How to Supersize Your Happiness Today

How to Supersize Your Happiness Today

August 30, 2016

“That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives.” Galatians 5:26a (MSG)


Recently, I ran across an old photograph taken when I was dating Scott, whom I’d eventually marry.

In the photo, Scott has his arm around my waist. I’m smiling, but it looks like a smile I’m not feeling inside. I remember why. Before our date, I stood in front of my mirror with a mascara wand, nervously pinpointing flaws and wishing I were someone a little … different.

When I saw the photograph 20 years later, I took pity on the younger me. She was beautiful. She was falling in love. She had a great job offer in front of her, and a few days later, she would take it. She should have been happy! Instead, she was missing her own life.

Hindsight is a terrific teacher.

Looking at the photo, I thought about all the happiness we give away while wishing for something different.

This year, I took a dare from God to cultivate more happiness in my life. During my Happiness Dare, I identified four major Happiness Hijackers. One of those hijackers tries to convince us of this: If you could just be like her, then you’d be happy.

We calculate how much it would cost us to get there: how much hustle, how many Fitbit steps, how many promotions, etc. And then we live like machines instead of people. How exhausting!

At the root, we’re playing comparison games. The apostle Paul called comparison what it really is: pointless. “That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives” (Galatians 5:26a).

This is what I’m learning: If we want to be happier today, let’s stop wishing for someone else’s life and discover happiness in the life we have. We begin by halting comparison.

Let’s see others as imperfect people going through some of the same challenges we are. Comparison is rooted in idealizing people rather than humanizing them.

Furthermore, let’s say another woman gets what we want. We could actually be genuinely happy for her. Our happiness is automatically limited if we can be happy only for those dearest to us.

Let’s not wait until we come across an old photo, only to realize we walked right past the happy that was in front of us all along.

Sister, go easy on yourself. You are a person — not a machine! You don’t have to work so hard for the happiness that’s already yours.

Let this be our declaration:

I am a person.

I am not a machine, spreadsheet, agenda or résumé.

I have a heartbeat, skin, scars and a soul.

I am a person.

My worth isn’t calculated in efficiencies, results or ladders climbed. I am not the sum of my accomplishments — or the sum of my mistakes. I am not my ambition, energy level, approval rating, mass appeal or worth to the company store. I am not an A-plus or D-minus. I am not a mess or a miscalculation.

I am not a mistake. Rather, I am a miracle. And so are you.

Because I am a person, made of love in the hands of God.

I will be a person today. I will be me. I will resist the urge to believe I’ve got to fight for my piece; God says there’s more than enough to go around.

I will see the best in others and recognize the best in myself.

I will reach for virtue more than trophies, dignity more than stardom. I will choose encouragement over envy. I will rejoice with those who rejoice.

I will stand tall on the inside, even if I’m feeling weak on the outside.

I am a person, a citizen of the Kingdom, where there is unending grace for me. Because I am a person, and I belong to Jesus.

Dear God, remind us that you created us as people, not machines. Remind us happiness isn’t bought in a store, earned by our hustle or found by trying to be someone we’re not. Thank You, Lord, that happiness is found in You alone. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Galatians 6:4,Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else.” (NLT)

Today’s devotion comes from Jennifer Dukes Lee’s new book, The Happiness Dare. If you’ve ever wondered if God cares about your happiness, this is the book for you.

Did you know you are uniquely created by God to experience His happiness in your life? In just 5 minutes, identify what truly makes you happy by taking the “What’s Your Happiness Style?” assessment at

Enter to WIN a copy of The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee. In celebration of this book, Jennifer’s publisher is giving away 5 copies! Enter to win by leaving a comment here. {We’ll randomly select 5 winners and email notifications to each one, by Monday, September 5.}

If I could just be like her. How have you experienced this Happiness Hijacker? Make a list of three things you can appreciate about the life God created for you. Studies show that gratitude significantly boosts happiness. Ask God to help you focus on where you can be thankful today.

© 2016 by Jennifer Dukes Lee. All rights reserved.

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  1. Would love Jennifer’s book, The Happiness Dare! Great Proverbs 31 article today!

    • Lisa Sheppard Floyd says:

      This is a great reminder to enjoy all of what life brings us.

    • I know this girl well. Look at pictures when I was a child and wondered why I thought there was so much wrong with me. Thank you for sharing this it has hit home. Would love to read this book!

      • Amanda Melton says:

        This is something I still struggle with daily and now I fear my teenage daughter is struggling with it also. I would love a copy of this book so that we could sit down to read and study it together. Thank you.

      • Elizabeth Corbitt says:

        I so needed to read this article today. I have felt broken and discouraged. Too many what ifs.
        Thank you. Tears flowed but it was a good cleansing of my soul.

    • Kathy Woodward says:

      I am grateful that Jesus saved me..
      I am grateful that because of him I am not alone.
      I am grateful that when I fail my Father in heaven is here!
      I have always felt alone, that nobody likes me. I don’t have friends, my own family does not come to see me. BUT
      I have Jesus!

    • Angelica Sanderlin says:

      Great article

  2. Perfect timing… Thank you!

  3. This book looks so interesting and I’d love a chance to win! Thanks!

  4. Amy Valentine says:

    I would love to read this!

  5. Tanya Doule says:

    I want one my birthday is September 17 it would be a great gift

  6. I really needed the reminder, loved this devotion!

  7. Amen! Great devotional.

  8. Sunshine farris says:

    Happiness found in Him ❤️

  9. Sunshine farris says:

    Happiness in Him

  10. Ha who isn’t searching for happiness? Seems like the goal of my life.

  11. Great devotional and reminder of what true happiness means!

  12. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to read today. I struggle most with comparing myself to the perfect woman I think I need to be…thankfully God says I am exactly who He created me to be, fearfully and wonderfully made. I don’t have to be burdened and burnt out all the time. And when I took the happiness style quiz, it described me to a T!

  13. Jade DePaul says:

    I really needed to read this arrived ❤️

  14. Beautiful devotion! This spoke right to me and what I’m currently going through. Comparison is the thief of joy.
    I’d love a chance to win this book! Thank you!

  15. Kristin herrera says:

    This sounds like just what I need right now!

  16. Tracie Collins says:

    This book sounds fabulous! Just what I need for a God centered approach to find happiness when who I am, not modeled after what I see in others.

  17. Angie DeRosier says:

    Lovely blog post and a good lesson as a reminder to never compare ourselves as we love ourselves just as we are.

  18. Kat Villarreal says:

    Dare accepted!!!

  19. Such good, applicable wisdom!

  20. Was exactly the message I needed to hear today. It re-energized my spirit and reminded me to put my faith in and turn my life over to the amazing love, grace and guidance of God. Thank you !!

  21. Heidi Aldrich says:

    Thank you for sharing this message today. Very encouraging

  22. Shannon S says:

    I need this book! I need help choosing Joy & I need help finding & seeing happiness! I’m afraid I’m on the verge of depression, I struggle with bitterness & resentment.

  23. Wow such a timely devotional! Every night before bed I think about the to do list I’ve conquered that never ever seems to be enough. Laziness used to be an issue of mine but I can’t ever seem to do enough to fully erase that in my brain. I keep needing to do more and more to prove to myself that I’m no longer lazy…

  24. Kari Tate says:

    I would love to read this book!

  25. Carol Ann says:

    I have known comparison all of my growing up years through my parents, and it gave me an inferiority complex about myself which I believed for a long time! I am just now trying to come out from under that shroud of darkness to try to accept myself for who I am with the help of God’s grace!

  26. Nancy Olsen says:

    Thank you for this devotional as I did not recall this verse in Galations actually stating not to compare ourselves to others. I thought at first I don’t do this but then, thought harder, and realize I do. I have reached 60 and am finding I’m comparing myself to friends who are retiring. I often wish I could retire as my work is stressful and then I realize God called me to work with the complex elderly. I struggle actually feeling the Spirit sharing my burden. I need to be reminded of the reasons God wants me there at work and somehow find joy in workdays that are so busy that I constantly have to rush. I’m struggling because of the rush to hear God and SO want to. I think this book would help me do God’s work more joyfully.

  27. Carol Ann says:

    If only I could be like her? That’s what my Mom especially wanted me to be like other girls, and I could never measure up! It only got me angry and finally drove me into a total state of depression and alcoholism! I have found Jesus now, and He loves me for who I am, but I am still growing!

    • Mary in NH says:

      I also was raised by a mom who had a specific idea of what I should be. But God – Those weren’t His plans. I don’t think my moms faith background showed her this part. Forgive your mom, focus on your sobriety and relationship with God – He has good plans for you.

  28. I’ve been seeking happiness outside of myself for so long. I now know it comes from within ourselves. Now just to figure out how to love be myself and be happy

  29. Such a great devotion, especially for me today. I’ve been comparing myself again with my music friends and the enemy has tried to get into my head about this subject. But, this really encouraged me today to just be happy in who I am in Jesus. Thank you so much!

  30. Love blessings thank you

  31. Theresa Carr says:

    I have struggled my entire with knowing who and what I am in Christ. Because of being molested and also murdered as a teen, I was always looked at by my church as “impure”. It did not matter that I was the “victim”. This carried over to my adult life. Yes, I knew God loved me and forgave me of my sins, and I forgave the “guilty” party years ago, but the self loathing never really went away. I am now in my 50’s and am experiencing joy for the first time in my Christian life (I was saved at age 1.0). For me my healing began when the person responsible for my childhood trauma passed away. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I am a work in progress.

  32. Katie Lucas says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear. Comparison has taken over my happiness, and this came at just the right moment. God bless.

  33. Helen nickerson says:

    I am thank full everyday that I get a chance to try to smile at everyone I see. Being kind is easy with out much planning or fore thought .

  34. Helen nickerson says:

    I am so happy to be able to smile at everyone I meet in my day . Respect is easy to give if we all get trained in it.

  35. Kelly Sonderby says:

    “I will choose encouragement over envy”… exactly what I needed to hear and what I will have as my declaration for happiness! I am saved… and so I am happy! Thank you Jesus!

  36. Anne Mude says:

    Thanks, most of the time most of us do not even realize that we have the comparison problem and we sail through life never happy. Today you revealed that to me and I really needed it. So again, thank you.

  37. Great devotion! One on my weaknesses is idealizing people to the point of comparison.

  38. Marva Naylor says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. I need to be reminded daily of happiness is inside me through which Jesus is working for His glory. I look forward to reading, learning, and sharing his word.

  39. Thank you ma. This piece has amazingly blessed my life.

  40. Great devotion!

  41. Hapiness us a gift from God

  42. Emy Castro says:

    This is really encouraging and it’s timely for me because I caught myself having this feelings this weekend. Thanks a lot.

  43. Shaunte Mathis says:

    I am grateful for who God created me to be. I am unique in my own way, I choose to be happy and free.

  44. Vikki Ormesher says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! ? I’d love a copy of your book! ?

  45. I was just having this very conversation with someone about 15 hours ago – feeling as though we’ll never be happy & why can’t we be happy. I’d love your book to be able to share with this lady & work on my own (un)happiness levels too. x

  46. Just had been studying about measuring up and comparisons and then read this devotional which gave me even more inspiration. Thanks. Would love to win your book.

  47. This is just the reading I needed today. As a single mom it is hard to see others have things handed to them. However, this reminded me that I am so blessed in so many ways. Thank you for the reminder.

  48. I need to read this book!

  49. This is so true! We think at the time (maybe 20 or 40 years ago) that we needed more or something else to be happy, but 20 or 40 years later we realize we should have been more content with our wonderful lives, and all that God had blessed us with at the time…even our big hair! 😉
    We all need more happiness! Jesus will give it to us graciously!
    Thanks for this!

  50. Thank you for the encouragement. It is something that I am dealing with at the moment.

  51. Thank you for the encouragement..I constantly allow other things to steal my happiness. I need to learn to see myself through God’s eyes and not my own!

  52. Thank you for this devotion it was greatly needed! God always knows….and my happiness sure could use a supersizing at this time of my life’s journey.

  53. I have been struggling with this lately, everything seems to revolve of the dissapproving responses I have been getting from everyone around me, I can’t seem to be happy with what I have. My body isn’t perfect I can see my friends look at me dissapprovingly, or as if they are happy they are so small. And as I push myself down to help them feel better they don’t realize what I’m doing and they brush it off like I’m exhaggerating my feelings. The people I work with think I’m slow and work to hard, while picking on me for little things. When they say my name it cuts through me sometimes. Often I feel like the only way to make others feel good is to let them tear me down and keep getting stomped on. It’s not pleasant. I considered settling with the idea that maybe God is speaking honestly through the people around me and I do need to do all these things or I will cause a major cooperation to implode. But Gods plan is Gods plan, and no matter what or who is the catalyst Gods greater plan will happen.

    • Dear Ashley, I don’t doubt that some of what you say here is true. But I suspect that you are also finding hurt where none is intended. One day early in my marriage, my husband was irritable and withdrawn. I pestered him to explain why he was mad at me. He responded, “Do you think you are my only problem?” Yep, it wasn’t about me at all. Lesson learned–unless a person specifically tells me I am the problem, I assume it isn’t about me. And sometimes, even when someone says I’m the problem, it isn’t really about me. Sometimes I’m just a convenient target.

      Know this, Ashley. You will never make others feel good by letting them tear you down. As Jennifer points out, true happiness does not come by way of comparison. Not for you. Not for them.

      Lord God, wrap Ashley in your love. Teach her to listen to your voice, to find her encouragement in your Word. Make her a reflection of your love. Open her eyes to your image in her and in others. Amen.

      • Robin Basone says:

        Thank you Shirlee for being the vessel of encouragement to Ashley, I claim your prayer of healing her self esteem right now, in His Name

  54. I’m constantly comparing myself to other women. In my eyes, they’re always more beautiful, more thin, more healthy, more happy, more everything. I always feel that their lives are so much better than mine, especially since I deal with chronic illness every day and can’t do all I need to do for my family. Thanks for the opportunity to get a free copy of your book.

    • Hi Wendy, I was touched by your post and could relate to you as I’m managing a chronic illness too.

      This devotional really spoke to me as I’m challenged to slow down, not be such a type A personality, stop measuring my worth in how many items I’ve crossed off the to-do list. My illness stopped Superwoman dead in her tracks and forced me to call out to the Lord for strength to just get through the day.

      What caught my heart was that you wrote of not being able to do what you “need” to do for your family. I just want to encourage you that you aren’t the source of meeting all these needs. God is in control and it doesn’t depend upon you alone. His strength and grace are sufficientl and greater than our human frame and He will meet our needs and our family’s too. But the thing I learned is that I have to let Him and that means I have to let go of my control and surrender to His care.

      It’s ok to wait on the Lord and give yourself time and space and the rest you need to heal. You are in your Fathers hands and He will meet All our needs according to His riches in glory.

      I said a prayer for you and send you sisterly love and support in Him .

  55. I really would love to win a copy of this book, but for my daughter. She has struggled all of her life worrying about her weight or how she looked. Yet, she is a beautiful girl. Her insecurities abound. Perhaps, through this book, she could see what God sees…her heart…and be content. Then, instead of passing on this unnecessary focus to her children, they can begin to live in His glory. That’s my prayer.

  56. Jacinda Setiawan says:

    Apparently I am a doer. Closely followed by thinker.

    I think this is why I get so frustrated by family vacations. They seem so purposeless.

    I’m definitely interested in finding out more about how to be the person God made me to be.

  57. This devotion was such a blessing to me. I had not planned to read a devotional this morning after reading the Bible but just decided to click and read. I believe that God sent me here today. It is easy to smile and pretend that all is well when sometimes we are struggling with comparisons and rushing to ensure that we do not fail. What a powerful reminder of who we are in God.

  58. I have struggled most of my life to he a doer. I want so badly to be accepted and validated by others; the result of being wounded by my mom who deserted me and my siblings. I will be 50 years old in a few weeks and I can barely remember ever being happy because I am exhausted. I will take the happiness challenge.

  59. Patricia Woodson says:

    So inspiring…thanks!

  60. I’ve been looking for a book to help me find my true happiness. I’m so looking forward to taking the dare!

  61. chris ehlers says:

    Wonderful devotion!!!!

