I Still Love You, Lord

I Still Love You, Lord

February 29, 2016

“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8 (NLT)

The last few months have been one of the hardest seasons I’ve ever experienced. A situation in my personal life went haywire and left me with an aching heart.

There have been days when I didn’t know if I could get through. Days when God’s strength and my faith were the only reasons I got out of bed. Days filled with “whys.” Days when I’ve questioned God about suffering, the unfairness of life at times and unanswered prayers. I’ve carried the weight of a myriad of overwhelming emotions, fear and heartache.

If I’m honest, I can’t say I’ve felt thankful for my circumstances or focused on God’s promise of having a plan and a purpose for everything. I can say I have been upset with God at times, questioning His ways and feeling discouraged, fearful and down.

Yet recently in the midst of an especially trying day, my heart was changed during a time of prayer. I heard myself say something that caught me off guard. It was just one simple statement consisting of five simple words that rolled effortlessly off of my lips:

I still love You, Lord.

Even though my mind was swirling with hurt and negative thoughts, my heart was swirling with love for God, even when I wasn’t really thinking about it. I realized I loved Him unconditionally, even though in that moment I had felt forgotten. I experienced a surge of peace and relief, prompting me to trust God’s ways, and then today’s key verse came to mind.

Romans 5:8 reminds us of this beautiful, holy love which is not based on us meeting certain conditions, adhering to strict rules or proving our worthiness. A love we are blessed with simply because of who He is. It’s not because of who we are, but because of what He’s done for us, not because of anything we do for Him. It’s a love we don’t deserve, but enjoy nonetheless.

When life is good, it’s easy and natural to love the Lord. But when life falls apart unexpectedly, it’s not quite so easy. In fact, it might even feel impossible. Those thoughts and doubts don’t make us a bad person or a failure at being a believer; they merely make us human.

The upside is these thoughts can force us to ask ourselves a really hard question: Despite everything — will I still love Jesus with my whole heart, soul and mind?

Our honest answer to this question serves as an indicator of whether we love the Lord all the time, or just in the good times — when He gives, and when He takes away, when He answers our deepest prayers, or when it seems He isn’t listening at all.

Maybe you can relate to the emotions and feelings I’ve been experiencing. Maybe you are facing a difficult time, an undeserved hurt or a painful loss. Maybe you’ve been wondering if God hears your prayers, or if He has forgotten you. Maybe you’ve doubted if He loves you, and if you could still love Him, in the face of your hardships.

Sweet friend, you are not alone.

Even the most faithful followers of Jesus have times when they find themselves doubting not only His love during difficult times, but maybe even His existence. Times when they wonder if His love is meant for them, or just everyone else. The truth is, those thoughts are from the enemy who wants to cloud our minds, make us bitter and pull us away from God. But Scripture tells us God sent His Son to die for us, even though we were still sinners, because He loves us unconditionally.

This brief encounter with God helped me refocus on how blessed I am to have His love, especially when life isn’t perfect.

God’s love is unconditional, with no strings attached. I’m so thankful for His gentle whisper on that particular day which reminded me how important it is to love Him unconditionally in return.

Dear Lord, forgive me for doubting Your ways or Your love for me. Fill me with peace and joy. Equip me to focus on Your everlasting love, push past my doubts and love You unconditionally despite my circumstances. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Jeremiah 31:3b, “… I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” (NIV)

Job 1:21b, “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.” (NIV)

1 John 4:9‑10, “This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.” (NIV)

If you’re dealing with a stressful or painful situation, consider getting a copy of Tracie Miles’ book Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace in Your Chaotic World.

Visit Tracie’s blog for 5 tips on focusing on loving God even when it’s hard.

What’s one thing causing you to doubt God’s love for you? How might focusing on how much He loves you unconditionally change your heart and attitude?

Repeat these words daily as much as needed: I still love You, Lord.

© 2016 by Tracie Miles. All rights reserved.

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  1. I desperately needed to hear thus right now! So thankful God uses your ministry to speak to people and give a message straight from His heart to ours. I cried reading this, but I’m so glad in popped into my inbox when it did!♡

  2. And how great did this not feel? Your heart, in that moment amongst all that was so overwhelming in life, began to overflow with joyful love!! Your heart cried happy tears and God saw them and smiled as his child once again felt the intense joy he meant for us to feel- as we lean on him and trust in Him- I know- I live your steps you walk – many of us do_ and God reassures us we are not alone and there is purpose. Sending prayer for His ultimate peace he promises – for you to embrace and feel!! He loves you too!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. I grew up with 4 brothers. Two of my brothers have passed away in the last 5 years. Steve’s body was found on a hillside in 2010. He was 47. Mike’s internal organs shut down in May 2015. He was only 56. I am soon to be 56 and I find my mind living in the past and the sorrow of the loss of my brothers. I often feel helpless in my thoughts. I so want to move my thoughts to the present… To those around me now. The living people that need me present. Can anyone relate?

