Is God Ignoring Your Struggles?

Is God Ignoring Your Struggles?

June 19, 2017

“Yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation. GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer’s; he makes me tread on my high places.” Habakkuk 3:18-19 (ESV)

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If our pediatric dental clinic keeps a Top 10 list of challenging patients, I bet my daughter is near the top. She can’t stand lying flat on her back while a stranger cleans her teeth with noisy tools. It doesn’t matter if Frozen is playing on the ceiling or if we promise her all the bouncy balls in the world. My girl hates going to the dentist.

Prior to one of these semiannual visits, my daughter repeatedly asked me to pray for her. We prayed over and over again for God’s help and peace, right up until the moment the hygienist prepared her instruments.

Then the cleaning started. My daughter realized that despite all her prayers, the experience was just as terrible as she feared.

That’s when she started screaming, “God isn’t helping me! God isn’t helping meeeeee!

My daughter has something in common with the author of today’s key verse. Before Habakkuk’s declaration of trust in chapter 3, he questioned the Lord’s plans. Evil rulers oppressed God’s people, and Habakkuk wondered why God hadn’t intervened to rescue them.

“O LORD, how long shall I cry for help, and you will not hear? Or cry to you ‘Violence!’ and you will not save?” (Habakkuk 1:2, ESV)

Do these questions sound familiar? Do you feel abandoned in your suffering, like my daughter and Habakkuk? Have you cried out for relief from your struggles with your work, relationships, parenting or sin?

Maybe you’re weary from waiting for the Lord to intervene. You see suffering in this world and in your life and say with Habakkuk, “How long will you keep ignoring my struggle, Lord?”

In response to these questions, God reminds Habakkuk of two important truths: The Lord still reigns on the throne, and He is at work in ways we can’t comprehend.

God tells him, “I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told” (Habakkuk 1:5b, ESV).

This truth calms Habakkuk’s questioning heart. He stops wrestling with his unchanged circumstances and starts resting in God’s unchanging character. He trusts his uncertain future to his reigning Heavenly Father.

Although Habakkuk realizes life won’t be easy, but harder, he comes to a beautiful declaration of trust: “Yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation” (Habakkuk 3:18).

Habakkuk rejoiced in his suffering because of the salvation promised by the Lord.

Good for Habakkuk, you might be thinking, but how can I rejoice in my struggles? I can’t seem to muster any joy in my circumstances.

We find our answer in Habakkuk 3:19: “ GOD, the Lord, is my strength; he makes my feet like the deer’s; he makes me tread on my high places.”

When we are weakened by suffering, God’s strength empowers us to rejoice. Romans 5:5b tells us we can rejoice in our suffering “because God’s love has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to

The Holy Spirit fills us with confidence in God’s love. This steadfast love is demonstrated to us by the sacrifice of His Son for our salvation. Our Spirit-given confidence overflows into faith through unending troubles.

The Lord reigns. He has not forgotten you. He is at work in your struggles. And by His strength, you can rejoice in the midst of changing circumstances.

Reigning Father, I praise you for your work in my life. Strengthen me by your Holy Spirit so I may rest in your salvation and rejoice in my suffering. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Romans 5:3-5, “Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” (ESV)

Psalm 18:31-33, “For who is God, but the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? — the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.” (ESV)

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What struggles do you face that seem unending? Ask God for the strength to rejoice in your salvation and trust that He is at work, even if your situation doesn’t improve.

© 2017 by Marissa Henley. All rights reserved.

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  1. So good to hear these special words of truth to help face constant challenges. Thanks!

  2. Julia Garcia says:

    I’ve been feeling so distant from God and continued to push Him farther away. My daughter woke me up with her nightly crying, in which I tend to ignore, but tonight was different. As tired as I am, I took her in my arms and soothed her back to bed after a diaper change and some medicine. She went right back to her crib and I sat hear in hopes that I’d hear from God. Lord, thank you for the reminder that your still working through my struggles. Thank you for your Holy Spirit. Thank you for your mercy and Grace. Amen.

    • Yes, Julia, He is at work no matter how distant we feel – isn’t that wonderful truth to hold on to? I’m so glad you shared this moment with us.

      • I have felt much the same way about feeling distant from God. I pray and try to feel him like I use to and often still feel empty. It is always comforting to hear you are not alone. I have been through so many crosses in my life (yet I know many have worse) and this past year two of my five grandchildren that are both 5 have been diagnosed with life long illnesses that they will have to deal with. It is sooo hard watching them struggle and hurt and watching my children have to go through this also. Thank you for reminding me God is still right here with me! Pray for my family and me please.

  3. I love you Lord!

  4. We want the quick fix, the answer that makes ME comfortable RIGHT NOW! God is working with his eye on eternity and on everyone. It’s not about me in isolation, it’s about me in the context of people I know and don’t know, past and future generations.

    Did Habakkuk know that his experience would impact internet readers in year 2017? I doubt it. Nor do we know the full impact of our experience. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

    • Thank you Shirley, I always enjoy your follow ups after the devotions. You words of wisdom add to them and I always look for your comments.

    • How true Shirley! We don’t know the impact of our trials and testimonies and that defines our faith. Believing without seeing!

    • Caroline says:

      So true! Give us strong, unwavering faith Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit!

    • Yes, so true, Shirlee! It’s amazing to look back at times and see how God worked in ways I never could have anticipated. It gives me confidence that He’s working in the times I can’t see, too. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Jenna Marco says:

      I too always scroll for your comments sometimes I need your comments to make sense of the devotional. I have learned that you typically do not comment when there is a contest.
      I have record of struggles and answered prayers. But I still can’t seem to get over myself with what I struggle most. I am 39 years old I have had 3 miscarriages and I can’t seem to let go. I try so hard to control getting pregnant. And I know that all pregnancies take three -a dad a mom and God. Today I am angry at myself I feel like God won’t give me what I want the most because I won’t give this to Him? Or like I’ll never be able to have this because He feels like I have made it more important than Him.
      Thank you for your beautiful encouragement from the Holy Spirit.

