True Love Does Exist

True Love Does Exist

May 17, 2017

“The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” 1 John 4:8 (NASB)

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True love: quite possibly the most beautiful, powerful, amazing, confusing, misapplied, and overused words ever spoken.

We’ve witnessed our fair share of fiery romances, whether on the Hallmark channel or a Peanuts comic strip. But romance — as romantic as it may be — is not even half of true love. Eros, the Greek word for romantic love, is only one of four types of love. There’s also storge, the family bond; philia, friendship; and agape, unconditional love.

I’m not sure anything in life is better than loving and being loved. Yet look around — “love” is a mess! A skyrocketing divorce rate, family members who virtually hate each other, friendships un-friended into enemies, and … unconditional love? Oh please, there are always strings attached.

People often see love as a contract: I keep my side of the deal to be there for your needs, only if you keep your side of the deal to be there for my needs. If not, See ya — I’m outta here.

Sad, startling, yet true. We’re left wondering, is true love even the truth? We’ve taken note of the many examples of selfish love — if we can even call it love — all around us, but the perfect example of true love is right under our noses — in our hearts, actually.

God’s love for you and me is passionate, pure and beyond anything we’ve ever experienced, accepting us as we are. Our good, our sins, our past and our flaws are all bare before His eyes, yet being the perfect Gentleman and Father He is, He washes, changes, teaches and grows us tenderly. He reminds us of our worth and beauty as His daughters. He wants to forgive, bless and take care of us. He loves us with unconditional agape love.

Good news: His love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8) We can love like that, too — not in our own strength or willpower, but by the Holy Spirit perfecting God’s love in our hearts. (1 John 4:12) The deeper we know God and His arduous, purposeful love for us and for others, the easier we can love others as an act of loving obedience to God.

First John 4:20 tells it like it is: “If someone says, ‘I love God,’ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.” (NASB)

Of course. How can we defy God’s command to love the people He has placed in our lives and still claim to love Him? Our obedience to God’s Word comes from our love and reverence for Him who gave His all so we could keep on giving and loving like He has done for us.

It is only when we love God first and foremost that we can reach our full potential in loving others as friends, sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. As we grow in our love for God and in our knowledge of His love, we begin to change. We begin to see and love others differently.

In reality, true love happens when the stars don’t align, sparks dim and butterflies fly away. Love happens when we sacrifice, knowing we’ll get nothing in return. We are patient, kind, never envious or boastful, modeling 1 Corinthians 13 in our hearts and with our behavior without expecting payback or accolade. We lay down our lives in love.

Today’s key verse, 1 John 4:8 says, “The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.” I hope you find true love. I hope you and I grow so close to God that we naturally begin to “love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith” (1 Timothy 1:5b, NASB). May you and I so overflow with God’s love that it runs up and over onto everyone we meet. His love will never fail, because God Himself is true love, and God never fails.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for loving me long before I ever loved You. Affirm Your love to me so I may know it well and pour it out on those around me. You are good, and Your love is perfect. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Peter 1:22, “Since you have in obedience to the truth purified your souls for a sincere love of the brethren, fervently love one another from the heart.” (NASB)

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Write out each of the 1 Corinthians 13 love characteristics: patience, kindness, etc. Pray that the Lord would help you cultivate each character trait in your daily interactions with others. May His love reign in your heart.

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  1. Sabrina Templin says:

    I need to know His love not just believe it’s there. I struggle with this in a big way.

    • Anne-marie says:

      Sabrina, this was my reality for years and I just assumed that’s the way the Christian walk was supposed to be. Besides, aren’t we taught that love is a choice, rather than a feeling? God has taught me, however, that He is Lord of my feelings too and I now have this overwhelming sense of being loved by Him that spills out and over. I can love others unconditionally because God has met and exceeded all of my conditions (need to be appreciated, valued, loved) and I don’t just believe that, I feel it. If God can use my story to teach you, I’d love to share it with you. Feel free to email me at

      • Hi, I am struggling with knowing/understanding our Fathers love too. I would love to hear your story. Thank you for sharing. Brenda

  2. Sarah Snyder says:

    Love the idea of this coloring devotional for teens! What a great way to meditate on God’s truth for teens.

  3. Tiffany Satchell says:

    Hi!! The article was great and i would LOVE (Agape lol) to win a copy of your book! Abundance of Blessings! Thx!!

  4. Sheila Heath says:

    This was a timely devotion for me. As one of my best friends is battling with an abusive relationship, another friend has been abandoned by her husband and I myself am struggling with a painful friendship. I was just about to give up on true love. Thank you for this reminder of God’s love. We can trust the One who laid down His life for us.

  5. Angela Pronio says:

    My 20 year old daughter has mentioned her desire to “get right with God”. Would love to give her this in her endeavor. Thank you. In Christ Love, Angela

  6. Lara Gibb says:

    Really eye opening. So often we try forgive in our own strength. I remember our pastor saying that it is human nature to hate those that wrong you but God is supernatural and through His strength we can overcome the natural. This devotional reminded me of that at a time I needed it. With my wedding just under 2months away and 2 people close to me dropping out of my bridal party, it’s tough to forgive but that is what we are called to do. It’s love… Would love to receive this to pass on to one of my RDG (Radical Discipleship Group, basically youth small group) girls

  7. Eric Williams says:

    Sometimes I give serious reflection about seemingly disjointed commands in the Bible such as forgiveness, love your enemies, not to call your brother a fool, fruits of the spirit, any scripture that inspired: Christ like attitude and pause: this is love: character. It reminds me when I went vegan. I happily discovered any combination and more colorful array of fruits and vegetables were the most giving for nourishing our bodies mind and spirit even.

  8. Deborah Anthony says:

    Thank you for today devotion it has challenged me in new ways as i am walking through vairous testing in my marriage. I am learning to love the way God loves and give the he tells me to give to my family. I would love to go to go deeper in reading the book.

    Thank You for your daily commitment to writing these blogs.

    Deborah Anthony

  9. chris ehlers says:

    Thank you for this devotional!!!

  10. Susan N Oberlander-Smith says:

    Great devotions today.

  11. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I would love to share this book with my daughter.

  12. Karren Geary says:

    I would love to give this to a young woman with special needs. Hopefully, she will be graduating this spring. Her math grades may hold her back. She is sweet and kind and loving. This devotional may help her next step in life.

  13. Colleen Misner says:

    Anything would help me at this point

    • Praying for you and myself that we feel and can give this type of love to others. Hope u have a good day!

    • Maureen Lucas says:

      I will be praying for you as well. The Lord is YOUR shepherd. Also, read Psalm 23. You are a precious daughter of God & He loves you as though you are the only one to love.

  14. Beautiful

  15. Denise Wells says:

    May God bless you richly.

  16. Mya Robinson says:

    I’m so thankful that even as my a husband and I are going through the hardest of times for us together and for us individually, God’s love for us never fails and He cares.

  17. Kathleen says:

    Thank you, sweet girl. You’re gift for writing is so evident. And your desire to love and honor God with your gift is commendable. Please pray for me because I’ve battled with applying this Christ-like love in a particular relationship for a long time. I am sure it is not in me at all and it is only through Christ alone that I can have and show love for this person. I’m very disappointed with myself because I feel like no matter how hard I try I can’t get to where I need to be in this relationship. And I have tried very hard, I’ve read books, I’ve prayed, I’ve memorized scripture, I’ve prayed more. I don’t even think the person knows because I’m so good at faking my feelings but I know and it bothers me greatly. There’s been a lot of hurt that I’m having trouble stepping over. Does that mean I’m not forgiving the past? I don’t want to be that way. I know that only Christ can help me so please pray for me; I know prayer is powerful. James 5:16

    • Hello Kathleen,
      Good morning, and May God continue to bless you and keep you in his perfect PEACE. God is with you! First of all you said “I” or I’m in your response at least altogether a total of 21times. Where is your God at? As led by the Holy Spirit, in me “We felt in our Spirit to speak to you and share. As Led by the Holy Spirit in “me” This Topic today along with many other days is such an on time message for a time such as this. We wanted to share what was received for ourself but instead heart felt and led to share with you. We’ll be also praying for you. We pray and ask for you to seek him first and put nothing or no one else before him. He knows what’s best for you, but he needs to have the delights of your heart and more of your time. YOU SAID: “you battled with applying this Christ-like love in a particular relationship for a long time. I am sure it is not in me at all and it is only through Christ alone that I can have and show love for this person.” – no matter how hard I try I can’t get to where I need to be in this relationship. And I have tried very hard, I’ve read books, I’ve prayed, I’ve memorized scripture, I’ve prayed more. I don’t even think the person knows because I’m so good at faking my feelings but I know and it bothers me greatly. There’s been a lot of hurt that I’m having trouble stepping over. – FIRST you need to forgive and also forgive yourself. You must Go to GOD…REPENT and ask for his FORGIVENESS, then forgive others. You have an Idol that must be removed…NO MAN can do for you like JESUS! Let go of the past and TRY a new beginning with your JESUS!! ya see he can show you True Love Does Exist and it starts with in and through him. Where you have been taken to GOD can and will bring you through. But you got to WANT HIM and you got to get to know him for yourself. Let the I’s and I’ve GO you see because when you doing something and want the credit…that says to God he’s not in it…Whatever happens in life if and when it comes from our Father, Son, Holy Spirit we know. Most importantly if our hands is in his way, he gets out of it, ya see He Deserves all the GLORY, and allows us the Victory…but only if it’s in accordance to his Will. “LET GO my sister and PLEASE LET GOD” TRY him for yourself change won’t be overnight, it’s a process to get to the Progress and the Plan he has for you. Get in his word, Fast, Pray, Church, bible study, find a group of fellow shippers to fellowship with. Ask the Lord to Lead, Guide, direct you and you start Walking by Faith trusting and be still while waiting to watch the things he wants for you. #1 In EVERYTHING SEEK the LORD FIRST. He will take car of all the rest. He already has a plan for you, Be still and Know that he is GOD!!! Yours, Mine and Everyone else’s. The more you get to know him the less you will speak “I” because the Holy Spirit will be more in you and that is a cause to say “WE” GOD Bless you and all others that are here today and standing in the need we all are work in Progress. Obedience, Sacrifice, Submit and Surrender while always calling on the name of JESUS.. God help us all. IN The name of Jesus. AMEN . That’s how much he loves you and I and US. We shared with you and didn’t share in what the message meant to us. And It was a Powerful massage today and on my Son’s 30th Birthday. He just yesterday, when speaking of his daughter said using his words ” I ain’t never think a love like this existed. I miss her so much, I feel helpless. (now she out of town got back last night) Remember Today his Birthday. This is just to say “We hear from God daily…testimony Look at all God is doing and done in this alone, God’s love like this exist for us from him he just wants us to LOVE him back and he will ALWAYS have our BEST interest at HEART. WU JESUS…To GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!! Won’t he do IT. ok WE shall stop here Lord thanks for ears to hear what THUS says the LORD!!! Use your people according to your Will.

