Shut the Door on Anger

Shut the Door on Anger

September 15, 2014

“‘In your anger do not sin’: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.” Ephesians 4:26-27 (NIV)

I was alone downstairs in my home — at least I thought I was, until noises from the cellar startled me. From the corner of my eye, I saw something move. Taking a big gulp, I looked up to see eyes staring at me from the cellar door. Fear gripped me, and I screamed for my husband.

Peering out from behind Dale, I could see a long snake hanging firmly from the top of the door. Dale grabbed it and pulled it off. I watched from on top of the table as he juggled the snake’s weight toward the front door and flung it outside.

With a sigh of relief, I gathered myself and sat back down to work. Ellie, my youngest daughter, came into the kitchen a few minutes later and pointed at the same door. “Mom, there’s another one.” Swallowing hard, I turned to see she was right.

We’ve lived in our home for 20 years and never had a snake indoors before then. It turned out Dale accidentally left the crawl space door under the house open in the fall. The snakes saw it as a welcome sign and took up residence. Once winter was over, they decided to go exploring. Thankfully, we haven’t seen another snake in the house since.

That night, as I thought about that open crawl space door, Ephesians 4:26-27 came to mind: “‘In your anger do not sin’: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.”

The open door in my house was much like the foothold referred to in that passage. A foothold in our lives is an open door of opportunity Satan uses to gain access.

Scripture cautions us to guard the door of our hearts because Satan is always looking for a way in (1 Peter 5:8).

Many times we don’t realize he’s gotten a foothold until anger and anxiety stare us in the eyes and say: Here I am, now what are you gonna do about it? We can choose to ignore it, be afraid of it or engage in a battle that will define our lives.

A good starting point is to take a look at our thoughts and emotions. Is there someone we harbor resentment toward? A situation we replay over and over in our mind, causing untold anxiety? A wound that is still sore, years later?

These are indicators of unresolved anger — anger that has been carried from one day to the next to the next, maybe even for a lifetime. The enemy uses these open doors to come between us and God, tear apart relationships and hurt our Christian witness (John 13:35).

To avoid these destructive conditions, Scripture tells us to quickly get rid of anger so the enemy has no foothold. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live with snakes in my home or an enemy in my life. So how do we close the open doors?

• Trust God to be your defender. Holding a grudge sets us up to think our anger will avenge the wrong against us. But it doesn’t; only God can do that (Romans 12:19).

• Even if you never receive an apology, forgive anyway. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (NIV). This verse helps me to recall God’s great forgiveness for my own sin.

• If possible, follow the prescription of reconciliation in Matthew 18:15-17.

• Desire for God to be glorified more than you long to be justified (1 Peter 2:12).

Imagine what my house would be like if we left the door open. I wouldn’t want to live there! Every now and then I double-check the crawl space door, just to be sure it’s closed. And I double-check my heart for any footholds of anger.

Lord, please help me be aware of open doors and to close them through trust, reconciliation, forgiveness and honor. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

James 1:19b-20, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” (NIV)

1 Peter 5:8, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (NIV)

If you struggle to forgive the hurt done to you, Suzie Eller’s book The Unburdened Heart will help you learn to live in freedom.

For more encouragement visit Sharon Glasgow’s blog. Enter your name to win a special gift, and get a free downloadable resource to help you close open doors.

Are you holding on to any anger or grudges? Ask God to forgive you and heal your heart.

Do you need to ask someone for forgiveness for your actions? Can you do that today?

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  1. brandi wynn says:


  2. Please pray for my family, and my relationship

    • Lord bless Tim, his family and his relationship today and in the coming days. We ask that You be in the center of this family and do exceedingly more than they could ever think or imagine! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  3. Prayer for my family to not give the devil a foothold in my home or lives

  4. I need your prayers to save my marriage

    • Lord, we are asking for a miracle for Moemisi’s marriage. We ask for Your love to consume this marriage and make it better than its ever been. We wait expectantly for this Lord! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  5. Prayer for my son Robbie, for God to keep molding his heart into a forgiving, loving, gentle heart and heal his heart from hurt and anger. God open doors for him for a job and for you to glorify yourself in his life. Amen

  6. Is there somewhere to ask a question without posting it for everyone?

  7. Please pray for me. Learning to forgive and heal from some past experiences. Thanks.

  8. I absolutely over your devotionals. I look forward to them in my email every day. However, it is hit or miss if they show up in my inbox.

