Learning to Talk with God

Learning to Talk with God

March 8, 2016

“Then Jesus said to them, ‘Don’t you understand this parable? How then will you understand any parable?’” (Mark 4:13, NIV)


Lisa Harper

The single most difficult thing my adopted daughter Missy and I dealt with during our first few months together was not her HIV+ status.

It also wasn’t the frequent hospital trips or learning (and remembering) how to dispense her twice‑daily doses of three different medications.

It wasn’t even my futile, scalp-torturing attempts to learn how to micro-braid her gorgeous Haitian hair.

The most difficult, sometimes heart-wrenching, aspect of our first nose-to-nose season was learning to communicate.

On my five visits to Haiti during the adoption process, we’d managed to sort of understand each other with a few common words of Creole and English coupled with facial expressions and charades. I wasn’t prepared for the heartache our communication gap would cause once I finally brought her home to Tennessee.

The harsh reality of that gap became glaringly apparent one night after we arrived home. I’d gotten her changed into pajamas and settled into her special pink and white bedding and was singing a lullaby to help her sleep.

However, instead of becoming drowsy, she got more and more agitated. So I picked her up and did several things experts had advised me to do to let her know she was safe and secure. But my actions only seemed to make things worse.

Finally, after more than an hour of her growing increasingly fearful and me vainly trying to soothe her, I got out the Creole dictionary and attempted to ask if she was in pain. The second I began trying to articulate that foreign phrase, her head snapped toward me, her brown eyes focused on mine with laser‑like intensity and she began talking as fast as she could.

A torrent of unfamiliar words poured from her mouth. After a minute or two, when she could tell by my expression I didn’t understand, she put both of her hands on the sides of my face and began to speak very intently.

Eventually I replied in English, “I’m so sorry baby, but I don’t understand what you’re saying.” At which point she dropped her hands to her side, looked away from me with hopeless resignation and began to sob uncontrollably.

My little girl cried herself to sleep, and when her breathing finally settled into the rhythm of slumber, I walked into the living room, sank into the couch and cried until I didn’t have any tears left either.

I felt like the precious daughter I’d longed for since I was a young woman and fought for through an arduous two‑year adoption journey had tried to give me her heart, and I didn’t have the hands to receive it. She threw a relational lifesaver in my direction with every ounce of her 4‑and‑a‑half‑year‑old might, and I missed it.

What followed were some long, heart-wrenching hours. My own dark night of the soul. And it’s one of the main reasons one seemingly insignificant verse in Mark 4 — which I’d read hundreds of times before without really noticing — now packs such an emotional wallop for me.

“Then Jesus said to them,

‘Don’t you understand this parable? How then will you understand any parable?’” (Mark 4:13)

I think Jesus was trying to give the disciples God’s heart, and they didn’t have hands to receive it. Just like that horrible evening when I fumbled Missy’s feelings, they simply couldn’t see what God wanted to communicate with them.

Not many experiences have been more precious than the moments of real connection Missy and I shared in the days and weeks after that terrible night of total incomprehension.

Gradually, Missy’s English has improved. And the ah‑ha look that lights up Missy’s face fuels both of us each time she learns a new English word or concept.

Sometimes reading the Bible and learning to know God is like this. It’s hard in the beginning. Communication doesn’t feel natural as we’re learning how to talk with our Father in Heaven. But when we push through the hard parts, and actually grasp one of His promises or apply a scriptural principle to our lives, we are rewarded with our own spiritual ah‑ha moments.

The delight in each new facet of knowing Jesus satisfies our souls in a way nothing else can — it leads us to pursue our Savior with more and more passion.

Even more than Missy and I were made to be mother and daughter, you and I were made for deep connection with our Creator Redeemer! When we taste even a tiny morsel of the communion with the God we were created for, we’ll be ravenous for more!

Heavenly Father, I long to talk with You. Thank You for your desire to communicate with us. Help me to be still, close my eyes and pay attention to all that You want me to hear. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Corinthians 13:12a, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror dimly, but then we shall see face to face.” (NIV)

Mark 4:8-9, “‘Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.’ Then Jesus said, ‘Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.’” (NIV)

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Think of the last time a tribulation or storm threatened your faith. Did your spiritual roots and foundation hold firm or did you find yourself pulled away from Jesus and shaken to the core of your beliefs?

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  1. Awesome reading

  2. Cyndy Reed says:

    It would be a divine blessing, if I won a copy. Just grateful for this devotion.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I really needed this message today.

  4. What a timely devotion… Recently I feel as though my faith has been threatened and though it is not the first time, it is the first time I feel as though my roots have not held firm and I have slipped away from Jesus. I have realized how easy it is for the enemy to get inside your head and feed you doubts and lies when you are not feeding yourself with the Word of God. I am thankful for this community and the encouragement to put on the armor I have failed to use in quite some time. I have felt like I have been watching myself from the outside for the past few weeks and I know I am in desperate need of that communication with my Creator to feel like the person He created me to be. Thank you for this good word!!

    • Cheryl Webb says:

      Oh Kelsie, thank you for sharing. I am experiencing the same thing and it’s a lonely place to be. It’s good to know I’m not alone. I’ve been a Christian for close to 60 years and I’ve had my ups and downs, but nothing compared to what I’ve gone through for almost 10 years. I used to be firmly planted in God’s Word; but in enduring a very difficult situation, I grew depressed and unable to focus on God’s Word and comprehend what I was reading. Now, I’ve been digging and searching for sites online that I’m familiar with and those new to me, such as this site. I praise God for moving me to do so for I have found encouragement in things I’ve read and the Bible verses I’ve read. I’m now moving forward to reading God’s Word, doing Bible studies, and praying like I use to do, knowing that God will lead me back to the happiness I once felt when doing so. I pray that you, too, will find a place of happiness with God’s help. Our God is a forgiving God. Thank you once again.

  5. Antoinette says:

    The last storm in my life shook me to the core and had un-rooted me. I have been a christian for may years( about 27 years) and I never understood how faithful people could walk away from a loving GOD and then my storm hit… if it not for the love of one person who chose to stop and care and help me through my hurt and pain rather than tell me to just get over it. I would not be a christian today. It has been about a year since that storm and I am now learning to trust GOD again and am growing a deeper relationship with HIM

  6. Kathryn Carpenter says:

    Can’t wait to dig in this study! Thank you!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this insight. It makes sense. Beautiful.

  8. I was so sad & then glad @ the reading of this story …
    In a short devotional you spoke volumes …
    Thank You 🙂

  9. God’s timing is always perfect. He knew I needed to read this tonight. Thank you for writing this beautiful post.

  10. After decades of following Jesus I know I always have much more to learn about His love. I now live with a rare, incurable disease and I know He is with me every single step on this path! 🙂 I am grateful for any resources I can find that deepen my walk.

  11. This is something that I am struggling with in my next step of growth in my relationship with God. Thank you for sharing this insight.

  12. Tana Madill says:

    Great devotion. As I work harder to learn more about God I hear him.

  13. Kathy Amos says:

    Great devotion. I desire a deeper communication with God.

  14. I’ve not been on talking terms with God for so very long. I’ve always believed in Him but not had faith. I have always loved Jesus, and Mary, and believe in saints and guardian angels, but haven’t felt loved by God since a child. I want to re establish my relationship with Him but just don’t feel he hears me or cares enough to love me. I need to learn how to trust in Him again… But I need help

    • Oh Sandy, God hears your every word. And noting you say can get in the way of his love for you.You can shout at him in anger, you can whisper hateful thoughts in his direction, you can ignore him completely–he won’t stop loving you!

      Lord God, let Sandy hear your words speak to her personally: “For I know the plans I have for you, Sandy, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). Amen.

  15. I would love to win a copy of this bible study of the book of Mark. I have not completed a bible study of this book of the bible yet.

  16. I had to fight back tears when reading this; so powerful and relatable!

  17. Brenda Edwards says:

    I learn so much from your website. It would mean a lot to me to complete the book on St. Mark. I have stage 4 colon cancer and really need something inspirational in my life.

  18. This sounds like an excellent study!

  19. Johnetta says:

    This post was so encouraging! There’s no greater reward than knowing God deeply and more intimately.

    Thank you for writing.

  20. Meloney says:

    My faith was tested over the weekend and I really had to search deep in prayer and bible study to truly make sure my roots were still intact. While I am still battling a storm it dawned on me that my first instinct was to go my shelter, my hope my God and while the answers are not clear I am at peace. I am thankful for this devotional as it was as if God speaking directly to me

  21. Frances Quigley says:

    What a wonderful story. It never dawned on me that I might not be able to understand God’s words to me. But now I understand how that could happen.

  22. Alyssa avina says:

    Thank you.

  23. This devo today really touches my heart!

  24. Nancy Cochran says:

    Very inspiring. I must not quit even in these difficult times even though it would be easy to do so. God does not give up on us. He’s got this. I must be patient and listen.

  25. Jacqueline says:

    This was a wonderful article! Just hat I’m going through right now. Been talking to my Pastor about talking and listening to God

  26. Carol Fox says:

    I enjoyed reading today’s devotion, it was really inspiring; I would also like a copy of The Gospel of Mark. Thank you for posting this story.

  27. Missy is SOOOOOO cute. Thanks for sharing your experience and lesson.

  28. I feel like I can relate to this when I think about my conversations with God. I know He’s speaking to me but I can’t hear Him with my natural ears and then I get frustrated that God isn’t talking to me even though in my heart I know He is. He’s spirit and utters truth primarily through His word, through others and sometimes in nature. Doing my part to keep that line of communication open by surrendering my heart to His Holy Spirit that I might understand His words…that’s what I strive to do everyday

  29. I still pray and hope to hear from God daily. At times it just feels as if am not getting something right

  30. Ina Allen says:

    Dear Lisa…My heart goes out to you and your daughter. My prayer for you both is that God would put a translator in your life. God bless you for allowing Him to work thru you and your relationship.

