselves with God’s Word as we battle for our husbands and our marriages. What a battle worth fighting! Thank you for sharing! May I ask what book you were using to pray over your husband daily?

  76. Wow!! “… fighting with your husband or fighting for him?” Those words just put everything into perspective for me. I wish I had seen these words years ago. Thank you so much for your message today. It may save more than a few marriages.

  77. Alicia’s message today spoke to me . I have a difficult marriage and I have decided to also fight the battle with the Words of the Bible and faith to renew what we have lost in the last 29 years and to fight to renew our spirit of love for each other. thanks for the message. Barbara

  78. It was relieving to see that I am not the only one going through the struggle of bills/children/adult responsibilities over taking the love that my husband and I used to have. We still love each other, just not like how we did when we were dating or newly married. This was a beautiful reminder that I am not battling FOR my husband enough. Today, I was inspired to start a prayer journal!

  79. Another perfectly timed message from God! Praise the Lord! And thank you ladies for your continued faithfulness at getting these very encouraging messages to the front lines.

  80. This is just the confirmation I needed today. Thank you! It is so easy to forget husband and wife while busy being dad and mom. The enemy uses it to kill, steal and destroy from our marriages.

  81. Again, exactly what I needed to hear today! Thanks for sharing your heart and being vulnerable about your own struggles. Hopefully, we can avoid those “land mines!”

  82. I appreciate the great reminder. I have seen my prayers for my husband answered and it is amazing. I also wanted to encourage those of you hoping to find a mate that you can pray for him before you even know him! It is also perfectly acceptable to remain single. Pray for wisdom in whatever path God has you take.

  83. Hi, Alicia. i went over to your website and read “Meet Me at the Fountain.” It really blessed me. Thank you very much. This Proverbs 31 Devotion also blessed me. I have the book of which you wrote, THE POWER OF A PRAYING WOMAN. It is very good. God bless you richly, as you continue to serve Him in sharing your gleanings with us.

  84. Wendy Jackson says:

    Thank you for sharing. When you talked about the book of prayers my heart fluttered. I purchased the Power of a Praying Wife a month ago and it has helped me in so many ways. God bless!

  85. Paula Ponder says:

    I needed to read this today!!

  86. Vanessa Lopez says:

    I still am not a wife but I am a mother, sister and daughter. I read the book The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie O’Martian. And believe you me, it changed me. I am hoping to be a wife someday and that will be my go to weapon besides the bible.

  87. I just want to say thank you for your obedience to serve others in Gods truth.
    I am 65 and not married. Were do I find verses to pray for a man I want to be my husband?

  88. I’m so grateful for posts like these … they give me hope when I am discouraged. My husband and I have only been married for a couple of years. He is very verbally and emotionally abusive towards me, and has been since before we married. I’ve been reading The Power of a Praying Wife and there are days that it helps me feel like our marriage will improve. I am trying not to give up hope, but despite my prayers our marriage has yet to take a turn for the better. There are times that I am not sure if God is hearing my prayers; I’m not sure if God allows my husband to treat me poorly as a sign that I should give up on the marriage. My husband is the senior pastor of a church and sometimes I don’t even want to attend because I can’t focus on the message. At times I find it very difficult to pray for my husband because of the way he treats me. Thank you for sharing your experience as it has renewed my hope tonight.

  89. Sounds like it’s time to put my prayers into my knees, and keep them in mind and heart throughout the day! It’s been a bit dry lately, even with Stormie’s guidance for years. Thanks!

  90. Kim Duvall says:

    I so needed this today – thank you my sister in Christ

  91. Thank you for your honesty and commitment to encourage others. Me included. God Bless you and your marriage.

  92. After almost 43 years of marriage, I need this more than ever. I became a follower of Jesus Christ ten years into my marriage. I have had 33 years of a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ. While I have prayed for my husband, of course, over the years, I feel I need to now as I said, more than ever.

  93. Thank you for this. I have just started to get back into my walk with God and I have been praying more and more and noticed such a change. What is the book that you use?

  94. While the message of this devotional is one I need, I’m not so sure I’m ready to ‘hear’ it yet. I had the misfortune to marry someone who, I didn’t realize, hadn’t grown up yet, despite his age, and still refuses to do so. (Never, ever, ever, date long distance!) Raising him, with my two children, has worn me out. I’m just not up for another battle yet. It’s hard to care enough when I don’t even like him anymore, let alone love him.

