Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

January 5, 2017

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when people succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.“ Psalm 37:4-7 (NIV)

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There is an old saying “time is money.” That really isn’t true. The real truth is “time is life.” Life comes down to the time we have on this earth and how we spend it.

The older I get, the more I realize the most precious time in life is when I spend it with the people I love the most. Even after 40 years of marriage, I love spending time with my precious Teresa. One-on-one. Just the two of us. I have never gotten over the fact that … a) she married me, and b) she still loves to spend time with me.

Yet even more amazing to me is that God desires to spend time with me!

In fact, He wants to spend time with you and me so badly that He paid in order to get it. He sent Jesus to remove every barrier, tear down every wall and unlock every door so we could have a personal relationship with Him. In fact, He gave us His Word so we could hear from Him constantly and consistently.

That’s why I love to read my Bible. I know God wants me to have unrestricted access to Him, anywhere and anytime I want. God has a personal side and He wants me to know it. God wants you to get to know Him better so you can love Him fully, hear Him clearly and experience His guidance. This comes by spending time with Him in His Word.

A king by the name of David wrote a song about the benefits of spending time with God, showing us why this should be a top priority of our life.

Spending Time with God Causes Me to Reflect God’s Character
Just as I enjoy spending precious time with my wife, God is delighted when we are delighted in Him! He loves to be our eyes and ears so He can speak into our heart.

Have you noticed the more time you spend with someone, the more you become like them? As we spend time with God and His Word, He changes us so we become more like Him. God changes us so He can use us to change other people. You simply cannot spend time with God, hear His Word, know Him better, love Him more and be the same person.

Spending Time with God Causes Me to Receive God’s Blessings
God promises that when we delight in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart. Now this is not a “your wish is my command!” promise. As we spend time with God, we will delight in Him. His desires become our desires because our hearts are tuned to His. He will grant us what we desire, because we both want the same thing!

Spending Time with God Causes Me to Rest in God’s Will
As we spend time with God and His Word, our faith and trust in Him will grow. Fear is replaced by faith, and worry is replaced by worship. Spending quality time with God and consistently studying His Word grows our confidence in His power and our commitment to His plans for our lives.

So today … set aside time to spend with the One who is above all time. It will be time well spent.

Heavenly Father, thank You for wanting to spend time with me and inviting me to spend time with You. Help me prioritize this time with You, knowing it is the path to divine power and meaningful productivity in the time You have given me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

2 Timothy 2:15, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (NIV)

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What are the barriers that keep you from spending time with God?

What are you willing to give up today to make spending time with God a priority? Make that commitment to God now.

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  1. This is indeed a journey I would like to take with Jesus, my Redeemer, my Savior!

    • I’m always looking for a new devotional that will challenge me. This sounds like a great one! My husband and I enjoy his messages when we watch him on TV.

    • Thank you for reminding us that the more time we spend with God, the more we will be like him!

    • Debi Neverman says:

      Thank you for the reminder Lord, that spending time with you is the best way to start my day. Let me learn to walk more closely amen

    • Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Stephanie Hainer says:

      Understanding is an issue for me. I worry so much that I won’t understand what I am reading that I talk myself out of reading.

      • Stephanie,
        I completely understand where you’re coming from. There is a LOT in the Bible that is hard to wrap your head around. But God has promised us His precious Holy Spirit to illuminate His words. Try opening your time with God by praying, “Open the eyes of my heart, God. I want to see you.” Or one of my favorite verses from the Psalms, “Show me your ways, Lord. Teach me your truths.” He is faithful and will help increase your understanding as you faithfully spend time in His Word.

  2. This is indeed a journey I would love to take with Jesus!

  3. Kari Spalding says:

    Hoping you Please pick me. I need this book to help me with the Bible. I would love to get more in depth with the word of our Lord.

  4. Hoping you Please pick me. I need this book to help me with the Bible. I would love to get more in depth with the word of our Lord.

  5. Kim Osborne says:

    Good morning
    Thank you for today’s message. It is a real wake up call as life is just so hectic that I never seem to find time for everyone and everything. And sadly you nailed it on the head …My quiet times have become almost mom existent..
    Thanks again for today’s message.

  6. Christine says:

    As a working mom I struggle to find time to do my devotions and read my Bible. I’m dragging in the morning because I’m up so late getting things done after the kids go to bed. This message really spoke to me. Tonight I left the dishes in the sink so I could spend some time with Him. Thank you!

    • Christine,
      Your comment has been on my mind all day, so I thought I’d respond in order to share with you my experience from this past week. I am by no means an early bird. Mornings are NOT my thing. But my days have become so hectic running carpools, getting my kids to sporting events, prepping meals, trying to spend a few minutes in the evening with my husband — there’s been NO time to spend quality time with God. So this past Monday morning, I decided things needed to change. I set my alarm and committed to not hitting the snooze button when it went off painfully early, I dragged my tired self off to the bathroom (yes, the bathroom!) where our brightest lights are and where I won’t disturb my sleeping family, I opened my Bible and a study guide and spent some quiet, quality uninterrupted time with God. I devoted my day, my time, and my energies to Him. In 30 minutes, I’d refreshed my spirit and was prepared to face the day by the time my 7-year old knocked on the door.

      If that was the only byproduct of a few minutes spent with God at the start of my day, I probably wouldn’t have commented on your post. But it wasn’t. Every day I started like that was characterized by a peace that prevailed all day long. It was as if God Himself was directing my day. Everything on my to-do list got done; I enjoyed quality time with my kids and my husband; and I felt happy and rested at the end of the day. THAT hadn’t happened in a LONG time.

      The apostle Paul wrote, “I consider all things a loss for the sake of knowing Christ.” In my case, that meant the extra half hour of sleep I was holding on to. He can redeem that time you think would be better served by a little more rest / getting a few more things done around the house and do with it what you would have never dreamed. As Jesus told Martha as she was ranting about Mary spending time at Jesus’ feet and not helping her in the kitchen,”… only ONE THING is needed. Mary has chosen the good portion and it will not be taken from her.” I’m committing with you to choosing the ONE thing and letting everything else work itself out. I know it will.

      Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. I’ve always wanted to do a general study of the whole Bible in a year. Looks like a great book!

  8. Mary Anne Wilmouth says:

    “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. Not sure of the verse but this devotional reminds me of this. Thank you!

  9. Carlene Nicholas says:

    I would love yo win a copy!

  10. Thank you for your words in the devotional today. Spending time with God is important to me. I pray I grow in my walk each day. Not just reading His word but to live it in my daily life.

  11. Thank you Dr. Merritt for reminding us how to spend time well – that spending time with Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the engine that strengthens us and keeps us going in His direction.

  12. Charlene Whittingham says:

    I was really Blessed by today’s message that I was inspired to share with my friends on Whatsapp. Continue the wonderful work. You are changing people’s lives through your words of encouragement. Blessings to you always.

  13. Jaconda L Morrow says:

    I have been praying and asking the Lord to help me to read his Word and spend more time with Him. When I read the devoptions this morning it really touched my heart. Thank you for hearing the voice of God and being obedient to do what He said.

  14. Angela Burke says:

    Everyday i watch God work in different ways in my life that up until six month ago i didnt think was possible.God is great!!!

  15. Wow! God’s timing is perfect. I’ve been struggling with knowing that I needed to spend more time with Him and less time on social media.
    Yesterday the Holy Spirit made it clear that I needed to fast from social media for 14 days and spend more time with Him.

  16. Susan Johnson says:

    I would truly like to have this.. I choose a focus word every year and this year it is Trust and Joy.. I kept Joy from last year too as I felt God still wanted to teach me about JOY.. my husband was diagnosed with Stsge 4 lung cancer.. never smoked a day in his life.. and no cure.. I’m trusting that God has this and that there is more Joy to come into my life as I get closer to God.. I would love the 52 weeks!! I truly need to have a plan to get in the word everyday.. blessings

  17. Thank you for this opportunity! I would love to win, to have a chance at understanding the Bible more in depth! This is my resolution in 2017!!!!

  18. Alan Pulkkinen says:

    I enjoyed to reading your books.

  19. Vivian Rios says:

    To think that the bible is so accessible on our phones, yet it is easier to read mail hundreds of times during the day.
    Would love the book to see how it can be of help to make it a 52 week focus!!

  20. Ellen arndt says:

    I need and want to get back into Gods Word–I strongly feel this nook would help me to faithfully read the Bible every day

  21. I would love to read 52 weeks

  22. Grace villar says:

    I find this different from any devotional guide because this so close to the pattern i use in my daily devotion notebook. I will start this year by using this in my daily devotion. This will help other new christians as well to study Gods word .

  23. Peggy Kirk says:

    The verses shared in the devotion today Psalm 37:4-7 has been my favorite for more than 40 years. But it spoke to me in a new way this morning through Dr. James Merritt’s insight. Thank you, I really needed that today. It has renewed my commitment to get up early and spend time with God before I leave for work each day. I would love to have a copy of Dr. Merritt’s book 52 weeks through the Bible.!!

    • Your response caught my attention, Peggy. Psalm 37 is my favorite Psalm, too! I have learned so much from studying this Psalm in relation to meekness, keeping our petitions secret, connecting John 21 with feeding His sheep, waiting patiently for God’s timing, and discovering that God spins over us with delight in Zephaniah 3:17. When I learned that not only should I delight in the Lord, but that He delights in me, I was astounded! Now today, God has used my favorite Psalm to teach me yet again.Thank you, Dr. Merritt for allowing Him to use you! Although I spend time each morning with two different devotionals, I don’t pick up my Bible nearly enough. I go through streaks, and lately, honestly, I know I have been completing the devotions as quickly as I can to commit my time to writing before my children wake up. Yet, waiting on God and delighting in time with Him that is patient and not rushed would do so much more for me and everyone I have the privilege to love. I love that God’s Word is the Living Word!

  24. Vicky Dracos says:

    I love God’s word; it’s my source for life, daily!

  25. It upsets me to think how I don’t spend quality time with the Lord reading his words that are such a gift. It seems like I dive into it and really enjoyed it but along the way I let things in life take over all of my time and then my bible is back on the shelf collecting dust. I need to make time to read my bible daily and remember that it is a precious gift from God, a way to know him and be more like him. Just like James 4:8 says “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” I want God near me always, I want a deep relationship with my Lord.

