How to Find Peace Under Pressure

How to Find Peace Under Pressure

October 12, 2015

"You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!" Isaiah 26:3 (NLT)

Frantically pushing my grocery cart through the parking lot, I glanced back and forth, trying to remember where I had parked the car.

The sun was blazing hot and as a bead of sweat dripped down my back, I couldn’t help but think of my hungry kids, waiting at home to consume the food I’d just bought.

It was way past lunchtime and knowing my family and some visiting relatives were waiting at home created anxiety in my heart. But I figured I would make things right by serving up a delicious pizza, freshly baked in the deli department.

As I continued to hunt for my car, the swirling aroma of mozzarella cheese, sweet basil, grilled garlic and fresh tomatoes was calling my name. I was tempted to snatch a slice, but decided to wait until I got home.

Besides, I could almost hear the cheers of approval as I imagined the moment I would place this scrumptious meal before my clan. Sure, it wasn’t homemade, but at this point anything edible would have been welcomed with open arms.

However, my thoughts came to an abrupt halt when my cart bobbled and suddenly stopped.

I glanced down, and there it was. My deliciously fresh stone-baked pizza — on the ground with a tire mark across the top of the box. Sure enough, I had rolled over it with my grocery cart.

You’ve got to be kidding! Honestly, who does that?

In my haste, I hadn’t noticed that the cashier placed my pizza carton on the lower rack of my cart due to the overflowing groceries.

With no time to have another one made, I rushed home with a car full of groceries, a smashed pizza and a very heavy heart.

I tried to fake a calm smile when I got home, but the house erupted in laughter when everyone saw my fumbled fiasco. As my younger son tried to scrape off the gooey cheese from the broken pizza lid, everyone else opted for sandwiches.

In situations like this, I need to be reminded of today’s key verse: "You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"

The whole pizza mess could have easily been avoided if I weren’t in such a rush and worried about my peeps back home. Sure, it’s important to take care of family, but when meeting their needs creates anxiety and stress, it’s an indication that something is out of balance.

Oftentimes, it’s not what my family asks of me — it’s what I demand of myself: I want everything to be perfect. I want to meet all my family’s needs. I want to please everyone.

But that’s not possible, and God doesn’t require it of me. Instead, based on Isaiah 26:3, He promises to keep me in perfect peace, despite any situation, if I willingly commit to doing these two things:

1. Trust God, instead of trying to master things on my own.

2. Keep my thoughts fixed on God, instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Are you feeling rushed or anxious today? Would you like a slice of peace to calm your nerves and settle down the stress you’re experiencing? Jesus wants to offer you a holy deposit of His perfect peace that will last a lifetime — and not just satisfy you for a few hours.

Dear Jesus, You are the Prince of Peace. Help me to trust and focus on You every day, so I can be calm and stress-free in any situation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

2 Peter 1:2, "May God give you more and more grace and peace as you grow in your knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord." (NLT)

Philippians 4:7, "Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus." (NLT)

If you’re craving a slice of peace in your life, you’ll appreciate Tracie Miles’ book, Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace in Your Chaotic World.

Connect with Leah DiPascal on her blog today and enter to win a Peace Under Pressure giveaway.

What is creating stress and anxiety in your life today? Is it a situation or a person? What are ways you can trust God and keep your thoughts on His promises as you navigate this challenge and seek to experience His perfect peace?

© 2015 by Leah DiPascal. All rights reserved.

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  1. Isahia 26:3 is definitely a keeper!

    Like the way everyone opted for sandwiches!!

    However, your son showed his loyalty to you by scraping the cheese from the pizza box!

    Thanks for the smiles created by reading this and relating to the comment, “Who does this?”

  2. My stress is finding a balance between work and home and feeling like I can’t do a good job at both at the same time. I love my job and family. My job is very time consuming and I always feel like I’m neglecting my family. Then throw in wife, youth group leader and a Christian who needs time with God. I just always stress about falling short and not doing my best at these very important roles in my life.

