The God Moment that Changes Everything

The God Moment that Changes Everything

January 7, 2014

“When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death!'” Luke 15:17 (NIV)

Not long ago, one of my daughters set my phone alarm tone to match that of her favorite animal. It’s labeled “Horses Neighing.” It should be called “Death by Stampede.” At 5:30 in the morning my alarm went off and I shot straight up, wide-awake, a stampede charging through my bedroom.

While changing it back to my standard alarm, I noticed a wide array of other options. Some of the sounds wouldn’t do anything to get me up, like the one labeled “Harp.” It trills a soft melody, and just listening to it makes me sleepy.

The most effective alarm ringtone for me is labeled “Old Car Horn.” Think in terms of a house alarm that you can hear on the other side of the neighborhood. Now imagine that you are sleeping inside the speaker. It’s highly effective. And the great thing is this alarm has a unique backup system that’s almost fail proof – my wife.

But here’s what I’ve discovered: the effectiveness of any alarm is in direct correlation to how much you don’t want to hear it. In other words, until your desire not to hear the alarm outweighs your desire to keep sleeping—you’re not going to wake up.

Similarly, a sudden awakening takes place when God finally gets our attention. The alarm sounds, and this time we hear it. We immediately become aware of our present circumstances and the reality that something must change.

The Prodigal Son experienced this in Luke 15. After taking his inheritance money from his father, wasting it and reduced to feeding pigs, the Bible tells us the son, “came to his senses …”

At this point the son sat straight up and suddenly realized what his life had become. When he ran away, he’d never thought his journey would have that ending. But now life had his attention, and he knew things had to change.

Have you ever had a moment like this? The Holy Spirit opens your eyes, and you see something that you had somehow missed before. You have a startling realization that changes everything.

You realize you’ve been trying to live out the Christian life from your own power and strength rather than out of the power of the Holy Spirit.

You realize you weren’t actually following Jesus; you were just following a list of rules and rituals.

You realize you spent so much of your life wrestling with guilt and shame, because you thought being good enough would save you.

And then suddenly you realize a truth. That truth has always been true, but for some reason, you just didn’t see it before. Like the Prodigal Son, it was the right time and the right place, and finally realization woke you up and brought you to your senses. AHA!

This is an “AHA” moment, and within the parable of the Prodigal Son, I discovered there are three ingredients that are present in every AHA experience.

1. A Sudden Awakening

2. Brutal Honesty

3. Immediate Action

If there is an awakening and honesty, but no action, then AHA doesn’t happen. If there is awakening and action, but honesty is overlooked, AHA will be short-lived.

But when God’s Word and the Holy Spirit bring these three things together in your life, you will experience AHA—a God-given moment that changes everything.

Today if you are finally hearing the alarm and realizing you are far from your Heavenly Father, know you can turn to Him. Luke 15 shows us that God is a loving Father who is merciful, gracious, and caring. No matter how far we wander from God, He wants to do more than just help us—He wants to save us. And it starts with AHA.

Dear Lord, help me to see the areas of my life that need transformation. Please give me a genuine Awakening, help me to be Honest with myself, and be with me as I take Action. Jesus, I surrender my life to you, and I thank You for the work You’re doing in my life! In Jesus’ Holy Name I pray. Amen.

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Kyle Idleman’s new book AHA releases in March 2014. To celebrate, his publisher is giving away five advanced reader copies today. To enter, simply leave a comment on today’s devotion and we’ll select five winners at random. We will email the winners directly.

AHA: The God Moment That Changes Everything by Kyle Idleman

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Reflect and Respond:
Search your heart. Consider the areas of your life that need transformation. Identify one area that needs to change.

Create action steps that will help you change the situation. Pray for God’s strength. Then take action!

Power Verse:
John 6:35: “Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.'” (NIV)

© 2014 by Kyle Idleman. All rights reserved.

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  1. I am so thankful I read this post today. I recently had a period where I experienced 2 of the components and my renewed closeness to God seemed shortlived, but I couldn’t understand why.
    Thank you for your words of understanding and I look forward to reading your book!

    • Not quite sure of how to comment here, so I’m replying. This post blesses me as we wait for our prodigal daughter’s “AHA” moment. Her name is Ariel (lioness of God), dedicated to The Lord in my womb when He named her, unbeknownst to me that her name was also another name for Israel, whom He loves and also will never forsake! Thank you all for your prayers!

      • Kristy Drewitz says:

        This is my first time commenting so I too am not sure that I am doing this the correct way….what a great reminder that I need to be less dogmatic in my beliefs and focus on my relationship with Him. He wants more from us than to just follow a list of do’s and don’ts.

        • Susan Harrell says:

          not sure how to post…so hopefully this will do 🙂
          I enjoyed the devotion today and would love to get a chance to read Kyle’s new book!

      • Alisa Cooper says:

        What an amazing interpretation of scripture. I love my AHA moments but had never been blessed with the insight that this seemed to inspire. Read “Not A Fan” with our discipleship class and it was wonderful. It brought my husband back to church for something other then a special event or regular Sunday morning routine. Than you God, for blessing writers like Mr. Idleman with the talent to speak to people’s hearts through your word as well as his writing ability.

      • Greg Townsend says:

        My AHA moment happened at the age of 11, I had a stroke and was paralyzed. As I took my therapy for a year I realized how the LORD was helping me through it all. So I gave my life to serve in full-time service to the LORD, and I have now been in the ministry 27 years. I Thank the LORD !

    • Julie Mark says:

      Awesome challenge. Praying for so many! Can’t wait for this book to be released.

    • I’ve just read Kyle’s other book “I’m not a Fan” it was a very good book, so I would love to read his new book. I’m looking forward to seeing an AHA moment in my life this year..

    • Sheila Beaudry says:

      Thank you for blessing me this morning with this devotional. I am in prayer for a friend today and this is exactly what I needed!

    • Stephanie says:

      I so needed to hear the AHA today. I can remember it with awakening,action and honesty. I would love a copy.

    • I am thankful to God for reading this devotion this morning. Recently I had an AHA moment and things are already happening. I have a daycare and needed to take some action to enroll but for whatever reason I had not done much but have been praying for God’s direction. I had come to a point where I realized I needed to make some changes, then my husband was brutally honest with me and then I took an action. My flyers are every where, I have a Facebook page and the list goes on. I know God wanted my attention because he is about to do a new thing in my life just as I have been waiting years for it.

      • Desperately needing to hear the AHA. At a pivotal point in my life. Coming to terms with alot I have been running from for many years.

    • Thanks for this post. It was a blessing to read this day as I search for my own AHA around who I am being in a relationship. God is working powerfully, and I am waiting to catch up! Thanks for allowing Him to use this author.

    • I pray that I listen for those AHA moments, and follow through to the Action part which has to happen to make them complete. What a different world we’d live in if all God’s people followed this guide 🙂 Thank God for His patience & mercy!

    • I’m so excited to read this book. I struggle with the ACTION part due to fear, and am so anxious to have victory in this area.

    • Doesn’t allow a comment so I am replying. I have been praying for my prodigal daughters AHA moment for several years now. I know God is faithful and I expect it any day now!

      • Trica,
        I will join you in prayer for your daughters return..thank you father for opening the eyes of her understanding so she can find her way home to you, keep her safe in your hands. Thank for your Devine protection around your child Jesus name I pray and thank you

      • I very much enjoyed this devotional from Kyle Idleman, I have been quite ill and am just now up and reading so many devotionals that I was not able to read. His acronym for AHA moment was inspiring. Not finding a place for just a comment, I began reading and literally fell upon your commment of a prodigal daughter. I have been blessed with 4 daughters, raised to know the Lord and honor his commands, but as each one became the age of dating and worldly influence, they each began to leave us and our love of God and Godly behavior behind. As we held to our beliefs and commitments to Godly living, our children grew farther and farther from us. As we refused to accept as ok what the world now told them was really ok. We have been estranged from the daughters we love, no matter how we tried to communicate or pray for their AHA moments. We can’t help but feel that because our love was so great for them, and we valued them so very much, the Devil targeted our blessed daughters. One daughter and her children we have not seen or heard from in over 3 years. These girls were highest grade students and leaders in their schools and college years. We have had to completely give all up to God to mend broken relationships and call to their hearts to return to Him. I do ask for any of your prayers to help break the hold on my daugters hearts. We know our prayers for them are heard, we have had to learn patience, real patience, even though it hurts. One daughter has rededicated her life, remarried, is expecting and call us often and comes when they can. She told us of her AHA moment, and we are so thankful, and our prayers will be constant for the other daughters. Please pray for Brandi, Crystal, and Sheri to once again hear God’s calling their name.

    • My eyes, like my heart had been crusted over and hardened with “self” for far too long. My AHA moment came at an age that I should have reflected strength and maturity in the Lord. After all I had been a Christian since the age of 13. But instead my life reflected nothing but selfishness and defiance. Like the prodical, I woke up one day and knew it was time to go home. I’m so thankful that this time I did not ignored the sweet Holy Spirit’s tugging at my heart as I had for years, but got up and walked straight into the open arms of our dear Savior’s arms, forgiven and free of Satan’s lies, happy to put on His yoke that is not heavy or burdensome, but is easy and light.

      • Thank you Deniece for your post. Your story sounds like our prodigal daughter but the best news is that you give me hope that she too will have an AHA moment. It is SO challenging knowing that you raised all of your children to love the LORD and even though we may not have done a perfect job, i know that my GOD hears my prayers for her DAILY! Thank you for your inspiration to keep praying knowing that HE is passionately pursing her and one day she will have an AHA moment!
        Kyle’s books are amazing! I am reading God’s at War now. He is annointed by God to deliver the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ for sure! Thank you God for your promises.

    • Thank you so much for the opportunity to receive the AHA book. Today’s Proverbs 31 devotional was very inspirational and I believe the book would be a wonderful compliment. Again, thank you!

    • The verse should be applied every day of our lives. Everyday drawing closing to God, awakening each day to what need us to honest about ourselves and the actions we need to take to be still and know God.


    • Sandee Lewis says:

      Amen, Amen, Amen. Thank You Kyle… We sure miss you here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    • This was a great post. It was so nice to hear this message from a man’s perspective on a Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion. I would love a copy of this book for my Son in law. He is such a great guy and in need of the love our heavenly Father can bring…and bring him into a relationship with Jesus!

      • Also I have 3 journals full of God moments/aha moments I have seen in my life! My definition of a God moment is: Something you have experienced that touches you from within, something, that makes you feel good inside and out. that touches your very soul and makes you realize God is alive and well and even thankful of his wonderful creations in nature or his presence in our world and in people. God moments help me feel connected to my heavenly Father.

    • I’m sorry Stacie. The only way it would let me post is by replying to your comment. This devotion today really hit home. I believe I recently had my AHA moment after wandering away from God. I am currently reading Kyle’s not a fan book and look forward to the next one coming out in March!

    • Today’s devotion re: and “AHA” moment brought back memories of when God did this in my life, many years ago. Following the leaving of a husband, with a 5 month old baby girl, I did not always live my life in the way I knew a Christian should. Instead of looking to Jesus for fulfillment and validation as a woman, I sought out the attention of men. Never a good idea. After a few years of this type of empty life, it was if God just spoke very, very loudly and clearly to me one day. To tell me that I had compromised my Christian walk and nothing good could come of continuing in this way. To seek after Him for fulfill my emptiness inside. This was the “awakening” moment, and I had to be very honest with myself and admit how I was living. Then, I had to STOP living this way, which I did from that time on. Thank you for this devotional today, to remind me how far I have come with Jesus.

    • I really liked the idea of the AHA moment, although I have often though of it as the time when God needs to use a 2X4 to get my attention. Sometimes, I can be so oblivious until He finds that one and only way that only He knows of to get through to me and eventually…. He does! But today, I am very much in need of an AHA moment in my life. I am seeking God but probably not as strongly as I should because I have allowed depression to get me down. I do not want to be this way…. if only I knew how to reach up and grab ahold of an AHA from God for where I am now…..

    • Appreciate the acronym, Awareness, Honesty, Action, AHA!

    • Lillian Burke says:

      I had my AHA moment or as I like to say my Holy Spirit moment in March of 2012 while on a women’s retreat at our church. It was the most magnificent and inspiring weekend ever, I did not want to go home, I was on such a God high. I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to become closer to Him and surrender myself to Him completely. That weekend has changed my life completely. I am a better person, wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother ,friend and community member because of my AHA experience.

    • Tasha Corum says:

      It was awesome to read Kyle’s devotion this afternoon. God always uses him to open my eyes,
      ears , and heart to see and hear from HIM. I really enjoyed Not A Fan & Gods At War. Looking forward to the new book!
      Thanks Kyle & P31!

    • Freida Harrison says:

      As a teacher, we used the term, “The AHA moment,” when the student made a learning connection in a flash. What a joy to see the excitement on those precious faces! Thank you for this great analysis of the parable of the Prodigal Son. It is simple, yet very deep, and put in a way that is easy to remember. Thank you Kyle! I look forward to reading your book.

    • I loved Kyle’s book “Not a Fan” and look forward to “AHA.” Yes, those ‘aha’ moments in life can turn you around, none more so than the kind described above.

    • Patricia edaburn says:

      Let’s get going! I would love a copy of this book. I loved Not A Fan.

    • Dale Ubben says:

      I would really love to read this book. Thanks

    • Serin Emmanuel says:

      The AHA MOMENT is also to me the Eureka moment that becomes the catalyst of every Jesus believer to get into the spirit of acceleration to greater heights of all that God has ordained. This even includes the Heavenly Father and the amazing Holy Spirit.

    • I had an AHA moment 13 years ago when God opened my eyes to see the part I was playing in the destruction of my marriage. Although My marriage was not restored, God used that moment to save my life. Recently I’ve been going through a feeling of disconnect with God, perhaps I need another AHA moment with The Lord. Looking forward to the release of the book.

    • We are all prodigal sons & daughters, often more than once so we need all the spiritual inspiration we can get. So looking forward to this book.

    • Carrie Morton says:

      I am very glad to have read this. I am feeling this in my life right now. As the new year begins, I find that my life as a single mom is not as rewarding for either myself or my son as it should be. I have been looking for a new job but find the balance between work and being a mother very difficult to achieve. Now I know what I need is prayer and God’s guidance. It was right there all along, I just had forgotten.

    • Debbie Bauer says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading your devotion. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Janet Mitchell says:

    Great post! I’d love a copy of Kyle’s new book!

  3. As a life coach, those AHA Moments are what I refer to as the important “breakthroughs!” This sounds like something that is truly up my alley. Looking forward to reading it!

  4. What a great reminder today! I really needed to remember the and excitement and feeling I first felt the AHA moment. What a great God we serve!

    • I agree, what a great God we serve! This devotion was an answer to prayers I was praying yesterday and this morning. How wonderful God is, planning and preparing an answer before I prayed. I love those moments of realization of God’s continual blessings and love.

  5. Amanda Rawson says:

    What a wonderful observation. GOD has been dealing with me quite directly in the past year. He has given me some very direct commands which I have followed though at times it has been kicking and screaming. And in 2014, I know the Lord is going to transform me from the inside out as I attempt to be obedient to HIS call on my life…to be wholly consecrated to HIM.

  6. Not a Fan was one of the first books I read after my AHA moment
    in 2012
    I’m looking forward to reading this book

  7. AHA!

  8. I left my husband as a last resort…hoping and praying for the AHA moment that hasn’t came but needs to desperately. Praying he comes to know Christ.

    • Hi, I totally understand why you want your husband to accept Christ and that he experience a AHA moment. What I have found when I want my husband to change and I lok at myself and seek my own AHA moment about something I need to change about myself then my husband changes too. We can only change ourselves, not other people. 😉

      • MaryBeth,
        I’ve experienced what Lorna is talking about and know that the best is yet to come so don’t be discouraged, leave that behind as you let God guide you. Be passionate about The Lord, give it all to him and he will show you where he wants you to go. The AHA moments will come and will refresh you as God transforms you into the woman he wants you to be. Others around you will notice if they are paying attention, they will wonder you have that they don’t… have my prayers too.

      • I too have a husband who has not had his AHA moment. After 26 years of marriage I have become very weary that it will ever happen and am so tired of having a mediocre life and “settling”. So glad to see a devotion written by a man today!

        • Di: Walking with you in your shoes. Here is some encouragement from Paul in the Message version, 1 Corinthians 7 (several verses, you can read the whole chapter)…God has called us to make the best of it, as peacefully as we can. You never know wife: the way you handle this might bring your husband not only back to you but to God. Don’t be wishing you were someplace else or with someone else. Where you are right now is God’s place for you. Live and obey and love and believe right there. God, not your martial status, defines your life.
          Know you have been lifted up in prayer today by a sister in Christ. with love, Robin

    • My friend has been a wonderful example in her marriage issues. Maybe you will be blessed by her. You can check her out on Facebook at Hope Surrendered.

    • Mary Beth, I understand what it is like to spend years praying for an unbelieving husband. Not to mention the agony that a heart divided between Christ and a man who doesn’t love Him really means for the woman stuck here in the middle. I will be praying for you to seek God’s will during this time and that He will give you joy and peace as you accept His will in your life and your husband’s. It helped me immensely when I began daily studying the Word as well as spending real undistracted time in prayer. God has shown me that it is not my job to save my husband. My job is simply to love and serve my God and in turn to love and serve my husband, as he is, through the power of the Holy Spirit in me. Please be encouraged to remember that God loves your man even more than you do and He has a plan and purpose for his life. He’s got this!

  9. Lyn Johnson says:

    Thanks for your post and thoughts. Needed this today. We all have those periods of drifting and without those moments to shake us up our driftings would take us farther than we would ever wish to go. So thankful He loves me enough to allow me to “come to my senses!”

  10. I loved “Not a Fan”….looking forward to AHA

  11. Kim Grant says:

    This spoke volumes to me. After following the rules most of my life without truly seeking to follow Jesus, I recently had my own AHA moment. It has been a month now of honestly seeking Him and reading His word and the changes in my life already are amazing. I am searching for a good devotional and had not yet found one that spoke to me until now. Thank you.

  12. There was a lot of AHA in this post for me. Especially, the living in shame and thinking that being good will bring salvation. This has been my point of work this last year – to move beyond. Thank you for your timely post.

    • AHA moments don’t come very often in my life. But in this one short article, I experienced a life-changing (I pray) AHA moment. I am really looking forward to the new book, and will definitely be picking up “Not A Fan”. Thank you!

  13. Jennifer addington says:

    Love Kyle and all of his books. Would love to win one.

  14. Ronell Ramanna says:

    I had one of these AHA moments during the church service this past Sunday. Reading your post just confirmed that I need an Awakening ,Honesty and to take Action.Thank you

  15. Great insight! Thank you for sharing. This was helpful in my oresent circumstances to give me hope for a prodigal adult child.

  16. I really needed this today. There are several areas I need to work on and I’m praying for an AHA moment very soon 🙂

  17. Susan Plyler says:

    I need AHA moments in many areas of my life!

  18. At first I chuckled how a daughter changed the alarm clock to horses neighing and the time of the day that this happened. Then, as I kept reading, I realized there are many who need or want an “AHA” moment, like myself. As I am a Christian, sometimes it’s just to get back on track, but your posting has caused a serious ‘”I need all three” in my life immediately. Regardless of the outcome of who is selected as the random winners of Mr. Idleman’s book, I will be looking for it in March. Thank you; a wonderful post at a necessary time. I BELIEVE!

  19. Prayerfully awaiting my AHA moment.

  20. Thank you for this post!

  21. Brutally honest…that would be my 18 yr old daughter. She just told me last night how I flip-flop with my faith. We are struggling right now, and she told me to not worry and simply trust God. AHA! One of her current reads…”Not a Fan”!

