Living a Drama-Free Life

Living a Drama-Free Life

April 5, 2017

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

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I remember the evening I started living a new opening act.

My mother, who suffers from chronic back pain, had just undergone major back surgery. I hadn’t heard from her since the surgery, although I texted and left messages — with her and my brother, who lived nearby and was checking on her at the hospital. I received a few jumbled text messages from her that made no sense at all, and got a call from her cell phone in which no one responded on the other end.

I reminded myself my brother would call me if there were need for alarm, and that God was in control of the situation.

Three days after Mom’s surgery, I finally heard her voice. But I could barely tell it was her. She called at 9 p.m. (midnight her time) and struggled to talk, telling me she was in excruciating pain. She said she’d been given pain medication, but the doctor wasn’t allowing any more of it for several hours.

She called to say she didn’t think she could make it through the night.

My first instinct was to react emotionally. I thought about demanding to talk to the nurse and insisting my mother get the meds she needed. I thought of calling my brother and chewing him out for not responding to the situation or taking care of it in person. I thought of venting to my husband and daughter about what was going on with my extended family.

But instead, I paused and realized that rather than escalating the drama in three different locations, I could ask for God’s wisdom to respond in a way that glorified Him.

So I prayed, Help me, Lord, to know what to say to Mom in this moment. Then I told my mom how badly I felt she was in such pain, prayed for her and asked God to “still the storm” and to be her Peace, Provider, Protector and Physician through the night.

My mom calmed down, told me she loved me and hung up the phone. And I did something new. I didn’t call each of my siblings and talk of the “drama” I’d just experienced with Mom. I didn’t recount the situation to my own family so they’d know all I had gone through. Instead, I thanked the Lord quietly that through His help, Mom was comforted, the two of us drew closer together, and the drama was diffused.

At that moment I realized a new day had dawned: With Christ living in me, I CAN be drama-free!

For years, I believed I was stuck in a cycle of dysfunction because of how I was raised to deal with my emotions. But because of the “new person” I am in Christ, and the wisdom He provides when I call upon Him, I can have a new opening act — one in which I respond maturely, rather than react emotionally, when circumstances start to overwhelm me.

When I die to my identity (Galatians 2:20) and start identifying with Christ, my emotions are no longer central. My opinions don’t rule. My perceived rights are not absolute.

My emotions, opinions and rights are His, and He expresses Himself through me. Therefore, His response becomes my response and His actions become my actions. Instead of “I blew it again,” it becomes a matter of “I surrender again.” It’s a matter of thinking — or saying aloud — I’m Yours, God, for whatever You have in mind.

The easiest way to be drama-free is to be free of me. Free of myself and filled up with the Person of Christ. Only then can I realize the Greater Story is the One in which He becomes more and I become less.

Lord, thank You for the newness of life that is possible through Christ. Thank You, too, that wisdom is just a prayer away so I can respond to situations maturely, instead of reacting emotionally. Help me live a drama-free life that’s focused on You and Your truth, not me, my opinions or emotions. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

John 3:30, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (NIV)

James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” (NIV)

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In what area of your life do you most need God’s wisdom to respond maturely, rather than react emotionally? Surrender it to Him now and experience His peace.

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  1. Judy S. says:

    Thank you so much for this today. This has been my way of responding to life around me too. But not any more. Thank you for sharing and showing me my life can be victorious through Jesus without drama too.God bless.

  2. Erin Schulman says:

    Just read the devotional on drama free life. It was relevant to my personal story about an ongoing relationship with my middle daughter who just tonight mentioned she did not want to deal with my drama on the night before she goes to Paris with my 10 year old grand daughter. I just wanted details about their trip but she was icy cold towards me I thought, and didn’t want to tell me anything. I then opened my mouth and told her I felt she didn’t treat Mesa a mom and she said”dad and you have never really been parents and that it’s always been that way” and she didn’t want to deal with the drama!! Help!🙏I then opened my email or FB and there the devotional was!! Thank you

    • Erin, I just love the way God gives us just what we need for what we are going through at the moment. That’s His way of saying “I know, I care, and I can help you with this as you trust Me.” I know that drama from our kids really hurts, but God can use it to draw you closer to Himself and eventually to your daughter as well. Pray for her heart to soften and God will work through this.

  3. Sandra A McLaughlin says:

    I am having a lot of different emotions right now.
    I have been having these different emotions for a long time and they are wearing me out. I have bipolar and I do take medication for it. The medications do help but The emotions get the better of me most of the time.

    I love all the emails that you and your friends send to me everyday. Thanks for all that you do.

    • GODONLYKNOWS says:

      Dear Lord, Touch Sandra, Mind, body, and soul. Flood her with a peace that passes all understanding. Satan, We bind you by the Blood of Jesus. You have no Authority over this vessel of the Lords. Be GONE! The emotions that rock Sandra’s life. Let a cool wind of the freshness of the Holy Spirit be enriched over Sandra. In Jesus Name, Amen.

      From this day forward, let the chains that are holding you Sandra be gone. Set down and pray when you feel any inkling that the emotions are going to start creeping back in. You are a child of Christ. If you press into him he will press in you.
      King James Bible Hosea 6:3
      Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the LORD: his going forth is prepared as the morning; and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth

  4. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I need to live a drama free life, sounds like this book would help me do that.

  5. This helped me place my emotions in check. I will love to have a copy especially as I have a lot happening in my life right now.

  6. Becky Shrewsbury says:

    I just read this. Right now im dealing with something in my life. About whats best for all. I want to do whats right but im torn between my personal family and extended family. Im praying God will let me know what is right and noble soon. Id love to read this book. Maybe there is something that im missing. I hope im one of the 5 that recieves this book, if not id like to know where to find it. Thank you for sharing this today.

  7. Uwimana Middleton says:

    This article /devotion had my name all over it.. I have really got to say that this hit home for me. Thank you for such a relevant and timely word of encouragement.

  8. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I need to live a drama free life, sounds like this book would help me do that. My friend has breast cancer so I’ve been driving her to the hospital and Dr visits, shopping, helping with meals. My Sister is bipolar, diabetic, has insomnia. It’s hard to stay out of the drama and just be caring.

    • Ministering to those caught up in their own drama–bless you, Joann.

      How to do it without making their drama your own? Make prayer your first response. Pray before you connect with your friend and your sister. Breathe a quick prayer before you respond to something they say. Maybe even pray out loud for them, just a single sentence: “Lord, wrap my dear sister in the security blanket of your love.” “Lord, push aside my friend’s fear for the future and grant her a flash of happiness today.”

      In the drama-free quiet of your own home, Joann, ask the Spirit to guide you to a Bible for each of these women, to pray it over them whenever you are feeling stressed . . . Perhaps the good thoughts of Philippians 4:8 (“May she dwell on whatever is lovely, admirable and praiseworthy”) or the peace of Isaiah 55:12 (“Lead her in peace, Lord. May she go out in joy.”).

      • Patricia says:

        Thank you Shirlee I needed to hear that as well. Pat

      • Shirlee- wise words, wise counsel. Much appreciated this morning. Joann – thank you for ministering to those with their own drama. I feel your pain as I walk a similar path. I am learning (ever so slowly) to lovingly disconnect a little and take time to care for me, too. God bless!

      • You said the right words, making it your own drama. Which I have done numerous of times especially with my mom and a younger cousin. I always have to let my husband know about it too and I need to stop that too. I am learning to set boundaries. Nothing more silly and crazy when my husband and I debate over someone else drama.

    • Joann, I can relate to you as I am also dealing with trying to be a “good” friend to someone who suffers from depression. I felt so hopeless the other day as we talked on the phone and she seemed so hopeless and desperate for somebody to care. I felt inadeuqate, too busy trying to get my errands done, and not in the “mood” for this. Then I remembered this devotion, and I siliently prayed for God to give me the needed words and a caring heart. He answered immediately by telling me to pray out loud w/her, so I did. It calmed us both down and filled her with hope and peace. Hopefully, this was a good reminder of the power of prayer in these situations. And yes, I was able to “let go” of the drama and not be drawn into it afterwards. I pray the same for you!

  9. Thank you

    • thank you I believe most of us are in need if this if we will admit it accepting and changing our course of action.

  10. Such a timely message, thank you! I am struggling with anxiety related to work, and often try to take back my fears and doubts from the altar. Ugh. I have all that I need, am loved, and yet why all the drama… I would love a copy of this book.

    Thank you, and God bless you

  11. Kim Hatch says:

    This is so true. I get caught up in the emotions and totally forget that the power of God is just a prayer away.

  12. We live in a “high drama” society that strongly encourages us to have a Jerry Springer Show type of response to the things that happen to us. It is not good for us and allows some of the most unattractive parts of our human nature to be exposed. Living the biblical drama free life, promotes health and glorifies God. We can be an example of Jesus through how we respond in any given situation. It takes prayer and practice, but in the end, everyone involved will benefit by practicing and actually living the biblical drama free life 🙂

    • Mary in NH says:

      Wow, Maxine, you nailed it. I teach in a middle school setting and can’t believe the show some students put on when we ask them to “do something against their will;-)”
      Often you meet the parents and see that they respond similarly. It’s one thing to vent, but today it’s ok to suck everyone within earshot into your drama. People don’t want to listen, be slow to speak/anger.

      • I too am a middle school teacher. Drama is the teenager’s middle name and sad to say they to it on a daily basis with media and family life. becomes so.overwhelming we need to just breathe and pray.Peace, patience, and prayers to you.

      • How do you remain joyful as a middle school teacher? I’m a teacher and every day is filled with drama. I really don’t like the person I’very become. I feel like I am reacting instead of responding to the drama my students bring into the classroom. Please pray for teachers. We deal with so much in today’s culture.

        • I am a retired teacher. The last decade of my career was the toughest. Too many children live scary, unsafe lives that are beyond our imaginations. I discovered the more I prayed for my students the more I understood them and the better I responded to their drama. I still pray for ‘my kids’ (past students) and I will pray for you, as I pray for my teacher friends that are still in classrooms.

        • Lord Jesus, wrap these teachers up in Your arms and give them the peace and presence of Your Holy Spirit to calm their emotions, guide their decisions, and fill them with joy. Thank You for their hard work, their diligence, and their opportunity to make a difference in these kids’ lives. Thank You that You can take all this drama they experience daily and work it for good in their lives by making these sweet teachers more like Your Son. In Christ’s name, Amen.

          • Thank you Cindi (and my retired friend) for your prayersupport. I sensed God’s presence in the classroom yesterday. I talked with my students about having a less contentious atmosphere. Please pray that I would be joyful and would relax and truly enjoy my students more. Pray that they would not be the object of contempt, but of love. Thank you.

    • PREACH!!!!

  13. Thea Weber says:

    I have been asking God to help me with the drama in my life. Receiving your message in my inbox this morning was His answer, I am sure. I am exhausted and weary because of the drama in my life and I think my friends and colleagues are too. In all honesty if I could avoid me, I would. This is my life and I need a new way of dealing with the stress of it, telling everybody is not doing me or them good. I need to learn how to praise Him in the drama, how to thank him for the answers to the drama, how to help others in their drama….Thank you for the opportunity

  14. Jen Martin says:

    What a powerful reminder that Jesus is my source for life and godliness. He is my wisdom and the fruit of the Spirit so desperately necessary each moment of my life. Thank you.

  15. Karen Eskew says:

    Definitely trying to get to a more dramatic free life…Almost there if I can get the mind and emotions to even out…

  16. Sherise Blackman says:

    I really needed to hear this message this morning! Thank you and God bless

  17. Thank you for your calming advice. Necessary thoughts for difficult times like we have today.

  18. Awesome

  19. Jessica L Mullins says:

    Thanks for speaking right to my situation. I feel like I’m in a constant struggle to keep my emotions ìn check, especially when I feel frustrated or get overwhelmed. You’ve reminded me that God is in control and a simple prayer asking for wisdom will steady the ship.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. It serves as a great reminder that rather than allowing our emotions to control us, we should pray and turn our situations over to God. Life is far too short to be embroiled in negative emotions or drama-filled circumstances. The Lord desires for us to live in peace and harmony. We can’t control how others choose to behave, but we are always in control of how we respond. Each time we choose remaining calm over engaging in drama, we strengthen ourselves spiritually, and serve as an example for those wrapped up in conflicts. Kindness is always the best answer. Your words really hit home for me.

  21. Christine says:

    Drama – it actively pursues me in my life. Can’t ever seem to get away from it. This devotion was needed so much right now. I try to keep emotions in check but it’s prayer that refocuses on Him, His word, His peace that carries me through this life… I pray this for all of you too…

  22. Yes thanks for your encouragement.
    5 years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and it was life threatening as the levels was very high. I was being put on high dose thyroid medications. Many side effects set in and I was feeling terrible. I kept asking God”why me” I must admit, I did blame God that time in many occasions. In one of my daily devotions, I began to realised that God has his reasons and purposes. In just 9 months, God healed me miraculously and I have since been lifted from the drugs .I remembered my Endocrinologist told me that usually patients need to take the drugs for up to 2 years or more. God also perform many miracles in my life since then. Praise God for His wonderful works. Ever since, I have been sharing my testimony to people who need encouragement.

  23. Kathy Pierce says:

    I had just had a drama fuelled conversation with my daughter when I read your article in Christianity online. Will definitely get the book

  24. This message was a direct answer to prayer. I was wrestling all night about a serious family issue and at 4am checked my phone and saw the title of this devotion. Talk about tears flowing when a prayer is answered so succinctly! Thank you and God bless.

  25. Sarah dewalle says:

    Beautiful message!!! Came at just the right time. Thankyou!!!!

  26. Deanna Fazzolari says:

    Would be such a blessing to win a free copy of this book.
    I know that God goes before us in every situation and circumstance, and He has a plan for our lives.
    But, my husband and I both struggle daily while seeing our two special needs children, who are now very young adults, struggle continually with life/socialization/debilitating sensory issues,pain,insomnia,anxieties,depression,allergies, isolation….
    Very painful to watch and feel helpless and hopeless through the storms.
    God’s healing touch, in Jesus name. Amen.

  27. Tammy Dyer says:

    I am having major back surgery today. I needed to hear this….God’s got this! Blessings!

    • GODONLYKNOWS says:

      Dear Lord, Touch Tammy. Bless her with your anointing of healing. Let the Holy Spirit flood her that she will be delivered from what pain she has been experiencing. Let the Hand of the Lord show a True Miracle in her life as she deals with the surgery, and the recovery. Let the words of her mouth give complete utterance to the glory of what will be a healing and deliverance from you Oh Lord! in your precious name Amen.

  28. Bev Wiley says:

    Wow I so needed to hear this. Would love the book!!!

  29. Samukelisiwe says:

    This devotion makes alot sense. Im in a space where im quick to share how im feeling than to first tell it to God in prayer. So we give praises to God for Cindy’s devotion and her sharing this wisdom. Indeed I will apply this to my life.

  30. Denise M Ferguson says:

    I truly need this book in my life!

  31. Dawn Malone says:

    This devotional truly hits home… As I am slowly but surely relying on God to keep me in check in drama situations… sometimes we have to make instantaneous decisions particularly conversation with close family members. As I navigate The waters after my father’s death and living with my mom, I am finding such peace in relying on God when the situation could become stressful. I am reminded about choosing my words carefully many times in response to my precious daughter. I so love how God loves us right through these difficult times.

  32. Crystal says:

    Thank you for your devotional today. it seems like I’m getting lots of discipleship/mentoring in the area of “self” lately and i know that’s not a coincidence. It’s time to stop being me centered, and learn to be God centered!

  33. Sayward MacInnis says:

    This was good for me- I find myself venting a lot and unnecessarily.

    • GODONLYKNOWS says:

      Sayward, one has to vent to let the emotions of what is rocking our life, not bring an inner physical pain. But one has to be very very careful with how we vent. Many times we can give the devil a foothold and vent in an unpleasing way. Or we can anoint ourselves and say Lord help my mind, body, soul, and tongue on what would be only a sweet melody of venting to only you. To when we vent to others it shows the inner harbor of how we are truly feeling about the situation with Jesus love.

  34. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I would like to share this book with my daughter.

  35. Elizabeth Pipkins says:

    Need this book!!

  36. Colleen Burns says:

    This is a great reminder of how to cope with a situation I’m in. Thank you, Cindi!

  37. Christine says:

    I get so tired of the drama of everyone around me. I forget that I add to the drama with my own…..

  38. Monica De Lozadapadin says:

    Thank you, this was timelyand a blessing.

  39. Many times I have heard or read those verses. This is so practical. Stop the drama. Irs so natural for us to continue the drama. Lord, give me strength to look to you always to your m8ghty wisdom and your loving kindness.

  40. Annadotts says:

    Excellent meditation. It reminds me that God never intended for us to live this life without Him. Lord help me to decrease and you increase so that “the drama” can be left to the side of the road. Thanks for to-day timely encouragement.

  41. I feel that the past 2,5 years in particular have been quite dramatic. I even mentioned to a few friends that I thought high school drama period of life was over a long time ago and I am too old for this kind of stuff. Instead, I desire to live in peace and harmony. Is this too much to ask for? 🙂
    I’d love to achieve a drama free life in my personal life and also in my current work environment. And, therefore, I’d love to read your book and learn from it.

  42. Roberta B Cousar says:

    Would love to have this book to read and share with others.

  43. Thank you for the reminder that my drama adds to the situation.

  44. Paula Bachman says:

    In February my dad passed away and my youngest sibling is always very drama and emotional. This book would help me to deal with her in the right lovingly and godly way especially since I really haven’t take to her since she returned home after the funeral, I just can’t handle her drama.

  45. melissa s says:

    I’m going through a tough time and today’s devotional seemed to be for me. I want to learn to live a drama free and relying on God life. I don’t want to react emotionally to the hurt that I feel.

  46. Christie Wood says:

    Thank you for relaying His word to me at the perfect time.This is a major area in my life that i struggle with, to not give in to my emotions when faced with stress and trouble, the learning to “be still and know that He is God.” I pray to Him daily to help me with He spoke to me thru your words and i am grateful as it is ongoing battle.
    God Bless

  47. This is such a great reminder for me! I would love to read the book because I could certainly use some help in learning to respond rather than react to the chaos! Thank you!

  48. I have been struggling with living in my emotions and God has been working on me in this area. Very difficult to to not get caught up in the situation and let my emotions take over. My young daughter is starting to handle things the same way. How do you stop this cycle? Need this today!

    • GODONLYKNOWS says:

      By Praying and getting delivered. There are many things that can be passed down one generation from another. Our emotions and how we react can be one emotion passed down to our children. It needs to be broken. Just like so many other things we do that we would want to break. Start by praying. Asking for a healing and a deliverance. Then sit down with your daughter and have a heart to heart talk and explain where you have set a bad example, and a new example needs to be done with the help and blood of Jesus giving a newness in both of you.. Prepare yourself with scriptures that show on how you can break the generational examples. How you can be refreshed with the Lord. Learn to stop, wait, listen, and review the situation before you react. Ask the Holy Spirit to renew you daily. This can be done. I know how I was delivered from the generational of emotions being passed down from one generation to another. Biggest thing is to keep pressing into the Lord. Would you want to vent it to the Lord on what emotions you are venting to man? Three to one the answer would be no!

  49. Katharine Heinkel says:

    Perfect for me and my drama filled life!

