The Way to Break Free of Stress

The Way to Break Free of Stress

November 30, 2016

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

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When I feel like we’re drowning in all of life, our daughter Hope and I will go up to the lake and feel the waves pound, sense the serene fury of water.

As the waves break against the earth it quakes the inner cochlear, and there’s nothing else to hear but the breaking. Hope stands there with windblown strands of hair across her face, the electrical energy of each breath of wet, briny air sparking something in her.

“Is there anything lovelier, really, than the way waves keep touching the shore no matter what tries to keep pulling them away?” I lean into her and say it over the sound of the wind, of the crashing surf.

Hope tucks her hair behind her ear, “Love’s like waves — it keeps reaching out, no matter what tries to keep pulling it away.”

She and I stand there in the battering of the elements, watching waves, eyeing how the light catches in water, how the waves move like the earth’s own pulse, like our own heartbeat.

“You know — a pool isn’t like this.” I say it slowly, watching the waves, seeing it for the first time: “It has no power, no life — because it has no breaking of waves … Strange how that is: It’s in the breaking, there is life.”

What did my husband say again and again? “Never be afraid of being a broken thing … Unless a seed breaks, there is no life.”

All down the shoreline, the waves keep crashing and breaking … and living.

Hope slips her arm through mine.

All of life’s losses break us, break through us, scar us. I want them not to. Frankly, there are days I’d like to hide my scars and the jagged edges of my brokenness, days when I wish there were no marks to bear. But if losses don’t leave their mark — how can we say we were ever marked or shaped by love? Scars are signs that show the way we loved.

Hope’s hand rests on mine.

You’re famous for helping; God, give us a break.” (Psalm 79:9, MSG)

Give us a break, God, in the midst of overwhelming stress and the pounding of waves, the storms of life.

And I don’t even realize I’m saying it out loud: “When you’re hit by the breaking waves, break deep.”

You’ve got three options when breaking waves hit, when you feel like you’re drowning.

Either let fear make you run hard — but fear never makes you safe, fear just makes you fall — and fall hard.

Or, fall back on your pride and try to stand against that wave breaking over you — and it will break you.

Or lastly, when you’re hit with a breaking wave — you can break deep. You can break deep into that breaking wave and let yourself be moved by Living Water and transformed and formed by Christ and remade by the rising current of His Love.

The only way through a breaking wave — is to break deep into the wave.

The only way through the overwhelming waves is to break deep into the roiling water and dive into the depths and stretch out both arms through the fathoms and let yourself be made into the shape of a cross.

That’s all there is: You can either be broken by fear or broken by pride — or you can break into the surrendered, cruciform shape of Christ.

Break deep. Break deep, and break free.

I turn to Hope — I kind of feel baptized. She and I — we can face stress, the waves coming from every side, because we can break deep into the wave of whatever comes at us, arms opened wide and choose to live shaped like a cross, cruciform. It feels like surrender. When you choose to break deep into the breaking waves — when you break the surface of the water again — you can feel born again. Remade into the image of Christ.

When you’re in over your head, you can touch the depths of God.

Hope turns to me. “Hear it, Mama? It’s like every crash of the waves is echoing it.”

Break deep — break free.

Lord, when waves of stress rise and threaten to overwhelm, cause me not to be broken by fear of being overwhelmed or by the pride of standing in my own strength. When I feel stress, cause me to break deep — break deep into whatever is coming at me, shaped like Christ, acting like Christ, formed like Christ, broken and given and surrendered like Christ, cruciform like Christ. Cause me to break deep today — and break free. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Ephesians 4:24, “And then take on an entirely new way of life — a God-fashioned life, a life renewed from the inside and working itself into your conduct as God accurately reproduces his character in you.” (MSG)

Longing to live a life that’s fearless of brokenness? Ann Voskamp takes those who carry their own unspoken broken on a journey into The Broken Way — a fresh, authentic way into more time, more meaning, more abundant wholeness — a literal way to shape your days into the abundant life.

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Think of one stress today you are facing. What’s one way you can break deep into that wave, surrendered and living Christlike?

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  1. Oluwaseun Alabi says:


    God bless you abundantly. Today’s devotion – The way to break free of stress, is like water poured onto my mind. At this period of my life, this particular piece is just right for me and I must confess, it has really lifted up my Spirit..I am indeed breaking free of every of my life’s challenges in Jesus Most Holy Name, amen.

    Once again, thank you for the write-up. God bless you.

    • On the mission field the battles can get pretty rough… most days the waves are way over my head. Thanks for the timely reminder that each day, each step, calls for a yielding to Surrrender it all to Christ.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful devotion! I plan to share this with my Bible study girls tonight.

  3. Franchesca says:

    WOW this was so beautiful and impaccting. I want to live like this. Thank you for letting yourself be used by hrough Christ. Glory to Jesus. This was beautiful.

  4. Sarah Snyder says:

    Wow, how insightful! This really hits home for me right now as we settle into an international move in a country where I don’t speak the language well, and often feel overwhelmed as I try to figure out my “new life”. Trusting God for each and every moment and not resisting the trials is where I want to be. Thank you for the encouragement this morning!!

  5. I love everything by Ann Voskamp! I would love a copy of The Broken Way.

  6. This expresses stress exactly. Thank you for this.

  7. Yvonne Hinton says:

    I need to read this book.Thank you


    A different way to embrace the obsticales but with crashing waves. The waves also go away as does the stress, only for a new wave to follow behind. Acepting this to shall pass. The concept is so simular,it is a part of our lives.

  9. Betsy Mauk says:

    Thank you!

  10. Janet Drake says:

    I am going through a difficult time with my health right now. I am feeling very broken. This book sounds like it may be a good read for me at this time of life.

  11. Thankful for the words Ann Voskamp shares with us!

  12. This message was right on time for me! I was awakened earlier than desired and my mind started reeling from the stress of everything going on (seemingly all at once with new opportunities for growth coming piling on more items than my to do list can hold). I tried to return to sleep to no avail, prayed for God’s peace and surrendered the outcome of the things on my mind to Him. I felt an urge to read this daily devotional and spend time reading my bible and the book my church is doing together. The devotional title seemed fitting for the thoughts that had been swirling in my mind only minutes earlier…and the content did not fail to deliver! Thanks, Ann, for your obedience to the call that laid these words of life on your heart and for allowing God to use you as a vehicle to speak to me this morning!

  13. Linda Johnson says:

    I so needed this and would love to win a copy

  14. Michelle Gouthro says:

    Thank you. I own 1000 gifts and found the simplicity of applying gratitude to be life altering. I look forward to reading this book as well. Thanks!

  15. Went to store twice and they didn’t have any copies.

  16. I love that the waves are like a pulse-proof of God’s heart still beating.

  17. Kristin Marie says:

    I would love to read The Broken Way. I have suffered so much brokenness and loss, especially this year. It’s been so hard to believe there will be restoration but I know God uses it all….trials and brokenness… Nothing is wasted in His hands.

  18. Never be afraid of being a broken thing … Unless a seed breaks, there is no life.” This sentence touched me. As I feel for all my life so many things happened to me. It started when I was born. I’m home now for 3 months as I was exhausted of standing against the waves of life. I was searching for God bot not finding him. I collapsed. This sentence encourages me, that this period in my life can be the announcement of a breaktrough. I live in Belgium, singele mum of tree teens and I am gratefull for this encouragement from over the waters…

    • May God bless you with peace and strength in him, and wisdom with your three teens- I can imagine, it has to be rough sometimes…

  19. Helen S.Sheela says:

    The way of beating the stress is to realize that depending on God is our only option.
    end result is
    God’s way of making us realize our dependency on Him.

  20. Perfect timing. Thank you.

  21. Heather Coupland says:

    Love this so much. This year I have been broken by illness and depression but am now ready to take the daring path where I know abundant life waits for me and I’m excited for the first time in ages. I want to learn to dive deep. THANK YOU

  22. Looking forward to reading Ann’s new book. God is breaking me in many ways. May I respond in the right way.

  23. Judy Cuddy says:

    I am Caregiving my precious husband with ALZ. The waves crash daily…this was so deeply inspiring to my weary body & soul. God bless you…and those of us walking through our brokenness.

  24. I am completely overwhelmed in my life and don’t know where to turn. I wake at 3:00-4:00 every am and can’t sleep as all my responsibilities crash on top of me. This devotional is very timely. I would love this book.

  25. Thank you, Ann, for this message. God has used you in such a very special way. Your article has definitely helped me, and so many others.
    I tend to let stress overwhelm me, and let fear cripple me from applying God’s living word into my life.
    I can relate to your analogy of stress and breaking waves. “Break deeply… Break free.” Your husband’s saying of; “Never be afraid of being a broken thing … Unless a seed breaks, there is no life.”, is also a powerful analogy.
    I will use the wonderful message of your article, as well as scripture, to help me through this enormously stressful time in my life. (Just to name one stressor, that I would greatly appreciate everyone’s prayers in regard to, my husband of twenty years left me, with no just cause. He left me with nothing material, but I do have three beautiful children,(blessings straight from God).
    Through scripture, ferverent prayer, proverbs31 devotions, Godly counsel, (such as yourself), etc., I am coming to realize that my husband didn’t merely leave me, he finally blessed me.
    Again, thank you! I will apply your words of Godly wisdom into my life. May God continually bless you and your family.

  26. Wow! What an encouraging and challenging way to look at life. I would LOVE to read the book. Thank you for sharing this, it touched me very deeply because the waves of the ocean have always been my favorite place to be with and feel God’s presence. I know He’s with us everywhere but the ocean and the crashing waves block out all the noise of the world for me to hear Him more clearly. Blessings for today.

  27. Carol Driver says:

    I awoke very early this morning and this email came through. As I sat here in the quiet, I could see the waves breaking in my mind’s eye and feel the refreshment and renewal that comes. What a beautiful devotion, and I am thankful for it.

  28. These daily devotions are especially encouraging to me. I like waking up to find a message in my inbox which causes me to reflect upon my walk with Jesus and encourages me to keep moving forward with Him. Thank you all for the introspect and encouragement your words bring.

  29. Thank you for this devotional. I would love to win a copy of your book to share with my daughter.

  30. Mickie Hodder says:

    Thank you for this devotional ESP comparing to crashing waves… Like stress they come crashing in but do go back out again if we deal w our stress day to day and learn how to ask God to help us thru the obstacles that cause the stress. We at times feel broken but we can pray and become whole again
    Would love a copy of the Broken Way to help me to know how broken I have been ( rough yr of sickness n 3 surgeries ) but am feeling less broken as days go by
    Thank you for the eye opener

  31. Sandra Southerland says:

    I was already broken by stress this morning when God sent this devotional. Now I can face the day!

  32. Cathleen Rafalko says:

    Thanks for the teaching on waves and stress. Waves crashing always brings me hope♡ Blessings on your season ♡

  33. Much needed today! It’s still awesome how God KNOWS what we need when we need it especially when we allow him into our hearts.

  34. A God given gift to new living water redemption restoration renewal Great source for inspiration TY

  35. Teresa Taylor says:

    I really needed to read this today. Our family has been facing a lot of waves . I am not sure I have been surrendering them to God but trying to fix them or prepare for the storm. I try to surrender them to the Lord but find myself taking them back again as more problems arise. If only I could trust enough…

    • I can so relate.

    • Dear Teresa, your post reminds me of a dream I had, years ago: in my dream, I put all of my worries in a box and gave it to God. But I kept going to him, over and over again, and taking back the box–I just had to check and make sure he was taking good care of it. Then I’d give it back.

      God didn’t condemn me, and my issues were safe in his care. All that back-and-forth just made me tired.

      Lord God, Teresa’s troubles are safe in your hands. May she rest in your green pastures beside your quiet waters, knowing that you are watching so that she doesn’t have to. Restore her soul. Amen.

      • I have some internal demons I am trying to purge. Depression has such a strong hold on me. I pray each day and give it to God. I have my love of God and these demons will be released in time, when the Lord says its time.

  36. Thank you so much for the daily devotionals. They are such a blessing and a much needed resource. As usual, the timing for this particular topic was perfect and just what God knew I needed.

  37. I especially relate to “arms opened wide and choose to live shaped like a cross, cruciform.”

    • Rose Pérez says:

      It’s so powerful the analogy of handling life’s breaking waves in the form of the cross, for that is where Christ Jesus our Savior redeemed us for all or sins.

  38. Thank you, I needed this word this morning, thank Father.

  39. Pam Miller says:

    This was written just for me today. I love that about God. He provides exactly what we need for the day.

    • Me too. As I look to the day ahead, it’s daunting. I’m entering the place where Satan dwells. I
      Need God’s presence around me there.

  40. Natasha Roman says:

    Amen! Thank you for this devotional. It helped me see trials in a different way. God bless!

  41. My adoptive mom was a very strong woman, having lived through WWII, college degree, and believing that if someone could do something well, you should be able to at least do some of “it”. What she didn’t relay to me is that sometimes, you just have to lay it at the cross because you just can’t fix “it”; but He can. I often say, Let go and let God,

    • Wendy Burroughs says:

      Lay it at the cross. That’s exactly what I need to be doing in the midst of my current sadness. Thank you for the reminder

  42. Kari Martin says:

    Beautiful truth

  43. Beautiful!

  44. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. So profound and so liberating.

  45. What an awesome visual to realize brokenness, healing and change.

  46. Connie Morris says:

    Break deep, break free… I love reminder! Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to touch my heart today!

  47. Shirlene Davis says:

    What a breathe of fresh air this was for me this morning. I am dealing with a lot of stress at my job and instead of laying all my cares on Him I have pushed Him away. I am Broken and at a point where I need to turn back to my Saviour and Lord to find peace. Thanks for sharing this morning.

  48. Thank You for this devotional.
    Stress is extremely dangerous.

  49. I sure needed this today and really every day. Break free of the negative power of others in my life. To beat me down and pile the guilt on my back. Freedom in my saviour Christ alone gives me that. If only I would hold his hand always.

  50. Mary in NH says:

    What a great message. The stress of this season of life is starting to break me. Elder care issues, new job, holidays coming and the to do list is getting longer. I’m breaking now, and running to Him. Love a copy of this book.

  51. Amanda King says:

    Yes! Just yes!

    “Love is like waves-it keeps reaching out, no matter what tries to keep pulling [or pushing] it away.”

    May my love be like Christ’s. May it constantly and consistently reach out, no matter what the circumstances or how I’m treated; both at home during my exhaustion of the day, and at my fast food restaurant job, where my emotions are always under attack.

    This encouragement has prompted a prayer of surrender to out LORD and King, Jesus. Thank you for the words ?

  52. Stephanie Maxwell says:

    Perfectly written. I would love this book!

  53. Wendy Burroughs says:

    Thank you for these beautiful words of encouragement. I feel the waves crashing on me now and long to be freed.

  54. Jody Manofsky says:

    Your words have touched be so deeply; like the depths of the ocean, like the depth of God’s love for us!!! Thank you!!!!
    “Love’s like waves — it keeps reaching out, no matter what tries to keep pulling it away.”

  55. How powerful! Exactly what I needed today!

  56. Amy Ferkett says:

    My friend is at an extremely broken point in her life and could really use this book…if I win, I would give it to her.

  57. Christine Perry says:

    Whenever anything is stressing me, I have always turned to the sounds of the waves for comfort. Now I know why! Thank you for this devotional!

  58. Blanche Schaudt says:

    I have been moved by the work of Ann before. In a study with my friend in Florida and my friend in Texas, we met on Sunday nights online to discuss One Thousand Gifts that we chose as our next Bible Study. It was a moment for us to become more intentionally thankful, each and every day.
    Whether I get the free book or not, I am glad to hear she has more for us to share on Sunday nights.

  59. Would LOVE to read this book!

  60. Thank you Ann for this wonderful story and reflection. We all have crashing waves at times in our lives and surrendering in the former of a cross is so freeing. So often we get caught up and don’t stop to take a moment to surrender. Much needed as my family member is struggling with his life. Thank you for sharing ❤

  61. This year has been one of great breaking in my life. God is my hope and my comfort and Ann’s writings have been a source of encouragement for me. I would love a copy of The Broken Way.

  62. Kathy Espinoza says:

    What a timely devotional. Planning to buy this book.

  63. Thank you for sharing this truth this morning. I often try to resist the brokenness (pride.) This puts such a new and refreshing perspective on brokenness. The title alone was refreshing and alluring…..The Way to Break Free of Stress. That is what we are all searching for this time of year.

  64. Jacqueline Olsen says:

    I hope to receive a copy of this book. I am at times alone on the path of allowing myself to be broken deeply. Thank you, Jacki

  65. I am broken, and I needed this today! “…unless a seed breaks, there is no life.”. What wonderful encouragement! I pray God will take my broken pieces and knit them back in Christ’s image, for His glory! I would love to read this book!

  66. How super cool it is to realize that God has the way…and when we listen to and follow Him then we can be crafted into something so peaceful and beautiful. If we let Him craft us, which isn’t always beautiful, peaceful or fun. Buy so super powerful. I get blow away by really letting that sink in. The tough times have such benefit when you stand in them with arms reached up for Christ to guide you thru them.

