Letting God Fill My Empty Places

Letting God Fill My Empty Places

September 25, 2013

“You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.” Psalm 63:1 (NIV)

It was a source she’d come to depend on. A place she went to get her needs met. But it was never enough; every day she came back for more.

Filling her jar with water, the woman looked up and heard Him ask her for a drink. He offered her something in return: living water. Unlike the water she came to get that day, He said the water He offered would satisfy her so deeply she’d never thirst again.

But she had a hard time believing His promise. “You have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?” (John 4:11 NIV) She asked.

What she didn’t realize was that Jesus wanted to satisfy a deeper thirst in her heart—a longing He’d created to lead her heart to Him: the One and only Source that could satisfy her soul.

All He needed to draw with was His Spirit, for it would draw her near to Him. And as far as the depth of the well, it was her heart He was looking into. She was the only one who could stop Him from reaching the empty places in her heart.

I know that place of needing Jesus to look into my heart and show me the emptiness only He can fill.

Like the woman at the well, I’ve depended on other means to get my needs met. Yet when I look to them, instead of Him, they are never enough.

I’ve looked to people: family and friends, bosses and boyfriends, teachers and mentors, my husband and my kids. I’ve longed for their approval and the affirmation that comes with it.

I’ve also looked to possessions and positions and accidentally put my hope in recognition. I’ve thought “if only I had or could … then I’d be fulfilled.”

But no matter how much I do or get, it’s never enough to fill me up. And it’s not supposed to be.

Why? Because the empty places in our hearts were created to be filled by God alone. The deepest thirst of our souls can only be quenched by Him.

We see this deep thirst even in King David, who had everything: the highest position, unlimited possessions, and great power, yet none of it was enough. He described himself as parched and thirsty for God:

You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water. (Ps. 63:1 NIV)

Then David went on to describe what he experienced when he drank deeply of God’s love:

I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live and in your name I will lift up my hands. (vv. 2–4 NIV)

And the same thing happened to the woman Jesus met at the well that day. She drank deeply of His love and was filled to overflowing, and we can be too.

Just like the woman at the well, God put a longing in our hearts that was intended to lead us back to Him. Only His unconditional acceptance, approval, and affirmation can fill the empty places in our hearts-the deepest thirst of our souls. Until God’s love and acceptance is enough, nothing else will be.

Dear Lord, show me the empty places in my heart and the ways I try to fill them. Then lead me back to You and show me how I can position my heart to be filled and fulfilled by Your promises and the power of Your love. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
What or who do you depend on to fill the empty places in your heart?

What would change if you allowed God’s unconditional acceptance and approval to fill the deepest thirst of your soul?

Power Verses:
Psalm 143:8, “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” (NIV)

Jeremiah 2:13, “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.” (NIV)

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  1. Darby Jordan says:

    “This is honestly what has pushed me, sustained me, and lifted me up out of complete brokenness. Jesus touch my heart back in 2007 at a day retreat for grieving parents. The title that day, not knowing, would speak to me in the years to come, ” Come To The Well” and let your soul pour out and be healed. Thank you Lord for seeing my heart when I had no words to speak. Forever grateful. Amen.

    • Love that you shared this Darby. Thank you!!

    • I need healing my son was killed in an accident, served the Lord believe his promises, but after that they do not ring to in my spirit

      • Tina I am so sorry you lost your son ! But God will hold you rock you and encourage you. He did me when I lost my daughter in 2002 he is the only one that can help you. Don’t bottle up your hurt and pain talk talk talk it out to whomever will listen. I talked to total strangers on the internet and made new friends after losing Amber. I know you probably feel as though you will never be strong in God again but you will ! Just hold onto his unchanging hand. When you receive this please contact me and we can talk more.
        God Bless You

        • I lostylost daughter Lauren, after 18 years of a addiction that on the end swallowed every part of her. I prayed everyday and all night. I put her in God’s hands and really believed she would be healed. It is a little over a year now. Now youngest daughter is addicted also. My heart is not the same. I believe and pray everyday, but I am different. I long to have my heart healed and filled with his Love. But I am not feeling it. I am not feeling him in my life. I want to see his face and love for others and his Love on my heart. But I feel so empty, and have been crying out to him for hos touch. Presence, and not getting a answer.