      • PS…God has blessed my son with 30 years today, his beautiful baby daughter is 20 months. Look at God he hears our Prayers as well as our Cries and our children’s cries. Just to say, if he shows my son a love like that (c/o of him and his daughter) then You gotta know ; GOD”S LOVE LIKE THIS EXIST Receive him and receive all he has for you, we are and yes also trials and tribulations…test and more test, through it all become, CLOSER to him, wiser, stronger, better, ete life is better, clearer, brighter etc…
        God Bless
        God will PROVIDE, never will he forsake you. Everywhere you are he is right there with you. TRUST THAT!!

  18. Donna Raybon says:


  19. Angela Green says:

    This looks like an interactive fun spiritual book and I would love to have it. God bless. 🙂

  20. Thank you for thinking of teens. So few quality devotionals are written for them.

  21. Amy Mathis says:

    I teach the teen young ladies class at church & this would be a wonderful devotion for one young lady in particular.

  22. cathleen winter-rafalko says:

    Thanks for the reminder of what true love is and where it originates ♡

  23. I would love to get this book for my daughter. Thank you for the message and the hope that we can give and receive true love!

  24. Thank you so much for this today. God knew this was what I needed to hear. He always does. These devotionals help me stay focused. Thank you. I would love to share this book with my family.

  25. I needed this reminder of the real definition of love. It’s a verb…not a feeling.

  26. Love is a choice! What a wonderful devotion!

  27. Cathy ivey says:

    I think I would love and enjoying reading this book, going thru difficult times and have a 15 year old who needs to read it as well for guidance in her life ! Love the devotional every morning, look forward to reading them , helps your day stay with a smile !!

  28. Pamela Olszewski says:

    I would love to have this book to add to my daily study of God and Jesus. I have grown closer to God over the past few years and believe this could help me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  29. I need a heart more and more like Jesus` full of compassion and love. To be able to love unconditionally and to love the ones I consider unlovable for He loved me when I was unlovable. Oh help me God.

    • That is a beautiful prayer ALL of us can pray, Debra. The Lord is faithful to grow us by His strength and His love when we are weak ~ it is a beautiful thing to depend on the Lord to create a beautiful heart in us. Thank you so much for reading today!!

  30. Phyllis Wilson says:

    This article spoke to my heart because I have always taught my children about agape love and how selfless love is. I think that love was meant to be given away as exemplified by Christ Jesus. Thank you for this devotional, I will share it with others. God bless!

  31. I saw two people leaving the doctor’s office. The elderly mother was fashionably dressed, her grey hair neatly styled. Her middle-aged son was was wearing shorts and sneakers. He happily took her hand, a little skip in his step. I sensed God speaking to my heart: “Their love is beautiful in my eyes.”

  32. Joanne Branscombe says:

    Thank you for sharing about God’s pure love!

  33. Lisa Broussard says:

    I love having your posts to read as soon as I wake up in the morning! It sets the tone for my day for me and then I can share it with those around me.

  34. Crystal says:

    How do we love so humbly if we fear so greatly to be taken advantage of? I pray that I am not crippled by this fear.

    • Crystal, true love wants what is best for the other person. Parents set boundaries for their children out of love. Unconditional love isn’t love without boundaries. Unconditional love isn’t love without consequences. But it doesn’t stop loving when others step over the boundaries. Unconditional love doesn’t depend on the other person deserving the love. It is continuing to love the other person regardless of their actions. It isn’t loving the actions. You can hate the action, but love the person.

      • I Love this.

      • Is it possible to love someone unconditionally but still protect yourself from their manipulations? Or from the hurt that person can cause? I don’t know if I can love someone unconditionally with boundaries. When I love someone, my heart is open and vulnerable, so does loving unconditionally come with the risk of being hurt?

        • Regina, I’ve learned with the toxic relationships in my life, I can love from a distance: Praying for them and still wanting what’s best for them, just not at the expense of my well being. Praying God will show you His will for you.

        • Merle Nursten says:

          Regina i hear you, I also battle with this. But slowly through a process of making amends to people I hurt, it has really taught me to look at things differently. For example I will try and figure out why that person is hurting me, more often than not its things in their lives that torment them and you just happen to be the person they are taking it out on. Then I look at my part in the volatility of the relationship, where did I make it worse, or act unkindly, have I ever done the same or a similar thing to another person? Where was I unkind? I then ask for forgiveness for my side! Then I go back to try to find the compassion for this person and why they feel the need to hurt…more than likely because they too are hurting! And slowly you begin to find the compassion for them – but sometimes this needs to be done from a distance because unless the person finds hearing and forgiveness they are unlikely to stop hurting you. So stay away but pray for their healing, want what’s best for them, yearn for them to be happy and free as you can hopefully be by letting go. Xx

          • Thank you Merle. I appreciate your advice and will pray for this person and myself. God bless you 🙏🏻💜

  35. Thanks for the reminder of what true love is

  36. Janis Edwards says:

    My granddaughter will soon be dating age and I would love to be able to have this book for her for guidance. Thank you.

  37. Julia Grant says:

    I would love a copy of your book

  38. SEGOMOTSO says:


  39. Brenda Bumgarner says:

    Thank you so much for your daily devotionals. I lost my husband to cancer last year and have really been struggling lately. Your message has been “spot on” with what I have been feeling. God Bless.

  40. Jennifer Barrett says:

    Jesus dying for us is the best example of agape love❤️

  41. Would love this for my teenager.

  42. Amber Duncan says:

    So so good

  43. Cheryl Gault says:

    I would love to read this book together with my teenage daughter so that we can both grow in our love for our Savior and for each other and for all of those around us. I would also like to read it so that I can know whether to recommend it at a parenting class that I will be attending at my church soon for training up girls.

  44. Kim Vaughan says:

    Love never fails!

  45. Marie Franklin says:

    I needed this today. I failed miserably at loving my husband last night. Only by the grace of God was he still talking to me this morning.

  46. Michelle Hartman says:

    I liked this comment: People often see love as a contract: I keep my side of the deal to be there for your needs, only if you keep your side of the deal to be there for my needs. If not, See ya — I’m outta here.

    Love is not a contract. Love is a covenant. No matter what we do, God loves us so purely it makes me cry with humility and joy. To be loved like that fills me with gratitude so indescribable. And I want to continue to learn to love like that. Covenant love.

  47. one of my friends and i have been fighting alot lately and this devotional was what i needed to realize that i need to love her even if she doesn’t love me

  48. Thank you for this! It is “right on time” for my life!

  49. Christi says:

    What a beautiful way to start my day, being reminded that I am truly loved! Thank you!

  50. Thank you for this beautiful post. Love is a command from God, and we can not truly love without Him. He is the perfect example of what true, unconditional love is. So many in the world are caught up in the idea of loving only when it is convenient or when it serves a purpose for them. Love can not be based only on emotion, or how the other person treats us. Love also doesn’t mean we allow others to treat us with cruelty. People are fickle, and can be hurtful. Emotions are not stable. His love is perfect and kind and never ending for those that put their trust in the Savior. Our love can be like His love if we trust Him and ask Him to give us agape love for those around us. Love does not allow mistreatment of ourselves, just as love commands us not to mistreat those around us, yet it allows us to forgive and love unconditionally. It can only be through Christ that we have the strength to love like this. Thank you again for this beautiful post. Blessings!

  51. Kennifer says:

    I’m finally learning how to love unconditionally, but so many years of raising my family I looked at love as a feeling. I want to show my kids how to love unconditionally without finding fault, as love keeps no record of wrongs. I would love to have this book

  52. I am so blessed by today’s devotion. How can we love others if we don’t know the love of God in our own lives? Thank you for the scriptures today.

  53. It is time for His love to take the reins in my life, and color everything in me.

  54. Perfect timing for this reminder. God always knows what I need to hear.

  55. I have been praying lately for the people of Syria and the horrific conditions they are living in. I realize that there is only one thing that will stop the carnage, and it is LOVE! Not safe zones, not no- fly- zones, no cease fires, but just the unconditional and unfailing love of our Lord. I pray that all pray for this for this poor country

  56. CAROL JOY Collins says:


  57. Bridget says:

    This is a great reminder of ❤️

  58. This devotional this morning was for me!! LOL I got married in April 9th, and this has been a journey. I have ABSOLUTELY no doubt that we are doing this only through God’s grace. He has three children, 13 9 and 11, the 11 and 9 year olds are girls. I would love for this to be My gift to them.

  59. Theresa says:

    God’s love is our example to follow.

  60. A great way to communicate love to my daughter, who is struggling with God!!!😍

  61. Thank you for the reminder that true love does exist.

  62. Mary Jean says:

    This devotional was much needed! I really strive to love unconditionally, just as God loves us! There are days though…and situations….and certain people…that really stretch my patience! But GOD! He gives us the perfect representation of unconditional love in our precious Jesus, as well as His own fatherly love he bestows on us. How blessed we are to be so loved! I pray that today, right now, I will love unconditionally as God loves me! Because how wonderful it is to be forgiven and the wrongs we do forgotten and we to be loved when we really don’t deserve it:) Praise the Lord!!!

  63. When I read this devotion this morning my teenage daughter came to mind. Social media can be great or awful. I have talked with her about true love and love and lust. About God’s love and a boy’s love and the stark difference. I pray for her husband that he is being raised in a strong Christian family. That his mother is praying for my daughter today too.

  64. Susan Daugherty says:

    This is a great reminder today that I don’t need to seek love. I already AM loved, and have God’s help to BE love to others.