  50. Yvonne Simmons says:

    On my journey it was difficult at points in time, to get me out of the way and let go and let God. The closer and deeper my relationship became, what I now call a deep,abiding relationship with Him. My daily prayer is that His Will be done in my life as I submit and surrender my will each day. Oh, what a relief it is. All praise,honor and glory to Him.

  51. Nanci Dunton says:

    Your devotion spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you for your insight to just one facet of our wonderful Lord!

  52. Mona Riggs says:

    Let His response be my response

  53. Glenna Parks says:

    Today’s message provided a real world situation that I am able to apply to my own. It reminds me to pause first, pray and think before responding.

  54. I REALLY needed this today! Yesterday was a drama filled day started by my little 1st graders but continued by me. Then there was more drama later at home with my teenage daughter. Thank you for reminding me to stop the drama and lean on the Lord. I’ve been so discouraged about things I can’t control and I really needed this gentle nudge to seek the Lord. I would love your book so I can learn more about being drama free.

  55. Paula H. says:

    Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

  56. Thanks for the reminder that life can be drama free! I would love to read your book. Thank you Lord for living in me so I can be drama free.

  57. Terisa Tengler says:

    Drama free is the way to be. Drama turns life into chaos. Making us worry and live in a way that is not to our full potential.

  58. Many at times, I don’t know what to say and what to do in difficult situations. Now, I have learnt that I need to talk to God , ask for His guidance, wisdom and trust that He will help me. Thank you for sharing.

  59. Paula Irwin says:

    I need to learn to respond and not to react. Thank you for sharing.

  60. Thanks for the Reminder He knows n we can trust Him

  61. Marlyn Leak says:

    Excellent article. God can change our lives as we surrender each area to him. If the son of man will set us free we shall be free indeed.

  62. I didn’t even realize that this is how I am until I read this. I put drama on others for no reason at all. What a great message.

  63. Shirley says:

    Wow! Just what I need …just when I need it! God is good all the time. My husband and I will celebrate our 47th anniversary this year…we are just new to the “retirement” scene though and talk about drama!! Oh, Lord, have mercy! I had just had some quiet time with the Lord and had said this very thing…less of me, Lord and more of You.

  64. Myrthlyn says:

    This devotion was a good read .the reminder that trusting and to deal with
    Every situation is important.

  65. Chadria Major-Thomas says:

    This is such a great reminder and sooo timely! As I step into a new year of my life I am reflecting on how I handle situations and how to best glorify God in my responses to stressful circumstances.
    In the past I have been led by my emotions and held captive by how I feel I’ve been treated or misunderstood. Allowing God the room to create in us a new heart, renew our minds and have the final say in our responses is a new form of freedom.
    Thank you for sharing this! Here’s to Living Drama Free!

  66. Karla Salsbury says:

    Would love for my family and myself to read!
    What a wonderful daily message! Thank you!

  67. Stephanie says:

    This is exactly what I needed. I have to learn how not to react in the flesh. This is so good.

  68. Traci L says:

    This past year my goal has been to be drama free. I take each thing as it happens and deal with it. I admit there are times that doesnt always work but then again I am not perfect. God loves me and the more I seek His will and His purpose in times of trouble the more at peace I am in a crises situation.

  69. Darlenr says:

    Such a blessing to read these messages

  70. Beth Hebets says:

    Wow, I never realized how much drama I’m involved with, alot of it is by my own emotions getting out of control … This sounds like an awesome book along with Scripture and time with God that can help me be free from all the drama. Thank you for writing it!! Blessings to you!!

  71. Gayle S says:

    Wise words to take to heart. At times I’m the drama and other times I’m reacting to someone else’s drama – thank you for the reminder that change is needed. Will be working on that!

  72. I SO needed this today – dealing with a situation where I was dragged into drama. I am trusting God to open eyes and hearts to end the drama. Thank you for using your words to speak to my heart today.

  73. Rebecca says:

    I often do react emotionally. God sure knew that I needed these words this morning. Thank you for sharing God’s truth. I am challenged today to ask God for wisdom in order to respond maturely towards my family. I definitely do need more of Him and less of me.

  74. Maureen says:

    Thank you for this message. I can and will surely put this to use in both my personal and professional interactions with people.

  75. Today’s devotion moved my spirit to self examination of my own unwise reactions to circumstances and an awareness that real change, wisdom and lasting peace come only from our most generous, loving Father God. Thank you for the blessing!

  76. Chrissy Gowers says:

    This devotion was so timely as only our Heavenly Father can be for me. I need to be drama free at work. I care so much about what I do but then I end up taking things too personal when they aren’t meant that way. Also I allow myself to get sucked into my kids drama and their grown!! Crazy right? Oh do I need your book!! Thank you for this devotion.

  77. Definitely needed this. My husband is so good at living drama free. He is always telling e to “let it go”. (I’m waiting on him to break out in a song:-) I want to try, with God’s help, to be drama free🙏🏻.

  78. Lord help me live a drama free life!

  79. Would love this book.

  80. Thank God He cares for me in the smallest of details! Just this morning before 5:30 I had spouted off to my husband, baby who wouldn’t sleep and my daughter who crawled into bed with us. Feeling poorly about my reactions can drive me to God or cause me to turn from Him. I’m so glad He always takes me back and offers forgiveness and a fresh start even before the alarm goes off!

  81. Once again, the Lord has spoken to me exactly the words I needed to hear at this moment. I just finished journaling my prayers, asking God to free me from my anxiety and helping me to run and cling to HIM rather than trying to fix situations on my own. This devotional hits the nail on the head… thank you, Cindi, for your words. You are a blessing! I cannot wait to read your book.

  82. Selena Herron says:

    This is great. I have so much drama in my life. I would love to live this way in my life. Thanks for the encouragement.

  83. Dee Hill says:

    Thank you! Really needed this today

  84. This message was perfectly timed! I blew it yesterday with my daughter. I responded without going to God first. The drama never ends. This message is very encouraging I I felt my spirit lift as I read it and prayed about it.

  85. Great post today. Would love to read your book.

  86. Thank you for your message. I needed this reminder of how to go to God with my emotions instead of loved ones. I would love a copy of your book.

  87. Thank you for sharing God’s word and your experiences. I needed to be reminded I am God’s child and he will direct my path and help me respond to any situation this life brings my way. He is my guide and protector.

  88. Sharon Honer says:

    I struggled for years with excessive anxiety because I was raised as a perfectionist and had low self-esteem because I was always trying to be perfect in man’s view. I came to know Christ at age 50 and my life has been completely changed. I still sometimes struggle with anxiety, but I now know I have Christ within me and He has been my Comforter. Thank you for your story. It really touched me. May God bless you abundantly as He has me.

  89. Donna Morris says:

    Thanks for this devotion. Very encouraging. Thats something I have been working on, is to remove the Drama out of my life. I can’t do it alone. God is in control.

  90. This devotion spoke to me in a large way. Such great truths!

  91. In our fast paced lives, it is so easy to react quickly and emotionally. We then automatically draw others into commiserate with us, drawing out the drama. Today’s devotional was such a reminder that in all situations we need to take a breath, seek wisdom and discernment, and then proceed. What starts as drama then turns into opportunity to minister and to show grace and through this be blessed.

  92. Lynette Lang says:

    Thank you for this timely teaching.

  93. This devotional was exactly what I needed. We are in the middle of moving.

  94. I would love this book!!
    Thank you!!

  95. Julie Carlyle says:

    I would love to have a copy. I know this struggle all to well.

  96. MaNesha says:

    What an in time message for my life. It’s 5:00am and I’m worrying about a weekly meeting with my boss that leaves me anxious in so many ways. My thoughts are filled with responses to questions that haven’t been asked, what if scenarios that haven’t happened, and comebacks that aren’t necessary. I was wondering what to pray for, and it’s very clear now. THANK YOU!

    • Brittany Grable says:

      MaNesha, I so relate to this. I have a habit of filling my thoughts with those same types of things- Comebacks to offenses that haven’t occurred and so many what-ifs. I pray that both of us learn to replace those thoughts with God’s wonderful truth and His promises!



  97. Drama seems to creep into everyone’s lives, including mine. Lately it seems to come with strength as work builds up and keeps me stressed. I pray it continues to work out and not become more dramatic and that God directs my path to what is best. I still feel confused about my decision to move here in the first place and know that I want to get back but don’t know how.

  98. Nearly blew it yesterday with my husband but thank God for the holy spirit and the works of the cross. The spirit is there to convict us of our sinfulness and indeed to comfort is. Amen.

  99. I pre-ordered this book this morning. I knew as soon as I read the heading of this devotion that God heard my prayer last night while I drove home from work. I am a drama queen who will say almost anything to create drama and its disguised as being everyone’s friend. I’m ashamed and so tired of not being the Peace…the Shalom…God’s messenger to the people around me. Instead I actively add to the drama so I fit in. I’m too old for this; I’m not the woman I thought I would be at 54 years of age. Today is a new day and God will take it from here. Thank you for this devotional that starts my day one.

    • Brittany Grable says:

      Lord, I lift up Tammye to You. I thank you for her honesty. I thank you for convicting her to change this aspect of her life, to become more like You. I pray that you send her a support system of friends and family that will point her to You, that will challenge her to lift her thoughts towards You instead of creating drama. I pray that You create in her a pure heart, that she may be more like you. That this change you are inspiring within her leads to more and more transformation, and not just in Tammye’s life, but in the lives of those around her. I thank you for this dear sister in Christ.


  100. Joanne McConnery says:

    Drama free! With the day to day challenges of being a wife and mother raising 3 girls, and working full time, it seems hardly a day goes by without drama if some kind. Drama free always seemed like a dream. After reading your article perhaps it’s a possibility. Thank you.

  101. Vickie Stokes says:

    Thank you I needed to read this today.

  102. Yvette Graham says:

    Living drama free life devotional was God sent this morning.I hve a friend who have,drama all around him,for Wht I can tell yes of it.I havnt talk with this person in over 30 yrs.Just found them own face book(Gods divine timing).I have been encouraging to seek the face of God,to learn to submit all things to him first instead of out your Emotions.So I know this article was from God,for me this morning he heard my cry for a friend.thank you again I will be sharing with him

  103. Elizabeth Okumu says:

    This post has struck my heart, am argumentative and try to push my opinions,making emotional decisions.This escalates to a full blown drama, ,deteriorating to offense being taken.
    I regret later, I need wisdom to pause,pray and respond maturely to still the storm as a leader.

    To surrender and die to self

  104. Thank you! This was like reading about my own life. I so much want to become emotionally mature and not handle situations from my flesh but from the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing.

  105. Kelly Hall says:

    Thank you!

  106. Rebekah Valdez says:

    This devotional speaks directly to me, especially with current events in our family. My daughters hacve called me “drama queen” and they are teenagers. Controlling my emotions and “reactions” has always been a struggle for me and has caused some trouble in my adult life. I want to be a better example for my girls.

  107. Wow. My mom is in the hospital right now and this spoke directly to me and my situation. I have felt responsible for her, her health and her happiness for as long as I can remember. This is a great message to help me understand that it’s God who is in control, not me. And I need to seek his wisdom and grace in every situation. Relying on and reacting to my emotions doesn’t work any more. Trusting in God does.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  108. I would love to read this book. Emotionally reacting to situations does nothing but cause distress.

  109. Melody Williams says:

    I want to learn to be drama free and practice the verse “he must become greater; I must become less”. Thank you.

  110. Would love a new book!

  111. I often am ruled by my emotions. Thank you for this practical example of dying to self.

  112. Thank you for this convicting devotional!
    “He must become greater; I must become less.” John 3:30

  113. Penni Howard says:

    This spoke volumes of how I react to situations, It will be nice to work on this in God name. Thank you!

  114. Cheryl Jones says:

    This is exactly what I needed this morning. Much too often I welcome drama into my life and then fall apart when “me” isn’t enough to fix everyone and everything. I call my mom or my friends and whine about inconveniences on a daily basis when I should be crying out to Jesus. Thank you for this!

  115. After a challenging day at work yesterday, this devotional really help to put things in perspective sprinkled with conviction. I struggle with living the drama-free life, especially at work right now.

  116. Jenny M. says:

    I have lived a life of chaos and drama that has made me tired. Thank you for this new insight. I pray through the grace of God that I can learn a new way of living drama- free.

  117. Christine Lee says:

    Thank you! Just at the right time I saw this devotional about living a drama free life! I am the one who picks up the phone first to tell my sister the latest, then I pray. Boy do I that wrong! Praying is where I need to go first, thank you for that reminder!

  118. I should could use lots of help in this area. Living drama free would be so wonderful.

  119. Nicole Benjamin says:

    I need God’s wisdom in my marriage. How to respond when my husband isn’t feeling well due to symptoms of heart disease, but clothes need washed, our son needs us, dinner needs fixed and I just got home from work.
    I need wisdom in how to handle with grace “in sickness”.
    I agree learning to pray and leaving it there is best. Not sharing my woes with my sister circle to vent but give it all to Jesus.

  120. Kim Evans says:

    I needed this today. Thank you so much! As soon as I am able I am going to read the book. I definitely can benefit from that.

  121. Wow, not until I read your devo did I realize what a drama i gave going in my life! Reading and putting things into prospective, ASKING God first… a dad, what was I thinking? Thank you for your wuse, Gid given thiughts and time. I would love your book!

  122. Mary Scobey says:

    I would love to win!!!

  123. I really think this book would speak a lot of truth into my life & the things we deal with because of family.

  124. I struggle with this on the daily. It’s such human nature to let drama take over our lives. This is going to be my new strategy in life: praying for wisdom before I speak! Controlling the tongue can be hard but it is possible with the Lord by our sides.

  125. Thank you for teaching me how to live a worry free life by surrendering every problem to God who can give us peace and wisdom of how to respond.

  126. Wow. Thank you. I needed that today!

  127. Jennye Lumpkin says:

    I really liked your devotional. I would greatly enjoy having a copy of your book.

  128. Thank you. I needed that today!

  129. Mitch Marcinauskis says:

    Thank you for your witness about dealing with your moms pain and how you chose to comfort her instead of reacting… thank you for helping me realize I don’t “have to” share what I might be going through.. I need to die to myself and live in Christ…

  130. Joyce King says:

    Thank you for this convicting devotion. This was me on yesterday at work. I involved someone else by emotionally reacting. When I needed to be still, pray and let God.

  131. This hit home. My family has become Drama Central. Sisters against sisters. Mothers against daughters and younger generation cousins fighting and not speaking. at wits send. I am tired of trying to be the Peacemaker.

  132. Thanks for this devotional. Through a recent situation I am learning to “be still” and pray instead of talk to others and stir things up. I would love to read the book for myself and gain wisdom to my middle school daughter.

  133. Maggie Youssef says:

    Wow! This blog post opened my eyes to the fact that I do somehow thrive on the drama and react emotionally to situations. I need to read this book and would love to win it. Less of me, more of Him!

  134. Sarah Morgan says:

    I know it’s very hard to live a drama-free life but knowing God is in control and with us, helps a lot.

  135. Susan J says:

    These verses ministered to my heart this morning and brought clarity, hope, and an action plan into the devastating situation I am coming through. God is alive and faithful! Hallelujah!

  136. Thank you!!

  137. Camellia R Goldspink says:

    I think was awakened just to read this devotion! It was sooo good and so completely described my hearts cry in this season as I lost my sister to cancer last Monday and go to help my family lay her to rest this Friday. I am so interested and truly am in need of reading this book. I do pray your mom recovered and is well now. Thank you for a chance.

  138. Well your devotion regarding drama couldn’t have come at a better time! I just prayed about it last night. So much going on in my life right now and I need to let God handle it. I need to respond how He would.

    Thank you. I’d love to read your book!

  139. Debbie Gruger says:

    I need this when dealing with my son lately. He knows exactly how to push my buttons and before I know it I’m upset with everyone.

  140. Brandie Whitehurst says:

    Wow…this one hit me between the eyes. I like to share things with others that is going on that is really considered drama even though I didn’t consider it to be. This has shifted my thinking in this area. Thank you for sharing this! I cannot wait to read your book about this subject!

  141. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for this devotion today! It is exactly what I needed. With a sixteen year old daughter, everything is laced with drama in our household. And a situation with another family member has made me want to act out in emotion! But giving it to God and letting Him handle it is the right way! Again thank you for this! God Bless!

  142. This was such an encouraging reminder that I need to let God go to work in an area I struggle in, rather than trying to ‘fix me’ on my own as I have been. Thank you!

  143. Thank for this. I have always struggled with controlling my emotions, at times even getting mad at God for giving me such strong ones, and this gives me a different way to think about how to learn to pause and pray before any type of outward emotional reaction.

  144. Thank you so much for this devotion! It sounds like your mom is a Christian and your prayer comforted her. What if the family member is not a Christian and they are not interested in prayers? As a Christian I can still pray for God’s wisdom to say the right thing at that moment.

  145. I needed this today as I have a meeting with a teacher today. Praying all goes well.

  146. Marilyn Missler says:

    Thank you for this message. My emotions run over me all the time and I needed this word today!

  147. Noreen Markham says:

    As I set in prayer this morning at 5am no words could have been more comforting or fitting than yours.
    Thank you so much for the writing.

  148. Ann Krouse says:

    Great article!

  149. Lauren C says:

    Oh how I needed this today! My emotions get the best of me and I too, sometimes have drama with my mother. I want to speak through Him, and not ME. How wonderful it is that Christ does this for us. Thank you so much for this devotional!

  150. Anne L. says:

    Thank you for this. I am still learning how to get Jesus in every part of my life, and I never realized what a drama queen I have been. My natural instinct has always been to light fires, to get things done and fix things on my own.
    This has opened my eyes to what I should be doing.

  151. Bethany Marker says:

    Very encouraging! Let go of the drama and let God be in control! Amen!!

  152. Christine wells says:

    Oh my, several weeks ago God spoke to my heart & said, “lay down your identity & take up mine!” Then at work I had to move from the machine I was at to another machine because I couldn’t stand all the drama in the area it was causing me to react with drama. After reading your devotion my eyes have been open to what God was really trying to tell me. Ty. for sharing.

  153. Deborah Wilson says:

    This was just for me. Just the other day my emotions took over and I created the drama. Wow, what great timing this devotion was. I pray instead of drama, I can/ will react with calm and the peace that only God can give.

  154. Betsy Coakley says:

    I would love to win your book!

  155. Ruth Coleman-Maranda says:

    You give such good/great advice in a format that I can apply to my life. Thank you.

  156. Sherri Weaks says:

    Loved your message on loosing Tha drama and the way you handled the phone call with your mom. Thanks for sharing.

  157. I thank God for placing that message on your heart to share today. There is a lot of DRAMA in my marriage these days. Yesterday I wanted to share my story with my closet girlfriend but just didn’t get the chance. After reading the post I know now I’m was suppose to because God is all I need to help me get through it. Instead of sharing today I’m going to pray. Thanks again

  158. Morgan Herndon says:

    What a timely devotional. Emotions can be so overwhelming, but I can surrender them. Even that seems overwhelming! Lord go before me, guiding me in Your ways, not mine. Thank you for your message of hope, Cindi!