          • God said that he would NEVER leave you nor forsake you and he said that he answers the cries of the righteous and he delivers them out of ALL of their troubles. Walk by faith and not by sight! He is closer to you than the air you breathe.

  2. Stephanie C says:

    I tried to fill that “God-shaped” hole for 10 yrs with anything and everything of this world. Including pain medication. It wasn’t till God brought me to my knees and I hit rock bottom that for the first time in 40 yrs, the piece to that hole was finally and fully filled with my Lord. I walk with my Lord daily, knowing where I’ve been and where I dont ever want to go again. I give HIM all the glory and praise for it all!

    • Isn’t it amazing how long we can search and how hard we can try but nothing satisfies like His unfailing love. SO thankful you found your heart’s deepest thirst quenched in Him. Thank you so much for sharing Stephanie!

  3. Thank you for the encouraging word today. What I love most about Proverbs31ministries is that every one of you speak words from your heart & makes us feel that we are not alone on what we face in our lives. Sometimes I feel like im the only one that feels a certain way & these daily devotionals make me realize that IM NOT ALONE. I have a saying taped to the middle of my kitchen wall that says: the only One who can truly satisfy the human heart is the One who made it. I have to remind myself of that daily. I look to so many other things to satisfy me & they all fail at some point because Jesus is the ONLY ONE who can. Thank God for His love.

    • Amen. I love what you have on your fridge Mandy. So grateful for the One and Only – who came full of grace and truth – save and satisfy our souls. Thanking Him with you for His heart-quenching love!

    • Cherie Gibson says:

      Today I came home from work emotionally, physically and mentally drained. The night before I slept very little, tossing and turning throughout the night. I find it somewhat difficult to articulate the aching in my heart and the emptiness I feel. There has been a build up of over a period of time, hurt, pain, condemnation, inadequacy, insecurity and so many more feelings that have catapulted me into a sea of depression. I hide it by placing a mask over it and ensuring that it is securely fastened. This may not be the forum to write such a disclosure but I am in desperate need of prayer and guidance. I came home today with the sole intention of seeking help from a resource that my employer offers. However; in my heart, I knew that I needed much more. I needed divine guidance from God. I am simply not sure where to start. I feel incredibly alone inside and abandoned in so many ways. Does this sound crazy? Is there anyone else that feels the same way and found the peace and fulfillment that I am so desperately seeking? Please pray for me.

      • Melinda T. says:

        As I came across your post, Cherie, I felt it was divine intervention. Although it was posted 2 years ago, I feel that I need to reply and share my testimony. As I read your story it brought back to a time in my life when felt so much of the same. While allowing my busyness to replace my relationship with God, my family, and my life, I found only depression, despair and disappointments. Until I allowed my God to take control of my life instead of me trying to control it, is when I found a since of peace. I decided to focus my life on serving Him. We are all called to serve and that is our purpose. I pray you have found purpose, because that will give you a reason to wake in the mornings. We must give Him all the Glory, and Thank Him everyday. Today, I have realized that while we are so busy in our daily lives, we cannot see all our blessings. Do not allow your busyness block your blessings. As scripture teaches us, in Luke 10:38-42. Jesus wants us to focus on what is most important. My life is God, family, and everything else will follow. As I do and submit to His will, we must be patient and trust that God knows what is best for us. Everyday is not perfect, but now I have no disappointments because now I completely trust that My God will work it all our for my good. So I say to you Cherie, find your fulfillment in Him, in service, and in living your best life. May God Bless you!

      • Zipporah Nyangau says:

        21 Yet this I call to mind 
        and therefore I have hope:

        22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, 
        for his compassions never fail.