  65. I enjoy the devotionals i read here every morning. I get my day going with them.

  66. I would love this for my daughter. She’s the creative one. Great devotional about Gods love for us and loving others.

  67. Lindsey Hannigan says:

    What a great devotion today! This is something we do struggle with daily, loving others just as God loves us.

    I would absolutely love a free copy of your new 31 day devotion for teens to give to my 13 year old daughter !

  68. Kathy A. Rusch says:

    I would love to read this.. I feel the awe of His love in this sunset season of my life…and it sounds compelling.

  69. Jamie Swink says:

    I would love to win this!

  70. Diana Saenz says:

    Amen…God is love!! Thank you for your devotional. It was beautiful and eye opening. Can’t wait to share with my friends at work today and my daughters.

  71. Need this more than you know

  72. Wanda Livingston says:

    Very Good God bless you

  73. Would love to win a coloring book for my girls…Thx

  74. Cristina says:

    Would love this for one of my four girls!

  75. Thanks for the reminder of how God’s love is so different than the “love” we see all around us.

  76. What a great reminder devo at p31! I’ll be sharing this with my teen daughter today! She has been struggling with feeling worthy and acceptable and I would love to have the book- Devoted- to help her! Thank you for your faithfulness at P31! May The Lord contine to bless this ministry!

  77. Jaclyn Bystol says:

    Thank you for your message today!

  78. Amen!
    Thank you 🙂

  79. What a great resource! Thank you!

  80. Pam Fulton says:

    What a powerful devotion. After suffering a brain injury I had to learn how to love again, and what an experience it has been. So grateful for supportive love from family and the never ending love of God.

  81. People today don’t know this true meaning of love talked about 1 Corinthinans. God showed love by sending His only Son Who can sacrifice like that. I would love to have a copy of this devotion. Thanks

  82. Would love this for my daughter.

  83. Love is a perfect gift! It is a miracle that we feel and know love. Life isn’t based on the people in our lives but more importantly it’s how we treat one another throughout life’s journey. Micah 6:8.

  84. I have a very troubled 16 year old daughter. She was raised in the church and then our family fell apart. She claims to not believe in God but i know a firm foundation was laid in her…

  85. Julie Davenport says:

    Spoke right to my heart today as I struggle with continuing to love and show love to parents who, well, who just aren’t the best parents.

  86. Lindsay says:

    Needed this. No strings attached!

  87. Cassie Barker says:

    Very thankful for today’s devotion! 🙂

  88. Love comes through the Holy Spirit and without that, we can’t love one another. I pray that love will abide in me today and that those around me will not see my love, but God’s.

  89. I love today’s devotional by Marjorie Jackson and would love to be a recipient of her book, Devoted: A Girl’s 31-Day Guide to Good Living with a Great God.

  90. Nancy Jones says:

    Would love to get a free copy of this book. Believe it could help me to help others in their journey with God

  91. Michelle says:

    Great devo! Thank you!

  92. Lynn Palmer says:

    Would love to have this for my 10 year old daughter 😊

  93. Heidi Cavanaugh says:

    This will be the devotional I will use over the summer for our Moms Bible study. Staying connected over the summer when we don’t meet is so important and this is a great o e for me to use. We are finishing up a wonderful study on speaking and this will definitely be a good one to help us stay focused.

  94. Leslie Cole says:

    Living in this kind of love is the only way to true peace. How this devotion touched my heart!

  95. Suzanne says:

    It’s so beautiful to read your devotional and realize how loved we are. In a world where I am praying to find the one to share my life with, it seems I need to look at this aspect differently and see that I do have the ONE in my life to share, not only this world with, but eternity too. Thanks for this cherished reminder. I feel loved!

  96. Patricia says:

    Thanks for this lesson on LOVE.

  97. Jackie Johnson says:

    Loved the devotional. It really hit me hard reading John 4:20 – I am struggling with loving a family member because of hurt that has been caused.

    I think this verse sets well with me and I know that I need to pray to be able to find that love again.

    Thank you for sharing your love for God in these devotionals <3

  98. Felicia Buff says:

    I would love this for my daughters!

  99. Patti Bliss says:

    I would love this for my granddaughters.

  100. Shari Kozlowski says:

    Very excited see a young woman in fire for Jesus. I would like win this book in hopes daughter’s fire would reignited.


  101. Mary Nichelsin says:

    This is just what Ive been needing to read for weeks..thank you!!

  102. God has called me to learn his Love Walk I’m learning to love others as he loves me. I would really like to have a copy of this book.

  103. Graciela Bustos says:

    I so could use this book to guide me in the right direction. My Father is in his last days, and I need support. Please consider me for one of these copies.
    Thank you.

  104. Jessi Stucke says:

    This type of stuff is always a little difficult for me to process, but I’ll be thinking on it 🙂 I would love to be able to give this book to one of my pre-teen nieces!

  105. Paula Mayes says:

    What a beautifully written reminder of a very important lesson. Love it!

  106. Elaine Jones says:

    I know I’m loved by Jesus but sometimes I feel so alone. With people all around I just feel like I’m all alone. It’s been a hard few years. I know things will get better.

  107. Diane D. says:

    Would love to have one for my granddaughter! Thank you!

  108. Liz Kijowski says:

    Marjorie has a beautiful way with words. Simple yet profound. I would love this book for my teenage daughter who is experiencing love for this “first time!”

  109. Thanks Marjorie for loving me this much as to share this with me.

  110. Cathy T. says:

    I like your statement that true love happens when the starts don’t line up! Perfection in an imperfect world…love happens. Thank you for this tender reminder today.

  111. Suzanna says:

    I’d love to win this for my oldest daughter entering into junior high this fall.

  112. Always looking for more ways to share God’s love with my teen.

  113. Marie Kelley says:

    I have been considering a devotional or study for my soon to be 13 year old daughter for us to read together over the summer. I am wanting her to develop her relationship with Jesus. This book looks like it would be perfect.

  114. Denise Privette says:

    I would love to gift this devotional to my baby girl!

  115. Thank you for this reminder of God’s wonderful love, patience, grace and forgiveness. It is amazing how this reminder sets the tone for all of your relationships with others.

  116. Ellen Payson says:

    Thank you for this. I’m struggling with anger and bitterness and I so very much needed this message. Pray for me to receive it well.

  117. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this message, I need this reminder in my life on a daily basis, as life doesn’t always help us feel loved and cherished.

  118. Would love this!

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    I would love to win a copy for my teenage daughter whom is going through so many struggles now. I need prayers and Godly wisdom. Thank you!

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    This was so inspiring this morning and I look forward to loving others today. I would love to win your devotional for my 16 year old daughter! Thank you so much:)

  122. I would love to have one of these books for my five granddaughters. Sounds perfect.

  123. Shirley Pittman Artis says:

    Much needed…
    Thank you.

  124. Another great devotion. Would love to share the book with my granddaughter.

  125. Debra Norman says:

    True Love does exist. By putting ourselves under God’s authority in our lives, we can reap great rewards through radical obedience and loving trust. One saying that has really helped me is the following: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got”. Who knows, there may be an appropriate bible verse to mirror this sentiment; however, it very plainly tells me to take a risk with God, because when I try to do things in my own strength, they never work out. Doing things “God’s way”, is true worship, reverencing His name at all times, and also giving ourselves to His purposes, (i.e. marriage, family, loving others) in a practical way can and will reap great rewards. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make your path straight”. (Proverbs 3:5-6).

  126. Thank you so much for allowing God to speak such truth through you. So thankful for this reminder this morning. I would love to share the teen devotional with my sister who is struggling with these exact issues right now.

  127. Melanie says:

    Would love to share thsee devotional with my twelve year old niece! 🙂

  128. Amy Ferster says:

    Thank you for your words. In your study this morning you mentioned 1 Cor. 13, when I turned there in my Bible to read a note was there about fruits of the spirit. My Bible notes read about devotion to others and selfless love. I am a substitute teacher and what I read this morning is hard. Children are not taught respect or how to treat others. I have a hard time sometimes showing God’s love to the worst of these. My notes reminded me that I should always be patient, kind, gentle, giving of myself, truthfull, encouraging, and hopeful. I was also reminded that I may be the only one who showes this to some of those. Thanks again for leading me back to those words.

  129. I think the teen coloring book is such a great idea! They think deeper and share more when they are feeling artistic.

  130. Would love to share with all the young women in my life!

  131. Gwen Coburn says:

    What a great gift for my granddaughter who is turning 13!

  132. I never knew how to love until I had Jesus in my life. I didn’t even know how to love myself. After reading your post I really got a deeper understanding of where I am with Jesus. Without love, my life is very disconnected. Thank you so much for your post. Very inspiring!!

  133. Jennifer says:

    I was just recently married and I absolutely love my husband, however I find myself constantly getting frustrated over different things around the house. I know within my heart that I should do things for him simply out of love and to glorify God but I still get frustrated. Thanks for reminding and challenging me to continue to grow my love for God and that will overflow into everything else!

  134. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this today! God’s never-ending love is so important to remember. We are never forgotten and unloved in the midst of our troubles no matter what the situation may be.
    Praying today for those of you who are hurting, confused, angry and ready to give up. Hold steadfast onto the one true love who will never let you go.

  135. Great devotional this morning on LOVE!! <3

  136. Julia Bettis says:

    This was so good! I need to recognize God’s great love for me, receive it, and share it!

  137. I would be thrilled to share this with my 14 year old daughter.

  138. I love the proverbs 31 devotionals. Today’s really spoke to my heart. I finally feel confident that by His grace I am finally learning to live and love as He does, with agape love.

  139. Amanda Santistevan says:

    Would love to win this devotional!

  140. Thank you for this devotional. I am in a difficult marriage and some days I just want to throw in the towel, but on those days I hear God tell me I’m not here for me but for Him. To show His love, be a witness for Him and my hurt and frustration are quieted. I also have a teenage daughter that has lost her way with God and it hurts my heart to see the path she is going down. Again, God reminds me I am here to pray and witness, her life is not n His hands. Thank you for this re,under that God’s love is unconditional and when life gets hard it doesn’t mean it’s okay to throw in the towel on those we profess to love!

