There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Decision

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Decision

August 21, 2014

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)

Lysa TerKeurst

Recently I surveyed people through Twitter and Facebook with this question: What do you think is the biggest reason people struggle to make decisions?

Overwhelmingly, fear was the answer.

• Fear of the unknown
• Fear of failure
• Fear of getting hurt
• Fear of what others will think
• Fear of rejection
• Fear of missing out on something better
• Fear of making the wrong decision

I absolutely understand all these fears. I wrestle with them myself. And some wrestling with fear is good. It can keep us from making poor choices. For example, my kids’ fear of being restricted often keeps them from missing curfews.

That kind of wrestling with fear is good. But then other times I can still feel like I’m wrestling with fear to the point where I’m paralyzed from moving forward.

Do you have a decision to make right now where uncertainty is making you feel stuck?

I often get analysis paralysis trying to figure out which choice is the perfect decision. And if I can’t discern the perfect choice I feel paralyzed.

Here’s the thing that keeps me from staying stuck: There is no such thing as a perfect decision.

Perfection is an illusion.

Are there good choices and bad choices? Yes, of course. But at this point in my life, I’m not getting tripped up as much in the good versus the bad decisions.

More often now, I find myself stuck between a good choice and another good choice, trying to figure out which one is perfect.

Should I let my girls take dance lessons they would love but that would require us to eat on the run? Or tell them no so we can have family dinners at home? Good and good.

Should I teach that Bible study every Tuesday night at church or be at home to help my kids with their homework? Good and good.

Should my 20-year-old daughter go on a date with the guy from our church or just keep things between them on a friendship level? Good and good.

What about bigger good and good things?

Should I go on a mission trip or to a marriage conference? Good and good.

Should I quit my job to start that ministry I keep talking about or bring more of a ministry-heart into my existing job? Good and good.

These good and good decisions happen every day. But here’s a secret answer you must know when trying to pick the perfect choice: There is no choice that will turn out perfectly in every way.

As long as you desire to please God with your decisions, no decision you make will be completely awful. Nor will any decision you make be completely awesome.

Every decision is a package deal of both.

In other words, since there is no perfect choice, I don’t have to be paralyzed by the fear that I’m not making the exact right decision.

Again, I want to please God with this decision. Our key verse, Proverbs 3:6, promises that He will make our paths straight if we acknowledge Him in all we do. So I also want to demonstrate my trust in Him by actually making a decision — having made peace with the fact it won’t all be perfect.

There is no perfect job.
There is no perfect school.
There is no perfect spouse.
There is no perfect church.
There is no perfect way to raise kids.
There is no perfect decision.

Each of these choices will have just enough imperfections to make them some combination of good and not so good.

So here’s where the certainty is: My imperfections will never override God’s promises. God’s promises are not dependent on my ability to always choose well, but rather on His ability to use well.

Dear Lord, I trust You beyond any fear I have of making the wrong decision. Today, I hand over all my uncertainties to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” (NIV)

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  1. So needed to be reminded of this! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • My husband, Ron Smith and I have been praying about our decision to relocate for quite some time. This decision was months in the prayers to God. It was an easy decision that …was fulfilled by God’s answer to our prayers yesterday. We’ve determined that it is a decision that is most definitely in our very best interest. This isn’t something that we’re going to be regretting.
      In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:6 (ESV)
      Wow! What a very powerful verse to begin this Thursday morning with! We should always let Him know how much we love and honor Him in absolutely everything we do throughout our lives.
      Wow! What a wonderful reminderful reminder! God’s promises aren’t dependent on what we can choose well at all times. Instead, it’s all about what God is wanting to use us in. That is something that is worth remembering, no matter what challenges we may be going through.
      “Dear Lord, I trust You beyond any fear I have of making the wrong decision. Today, I hand over all my uncertainties to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~Lysa TerKeurst
      Wow! What an incredible prayer! Not all decisions are going to be the right ones. We need to trust God to help us decide what is right and good for our lives in
      everything that we do at all times. God can show us what is best for every situation we may be facing.
      Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” (NIV)
      Wow! How so very true this is! We have nothing to fear when we fully place our trust in God. I ♥ how He wants us to trust Him with things we can’t Handle completely on our own. God is so wonderful when it comes to His compassionate nature for us, no matter what we may be going through.Like · Reply · 3 minutes See More