        23 They are new every morning; 
        great is your faithfulness.

        24 I say to myself, “The LORD is my portion; 
        therefore I will wait for him.”

  4. I was in local church ministry for many years and felt I was sharing with my church the ways of the Lord but I realized after a while I was not following those ways. I kept myself busy so I did not have to think about life. I am not in the local church ministry for the moment and find it difficult to be in the moment with God. I can find all kinds of other things to do than to sit and read the Bible. I feel like I am still running from life.
    My confidence is filled with doubt. I feel so inadequate to share God’s word with others. Maybe it’s because I do not read the Bible on a steady bases because why??? I do not know. There is plenty of time in my life, what do I fear by reading it?
    Reading the devotions from Proverbs 31 ministries has filled me with a sense of hope. I do not feel I am walking alone on my life journey. Although I have never met any of the ladies that pen the devotions, they have given me a sense of community once again.
    I look forward to reading your new book, “The Confidenct Heart”, Renee and I am blessed to have come across your devotions one day about 3 weeks ago by accident. But then again, God has a way of bringing us into community with one another, not by accident but by his divine plan……

  5. Monica Wylie says:

    I’ve never been able to do this. I have tried and tried. I don’t know how to do this. Any advice in how to allow God to do this. Are there certain verses or is it simply just digging in the Word and meditating or is it praying. Would love some help and some advice

    • I think it simply starts out as a prayer of asking God to reveal those holes you’ve been trying to feel. Sometimes I can’t name what exactly I’m filling them with. Maybe you’re doing it now and don’t even realize it but God can open your eyes. I’ve just recently disciplined myself to read a devotion every morning regardless of how I feel. I am NOT a morning person BUT I’ve made a sacrifice to wake up at least one hour to thirty minutes before everyone else so that I have time to make a cup of coffee and read a devotion and pray. Another tip is find a good Christian radio station. I listen to K-LOVE and let the music minister to my soul. It’s amazing how God can speak to me through a song. I’ll be praying for you.

  6. Julie Schultz says:

    I am in the same “spot” as Nancy, and I too have signed up for the “Confident Heart” study. I do read my Bible everyday..pray..yet still find myself seeking other means for my heart to be filled. I am beginning to think there is no peace for me. HOW do I position my heart before The Lord for Him to fill? Why do I constantly feel under attack from the evil one. I am getting tired from this “bi-polar” life…one minute on the mountain top, the next in the valley. Up, down, up down. It is beginning to become easier to just assume I will ALWAYS be in the valley, which leads me to doubt God’s love for me, which leads to more worldy behavior. I pray and pray to be completely broken, surrendered, moldable, teachable, still etc. etc…yet…I acknowledge a life of selfishness, pride, anger, bitterness, sin after sin. I just want to be in love with The Lord, to trust and obey, no matter what life circumstances befall me, to testify to His healing and restoring power, and be at peace. I know I won’t hear from you, that’s okay…just sharing these feelings publicly helped a little.

    • Julie,
      I share your feelings. I feel like everyday I am in the valley when I know that if I could surrender to God I could live a richer fuller life. What I have found that works for me is to stay in community with Godly people. Being around people who are willing to share their faith is so up-lifting. And I find that when I am willing to share my faith that is when I feel like I am on the mountain top. I know that God loves me but when I keep that idea to myself is when I begin to doubt it but when I share how much God loves us all…that is when it becomes real! So my advice to you is to stay close to faith-filled people and be willing to share with others how blessed you are to be called a child of God. I will keep you in my prayers.

    • Julie,

      I can relate to how you are feeling. I myself have been up, down, up, down and it is so exhausting and frustrating. I know that God loves me, but I struggle to let him in completely and fill my heart with peace and joy. From an outsider view, my life probably looks so great. So that makes me question why I’m feeling this way. I think back to past times (when I see a picture of my son as a baby) and my heart breaks with pain – I miss the person that took care of him when he was that little and the place I worked when he was that little because I didn’t feel this way. It’s like I’m trying to escape back to a place in the past where I didn’t have these feelings. I’ve made some tough decisions because I was following my heart. I choose to work in a more challenging environment so that I could be home a couple days a week with my kids vs. working full-time. However, I had no idea that I would feel this way 🙁 How do I move forward while focusing on the present? I will not be in this work environment forever. I will make a change for the better. I need to stay optimistic. When those feelings of doubt and worry and anxiety creep in, it’s so comsuming and paralyzing. Yes, I agree with Vicki, when I surround myself with people who are strong in their faith, I feel better. I’m not sure if I’ve helped at all…but please know that you are not alone. I will keep you in my prayers.

      • Julie Schultz says:

        It does help to know others deal with this, thanks for your prayers as I will lift all those who commented on struggling with this same issue. I just keep reading Psalm 142 and 143. I am with you, sisters, in spirit. Much love!