  141. Denise Mathis says:

    Thank you 31…reading your daily devotions has made a difference in my well being.

  142. Would love this book to share.

  143. BillieJo says:

    It would be such a blessing to my daughters soul to have the word of God flow into her heart and mind as she did something she naturally likes to. I’m always looking for little ways to sneak God’s​ love and word into her heart so her foundation will be more firm when she is older. A stubborn teen such as mine though it has to be done creatively at this season of her life.

  144. Peggy bowyer says:

    I love this reminder about love itself. Thank you for taking it back to perfect love which is God himself! Hope I win! 😄

  145. My 13 year old daughter would really appreciate this book. Thank you for designing it. Have a fabulous day.💕

  146. Michelle says:

    Wonderful reminder of truth and what true love is. Thank you! I have 3 teen-age daughters and know that this book will especially bless my middle daughter who is very creative and uses art as a way to express herself💛

  147. Excellent devotion! Just what I needed to start my day.

  148. Thank you for this!! It was an excellent reminder, and 1 John 4 is one of my favorite passages. I also love John 15 in talking about these truths. He is the True Vine, and we are the branches! We need to remain in Him!

  149. Deborah Duran says:

    Srver people have post a desire to win. I pray the right person to win this devotion. This blog says what I nerd for my sister who has a hard time with sharing agape love toward others. The devotional you are giving away would help her in becoming aware of the agape love.

  150. I love the idea of reaching out to teen girls in this way and reaffirming their faith! Thank you for reaching out to the next generation.

  151. Diane Butler says:

    I would love to win thus book! My daughter will soon be 13! Great way to bond together while reading about Gods love. 💕❤️

  152. The Lord used the author of the Devotion Today as His vessel of Love to me!!! I’ve been going through a very dark past 7 years since my husband of 43 years decided to end our marriage. I’ve so struggled with comprehending that God can be Enough for Me without my husband. It sure hasn’t felt like God was enough living alone for the 1st time ever in my life in my 60’s these past past 5 years. Now that I have Medicare, my husband told me this week, he is ready to file for divorce. I truly Never Believed this would happen to us. But it’s happening. God has Blessed me by putting many precious people in my life that have walked this Grief Journey with me. “Foot Prints in the Sand” paints a picture of me during this dark & difficult time as the Lord has Pretty Much Carried Me for a long time. I am beginning to see my Foot Prints on the Sand again as I move forward reluctantly into this next chapter of divorce at age 65 and 43 years (minus 5 years of separation) of marriage. I am just so Very Sad for me, my husband, our 3 adult children & our 3 Grandchildren. I covet your prayers for my family and all who love us. God Bless You All.

    • You must not move on reluctantly but “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding”. You are a worthy and valuable person. God will bless this new chapter in your life. Stand tall and strong. We must all move forward from our seasons of sorrow and flower anew or we will wither. The end of 1Corinthians 13 says “now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that i know now is partial and incomplete, but then i will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely”. NLT. God bless you as you move forward in love and strenghten more each day.

    • Kathy,
      I understand completely what you’re going through. I am divorced and have been for 5 years. It is very difficult to find yourself again, when you’ve been a wife and a mother for so long. (My marriage was 19 years). My friends have helped me tremendously, I have a rewarding, good job that has also helped and I stay pretty busy. My daughters also keep me very busy. I would love to find love and someone to spend time with, but it just has not happened for whatever reason. I try to trust in God and I know in my heart and mind He knows what’s best for me, but I have to constantly remind myself of this, or else I find myself in a pit of self-pity and being lonely. Hang in there, pray a lot, and lean on people who offer help!

  153. My 16 years old daughter is currently in the middle of me a believer of Christ & my husband, her dad, an unbeliever. I’m praying the 31 day Devotion will help encourage her to pursue loving Christ & knowing Christ for herself. She’s delicate at this stage of her life. This would really be a Blessing.

  154. Wynne Ross says:

    Young girls and young ladies need Love and Guidance more than ever in this day and age. Thank you for following your calling to share Gods wisdom and direction with them all.

  155. This would be perfect for my daughter. Thank you for this giveaway.

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    My 10 year old Granddaughter would love this. She is having such a struggle right now. Her name is Faith.

  157. I would love to give this coloring book to my teen daughter!

  158. Sharon Gosselin says:

    My oldest granddaughter ju st turned 12 and has moved far from us.I feel this devotional will help her grow in her Christian walk.It would remind her about true love as she goes to a new school,church and swim team.My prayer is that she’ll continue
    to grow in her Christian faith and show true love towards those she meets.

  159. Jenette Erlandson says:

    Thank you so much for this I needed to be reminded today!!

  160. Sarah Liddy says:

    I too have to continue to pour out love to others without expecting anything in return. Thank you Jesus for your unconditional “Agape” love.

  161. Marisha says:

    I have so much practicing to do in order to be able to truly live out this kind of love….uff, overwhelming 🙂

  162. Jan Wileman says:

    Giving this to my granddaughter would show her how much God loves her and only wants the very best for her. I feel it would encourage her to remember that He is always by her side.

  163. I truly enjoy these daily devotionals and would love to have this book for my niece turning 13 next month….thank you

  164. Alane Guffey says:

    Working to love all and share it with all like Jesus would is definitely a work in progress . . . this is something i am doing my best with and want to get better at. I feel that with my new devotion towards Christ has opened my eyes to a lot more than I ever was focusing on before; as before I was not living the right way and many changes and choices have been made to do what is right by God. I choose him and want to continue to grow stronger in a relationship with our God! This book would be an amazing book to add to my journey . . . Thank you for a great post!

  165. I look forward to the devotion I receive from you each morning. I especially like the down to earth language and common sense approach to everyday life from a Godly aspect. My daughter-in-law struggles with many issues and so many of your writings have been sent to her with prayers that she would read and listen to Godly counsel and gain strength in the Lord. Thank you.

  166. Solitaire says:

    You are left with these 3 things… Faith, Hope, Love: the greatest of these is LOVE.

  167. Julie Watson says:

    Such a beautiful lesson and reminder for me. Finding out this week who are true friends but I need to still pour my love out and be a light to all not expecting anything in return.

  168. Tara Cameron says:

    I’ve been a Christian since I was a child but I haven’t been living as such. I sure needed to hear this message today. I feel like I need to get my life back on track and the colouring book would give me a place to start.

  169. Kristi Rooney says:

    Today’s devotional was just what my heart needed today. It consoled and comforted me with the gentle reminder that in Christ Jesus, love never fails. God bless, k

  170. Renee Andrews says:

    This sounds delightful. Thanks for including me in the drawing!

  171. Love this! I teach a young children’s Sunday School class and the first verse taught is 1 John 4:8 God is love:)

  172. Rita hall says:

    My 14 year old daughter would love this!

  173. Would love to have this for my grandaughters! We Grandma’s and Mom’s, need all the help we can get to help our children and Grands in the walk of Faith in todays hard world. Thank you for helping us!

  174. Thank you for reminding me what love is. We know it, but need a gentle reminder every day 🙂

  175. My teenage daughter loves coloring…this would be a great way for her to meditate on God at the same time.

  176. Melissa D says:

    Loving the idea of the coloring devotional for teens! Would love to have this for my daughter!
    Great devotional! Thanks! 🙂

  177. Tracey Estill says:

    Love – my prayer is that love is what I teach my daughter. The most important thing

  178. So beautifully said…I pray for my husband and children to desire to love Him the way He lives them…fill me so full Lord of your love that it overflows into the lives of my family and everyone you put in my path!

  179. Fredda Brown-Kemp says:

    I would love to have this devotional to share with a young, developing Christian!

  180. Would love to win a copy for my 17 year old daughter who just entered her first (and hopefully ONLY) serious relationship.
    I had to give up on a friendship that just couldn’t be worked out and it hurt me greatly. I still love her but the whole relationship was becoming toxic….love is the greatest commandment but sometimes boundaries are needed for health.

  181. Thank you for this reminder to love not with our own strength, for there will always be limits or conditions to that kind of love.

  182. Kasey Love says:

    I absolutely loved this! Because I think we can forget what unconditional love is!! We can forget to go to Godcwhen things aren’t perfect!

  183. Hope Nava says:

    We may fail God at different times in our lives, but God’s love is unfailing and unconditional.

  184. Marge Carroll says:

    I am now in the mountains celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends. Our theme for the week is All You Need Is Love. Amazing how God speaks to us in every way this reading today certainly fits this occasion thank you.
    One of our very special guest was 14 year old granddaughter, it would br wonderful to get this for her

  185. Kathy Kanemitsu says:

    Thank you for this devotional. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been struggling with my relationship with my husband. It seemed that I have been noticing how irritated and judge mental his thoughts and behavior towards me and my kids nave been lately. And you are right, I put conditions on my love towards him because of it. I had been praying to God to help me find a way to return love back to my husband without the resentment and hurt. Your devotional reminded me that if I don’t love my husband ….I don’t know Gods love and that I cannot claim to love God. Thank you for your encouraging prayer as well .

  186. Teri Brown says:

    I left a similar comment in first5 this morning. Knowing who God is and knowing who I am after salvation allows me to love as God loves. I truly want to get so close to Him that He can lives His life through me.

  187. Lynda North says:

    It is hard to truly fathom how much God loves us. I want to spend the rest of my life figuring it out. And I want my almost 13 year old daughter to figure it out with me.

    • Isn’t it beautiful how we can spend an eternity learning and experiencing more and more of God’s unmatched, beautiful, incredible love for us? Thank you for your comment, Lynda!

  188. Clay Parton says:

    One of the best pieces on “Love” that I have ever read. It made a difference in me. You are a blessing, Marjorie. Smiles

  189. I enjoyed reading this devotion. Every reminder of Gods unending love is wonderful. I don’t normally leave any kind of negative comment, I find they are usually inappropriate and unrelated and typically insensitive to the author. However in this case so no one misunderstands the love of God I just wanted to voice my opinion that I don’t think referring to God’s love as arduous as the definition is: difficult, hard to endure, is correct. It’s a word that has a very negative connotation. Perhaps incomprehensible would be a better way to describe His love for us.

  190. Caitlin Butterworth says:

    This was a wonderful devotion. Started my morning off right! Thank you

  191. Heather says:

    Love this!