  22. In the middle of a desperate prayer For help, my cellphone vibrated just loud enough for me to hear. I ignored it, as I was in prayer. When I was done praying I picked up my phone and this article on ” The God moment that changed everything” the AHA moment was at my finger tips. I was asking for God’s help. Maybe this book is that help. If GOD wills it, it will be.

  23. Candice De Gannes says:

    Amen! I believe all said has been true for me, especially the part about having awakening with honesty and no action or awakening with action and no true honesty. Father help me to follow through with the AHA moment you’ve given to me now because I desire change.

  24. We all need AHA moments. It is so easy – too easy – to slip away from Grace.

  25. Kristen Paschall says:

    never heard of this author but this post really spoke to me. im looking forward to reading this book now. thanks!!

  26. Brittney Shorb says:

    Looking forward to this book! What a great perspective…awakening, honesty, action. Lord, may this help change lives, including mine.

  27. Maureen Darr says:

    Beautifully written Kyle!! So looking forward to the release of your next book. I’ve read your other books and they are a favorite of mine to share with others. Your Not a Fan was life changing for me!! Many blessings to you and your family!!

  28. Immediate action is key otherwise I tend to procrastinate and rationalize it away!

  29. A beautiful devotional for the beginning of a great year ahead. I have had several AHA moments in my life – I pause to thank God for them. In the midst of the floods and storms and broken dreams, He ALWAYS came through. In the midst of the countless WHY’s I have put before Him, I’m thankful for those AHA moments when I can come back to Him and tell Him – Now, I get it! I have never read any of your books and even as I pray for the release of this book in March 2014, I would love to receive a copy of the same. God bless you and your family.

  30. Sue Schneider says:

    I needed to read this post today! I truly need to turn over my life to God rather than me trying to control the outcomes of my life! Thanks!

  31. Amazing….I have had a vey difficult 2 years for various reasons. God gave me a AhA moment a few months ago, it’s been an amazing wake up call. Be encouraged by today’s word…god is really out there waiting to give you a AHA moment. Just praying for my urban to get one now!

  32. Something I definitely need to read in this season of my life! Thank you for this post!!

    • I totally agree Leticia. To be honest, sometimes I just open the email filled with the devotion and read the verse and then close the email and move on. There are so many things I feel like I’ve heard over and over again growing up in the church and being a Christian all my life. It’s not until this AHA devotion that I see how so many of us… myself included need awake, see honestly and take action. I hope I win one of these books!

  33. Oh lovely ones, I had an AHA moment just last Thursday! Totally non-descrip ride up an escalator and it hits me! Proverbs 3:5-6 (Awakening – finally!) this storm you are in cannot end until you surrender to Me. Your disobedience and arrogance (Honesty) will not win this battle. Who do you think you are, thinking that you can rely on your own strength? So I surrendered (Action) completely, fully for the first time since my nightmare started. Lord, I give it all to you. I am sorry for thinking I can do this on my own. and then His peace just settled on me, pulled me in and wrapped me up in it’s warmth and I know everything will work out just ight.

  34. Danielle Currey says:

    I wake up to “old car horn” also!! Haha.
    This article was truely a blessing for me. I am at the point in my walk with Chriat where I feel I need to be “awakened, honest, and take action”. However, I’m not sure exactly how that’s done. A soon copy of your book would be a HUGE blessing for me. Please pick me! 🙂
    God Bless you for using your gifts for God’s people <3

  35. I am really expecting an AHA moment during the MADE TO CRAVE Bible study. I do believe God is going to wake me up!!! A great post!!!

  36. Danielle Currey says:

    In what way do you mean “brutal honesty”? Honesty from us or from God? Sometimes His Word is so brutally honest when it rebukes my behavior, and sometimes that awakening will scare me from taking “action”. I need to rebuke guilt when this happens. Perhaps you mean honesty from us. When I finally come to the point where I pour my heart iut in a long, releasing prayer, I become brutally honest with God about how I feel and what I’m going through. He comforts me and speaks to me and that enables me to then take action.
    Just curious about clarity on the “H” of AHA. Thanks 🙂

  37. stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for todays article. Never read any of books but think God must want me to. I had tears running down my eyes from reading article and comments. Bless everyone.

  38. this post was exactly what i needed today!!! God is always on time, never late! thank you! i have not heard of this person before but would love to have one of his books. i am a big fan of proverbs 31 ministries. many times the daily encouragement has been just what i needed for any day! i look forward for it each day in my email!

  39. Jackie Green says:

    This makes so much sense! I’d definitely enjoy reading this book!

  40. carolee Petersen says:

    Wow… just what I needed… Thanks you!

  41. Thanks for the encouraging words. Congratulations on your soon to be published book!
    Press on.

  42. Absolutely love the acronym…. simple, but it explains so much. I definitely fall short in both the Honesty and Action parts at various times. Thank you so much!

  43. Aha!!!!

    Great analogy, that I’m spending time pondering and reflecting on!!!
    Looking forward to reading more insightful blogs from you!!!!

  44. Thank you for this post. It reminds us that although we in our hearts may make plans, it is God who guides our steps. Thus, whatever it is we are praying and believing for, rest assured that it has already been answered. Our “AHA” moments are experienced when we realize that the steps of a good man are ordered by Christ. Which in reality means inviting Christ to our lives, trusting Him and making the necessary adjustments. Those changes enable God to work on us before we receive our promises. I look forward to reading your book. God bless you!

  45. So encouraging. Believing for this AHA moment in an adult child.

  46. Great breakdown of an AHA moment. We all have then by the grace of God. Appreciate hearing a major perspective, too. Been having some of these moments while reading recent bible study. Would love another study resource to explore relationship building with Christ..

  47. Excellent read to start my day and so timely with my current circumstances. Thank you so much for sharing!

  48. There can never be an AHA! Moment without an awakening even if there is honesty and action. Only God can awaken our spirit out of slumber by removing the veil cast by the devil over our minds. Thank God for this encouragement today.

  49. What a deeply moving & real post to wake up too! Thank You
    Confirmation for me also…. as I am thinking of starting a food bank & reading the introduction scripture
    has really resonated within me…. there are people in London starving & I can help in that area….. I need to take action. Which
    Your blog has encouraged me to do, but not in my own strength but to seek God & put it before him. Only Through Christ can I do all
    Things. Love these words, thank you so much. God Bless your book, praying it touches & moves many lives.

  50. Catherine says:

    My desire is to have many AHA moments in God. Today’s devotional has really blessed my spirit this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  51. What a beautiful devotion to read as I wait to board my flight that had been canceled multiple times. God truly desired for this message to penetrate and permeate my heart. I experienced yet another “AHA” moment realizing God is truly in control and the more I am honest with Him and surrender all, He shows up exceedingly and abundantly bringing me to yet another “AHA”. Bless the Lord for using this ministry to enrich the lives of Christians globally and bless the writer for sharing what thus says the Lord!

  52. Great email today. When it clicks & we feel it, it is amazing. Appreciate the daily teachings. God bless

  53. AHA is a great acroynm. When the pin drops you wake up to your senses to wake up , get up and go or take action. We realized where we have taken a wrong path and make a u turn and return to a right path. God is a God of second chance when we repent and return to Him. He is merciful and a gracious God always looking for the lost sheep to return home.

  54. Lena Willis says:

    This explains a lot, especially why some moments that I hoped would be life-altering for me or loved ones were short-lived. Looking forward to the book, it will definitely help me in 2014.

  55. Sandy Combs says:

    My prayer is that, I keep the constant communication open between me & God, allowing lots of AHA moments throughout my day! I have a tendency to try & make it about me instead of Him! Love the devotion & especially the verse!

  56. Pamela Tyler says:

    Wow! God never ceases to amaze me. Recently had an AHA moment. This book will be a great help in guiding me in what I believe is my calling.

  57. As an ExPrisoner, currently walking in the WILL OF GOD, my AHA moments never cease!!
    But what I do is stand on Philippians 3:12-14!!
    I relate to the AHA moments of God! And constantly bring myself under the subjection of the Holy Spirit of The Most High God!

  58. pam filomeno says:

    We all need more AHA moments! Thanks for sharing and i would love a copy of the book!

  59. Thank you for sharing. I am praying that God will show me areas in my life that need to change and that He will give me the strength to make the changes needed.

  60. Great post! I’ve had many AHA life-changing moments. Would love to get a copy of the book!

  61. WOW! I needed to hear this after many years of trying to do it myself. I know He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light, but I was trying to succeed on my own and going through the motions of being a Christian. I am seeking Him more, and I know that I can have more AHA moments. Would love a copy of this book for myself, and hopefully share with others. Thanks Kyle.

  62. Thanks!

  63. Would love to learn more! I’m sure a copy of Kyle’s book would help me and others grow closer to the Lord.

  64. Perfect description of our AHA! moments in Him! Thank you, Kyle, for putting the steps of those moments into words for us!

  65. Having only recently discovered Kyle Idleman, I love his writing style and love the messages he delivers in his material. I’m excited to hear about this new book!!

  66. Michelle Warner says:

    We recently had an AHA moment 🙂 Now we are moving to another state to follow Gods leading. We have know idea what he is going to have us do there, but we are going. Your book sounds like a great way to stay in tune with what God reveals to us and also help us to be receptive to the new things he has in store for us.

  67. Waking up at 4 AM (today), the day aftet my AHA moment to visualize the top of my email inbox being Kyle’s entry for P31. Holy spirit at work? I think so. I have had a rocky 10 years in the health/wellness department. I went to the doctor yesterday with back pain. I’m well versed in this, packing 3 spinal fusions under my belt. My doctor and I were looking at my x-rays together. He measured a 2.5 mm decrease in space between the two vertebrae next in line, so to speak….the potential for another fusion. I know I haven’t been taking the best possible care of my ‘temple’, gaining weight while trying to lose. In the back of my mind, feeling aweful about myself was becoming the norm. The 2.5 screamed at me! I suddenly felt a frightful need to maintain my focus to take the extra weight off. Stress is a killer in many ways; mine is emotional eating. So, in the early hours of the first day of the rest of my life…I thank you Kyle for the additional guidance and support.

    • Amen to that! All the best on your new journey, not alone, but with a travel companion who’s already seen this path. 🙂

  68. Thanks for sharing these great thoughts. In my work I use a great deal of acronyms. Since I often refer to myself and others as having AHA moments, I am going to start asking people if they have heard what the AHA acronym represents and then share your Attention,Honesty, and Action. Great way to witness to others. I look forward to reading the new book. Peace, Blessings and Progress!

  69. Kirsten P says:

    Great post! Thanks! I know God is always waiting for me to turn to him more – this is a great way to express it and remind myself to do it.

  70. Thank you!!

  71. Paula Rogers says:

    Thank you! I love Kyle’s other book and can’t wait for the new one.

  72. felicia dull says:

    Great post! I call these God Slaps! Those moments when God Slaps you upside the head…AHA!

    • Felicia,
      I Love your post! God Slaps!!! In my family we say to each other “did God kick ya? you better quit limping around and make a change”. Thank you for sharing and putting a smile on my face this morning!

  73. Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed this…praying to rely on God’s strength and not my own as I take action to get back on track with my relationship with him. Thank you!

  74. I love how Kyle teaches us about God’s word! Always hits home for me!

  75. Thank you for the inspiring devotionals every morning. Would love to hear more about Aha moments !

  76. What an excellent devotional to start my day off with – Love the AHA acronym and the alarm clock analogy! This is so true: “The effectiveness of the alarm is in direct correlation to how much you don’t want to hear it.” So much to reflect on here!! Well done!!!

  77. Kyle is a great teacher and writer! I will look forward to more AHA moments.

  78. Wonderful message about AHA moments!

  79. Katherine Groves says:

    I think I am in an AHA moment. I am in the most difficult time of my life right now – learning to turn away from my own self to rely on and trust in God. I have recently come back to Him and have been put in a situation that is forcing me to put my faith in Him. I’m sure I was put here to return to a faith based life – an AHA that I have fallen from dependence on God for everything I need. Thank you for your devotion today.

  80. Judy Redden says:

    This is awesome. AHA! I am currently reading “not a fan”! It is my devotion book right now. Kyle Idleman is an excellent writer. If you are seeking the truth about your relationship with Jesus this is the book that will open your heart! I look forward to reading AHA!

  81. I like the old car horn. My mind wanders, and my wheels follow course. The other driver lays on the horn to get my attention. The other driver is God. Time to give up my car keys and let him drive.

    Thanks for the audio/visual, Kyle.

  82. God knows how much at present I need to hear from Him about His moment that changes everything for me and my circle of influence. Thank you for being so mightily used by Him.

  83. Heather Turner says:

    Great devotion that really has me leaving quiet time thinking. Coupled with my Bible reading, God is doing BIG things! So exciting!

  84. I never thought of the AHA without action. The honesty sometimes so overwhelming that I am stopped or stumped and can’t move. Knowing the Holy spirit is how I can move past myself is exciting.

  85. Awesome read, feeling blessed on this -6 morning. Keeping warm in God’s arms.

  86. I do appreciate this devotion. I had a AHA moment when going through the Not a Fan bible study at my Church. Realizing I had not fully given everything to God. It was that AHA moment when I joined First Place for Health and began my journey to lose weight, and today I am 85 lbs lighter. Praise God and his AHA moments!

  87. Tamieka McGibbon says:

    This particular AHA moment, recognizing that I can’t live this Christian life in my own strength has come alive to me in the past few days. Fasting&prayer is such a struggle for me. Reading the Word, is such a struggle for me, but now I realize I’ve been trying to do all of this in my own strength. Praise God that He always bring revelation, gives us these AHA moments, makes it so plain and clear to us. This devotion, as so many P31 devotions have been for me, right on time!

  88. Love this perspective. I’m not sure I’ve totally gotten my AHA moment yet. Would love to read the book.

  89. Brittney R. says:

    I just went through a very big and challenging aha moment, more like year! It completely changed my life and my family’s. While it was painful and difficult to go through, it was so worth it to see where I was in my walk with God compared to now and where He is leading me. Thank you for this message today! It is what I needed to remember that His work in me is not finished, it has just begun with my aha moment!

  90. As an teacher, we always talk about the AHA moments with our students. When they finally “get it.” The look of accomplishment on their face is priceless. I had never considered the same thing happens with Our Heavenly Father. I know though the look is only temporary and what really matters is the change in our hearts as we refocus our lives and often make difficult decisions.

    Thank you for your words today,

  91. I’ve never had a book to reach me the way “not a fan” has done. It’s one of the most impactful books that I have ever read. So much so, that I have given the book out to numerous people. I now take my walk with Christ even more serious, and I don’t think my convictions would not be where they are had I not read your book. I desire a deeper relationship with Jesus, and I pray daily for revelation. Nothing is more important to me than pleasing God. Thank you for my precursor AHA with “not a fan.” I’m sure AHA will be a blessing to many. May God continue to abide in your spirit, your works, and contnue to use you as a vessel to bless others; and it shall be ALL for His Glory.

    Blessings Beyond Measure,

  92. I love how action is encompassed in AHA. There are times when I know what is right but no action means I didn’t follow through and really have it set in my mind. I would love read this upcoming book and figure out why the action piece seems to be a sticking point for me.

  93. Just last night I was offered an opportunity to completely change my career. I went to bed last night praying for guidance and woke up this morning still praying. Is this my AHA moment? I’m still praying for clarity and discernment. The sentence, “We become aware of our present circumstances and the reality that something must change” grabbed my attention. Thank you.

  94. Tina M. Voelker says:

    Great post! So true of this earthly journey! Praise God for the AHA moments!

  95. Peace Mirembe says:

    Oh God transform me into the woman you created me to be.

  96. Debra Wallace says:

    I loved this post. It shows great insight to how God works in our lives to change us into the disciples he calls us to be if only we ready our selves. I’d love a copy of Kyle’s new book. Having just finished gods at war and then Not a Fan last year, I am excited to see how God is working through Kyle to teach His truths.

  97. Melissa E says:

    I’m learning that it’s important to “reflect” on past AHA moments to continue on the journey. Psalm 143:5 says “I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands.” Faith is increased by rehearing Gods word. It has become important to me to journal the things that The Lord is doing in my life. I find that when I’m in a “valley” season, these AHA moments that I’ve journaled become sweet little stepping stones that lead me to my Father once again.

  98. Brenda Gupton says:

    AHA – we all need this in our lives to help us walk constantly and steadily with our Lord. I certainly did. One of my goals for 2014 is to become closer to my Lord and Savior and to be a prayer warrior for my hubby — a teacher and a minister. This book would be inspiring for us both. Thank you Lord for working through Kyle with Your Words.

  99. Thank you for your insight and hope we have in realizing who we are in Christ! Relevant to today, with the spiritual focus. I look forward to more devotionals from Kyle.

  100. Sandy Wideman says:

    Praise God for the Word He has given Kyle! This book is going to speak to so many of us who are looking for help in this sensitive area of our lives. I am praying that the lives of many women in our church will be transformed by God as He speaks to them through AHA!

  101. Thank you for the reminder that we do need all 3 steps, it was great to hear from one of the teams husband. God bless.

    • Kyle is one of the most talented ministers I have ever heard and I am 77 years old. Thanks Kyle for your love for The Lord and your willings to share it with others. Chet

  102. Celia Holder says:

    Thank you for that AHA today. Blessings.

  103. Vivian Neal says:

    I would greatly enjoy receiving a copy of your new book. I have had more than one “AHA” moment in my life where God reached down and got my attention in a huge way. The way He does these things never ceases to amaze me.

  104. Debi Torres says:

    Thank you so much for this message. I have never read one of Kyle’s books and would live to read this one! Thank you for the opportunity to win one. God bless you all!

  105. Thank you Kyle for your message today! I’m looking for that “AHA” moment to happen in my walk with the LORD! Your message was very encouraging and came at a time in ny life where I’m doing all I can to have a closer walk with GOD! Your message has shown me what direction I truly need to go! So once again, thank you and GOD bless you in all you do!

  106. My New Year’s resolution – one day at a time – seek ye First the Kingdom of God — and
    how wonderfully God is fulfilling that effort — I find He is meeting me every morning with words
    of encouragement and instruction and affirmation — so today, AHA!

  107. This is the truth that got my attention this morning: “You realize you’ve been trying to live out the Christian life from your own power and strength rather than out of the power of the Holy Spirit.” God has done some things that have truly captured my attention and I am in the process of discerning what it is He would have me do. What this has lead me to do is spend so much of my day in an ongoing dialogue with my heavenly Father. I tell Him everything – even though He already knows it all. The only time I find peace and comfort is when I am listening to what He is telling me.

  108. Isn’t it funny how you will have an AHA moment and really listen and follow through, yet sometimes fall back into your old ways? I am so thankful God doesn’t give up and continues to pull us to Him.

  109. AAA Awaken, Admit, and Act. Isn’t life made up of several of these moments that keep us moving closer to God?

  110. I believe this book will be a blessing to Christian men and women everywhere! I also pray that it leads unbelievers to Christ and the Truth.

  111. Vicki Hill says:

    I so dearly love Proverbs 31! You have no idea how much this site ministers to me. As many have stated prior to my comment, this was a needed message. I needed an AHA moment this morning. This devotion broke it down for me. I have been in a backsliden (is that a word?) state for a minute (well longer than a minute). I have stepped back from my church( a place that I have called home for over 7 years, a place that I was being fed and growing in many ways),but due to unpleasant encounters with members & ‘policies’ I removed myself & my family. I thought that continuing my daily devotions, reading on my own, and attending a conference here in there would suffice- but I hunger for so much more! I would love to read more of this book! Thanks again Proverbs 31 & Mr. Kyle Idleman!

  112. Looking forward to this book.

  113. Lisa Cullen says:

    Wow – I have been wanting an Aha moment for quite sometime! I keep praying but something seems missing. This book might just help!