  62. The quiz revealed the real me….thanks very much

  63. How often I sabotage myself in this arena! Thanks for the reminder.

  64. I understand looking at an old picture and wondering why I didn’t just be me.

  65. Would love to share this book with my niece . . . I have found happiness by knowing my identity in Christ. I use scripture to reinforce when my mind wanders : ) Thank you

  66. I lost my Husband a year and and 7 mo. a go for the longest time I had no Happyness. I keped saying to me I do not feel like myself. Just last mo. I could say I am me again. I also took treatment fo canser for 7 mo. and I am greatfull for how every thing went so well there a lot of people that have it worse mine was easey i am very glad God was with me the last year and 7 mo.. and i liked the devotion today.

  67. Mrs Birdy says:

    Let us never forget we are Unique and Wonderfully Made! For such a time as this!

  68. I would love a copy of Jennifer’s book! This blog entry came at the perfect time! I am really working on redefining my happiness. Parts of my life that I thought would make me happy have ended up making me feel empty. I am now working to find what truly makes me happy.

  69. Julia Lothamer says:

    Thank you! I needed this so much! Struggling through a divorce and self worth right now!

  70. Cheryl Burton says:

    I really enjoyed this devotional. I have been struggling with who I am my whole life. Too fat,not pretty enough,not smart enough or if I could smile more people would like me better. If I join this ministry or act this way I will seem more spiritual or more holy and be excepted.
    I am 53 years old and have spent so many years pretending to be happy instead of resting in the peace my savior has provided for me.Thank you so much for this devotional it really spoke to my spirit.

  71. Ashley Dillon says:

    Such a fabulous reminder! It’s so easy day to day to forget to live in the present and see all the happiness right in front of us! Definitely would love to read this book!!

  72. Mary beth says:

    I compare myself to others all the time. This devotional was very encouraging. God made me to me not someone else. Thank you.

  73. So many times I look around and say ” if that could only change….then I would be happy. If my husband would change…. Then I would be happy.” “If I get to that Salary…. Then I would be happy.” Why can’t I just be content now? I think this book would help me.

  74. I find this information so fascinating! I’d love to read this book!

  75. I am fearfully and wonderfully made! !

  76. Happiness truly is a struggle sometimes. Thank you for the reminder once again that true happiness is not found in material things but only when we live God.

  77. Annie Abraham says:

    Thanks a very inspiring article

  78. Loved this, would’ve been so nice to have read this when I was that timid, self- destructing teenager. There was a period in my life where I have no pictures because I was ashamed of my acne and my looks, but sadly I didn’t see the kind heart and permanent smile that others saw in me. I also grew up with little money, so I was holding on to resentment, but God’s plan for my life has been so good and I’m so thankful I can pass on what I’ve learned from these things I considered major flaws to my daughter in hopes of nourishing her fruit of compassion and empathy. Thank you so much 🙂

  79. I was talking to my students yesterday about not comparing themselves to others. That it is ok to admire something great in others but to focus more on being becoming the best person they can be. I often have to take my own advice and stop and remember how blessed God made me. I can’t sing or dance or write beautiful words but he gave me a lot of other wonderful gifts I sometimes forget to thank him for. Thank you for the article and praise God for making me the person I am!!

    • What a wonderful lesson to teach students! I am 34 now, and I remember being in 9th grade and I didn’t wear makeup. The teacher said to the whole class on a topic that “natural beauty does not exist” referring to makeup! That has never left me, it was etched in my fragile self-conscience bones that day!

      So thank you for giving your students positive nuggets to cherish, teachers play a very big role in our lives that goes much further than teaching lessons from the books, thank you 🙂

  80. Exactly the devotion I needed today!! Realizing all that I have to Be happy for ! Choosing to look at me and my wonderful life over comparison to others ! Thank you SO much for opening my eyes this morning !

  81. Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging message today!!

  82. Donna Korzun says:

    This so hit home for me 🙂

  83. Great challenge for me today. Thank you!

  84. Steph Roukema says:

    Such a great reminder!!

  85. I want to print this reflection and post it on my wall so that can read it every day!

  86. Wonderful devotion! I find it so easy to see good qualities in others and also to see all my faults. Would love to win your book to read and share with my young adult daughter and my 15 year old daughter.

  87. Beth Byrd says:

    Many days and think about what would make me happy. I love my life, but sometimrs feel like something is missing or I am not fulfilling my purpose.I am most happy giving and doing. Much coworkers are smartwr, faster, and more articulate. The differences between them and I can be overwhelming and make me sad. I know my strengths and will like myself and who God made me to be.

  88. This is just what I needed to hear today! So very, very true and explained beautifully! Thank you ?

  89. This book would be wonderful at a time where i am getting closer to a certain age.

  90. Excellent reminder of truth today! I would love a copy of “The Happiness Dare” ❤️

  91. Katrina Smith says:

    I can’t wait to get this book

  92. Janene hill says:

    It is so important to be in the moment, not taking it for granted!! It’s difficult to only look forward toward what you want or are trying to achieve. It’s good to have goals. But enjoy the NOW!!!

  93. Teresa Tennant says:

    All my life I have measured my life by others. I’m really to relax and be happy! Would love to have this book!

  94. I recently just discovered that two of my daughters are seriously struggling in this area of comparing themselves to others as I was talking with them trying to pinpoint what was currently making them so unhappy in their lives. What a timely devotional to receive as I was praying how I could encourage my girls to focus on their walk with the Lord rather than what was happening around them in their world. Would love to get this book and do as a study together with my girls.

  95. Thank you for sharing these truths about happiness…..true happiness!! I would love the privilege of having a copy of this book. I have so much to learn. I definitely appreciate this devotional this morning about comparing. I so often compare myself to others, often without even realizing it. “I am a miracle, not a machine.”

  96. Sounds like a great book. This hit home with me, esp. in my younger years!

  97. Jen Collins says:

    Three things I am grateful for in the life God has given to me:
    1. Salvation through Jesus Christ’s substitutionary death on the cross for my sins
    2. Guidance and discernment i request from the Holy Spirit at the start of the day
    3. My earthly and my spiritual families!

  98. Kyra Cerullo says:

    I’m excited to not only read this for myself, but to share this knowledge with my husband as well. 🙂

  99. Just what I needed to read this morning!

  100. Dottie Craiglow says:

    Wonderful reminder.

  101. Wanda Goins says:

    This really hit home with me. Even now as a grand-mother, I constantly fault myself that I can’t be everything I think I should be. I just need to realize I’m who God wants me to be.

  102. Catherine Brown says:

    Oftentimes, women are in competition with other women and we lose who we are because we are the only ones competing. I wish I had someone to share the words in this devotional when I was twenty because I would have fought for my happiness sooner. But, the great thing is it’s never too late to find happiness in God no matter how old you become. Thank you for this devotional because I learned that today.

  103. amy brown says:

    i would LOVE a copy of awesome book!!!

  104. Wow! Great way to happiness!

  105. Andrea Reifeis says:

    This was Oh So Needed this morning! Satan uses my weakness and dependency of comparison to try and draw me away from God. I would like to say he never succeeds at it… but he does. I often believe the lie that my body isn’t good enough, my job isn’t good enough, my “still-single-status” while everyone else is getting married isn’t good enough, and the list goes on and on. I too have looked back on photos and times in my life that I runied because I was so concerned about my body and comparing to everyone else. And I so wish I could tell the younger me to just LIVE LIFE!!! I am so blessed in so so so many ways… feeling not good enough is zapping my energy and slapping God in the face of the beautiful creation he put such time and energy into– ME!!

  106. Thank you! Just what I needed this mornng. Would love to read the book!

  107. Christina says:

    This came @ just the right time, in a season of not finding the happiness around me. Thanks

  108. Kenda Trollinger says:

    In Him I will find my happiness! Yeah! Good insight for the day!

  109. Michelle Tuel says:

    Thank you. I really need this today. I am constantly comparing myself to others and have at times considered myself a failure because “she’s such a better mom than me” or “she is so much prettier/thinner than me.” We all need to realize that God made us in His own unique way and to Him we are all beautiful.

  110. I would love this book….lack of joy fills my soul on a regular basis and maybe this would help get me back in the right direction….

  111. Angela Raphael says:

    I would enjoy a copy of the book!

  112. Trish Odom says:

    Awesome reminder! I definitely need to read this book!

  113. Tressa Hollinger says:

    Great article, hit home for me.

  114. Lori Muller says:

    Comparison is a problem I deal with daily. I always find myself coming up short in all areas. I want so badly to overcome all of this negative self talk, but it continues to haunt me after 46 years. Thank you for today’so devotion. It was timely!

  115. Pam Olszewski says:

    I have taken the questionnaire and find I am a doer. Raising grandchildren while working full time, juggling my second marriage while doing that and trying to help my sick sibling and others I find the questionnaire and what I’ve been able to read so far helpful. I hope to win this free book to not only help myself but those I’m caring for and all around me. Thank you for this chance.

  116. Thank you

  117. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    God help me focus on the positive!

  118. Stephanie walton says:

    Would love to read the Happiness Dare

  119. What a beautiful and timely message. Thank you

  120. Adrienne Williams says:

    This devotion today HIT me between the eyes. Total wake up call, yesterday I was feeling less than qualified as a human being. I went from having an okay day to total devastation in a nano second. All from looking at a picture. Praise God for people like you, whom I’m thankful for, to remind me I am a daughter of the one true King with worth and happiness!

  121. Just what I needed to see today!

  122. So very true! Going through my cancer journey I experienced what true happiness was… all the little things around me were magnified to bring me such joy! September 17th is also my special Birthday!

  123. Sharon Huff says:

    I am a doer. I am happiest when I am doing for my family and for others. A doer needs to be comfortable with herself and her ability to do. I don’t believe that doers strive so much for perfectionism as for pleasing and mostly relieving others of some of their stress. God enables to do all things through Him. He doesn’t expect a perfect doer. I believe He expects a willing doer. Helping others helps yourself. Always give God the glory.

  124. I needed to read this today! Perfect timing!!

  125. Teresa moore says:

    Looks like a great book

  126. I so needed this today… Thank you!

  127. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for the challenge and encouragement- need to read again and again!

  128. Sylvia O'Bryant says:

    Thanks, I am truly enlightened here…I sometimes compare myself to situations, or others, when indeed the Word gives me several scriptures of God’s love towards me and how He sees me. I’m encouraged!

  129. The declaration is awesome! This is definitely something I am keeping and reading during those times when doubt about myself creeps into my thoughts. Thank you!!!!

  130. Becky Willmann says:

    Great thoughts to start my day!

  131. I want to take the dare. I want to be happy because of whose I am, not what I have.

  132. This book would really help me now in my journey with life. Lots of struggles that I dong have control and letting then control my happiness.

  133. If you’ve ever wondered if God cares about your happiness, this is the book for you.
    Thank You, This hits home. And so ,thankful you wrote for us a great book to share and lean in to God’s promises, and find to beauty He created us all to be. Image Bear’s.

  134. Comparison is the thief of joy. I try to remind myself of that every day, especially when I’m feeling like I don’t measure up. Learning to be confident and to not compare is a struggle for me. Would love this book to teach me how to embrace happiness the right way – especially for others outside my circle.

  135. Mary King says:

    Needed to hear this today!

  136. frances sullivan says:

    Loved todays devotion. It is tough in todays world to be content/happy. We need these reminders!

  137. Jeannette Steward says:

    I absolutely loved this message. It is so right on time!! I have found myself so many times trying to be like someone else thinking it will make me happier or to please someone else. I am on a journey now to be what and who God has created me to be. Thanks Jennifer for this word!!

  138. Three things I appreciate about the life God has given me:
    1-I appreciate that God has given me a life that through Him my past and present can be put into perspective, that the answers to my questions about my life can be revealed and as I realize my sins, God is always ready to hear me repent and fill my life’s gaps with His binding love.
    2-I appreciate that the life God has given me is never quite that easy yet never harder than I can manage
    and that he gives me the opportunity to turn to Him for rest, peace, understanding and His love.
    3- I appreciate that the life God has given me includes the ability and opportunity to read, write, think and His Bible through which I can understand my life, this world and and how much I mean to Him.

    Thank you…

  139. Today’s devotion hit home for me in many ways… I would love to read the Happiness Dare!

  140. Mona Jones says:

    I NEEDED this message so much! Thank you.

  141. I would love to read this book! I took the 5-minute quiz and the results were spot on. I am a giver, and get frustrated when others don’t automatically use opportunities to give as well. I would like to find out how to better myself in interacting with others who have different sources of happiness.

  142. Vickie Youmans says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I am so guilty of “Missing the Moment” by letting my present circumstances suck up my happiness. Then I look in the rear view mirror and see all the Joy I missed. Thank you for your article and its valuable message. Your book would be an added bonus. .

  143. This devotional was very encouraging for me and something that I can share with my children as they compare themselves to others. Thanks for the Bible verses.

  144. Comparison is one of my biggest happiness hijackers for sure! Instead of wishing I could be like someone else or be in a place where someone else is standing, I need to enjoy where God has placed me and enjoy MY journey. God made me who I am for a reason and I need to learn to embrace that more and remember it’s okay to be imperfect..God loves me anyways!

  145. Great devotional! Would love to read this book 🙂

  146. Annette Jones says:

    Thank you!

  147. Great devotional this morning!! Would love to read your book!!

  148. I have never liked myself. Am going to try to. Thank you

  149. Carla Killen says:

    Perfect goal for today…. Tomorrow…… Tomorrow……….

  150. Jennifer Torres says:

    Don’t you just LOVE when God speaks specifically to your problem?! I have been so depressed, because I am not the “perfect woman”, knowing full well that isn’t possible, and that God made me the way I am for a reason! I have been working so hard, and missing the happy moments trying to be the perfect mom, when I should be enjoying my kids! Thank you for this revelation, right when I needed it!

  151. I would like this book.Thank you and God bless you!

  152. Lindy Manuel says:

    I struggle with comparison a lot. It has been my goal as if recently to catch myself and stop before it goes too far.

  153. I would love to win a copy of this book for my friend who is going through daily battles in her home. I’m not even sure if the word “happiness” is in her vocabulary right now, other than when she focuses on God. This would benefit her greatly! Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  154. Christine says:

    Great read this morning. Happiness Dare! I will be thinking about this all day.

  155. Carol Tilden says:

    I took the happiness assessment and I’m a Thinker! Jennifer’s daily Happiness Dares can help bring good ways into our lives, if we try them.

  156. A low self esteem and comparison have stolen my joy more than I care to admit. Thank you for this encouragement to stop the comparison game and be thankful for who God made me to be.

  157. Cindy Aldridge says:

    Jennifer, thank you for today’s devotional. For too many years I have allowed my thoughts and the words of others steal my happiness. I have missed out on so many of the blessings God has given to me because I allowed these things to enter in and cause feelings of doubt and unworthiness. I am saving this devotional to remind myself, in times of doubt, that I am worthy. Your declaration is one that everyone needs. Thank you.

  158. Thank you for the encouragement! These are things I have always had a difficult time with! God loves us no matter what and it’s time for me to accept who I am! Thank you!

  159. Jennifer Scott says:

    I would love a copy, thanks

  160. Anonymous says:

    I would like to read this book and share it with my daughter too.

  161. I’m always looking for ways and tools to bring more happiness into living my life with Jesus!

  162. Thanks for this devotion. This is something I have been praying about. I realize that I am missing out on a lot because of just not being satisfied with what Christ has given me.

  163. I really appreciate the message in this devotional! I’ll buy this book if I don’t win a copy. We need to do a read aloud with this one!

  164. Bethany Marker says:

    What a great encouragement today. Going to choose happiness despite my circumstances…

  165. Tiffany Chaisson says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words! I need to get a copy of this book and read. Happiness is a struggle for me and I have been praying and trying to work on a better me. Thank you for the daily devotions.

  166. Julie Sal says:

    Thank-you for the chance to win!

  167. Connie McGhee says:

    I’m forty years old and have struggled with comparison most of my life. I want to live in the happiness around me. God has really been revealing this comparison struggle in my life over the past few months. I would love to win this book!

  168. Could really use this book!

  169. Laura Themens says:

    So good to always be reminded of this

  170. Laura Themens says:


  171. Trying to teach my grandchildren that happiness is a choice. Would love to have a copy of your book!

  172. I would have so much to say if I could talk to that younger version of myself! ‘Stop, your insecurities are stealing those moments away! Look at all He has in store for you!!’

  173. Jessica Mezo says:

    As a doer this sounds like something I need to read. Thank you for writing this book.

  174. Grace Galvez says:

    In need of happiness right now…would love the encouragement from this book!