  192. Jacque Cour Bryant says:

    I need to hear this today! Just a reminder that through all of life’s trials that we have Gods Agape love.

  193. Marianina says:

    Thank you for this reminder. Needed to hear it today.

  194. Thank you for these beautiful words about love and God’s great big, unconditional love for us, as is, as we are, in all of our human flaws. Words of encouragement, a reminder of God’s promises, I needed today. Thank you. ~Janean

  195. Judy Fussell says:

    Really enjoy your devotionals each morning as they appear in my emails. It encourages me as I start my work day!

  196. Glenda Johnson says:

    Awesome msg. We all need!

  197. I never thought of loving as being obedient to God. I like that. Even when people close to us are making bad decisions we must love them anyway. I’ve found myself in situations where I ask God where I’m supposed to go from here. Now I have my answer.

  198. Pamela Cooper says:

    I would love the book….everyone needs love..but everyone don’t know how to love..interesting thought.

  199. Kate Kimball says:

    I need this! ❤️

  200. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  201. Thank you for the message this morning. We have an amazing God!

  202. Nancy Moore says:

    I really need to study more on love. Want to help son whose fiance left him.

  203. annie Henry says:

    Thank you for reminding me how much God loves me

  204. Would love this for my 15 year old daughter!!

  205. True love does exist. I know that I have made it through the past 2 months because of my faith in God’s love. My son has been in jail and is still there and knowing that God loves us unconditionally and has a reason for all, has been what has sustained me and my daughter.I thank you for your reminder and verses today. We need each other and we need our Father in heaven.

  206. Stephanie Bolesh says:

    This would be great for my teenage daughter. Your devotionals help me start my day. I miss them on the weekend. Thanks

  207. Karen Blackledge says:

    It is really a challenge for me to love those who have deeply hurt me. I have tried over and over again, but then I just stop. God doesn’t do that. He loves us when we hurt Him, when we leave Him, when we disobey Him, etc. Thank you for this reminder to love as God loves and not how I love.

  208. Carrie Birtch says:

    God is love

  209. What a blessing this was to me at a time when there is turmoil all around me . Thankyou.

  210. Nona Clifton says:

    I found your daily devotion both enlightening and thought provoking. My grand daughter who is in a relationship would really use and enjoy your free book. Thank you for providing these devotions for all of us to read and learn from.

  211. Jamie Mahoney says:

    Amen. Always a good reminder. I constantly need to remind myself to love others from an honest, genuine place… I want others to see God’s love through me.

  212. Patricia Williams says:

    I just “loved” today’s devotional! Ah, but Which love would that be?

  213. I would love for my pre teen daughter to start with this book! God lead me here, I never “scroll down.”

  214. Sounds amazing for my two girls!

  215. Beth Thomas says:

    This would be great for my daughter.

  216. That’s fine. Love with no strings attached. I do that every day with my son. I couldn’t do it with my ex though as, the love I gave him was just taken, and taken, and taken until I was physically and mentally sick and had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for something to give my son. I don’t hate my ex, I feel sorry for him, but I couldn’t keep on in a relationship like that. So did I disobey God by ending my marriage?

    • Patty,
      I think God wants us to be comforted by His great love, because man will always let us down. Marital love is the hardest to be unconditional, because we have valid needs, and it is against our wellness to keep forgiving another person for imtentionally not meeting those needs, or for hurting us over and over.
      I am just another momma out there, not yet very schooled in Scripture, but when I hear your words I think the answer is clear that your choice was necessary. Through Christ you are forgiven, whether or not it was ideal. God doesn’t want us to suffer, that’s why he sent us Jesus. He sent us Jesus to heal all of our broken hearts.
      I too have suffered deeply in my marriage and I will pray for you as I pray for myself, that we may feel His Peace each and every day.
      If I were in your shoes, I would need to remind myself constantly to be respectful about the way I would talk about my ex, in front of my child. For me there would be an immense temptation to express my pain and disappointment in conversation, but that wouldn’t be fair to my kid. It would be important for me to keep focused on my goal to maintain behaviors that demonstrate my respect for God.
      A big hug to you sister. I can tell you are a good mom, and the Lord will carry us both to better times.

  217. Debbie Herbst says:

    Love this idea. My daughter is 21 and loves to color. After graduating from college on Friday, she will have the summer to work and get refreshed. Coloring in this book would be a great way for her to be creative and interact with God’s truth–before graduate school in August!

  218. I think this book would be wonderful for my granddaughters. I have 6 and the oldest is just starting her teen years.
    I would love to give each one this book when they are of age.

  219. Shelia Gaines says:

    What a beautiful devotion. Congratulations on the book.

  220. Julie Miller says:

    I have four beautiful daughters and this book would be a great tool to walk through with them this summer. Thanks for making it available.

  221. Susan Paras says:

    Thank you for your straight-forward wisdom!

  222. Crystal Newman says:

    Just the devo I needed to read while going through a divorce! Thanks for reminding us of what true love really is “God”!

  223. Tammy Hernandez says:

    God is so good and His love is so unimaginable!

  224. Barb Sell says:

    I needed to be reminded how imperfect my love is when I don’t seek the Holy Spirit daily to help me love through HIM

  225. Can’t get enough of God helping me understand the revalation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. ❤️️
    Thanks for the encouraging word. Much needed today!

  226. Darci Tiegs says:

    To often do I lack the effort of spreading God’s love. I think no one will listen, but the good word says people see our attitude, an actions more than anything sometimes. I hope God can help me show his love in the things I do, an nite my tongue when bad emotions arise.

  227. Ariel Cordero says:

    Hello P31, I listen to your devotions on Family Life Radio and/or KLove. Thank you for your unique and positive perspective. It is wonderful to explore your website and more resources.
    Thank you!

  228. Wonderful much needed reminders of truth!

  229. This is an awesome article and exactly what I needed to read today. I lost my true love about five years ago and was ready to give up trying. But I believe that by just me waiting and loving him without any love in return, I am showing him true love exists. Agape love. Like the Bible wants us to live by. L

  230. Love this!! Post was absolutely great, especially since I’m really learning Gods unconditional love for me.

  231. Roxanne says:

    Thank you Lord for anointed writers and messages that so rich the heart. My prayer that we all come to love and follow you in a deeper way. In Jesus Name

  232. I would love a copy of the new book for my 13 year old daughter. Middle school is a time of confused feelings and the secular world does not remind us that we experience agape love through our perfect savior. Your devotations are a perfect way to start my day. Thank you Proverbs 31 team.

  233. Cindy Juarez says:

    I needed this more than words. I’m a newly wed and it has been far from the quotes so often shared at weddings. But again I’m reminded that I need more of God so that I could have more to give.

  234. Trudy Chelf Harden says:

    I have read and studied several of your books, my favorite being What Happens When Women Say Yes to God, by Lysa TerKeurst. The study guide is excellent for small groups!

  235. Sue Castle says:

    Thank you so much for this perfect reminder of who God made me to be. In a busy world, we put too much time and effort into making a life that we forget to live the life we were given and to follow the commands of the Father. We are to mirror Him in our lives and we simply don’t make time to do it. I will go into today and wait to see how I may serve others rather than taking charge to serve myself. Thank you again. God Bless.

  236. “The deeper we know God and His arduous, purposeful love for us and for others, the easier we can love others as an act of loving obedience to God.” Preach. Love this girl!

  237. Terry Kiesling says:

    I do know that kind of love…and it hurts. I can only imagine how God has hurt from loving me so much too.

  238. JO PHILLIPS says:

    I enjoyed this devotional because I needed to be reminded that God is and always has been there for me and Loves Me Unconditionally. Big Prayer Hugs

  239. Vickie Spires says:

    Love the color book idea for a young girl!

  240. Jennifer Estes says:

    Wow that was exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!

  241. Love is such a beautiful word to me. God is love! My daughter’s middle name is Love because of this! God loves us & He gave me a beautiful little girl when at one point in my life I figured I was a lost cause, hopeless, I was doing bad in my life. I had erased & numbed the thought of having another child because of where my life was. My son was 14. I had him when I was 15. When I was 26-27 yrs old I turned to a life of drugs. That’s the time I wouldn’t even let myself think the thought or dream of having another child. I think I stuffed it so deep but I still hurt so bad. I knew it was there but I had to keep it locked away or it was too painful for me to acknowledge. Well God loved me & truly gives us the desires of our hearts. I rededicated my life to Christ in 2011. The man that I was with at the time did the same thing. He had a supernatural radical transformation over night! I was amazing! We got married a month later. Something else I wouldn’t let myself think about because that was another thing I thought would never happen. But it did! Then October 2012 I gave birth to our daughter Faith Love! The love of God overwhelmed me so there was no other name I could give my daughter. Thank you for this devotion & I would love to be entered to win a copy of this book as well! Be blessed ❤

  242. Thank you God for blessing us with special talents, artists, etc. Help us to use our talents to glorify You!

  243. I was given a scripture coloring book for Mother’s Day. I would love a copy of this for my daughter!

  244. Jen in TX says:

    Beautiful devotional. Would love to win this book.

  245. Wow that is a really cool message. It’s nice to be reminded that even though people will let us down, God will never let us down.

  246. Betty-ann Bangma says:

    Oh I would so love to have this bible for my granddaughter 💕

  247. My family and I are going through a very difficult time. Thank you for reminding me that “God’s love for you and me is passionate, pure and beyond anything we’ve ever experienced, accepting us as we are.” I want my daughter to be reminded of this as well.

  248. Love love love this!! <3

  249. Della Young says:

    No greater love can be found. God is love!!!! He loves us (me) unconditionally. He is more than enough. He supplies all my needs in everything and every aspect ofy life. I pray that I can and will love others as He loves me. To see with His eyes and heart and to hear and listen as He listens.

  250. Rometta Ison says:

    Thank you for your straight forward wisdom!
    May your girl coloring of Gods

  251. Heidi R. says:

    Thank you for this much needed reminder of God’s love!

  252. Sandra Decker says:

    Awesome post

  253. Great message!!

  254. Needed to read this, thank you for good reminder!

  255. Kari T! says:

    These were words my eyes needed to read, and that my heart needs to promote. Thank you!!