  26. Mike & Emy (Nz) says:

    We believe the three most important things in this life are;
    No#1 “God and his Love”;
    We all need to desperately share this; as there needs alot more urgent Love World Wide…
    No#2 “Praying & Worshiping the only Sovereign Living God”;
    This brings love,Joy,Freedom,Anointing, Healings,and a relationship with a loving father… God
    No#3 “The Living Word Of God”
    This brings great health to our bones with Wisdom,the Truth,Our Now/Future,Encouragement,Laughter,Joy and Freedom…

    Thankyou for your New book, that would cover all this and so much more… God’s Love & Blessing’s to All…

  27. Dalinda Roberts says:

    Wow! What a blessing received by reading this . . This single-mom with insomnia found this at 3am and found joy and peace. This one is going to be printed and saved. What powerful words of wisdom.. thanks for the reminder of His purpose for my life. To God be the glory!

  28. I wish I could share my story. It’s long. So that won’t work here. Anyway. I was in and out of clinics for years. Darkness was all there was in my head. I gave my heart to Lord in 2012. A journey towards healing and freedom started. It’s been hard work. Like for example to be very disciplined to dwell in the word daily.

    One of the things I still need the most is a renewel of the mind. I’ve been tracking quit a while now with Proverbs 31 ministries. The materials are such a blessing in my walk with God on so many levels!

    Thank you, from Ghent, Belgium

    • God knows your story, Erika. All the days ordained for you were written in his book before one of them came to be (Psalm 139:16). And because he is the author and finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2), it is a beautiful story. He who began a good work in you, Erika, will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus (Philippians 1:6).

      • Thank you so much Shirlee. Always a great reminder that He will finish what He started. I’m blessed and surrounded by an awesome church family and a good professional team. Makes such a difference when you don’t have to do the walk (Whatever that looks like) alone.

  29. Thank you for this. One truth I liked is that, you become like the one you spend more time with. Please God, I would like to be more like you by spending more time in your word.

  30. Stephanie Morris says:

    I really enjoyed this devotion and would love to read this new book.

  31. Wonferful words of wisdom, would love to journey here every day.

  32. Lana Parks says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book.

  33. Liz Wesley-Barker says:

    Help me to spend my time wisely.
    Amen x

  34. It’s funny how God works because I spent my time very poorly today, ignoring God and escaping reality. But despite choosing to ignore God all day, I knew I needed to spend some time with Him before going to bed. As I began to journal and ask Him why I would rather watch TV or do other things all day than spend time with Him, I received this email. I knew God had something to do with the ring that went off on my phone signaling the email before I even reached for my phone. So I see the title “Time Well Spent” and the key verse being the exact passage I’ve been meditating on the past couple weeks. The Lord is good. Thank you for the perfect reminder and emphasizing the importance of time with Him, definitely the encouragement I needed and the push to devote more time to Him and stop escaping. Love the resource mentioned, too. I’ll have to look into it.

  35. I have accepted the calling to become a lay speaker. I’m having difficulty finding good materials. This would benefit me greatly.

  36. Mabel Dalle says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart and the truth of the Word of God, I would love to have a copy of this book.

  37. Debra Blackwell says:

    These words of encouragement have opened my eyes today. The thought of spending time with someone makes you act more like them! I love it! My desire is to be more Christ-like so I must stay in His word. Thanks for this insight.

  38. Gabriela Quinteros says:

    God is good! I thank him for speaking to me through this devotion. He knows I needed this. I would love to have the book!

  39. Would love to win!

  40. I have seen the fruit of spending regular time in the Word. When I have the habit going, I read from different translations and from different points in the Bible, and I can start to see connections. The regularity keeps an open line of communication too. Usually it’s merely the start of an ongoing dialogue for the rest of the day. However, since moving I haven’t been in as regular of a habit. I got a couple Bibles from my boxes, but I haven’t adjusted to a groove because I haven’t felt settled. I’m working on it. I’m trying to do the online studies too to have some consistency while I continue to search for a church home.

  41. Helen Odaga says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about spending time with God and that this will make me look like Him.I would love to have a copy of this book. It will help me go through the Bible within a year. I have tried several times but did not manage to go through it. Thanks for your positive response. God bless you big time.

  42. Nancy Sanford says:

    We listen to Dr Merritt every Sunday. He is packed with knowledge

  43. I desire to draw closer to God and am praying to receive favor before God and man by winning a copy of 52 Weeks… In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

  44. Karen kroske says:

    I am trying to be more with god…. it is much needed these days… thank you for your words….

  45. Thank you for these words of wisdom so beautifuly written . I will be sharing this with my husband and 8 grown children today. I would love to have the gift of this book so that once again I can share in the blessings of what I gain from it with the rest of my family . ❤

  46. Dawn jeffers says:

    To have a closer meaningful relationship and better share what God has done and going to do in my family and my live

  47. Thank you Dr. Merritt for your encouraging devotion. I really like how you said “His desires become our desires because our hearts are tuned to His. He will grant us what we desire, because we both want the same thing!”…..the key words to me….”we both want the same thing”. The more we are with God, the more we want what he wants for us and sometimes we don’t understand. However, that is where we do have to replace fear with faith and worry with worship. ~Lisa~

  48. Time is what I was complaining about last night, not having enough to read and connect with God. But he woke me up at 3am, so I could do that 🙂

  49. Thank you for allowing God to use you to reach me in these early morning hours. A message sent straight to my heart.

  50. The spending time with God devotional was very good and uplifting. Just what I needed to hear this morning.

  51. Bonnie Rudisill says:

    I have been seeking God through devotions, group studies & prayer but looking for ways to keep me in scripture more & more to keep me connected to God more.

  52. I would love to get a copy of the book to help me draw me closer to Him! ?

  53. Cary Jones says:

    I look forward to my Proverbs 31 devotional. Thank you. Have a great day.

  54. Jackie Huerta says:

    I need to get serious with God.And let the past hurts go

  55. Would love to win a copy! God bless you.

  56. monica Brewer says:

    The timing of thus devotional is perfect as this is an area that I have been struggling with…not that I don’t want to spend time with God but work seems to consumes my life. I would love to receive a copy of your book maybe it can help bring balance to my life.

  57. This is super we are blessed by the Grace of God.

  58. This word has spoken to my heart.
    I have learned to trust and obey God and he will grant me the desires of my heart.
    The Lord bless you!!

  59. Cathleen Rafalko says:

    Thanks for your reminder that God wants to spend time with me. I concur completely that time is life and time is God’s precious gift to us♡ what a blessing that you love your wife most. I still need to read the bible in a year. Blessings friend ♡

  60. Thank you for sharing your devotion and I would love to read your book.

  61. Thanks for your encouraging message. Being a widow, & spending most of my time alone, it’s nice to have the message explained on-line, through sites such as Proverbs31 Ministries. A copy of your new book would be most welcome, as I need the discipline in my life.

  62. Davious Chigwada says:

    Thank you for the devotional message of today,which encouraged me to delight in God’s continuing presence in my life

  63. Kacie Marks says:

    Just read Time Well Spent. My family has an outstanding testimony. My husband and I were on the brink of seperation and we gave our life to Christ. Such an amazing transformation it was and still is. After spending 3 years in church going everytime the doors were opened we just stopped going. We were out about 2 months and I could feel myself slipping further away from God. And we started back last night and it felt amazing. Like I was coming home after being gone way too long. So the devotion this morning was just another way of The Lord speaking to me. Thank you.

  64. christine says:

    Hi, Thanks for the word that is helping grow. I am currently facing one of the hardest pills in my walk with God. I just got out of a relationship with a man that lied and cheated on me . I have blamed God and questioned my worth. I love this message on time as it has brought a fresh perspective to my situation

  65. Jeff Simon says:

    Praise the Lord. Proverbs 31 Ministries is such a blessing. It has certainly helped me in my walk with the Lord. May God bless you all. Thank you.

  66. Every time I open God’s Word, I get more! Sometimes a passage is confusing but I will reread it later and I clearly see the message in the words for me. I love how He gifts us with new knowledge and fresh understanding every time we read His Word!

  67. Krystal McManus says:

    I would love to win!

  68. I would love to win a copy!

  69. Deborah Hall says:

    I cannot walk this life without the word. There was a time that I acknowledged God but I did not spend time with him not was I obedient. I still struggle with this. I want more than ever to have faith and not be confirmed by the world. I am 53 a single mom of a 17 year daughter whom
    God has given me. I am
    A daughter of a 84 year old mother who is doing her best in her later years. Our relationship has been challenging. I want more than anything for us to be at peace and for my daughter and to finish his life with Gods approval. I want to live and not just exist.

    Thank you??

  70. Karen White says:

    It is my hearts desire for more intimacy with God.

  71. Natalie Guzman says:

    Looking forward to the new book!

  72. Amanda hawver says:

    Would love a new book!

  73. Deborah Hall says:

    Excuse previous typos. Auto correct is not always correct.?

  74. Jena P Carter says:

    Thank you for todays devotional. I have discovered that it is all about having a relationship with God. Some days I get more from His word than other days and that’s just what He wants. Some scripture may not speak to me until some time later. But I need His word everyday.

  75. Thanks so much for the devotional this morning and for the 3 reminders of what we receive by staying in his word.

  76. I will spend more time with God!

  77. I need this reminder to pick up my Bible to read every day!

  78. Liezl Hopkins says:

    I would like to grow a stronger relationship with God starting today. I feel that if I have God with me all the time then I will be a better Mother, wife, sister , friend and a daughter.
    2017 I will have more faith and worry less.

  79. Gina Harrison says:

    Great reminder that I’ve been telling myself lately, to make time with God a priority in my life.

  80. Spending time with Jesus is time well spent! I can truly say it has been why I’ve matured spiritually in my character, knowing His voice and will, and an everyday guide.

  81. My husband an I are reading through the bible together.

  82. Diane Kepic says:

    I would love to win this book. I’ve been reading the Bible but have never read the entire book.