      • Thank you for your kind words, Jenna.

        Please be cautious about assigning motives to God. Rather, just take him at his word that he has a loving plan for your eternal future.

        • Jenna Marco says:

          Breathe. Peace. Thank you Shirlee. I will sing it is well with my soul. And remember His word the truth no motives

      • Jenna, I hear your pain and have been praying for you since I read it. God knows your heart and knows your struggles; both with the miscarriages and with giving this to Him. He loves you, Jenna, You are being honest with your questioning about why you are still childless. He is a Mighty God and can handle your doubts. I encourage you to remember all of His times of faithfulness in your life, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you turn this over to Him. “Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you”. I wish you peace, joy in the midst of your waiting and, hopefully, a baby in your future; if it is according to His Will.

        • Jenna Marco says:

          Oh Helen. Thank you so much! I’m writing this down and paying it at my work space so that I can sit out the negative.
          I really appreciate the loving kindness of your prayers

      • Jenna
        I have not seen or heard from my oldest son in 3 years. His choice. He also took my 4 grandchildren with him. I am constantly thinking that God took them from me because I put my beloved children before him.
        I constantly ask God why He allows this suffering in my life. The isolation, loneliness, heartache.
        When I read devotionals like this one I am reminded that God does not slumber. God’s timing is not our timing.
        I pray that God would reveal himself to me and that I won’t give in to believing that God is not at work.
        Please remember me in your prayers as I will you.

        • Jenna Marco says:

          Rebecca. You got it Sister. I will be praying that our wrestling with Gods timing will leave us blessed. Thank you for your prayers.

      • Anne-marie says:

        Jenna, I’ve been down this road with God too and my heart breaks for you. Amazingly, its brought me closer to God and given me an awareness of his vast love for me and ability to meet all my needs (even my need to be a mother). If it’s at all helpful for you, I’d be honored to share how God used this to teach me about his love for me and to teach others about his love and tender mercy through me. My email is

      • joseph savelkoul says:

        Jen, my mother went thru miscarriage before i was born. My older brother Benjamin was born then after her miscarriage but he was premature and did not survive but a day or so. Please remember with God and thru and by him the impossible is not only possible but over time he comes and will answer to heal and to wipe our tear stained eyes and bleeding hearts. God later Gave my mom me and after another miscarriage and anther son my brother joshua. All doctors said she would never have children but here i am as well as my brother some 35 years later the Love of God is beyond our suffering but in time it comes to us in ways that healing can take place…please read laminations ch 3…its powerful to remember….hus loving kindness thus far as it says from vs 21 that he gives us hope as we remember him….love and peace to you in Christ

    • Thank you for that extra reminder from Hebrews! I need to repeat that when I feel like God isn’t helping me with thr rough stuff in life.

    • Shirley!
      Thank you for your biblical wise words! I must stay focused on eternal perspective as God rescued me from an abusive marriage and I continue to watch abuser parade in the church as an angel of light and has now married- and emotional abuse has already been witnessed with his new wife! God is healing my family, but it is hard to remember God’s ways are not ours. Thank you for the reminder about eternal significance! Blessings sister!😄

  5. I keep praying and praying and praying four our adult son who keeps making very poor choices. It gets so discouraging watching someone you love not care about themselves when you see them as having so much potential. Thx for the gentle reminder that God is still there in the midst of the pain and he is at work.

    • Judy,
      I could have written those very same words. My daily struggles mostly involve my son and the choices he makes and my heartache of him wasting his life. A wonderful book that has helped me is “Reaching Your Prodigal” by Phil Waldrep. I know God loves my son more than I do, knows his struggles and has a plan. That truth is what gets me thru each day.

      • Judy and Robin, I’m so sorry for your heartaches and discouragement as you struggle with your grown children. I pray that God’s truth continues to comfort you as you wait for His work to be more apparent in your children’s choices and lives.

    • Judy & Robin,
      I have the same struggles with an adult son. It has been years and I am just worn out from the heavy weight of it all. I just can’t make sense of it , I am heartbroken and seeking counseling and medication for depression. I have a solid faith and walk with God, but this is one area that never seems to change.

      • Surrender.
        Fear creates a fight, but surrender brings clarity to your mind and the ability to hear God clearly.
        Surrender and keep surrendering.
        Control kills love but surrender brings freedom and joy.
        Stealing, killing and destroying all involve control, which is how the devil operates;
        he is a master manipulator.
        Surrender involves humility. And giving up your “rights” or way for God’s way.
        Sometimes we must remove ourselves from ungodly people because, after all, leaven does leaven the whole lump (you become what you’re around).
        Get into the secret place of The Most Hugh God and see if He doesn’t turn your situation around for you. God is faithful and He will do it!

  6. Thank-you for this reminder that though I don’t see sad and painful circumstances change, God is still good and He is at work in ways I don’t see.

  7. Paula Bullard says:

    God is so good! This is exactly the encouragement I needed today. Thank you for these kind words.

