How to Make Room for More of God in Your Life

How to Make Room for More of God in Your Life

September 2, 2016

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you …” James 4:8a (NASB)


My son woke up and called my name from his hospital bed.


After spending a few days stuck in his bed with an arm that hurt when he moved his body, my son was a little whiny — and frankly, so was I.

My young son had broken his arm pretty badly. He’d decided to pretend he was Spiderman and attempted to leap from a stool to a monkey bar above his head. Needless to say, he missed.

After three days of us both being stuck in the hospital, he was perpetually not happy and working my nerves.

He wanted ice cream.

He felt too hot.

He felt too cold.

Then he wanted to go home. I totally understood that. Because I wanted to leave too.

But as my son jolted awake that early morning, he called to me because of a bad dream. He wanted me right next to him so he could relax, have peace and fall back asleep. Of course my heart melted, despite my exhaustion and frustration.

He didn’t want anything else than for me to be close.

There was only one problem. Those hospital beds aren’t made for two people, especially when one is a full-grown adult. In order to do what he wanted and what I had no problem doing, he had to move over.

In other words, he had to make room for me.

I, like my son, often find myself in life situations that feel like a bad dream. I might be uncomfortable … stuck … in emotional or physical pain. Sometimes I find myself stressed out, overwhelmed, without peace, lonely, worried or unhappy.

Do I believe this? “The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, To all who call upon Him in truth” (Psalm 145:18, NASB). Absolutely.

Do I believe “God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1, NASB)? Sure I do.

But I have to admit many times I settle for the ache in my heart or the anxiety in my head. I don’t immediately reach out for the Presence available to me.

I love that as soon as my son woke up, he asked for me to come close.

I love even more that he was willing to make room for me to do so.

As soon as my son moved over, I got in. He looked up at me and smiled, full from the joy that safety and security brings, and then just a few minutes later, he fell into a sweet and peaceful sleep.

While we can desire more of God’s presence, knowing He desires the same, we have to make room for Him.

Just like we read in today’s key verse, James 4:8a: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

I’ve learned how important it is to “make room” for God in my life by creating space in my day to talk to Him and read His Word. I make room for more of God’s presence when I honor Him in my actions and attitudes and “move over” by submitting my will to His. I create more space for God when I choose to accept the love He offers above my feelings of inadequacy that seek to crowd that love out.

And I do this because I know that God’s presence is always available to me. And to you.

Not only that, but the Psalmist says, “In Your presence is fullness of joy …” (Psalm 16:11b, NASB).

When we are in His presence, we can experience joy that safety and security in Him brings. His presence helps us experience His peace, regardless of circumstances surrounding our lives. God’s presence can bring us to a place of calm, comfort, confidence and rest.

We just have to make room, diligently seeking Him and trusting in His love.

And knowing that His presence makes a difference.

Dear God, I desire more of You. Please help me make room for You in my life. Help me know that when I call, You will answer. Convict me when I need to make more time for You and be more obedient to You. Help me graciously receive Your love. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 16:11 ”You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” (ESV)

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In what practical ways do you make room for God’s presence in your life?

Have you called to Him and known His presence to make a difference in your life? Share your experience in the comments so your words might be an encouragement for someone today.

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  1. I needed that on today. It is after midnight and I still haven’t finished my day, almost like the energizer bunny and have to start my day super early in the a.m.
    It was a blessing to read that passage as it surely applied to me. I am a single divorced mom of 4, I work 2 jobs, kids are in sports and I work out/exercise weekly and it becomes such a challenge to get into my Word and find that peace in God which surpasses all understanding but I will make more of an effort and I will be diligent. Praise God for the read it was confirmation and truly encouraging!

    • I’m still awake too 🙂

      Being a mama is the best and hardest job in the world all at the same time.

      Can I suggest that when you are in the car driving to work or taking the kids to sports you listen to an audio recording of the Bible? That might help you get more time letting your heart and your mind be covered by God’s truth.

      Praying that God gives you rest.

      • I have found that listening to a god-centered radio station works wonders when you are feeling stressed. I used to listen to everything else on the radio, country, pop…. but they won’t bring you peace and truth like a station that is god-centered. I never in my life thought that I would be excited to get in my car to listen to songs about God, but now I don’t want to listen to anything else because of the peace it brings. Just an idea 🙂

    • You are loved. And this might be just the thing to convict you to make room. It sure did convict me. The time is well worth it and even if you don’t think you have time, make time because all the rest falls into place when you put Him first.

  2. God came to me when I was hurting. He loved me and when I realised that he loved me, it changed my life. To have someone love you no matter who you are or what you do is truly freeing and amazing. He healed, is healing me. What greater love is there? Be encouraged today. God loves you so much!

  3. I love the anchor scripture – James 4:8 It is super comforting and encouraging to know that my drawing closer to God in this season means he’s also drawing closer to me. Thanks for allowing God use you to put this piece together

  4. I am broken now. In the midst of a divorce and constantly seeking God for answers. The girls dad has suddenly decided to claim residency of our girls after 3 months of things going well. I am scared over the tactics used to gain this and since hearing of this I have been praying continuously. I needed this reading too. I am just scared and my heart hurts. I am making more room than ever for God.

    • I’m so sorry. Praying for you, your heart, and your girls. Rest in the fact that God sees, He hears, and He cares about what is happening in your life. Praying for your peace as you wait it out and wait expectantly on Him.