  31. Amen

  32. Sasha Elle says:

    I TOTALLY get this. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I feel like Jesus is right there in my face with his hands on either side of my face telling me his promises and of His love and I cannot receive it. But I’m glad He never stops. Praise Him

  33. Lisa, thank you for your testimony about communicating with God.

  34. cher bailey says:

    Yes please.
    Love Cher

  35. Katie Leonardo says:

    I would love this!

  36. What an awesome reminder that I was made with deep connection with my Creator Redeemer! at times I feel disjointed and distant from my God who gave Himself for me and I know that I was the one that moved far away.

  37. Tiffany says:

    I have been trying to hear God’s voice through my rocky marriage, but my broken heart seems to respond quicker than my Godly spirit. I always seem to have trouble hearing God, but I know that is my fault for not taking the quiet time needed to listen to Him. Would love the book! Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your heart.

  38. This is just what i needed to read tonight. Thank you. Would love to continue learning to communicate with our Father in heaven.

  39. Thank you for sharing ” Learning to talk with God”. I needed that at this very point in my life. It was very encouraging. Thank you!

  40. Kim Villalva says:

    Thank you for the chance! Your writings always point me to Him! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  41. Stephanie Bryan says:

    I am thankful for this word today. I need to learn to listen more and talk less in my relationship with the Lord.

  42. Susan G says:

    What a great message. Communication is so important, with each other, and especially with God.
    Bless you!

  43. God Bless you! ❤

  44. Millicent Rose says:

    Thank you Ms. Harper. You message was powerful and an eye opener to my relationship with my oldest son.

  45. Melissa says:

    Would love to read this book!

  46. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I have always thought how blessed we are to have the complete Bible Story with so many answers, yet we still get confused. Thankfully God is patient, and His love endures forever. I see that between you and your daughter as well.

  47. I would love to read this book.

  48. Hi lisa just love receiving the word n scriptures would also love to receive α copy of your book god bless u

  49. Debbie Griffiths says:

    My husband has been retrenched and is at home all day whilst I work. We have been fighting so much and your devotion has explained why – we can’t understand each other at the moment due to the hurt, bewilderment and fear that surrounds us.
    Now I just have to figure out how we can sail through this storm together, as a team!

  50. Selina Swee-Singh says:

    Indeed…reading the Bible has been hard, often difficult to comprehend. I like to know not just more about Jesus, but to KNOW Jesus. I like to be ravenous and yet I do not know where to start or apply to my journey in Him. Prayerful to be continuously inspired more by your blogs and writings. Blessings & Grace Always.

  51. Belinda orren says:

    It is encouraging to know that everyone has their struggles. Seeking God and His word during those times can be hard. But if you persevere, His answer can change everything.

  52. God is good all the time he will make a away out of noway God is love

  53. Thank you for this message. I have trouble reaching out and praying in certain difficult times. Sometimes not even knowing what to say. But I take comfort in knowing the spirit intercedes for us.

  54. people need to get saved befor it is two late

  55. Brianna says:

    A wonderful reminder in a season of trusting God and growing in faith! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  56. Brianna says:

    I would love to read this book, thank you for sharing your struggles. Your message touched my heart and I said a prayer for you and your daughter. May your day be blessed.

  57. God’s Word is a comfort to me in the middle of a storm: I always lean on Romans 12:2. It reminds me that we are created in and for Abba. We must be grounded in the Word and His Son Jesus Christ to discern our lives and living out God’s Will.

  58. Hi Lisa.i just wanted to let you know my uncle speaks fluent creole and I’m sure if you still have communications problems he could help you. Reading that had me in floods of tears. It’s so lovely you have been able to bless your little dsughters life so richly and pour Gods love and compassion into it. praying for you and your family lol alli x

  59. Kara Henton says:

    I am trying to connect worth Jesus and God for the forest time in my life amd finding the process very difficult so receiving a copy free would be a great help as I am searching for help in learning how to connect.

  60. Tabitha says:

    Thank you for following the heart of the Lord to share your story as it was truly an inspiration and encouragement. Such an incredible reminder of how important the growth of our personal relationship is with our Lord!

  61. I’m guilty of being so busy i don’t always hear what is meant for me

  62. Belinda Jividen says:

    my son passed away in dec 2015 & even though i have always loved reading God’s word i have a stronger desire to read it now. i need the promises He gives us…it’s a daily yearning.

  63. Thank you, Lisa, for this message. I love learning more about Jesus’ love for us, and your unique perspective is encouraging and inspiring! God’s promises of renewal, strength, and love are new every morning! God bless your journey with Missy, and I can’t wait to read your new book!

  64. Liz Cress says:

    Lisa, I remember your very proud mama moment when you first introduced Missy in public, it was at Women of Faith in Columbus, OH. It was a blessing to see that put joy on your face!!! Love your message on communication with the Lord, when you have it and understand it you want more! Thank you for the reminder!

  65. Leanne Josoff says:

    I have an adopted daughter, too, and this message was a good one for me to read. Having patience and trying to listen and understand first, are great things to use in our relationship with others, including our relationship with God.

  66. Communicating with my 13 yo son who is currently in residential treatment for compulsive disorder has shaken me. Attempting to understand his mind set and the life threatening choices he has made is numbing. Trying to communicate to our other sons 14 and 12 why he is there and how we can help him is beyond the parenting skills I have learned in the 11 years they have been home with us. My baby is hurting and I don’t know how to comfort him. God help me. I know He will. Please God don’ t let me miss Your voice, Your teaching, Your love in all of this. Thank you Lisa for sharing your story. Praising God for bringing Missy home to you! I understand the struggle of adoption and the amazing blessings it brings that are beyond measure. Would be blessed by your book and it would be a great birthday gift for me today;)

  67. Holly Whitaker says:

    As always I am encouraged by Lisa’s words – even when I don’t have an experience quite like hers she can help you to relate. I loved listening to her at the many Women of Faith events I attended and I love reading her words in books and websites. Thank you Lisa for always hitting the notes of what is going on in life!

  68. Thank you for sharing your heart and for speaking truth.

  69. Julie Smith says:

    Lisa, I love you! You are so amazing. I had the honor of hearing you speak in Tulsa this past fall. The ladies that I went with and I still talk about you! “Don’t see Jeebus!” You are so gifted and such a blessing. Thank you for sharing your heart. In my dreams, I’m your honorary bestie. ?

  70. Lorena miner says:

    I am recently delivered from 42 years of addiction and will love to have the book

  71. I would love a free copy of the book!

  72. Lynn Colquhoun says:

    Your words were powerful. Gathering materials for upcoming bible studies for our Tuesday PWOC. Would love to have a copy of your study.

  73. The devotion and verse from Mark is especially relevant since I just completed a challenging Bible study!

  74. Terry Dennis says:

    Thank you for sharing Lisa. A beautiful reflection of how God longs for our ah ha moments.

  75. Please I need this.

  76. Thank you for this timely message. As an educator, I am in daily contact with children whose language and or lifestyle bi don’t understand. Their frustrations cause them to act out and mine causes frustration. I am leaving this matter at the altar and seeking God’s guidance and direction.

  77. Thank you!

  78. Thank you for this heart-reaching reminder of how best to communicate with our Best Friend – JESUS!!!

  79. Deborah Carson says:

    I am striving daily to know & understand the Word of my Shepherd. I want to always recognize His voice as He leads me. To take more steps of faith. I so do desire discernment. I want to trust it is His words and not my own.
    Sometimes it is like a foreign language that I am struggling to understand.

  80. Kelly Wright says:

    I have been longing to go deeper with our Heavenly Father and communicate better. I would love to win this copy of your book Lisa, so I can articulate and communicate with God on a level of deep intimacy.

  81. Diane wiesner says:

    Love your devoting of the girl you adopted and the communication barrier. That is how I feel wit God. Looking forward to your study on Mark.

  82. Darla Blake says:

    My group is searching for a new Bible study. Would love to read and study this book.

  83. Thank you so much for this encouraging word of wisdom and teaching you have shared with us sister Lisa. Drawing closer to our Heavenly Father is so important in this day and time. God bless you and your family. To God be the glory. Thank you for allowing him to use you. God bless??

  84. Thank you for this devotion! Would love to read your book

  85. Whitney says:

    In tears of joy as I read your tweets and look at your website. Loved your devotion on Proverbs31. I adopted my sweet little girl, Grace, and I know the joy of motherhood after a long journey. I think we get to catch a glimpse of what it means to love that most ppl won’t see on this side of heaven. So blessed by what you’ve shared. And let me tell ya…I know all about the hair struggles! Still trying to figure all that out ?

  86. Meanie Grant says:

    Thanks for your encouraging words. Please enter me in the drawing, I’d love to win the Mark bible study.
    Good Bless!!

  87. Great visual

  88. Shanise says:

    Your words encouraged me to seek God more, for my own understanding. To have my ears ready and open to hear. And by hearing the true words of a God, change and grow on my walk. Thanks

  89. Such encouragement! Thank you!

  90. Loved your analogy of not having the hands to receive. I go through this struggle often. I would love to win your book and read more in depth.

  91. Angela Kurz says:

    Would absolutely LOVE to have this. Thank you so much for all you do!

  92. Jocelyn says:

    Thank you for the encouragement! I especially love the truth in the last sentence; when we taste a tiny morsel of Gods truth we will be ravenous for more. I’m thankful for the P31 ministry and the devotions which are readily available daily. These readings are all so different, yet, so relatable to many areas within my life. After reading today’s devotion, I feel recharged and renewed. AND ready to encourage my other sisters in Christ 🙂 AMEN!!

  93. Darlene says:

    Thank you for your transparency and insights that help the rest of us on our journey through this life. May God bless you and may you not grow weary!

  94. Alice Mowbray says:

    What a beautiful and well illustrated truth. It also encourages me to listen more intently for what God is trying to teach me during struggles.
    Father, may my hands be open to receive more of You.