  2. I have been waiting for someone to explain this process clearly to me because I am stuck. I have been stuck for so long because I fear making the wrong choices. I don’t have a history of making good choices. So I stay stuck. I am a single mom and I don’t work for health reasons. I have been relying on God to provide for us so I can home school. Each year starts out very very rough because I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to provide for my family let alone home school! But it’s what I feel called to do. Single mom and all. Which is a very big challenge. I am back at that same step as we start this new year in sept and stressing out because I have no idea how it’s going to work. All I keep hearing is ” go in faith. I am your provider” but no idea in what way He will provide. I have tried at home businesses that have failed. I do photography but don’t get paid for most of the shoots I do. I am working on home made organic products but not sure if it’s worth the investment to make a few dollars here and there. Too many tough decisions that have me just stuck and worried. But I will stick to blindly going in faith to HS my kids for as long as He provides. Please pray for me that God will lead and direct me and provide for us as we continue this path. It’s so hard most days. Not knowing.

    • Sarah~
      I am in the SAME boat as you. I am single, I have 3 girls, and I can’t work bc 2 of those girls are special needs. I also am called to homeschool and it has been one struggle after another. God has provided financially for us for the 6 years I have been doing this. If I can offer advice, I would say to not worry about it. Honestly, don’t even bother to stress. I have in the past but one thing God has shown me in these 6 years is that He CAN provide, He WILL provide, and He HAS provided every single step of the way. I don’t worry about money anymore because He has been faithful.
      I am now facing other decisions that have crippled me because I am SO afraid of making the wrong ones. I also have made bad decisions in the past, in fact, it’s kinda’ my “thing” and I refuse to do it anymore. So, I have stopped making decisions~ about anything. That is not the way to live, either. God has been working on me in this aspect and He has been giving me feelings of peace on certain decisions. I have been going back and forth for months over something and He recently let me know what He wants by giving me a sense of peace about the whole thing. I am OK, now. I know what I should do because He showed me. This devotional is just a way that God is showing us His will in our lives.
      It will never be easy for us. We will face things that almost no one else that reads this site, or goes to our churches, will face. We are still outcasts. But we are not loved any less by God. He does not care for us any less. He does not provide for us any less. Just remember, if He provides for the family with a husband/father to homeschool, He will provide for us to homeschool~ because we mean just as much to Him!

  3. Praying for you now, Sarah! May God give you His wisdom and provision.
    Lisa, thanks for the post. I am a perfectionist, so this struck home. I am always wrestling with trying to do the “perfect” thing. This devotion helped me tremendously. i need to learn to let good be “good enough” sometimes!

  4. Thanks for this, Lysa! I too struggle with making tough decisions, but it’s less of the good vs bad or good vs good, it’s more of crummy vs crummy. You know a tough decision that has to be made and neither outcome is ideal. Most recently I’ve had to decide between taking my savings and replacing the engine in my car or paying it off so I can get another. I really don’t want another car payment, but paying to fix a vehicle that is not paid off is crummy, too. I find encouragement in your words today that as long as I’m relying on God, either choice will be okay; not perfect but okay. I can certainly live with that. As a matter of fact, I will praise Him for an okay result because He will give me peace and take away my fears!

  5. luckinder gill says:

    Lisa: I was in a similar situation. He is our jehova jireh – God our provider. A father to the fatherless and he will provide for you just like he did for me. Amen

  6. Not my ability~~HIS ability to use me! Love this!

  7. Oh my…if there was ever a message written just for me. Fear of making the wrong decision springs from living with the consequences of so many wrong decisions, which have led to bankruptcy, foreclosure, near-homelessness and failure on top of failure. I so deeply regret decisions I made as a parent and am now watching my adult child make disastrous decisions of his own because I was not a model of wisdom. Even though my decisions were made with prayer and godly council, and even believing I was following God’s will, the results have been devastating.
    I pray every day that God will take the stupid things I’ve done and make something good from them.