  67. Breaking into the Wave and going with the flow exhibits Faith that God will carry and lift up one thru troubled times.

  68. Shannon Flannery says:

    Am moved by this poetic reflection of breaking, rebirth and hope. Love!

  69. Debra Brigden says:

    I really needed to read this today as I have been struggling with depression. May I break deep!

  70. I would love to win a book ??

  71. L. Maly Parkisn says:

    Walking through the perils of divorce, this could not have come at a better time.

  72. Lauren Lynch says:

    Breaking waves, like grieving….I am alone and grieving of a better life or to see the face of my Savior and finally know love.

  73. What a vivid a beautiful illustration of renewing of the spirit by God if we allow him to make us anew!!

  74. Catherine Hayes says:

    I was incapable of being freed from my addiction until I recognized the gift of my brokenness. Once I was able to surrender to my powerlessness over the beast within, I was able to receive the gifts of the spirit.

    I wasn’t just broken: I was splintered, shattered, fractured…absolutely devoid of any meaningful connections. Loving my kids more than life itself…..but, for a short time, less than my illness.

    ONLY when God whispered His redeeming message in my ear on December 10, 1983 was I able to hear hope and help. Each day for more than 32 years I’ve prayed a prayer of gratitude for my redemption…..and for the same gift bestowed upon so many others by whom I have been blessed.

    Thank God for God!!!! God is good all ways; always!

    Wishing blessings and the gift of brokenness to you all!

  75. It’s so hard to embrace brokenness. But seeing it as God using it to growe me is helpful. Would love to read this book and dive deeper!

  76. I appreciate the three images from the perspective of someone who loves to swim and play in the ocean…and who tries too often to jump over the waves, or stand up to them ( only to be knocked around like crazy), and on occasion chooses to dive under the tumult and come up safely on the other side.

  77. Great reminder not just for this holiday season but for the rest of our lives. The every day stresses aren’t much, but it’s those strong waves that come at you- unemployment and not knowing when you will get that job. You watch your savings dwindle down as you continue to cut corners to make it stretch. A broken relationship that you so desperately want to fix but the other person refuses. Watching your children push further and further away from their faith. My tendency is to let my pride take over but Ann is totally on point here. When waves hit- your break … into the surrendered cruciform of Christ. That is living!

  78. Yes please!

  79. I enjoy my daily devotional. I’m thankful for God’s word and the wise words of those who can break it down to a level that touches every aspect of my life.

  80. Mary Lynn Hotz says:

    This is so good! My daughter and I used to drive to the Bowl and Pitcher on the Spokane River. It was our waves.
    Thanks for a great view of life!

  81. Megan Christenberry says:

    I needed this today. God has a way of doing this for me.

  82. Great devotional reading this morning.

  83. Sharon Stephens says:

    I would love to have this book. Thanks for sharing on how to break deep. ❤

  84. Christina Shimp says:

    Would love to have this book. Right now I’m reading 1000 Gifts and learning to be thankful in all things.

  85. Tracie Cutchin says:

    Living in a stressful situation this devotional was powerful for me. I would love a copy of this book to be able to understand more on how to handel stress and be able to let go and let God.

  86. Something to think on and react on. The breaking of the waves! Thank you for this encouragement.

  87. Oh, how I want to break free but how I am scared to break deep!!!

  88. Fern Adams says:

    Funny I would read this today yesterday it rained I decided to take off my shoes and walk to my car in bare feet it felt so good

  89. Kim Vaughan says:

    Lord, in all of our brokenness, help us to turn our eyes upon You, to look full in Your wonderful face as You make things on earth look strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace. Amen.

  90. Barbara Jacobini says:

    Sounds like a book I need to read!

  91. Debbie Brown says:

    Wow I needed this today

  92. This was a beautiful devotion. I struggle with anxiety and I face fear every day. I am constantly afraid of the “breaking”. It frustrates me as a Christian that I can’t just “let it go, and let God”. This devotion provides a beautiful illustration and I pray that I can think of anxiety as “breaking deep” and surrender it all to the only One who can give true peace. Thank you for your powerful words.

  93. Barbara Jacobini says:

    Sounds like a book I need to read.

  94. Would love to win this book!

  95. Oh the sweet words of Ann always reaching straight to the heart & leading us back to Jesus. This is definitely on my list of must buy books!!

  96. Shelley Lloyd says:

    Amazing. I needed to read that devotion today! I would love to read that book! Thank you for sharing.

  97. I am in the midst of custody BATTLE – and every day I feel like the waves are crashing against me. I have chosen the first two options of being fearful and prideful several times as I try to withstand the force on my own strength . I am sure God sent this message to me to try the third option – be broken and break free. HE is with me and will get me through this. Jeremiah 29:11

  98. Thank you for your message, Ann. It resonates with me and gives me hope in the midst of the waves of sorrow and confusion breaking daily in our world.

  99. Julie Taipalus says:

    Deep and very interesting. I can only imagine what the book would be like.

  100. Ingrid Miller says:

    I feel so encouraged by this devotional. This reminds me also that when you are in your valley experience you can only break free by coming out not down. The valley experience helps to lift you up and place you on the mountain. God restores our soul in the valley. Our stress is only for a season. What does not break you only makes you stronger.

  101. I used to think I could not be broken
    Since I had God in my heart— yet with life struggles and losses after awhile I couldn’t help but be “broken” even with God. I struggled for a bit trying to figure out how God could allow all my hardships and for me to become depressed and lose so much … And one day I realized – I HAD to be broken and broken very deep to my core so I could rebuild my life with God as my foundation and my Rock. He Rebuilt me to make me a better me. God restored my lost soul – He made me whole. Trying times still appear today yet I’m amazed and blessed how God with his restoration in me helps me deal with things in such a different positive light. Now I truly believe IT IS OK to “be broken” and fail in life for it’s in these hard times when we feel God & “see God” in action. ♥️♥️♥️??

  102. This encouraging word is exactly what I needed. Caring for my invalid brother can cause so much stress. I need to remember to surrender to the Lord and break deep. Thank you for this wonderful message and reminder!

  103. Sherry Townsend says:

    What perfect timing! I have been struggling with this for the past couple of weeks. Had a good discussion with a friend, but this is a great image of how to break free. Looking forward to reading the book.

  104. I’d love to win a copy of Ann’s new book. Always an insightful and thought provoking message from her!

  105. This sounds like an amazing book. I would love to read it!

  106. Laurie Reeder says:

    Thank you so much for this post! God knew I needed it! My husband is about to lose his job and the stress of not being prepared financially ways heavy on our minds. I needed this encouragement! God bless you and your ministry!

  107. Malinda Martin says:

    Very encouraging! I needed this.

  108. Angie I Riquelme says:

    Beautiful words of encouragement.

  109. I would love to read Ann’s new book, especially during this season of my life. Thank you.

  110. Break free! Break deep! Cruciform!

  111. My biggest stress is my husband and our marriage.. he has ptsd and is an alcoholic which is not easy but the more I have gotten into Christ and into prayer and given it to God, the more He has shown me that I was part of the problem (grr) with my nagging and complaining …God was so right once I began to work on myself, now he has started to work on my husband and its the beginning of peace in our home and our marriage. My favorite place when I can get there is the beach and there is nothing more soothing to me than the waves crashing onto the shore..

    • So happy for the breakthrough in your life and that of your husband. I pray it continues and your marriage will be all GOD wants it to be. A powerful testimony to the three in one marriage- God,husband,wife.

  112. Thank you! While reading your post via P31, I began to realize that I’ve been letting my stresses become too strong. I need to break before those stresses break me…thank you. Now the real work begins…

  113. Margaret Kempf says:

    Thank you for this encouragement at a time when I feel I am being broken and beaten by life.

  114. Thank you.

  115. Beautiful words. Would love to read your book

  116. Your words are a blessing. These words touched my heart as I am facing different stressful situations in our family. I need to be broken so that I will finally give up my pride – finally to let the wave break me deep. “Unless a seed breaks, there is no life.” As a gardener, this image really strikes a chord deep in me. May I be broken so that I may transformed through Christ. Thank you.

  117. Perfectly timed. Thank you, God.

  118. And as the waves break over you , they echo the words from God, ” you have to go back, you have to go back” as God commands the waves to not go past a certain line He has drawn in your life.

  119. This is my first time hearing Ann & I look forward to reading her book

  120. Joann van Blaricom says:

    Please pick me

  121. Would love to read this book. We are all broken in some way.

  122. I have been learning to walk in brokenness and trust the Lord fully for over 2 years. Still learning everyday. Be still and know…I would love to read your book.

  123. I would love to read this book , no,I need to read this book . Her writings speak to my heart !

  124. lynda holseberg says:

    awesome!! would love the chance to win a book. Thank you

  125. awesome message – thank you! accepting His strength and surrendering to the “break” is the answer to my prayer this morning.

  126. Thank you for this beautiful explanation of how to break free!!

  127. I would love a copy of this book. I get so easily overwhelmed with stress. I feel powerless over it and it builds and builds. This is a great message.

  128. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have been dealing with a lot of stress,,,loss of job,divorce, health issues, loss of property…Too many problems which probably led to me having a stroke before I was 50.

  129. Alison Young says:

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  130. Donna Rawlings says:

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    I’d love to read this book!

  135. As a Christian and minister of the gospel I was broken. Broken by the fact that I allowed another persons negative energy control my actions, my thoughts and my day. This took away my character and placed me on that persons level.

    BUT GOD took me to Matthew 6:14-15.
    After diving in the waves and researching those scriptures I can truly say just as I have read in this devotion I am free of this stress and I no longer fear this persons actions but am allowing God to save me from drowning. I am basting in the waves of guarding my heart and my tongue so that God can bless me, use me and promote me!

  136. My daily prayer is for God to use me to touch someone that day and make them feel loved in this stressful world. I also ask that HE put people in my life, and my daughter’s life, that will in turn touch and guide us. You are that person today with your very timely words. Thank you.

  137. God’s word is always right on time to meet our needs. This devotion speaks directly to today’s situation in my life. When things overwhelm us, we must trust in God’s promises to be there and take us through. Thank you for the reminder to let God lead us!

  138. Wow what an amazing read this morning. My mom and I love being by the water and have talked about how awesome it is to see water so calm, but then how powerful it is as well. It’s amazing to see God’s creations and how he makes something to be so harmless and incredibly dangerous at the same time. Absolutely loved this!

  139. Cynthia Waller says:

    Wow, again another devotional that hit home with me. I blew it again last night. I allow fear to set in when I feel anxious, overwhelmed or stressed and I want to flee. I want to surrender in those times and break deep and free! I would love a copy of your book to help me learn how to live in that way daily. Thank you for this timely devotional for my life!

  140. I am encouraged to look at hardships in a different light and excited to read her new book!

  141. Carol Ann Pennington says:

    Oh how I love Proverbs 31 Ministries, (in)courage, Ann Voskamp and Liz Curtis Higgs! You have all introduced each other to me! I love your support of each other. I have purchased books from all of you, but I would really love Ann’s newest book! And even if I don’t win this time, I am truly a winner for having grown to know and love all of you!

  142. Michelle Lamoreau says:

    Thank you for your message! There is such a connection for me with God and water( especially the ocean)! Well all nature!

  143. Corena Hall says:

    To be broken up like shards of my Master and Saviors pottery, the jagged edges pieced back lovingly by that same Creator anew. Boy do I need His grace and Peace to walk in it. I love Anna books, ” One thousand gifts” confirmed His presence in my everyday messy, stressful life. For the beauty of her Words I admire the gift God has given Ann, for the possibility of winning this book I am grateful and know God will give it to the people He will allow to receive it.
    I love the Cross His love breaks me when I dwell on it. Communion is where I feel His love soak into my being. I gasp once more because I feel that amazing love humbling my depths.
    To receive this book will mean many others will also share it.
    My hope is to meet Ann Voscamp some day.

  144. I would love a copy of this book. One Thousand Gifts is such a great read and I believe this one will be too. The imagery with which Ann writes makes me feel as though I am there and can touch and feel what she writes about. Thank-you for today’s devotion. I am currently in a season where God is using brokenness and I have longed and prayed for it to end. But now I see there may be a beauty and growth found in the deeper breaking.

  145. This was the best Devotional I have read. I live by the ocean and could relate to this story so well. It was magnificent and refreshing. I would love to receive a copy of Anne Vaskamps book. Thank you for sharing. Made my morning blessed!!

  146. Michelle Winburn says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read because I am trying to run and this explained it to me. I just lost my mother and a job and my sister is dying also. I love the ocean so the analogy really spoke to me.

  147. It’s in our brokenness that God can make us whole again. It’s been a recurring and important message in my life time and time again. Ann’s beautiful writing and soulful searching helps to touch lives only the way she can and I know that God has given her this ability, amidst her own pain and sorrows, to help heal other women. It’s my prayer to be able to do the same with my life. May God to continue to bless of you who seek Him.

  148. I would love to have a copy of this book. The stress of balancing work, teaching, and caring for my parents is challenging. I want it all, I want to do it all, and I want to do it well. Dear Lord help me break deep and find the balance.

  149. How beautiful. I need to let go of the stress of everyone else’s expectations and just be me.

  150. Sandy Alverson says:

    Thank you for these words of truth this morning! HE knew I needed to hear this!

  151. What an encouragement during a stressful time. Thank you! I would love a copy of your book.

  152. It’s amazing how God has spoken to me through this. Just yesterday I told one of my friends I’m near my breaking point. My mom has stage IV cancer, my children’s father just passed away, my son had to have emergency surgery…it seems like everything is crumbling down around me. I now know I need to dig deep and break deep in order to be set free. Thank you so much for givibg me this inspiration.

  153. Holly Eubanks says:

    I have been on a journey since June of this year of sudden unemployment and attempting to keep a tight rope of control instead of being calm in the storm. I realize that when I let go and sit still, that is when I can “break deep”.

  154. Carroll Sadler says:

    This was so powerful for me. I love the metaphor of diving deep when breaking. Just go with it and let God take care of it! Thank you for sending this message my way!

  155. What a rich and beautiful post! I feel as though I have been living this experience – that God has been calling me deeper, challenging my comfort zone in an effort to restore life and the love for life for His ultimate purpose and glory.

  156. Tonya Hinton says:

    You gave me a new perspective…thank you!

  157. To be broken doesn’t mean to live defeated. It is only then that we can lean in and feel the depths of love He has for us. Peace through all circumstances. My prayer for us all! Blessings!

  158. Trying to trust God and let go of all my thoughts and stress.

  159. I have been broken in this life so many times that I have wondered how in the world can God possibly fashion anything He can use out of me! This devotion was just what I needed this morning as I am 7 weeks out from losing my baby and trying hard to recover. I don’t want to lose myself in grief and sadness, I want to lose myself in grace!

  160. Really loved reading this today. I love how you correlated the waves breaking & using that to show us how to break free from whatever has a hold on us.

  161. Beautiful message! Thank you so much for sharing. A perspective surely putting into practice – not easy but with God all things are possible. I am saving this as one to remind me to stand firm in our Lord Jesus Christ and live in Him. Keep on keeping on. Peace:-)

  162. Amy Chaudhari says:

    Thank you for your devotional….
    I would love a copy of Ann’s new book.

  163. Thank you for this devotional today. I feel overwhelmed by my job and I know God is bigger than all this. I work from home & I am single and live alone. It gets tough trying to navigate everything at home when I am traveling for work. I read these devotionals before I start my day.
    Thank you for being a blessing to me!

  164. melany blinson says:

    I would love to read Ann’s book and grasp how to overcome stress. I want to live a life that is not based on pride or
    fear but on faith.

  165. So beautifully said..Thank you for this!

  166. Thank you for this morning’s message. During this time of stress while I worry about my son and his fellow soldiers during his deployment, I will remember your message to break deep and break free.

  167. Thank you so much for your message today it is exactly what I needed to hear.

  168. Love Ann and would love a copy of your new book!

  169. Colleen Stewart says:

    God always knows! I needed these words this morning. Thank you Anne. I would love to read your book!!

  170. What a beautiful way to express the positive side of being broken! Thank you, Ann.

  171. So much loss and heartache… but I have never felt more at peace. Letting His love wash over me as the waves continue to crash all around me, knowing He is my hope, my ever present help in times of trouble. I look forward to reading the book someday.

  172. Sharon Marlowe says:

    Love this story and how true!! God helps us break free!

    Sharon Marlowe

  173. Lei Jordan says:

    As I read the devotional, I thought of my life and how I initially fought the pain. The past two years have allowed me to experience brokenness in ways I never thought possible. Yet when I began to submit myself totally to Christ I found myself changing. My mother told me, if you allow it, the brokenness will reshape you so that God can use you in a greater way.
    Even in the midst of the ongoing breaking, I find peace in knowing that God is in control and that love will prevail.