  8. I struggle with MS each day, at the moment I am having a real hard time dealing with fatigue. I am constantly tired and could sleep 24/7
    Have prayed and prayed for relief from this, am also struggling with the heat wave we are now experiencing in the UK.
    any help and prayers all appreciated
    God Bless

    • Jan, physical ailments but such a struggle on Day to day life. I pray God gives you some reprieve maybe not from the physical trials you are facing but the spiritual pain you also are struggling with! God has a reason for all and some days it’s harder to rest in that, I know!
      Lord, give Jan some rest. Help her to feel embraced in your arms and find comfort in your presence. Help her to feel comfort from the inside, a peace from You that passes all understanding, even through the physical trials she faces. Provide to her Christian fellowship from others to help lift her spirits. I pray for her to rejoice in You in everything. In your precious name, Amen

    • Jan, I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles. It’s so discouraging when we suffer without relief, and I’m praying for peace, comfort, and healing for you this morning.

    • Prayers for you offered up just now! Be encouraged… Psalm 46:1 NIV
      [1] God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
      He is faithful- lean on Him!!

  9. I still ask my husband to pray when I go to the dentist!

  10. I prayed this morning again for my husband who suffers from depression- he has cried out to God so many times and he feels that God is not hearing him. I prayed Lord show me that you are in this, show me that like Corrie Ten Boom he has to give thanks and rejoice in the suffering even although it is painful and scary- I opened FB and read this! Our God answers prayers xx

  11. This arrived just in time. For over two years now I have been battling to save my now 16 year old daughter watching her fight depression and addiction as a result and just when things are at the worst they’ve ever been and I am at my lowest, I read this. Thank you for posting. Any prayers for her and for the rest of our family whose hearts are breaking over this would be appreciated.

    • Praying for your daughter Sharon

    • Sharon, I’m so sorry for your heartbreak as you battle for your daughter. That is so, so hard. I’m thankful to hear you were encouraged this morning – I am confident that God has not left your side! I’m praying for your family right now.

  12. My marriage has not been an easy one, a roller coaster ride at best. Today before I came to do my devotions I was feeling quite distraught and just tired of the ride. I asked God to give me strength and guidance and in this devotional He did. Thank you. It seems whenever I start getting overwhelmed with the negative God gives me reminder after reminder that my struggles now have nothing to do with me but the future of my husband, my family. I am called to be His voice for those that don’t seek Him. Thank you for this well timed devotional, the encouragement to persevere and the reminder God has not forsaken me but is doing great things!

    • Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear about the discouragement in your marriage. And I’m so thankful that God encouraged you with the truth of His presence and work today! He will not waste your suffering, and I pray that He lets you see His work soon in your husband and family.

  13. Elizabeth Queen says:

    God is so good that He would have me read this very devotional on the very morning that I need strength for something that I’ve been wrestling with since January. He is at work.

  14. Anne Ashfield says:

    Hi Marissa: I related to your comment about your daughter’s fear of the dentist because I also couldn’t lie back to have work done by the dentist. My dentist then said “No problem, you can sit up if that makes it easier for you.” All along even with prayer I eventually found out that I had a gag-reflex sensitivity and I felt like I was chocking and going to pass out. This probably isn’t your daugther’s problem but I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Thank you for your devotion and encouraging words. God Bless you and the family. \O/ (Also now I’m a 71 year old denture-wearing gramma who doesn’t need to go to the dentist.) lol God does have a sense of humour.

    • Hi Anne! Thank you so much for sharing! Your sense of humor makes me smile! Thankfully, my daughter has gotten better at her dentist visits. We realized that it was the suction wand that was freaking her out, so now they let her spit at the sink, and it goes a bit better. 🙂 That’s a great idea about letting her sit up – we might need to try that next time, too! I’m so glad you were encouraged this morning and took the time to say hello!

  15. What a reassuring thought for me and for Lysa!! God is at work in ways we can not see and His love is poured out in us.

  16. Michelle Nietert says:

    Your story and the tie into the verses and story in Habakkuk was such an encouragement to me this morning! Grateful for Biblical truth that seems so relevant today.

  17. Darilyn Browning says:

    A challenge that I have been facing is my decision of turning down mutliple teaching offers & continuing with my plan that I feel God is calling me to do. Which is out of my comfort zone and makes me worried about the next few years. But I know he has a plan for everything & is calling me in this direction.

    • Darilyn, what an act of faith to keep following God’s call even when it doesn’t make sense! That is such a challenge, and I pray God will continue to lead you.

  18. jersey gal says:

    Thank u….this was much needed.

  19. kim stewart says:

    What a beautiful devotion, Marissa! I love seeing your smiling face pop up in my inbox and seeing God using your writing gifts. 🙂

  20. I’m struggling with why….. Why is my daughter an addict? Why do I have to raise her son, my grandson? Why don’t I have any friends anymore because my life has changed dramatically since I’ve had custody of my grandson? I struggle with anger and resentment daily because I’m having to sacrifice so much and my daughter doesn’t care about her son or me. I’m trying the best I can and always put on a happy face in front of my grandson but the pain and anger are eating me up. I pray and pray and pray. Nothing, she’s been like this for 15 years… no change. Lord just please give me strength to get through each day.

    • Praying for you Tanya.

    • Tanya, what a difficult situation – I’m so sorry. I’m praying for you and trusting the Lord to give you what you need to do the hard tasks He’s asked of you today.

    • lisa bly says:

      Tanya you are doing such a hard and beautiful thing. Addiction is so hard to understand and painful to watch when it overtakes the life of someone you love. May God deliver and heal your daughter of her addiction. And may He give you strength as you raise your grandson. You are truly a wonderful example of serving God even when it is hard. Dont give up, you are doing a beautiful thing and God will bring you comfort in the midst of this struggle.