    • Beth, you are not alone! I’m sure I’m not the only other person who has been where you are. Don’t make my mistake of continuing to beat yourself up. Remember that God says “I will remember it no more.” I too feel this devotion could be written just for me because I’ve made so many stupid mistakes. Lysa, thanks for reminding us not to listen to that loud voice of the enemy telling us that God can’t use us now, but instead realize God can use even the worst situation for His own good and glory.

  8. Christine says:

    My tough decision is a little different, to divorce or not. I’ve been through years of verbal abuse and now adultery. We have 3 young daughters. I feel like I would be happier divorced but I fear taking that huge step.

    • Hi Christine,

      I’m so so sorry for what you are going through!

      But can I just encourage you to read what the Bible says about divorce? God hates it and I believe it is safe to say it should be a last resort.
      Have you tried counseling? If nothing else, Focus on the Family can give you some free help right over the phone.

      Praying and hugs.

      • Christina says:

        While I agree that divorce is a last resort you are biblically free to go if he has commited adultery. ON the other hand I have seen God restore marriages and families beyond what they were to begin with. Begin to pray for him …I know its hard, but pray for him to be convicted by his wrong doings, that he resist the devil and gain self control. Also ask God to change your heart for His will, mold you to see your Husband with spiritual eyes. His character needs refreshing. We war not against flesh and blood but against pricipalities in high places. I will also pray for your household and that your daughters remain protected in the shawdow of the almighty.

    • God also hates abuse. I don’t know the specifics of your situation, but God does. I will pray for you. What a hard decision! I will pray for you.

    • Dear Christine,
      What a difficult situation. I can only imagine how painful and trying your struggle must be. I prayed for you that you have God’s wisdom and strength as you go through this. Whatever you decide I hope you to seek godly counsel. Whatever God guides you to do, He will equip you to handle it. Listen for His “still, small voice” and hold onto Him with both hands! Hugs from a sister believer.

  9. Oh my! This was for me and set me free!!here’s where the certainty is: My imperfections will never override God’s promises. God’s promises are not dependent on my ability to always choose well, but rather on His ability to use well.

  10. I’m struggling with a decision right now so this is perfect timing. Although it’s a bit different in that no matter which I choose, it COULD be a “bad” decision. I’ve been chronically ill with dizziness/vertigo for over 6 months now and decided to follow a “dizzy diet” about 5 weeks ago. I can’t say it has helped much, but it’s advised to try the diet for at least 6-8 weeks. My other areas of health seem to be suffering in that I have less energy, feel more sluggish and feel this diet has me relying too heavily on carbs & sugar. I’m deciding now whether or not to stop this diet and go back to eating the “dizzy trigger” foods (which is not scientifically proven, just thoughts). Anyway, if I do quit the diet now and go back to normal, healthy eating, I’m afraid it will increase my dizziness. For anyone who has ever suffered with vertigo, this is not a chance you would want to take. The Lord promised to heal me in February and I don’t want to seem like I’m putting my faith in some diet. But what if He brought it to me to help?? This is my quandary and no matter what decision I make, my health could suffer more for it, so it’s kind of a big deal.

  11. Thank you, I so needed this I have some tough decisions I have to make and I have been praying for God, wisdon, knowledge and direction and I feel stuck becuase I’m trying to make the perfect decsion, I need to let go and Let God, in the mist of my decsion making, I have been praying and I have to believe and have faith that what every I do I have prayed about it and left it in Gods hands and He will bless me as I took a leap of faith believeing and trusting that this is the direction that God would have me take. Thank you praying for all the ladies that posted that God would give each and every one the peace they need in there decsion making and go forth knowing He has a bigger plan for our lives where we are right now is not the final out come, God is working in us yeild to Him and he will make our path stright. God Bless.