    • I can relate to part of your story, Brenda. My brother died when he was 50, and that was often on my mind in my 50th year. My father had (and overcame) significant health issues the year he became the oldest living male in his family. Those moments are part of my history.

      But it isn’t just history. It is His Story–that is, Jesus the author and finisher of our faith (Hebrews 2:12). All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be (Psalm 139:16). Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? (Matthew 6:27).

      Brenda, you can’t take the pen out of Christ’s hand and rewrite your life. You can acknowledge the pain of your past and ask for the power to live out His Story, knowing that it is written in your Savior’s love.

  4. This is exactly how I am feeling. In fact, at times I cant even put a name to what I am feeling…..broken, lost, confused, a mess, unworthy, nothing like a Christian – all these things and more, and even tho I know these are from the enemy, it many times feels like I must be the only one feeling like this to the point of giving up! Which is exactly what that jerk of an enemy wants me to do. This is no coincidence of course, having this arrive today – thank you Tracie. At work also I opened up you tube and up popped a Casting Crowns song “Who am I” which also was not a coincidence and hit that spot in my heart. God knows what we need, when we need it, especially when we are feeling like we just can’t go thru another day…. His great love for us!

  5. Tracie, Thank you for putting your pain into words. If I had that ability, my opening paragraphs would be repeating yours. Thank you for sharing and for pointing out the positive declaration that the words ” I still love you Lord” mean. My heart has been aching and breaking and I really don’t have anyone to talk with about this. It feels so lonely and I appreciate you sharing that I am not alone. Thanking the Lord for your openness in sharing and for His comfort in the heartbreaks.

    • My heart has been aching and breaking, too. I am so sorry you are feeling this kind of hurt. Guess I just wanted to reach out and offer you a heart-felt hug, let you know that in however small a way, you are not alone as you try to keep breathing and moving through the pain. I a much larger way, too, you will not be left alone. May God wrap His arms around you and hold you tightly to His heart. When all you can do is cry or stare or wonder, may God show you that He hears and cares and will stay with you through all. Thinking especially of you today. God give you peace in this moment…and the next…and the next…..

  6. Thank you Tracy for this very touching message. I was moved to tears because it is exactly what i needed to hear. As i struggle with some overwhelming personal issues, i have felt that God doesnt hear me or care, and yet i could be just as guilty of the same . I still love you Lord, this will be on my lips today….and i will wait on the Lord.

  7. Ginnie Montoya says:

    I kind of understand because my husband and I went through a very health situation he got a below the knee amputation. I would get thoughts like that too why, why him. But God has shown us He is with us because He had helped us through and we can also say We still love you Lord.

  8. Hello Tracie, I felt like you were personally referring to me in this today’s topic. What you described is exactly what I’m feeling right now.
    My husband has been out of work for over 3 years now, my business is in terrible shape, my mother illnes is such a big toll on my siblings and I.
    Truly, this morning I woke up and just couldn’t concentrate on my prayers. I kept feeling like is God really listening to all my plead. Does he he want me to fall ill from so much worry before He’ll answer me. I’m just so depressed and confused. After reading your piece, I feel ‘slightly’ better but then the depression is still there.

  9. All bless! May the name of the Lord be praised. I still love you Lord❤. I needed to hear this……thank you for blessing my morning. Be blessed.

  10. Wow. I got the News about the loss of someone yesterday and I have been crying my eyes out. Seeing this post this morning is really a great big encouragement. It’s proof that God is mindful about me and His love never fails.

  11. This is a beautiful message. A month ago my daughter died from complications from childbirth. The hospital ordeal, the red tape of getting custody of her newborn and seven year old (or they would be in foster care) and now raising those children along with my three teenagers seems like too much to bear. Through it all I knew God had a plan and I have been leaning on Him. He has blessed us in so many ways, through providential care, the church and friends and family. Our every need has been supplied. But have I continually declared I Love Him? I need to work on that I guess.

