Make Room for What You Love

Make Room for What You Love

June 16, 2016

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)


As a young newlywed, I’ll admit one of my worries was kind of ridiculous. Don’t laugh, but my fear was that paramedics or firemen or neighbors would show up at my door without fair warning.

Not that I feared the help or the friendly visit. Rather, I was worried I wouldn’t be prepared. I wanted to have at least a moment’s notice to clear the clutter and put my lipstick on before I had to swing open the door.

I was often frustrated because I couldn’t make our home the sanctuary I wanted it to be. Since home is where we do the holy work of loving God and caring for our people, it should feel like a place of refuge and safety, a place of peace. 

But so often I just felt overwhelmed. The daily dishes, clutter, responsibilities, busy schedule and the desire for order — mixed with the resulting chaos of having no clue how to manage it all — weighed on me.

I couldn’t seem to get myself organized, let alone organize my home or manage anyone else. Sometimes it felt like my shining accomplishment when my kids were little was getting everyone out the door with pants on! It was all too much: the piles, the clutter, the dishes, everything.

Considering my fear of being unprepared to answer the door, imagine the night I asked my husband to call 911 because I thought I was dying. I felt like the room was closing in on me and I couldn’t breathe. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to calm myself down while we waited for help. Who had time to prepare or put on lipstick? Not me!

I’m relieved to say I lived (and, ironically, the paramedics didn’t care about the clutter or the lack of lipstick). Panic attacks are no joke, but the good news is I learned something from that stressful time. God reassured me He didn’t need me to manage everything, just what He’s called me to do.

Part of that faithfulness was me learning to let go of things that added unnecessary stress or chaos in my life and home. I got serious about clearing out the clutter so I could create a more peaceful sanctuary. Out went the stuff that overwhelmed me: the busyness, the hurry, distractions or idleness, disorganization, perfectionism or any other roadblocks to peace.

Thank goodness perfection isn’t the goal! Different seasons of life bring change to our home, and change brings the need for continual refinement. Loving people well is messy business! God gives us grace when we open the door to welcome people, whether we feel fully prepared or not. As today’s key verse reminds us, God offers mercy in our weakness and strength for our weariness.

Disorder in our home life brings so much stress because we try to hang on to more than we can handle.

I learned that I find more peace when I let go of the clutter and focus on the joy of being a faithful steward of the life and home God gave me. 

Dear Lord, help me to place my trust in You even at times when everything around me feels out of control. Help me to let go of what clutters my perspective so I can find joy in creating a sanctuary. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” (NIV)

Proverbs 24:3-4, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” (NIV)

Start letting go of clutter to create a peaceful sanctuary for the people you love. In Melissa Michaels’ new book, Make Room for What You Love, you’ll find a fresh perspective for your home and simple ways to declutter what weighs you down.

Find a plan to jump-start your progress with the Make Room Challenge . You can also get inspired with practical ideas for beautifying and organizing your home at Melissa Michaels’ award-winning home decor blog, The Inspired Room.

Enter to WIN a copy of Make Room for What You Love by Melissa Michaels. In celebration of this book, Melissa’s publisher is giving away 5 copies! Enter to win by leaving a comment here. {We’ll randomly select 5 winners and email notifications to each one, by Monday, June 20.}

What areas of your home or life feel overwhelmed by clutter and stress? Ask God to help you simplify. Let go of what you don’t need, so you can create a more peaceful sanctuary for your family and the people He brings across your doorstep.

© 2016 by Melissa Michaels. All rights reserved.

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  1. I need this book. I need to figure out what I need to let go of.

  2. Susan Valentine says:

    Thank u kindly for your inspiration.

  3. Francine says:

    I love this article so im guessing the book will be so nice. It came right in time ?

  4. Hard for to express just how much I relate to you and the feeling of being so overwhelmed by “stuff” that you don’t know where to begin, or what to let go of first.

  5. After trying to unpack from a recent move I completely understand feeling overwhelmed! The boxes never end!

  6. As a wife and mom of four kids ages 5-11 I’m feeling overwhelmed of the chaos exploding all around our small two bedroom home but struggling with letting go of all the stuff we’ve accumulated. I would love to create a more peaceful home environment and more space for our family and not be embarrassed to invite guests into our home!

  7. Summer Burton says:

    I would love a copy of this book. Letting go is such a struggle for me and I can see it getting in the way of who I really am.

  8. Oh my restless heart, thank you for this!

  9. Need this desperately!!!!!

  10. Tracey Branson says:

    I need this!

  11. Amy Floyd says:

    Sounds like ann inspiring book!

  12. Georgianne Williams says:

    Letting go of stress is the hardest thing for me to do…. So this book would be awesome if I win it.

  13. Amy Rardon says:

    Having recently lost our 2,000 square foot home we’ve had to become accustomed to living in 950 square feet. While I’m so incredibly grateful that we have a place to live it’s very difficult to let go of some of our things. They are just things but there are memories attached and I’m at a loss. I know that you can’t fit 2,000 square feet into 950 but where do I begin and how do I deal with the feelings attached?

    • Amy, the memories are in your head, not tacked to your possessions. If it helps, you could keep of memories album, photos instead of the actual objects.

      Lord God, place people in Amy’s path who need her possessions more than she does. Fill her with memories of generosity, fill her with the joy of sharing. Give her open hands instead of closed fists. Amen.

  14. Grace Crapitto says:

    I would love to win this book and learn to be able to part with clutter that puts stress in my life and be able to focus on Jesus and do what He wants me to do.

  15. We recently were granted full custody of our grandson (2 years old) and we are not young. I am now in the middle of recovery from my third back surgery in less than 14 months. My husband owns his own business and I work outside the home full time plus take care of the books for his business. Our house and his business books are complete clutter and chaos due to me being in recovery. This could not have hit home to me any harder than it did today, because I have been crying out to the Lord all day about how I am going to handle all of this…I am so very overwhelmed!

    • Dear Lord God, please bless Mrs. Lori with peace in her heart and home. Grant her great grace to handle and plow throughh this new season of her and her husbands’ life successfully and gloriously. May they have great strength from above and wisdom in how to navigate this new blessing in their lives. Please bless them with wings like eagles to soar and renewed youth to take on this new adventure with You.

      Blessings and peace to your entire family on this new adventure.

  16. I need this book and wisdom desperately. Please help me Lord.

  17. I struggle to clear the clutter from my home. I moved from a condo to a ranch home a year ago, but many boxes are still unopened in the basement. Most would say toss it all, but those are the treasures of my life. I just need to find time to go through and edit what to keep or toss. Making room for the rest of my life, what God has in store for me is what I try to keep in mind.

  18. I definitely need to be inspired and motivated to get rid of the clutter especially in my bedroom! I know the spirit of procrastination is a stronghold, so I feel this book will help me focus on doing what God wants me to do, and that is being a good steward of what I am blessed with. I could really use some tips of wisdom to get started…

  19. Jana Burgett says:

    I just downsized too a small home with my two girls to be closer to family. I am trying so hard to downsize our life, rid ourselves of clutter and simplify our life style. I have claimed this key verse this last year his Grace has been sufficient when I never thought I would make it.

  20. This book is what I have been looking for to help me de-clutter my home. Just knowing that someone like me or who has dealt with similar feelings is very
    Encouraging in tackling this tremendous challenge. I am looking forward to reading Make Room For What You Love byMelissa Michaels. I feel confidant in taking the challenge in this wonderful book.

  21. I am actually awake,right now, unable to sleep due to the disorder in my home. We moved in a couple of weeks ago and I feel like we will not get this place in order soon enough…so overwhelmed! I can completely relate to this devotional. So glad I visited this web site just now. Than uou!

  22. Timing. So overwhelmed. Lost my husband and am trying to declutter and let things go. We owned a business together which I have closed. So much stuff to go through and get rid of. Overwhelmed. Today was a bad day. Clinging to His promises.

    • Mary don’t try to make too many decisions today about what to throw away. Find some friends to be with a help you through this time of mourning….Get the friends to come help you decide what to throw away, give away and keep….The 3 trash bag method always helps me… I will pray that God will lift your head today and be your focus today… Put on praise music when you de clutter….

    • Mary, I am so very sorry for your loss and heartache. I pray God would comfort you and be oh so close to you as only He can do. I pray that He would rain down truckloads of mercy and peace to ease and heal your heartache. May God bless you gloriously in this time of your life.


  23. I know ALL too well about panic attacks, they are not fun in anyway. I experience them often but cling to the verse ” My grace is sufficient for you ..” Though I may be weak HE is strong ! I think the clutter I need to get rid of is my thoughts by letting the devil speak lies to me instead of claiming who I am.. The daughter of the King ! Lord simplify my thought life and take down these strongholds!

  24. Evelyn Morgan says:

    I would love to win a book

  25. I would love to receive one!!!!

  26. That devotion really connected with me. There are so many times when I feel exactly the same way; over whelmed and completely on the edge with everything going on at home and work (2 jobs), just trying to keep it all together until my husband returns from his deployment. Thank you so much for sharing this. I plan on doing the same.

  27. Erika Segraves says:

    Hello, I read the encouragement article and I would really enjoy the book. Life is full of changes, including moving to new states or just new seasons in the same home, and I’ve always felt more peaceful coming to a home that feels like/looks like “home” even if home for me is just a room in the house or college dorm it’s all I need. It is inspiring to read another woman of God understands that and makes a dwelling for peace in her house too.

  28. Olusubomi Adetunji says:

    I enjoyed reading the article and the bible verses. I would like to win the book. In order to know more about allowing God to help me find strength in my weakness. With the little I read so far, I can say am motivated and inspired. Thank you Jesus.

  29. yashika okon says:

    This post was meant for me. Not so much the need to put on make up or clean up a but the fact that clutter leaves me feeling closed in and Mr home nor a sanctuary or peaceful place. My family and I are working now to de-clutter and get rid of all the stuff that distracts us from God and spending time with HIM.

  30. Some days I don’t know where to start. I’m so overwhelmed.

  31. Buffy Trussell says:

    Thank you for the lovely devotion.
    It seems that actual “clutter” increases mental “clutter”.
    I am so thankful that the Lord cares about us and loves us so much right where we are:)
    I am praying that he will assist me to declutter my house and mind.

  32. Boy do I need this book! We downsized last year and got rid of SO much yet I feel I’m just ‘collecting’ with less space to out it now. Help!

  33. Laurel Cervenka says:

    One of my biggest challenges is organization, where to store things and remember, what to keep, etc. and ironically I want to have everything in it’s place. This actually occupies an enormous amount of my time. I don’t have difficulty letting most things go, but I would love to let more things go so I’m not literally constantly organizing. I’m talking about stuff, but also having to have things a certain way at home and being super mom. This includes my need to make sure everyone is tended to (grown children included). I also have a 9 year old boy with a busy schedule. I find myself at the end of the day wanting m God and me time to read my Bible and just relax and be still in the presence of God. Many nights I’m worn out and attempting to have my God and Me time, but I’m utterly pooped. Mornings sometimes work, but more often than not, they don’t. I’m a night time person, but I still need my sleep. I need to make my God and me time the number one time of the day. Must let go of something or things!

  34. So needed that today! Thanks

  35. I was a pastor’s wife for 28 years before my husband passed away suddenly. I set the bar high for myself and could not live there everyday. I did make my home a refuge by the grace of God.
    What do you mean by clutter? Tangible items? Or to much on your schedule?

  36. Frances Quigley says:

    Our house has “stuff” everywhere. It does get overwhelming sometimes. I really needed this lesson. I need to let go of what is not important and focus on matters that will bring me closer to eternity.

  37. I understand too well the story of anxiety regarding clutter in the home. My family moved from a 1100 sq ft loft into a 744 sq ft 2- bdrm hm LAST Sept. and I STILL have boxes and bags piled in our spare rm and liv rm.
    No one comes over b/c I am too embarrassed and I feel so overwhelmed and suffocated due to this pile.
    I am trying to take steps in the right direction of putting away stuff, but it is only baby steps and I have a very rambunctious preschooler at hm that demands all of my time.
    My marriage is suffering and I am in therapy due to my anxiety.
    I know that God will help me through this-I only need to “Let Go and Let God!”
    I believe this book could help me tremendously!
    Thank you!
    God Bless!

  38. Karen Alexander says:

    My adult stepson has had to move in with us. I find myself struggling with anger and resentment that comes with the mess and clutter and the everyday intrusion into our once peaceful life. I struggle with getting past it and just trying to love him as Christ has command us to love one another. Please pray for me.

  39. Colleen Mendes says:

    I feel like my priorities are skewed. I want the organization and tidiness in our home. But I can’t let go of things. I want to create that sanctuary but I don’t know where to start and what to say good bye to. But I do know I need to start somewhere and something has got to go. It lol is giving me anxiety and I feel dizzy.

  40. Julie Arp says:

    I recently learned this lesson the hard way. I didn’t realize I needed to be “broken” from my self induced chaos and busyness. Unfortunately, it seems God chose to have my husband if 20 years leave me & my children but I have started the process of uncluttering my life and realigning my priorities. I would love to receive a copy of this book!

  41. Klaudia Renteria says:

    Letting Go and letting God. That’s the new mantra in the season of life that I am in currently. I am a scatter brain with the best of intentions. However, through my little ones (ages 5, 3, and 14 months) the Holy Spirit has begun to help me readjust and let go of the overwhelming urge I have to constantly be going- dishes, sweeping, mopping, diaper changing, cooking, etc. I want to be active in their lives, instilling good values, and at the same time teaching them the word of God. While my house is a bit cluttered being a mother of 3 children all under age 5 has been a beautiful worship song. Decluttering our home/life would give my family more time to enjoy each other and spend time in God’s word. ❤

  42. I know that dreaded feeling of anyone seeing my house. : ( but I’ve let it go so long that it just overwhelmes me to even figure out where to begin in clearing out the clutter and cleaning up.

    • Amy, Donna Goff has some awesome advice for us on taking back our homes and being Victory Women at her She has occasional free webinars. I pray you can find help. It is no fun being stuck in the mess.

  43. Judy Herman says:

    Thank you for this! I have been an organized person for most of my life, but when we began to raise our two special needs granddaughters, that flew out the window! It’s been seven years now, and I’m finally coming to terms with, and getting rid of, clutter in my home, but especially in my heart & mind. I have been a Christian most of my life, but never knew how to give God my weaknesses even though I’ve read it & heard it preached many times. I am beginning to se it more clearly now! Pray for me that I will allow Him to work through my weaknesses as well as my strength!

  44. Breeana says:

    God’s little reminders
    I needed this tonight…I was just getting upset to my husband about all our clutter.

  45. I decluttered all of 2015 and it has been life changing! I’m still working on decluttering the other areas of my life and the lighter feeling is amazing!

  46. Karin Sporer says:

    I find myself overwhelmed too, and I’m a homemaker with grown children! And the clutter is a BIG part of it. Thank you for your daily devotionals. They definitely fit into my time and are always relevant! God bless you !!!

  47. Krista Swartwood says:

    Thank you – His power made perfect in our weakness. Will have to check the links to the blog.

  48. I would love this book. It will be a great guide in uncluttering “me”!

  49. Lisa Cole says:

    This post was just what I needed to hear in my time of weakness. Thank you.

  50. Jodi Smith says:

    This devotion really spoke to me today! It is as if you were in my house! We are moving and the clutter and “stuff” is overwhelming! I would love to read this book. Declutter my life so God can use me to my full potential!

  51. I recently went from a large home full of stuff to being a full time RV’er. Talk about downsizing! I was so afraid of letting go of my “stuff”. Well, I’m here to tell you 95% of it is just that, stuff. It was owning me! I kept the things that really meant a lot. Offered for the kids to take what they wanted (not much). It’s very freeing not having possessions weighing me down. I’ve always loved all my antiques, collections and books. So I put what I wanted in the fifth wheel and let the rest go. I can keep my home clean and nice because it’s just what we use. I have fibromyalgia and can’t do what I used to. God has blessed me with a different life and lots of new friends. I can’t even tell you how much less stress I have. I’m so thankful that I had the courage to trust God and make a change! He will never let us down if we just trust him.

  52. Cindi Ratzlaff says:

    I am a perfectionist and it is very hard not to go crazy. I have had to manage my two bus as well as 3 yrs of caring for my mom and moving into memory as she has been diagnosed with dementia. Feeling overwhelmed! Yet,reminding my self throughout the day God you are I control! Phil 4:13

  53. My sister in law and I were just talking tonight about these issues and we are beginning a bible/book study together next week. Would love to get this one to start our journey on being better wives and mothers!

  54. DeAnna Brandon says:

    This post came to me at the perfect time! I’ve been having a rough week between being sick, missing time at my new job and my car messing up, I’ve truly been at the ‘end of my rope’ worrying and trying to figure out how all this would work out! I’ve prayed and written a lot, chatted with my BFF and I’ve actually spent some time clearing out and cleaning up around the house. This post just confirmed that this is just what i needed to do this week. 🙂

  55. I tend to get involved in too many activities (work, church, hobbies, helping others including my elderly mom) with several leadership roles. Finding the time to think, reflect and get organized is a challenge. Lord, help me to discern what is a priority for you, to be motivated to do so and then to obey.

  56. Charisse says:

    Thanks for a great reminder! Would love to read this book.

  57. Gemma Filewood says:

    It’s good to be reminded that everything doesn’t have to look perfect.

  58. Michelle Horn says:

    God’s timing is perfect! I’m trying to re-build my life after devastating health issues and a divorce. Struggling to make a new home on fixed income to create a space of peace and comfort. This reminded me that it doesn’t have to be pèrfect and God is with me….working on my behalf! How great is that?! I just need to give my burdens to Him! Thank you Jesus for being my friend and comforter and also blessing me with the love & support of 2 wonderful daughters. Thank you for sharing your story! God Bless you!

  59. Leslee Oakeson says:

    I just stumbled onto this article and it spoke to me. The truth about working for the Lord in whatever we do is so true, especially when a mom’s life is so crazy. Thank you for your words of encouragement!

  60. Oluwarantimi Ayodele says:

    When God speaks the same verse two days in a row, you gotta listen. Melissa’s devotional was like a sweet touch of Jesus to the heart of England extremely busy woman. I am a full time surgeon, mother of two children under 5, wife, medical staffing officer, medicolegal expert and trying to follow hard after Jesus. The balm of being told in her devotional to let go of the clutter brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.

  61. I need this book, like yesterday!

  62. Colleen says:

    This is perfect for the season I am in right now.I would Love to feast on this book and put it in to action and also share it with my Loved Ones.Thank You…..XO

  63. Hello,
    I so relate to today devotional .
    My home is in much in need of organizing, at times just feel so overwhelmed that I can’t do it all .
    I would like to get some hands on tips on how to better keep my home clutter free., and not get so stressed about .
    I want to be Abel to not always have to say to my little one that “mommy has to finish cleaning ”
    Thanks so much

  64. So need this book. My husband left our home after 33 years of marriage 3 years ago. He began divorce proceedings recently. In the past 3 years of standing for my marriage and being a mom to two grown and one teenage daughter, my house has become a cluttered mess where I have trouble getting rid of things. I’m ready now but overwhelmed at where to begin and how. Would love to read this book. Pick me, please!

  65. Michelle Horn says:

    It was also a blessing to read all the many responses from Christian sisters. I am not the only one going through struggles to downsize and let go of clutter and the past. That gives me comfort and hope. After all; this is just my “temporary” home for my short time here on this earth. My eternal home and mansion are waiting for me when God calls. I need to focus on Him rather than material things of this world.

  66. God truly spoke to me through your words this evening. There is so much clutter around me, and I truly do need to let go so that I can make my home peaceful for myself and my family, and more importantly, so we can concentrate on Him and not on the chaos around us. Thanks!

  67. Brittini Krcha says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book to help motivate & guide me through getting rid of the clutter that keeps me from living a stress-free, joyful life that God intended.