  12. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! Just after making a bunch of relatively big decisions this spring/summer, I was presented with yet another one. Inwardly, I groaned “Not again!” But I am so thankful that, like you asid, as long as we are seeking the Lord’s will and following the Bible there is grace to cover any decision we make. What freedom!

  13. Lesley Manning says:

    I thought this was a great devotional

  14. What a gift this devotion was to me today! My husband and I just had a very lengthy conversation yesterday about some decisions in front of us. Neither of us loves change and definitely suffer from “analysis paralysis” when it comes to wanting to make the right decision. Yesterday I was feeling as though I’m thankful that I am content in our current circumstances but what if that contentment becomes my comfort zone. What if my (our) fear of the unknown makes us default to focusing on the negative outcomes of a possible decision and the positives of our current situation. In my quiet time this morning… I found myself desperately pleading… “Please God…. Anything…. A little direction….” Later when I read this devotion, I knew it was God speaking through Lysa into our current decisions. The freedom to know that the decision won’t be perfect but that doesn’t mean it was a bad one. Thank you for the encouragement to be a seeker making “imperfect perfect” decisions.

  15. Something I struggle with too

  16. Thank you for this. I am always stuck. I keep having to tell myself to relax and let God take control. Remember to pray about the big decisions. I get overwhelmed very easily with all the decisions of the family and of the world.

  17. Were you in my head listening to my thoughts this morning Lysa?

  18. Sister in Christ says:

    Wow! I have been asking God to tell me what to do about a move to another state. Actually I live in NYC and my office has been moved to NJ, to a city right across the river. My husband and I always talked about living in NJ because we thought it would be more affordable. Now that I work there he has basically taken charge about moving there. Which is fine. But in our recent inquiries for an apartment we have noticed that to live in a decent neighborhood the prices are not too different from NYC. Also at the present time our daughter is about to enter kindergarten. When we are at work my Mother in law takes care of her. When we move, she will have to go to an after school program since we won’t be near anybody we know or trust to take are of her after school. The schedule as it is now is very tight. SO I was considering looking into working in a school so that I can be with her after school. So I guess I’ve been torn about the changes my daughter will have to go through , if its fair to her, and if its the right decision. I’ve been asking God to just show me or tell me something, but make it clear cause I can be a little slow, lol. And the past 2 days your devo’s about making decisions have been right on point. In todays scripture I think God is telling me to acknowledge him in all these things. I know this move is long over due (since I’ve lived with my inlaws way too long). I just want to try to be obedient and do what the Lord tells me, and Im scared that I will misunderstand his directions. I thank you for this devo . I will definietly acknowledge him in this and all I do. I need him everyday in all things. Your book sounds awesome, I am planning to purchase a copy as soon as I can. I love this website and all the resources in it. God bless you all at Proverbs31!

  19. I really needed that assurance right now. I’ve been putting off making a decision about sending my kids back to their Christian school or to a fairly good public school in our neighborhood. We love the Christian school, but it requires a commute and we get home late everyday to rushing homework, dinner and anything else. The public school is 5 minutes from our home. We’ll save some $ and be home at a decent time after work. I’ve been putting off a decision waiting to hear from God because I don’t want to make a bad decision. I needed to hear that my imperfections “can never override God’s promise!

  20. Tabitha Morrow says:

    Prayers for all of you whose posts I have read. It is so hard to decide what to do everyday, it’s a curse and a blessing. On one hand we are blessed because we are free to choose on the other we are cursed because we are free to choose. I’m so glad that even though we don’t always make the right decisions God says I work all things for the good of those who love me and who are called according to my purposes! Romans 8:28. I’ve made some very unintelligent Decisons all throughout my life but I’ve made some good ones too. God has worked it all out for me. However, I made a decision recently that I felt cost me a job that I’ve been dreaming of for years. The pain of that is very real but I know God is working on my behalf. My family and I have made lots of Decisons this summer, putting our country home up for sale in hopes of moving to a subdivison closer to work and school, changing my kids from public to private school requiring us to give all that we have and turning down part time jobs on the basis of one door that might open and lead to a better full time job. These are all tough decisions & require great faith in God and his promises. I’ve learned that if we have all we need, then we have nothing left to ask or believe in faith from God for. That’s hard. But that’s where I am and sounds like where many of you are too. God bless you Lysa for allowing God to use you to minister to others. Thank you so much.

