How to Leave A Legacy of Love

How to Leave A Legacy of Love

March 1, 2016

“Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians 16:14 (NIV)

Perry Noble

Our world is confused about love — what true love is and how it makes a difference. Too many of us have equated love with a feeling and based it on emotion. The only problem with that is as soon as the feeling is gone, the love follows. We’ve made it flowery and feeble when it’s actually the greatest gift that God gave us! (1 Corinthians 13:13)

If we step back and look at the bigger picture of what love is — what God created it to be — it changes everything.

The thing I’m realizing about life is no matter where you are or what season you’re walking through, you’ll find yourself in spaces that require you to lead, which come hand‐in‐hand with challenges to love.

Career changes, new life phases — whatever it may be, we all get thrown into situations where we have to make decisions and choose to grow in who we are and how we love.

The key to leadership is love, so I want to make sure that as I go through life, I leave traces of love behind me. Like our key verse says, I want to “Do everything in love.” I’ve been thinking about what that looks like in everyday life, and here are three ways each of us can leave a legacy of love:

1. Seize opportunities to lead.
No matter who you are or what you do, you are a leader.

It’s hard for a lot of people to wrap their minds around that. They think they are too quiet or too loud, too unique or too ordinary, too opinionated or too meek, and the list goes on. The fact is God uniquely designed each of us with gifts and abilities to lead and love others. That includes YOU!

  • If you’re a mom, you are a leader to your kids.
  • If you’re the boss at work, you are a leader of your organization.
  • If you’re a student, you are a leader at your school.

If we want to leave legacies of love, we need to welcome these opportunities and love the people who come along with them.

2. Understand the power of your words.
How different could our relationships look if we just committed to saying positive things like “thank you” and “great job” more often? A LOT.

Our words carry more weight than we know.

As leaders, our words can speak life into the people around us if we’re willing to run them through a filter of love. This doesn’t mean that we have to sugarcoat everything or shy away from the truth. It simply means we should be slow to critique and quick to compliment.

3. Commit to helping others succeed.
If I am successful in life, then good for me. But if those around me are successful? THAT will define me as a leader. It will be the legacy I leave.

Our friends, coworkers, spouses and kids won’t remember us for what we accomplish, but instead what we helped them to accomplish and how we cheered them on along the way.

They’ll remember how we loved them.

I SERIOUSLY want everyone around me to live a life that exceeds their dreams as they become who God created them to be. That’s why I’m committed to seeing the people around me reach their goals.

When people in our lives know we have their best interest at heart, they can trust us. That trust allows them to experience what true, unconditional love feels like — that love leaves a legacy!

So as you go about your day, do everything in love. When you’re shuttling your kids around, do everything in love. When you’re at your job, do everything in love. When you’re taking care of small details you’re convinced no one will ever notice, do everything in love.

When you model what you consider important, those around you take notice. Celebrate love. Display it. The most lasting thing we can do with our lives and leadership is to love because love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). That’s why leaders who love are leaders who leave a legacy.

Heavenly Father, thank You for lovingly leading us. Help us to love and lead others in a way that honors You and leaves a legacy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Corinthians 13:13, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” (NIV)

1 Corinthians 13:8a, “Love never fails.” (NIV)

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a new parent, Perry Noble’s first leadership book, The Most Excellent Way to Lead, will encourage you to see every opportunity in life as a chance to lead in the “most excellent way.” This book has just released and is now available in stores and online.

You can find Perry online via his blog, or on Twitter @perrynoble.

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What opportunity could you seize right now to take a step toward leaving a legacy of love?

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  1. I am encouraged to show love to the students I work with through each moment of the day.

  2. Tara Clark says:

    I would love to read this book!

  3. Amber Scott says:

    My children, if I can influence them through love, in turn, the impact they can have on others, through love, will hopefully cause a ripple effect!

  4. Thank you for reminding me to lead through love.

  5. Ceci Haas says:

    Great perspective that we are all leaders, especially in our homes! Thank you!

  6. I am a mother of 5 babies and leading through love is something I could be better at!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    As a preschool Director I am thankful for the encouraging reminders that our employees need to her those word of encouragement and that I can do much more to encourage them and help them succeed. I would love a copy of the book so I can share more during devotionals.

  8. Kerry-Lee says:

    Hi there. I have been given a unique opportunity to lead at work and church. Everyday I am learning from God how to do it.

  9. Lori A Price says:

    This was a great article, an awesome word. Thank you.

  10. Enjoyed the devotion today , I want my husband to be the spiritual leader in my home, but he has stopped going to church , works many many hours and I pray and pray and am waiting for answers

    • Melissa, this was me a year ago. My husband still works long hours, but I know he is showing his live for his family thru his work. Also, I just went to church every Sunday, and asked if he wanted to come. I never nagged, never chastised, never made him feel badly about it (actually, at the beginning, I did all of those things! But, I read a devotional about the power of love and shifted my behavior). We now go together, and I look forward to Sunday morning all week. Jesus drew people to him through love, patience and forgiveness. I pray that you will have all of those things with your husband, and that soon he will not be able to resist the temptation of surrounding himself with God’s love!

  11. Priscilla Naidoo says:

    I was deeply touched by the word from Perry Noble. Too often we overlook our loved ones in this race of life, we are too busy to tell them we love them or show them how much we care. The amazing thing is we are never too busy to say “thank you” to a complete outsider, a work colleague or our bosses. This is sad but true. After reading what Perry Noble had to say about love, I will make certain from now on, to make certain that i do not forget to appreciate my family and to constantly tell them that I love them. Thank you, Perry Noble.

  12. Mai Lee Vang-Perkins says:

    Everything does start with love. What a great perspective on leading and being in ministry. I hope to win a copy of this book…

  13. Love this!

  14. I think my son could use a huge dose of confidence building learning that he is capable of leading. Tidbits from this book would go a long way in changing his leadership attitude. This is one of my favorite passages of the Bible. Thank you for your consideration.

    M A Fields

  15. Join Redmon says:

    This spoke to me so loudly as I’m learning it’s not my job to be the Holy Spirit in someone’s life but rather to love them unconditionally… I would love to have the book as a resource/tool of learning… as I’m praying for God to remove all from me that’s not of him and teach me to love as He loves… and genuinely become the Proverbs 31 woman… God Bless and Thank you for your teachings… Joan

  16. Anayancy D Luna says:

    I loved this!! It really encouraged my heart to love more every day.

  17. Thank you for this reminder. Love is what we all need to share with everyone. Help me Father to Love Like You Do. Amen

  18. Tanya Chartier says:

    I found myself in a strange place , a place where love is hardly seen and among so many souls crying out for a leader to teach them the meaning. As I type this I honestly have no idea where the Lord is direct me other then closer to him. I have no idea if staying in this strange place full of pain and death that surrounds me is where the Lord want me to be but I know without a leader that represent the love of Christ in this town I call a strange place so many souls will not find there way. My hope is to read this book on leadership so where ever God leads me I have the knowledge to lead and if i leave this place i can pass the book on to the next leader that can lead these souls the way to Jesus.

    • Tanya, if you are living in a place where there is little love, small expressions of love will stand out. Even a simple, “Doesn’t the sunshine feel good?” or “Would you like part of my orange?” shows that you care. You can silently pray blessings into the hurting souls around you. And to protect yourself from their pain, immerse yourself in the Word of God. Spend as much time as you can in Bible study and prayer.

      Lord God, pour your love into Tanya so that it overflows to those around her. May your hope shine through her. Amen.

  19. Love is the root from which all goodness grows. I believe that leading through love not only enrich the leader but it grooms future leaders to live up to the potential that God has gifted us with.

  20. Victoria Coleman says:

    I am in many leading positions and the people around me deserve for me to have this book.

    I’m a child of the most high king, saved and delivered from a life of destruction and atheism for 10 years. All the Glory goes to God!!

    I’m young in Christ but totally sold out to Him.
    I’m a 57 year old mother,wudow, grandmother of 6, raising 2 of my grandsons going on 6 years.

    I also work in ministry as an RN for a nonprofit drug and alcohol facility.

    I desire those around me who come from such brokenness, including my own 3 adult children to be whole, loved and strong women and men of God.

  21. I really need to work on loving unconditionally and learning to keep my mouth closed!! It has been getting me in a lot of trouble lately. I really need to let go of myself and let God take control of my life. This was a wonderful article and reminds me to just love people, no matter whats going on, and let God take care of everything else.

  22. My goodness such a great word so much fruit so much life. I can’t begin to imagine the treasures within the pages of your book. I would love to get my hands on a copy.

  23. saul Ezekiel says:

    I love, love, love all of this… Fills my heart with an abundance of happiness. God is a very graceful loving God. Thank you heavenly father for everything…..

  24. My prayer today is, “Lord, help me to show Your Love to your people in subtle ways so that when they go home, they will look back on the day’s activities and realize You intervened in one way or another. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

  25. Chelsea Dudley says:

    It’s hard knowing that I am a leader to my children. It is the most frightful thought. At work I am a leader also. But it doesn’t scare me as much as being a mom leader.

  26. Mary Jo DiSalvo says:

    Looks like a great book!

  27. This is amazing because I live my life by love. To many times we are in such a rush we don’t remember the impact we have on others. If I’m able to pass my love on to someone as I just walk by them with have a blessed day or a friendly smile, help others in some way, etc. I feel in my heart I’ve given my love and it’s made a difference in their day.
    Thats my heart feelings…I only walk in my shoes not in the other persons. That may be the only loving thing they get for the day.
    My words, actions of love and Jesus juice is well worth the love for others!
    Thank you Jesus for your unconditional love for me.?

  28. Sandy Oster says:

    Please tell me having Perry Noble was a one time deal!

  29. Helen Clatke says:

    Just wakened to read today’s Proverbs 31 on my birthday. So affirmed and inspired to keep on seeking to leave a legacy of love. Thank you

  30. This devotional was excellent. My employer recently approach me about taking a management position. However I felt that I wasn’t qualified to manage individuals but when I think about leading in love it gives me a new perspective. Thank you!

  31. This is a unique way of looking at being a leader. I would most definitely want to be a winner of your book. I am interested in learning about this.

  32. Excellent topics… leading & love are side by side would love a chance to win your book

  33. Crystsl says:

    Thank God for the opportunity that we have to love and lead

  34. At my church they preach about love 2 Sunday services in a row. Love over comes every and each obstacles in our lives ! God gave his only Son because he loves us ! God bless…

  35. Preached

  36. I enjoyed reading the article and was a teachable moment. I definitely will apply what I learned in this article.

  37. Yvonne Hinton says:

    Love is the greatest of these.

  38. Thank you for sharing some great insight on how to Lead with Love..and do everything in LOVE!!

  39. yeti olajide says:

    Lead with love…the message was so clear and yet so profound. How amazing is that through a simple command to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves that we are able to a part of such powerful moments. God is truly amazing. I pray that I can do most things (I will shoot for all) in love. Thank you for sharing these practical wisdom nuggets. =)

  40. Patricia Johnston says:

    At work once I really did not take to a particular person. Each day was difficult. God taught me to love her and by doing so I began to like her. Love conquers everything and it is the greatest gift God gives.

  41. Trudi Sherry-Duncan says:

    I truly enjoyed reading this devotional it really reminded me of the basic need we all have and how love can truly conquer all things. I am a mother of four (3 teenagers, 1 toddler) and a wife and sometimes i get really frustrated when my husband and kids don’t voluntarily assist around the house. Especially my teenagers who are all over 14 yrs so I really do expect more help from them. But what God has been showing me recently is that whether they do or don’t help I still have to take care of them and even clean up behind them because he gave me them to love and that is one way to truly show them i love them. I know that they may not always see it that way but only yesterday my daughter came home from spending the weekend at a friends house and she complained about all the things that her friends parents didn’t do an I just smiled because she finally realised that I really take good care of them and she appreciated her life more….God gives us all lessons in the slightest of circumstances.He truly is awesome.

  42. Patricia Smith says:

    This is an absolutely powerful lesson as a mama of two precious girls and a preschool lead teacher I am committed to lead lead by love !!!

  43. Ofelia Gonzales says:

    Excellent reminder of how to make an impact and live a more joyful life at the same time! Thanks for these encouraging words.

  44. Great encouraging article on love! I would love to read the book for more encouraging lessons on this topic.

  45. Have a son who has been in a leadership roll, and I believe this would be a good resourse for him.

  46. I love, love this! Who doesn’t want to have someone or be someone who is positive & will be positive towards others in our lives! Don’t we all then want to be positive ourselves & feel better about ourselves when we have positive, uplifting people in our lives?

  47. Jacki Fitzpatrick says:

    I have been on FMLA for over 2 and a half months. This article could not have come at a better time. Now, I feel like I can return to work with LOVE on my mind.

  48. Jennifer says:

    I would love to win this book as I need all the help I can get in being a great leader and parent.

  49. Thank you for these words. I will take this devotion with me and sprinkle words of love on my high school students.

  50. Erica Griffin says:

    This was a great encourage ment for me today. Lately, I’m really struggling with how my words and actions can build others as well as myself up or tear us down. Right now I see myself as a very timid and meek. I want to have a confidence in Him and a peace that tracends all understanding.

  51. Tamatha Smith says:

    I have been placed by God in a role of leadership where I assist teachers. In a once very noble profession in our society, teachers are experiencing an unprecedented amount of stress because of different things. I want to be a beacon of hope and love for each and everyone of them. I believe this is the book that I have been praying and asking about and searching for.

  52. AMEN!, and thank you.

  53. Angie bridges says:

    Leading by example is so important in this “self centered” world we live in. Jesus is that example – He loved first and foremost – and the people He loved felt unlovable. But when he showered love on them, He empowered them to be leaders by spreading the news of His healing and forgiveness. One of the things that we confuse in this world is “leadership” and “success”. If we define these by the world’s standards, we greatly Miss the Mark, because this means move aside, me first, look what I have done…I deserve a promotion and financial gains. But when we set our eyes on Jesus and His leadership, we see humility, grace, forgiveness, selflessness and unconditional love. Yes, we are all called to be leaders in this world but not of this world.

  54. Safiyyah Sharif says:

    I on every Sunday 6:00 -6:45 I started out with blog talk radio People are hurting and need to know about the love of Jesus
    Have a Awesome Bless Day and allow the dew of His presence fall on you

  55. AMEN and thank you for your leadership in promoting Godly love, we as God’s people, we can’t even begin to tell the world about the Lord Jesus Christ without love which He poured Himself out on the Cross because of love. So I’ll strive to love, love, and always love.

  56. Thank you.

  57. Lesley Mackwell says:

    It’s so easy to open my mouth and put both feet straight into it. I’ve been in leadership positions for years& the longer I’m there the more I realise I have to learn, particularly in this area. Great devotional, thank you ?

  58. Michelle says:

    What a great way to be a leader in our homes and community. Loving others in all areas will help everyone to grow. Thank you for sharing your insight.

  59. Monique Kane says:

    Thanks for that. I don’t consider myself a leader but I am as a parent and a coworker! All to His glory!

  60. Love this! Thank you!

  61. Thanks for this reminder. It’s so important to do everything in love, and I didn’t realize that I started limiting it, until I read your devotional. Thank you.

  62. Rebecca kelly says:

    I am a leader in 3 businesses and have a full time job and kids this seems like it would be an amazing book

  63. What exciting times for leading !! I work with kindergartners and first graders !! Leading their little hearts to be kind , compassionate, caring friends daily but the real leaders are them!! They lead ME everyday with their sweet innocents of true love, kindness and compassion to learn!!

  64. This is a great encouragement to me! Such a simple concept, yet so important! I was all set to lead a devotion this morning about another topic, however this is what I will be using instead. Gods timing is so perfect! Thank you for these inspiring words!

  65. What a beautiful message of love! My husband, me and our three sons manage a digital tech company. Eventually the business will be run by our boys and it would be wonderful to have a copy of your book to help guide us as we manage the business now and in preparation for the legacy we leave to our children. Your words ring so true!
    Thank you.

  66. Jody Faig says:

    I recently signed up to receive the daily email devotions from P31. Each one has been a true blessing and an encouragement. Thank you! I am grateful for each contributor and writer. The words shared today by Perry struck a chord for me. I am in a season of life that includes a move and new jobs (@ ages 52 and 53 ?) for my husband and I. We feel God’s hand and leadership in all of this, though still there have been many adjustments and challenges. It is a beautiful and humbling time. Thank you for the word of encouragement today to do everything in love as I live, work and play. Praying for all of you at P31 that God would encourage you in every way.

  67. Amy McGraw says:

    I love this!!! Great reminder and goal for living.

  68. I would love a copy.

  69. Great reminder

  70. I appreciate the reminder in the devotional that leadership takes place in all facets of life, whether formal or informal. We may be a leader in our homes, schools, churches, workplaces, communities, etc.—whether we have a title or not…

  71. A perfect reminder that rule reminders, behavior corrections, and everyday busyness should be the smaller part of our communication with our children – the larger part should be love…

  72. Excited to read your book, what a great reminder to lead with love.

  73. Elly Gilbert says:

    Just what I needed to read this morning!

  74. As a mom, it is so easy to forget to do everything in love. I love my children tremendously, but the demands of three little humans on one person can be exhausting. This is when I find it hardest to keep the smile on my face, to keep a positive attitude, and to reply with love rather than react with my emotions. Thank you for the simple reminder, and plan of action.

  75. What a way to lead! I want to bookmark this and read more!

  76. The message that struck me the closest was; “be slow to critique and quick to compliment” and I pray God will use this opportunity to help me hear my words to my children, spouse and employees. Lord help me to apply this lesson in leadership so that I may be the mom, wife and boss you want me to be. Amen

  77. What a refreshing reminder this morning that my four year old and 18 month old look to me not only as ‘momma’ but also as a leader. To teach them about God’s unending love for them and that we can live life in a way that shares love with others. As a college instructor it also reminds me that I have an opportunity to love young adults and show them that God is alive in every setting and through him leadership prevails in the most amazing ways. I pray I remember this lesson every minute of every day. Thank you!