  68. Vevay Rollings says:

    I would love to receive this book! I like my home to look nice, but I have to say I don’t have a clue on how to start!

  69. Jen Hatfield says:

    Panic attacks are no joke! Truer words can’t be said.

    I get much criticism from others about how much energy I have. I lost my husband unexpectedly 7 years ago. Along with his absence my stepson moved to Germany.

    Talk about decluttering… All of sudden I had 2 less of my family of 4. Stress and busy-ness was also cut in half. However, even with my daughter now an adult

  70. Doris Hancock says:

    I have just moved to an apartment after down sizing from my home of over 40 years. I have too much stuff that I don’t want to let go of and I am stressed out. I desperately need help!

  71. So overwhelmed….I need to declutter badly…..

  72. Well this devotion was definitely for me!

    As a 47 year old single mother of five children ranging from 13 to 4, a big part of my stress is exactly what Melissa describes – shoes everywhere, clothes hanging off the furniture and everyone addicted to the broom. There is nothing easy about it and I have for so long felt that all I do is shout. Pick up this, clean up that, shout, shout, shout! This evening was one of those days and after plopping myself in the bed when the children went off to sleep, I saw this devotion and for the first time since having children, I was given permission to just let go of the clutter and just breathe. What a novel and welcomed idea. Thank you so much! 🙂

  73. It is true that many of us let things crowd out the people we believe we love. It’s really hard to manage all the stuff we hang on to and still have our full attention on loving those around us. I think this book sounds as if it would be very helpful!!

  74. The Lord knows I need help letting go of things and decluttering my space! This challenge is timed perfectly!

  75. I am new to this site and look forward to inspiration to declutter and create a peaceful welcoming home 🙂

  76. I’d love a copy of this book. It’s been a years goal to de-clutter and yet it’s still here! I know it’s a season with 3 little ones , but i feel anxious because of the clutter!

  77. GeVonne O'Neil says:

    I was having a moment of not being able to sleep; so, I got up and prayed. God lead me to today’s devotional and it spoke to me deeply.

  78. I would love to win a copy of “Make Room for What You Love”. I’m always open to learning ways to declutter my home!
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  79. It’s as if your are speaking for me. The clutter, which encompasses many things, can easily weigh me or anyone down. Thank you for sharing! It reminds me I’m not the only one who struggles with clutter.

  80. My life always feels overwhelming trying to balance life at home as a wife and mother with being a full-time teacher. I have no energy to get my home and my life organized. Decluttering has never been a strength of mine…but it’s time to declutter.

  81. The timing was perfect; my mother was just becoming overwhelmed and stress filled when I read this. I want so much for her to declutter her home and her life. I see our homes as an outward picture of our internal mind. She and I could both use this book.

  82. Wow! I need this book. I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately. Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Would love this book, thankyou for your posts xx

  84. Kellie Martinez says:

    I love reading all of your posts, but this one in particular spoke so much to me… Lately I’ve been having so many distractions in my life that it really does feel like a clutter in my focus with God and eventually that is stressing me about it because I have told myself over and over that I want to send more time with my Heavenly Father… I will definitely start leaving things aside to make God my priority and seek His presence. Although I may not be working in something that I really want to, I always seem to tell myself that I’m doing it for them, as if I’m doing it for Him… Thank you again for your encouraging posts! God bless you always!! ???

  85. What a comfort to know I’m not alone in having a problem with clutter! How refreshing to know that our Father God understands this & encourages us to make changes so that we can enjoy more of His peace- physically & mentally. As someone who works part-time & deals with on- going health issues, I long to rest in Him, & God wants the same.

  86. Terri Duncan says:

    26 years of marriage (today is our anniversary), new home, two teenagers.

    I often feel disorganized and like I am living in clutter.

    I would love this book and so excited to see where it can take me in this area of my life.

  87. Andra Brown says:

    This devotional spoke to my soul. I am at this very point in my life and home where I need to make a change for my peace of mind. I would love the book as a guide to help me.
    Thank you.

  88. I’m really intrigued by this article and pleasantly surprised. I was cringing, preparing myself for a guilty conscience because I haven’t made enough room for important things. I’m glad I took the time to read this post.

  89. Keturah Gardner says:

    I was truly blessed by this email. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to have such an orderly life day in and day out; that we forget to lay down at our fathers feet. We forget to spend time with him and love on him and make sure we have enough of him in us to sustain us through each day. We burn out so easily when we aren’t putting him first and when we haven’t truly daughter him for all that we need. Thanks for the reminder that we must seek him first and we must put him first allowing him to lead and keep things in order while we simply focus on serving him in all we do and say…but that more than anything he honors and wants our faithfulness to spending that earnest time with him before anything else.

    God bless you 🙂

  90. I would love this book! 8 of us (and a baby on the way) living in about 1000 square feet…it’s a constant battle!!

  91. I love God’s timing! <3 I need to declutter most everything in my life and I would love this book!

  92. Lianne Goosens says:

    This totally touched me this morning. Thank you for sharing your insights!

  93. Thank you for the daily inspiration!

  94. Diane Lee says:

    Wonderfully thought provoking article. Thanksl

  95. Melissa says:

    This sounds book sounds very inspiring, would love to read it!

  96. Danielle Holtzinger says:

    What a great devotional! Just what I needed

  97. Thank you for sharing! I feel that I need to declutter 1. my own mind from who knows what thoughts and 2. my apartment (I recently moved and still dont have it in me to fully unpack. Also my place is smaller and it does not have a storage room, so major creativity is required to figure out how to unpack and store stuff without looking like I live in a warehouse…)

  98. Rachael says:

    What great perspective!! This devotional is so beautifully timed for me and I imagine the book is packed full of so many more insights and gems in this much needed area. Thank you for being real and inspiring!

  99. I’m in need of this book as I declutter in preparation for my husband and my first child.

  100. Thank you. Just the perspective I needed when I woke up at 4 am stressed out over my cluttered life.

  101. Ruth Adebodun says:

    Your messages have been a blessing to me. More grace.

  102. Amber mahaffy says:

    This is so true my goal is to de clutter as a teacher I tend to save everything now I am cleansing and purging.

  103. I could definitely use this book.

  104. Bernadette says:

    Well, the Lord spoke loud and clear and put this right in front of me this morning. I could read this everyday. The pressures we put on ourselves and as hard as I try it is always making sure everything is taken care of for everyone else and it is “perfect”. I would love to recieve a copy of your book. God bless and thank you!

  105. Courtney Fiorini says:

    After a very long day of the issues on topic, and a (normally well behaved) toddler acting out for a good portion of it.. I read this article. God speaks when I need him to, every time! It is absolutely amazing. Thank you for your insight into a more Christ-like perspective! My spirit is renewed and ready to take on what God has in store for me tomorrow!

  106. Wow is this perfect for what i have going on these days. Ripping a room off the house related to problems that kept my asthma triggered so now my tiny house even tinier and just in time for my son to need to move back home. I so want my tiny home to be a sanctuary but pretty overwhelming right now. Getting rid of clutter is something always on my list but time to get serious. Thanks for this encouragement.

  107. I have a habit of collecting things and never doing doing anything with them. I have clutter in the kitchen and living room area. Would love for my home to become a peaceful place to step into. Love the devotional today!

  108. I’d love to win this!! Thanks for inspiring me!

  109. I need this book desperately. I have struggled with this problem for many years. This book could be the answer to my prayer. Even my email is cluttered. Thank you

  110. Dondra Johnston says:

    As a full time working mom, evenings are spent doing dinner, homework and spending quality time with the kids. Chores around the house take a back seat which allows clutter to pile up. What a blessing it would be to have something that would encourage and give helpful hints on how to decrease some of that!

  111. When I divorced in 2013 I put a house full of furniture in storage and moved in with my mom. Since she passed away in December 2015 I have been merging my things with hers. It’s challenging to decide what to keep and what to let go of now. I’m constantly looking for ideas. Thanks!

  112. I’m writing my thesis at the moment and got soo busy and started to put myself under preassure. Than I read this verse in Colossians 3:23-24, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” WOW. That was soooo much more than I expected and where I found myself again. THANK YOU LORD FOR CHANGING MY PERSPECTIVE AND BEING MY MASTER!

  113. patti strain says:

    Yes, please!

  114. Thank you for speaking to me. God truly used your words and verses to make me realize I need to start today focusing on my own family with my home. My ADD makes it hard but seems I can for others with my work but clearing out my own home to bring peace within is hard for me. Thank you for this title that I’m going to tape on an index card for encoursgemts “Make room for what you Love”!

  115. Alice Elliott says:

    I am blessed every day through your Devocinal thank you all .

  116. My days feel like I am on a treadmill that continually moves faster and faster and my home suffers. Would love your book and the help you can give me!

  117. I was just speaking to a new sisterfriend from church about this last night! We both care for our elderly parents and have little time to take care of ourselves much less keep our homes as sanctuaries. I’d love to do a study on this book with her!

  118. Patty Hagler says:

    Scripture was inspiring today. I tend to stress over how much is done and how things look and God is showing me to just get in the backseat and let him drive. Life will then go much smoother and I have more time with him.

  119. Thank you for this devotional, because it is just what I needed to hear this morning. I sure would love to win a copy of this book to help me to declutter my house.

  120. I am in a decluttering phase. Now if I could convince my husband to do the same…

  121. Viktoria Zoe L says:

    Decluttering feels like putting down the heavy shopping bags in the hall when I finally make it home. Thank you, Melissa, for adding a spiritual dimension as well.

  122. Gayle Kent says:

    In the midst of a trial. Thanking God for all His guidance.

  123. Melissa says:

    Today’s devotion hit home HARD!! Very thankful God sent this message through One Melissa to another this morning! I would love s copy of the book!

  124. This devotional was exactly what I needed today. I often become overwhelmed with the clutter in my life attempting to balance a full time job, child, a traveling husband and a clean home (and that’s not all!). I’m working on putting God back into focus and letting him be my guide through it all.

  125. I pray that God allows me to simplify. This is an area where I struggle. Would love to make where we live a home and get rid of the distractions.

  126. Your devotional specifically spoke to me. I need an “attitude” adjustment. My adult daughter and two teenaged grandsons now live with me. Instead of focusing on enjoying their presence, I am stressing on the clutter and disorganized chaos. I want to be a contented witnessing Christian mother and grandmother.

  127. Stephanie says:

    I really need some clutter help! Thanks for today’s devotion.

  128. Wendy cable says:

    Wow. I so need to read this. I have struggled with this our entire 25 years of marriage.

  129. Jennifer says:

    I woke up this morning already feeling overwhelmed and burdened by my stuff and my need to get my house in order. This devotion was very appropriate and inspiring. Going to check out Melissa’s blog now!

  130. This devotional spoke to me loud and clear. I often stress over clutter in my home and in my life. I try to manage too many tasks at one time. Some are not in my control and still I stress over them. I often tell my friends to put their concerns at the feet of Jesus. I need to practice what I preach. Some advice will be appreciated.

  131. I am trying to let go of the feeling that I have to have my house completely neat and clean before I can have people from the church over to fellowship.

  132. This is the largest, most significant and intense issue I face today. I pray continually for God’s strength and wisdom to overcome the stronghold it has grown into. Thank you so much for letting me see that I am not alone in this struggle. God bless!

  133. Monette Harrison says:

    Thank You Jesus for different seasons and the patience to endure them!

  134. Oh my goodness, this is my biggest issue right now. I recently moved into a home half the size I was in, and am still trying to declutter! Working on it day by day, and could use all the help I can get!!!!!

  135. Denise R Barber says:

    I would love a copy of this book! Maybe, just maybe, I can finish a book, this book, by applying it.

  136. Kacey burris says:

    I followed Gods plan for me and left my child’s father. I got me and my son an apt. This has not and is not an easy journey but each min of the day God encourages me and shows me I’m doing right by him and he will not forsake me! I would be blessed with this book for I deal with severe anxiety with no medicine only God ! And I’m proud of myself and I’m loving my growth in Christ through all my trial and tribilations!

  137. I am working on this now. Decluttering a little by day. My goal is to be decluttered by the end of August as I prepare to go into internship. Your book would really be put to good use.

  138. This article was me to a T! I could not sleep due to anxiety. My house is a mess… cluttered. Definitely needs to be organized!

  139. Bronwyn says:

    The struggle between working full time as an ICU Nurse and being a single mom to 3 kids, 11, 13 & 14 who are active with various activities as well as keep up and manage with the medical needs of 13 year old who has a disability….the struggle to maintain balance in my home is difficult and I feel overwhelmed many days!

  140. As I’m home raising two (21 months and 7 weeks old) wonderful daughters I cought myself talking to God and praying a lot. This is my only adult conversation of the day until my husband comes home. Priority are the girls, the other things can wait like dishes, washing, ironing, cleaning etc.
    I just tell myself it’s just a phase God is by my side and there will be a better time ?????

  141. Michelle says:

    I’m overwhelmed every time I set foot in our home office. Thank you for today’s inspiring reading!

  142. Clutter has been a lifelong challenge for me. Thank you for the chance to win the book and for the 5 week challenge.

  143. Jan Dunham says:

    Thank you so much for this devotion it hit home with me about setting goal to organize my home.

  144. Donyelle says:

    Thank you for this word today. Clutter seems to have taken over my home, work and mind. I want my home to be the sanctuary I always envisioned. I would love a copy of the book.

  145. Clutter is my struggle as a stay at home mom of four home schoolers. I can start to see it effecting the quality of our life, especially my oldest who is a ten year girl who likes order. Thanks for this devotional, opens my eyes!

  146. Thank you so much for writing this devotion. I wish I had had this when my kids were little. I was always stressed about clutter and not having everything organized. It felt like nothing was organized in our home especially me. I felt not good enough as a wife or mother to invite people over to socialize and what a terrible stress that is. I did know and believe in God at that time but didnt have a relationship like I do now with him. This story was written about me. Thank you so very much!!!

  147. Melanie says:

    Thank you for a chance to win this a message for me. Exactly the season I’m in where God is saying let go and de clutter

  148. Michelle says:

    When I read this and the topic of clearing out the clutter to make a peaceful sanctuary. .. it gives me hope. It gives me motivation. So many times I’m shocked that these devotionals are written like someone at proverbs 31 has tapped my phone. You know all about me and are able to encourage me on such a personal level. What a blessing God has given me to be a part of this group! Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of women. .. truly amazing and inspiring.

  149. For many years I have stockpiled papers and other stuff to the point of not being able to begin to throw away anything. It is so overwhelming… I have started not even bringing mail into the prayer is that God will help me to get myself and my home in order and soon. Thank you for this devotional. I needed to know that I can do this with God,s help and love.

  150. Leigh Gibson says:

    God is always right on time! My husband is demanding I leave our home and I will be moving back in with my daughters. Back into the clutter I left behind and had no energy to clean. In order to move back on it have to declutter 2 spaces! I don’t know what God is doing but I am trusting Him whole-heartedly with my marriage, this move and my husband.

  151. This has always been such a struggle for me. Thank you for your insight and encouragement!

  152. Jennifer McFarland says:

    Making room for what’s important and de-cluttering phew, I need some direction. I can totally relate to this article!

  153. Marilyn says:

    This devotion is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  154. Eugenia Stogdill says:

    Thank you for such an inspiration email today. I’m a retired lady who does 3 different munstries in my church. And I nanny for some wonderful Drs. I stress because my home is such a mess. Where I’m used to everything being in it’s place. Not being home enough to manage that has had my focus on the wrong things. After reading your words today has pur me at peace with my life. It’s ok if I didn’t get everything done before I walked out the door at 5am.Again thank you for the word. God Bless

  155. Laurie Intriago says:

    I stay frustrated with my cluttered home. I work full-time and there is never enough time to do anything more than the bare minimum. I need to figure out how to manage my family’s mess!

  156. This is such a struggle for me! I would love a copy of this book.

  157. Needed this, thank you for sharing.

  158. I need this book. Three teen daughters and pets makes me feel overwhelmed with clutter. Thx for the chance.

  159. I have been struggling with this very thing for years, but now, with a two year old, I feel like everything is spinning out of control. I am a 5th grade teacher and these last few weeks have just sucked everything out of me. I can barely get dinner on the table, let alone keep up with the laundry and dishes. My husband ja working crazy hours, too, and I want nothing more than to have our home be a sanctuary for us, but I just can’t seem to keep up. We are coming out of a rough patch in our marriage and I still worry that if I’m not doing enough, it will hurt my relationship with my husband. I need to hand all this over to the Lord and trust Him to show me the way!

  160. Brandi Denny says:

    clutter is so distracting! I try every day to manage it but sometimes it takes too much time away from the more important things in life!!!

  161. FELICIA VINSON says:

    Melissa thank you for addressing the area of life that needs simplifying I am 50 now when we were in Nc in my early years of marriage I never wanted to entertain because I felt my home or apartment was not decorated like most ladies 20 years later still think that sometimes however God has called me and my husband to in home womens fellowship then what do you think financial challenges arise and I think we don’t have the extra to prepare a meal for our guest ….. so once again I almost allowed Satan to stop what God has for us to do… so now we are planning to get back on track and every bill seems to peak it’s head up and the finances are being attached again but We trust God

  162. Diana Hardgrave says:

    Thank you for your post. I find myself running the race of everyday life and trying to get everything done. Your comments remind me that we wear many different hats and living and enjoying the moments are so important!!

  163. With 3 kiddos, a large vegetable garden, multiple flower beds, a large yard, and a husband who works long hours; this time of year gets especially busy. It’s also the time I love taking my kids outdoors on hikes, to go down to the creek to play, swim in the pool, and play at the park. So much fun and work to be had. And yet there is still laundry, dishes, meals to prepare, and office work to be done. I feel overwhelmed and exhausted many days. I’m trying to let go of the expectations I put on myself, but I find it to be a process for me. It is a work in progress. Thank you for your honest words today. It’s great to know that I am not alone in this struggle.

  164. Bernice says:

    Thank you for this message. I am so glad i am not the only one who felt this way and I feel blessed to know i can get through it because it is not just me. God’s timinig for messages from his servants always seem to be perfect.

  165. Jennifer says:

    I battle with this a continual basis! I want to declutter my home and life! I would love to read your book! I could use the encouragement too!

  166. Christianne McCall says:

    Oh I get overwhelmed by everything. I still want perfection when I know I can’t achieve it.

  167. Coreen Prysmont says:

    Thank you so much for daily inspriations ! I hope to win this book to help me -de- clutter my life.

  168. Candice Williams says:

    Of course I would love the book because I need it! However, between yesterday’s devotion(that a friend sent me- Bless Her!) and today’s…. You have called me OUT and helped me OUT! THANK YOU FOR THE SCRIPTURES!!!

  169. Oh how I need to declutter my life! Thank you for the devotion. I’m hoping it is the push I need to take that first step and start to declutter it all.

  170. Joann maybury says:

    I can totally relate to this devotion! So many times I have worked so hard to make things look perfect in the house before a gathering that I am too tired to even enjoy the guests when they come! I do love it when my house looks the way I like it to, but realizing that the Lord would want me to enjoy and spend time loving the people who are here is much more important!

  171. Thanks so much for this reminder, about what’s Really important !
    I am learning, slowly, but still learning, to let go of those things that hinder rather than help ……..and to deal with longstanding control issues…….
    Your post was a timely encouragement for me.

  172. Angela Raphael says:

    I would love a copy of the book.

  173. Heather B. says:

    I absolutely believe God had me in mind when he inspired you to write this encouragement for today. As a newlywed myself, I often get overwhelmed at the duties that come with keeping an orderly home. I want everything perfect and presentable. I want my husband to feel the difference of having me here. The one thing that I struggle with the most is everything having a place. I lived alone before I got married and everything had a place where it belonged and it didn’t take any time for me to clean up. Now, with my things and his things combined, it seems like we are running out of space fast. I am looking forward to reading this new book!! I am also doing the Husband Project which I am.overly excited about! =)

  174. Gerhard Bredenkamp says:

    Thank you for the inspiration. I’ve experienced clutter in my life and leaving clutter just creates more clutter. It’s getting your mind focused to sort out the clutter in you life and keeping out of your life. Dont leave it for later do it and do it as quick as possible,?

