The Wild Ride of Faith

The Wild Ride of Faith

July 14, 2017

“… the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:3-4 (NIV)

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On a recent trip to an amusement park, my boys and I decided to try out a new roller coaster. Well, it was new for them. I’d experienced it before and knew it was the perfect ride for my boys: One is a thrill-seeker, one is a thrill-avoider and one sits somewhere in between.

We approached the line and waited patiently for our turn. My thrill-avoider slowly became apprehensive about getting on the ride. He had time to wonder how fast the ride would go, how far the drops would be and how many sharp curves he would encounter. In other words, he had a long wait full of worry.

The closer we got to the front of the line, the more anxious he became. He started asking me for a way out — some way to avoid venturing into the unknown. I felt like a terrible mom, but I decided he would just have to go. We’d already waited so long, and it wouldn’t be fair to his brothers.

But here’s the other reason I made him get on the ride. I knew it wasn’t that bad. As a roller coaster-lover, I knew this ride was rather mild, and he would be just fine once he experienced the ups and downs for himself.

I knew he’d be okay.

He didn’t believe me.

As we approached the front of the line, the people behind us could see my son was visibly shaken and averse to moving forward. I assumed they secretly thought I was an awful mom. To my surprise, one of the ladies leaned toward my son and said, “Don’t be scared. I was afraid the first time I rode it, but it was super fun!”

Her encouragement kept him moving forward.

When it was our turn to ride, the park employee who controlled the ride noticed my son’s nervousness. He left his post and bent down to comfort my son, reassuring him that he would love the ride.

My son seemed a bit calmer. Resolved that the ride was imminent, he reached over and asked me to hold his hand throughout our journey.

More often than I care to admit, I find myself in line for something in life I’m unsure about. I anticipate the ride will be rougher than I want — too much for me to handle.

And I want out.

I worry. I whine. I cry. I beg God to get me out of the line. I’m apprehensive and anxious about the direction things are headed and I let the world know it.

But here’s what I’ve learned: While God may not always remove me from my circumstances, He is always with me.

He knows I’ll be okay.

I don’t always believe Him — particularly when I ruminate about all the things that could go wrong. Thankfully, God doesn’t let my apprehension or anxiety about my future stop me from embarking on rides I might otherwise avoid.

God doesn’t place me in situations where I will be tempted beyond what I can bear. He also ensures that when I’m feeling weak, I can hold on to Him, take comfort in His presence and trust in His strength to get me through. God, in His loving care, often places people in my path who’ve been on the ride I face and can encourage me to move forward.

We rode the ride that day, and my son screamed the whole time. He was that kid who hollered his brains out. But you know what? As we got out of our seats and made our way through the exit, he had a huge smile on his face. He’d enjoyed the ride. He even asked to ride again.

I’ve been walking with God long enough to know that building my faith often requires unexpected rides that may leave me feeling worried and unsettled. I’ve also learned that God can be trusted. He will hold my hand and be with me the entire way. And while the ride may seem wild at times — building my faith is the ride of a lifetime. And it’s one ride I’m learning to enjoy.

Dear Father, sometimes I struggle to have confidence when I encounter a wild ride of faith. Please help me to believe that You are with me to walk boldly forward, even when it’s toward the unknown. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (NIV)

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What wild ride of faith have you been on recently? What has choosing to trust God looked like in your life?

Have there been people on your journey who have encouraged you? What did they do or say that helped you continue in your faith walk?

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  1. Denise Moyer says:

    I think I find the most encouragement in His Word. Reading His promises, speaking them over myself.
    Right now in my life I’m getting pressed from all sides, & I don’t see a way out of it all. But I’m choosing Hope, & trusting that God will make a way. Speaking the Truth, & Trusting in The Faithful One!
    Someone said to me, “God won’t allow you to go through more than you can handle.” I said, people go through things all the time, that are Way to much for them to handle. But we have Papa God, to walk us through, that’s the difference. We are not alone, & He will never leave us. So we don’t have to be afraid. It is well with my soul.

    Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (NIV)

  2. Helaena says:

    This could not have come at an ideal time. I have been facing troubled times that I was finding it hard to pray. I am delighted and encouraged to know that God is holding my hand even when it seems the ride is a nut craker for me. Bless you Chrystal

  3. Elizabeth Queen says:

    This devotion brought me to literal tears. My heart pounded as I read your thoughts. I’ve been through so much in life, and just when I thought things were turning around, I lost my job of 25+ years. We just received a notice to evict if I don’t pay by Monday. My family would have no where to go. I’m being strong on the outsude, but inside, I’m dying. I keep crying and then feel guilty that God thinks badly of me because I don’t trust Him. I’m so scared.

    • Dear Elizabeth, God isn’t surprised by your fears, and he doesn’t think badly of you. You are his creation–before you were born, he knew your strengths and weaknesses, your delights and your fears. You are his unique creation, and he says, “it’s good.”

      You’re in a scary place, dear sister, no question. We’d all like to skip the scary parts, yes. God doesn’t promise to take away the scary places — he promises to walk beside us. You may lose the building where you live. But wherever you go, God is your shelter, your refuge, your fortress, your hope (Psalm 91:2).

    • Carolyn J Simmons says:

      Elizabeth, I know what you mean.I have seen God work miracle after miracle, but you keep thinking what am I going to do, instead of what is God going to do. Remember doubting Thomas. He saw all of God’s miracles, but he still doubted. Pray and read the scriptures, especially Hebrews 11.

    • Deborah says:

      Good Morning Elizabeth,
      Please seek out Catholic Charities in your area, they will help you and love on you in the name of our Precious and Holy Savior Jesus! Love is waiting my Precious Sister!!

    • Praying for you.

    • Praying for you

    • Just a thought and another possibility that if you start a page, then others can help. Plus, your local church and interfaith services. There are many resources. God bless you through this trial.

    • Praying for you.

    • “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” proverbs 3:5
      I know it seems hard but know that you have people praying !

    • You are in my prayers, Elizabeth. 💞

    • Shanna Giles says:

      I pray you will bless Elizabeth and her family. If it is Your will, I pray you will provide the money she needs or a place to live. Please allow her to see the opportunity You provide in sharing her faith with the others around her, whether it be because You miraculously provide for her to stay here or to discover new friendships with the new places she and her family will go. No matter where she ends up, You are there. YOU are her home Lord.

  4. Yes, I have to believe God knows what is best for me because He has it all worked out according to His plan and timeliness. I have to surrender and stop trying to figure it out but ride the wave of uncertainty with Him in the ‘driver’s seat’ holding my hand 🙂

    • Amen. I know what you say is so spot on Teresa, it is just so very hard for me to do. I’m praying to be able to trust him and to stop fretting over the unknown and over what is in the future. The anxiety from not knowing is stealing my joy.

  5. Thank you for this timely devotion. I’ve been on a wild faith testing ride for over a year now. A physical pain ride. I pray to God daily to take the pain out of my legs, but I’m still waiting. My faith is huge and is the core of my being. I KNOW He will take it out–in His time. Until that day comes, I keep trusting, believing, and moving forward. I am thankful, so thankful that I have my faith, because without it, I would have given up along time ago.
    Faith can get you through anything. Some days, it’s tougher than others and that’s when I sing “In His time, in His time, God makes all things beautiful, in His time………

  6. Thank you for this! I’m in a period of waiting right now, and being reminded that God is with me is very encouraging.

  7. Annie Carpentier says:

    Thank you for this illustration, that is so well said. Praise God because he is always by our side and HE knows we’ll be OK!

  8. Loved this devotion. I’ve been working on increasing my faith, and trust, and letting God. It’s hard! So many things wrong in life now, trusting God.

  9. Thank You! Exactly what I needed this morning.

  10. I really appreciate this today. It seems that right now in life, I am waiting in line at a few different ‘coasters’, and they all look much bigger than anything I have ridden before.
    Thank you for the reminder of Who is holding my hand. I’m looking forward to the end of the ride, walking away with that confident smile on my face like your son!

  11. I don’t even have words to express how very timely and oh so personal this is to me! The past year has been one of significant personal changes and challenges, but also amazing opportunity to reflect, adapt and adjust. Just yesterday morning I posted to my Facebook page a picture of a roller coaster and shared my thoughts about life being a roller coaster. I ended it with the advice (a reminder to myself) to trust in the Lord and enjoy the ride. I don’t believe in “coincidences”. Thank you for this Chrystal. I am blessed by your gift of writing and know countless others are as well.