  175. Kawana Haynes says:

    I would like to get a copy of this book because I struggle with happiness. I’m the type of person whom always make sure that people aroundme is happy, but I don’t careabout myself being happy. I need to know what it feels like to experience that happiness for myself. I need this book so I can learn how to encourage myself to be happy.

  176. I would love to win this book for my daughter. She is 31, single and God has blessed her in many ways. However, she is sad and depressed a lot. She’s not happy with her appearance (primarily weight) and she’s gone through some difficult deaths (her dad and grandmother three weeks apart five years ago, and her beloved yorkie of 15 years that she had to euthanize four days ago). She is having a tough time right now, but I know God will bring her through. I feel this book as a resource will also be helpful.

  177. Dorothy Omamo says:

    Wow i would love to read more about this book .I am inspired.

  178. This is exactly the book I need to give my daughter!

  179. Susan Ruffalo says:

    I struggle with comparisons something terrible. Thank your for your devotion. It was just what I needed to hear this morning!

  180. This sounds like what I need to read! I am really struggling with not comparing myself to others. Thanks for writing the book!

  181. Traci Langellier says:

    This book sounds chalk full of good advice and it is biblically based. I would love to try it.

  182. Melanie Parker says:

    The past 3 weeks I have struggled with my happiness. No matter how I tried I just could not be happy with anything church, work, family, or myself. This devotional came at the right time. I accept the happiness dare. I will be happy on purpose.

  183. Bernice Potvin says:

    I made a declaration this year. It is the year of Joy. After experiencing many losses these past 3 years the Lord showed me my happiness and joy is in him not in people, a home, friends but in him.

  184. This really spoke to my heart this morning.❤️

  185. Jennifer Carmona says:

    I know God knows my inside! He knows every detail of me. And I know it because this devo was right on target in my heart!

  186. Allison M says:

    I would love to get a copy of your book. I can relate to what you said about comparing myself to others. I have done that for years and something I’m working on. Thank you for your enxouraging words today.

  187. Would love to read the “Happiness Dare”. Comparing myself to others has been a struggle of mine for years. At 45 you would think I would have conquered that struggle. Unfortunately satan knows I have not.

  188. Nancy M in NJ says:

    “If I could just be like her. How have you experienced this Happiness Hijacker?”
    Oh yes, many times have I experienced this! Envious of others and what they have, rather than being thankful for what I have been given by God. Thanks for a great post and chance to win the book.

  189. Emily FLeener says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book! Great devotion today!

  190. I keep seeing and running into The Happiness Dare- would love to dive further in to this book!!

  191. This would be a wonderful gift to myself for my upcoming birthday! Aging is not for sissies….

  192. Took the happiness style very interesting would love to read your book

  193. I would love to take the happiness dare with my husband. I believe it would do both of us a lot of good.

  194. Eve Rossetto says:

    I am inspired by these words and will use them forward, Comparison is rooted in idealizing people rather than humanizing them. I read somewhere that our culture will always try to tempt us with comparison, but God never does. I believe in supporting others and being content with what God has given me. Thank You Lord for your abundant love and grace. Thank you Jennifer Dukes Lee for sharing a positive and wonderful insight to happiness within.

  195. Love the idea of not comparing ourselves to others and being genuinely happy for others! Thanks

  196. Connie Martin says:

    I so enjoyed reading the devotional by Jennifer this morning. It is just what I needed. I would very much love to read her book.

  197. This is so relevant ???

  198. There is a mom who I call “famous” in our church. I adore her. She has 6 kids ages (5-13) – 4 of these kids are 2 sets of twins!!! They are ALL in dance/ sports/ cheer! I just wonder…how?? She’s constantly on the go , shuffling, driving etc. she LOVES her life and obviously capable. I used to envy her life. Not anymore; I’m glad I have my 2. They are all I need and I’m gifted to handle them. ❤️

  199. How true that having the right attitude and mindset will result in happiness. Joy needs to come from the Lord

  200. What a Godwink today’s devotion was to me. Two nights ago, I was crying while looking through old pictures because I felt the same way in those pictures as described in today’s devotion. Yet, I miss those times dearly now. I plan to do the Happiness Dare and live the whole God wants me to.

  201. As a full time caregiver for my mom with advanced dementia, I am struggling with being happy. Perhaps this will be just the encouragement I am in need of.

  202. Tami Ivory says:

    When I was in my 20’s I felt I was more happy and content with my life. Life was ahead of me and it looked like I had nothing but time to work on the things that my not being going right in my life. But now I am struggling with happiness in my 40’s. Time is slipping away from me. I am finding it hard to be happy in those precious moments because I am not able to change the things I don’t like about my life. I look at my old pictures and wish I could feel now the way she felt then. I so want to be happy again.

  203. Faith Jennings says:

    This is so on point for me right now. God always knows just what we need!

  204. Happiness sounds so sweet!

  205. Wow!! Such a timely message. Thank you for sharing what God spoke to your heart.

  206. Linda Farrow says:

    Comparing myself to others is something I have dealt with for years. I would enjoy learning how to see it in another way.

  207. Natalie Duffie says:

    I would love to read the Happiness Dare! Comparison is something I struggle with a lot.

  208. Your devotion was the topic my brother and I recently had with my mother who is having a tough time. I hope we can win a copy for her!

  209. Thank you for such a practical devotion, would love to read the book too!

  210. Ann Lachowitzer says:

    I’m sharing your insights with my middle school girls. Our school theme this year is Live Like Jesus and I think your post goes beautifully along with it. Don’t waste or wish time away waiting for happiness. I have found that when I consistently tell others how great life really is, I believe it myself!!!

  211. I would like one please! ?

  212. I’ve stumbled upon your page on facebook and my word, it could not have come at a better time in my life. At this vert moment I am at a crossroad where I want to get married so badly we got engaged in 2013 and still hasn’t started planning our wedding because I cant have the wedding i’m dreaming at the moment. Anyway, now a few people close to mew (who just got engaged the other day) are all getting married in December this year the most contested month for weddings! and yes, I’m comparing myself to these people wondering why not me, why can’t i have the money/parents who can sponsor/help that i need in getting married. I know this is basically a whiney kind of complaint. I just needed to let it out to people i don’t know. Thanks for listening 🙂

  213. So well said and what a beautiful insight! “I am a MIRACLE! I am NOT a mistake!” Thank you, Jennifer!

  214. Sarah Petersen says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear this morning! Very well said.

  215. Angela Miller says:

    This was a good devotional excerpt!

  216. Susanne Priest says:

    Your DECLARATION was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thank You!

  217. Sarah DiMauro says:

    Would love to read this book!!

  218. Stephanie says:

    I would really love to read this book

  219. Really needed to read this devo this morning- thanks for sharing what God taught you with us, Jennifer!

  220. Jackie Martin says:

    I always find it amazing how what you need to hear just seems to pop up. Thank you! I am going to find my happiness again. – Jackie

  221. Heather Ziemba says:

    This devotional was so timely in my life and I would love to delve further into this topic with The Happiness Dare. One reason I am thinking of closing my FB account is that I feel that it perpetuates the comparison syndrome.

  222. Kay Comer says:

    Thank you for this blessed reminder today. I would enjoy a copy of your book!

  223. Thank you for today’s devotional. It is my golden birthday today and reflecting on a decade of all the happy moments this morning after reading helped me do a 180 in my mind and let go of the stress that kept me up last night. Thank you!

  224. Janice McMinn says:

    Great reminders – thanks for allowing the Lord to speak to our hearts through you – what a gift!

  225. All I can say is WOW! This message was meant for me. Thank you for writing what God put on your heart. I needed it.

  226. Erica Kennedy says:

    Awesome post! The Happiness Dare is definitely going to be added to my must read list! Can’t wait to read it.

  227. Karen Bartkowski says:

    I receive several devotions in my email each morning and I usually choose one randomly to read quietly. Clearly God’s hand was in this choice. Such an amazingly timely message for me. Thank you for speaking my thoughts. I am heading into today with a new way to see myself. I expect this will be a devotion I read over and over!

  228. Oh wow- does this sound like the book for me!!! I can’t wait to read it!

  229. Nikki Dyas says:

    I would love to win this book!

  230. Stephanie Tritico says:

    I would love to read this book!

  231. Denise Bond says:

    It was very interesting to find out that the questionnaire was on point with my gift.

  232. Thank you for the reminders. Happiness has been fleeting but your words have uplifted me today.

  233. Would love to win this!

  234. Gianna Singletary says:

    Thank you for encouraging me to become closer to God!

  235. This sounds like a great book to do a ladies Bible study on!

  236. What great truth!!!

  237. Would love to read the book! Thank you!

  238. Great insight!

  239. I definitely need to read this. I always think other women are more fulfilled, happier, have more money, more everything! everything I don’t have so I fall into this trap of thinking if I just had more….I’d be happier, more fulfilled. Need to stop that vicious cycle.

  240. Trudy Pinkerton says:

    I would like to win a copy of your book to help find my happiness again. Thank you for this opportunity.

  241. Would love to find happy for my family! Busy takes away joy.

  242. Elizabeth says:

    I really think this book would help me, as a mom to 3 children, 10yrs, 3yrs and 8 months I am in that stage of life where I’m losing myself by being everything to my children. I need to grow closer to God and find happiness in him and not in outside things.

  243. Thanks for this! I am truly wishing to be more of a Mary than a Martha.. Sitting at Jesus’ feet and being happy with that rather than working all of the time.. So much more joy to be had when I am at peace…

  244. Reading about the Happiness Dare comes at pivotal time for me. I lost my
    jib in July and have not even come close to finding a new one. I’m sure it is normal for me to feel fear and question myself, my worth, my skills. I do a lot of self talk to change my thought process. This book would help me stay out of that rut. I know I will want to pass it along for others to read after I’m done!

  245. Kim Quarles says:

    This devotional was so needed this morning. I intend to share it with my sisters in Christ at my church. We’ll soon be going to our retreat in October. It’s definitely something to meditate on while we’re resting. Thanks for sharing! #HappinessDare

  246. janny holder says:

    I started comparing my self to others after a bad brake up in high school. I was full of confidence, sure of who I was at that time but that incident made a significant change in my life. I basically lost myself in the hurt, shame, comparison, what about if I look like her would he love me again, would he be interested in me again? how pitiful I was then, I did not know my worth in Christ at that time but now that I found Jesus I know who I am. This devotional pin points how many people feel about themselves but god id love and our identity is in him. I love who I am how I am because God has a greater purpose for my life and I sight of how much hurt I went through in that season of my life, I learn to love me and give the glory to God because I am here.

  247. I am in law school and we are ranked. Today’s devotional reminded me that I am not my rank but I am Gods princess and His purposes for me are separate. Thank you!

  248. April Gibson says:

    Great devotion today. I needed this! Thank you!

  249. Would love to have an opportunity to read this book. This devotional was just what I needed today. Thank you.

  250. I wonder if happiness is similar to a mixture of contentment and joy…I am reminded of the verse “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” 1 Timothy 6:6 I will be adding The Happiness Dare to my list to read as well! Thank you.

  251. Janelle. Burkholder says:

    Comparison is such a happiness thief I know it but is still hard not compare.

  252. Jocelyn Solomoma says:

    This was a timely devotion and reminder to wake to this morning. Thank you for the encouragement!! Our women’s group at church is getting ready to dig into Galatians in a few weeks. In effort not to fall behind, I have started reading ahead. After reading today’s p31, I can’t wait to keep reading!!

  253. Thank you for leaving this word with ladies around the world. How true it is. Women are so guilty of this and I can’t wait to share this with my daughters.

  254. What a great reminder. Definitely something I need to work on. I think I need to check out that book…

  255. Unfortunately, I have spent most of my life walking right past my happiness with my head stuck in a comparison cloud. Negative self-talk is my native tongue. This book needs to be in my hands!

  256. Really needed this today!Sometimes we get caught up in comparing ourselves and forget that we are uniquely made in God’s eyes for a purpose. Thank You! Would really enjoy a copy of the book!

  257. Melissa Baker says:

    Loved this devotion today and would live to have the book. Thank you!!

  258. Tina Rutledge says:

    Thank you for this encouraging message.

  259. I needed this! What a great reminder to be grateful for what we have. A lesson we’ve been taught our whole lives and yet still struggle with, especially in a day and age where everyone’s highlight reel is on display in social media for our 24/7 consumption. Comparison is the theif of joy.

  260. Hannah Pruitt says:

    Oh how I desperately need this book. I’ve spent so many nights since back to school crying over working mom guilt and missing my baby. I’ve never battled jealousy (of moms who get to stay at home) or guilt (for missing everything with my toddler) more than k have in these last few weeks. I cannot keep going on like this. I know having to be a working mom isn’t a punishment from God, and I’ve got to find happiness in my current situation.

  261. I just recently listened to a podcast with Jennifer about this book and would love to receive a copy. This was another reminder about the things I need to be focusing on abs the things I don’t need to focus on. Thank you

  262. I don’t want to allow comparison hijack my happiness but it so often does before I even know it. I think it surprise me because I mask it as “healthy competition”. In corporate I am in a mans world & the few women I work with are AMAZING & I have nowhere near all the letters behind my name, I start to compare or as a pastors wife that CANT sing or play piano it can be challenging. I love who God made me how I forget that is sad. When I don’t like myself & start the false guilt & speaking poorly of myself due to how I measure up in all arenas, for me that is doubting/ lack of faith in my Creater. Thank this is just what I needed this morning.

  263. Happiness..hmm not sure if I’ve ever allowed myself happiness,acceptance. Growing up I was always compared to my sister. Then you hear negative things about you and you believe them and repeat them to yourself. Comparison! It’s a dangerous deadly trap. I’m 56 yrs old and still hear those words. My husband now has validated all those voices. So it’s almost impossible to see my self as anything but NOT QUITE ENOUGH. I pray the Lord helps me overcome and shows me His love.

  264. I would love To be able to do the happiness dare!!

  265. Well this was a punch in the gut. My downfall is constantly wanting to be where someone else is in their journey. I never considered the fact that I was missing out on my own happiness!

  266. I have found that I have purchased several books/devotionals to begin reading (“Uninvited”, etc.) , but with depression I find myself scared to actually start reading them because I’m afraid the topic will cause me to be too hard on myself and I will land in the “pit of depression.” Ugh! But this is one book I feel confident to read!!!

    • Elisa Nieto says:

      You mentioned Uninvited the book I just had to say I just got it a few days ago…I’ve been buried in it. I feel so different since I started reading it…it’s so good you have to read it. It puts rejection and all hurts into perspective. The things we allow to consume us control us and the things the mind focuses on it feasts on. You must read. It’s been a long time since I had such a clear and at ease mind. Some won’t believe me..well most people I know wont, but God came to me last night. I saw Him and He was the Light and I felt Him hold me. And he spoke to me. I believe if I hadn’t been reading this book and settled my mind and heart I would never have had the pleasure of hearing Him much less seeing Him. Please read it I urge you. It might be what changes your life. God bless you.

  267. I loved the devotional today. I would love a free copy of the Happiness Dare.
    Thank you.

  268. Kelly Wagoner says:

    Thank you for such a powerful reminder!

  269. Rebekah Jenks says:

    I read this to my kids! Good stuff!

  270. Thank you for this great devotion!

  271. Shady Malaeb says:

    I love this idea. I am raising four girls and comparison, especially, in social media is a huge stealer of joy. Working hard to combat that.

  272. Sounds like a wonderful book everyone could take something away from!

  273. Tina Olson says:

    I took the survey & didn’t get results. Received internal server message a couple of times. Bummer.

  274. I compare myself to others or what I used to be or to the ideal me I want to be. These words were sorely needed. I would love to win this book to learn more.

  275. Nanci hunt says:

    This came on a perfect day. All week, I’ve been comparing myself to another. I’ve been playing a sport for 8 years and she for 1 and she has far passed me in skill. at first my ego was very damaged. But, at last I found it better to encourage her and promised myself that I would not allow it to ruin my game and my fun. She plays every day and practices every day. I do lots of other things Ann’s finds pleasure in all.,

  276. Thanking God for this perfect message this morning.

  277. I was recently told by a dear friend that I seemed to have no joy. Maybe this will help.

  278. Becky Brinkmann says:

    Happiness Dare I would love you in my life!

  279. Given the frustrations of living and working in today’s world, my friend/coworker and I were talking of the need to let God’s joy thrive in our lives again. Your timely devotional was received with open hearts. Thank you.