  174. Thank you for a new word and word-picture – “Cruciform” through the waves that break us!

  175. Vickie Luther says:

    I have had many stressful times in my life. Losing my mother, grandmother, aunt and step father who were my support for so many years was devastating to me. But I keep reminding myself that I will see them again and that I do have support from my Heavenly Father. It’s so true when I feel stressed I just try to remember I have someone on my side…someone who has always been there for me throughout my life. He is someone I can lean on and when I do a peace comes over me. Thank you Father for never leaving me. I am so blessed and grateful.

  176. Audrey Tiscareno says:

    Im 59 yrs old still at stress. I need this book to help break the stress. Please and thank you send book..

  177. Great way to start my day,to focus on God and surrender to His will for my life. To trust Him with my broken past and use it for His Glory! I want to live everyday in every moment in complete surrender. It seems impossible with all our daily respsonsiblities. I believe we can honor Him even through the little things!!!

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    I have a lot of stress in my life right now due to a divorce, work and finances. I am broken. I enjoyed this story and am growing closer to God.

  182. Thank you for this. Break free and let go and let God.

  183. Scars are signs that show the way we loved! Poignant! Thank you for the reminder to turn to Christ and break free!

  184. I would love this book.

  185. Alisa Folsom says:

    I am so broken and drowning right now.. Just when things seem to be looking up, I seem to be hit by something else that forces me back down. I’m thankful, oh so thankful, that The Lord is there to catch me and hold me up.

  186. This devotion challenged me this morning and I’d love to win a copy of the book to dig deeper!

  187. Tricia Birr says:

    As my breast cancer journey continues, I needed this reminder this morning. Fear and stress are always knocking, but I don’t want to be broken by them. Thanks for fresh eyes on how to look at the scary stuff…I choose to be broken deep.

  188. Mallory Allen says:

    What powerful devotional to start the day. Thank you this!

  189. Love it when I get a special word from God. This devotion lines up with Psalm 11 that I read this morning….both with the message to trust God during trials. Thank you Lord for planning this special message for me.

  190. Laura Stout says:

    This devotional is just what I needed to remind me of Gods faithfulness through the storms of this life. Thank you Ann and Hope for sharing from your journey. I look forward to reading this book.

  191. Kristina Diem says:

    I would love to win the book.

  192. Terra Brown says:

    Surrounded by brokenness as I type … my world, with so much senseless loss and pain. And as I try to reconcile it all, THIS .. this devotion and I’m led to the cross once again. Thanks Ann for writing it … all of what my soul wants, you so eloquently write it. I would LOVE to win a copy of your new book and delve deeper.
    God bless.
    Terra from Kitchener, Ontario

  193. I really look forward to reading this book! One Thousand Gifts was wonderful and life changing. After reading this devotional The Broken Way will be amazing and probably even more life changing. Thanks for allowing God to use you in mighty ways!!

  194. Thank you , Love when receive copy Jesus died on CROSS all of us `. He open arms wide all of us

  195. A lot of my stress is brought on myself, but I tend to stress and worry about an unknown future. I struggle with letting go and letting God take care of all that for me.

  196. Debbie Rist says:

    Thank you for this message. I walked away from the “church”, a few years back and I am trying, through Christ’s strength, to get back into his word and walking daily with him.
    This message was what I needed to hear today.

    Thank you

  197. Look forward to reading this book!

  198. Feeling broken. My beautiful, sweet daughter, fighting an incurable autoimmune disease. Having to make the choice between giving her meds that will make her sick, destroy her liver & bone marrow or let her body attack her joints to the point of extreme pain & deterioration. She’s only 7!!! How do I choose? There is no good choice. This is forever, but we pray for remission.

    • Anne Marie says:

      Praying for you and your daughter. For healing and wisdom and the knowledge that God is holding you in the storm.

  199. Linda Farrow says:

    Would love to win this book!!

  200. I am trusting in the Lord today to help me see the brokenness I’ve felt lately as an opportunity for growth. An opportunity to break and start a new chapter in my life.

  201. Christie K says:

    Beautiful words! This was exactly what God needed me to be aware of! The stress has piled up the last few months and I continue to break down in negative ways. My son goes in for knee surgery this morning and I have tossed and turned all night then, wake to find this in my inbox!
    Today…… I break deep and break free! ? Thankful for this devotion! Thank you!

  202. Lisa Kerley says:

    This message gave me hope this morning. Thank you for inspiring me to not fear the break. I’m tired of running from it, now I know I need to run into it.

  203. Susan Rychener says:

    Powerful truth .. so easy to try other ways .. but truth is go deep

  204. I would love to win an uplifting book. ?

  205. This is the best, so beautifully written and oh, so true. There are so many nuggets in this piece. Break, surrender, leave “it” with Him, and be drawn nearer to Him and emerge better, stronger and more vibrant…I just love this! Thank you.

  206. Would love this book

  207. Jessica Rollins says:

    Thank you for a great, and much needed, message this morning! Now if only I could let it truly penetrate my heart and act on it, allowing myself to focus on Christ and not my circumstances.

  208. Renee McBryde says:

    How precious it is to be a child of God and know the joy of His love, peace and grace when the stresses of life crash into us as waves. I’m a second grade school teacher. I love my students! Teaching is so stressful, but I have joy in Christ and I know I’m exactly where He wants me to be. ❤️

  209. Today’s devotional has me in tears. I needed to hear this today. the simplicity and permission of simply asking God for a break and how not to be afraid to be a broken thing. Thank you, I needed to start my day this way. your devotionals alays speak to what I need. Especially today. I am grateful. Thank you.

  210. Janet axelson says:

    I loved the devotion, as someone who is broken, I feel I may never be whole.. I’m going to look at my brokenness very differently from now on. Thank you.

  211. cheryl r crews says:

    Great devotion, I’ll remember the phrase break deep and the lesson to surrender whenever I’m by crashing waves. I’d love to receive a free copy of the book, what a blessing it would be.

  212. Break hard. Break free.

  213. Thank you!

  214. Thank you for such wise words that truly calmed my weary heart today! 🙂

  215. I am trusting God with our finances. There are several things that have hit at once but I know with God’s guidance, we can work through them. Thank you for this reminder.

  216. I have gotten a lot from this message.

  217. Broken, but not crushed His hand will lovingly restore those who seek Him

  218. Jean Jamerson says:

    This Word really ministered to me this morning. There is no wholeness with some breaking.
    Hallelujah, thank you Jesus.

  219. Janet Lockhart says:

    Many times I have struggled on my own ; but surrendering to God was the only way I have ever experienced true peace and so much more……

  220. What a great message, it was exactly what I needed. I’ve been saying these past few weeks that I feel like I’m drowning, I feel like everyone hates me, I feel like I need a break from life. I’m going to try my best to follow your advice here.

  221. Loved this devotion about brokenness. The Lord has been showing me how damaged I am in areas of my life, and when he is fixing me sometimes he has to break me to get in deep to clean out all the junk inside my wounds and fill me with his love and peace. It hurts so bad but the result is me being renewed and beautiful for his Glory.

  222. I would love to win a copy of your book! I’m definitely feeling broken since my husband left!

    Than you

  223. Sounds like an interesting and helpful book.

  224. Nikki riggs says:

    This was a very poignant devotion! Love the analogy of people, waves, and the cross. Hadn’t thought of that before!

  225. This!!!! This is my life right now, and the stress and fear, and anxiety and grief have been so overwhelming at times. I needed this devotion this morning more than I could have known, and would love to read this book!!!

  226. What a touching devotional. I feel like this was written for me as I so clearly identify with the message. Thank you.

  227. I love your writing. I can picture myself there with you and Hope. Thank you so much for these beautiful words. I would love to win your book!

  228. God never lets us be broken beyond what we can bear!

  229. Elizabeth Gordon says:

    I would love Ann’s newest book.

    There’s beauty everything, including the broken.


  230. Diana Grimes says:

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  231. Megan Ratliff says:

    Thank you.

  232. I woke up this morning praying for God’s peace and help through the fears and anxieties I’m facing; thank you for your words of encouragement.

  233. This is such a beautifully written devotion; and in perfect timing! Thank you!

  234. Tonya Seitz says:

    These are concepts that have never crossed my mind. I’m drawn to the sound of waves crashing, and I’ve always thought that sound has a calming, soothing, healing quality. I’ll think of this now when I hear them now.

  235. I so often overwhelmed but trying to remember too much. I have a rushed schedule and it has me constantly feeling anxious as I attempt to keep it all compartmentalized. Interesting enough if I just allow myself the quiet time where I let all my thoughts just freely flow without a checklist or right or wrong judgment I am truly able to seek the presence of God its as if all the jumbled thoughts break me free from trying to figure it out on my own and reinforce my need for him and his never changing love for me.

  236. Really beautiful. Thank you!

  237. Rachel Olson says:

    I love the analogy of how growth comes from a broken seed. A book would be amazing to dive into for greater depth.

  238. I enjoyed this devotion as it spoke to me about not living in fear. I struggle with this and would love to study more how to trust God and live fully in Him.

  239. This is stamped on my heart. Let the waves break me. Let me lay down with arms wide open in the image of the cross.
    so beautiful. Thank you!

  240. Kara Patterson says:

    Would love to read this book!

  241. Laura Schleier says:


    This is such a beautiful concept to be reminded of. It’s not something that is brought up often, but when it is, I cling this message to my heart.

    We are not strong enough to stand up to fear or to stand in our pride to face battles or loss on our own. We have to surrender to Jesus and recognize that we are not strong enough by ourselves and that allowing ourselves to be broken in surrender to Him allows us to find His perfect peace, power, and love. Let the waves crash over us and be broken by Him so that we can release and be made whole by Him.

    So beautiful!

    Thank you for this reminder.
    -Laura S.

  242. It is encouragement that touches me right now. Thanks!☺️

  243. Though I always read the daily devotions, I seldom respond-even when they really move me. However, I find that today’s devotion is one of the most profound images that I have ever read on this website. I am encourages and inspired. Thank you.

  244. I was just thanking God this morning for the break in the stress. We have a prodigal child, so though it’s not completely gone, there is reprieve. But years of “breaking deep” with Jesus have helped me to appreciate so much more the reprieves and not fear the waves that are inevitably coming. I am so thankful. Part of the way God has prepared me, is through the reminders of these daily devotionals. And I’m very thankful for that too.

  245. Thank you for the message of letting me know that I can lean on God when I am overwhelmed and stressed and that like the strong waves I can lean into it deap and break free from Satan. It is a beautiful thought to also think that I have to be broken so I can be whole complete.

  246. Would love to bless a friend who is going through a very trying time.

  247. Thank you for this word of encouragement! I needed to hear these words today.

  248. The ocean is what a picture and hear when I need an image of God. I can feel and hear Him in the vastness of the ocean.

  249. Pam Mayfield says:

    I love starting my day with these devotionals. This one today is very powerful to me and what I needed today. I have had alot to overcome in my life and these last 2 years escalated to an entirely new level. The waves were pounding so hard I was drowning and alone. But I opened my arms to God and the waves and they brought me back to shore. I had to open my heart and soul again to remind me that I am never alone. This devotional really hit home for me today Ann. Thank you and would love to read a copy of your book and to share it with others. It is such a powerful message!

  250. I would love to win that book not only for myself but to share with my daughter who lost her husband this year at age 29.

  251. Angela Axtman says:

    I love Ann Voskamp’s insight and the way she uses her words like pieces of art; painting a picture that grabs at your heart and gives voice to feelings you may have buried deep inside. We have to surrender to the breaking if we want God to remake us into someone who resembles Him a little more

  252. Thank you for the message of letting me know that I can lean on God when I am overwhelmed and stressed and that like the strong waves, I can lean into and break free through the cross. It is also a beautiful thought to know that I have to be broken to be complete in Christ.

  253. LINDA COGBURN says:

    Thank you for the message. I needed to hear this today.

  254. Such truth !
    Why do I resist the brokeness, when it yeilds such life ?
    I would learn so much from reading this I am sure…….
    Thank you for the gemerous giveaway.

  255. I think to myself, “Stress level is high… My God is higher!” Now, after reading your devo this morning, I will see stress crashing like waves and add another statement… “Stress level is high… My God is higher! Break deep and float up to Him.”
    Thank you!

  256. What a wonderful devotion. It really speaks to my heart. I especially like your daughters comment, ” Love is like waves-it keeps reaching out, no matter what tries to keep pulling it away.” Thank you God for continuing to pull us in!

  257. So often I feel so close to that “brokenness” and yet something gets i the way. I want it to come and yet something stops it.

  258. I needed to hear these words this morning. Stress has overtaken my life and I have allowed it. The sound of waves crashing on the shore is a beautiful metaphor for breaking free. Than you.

  259. I’d really like a copy.

  260. Lauri Wood says:

    I am recovering from a divorce this year. I’m also a cancer survivor and have experienced many “broken” experiences in my life. But God is truly faithful and is helping me to put back my pieces and rebuild my life.

  261. Kathleen Fain says:

    I need this book. I have difficulty with stress. This aid be beneficial to my life and that of my family.

  262. LOVED this devotional today. Great analogy!!!

  263. I am a very anxious person…though I really have no need to be. This hit me like a pounding wave! Thank YOU for this beautifully spoken devotional. I can hear the waves around me and I want to surrender to them. Thanks for inspiring this girl today! Much love.

  264. This was the message i needed today as i struggle with fear and worry. I need to remember to Break Deep – Break Free. Thanks

  265. God is always on time with these devotions. This hits home as I wait on Him for answers and struggle with the fact that I have very little control in so many areas. As always, beautiful Ann.

  266. What and timely and wonderfully written message. Just what I needed today..and really every day! Thank you!

  267. Perfect message on my 10 year anniversary! Thank you!

  268. Catherine Butler says:

    I start my day with these devotionals and it’s like a cleansing, a reset if you will. My troubles slide away and I feel empowered, able to face this new day. I look so forward each morning to this time. However, I have been struggling with stress and day to day living, feeling depressed and at times alone even when surrounded by others. This devotion today spoke directly to me, like it was written for me. Thank you so much.

  269. Thank you for these encouraging words this morning! So often I try to handle stress by thinking I am in charge and can do something about it on my own. This is such a beautiful reminder that I have a God who is so much bigger then I am and he will handle every situation if I will break and allow Him to.

  270. What a lovely devotion. So powerful. We have been informed that my husbands cancer is progressing so we have a choice. Go deeper in our love relationship with Jesus or shrink back. We’ve chosen to open our arms wide, like you say, in the shape of the cross.

  271. Valerie Garrison says:

    My maiden name is translated as “Broken Design.” My Mom’s maiden name is translated as “Royal Camp.” I like to think of myself as this: through God’s mercy and grace, His death and resurrection takes me from a broken design into His royal camp.

  272. Ann Voskamp has become one of my favorite authors, I love her insight.

  273. The waves can be overwhelming but if I truly surrender they will take me to a deep sea experience with the Lord. He is always faithful, always there to guide and lead. I just have to surrender and allow his spirit to work in my life!

  274. Melanie H. says:

    Thank you for this message. God is so good all the time!

  275. Sue Jeffords says:

    Thank you for sharing. I would love a copy of your book.

  276. Wendi Brillhart says:

    Have definitely been living broken. Looking forward to reading this book!

  277. Joe Pitalo says:

    I was broken all the way down 4 yrs. ago. I went to jail and kept reading the Bible and praying every day and night. After a couple of months God saved me. He blessed me with the Holy Spirit and I imediately could feel it in my mind, body and spirit. I was a broken seed that God allowed to sprout up from the darkness and into the Light of Jesus. I surrendered to HIM and I am so eternally grateful that I am born again in Jesus Christ. God Bless Us All. Amen. ✝❤️?

  278. Maria Friesen says:

    Today’s message is just what I needed to hear at this time in my life, praise The Lord !

  279. Watching the waves of the ocean has always brought me a peace. I love watching them break on shore, only to be pulled back into the ocean by its current. Your words today are beautiful and it makes me realize why I am so drawn to the ocean. The waves are like God’s love. He continues to reach out to us, no matter how many times we pull away. And yes, it is so much easier to dive into the wave to escape being knocked down or trying to run away from it. Thank you so much for your beautiful words this morning.

  280. Thank you for this. It made me realize that I tend to try to stand tall and let the waves break over me. You are so right, I need to lean in and let them break me. It’s the only way for new growth to occur. Blessings.

  281. Carmita Williams says:

    Great message. Thank you!

  282. This was perfect for me today. We accepted and offer on our home that has been listed for 6.5 yrs. I have been thankful for this journey because I have grown immensely in Christ because of it. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Sounds like a great book!

  283. We all suffer stress and fear of what is going to happen. But when things happen to us beyond our control we have faith and hope God will see us through and be by our side. All we can do is trust in him.

  284. When I think of how broken I am, I take comfort in the broken jug that watered the flowers…I just have to believe that I can use my brokenness in Christ to shed a little happiness along the way!!!

  285. Wow! This was refreshing. Life is inevitable. How we react to life’s waves is important. Thank you for this!

  286. Shaliah Armstrong says:

    I have loved Ann’s writing in 1,000 gifts and this “breaking” is exactly what I needed to read today.

  287. Meggie Butler says:

    I would love a copy!