  175. Nora Key says:

    I could so use this book! I have tried for the past year to declutter my life/home and feel I haven’t come close to accomplishing it. I have such a hard time letting go of stuff – too sentimental or afraid I’ll need it later. My husband calls me a pack rat. 🙁

  176. Great devotational. I struggle with clutter and I would love the book. Please and thanks

  177. Lindsay says:

    I think every mom and wife can relate to today’s blog!! We all need this reminder daily (at least I do!) The perfect mom’s and wives do not exist (even though we see them on Facebook and pinterest) it’s time to enjoy this season and focus on the important stuff not perfection.

  178. Heather says:

    I clearly need your book! That could’ve easily been me talking except my fear was that I would get really sick or injured and people would come by to visit me and help me out. I thought it was just me!
    Excellent word! I really have a heart to be more minimalist, which would help, but it’s at war with the hoarder side of me that wants to keep anything sentimental or useful. I’m still working on it. 🙂

  179. I see so much of me in this devotion. Thanks for sharing and I would love to read your book!!

  180. Oh I needed this. It is so hard to get everything done. Working two jobs and finding time for your family and always try to find time for my quiet time with God. Thank you for this encouragement.

  181. Thank you for all the inspiration for years my life has been busy and still is I want to declutter my life. Will you please help thank you and God bless

  182. Rebecca says:

    I feel we often forget that our families are our first mission. We forget that God gave us a daily mission field right at home.

  183. This was exactly what I needed today!

  184. Charmane Derousselle says:

    I would love, love a copy of this book!

  185. This was a very welcome message for me today

  186. Leah Claypoole says:

    This devotion was exactly what I needed. I just went through my kitchen yesterday decluttering!

  187. I SO need to do this! I plan to take a week off work before the kids break for summer to declutter – the house and my mind! Thanks for the inspiration!

  188. I have been trying for years to make room for what I love. I live a life of clutter. Maybe your book can help.

  189. This devotion speaks to my heart! When my new husband and his former wife divorced, she left behind almost all of her possessions. Many antiques and paintings, included. He has struggled to know what to do with everything, as their children together still live with him. He wants to be respectful, but at that same time, there is just too much stuff. Multiply that with all of my belongings, and the house feels like a disaster area! We are learning to take one item at a time and decide how it makes us, including the children, feel. If we have strong connections, we keep it. If not, we either donate directly to a charity in our area or we sell it and put the money in a college fund for the kids. I never realized how much clutter and excess could control our lives! We spend every free minute going through the piles. Remembering to be thankful has to be deliberate because it’s so easy to get bogged down…

  190. Regina Kopf says:

    I could really use this!

  191. Diane Reese says:

    Boy do I need this. I have been trying to do this and just feel overwhelmed. My scrapbooking room/office has literal piles. My mom passed away 6 years ago and I have all her pictures. I can’t seem to bring myself to go through and organize it all. It’s painful.

  192. Kathy T says:

    My prayer today. Lord you know my trials at work and home. The stress and anger is real. Please help me to “let go” and make room for what I love. This bitterness is straight from the evil one. Today I am choosing joy and love. I am trusting you. Amen.

  193. Bianca Jones says:

    Good morning! I’m just happy to know I’m not the only one. This mornings devotion was just for me. Thank you.

  194. Racquel Hiben says:

    I would love this book to inspire me to make big changes in my life! To bring some calm to a house full of boys!

  195. Kerri pruitt says:

    I needed to be reminded this am of the perspective of God. Thank you!

  196. Pamela Mackey says:

    I would love to promote our home as a place of peace, harmony and comfort by learning how to clear the items that do not serve us and to let go of those things that create clutter.

    I envision our home being a place that brings me joy and leaves me free to enjoy my husband and our 3 1/2 year old son ♡

  197. Much of my home is currently in boxes as we’ve moved. There are moments this brings me so much anxiety. The piles, not know where items are, clean up from relative we bought home from, can leave me very stressed at Times. I am trying to Focus on the kids and what I can control whole leaving the rest to God.

  198. Amanda DeBaere says:

    I laughed this morning as I opened this encouragement for the day. Yesterday my prayer was for God to show me what matters most to Him in my daily grind of stay at home mom with five littles. Managing the chaos is overwhelming and times and finding balance seems like a joke. Thank you for these words.
    Godbless Amanda

  199. I would love this book always feeling overwhelmed and like nothing is ever good enough . Praying for peace from the only one who can provide it, God. But it helps to know I’m not the only one and would love to read more of this!

  200. Tracy C says:

    Really enjoyed the devotion this morning. I could so relate…panic attacks and all! I would love a copy of the book. Thank you!

  201. It would be a blessing to receive this book.

  202. Pennie Staup says:

    My life is so cluttered right now. I need a copy of this book. Thank you in advance Lord for providing this resource.

  203. This is crazy insane how this devotion is absolutely perfect. I’ve been away on my clinical for most of the week and it’s nice to come home to a neat, organized room at my place. However, I go home every weekend and see a ” complete disaster” aka my husband’s mess (which is not even that bad). This stresses me out to a point where I do not even enjoy seeing him, but rather focus on the chaos that is about to explode. For decluttering, I get analysis paralysis – we are only living here a couple more months, we don’t have money in the budget for dollar tree organizers, those organizers aren’t as “pretty” and then nothing gets done. And it’s the ongoing cycle – getting angry, getting stressed and staying up to clean, feeling resentful. I always thought “decluttering” was the “key to my happiness.” But I really liked how you said you had to let go of perfectionism and other habits like idleness. I think that will always be a step I need to take as well. I also liked how you worded that you wanted your home to be a “sanctuary” – I think I feel like that as well and that’s why I get so thrown off when it doesn’t feel like restful/relaxing.
    Thank you for this wonderful insight and devotion! Interestingly enough, I also just saw your blog on Pinterest and absolutely loved it, so if that’s not a sign, I do not know what is.

  204. This is just what I need!

  205. Myosha Ramsay-Joseph says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. At this point it my life it would certainly be a blessing.
    Thanks in advance.

  206. I really need this!!!

  207. Jen ward says:

    It reminds of a plaque i have in my home…
    My house is clean enough to be healthy
    And messy enough to be happy

  208. Wow this devotion truly convicted me yet spoke to me!! Overwhelmed was where I was for a while and I recall having panic attacks (while driving) that freaked me out. It wasn’t until I started digging deep into God’s word could I find peace and deliverance from panic attacks. I felt God leading me to leave my job bc I had become to distracted. I was just going through the motions and not really applying or doing anything productive with my life. Week 2 of being a stay at home mom (a prayer I prayed for 6 years!) I am still trying to find a balance to declutter my home and life and to not be as distracted. I believe this book will help me become organized and no longer procrastinate on what God is calling me to do. I want to use my time wisely and no longer go through the motions but to truly live and apply His teachings in all areas of my life. Thank you for this devotion and for the reminder there’s still a work that needs to be done in me.

  209. Melissa Wilhoit says:

    This book sounds like exactly what I need in my life right now. I am ready to declutter and simplify. I believe in doing so I can establish a closer relationship with God.

  210. Lynn Mullins says:

    It would be a blessing to revive this book.

  211. This completely hit home this morning. Thank you!

  212. Victoria Thompson says:

    I so need help in this area. Do I have clutter and I have books on getting rid of clutter…I am trying to have a yard sale, and have been able to do so because I am so busy managing other things, and projects, and people: I have Laundry piles! My to do’s are Work, Garden , Church, Bible study, Book club, Pastor search committee, Fellowship & Wellness committee, looking in on elderly parents, Weigh-ins. I barely have time to clean or even go for a walk anymore. Sigh…feeling overwhelmed…..

  213. Cathy Herndon says:

    Love this….. this morning ….need to declutter

  214. Taking time to honor God is my desire , however I often feel I need to have things all in place first. I am working to change that!

  215. Christen says:

    Would love to read this book!

  216. , I am O.C.D and run around behind my kids cleaning everything ! And this week alone has been exhausting. God has spoke to me through this mornings devotional and I thank him for pointing out this reading to me! God Bless you.

  217. Being a school teacher on summer break – I’ve spent the last 2 weeks donating, throwing out, and rearranging trying to find that place of peace. What a breath of fresh air your devotion is to me. It’s that breathing room I’ve been looking for!

  218. Patty C says:

    One day at a time, I truly desire to make my home the sanctuary God wants it to be that shows His love to all who come. I recently moved into an older home where I can be creative and am waiting for God to show me how to order my projects to make it the sanctuary He wants for me.

  219. Marilyn Haynes says:

    I love THINGS….I collect things that are beautiful to me. My Mother did the same, so I learned the art, however, now I have so much after 37 years of marriage and I am holding on to dear life of the things my Mom loved too…. every room cluttered, piled high, with my beautiful collections in ugly boxes and I feel ashame and embarrassed to be so blessed but also so foolish because it is stopping me from enjoying my home. HELP!

  220. TIME to decluttering, go through the mail where to keep coupons etc???

  221. We are currently in the process of restoring our home after a fire. A feeling of being totally overwhelmed has been on both my husband and I. This spoke to my heart today helping me to let go of a lot of “stuff”, I thank you!

  222. mary louise says:

    today’s devotional is very much needed in my life.

  223. Aida c. says:

    When I read this devotional, I felt like it was speaking directly to me . I stress over the same things she discussed. I would love to just be at peace and focus on God and what’s most important, my family. I am so overwhelmed with the clutter that I get paralyzed by the anxiety and don’t even know where to start. I would love to learn how to change these things. I would love to win the book hoping it can really change my life.

  224. Georgia Banks says:

    I truly enjoyed the morning inspiration. We are have clutter in our lives. My biggest concern is trying to disolve my father’s house because he moved to a nursing home. He was a hoarder from the days of the depression.

  225. nancys1128 says:

    I go through phases of clearing things out. My problems come with the stuff of others in the household. I have to be honest – it’s hard to care too much when I’m the only one who seems to. I do what I can, but often give up because I can’t do it all.

  226. Mariely says:

    Clutter has been accumulating around me for years and it is symbolic of what’s happening inside of me. I’ve been through so much heartbreak and distress that I’ve haven’t really cared much about the disorganization that’s also been physically present around me. I know it’s time to start clearing out the mess and clutter. I am ready but I need to tap into God’s strength and comfort because the mess is overwhelming. One step at a time is what I tell myself. One corner at a time. Here I go…

  227. Chris Hendrix says:

    Amen! I have always said I am a Martha and need to be more like Mary. Thank you! I needed to hear this!

  228. Kate kelly says:

    Hi, I’ve just started a decluttering undertaking at my home. Would love to read your thoughts on the process! Thanks, kate

  229. Georgia Banks says:

    I truly enjoyed the morning inspiration. We all have clutter in our lives. My biggest concern is trying to disolve my father’s house because he moved to a nursing home. He was a hoarder from the days of the depression.
    The man saved everything. I am hoping to make the home clutter free.

  230. Nancy Cole says:

    I honestly believe this was written from my brain! It has been the story of my life and I am so overwhelmed with the clutter and disorganization I do not even know where to start to make it better. My stress is even affecting my family and the dogs.

  231. I so often feel overwhelmed by the clutter in my home. I would love to read this book to help me figure out how to simplify and declutter!

  232. Erin Graham says:

    This article went in a totally different direction than I initially expected but was so great to read! With soon to be 3 under 3, and 3 very furry animals, the clutter and mess piles up fast and overwhelmingly! I always say ‘ messy is stress!’ This article gave me a much different perspective and was needed. Thank you! I would love to read the book!

  233. Claudia says:

    I’ve just got too much stuff! I’m trying to go room by room and take away/give away things that aren’t meaningful or necessary!

  234. I feel I have an ongoing relationship with clutter. I could really use this book!

  235. Carlisa says:

    This devotional is for me. I struggle so much with keeping the house organized and clean. It seems that every time I make some progress there is something else that’s falling behind.
    It affects my mood, my clarity of mind and sometimes I don’t even want to go home. Also, I feel embarrassed to tell anyone because I really should be able to get a handle on things. I am looking forward to taking the 5 week challenge. This book will be a great help.
    God bless.

  236. Barbara Olson says:

    Thank you for your down-to-earth practical advice. Much needed.

  237. Laura Brown says:

    Clutter takes up so much – more than just floor space! I am still trying to declutter, a year after we moved! We moved in with my in-laws with our 3 small children. From packing to unpacking to looking for things that aren’t where they are supposed to be, the clutter doesn’t seem to get any better! Once I pick up one place, another is all messy. It’s especially hard when your in-laws are clutter averse! I would love a copy of the book to hopefully help my stress and anxiety and clearing out the clutter from more than just the living room!

  238. Loved this devotional. Was perfect for me today. Thank you

  239. Oh my goodness how I needed to hear this. After yesterdays chaotic day and wondering what is wrong with me I had realized that it was the clutter on the counter as I was trying to make room to fix the grandkids lunch. It is amazing how a problem is defined through Gods perfect timing. I would be so honored Lord for you to allow me to have Melissa Michaels book: Make Room for what you love to help me in my everyday life. Thank you Lord for showing me this today.

  240. I need to declutter so many areas of my life and especially my house!!

  241. Totally what I needed to hear today thank you. Decluttering to make room for the Lord is so important. Perfectionism is such a huge block to perfection 🙂 wow that’s pretty profound LOL blessings Peggy

  242. Perfect for me today. I have been trying to declutter my home for some time and it can be overwhelming. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the right things!

  243. Tammy Sierra says:

    This book is timely for me right now!!

  244. Dawn Meck says:

    You were allowing God to speak straight to my heart with the devotional Make Room for What You Love. I struggle with perfectionism and your words challenged me. Thank you

  245. Denise Mccray says:

    The devotion was much needed for me today. My life need declutte for I can manage everything God has assign to me at home, church and work. Sometimes I feel so overwhelm, but I working on getting things more organize. God just keep leading me everyday!!

  246. Donna Anderson says:

    Oh how I need to make sense of all this clutter that surrounds me at home with my grandchildren and at work with the 48 children and the 11 employees I deal with everyday!

  247. I struggle with making room for everything. Seems like I am always behind and trying to catch up. I only have room to continuously be cleaning to “catch up” before the new week starts.

  248. Finding time to do “deep cleaning” is a challenge. It is hard enough to get basic housecleaning done.

  249. It would be helpful to declutter my home and things that are unimportant in my life. I will then be able to focus on God, family and peace.

  250. “Let go & hang on to God”. I can say it, visualize it, but… why am I having such a hard time letting go of STUFF?
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. ? God bless!

  251. Karen Stewart says:

    Clutter clouds my vision, distracts me, and fights for the focus of my attention. I know this, yet I do not wisely go about clearing it. I ask God often to help me focus on what He wants. I just hate it when I get in the way.

  252. I felt like you wrote that about me. I can relate completely! Thank you for that wonderful perspective!!

  253. With a family of six and constant chaos that accompanies activities and school and work, sometimes home feels more toxic than peaceful. I crave order and peace and lately have been feeling resentment because of the stress I feel at home. I would like home to be a place where my kids always feel loved, anchored, and peaceful. I have been praying about this a lot lately so today’s devotion really hits home. Thank you!

  254. Definitely need to get rid of the clutter!!

  255. I love Proverbs 31. Every devotion seems to be directed to me.
    I could use this myself!

  256. Laura Ellen says:

    It would be wonderful to win a practical,Christian-inspired book on organization and de-cluttering. Thanks for the chance!

  257. Boy do I need this one. In my quiet time this morning I was just telling Jesus how much I need his help, I cant do it all anymore, I am weary! Thank you for the encouraging devotion today.

  258. Heather N says:

    Thank you for sharing your struggles. I, too, struggle with clutter and just want it all cleared out. Perfectionism and paralisys go hand in hand for me. Looking forward to reading your book either way. Thank you.

  259. Tara Jackson says:

    This is so me! I need to de-clutter

  260. This sounds like something my daughter who is a young mother of 2 needs in he life.

  261. Robert Yaddow says:

    My daughter is an awesome mom; she struggles with clutter! We like to help her,but I think helping her makes her feel inadequate!

  262. Valerie says:

    Please. This is my struggle

  263. Overwhelmed with keeping my house clean and working with back problems… I have no idea what to let go of!!! Things need to get done! But I can’t physically do it all! Need this book!

  264. Phyllis Bennett says:

    This is really what busy, young families need today.

  265. Margaret Newton says:

    Definitely need help with getting rid of clutter!

  266. Would love the book! Clutter and disorganization has been a constant struggle in my home.

  267. Sarah Simmons says:

    I am as disorganized perfectionist. This speaks right to me.

  268. Elizabeth says:

    I so need this. Clutter stresses me out. I want do bad to get rid of everything but get overwhelmed before I even begin. I want my home to be my sanctuary.

  269. Kathy Alexander says:

    Busy mom of 4 boys that tries to slow down and enjoy the simple things but pray for -Help with ideas of getting rid of clutter to simplify my home and make it peaceful for my family.

  270. Rebecca says:

    Would love the book! I always feel as if I can’t keep ahead of the clutter my children and my husband bring into our home. My disorganized home makes my whole life feel chaotic.

  271. Brandee says:

    What a treat it would be to win this book! 🙂

  272. Oh goodness how I needed this! I work 6 days a week and the house is a mess, I feel like my family gets the leftovers and I feel guilty for time spent on me- working out and bible study. Help

  273. This is absolutely my struggle!!! It’s so hard….by nature I believe I am organized but with kids that’s gone out the window and I don’t know how to get it back! Thanks for your message 🙂

  274. Louise LeBlanc-Means says:

    This was my first daily inspiration from you and it is just what I needed. I struggle and pray about this daily! Bless you! I can’t wait to get the next one!

  275. Melissa says:

    I would love help on organizing.

  276. Excited to read about and focus in on things that matter most

  277. The daily clutter and the cleaning can sometimes cause anxiety in me too. Casting my cares to the Lord helps but I still need to get the work done. Your words have encouraged me to let go and let God! Organizing, de-cluttering is fun now because I do it for Jesus! And your tips are heaven sent!

  278. I really needed this today; thank you!

  279. Robin Basone says:

    I needed this today

  280. Trish Cox says:

    This was just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  281. Elizabeth says:

    Too much stuff and it is hard to let it go! I want so much to declutter!

  282. Angeline says:

    Clutter is really a stealer of peace and joy. I am grateful for this book as inspiration to living a life that is free!!

  283. Mary beth nix says:


  284. So needed this today! Thank you God and thank you Melissa, the book would be wonderful?

  285. Kristin says:

    Love the thought of clutter free!

  286. Pam carswell says:

    Boy do I need this book!

  287. Alicia Christenbury says:

    Thank you for the apropos Word! I have been inspired!

  288. Charlotte Lynn Layton says:

    At 63, I’ve learned a lot about letting go of the brain clutter, but is an ongoing battle. One that needs to be carefully fought.

  289. Fredra Andrews says:

    This devotional was so inspiring to me. How often O have felt the same way as Melissa described. I really would love to read her book making room for love.

  290. Proverbs 24:3-4, “By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.” (NIV)

    What a wonderful verse to remember and repeat daily. Thank you

  291. I really need this book. I avoid inviting people over because my house is always a mess. My bedroom is a storage room where we put everything to clear the living room!

  292. Jeanette says:

    Wow, this feels very personal to me. This topic of being overwhelmed is exactly what I was broken talking to my bf about last night. I feel helpless in the clutter of my life. Too overwhelmed to start…

  293. Would love this book.

  294. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes by my cluttered house! I would love to have a copy of this book! Thank you for this great devotion!

  295. Cindy Scheller says:

    Feeling overwhelmed with just stuff ! Where to begin yo de clutter after having 6 children…they are all moved out ! Lots of ups and down! God will give me Grace to get through it!