  159. Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love this devotional, and I wrote it in my journal almost word for word so I can reflect back on it whenever I want! This is one of the things I deal with daily; learning to live a drama-free life. I came from an abusive relationship, and I spent most of my life expressing myself emotionally and out-right childish. I rededicated my life to the Lord about a year and a half ago, and I am striving to live and act and be as Christ would want me to be, and to stay calm in my storms!! I pray daily that I may see others with His eyes, and to have His compassion. I want others, including my family, to see Jesus in me, NOT ME! Thank you for this beautiful devotion!

  160. Linda Farrow says:

    Hank uou for this! Yesterday I got an awakening that I am not the one in control of my emotions and will do better today and all the days to come. Would love this book as a reminder!!

  161. Wonderful read!! Thank you Proverbs31 for always being salt and light for me!

  162. Nixida Roque says:

    I thank the Lord for this timely answer and this ministry! How wonderful to know He is always there…
    Isaiah 61:3
    to appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning,
    he garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.

  163. Gail Williams says:

    This encouragement was exactly what I needed today. I have just come to terms over recently being scammed by some one I thought cared for me. It is heart breaking and humiliating. I thought I was trying to listen to God, but I got all my mixed up. Now I need to start a new again.

  164. Lisa S. Cullen says:

    Loved this devotion! I have been struggling with frustration with my 12 going to be 13 year old daughter. I am a singled mother and an elementary school teacher. I haven’t cussed since having my daughter and finding God, but the last year to year and a half, I find my frustration escalates out of my mouth at my daughter. Each morning I pray that I won’t cuss and within moments of my daughter awaking, my frustration gets me. I have been working on it, but have been struggling so bad. This devotion was very good. Thanks so much for sharing.

  165. Sherri Russo says:

    This message truly hit home with me today as I anticipate a trip to be with my family for my mothers surgery. I have been praying for wisdom and guidance today’s devotion has shown me I am in the right track and following his word. I am trying to incorporate the drama free life in every aspect of my day to day activities, including family and work. I want to be the example for those around me. I have non believers that I interact with daily that try to keep drama alive and well, and my ground and focus is steadfast in my savior.

  166. Thank you for sharing this timely message. My fri d just told me to pause and pray. Sometimes I feel the need to “present my case” when there’s no need for it all. God already knows and I only need to talk to Him.

  167. I respond emotionally when my husband and I disagree.

  168. Suprina Speller says:

    I would certainly love to learn how to live A drama free life. From as far back as I can remember, there’s been nothing but dreams in my life. It seems like a daily basis and almost like it’s normal. I want to be free;

  169. Betty Lynn says:

    Great stuff. So good to be reminded of the unhealthy cycle drama creates. Thank you!

  170. Gabriella says:

    It would be wonderful to live drama free!!

  171. Cecilia Bellon says:

    Thank you so much for this uplifting devotional! It totally touched my soul, I have been dealing with “drama” in my life and praying these exact words! Your writings have confirmed to me that God is listening and working in my life! And he is speaking to me through your words. God bless!

  172. Heather says:

    This is what I needed to hear today as I struggle to hear God past my emotions. I am looking forward to this book!

  173. Linda C says:

    Wow! What en encouraging devotional. Oh, how I would love to live drama free. This was very convicting as well, as I could see myself in your story and realized how much of my stress is self induced by living a situation over and over and over with each re-telling of it. Lord help me learn how to live drama free just like Cindi. Thank you Cindi for sharing your story, I hope to be able to read your book soon.

    • Thanks, Linda. But keep in mind I am certainly not ALWAYS drama free. It’s only when I remember to surrender to Jesus — the Only One who can control all things and the One who rightly deserves the spotlight.

  174. Diana Jackson says:

    So hard to remember while in the midst of the chaos!

  175. All I can do is laugh! For the past couple of months (maybe years) I been “venting” to my husband, siblings, and friends about my parents health and other life situations. This right here is ON TIME! He’s an on-time God! THANK YOU!

  176. Thank you for this wisdom. I am an emotional person who often acts on it. Thank you for providing me with the wisdom that I need not act on them, but go to God first.

  177. Cecilia Bellon says:

    Thank you for your uplifting words! I’ve been dealing with drama as well and am in prayer for peace within my soul. Your prayer confirms to me that God is working in my life. Praise God! Have a blessed day.

  178. The devotional was very inspiring.

  179. Sherrie says:

    Great reminder in trusting God through all the drama and to keep our thoughts reigned in rather than spreading to those around us. Thank God we are never alone in the drama.

  180. Kristen Poisson says:

    Thank you so much for this! We all struggle with drama and I am so thankful that we don’t HAVE to! We can simply call on the Lord and He is right there to fill us with wisdom for our words and actions! Thank you, Jesus!

  181. Charity says:

    This was exactly what I needed this morning. Some of my emotions and struggles attract drama & it’s easy to want others to know your pain. This devotion was relatable & full of hope for a better way.

  182. Shirley kerwin says:

    I so need less drama in my life I struggle to be more like HIM less like me

  183. Such good words this morning! I pray that God can help me to always pause in the middle of the situation, breathe a prayer of “help me find the right words” before I react.

  184. Your wisdom is so true. Thank You. I could really benefit from this book!

  185. Denise Beecher says:

    Thank you for this timely Word! I am so ready to walk away from the drama all around me and dwell in God’s presence!

    I struggle with running to people before God, what an encouragement to miss in my walk, may God richly bless you!

  186. Gail honey says:

    Would love this

  187. Tameka Shelton says:

    I would love to win your book. I enjoyed the devotional on Proverbs31!

  188. I just had a “blow up” last night with my family. So ashamed afterwards. So grateful for your post that reminds me that God is in control and I can start living an example of emotional maturity for my husband and children through Christ!

  189. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!

  190. SarahJeanne says:

    Such wisdom! I can relate with the dysfunction and the ‘freak out’ reaction; now to learn to go to God first …

  191. Heather Drews says:

    This was just what needed to hear this morning. I would love more reminders to keep me on track for Gods will and way.

  192. Kelly McCreery says:

    I would love to read a copy of Drama Free and share it with others around me.

  193. This has been His gentle message to me “I am a new creation in Him, the old has past”, and the devotion confirmed that I needed to seek His wisdom in all things! Thank you Jesus!

  194. Maryann says:

    A new helpful perspective for me.

  195. What an awesome reminder! It can be so hard to stay out of the drama & also not cause drama, but we need to remember to ask God for help.

  196. Mallory Allen says:

    This is something I have been working on this week. I have a tendency to share all the drama, looking for someone to commiserate with and tell me I’m right. Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone in this!

  197. Debbie Christiansen says:

    Life is hectic. Lord show me how to live Drama Free Help me to focus on you instead of the drama.In Jesus Name. Amen

  198. Maryann says:

    A new and helpful perspective for me.

  199. Tammy Engen says:

    This a wonderful and perfect message arriving at a perfect time. I can’t wait to share this with my family as we have just found out our sister has been diagnosed with a aggressive, invasive, advanced cancer. I feel this will be very helpful for all of us. God’s timing and plan is always perfect!

  200. Thanks so much for the encouragement this day

  201. Treina Castleberry says:

    Thank you for the vulnerability in sharing your story. It confirms to me we are more alike in our weaknesses.

  202. I am blessed by the message today. I am a pastors wife. We moved my mom here with us last week, my step mom passed, and my father is struggling.
    Church drama, family drama is always wreaking havoc on my mind and emotions. Today’s message was just the wisdom that I need today. I am to respond not react and take on responsibility that is Gods place to care for. He is telling me “Peace be still” I am responsible to do what I can, not all they want.
    I will be mindful to respond and not react through these storms.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Annette Lyle says:

      Hi, Amy~
      I understand exactly what you are saying regarding being a pastor’s wife. I’m one too! I’ll pray for you, as I pray for pastors wives all the time. I belong to a Facebook group of pastors spouses and we often lift each other up in prayer and share blessings and frustrations. My “word of life” is peace – and your quote “Peace be still” resonates with me. Blessings to you and your husband and family as you minister to those God has called you to.

      • I”m a pastor’s wife, too, girls and I’ve seen drama in the church. It happens when people are big and God is small in our eyes. Keep your focus on Jesus and He will help us all be drama free. 🙂

  203. Thank you for this devotion. I recently responded poorly to some family drama. I would love a copy of your book.

  204. Annette Lyle says:

    Thank you for this timely devotion. Our family is struggling with a probable dementia diagnosis and all of us are responding to situations with drama. Your devotion helped me to remember to stop and ask God for wisdom and to not let emotions rule my reactions – which can be pretty ugly. It also made me realize that I can pray for my family to also act in mature ways and for me to be an example to them on that. I pray, too, that we can become closer together through this, and not push each other away. Thank you, again.


    I would love to learn how to live a drama free life!! I’ve only known drama most of my life, and recently am learning to experience God’s peace through the storms!
    Thank you!

  206. danielle says:

    Thanks for allowing God to speak through you. Im ready to live a drama free life.

  207. Jade Kavanaugh says:

    I needed this today. Thank you so much!!!

  208. Cyndi’s message spoke to me. I am a “emotional responder” trying the best I can to help/honor an aging parent and help/guide a teenage child. This Fall I was fortunate to be invited to a bible study and for the first time; I am learning God’s truth and getting guidance from the Bible and the Holy Spirit. I would love to receive a free copy of her book!

  209. Thank you for your encouragement today

  210. Sharon Salmon says:

    Hi. I really enjoyed your devotion this morning! And with two weddings this year I would think that a drama free life is what I need! Thankyou

  211. Amanda Nugent says:

    I would LOVE to be drama-free!!!

  212. I enjoyed this devotional today! I, too, was once ruled by my emotions and not only added ‘fuel to fires’, but set many of them on my own.
    I am learning to keep my peace in situations and able to see how much my actions help diffuse situations…

  213. Esther Uramkin says:

    Wise words. Thank you.

  214. Needed this today

  215. Lorri McGruder says:

    Thank you for the devotion. This really spoke to me. My family (especially my stepmom) is very dramatic. The sky is always falling. She is a faith based woman, but I think she feels like she always needs to “fix” every thong. Truth be told I think we all run to her to quote fix unquote it. Many of my friends then to have the same dramatic responses also. I often I myself caught up in the soap opera of life. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who has felt like this. Thank you for showing us there is another option that should be your go-to.

  216. Oh the drama! I’m excited to check out this book! This little Devotional hit home in a huge way! I grew up in a home where I too needed to react and spread the news, I’ve been trying to retrain myself and I think the Lord put this book in my path!

  217. Amy Kissel says:

    As I get older I don’t want to waste time on drama and being focused on the wrong thing. Would love to read this book!

  218. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  219. Deborah says:

    Last May I learned how to give my emotions over to God to handle. My son was in the hospital for 61 days and almost died 3 times. At the same time, my Aunt, who was my best friend, died and I found out my husband had to have open heart surgery. I was scared and upset, but never alone! God helped me do and say the right things and handle every obstacle. Praise God! God Bless!

  220. I left my last job because of drama, I worked for a boss who loved drama, it turned co-worker against co-worker, and I allowed it to steel my peace, everyday I would pray for strength, but everyday I had to return to that job, I allowed myself to become engulfed in the negativity, I allowed those words in, I became so stressed that I lost my baby that my husband and I were trying 13 years to have, and I almost died in the process, after incurring a huge hospital bill I felt like e everything had been taken from me, I was lost until I realized that only Gods Words should hold the power in my life, then my peace was restored.

  221. Rebecca says:

    Life without drama would be AWESOME. Tell me more, for my sake and the sake of my children!

  222. Would love a copy of this book so that I can respond to drama in a mature way!

  223. This devotion spoke to my heart today as my siblings and I are struggling with caring for our aging mother and there can be very emotionally charged interactions. Thank you for reminding me that He is in charge and to teust in Him.

  224. I constantly find myself regretting how I reacted to a situation by letting my emotions get the best of me. I think it’s because like you said, that was just how things were dealt with in my family growing up. I’d love a copy of this book.

  225. Yes!!!! This would be such a great book to read and an addition to my library of resources to share with others.

  226. This devotional really hits home. I can’t wait to read the book!

  227. Sarah Taylor says:

    Need to be drama free!

  228. A ndrea says:

    This is a much needed book to help give it all to god!

  229. I need to hear this, thank you. It is a great reminder to run to God first. I am going to practice this in my life this week.

  230. Melinda says:

    With 3 teenage daughters, I think I NEED this book! Oh to learn the art of being drama-free!

  231. Kathy Addington says:

    Wow! This spoke volumes to me as we deal with aging parents and daily family issues and responsibilities that come along side . Thank you for the encouragement and reminder of who we are in Christ.

  232. Thank you JESUS, I have learned that if you know that there’s going to be drama we should learn to keep our opinions to ourselves. Ask God to put the words in our heart and our mouth. Speak positive and don’t get caught up in drama.Think before we speak. Listen with our ears and not our mouth. Thank you FATHER

  233. I would love to read this book!

  234. Andrea S Rollin says:

    Thank you. These words are a perfect lesson for me especially since I am being baptized as a adult on the 15th.

  235. Genya Clemons says:

    Wow – I needed this devotion today! I think everyone probably needs to read this book – who doesn’t have drama in their lives. How to deal with it is the key? I would love to read this and then pass it on to others to read.

  236. Melody Arispe says:

    I have 4 boys and sometimes I feel like the drama queen when responding to certain situations. Especially if my husband isn’t around. I would love to study more on living a drama free life through the word of Jesus Christ.

  237. Tammy Thurman says:

    Praise the Lord,vour message was absolutely awesome and right on time. I am also asking God to allow His divine will be done and whatever His decision let me reflect a Christlike attitude. God will allow storms to come and once the storms pass, God will do a new thing. I pray God gives us a spirit of; tenaciousness, peserverance and endurance.As God works the situations out for my/our good I thank Him for helping His people to be still and praise Him for the outcome.

  238. Suzanne says:

    Drama free is the way to be…..unfortunately, I don’t always follow that. Thanks for the reminder and the confidence for us to find the strength to turn to God first!

  239. Kandace Stoehr says:

    I can’t tell you how much I needed to hear this particular devotional this morning. It never occurred to me that I was raised to escalate situations through emotional reactions. I will be prayerfully rereading this and applying it to my life. Thank you!

  240. So easy to say oh so not easy to do! Thank you for this devotional. Between my blended family, extended family and medical issues of my husband, drama seems to be deeply imbedded in my life. I will take this devotional and dwell on the words God has spoken through you. Thank you! Nothing is impossible if we just ask the Lord for His help and intervention!

  241. Such wisdom for my troubled heart and mind. Instead of reacting out of emotion turn to the Lord. Help me Lord, guide my thoughts, words and actions. Thank you!

  242. Gianna Singletary says:

    As much as I need to read and practice this, my daughter-in-law and my ex-husband need it 10 times more. I pray for them both about this very thing. I know they can change but the key is they have to want it bad enough themselves. No one really wants to ba around either of them because the negativity is so bad. Please help me by praying for them both. Thank you

  243. Adrienne Caffee says:

    This was a very inspirational message. Thank you. God Bless.

  244. Praises for your wisdom and words of truth… God is the answer… all the time 🙂 would love to read your book.

  245. Sparrows says:

    Thank you, this is so insightful!

  246. Cindi – what an awesome thought provoking & inspiring word this morning. I was reading my own life in this devotional. I am a emotional responder to my family & siblings. I have been praying for calmness & to honor god in my responses to people.
    Thank toy for the continued encouragement that with surrendering to god – I can live drama free!!

  247. Debbie Hill says:

    I needed to read this today. Thank you! I’ve begun reading the first chapter that is offered to us and it’s so full of wisdom that I’m in need of during this season of my life. I know the book will be a valuable tool to help me deal with the drama of relationships in every area of my life, whether it be with church friends, work relationships or family relationships.

  248. Shelia Russell says:

    I would love to read your book on living a Drama-Free life.

  249. Cynthia Snyder says:

    This morning’s devotion was wonderful – thank you! Living a drama free life focused on You rather than me…. so helpful to me right now in my life.

  250. In a world where drama is the norm… I sure could use some lessons on squelching it! Thanks!

  251. Lisa Nash says:

    Oh my!!!My daughter and I were up until 2am this morning discussing the “drama” that has consumed our past. God’s perfect timing is truly amazing and what a wonderful BLESSING to wake up this morning to find that as ALWAYS He gives us precious gifts such as speaking and teaching through others like you. God bless and keep you. May He continue to work through you to glorify Him and His amazing Grace. My sweet, prodigal daughter who has come home for a while after being gone from us for 15 years could truly use this book and I will buy myself one. Thank you for your consideration and sharing an important lesson. 💝

  252. Tammy Thurman says:

    Absolutely wonderful, your message was absolutely awesome, it came right on time. Though the storms of life will come I pray give us a spirit of tenaciousness, perseverance, patience, faith and endurance. And through the trials of life God refreshes, renews, revives and restores us. They come to build and shape our character that we may become​ Christlike a vessel fit and meet for the Master use. Thank you Lord that though we so in tears we shall reap in joy.

    • Doris Brooks says:

      Good morning, thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I know that the storms of life will come, I’m facing one now but I will stand strong in the LORD no matter what. I will keep these words near,and no matter what I’m going though I know God will see me though. He will receive all the honor, glory and praise. God bless you.

  253. What a blessing your article was to read this morning! it would be wonderful to have less drama in my life.

  254. What a great and very timely devotion. I am passing this on to a friend who I know will be blessed too. Thank you!

  255. SMocabee says:

    Thank you for these words. They will be written in my prayer journal.

  256. Shireen says:

    A WONDERFUL message that I need to print out & read daily!!!!
    Hoping for a copy of your book!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  257. Holly Smith says:

    This message was a needed reminder to me today. Prayer first in all situations. Dealing with my father’s recent death and my mother being in a nursing home, this message reminded me to not be so fast to react to what happens but to pray first and follow the Lord’s leading.

  258. Good Morning! I am trying to get back into a daily morning devotional – I know it helps set the tone for the day. So as I sit at my desk preparing for my students I Googled women’s daily devotional. Kinda like letting the bible fall open and pointing to a verse. I read the subject – Living a Drama Free Life – you have know idea how unrealistic that sounded to me – I even chuckled when I read it. But I have to thank you for your words of testimony. So today, for this hour, maybe just this moment I will quiet myself and try to let God give me wisdom. Thanks again for a great way to start the day.

  259. Lynette Myers says:

    Thank you for sharing that devotion today.

  260. Valerie says:

    A good reminder for how to live life. I feel I at times tend to get caught on the drama trap myself. I appreciate this devotional today!

  261. Loved how you took yourself out of the equation and put prayer first!!!! I would love a copy of this book.

  262. Amy Beckham says:

    Perfect for me! I have always been one to call someone and “vent”. I’ve been working really hard only only venting to God lately and I needed this badly.

  263. Brianna says:

    Would love Godly advice on this topic as I prepare to lead a group of woman next year! Maybe after reading it, I can set up a “training” 🙂

  264. Judith Wise says:

    So good to read this morning and I need to come to terms with this message. I think I would be much happier if I would just learn to ” let go and let God”.

  265. Doris Brooks says:

    Thank you for offering this book,my children need this to better handle situations, also please pray for their salvation. There is nothing to hard for God.

  266. This message opened my eyes to so many little ways I can become drama free and put things in His hands instead of mine or someone else’s. I would love to read more!

  267. Karen C says:

    I loved this example of how God can enable a person to respond to a situation and to not react in an emotional way. I would like the opportunity to win a copy of the book.

