The Most Beautiful Love Song You’ll Ever Hear

The Most Beautiful Love Song You’ll Ever Hear

February 3, 2016

"For the LORD your God is living among you. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With his love, he will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful songs." Zephaniah 3:17 (NLT)

I remember those days as if they were yesterday. When each of my three children were babies, I treasured the time I spent rocking them to sleep, singing soft lullabies and trying to lull them into baby dreamland.

I vividly recall how I felt when I sang over them, breathing in their sweet baby aroma, caressing their soft skin and hair, swaddling them close and longing to keep them safe forever and ever. As they looked up into my eyes with sleepy looks, so often tears of joy would trickle from my eyes, and I felt compelled to keep singing and soothing them with the melody.

My mama heart felt overwhelmed. How could I be filled with such joy and love for someone so tiny and new? How could I delight that much over someone who couldn’t do anything for themselves, much less for me?

As I read today’s key verse, it brought back all these sweet memories, and helped give new meaning to how much God loves His children. In Zephaniah, God is singing because He rejoices over His children, delights in them and feels joy over them.

Zephaniah references a future time when God will have ended His judgment on His children Israel, and they will enjoy a time of blessing and safety from their enemies.

The words of this verse remind us God is with us always, and He is mighty to save. He delights in us and loves us each so much that He sings melodies of love and rejoices over us. This delight is simply because we are His. And just as a mama’s voice calms and soothes a child with song, God quiets us with His love and soothes our hearts with His voice.

I love to picture our heavenly Father singing and rejoicing over His children like that. Singing and rejoicing over me, and you.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how God could love us, especially when we consider all the mistakes and times of disappointment we’ve struggled through. Or, when we feel like we don’t measure up because we don’t do enough for His kingdom and His glory.

Or when we feel unloved or rejected by others and wonder if God might have abandoned or rejected us as well. What comfort it brings to think about God loving us the same way a mother loves her babies.

As moms, we sing over our babies because we love them, not because they deserve it or can do anything for us in return. They bring delight to our hearts, because they are ours. And the same goes for our heavenly Father when it comes to His own.

God’s quiet love and gentle whispers of acceptance and delight are the greatest love song our spiritual ears will ever hear.

Father God, fill me with an overwhelming joy at the thought of how much You love me. When I am feeling unloved or unwanted, fill my spiritual ears with Your beautiful love song and soothe my heart with Your comforting words. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 104:33, "I will sing to the LORD as long as I live. I will praise my God to my last breath!" (NLT)

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Sometimes February, the month we typically focus on love, can often feel lonely and disappointing. How might focusing on how much God loves and adores you, and sings and delights over you, help change your attitude?

What are some ways you can reach out to someone who might need to be reminded they are loved this month?

© 2016 by Tracie Miles. All rights reserved.

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  1. I am loved.

  2. Amen Dianne,

    You are LOVED!

  3. Give somebody a valentine’s goody basket that is lonely and wouldn’t expect it. Place some verses about God’s love in the basket.

  4. We like to take a dozen or two balloons from the Dollar Tree Store to residents who normally receive nothing .

    They have a sense of someone caring while watching others admire their balloons.

  5. I do not feeled loved especially this month, as I was unloved and unwanted as a baby, did not fare any better as a young woman and today I rec’d an email from someone I have been involved with for over 10 years that he has found someone else to spend his time with. Even when you are a believer, for me anyhow, it does not lessen the pain and feelngs of worthlessness and rejection yet again.

    • Tish, I believe that all of us go through those feelings at some point in our lives. They are tough to get through & that’s where we really do need to rely on God’s love – and dive into His Word for reassurance that He loves us unconditionally. I also hope to draw near to very close friends during those times too.
      What strikes me with this devotion today is that just before reading through it, I was reading the obituary of a student in our school district who chose to end her life last week. She is no longer here to see the hard impact that both high schools are having to deal with. I think back to when my sister chose to end her life…WHY do people “seem to care” after those tragedies? Certainly they care before, they just don’t show it. It’s time to step up and do something about this. I love the questions to this devotion, especially: What are some ways you can reach out to someone who might need to be reminded they are loved this month?
      I pray that you find comfort in Jesus and His love for you. I pray that your friends surround you in caring acts of love. <3

      • Dear Tish: My heart breaks reading that you feel rejection. I don’t have the right words, but I’m praying for you today. I do not know the circumstances but sometimes love is not always expressed by someone who has it deep in their hearts. I saw tears of regret from a grandfather near the end of his life because he was more self-indulged earlier in his life, and neglected to show more of a father’s love. I could see how it took a toil on the children but one is a believer and has triumphed over the hurt. I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