  95. The Lord is my rock, my light and my salvation. Of whom shall I be afraid? It is with joy that I can run to him, place my hands on his cheeks and have his undivided attention as I burst forth with my swirling words, thoughts and emotions. But my heavenly daddy responds to me, too, when I choose to listen, read his word and study scripture. May I take time to do just this, and guide others to him as well.

  96. Great reading today.

  97. Would love a copy of your book! Enjoyed the devotional so much!!! ? ? ?

  98. LaShaundra Tyler says:

    This was an awesome devotion. I’d love to learn more about the gospel of Mark.

  99. Adoptive parents are true imitaters of God who through His Son’s blood by our personal faiths He has adopted us as His very own and pour Himself on us with love and riches beyond all comprehentions. Thank you.

  100. Karina S. says:

    Thanks for sharing such a heart wrenching moment and using it for His work and glory.

  101. Would love a copy of your book ! Devotional was very inspirational!! ? ? ?

  102. Wendy westphal says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and insight. It encourages me to know that we all struggle in some fashion as we walk this journey – not just me!

  103. Angela Raphael says:

    I would love a copy of the book.

  104. Mary Ann Bell says:

    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  105. Leigh Anne Weitzenfeld says:

    Enjoyed the devotion!

  106. Mandy Eley says:

    Yes, please.

  107. Chris Earp says:

    How perfectly written. Thank you God that your love is so deep that you do not give up on us. Thank you Lisa for sharing your life and the Word in such a simple yet powerful way.

  108. Deborah McLaughlin says:

    “The Jesus we’re aching for”………wow……..I need that!

  109. I love the way you used your experience to bring Mark 4:13 to life in a different way. It brought that verse new or more real meaning. This is my first time on this sight reading one of the devitions. I’m happy I did.

  110. Would love to read Lisa’s book.

  111. sheila pires says:

    Thmak for all blessing words. I am brazilian and this the way to improve my english and be more close to God. I am taking care my mom in her last days on Earth, it is no easy, but in God we have strong to keep on. Thaks!!!

    • Sheila — May God bless you, as you comfort your mom in her final days. My prayers are with both of you!

  112. Leigh Doran says:

    Lisa, thank you for this and for your precious story. What a testimony to God’s love! Y’all have been touching my heart for years… And you have been giving God the glory all along the way!

  113. Allison White says:

    This devotion was very moving! I still want to know what Missy was trying to say, the way you want a movie to end on a happily ever after note! What courage to adopt and persevere in communication. I need to be so consistent with seeking communication with God. I am interested in Lisa Harper’s book!

  114. I enjoyed your devotion and would love to read your book!

  115. Thank you for sharing!

  116. Rebecca Leahy says:

    Please send a copy to me , I am struggling .

  117. Michele says:

    Thank you!

  118. Loved today’s devotion!

  119. Tara Jackson says:

    I would love a copy!

  120. Nicole Benjamin says:

    With so many people hurting & wondering whether Jesus truly understands our brokenness, your book will help me minister to people with various hurts while showing them in the Bible that Jesus understands & our heavenly Father knew what we’d face. God has,already made a way for our situation.

  121. Today’s devotion really spoke to me today it’s as if was written for me.

  122. Thank you for putting in words the feelings of our hearts and souls. The beginning is often the most challenging time but the fruits of our labor shall be multiplied!

  123. Kimberly says:

    Working in customer service I have brief experiences with people who struggle with English. I am fortunate to have access to interpreters. Last week I was talking to a woman who sadly said a person in my company was not nice to her because she could not understand her. I was so taken aback by her comment. I called the interpreter and smugly got the other person. Mentally I was “why did they not use our resources?” Then today I read this and I am totally humbled. God has all these resources and I don’t understand because I don’t use them! How will I ever understand? By paying attention to him (prayer, bible study, memorization…). Thank you for this much needed devotion.

  124. Thank you so much for your article. I’m looking for a Bible study to do with our women this spring and have been trying to find something different than the many Beth Moore studies we have done. Sometimes a new voice speaks to hearts with a different challenge. I’m very interested in your dvd series, but would love to check out the book first. My heart hurt for you when you shared your tears with your inability to communicate with your daughter. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Bless you for adopting her.

  125. Heather says:

    Thank you. This was much needed.

  126. Kelly snider says:

    Hi I would like to win the gospel of Mark book. I have struggled really bad in life right now.

  127. Elaine Kronberg says:

    Would love to be chosen for this book!

  128. Your book sounds like a wonderful resource. I would love to win a copy.

  129. Enjoyed today’s devotion. Thanks for a chance to win. Have been wanting this book!

  130. Shawnee says:

    Thank you for this timely word. God bless you as you continue to minister to women!

  131. Courtney says:

    I continue to work on m communication with God. I completely…

  132. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I would live a copy to share with others!

  133. Would love a copy of the new study.

  134. Jaci DeLessio says:

    I want to be closer to God. Great lesson!!

  135. I can so relate to those moments with my children when We simply didn’t understand each other. It is at those times that I went to God and asked for His wisdom. He has been a strong tower. Now that my children are grown, and watching my grandchildren grow as well, I can truly see His blessings. He has been and continues to be faithful.

  136. Lisa, Thank you so much for this devotional! We adopted two from here in the states and although there isn’t a language barrier, I feel there is sometimes a communication barrier between my daughter and myself. This devotional was a double blessing in that it encourages me to take it day-by-day with her AND to take my relationship and Bible reading day-by-day. I’ve been a Christian for many years, but I know God is faithful to me!

  137. Would love to win. My dad has a great way with words and communicating the unpleasant. Me…no so much.

  138. Servants are hands-extended doing the Master’s work. What a responsibility. What a privilege.

  139. Karna Swanson says:

    This encouraged my heart this morning. Thank you!

  140. Love this! I feel communicating with a teenager who speaks English cam be equally as heartbreaking and challenging.
    But, we can get the same ah hah moments. And I love it when God gets through to me, and I understand what/where/how he is guiding me.
    Love to have a copy of your book.

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  146. Lisa we are enjoying you and Missy on Instagram. I have three daughters and I wanna laugh with my girls like you do with her. Thanks for sharing your life

  147. Debbie Carrocce says:

    This is what I need to do – listen & learn to communicate with Jesus. Thank you for reminding me to do so.

  148. Cassandra Johnson says:

    As I recently was struggling in my own life with frustrating circumstances I tried to communicate to my husband how I was feeling. It wasn’t til I went to the Lord with my struggles that it turned around. I can relate to how Missy felt in her early days in her new home.

  149. Lisa Martinez says:

    Thank you. This really blessed me to understand how God wants to be a significant part of our lives. Let’s let Him in.

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  154. I am going to pass this on to my sister – in- law whose daughter’s family with 3 children of their own are adopting 3 more who are from the same family in Haiti.They have been waiting for at least 2 years and hoping and praying that they and their children will be flying there in March or April to bring them home with them. The Lord be with you as you witness for Him, about Him, and through Him, and as you bring up your daughter up to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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    I am currently facing a storm (divorce) myself, but I keep saying to myself that this is God’s plan. I know I have become closer to him going through this.

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    As a foreign language teacher and sometime mission team translator, I understand the frustration of not always communicating well. Thank you for sharing this precious story about your sweet daughter!

  159. Keisha kennedy says:

    What a beautiful devotion today! I love Lisa’s way of tying in her struggles with Missy and communication to our communication with the father. I can’t imagine what that must of been like for her but I can easily see where I have failed to understand what God was saying or when I felt like I was praying and He must not be getting me! Great encouraging story!

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  163. Reading Lisa’s excerpt was eye opening and I look forward to reading her book when financially I’m able. So many times communication is the reason so many relationships fail and we don’t live a fruitful life. Thank you Lisa for the insight you shared.

  164. The act of communication is so important, and the Bible is so clear about it. This was so encouraging to me. There are problems at my workplace with communication. This has encouraged me to pray more specifically before I go in each day.

  165. Teresa Norman says:

    I relate to this devotion because my son married a Beautiful Nicaraguan girl who has learned some English but I have struggled to learn Spanish. He serves on the mission field and I have made many friends in Nicaragua when I visit. It would be such a blessing for me to be able to communicate with them!

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    What a powerful story that resonates so deeply for my own spiritual journey. I often don’t see or hear God’s messages for me right away. In fact, I feel like it’s taken me too long to understand, but I’ve tried to give myself the same grace Lisa did with herself and her daughter. Things worth our heart take time to grow, especially relationships. The more we get to truly know one another, the more we discover and begin to understand more deeply. We see ourselves in others and them in us. We grown in union with others and God. A beautiful journey. Thank you for your wonderful story today and helping me to see and hear.

  169. Ada Cartright says:

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that day by day, step by step and word by word we grow closer in our communication with God and closer to His heart for us.

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    Good morning. I was saved as a young child. I know that I am saved but things just are not the same right now in my life. I am yearning for a connection with God that I once had, but feel like I don’t have at this point. My mother is not well and we have had to make many decisions regarding her health and welfare and they have me in a state of exhaustion. I am going to church and still doing everything that I can for The Lord but I long for the connection that I one had. I would love to copy of your book…something to help along the way. Thank you.

  171. My prayer, my study is to break the communication barrier/language barrier to better understand God’s word. Sometimes I just don’t understand. I thank God for loving me through my struggles.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Lisa, I’m sure your daughter knows she is loved too.

  172. Jocelyn Lacey says:

    This touched me in so many ways. Your quote of “You and I were made for deep connection with our Creator Redeemer” really hit home for me. I talk to God daily, but my time in the Bible leaves much to be desired. I would love this book. Thank you so much for the consideration.

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    Communication can be a great struggle at times. But if we ask God to guide our hearts we will find the best way to over come our struggle.
    I would love a copy of Lisa’s book

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  177. Since my brother’s death last year I have felt so far away from God that there’s an ache inside. I thought my walk with God was strong and healthy, but it wasn’t. The grief morphed into depression and I am just now trying to regain His Light to combat the darkness. God’s been pointing me to PRAYER and communication with Him as the way to come back. Thank you for your blog and the re-enforcement that I am on the right path.