  268. roxanne says:

    Thank you for your timely devotion. I needed it to see that I can do all things through Christ. Daily I under estimate the Drama and this helps me to see a better life. Thank you Proverbs 31

  269. Thank you for today’s meditation. While I receive them daily in my email,
    I often read only the first few lines. Today I needed all of your words and they have helped me start my day over, handing the drama over to God.

  270. Karen Netzband says:

    Wow, you could have been talking about my situation. With my parents, only my Dad drove. Bow because of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia he can’t drive. I’m their gateway to the outside world, their ears for important doctor appointments. What I hear and what they want to hear are two different things. I need this book to keep me in check. So often I spend the half hour drive to/from their house with Philippians 4:13!!!!

  271. Darlicia Ladner says:

    I would love to live a drama free life!

  272. Andrea Simpson says:

    I would love a copy of Drama Free!

  273. Susan Locey says:

    I would love to read this book and share with family members!!

  274. Myra Bankston says:

    Would love to stop the “drama” that occurs in my life. Thanks for a chance to receive your book!

  275. Thank you for this wonderful devotion. It brings back a recent memory of an episode where one of my family members was trying to create a lot of drama when my mom was in the hospital. After her hateful message to me I just responded “I refuse to feed into this drama” her response was to spew more hateful words. I didn’t respond to it. I just let it go and gave it to God. I did give my brother and sister a heads up since they were going to be next on her list but that was it. I would love to read this book and then share it with my sister. My heart aches for her as she doesn’t even realize the peace she could have in Jesus

  276. Thank you for today’s thoughtful words. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, which has given me a platform and ministry that I didn’t ask for but hope to use for God’s glory. In order to keep my friends and family up to date, I’ve started a Facebook group where I plan to post regular updates regarding my treatments. I want friends and family to see the trace of God’s loving hand throughout this journey so I am doing my dearest best to include my insights with each update. I love this suggestion to be drama free! I’m looking forward to seeing how God will is this Treasured Chest to bring glory to His kingdom.

  277. Jamie Leden says:

    Thankyou so much!

  278. Sharon Helm says:

    I have been striving to live a drama free life. Friends and family will sometimes disappoint us, but by talking to God and turning it over to Him has helped me live a drama free life. Can’t wait to read this book. Thank you!

  279. Deanna Marroletti says:

    This is an answered prayer. I am pre-ordering my copy today, but I know so many people who need this message.

  280. Michele says:

    Unfortunately, living a life of drama in this way has been passed down to me. We want to be heard and have an opinion to share – sometimes loudly – at the “injustices” in the world (our lives or maybe the lives of the ones we care about). Yet, I don’t enjoy or want to be that way. I want to live, and love, and respond as my Jesus would. I would love to get a copy of this book, I believe it would be my next step in my freedom walk with Him.

  281. Betsy James says:

    I was brought up in a Drama FILLED home. I totally relate to this story. I hate drama so very much. I need Gods peace in me NOT to react with drama.

  282. This is great advice. In the moment we are so easily sucked into the drama, the problem, etc and react. If we can just take a moment to slow down and seek His counsel we would diffuse if stop many situations from escalating. I pray that I always remember to stop and seek before reacting.

  283. Sally Ondiek says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder. I often respond emotionally to situations with my mother who is a true “drama queen but I am learning to “Let go and let God”. This has been hard for me as a first born who likes to fix everything. I can now let God be the “fixer” of all problems.

  284. I would love to win this book. I need less drama in my life!

  285. Chantel Isaak says:

    As always, this devotion has spoken directly to my present circumstances. I have experienced emotional abuse by my father and by former husband. I “over react” with my co-workers many, many times, often feeling attacked as I am new to the team. Instead of surrendering to God and recognizing their hurts, I lose my temper. I need this book!

  286. This devotion was a timely blessing for me. Thank you!

  287. I have to die a little more every day so that the Holy Spirit, our comforter, can continue to live and shine within me. Thanks for the reminder. Each time I do I expect to be more empty however the opposite is always true.

  288. Catresa Hicks says:

    I’m so grateful that I read this message at the beginning of my day as I usually flag messages thinking I’ll go back and read them later however, LATER NEVER COMES and today I have the opportunity to reduce eliminate the stress and drama that was set for me today and give it to God before even experiencing it and I thank God for affording me that BLESSING and a side order of PEACE and JOY to get me through yet another day free from Drama.

  289. Bev Carroll says:

    Thank you for the devos this morning. I am so guilty of sharing my drama. I’m praying that I will only share it with the Lord and take the focus off myself.

  290. Cindy Carpenter says:

    This devotion spoke to me on many levels and I thank you for being obedient. Praying for wisdom, following God’s lead, and keeping it between you and your mom is the best way to prevent drama. God seeth in secret and rewards openly. May His blessings and abundant favor cover you each day!

  291. Victoria Thompson says:

    I am in the processing of learning how to pray first, and then act. My family is so dysfunctional. it’s taking years of therapy to learn how to react in a different way, a better way. I have read books on co-dependency, toxic relationships, etc…I pray to God now, do deep breathing….trying to get answers. I am guilty of venting to too many people, asking for guidance. God forgive me!

  292. This is a wonderful article about living drama free. Really gave me a different perspective in areas we may not recognize as creating drama. We are undergoing some budgets cuts at my employment & emotions are highly charged. The Lord has been my fortress & comfort as I continue to pray for our decision makers & co-workers whose positions are being cut.

  293. Deb Ackerman says:

    To be free so that I can help free others is my prayer.

  294. Enola Buzzell says:

    I am trying hard not to let those emotions over rule me. It’s a Constance battle. I’m new to the Christian way of life and the old baggage wants to interfere at all times. I’m learning to pray about this and I read a lot of God’s word.

  295. Lindsey says:

    I feel like God is just holding up this big sign to me this morning. I had a dream of a family member I no longer speak to because of circumstances. This family member has since come back into the lives of several extended family members and I hear how great things are again. My husband and I made the decision since this person is back in the mix we would just exclude ourselves from the extended family holiday dinners/events so that everyone could enjoy having that person back. We didn’t want our presence to cause any problems with the family member coming back. Well last night I had a dream about this person asking me a simple yet unnecessary question that was more of excuse just to talk to me. I couldn’t talk back to them but I just listened and the conversation was of no real substance. They my dream went another direction but before I woke up this person was shoveling snow in my driveway with no coat or anything. I am currently studying the book of Isaiah. Today’s verse that struck me so hard was Isaiah 43:18-19 “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. See I am doing a new thing!” Alright God I see your message but this might not be pretty and I was really hurt. I’ve forgiven this person in my heart and just decided it was best to sit back in the extended family and then disappear. Then God throw’s today’s devotional from Cindi in the mix of it. So my next steps shall be interesting and I’ll be praying what my next step in this process of speaking them will be.

  296. Marsha McDonald says:

    I had a revelation this morning reading this article . I’VE been a emotional person always, but this article shook something inside of me.I know what she said to be true but never applied it.It’s life changing.

  297. Katie Williams says:

    I would love a copy of Drama Free!

  298. Deb Ackerman says:

    I want to be free so that I can help other to be free.

  299. Joni Heath says:

    It seems no matter how strong I am when I wake in the mowning satan is here. I see drama before I hit the floor. When I pick up your daily study my whole day changes from drama to others seeing Christ in me.
    Thank you for your help.

  300. Kathy A. Rusch says:

    This book sounds like it will be encouraging to the “drama queens” in our lives…especially myself.

  301. Shannon says:

    Thank u so much! This is helpful!

  302. This article was so convicting. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and allowing God to speak through you directly to my heart. Looking forward to adding a whole lot more surrender to my life and a whole lot less negative reaction!

  303. Shari Salter says:

    I am the one my family and friends go to for answers and help, and therefore have been sucked into the drama. I also tend to react emotionally to things in my own life.
    This book sounds like it could point me in the best direction to relying on God AND to respond maturely instead.

  304. Sheri Land says:

    This article was inspiring. I am sure the book helps develop ways to respond to drama in our life.

  305. I could really use this.

  306. Amy Land says:

    Wow this really hit home today! Reading this helped me realize I am leading with emotion, that is not the example I want to be for my teenage daughter. Thank you for this, I will be praying more to let go and give it to God!

  307. Our oldest daughter, now 30, will be coming to live with us temporarily. She reacts to drama constantly. She will get a call and then take off in her car to go solve someones problem. Usually she gets pulled over for driving too fast also. Its very difficult when she is here so hopefully we can find her a place soon.

  308. There is drama on my job and I had a restless night. Fortunately, today’s message along with a sermon I listened to on the way to work has helped me start my day with the best frame of mind. I would love to read “Drama Free: Finding Peace When Emotions Overwhelm You”. I’m sure it will be a blessing to my life.

  309. Meredith Todd says:

    What great insight and reminder of ALL God candi for us! I do have a question…how do you discern when it’s good or necessary to involve another for wise council? While I’m guilty of the drama you discussed at times..I’m also guilty at times of keeping things to much to myself. I suppose I need to talk to God more to guide me on this!

  310. I desire drama free living. Thanks for showing how I can deal with drama. I usually think of others causing the drama.

  311. I enjoyed today’s blog so much and found it so helpful. I oftentimes let my emotions get the better of me. I would love to read this book!

  312. Mandie Avila says:

    This devotion spoke volumes to me. I work n a a drama centered environment and have a high maintenance family… Overcoming drama is a huge uphill battle for me. I’d love to hear more ways to get beyond it!

  313. Beverly Patterson says:

    What a wonderful, uplifting testimony ! Thank you for the encouragement to walk in a drama free life through leaning on God to not react emotionally. God can calm the storm!!

  314. Vanessa Bergen says:

    I need this reminder. Not reacting to situations but responding with maturity and wisdom. Thank you!

  315. I so appreciate today’s devotional. I was raised in a home where lots of drama from our mother was my daily portion. It’s taken many years of prayer and practice to kick the habit and I’m just now realizing how much the Lord has changed me after reading this piece. Thank you so much for your transparency. #NoLongeraDramaQueen!

  316. Elva Villarreal says:

    Thank you! I needed this today! Drama is so draining! I surrender to Him today and rest in His peace. Thank you, Jesus!

  317. Sherry P. says:

    I tend to let my emotions dictate my actions. Thank you for reminding me that in Christ there IS freedom from that.

  318. Melanie says:

    Thank you so much for this word today– it really is a Living Word isn’t it? I’ve never thought of this in terms of the drama and dysfunction in my relationship with my mom, but that’s exactly how I need to apply it. This devo was FRESH, applicable and eye opening. Thank you for helping me see something that the Holy Spirit immediately convicted me of and now that I’ve named it, He can start changing my heart in it. SANCTIFICATION for His glory! Thanks again!

  319. Patti Bliss says:

    Great devotion. I can totally relate.

  320. Thanks so much for this message. It helped me realize that sometimes I do create drama when I don’t need to. I need to quietly turn to my Lord, trusting and surrendering the situation to Him. Thanks!

  321. Would love this Drama Free book! Thanks for the devotional. I do find myself being “dramatic” about situations I usually cannot even control but I guess it makes me “feel better”. I am praying that God will stop my tongue and cause me to turn to him vs a friend or family member.

  322. Sara edwards says:

    I can’t wait to share this mornings message with my MOPS group! It’s hard to not want others to know what you’ve dealt with and I love the freedom that could come from handling it all with God and then letting it go and moving on.

  323. Patricia says:

    Thank you I needed this today. I always go to the phone instead of the throne (as Joyce Meyer says). Then if that is not enough, I call someone else and then another until I am all worked up in the drama feeling worse instead of better. After reading this today I know that I need to take it to God. And also I don’t have to do this by myself. All I have to remember is God’s got this and He will help me each step of the way. I could really use your book and then I will pass it on to my friends and family. Thanks again. Pat

  324. Wow! Very convicting and needed. I don’t usually react with drama but I did recently concerning a family wedding, who was being invited or rather “not” invited and I kept telling each sister how hurt I was instead of going to God. I have new plans on working on this now.
    Thank you! And I am letting go and letting God.

  325. Lori Lerum says:

    What a great devotion! It hit home with me with being a caregiver. I have not only a lot on my plate, but my oldest daughter who has a mental health illness who isn’t taking care of her illness, brings major drama into our families life. I need less of me and more of God. I am reacting with my emotions and want to stop. Definitely want to read the book!

  326. Sarah Boucher says:

    Thank you for this message. I also react with the way I was raised to do to handle my emotions. It is hard to break from this as you have been the first holy example of what to do. I need more of this. I hope to in the future do what you do now and take the holy, mature route when drama creeps in.

    Again, Thank you.

  327. Lori Lerum says:

    What a great devotion! It hit home with me with being a caregiver. I have not only a lot on my plate, but my oldest daughter who has a mental health illness who isn’t taking care of her illness, brings major drama into our families life. I need less of me and more of God. I am reacting with my emotions and want to stop. Definitely want to read the book!

  328. Thanks for the awesome reminder to avoid being a drama queen! It’s kind of like going back to grade school and remembering the lesson from the firefighters of “stop, drop, and roll”‘ except in this case, it’s “stop, drop, and pray “. Which, come to think of it, is exactly how I should be handling every situation in life anyway, whether it has the potential to flare up into a huge, ugly mess, or not! (:

  329. Desiree Smith says:

    This devotional is very timely and an area I have been struggling with. Did not realize I reacted emotionally and as a result acted irrationally. I am praying that He will increase and I decrease.

  330. This was just what I needed this morning. I can get overwhelmed in my emotions but have a choice on how I respond. Realizing I was a stuffer and also reactor of emotions due to situations. I have had to apologize to several in my church for my emotional reactions. While our family of origin has played a large role it’s not an excuse for drama. Stopping and hitting the pause of the past is great advise.
    I have to keep remembering that my trust and hope is not in others words, but in God. Taking all my cares to Him as He is my provider. Thank you for your transparency! Hope to win and gather more tools in my toolbox to apply in my life.

  331. Kay Coward says:

    Drama free- can it be? Living free of emotional responses and reactions. This will require More of Jesus, less of me, if it ever is to be!

  332. Claudelle Pilgrim says:

    Very inspiring devotion & a huge eye opener to the way I react to my emotions. I always seem to let my emotions control my reaction to circumstances and need to trust God.

  333. Thank you for allowing the LORD to use you! This devotion is so timely. I’ve been convicted time and time again about acting emotionally instead of maturely- especially in my professional life and found truth, direction and wisdom in today’s devotion. I am grateful.

    Peace and blessings!

  334. Michelle Hixson says:

    Thank you for this sharing. I have confessed this scripture many times, but this example is a perfect application in daily life. How many times have I felt my need solve the problem at the expense of others because of my own emotions rather than responding in Christ. This is awesome!

  335. Kimberly Smith says:

    Thank you so very much for examples and scripture to live a drama free life. I just blew it yesterday and struggling with my marriage and youngest son with this. thank you …

  336. My life is filled with drama at the moment. Try as I may sometimes my emotions do take control. This devotion was good for me to read today. I’m a widow with my mother, daughter, and grand baby living with me. Sometimes the drama is overwhelming!

  337. I would love to have a drama-free peaceful life! Help me!!

  338. Alyssa Marek says:

    Spot on point for today. Lately I’ve been focused too much on myself and the drama around me (and also creating it in some instances) that I forget where I’m meant to be and how to react. Thank you so much for this post.

  339. Thank you for this. Only through the power of the Holy Spirit!

  340. Drama seems to be the prevailing method of dealing with everything with the people we minister to. It’s like a lot of them aren’t happy unless something is going on. I think then when we we respond to others with what’s going on, then you’re right in that we are creating our own drama. I never thought of it that way. Thanks, I think we could use about 20 copies of the book.

  341. Shannon says:

    Difusing drama is a day to day battle sometimes! Can’t do it without Him!

  342. Thank you for this reminder. I blew it with a family situation the other night because I didn’t stop and consult God. I’m one who suffers greatly when I don’t put God first, especially in drama filled situations.

  343. My Mom passed away recently and she wasn’t married…the drama with one of my siblings seems overwhelming some days…I do not respond to his crazy text messages and then he wants to know why no one will talk to him…he is constantly trying to keep something stirred up because he thinks everyone is against him. He suffers from bipolar depression and refuses to take his medication…I just keep praying for him but it seems the harder I pray the worse he gets but I choose to keep praying as I know this is only the devil trying to defeat me in my efforts.

  344. I believe God will give me a drama free life. I’ve been under so much pressure from loosing my job. I believe God has sent me a new job even better than the last. I love it putting it in his hands. God bless you and everyone Love always in Jesus name. Amen

  345. Pam Gagnon says:

    Thank you for this very honest and vulnerable devotional today! I could totally relate to it as I was Primary caregiver to my dear Mother. There were plenty of times for drama in that time of my life and today’s devotional urged my heart to ask the Lord’s forgiveness for not seeking Him as my true source of peace and grace in the really frustrating moments. He alone is my strength and shield and the One who can truly help me keep peace in my heart. Mother has since passed, but I am still processing that bitter/sweet time of caring for her.

    • Patricia says:

      I understand what you mean Pam. I am taking care of my mom and it is very difficult as she is bitter toward life after my dad passing. but I now think I will try harder in all the drama. I so need help… Pat

  346. For many years, I have prayed for a life that is “more of YOU (God) & less of me”. I believe God did changed me through the years in many ways. A “work in progress”, I would often say. When I read your devotion today, I realized the Lord is speaking to me & finally answer to my prayer on how to react maturely when emotion overwhelms me. I would love to read your book & know more to equip myself to work to become a better person.

  347. this really spoke to me, my emotions have been ruling my life and have caused so many problems for me along with broken relationships with my father, my children’s father, every relationship I get into it seems.

  348. Susan Downs says:

    I’d love to live more drama free, but I tend to internalize which has affected my health. I need to remember for God to take it away or learn how to let it go…

  349. Rae Munsell says:

    As a pastor, while striving to help others live drama-free, I see how addictive that kind of mindset can be. It would be so helpful to me and to others around me to be able to read more of what Cindi has to share. All blessings, Rae

  350. Amanda Davidson says:

    Boy can I relate to this!!! I feel like every part of my life has been nothing but drama this year so far. Everywhere I turn it is there. I am so done with it all! Ready to live drama free!!!

  351. God has been trying to speak to my heart about this, but I didn’t understand what He was saying. Thank you for putting it down in black and white so I can realize that I have been adding drama to everyone’s life!! Who needs that? I am learning to take my “freak outs” to God more regularly. Thanks for your clarification.

  352. Kim Wilkes says:

    Thank you Cindi for this devotion,I have dealt with drama,thinking I couldn’t change. God has been showing me a new way…this was great encouragement.

  353. Kristen Miller says:

    I pray to live drama freel in my home, at work and within the community. Help me.learn to tame my tongue.

  354. amy baird says:

    EXACTLY what I needed today! First I read First5 about David & Saul & God’s plan & He is in control. Then, I read this & it hit home. I am a drama queen & have passed it on! It has caused so much grief.
    I, too, am dealing with an aging Mother & a much younger step parent. More like a big brother I can stir up hugh vats of anxiety, resentment & hostility about her care. I’ve got to live in God’s will for my Mom. I don’t have the answers. I do have the love. That’s what she gave me. Living in God’s will. That’s what she’d want for me.