  114. Thanks for this post…I needed to hear this today.

  115. What a great way to start today. We have talked many times at work about AH A moments but i have never thought about them in my relationshio with Christ. It is so freeing when you have those moments in your life when it all makes sense even if only a short period of time. It was a wonderful time in my life when i finally got past trying to be good enough. I am a child of THE KING. Thank you for a great way to start the day.

  116. Thank you for this post. I needed to see it today.

  117. Margie Filer says:

    I needed this this morning. Thank you.

  118. Nancy McKenzie says:

    What a great article. My prayer is that I have MANY AHA moments throughout my day. I want to live my life in a way that reflects Jesus. Thank you for a wonderful article .

  119. I’m so thankful I stopped by today! Thanks for your insights, Kyle. Will be praying about what you shared today.

  120. A common thread for me lately is relying on God’s Spirit versus my own power… good reminder to rely on and ask God for His power to reign. “I must decrease, He must increase.” John 3:30.

  121. Leigh Anne Hutto says:

    I had a HUGE “Aha!” moment in August 2013. There are still small ones daily, but oh how perfect God’s loving reminder of who we are in Him!

  122. This book sounds interesting. I would love to have a copy.

  123. GREAT POST!!! I have recently experienced an AHA moment and dealt with all three ingredients. Taking step 2 and 3 were the hardest, but I can feel such peace now that I have taken action. God is awesome and so patient, which I am thankful for that!! Thanks again for the message today and have a blessed day!

  124. Great insight!

  125. Beverly Skiles says:

    Wow– I like that- My AHA moments are usually short lived due to lack or longevity of the Action portion. I would love a book. Thanks for the wonderful words this morning.

  126. Ladies remember as you are reaching for God reach down and grab a friend to pull along some one out there needs IT.

  127. I know God affirms AHA moments in our lives, this message is one of encouragement to me. We have a living God who knows that we need daily reminding of His love, His calling, and His power to deliver us. Thank you for your gift to express that love!

  128. Luanne Foster says:

    As an alumni of Ozark Christian College, it is great to see Kyle on proverbs 31 ministries blog! Blessings to you, Kyle, and your family!

  129. Seems like action is a recurring theme this year in God’s plan. Great post!

  130. This devotion spoke to me almost audibly, as the voice of God. I read this and have action to take today in some areas of my life. This was the missing component. Thank you, Kyle.

  131. Thank you. I’d like a copy of the book!

  132. Missy Clendaniel says:

    Thanks for this great post. Just what I needed to hear this morning.

  133. AHA moments – Yes I need to transform many parts of my life. I decided upon the first area to focus and that is Letting Go of the negativity that drains my spirit and pulls me away from the Lord. Let Go. Thank you Kyle

  134. I’m interested in hearing the story behind this. ..Thank you!

  135. Lord, I will take the action steps that You give me. I have the items that need to be discussed and the answer has been “no” each time. Prepare the way for my conversation this time. Let it go exactly according to Your plan. Let me speak Your words and not my own and to fully trust the outcome. Amen!

  136. Good, positive and thought provoking. I am looking forward to his new book

  137. It’s so true how we can have many AHA moments in life. However, if we don’t experience the final follow through and ACT on the awakening moment we miss God’s invitation. Having known God my whole life, it wasn’t until my husband was somewhere amidst the rubble of the earthquake in Haiti that I fell on my knees and begged Him to hear my plea to bring him safely home. I have since fully committed my life to Christ and praise God every day for His mercy and love.

    How to Enjoy Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind – Christian Relationships, Marriage, Husband & Wife

    Sent from my iPad

  138. Lisa Myers says:

    Love this! So true…all three AHA elements need to be present for true change.
    I also love Not A Fan!

  139. We are doing a study of Stovall weems’ AWAKENING right now, and this post is great reinforcement of that! Thank you…very timely for me! I would love a copy of the new book!

  140. Wow! While reading this devotional, I actually experienced an AHA moment! It is suddenly absolutely clear as to the action I need to take in an area of my life I have been struggling with. It wont be easy, but with faith in our heavenly father, I know I will have the strength and resolve to make the changes necessary.

  141. Great post today! Sounds like this will be a great book!

  142. Claudeswife says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I am so grateful to you for sharing from your heart what the LORD has placed in it! There are so many women, like myself, that feel we need an AHA moment and are crying out to God for His personal touch. Thank you again! Blessings to you!

  143. I have been praying for my father for many years. He has started attending a Bible Study that is making him ask questions, but his heart is very hard. I would love to give him a copy of this book.

  144. Thank you for this, It coinsides with my fasting devotional. I think God is trying to tell me something… AHA!!!

  145. kyra gause says:

    I just experienced a God filled AHA when I was reading yesterday’s devotion. I realized that I was asking God for something but my actions were not trusting God to provide. So, on yesterday, I changed my actions. God’s results were better than the results I was getting from my own strength.

  146. Thank you for this post today. I have felt God speaking to my heart, by have resisted the “honesty” piece. I now realize to really make a change and take action – I am going to have to listedn and be honest with myself and God. This is not going to be an easy journey – but I know God will give me the strength. Thank you once again.

  147. AHA-so simple yet so profound. I would like to read more.

  148. Brandee Lovercheck says:

    I am so thankful for the way the Holy Spirit awakens us with fresh perspective. Thank you for the reminder that the gains are ours if we chose to respond.

  149. This just makes so much sense and helped me to see another part of this lesson that I have missed for years. I love the way God teaches us so much with such simple lessons. And I am so thankful for those that study and share their insight into God’s word. Thank you for this devotion and for helping me understand a little more today than I did yesterday.

  150. Thank you so much for this devotional, it is timely. I love when God’s message is so clear, without confusion. And the story of the prodigal becomes new every time I read it. Powerful redeeming truth!

  151. Heather P. says:

    AHA moments are necessary and crucial for taking our focus off of ourselves, and placing it on Him where it belongs. I thought mine was brutal at the time — “sharper than any two edge sword…separating marrow from bone…” — but over a year later, I am aeons from the person I was and so much happier for going through it. I believe these AHA moments are extremely important in building our faith!

  152. Thank you so much for the post today. I have had AHA moments before but I didn’t sustain the action. I would love to read more about those moments and how to continue to use them in my life. Thanks again!

  153. A beautiful reminder of how our strength can never match that of the Holy Spirit. I struggle with this truth often. Today’s devotion was a gracious reminder of God’s unfailing and unending love for all of us.

  154. Thanks for this devotion this morning… Can’t wait to read your new book! : )

  155. Rachel Behr says:

    Thank you so much for your post! It spoke directly into our family’s life for this moment. So thankful for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

  156. Janine Monize says:

    Thank you for your post. I’m looking forward to reading your new book not A Fan was one of my favorites and I bought the teen version for my children. Thank you for sharing the wisdom Gid gave you

  157. Another Conformation from God. Would love to have a copy of this book to start off a new year.

  158. I’m a teacher so the simple acronym appeals to me. I pray that I will not shy away from that AHA moment. My prayer is that my two older children will have that AHA moment so that they walk in resotred fellowship with God. I’m going to send this devotion to them.Thank you for sharing.

  159. Five years ago I had a huge AHA moment! It actually lasted a week and has been a pivotal point in my life. Thank you for taking me back to that moment. I need to remember that moment with the amazement I had at the time! Thanks for the reminder.

  160. Sarah Parker says:

    Great truth! The AHA moment can apply to so many areas of our lives. And as Kyle states, each part is important. I know I often struggle with the “action” part of the equation in some areas of my life and the “honesty” portion of others. thank you for putting them all together in such a clear way.

  161. We have Not a Fan in our church library–I need to read it. I wouldn’t mind having my own copy though!

  162. Wow, this was not the typical devotion I expected this morning! And last night when I was watching TV, the speaker was discussing the Prodigal son as well. I think God is creating some AHA awakening I need to give some much needed attention to. Let the Awakening, Honesty and Action begin!

  163. Great devotion today! I look forward to reading Kyle’s book.

  164. Sonya Wiley says:

    So thankful for this ON TIME post this morning. I have become relaxed and down right lazy when it comes to my commitment and time with The Lord. I started this morning first with my knees on the floor… then open my emails to find this great article. I love it when God speaks to me thru the small things such as this post or a song.
    I would love to be a winner of one of the “AHA” books!

  165. Great post! I’d love to win a copy of Kyles new book and continue reading what God has placed on his heart! 🙂

  166. I’ve worked with a secular company in the past that uses two components of the AHA (awareness and action) in order to drive material success. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on the AHA for God’s glory.
    God’s glory . my good . Marcy Hancock

  167. I work in a pro-life pregnancy clinic as a Sonographer and counselor and this is such a good devotion to sum up what we try to portray to clients on how to take control of their faith; and best of all a great reminder to myself of areas I can grow by taking more action too!! Looking forward to this book.

  168. It seems incredible that this message came through today. I had just been lying in bed this a.m. thinking about my prodigal daughter and the 11 years to date that she has been in the wilderness. The heartbreak is enormous, but we continue to pray for her return to the family, His Protection, Wisdom, Courage and Peace for her. I don’t personally know anyone else who would need an AHA moment more than she right now. Peace and grace to all.

  169. Thank you for this devotional. I have been in a “rut” since my mom passed. Can’t seem to find my place since. I need an AHA moment.

  170. Darlene Singleton says:

    This message reminded me that this is a great time for change — making it a Transformation Tuesday and an AHA day!

  171. Barbara…..I will pray for you and your daughter. Would love a AHA book. Encouraged by post.

  172. I am praying for that AHA moment! I pray that I can truly hear God’s voice, be honest about myself and then immediately act. I can’t wait to see the results!

  173. This devotion truly resonates with me and am thankful for having received it. I grew up in a religious household but felt many of the “rules” were too structured. I fell away from the Lord for many years. During my cancer treatments I kept waiting for the AHA moment, wanting to reconnect to the Lord, but it didn’t happen. Shortly after my last treatment I had a bike accident and it was then, when I felt alone and lost, that I was struck by my AHA moment, like lightening hitting a tree. I was instantly transformed and renewed. I am so thankful God didn’t give up on me; His persistence and love has generated a new me living in Christ. This devotion reaffirms that it is when we least expect it that our AHA moments will captivate our hearts and souls. I love hearing stories/devotions like these because it reinforces that we are not alone. God bless.

  174. Mark Behr says:

    This spoke directly to how I have been feeling lately. Here I am a pastor and I wrestle with even tryimg to get out of bed to spend time in God’s Word. I want so much to have that burning fire for Christ and His Word in my life, but too often like this morning I don’t have the drive to roll out of bed. There in lies the AHA moment that God is showing me again that even when I don’t feel like spending that time with Him, choosing Him makes all the difference.

  175. Awaiting, believing, and expecting my prodigal spouse’s AHA moment! The story of the prodigal son has been very close to my heart for the past year. Thank you for this devotion.

  176. Anissa Blackburn says:

    I enjoyed this devotional today ands would love a copy of his new book! Thank you

  177. Jennifer Barrett says:

    This is such a great devotional! I know I’ve had many of these moments, some I can remember clear as day and some that are hard to still pinpoint. The interesting thing is that both forms have been the spark to huge changes in my life! I’m definitely still a work in progress, so I’m excited to see what AHA moments cross my path this year!

  178. Amazing how God uses our circumstances & trials to change us & help create these AHA moments.

  179. Lora Stegner says:

    For some reason, my brain grasps and retains “bottom line” type information in the forms of “1,2,3’s” and “a,b,c’s”. Luke 15, put this way? Genius! Thank you for putting revelation to paper! 🙂

  180. Thanks for this devotion! It made so much sense for me right now!

  181. What a great devotion. Made me think about my life and praying for AHA moment.
    Thank you

  182. I loved this devotional and the reminder that God brings everything together in such perfect ways. Then I clicked to leave a comment and was pleasantly surprised to see the long list of comments. How exciting to know that I share my quiet morning moments with so many believers!

  183. Thank you for this post! Praying for many Aha moments this year!

  184. Great word, thanks

  185. For some, the journey to their AHA moment is so long and heartbreaking. Let’s listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice and avoid that heartbreaking part. Last year I read Kyle’s book about raising unselfish children and loved the advice. I would love to read his new book.

  186. Joan Litton says:

    What a wonderful devotion to start our day! So much truth! I am almost finished with Kyle Idelman’s book, Not A Fan, and I am so thankful to be finally reading it. If I had the resources, I’d buy all they had printed and hand them out quickly to everyone. Looking forward to reading Kyle Idleman’s new book, AHA. Thank you for an opportunity to win one.

  187. Much growth can come from AHA moments, if we could just avoid the pain that usually must be associated with them 😉 Great devotional time today.

  188. Beautifully written & so very true! We desire to see ourselves as we wish to be rather than as we really are which is a recipe for self-deceit. Being brutally honest & taking action with ourselves, each other & God after He awakens us…. AHA!! Great insight.

  189. Great explanation of aha moment. Thank you.

  190. This devo is perfect this morning!! We had several “aha” moments in our ladies group last night when reading “Unglued” It was wonderful too see women grasp & realize things in their life. I also recall several “Aha” moments in reading your book earlier in the year! I am so grateful for all the talented writers that are able to break it down with the word & change lives!! Thank YOU & may God continue to bless you.

  191. I think that I struggle most with the “Action” in the AHA process. I make good efforts, but fail to CONTINUOUSLY ask God for His strength in helping me to make those changes in myself. New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside long ago because I knew that I would most likely not keep them past a few days. Now I work to look UP and ask for help in those changes, versus trying to do it all myself and failing time after time. I’m a “work in progress”.

  192. Kim Hiemstra says:

    Thank you for reminding me this morning that I need to rely on His power, the Holy Spirit, not my own strength.

  193. Brilliant!!! Have had an incredible awakening recently,smothered in oodles of honesty, just need to ask God for the ability, in Him, to put into action!!
    Thank you for simplifying it into an AHA moment … So easy to remember and remain accountable to.
    Natalie 😀

  194. Great Devotional.!

  195. Kathy Bennett says:

    The first thing I do every morning is fix my coffee and head straight to the computer to read my Proverbs 31 devotion. It gets my day off to a good start. I loved this devotion !!! I’ve had so many AHA moments in my life and I wish I could say I heeded to all of them, but sadly I didn’t. One of the most wonderful things about getting older is doing something about those AHA moments when God gives them to you. The change for me was living for God and not others. It’s all about priorities, God first always, then husband, then family, etc. Thank you so much for this post. I loved it !!! God bless !!!

  196. Thank you for articulating and being used by the Holy Spirit to articulate Awakening, Honesty & Action. AHA is the perfect God-Given words to describe a ten year journey The Lord had been guiding me through…perfect timing! Thank you so much, R

  197. Love them aha moments when you just go wow yep that was God. I would love to have a copy of Kyle’s book. God bless

  198. This is such a perfect example of God’s timing! As a church staff, we were just discussing this very topic and starting a Sunday Morning Bible Study around this very topic. I would love this book to use as a resource!

  199. Such a great reminder and one of my favorite passages. I’m so grateful for a loving Father that welcomes us back ‘ over and over again!

  200. Jennie Eads says:

    What a great post! Would love a copy of your new book as I anticipate getting closer to God in 2014!!

  201. Kristin Perez says:

    Thank You Kyle for writing this! & Thank You Lord for how you speak to me from these Proverb 31 devotions!
    My AHA moment came after many trials, finally realizing
    I couldn’t fix or change my husbands addiction, health issues with my MS,
    & being broken so much through circumstances that I finally became so hungry to find him
    that I can’t get enough of his word! AHA moments are still happening
    almost daily amazing me that my eyes were so darkened that I just couldn’t see
    Proverbs 31 continues to lift me up & speak to me. I look forward to hearing more from this author
    Thank you!

  202. Thank you for sharing! Would love to read the book! :0)

  203. I am at the dawning of an AHA moment in my life. I have grown up in the church, but I’m just now realizing that it’s not about rules and following them out of duty. It’s about a relationship and following rules out of love and respect. Loved today’s post!!!

  204. I guess God still had something more for me to hear from Kyle. I am presently reading Gods at War and just finished my morning devotion, of which this book is currently a part. Proverbs 31 has wonderful female Christian writers and being one as well, I am blessed to have found this daily extension to my daily devotional reading. Finding Kyle Idleman here talking about “AHA” moments is definitely a supernatural thing! When I put my pen down after journaling my prayer, I come to my computer and there is Kyle being used of God to answer my questions. Isn’t it amazing how God speaks to us when He wants us to know something? My, my, my . . .

  205. Kyle, welcome to Proverbs 31! Thank you for your insight. AHA moments are wonderful though sometime painful. They do transform us. Thank you for helping me realize that all three parts (Awakening, Honesty, and Action) need to be present.

  206. Last night, that’s when I was humbled into reality that maybe I’m doing
    Things my way. Then,not missing a beat, God gives me your devotional at 6:30 AM.
    AHA! I get it!! Thanks Kyle.

  207. Great devotion! Thank you for taking time to write such inspiring thoughts. I have been changing some things in my life this was what I needed to hear today. Would love the book.

  208. Amanda McCord says:

    Loved this message! Cant wait for the new book. Keep up the good work!

  209. What a great devotional to read first thing when waking up this morning. I loved “Not a Fan” and cannot wait for this new book!

  210. Loved this daily devotion and would love to have the book!

  211. Mary McMillen says:

    Two outstanding AHA moments in my life: when the opportunity to attend seminary presented itself; an AHA completed in 2012. After a year of “rest and recuperation,” a second AHA to move from a bad situation, then full-time employment appearing and providing me with an income that helps me live. Gratefully, God walks with me, guiding me on this wonderful journey he provides for me. I’d enjoy reading about others AHA moments.

  212. there are some who wait too long and there is nothing left to return to. They then find that even the pigs have rushed into the sea and drowned. In short, sometimes there just is no looking back, just ask lot’s wife. We must press on toward the goal,stop wandering around the mountain in endless circles, and seek jesus chrst

  213. This devotion was so good and so true! Thanks!

  214. My AHA moment this past year was a pivotal moment in my walk with Jesus. I had always been a Christian but had never fully relied on God with ALL I had until I experienced my AHA moment. It was an incredibly trying time in my life, but I am so thankful for it otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today. Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

  215. Jacqueline Hargrove says:

    I have experienced my AHA moment just by reading this devotional. I thank you for putting in the time and effort in writing this help women such as myself. I know God used you to reach others. God Bless.

  216. Great devotion this morning. I did translate the prayer in French, in order to keep it in front of me all the time.
    Thanks and God bless you !!

  217. Excited to see he’s got a new book coming out. Can’t wait to read it! 🙂

  218. My husband and I are going through a snag in our marriage. He has finally after 6 years had that aha moment . I see it in him but he seems to be stuck and does not know how to follow through. I was praying today that he would follow through on his promises ti me. I’m not sure what’s stopping him. Reading this devotion touched my spirit and gave me hope. Looking forward to your book coming out. Wishing it was out now. Thank for the hope your book will deliver.

  219. Great devotion to start my day! The book would be a blessing!

  220. Thank you so much for this post today! 🙂

  221. Jane Brown says:

    I teach twenty-somethings. We were studying verses from Romans 1-3 this past week in a lesson opened with the question, “Do you ever want a do over?” Your AHA moment is when you realize your whole life needs a do over, and Jesus is the only one who can give it. This devo goes right along with that lesson, so I’m forwarding it to my class. Thanks!

  222. Gena Goodwin says:

    This was a great devotional this morning, and it really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing God’s word and truth.

  223. Thank you, Kyle, for your wonderful message. I experienced one of those AHA moments last year:
    Sudden Awakening – My husband’s heart stopping right in front of me and the doctor’s words: “Slim chance of survival.”
    Brutal Honesty – My husband had been my everything, even though I claimed that God was.
    Immediate Action – Kneeling before God, asking forgiveness, and recommitting my life to make Him my everything!
    God is so wonderful to take these seemingly devastating moments of our lives and bring such amazing beauty! It does change your life!