  12. My husband has been in kidney failure, subsequently on the kidney transplant list for over two years. It’s been a difficult path to watch him struggle, waiting and hoping for a donor, waiting through months of testing when a donor stepped into the gap. But joy this week to find his donor has been accepted! So many people prayed alongside us to get us to this point. Some days I would feel the fear and worry overtaking me and remind myself to be strong and courageous. Trusting God every day that his plan is good. Plan for a successful surgery and outcomes for both my husband and the donor. My faith journey continues.

  13. Thank you! Thank you! That was amazing and just what I needed.

  14. Lydia G. says:

    I’ve been growing faint and weary; I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for two years and we have discussed marriage multiple times. It use to excite me and I felt completely comfortable with it. But now he is talking about joining active duty and I’m really nervous. I know God has put that on his hurt, but lately all I can think about is, “how am I going to finish my Master’s program without losing my scholarship money? How are we going to be able to get married in a short time if he joins without spending a lot of money for a wedding? What about my job I’m at right now? How are we going to make marriage work when we always hear how hard it is? What are we going to do about church? We just found one we love!” All these questions have bombarded my brain but it’s a battle (constantly) to have faith in the one who makes the impossible possible. This message came right on time; but it’s still hard to get the flesh aligned with my spirit.

  15. Bridget M. says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. The analogy you used of the rollercoaster ride is both powerful and true when it comes to life. You reminded us how God uses these experiences to strengthen our faith, build our trust and bring us closer to Him. You also gave us an important reminder as mothers – oftentimes we so often want to relieve our child’s discomfort and suffering, however, if we mollycoddle them every time they want out or feel anxious or worried, we are not helping them to prepare for the rollercoaster of life. We have a responsibility to nurture and push them outside of their comfort zones at times in life and sometimes we struggle greatly between these areas. Thank you for this today.

  16. These past couple years have been a wild ride for sure. Thank-you for these words. Very timely indeed. God bless.

  17. Thank you so much for this reminder. I do trust Him every day, but I need to stop my whining when I dont get my way.

  18. Shelby Kanoy says:

    Thanks-that’s a beautiful analogy!

  19. What a wonderful devotion!! Thank you for your words and speaking to my heart.

  20. Judi Barton says:

    What a great visual picture painted here! In this devotion God really spoke to the heart of what life in Him is like. The portion that you shared in the beginning of your sons anticipation of the unknown verses your confidence coming from what you know was impacting! It really gives the reader the opportunity to see themselves in the child’s position and then to envision themselves under Gods magnificent caring hand. I will be sharing this with my daughter and pondering these words in my own heart today. Thank you!

  21. Bridgett says:

    Oh how I love when The Lord speaks to my heart and he certainly did today through this devotion!! My mother in law is undergoing surgery, drs are removing a mass from her kidney at this very moment! Faith..that’s what I have been standing on through this season and my heart was filled with joy reading this devotion knowing that He is going to get my mother in law through this ride!!

  22. Wow, what a timely devotion for this morning! In 45 minutes I will be going to the dentist and it is the same place where I had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia 5 years ago. I had never experienced that before and it was a terrifying, exhausting thing to experience, secondary only to my emergency C-section 10 months prior! In the years since I have only ever used the anesthetic without epinephrine (which is what triggered it) but today I am thinking I may need to use it, as that works better. I also had stopped going to that dentist after that reaction because of the way she handled my discomfort, but as this place could get me in quickly to deal with my issue, I am going back there today and just the thought is enough to trigger a panic attack.

    I am so worried about this, although I know God says in the Word that I am not to be anxious about anything. Because I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks in the last year, I’m more nervous than I would have been, and concerned that any reaction no matter how small will be enough to send me over the edge. Thank you for this timely reminder that we can’t always avoid where the journey takes us, but God is with us nonetheless.

  23. Dear Elizabeth, The One who loves us perfectly is in full control, working everything out according to His plan. Knowing this should fill us with hope, even in the midst of crisis situations. The Lord promises to turn disaster to good for those who “are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28). Praying for you.