  280. Great perspective!

  281. This so spoke to my heart. I am constantly comparing myself to others, and finding I don’t measure up. Now, two years post divorce, I so desperately want to be the woman God intends me to be. Yet, I am so “afraid” of doing the wrong thing, making the wrong decisions in all areas of my life. So, I stay stagnant, afraid of learning anything new, because I don’t feel capable. Trying to find how to love myself, seeing how I am a child of God, and how He loves me.
    Thank you for so knowing how I feel. It makes me feel less alone. God bless you and your work.

  282. Jill Branch says:

    I needed to hear that I “am not a mess.” I’d love to read more.

  283. Elisa Nieto says:

    I dare you to send me this book to dare me to the happiness challenge?

  284. Ruby A Durant says:

    Comparisons continue all thru life, even at 74. As my husband and I lose skills and energy, we try not to compare to our younger years. God is good and life is good. Some days are just better than others.

  285. What a beautifully written reminder to be the me that God designed me to be. Thank you.

  286. Thank you for this devotion today!

  287. Kim Holley says:

    Loved this message! Going to share with others at work today 🙂

  288. Great post! So many talented, beautiful young women seem to be missing their happiness. I’m putting this book on my Christmas list. (How fun to win a copy.)

  289. Brendalee Clarke says:

    When I was searching for words of encouragement. I came across your webpage..It blessed my heart. Thank you.

  290. Marianella says:

    What a great message. I think we all need a little bit more of happiness in our live.

  291. Going through a really difficult time with my daughter. Brain cancer. Just think this would be a good read for us both right now

  292. Kimberly Edwards says:

    We are worthy! Thank you for the reminder. Looking forward to the Happiness Dare. 🙂

  293. I do have regrets I did not do more with my life bc I was waiting around for my husband to make more time for me and the kids, but I was always pretty content with who I am. It has been more of a case where I have had to endure some criticism of family for not being more of who they wanted me to be for them.

  294. Thank you for making me feel better about myself today. Your book sounds interesting; I’d love to win a copy!

  295. Comparison is the thief of joy! I struggle with comparing myself to the woman I used to be before I lost my good health. It’s like competing with a ghost. I constantly must be vigilant to counsel my heart with the truth that God has given me every resource I need to be who I need to be for today.

  296. Your devotion came at the perfect time for me. Thank you

  297. A great reminder of how I need to change my outlook.

  298. Great way to start my morning.

  299. Comparing yourself and your life to others, hardest thing not to do.

  300. I just saw a review of this book on Facebook. Looks great!

  301. Loved ready this. We should all remember this in a world of some much competition.

  302. Mary Miller says:

    Just read your Proverbs31 devotion for today and it hit home with me. I would love to read more about it in your book.

  303. Anoush Wiggins says:

    I’m 50 years old and still struggle with comparison! Thank you for such a wonderful affirmation in today’s devotion!

  304. Thank you!

  305. Sounds like just the book for me! Would love to win.

  306. Wow; sounds like this book Is exactly what I need!

  307. Loved this. We need to remember this in a world of so much competition.

  308. As much as I try I fall victim to the todo list. Thank you for a great devotional my identity is in Christ not my accomplishments.

  309. Jodi Smith says:

    Love this reminder this morning! I would love a copy of this book, it looks great!

  310. I know I let comparison creep in and steal my happiness. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that we are all miracles!

  311. Thank you for the reminder that happiness for others achievements or accomplishments doesn’t mean that I lose out. Successes are not limited.

  312. Needed this so much today! Thank you!

  313. Our Heavenly Father always knows what we need, when we need it. What an awesome reminder to be more mindful and cognizant of the happy that surrounds me. Timely for me, today.

    With much appreciation,

  314. Thanks Jennifer! Needed that today!

  315. Comforting to see so many others say they struggle with the same comparison trap…I need to remember that when I find myself looking at someone else and wishing for her lot in life!

  316. Jacey Zuniga says:

    What a great reminder today. God made us perfect and beautiful! Would love to read the book and explore more.

  317. Comparing myself to others and always finding myself lacking- sin of pride my Achilles heel. Ugh.

  318. Jennifer Townsend says:

    I so need this book!

  319. These truths spoken are what I’ve been sharing with my daughter to get into her spirit, heart and head! Thank you! It’s God’s perfect timing for back to school. I plan to crop pieces of your of blog and place the words; by the bathroom mirror, and doorways to remind us all. Thank you 🙂

  320. Melanie Ellis says:

    Happiness is a choice and finding it in the everyday is what God intended.

  321. Thank you for this devotional. I sometimes find myself comparing myself to other women who look like they have it all, the body, the clothes style, the work ethic where only their husbands work and they get to be full time mommies or they have a career that they love. And social media doesn’t help when you see their lifestyle. I know I am created by God and He wants me to be happy with my owe life because He made us all different. But when life feels like it has let you down and sometimes you don’t know where to turn that’s all you focus compare yourself to others or at least that what Satan wants you to do. So I need to focus on what God created me to be and learn to see myself as beautiful, talented, a great mommy, and wife.

  322. Thank you for the devotional!

  323. Aviva Dixon says:

    This really encourage me today!

  324. It is so important to remember and declare the joy we already have in Christ. Thank God that He made us uniquely.

  325. Every morning I look forward to opening my Proverbs 31 Ministries daily devotion to begin my day. I was so inspired and encouraged by today’s devotion. I definitely feel led to share this with other women in my life and trusting they will be as encouraged as I was. Thank you for sharing your life lesson of hindsight with us. I am excited to take the Happiness Dare and looking forward to the book as I believe as women, choosing to find joy in where we are on the way to where we’re going is a common struggle. May each of us choose happiness today in the season of life we are in. ?

  326. Loved this so much! I’m a Pastor’s wife and this really opened my eyes to a bright new day for me. I am special and loved by a holy God just because I am me! Wow!

  327. Thanks for this message today!

  328. Wonderful message to start off the day. Comparison is just one doorway by which Satan gains access and can lead to so many other sins. I need to read this message every morning.

  329. I’m in a profession that supports other people and that is my personality anyway Unfortunately that off and leave me not to seek happiness for myself at times I would love a copy of this book To help put things in perspective

  330. I have compared myself with others for way to long. True happiness is not found there. Trying to be the person that God had in mind when he created me.

  331. Arlene Stevens says:

    Mercy is one of my best friends! The idea that it pursues me with an indefatigable persistence makes me so happy! Mercy allows me to soar on wings like eagles and when I am tired it hides me under the shelter of my Father’s mighty wings. Our Heavenly Father inhabits our praise… and rejoices over us with loud singing! And that sends the oppressive spirits that steal our joy and happiness on the run every time! Thank you sweet Jesus that through your sacrifice Mercy was set free! Marinatha!

  332. I would love this book! The timing couldn’t be better!!

  333. What a beautiful and relevant message for today’s women. Thank you! I am looking forward to reading this book!

  334. I’d love a copy of the book! 🙂

  335. Very timely devotion after the hurtful words last evening from my husband. I did let the sun go down upon my wrath. Anger is the immediate emotion, I think, but it stems from hurt. I feel like I put my husband and sons first, consequently, I don’t make time to “work-out” like others do or like my husband thinks I should. I just feel very raw from his comments, very hurt. But Jesus knows all about it . . .

  336. This message is just what I needed to read this morning! I would love to share this book with my oldest daughter, too.

  337. Lynne Gates says:

    I have wasted too many years of my precious life playing the comparison game/lies I have convinced myself. I can only take one step at a time and change today and the next.

  338. Christy Wells says:

    Thank you. Suck a great reminder!

  339. Joanne Fishman says:

    Thank you for guiding and redirecting us to remember we are made by HiM; each unique to live in our own footprints!

    Your proclamation is impactful and should be shared with girls and young women facing the pressures placed by our current society.

  340. Please enter me in the drawing

  341. Jodee Minter says:

    A great encouragement to start the day! Thank you for sharing! The book sounds like a blessing to many women and girls caught in comparisons.

  342. I deperately need to stop comparing myself to others. I think everyone else has better jobs, more money, raised their children better, etc. My quest is to start enjoying the life God has given me.

  343. I would love a copy of The Happiness Dare.

  344. What a wonderful start to my self-discvoery/self-love journey. This message helped me reflect on where I find my happiness and my worth. Thank you!

  345. SheliaRussell says:

    I would love to read your book

  346. Angie Jakes says:

    I need a happiness dare. Life just seems to get me down. I’m normally a positive person but just here in the last couple of years, I’m having problems finding it.

  347. Great message! Thank you for sharing. Being grateful everyday has helped me to shape my perspective. It really does help me to be joy-filled. Avoiding the comparison game is another way to happiness . Really believing that God knew what he was doing when he created each and everyone of us brings peace! He has a plan for all of our unique ways.

  348. Tambra Miller says:

    This was right on time this morning. It was much needed and fit my situation perfectly. I will begin today by not comparing myself to others instead be thankful and grow from what God has already said is mine.

  349. My favorite saying is be your own kind of beautiful and just be you…. yes, we are compare ourselves to others.. Today – I will just be me… I have God in my corner, a roof over my head, food on the table, family who loves and cares about me. Everything isn’t perfect… so much that is wrong.. but when I get to the basics in life.. it’s all there… I’m thankful for that.

  350. Sonja harpe says:

    Great reminder not to compare ourselves to other people. It amazes me that al we need is in a 2,000 year old book.

  351. Ginger Spurlock says:

    Today’s devotional was very inspiring and encouraging! I love finding the happiness in all situations:)

  352. Liz Feldman says:

    What a great devotional! It reminded me of what Brené Brown has said before, that seeing the best in everyone frees us to enjoy life more. Thank you for applying that to our spiritual lives!

  353. Beth Nichols says:

    Great advice for Happiness! Joy gets taken away too easily!!

  354. I can’t wait to read this book! This world tries so hard to tell us that happiness comes from having a bigger house, bigger car, or more stuff. Even though I know this is not true sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in it and start playing the comparison game.

  355. Heather Troyer says:

    Thank you so much for this encouraging passage. I have been struggling lately on trying to be the wife and mother that I see all around me. Being a parent is so tough and a wife is even harder. And on top of it trying to stay healthy, look put together, and keep a perfect house. This was such an eye opener that I am ME and and that is who God created me to be. Instead of focusing on what I want to be I will focus on who I already am and know God created me to be perfect for him.

  356. As I age, I’m realizing my happiness is right in front of me; I have the control over it, not someone or something else. Thank you for this great devotional this morning. I look forward to reading the Happiness Dare.

  357. Thank you for this encouragement and the “dare” today. True happiness is indeed found in Christ alone.

  358. This was what I needed! I often get caught up in my imperfections instead of being grateful for who and what God has made me to be. Thank you for sharing from your heart!

  359. Terri Bade says:

    I pray to my father that we can get this message to all the young girls of the world. My own daughter is one of them. Sound like this book needs to be in the hands of many in these fallen times. Please father make the young girls of the world realize they are specially made by your hands and cherished more than they can imagine. Amen

  360. Jo-Ann Stockwell says:

    Would love to receive a copy to bless someone with ?

  361. I need to be reminded to be happy where I am. In society, there is so much comparison and it’s so easy to get caught up in it. There is always something to be thankful for and happiness and true joy comes from within.

  362. Alicia Kronick says:

    My whole life I have compared myself to my identical twin sister. Only as I draw closer to the Lord, do I experience the feeling I am unique as a person. The whole sees me as a part of two, but He sees me as a special person in my own right. It is a real struggle, but the Lord is teaching me day by day. Thank you, Jennifer, for your words!

  363. Great message to start the day. We are all unique and wonderfully made with individual talents & gifts to share.

  364. Courtney germany says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today ?

  365. Paula Faulknor says:

    I am realizing that I have a lot in my life that I can be happy for. I don’t have to wait in certain things like a big house or a spouse to be happy. Thanking God for what he has given me now!

  366. Your post today melted by heart. We choose happiness and learn not to compare ourselves with others.

  367. Tammy Felder says:

    Thank you for this powerful message, it was exactly what I needed today!

  368. Sometimes happiness is so hard. It seems I’ve fallen into the “habit” of unhappiness. The kind of habit where my first instinct is to compare myself and first see my faults. This message was for me today. With God’s help, I am trying to change my habit.

  369. Cindy Horton says:

    So want to be happy. I have so much to be thankful for and I can’t seem to focus on the good.

  370. I have read a book on happiness from a non-Christian author needing to be very careful for God’s discernment through reading it. I would love to read this book on happiness from a Christian perspective. I want God’s happiness in the midst of hard times, not anything I am trying to attain on my own. Sent this devotional today to a dear friend as well.

  371. Tina Bain says:

    Great reminder to live in the present and enjoy each moment in each day, even those irritating interuptions.

  372. Great devotion! Thank You

  373. Kelly Collins says:

    The devotion was just what I needed to hear! Thanks so much for yoyr encouraging word.

  374. Misty Jensen says:

    I have struggled with depression for years. This devo really hit home! I was never happy with myself in my youth; always comparing myself to others and trying to “fix” what was “wrong” with me. I have begun to see some of these issues and work on them with God’s help, but still have a ways to go. I see these characteristics in my 12 year old daughter and it terrifies me! I want to break the cycle, for us both!!

  375. Sarah Foley says:

    Brilliant message. Left me feeling happy!?

  376. Laurie Eder says:

    What a great verse!! And reminder!

  377. I would love a copy of the book. I think it is important to learn the things that prevent me from experiencing ongoing happiness and to avoid them at all cost if I can.

  378. This is just what I need right now .. To stop comparing my life with another’s and this sounds like the book for me! What I read in the statement made made me stop and think!

  379. Great reminder to keep away from the comparison trap!

  380. This sounds like a book I need to read!! After having a very rough childhood and many disappointments in my adult life (married to an only son and couldn’t carry children) it is so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. Happiness is something I strive for, but it eludes me most days. I have been blessed by God in so many ways, but my husband tells me to cheer up all the time. I want to be happy. I am so grateful but happiness is hard for me.

  381. Stephanie Sanders says:

    I really needed this devotion today! I probably need to read the book too! Thank you!!

  382. This has made me stop and think. I need to ask why I have to stop comparing and be thankful what I have. Thank you for writing this!

  383. Thank you for this much needed devo this morning. I definitely need to constantly remind myself not to play the comparison game. I would love a copy of your book.

  384. Kristi Butler says:

    Way to go, Jennifer!!! Let’s live happy!

  385. Perfect reminder! I do this so often without even thinking about it! Gratitude is my focus for today.

  386. Lauren Jolly says:

    Would love to win a copy! Sounds like the perfect truth to saturate myself with as the school year kicks off which is seeming like the new January 1, fresh start and new opportunities to redirect and refocus myself 🙂

  387. Stephanie says:

    I really needed this today!! Would love to read the book!!

  388. Alli Themer says:

    I want to show other people what it’s like to be happy- to have Christ in you! But sometimes it’s hard and I need a reminder! Thanks for sharing this! The book sounds wonderful❤️❤️❤️

  389. Happiness! What a concept! We all walk around trying to compare whose life is more difficult, who has the biggest burdens, who has the most work to do, who is the busiest! Seeking simple happiness, for ourselves and others, seems like such a novel concept! Thanks for the reminder! I would love to win the book!

  390. This really struck a chord with me this morning. It’s easy to be critical of myself and miss out on the happiness I should be experiencing. Thank you for your encouragement.

  391. Great devotion. I’ve struggled with comparison my whole life and it seems it’s only gotten worse since I became a mom. Would love to read this book.

  392. Sounds very interesting

  393. Excellent message! I am 58 years old and I’ve realized why the term “pursuit of happiness” is used. Happiness is dependent on our circumstances and is temporary, but joy, which is the word commonly used in scripture is something we own and a gift from God when we focus on Him and His blessings in our life.
    This is something that I should have learned when I was much younger. I hope all the young women that read these devotions, take this message to heart!

    God Bless!

  394. What a timely devotion! This comparison thing is something I have struggled with for quite some time. Growing up in a close family, one where there were regular family reunions and regular visits made me yearn for the day when I would have that with my own family. Well, my own family is scattered all over the world now and regular reunions are almost non existent. A Skype call is now a family reunion. Three months ago, while drowning in a pity party asking God why my family could not be like the family I had growing up, I came to a realization. I could continue to live in the past comparing those times with all that is was missing in my own family. Or, I could take the special moments I had now and savor those. So what, if skype is the way we communicate. I am thankful we have such technology today. At least my children want to talk to me and see me and share their week with me. I still miss the “touch” and the hugs. And yes, I still can get caught in this comparison thing when I see grandparents with their grandchildren holding hands. But, I have learned to treasure those few moments I have with them each week and find happiness in them. Thank you for your sweet words this morning. It made my day!