  178. Melissa Ward says:

    I really needed this devotional this morning….regrettably I have wanderedfrom doing my morning devotions and communicating with God the way that I should since I have let myself become overwhelmed with life with a newborn…..thank you for the encouragement I needed to start making this a priority in my life again

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    I just finished her Believing Jesus study of Acts. It was amazing. Thank you for the chance to win. Lisa’s teaching is so enjoyable. I really love hearing her speak.

  180. I did my devotion earlier today and then I went to my e-mail and read this. A very descriptive text in my other devotional says “To find me and hear my voice you must seek Me above all else…” Wow! God is wonderful and he makes sure that when he is trying to get a point across he definitely let’s us know. Thank you for these words!

  181. Kelly Dale says:

    Thank you for this wonderful devotion. I can’t even imagine the unrest you felt not being able to communicate with your daughter those first few days, weeks, and months. Thanks for being open and honest and most of all thank you for the encouragement!

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  192. Claudette Smith says:

    We should not be disheartened, our Lord is always there for us. He will never leave us or forsake us. Be faithful and be patient. I would love to receive a copy of this devotional. Thank you.
    Thank you for this inspirational devotional today. I would be happy to receive a copy.

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    My sister Becki’a favorite gospel is Mark. I would like to win a copy for her. She has a nerve disorder in her hands, feet, back and face that spreads and flares up at times, especially under stress. Cold weather makes her feel worse. She lives in central Wisconsin. She is also a single Mom. Her 19 year old daughter was born with some hip and leg issues. Becki is going through such a tough season of life right now. She loves the Word and is always studying it for new insights. Her daughter has been confined to a wheelchair this past month as the doctors try to get her functional again. Then our aging Mom just moved into their 2 br/ 1 back apt. Mom is afraid to live alone anymore since she fell three times in one week awhile back. Mom also has the beginning stages of dementia and was just diagnosed with shingles along with a host of other physical ailments. I just know Becki would be thrilled to receive Lisa Harper’s book on the Gospel of Mark!

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  217. Jennifer A says:

    This sounds like a great study. We are traveling the hard road of miscarriage right now and it’s been just 2 weeks. I’d appreciate prayers for myself and my husband. God bless your ministry.

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    I love this devotion. I have loved the Lord for years, but sometimes I still feel like a baby Christian when it comes to understanding His Word. Thank you.

  219. Isn’t it good to know that God is pursuing us and wants to communicate with us, even when we aren’t seeking Him?

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  222. Lisa, Thank you for these words today. I have been deeply touched by many of your words since hearing you speak at WOF in 2014 – having read several of your books as I work through what has turned out to be a couple of really difficult internal years – learning that “making it in life” is not the same as actually healing early life trauma. God has been “undoing” distorted perceptions of Him and the world around me…I hold onto hope that I will emerge with a deeper gratitude for who He really is and how He sees me – that I will walk in closer freedom with Him…

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  226. Reading stories like this are inspiring. I reconnected with the Lord when I joined a 12step program of recovery from Alcoholism. Until then, even though my daughter knew English, we did not communicate well because of y lack of compassion, anger and state of alcoholism.
    Since finding a higher power, reading the scriptures and being receptive to his message I changed; I now how compassion and patience and this has resonated to my relationship with my daughter who is in her twenties.
    I’m not the woman I use to be but I work everyday to be the woman my lord wants me to be.
    Keep sharing your story

  227. I have enjoyed sharing in the joy of your adoption of Missy. This lesson based on the struggle you experienced while learning to communicate with each other really reminds me how God and I sometimes struggle with each other. Thank you for your insight.

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  234. Suzan mills says:

    The Gospel of Mark:The Jesus We’re Aching For

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  236. When I was a child, I prayed like a child, but as I have matured in my faith and grown closer to Jesus I can talk with him and anytime and anywhere. Walking along the ocean with the smell of salt air and the waves lapping the shore I feel his presence and I am able to pour my heart out to him. At night when everything is quiet in the house I am able to leave my burdens with Him and praise Him for the blessings of that day. He is always there ready to be a part of my life.

  237. Kari Kummer says:

    Thank you Lord for your unconditional love for me and the grace you have given me!

  238. What a beautiful post, spoke to my heart as im trying to help my toddler communicate with me, i had never thought of the way God wants us to make effort to speak his language more, and hear his heart, as well as how he aches to hear ours. Thanks 🙂

  239. Sierra Fleming says:

    I still struggle with this. Everyday is a new day to try and pick up where you left off to connect with God and his word. It seems like a foreign language now but one day its going to be second nature and like you never missed a beat!

  240. Patricia says:

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    Thank you for sharing such a sweet story. I picture Jesus cupping our face trying to share His heart at times when we simply don’t understand. How precious is the Father’s love for us.

  243. At 54 I’m still trying to go to the Lord first. A work in progress.

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  245. What a sweet story of love, a parent’s love and God’s love for us.

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  247. This particular devotional really touched my heart! Beginning to lead my first women’s bible study tomorrow and do not feel worthy to be leading others but I know the Holy Spirit will do the leading! Hoping that I can be God’s vessel by which many women break free from the chains and darkness in this world through God’s Holy word! Thank you for sharing and being that vessel!

  248. Melanie says:

    I had fallen from the word,one day saw this proverbs 31,something my dad had always told me read proverbs ,so I like this app and I truly enjoy reading this some days it doesn’t apply and some days it does ,thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement I feel the holy spirit in me is now smiling again…..

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  251. I have ran way to many times instead of letting GOD take care of it.

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  253. Thanks for sharing. I can picture God holding our face in His hands and wishing we too could understand.

  254. More than anything…that is my heart’s desire…to communicate better with My Lord and Savior..to really “know” Him by Name…

  255. Tanya Pollard says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart-wrenching yet inspiring story. It was thought-provoking, insightful, and encouraging. Communication is the key to any relationship and this was a great example of the struggles that come in the beginning and rewards that come with perseverance.

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  257. Jennifer says:

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  259. martha mcclure says:

    thank you for this word today! I needed this 🙂

  260. Elizabeth says:

    I was touched and uplifted by Lisa’s message today, “Learning to talk with God”. For 20 years, I have been trying to communicate effectively with my adopted daughter who suffers from debilitating mental illness. I am not so sure that the words are not understood, but her mental processes are so different that the words seem to deliver produce a totally different message. It feels like we are speaking a different language. Mental illness is my only “why” to Father God…..can there ever be peace in this lifetime when the brain doesn’t function rationally? Love endures, but Hope and Faith are a little shakey at the moment.

  261. I love the book of Mark. I have listened to it preached through by 2 separate pastors and even got to enjoy a program where a drama student recited the whole book! Now that was amazing.

  262. I’d like a copy fired my newly adopted sister who is struggling to make her faith her own.

  263. What a great opportunity. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  264. lesly greene says:

    Awesome story about your daughter.. Way to affiliate that with God in our lives

  265. This word was so powerful to me on this day as I reflected my heart broke as I think Of times when I can’t hear God because I am trying so hard. I don’t want to ever miss Him speaking to me. I am in Awe of this message. Thank you for ministering to me

  266. Melanie Ward says:

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    Would love to read your book….

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  269. Whitney says:

    I love this analogy of the Father’s heart for us. Not that He doesn’t understand us, but I believe He sits and cries when we don’t understand what He’s doing. When He tries to keep us safe or when He saves us from a terrible life, adopts us and gives us a new home, we still struggle to believe He is anything but for us. I see this in my own life and I want to learn more of His language so that I may have deeper intimacy with Him who rescued me and loves me more than anyone

  270. Rachel DeBerry says:

    I’ve often wondered about the parables in regard to God saying “hearing they won’t understand.” I don’t understand, but oh how I want to…need to!

  271. The devotion you had posted today really brought to light what Jesus was saying to the disciples. Thank you.

  272. I’m never shaken to the core of my beliefs, because no matter how hard I am shaken, my core belief is always there. I’m shaken dry. I’m shaken crazy. Most of all, I’m shaken askew. I know the heartaches of miscommunication, of longing for a right relationship with my children, especially my oldest daughter. Today my prayer is to communicate words of love and acceptance to my adult child. Allow me oh Lord, not to judge, but just to be-her mom, her friend and most of all a quiet role model of a Godly woman.

  273. I am aching more for Jesus……………..

  274. J Johnson says:

    I am right where I need to be to receive this from you. This is my 5th confirmation from God to be still. My job told me they were letting us go and I have been on the job 27 yrs. I don’t have a degree although I work in education. Only God can do that. I have been afraid, angry, shortsighted and then finally peaceful. trying my best to be still and listen to what God is saying to me. He gave me Deauteronomy 31:6 this morning! I thank God I’m finally getting the breakthrough I have needed. I felt like you and your daughter while communicating with God about this situation. Thank you for being faithful in writing this message of hope for me today. I’d love to read your book.

  275. Debbie Underwood says:

    I’ve been a Christian 26 years, and still I long to hear the voice of Jesus more clearly. I know that I need to take more time to be still before Him. I’m excited for this new book by Lisa. God bless your ministry Lisa.

  276. I’ve always struggled and wondered if I’m coomunicating with God in the right way and every day is a learning process to understand and learn his word. I will gladly read anything that’ll help me get closer to him. Would love to read your book.

  277. Barbara Bowman says:

    I would really appreciate having this book…I haven’t studied the gospel of Mark much..every word in the Bible has a meaning and I desire to learn and communicate who the Lord is and His will for me..thank you for the opportunity

  278. S. Miller says:

    I long to know more of Jesus!

  279. Jennifer Clyde says:

    This story is truly inspirational and hits home as three of my neices and nephews are adopted. The struggle with parenting an adopted child is real. Knowing that God speaks to those who will listen is precious. We need to slow down and be still to listen to what the lord has to say to us.