  24. My ride is not nearly as tragic or difficult as most people but it began a year ago when I met a man God placed into my life. Due to severe health issues with a family member, he felt a need to walk away from me as he couldn’t devote time to a relationship in order to be there for his daughter. Everyone tells me to close the door and walk away, but God encourages me to just wait for His good timing. It’s a year later, he and I are still friends, I still want more, he still keeps his distance, yet God still tells me to be patient. Every day I cry and God comforts me, some days I just want to give up, yet He holds my hand and leads me on. A roller coaster indeed. Last night I was ready to give up, this morning this message was here waiting for me, giving me new strength and courage. Heavenly Father, I thank you for bringing Paul to my life and the opportunity to have known him at all, I thank you for the abundance You provide me and for the comfort You give me when I am down and afraid. I thank You for speaking through Chrystal and all the wonderful people at Proverbs 31. I ask you watch out over them and continue guiding them in their good work for Your glory. I ask this in the name of my savior, Jesus Christ.

  25. Exactly what I needed this morning! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Gail Durnell says:

    Well I incounter Gods faith yesterday as I went to get my son medicine and was told what the co pay would be well I didn’t have that amount to get my sons medicine .so I left not being upset but concern how was I going to be able to get it .so I went to talk to my husband he said he didn’t have it either so while I was working last night my husband founded away to get the money to get our son medicine .so I’m so thankful that God had his hand in this situation .as I’m blessed to have a husband like I do who cares about our sons needs .Thank you God for always providing for my family.and their needs .I couldn’t go a day without you in my life .

  27. What a beautiful picture of walking in faith. Tears as you struck home for me. Blessings!

  28. Loved this. Thank you.:)

  29. Thank you for your wonderful and timely devotional. My wilde ride of faith is in regards to my husband’s health issue. In December he had a heart attack (his second one) and this one left some damage. The only way I can describe it is that I have been frozen in fear, shaken to the core, and it’s taken time to daily find my way. I keep hearing a reminder within that when we are faced with trials, despite the worry and fear, what if we just “choose”. Choose to boldly stand in faith and God’s promise that He is holding our hand and leading us, and knowing that He is in control always, including our trials. Thank You, Father!

  30. Holly Cantell says:

    I read this passage as I sit at my mother’s bedside. She is on hospice care now. This will be the first parent I lose and at 93 I’d say I’ve been very blessed to have her all these years. It is a scary proposition to be caring for Mom and Dad. Administering meds to Mom while trying to find comforting words for Dad. What will he do without her? How will he go on without her to care for? For him the fear is very real. Thank you for this devotional reminding me of God’s ever present faithfulness. ✝️💜

    • May God sustain you and make this a beautiful time of being helpful to your parents. It is humbling and an honor to be with them in their final season. May God give you Grace, your mother Hope of eternity with Him , and your dad Peace and Trust that God will get him through. Thank you for sharing at a time like this. Look at you; giving thanks and encouragement to others in your time of uncertainty. Sounds like God is surrounding you and loves you so very much! How beautiful.

  31. Shelia Gaines says:

    Thank you for this timely word. It’s just what I need for today. I will rejoice and be glad in this beautiful day that the Lord has made and reach out to him when I need someone to hold my hand.

  32. Kim Hendrix says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Came at just the right time as I face a huge project at work.

  33. What a perfect visual! And a wonderful reminder for today- going to share this one with my kids!

  34. Thank you, Crystal for this devotional. It is so timely for me. God is leading me down a path right now that makes me uncomfortable and scared. I am trying with all my might to keep trusting Him and push forward. Luckily I have a couple friends who have been down a similar path and I know I can turn to them for advice and encouragement.

  35. Natalie says:

    Thanks for this wonderful devotional. For me, moving to a new country was a real wild ride of faith for me. Many friends and family did not encourage me to make the move, because I did not know anyone here, and I had to start all over in my career and etc. But I felt deep inside that the Lord was asking me to move, and today I can really see that it has been the Lord’s doing all along. With God on our side, fear has no room to operate. I remember waking up at 2 am, getting in my car and driving that 12 hours journey, just the Lord and me to an unknown country. There are always rewards in trusting the Lord all the way!