  83. One of my New Years resolutions is to read through the Bible this year.

  84. Melissa Hixson says:

    A great reminder at the beginning of a new year. We cannot afford to not spend time in God’s word! I thank God for his word and my prayer this year is to make it a priority to read and cherish the Bible. So true that when we do this, it changes us! Lord, make me more like You! Amen

  85. Veronica Viviani says:

    I was recently diagnosed with an Invasive Ductacal Carcinoma, Breast Cancer. I enjoyed Dr. Merritt’s reading today and am looking to strengthen my spirituality through God’s Word.

  86. Corena Hall says:

    Thank you for the reminder that my intimate relationship with God is why He made me. His Word is Him. Living, breathing God in all His might. Yet He bothers with me. I would love to meaningfully read His Word cover to cover. Every time I read it I see exactly what He needs me to at that moment in time. It never fails to amaze me. If blessed with this book it will be His will that I read His Word with the help of this book. Thank you again

  87. Krissy Bailey says:

    I love to have as much of God’s Word available to me throughout each day so I am prepared to stand against the enemy

  88. Ted Britt says:

    I love spending time with God, I allways will.

  89. Donna Sprow says:

    This grabbed my attention. Time is life. I would enjoy reading this book.

  90. I need to prioritize my time to spend more time in His word.

  91. Lynn Saino says:

    I would like to develop a more consistent quiet time to read and study the Bible and to hear from God.

  92. Darlene Jones says:

    I need to spend more time in the word.

  93. Kristi McCoy says:

    I desire to spend more time with our Lotd and savior.

  94. I was encouraged by your devotional on Biblegateway. Thank you!

  95. I am starting to read through the Bible again this year. I have done it two or three times before, but can always find new treasures. I would love another way to glean more each day, and would look forward to using this new book.

  96. Annette Smith says:

    Woke at 5 am and began to read emails. This devotional spoke to me as my Bible has gathered dust. A new year a new goal to better know God.

  97. Sonia Thompson says:

    Being really the sole “practicing” Christian in my family, I do often find it difficult to prioritize time in God’s Word. Lacking a guide to help teach me through the bible, I struggle to study it consistently. This book sounds like it could be quite helpful.

  98. Thank you for sharing Proverbs 31 devotions. The best part of my day is time spent with the Lord. May God continue to bless your ministry.

  99. christine rogers says:

    My new years resolution was to pray first thing in the morning and read my devotional. I can feel the difference in my life in this first week of the new year. I am hopeful for once in a very long time. Thank you Lord. Help me to be worthy of your goodness always.

  100. I needed this. Thank you.

  101. Kristi Corrigan says:

    Would love to begin the 52-week study!

  102. Rachel Ernst says:

    I grew up attending Dr. Merritt’s church and listening to his messages. Still just as powerful for me today! This is a great reminder of the amazing gift we have, one-on-one time with our creator. Thank you!

  103. What are the barriers that keep you from spending time with God? It’s been pure laziness up until now. I’ve started back waking up early to read, pray, and write. I would love that awesome book to help me walk through the Bible.

    What are you willing to give up today to make spending time with God a priority? I’ve made the commitment to wake at 5am for reading and meditating. For some time now, I’ve been feeling “disconnected” from God. Between searching for a new church home and reduced time with Him, it’s caused me to be distant from God. It’s my purpose to reconnect with Him (He is already there; I need to make the connection) and spend time with him. Even the few days since I’ve started, I’m sensing Him near and my spiritual fire is rekindling. I don’t ever want to lose my connection with God!

  104. Thank you for this devotion. I would love to do a 52 week Bible study.

  105. I am so grateful for your blog. I wish I could say I find time to read it every day, but I don’t. Every post I read encourages and guides me to be a better christian and live in His light.

  106. I want to spend more time with my Lord and Saviour, but I allow “life” to get in the way! May I delight in seeking His company more often.

  107. Sara Fowler says:

    I am thankful God draws near to me as I draw near to Him.

  108. Paula Miller says:

    Would love to read this book.

  109. I have never read the whole Bible, but really want to. A book like this would be very helpful for me to spend more time with the Lord.

  110. Thank you! Such an encouragement!

  111. Sara Fowler says:

    I am thankful that God draws nearer to me as I draw near to Him.

  112. Stephanie Pomajzl says:

    As a single mom, I would so appreciate a guide to read through the Bible!

  113. Lord, I need this to follow my dream of bringing others to know you through me. If it is your will Lord – let me be the winner of one of these 5 free 52 weeks lesson/guide books. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  114. Christi Long says:

    I’d love to have a copy of 52 weeks of the Bible.

  115. Susan moore says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to grow in my relationship with God,
    It has been a challenging new year foe me thus fan and one of the things I can count on is God’s word.
    This world is difficult as Jesus promised it would be however, he also said that we will over come.
    I want to stay faithful and grow in my relationship with hi.

  116. Stacy Pulliam says:

    The devotion today reiterated the importance of a close intimate relationship with God. My family and I have started nightly prayer time together. My husband and I have challenged each one of our children to chose a scripture a week and study it. Each night we all have dialogue about what was ministered to them.
    My prayer is to grow closer to God and teach our children how to develop their own spiritual relationship with our heavenly Father.

  117. Judith Figareau says:

    I struggle with spending time with my Lord and Savior. One of my commitments for this year is to spend quality time with God through daily bible reading. My church is encouraging everyone to choice one word that describes them for the year and I have chosen desire. It is my desire to seek God and spend quality time with him through daily prayer, worship, and bible reading.

  118. Thank you for your generous offer. I too, would love a copy of your book. Thank you

  119. Michelle Berg says:

    I’ve wrestled with doing this my entire life only finding the time when life goes horribly wrong. Not understanding that a consistent relationship with him won’t keep troubles away, but better prepare me when it happens and give me comfort. I’m hoping this year I do better at carving out time to spend with him. Keep me in your prayers.

  120. Krista Landy says:

    Just at the right time! 2017, the year of truthful living.

  121. Would love a copy of this book!

  122. Thank you for today’so inspirational message. I would love to begin a program to read the Bible in 52 weeks.

  123. Robyn Dean says:

    Thank you for guiding us through these verses today!

  124. Wanda Mitchell says:

    I was truly blessed by Dr. Merritt’s devotional this morning. I appreciated how he described spending time with God more would enhance my life in various ways. I would like the opportunity to delve into God’s Word a different way with his book. Thank you.

  125. Dominique Chawlk says:

    Wow!!! This message/passage really hit home for me. I realized it is time for me to bring my relationship with God closer than it has ever been before. In 2017 I will break out my bible more often and reflect more upon it. This book will be a great read for me! Thank you God for sending this my way to lead me in a path of righteousness!!

  126. I would love a copy to guide me!!! Thank you

  127. Wendy Long says:

    Enjoyed the devotion. I hope I win the book:)

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  129. Thank you so much for the gift and blessing.

  130. I would love to win! Pick me!

  131. Shawnee Carlock says:

    I never quite understood “Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”, until now. I always questioned how could this be possible when I haven’t seen certain desires come to fruition. Thank you, Dr. Merritt! I am in a transitional period where I’m seeking to have a real relationship with God and have so many questions. Today is the first time in a very long time that I feel comfortable in finding an answer to one of my many questions. Thank you! Thank you!

  132. Ralee McLaughlin says:

    I would love to read 52 weeks.

  133. Hannah magann says:

    I would be grateful to receive this book! This message really spoke to me! I want to be equipped with all of the wisdom of the Bible.

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  135. Kerry Smith says:

    I am guilty of not reading my bible enough. I want to be able to be fully armed as I navigate this journey called life.

  136. Mary Bean says:

    It all seems to make sense when you say it. We all just need to practice being the best we can be. Someone that even we can be proud of. Words well spoken and I thank you! I would love reading the book!!

  137. Walking closer to God is what I am striving for each day. Would love to use this book on my journey!

  138. Carol Finch says:

    What a blessing this book would be to me and my boyfriend. We’re learning the bible and about God together..

  139. I am interested in seeing the Bible study. Thank you for the post Time Well Spent.

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    Today’s message was amazing. I very much needed to hear it. I would love to start this New Year by going through this 52 week study of the bible!

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    I enjoyed this devotion & would like a copy of the book , even though I live way away from USA in Sydney, Australia.

  142. Tonya Dunn says:

    I’ve read the Bible a few times now, but I still have SO much to learn and understand!

  143. This book would be a great start to my year! Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries.

  144. Reading the Word is almost like having a blood transfusion. It gives life!
    Thank you for reminding us of how God “loads us up daily with His benefits”.

  145. What a blessing this book will be to me!
    Thinking that I would never win, along with
    my impatient nature, I went to Amazon to
    order a copy!
    To my surprise your book is completely SOLD OUT!
    I thought go ahead and try to win a copy,
    why not you never know,
    I might just win one after all…only God knows
    for sure! So here is my entry! I do not believe
    In luck! But faith I do have in our Father and if it is His will!

  146. Amanda King says:

    To delight in the LORD. Ah! How I wish this were true in my life Every. Single. Day. Don’t get me wrong, some days I relish the time spent in prayer, reading the Word, and interacting with Jesus. However, to truly delight EVERY day… the days that everything is off and NOTHING goes right? I’d rather throw something! It’s then that I need Him most: quiet uninterrupted time to be in His presence so that He has a chance to renew my mind and change the desire of my heart back to Him and consequently fill me with peace. LORD, grant me perseverance to serve You… with ALL my heart, time, and life.

  147. Kimberly Dearing says:

    I want to spend time more time in my bible. Im trying to find a way to study it but am struggling. I pray evry night that god will give me guidance and I know his word is all I need. Please consider me for this gift. Thank you. God bless

  148. I would love to do this study and share with friends and family.

  149. I enjoyed this devotional and would love to receive this book

  150. I was just thinking that perhaps my devotional time was causing me more fear and anxiety, and then I read your devotion. God used you to speak directly to me this morning. Thank you for being a vessel!

  151. Would love a copy

  152. I enjoyed this devotion. The book will help me spend more time with GOD. Thank you!

  153. There was a time in my life a few years ago when I was in God’s Word every morning without fail. And then I started teaching kindergarten full time and those mornings became busy and chaotic and my time with Him fell to the wayside. I recently started reflecting on a time when I had more energy, was more joyful, and just felt better, in general. It was the time when I spent every morning with the Lord. So, I have made a commitment to rise a little bit earlier in the mornings (4:30), so I can have this time with Him. It’s already proving to make my days go much more smoothly. I love my time with God!