  355. Crystal Longar says:

    I, too, want to live a drama free life. I often wonder who causes the drama in my life. Is it me? Or is it circumstances beyond my control? This books sounds like an excellent read. I’m excited for the 5 blessings you’re going to give. Thank you!!!!

  356. I really identified with Cindi’s reference to reacting emotionally first. I have embarrassed myself many times doing that… I need to learn a new act myself!

  357. Wouldn’t it be souch easier to let Jesus respond to all our stress instead of our non understanding sleves. Thank you for this today…

  358. Donna L Crain says:

    Just reading the short segment from the author with her mother’s surgery was eye opening. I don’t want to be a drama queen and applying Christ’s example surely helps.

  359. Susan janerico says:

    Struggling in a difficult marriage. This is exactly what I am coming to understand. God is leading me to this book! I need to read this. Thank you!

  360. Thank you so much for such wise advice, this morning I faced a situation that woke me up for work, I am so used to turning to everyone around me to vent after I approach an issue and typically the conversation revolves around me and how if they had only taken my advice blah blah blah, this mornings issue was so big it continued until I arrived at work and will pick back up any moment now. These devotionals have really helped me to stay consistent with my daily devotional and God uses each one to help me throughout my day. This drama-free devotional has lifted a weight off my shoulders immediately this morning and has made a major impact on me now and moving forward! Thank you so much for such wise council. I cannot wait to read the book!!

  361. Kate Baugher says:

    great REMINDER for today 🙂

  362. Lynmarie Brown says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I so want to lead a drama-free life and respond appropriately when situations occur.

  363. Perfect timing. I am still in the baby steps of offering God the first-fruits of my thoughts and it can be so hard. And overwhelming! This was helpful. I would love to read the book.

  364. Dale Olsen says:

    Such wise advice! I would love to read the book

  365. Thanks so much for this. I needed this encouragement this morning. Facing a lot of emotional situations lately.

  366. This is spot on. I just had a confrontation when I got to work through an email and rather than responding emotionally, I tried my best to respond in a mature way that wouldn’t cause any more unnecessary drama.

  367. This message couldn’t have come at a better time. My mom is actually in the hospital now. Instead of dealing with one sibling, I have to deal with 10. The drama is ten fold. I will definitely save this email and refer back to it daily. But, would still love a copy of this book.

  368. LaChandra says:

    I had to laugh when reading the title of this devotion and share it with my co-workers. It spoke to me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing. I realize that instead of reacting, I need to take time to consult with God. He will direct me on how to respond instead of how I think I should respond. Great Devotion !

  369. JoAnn Maio says:

    Thank you for those words of wisdom! I am striving to live a drama-free life and needed that reminder to turn to God before “over reacting” in a drama filled way. I would love to read the book to get on the right track.

  370. Boy, do I resemble this. I am quick to react emotionally and reading this devotional was if I had written it. Would love to learn how to harness the emotion, reaction, and drama.

  371. Dori Sheese says:

    I needed this today, (and just about every other day!). Thank you so much for allowing God to speak through you about this subject. I work in a drama-filled office, and drama-filled family. It’s very hard not to get “sucked in” each and every day. But I’m working on it!!! God Bless!

  372. Jeanne kauffman says:

    I would love to read Cindy’s new book! I am a widow and was married to a wonderful godly man whose went to heaven eight years ago! We served the Lord together for 46 years. I’m happy knowing he is with the Lord he loved and he is experiencing all God’s wonderful promises! In this devotional, I love the way Cindy said we need to respond to our situations maturely and not emotionally. I never thought about our response as being drama! I want to have a response that glorifies my Savior in every situation! I want to continue to know Him more closely and intimately! I have learned so much since Terry went to heaven. One of God’s verses that I am focusing on now is – Jeremiah 17:7 “Blessed is the man who trusts IN the Lord and whose trust IS the Lord!” God is faithful and continuing to work in me to Change me to become more like Jesus everyday and bring Him glory!! Praise the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! God bless you!

  373. I needed this reminder today. I am in a new “season” of my life and finding I am very emotional with all the changes to be made. I needed the reminder that I can surrender it all and trust that all will be well. I do not like confrontation or drama and only He can show me the way to peace.

  374. Whitney Mullins says:

    This speaks right to my controlling heart. This has been such a blessing this morning. Recently I have been going through a trial where I don’t agree with how certain things are being handled so instead of turning it over to the Lord I had decided I was over the whole situation and didn’t want to take part in it anymore. I failed at turning the situation over to the Lord instead got angry over the whole thing. This reminds me this morning that my anger in this situation does nothing to help it. I MUST look to the Lord in his guidance over the situation and let him do the rest.

  375. Great reminder! Would love to read this book! Thanks.

  376. Hallelujah…a drama-free life. Sounds too good to be true. Well, God can and does make a difference in our daily walk with him. I have learned that unless i start and end my day with prayer..i cannot make it. He gives me peace in the midst of the storm. Thank you Jesus.

  377. Joyce b says:

    I just recently experienced a situation and I decided to take it to the Lord!! This was just what I needed to read today to affirm living drama free!!

  378. Yes I could use that right now. Life is filled with so much drama it would be awesome to read on how someone else focus on theirs.

  379. Carol Ritchie says:

    Prior to reading this devotional I had read another one which stated “Whenever we look for answers apart from God – consciously or subconsciously- we pursue a false god.” I realized how often and how easy it is, after reading this devotional, to first turn react in our human nature for solutions to situations, Not only is it drama developing, often, it is lacking until we have first turned to God and then followed His direction in how to pursue a solution. It amazed me how these 2 devotionals came together and spoke God’s truth to me. Thank you, Lord

  380. Stephanie says:

    This is a great message and reminder for everyone! We can all live drama-free lives if we trust in the Lord!

  381. I work two jobs with mostly women. This would be a great resource!

  382. Jan Hill says:

    A much needed devotional. Thank you for sharing how to be drama free instead of reacting.

  383. Melissa Wheeler says:

    Exactly what I needed to read today as I go to spend time with my mom this weekend. Thank you!

  384. Suzanne Doyle says:

    WOW! This devotional is a definite God-send to my mailbox this morning…despite losing our eldest sibling, my 3 remaining siblings and I are having great difficulty settling our family estate. I took care of our Mom until she passed away, & am living in our family home. We were all 5 responsible for maintaining the estate, but I have received support from only 1 sister. We have prayed continually for 3 years now for a coming together to share ideas, find forgiveness & reconciliation for our differences,seek the Lord’s will, and come into one accord regarding settlement; however, only 2 of the 4 of us remaining see the value & importance of doing this…we have truly been a ‘house divided’. We were raised on a firm foundation of Faith by our parents and grandparents, but have severe dysfunction when it comes to communication skills! The 1 sister & I have agreed to stand on our Godly principles, and have more or less been dismissed because of it. By focusing in on Jesus’words, we see that “In your patience you posses your soul” (Luke 21:19), we have been able to endure the slings & arrows of our siblings who are not like-minded, & are seeing small ways the Lord is healing us! We two realize that WE are to reflect Jesus to them, no matter the indignation we face, for as long as it takes for us to clearly see the Lord’s will in our situation! We have become spiritually drained at times, but still stand on the Word, & are learning to instantly release ‘drama issues’ to Him!
    I will definitely be checking out your book, and appreciate you sharing your spiritual insight via internet! God bless you!🙌

  385. Ashley Merklinger says:

    Great devotional! Too often, I find myself quicker to run to people than I do to God about the things going on in my life. This is definitely food for thought.

    This book would be a great gift for my sister, as this is something that she has expressed difficulty with for a while now. I hope this book touches the hearts of the people who receive a copy!

  386. I needed to read this today. Thanks

  387. God’s Word is the Truth. Just the word I needed in my life right now. I had the ‘worrier’ mentality – I say had because as of today, it is gone in Jesus’ Name. Thank You for sharing your testimony. Through this devotional. I can’t begin to tell you what this 5mins has started in my life. There’s a new Nena in town, all praise to God.

  388. This is exactly what I needed today. Often, I find myself reacting to other people. I know I can’t change them. Sometimes to be drama free, you have to separate yourself from family and friends.

  389. Renita Osselyn says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Often times we are not aware of how we are behaving and how we are not allowing God to be in full control of our every emotion. It becomes real, when we stop and give God permission to truly check us and our actions. How great to be able to share your experience via book form, would love to receive one of the books to further share with others.

  390. BerylAnne Hodgins says:

    This devotion was one I can identify with and it’s me and my family right down to the drama we call our lives. If it’s too normal, we create drama to have something to talk about or so it seems. Everything is “emotional” and we over react when it’s not necessary. Thank you for the wisdom and shedding light on what I need to change to help deal with life the way Jesus would want me to.

  391. While deleting my emails this morning I tried deleting this one three times without success. So I decided to open and read it. To my surprise it spoke directly to me – it was like God saying you need to read this. To make a long story short my Dad passed away Nov. 2011 and I have been over seeing my 95 yrs. mother with Alzheimer’s. I have her in a very nice memory care close to my house and can visit often. My problem is that she is running out of money and I’m having a hard time finding a place that is suitable under the medicaid guidelines. I find myself stressed more than ever in my life and I’m a christian and know I need to be handling this differently so I feel this book, Living a Drama Free Life, would be of great benefit to me. Thank you and God Bless.

  392. Thank you for this mornings blog! Worry free and drama free…with a house full of teens, I forget (sometimes daily, maybe hourly) to seek my Heavenly Father first. For his wisdom, rather than my frayed and anxious emotions. Cindi’s book would be blessing and likely a well worn resource in my busy home! Thank you for sharing your story and example.

  393. Thank you for today’s words. It was an eye opener for me. I love that I am always learning new things. Thank you God for Proverbs 31.

  394. Susan Tully says:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this this morning. Although I had been recognizing more frequently my tendency to reach out to friends to talk when I should be reaching out to Jesus in prayer, I hadn’t been as aware of how this pattern can feed and escalate drama, which often leads me to more worrying and away from the peace that only comes from bringing my challenges to God. Thank you. I’d love to read your book.

  395. My mother will soon be moving in with our family. She has dementia and has nev er been a “close” mother. I can finally honor her in her old age, but that is not void of drama. Over the years, I’ve learned to love my siblings by avoiding that rash ddecision to call about a new offense. This book would be a good one to compare with the emotions Christ exhibits in the Gospels! Hope I win it to do such a study!

  396. This message is right on time to give me direction in responding to a morning phone call. I will not be shaken,but will turn to Him for the thoughts, words, and actions that will honor my God. (Sharing this with my sister,too!) Thank you.

  397. This spoke to my heart this morning, as many of the devotionals do, but this would be SO good to read! At first I wanted to “blame” all the drama in my life on others, but soon realized that I am the one who helps to create it. Not sure why, but would love to change my life by learning how to be less dramatic, or letting others have such an effect on me. Need to trust the Lord more, and turn to HIM instead of others or myself.

  398. Yesterday I had a conversation with my daughter and as she was telling me all the things that were adding pressure to her life. I could hear in her voice she was getting more dramatic as she spoke and I tried directing her to what she could do to eliviate some of the pressure. She told me she wasn’t loooking for advice, she just needed to vent. What’s a Mama to do? This book would be so helpful. ❤

    • I have had similar conversations with my daughter who is 13. Im not sure that venting is helpful because it just brings back up all the negative emotions. Rather than leave her feeling hopeless by just venting, I should offer to pray with her about it -give it to God.

  399. It was like I was reading an account of exactly how I reacted in the situation. My first reaction in fear is always out of emotion and very often an overreaction. My flesh takes over in my fear and my ability to Glorify my Father, all the hard work we have done to change me, and my opportunity to show that to the world is lost. Thank you for your brave and wise words. I know I will be rereading this article many many times.

  400. Thank you for this message. Perfect

  401. Thank you for this post! Very good principle to apply to life to be DRAMA-FREE!

  402. Wow, this really spoke to me. I live 2 1/2 hours from my mom and I hear her struggles. I visit every 6 weeks and see the affects of her illnesses. I do raise questions to my sister who lives next door as to what will be done next to help mom. I feel it falls on deaf ears. When my dad was ill, I diagnosed him(the doctors didn’t agree until a month before he died of this rare disease) and reached out to his doctors or the ER when he went by ambulance as no one else in my family did anything. When he died, I was chastised by my 6 siblings for being so involved when I wasn’t his POA for healthcare. Ugh! So now I sit back a little, but do ask questions about my mom’s care.

  403. Linda Downing says:

    Thank you for the message today. I need to learn to control my emotions and learn to put more trust in God and less in myself. Jesus; I need Thee oh I need Thee! Every hour I need Thee!

  404. Danielle Bryant says:

    I’d love to win a copy of this book for my friend, Sarah!

  405. Needed this so very much today! I am sitting in a hospital room with my husband..lots of questions and unknowns and the fear that can come seems to breed “drama”. I am now going to try and listen for the voice of peace..and leave the drama behind!!!

  406. Jade adams says:

    I desperately need a copy of this book! 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  407. Kristine says:

    Such a great reminder that I belong to Christ and to let Him live through me. Would love such a helpful resource!

  408. Joan keysor says:

    I need to ask God for wisdom as to what would be pleasing to Him each time before I speak or do anything to keep the drama out of my life.
    I am 83….have an illness not many understand about it….my elderly husband is not well . This book would be a blessing for me.

  409. Francie says:

    The Holy Spirit convicted me as I was reading your devotion this morning. I was reminded that instead of reacting emotionally I need to respond prayerfully. Thank you Cindi for being an instrument in His conviction of my heart.
    Great devotion!

  410. Jennie Hall says:

    How amazing is our God that He provides exactly what we need to hear at exactly the right moment! This is something I have been struggling with and have been seeking Godly wisdom on how to become more focused on God instead of me to help me react less emotionally. Thank you for allowing God to use you!!

  411. Wonderful idea for a book. We all can learn from this.

  412. Alissa Snook says:

    Ah, wisdom…the seemingly ever-elusive but always sought after gift!

  413. DaNae Peterson says:

    This is such a convicting word. I’m grateful for God’s truth and grace that covers us. I pray that I can surrender in moments where my opinion and emotions try to take over. Thank you!

  414. Shannon Long says:

    Wonderful way to share the love of God.!!!

  415. Vonda Bryant says:

    Would love to have a copt of this book not only to read but for refernces of living drama free.

  416. Jennie Hall says:

    I love how God has the perfect timing of exactly what we need to hear! This is definitely a struggle of mine and receiving GODLY wisdom about it is amazing!!!

  417. Roslyn Clark says:

    Loved your story. Everyday I try to live a drama free life. I can remember when I was working at a hotel as a supervisor and two ladies in my department got into an altercation one day, as I stood between them I felt like David when he was getting ready to defeat Goliath. There was a crowd but no on would help with the situation. As I stood in between these to very tall ladies I began to silently pray with my hands touching both of them at the same time and they calmed down enough to explain what happen. The next day both ladies came to my office at seperate times to apologize. It could have went the other way and I could have been a spectator and cheered like everyone else but I chose to intervene. I reminded them of a scripture that helps me when people are talking about me or drama arise Isaiah 54:17 I repeat it and leave it.

  418. I’ve realized this about myself lately – my kids call it over-analyzing, my husband calls it not letting things go… mostly things that are not a big deal – Let Go and Let God – would definitely like to be drama free and read this book for guidance.

  419. Marilyn bucci says:

    I would love to win this book the enemy uses drama and caos against me all the time.Thank You for this now word in Jesus may you ne blessed,and highly favored.

  420. Sue Castle says:

    Sometimes when there is a lot of drama occurring around me, I forget to step back and ask for God’s help. I still feel the need to control my life at these times. I know better. I’ve witnessed and experienced the road to despair personally, when I’ve chosen to take control. Thank you so much for this morning’s devotional. I took really great notes and will keep them with me, to remind me to Let Go and Let GOD. Amen

  421. I needed to hear this today. Facing a “drama” situation.

  422. I needed this devotional this morning as a reminder to not react to circumstances but to stop, pause and seek God first before I respond. Thank you!

  423. Mattea Van Zee says:

    Excellent devotion and reminder of learning to let go and let God. Would love to read the book!

  424. Thank you for offering this give-away. I recently got married and I know there will be many experiences that my husband and I will encounter that will test my emotions and opinions. This book would help guide me into leading a drama free life in my new role as a wife and friend.

  425. Terri Duncan says:

    Thank you for this article, Lord knows I need it. I would love to win the book and good luck to others. I’m learning, it’s a new process but by the grace of God I believe each day I’m getting better. I think we all could benefit from trying to live a little more drama free and through Jesus we can do it! Thank you ❤️

  426. Bailey Belko says:

    These words spoke so softly to my heart this morning. I am guilty of being drama filled and emotionally reactive. Thank you for these words of hope and wisdom!

  427. Robin Porter says:

    what a great devotional and right on time!

  428. Chastidy Friess says:

    I needed this today. It is so easy to get caught up in life.. thank you!

  429. I would LOVE to be able to live a drama-free life! This devotional hit home for me as I realized how dramatically I tend to respond to certain life situations instead of going to God quietly and trusting Him to work everything out. So if I could win a copy of this book I would definitely read it knowing that it could help me learn how to live a drama-free life-FINALLY!

  430. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I really needed this today. With all that has been going on I need to not react to the drama but react by seeking Jesus and asking what/how to I should do/react/respond.
    Would love this book thank you for the opportunity to receive it as a gift from you.

  431. Joyce Newsome says:

    Ouch! Thank you for sharing this and opening my eyes to how I’ve dealt with TOO many situations and giving me an alternative plan, a God plan. God bless.

  432. Tracy Loden says:

    Responding with God’s mature wisdom instead of emotion. Living a drama free life.

  433. This devotional really opened my eyes in regards to how I deal with drama. Unfortunately….I don’t deal with it in a way that is pleasing to God or others around me. I need a new opening act as well. I want others to see God through me…but it’s hard when I get in the way. I need to move out of the way and let God take over and shine through me. Easier said then done!

  434. Would love to read this book with my teenage daughter. Stop the drama before it becomes too much of a habit!

  435. Irene Avellaneda says:

    Perfect timing

  436. Hope Sims says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful reminder of our Lord and just how Amazing he is and continues be in our lives if we just believe in him.

  437. Darlene Polk says:

    Awesome! I deal with this on a weekly if not daily basis with a family member. Drama..drama..drama. I am learning how to step back from these situation, take a deep breath and Ask God what to say and or do. Sometimes it’s do nothing. I’m learning that as you so eloquently put it “That wisdom is just a prayer away so I can respond to situations maturely, instead of reacting emotionally.” God Bless You 🙂

  438. Thank you, Cindi… what a beautiful reminder to let go… my sister and I needed this message today, thank you!
    God Bless you, peg

  439. THIS devotion was for me today. I wrestle on a daily basis of how I should’ve responded to situations differently. I beat myself up with guilt for not growing in my faith (faster) so I can be a constant example of Christ. My desire is to stand out from the “world” and glorify God in every possible way.
    After I read this, I was like…ahhhh!!! I want that!! And dang, I would have recounted the whole situation with my husband & daughter.
    God stopped me in my guilt though, and said, “Look how far you’ve come, you’re getting there, keep seeking the Holy Spirit and you can achieve this freedom from drama & the baggage that follows it.”
    And I have no doubt this book is going to be a valuable tool in getting me started in the right direction.
    Thank you!! Many blessings!! 🙏🏻

  440. Your devotional through Proverbs 31 really hit home with me. I find myself causing drama when I allow stress or other problems to control my reactions to a situation. Your book would be a great weapon in my arsenal to aid me in choosing to let Him increase and me decrease.