  78. LaRita Allen says:

    I truly needed to hear that word! I recently applied for a squad leader position at a warrior transition unit; my prayer is that if accepted, I am effective and most importantly, allow Gods light to shine thru me. Working with wounded Soldiers will definitely need the spirit of love to help guide them and their families through a confusing and trying time. Love never fails and I know it will prevail to make a difference not just for them but for me also. I thank God for His providence.

  79. Darla Blake says:

    I want to learn what leadership looks like in everyday life.

  80. Claudette says:

    I am encourage to love the young people I work with.

  81. Sherry Burgess says:

    I love how perry have 3 practical ways to lead in love. Very easy ways to start right now.

  82. i would love to win this book so God can use it to grow me as the leader He wants me to be

  83. Annalisa says:

    I am an assistant principal at an elementary school. I would love a copy of this book to help me become a leader that leads with love every day!

  84. Elaine Holley says:

    Wow, so simple yet so profound. As I begin my work day and am a boss at work, it challenges me even more to be aware to lead in love. None of them have a faith but are sometimes open to comments here and there. It is my desire for them to be able to come to a saving faith one day. Thanks for the encouragement this morning!

  85. As the manager of my clinic I am going through a difficult time right now. This devotion was just what I needed this morning!

  86. Love this!!! I’d love to win a copy for my hubby…of course, I want to read it, too. Thank you!

  87. I teach first and second grade in a Christian school. I am constantly trying to be careful to encourage not discourage. Especially with parents who cannot see truth the way I do. Whould this book help me?

  88. Nicole Benjamin says:

    I realize every word I speak is a seed & as a teacher I’m choosing to plant positive seeds with my students & co workers. especially when faculty moral can be low I want to allow God’s love to shine through in a smile, kind word or just helping hand.
    We never know what a person is facing so I seek to give some positive word in the day. It also helps me forget about what I’m facing

  89. Love is the greatest thing we should practice in our makes you live a peaceful life.l want practice love through out the days of my life

  90. Christy smith says:

    I would love the opportunity to receive this book. I am a boss in a very face paced environment and am surrounded by people who don’t know God. My prayer every day is that I would be a witness to them and be given an opportunity to tell them what God has done for me. I think this book would help me further his kingdom.

  91. Sherree says:

    I would love to be more positive in my words to those around me

  92. Shelia parker says:

    Would love to win a copy of Perry Noble’s The Most Excellent Way To Lead

  93. Thank you for admonishing us to love by leading, in all that we do.

  94. Steve Williamson says:

    What an excellent resource for anyone who struggles with their feelings. Love conquers all and covers a multitude of sins. True love will always put others first and this devotional truly expresses that idea. I can only imagine what the whole book could do to change someone’s life. Thank you for the excellent work.

  95. Recently the Lord has been teaching me that some people don’t know how to love! God uses us as an example to teach others how to love and He uses us by placing us in their lives so we can model His love to others.

  96. As I am being propelled into leadership positions at work and in church, this would be an excellent read and resource!

  97. My prayer is to leave a legacy of love.

  98. What a great article! Love is the only way to live. They will know we are Christians by our love! I hope you will share more. I am not financially able to purchase the book.

  99. Even having been a leader for the past 20 years I’m still learning about leading every day!

  100. I’d like to read this to help in parenting my foster child!

  101. ShannonLarson says:

    I was looking for something fresh and new this morning for my devotional and this passage has helped me start the day off right…”The most lasting thing we can do with our lives and leadership is to love because love never fails.” This is a great reminder for daily living, to strive to live like Jesus and do everything with love.

  102. Yes!I’m a mom, landlord, and 2nd in commandto my husband. I need leadership skills.⬆️⬇️➡️⬅️

  103. Bethany says:

    Thank you Pastor Perry for your guidance and the love you have for your church. My prayer for you today is…God, I pray and confess that the Spirit of the Lord is upon my Pastor, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge, and the fear of the Lord rest upon him according to Isaiah 11:1-2.

    I pray, Lord, that you continue to give my Pastor courage to preach and teach the truth without fear of man. I pray Lord that you continue to anoint him and qualify him to preach the good news to the meek, poor, wealthy, and afflicted. Send him, Lord, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the physically and spiritually captive, to open the eyes of those who are blinded, and to carry out all the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ according to Isaiah 61:1-2.

    It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s not okay to stay that way. I pray and agree with my Pastor that no weapon formed against him shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against him in judgment shall be shown to be in the wrong according to Isaiah 54:17.

    I ask you, Lord, to give Pastor Perry encouragement and and strength, to help him stay at the heights of integrity and faithfulness, and to keep preaching the uncompromised Word of God. Please help him, Lord, to hold fast the form of sound words and be able to commit these leadership principles and truths to other faithful men. I ask you, Lord, to bless my Pastor and his family with rest, peace and prosperity. Guard them, Lord, with safety in all they do according to 2 Timothy 2:2.

    I pray for my Pastor that doors of utterance will be opened unto him and that the Word of God will have free course with others like it has with us so that he may proclaim the mystery of Christ clearly in all places you cause his feet to tread according to Colossians 4:2-3.

  104. Christina says:

    Thank you for such a timely message!

  105. Truly inspiring, loved “Commit to helping others succeed.”! Can’t wait to see who I can be a blessing to today. Thank you for sharing this.

  106. Beth Cook says:

    I love these devotions, they are a part of my morning routine. Today’s is one I will share with my team at work; thank you!

  107. I would really love to win a copy of this book! I’m in my first job after college And am now in a management position. I find myself struggling to try to lead with love everyday. I want to lead as Jesus would but sometimes it’s hard to find the words or actions that best accomplish that while still getting the job done.I think this book could really help me!

  108. Fran hinson says:

    What a good perspective. Thank you, Perry! The mundane task of my day have started to weigh on me. Today, I will approach them as the CEO of love.

  109. Suzanne says:

    I am a nursing director and leadership is one of the most important aspects of my job. I have a strong desire to be a servant leader and I try to read everything I can get my hands on to continue to develop this leadership skill. I would love to have this book!

  110. I think reading this book would serve as a ”life support’ this year in my professional life. Earlier this year I was made a ‘Project leader”(of a team consisting of very diverse personalities). To my huge surprise my own supervisor told me that at the end of the year I will be evaluated during our annual performance assessment based on the criterion that during the year I ensured that every single member of my team was happy in this project. My reaction was ‘what?! since when happiness is a benchmark in a workplace? why was no other project leader where I was a team-member ever had it as their benchmark? nobody ever cares around here if we are happy or not”…so to say the least this statement that that’s how I”ll be assessed was quite intimidating, but I would love to gain some wisdom offered by this book to see if I can incorporate it in my daily project management at work (which is not a Christian workplace at all unfortunately).

  111. I am a mother and a manager at my work. This book would be so helpful for me!

  112. Hi there,
    I am young, but realise the importance of being a leader in a world where no one wants to take the first step. I would love to
    Read this book!

  113. I have heard it said before that good leadership inspires people to follow, as in they can’t help but do so. Today’s devotional reminded me of that, and left me wondering this: if good leadership is love then perhaps what the world writes off as following is really people drawing nearer to God (who is love). After all our souls crave this love, so how could they resist the pull of it in a form so accessible as a person they trust? If this is the case then every moment of leading isn’t just an opportunity to help someone grow as a person or coworker or athlete–but an opportunity to share the promise of eternal life–Lord, I pray that you encourage every believer to approach leadership with this mindset so that Your kingdom reaps the benefits.

  114. An excellent reminder of what LOVE is and looks like. As I embark on a new ministry journey, LOVE is the legacy I desire to leave.

    Thank you and God bless.


  115. Thank you for the reminder, Perry! All to often I am driven by my “to do list”. I need to be driven by love. It requires me to slow down and regain a godly perspective. This is a constant battle for me.

  116. Just the encouragement I needed…..

  117. This quote from today’s reading about leading in love will stay with me forever, “It simply means we should be slow to critique and quick to compliment.”

    Thank you!

  118. Bianca McHugh says:

    I love finding new ways to lead and suggestions to help me. I plug those tools into my family life and also my small group at church. We are all leaders but sometimes we need that reminder and encouragement. Thank you!

  119. Thanks for helping me to see leading as an opportunity to love rather than a burden. Can’t believe what a difference that makes when I look at the relationships in my life! Takes the focus from my leadership ‘to do list’ to looking for opprtunities to love those I’m leading. Wow…who knew!

  120. This devotional has. Been a blessing. It was made just for me. I have been a leader, but know I am on a journey to completing a Masters in Leadership. This has confirmed I made the right choice. God Bless!

  121. Daniela says:

    Lead with love…a great daily reminder because 2 little people are sponges and learning to lead and love. ♡

  122. This spoke to me right where I am. Loving is leading. That’s my takeaway from this post. Thank you.

  123. Perry Nobel is my sisters pastor in S.C. Where she lives. I love to watch Perry’s sermons that my sister sends me. I also follow Perry on Facebook. I would especially love to have his book. He is a teriffic pastor and I love to hear him preach!

  124. Touched my heart in so many ways and caused me to examine what legacy I am leaving now and what legacy I want to leave. Thank you!

  125. Thank you for today’s devotional reading. It was very helpful for me as a new manager at work.

  126. I think we forget what a impact we can make on others by just loving them. Thanks for the reminder to simply LOVE.

  127. I’ve never thought about being a leader who loves on others. Lovingly encouraging others to grow and leave a legacy in that manner is ringing in my heart. Beautiful!

  128. This devotion was just what I needed to affirm and to help to direct my actions right now. I feel as though I have been given an opportunity at work to step in and sprinkle love and encouragement over an atmosphere of discouragement that has settled in. Thank you for sharing these words of wisdom along with actionable steps to take as a response.

  129. I am a person who has been passed over for roles of leadership. My self worth has suffered for it. Sitting in Bible study last week I felt judged by the teacher and principal who don’t see my son as well behaved enough. I could use a dose of inspiration.

  130. Libby Williams says:

    This encouragement reading was so appropriate. I just had my yearly review at work, it was one of the best reviews I have ever had in my career. I attempt to love and serve orhers and I believe that shows. They always have growth areas, and my manager wants me to step up more as a leader. I am at the end of my career, so I was just trying to add value, and stay in the back ground. But this encouragement has me thinking maybe I can be a leader by loving others. Need to read the book.

  131. Ann Marie says:

    Thank you for this wonderful devotion! I needed this reminder to show love in all I do! I pray that others will see Christ through me!

  132. LaShonda Dase says:

    In order to love others; we must first love God and ourself.. In order to lead, we must be a great follower..we are great followers when we can truly allow Jesus to lead us and be obedient to his word by…Loving others as we love ourself.

  133. Adrienne says:

    Would love a copy!

  134. Hello, This devotional struck a nerve with me because I am a new sales manager with a team of 7. Sometimes it is hard to love the complainers . I sense this book might be helpful .
    God Bless,

  135. I’m a stay at home mom who has returned to college after about 20+ years of being out. I love how you said when I help those around me succeed, that defines me as a leader. That thought helps me both at home and at school. Thanks!

  136. I work for an elected official who has to guide 40 woman each and everyday. I thought this would be a wonderful gift for her.

  137. Katie Mable says:

    Leading seems like it is never a choice…only an outcome. As your article points out, we all lead someone all the time (even if we do so unintentionally). The question is if we will be a godly leader for other’s good and God’s glory.

  138. This devotional really spoke to me. I would love a free copy of the book. Sometimes I struggle with loving others through the stressful moments of the day, both at work and at home. It’s something I need to work on as a leader to set an example for my kids and co-workers.

  139. So many times as a mom at home and in ministry, I have to do things that seem menial and unimportant. But when you do them in love, it totally changes your perspective and adds joy to your life! Thanks for the reminder!

  140. Rachael says:

    Looking to lead with love, God’s way, instead of a way controlled by flesh and selfishness and emotions.

  141. I am starting in a leadership role in my job and I would like to lead with my faith and I think this book would help me learn how to do that.

  142. I am an Executive leader for individuals with behavioral and developmental disabilities. Perseus words this morning remind me of the motivation that must be poured into staff who do this work on a daily basis often with very small monetary rewards. What I want my staff to see is their legacy of love they leave for each individual and family they work with or life they touch. This us the type of book of like to share with my leadership team at annual organizational retreats to help us remember to lead in love.

  143. Sharon Harrison says:

    I would love a copy. I have over 50 people on my team at work! Always looking for tips on leading!!

  144. Sarah bailey says:

    I could really use this book to help me be a better leader at work.

  145. Would love a copy!

  146. Words I needed to hear. This message inspired me.

  147. Jenni Sprague says:

    Perry Noble is a pastor at New Spring Church here in Greenville,SC! This was a great devotional today! Thank you!

  148. Monette Harrison says:

    I’m a teacher and this is great Word for me and others. Our students will remember the love we share much more than any content we teach. So I am committed today to do everything in love. And reap a harvest!

  149. Stephanie Lutz says:

    Yes to love!

  150. Heather says:

    Would love this book for my daughter to read! She is a born leader and would love for her to see how to lead in love!

  151. Thank you for helping me to learn the steps I can begin to leave a legacy. May God bless your writing and the reading of his word. Amen!!

  152. Loving I can do, leading feels scary. Tx for equating the 2

  153. Please enter me for chance to win! Tks

  154. Julie Gossett says:

    I would love a copy of this book for my husband and myself. He is applying for a Presidency job of a Community College and seeking Godly leadership and I am a school teacher of abused and neglected children who wants to show love to it’s depths! Thank you so much!

  155. I am really impressed by what I have read in your devotional and about your book. Our world does need more love and encouragement. Thank you so very much for sharing. Would love to win a copy of your book. May God richly bless you for sharing His heart for our world and those He died for.

  156. Rachel Mitchell says:

    Perry is a dynamic speaker, preacher, teacher and leader & his love for Jesus shines. I know this has to be a wonderful book.

  157. Robin Barnes says:

    This was an eye opener. I wasn’t shown love as a child and I was addicted to drugs until 5 years ago. Been to jail and prisons throughout these years. I go into the jail to lead a Celebrate Recovery program which is Christ centered and lead Bible Studies at the Homeless shelter I was once in. I have a teenage daughter who suppose ( maybe ) graduate this May. It’s seems like I’m more controlling it get her to this point and now trying to show her love which I’m lost. She stills holds some resentment because of the times I left her while incarcerated and strung out. It’s easier to show this love with others than those inside my home. I think this book will give me a more in depth inspiration of how to love Gods way. Thank you for today’s devotional.

  158. Thank you for this gentle reminder of how important it is to let love lead the way. It’s so easy to get side tracked with all the “busy” work that has to get done. Your thoughts on leadership remind us to be rich towards God and grounded in love in all that we say and do. Thank you!

  159. Love in leadership do go hand in hand.

  160. Shannon says:

    As a mom and a wife of a business owner, I know this book would come in handy! What a great devotional this morning. Thank you for your encouraging words!

  161. As a teacher I find lots of opportunuties to lead. As a special education teacher of kids who struggle with everything from real behavior issues to kids who struggle with a home life that no one should have to live, and most definitely not a child. I know I have an important responsibility to show love to kids who may never find it anywhere else. It is so hard to realize that I may be the only person to tell them, “I love you”. I’m excited to read this book to learn more ways to spread love through out my school to my school as well as to the adults I come in contact with on a daily basis.

  162. I would love to win a free book and Monday is my birthday. PICK ME!

  163. Lauren Robles says:

    I’m trying to look up and invest more in those are me rather than continuously staying focused on the task set before me.

  164. I recently became the faculty sponsor for our school’s FCA huddle. This book would help lead the group in a way that glorifies God.

  165. Leanne Black says:

    Thank you for a timely devotion. My husband and I both would love to read this book!

  166. Thank you for these words!! I am a leader of a group of women who work for themselves by enriching others lives. It can sometimes be frustrating when I see so much greatness in them when they don’t see if themselves. I lead them with love and speak belief into them so they can become the women God called them to be. Some want to be leaders themselves so teaching them to lead requires love and patience.

  167. Shannon says:

    I seem to be going towards leadership roles in every direction that I turn; I need to learn to approach these opportunities with excellence.

  168. Shannon says:

    I seem to be going towards leadership roles in every direction that I turn; I need to learn to approach these opportunities with excellence and love.

  169. Daileann Hemmings says:

    As an instructor, understanding the core ingredient needed to create the best learning opportunity for my students is important. I now realize love is the constant additive needed for me to assist them in being successful.

  170. I need this. Would love to win.

  171. What a lovely perspective on leadership! I’d love a copy and I’ll pass it on when I finish 🙂

  172. Great reminder this morning from some of my favorite verses in the Bible. I do have to confess that the last line in #1 did cause me to pause & do a little self reflection – “…and love the people who come along with them”.

    Lord, please help me show love to everyone you place in my path, even those who in my eyes may not be Very lovable. Help me to be a reflection of you with all of my words and actions – may they be filled with love for others. Amen

  173. Today is my first day as a fulltime entrepreneur, leaving my job and facing a new chapter in my life leading and helping people. What a perfect devotion to encourage on this very day to lead in love. I know God is with me and lead me to path where He wants me to be and glorify him. I would sure appreciate if you can send me a copy of this book to help me with my walk. Be blessed.

  174. Sherrie says:

    What great thoughts to start the morning. Lead…I need to realize others are/do ‘follow’ me it may be my kids or someone at work. I need to be s good example. Understand my words…I need to realize what I am verbalizing to those around me. Commit…I need to truly care for others, commit to their success. Timely thoughts of encouragement.

  175. Vicki Holloway says:

    I loved this reading this morning. I just recently retired and am searching to see where I need to go in the plan God has laid out for me. This reading came at a good time. Thank you.

  176. Wendy Peters says:

    Thank you for this timely message. It was just what I needed today, a reminder that life is not a competition. Life is an opportunity to build up and share each other’s burdens. An opportunity to be encouraged to keep going by encouraging others to keep going, even when life gets tough!