    • Kristie Lamb says:

      Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord Plans to prosper you and not harm you.Plans to give you a hope and a future. You will call on me and come pray to me and I will listen to you. ? God is listening to you and he will help you. He sent his son to die to set you free.

    • You will get through this. I’ve been there. I submitted everything to God and that’s when things turned around. It wasn’t easy and there were still lots of bumps in the road, but looking back, those moments I spent with God streagthened me and got me through…sometimes minute by minute. And that experience brought me closer to God than I’ve ever been. Keep praying, trusting and leaning on Him.

      • I will echo what Patti has said. Many of us have had to experience this kind of pain…it’s excruciating. But just like Patti, I gave everything to God…everything. I was terrified, but once I finally understood how to fall into the arms of Christ, regardless of the outcome, I found Peace and Security. It’s not an easy journey, but with your sisters-in-Christ, we will pray with and for you. After the storm has passed, I pray you find a rainbow.

    • Hang in there D m. I just went through a major custody battle with my ex who was absent for 9 years of my sons life. He took it as far as a trial. Which was different than the last 3 custody battles I went through….yes 3. Twice with my now grown daughter and once at the initial divorce from my ex husband. Pray feverently for God to equip you with his Holy armor. Pray as though you are going to battle against an enemy and ask God to give you victory. God knows your heart. Pray for peace as you accept that God has total control and his plans are to prosper you and not harm. My sons father wanted full custody and he lives 1500 miles away. You bet it was the most terrifying 7 months of my life! Guess what God knows my heart his plans for me are far greater than my enemies and we won! I survived by reading these devotions daily and the archives of previous devotions. God used this situation to bring Him all the glory and praise. I am closer than ever to our savior and thanks to the First 5 app I am daily in his Word. I pray you will be given strength to pass through this situation and the Heavenly Armor to weather this storm. Blessing on you and your children.

  5. Almeta Ward says:

    I am going through a great storm and sometimes feel that God is so far away.
    Thank you for the reminder that He is never far away!

    • Michelle D says:

      I recently watched “God’s Not Dead 2” and one of the quotes was about how Grace felt God was so far away during her trial..her dad reminded her that the teacher is always quiet during the test. I remind myself of this now as it was so reassuring and true, God loves us and as long as we are called his children, nothing can separate us 🙂 Our parents wanted us to rely on them during trials, and I’m sure God wants the same with us 🙂 prayers!!

    • I have often not felt close to God in troubled times. It never ceases to amaze me that at those times I cry out to Him and say something like, dear Lord Your Word says You will not leave me. I believe Your Word I need You! Within a very short time He makes Himself known to me again. God is so good!

  6. Branden Koehn says:

    My mom is currently undergoing some health issues pertaining to Parkinson like symptoms. I try my best to stay grounded as I work with my mother is her condition. I am writing a book about how I’m coping to this situation in hope that it will encourage others with similar stories that can relate be inspired and motivated that God is there and that He can do miracles if you only step back and let HIM in.

    • My husband also has Parkinson. It is truly a struggle every day. I have seen my husband as a strong, mild manner, loving husband, become someone that needs assistance getting up, getting dressed, forgetting to take his pills and failing memory. I pray each day that he will be cured. There seems to be no difference in the meds since they first started giving them many years ago. The worst part is that I know it will only get worse. I know Gods will is, perhaps not, my will, and I try to remember that with each prayer. He is in control and has him in the palm of his Hands. God bless you , I hope this day is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. God Bless you and your Mom.

  7. Alzira Mascarenhas says:

    Dear Chrystal,

    We make room for things in our life if they are dear to us but have neither time nor room for our God and this does happen several times. When your little boy found comfort and joy when he made room for you, it must the same for you too. Thank you for the devotional and message to remind us that there is always room with our Lord for US when we need His presence, love, touch and that bit of comfort.

  8. Rose Cordes says:

    I can truly testify the goodness of our LORD and HIS presence when you truly call upon HIM. I’ve been on a journey about 5 yrs, now, separated from my husband due to infidelity. I moved out of our home with our daughter. God has been our rock, our provider, our strength in times when I didn’t have any. HE has molded me to be a strong woman of GOD especially during my feelings of rejection and abandonment.In order for me to heal, I had to forgive, forgive my husband for the sin that he carries. I continual pray that HE will return to HIS relationship with OUR FATHER. Let thy will be done!

  9. I have never left a comment before but your message really spoke to me. After spending six week visiting my husband in hospital with all the trauma of delayed surgery lost paperwork and waiting for a bed at a specialist hospital, travell two hours each day for four weeks the staying in hotel accommodation for a further two weeks, we are now home. God worked in both of us in an amazing way during that six weeks but since arriving home it all seemed to to start to fall apart, I had held it together for so long and reaction set in. Instead of continuing in the grace of God we very quickly started getting moody and irritable with one another. I could understand my husband felt trapped as he still only has limited mobility but I felt exhausted so we reacted instead of responding. I felt so bad about it all and definitely did not want to loose the progress we had made so you message really encouraged me. It made me see that getting tired, frustrated and irritable is not just me but can affect anyone and I don’t have to feel guilty but need to remember to get close to Jesus in all of this especially at this time and not let the enemy steal the wonderful growth that God has worked in us both over the past weeks. #thank you for the encouragement I feel more determined now to press in and rest in the Lord more than ever. Bless You Iris

    • Iris, I know what it is to hold it together through the worst (and most public) part and then descend to lower places at home. I got mad at everyone, even God. But grace! God never pouts about it, or stomps out, or refuses to talk until I get my act cleaned up. God stands there beside me, lets me pound out my frustration on his chest and listens quietly as I tell him that he’s done everything wrong. And then he wraps his loving arms around my sobbing, sniffling self and says, “I’m here.”