  21. Teresa Costa says:

    Thank you, Lysa. Your words today bring peace to my heart, reminding me that as long as we acknowledge God, that is, we bring our concerns, worries, etc to Him, we can be at peace, we can never have 100% guarantee on anything, but we can trust in the infinite love of God, who knows our heart.

  22. I am beating myself up as my youngest child goes to a neighboring town today for the first day of school. I considered homeschooling and after a night of not sleeping, I wondered if I made the right decision. Your email came at the perfect time.

  23. This was so perfect in timing for my family and I. We are struggling to make a huge decision and so badly want to make the “right” choice, but it really is a “good and good” decision. We are praying He will show us where He wants us, and we have no doubt He will, we are just hoping our flawed selves will see or hear it! I love how God always shows us information or speaks through His word when we are seeking it, it never fails to put a smile on my face and in my heart. Thank you Lysa and P31, you truly bless me everyday!

  24. This is me today. I lost my job 2 months ago. I have not been able to find one since. I had peace until last night when a comment was made that I assumed was toward me. If so our family will be out even more money. In the last week satan has had a field day at our house. I have allowed him to grip me in fear now & need to turn it over to God. Thanks for the devotion this morning!

  25. Hello love the devotion today And thank you for the encouragement Because I have been feeling stuck And i need to make a decision in my life Be will i can prosper in a job and place to live and financially stablel Where t right now It just not working in those area And i want to move out of state But it take money I know it fear of the unknown But i believe it got to be better So i cant start over But reading this devotion Has made me to rely on god And his timing And his direction and plan for my life Thank you Carolyn

  26. I thought this too. I kept growing and growing, following God’s lead, and God put me through the fire and then I realized, I graduated. I tried to make choices like suggested here. But then I took one leap of faith and went to China. PERFECT WILL. God has a perfect will for all of us. It is others that may make the decision not to follow it. All of a sudden I saw all my experience in America as a set up for what I will do in China. Watch out for this American freedom of choice stuff. You NEVER see this in the Bible, other than those who have walked away or missed it. What God does do is give you hints at where you should be and then one day He gives you a glimpse. After going to China, I know there is THE PERFECT WILL, and permissive will (America for me). The permissive will is mostly in these random choices not being sure about our calling. Many are not even suppose to be here, and their calling is in other nations. It’s sad that people choose other things over God’s PERFECT will. Once I saw it, I realized God’s power and Glory. Now He is making my path straight! But, I did have to make a choice. Will I stay here and date men that choose their children and families over me, or follow God to another nation to do HIS perfect will. Sure, I will bless people in the process, but will I really be following an ultimate call of GOD. It’s so much more fulfilling doing God’s will.

  27. Ovwrwhelmed says:

    Thank you for this and I am trusting in thd Lord for help. My situation is similar to one of the scenarios Lisa mentions: working parent, after school activities for each child plus their homework and projects added to this mix to be squeezed in a @ a 2 hour window each night. And volunteer for Sunday school teaching once a month. Feeling so overwhelmed because teaching is not my comfort zone at all so not only do I stress doing it but feel impossible to find the time to prep for it. But my heart is torn because I hardly have time with my family but I feel Gods work is more important. Praying about this …..