  288. Perfect for me today. Would love to have this to read and think about

  289. Marsha Roselli says:

    I was broken by a wave earlier this year when my Dad died. I am still struggling with his loss but I am making it through with help from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  290. This is exactly what I needed this morning!

  291. Sue Hooker says:

    Ann’s ‘voice’ resonates with my soul and unspoken cries of my heart.

  292. Kristine Cookson says:

    Wonderful message for all! Thank you

  293. Darla Swiggart says:

    There is a breaking going on within me. The stress of job, empty nest, feeling of not belonging and “I’m not enough” or I dont know what my purpose is, feeling tired …. My heart truly longs to follow God and be all He would have me be. But this is a journey I have to admit is difficult and foreign. Lord help me find JOY to walk daily in and be renewed daily to be light for your kingdom. I want my life to matter.

    • This situation really resonates with me as well. God is speaking to me to really know Him-know His word and think His thoughts. Seeking hard after God-spending time with Him is top priority. The rest will fall into place. He desires to be our first love. Prayers are with you.

  294. I thoroughly enjoyed this mornings post. Looking back on my battles, it was the times I stood back up with my arms out, that helped me move forward and survive. This wasn’t on my own, He was right there guiding me all along.

  295. Beautiful words and imigary

  296. Christy Cook says:

    Going through some very trying times right now. Would love to read Ann’s new book and let the truth of the Word strengthen my spirit.

  297. Thank you for the encouragement.

  298. Nancy Derkowski says:

    Blessings to all.

  299. I feel the stripping away in this season of my life. Just yesterday I wrote in my journal the words I felt God was speaking…”when you put a seed into the ground it doesn’t grow into a
    plant unless it dies first” 1 Corin 15:36. The devotion this morning was a beautiful confirmation of what the Lord is speaking into my life. How do you get to that place of total rest and peace on the inside (which I know is possible and available) even when chaos surrounds you and the waves are crashing hard?

  300. Carmen Younger says:

    I’m trying to learn, but sometimes hiding in old ways feels safer than being broken. But I know I need to be made new.

  301. Fear and pride have gotten the best of me. I want to break deep. I need to break deep. Would love to read this book.

  302. Bethany Shron says:

    Wow! This spoke deep into my soul like those crashing waves. Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling. Many of those lines were ones I can hide in my heart as “combat lines” against the enemy!

  303. I’ve been looking for a new book to read and would love it to be Ann’s latest! Thank you!

  304. Jayne Smith says:

    In the breaking open comes the release. Another chance to open up to others and give. Such a lovely metaphor her husband gave her. Break open and grow.

  305. Gail Newsome says:

    I would love to have a copy. This would be such a Blessing for me and others. Every word spoken can be used as a everyday application of encouragement for our lives. PRAISE GOD! !!!

  306. Love the imagery of the breaking into a cross in the water. So much fun of life is like waves crashing on us . Thank you

  307. Priscilla Metros says:

    In this hard season of life, I cling to Christ. He is always good.

  308. So many times I get overwhelmed, discouraged, worn-out, and frazzeled…..thinking wild thoughts like…What? do I do?, Where do I go? How do I fit this? and rambling on, and on….and I am not recognizing God as my partner who is beside me and shall help me the entire way through my life == if? and when? I let Him. It is so simple to surrender and invite His help. Addicts have it correct “LET GO and LET GOD!” and the Serenity Prayer asks folks to Humble themselves and let God help them. I worked many years by a large lake = it’s correct that WAVES can CALM! Amen

  309. Thank you for this!

  310. I loved the line “Scars are signs that show the way we loved.”, I have lost many loved ones and definitely live with the scars of those losses. I am ready to break free! Thank you for today’s devotional, God bless you.

  311. Julie castor says:

    This post so resonates with me right now. I remember swimming in the ocean as a child and loving to dive down deep under the crashing waves. By diving deep I could stay safely in the same place without being tossed around or battered by the waves. What a great analogy to real life and our relationship with God. As life threatens to overwhelm me right now, I pray I will dive deep into the safety and protection of my Lord and savior instead of being battered on my own. Thank you for such an encouraging and timely message.

  312. This was a challenging way to look at stress and overwhelmness. Thank you! <

  313. Linda Hoeksema says:

    This devotion on the waves let me leave the stress behind. I dream of the ocean and now I will always hear, see, and feel the power of the waves and know God is there breaking me so I can be alive in him.

  314. Elsie Nicolette says:

    Brokenness is a very counterculteral concept since the world prizes perfection!

  315. I needed this devotion today. Thank you for the encouragement. I would love to further explore breaking deep and read Ann’s book.

  316. May God richly bless your life as you have blessed so many.

  317. Jocelyn Kee Seok Choo says:

    Thank you for sharing. As I read your message, I felt strength and hope seeping into me just like you and Hope breathing and embracing the sea breeze, salty air and water spray at the same time allowing them to wash over you and cleaning the brokenness and welcoming healing. I love the words never be afraid of being a broken thing….. Unless a seed breaks, there is no life.

  318. Great thoughts in this season of craziness.

  319. Laurie Montgomery says:

    Unspoken broken!

  320. Thank you.

  321. Ann, Thank you for sharing your life with us. May God bless your words and be vividly seen in them.

  322. Love the imagery of breaking into a cross in the water , to meet the wave head on, with Christ .So much of life is like waves crashing on us Thank you

  323. Delyn Metcalfe says:

    What a wonderful devotion to begin my day – I will try to lean in on Chrisst and not run in fear or stand in pride.

  324. Lisa Harris says:

    Wow… That was amazingly powerful for me. I am beginning a new life today from a violent marriage that lasted two years, two years of brokenness and today that chapter ends and a new one begins. Today, I get my name back. Thank you and I love this ministry.
    God Bless
    Lisa Harris

  325. Brenda Crebs says:

    We moved 3 times in 4 years – major moves- due to job loss, with a teenager in high school. I’m broken, but I don’t want it to be the end. I want it to be the beginning. I’ve been fighting the waves trying to stand strong and I just keep drowning. This devotional gave me a new perspective and hope! I would live the book!

  326. Stress can feel crippling and debilitating. We need to keep our focus on our creator and remember he can do all things including helping us break free from stress.

  327. At times when I feel I’m broken, I think about the time my 2 year died and my heart, body, soul and mind were so broken. God took all the pieces of me and made me whole again. Nothing will ever separate me from God but those times when fears tries to wiggle in, I look to the Cross and remember Jesus was broken for me!!!

  328. I often allow myself to be overwhelmed this time of year. Missing my mom…getting caught up in what Christmas is not. I pray to allow myself to break into my Holy Father’s arms and be carried in His love ❤️

  329. Brenda milheim says:

    I would love to read this book!! We all live with “scars of our losses.” That resonated with me. I need more skills in learning to weather the bad times and move on. Thank you!

  330. All I can say is my arms are open wide! Thank you Jesus!

  331. Janice Johnson says:

    Would love to read The Broken Way. My life has turned a new direction and am learning to “be still” and listen while God stears my new path.

  332. Barbara Hellriegel says:

    I am going through a major move and downsizing my home. At times, I feel like I am drowning…but my God lifts me with joy. This word today showed me how to welcome the big waves and break free from their power.
    Praise God!

  333. Kylie Springfield says:

    My brother is going through a major drug addiction battle. I think getting this book in his hands would help to give him a fresh start. Please pray for him!!!!

  334. Penney Rector says:

    Thank you for your ministry. You are helping us maintain focus.

  335. Lori Warren says:

    Needing a break…?

  336. How beautiful this was.. thank you for your wonderful writings and letting the Spirit lead you to such profound wisdom that you, in turn, share with us. Blessings to you!

  337. Wow, to be broken into God’s grace… never thought about it that way! Thank you.

  338. Thanks much needed advice. I think as Americans have a tendency to see brokenness as weakness. But diving deep into God’s truth,scripture and praise is strength. Thank you for this

  339. I have a friend who lost her son to suicide a few months ago. I know the holidays will be especially hard for her, this would be wonderful message to share with her

  340. I lost my son almost 7 months ago. The scripture that begins you devotional is etched on his headstone. I was broken with grief and I begged for God’s grace to see me through. God loves me and gave me a peace that passes all understanding. I broke deep and broke free!

  341. christy chadderton says:

    A much needed reminder today. Thank you.

  342. Loving JESUS says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this devotion. I really appreciate the visual imagery you shared with the waves crashing and breaking against the shore, and the idea of restoration and renewal through brokenness. I would love to read your new book and I have a friend that I would love to share it with too. Thank you again for your message and being a vessel for Christ! Blessings!

  343. What an awesome devotion today! Break deep, break free!
    I realize I do not go deep, I putter around on the surface of my pain, but not going into the heart, the core, the seed. Dear Lord, please help me to go deep, to break that seed! AMEN!

  344. Natalie Blue says:

    Wow, I had to read that over and over. There was a depth to it that I couldn’t quite grasp but knew I needed to. Finally took 4th time to really breathe in what it was trying to tell me.
    No one ever wants to be told you need to lean into the breaking when it’s feeling overwhelmed. But turns out that’s exactly what God needs us to do… And that takes that substance we can’t quantify…. FAITH…
    Thank you for that reminder
    I would LOVE a copy of this book please.

    With love Sisters in Christ,
    Natalie Blue

  345. The devotion today was awesome. Definitely encouraged my spirit to dive deep into the waves knowing that I’m loved even in the midst of the brokenness. I can relate to the losses which have been traumatic this year. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring word.

  346. Deborah Hacker says:

    Thank you, Ann, for a beautiful post. God must have known that I would need this today!

  347. Thank you for this illustration of finding God in the midst of stress. Timely message!

  348. Thank you for this beautiful.analogy of us diving shaped like a cross into the waves of life, totally surrendeking to God’s will for us. Allowing God to shape us in his image. Lord I pray today that I surrender to allow you to shape me into the person you want me to be. Thy will be done

  349. Jermaine D says:

    Sounds like a great book!

  350. Janet Williams says:

    You have given me a new perspective on heart breaking events of life. Thank you!

  351. My family is heading into a time of loss and this book sounds like a wonderful guide for us. Thank you!

  352. i definitely know someone who can use this book. I would love to be able to give it to her. Thank you for the beauty of your words.

  353. Donna Weymouth says:

    I’ve been running from fear since my husband passed away 4 years ago. My life is a mess and so tired. I need a new way.

  354. Denise Lotspeich says:

    I loved this devotion because I love the ocean and haven’t been able to go in a long, long time. The analogy was perfect and I could even hear the waves crashing in my mind. Break deep and break and break free. I love this!! Perfect way to start my day!! Thank you!! And I would love a copy of your book!!

  355. Remember: Your Lifeguard walks on water!

  356. Jean Solesbee says:

    I am finally getting serious about living for Jesus and could really use this book ?

  357. This really resonates with me today. I think I want to do this study…

  358. Beautifully written. My natural tendency is to fear being in water – I can’t swim. So the idea of letting go when the waves come sounds particularly scary. But better to be molded in my brokenness by God, then utterly destroyed by pride or fear. Amazing to think of those pulsing, persistent waves as God’s unending, relentless, cruciform love for me. Thank you for that imagery.

  359. Cindi Holsinger says:

    I love the way Ann writes. It draws me in to the hear God in a new voice.
    I work w broken women who have Garborgs the secret of a past abortion – usually for years.
    These words I will share. Be broken and ride the wave with Jesus
    Thank you

  360. Debbie Mangeney says:

    I have overcome the fear of losing my sight in one eye. and what brings me peace is the sound of ocean waves.

  361. Thank you, Lord, for reminding and encouraging me today through this devotion.

  362. Beautiful. I’d love to read Ann’s new book!

  363. We have such busy lives between family, work, and other obligations. So often the stress just overtakes us. It can be hard to stop and look to God in Faith and seek his direction. This is a devotion that I needed. It reminds us there is always Hope with God no matter what we are experiencing. He will always take it and make good.

  364. Fear usually does the breaking to me. I must learn how to let God do the deep breaking.

  365. Beth Morgret says:

    What an enlightening devotion! I am working on looking to Jesus in times of stress and worry and many times I feel broken. Thank you so much for sharing. I would very much like to read this book, The Broken Way: A Daring Path into the Abundant Life by Ann Voskamp. Thank you!
    Beth Morgret

  366. Debbie Mangeney says:

    I am overcome the fear of losing sight in one of my eye and the sound of the ocean waves is what calms me as my faith in God has grown deeper.

  367. Donna Moore says:

    I absolutely love today’s verse from Eph. I reassures me that God is with me every step of the way. I don’t have to do anything by myself. All I have to do is reach up to God and he is there for me. What is really cool I don’t even have to reach, he comes down to me. His mercy endures forever.

  368. I have dealt with the fear after losing the site and one of my and being near the ocean and hearing the waves crash bring me peace and calming along with my deeper Devotion to God

  369. Feeling broken beyond repair. I sure do need it to be for a reason.

  370. Amazing message. God is forever faithful and delivers on his promises.

  371. I am in a place right now where I am truly trusting HIM above, my Lord Father God. This message was as faithful to Father God nature “right in time”! By allowing the story, the words to actually “sink” deep down within the wounds and “scars” life has definitely dealt…in this deeply broken season and valley I’m in…I’m am no longer afraid. No longer wishing to “bypass” this time. But I’m forever thankful for the change for the Lord Jesus & his truth. No other way, without ANY doubt it’s God’s love, amidst & enduring my broken up pieces, that He alone does the very BEST in me. So I stand tall on my knees and say thank you Lord and giving ALL praise to the Lord our God. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ amen.
    Blessings to you all!

  372. What a powerful reminder of our God’s faithfulness and love.

  373. CherylLynn says:

    Surrendering every thought, every reaction to my daily circumstances, moment by moment up to the Lord is where my peace resides.

  374. The devotional about waves really hit home with me. I’ve always had a deep spiritual feeling when near the ocean or gulf or lake, and now I understand why.

  375. Stress is my first, second and last name. It rules my world right now. I don’t know how to let it not rule my world. I’m on medication for depression and anxiety and I believe a lot of it has to do with stress. How do we not have stress in our lives, between working, taking care of a family, bible study, other obligations, stress is everywhere. Maybe one day, when I retire, I will have less stress in my life. Can’t wait.!!

  376. Well written…..lot of stress right now…..I have three choices: Fear, Pride, or Break Deep, which will I choose? Thanks for putting it all in perspective.

  377. I first encountered Ann Voskamp when I read 1000 gifts the same month I had my second miscarriage. She helped solidify God’s message to me that pain is good and beneficial and therefore loving. This post reminded me today of that old message; I needed the refresher. Thanks!

  378. Thank you. I needed this today.

  379. What a powerful message. I will read this one over and over again.

  380. Tammy Samples says:

    I was so broken and God is healing me. I am so thankful for this devotion and the way God is working in my life. I’m so grateful that I’m not in control of my life. It took a long time for me to become willing to let God be in control of it. My way got me into a world of mess. Praise God for His unrelenting and unconditional love for us.

  381. There is life in the breaking. Christ’s body broken for us. That we may have life. Beating bread together. That we my experience community. Restoration only comes in the breaking. Thank you, Ann, for humbly and powerfully ministering to us today. Once again, Lord, I surrender all. Beek me for your Kingdom purposes!

  382. Would like to read more about breaking free of stress! Thank you

  383. Today’s devotional hit me. It was exactly what I need to hear, to break deep in order to break free. I’ve been constantly living my days in stress and trying to stand on my own two prideful feet, feeling defeated day in and day out. What a great reminder to break deep and surrender to God.
    Blessings to everyone today.

  384. Fear usually wins out for me when stress hits. I don’t dig deep, but stay shallow and let the fear take over. If only I could really live this life out, truly trusting Jesus, there is no telling how He could use me (like He can use all of us!!). Praying I get to that place!

  385. Deborah L Small says:

    We serve an awesome God! I would love to read this book, to gain perspective on handling life’s everyday challenges.

  386. As a mama being slowly set free from the “perfection infection” this is such a good word to cling to. Coming through one of the hardest season of my life.. Embracing the brokenness isn’t always easy but is beautiful because it keeps us at the feet of Jesus.

  387. Kathy Schmitz says:

    Love this inspired message!

  388. Wonderful thoughts and music to my soul…

  389. I really enjoyed your message. I’m reminded to stop letting my fears consume me and instead let them wash over me. I stand on solid rock with my Father! Thank you again! Peace be with you! Kari

  390. Thank you so much for this message today. As I read through the prayer I could feel a weight lifting off of my chest. So grateful.

  391. Lovely reminder and picture of how Jesus can hold us and shape us! Thank you for sharing this message! ❤️

  392. Char Talmadge says:

    Thanks for this message. I have never thought about waves this way. I live about 15 minutes from the ocean and often go there as a respite for peacefulness and a reminder of God’s faithfulness. I’ve never thought about this perspective. I can now see why there is a calm after the break.

  393. This sounds like what I need so I can learn to break free from the stresses in my life.

  394. Freddi Booth says:

    New book looks very good. I’m getting ready to lead “Uninvited” to a group of ladies. Been a Pastor’s wife for almost 30 years. Lots of joy, sorrow, pain and do overs.