      • Shirlee- I’ve just recently been through a time where I have been so angry at God -at a painful situation that He chose not to stop, but to allow to walk right into our lives one evening, causing tremendous hurt to an already open wound that a loved one was looking to God to heal. Instead of healing, this scenario ripped the wound open wider and left us all reeling. It put me in a state of confusion about how God works, what He allows, WHY He allows it, and I am wary now to put too much trust in Him when I see that trust seemingly broken in my loved one’s life. I”ve been a Christian for over 30 years (so I know better!) but this most recent event has totally shaken my faith; but maybe that’s a good thing because the rosey glasses are definitely coming off and I’m getting down deeper to how this faith life really works.

        • I complete see where you’re coming from. I too have been shaken to my roots by some recent events, but when Shirlee said God just allows her to pound on his chest in frustration I felt like that’s exactly what He has done for me many times lately. Don’t be afraid to question, but allow yourself to hear his answer. In my situation I keep hearing “just trust me.” It’s been the hardest thing to do, but I’m working on it. Praying for you now.

          • Thank you, Leah! I appreciate your sweet, kind words and prayers.

          • You said it well, Leah. Sometimes trust is all we have, and trust is enough.

            It isn’t that God doesn’t care, Beth. Sometimes we are simply stuck with the consequences of someone’s sin. Or we have a good plan, but God has a better plan–something we can’t yet see. And sometimes, it is a mystery. We may never know, this side of heaven.

            Lord God, open Beth’s heart to hear your words, “Just trust me.” Be the peace in her storm, her comfort in crisis. Amen.

          • Thank you, Shirlee. I appreciate it!

  10. Alison Bruce says:

    Hi everyone, I am in the middle of one the hardest storms ever. My son and his new wife have totally rejected me and all our family telling us to consider himself dead to us. It’s a long story but one which is based on untruths and lies. At the very beginning of this episode I came across Lisa Terkurts new book,Univited, I read all the blogs etc and just knew I needed to preparer.This book along with love and prayers from friends and family has been been my salvation these past few weeks and in it I truly feel God speaking to me and upholding me. I have signed up for the study and cannot wait to commenced it. I believe I called out in desperation and the Lord answered through Lisa’s words and heartfelt experiences. I am heartbroken, yes, but I am at peace and feel filled with His Grace to endure this very testing of times.

    • Janice Daniels says:

      Allison I have a daughter, my youngest of four, have not spoken to me in four months, because of lies, and etc. I pray for her and my grandchildren and I continue to live in peace. Continue to trust God and to pray for your son. I pray it all works out for you.

  11. chinyere theresa umekwe says:

    Thanks for the comforting words.I now ve assurance that God is ever presence when i call on him.But pls pray for me that God should every yoke of stagnation & wondering in one circle.

  12. Thank you so much encouragement for today team.This really encourages me everyday and increases my desire to draw closer to God! Everyday’s message feels like it’s directed to me and I must say I’ve been greatly encouraged after a long time of been down.God is on the throne and I leave all my worries on HIS care.Great is thy faithfulness dear Lord!

  13. I went through a really tough situation this past year that left me broken, lonely and wondering how my world was destroyed so quickly. God is the only reason I made it through and some days I would just cry and call out to him. He showed me a verse that I clung to during this time from Isaiah 65:24 “Before they call, I will answer. While they are still speaking, I will hear”. Before I even called His name, He was in the process of taking care of it and despite the fact I was still saying the same thing to Him over and over (like a child repeating to a parent again and again), He promised to not tune me out. Some days, all I could do was repeat this truth over and over, but it gave such great comfort knowing that God was taking care of it already and loving on me by listening.

    • Thank you for sharing this. This scripture is exactly what I needed to hear. Isaiah 65:24 “Before they call, I will answer. While they are still speaking, I will hear”. Before I even called His name, He was in the

  14. Great reminder that I must make room for Him. It is so easy to let other ‘stuff’ crowd Him out. Thank you for the message.

  15. When I made room for God in my life, he removed a toxic person from my life! God also blessed me with a new job. I make room for God everyday! Wonderful message! Thank you!

  16. Yesterday was a long day from work to kids to Parent night at the Elementary school. I’m going through a very difficult divorce and still live in the same house with an emotionally abusive husband and our three wonderful children. I had allergies attack after a weekend outside and last night was rough as though I was getting a lung infection (I’ve had one before). I had to lay down when I got home after 8pm. He was still out with the kids. I cried in my pillow and prayed to lift up my worries to God and ask for healing. My kids came to me one by one to say goodnight and it was so sweet, even my youngest who needed guidance to ready himself for bed with teeth, bathroom, and tracing letters on his back. I felt rest through the night and this morning is much improved as the sickness in my chest finds healing. I know it is Gods presence, in the name of His son, Jesus. Amen.

    • Janice Daniels says:

      Sarah may God bless you with his everlasting love and peace that surpasses all understanding! The joy of the Lord is your strength. God has you and your family, keep praying, trusting and believing in God.