  296. Trying to keep my house HGTV worthy with 3 kids has left me exhausted. Need this book!

  297. Wow. Just what o needed to hear this morning. Clutter everywhere

  298. Thank you for sharing your story…the Lord lead me to this lesson this morning as I was feeling the same way!

    Learning to trust in God is a lifetime journey…amen ?

  299. Sara Jane says:

    Decluttering sounds wonderful! Thank you for your insights!

  300. Jessica says:

    Would love to win this book!

  301. Brooke Owen says:

    I would love some help with de cluttering making my home a place where people find peace.

  302. Teresa Whitley says:

    This is truly me! I desperately need to rid my home of the clutter thatvhas such a strong hold on me!

  303. Amy Anderson says:

    I want my home to be a place where others feel loved, cared for, and comfortable.

  304. Kama Bennett says:

    I have struggled with this same idea. Things not being perfect. Too much clutter. This was a great read. I would love to see what your book is like!

  305. Tabitha Breeden says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I have suffered with panic attacks for far too many year. It is awful and I’m getting closer to victory.

  306. mona lejman says:

    my heart’s desire is to learn how to “make room” for people in my life – my home – my heart

  307. Tara Belanger says:

    This was a great devotional! Very insightful and encouraging! Thank you.

  308. I would love to read this book!!!!!

  309. Lindsay says:

    Decluttering our living space means more than just a clean home.

  310. I loved today’s devotional. I think the book sounds amazing.

  311. Rhonda Brigman says:

    Would love a copy of this book. Thank you, ?

  312. Sounds like a great book!

  313. Amanda Kriens says:


  314. Becky Arrington says:

    With a 17 year old, a 14 year old AND a 1 month old I’m feeling overwhelmed and this devotion was just what I needed at the right time. Would love to win a copy of this book!

  315. Roberta says:

    I just moved into a smaller house and need to let go of a lot of possessions.
    I believe your book would help me!

  316. This is such a struggle for me, this book would be great. Thanks for such a great word.

  317. Loving people well is a messy business-I love that! Takes some pressure off to have an immaculate house, when your focus could/should be elsewhere!

  318. Nicole Horton says:

    I really struggle with this. Clutter and chaos in my home and head. I try to figure out how to clean up and simplify because now it almost angers me when I wake up in the morning or I don’t sleep well because I worry about what I didn’t get done or what I can do to simplify More. I have a bible study I want to do but push off in order to clear cluttered mail or something else that the devil uses to keep me thinking about something other than getting deep in the word. Thank you for today’s devotional it was much needed.

  319. After saying my prayers, first thing in rhe morning,…I then read YOUR posts…..I am blessed….thank you

  320. Wanda Countryman says:

    This really hits home, I’m so overwhelmed all the time. I know I want my home to be a sanctuary and I want to put the lord first always, but being able to get that accomplished…

  321. Perfect timing. My heart was feeling so overwhelmed. Thank you for this devotion!

  322. Maureen. Baty says:

    I really enjoyed the daily devotional. Thanks!

  323. Karen S says:

    This speaks to my heart right now! My goal is to make our home a Haven so that anyone can come in at any time and receive peace and love without the clutter!

  324. I can so relate to Melissa. That was always my desire to have a perfectly ordered home, but raising 3 children and working from home while they were small made it next to impossible. My desire has always been for my home to be a place where God would use for his Glory. But, my pride got in the way much of the time. I wanted to entertain and have the beautiful table settings for my guest with flowers and perfect desserts, and though we did entertain family some times, I didn’t have the friendships that my husband and I so much needed. As 40 years have passed and my children are all grown and married I reflect back on those years and see that we did entertain their friends, and sometimes their friends parents we did have our family over. In 2012 one of our daughter in laws daddy passed away and his brother was lost, he and his wife became some very close friends and eventually our youngest son’s inlaws. God is good, He always give us what we need. I am still working on the clutter, it is my “next” project, but for now, the personal relationships we can build with our family and friends is much more important than the tidyness of our homes.

  325. mrs. robert wisman says:

    I start my mornings ,with your posts. What a great way to start the day.God Bless

  326. Our house is so cluttered my wife and I don’t invite people over because of the mess. It gets out of control and overwhelming

  327. Wow! I have felt the same way…what if someone comes and the house isn’t, just right??
    I am decluttering and organizing. But those are not strengths for me. I get very overwhelmed.

  328. It is so wonderful how God uses a devotion to get at your heart. I sure needed this devotion today. God is good all the time, All the time God is good!

  329. Today’s email is so true. I needed this reminder. Living in a house with 3 family members with ADHD and impulsivity puts my head spinning at times. Family is the most important think to me. Thank you for this devotional. God wanted me to see and read and reflect on your words today. Blessings and Hugs!
    Wendy Schneider

  330. Malinda Claffey says:

    Awesome devotion! Would love to receive a copy of this book!

  331. I would love to win this book. My family is preparing for a move next month. My goal is to declutter. This book would be very beneficial for this family of six.

  332. My home, head, and heart know the feeling of clutter all to well. Always seeking godly truth how to spend my present moments with better focus on what’s most important.

  333. Tamara prosser says:

    I know that my husband gets frustrated with all the clutter , it seems every time I clean it up it’s back again and I don’t know what to do about it

  334. Thanks for the on-time devotion and book. This is truly a answer to prayer. The opportunity and blessing to win a copy is an added bonus. I must be honest and say that I’ve unsuccessfully struggled with clutter for years now. Recently, I’ve noticed the clutter has spread to more areas of my life (vehicle, office, mind, and life in general with my laundry list of uncompleted tasks). EVERYTHING AROUND ME WAS MESSY & CLUTTERED. Recently, I began to cry out to the Lord for help and guidance to navigate out of my cluttered world. I really took notice to how the embarrassment of the clutter was now isolating me and literally draining my energy. I look forward to reading your book.

  335. What a wonderful message I need to let go and let God control more

  336. Sonja harpe says:

    What a great way to start my day by reading about how to get rid of the clutter so I can see what is important.

  337. Judy Precise says:

    I am 74 years old and recently became a widow. I get very anxious and discouraged when I look around my home and try to keep it organized and tidy. Things like the reusable grocery bags lie on my kitchen chair, ready to be taken to the car, Papers and forms are waiting to be completed, thank you notes need to be sent, “oh my”. When I sit down to spend time with God, I look around me and see all the things I need to do in my house, then I cut my time with God short. I know being with his is the most important but my mind wonders. I really need help giving my time and mind to God I know that would make my life so much better. Do you think your book could help me? Thank you, Judy

  338. Helen Burke says:

    I would love this book I am so unorganized

  339. Would love to win a copy of this book. I too get overwhelmed with clutter in life. Sometimes I feel so alone because it’s up to me to take care of my special needs sister.

  340. Michell dean says:

    Our daughter is a newlywed (2 years ). She is expecting our first grand angel. She is so overwhelmed with the clutter and despite my help has been unable to move forward. She would be so blessed by this book.

    Prayers for your ministry!

  341. Kathleen says:

    I wear so many different hats and some days I need help getting things done. Prioritization would help but also the “oomph” to follow through.

  342. I have gotten a bit better over the years, but I know I’d feel better getting rid of the extras that are just sitting around…no joy & peace hanging onto them. I pray for a new perspective to really connect how it would bless my family. Would love to read her book!

  343. Sandra W. says:

    Loved this message and as always love Proverbs31❤️

  344. Vicki Leith says:

    Would love to receive this. My husband is on day 14 of being in the hospital. I’ve been trying to let God be in control but the stress and lack of sleep makes that hard at times!

  345. Joyce Knieper says:

    We are in the process of building a new house…I would love to learn how to make it a
    more peaceful place with less clutter for my husband & I, our 5 grandchildren, and adult kids.

  346. Tanya Robinson says:

    This was an inspiring read. This season of my life had me fleeing an abusive marriage, moving to a new state, starting a new job, and moving in with relatives. This process has occurred with a toddler in tow! The chaos shows in my room that I share with my son. Just this morning, I looked around and felt heavy. This book sounds like it could jump start good things in my living environment.

  347. Andi Smith says:

    Yes! I definitely need this! I just moved to a new apt. last Thursday, Mom passed away Friday night, and I have a baby on the way in a few short months. Getting my home in order would go a long way in improving my peace of mind.

  348. Jeri Gumerson says:

    This really is hitting home with me. Would love a copy of your book. I look around and don’t know where to start. Thank you for all the encouraging words. Jeri

  349. Ann Crocker says:

    I too worry about calling 911 and what the paramedics will find! This spoke to my heart todat! Cluttered rooms are the reason things feel so out of place. I worry about the Lord being unhappy with the steward I am of the home he has blessed me with. It is overwhelming at times.

  350. Wow! Just what I needed today! Jesus is so very Faithful, and His Spirit used this article to really comfort me in the midst of chaos in my home and overwhelming circumstances with my health. Thank you!!!

  351. Tabitha Knecht says:

    This book sounds wonderful

  352. Jennifer Hudson says:

    I was praying this morning that God would reveal to me what has been on my heart for the last few months. As a perfectionist I can totally relate to this devotional and the timing was ever so perfect.. It just confirmed that the choices I am making regarding the removal of clutter and making myself more available to God and His will. Thank you so much! My Mom & Dad always told me “we are coming to see you and the kids…not the house”…when I was a young & busy Mom, that was always balm for my soul. As my adult children begin to set up their homes, I hope to be able to pass these words of wisdom along! It is so nice to know we are not the only ones who feel overwhelmed with “things” and that others are struggling too! God bless.

  353. Jen magg says:

    I would love to make the last couple years my daughters will live with us, before heading to college, blessed ones. I think your book would help.

  354. Leticia Flores says:

    The first thing i thought was, will I read the book of I win it or will I just add it to my piles of clutter?

  355. Jessica says:

    Thank you for this encouragement today! I’m trying to keep a perfect home and learning it’s not only impossible but totally not worth the stress!! Loosing clutter and allowing more time for family togetherness is worth it!

  356. Great message! Thank you

  357. I so desperately want to declutter and make my home a sanctity instead of a place of chaos…I don’t know when I will find the time. But I’m desperate to clean out and make room for what we love!

  358. Michelle Youngblood says:

    Wonderful to see that there are other ladies out there who can relate to me. Looking forward to reading the book.

  359. Christa says:

    My hubby and I and 2 kids are creative people and have a strong need for time for crafts and projects but without the space in our tiny house. Help!

  360. I needed to hear this & would love to read Melissa’s book!

  361. Angela Perry says:

    Awesome message this morning! I love books, and have a hard time getting rid of papers. Your book would be an asset to me!

  362. Can’t wait to read this book!

  363. Vonnie Askins says:

    I no longer have little ones running around our home but my AWESOME husband and I care for my Father who is a quite healthy 94 year old!! We were blessed to be able to care for my Mom in our home too until she went home to be with our Lord 5 years ago. We honored and cared for her and learned a lot about life, love and our Lord during that process. Even after walking through all the challenges of full time ministry, full time jobs and full time care giving I still have so much to learn! I so desire my life to bring honor to our Lord Jesus. It is so not about me but ALL about JESUS!! Those are not just words – they are the desire and cry of my heart!!

  364. Tricia U says:

    I need this book, this word from God about how to live a peaceful life and not one of such overwhelmness, in a HUGE way!! I was barely keeping up with the home and kids (twins) along with working too, but then we felt the call to homeschool them a couple years ago (which I’m so blessed & grateful to do), but now that has added more to my ever-spinning “plate” and I feel like I wake up behind and go to bed feeling defeated. I would love to find peace and joy again, the kind that God promises!

  365. Today’s encouragement is exactly what God ordered for me today. I have had the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed out for a while. This is confirming some things that the Lord has been speaking to me about. Thanks for more direction on letting God lead and me follow. Be blessed!!!

  366. Precious olukotun says:

    I am so blessed by your teaching of today. This is just me. Full of concerns for my home. I just need to let go and remembering His grace is sufficient for me. God bless you richly and I pray that you continue to grow from glory to glory IJN.

  367. This book is something I have to read. Talk about clutter! While the main floor of our home isn’t that bad, do not go into the basement! Egads! I am newbie in my faith with God (since March, and going strong!) and welcome any words of encouragement.

  368. I am packing away the clutter. Any help is appreciated. God bless!

  369. Veronica Lemaire says:

    This is on time for me. I truly needed to hear this. I would love to read the book and also share this book with my newlywed Daughter-in-law to help her with organizing and decluttering her home & to balance being a mother & wife. God Bless You!

  370. This devotion was speaking to me. I have my daughter home from college with all of her stuff, she just got a new puppy and other issues in my life making me feel like my life and my house are out of control. I realize the clutter doesn’t matter because when the clutter is gone it will mean my daughter is gone back to school. My house will be clean but lonely. I praise God for the clutter and the people in my life who create them, they are the people I love (my children, my grandchildren and close friends).

  371. Karen Spencer says:

    This. This is how women can love each other well, actually encouraging each other forward in the areas at home and in life that can keep us otherwise stuck spinning our wheels (which uses no less effort but is hugely unproductive, the opposite of what we want)!

  372. Well put!

  373. Dianne LaForge says:

    Thank you for writing about the stress of trying to keep everything in order. Life isn’t orderly it’s messy.?

  374. I truly needed this, it spoke to me in several areas of my life. When I see all the clutter in my home, office, and schedule I begin to lose focus and become frustrated. it causes wasted energy and time. I have to keep pivoting back to the task at hand and always remember that my focus needs to remain on the Lord!
    I can’t wait to get this book and make it a priority to declutter. Then my focus can be where it needs to be!

  375. Shelly Sample says:

    Thanks for sharing your personal story!

  376. Sounds like this is a book I need to read. I am trying to declutter but it is difficult. I would love to create a home that I’m not embarrassed of and that is a comfortable sanctuary for my family.

  377. Miranda Lee says:

    With five kids and crazy schedules with baseball, football, basketball, chorus, band, etc I am so desperately in need of help with the chaos. I have found myself in the middle of a panic attack several times in these last few years. I know that a big part of this is being overwhelmed by the constant mess in my house. Thank you so much for writing this book. I am looking forward to the help!!!

  378. This devotion was exactly what I needed today and this book sounds wonderfully amazing 🙂

  379. Clutter is an understatement. This book could save my marriage!

  380. Chrisie says:

    This is what God keeps laying on my heart. Declutter, get rid of stuff…. Things take up space and are a distraction. I need to make time to implement this. Praying the time opens up to take action in decluttering!!

  381. I feel part of God’s plan is for me to get rid of all unnecessary clutter, and I could use any help available. God bless you for your encouragement.

  382. My journey through clutter did keep me isolated and although it is better there is still the thought of everything needing to be perfect, new, spotless to have guest over . I am learning it happens from the inside out. Who we are on the inside is often reflected on the outside. Peace comes from God alone and I have found His peace leads to new found wisdom in our personal lives.

    Learning to enjoy the journey!

  383. I’m learning how letting go of control gives me more time .

  384. It’s hard to know where to begin in my home! I’ll be looking into your books & resources ~ they sound helpful and encouraging!

  385. I’m learning so much about creating the atmosphere in my home. It’s not only about it appearing to be peaceful (lack of clutter, etc.) but even moreso about what I bring to it emotionally and spiritually (stress, worry, perfectionism, etc.). Love this devotional…exactly what I needed to hear today! Can’t wait to start the 5-week challenge!

  386. Melissa says:

    My main goal this year is to make space in our home by getting rid of everything we don’t need or love. I have started, but these projects always take longer than we expect!

  387. Dawn Reilly says:

    I so need to read this book! Decluttering seems to always be my summer project but never completely gets done.

  388. Definitely true and empowering… we must absolutely make room for what we love. I’ve noticed over the years that cluttered spaces directly affects my mood – feelings of nonchalance and inefficiency, while clean, free spaces do quite the opposite. I’ve never truly understood why but I always co-relate it to the ad old saying, cleanliness is next to godliness.

  389. I want to not so much declutter, I don’t like alot of “stuff” around, but beautify the space I already have and make it more inviting for myself and my boys. I want to uncover a quiet space to praise God and read and listen to HIS word. I am ant to uncover my purpose in this life and try to declutter my busy mind.

  390. Deannette Lizcano says:

    I would love to receive a copy of your book. I relate all to well with feeling overwhelmed with housework and trying to pick up toys in the living room. I have two children one is four and the other is seven. I do indeed need help on how to organize my home. I believe this would be a huge blessing for me and my family.

  391. I’m exactly the same with organization and tidy and control. Glad to know I have lots of company! I would love to read this book!

  392. Words of wisdom! Decluttering my home, car, yard have so settled my spirit. I can now share my life without the worry and time of caring for stuff, rather than family and friends.

  393. Thank you for those sobering words, “He didn’t need me to manage everything, just what He’s called me to do.” Our need, as women, to control is astounding! Oh how we women need to throw off every weight that holds us back from His perfect will! I’m looking forward to reading your book!

  394. Melissa says:

    I really needed to hear the wisdom in the verses at the bottom. I’m not working for the approval of man, only God. Such freedom in this! Thank you for sharing this devotional.

  395. I want to learn to be a better steward of the home God has given me and be prepared to love and care for everyone he sends to my door.

  396. Tricia Roberts says:

    This is my biggest problem and the one God has called me to address this summer. I know this book could help me do this.

  397. What a timely article! As a SAHM of two littles, I battle with balancing this often. I’m learning, though it is slow, that I don’t have to be all things to all people. I just need to do what God has called me to do and He gives me everything I need to accomplish His calling. Thank you!

  398. Terri Smith says:

    I would love to read this book. Today, it seems like the busier you are the better. There is almost a sense of laziness or unimportant when you don’t have enough to juggle. Learning to leave things behind and focus on what you love and doing that well is a lost art. This book sounds like a HUGE need for many of us!

  399. Jonie Dowden says:

    This really hit home to me today!!! Oldest just graduated high school and I found myself having daily panic attacks and feeling as if I was going to die. The scripture today ( Col. 3:23-24l) is one a co-worker/ friend has on her computer screen and she read it to me several times. I have to learn to do EVERYTHING in his holy name, seems the last few weeks since I have been focusing on him, I have not had another panic attack! My oldest is applying for jobs and getting things lined out for college! So very proud of her!!!! I see now I have so many women like me and I have sisters to help through this temporary life, have a blessed day!!!! Praise God!!!

  400. Melissa D Parish says:

    Lover the devotional today. Helped me realize I have my own clutter to deal with.

  401. I believe God sent this message to me today because I see my household in disarray. I want to make room for love. Thank you for this wonderful devotion that came at the right time

  402. Shulandra Woods says:

    I really need to learn how to let go of things that are causing clutter in my life. This book will be a great asset to my knowledge

  403. Marcia Poston says:

    This was so timely for me. I work full-time, have 2 teenage daughters, teach middle/high school life group at church along with other volunteer positions. I am trying to prayerfully cut down on commitments and refocus. My home is not the haven I need it to be.

  404. I just recently started to read your first book ‘Love the home you have” and have been motivated to do a major overhaul of my house – one room at a time. After 41 years of marriage, we’ve managed to accumulate (and store) alot of stuff. Thanks for your book and I’m looking forward to reading your new book as well.

  405. As I get older I am getting better at this but would love to have this book to help make my home a real sanctuary.

  406. Valerie says:

    Sometimes we think that if our life isn’t busy or hectic, we are perceived as being lazy or boring. So we fill our days and times with stuff. God gives us those precious moments to spend with Him. So world, if I want to sit around in my chair on a Saturday or Friday night and enjoy the stillness, it’s okay. I’m not being lazy and I’m certainly not boring. It’s called a Simple Life.

  407. Sounds like a wonderful book, clutter and disorganization, feeling like I have too much on my plate, gives me anxiety. Im a work in progress…

  408. I would love to win a copy of the book. I need all the motivation and encouragement I can get to organize my home and to live simply.