  12. Brenda,
    You have company in your pain.
    The loss of those we love carries on and in a sense , carries us on.
    The shift into the present can be a tough one, especially when it takes effort to put that shift in motion.
    It is so easy to slip into,”if only,” it’s not fair,””I can’t do this without….”
    I have found that comfort comes from listening to nature’s sounds.I am very blessed there is a stream that is lined with tall trees behind my house.The wind lives to make the branches sing with joy and gladness.As I listen, I am comforted and can return to peaceful sleep.The tempo of their song speeds up, then slows down almost like the motion of waves along the ocean.What a welcomed break in that”swirl of negative thoughts that threaten to consume!
    Aha! Just now, my own spirit started to sing, “This is my father’s world!”
    Hmmm , Thank you Jesus, for yet another reminder that you still love me.
    Thank you I am able to tell you,”I still love you, Lord.”

  13. Jennifer Doviak says:

    Sweet sweet Tracie, Oh how I can totally relate to that horrible pain and anguish. The utter loneliness of feeling forgotten by our father of the most high. You know it says in scripture that it rains on the bad and it rains on the good. We are a child of the most high. In the midst of our “storms” he won’t ever leave us… NOT EVER! Pray, we only need the faith of a mustard seed. That’s all! Pray to be relieved of your fear, anxiety and pain. Thank him for this new opportunity he’s given us to grow more spiritually. We now have the experience to help others. God Bless You and Praise are father the most high for holding us in the palm of his hands during these storms❣ I’m praying for you sweet friend. Never forget your truly a child of the almighty who can do anything you ask of him! It’s that faith he loves us to have! Start thanking him today Tracie! You’re going to be happy and whole again. I promise! Forget my promise. God promised us‼️?? Ask and you will recieve. I thought my situation was hopeless. I needed a miricle and I got one! God Bless you❣Your sister in Christ , Jennifer Doviak

  14. Thank you for having the courage to open up about your pain and discouraging thoughts! You brought to light how I have been feeling as I struggle with overwhelming personal issues, my heart felt broken and there is no one that I can talk to! I had a change in my thought process during church recently that changed from “why me lord” to “thank you lord”, it was a great moment ?
    So again, thank you Tracie, my prayers are with you in your trying times and ” I love you God, with all my heart” ?

  15. Thank you and may the Father of our loveliest Savior Jesus Christ bless you and shower of His abundant goodness pour down on you that makes your beautiful smile become broader toward heaven to that awesom God of ours.
    As Our Heavenly Father tells us “I still and always love you, My darling girls!” Is what your devotional lead me to hear this morning. THANK YOU again. May God use this one to bring back all His bewildered sons and daughters who are in suffering,declaring “I still love You!”

  16. Belinda Jividen says:

    Tracie how could you know what I’m feeling. I lost my son 64 days ago & everything you said was my feelings. But I can honestly say that even in my worst moments I have continued to call on God. Praise God He does love me & I absolutely LOVE HIM. Thanks Proverbs 31 for your ministry.

  17. I recently lost my father. I have never doubted God, buy I questioned Him and struggle to understand suffering. Death, I can rejoice knowing he is in heaven but watching the process of a loved one suffer was extremely difficult. Prayers for my family appreciated.

  18. Thank you so much for this today, my son was shot and my grandmother passed away and I have really been struggling and this is what I needed this morning

  19. Thank you for those words of encouragement.

  20. I encourage everyone to take another look at John chapter 9 where Jesus heals the blind man. The disciples ask who has sinned to cause his blindness, and Jesus replies that nobody has. He was born this way that God’s works might be shown through him. We need to stop taking our hardships so personally and remember to use them as an opportunity to bring glory to God! I include myself in this, and I know it’s easier said than done, but through Him, we can!

  21. Tracie, thank you for being so transparent & for daring to voice what many struggle with every day. What a true minister of the gospel. I love reading your posts because you are always REAL. Love you, sister.

  22. Needed to hear this this morning. I’m struggling so much right now in dealing with my husband leaving me for another woman. So painful and yet God continues to bless me in so many ways and I need to keep my focus on Him and His many blessings and trust in His plan for my future.

  23. God id good! This could have been me writing this–sometimes He knows we may not hear what He is saying in our pain–so He sends a message like this to reach us thru that pain. Thank You!