  177. Frances says:

    This is my prayer for the year.”Help me love more.”

  178. Amy Mackey says:

    I just loved this devotion by Perry Noble and would enjoy reading his book?

  179. Deborah Wilson says:

    It would be awesome to win this book.

  180. What great reminder! Thank you for this encouragement today!

  181. Paris Ducker says:

    Reading this was a great way to start my day. I am a leader and I want to learn to consistently walk in love.

  182. Connie Fifer says:

    God has been working with me lately on this topic. Thank you!

  183. As a mother and grandmother I am called upon to help with the grandkids. That is a role I am learning to embrace. Never looked at it as a leadership role or legacy.

  184. Cheryl Seale says:

    As a wife, mother, daughter and church and community leader I would love to win your book and learn how to better lead in love. Thanks for your encouraging words this morning!

  185. Romana Olivo says:

    Thank you for reminding me how the simple acts of kindness and love make such a difference.

  186. Kristen Lyons says:

    Thank you for this great article

  187. Tiana Brooks says:

    This really blessed me, I desire to be a leader in love. I have 2 small children and as a single mother I do want to leave a legacy and know how to love and treat people. Thanks so much for the article. God bless

  188. I didn’t get a chance to read this yesterday but I’m glad I read it this morning. I want to start a business but I also currently work for someone. Sometimes I get frustrated with my business not being up and running. I remind myself God has me in this season for a reason and this devotional helped encourage me of that.

  189. God has given me amazing opportunities to lead people. While love is not typically thought of as the first requirement of a great leader, our God is anything but typical. With Him, love is always the first and greatest requirement for every action we take. I want to love and lead people in a way that is pleasing to Him.

  190. I appreciate your comments on leaving a legacy of love. Many times we want our legacy to be our accomplishments, the accolades the world can bestow upon us. Instead, the legacy of love is a legacy our Heavenly Father has left for us and we need to leave for others.

  191. Great article – I’d love to win a copy of the book

  192. Tiffany says:

    Great reminder to do all things in love. As a stay-at-home mom and a small business owner, this book would certainly be a blessing.

  193. Jodi Smith says:

    I really appreciated this devotion this morning. Thank you! Interested in reading this book!

  194. Such a beautiful devotion, I love it! Thank you for it! I would love a copy of this book!

  195. I would love to win a copy. I need to share more love in my life!!

  196. It was God’s perfect timing when I read this devotion on loving leadership. Thank you so much for being an instrument of God’s love.

  197. Therese Given says:

    “Do everything in love” … when I shift my mindset to this I always have the most success in having a blessed and fulfilled day. It truly is the cornerstone to living in God’s grace. My legacy of love is with my four children and the children they will God willing have in the future. Also I want to leave a Legacy of Love with all the families I come in contact with as my job of newborn photographer at the local hospital. Thank you for the reminder as I read these words this morning. I would love to read more on leadership.

    • Therese Given says:

      Today I opened my Faithbox, a subscription my daughter got me for Christmas, and low and behold a copy of The Most Excellent Way to Lead was in there!!! I guess reading this book is not only in my plan but God’s as well… so excited to start it tonight!

  198. I’m facing a lot of changes at work, and this is exactly the perspective I needed!

  199. I hope my legacy will be one of love.

  200. I needed this today as I have a difficult leadership situation! Thank you!

  201. This is such a great devotional. If we would live by this daily then we and the world would be such a better place. I would love this book and love to be able to share it with others.

    Thanks for your commitment to serve.

  202. Lisa Frisch says:

    I lead volunteers at Church and this would be great tool.

  203. Please, I definitely need help in this area!

  204. I believe God lead me here to remind me that everything should be done in love.
    There are these tasks I only wanted to accomplish just because I have to but living for God also means living a life of love and that is one way to tell the world how amazing His love is.

  205. Robyn Bolling says:

    As a Christian, I know that it is most important of how we lead and live. I am currently a manager for a large body of employees and I want to always ensure that I am leading well; but I want to also make sure that there is no compromise in my walk either. I believe that books such as this would be good to acquire that would help in these efforts.

  206. Kristina says:

    This is exactly what I have been working on focusing on. Do everything in love. Would love to read more tips on what this looks like fleshed out.

  207. Julie McCamley says:

    I love this devotion today! It reminds me that “its not all about me”. I want to leave a legacy of love with everyone who crosses my path each day. Although I’m far from perfect, this was a reminder that I need to continually strive to leave a lasting legacy of love always. Thank you!

  208. Love comes from Jesus so if we just seek his face more and more He will help us leave legacy of love! I have to intentionally spend time with Him and love him because then He will give us the love we need to leave a legacy of love because love comes from Him! So we have to go to source!

  209. Summer Sheffield says:

    We are all definitely leaders in some form or fashion. Showing love to others consistently is being obedient to God. While it may be hard, we must all strive to show love regardless of the circumstance. Great read!

  210. This book sounds like it’s just what my husband and I both need to read in this very season of our lives!!

  211. Rose E. Valdes says:

    This morning is different for me from most mornings. Today I rose and decided to fight back a daunting despair that has been accompanying my mornings for several weeks. I’m not certain that I have to come an understanding of its origin, however, I have concluded that the “fear of failure” may be part of the cause. Nevertheless, I rose with the intent to make it a different morning. This Sunday’s message was all about God’s exceedingly sacrificial and committed love towards me, today is only Tuesday and once again I almost fell for the lie. Thank you Mr. Nobel for your words of encouragement and your faithfulness to Him. That commitment helped a fellow leader in need to rise. Humbly grateful…

  212. Fredda Brown-Kemp says:

    Lead lovingly and follow the Lord!

  213. My husband just passed away, it was unexpected, he was 51. I realized at his funeral as I listened to friends talk about him that he did leave a legacy of love. I am in terrible pain and asked God why this would happen when my husband took care of my ailing body and left us with no income, no life insurance. I understand now that love has not been my legacy and I need to change. With God’s help my son and I will make it and I will learn to love more.

  214. Jennifer Love says:

    Such a great reminder during this brief season in my life. During these 3 months while my step daughter visits with us, I can be a loving leader and reflect those qualities I want her to remember for her lifetime. Right on time as I asked myself how I can make an impact on her. Thanks!

  215. Thank you for the life-giving message of love! I would love your book. God bless you!

  216. Amazing concept and guidance: love in leadership!

  217. Marie Burlette says:

    I read your reflection this morning after several days of doubting my ability to manage a new situation. Thank you!

  218. As a mom and a wife I tend to get overwhelmed with my purpose. Re-centering my thoughts to Love is really helping. Thanks for the great reminder.

  219. I want to be remembered for what I helped others accomplish.

  220. Chrystal Johnson says:

    Prov31 ministries has changed the way I wake up each day.
    Daily helping me be a better leader at home and work.

  221. I’d love to have this book! I feeling called to start a specific ministry and need wll the resources I can get my hands on.

  222. Haley Chappell says:

    This book would be so encouraging to read!

  223. My husband is about to begin pastoring a new church. One of my prayers is that I would be able to become more involved in the church and his/our ministry there. This book would so help me with that. I would welcome winning a copy and once I read, will pass it along to someone else who could use it too.

  224. Anita Griego says:

    I am dealing with a co-worker who I am going to have to talk with lovingly about how she is coming across to others. I pray that God will give me the right words to say that will help her and not hurt her feelings. Thank you for this post about how to show love and encouragement.

  225. Michelle says:

    I enjoyed your observations this morning. They made me realize that maybe I still have an opportunity to affect my families’ lives each day – important for me to realize since I am now retired and tend to be more isolated than I used to be. Thank you!

  226. Kathryn Lewis says:

    Love ? it?! As a pediatric nurse, I’m looking to create a movement to use animal assisted therapy… Yes, leadership skills I need!

  227. Kim Alexander says:

    Love never fails! I am encouraged as a Pastor’s wife, mom, mentor and sister how love can empower others. Leadership is more about relationship than a title! Excited to read what gems you have on leadership.

  228. I’m on leadership at a campus ministry focused on discipleship, and leading through love is what it’s all about! I thoroughly enjoy getting to invest in the lives of the girls I lead and getting to love on them continuously. Thank you for reminding me why I do it.

  229. Stacy Fortenberry says:

    This is a God sized challenge and I desire to live out love. I would love to read more.

  230. This book would be wonderful to read and learn more on how to lead as a working professional, wife and mother!

  231. This resonated with what God has been speaking to my heart lately regarding His love for us. When we are vessels for His love, it not only transforms us, it transforms others. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.

  232. Jennifer says:

    A great reminder of what love really is.

  233. Khew Ee Hung says:

    I failed once in leading role few years ago. After I read your article today, I want to walk out from the shadow of failure and stats to lead again. Can you please help me?

  234. Sarah Bryson says:

    Great devotional!

  235. Leading through love is the best. It makes everything smoother. I will take this message to heart.

  236. mellisha says:

    Would love this book as encouragement, not only for my own home but to help others. This devotional touched my heart as I’ve struggled with this for some years.

  237. Crystal says:

    I am a teacher, with a challenging demographic. This reminder to leave a legacy of love really resonated with me! I’m going to bring that spirit into my classroom everyday! In addition, I’m looking to advance into a educational leadership role. Leading with love is so simple, yet so profound.

  238. Today’s message is a much needed reminder to CREATE all things in great love. As an illustrator and writer for the children’s market, creating images that reflect God’s great love for us is important to me. It is my way of trying to be a good steward of the talents He has blessed me with.

  239. Denise Wall says:

    I want to to hear those affirming words over and over. Help me do this daily Jesus.

  240. The article was so great! This book sounds great also!

  241. Thank you 🙂 helped me to see my life as an influence on others.

  242. A great reminder how powerful words can be.

  243. Susie Smallman says:

    I greatly appreciate the point that we are all leaders. This truth is indeed challenging for some individuals to embrace internally. Even in the verses (II Corinthians 5) where we are called “ministers of reconciliation”, this word instructs us to be active in who we are in Him.

  244. Juliette Coulter says:

    Excellent post!

  245. Barb Knueven says:

    I would love to win this book and give it to my son. His dream is to become a entrepreneur.

  246. Terra weakley says:

    So interested in this book. I hope those in my family and organization see me live a life leading with love. I want to “love others up” to their goals.

  247. stephanie says:

    This article came at a great time. I’m a secretary for a large entertainment company. It’s easy to just say “I’m a secretary”, but I know it’s more than that. Many times I’m a counselor, career coach, etc. and I need to make sure I am leading with love. I feel I do most of the time, but a recent situation at work has made me shut down and just want to get in and out, not showing care or love to anyone. However, I need to rise above that and continue to show love, even in my hurt. Because the Lord will use that, and I will begin to heal as well.

  248. Thank you for the encouragement for today. As I commit my ways to the Lord, I truly want to love everybody but sometimes that is hard to do. Not only do I want to love like Jesus but I want to forgive others as well. I know I can do all things through Christ. I Pray that God continues to bless Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  249. What a great message to wake up to. Inspired me to continue to lead, encourage and love. Looking forward to reading the book.

  250. Miranda says:

    Thanks for the reminder to do everything in love! Hope to win the book.

  251. Puts my everyday walk into the proper perspective…as an office manager, a mother, widow raising grandchildren, a Sunday School teacher of young children, a small group leader of adults through our church, and the list goes on. I feel this book may be very beneficial to me. Thank you. God Bless

  252. Candace Elam says:

    This is such an important truth for everyday life. So few of us take time to think about the lasting affect our lives have on others. Lord help me to leave a legacy of love.

  253. Kimberly says:

    This was just what I needed to hear today. I often wonder if I have what it takes to be a leader. Reading this helped me see that showing people love and helping them accomplish their goals is what makes a leader. This is something I’ve been striving to do my entire life.

  254. Donna Vanover says:

    Would love to win this book to read as first time Grandparents, and to pass on to our son and daughter in law. When we reflect, we think there are probably ways we could have said something differently so as not to discourage your child but to encourage. the sinfulness in us tends to lead us to react quickly as a parent in a heated moment. Would love to change that pattern as a parent and grandparent.

  255. What a lovely reminder. Would be amazing to win a copy of this for myself and my family!

  256. Jen Horder says:

    Thank you for the devotion, would love to read your new book!

  257. I loved this post! I have been trying to start my own business being a functional nurse and nutrition coach and am working to change my community and beyond and find myself needing to learn more about how to lead. This book sounds like it would help me do just that!

  258. Thank you this was a really good reminder.

  259. Lisa Hosue says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. God is so good!

  260. This was such a great devotional to remind us all to move forward in love. It also reminds us how great His love is for us. There are a lot of things in this world that would change if more people showed this type of love. This book would be a great addition to my other devotionals.

  261. Kim Gentry says:

    Another beautiful devotion shared by your ministry✝ Bless you, Proverbs 31❣ Cannot think of a better way to lead( or follow) than with His Love❤️

  262. Liz Feldman says:

    What a great reminder of the power of love!

  263. My husband and I just opened a store in Knoxville, TN! Learning to love while leading sounds fabulous! We love to read and learn. The book sounds perfect for us! Thanks for a great devotion. I needed this today (and everyday)!

  264. Lauren Hagood says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! Not only would I read it myself, but would pass it along to others I know would benefit from the book as well. It is hard to find a good Christian Book that you can relate to in different areas in your life as they give examples for work to becoming a new parent. I don’t think I know anyone who would NOT benefit from this book and can already think of a dozen people I would love to share this book with. Being in my late twenties, I personally love books about business and personal growth and I cannot agree with the Proverbs 31 devotion today more. People do respond when you start to notice the little things they do and giving them positive feedback. I am excitied to check this book out and crossing my fingers I have the chance to win a free copy.

  265. Lani Rodriguez says:

    I can’t wait to read this! I am building a legacy of amazing leaders in my business and I’m sure this book will be a HUGE help!!

  266. As the owner of a travel agency, I take great in creating a positive atmosphere and treating my agents the way I would want to be treated. My agents are all mom’s who work out of their homes. I love these ladies like they are my family. If I don’t win today’s giveaway, I will most definitely by the book.

  267. Alison Dionne says:

    I need this book right now in my life so much!! After losing my husband to a plane crash 5 1/2 years ago, stumbling through with God’s grace, the process of raising my three children and helping them through the incredible challenges of the grief process, to now remarriage to a wonderful Christian man with three kids of his own……I NEED this book. I need fresh insight for this new and exciting but challenging stage of my new life! I want this book!! God bless!

  268. Nanci Dunton says:

    Love. So beautifully simple yet we in our humanity complicate it. I’m sure this is not what God intended. Abba, remove the blinders from my eyes that I might love as you love.

  269. Karen Smith says:

    This scripture hit home today . It seemed to answer some questions I’d been asking God and have me an insight to a few other things going on in my life. ThankYou and God bless you

  270. Just had a “growth opportunity” with my middle daughter last night and realized how important these little glimpses of love are… It’s what she is craving. This was wonderful for me to read this morning. I love Gods timing❤️

  271. What a beautiful fresh perspective…love and leadership hand in hand! Can’t wait to turn the pages…so invigorating to think about the LOVE potential for others.

  272. Beth Cayer says:

    This came at the perfect time for me! I am about to leave a teaching job of 17 years to move to a new one in another state. Aside from all the anxiety of a huge move like this, Perry’s words are inspiration for my “fresh start.” Thank you!

  273. What a beautiful thought and insight that leadership is about love for those that you serve. And when you love your leaders, you have influence over them in a positive way and they can tell the difference. There are so many leaders in this world that do not love. I am curious to know more so that is why I would love to win this book.

  274. Sherry Day says:

    Thanks for the reminder of how God wants us to lead with love. I would really appreciate getting the book to learn more on how to lead. God has placed me in a leadership role and it has been very challenging. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  275. Karen C says:

    I would love the opportunity to win the book. I mentor young ladies and I would love to lead them in the “most excellent way” to Our Wonderful LORD and Savior.

  276. Thanks for a great reminder about our purpose! Would love to read the book!

  277. Meredith Peachey says:

    I needed this reminder this week. If I am to reflect God to the world, then I need to show the world love.

  278. Ginger M. says:

    How true if we could always remember this before we speak and before all of our actions.

  279. Cherry Felkins says:

    Great concept. Thanks for the reminder to love at all cost. Needed the reminder that “love never fails” belongs in our everyday life.

  280. Gus Rodrigue says:

    Good word for today. God bless your efforts to encourage others to lead with Gods love as their source.

  281. Janice welborn says:

    I keep 4 of our grandbabies all under age 4 while their parents work outside the home. Some days I am completely overwhelmed! Thank you for the reminder that showing them love is the most important thing I can do for them each day.

  282. Elizabeth Chapman says:

    Such a great goal!

  283. Annette says:

    I’m ready to read this book. I have a teenager that needs a huge dose of love. She’s insecure, angry and just doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere. I’d like to be able to help her be more self assured and comfortable with herself. Thanks for writing a book about love.

  284. Pam Benedict says:

    Thank you for the reminder that even when I don’t feel like it or want to Love or Lead, it’s what sets me a part as a follower of Christ – lead with love anyway and let God do the rest!

  285. Love never fails but man I do daily. Thankful for Perry and his leadership. Such wisdom and glad he’s come out with his first book. Lord, may I put on your love daily and display it for the world to see.

  286. ShellyinIL says:

    I am set to take over as Executive Director of a small non-profit over the summer and this book would be really helpful in showing me how to be an encouraging leader!

  287. Judi Roberts says:

    I loved his article about love. My favorite quote was “The most lasting thing we can do with our lives and leadership is to love because love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). That’s why leaders who love are leaders who leave a legacy. ” Run our words through the filter of love. Amazing article. Thank you for sharing it.

  288. I would love to win a copy of this book. As a mom and leader in my workplace it would excellent! I loved today’s devotional it was exactly what I needed. The note on my computer now displays this verse and when I get home my refrigerator will too. Thank you

  289. Amanda Avila says:

    I really enjoyed today’s devotion. It is so true that staying positive is a real life changer. I have been praying constantly for God to help me to love the way Jesus loves. Thank you for sharing!