  395. Lee Forester says:

    I need to get happiness back into my life. I’ve been struggling with anxiety all summer and a job that is stressful. Thank you for writing this encouraging message.

  396. Had a similar experience recently. It’s funny how the “flaws” I saw in myself in my 30’s, I am absolutely nostalgic for now 20 years later! Being grateful and staying “in the moment” have always been a struggle. This sounds like a dare I need to take!

  397. Janice Bedenbaugh says:

    This was a wonderful devotion….and one I so desperately needed to hear. Thank you!

  398. Penny Martin says:

    Looking forward to reading this book. With the busyness of life, we need to remember to stop and smell the roses. God supplies all our needs to get through each and every day:)

  399. “I thought about all the happiness we give away while wishing for something different.” Well put.

  400. Thank you for sharing from your heart! Lord, help me today to live the life you have given me and to not compare.

  401. I really enjoyed the devotion today excerpted from Jennifer’s book The Happiness Dare b

  402. Thank you.

  403. Ashley Miller says:

    Thank you! Just what I needed to start my day.

  404. I so needed this today! Thank you!!! ?

  405. Melanie c says:

    Oh how I would like this book. I need to find my true happiness once again. Thanks.

  406. I would love to win this book! ❤️❤️❤️

  407. Would love to read this!

  408. What an amazing message. Get start my self-discovery/self-love journey. Thank you!

  409. As I read this devotional today, I am reminded of how important our thought life is. Those habits of thought can bring us closer to others or start a divide. Recently I recognized how jealous I was of a former co-worker. She had a natural talent I did not possess and was successful at her job while I was mediocre. We collaborated on many projects and we worked well together, but I was still envious of her talents. But as I read through Galatians and James, God revealed to me my sour attitude. Instead of envy and jealousy, there should be appreciation for the gift God gave her and that she is where God can use her best. My talents and strengths are elsewhere and are just as valuable to God when I use those things to serve Him. We both benefitted from our collaboration together. She told me many times how helpful I was to her. In the Passion Translation it says, “We have forsaken all jealousy which diminishes the value of others.” Gal 5:26 So, I choose admiration and encouragement when I am with my friend and celebrate with her when success comes. I’m thankful she is a part of my life. I am better for it.

  410. I don’t even know what happiness is. Sure I can laugh at things and look look I’m happy but I always feel like a fake. I tried the happiness assessment but it isn’t working on my Samsung S6.

  411. Lorna Jaggers says:

    Sounds like a great book.I can’t wait to read it!

  412. Very encouraging devotion. I would love to read the book.

  413. I just had this conversation with a friend. About how we get down and dwell on our failures and short comings. She told me when she does that, she makes a point of doing something that day to make someone else happy. Then its like a trickle down effect and she feels better. Its a way to remind yourself you are more (than your weight, bank account, unemployment, sins, etc.). Choose joy! Attitudes are a choice, that is easy to say and sometimes hard to do. Thanks for the encouragement. Your book sounds like something I need to read :).

  414. Becky King says:

    I would love to share this book with my daughter that struggles with not being content no matter all the blessings I see she has.

  415. I would love a copy of the book the happiness dare I’ve learned throughout the yes that I am worth way more than I thought I was because I am a child of a king and he doesn’t make any junk

  416. Love this idea of choosing to live joyfully, happiness is a choice, would love to take in the happiness dare!

  417. Debbie Akerman says:

    I would like a copy of this book.

  418. Sydney VH says:

    This is probably the best one I have read. Thank you.

  419. Linda St Clair says:

    Thank know you for speaking God’s truth! This is what I needed to hear today! No attorney how ‘accomplished’ or experienced weight feel, the weight of our humanity in comparison can be such a happiness robber.

  420. Jennifer, this message is powerful and right on target. I can vividly remember when I was in my 20’s and thinking that when I met the right man and got married; then I would be happy. I eventually did get married and then I couldn’t get pregnant. I thought: as soon as I have my baby, I will be really happy. The baby came and we were still in a little apartment. The next happiness target was ” as soon as we can buy a house” I will be happy. This has gone on for my entire life. Premature hair loss has made me envious of other women and always leaves me wishing for thick, beautiful hair. I have come to accept what I look like, where I live, my job, my life – all of it. However, this took my entire life up to this point.
    Thank you for sharing this truth. I WANT TO BE HAPPY EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE. I am a grandmother now, and I don’t want anything to get in the way of the simple little things that almost define happiness itself.
    Keep writing….. bless you!

  421. God is the bases of true happiness.

  422. Sarah Swan says:

    Too the quiz and at no surprise am primarily a giver, and secondarily a doer! I would love to gain more insight about my styles from the book : )

  423. Leslie Young says:

    I was just teaching on this subject (comparison) with some friends in an addiction recovery program! The book sounds amazing! I’d love to win a copy!

  424. Melissa K says:

    How I wish I could go back and make my younger self see her beauty

  425. Thank you for sharing this! I lost my job yesterday and really needed to hear this. I am more than a resume or a position. Thanks!

  426. Barileng Lekalakala says:

    The declaration for my happiness will be a daily exercise….

  427. Wow! That made me think….what do I choose today? Finding happiness in the little things. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  428. Thanks for the reminder to live in joy & happiness! We are daughters of the King!

  429. Thank-you for the wonderful reminders!

  430. Thank you for your insight and reminder that we are wonderfully made and how precious we are to HIM.

  431. Thank you, I just love your thoughts and statements! I found out last week that I am facing a huge pay cut or job elimination and have been trying desperately to find a new job. I have done the comparison game, it runs over and over in my head along with the if I had only… thoughts. I needed to hear that I am not a position or a resume. I have been striving for years and am exhausted. God is so awesome!

  432. This book sounds intriguing and much needed. I’d love to read it!

  433. Emily Piedmonte says:

    Thank you for the great devotional this morning!

  434. summer Stuart says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this topic….It hits the spot. Your writing is so amazing and it souths the soul.

  435. We spend untold hours seeking happiness in all the wrong places while it’s been right in front of us all along. Thank you, Jesus!

  436. Great reminder for me as the new school year starts!

  437. Tetisha Smith says:

    This devotional was was uplifting and inspiring I will be the best me

  438. Crystal Snelson says:

    This devotion hit home today for sure. I would love to win the book.

  439. A much needed reminder today! I’d love to read more about this happiness dare.

  440. Love the devotions, I too lost my job, but in June, been looking, but know God has the perfect job out there and just need to rest in his grace and sovereignty, one of my best friends goes to doctor today to hear about what the treatment will be for her breast cancer, so even in these circumstances, I have to find the good in the day and know that God only wants good for us, so I need to find the happiness of the day and focus on that!! Sometimes you have to look for it, but, God knows and shows us if we are looking for it!! :}

  441. Michelle Austin says:

    OMG!!!!! you have really blessed me today. Thank you so much for your encouraging word. Keep writing you are touching so many lives with a pen. love you SIS

  442. Awesome read. This ministered to me this morning.

  443. Christy C says:

    I needed this devotional this morning as I’ve been struggling immensely with finding my purpose and what makes me happy. I would love to try this happiness dare!

  444. Debra Stecher says:

    My company was recently acquired by another company and 60 of us (so far) find ourselves looking for new opportunities. After having spent 26 years with this company, it’s a daunting task, looking for new work. I find myself wishing to be better or why am I not the one to have been offered a new job by now. Reading todays message reminds me of whom I belong! God is love and full of Grace. Thank you for the sweet reminder of God’s love for me. Blessings to you and your ministry.

  445. Sheril Munsee says:


  446. Oh, the comparison trap! How easily we fall into it. Thanks for words of encouragement to help us get out and stay out.

  447. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for your devotional. Unfortunately I play the comparison game all the time with appearance, with jobs, and the list goes on.

  448. Beatriz Lugo says:

    What a beautiful prayer for today. I teach teenagers and everyday I have to remind them how beautiful and unique they are.

  449. Just what I needed today. Finding happiness through Christ is my top priority!

  450. Diane Padilla says:

    Thank you!! Tears fell as I read your words. You encouraged and lifted my heart today. Thank you!! May God bless you and your ministry.

  451. What a wonderful reminder this morning! I too have looked at an old photograph, remembered the day and what I was thinking! Especially as a young mama, working full time, trying so hard to keep everything together, worrying about my weight, my hair, my outfit, etc., ….If only I could have spent more time enjoying that stage of my life! Looking back, those were THE happiest times ever! My children were little, my husband and I younger, more energetic, our parents were still living… many things where I should have been IN THE MOMENT – but always worrying about everything else! Young or old, we should all start RIGHT NOW – whatever stage of life we may be in – and with our precious Lord’s help – determine to live HAPPY! Be blessed!

  452. Amy Storey says:

    Gosh, this spoke to me so beautifully today. I need to read this every day. Thank you.

  453. Katherine Thompson says:

    Loved todays devotional! Would so enjoy a copy of this book for myself and to share with my daughters.

  454. Favia Hicks says:

    About a month ago, July 28th , I lost my only son. Eddie was 47 years old. He was the only sibling to my daughter, Shonnie, and the fiancée to my newly adopted daughter, Tasuha. Since his illness and passing, the three of us have held on tightly to Jesus and each other. As the mother of the group, I search each day for words of encouragement for my two daughters. Today I read your message and knew I had to forward this to them. As we struggle to move ahead with our “normal” lives, we need to find our way back to “happy” one day at a time. Thank you for sharing this piece that reminds us how to find it in Jesus.

  455. Michelle Burger says:

    Beautiful devotional today. I need to print it off and post it in my office! Thank you for sharing.

  456. Katie Crowder says:

    This encouragement for the day was just what my heart and soul needed. We all need to be reminded how special we are by being one of God’s miracles because so often we forget how truly priceless our happiness is in this world. I have been trying to get pregnant for more than 4 years but I have recently learned that it’s okay to be patient and wait for God’s timing and not mine. I have envied other women, including my sister who is supposed to have her fourth child any day now. When I first found out that she was pregnant yet again (on Christmas eve), I struggled with it because I compared my worth to hers and every other woman who had what I wanted. I even went to therapy and that helped so much. I learned it’s okay that I felt inadequate as a woman and with prayer I gave my worries and heartache to God. After I climbed that mountain of emotions and self pity I found peace….and I give all the glory to God!!! I now am sincerely the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. My husband and I are busy living life, enjoying traveling and making memories with each other, our friends, and our families. this season of life has taught me lessons beyond comprehension and I am blessed because of God’s love.

  457. This a reminder, sadly, I can never see enough! So many great things in life, and often we lose focus and get caught replaying the bad. There are so many blessings when we look at our lives. Look. Listen.

  458. Lisa Ramos says:

    Great message this morning- I know I compare myself to others instead of just being happy with me!

  459. Such a beautiful message! Happiness and joy is not circumstantial – it is a choice to receive it from God on a daily basis.

  460. Your devotion today was exactly what I needed. I have always had a tendency to downgrade my self worth, and look at others wishing I could be like them. Because of that, my happiness always goes down because I never can measure up to others. I need to learn to step back and just be me, and be thankful for who I am.

  461. I’m an Experiencer!

  462. Kimberly Black says:

    This was very encouraging. Thank you.

  463. Debbie Herbst says:

    My 21 year old daughter read and gave me the book, “The Happiness Project”. Well written and actually researced about happiness. I love this devo about our position in Christ and these truths so this perspective would be particularly good. Both for me and for her as a college senior and looking at graduate school for 2 years. Thank you.

  464. Sherry Bryant says:

    I know God wants his children to be happy but we fail so many times. Psalms tells us He does! I need help living His desires! Thank you Proverbs 31 for helping daily to live in His will!

  465. Self-doubt has never been stronger than it is for me the last 10 months and comparing myself to others has been CRAZY! Lost my comfy corporate job and decided to launch a home based business – yikes!
    I see those who are out there enjoying great pay, benefits, new clothes, and cars, and living a seemingly carefree life….that was me just a year ago!
    Who am I to assume they are as happy as I perceive they are, and who am I to throw the gifts God has so graciously given me in his face through my attitude of envy and resentment. Oh Lord God, please forgive me and let me be ever thankful and happy about who YOU made me and for the place in which you have planted me.

  466. Good Morning
    I loved this devotion this morning , this explains my and my daughter’s opinions sometimes never feeling good enough always hoping I would lose the extra pounds, be able to dress nice like the others do. My daughter is a 3rd grade teacher with a husband and four kids at home, she just got the job two weeks ago today she has been a sub at this school for 5 years, and now she is the teacher and feels her clothes are not good enough. I do very much encourage her and all the teachers at the school know her and really like her loving way she presents herself. She is head of the childrens church at our church so she is involved in alot. She would love to do the happiness dare!!

  467. Thank you for your devotional. I needed this today!

  468. Julie Mathess says:

    I love this idea. I’ve done the same thing with old photos. Thank you.

  469. Thanks for teaching me more!. I love reading Proverbs 31 Ministries devotionals. It’s amazing how the Holy Spirit connects His Church. I am so gratefulm i learnt about this Ministry through my mom, God bless her and God bless you for empowering me to become the best i can in Christ Jesus. May the Kingdom of God visit you more each day. Greetings from Madrid (Spain). Shalom.

  470. Tiffany Oropeza says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. I have been dealing with loss and miscarriage for the 3rd time since Feb. of this year. Everyone around me is pregnant and there are days I give my congrats and then go home and cry asking why this keeps happening to me. I try my best to be truly happy for all of my friends and family but everyday feels like this battle to try to walk forward without being envious of them and feeling so heartbroken. Some days it is so hard to not give up and to keep my faith strong. I would love to read this book and try to get back some happiness in my life.

  471. Would love to gift this book to my daughter for her 18th birthday!

  472. Seriously love the idea of a happiness dare! Can’t wait to learn more. I can relate to wishing my younger self would have just enjoyed life & realized how good things were, rather than playing the comparison game. I pray God will enable me to impart this wisdom to my daughter.

  473. Such truth in today’s devotion. I think it’s hard for women to say no and we get so involved in too many things we don’t have time nor take time to be still, to appreciate, we just keep doing and doing more.

  474. Jennifer Martin says:

    Thank you for the awesomely written and on-time devotion. Often times the world in which we live, will try to convince you by comparison that you are not measuring up. It’s good to know that the Word of God says otherwise.

  475. Such an inspiring message. So needed this today.

  476. Darcie Herron says:

    I’m an “experiencer” –my happiness style. Looking forward to reading more about that.

  477. Interesting test and would love to win the book.

  478. I’m going to share this with others. It is amazing the insecurities we feel about ourselves. I’m so thankful to be apart of this wonderful ministry . Thank you.

  479. Reading this brought back memories of my younger self: always not good enough; if only I could lose 10lbs; if my nose wasn’t so big; if, if, if…… Even in my older years, I can still find myself struggling at times. Maybe it’s just that jealousy or envy thing or always contemplating “if I only did it this way”, or” I should have done……..” No matter what our age, I think we can still struggle with things that have affected us throughout our childhood. Lately, I have been looking to scripture to make these negative thoughts disappear and surround myself with positive people. Your article has really touched base with the fact that God created me, I am His. And yes, we are not created to be machines, but are citizens in God’s kingdom forever! Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

  480. I so needed to hear this today, thank you!! I have 3 daughters & would love this book to better prepare them for their life of happiness!

  481. Serenaclark says:

    So good! I shared it with about 15 of my girlfriends!

  482. Serenaclark says:

    So good! Shared it with about 15 of my girlfriends!

  483. I would LOVE this book!! I have a birthday coming up in the next few weeks. My Bible Study group is also considering this book as one we might read this fall. I love the idea of a HAPPINESS DARE!! Thank you for sharing.

  484. I am approaching 45 and noticing so many changes in my physical appearance, but my soul is getting richer and deeper. God is good!

  485. Tina Mathews says:

    I would love to win this book for my Step-daughter who doesn’t know how to love her self or think enough of herself that she is worthy. She just got out of a bad relationship and is trying to pick up the pieces and move on.
    Thank you.

  486. This was the reminder that I needed. I work so hard each day trying look like the over achiever my dad sees me as. I worry whenever I’m around people wether they think I’m nice or if I came off as rude. I spend so much time worrying how I look to others that I don’t let myself truly be happy. I can’t fully enjoy conversations with others because I’m worrying if I’m saying the right things.
    I’m a miracle, not a mistake.
    I need to remember this each day, remember to enjoy life and not worry how others see me.
    Thank you Jennifer for reminding me of this. Your devotion has really helped me today.