  154. Mary Zahrt says:

    Sounds like a great way to learn more about our Father! Thanks for the devotion and the opportunity to read this book and study the Bible!

  155. Mary Greenfield says:

    Thank you

  156. Amy Francis says:

    Would love this book as a tool to spend more time in the word and to read through the Bible. Have been reading the Bible for years but have never read through the entire thing.

  157. Christy Saladino says:

    Thank you for this devotion. Making time with the Lord in His word a priority has been something God is speaking to me about. This devotion is definitely for me today.

  158. Thank you for sharing these truths. Oh, how I desire to know God more deeply in 2017! It would be an honour to win a copy of this new book.

  159. RebeccaBartunek says:

    Would love to have a book to help me be more disciplined in r to qdinf

  160. Susan Mitchell says:

    Having a structured guide to read and study the Bible would be so helpful. I’ve always wanted to read the Bible through in a year.

  161. Rebecca bartunek says:

    Would love to win a copy of the book to help me be more disciplined in reading the bible

  162. Danielle Hayes says:

    I would love to win your book! This year is different then any other year for me, as far as resolutions go. I’ve decided to stop toiling and (over)doing, obsessing, and running myself to the ground- because I’ve finally realized it’s not about me and how much I do- it’s about Him and what he wants me to do. I feel a tug to be still, present and listens. So, no resolutions. Just, presence and open heart so I can be guided daily.

  163. The book sounds wonderful!

  164. Thanks for the timely reminder?

  165. JuliAnn Butler Green says:

    This is a new year and I am committed to following and spending time with our Lord and Savior and to be a good example for my little one. I’d love a copy of your book! Thank you.

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  167. I look forward to this devotional everyday as part of my daily meditation.
    Thank you so much.

  168. Kellie Holm says:

    Life is a struggle, that is for sure. Would like this to help me through it. Thank you!

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  172. I too often neglect to read my Bible. I want to get to know God better so I can become like Him and be a reflection of Him.

  173. Juanita Anderson says:

    I absolutely love these devotionals. They always speak about what I’m going through. They are a tremendous help because they let me see things from the spiritual side and not the carnal. I thank God for these encouraging words. Be blessed!!

  174. Apoorwa Rajesh says:

    Amazing insight…God spoke to me

  175. Thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of this book. I’m just about finished reading the bible from start to end but would love to do it again with some guidance.

  176. Jennifer Benton-Rowe says:

    I do want to spend time in God’s word. I know it is time well spent but it does seem overwhelming. I work full time and have 2 active kids. i always have something i should be doing it seems. i do make time to read the Proverbs 31 devotionals and it has become a part of my day. i know i need to carve out more time. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

  177. The Lord desires a personal relationship with each of us. He made us unique and can teach us so much. Thank you for these devotions to help know him better. ?

  178. My declaration for the new year was to spend more time in the Lord, to get a closer a closer relationship with Him and ultimately digging deeper in His word. These daily scriptures fuel my day, I read them every morning. I would love a copy of this book to aid me in growing closer to Him.

  179. Not coincidental that this is my ‘first day back’ to morning devotions and today’s topic is spending time with God! I’ve been through some faith shattering crises the past several years and am still struggling… I’ll get there! Thanks for this devotional this morning!

  180. Dr. Merritt I am encouraged and inspired by your message.
    It reminds me of actions that I should be taking in my spiritual life but
    have been neglecting. Thank you.

  181. Denise Wood says:

    Living with my husband is a constant chore. He doesn’t feel the same as I do about being more Christ like. I have tried so many times to get him to go to church with me. I bought him a Bible 2 years ago and it still sits on the table where he left it. He has never even opened it just to look in it, very hurtful to say the least. I read scripture daily and I pray for him daily. Most days I feel my prayers aren’t being heard. Thank you for the daily devotion. Please pray for my husband.

    • Denise, I feel your pain. I’m also married to a man who is not a believer. After many years of struggling with it, I’ve come to realize that his walk with God is not about me and his turning from the Lord is not a personal attack on me. It’s about him and God. God absolutely can change his heart but on His time and through His plan. Instead of praying that your husband will be saved, pray that God makes you a shining example of His love and the best wife you can be so that your husband can’t deny Gods greatness! This is still a major work in progress for me- let’s pray for each other.

  182. Catherine Hayes says:

    Trusting that if it is God’s will I will be randomly selected to receive this gift of the Spirit. If not, I’m no less confident that my God will find other ways to communicate His word to me.

  183. Tracey Means says:

    I’d love this book!

  184. April Fath says:

    This would be awesome to receive this book, promoting my time with God and learning.

  185. Thank you to all for their words of God…my sister told me of Proverbs31 & it makes my day…you all are a major blessing!

  186. Jan Dunham says:

    Thank you for the devotion today with a word of encouragement that we all need to spend our time in getting to know God
    And growing our relationship.

  187. Dawn Malone says:

    As I struggle with making the time, I am convicted that I must. While I feel connected to God all day long and converse with him all day long, I desperately need a plan and I would so love to have a copy of this book. Thank you proverbs 31 for all that you do !

  188. Kay Kramer says:

    I long to know God more intimately and live fully in His Spirit. Proverbs 31 devotionals and First 5 have ben a blessing in my life. I would love a copy of this book.

  189. V. Osborne says:

    Would love to complete the Bible through and maybe this tool is just what I need!!

  190. Thank you for your devotion today. It was time well spent! May God bless you and your ministry.

  191. I’m committed to reading through the bible this year. Have been prioritizing my morning coffee date with Jesus. What a blessing.

  192. Pain trials in life bad people getting my way in life are keeping me angry I can’t accept me being a nice person then to be treated wrong I’m angry at god why he allowed such huge pain in my life I can’t spend haply quality time with God bcz I feel pain in my heart although I’ve been praying since I was a little girl

  193. Jerry Morehouse says:

    I don’t have an excuse for not doing better about reading the Bible, praying, and strengthening my faith and walk with God. For the past several years, I’ve had a gnawing feeling to become less lukewarm and more like Luke. I am looking for a modern guide to help me get into a good habit of spending time with God and finding out what he wants me to do. I’ve made getting healthy a physical goal and want to make getting spiritually fit just as important.

  194. Wairimu Gachuhi says:

    I thank God for using you to spread that powerful message. I’m 24 and in this era it has become so easy to get swayed by the world and forget the bigger picture, our walk with God. This year I am taking it upon myself to be a better believer and to only seek approval from God. I’ll be so blessed to win a copy of the book!

  195. Lauren Hele says:

    I have been trying to get through the bible with full understanding. I pray that your book will be the help I need

  196. One of my goals for 2017 is to spend more time in the Word. Would love a copy of this book.

  197. The times in my life when I was happiest and most at peace were when I was spending quality time with the Lord. Really digging into what His word meant to my life, pouring out my heart to Him and letting him into my heart. Yet I still struggle with daily devotions sometimes. This book sounds like it will be a blessing to many. Thank you for the reminder of how precious time spent with Him really is.

  198. Would love a copy of this book to enhance my Bible study!

  199. One goal I have this year is to read the entire Bible. Excited about doing it 🙂

  200. Catherine Green says:

    I would love to have a copy of your book to help with some of the challenges I face when trying to read the Word. Having a book that helps me read through the Bible in 52 weeks would be an asset. Thank you for offering.

  201. Sylvia Tucker says:

    Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to spent precious time with God. I am learning how delightful it is to set aside this time in Him.
    Be blessed!

  202. Time spent with God each day makes all the difference. Thank you for your inspiration.

  203. Thank you for your encouraging devotionals. Two years ago I decided to pick a word that the Lord could use me to share HisvWord and love. I prayed and the Lord gave me the word “encouragement”. When I do my devotionals, God places a name on my heart to share it with. What a blessing this has been.

  204. Dale Hayes says:

    May God continue to bless you
    It’s no happen stance that I’m reading The Encouraging words provided by Dr Merritt on today
    God has a way of giving us exactly what we need/when needed.I am committed to Elavating my prayer time & my time spent Reading & studying His word So on this 5th day of 2017 I thank God for the knowledge gained reading
    “Time Well Spent”
    I am so excited about my future
    Praise God as I Elevate& Go Higher Hallelujah!!!!!

  205. As I work with young people and new believers, my mantra is Read, Read, Read your Bible. Nothing arms us to better face life than time with God.

  206. Dawn Zieg says:

    It would be God’s blessing to win this book

  207. Good morning. I enjoyed reading your post it tugged at my heart to read more and pray more. God Bless.

  208. Natalie Howard says:

    I so enjoyed today’s devotional. This is exactly where I’m at in my life right now. My time with God is so precious to me. I look forward to the time that we get to spend together.

  209. His word is such a gift!

  210. Tracey Cooper says:

    I forget that reading my daily devotional is not enough, I also need to be in the Word.

  211. I know that spending more time with God and in his Word brings me closer, yet I have fallen out of step with this. I want to be more intentional about how I spend my time. Thank you for this devotional!!

  212. Paige Timmons says:

    Leaving comment 🙂

  213. Thank you for this post! It is absolutely true. I really enjoyed what you said about time not being money but being life. We don’t exist for the purpose of simply accomplishing things; the time we have should have meaning and that requires intent to make it so. Every day is a gift and while that doesn’t guarantee that every moment of every day will be perfect, we can choose how we spend our time, our attitude, and our perspective.

  214. Thank you

  215. Sheena Strudwick says:

    I continue to craze His presence in my life. I am grateful for HIS mercy, grace, love, forgiveness and His strength

  216. This book sounds awesome! A great way to spend time with the lord.

  217. Katherine says:

    This spoke directly to me this morning, as I lay in bed not wanting to get up. I struggle with having a regular quiet time with God. I let so much distract me. But that one-on-one time with Him makes all the difference.

  218. Mario Espiritusanto says:

    God is amazing! It’s unexplainable to describe the feeling that produce spending time with HIM, I just love HIM and I’m thankful for HIM to decide to create me and be with me, do everything that HE does in my life like blessing me with my wife and kids, it’s just amazing.
    Thank you for this words of wisdom, may God keep blessing and using you for His Glory.