  24. It is a comfort to know that there are many believers who experience this kind renewed hope, after a time of feeling lost, unheard, and hurt. I know we all go through low times, but remembering that God is faithful and that “this too will pass” is what we all need to hear again and again. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

  25. Thank you we are struggling with financial problems. We need to come up with a large sum of money to save our home. I believe that it is His will that we stay in our home. My husband has been struggling with long term unemployment and underemployment for the last few years. On the surface it seems like we should just walk away but I believe the Lord will provide a way for us to stay in the home He has provided.The Lord has been faithful. I know He loves me and I still love him.

  26. This message was refreshing for my soul because sometimes my thoughts take over and I am left feeling doubtful. I am thankful that his love is EVERLASTING!

  27. Prayers sent your way!

  28. Lydia Hart says:

    This is so on time. I’m dealing with so many emotions now. My brother has cancer and I’m believing God for his complete healing, while dealing with the fact that we may lose him. I believe in the MIRACLE working POWER of God, but I also know He may not heal him on this side of heaven. Holding on with everything in me.

  29. good morning…..my thougths & prayers are going out to you guys…thru whatever struugles &/or losses you are or have gone thru….along w/my Hail Mary’s & Our

    have a blessed day……………………kathy wyg

  30. Thank you so much for words today. I felt like you were writing about my life. What a great reminder to cling to God even when life has fallen apart.

  31. After 10 years of being divorced & struggling with back problems, finances & more I really find it SOOO helpful to connect with Proverbs 31 Ministries & the on line Bible studies that I just recently found! Please keep me lifted up in prayer! I feel so hopeless about my future a lot of the time! Especially financially! I’m 55 yrs. old & clean houses for a living … Don’t know what else to do at this point in my life that can actually pay much to be able to live on!

  32. I love that you remind us that He still loves us! I’ve had trying times where I lost my focus off Him,but I know he didn’t take His focus off me! Thank you for the message, Tracie! I pray He loves on you today!

  33. I really needed this today. I have been dealing with a huge disappointment for the last six months, and cant seem to get over it. Saying I still love you, Lord and meanong it is releasing my heart from this disappointment. I do still love Him!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this today.

  34. Sue Tarkin says:

    I live with pain of an estranged relationship with the people I love most in the world other than my husband.
    “Thy will be done, Lord.”
    Please pray with me that God softens my daughter-in-laws’ heart so that she feels the love of God and us and can share my son and four beautiful grandchildren with her family peacefully.

  35. I needed to hear these words badly today. The last 15 years I’ve been thru so much grief and pAin. Please pray for me , please. I am a Christian but I fail him so badly at times. I would love to just have a day that my heat felt no pain. Again thank you!

  36. Needed this today. Have struggled what seems like a lifetime with getting into bad relationships. Ones that in the end, make me doubt my worth. Make me feel like I am not loved. But one thing I am aware of, I choose these relationships. ..God did not. And it is the enemy that keeps making me doubt my worth. But God! I survived this last Valentine’s day full of peace and contentment with being single and alone with the knowledge that God loves me unconditionally. He is the only one who has ever given up His life for me. So I cling to that all the time. (Once you’ve fought depression in your life, you seem to have to be on guard to the susceptibility of it again).

    Knowing God loves me and waiting for Him to put the right people in my life, allows me to keep moving
    forward. “I srill love you Lord”

  37. This. I just journaled this morning that I feel like I often (way too often) am like the seed planted among the thorns. When life’s worries come along they choke my faith. So, it’s not a deep faith…
    Life has been really hard this past year and a half (my husband got a new job and due to a union dispute has been locked out of said job since Oct 11, 2014-45 days after his start date). Life is on hold and my kids are growing up while we are in limbo. I felt at times like God just hung us on the line and forgot us.
    But since the end of December I’ve been immersing myself in His word rather than my feelings.
    His word says I am loved by my Father.
    His words says nothing can separate me from that love.
    His word says He has a plan for us.
    I am clinging to this right now. And praying to rid myself of the fear that another thorn will disrupt this new faith and peace….for GOD has not given me a spirit of fear….

  38. I’ve had two of those days lately. I went to the ER @ hospital times-both times were scary but God was with me and got me through it He alone knows what is going on. I have to hold onto Him, his love and trust Him in all circumstances. Mary Kaiser

  39. As I move through the morning, dealing with my life altering situation as you spoke of, preparing for my new second job…I walk up the stairs reading today’s message. Your words were spoken to me, to my face personally. Not so much with questioning why things happened the way they did, but that I am still in His thoughts and cared for. Thank you for sharing my feelings and fears

  40. I have a serious family issue going on right now. Members are being seriously hurt by others and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Today’s devotional was a good reminder that the Lord still loves us all and is with us in this time.