  487. Thanks for the words. They spoke to my heart

  488. Cindy Maynard says:

    Thank you for this… I have always been one that kind of compares myself to others. It comes from being belittled as a child. I am working on it though. I am a work in progress! Thank you again!


  489. I would love to have this book, I am a suicide attempt survivor of 8 years ago. While I have been doing much better than I ever thought I would, I still have many issues with loneliness, feeling unloved, and always in comparison with others and the lives they are living out, while I sit home and watch my life pass me by. I am forever grateful that I was spared by my Lord and savior my life. He has another purpose for me, I just haven’t taken that to effect and just jumped back into life, mother, wife and employee. I want to be happier and find out how to make this happen. I know that someone is not going to do it for me, It is up to me to make me happy. Thank you for sharing your message today.

    • My dear Barbara, be encouraged today as the greatest love of our lives, Jesus, is always with us! The father heart of God is this: You are Seen, You are Loved and You are Wanted! Yes, seen, loved and wanted! The enemy of our souls wants us to believe otherwise. That is where thoughts of being unlovable come from! They are not the words of our Father in heaven. Our daddy God is also not a man. He loves us with no conditions attached. He loves us completely! He has a plan and a wonderful purpose for each of us. He sees us and is with us in every moment of our day. Jesus wants to heal your hurting, wounded heart! Please do not allow your pain to distort your view of the heavenly Father’s love. Invite Jesus into your heart if you’ve not done so. Allow our Father to renew and restore you through the healing power of His love. He has time for you! He cares, even about the little things in life. Jesus wants to fill your emptiness with his love. Spend time with him in Psalms and Proverbs and in praise. Seek to have a grateful heart even if you can only find the littlest thing to be grateful for, thank him for it. As you do, your heart will begin to look for beauty instead of seeing just the ugly (that’s all the enemy wants you to see). I love you, sister! You are Wanted and needed in the kingdom!♡

  490. Great devotion and reminder today!

  491. Amy Shackleton says:

    I would love to win the Happiness Dare!

  492. Gratitude does greatly impact our lives. I’ve kept a simple gratitude journal for a long time now.
    Today I am grateful for our home in the country, for sweet corn and fresh peaches, for stacks of good books and for dentists when we need a tooth repaired!
    I am grateful for my husband and kiddos and for some very sweet friends God has given me.

  493. This hit home for me this morning. I’ve been struggling to see my own beauty and have been comparing myself to others for too long. Thank you for this beautiful devotion!

  494. Thank you for helping me to refocus today. This sounds like a good lesson for a Circle at church. 🙂

  495. Sabrina Berkshire says:

    Thank you for sharing that Devotion. I needed that much needed reminder as I struggle with Happiness with my life right now. Thank you Have a blessed day.

  496. Beth Bunn says:

    Wow, this came at the right time. Dealing with some depression and struggling to find the good. Nailed it on the head. Thank you!!

  497. Krista Christian says:

    Great reminder that God loves each of us as He has made us!

  498. This is for me I am always comparing myself to others and worried that I will never measure up. I always need support and affirmation from others.

  499. Towaner J Ligon says:

    Good morning,
    Thank you so much for this devotion this morning. It’s like it was directed at me. After reading this I felt a weight lifted.
    I am going through a lot right now and dealing with Stress eating. I often find myself in a dark place when I see others going on with their lives and I feel stuck right now. I am caring for my 86 year old mom who fell and broke her foot off in June and is unable to do anything for herself. I also have physical disabilities.
    After the message that was delivered at church on Sunday which redirected my thoughts and then this today, I feel I am right where God meant for me to be.
    I just have to stay in prayer and find comfort and strength in God’s words.

  500. This is something that I have dealt with my entire life. But mine is more about size. I see a thin woman or a fit woman and I immediately believe they are a better mother or a better wife. That they get more done and have more friends because they are what I consider to be the right size. I am really wanting God to connect my heart to my mind with His truth about who I am. It steals from my time with my children and my husband every day.

  501. Very inspiring post! Would love a copy of the book!

  502. Lisa Schweitzer says:

    What an awesome way to look at life! Only through Christ who strengthens me, thank you for the reminder!!

  503. Monica Liberatore says:

    This devotion really resonated for me today. I think I’ve been playing the comparison game my whole life, and of course that means I usually come up short! I really like the MSG version of the Galatians verse about how we have more interesting things to do with our lives than compare them to others’. I wrote out 3 things I appreciate about the life God gave me, and it made me thankful instead of longing for something different. Thank you 🙂

  504. Loved reading your article. I’d love a copy of your book.

  505. The Happiness Dare sounds like a great book for me! I think I would benefit and learn to smile more and stress less.

  506. What a beautiful message! In the wedding industry all creatives struggle with comparison because of social media. It’s a daily choice to say ” my worth is not in how many likes I have” or “she must be a better wedding planner because her wedding is prettier than mine”. We have made a choice to find our indentity in Christ alone but realize the struggle to be happy is still very real and the enemy lurks about us trying to take that away. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!!

  507. Rachel Collier says:

    LOVE Proverbs 31 Ministry and Devotionals!! Thank you so much for consistent encouragement from His Word! And thank you for this opportunity.
    Life changing!!

  508. aren’t we all searching for a constant state of happiness? we are constantly searching for peace within ourselves. when all we need to do is accept God’s peace that His plan for us is bigger. Love your blog and I would love a copy of your book!!

    Live Loved

  509. Wow! Did I need to read this today or what?! So amazing how God gives us exactly what we need when we need it. Thanks for sharing what He’s laid on your heart!

  510. Lauren Wiebe says:

    Wonderful food for thought! Happiness is all around us… no need to go looking elsewhere.

  511. I would be grateful and feel blessed to be chosen to receive a free copy of the Happiness Dare. I choose to be filled with happiness and try to make a difference everyday in the lives of others around me. It brings me such joy. However, I just lost my job, finalizing a divorce, selling our home and trying to find a place to live in addition to sending my only son off to college has left me struggling in my daily happiness walk where I try to lift others up. I need a challenge and continued faith in my daily prayer and my walk with God. I know he will never leave me or forsake me and he has and will provide for me. thank you for your devotionals which I read daily. They encourage me and lift me up as I journal and pray.
    As I am sure with many other woman my favorite scripture which Hss carried me through other storms of life is Proverbs 3:5-6. I will trust….I pray for those who I know have it even more difficult than me and I thank you for your ministry as it touches the lives of so many in need.
    You make a difference:) God bless and thanks for considering me.
    Hugs and love in Christ,

  512. I’ve been trying to work on this exact thing . . . being content with myself!

  513. Thanks for the opportunity

  514. Jackie Rogers says:

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing that. I am that person. Looking for happiness and never finding it. Always comparing myself to others. I’m going to save this and read it often. Hopefully, I too will find what I’ve looked for for so long. I’d like to start with accepting ME, and then everyone else for who we are, created by God. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  515. Great word! That is something we all need to remember. We shouldn’t be in completion for anything or with anyone. God has blessings, your blessings, laid in store for no one but you. That is an awesome way to think and one to which we need to strive.

  516. Wow! I really needed this today, as I was settling to start work today, I was actually thinking about my overall happiness and how unhappy I was with my body and health. I had gotten “fussed” at by my doctor yesterday over the extra weight I had gained and the fact I needed to lose it to avoid health problems. I have always struggled with my weight and it’s made me unhappy. I constantly compared myself to those younger, skinnier, more athletic…etc. I have a Godly, supportive husband, a great job, two wonderful children and a God that loves me. This devotion has really opened my eyes this morning. Thank you. God gave me this devotion EXACTLY when I needed it. I WILL strive to lose the weight, but, I will not compare myself or efforts to other.

  517. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for todays reading. At a place where im learning self love and loving the life I’m given by my Heavenly Father. To wholly lean on Him and trust Him. Will get book and look I g forward to reading. Have a blessed day/week

  518. Great message. This is something I’ve been working on, appreciate the reminder.

  519. Supersizing my happiness and joy is my mission during this season of my life. I am truly trying to be grateful of all the blessings I have and learning to love myself just as I am. I would LOVE a copy of this book.

  520. I love dares and sometimes I’m challenged to be happy in the midst of my abundant blessings! Yes, I would love to win the book! I could read it, do the dare and then pass the book along to a few needy people! Lol!

  521. I would love to read this book.Very timely word.

  522. Sue Peyton says:

    Great words in the devotion today. I love the “happiness” commitment and I need to hear these words about not comparing myself to others. Thank you!

  523. Tiana N Mitchell says:

    I thought today’s devotional is what I needed. I’m constantly comparing myself to others and forgetting that I have unique talents and gifts. I would love to receive a copy of the Happiness Dare.

  524. Thank you for a great book!

  525. Thank you for your devotion. God always give me exactly what I need, when I need it. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you.

  526. How often we as ladies are satisfied and need to remember who God has made us a new creation.

  527. Such a good reminder! The comparison trap is so easy to fall into and so hard to climb out of.

  528. Lisa Dykstra says:

    Loved this devotion today!! Thanks

  529. I needed to hear this today, I am my own happiness hijacker. God is so good and loves me through it all!!

  530. Would love this book to read with my daughters! Thanks

  531. Beautiful! I can never get enough of the reminder that I am uniquely me and that is exactly who I should be. Thank you Jennifer. ?

  532. Elizabeth says:

    I would LOVE this. All my life I’ve struggled with this. Thinking I’m undeserving or saying, “I’ll be happy once x, y, z, a, b, c happens.” I am working on finding contentment. This seems perfect.

  533. This is a healthy reminder of the need to focus on the moment and enjoy where I am and who I am.

  534. Beautiful! I am encouraged daily by this book. Thankful for your words Jennifer! ?

  535. I really needed this today. Struggling with a chronic condition which has me in bed resting most mornings. I would love a copy of the book. I love the ministry of Provebs 31.

  536. I want to go where God wants to lead me. I want to be of service to him and share my gifts with others. But, at a time when I am professionally lost and unsure of my next steps, I find myself wandering and cannot hear Him clearly. In the midst of my unrest, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others – their financial status, their latest promotion, their “apparent” professional joy and security. I hear myself wanting these things so that I can be defined by my work and my title; but this is just a trap. I know this is not God’s WAY or his Word. I want to reconnect with my inner happiness and challenge myself to stop the comparison game. Today’s devotion has given my the words to use with myself to start this journey.

  537. Hello. Came across today’s devotional by Jennifer Dukes Lee and it spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing and I would love to win a copy of her book!

  538. Wow. This is what I needed to read. I have been wanting to focus on my happiness more. Thanks

  539. Stephanie Friend says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your devotion today. I would be so grateful for a copy of your book. As a mother of four children all ranging in ages from 21, 18, 15, and 9, focusing on happiness rather than fear is a constant problem for me. Thank you for your words of wisdom!

  540. I really enjoyed this devotional. I would love to read this book.

  541. Christina says:

    I struggle with this so much….I see what others have and am happy for them BUT I think to myself why can’t I have that. Then I start thinking to myself; what did they do that I didn’t do. I want to see the promises of God for myself but am always so doubtful that it could happen for me. I want to follow where the Lord leads me and just want to serve and please the Lord but am stuck. I know that I need to stop and just be thankful for the things the Lord has done for me and realize that I am uniquely made and God has great things for me too.

  542. pamela williams says:

    Very good word I have often said myself if I could be like this person or have the money they have I wouldn’t have any troubles but I would have peace.

  543. Thank you for sharing today’s message. All my life I have struggled with self image instead of seeing me how God sees me. Searching for contentment with who I am. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  544. Would love to read this.

  545. Would love to read the book! Wonderful Devotional!

  546. Almost 50 and oh how I still need this!

  547. I struggle with the comparison game. I really loved today’s key verse. I am writing it down in various places in the hopes that I will see it at least once a day!

  548. Brandie S says:

    If we are Christians why is it so hard for so many of us to not worry and be happy beyond our circumstances?

  549. I am a child of God—that makes me HAPPY!!!

  550. I took the quiz and it was spot on. I am a Doer. My husband took it and he was an Experiencer. That too was pretty accurate. Doers and Experiencers are not usually on the same page.

  551. Sue-Ella Mueller says:

    Thanks so much, Jennifer Dukes and Proverbs Ministry, for this awesome message! It’s the perfect message for today as we scroll through social media channels comparing our lives to those we see on our phone screens. I shared the message with my college-aged daughters amd then bowed my head in prayer that they are able to look beyond comparisons and capture the happiness that is right in front of them! Have a blessed day!

  552. I want to take the happiness dare!

  553. I missed a lot of years not being happy – it’s definetely something I need to work on! Thanks for giving me inspiration! God Bless

  554. Much needed reminder today. Thank you!

  555. This happened to me a few years ago and I am still trying to overcome all those negative thoughts that do not allow me to be completely happy.

  556. Christin Bradt says:

    I tried to take the happiness profile, but I ended up with a screen that said, “Server Error”.

  557. Peggy Crank says:

    This hit home for me. I have been comparing myself to others for years!! And I can’t begin to imagine how much happiness i have let pass me by because of it. It’s time for me to see me through God’s eyes. I’m excited!!

  558. What a beautiful perspective! Like Jesus said ” think of what is lovely”
    And WE are God’s LOVELY creations!! I hope to read more…

  559. Today was the day I needed to hear this. Thank you.

  560. It’s so easy to see all the things someone else is and all the things we’re not. It’s so easy to miss the greatness within us wishing and wanting to be like others. I’ve struggled with that silently for a long time. Even with others around me speaking life into me. I could not hear not see what they saw. Thank you for this message and reminder that God really does care about my happiness today. I always feel that if I could do this, or finish this, or when this happens then I’ll be happy. I really am missing out on my joys of now. I think this message is great and the book would be life changing.

  561. Brooke Harper says:

    Such a simple concept, but so hard to do! I love this. Thanks so much for posting it. I’ve shared it with women I love today…..

  562. God’s timing couldn’t be more perfect for this book!

  563. No matter how my day is filled, I always seem to be satisfied ALONE. I would not call it happy. I constantly pray for God to give me happiness, or at least a spirit of happiness. How can I break this awful cycle? Sometimes my marriage of 36 years suffers terribly, I feel TRAPPED and I am supposed to be a HAPPY christian woman.

  564. sally thompson says:

    As a school counselor – I spend my day trying to help kids fell “happy”. I am limited in sharing the REAL source of happiness which is Jesus. I know where my true happiness comes from – but I need to remind myself regularly to enjoy the TRUTH I have in Jesus of who I am and whose I am.

  565. Angela Thompson says:

    I am a caregiver for my Deaf mother.I communicate with her by American Sign Language. It would be a pleasure to receive this great devotional book..
    Thank-you in advance,
    God bless!

  566. Marana Davis says:

    Inspirational and encouraging, a powerful combination for every woman. I would be so honored to be able to receive a copy of your book. Happiness is very important in everyone’s life. Thank God for people like you.

  567. Thank you, this really spoke to me today.

  568. Hannah Alexander says:

    Thank you for such a great reminder and wonderful encouragement to start the day!

  569. Stacey Cochran says:

    I needed this so much this morning! I have always had compared myself to everyone else in my life, and always found myself lacking. I have just begun to stop doing that, but I have moments where I can’t seem to help myself. I want to take the happiness dare!

  570. Sounds like an awesome book I am so excited to read it!!!

  571. I would love to win , great devotion! <3

  572. Perfect timing! Blessed by this reminder!

  573. I am a very happy person who has been greatly blessed. I find that I still catch myself making comparisons, but try to remind myself that I truly would not want to trade places with anyone! I think about what I would have missed if I were not exactly who and where I am. When I reflect on where God has placed me, and who I have the privilege to share this life with, it humbles me and makes me grateful.

  574. What a beautiful reminder this morning!
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  575. By the thread of comments, we can see just how much our world and society wants to dictate our happiness. Thanks for the devotion today. Would love to be one of the lucky winners. Blessings!

  576. I would love to have this book. Happiness does not always come easy for me!

  577. Eunice Chong says:

    Highly favored, deeply loved & greatly blessed.

  578. Wow, I needed that this morning. Thanks!

  579. Good devotion this morning. Really struck a chord. Thank you.

  580. Jennifer D. says:

    Happiness really is a choice!! Great reminder!