        The crafty devil has been around for quite some time and knows just how to persuade us to focus on the wrong since this keeps us from the power of God that can change our lives and others. I’m sure you know all about God’s love as a believer. 1 Peter 1:6-7 talks about all kinds of trials to prove the genuineness of our faith. I hope you triumph over this struggle, and allow God to use it to bring others to him. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tish,, my heart goes out to you and I too am praying for God’s love and peace to seep in to your soul. What LoriAnn and Anna say is all good stuff but keep in mind too that their is nothing wrong with seeking professional guidance to help you overcomes those deep feelings of abandonment. Pray to God to steer you to that right person.

    • Tish I was sad for you when I read your note. No words can really ease the pain of rejection. The ONLY thing I can add it to say that God takes bad and hurtful situations and uses them for good. I have experienced this first hand. Put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Give God your right hand and he will guide you.
      Prayers going up with you name on it today.

  6. Tish, please believe that God loves and cherishes you….I too have struggled wth being unloved, and truthfully, sometimes n this broken world, we don’t find true, lasting love. But God loves us perfectly and eternally. Don’t let the enemy rob you….I am praying for you to KNOW that you are loved. Trust God’s word, and trust His heart!

  7. You may have been unwanted by your own parents,but you were not unwanted by God. He chose you to be here and loves you. Do not let the failings of your human parents dictate your life but work to see yourself as God does. His wonderful,beautiful child. It is hard to change thinking when you have grown up with it. It makes other experiences in your life be viewed from that same lens as this recent email probably does. It will be hard work and a true decision to choose to think about yourself as you truest are,as god sees you. But that is the real you. God doesn’t make junk.

  8. God, I pray that Tish would feel your love today and everyday. Let her know her self worth so that she can care for herself and only entrust herself with others who would take care of your beautiful creation.

  9. The baby with colic is often held, rocked and sung over more than the happy, healthy baby. It doesn’t make the pain go away, it says, “You are not alone in your pain.”

    When I’m in pain, I’m apt to think, “Lord, if you loved me, you’d make the pain go away.” But instead, God scoops me up and sings over me while I cry. He knows that my crying is for a season and his love is forever.

    Know then, Tish, that God’s love for you is forever.

    • Shirlee, your words here are always so wise, so soothing, so loving. You minister naturally to the broken. As much as I cherish the proverbs 31 devotional each day, I so look forward to your posts and replies! God bless you for loving on your christian sisters! Xoxo

  10. Good Morning, I have had so many bad memories growing up and didn’t know How God could Love me, but as I got older and learned more about Him, I knew I am loved, just because others never loved me doesn’t mean He never loved me. He was by my side the whole way and He is still walking beside me no matter where I go. I like to sing or listen to songs that lifts my spirit and joy from the Lord!
    I know sometimes My niece doesn’t feel loved so when she had surgery, I have her a bouquet of flowers to show her that I loved and cared for her. It meant allot to her!
    Thank you for your story this morning Lynn, it fills my heart with Love and Joy!!

  11. Anna finley says:


  12. Thanks, this was great. I will share this verse with my son – who we adopted and struggles with ADHD and Sensory issues. He has asked me why God made him this way. In his rages he screams about being stupid and wishes he wasn’t born. It breaks my heart – we show him unconditional love every day. I believe he will be able to connect with these verses and this story because even though I didn’t birth him, I love him just as much as if I did and I tell him that all the time. I want him to see that God loves him even more than I do!

  13. Shirlee, your words here are always so wise, so soothing, so loving. You minister naturally to the broken. As much as I cherish the proverbs 31 devotional each day, I so look forward to your posts and replies! God bless you for loving on your christian sisters! Xoxo

  14. Beautifully written, as a single woman with no children this was very touching. I love following 31 ministries to remind myself how I should be. Is there a blog designed for unmarried women with 31 as at times the messages can be heartbreaking to those of us who are still waiting on our husband God made for us.

  15. I need this reminder. I will always feel like a disappointment to God.

  16. Pam Ahlstrand says:

    This verse has always been dear to me and lately has been on my heart even more- I even made it the screen saver on my phone just last week! Thank you for confirming the truth of His promises!

  17. Loved the message this morning! I needed to hear this today!

  18. Once I was married, I continued to send Valentines to my single friends especially my single mom girlfriends…they were so grateful!