    • Someone Who Cares says:

      Tanya, you are God’s beloved daughter, know that He loves and cares for you so much. Addiction is a terrible, terrible disease. The Lord has blessed your grandson by placing him in your care. Like you, I have been tormented by all of the emotions that can accompany loving someone who is an addict. We can become very isolated and quite ill ourselves from the anger, resentment, shame, fear, guilt, pain, and obsession we carry. I encourage you to reach out and find an Al-Anon fellowship or a Celebrate Recovery fellowship near you. Don’t be afraid to go; they will welcome you. Open yourself up to the mercy and healing power of your God, he can pull you out of the depths of depression and anxiety whether your addict is still using or not. He can help you to detach with love. The Lord can help you to break free of the bondage you feel. Trust me, I know. I pray the Lord will open doors for you that will lead you to healing. He promises that we will find Him if we seek Him. He loves you so much. I pray the Lord blesses you with abundant strength and courage, and provides for your every need.

  21. Needed reminders for all of us Marissa! Thanks for this encouragement today!

  22. Shannon says:

    This is so true and I needed this. I am going through a very difficult time with my daughter, her husband, and grand daughter. They have decided to move to another town an hour away. I have kept my grand daughter since the day she was born, was in the room when she was born. This has been a struggle for me as I have depression and anxiety. On top of that I have been put on temp disability because I have uncontrolled asthma. I feel like I just can’t catch a break and struggle daily with finding any joy in my life. I know God has a plan and purpose but sometimes I feel all alone.

    • Shannon, I know you must be heartbroken to see your daughter and her family move away, on top of your other struggles. I’m so sorry. I know you feel alone right now, and I pray that God will pour out His comfort, peace, and presence today.

  23. I just need continued prayer. I am struggling with job issues. I am working right now, the pay and the hours are not the best, but I do enjoy it. There is no insurance. So this all comes out of our pocket. Our family could use more income , we have much debt. I have been offered a job that would offer better pay and benefits. But I’ve not taken it. I feel I need to be where I am right now. I am more available to my family right now, and feel this is important. Am I being blind? Am I being selfish? My husband offers no direction, as he doesn’t know the answer either. Will God provide so we won’t loose our business? Please pray and offer guidance. Thanks

    • Lori, what a difficult choice and situation you’re facing! God is with you in this, and I’m praying He will guide you and your husband as you decide your next steps.

  24. This was amazing! I have been struggling waiting for that man God has for me. I have been trying to focus on God and be focused on him, However with daily prayers about him, However​ still being single feels like God is not hearing my cry and ignoring this was a big inspiration to me. Thank you!!

  25. RebeccaLynn says:

    I prayed for two long years (even longer) that God would provide the new home my heart absolutely KNEW He intended for our family. Discouragement came many times. But I kept praying – except, I wasn’t praying out of desperation, but with JOYFUL EXPECTATION and THANKFUL CONTENTMENT for all we already had. It completely changed my prayer perspective. I believed with all my heart that God was going to provide, and I prayed believing — but just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, I prayed with an “even so” faith! I love this so much, Marissa. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It’s full of wisdom. Prayers for your sweet daughter, too! I can certainly relate. Even so … we’ll all survive the dentist! Ha! xoxoxo

    • Thanks, Rebecca Lynn! I love what you shared about praying from a place of expectation and contentment. That is so beautiful. God is so good to change our perspective and show us how to hope in Him!

  26. The struggle I’m facing today is gossip, stress, and betrayal. I have been accsued and rejected by my own friends and family. I dont do anything wrong to them or anything. I think to myself maybe because I’m a Christian and theyre not. I don’t try to be better than anyone nor try to be perfect. I just want to be a good example for God. But it seems like I always get criticized.

    • Thank you for a very uplifting devotion this morning,
      Looking forward to receiving (Me, My self and lies)
      I can deal with my struggles, Knowing one day Jesus will give me good eye sight,
      And remove all my bone pain, Aww! what an awesome and loving faithful God we serve..
      So much to be thankful fore, Praise His name.
      Psalm 18:31-33, “For who is God, but the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? — the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.”

      Thanks for the uplifting devotion this morning,
      Some days the struggle seems to great, but knowing
      Jesus will not me struggle alone, Aww! one day He will
      heal my eyes and take away all my bone pain.
      He is A loving and trusting God, Praise His Holy Name…
      Psalm 18:31-33, “For who is God, but the LORD? And who is a rock, except our God? — the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.”

    • Darla, I’m so sorry you’ve been unfairly accused by people you care about. Those betrayals are so painful. I’m praying that God will comfort you in the midst of your struggle today.

      • Thank you Marissa! God has it all in control. Woman of God like you are my inspiration. If God can use you to encourage and uplift woman, I know he has a blessing in store for me too. I just need to let go of what’s bothering me and just run. Run to Jesus!! Praise Him Everyday!!! Dance and Shout on the enemy’s camp.

  27. The frustration and discouragement of losing weight has been a dark, hidden and deep struggle. And as I face it with strength from Christ, I find perseverance brings me joy indeed! James 1:2-3

    • I know this struggle all to well Rin. I suffer from Hypothyroidism and I cannot seem to get it or my weight under control. It is also causing me other health problems. Prayers for you throughout this journey.

    • What a difficult struggle – I’m so thankful Christ is your strength and joy in the midst of it!

  28. Struggles within my marriage… It seems the harder I try the more distant he becomes. My heart has become so discouraged. I need God’s strength and reassurance.

    • I’m praying for your marriage right now, Amanda. The Lord will never leave your side!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Amanda. I would like to recommend It really helped me in my marriage, this blog completely changed my perspective about marriage. Hope you will be blessed by reading it as I was.