  280. Pam Moore says:

    I lost my son and I am going through everything that grief can give….I questioned God, I blamed Him, I was angry with him. That was my 33 year old son that was my world and I couldn’t understand how he could love and take the most precious thing away from me. We were sooooo close….Left me with two grandchildren that I am NOT allowed to see. the intentional hurting of another human being and using to do it causes anger and guilt. She was very jealous of our relationship as mom and son. I have to draw nearer to God to survive. He is the only reason I am still here on this earth…..Is the Lord Jesus Christ.

  281. I loved this devotion this morning. Such a clear picture of what it is like when we are new Christians trying to communicate with God and then how much deeper we can connect the more we get to know Him. Thank you for this today!

  282. I have felt like God and I are speaking different languages the past few months. My baby girl, not even 2 years old, is battling brain cancer. I am battling beside her to support her, fighting off worry, depression, anxiety, fear, and negativity. I would love to win a copy of this book to help me.

  283. G Stiers says:

    Thank you for your insight.
    I hope you,Missy and God continue growing together every day.

  284. Mych'Iayla Mathis says:

    Today’s devotional lead me to tear up. I have been like your daughter when I lived in Spain. I have felt that disconnect due to a language barrier. Likewise, I have been there with God. Today’s devotional really touched me. God bless you!

  285. Holly Poe says:

    I’d love to win a copy!!!!

  286. Alena Prysch says:

    As I read through this I was so touched by your story and how God used Mark 4:13 to speak to you. There are times in our christian walk where our communication feels like what you described you had with Missy. Three years ago I had brain surgery and chemotherapy for Stage 2 Oligoastrocytoma. This past December I found out there is regrowth. I went two weeks where I felt like God went silent on me. In my heart I knew He didn’t, but that silence was deafening. I told God that no matter, I would hold fast to Him and never let go. At the end of two weeks I heard that still small voice whisper, “you’re not alone.” What joy my heart felt! I love what you wrote… “When we taste even a tiny morsel of the communion with the God we were created for, we’ll be ravenous for more!” That’s how it exactly is! Thank you, Lisa for your words of encouragement to us all.

  287. D'ana H. says:

    Ravenous!! Awesome word – may I be ravenous for more of Jesus!!

  288. We are expecting our first grandson and have just found out that he will be born with a cleft lip and possible palate. Watching my daughter and son-in-law absorb this news and try to find meaning in this is heartbreaking in one since buy also a blessing. They have recently started going back to church and I continue to pray that they are able to hear God speak to them and give them meaning, peace and understanding for why they have been chosen to be baby Wyatt’s parents. I know that communicating with Him will allow them to help others and be the strength for other parents one day, like they are needing right now. Your book would be a blessing! Thank you for all you do! You can’t imagine the impact your words have on others at just the right time.

  289. Ravenous-wow may I want more and more of Jesus, and how many times I didn’t understand, so thankful for Him not giving up on me

  290. Being still to listen has always been a problem for me, I’m a doer and sitting still isnt my thing. Recently my husband has expressed being unhappy in our marriage. He has been withdrawn for many years. For the past 6 months I have been trying anything and everything to FIX IT, one morning crying out to GOD he spoke to my heart and I felt this overwhelming peace to just be still and be held. This isn’t yours to FIX, just pray for your husband and I’ll work on him. What a relief. Thank you Proverbs 31

    • Angie…your words were right on…This isn’t yours to FIX, just pray for your husband and I’ll work on him…that sounds like what God has been trying so hard to tell me…but the doer in me is so stubborn…my home is chaos…and I am failing miserably. I am so glad God sent your words of experience to remind me once again…this isn’t mine to fix…and I will continue to do my part and pray for him…and get out of the way.

  291. Angela Hobbs says:

    Thank You Lisa for sharing your story and Mark 4:13 to speak to me through this scripture. This encouraged me to make sure that me and the people around me understand the word of God, and learn to talk to GOD about what we are feeling and going through. Thank You! Agape

  292. Amy Standard says:

    This was a good read. I have had heavy on my heart lately to pray and talk to God more. Thank you for Proverbs 31 Ministries. God gives them the right words at the right time for many of us.

  293. Jean Reed says:

    I would love to do your bible study from the book of Mark.

  294. What a blessing this was to me! My mom lives with me and has Dementia. Our communication is very hard sometimes and last night one of those times! Thanks for sharing! Sure blessed and helped me!?

  295. Ann Kite says:

    Thank you Lisa- looking forward to walk with Jesus through the Gospel of Mark.

  296. Elaine Ehrhart says:

    I long for an intimate relationship with my Savior.

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    Communication is so hard and is definitely an area the enemy likes to strike! Many many storms for this family.

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    These devotionals are such a blessing. I’m learning more and more about God’s heart towards me and where Jesus is amidst the wounds. About 6 weeks ago my nearly 6 year old granddaughter told her mommy, my daughter, that she was being molested by my daughter’s new husband. Praise the Lord that this prompted my daughter to return to church. He has been moving mightily in my family in the midst of this devastation. My daughter’s steps are still somewhat tentative. I feel your book would really be a blessing to her. Thank you.

  304. Peg Milelr says:

    It is so difficult to quiet oneself to hear His voice and read His love letter though I strive daily to be into the Word. I yearn to know Him better so I can reach out and touch and minister to His children.

  305. It is hard for me to talk with God, who is not there in the physical, but the spiritual. I seem to repeat the same things over and over again until it doesn’t make sense to me. At that point I usually give up or become distracted. I know He is with me and wants to hear from me, but I always seem to fall short in the communicating.

  306. Karri Upchurch says:

    I have a broken relationship with both parents. They are both Christians but were very poor parents. As I grew up to be an adult after seeing how they put on a show of their faith to others, I walked away from God. Not really intentionally but from lack of desire. It put a dark spot on what I thought being a Christian was. I had to find my way back to god on my own terms, not theirs. I didn’t want my relationship with God to look like theirs, even though they would point out that I was an “immature Christian”. I begged to differ and I set my sights on what a real relationship with God was. Over the years my parents and I have grown close and apart again. It makes me sad that for people who claim they have read the bible many times seem to miss out on Paul’s instructions on not letting petty differences divide eachother. Titus 3:9. Makes me sad and at the same time it actually strengthens my trust in God because He has brought me so far He has been faithful to me and always there. He, unlike my parents, kept chasing me, loving me unconditionally yet disciplining me in love. He never walked away from ME because I didn’t see things Hos way. So many times we want to blame God for out problems. I could have taken that route. It would have been easy to blame Him as I was angry. But He waited Pathans I grew and matured and started seeking Him again and was there waiting for me to catch up with Him. I love you, Lord. Thank you for never leaving me! I will never leave you again!

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    “The heart of God is moved by the wounds of mankind.” I love that! It has been in the valleys of my life that God has revealed Himself to me most clearly. I long to know Him more!

  308. One of the biggest revelations I’ve had, and sadly, it was just recently, is that I’m not alone in my quest for a deeper relationship with my Father. I say “sadly” because if I had realized it before, I wouldn’t have felt so lonely, for so long. I look, daily, for God’s wonder and sometimes can see it, easily. Sometimes, my humanness gets in the way and I only see my worry and fear. However, I feel that I continue my work, those days of worry and fear will grow less. I would welcome any help on that journey and this article has helped Thank you.

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    My husband and I are raising our 1 year old granddaughter. We’ve had her since she was 8 months old. After having 3 brothers and 3 sons, you can imagine the thrill of this gift from God. About a year ago she began to question her gender identity. Needless to say, it was the worst storm I’ve been hit with and there’s been many. I have drawn much closer to God and thankfully have a wonderful church home. We are far from the end of this storm, but I know God will bring us all through it. Prayers are appreciated!

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  319. In recent months I have weathered a severe storm of depression. I felt so far from God. I felt as if He had disappeared. But now I realize although I felt these things that does not mean He was not there, in fact, He was…every step of the way. Depression of the clinical kind plays such tricks with our mind. As soon as I began to feel slightly better I was able to connect with Him again and now I’m back in the Word daily and working on strengthening our relationship!

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    Lisa your words reach to the depths of my soul. I’m just young in my devotion to Jesus and have much to learn. Thank you for your faithful ministry. It is well received here!?

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  328. The Bible also teaches that the Holy Spirit also comes before God on our behalf. There have been times when all I could do was weep but I knew in my soul that God knew. He’s a perfect God and has laid out a plan for man to have a relationship with Him. Thanks for the Word this morning!!

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    Today’s message was awesome!

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    Lisa.. God bless you and Missy. Reading your FB posts and watching your little videos of Missy shows that the two of you were meant to be mother and daughter.
    I am learning to navigate the Bible. I love Jesus with all my heart. Thank you Lisa for being such an inspiration to me.

  336. Kristen says:

    I went into this wanting to connect in one way and was very connected in two ways. My sister and family are in an adoption process out of Haiti as well. It’s been over two years and the waiting continues with being at a very critical point now. We’ve done much talking with God and are just being still in the wait knowing it’s in his hands. This was read was meant for me, thanks for the encouragement of sorts.

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    So thankful for the Proverbs31 ministry team. It’s amazing to have been encouraged by your words growing up as a teenager! I am now 24 years old, I have been writing since I was in middle school and I am inspired by women who use their gifts and talents to encourage others in Christ.

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    I am slowly growing spiritually and so love your website. Please bless me with your book.

  341. I am going through the biggest storm of my life. It is like a hurricane that keeps increasing in speed. It stated with my mom is dying of cancer and I am her only caregiver. Watching a parent deteriorate that was your whole life is heartbreaking. Then I found out Thursday my husband is having an affair and asked him to leave. .it would’ve been our 20 year anniversary in 3 months. The time when I needed him most to be there with me, he runs to another women. Then watching my teen age daughter hurt so much emotionally and physically. And taking the brunt of her anger. .I’m trying to stay strong in my faith and keep reciting in my mind Jeremiah 29:11.
    I know God has a plan, I just pay I am strong enough to get through all of this. .