  395. I’m broken!

  396. I loved her book A Thousand Gifts. I know I would like this one, too. Thank you.

  397. Patty Melvin says:

    I would love this book !

  398. I enjoyed the devotion today. I am currently facing some hard things within my family – and I’m a little weary. I could use your prayers today. Thanks.

  399. Exactly what my bible study has been talking about, surrender brings life and fear does not…ever. I’m trying to trust the truth and refuse fear’s hold on me.

  400. I’m feeling overwhelmed with all my roles in life but I know God is in control.
    I’d love to win this book. Great encouragement from today’s post.

  401. My life is consumed by brokeness,and I am trusting that God is in control despite many unknown essentials. I loved this encouragement and analogy this morning. It is beautifully written and spoke to my heartstrings. Break Deep! Trust! Transform!

  402. Reda Jones says:

    I am 54 years old my Daddy was a preacher and I’ve dealt with so much abuse since I was 4 years old I’ve always been in church but just lately learning to really lean on JESUS CHRIST and letting HIM help me with depression and stress thanks so much for your devotional may GOD bless you abundantly

  403. Christine G. says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. So beautifully written. Thank you.
    I would love to read the book.

  404. I started reading a book last night. . .The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler. It reminded me of your words this morning about the sea. It describes how a mother. . .who had been a mermaid in a circus, had instructed her son to swim in the depths. . .the techniques to employ to have the best oxygenation in the depths. I feel that there is more spiritual exploration I need to take time to understand in this coincidence. Water has always been a huge source of spiritual power in my life. I first remember hearing God speak to me while running water from the kitchen sink. There is such beauty and power in your words this morning. . .I will be reading it again when I have more time. . .I know there is deeper meaning awaiting me.

  405. Leslie Trapp says:

    This is exactly what I needed.

  406. Julie Gehring says:

    Amazing! This devotional is just what I needed to hear today! Feeling broken and defeated, but this gave me new hope! Thank you!

  407. Sarah Swan says:

    My view of the waves is forever changed. As a so Cal gal, I love to watch and hear the ocean and waves crashing onto the shore. This devotion is a beautiful reminder for me. Marriages, kids, work — just daily like can be stressful and leave me feeling broken. I will chose Him in my brokenness for direction, comfort and life!

  408. Becky Mallari says:

    What a blessing this message was today and amazing when we look in the word we find the words we so desperately need.

  409. I needed these encouraging works today. Thank you.

  410. Would love to win a copy of this ❤️️

  411. This message has inspired me this morning and I feel stronger already to meet the caretaking demands as I watch my loving husband die a little more every day….

  412. Tina Heider says:

    I want to break deep. Please show me how Lord.

  413. Carol Fling says:

    Just what I needed! Thank you Lord for the timing of this devotion for me. I would love to read Anne’s book!

  414. It wasn’t until I lost my beautiful, talented, 33-year-old son to suicide 2 years ago that I finally understood (and experienced) brokenness….for as long as I could remember, I thought my faith was STRONG when in fact I operated in my own strength, with self-reliance and pride in handling anything and everything that was thrown my way. In my overwhelming, crippling grief after my son died, I simply let go. I was depleted, emptied, raw, and vulnerable. And that is when God slowly, surely, lovingly worked on me and with me – I had ‘hit the wall’ so to speak, and gave up all my illusions of me-strength. I love reading Ann Voskamp’s words – it is truly in letting go and leaning into God where healing happens!

    • I’m so very sorry, Amy. Such hard stuff. We lost my brother to a motorcycle accident when he was 33. Breathtaking. Unbelievable. Honestly, I still can’t believe it and it’s been 11 years now. Still dealing with this. Thank you for your words. Will be praying for you.

  415. What does it mean “break deep”? That word combo confuses me and the word picture is unfamiliar. I lived on an island so I understand waves if someone can explain it differently.

    Does it mean to fold into the wave or lay down in it?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. I would do that as a child. Hold my breath, relax and let the waves take me under.

    • I was confused (and distracted) by the phrase “break deep” as well. The only thing I could relate it to was going into the ocean as a kid. When we saw a huge wave coming and knew we would not be able to jump over it, we would plug our noses and dive as deep as we could under it. the deeper we went, the calmer it got. It was the only way to avoid being battered by the wave. It worked every time and removed the fear of the next wave!

      • Thank you for explaining as I was confused about the meaning as well! I’ve “ridden” on top of waves. I’ve been caught and tumbled around by waves. But, I never knew I could dive deep into the wave and find a calm spot. I truly appreciate your insight!

  416. Im a public servant. Being more Christlike will help me to serve better.

  417. I recently signed up for Encouragement for Today. I find that it gives a perspective that hits home. It helps me to look at life differently. I am looking for more material that will uplift and inspire in this increasingly depressing world.

  418. Thank you for these words.

  419. Nancy Baldwin says:

    My husband is going through a lot of medical issues. Every time he goes something else wrong. They are unable to treat his conditions until they find out the cause. I worry about him all the time. We also take care of his bedridden mother every other week. This has been going on for two and 1/2 years. I worry all the time about them.
    I go to church or listen to the service when I’m at my mother-in-laws house. I read through the bible every year, and read 6 devotionals every day. I have always gone to church. God doesn’t seem to answer my prayers.

  420. Amy McGraw says:

    This is the first Ive ever read of Ann’s. WOW! This touched me so deeply. Thank you Ann for allowing God to speak through you???

  421. Krista Owen says:

    Thank you for this message! I’ve been off work since end of May due to injury and there’s been lots of stress. I saw a powerful quote on Humans Of New York a year or more ago that the woman used this analogy about the waves and how the best option is to go deep. That made such an impact on me. This article really reinforced that and made me think deeper about it. Thank you! ❤ I needed that.

  422. I really needed this devotional today. I haven’t been able to sleep, overwhelmed by some situations that I have no control of. I am a control-freak and I know I have to give that up and let God take control. This really touched my heart. Would love to read this book! I need to break deep.

  423. Karen Wolthuis says:

    Our lives are filled with stress these days. Health concerns, work concerns, adult kid concerns, aging parent concerns.

  424. Love the way and he uses words to bring your emotions to understanding. Would love a copy of this book…. would love to read it and share with other friends who feel very broken.

  425. Debbie Roberts says:

    Ann Voskamp truly speaks from the heart of God and the power of the Holy Spirit and yet she is so humble and down to earth. I am blessed by her

  426. Victoria Walker says:

    Thank you for this article this morning.

  427. Michele Burbank says:

    New screen saver:
    break deep…break free

  428. Michelle White says:

    Today’s message of Breaking Deep was so good. I get stressed easily when things aren’t seeming to go “my way” and fail at times to recognize that maybe during those stressful times God is needing me to break so I can fully rely on him and not myself. Thank you for reminding me of the fact that I need to give God control of all areas not just some.

  429. Doreen Mapstone says:

    This is timely. The last 12 months have been months of loss and change and breaking. I have felt the waves of grief as I lost my Mom one year ago. Then again when my husband got laid off of a job we had moved to take just a year before. I felt the waves swarm again as we moved across the country for a new job yet again, leaving family and great friends. Too much change, too much stress, too many waves breaking. Falling on Christ is all I can do. He gave my husband a great job, but with significantly less income, yet we can still afford a wonderful home, our car payment and food. We have a great school our son goes to and a nice neighborhood. Change can hurt, but with Gods help and support I float safely in His arms. I could use this book as extra support. Thank you for this quiet time.

  430. This time of year can be especially stressful. Thank you for this great reminder to always be like Christ. I’m currently listening to Christy Nockels…Let it Be Jesus!

  431. I’m literally afraid to read this book. I’ve heard of Anne and I’ve heard of her new book. I thought, “Hmm, I should read her sometime.” But, then, our pastor mentioned her and her story at church this Sunday and I could barely hold back tears. I realized what deep fear I’m living in. I thought, “Thank God, I didn’t come when she spoke at our church in October. I would have been a public mess.” But, then . . . maybe I should have. Maybe I need to hear more. Maybe I need to deal with my fears.

  432. Vania Vincent says:

    Thank you for the message. I need to learn to break deep to break free.

  433. I’m tired of being broken…I’m over it! How long does someone have to get beat down & trampled by the “waves” before God rescues them? I’m completely ready & willing to be rescued but find no relief.

  434. Karen Egdorf says:

    I so enjoyed your reading today, the description of breaking waves and to break deep was so needed today. Thank you Ann for your gift and sharing it with us.

  435. Karen Schmalz says:

    Thanks Ann. Always nice to hear your words. They truly inspire!

  436. Courtney Mooring says:

    Wonderful word today. I would love a copy of the book!

  437. I am ready to break deep and break free. Thank you for this amazing inspiration – it was well needed today…

  438. roxanne hubbard says:

    Breaking deep truly is the only way to break free, free from yourself, your self doubts your fears and yes even your hopes. surrendering all is the only way to grow.

  439. Broken but alive…

  440. Michelle Brubaker says:

    I needed this today. Thank you.

  441. LAMONICA WALKER says:


  442. Thank you for allowing God to use you to share this message with us.

  443. This was really on time for me. I woke up this morning and I said I am a mess and I cant go on. I was afraid to start my day because I was so tired and so just consumed by my battles, struggling if God still loves me. I almost feel like giving out but this is encouraging and spoke to me on every level. Thank you for posting. Ladies keep me in prayer.

  444. Pam Bodden says:

    Thank you Ann for this. I am going through a breaking in relationship with someone I made a personal Jesus. The Lord called this to my attention and I repented of my sin. Now, the pain of having placed a creature instead of Creator in His rightful place of Lord of all is what I am dealing with. As this relationship is shifting, the breaks are deep and I have been doing it in my own strength. I pray I allow the breaks to wash over me and through the power of the Holy Spirit these very breaks form me into what Christ wants me to be in Him. Thanks for your post. It has blessed me.

  445. Andrea Runyon says:

    I adored Anne’s last book about being thankful. Her example of breaking deep into the wave with Christ is such a lovely picture. Thanks!

  446. Doreen Sowers says:

    Thank you for today’s devotion.

  447. Broken. That’s always been me as long as I can remember. I just feel battered, bruised, lost, alone and shattered in many pieces. I need restoration,healing ,wholeness. I don’t want to be empty or numb anymore. Please Lord help me to break free ,to see your love for me. I am so hard on myself always demanding perfection and always coming up short. Seems I’m always failing in my walk with you like I never measure up. Help me break free from the waves that are pulling me under.

  448. Sabrina Ray says:

    I’d love to win Ann’s new book!

  449. Beth Thomas says:

    It’s true that when we are broken is when we are closest to God. That’s when we are vulnerable and open ourselves up to letting Him truly be in control.
    Thanks for your beautiful words.

  450. Valentina May says:

    What a wonderful reminder just as I am feeling overwhelmed by stress today’s devotion reminded me that I need to let God be God and step out of the way. Thanks a copy is your book would be a blessing

  451. Thank you Ann for sharing a piece of your heart with so many. This devotion today has truly spoken to my heart. I have been praying for brokeness within me within my husband and within our marriage. I have asked for God to break the parts of us that threaten to tear us apart and to restore those broken pieces into the beauty that He sees. Even though I asked for this, some days the brokeness overwhelms me and fear takes hold. Fear that we will never change, fear that we will never be “put back together” Your statement about the choices we have when the waves crash was so convicting for me. I love how you related the crashing of the waves like the waves of life. I do not want to run with fear nor do I want to be broken by pride. When the waves crash I want to let them crash into me, bringing me deeper into living water.

  452. What a beautiful analogy! Thank you for blessing me with your words today. I will keep a picture in my mind of breaking deep into the shape of a cross when I feel stressed and surrender to the freedom of Christ’s love for me.

  453. Amanda Cox says:

    I love the way Ann writes! I’m sure this book n will be just as good as One Thousand Gifts! Can’t wait to read it!

  454. Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 gifts was transforming, I have been working through a very tough year in a family relationship and I believe her new book could be the help I need to understand their is a purpose to this brokenness.

  455. Susan Smith says:

    I recently lost my father and several issues with my children are overwhelming me right now. This devotional was written for me today and I would love to read this book.

  456. I love how you create word pictures. My mind went to the waters as I remembered its waves. I’m so afraid to dive and yet that is what I must do when stress overwhelms me. This new book is a must-have regardless of whether it is given or purchased. I’m putting is on my list to share with my daughter! Thank you for using your God-given ability to weave words.

  457. The past three months my husband has been in the hospital. Three times in ICU. I do a lot of praying, and do bible study. I do this to feel closer to God, to take comfort in His word,

  458. Christine Holland says:

    Such a beautiful word this morning. Thank you for sharing.

  459. Ginger Richerson says:

    I feel this book would be a great resource for me to help me with my broken life. My husband who was a pastor was living a double life and totally became a person we didn’t know anymore. Our lives were suddenly thrust into deception and betrayal.

  460. I would like this book To”help me with so much stress, Just Recently divorced a sociopath ,THANK YOU

  461. Catherine Titus says:

    As I enter the turbulent times of the holiday season paired by wave, after wave of work commitments I praise God for the gift of this devotional today. It could not of come at a better time. I never ceases to amaze me how my prayers for direction are so often asnwered by random devotions I read in the morning. Thank you Ann, Thank you Proverbs 31 women for following God’s call in your life.

  462. Beth dreher says:

    What a much needed and beautiful devotion this morning.

  463. Karen Jeffers says:

    I enjoy the daily readings. Today meant more than others. I am dealing with so much stress. Death of my husband, financial and family issues. This helps me focus on who is the most important. Jesus.

  464. I’ve heard Ann speak twice this week and it’s touched me. I fully agree that being broken is one of the best ways God has ever grown me. But I pray that he would continually break me some would continue to grow

  465. Kelly Mullins says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I have anxiety and panic that is triggered by stress. I have been praying for guidance and seeking His healing. This book seems to be a great resource in my journey. Thank you for the chance.

  466. Betsy Heller says:

    Wonderful, vivid imagery. Thank you for this devotion.

  467. Kimberly Croswait says:

    As a woman in my early 50’s – I have been thru more than this paragraph can hold. Finally – my blended family of seven children and seven grandchildren seem settled and I could focus on a career that I love, only to have the rug pulled out from my on my job. Everything I’ve worked so hard for has been rearranged and I feel as if I am being moved out or downsized. for the first time in decades I have felt accomplishment and success in a career – and to add to it, I am the main income for my husband and autistic daughter. I need to find the peace to work thru this. I realize I am not dealing with health issues, and to some this may seem trivial – but this is an enormous stress for me and I could use the some tools to cope…Thank you

  468. Ann Marie DiCicco says:

    Needed this today. Facing waves at this time and this gave me encouragement.

  469. Thank you so much. You’ve put into powerful words the love of God, and the way we can rejoice in suffering.

  470. Would love copy of this book. Need to learn bravery at this point in my life to face uncertainty I have with life changing events of recent divorce,care taking elderly paranoid physco dimentia mother and trying to start my life over again with a job
    Its all in gods plan if i will surrendor and have patience. Bravery

  471. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for your devotional this morning. I too fear, but need to cling to His love and to His power. I love your picture of our posture in the shape of a cross submitting and surrendering to Jesus.

  472. This spoke so deep in to my heart and my current situation. The imagery and metaphors resonated with my soul and brought peace, understanding, and direction. Thank you for these words and for the ending prayer.

  473. Roger Breed says:

    Wonderful message that has touched me in my brokenness and I pray that Jesus will heal me of my deeply wounded heart. Thank you and blessings of peace and joy!

  474. Jamie Wagner says:

    I need that devotion this morning. Thanks!

  475. Would love this book. I moved resentful and am struggling with it. I feel broken, without family and church community support. I do know my God is here and He will bring food from this. He is my Hope❤️!

  476. Beverly Williams says:

    I appreciate how you paint vivid pictures with words, Ann. Enjoyed this devotional and look forward to reading your book, The Broken Way.

  477. Kirsten D Moran says:

    Looks like a great book!

  478. LeAnn Nethery says:

    The beach has always been a place of peace for me…even more so now that I’ve read this devotion! Hoping the book will guide me through a very difficult time!

  479. @ year ago my husband had open heart surgery ( 11 hours on the table ), then in Dec. of 2015 I had an extra long stent put in my atrium artery. Both heart issues – drawing us closer and deeper in love with God – making us stronger in Him.

  480. Don’t you love how God speaks? I sit here for my morning devotion with prayers thanking God for the difficult times in my life. These times are always the times I experience His presence, peace, and power the most clearly. And then…Ann echoes those thoughts beautifully.

  481. I really needed this devotion this morning, I am struggling right now and I love the words that she used in this devotion.
    _ when your hit by breaking waves, break deep

  482. Breaking deep into the wave-transformed-cruciform in Christ…. Circumstances have overwhelmed me; my Mother’s sudden death, my youngest child moving to Las Vegas “searching “, the loss of a job, and court struggles to be allowed to continue to raise my granddaughter who has lived with me the past 3 1/2 years. This has felt like barely being able to tread water & hold my head above the waves to breathe. Then came the concept-“break deep into the wave.” Visualize facing a giant wave & trying to decide-jump over it or go under. Going under-feel the power of the wave rippling through your body. Surrender to its flow. Relax-peace-no struggle. Resurface and know going deep is the better choice. Actual enjoyment is felt. Trusting God-His way is perfect.