  409. Rebecca Shepherd says:

    I would love to declutter my life including my messy home. I often don’t invite people over because I am embarrassed and overwhelmed.

  410. I love the thought of making room for what I love!

  411. Sally Russell says:

    My husband and I are at the stage in life where we are letting go of things we have loved. We have just sold our lake house and we have had to absorb much of it’s contents into our home here. Even after an auction, our children taking some and numerous trips to literacy and Good Will etc., I am totally overwhelmed. I have set aside this summer to declutter and get this home in order so that my children will not have to do this.
    As happens so often, God speaks to us right where we are if we are listening. This devotional today is God’s message to me. I would love this book to help make time in our home for me to enjoy my husband, children and 11 grandchildren!

  412. Would love this book to help me get my house under control so my anxiety about letting people in can lessen. Thanks for the opportunity!

  413. I get very easily overwhelmed by mess and clutter. And then i end up getting stressed out and sad because a lot of the times i am so tired i don’t want to clean up my clutter and it’s a vicious cycle.

  414. Linda Griffin says:

    This devotional spoke right to my heart and hit me right in the gut at the same time. I’m so guilty of the clutter and chaos that I certainly don’t need in my life! Thank you.

  415. Melissa says:

    This post speaks to me! I need to clear the clutter and unnecessary things so that I can more fully focus on the important things in my home.

  416. Caroline says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I would love to be more organized and have less clutter! Would love a copy of your book to help with that.

  417. Lynnell says:

    We are in the process of trying to purge as we unpack the last few boxes (a year later!) and hang pictures on the wall. Both my husband and I like a decluttered space, but with a busy home and two little boys, it’s not always easy.

  418. SheliaRussell says:

    Would love to read your new book and get organized.

  419. I can relat to this about 35 years ago. I had three children 3 and below. Thank heavens for Dr James Dobson on the radio aNd Mr Rodgers who said I like you just the way you are. Sounds silly but I needed that message. Christian radio also helped so much. Amy Grants song ” All I Ever Have To Be Is What You Made In Me” spoke volumes.
    Thanks for your Devotional to all moms. They are doing the most important jobs in the world one home at a time.

  420. Dorothy says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. To learn ways of how to declutter and feel at peace within my home and life as is, at any time, is a gift in itself these days.

  421. I like what you shared about different seasons of life bringing change to the clutter. As an empty nester with one grandchild who lives states away, we see lots of physical clutter that needs to go. It is a slow process, yet the mental and spiritual implications are good….special memories, items to give away as gifts or to meet a need. All of life is re-evaluated. So I am encouraged by this devotion that my husband and I are on the right track.

  422. I have two clutters: paper, ie. articles to read, and photos to be put in photo albums. What I really need is more TIME!

  423. I have been overwhelmed by clutter and not being able to get – and stay – organized for many years. No panic attacks, but I do suffer from depression and that has allowed the overwhelming feelings to take over my life to the point where I am paralyzed when it comes to getting my home and life organized. I really don’t know where to start.

  424. Believe it or not I think God is asking me to let go of a second home we’ve had the last 21/2 yrs that is cluttering up my mind, emotions and my house. We inherited a small lake house waye up north which was our dream the last 40 yrs to escape the summer heat in FL. I’ve been saving stuff for yrs and acquiring new stuff since we’ve owned it. I have boxes to take there that are in our way in FL. It’s a 3 day drive away and we aren’t even getting there like we thought we would so I think we need to declutter by one house, just not sure yet which one! A big house and a small house with that much distance between them and that much work to keep up is no vacation after all. We might need a new dream. ? love Melissa’s writing! Want that book!

  425. Thank you for these words today. I would love a copy of this book.

  426. Cara Gardner says:

    This post speaks to my heart. I want to love people well and part of that is being able to invite someone in our home if they drop by needing to talk. I struggle as I have a 5 year old and while I love her sense of wonderment and imagination, it gets messy. 🙂 Plus, we homeschool so there are art projects and school stuff sprawled out on a daily basis. And as a family we just have too much stuff. I’m working on donating everything that doesn’t enhance our lives in some way. Thank you for sharing your struggle and perspective.

  427. I love Psalm 139. It tells us that our father knows EVERY moment of our lives. My little brother died 11 months ago, and today is his birthday. All week I have been wearing my ‘Grace’ necklace. I knew today was going to be rough.. little did i know that today’s key verse would be about my daddy’s promise that his grace is sufficient for me, that his power is made perfect in my weakmess. Oh but my good good father knew EXACTLY i would find this encouragement today. Thank you women at Proverbs 31 today for being the Godly women and obeying God’s call and listening to what he needs to tell people. Today is not the first time i have found here exactly what i needed to hear.

  428. I so need this!

  429. It’s funny how God puts words into the problems you are having but can’t word yourself. Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed it more than I realized. God bless you and your family.

  430. kathy wyg says:

    Good morning…..I love the sentence you have in here about finding peace, removing the clutter…& being a faithful steward…hits the nail right on the head…thank you…

    Have a blessed day…………..Kathy wyg

  431. Oh how your devotion hit home! I have always been a “pack rat”, although not to the extent of being a hoarder. I do however have attachments to too many “things” and always want to find a good home for the items with which I can finally part.
    I need a new mindset that will help me declutter now and keep me at it as I know it is a never ending battle.
    Thank you for all the inspiring messages your website provides!

  432. This devotion could not have arrived in my email box at a more crucial time. We just had our youngest son’s high school graduation party. He’s the last one in our home. My oldest son just graduated from college last year and we still have “stuff.” Unfortunately, my husband works out of state so I’m left to try to declutter all of our children’s growing up years (and my husband’s “I might need that” piles). I hope I’m the lucky one chosen to receive a copy of your book! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  433. Keeping the clutter out is a constant battle! Would love to read this book!

  434. Candace says:

    Amen! I have loads of boxes of things I’m going to sell on eBay and Craigslist, but maybe I just need to donate them since they’ve been in the boxes for a year or two now!

  435. This post is for me….I look at certain areas in my house and just want to scream and run out of the room..between working 50-60 hours a week, my family and my grandkids, 2 dogs and a cat, cluter seems to be my buzz word and it overwhelms!

  436. What a great message. This is something I am working on!

  437. Carol V says:

    I had to laugh when I read this and SO identified with it! 38 years ago as a young mom, a roll caught fire in my oven. I panicked and called 911 and then immediately ran around and “neatened” up the house before the fire trucks showed up!

  438. Would love to read this book

  439. I really struggle in this area and would love a copy if this book

  440. We moved to a new house a year ago and I still feel like the house is not well organized as I want it to be.most of the time I feel tired because I am always finding ways to make the house look perfect. You are right when we perfection we will end up just frustrated.

  441. Susan Yario says:

    I am looking for to seeing your new book! What a great idea to talk to women about matters of the heart n relation to organizing and cleaning!

    Thank you,

  442. Melissa McCoy says:

    I went through this very same thing on March 18th of this year. It is a very humbling experience but one that God has certainly given me peace and joy again. I stepped out of about four areas at my local church, directly after this. Last October the Lord redeemed my marriage. That I know is my number one focus now. May God get all the glory.

  443. Melissa Martin says:

    I’m currently in another season of change and trying to figure life out according to God’s plans for me. Striving to not be anxious, but to “Be still & listen,” I realized this morning the prayers God has been answering lately in regards to those plans, including freeing up more time to live with a purpose vs. being merely busy. Daily I pray my ‘OMG’ prayer,
    Organize my thoughts
    Manage my time
    Guide my every move-

  444. I can so relate…the clutter and organization are an ongoing item on the to-do list that just keeps falling to the next list!

  445. Jane Fields says:

    In my senior years I am finally beginning to overlook the things I can’t control, organize or make perfect and concentrate on providing a welcoming heart for my family and friends. At first I was amazed that they did in fact consider our home a peaceful haven. Now I too rest in it and give the glory to God.

  446. Brandy foy says:

    I would love this!!! My birthday is June 20, so it would be an awesome birthday gift 🙂

  447. I can so relate to your devotion. Although, I am 62, with 6 grandchildren, and my husband and I no longer have little ones daily under toe with all the hustle and bustle of children’s activities, I remember those days of trying to juggle everything and frustrated that I couldn’t. Even now, running a full-time ministry, the clutter of my life can overwhelm me and I want a vacation…away…to just “be”. I continue to learn that although there is clutter and chaos all around me, if my mind is cluttered with the Word of God, then I have peace in my soul and with my Jesus, which overflows onto to others. It is well with my soul when I’m full of Jesus. Seriously, where would we all be without Him???

  448. I struggle in this area and could use reslly use this book.

  449. I have such hard time with my tendency for perfection around my house. This is a good reminder and nudge to refocus on the important things.

  450. How I would love to “make room for love”! Clutter becomes a physical symbol of emotional walls!

  451. I am so excited for The new book! Love the home you have has been such a great source of encouragement and perspective as l learned to be content in our little ranch home with 3 little girls, and now as we are building a new home with 4 little girls. Thank you for listening to God’s calling to write and inspire others!

  452. Angela Bearden says:

    What a great devotion. I struggle with a panic disorder so I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed and I have made several trips to the hospital due to panic attacks. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to unclutter and I struggle..thank you for the devotion and the scripture you put with it. I will do my best to meditate on those today.

  453. I have found myself in the situation wanting and trying the hardest to remove the clutter. With five kids I wonder where in the world did all of this come from. Its frustrating, and takes the time away from doing what I really want to do with my family.

  454. I think this was written specifically for me! I enjoyed the writing and especially the scriptures chosen. I would love to read your book.

  455. I JUST learned of Melissa yesterday and actually ordered her book, “Love the Home You Have!” I’d love her other book to share with my friends, too!

  456. Waiting on God says:

    This is what I’m so desperately trying to do. It’s a slow process but as I try to make one more change, it brings peace to see a more comfortable environment emerging

  457. Really inspiring message! Thank-you!! God blesses those who help others but we must help ourselves and be thankful!

  458. I would love this book. It sounds so helpful. After I was done reading I would pass it on to my family members that also need decluttered.

  459. Michelle Wright says:

    I feel The Lord was speaking to me today through this devotion. I have gotten lazy and would rather watch TV than clean up or declutter. I’m feeling convicted and really need to pray for motivation, energy, and the desire.

  460. Sarah Scharry says:

    Thank you for a great message!!

  461. I am completely overwhelmed by my life. I feel like I have it “all” with a business that fits around my boys schedules and I can be involved in their activities and do EVERYTHING! The fact is I can’t do everything-and because of that stress is my number one health problem. I am obsessive/compulsive (as my parents are) and yet I do not have the time to do things the way they did-I live in a constant state of frustration and that saps my creative energy for cooking and organizing. I pray every day for God to guide my time with wisdom and to have peace. Can this book help me organize my home? I would love to find out! Please pray for me!

  462. Looking forward to reading your book! Decluttering can be very freeing!

  463. BJoyce Bonner says:

    This one is for me. Thanks Melissa for blessing me with divine revelation and for defining and clarifying our mission in the home: “Home is where we do the holy work of caring for our people.” A magnificent lesson!

  464. Such a helpful perspective! I’d love a copy of the book to read even more.

  465. Suzanne Ungaro says:

    Your book sounds perfect for my sister-in-law. I would love to gift it to her. She has been dealing with panic attacks over the past 2 years, and I think it’s directly connected to the clutter in her home. After my brother married, their home was a peaceful sanctuary, years later, It’s become anything but, symbolizing the marriage inside. Please help me reach out to my sister-in-law with this book of hope. Thank you!

  466. Amy McMullin says:

    Thank you for this fresh perspective.

  467. Heather says:

    I appreciated this timely devotional as I am currently trying to downsize and simplify our home. I would love a copy of this book!

  468. We recently moved into a “fixer upper” and it’s become so overwhelming trying to make it our own! Not to mention, packing and unpacking has made me realize we have too much stuff! It would be great to have some advice on how to declutter both our home and our lives!

  469. Karen Shook says:

    Would love a copy of this book!

  470. michele anderson says:

    I’ve recently had a meltdown.
    I wish I had this book before it got to that point?

  471. Gloria Sheff says:

    Wow this really hit home. Not only the not wanting to answer the door but also the panic attack. I pray that all continues to be well with you Melissa, and thank you for the devotion.

  472. Kim Nolfe says:

    Thank you so much for revealing your weaknesses in such an eloquent way. I, too, suffered from panic attacks to the point that I felt scared to even go to work. However, after quite a struggle I discovered it was all born out of stress that I placed on myself, the unrealistic expectations I laid before my eyes every day without even knowing it. What a tremendous relief it is to know that in THIS world it is okay to show my weakness because my Father God is built up and made even stronger when He’s placed at the forefront of all my stresses and given the glory when accomplishments are achieved!

  473. Thank you Melissa for reminding us of what really matters.

  474. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful story and filled with such truth and wisdom. I can’t wait for Melissa’s book!

  475. Aimee Akin says:

    I needed this today! My incredibly sweet hubby invited a missionary family of eight to stay with us as they search for a new home. Without asking me. 😉 This put me in quiet a tizzy for a few days. Yet I started decision-cluttering the house without realizing it. My cousin, a non believer, was motivated to do the same and we’ve shared many sweet memories. My best friends mom passed away yesterday after a long battle with ALS. They, too, will be dealing with this soon. But as I truly think about it, my heart needs to be de-cluttered the most. I welcomed in unkind and unloving thoughts. God has shown Himself so faithful. Why would I doubt that He will provide? I choose to de-clutter my heart today!

  476. Stacey Slack says:

    What a blessing this devotion is to me! My heart starts racing when I know someone is coming over without much notice. I have felt many times a calling to host a bible study or a luncheon after church for visitors and our congregation. The sad part is, we have the space, I have just let clutter, and disorganization take over! I also don’t know where to start!
    Thank you for these encouraging words!!!!

  477. I love this! So many people get weighed down by the things in life, but God is who we are truly trying to honor.

  478. i need to retrace my steps back to where i can always do the right thing, and count on the right thing. and where God is at the centre of my life.

  479. I would love this book for my friend. She is a widow and wants a smaller house but finds decluttering overwhelming.

  480. Mia chef says:

    I would love to put my house in order with great inspiration .

  481. I hope to win this fantastic book! Pick me.

  482. Lori Barton says:

    Ideas for decluttering my life would be helpful. ?

  483. My life and subsequently children’s lives are changing because of divorce . Trusting and letting go of the clutter means joy what a simple way to be .

  484. jann holladay says:

    Thank you so much for the encouragement today. In my season of Life at 55 I feel that I’m somewhat uncluttered but still have a lot of rooms to clean in my heart and my home. I also work in adoption and it is bittersweet it can become overwhelming at times working full-time having older children in their early twenties still at home going to school because they can’t afford to move out. I know this is a temp season for my family and I know God works and prepares us with the tools he’s given us for our next season. I am thankful for community like this and know how much he creates beauty out of faithfulness. God is the great designer of it all.

  485. Connie Hastings says:

    I can’t begin to describe how much this would help! Major stress and frustration over this very topic in our home.

  486. Nichole Sullivan says:

    WOW! I love and needed this today! I too find that everything has to be perfect! I don’t want anyone to see a disorganized house or messy children. I have experienced the anxiety and panic attacks as well. But as you…I am now learning to let go! It’s not easy and I fall back into my old ways but man isnt it much easier to just let some things go and focus on what really matters!

  487. I have had a consistent goal of simplifying my life and my home for years. Although I have indeed been consistent in taking steps to declutter and simplify, it never seems to be enough to reach the end goal. On good days, I press on, and on not so good days, I become overwhelmed and ineffective. On those days are when I remind myself that God is in control and I am not. I am hopeful and that helps me to take the next step when my mind is focused on Him and not my immediate surroundings.

  488. Would really love this book.

  489. Ironically I was just thinking about this. Sometimes I can be such a perfectionist with myself and having everything just the way that I want it, that I know that I take it out on my husband and 3 kids. This is not how I want them to grow up! I would love this book!

  490. I relate to this article so much….my home should feel like a sanctuary, but it does not. It feels more like a prison to me because of the “insurmountable” clutter, laundry, dishes, etc. I can’t control what others want to keep laying around and it drives me insane. What should be a decent amount of counter space to prepare meals at home, is completely covered with a multitude of “stuff” I can’t move or get rid of. I have been telling myself a lot lately to “Let go and let God.” Some days are better than others…I can only take it one day at a time. Thank you so much for taking your time to share with so many others the struggles we all face. Have a blessed day!

  491. I really need this book! We have so much clutter weighing us down right now, but realizing it is the first step, right! I am trying to declutter now, but it is a daunting task!

  492. Becky B Rogers says:

    I would LOVE to have a copy of this book! I often struggle with feeling overwhelmed with clutter and organization!

  493. Lauren Jolly says:

    Would love love love to win a copy of this book! We are moving into a new home in July and I want to be inspired for a fresh start 🙂

  494. Stacy parsons says:

    This is what I’ve been going through. Unorganized house stresses me out. I’ve quit my job to be a stay at home mom, it was either my job would fail or my family would fail. My family is a lot more important than a job. I had two weeks to get everything ready for life with my two toddlers at home. I did a lot of cleaning and throwing away or giving away things we didn’t need. But I feel as though I have so much more to do. Today is my fourth day of having the kids all by myself all day. One is 4 one is 2 almost 3 and before now I worked so much 50 plus hours that I was never home for more than a few hours completely by myself with them. I feel like I’ve learned so much about my own children. But it’s a big adjustment for them too. I say out of everyone who replies may the person who needs it most be the winner. Only God knows the true struggles each of us go through. May he guide you to the right ones.

  495. This is describing me exactly! I tell my husband on a daily basis how the clutter and busyness is overwhelming me and I can’t seem to find the time or know exactly how to take the problem. Living in a 3 bedroom 1 bath home with 9 of our 11 children, having a small business from home, my husband working outside the home then we farm fill time also, I just can’t seem to find the time to Dee clutterand De stress in order to make our home peaceful and not as chaotic.I have made it my goal this summer, but am failing at it miserably so far. This book just might give me much needed answers!

  496. This sounds so refreshing to me as the clutter, both physical and mental, seems to take over and feels overwhelming.

  497. Linda Pollitz says:

    Thanks for the wonderful devotion today I needed to read that today Blessings on the journey.Linda Rae

  498. LaTonya says:

    I absolutely LOVE organizing. It’s one of my gifts that everyone seems to recognize from family to friends to employers. It relaxes me when everything has a place and especially when everything is in its place. I never realized how important organization was to our spiritual well being.

  499. The story of Mary & Martha plays out daily in my life at home & work. Lookng forward to reading, reflecting on this book and letting go of the things that are cluttering not only my home, but my mind and my heart!

  500. Would love to learn to stop the business of to do! We are in the season of running kids everywhere and working! I need all the advice from P31 daily! Thank you!

  501. Sheryl wainwright says:

    I need to declutter my life! Can’t wait to read this one

  502. Monica Class says:

    Love to have a copy I deal with wanting everything perfect.

  503. Becky Dixon says:

    Thank you for this beautiful devotion. It really resonates with me. The clutter I have is in my head and I always feel overwhelmed. This gives me a lot to think about.

  504. Cathy M says:

    Complete disorder is a way of describing my, everything. How does one learn to have control over the clutter, stuff, excess? I believe that your book could help me. Thank you.

  505. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to win this book.. it’d help be tremendously 🙂

  506. Alicia Bunk says:

    I love the prayer at the end of this devotion. I have many things nagging to clutter my perspective. I will make this prayer my own. Thanks!

  507. My calling is my home and family. My desire is to create that sanctuary for my family and for whoever walks through our front door. I do allow the busyness and stress of life get in the way of creating that. I loved your devotion this morning, thank you for writing what God put on your heart!!