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    Lisa, It was a true blessing to attend the Woman of Hope conference recently at St. Timothy’s Church & hear you speak. Your words touched me in a deep way. So much so that I’ve signed up to take your Bible Study “Believing Jesus” starting tomorrow night. I can’t wait to hear what good news you have to share!!!

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    assurance that God loves me, as you love this child, gives me hope to carry on and look forward to a brighter future. Thank you for writing this encourageing story.

  355. Thank you for sharing this painful time. I work with women from many cultures in a public women’s clinic- the language phone makes all the difference for both of us.
    Praise God for the uniqueness of all peoples- let us reach out and hear

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    God Bless you for your words of encouragement and your choice and of scripture to use to send Jesus’ resounding message home. I too am having difficulty with a language barrier, but this one with my teenage daughter. Trying to share Gods message with her choices, tantrums and my inability to reach her with examples, discipline and words have left me silently crying in the dark as well. Your message goes to all mothers and for this I thank you. God Bless….

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  382. As I read and reflected on the devotional today, I remembered my first days as a Christian. My first Bible was a gift from my Grandmother and it was the old King James Version with red-lettering and ancient painting illustrations. I didn’t grow up in a “religious” home and it wasn’t until I joined a Jr High youth group that I found Christ. My most precious gift was my first NIV Bible from that church. The written inscription is simple: “May you find endless treasures in this easier to read version of God’s word.” One of the most obvious things to my leaders was the fact that I had not and could not read God’s word with the tools I had. Their gift to me was as important as the guidance that first brought me to God. That ability to communicate with God and to understand his words back to me, has taken me through many storms. I know I will always have that connection now.

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  392. Just attended last year’s WOF simulcast as well am studying Malachi, one of Lisa’s bible studies so do enjoy Lisa’s insights. Most of all I need to know how to communicate with God better. This was a timely devotional.

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  394. My youngest son is 10 years younger than my third child and 20 years younger than my oldest. We struggle mostly because things are so different for him than my other children. I pray I have ears and a heart to hear my son. The same for our Lord.

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  401. Hi,
    I just read your devotional “Learning to Talk with God”. Reading about you and your daughter Missy reminded me of my two cousins. They were adopted as teenagers from Colombia and their journey to understanding unconditional love and acceptance has been bumpy yet beautiful. I have loved being used by God in both the difficult times and simple times. When I step back and let this Truth sink in for me as well, I can see that my relationship with God is similar. I know that He is my “Abba” Father, but not growing up with a father has made it difficult for me to trust His unconditional love at times too. This lack of trust and fear of being abandoned leaves me wanting to draw away from God. He says that when we draw near to Him, He also draws near to us and that He will never leave or forsake us. This is a Truth I have to repeat sometimes daily, but regardless of the people in this world who have failed me I know that God never does. Thank you for this reminder and thank you for sharing so vulnerably about your family.

  402. heather worthington says:

    I am so glad there is an area of the bible that I can turn to, along with a guide that will help me lean on God during these trials . I am needing direction, strength and love!! To be able to learn and grow through God’s word and strength gives me hope. Hope to one share and reach out to others through these trials. Thank you for sharing your challenges and inspiration with us women… you Make a HUGE difference!!

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    Thank you for sharing this work God gave you!

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    I’m not sure what to write here. I am blessed often by the P31 devotionals. I especially enjoyed reading today’s devotional about learning to talk with God. I do agree that the more we talk to God and push through the hard parts that it does get easier to talk to our heavenly Father. I find myself longing to sit at his feet to speak to him. Thank you for sharing your heart Lisa. I can only imagine how difficult it can be with the language barrier. But I know we have a great God and He can make what seems like the impossible Possible!
    Have a blessed day!

  407. Angela Benge says:

    Oh My, such a Beautiful testimony. Tears filled my eyes while reading it. Tears of JOY and sorrow that you were not able to communicate with the Precious Daughter you finally were Blessed with. It is like that with Jesus when we don’t understand what he is trying to tell me/us… I would be HONORED to receive a copy of your book. Thank you so much for sharing that Beautiful story with me. Have a Blessed Day!!!!

  408. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  409. Lyndle Phillips says:

    Thank you. This was perfect for today!

  410. For me I have to continually remind myself that my journey with Jesus is mine. I have been letting others especially my husband (who is negative) influence me, instead of me being the influencer. And I know better & this day have asked for forgiveness. Jesus yes I want a closer walk with you. Everyday………..

  411. I often wonder if something is going to happen that will shake my faith to the core. I almost fear that. But for now I walk strong in my faith, and for that I consider myself so completely blessed. Through bankruptcy, losing our house, unemployment, I know we are still blessed. I realized at some point that there were others around me that probably wondered why I was ok with my trying circumstances and what joy I felt it was because I knew Who cares about every single hair on my head. So for today my faith is strong in all circumstances by the grace of God.

  412. I have been so bleased by this devotional ! It has really helped my perspective on communications with those in my life 🙂
    Thank you !!

  413. Shellie Driscoll says:

    I would love to receive a copy of Lisa’s book!

  414. Sandy Scroggins says:

    I can relate a little to your experience. My daughter and two year old toddler are living with me right now. It is hard for us to understand what he is trying to communicate with us and he gets so upset when we don’t understand and we get upset because we don’t know how to help or what to do. I hope and pray that your communication barrier has lessen and will continue to improve over time. It takes time and patience 🙂

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    Mark speaks to my heart, my mind and my soul.

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  424. Melissa Rolf says:

    Your message so deeply touched my heart. I have been visiting with my sisters about adoption for my daughter and how she would be perfect to adopt a child. They already have a son who is 5yrs. and he would flourish with a brother or sister. They have looked into adoption, but said it was too expensive.

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  430. Stacie Ellison says:

    Beautiful! Just what my heart needed today!

  431. I did need to hear this today and I need to pursue my relationship with him i’m in a dark place due to illness and i need to ask him for help and stop trying to deal with it myself thanks kristina yeiter

  432. I was not brought up being urged to attend Sunday school/church, but have always felt close to the Lord. Now at 80 I have had considerable time to devote to scripture, and Bible study. Thanks for sharing your stories which teach us/me more about the Lord love.

  433. Antoinette Woods says:

    That was a very heart touching story and very relatable…as I am trying much harder, nowadays, to connect with God, so that I can spread the Word more confidently and courageously and know what I am supposed to know…I need a lot more Bible study and would welcome this book!!!

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    This was so beautiful and touching to read! My heart needed to hear these words today, and the prayer was just perfect. Thank you!

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  436. This devotion put into eloquent words how I feel comunicating with God is. I would love to hear more.
    Thank you!

  437. Many times I have felt like God has had to hold me by the shoulders and get me to look at Him in order for me to understand. Spiritually, He has had to yell at me to get my attention, but He always does. How grateful am I for a Father that loves me unconditionally and endures for me. God is so good!

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  442. Thank you for the graphic illustration with your daughter to show us our Heavenly Father’s heart – to love us, to know us, and to communicate with us. God really just wants us to communicate with Him and love Him back – through our words and actions. Blessings!

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    about my day …trying to listen for God’s answers …brought to fear for my nephew’s body ..must most of all for his soul …

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    Lisa, I enjoyed your story so very much. My only concern is that I hope you don’t continuously refer to Missy as your “adoptive” daughter; she is your daughter and she just happened to become a part of your family through the process of adoption. As the father of two incredible girls that God blessed me with through the adoption process, we as Christians should realize the amazing gift that adoption is as God has adopted us in to His family yet are we labeled as “adopted” Christians? No, we are simply Christians. Anyway, I look forward to continuing to read more about you and Missy as your story unfolds. God Bless for sharing.

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    Every day I struggle with learning to communicate as a single mom with teen age boys. I recently had a moment of sheer frustration and in that moment I truly felt God’s love. We as God’s children infuriate Him on so many levels, but his unending grace, love, and sacrifice allows us to forever be safe and loved in his arms.

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    Reflecting I actually have currently hit a trial. I have struggled with eating issues for 12years, full blown eating disorder for 6. I’ve been doing amazing in recovery for the past year. And in the past few months my relationship with God has grown so much I feel inseparable from Him. However in the midst of it all I stumbled, after being sick for only one day I began slipping back into old patterns and beginning new hazardous ones. Although I feel my roots and faith are still firm and I am still extremely close with God, I feel like I’m still being shaken. Although I know Him and feel Him I’m still doing things I know aren’t in His Will for me.

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  597. Mel Ramirez says:

    I have felt the exact same way. My husband’s first language is not English either and during the Bibke study conducted in his native language we attend, he sometimes shares from the heart. It goes far beyond what he generally shares with me bc he can not fully express himself the way he means in English. I do not speak his first language. So I have later come to tears knowing I missed hearing the heart pouring of the one I love…I really relate to that. It helps to have the verse quoted in the article as well as the article itself. Thank you. I found hope in it.

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  611. MaryLou Tindall says:

    I praise Jesus every morning for another day! My faith did hold strongly through a recent Aortic Valve replacement of which the need was discovered during pre certification for a knee replacement. (Still need the knee repaired). I felt that God prolonged my life to be able to serve Him through my volunteer counseloring at my church’s Compassion House Ministry. We have been able to offer help to many families, physically with goods and spiritually with sharing the love and salvation message of Christ. Yes, my communication with the Lord of my life has flourished thru my health trials and the service of the Compassion House. Praise His Holy Name!! Awesome God!!?

  612. I sooo want to know and feel God more. Would love a copy of this book.

  613. Enjoyed the devotion I read today and would love to read more of your writing. I look forward to your teaching at FBCW in May.

  614. If this reply is chosen for the book, I would like it to go to Brenda Edwards who posted also. Thank you.

  615. I love reading the touching, relational words of Lisa Harper.

  616. Robyn Kolk says:

    Always so much wisdom. I truly look forward to reading these devotional severe day, thank you!