  256. Solangie says:

    This is so lovely. I am an absolute sucker for true love. It is so incredible that I can read about the true love of God. I especially adored the fact that you implemented the Greek words. Thank you so much!

  257. Debbie Yan says:

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    Thank you for your insight!

  259. Coloring…….now this would be fun!!!! Would love to win

  260. Casey Duck says:

    This is so good!! LOVE IS GOD!

  261. My 15 year old daughter and I color together on a regular basis. I would love to win this book and share it and the Word Of God with her.

  262. Elizabth says:

    I would love to win a copy of the book!

  263. Cindy Cole says:

    This is simply awesome…I stumbled upon this “True Love Does Exist” this morning and is was perfect for what I need today and everyday! My heart is full after reading.

  264. Jill Ray says:

    I love identifying the different kinds of love and working towards agape!

  265. Doris Villarreal says:

    In reading this today I began to wonder if you can love a person unconditionally but not like them. Is this possible?

  266. Andrenette Williams says:

    My daughter has a friend who is challenged with anxiety and depression. She is seventeen and I would love to bless her with this book. This message is left on her behalf (Amber)

  267. Barbara Taylor says:

    Having two granddaughters I am interested in sharing with them anything that would help them grow in their walk with Jesus. This coloring book sounds interesting and something I have not seen.

  268. Kate Lackey says:

    My daughter is on the edge of being a preteen and she just recently asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. She has a thirst for the Word and she desires to learn more and more. Winning this book would be an amazing tool for her to use to strengthen her newfound walk of life. Whether we win or not, I thank you for giving someone the opportunity to win a book that could greatly affect their life! You are a blessing to me!

  269. I love this encouragement to love! My goal is to really love, not just pretend to love but to grasp how very much God loves me so that his love will flow out of my life.

  270. Christine says:

    Thank you for this reminder to love the way Christ loved us!
    The colouring book sounds wonderful. I have two daughters and am always looking for ways to encourage them in their walk with our Saviour!

  271. Oh wow! This is just what I needed to hear! Thank you so much! My God bless you greatly!

  272. Teri Cardenas says:

    Thank you for this reminder. If we love God, Then we will keep His Commandments. You reminded me of this that If I love Him with a true love, Then I Will love my neighbor as well.

  273. Maureen Lucas says:

    I have always known God since I was a little girl. Since I lost my Mom back in January of 2012 I have grown closer to God. Needing that Agape Love. We lost my Dad back in July of 1981. Needless to say, my Mom and I were extremely close. I took care of her as well as Dad while they lived & went home to the Lord from cancer. I have learned that the Lord is MY shepherd. He will care for me and love me as no human being can love me. He got me through chronic depression. Feeling like an orphan at 49. Now at 54, I share in a family that is so amazing. I have a father who loves me with my flaws. He heals my deepest wounds. It shows my daughter, who as others say “you three are three peas in a pod”, sees that I have a Father that is amazing. He blesses me each day. He blesses her and she understands that He is HER Shepherd too!

  274. Denise G says:

    This was wonderful and just what God has been speaking to my heart since last week!! Truly would love to win your book!!
    God Bless you!

  275. Looks like a really neat book. I would love to work thru this with my daughter!

  276. Caitlin Witkowski says:

    Great devotion and words to live by!!

  277. Virla Neithinger says:

    I just wanted to let you know I needed this today. On April 19th I loss the love of my life after 40 years. My husband Ron loss his fight with a 3 year battle of cancer. God gave us more time together then we were told by the drs. We had an amazing life! I see God’s handprints on our life together. I feel God and Ron with me everyday.

    • I’m sorry for your loss! You were blessed with 40 good years years. I hope your heart heals a little more each day.

  278. Melody Robertson says:

    I need this in my life right now. Hard times emotionally.

  279. Thank you for reminding us of the true love of God. It brings peace in such a troubled world we live in and it helps me to love more unconditionally.

  280. Sarah Darling says:

    Love this! I am re-learning this concept lately. Real love is not always Sparks and fluff – although that’s not necessarily bad either. I am reminded to refocus on what really matters. That I might not always feel sparks flying all the time, (such as in a romantic relationship,) but real love goes so much deeper. It’s a committed self sacrificing love that gets us through.

  281. Carol B says:

    Would like to have for my niece who really needs something like this.

  282. Beautiful message on Love

  283. karen Cortez says:

    It would be a blessing to have this book for myself and daughter. This is something I would love to do together.

  284. Joanna Fry says:

    This is a fantastic devotional for today’s day and age. I see a lot of “love” going on, that isn’t love at all. I’m guilty too of attaching strings. Thankfully God’s love and the Holy Spirit inside me is helping me to recognize and cut those strings, to show true love, in hopes it points other back to Christ’s TRUE LOVE.
    Also, I would LOVE to win the book to give to my niece, who lives several states away and has no Christian influence in her daily life.

  285. This devotional really spoke to me. Some people are so easy to love and others in my life are just so difficult to love. This reminds me I need to love all of them unconditionally.

  286. Ruth Detwiler says:

    Great devitional

  287. Wow, before I opened this devotion, I was having a little conversation with God. I had just said to Him, and myself “I am in a relationship with Love, the Person” and was just marveling at that. He is the most enjoyable, loving Being!!!!!

  288. Shirley Pollman says:

    God is LOVE. Praise God for salvation which revealed His Love for us. His dying on the cross was the worst punishment any one can suffer showing us how great his love was for us. Let us show Christ’s love thru our walk with Him.

  289. I so can relate to your message today even though I am a man. I saved myself for marriage and married after High School, my High School Sweetheart. It was supposedly “True Love” on her part that lasted maybe a year, though not continuously as I am sure you understand. She filed for divorce without talking to me about it so I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I was served by a Sheriff at work in front of everyone else. It was devastating. As I read through the large sack of papers, she had put down she wanted everything, and I do mean everything. She had listed my clothes as one of the things she wanted and my Tools. I was an automotive technician and without them, I couldnt make a living to pay the Spousal Support and Child Support she was asking for? She signed up for Welfare and didn’t tell me. I was paying her with cash as 40 years ago, there wasn’t the things there are today. I was a Christian then and had been bringing her to church with me while dating. Well, I guess she was just going through the motions claiming to be saved and even baptized. Long story short, she hated me and just wanted out of her parents house because she hated them too. I lost everything in the divorce and had $52 a month to live on and an old motorcycle to get to work, school, church rain, snow or shine. Yet, she was never satisfied. When I went to pick up my Son for my visitation rights(ha ha) she was gone with him everytime. I had to get a second job and quit school to get a lawyer to go back to court to enforce my “rights.” It cost a ton of money I didn’t have. She moved out of State with a new boyfriend who she told my Son that he was to call him Dad and me his Father (My son told me this at around 8 years old.). Her Lawyer was a lot better than mine and He got the Judge to make me buy a Plane ticket for my Son for Visitation when the divorce papers clearly said neither of us could take him out of State without the Court’s permission. Well, I had to sell my motorcycle to get a plane ticket to see my Son. My Lawyer gave it to her Lawyer in the Judges presence so there would be no doubt I had done what I was ordered to do. The killer was that after the court proceedings were over, her and her new boyfriend called and told them to meet me. They had my son there all along and the tickets back then you could get no refund unless you died and your beneficiary had to produce a Death Certificate. The boyfriend told me he would kill me right there if it wasn’t for my Son being there. l made a Police Report and they said her boyfriend was running from the law for many warrants for his arrest for a number of things in several States. They were gone by then. So, I got to see my Son for a little while and it was great. Everytime I took him back to his Mother’s he cried hysterically to stay with me and finally when he was 12, She gave in and let him stay with me. She had screamed at me everytime we talked in front of my Son or not, called my work screaming and accusing me of all kinds of stuff. Her storage had been robbed and a bunch of stuff she had “given to me” was in it so she called saying I had to have stolen her stuff. I never knew she had a storage unit to begin with. All these years later and my Son is 38 years old and has a family of his own, she still screams at me in public or if I have to talk to her on the phone. She changed to devil worship after our divorce and even her FB photo has skulls all around her. I have to say that is not a very pretty sight. I was devastated and had layed down my life and career for her. It is still hard today sometimes. So, I strongly encourage those who claim to be in “True Love” to seek Pre-Marital Counseling at a local Church. You will know through the exercises they have you do if there is even just a Friendship there or not. Don’t make the mistake I have and God knows how many others and just blindly trust what someone is telling you if you are going to get married. You have no idea what baggage they are carrying that will be dumped on you unless you go through this Counseling or Class at some Church. No matter if you are really in “True Love” with them, do it for both of you whether you end up married or not. You have no idea how much it will just help you with a Godly perspective of what True Love really looks like so you can recognize it. Keep in mind however that no Human Being can love you like God does. Make sure your expectations of your partner are NOT to take God’s place. That hole in your heart is God shaped and no one else can fit in it. Make God first, then your boyfriend or girlfriend and you will have a much greater chance for a happy marriage in our day and age if you take the Pre-Marital class first. Please, Please, Please obstain from sex as well prior to marriage. If there is really only a friendship there, I guarantee it will ruin it. There are also diseases out there that can kill you now and others that can not be cured. Prior to marriage, you are required nowdays to be tested first before obtaining a marriage license, at least in big cities. A short time of “fun” will steal the gift you give to your Husband or Wife on your Wedding Night. I am old now and I can tell you that it is still something I thank God for that I was a virgin until I was with my wife. It can also kill you or be a life long issue that you will have to deal with. Then later on, if you do meet that Special Person, you have to tell them. It could very well end the relationship or if they accept you anyway, you will know all your life that you gave them this disease along with whatever consequences it brings. Please also realize that your partner is a human being and will make mistakes when they fall off that pedestal you put them on. Then talk to them about it. If you can’t talk to them about it or talk to them at all, run to your Local Church that hopefully you took the Pre-Marriage Class at or are at least members. It is harder to help people you don’t know. If you are single now, please pray that God will bring you together with the person He made to be with you. Then if you meet someone, ask God if this is the person you want me to be with for the rest of my life? We are fooled by our own feelings and hopes and sometimes even desperate for someone to love us and drop our guards and lose all common sense. Always pray and talk to God about it. He knows you better than you think you know yourself. Put your life and love in His hands. He after all is Truly in Love with us, cares for us daily and will never forsake us. Put your trust in Him. It doesn’t guarantee a life of rainbows and butterflies. Life is hard. It is much harder without hope and love. Those truly come from God who truly cares for you!