  581. I needed this today. Thank you!

  582. Evalyn Elliott says:

    Love the comment that we are not a mistake but a miracle. God is teaching me this right now on my life

  583. This is definitely something I struggle with daily. I loved reading this devotion, and was really encouraged by it. I took the quiz and I’m a Doer, something that is very difficult to be as a stay at home mom with an 8 month old! I would love to read the book!

  584. A friend just told me about this book last week and encouraged me to read it! It is on my list.

  585. This devotion really hit home today..I would love to read the book.

  586. “Comparison is the thief of joy” is something I have to tell myself frequently (even if it still hasn’t sunk in just yet.) Would love to read this book.

  587. I love the title of the book! We should all desire to want true happiness and joy for others. This comes from believing that God created each of us unique and beautiful; and to fulfill a divine purpose.

  588. Robin Idol says:

    I just subscribed to your happiness dare emails. I think this is really such a cool idea- I am a Christian woman with a physical disability, and though I know I shouldn’t, I find myself constantly comparing myself to others who can do more physically then I can; however, only by the grace of God, can I do a lot of things that I shouldn’t be able to do, and I have to stop and thank God all the time for what I can do. Even though I know God wants us to find the happiness in all circumstances, many times I fall short with this and I’m really looking forward to reading the book the “Happiness Dare”.

  589. True happiness is a gift from God! Thank you for this beautiful devotion! Lets keep our eyes fixed on Christ!

  590. Wow! this one really hit home. Thank you!

  591. Thank you Jennifer for this reminder not to compare myself or my worth to others, but to live in my true identity rooted in Christ!

  592. Katie Pearson says:

    I can relate. I’ve been in an amazing women’s group through my church for about two years now. These women are so near and dear to my heart. We laugh together and cry together, and I wouldn’t want to do life without them. But there are still times when I look at their beautiful homes, and their perfectly “together” lives, and I become so envious of what they have. I work full time, we have a very small home, and our finances are seemingly always a mess, my husband recently lost his job, and we only have one vehicle. It feels like we operate in crisis mode more often than not, and it’s so easy to get swept away by what meets the eye, and forget that everyone has their own problems.

  593. I need happiness but even more than that… i have someone i need to help find her own happiness. thank you.

  594. Alicia Galloway says:

    This was truly an awesome word today! I thank you for the reminders, and I look forward to reading more from you! 🙂

  595. Alicia Webb says:

    Oh my goodness, I so agree with this post! How easily I let comparisons (even with myself from the past!) & “I wish..” get in the way of my happiness now, my ability to truly immerse myself in and enjoy the present. I think I need to listen to God more on this happiness thing!! It’s something that’s come up in my pastor’s sermons and something I’ve struggled with. I hear so much in the church about how there is a difference between JOY and HAPPINESS and how we can have JOY in all circumstances … but God also wants us to be HAPPY too!! I think I need more prayer on this topic.

  596. Oh that we could find joy in the blessings God has given us and we miss!
    Thank you Father for reminding us!

  597. So often comparison is easier than acceptance of oneself. For me, it is seeing attractive clothes in magazines and imagining what it would look like on me – BUT I’m not a model, but have a few extra pounds on! This devotional is definitely food for thought, and something I will ponder throughout today. Thanks.

  598. Great devotion! Thank you!

  599. Thank you Jennifer for this reminder! In this fallen world, it is very hard not to see the big rock others are holding when you know you are holding a small one… But God’s grace grace has always been sufficient and He knows that the size we ought to hold for now is the exact size we are capable of. Hallelujah for we are all special in His eyes! God bless each one!

  600. Jessica Hasken says:

    I am on a new journey with Jesus. I broke down crying unexpectedly with a pastor who was giving us premarital counseling and was saved that very afternoon. My heart realized that it had been missing something and I had had no idea until that moment. I was bewildered and relieved. Now I am trying to form new habits like praying, attending church. I stumble quite a bit but I’m determined to be more positive and more present daily to have happiness that God wished for all of us to have.

  601. Toni Rogers says:

    Comparing myself to someone else is something I deal with on a daily basis. One of my biggest challenges is accepting myself as a daughter of the King. This has really hit home in the past year as I am raising two teenage daughters that go through the same struggles. I want them to see me as an example of how to live and right now, I’m not sure they do.

  602. Susan Graham says:

    I believe I just found my next topic for my monthly Women’s Devotional Bible Study. We all strive to be happy, but we often deprive ourselves of happiness.

  603. Jill Fenrick says:

    What a perfect time to come across this devotion. While I try to focus on the positives in my life, my sinful self does look at the lives of others in comparison. However, the best possible use of this book could go towards my Jr. high students. As I was reading this devotion I was already tweeking it to suit their needs.

  604. After losing my husband two years ago many days are holding tight to any happiness that comes along each day and be truly grateful for the 40 years we had together here. Living with the promise we will be together again. Thank you for this wonderful advice, its is a matter of attitude.

  605. I would LOVE a copy of your book! 🙂

  606. “I will resist the urge to believe I’ve got to fight for my piece; God says there is more than enough to go around”
    Whoa! That sentence really resonated in my soul.

  607. I loved the message translation of that verse. Well said – what I needed.

  608. Sounds like a great book! Would love to win & am adding it to my to-read list!

  609. Beautiful devotion this morning. I have always struggled with happiness and loving myself for whom God created me to be. Now that I’m in the middle of a divorce, I am really struggling with happiness and trying hard not to compare myself with the young girl my husband left me for. Disciplining my thoughts to focus on the wonderful children in front of me and not on what my husband is doing. Learning to love myself is very crucial for my long term healing. I am not a mistake, I am a miracle. A beautiful creation formed in the hands of my Lord and Savior.

  610. Kayla Santangelo says:

    This is so relevant to the season I am in right now! I took the assessment and it very much indicates who I am. I’ve been trying to figure out true happiness and true joy in how God has designed me. Would love to read this book and grow deeper in my happiness with myself and have greater gratitude for the gifts and the blessings that God has bestowed on me!

  611. My entire life has been chasing a virtual shadow of a look, hair, job, personality, etc. that if I could capture it within myself, than I would be happy. As I look back I see the waste of time I spent when I all along I did not see the beauty and uniqueness that was right within me! Great blog!

  612. Exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you.

  613. Tammy Houghton says:

    I would love to win a copy of the Happyness dare! I truly believe that lift is a gift and we need to embrace each day with joy!

  614. This is great! With social media, it’s so easy to compare our messy every day lives to the highlight reel we see of everyone else. The author is right, we spend so much time trying to attain and achieve that we forgot to enjoy what we already have. I would love to read this book and supersize my happiness.

  615. I enjoyed the devotion today. I have just gone through a very rough season and when I sit back and look at my life, all I see is waste. But I have realized that God allowed me to go through these harsh things, because he is redeeming/rewriting my story and transforming me! Today I am purposefully going to look for all the positive things about this situation I am in, choose to be happy and choose not to compare myself to anyone else.
    Prayer- May God infuse my body with joy from above, he is faithful and he can be trusted 🙂

  616. Linda Porter says:

    I really enjoyed your post, “How to Supersize Your Happiness Today”. It made me reflect on all those little idiosyncrasies that I tend to fall victim to. It gave me new perspective to take with me. I would love a copy of your book. Wishing you all good things,

  617. So I am a doer. That makes sense. But I prefer to ‘do’ behind the scenes, alone, when no one else knows about it.
    I will (try to) resist the compulsion to convince those who choose to not believe my goodness or my value. “I will stand tall on the inside, even if I’m feeling weak on the outside.”

  618. I think i need this book

  619. Jasmine Habersham says:

    This post has really blessed me as I get my day started. I pray that that I am able to further explore ways to reach and obtain the pinnacle and joy in my life.

  620. Kathie Rezek says:

    Happiness is definitely the one thing we should supersize, and this book is a great way to do just that! Thank you, Jennifer Lee for sharing your gift with the world.

  621. What a beautiful lesson. I never knew that scripture was in the bible – so this was not a refresher but brand new information for me…and super real. You see, I dieted, exercised and lost 10 pounds My conclusion-not enough weight loss. I changed jobs for more money…not enough money. I cut my hair..not short enough and some days too short. I changed my style of make up application…still not cute enough. I surgically altered my body to look better..STILL not thin enough. Enough is enough.. Today I subscribe to remember that I am … fearfully and wonderfully made” and I dare NOT compare myself to another living soul.

  622. What truth! Excited to tackle the happiness dare myself!!

  623. This was a message I needed to hear. It’s amazing what I have allowed to steal my joy.

  624. Pat Mayfield says:

    I love life even as painful as becoming a widow has been for me. I grew up in a time when there was a lot of comparing going on. I have done a lot of people watching while we were in the ministry. I found I loved serving others when no else wanted to step up. Sometimes I have felt people only liked me for what I was doing for them. My prayer is that I will not feel that way even if it’s true. True satisfaction comes when I am able to make a difference….even if they don’t notice…just the Lord.

  625. Jennifer Marie says:

    Thank you for today’s message, comparisons have been my life long battle. I am about to join the Navy in March. I have tried my whole life to find worth by relationships, status, career, looksc and you name it. I am so thankful that God has helped me to see how much I have been seduced into world views of myself and others. I almost lost my marriage because of comparisons and telling my husband what should not be apart of his life instead of just loving him. Life is a learning process as I grow with God. Keep up the encouragement so many woman play the comparison game. We need all the godly help we can get.

  626. Than you for your daily devotionals and continued encouragement through stories and lessons that I can relate to. It’s so wonderful to find uplifting and positive posts in my newsfeed that seems overwhelmingly negative most days. Can’t wait to read The Happiness Dare.

  627. So greatful God looks at our hearts and NOT our outward appearance! Thank you Father!

  628. Thanks for the great devotional and reminder that we can be happy and need to be happy it the here and now. No worrying!!! That is always good to be reminded of.

  629. I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  630. Kristi S. says:

    I am so grateful that no matter what, the Lord thinks we are beautiful. Even when we don’t feel like it, HE THINKS we are and that is what is so important… Thank you so much for your devotional today!!!

  631. Very interesting devotional! Thought-provoking. I’m going to check out this book.

  632. Vanessa G says:

    Thank you for a very encouraging devotion.

  633. Cheryl Butler says:

    I really believe this book could be of great help to me. I pray you consider me for a free copy.

  634. KELLYE R. TURNER says:



  635. So important to identify how we give way to the enemy stealing our happiness

  636. I love this devotional, thank you so much for the truths spoken! I would love to win this book.

  637. Micha Peckham says:

    This book seems like it will be a great read.

  638. Christianne McCall says:

    I’ve been wanting to read this book! I’d love to win a copy.

  639. This devotional really spoke to my heart and I immediately forwarded it to my sister. Too often we compare our lives to others without stopping to count our blessings and be happy in the present. I pray that God will help me with this.

  640. I am so guilty of comparing myself with other whether it be physical or in other ways. This book would be a good read for me.

  641. I <3 reading and this seems like it would be a good one!

  642. Teresa Hall says:

    I know this is true about happiness.God has,shown me time and again,that giving thanks to Him immediately lifts your “happiness scale “My sister howver,does not have a scale.SHE IS SO unhappy,FOR MANY years. She is a Christian,a true beliver in HIM,and a very sweet good person. Her unhappiness,which for a stranger may seem complicated,But it truly is not.I would love to win a copy of this book to give to my sister!I believe it will empower her to Be Happy.Gotta give it a shot. The stress in a normal life seems doubled if one cannot maintain the spirit of happiness,in all we are and do.She is extremely stressed and now her health is being very compromised because of it. I share devotionals daily.She goes to Bible study. But,I believe she has given up on the true joy and happiness…. GOD will restore this to her. I believe and pray. The book would be a great source of encouragement. Thanks sincerely for this opportunity. God Bless
    Teresa Hall

  643. Vanessa Greene says:

    I’m mother struggling with finding peace and balance in my everyday life. This helped me so much. Thank you.

  644. Beth Tatman says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love the heart behind your message. It really speaks to my heart.

  645. Megan monroe says:

    I would love the book!!! Reading Holly Wagners Find Your Brave now and this would be next!!!

  646. I LOVE today’s message. I already sent it out to friends and family.
    It is true. We don’t need to compare ourselves to anyone or anything. We also (especially me) need to remember that “My worth isn’t calculated in efficiencies, results or ladders climbed. I am not the sum of my accomplishments — or the sum of my mistakes. I am not my ambition, energy level, approval rating, mass appeal or worth to the company store. I am not an A-plus or D-minus. I am not a mess or a miscalculation”

    I am blessed that God loves me for me. Why shouldn’t I then, love myself for me? If God says I am made beautifully and made perfectly in his image – who am I to argue or take away value from Him?

    He is the Creator, my Father. Thank you!

  647. Diane Adams says:

    This is a hard one, how to stop the comparisons, especially when my weakness doesn’t seem to be comparisons to anyone person, but an ideal that I seem to have generated of the perfect me, that I can’t obtain. How to let ‘her’ go and be happy with who God has created me to be.

  648. Jenny Lynne says:

    This devotional hit me right where I’m at today. Thank you for the reminder that I am a miracle.

  649. Susan McCauley says:

    Good things to remember.

  650. Molly Swires says:

    I’d love to read this book! The Lord has been teaching me how to have a heart of contentment right now as I started a new business and since my husband and I are trying to start a family!

  651. I needed this today. I play the comparison game all the time and it makes me depressed. I am going to quit this with God’s word and his help.

  652. Looking at others and see them better than me always push me back inside my shell and rob of the happiness of who really I am in the sight of God. Comparison takes out my focus on God and His special plan for me. I need a constant reminder from His word that I am special and I am valuable and confident enough to face other people. Degrading myself always lead me to be controlled by fear and miss out what God has for me. Thank you for sharing this devotion, before I read this I am struggling and discourage about my situation. God’s word gives hope and strength.

  653. Kelly Hosman says:

    Thank you for this encouragement TODAY! I just started a new job as receptionist at my church three weeks ago – leaving a job I had had for two years and absolutely loved. I am a retired educator completely out of my comfort zone! I simply felt that God wanted me here for some reason. Yes, I constantly compare myself to those around me. I know this is a simple, common sense devotion, but it touched my heart to the core. Thank you!

  654. I totally needed this today! I’ve been comparing myself to others for most of my life. I can be very insecure and not be grateful for any of my blessings, because I’m too buried in self-pity. Thank you and God Bless You! 🙂

  655. This was just what I needed to read, not 5 minutes ago, I found myself thinking……………if I was only that slim, I would wear clothes like that everyday. I am a size 10…………….that is not big. In my mind, on certain days, it is. thank you!!

  656. A wonderful post and a wonderful book!

  657. I appreciated this devotional because after struggling with getting pregnant, losing a baby this past January, and now struggling to get pregnant again there are many days that it is difficult to find happiness. I like the comment, “Discover the happiness in the life we have”, because it reminds me to make a conscious effort to notice all the things that I can and should find joy in, and not be consumed by my grief and longing.

  658. As part of my journey through depression, anxiety and PTSD, I’ve worked a lot on improving my happiness. I have to look life moment by moment sometimes. I may still wish I had my better job already and better other aspects in life, but each day has its blessings. I keep track of those in my daily blessings journal, and it keeps my perspective in check.

  659. I have wasted a lifetime on the comparison game. I unfortunantly and unintentionally passed it on to my children. It’s never too late to begin today!

  660. Monica Holt says:

    The word happy is no where in the bible so how do you sau God wants our happiness?

  661. Good things to remember. Would love to win the book.

  662. I enjoyed today’s devotional and would love to learn more about how to “supersize my happiness” by winning this book.

  663. This has always been my challenge….loved this devotional today….I want to be able to enjoy my own life and realize the happiness in each moment.

  664. Ramie Mariano says:

    I needed to see the post about happiness today. I’m going to do my best not to compare myself to others. Thanks!

  665. Janice Puckett says:

    Searching and not knowing how. Your book sounds like a welcome read. Thanks Jennifer Dukes Lee!❣

  666. Truly enjoy all of the daily devotions! Would love to have the opportunity to read the book on happiness.

  667. Melissa Orr says:

    I would love a copy of the Happiness Dare. I love all of your Facebook posts!

  668. I would love one of your books, finding happiness in every day life when you have so much to be happy about seems easier said then done.