  17. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  18. Abiodun Adefemi says:

    Calling upon the Lord in hard time is not new for one who had taste HIM.. my testimony goes thus; I do a menial work and I needed to step up my credentials in other to get a better one… putting in for a course in higher institutions will cost me my annual allowance so the question of how I my going to pay my school fees, buy textbooks among others was what keep ringing in my head and holding me back. Not until I encourage myself to call upon and trust in God for He is A GOD of possibility.. (faith without work is faithless) I took a bold step worked towards it and today I am thanking Him for surprising my worries even if I have not buy my textbooks I still hope and trust Him that HE never fail me before and He would not as I am about to write my 1st year examinations. Hallelujah!!

  19. I am a brand new mom and my life has definitely been turned upside down. I love my son, but it has been a struggle learning a new routine with my little one. This is a great reminder for me to remember to make room for God in spite of all the busyness. It’s the best thing I can do for my son and for my husband and I. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!

  20. Linda Clough says:

    I know that life can be hard with so many things that invade our lives. When I read what these ladies have to say, I hurt for them. Eight years ago the Lord woke me up! He told me to get up in the morning & have a Bible study each morning. I have to be honest with you but I told God he was ” nuts”. It would mean 4:30 in the morning but I did. It has been the biggest blessing. Three weeks later my husband lost his job & I began with health problems. God gave us this verse: Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, a plan for welfare not calamity to give you a future & a hope. ” I claim each day. Prayers for you all.

  21. Natalie rog says:

    I found myself a widow after only one year of marriage. My husband had died from an unknown cause (later we learned it was cancer) a few days after his 31st birthday. I was devastated and, I’m embarrassed to admit, was angry at God. Shortly after his passing, my relationship with his family unraveled. In the midst of all the pain I was experiencing I felt God’s love more strongly than I ever have. He provided for me financially, emotionally, and spiritually. I leaned into God and my faith like never before and he healed my broken heart fully and completely. If he can help to mend broken heart he can mend anything. God is good! Praise Jesus!

    • Linda Farrow says:

      I became a widow after almost 40 years of marriage. I joined the Proverbs 31 online Bible Study to help me deal with that. Boy!!! Has it ever!! That was about 10 studies ago. Taking my mind off my problems gave me the peace God wanted me to have. Try it!!

  22. I found myself in a dangerous situation that would have ruined my marriage. While I knew what I was doing was wrong, and I felt the Holy Spirit pulling me away from the situation, Satan had me, and he knew it. On my own will, I knew I wasn’t getting myself out of this, I just couldn’t, sin had it’s grip…hard. I texted my pastor, and a few good Christian friends, omitted the details, and asked them to pray. I felt too ashamed, so ashamed that I myself couldn’t pray, but that didn’t stop me from barreling down the wrong path. I believe the prayers of my loved ones is what got me out of my “cloud”. I don’t even know that person I became in that period of time. I just knew, I knew the Holy Spirit was fighting for me. Praise God for Godly friends and for his grace and mercy!

    • Janice Daniels says:

      Amen! CC I am so glad you didnt allowed satan to ruin your marriage or life! God is sooo good to us and he loves us in spite of our shortcomings. Truly we fall down, but we get back up again. God forgives our sins and forgets them. God bless you!

  23. Thank you for today’s devotion it has brought me instruction,peace and thanksgiving!

  24. If I would just lay my burdens down at the cross, then I would not be carrying all the weight around! Why do I carry it all around with me? Who knows. Just know that Jesus never meant for us to carry our fears, frustrations, anxiety and depressions beyond the cross. He is the lifter of my head, my burden-carrier, my all-in-all. I am learning this the hard way after carrying so very much pain around with me from past and current hurts. It has eaten away at my joy and caused me to be so self-centered. I don’t like living like this. And it’s not really living, either.
    I lay it at the cross, Jesus, where you died to free me from the bondage I have carried around. I love you Lord!!!!

  25. Chrystal,
    Thank you for inspiring us with your story today. Relying on Him is how I get through each good and bad day. Your story about your son was very comforting…..a great teachable moment for all!

  26. joseph bailey IV says:

    Hoping He led me to read this, because I definitely need to spend more time with him

  27. I feel God’s presence when I take the time to read my Proverbs31 devotions. I like to sit and talk with God before and after my devotions. Just calling out His name and feeling His presence is a great way for me to start my day.

    • Kris
      I am doing the same thing now drinking my coffee. Lol
      Taking the time, second thing I do after grabbing my coffee.

  28. I was experiencing terrible anxiety, but when I drew near God in prayer He gave me peace. I had to realize that my thoughts were not real. They were only an attack of the enemy in order to take away my peace and move me away from God – The Prince of Peace! Draw near and allow the Holy Spirit to enter in.

  29. ramona fredericks says:

    Amen perfect peace. Thank you Lord with you we always work from a place of peace and rest.

  30. Just take a moment to say Jesus. An incredible feeling of peace wraps itself around you and the stress is released. The situation is still there but you are no longer frustrated or irritated by it. Now you can get through it.

  31. Janice Daniels says:

    In 2015 I resigned from a job I had been on for 8yrs. God has never failed me. I was paid 60,000.00 a year, but I was so unhappy. My life was full of stress, from the job. I was becoming sick, my spiritual life was unhappy so i decided to resign. It was the best thing I could have ever done in my life. God has been my provider. I haven’t been hungry or living on the streets. God said in he would never leave us nor forsake us. He said He has never seen the righteous forsaken or their seed begging for bread. I walked out on faith! God is a keeper. Keep him first and He shall direct your path. God bless you!