  290. cheri harney says:

    Thank you for your leadership and your book. I have been in leadership for many years,and am currently needing to be reminded of loving people in their walk. I need to grown in my walk with Jesus and want to help others with their walk. Thank you.

  291. Theresa says:

    I like the expression to leave a legacy of love. Thank you. God bless you.

  292. This topic of leading right where you are intrigues me. Would love to read and reread this book! I want to leave a legacy of love to my family and all i encounter. Thank you!

  293. Jennifer says:

    Love this perspective this morning. Was just what I needed to hear!

  294. It can be challenging at times of stress to rise above the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I may have on any given day. Whether at work or at home constantly remind mysel ; Phil 4:13 “I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

  295. Thank you for this good word. Sharing with my son, who is in the army AND about to be married. I’d love to be able to give him your book.

  296. Carla Starkenburg says:

    Recently took on a job/opportunity in our church that, over time, may turn into some type of leadership position. Just a little nervous about this and questioning a lot, whether or not I’m capable of doing the job. I believe that God will equip me to do this. Would love to be able to read this book and even share it with others in my group. Thank you!!

  297. Jennifer Rice says:

    Jesus said,”By this they will know you are my disciples, that you have love for one another.” Oh Father, help us to reflect your love to everyone whose lives we touch, even if for a brief moment!

  298. Suzanne says:

    A great devotional reminder to stay focused on what matters most and to never give up on being the best you can be by showing love in all situations and circumstances.

  299. would like to share this book with my husband who is a business owner and struggles with employees

  300. Cynthia Bell-Faulks says:

    Leading by example and being a servant-leader is vital to any group we lead. Our legacy that we leave behind must be what pleases God, not


  301. janet vickers says:

    I need to put into practice viewing every opportunity as a way to display love. Even the most insignificant occurrences can be used as a loving experience when viewed with an open heart and soul. Do all things in Love. Please dear and loving Father let the Holy Spirit enter my soul and lead me in the path of your holy will. Through your son Jesus this is my prayer for the rest of my life.

  302. Staci Rhodabarger says:

    I am a Children’s Pastor at my church and in school for Pastoral Ministries. I am working towards Evangelism. I think you book would be a great asset to me.

  303. Julie Norwood says:

    Excellent devotional! Such a different perspective on leadership. It is very relatable and every day applicable. Thank you so much!

  304. Laura Dickinson says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. As an Executive Director at a pregnancy resource center, I lead a staff to love our clients daily. To stay connected with God each day, so I can pour out love to my staff is both a privilege and a challenge. Thank you for this encouragement!

  305. Thank you for this devotional. It is just what I needed to hear. I would love to win this book to share with my daughter in honor of her birthday today!

  306. Courtney Mooring says:

    Loved this devotional today. Everyone truly is a leader and can set an example for others, even when we think nobody is paying attention. Be a leader and show love in every aspect of your daily life.

  307. Cynthia Ross says:

    This is a great message – I sometimes struggle to find ways to live out my faith in my secular-political organization. Thank you for a great message – I would love to read the book!

  308. Perry,

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom on leading in love. My favorite point you shared was #3 – commit to helping others succeed. In the “busyness” of being a full time manager and full time student, I forget how easy it is to overlook the influence I have on others. Good or bad. Rather than getting tied down to how I can do my best in both fields of life, I am praying God helps me lead others in love so THEY can truly succeed while also seeing God’s true love.

    – Shelby

  309. What a beautiful message this morning……yes, our words and actions can carry life or death towards others successes. Being successful doesn’t mean living in the world’s view of success, it means living in God’s view of success which can only be given by those who love and follow the leadership of Jesus. Helping others achieve their God-giving calling is bringing the glory to the Father…..the one and only all mighty leader. Blessings flow to those who lift one another for the Lord. The only success in life is for the Kingdom of God….Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Paul, Peter and all those who followed the leadership and calling of the Lord left that kind of legacy that is worthy of success…..when one follows their example with commitment and obedience, it’s impossible to fail. I love how the Lord leads and guides us when we are called to share in the successes with and for others….oh how He blesses those who listen….

  310. Kristi LaClair says:

    Thank you for this devotion. As a school psychologist, I have children and teachers who look to me for leadership every day. I don’t always have the answers to solve every problem that crosses my desk. However, I do have, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the ability to show the love of Christ to each one. Sometimes others recognize it and sometimes they don’t. Either way, I feel better when love is extended and believe that in the long run, it makes a difference. Can’t wait to read the book!

  311. God’s love is perfect as is His timing. This devotion brightens the fire God has in me to respond in love, as daughter and caregiver, to my elderly mom, whose dementia sometimes makes it difficult.

  312. Katie Williams says:

    I would love this book. I am a leader at my church moms group and a mother. =)

  313. BJoyce Bonner says:

    A Just in time (JIT) message as we prayerfully make choices that will
    positively or negatively impact others’ lives. Thanks for quickening my heart and reminding me that love is the greatest leveler. May God continue to bless you as you bless others through ministry in the written word.

  314. Though we have the gifts of prophecy, speaking in tongues, though we give to the poor… if we have not LOVE we have nothing. We are like the tinkling of brass… Love is the greatest commandment and covers the whole law. My biggest goal in this life is to love God with all my heart, mind, body and soul… and to love my neighbor as I love myself. Help us all to love you Lord, and to love others. Help us to love the unlovable God, because all of us at times have acted unlovable. Give us more grace God. Help us to see others through your eyes.

  315. Leticia Flores says:

    I try to lead in love, even though so many perceive it as an act

  316. Ada Mason says:

    Such truth!

  317. What a great lesson on leading and love.

  318. thank you for reminding me to speak loving words of affirmation instead of being so critical. especially with my husband and children, why am I most critical with them. could it be I see all the things I don’t like about myself through them? I don’t know -but I do know I also want to leave a legacy of Love!

  319. WOW!!! Thank you for the reminder to do so . . . I work on a university campus. Always looking for ways to encourage the students whether I know them or not. Thank you for ideas of reaching in when they could be jsut passed by. Would love to have the book to know more. Thank you.

  320. Patricia says:

    Would loved to win Pastor Nobles book!

  321. Mych'Iayla Mathis says:

    Would love to read this book and gain Godly knowledge on leadership!

  322. Colleen says:

    Todays encouragement has found its place in my heart and by the number of comments here others as well. Leaving a legacy of LOVE has always been my hope in life. Thank you for taking the time to speak into my life in such a powerful way ….LOVE that never fails….God Bless !

  323. Amanda Greene Bressi says:

    Thank you for this message today! Being a good leader is a role I feel I struggle with and would love to read your book!

  324. Cassandra says:

    The second part of this devotional really resounded with me. I often overlook the power of my words. I grew up in a family where you said hurtful horrible things when you were mad at people…things that should never be said. As an adult I’ve struggled to combat this part of myself. I am good at loving people with my actions…but not with my words. Jesus talked about plucking your eye out if it makes you stumble… There were so many times I wished I could pluck out my voice box.

    However, as I’ve struggled with what NOT to say to the people I love I’ve had little thought as to what I SHOULD say instead. I’ve recently discovered how powerful a sincere thank you or apology can be. Perhaps if I focus on what I should say and what I shouldn’t loving words will follow.

  325. Thanks for sharing. This is truly inspiring. Our daughter will graduate and be seeking a teaching position this spring. I would love to give this book to her for her graduation as she seeks work either in a public or parochial setting, wherever God’s will leads her.

  326. Beth McKinney says:

    The best is yet to come!

  327. Doreen Penner says:

    Enjoyed reading this devotional on leaving a legacy of loving others.

  328. A great reminder for me as my sons continue to grow in their careers. Love does conquer all.

  329. Thank you for the encouragement to love. I really need it! I am trying to overcome the negativity that I have propagated in my home and the voice escalations with my kids.

  330. As a mommy and a leader of a small group of women, I try to use love as my guide daily, but sometimes naturally fall short. I would love to read this book to implement love in all my actions to all of those around me. I feel so Blessed to be in the roles God has put me in; now I want to continue a legacy of love as love never fails.

  331. Sylvia Carr says:

    This really helped me to put things into prospective. I need to love my students each moment through out the day! Liftng them up and giving them courage to try new things.

  332. Monica H. says:

    My husband and I have decided to quit our jobs, sell everything and start a journey with God through YWAM (youth with a mission). We will travel to the other side of the world to learn how to minister to the people of Papua New Guinea, and then we will end up teaching others how to do so. We will be gone for 2 and a half years, which is very scary, but we are also very excited to see how God will work through all of this! I have always been very reluctant to be a leader, but I have learned that once you start making those small steps of faith, God comes and heals all those places where you thought you were inadequate!

  333. Would love to win a copy!

  334. How true it is that they will remember best how we encouraged and helped them succeed by being loving examples.

  335. Until I read this piece, I used to think of love in a completely different way. Love can be the greatest gift that can inspire others to do the same. Love reaches out to others in various forms depending on how we depict it.

  336. Thank you for this message on love. Leaving a legacy of love looks like that, as well as taking the time for others, and making them a priority. Whether it’s pausing to listen, to talk, or just spend time together. It’s become more difficult with the way communication typically takes place now, and includes distractions such as the phone and computer, but if we put those things away to really be present, that is a great way for love to fully flow between both people, and it is then that a legacy can truly be left.

  337. Valerie says:

    Maybe this book will help me lead in areas I didn’t realize how much of a leader I am. But most importantly to be a loving leader to my children.

  338. Thank you for reminding me that we are ALL leader, and we all need to lead in love:) Putting it into practice now!

  339. Chrystal Butler says:

    As a future counselor, i cannot wait to read this book. It seems as though it will have some useful insights that i will be able to share with my clients!

  340. Dorothy says:

    I appreciate the wonderful message. Our team at work is lacking in unity and motivation. I have been praying for God to help me see and love my employees the way he does. Thank you for the reminders of how we need to lead others.

  341. Christy says:

    On my small community I both teach and coach and have a many that need love and encouragement on a daily basis!

  342. Excellence will come when all are able and encouraged to be who they are. Wonderful words to remind. Go.

  343. Such a great read! I needed this today

  344. “Do everything through the filter of love” – great thought!!

  345. Thank you for the devotion on leaving a legacy of love. I strive to live that way, but I fail most with my own husband!
    I am often convicted of being critical, and for critiquing him. God spoke to me again, but I know His Spirit is strong in my weakness. I will be in prayer that my words will be always in love, praise, & compliments for my husband. He deserves it, as he is a wonderful husband, dad, papa, boss, etc. He leads in love!
    Thank you again!!
    Would love your book!!

  346. I seriously needed this reminder today. Sometimes it’s easy to just sort of skip this leadership step with all of the busyness and stress. Thank you!

  347. Susie Morgan says:

    As a mother of teenage boys I talk with them often about being a leader not a follower… and I remind them that if you genuinely care about those around you and show respect & love to them…you will be the difference and leave a legacy of love wherever you go.

  348. Heidi Steele says:

    1 Corinthians 13 is one of my favorite books in the bible.

  349. Robin G says:

    Thank you for this devotional. Lately I’ve been in many situations where I’m asked to lead taking me out of my comfort zone! Why me? I resist feeling that I’m not made for this. Sounds like I may need this book!

  350. Neva Mielke says:

    I am so glad to have started my day today with this post! I think there are a few politicians out there who could benefit from it. I’m leaving this as my status all day today. Would love to read more!

  351. Sarah Echols says:

    God created me to be a leader. In this season of life, I’ve worked in a job where I work fairly independently. But that will soon be changing. I realize that I am a leader to my 2 young children. And as a wife to a non-believing husband and all the challenges included, I am also a spiritual leader at home. I am very interested in reading this book and the perspective from which the author writes. Thanks for making me aware of it!

  352. Jan Vidal says:

    Love overpowers fear. Loving leadership dissipates the fear that holds back those who follow.

  353. This legacy of love post was right on time. It was a great reminder of God’s love for me and how his love should shine through me to others!

  354. Great reminder for us all. I recently took a job as a supervisor, my first ever. I try to keep love and caring in all of work relations as I am employed by a mental hospital. I also believe my attitude at home and with family has changed due to my daily focus on the real and severe problems of others with a spirit of kindness and love.

  355. Wanda Curtis says:

    This is just what I’M looking for. I am a women wearing many hats and irons in the fire. I do have connect with many people and my way of leading needs to be GOD’S WAY, DONE IN LOVE. Would love to read this book.

  356. Kerri Heritage says:

    What a powerful statement “our words can speak life into the people around us if we are willing to run them through a filter of love”! Love never fails. Lord help me to filter everything I say and do through your love.

  357. Thank you for this devotional. This book would be a great help!

  358. Alicia Gregorio says:

    A great summation of our greatest command: LOVE God, LOVE others.

  359. Mike Williams says:

    I do not usually read things from this web site but today I did and found it very comforting. Thank you, I really needed to hear this today and right now.

  360. Lorraine Thomson says:

    Thank you for today. It is so simple and profound at the same time. To take the lead and do everything in love, as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, student at 55 years, friend, neighbor, sister in Christ, all so obviously God’s will right in front of me, to do everything in love.

  361. Jill Bybee says:

    That was great, thank you! It really helps adjust my perspective thinking of how will I be remembered; I don’t want to be remembered for anything I did, I want people to think of me as the woman who loved fully and led others to know Jesus! If your book is like this passage then it sounds like a great tool to read! 🙂

  362. Julissa says:

    This posting was for me today! I have been pursuing ways to love and ways to express love in the areas of my life that engage people. But with a new position on November, that mindset was challenged. I have had to supervise a challenging person. Leading and loving her has been so hard that I was starting to feel defeated in this area. But God! I read this posting today and the Lord used it to challenge me into loving an unlovable person. Thank you for the practical ways to love and fir your encouragement! It’s just what I need for this season.

  363. Julie Sheridan says:

    A great message for any person and a conversation I have been having with my teenagers. We are all leaders and love is the key to a successful leader. Let love shine through!

  364. This devotional is AWESOME! The statements about welcoming opportunities to lead and loving the people that come along with those opportunities and filtering our words through love really hit home with me. Thank you for this devotional and for the opportunity to win the book. I would truly like to learn more!!!

  365. Sandi Harris says:

    This was very note worthy. As a leader ,we at time miss the main ingredient”love”.

  366. This is my heart – that others will be loved and see love in my life.

  367. Christi says:

    Thank you for your mmessage today. Timely for me.

  368. I would love to have this book. I have just started leadership for for addicts and I have been studying leadership. I want to be an outstanding leader and never lead people wrong.

  369. GOD IS LOVE! Believe. . John 3:16. We Still Do

  370. Loved this message. I am in a role at work and this book could help and bless me in these responsibilities immensely.

  371. I love this website, it helps me stay focused on God my savior. Hoping to win your book as looks interesting & can help us alk on our journey with Chrst!

  372. As a small business owner and nutrition educator I’d love to have this book as a reference point on leadership in different areas of my life!

  373. Christie says:

    I really appreciate this lesson and reminder to lead with love. I’m in a new role at church in Student Ministry, and this really encouraged me to continue to pray for, and not give up on my small group of girls. I can’t change them or make their problems go away, but I can continue to lead them in LOVE!

  374. Angie Demeree says:

    Great perspective on leading in love! I am a wife, mother, high school teacher, church treasurer, etc. and yes, we are challenged in every area! I look forward to reading the entire book after this little exert!

  375. Marianne Hoylen says:

    Love Pastor “P”‘s writings!!! AND sermons!

  376. Julie B says:

    Would love to win this book. Our HelloMornings Bible study Group is currently studying about God’s love 1 Corinthians 13.

  377. In my role as a leader I have so many opportunities to model Gods love. I look forward to reading this book, and applying it to my life. Thank you, and God bless!

  378. Thank you so much for your words today. My husband for 27 years passed away on April 23, 2015 from lung cancer and he did not smoke. There are non smoker types of lung cancer. Your words reminded me in my sorrow that Rick had a legacy of love and left it for me to carry on. In my pain and sorrow this past year it has been the hardest thing I have gone through in my life so today this helped me remember his legacy of love he left with me. I do know that God loves me but have been trying to get through one day sometimes hour at a time and just didn’t focus on that. Thank you as today is a new day.

  379. Many times I find myself in leadership roles at church, but truly do not feel as if I am a good leader. I would love to read this book – I think it would help me to see leadership in a different way.

  380. I am recovering from a Spinal Fusion Surgery done late October 2015. I have struggled with excruciating pain for about the last five years, having numerous procedures, injections, etc. I have been practically bedridden during that time, and relied on my husband and 3 teenage daughters to do everything for me – then and now.
    As I have begun recovery, starting my life over at square one, it has been hard for me to stay positive when I feel better, but not where my brain wants my body to be. It has been very difficult for my family, who just wants me to be “fixed” and think I should be able to resume my motherly duties. My restrictions of bending, lifting no more than 5 lbs., twisting not been lifted for another 6 months. Driving is minimal.
    What I keep forgetting is they need my love and miss me…as much as I miss the fun, happy, active me! This article is the perfect way to refocus and live to LOVE others. Thank you God for giving me this message today!! It will help relieve the guilt I feel for being a burden on my family. I would love a copy of this book and feel it would really help me stay true to what God has intended for me to do;)

  381. This books sounds like a great read!
    I work in an urban non-profit with an after school program so I am surrounded by opportunities daily to show love in huge ways. Often though, I get caught up in the kid who disrespects me, the kid who got suspended, the kid who was mean etc and I get overwhelmed with the fact that it seems things are never going to change. I need to step back and make sure that even in discipline I am showing love. I need to remember to encourage our kids parents and let them know when their kid has done really well or overcame a struggle. With my own kids, I need to remember that kids are kids and they are going to screw up. Stern conversation that comes out of love gets a lot further than yelling and screaming. I definitely want to leave a legacy of love.