    • I completely understand this one. We all have different gifts to use in our service. Teaching might not be yours and that is totally alright. Remember, your family IS God’s work, too! Hope that helps! 🙂

  28. Ovwrwhelmed says:

    Correction : Lysa – my appologies for misspelling your name

  29. Nonna Lisa says:

    I just want to thank you for today’s devotion. I have been working with AWANA and teaching a Sunday School class at our church. There is a new BSF study starting up here in our community as the pastors wife I have been feeling like my plate is very full. I’d like to join the BSF but at the same time feel the need to help with the ministries in our body along with keeping my health up. This was a good confirmation that it’s ok not to add one more thing, eve if it is a good thing.

  30. I so needed to hear this today. I have a job interview this afternoon and want to make sure I will make the right decision for me & my family. Trusting God fully!

  31. Hello ladies I’m new to this website just wanted to introduce myself and what a blessing it is to hear encouraging words from other women going through a lot of the same things I go through. I at times have the tendency to listen to the lies of the enemy rather then the truth. My decisions in the past have not been good ones but that reminds me that the Lord does not remember my failures and he is right here with me to help guide me through the next decision as long as I acknowledge him in ALL. May the Lord be with you and your family’s. Good bless. Love your sister Lucha

  32. I Googled, “how to make a clear decision”, two hrs before reading this. Thank you for sharing your insight with me and for putting your God given gifts and talents to good use! God never ceases to amaze me!

  33. This is just so good. I really needed to read this today. I have been feeling paralyzed about which direction to take regarding infertility treatments. We just lost twins that we conceived via IUI and injections. I have been struggling with if we should try that again or move to IVF, which is a huge deal. I know that God has promised us more children, and I have been struggling majorly on which direction to take…but it has been out of fear. Fear of having another miscarriage and fear of failure. So I thank you for sharing this amazing wisdom.

  34. Jeri Earl says:

    God’s timing IS perfect! I needed to read these words TODAY!
    God Bless YOU,

  35. Thank you lysa you have given some good spiritual food today my husband and I have been struggling with the decision to move and have not done anything because of fear of doing the wrong thing. Thank you for shinning the light on this subject. God bless you

  36. Wow this was great. I am currently going through the consequences of a poor decision. However God revealed that the outcome is ultimately His. So even in making a mistake it is comforting in knowing God has the ability to use it well for my good. Thanks Lysa for your insight.

  37. Chris Neal says:

    “Sometimes the decision isn’t between good and evil, but better and best.” Heard that many years ago.

  38. My biggest fear in decision making is….Am I really hearing from God? I have found the more I grow in my relationship with Him the less I have this debate.

  39. Hi Lysa,
    True in a sense. Humanly speaking none of our decisions could ever be perfect. But those decisions we ask, allow, and wait on God to make for us are absolutely, without a doubt, unequivocally (I know that’s redundant) PERFECT! Not necessarily comfortable. Not always enjoyable. We are often good at asking for God’s help in our decision making, but if He doesn’t answer right away we get Sarah-itis*…..move ahead with our logical and rational thoughts. And when we’ve made a mess of things we justify it by saying “nobody’s perfect.”
    *Sarah-itis – Read the story of God’s promise to Abraham & Sarah (Genesis 12-21). Because God’s promise wasn’t “logical and rational” and it took a while to come to pass, Sarah – using her logical and rational thought – decided to help God out. Ishmael (the father of the Palestinians) was born. And the Jews and Palestinians have been at war every since.

  40. This is just what I needed to read. For far to long I have out off making drastic life altering decisions based on it might not turn out how I think because of fear. Thank you for this devotional today, it really put the seed in my heart to know that as long as I have faith in god my decisions will work out.

  41. I needed this today. Today is my open house and I found myself anxious. Worrying if I had made the right choice, when I clearly know that this move was set up by God… This gentle reminder was right on time….

  42. I am so inspired by you Lysa. It feels like our Abba Father is speaking directly into my heart. I am in a position where I want to do something with my life, with my career but can’t action on it yet since I need to stay at my current job, so I could keep on supporting for my family, my disabled dad, my sick mom and my brother who’s still in school. Thank you for reminding me that those two things are good and good. It wouldn’t be a loss if I remain where I am right now. I would like to write, like you. You just so motivate me at what I can do. I know that there’s a reason why God has put me into this season and I would like to enjoy this season as much as I can before I move on to the next one. There are times that the enemy is leading me into “sour-graping” but I choose to believe and hold onto God’s promises in my life. God bless you Lysa and the rest of Proverbs 31 Ministries staff.