  483. Sue Cummings says:

    I am blessed each day through your devotions. The words never fail to reach my core and reveal a new kernel of truth and hope. Thank you for the inspiration.

  484. What a powerful reading! Gives me a new way to look at the waves. God speaks to us through His creation. If we are never broken God’s light can never penetrate us.

  485. Freedom is only in Christ. Broken for us.

  486. I love this article and the comparison of our struggles like a wave. I often swim in the ocean. The struggle of pushing through waves is so trying it’s much easier sitting on the shore watching others struggle however when it’s your turn God gets us through it

  487. This was a beautiful reading and just what I needed at this time in my life. Thank you! God sometimes breaks us to rebuild us into something far better than we can imagine.

  488. Suzanne Wood says:

    I’m going through one of the most difficult trials of my life concerning my son but God is transforming me and I am growing abundantly in His love and graces!!! Also I believe my unbelieving family members are being affected by this situation and will come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ and be saved! His grace is sufficient through are brokenness!

  489. Michelle Harrison says:

    God is always on time. This devotional came just at the perfect time. My family is dealing with such brokenness and we all feel like we are overwhelmed. This devotional has been a breath of fresh air and hope for me this morning.

  490. Mary Jones says:

    I am thankful for your words which are exactly what I needed to hear this morning. Deeper still oh Lord through the crashing of the waves.

  491. A much needed encouragement as I felt I was at the bottom. “The only way through the overwhelming waves is to break deep into the roiling water and dive into the depths and stretch out both arms through the fathoms and let yourself be made into the shape of a cross.”

    Thank you and blessings!

  492. This post spoke deeply to my soul this morning, thank you. I am in a difficult season of my life and I am struggling with fear, worry and pride. I needed to be reminded to let it all go and keep moving forward with Christ as my model. Such a wonderfully descriptive post, thanks again!

  493. Enjoyed this devotion. A new perspective on stress. I have been living in a constant world of stress for five year’s. Like in the devotion I pray for a break.

  494. This devotional has the truth about severe loss and brokenness. My late husband died by suicide and as I look back, I realize when I allowed myself to just “be” in the brokenness was when I was actually most surrounded by the love of Christ.

  495. Oh I love how Ann writes! Her writing and her message today ministers to me deeply. And I have been so broken this year – utterly and completely broken by a tsunami in my life. Death leads to life… wish there was another way – but there isn’t. I pray for mercy nowadays.

  496. Kristina D. says:

    Wow! Powerful and deep! Needed this today❤️

  497. My soul has freedom in brokenness,because of Jesus.

  498. God knows what we need to hear and feel and when. These words and this message were perfect. Thank you

    • I needed these words of encouragement today. Life has been a bit overwhelming the past few weeks with my husband’s illness. I have tried to stand against the waves in fear, but now feel very broken. As I read the words, I whispered to God, “I surrender” and pictured myself falling into the waves of the mounting bills, the things that are so out of my control, and just let go. Such a powerful moment and a peaceful spirit!! Thank you.

  499. I am beyond blessed with the reading of this today! The illustration touched my hurting soul deeply and helped
    to renew my ever breaking heart. I thank you so much for sharing your personal struggles for such it common to all men. Praise His Name Forever and Ever!

  500. Stephanie Strand says:

    Ann’s books are life giving. I was blessed to have been introduced to 1000 gifts by a dear woman from church. It was the hardest book to read but I could not put it down because it was the best message I could have ever hoped for. Ann is a blessing and I’m sure this new book will be counted as a gift too.

  501. Laura A. Myers says:

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing!!

  502. Patricia Lewis says:

    Perfect message at a time when it is much needed for me…thank you!

  503. Very refreshing analogy of life

  504. Thank you so much for unleashing the truth through the Word. As of late, I have been “loving” halfhearted after years of giving of myself in ministry/friendships only to be hurt in the end. The beautiful imagery you penned spoke to my wounded heart. Thank you!

  505. Darlene Body says:

    This devotion was exactly what I needed today! After a night of tossing and turning not really knowing what move to make next, I read this and WOW it opened my eyes to the fact that breaking is good if I just break the right way. Which is trusting God to do what He deems best for me. Great word today. Thank you.

  506. Can’t wait to dive in this book!

  507. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  508. Itś my pride. I count on myself and my pride. Iḿ afraid to be fully broken. I am afraid of the vunerability required to be this broken. I know I am God´s daughter. I know He will never leave me or forsake me. I am in a new season, having taken in a very broken teen girl. I am being broken along with her, through her life story. Yet, I am reluctant to dive deep because her pain, and my own, is too much.

  509. Deb Underwood says:

    Beautifully written!

  510. I am trying to study the bible, but I always feel like I read and it doesn’t stick or I don’t get it, so I wanted to try a devotional to simplify what scriptures mean. Today as I read this devotional I was captivated and I saw the scriptures she used in a different light, it was a blessing. Thank you

  511. I needed to hear this today. I have been struggling with stress, in so many ways lately.
    Moving to a new job, new place, struggling financially, trying to find a new church, not wanting to do things alone. All has been a real struggling, but hearing these words today and giving me some hope.
    Need to get this book.

  512. When waves of stress overwhelm it is good to remember that we can lean into Christ in a cruciform way. What a great word picture this brings to mind.

  513. I would love to read this!

  514. With all the stress and daily grind its always good to know that I can turn to God for his security. I would love to read this book.

  515. Every Proverbs 31 devotion seems to speak directly to me. God Bless.

  516. Laura Callaghan says:

    I have never thought of this in this way. I have so much stress around me with my job. Surrendering all this to God!

  517. Nancy Robinson says:

    A pool is safe,but safe doesn’t make us lean into Jesus.

  518. Nancy white says:

    Today’s Godvine by Ann Voskamp was very helpful. My husband died 28 days ago. My daughter and I are trying to deal with the loss. I felt as if it was Kimbra and I on the shoreline that Ann wrote of. We can only lean on Christ for His steadyness when the waves come on us.

  519. Needed to hear this message today! Stress has overwhelmed me in the last few years to the point of health problems. Help me to know my limits, God. And give me wisdom to know when I must renew my mind in You.

  520. Jonie Spetter says:

    A perfect devotion for today. My daughter is a single mom of two. She struggles and this momma struggles hard watching her. Thank you for speaking to my heart this morning.

  521. God knows what we need, and I needed this. Yesterday, today, tomorrow. I need to hear his promises, and let myself trust that he will take care of me. Stress, anxiety, fear, and hurt threaten to steal my love and my joy, but God renews and heals. Thanks for reminding me that he’s always in control.

  522. Lisa Laurent says:

    Really need this book, I worry about EVERYTHING. I even worry about stuff before it even happens. I’m trying so hard to Lear how to give it to God and leave it with him.

  523. Would love to read this book. So true. Only God can get you through the stress and waves of life.

  524. Would love to win this book!

  525. Thank you for an inspiring devotional and a push to get me to take on a new life after being “broken” the past 2 years. The book would be helpful and then paying it forward to another broken soul even better!

  526. Would love it

  527. Steffani Mitchell says:

    One day I will write my own version of The Broken Way. At 35, I have lived an incredible life, mostly filled with drugs, violence (physical, mental and every other type of abuse) feeling hopeless and helpless. For a very long time I truly believed even I was too broken for the Lord to save and that He had turned His back on me but I now know that He was carrying me through it all!! I now live a life happy, healthy and blessed and have turned to my Lord and Savior for an abundant life! I am moved by other’s stories and would love to read The Broken Way. Thank you for letting me share!

  528. Beautiful metaphore. Thank you!

  529. What a great devotional! Stress always seems to make me try and stand in my own strength. I love the image of surrendering in the shape of the cross beneath the waves. Would love to read this book. 🙂

  530. Ann thank you for your words of wisdom from the Lord! I am feeling so overwhelmed and your devotional spoke to my heart.. turn deep into Jesus! I’m looking forward to reading your new book when I can get it! Thank you .. God Bless you!!!

  531. Exactly what I needed for today I like devotional books that are like that the right word on the right day

  532. This post spoke directly to my heart today. Thank you for sharing.

  533. Wow!!! You can’t imagine how I needed this message today. Thank you, Ann (and Proverbs31).

  534. Kathy Pulliam says:

    Wow, what a beautiful and practical illustration of how we can overcome the stress we all deal with in this life. It is evident in your writing that you have been broken by God to be used by God. So refreshing to my spirit.

  535. Thank you for the chance to win this book

  536. It amazes me that God always aligns what I read with what I’m facing or exactly what I need each day. This reminds me of His deep love for us and how He directs everything we face. One stress I am facing today is one of an application I will be dropping off to apply for our first place, as my husband and I recently got married. We have been praying and seeking the Lord in this area for a few months now and we fully believe our Lord can give us exactly what we need. One way I can break deep into that wave, surrendered and living Christlike is by letting Christ in me live forth. I can focus solely on the person of my faith instead of the big crashing wave. I can trust God completely in the midst and know that He has a plan for my life and He will supply all we need. I will choose to walk fully in everything He has for me and follow the path He will direct my life. Thank you for letting me share my heart! <3

  537. So lovely! Thank you for this opportunity to receive a copy of Ann’s new book.

  538. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  539. Valerie Rickermann says:

    I lost my job 6 weeks ago. I’m also going through a divorce and have a court date to make it final on my birthday in December. I feel broken and alone. Reading the daily devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministries gave me hope, which is something I haven’t felt in a while. I have felt broken and lost. I would love to win this book so I can learn a better perspective on being broken. One that gives me hope and not hopelessness. Thank you and God Bless

  540. Ellen Hunt says:

    I need this book.

  541. WOW!! What a powerful visual this devotional has presented. I am one who learns best through visuals and finding that teaching with a visual to grasp has tremendous value for putting a concept into practice. THANK YOU for this very clear visual today. ( It is like a video in my mind.) I would love to receive a copy of his this book. My life, as most, has been full of life’s stressful changes: finding my Grandfather dead at the age of 3, my mother’s death and finding her at the age of 11, a Christian marriage that ended in divorce because of sexual abuse to my children, a 2nd marriage ending in death 7 yrs after I married the most wonderful man with hopes of a lifetime together, and 18 yrs later now big financial worries do in part to a bout with cancer of which God healed me. But, I am here to say the scars are visible and still hurt often, but I don’t stand alone- God is within and guiding me.

  542. This was a much needed reminder today. What a beautiful illustration. I’m going to try to “break deep” today…

  543. Alexis Perry says:

    Beautifully written! I really needed this today!

  544. Judith Osborne says:

    I love the thought of breaking deep instead of breaking free. Thank you for sharing how this works. During my quite time today I was singing the song “I surrender ALL”. I need to surrender anxiety and worry and trust in HIM alone. “Breaking deep”.

  545. Am sharing this on my wall for every one of my friends. Thank you.

  546. Wow, this spoke very deeply to me. Because I love being near the water. The sound of water soothes. And I” reminded of the scripture that the water will not overtake me. So in that I can understand breaking deep.

  547. Thank you for the refreshing reminder on how to use brokeness for good.

  548. I forgot & missed the sale last night. So want to read your new book. Thank you for your devotion – the breaking waves are amazing to me & your insight will give me even more to ponder when I am blessed to hear them!

  549. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I feel like I’m stressed pretty much 24/7. I feel like I’m just surviving moment to moment instead of truly living and I don’t think that’s fair to myself or the other 5 people in my family. I really want to read this book!

  550. Bernadette says:

    I’m feeling very overwhelmed today. It was good to read this devotional. It helped. You have to let it go by giving in to it instead of fighting it.
    I feel better.


  551. Break deep…a beautiful picture of surrender! Would love to win Ann’s new book.

  552. Just read your devotion and I could relate to what you were saying. There is consequences to our sins. My daughter is having a hard time with life. I just pray she will open her eyes and see her only hope is in Jesus Christ. I pray for her and family everyday that they will ask God to help before they destroy their life. Would love to win the book to give her at Christmas. Thanks so much.

  553. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is my favorite scripture. I have had a life of depression and anxiety. I was in the hospital this past Sunday and Monday apparently somewhat due to a stress reaction. I know I can’t keep this under control by myself; only Jesus can help me and give me hope. I would love to read this book!

  554. Thank you for sharing…beautifully written.

  555. Today’s message was wonderfully timed and beautifully written!!!! Love my daily wards!!!!

  556. Just what I needed to read today!

  557. Maryann Blehr says:

    I would love to win a copy! ♡

  558. A gracious message of hope as the season of Advent begins. Faith hope and love are the gifts that enrich our lives while He takes our hand thru all the deep waters. If life represents the Red Sea I can be assured that God is crossing it with me. Though the waves pound there is peace. On the sandy shore safe am I. Thank you, JESUS!

  559. Lucinda Wanger says:

    Awesome! Thank you for the comforting words!

  560. Just what I needed to hear today. In July my husband of 22 yrs passed away in a trucking accident at work. The kids and I have struggled since then. Waking up in the morning really mad at the world and trying to deal with the business he started feeling we were failing at everything. The way you wrote this devotional this morning and feeling like I was right there with you has given me my hope back. Thank you so very much. God bless you.

  561. Hi I loved the reading today. 8 know it’s so much esspecially since we can so easily blame others when we are doing the very same thing!

  562. Tonya Partain says:

    I love the way you expressed the message in this devotional. It’s simply beautiful. You took me in like a painted picture. I would love to read your book!

  563. The devotion is very thought provoking. Thanks.

  564. Loved the devotion today and will definitely remember this the next time I feel stressed. Would love to win a copy of Ann’s book. She has a beautiful way with words. Thank you!

  565. i needed this today thank you so much! I struggle with stress and it has been very hard on me lately….
    i have to get this book!!

    God Bless

  566. Absolutely beautiful quiet perfect peaceful devotion.

  567. What an amazing way to look at the natural ebb and flow of the water. I could almost feel the water relaxing me as I read along. Much needed during this stressful portion of my life. You have an incredible talent for writing. Thank you for sharing it with us and for reminding us that God is right there with us in the mess of everyday!

  568. Julie Gladback says:

    I’ve felt as if I’m the only broken person. This devotional helps me see myself differently. When we are broken, that’s when light shines through

  569. Thank you for your devotion this morning. It is just what I needed to hear. I’ve been on a healing journey in this past year and it’s been a path of pain and unexpected joy at times. Your words just really unlocked something in me. Break free, break deep. I’ll be thinking on that all day & praying that I’ll know how to truly surrender that deeply.

  570. We need not fear breaking. Christ is always there beside us.

  571. I am daily swept away by illness in family members . It sucks you in and holds you captive,But if you hold your breath, breath in and breath out and feel in that moment, you will embrace and then release and start again.God gave this beautiful women a voice and a place to use it. May your life be blessed from being authentic.

  572. I always identify with Ms. Voskamp but this devotions particularly spoke to my heart. I feel as though the waves washing over me renews my spirit and I always go deep. Thanks again for such a beautiful and thoughtful devotion.

  573. Thank you for this!! We just need to take a moment to be quite and reflect!

  574. I am reading One Thousand Gifts and it is helping me so much as I go through a divorce and the death of my best friend. Would love to read this one also. Thank you for writing.

  575. Jona Wright says:

    Thank you for your encouraging & inspirational words……..a true blessing!

  576. Oh how I needed to this today- Thank you! I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately. I have my daily meetings with Jesus and after every meeting I feel refreshed, alive and full of hope. Lately though I have felt hopeless and helpless– I feel inadequate- the stress is overwhelming. Reading today’s message spoke deeply to me. The part that really struck a cord with me was “Never be afraid of being a broken things– Unless a seed breaks, there is no life” This message rings true for my current situation. Through your words Jesus has clearly sent me my hope for today. Thank you for being such a blessing to me.


  577. My mentor from years ago, Florence Littauer, said: ” do not die with the music still in you.” it has taken me most of the last 40 years to process the sexual abuse from my mother and father as well as being raped by two half-brothers and tortured in a barn when I was 5 years old. over the last year, the Lord like me to write 26 children’s stories for traumatized children to process their secrets and pain. Still I felt this journey was not complete. I still had unfinished business. I returned to my hometown and walked the property where the barn once stood…forgiving. it would take me many months longer to realize I was not yet deep enough. I returned one more time and walked into my brother’s book store unannounced. There he stood. Silent. it was a surreal moment that seemed to take forever as I walked toward him. I told him I was there to set him free from the 50 year old Secret that had held him captive. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear that I forgave him. He sobbed like a five year old child begging… we went deep together as 50 years of secrets and pain were washed away in wave after wave of Grace.

  578. What a beautiful message; thank you! I would love to win a copy of your new book. This has been a very challenging year for me but hope has prevailed and God has taught me much.