  224. This is spot on! You have to have all three for this to work. I have gone through this and I bet Kyle has too for him to know this. I thank God Kyle was given the wisdom and forum to pass it on. This is one to save and print for sure.

  225. Thank you for the AHA moment with this devotion. Great stuff, and I will be sharing this with several of my friends.

  226. What a wonderful devotional. I’ve realized how God has answered prayer recently. What an AHA moment!

  227. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for this post! I pray that my walk with God will not just be at the “head” level, but penetrate the “heart”, so that I may bask and be wrapped in His love.

  228. Kathy Hoyt says:

    That was a really great devotional! I think those AHA moments come at various times in our lives. My AHA moment came recently when I realized that I want God’s will exceeding abundantly above my own will. Now my will is to do His will. May it ever be so!

  229. Denise Bussiere says:

    I love the AHA idea…Awakening, Honest and Action. This makes perfect sense that if they are not together we do not move forward in our spiritual lives. What a great way for pray your way into maturity in Christ. I will begin this journey today. (Although I was surprised to see a man’s name and picture on a Proverbs 31 devotional, I am glad for Kyle’s words of wisdom and for the Holy Spirit’s work in his life.) Thank you Kyle for your ministry and may God richly bless you.

  230. Nathalie T says:

    Thank you Lord for reminding me that no matter how far I drift away from you, like a loving father, you always await my return. I know I can always run back to you regardless of what I’ve done or where I’ve been.

  231. Sandi MacKenzie says:

    I have had one of those AHA moments…it brought me back to Him and into a loving new family…I realize that those AHA moments probably need to happen a little more. I do not want to become complacent in my relationship with God. I have read Kyle’s other books and have been to a Leadership Conference at Southeast and heard him speak…can I say, “Thank you!” And thank you to Proverbs 31 Ministry…blessings abound from all of you!

  232. Nikki Mathews says:

    What a wonderful devotion this morning!! I would love a copy of Kyle’s book! =)

  233. First time I have read from a male author here. Needed this today with some inner changes taking place and need that awakening. Thank you.

  234. Thank you for sharing such insight & wisdom. To draw nearer to Him I need, we all need AHA moments!!! More of Him & less of me is my plea. Praise God for His mercies, grace and abundant love.

  235. Kyle, I am the parent of foster children. There are so many things about this devotion that apply in their lives! At times the struggles they have are just out of my reach. Can’t imagine what I would do with out God to show them the way home, just like the prodigal son in today’s devotion. Although many of their hurts are inflicted by poor parenting choices of biological families, so many of the children take up the path and carry unnecessary “baggage” that weighs them down. The AHA method seems like a really good tool. Would love to have the book for all of us to share!

  236. This devotional blessed me today. I loved Not A Fan, so I am excited to read AHA!

  237. Looking forward to reading this book. Waiting for my next AHA!

  238. Emily Smith says:

    Love the AHA! Very interested in reading Kyle’s book.

  239. Wonderful devotion today! Right on time for me today because God knows exactly were I am and what I need to do!!

  240. As I pray that God will soon bring my prodigal husband home, my prayer for me continues to be: “Lord, change me, refine me to be your humble servant for Your glory!”

  241. After I sat this morning and had yet ANOTHER good cry with God, stating to HIM that I just don’t get what He is all about. I said the words, “I am disappointed with the God you are and I don’t know how to accept you on your terms” I only know to try and not make you angry so you won’t allow more pain in my life. I then came in and read this devotional. I don’t know if your book is something I am to read or not, but just knew I needed to honest about where I am at right now. Thank you for being a “Man of God” it was so refreshing to see this morning!!

  242. Kimberlee says:

    How amazing that God has given us the Holy Spirit to reveal truth to us that we would never see on our own. Looking forward to reading the new book!

  243. Praying for my brother to come to his senses. Would love to send him a book.

  244. I have recently had an “Aha” moment through reading an amazing book. It is just like you say in this devotion, something that has always been true but you are just fully seeing it for the first time. I’m excited to see how God keeps confirming the “Aha”, most recently through a sermon in church that brought out the same truth. God is good! Best wishes with your new book.

  245. Thanks for this message this morning. Not A Fan made such an impact on my husband & I. This new book looks like another tool for growth!

  246. We have been studying Kyle’s Not a fan series with our youth group and I am captivated by his deep connection to our Heavenly Father! I would love a copy of his new book to pursue my own A HA!

  247. This devotion is exactly what I needed to here from God. We are struggling with our 20 year-old son, underage drinking and disrespect and disregard for our family home rules. He is giving lip service to awakening and action, DUI got his attention…but no truth do we hear. Thank you! Thank you! There is always hope and I am clinging to that promise.

  248. So true!! Looking forward to reading his book!

  249. This post spoke so loudly to me! Thank you, Kyle! I am praying for the three componenents to come together for my AHA moment. I would love to read your book.

  250. Jennifer Seace says:

    Totally needed to hear this devotion today! Would love to read the AHA book

  251. Cindy Winter says:

    My husband is ALWAYS talking about his “aha” moments! When facing a decision, if he doesn’t have an “aha” moment, he oftentimes doesn’t feel that the Holy Spirit is leading him in that direction. I have really come to appreciate that logic and have been asking the Holy Spirit raise his voice a little to me when I’m feeling particularly thick and may not hear his “still, small voice”. Thank you for sharing this truth with us and thank you for your teachings.

  252. Bridget Penley says:

    Great post today! I recently had my aha moment and realized God was trying to work in my life but I had barriers that I needed to let go.

  253. Arianne Peterson says:

    May those here with children astray from the flock of our Lord be brought home by their loving shepherd, may that awakening happen for them in the Lord’s perfect timing. In the name of Jesus – Amen! Law and gospel, as my pastor says, without the law we make the gospel weak and without the gospel we lose Christ. The law cuts the soul and divides the heart to know truth. Praise the Lord for His tender mercies when he wakes us up! I have had AHA moments, part of always learning and growing. As the body of Christ I hope we all keep growing and advancing the Kingdom of the Lord God Almighty here on this earth. Blessings to all

  254. I had an AHA moment reading your AHA moments! Thanks! God Bless!!!

  255. Not A Fan was my AHA moment. Looking forward to the release of
    Your new book.

  256. Not many years agoI experienced an AHA moment ~ what a life changing moment! I also look forward to reading this book.

  257. This was an AHA moment in itself! Thank you!

  258. I have been thinking on this as a parent from the Fathers point of view. It was something to pull this up this morning as it sort of brought it all together. I sometimes think this story is as much about the Father (or parents) as much as the son. So much has been running through my mind. Thanks for this, helps us in every day life so much. God bless you!

  259. Thank you for the post and the reminder to do something positive when God is calling my attention. God loves me so much that He pursues me in my foolishness. I’ve had many AHA moments, and it’s been when what I’ve been doing His work in my strength and God disciplines me. It usually hurts and I’m resistant. But when it becomes apparent I’m pursuing things of this world instead of heavenly things the light bulb goes off !

  260. Really needed to read this today. Struggling with letting go and giving it all to God. Looking forward to reading this book.

  261. I loved the part about the ingredients of a true Aha moment. It is the action part that I struggle with.

  262. Sheila Copeland says:

    Great devotional… looking forward to reading the book!

  263. Tracy Schrimpf says:

    Wow…this describes what I have been experiencing in my life the past 2 1/2 years. I can’t wait to read this book!

  264. cindy joyner says:

    AHA moments
    1. A Sudden Awakening
    2. Brutal Honesty
    3. Immediate Action
    I think in the life of the believer or maybe just me, we enjoy the sudden awakening, we know the Lord is speaking. Brutal Honesty, not so much because we have to take a hard look at ourselves which would or should lead to Immediate Action. It seems as if we/I wane after hearing from the Lord because that is enough for the time. How we miss his blessing by pulling up short. Can’t wait for the AHA book.

  265. I love the process that this devotional takes the reader as well as the explanation of the AHA process, it’s inspirational as I am working on my first devotional book for publication. Thank you for sharing a man’s writing. Although one of the main reasons I subscribe to Proverbs31 daily devotionals is because it’s lead by women, by women, for women, I really loved reading a man’s perspective too! Thank you!

  266. Praise be to God for AHA moments! Thanks for your post and I look forward to your book.

  267. I like This. Seems like those AHA moments came more as an early Christian for me. What a great reminder to wake up and
    live in the present.

  268. Maria Ulloa says:

    I had a “I’m not believing you much anymore” moment with God last night. I was upset with God. I talked to someone while everyone else was sleeping and she re-directed me to God-I still was upset. “I want what I want, Lord, and you are not giving it to me!” The young lady called me a “brat”-boy was she right! Today, I just asked God to speak to me and I read this devotional. I didn’t realize how many AHa moments I’ve had that ended up with a lower “a” because of the lack of action. What I really want is to have the full AHA and experience God all the way! For the first time I felt like the prodigal son when he awakes from his selfish ways. I am thankful for your devotional this morning for it helped realized what my AHa moment is lacking .


  269. Thank you for the great reminder this morning of those moments.

  270. Kristen Schults says:

    Kyle, thanks so much for your post today. Reading it triggered a true AHA moment for me. I’m struggling to determine the direction of my next career move and our faithful Savior used your words to open my eyes. Thank you for allowing God to use your gifts to help others! 🙂 Cant wait to read your book when it comes out. Have a great day!

  271. Excellent writing! Just what I needed to hear and read today. So thankful that God sent this email to me. It will passed on to many others.
    Thank you for the desire to reach and help others.

  272. Dianna Crass says:

    My AHA moment was when I thought God needed me but in truth I needed Him. What a Savior!

  273. AHA…a great way to help me remember!

  274. What a wonderful reminder of His unconditional love for us. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart and His desire with us today.

  275. I really enjoyed reading this, it makes a lot of sense. I also loved the prayer at the end. Thank you for helping me to start my day on the right foot.

  276. Cathy McCoy says:

    Wow! Never thought of this story from this perspective. Wonder how many AHA moments I’ve missed. So sad to think that. Would love to read the book as soon as possible.

  277. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. Labeling these moments as AHA moments is perfectly fitting. And I am so thankful for them. May the Lord bless us with more to bring us closer to Him!

  278. gods at war and not a fan were both excellent sources of many AHA moments for me. I look forward to this one a well. May you all be blessed and I appreciate Kyle Idleman to continue to bless us with great literature that inspires us to live our life to the fullest for God.

  279. Along with the “power verse” I realize this suggested prayer can be sincerely prayed at any age (I am 82) with expected results. With concern all for whom are being prayed for including your self! Thanks for great reminders and new thoughts. Thanks to Kyle for meaningful writing.

  280. As a reader of Not a Fan, I was surprised to see Kyle’s name as a Proverbs 31 contributor, but also curious to see what he had written. What I read was even more reason to continue to follow Kyle’s thoughtful interpretations of the Christian life and to pursue a deeper understanding of what God is doing in my own life. Thank you!

  281. I love the AHA idea. Thanks for sharing this.

  282. Love those AHA moments but also hoping I haven’t missed too many as in “hmm maybe I should have been paying more attention to that thought, situation, etc. Like an AHA about AHA moments. 😉

  283. Such a great way of explaining it! It is so easy to be Awakened, but without the next two steps there is not a changed life. I look forward to reading this book, as well as gifting copies!

  284. I think many of us have had “AHA” moments and sometimes we don’t really realize that we have had them. My recent one was in church one Sunday morning leading up to Christmas. Thank you for an inspirational message in today’s devotional.

  285. Krista Ransin says:

    Needed to hear this

  286. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  287. Mindi Gaut says:

    Great word! Love then alarm word picture! May many come to
    Him because of your obedience.

  288. I hope I am one of the recipients of this book. This devotional gave voice to the process that is happening to me, after a couple of “endings” in my life during Christmas. I pray all who read this blog are blessed, and moved to seek our loving Heavenly Father through Jesus, His Word made flesh.

  289. Shirley Smedley-Theiss says:

    Loved your definition of an AHA moment. Excellent. Will share with my Small Group. Thank you.

  290. Earlier this morning I spent some quiet time with God. Asking for his spirit to speak to me and reaffirming my need for guidance in my current relationship. “How do you want me to participate? I will listen.” A few minutes later, I received a text from my fiance right as I was reading this devotional today. AHA. We are going to sit down and talk later tonight. “I am weak but He is strong.”

  291. My aunt and uncle have been like parents to me, they have helped me so much and been like grandparents to me children. I was lucky enough that they watched my children as they grew up while I attended college and worked, my kids never had strangers providing daycare.
    Now my aunt is battling cancer and her husband, had a nervous breakdown and is in the same hospital for the past 11 days. He has a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ but I am unsure where my aunt stands with her salvation. I want and pray for her to have that “AHA” moment and want to see her in Heaven with my uncle- pain free and happy.
    Please pray for Peggy’s AHA moment and salvation and for myself and my children, that we have continued strength for them.

  292. Kyle I totally had an AHA moment in February 2011 – the light came on after 22 years of being deceived into believing I was born gay and that God made me this way. I had been blinded to the Truth and deceived by the enemy. Today I want so many others living that lie to have their AHA moment. I pray and wait and get pushed out of my old friends’ lives. But God revealed His Truth to me and there are many others like me who He has given that AHA moment too. Hope is alive for all those living in the bondage of homosexuality praise God!

  293. AHA sounds like a book for all people today! It is so easy for those of us living in “the land of plenty” to forget about our Heavenly Father or to place Him on the back burner until He is needed. We act as though He is some genie in a bottle whom we need only to call on when we have a wish to make. Awakening, Honesty and Action in the Father is something we all need! We must “choose you this day whom you will serve” (Joshua 24:15). This day! May Yahweh above have His will and way in all of out lives!

  294. Love this devotional! Look forward to reading the book…”Not a Fan” was page after page of AHA moments:)

  295. Brendia McCray says:

    Thanks for this blessed message. Readers, please pray that I receive the AHA moment.

  296. Lawrence Dixon says:

    AHA!!!! I love how the word of God ring so truly when delved into to truly determine what God is trying to us/me: to be awakened to action for our LORD is what motivates me to keep reading, studying and serving my LORD. Thanks, Kyle, for being a part of that motivation for me.

  297. With so few words you’ve put my many thoughts into a order I can work with. I look forward to reading your book in March Kyle. Thank you.

  298. Thank you for this devotional today (and everyday), as well as the giveaway.

  299. Vida Ursic says:

    i have read his other books/i like his approach to christianity and God’s word. Solid. thank you Prv 31 for partnering and pointing us to authors who too are solid.

  300. Heather Bloss says:

    I can totally relate to your alarm tone. Sometimes I hear noises and wonder what they are before realizing my daughter has had my phone. I definitely need to work on Action. In my busy world , it’s easy to get caught up in everything and everyone else and forget that I need to slow down and see what I can do for the Lord, instead of what He can do for me. Thanks, Kyle. Oh, and I’m a follower of NOT A FAN.

  301. Great devotion…perfect timing for me! Thank you!

  302. Terena M. Richardson says:

    I would love an advanced and signed copy. Would love to go deeper and see this as an online bible study with Proverbs 31 Ministries. God bless.

  303. Tracy Wallis says:

    I am very thankful for this devotional today. Living a life filled with guilt and regrets, trying to please God on my own strength, following a list of dos and don’ts – it’s totally not working for me any more! Thank you for being part of my AHA moment/day/year!

  304. I just love hearing Kyle speak, teach and talk. He has been given such a great blessings of the gift of utterance to help us to understand God’s Word, thereby allowing the Holy Spirit to give those needed AHA moments in our lives. I would love nothing better than to receive this book, as I have most of his documentaries and love his teaching. I use them in my Bible Study classes. I was shocked but so pleased to see him here in this devotional. Love it! Love him! He is a keeper! Carolyn Wuebbles

  305. What a great word today! Thanks!

  306. I have a prodical son who came out of the closet in 10th grade and praying that God will turn him back around and bring him back to the fold. That was a big AHA time and am still working on it. I just wanted to comment and ask for prayer…thanks for listening.

  307. I love the analogy for AHA! Awakening, Honesty and Action. I am planning on sharing this with others. Thank you for the work that you are doing for God! May He bless you and your family for it!!

  308. Soooo very glad to get this devo !!!! I’m choosing mindfulness as my AHA! So many times I feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart, but I never pay attention to the alarm! Now I will be very mindful of those 3 steps. Thank you for this blessing!

  309. Need help with the action parts of my AHA…

  310. In one way or another we are all prodigals, in need of his constant forgiveness and never ending love. I’m thankful of the the reminder in this parable that His love never fails. Lord, help us all turn towards home today, where you are waiting.

  311. My first reaction to this post, its a man…lol. He is right on point. I think he wrote it from my experience in the last 1.5 years. The Lord is good. This is exacting how I feel like the whole trial has been one huge AHA moment for me. A huge awakening for me. It’s like the Lord has had His arms wrapped around me the entire time! Thanks for sharing an encourging devotion, it has blessed me.

  312. What a blessing your devotions are to me! Thank you so much for your ministry!

  313. Thank you for your insightful reminder.

  314. I enjoyed this article is much. I too, need to work on the “action”! Can’t wait to read your new book!

  315. Julie Harrist says:

    Thanks for sharing this truth. It blessed my heart! I needed to hear this. Seems like this story is being shared with me over and over again lately – guess God is trying to tell me something. I appreciate your being a vessel wholly used by Him!

  316. Christy Kinne says:

    God moments can often seem insignificant at the time. The awareness that this sudden awakening can be a choice point that changes direction, perspective, actions, the heart and the willingness to do steps two and three’ knowing God is present every step of the way quickens my soul. Thank you for clearly relaying this in your devotion.

  317. Thank you Lord, for this AHA moment!

  318. AHA!

  319. Thank you for sharing this today. I needed to hear the components as I think God has been trying to get my attention for a while but I keep missing the action part. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to me what action I should take. May God bless you.

  320. Fitting words and definitely something to meditate and pray on this cold Tuesday morning. Thank you.

  321. Thank you for this post this morning. I can hear God loudly speaking to me through this. I have been struggling with changes in my life. I had an AHA moment that was very short lived because of my fear;ultimately my lack of trust in God. This morning I felt God nudging to awake early and to watch my church’s sermon online. The series my church has just started is called “I kissed religion goodbye” The first week my pastor talked all about our trust in God and what may be holding us back from turning our face (heart) to God and away from the other gods in our lives that want to trip us up. It was during this sermon I realized that fear is what keeps me from fully giving my heart to God. After watching online I decided to check my emails, that’s when I saw the daily devotion email from proverbs 31. After reading this I am completely convicted. I clearly see now how much God wants me, how much he desires my heart my devotion to Him. So here I sit with a choice. The choice to continue living in my fear or to finally give in to my AHA moment with complete trust in God. I want the change that God is attempting to bring into my life. Please pray for me as I continue to seek God and to desire Him in all aspects of my life. Fully responding to my AHA moment will bring tension into my marriage but I feel Gods prescence letting me know He is here, He has gone before me and He knows how this will end up. I can only trust that as I keep responding to Him, my marriage will be blessed in a way I never thought possible. Thank you again for this devotion. It has given me a renewed hope.

  322. Great post! Thanks!

  323. Emily Culberson says:

    I had never thought about it before, but I can see how God uses each part of the AHA to bring about lasting change. Any major change I can think about it my life where my perspective was completely changed and my heart was set free included each of these components. How awesome is our God!