    • Julie, I am 60 years old and have struggled with mental issues my whole life. I have been seeing a bio-feedback doctor and have discovered I can retrain my brain to think the “truth” and the truth is no matter what your circumstances are, you will be O.K. as long as you belong to Jesus. I also learned I can actually control my heart rate. Satan has put these phobias, which are merely habits, in our lives to keep us from being profitable to the Kingdom and God can break these habits. Hang in there and the Lord will heal you!

    • You so eloquently shared what I myself have been feeling/going through…Thank you

    • Julie,
      WOW!! Everything you said is EXACTLY what I am going through!! Thank you for sharing your heart!! I for years have tried to fill the empty hole that I know ONLY God can fill, yet I still continue to try and fill that hole even though I know I never will. I have become a shopaholic to try and fill it, buying things that I really don’t need! I always find myself guilt ridden because I know I am not pleasing God or being obedient to him. It’s like my flesh takes over and all I can think about, dream about, and meditate on is whatever worldly possession I am after at the time! So I just wanted you to know you are not alone! I will be praying for you!! God Bless!!

  7. Nancy Silvers says:

    When I first heard that Jesus could be the sole source of my strength and fill all the empty places in my heart, to be honest, it was a little frightening-sort of like when you are first learning to ride a bike or swim in the deep water. You want to do it but fear holds you back. When you FINALLY let go of the fear and do it you realize-this is pretty cool-I can do this. Once you begin to relax in this new freedom you say “why didn’t I do this sooner? I feel so free!” It took me lots of self inflicted pain, from wrong choices, to get to the point I am at today-resting in God’s strength mercy, grace and peace. Why did it take so long? God loves me so much he gave me freedom to choose my path–I just chose poorly. With God’s guidance, I don’t have to make those poor choices anymore-as long as I keep my eyes on Him.

  8. This really spoke to me this morning. I guess I had never looked at these verses in this way before. I am guilty of trying to fill my empty places with other things…usually with the approval of people. God is slowly but surely teaching me that He is all I really need. It is a difficult thing to learn at times.

  9. Thank you for this, Renee. Your words are always a beautiful encouragement and reminder of my purpose and His purposes in me. I am positioning my heart to be filled and fulfilled by Him alone this morning.

  10. I love how practical each of these devotionals are. After I read one I always feel spiritually uplifted and encouraged. The world pulls us in to fill ourselves with money, lust of the flesh, and vanity, but Jesus pulls us in to fill ourselves with Him, His word, and His promises. Like everyone else, I have my days where I loose sight of God and focus on my problems and throw myself a grand pity party. It’s only when I look beyond my circumstances and trust God that I am actually filled. I can honestly say that God has shaped me more this year than in any other year of my life. I now have an encouraging, Godly boyfriend, who has challenged me to be more spiritual, better with my money and time, and to stand up for myself more than I ever have before. I’m still not where I want to be, but I am getting there one day at a time. I just have to remember that God is faithful and He doesn’t waste pain.

  11. What a wonderful devotional to read today. On my way to work again I asked God, “What is your will?” My mind cast about to the past that I feel was somewhat wasted. I regret that the time that I should have given to my God, I wasted, but thankfully, even that time, God has a purpose for. One thing I am convinced of is that I do not want to wait another moment, I do not want to miss another opportunity, and I pray God will surely send them my way. Today’s devotional opened up so much to me. I thought about what it means to never thirst again. I thought about the healthy ways I quench my physical thirst like by drinking water or a juice or the unhealthy ways I have in the past with a soda or other sugary sweet drink. There was a temporary satisfaction there, and also damage left behind. I spent much of my life trying to fill a void without really understanding what it was. I also spent time feeling sad when I read verses like Psalm 63:1 because I wanted to feel like David did. I wanted to thirst for God more than anything else. God revealed to me today through this devotional that indeed I do. That is why my heart has been on this endless hunt that often left it hurt. I was reaching out. My body knew it and my soul knew it. I just never grasped it before. Looking forward to seeing where my empty spots are and how Jesus intends to fill them. Thank you again. I look forward to the next OBS!