  9. The Lord is working in my life to heal me from anger. My blessing is the message I get from you and learning what Jesus wants for me. He truly wants me to learn this because the message in church today and a sermon I was listening to on the radio was all the same today. Blessings to you all.

  10. I have problem with anger, please pray for me that I will learn to answer with gentle spirit.

  11. WOW! I was just talking to a friend about this very subject. Lord knows He his working with me on this. I had a major problem with forgiving people. However, God began to minister to me and delivered me. It was a great deliverance!

  12. Dawn johnson says:

    I’ve been dealing with some serious anger toward my brother over the last week and yesterday especially. God always puts the perfect devotion in my morning when I need it most. Thank you Sharon for reminding me how destructive anger can be and that anger gives satan a foothold. I so needed to hear this this morning.

    • What a blessing that this devotion ran today Dawn! God’s timing is always perfect! Lord give Dawn Your wisdom, love, peace and power in dealing with her brother. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  13. So often anger and any other kind of wrong emotion starts in my mind. I am trying to learn to do what the Bible says – take my thoughts captive. It’s not always easy, but when I can quickly capture a thought that is sending me down the path of anger it is easier to keep it under control. I was thinking about this one day as I watched one of my hens who had gotten out of the safety of the fence. Catching chickens is like catching thoughts. It is not easy but well worth it.

    • This is so good Sandra! Funny that you would equate taking thoughts captive with your chickens! I have a devotion running next month about that very subject and my turkey’s helped teach me the same principle. Do you live on a farm?

      • We have 10 acres and have lots of different animals for fun and 4-H. I am always amazed at the lessons I learn from them. I will look forward to reading your devotion next month and hearing what your turkeys have taught you. 🙂

  14. I’ve been holding a grudge for over a decade. It is so heavy on my heart! Only God can deliver me, because I surely don’t know how. Please pray for me to be delivered from this stronghold.


  16. Please pray for my anger and resentment to go away. Been praying to God to help me find the tools to calm myself down.

  17. Theresa Cloe says:

    Please pray for my resentment towards my husbands drinking problem. Please pray that I can forgive him.

    • Gloria Gilpatrick says:

      Theresa, please turn this over to God and ask Him to deal with the problem. Then free yourself to LOVE your husband. My husband passed away 3 weeks ago and I would give anything to have him back. The things that upset me before seem so silly now. I’m not saying that your problem is silly, not in the least. I am just saying that your love for him and his for you are bigger than the problem. I will be praying for both of you 🙂

    • Lord, bless Theresa and her home. Give her Your love for her husband and help him overcome his desire for alcohol. Thank You Lord. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  18. Amanda Washington says:

    Thank you so much! I needed this. I have harbored so much anger and I need to let it go and trust. Working on my marriage and the old wounds still are sore. Thank you again for this is encouragement!

  19. Ruth Bergmann says:

    When I turned my life ovr to God it was awesum. I felt the cleansing God gave me. I have nevr felt so clean. My sins were washed away. Then I asked for forgiveness. There was one that I forgave from the way “they” treated me. “They” didn’t want my forgiveness. I wanted revenge. To hurt them the way they treated me. I kept saying that I laid it at the foot of the cross but I would pick it up again and again and again getting more angrier evry time. I prayed and prayed to God to let Him take it. Finally I let go. The LORD will prevail.

  20. I am having the same problem as Lauren! The emails don’t always show up in my inbox or even my junk mail. I have had to re-sign up for the daily devotions twice now. Hope this glitch can be fixed because I look forward to these devotions as part of my daily routine.

  21. Theresa, I will pray for your resentment for your husband. I was in that same place 5 years ago in our marriage. I read the book, The power of a praying wife….it changed our marriage because the Lord used it to change my heart. I also struggle with “quickness to anger” while getting my children out the door in the morning. I pray for the Lord’s strength to quiet my mouth and encourage my children positively. May anger leave this home!