  441. WOW! This was the most timely devotional today. My high school son just found his niche this year–in theater with the prodding of his (female) theater teacher. My son has diabetes type 1, and often feels “like a freak” or ” broken” so you can imagine the elation I felt when he started talking about the drama teacher and how she picked him for monologues, and how the kids are including him at lunch and other things. Thank you, Jesus!!! However, for reasons we do not know, this same teacher has “turned” on my son, not answering him when he says “hello”. Doesn’t acknowledge him. Started really picking on what he does. She even pulled him into her office after a play rehearsal to tell him she was “…disappointed in him and thought he was different from the other theater kids…” when she thought he had disobeyed something she had asked him to do (he didn’t). It’s really weird. The other kids are asking him what’s going on because they notice it, too. It seems to have started after my son found his special someone, a precious, gifted young lady who is also in the theater department; Drama Teacher started treating them both VERY differently. In January, because of this newfound niche, several months ago I signed him up for a trip to NYC (I’m going too, to help him manage his diabetes) with the theater group, lead by the drama teacher. We leave this Friday. Needless to say, we have mixed feelings about this trip now that things seemingly have changed (his girlfriend is going, too). Just last night I listened to my son go on about how he is not going to have anything to do with Drama Teacher except his classroom obligation after this weekend and how he doesn’t want anything to do with her in the future. She has really hurt him. I lost it. I was ready to go on a rampage. I told him I would do whatever I needed to do to make this “right”. He stated that’s why he doesn’t tell me anything. I was hurt. Infuriated. How could this teacher who had been his encourager just a few short months ago, now be such a source of torment in his and his girlfriend’s life?! He had been so happy, but now he’s being torn apart. He’s not signing up for future drama classes, he’s not going to engage in other upcoming team building opportunities (which is where most of his friends now will be), he’s not going to be able to tap into his newly found gift with his newly found friends. I was fuming over this seeming injustice when he left the room–and heartbroken. I started bawling. After a while, my mind started realizing that this is a spiritual war and I started praying, and then more praying. I apologized to my son this morning and told him what I had realized, and then I prayed. Aloud. In the car. I prayed for Drama Teacher and her spiritual condition. I prayed for my son and his sweet girlfriend whose self esteem has plummeted after repeated criticism from Drama Teacher in front of everyone. I prayed for the situation. And I prayed that God would remind me to leave it to Him. When I signed in to listen to my local Christian station online, I saw this extremely timely devotional and I HAD to respond. Even if I don’t win a book, I wanted to thank you for listening to your heart to submit this devotional. Please pray for our situation as it continues, but even though my heart is still breaking, I do have some peace in knowing HE is in control, NOT me. May God bless you!

  442. Patricia says:

    Thank you so very much for this devotional this morning. It was perfect for me. It seems like that my life is always full of drama of one kind or the other. I am disabled having multiple health issues. My daughter is in prison now for 8 yrs.for something she didn’t do and still has 5 go. I pray for her all the time. I need to be able to be stronger in handling everything. I would just love to win this book so I can release myself from all this drama and let Jesus have it all. Please pray for me and my family that things will get better and I can release everything over to God and Jesus. Amen and thank you for such a wonderful message this morning. Really needed to read this.

  443. Jodi Rosser says:

    I can respond to situations maturely, instead of reacting emotionally.– This part really resonated with me! Thank you!

  444. Sharon Drake says:

    This was my life. Family problems had overwhelmed me. My health was suffering immensely. My blood pressure was so high I was on 3 different medicines. The doctor was worried I’d have a stroke! When I was praying, I turned it all over to our Heavenly Father. It was as if a giant load was taken off my shoulders. He is handling everything in His own time but I can see changes and know He is in control. Thank you Father

  445. I thought I lived relatively drama free, but your blog post made me realize I still have some work to do. I’d love to learn more from reading your book! Thank you for your consideration.

  446. I love this example of staying mature. I would love this book as its a real struggle to maintain composure sometimes. Thank you for the morning devotions😄


  448. I had an experience yesterday where I could have chosen drama but instead chose to trust in God. My son was crying in his room about how other kids were excluding him on the playground or being hard on him. Instead of causing more drama by talking to various parents, teachers and family, I just held my son and listened. I prayed for God to help him and that my son knows he is never alone because God is with him. We talked about other things he could do on the playground or people he could spend time with but I mostly just held him and listened. Normally, I would fret and worry and talk to family and friends for advice and to vent but instead I keep praying and feeling God’s calm assurance.

  449. Michelle says:

    This was sure a timely devotion for me, as I leave to visit my Mom and brother tomorrow for several days. I love them very much and I’m sure it will be a nice visit, but there is usually drama. Thanks for the encouragement to keep striving to respond appropriately – not on my own, but through my FATHER.

  450. Angela Borek says:

    I feel as if my everyday life has been engulfed with my drama and my emotions. It’s so overwhelming. It’s sad to say, but I don’t have God in my life everday. I know I should, but I tend to only seek him from just time to time. I get daily devotion emails everyday but rarely open them. For some reason, I opened this email today. God was speaking right to me. He’s trying to tell me….

  451. Catherine says:

    I need a Drama Free life that is dependent on Jesus!

  452. This was a great post and lesson. I really needed this reminder today.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  453. My goodness you have nailed it! The scenario is so familiar and makes so much sense how it creates more drama. Most of us talk about not wanting drama, but with conversations we create it unknowingly. I am not a young woman any more, but even this old dog may learn a new lesson. Thank you for sharing God’s insight for all of us.

  454. Lori Brown says:

    Loved this devotion today. Just what I needed to hear. Thank you

  455. Melba Thomas says:

    This sounds like a very helpful book 📚

  456. Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to read today. God knows what we need when we need it! I would love to win a copy of the book 😊
    Blessings to you.

  457. Great word for the day for any woman!!

  458. Megan L. says:

    This is so helpful! It really is a choice we can make to be mature. It is not easy, but is really is that simple. Thank you!

  459. Oh Cindi! This is such a timely post! I never think of myself as the cause of drama, but this almost exact situation hit a few months ago and I called the sibling, fell into the drama with my mom and also almost damaged a relationship with my Dad in the process. It was awful. I always see myself as a diffuser, but after reading this post, I’ve decided I add to it all with my reactions. Instead of turning to God, I internalize it. But there IS a choice! I don’t have to churn and try to fix it all. I can truly ask God for what reaction would glorify Him and the Trust He is in control. I have been trying to understand why I am so uptight and can’t relax and I feel its me fighting God for control. Thank you so much for sharing your heart today. I’m so wearing of churning.

  460. Jeanine D. says:

    Really inspired by the concepts that are so simple yet profound. I wish I knew these truths & perspective years ago! It’s not ever too late! Thankfully!

  461. Marlie Tanzillo says:

    This was exactly the reminder I needed today! I would love to have a copy of this book and to be able to share and pass it on to other women in my church and grace group – Thank You

  462. Erica Winn says:

    A drama free life, wow. What a great concept! Your post is great and I could have written it myself. As I lived through a very similar situation a few years ago with my own mom and an emergency surgery she had. I’d love the chance to read the rest of your book. Thank you for hosting this contest.

  463. Monique Routhier says:

    Great devotional especially today as it seems like drama with my family situations…I think the book would be a wonderful help to dealing with issues in general.

  464. Again, God’s timing is perfect!!

  465. Coming at a perfect time…prAise God

  466. Shawnda Campbell says:

    I admit, I feel that I am like this when something is going on in my life. I react with emotion, instead of maturity. I continually to pray and God to direct my path. I never forget to tell him how thankful, I am for every season of my life good and bad. I want to be the woman, God intended for me to be. To my life, my husband, my children and my friends. I want a drama free life.

  467. We serve a great God. Thank you for the devotion and for the opportunity to receive the book.

  468. Thanks, Cindy! It’s true about growing up in a dysfunctional home and learning emotional responses. I didn’t have a Christian upbringing. I’ve been a Christian now for 31 years and hadn’t realized I was defaulting to reactions I had learned as a child. Now I have a new response when drama rears its ugly head. God is in control. I don’t need to multiple drama. I rest in the Lord.

  469. What a wonderful devotion. There is so much going on in my life right now that I needed to hear this. Thank you. Would love a copy of your book.

  470. Stephanie Thrappas says:

    I too have been guilty of responding emotionally. I would love to learn how to be less drama filled. Your story hit home and I am trying to be more mindful of my reactions to situations. I would love a copy of the book to learn more.

  471. Wow… be able to truly live a drama free life is my goal…..sure needed this today that is for sure

  472. Samantha says:

    Our world is constantly “Drama, drama, drama!,” When peace is so much better!

  473. Linda Ruggeberg says:

    At our church for the season of lent we have been practicing living a life of gratitude. The last sermon pastor gave was to think about what was important to us. After taking some time to ponder I tealized that living a life without drama would be so much better. I’m learning !

  474. sharon Judd says:

    Would love to have this book. Not only for me, but to help others.

  475. TERESA M BECKHAM says:

    This story reminds me so much of myself! Being the child that lives closest to my Mom I find myself in this situation a lot more than I would like. I would LIVE to have a copy of your book so that I can learn to lean on Jesusand respond the way HE want me to, not my way.

  476. “He must become greater; I must become less” how powerful and wonderful are his words.

  477. Brandy Beekman says:

    I really need to learn this lesson! It’s a hard one for me. I really want the book.

  478. Colleen Asa says:

    I love this viewpoint, this discipline. It’s so easy to see the drama others create and overlook our own moments of, well, missing the mark. Thank you!

  479. Teresa Turner says:

    Being part of drama can be addictive, can be a default for trouble in life. Thank you so much for this reminder of a choice in response when Jesus is in our lives! I needed this reminder!

  480. Bonnie Huisman says:

    I’m glad I’m not this author’s mother. I usually find your devotionals uplifting and helpful, but this one made me think that mother in the hospital needed someone by her side, and maybe a patient advocate! I’d like to think my kids would pray, but also be more attentive, to me, and in keeping each other informed of the situation.

  481. Sheryl King says:

    This would be good to practise and share

  482. Beth Erlander says:

    I would love this book to share with a friend. It would be so timely for her.

  483. Beth Erlander says:

    I would love this book to share with you there. Timely message.

  484. Tonie Hatton says:

    The story from today touched my life in a profound way. I have this same problem on a regular basis. I desire to live a drama free life and she touched on an aspect I constantly experience – spreading drama all around me when I share a situation with all of my family and friends. I need to stop, pause, and pray to God to give me the ability to deal with my situation on my own. I would greatly benefit from reading her book. God wants us to live a drama free life through Him.

  485. Kathy Baxter says:

    I received that same call one night as my mom was recovering from surgery 6 states away. We had a good conversation and she ended the call with ‘I love you’, something she could never say to any of us growing up. I knew she was in pain and asked the Lord to watch over her that night. She met her savior that night with my best childhood friends son (an RN) beside her! Our God is so good. I didn’t find out until her funeral how peacefully she left this earth when Rick approached me at her funeral. i miss her everyday!

  486. “Wow” Everything that I have been struggling with was just brought to light by that story. My marriage, family relationships and friendships that have been hurt by acting upon emotions instead of trusting in God and giving it to him first. Watching my kids struggle with their faith because my lack of faith. I need to remember this when things come up and pray first and not stress.

  487. Sheryl King says:

    This would be good to do and share

    (This is my correct email, thank you for ministering to us with this devotional from your book. I would live to win a copy of it!)

  488. Would love to learn how to be drama-free in certain areas of my life.
    Thank you for your devotion

  489. KimberlyB says:

    This devotion Blessed my soul this morning! I was just venting to my husband about different challenges in my life right now. I felt he was being insensitive towards me, because he didn’t go along with my frustrations. He gave me tough love and tried to make me see the positive. This book would be so helpful in my life right now! God Bless you all!!!

  490. Always timely devotions from P31. As much as we try to stay out of the drama, it seems to follow us. We truly try not to feed the drama, but sometimes others create it around us and we are left to deal with the fall out of a no win situation. Funny thing? I’m the “dramatic” emotional one in the family, but in these situations, I’m trying to stay drama free. We can’t control others, only ourselves.

  491. Yoli Rosales says:

    Wow this made me feel as if the author was reading my mind, lol. I’ve really been struggling with my emotions about my mother and extended family. We have “situations” all the time it seems, but I have not really been focused on my own reactions and the affect they have, and changing them. This really puts things in perspective.

  492. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    This is exactly what I needed to be reminded of today. My husband and I work as missionaries with people who seem to be surrounded by drama. Your experience was a good reminder to not enter the drama but acknowledge the pain and refocus on the Lord. Thank you for this simple but good reminder of truth. Blessings

  493. Would love to have this book!

  494. Kim Hudgins says:

    This was a great reminder for me, I actually hate drama but need to turn to Christ daily when my emotions start to rule me. This is one of the main points I clearly remember from Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God bible study we did at our church last Fall. Unfortunately our world is filled with many who are using emotions to respond. I pray for our country and that more people turn to God before responding.

  495. Tonia Anderson says:

    I would like to read this book with my daughter.

  496. Drama,drama, drama….I grew up in drama. Wow. What a wonderful blog post. I am inspired by your choice to be led by the Holy Spirit instead of the drama filled flesh. Wow. …less of me and more of you, Jesus. Of course….that makes sense. If I surrender these things to Jesus, like recovering from a job loss, care giving for elderly parents, dealing with a child with major health issues…I can learn to operate from a place of peace instead of drama,drama and more drama. Thank you soooo much for your blog post today. It was timely and fruitful in my life. I definitely need to get that drama-free living book on my bookshelf. To God be the glory!

  497. Shannon Ward says:

    Today’s devotional really spoke to where I am. Yesterday I lost it. I was overwhelmed, angry, and emotional. I didn’t go to God even though the still strong voice whispered to zip my lips and talk to God. I ignored it. This devotional reminded me that God is right there and he’s in control. Whenever I try to control things I mess it up. God doesn’t mess up. Thank you for this devotional. I’m going to read it a few times today and really let it absorb. Thank you and God bless.

  498. Thank you. I could have written this. I still catch myself occasionally trying to fuel the drama and then remember God is in control.

  499. Thank so much for each devotion I receive every day, they help me start the day off right. Today’s devotion is so what I needed today, thank you.

  500. Mary Sczudlo says:

    This devotion was EXACTLY what I needed today. There is one person in my life that I love but his behavior often times creates a lot of emotions in me that I react too quickly to. This reminds me to stil my mind and pray instead of reacting. Thank you!!!

  501. This is such a useful reminder, that even though I too was raised to respond emotionally, I do not have to give in to responding that way now. There is so much more benefit in turning it all over to God, because ultimately we cannot see his plan for us or those we love, but have to trust in him completely. I am a work in progress in this regard. Thank you for the wonderful message!

  502. Josephine Grant says:

    Thanks for your devotions.

  503. Cathy Miller says:

    I stumbled across your site a few months ago and have been inspired to try and follow Gods ways instead of my own. When I read your words they are a reminder throughout my day to turn my thoughts,words and deeds over to his care. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  504. Josephine Grant says:

    Thanks for your devotions. I learn so much from you

  505. Brenda Hawkins says:

    I would love to have this book I have so much drama in my life right now that i feel this could help me so much Thank u for the chance God bless u all

  506. This is such a useful reminder, that even though I too was raised to respond emotionally, I do not have to give in to responding that way now. There is so much more benefit in turning it all over to God, because ultimately we cannot see his plan for us or those we love, but have to trust in him completely. I am a work in progress in this regard. Thank you for the wonderful message!

  507. Exactly what I need today and currently in my life. I was raised to escalate the drama and I am still suffering the results of that upbringing. I am currently working on turning to the Lord first instead of turning toward the drama. Thank you Lord for this amazing devotion and for showing me that I am not the only one that struggles with this. In Jesus name AMEN!

  508. Hi Cindi! I WANT a drama free life! I NEED to get out of the way and let God lead the way. I’m in desperate need of Him. Thank you Cindi for the devotional! Have a Very Blessed day in Jesus!

  509. I am so happy you shared this today I have finally realized that I TOO can live drama free!! God is so good to send what we need right when we need it. God Bless you

  510. Your soul baring honesty speaks to me! I am challenged to calm my emotions knowing how it affects my blood pressure so easily!
    I will cast my cares on Him! I don’t want to be the drama mama!

  511. Oh hello! My blood pressure reacts so quickly to my emotions! I’m doing better but could use your inspiring advice to improve.
    Thank you!

  512. My devotion this morning really spoke to me. My father recently passed away at age(92), and my mom passed away about 25 years ago. My dad remarried in 1993. My father was a minister and preached for 67 years. My siblings accepted stepmom and never had any problems or ill words. That is until my fathers death and her girls took over, it was a lot of confusion. I am so sadden of the way things ended. Please pray for me to be a strong Christian.

  513. This devotion came at just the right time. I have been dealing with a lot of emotional turmoil with my worry-controlled mother and have reached the end of my rope. It is so easy to lose patience with her or join her in the negative outlook on life, but this message reminded me that I have the mind of Christ. I no longer have to respond the old way. Instead, I can be a beacon of Christ’s hope and security, but I can only do that by turning my internal focus away from myself. Thank you for sharing this devotional today!

  514. Sandy Simms says:

    Love the devotional about Drama Free Life. It is so important to take the ME out of my daily living and focus on Christ and others. Thank You for your insights!

  515. Kelley Deep Llewellyn says:

    Every, single time I stop, and ask God to speak through me, He does. Only when I keep in close personal touch with Him can I respond maturely, rather than react dramatically.

    Great reminder today!

  516. I grew up with a lot of drama, so your devotion was very encouraging.

  517. Cheri leach says:

    Thanks so much for this timely word for my life. I need to respond rather than react to circumstances in my life. I have the mind of Christ as His child.

  518. Rochelle Stahl says:

    I was just praying about this very topic this morning! I was in deep regret about how I acted in some events in my life over the last few weeks of my father n law’s life and acted out on my emotions. I made peace with a person that I was horrible to and talked to God about my actions and the useless drama it caused. Thank you for this devotion as it was needed at the perfect time and was like God speaking to me about my prayer!

  519. Anne Wiens says:

    This is such great advise…we do not have to deal with problems on our own! The best resource, our Heavenly Father, is always ready to help when we engage with Him through prayer!

  520. Oh, if only I would remember this!

  521. Vicki Baird says:

    Wow! This spoke right to my controlling heart too! I hate drama but didn’t realize until reading this that when I respond emotionally I am creating drama that I dislike seeing in others. Hmmm…My daughter would call me “Pot” on this – as in “the pot calling the kettle black”. I so appreciate the truth in these emails. They bring freedom when I take the truth in and respond with different actions.I recently moved in with my 88yr old dad and 80yr old mom. This has brought many difficult lifestyle changes. I need to read this book because I realize now I have been responding emotionally all too often. Thank you for sending this email!!!