  579. “Or lastly, when you’re hit with a breaking wave — you can break deep. You can break deep into that breaking wave and let yourself be moved by Living Water and transformed and formed by Christ and remade by the rising current of His Love.”

  580. This year has been one of many different forms of brokenness and this morning especially. I literally cried all the way to work about some difficult circumstances and just felt completely overwhelmed. This devotional today hit home and I was thinking I need to read The Broken Way by Ann. A beautiful reminder of the crashing waves of life and the true power of God!

  581. Cheryl Thomas says:

    YES! I think this book was written for me. Oh, how I’ve been looking for this solution!!

  582. I have been beat by the waves lately..struggling through infidelity in my marriage. Just when I make progress another wave hits. But God is there with me – He was not surprised. I love the idea of the seed having to be broken to grow…I do not want to waste my suffering…I want to be MORE like Jesus.

  583. I know the pain of being broken, but wanting to break deeply???? maybe this book will help me understand and begin the healing process!

  584. So excited about this book!

  585. Wonderful and so descriptive. I will share with my daughter whose favorite place is watching waves crashing at the beach! I needed this as life seems to overwhelm.
    Thank you!!!!

  586. My mother has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia this devotional is pertaining to my life so strong right now thank you for your deep thoughts and inspiration I would love to read your book

  587. I would love to win a copy of this book!
    God has brought me through much in my life & I know He isn’t finished with me yet.

  588. Kellie Leeder says:

    I read your daily devotion every day and what I read today about brokenness is just what I needed to here. I have been dealing with brokenness for some time now. Would really like to read more about it and how Jesus can help with brokenness.

    Thanks for all your great work

  589. Wow, did anyone else feel like the were standing on the shore with them? So much gold to pull from this devotion today. I loved it!

  590. What a beautiful reminder! “Love’s like waves — it keeps reaching out, no matter what tries to keep pulling it away.” Never give up on love for others, for ourselves and life. No matter how much we try to resist it or pull away, God’s love always finds a way!

    Inspirational words of wisdom.

  591. Wow! I needed this reminder today.

  592. Great devotional to help me refocus when stress of life is high. Living with a chronic illness is draining and frustrating but focusing on the cross lifts the daily burdens. Thank you for sharing this devotional.
    Blessings Jane Casey

  593. Yvette Bell says:

    Thank you for this devotional. Seeing my stressor, my daughter with drug dependency and MS, as waves (GODs waves) tossing me back and forth does cause me to see this trial from a different perspective. Again thank you.

  594. Vicki Sacco says:

    So helpful. Fear is so debilitating and relating to the waves help me to understand how having faith gets you through life.

  595. I feel blessed and relieved and relaxed reading your devotion today Thank you!

  596. My prayer is to break free from fear (which is not from God), and stand firm in my faith in brokenness. Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for your reminder in today’s devotion.

  597. Kathy Bochman says:

    Our brokenness can make us stronger if we surrender our brokenness to Christ and His love.

  598. I would like to enter in behalf of my son who is married and blessed with two 2yr olds. He is facing several obstacles right now in different areas of his life. He made a profession of faith years ago and is now facing some very important decisions in life. Feeling buried in some situations and almost abandoned in others. It is my opinion he might draw some strength and wisdom by reading this book.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  599. I needed this this morning! 2016 has been a hard year for my family and when I finally stopped finding the brokenness definitely hit me. God’s been slowly building me back up piece by piece into the woman I was always suppose to be. I still have moments of brokenness when life gets stressful and the emotions from the last year overwhelm but I’m always reminded of God’s goodness.

  600. I needed to read this. I feel like I keep getting waves crashing on me at work. I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I need to allow God to work in my brokenness rather than fight it.

  601. I can picture and feel the waves crashing onto the beach ? and can feel the pull. I will break deep to break free.

  602. For a long time I did not if I would be able to make it down my own. A broken marriage and I was also broken as a women. I realize now that being broken is ok, that God is still with me (us)at the worst. Being broken I have grown to be more stronger not only in myself but in my faith. God is teaching me things I ignored before or thought was important when it really is not. I still find myself being broken again and again as the years go on and also see what God has done in my life. Break deep-break free……it’s where we start to grow and start to be closer to God. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

  603. Thank you, Ann, for these great analogies! I look forward to reading your book.

  604. What an amazing picture Ann painted of living in surrender in the midst of life’s stress. No need to fear of be prideful, but be free! Thanks Ann!

  605. Cynthia Wolpert says:

    I am coming up on the four-year anniversary of my beloved son’s death. He took his life in the throes of loneliness and a great sadness. I look at my son and myself as well, at how broken we both were and I still am. God gives his grace and love to comfort to ease the suffering and loss. I firmly believe that God wept when my son died, and he weeps with me now. It is only through the grace of God that I have been able to endure this tragedy and work to find the good in the suffering.

    • Deonn Chesterson says:

      This devotional really spoke to me. I’m healing after my husband’s infidelity. I know Christ wants me to stay in our marriage & forgive him like He has forgiven all of us who ask. I have forgiven him but Satan wants all marriages to fail. He wants me to stay in the hurt and pain, wallow there. He wants me to stay stuck & not move forward, but God wants me to love as He loves, to forget all wrongdoing. He wants me to break hard & into tons of pieces when the wave breaks! Thank you for your words of wisdom & for allowing Christ to speak through you.

  606. I’d love to read Ann’s words!

  607. Monica Paul says:

    God has pointed out to me my sins of perfectionism and desiring control. The healing from these has been an anxiety-ridden ride that has resulted in a closer resemblance of who He is. What a beautiful mystery that we have to really let go of control to finally feel peace. Thanks, Ann, for the poetic license you take with writing! You’re gifted with imagery and making a reader really feel like they’re there in the story with you. God bless, friend!

  608. I feel like every area of my life has been stressed lately – new home, 3 new jobs between me and my fiance, wedding planning, family trouble, etc. When it all gets too overwhelming, I know I need to be thankful for these things, even when they cause me stress!, and lean into God and prayer and know that He has a plan and everything will work out for the best. This may be a stressful time but its leading to better things!

  609. Lacey M Pierson says:

    “Longing to live a life that’s fearless of brokenness?” YES LORD. Thank you for blessing us with such words! The only path to abundance through the Lord is through enduring and rejoicing in the trials that break us and make us stronger. I would love a copy of this book… our Father has been preaching this message to my heart so heavily.

  610. Who doesn’t feel overwhelmed at on time or another in their lives. My struggle is of my own making. I need to been reminded, encouraged, restored over end over again that when I surrender all, God can work. I am a living testimony to the transforming power of God. But it is a work, a process, and today I am reminded again.
    I will persevere. Praise the name of Jesus.

  611. Regi Moritsch says:

    “When you’re hit by the crashing waves break deep “

  612. It’s hard to be broken. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. But in those times, I feel the true love of Christ. And through the Holy Spirit, I am moved to press on and press on stronger than I’ve ever been.

  613. He is with us when we do not know it, believe it, or feel it. Hold to that ….

  614. Breaking deep to break free.

  615. thanks for all you do

  616. Amy LaFleur says:

    This book looks great… Thank you for sharing this with us today. At this time of year many of us feel stressed….

  617. Patrice Halls says:

    Very interesting read and perspective on the believer’s brokenness, trials and tribulations. Thanks!

  618. Thank you Ann. I would love a copy of your book to give to my mom. We lost my dad and sister only five months apart. My mom is missing them so much that she can’t enjoy life any more. It is so sad to see her like this. I try hard to lift her up, but I can’t take their place. Please pray for my family. God bless you and proverbs 31….

  619. Alishia Sadler says:

    This message was a way of God Himself speaking to me through this…
    I just cried out to God,”Give me a break! Why can’t I catch a break?”
    Then to read this…. Thank you for being His vessel…

  620. so grateful for the hope Jesus gives and how He uses Ann’s words to provide beautiful insight during the deep, deep breaking.

  621. There are some things I need to break free of.. Thanks for reminding me that Jesus is the way:)

  622. Thank you. Words of truth..

  623. I really grasp this whole concept…..breaking deep….breaking free! I am such a water person.
    Daily I struggle physically to push thru my waves….thru the storms of trial. Therefore, daily
    I struggle mentally….SPIRITUALLY to push thru till I get in over my head, when those waves
    start pounding me, that’s the time to COMPLETELY SURRENDER to Him….to reach out my
    hand to the One Who Saves……to Break Deep… Break free! Thank you Jesus!!!

  624. Teresa Froese says:

    How wonderful to know that if we allow Jesus into our brokenness, He brings something beautiful out of it.

  625. Janet McIntosh says:

    I am so encouraged by the message today. I am not currently feeling stressed or overwhelmed but I have in the past. This devotional put things into perspective for me. Thanks. I will e sharing this one for sure.

  626. This sounds like an amazing book! The devotion today was written so beautifully. In a season where enduring a loss of a child I agree to break deep and seek God! He has a plan for everything. Sometimes it’s in those hard times he is shaping us and preparing us for great things! Things that will glorify him❤️It’s not always easy, but it will be so worth it!

  627. Rachel McGonagle says:

    Thank you for sharing this story of you and your daughter. Life has hit me hard in the past 2 years and it has caused me to look inward and truly ask the Lord what it is that I can learn during this difficult time. Unfortunately at first I chose fear and pride that I could handle it on my own. Thankful that God never gives up on me and I have learned so much about myself and God during this time of brokenness.

  628. Facing heartbreaking challenges on the homefront. I am indeed broken; but prayerfully trying to break free, instead of giving in to the pain and heartache of my challenges.

  629. What a beautiful depth into suffering and loss. How I long to “break deep”, allowing the struggles and sadness to transform this daughter of the King into the wholeness that only He offers. I crave Him and all that He promises for a yielded life….a life willing to take the brokenness, give it to Him, surrendering fully to His all-knowing power. What a blessing to hand down to my children and grandchildren as they face battles and think no ending is in sight. Thank you for sharing this insight!!

  630. Angela Faminoff says:

    Thank you for your words as they hit home and make sense. The metaphor with the waves is quite powerful!

    Kind regards,


  631. Elizabeth Loganbill says:

    Ann pens words that always stir hope and beckon rest in my soul. Ointment poured gently on my wounds. Grateful heart. Quiet spirit. Still knowing. Tranquil thoughts. Hectic days. A blending of all. Jesus.

  632. Tony pearson says:

    Would like to have a copy, blessings

  633. Thank you for the reminder to break into the wave and it is ok for my heart to break.

    My 8 month daughter is born with a rare condition. Medicine that has to be injected which is relatively new and definitely not usually given to babies is not working. Not only injection but multiple blood test to see if it is working.

    The first months of life I was prideful to research and make connections for this new journey. I even get like I would make sure I stayed commutes to long devotions .

    This week we also find out that my husband and I are carriers and so if we decide to have another baby it is 1/8 of chance this might happen.

    I’ve been crushed fearful of the future for my daughter and broken by my pride.

    I need God more than anything right now and to break into a wave even though my heart breaks .

  634. Kelly Snell says:

    WOW! What truth in this! I lost my mom much to young and as the eldest daughter I felt a need to be strong for the rest of the family. I tried to stand with my pride thinking I could break the “wave” of loss and sadness as it collapsed over me. It worked – – for a while – but not without much unnecessary hurt and regret. Rather than “breaking deep” into Christ with arms open in surrender, I reached for false pleasures to get me through. Years later I have finally allowed healing to come through surrender. Lord, remind me not to try and stand against the next wave, rather open my arms “break deep…break free” into You.

  635. Longing to break deep!

  636. Jeannie Canterbury says:

    Break free……how powerful!! Wonderful devotional!!

  637. What a powerful devotional!! Thanks I needed this today!!

  638. The beach is my favorite place to be. Thank you so much for this new insight.
    The ocean is even more beautiful now than ever.
    I am currently breaking deep in my personal circumstances. Thank you for the encouragement.

  639. Events of the past 3 years…watching my brother die and broken family relationships have caused so much grief and stress in my life. So thankful for Ann’s and P31 devotions. Clinging to my faith and trusting in God…

  640. Longing to break deep and rebuild in Christ!

  641. Beautiful, drew me in. I was thinking of the ocean as I relate the waves to that. Lots of change ahead for our family.

  642. What a great reminder that only by breaking can we truly find God. I’m thankful for the image of breaking deep into the waves to be cleansed and wrapped in God’s loving arms. I’ve been broken many times and now I can look at those times as growing periods and being closer to God.

  643. Rhonda Gilbert says:

    Oh I need this book. We are finacially struggling, had to sale our house and move in with family. My husband is trying to get his real estate license. This time of yr is sad with no money and my mom died on New Year’s eve. I try not to worry or have fear, but I have my moments.

  644. I cannot tell you the joy and excitement my heart and soul held seeing your name at the top of my devotional this morning. You probably hear this often but you must know how much your gift of writing has touched me. So much so, I bought several of your books ‘The Greatest Gift’ to hand out as gifts last year and this year, in the hopes that others could also experience the same beautiful feelings through your words, words that left me entwined with such a passion and clarity of this very notable and very precious time of year.
    Thank you so much for sharing your gift…you are truly a blessing! > your sister in Christ! Kristen

  645. A powerful and moving devotional. Thank you!

  646. Vanessa Wester says:

    This has been a year all about breaking. Thanks for the great redirection about how to break well and how to let the breaking transform in a holy way.

  647. Wow….such a beautiful and real way of describing God’s endless love in our brokenness. I felt as if I was standing right there with Ruth & Hope. Thank you for your beautiful heart and for sharing so authentically.

  648. A good message my problem is most of the strees I have is self imposed. Rather than taking a minute and a deep breath I usually compound the problem. Thank you for a good lesson


  649. Thank you for this devotional. Definitely needed this. I know I get overwhelmed by stress, and I let it negatively affect my life. Would love this book.

  650. What an awesome analogy of breaking deeply vs running or trying to overcome on my own.

  651. This message was perfect of what I’m going through! When I first read the title of this message, I didn’t completely understand it and how it would have applied to me. But as I read more and more I understood that I read this by God’s divine appointment. Thank you for this deep message!!! I really appreciate it! God bless you and have a fabulous day!

    • Sharon Lopez says:

      A splendid encouragement that is so refreshing enlightenment and strengthening my deeper understanding of how to keep breaking for advancing learning and growing with Christ.

  652. Would love to win a copy!!

  653. Shelli eldredge says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful post! The ocean is very healing to me & I’m in great need, would give anything if I lived near an ocean! Hope to win the book & see if that can be of help 🙂

  654. Thank you for sharing and stewarding your life and experienced wisdom to help others. After years of chronic illness, close calls along the way, a beautiful marriage torn in deception and pain, moving to a city to live by myself for the first time and raising my son 4 year old as a young woman working like many to find employment, the breaking truly is real. I have seen the fear and pain like never before, and I believe God is trying to teach me to break into it and surrender at a whole new level I am believing for a miracle and breakthrough in me and in my life, and sometimes its a matter of clinging to the fact that even in my failures He is faithful, He is good, and He is never going to be fully understood in his ways. To all who need a savior to touch deeply, I really do pray for his hand to heal and restore. Thank you again!

  655. Cathy Schuetze says:

    I was touched by today’s devotion and will share it with my my daughter and my nieces.
    Thank you

  656. A good word!

  657. Heather OConnor says:

    …The “picture” that this devotion created in my mind was so powerful. I feel sometimes like i am truly drowning in that fear of being completely broken. I wholeheartedly pray that I can fully trust God and his purpose for my life, and learn how to “break well”.

  658. This is so exciting to have Ann on the team of devotional writers! Thank you for your words today.

  659. Mary Siddons says:

    Have a blessed day!

  660. What an inspiring picture in my mind you have placed with your careful words and insightful message. I thank you deeply for today’s devotion which I will hold dear – just as my love for the waves.

  661. This is beautifully written. I feel a sense of calm just reading it, envisioning the sights and sounds of the waves on a beach. I tend to run away when the waves of life come. But it’s through the tough times, stress, and heartbreak that I’ve grown. This is a great reminder to be thankful and perceive those times differently, to somehow embrace those times in the present moment, for the future will be brighter and I will be stronger. Thank you.

  662. Kathy Paige says:

    I’m breaking free today! This devotional truly blessed me, I will not fear or move to pride to stand up against the brokenness, but fully surrender to cradling of my Father who there to help me embrace the Hope and confidence in Him… thank you for sharing this story!

  663. Life does feel pretty broken a lot of the time. The holiday season tends to heighten some of that anxiety and depression for me, but I continue to progress to wholeness.

  664. This is exactly what I needed this morning.

  665. This was truly a blessing and I need to learn how to break properly. Thank you for your gift.

  666. I want to live abundantly!

  667. Praise God! And His perfect timing. The last few days … I have been experiencing this very situation… and I was broken down… breaking down and being brought back up by Jesus… it was like Jesus is explained to me through this what He has been doing in my life. To God Be the Glory Amen…

  668. Joyce Kaiser says:

    This touched my heart today. I love the beach, so the analogy was spot on. Been feeling without hope, but now I can picture myself with arms outstretched in shape of cross, breaking the waves and knowing Jesus is always right with me.