    • I look back on years of working and raising children. I, too, wanted to do a good job of both. One bit of advice out of my experience: what things are you doing in either place out of your own standards–not the boss’s, not your husband’s, not your children’s and not God’s? Are you after a level of tidiness on your desk and in your home that no one else wants? Are you pushing to get everything checked off your to-do list before bedtime, including things that don’t have to be done today (or ever)? One busy year, I asked which Christmas traditions were important to my family and learned that they didn’t care at all about some time-consuming foods and fancy gift-wrap (just don’t skip the cookies). Some clean laundry need not be folded. Making the house look like a Better Homes & Garden photo made the kids uncomfortable. The vacation isn’t ruined if the house doesn’t have to look perfect before we leave. Your family can eat pizza three times in a work-stressed week and survive.

      When I was most anxious, God would nudge me, “Will this matter one bit when you stand before the Throne of Grace at the end of your days?”

      • GREAT advice Shirlee!

      • Kristie Helms Donahue says:

        Very good, I want to share this with my mother, I am grown and no longer living at home but she is this was, must have the house in perfect condition prior to going out, anywhere for that matter. Thank you and God Bless!


    On yesterday stress was on me heavy. I had been sick. I had to attend my sons baby shower and I didn’t have a gift and I had to bring a dish. We’re down to one car. My daughter had a melt down. I was beginning to get angry because I had no control of the things that were going on around me.Yet God..gave me His peace. I got the food. I was able to express my thought to my husband in a good way. And the gift I was going to buy I didn’t need to. Praise God for your blog today it was confirmation.

  4. Tanya Reckow says:

    I am reading my devotion earlier than usual this morning because I woke up nervous and anxious about the day. How does the exact thing I need to hear suddenly appear? What a blessing for my day, thank you for me setting back on the right course, God is the right course and if I can remember to hand it over all can be better.

    • Elizabeth Mc says:

      I’ve been waking up that way in the middle of the night. I logged on this morning to find the same thing I needed. A way to find peace in a place where only God can provide. It’s hard work and family and the feeling of trying to accomplish it all with the right spirit and not at the expense of family time.

  5. Ijeoma Harris says:

    I can definitely relate to the part of when pleasing others builds anxiety and stress it is an indicator that something is off balance.
    I have now learned to stop and immediately seek Gods opinion on how to get back in balance. Has surely given me peace in the results.
    I have been praying for devotion like this my 16 year old God daughter shared this with me.

  6. Melissa c says:

    In the middle of a stress filled battle,i tend to loose sight of what God has already done for me,my victory was sealed on the cross. I have two sons with autism and my mom who is in the late stages of Alzheimers these things tend to be overwhelming and some days more than most. But I remind my self to stop take a breath and let God have it.

  7. Ursula Akridge says:

    I very much enjoyed your devo this morning…I always try to please everyone and have everything just perfect for my family. I need to remember these key verses and stop worrying.

  8. These devotions always manage to go with the way I am feeling. I would love to have a copy of this book. The Lord has really blessed me since I started reading this devotion. Thank you ladies for inspiring me.

  9. I could use that perfect peace right now. Five months ago my husband decided he didn’t want to be married to me anymore because he’s bored with me. I’ve spent the last five months hoping, praying, and trusting God to restore my marriage. Last night, while discussing custody arrangements and divorce proceedings, my husband asked if he could start dating other women, because “he’s not coming back.” Today I am crushed by the weight of this hurt. I want to feel peace, but all I feel right now is rejection and inadequacy. Please pray for me and our four children, three of whom still live at home.

    • Beth, I am praying for you and your family. Remember always God has got this! Trust in God and seek his love and peace?

    • Beth, I’m praying for you and your family – for the Lord’s wisdom, encouragement, peace, strength, guidance and for whatever else you need today and in the coming days.