  41. Charlene Anderson says:

    Thank you Tracie for your words today. I don’t take the time to open Proverbs 31 devotionals daily but am so grateful I did this morning! I am recuperating from surgery which has put everything on hold for 6-8 weeks; a son is having a difficult time getting on with life after the military and a list of other “worries” on my mind and heart. Without experiencing these rough spots, I would not have been as focused on Scripture, God’s many blessings and reminders of how much we must trust Him. Your words encouraged me in that assurance that I am not alone, both in my humanness and in my faith journey! God is good ALL the time and I do still love Him ❣??

  42. Much needed post since i have been dealing with these feeling for what seems like an eternity. Thank you for this.

  43. I so needed to read this today. I have been dealing with so many changes and much anxiety. I wonder if anyone understands and have been reaching out for others I can connect with and share my heart. I was just reading Job yesterday and the Lord spoke to me and reminded me that Job dealt with doubts and heartaches as well. Please pray for me on this new journey of life that I am taking. God Bless All of you awesome women for your honesty and encouragement.

  44. Dear Tracie,
    It is almost as if God gave you the Grace to post this devotion for me. I am going through an ‘undeserved hurt’ that happened so fast that the shock of transitioning from a happy loving home to a hostile home-that I am afraid to return to-in one day alone broke my heart so bad that I did not know how to pray. God has lifted me up and in between the whys-as you put it, I find myself on my knees and yet nothing seems to be changing at home. As I read this, I realised that God has tried to reach out to me in so many ways including today’s devotion and that only says one thing that He is by my side through this war and I love Him for loving me unconditionally.

  45. Betty Martens says:

    You can also read Psalm 88 with the thought, ” I still love you..”

  46. This is exactly how I have felt for awhile. Like He’s so far away even though I have prayed and prayed to just show me He is still there. I have doubted His existence – that maybe everything I’ve been through (good and bad) is just life. Maybe we just need something more to believe in and we’re just fooling ourselves. But, then I come across messages like yours and it gives me that glimmer of hope. That He is there and he hasn’t abandoned me. Thank you.

  47. Tracie,
    Thank you for your honesty and saying sometimes you feel forgotten by God. I lost my job almost two years ago due to a wrist injury, no fault of mine. When I was displaced I had to find another job at this company. Being fearful of losing the great benefits, I applied to a position I really did not want. The position was offered to me, to which I accepted. On the first day in this position another car pulls out in front of me breaking my wrist and shattering my career. I keep praying for God’s direction to find another job. I have had several leads believing I would be the one that was hired, only to be disappointed to find out someone else had one upped me. But, “Yes” I still love God! Deep down I know all of these failures will work to the glory of God. But sometimes, I just do not want to get out of bed! Your blog has reiterated to me to keep trying … no matter what.

  48. Lori McGovern says:

    Great reminder, thank you!

  49. Tracie, thank you for this reminder. I have been going to some health problems for several months, but for the last three weeks I have been in severe pain. I have been to the ER twice and to the doctors. I go for more tests this week. Thank you for your reminder that God is always there in everything. Love Rom. 5:8 ” But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Thanks again, Barbara

  50. Holly Graff says:

    Our Abba Father speaks to us in so many wonderful ways!!!! He sent this devotion to me, in the depths of my pain and despair. It is like you wrote it and He told you when to send it. I do still love the Lord! Bad times and good, even though for me, the times are bad right now. This devotion spoke directly to my heart and soul. Thank you for all of your insight and encouraging words. I needed them so desperately right now. Bless you dear sister, and all of you at P31.

  51. Sandy Moran says:

    Thank you, Tracie, for your devotion today. When I started reading it, well, I could have written the exact same scenario. And I too had to set my mind on things above, just to get through the junk of here on earth. I could have easily fallen into depression. But God… He is so faithful when we call upon His name to pull us up and set our feet back on the rock of His Son.

    Nothing has changed in my circumstances and heartache but I intentionally surrender all things to Him, knowing that He is sooo much smarter and wiser than me! Again, thanks for your article. It always helps to see that others struggle with some really serious stuff but our Lord is still in control! I tell Him all the time, “I still love you, Lord.” And with all my junk, He replies, “I still love you too!”