  22. I am thankful for this devotion . I have been struuggeling with a lot of anger latley and I have been afraid of it and tried to ignor it. Thank you for sharing how to deal with it. I don’t want to give satin an open door to my heart.

  23. Raquel Aguillon says:

    Just what I needed to hear today

  24. I feel so angry with God. I am out of fellowship with Him and am miserable. As Beth Moore says in her book, Get Out of That Pit, I seem to be in difficulties “not of my own making”. My husband and I have experienced one sorrow after another since our marriage. After five years of infertility, we adopted a son and then, a daughter, seven years later. The circumstances of their adoptions convinced us that God truly gifted us with these children. Both children are very bright, talented, and loving. Now we are dealing with our son’s alcoholism and his three beautiful, precious children who each have a different mother. Our sweet daughter is living a homosexual lifestyle. We are heartbroken. In addition, my husband had prostate cancer that has affected our intimacy. Presently he has a blood disorder that could eventually become serious. Two months ago, I had routine surgery that resulted, a week later, in a second surgery because of a bacterial infection that had to be treated with intravenous antibiotics. I will be seeing a hematologist because there is concern over low red and white blood counts. I am still trying to recover my health and strength. I haven’t attended church for weeks because of my health issues. I seem to have lost my trust in God. When I think to read my Bible or pray, a mental wall seems to block my intentions. I believe and constantly ask God to forgive my unbelief. I can’t seem to get out of the pit. We have also been blessed in many ways but, in spite of that, I know that Satan has a strong hold on our family. Please pray for us.

    • Praying for you. dont let the enemy win! Remember that He is with you, all times and He is weaving all of this for good. At times like this I make a ‘blessing’ list- write down, even things that seem trivial, blessings in your life. You will be amazed at how much the enemy can make us forget to see the small things. God bless you all.

    • Gloria Gilpatrick says:

      I am praying right now for you Genie. The only thing I can say is that I have found when I don’t feel like going to church, reading my Bible, being kind to my loved ones, etc. is when I need to push through and do those things all the more. Please put it all at the foot of the Cross and let God do the sorting out. He can do it and He will do it. You are close to my heart in prayer, Genie. Know that you are loved.

    • Sharon Glasgow says:

      Lord, I lift my dear sister Genie before You, pleading on her behalf. Please bless this family with physical and spiritual healing, renew their strength and bring revival to their spirit! Thank You! In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  25. I’ve been struggling with ange/resentment towards my husbands exwife for quite some time. In all my thoughts she is an evil, vindictive, unhappy women that tries to pretend to the world she is this wonderful, caring, coparenting, supermom- i think if only they could see her emails, if only they could hear how she talks to him, if only they could see her manipulation. these thoughts will settle in my head for days and nights… its a constant battle to trust God… its hards when someone is constantly challenging. and she isnt open to any sort of reconcilliation- that would mean she would have to let go too. prayers are welcome.

    • Sharon Glasgow says:

      I agree Marie, it is the hardest when the person who is constantly challenging you, doesn’t change and they’re always there. However we can not allow bitterness toward that person, to wreck us. I have more encouragement on my blog. Hop over there if you have time! Lord, help Marie. Give her Your strength and love to walk this out with Your power. In Jesus’ Name, AMEN!

  26. Gloria Gilpatrick says:

    What if the person you are angry with is yourself and the person you need to ask for forgiveness has passed away? What do you do then?

  27. Thank you for today’s message, it really spoke to me. In fact, all three of these pertain to me, “Is there someone we harbor resentment toward? A situation we replay over and over in our mind, causing untold anxiety? A wound that is still sore, years later?” How do you forgive the person if they continue to disappoint you and hurt you? I think I know I need to forgive this person because it’s what God wants me to do, but then I think, why forgive her because she will just hurt me again. I feel like I will be forgiving her on a weekly basis. The abandonment I have felt from my mom, the lies and her addictions have hurt me and I carry this mistrust in to every relationship.