  617. Sheryl Williams says:

    Thank you for posting this. I wasn’t raised Christian so I am still learning and growing as a new Christian trying to grasp everything. This was a beautiful story. Thank you again.

  618. Kelsie Delgado says:

    Perfect timing for this scripture. Thank you.

  619. Thank you for such a wonderful message. In one of the biggest storms in my past, is when God drew me in and opened my eyes to really understanding what was in His Word; the mercy, grace, wisdom and power. This is when I really began the journey of understanding and communicating with our Almighty Father. Thank You, Lord, for your presence in our lives!

  620. Kirsten G. says:

    Thank you for this. I am struggling with my faith right now. It’s a pretty scary place to be in. I would love the chance to read this book.

  621. Kristen Sapienza says:

    Reading His word daily shapes my life! Thank you!

  622. What an awesome treat it will be to have this book. Lisa Harper is such an inspiration to me. She continues to find joy in each situation she is faced with. I follow her on Instagram and it just brings a smile to my face & heart when she shares Missy moments. Their story is so beautiful! I look forward to reading more of the message God has given her to share with us. May He continue to lead in her life.

  623. Would love to learn and soak in more truth…

  624. Would love to read more inspirational words and truths about our heavenly father!!

  625. Jaime T says:

    Wonderful devotional! Thanks for sharing.

  626. This devotion was such a blessing today. I am in a season of really seeking to know God. I’ve went to church my entire life and gave my heart to Jesus as a little girl 18 years ago. I know a lot ABOUT God; however, I’m struggling to KNOW God. This devotion gave me hope that understanding comes little by little. I need to just cling to Jesus!

  627. Dawn Parks says:

    I went through a study done by Lisa on the Song Of Solomon, (or Song of Songs) on the website called RightNow Media. It was awesome! Would love to have this book! Thank you for the opportunity to win. God bless!

  628. Mandy A says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. It came at such a perfect time for me!

  629. Shannon says:

    I would love to win this!

  630. What an awesome testimony. God spoke to me through your words. I love that

  631. Abranda Williams says:

    This was a wonderful devotion. I have actually seen Lisa Harper speak in person and the love that radiates from her glowing face when she talks about Missy is just amazing.

  632. Keiko Loether says:

    I am new to Christianity as I started attending my current church about a year ago so reading and understanding the Bible is still a challenge to me. I sometimes feel dreaded to read even a daily devotion and get frustrated not knowing a deep meaning of the verse(s). But after reading this, I think I don’t need to understand “everything” but reading God’s word is about a connection between Him and I. It’s about spending a quiet time daily with Him and knowing that He is with me.

  633. Samantha Genung says:

    I love this post along with every other post shared by women in this ministry. I can always find something to connect with, and also to apply in my own life/relationship with Christ. Thank you for continuing to provide tools for application as well as facets of fellowship to connect & grow. I love P31 Ministries 🙂 & I love our Creator Redeemer!

  634. Connie Edwards says:

    Loved todays words. So needful…so helpful.

  635. paula fairchild says:

    I don’t know what to comment except that I learn and grow so much through your ministry, and this particular post really speaks to me. I often feel as tho no one understands me, or that I don’t understand all that I need to understand about God or the life I long to lead in His service. I long to know more, and I’d love to read this book.

  636. I’ve been searching for a devotional that can help.me with coming closer to the lord. I have such a hard time understand and get discouraged. I found this, this morning and it spoke volumes to my heart. This is what I’ve been searching for a way to help my know God’s heart. Thank you so mich.

  637. Sarah Bryson says:

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  638. Lisa, I met you near the beginning of our Haiti adoption process a couple of years ago at the True Women’s conference. I have followed your homecoming with Missy and have longed to bring our own daughter home. We are nearly 3 years into the process and we found out a couple of weeks ago that our precious daughter passed away suddenly. All we had left was passports and visa. She was almost home. We are devastated and heartbroken. This Proverbs 31 devotional seems like it could be written for me specifically. I can’t understand what He is saying.
    It hasn’t wrecked my faith to the core, I haven’t distanced myself from Jesus, we are too strong together. Our relationship can withstand even this. But I am left with empty arms wondering what just happened. And so many other thoughts and questions….
    I need to get your study on Mark. Maybe I’m not even ready for it yet. But thank you for writing this, Lisa.

  639. Jessica G says:

    I’m really like her she is great teacher and speaker.I would really enjoy her book.

  640. Still learning, always learning.

  641. My life has felt like it’s in turmoil recently and it won’t stop. I would love to read this book.

    Thank you

  642. Trish Sprecker says:

    Always trying to learn to hear better and understand, not just Jesus; I have children of my own, and sometimes we speak different languages. It is the rite of parenthood, learning to speak the language of our children’s hearts.

  643. Sonja Ruehle says:

    I love anything Lisa teaches on and would cherish winning her book on Mark

  644. Thank you for the opportunity to win this!

  645. Kelley Hull says:

    I want to know God deeper!!!

  646. Joanna C says:

    I love the practical examples you use with Missy to show us more and more about our Heavenly Father. Your Bible studies are enlightening and help me to know Christ more and more. Can’t wait to start this one! Thank you for sharing your heart!

  647. I thoroughly enjoyed this devotional and would be like to have the book to continue the study.

  648. Edwina McConnell says:

    Thanks for the learning to talk with God email today! Very helpful,currently dealing with child teenage difficulties and have been attempting to set myself up into a “War Room” of prayer with God.

  649. Gail Schwettmann says:

    Can’t wait to see her in OKC!

  650. I truly enjoyed reading this devotional today! I love Lisa!!

  651. Ellen Cole says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your challenges. You help people more than you can imagine.

  652. Kate Semer says:

    My brother’s name was Mark.

  653. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  654. Thank you for sharing your love for the Lord.

  655. Dena Neely says:

    Would Love to win a Copy!

  656. Dena Neely says:

    I would Love to win a Copy of this book.

  657. Dena Neely says:

    Love to win

  658. My family and I have been moving around a lot, my husband is in the army and every few year we have to pack and move, and with that come new church, new people …it hard for us, but we have learn that every time we move is a new season, God opens a new door, our pastor recently ask us to lead the marriage ministry and we accepted,even that we know there are people more qualify than us , but we know if He call us He is going to Do it ,us not with our strength but with His .

  659. Marilyn Beeson says:

    I would love to read and study this book. I enjoyed this article.

  660. Necole harris says:

    Would love this study!

  661. Yvette Mealing says:

    I’m about to journey on the adventure of womens ministry leadership.. my deepest desire is that our women experience spiritual transformation and we develop a community of christian women ready to serve God and reflect his love in our everyday lives strengthening our sisters and bringing others to Christ. I think this book would help me both personally and also provide tools for womens ministry leadership and teaching. Blessings.

  662. Wow. This is awesome! I’d love to win a copy of this and dive right in. 🙂

  663. Tatina Firle says:

    Sometimes even when we speak the same language we are still miles apart. I know when my children reached that tender age of 12; the world fell apart. We no longer had that parent child connection. The boys and their father constantly bickering. No more hugs and kisses, no more sweet faces. Replaced with demands and electronics. I know through faith and trust in the Lord, it eventually works out. My oldest is now in college and he and his father are closer than ever. They spend more time together when he’s home then I do. I’m saddened because my little boy has grown up and doesn’t need me as much anymore. I know the Lord has my son, and this is his way of repairing a past relationship.

  664. Thank you so much for your insight. I love this website I have really learned alot. Thank you and have a wonderful week.

  665. Judy Grivas says:

    I would love this book….thank you for doing this.

  666. Elaine Newcomb says:

    I think this would be an awesome book. Lisa is a wonderful Bible teacher and author.

  667. Kathy Kurzendoerfer says:

    Thank you for sharing. This book would certainly help my relationship with God. I would love it❤️

  668. Julie Holok says:

    I love learning through Proverbs 31 and the First 5 app. I’m certain this DVD study would be amazing and will help build my family and my relationship with Jesus.

  669. Grace Crapitto says:

    I truly long to learn how to talk to God and learn how to open my ears to what He has to say to me. I recently had a life threatening situation and God pulled me through. So my prayers are to show me the reason He left me here. Let me for once do something for Him. I would absolutely love to win and read this book!

  670. Kelli Leo says:

    I’m so eager to do this study whether I win a free copy or have to purchase. Thank you for the chance. God bless.

  671. Tami Araica says:

    Love reading your stories. This one was great! Thanks for sharing.

  672. Rebecca says:


  673. Ruth Griffith says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement! The more I read the Bible the more I understand, and then I want to read more and more. His truth is awesome!

  674. Cher Dombowsky says:

    In the words of my 2 yr old daughter, “me! Me! Me!”

  675. I do understand what it was like not to understand what your little girl wanted and the helplessness that you feel as I have had a similar issue with my little girl. She is my niece and we took her in when she was two-and-a-half years old. That was 11 years ago. She is a special needs a little girl with severe autism and everyday I’ve learned to lean harder and harder on the Lord because He is the One who created her and I go to Him to ask for help when I don’t know what’s going on because she can’t talk to me. Thank you for your devotion. It resonated in my spirit and I appreciate you for being so honest.

  676. lindsay miller says:

    This is simply beautiful. Over the past 2 years I’ve been growing in my faith and God has made His presence to me numerous times. I’m thankful for a Savior who longs for da eep and personal relationship with me. Thank you Jesus.

  677. Nicki Sanders says:

    Thank you for this inspiring story. I am so excited to get the study and learn more.

  678. LoriSue Luster says:

    He is always speaking to me, in a multitude of ways; but can I hear Him? Do I know His voice? I pray that He continues to teach me how to listen, see and sense Him more each moment.

  679. Cindia Quinones says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I wish everyone the best of luck. Blessings

  680. Candis Cammon says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart.

  681. Darby Jordan says:

    Would love to win this study! I have to admit, for YEARS and YEARS I stayed frustrated with trying to read the bible on my own, before ever being saved, all I would do is cry and yell… “How am I supposed to understand and learn anything if everything is written in riddles!!??” Riddle solver I was not! So, I would close the bible in complete despair. Thankfully today I Am Saved by Christ Jesus and I take small bites of reading Scripture to understand what Jesus wants ME to know to help me in MY walk with Him! Thank you Jesus for giving us a learning curve! Amen!??✌?️????⚓️??