  324. Erica Redmon says:

    Thank you for this post! This has always been a struggle in my life….the ALARM! I want to do things for God daily, but really have a hard time getting up. This effects many areas of my life & I’m so TIRED of it!! Would love a copy of this; )
    Maybe this book would help me also with this AWAKENING!! Thank you♥

  325. I love the acronym for AHA, especially the point Kyle makes that you can’t have an AHA moment without action.

  326. Today – this post touch my heart and the need to share it with a dear Christian friend who has lost his way. Thank you for my AHA moment. I pray it will help to open his eyes even more clearly to see the need to return to His Father!
    Thanks so much for sharing this today.

  327. Needing an AHA call from God. Praying that I will be honest and take ACTION!

  328. I never win anything 🙂 but I had to comment anyway. Great post and analogy. I’ve had the AHA moments, the AH moments too. Very relatable post. Thank you!

  329. As a writer that’s newer to the blogosphere, I really enjoyed this perspective. It’s a great message that’s clean and well thought out. We can all be reminded of how we should examine our own lives and trust that the Lord is always willing to take us back into His arms, no matter where we have been! Many blessings!

  330. Becky Freeman says:

    I loved the horse stampeding alarm, I can only imagine the surprise! Aha! I use the harp myself. I loved the analogy of how God gets our attention! He is perfect in all His ways and go how I love Him!

  331. Thankful for the intimate moments with Jesus where I can be awakened to any AHA moments He has for me. Thankful for these devotionals every morning as I walk more intimately with Him.

  332. I really enjoyed today’s devotion! I’m looking forward to reading more from Kyle.

  333. My 19 year old grandson is going through the prodigal son experience and is just beginning to round the bend of a possible AHA moment. This was an encouraging message to read today.

  334. Today’s posting was such a blessing to me. Just as Kyle’s 2 previous books were a blessing to me as well. Not a Fan & Gods At War. What eye-opening books that have helped me change things in my life that I didn’t even realize needed to be changed. I can’t wait to read his new book. Kyle has an insight that speaks to me like no other author has. Thank you Kyle for your works. They are truly inspiring!

  335. Thank you God for never leaving us or forsaking us. Thank you for letting your Holy Spirit guide us to our AHA moment!

  336. Brad Hirsch says:

    I always look forward to these daily devotions. I’ve shared them on my timeline and many have found them to be helpful and thought provoking. Thank you for your work. Today’s was “alarming” in a good and helpful way.

  337. Thank you for the easy to embrace acronym of AHA. No matter how close I snuggle in to my walk with Jesus, there are always new areas to relenquish to His way. I will remember these three steps and keep moving forward. Thank you for the post today. 🙂

  338. I am waiting on a prodigal son to return. God gave a promise several years ago when reading a devotion that about the prodigal son that He’d bring him back to the faith. Thank you Proverbs 31 and Kyle Idleman for reminding me that God is not finished yet with my son or with me.

  339. Jennifer True says:

    Just went through The Christmas Experience ( not sure of the actual name) by Kyle Idleman. It was so good. Looking forward to this new book.

  340. sheila d staves says:

    Praying for all the prodigals in our live to experience their AHA moments soon.

  341. Thanks for the post and encouragement! Love the story of the Prodigal Son and his brother. I would love a copy of Kyle’s new book!

  342. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this post. It is always a good reminder to know that we can turn back towards God at any moment and he will lovingly take us in.

  343. Would love to read that book!

  344. Lucinda Elliott says:

    Thanks for this post. How much I needed to read this today. I just started the book, Lord Change Me. This post just reiterated exactly what the introduction of the book was. I know God is reaching out to me. Love seeing how God uses so many different things to remind me he is here with me and part of everything!

  345. Mr. Idleman, Thant you for the devotion on The God Moment. Brutal honesty, or just plain getting caught in your sin, can change your life forever. It can either lead you to turn towards Him or continue the lie. God gives us the opportunity to turn and if we choose we can truly see His mercy. My husband showed me this mercy and I have never ever seen Jesus more clearly when he had every right to not forgive me of the things I had done to him. Not my finest moment but one that led me to repentance.

  346. Carolyn Farthing says:

    Praying that this day I will have an AHA moment. Thanks for sharing experiences a.

  347. Thank you for this devotion! It is a great reminder and blessing of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

  348. I love this and it’s so timely! I’ve committed to trying to be more intentional about my spiritual life, especially with my children. How are they going to grow to love Jesus if they don’t see concrete ways that I love Him? When my 3 year old got upset because I didn’t want to read her devotional one night (eek!) that was my AHA moment. Now I commit to making it a routine with her even if it isn’t “convenient” for me. This book sounds so challenging and I loved Not a Fan.

  349. All I can say is “wow, I’m not alone” thank you.

  350. lazendta hairston says:

    This truly spoke to where I find myself at this moment. I can’t wait to read this new book. My class at church is reading Not a Fan now and itis truly making me view things differently.

  351. It never fails…. just when I really need to get my mind straight God sends me a word that hits me square in the head!! AHA is just what I needed at the very time I was reading Encouragement for Today! Thank you for your message.

  352. Thankful to hear this today

  353. julie barrow says:

    Thanks for the clear and insightful devotional. Perfect for the New Year and establishing the type of changes that reunite us with our loving and merciful Father and glorify Him as we live through Him and for Him.

  354. I am relatively new to Proverbs 31 and this is the first I have read kyles work. AWESOME! I loved the “AHA Prayer” for the simplicity, yet very impactful message. I will be praying it every day. Thank you!

  355. Myrna Gilbertson says:

    Thank you for this devotional this morning. It is just what I needed to read as this year my goal is to draw closer to God and be his feet in this rural area in which I live.

  356. Your devotion today resonated with me immensely.
    “You realize you’ve been trying to live out the Christian life from your own power and strength rather than out of the power of the Holy Spirit.
    You realize you weren’t actually following Jesus; you were just following a list of rules and rituals.
    You realize you spent so much of your life wrestling with guilt and shame, because you thought being good enough would save you.
    And then suddenly you realize a truth. That truth has always been true, but for some reason, you just didn’t see it before.”
    This past year has been such a spiritual awakening for me like never before. Though I have believed myself to be a person of faith, I did not realize how much I relied on works in my life. I had my AHA moment a few months ago, and now live by not only faith, but with much more gratitude, humbleness, and appreciation for the love, grace, and mercy that the Lord has for each one of us. I now find myself living with more joy, less guilt, and feeling closer to God than before.
    Thank you for putting into words and an acronym that has helped me realize that this past year has been an AHA experience for me.

  357. Kyle’s book sounds very interesting and I’m sure it will be a blessing. I love that simple acronym, AHA!

  358. Tamika H. says:

    Amazing post today! Absolutely what I needed to start my morning. As my pastor stated at church Sunday, we have to trust the God of the process! No matter what it looks like.

    I’ve received my AHA moment, now it’s time to act. Amen!

    • My AHA moments come in all shapes & sizes….but as I began reading this morning, I couldn’t stop. And by the time I had finished, God’s presence had enveloped me with a beautiful AHA moment. My prayer today is for God to continue to nudge me, awaken me & keep me ever mindful of the decision I have made to place Him first & foremost in all the decisions of my life. With tears in my eyes & my heart I thank you – God bless you for sharing such a blessing with me today. Mary Ann

  359. In reading this devotional today it brought back the AHA moment I had a few months ago. When I realized I was running away from God but he was there all the time pulling me back to Him. The best thing was realizing He was waiting with His arms wide open with love and forgiveness. I feel I lived through the story of the Prodigal Son and I know what that boy felt as his father’s arms wrapped him in love and forgiveness. There is no better feeling in the world.

  360. Karen Walton says:

    A fantastic devotion and right at the beginning of the year. I can’t wait to share at work.

  361. I too have had many AHA moments in my life – I will be passing this devotional on to one of my children – as I often do. I have a son looking at near future jail time – for him AHA comes when the trouble is caught and then goes in between. He has been an addict for many years and the law is not tolerating his behavior anymore – I continually ask God to give hime the strength to change/AHA – praying God will one day. Thank you for your devotional.

  362. Thank you for this! God has never left our family as we wait for our son to see his need for this to occur in his life. God is so faithful….filling me with continued hope as we wait on His timing.

  363. This was manna in the morning for me. Thank you very much.

  364. Kyle must have been with me last Friday when I finally made that fully honest confession to my dear friend and to God. This was so cathartic and a such relief. I have always worked in the church and Love God, but I have not let God be the real center of my life. I need to stop ” proving my capabilities ” to others and work with God to see exactly where He is calling me, then I can move forward in that direction. I can’t wait to read this book.

  365. Lisa Archer Auvil says:

    Our flesh and blood may cause us to have several AHA moments, coming to our senses and back to our Father during our lifetime. No matter; that loving Father will take us under His wing each time and love us as if we never waivered from the path. Remember, He is not the one who moved. He is always waiting for us, drawing us back to Him.

  366. This is one of those devotions that cuts right to the heart. Thank you!

  367. Every word rang true in today’s devotion. All of the steps are available if we submit to Jesus.

  368. I really like the explanation on an AHA experience. I would like a copy of the book.

  369. Only when we begin to see that praying for a change in circumstances can only start with praying for a change in our own hearts will we realize an AHA moment. Most of the time we are so blinded by what we think others must do to have change occur that we forget we need to start within first.

  370. Great devotion. Would love to see a opt of the new book regarding more about AHA.

  371. Very thought provoking devotion. Love those God-given moments that change everything!

  372. Tamara Moore says:

    I am still thinking about this devotional, and loving it. In 2013, I was in a place of sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness, hopelessness, etc. God has been speaking to me and I admit that I have been lukewarm in my relationship with Him. I am so thankful that He is a gracious and merciful God. I am looking forward to see how God will transform my AHA moment into a Breakthrough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  373. Brenda Yohman says:

    Thank you for your post this morning, what a great New way to look at an AHA moment. I will certainly apply this to my thinking with New excitment from here on.
    Stay Well,

  374. I hope for some AHA moments in 2014. Would love to read the book.

  375. Thank you for this. I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch me with an AHA moment and get me out of my own way!

  376. Stephanie says:

    Great morning devotion 🙂

  377. Dana Sutterfield says:

    AHA = PEACE!

  378. Very good devotional today. Thanks Kyle and thanks p31 for being a blessing to me. Love you guys.

  379. Spoke right to my heart today. Thanks!

  380. Julie Daley says:

    Love the AHA moment synopsis. I need to work on the Action, so I am just in the AH moment. Thank you for an inspirational devotion. Would love a copy of your new book.

  381. marge michulsky says:

    this sounds like an excellent inspirational and motivating book. what a great way to start the new year.

  382. The next best thing to experiencing your own aha moment, is watching someone else experience their’s. So glad I read this today

  383. Great insight! Thank you! And thank you for th chance to win the book!

  384. Read this article this morning while struggling with concern for my hockey playing son’s salvation. Playing junior hockey, trying to get a college scholarship,he is now sidelined with a concussion .I keep telling him God wants to get his soul straightened out before everything else.. please pray for him & our family…

  385. Thank you so much for this devotion this morning…it was a much needed read for me…

  386. Thanks for this!

  387. Yes, I had that AHA moment when I turned 40. I had been divorced and was then remarried. We weren’t in church even though I had been raised in church and had been saved. The moment I realized I needed a relationship with Christ I knew that if I didn’t take that opportunity and turn my life over to him then I would not have another chance. I did start going back to church and my husband started going with me and was saved. Now we both have a relationship with Christ and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

  388. This is an excellent devotional, and I really like the acronym (is that right?) for AHA! I’d love to read this book as well.

  389. Jeanne Vanetta says:

    Enjoyed the post! I feel like I am in the middle of my AHA moment and was struggling with the action part. This post was helpful and the book sounds great!

  390. jen subra says:

    Interesting thought that each of needs our own ‘decibel’ for God to get our attention and make changes in our lives. I would enjoy reading Kyle’s book!

  391. Thank you for all your devotions. I use them to start my day.

  392. So thankful that no matter how we are lost, we are loved. Can’t wait for this new book.

  393. Kristin Faure says:

    As a teacher I love aha moments, they are inspiring and uplifting! I thank the LORD that he is patient with me when my aha moments are detained. Can’t wait to read this book!

  394. Thank you so much for reminding me that God is forgiving and merciful. I had a major AHA moment almost 4 years ago and I am still working on keeping my life focused on The Lord. The good Lord above has given me another chance on life and I need to remind myself that every time I wake up. This was a wonderful devotional.

  395. Tiffany Phipps says:

    What a great devotional to read this morning! Love the acronym for AHA- awakening, honest, action!

  396. A great devotion today. I’m thankful God is so patient with His children! Looking forward to finding out more about this book.

  397. I loved the devotion this morning. I am praying that God will help me to slow down so that I can see those AHA and teachable moments He provides for me that I so often overlook. Thank you so much for providing an awesome and refreshing way to start the day.

  398. thank you for giving us a great visual of how it should be…how it starts and what to do to make it permanent. It is a great devotion to share with my friends who are in that place. Thanks once again!

  399. This vs has been a life changing vs for me! Several years ago, my son married a girl with lots of problems and he chose to leave everything he knew to be with her. My husband and I were devastated as he is our only child. I sat in the Bible for years looking for an answer and God led me to that vs. “when he came to his senses” saved me mine. I realized there was nothing in MY power that would bring my son back home. It would be through waiting and watching and praying. Six long years later, my son knocked on the front door one Spring day and there is stood. These last three years have been a rebuilding…through us and through a divorce and mainly through God’s repairing and answering our prayers. I would love to read your book and and praise God one more time for how he worked in our lives to bring our son home….and we got a bonus….he brought us a grandbaby girl…he has custody of her and she is precious……my other favorite vs that sustained me many times as I waited…..”I will repay you for the years the locust have eaten” Joel 2:25….and HE has and He is. Thank you!

  400. Angie Wisler says:

    I love Kyle’s books. Our small groups have done two of his books for our studies. Always convicting.

  401. So grateful for the gifts Kyle has been blessed with, great Author and a wonderful Pastor! So excited for his new book!

  402. Johanne Couture says:

    As the new year begins, reading today’s devotion awakened in me the deep desire to have ‘AHA’ moments but mostly to ‘live out’ these ‘AHA’ moments. The deep truth that we must be brutally honest with ourselves cannot be overstated. I will take today’s reading and make it a goal for 2014. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit and putting pen to paper to express thoughts that have challenged me to growth and maturity.

  403. I’m getting ready today to take the last “A” step after the first two; homeschooling my daughter for a semester to reclaim some time relationally. This was the encouragement I needed this morning!! God bless you!

  404. The number of comments on here really speaks to how wide Proverbs 31’s reach is – amazing!

  405. Thank you for the anagram for AHA, awakening, honesty, action. The simplicity powers my feeble mind.

  406. Christy Hawkins says:

    I have been struggling with my relationship with God since my husband passed away. I go through the daily rituals but am not fully participating. This post today opened my eyes that God wants me back no matter how angry I have been at Him, and that He loves me graciously and unconditionally. Thank you for this post and I am excited to read this book!

  407. I love Kyle’s words this morning, and his practical application to life. Thank you for this timely devotional!

    I would love to be blessed by a free copy of his new book!

  408. I am enlightened as I read your article! It was what I needed to ‘wake up’ and smell the roses. I need to take the reigns and lead my family in a christian way! I have two young girls who are clearly in love with Jesus and a wife who needs me to be the spiritual leader in our home! Thank you and I look forward to your book!

  409. Kyle is truly making disciples with his God inspired books!

  410. I had an “AHA” moment reading about the “AHA” moment. Thank you for helping me to start my day in a great way.
    Many Blessings & Happy New Year!

  411. Great devotional this morning as always. I love the idea of AHA moments, makes sense to me. I would really like to learn more about it.

  412. Liz Meloche says:

    I needed this. Thank you!

  413. Emily Combs-Lewis says:

    Praying for that aha moment. I so need Gods direction!
    I pray for the sight to see it and the motivation to act!

  414. Thank you for today’s devotional. I’ve been struggling to get out of a spiritual slump while hoping and praying to find just the right church for my husband and me so that we are able to fellowship with other believers and to make some new friends. I look forward to reading other devotions by Kyle Idleman and for the release of his new book.

  415. I just recently had an AHA moment involving a car wreck and my marriage. I am at the action phase of the process. I hope I can wait until March for advice. I am really looking forward to reading this book.

  416. Kyle,I was a little surprised when I saw it was a male giving me “encouragement for today” however I found it refreshing and hopeful. I had my AHA moment in 2011 at a cursillo retreat…I have been a believer all me life but that retreat was my AHA and your words this morning gave me the same feeling. Thank you. I will be sending this on to my four sons .

  417. AHA….making it easy for me to remember and to use in witnessing or in testimony with other Christians. All threee are key. The honesty is the true believing not just believing in. I’ll be sharing in small group tonight. Thank you and may God continue to bless this ministry.

  418. Wow, I have prayed for years for my husband to find a relationship with Jesus. Recently, along with a bout of depression and the least likely person, my husband has had an AHA moment with Jesus. I thank God daily for the change in him and God has so blessed us. We are now praying together every night. I am so excited to see where he is leading us. Today’s devotional really touched me for more than one reason, one because the first books my husband read was Not a Fan and to it continues to remind me of how God answers prayers.

  419. Needed this encouragement today. Thank you.

  420. Love this! You truly never forget that “AHA” moment. Nothing can beat that genuine awakening, when you are 100% honest with yourself, and choose to take the actions necessary to surrender your life to Jesus!

  421. Joan Perry says:

    I got saved at age 23 and walked with the Lord for many years – occasionally verying from His leading – but my recent wake up call at age 63 is the diagnosis of a brain tumor. I look forward to reading your insightful book. thanks for sharing your heart. jp

  422. Wow! I had to look twice at the picture this morning to make sure I was seeing correctly & that a man was posting the devotion & reading it I got another WOW!! There is never a devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministry that doesn’t bless me & reach me personally if you know what I mean. So for about a month just recently I believe my tear ducts dried up or I was growing hard to life & some of my expectations not being met so I’ll spare you the gritty details but when it came down to it & I had finally surrendered myself & everything in me to God very painfully might I add, I experienced an AHA moment!! And let me tell you my tear ducts work just fine & then some! But what a release & cleansing that my Heavenly Daddy delivered to me. That is pure grace & what a love He has for us, so now we have some work to do but the good news is I’m not alone & there are many AHA moments to come! Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries for your servants hearts & for the honesty you all deliver in your devotions…there’s a lot of AHA moments in them..God bless!

  423. Lisa Joiner says:

    Laying aside our stubborn pride when we see the AHA opportunity is a challenge–acting on it brings joy. Thanks for your post today.

  424. Solange Sanchez says:

    This daily encouragement was very timely. I’ve had many AHA moments over the years and each one has helped me to understand who GOD really is and what he has done and continues to do in my life. Thank You for the encouragement!

  425. Without realizing it, I have been walking through an AHA experience for the past two weeks. This devotional helped me to identify that I have had the awakening and the honesty and now need to take action. That’s the scary part because there are all the questions and what ifs. I am grateful for the encouragement and strength I have gained from today’s devotion. As scared as I am, I will move forward and take action knowing that God is with me and He will see me through.

  426. I love “aha” moments! Love this devotion as it reminds me to be aware that I am growing in the Lord every day until He returns! We are never “done” growing in Him…Cant wait for more “Aha” moments and to read your book!

  427. Awesome devotional today!!! I do have these AHA moments but as a busy mom of 3 (1 just back to college on Subday)… And working full time it is sometimes hard to stay on track. I’m a a hook nurse & we have had ALOT of snow days here.. A blessing for me to be home, yet definitely out of routine. Just got out of bed quite late, and chiding myself as I was not into “praying ” this morning – I opened my phone & checked my email & read this… My AHA moment was just realizing god doesn’t need me to be perfect in prayer & worship… Just willing to listen… Thanks for being the vessel to get me back on task as I will begin reading the suggested scripture now & see where He leads!!! And by the way, would LOVE to win a copy of your book!!!