  28. My struggle is no longer anger, but resentment and malice towards my husband of 9 months. His constant need to lie to me triggers my rage. I know the greatest commandment is love and that it covers a multitude of sin and that my husband is the unlovable. We are seperated and I am struggling with what God wants me to do. I know God is for marriage, but did I ever have a marriage if its been based off of a lie and betrayal. I am so heavy burdened with anxiety and depression. I dont sleep. I pray that God gives me a revelation a healing of my heart. My heart is broken and I am filled with shame. I am living in a lie that all who see us as a happy couple but on the inside I am falling apart and loosing hope that I will ever have a marriage of three cords.

    • Alyssa,
      I have lifted you and your husband up in prayer this morning.

    • Dear God, bless Alyssa and her home Jesus. You can do the impossible and we ask for the impossible to be done in their hearts, home and marriage Dear Lord God. In Jesus name. Amen.

  29. Please help me pray for my husband. He is in deep pain and full of anger because of the mistake I’ve done in our marriage. I have asked God to forgive me and He now brought me up completely from my sin. I have confessed it to my husband as I was moved by the Holy Spirit to speak and be honest to my marriage. Now I and my husband is in crisis of restoring our relationship. He is resistant to surrender the pain to God and has thoughts of revenge to the involved. I pray God will heal us, touch my husband’s to forgive and that he will be moved by the Holy Spirit to surrender the pair and hurts to God. I have faith that God has a plan to restore us just like He restored my relationship to Him. Please help me pray!

    Thank You!


  30. This devotion was helpful. Thank you. Please pray for my wisdom and forgiveness dealing with a situation from my past. Also, please pray for my mom and aging “aunt” who both seem to hold grudges towards each other.

  31. Veda Goushaw says:

    This goes along with the message our pastor brought yesterday! Very much needed in my life!
    I’ve lived the life of a victim my whole life! Try as hard as I might I have never had victory over this! Raised by a very critical mother with a daddy who worked or was at the union hall so much he wasn’t really there for me, married a man just like my mother… the criticism he also had a horrible temper as did his dad (dad was an alcoholic) I was sexually abused as a child and again in my early teens! Married my husbbnd to get away from my mom! And only 17 at the time! 1st child at age 18, and 2nd at age 19, 3rd at 20 and 4th at age 22! Depression set in and I have fought it ever since! My mom was 98 when she passed and I do not remember her ever having anything nice to say about me!
    My husband just yesterday tried to clean my face as I was eating fried chicken! Come on now! I get chicken crumbs if I eat fried chicken at home! I felt like a 90 yr. Old who had to have someone clean the drooling off my face! I’m only 69 but feel like I’m treated like a 90 yr old! Feeling so not needed in this marriage or in this world!
    I have a lot of anger, feelings of helplessness and wanting to just give up!
    but I want to be an overcomer in this world as a Christian woman!

  32. Denys Medel says:

    Two weeks ago I would have asked God for my family, I am sad and feel as if it is too late. I moved out of the house a weeks ago with my two kids. As I type this it just came to me, why is it too late? God can do anything! I am so hurt and very angry at my spouse. Please pray for my surrender, I need to put this in God’s hands. Amen.

  33. How do you forgive someone who has died?

  34. Please pray for my husband’s family. There seems to be a lot of anger, they hold grudges from many, many years ago and most of the times want to blame others. I especially pray for my sister-in-law who is angry at almost everyone. She hasn’t been well for a couple of years now but I think the anger is keeping her from getting better.

  35. AWEsome !!!!
    Excellent message, perfectly conveyed **
    Thank you

  36. Gloria and Terri, how about writing a letter to the person who passed away and asking for their forgiveness or telling them that you forgive them? I think that could be freeing for you and a way to heal the brokeness.
    Alyssa and Delyn, have you tried going to a Christian counselor?
    Praying for all of you this morning.
    May God pour out His blessings on you, to mend your hearts and give you His peace.