  36. Beautiful (and cute) devotional! Thx, Chrystal! I can use your roller coaster analogy with a smile for several ‘aging’ topics pertaining to family members (e.g., upcoming corrective surgery, which is not expected to be ‘bad’ but anxiety surrounds it). It’s all a journey and part of God’s omniscient, Divine Plan with His loving protection right there with us at all times. Love to you and your family!

  37. Linda Hayes says:

    I have been on the wild ride of faith for the past three years of Grad School. I am over 50, and finishing my last class. I reminded God regularly that He gave me this to do, and several times I would be overwhelmed with my assignments at the end of a semester. I would let God know He was going to need to inspire me and strengthen me to make it though these assignments. I had used up everything in the tank, it could only be through His grace and glory I would complete what I had in front of me. He NEVER failed me. As each semester wore on, my faith grew. I knew I would possibly come to a point of great trial, and I knew God would sustain me. My faith grew, and while the work was still challenging, my worry subsided. Now I use that declaration about my job search… As I wrap up my last class, I have had only one B the entire time in Grad school. I have supervision hours to get before I get licensed (LPC), but I already sailed through the COMPS and my boards tests so when I work as a counselor, I will be an APC or Associate Practicing Counselor. I have peace as I begin my job search process…I just remind God he gave me this to do, and I do not know where to go or if I will have to move, but He knows right where He wants me. I know HE will guide me there.

  38. Great devotion. It does not say in the Bible that God will not give us more than we can handle. We learn to rely on Him when we can’t handle things. If we could handle things on our own we wouldn’t need Him. The verse often mentioned when people misquote the Bible is 1Cor 10:13. That verse is talking about temptation.

  39. Yes! To Marcy, the previous poster – you are absolutely right!
    The ride that I did not sign up for is a husband’s infidelity. It has been earth shattering, painful, and life – transforming. Richard Rohr’s writing has helped me immensely, as has Vaneetha Risner’s. Pain is our most effective teacher. Jesus goes through it with us and we are transformed if we surrender. The furnace is painful, but the gold at the end makes us beautiful in his eyes. 18 months of grueling work on both of our parts, I daresay I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and our marriage has an intimacy and maturity we had never known before. Only God can accomplish something like that.

  40. Vicki H. says:

    God can get us through anything even though we feel it’s more than we can take. I’ve spent the last year battling breast cancer. I know without my Lord and many prayer warriors I could not of made it.

  41. WOW! This couldn’t have come at a better time! My grandson who has lived with us for the past year, has been uprooted from us and is out of state. There isn’t anything we can do about this situation, except pray and know that God is at work. Today, I was feeling helpless and hopeless, until I read this. I woke up saying I cant do this Lord. Thank you for reminding me that we are not doing this alone. God almighty is at work, the work we can’t see, but He knows. I will trust in Him, and pray pray pray. Thanks be to GOD and people like you who speak to us.

    • Michelle says:

      I also woke up saying I can’t do this Lord. I also felt this post was for me and that it was God reminding me that I am not alone. I will pray for you.

  42. Min. Dorothy P Davis says:

    I am standing in a line right. I thought I had it all together until I started getting hit after hit against my family, home,job,health and finances one after the other and now all on top of each other. I praise God for all those I choose to surround myself with. I am a prayer worrier that prays with others and for others. The ladies in our circle have learned to look in each other’s eyes and face. We’ve gotten so close in the spirit of the Lord ,we ask each other,is anything wrong when we’re not looking right. We won’t let each other give up or give in. These ladies have prayed and ministered to each other through many things, they keep me (the minister) encouraged. I praise God for them especially Lestina.

  43. Sabrina McElwee says:

    God has been calling me deeper. To depend on Him for literally ever single thing. And it has been wild. And freeing. And beautiful. I’m thankful for a faithful God who walks with me even when I’m unsure!

  44. Katrina Forbes says:

    Right now my faith is being tested in wats I could have never imagined. My family and I are going through something so much greater than ourselves. I am scared to death of the outcome but know that God is in control.

  45. Michelle says:

    I have been in very turbulent waters and am so ready to calm seas. I know God is with me but I need someone where I live that I can trust to speak to. Please pray that I find these people asap.