  32. This morning God told me to slow down and smile. . I was rushing to get kids ready for school and in the way stopped at burger king.. upon ordering and getting to the window I realized that my husband took the money out of my wallet.. the manager smiled and com it our breakfast.. he said it was in the house this morning. I rushed to get them to eat and rushed to get into the l one at school so I could get to work. Something happened. . Our broken stereo came on.. times into wbgl. And I heard the morning message… slow down and smile God said. So when I got home I went straight here and your devotion today was meant for me. Make room for God. Yes God.. I’m listening now -! Thank you!

  33. Chrystal,
    I loved your analogy of drawing closer to God. It certainly is a great visual for me. Thank you!

  34. Kristie Lamb says:

    Cast your anxiety on him for he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7. Ladies we are such emotional beings. We rely too much on our feelings not on God’s word. 98th a is my issue a lot. I have to keep reading and putting his words in my heart and mind. Believe him not mycondemning thoughts. He says Don’t worry about anything pray about every thing and God will give us his peace to guard our heart’s and minds in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:7

  35. Angela Hutton-Hall says:

    Good is so good, all the time. As I wake up each day, I’m thankful that God allows us to draw closer to Him each day. Nothing is too hard for God. He continues to Bless us even when we are disobedient and not following His word. The Book of Joshua in the 1st chapter reminds us to “meditate on the word of God both day and night and we will be successful wherever we go…” What an awesome promise! I thank God this morning that He hears and answers prayers!

  36. Janice Daniels says:

    Even though I replied once, I had to tell my story after reading some of the testimonies and stories I felt compelled to share. I moved to another state to live with my daughter and her family. I have been looking for a job for six weeks now, and it seems as though every job I have applied for the door has remained closed. I began to get frustrated and I have even cried a few tears. I keep reminding myself and telling God I trust you, but I had to ask myself was I really trusting God because this job searching and being dependent on my daughter was wearing me down. I felt myself sinking into depression. It was until yesterday I began to read your devotion and God restored my faith. I began to feel good about the situation, because I had to remember I pray ever night and ask God to protect me from seen and unseen dangers and He let me know those doors are not the doors I want you to walk through. In time He will bless me with everything He has for me. I had to be content and thank God for the good as well as the bad. He said He would never leave me nor forsake me.I trust Him. I must say I feel so much better. I had to realize this battle is not mines it belong to the Lord.

  37. Anonomys Wife says:

    A couple years ago, I found out that my husband had a relationship outside of our marriage. I quickly realized that even though friends and family could give me “earthly” comfort, the only “true” comfort through this mess was from God. I realized that I had a husband who made a mistake and I had to forgive him but I could NOT do it alone. I submerged myself in “truth” and it made my path clear as to what I had to do. It did not make it easier, it made it clear and I knew my God would hold my hand and guide me. It has been two years and I cannot tell you how my marriage has changed. God has continued to bless me beyond measure. There is NO way I could have forgiven my husband without God’s 24/7 warmth, guidance and truth.

  38. Nancy Haun says:

    I especially appreciate you saying, “. I create more space for God when I choose to accept the love He offers above my feelings of inadequacy that seek to crowd that love out.” Thank you.

  39. My then 6 week old daughter was in the hospital two weeks ago with a fever. My husband (wisely) sent me out of the room when she was getting poked and prodded with IVs and a catheter. As I was in the waiting room, I sat there praying and reading the Bible app on my phone for comfort. God met me there and gave me peace about the situation, helping me trust him. This devotional reminded me of that night when I called on the Lord and He answered with His peace and presence!

  40. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, I have felt clearly God’s presence, a sense of calm and peace enveloping me in love and letting me know that no matter what is happening around me, that He is with me.

  41. Debbie Herbst says:

    Earlier this year, my work and reputation were criticized by a higher level coworker. What an experience but God has comforted me and given me wisdom day by day. His Presence gave me encouragement and helped me know how to handle the situation and how to guard against bitterness. Seeking God first every day has been the key to overcoming, first in my heart and mind, and secondly, in my workplace. How grateful I am for the Proverbs 31 devos that daily helped me in “making room” for God’s Word and Ways.

  42. Tammy Haymon says:

    Have you called to Him and known His presence to make a difference in your life?
    Wow, just every day and all the time!! My every breath and very existence depends on His loving guidance and strength. Just like Moses back in Exodus 15:2, “The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him.”

    More specifically, his presence provides me with the promise and hope of spiritual growth on a daily basis. I’m so thankful for his presence and that He chose not to leave me in my helpless, sinful state. Praise to Jesus!

  43. After God removed my toxic father from my life, I had a painful whole left in my heart. I cried out to Him in my anguish and He answered me. I felt Him speak to my heart, reassuring me that He is my Father and won’t fail me as my earthly father had. Immediately I felt a peace and healing unlike I had never felt before. Making room for Him made all the difference. ❤

  44. I cannot begin each day that God awakens me without taking the time to “get with Him” in my own personal devotional time. Most of the time that is spent in my bedroom but out on my balcony when the weather permits as I feel an even closer communication with God. Watching my mother and grandmother take this time during my childhood, I felt the importance of doing the same thing and began doing so as an young mother myself.Now in my 70th year of life, I find it to be such an inspiration and added strength to my life.