  37. Carol Underwood says:

    What if our anger is towards God? Two and a half years ago we were in a car accident. My then 13 year old son suffered a brain injury. He is wheelchair bound now and completely dependent on us for his daily needs. I struggle daily with why God has not brought more healing. He can do amazing things and yet hasn’t acted as I and thousands of others have prayed for. When I am in the midst of daily activities with my son I can get so angry that the life my son had and we had as a family is gone.

  38. WOW!! I am TERRIFIED of snakes and probably would have strongly insisted that we move…right then and there!! 🙂 Thank you so much for this devotion. It comes at a perfect timing. Thank you

  39. My husband has been living in the flesh and believes the Devils lies. He asked for a separation 1 1/2 months ago. I didn’t harbor any anger towards him until last week when I found pictures of him and a girl 12 years younger than him looking like a couple. I haven’t been living in our house so when I saw those pictures I checked our bed and found her hair on our comforter and sheets. I was so angry! I know that if Jon decides to follow Christ and turn from his wicked ways our marriage can be restored. In the meantime I’m having trouble with my anger. All I can think about is what I want to say to the two of them! It’s consuming my thoughts.

  40. This is the second devotional for today’s date that I have read on this subject. I needed both devotionals since I have anger, resentment, and unforgiveness in my life. I know that God is dealing with me and that I have to let all of this go if I am ever to become the woman that He has called me to be. Thank you for this devotional!

  41. Thank you for this. Anger is a constant battle for me now. My daughter is a teen and has ADHD. We have almost no help from others and her dad is really not in the picture. I have such a hard time with her and the way she speaks to me, lies, acts deceitful and selfish. I don’t even count to ten in my head anymore. I go straight to ten in a heartbeat. This has carried over into my every day life even away from her now. I hate this inside of me and I’m at the end of my rope with her. She is only 15, so we have quite a ways to go still and I need peace and somehow to stop this anger within me. Please pray for both of us, thank you!

    • Dear Jesus, please help Angela and her home, her daughter. Please bless them with unbelievable peace and calmness in their home and relationship. Bless Angela with lots of help and a support system to do life with and to help carry her load. In Jesus name, please bless. AMEN.
      (ps..let her know that You are her anchor and is there for her and is holding her up always. Amen. 🙂

  42. nicole carter says:

    Please pray for me….Im struggling with a broken friendship even within the church. We were so close and I love this person dearly but they have betrayed and lied to our family. They avoid us and reconciliation just doesn’t seem to happen. It is so painful when they pretend you are not there and never even say hello. Im so brokenhearted.

  43. Please lift me up in your prayers. I struggle daily with anger and anxiety. I pray to God that I will leave no door open for the devil to have a foot hole.

  44. Any prayers for my son, Jacob, me and my family (my husband and my youngest son) would be so greatly appreciated. Jacob is still young but struggles with anger and ADHD….he tries so hard and is learning about the Lord’s grace but our family needs the Lords influence. provide us all with more patience, forgiveness and kindness towards each other. I do my very best and feel so blessed to be a mom to two beautiful boys, I want to give them a more peaceful and happier upbringing than I had. Please help me to be a better witness, God has done so much good in my life, saving me from my past and blessing me with my family. Help me to be grateful, to let go of the past, and heal old wounds or at least fully forgive so I may truly move forward. Pray that I may be slower to speak, slower to anger and quicker to listen. Thank you so much and may God bless you.

  45. Lola Turner says:

    Today I am very angry at myself & my hisband. There is a lot going on. I recently moved back home from Ohio. I got married in July of this year. Now that I am married we are facing a legal battle . I have things from my past that are affecting me nnow. We may kose our home because of my bad credit. To top it all off my husband had back surgery earlier this month. I feel trapped because I know my husband needs me but I want my life to go back to normal. We fight about everything because I dont always see eye to eye with hium. I am at the end od my rop. Lola

  46. Sister workhorse says:

    this has to be divine intervention from our heavenly father! I, too, struggled with forgiveness in my daily life… husband, Christian sisters who think and feel they have the right to sow discord, division amongst one another. Being a minister’s wife, I often have to walk a very fine line of keeping so many things to myself and still deal with numerous personalities within the church; while they too, have roast preacher and side board wife. It’s not easy, but my God has been with me every step of the way, molding and shaping me into His image, which sometimes becomes painful in the process, but is so necessary to inherit the kingdom of God. I want no footholds in my life, only God using for the good of the church and his glory. It becomes burdensome to carry all that weigh of hanging onto the past and bitterness and sin!