  19. Beautiful- We could not ask anymore from our Heavenly Father. thank You for loving me God.

  20. Susie Roth says:

    This verse also speaks volumes to me. As I sat next to my mother in law on her bed at Hospice, I read certain verses out of my Bible to her. She had asked me to pray to ask God to let her come home to Him.I did pray this prayer aloud for her. So in the midst of my eyes brimming with tears, I read this verse Zep. 3:17. She turned over. & looked at me, she said , “Susie, I really like that ver se.” At her funeral, I told the family members about this. I read the verse. We laid her to rest but somehow my heart felt alittle better knowing she liked this. It has been over a yr now but this verse is very special to me. She was a very special person in my life. ?


  21. I remind myself often that I am “God’s girl!” It’s such an amazing feeling to know that I am loved by my Father. I find myself singing/ talking to Him often during the day. It lifts my spirits when I start to feel sad, unloved, unappreciated,etc..There’s no other love to compare. Prayers to all my sisters in Christ and please remember me in yours. Love you all.

  22. Gloria Hamilton says:

    I still sing to my girls every night ages almost 3 and 4 1/2. They love it and I cannot imagine a better way to put them to sleep then I pray for them while in their room. Love it.

  23. marge michulsky says:

    I have bought valentine cards to send off to all 15 of our grandchildren, some away in college. Plus our six “kids”.

  24. Tish, Read your email this morning and wept. I prayed for you the whole way to work this morning. God loves you…and all of us who have responded to you, do too.

  25. Would love the opportunity to read your book! The title alone lets us know that this will be a great read!! Blessings!!

  26. I’m so glad I read this.To know and still loved and not rejected even as I live in sin.Two months ago I was asked to take over the children’s ministry I was so excited so many plans.It was taken all taken away last night when I told them.I was living with my boyfriend.I know its in the bible but I refuse to get married as I have already been through two failed marriage.I love my boyfriend and has been very supportive with all of this.We have been together for almost a year, even said he would get a background check and join the church and help with the children.Because he had experience with his church far away.I am not mad by all of this just hurt.

  27. Beautiful reminder. Thanks so much!

  28. Beautiful?

  29. Amen! What a wonderful Father we have. Thank you for sharing this devotional this morning.

  30. I have been on a long and difficult journey over the past year. Through it I have questioned God, questioned if He exists, questioned so much about salvation, the universe, etc… This past week I concluded that while I do not ‘feel’ God or really ‘know’ if He exists I can CHOOSE to believe it. I know that if the God I used to know and used to trust is real He will honour my choice and draw me to Himself. So I have begun a new journey of choosing to believe and choosing to spend time in the Word with the hope that He will honour and reveal Himself to me.

    Today’s devotion has opened my eyes to seeing God as a mother. I am not trying to be irreverent in this. But rather, to see God as maternal, nurturing, caring, loving. I did not have a mother who cared for me or loved me the way Tracie expresses motherly love. I have craved it my whole life. So today I choose to accept it and hold on to it. A love that is because I am His. A love that wants me without giving back, accepts me for who I am. I cannot ‘feel’ it, but I accept it and long for the day God will break through the wall between us.

    • Oh Leigha, I pray you feel God’s comfort. When reading Zephania 3:17 it reminds me of difficult times in my life when I felt as I was singing in my sleep all night or listening to songs literally being sung to me. Sometimes so loud that I had to ask my husband if he heard me singing in my sleep. One particular instance, during an extremely stressful time in my life, all night in my sleep I heard the words to a TobyMac song over and over, which he borrowed from an old song…”Hush little baby don’t you cry, daddy’s gonna sing you a lullaby, everything’s gonna be OK”. I pray you feel God’s comfort and he’s able to reach you in a way that only you can hear and know that it is your God.

  31. I long for these words to sink into my heart. I need peace and extra doses of God’s love and presence as I battle some trying times, rejection, fears, etc.
    Thank you for this devotional and please pray for my high-risk pregnancy with baby girl (5 months),
    to not fear or worry about Zika virus, other issues that try to rob me of peace of mind and heart. I’ve lost 3 precious pregnancies in the past and begging God to please be kind this go around and let me have a happy, healthy, healed, whole daughter, restored and peaceful friendships, etc. Thank you. Prayers for all to feel love
    where needed most.

    • Hi Anon,

      I just read this devotion and the comments today and felt led to pray for you. I would love to hear how you are doing and pray for you more – if you have any specific prayer requests, I would be honored to hear them and pray for you more specifically. My God’s peace be with you and his blessings in your life be many!