  29. I say I believe in the Lord, but I am constantly looking for validation. I feel like I am going thru the motion. But I know God has worked in my life, because I see the good works he has done in my family. I use to feel like I was connected, but now I feel like I am fake

    • It is easy to feel this way. Sometimes when we are going thru struggles and pain it is so severe we put God on the sidelines. We can’t think straight, we can’t pray, we have no peace. We can only think about and stress over the difficulty. We can’t find our Lord any where. It is a trick of the enemy. He causes us to be so depressed and oppressed and obsessed, we are stuck in the struggle, we are stuck in the pain. I truly believe during this time God waits for us to get to the bottom so we have no where to turn but back to Him. He will not fight for our attention, we have to seek Him voluntarily. This is where I am now, this is the way it has to be. I just keep remembering what Jesus said. My Father is always working. Surrender, recommit yourself t, o He Is The Lord Of My Life. Blindly and with confidence seek His will.

    • Pam, I’m sorry you’re struggling right now and your faith doesn’t feel vibrant and real. We all go through dry spells at times, but I find comfort in knowing that God promises to answer when we call to Him. Matthew 7:8: For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

  30. I feel the mediation was addressed to me.
    I have been struggling for a long time with a job that is extremely stressing not because the type of work but because of the person who runs the company. I work for a person that has no respect for others. Yelling and screaming are his best tools to communicate with his employees. I feel trapped because I cannot leave if I cannot find something else that I make the same money. I am the only one working and we have a budget. If I quit my job, we have no income and we don’t even have savings.
    My husband suffers from bipolar depression II and does not want to look for any type of help or take any medication. He auto medicate with alcohol.
    Every night I deal with a drunk husband that sometimes gets out of hand. The little money extra of each check goes to alcohol. I have been thinking of leaving him for a long time but then I think he can hurt himself, which he has done twice already, and I just cannot do it.
    I have prayed and prayed for things get better, for having a different approach to everything from my side but I am just miserable all the time.
    I feel trapped in a toxic work environment that I hate and in a marriage that I have completely lost all hope to save.
    It is like God is seeing everything that is going on but He is just ignoring me and my prayers.
    I don’t know how to pray anymore. I am physically, mentally and spiritually burnt out.

    • Claudia,
      Sweet girl. I’ll pray for you. You are loved. You are wanted. You are worthy. Please God give her the strength she needs. You’ll be in my prayers. Lots of love to you.

    • Claudia, Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles here. I hate that your situation is so hard right now. I’m praying for you. The Lord sees your pain. He cares for you. He loves you, and He is at work.

  31. My husband left me 14 months ago. I struggle everyday with trying to hear God. It’s hard to fight back those feelings of being forgotten. It gets harder and harder to believe there is goodness in all of this. People talking, trying to figure out what’s the truth and what’s a lie, trying to figure out who to trust, and then having my kids be upset with me over things they are too little to understand. I know God hears me. I can see and feel the difference He’s made in my life, but my marriage is still gone. My husband still doesn’t want me.

    • Chandra, I am praying for you and feel the same way. My husband left me 8 months ago and recently asked for a divorce. I have tried everything I can think of, but he has moved on. I worry for my own future, but also my young kids. I have to surrender all of my former hopes for God’s plans. I know I’m in this situation for a reason, and I know He’s here and has a plan, but it’s so hard when you’re in the midst.
      Right now I’m struggling with when to give up, and when to keep fighting for my marriage. I feel like fighting has gotten me nowhere, and at some point I need to give up hope and move on. I ask God for wisdom for my next steps and the strength to accept things that aren’t in line with my plans.

    • Chandra and Amanda, what a tough situation you’re both in right now! I know there are no magic words that can erase the pain of a broken marriage and difficult emotions it brings. I am praying that the Lord’s unfailing love for you will bring comfort to your heart today. Jeremiah 31:3, God says He has loved you with an everlasting love. He will never leave you. He will always be faithful to you.

  32. Andria Lewis says:

    Good-day and thank you for such an amazing and inspirational Devotion today. I am faced with so many difficult moments currently in my life and I did ask God if He sees all my struggles, but today’s Devotion gives me hope to hold on to God’s never failing love. He sees all that I am going through, but His ways are not my ways neither is His thoughts my thoughts. I will have patience in knowing that God works all things for the good of those who loves Him. I know he wants me to be strong and courageous. I should never be afraid or discouraged foe He is with me wherever I go! This devotion today also helps me to remember that “God close the lion’s mouth for Daniel, He parted the Red Sea for Moses, He made the sun stand still for Joshua, He opened the prison for Peter, He gave Sarah a baby and He roused Lazarus from the dead”. Nothing I face today is beyond HIS control. I will have FAITH and Trust HIM!

    • Amen, Andria! I love how you are clinging to God’s Word – you have clearly hidden it in your heart and call it to mind in the midst of your struggles. I’m so sorry you’re hurting, but I am confident that the Lord will be with you as you’re holding on to Him.

  33. Raquel Acuna says:

    Wow, I prayed that I would get a message for today and I just read this one and it was sooo spot on.
    My mom is a breast cancer survivor (over 12 years), and she had to go through a biopsy again on her other breast, and just got an MRI as well. Of course, when we hear this we get scared and worried. But, we will continue to wait on the Lord and his promises. He is working in ways we don’t understand, and we need to learn to rejoice in him and the promises he has made to us. IF you all could say a prayer for my mom, please do.. and also for me.
    Just sent this to my mom… Thank you so much for this message today.

    • Hi Raquel, Thank you for sharing your heart here today. I am a seven-year cancer survivor, and I know how scary those tests can be for everyone. I am praying for your mom and for you right now. I’m glad to hear you were encouraged by the devotional today.

  34. Great sentiment and truth, if the Spirit hasn’t abandoned your heart like it has mine.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you feel abandoned by the Spirit. The Lord promises to draw near to all those who call on His name, and I pray you will know His presence with you today.

  35. This is so amazing. I was reading this last night before bed. This is just confirmation that the Lord is at work in our/my struggles and sufferings. We have to trust him, he hears us even when it appears nothing is happening and we feel abandoned. Our Great God is so Faithful.