  219. 52 weeks

  220. I would love to have a copy of your book. It will allow me to spend more time studying God’s word!

  221. Today’s devotional was a good reminder of how much God loves us and wants to have a close relationship with us. We all need Him. Thank you you for this devotional and a chance to win this book!

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    What a great devotional and very timely for me. My goal this year is to spend more time in the word!

  223. Leigh Christian says:

    I need guidance to inspire and encourage me to meditate on his Word everyday I would love this! Thank you

  224. Melissa P. says:

    A wonderful confirmation on so many levels…may God add a blessing to all who read this devotional…

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  229. Laura Bennett says:

    I needed this today. A great reminder of what the most important thing is everyday. Satan’s great at distraction and too often I let my time with God slip to the bottom of my list. I am fasting right now with a focus on my time with the Lord.

  230. Sarah Smith says:

    I would love to have this!

  231. Praying!

  232. Praying

  233. God’s timing is perfect! I have spent the last few days mulling over leaving Facebook because of how it eats up my time. The struggle is that there are great resources, such as this one on Facebook, but I find that I spend so little time doing other things such as reading my Bible. I want to see what transformation would occur if I spent as much time in the Word as I do on Facebook. Thank you for this message today. It really was perfect timing. God’s timing.

  234. Thank you for the awesome message. It makes sense that the more time with spend with God how our desires line up with his. I made a resolution this year to dig into his word more!

  235. Meredith Philley says:

    I definitely needed this devotion today! I would love a copy of the book!

  236. Alesha Logan says:

    I am so learning in this season of my life how important it is for me to be still in God’s presence. In his omniscience and infinite wisdom he has the ability to provide clarity and understanding to the seemingly complicated things in my life. Started my day out in his word is an instrumental part of allowing God to speak to me.

  237. Have never read the Bible all the way through. This would help!

  238. Klaudia calderon says:

    Love today’s devotional! Definitely need to dedicate more time to God and get to know him in a more personal and intimate way. Would love to win this book!

  239. Time is a dtruggle for me. I was reading this thinking about how I’ve committed to managing my time better, but still sometimes feel overwhelmed. I’m grateful that yime with God is something that I manage to do, and feel guilty sometimes about the quality or quantity of that time. I’ve learned that each day won’t look the same, so it’s important to keep going.

  240. Thank you for the daily devo.

  241. Bonnie Brown says:

    Wonderful, uplifting wisdom from The Word. God bless you for sharing it!

  242. For 4 years I’ve prayed for my family to be restored to me. A friend gave me this verse )from today’s devotional. I keep it on my mirror. Dr. Merritt has really touched my heart and reminded me to stay in the Word! “As we spend time with God, we will delight in Him. His desires become our desires because our hearts are tuned to His. He will grant us what we desire, because we both want the same thing!”

  243. Thanks for this message today.

  244. What I needed to hear today. Thanks! God bless!

  245. Gail Guinn says:

    God’ Word speaks to me through Dr Merritt’s words! He is s man if God! Thankful for him!

  246. I’ve been looking for a guide on how to study the bible daily. This sounds perfect, and I’d love a copy of it.

  247. Marge Michulsky says:

    Thank you. I’d love to have more direction in how to read the whole bible.

  248. Father God. You know the needs in my life better than I do. If this would be a good devotional for me I ask that I would review one. Or Lord let me hear you voice so I can get one another way. In Jesus precious name. Amen

  249. I’m so hungry and so thirsty for God’s guidance. I want to be equipped to reflect and reveal His Truth so others will want to know Him!

  250. Lauren Schricker says:

    I want to know Him better. This would be a great tool to help.

  251. Thank you for this message…I’ve been spending each morning reading God’s Word for about a year now and i must say i love it…it clears my mind and gets me ready to tackle my day…the hardest thing for me has been finding a good EASY to understand Bible…does anyone have any suggestions…Thank you in advance…May God bless you…

  252. Mary Beth Barnett says:

    Thank you for such words of wisdom at the beginning of this New Year. My goal is to spend more time in God’s word each day, so that I may know Him better, and discern His will for me.

  253. A great reminder! Spending time with God is worth prioritizing and it’s amazing to consider that the Lord actually desires to spend time with us.

  254. Just what I needed to read this morning. Thank you for this and the opportunity to own this book.

  255. Julie Kendrick says:

    This last year has been a difficult one but I am not alone. So many others in this world are in pain, craving, and full of uncertainty. I pray this year to have the wisdom from above to see those in need and reach out to them in unwavering and unconditional love. This year I know that means to start within my own home. I pray Lord Jesus for this. Thank you for sending your Son to give us the gift of eternal life. Thank you for sharing your most precious gift so we may live.

  256. Jenny Hughes says:

    Thank you for the devotional today it was easy to read and very applicable.

  257. 52 Weeks Through the Bible
    Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path

  258. Cari Scanlon says:

    Thank you for a great word, such a loving remind that our Father wants to be near us.

  259. Gail Honey says:

    I would love this!!

  260. Would like to have guidance reading the bible

  261. Such a great reminder!

  262. Denise Beecher says:

    I really enjoyed this Word today, I need to go back to being in God’s Word daily. God Bless you and your writing.

  263. Brindha Gajendran says:

    Would love a copy of the book…will be very helpful.

  264. Sounds like a fun book

  265. Agreed. The most important time we spend is with the Lord and then from this relationship we learn to love and live.

  266. Debbie W. says:

    Would love to grow and learn in 52 weeks.

  267. I would really enjoy reading 52 weeks Through the Bible!

  268. I have always struggled knowing where to start when reading the Bible. Would love to see what this book suggests!

  269. I love God’s words and always in His words first thing in the morning and before going to sleep at night. Thank you for your book.

  270. Rasheida Washington says:

    The Bible reminds us to hide God’s word in our heart so that we might not sin against him. This is only done when we know the word and spend time in it.

  271. What a timely message. We watched War Room at church last night as a start to a year of prayer and this morning your message spoke directly to my heart. The Lord is persuing us every day! I would love a copy of your book to guide my year. Thank you!

  272. Fonda Manwell says:

    I would love to have a copy of this book

  273. Such a needed read this morning, thank you!

  274. I love the part about becoming more like someone when we spend time with them. My husband is deployed, so I wake up earlier than my daughter every morning to get uninterrupted precious time with the Lord! Sometimes this means 3:30am… but it’s so worth it!

  275. I really needed to hear this today. It is so true that spending time with Him, we become more like Him.

  276. Jessica Bender says:

    I’ve felt so lost and distance this past year. This is the exact reminder I needed. Thank you!

  277. Very profound read this morning. Thank you.

  278. This is what I needed today, to get back on track. Not spending time with God has become a habit, as I got too busy and my priorities were skewed. But “time is truth” and I realized that my priorities and time will be better spent when I first spend time with God.

  279. Love to start my day in God’s presence. Sometimes I feel like I wander in my readings. Some direction would be greatly appreciated.
    My goal for this new year is to make better use of my time.
    Thanks for the uplifting message today!

  280. Lisa Erdmann says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to read the Bible and truly understand what each message entails. With a little
    guidence and reading your book 52 Weeks Through the Bible we can truly get a greater understanding
    of his message to us.

  281. I’m looking forward to using this book!

  282. David McLaughlin says:

    Great devotional. Would really enjoy your book!

  283. Carol Boriskie says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book 52 weeks through the Bible!

  284. Angela Meccia says:

    I know all the truths in this devotion, and I love God with all my heart. I just feel unprepared to dive into God’s word. I feel like I need a plan or map. Thank you for the devotion. That is why I am up before my family, reading my Proverbs 31 devotions before my family awakens, but I want more to go deeper with the Lord. Thank you, Angie

  285. Wendy Shriner says:

    I want to tune my heart more toward God.

  286. Janice Whitworth says:

    I loved today’s devotional. I work at an independent retirement community, and I plan to use it at a Bible Study we have every week. I would love to have 52 weeks through the Bible to know God better and to share with the sweet people that I get to “do life” with. Thank you. Janice W.

  287. I desire to be changed thru being in God’s word.

  288. I would love the opportunity to grow close to God and spend more time in His word. This bible would be a blessing as I am pregnant and nervous of what our future holds. I know being in His living word is exactly what He desires for us.

  289. I desire an even closer relationship him my Father in heaven. Reading your devotion today confirmed what I know is true. I pray that I commit to doing it. Thank you

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    It is my number one resolution this year of 2017, to spend my first moments every morning with God and to read through the entire bible.

  495. Anne Ausdemore says:

    I’m a 3rd and 4th grade religious education teacher, and, while I feel I can adequately teach parables and other New Testament stories, I still feel lacking in the Old Testament. I’m sure this series will help my daily reflections, as well as help me provide “the rest of the story” to my students.

  496. margaret corry says:

    Thank you.

  497. Thank you for the wise words. I love spending time with my husband and with God. It helps me put it into perspective as I am often distracted when spending time with God. He must not like that. Something I can work to changes.

  498. Melissa Emerson Layton says:

    I would love to read the whole Bible. I feel like I piece it together to much and I can’t seem to get going on it ! Thank you !

  499. Thank you for this devotion. The Lord has been drawing me closer and teaching me so much more about Himself recently.

  500. God has become the biggest priority in my life. I want to put Him first in everything I do daily! My schedule consists of being with Him the very start of my day. This is a divine appointment, one I look forward to all the time. Although I wasn’t like this and I actually still struggle with it some days that maybe I have big plans, I’m going away, or there’s a special trip somewhere. I realize when I miss my time with the Lord, my heart is not set in the right place for the day. I find myself longing for more, thirsty for something this world cannot satisfy. Putting what I think might be important in my flesh to me during that time, keeps the barriers up from spending time with The I Am. When in reality the only important thing of all is our relationship with Him.

    I make a commitment to give up my free time today for the Lord. Instead of filling in the gap of what I have time for to do whatever my heart desires, I will choose to do what the Lord desires instead. His plans and His thoughts are so much greater than my own. He knows exactly what we need. Exactly what will satisfy our souls.

  501. I like the line, ‘fear is replaced by faith.’ When I lean on God that is exactly what happens! I’m working on making God the one I turn to first; not as a last resort… it’s an ongoing process, for sure!!

  502. Eric Maust says:

    I needed this today, really struggling.