    • Beth,
      Because I have walked in those shoes I can give you encouragement today. I am here to tell you that whatever you need today He is!!!! Some times it is minute by minute that you take, but He is right there. It’s because of my journey I can give you some of my very favorite scriptures. Romans 8:18 For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared of the glory that shall be revealed in us . No matter how bad it gets, it can’t compare to the good things God has in store for you. Get up every morning and put on your full Armor of God. I mean literally close your eyes and visualize placing every piece strategically. Not just for defensive measures, but for offensive measures. The helmet of salvation to know who you are in Christ to keep focused on Him to protect your mind and see things through His eyes, to redirect anything thrown at you. The breast plate of righteousness to guard your heart and protect it from the attack of the enemy . The shield of faith to believe in complete protection even when you can’t see it, believe. The belt of truth to guard your core, your stabilization of whom you believe in . Find comfort in His word, watch it come to life from the pages of your bible and breathe into you. The sword of the Spirit. It will knock down and cut through anything coming at you today. Trust He is who He says He is your protector. He goes before you. And then, put on those shoes of peace. and stand. Stand on the promise that you can do all things through Him. I can testify that He is everything He says. He is more than my Savior. He is my rest, Psalms 4:8, my hiding place, Psalms, 91:1, my provider, Matthew 6:33, my personal defense, Romans 8:31, my healer, Isaiah 53:5, my deliverer, my peace, Isaiah 43:2. He is!!!!!!!!! Know I will be praying for you today. Kim

      • Kim, thank you for sharing these encouraging words and God’s truth with Beth … and others that will be reading your comments. It’s beautiful to see how God has restored you and is using you to speak life from a place of prior brokenness. Jesus comforts us in our trials so that in time we can comfort others.

  10. April Bellwood says:

    God is so awesome and amazing! I woke up this morning the same way I went to sleep, STRESSED out! My first thought was I don’t want to have another day like this what can I do? I know I can’t do it but God can, so I started to go through my email to find a daily devotional and today’s devotional is the first one I came to! Thank you Jesus for your love and grace! Every time I seek help from God, He leads me right to scripture and it’s usually within this wonderful ministry.

  11. Thank you. We are in the process of moving and will be storing our things while preparing to build a new home in a new town. My husband and I keep waking up with so many thoughts and things to do. I am praying for peace and for God’s blessings on all of thus. He has blessed us in so many ways. Thank you for today’s devotion as we truly need this peace.

  12. I am in a season of not talking to my mom. After not seeing her for two years, we had a very hard visit. After being married 17 years, her and my husband continue to have tension and disrespect between them. She is fiercely loyal to her children and has always viewed the in-laws as in-laws not family. I just can’t have a good relationship with her when her and my husband have such negativity between them yet I continue to feel the burden of fixing it or that I’m wrong for not pushing the situation aside and pursuing a relationship with her independent of my marriage (which is not what I feel God has anyway). The anxiety of the situation continues to eat away at me and I don’t know how to “just trust God” with it. I don’t know how to not worry and not try to fix it. It’s surely much bigger than me!

    • Emily, as I read your comments I’m reminded of Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him; and He will direct your paths.” For me, these verses do not represent a one-time-fix-all promise, but a day-in-day-out choosing to trust God in every situation. Even when I don’t understand or know how to fix things, I make a decision to activate my faith and believe that God does and He will take care of it as I walk in obedience to Him.

  13. Oh how I needed this today! Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. My hardest thing is keeping focus. I am hit with so much on a daily basis as far as negativity against everytghing that I try and fix things on my own, without God’s help.I am very blessed and have a lot in
    life. Have a blessed day. I feel like I’m not protected, I see how others are protected more and I get frustrated, but gryping about doesn’t do anything. To be honest I just don’t know what to do, if I did I would have a long time ago. I do my best. I have someone that is very special to me and in a long time I knew what true love was. She changed my world and I will be forever grateful. Have a blessed day.