  52. Susan Freeze says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have had to deal with some anger at God for not rescuing me the way I thought I should be rescued from some problems. As a young Christian I thought as long as I had faith and prayed God would solve all my problems. He was with me but things to did work out how I planned. As always his ways are higher then ours but it left me with some anger I have worked to resolve. Reading the word about tribulations has helped. Also people sharing like you!
    I love Laura Daigle’s song I will trust in you.
    Blessings, Susan

  53. janny holder says:

    Hello ladies, this devotional touch my heart. A year ago, I was in a health situation that made me doubt the lord. My son was very ill and I was upset because I didn’t understand why the lord allowed this to happen to my son. But in the midst of the situation I started to pray once, twice even three times a day, that gave me so much comfort. Instead of crying and asking why I was thankful that my son was still with us, sick and all but he was alive. I love the lord because from a bad situation he makes a good situation, something came over me a sense of calmness that only the lord can give. I trusted the lord through our two weeks ordeal with my son, the lord is good and he answers prayers. my son is good and healthy now and we take it one day at a time and keep ourselves prayed up.

  54. I went through this last year. The world I knew was not the world I was living in, after the realization came the pain, heartache, nausea, sleeplessness, grief. And then came more grief, death, health scares etcetera. But through it all I never doubted God’s love for me, nor did I blame him for any of it. I asked for deeper faith and to be enlightened on the path he wanted me on. His path is starting to shine before me in ways I would have never seen if it had not been for my world being turned upside down. I didn’t thank him for this pain and grief but I thank him everyday for brining Jesus to my life and leading me to this great path of life!

  55. Oh Tracie, you have no idea how much your words describe how I feel. I’ve been going thru an emotional roller coaster. I thought I was a good person, so the “why me” question keeps popping in my mind. I’m getting through this, not there yet. I feel lost, with no sense of direction. I feel broken and I’m just trying to gather the pieces. Please keep me in your prayers…I’m trying to get from the “why me God” to “thank you God”.

  56. Such important truths, Tracie. I’ve been there too. I discovered that God is still there even when we can’t see him amidst our circumstances. We have to hold onto that truth, especially when life would make us believe otherwise.

  57. Pam kirkland says:

    Yes.Suffering can make you doubt.I know what it is like to hurt and wonder if there is a way out.I have questioned God so much lately.Why does God not hear my prayer.I have not long become a Christian. Is it suppose to end this way.

  58. Thank you. I was thinking I was a horrible Christian by having doubts, yelling at God, betting HIM to not leave me, etc. My life the last few years has been an emotional roller coaster with very negative words at work, deceit on the part of the supervisor and bad reviews which threatens my position. Thank you for assuring me that my begging and doubts do no make me bad.

  59. I have been praying for some time for my oldest child. I been praying for his salvation. I’m worried he is hiding things that he should not be doing. As a mother, it hurts so bad watch your kids do things you nonlonger have control over. I do wonder sometimes if God is listening. Please pray that God will save and protect my child.

  60. Maria Perez says:

    I have caught myself saying the same thing! Been separated from my husband for almost 3 yrs. Our court date is this Wednesday and through heartache and “disbelieve” (still) there have been many times in which I actually felt hopeless, abandoned…My prayers went unanswered. My marriage is over. It hurts like it did the day he left. At this point I can not comprehend…WHY??? How? I cant say that I did get mad at God. The Great I AM capable of anything and everything, did not save my marriage and I struggle with this. But in the midst of it all I also say I STILL LOVE YOU LORD and is that Love and admiration what keeps me going when thought of worthlessness cripple in. When I start to wonder…was I made to be LOVED by a man…Then I hear that little voice saying…”You Are, you are loved by Jesus”…

  61. I am risking sending this to my daughter. Please pray it bears some fruit. She has stage 4 cancer for 8 yrs. now and by all med advise should not have survived. I believe God is preserving her so she will come to Him. thank you for sharing Iam going to forward it to her now.please pray she will reda it and it will bear fruit. Thank you and God bless you even more for writing this encouragement. I am going to save it to send to others who need it also.

  62. Rachel Pickering says:

    You have no idea how uplifting this was for me. Such simple words with so much relatable meaning. I’m a twenty one year old who is going through her first true hardship, and I’m not really sure how to navigate my way through it. Though I know what His Word says, I still feel like I’ve failed God in a way I cannot come back from let alone in a way He can use for my good and His glory. Reading this from the perspective of someone with the same feelings makes me feel normal again. It reminds me that my feelings lie to me, and no matter how I feel God has not let go of me… And He still loves me. He will still use me, and He can turn anything around. And I still love Him.