  95. This is perfectly timed for my marriage and it reminds me that with God all things are possible. Thank you so much for sharing your story and encouraging me to raise my sword and continue the fight.

  96. Dawn Whitlow says:

    What is the name of the book you use to teach you how to pray for your husband!

  97. JNP…I pray that you will find peace in Jesus and that your marriage will be healed.

  98. Thank you, Alicia, for reminding us all of our important role as warrior wives. If I can say to any weary, on the edge of defeated wives out there ~ your sacrifice of battling on your knees is your greatest weapon, and the only path to victory! You may feel too hopeless or hurt to pray for your husband, but if you chose to sacrifice and stand in courageous prayer and praise, your marriage can be better than you ever hoped or dreamed. There are great books that lead us in how to pray for our husbands (Alicia, I have one of those war-torn, tattered books also!), find one, put on your armor and be determined to allow God to lead you with a no-quit attitude. God did it for me and He will do it for you!

  99. Stormie Omartian’s “The Power of a Praying Wife” is a great book!

  100. I am learning this now after many years of disappointment about my marriage. Praying for God to conquer strongholds in our lives is so much easier than grumbling and belittling.

  101. sally villarreal says:

    I too could use a little help with this!! Can you tell me what the name of this little book is that got you going on daily praying the Word over your husband??:^)

  102. thank you so much for this!! I have been struggling to be a forgiving of my husbands shortcomings and helping him fight a battle and have been losing faith. So again thank you for this eye opener

  103. Sharon Pittman says:

    Hey! Could you please tell me the title of the book you used to pray over your husband all these years? Thanks. I love the proverb 31 devotionals!

  104. Maria Hamilton says:

    Gosh, i really appreciate your honesty. It is such an encouragement! My husband and I have argued over things ever since we got married. 5 years now. I am so tired of it.
    I find myself complaining about him very often. Its so hard, but your right i need to pray and fight for Him and our marriage. I know the devil wants to destroy it. But he is defeated. Thanks again and God bless

  105. It’s good to know that I am not the only woman married to a husband that does not have a relationship with Jesus. It is a long a hard journey, but I continue to pray and believe. God is in control.and he makes the way.

  106. I needed this and still struggle with what to do my husband had an affair a little over a year ago. We have done counseling but he quit because he didn’t like what they told him. He continues to maintain platonic relationships with females from zumba. They text each other daily supposedly talking about zumba. I asked the women to stop. They tell him and he gets mad at me. I found a note where one was asking him to have lunch. She got mad for confronting her and said they are just friends. I am at a loss.

  107. I needed this today. My husband is struggling with addiction and I am contemplating divorce. It’s been such a long hard battle for our entire family. I’m beaten down mentally. This devotion is exactly what I need today!

    • Pray for God to restore your marriage and for your husband to overcome his addiction. I hope he finds the help he needs and places his trust in Jesus!

    • Anna in SC says:

      Julie S. – I feel your pain – truly. My husband of 38 years struggles from drug addiction. This devotion is exactly what I need now. I will pray for you as I pray for my own marriage.

  108. Have you seen the movie “Fireproof?” Really great movie on this issue! Also, the book “The Love Dare.”

  109. No I haven’t seen that. I have seen War Room and now have one of my own. I will watch Fireproof. I ordered the prayer book and will look into the Love Dare! Thank you so much! I’m feeling some peace for the first time in a long time!

  110. Yvonne Rowland says:

    Hello Alicia and all the women of God who have commented so far. A friend posted ur twitter post on her fb wall and I saw it. This came @ a very good time for me, becos I just recently started prayer battling over my husband and the issue of strange women, and I have truly seen God @work. Things are getting better tho I know they could be much better than they are, I just want to reiterate that prayer DOES WoRK! Tho I also just learnt that I need to examine myself too. I’ll follow ur posts from now on. This is all the encouragement I need. God bless you.P.S I will go and dig out my Power of a praying wife!