  43. I have been makjing all the ‘right’ decisions thinking that by achieving perfection I was achiweving God’s approval. But God doesn’t need us to ‘not make mistakes’, he needs us to recognize that we make mistakes but we need Him. I’ve had to learn a few lessons before arriving at this realization. God is so patient and loving!

    Anna/ Happy Medley Blog

  44. Lysa,
    I cannot thank you enough for your timely book, The Best Yes. And for todays devotion!!!

    My mother was an extreme perfectionists and I’ve lived all of my life afraid to do what I really wanted to do in life or to try in life because I might not do it right so I wouldn’t do it at all.

    There are so many things I want to do in this life and I’ve been praying for God to help me start living my life apart from being immobilized by fears, insecurities and perfectionism and without being so fearful to try and pursue my dreams and interests without being my own worst enemy.

    Thank you Lysa for your transparency and for your ministry and books. They are helping me to get up from the valley of dry bones with a stronger heart to overcome as I seek to have a better life.

  45. I am so blessed each day to add this devotional to my time with God. Thank you very much.

  46. NaomisHome says:

    Thanks for this devotional. But I desperately need clarification:
    How can you say perfection is an illusion, when the Bible says “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is
    Also, Psalm 18:30 says “As for God, his way is perfect”. So how can you say “As long as you desire to please God perfect”? (Matthew 5:48). Please elaborate. I don’t agree when you say illusion. with your decisions, no decision you make will be completely awful. Nor will any decision you make be completely awesome.”?
    I really need you to reply. I am a growing Christian and this will be really helpful.


    • I love your questions and they gave me pause as well. I think that our decisions between good and good choices aren’t completely good or completely awesome, but if we are deciding according to the truths in God’s word, then he will make “all things work together for the good of those who love God” (Romans 8:28). He puts the stamp of perfection on our choices when they are made with a desire to live out His truths. The Lord told Abram “I am God Almighty. Live in My presence and be blameless.” (Genesis 17:1).

  47. NaomisHome says:

    Thanks for this devotional. But I desperately need clarification:
    How can you say perfection is an illusion, when the Bible says “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is
    perfect”? (Matthew 5:48). Please elaborate. I don’t agree when you say illusion.

    Also, Psalm 18:30 says “As for God, his way is perfect”. So how can you say “As long as you desire to please God with your decisions, no decision you make will be completely awful. Nor will any decision you make be completely awesome.”?

    I really need you to reply. I am a growing Christian and this will be really helpful.

  48. Thank you – for allowing God to use your imperfections to speak to others of his love.

  49. This was a beautiful passage and to read about it in detail, even better reading. Kept my attention and can comprehend the situation. I’ve had a similar “real-life” experience. WOW!

  50. Erica Soto says:

    Thank you for the great post! I have been wavering as I select a new school for my 1st grade daughter. Now with days before school starts, I am still stuck between two options… good and good. EEK! And I started this process over 9 months ago. Your post gave me both the peace and courage to decide!

  51. I haven’t gotten “My Best Yes !” but have “Unglued “the book & the devotional and previewed both” What Happens when Women Have Faith ” and”What Happens When Women Say Yes!” I love how you write and my dream is to meet you ,in person ,oneday !! Thanks for sharing your gift with the world !

  52. Good morning, This is an outstanding post, but I was wondering just how do i suscribe to the RSS feed?

  53. Michael Johnson says:

    I understand the intent of the author but to say “There is no perfect decisions” is to infer the Jesus also never made any perfect decisions and that is not what I believe. Sometime in an effort to help others, we make the mistake of drawing conclusions that are not true and the statement “There are no perfect decisions” is simply not true.

  54. I so needed this! Especially because I am in the process of trying to figure out graduate school. God bless you.

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