  45. God’s timing is always perfect. He truly sees us. I clicked on this morning devotion, shortly after feeling a little frazzled when my own ill son had called “mom” what felt like 100 times in 10 min. I knew he just wanted me close, but was feeling irritable anyway. What a beautiful and humbling reminder that feeling that presence is what gives us our comfort and our strength. Thank you for shifting my focus back to this loving perspective.

  46. Lynn McCabe says:

    I love the picture of you and your son in the bed, close and comfortable safe with eachother. I think that we can say if we look at a 24 hour day and how we fill it with STUFF. stuff that just takes all the room and time and leaves no time or room for Jesus. I have to realize I have to make time and room for Jesus in my day and not squeeze him out.
    thank you for this simple but profound message.
    in His Mighty Name,

  47. Susan Allen says:

    God is so awesome. Being off on summer break has given me time to do longer devotions and Bible studies and prayer. Which means I spent a lot of time just being in His presence. Yesterday I got a call that I have until the 31st of October to move out of the apartment that I am living in now. I didn’t even feel a whiff of worry as I would before knowing I don’t know how it’ll turn out. I said to God, I have until the 31st of October and I am believing You to be faithful knowing that You already know my need. I am choosing to trust His hand in this situation and it gave me so much peace. As I read this devotion today I realized its truth, when you spend time with God, just being in His presence you begin to experience His peace even when the rug is suddenly pulled out from under you. And you also learn that sometimes the rug has to be pulled out from under you so that you can have an idea what you are standing on: the Rock who is Jesus or your own abilities. I pray for someone today who is rattled with reality: whether it be health, finances, relationship or changes; trust that God is already working it out. Abide in Christ. He promises that He will never leave you and whatever you ask in His name that He will do. Trust in the Lord and believe in His faithfulness. In Jesus name. Amen. I love you my sisters. Praise God for all of you.

  48. Love that picture of calling out AND “moving over” to make space for more of the Lord in our life. Needed to read it just now, too! Thx!

  49. Brenda Sims says:

    My daily routine was to cry the entire 25 miles to and from work every day after the sudden death of my son Marc in a car accident. One morning as I drove, pouring out my broken heart to God I cried, “God I know that You know how I feel because you lost your Son once too but you knew that you would get Him back!” And I will never forget the almost audible sound of God’s voice reply to me softly, “but you will gets yours back one day too”. You see, I knew that Marc was saved and sealed by Christ’s blood before that tragic day when he was taken from this world. But finally, in that moment in God’s presence, the peace that surpasses all understanding promised in His word came over me as I was reminded that God never asks anything of His children that He isn’t willing to give to us first.

  50. Call upon the Lord, call upon Him in truth. When you ask for help, and you really mean it. You must make room for God to help you in His way not ours. That to me is what the calling upon Him in truth means. Are we ready for that? Because the Lord will help us, but it will be what’s best for us, not what we think it should be. That’s the part where we or at least I get stuck. I pray that I will call on the Lord in truth, sometimes that means the help might hurt but in the end God does what’s best and we will end up better for it. By calling Him in truth. I pray for the courage to live this way and make room for God in my life everyday. Hope this makes sense to you. God bless you my sisters of the heart in Jesus.

  51. It hurt the little boy to move over and make room for his mom. It may hurt a little bit to make room for God in our lives, but do we want God more?

  52. I try to have my morning quiet time with my cup of tea, a devotional, my Bible, and my journal (where I try to write down at least one verse if I don’t have time to write down my reflections on whatever I read that day). This doesn’t always happen, of course. Life happens….which means interruptions to our greatest and noblest of plans.

    When I’m out and about, I keep Christian radio on in the car. I also pray for others when prompted by a request on Facebook, right then and there; otherwise I’ll be sure to forget! When passing a friend’s house in my travels, I pay for their family. When I see a Batman shirt or logo, I’m reminded to pay for a friend’s adoption (at their request!). Look around…you’ll see Batman everywhere to go! That was a brilliant idea!

    Give yourself prompts as reminders to pray. Examples night include:

    “When I pass (such and such) in my car, I’ll pray for (fill in the blank).”

    “Whenever I see a pregnant mother or a baby, I’ll be reminded to pray for an end to abortion and that God would soften the hearts of abortionists and the politicians who don’t yet know that life is sacred.”

    “When I see a Batman shirt, I’ll remember to pray for orphans and all of their needs.” (Seriously, get ready to pray a LOT!)

    Just some ideas to keep drawing close to God….and He will draw close to you and bring you peace!

    • Margaret Porth says:

      I pray for my son and daughter-in-law when I see a Ford Ranger pickup. Any color! They moved from Oregon to North Carolina after they got married (his first job after college). Needless to say, I see so many of them!

    • Thanks for reminding me to purposely find “excuses” to pray. I will use this technique. Have a blessed day!

  53. Whoops! Sent before proceeding! I meant pray, not pay, of course!

  54. Margaret Porth says:

    When my mom had a stroke 5 yrs ago, it was so incredibly difficult. Doctors, nurses, PTs, OTs, Speech therapy……on and on. Plus having to sell her home and find an adult foster home for her. Many times I did not know what to do. One verse that was always easy for me to remember was Psalm18:1….I love you LORD you are my strength. Many times the LORD would send a person my way to encourage me or change a situation that would help what was going on. He didn’t heal her, but oh HE gave me hope and strength.