  47. Thank you, this really spoke to me.
    I especially like the reminder of making our desire to glorify God, bigger than our desire to be justified. This is so difficult, but I know its absolutely right.

  48. I am not sure if I should share this but I’m going to anyway. A few months ago my husband moved in with his girlfriend. Our children which are grown up and have kids of their own are very angry and disappointed with him. They told him that they would not condone his relationship with her and she would very be welcomed in their lives. His came to see all of us but my a strange husband was not allowed to see his own father. The angry in all of us has gotten so must deeper. I continue to pray and know that my father in heaven is in control of all of this. Please help pray for my children and myself to stop the hurt and anger, disappointment, that this has cost us. i love my husband and believe that God is not finished with us yet. As God says”all is well”. Thank you

  49. Penny Whittle says:

    A divine message sent a the perfect time – I spent all of last evening searching for a “self-help” book on mother daughter relationships. I wonder how many other women struggle with this. Both my daughter, and step-daughter have recently denied me. I can say with honest heart that I have never set out to deliberately hurt or retaliate against them. This message tells me that I can forgive them, even if they don’t see their bitterness as wrong. Please pray for both of them. There are days I take comfort in knowing that Jesus was denied, beaten, spat upon and even crucified. And tho he was blameless, he forgives. While I’m far from blameless, it saddens my heart that they may never know just how deep and how unconditionally I love them!

  50. WOW! I am struggling with quickness to anger right now. This is the exact verse I used yesterday at church about my struggle. I refuse to let the devil take a foothold on my life!

  51. I truly thought I had completely recovered from the emotional and physical abuse of a past relationship but when a loved one recently faced a similar situation, a lot of the pain and anger in me resurfaced. I did not expect to have to deal with it all over again. Reading this post has been helpful though. Even the snake reference reminds me of the analogy my mom used to tell me of the woman who put a snake in her pocket to save it only to be later bitten.

  52. vickey ford says:

    I’m trying to forgive my best friend for stealing my boyfriend & lying behind my back. I’m hurting right now & I love this man with all my heart & I’m lost as of what to do & how can I forgive her & him?

  53. I know that a lot of my anger comes from a need to have control over many areas in my life. Will you please agree with me in prayer to let go of that need for control as well as protection over my mind and heart from the enemy’s lies. Thank you!

  54. This post was an answer to prayer to get over an incident that happened yesterday with my spouse. I was still angry this morning and my 21yr old son told me a shouldnt hold a grudge because it’s not a healthy thought process and defiantly could ruin my relationships. To top it off, Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind one to another” was the verse this week that I was teaching my toddlers in Sunday School.
    Thanks be to GOD for His quick answer to my cry for help to” Be angry and sin NOT” He Knew before I did that I was gonna stumble yesterday, and He’s so faithful that He had already prepared my way of escape. When my hubby comes home I need to reconcile with him, even if he doesn’t apologize first.

  55. Jennifer Watkins says:

    I so needed this devotion about anger today! My Husband, My Friend,My Protector passed away on August 7, his family had basically written him off, his children as well! At his service “his” “family” went in and seated themselves in a group, Our Pastor looked at me like he was astonished, I just said don’t worry over it, I’m ok, the rest of us his True Family walked in and were seated. This was just the “icing” on the cake of many things that came before but I have come to realize that I am not the one who lives with guilt of things left unsaid and time wasted! We loved one another completely, although his death was a shock to me, he was young, he was not supposed to just be gone in the blink of an eye. God has a plan, I can’t see it but I know it and I have to close the door on my anger!! Pray for me as I try to learn what it is to grieve this loss! One day at a time….