  508. Thank you for your timely devotional which describes just what I struggle with, and by the number of comments I am glad to know I am not the only one. I tend to be sentimental and feel the need to keep everything, while at the same time I want to create a pleasant, peaceful restful place as our home. And then, to struggle with the “picture of perfect” also, overwhelmed is where I land. I look forward to reading your book! Thank you!

  509. Jan Jaworski says:

    Thank you, I needed this today!

  510. Crystal says:

    Wow! I felt as if you were reiterating my life! (Except I only have one child) But, we have serious challenging behavior issues that make life pretty difficult. My husband has a job where he is gone 3 days out of the week so I have my child to myself. I work PT in the fitness world and at one point was teaching 8 classes, personal training a couple of clients and working at a running store. I didn’t make much, but it helped with some expenses. I am a perfectionist and thought I could do it all. My house is cluttered, there are several things that need to be done. I don’t like people coming over bc it isn’t perfect like their homes. I would go into a frenzy of I had to clean before his mother came over. With all of this, back up to the difficult child… I would have to carry my phone with me just in case her school called for me to pick her up. My husband was frustrated bc I wasn’t being a Godly wife and was putting my own happiness ahead of his as he was the head of the household. He also stated that I was putting my happiness before our child. (I can agree to a point on this, but that’s a whole other story). Point is… In December I had a panic attack while personal training a client. This spiraled out of control into the whole fear of having another episode. I have since been dealing with this anxiety disorder now for 6 months with no relief. I have basically been housebound. Gone are 6 classes and the running store. I compromised w my husband to keep 2 and my PT clients. However, they’ve been grateful on waiting until I can come back. With that, since I’ve been unable to really function, my house is still very cluttered (which Is one of the things my therapist told me would really help me feel better). He also said getting rid of the “baggage” you don’t need. (Hence the dropping of classes, etc). This baggage to me meant, let go of the negative in your life that’s draining your happiness. I’ve realized that the extra money wasn’t as great, bc you just end up spending more. I needed to forgive someone who really hurt me bc in the grand scheme of things she doesn’t put dinner on my table. Social media friends don’t post the negative in their lives so I’m only seeing half the story (I try to limit myself now). And, where I would once shutter at the thought of someone coming into my home… My MIL came to stay for a month, my parents have been over and we’ve had four different friends in our home. Guess what… They didn’t care one bit what my house looked like. I was fretting over nothing. But, in my head, I had to be perfect. Now… Back to my therapist… One way to feel better is to declutter. I agree with that totally. There is nothing like coming home to a clean house. So, maybe that will be my goal to start getting back my life. Clean out one room at a time. 🙂 And, make sure I don’t let the negative baggage start creeping back in. Many apologies for the long comment. I know God is working in my life and He has a plan for me. I’m working on trusting and having faith.

  511. I am working to get rid of a lot of clutter in my home and in my life. I would love to win this book. Thanks for the encouragement.

  512. Always I have strived to create that sanctuary for myself, for my people, and for anyone who crosses my threshold. Thus I am mesmerized by the verse you’ve shared with us from Proverbs 24.
    Thank you for your candor about something that is obviously a struggle for you, yet also a victory you’ve claimed in the name of He Who made us lovers of beauty and order.
    Press on, sister.

  513. Janet F says:

    Thank you for the devotion. I struggle with too much on my plate and feeling overwhelmed cripples me to the point I can’t function sometimes. Would love to have this book.

  514. What perfect timing! I’ve just bought a house by myself at age 69. Finding myself on my on for the first time, it was a daunting task. But God lead me through it. Can’t wait to read this book and I’m excited that I found the blog, thanks to Proverbs 31 Ministries!

  515. Laura Haggerty says:

    Good article!

  516. Janice Bezler says:

    This is an on going process in our home. De-cluttering because Mom just can’t take it anymore. This would be a fantastic book for me!

  517. Heather says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed or frustrated w/trying to deal w/a cluttered home! Would love to win your book. Thanks for the devotional.

  518. Pat Large says:

    Today’s devotion was like reading my own thoughts. In my efforts to be perfect and live up to everyone else’s expectations, I have felt overwhelmed, like I couldn’t even cope with the day to day. I too have called 911 thinking I was having a heart attack. Yes, panic attacks are real and I am constantly learning how to let things go. I would love to have Melissa’s book to get a new perspective.

  519. Monica McIntosh says:

    Wow this message was very timely for me! While helping my mother prepare to make a move to be closer to me and my husband I’ve become more keenly aware of the clutter in my own home. In the midst of my mother’s move my daughter got a new job and had to move from one state to another in two weeks. Yet again my plan to start purging my home of clutter got sidelined. I still have to declutter my home but through these transitions of those I love, God is giving me peace and a sense of calm. This message reinforced what I need to do in order to stay at peace and still achieve the goal.

  520. Just what I needed to be reminded of this morning!! Thank you for sharing!! It is a comfort to know I am not the only one who struggles with this!! God Bless!!!

  521. This was a great reminder for me to remember that my loves ones (others too) deserve my best and that the home is our sanctuary in which the peace of Christ should reign.

  522. Pam Ricklefsen says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I would love a coy of the book. I really nend help in this area of my life!

  523. Thank you for these wise words! I need to make room (and time) for what truly matters most. Clearing out all the clutter in my house would be the first step. I just need a ‘map’ and this book sounds like it might be the one.?

  524. Tracy Sebold says:

    I’ve been struggling for three years to declutter and reorganize. I lost my husband to suicide in December of 2012. My husband, Terry, was a carpenter/wood worker and a lover of firearms. It has been devastating to go through the tools, books, etc., that he loved so dearly, knowing that the items need to go, but struggling to part with them. Reading your article today has reinforced in me that need to complete these tasks so that I can move forward in many areas of my life. With God’s help and your 5-week guide, I’m hoping to be able to do that. May God continue to bless you in your mission.

  525. Michelle says:

    Lately I just feel the need to simplify and condense my home/life. This will really help me. I am overwhelmed.

  526. I am often overwhelmed by housework. It is something I do not enjoy doing and never feel as if I accomplish anything. This book my help me with this challenge.

  527. Would love this book! I try to stay tidy, but with 4 kids, we have managed to collect a lot. Not sure where to start with the clean out process. Would love a new perspective.

  528. Lisa Riviera says:

    My children are 10 and 11 and I still struggle with all their clutter. Even when I cut back and watch what I purchase for them our family and friends shower them with gifts. Since my husband passed in July all the progress I had made in letting go seems to have gone away. I have a whole new stress level and my old habits of letting the clutter stress me out have creped back.

  529. Joan Hayes says:

    This is a God message for me because as I was driving into work this morning, I was asking God to show me what my passion is; what new spark does He want to ignite in me. Thank you for these Encouragements!

  530. Kay Comer says:

    I am trying to get better about letting go of the clutter around my house. Thank you for your insight today.

  531. The Lord knew I needed this… Thanks!

  532. Iraida Gomez vidal says:

    Crosswalk daily inspirations, I signed up to received these daily inspirations a while ago, and for lack of time I never stopped to read one, today I did, and I love it and will be reading it everyday for now on. What an inspiration to follow our God and help us in so many ways. I am a strong believer. Thank you for the great job you do!

  533. Sonja Ann Meyer says:

    Thank you for this beautiful message! My family is going through a difficult time right now. One of the biggest things we need to do to get through this is to make our home a sanctuary. My family needs a place of peace. Amen!

  534. This hit right between the eyes. I have been overwhelmed by caring for my elderly parents and finding time to clean, organize and get rid of excess things. Besides all the things I have accumulated over the years I have my parents things too.

  535. Lynn Rogers says:

    This devotion reminded me of myself in many ways. I still struggle with ‘doing’ rather than just ‘being’. As a teacher, doing comes naturally. I am taking this summer to take care of me and just ‘be’. God is doing a mighty work in me, and I’m letting go of being in charge of everything. To Him be the glory!

  536. This was an amazing reminder God will help me! My husband of 42 years recently, unexpectedly passed away. Every morning we had devotions/prayer together and that morning, while reading scripture he leaned back in his chair and was gone – a massive heart attack. My daughter & I are now working on the ‘what is clutter process’. This devo & book will be of great help.

  537. I can’t wait to get this book. I feel like I’m drowning. Thank you for giving me some hope.

  538. Maria Lombardo says:

    I am mother of 7, When my kids were little i did everything for them, laundry, cooked cleaned up the messes, packed lunches. Now my youngest is 12 and oldest is 24. All are living at home between colleges. Friends and family tell me its my fault the kids don’t help because i never made them. Now I work and come home and try and keep up with the clutter. I ask for help 4 and 5 times no one listens or cares for that matter. I have let devotion time go because theres not enough time in the day.

  539. I need to learn to let go

  540. Sounds like an awesome book!

  541. i can so relate to this devotion. We are planning to build soon, and I need to declutter my home now. There’s so much to do, and I don’t really know how or where to start. It overwhelms me so much that I wind up not doing anything. I have learned that I don’t want any more than we need, so that I can enjoy my family and our home can be a place that says Welcome and You are Loved.

  542. Heather says:

    Thank you for the inspiring blog. I hate to do housework and my house if now very cluttered and it feels overwhelming. This helps me remember to let go of the small things and remember to trust God, even with housework.

  543. Having just recently cleared out my parent’s house (50 years worth of STUFF), I have been saddened and appalled by the sheer amount of clutter , and now I am in panic mode trying to figure out what to keep for myself, even though I really have no room for anything new. I just don’t want to part with the memories that some of these items hold ! So now I have a living room FULL of china hutches and cabinets, old pots and pans, and other stuff I really don’t need but can’t bear to part with. I really NEED some help !! I feel so overwhelmed. This has also made me realize I don’t want my children to go through this when I pass on.

  544. Gay Lynn says:

    How amazing God is. I haven’t had time to even come to Devotions for weeks now because of this very issue. So much to do, so may committments. My life has really gotten out of control to the point that I yell at my husband and daughter, break down in tears and literally fall apart. Why!!!! Too much of everything. So this very weekend, we are trying to declutter our house and our lifes, but that too is adding so much stress. All I can do is pray and go one step at a time and try to find some peace along the way. I would love your book as a starting point to get God centered again.

  545. Kelli King says:

    I would love to win this book. I feel like this almost every day in my home.

  546. LaDonna Gardner says:

    My mother passed away a little more than a year ago. My son and I moved into my parent’s home to care for my father. Needless to say, the merging of two households is stressful enough, but couple that with grief and sorrow, and the stress elevates to insurmountable proportions. There is too much in the house, but to sift through my mom’s belongings and to decide what to let go of feels like I am loosing her over and over again. Most of my life is in a storage unit and I feel loss of having my things unavailable and my personal life is in shutdown mode at this time. In both areas, the house and storage, somethings will have to be parted with as there isn’t enough room for everything. I hope I receive a copy of this book to help me gain a fresh perspective as I deal with this painful period of life.

  547. This is describing me exactly. I tell my husband on a daily basis how overwhelmed I feel with the clutter and chaos in our home. We have 9 of our 12 children (ages 18,16,three 10 yr olds, 6,4,3) still living at home in our 3 bedroom 1 bath home. I work from home so I can be with our children, he works part-time away from home then we farm full time as well. Our life seems to spin fast in circles…I feel like reducing the clutter would make our home less chaotic and a peaceful place of rest we all so desperately need. I have made that my goal this summer but so far am failing at it miserably. I cannot seem to find the time nor direction to accomplish this needed task. I believe this book may give answers I desperately need! Please help!

  548. Charlene M. says:

    This post really hit home with me this morning. Thank you for sharing. And thanks for a chance to win a copy of this book!

  549. Sandy Beem says:

    Friends, I can totally relate to your message today! 25 years after raising our first family of 3, we adopted our 2 yr old granddaughter. I had finally enjoyed a somewhat tidy and organized home complete with a guest room for other grands and aunts and uncles. That guest room soon became the “toy room” once we had Leah!
    Babies need lots of stuff! As our child grew so did the amount of stuffed animals, books then toy horses! She is now a preteen and enjoying smaller stuff! But along the way, I discovered that our home of 40 years in the country has become a refuge for our adult children as well as the grands. They bring friends and dogs to enjoy a hearty meal full of the vegetables they grew up on and are still picked from my garden. They enjoy tractor rides, ping pong and swimming and never give thoughts to the piles of stuff that need our attention. It’s a day of unplugging from phones and devices and just relaxing in the company of one another. They are home.

  550. Laurie Serpa says:

    This book sure would be a blessing

    Thanks for the chance

  551. Jennifer says:

    This book is just what I need right now, would love to have it!

  552. LaDonna Gardner says:

    My mother passed away a little more than a year ago. My son and I moved into my parent’s home to care for my father. Needless to say, the merging of two households is stressful enough, but couple that with grief and sorrow, and the stress elevates to insurmountable proportions. There is too much in the house, but to sift through my mom’s belongings and to decide what to let go of feels like I am loosing her over and over again. Most of my life is in a storage unit and I feel loss of having my things unavailable and my personal life is in shutdown mode at this time. In both areas, the house and storage, some things will have to be parted with as there isn’t enough room for everything. I hope I receive a copy of this book to help me gain a fresh perspective as I deal with this painful period of life.

  553. Thank you for sharing this. Hits home. E~

  554. LaDonna Gardner says:

    My mother passed away a little more than a year ago. My son and I moved into my parent’s home to care for my father. Needless to say, the merging of two households is stressful enough, but couple that with grief and sorrow, and the stress elevates to insurmountable proportions. There is too much in the house, but to sift through my mom’s belongings and to decide what to let go of feels like I am losing her over and over again. Most of my life is in a storage unit and I feel loss of having my things unavailable and my personal life is in shutdown mode at this time. In both areas, the house and storage, some things will have to be parted with as there isn’t enough room for everything. I hope I receive a copy of this book to help me gain a fresh perspective as I deal with this painful period of life.

  555. Beth Reynolds says:

    Loved the devotional today!

  556. Oh how I need to sink deep into the pages of this book! This busy homeschool mom to special needs adopted boys desperately needs to find peace among the piles and clutter. Despite perpetual efforts to declutter, some clutter always seems to remain. Thank you for your post!

  557. Sherrie Roberson says:

    So very thankful that perfection is not required and it’s not attainable this side of glory!! The prayer of my heart is that God will show me what to hold on to and what to let go of!!!

  558. Stephanie says:

    Love this article! Looking forward to reading the book.

  559. Thanks for this message. I feel like this all the time. I struggle with clutter in my home and in my life. The chance to read this book would be a blessing.

  560. The messege is very timely, it applies to my day today life..

  561. Thank you for this devotional.. I nees to let go many things but mostle my worry about our jobs and financial situation
    My God knows our need and i know i can trust him
    Thank you Lord

  562. I do this for other people as a living. At times I liquidate entire households of a lifetime of accumulated “stuff”. It is amazing to me how I can come home to my own home and have difficulty even clearing my desk. Looking forward to focusing and putting into practice some of your principles thanks for the encouragement!!

  563. Jess Wallace says:

    This is a continual struggle for me! Trusting God by letting go, I want to be a control freak. Well I don’t want to be but the truth is… I am. God is constantly using this to refine and grow me and for that I’m truly thankful. I needed this reminder today & the encouragement was much appreciated. I’d love to read more from you and would be honored to be chosen to win this!

  564. Emily-Ann says:

    I need this book! I’m a newlywed attempting to create a sanctuary in our home. My husband is a pastor and we constantly have pop-in visitors. I’m so embarrassed when the house looks a mess, this book would help greatly!

  565. mary aldridge says:

    I so need this book,my husband passed away 3 /27/2016 and was very avid about wanting a clean straight house,he had lung cancer and in the process of taking care of him it was so hard to keep the house real clean I became anxious because I thought taking care of him was more important than keeping a emaculate house,I need this book to declutter my mind and have some peace and joy back in my life

  566. I am in the process of “de-cluttering” but sometimes feel overwhelmed. I could certainly use some helpful advice. Thank you for a chance to win this book! 🙂

  567. Patricia F. Williams says:

    Oh my goodness gracious! Did that speak to me. I don’t even like having people over. It totally overwhelms me. Then my husband talks about getting the clutter dine, but we never seem to get there! I net I still have boxes in my garage from when we moved from home in NJ to here in NC where my husband was stationed on the Navy.

  568. Amy Elrod says:

    I can completely relate to this! I work full time, and I feel completely overwhelmed by my work, home, and family responsibilities. I would love some ideas on bringing some peace to my chaos.

  569. Wow-this is exactly what I am battling right now (among other things) I feel that our home is our safe place and when it is not in order, it’s harder to feel comfort. I don’t know where to begin and then just give up a little longer.

    This books is just what I need. God’s timing is ALWAYS best!

  570. Crissie says:

    What a great give away and timely message!

  571. I look forward to reading this book. I have been wanting to get rid of the unimportant stuff so I can focus on what is important! Thank you for the opportunity to possibly have one by your giveaway.

  572. Lisa Velasquez says:

    I have been the clutter queen for as long as I can remember! For the first time in my life I am ready to create a sanctuary! I need help!

    Thank you!

  573. Tracy Watson says:

    I am finding that being still with God is hard when my house is a mess. I would very much love to read this book and learn some new things.

  574. Felicia Conner says:

    The de littering of my life has been weighing heavily on my heart. I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of excess and stay more organized. This message spoke to me so much today. Thank you! And many blessings on you sweet ladies.

  575. Alison H. says:

    I think these thoughts exactly! Oh how I need to work toward de-clutter and feeling less overwhelmed with daily tasks.

  576. I start cleaning, then get discouraged… 🙁

  577. Jessica says:

    Thank you for these words. I usually find myself in one of two extremes – totally content and peaceful while on top of my house and other duties, or in complete an utter chaos as I’m convinced everything around me is falling apart. I’m working on starting each day reading and resting on the Lord’s truths for me. Thanks for these gentle reminders today.

  578. Heather says:

    Been there! Had a panic attack; thought I was dying, the whole 9 yards! Thank you for sharing. I still struggle with perfectionism 28 years later; however, that whole event jump started my walk with God and I’m so thankful for it.

  579. Martha Shouse says:

    Trying to make sense of my clutter in a world that I think is supposed to be perfect! God is our only perfect and until my time comes, I need to decutter and have organization in my life and home. I tried a bit of that just yesterday & it felt really good.

  580. This book sounds like just what I need. Thank you for writing it.

  581. I have often said, “I am drowning in stuff.” No matter how much I get rid of, with kids, more seems to find its way in. I need to be more diligent with the quest for peace!

  582. We just moved……looking around at all the “things” and wondering what needs to actually stay and what needs to go to “make room for what we love”. Thankful for this “reset” button as I pause and look to the Lord in this new season.

  583. Emily L Back says:

    This post spoke to me today. I stress and worry over things that don’t really matter. I stress to the point of panic and distress. I am thankful to find comfort and shelter in our Heavenly Father, but also in that I’m not alone in these feelings. I am thankful for your inspiring words today.

  584. Kimtoiya Sam says:

    I cried today when I read the devotion. I am so overwhelmed and my life, home and office are
    cluttered. I am so afraid to let go of stuff yet my home and my life are suffering because of it. I am trying to be perfect and it is literally killing me slowly. Excellent devotion and I thank glad for the message.

  585. I relate. In order to feel space physically and mentally I need an uncluttered home. I feel boxed in and stressed when the dishes arent done or toys are all over. I’ve gotten over a lot of that since having my son over seven years ago, but I still have my moments. And it still feels great to have a tidy home.

  586. brenda diana says:

    I would like to win.. I do get overwhelm with seeing too many thing around the house that is out of order , and its funny but if I don’t have a clean home I cant pray the way I want to.. is that silly or what.. any way I know some people from my own church who really need help its hard to get into there house too much stuff all around.. we must be careful with that.. we need a balance on what to give away and what to keep and keep our homes as nice as we can.. so people will see God and feel him.. if a house is dirty or our cars who can see God in that.. I love the lord and I want to live a balance life. I want him to say well done my faithful servant..

    thank you

  587. Debbie Rabon says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I do need to de- clutter my home. Wish I could completely empty out.. Put back only what I truly need, almost like we have to empty ourself to enjoy Gods blessings!