  382. I love the love/lead way! thanks for bringing this insight to light today in the daily devo.

  383. Aimee Brayman says:

    Entering to win Perry’s book! :o)

  384. Becky Hanna says:

    To receive this book would be an amazing gift to help me grow as a loving God driven family leader and help me grow at work as well.

  385. Stacey Jackson says:

    I really enjoyed the devotional reading. Recently at our church we lost one of the deacons grandmother, she was the grandmother of the church. She always brought extra food for the children, like snacks and juices, etc. She did things out of love for others.

    I really needed this type of encouragement.

    Thanks. Stacey Jackson

  386. Gracie Holder says:

    This is a great devotional to use every morning before beginning your day… I look forward to the message it brings of God’s Love …

  387. Ginger Gooding says:

    I really enjoyed this message today. I was particularly stuck by the idea that if those around me are successful, that’s what defines me as a leader. The relationship between God’s love (and compassion and grace) and leadership is something I want to practice every day. The book sounds great.

  388. Lizzie Massey says:

    Very good information, that’s very much needed in the times we live in. It really blessed me at a time in my life where sometime I don’t feel im being loved and appreciated for the love I try to show my loveones.Thanks and keep doing what you are doing to bless God’s people.

  389. Jenissa D. Vazquez says:

    This devotional today reminds me of the time I was a senior in college at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan and was afforded the opportunity to sing Nichole Nordeman’s song Legacy. I always try to keep this philosophy at heart- to leave a legacy you must live of a life of love, mercy and grace…

    Below is the chorus of the song I mentioned above:

    I want to leave a legacy
    How will they remember me?
    Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough
    To make a mark on things?
    I want to leave an offering
    A child of mercy and grace who
    blessed your name unapologetically
    And leave that kind of legacy

    Jenissa 🙂

  390. Thank you for this great reminder of being mindful of how we lead.

  391. Jill Paulson says:

    Wow, great inspiration to love unconditionally! Thanks for these jewels of a Godly nature.

  392. patty thompson says:

    being a leader is hard work. Jesus is our example. Love & lead! lead even when its hard!

  393. Maria Bakelaar says:

    Thank you for this mornings devotion on Leaving a Legacy of Love … the arrow went right to my heart. This has been something I have been working on — Praying that it touches many hearts today!

  394. What a priveledge it is to learn how to lead by the BEST leader the earth has ever seen – Jesus!

  395. Mindy Boyer says:

    I love how He reminded us to do everything in love. I know it is hard sometimes when we all get caught up in our own little worlds…but…we should remember everyday to love one another. God gave us His everlasting Love! Shouldn’t our Love be everlasting too? So I will do my very best to do everything in love.

  396. I am looking forward to reading this book. I know that it will help me to be a better leader in my women’s group that I lead at my church and with my prayer group. It is amazing how God leads people to write books or even share their stories to help others!

  397. Candyce says:

    I really enjoyed this devotional this morning, and I believe I needed to hear this.
    I would love to receive this book to further this conviction. Thank you for the opportunity!

  398. Sophia P. says:

    Thanks for today’s devotional.
    Great true, we all are leaders. Is our responsibility to be good,godly leaders with love, which only comes from Christ.
    God bless!

  399. This is a great reminder to do all in love!! I must never forget that!

  400. Thank you for such an insightful connection between love and leadership. We often forget or just don’t realize the many opportunities we had to demonstrate leadership do love. As I read to you today devotion I was encouraged yet saddened by the many opportunities I have missed to lead do you love. The most heart wrenching part was being reminded of the power of words and recognizing the work God needs to do in me in this area. Thank you for this much needed devotion.

  401. Ev wesson says:

    So, I find that I’m continuing to learn as I help others reach a higher level of proficiency in their art journies. Your article has helped me to appreciate and remember that encouraging them has value.

  402. Reaching out in love to all is what our Lord and Savior does. The Lord helps us to love unconditionally and to be able to encourage others .God first loved us so we can love others.

  403. Thank you! We love because He first loved us. I try to live by this, sometimes I need reminders. Today was a good day to be reminded. Thanks.

  404. 1 Corinthians 13 has meant a lot to me the past year. I really appreciate the reflection on it. God really does give us countless opportunities to love with His love, to lead out of a knowledge and faith in His love.

  405. Kim Bowen says:

    Thanks for this devotion.

  406. Andi Huett says:

    Love the idea of leading through love. I always love hearing what Perry has to say!

  407. Aimee Tijerina says:

    Perry Noble’s devotional message really hit home for me. I am a working Mom and an owner of a pediatric physical therapy clinic. My husband and I have had opportunities to share God’s love to so many families of children with special needs through the business that He had provided. But many times I have fallen short of how to express God’s love when I get the gut feeling of the Holy Spirit prompting me to do so and stay quiet. I would love to learn how to be a better leader and be a more vivid witness of God’s love to not only the families that we are blessed to serve but to my young staff who are lost in their faith.

  408. I would be thrilled to win this book. 🙂

  409. Thank you for this devotion on leaving a legacy of love. After conversation with my kids recently this solidifies what I’ve been teaching them. Unconditional love…..and God’s unconditional love for us! I will be getting a copy for each of them to help with raising their own families.

  410. Wendy Stephens says:

    I want to leave and lead a legacy of love for my two girls and in my career!

  411. It really rang true with me when he said, “If I am successful good for me. If others around me are successful, that defines me as a leader. That is my legacy of love.”

  412. Jennife H says:

    Fantastic message. I easily forget About the many seemingly small ways I can lead in my daily interactions. It’s refreshing to read that I can demonstrate my leadership without feeling like I need to change who I am. The message is simple and easy to follow if I remind myself to do everything in love.

  413. Kathy Clark says:

    I am interested in reading how I can be a leader within my family as a retiree with 2 grown children, 2 children in law, a husband, and 4 grandchildren–not to mention a elderly mother, 2 brothers and many more!!

  414. This daily devotional came at a time when the individual who was my predecessor at the job I did for 24 years after I retired came to me for a letter of reference.. Over the past 2 years I have been so proud of her for establishing and creating her own new legacy in my old position and for doing so with the same passion, loyalty and commitment I had. I found this truly a blessing since we have sort of generation so to speak between as I am in my mid sixties and she in her mid forties . She shared that what she learned from me helped her succeed to this greater opportunity and that I did so lovingly.. It was like your devotional was written just for us, now she can pass this blessing forward with love..

  415. Can’t wait to Chek out this book!

  416. Christina Pensyl says:

    I really liked this passage today, and would really like a copy of this book! thanks!

  417. So needed to read this and be reminded of loving others. So much of this tugged at my heart. I truly want to love well. I want to leave that legacy.

  418. I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 ministries! Each devotion inspires me to be a better person and uplifts me to face another day! I need to remember to do everything in love, but we forget when we are pulled down in the craziness and hustle bustle of life. I hope I can win this book so I can read more about leaving a legacy of love for my child, husband, family, friends, and all those I come across.

  419. Teri Cowan says:

    This spoke to me today as I gave up negativity for Lent and the idea of positivity in small ways with employees goes right along with it! Thank you!

  420. This post really speaks to my heart and I believe that it is true. Helping and loving others is a great legacy to leave behind!

  421. Amanda Wright says:

    I needed to here this today. Life seems to always be such a mess, but in the midst of all the chaos I have to remember to give it all to God and to act out in love and not frustration. Thank you for today’s devotional

  422. Michelle says:

    I love this perspective. ..would love to read this book.

  423. Cindy Boudreaux says:

    I love the quote in the email that said “The key to leadership is love”. I would be honored to win and read this book as God knows my desires and needs of my heart. This book to be the key for many things in my life right now.

  424. Hello, Thank you for this devotion. What specifically spoke to my heart is we are all called to lead using the gifts God has given us to his glory, honor and praise (not to feed our own ego) and to love others as God loves us.

  425. One of the best devotions in a long long time. What touched me the most was about leaving a legacy by not what I was doing , but how I was encouraging others, by love. Thank you for that thought. In alll things show love,,,<3

  426. Truly, to posses the ability to love others like God does, is Gods greatest gift!! To love beyond my own human “ability” and unconditionally those who He places in my life, is His amazing grace. That kind of love brings healing and wholeness not only to the giver, but also to the receiver. His love NEVER fails!!

  427. “Do everything in love” God’s love is amazing and to remember to share this with people is an everyday battle. It is something that I have to constantly remind myself of. I am in the middle of a mindset shift, coming from bitter to better, getting a hold of some emotions that I let run my life. I have realized that God has made us for so much more. Thank you for your message.

  428. Melanie Shannon says:

    I love the quote “The key to leadership is love”. There is lack of management where I currently work and it is not a very happy environment as most employees are stressed & on the verge of burn out. I can use this opportunity to lead. As I type this comment, the verse from Mark came to mind. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45. I am hoping to win a copy of this book….sounds just like what I need.

  429. Thank you for reminding me to do everything I do in “love”. Often times bickering or complaints usually follows my actions when I am doing disliked tasks or unplanned responsibility, but this is a good reminder to these actions in “love” for it displays God’s love through us.

  430. I often find myself being quick to point out the negative side of things. I really want to focus on the positives. I think I could really benefit from this book. Thank you!

  431. As a stay at home mom I don’t feel like much of a leader. My husband leads a lot more people in his ministry. Maybe we could both read this book! Great devotional.

  432. I’m pretty sure I became a leader because everyone else took two steps back…

  433. This message really touched me and inspired me to make deliberate decisions to lead through love… With my kids, my husband, my job, my blog… Everything! Thank you!

  434. Thank you

  435. Although my children are grown there’s those wonderful grandkids. This season of my life has me leading a group of ladies in Bible study every week. I would like to do my leading with more love.

  436. Judy Cummings says:

    March 1, 2016 9AM

    Your words resonated a deep desire in me, and that is leaving a legacy of the unconditional love of Christ, and victory over besetting sins and strongholds in their lives and mine that keeps us defeated. For the purpose of propelling my family and others to reach their God given potential in each of their lives. I am speaking especially in regards to my only child, my daughter, Amanda, and the lost around me, those who know Jesus, those I do not know, and myself.

  437. Love this – a great message! “Choosing” to love despite our emotions and in challenging situations is so difficult but so important, makes a big impact on others as well as our own heart. Thank you.

  438. “Our friends, coworkers, spouses and kids won’t remember us for what we accomplish, but instead what we helped them to accomplish and how we cheered them on along the way.” Such a great reminder to spend your time and energy on things that truly make an impact!

  439. Sunshine says:

    I LOVE it! 😉

  440. Wonderful article! God Bless!

  441. I loved this message. I’ve never felt like a leader and this gives me a new perspective!

  442. Great message today on leadership. Thank you!

  443. Desti Sullivan says:

    I’m sure this could help me be a better Christian.

  444. Michelle says:

    Thank you for your devotional on Leaving a Legacy of Love

  445. ROSE DANGELO says:


  446. I love this message and I want to live being a leader with love embraced. I have 9 children and would love to have each of them experience what you talk about along w seeing it first hand?

  447. Rose Barnes says:

    As God has led you to be an inspiration and an encouragement, you give this gift to us so we can be all we can be with what God has put in us.

  448. I really needed to read this today . Great message !

  449. Sounds like a great book that I would love to read with my husband. Thank you for sharing!!

  450. Linda Nary says:

    It never fails that when I need to hear something God always knows just what to say. It was spot on as usual. Amazing!!!

  451. The idea that I am a leader is a new concept to me. I am eager to read your book so that I can better apply
    acts of love as a wife, mom, mother-in-law, grandmother and friend. Your book is timely in this era of
    texting, emailing, Facebook kind of communication. Thanks, Perry for following the Lord’s leading in writing it
    to help people leave a legacy of encouragement and love to everyone their life touches.

  452. One way to leave a legacy of love, is to “love our enemies.”
    You know the people that (in behavior) appear to be the prickly pears. These are the souls that need our living thoughts/words!
    Everyone has a story….everyone is going through some challenge(s). Through the spirit of Love, they will remember “how you made them feel; with your Love, heart felt kind words!

  453. Melissa Lopez says:

    Thank you for your inspiration today! I never knew I was a leader I can leave a legacy of love… help me! Thank you.

  454. I love learning about leadership in everyday life according to God’s will.
    Laura Gring

  455. Debbie Herbst says:

    I am interested in this book because it is easy to think that I don’t have much influence, that I am not smart enough nor articulate enough, etc. But yet that is a lie and seeing myself as a leader, may be how God is calling me. Part of the lie is not taking responsibility for my choices and words. Thank you.

  456. We as women have so much power in the way we lead and love others .
    Laura Gring

  457. Thank you for this reminder. We, being in the flesh, struggle with truly understanding love. The love Jesus displayed for us on the cross is being our comprehension. So when we are asked to do something in love we don’t know how or what to do. As Christians displaying the love of Christ is the first step and hopefully we look to Him for “the how or what”. When we look to the world, well, that’s when satan has won. I pray as I lead today, in whatever capacity the Lord has planned, that I look to Him as my example. Thank you again for sharing this message. God bless you.

  458. Tricia Postma says:

    Thanks for the devotional this morning. I’ve been aware of God’s prompting for awhile that He has plans for me as a leader. It’s kind of an awesome thing to ponder! As I am an avid reader, I’m pretty sure I would benefit from Perry’s book. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks!

  459. Grace Crapitto says:

    This was beautiful! I would love to read this book and learn to be a leader concentrating on helping others succeed in following their dreams.

  460. I can create a positive and encouraging work environment with my attitude and support of my co- workers!

  461. Rhonda Smith says:

    You are so right; in this crazy busy world of ours, we can still leave a legacy of love just by doing the small things like saying thank you, great job and I love you.
    I participated in a Perry Noble small group study; would love to receive a copy of this book!

  462. Ivy Stiltner says:

    Thank you for your encouraging blog! It lifted me up today because I am a single mom and a student in college. This is my third attempt at college, but I will graduate in May. I praise God for the mighty leaders He placed in my path to keep me pressing on. I want to do the same to others I come in contact with.

  463. Stacy pfantz says:

    this was the truth I needed this morning. I desire to be a more loVing wife, mom, daughter, friend. This quote hit me hard, “we should be slow to critique and quick to compliment”. I almost feel the need to tattoo that on my forearm. So many times I feel I do the opposite.

    Thank you for speaking the truth in a loving way.

  464. I loved this blog post. We all have the ability to lead, to make a difference, and the greatest way to do that is by beginning with love.

  465. Tracy I. says:

    I recently worked for someone dishonest and manipulative. It made me realize just how much a leader influences those around them, for good or for bad. I am now striving to always lead in a positive way so I help and not hinder those around me.

  466. Sydney Morrison says:

    What a great reminder for today! Doing every small thing with great love will make the typical mundane day a gift and an opportunity to show our hope in Christ to others!

  467. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed today!

  468. I needed this reminder today (especially in the midst of brutal politics) to love others with different views, spiritual immaturity,etc. All with the I tension of helping them be successful. THANK YOU!

  469. Starting a new business.
    Could use this teaching, but won’t have much income for a bit, so would relish a free copy.
    Many thanks for the opportunity.

  470. Karen Holien says:

    I wrote this down–As I go thru life, help me to leave traces so love behind me

  471. what a powerful post!! it is easy for us to give up showing love if we feel we aren’t receiving it back, BUT now i am renewed in pushing forward showing love to all! thank you!! God Bless you!

  472. Julia Sorensen says:

    I just read this to my best friend who was just asking me what kind of legacy I wanted to leave on this earth. I think you nailed it on the head. Thank you for sharing.

  473. betty lou says:

    As a Sunday School teacher and older woman of our church, I would love to read this book! More importantly, I would love to pass it on to the younger leaders in our church, including one of the youth I had the privilege to teach and see leadership qualities. Thanks you for the chance to win.

  474. This is very much a topic I am interested in. It is always a challenge to lead in love through the everyday messes, but would like to learn more.

  475. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this today.

  476. This is a very interesting topic. I find it a challenge some days to “lead in love” through the everyday messes. I would love to learn more.

  477. Wow!!! This devotion hit the nail on the head and strummed the strings of my heart!! I can’t wait to read the book and share! What a powerful testimony for Christians in this dark world if we follow through!

  478. I am in a position now in my family to help lead them back into loving relationships with one another. They are all at war. I could use this book to help me lead them in love and WITH love.

  479. Robbin Vaughn says:

    I really enjoyed the P31 devotional this morning…. would love to read the book. I am convinced that love, His love, has been the greatest catalyst in my life. Love has been like a constant friend, although sometimes I didn’t see it that way. Love has called me to so many ” faith walks” and I realized as difficult as things might be, the Lord is working and weaving His love into my heart in so many creative and unexpected ways. As His legacy of love continues to change me (and sure enough…I’m not always a willing participant)…I pray that I too will leave a legacy of love. Thanks so much for this timely reminder.

  480. This is a wonderful message!!! “GOOD JOB” !!! When I read Jesus’ words in the Bible, I am always lifted
    up by the sheer love that He spoke. Everything He did was all about love and loving people, all kinds of people.
    If you are loved and can give love, you are immensely wealthy; and have made a difference in our world.
    Thank you!

  481. I loved this devotional on leadership and love. It has inspired me to be a loving leader as a mom, wife, daughter, co-worker, and friend. Thank you for reminding me that everything I do can be done with love. I would love the book for myself, husband and children.

  482. Lisa Hill says:

    Would love to read this. As a Nurse and business owner I lead every day. I would love to share this with others.

  483. I love the idea that we are all leaders. So true! People are always watching you to see what you do and say, and if we keep this in mind it will make a positive impact in the world around us. God is love and he has assigned us the role of loving others the way He loves us.
    Would love a copy of this book!

  484. Samantha Davis says:

    Wow! This is an AMAZING post! My favorite so far! I constantly need this reminder! I will be printing it and putting it by my bed to read everyday! Thank you!!!