    • Tammy Wislhire says:

      Wow – what an amazing, tearful and yet hopeful story you shared. thank you for sharing your intermost thoughts and your reliance on God to get you through all this and share the lessons you learned. It is nice to see someone advocating for abstinence and the feelings involved (as well as the potential issues and diseases if you do not abstain.)
      May God continue to bless you in your journey.

    • Old MP,
      This too brought me to tears! I am so very sorry that you went through what you did, and I’m especially sorry for your time away from your son and the pain the both of you endured. As women, or at least in my mind, I always think of the man as being the “bad guy” but your post was an eye opener that it is not exclusive to one sex! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with others, hopefully, especially, the young readers will make note of this and follow your advice, because you are right, you sometimes really don’t know the person you’re marrying at all, and as we all know, love can be blind!

      I wish you well!

  290. Tammy Wislhire says:

    Great devotion! Just what I needed to hear today. I love when God works that way.
    I would love to receive a copy of the book for my teenage daughter she’s 19) who is struggling with knowing what the right kind of love is and with her relationship with God. I am sharing this devotion with her today – I think she needs to hear it too.

  291. Kirsten Armour says:

    Unconditional love is a difficult concept to grasp. It feels very out of reach if Christ is not reigning in us… but posts like this remind me of its possibility. Thank you for the reminder that good still exists and that love can be cultivated in a pure way.

  292. Deborah Jarnagin says:

    Would love to win a copy of the book for my teenage niece. Thank you so much for today’s daily devotional.
    God Bless!

  293. Megan L. says:

    Thank you! I would love to give this as a gift.

  294. Loving myself and accepting/believing the love of others has been difficult for a while now. Thank you for the devo 🙂

  295. Thank you for your message. Would love to win this.

  296. Jennifer S Vore says:

    I am recently divorced. Broken hearted and hurting that my husband no longer wanted to share his life with me. I am devastated. This devastation has left me in pain, sad, lonely and struggling emotionally to find my place. I have always been a strong independent woman but I just feel weak, small and unimportant right now. I am on a journey to strengthen my relationship with God and find where I fit in this world. My goal is to one day be able to serve in ministry. With all of the experiences, falls, mistakes, and pain I have gone through in life I know God is going to use me to reach other women. But right now I need healing and guidance. Please pray for me that God shows me His new direction for my life so that I may glorify him in all I do. Any message or words of wisdom you can share with me are greatly appreciated and received. Thank you, In Christ, Jennifer Vore

  297. It’s amazing how God can speak to you through a devotional about what is happening in your life and to remind you that he is always there with unconditional love! I would love a copy for my teenage daughter

  298. I would love this for my dauhter Alyza, she knows about God and we go to church every Sunday but I feel she still hasn’t met our great God. This is perfect for her. Thanks

  299. Melissa says:

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  301. Thank you for sharing Gods love in this devotion!

  302. Courtney says:

    Although my oldest daughter is only eight, I think it would be a good idea & a great experience for her & I to go through this book, together. We could both benefit from the content, quality time, & stress relief from the coloring.

  303. Monica Archer says:

    I’d love to win this for my neighbor’s daughter who has fallen away from God. She loves to draw, color, paint, etc.

  304. Erin Pollard says:

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  305. Nancy Warren says:

    I have a grand-daughter whose birthday is in June. I would like to give her this book as a gift, strengthening & encouraging her as she matures in her daily walk as a lover of Christ. Thank you, Marjorie, for sharing your talent & love for others & our Savior.

  306. Sharon Nichols says:

    I would love this book for my granddaughter, who is 12 – going on 16 . She is in such need of directions for the meaning of love in her life. Her Mother and Daddy are divorced, and she is virtually on her own during the day – having chosen to Homeschool her, her Mother leaves her to go to work – and she is left to do the work on her own. So heartbreaking. Maybe the resources available, and mostly your prayers for her – Her name is Kaleigh – will help her make the right choices in life, especially her Salvation and her choice for friends. She is so gifted, and her little spirit is being crushed at every turn in her home life. I love her with all my being.

  307. Bonnie Deaver says:

    I want this Devotional Book for
    my teenage granddaughter.

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  311. Roxanne Golden says:

    I loved reading this! Thank you so much for it. I have had trouble teaching my daughter about Gods love, and how it is so much more then the love we have seen, and that we are to love each other like this. I think this would be a blessing for us to read together!

  312. Getta Wright says:

    Awesome teaching. I really needed this today! I have been struggling a great deal lately with the fact that I feel I love too hard and too much. I have given so much of myself out to people in the name of “love” until honestly I am burned out. At that time, I truly did give my love without any strings attached. So many people took advantage of it to the point I now feel I don’t love at all. Or at least without attaching a condition to my love. I am praying my heart becomes whole again to the fullness of love as God gives us and desires for us to have and give to others has he described in 1 Corinthians 13. Because I do love God without a doubt! I am currently a work in progress.

  313. Lord I pray that I am filled and overflowing with your love every day! Thank you for the unconditional love reminder! It’s very easy to feel cheated in love and reminds me to think about how God must feel.

  314. catherine aponte-gray says:

    I thank God for His love!

  315. Omega De La rosa says:

    I enjoy all of ur emails.please know i will follow u thru .also please pray for me to find someone who will be a friend and lead me to a church.i also ask u to pray for my feet get so swollen it hurts to walk

  316. Rebecca L says:

    Thanks for mentioning what a great sacrifice true love is. After every wedding is a season to give and experience being unselfish. Thanks for this.

  317. Jennifer says:

    I would love to do this 31 day devotion! It looks and sounds amazing!

  318. Karen Heater says:

    This was an awesome devotion. Thank you. I just signed up to recieve these. So far I like them very much.

  319. Joyce Bilodeau says:

    I love any devotional that brings me closer to my God. This 31 day devotional will be used lovingly to honor my savior and give praise to Him. He gave His all for me on the cross-how can I do any less for Him.

  320. Kristine Mylett says:

    I am so glad to have found this. It’s an easy small study to do each busy day. Thank you!

  321. Taylor Davids says:

    I read my devotional every morning before I start my day and I love them!

  322. Shelley says:

    So thankful for God’s never changing love!

  323. nyzza lapitan says:

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  324. Kimberly says:

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  325. Sharlene says:

    Because God is so loving, patient, and kind to me, my goal is to extend the same love, patience, and kindness to others.

  326. Lauren Hernandez says:

    My 14 year old daughter is in dire need of a study that will bring her closer to God. She has been so defiant, and communicating with strangers online. I pray for her throughout the day, every day for her. I’m so worried she’s being groomed as the person she was texting, emailing and messaging has her convinced he is the only person who can love her. She no longer has a phone, and all her accounts have been deleted but how can I prevent her from setting up new accounts on a public computer? I feel so helpless and have no idea how to get through to her. Please pray for us!

  327. Mallori says:

    My hope is to pass this along to my teenaged niece who is struggling to feel content in her own skin and know God loves her for everything he has created her to be.

  328. Just love to emerge myself in his word.🙂

  329. Whitney huber says:

    Absolutely beautiful and so true!

  330. Melissa J says:

    I pray that every one of you feels God’s love… I know I struggle with it and pray that we can all feel it.

  331. Lucinda says:

    This is defiantly on time 💜💜

  332. Mackenzie Bemis says:

    I pray that I learn to see myself the way God sees me, and that one day when my daughter sees how I see myself, she will do the same. We are wonderfully and beautifully made ❤️

  333. Winnie Woodard says:

    What a blessing this would be for mentoring young ladies!

  334. I love to share God’s word with my grandkids!

  335. Mary Fidlin says:

    I agree that TRUE love does exist! I am so thankful for Proverbs 31 Ministry! ❤

  336. Love this.

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  340. Very encouraging article. Thank you for sharing!

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  342. kay wolters says:

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  343. Donna Shepherd says:

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  344. Deborah massenberg says:

    Love is the key!

  345. This devotion was just what I needed to read today. My life has been spiraling down hill, well feels like it anyways. I haven’t taken the time to reflect on what love truly means. Thank you for this devotion! God Bless!

  346. My daughter just graduated from the 8th grade. I’ve been worryin myself sick over the fact that she is starting high school next year. I’ve seen many wonderful, smart, beautiful, spiritually strong young ladies start high school and forget who they truly are. They end up comprimising their faith, morals and themselves for something they know is wrong and not worth it in the long run. I pray that my daughter is able to stand strong on her faith and that she never forgets who she is and her worth. … I’d love to win this bible for her as a graduation gift, so that she can be reminded daily to live her life loved.

  347. Kimberly McAllester says:

    Love this.

  348. Leah Luck says:

    This is the first time I have searched out and read a devotional fron Proverbs 31 Ministries, though I have known about you for a long time. I’m hooked!

  349. Melissa keeney says:

    Would love to win a copy and get started!

  350. Thank you for today’s devotional message and reminder.
    Have been gone through my own divorce, hearing about other people divorces and having “unfriendly” family relations. It was a good reminder for me to be a daughter of God,I need to love the “unlovable”. That I must be the conduit of His love to all that are around and near me. My purpose on life on earth is not just to serve Him but to love those who are around me.
    I pray that I will be agood role model for my 16 yr. old daughter and to the SS children that I teach.
    Thank you agan. With much Agape.

  351. I enjoy following along with Proverbs31 Ministry. You have encouraged me in ways I didn’t know I needed. Thank you for what you do. You are truly a gift from God in my life ❤

  352. Diane Runyon says:

    I could always use more unconditional love.

  353. Kim Riddle says:

    This is an amazing devotion! As a daughter of a man who sexually abused two of my daughters, love and forgiveness has been very hard for me when it comes to my dad! But I have learned that the closer I draw to God the less broken my hearts feel for my dad! I have also learned that praying for my dad has helped in my healing process! When we release love, God’s Love, in a situation, then God becomes responsible for that situation and trust me when I say, it starts to change! Thank you for this reminder!

  354. Danielle says:

    My prayer is to demonstrate by teaching and by example to my girls that God is their true love, that He is first and they are His before they are anyone else’s.