    • Praying for you Rachel! As someone who failed God repeatedly in ways that shock me when I look back on my life, let me reassure you that God is always there for you. No matter what you’ve done in the past, He still loves you and has a plan for you.

  63. Thank you for your honesty, I too have walked thru a couple years of that, and though we are definitely on the other side and working towards whatever He has for us from it all, I appreciated you stating those hard truths of where our emotions can go during a time like that, thank you. Many do not understand and look away or judge.

  64. Rae L. Merritt says:

    Two things you mentioned in your devotional 1) “when life is perfect, it is easier to love God” and 2) and “love God unconditionally…” 1st …We as humans never experience a “perfect season or time in our life”…at least I have not had the pleasure of this and 2nd we as humans never love anyone or God unconditionally…think about…unconditionally = Agape Love, which only one man did that …CHRIST….not one person in the flesh ever has done or ever will love perfectly for any 24 hour day we may live. But we may sample a foretaste every now and then. God’s gives us moments of what heaven will be like and allows us to experience a mountain top experience, but it did not last for Peter, John and James after Jesus allowed them to be with Him on the Mount of Transfiguration….when they saw Jesus in His Glorified state with the two witnesses…Moses and Elijah…so we just do the best we can and sometimes long seasons of constant pain and anguish never leave us until we die.

  65. Oh, my goodness! That’s the beauty of God’s UNFAILING and UNCONDITIONAL love for us! No matter what emotional roller coaster ride I’m on, down with doubt, up with faith, down with unbelief, up with assurance and yes, down again with uncertainty… HE STILL LOVES ME!!! I can’t help but love Him as He shows me what UNCONDITIONAL love is for Him and for others!!

  66. I am so touched by this devotional. It is very heart melting. I have to be honest that I am at the verge of giving up and this serves as a reminder to me that I have to love God unconditonally just as He unconditonally loves me.

  67. Oh Tracie you don’t know how much this spoke to me today. Thank u. Lord I still love you. Heal our hearts. Calm our fears. Take away our doubts. We know these r from the enemy and not you. Amen

  68. I needed this! I am a Christian. But when I lost my 17 year old son to a car accident 6 months ago (tomorrow), I got so angry at Him! I have went through so many emotions, I almost don’t even know my real self anymore. But reading this let’s me know that its ok to feel this way at times but to always remember that God loves me and in control.

  69. Thank you for this message, although I’m a child of God, but there have been times I have asked myself if he hears me.But Yes He does.I love You Lord God

  70. I know you are writing what is needed….I have a special needs son and have wondered why many, many times. Our life is not what I would like it to be…but it is the way the Lord would have it to be. I understand that through it all…I have learned to trust….there isn’t any thing else to do sometimes. My heart goes out to so many sisters hurting. Father God help us to see you in the midst of everything mentioned here….Contrary to how we feel….You are…..help us put our eyes on the cross…that’s how much You love

  71. Stephany Cobar says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write this post. It his home for me. I’ve been struggling with this exact same thing since October. Long story short, I lost my faith and trust in Him. I feel he doesn’t love me and my prayers for my husband to get a job isn’t happening. We’ve been struggling for 15years…and I have fallen into depression because I feel God broke his promise of Jeremiah 29:11. My husband has an interview for the city on March 8 as well as a pending application for another city job. We are hoping he gets the job..but I’m expecting another down fall. I want to see God in an this but I can’t.

  72. Praying for you, Tracie. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  73. Felice rodriguez says:

    I am currently experiencing the every emotions expressed in this blog entry. Fear, doubt, feeling like God was like ok you got this one and now do it on your own. But in those deepest darkest nights where my eyes are burning with tears and my head feels like it’s going to burst any second that whisper soothes my soul, and I am reminded that thought the struggles He will develop and grow me as His follower. I am reminded that yes I am going through a dark period in life but He is still on the throne, and just as His eye is on the sparrow I am more worthy to Him than a sparrow and He will provide for me just as He does for the birds of the air. In that instant the enemy flees and although I won’t get a full nights sleep that night I feel at rest in my fathers arms.

  74. Robin McClallen says:

    Hi Tracie,
    I’m so sorry for your loss and the change that is happening in your life. It helps if, like the song says, “Through it all, my eyes are on you.” When we keep our eyes on Him, we begin to see His new direction for our lives.