  669. Jan Biehl says:

    This book sounds great!! I struggle with looking at other women of our church and wishing I could be more like them. I’m happy when I see my family doing well! (Which isn’t very often)

  670. The Happiness Dare…….a very intriguing dare. This book would be an excellent addition to books and a great read.

  671. Marilyn Gerlach says:

    Blessings to you you, Jennifer! Daring to share how we can focus on the LORD for our happiness!..every day, every hour and every moment! To GOD be the glory!

  672. This book sounds like it offers great and uplifting reminders. I would love to read it!!

  673. Colleen Zewe says:

    Wow, what a timely devotion. Just thing, all the time we spend thinking “if only I could look like her,” “if I only I was that good at x,” or “if I only I could have the life she has,” is time we could spend thanking God for what we ARE blessed with!
    Social media especially is a big happiness stealer- it makes us think we are the only ones with heartbreak, sadness and stress. Nobody posts about these things, they only highlight the positives in their life on social media. Remember, social media is a snapshot of someone’s life, not the whole picture- they have strengths and weaknesses, just like you! God gave us all strengths to showcase, and He also gave us all weaknesses- weaknesses we can use to open up about and reach out to others for help and therefore build relationships, and we can pray to God to have Him help us improve on those weaknesses or help overcome them. God made you the way you are for a reason- embrace it!

  674. Sue Athenas says:

    This sounds like a perfect book for my daughter. She is very goal driven which is great but her personal life and joys suffer because of it.

  675. Thank you so much for that devotion. That was exactly what I needed to hear. I struggle with insecurities and wondering whether I am good enough. The scripture verse was great. I am copying it and putting it on my desk to look at throughout the day. Thank you for the insight and I would love to be able to read more. Have a blessed day

  676. Thanks for the encouragement, Jennifer (and Proverbs 31)! It was just what I needed! I would love to share the book with some friends who are in that same tough spot. Thank you!

  677. KC Armstrong says:

    Would love to read more about being a doer! Loved the quiz!

    Bless u!

  678. Lovely message! I have always struggled with “too fine” hair, an athletic/no waistline body, desire to be and do more professionally and a competitiveness that crippled me for a while. I am closing in on being over that but, goodness, TOO MANY years wasted! I understand that I am a special child of the one true King and remind myself of that every day. I also remind my 24-year-old daughter, my family and friends as seeing happiness is a challenge for many. Thanks, much, for sharing your insight.

  679. What a beautiful message for me in my struggle to be…me. Thank you for reminding me I am a miracle not a mistake!! love and God’s light. mya

  680. Can’t wait to get my copy… Sounds like an amazing read!

  681. Rebecca Shipp says:

    I want to be thankful everyday. It is so important to have an attitude of gratitude. My sons are in their 20’s now but when they were younger I tried to model thankfulness to them, As a family on Saturdays we would go out to lunch usually some type of fast food, my husband would let us order first then he would order and pay for our meal then he would “serve” us, I always thanked him in front of the boys, I did not want to take him for granted. The Lord allowed me to be a stay at home mom for six years before I started working part-time, the Lord blessed my husband with a job that he could provide for our family on one income and I thank the Lord for that. I know this is only one small example but it is important.

  682. Andrea Eymard says:

    What an on point message for me. I waste too much time on the comparison game and not living in the moment. I would love to win The Happiness Dare. It is a dare I would absolutely love to take.

  683. So I can have happiness now, and not have to wait for heaven? Great news! Thanks for the reminder!

  684. Becky Graff says:

    please know I could use this book. I have had a tough last 7 years with the last year being the worst year of my life. Money is limited so receiving one of you books free would make for great happiness.

  685. I have this on my wish list already, I’ve taken the quiz and can’t wait to get my book. It would be great if I could win a copy for my birthday on the 4th! ?

  686. Thanks for your encouragement. Turning 60 in a couple of weeks and going through a divorce not of my choice. God is still awesome!

  687. Yes! Comparison has been a huge roadblock and hurdle in my life. Gotta lean into Paul’s letter to the Galatians, I guess! Thanks for this.

  688. jennifer potts says:

    This is exactly what I needed this morning. Happiness isn’t something I need to look for because it is all around me and I need to stop, breathe and enjoy it. Thank you for this post. I need to remember I am hand picked by God Himself. Thanks again !!

  689. AWESOME!!!Thanks for this Blessing. Much needed right now

  690. Sue Kerdolff says:

    I would luve to read this book!

  691. Thank you for this post. I would love a copy of your book for my daughter!

  692. Really enjoyed this post today, thank you.

  693. Until today I don’t recall ever asking God to help me be happy. Before getting out of bed I sheepishly asked God to help me find joy in this day and learn to be happy. Then I saw the email from Proverbs 31 ministries about “How to Supersize Your Happiness!” I believe God heard and answered my prayer in an instant. So looking forward to reading this book!

  694. Carla Shober says:

    I love this…really needed this today. In a world where social media just enhances comparisons to others, this message is much needed. Thank you! I would be interested in reading this book!

  695. I want to read this book. I am not good at seeing the best in others or myself. I am always working, whether is it at home or at work (part-time) and get frustrated at my husband who seems to find it so easy to relax and not help around the house. It is so hard in this society to tell yourself that your worth is not calculated by efficiencies or work accomplishments when what you hear all around you is quite the opposite!

  696. Jenna Kommer says:

    This was very encouraging!

  697. It would be a blessing to win this book and find ways to be happier! I tried the link that was connected to this devotion but was unable to open it.

  698. This book sounds to be a great read to share with the young girls of my church…
    Thank you for allowing God’s anointing to flow through your writings.
    Grace and Peace.

  699. This books sounds very interesting and I’d love to win a copy. I’ve been floundering lately and would love a compass to help me head in the right direction.

  700. Marisa Bowlden says:

    I liked reading this piece about happiness. I always try to choose joy daily. I love the scripture that you referenced, too. I was just in a car accident yesterday and upset and such and wishing it did not happen and looking at other people’s lives that have never been in a wreck and thinking to myself… why me? Why AGAIN!!! However, it could have been way worse. I’m alive, my kids are alive, the other people involved are alive and no one seriously injured. God knows my heart and knows my faith. God always seems to send me the right scripture, blog, article or something to read right at the exact moment I need it. Thanks.

  701. I would off to have this book to share with my teenage daughter. As we struggle with our family issues I try to teach her new ways to become happier even through trials.

  702. At this point in my life, this would be a good read for me.

  703. Looks like a great book for both myself and my daughter. We both struggle.

  704. Thank you for this. I always struggle with happiness because of the person I think I should be rather than the person God wants me to be. I need to remind myself that my self worth is not based on what others think or what I accomplished. It’s hard to let go and just embrace who you’re truly meant to be.

  705. Barbara Weller says:

    I feel that this article was written about me?

  706. Perfect timing of this message today! What a great reminder that We ARE Miracles, each and every one of us, because we are Creations of God. Period!

  707. Sherry adams says:

    Sounds like a great book to read!!

  708. Karleen Page says:

    Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  709. Comparisons have been a life long issue for me. Loved this post. Thank you. Can’t wait to read the book.

  710. Would love to win a copy of the Happiness Dare.

  711. What a great devotional. A daily reminder for myself and something I need to continue working on myself! So refreshing to remember I AM a miracle and AM perfect and beautiful as God intended ME to be.

  712. Just having these very thoughts this morning…perfect timing!
    God’s World, God’s Rules
    We are ALL imperfect occupying an imperfect world….But our God loves each of us unconditionally bumps, bruises scares and all. I now relaxed and am accepting…No one is perfect 🙂 We are ALL Imperfectly beautiful:)
    God Bless!

  713. Kim Couch says:

    This devotion was read this morning in my exercise class. It spoke directly to me. I struggle constantly with feeling inferior. Thank you so much for this encouraging devotion!

  714. Thank you for writing this today. It is exactly what I needed.

  715. Nita Buechler says:

    I am 59 years old and trying to find a new direction in my life. Someone asked, what makes you happy.
    I thought for a long time and said, I do not know. All my life I have stayed busy and always done for others, not for myself. Not because I am a particularly generous person but because I thought I was never good enough to do something for me. I don’t know what makes me happy but I wish I could learn.
    Your books sounds encouraging, thank you.

  716. Faith Graefe says:

    Comparison is a happiness damper and joy killer. Thank you for the good word and reminder today.

  717. Such truth about comparisons!! Would love a copy of the happiness dare! 😉

  718. I have been working on my own happiness quotient lately so your message really hit home. I find just being in the word daily makes a significant difference and supplies all the tools I need to be happy.

  719. Cindy Baker says:

    If you have fear you are living in the past. If you have anxiety you are living in the future. If you have peace you are living in the moment.

  720. SO SO SO encouraging to read this entry. Thank you.

  721. Thank you for this devotional today! I felt like it was just for me. I needed the encouragement.

  722. Fantastic book idea! Aside from myself, I know this could help several of those in my friend circle. We actually talked about this type of thing not long ago when meeting for prayer circle. Love how God shows us things like this. <3

  723. Awesome words of wisdom that we all need to remind ourselves of daily! Having 2 older sisters, it seems I (or others) were always comparing us! It can be difficult to turn those thoughts around….thank you for Scriptures and encouragement to not “walk by” my happy!

  724. I have been praying for guidance to balance my life between work, my business, service, family, God… Your assessment described me as an Experiencer. I totally agree & look forward to reading more in your book!

  725. Stacey Antonio says:

    Posted as my reminder for today and through out the day “Gratitude boosts happiness. Identify and focus on where I/you can be thankful today.” Thank you ~ xo

  726. Sounds like a fantastic book!

  727. At 32, I am nowhere near where I thought I’d be in life. I could use some serious guidance to be more happy with where I am at instead of where I want to be.

  728. This devotion reaches my heart. After watching a Beth Moore series on Godly Women, I found out that the root of insecurities and not having contentment is comparison and competition. When we as women are always competing and comparing, we are not loving each other the way God designed us to! I have worked on this, and seen big changes in my life!

  729. Sally Ann Price says:

    I am so glad that you shared this. God made us all different. We should not act like someone else. We should be what God wants us to be. Amen.

  730. Linda Pribble says:

    Thank you Jennifer for sharing your heart about how we look back and see how happy we could have been. I have looked at old pictures and done the same.
    May God continue to Bless You. Linda

  731. This book looks so encouraging in a world of discouragement- I can’t wait to read it!

  732. Seems I’m “The Giver”…so I appreciate your willingness to give and could probably learn a great deal from your book! Today’s devotion is very powerful, thank you…

  733. A message I needed to hear today!

  734. Chris Love Dudley says:

    I am a Giver! The Happiness Style Assessment was spot on. So grateful for today’s devotional. It inspired me to share it with my Bible study group-Bible Babes at the Beach. They all loved it too. Thank you. God bless.God is great!!

  735. Bre Jacoby says:

    This really spoke to me today. I’ve been thinking about “happiness” a lot and it was no coincidence this was the topic today!

  736. Susan Daugherty says:

    Thanks for the reminder not to miss my own “happy”, by assuming others’ situations are better.

  737. Perfect timing for this message! I have been trying to overcome my struggle with comparison lately as I am learning confidence in myself and that always chasing what you don’t have means that you are missing out on what you do. I am also trying to set a good example and teach my young daughters this same message.

  738. That was a perfect reminder for me. I know this but need reminded of it often. Thank you for the words in Galatians. It is my motto for the week. I pray this devotion blessed you as much as it did me.

  739. Proverbs 31 Ministries, I am so thankful for how you connect God’s Word with my day-to-day-mama soul.
    My primary style from The Happiness Style Assessment is A Relater. How true this is in all that I think, feel, and do. Even when I am not with people, I am thinking about them. I also seriously struggle with becoming emotionally, and physically, drained and not taking care of myself. I would like to learn more about using this gift in a more balanced, joyful, way. The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee looks like a relatable, real-life book. So excited to explore all the happiness styles!

  740. Carissa Novick says:

    I’m working on this, but it is hard sometimes!

  741. Justyna Belmontes says:

    For a friend … who needs to understand she is beautiful and deserves to be happy!

  742. The Happiness Challenge…sounds like I need to take this. I know inside that I’m not happy though I can’t identify exactly why. I have pondered this on too many occasions. I have every reason to be happy. A little insight into this topic would be helpful.

  743. Marcia DePaula says:

    As a sexually abused child by my father over a 3-year period from age 9-12, and told no man could ever live me for having small breasts and a large derrière, I bought into that lie my entire life. I’ve married and divorced 3 times and can’t seem to get past this comparison of myself with other women. And now that I’m older, 63, I also feel my life has been meaningless and unequal to the successes of my peers. It has robbed me of so much happiness never feeling good enough or worthy of love. I would love to read your book for any insight it can provide. Thank you.

  744. Kay willis says:

    I wish I had read this when I was 17… At 53, I feel I still don’t know how to be happy but I’m working on it!! ?

  745. Christa Wood says:

    I love this. I love the concept…and the message. I think my daughter and I would both enjoy the book.

  746. Gale Woolsey says:

    What an inspiration! Happiness is truly from God. Thank you for the wonderful reminder! When we compare ourselves to others, we get ourselves in trouble. God created each and every one of us as unique individuals. No matter how hard you may try to mimic someone else, you can never be like him or her. Praise God for His plans for our lives!

  747. Andrea Pierce says:

    next on my reading list. 🙂

  748. Keytra Malmquist says:

    SO agree with this devotional. I just signed up and this is the first one I’ve gotten – boy do I need this!
    Just working on trying to infuse my life with truth.

  749. Andrea Pierce says:

    Next on my reading list, enjoyed today’s lesson.

  750. Perfect reminder. Your thoughts on happiness are the things that are worthy of our time and effort so that we have strength not to dwell on the others. Thankful for my Bible Study group that continually reads great books, like this one sounds, that help us find a good path. Thanks for sharing!

  751. Thanks for this one today. God has been speaking to me about this for the last couple of weeks. I’m getting closer to understanding it’s there, even though I didn’t recognize it, and He’s shown me I’m a work in progress.

  752. I too wish I had read this as a teenager, or even in my 20’s. I’ve looked back at so many pictures of myself looking miserable when I had so much to be excited about and thankful for. What a waste of energy! In my 30’s, as a stay at home mom, I find that comparing myself to others, (their accomplishments, their kid’s accomplishments, their house, their job, etc.) is the biggest stealer of my joy. I know that if I keep my eyes on Him and focus on the blessings that He has given me I am a much happier person….it’s just easier said than done sometimes.

  753. I had that life everyone else wanted. They thought. At 55, my husband passed away from cancer. I lost everything. My home. Half my family. All of my income. But I found my faith again! And came home to my church family. And learned to love myself for the first time. I AM the “Happiness Dare”, and have no idea what it is! But Jesus carries me through it day by day! At 58, I am the happiest I have ever been. Do i still struggle? Yes. But I don’t struggle alone! I would love to read your book! ❤️?➕?

  754. Fantastic article and a reminder not to compare ourselves to others. Reason being is we are all special, unique and most of all there is no one else like us!

  755. Oh, man. My heart. I really needed to read this today… I just came back from a little trip to another stated to start my new job, the job I got right after my summer full of interning, and I immediately stepped back into machine mode.

    I have to do this, do that, and then again. the back pain from the stress started back up. Last night, Jesus said to me, “Be calm and let loose” I don’t need to conquer the world to be loved by God. I just need to do everything as if I’m doing it for the Lord and I will be all right!

    I would love to take the Happiness Dare.

  756. Liz Kielley says:

    Trying hard to appreciate me for me because there’s no one else like me. It’s a struggle.

  757. I definitely needed this message today. Thank you! ?

  758. God has been giving me lots of opportunities to “study” about being happy and joyful. In the last week, He has made me aware of another book on Joy and now this book. My daily bible verse from yesterday was Psalm 126:5-Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes to see him talking to you and telling you He does want you to be happy but most important joyful. One more thing: Someone just called me a Doer last week and then I took the test today and I’m a Doer! LOL

  759. I’ve struggled for years with comparing myself to others. It’s a dangerous trap, and one that always leaves me feeling worse. For this reason I try not to get “sucked in” on social media sites ~ it can be so easy to compare my life to those on Facebook who seem to have it all together. Deep down I know they don’t, and I’m slowly learning that the best way to be happy and content is to appreciate what I DO have, not what I feel I’m lacking. I’m excited about this new book, The Happiness Dare, and I’m looking forward to reading it!

  760. I need this message everyday!!! I have struggled with comparison and as I get older I see the more important things in life. (Happiness) I would love a copy of your book 🙂

  761. Awesome.

  762. I needed to see this today. My husband and I both have children from previous marriages and I constantly fe