  522. Brenda Brand says:

    As much as I probably need this book I especially need my daughter to read it. She is the mother of two small children dealing with family drama and continually coming to me for answers. I turn her toward God to seek his wisdom and guidance. I feel this book would help her cope with the trials she faces. I thoroughly enjoy the
    devotions I receive via email. Keep them coming!! God Bless your ministry!!

  523. Paula Price says:

    I so needed this reminder this morning. I had a situation last night that was full of drama and yes I went there. It has been so difficult for me after my divorce not to be full drama.

  524. Todays message was just what I needed. 4/5/17 God always knows. Thank you Jesus.
    I`m going through a very painful breakup. Not a wife, but the one I love. Her and three beautiful kids are now gone. Will God bring them back? I don`t know. I talk to the Lord, a lot about this. But I also call a friend and vent to her. She is always there for me, but I think I`m starting to wear her down. It`s time to stop. His peace has come, He is with me. I love you Lord Jesus!!! William

  525. Lynn Cox says:

    I am a mother of 2 girls and it seems like lately especially in the morning drama has taken over. It is effecting how my daughters act and we really need help with it. I dont want it to continue and I dont want my daughters to not be able to control their emotions.

  526. sara ramirez says:

    LORD have your way.

  527. I have a daughter who struggles with a drug problem and her life is full of drama.

  528. Often times we think we can handle it all by ourselves but thanks for the reminder. It’s all about him.

  529. This could not have been more timely! I am currently dealing with stress at work over losing hours to someone who from all appearances is not looking for a job and stress at home as I deal with a father who is very self-centered. I want to react in a loving, drama-free way, but far to often I allow “me” to be the focus and not shining God’s light.

  530. Loved your post and certainly needed to hear what you had to say. So guilty of this problem. But what I don’t understand is how this helped your Mother. Hospitals are famous for leaving people in unnecessary pain. Unfortunately many times it’s because the nurses are so overworked. I understand that you turned it over to God. But would it have been wrong to speak with the nursing staff? Just curious and a bit worried that people with elderly parents will get the wrong message about that part. My mother was very ill for most of my life and there were many times when it was necessary for me to intervene and get her help. And now I am dealing with some issue with my husband and am really conflicted. Could you please speak to this problem. I could really use the help. Regardless, drama part so much appreciated. Going to write every word down and read it over and over. God bless you.

  531. Sally Ann Price says:

    This is a great devotional. I knew how you felt. I am glad that you are drama-free. The Lord protects us and keeps us in his tender care.

  532. In regards to your Mom, this sounds like a “me” first attitude. What if it were you in the bed hurting and in need? This attitude of “me first” is not found in the Scripture. Drama? It’s called life! You cannot avoid it. To me, this article sounds like a pat on the back for being a noteworthy hypocrite. I’m sure whenever you were a child in need, your Mom spent time up at night with you. I wonder if she thought you were just causing her needless drama. The Scripture tells us that love should be our highest goal. Not, me, myself and I. The Scripture tells us to die to self. If your Mom was in need and hurting, why not be there for her? I don’t understand this attitude. (I realize I don’t know all of the circumstances involved here.) It’s certainly not who I want to be. I’ll probably be judged here…that I’m full of “drama”, but I can assure you, I am not. It does concern me that there is a lot being said these days about, boundaries, drama, etc. But, I am a seeker of Jesus. Jesus got involved with people. He left Heaven’s splendor and came down to minister to us. He is our example. We don’t need to fuss and fight with others, but we do need to roll up our sleeves and LOVE. If it cost us something, well, our works will be tested by fire when we stand before the King. It is at this time we will be happy that we put the needs of others first. I have not read this book, and it sounds like I don’t want to. If it’s promoting a selfish, me first, keeping people at a distance, it’s not for me. I pray that I can be there for the hurting, the needy, the lonely, and especially, the Mom who gave birth to me. Is there going to be some drama involved? You bet! You see, there is no such thing as living a drama free life. We are not robots. Thank goodness. It’s really very simple. Die to self. Micah 6:8 “The Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you:
    To do what is right,
    To love mercy, and
    To walk humbly with your God.”

  533. My daughter did this for me 3 weeks ago.she prayed for pain to subside and I peacefully was healed and i was so proud of the woman of God she had become..double blessings.

  534. What an awesome experience it is when I allow the Holy Spirit to control me instead of my emotions.

  535. How timely is this message! God is definitely working in my life. My husband left me and refused any means of reconciliation so the divorce is final next week. He (and Satan) are attacking on this emotional, drama level constantly. I am so grateful for this message so I could see this and response in a Christ-like manner. It really does work to pray before speaking! Amen!

  536. LaVerne Simpson says:

    Another great devotional and I would love to have this book.

  537. Dawn Goswick says:

    Today’s devotion runs parallel with God’s constant reminder to “be still”. I have been going through a personal storm for six months. In moments of weakness the enemy does a great job using my emotions to create doubt and bitterness.
    My son has walked out of my life because of misinformation my ex husband filled his head with. Reacting with fleshly emotions will only create a greater divide. God PROMISES that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. We must be mindful (and patient) to allow God’s purpose to be revealed in our lives, not hinder it by interceding with our own emotions.

  538. Thank you for this message, it hits home for what my family and I are challenging right now. Keep the praise coming

  539. It is hard to remember to choose Christ in the midst of parent-sibling drama. We all have opinions od how the others should act forgetting that we can easily choose Christ. It is an easy thing to do, but the last thing I remeber to do. But when I do make a right choice and go to HIM, I am at peace and encouraged to see how God gives peace.

  540. I needed this today! Thank you! Wonderful words to remind me to be less of me and more of Him!

  541. Perfect devotion for today!

  542. Paula F Amador says:

    Thank you for your wise and heart felt devotionals! I enjoyed the drama free advice and love how it applies directly to my life! Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  543. Oh Cindi,
    I was so there 6 years ago with my Mom, I wish I could have reacted like you did, but I can’t go back only forward in forgiveness and love. Thank you for sharing your heart. Hugs Carol God is good all the time.

  544. Thank you for your devotions and the chance to win a copy of your book.

  545. Sharon Heffner says:

    Oh how I needed to read this today! We are going through a rough time at our church and emotions are running high. Instead of reacting, this gives me the correct perspective, and reminds me to turn to my Heavenly Father for help. Thanks so much for sharing.

  546. Antoinette says:

    Always appreciate your words of wisdom and would love to have a copy of the book. May God continue to bless you as you bless others

  547. Tina Filbert says:

    oh, yes. living drama free would be such a relief. this would be a good book for me to read. thank you for the chance to possibly win a copy.

  548. Wanda Maloney says:

    I needed to read this today. I woke up to a bunch of drama to deal with. Thank-you and thank-you God for this message.

  549. Michelle Faussett says:

    What a great reminder! Loved this!!

  550. Ramona Stephan says:

    I really needed this today. I have a difficult time with my dysfunctional family.

  551. MaryBeth says:

    This is perfect for me!!!! Thank you

  552. A gentle reminder that living by Faith, with God all things are Possible.


    I can relate to this. Drama and worry used to hold me in bondage with anxiety attacks. I have several mantras and bible verses that I hold onto. They have set me free.

  554. I definitely needed this today, I need it everyday. I get tested by my loved ones on a daily and emotionally I want to react but I know that it won’t help the situation. It will just make things worse. I pray that God will give me the right words to say when I come across a situation.

  555. Exactly what I am working on right now.

  556. Melissa B says:

    What a great reminder. Too often I cling to the message that “God made me this way” instead of viewing a situation through the lens of my emotions, opinions and rights are His, and He expresses Himself through me.

  557. Thank you for your honesty and your story. I have to admit I will have a way to go to become drama free. Raised in a family of emotion and drama, I am about to begin the journey of dementia with my father while encouraging my mother along the way. Brought up in a family of not dealing with things, except through a wine glass, my journey needs this devotional. In so many ways I am our family’s black sheep, relying on God and His mercies, love and blessings. I am the person everyone turns to, expecting that I will have the answer to all and be the rock to solve everything quickly, managing the burdens before they interfere too much in my siblings lives. I am blessed to be the closest in distance to our parents, and honored to walk this journey with them. All I need to learn how to do is do it drama free. Thank you for helping me begin. God bless you and your family.

  558. Less of me and more of HIM! thank you for sharing! I needed this. Some things in my life I need to surrender to and keep surrendering as some sin has a strong hold in my life. the lust of the flesh, anger and pride Lord I surrender these to you and please continue to bring fourth those things in my heart that keep me from my growth in your. In Jesus name amen.

  559. My husband informed me this morning we may have to move a great distance for a new job opportunity. I have never left home, never left my family. I usually respond with tears when we talk about moving. I know this opportunity can bring great things. I thought about crying today and was able to hold it together and think about what the positive possibilities could be. The verse James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” (NIV) – hit home for me. I need to give it all to God!

  560. Linda Schmidt says:

    This was so me today I acted full of emotion and all about me! People are who they are and in some areas of their personality they will not be able to change. I expect too much from everyone and it does stem from my upbringing.

    Thank you so much for speaking to my heart today with God’s words it was an answer to prayer.

  561. I often respond with my emotions and when I am able to relax in God and trust in him. My whole life changes for the better. I do need to work on my emotions… emotional outburst whether it be sad, happy, or mad. I don’t know where to start. I ask lord direction

  562. Yes! This was definitely a word in due season. Thank you for sharing your life and your heart with us.

  563. Jan Bryant says:

    Thank you for your devotions. I have read several and always feel God speaking through you.

  564. Lori Haley says:

    This would be a great book for me. I do find when I leave results to God He does some amazing things. I am so thankful instead of drama I can have his peace knowing He will take care of the situation instead of me having to do so.

  565. Veronica Ross says:

    AWESOME article, I shared it with my daughter and sister in law. Congratulations on the new book.

  566. We are currently living through someone’s drama at work right now…the blog post confirmed my desire to respond the way Christ wants me to!

  567. I can very much relate to how this woman would have reacted has she not turned to Him. I am in the process of learning to turn to Him during difficult times, but am still struggling with my old ways.

  568. Patsy Rogers says:

    I deal w my emotions when interacting w my teenage granddaughter who lost her Mom when 6 years old. She takes out her anger on me and I tend to react. Praying for strength each time I see her. That is working.

  569. Clara Marotti says:

    Thanks so much for the directive to live ‘drama free’. It really helped me today because of what I went through yesterday. The enemy came in like a flood and I reacted emotionally, without relying on the wisdom of God. I gave in to the lies of the enemy and I was scammed. God bless you for what you shared..

  570. Anxious to read this new book, I need to learn how to control my emotions to minimize or hopefully erase the drama I am inclined to.

  571. Donna Craig says:

    Need to write this on the tablet of my heart for sure! Raising a 4 year old grandchild d/t parents drug addictions…even at 4 she can be a drama queen…eye rolling,etc. Some days we both act like petulant toddlers!!
    I know God has a plan, and His plan is good.

  572. Leva Smith says:

    Amen to the Lamb of God I don’t like drama but it tends to follow me thru different folks I Pray God will heal all in the name of Christ

    • Leva Smith says:

      I just remember Christ is bigger than all things by the shedding of his precious blood Amen to the Lamb of God

  573. Laurie Irons says:

    I look forward to learning how not to respond based on my emotions. That is such a default for me even when I am trying to rely on God to help me with my responses.

  574. I was raised where legalism is practiced and old traditions brought over from Russia continue in modern day America. I didn’t marry in my faith (not Jewish or Catholic). My relationship with my Mother has been strained since my father passed 7 yrs ago and I confronted her about her behavior toward my husband and daughter at the church I was raised. Now I need to talk with her again regarding being rude and disrespectful. I need the tools to know how to proceed in this relationship and live drama free. We live in different states and I don’t want to continuing bring this drama here to my home with my husband and daughter. Thank you.

  575. Yolanda Renteria says:

    Thank you for sharing this devotion I very much needed this today as this morning started really rough
    for me..but as usual GOD has a message for me each day to get me thru. Praise God! there’s no one else like you!

  576. says:

    Daily Inspirations:

  577. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this. It was very much needed today. I have an 11 year old with much drama that she brings into our family.

  578. Martha T. says:

    I think this book sounds great!

  579. Starlit Weddle says:

    I really don’t know what to say, except I believe that your book would be of great help to me right now. I have a sister who faces drama daily. I believe this came at just the right time. Thank you!

  580. Stacey Schmidt says:

    Thank you for the devotional about living drama free. It was very encouraging.

  581. Dear Heavenly Father God,
    I thank you for the brave and courageous women who you sent before me to proclaim their personal issues by first seeking You and your wisdom to conquer and overcome any obstacle in their life. Lord God, help me to be and become the mighty woman of God You created me to be. I thank you for everything that You have bestowed in my heart,soul,spirit,and life. I love you, always and forever.

  582. Donna McNally says:

    I am 75 years young, and had to move far away from my grown children and grandchildren due to their severe drama and unkindness to me. I am now estranged from them all and my heart is breaking every day, it is so overwhelming I find it hard to stop thinking of them. I have forgiven them, I love and miss them so much and what we use to have. I need help, and hoping this book can get me on the right path. Today was the first day I received your story from a friend, never hearing of your website, and feel God has directed me to this. Thank you for this story, and I am printing it so I can read it every day to remind myself of what I need to do. My heart feels touched by you and this story, and as a lonely Mom and Grammy, I hope it will help me move on. God Bless You!!!

    • Norma Wolkowski says:

      Hello Donna,
      I am 84 years YOUNG! I have ‘earned’ the great grandmother title but it has not been without bumps in the road of life and can be so painful at times. For the most part, however, my husband and I have been so very blessed and never forget to give our Lord much praise and thanks. Donna, this is a difficult step you took to say “I have forgiven them” but did you TELL THEM face to face? Not being able to forgive someone is one of the heaviest burdens we can carry and only God can help us. I have forgiven some friends in the past, but did not receive acceptance. I knew I could not live without forgiving as God wants us to do and I am at peace with that. I am filled with compassion for your situation, Donna, don’t give up HOPE that all will be made right in God’s way, in God’s time.
      Blessings, Norma

  583. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you very much for great encouraging words!

  584. Sandra Lemley says:

    This devotion was very timely for me! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! The book sounds great!

  585. Patricia Williams says:

    Wow! This sounds so much like me and my family! (Unfortunately, hardly any of us speak, I couldn’t deal with the never-ending drama!). Guess I’m not the only one, huh?

  586. I get anxious easily about lots of things so really need to give my thoughts to God and realize how that He’s in control not me.

  587. Lori Hunter says:

    I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. I am the youngest of three girls. We are all 4 years apart. Neither of them worked very much outside the house. I worked my way up from a medical receptionist to owning a physical therapy clinic. That’s when problems began. When I made money they were there asking all the time for it which I did and to their families also. I lost my business in 2008. When they realized I had no more to give they were done with me. I am a Christian and was so heartbroken over their reactions and treatment towards me. My middle sister claims to be the “perfect Christian” which we know that no one is, however, she has been trying to battle with me ever since. Now both my sisters accuse me of lying stating I still have money and just won’t share. The last hateful texts I got from both of them was two weeks ago. I prayed about it and decided I would no longer respond. This is driving them crazy. I’m still struggling with the emotional turmoil.

  588. says:

    Daily Inspirations,
    I will admit I let go of my position under God. Last night words flew and” if only” came into play in my mind none of this would be taking place right now. But the blessing comes in the morning. And here we are now. An opportunity to get back on track. Lord, help & guide me today. Fill me with your grace now.
    Want to say thanks for being steadfast and an instrument in the Lords name.
    God bless your ministry
    Nancy .U

  589. Marquis Anderson says:

    Thanks so much for today’s reading! So many times we respond emotionally when wisdom is gently giving us a nudge…In God’s infinite wisdom, he softly speaks to us so that we have to actually stop and tune-in to his frequency…His voice isn’t loud and interfering, but it’s patiently waiting to get our attention…God is such a gentleman that he doesn’t force his way on us, instead he allows us to experience life until we realize that life without his wisdom is absolutely no life at all…Thanks be to God for his grace and mercy because there have been so many times I reacted without seeking his wisdom and lived with regret later…Even still, in the midst of my ignorance, his hand was never removed and because of his unending love, my prayer is for his wisdom everyday as I strive to be the best wife, mother, daughter, and woman I can be!

  590. Shirley F says:

    Sounds like a good book. Would be a good read to help improve lives.

  591. Cheryl Hunter says:

    I so wish to learn how to be at peace and be drama free. Casting my cares upon the Lord and doing and speaking what He says concerning Me.

  592. Rosemarie says:

    I just read the devotional regarding drama in life. That is the my life. It seems there is always something happening. Thank you. I think my life will be different now

  593. Meredith says:

    What a great message today! Just what I needed and such encouraging words. I don’t have to fuel to fire of drama in my own life if I choose to be drama-free through Christ.
    Thank you!

  594. Sarah B says:

    What an important reminder! Drama & gossip are so prevalent (& so easy to be pulled into) but we’re called to rise above. Loved the practical advice on how to accomplish this

  595. Kim Anderson says:

    Thank You for today’s devotion. I now see what God wanted me to see in regards to past communication s with my family. And even on this very day as I am concerned with my husband’s health and his honesty with his doctors. The great news (praise!!😀) is my husband and I have had productive and conversations instead of staying in the endless repetitive cycle that was accomplishing nothing but tearing us apart little by little . I pray the Lord will give me good communication, without getting emotional and/or angry with him.

  596. Beverly Mallory says:

    Thank you for saying just what I needed to hear today!

  597. Shelly P. says:

    Wow, this devotional couldn’t be timed any better (maybe Divinely so?)
    Oh to live a drama free life! For those that know me, it would so loudly be proclaiming Christ in me as my human nature loves to talk, talk, talk!! 🙂

  598. Jeana Durost says:

    With the title of the Proverbs 31 blog post, I thought ‘hmm I bet this will be good for a friend of mine’. But it wasn’t. It was for me!! It not only convicted my heart but prompted me to be hold my thoughts captive. Her story made that piece of scripture come alive for me.

  599. Thanks for such a great reminder to rest in Him. I work in an environment with many women who seem to thrive on drama. Through Him I can do all things!!

  600. This is me, too….practically every day. Thank you for showing me I can change…

  601. Linda wampler says:

    I feel this spoke directly to me. I was just thinking last night about some things that are happening with my mom, mother-in-law and me. I become so angry, hurt and frustrated that I usually go to my Dad, who is remarried and has problems of his own. That’s AFTER I have worn my poor husband out. I didn’t call my Dad, for once, because he’s in his mid-eightties and dznt need this drama.
    I have some soul-searching to do with my emotions. I loved reading this encouragement today. What a wonderful instruction for initiating a drama – free, more prayerful life! Thank-you!

  602. Victoria Gonzales says:

    During this Lenten Season God has brought before me a study related to “resisting Happiness” and within this study it refers to “resisting Drama”….so I have begun to work at ‘becoming a better person” and to be the Best of Myself as God desires….the reading for today….is perfect and…by relieving myself from the Drama, whether it be Family, Work,,,or just plain life….brings such Joy….and is bringing me closer to God and allowing me to Be the Best of Myself His Image. Thank You Proverbs 31….Bless You

  603. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have had a lot of situations in my life over the last 9 years with my children and I am trying to learn to let go and let God and not react so strongly to my emotions.

  604. Natalie says:

    Beautifully said! Would love a copy of this book!!!