  12. Marcia (from Iowa) says:

    Oh Renee! Thank you so much for today’s devotional. I love how messages line up with what God is doing in lives right now. I am currently leading women’s Bible study at my church using Mark Hall’s Come To the Well book. The first chapter is on this very scripture. and just last Sunday our pastor preached on it. With all these messages I know that God is speaking directly to my heart.

  13. JOHANNE JEAN-JOSEPH (Triple J) says:


  14. I simply love to start filling myself up with Him at the beginning of each new day in early morning conversations with the Lord, often breathing in a beautiful early morning sky, it sets the rhythm for a day and He is always ready and waiting, He keeps my empty places more than full.

  15. Oh boy, yes I certainly fall into this trap often. I’ve looked to all those things to fill me too and it never works. I know that when I start to feel a little blue and taking steps towards depression is often when I start to really look to others to make ME feel better. It’s a selfish motive. I’m working on becoming more aware of the things that take the focus off Christ and when I start to feel that it’s all about me! I’m so glad you are doing this study again. A Confident Heart is such a great study!

    • I have been feeling so empty lately, But after reading the blogs tonight I see that I have been looking at all of the wrong things to fill my cisterns Husband, children, work, being to darn busy doing all of the wrong things I always knew that God is the only one who can fill up my emotional holes in my soul.

  16. Im feeling extremely overwhelmed. Working fulltime, trying to stay ontop of work related responsibilities, care for ageing parent who lives with me,(im his only child) husband and sons dont help out much, i cant catch up with dishes n laundry. Forget housework, every task is time consuming. I long for peace and rest!! Sometime i want to say “God are u listening?” Do you see i am overwhelmed???
    Please pray for me.

  17. Reading your devotional this morning brought me to tears! I so want God to fill the empty places that I have been looking to fill. Early in my faith, I believe I heard God. I have been on mission trips, and have experienced God’s miracles. I am in a small group, and have learned a lot about Jesus. But as for filling ME up, I just haven’t “gotten” it yet. It’s never been clear to me how to let go and let God do this for me. Last week I was listening to you on 91.9, you spoke truth to my heart. I’ve ordered A Confident Heart and am excited to journey with you and the others here in the upcoming Bible study. Thank you so much Renee!

  18. It is extremely hard when your family treats you unkindly, even when you have tried to show them you love them and try to be nice. Over the years I have tried over and over to show family members how much I cared. But, it just seems useless. They have said things and done things that have hurt. So, this is where I let go and let God just take me in His arms. I go in cry and tell Him how much I need Him. I cannot do this any more. I cannot go there, it makes me depressed. I forgive them, but it is hard to forget that every time I go visit back home I go back to my own home feeling bad and wishing God would take me to His home instead. It hurts.
    I just want God to heal my heart and trust Him.
    God has blessed me with my own family and I love them.

  19. Alexandria Padilla says:

    Wow, didn’t expect to read this at 4am. Its what I needed to hear although I know it I need to live it and stop trusting in those who consistently fail me and seek my heavenly Father first. Thank you for this word.

  20. Tomi Famadewa says:

    Hello I’m tomi I praise God for each and every one of you. This morning I did a very bad thing I watched porn. After I felt so empty even after I prayed to God for forgiveness. But He in His infinite mercy led me to this site and made me realize that I’ve been trying to fill holes in my life with porn.im 15 and I’m what people call a late bloomer ie ive not developed physically so I look younger than my age. That has made me struggle with self esteem and makes me feel like no boy would ever love me. I’ve never had a boyfriend not that I want one it’s just that I feel better when I know someone is in love with me. So in my depression about boys I tried to fill that with porn but glory be to God I’ve realized through this blog that I was trying to fill God’s agape love in my heart with boy love so I can feel special but now I realize that I was already special since when I was born and even became more special after accepting Jesus so praises be to God I thank Him for using this blog as a vessel to show me all this and I ask for His grace not to return to porn ever again and never to try and fill His love with any other type of mortal love because I know somewhere there is a special person waiting for me thank God and thank you all may God bless you and don’t forget to put me in your prayers as I will try to do the same thank you God bless

  21. Help! I dont understand what this devotional means for me. I cry every night now feeling so empty. I dont understand how to apply this devotional.