  111. Kim Watson says:

    This devotional has confirmed what I’ve been asking for God for help with. I belittle because I’m wanting much more in our marriage and as the spiritual leader of our home at the moment I feel like I’m the only one giving. I’m ready for “BATTLE” and done with belittling! With hope there will come a day that I’ll step down so that my husband can be and will be the spiritual leader of our home. I know it’s the wife’s duty to get our husbands to heaven and I’ll take out my sword and fight! Thanks for these scriptures and encouraging words that The Holy Spirit gave you to share with other wives, like me. God bless you and your family!!

  112. THANK YOU!

  113. Karen L Greene says:

    Thank you for sharing this message. This really blessed my heart. Very appropriate for we women who are praying and waiting for our “BOAZ”. This is good info for my devotional. Doing battle on our knees “now” while in God’s waiting room is so necessary, whether we know him or not.
    Thank you again. Have a blessed and fun Sword Fight…we know who wins.

  114. beautiful words. Thank you! Reminders are a great thing.

  115. Tammie Puckett says:

    My husband and i have been married for just about 2 1/2 years. We are a joined family, me with 3 kids, him with 1. This is his first marriage, my second. When we got married, it was amazing! But the first time he threatened divorce was on our honeymoon after a dumb fight. We are struggling now, these last years of marriage have been difficult. My health hasn’t been great and we struggle with my son who has ADHD and is the exact opposite kind of kid than his son. It’s a constant battle when dealing with my son, who takes after his father and can be extremely disrespectful and mean. My husband hates it and I do too. We only have my kids 50% of the time so 1/2 of our life is a struggle. Yesterday was yet another fight where my husband threatened divorce. It makes me extremely insecure in our marriage. I’m not a great prayer warrior but I’m finding – especially after reading this blog – that I need to be. I need to learn how. I can’t and won’t have another failed marriage. I need to be a woman with the armor of God, I just don’t know how. I pray – I ask God for strength. But these fights are enough to just tear me down and wear me down. I’m so scared. I know it’s Satan attacking this house, our marriage, all 4 of my kids. I need to be stronger in my faith but don’t know where to start. Lord help me!

  116. I loved your devotion and wondered what the book was that you mentioned in your devotion.

  117. I am going through a very painful divorce. I still am praying for God to heal our marriage. Nothing is final … I know God can still work miracle. Thank you for your message.

  118. Lisa Tafea says:

    My husband has left me and five children when his mother passed away three months ago he said I never liked his mother and he dosent love me anymore I’m shattered but been rough 17 years his gambling unfaithful and lies but he has been saved 2004 I’m praying for recociliation

  119. I simply love this message!

  120. This devotional is so encouraging. I feel like a light bulb clicked on for me after I read it.

  121. This is so inspiring, am experiencing some up and down in my marriage.
    Can you please send some of the prayer points to me.

  122. Is the book that prompted “prayers for my husband” the book “Capture His Heart”? Thank you!!

  123. My marriage is struggling, my husband thinks he wants out, after being together for 18 years. But has said he doesn’t know what to do, mainly in regard to seeing our kids hurt. I am so broken-hearted. He seems to be struggling with feelings of emptiness and disconnect and feels he doesn’t love me as he should. I have been praying and praying and now plan on getting the book, The Power of a Praying Wife. I was wondering if there are suggestions for encouraging husbands?

  124. Dear JC and the other ladies writing in this post,
    I just received the book that is referred in this devotion; “The Power of a Praying Wife”. I cannot begin to tell you how powerful the first chapter was; and even the rest of it. From day one, I have felt stronger and comforted by learning from this book. My husband is struggling from addiction and I’ve held onto a lot of anger and hurt. I am reading the prayers out loud and believing that no matter what my husband continues to choose, that I will be a praying wife instead of a defeated one. I will pray for all of you too! I pray that you will find the words of encouragement, peace, love and healing power that God can give to each and everyone one of you!

  125. This devotional has been sitting in my inbox for over a week now and I have not opened it until tonight. It always amazes me how God has words of wisdom and truths for me in my life at the exact moment when I need to hear them…. and for me this devotional was just what I needed at this very moment. Thank you for your encouraging words to fight for our husbands. To lift them up in prayer instead of tearing them down over their shortcomings. I pray this week my heart would be softened toward him and I would have the strength to fight like a warrior for him and for our marriage.

  126. Penni Risner says:

    Thank you so much for this.

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