  15. Awesome words this morning! I needed this message. Thank you!

  16. I am heading to our annual specialist appointment for my son today. Already dreading the run around, hurry up, and wait of today at the children’s hospital. Thank you for the reminder that as I wait, I need to rest in Him.

    • A quick suggestion: As you wait, ask God, “Who here do you want me to pray for?”

      I used to be annoyed at the delay traveling behind a school bus. Then God nudged me to pray for the dear people at the ends of their driveways. ‘Tis amazing how quickly the time passes when I’m thanking God for the dad making funny faces with his son, or praying that the sleepy-eyed teenager will perk up before class, or that little guy hauling a big instrument case will make beautiful music before the Lord, or that frazzled mom will take a deep breath and enjoy the autumn color. The opportunities are endless!

  17. Thank you for your timely words this morning! Your comments about what you demand of yourself resonated with me as if I had been smacked up side the head! Perfection….and making everyone else happy…instead of trusting God and not worrying about what others think. God’s peace is what I desire. Today is a new day, with a new focus. God Bless You and Praise God for his faithfulness!???

  18. The last few days have been very trying for me. When I read Proverbs 31 today, my heart felt somewhat calmer. All I have thought about is the what if this or that happens After reading this, I know God had a plan. All I have to do is trust him. I also know God had a reason for everything. I just have to remember thrust in the Lord with all your heart. Thank you for what you said today.

  19. This is for Emily. Emily, God’s word says to honor your mother and father. It doesn’t give qualifiers. God knew about this situation and is in total control, no matter how you feel. Honor God by obeying, and all will fall in to place. Trust HIM and HE will make your path straight. Obedience is not always easy, but is always blessed. You can’t fix people… Only God can do that. I know where you are. I live it. It is hard, and a fail, but God is faithful. Praying strength and wisdom for you.

  20. I am quitting my job, leaving the city I’m currently in, and moving back home. Instead of asking God for my next job, I’ve been asking Him to show me my calling, and guidance for what to do next. This is causing me anxiety, but yesterday my Sunday school instructor reminded me that God is never late, and that I should not rush Him.

  21. Well said, Shirley! How many times I wish I could go back nod let the house be a mess and my kids have another lap around the park, or another game of Uno.

    Praying for you, Beth, your marriage, your children. Let God keep you snuggly in His love. He is aware of it all and knows your heart.

  22. To Kim – this is my struggle because God also says to leave and cleave and as a wife my first loyalty is now to my husband. I don’t know how to honor her when she wants a relationship that is divisive to my marriage. It seems that that dishonors God.

  23. Im stressing a bit offer LTD and SSD and having to go back to work which I don’t want to do.

  24. Hello
    My husband broke his foot last week and we are still waiting for an Mri :(.
    We were told to get relocated 3 month ago to nj and still waiting for the moving papers from his company .we were looking at lots to build in pa and can’t do anything without those papers . We have to get our house ready for the market and now my husband is Layed up . I took a 20 hour work cut so I can do things for that . I’m sure God will provide , it’s just s lot of pressure now . Our furnace is as moody as anything and keeps getting on strike :).
    I lead a woman’s biblestudy and don’t think I’m doing the best right now because of all the destruction . Please pray .

  25. My health test and quiz this week is causing me w little stress. I have been studying but not as much as I did the last test and quiz! I can pray for peace that guests my mind and heart and believe that God has giving me the knowledge to pass anything I take in collage.

  26. I felt like you were talking straight to me today. Since my other half was hurt back 3 monthd ago our world has been turned upside down. I have to admit I had strayed away fron God sone before his accident and I am trying to make this right and live right. I feel pulled in so many directions and anxienty seems to set in alot lately. I can’t even go to church let along the store without feeling like I have to hurry and get home he might need me and the fear of losing him scares me so bad.I pray for God’s will and not my own and strength to know the difference. So many other things in my life my children and there choices have me really stressed and I have given them to God yet when I can’t make them see what is wrong and right it hurts me cause I feel I have felled them. Just alot going on in my life. That causes anxiety to eat at me.