  22. I love this, definitely what I needed 🙂

  23. Grace Nyagah says:

    Awesome Article 😊

  24. I was feeling the same way not at peace.I. tried fasting asking to be shown a better way if I did I would give a testimony. I woke the next morning with a feeling up enlightenment it was on my heart that what I was trying to find was Jesus the whole only Jesus could fill that void

  25. Im so thinkful that he forgivness is sweet as the morning dew and į love my Jesus for everything he has done in my life į give him praise 🙂

  26. Cynthia says:

    I have been saved for over 20 years, and for the last three years I feel like my connection to God is lost. I have a void, I feel nothing. I don’t pray like I use to, nor do I read my bible anymore. I don’t understand how I allowed myself to get to this place in my life. I am angry at myself. All these years serving God faithfully and look at me now. I feel lost. I love my Lord, don’t understand why this is happenung to me.

  27. please help me understand, I am separated and about to be divorced for the third time. My heart is broken and I have begged my wife and God for warmth, affection, and affirmation and I have received none.
    you wrote that” his love and acceptance and affirmation could fill me”, and, “until God’s acceptance is enough nothing would be” but if he fills my empty places how could he not be enough. Also where does it say that the woman at the well drank deeply and was filled” ?

  28. Catalina Brown says:

    I loved this devotion message but I wish in the end it would include a small message of how to be saved that a reader that might not be saved be lead to be saved.

  29. Im currently living with a giant hole in my soul, im seperated from my wife and my two vhildren due to past mistakes. I spend my days doing everything i can to fill the hole, i eat insane amounts of food i struggle with porn and ive been taking an erb called kratom to relax me but nothing will make the hole go away, i talk with God frequently and i have victiry over my sins on and off kust like everbody but he has yet to fill the desires of my heart…i dont k ow what to do, i feel like God must not want me to be happy

    • James 4, Matthew 10:35; Hebrews 12:11 may be helpful… I also tried to fill my hole with people and food, it only makes it worse. What helped: Realizing “God did not create me for happiness, but for holiness”–i.e., seeking HIS HAPPINESS–surrendering my selfish cravings (idols) to serve Him by loving and teaching others about Him ends up making me happy (sharing in His joy and even His suffering:-). I tend to His business, He tends to my needs and gives me the desires of His heart and mine–to see others delivered from the same pit and brought into the kingdom of Christ’s love and freedom… God bless!

  30. Well I just got a empty feeling and just being numb. Until my soul becomes nothing. I get tired of reading the bible and still get nowhere. I guess God has special place in heart for some his creations but not all of them. But that numb feeling when you finally reached that point. You just don’t care about anything or anyone. Money does make the feeling go away for a while. Now I’m just waiting for the end.

  31. Aaron Wright says:

    I feel like a have no soul and it losing itself every day.

  32. I really want to be filled with the Holy Spirit and God to fill all the empty places in my heart I’ve Prayed and Cried

  33. Jennifer says:

    I do not know how to identify what is emptiness, but I have experienced it from time to time. God showed me an emotional hole last night, so I started to do my research, and then I came across your article. It has given me a whole new insight to my own feelings. By God’s grace, love and prayer, I am learning to overcome it. Thank you and God bless.

  34. Norma Jimenez says:

    God please answer me and heal me

  35. I came across your site while seeking scripture on God’s promise to healing, when you know he has abswered,what is blocking the process, is it me? My story is long so Ill break it down, after a life of alcohol and drugs, being diagnosed with RA, attracting mersa while in the hospital, God pulled me through. However, the side effects from the meds have led to a loud nonstop hissing in my ears, head? I have been relying on opiates to help wth the,RA pain and to help me handle the stress from the “tinnitus” I’ve gotten relief here and there believing in God to restore my mind and body from the damage done over the past 30 years. That said. I’ve stopped using drugs aside what the doc gives me for pain mostly. I know I have to give it to him all of it but it so hard to believe he has forgiven me and he will restore me. I feel guilty for taking the opiates to sleep and keep ne calm and I’m afraid God will not heal my ears if I Continue. Is this just the devil making me feel I’m not worthy of God blessings or will he walk me through the fire and take these aids from me where I will not need them. I’m fighting for my life, I’m Devoted to God thanking him everyday to fill my empty places with his love and promise of salvation.

  36. You have made some really great points here. I hope numerous people are able to acquire access to this information. This is great quality of writing is deserving of attention.

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