  36. Lisa Pless says:

    Please pray for me I am suffering deep depression and I am giving my daughter a graduation party on Saturday.Don’t know how I will do it.Need God’s strength more than ever because I don’t have any😔Thank you

    • Lisa, you must feel so frustrated to be struggling in the midst of such a major occasion. I’m so sorry. I am praying for you right now and asking the Lord to fill you with His strength to do what needs to be done this week.

  37. S. Hartung says:

    This made me smile….the message is so true and I struggle with “no answers” myself. Please allow me to focus on the first part of it because I am who I am. I am a general dentist for 20 years now & have seen my fair share of challenging young people. I share with them that while in life there are many things we cannot control…Good news!….you have total control over your oral care. So, remember that older you will be much happier if younger you really tries to keep it all healthy. Thank you, Lord, for what you have and continue to teach me.

    • Thank you for sharing – and you’ll be glad to know I’m still making my daughter go to the dentist, and she’s handling it much better as she gets older. 🙂 I’m glad you were encouraged today as you struggle with not having answers yourself.

  38. Denise J says:

    I have been reading these devotions for about five years now and, today’s hit me particularly hard. I am in the midst of a storm in my marriage and feel a bit hopeless. I question why God hasn’t healed my husband of keeping secrets, of being dishonest, of gambling and drinking. I wonder why He hasn’t intervened and what it is I’m to do. I am so open for counseling and help and my husband seems resistant. He wants help under certain conditions and, I just feel a little lost. I’m praying for healing in my marriage and for God to convict my husband so he confesses his sins and seeks restoration and forgiveness. All in God’s hands but, easier said than done.

    • Wow, Denise, what a difficult storm you are in right now. It’s so hard to understand why God would let this pain continue and not heal your marriage. I don’t have the answers, but I know that God has promised that HIS love and faithfulness to you will never end. (Jeremiah 31:3 is one of my favorite verses about this.) I am praying for you and your husband now and asking for God to fill you with His peace.

  39. What stands out to me is that “the truth calms Habakkuk’s questioning heart” and he rests in God’s unchanging character. “calms” and “rests” – the opposite of feeling anxious. or worried.

    My future is uncertain. I can feel God working in my heart and life but I can’t see where or what He has next for me… so when I keep my eyes on Jesus, I’m calm and certain. But like Peter when he walks on the water, if I take my eyes off Jesus, I feel restless and unsure and a bit nervous. Thank you for this post. It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

    • I should add that I”m feeling out of sorts because I was pursued by a man via eharmony and after we met in person, I was told it wasn’t a match. So I’m left unsure why I the cross country trip was necessary or why all this time and emotions were invested if it wasn’t the man God has for me. So I get discouraged and can’t see beyond today.

      • Lea, I’m so sorry for your disappointment – it is so hard to understand why God would let the situation unfold that way. I love what you’ve said about calm and rest and keeping your eyes on Jesus. Such beautiful truth! I’m so glad you were encouraged by God’s Word and pray He continues to give you comfort in your uncertainty.

  40. Lillian says:

    I have been struggling for the past 8 months and wonder if it will ever end. My husband was diagnosed with cancer last October and passed away November 8. I prayed for his healing from the moment we received the diagnosis but things didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen. When God took him home I did get mad at God but soon after, God reminded me that He did heal him just not the way I wanted. Before he passed away, as I prayed for healing, through faith, I kept thinking he would be healed so I never said the things I needed to say to my husband. We were both in a complete state of shock. For the past 8 months, I have continuously dwelt on unspoken words, regrets, forgiveness, etc. I keep replaying the last 4 days of his life. Instead of God being my focal point, my husband has been. We were married 22 years and had been through a lot due to PTSD from his military service. Thanks to God and counseling, this past few years, we finally become one. I miss him tremendously and I feel as though apart of me went with him.

    • Lillian, I am so sorry about the tragic loss of your husband. I’m sure you never imagined that the Lord would take him home so quickly – I hate that you now look back with regret at his last days. I wonder if it gives you any comfort that your husband is now fully complete in Jesus with no regrets? He doesn’t need those unspoken words now – he has everything he needs in the presence of his Savior. I am praying for you and hope that you will be set free from regret as you continue to grieve your loss. Psalm 34:18 says the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. He will continue to be at work and bring healing to your broken heart. Much love and prayers to you.

  41. Susan G. says:

    Good truths to remember! And great verses!
    Thanks for this!

  42. Last year I was falsely accused and separated from someone I love. I have been praying and praying for the truth to be revealed and that this relationship will be renewed and restored. My heart is breaking and I am so weary. Sometimes I am excited for what God has in store for me out of this situation, but most times I feel very defeated, like God has abandoned me here.

    • Becky, what a painful situation – it’s so hard to be separated from those we love. I’m so sorry. It’s easy to feel abandoned when we can’t see what the Lord is doing, and I will pray that He will show you how His hand is in this situation soon. In the meantime, I hope you will cling to the truth that the Lord knows the truth about the situation and cares for you in it.

  43. Therese says:

    I am a young widow with no family. I also suffer with anxiety disorder and OCD. I experience a lot of fear and panic. I keep praying that the Lord would bring the right man for me into my life. Just like God’s Word says in Genesis 2:18: And the Lord God said, “It isn’t good for man to be alone; I will make a companion for him, a helper suited to his needs.”

    • Thank you for sharing your heart, Therese. I’m so sorry for your loss and your loneliness and fear in your struggles. I am praying for you and know that God sees you and your needs.

  44. Gabrielle says:

    If only I could find comfort in this. I want to. My heart really wants to. But this doesn’t help. I hate leaving negative comments. It’s not against you. I just don’t feel like God is hearing me.