  503. Dawn Evanoff says:

    I can’t imagine being able to get through the Bible in 52 weeks but it sounds like an interesting challenge. I enjoy your blog as it gives me food for thought during the day. PLus, often what you write about comes to me again through the day …i.e. When listening to Joel Osteen or Ravi Zachariah or my pastor at church. It’s so funny how messages that seem unique in the original will pop up again through the day and week ?

  504. Karen Feigh says:

    My goal is to read through the Bible this year. I always have good intentions but life gets in the way. My purpose is strong and to focus on my relationship with the Lord.

  505. Amanda Zimmerman says:

    I needed these reminders today, thank you so much for sharing!

  506. Thank you Dr. Merritt! I heard you on the radio yesterday and I thought your book sounded like a brilliant way to read through the Bible. Your words really rang true for me today in this devotion. Looking forward to digging deeper in the word this year!

  507. I would love a guide like this to get me through the Bible!

  508. Thank you for this morning’s devotion.

  509. What a gracious chance to grow deeper with God! ?

  510. Would love the encouragement! Thank you for your message today.

  511. After many years I have started to study the bible again. We attend church and are doing an Alpha course. There is still much I need to learn. I would love a copy of this book to help me walk this path and understand it fully.

  512. Teresa Fitzgerald says:

    I would love a copy of the book, and to make my way through the Bible, gaining a closer relationship with God!

  513. This was an uplifted devotion this morning to remind me to slow down spend time with God

  514. Spending time in God’s word is an opportunity to grow in his love and grace. I’m so glad God sent his son to save us and his word to comfort and grow us in his promises.

  515. Rebecca L Tydings says:

    I would love to win a copy of “52 Weeks through the Bible.”

  516. Wow! This resonated within me! “Have you noticed the more time you spend with someone, the more you become like them? As we spend time with God and His Word, He changes us so we become more like Him. God changes us so He can use us to change other people. You simply cannot spend time with God, hear His Word, know Him better, love Him more and be the same person.” I want this relationship for my entire life! Thank you.

  517. Dana Bolton says:

    My biggest problem. Consistency, even though I know how important it is!

  518. Colleen Ligh says:

    This word hits me where it hurts; I am a worrier and I need to trust more. I would love to have a deeper relationship with the Lord so that my “fear is replaced by faith, and worry is replaced by worship”

  519. Would love to use this book as a study.

  520. Gail Branum says:

    Your message spoke to my heart, exactley what I needed to hear this morning!

  521. Diane Ruby says:

    Need a good book to read

  522. Glen Raggio says:

    Great reminder of what is most important.

  523. angela newkirk says:

    What an intriguing way to kick off the New Year! These words were extremely empowering!

  524. I feel lost. I feel faith slipping away at time…sucked down in the vortex with school activities, family obligations and social obligations. Time Well Spent was a good reminder for me to think of God when I feel like im getting weighed down…such a simple thing to do but so hard sometimes.

    • DeAnn J Parsons says:

      Lori, I was where you are at one time. I have 4 children and we were over involved. We “stopped the insanity”. We went to church, but other than that, in the evening we had family time. We played games, they would play with Legos in the floor while I read to them, we watched a good movie, etc. I will never regret that. God didn’t intend for us to be overbooked, we do that. We are living as the world expects us to….everyone takes a class, dinner out with girlfriends, being over involved in church and school. If GOD is not calling you to serve in that spot, then say No. Claim your life back, let go of the stress and have more quite time for God. Also….I have limited myself to 10 minutes a day of Facebook. When I Have an extra minute or I am bored…instead of grabbing my phone and perusing fb, I pray, I read my bible or best of all, I just close my eyes and give God praises. It has been lovely, but I still fight the urge to pick up that phone and be in social media, but in time I know it will be easier as I retrain myself and I can’t wait until it is automatic to go to the Lord when I have down time vs FB. Hope this helps, being a mom is the toughest job you’ll ever love, it’s not the Army but being a mom that should have this quote! God Bless, and I will include you in my prayers today.

  525. Tracie Mccarty says:

    I really enjoyed this devotion. Ive re ently dive back into my quiet time more in last several months and encoraging others. I meed this quiet rime in the morning to start my day off right. I look forward to hear wgat God has for me each day and as he says..Christ speaks to me through his word and prayer. Its makes me stronger to tackle my day and look for Him in moments during my day. But like any relationship, you have to grow it, speak to it, nurture it, trust it for it to flourish and grow and get stronger and deeper. I would love to have a copy of this for my Fiance. We are getting married in 3 weeks and going through marriage counseling right now. Our counselor and Pastor has studied under Dr. Merritts teachings and we actually spoke on this subject during our session last night and this would be an awesome book for him to read starting on our new journey into marriage! Thank u.

  526. Thank you for blessing us with these words today. They perfectly pointed back to Christ.


    Your words spoke right to my heart. I want to get to know God better and I know I cannot do it on my own. Reading these daily devotionals lift me spiritually and help me to learn more about God. I love sharing these with my husband because he has just found his way back to God and we are learning to put him first in our marriage. Thank you

  528. Kellie mark says:

    Thank you for your contribution to P31 this morning. There is so much life given when reading the Bible. I would love a copy of your book!

  529. Holly Taylor says:

    Would love this! I’m certainly out of touch with my God lately!

  530. Christy Brady says:

    Would love to receive a copy

  531. Julie Schievelbein says:

    I would love this book!

  532. Shirley kerwin says:

    I would love a copy

  533. I would love to receive a copy of this book!

  534. Such an inspiring devotion. I would love a copy of this book ?

  535. Brittany D says:

    Setting aside time for prayer and reflection is one of my resolutions this year. I fear I only have a deep prayer life when things are very good or very low; I need to appreciate the life I’ve been given and the one who gave it to me on an everyday basis. I hope to continue working on that this year so I can become the best version of myself- I can tell when I spend less time with God that the troubles of this world creep in.

  536. I’ve been reflecting on how my time has been spent and where I need to refocus. I’ve seen the fruits and available peace and joy radiate from a few Godly women who have this daily, intentional practice. This post reiterates this. Have also been reflecting on the word and need for “rest”; not just physically but in a spiritual sense, the importance of resting in Him.

  537. Shannon Ellsworth says:

    I would absolutely love to have this book. This would be a great way to start out the 2017 year!

  538. Phyllis Borchardt says:

    Time well spent. My husband and I had the luxury of two four day weekends together this holiday season. It was indeed a blessing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  539. I really enjoyed – and needed – this devotional this morning! It makes so much sense that we have the gift of the Bible to know him better, but yet I often don’t take advantage of that. Like so many others I’m sure, I’m hoping to change that for 2017 and so far, so good! And reading this devotional definitely helped

  540. Rhonda Jones says:

    I know that when I don’t spend my morning time with God my whole day seems off.

  541. Elizabeth Bodie says:

    Thank you for your thought provoking works. They are very helpful as I struggle with worry at times.

  542. candy hill says:

    I have been growing closer to the Lord through HIS word.

  543. Melanie Jacques says:

    I would like to read more about learning the bible. I would love to be picked to receive this book!

  544. I enjoy watching James and listening to his ministry. I appreciate his post today on the Proverbs 31 ministry site. I would enjoy a copy of this 52 week bible study….?

  545. Perfect timing! God has been urging me toward more of his word!!

  546. DeAnn J Parsons says:


  547. I love the scripture you included in today’s devotion. As much as I love reading from my paper Bible, lately I read more scripture on my phone which doesn’t get dusty. Please enter me in the drawing for your book.

  548. Misty Baker says:

    Simple and profound reminder. Thank you Dr. Merritt.

  549. Laryssa Malafy says:

    This is conformation of words I have been receiving to spend more time with him. I also love the point that you become more like the people you spend time with and I want to become more like Him! Thank you. This was a great day to start my morning!!!

  550. What a great reminder today. I am looking foreword to checking out this book.

  551. Spending time with God and seeking His path changes us like nothing else. Thank you for the solid reminder that we are chosen and have the opportunity to grow our relationship with God.

  552. More time you spend with someone, more you take on same traits. Love it! So true!

  553. When I spend even a few days away from God’s Word, I can tell the difference. There’s a disconnect—less patience and other qualities that reflect the fruit of the spirit and His word in my life and heart. In the words of the famous song, “Nearer, My God, to Thee” is where I want to be.

  554. Rhonda Corbett says:

    It took years for me to learn the significance of today’s devotional. Time spent with God is never wasted. I’m a living example of 2 Corinthians 5:17 all because of the Truth of God’s Word changing me from the inside out. Psalm 37 is one of my favorite passages. It’s good to revisit again and again!

  555. Mary-Ann Knott-Craig says:

    I’ve been getting up at 5am to spend an hour with jesus in the morning for the past 2 weeks as a part of a devotion I got from P31. I’m not kidding, my heart is being CHANGED. Radically. I’m not the same person. I’m hearing the voice of God, speaking over people, skipping out on social plans to sit with my Savior. I’ve never had this relationship with Jesus before. Thank you so much!!! God is so good. His WORD is so sweet!

  556. I have recently found life and love in god again and would love to receive a copy of the book to further my exploration. ?

  557. Rachele Warner says:

    I would love to draw closer to God through this study.

  558. Barbara Bailey says:

    I always look forward to learning more about the Bible. I teach a ladies’ Sunday school class, and use many sources when explaining Scripture. This devotional book will be an added plus to my studies.

  559. Tammy Williams says:

    So glad my daughter told me about Proverbs 31….I read the daily devotional every morning!

  560. Only with the Lord is anything and everything possible, this I know.

  561. J E Armes says:

    I would love a copy of your book to help me understand Gods word.

  562. Sarah Rollins says:

    Wonderful post and sounds like a wonderful book.

  563. Avis J Hearon says:

    I want a closer relationship with God thru His Word. I am a born-again Christian but don’t seem to relish in His Word like I should. Definitely want to be on track to reading daily. Thank you.

  564. Deborah Baker says:

    A truly humble experience, just reading todays devotional. I never considered how God wanted to spend time with me, I always felt I longed to spend time with Him! I hope to read this book one day and grow in my journey, a new creation in Christ! It has taken years for me to realize a relationship with God is a work in progress, progressively becoming closer to Him one day at a time.