  46. Karen Williams says:

    Thank you for this devotion!

  47. What a blessing this was for me. What really stuck out to me was realizing that we have to keep pressing forward. God is always there to comfort, to reassure, and to bless in the end. When things before me seem tough I always anticipate before it even happens the outcome. God has the grand finale lined up! Such encouragement. I moving forward!

  48. My wife actually sent me this message today. It is very pertinent to us currently. Recently I was offered a job in a much bigger market place. Base pay is not much different but the earning potential is much greater. Our beloved home state of WV is circling the economic drain with no signs of improvement. Both of us are very apprehensive about uprooting our young family (kids aged 4 and 18 months) and moving away from her parents to an area with not only more earning potential, but better schools, better opportunities for our children, etc.

    My wife has lived her whole life in the same county and is very close to her family and I know the thought of moving away from them is a HUGE worry for her. Her mom takes care of our kids each day and her family is a huge support network for us. I can certainly understand the boy’s apprehension towards roller coasters because not only do I hate roller coasters, but I have that same feeling in exploring this new career opportunity. We are asking God for His guidance and His will be to be done. I just hope we can quiet our anxiety enough to listen to what God has to say.

  49. Susan G. says:

    This was great! Laughed all the way through it…and then I let the truths sink in deep.
    I agree. Having faith and knowing God is quite a ride for life! It’s certainly not a boring life! 😉
    Thanks for this!

  50. I think the most challenging ride of faith is my relationship with my mother. I have held onto Jesus ever since August 19 of last year and have watched him growth me in areas where I need the most growth.
    It has been up and down in my times with my mother and I have learned to turn to scripture constantly no matter the circumstance.

    It has been a blessing!

  51. Janice Alston says:

    Such a great message I loved it. There have been rough times in my life with my health but I’ve held on to God and know he will not turn me loose I know with God I have everything and I know my praying having faith and knowing God will deliver me has bought me so far. I sympathize with your son because I basically don’t like riding wild rides either but the ride that I ride I have not been riding along and with God riding with me I Will Survive thanks so much for this encouraging message.

  52. thank you for this verse I need read this
    Deuteronomy 31:6, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (NIV)

  53. Jennifer Johnston says:


  54. Great analogy! Great message, thanks Chrystal!

  55. Juanita says:

    Truly enjoyed this Reading and it was om time and addressed some current rides into the unknown in my journey! However, I know God is leading and with me no matter how scary the ride! My Faith is getting stronger and any fear of the future rest in His Hands as we will ride out the temporary storms of life and uncertainties together!! Thanks so much and I pray God’s continued blessings on your family and Ministry on His behalf! Kindest regards

  56. I really needed this word today. I have felt so overwhelmed with life.. Not even wanting nothing to do with church and people. My faith seems to be do weak. GOD where are you?I can’t pray, feeling stuck in a place that I am fighting to out of. But I still put my trust in GOD.

    • Praying for you Carrie. Tell that to God ~ that too is a prayer, and keep telling Him. I find that talking over my fears with Him helps and eventually I start to feel like an end is in sight, I get nudges about what to do next to help or sometimes, I have to just “be still and know that He is God”. Sometimes it truly requires just letting Him work and me praying while I’m waiting. I’ve also found that focusing on helping others also helps me.

  57. I’m on a health and wellness journey for me and have been feeling nudged to share this with others. It’s on my mind throughout the day and I keep seeing signs. This is scary for me; it’s an unknown, which I’ve never been good at dealing with. It requires trusting, believing and letting God take the lead. Easier said than done some days. But I’m determined NOT to let that stop me. I can envision where I want to be and I’m going to keep working at it, pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and help others achieve their goals.