    • I appreciate your honesty, Gabrielle. I’m so sorry you don’t feel like God is hearing you. I hope you will continue looking for Him and hearing His Word here or other places as you wait for His comfort.

  45. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for your devotional. My son just finished chemo treatments and I struggle daily with what if God doesn’t answer my prayer of complete healing for him. Cancer is holding me hostage and I have tried so hard to trust. I question why God didn’t give this to me and spare my son from this lot in life. I have to daily remind myself that He is in control and He does have a plan. I’ve been so blessed throughout this ordeal and I know that came straight from God. I glad I can lean on Him to help me through my days of doubt. I can’t imagine going through this trial without Jesus!

    • Kimberly, I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through the horrors of cancer and chemotherapy. I am a cancer survivor, and I have struggled with fear as well. It’s so hard to understand why God’s plan would involve such suffering. I’m so thankful you can cling to Jesus and find comfort in His Word.

  46. Sabrina McElwee says:

    Wow. This was so incredibly timely today. I have had some serious serious struggles this week. And I know I am not alone. I actually told my husband that spiritual warfare was painful. I have been crying out to God to change a situation that has been going on for 8 years now. And it never seems to be getting better. I know His Word and His promises, but lately I have been wondering where He is and when those promises were going to be fulfilled. But this devotional gave me the much needed confirmation that He is here. And He is working.

    • Wow, Sabrina – 8 years is a long time to wait and cry out to the Lord without seeing any change. I’m thankful you were encouraged today to know that God is at work and He has not left you all this time!

  47. Talatu Jepla Shamdung says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message it comes just at the time that I needed it I was struggling within me, I’ve forgiven my father but I can’t forget what he did to me, and my husband who show less concerned about me and the children, so yesterday I found it difficult to wish the two men in my life a happy Father’s Day

    • Talatu, That is a very difficult Father’s Day situation. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through and how it continues to be painful. I’m so glad God’s Word brought some comfort at this time when you really needed it.

  48. Erika Kelley says:

    The Father has really been speaking to me about waiting on Him and trusting in His character and not in what I see. Standing on His promises and trusting in His plan because His way is perfect even if things look crazy. Thank you for letting the LORD use you to write this devotion. It definitely was meant for ME! 😉
    God Bless!
    Hebrews 6:10

    • Hi Erika, I’m so glad this spoke to your heart and let you know that God cares just for you! 🙂 I love what you shared about standing on His promises. His character is our sure foundation!

  49. Just want to say thank-you. My Mom pass away in Oct 2016. I have good days and bad days. I have to cry myself to sleep these past months. My nights has not been good. Being a caregiver to a parent is not easy. I go to hospice and palliative care meeting. Which is good for me, to talk about how I feel. The Lord do answer our prayers. The Lord know what we need before we even ask. I am asking the Lord, please give me comfort, peace, strength, do not want to struggle, suffer, feel lost,or lonely, confused. Keep me in my right mind. Please heal my body, from the top of head to the soul of feet. In the name of Jesus .

    • What a hard situation to lose your mom that way – I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes, the Lord answers our prayers. He cares for you. Thank you for sharing your heart here with us. Keep clinging to Him!

  50. Lord I pray that you would help me find a way to rejoice in my 3 year struggle with infertility. Nothing we have tried has worked. I am open to Your plan for our family even though it may not look the way I imagined it would. Help me accept that and find places in my life I can rejoice through this time of struggle.

    • Amen, Kerry. What a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing it with us. I am praying it for you as well and hope the Lord provides comfort as you’re waiting to see how His plans for your family.

  51. Thank you for this devotional, just this morning I was crying out to the Lord to save me from the situation that I feel trapped in and then this devotional. You have encouraged me more than words can express today!

  52. I’ve struggled with resentments against a family member that I know is toxic. I’ve shut her out in efforts to protect myself and know this isn’t God’s will for our relationship. I know I need to be there for her through prayer and unconditional love. A recent argument left me wounded and unforgiving but God is calling me to offer her forgiveness. Please pray that I am obedient and learn to love as Christ loves , giving Grace to those who hurt me. Also, my parents marriage is on the line due to my father’s critical spirit and anger issues. Please pray the spirit moves in that relationship… my parents both know the Lord. There is a lot of pain that my mom has been holding on to for decades. They need a supernatural healing!!

    • Yaz, thank you for sharing – relationships can be such a struggle! I am praying for you as you reach out with forgiveness in obedience to the Lord. I pray His forgiveness for you motivates you to offer forgiveness where you’ve been wounded. This is a struggle for me, too! And I’m also praying that the Lord will bring restoration to your parents’ marriage.

  53. Mirriam Siamusiye says:

    Thank you for your word of encouragement. it took almost 10 yrs for God to intervene over something I was longing for. I just now now received the blessing about 2wks ago. There were times I questioned God’s soverenty but not until I started rejoicing in my trials and started seeing that God was at work in my life. He needed me to completely surrender my life to him and live in obedience🙏🏼

    • Mirriam, it’s so hard to wait for an answer all those years . . . I praise God that He taught you how to rejoice in your trials and see Him at work. And now you’ve seen an answer after all this time. Wow. Thank you for encouraging us with this today!

  54. Candice says:

    I’ve been struggling with work for the last while! We moved cities to better our financial situation, and we have managed to buy our first house. But somehow the financial stain has worsened and it feels like we will never get out of this hole we’re in! My job was supposed to be temporary till we have a baby, but years later nothing has happened on that front either. I’m really feeling overwhelmed and terribly down in the dumps about this whole situation! But reading this has given me a glimmer of hope/ light in our very dark situation.