  565. Teri Burzynski says:

    Thank you for creating these daily devotionals and exposing people like me to further resources. I love seeing how God is using so much around me to draw me closer to him. This journey has been “one for the books” for sure and I look forward to all He has in store. Thank you.

  566. Jena Schulte says:

    Would love to read this book. Been thinking of starting in the new year.

  567. I start my workday off by reading Proverbs 31 and this morning while reading I thought to myself I need to get back on a bible reading plan. Then I see the 52 week bible reading book at the end of the message. Totally meant to be. Hope I am 1 of the 5!

  568. Courtney Lackey says:

    Thank you and God bless!

  569. this devotional would be so encouraging

  570. Melissa Morin says:

    This devotional sounds like the perfect way to keep God’s Word in the forefront as I start my journey into 2017.

  571. Denise Smithson Green says:

    Would love a new devotional. Thank you for sharing.

  572. Thank you so much for the wonderful reminder of how much God loves us. There is nothing more precious than spending time in His word. It’s made even more so when we recognize that the enemy fights against us by telling us that we need to fill our schedules with things that the world says are important. Taking a step back, being still before God, takes on a whole new importance and He will remind us what is truly important.

  573. Susan Mosley says:

    I have loved Dr. Merritt and his ministry for a long time. It would be such a blessing to receive this book.

  574. Thank you! Sometimes in our busy were we forget the most important thing we can do is spend time with God.

  575. Thank you for this reminder today. Our time is precious and God deserves our time. I love that the more time we spend with Him we learn more about His will for our lives. ❤

  576. Wow!!!! Perfectly said:) I plan to print this out and keep a copy with me to repeat to others:)
    Our pastor was teaching about this very subject last night! God’s perfect plan:)
    Thank you for writing this and making it available to the public!

  577. Sounds like an adventurous book I need and would greatly enjoy! Thank you!

  578. I love getting Devotionals in my mail every morning.Good start to the day.

  579. Kathy Maguire says:

    Psalm 37 has carried me through some tough times in my life. Thank you for sharing and I’d love to read your book.

  580. Joan Alcorn says:

    I need encouragement and a plan to spend more time in God’s word in 2017!

  581. I so hope I win this… I have been a Christian for years. It now divorced after 30 yrs of marriage… that still aches in my heart … I find it difficult to pick up and steadily immerse myself in Gods Word… and I have had to begin work ( nursing home) so my ‘free time’ is limited and usually exhausted…this would give me a study plan to read through.(have tried others that Were not a good fit)

  582. What a wonderful gift to read in the new year!

  583. So thankful for the daily devotions provided by Proverbs 31. I love starting my day with just the right amount of Jesus, scripture and a challenge.

  584. I look forward to digging into God’s word more.

  585. Great message! Exactly what I needed to be reminded of; I’ll be sharing this devotional with my friends and family!

  586. Time spent with God is precious.

  587. Thanks for today’s message on “Time Well Spent” I have enjoyed it and have plans to use it to help prepare a short message in the future, Lord’s willing

  588. Jane johnson says:

    I’m thankful for devotions that help me focus on my relationship with God.

  589. Jessica Crowley says:

    Love starting the day with encouragement

  590. Donna Singleton says:

    Spending time in God’s word helps me prepare to face life’s challenges

  591. Ali Carpenter says:

    “Yet even more amazing to me is that God desires to spend time with me!”
    My daughter is struggling to understand her father’s suicide almost 1 year ago and she has distanced-herself from me. She confides in her step mother and tells me I don’t understand. I would do anything to get her to spend time with me. This must be the same way God feels when I’m not in touch with him. I needed this devotion today, thank you!! Love you!!

  592. I really think I could use this book

  593. I would love to have this book! At times, I catch myself looking for so-called “wisdom” in every place, but the Bible. That is where I also find my comfort!

  594. Kristen Stevenson says:

    I would love a copy of 52 Weeks Through the Bible! This would give me a planned format to better get into God’s Word and grow. Thank you for the offer 🙂

  595. Rebekah Foster says:

    I would love a copy. My desire for the new year is to grow closer to God. Loved today’s devotion.

  596. “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
    Romans 12:2 has been in my devotional readings for a week now. The only way my mind can be transformed is through God’s Word.
    My barrier is time management…I have none! I can fritter away hours that I could be meeting with God.

  597. I see all the people who have commented this is wonderful . We can start the New Year right by wanting and needing God’s word in our lives.

  598. I really needed to hear this today. Thank you for such timely words. I pray God blesses you and your family in a special way this year.

  599. Brittany Jost says:

    Great reminder of how precious our time is with the Lord and that it’s not one sided!

  600. I would absolutely LOVE to have this book! Really enjoyed this devotional for today, as it spoke directly to my heart. Thank you!

  601. Thankful the powerful Word of God spoken in these devotions. We need to connect with Him everyday to stay on the narrow path. Thank you Father.

  602. Ria Lishman says:

    always timely devotionals.

  603. Sue Olivier says:

    I turned my life over to God and read the Word daily and truly learned what “time well spent” means. I start my day ready to roll….to Him.

  604. Thank you for this message which was perfectly timed as I’ve been struggling to make reading God’s word a priority in my daily life.

  605. Tiffany cress says:

    Excellent devo this am! Spoke to my soul. Thank you!

  606. Jan Pavlica says:

    I would love to have this book. The best time spent is learning more about our Heavenly Father.

  607. Have a blessed day

  608. Nancy lindelof says:

    These daily reminders make me stop for a few minutes. Thank you. If I don’t win a copy I hope I can afford to buy one. There are days when it fits my situation more than others. Thank you again for the blessing of your insights.

  609. Cynthia vanaudenhove says:

    I love Priverbs 31 devotions!

  610. Jeanna Hendrickson says:

    This year my focus is to read through the entire bible. Being a Christian nearly my entire life and will be turning 28 and expecting my first child, I wanted to be equipped with leading this sweet boy through the wicked world we live in and be able to quote scripture when needed most!

  611. This is the first time I read a devotional by Mr. Merritt and I really enjoyed it. I have been looking for a new yearly devotional and this one sounds like it will speak to me very well

  612. Great message! I definitely need more time in the word. I am starting to make this a priority.

  613. Joan Van Santen says:

    This would help me get back on track!

  614. Ginger Lasch says:

    This spoke to me, as I realize I need to decrease.. and that will only come through more time with the Lord!

  615. Melissa Carter says:

    I’ve recently started reading these devotionals to help get me through a difficult time in my life. I’m finding comfort through all of them. Thank you

  616. Thank you for this and for giving away copies of your devotional! It’s a great reminder that we need to constantly and consistently connect with HIM to be transformed into His likeness! Thank you!

  617. Thank you for your devotion today! God’s Word is our connection to Him!

  618. Joann M. Smith says:

    In the new year I vow to find more time to spend with God in word and prayer.

  619. Donna Hoerdrmann says:

    EXACTLY the guidance I needed today. Thank you and God bless you all!

  620. Elaine Nunn says:

    Your message today is spot on for all of us, but, especially for someone who doubts God’s promises and truth like my son. He is a “skeptical agnostic”. I’m sending him this devotional and hope to win your book -a gift for him.

  621. Joan Van Santen says:

    This might be what I need to help me get back on track!

  622. Thank you so much for this reminder. My family and work take up most of my time. Social media and tv time take the rest. I need to remove the barriers and put God above all else.

  623. This is so true! This year (2017) my kids and I (& husband) have scheduled in a time before bedtime to spend time reading God’s word. As I was praying last night, I was also asking God to help us continue this through the year. I know we’ll gain a closer relationship with Him. I love that so far my kids and I (&a husband) have new topics to talk about and learn more about God together. It’s a blessing in itself!!! 🙂

  624. PATRICIA BOWEN says:

    Growing up in the church,I always learned my memory verses and studied my weekly Bible lesson, but it was much, MUCH later in life that I learned the awesome blessing of spending time daily in God’s Word. Since then, Father God has enabled me to read through the entire Bible every year, and it never ceases to amaze me to see His awesome love for me/us revealed in His Word and in His presence.

  625. Kim Broyles says:

    This is exactly what I am praying for today and this year. I want to develop the characteristics God will take delight in. I want to feel that personal connection by spending time with Him. As so often happens, when I desire direction or affirmation from my Heavenly Father, He delivers, and your post today was His confirmation to me that He heard.

  626. Connected with today’s blog on “Time is Life”. It’s a good reminder to spend our time with the those we love and spend it with the Lord.

  627. Amen! Praise God for this wonderful insight!

  628. Kacie Grubb says:

    Hello! Unfortunately my bible has been sitting on my stair case collecting dust for weeks. I just decided to deactivate my facebook last night so instead of wasting my time on there I can spend my time reading the Word!!!!

  629. Trying to let God lead me.

  630. Linda Hill says:

    I would love to receive this book and learn how to understand when God is speaking to me, sometimes I think it’s just me, the more I know and read the better knowledge I get, and I also want my children to know this too, God is an amazing God, he has gotten me through the loss of my mother, husband and sister and without him that would not have possibl, I am so blessed to be a child of the most high God and blessed with my family, friends and another day to be able to live and tell others God is crazy about you and me, thank-you God

  631. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s devotional. I plan to get the book.

  632. I would love to read through the Bible but struggle to maintain consistent reading time. I get easily sidetracked with other studies or even just business. Praying God will honor this new commitment as I prioritize with Hus help each day.

  633. Thanks for the devotion today. My husband and I have really just started to delve into the Bible together. We’ve seen a lot of signs to go on this journey together and this post is just one more to add.

  634. Connie Rogers says:

    I find myself in a season of life that I did not expect. We are now raising our 14 year old grandchild. Time is easily gobbled up and my relationship with God suffers. Thank you for the reminder!

  635. Jacki Payne says:

    I am learning to take time each day and really spend it with the Lord. I start and end each day with prayer. I start each day with a Bible reading and I am trying my best to keep this faith practice going as I find it helps me cope.

  636. Melinda Grandstaff says:

    Thank you for this morning devotion. Good way to start the day.

  637. Sharee Karg says:

    My goal is to not just to read the word of God everyday, but to ‘consume’ it. This book would be perfect in helping me to understand God’s word for my life.