  485. Thank you for this very important message! I recently accepted a call to become a school teacher. The power of my words and influence in the lives of all of my students is not lost on me — I realize what a joyful responsibility I have been entrusted with! I’d love to read your book and see if it could be used as a faculty devotional at my school — we teachers are always in need of encouragement and reminders about leaving a legacy. 🙂

  486. Janet L. says:

    I love the idea that we are all leaders. I have a leadership role in education and would love the opportunity to win this book. I often doubt my ability to lead, and turn to God for guidance.

  487. Rosemary Kane says:

    This really spoke to my heart. Hoping to leave a legacy of love.

  488. I am a president of a state organization of women educators. The theme for my term is “leave a legacy of leadership”. While I cannot formally reflect my spiritual values, I can certainly apply the “legacy of love” values in my leadership.

  489. I never thought I could lead. I always tell people I am a follower – I can’t lead. I am introverted and a highly sensitive person so I spend much of my time internally thinking about the ways in which I could change the world. But with maturity and recent experiences I am beginning to see that I have a voice. What I say make a difference and people are listening. And because I form my words with great care and speak with great passion, my words get noticed. So, yes, even someone who thought she was only meant to be a follower can lead. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the path in which you have lead me to believe that I too can be a leader.

  490. I, as a Nana, Mom and business owner, am meek and have been called weak. This devotion opened my eyes and heart to what the Lord has supplied us with. I would love to read this book to further my leadership abilities and leave a legacy of love and guidance.

  491. maureen Barnes says:

    Love never fails reunited me with my children and opened a door to my grandchildren.

  492. Great devo today! I love the examples and references to scripture.
    I plan to get your book either way!
    Have a blessed day.

  493. Great encouragement that I need to hear this morning before heading into the day .
    Thank you. Very timely for me!!

  494. Jackie Allen says:

    I greatly want a copy of this book. I want to know the most excellent way to lead in my life. Thanks for writing a much needed and wanted literature.

  495. This was an awesome read. It truly blessed me. I will purpose in my heart to walk in love and be mindful that I am a leader. Thank you and God bless you!

  496. This book sounds great! My husband and I recently read Unglued, and I was so happy to have him join me in reading. He is applying for a different job which would require him to be more of a leader, and this book would be a perfect gift for him.

  497. I need this reminder every single day before I even get out of bed. How easy it is for our focus to get pulled away from all things Christ-like.

  498. God knew I would need to hear this today 🙂 Especially when you stated “When you’re shuttling your kids around, do everything in love” Sometimes, as a mom, I tend to get in such a hurry that my boys are constantly being shuttled from here to there “hurry up, we have got to go!”. I know it would make all the shuttling around much easier and peaceful if we did it with more love. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  499. Julia Morris says:

    Mr. Noble, your How To Leave A Legacy Of Love message is exactly what I needed today! I thank Jesus for giving you these words of wisdom regarding Love. You are so right on it…..we all tend to confuse ourselves over “this emotion” that really could so simply make a life-changing difference in all walks of our life.
    Thank you and may God continue to Bless you in His Mighty Ways!

  500. This spoke to me as a teacher and praise and worship leader at my church. So often you can get down and it is hard to lead in all facets of life. However, if you stay in the word and trust in God, then the “love filter” will always be in working order.

  501. This devotional spoke to my heart! I hope to leave a legacy of love!

  502. Leigh Anne Akey says:

    What is the greatest commandment? Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself. If you cannot love, you cannot expect to lead successfully. Thanks for these words and the gentle reminder.

  503. Mia chef says:

    Thank you for these great word and I would like to read more about it.

  504. I want to transform my educational leadership so that I lead with love and leave a legacy that endures.

  505. Cheryl Karlan says:

    This was so encouraging I am always looking for ways to leave a lasting meaningful legacy and everything you spoke of her was so on point with how I would want to respond to people and situations. Thank you God Bless You.

  506. This posting was sooo good. I especially loved the encouragement to use Thank You and Great Job! A lot more often in my daily activities. As a mom, a corporate employee and small business owner I know I have a lot of places that I lead and this gentle reminder was exactly what I needed to read this morning.

  507. This is the 3rd time in a week that God has brought this verse, singly as you did, to me. Humbly I admit this is a challenge for me right now. Great message and good reminder. I am interested in your book.

  508. Great post! I’m in a leadership position at work, and I’ve been thinking of giving up that part of my job. This is just what I needed to hear today!

  509. Thank you so much for your devotional. We can all use a reminder to be more loving. This year I was put in a position of leadership. Your devotional is a GREAT challenge to help me and my words be more loving and kind.

  510. Motivated & encouraged to keep love at the forefront of all I do!
    Would love a copy of the book!

  511. I really needed to read and to hear this today. This is the example that I want to set and the leadership that I want to uphold. Thank you!

  512. This could not have come at a better time. Circumstances have led me to believe I am not such a good leader, when I really know God has designed me and gifted me. Thank you!

  513. We are only as good as the people surrounding us. When we have God in our hearts, we can become of beacon of light for others to see the powerful truth of God.

  514. Your timing is impeccable!
    Leading: A struggle and a challenge at times. This would greatly benefit not only me but those I lead..! 🙂 Thank you! Grace and Peace to you through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ~ Be blessed and be a blessing!

    • Rhonda Falke says:

      I would like to learn to be a better leader for my 2 grandsons because they do not have good role models for parents. They look to me and my husband more for guidance & support and so I want to be a Godly example to them.

  515. So very powerful.
    Since getting married in 2000, I have tried to incorporate 1 Corinthians 13:13-18 into my daily life. This has solidified this for me. Thank you!

  516. I’ve always been in the mindset that I was made a follower, just recently I have realized that the Lord is really calling me to lead. I delight in finding the tools God has placed in my life recently to help me to become the leader he made me to be.

  517. Thank you for your encouragement and reminder to love others no matter what happens in life!

  518. I am very interested in this book. Would love to receive a free copy!

  519. Love is never boastful and love cares. Love until it hurts(Mother Theresa)

  520. I agree that anyone can be a leader.

    You don’t have to be loud to lead. Your actions can speak volumes. You never know who might be looking to you as an example.

  521. Kimberly Tripp says:

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder and encouragement today Perry!! Each of us can make such a powerful impact on the lives around us if we practice this each day of our life!! Blessings!

  522. Jeannette Florentino says:

    I would love to receive a copy of this book to encourage me in becoming the leader my children need me to be!

  523. I try to live a life of love every day through Christ and I aspire to leave a legacy of love. I would treasure a free copy of this book would secure its words in my heart. I frequently tell my kids to evangelize by example, by modeling love and grace. It is so wonderful to see these words. I would definitely share this book with my teens.
    “When you model what you consider important, those around you take notice. Celebrate love. Display it. The most lasting thing we can do with our lives and leadership is to love because love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). That’s why leaders who love are leaders who leave a legacy.”

  524. Very profound devotion. I would really like to read the whole book. Thank you for the opportunity to receive it.

  525. Thanks for this timely and powerful reminder.

  526. Facing career changes – a good reminder and the nature of my influence at work changes…

  527. “Do everything in love.” Simple reminder but such an important one – thank you!

  528. Julie White says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your words of wisdom. They are so powerful!!! What a way to leave a legacy. My husband is in a leadership position of a organization which has many young people/leaders working there. One of the great parts of his job is that he mentors these younger people, teaching them to become great leader. He loves what he does. I would love to be blessed with the opportunity to receive a copy of the book for my husband. I am sure he would read it. He is an avid reader, loves to learn, and applies what he learns.

  529. Mr. Noble,
    Thank you so much for the reminder that love is not flowery and feeble – love that!!
    Seems Jesus gave you just the right name as it doesn’t get any more noble than to inspire us all to live a God-honoring life, a life of His kind of love. Thank you!!

  530. What a great reminder and encouragement today! I want to leadm my now young adult children in loving others, because that is not what we have always done. It is hard to change old habits, but by God’s grace all things are possible. The closer my relationship to Jesus becomes the more love I have for others, so thankful for forgiveness and unending love.

  531. I would love to read this book. I am in a leadership position with my job but it’s very hard for me to step out of my comfort zone to lead with confidence.

  532. Pat Heemstra says:

    What a great reminder to focus on loving people–they’re the only thing you can take with you!

  533. Thanks Pastor P! Your words to encourage and love those closest to me was very timely!

  534. Tiffany Tharpe says:

    I would love to read your book, as I have just started leading a Bible study group. Also I am looking to start my own business, so I think it could be very helpful.

  535. Char Ramirez says:

    This book intrigued me, never thought of myself as having leadership skills but keep finding myself in roles that require leadership. Is it really that simple?

  536. Pam Crosby says:

    Thank you for reminding us to lead through love.

  537. I’m smiling as this is confirmation of my morning devotions and prayer…God has created each of us for a special purpose, and if we keep our eyes on Him we will be aware of the love that is lavished on us. A legacy of love is what I want to leave my family and friends, and in doing so pray that it’s God’s love that is seen in me.
    Thanks for the great article, and I look forward to reading the book!

  538. Thank you for reminding me that leading occurs everyday in all areas and with all the people that God places in my life. Your line “I SERIOUSLY want everyone around me to live a life that exceeds their dreams as they become who God created them to be.” That is what I want as well and I must remember to be intentional and prayerful with all I do and say.

  539. Jessica G says:

    This book would be great ! It would really help me .

  540. I so needed to read this devotion today. As a working wife and mother of three, yesterday I found myself doing everything for everyone out of obligation NOT love. At the end of the day I felt drained, exhausted, and annoyed that I didn’t get a chance to do anything for myself. After reading this I’m reminded of the need to do all things in love. I’m certain of I had done that my thoughts about my day would have ended differently; Love never fails. Praise God for this simple reminder!!! Turning over a new leaf… Again!!! ?

  541. Beverly Driscoll says:

    I never really focused on your family remembering them to succeed. I appreciate that perspective. I have many opportunities in my life to lead. Now I just need to focus on those opportunities to love.

  542. Lisa Dixon says:

    I love deeply, even some people that are hard to love. I am having the most difficult time loving a particular person that has hurt me & my son. I am praying about it a lot & it weighs heavy on me every day.

  543. Christine says:

    Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. How important love is!

  544. I would Love to have (need) this book!!

  545. I love how this is applicable to people of all ages and in all life stages! As a student, I am driven to lead and encourage others on campus. As a small business owner, I am called to lead my team and set an example for them!

  546. Excellent article! I feel at times that I want and should be doing more but have no idea how I would with my work and family schedule. Thanks for the remainder that I am already in a leadership role. I am a mom and that is one of my most important roles I could have. The material things I leave them doesn’t matter but legacy I leave them does.

  547. I attended your church a few years ago, with a very dear sister in Christ, Eva. Since then, I have watched your services on line, obtained a few CD’s of different studies and have been blessed beyond words. Thanks for this awesome “Encouragement For Today”. You have lifted me today

  548. Trish Sprecker says:

    Wow. That is all I can say. I don’t know what else to write. This devo blessed me, and left me with tears, of relief and joy, and with a direction. Thank you

  549. Suzanne says:

    You never know who is watching you and your actions….I always pray that I have good intentions and motives with the choices I make and the way I live my life. I truly hope and pray that I can lead with a loving and nurturing heart. Just like a cheerleader, I want to rah- rah- rah for my loved ones that anything is possible with God! Love is everything! =)

  550. This devotion is a great reminder to us all to choose love…as a mom of two little kids I don’t always think of myself as a leader but it is true and I need to remember that! Thank you for both reminders today!

  551. Kristie says:

    So good and so true!! Such a good reminder that we are all leaders to someone. Thank you!!

  552. Thank you for such a wonderful reminder to focus on love. As a wife, mother of 4, Praise team leader, Children’s church director and teacher I can use this reminder to love and lead others to love the way Christ loves.

  553. Excellent! I will make this part of everything I do whether it is at home, at work, at church – everywhere! Thank you!!!

  554. I really need this because I feel like I dont lead at all. My life rate now is so upside down. If I win or not could you pray for our family.

    Thanks and God bless.

    Love in Christ

  555. Alfreda Middleton says:

    This is such an inspiration. I’m so glad I read today’s “encouragement”. Thanks and I look forward to more encouragement……/am

  556. Oh how much I need to put the love I feel inside for my Lord into action. If I could love people as they are, if I could let that love grow and overflow onto everything I touch and everyone I meet. They would truly see Him in me, and I would truly see Him in them.

  557. Stephanie Hendrix says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! Bein sorta shy until I get to know people, I’ve never really thought of myself as a leader in an capacity. But since becoming a mother I know that I am a leader to my daughter & the best way to lead her is by example. There are so many things I wish I were better at & had people teaching me as I grew up that I want to teach my daughter & I think this book would be an excellent place to start.

  558. In my season of life now as a retired grandmother, it may seem hard to “lead”, but I see that I can to my children, grand-children, friends and fellow church members. My goal will be to truly encourage each one to meet their best potential–to show love. Thank you for this.

  559. I was one of those people who thought that love was an emotion that gets turned on and off based on the extermal and prevailing situations at hand. But these last two years, Holy Spirit has held my hand as we journeyed together through a love walk. Prior to this, I was in a place of unforgivness, bitterness, blame, doubt and unbelief that “killed” my character and integrity as a leader (in my church and life). We started out with a study of 1 Corinthians 13 which revealed to me TRUE LOVE… UNCONDTIONAL which is how God loves me. And now I understand that love in s a choice, an act of the will that comes from the inisde of me (it’s an INSIDE job 🙂 ). It’s so FREEING to be able to choose to love because I want to and it is not based on what you do or don’t do to or for me. It’s not based on the situations or circunmstnace of my life that are constantly changing like the weather. I have been intentional about “loving” and will leave a legacy of UNCONDITIONAL love with the people who God assigns me to. Wow, what’s love got to do with it???!!!… EVERYTHING!!!

  560. Thankas for the devitional today & showing me that in everything I do in life I must do with love. I would love to receive a copy of your book. I could use some help in the area of leading my children & family members in love on a daily basis.

  561. Cristyn Smith says:

    So often I lose sight of what it means to truly lead or be a leader. I can be quick to critique the leadership skills of another out of the feeling that they don’t meet MY expectations. The truth is I’m being selfish and prideful, I’m so clouded in my thinking that I lose sight of seeing how they LOVE others and in that qualifies them to lead. Everyday I have the opportunity to lead my clients well as a licensed professional counselor, and it starts by gentleness and compassion (characteristics of love), NOT because I have something earth shattering to say. I have the opportunity to love others everyday and I choose to make that my focus.

  562. Hi thanku for a wonderful reality check of how to conquer everything in my life. As a member of aa and mother and a wife and daughter and sister and church member i am grateful to be reminded of such an awesome law of God. Praise god!

  563. Deborah Duran says:

    I belong to a small church of about 400 people.When I first attended New Heights Church I knew I had found my home church. We have moved from a small frame building where we held two Sunday services to hold everyone to a movie theater for more room and have recently been blessed with the purchase of our own church.We are a very diversified congregation and we are all blessed with wonderful fellowship with each other. We hold Sunday morning service and Wednesday night service and Tuesday Youth Night services for 12-18-year-olds. The desire of my heart is to lead a Women’s Bible study on Thursday morning and Thursday night, so if you miss one you can catch the other or know someone in either class. I know our women could greatly benefit from such a class. I have been gathering Bible study books and their videos in preparation of when the Lord decides it is time for the classes to begin whether the church chooses me or another to teach. Your book would teach me so much I need to know about leadership to prepare to lead the class.Thank you for the opportunity to win your book.

  564. I would love to win this book! Sounds great. 🙂

  565. Heather says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. And today’s my bday so that would be an awesome gift to receive!!

  566. Tammy Miller says:

    I have been a Drama Director for 16 years with middle and high school age students, and I am always amazed how God thumps me on my head like he did with your devotion for today. I never stop learning and the devotion really focused on what I need to be doing as a leader to leave a legacy which is what I long to do. I am so blessed and grateful that I do not go through this life alone and that God is always teaching and instructing me, so that I can go forth and do the same. Thanks again.

  567. This was very helpful! I’m struggling with being my grandson’s caretaker and I need to do it in love!!

  568. I am grateful for the message! It is true some times I forget why are we here in this world? It is to love others as God loves us, even if they don’t love us back but God’s Love never fails. AMEN Thank you!

  569. Michelle Holmes says:

    Very nice read! I would love to leave a legacy of love and helping others develop and succeed is what ultimately makes me happy!

  570. What an affirmation follow-up for my daughter-in-law, who is new in the faith. She and her husband were discussing the very same thing last night. I felt like I should post your teaching on my facebook page and she read it this morning. She was amazed.

  571. Chrissy says:

    As a wife, mom, and aspiring writer pursuing God’s calling for discipleship, my heart often questions what type of legacy I will leave. Thank you for the beautiful reminder that all my actions, done in love, are building and strengthening the exact legacy my soul longingly pursues. I would love to read more of what your book as to offer.

  572. thank you for your kind thoughts and words! loved this devotion today!

  573. kay abel says:

    The love of God is the Ground of His Being, His Essence, the Marrow from which flows His unstaunchable, overcoming Blood.

  574. Susan G says:

    Yes, we all need to be leaders in our own spheres, wherever we are!
    Thanks for this!

  575. Even though I’m engaged, I’ve always been a single mother. I have struggled with reminding my youngest son who is talented in academics and sports to be a leader. He has gotten into fights because of bullying, and gets picked on by administration. I pray for the protection, smart decisions, and portraying leadership over my son. Leadership is sadly not found in our schools, and I pray for that change for all students

  576. Kim Watson says:

    I use to look at others and say to myself what is my gift. Some sewed, some painted, some good at decorating, and the list goes on….
    After I experienced a 8 year depression, I finally knew my gift, but not just any gift…a God given gift…”LOVE”
    I knew then that He had given me His greatest gift!! There’s no longer me asking myself that question. Even though it took something so difficult to go through, I discovered my gift! Love isn’t a feeling either, it’s a choice. No matter what others say or do, I choose to love. Love gives my life so much fulfillment.
    Thank you for this beautiful devotional! God bless

  577. Thank you for clarifying that we are all called to lead. Many of us live with the expectation and desire to be loved. You have helped me to recognize more clearly that I always have a responsibility to love everyone that God has placed in my life, especially those who are difficult to love initially. Thank you.