  669. What a beautiful reminder to trust God and rest in His presence.

  670. Lori Loftis says:

    I love Ann Voskamp’s beautiful way of writing. One of my “Bible study girls” recommended her book “One Thousand Gifts” to coincide with my year’s meditation on gratitude. I would love to be able to give my girl a copy of Ann’s new book, as I know it would bless her richly.

  671. Shari Wiggins says:

    This was encouraging to me today.

  672. This is very timely devotional for me! Thank you!

  673. LeAnn Gossen says:

    Would love a copy of the book. A good devotional today. True that our scars are marks that come from love. We love deep, we scar deep.

  674. Kendra McGee says:

    This devotion… a life saver! I have been struggling with the idea of being broken, heartbroken, broken from work, from family and friends.. just broken.. and I feel sooooooo alone with so many people surrounding me. This devotion has given me hope and understanding to being broken. How to truly survive this time in my life. Being broken and not understanding it causes depression.. your devotion has truly given me hope. Thank you for the freedom of brokenness. Thank you.

  675. The message today about breaking deep hit me hard. I had a baby 4 months ago and while I am more in love with him and my husband I have never felt more like a hamster on a wheel. I hurt in so many ways and have been fighting God on every one of them. I’m finally stopping and letting the waves break me, I long for God to rebuild me. I desperately NEED Him to rebuild me. Thank you for this message today. I felt like it was for me. 🙂

  676. I love the and peace covers us over and over again, moment by moment. God bless..

  677. “Deep calls unto deep”
    Sometimes when I am so touched by your devotional there are no words I can use to express the way it spoke to me
    Amazing grace

  678. Thank you for this devotional. My heart has been broken. I need to break deep and break free

  679. Sherolyn West says:

    This was beautiful. I needed this reminder today. I have survived being critically ill this year and have had multiple hospital stays. This was a wonderful reminder to trust in God and to allow myself to be broken. Thank you.

  680. This message was wonderful! Thank you for sharing this today. I will definitely keep this word hidden in my heart. May God continue to give you wisdom and insight as you share his love and his word. I am often reminded of the caterpillar when I face difficulties and uncertainties. I know God’s plans for me are to give me hope and a future so I trust that once I get through the challenge of going through change I will eventually become the beautiful butterfly that God created me to be. Have an awesome day.

  681. Scarlett Carter says:

    It puts me in awe that after years of not living the life God chose for me and having it crash down around me time and time again- He still chooses to save me from the crashing waves. I made a decision recently to follow the terrifying path God has laid out for me and my son. It is giving me such peace to see these little bread crumbs (like this devotional) put on my path along the way not only to show me that God is guiding me but to keep my heart sustained as I go. Thank you for sharing it.

  682. Mary Gutierrez says:

    Thank you Ann for the wonderful article on stress and breaking free with the waves! I needed this today??

  683. Cindy Santos says:

    Being broken is hard emotionally, and to put it out there and be vulnerable with it is scary. It’s a great reminder that seeds must be broken to sprout! The Lord is our strength and we must TRUST in HIM.

  684. Anne McCabe says:

    Great! My women’s prayer group did a book study on Ann Voskamp (?)’s 1000 gifts. I’m glad to hear from her again and will probably buy this new book by her. Thanks for your ministry.

  685. Michelle Kelly says:

    It has been a difficult season for our family. I took a deep breath for the first time in a long while, released by Ann’s powerful words. I’ve been trying to hold us together for so long. I think if I keep working harder, vigilantly protecting us from all the ways life can tear us apart…then just by a fraction of an inch I can stay ahead of the waves that chase me. I love Ann’s powerful imagery. It reminds me that I can’t control God’s plan for us and to focus on the new that emerges from the breaking.

  686. Marlene Parboosingh says:

    I am a new Christian trying to find my way.
    Life is unpredictable, and just when you think you are making progress something comes up and triggers a bad reaction. By reading the Bible daily and having an ongoing relationship with the Lord is and has been my saving grace. Without His Living words I would of fallen into a very bad depression. He is guiding me daily. Praise the Lord for He is a Loving God.

  687. Amen.
    FEAR everything and RUN.
    FACE everything and RISE!

  688. What a wonderful devotion. Would love to ein the book. Struggling with the same thing for years that cant seem to break through. Thank you!

  689. I’m always looking for new books to read…to grow and learn.

  690. Thank you for this devotional, great read! Would love to win a copy of your book 🙂

  691. Peggy Lynch says:

    I have just recently discovered Ann Voskamp and her blog. Her perspective and writing are amazing and always seem to be just what I need. I believe God brought her writing into my life, and I am grateful.

  692. Deb Roberts says:

    Ann Voskamp’s writings and devotions always lift my spirit and my eyes to our Heavenly Father

  693. This devotion touched my heart today. I am learning to let go and let God. Breaking deep is a concept that scares me silly, but something I know will be valuable.

  694. Thank you for showing me that brokenness is an access to Gods throne room

  695. The world says they will fix me….God says it’s ok to be broken because it is then that we must rely on Him!

  696. This was beautifully written and as I struggle with feeling broken or “damaged” these words give me hope. Thank you

  697. Kirsten Zimmerman says:

    Needed to read this today! Thank you!

  698. This devotion was perfect for today!
    Right before I read it all I could think about was all the stress me and my family are facing.
    It helped a lot!
    Thank you!

  699. I love the truth of this message so much! Coming out of over three hard years of grief, I feel like I am awakening again and remembering that, it is in the breaking that new life springs forth, brings a peaceful hope.

  700. Melissa Sawicki says:

    This speaks directly to me, I’m working on my broken self and would love to receive this additional inspiration.
    Thank you!

  701. Geena Brooks says:

    THANK YOU!!!! I went to sleep feeling completely broken. And this morning God answered my prayers through your message; break deep!! Blessings in abundance to you and Hope!

  702. Thank you for bringing a reminder from God that the circumstances I find myself in may not be to my liking, but in Christ I can be free. My training and default position has been to allow fear to come first, then pride. EVERY TIME. But no more. Today is the first day of reacting differently for the rest of my life! I want to remember that difficulty is God’s call to me, to bring me closer to Him. I would love to read your book. Thank you.

  703. Mollie Patshkowski says:

    This was beautifully written, such a Christ filled author! I’d be honored to have the book, amen

  704. Regina Shumans says:

    Being broken brings us to a place of healing.

  705. Always amazed at the way Ann has with words and her insight. Love this lady and her literary genius.

  706. At times it feels like I am being hit from every side, family, work and the unexpected. The one and only reason that I am able to get back is because I know that by taking the hand of Jesus to help me I am not alone. Trusting that even in the hardest of time in God helps me overcome whatever is thrown at me.

  707. We are broken cracked pots that will shine His glory. Not because of ourselves, but because of Jesus in us! Loved and needed this devotional today.

  708. Mollie Patshkowski says:

    Beautifully written by a Christian author who understands God’s spirit and how HE wants to bless us, Amen!

  709. Beth Hoffman says:

    Break deep into what is breaking you, and into the arms of Christ. Arms outstretched like Him, and He will catch you … just like that trust game where you fall back and are caught in the arms of others. A wonderful devotional today with images that clarify truth. Thank you.

  710. This message is profoundly beautiful. Having said that, may I kindly suggest more editing?

  711. I would love a copy of you book for a friend. She lost her husband 5 years ago and can still not get on with life

  712. Leti Padilla says:

    It is always hard to surrender when we are faced with so much stress in out daily lives..but I know God wants us to trust Him and depend on Him to walk is through those times of brokenness and surrender

  713. Oh, what a wonderful truth ! Here I stand broken by the waves and rejoining in the hope to come !

    Trusting Him,

  714. Melody Argueta says:

    Loved this devotional. Came at a good time, as I reflect on brokenness. Thank you for your submission to Christ, Ann.

  715. Gladys Love says:

    Only God knows how much I need this message this morning. Thank you.

  716. I am breaking deep lately. I have ran and I have stood against the waves, its now time for me to be consumed and come up anew. I am realizing the impact that yelling and name calling has had on our marriage and our family. I am left to change my ways or loose my family. I am thankful for this opportunity to gain a different life but I am also scared that I will fail. The stress is overwhelming. Surrender seems sweeter and lovelier than trying to stand or run on my own.

  717. I am being broken in many areas right now. I pray Christ’s light shines through all the cracks in my

  718. Regina Tallman says:

    This is so on target for my house hold. My brother in law lives with us and needs a liver transplant. Sometimes it gets overwhelming!! After reading my daily devotion about the waves crashing against the earth and God gives us comfort. I felt such a peace. Thank you for obeying God and writing what God puts in your heart. God bless you!!!

    Regina Tallman

  719. Thank-you!

  720. Bernadette Enzinger says:

    This not only is true for stress.
    Thank you!

  721. Denise Wilson says:

    Love this!!

  722. Wow! The Lord is surely speaking to me today. This is the second time this morning that I have heard someone say that you need to break into the wave. Sounds like an awesome book!

  723. Sue Schechtman says:

    I love your devotion today. it speaks straight to m heart. As a child growing in California, I learned fast to dive into the wave so I don’t get knocked over . Not mention the peace the sound of waves gives me. The spreading of my arms and falling into the waves and returning as the image of Jesus is spectacular. Thank you

  724. Love your writing….God has given you such a gift with words and they bless so many people daily. I so appreciate how you deal with suffering. We all try to avoid it and when we can’t, then to run through it as quickly as possible as one runs from a burning house, trying not to get singed on the way out. Your farmer is wise….he knows the seed must die and break to ultimately grow into something useful and life sustaining! Thank you. xo

  725. Would love to win a copy of this book, Ann!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    P.S. My boys & I just hung our Advent “calendar” this morning, in anticipation of a purposeful Advent!!!


  727. Diane Wilson says:

    This devotion moved me deeply. I would very much like to read the book.

  728. I have had some trials and tribulations this year, and would be appreciative to read about your insights to help propel me to where I would like to be spiritually. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  729. Holley Arvesen says:

    I’ve never felt broken until recently because of a family situation with a sibling. Ugh! I could use a word, Ann! (Holley WITH an “e”, but I’m not fancy, either.) Blessings to you and your family.

  730. Thank you for this uplifting message! I’m in bed with a bad back and it really helped me to see Gods hand in everything!

  731. This devotional really spoke to me today. It was truly a blessing and it was definitely a word in due season. As the waves of life have been crashing against me at a rapid pace in my life lately, I am glad that I have a Savior who loves me enough to send me a life line at just the right moment. Thank you for this word. I pray that he will continue to be bless you as you go about using your gifts to encourage others. I pray for the courage to step out there on faith so that I can use my gifts for His Glory as well.

  732. Crystal Warren says:

    I am going through some hard times and am needing words of wisdom and life put back into my life. I literally feel life I’m falling apart, depressed at times and just needing hope. I would love to have this book.

    Thank you

  733. What a wonderful way to look at life’s overwhelming stress.
    I can’t wait to read “The Broken Way”. Thank you

  734. I want to thank you for today’s devotional I love it. I love to sit at the beach and listen to waves come in and roll out again I would sit for hours just listening especially when I was feeling low and when I would leave I would feel refreshed renewed and revived again. It was like I can go through this, but you gave me something else I can hold on to.

    • Just what I needed to read ~ on my quick lunch rest ~ thank you so much for your insight from God that you were willing to share ~ very meaningful and refreshing as I return to my work for Jesus and in His name and honor~

  735. Fabulous; I have always felt the presence of God at the ocean.?

  736. Ethel Branderhorst says:

    Recently I have been learning so much from Ann Voskamp and Lysa TerKeurst and by God’s grace, growing in Him. Thankful!

  737. Coreen Lecocq says:

    Thanks Ann for your encouraging and inspiring words of truth. Your poetic writings always manage to touch deep into my soul with your visualizations, which draw me deeper and closer to a richer walk with Jesus and I am continually amazed at how wonderful our Saviour is in using those willing, to make a difference for Him.

    Thank you for allowing Him to speak thru you and the wonderful gift of writing He has given you. May He continue to bless you and your family as much as your writings are a blessing to others! I look forward to reading The Broken Way and sharing it with others, as I often do with your regular devotionals I receive through you. Merry Christmas – and yes, Jesus is the reason for living every day, not just ‘the Season’!


  738. Angela Verveda says:

    I loved Ann Voskamp’s devotional thus morning about breaking in to the waves of life’s trials to allow myself to be formed into what God wants me to be. Allowing oneself to be broken and remade into the image of Christ by God’s loving hands is what I want when trouble comes because in the end His divine working makes me stronger. I would love to read Ann’s book more about this. She has a brilliant way of brining the timeless truths of the Word to our hearts. I love reading things by Ann! Thank you for posting today’s devotional!

  739. Rachel Alexander says:

    What an awesome book idea!! God bless.

  740. I know I’m not supposed to be able to do it all, but I wish I could. I am working on stepping up on some of the things that stress me, and accepting others as being things that I can let go.

  741. I was deeply touched by the devotion today. Recently I have been feeling the overwhelming waves hitting me
    as I have a drug addicted son that has caused so much heartache and pain in our family. I was praying this
    morning for renewed hope and joy, and I opened this devotional. It was absolute perfect timing, that only
    Christ can do-
    Knowing about this book is giving me a hope- really want to read it!
    Thanks for your words today- they are like a bright light in a dark tunnel- May God richly bless you!

  742. Ashley Huffman says:

    This post is so perfect for this time of year especially. Exactly what I needed to hear today.

  743. This morning has been a time of brokenness. Thanks be to my loving heavenly Father that led me to read this devotion today. It has been such a inspiration in this time of trials.

  744. Kayla Fenner says:

    I would love the opportunity to win this book. Like so many others, I am struggling with letting go, letting go of my “control” over the issues and mistakes that my soon-to-be 17 year old son is faced with. I have always been his advocate but see that unless I let him live through his choices on his own, I will be hindering his ability to become an independent adult, no matter how hard it is to see him fail.

    May we all find the Peace we so desperately need – God is the only way to find it – we just have to be willing to let go and let Him have the power.

    Kayla Fenner

    • Hi… recently had to face the same situation with both boys– 15 and 21. Let go and let God and you will be amazed at the miracles and strength God will provide you through all of it. They will become the men He has set them out to be. We don’t have to interfere with His handiwork!
      And praying over them in their rooms, doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

  745. Caroline Carson says:

    Your words are inspirational! I am trying to find me and having a difficult time. I am recently divorced-not of my choosing-after 31 years of marriage. I am broken. Many times I let fear take over my whole being. I am trying so hard to break deep-to be transformed in Christ! If it were not for my faith, I don’t know how I would survive. I know God loves me and has amazing plans for me. I need to grow in my relationship with Jesus. I would embrace the opportunity to read and grow from the words and path of someone who has written The Broken Way!!

  746. Pamela Lake says:

    I love the devotions everyday. This one really touched me because God has been working on me to stop taking on problems in my own strength. Its a hard thing to conquer but with God all things are possible!!

  747. I’m challenged by this devotion. Thanks. I would like to read more about this topic.

  748. Renee Stackhouse says:

    Thank you for this devotion today…..I have been feeling so stressed the last few months. In September I went to a wonderful woman’s retreat with my church and came back with a renewed spirit but as soon as I returned everything started caving in around me. Financially we ruptured. If something could break it did….we were hit with a tax levy….we are currently facing foreclosure. It seems that nothing we try has been successful.
    We have struggled just to keep the utilities on. It really has been “the perfect storm”. I can honestly say that I shut down….I hadn’t even opened my Bible since coming back from the retreat…..then this past Monday I decided to try to get back into a routine even if I wasn’t feeling “it”. For the last three days every devotion I follow has addressed the lines going on in my life. I am not sure why that always surprises me but it does. Thank you again.

  749. Beautiful devotional today… thank you so much for sharing. And such a great image that so many of us can relate to… the water’s edge.
    Many thanks again.

  750. I love this passage.

  751. Thank you for describing in a profound way how the storm’s of life or whatever the enemy tries to hinder us with we have the choice for our Lord to take us deeper into his precious image. God Bless You!

  752. Exactly what I needed to hear today. We can’t expect to see growth when we’re too afraid to be broken or too proud to accept help. Today I’m breaking free of both! Thank you for your timely word of encouragement!!

  753. The waves of life are breaking hard and fast. Thank you for sharing this post today! I would treasure a copy of your new book. He alone is our life preserver!

  754. A friend forwarded this devotion to me today because it describes what I am going through in my life right now. I am a single mother trying to raise a 6 yr old daughter who is strong willed and challenges me in every way. So many days I want to throw in the towel but I know that is not an option. It looks like this devotional touched the hearts of many.
    Thank you.

  755. Kathryn Potts says:

    Nice devotion.

  756. Cheryl Leuthe says:

    This book sounds very interesting, thank you for the chance to win a copy. I would like to learn more about how to break deep.

  757. Marcia Flanagan says:

    I am struggling and needed this message today!!! Thank you…

  758. I have been anxiously awaiting this book, since reading 1,000 Gifts!!! I can’t wait to be refreshed, once again, by Ann.

  759. Sounds like a great book. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.