    • Candice, financial stress can be so difficult – and when you add in the desire to start a family, that’s a lot to trust the Lord with. I can see how you would be feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. I’m glad this devotion encouraged you to see the hope in the midst of the darkness. Your Heavenly Father has not left your side!

  55. Thank you so much Marissa for this wonderful piece of encouragement.
    I also laughed so had that tears welled up in my eyes about your daughter because it just reminds me of my daughter but her screams are usually ‘Jeeeeeeesssuuusssss where are you 😂😂
    God bless you greatly. I’ve been blessed and thanks for the wonderful reminder that God is present in my circumstances and situations.
    Have a blessed day.

    • Angel, that’s hilarious about your daughter! Does she scream it in public and embarrass you, too?!? 😉 🙂 I’m so happy to hear you were encouraged today and pray you continue to see the Lord’s presence in your circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to say hi!

  56. Stacia Morse says:

    I just got a chance to read this, and I’m glad I did. “God is at work in my struggles”, and that gives me hope!

    • Hi Stacia, I’m so thankful to hear this devotion gave you hope today. I pray that the encouragement you find in God’s Word will sustain you in whatever you’re facing today.

  57. John 11:1-44 tells the story of Mary and Martha, who sent a message to Jesus that their brother was dying (just as we cry out to Him to save our loved ones). The bible tells us that “when Jesus heard this, he stayed two days where he was”. This didn’t mean that He did not care. It just meant that Jesus knew more about what was going on than they did. There were more people involved than Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. Jesus did come, but when He arrived, Lazarus was dead. Jesus told them to roll away the stone, but they hesitated, because they knew it was gonna be stinky. They trusted Him, also they rolled the stone away (just as we must trust Him today). Jesus doesn’t care how ‘far gone . . . how ‘stinky’ we are. He is here to save us. When Jesus raised him from the dead, Lazarus emerged from the tomb with his hands and feet bound and his face covered with a cloth. Just as we and our loved ones are bound by our illnesses, our financial struggles, our bad habits, addictions, and whatever else it may be. But we must have faith, even when we cannot see. God’s love is powerful!

  58. Thank you for this reminder. My soon to be ex mother n law sent me this devotion today. I must have missed this devotion as I read Proverbs31 devotion everyday. I am currently in the process of a divorce and it is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. My soon to be ex was everything I hoped and prayed for and we knew right away that God was the one who brought us together. It was an amazing relationship but the last year we weren’t communicating well and could not get on the same page. He decided to leave the marriage instead of work on us more. I have drawn closer to God in the midst of this but at times, I was hoping my soon to be ex would come back. Everyone keeps giving advice that there is a reason this all happened. Everyone we know is in shock and says if the couple that they thought were meant for each other divorces then all are doomed. That does not make me feel good! It’s humbling to read comments here to see others going through something similar. So thank you for sharing. ❤

    • Erica, what a difficult time you’re walking through – I’m so sorry. I’m thankful you found some comfort in this devotion and the comments, knowing you are not alone in this. I pray God continues to show you how He’s at work even if the outcome isn’t what you hoped it would be.

  59. Jasmine marrero says:

    I needed to hear this. I’m going through such a long season of hurt, loneliness and brokenness. From losing my dad(both by abandonment then death) to my brother planning to marry someone July 15 that God said no she was not the one to, watching him turn against family, dishonor my mom, backsliding in his walk with God, is consumed by cleanly desires and under a jezebel spirit, division in my fan, injustices at my job with no increase in finances in 11 yrs despite the praise for “a job well done”and I recently had to end a relationship with someone I loved because the relationship was an act of my disobedience. I am Christian he was not. I have always struggled with sadness, insecurity, loneliness, feeling not good enough because of the message taught to me by the men in my life. My mom and I’ve cried, prayed, fasted, casted down and out in HIS NAME, there’s nothing else. We r trying to hold on to words God spoke to our heart, visions he showed my mom years ago, things hidden in the dark by the girl and her family which was revealed by HIS HOLY SPIRIT, yet externally nothing is changing, I don’t hear or see god moving. My mom and I have stayed standing on the word God gave to us over these years but things r just getting worse and I don’t understand!

    • Jasmine, I’m sorry you’re going through such an overwhelming and difficult time. It sounds like the hardships and hurts just keep piling up for you and your mom – I can see why you’d be feeling discouraged and not understand what the Lord is doing in all this! I’m praying for you that you will continue to stand on God’s Word and the promises He gives, even when nothing makes sense. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  60. Jennifer says:

    I want to thank you for this. I just burst into tears reading your daughter’s cry, “God’s not helping meeee!” YES, I so get this. Struggling (for years) with an alcoholic husband and although I know and hear the Lord regularly about almost everything else, he has always seemed so silent on this particular matter. It’s incredibly difficult to bear. You do feel abandoned and invisible and desperate during these episodes, for sure. He did speak to me about it a couple of weeks ago out of the blue, “Why do you say I don’t care [about hubby’s issue]?” So I know he knows and sees, I just want to be rescued and see him delivered already :). Beginning the hard work of setting boundaries and going to counseling this week. Ugh. Thank you for this from Habbakuk!

    • Jennifer, I’m glad you took the time to comment and let me know your thoughts. I can understand why you’d sometimes feel abandoned when walking through something so difficult and not feeling like the Lord is hearing you. I’m so proud of you for setting boundaries and going to counseling and pray that the Lord will continue to show you either how He’s at work or how He’s growing you as you wait patiently for Him!

  61. My story is too long and confusing to get into. I have reason to fear I fell away and blasphemed the spirit. I cling to a tiny bit of hope that I am wrong and Jesus will never leave me, no matter what. There is a painful, real hardness in my heart that began almost a year ago and has not gotten better. It is literally my heart, not my chest.

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