  75. Sweet Tracie,
    Thank you so much for being HONEST and REAL before me and others like me who just were blessed by your words. You spoke words of encouragement without talking at me. You have written feelings down on paper and shared them with us and did not try to pretend that we as believers and followers of CHRIST do not have moments of doubt as well……as moments of awe and wonder. I recently, had a birthday and much needed girl time. These two girlfriends also work with me. As I said earlier you and they have been a GOD send. They do not speak to me as if they have the answers…..but, that we just know the one that does!
    Thank you

  76. Dear Tracie, as you can read from the comments, we care and will pray for you. When I was going through such a time like yours, I didn’t doubt, but couldn’t string two thoughts together or even words. All I could do was repeat over and over and over again was I believe. Thats all it took to feel His peace in the midst of tragedy. I will never forget it.

  77. Corri zi says:

    Bless you for sharing. Since January of 2015 I have been struggling with health challenges; as time progresses they are compounding, and I could easily be disheartened. It is when I remind the Lord that He promised to be with me always, and that NOTHING I encounter will cause me to doubt His promise. He also promised to never leave or forsake me. When the feelings of doubt creep into I say, “Thank You, Lord for loving me in spite of myself. At this time my future n this planet appears grim. During g those times I know His strength is perfected in my weakness, and am grateful to be His instrument to prove it. I add, ” No matter what, I will praise Your Name. The Adversary is beating g a dead horse with his foolishness! I told You I am Yours and accept every experience You allow me to have wit gratitude and Love.”
    It is my prayer that what I’ve written encourage a person to never GI e up on The Lord. Be true to Him as E is to you.

  78. Elaine Nunn says:

    Good Morning and thank you for this wonderful message. A very timely reminder, and comforting to know I/we are never alone. Would love to win a copy of your book. Keep up your spirt-filled work.

  79. I don’t always have time to read my devotionals from Prv. 31 Ministries, but today I felt led to click on it. I lost my mother 5 days ago and I am grieving . I am grieving , not only because she is gone , but because I prayed for her salvation since I was 9 years old and she never came to Jesus. All my life I dreaded her dying because of this, and all my life I thought she would die any time because she was a severe alcoholic. I never thought I could survive seeing her go without the Lord, but God has given me grace and the ability to love and trust Him no matter what. I needed to hear your words today. I have been in a few situations that you described before, but the one I am in now is one of the most difficult. Thank you for being so honest in your writing and I am praying for your pain today.

  80. Tracie – I am praying for you dear lady. Based on your writing I believe I have been through similar heartbreak. But notice I said through-the Lord brought me through the heartache-His love, His Word, sweet friends, His promises healed my broken heart. He will heal yours too…2 Kings 20:5

  81. Yolanda says:


  82. Kim Duvall says:

    I am so thankful for your post – I have been going thru a season of suffering and I really am thankful to the Lord for the hope of your words – it hurts and some people don’t understand – thanks you for your kindness and understanding –

  83. I am struggling with stuff so much lately. I know I love the Lord, but sometimes, because of all the trials we are going through, I doubt whether or not the Lord really loves me. I don’t understand why we continue to have to struggle. It seems if it’s not one thing, it is something else. I pray that God will let me truly feel that He is with me. With us. Some days, it’s overwhelming me to think of all I have been through and that my husband and I have been through. Sometimes, I’m not sure we can take much more. I just want some easiness. I pray for God’s peace. I’m thankful for this devotion today especially.

  84. Wonderful message Tracie! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who doubts from time to time. I love the Lord and I know he loves me! I have to learn to trust his plan and his timing!

  85. heather says:

    Thank-you Tracie for your honesty, i am right there. It is a while since this was posted, but GOD knew I needed this today. I am struggling to believe GOD is not mad at me. That is HIS love really is for me. I am so weary…BUT I will not let go of the truth I know, even if right now I am struggling.

  86. Shawna Jones says:

    Oh my! Thank you sis. God bless you. I was discouraged and having a conversation with Jesus last night. Inquiring why won’t you speak to me Lord? Also saying I can’t even share how I truly feel,lest I become carnal and faith-less.Why the delay? Thank you for reaching out to me and the world. I am liberated to share my truth with the King Jesus Christ.Open His word,there His voice can be found. Our Heavenly Father loves us and He cares. Just been having storm, after storm, after storm.Joy cometh in the morning! There will be victory after this, in the Name of Jesus!
    Very best life begin, Shawna Jones

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