  428. Thank you for this post. I recently had my AHA moment. We have raised our four year old in church, sent her to a Christian preschool and have really tried to embrace God in our home, we don’t celebrate Santa but Jesus’ birth and so on. The other night I was putting her to bed and went to read her bible story and pray and she turned over and just pretended I wasn’t there. She loves everything about Jesus but just does not want to read the bible or pray. My husband and I have both been more diligent to read our bible and pray in front of her and are praying that her seeing us doing that will help.

  429. I have recently had an a-ha moment with my weight. The reality has been there and ignoring the situation seemed much easier. I was hospitalized for a bacterial infection of cellulitus and erysipelas in my left leg and became very weak. I have been dealing with blister-like conditions on my skin over 90% of my lower left leg. This exposed what I already knew: I needed to lose weight and increase my stamina. God has been very gracious, as He always is, to see me through this journey over the last 10 weeks. I am making better eating choices, I am becoming more active, and the step of exercise is just around the corner as I heal from the infection in my leg. Your a-ha moment devotion was God-timed for me and reminds me that it has to be ALL THREE steps: realization, honest, and action! Thank you for listening to God’s heart to write this book 🙂

  430. I have to thank God & my wife for allowing me to read this today to remind me again what God has done for me when I had my AHA moment last year. Your devotion this morning brings to remembrance the appreciation and gratitude to the power of the love of the Father for us. As men we take too much for granted and when we come to the AHA moment we realize that we didn’t have to go the route we were on and powerless. It’s good to be home again, in a right state of mind and heart. Thank you Jesus! (Men, come home. Your Daddy is waiting up for you with open arms.)

  431. Thank you, thank you…….God’s timing and your devotion was that perfect timing! An AHA moment for me this morning. As I have been living lately with a somewhat dark cloud hovering over me(which is just not me). I need to open my heart and mind to God’s path in my life and not my own. He will reveal it if I just let Him!

  432. Thankful for the AHA moments in my life, and especially my husband’s life. Even more thankful that the Holy Spirit still calls us to those AHA moments. Great word this morning!

  433. Thanks Kyle, looking forward to your book.

  434. I love it when I have an AHA Moment! I pray for that to continue in my life and for those around me.

  435. Thanks, Kyle for reminding that God meets each one of us where we are! He desires AHA moments for all of His children. I loved your book Not a fan….look forward to reading AHA moment. Thank you for speaking so personally…I am a member at Southland and enjoy the privilege of hearing you speak from time to time. I am praying that God will continue to bless you, as you have blessed me today!!

  436. “… You realized you weren’t actually following Jesus, you were just following a list of rules and rituals.” Love this. Such am encouraging post! Can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

  437. Good timing! I know a few people who could really benefit from this book (including me)!
    Hoping to hear that alarm,

  438. Can’t wait for this book

  439. I am in need of an AHA moment with all 3 ingredients.

  440. I love those God moments – the AHA’s as well as the quiet whispers where we recognize His hand at work. Would love to read the next Kyle Idleman book.

  441. So very true. The hardest part is taking the action to correct what you can see is wrong. Thanks for the encouragement to take that step.

  442. Jessica Yount says:

    Those rules and rituals sure do know how make me feel safe, when they are just really seperating me from God.

  443. This book sounds like a great read!

  444. I guess you could call those “AHA” moments “kairos” moments – the right or opportune moment when truth finally hits us square in the face. I will most definitely get this book. Kyle describes so well the prodigal son story and breaks it down for all of us to completely understand what was transpiring for him to come to his “AHA” moment. Very inspiring devotional for me today.

  445. This devotion has perfect timing for me. My husband and I have been married less than one year and I recently found out that in that time unfortunately he is strayed very far from God. We are currently separated because the culmination of the lies, deception events got a high with him cheating on me. I can’t explain the devastation and heartbreak this has caused. He is trying to turn his life around, but I’m not sure if trust can be rebuilt and reconciliation can happen. It is scary not knowing your future but I know I am in good hands. I am brought back to my favorite verse Jeremiah 29:11. And I know that even though I don’t know my future, God does and it is always infinitely better than anything I can imagine.

    As a sidenote, I lived in Louisville for three years, and went to Southeast Christian Church. I’ve listened to several sermons by Kyle. It was a surprise to see you in the devotion this morning. Thank you and God bless!

    • You and your husband need to go see Dr. Dodd at Roger’s Christian Counseling. Keep praying and cast Satan out of your marriage, hold fast to the Lord, He will direct your paths, sweet sister. Bask in the Love of your Father while you don’t have that from your husband. God’s is much deeper anyway!

  446. Great devo! I need to see what AHA moments God is reaching out to me with. That requires wanting to get up more than sleeping. Your article got my attention on that, as I have been sleeping later in the mornings. Isn’t it crazy the things Satan will do to keep Christians from the Word and from a relationship with the Living God! Thanks for sharing.

  447. I love the interconnection of the three ingredients – that’s truth there!

  448. Thank you for the post today, I would love to read more about AHA moments.


  449. Alicia Mersiovsky says:

    I love this! I had one of these moments at the end of last month. My awakening was that I was doing all the right things, following a “list” like your article says, but not really feeling one with God; a woman after His own heart. (My honesty) And the action I took was to get baptized in His holy blood on December 29th, 2013. It is a day I will never forget!

  450. PRAISE GOD that our Lord placed an awakening on my heart in 2014 – one that was desperately needed. LOL..He knows I’m hard-headed and must show me AHA moments now and again and I thank and praise Him for doing so. Our Lord is so wonderful and forgiving, a love that we accept, yet will never adequately understand. During my devotion I’m listening to a favorite band, The Ragamuffin Band and would love to share My Deliver with you all: As you see on the video, there is a small depiction of Our Lord’s crucifixion, but it, in NO WAY comes close to all that He endured for YOU and Me simply because HE LOVES US…PRAISE HIM! Thank you for a wonderful devotion today.
    God Bless you all,

  451. I loved the AHA analogy! I’m praying 2014 is my AHA year. I’ve been going through the motions of life for too long – time to wake up, become honest with myself and take some action! I would love to read this book!

  452. I had an AHA moment recently when I realized that I’ve just been going through the motions of life, rather than really living. I’ve become very comfortable with my safe, quiet life and feel that I’ve missed opportunities. I thank the Lord for this awakening, and have asked Him to change me and use me!

  453. As I read this post this morning it reminded me no matter how close we feel others are walking with God we all have those times when we feel so far away and need those times to renew our relationship with him to grow in the knowledge He is here He is always here we are the ones running away. I love all the devotions on Proverbs 31 but I think today God sent this one just for me..Thank you for being the tool he used to make me see that..

  454. very thought provoking and a timely reminder for the beginning of the new year. Would love to read his book!

  455. I could definitely relate to this devotion. I like how the three A’s were listed to help in remembering the main points of what really needs to happen. We all have either been there or know of someone in that situation right now. Thank God for His mercy and for not ever, no,not ever giving up on us!!

  456. Michelle Heilskov says:

    Kyle, I really like your writing style. I am looking forward to reading AHA. I just finished gods at war and that was a series of AHA moments! YIKES! Thanks so much!

  457. Melissa Hicks says:

    Today’s devotion was such a great read….I would be thrilled and blessed beyond belief to be able to read the book! Keep the amazing messages coming! Thanks!

  458. Stephanie Edwards says:

    I’m so glad I read this today! What a great blessing first thing this morning!

  459. I know only God can change a husband/wife and you must tend to yourself. However, when you have asked God to search your own heart and asked forgiveness of God and the other person if necessary (in my case my husband) and that person still remains in deep sin then what? I’m not perfect yet I deeply desire this marriage to work yet he doesn’t care. He is very angry inside and holds grudges against others from years past. He has had things happen to him that most would look at and say wow! Rock bottom has been hit but he just gets angrier.I have had to leave 2x per he’s angry and I was hoping he’d see his anger caused the leaving (AHA moment) (I have 2 boys as well to think of and keep safe). But it doesn’t knock any sense into him. He and I are in same house after I and boys recently came home again and yet we are literally living together with only bare essential of words and interaction. He pays very little attention to the boys (4&6) and he has said sinful things in front of them -for their safety of spirit and mind what do I do? He literally is emotionless right now in regard to our marriage-he said he doesnt care and feels nothing but void between us-true b/c his anger has put wedge there-so I need to know what to do when I’m not perfect but definitely trying and wanting to fight for our marriage but he has no AHA moments and refuses to care. What then???

  460. What an awesome devotional. I have lived that life and m so thankful for my AHA moment. God continues to show me more everyday. There are so many people, that it know, who have not come to there AHA moment. We need to share Gods love with them. It is so much easier to be humble than to be humbled!!!

  461. Susan Mangrum says:

    Great devotional this morning, thank you

  462. This devotion couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Today my husband and I embark on the third day of our church’s Daniel Fast (a first for us). We are in desperate need of that AHA moment, the realization that we both have strayed from God this past year and tried to do things by our own power. I can’t wait to share this devotion with him this evening. The Lord sent this to us at the perfect time!

  463. thank you for sharing this insight this very morning. I’m struggling against being judgmental of myself and others.
    God loves me and He didn’t move away….I did….AHA…I’m on my way back.

  464. Cathie Lester says:

    Pleasantly surprised to see a devotion by Kyle. We have his books, not a fan and Gods at war. Anxious to read his newest release!

  465. What a great thought to ponder!

  466. For the last 4 yrs, my family has struggled with unity. We are a blended family. I had 3 kids prior to marriage and my husband had 1. Now we have been blessed with 2 more sons. While my husband and I both want and desire a godly home, it has been difficult to achieve. We have been offended by each others children, and have had to face issues with “baggage” they have carried into our marriage. At times the struggle has seemed overwhelming and the promise God gave my husband and I, has seemed far away. After much prayer, The Lord revealed to me that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I was a little reluctant to confront my family, but God would not let me move past what needed to be done. I called a family meeting and boldly with love, addressed the issues with attitudes and apathy. As I sat there sharing my heart with my family, I could see the “light” come on. We openly confessed our failures and repented of wrong doings. It was a time of honesty and healing. After my husband lead us in a prayer of repentance , I felt empowered to call out ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !” It was cheesy, but we all piled our hands one on top of another and shouted FAMILY! As I read this article, I was reminded that AHA moments begin with you. As you allow them to take root and cry out to Jesus, it not only changes who you are, but changes lives of those around you.

  467. Great devotion! Cannot wait to read the book!

  468. So true about all three AHA steps needing to occur before true, lasting life transformation can take place!

  469. Ronda Morrison says:

    I am so thankful for this devotion today. If you could read my journal entry today it would coincide with this. Not only does it confirm what God has shown me, but it has given me more to think about. I cannot wait to read this book! I love the part where Kyle writes ” If there is awakening and action, but honesty is overlooked, AHA will be short-lived.” So many time I am ready to take action but I don’t have the backbone behind it. I am referring to my health/self image issues. I am excited to start the MTC OBS with what God has shown me along with the next several weeks I am starting to feel confident that I will have success this time around.

  470. Amanda Spurling says:

    . I am in the midst of an AHA moment, I believe. There are things in my life going on that I’m realizing more and more I really do have a say in. The last few days, I have been contemplating different things and praying about my situation. I hope and pray that God will guide my paths and lead me to the right decision.

  471. I feel like I experienced this moment last night! I woke up this morning ready to take action, but now I will take another look at the honestly component. I’ve struggled in this area so many, many times. Maybe the trouble is that I’ve never been totally honest with myself! I have been full of justifications and excuses. Well, no more! I give all of that to God to dispose of, and ask for the honesty. Thanks for such a great start to the day! What a help!

  472. Excellent devotion! Love the correlation between the alarm clock/waking up and the realization that we all need a personal wake up call to truly live a life devoted to following Jesus. Would love the opportunity at the advance copy of Kyle Idleman’s new book. Thanks for your ministry and daily encouragement.

  473. I’m glad I read this as I just recently had an experience like this and I finally got the whole message. We read your book, “Not a Fan” in our church group and would love to share this one with them.

    Thank You

  474. Laura Manahan says:

    Thank you so much for the AHA devotion and I can’t wait to get your new book. Your book “Not a Fan” was a breath of pure inspiration and soul searching for me. Thank you for giving your talents to our Lord.

  475. Love hearing or reading Kyle’s teaching. Yes God does give us AHA moments but so grateful of how gentle he is with his discipline and pointing out. He truly is my loving father.

  476. I’ve always struggled to understand the difference between following the rules and following Jesus. I’d love to read this book!

  477. This is such a thought provoking devotion. To be honest, I was reading it and had the attitude of “Oooh, I know someone who needs to read this!” and then I was convicted…my attitude was so wrong…Instead of focusing on “others” who need to have this AHA moment, what about me? Am I so perfect that there is no area God needs to work on? Absolutely not! Everyone has places that need pruning, including me…Lord allow me to have an AHA moment today that is orchestrated by you.

  478. Pam Abbott says:

    this is so where I am at–I hear the Holy Spirit but the demands of work, husband, others sets me up in a battle zone and when I can’t meet all their desires and demands then guilt sets in. Guilt is not from God, that I know. But when you’ve lived your life under someone else’s control or let yourself live under someone else expectations, you’ve set yourself up for failure big time. So here I am, pleading to God that I listen to Him and drown out those other voices. To take what I know He is telling me to do, to be, and break those chains that would seek to hold me in bondage. To take what He has said, given me and choose to stand firm on them and not be pulled away by things that are not of the Holy Spirit’s leading. Can not wait to read this book. Thank you,

  479. I really enjoyed this devotional. I know that in the past I’ve experienced only partial AHA moments but never thought about it this way, let alone figured out the reason why it was short-lived or not truly changing. Thank you for this – I really look forward to your book.

  480. Carol Howell says:

    I laughed until tears were running down my cheeks about sleeping inside the car horn! I am encouraged to let God asks me the humor in things i
    I face. Thanks for this.

  481. Thank you. I haven’t been graced with hearing of you before, but now I am climbing from beneath a spiritual rock and seeking out your other books.

  482. Emily Davis says:

    AHA! What a great devotional for this morning! You must surrender to receive an AHA moment in your life. Brutal honesty requires surrender of my own will and pride. Thanks for setting the course for my thoughts for the day!

  483. Jennifer Varnado says:

    What an interesting devotional….lots of thoughts swirling around my head. Would love to read the rest of the book! Thanks for sharing this devotional!

  484. So want the book! I renewed my vows with the Lord and really enjoyed this article. Your writers are so REAL, need this daily sent to my phone, is that possible?

  485. Melissa M says:

    I have recently had the first two parts of the AHA, but struggling to put that Awakening and Honesty into Action. I find that I am embarrassed with what HE has shown me and having a hard time coming to HIM with the steps to take to fix it.

  486. AAhaa, you hit me with your AHA. Recently in one of the most difficult times of my entire 56 year life, and professional career, I kept asking God why he did not change this difficult person until the AHA hit!! Then I realized, God wanted me to say, “Change me God”. This mean spirited person did not want to change, he enjoyed misery, so once I asked God to change me, my fear factor left and I realized this was the only way to survive. Now I am not so bull headed, and ask God to change me and open my eyes to see what he wants me to do or the AHA factor! Thanks for a great devotional, I relived my experience and send me the book, I NEED it, NOW!! Emily Rucker

  487. Looking forward to reading this new book. Thanks for sharing this devotion today!

  488. Such truth! Lived my AHA moment a little over a year ago. While it has been hard and there have been many trials, I wouldn’t change it for anything…for my walk with the Lord is so much better…more genuine.

  489. It always amazes me when something so simple can be turned into something so profound. I use “AHA” all the time but never in the context mentioned here. Thank you GOD for showing me a deeper meaning to a statement that I frequently use and allowing me to grow spiritually through this word, “AHA”.

  490. I am so grateful to have read this post this morning! Thank you so much for this reminder! I need to remember this and take action in my life to hold on to my faith. Bless you for this!

  491. Looking forward to this book….I know that God is going to work thru this book just as He has thru “Not A Fan” you hit the nail on the head with that book…. Keeping it real! Thank you!

  492. Thank you for the reminder as we enter into a new year . May all of us experience the AHA moment in 2014! God bless all and thanks again for the encouraging words! Best wishes on your new book, hoping to be a winner!

  493. Cindy Wakefield says:

    I have heard Kyle speak at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville and he is very gifted and humorous. I was pleased to see him on Proverbs 31 Ministry. Not a Fan was an excellent book and AHA sounds like it will also be worth reading.

  494. Thank you for your AHA moment explanation! As I look back on some swift decisions we have made I realize that some were exactly what you are describing! I cant wait for your new book to come out!

  495. Kim Jenkins says:

    I’m not sure if I am in need of an AHA moment or if I’m just not taking the action that is required. VERY interested in this book and will read it whether it be won or bought. Thank you, feeling hopeful.

  496. Great words to start the day- praying for more AHA moments.

  497. Deb McLaughlin says:

    Loved this! I have been thinking lately that other people have much more insight/ relationship with God than I seem to be able to grasp. WHEN IS MY AHA MOMENT??? What do I have to do to gain that closeness? Your article rocked my world and I know, of course, that I must spend more time in God’s word and in prayer in order to achieve this communion. Thanks.

  498. WOW, you could have been talking to me I’m so afraid I’ve been trying to do the rule things without following Christ completely! Pray for me I need an AHA moment!

  499. What an awesome devotion! Thank you for sharing this.

  500. Thank you for this devotional…very good…

  501. I would love this book! I want so much to transform and submit to God’s will but am having to hardest time figuring out where to begin. Kyle Idleman is so gifted. I enjoyed his first book and love hearing him preach at Southeast.

  502. What a blessing this devotion is. Thank you for following the Lord’s prompting in writing it. A blessing to read and one I will be passing on.

  503. Lisa Wine says:

    I enjoyed this post because this past year have had several aha moments that have changed my life. Looking forward to finding out the path God has for me. Thank You.

  504. Loved this devotional! I have had big and small AHA moments but never thought about it being broken down into those three ingredients. I agree…looking back at my AHA moments, those three ingredients were there. Then again looking back at what I thought were AHA moments but they fizzled out, one of those ingredients was not present. Thanks for the insight….looking forward to your book release. God bless.

  505. I am struggling with a sin I know darn well isnt right. I know it’s eternal life threatening and still I fall. I need encouragement. No, I need help.

  506. Karen Wegner says:

    So well written, brother in Christ! “The Truth has always been true.” AHA!!!! Thank you for writing this article and this book. It has already blessed me.

  507. Jeanie Benson says:

    This mornings devotion about AHA moments has really hit my heart. I enjoyed reading and pondering and praying over how the AHA moment could help my families life as well as mine. We sometimes think God is pulling on us but as the devotion states if we hear a speeding stampede God will wake us up for those AHA moments. I pray that uses an AHA moment to touch my families as well as myself who need to grow closer to Him.

    Thank you! Jeanie

  508. Hoping for family member to have AHA moment. This is so true…we pursue what we want yet it leaves us empty. The honesty is the hard part to recognize and admit to false satisfactions as we pursue our on desires. Thanks.

  509. This was awesome! Thanks for sharing and challenging us all.

  510. Just love how God works. I was in a tough spot last night and this morning, confused about some things, emotions getting the best of me. I called a good friend this morning who told me I should carve out some time alone with God today, basically to search my heart and ask Him for help in identifying what needs to be changed – in me! Then, I read this – Perfect! Thank you.

  511. So thankful for this message today. I was just googling encouragement for today and your post came up. I am such an admirer of Kyle’s work. We teach young adults in a small group and have used many of his materials. Little did I know he would be an instrument of God this day to reach me. Thank you so much!