  588. SusanKelly Garrett says:

    I seem to “hang on” to things…because I know some day I will ” need that”, or if I lose some weight I will be able to wear that again. It is hard for me to give up on something I spent my hard earned money on. I would like to have a different approach to this issue. Hope you can help

  589. This is great, so glad to come to a place to re-focus. And what a way to do it through this book! Can’t wait to read .Thank you for pouring into our hearts where Love is the key. t.

  590. Jenifer says:

    With two little ones and a very messy home, I needed this reminder. I would love to win this book!

  591. Brev Airy says:

    Good morning. I am continuously trying to declutter and organize in a family of 5. My wonderful husband is a saver with piles and stacks and “treasures” from the past and present taking up space in our home. I have piles of my own but I on the other hand am a self professed chucker My family knows it an they except me the way I am but no matter how much or what I chuck sometimes I chuck something that was really important or important to them. In my effort to clean and declutter I cause my family unnecessary stress. Maybe your book would help me know how to declutter and organize better. Thanks and have a good day.

  592. We do tend to bog our lives down with too much clutter, and it is very overwhelming. Thank you for the article.

  593. Ladene Ross says:

    That sure sounds like a book I need to read.thank you for your faithfulness.

  594. Colleen says:

    I am way beyond newlywed and motherhood, I guess you could say I’m in the grandmotherhood of life so why am I now experiencing overwhelming chaos, clutter and confusion in my life? I know these are not of the Father but …
    I try so hard to “let go and let God” but …

  595. Chavilah Roberts says:

    I felt like this message was written directly to me! As I am already struggling to not be overwhelmed by a home that is halfway remodeled, now I am preparing to take in 5 family members who desperately need refuge. My mind is constantly racing these days trying to figure out the logistics of how it will all work… But in the quiet moments when I lift my face to the Father and pray, He tells me that He’s got it all figured out already and I can just calm down. I would love to declutter and remove the things that are unnecessary distractions from loving God and caring for my people. Thank you for this message… Hoping for the book!

  596. Rachel S says:

    I love the idea behind this book. Many times I feel like my home is just barely standing up. I would love for some of God’s truth to seep in deep on this subject.

  597. I desperately need this book. I am so overwhelmed with “stuff” in my life and need help decluttering not just the things in my house, but more so the things in my mind. Please pick me!!

  598. Stacy B. says:

    I am constantly trying to get rid of clutter and be organized at home. Getting the kids on board with my thought process and paper clutter seem to be my two biggest battles. Plan to read your book! Thank you for sharing this devotion and ways that God’s word applies to what we feel is chaotic in our lives. I am thankful that His love and care for us is so great!

  599. I would love thus book! I’m the queen of clutter and can never find my way out!!!

  600. Thank you for this devotional. I tend to KEEP things in case I may NEED them at some time in the future. This goes back to childhood, being raised by a very frugal grandmother who had to “make do” all her life. She kept many things “just in case”. One of her dresser drawers was filled with gift nightwear that she never used. As I’m getting up in age and younger friends are losing parents and having to deal with the “clutter” those parents left, I seeing that I need to reduce my extraneous “junk” so that my daughter doesn’t have to face interminable sorting of papers and photographs and books and making tough decisions as to what to discard. The several comments along these lines solidify my decision! Thank you for your blog.

  601. Letting go and letting God is a continual process for me… Thanks for sharing.

  602. Andrea Creech says:

    This devotional was perfect time for me today and the book would be a huge help for me (and my family)! Thanks for speaking to me today.

  603. OOOOMMMMGGGooodness!
    I come to the computer this morning to read the daily devotional but instead I read MY OWN LIFE’S STORY!
    A few years ago our home would flood whenever there was heavy rain. We spent an absorbent amount of money fixing the problem only to find out the next time it rained that it was still not fixed and again water would seep into our home. I would refer to our home as the “HOUSE FROM HELL”! With every growing day, week, month…I became more and more detached from our home and we simply lived in a house with all of our belongings. Yet, life continued at a very fast pace all around us. The family was growing, stuff was needed, things were accumulated. The clutter cloud began to grow larger and larger and therefore the my peace and sanity began to shrink faster and faster. In the last few months I have become very serious about the fight to regain sanity in my home and in your words restore ” the sanctuary” of our lives.It’s difficult for me not only because it’s WORK cleaning, organizing, decluttering, etc but also because this is not my natural bent. Sometimes, I stand (then sit in the floor) with this one thought… I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING! WHAT I DO KNOW IS GOD KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING IN AND THROUGH ME SO I DO WHAT I CAN AND SAVE THE REST FOR ANOTHER DAY!

  604. Sandy Feole says:

    This is so genourious. What a blessing it will be to the winners. Thank you for an opportunity !!!!

  605. Thank you for this devotional. Just the other day, I said to my husband that I feel so overwhelmed with everything I need to do that I don’t even know where to start in order to get our house & life back in order. A copy of this book would be amazing!

  606. God put this devotional here today FOR ME! This is the cry of my heart – overwhelmed beyond what I can handle on my own. Thank you for touching me this morning in such a profound way. God Bless

  607. Timely devotational this morning as I’m trying to decluttered. We have been our home 31 years and would like to ” downsize” to a smaller house and yard. I get bogged down because I attach feelings to things that are no longer needed.

  608. Malinda says:

    Thank you! As I read this I thought of my home, all the clutter, all the mess. Then God also showed me that not only is my home in need of de-cluttering, but also my heart & my mind as well. I not only seem to hold onto “things”, but also things that no longer serve me & are not consistent with my identity in Christ.

  609. Jamieson peterman says:

    Just reading the other comments left gives me a little peace knowing I’m not the only one who struggles with keeping my house in order! Proverbs31 for today describes my biggest challenge–perfectionism. The only problem is we are never perfect in the world, especially when we measure ourselves by the standards of earthly society. I am thankful to know about this book and excited to learn how to be better organize my home & my heart.

  610. Hilary Key says:

    Thank you for sharing! Its comforting when you know other people struggle with the same problem! We always have company or we are out of town. Going…going…going…all the time! My birthday was yesterday and my mom and brother joined us for dinner. I couldn’t get off of work early enough to do the mad-dash cleaning before they arrived and I felt so embarrassed. There is this constant banter in my head about my guests “They think I’m a slob!” or I bet they say “Aren’t you glad I’m not like this?!” to their spouse..or thinking “wow, these beautiful hardwood floors and she doesn’t keep them clean?!” Last night when I apologized for the giant mail pile, the lack of clean forks because the dishwasher is full or the clothes on top of the dryer instead of put away neatly upstairs I was reminded “you live here! They are here to celebrate your birthday! Its not a home inspection.” I realize that God has not called me to have the cleanest house on the block! I’m NOT good at organizing but I am good at brightening someones day and helping others. I’m praying He helps me let go of the clutter and get organized so I can focus more on being the light than my mess 🙂

  611. Linda Gonynor says:

    I would love this book for my daughter. Your devotions ate such a blessing.

  612. Jennifer says:

    I share the struggle of clutter and organization! Would love to learn the tricks of clearing up physical and spiritual clutter!

  613. Debbie F says:

    Thank you for sharing. My fear of the paramedics and me not having lipstick on is not my fear, it’s them getting out of the house without having to call in more paramedics to get them out. My house needs decluttered so badly! I hold onto about everything. If you gave it to me, it’s here somewhere. I have so much clutter and I have a very hard time parting with anything. I am finally getting to the point where the newspapers I still have from 2013 that don’t have something in them I need to keep (like a picture of my children or us) need to go. If I didn’t the news then, it’s old now and probably not important. I have so many clothes that I have kept and let’s be real, am I ever going to be 85# again in my life? I don’t think so. And don’t think about even trying to get a car in the garage, it isn’t happening. You can’t see the back wall from the front but you can see the ceiling if you look close enough. So to answer the question what area needs fixed is every room in my home. Bedrooms to family rooms to basement and garage.

  614. Denise F says:

    I struggle with perfectionism and my home is a mess. Too many piles and stacks. It seems like I don’t have time but I waste the day not knowing where to start. I’m simply too afraid to let go of the stuff. And yet, I hate the stuff!

  615. Charity says:

    My biggest clutter issue is papers. From mail, magazines, coupons I ‘might’ use, to recital performance guides, camp registration papers, and info about homeschool co-ops, I need to organize it all! Not to mention we have huge renovation in our home from damage from our cracked septic tank (sigh), oh and I have 3 kids under the age of 6. One day I dream of a clutter free home but I’m learning in this process to look to God and patiently wait for repairs while living with joy amongst the clutter. I would love the book as a guide to help and love her blog for ideas!

  616. I just want to comment that sometimes the clutter we need to leave behind may well include an actual person. A toxic relationship that creates stress does neither person any good.

  617. I can relate directly to the wisdom in this article and I am thankful for the resources provided to help. Most importantly for the wisdom God imparts.

  618. Karen Agnew says:

    My mother passed away last year, and i am currently working on cleaning out her house. Not an easy task. She was a hoarder, so I’ve seen first-hand how the inability to rid one’s life of “stuff” can affect every aspect of life. Thank you for writing this book, I hope it will prevent others from having to deal with the guilt, shame and embarrassment my mother felt her entire life but was too overwhelmed to be able to do something about it.

  619. Margarita bergman says:

    One of the things that stress me most is the clutter and lack of organization in my home. Lately, I’ve been hearing the Lord telling me that I need to let go of stuff, and get organized. I must confess… I haven’t gotten started yet. But reading this e-mail today, was my confirmation that I cannot wait any longer… I need to start TODAY. I would love to get a copy of your book yo help me accomplish what God has put in my heart up to forh health and my family.

    Thank you and God bless!

  620. Stacy Edmond says:

    Excellent devotional! I think women try so hard to do everything and be everything for their families and while keeping order is important, love and time spent together are most important! Staying close to Jesus through scripture and prayer helps put all life’s demands in proper perspective!

  621. As I get further along in life, I regret that I always worried about my house being in prefect condition (which was never)! It prevented me from inviting friends and neighbors in for coffee or to visit because I felt ashamed of my home. Now I have regrets about missing out on what was really important, the fellowship I desired but passed by. I’ve adopted a healthier attitude in my older age and would love to feel freedom from clutter and just enjoy hosting friends and neighbors without resorting back to that old way of thinking! I would love to read this book to assist me in my new decluttering lifestyle,

  622. OMG! ? I thank God for this app! I just
    had a similar situation last night. I almost had a full blown panic attack at the thought of working outside the home and a job that would take even more if my time on top school work and spending time my three year old and running him back and forth to school and therapy all week!!! The thought of it now is bringing tears to my eyes again. I know I can do it. I just need to know how to start and specific steps to maintain. This is completely overwhelming but God is Faithful and He always provides a way of escape. This book and blog may be my ram in the bush. I’m hopeful and grateful.

  623. Perfect for today for me… Love how God sends the message just in time… Thank you ❤️❤️❤️ Book would be a bonus! ?

  624. Decluttering seems to be a constant on my to-do list. I just want to get it done once and for all and create a routine where I don’t let it accumulate again. I look forward to the serenity God will provide me when I let go of the “stuff” that no longer serves me and gives me joy!

  625. Yep, after 4 kids and 35 years of marriage I still need this!

  626. Julie Cuneo says:

    After 29 years of working just part time and at home, I now work with my husband in our business full time. The stress of not having the time at home to manage it is hard to deal with while still wanting the refuge of a comfortable home. Perhaps this book is just what I need…

  627. I can’t even begin to express how much I struggle daily with clutter and mess in my home. There is not a night that I’m not running around my house yelling at everyone to pick up their things. I won’t have anyone over because I know the cleaning that it is going to require in order to host anyone. The children fight me about cleaning their rooms. My messy house is ruling my life!! I know God doesn’t want me to be so hung up on this but I am and I don’t know how to get out from under it.

  628. Patty Worley says:

    A friend once told me that that state of your home reflects what is going on inside of you. The clutter is overwhelming here, both inside and out.

  629. I really saw myself in Melissa’s struggles of clutter & holding onto possessions. This inspired me to take control of my clutter! I’ll be checking out the blog for daily hints & help.

  630. Your book would help me so much! This is exactly what I needed to read today!!!

  631. RMcKinney says:

    I look forward to reading and learning from this book!

  632. I love reading your devotion this morning about clutter. Let go let God.

  633. I want to do this, and as a teacher this is the best time to tackle it! Can’t wait to get started.

  634. Jalina Jackson says:

    Wow, this book sounds like just what I need! I feel like I can definitely relate to everything I just read. Sometimes I feel like the only one who doesn’t have it all together, and it really gets me down. I am so glad and encouraged to find out I’m not and to read these encouraging words a d how God helps us focus on what is important. Would love to get a copy!

  635. Crystal B. says:

    I really enjoyed today’s devotional. I can’t wait to read the book. I know it will bring the much-needed inspiration! Thanks for the daily devotionals. What a blessing to receive them in my inbox each day!

  636. Stephanie bursey says:

    Loved this devotion today.. 🙂 I need to de clutter as well and not worry so much.

  637. Tara Wilson says:

    I would love to be chosen! Thanks!

  638. Andre Williamson says:

    This reminds me to focus on what is really important and let go of what doesn’t really matter. But it speaks to a source of frustration to my sense of peace. Thanks. One step at a time.

  639. Lori Cross says:

    Everyday I am weak. HE is strong. I am the mother of 12 children. I have to constantly keep my eyes on Jesus. I fail everyday….but HE is so faithful! So thankful that He is in control!

  640. Leigh Johnson says:

    Wow, this is timely and would be a true godsend!

  641. Tammy Center says:

    Thanking the Lord that this devotion was available today. I would love a copy of your book. We have had a lot to happen in our lives. My house burned and that took care of a lot of clutter and if there is a silver lining that could be it. Very few of the things that burned have I even really missed. We do not need most of the things that we all accumulate. I enjoyed reading the blog to see thst others struggle with some of my issues. Thank you for this opportunity.

  642. Jackie Brooks says:

    Loved you words of encouragement, can’t wait to read your book!

  643. Jami Warkentin says:

    This devotional time could not have come at a better time. My husband and I have recently been talking about how we can tackle the clutter and free ourselves from the feeling that “stuff” is dragging us down! Thanks for the inspiration to go forth and conquer!

  644. Jaime T says:

    Loved how your article made me focus. It’s taken me too long to realize what’s really important in life – not the daily things I see that pop up and stress me out, it’s relationships and people. I’m learning to focus more on quality time with the people I love and letting go of all the clutter as you call it. Thanks for your words.

  645. Loved this! Especially today! Thank you!

  646. Carole McConnell says:

    Your story sounds like mine! I’ve had panic attacks in the past and they are the worst! I still struggle with organization and clutter, this would be an awesome help!! God Bless!

  647. Rachel Torcasso says:

    Great devotional
    I’ve been meditating in these things lately and have recently found Melissa and her other book. I’d love to win this new one! I have the hardest time with clutter in the living room. Hoping to make space for peace!

  648. Stephanie B. says:

    I have a 13 month old and still feel overwhelmed with my new status as a mother! So grateful for these words and knowing I’m not alone in this struggle.

  649. Sandy Adams says:

    I would love to have a copy of your book! I understand that fear of opening the door and letting a neighbor in. What must they think of my mess. We moved last year and I finally just “Placed” stuff in closets so I could go on with daily life. Now I’m trying to open those doors and organize. I still haven’t found my scentsy wax lol

  650. I have just spent 3 consecutive years in college , graduated , and worked 2 part time jobs . My house is tiny and piled with books, and clutter . It’s time to clear it out and get organized !

  651. Sandra diehl says:

    I enjoyed this message so much. I felt like I was reading about myself. I called the fire department one time but told them I just wanted them on the phone with me while I watched my over fire burn. They kept insisting on my address. I gave it but said do not come ! They came I was so not ready and so embarrassed. Thanks for your message

  652. Shelly Burns says:

    Clutter is something that has been stressing me out for awhile now. I’m so thankful for this message today. I just look at the clutter and feel overwhelmed. Here’s to letting go and trying to take it one day at a time.

  653. Deborah Wood says:

    I feel like this is speaking to me.

  654. Thank goodness you wrote a book that can help so many of us. Clutter makes me anxious and when I get to a point I just pack things up and send them off to a mission store to sell. When I come home I feel the stress gone. Anything we can do in this life to make more room for God is worth the change. We can always make excuses and blaim it on our jobs, children and even involvement at our churches but in our hearts we know it is us not putting God first. Pretty soon all the excuses move Him from first to way at the bottom of our to do list. How sad He must be when he looks at the chaos of our lives.

  655. Lindsey Parker says:

    Thank you for the great reminder to make our home a simple and beautiful place to love our family and others, and most importantly to honor God!

  656. I have been retired for almost a year and my goal was to declutter my house. I was motivated at first but now I have become compliance in my quest. Hope this book may help me.

  657. Kate Semer says:

    My biggest challenge is my gardens and flowers. It is hard to let the weeds grow when my time needs spent somewhere else. But I am learning that a few weeds in our day are OK!

  658. Valencia V Nainggolan says:

    What a great message! I can relate to this because sometimes I feel overwhelmed with worships at my house due to the clutter and mess that usually happens after everybody leaves. Your message encourage me to focus on the “service” that we can provide for others rather than focusing on the mess after.

  659. This is good stuff – especially after the devotion on wearing too many hats (and not wearing any of them well).
    Thanks and your book sounds like a gold nugget 🙂

  660. Everyone needs peace, especially me. With illness, a major move and family life, my home can be a far cry from a sanctuary. Thank you for reminding me of what God really wants from us. His love and devotion to Him!

  661. Carrie Tiller says:

    As a mom of three little ones four years of age sand under, I can definitely relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed and exhausted. It just seems there is never enough time or energy to get all the things done that a mom feels she needs to accomplish. This book sounds like a practical and encouraging way to get our priorities in order!

  662. Alison Young says:

    I SO would love to read this!!!

  663. Nena Hodges says:

    Melissa’s message, “Make Room for What You Love,” felt like it was written for me. I too, get overwhelmed with disorganization in my home and my life. I would love to have a copy of the book to help me prioritize the important roles God has given me.

  664. Thatnk you for sharing from your heart! I, too, found that when God orders your steps and guides your thoughts there is peace, joy, and comfort in knowing you’re on the right path! Congrats on your book! I pray it is beneficial and brings hope to those that need it! Blessings to you in Jesus!

  665. Amanda Lollar says:

    Would love to win this! I need some help in this area of my life with 4 little kiddos. Thanks

  666. This devotional was so needed today! My husband and I are both artists with way too much stuff. We are four years into our marriage and I feel completely overwhelmed by all the clutter, or “visual collections” as my husband calls it, plus, being artists we keep generating more stuff! Thankfully we do sell what we make (handmade pottery) but it can get seriously overwhelming at times. Plus my husband has some generational baggage of letting go (borders on hoarding). We don’t even have kids, but I often feel like a failure at managing even us! I am thankful God loves me regardless of my housekeeping skills, but I do want to create a home we are both comfortable in and can enjoy. Thank you!

  667. Thank you so much for this message. I SO needed this! I was in the ER Saturday because I couldn’t breathe and my heart was racing…. after six hours of blood work, EKG’s and X-rays, I was sent home and told that the cause was inconclusive. The one thing the Dr. said was to rest. What an eye opener… Thank you Lord for an opportunity to see that I was taking on too much and that I needed to let some of it go. Now if I could just learn to let the clutter in my house go so that I could be free!

  668. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I love this idea of letting go of the clutter or whatever is weighing me down and holding me back from the true joyful life God intended for me, but I struggle so much to get to this place!!
    I am not sure how to get there? Does anyone else struggle with this? I read this and think it sounds marvelous! I can’t wait! But how? How do I get to this place?
    This quote jumped out at me as I read this morning’s devotional:
    “I learned that I find more peace when I let go of the clutter and focus on the joy of being a faithful steward of the life and home God gave me.”
    I am sure this is true ~ but what action steps do I take to get there?
    Perhaps a copy of this book would be a first step for me.
    I would appreciate any thoughts, ideas and mostly prayers.