  56. Please pray for healing over my stomach, anxiety and strength back in my body. I’ve dealing with this for some time now and I miss church, being able to care for 7 yr old son. Thank you so much

  57. Cristy Crisler says:

    Help me receive forgiveness for my hurts I surpressed in my childhood and spread it around mostly to the ones I love the most. Help me to learn to forgive before anything needs forgiving. Forgive me for trying to end my life. I honestly thought I was doing everybody a favor espically my children. They are embarrassed by me and my downward spiral

  58. Please pray for me too! I have struggled with anger for years. I know God is real n I believe he is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I ask. Please pray for me to have a heart to receive his love, to melt the anger away from my heart. I am ready to let it go, just fail every time he sends me a test to conquer it :(. Thanks for all u ladies go! Your words n wisdom help me along almost everyday.

  59. Please pray for my daughter that her eyes and heart will be opened to The Lord again. She was baptized at a young age and now in her early teenage years has hardened her heart and soul and no longer believes there is a God. It is heartbreaking to me, as a mother I weep often hoping for her to realize that God loves her and will forgive her.

    • Angela,
      I am praying for your daughter right now. Praying that the scales will be lifted from her eyes. The deceiver is good at being bad. God, please draw Angela back to you. In your Son’s precious name, Amen.

  60. Please pray for our family and for my husband who lost his job 2 months ago and is having a difficult time finding another job. He is the main provider for our family. I am sad and worry and have a lot of anxiety about our future. I have 4 kids that we have responsibility for and I find myself angry that this has happened to us. I know God has a plan for us and I ask for forgiveness for my anger. Please pray for us.

  61. i fell with my laptop on. i was going thru email.The Lord wanted me to see something.i repent things i might have said.i try hard at letting the sun go down on anger.i always been a believer that.My brother and i don’t talk.
    I dont know why, I tried to make amends even though I said nothing wrong. I poured my heart out to my brother. Let me explain.My mom died on thanksgiving last year. we had different views. we both going thru grieving. my brother keeps to himself. on the outside he smiled.but I know him..focus (I say to myself)Being an believer of Jesus. I follow the scripture in the map of out lives. the Bible. Don’t let-the sun go down on anger.Anger will fester . It can lead to depression. I am RECOVERING from depression all of the glory and thanks be to Jesus 🙂

  62. Really enjoyed this post. Perhaps because I had resentment and bitterness mirrored to me growing up and I have to do periodic checks to see. One time I heard a speaker ask this question. If you think you have no resentments against a person ask yourself this question, “If you saw them coming towards you, would you avoid them?”

    Great question to reveal the hidden resentment, much like your snakes. Thanks so much for your post.

  63. I’ve had something weighing on my heart for over a month now and it has controlled me and taken over my heart. I know there is a teaching behind it but I can’t seem to put one foot in front of the other to deal with it. Praying, praying and praying! Reading this I hear God speaking to me, why can’t I move forward?

  64. Kimberly Clifton says:

    POWERFUL! message at this time and SEASON in my life! Amen
    Please pray for me, I’ve been married for 27yrs. Separate for 7yrs due to unfaithfulness by husband,I left the home, lose my job after 31 yrs, health challenges, doing better!, but I stuggle WITH this marriage issue, I’m Stuck! PLEASE pray for me in Jesus name, Amen!!!!

  65. I am harboring angry, hurt, and fear for my relationship. I have tried to let it go but the same keeps happening again. Please play for us.

  66. Thank you for today’s message. I have been horribly emotionally hurt by my sisters and father repeatedly since I can remember. My Dad passed away 9/28/2008 and my Mom just passed away 2/24/2014. It’s time for the hurt and anger to go away for good and be who God wants me to be. I pray for this daily. Thank you again. God planted this seed through you today. God Bless You.