  27. Carolyn Otte says:

    Hey, Leah,

    I’m a college friend of your sister, Nyla! I saw her a little over a year ago and she was sharing about your adventure with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Love reading your devotions!

  28. Thank you for this needed post. I’m pregnant again after two miscarriages. I had a bleeding episode recently just like before and it’s hard to hope that this time will end any differently. I’m trusting God for this baby and praying that he would bless us with our first child if it be His will. It’s easy to second guess everything. For example, our baby has a strong heartbeat which is a praise. But, we also heard a strong heartbeat last time and still miscarried. I don’t want by joy to be stolen so I need to put on the full armor of God just as described. Meanwhile, most friends I know are working on or pregnant with their third child. Again, I need to focus on Jesus not on others or comparisons.

    • Bree, I’m praying that God will comfort you today and calm your fears of the “what-ifs” that are taking away your joy. I’m also praying for your precious baby – that God will protect,nurture and carry him/her to full term, so that one day soon you will hold this healthy precious gift from Heaven in your loving arms.

  29. Irma Y. Garrett says:

    THANK GOD. Amen. A revelation eye opener. Thank you holy spirit speak to my soul,mind heart and eyes.

  30. I’ve had to re-read this devotion, it spoke directly to me. I lift up all the sisters in prayer that are searching for answers and comfort. For Kim, I also had to re-read your response to Beth. What a gift you are to the body of Christ. Your pain was not wasted; what the devil planned for evil, God turned it into good. You are stronger, wiser and now able to personally identify and encourage others. Thank you for sharing; I will keep those scriptures for myself.

  31. Oh how I needed this today. My boyfriend and I just bought a house, and I’m dying to get in it and decorate. I’ve been stressed trying to get everything packed and the renovations done, that I’ve forgotten to enjoy the process. I’ve been trying to get everything ready, purchase things that we need (or that I think we need) and haven’t calmed down and just thought, “I am incredibly blessed with this house and what we already have in it.” Being an interior designer is hard when you can’t decorate your own home because money doesn’t in fact grow on trees. I know that everything doesn’t have to be done right now, but I sure do wish it could be. I loved the quote, “Oftentimes, it’s not what my family asks of me — it’s what I demand of myself: I want everything to be perfect. I want to meet all my family’s needs. I want to please everyone.” Key word: please. I’ve been so caught up trying to make our home perfect and impress everything, that I’ve forgotten to stop and smell the roses. Thank you for sharing this!