  578. Connie Edwards says:

    Would love to have this book. Somthing I really need to work on….

  579. Love conquers all! So what does love look like? You’ve laid out some concrete examples – speaking positive, life-filled words; growth through leadership – our own and others; mentoring and helping others. Thank you for reminding me that I can demonstrate this love to others through my unique gifts with a willing and obedient heart!

  580. Mary Piatt says:

    I really enjoyed today’s words of wisdom from Perry Noble, “How to Leave a Legacy of Love”, and would love to read more from him.

  581. This devotion is very timely! Would love to get this book.

  582. Kim Fields says:

    I would very much appreciate winning a copy of this book, sounds like it would be very helpful.

  583. This book sounds like one I would really enjoy and would help me to help others as I live out my sobriety day by day!

  584. Katie Sexton says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. It is definitely something I will put into practice with my ladies connection group.

  585. Great encouragement. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Perry’s book!

  586. Great devotional!
    This book may be exactly what my husband and I need. We have a team of 24. We have such an opportunity in front of us to make a difference.

  587. I would love to read this book! I especially loved the part about our words having weight… I’m the mom of three little boys and I try to remind myself of this daily! 🙂

  588. Lisa Graham says:

    I have had on my heart lately to show love and give love and forgiveness to those who don’t always deserve it but to those who need it. I try to do everything out of love….being a parent is the toughest- such a paradox when you are raising kids in such an uncertain world.

  589. Wow! Such an encouraging devotional – thank you so much! I am stepping into a new leadership role in my life that I feel God has been preparing me and equipping me to move into and it is very exciting but also stepping into the unknown can be a bit overwhelming if I take my eyes off Jesus! Remembering simply to continue to love others and that God is doing more than I can see is so encouraging! This was my favourite line “I SERIOUSLY want everyone around me to live a life that exceeds their dreams as they become who God created them to be. That’s why I’m committed to seeing the people around me reach their goals. ” – I’m excited to share you blog post with my peeps – so inspiring!! We truly are each leaders in the sphere of influence God has called us to! Bless you Perry!!

  590. Casey Plummer says:

    Awesome devotional! Truly needed these words! Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

  591. Kathi Williams says:

    Very encouraging words! I need to be reminded that as a mom, I am a leader and my words can impact, both negatively and positively.

  592. Jill Williams says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  593. Thank you so much for this devotional on leading with love. I absolutely needed to read this today!

  594. Ashley Pugh says:

    A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not. ~Author Unknown

  595. Wow. This book sounds incredible.

  596. Jennifer Parmar says:

    I am participating in a “STRETCH” leadership course at my church. One of the requirements is we read a book each month to help develop our leadership skills to serve our church and community. Our church’s motto is “Renewing to Renew”…training the people to go out and make disciples! I’d love a copy to share among my class and possibly add it to our required reading list!

  597. Your Snippits of comments, are very encouraging, and I guess are taken at whatever level of spiritual awareness a person is. For the Born again Christian, after salvation ,the issue becomes 1John 1:9 and it`s frequent use, in order to be spiritual alive, or spiritually dead in carnality. If your aim is to encourage Believers maybe you could point this important fact out. Yours in Christ!

  598. Shelby Sutton says:

    I would LOVE a copy of the new book. God has recently put me in a huge leadership role and this devotional really hit home for me. I plan on sharing with my team!

    Thank you,

  599. Everything through love is possible. You never know who will be the recipient of the love you show. We always need to be an example to others no matter where we are.

  600. niki marie says:

    Love conquers a multitude of sins. I love this!

  601. Catelyn says:

    I’m a very meek person. I tend to get pushed around and taken advantage of because as one coworker told me I am too nice and help too much. As a single mom I know I need to become a better leader with my kids. They love me, but they don’t respect me and know how to get away with things. I don’t know how to be a good leader to them. And I need to learn how to set boundaries with people.

  602. Kathleen Dariano says:

    Thank you for sharing your insight into leaving a legacy of love. My husband and I read the I Corinthians 13 passage at the beginning of the year and have committed to praying that we learn to love others well, as Christ would have us love.

  603. P.C. Smith says:

    This was a perfect message for me today. I’d love to read the rest of the book!

  604. Shannon Denzine says:

    Even a small gesture of love to my family can be huge!

  605. Heather says:

    Do everything in Love. What an amazing way to lead!

  606. I want to be a leader that mirrors our Savior!

  607. I am a manager where I work. It is very hard to do everything in love. I deal with so many different personalities. For the most part, I do receive compliments on being a good manager and friend. I pray every morning before I go into work for God to help me say the right things at the right time. To help me make the right decisions when needed. I will say, many days I leave work stressed or discouraged due to a bad day. My prayer would be for everyone that is in a leadership position, that God will.give us grace, patience and love to each person. Everyone comes from different circumstances that may cause them to be a harsh person. I believe that God will give us the wisdom we need to deal with these kind of people. If we believe God will show us the way…

  608. My school has been looking at beginning the Leader in Me program, and I feel like this should be one of the principals–to lead with love. Your post has encouraged me to lead in love both at school and home.❤️

  609. Kim Cramer says:

    As I get ready to start a new chapter in my life , I want to leave a legacy of kindness and love . These 3tips are valuable as I lead each day in my classroom and what my new job will be in the future .

  610. Susan Patrick says:

    Love your message & title of the book. Would love to receive a free copy. 🙂

  611. I would love to read this book — and love the idea of leaving a legacy of love!

  612. Sherry Pauley says:

    I would love to read this book!!

  613. I would LOVE a copy! ?

  614. I wear many hats as a wife, mom to four, grandmother to nine,lead a group of Christiam Women. My goal is to leave a legacy of love in every life that I touch, no matter how big or small. This book would certainly give me insight to grow!

  615. What a lovely article, sometimes I think I can’t lead cuz I struggle with bipolar and when my meds are off I’m off but lately I’ve been doing better and realize that God has good things for me too and I can do good things for those in my life by being loving. Thanks again!

  616. Kristina hooper says:

    I absolutely loved reading this. Before I walk into my classroom I ask our Lord to help me speak His words and do His will so that others see his light. I want to be a quiet leader. Not the kind that is out front saying hear me roar but the kind that people look up to. You don’t need the title leader to be a leader. You just need to be passionate about helping others be their best selves!

  617. Lennice says:

    Wow! Such an insightful word and reminder! I’m really excited to be a potential winner. I’m a stay at home mom of two and a wife and I delayed this year as being one of the best of our lives as a family. I’m pretty sure your book could really hello me out 🙂 I pray I win it 🙂

  618. Lennice says:

    Wow! Such an insightful word and reminder! I’m really excited to be a potential winner. I’m a stay at home mom of two and a wife and I declared this year as being one of the best of our lives as a family. I’m pretty sure your book could really help me out 🙂 I pray I win it 🙂

  619. Lynette Miller says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! We have so many new young leaders in our church who need to hear this message. What a marvelous teaching tool this would be!

  620. Lasting love leads. . .I can do that,just need a little help staying motivated. A new book would be a great start into a new future and greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  621. C Rogers says:

    This was great. I shared it with my kids so they would be reminded to lead with love.

  622. It’s hard because I am living with my mom & dad with my new baby. My mom is a believer and my step dad says he does as well but I am the one that has to lead them. I’m 24 and am finding my way back to Jesus after struggling with addiction. I have 2 years clean and am patiently waiting for my deep relationship with Him to get back to what it was. You know.. That feeling that is just indescribable. Anyway I’m working and serving and raising my daughter all in love. But sometimes I feel as though they are the parents. They should’ve led me but I can’t think like that and I normally don’t. I am just tired and worn out. So I am going to work on LOVINGLY leading my family.
    With love,

  623. Catherine Meyer says:

    I am a newly single mom and need all the help i can get! Would love to read your book.

  624. Julie Beck says:

    As I go about teaching kindergarten on a daily basis, I would adore having this book about love.

  625. This devotion comes as s confirmation to me. Earlier today I was questioning whether I was qualified to be trying to lead a youth ministry that I have started. I was telling my boss about how it seemed like the harder I try to reach a child, the me trouble they seemed to get info. She encouraged me to keep loving them and teaching them about God and although I may not get through to all of them, I might make a huge difference in at least one life. She said as long as I’m running my ministry out of love and working for God, everything will work out for the good.

  626. Keri Wray says:

    Great stuff here!

  627. I have always been quiet and associated mostly with family who were alittle younger then i, but I found myself so isolated, fearful, scared of the world around me because of alot of rejection. The only Friend i truly have is Jesus. But There are times when i think He’s not my friend. I dont socialize and i avoid it because it seems i come across maybe too self-righteous too alot of people. I would love to express nyself about Jesus to others but the fearfullness is my main odstacle.

  628. Tracy Brooks says:

    Loving others is the best yet most difficult way to lead ! What an awesome legacy to leave !

  629. Susan Baxter says:

    Christian Leadership is so important. I look forward to reading more about it in this new book.

  630. Michelle says:

    Our children watch our every move. We lead by example. I hope to leave the right kind of legacy.

  631. I try to remember that even though I’m not high up in my career (yet), I am stil a leader. I’d love to read this book!

  632. A timely reminder as I was reminded at work today that I am a leader.

  633. Leadership is an amazing privilege and responsibility… But nothing is impossible with God and faith. This book sounds like an excellent read for everyone!

  634. Scarlet says:

    I NEED this book 🙂

  635. My son reminds me to approach everything with love. So very important but so difficult at times. Dear God…. I pray for wisdom and a heart filled with love.

  636. Dolores Allen says:

    I would love a copy. I am 76 years and I still need help in loving.

  637. Sharon Blanchard says:

    What an awesome opportunity to learn to lead through love.

  638. Would really enjoy reading more of this book because I have been on the receiving end of harsh words from a boss and I would like to read encouraging words to get past that old work relationship.

  639. Tiffony Pinaire says:

    I used to not consider myself a leader, but the past few years, I have learned that we are all leading in some way. I am being raised up to be a leader at church and in the school system as a teacher. This is the second time today I have seen Perry Noble’s book, and I would love to read it!

  640. Gyl Chambers says:

    So often people take the time or go out of their way to complain about ones service or attitude, and they don’t realize the importance of taking the time and go out of their way and compliment these things. We must remember the positive, good, love prevails………Gyl Chambers

  641. Lorynda Sampson says:

    So blessed by your message and by God’s grace and wisdom. I would be honored to put your messages about leadership to good use.

  642. I’d love to win a copy!

  643. Keri South says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  644. This was so inspiring and exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. I have 2 toddlers and an infant and it is imperative for my husband and I to be the best example for them. Thank you Jesus as you always know what we need to hear to better ourselves in your name.

  645. Thank you for opening my eyes l thought l can’t be a leader, but from today l believe l am a leader who will lead with love.Thanks

  646. Thank you for sharing the truth of love. Love has been what I have strived to give whenever in a leadership position. Love conquers all.

  647. Upon reading this I realize how I am communicating with a lack of love, and I’m ashamed. I need to keep this message front and center as I get bogged down in the everyday craziness of running kids to activities, getting to and from work, keeping the house inhabitable, etc. I have been reminded that none of these matters if I am not showing my love for the people in my life.
    Thanks for this message.

  648. Bonnie Sarkett says:

    Thanks for sharing this excellent advice thru your valuable blog. And for the opportunity to receive the book on leadership. God bless you. “Love wins!”

  649. Amber Pittman says:

    I would love the opportunity to receive this book and to grow while reading it. Blessings to Proverbs 31 Ministries, Perry Noble and all of the Lord’s people blessing others with the spreading of His word. That is the best way to lead. Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

    Amber Leigh

  650. Stephanie Wilson says:

    This is timely. At Life Group this evening, our pastor asked my husband and me to be filmed taking about the impact tithing has had on our life. Since we committed to making the full 10% tithe, God has opened amazing doors. Our story gives me goose bumps and our pastor asked if we’d share it in a video testimony to our church. I shyed away and begged no. Then he shared the greatest part of Peter walking on water…that the other disciples, after he got back in the boat, exclaimed that they truly believed…after walking with Jesus for several years. It was Peter’s leadership…stepping out of the comfort and safety of the boat that led the others to believe. My pastor was asking my husband and me to be leaders that would encourage others to obey God’s command to tithe. We must all step out…in love for others…and lead by example and out of faith. I’m not sure if I can fully explain the revelation I’m feeling right now but today’s email on love and leadership is resonating with the call to my husband and me to share our story with others.

  651. Thank you for your encouraging words. I am a Veterinary practice manager, so I struggle with expressing love as a leader. I care deeply about each of our staff members but they don’t always get along with each other. Generational differences are a challenge. As a leader I need to see both sides and figure out how to help them see each other differently and better. And I also have to be a leader to our clients and represent our clinic to the community. There are so many leadership challenges. I would love this book for more direction.

  652. Wow as a leader in my company and the role I have I never thought about the principles in this way. The words in the message helped me today. Thank you.

  653. I want to work and succeed in such a way that those around me look successful. Servant leadership is important, and it begins with love.

  654. Wow! The Word that the Holy Spirit has been guiding me to read is fire! Praise be to our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for this epic reminder to love on everyone. I’m a preschool teacher & I’m blessed not only to wake up & do what I love to do but I’m also able to love on my kiddos & their families everyday that the Lord blesses us with. I will follow I’m my Father’s footsteps & become the leader He has equipped me to be. I will be a light that brings others to Him. I will be a bubbling spring that flows unto others.

  655. Thank you for being a light to many of us that want to learn how to lead others. Servant leadership is how how I live my life and my hope is that reading this will help me to become a better leader.

  656. Brooke Jenko says:

    I would love to win this book. I have 2 direct sales business and this would help a lot.

  657. Every day I test myself to become a better leader for my children. Sometimes it is tough but I just look at them and realize that I do think want them to have to go through what I chose to go through and lead them towards a life of Christ.

  658. Maria collini says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I am a small salon business owner who is going through a challenging season. After returning to the salon full time, when my children started school, I found myself so disconnected from a world I once loved. Ive read some books by Simon Sinek and Seth Godin, which are great, but I crave Information rooted in Faith in Jesus.

  659. I would enjoy your book. Thank you for your message. I will try to lead with love. My grandchildren live with me and I need to remember lead with love.

  660. Great perspective on leadership and that we are all leaders in this life. Our challenge? To lead as Jesus would….

  661. My mom, oldest daughter and her two children,(my grandchildren),and my younger daughter saw how i took care of their father, papa,son-in-law, and my husband when he was home dying of a rare disease. They saw the love i had for him, they learned compassion and caring. That’s the kind of legacy i want to leave. Which comes down to love

  662. R LYDENS says:

    Awesome article! I would love a copy of your book!!

  663. Great article look forward to getting a copy of your book.

  664. I’m looking for leadership books for my son. This looks like a good one!

  665. This was wonderful. So many days I am in challenged in how to lead my business, my children, my family, my everything… And the best answer is , in love. I should be doing everything from a place of love. Thank you for this!

  666. April Kobayashi says:

    The Bible speaks og Agape love. One definition of the Greek word is “Unconditional love that is always giving and impossible to take or be a taker. It devotes total commitment to seek your highest best no matter how anyone may respond. This form of love is totally selfless and does not change whether the love given is returned or not.”
    This is the love we are called to have for others.

  667. Sharon Lievene says:

    I want to leave a legacy of love for my friends and family.

  668. Andrea Armstrong says:

    I’m excited to read how to be a powerful and loving leader. Most books tell you to be more power driven than loving of others.

  669. Sarah Jack says:

    I have 5 boys. 9, 7, 4, 3 and 10 months. I want to lead them in love. I don’t want to yell at them.ang get so easily frustrated. I know God can do anything and can teach me and mold me. If it is His will He will use this book. If I don’t win, maybe He’ll lead me to buy it. I’m going to write it on my list right now. Thank you.

  670. Suzie King says:

    Would love to read a copy of this book!!!!

  671. Elaine Knipe says:

    I think, I would benefit so much, if I read this book.

  672. Samantha DeLeon says:

    This devotional spoke so true to my heart! I’ve been feeling the Spirit pushing me to use words that encourage and guide, not break down and point out wrongs. As women, we are so hard on ourselves. It’s necessary to lead by example with love.

  673. Amy Mihele says:

    What a wonderful way to end my day. Our kids learned years ago in Sunday School to be like Jesus and that last is first. With that being said, your quote,”Our friends, coworkers, spouses and kids won’t remember us for what we accomplish, but instead what we helped them to accomplish and how we cheered them on along the way.

    They’ll remember how we loved them.” spoke volumes to me. It is so true, if we put others before ourselves by loving, encouraging and pouring into them, we are like Jesus. Thank you for reminding us “How to Leave a Legacy of Love”.

  674. Crystal Hairgrove says:

    I recognize that I have many opportunities to be a better leader, but all too often fail in my efforts. I would love to follow Christ’s example of loving leadership. The legacy we leave is LOVE and I would appreciate winning this book so that I can become a more loving leader.

  675. Mel Niblett says:

    Amazing article! Thank you for providing insight into what love should look like in our day-to-day lives as Christians. My prayer is to leave a legacy of love wherever I go and this devotion has helped to reignite that because I know many times I fail at this! Thank God for His grace and thanks again for sharing this 🙂

  676. Kathy Hughes says:

    Lead with Love. Loved the devotion

  677. Glenn Keyes says:

    Thank you for the encouraging devotional! My wife forwarded it to me this morning.
    I try every day to let Christ’s love for them shine through me as I work with them each day. As a manager I have realized the importance of sincere praise and encouragement.
    In Christ,

  678. Beth Hurst says:

    What a beautiful devotional, a great reminder that our words and actions have a continual impact on others whether we are aware of it or not. Thank you for sharing!