  512. June Stracener says:

    I would love to see the smile that crosses God’s face when we have those AHA moments. Thank you for sharing and reminding us of our need for such moments.

  513. Very interesting…never thought about that concept.

  514. Sounds like a great read! AHA!!

  515. WOW!!! Very thought provoking devotional. Thanks so much for sharing.

  516. The AHA moment is like pulling back the curtains in the morning and let the glorious Sonshine in !!!

  517. Christine Keith says:

    I never had a word for it before, but I had my AHA moment about six years ago and my life has changed dramatically. I was doing things for God on my own power and feeling flat, but since my AHA moment, being a Christian has become exciting and full of surprises.

  518. Debbie Graham says:

    Loved today’s devotion! The prayer at the end was especially meaningful for me at this stage of my Christian walk, so I will be using it this day to speak with my Daddy God. THANK YOU! Looking forward to this book’s release in March – just in time for my birthday!!!

  519. Can’t wait for this book!

  520. I would love to read your book.

  521. Ashley Gase says:

    Thank you for this beautiful devotional. Can’t wait to read Kyle’s book!

  522. Great words to start out my morning. We do tend to float through life, until the crisis — then yell out for God — all while He patiently waits for us. thank you for your message.

  523. Loved this post. Can’t wait to share it on Facebook!

  524. Lynda Shindruk says:

    Hi, I enjoyed the devotion today and would love a chance to read Kyles new book. looking forward to see AHA moments in my life this coming year. Thank you for the devotions and for the Lord giving people the ability to write such books. Lynda

  525. Christina says:

    Thank you for these words of encouragement today! I’m in a place where I feel I am constantly failing, at everything…work, family, church…..I just can’t seem to stop making mistakes. My resolution this year was balance between those parts of my life, but maybe I should just put all my balance in God and He will balance everything. It sounds great, but so hard to let go. Ive never really said that where someone besides myself could read it….gotta seem all together, but the anonymity of this is most relieving!! Maybe not my aha moment, but a great one to realize I am still struggling with letting God have all of me! Thank you for these daily devotionals! They really are amazing at speaking to people! Have a terrific day!

  526. Karen Gauvreau says:

    Will share this with my husband later today – we want more AHA moments (including obedient action) for 2014 together.

  527. AHA…. Every time I read the story of the prodigal son the Lord gives me a new perceptive with a new lesson, but this revelation is HOT OFF the Press. thanks for sharing a very insightful look on a very popular scripture. This was encouraging for me because I had the awakening side of my AHA moment right before Christmas and yesterday I actually got to pu it into action.

  528. I can identify with this and I see how God uses AHA moments even when we are not expecting them. He can use any avenue he chooses. My AHA moment came several years ago when I was going through a divorce and severe depression. I had lived my life trying to be what I thought everyone else wanted me to be. I thought in order to be a good Christian, I needed to be this or that. I lost myself and who God had really made me to be: ME. My aha moment came when I was watching the movie The Notebook. The scene when the lead male character asks the lead female character “what do you want? not what I want or what everyone else wants. What do YOU want?” It was like a light bulb illuminated my life because I didn’t even know what I wanted! I didn’t know if I wanted to eat at certain restaurants or what my favorite color was, or if I wanted to take a walk even if someone else didn’t want to. My life had been filled with pleasing others so bad, that I didn’t know me. God used my AHA moment to illuminate to me that I needed to get back to HIM and allow him to show me my true self. It’s been a journey and has taken years to break the habit of pleasing, but thank God I’m not where I used to be. I actually know ME now.

  529. I am praying for our son that is making poor choices right now. He will be 21 soon and praying for his “AHA” moment to come soon. He was baptized when younger and has made that commitment to Christ as a pre-teen.

  530. Loved the post today, sometimes we are forced to have the “AHA” moment because we are too blind to see it on our own. God has to sound that fire alarm really loud in order for us to hear him, but HE is always there to put the fire out and save us!!!!

  531. Dawn Williams says:

    This devotion really touched my heart and soul this morning. I have been struggling with financial issues and need to give it all to God. I would love to read this book!

  532. I’ve been dealing with sme very difficult issues this past year. I lost my job after 20 years and have been trying to repair a marriage that has been falling apart at the seams due to trust and infedelity issues. I pray every day for God to give me the strength to just make it through it day and keep my head up. I beat myself up and blame myself for everything and feel that somehow it was my fault that my life is in shambles. I felt that their was no way God could forgive me, I was worthless. However after reading your post I feel like I had that I had that AHA moment. Gods presence in my life has brought me this far and will bring me through it, I now believe this and will deal with each issues with God first. Thank you for this, it was what I needed yo see and hear to bring it home.

  533. Thanks for this devotional. Touched me in a very special way. God Bless you.

  534. Patty Jeanne Stewart says:

    Thank you for such an awesome reminder! On January 26th, 2012 after struggling with alcohol addiction and losing everything I had (home, family, children), I had my AHA moment!

  535. What a ingenious way to remember three very important points in our walk with God. Thank you for allowing him to be a guest writer. I have been inspired by him through podcasts, books, and videos and look forward to his new book AHA.

  536. I feel like I need an AHA moment. I’ve been feeling myself getting further and further away from what I know (think?) is the ‘correct’ place, but every time I try to change something, it doesn’t last long. I need all 3 of these things to happen at the same time. Life is too rough to live without God, but too often I’m trying to do it on my own.

  537. We all have a little prodigal son in us we all stray from God’s will at one time or another. Thank you for the devotion today.

  538. I SOOOOO needed this today! Thank you!!!

  539. Addie's Noni says:

    …wonderful devotional that I just read & shared with my husband & will share later this morning with my staff (we’re on a 2hr delay)! 🙂 This spoke to us in a very powerful way about our oldest son (age 24) who’s living, himself, the way of the prodigal son. Kyle’s words have spurred us on not to give up (no matter how weary we are); to continually pray for a ‘God Moment’ for our big boy that God would bring him to a place where the only way for him to look is up!

  540. Would love to read the new book. Enjoyed the devotion. Thank you.

  541. I am grateful for my AHA moments. I struggle with being completely honest with myself and have been praying and working on tsking action to eliminate the “false satisfactions” in my life. God has sent many blessings to lead me in my journey, and I thank him!

  542. Love this devotional. My husband and I are co leaders of a teen group. My son is in this group and I have three teen boys that live in our home. Although they are saved, there is not much evidence. I BELIEVE that God will get their attention. But I am always looking for lessons that I can share. This was so good!

  543. Kristy Edwards says:

    Loved this message! From one who pushes the snooze button too often, this spoke to me. Hope I’m not snoozing when God is trying to teach me something. Would love to read more of Kyle’s material. ~Thanks

  544. I definitely have had my share of AHA moments… Thanks for the great read.

  545. Theresa Mejias says:

    This devotion came at the right time. It is exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading more of your devotions and the book of course.

  546. Cathy Stayton says:

    I need an AHA moment desperately!

  547. Thank you for being so down to earth & helping us get it……….no matter how many times we have to hear it. I’m slowly absorbing the truth even though I’ve “heard” it my whole life. You can feel your love for people – God’s love – through your words. Thank you 🙂

  548. Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries and Kyle Idleman for your dedication to serving the Lord and his sheep. You bless so many people; I am among them, and truly (eternally) grateful.

  549. I need an Aha moment in 2014. I hope to keep myself disciplined and draw closer to God each and every day this year. I want life to stop being all about me and be all about Him!

  550. I was really blessed by this devotional today. I recently re-subscribed to P31 and I’m glad I did. I missed the daily encouragement. It always seems that no matter what the devotional, there is something that directly applies to our lives. I look forward to perhaps winning Kyle’s book, but more so to the continued support.

  551. Jennifer Schneider says:

    Great read to start the day, would love to have a copy of the new book!

  552. Great devotion, would love to have a copy of the book. Have loved Kyle’s other books.

  553. Excellent devotion today! I am thankful that God provides “AHA” moments for us to really think about the way we are living our lives. I look forward to reading the book when it becomes available!

  554. I recently lost my job and have experienced an AHA moment. God is good and has great plans for me. I would love to read Kyle’s book as I journey through the next chapter of my life!

  555. I thank the Lord for many AHA moments in my life and for the many more that are still to come in specific areas of my life! Also praying for His working AHA moments in the lives of close family members and friends, may He work His miracle in their lives too! Thank you for posting this reflection!

  556. Lise Kealey says:

    Divine! how we all need to adjust and re-adjust our walk from time to time! God is merciful and gracious.

  557. Thank you for this challenge. This will be a wonderful way to start off a new year.

  558. 2013 was the year of God showing me the places in my heart that need transformation. I’ve had the awakening and the pain of the brutal honesty. 2014 is the year of taking action so I can have a true AHA moment. Action is going to be the hardest part. I need a community of prayer warriors to help me through.

  559. Thank you for your love and dedication to your calling!

  560. God has been working me through an AHA moment. He is guiding me through the action step and it is a challenge. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  561. Jo Matzes says:

    Wow. . .that is all I can say! During my quiet time this morning God showed me my ‘attitude’ of late; which goes right along with what I have been thinking, then attitude following to the tune of my thinking. I experienced a very humble Aha moment!!! A Sudden Awakening – absolutely; Brutual Honesty – absolutely; Immediate Action – absolutely. Thank you for your encouraging words this morning coupled with my Aha moment leaves me humbled yet exhilarated at the same time.

  562. Abby Hogan says:

    Love the three ingredients! So thankful that God gives us these moments that forever change us. Prayers this morning for all of you parents of prodigal children! My husband and I were once the prodigal son. Praise The Lord we were greeted with open, forgiving, and loving arms of our parents. Praise The Lord he gave us AHA moments!

  563. Belén Rodas V says:

    Thanks a lot for this devotional. I pray for AHA moments for many family members and friends. In Jesus Name.

  564. Mary Helen Smith says:

    Loved the illustration of the alarm clock. Sharing this devo with my husband, who is a youth pastor. I think this illustration would speak volumes to our youth group. Our group had an AHA moment at camp this summer but there was only the Awaken part and some Honesty. Not much action. Thanks for sharing. Excited to see how God uses this!

  565. What a timely message this morning! There are many circumstances in my life and my family’s life that are all converging. I am trusting God to walk with me and also others in my family as we fully surrender to Him. Than you for a new perspective of a story that I have heard so many times.

  566. I’m so thankful for the daily readings. There are times that I open them and know that God sent that message to me on the very day I needed it. I loved today’s message about the AHA moments in life. I have had a few in my life and am thankful that God still brings those AHA moments. I hope I never fail to see them in my life! Thank you for the reminding us that God allows all those things come together for it to be life changing for all of us.

  567. God is working on me through my AHA moment. It really began in my marriage. God is changing me and not my husband. Imagine that:)

  568. What great insight into the 3 components…without them all it will not last! I have been feeling a tug at my heart to come back, not that I wandered far, but far enough that I realize I’m living by rules, not relationship. Thank you for an eye opener that goes right along with my new morning devotional! Thank you Lord!

  569. Michelle Wells says:

    This is an analogy of my life since August 2012. My husband and I, had thought that God had opened a door of opportunity for us to live a dream we had always wanted. Turns out that even I, being “rooted” more solidly in my walk than my husband, followed his lead, and it turned our being the greatest disaster of our life. We lost everything, even down to his tools, just to keep afloat. Over the course of 2013, the “rebuilding” has been slow, yet steady. Things that were once important, no longer hold luster for me. I have been diligently listening and waiting for God’s direction, “the alarm” went off just a couple of months ago, and there have been many AHA moments since, I have taken heed, praying that soon my husband will too.

  570. This blessed me. I have a 31 year old beautiful daughter who got saved at 16. She is a prodigal and hasn’t had her “AHA” moment – yet. Thank you for your book. I look forward to reading it! God bless you.

  571. Thanks for these great words of wisdom, Kyle. I needed to hear them this morning. I have read your book Not a Fan. I’m thankful for the words that God has given you to share with others to challenge them and help guide them. May you be blessed as you love those around you and serve our Father.

  572. This is frighteningly common today. So many who you think are strong in their Christianity leave a small opening that allows Satan to enter ever so slightly. Before you know it, deception ensues and the christian is so greatly deceived and really needs that “AHA” moment. It is up to us as fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for this moment diligently. When the prodigal returns we must welcome them back the same as the father did. It is such a spiritual battle for our own everyday life and for others….PRAYER!

  573. Thank you! I’ve experienced several of these lately. It’s good to be reminded of the importance of keeping God at the center!

  574. Regina Henning says:

    Aha…a great acronym,. I often miss the immediate action after the realization. Thank-you for your words through God’s plan to inspire me to be better.

  575. Kristy Thomson says:

    We just finished a “Gods at War” bible study with a small group. WOW. When we do not allow God to be the center of our lives, a ripple effect happens. We try and try to fill those ripples with whatever we can. That was a wonderfully written book using the Word and real testimonies. Cannot wait for your next book AHA to come out. Thank you for using God given gifts to inspire others.

  576. Kari Birkhead says:

    Love that Proverbs31 is using Kyle Idleman – his lessons are so down to earth and just make sense!

  577. Thank you so much! I really needed this today!

  578. Kathy Druvenga says:

    I love the AHA moment. Just write it down as I want to remember this mnemonic when I am feeling down and look to see if all three are there. Thanks!

  579. Daphne Smith says:

    I remember the exact moment that AHA happened in my life, about two years ago. Wow! What a total transformation in thoughts, actions, perspective and much more! I’ve felt so at peace ever since! Thank you Jesus for saving me and bringing meaning into my life!

  580. We have studied NOT A FAN in Sunday School, in our worship service, and with our youth at church. So, I am really a fan of Kyle’s writing! It was a treat to read his devotional this morning and to see once again how God loves the prodigal. We are truly blessed to serve and honor such a God. Praise Him for His very nature and His unending love for us!

  581. Wow!!!!!! This really touched mt heart this morning. I have been struggling lately with where God would have me serve. Going through the motions. I need that AHA!!! moment in my life now. Thank you so much for sharing this today.

  582. Terrie Lynn says:

    Thank -you for this reminder – I am great ful for those AHA moments and the patience of the Lord with me. Would enjoy reading your book and sharing it with others.

  583. Good Morning,
    Often times I read the daily message and move on to sharing it with my group of ladies at church. Lately I have been in a world-wind of confusion myself, and experienced that alarm/ wake up just the other day. I have been thinking about and wrestling with the idea of changing careers and it all seems so scary. So I have been putting it off. Well, God has been watching me, sending people to me with simple messages, but none that was straight to the point. So I kept pushing it off. So I think he was getting tired of watching me wrestle so he set the alarm clock with the most annoying sound, that would wake me up. Ring, ring! Get up, Get into action.
    Through prayer and praying for others he has now sent a very loud wake up call for me to get moving into action. And if this devotion today did not say it all! WOW!!!! It was funny because I think this was the first time ever I saw a “male” author, so that was the first sign that caused me to pay MORE attention. Hummmm, why is there a Male doing it today??? Ha! Then to read the message, WOW! Ever get a message from God and All you can do is say, Wow! Or your mouth is left just hanging open? Alright, you got me God. This devotion sealed the butterflies and the call to action. Amen! Thank you for the Angels you send to us.

  584. The AHA moment, so very critical! I often wonder if I am the only one who has “waking up” to do, so I very much appreciate your honesty and post. I joke to me husband/friends that the Holy Spirit works overtime in our house with AHA moments. I am so grateful that our awesome God hears me and is changing me. The surrender of control and my own motives is not always easym but it sure works out better than I EVER could imagine. I look forward to reading the new book!

  585. Denise Perez says:

    Praying for my niece’s AHA moment to happen, as she is currently living on the streets, addicted to drugs. I hope and pray that God will bring her to the place where staying where she is (the alarm) is so undesirable that she will want to make the difficult changes (getting out of bed) that are necessary to live a drug-free life.

    • Denise – joining with you in prayer for your niece. May she get fed up in the pig sty SOON, turn to go home and see her Heavenly Father RUNNING toward her with arms opened wide. May she fall into His arms and receive the forgiveness, grace and healing of a New Life in Christ. She is blessed to have a praying aunt. Don’t give up! AF

  586. Loved the AHA devotional this morning and The Truth it shares – AWAKENING – HONESTY – ACTION. I am forwarding it to some young 20 something’s we work with in Russia (some of which speak pretty good English). I think this message of GRACE will bless them. (Grace is SO needed in the Russian Federation. Very hard for the Soviet mindset to understand and accept.). Thanks! Looking forward to reading the book and would love a FREE copy.

  587. Kendria McKnight says:

    Thanks for this post. I am in need if an “AHA” moment now!

  588. Kyle – thanks for your post! I was surprised to see a devotion from a guy – but very glad! I often share these devotions with my family (including 2 young men and my husband) and it’s nice to have a male perspective when I am sharing with them. Hope to see more of your devotions! AK

  589. For years I’ve been the witness to my family members who are lost and need Jesus and to experience the AHA moments that I have experienced throughout my Christian walk with Christ. When you have a lost family member who needs Jesus and tells you negative/drama all the time and then start quoting scripture first instinct you want to say no it’s not like that, like myself I listen with the kind heart I have, in my mind Jesus is telling me it’s ok I’ll show them you just pray and keep praying leave the rest to Me. Then it happens the lost family member gets there wake up call and then you see an AHA lived out, that is when I get my turn to explain how it all happened. Thank you for this devotion today just waiting for more AHA moments to come my way.Blessings to you in 2014.

  590. Great post! Love the AHA acronym:) Thx!

  591. What a fitting devotional for this morning. Was blessed by it. I’m looking forward to reading your new book.

  592. Gayla Murr says:

    I’m ready!!

  593. Daveda Janette Cupp says:

    NI wanted to comment on the AHA moment article. I guess I am what you would call a “lukewarm” christian, that is up until 3 years ago when I lost my Mother. This of course is not a fact that I am proud of, as you stated brutal honesty is one of the key ingredients of experiencing an “AHA” moment.For the past 3 years I have been on an amazing journey discovering who I am in Christ.I have experienced several of these”AHA” moments and it is true, for it to be an “AHA” moment, you cannot have one of theingredients without the other. I am still experiencing these moments and I look find that I look forward to them with great anticipation, even if it brings uncomfortable moments/issues to the surface, for it is in these moments that not only do I grow closer to God but that my relationship with God grows deeper and I grow and mature spiritually and I can finally and honestly say that I am no longer a “lukewarm” christian, but a christian who is on fire for God!

    • Great devotion for today. I love the analogy of the alarm clock! I can relate since my husband doesn’t seem to hear his alarm and I am constantly telling him to wake up since it went off. God does that in our lives, sometimes it takes another person nudging us to realize that He has been showing us ways to change or things to do!

  594. Stephanie Blitz says:

    I really enjoyed reading this devotion. I am very thankful for the daily readings

  595. Thank God for AHA moments in our lives. We need our wakeup call to be from our Lord and Savior for the true awakening that we all need. The first being that we are saved and redeemed through the sacrifices of Jesus Christ, not through our works. What a Blessing and relief that is indeed!

  596. Thank you for this.devotion today.

  597. Would love a copy of your book! AHA moments happen frequently when I try to run my life which is most of the time. I praise God for never leaving my side and for reminding me to give the reins back to him.

  598. Great devotion! I love how you turned the word AHA into an acronym!

  599. You Encouragement for Today hit home, as did many of the other posters’ comments. I wish I had an AHA moment years ago, after trying to change my husband to make our marriage better. Now the divorce he filed will be finalized within weeks. While I still pray for restoration despite the hopelessness of the situation, I do realize how I need to change and become the person God made me to be. Remembering how to “AHA” will make this transition in 2014 easier to bear.

  600. Stephanie says:

    I was never before able to put into words the way I felt before and after when my AHA moment happened. This post rang so loud in my heart as I read it and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank God for this and for you!