  32. This was perfect timing. Between work, new curriculum, and a a partially disabled hubby I sometimes feel overwhelmed. My son Josh doing PT with a recruiter to get in the Army, both my sons have fallen away from God. Im actually not sure if Andrew ever really accepted Him into his life; He’s a 31 with an 8 yr old son Peyton, his fiance Steph.e also go out of town every other weekend to see his triplets, Mom, Dad,and sister with our 3 small wonderful dogs.I do all the packing n unpacking, carrying in n out the houses and yesterday we stopped at at least 6 places for my top pump gas, run in stores n grab stuff n some was checking to see if they had something he wanted me to have for my classroom, seeds for guy to do lawn n then come home put seeds in tug out back so don’t get wet, grab tools n such for him to fix dog chain (which I needed done), grab computer so he could finish fixing, and take the dogs our frequently. At home just hook Abby bc so small she escapes n other 2 just out n backyard, however at Mom n Dad’s put on leashes n take out. Every once n a while I just feel overwhelmed. He is having knee replacement right knee Nov 3. He is high risk with only oneed kidney. He will after that still need left knee replaced, both shoulders have torn rotators n right hip problem that we arexpect hoping knees will help Rt hip. His back is infused together from breaking it in Army, plus pole in left leg after a car accident when hit by drunk driver. We’ve been married 4 years n doctors said would be in wheelchair 10 years ago. Vet doctor’s won’t touch bc of high risk, he also is trying to get more money for disabilities; all works in progress. Recently blessed to be able to finally have sewer pipes fixed ( had been putting toilet paper in trash for 3 yrs, n got trees cut that kept damaging house n cars as well as able to give to church n a home project ministry our Sunday School class runs. My oldest son is an alcoholic (recovering hopefully) he has stolen thousands of dollars worth money jewelry TV n stole n wrote checks on my account, broke ok nto mine n previous husbands home all when he was from middle school thru high school age, since we have given money to get GED, given money various times, rented n paid for truck (we live in KY he has been 4 to 5 hours away thru all of this) to move him out bc girlfriend said was an alcoholic n wanted him out. He rolled his car n was throw a couple yrs ago was unconscious n I drove thru the night to a hospoint in St. Louis, arrived 3 am stayed helping comforting to next day at 5 pm when friend came to have me stay with her. I had skipped a house payment to come. The next day I’m on way to hospital like 9am he calls to buy him ecigs n such. I was broke n frustrated that all I seemed to him was money. I let him know kiss girlfriend would need to get them n told him why. He said he appreciated me coming but if I was bringing up house payment n telling what girlfriend should do, maybe I shouldn’t have come. I bought a get well card, ecig, refreshed memory of things done for him having forgiven for past but that he kept trading me badly. Let him know I was going home n would call in a few weeks to see how doing but would not be back to hospital. I delivered in person n waited for him to read, with no response to card or how hurt I was I kissed goodbye n left. For 2 to 3 weeks was in a physical therapy facility then home. While in wheelchair n girl at work him doing on own he called n apologized. Ver u short lived though. Later calls for money 300 to put grandchild in baseball n is getting some of it from other relatives, I said for him to tell me what they gave n whatever wasn’t covered we would cover n pay directly to.facility. he got mad said I keep throwing past in face. U didn’t say anything about pasthe (I didn’t say it but was of course being cautious so money didn’t accidentally get used for other purposes) he got mad n told to forget it. Then about a month later called to ask if I wanted to help with wedding, n started talking about colors n getting good together, n he corrected me, didn’t want help planning, just money. I said I didn’t have it still toilet paper on trash n such plus bills 90,000 in school loans
    He got mad said nice to I’m not available to help when he needs it. Omgosh this child is amazing.I read the devotion on forgiveness n I have forgiven but does that mean not supposed to be smart n cautious? Most times he’s gotten money like GED he didn’t use it for that. I’ve also helped with many things go not even mentionedo. I feel like he slaps me face all the time. One year he called to which ever about nanak n his dad’s side of family not coming for this big maelstrom he cooked all while talking to someone never invited who would’ve been there had we been asked. I didn’t mention at ty he time bc he was hurting.again he is very selfish n aging like his biological father. Jeff said son Quentin (13) being tested for cancer, niece Cheltenham in remission, just please keep us in your prayers n if have advice about Andrew situation please share. Thanks so much!

    • Someone who cares says:

      To Andi. You do indeed sound overwhelmed. Your God, Jesus, is with you, and he can save you from the chaos. Might I share some advice? There are many people just like you, struggling with loved-one’s alcoholism and other addictions, and they meet in groups called “Celebrate Recovery” and “Al-Anon” nationwide. Go online, find a meeting and go. God can restore us to sanity. I am praying for you and your family.

  33. Thank you for this reminder. I have been struggling with an ongoing health issue that the medical field cannot find an answer to as I live with incredible pain. I have another test scheduled for today and need the “slice of PEACE’ that only God can bring. I struggle with all the “what ifs” of my situation, and I truly need to place my entire being in His hands. I need the Holy Spirit to guard my heart and mind. He is my Hope and Trust.

  34. Barbara Prince says:

    I can’t begin to explain the years, decades that I wasted working and striving to please everyone but myself and God. I was definitely out of balance.