  55. Monica Holt says:

    I’m going through a divorce not of my choice and it’s getting so nasty. Everytime something comes up or the thoughts and worries stay in my mind, I just ask God to take them away and guess what? He does! Just remember he keeps his word and all will be well!!!

  56. I am currently going through a divorce. The pain is unbelievable, but when I cried out to God for help He was right there for me. He is blessing me with new friends in my divorce care group. At 45 years old, I am going to go back to school and get a degree in accounting, which has been my dream.
    I can’t thank God enough for seeing me through this difficult time. It makes me stop and pray for those going through a divorce who don’t know the Lord.
    I find it comforting to meditate on Psalm 91.
    If you’re going through a difficult time, take heart and know that God is just a prayer away. He loves you just as you are.

  57. Wow! Thanks Chrystal! Your devotional was spot on for what I Had gone through this past week! My mom was in the hospital had surgery but drugs from recovering was overwhelming . Scary cause my mom wanted to just go home and I had to be strong and tell her no not yet. I prayed to God and bugged my Aunt relentlessly to help on what to do. Some how with Jesus and the Holy Spirit calmed the whole situation. Mom is now in rehab and will be back to normal. After that she can come home yay!

  58. I love your devotionals, Chrystal. They are a great blend of straight-forward no nonsense and love & grace. What a great reminder. So simple, I need to be reminded of it. If I want more of God, I need to make room for Him. Amen!

  59. I really needed this devotional today. My always healthy husband has just been told he has Parkinson’s Disease. We both love God very much and trust in Him daily, but it is still scary. What is ahead? What will our future hold? Every time I call out to God now I am going to literally move over and give Him room to come along side and give comfort. Thank you for these daily posts, they are so God inspired and helpful.

  60. The email was a very good reminder to spend time reading about the word of God. I realirealized I needed to focus on being closer to God instead of thinking about what other people are deciding.

  61. I am 28 and was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I also just got out of an unhealthy relationship. It is amazing to me to see how God works. It’s not in my time and it’s certainly not always what I would chose, but He has shown me that if you are one of His and you’ve wandered away, He’ll only let you go so far until He’ll bring you back into the fold. The journey I’m now on has led me to be more reliant on Him. I don’t have the boyfriend anymore and now I’m just focused on just being well. The outpouring of support and love has overwhelmed my heart! I know God is using this in some way for His glory and my good and right now I have to trust that He knows what He’s doing and will not leave me or forsake me in my time of need. People I haven’t talked to in a long time have sought me out to tell me they’re praying for me. Neighbors, friends, my work, my church family, my family… everyone has been so supportive and I know now that I am very loved and cared for now, even in my singleness and even in my sickness. I’ve been forced (in a good way) to make room for God, because He has certainly made room for me.

  62. Tonia Enlow says:

    I just broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years. Lately the Lord has been opening my eyes to a lot of things mainly that I was a victim of abuse. No, he didn’t physically abuse me but mentally and verbally, he did to the point where I was not myself anymore but I was a slave under his control and I know he didn’t intentionally mean to do that but he did and that was not good for me because I wasn’t myself anymore, I was a slave to him and I couldn’t live that way anymore. So one day I read a devotion that said sometimes we have to make room for things so God can bless us so I left. I have been gone for a month now and within this I have experienced things that I know had to be the Lord speaking to me and I listen. I thank God for speaking to me and allowing me to grow spiritually. Now, I will just sit and wait patiently on the Lord.

  63. Beautiful! Just the reminder that I needed today!

  64. I love this metaphor of making room for God! Thinking today of ways to just allow him space in my thoughts, my calendar, and my home.

  65. Jasmine Solis says:

    My son suffered a concussion about 3 weeks ago from football. He was suffering from headaches, nasuea, and dizziness.i prayed twice a day requesting that God lay his hands upon my son and heal him. To give me his symptoms as I can bare them so that my 15 yr old son in his sophmore year could be healthy and enjoy his last 3 years of high school. God did not let me down after two weeks my sons symptoms began to go away. He has been cleared by his dr and starting Monday he has a 4 day return to play plan he has to complete before he can play again
    I believe it was Gods hands who healed my son.

  66. The past 9 months of my life have been a season of grief. I have never needed God closer to my heart than I do now.

    After losing my daddy unexpectedly, life has drastically changed. My family and I live on the same farm as Momma and Daddy and we are all extremely close. But one day after his passing, the Lord reminded me of just how close He is to me, especially now.

    Follow this link to read the rest (too much to write here!).


  67. My fiance has a drinking problem which we always fight about but from now onwards I will never complain to him anymore because God already solved this problem I will keep my faith in God and see his wonders. Please help me with the prayer I believe that God can change any situation there he will change mine too. I love God so much that he gave me a heart to love and care for others and he gave a wonderful this wonderful man my fiance to love and care for. Thank you Jesus, thank you God.

  68. I make room for God everyday by thanking him when I wake up in the morning, and throughout the day. Another way is by reading the devotions from this website. I have realized over the years that going a day without God’s word or submitting to him everyday, leaves me vulnerable to the enemy. Trust me, I do not intend on leaving cracks for the enemy to find a way into my life.