  601. Great post and prompting to rememberthat an AHA moment isnt really AHA if you leave out one of the three pieces. Thanks for the encouragement to remember the call to action, rather than just being left with an ahh moment which is too often what I do.
    Look forward to reading the book and more inspiration.

  602. Great devotion for today. I love the analogy of the alarm clock! I can relate since my husband doesn’t seem to hear his alarm and I am constantly telling him to wake up since it went off. God does that in our lives, sometimes it takes another person nudging us to realize that He has been showing us ways to change or things to do!

  603. I’m so thankful for a Father who stands waiting for our return!! Thank you for this devotional.

  604. I have been recieving the daily devotionals from 31 ministeries for a couple of years now. Each one seems to always be especially designed for me and what is happening in my life at the time. This one especailly as I have vowed to become closer to God – both spiritually and personally. Thank for the vote of confidence and the message that says you can do this – He is right there for you.

  605. Carolyn Ross says:

    Starting to hear that ‘alarm’.
    I need an AHA moment.
    I need God to take the wheel again.

  606. Wow this devotion hit home. Gotta make some changes but do it in the right way.

  607. Thank you so much for this perspective and practical information. its much appreciated. I have had a lot of AHA moments the past year or so. I am so grateful to God for pulling me into this awareness. I hope it spreads like wild fire in our lives and our world. its so dearly needed!

  608. Alisa Roda says:

    I felt God speaking to me through this devotion. I would love to read the book and have more guidance in working through my aha moments.

  609. Teresa Kuhl says:

    I will never forget the initial AHA moment in my life, when I saw that He would walk me out of a life of alcohol, drugs and abuse and into a life of freedom. I’ve had many other AHA moments thru the past 20 years, but THAT one, ah, that one, saved me!

  610. This is right on time. I have to admit that when I opened the email and saw your picture my immediate reaction was, “That’s not a chick!” Anyway, I am open to some particular “AHA”s that God’s been priming me for for a LONG, LONG, LONG time. I have no clue how to get started or even how to FEEL as I take these steps in the right direction, or even how it’s gonna feel when I’m done…but it’s time to start doing. Thanks!

  611. This was a great devotional and wonderful reminder. I would love a copy of the book!

  612. Thank you for this great post to start the new year with. I’d love to win a copy of your book.

  613. Great word

  614. God is so good! This is exactly what I needed to hear after a situation that occurred in my home last night. Thank you!

  615. Thank you for this post Kyle. These words ring true in my life. I often say that God gets my attention with a 2×4 over my head, but this is a much gentler version of it. He certainly knows how to get our attention.

  616. Loved Not A Fan! Would be do thrilled yo get Kyle’s new book.

  617. Jen in TX says:

    Love this devotional! I look forward to reading the new book. I really enjoyed “Not a Fan.”

  618. Sabrina D says:

    Very proufound devotional & just what I needed to read. I would love to win one of your books!

  619. Thank you for today’s words! Just what I needed to hear at just the right time!

  620. As we begin the new year, I realize that I was living my life on my own, I know I need to live my life for God and he will in turn give me the peace and life that I am destined to live. I would love to learn how to have my “AHA” moment and truly embrace the life God has destined for me!! Thanks for the great devotional this morning!!

  621. Great post. The 3 ingredients in the AHA moment struck a cord with me – something easy to remember and share. Thanks!

  622. Amazing devotion which makes me want to take action!

  623. Thank you for your wonderful post, when I opened the email and saw your name and face, I remembered my bible class study on Am I a Fan! What a great message.

  624. I have a friend that needs an AHA moment. We have met together for a couple years, but she still doesn’t understand what it means to follow Jesus and give Him Lordship. Her basic premise is to believe that Jesus exists and is God, but it doesn’t change any of her decisions or behavior. I am excited that Kyle’s new book may be God’s way to get her attention!

  625. I enjoyed reading this devotion. Thank you. I have watched and own the DVD Not a Fan but have not read the book.
    This new book AHA I will need to put on my purchase list as I am sure it will be a blessing and an inspirational read. I have gone through a number of very hard years and have been reminded again that we can only Trust God and believe for that AHA moment. I can say that this last Christmas holiday period has been good and I’m believing that this year will have many AHA revelations for myself and my family.

  626. Thank you for that wonderful reminder that God is always there for us no matter how far we have strayed away from him!

  627. Absolutely what I needed to hear today! Asking God to help me be honest with myself and to show me His will for me today and to give me the power to carry that out. Thanks!

  628. I love this acronym!! I keep repeating Awaken Honest Action! 🙂

  629. Vickie Spires says:

    I think I have been slumbering in my faith journey, and I desperately need an AHA moment to bring me back to life.

  630. Our sermon this Sunday was taken from the same parable, I’m constantly being reminded that God is a forgiving God, that he offers grace and mercy. After seeing family after family struggle with the complications of life, I’m taking every precaution possible to stay in the Word, having a relationship with the Lord, sharing with my husband and keeping life things as simple as possible. I realize life isn’t always so simple, which is why we are choosing to make hard choices to try to keep it as simple as possible. My Christmas tree is still up, because I’d rather have quality time with my husband that to rush and pack too many things into a weekend and fail to nurture our relationship. I think right now in my life, this parable is reminding me to give grace and mercy to those around me. I can be one of those people that say things like, “You brought this upon yourself” and can become self-righteous because I’m making hard decisions that others didn’t make and/or ignored. The Lord bestowed grace and mercy on me, I am learning to do the same for others.

  631. Courtney Williams says:

    Great reminder and a great way to start the new year! Thanks for sharing!

  632. Thanks for your post today. Looking forward to reading your book!

  633. Beginning my day with this read, I am moved to kneel in prayer and ask God to search my heart and move me to the sudden awakening that transformation is neccesary today in many areas of my life. I realize and acknowledge the tuth that I want to be made whole and walk on the path of favoe that God has already paved for me. It’s not easy being brutally honest with myself but to absolve my doubt, guilt and shame is vital to my liberation in God. I take immediate action to turn from my own ways and yeild to Gods authority and full control of my life. Thank you Kyle for this humbling devotion. By the way, I wake up to the sound crickets:-). May God to continue to shower his blessings on your minitsry.

  634. Kyle,
    What a great analogy! For the first several years of our marriage I struggled with my husband’s habit of hitting snooze several times every morning before finally dragging himself out of bed. All I could think was, why not just set the alarm later? Wouldn’t we “both” get more sleep? At that point in my life, being so self-focused caused me to be very critical of his actions instead of seeking to understand. (sigh, so very grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who started the work in me and will be faithful to complete it!! AND a loving husband who has put up with me for nearly 36 yrs. now!) It never occurred to me, that his desire not to hear the alarm did NOT outweighs his desire to keep sleeping. He was beat down and overwhelmed by his demanding schedule and responsibilities… be brutally honest, we were both in dire need of an AHA. Thank you so much for your wise insight and boldness to share it! May God use your offering of PRAISE greatly, to further HIS kingdom!!

  635. All three components ARE necessary. The I’ll-do-it-myself strategy has certainly not worked for me. I’ve also noticed that the more time I spend with God, reading His Word and talking to him, the more AHA moments I have. Thank you for this morning’s devotion and for a title to put on my to-read list this year.

  636. Just before I read this I wrote on my facebook page That If we spent as much time Praying as we did playing games or watching tv what would happen. I read your Word for today and felt God talking directly to me through it. I desire to Give God more this year .I am prying to hunger and thirst for Him . Thank you for being His obedient servant .

  637. Today’s devotion was just what I needed to read to give me some answers that I had been asking God for. I gave me the reassurance that when we think He may not hear us verbally or our heart He always finds a way to remind us that He is there and Yes He is listening.

  638. Sandra Seaton says:

    Thank you for the challenge, and the encouragement. Appreciate how God is using you.

  639. Melanie Philip says:

    Loved your words for today!!! I can imagine my daughter doing what yours did with the alarm, and her laughing about it. Love those “God” moments! Thanks for sharing you made my day! 🙂

  640. Patsy Prisock says:

    I am so excited that so many people are reading Proverbs 31; and commenting. This is my 1st time to comment. But this devotional today was just what I needed. My friends and I assisted one of our friends into a behavioral facility Sunday night. Today, I learned that she is still “playin” us and my heart was broken and I became very angry. This devotional moved my perspective back to where it needs to be and gave me new hope. Looking forward to reading and studying this book!!

  641. I also enjoyed this devotion this morning. It reminded me that we have to be honest and real with ourselves to really see the areas of our life that need transformation and that we MUST take action. Thank you for this relevant reminder as we begin a new year. I would love the opportunity to read Kyle’s new AHA book.

  642. Terry Whitfield says:

    I had an AHA in the past 3 weeks regarding my health. It was exactly as you said. I’m so glad you could put it in the spiritual realm for me. What a great word — and so true.

  643. I read Proverbs 31 devotions daily and thank you for them. I often share them with my grown children so they too can feel God talking to them and helping them. I think this is the first time I saw a male author for Proverbs 31. Welcome aboard, Kyle! God’s blessings.

  644. Lisa Hill says:

    I loved this devotion from a male author. I am going to share it with my cousin who has been separated from his wife for 6 months. She is a hoarder – he says it’s just like the people on the TV show – and he simply cannot take it anymore. Living that way for so many years has kept him – and her too – from allowing God to use them. He is feeling guilty for leaving her – remorseful that he is not honoring his wedding vows “in sickness and in health” but his efforts to get her help have not been well received. He had an awakening that he cannot continue to live this way. Please pray for Steve. Thank you so much for this ministry!

  645. Great, thoughtful post. Action. That is key. Not next month, when this or that is done, but right now. Thank you for this important reminder since it is easy to let days fly by. Looking forward to this book! : )

  646. Liliana Hitchens says:

    Good morning. Thank you for this devotional. It definitely spoke to me and I can’t wait to share it as well!!! God bless you guys richly.

  647. Donna Moellinger says:

    This is a great message to read starting the new year. I teach young children in a public school so I know about AHA moments. I never knew why they didn’t last…but a piece was missing and I am thrilled I can keep that moment going through honesty and immediate action…that’s exciting.

  648. Susan Jones says:

    The articles I read lately always seem to speak to me, this one could not have been at a more perfect time in my life. Hit me like the stampede of horses alarm! Thank you for awakening me and posting this when you did. God always puts things right where they need to be and he used you today to put this in front of me. I am thankful to you. God bless you.

  649. AHA . . . more like the light went on. Yes, I love the acronyms to AHA. ACTION!!! That is the need. Thank you so much for such perfect timing.

  650. My wife sent me this, and I love how the Holy Spirit works…I was preparing a message for Sunday and this devotion fits in perfectly. The AHA sums up the message. I love it when things come together. To God be the glory!

  651. What a great analogy! Thanks for this this morning.

  652. Marlena Burrow says:

    Love this.. and I love love love Kyle’s book “Not a Fan”! If you have not read it, do! It was life changing for me! Have a blessed day!

  653. I love this! This past year God has been graciously working me through one of Kyle’s other books (the best in my opinion) called, “gods at war” where I’ve learned how most of my life has been spent worshiping a million other idols instead of God – the illusion of control, relationships, success, food, my selfish desires etc. After much heartbreak, I finally had an AHA moment when I realized that no matter what I do, I cannot control people or circumstances. I am now slowly learning about God’s grace and love for me – just as I am. I also highly recommend the book “One way love” by Tullian Tchividjian (one of Billy Grahams grandsons). God has used both of these books (gods at war and One way love) to teach me about God’s amazing grace – that I don’t have to do everything or anything (or control anything or anyone), but that if I truly believe that God loves me and has finished it all on the cross, then I am free to love others without expecting anything in return – truly love them.

  654. My girlfriend, Judy, started sending me a daily devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministries recently. I really enjoy them and so I subscribed to get them also. I have never read any of Kyle’s books, but would love to. There are always writers and writings that have the ability to open my eyes to a new way of looking at God’s word – I love the AHA analogy – I have to admit I have been sorely lacking in the “action” and need these prompts to get moving. Thanks!

  655. Thanks for making me laugh … and making me think!

  656. Happy 1st Tuesday 2014 Blessings:-) So cool to read a P31 devotion from a dude perspective, total awesomeness!! Amen bro… LORD I am fully opened to my AHA moment. Ta DA.

  657. I am always struggling with feelings of inadequacy and worrying about how I can be better, do more – this reminded me that looking outside of myself and toward needs of others is the key to overcoming this. In doing so we are naturally doing what we should be doing! What a powerful reminder of the critical nature of the blending of the three pieces and how they must all three be present in order to fully be honoring what God asks of us.

  658. Hmm well I must say that this was a “right on time” post. It really put some things into perspective. I think that I would have to say that honesty is being overlooked in my situation regarding a relationship. I’d love to read more, learn more and just do better and most importantly….be honest with myself. Not a Fan was awesome by the way. Thank you.

  659. Shamar Brennan says:

    God bless you!! This was such a funny, yet mind blowing article. Thanks for adding a new perspective to this well known story. Blessings!

  660. Today’s devotional really spoke to me. I need to take action!!!

  661. I have had AHA moments and now I am waiting on my son and husband to have them —I think we need an AHA moment where all three of have one at the same time so we can be in synch for 2014 all on the same page as it were.

  662. Thank you so much for a great post today! I am waiting on an AHA moment.

  663. Debbie Duran says:

    Would enjoy reading Kyle’s new book. Proverbs 31 Daily messages are always right on target. Thank you for all you do!

  664. I am praying that 2014 is filled with AHA moments in the lives of many. May we learn to always put our trust in God and allow the Holy Spirit to direct us.

  665. I would love a copy of Kyle’s new book – this is exactly what happened to me 29 years ago – what a great reminder!

  666. Heatherlee Trujillo says:

    Thank you Kyle, I really needed this reminder about AHA moments. The things I have been going through lately I have forgotten to look for those AHA moments in my life and have forgotten to look to my Savior for His help. Reminders like these really help to put focus back where it needs to be on Him! Thank you!!!

  667. Thank you for this post, it’s a great joy to have an AHA moment. It’s a moment you feel so certain and sometimes wonder why it took so long to see clearly. God continue to bless you and your work.

  668. Thank you for the reminder to live out of the power of the Holy Spirit and to look to the Lord for wisdom and mercy today. This was timely. God bless you.

  669. so glad GOD enacted an AHA moment in my life years ago and then gave me the support to trun things around!

  670. This devotional really spoke to my heart. Can’t wait to read the book!!

  671. Well said, I have recently had my own AHA moment and this puts into words what i have been feeling

  672. I was so surprised to see and read a devotional in P-31 this morning written by a man. AHA! What a blessing. I have wondered for a very long time why men couldn’t post devotional as well. I so enjoyed reading Kyle’s devotional. I got a real blessing as well as insight from today’s devotional. I hope you have more men that will be willing to write devotional. I just love all the women that write too. Thanks so much!

  673. This was such an enlightening and encouraging post today! It was exciting to read how to apply the “AHA” moments that I have experienced but have never seemed to be able to keep that momentum going. Thank you for this post and I look forward to reading your new book whether it be early or in march!!!

  674. Paige Smith says:

    I feel I am at a crossroads in my life right now. Looking for where God wants me to be. Trying to wait and listen and be obedient. Thank you for the devotion – everything I’ve read this morning seems to be lining up to tell me something. I wait in anxious anticipation and pray that distractions won’t cause me to miss the AHA.

  675. Wonderful reminder! Thank you for the encouragement this morning.

  676. Thank you for speaking truth…..

  677. What a great word for us as we begin a new year. The bitter cold that is upon our country leaves us curled up inside our homes pondering God’s direction for our lives…the sudden awakening available to all of us.

  678. I loved Kyle’s book and study, “Not a Fan” and can’t wait to read his next one!

  679. Awakening, Honesty, Action = Brilliant! Thank you!

  680. Lynn Bowman says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I can Honestly say that I’ve had more than my share of moments with some of these letters missing. In the future I want to have all the letters intact. Let the transformation begin!!

  681. Kim Panther says:

    My mini AHA moment came when a male face popped up on my Proverbs31 devotion. It’s not just by women for women! ;). God is so good and he does place those AHA moments in your life just when you need them most but you have to be looking for them!!

  682. Loved the parallel with the alarm clocks. Great “real life” parallel.

  683. This seems to be a reacurring theme for me this year, let go…. You can’t do it in your strength…but with God all things are possible. A reminder to be daily plugged in to God and to walk with Him…i have a tendency to run ahead and leave Him behind. Praise God for the many ways He speaks to us!

  684. I love the acronym AHA as I use them a lot for myself and sharing with others! Thank you for this post today! God Bless!

  685. I don’t think I will ever again hear my alarm clock go off and not think “AHA”… As I think back over the years, I stop and think about all of the possible AHA moments that could have been with myself, my teenage kids, and friends. After reading this devo…I pray that as I remember those past opportunities that I can share the AHA moment with family and friends and that we will all be more aware of those moments. Now days it seems life is so busy we run on auto pilot or sleep mode-now is the time to Awaken – get Honest with ourselves – take Action! Keeping our eyes and heart on the true goal. Thank you for this awesome devo.

  686. I was surprised to see today was by a man but it was a divine appointment this morning. I am currently going thru my “AHA” moment. I am in the brutal honesty stage and it is not fun. It is hard being honest to yourself, I just know that I need to come home to my daddy and have him fix everything. I have been doing everything on my own power long enough and failing miserablely. It is time that I listened to God to tell me exactly what I need to do to get on my knees. Kyle thank you so much! I most definitely will be getting this book when it hits the stands!!!

  687. Kyle,
    I have patiently been waiting for God to show me the words to speak to my son who is struggling with alcoholism. Raised a Christian, college interrupted his spiritual path although he often tells me that he is praying for me. Please pray that when I send him your words this morning that he will hear it as an AHA moment to give him the strength and wisdom to ask God for the courage to deal with his situation. Blessings to you Kyle.

  688. Roberta-OBS Small Group Leader says:

    So rich, powerful, insightful and compelling. My girlfriend and I were having this conversation yesterday on the phone and I am thankful for the opportunity to see our conversation illustrated so vividly today. I love the how you described the three key ingredients for an AHA moment. A Sudden Awakening, Brutal Honesty and Immediate Action and how all three must be completed in order to have an “AHA” moment or experience. It is so reassuring to have confirmation so quickly about the truth of our conversation yesterday. I am looking forward to sharing this devotion with many people. I would love to own both of your books, Mr. Idlemann. Thank you and may God continue to pour out many blessings upon you, my brother.

  689. AHA, a good place to be! Looking forward to this book.

  690. Trying to grow up from being a people pleaser and follower. Just want to follow Jesus and not expect mans acknowledgement and approveal. This message was an AHA moment for me. Thank you.

  691. Wow. Powerful devotion today, hence why there are SO MANY COMMENTS! Everyone is hoping to get Kyle’s new book, including me. I have a friend who struggles b/c when God convicts her husband, there’s always immediate change. She’s not like that. This might help explain why.

  692. Thank you for this. I recently had that AHA moment at my friend’s funeral when she passed of breast cancer at the age of 36…and her entire service was about how much she loved the Lord and lived for Him completely, putting him first and her family second. I realized then that I want to live my life in that same way, showing reverence to my Father in Heaven first and foremost and everything else second. This devotion was just another great reminder of how to do that and that I need to do that.

  693. Have had many aha moments. I praise God he is so gentle in bringing things to me that I need to change. I pray for all prodigal children including our own that this would be the month that they have their AHA moment and come back to the Lord!

  694. I am so grateful that AHA moments aren’t just for times when we feel we are so far from God. For me they can be the big knock on the head that says, “Seriously, wake up and see where you are!” But, sometimes they are a gentle nudge that says, “Watch out, that step leads you down the path you hate,” and I realize how one small action can potentially lead to so much pain. Either way, I thank