  682. Courtney W. says:

    I truly believe God gave Lisa Missy so she can communicate the relationship of mother/child vs God/Me in a way so many have never experienced. This was one of those times for me.

  683. Julie Sawyer says:

    I would love to read more! Thank you for this opportunity.

  684. Kathleen says:

    What a great read! Definitely spoke to me this morning

  685. I want to thank the Lord for you telling your story . This is my first time on your Web site The lord truly spoke to me threw your words . May God bless you ,Thank you

  686. Two-way communication in a relationship is vital.

  687. Thank you for this beautiful message today! I needed it this morning <3

  688. I need, want to be better at just being still, listening and understanding God. I know just reading the bible is not the same as understanding what God is trying to tell me. thanks for the reminder

  689. Sharon Westra says:

    I love the book of Mark. When we first began attending the church we now are members of (about 8 years ago) our pastor was preaching through the book of Mark. There is so much to learn from Jesus in that book. I would love to study Lisa Harper’s book.

  690. Erin Trosclair says:

    I, too, need to become better at being stil and aware of God’s communications for and to me. Thank you for this post.

  691. Robin Rozanski says:

    This really spoke to my heart today and I would love to read your new book. I just finished the week Propel women’s study at my church that you were a part of and loved it!

  692. Would love to win and study mark

  693. Reading the gospel mark right now!

  694. Reading the book of mark right now!

  695. this made me cry I struggle with talking to God am I doing it right is He listening, this gave me assurance any attempt at talking with God is heard and I am not doing it wrong at least I am trying thank you 🙂

  696. So appreciate the way you communicate and make scripture understandable. I’d love to go deeper into the gospel of Mark with your help!

  697. Victoria Marshall says:

    What a wonderful incite today. Interestingly enough, my daughter just went through a similar situation. She is in Equador on a Mission trip and she is always filled with life, and love to share with others, especially the children they work with but on this particular day, she experienced, as Brene Brown says in her book Daring Greatly, that her ” Gremlins” were speaking to her or even yelling at her! “You are not adequate, you do not know there language, you can’t even talk to them! ” Then, God stepped in and filled the communication gap. As my daughter explained it, as they were all walking out to play, “God put her tiny little hand into mine.” and though they could speak but a few words to one another, they mostly spoke through Love. They hugged and Kaorin, my daughter spent that whole time playing with this little girl using hand jesters, and playing games and running around. Though they had little words, they had lots of laughter and love. Through her ability to push through and silence the Gremlins, she was able to as you stated,” push through the hard parts, and actually grasp one of His promises or apply a scriptural principles,” of true Godly Love into both of their lives.”
    Thank you for sharing and I pray that I am able to fight through my Gremlins and push through the feelings of inadequacies and not always understanding what he may be saying in Scripture. I believe that as I keep pushing through, he will reveal it to me in our intimate quiet time together and I will get to experience that deep connection with my Redeemer.

  698. The statement “The heart of God is moved by the wounds of mankind” spoke volumes to my soul today. Thank you for your devotional.

  699. Rhonda Prince says:

    My LBS ladies and I are doing the bible study with excited anticipation beginning March 22nd.
    My heart yearns to be in better communication with our Jesus.
    It would be neat to win a copy to give to any one of the ladies wanting to join our little home LBS group who can’t afford one right now.
    So I decided to leave a comment and see what happens!

  700. Mary Hilding says:

    Would love to get a copy of Lisa’s new book.

  701. Pamela Brown says:

    Winning would be Awesome ?
    Thanking you & Believing in advance!

  702. Holly Mills says:

    Thanks for sharing! This is my first time on this page, and what a great experience.

  703. Michele Piper says:

    I recently heard Lisa while at a women’s conference at Savannah Christian Church. I really enjoyed her teaching style, she makes the word of God ‘Pop’ for me by using modern anecdotes. The DVDs would be great to share with our newly formed women’s bible study group.

  704. Angela Tatone says:

    Thank you so much for posting. Love all of your devotions.

  705. April Brower says:

    Please pick me. I am in desperate need of guidance in the correct direction to god right now. I’m completely lost with my faith and what path I’m supposed to be on in life.

  706. Stephanie S. says:

    Would love to win this book!

  707. Patricia Burk says:

    It would be a blessing to receive this at this time in my life.

  708. Joy Murry says:

    I would love this book. I have been struggling trying to build my relationship with Jesus. I want more and I want to be a leader but I stop and I dont understand why.

  709. I have learned so much thank you that you all have given your time and talent to give honor and glory to God .

  710. Rebecca M says:

    I have a son who turned 3 in January and when he talks it is mostly jiberish and we have a hard time communicating. He gets frustrated bc he thinks he is saying something tangible but it sounds like nonsense to me and that frustrates me bc I can’t help him with what he needs or I lose out on hearing his explanation of play or artwork. I also hear other 2 and 3 year olds talking to their parents and I always wonder why God has put us in this situation. It gets really hard some days and those are the ones I’m calling out to God for help. My son does understand everything he hears and he can be very creative when it comes to getting his point across. I always tell myself it will happen in God’s time but it’s hard waiting for that day.

  711. I’m desperately clinging to the promises of Jesus and learning how to communicate with Him. Thank you for sharing.

  712. Dawnielle says:

    Learning to hear the Father’s voice and clinging to Jesus’ promises. Thank you for writing a book to help that process

  713. Teri Sohl says:

    This story of what happened with your daughter broke my heart then gave me hope. Thank you.

  714. Sara Ross says:

    I am so thankful for Lisa’s open heart and wise words. I am so looking forward to this study!

  715. Martha Chopin says:

    Reading your devotion made me realize how heart broken we leave God when we don’t listen to His voice! We think we can figure things out and control the here and now. When all along He is talking to us and trying to show himself to us if we would just be still and close our eyes and listen as you said. Thank you for the story and the visual to stop, close my eyes and LISTEN! We have to have faith and let him control and lead us!

  716. Brittany says:

    Would love love love a copy of this book!!!!!!!!

  717. Brittany says:

    Would love love love a copy of this book!!!!!!

  718. Love this! I am currently reading through Mark in my daily devotions. Would love to read this book.

  719. I’ve been struggling to just sit and talk with God much less listen to him. I’ve had so much hurt in my life and I’ve prayed so much but have seen little change that I wonder if God is still listening to me. I’ve pulled away but I want a relationship with Him because I know he hasn’t pulled away from me.

  720. LeeAnnOrange says:

    I have trouble admitting that I’m brokenhearted.

  721. What a great analogy, I really appreciate it! I’m going thru a lot getting guardianship of my grandson, I’m emotionally exhausted and need some tools to hear him!
    Thank you!

  722. Thank u for your encouragement.i am struggling with talking to God because I feel unworthy

  723. Lisa Fiedler says:

    May God bless this book to help the millions to know God’s love for them.

  724. Cindi Murphy says:

    It would be a blessing to win this book!

  725. What a memorable story. Thank you for sharing. I think too often we dont listen to God or each other. I know I have a long way to go.

  726. PAM ARNOLD says:

    I heard you for the 1st time in Longview, TX at Womens Feminar, you were such an inspiration to me.

  727. Geralyn Miller says:

    I would like to share some of my “stepping stones”. I have been brought thru so much and God wants me to help others
    ….to encourage them. ….to love them

  728. Robin Johnson says:

    I’m a disabled 57 year old heart patient who
    Just had social services cut
    Now I’m cut with an eviction.
    My !other is old and sick and
    Can’t help much! My daughter is on
    Serious drugs and her husband
    Is the spawn of satan! Please
    Please pray that I will return
    To sanity….love Robin

  729. Angela hoffman says:

    I am uplifted and encouraged.

  730. I am excited for this book!

  731. Nancy DiGiondomenico says:

    So enjoy Proverbs 31 postings on Facebook. Always seem to touch the right spot. Thank you.

  732. So excited for this book!

  733. tears rolled down my eyes reading this.

  734. I needed this today. Thank you for sharing your experience and personal revelation from God.

  735. Vanessas Swangles says:

    What a awesome word on communication, I would love to have your book

  736. I so enjoy reading your scripture verses daily. I am trying to live my life getting closer and closer to Jesus.

  737. Tammy Turkett says:

    Thank you for your post. It can be difficult to communicate deeply with God, and not just for new Christians. I’ve been married for many years, and a Christian for more than forty. I find communication with God similar to communication in my marriage. There are times where things are great, smooth, almost seamless. And that’s fun! Then there are other times, dry, sometimes lenghthy, distant, and I can’t understand, or I am even angry. With my husband, I think it’s because we’re both sinful & so different! With God, I believe it’s because we are so different (and I am sinful.) I’m so thankful He always wants time with me, He is waiting, He will always listen and I RUN to His presence!

  738. “She cannot currently and unrepentantly preach to or teach men in violation of 1 Timothy 2:12,”
    I’m doing a study on women who preach to men & the women who listen to them .
    why do they deny the verse 1 Timothy 2:12 ? is it just for a certain time or no longer serves a purpose in todays world ?
    if you weren’t aware of this scripture & have listened to females preachers, does it bother you now that you have read 1 Timothy 2:12 If not, why not ?
    thanks for any help..

  739. My husband of 36 years passed away 7 months ago. I asked the Lord to reveal himself to me in a greater way than I had ever known as I know he is my only hope and the only way I can walk through this. I am currently leading a group using Lisa’s Hebrews study. God is using Lisa’s teachings in my life and I’m so grateful. Thank you Lisa!

  740. I like how you said to talk WITH God instead of TO God. God desires for us to have a dialogue with Him, not a monologue. He desires for us to KNOW Him and talk with Him.

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