  69. I want to do the new Bible study

  70. In late 2007, a couple months after a bad car accident in which I suffered airbag injuries to my chest, while reading in bed one night, I felt a tingling in my breast, and touching the area, felt a large mass. Thinking it was just more results of the car accident, I planned to just wait until my next follow up visit with the doctor to have it checked, and went to bed. Sometime late in the night, God’s presence came to me, and told me not to wait… was a definite presence…so I called the doctor when I got up and saw him the next day…sent for a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy, and a few days later learned it was cancer. After surgery, it was learned it was the most aggressive form of breast cancer, and if I had waited, the results could have been disastrous. Several operations later, and Chemo, more operations, I am now 7 1/2 years cancer free and counting. I believed God saved my life, and healed me, and hope that I am serving Him in a way that will show Him my gratitude every day.

  71. I loved your devotion. I know I need to make more room for God. Trying. In such a hard place in life now, really need His comfort. Loved reading everyone’s responses, praying for all.

  72. Me and my husband have struggled after 18 years of marriage, it’s not me, it’s him. His insecurities and doubts overwhelm him and the people around him keep telling him “do what makes you happy”. So we had a discussion, I told him, think of the people that are telling you this? Do any of them have the perfect marriage? No. So leave the past in the past and try it my way. The devil is the only one directing you to leave and not try. Try it my way, look forward not backward, as if we are starting with a new life. Generally we’ve been happy, but when his doubts creep up and take hold of him, he changes. I told him you can’t just think of yourself, you have to think of your family. We have 2 sons, 16 & 11. You’re decision can’t be for just yourself, you have to think of them. I’m surprised that these people aren’t seeing the big picture. But I told him these people are speaking through Satan, not through God. God would never tell you to abandon your family. We almost never argue, yes we disagree, but not argue. I’ve calmed down plenty by reading my Proverbs 31 every day and the Unveiled Wife. I’m learning, growing and have been praying for my husband forever. It’s been almost a week and nothing has been said. I will continue praying,for the hope that everything will be fine is given to me by my Father.

    • Wravan Godsoe says:

      Hello Maria – This devotional just hit my email today and thus I have happened on your post from last September. My marriage was in a similar state once, and my husband actually moved out for 18 months. It was an incredibly hard time, but it did bring me so much closer to God. Whatever has happened since you posted this, I pray that you feel God’s love, strength and leading as you go forward. Please know that someone who has been there is in prayer for you.

  73. I had to write.

    I did just as this scripture said. (I made room) and one of my biggest dreams came true. I am currently in
    in-patient, treatment for my health and weight. I had been praying a long time about help. And it was by divine intervention I was lead to an program that specialized in eating disorders. I am feeling very blessed to be here. I don’t take, for one second, my time spent here. I am with children and other adult women. We all struggle with issues.

    I just had to give a praise report …for an answered prayer. I am living the dream. (and no…it isn’t easy). but its soo well worth the time here. I know God works in mysterious ways. He may not answer your prayers overnight…but he always answers prayers. Don’t give up on GOD, and always “Move over..and Make room” for our lord and savior. Never forget to give thanks…when he answers a prayer. GBU all!!….forever and always.

  74. It may seem I am being lazy or careless yet I am going to the Lord for His love for me. We all have logic behind our flaws, behind our hurt, and reasons for feelings. I don’t see how someone can do what they do so I turn to the Lord when I’m very sorry or let down. I pray and I don’t get what I think will make me feel better, but I do get a very reliable and trustworthy all in the friend in Jesus. He holds me safelt before the storm and shelters me from the tides. A strong rock, and my rescuer always has been always will.

  75. I am hurting so much ! It’s one thing to fight the enemy but for the enemy to be in your famil!! Well it’s just a whole lot worse . I lost a child after raising her 14 years to her dad and his third wife it’s all about money to them and the child is begging me to get her out of that home and I can’t because of the law. He stopped us from having anything to do with her at three months ago we are suing for grandparents rights. Our hearts is breaking for so many reasons we do a lot of crying and praying and crying and praying .trying to figure out where God is at in all of this. As I read all the other women comments I cried with some of you .Life can be so unfair and Can really hurt sometimes. I know that some of you have told how God has brought you through and that really helped me
    Trying to move the pain over makeing room for God.

    • I am praying tor comfort for your family and that God’s peace that passes all understanding be with you and cover you. That you saturate your life with encouraging Bible verses that will encourage you and your family that every step of a righteous man is ordered by God and that PSALMS 34 reigns in your daily life with encouraging hymns and gospel music… Your fam is in my prayers

  76. Shirley Gomez says:

    One of the best habits, I started out of desperation was writing scriptures on 3×5 cards. In the beginning, I hooked them on my key chain. At a moment of loosing control or feeling like I am in that “bad dream” I would read over them. There have been, many moments those cards and scriptures were more important than my phone!! In those moments God was in bed with me holding me and giving me peace!

    • Wravan Godsoe says:

      I have a a collection of verses on notecards, too. I have kept them with me all this spring as I dealt with some deep fears and waited on God’s answer. to my prayers. God has answered me fully and joyously, but I still stop and read those verses as I continue to seek to do God’s will.

  77. As I choose a new road to better health & fitness, I knew I’d need His strength to reach my goals, since I’ve previously liathed exercise. Every time-my mind told me-I couldn’t do it, I would repeat “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!” & ” I love You Lord!” I’ve learned to lean on & call on Him in hard times.

  78. Yes, God’s presence makes a difference. I have been putting on the armor of God and He has been fighting the spiritual battles around me victoriously!

  79. God spoke to me through this devotional.

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