  32. Our children are 8 years apart. With our daughter I rocked and sang to her until I was pregnant with our son and the three of us wouldn’t fit in the rocker anymore. Our daughter liked me to sing “You Are My Sunshine” at bedtime. Our son didn’t like to be rocked so I tucked him in each night and we sang “You Get A Line I’ll Get A Pole Honey, we’ll go fishin in a crawdad hole”. The Lord knew I was an emotionally and physically exhausted mom and knew exactly how to speak to me – exactly what verse I would relate too at that very moment. I heard a pastor read Zephania 3:17 in a revival. I didn’t hear anything else he said that night because the Lord was speaking directly to me at that very moment with these sweet words.

  33. Thank you! Oh how I desperately needed to hear those sweet words today! Just when I felt God had given up, you remind me He still loves me like I love my own children. Thanks be to God our Father, who makes each day new!

  34. As I sit here rocking my newest grandson and read this, it speaks to my heart. Oh, how He loves you and me! Our Heavenly Father loves us and cares about every little thing in our lives. Like we draw our babies close to comfort them, He wants us to draw close and give Him our concerns, resting in His everlasting arms. Thank you, Father, for your Word, reminding us of just how much you love us.

  35. How might focusing on how much God loves and adores you, and sings and delights over you, help change your attitude?
    I have been stuck in a rut (actually caught in a trap!) of feeling unloved & unappreciated at home. Last week a friend shared a story of the Invisible Woman and it really opened my eyes. As long as I remember I am not doing what I do every day to get noticed, but remember that I am using the gifts God gave me and doing work for His glory, I can really focus on God’s love being all I need to be happy!

  36. I am feeling lead to buy roses for the single ladies in my office with a tag that says you are significant and beautiful to God! I believe the enemy uses this secular holiday to defeat single women and highlight that they are not with someone so they are not worthy; that is a lie straight from the enemy!! I want to shine some light in these women lives that day ❤️

  37. Kim Duvall says:

    Thank you tracie – this is one of my favorite verses of all times – I needed to be reminded of Gods love for me and that HE has not left me in this season of life I am in- thank you for your encouragement today my precious sister in Christ

  38. Hi Tracie,

    Last year on Valentine’s day I stopped in the mall and I blessed a young mom with a gift card. So I think I will do it again maybe this time I will buy a gift card from Victoria secret or Bath and Body works and see who I can bless this year. Your message about love reminded me of my devotion on Sunday that talked about God’s Agape love. Looking for someone who looks like they’re miserable and alone.

  39. David Broussard says:

    Your devotion struck my heart with remembrances of my times holding my baby daughters. in much the same way. To think God holding me the same way is uplifting and a blessing. God Bless you.

  40. I’ve always loved this verse…but you’ve shed new light on how God really feels about us.
    Love this!

  41. I have been witnessing to a young Vietnamese woman whose second baby is due next month. I want to I vote this family for dinner to show them the love of Christ. What a great cd!

  42. Thanks Tracie, for your wonderful blessings along with providing a true sense of nostalgia of the times I rocked my cildren to sleep. There’s no doubt that I am going to shower my now 9 & 10, with all the love and blessings they deserves just lik when they where youngsters.

  43. Beautiful!!! I’m reading this a day late!! Yesterday my 3rd grandchild was born. I was with my daughter and her boyfriend when Baby Weston was born!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Such an appropriate devotion. As I held the brand new babe, my love flowed in my heart just like the blood it was pumping!!! My daughter knows God, but doesn’t feel like she “measures up”. Oh how I wish I could explain, show or prove God’s LOVE for her, just as she is!!! Thank you for these words. I will share them with her. It is My Prayer that she can feel God’s unconditional Love and that satan’s whisper in her ear be drowned out by God’s beautiful love song for her!!

  44. Make some roll out cookies to frost and share at work and put a note or card with them that states simply, know you are loved this Valentine’s Day!

  45. Good morning, it is a new day! Jesus loves me this I KNOW, for the BIBLE tells me so. Yes, JESUS loves me. . . and He loves you too! HAGD


  47. Thank you for today’s devotion! I’m a first time mom of an 11.5 month old baby boy. Totally unprepared for motherhood (as all of us are) I spent months in a state of utter exhaustion as my little man woke time and time again during the night. It wasn’t until I surrendered my own need for rest and gave in to my son’s needs 100% that God gave me peace and rest. In our house, that means after the 1st wake up of the night, I spend the rest of the night with my son. I enjoy sleepy snuggles, and he is able to rest and be nourished with me by his side. Verses like the one shared today remind me that God is always there to delight in His children and calm our fears, and it reaffirms for me my desire to be by my child’s side always, never leaving him to cry, never leaving him alone, hungry, or afraid, but offering my whole heart in love. Thank you for the reminder!

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