  605. Charlene Tanhehco Lorn says:

    Thank you! I love the part about how to be drama-free I have to be free of me. Something to continually pray about daily! 🙂 Thank you again! 🙂

  606. Linda Hogue says:

    This devotion impacted me greater than anything I’ve read in a long time. I so completely identified with everything she said thank you Cindi for helping me to get my thoughts in the proper place and give all my trust to Jesus.

  607. Chelsea Butler says:

    This REALLY hit home! At times when things aren’t just perfect or go the way I imagine, I let my emotions and anxiety become a monster. Those are the times I always say something I regret. Exploding NEVER makes you feel better. Exploding can’t offer the peace and comfort God can. At times I let the darkness of the drama shadow over God’s light and wisdom. I have learned how important it is to constantly be aware of God’s presence. He is always “knocking at the door”, ready for us to open it. I pray that we all hear the knock and open the door when our emotions are at a boiling point. I pray that God is my “go-to girl” when I need advice or to spill my feelings. His words are the peace and wisdom we all need to live His truth! <3

  608. jacinda frazer says:

    This devotion is wise counsel which I take to heart. It’s so easy to feed the flesh and be dramatic in my daily interactions. Things become all about me than about actually living for and being used by Christ. One of the things I’m working on is developing more patience which is essentially about being less dramatic. I need to work on praying in advance or in the moment for wisdom in how to conduct myself and the will to follow through.

  609. julie giles says:

    Boy Oh Boy did this hit home. I am that person, WHat a great Eye and spirit opener! I pray Father that I remember this devotion everytime I want to have a moment of road rage, or coworkers that I let under my skin, or new believers that “I” dont think are right with the Lord. Thank You Father for allowing me to come humbly and ask your guidance and forgiveness. or providing a Holy Spirit that continues to teach and open my heart and eyes to your truths. and for Jesus to be my savior my Redeemer , and so loving he died on the cross so that I can have this life with you.

  610. Lyndsey says:

    Now that I have given my life to God I am more aware of the drama and negativity in my daily life and I’m working so hard to stay away from it and stay positive and away from gossip and negative talk in general. I have found that since I stay focused on him and the promises of his word I’m doing a better job of it but being around other ppl who are negative or who gossip or whatever sometimes cause me to be brought down and I need to spend more time with him so I can know how to stay positive in these times.

  611. Mary Gaitors says:

    Your book sounds very interesting. Myself and a few associates could use a drama free life.

  612. Daphne Locklar says:

    Your words this morning have spoken volumes to my heart. My family is currently going through something similar with my Grandfather and my Mother unintentionally creates drama among the family by reacting emotionally rather than taking a moment to breathe, pray and react maturely. I unfortunately feed off of my Mothers initial reaction carrying on this unnecessary drama. I so desperately want to mature and learn how to charge this behavior for myself. Then maybe I could be a positive influence for my Mother to react differently to this situation and others. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, this gives me hope that I can change my ways.

  613. Patrick Minderler says:

    Thank you Lord for sending this my way. Perfect for the day.

  614. Courtney says:

    Thank you for this insightful, enlightening devotion. I will def be adding this book to my list of P31 must read list. I need the most help in responding maturely when it comes to arguments & disagreements with my husband, those “in the heat of the moment” situations, & just a little (haha!) when I drastically, extremely want something & can’t have it, have it my way. Hey now, don’t judge. We all still struggle with that sometimes. lol.

  615. It is imposble to live drama free or anything free especially ‘me free’ without HIS freedom. The only way is to die to myself and live to HIM.

  616. Coming from a large family (10 siblings) and mostly girls, we tend to have drama on a daily basis. This devotion helped me see that I do not have to live in the drama, but pray about it. We had a similar situation a few years back with my father in the hospital, it was everyone else responsibility to comfort & attend to his needs. If I had only prayed about everything we were going through, it would have relieved a lot of pain and frustration. I will remember this devotion every time drama shows its face. I pray that my siblings see the grace of God through my actions.

  617. CHERYL ZELAZO says:

    I need to remember this CONSTANTLY!! I tend to speak first, regret later. Thank you!

  618. Allison says:

    I really needed this today! I have so many stressors… my health issues, 2 children with special needs, my other child being bullied, and just the everyday responsibilities of 3 tween children. Great reminder to just allow God to fill me and not let my emotions breed even more drama!

  619. Marylin says:

    Thank you for sharing. Great topic! One that I can definitely relate to. You see, I am a highly emotional, and sensitive person who grew up surrounded by a lot of drama. No one has ever educated me in dealing with my emotions. And at times in my life, it has cost me dearly.
    But since I started my walk with Christ, (about 5 years ago), it has been such a blessing to meet and create relationships with people who have an inner peace. This peace that can only come from Jesus Christ. I also discovered in Scripture that amongst the fruits of the Spirit we are to acquire self control. It is something that I have earnestly been praying for and I have to say that He is gradually transforming me, through Spirit, into His likeness. We still have a long way to go but we are well on our way. Glory be to God!!
    Oh! and another thing… let’s not confuse drama with mercy and compassion; for these things, Jesus has called us to.
    Shalom and God bless! ♡

  620. I really needed to read this today. I struggle with acting out emotionally about everything. Thank you.

  621. Annalee says:

    I loved this! I once saw a bumper sticker that read “Drama is NOT a fruit of the Spirit” and have constantly reminded myself each time something arises that has drama written on it. This is just continued confirmation of how God is a God or order and not chaos.

  622. Thank you for sharing “Drama free.” My situation is different and I desire to be set free. October 13th, 2006, was a day of new beginnings. I had brain surgery. The surgery was a great success because here I am. My flaw is I can not deal with allot of stress, and I react badly to it. July 2007, I was rear – ended 2X, not a tap but two thugs. Since then I have been diagnosed with “Traumatic Brain Injury with Dementia”. Each day of my life I depend on God for everything. I would like to surprise my Heavenly Father one day and not react to bad words or negativity or even stress. I desire to become Drama Free with the Healing hand of God and his saints. Everyone is sent into our lives for a reason. I thank God each day for the angels He sends into our families lives. I would love to benefit from your experience and grow in the arms of my Heavenly Father.

  623. I have experienced a lot of drama not of my own making, but your article got me to thinking about my responses to my experiences and how I might learn a new way to respond and develop a different mindset. Wonderful article and scripture references.

  624. Molly Norton says:

    I have always been one to react first, think later. I wasn’t taught as a child the appropriate ways to express my emotions (my parents were just happy I wasn’t stuffing them). Unfortunately I now see in my daughter this “generational” lack of emotional control. I would love to learn some new tools to help live a life with less drama, and to pass on what I learn to my daughter.

  625. Jennifer says:

    I would love to learn more about having a drama free life

  626. Natalie N. says:

    This was such a timely word for me. I have been dealing with an issue in our home for two weeks and I have been so overly dramatic about it. Everyone close to me knows about the situation because it’s as if I’ve been shouting it from the rooftops…Thank you for the reminder that God must be central – not my emotions! He must become greater and I must become less! I want to walk in that “new” way.

  627. Oh, I needed this today! I had one of those drama intense phone conversations just this week. And I so wish I could say I handled it the way you did the conversation with your mom. I didn’t. But I am inspired to take a different route next time. Thank you for the tips of slowing down, praying for wisdom and speaking compassion and love without entering the fray. I’d love to read this book!

  628. Velyna Johnson says:

    This is so appropriate as I study the book of Proverbs. Yes, if we seek God’s wisdom in every situation Jesus will smile!!!

  629. Exactly where I have been past few months. I hadn’t thought of it as being “drama free,” though it definitely ends up being that. Denying self, and especially self-pity is a big part of it. I hadn’t realized how big a part self-pity played, until I stopped reacting. Definitely a new level of surrender, but the deliverance from this is a new place of freedom and peace. He is faithful who has begun the work and He will complete it. Thanks for sharing the perspective you gained through your experience. It helps and confirms what He has been teaching me. I’m grateful.

  630. This is soo me and how my family grew up!

    Thank you!

  631. Wanda Sullivan says:

    Thank you God for speaking to me through this message. With a mom suffering from Alzheimer’s and a dad facing surgery, I need to surrender to God’s plan and be mature, not emotional. I don’t need to mull over all the difficult circumstances,but react with a prayer for wisdom. In ALL things glorify Him and allow Him to express Himself through me.

  632. Would love the book. I am a drama queen.

  633. Nancy K. Yes says:

    Thank you for this devotional. It certainly rings true in my life. Galatians 2:21 “I do not set aside the grace of God…” Today I will make better choices by remembering what Christ has done for me.

  634. Teresa Steiner says:

    This is great info and great devotions. I am loving the daily so far.

  635. Jenny Holtan says:

    We have had a lot of “drama” lately and would to learn how with God’s help I could be less drama and more like Him!

  636. I would love this peace!

  637. Norma Wolkowski says:

    I so look forward to reading the daily message … I can’t thank you enough for your inspiring message today! There is usually a thought that pertains to me like the writer can see inside my soul; and I am able to help others because of what I read and learn. BLESS YOU.

  638. Gayle Cole says:

    I found this devotional so very true in my life-when someone calls or even text, my first reaction is my thoughts and I don’t just take the time to pause and ask God for direction or wise words of wisdom at that moment. Thanks for that simple reminder today.

  639. sharon Beasley says:

    Very impressed, would like to know how God got you there!

  640. Great read at the right time in my life. Will definitely be trying more to live drama free!

  641. Norma Corwin says:

    This post couldn’t come at a better time. I have so much drama in my life right now that I need to turn it over to God and ask him to help me through it. It’s hard though to not be emotional when it is your own kids involved in the drama.
    Thank you 🙂

  642. I struggling with how to be an effective parent to a boy with aspergers and anger outbursts. I pray for wisdom daily (sometimes hourly).

  643. Debi Shaw says:

    This is exactly what i needed to hear today. And the issue with your mom was amazingly similar to what i am dealing with. Thank you

  644. Michele Poe says:

    Thank you for reminding me today that even though God has been teaching me to rely more on Him & to respond in all situations instead of reacting, I needed this encouragement today to keep up the good fight, especially when I have 4 daughters who need to see Jesus in me & not the dysfunction of my childhood.

  645. This is just what I needed to hear today. A doctor’s visit this morning was upsetting, even though the prognosis poses only an inconvenience to my life and is slightly life-changing, not life-threatening. I had the urge to call my husband on our lunch break, but decided to wait until the evening. This devotional has changed the way I will present my news. Rejoice ALWAYS! Thank you

  646. RoseMary Baty-Willcox says:

    Sounds like my life growing up. The last child of the first 5, the middle child of all 9 and raised as an only child. Came from a family
    of drama, and still learning how to deal.

  647. Miranda says:

    I so needed to read this and be reminded of this today. I’ve often told myself that I’ll always be an emotional person because that’s just who I am and it won’t ever change but reading this devotional today gives me hope that I can change this about myself! Thank you for sharing your heart…..for the reminder to turn to Christ first instead of family and friends and continuing in the drama!

  648. Thank you for sharing. I long for a drama-free life and strive for it. I’m sure your book is a blessing.

  649. Katherine says:

    I would really like to win a copy of this book and earn to apply the principles in my own life. Thank you!

  650. Jennifer Eady says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. Satan has been at work today throwing all sorts of stuggles my way. I was just about to respond to one in a very “dramatic” way and then I read this! Whooo, talk about stopping me in my tracks! After reading this, I took a deep breath said a prayer and readjusted my words to the other person to have a drama free response but still getting my point across. Thank you for the reminder that my response usually dictates some drama, even when that’s not my intention.

  651. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression on and off for eight years. Through it, though, Jesus has taught me, shaped me, and drawn me closer to Himself. It’s encouraging to see how He does that in our lives as we surrender to Him. Thanks for the encouraging reminder!

  652. Lindsey says:

    what a lovely encouragement. That we do not have share every encounter and moment with even those we love so dearly. God is so big, and want an inviting reminder to take our relationship with him deeper.

  653. I wish I could remember this always. I am tired of complaining at work knowing the negativity I share spreads. Which means I am not representing Christ well at all. Thanks for the encouragement!

  654. The way I have behaved today, I need help badly and certainly need this book more than anyone if I could understand its message clearly. As a struggling Christian, sometimes I wonder why I let emotions rule me when Christ is who I want to rule me. I continue to make the same mistakes time after time. Fear seems to rule over me.

  655. Really loved this! So many times we think with our emotions and have need to vent what is happening, instead of just being still. Thank you for this !

  656. React or respond, yes they are free choices but one will certainly ignite a fire and the other will snuff out the flames! Scatter loving kindness!

  657. This was a powerful article that I really needed to hear. Coming out of a destructive marriage, I was never good at controlling my emotions with my spouse or my children at times. Drama was on fire with being so verbally abused by spouse and sons over decades. I am on a healing journey with no time for drama. Your article has helped greatly as I have to deal with several manipulated children down the road who turned on me. God has our lives in his hands and we do have to totally surrender to him as I did seven months ago. Bless you and please pray for me in the months ahead. Anxiety has been too long a part of my journey.

  658. Leslie Stoelzle says:

    Oh I most needed this devotion today and for several months. Family dysfunction for a life time has caused so much pain and heartache and even more so since both parents have died. Almost 4 months ago, I removed myself from the family drama. I tried to fix all the brokenness but the lies and deceit just continued. I would cry with such hurt, I would rage within, and I would become physically ill.
    Then I listened more closely to God, closed the door of all communication with all siblings. He can fix the issues his way not mine to fix.
    I continue to pray for us all in this brokenness promoted from our childhood and ask God to continue to pray for a forgiving heart.
    I don’t hurt as badly since I have given God the authority. Thank you so much.

  659. What a wonderful reminder to be mindful of our reactions. Thank you!

  660. Jane Provorse says:

    This piece on being drama-free shouted at me (ok, spoke) as I am contending with my mother with Alzheimer’s and her dramatics. How humbling to realize I can escalate her problems by acting before praying. Thanks for the heads up!

  661. Sherri Sandoval says:

    I have had so much drama, in my life since Nov., 2016. To the point, I have made myself, physically sick. The dr’s, do not know what is causing me pain. The numerous tests, are all normal. I really needed today’s message. Thank you

  662. I would love to hear more and read this book. Life has turned upside down lately

  663. There is nothing worse than having drama in one’s life. It is something that I daily pray about and try to avoid. My own child has created a lot of it in my husband and my life. To say that not having him living with us has given us great peace feels so horrible to say, but honestly being able to go home and not have to worry anymore about what I am going to walk through the door to has definitely poured peace over my mind. Even though I miss him terribly as any mother that loves her child would, I know that God has a plan and I am praying for peace of mind and that my child will one day grow up in to a much better person than he is today. I pray that he allows God in to his life to help make the necessary changes that are needed in him.

  664. Vevay Rollings says:

    The drama filled life has been a part of my family ever since I can remember. I always tried not to be a part of it, but somehow I always seem to get sucked into it. I have tried to distance myself from my family, but I miss them. I really needed this word today. It made me realize that I don’t have to play into my emotions. I can allow God to work in me and not be controlled or hurt by the drama. I’m trusting in God. Thank you.

  665. I have been working on a drama free life as well. It has been better but could get even better. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story!

  666. Stephanie Wheeler says:

    I have been working on down playing drama within my work, family and myself. I’ve gotten much better at it – this sounds like a good book to assist in what I’m trying to accomplish. Thank you for sharing:)

  667. What an awesome reminder. As I face challenges in my life I am so often caught up being reactive and emotional. Running my mouth for no good reason. Last night was a prime example as I argued with my husband and verbally teared him up. It needs to stop and I need to learn to lean on God for answers rather than being quick to react. Oh, if I could only manage to cast my cares on him and quietly and patiently respond to my husband and children. Our home would be a happier home.

  668. Awesome topic. Much needed! Thankful for this devotion speaking to me today. There is enough drama in life. No need for more to be created. God bless!

  669. Great reminder! Go to God first, let the Holy Spirit do his work. Its so easy for me to go to drama to show everyone else “how bad i have it” but God is so good. I need this reminder daily!

  670. Monica Archer says:

    I am dealing with drama with friendships and I so want to avoid the drama.

  671. Carissa says:

    I’d love to live a drama free life full of gods wisdom and a focus on seeking god first in all things!

  672. Mary Kennedy says:

    All my life I have responded by my emotions. I need to live my life and respond to the drama in my life thru Christ and for asking for Hos wisdom and guidance.

  673. Pat Mazerolle says:

    This is one of the best devotional I’ve heard in a long time….I am going through a difficult time since placing my husband in nursing home because he suffers dementia. It has been quite the adjustment, and anxiety has been overwhelming. I have noticed myself dramatizing the small stuff and I really have been calling out to God with fervent prayer in the last three months regarding keeping my emotions under His control….so this devotional was a real blessing!
    Thank you ❤️🙏

  674. I just read the first chapter. The topic intrigued me because I live and work in New York City, where I’ve experienced a lot unexpected. I am also interested in this topic having grown up in a family where there’s a history of mental illness.

  675. Love this devotional and would love to learn how to pull this off in real life. It’s much easier said than done, I know….for every time I give myself over, it’s not long before I take it back. Would like to learn how to be more consistent with this discipline.

  676. God’s timing is always PERFECT! My tween daughter has been going thru a lot with “mean girls” in her life recently. I have been praying for/with her on how to handle this…it is so easy to become emotional and let drama happen, instead of letting God happen. Awesome that the Holy Spirit led me to this today! Thanks Cindy for sharing your experience..wonderful testimony of God’s love!

  677. Christe says:

    Sacred echo! I needed this today! Thank you!

  678. This hit home straight to my heart …. I am struggling daily to surrender it all, especially my emotions and to continually ask God for His Wisdom. I love the words describing Him as our Peace, Provider, Protector and Physician. Amen! Thank you for blessing me with this devotion today.

  679. Beth Rohling says:

    Thank you for these devotions. This one really struck home with me. Would love to win a copy of this book as have sooo many times replayed drama rather than diffusing it. Thank you again!

  680. Barbra Eden says:

    This Ministry Blesses my life with each daily devotional. I am so very thankful for your faithfulness in sending the daily devotionals. They not only Bless me but I forward them to my loved ones and they also are enriched by reading the scripture verse and the message attached in the devotional. I would love to win a copy of this book – it sounds like it will be a wonderful read.

  681. Thank you for devotional. I connected to your blog through Crosswalk Daily. If you choose me to receive this book will you forward it and any and newsletter’s to a young man that is currently in Prison. I will personally supply you with the mailing address if this is possible. All reading material must come directly from the publisher. Thank you very much.

  682. I too like Cindi was raised to “vent” my emotions. All people, no matter who they are, can’t give answers like the Lord will. But, in gratefulness to God I can honestly say through the circumstances of my last 15 years the Lord has shown me that when I return to Him again and again, he will give me positive feedback. Every time. Even if I don’t necessarily see the results right away. Thank You Cindi. Gratefully His….

  683. Pam Tillman says:

    I am really enjoying these devotional.

  684. Terr Scannell says:

    It is also important to allow God to work on how we think. This helps defuse further drama as well

  685. Misty McGlamery says:

    Just what I needed! Thank you!

  686. Theresa says:

    Thank you for this! Much needed reminder!

  687. Drama-free, the way to be. 😊

  688. Sabrina Stephens says:

    We can accomplish so much more when we take ourself out of center focus – thankful for this reminder!

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