  58. Jasmine Marrero says:

    This devotional spoke to my heart. Yesterday I attended my younger brothers wedding to a woman the lord told him not to even be in a relationship with. My mom and i prayed ferevently for 3 yrs as we saw the enemy’s work manifest. These 3 yrs brought division, changed my brother towards lord and family. We continued to stand on the words the lord spoke to our hearts, revelation, dreams and scripture. So when my brother wed her yesterday it was shattering. We received much opposition from my brother and the girls family. We never disrespected them but we stood on gods word. God’s knows the hearts and motives of man but he gives us descernment to know a tree by its fruit. There family practice idolatry and sorcery yet they call themselves christian. I felt that the lord just surrendered my family to the lions. I felt confused, betrayed. I asked how could I believe and trust in him again when this was the hardest thing I had hoped in. I am still feeling the loss of so much and my faith, trust and hope has been shaken BUT I have no where and no one to turn to other than my mom and she will continue to look up to the lord. She’s a prayer warrior mama. As for me I will keep looking up to him in the midst of my fears, doubts. But I thankyou for sharing cuz it’s nice to not feel so alone in my experiences as a christian please say a prayer for my family. Godbless

    • Jasmine, I do know what you are going through and it is so hard. I have a wonderful brother who is so kind and giving but he has been married three times and sadly to women either he knew he should not marry or that we all told him he should not. He is in a troubled marriage now but I don’t think he will leave because he doesn’t want to be divorced 3x. My heart breaks for him but I know I can’t stop praying or believing that he will come through this. In the meantime, I just love on him when I can and try to be supportive without bashing her as she is his wife and I want him in my life. I will be praying for you and your family.

      • Jasmine Marrero says:

        Thank you Annie! your words are encouraging, comforting and although we do not know eachother we do know the same Mighty God who connects us in One Spirit and one truth and faith !and it feels good that I am not alone! Godbless you and your family. I too will keep yours in prayer. Godbless always!

  59. Marilyn S says:

    Thank you . This is so true, and so much like the human experience. I want to share this w a relative going through chemo for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. God is with her, even if she can’t feel him. Even when she is scared, and wants to get off of the ride. I hope she can feel his arms around her and his hand in hers.

  60. Kathy J Cole says:

    Your devotion is difficult for me to understand how you could force a heart pounding fearful situation on a child in order to teach him a lesson about GOD.

    • Her devotional made perfect sense. You can still be a loving parent and ask your child to do something that might seem scary. This is the way God works too sometimes. There have many instances in my life that my heart was pounding from fear from something God was asking me to do. But as a loving Father he knew I would be ok. This is the same scenario she uses in this devotional. just as her son was ok we will be to when we are following Gods will for our life. I hope this helps.

  61. I could relate to SO much of what you wrote. I was encouraged, moved to tears, and blessed. Thanks for sharing this post!

  62. Thank you for this. Mine and my family’s future is just a big blank we have so many things coming up and decisions to make and we literally have no idea when or what the next thing will bring.
    We have a court case to keep a family member safe which is close to ending but no there yet, I have an opportunity to go back to work full time but then I won’t be around the kids as much we have a business on the verge of taking off and we will hopefully be moving soon but we don’t know when or where.
    I know God is completely in control but sometimes it’s hard being on a roller coaster in the dark.
    My sisters can you please pray that we continue to receive God’s direction and continue to have faith He is completely in control.

  63. This was great! Just what I needed today!

  64. Brenda M says:

    I loved this! I read it to my non thrill seeking son who is more like me than he will ever know. But it is reassuring to see how many fellow people feel and understand our apprehension and together we can come closer to God by sharing our stories and seeing that we are able to enjoy this ride called life together. Thanks for the uplifting verses and your story.
    P.S. You are definitely a good mom!

  65. Wow! Loved that I found your devotionals and have joined your study. My struggle has been for over 7 years and it has been my health as well as my marriage. In both I have been hanging on , holding hands with my King and seeking His joy so that I don’t lose it. My journey and struggles still continue and everyday I work hard at staying really close with Him. I have so many angels God has sent my way to keep me focused on His love for me and not the pain of over ten surgeries and lack of communication in my marriage. I am in awe of what God has done through it all and how He fills me with His goodness with all who He sends to encourage me.

    Look forward to a great study!
    Making Joy Contagious

  66. My ride has been fighting against a divorce my husband is intent on receiving. I have been married 26 yrs and although he has stopped loving me, I never stopped loving him. Our family has been destroyed from our oldest to our youngest child leaving them feel forsaken and unloved by a man they loved. I have been so scared and so much fear has overtaken my life, but God has never left my side- nor will He ever. My ride has been something I desperately didn’t want to get on, yet I have survived and one day I will see what God has in store for me at the end of this ride.

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