  679. Elizabeth Schut says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I have been struggling with this issue lately and am always fascinated when God provides just what we need, when we need it. This was past on to me by a new friend that wasn’t aware of my struggle. God is so good. Thank you for listening to your heart so it could speak to mine.

  680. Ginnie Moore says:

    I am a teacher by profession so I could absolutely love these 9th graders as I lead and teach them. They so need the praise but more so to know that there is love behind the praise and not just sugar-coated words. They also need the discipline and boundaries set, but discipline out of love and respect for them and their potential is what they deserve and don’t often get. Thank you for sharing this devotion and for choosing to lead by love and devotion to God. I’m excited to share!

  681. Thank you for sharing about leaving a legacy of love. I pray that I can do this.

  682. A Pickett says:

    Speaking life into people, using life giving words not life raking words isn’t always easy, but it it important.
    Thank you.

  683. Robyn M says:

    Thank you. Your message really spoke to me. God has been dealing with me about this very issue of doing everything in love.

  684. Judy Wilson says:

    Leadership with love! I am in a leadership position and will share this message with my staff! Inspirational! I plan to purchase the book as a reference, but would like a copy to “pass it on”! Thank you for sharing this motivational devotion!

  685. Sheri S says:

    Thank you for this message on love and the reminder that Jesus commands us to “do everything” in love, not just what we feel like. As a working mom with 4 young daughters, I need to incorporate this into my daily life more – to be that leader at home and at work.

  686. AT Lewis says:

    Thank you for the great article. I would love to read this book and leave a legacy of love for my 2 young girls and the neighborhood kids were interact with daily.

  687. Diane V says:

    So everything in love. You’ve simplified how I want to BE (not DO). This is my life being statement that I’m writing on my index card to memorize. Do. And be.

  688. Thank you for your message!

  689. Such a great word Pastor P! Love is the root and the heart of what God calls us to!

  690. Whitney Tarkington says:

    I want to leave a legacy of love! Thank you for this message.

  691. Lisa Elias says:

    My husband has been looking for a good non-story book to read, this would be a great read for both of us but especially helpful for him as he coaches our children’s sports teams and works in a prison.

  692. Aubrey Sallee says:

    I co-lead a military wives support group through my church, and I think the idea of leading through live will really help me make an impact on the women in my group and leave a legacy of love when I move in a few months. I want what God wants for these ladies, and leading them in a loving way is what I know I should be doing. I would really like to read this book and learn how to do that better.

  693. Great devotion! Would love to read the book!

  694. megan raulston says:

    “Lead with Love ” is a concept I heard from a convention speaker a couple of years ago. This is what I want my legacy to be. Thank you for this!

  695. Danna V says:

    Wow! I needed this message today. I am still in my first year as my church’s Children’s Ministry Director. Leadership is a huge responsibility but having the focus of doing everything in love is very encouraging.

  696. Grace Ortiz says:

    Thank you for the encouraging word about Love,
    The greatest gift from God Is Love. How Love is a Legacy
    We leave for our family , friends etc Thank you again

  697. Suzanne Nunn says:

    This touched my heart today in ways no one could begin to understand because I faced one of the most challenging moments as a leader last night. His timing with this message was perfect and I realize just how very important a legacy of love in leadership makes a difference.

  698. I’ve never considered myself a leader so I would love to read this book to see how it might inspire me to be a leader.

  699. Each day provides opportunities to lead and love. Would love to add this book to my toolkit

  700. Rhonda J Christian says:

    This would be an awesome book to read.

  701. Never thought of myself as a leader, but in some areas of my life I am. I pray that in those areas of my life I truly show God’s Love. I would love to read this book. Thank you Perry for your “Encouragement for Today”.

  702. Tanya Duryea says:

    I never thought about being a leader by leading with love until I read this devotion.

  703. As a stay at home mom and 41- almost 42 I’m looking to work part time when my youngest starts Kindergarten. When God opens that door I would be most excited and I’m not a leader in society’s view, but I can sure live on people. I have a heart for women’s ministry! Your book would be a great start!! Good luck to everyone!

  704. Michelle says:

    That was a great devotion that I really needed to hear. Thank you!

  705. This book could help encourage me to be a better mother/leader. I homeschool my kids and am with them all day every day. I tend to not lead them the way I wish….I need to use my words more wisely…..

  706. It can get discouraging being a leader. What a beautiful reminder.

  707. I would like to lead effectively and with great love. Sometimes I confuse loving and perpetuating helplessness because I “do” rather than lead in love. Would appreciate a copy of this book. Thank you

  708. Jeanne S says:

    What an exciting new book on leadership! I would love to read this!

  709. As an adopted child, my adopted parents left me a godly legacy. I know my life has been planned out by God, from conception til now. I know my birth parents, and therefore, have a legacy there as well, but I am grounded in Him, therefore, I am His. My hearts desire, is to leave a Christian, godly woman of God, as a legacy to my children, grandchildren, all who come behind me. As insecure as I feel inside, I try and let God’s light shine on the outside. I love books of ENCOURAGEMENT. It helps in my walk.

  710. Sally Terry says:

    I am a member of Young Living Essential Oils & I am beginning to build a business in Young Living. I see the love that is shared with the other ladies & I love that! I want to remember to share that love with members of my team & others I come into contact with. Thank you for this devotional. It is a wonderful reminder of what the world needs more of, LOVE!

  711. Dixie Bryan says:

    I am so excited to see where my walk with God is going to take me and my family! Thanks Proverbs 31 Ministries for giving us the tools we need to grow into the women God wanted us to be!

  712. We are empty nesters but our kids still need to know they are loved, they need to be encouraged, and have godly examples. We all need these actually. Thanks for reminding me to lead lovingly!

  713. Would love to read this book after reading this!

  714. christina says:

    Thank you for this very timely devotional. Just having a mantra phrase – do everything in love- Helps us all breathe in Christ and allow our hands and hearts to be transformed into His in each action of our daily life.
    Thank you Cindy for sharing this with me!

  715. Shane Oakley says:

    This is such a timely invitation. I have been praying with another mom about her son’s drug use and what it looks like to lovingly parent in this situation. Thanks for this, and for the opportunity to grab a copy of a great book!

  716. Shannon says:

    Love this. Need to be reminded of how to lead. You cannot force people to follow you, you have to be the person that others want to follow.

  717. This is exactly what I needed today! Great read! Many thanks for sharing!

  718. I think how a person becomes a ‘leader’ is interesting… seems like most people want to follow someone passionate and ‘natural’ in their leadership.

  719. Christie Berry says:

    Love this devotion and strive daily to leave pieces and plant seeds of love!
    I lead challenge groups that incorporate faith into fitness. I have been incorporating pieces of Made to Crave in my daily devotion to Challengers. Definitely interested in reading this book and sharing with my Challengers.

  720. Stephanie Griffin says:

    I am fairly new at my position at work. I have always been considered by my family and friends, and employers as a leader. I have been in several leadership roles along the way. However; I am now the Director of Admissions where I work. I am also a known Christian. I want to lead with strength, integrity, hope, encouragement, truth, and love. I would love to read this book. Perry is one of my favorites too!

  721. Elizabeth says:

    This verse is on our wall and has been a necessary go to everyday, but has also been a huge reminder in difficult situations.

  722. Teri Heisler says:

    I just helped my friend, a Lt Col in the Air Force, prepare remarks for a motivational speech on leadership that focused on the characteristics of compassion, service and integrity. I would “Love” a copy of the book to use as a reference in my speech-writing and blog-writing library! To lead with love is what the world needs!

  723. I would love to have an opportunity to read this book. Thank you

  724. Jeanette Hansen says:

    I need the encouragement, also please pray for healing. Thank you! Jeanette

  725. I could use the wisdom to lead my children down the right path. Thanks

  726. Love the fresh perspective, thank you!

  727. Good article.

  728. Loving others and not expecting it on return, however knowing the most important one, my heavenly father loves me fully as he has created me. Which is where all my love comes from in the first place, because he loved me first…

  729. Michelle says:

    We own our own business and have tried to lead with love. We would love to read your book and find more and better ways to lead our employees, children and friends closer to our Savior by example!

  730. Julie Frievalt says:

    I guess I never really thought of myself as a leader. But as said in the devotional I already am a leader as a mother and grandmother. Would love to read this book to help me in this area.

  731. Hi
    I am excited about your book because I am a teacher leader and strive to leave a legacy to our youth… Not only in academic lessons but in life. How does a person teach empathy, citizenship, and love that is authentic to our teenagers?

  732. Leading in Love is not always easy. Look forward to reading your book and sharing it with others. Thank you for an opportunity to win!

  733. Donna Cowie says:

    Thank you for reminding me, I need to leave a Legacy of Love for others to see! ❤️?

  734. barbara wolf says:

    I am a small business owner and I strive to run our business with God front and center. When our customers interact with us, it is my desire that they feel God and see Him through our words and actions. I would love to read your boom so we can improve and get wonderful new ideas on how to run a Christ centered business in America.

  735. Cindia Quinones says:

    I am committed to lead as a mother, as Christian, as a friend, as a human.

  736. I want to be a leader guided by love

  737. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers by leading me to this post! I battle in areas because I think I’m not adequate! But God says in His word love never fails! So as long as I am doing it in love and to please Him and not man I can’t fail! This lifted me up! God is LOVE!I can run this race for Christ awhile longer! This is fuel for my spirit! I need more and I want more in Jesus mighty name! I can do all things in Christ which strengthens me!

  738. M Williams says:

    I recently started a business and I am struggling to find a balance between home life, family life & working inside and outside the home. Focusing my life on God & letting the rest fall into place is my goal. Leading by example and making the right decisions are what I want people to look to me for. This book would be amazing to have as I grow my business, become a leader in our community and have a stronger leadership role in our church. I would LOVE this book!!!

  739. I want to be a better leader in Christ. I want to lead as Christ led His disciples—in love and grace. I want to be someone who lifts up and encourages those people in my life. Always building others up and reflecting God in such a way they are drawn to Him. I struggle with being very task oriented and forgetting that it’s the people and relationships, not the task that is most important.

  740. This is so important to me. I need others to pray… caring people, as we all do, to remind me to love, constantly, totally sincere, in all honesty, and with The Lords Passion, in every act of service or duty, or relationship. People need The Lord!???

  741. I learned this prayer as a child. It often comes back to mind when I need forgiveness and to remember to “love one another”.
    Oh my God I love You above all things with my whole heart and soul. Because YOU are all good and worthy of all my love I love my neighbor as my self for the love of YOU. I forgive all who have injured me and ask pardon of those whom I have injured.amen

  742. Rosalie Taney says:

    In our world today people are deceived about what real love is. We place our love and value in things. I believe as the body of Christ we have lost our way in what real love is.

  743. I’ve am a natural leader.Mic want to do a better job of doing it with love and less about me.

  744. Vicki Craycraft says:

    It was refreshing to read a male author’s perspective on intertwining love and leadership. Love is usually credited to women, although Ephesians 5 admonishes men to love their wives 3 times! Leadership is usually addressed to men, although mothers have a strong leadership role with raising children! Thank you for melding the two attributes!

  745. Katherine says:

    My children are all boys so I feel the heavy weight of trying to lead them every day. They are around me all day every day so I know how I lead will have a huge impact on them and their future familied, etc. It is a big job and I want to do it right.

  746. I read about this book on Proverbs 31 and it really interested me. I am at a point in my life that I imagined would be easy yet it is more difficult that ever with ever increasing demands with each passing day. I thought my days of being a leader were over when my children all got married. Now being a grandparent has been throw into the mix and it is the most wonderful thing ever but adds a new spin on leadership. Parents are now needing my leadership in their daily care. Work duties call, church service calls and the list goes on and on. At times I feel serving with LOVE is getting more and more difficult as I feel more and more worn out. So….. I would really enjoy reading this book.

  747. Jennifer says:

    What a beautiful, satisfying reminder. I would so appreciate a copy of your book, to help guide me as a wife, mother, friend and high school teacher. Thank you for your message and this opportunity!

  748. I feel as though I’ve struggled my entire life to know how to love. Thank you for this devotional, especially from the male point of view. Currently, my husband and I are in a season of life where our love for family is being challenged. Please pray that God’s love will abide so deeply in our hearts that there’s no room for “I”.

  749. Yes, someone is watching us, therefore, we are leading – good, bad, or otherwise! Thanks for the reminder of speaking words of encouragement; being appreciative goes a long way in every relationship in life. Would love a copy of the book!

  750. Debbie jenkins says:

    Thank you for working so hard to put this awesome book together! Would love a copy as I teach and help ladies in my local church as a pastors wife! God bless your ministry!

  751. Toni smith says:

    Thank you for sharing : Do Everything In Love
    I would love to give a copy to my boss Principal of my School. I am her secretary.

  752. I need a copy of this book! I am the owner/director of a preschool and have struggled with comparing the way I lead to the way other directors lead. I have found that I can’t be or do things like my peers because I lead with open doors,love, and grace…which is the only way I know how. Some people think this makes me not “business savvy” because I do not make things mandatory or put negative reports in personnel files…But! None of my teachers ever miss a meeting and, they are so dedicated to the school. I just want to be reminded that God made me to lead in this way…not the way the world tells me that I should.

  753. Stephanie says:

    Looking forward to soon reading this book as I have recently begun exploring getting into church leadership of some kind & looking for advice anywhere I can find it 🙂

  754. What a beautiful message. Thanks

  755. Jennifer says:

    I want to leave a legacy of love for my son as he grows and becomes a man of God

  756. Helen Scherer says:

    A legacy is what we all want to leave behind; but to live it is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Even though I am a senior citizen. I do not believe you are ever too old to learn. If I can learn to love more, care more, do more and leave more behind, than I want to see what this book has to offer to me and those I love.

  757. I so need to learn to love in my every day activities and to encourage instead of discourage. That’s the legacy I’d like to leave for my child.

  758. Echo McAlhany says:

    As a young mom working on a career in healthcare, I would love to read this book and learn how to lead with love

  759. As I just buried My Mom 01/29/16 and had the Preacher to read and focus from The verse of Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind, it does not envy and So own. As he turned into a Beautiful lasting sermon. My Mother left me a Beautiful Legacy of Love to carry on, in which The envy & Jealousy are so now trying to fight me over. As If I haven’t lost enough already as My Wonderful Mom. I would Love to have this book, as I so thoroughly enjoyed this message. Thank You & God Bless

  760. Shirley McCowin says:

    We recently had an installation service for a new pastor and he has been teaching on the vital signs of a healthy church. He has incorporated Galatians 5:22 along with 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13. Prior to his becoming pastor, the church members had gone through a major experience with another pastor whereas love was not exemplified as a leader. I would love to receive this book for myself and perhaps as an ongoing study for our church members. May God continue to bless you to be a blessing to others.
    Thank you

  761. Kimberly Couch says:

    Would LOVE to win a copy!

  762. As a youth pastor I hope I’m leaving a legacy of love with the youth I interact with.

  763. That message was so powerful, and I read it all I could think about was being able to share that message with the people around me and who I usually encounter on a daily basis. Love and leadership in all of us..what a difference we can make.

  764. I just finished reading John Maxwell’s classic, Developing the Leader within You. He talks some about the same thing. I love it when God confirms what He is saying to me by having me see it in several places.

  765. Desarea says:

    Thank you for this topic. As I prepare for the Women’s meeting tonight Love reasonates. How can what I do help? Yes I’d like them to leave feeling like they have taken something with them. It’s the deposit of love. There is no greater gift then letting someone know, “they matter”. When the world may not appreciate them. We can extend our arms to embrace them in love. Quietly saying Yes I care and do love you. Desarea

  766. Loraine Smith says:

    “When you are coming from a place of love, you cannot fail” is what I’ve always wanted scribed as my epitaph. But I guess Love Never Fails would fit easily :-). I cannot wait to read this book. God has put me in a place of leadership including Life Coaching, and most recently getting certified in the Prepare Enrich couples coaching. I know this book falls in line with what He has planned for me.

  767. Leadership. Love. Life.

  768. Paula Stout says:

    I’d love to have this book for me and for my husband. Leading in love is so important to me, as I lead at work and in my home/with my children. My husband is a regional manager for the Midwest in his company, and he constantly reads books on leadership, success, and the like, and he encourages his team to read them as well. I’d love for this to be his next book!! Thanks so much for your consideration!!
    Paula Stout

  769. The older I get (I’m 77) the less I get about. But the more I realize the importance of acknowledging some little thing about everyone I run into. What ever I say, it is fun and challenging to say something that will truly resonate with that person. The reaction is the reward, and the satisfaction stays with me all day. Every morning I ask God what He would like me to do for him today, and have found a loving kind word to someone else is just the ticket – it works.

  770. Deborah Heart says:

    Servant leadership is the example lived by my grandfather. He lived his faith and served in myriad ways. My goal is to emulate his example. Health issues continue to offer challenges to my energy levels and compromise my stamina. This book sounds like a good motivator to keep me moving toward the sort of life we are each meant to live. Acknowledging the light of God in everyone we see will brighten the light in each of us and keep the world from darkness.

  771. I would love to have this book! I never thought of leading in love to leave a legacy or your mark or impression on someone but I do now!!!


  772. Olivia Kennedy says:

    I am considering leading a Journey group at my church. I have only filled in 3 different times as a fill in when my regular leader hasn’t been there. I had at first just kinda shrugged it off, but I am reall starting to wonder what does God want me to do? I have felt all those things… am I good eneough, I have no knowledge how to lead, most of all God why me. My church has had it saying they are looking for a new journey group leader. Not going to lie I am almost scared to take a position like this on, but I have the Love thing down I think. I truly love people. I love so much in life, but is God calling me to do this? I know God will equip me with what I spiritually need. I just am I guess scared to take on such a responsibility. You learn so much more as a leader as well. I love seeing peoe succeed in life it is a great thing. Oh well this was my thoughts. God bless everyone!

  773. My husband is the leader of our household, two businesses and trains others on personal growth training. I’d love for him to be able to read your book and incorporate the teachings into all aspects of our lives.