  669. Danielle cochran says:

    We are moving into a new home this summer and I want to focus on what really matters as far as “stuff” the clutters our life.

  670. Naomi Langley says:

    I have tried form many years to declutter myl life and in the past few yearsi have finally started making progress. By watching what I buy andp purging what I have only keepingw what is important to me.

  671. Your message is so inspiring, reinforcing how we need to get our focus right. I am in the process of downsizing and decluttering a house I have lived in for 33 years….I sure can use ALL the help and inspiration I can get!

  672. Wow – such a great devotion for me today. I don’t have small children now, but I do have 3 new grand babies, and I so want to enjoy time with them without worrying about all the “things” I “think” I need to be doing! Thank you for this reminder.

  673. Mareena Anderson says:

    This title has a double meaning for me. I’m a childcare provider and I often struggle with balancing caring for others outside the home with caring for my own children. Thank you for responding to God’s call.

  674. This book would be oh so helpful!

  675. Perfect timing!

  676. I loved todays message and needed to hear it. I’m going to work on applying it to my life right away. I pray for Gods help in doing so. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with us all.

  677. Catina Searcey says:

    This would be awesome to read.

  678. This is so fitting for me right now!! Thank for this and for helping me see that I’m not alone in this struggle for managing the clutter!!

  679. I always have wanted to be organized but feel like so many other things get in the way. Working full time and being blessed with 3 young children and a husband keeps my day full. I know that if our home could be decluttered and organized it would help with the craziness in the mornings and trying to get out the door on time. Your book would be a true gift. Thank you for your encouragement. …out God is good!

  680. Tears are streaming down my face at my desk at work. I needed this today. My heart needed to hear and dwell on these words. These are my daily struggles. This is how my mind works and processes things. And this is why I had my mommy meltdown in January 2015 that sent my 5 month old baby girl to grandmas house for almost 2 weeks because mommy couldn’t pull herself together and get out of bed. Today is a new day. Thank you Lord for your mercies being new every morning. And thank you, Melissa Michaels, reminding me that I AM NOT ALONE!

  681. Thank you

  682. This is where I am…with littles and all our stuff. Thanks for the encouragement!

  683. I need this book! 🙂

  684. I could so use this book!

  685. I could so use this book! I am getting ready to move into a new home with my husband, my 3 daughters, and his 2 daughters. Our girls range from 7 to 15, and I want our home to be a peaceful sanctuary for them. Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned!

  686. As a stay at home Mom to a 2,4, and 2 month old, this is exactly what ib needed reminded of.
    His power is perfect in my weakness. Amen!
    Thank you for sharing!

  687. Would love to read a copy of this book

  688. Sara Coburn says:

    Great reminder to allow God to give us strength.

  689. Thanks for the devotion.

  690. Kate Aiken says:

    This devotion is exactly me – I have all the books on organization and love looking at websites and magazines for ideas to improve our home, I only have 1 child who is in school. but I work shifts, and they are not the same shifts in a 2 week period, I am always too tired to do anything or think about how to do something in the clutter, dishes and laundry are pretty much all I get done. We moved 2 years ago and there are still boxes that haven’t been unpacked. Yes I am overwhelmed and it causes arguments in our home when stuff happens. Luckily I get to go to work so I can ignore the mess, lol.

  691. Oh how I needed this! I’m drowning in stuff as I type this. Prior to having a family I always thought my home would be the kind of home with people visiting all the time, open and loving. Fast forward I would die if someone I knew dropped by now! Ha! My house is constantly a full on disaster that is more then I can handle and usually is the source of my anger and frustrating. This is an area I need help in and that I’ve been praying about a lot lately . Thank you for the post! ?

  692. Suzanne says:

    Awesome and inspiring devotional! I needed this! I need to let go of the clutter in my heart as well as my home. Thank YOU! =)

  693. So inspiring! Just what I needed

  694. Oh, I need this 🙂

  695. Tracy Acker says:

    I would love to win this book!!!

  696. Mary Weiss says:

    I am so in need of this info!

  697. Candace says:

    I could really benefit from some encouragement and practical tips to de-clutter my home and create the sanctuary that will allow for rest and peace while at home, and when hosting guests.

  698. Ah this is so fitting! I can definitely relate to the never-ending task that is feeling “organized” and “settled”. We just recently moved into a new home and its taken me a lot of effort to let go of the notion that everything had to be perfect and in its place right away…moving and getting settled in is a process, but its hard to not stress out!

  699. Kellye C. says:

    Have seen your book on Amazon, would love to read it! Didn’t realize you were a Christian author, which is fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration to simplify and declutter and focus on what’s really important.

  700. Sarah F. says:

    Powerful reminder that in letting go we find our strength. It is He who is sufficient!

  701. This sounds like a book sent from heaven!

  702. Nichole says:

    Right to my heart, My core, these are my daily struggles. Joy seems lost in the endless tasks of day to day life. This article was refreshing, just knowing other women have this same struggle. Hope, that I can live in freedom, peace, and joy in the midst of this chaos. Would love this book!

  703. Excellent post! I can relate! It always seems that we have only two choices at the beginning of any given hour…spending time cleaning and organizing, while missing out on precious moments with loved ones, or watching our homes become even more messy and chaotic if we choose NOT to spend time trying to get a handle on it! The mountain of laundry grows, the pile of unread mail grows, etc. etc. It’s good to remember that housework will wait, but life won’t. Choose wisely! And simplify, simplify, simplify!! (I’m preaching to myself on this one!)

  704. Nayetzli says:

    I loved this post. I completely agree that I get stuck in the busyness of life and feel overwhelmed. All I have to do is take a deep breath and clean one thing at a time and know that it’s gonna take time but I will accomplish it. Thank you.

  705. I would certainly appreciate a chance to learn and grow more…

  706. Courtney Gates says:

    I never stop being amazed at the messages God sends me when I need them the most. Loved the article!

  707. Sara Meyers says:

    Thank you so much for your timely insight and encouragement. Although I do not suffer from panic attacks, I can well relate to the frustration and anxiety that lack of organization brings. Piles of paper, receipts, coupons and the like overtake my counters. I plan to tackle them, but then life gets in the way. Thanks for encouraging me to take life one step and a time and focus on what truely matters – living my life in a way that honors God and is a blessing to my family.

  708. Thank you for the devotional this morning.

  709. Sherri Mott says:

    I can really relate to this devotional. I have 4 boys and constantly struggle with clutter and wanting a peaceful inviting atmosphere for my home.

  710. Trisha Krcmarik says:

    I have experienced a panic attack and it was NO JOKE. Thank you for the reminder that we do not need to be perfect!

  711. Leslie Gains says:

    Melissa Michaels message could not have come at a better time
    We have just moved back home after remediation and restoration of our lovely home following a bathroom flood during the early morning hours a few months ago. I am in the process of restoring order and finding so many things that once cluttered my life now needing releasing. It is overwhelming! God certainly has my attention to lean on His grace, mercy and guidance as I declutter one room at a time. I would love a copy of Melissa’s new book to gain greater insight into this process and get some ideas for making it a little easier. Many thanks for today’s message!

  712. This message today was meant for me. I thank God that in times we need him, he loves us so much an sends a message through an awesome speaker like he did today.. I am struggling with CLUTTER in my life and this has meant so much to me. God bless you and thanks for sharing.

  713. Betsy Sweigard says:

    Wow! The timing of this devotion is perfect. Clutter, clutter and more clutter has taken over my life. My craft supplies dominate my home to the point it would be easier to move to a new house and leave it all behind. The guilt is overwhelming. The easiest path is to not acknowledge what needs to be done but of course I see it every day. It never crossed my mind that I may be offending our Lord as I could be spending time in the word rather than moving my stuff from point A to point B. That alone is enough motivation for me. Thank you for that clarity!

  714. I have too much “stuff” everywhere and could really use this book to help and inspire. Thank you.

  715. Thank you for this… God was speaking to me regarding this. My home is getting worse with clutter. I have a hard time letting go of my children’s clothing and toys… I feel like we need to have a garage sale in order to get some money back so we can buy the clothing they currently need. I know by giving away the clothes it would be a blessing for someone else… I grew up with my parents saying we can’t waste it.. whether it was food or good clothing we couldn’t toss it out or get rid of it…. I still have that in my head. I know it is time to get busy de-cluttering… this book would be such a blessing to our family. I am beyond stressed, have anxiety and just not happy… God, thank you for your word and touching my heart with this matter…

  716. Debbie Herbst says:

    I love tjhe quote about “loving people is messy business”. We have home group in our house, which includes afamily with 5 kids. I am not extremely orderly but need balance between chaos and gracious order and decor.
    It is more natural for me to focus on food and fun, but overlook some of the piles and areas needing attention.
    sounds like your book is the right blend. Thank you and agree.

  717. Ellen Woolery says:

    My goodness I need the help!!

  718. Leslie Benson says:

    I would love to receive this book. I am trying to sort, organize, and clean. I am overwhelmed most of the time.

  719. Karen T. says:

    God knew just what I needed to hear today! I am not a fan of clutter, but there are piles all over my house right now as I recently cleaned out my childhood home. I come home to feeling stressed about the state of the house and am unable to fully relax. It is at times like this where I have to remind myself that drawing closer to God, and sharing His love with others, is far more important that the material items.

  720. Donna Katz says:

    Thank you for a great reminder. I am a nurse and work 2 jobs. I have 2 grown kids and 2 grandchildren. We moved to a smaller house about 6 months ago and between working 50+ hours a week and trying to have a life outside of work out new home feels like a disaster. We are still trying to go through things and de litter/organize and we would like to decorate but can’t seem to get past the anxiety that clutter and busyness create

  721. Karen T. says:

    God knew just what I needed to hear today! I am not a fan of clutter, but there are piles all over my house right now as I recently cleaned out my childhood home. I come home feeling stressed about the state of the house and am unable to fully relax. It is at times like this where I have to remind myself that drawing closer to God, and sharing His love with others, is far more important than the material items.

  722. This was the perfect timing for this devotion….our life has been a whirlwind of hospitals, surgeries and staying everywhere but our house since our daughter had her first surgery in May. Whenever we come home I become so overwhelmed by the mess and the clutter that I ended up in the ER myself as well due to a tension headache so severe my whole face went numb and I couldn’t talk! I needed this reminder to keep focused on Jesus on only worry about completing what he wants me to do and not stress about the clutter!!!

  723. Brenda Chapman Watkins says:

    Thank you for your words of Encouragement each day! More times that not its just what I needed at that time, or it will come to my mind sometime during the day and speak to my spirit!

  724. Ibsen Charles says:

    We’ve been trying to organize our house for 2.5 years. It’s challenging since we’re in the ministry, have 2 small children and work. It’d be helpful to win this book to help us organize our space at home and church. Thank you for this opportunity ?

  725. Shirlene says:

    So can relate to this devotionAl would love to read your book

  726. This message really speaks to my heart and most every woman’s heart—because we are the heart of our homes.
    God has placed a nurturing and nesting instinct in women that He longs to nurture in us and help us express through our creative gifting and our love for our family and desire to create a warm, protective, peaceful, healthy, decorative home environment for our family and friends. I love the fact that God our Father is interested in every little detail of our lives and gets involved in helping us provide a place where our families can feel His love and presence and peace. I’m very grateful for His abundant grace and unending mercies that are available each and every day!

  727. The devotion was just what I needed today. Organization is certainly a weakness of mine. I appreciate all the help I can get in this area.

  728. angie k says:

    This is such an important message!

  729. Ashley Somers says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder! I am so guilty of wanting perfectionism that I lose sight of the important things the Lord has set before me in our home. I am so thankful He gave me such a gracious and forgiving husband to keep me accountable too!!

  730. I am so thankful for this message. It finally seems clear now to let go. I have recently moved to Tennessee cause I just had to break away from everyone. For the past 6 months since my father in law passed away, I have had to take care of my mother in law in everyway and all things around , run a trucking business, take care of my 5 year old niece, grandchildren etc. It got so overwhelming ,with no one to help me that I just could not take it anymore. With that being said, most of my family really doesn’t have much to say to me and that really bothers me, especially my youngest son not wanting to speak to me at all. Just don’t understand. But with this message I realize I have to stop and let go. I cant fix everything myself. And everything doesn’t have to be perfect. thank you Jesus for your word.

  731. Daphney Jordan says:

    This book sounds like just what I need to read. Thank you for writing it . God bless you!

  732. I really needed to hear this today! I have a newborn baby and am feeling the pressure of wanting to be a perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect daughter, perfect nurse with the perfect house and I’m struggling to find the time and energy to get it all done!! I’ve felt the need to de-clutter my life and my heart. Thank you so much for this ?

  733. I’ve been wanting to get rid of clutter for a long time. I stress constantly over messes. I would love a copy of your book.

  734. Reading this devotion today really touched my heart. It sounded just like me and the place I am at in my life right now. I am trying to let go of things but am having a hard time doing so. I would really like a copy of this book hoping it will help me over come my fear of letting things go.

  735. Getting and keeping your house in order is a task for the most studied Christian. This book would definitely prove useful in my life as a single mother of 2 young girls. I am in the process of rebuilding my life right now and any assistance with how to go about that would be greatly appreciated.
    God is good all the time.

  736. Diana Q says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I want to accept God’s gift of hospitality, but find myself at times overwhelmed by all the “treasures” I have around the house. Yes, I want everything clutter free and in order. I want to purge and have started out on a good foot. Yet, there is so much more I can let go of. Your encouraging words help me to bring my ministry into perspective.

  737. Rebecca L. says:

    Every woman out there can relate because we are instilled with care and the need to nurture. I’m glad we can learn and let go to value the true meaning of a loving home with all the clutter that can remind us of the joy we had creating it.

  738. Thank you for the reminder that we aren’t striving for perfection. We strive to follow after God.

  739. Cecille says:

    When I was first married, I used to clean our house everyday before my husband would get home from work. This was done after teaching the whole day. Dinner was also ready before he got home. Then our family grew. Keeping up with the different hats I wore became harder and more demanding. I still kept our house clean, but I had to slowly learn to prioritize and make room for spending time with my husband and kids instead of straightening things around the house. Now, we are empty-nesters. The busyness is still there. God has shown me lately how to un-clutter my busy life, to say “No” to things that essentially might be good but have no eternal value. I still teach, and every summer I spend my time going room by room at home to de-clutter. Teaching alone, makes life busy and so I don’t get to really do a lot decluttering during the school year and it can get overwhelming! I do need help with this and your book would truly be a blessing. Thank you.

  740. Kimberly Bryan says:

    This is one area of my life I am in desperate need of. I have total chaos of too much stuff in our home but finding the time to sort through it is so hard since I am a Mom, Wife and work full time outside of our home. I so need to simplify my life. I pray that God gives me the guidance I need to accomplish this.

  741. I really really need and want to declutter not only my home but my mind and heart as well. I place so much pressure on myself and then procrastinate and then end up doing nothing to solve it. I could really use some guidance to bring peace first into my mind and heart then into my home. Thank you for this devotion today!

  742. Shelia Bentley says:

    I would enjoy this book!

  743. Patrick Minderler says:

    Thank you for the inspirational and encouraging words. My wife and I are working on downsizing and decluttering so we can serve the Lord in other areas of ministry. This helps further our resolve to let the Lord lead and show us what to let go of and what better to focus on for His glory. Thank you.

  744. Patti Rathman says:

    thank you LORD

  745. This email I received is a huge GOD hug for sure when I opened it. I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed because I am full of clutter and don’t where to start.. So thank you for his email and I look forward to reading anything that will help me move in the God’s direction. My life seems to falling out of control won clutter and mind spinning so anything that I can do to get organized and the path that GOD leads me to.

  746. Angie Clem says:

    I am a stay at home mom of two. I volunteer as much as I can at my kids schools, at our church and try to manage this crazy busy life. I feel like I’m right where the author was talking about in the devotion. Overwhelmed. I am constantly trying to declutter and organize something to try to find some peace in the midst of the crazy. I would love to read this book and use Melissa’s tips on how to have a fresh perspective on my home and create a more peaceful and organized home for my family! Thank you! Loved the devotion!

  747. Clutter — mostly mental :o) Thanks for the encouragement! I love these in the mornings!

  748. This is me to a T!! We have lived in our home our entire married life…..25 years! my home office and our basement have so much clutter! I want to start purging but the task seems overwhelming. Our son is getting married next week and I would love to use his moving out as a great time to start the process. This book would be perfect to get me started. Bless you all for what you do and for the practical help you give to so many.

  749. Every season of life offers a different challenge in terms of managing our homes and our “stuff.” From newlyweds scrounging through our parents’ basements for our first-home furnishings, to the constant clutter of toys and baby gear, to unending paperwork and sports equipment during our kids’ teen years. Now, we are in the season of simplifying and letting go as empty-nesters. It’s tough to part with things that have so many fond memories attached to them, and I’m hoping this book will help me learn to determine what to keep and what to release to a new generation feathering their own nests.

  750. Teresa Karnezis says:

    Desperate for deco uttering and reducing stress!

  751. Marilyn says:

    Accumulated stuff has reached critcal mass for us and I admit that I find it overwhelming – so many decisions about so many things. I would appreciate any encouragement and practical help your book would provide.

  752. Angela Peltier says:

    Spending the summer to focus on deck uttering and creating peace in my home!

  753. Staci Hackney says:

    Very nice lesson. Thank you!

  754. Dena Elee says:

    I just really need this book.

  755. Jenny O'Shields says:

    This post really spoke to me. My husband and I don’t even have children yet, but I often feel so overwhelmed with household duties, in addition to my full-time job. My husband works long hours for a trucking company, so most of the household duties are up to me. I would love to read this devotional!!

  756. Pam Craig says:

    WOW!! What a great title for a book – so want to read it and put it to use in my own home!! I am quickly becoming an empty nester so feeling the need to declutter and let go and make my life a more simple!!

  757. I love paper. I want to touch it when I read it. I want to save it if was written to me. Paid invoices/statements are kept for years. How do I let go?
    I would love to win this book.
    Thank you.

  758. Melissa – I am so excited – I just signed up for your blog and your five week Room Challenge. My husband and I have been talking about doing some “updating” in our home of 23 years. The neighbors are moving to a beautiful new place and I think we are in a funk. I need to remember it’s about opening my heart – it’s not about a fabulously decorated and uncluttered home. Our kids have often told me they like our home just the way it is!

  759. I have been totally struggling and overwhelmed. I’m married with 2 children and the urge to cheat is sometimes unbearable. Infidelity runs in the family and my relationship with my husband started out as cheating. Once married I decided that I would never do it again. I’ve been in love with my husband’s best friend since we were dating. I try to push the feelings away but recently I’ve been acting out of my flesh. I pray that God will take away these feelings but it feels like a lie. I want to stay faithful to my husband for my God for my husband and for my children. But the pull to do wrong is intense. Please pray that I can keep the good fight.

  760. I’ve struggled with piles of clutter and disorganization for years. I desperately desire order in my home. I feel that I’m more peaceful and much more productive when there is order. I would love to have this book!

  761. I have 2 handicap men (sons) that live with us & I am a part time nurse that has been a diabetic for 52 years. When I read what happened to you was exactly how I feel. I don’t want anyone to come over without knowing about it because I am so afraid that the dishes will be in the sink or counter. It’s like I am obsessed about all this so much I have ruined the Peace that God meant for my home. HELP!

  762. Edie Ann Tischer says:

    Thank you for this. Letting go & letting God. Seeking what really matters…comfort & peace in my home this summer and extending the welcome of fellowship to others.

  763. Tina Boyette says:

    Great devotion. God has truly blessed you.