  638. I would love to win 52 Weeks Through The Bible by Dr. Merritt.

  639. So grateful for a God who desires to fellowship with me!

  640. Debbie Kirk says:

    A great book to study.

  641. Renee Evans says:

    Thankful for this word from God today. We’ve been hit with some schemes from man and needed this reminder today to rest and put our faith in God. Thank you.

  642. Andrea Griswold says:

    Thank you for your devotional today. It helped remind me of the importance I am to God. It reminded me that I need to set apart time daily to be with Him. I had forgotten how important this is to me. Slowly we can drift away and not seem to notice the difference until we are caught in the grasp of the enemy again. Praise be to our heavenly Father who is so gracious and forgiving! Thank you for your gift of giving the blessings God has given you. And again thanks for the powerful reminder. Blessings.

  643. Appreciate the encouragement

  644. Lila De Jonge says:

    Oh yes I would love the help.

  645. I’ve noticed that if I take time out of my day, even just 5 minutes, to spend time with God that I feel so much better. A day without spending time with God is just blah. No good. I want God to consume my heart and be the focus of my day. I’ve always struggled with this. I’m such a take charge person and get super stressed out and upset. I need to reset myself with God. Always.

  646. Rita McClain says:

    Your devotional is a great reminder of daily reading of God’s Word.

  647. To draw closer to my Lord is a desire of mine!

  648. I have listened to Dr Merritt for years. My step daughter’s last name was Merritt and she was delighted to listen to you. She became a Christian before she passed away in 2009. I lived in Avondale Estates from 1952-1970, in MS from 1070-2014 and now since my husband passed away I live in Richmond VA close to my daughter. Every Sunday I listen to Dr. Merrit. I am 78 and study and read my Bible every morning and attend a Bible preaching church. Thank you for your messages.

  649. I love this daily devotional, it is such a help to read before I start my work day. I would like a copy of this book, I think it would be a great help with my personal devotional.

  650. I am looking for something to read with my three teens that will give us guidance and direction through God’s word consistently. This sounds like a perfect fit.

  651. Shannon Cunningham says:

    I have been bery busy for years now. People have been amazed at how much I could get done. The problem is my obligations were getting done but my life, the everyday sitting at the feet of Jesus was not always getting done. I am tired of all the other stuff being the top priority and want more of Him on a regular basis.

  652. Donna Smith says:

    A much needed message today. Thank you!

  653. I want to have a deeper relationship with God. Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  654. Lori Dopp says:

    Thank you for your devotion today
    A great challenge for the new year
    One of my goals is to get into the word and spend more time with the Master
    I would love to receive a copy of your book so I can journey with him throughout this year God bless you

  655. One of the enemies greatest tools is distractions
    This happens constantly to me;if it is not the children then it is work ,or other things ,or places to go .
    But now that I am older and children are watching the pattern in my daily routine ,distraction are becoming not as strong as before.I can not say that there are no distractions any more but from different avenues. I am learning to overcome them and he my devotional time in with the Most High G-d.

  656. Renee McClintock says:

    Spending time with God daily, is the best habit anyone could have form. Thank you for your devotion today!

  657. Becky Hardy says:

    I am at a time in my life when I thought was going to finally start doing things for me enjoy the Hobbies I have always enjoyed. Instead I have been given a diagnosis that is pretty life altering. But I grow in my faith and look ahead day 2 day, week to week month to month, year to year. Whatever I am given. 52 weeks sounds wonderful to me and would give me direction.

  658. My daughter and I had this very conversation last night. We both wish our first and last conversations of the day to be our Lord in prayer and in His word. I have not ever read the entire Bible and would like to with the aid of Dr. Merritt’s book. Blessings!

  659. Brittany Williamson says:

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  664. I’ve never actually read through the entire Bible before, and I’ve been a believer for years! I would love to do this, time and time again really, like a new runner whose goal is to do their first marathon and then becomes “addicted”! I know that each new time I read something in His word, even the same verse, He shows me something different.

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    As I have grown in my relationship with God over the last few years, I am constantly looking for new ways to become closer to Him. iDisciple, a Christmas present from my daughter and her family this year, so far seems to be another great tool and the daily devotions are a true blessing. I would love to add this book to my references. Thanks so much!

  673. Maureen Guevara says:

    I was truly blessed with the message today, you know how our Great God works. He give you the message just when you need it, for his timing is perfect. I going through a job transition and trusting in Him and his perfect word and will. This was time well spent this morning….ready for another day to walk with the King of Kings, show me the way Lord and I will follow. Thanks so much for the devotional…..I was truly blessed.

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    Spending time with God everyday is what we must do to be equipped to face what is presently here and what is to come.

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    Our family of 6 has begun and will be reading through the Bible together this year, with God’s help!

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    So this would be a divine gift if I would be blessed with this book!!

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    Encouraging….& I agree…as you get older…it is so important to spend time w/your loved ones…&…too..for me as you…my hubby…&..40 yrs…too….of marriage…


    Have a blessed day………….Kathy wyg

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  722. I love that you said: “Worry is replaced with worship.” Far too often I find myself overly concerned about things. In my heart I know that God is going to take care of the situation but rather than thanking Him in advance for it, I fret and worry. Today I will replace my worry with worship!

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  726. I simply love this devotional and it is taken from my favorite passage Psalm 37. Learning where to put your time is something I am learning now as I read this book about have a Mary heart in a Martha world. Mary chose to focus her time on Who was more important Jesus!

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    Thank You for Blessing us with your God given words and wisdom! 2017 is going to be my best year ever, because Spending Time With God will be my first priority! I can’t follow HIS most precious commandments to: 1. Love HIM with all my heart & Soul & Mind, 2. Love my neighbor as myself unless I Read, Meditate on & Follow
    HIS Word!

  734. Nancy Derkowski says:

    Have faith!

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  743. I would love a copy and would plan on going through it with my daughter.

  744. Tara Pease says:

    For those of you struggling to find the time to spend reading the bible, consider checking out P31’s First 5 app. The idea behind it is to give the first five minutes of your day to God – you read one chapter of the bible each day along with a devotional teaching; on the weekends there’s a short 10-15 minute video that goes a little more in-depth into that week’s readings. It really truly can be done in just 5 minutes!! The app has helped me stay consistently in God’s word for over a year now. I cannot imagine not starting my day off in God’s word now!! 🙂

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  749. Wanda Tillman says:

    Spending time with God, in reading His word and prayer, every day is time well spent. So to is time spent answering God’s call to love one another, giving of your time / life in visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes or housebound. Your reward will shine in the faces of those you serve.

  750. Tim W. Hammett says:

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  759. I feel with all my heart that no one not even me can ever spend enough or too much time with the Lord…over a period of 14 years now I have spent time with the Lord as much and as often as I can…within these last two years I will not go a day without reading his word and going to Him in Prayer…and I can honestly say the more time I spend time with the Lord and reading His word ..the more wisdom…knowledge…and understanding I get…Thankyou Lord!…now I look forward to each and every day I am here on this earth to do Gods will/plan for my life!

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  762. Lacey M Pierson says:

    “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you” Isaiah 26:3

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    Thank you for reminding me of how much I am loved by God. My morning coffee time is my devotion with Proverbs 31 and the First 5 app.
    I really struggle getting through reading the bible. This book sounds as if it is easier than I think to get through the entire bible, and understand what I am about to read.
    Thank you to all that put these devotions together.

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  775. I have turned my life over to God, asking for his strength, peace and grace. Today’s message is very moving. I want to know God better through His word.

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  784. I read various daily testimonials 95% of the time as well as share them!
    Because I do not pass judgement or have negative thoughts about people; i will not hold my tongue. I will let a person know, that they are profiling someone and shouldn’t assume that persons motive, intelligence, or situation.
    I’m often referred to as being too nice or naive (I have life experiences; I’m in my fifties, married with children, come from a huge family, work outside the home for 30+years, volunteer) – I will not change who i am!

  785. I would love this devotional!

  786. Thank you Dr. Merritt, your teaching has been a blessing to me and my husband. We live in Chicago, but have listened to your sermons for a while. God does delight in spending time with us, I notice a change in my outlook, attitudes, and heart when I am making time for God’s word…that truly is Him being manifest through me. I appreciate the encouragement to be more intentional about how we spend our time.

  787. Ashley Chimonas says:

    This was exactly what I needed! I have about 10 of my morning devotions in my email that I haven’t opened because life has just been busy and I don’t take the time to sit and read them..it’s something I’m wanting to do better at this year. God gave me a little nudge and I sat down with my morning coffee and read today’s, and I’m so thankful I did! I needed it, and will be setting time aside daily to be with God.

  788. Donna Jones says:

    I enjoy Dr. Merritt’s teaching and watch him on t.v. On Sunday mornings before I get ready for church. He is such an inspiration.

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  793. I really want to know how I can read thru the bible in 52 weeks. I have been wanting to do this my whole entire life. plus I would like to know what is the best version to read or does it matter? I do find sometimes that the King James is harder to understand, but I could really use some pointers from this book. Thanks and God Bless.

  794. God, please bless every one today and keep us all on track to spend more time with you. Amen

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    I loved the reminder when you spend time with God you become like Him. You can’t
    Spend time with God and not change.

  801. God’s will be done

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  805. This is a fantastic reminder he wants us to spend time with him, and there is no rejection with him.

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  810. This really spoke to me today. This is an area I’ve really been struggling in, and God used this message this morning.

  811. This is such a great article outlining the benefits of reading God’s Word. My personal relationship with God started with serious Bible study and since then I have encouraged everyone I know to read and study the Word. I’m going to share this article with my blog readers. Thank you!

  812. Taryn Collins says:

    So ready to start the new year off in a different way, keeping my mind and heart focused on Christ Jesus. My husband and I watch James Merritt on TV and love him. God has truly blessed him with a saints heart!

  813. Shana Henry says:

    This was what I needed to hear today ???

  814. Barries… Poor time management! Excuses, excuses, excuses!

    I love The Lord and The Lord loves me. ALL OF ME (even my not so great parts).

  815. Elvira Muniz says:


  816. I would like to take this year to dig deeper into God’s Word. It is so easy to get distracted by other things and the devil tries his hardest to make that happen. I would love to use your book to assist me as I begin to study and lean on the word of God!

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