  67. Praying for each of you that God will work in each life and family according to the need to accomplish His purposes and plans for His Glory. After betrayal in my marriage of 25 years by my husband and his co-worker who is 20 yrs. younger and learning that her 4 1/2 yr. old son is my husband’s child and I could go on and on. What I have learned is that forgiveness is about trusting God to let His consequences fall upon the hurtful choices of others. It is about trusting God enough to figuratively “take my hands from around that person’s neck” and step out of God’s way as He deals with that person who has caused so much hurt. I realized that if my hands are always around that person’s throat (not literally), my hands can never be free to reach toward God and all that He has in store for me. So I drop my hands in surrender not to the person who has wounded me so badly but to God. I have also learned that forgiveness sometimes must be a process especially when the hurt is ongoing. I decided that if I need to pray daily to forgive those who destroyed so much, I will do that to make certain my relationship with The Lord is clear and there is no place for satan. Anger with unforgiveness keeps us in bondage to satan as well as to those who hurt us. Forgiveness is so important to God that He allowed Jesus to die on the cross to make a way for the forgiveness of our sins so it must be important to me in dealing with those who hurt me. No hurt I experience can compare to what Jesus suffered for me so I hold onto who He is and must release those who hurt me to Him. He can take care of it without my help. I can trust Him.

  68. Please pray for my anxious heart

  69. God is Great God is Good! Sending prayers to all in despair today whatever the cause or reason. In the most difficult of times the devil delights in our pain and suffering. Our ONLY way to escape his stronghold is to lean not on our own understanding but to TRUST in The Lord our God to lead us out of the darkness that overwhelms us. Faith in Him will shine a light. It may be dimly lit but as our faith and trust in Him builds the path to righteousness is revealed. We have all been gifted with free will and choices and it is up to us which paths we choose to take. Believe me when I tell you all I’ve been down countless dark dead end roads with the devil as he has delighted in my self imposed misery and anger! Why ME AGAIN I’ve so often asked! If I compiled all my struggles over the past 25 years I’m pretty certain quite a few would seriously question whether my journey up to now actually happened at all. With Gods unfailing help I now see clearly WHY ME! I am no longer a victim of the constant chaos that surrounds me but a redeemed survivor of it ALL! The most tragic of events have occurred in the past two years and only by His grace have I been able to stare down the devil release my anger fear frustration and thank God for the huge blessings he has bestowed each and everyday. Walking by faith not by sight is quite joyful The devil promotes fear in us all. As I approach my 50th birthday in December I especially thank God each day for the ability to find some humor in the worst of circumstances. The WHY ME turns into WHY NOT ME! I now see clearly what I cannot actually see. I often wonder if the next 25 years will bring as much heartbreak but through His Word and 7000 promises I know now He is with me and LOVES me regardless. I have heard Gods voice often loudly through my many favorite K-Love songs quietly thru images in nature and profoundly thru random encounters with people put directly on my crooked path! He is constantly calling me and directing my path. We are holding hands as often as I recognize His presence in the PRESENT which remains forevermore Gods GIFT to us all. I will write my story one day and it will be a glorious read and a legacy for my children as well. At this time I ask for prayers for my extended family. My vibrant and God fearing mother had a debilitating stroke January 28th last year. Her beautiful awe inspiring spirit is intact yet her body is now somewhat crippled and in turn my two sisters have been unable to accept our new normal. They do not understand Gods plans at all. My oldest sisters only son took his life on July 6th. He was just 21. Please pray for healing in their names. Help them to realize the graciousness only God can provide during the brokenness we are experiencing. Only He can answer the WHY of the many questions we ask on any given day. The Alpha The Omega First and Last The Beginning and The End. God is Great God is Good. AMEN

  70. Wow. Very applicable for a long-term situation in my life. Thank you.

  71. Carole Bridges says:

    Thanks Sharon, I appreciate your devotion on anger …sometimes we get so busy we don’t recognize the devil has a foothold til we take a minute & read a valuable devotion that causes me to ponder & re think what is going on in my life on in my life!
    Such a blessing you are to me!
    Lord Bless as only He can!

  72. Natalie ramirez says:

    This was sent to me thru a friend cause she knows me and my husband are going thru an angry ugly time and this was what I needed to refocus.
    Thank you

  73. Thank you Jesus for sending me the word I needed tonight. Please keep this always in my mind when I leave an opening.

  74. prayer for my brother ernest and sister n law…to let go of anger . i asked for forgiveness and ten years later still no brother

  75. I just wondered ‘where’ you live? I couldn’t believe that you had snakes big enough to be hanging from a doorway!!

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