  35. Mustard seed says:

    I said it once and I said it again. God uses the Proverbs31 posts to speak to my heart. I was in the ER last night due to dehydration and low blood sugar. I have been so busy trying to be the perfect working mom, keeping a clean house, spending time with my family and on top of that studying for the hardest professional exam out there. I was literally falling apart and this post reminded me that I need to slow down, I need to give my cares to the Lord and let him take my stress and anxiety before I make myself sick. Thank you so much for this post!!

  36. ? just realize that if we find peace when the storm calms, we are responding to stimuli. We see calm and settle down. If we find Peace in God, then we have arrived to where He calls us to be. We are placing our attention fully where it belongs, on Him, when we find Peace regardless of circumstance.
    Like Peter stepping out onto the water, we are only aware of Him and His calling out to us. Also like Peter, when we fear the noisy storm and respond to the stimuli, we falter, losing our foundation in Him, Faithful and True, sinking and calling out for help. He took Peter safely and does the same for us.

  37. This Past weekend has been the hardest i’ve ever had to face. i came face to face with reality and a truth i had been hidding for over 20 years. i was molested as a child and opened up to my sisters (their dad) and my husband and it was the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do. to say i had peace is a lie because my mind was everywhere and my heart ached and i’m tired of all the crying (2 days of constant tears). but today as everything went back to normal, i’m home and with my husband and my kids and back to work- my routine. i feel safe and i feel peace. my husband prayed for me and i felt an overwhelming peace and security that i hadnt experiences. i felt completely naked and exposed and although i am still crying. i have a peace that i;ve never known. i know everything will be ok. i know that although holidays will be different, i am safe and my kids are safe and God will work it all out for my mom and sisters and the decisions and changes that they are making. i can fully understand this scripture today.
    thank you.

  38. This statement, “Oftentimes, it’s not what my family asks of me — it’s what I demand of myself: I want everything to be perfect.” seems like the Lord was speaking right to my heart. I feel the same way! Thank you so much for sharing.

  39. My new cancer medication and the side effects are causing me anxiety right now. I can write down God’s promises for peace, personalize them, and read them to myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

  40. Erica Enos says:

    I was anxious about beginning with a new therapist. My stomach was in tiiiight knots! As the session progressed, I did begin to feel those uncomfortable panic sensations but she helped me do some deep breathing, which is exactly what I need to learn to do.
    She has encouraged me to make many notecards with positive reminders to read while practicing my breathing. I am going to make some pretty cards with Biblical messages too. That way I can begin to rely on God’s words more too. So along with my “I am in control ” cards I will have some verses too. I am terrible at memorization so this is a great way to heal me and to draw me closer to the Lord.

  41. Sounds like a great place to
    turn the corner – allow God to
    be my main focus !!!!!

  42. Tabitha Eggleston says:

    I need to read this because I am constantly worried about pleasing everyone.

  43. Definitely needed to read this today! My husband and I are both considering new career paths but this was a great reminder to put our trust in God, ALWAYS!

  44. This is exactly what I needed to read..I honestly needed to hear something that told me to learn to be patient and not to be soo anxious…thank u for the encouragement and the advice…it showed me inner peace through my trial right now. .

  45. Stress has overtaken my body this week. Being home sick, I’ve been thinking what can i do to relieve stress from my life. Thank you for ideas and encouragement! This post was sent by God for me! I really needed it at this time. Thank you!

  46. Mary in NH says:

    Like so many others, I put such high expectations on myself, and expect nothing from anyone else. I’m really tired of trying to do it all. I need to focus on what Gods put before me to do, and if I do that well, the other stuff, like a clean house, perfect dinners, won’t matter.

  47. Having peace and grace is so key to coping with and overcoming obstacles. My mother was in the hospital and everyone has opinions about her condition. As they did more tests, they should have started to see it as an awful fluke. She has trouble asking for help as it is and she was in need. This all made her awfully stressed and sad. And I absorbed those feelings out of love. I texted a friend and she reminded me to approach her with care and grace. I realized that my mom was her by the grace of God and her role in his plan continues. I found grace.

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