  355. Angela Dawn says:

    I was the prodigal child shunned and abandoned cold hungry and so alone. My daddy never gave up he was there beside me the entire time, yes ‘the church and the pastor’ were lead to believe lies from one whom was a master of disguise, the one whom had such control of my emotions thoughts and actions. I was never good enough right enough or perfect enough,always lacking in some way shape or form. All that was wrong was always my fault. I was afraid to let him spank the children for fear he would lose the edge of control he held so tight. It took me 2 years before i had the courage to leave. But i was tossed in the whirlwind of the world. The unconditional love of my daddy God has brought me safely home

  356. Debra LeBarron says:

    I would loveto win this book too,i need it.

  357. Thank you!

  358. Thank you so much for your inspirational words. I work as a school nurse and find myself sometimes frustrated with how much I give, often with little or no return. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to refocus and continue giving, just as He intended.

  359. This devotional is just what I needed today!!

  360. I mentor a young girl who was rescued from sex trafficking.She talks so much about wanting some one to love her. I’m trying to help her to see that God is the only one who will never disappoint her. Thanks for your excellent devotion. I think your book would be great for her.

  361. Heather says:

    Thank you for this! Definitely what I needed today. God is so good ❤️

  362. I would love to spend a month reading and learning from this

  363. Thank you for this reminder…God is good 🙂

  364. Lacey Autrey says:

    I really enjoy reading these daily and having places to turn as reminders. Thank you

  365. Bridget says:

    I know I can never truly fulfill the epitome of true love, however through constant reflection and a willingness to want to be better, closer to Christ through attempting to follow (while stumbling) his footsteps I hope God and my loved ones see my love for them

  366. Victoria says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win one of these books. God bless

  367. Thank you for reaffirming in my heart God’s true Love.

  368. Gods love is immeasurable and everlasting and if we treated everyone with the same kindness and love that Jesus did when he walked the earth our world today would be blessed with an abundance of true love.

  369. Kari young says:

    I really feel like this one struck deep! Lately it has been so hard for me to love on God’s people or be compassionate…I have felt more cut off and like I am holding Everyone at arm’s length because relationships can take so much out of you.. especially when you have young kids at home..I can do unconditional love with my family because that is easy but outside of that where God is calling us to love those in the world…well now that can get a little more complicated! Thank you for your encouraging words!

  370. Glenda Johnson says:


  371. Heather Ross says:

    We can not feel His love, we must KNOW His LOVE by what He has done for us. As feelings do not tell the truth!

  372. Nancy Fowlkes Dailey says:

    Love this. Needed this!

  373. Anonymous says:

    We adopted 2 girls last year and I haven’t bonded with one. I feel no love for her. It is breaking my heart. I don’t know what to do and after reading this I am wondering now about my salvation. How can I call myself a Christian yet not feel love for a child I have been charged to love and care for? Perhaps that is why I feel so unseen and unheard by God in my prayers for help.

    • I am praying for your family, especially you! I cannot imagine how challenging that would be. I believe that if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you are a true Christian. You want to love your new daughter so you have love in your heart…to quote an old Carman song, “Your desire is the confirmation that the destination is there. God wouldn’t have put it in your spirit if it wasn’t going nowhere. So settle your sights on His promises and don’t you be scared…” Also one of my friends was adopted at age 14. It took them all a while to bond and there were some rough spots, but now that she is an adult, they all have great relationships. Hang in there, I believe in you!! Moreover, so does God!!

  374. Chasity says:

    Would love to have a copy!!

  375. Kim Ruman says:

    I would love to win this. I’m always interested in a good devotional, and would love to share it with my three daughters.

  376. Grace Crapitto says:

    I would just love to have this for my first granddaughter who just turned 13. What a blessing for me to work on this with her-just the 2 of us. How special this would be!

  377. I would love to have this for my granddaughter. Our family is going through a very difficult time. Thank you for your encouragement.

  378. I have ordered this book for my daughter. I’m hoping to win a copy to Bless a very special person.


  379. Darilyn Browning says:

    I have really been trying to practice love more & more. Getting married next week and dealing with others I’ve really been putting LOVE into play.

  380. JoAnn Foxworth says:

    I just lost the love of my life one month ago today! We almost made our 35th Anniversary! True love has to be worked on and it Only works with Jesus as head! I sure do need this to help me even more now that I am alone here on earth. I know the Lord is watching over me and helping me but we can always learn! God Bless

  381. I would love this book. I’m trying to love the unlovable and show them Christ through me. Going through some family issues and trying to love even though it’s only one sided

  382. Nathalie V says:

    Again, a timely devotional as I am in a friendship that can be emotionally challenging for me. Before I became a Christian, I was a “runner”, meaning if you get on my nerves or you’re just a downer, I would leave the friendship. As I am growing in my faith, the Lord is teaching me a lot about patience, pride, and endurance. It is not easy and some days I’m not sure what to say or how to be but I know the Lord is doing something through this relationship. Interestingly enough, another friend of mine and I were just having a conversation about this very topic.

    God bless you sisters!!

  383. A great reminder of our Fathers greatest commandment – to Love❤

  384. Lisa Smith says:

    This looks like a lovely graduation gift for my sweet daughter, who has done more to teach me about unconditional love than anyone.

  385. MICHELLE says:

    GREAT POST. Exactly what I need to read today!

  386. A well timed devotional. Just what my heart needed today. Thank you!

  387. April Spirito says:

    Oh, please pick me. I really need this book in my life right now. Thank you. 🙂

  388. Emily Manuel says:

    Great post. Would love to win the book giveaway!

  389. Danielle Apolinar says:

    I would love to use the book as a tool to reach the young ladies at work with.

  390. Melissa Graham says:

    I’m always looking for new books/devotions to help my walk with the Lord!! As a homeschooling mom with 7 kiddos I need all the help I can get ☺️

  391. Courtney says:

    Great read! I would love to win!

  392. Becky T says:

    True agape love is exactly what Christians need. I love that you have written about it in a clear understandable way.

  393. Carol Kirchner says:

    Life has been on a sad note lately. I could use something bright to overcome the dark.

  394. Mylina Dillard says:

    God’s love unconditional and amazing. Sometimes it’s so hard for us to believe and accept it. Walk in that love.

  395. Emily Garrett says:

    God taught me this lesson last year, with what I affectionately call, “Love Lessons 2016.” He took me through a long journey of finding what real love looks like, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 13, and how God loves me and how I love others. Still an ongoing process. ❤

  396. Judy Olsen says:

    Just when I think I am doing a good job of living people . along comes this devotional! The wording hit me hard on how I complain about doing and never getting in return. I would love a copy of this book.

  397. Great article. 👍 Hope I win the copy of Decoted. It looks really good!!!!

  398. It is so true – His love never fails!
    Crossing my fingers for this giveaway!

  399. Riana Langeveldt says:

    Die boodskap praat vanoggend met my. Oor liefde vriendskappe en onvoorwaardelike liefde.

  400. Taylor VonGrey says:

    Wow this true love devotion for today speaks so much truth!! Love surely is shown through selfless actions, not selfish desires. This is something to keep on the forefront of your heart and mind!

  401. God is moving mightily to shower us with His amazing love. The love that never fails and conquers all. Thank you Father for being faithful and true.

  402. Johanna Williams says:

    You can never know what these devotions mean to me. This has been the hardest year that I have ever experienced. Since January I have lost my precious Mother, she was diagnosed with cancer on Jan. 6, she went to be with Jesus on Jan. 12. My beloved Mother-in-Law of 32 years. She was diagnosed with Leukemia on Feb. 20, and went to be with Jesus March 3. Since then my wonderful Pastor has resigned and the church that I dearly love has fractured. There has been much heartache. The one constant? My God is faithful!!

  403. Laura Pelletier says:


  404. Gbrockman says:

    My best friend And I were just discussing love. What a wonderful reminder that God’s love is never ending, unconditional and pure.

  405. Ashley Bennett says:

    Lord, help me to love those around me with the kind of love you have shown to me. Amen!

  406. Erika Page says:

    Going through so much right now in life. Hard to know how to give or receive love sometimes in all the chaos. A friend sent this to me & I will look back on it often. I feel very thankful when I find something in the darkness that I can understand & so relate to & something that speaks to my heart as reading this did. Thank you for that.

  407. Danielle currey says:

    What a wonderful devotion. Would love to win this for my daughter

  408. God Bless!

  409. Tammy Smith says:

    Love. Love. Love.

  410. Denise H. says:

    Would make a great gift.

  411. Belinda says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter. Even at her young age, I can see her seeking God’s will for her life. She would love this.

  412. Krystal says:

    The beauty of a pure heart, how calming 🙂

  413. Emily Lindholm says:

    Love the sister in law even though she’s hard to like…

  414. There’s just so much to learn – love. We love because He first loved us!

  415. Charity S says:

    Winning this book would be a blessing as I’m not sure where my 15 (almost 16) year old daughter is with her spirituality. She has professed Salvation, and no matter how much I model appropriate behavior, she is still struggling.
    Thank you for this beautiful devotional today. Regardless of the opportunity to win a free gift, I always love the blessings and messages God sends me through P31.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your ministry!!

  416. Thanks for sharing about true love. I needed that this morning.

  417. Kim Longbottom says:

    Thank you for reminding me that without tapping into Gods Love for me and my commitment to God to love others, I cannot show unconditional love. He as to fill my heart first so that it’s overflow is what pours out into those around me. This did not happen with my 13 y/o daughter this morning while we were getting ready for our day to come. I struggle, she struggles, and the good news is we both keep trying because we do love.
    Thank you for reminding me of this in this part from your writing:

    Good news: His love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8) We can love like that, too — not in our own strength or willpower, but by the Holy Spirit perfecting God’s love in our hearts. (1 John 4:12) The deeper we know God and His arduous, purposeful love for us and for others, the easier we can love others as an act of loving obedience to God.

    Thank you again for the wonderful devotion❤️

  418. Rayna Todd says:

    Thank you for bringing to light that we can only love others with the same measure we are loved. When I draw close to the Father and am in tune with how much he loves me, only then am I able to Love others with the same measure of Love and grace!

  419. Lisa beasley says:

    This is exactly the type of book my teenage daughter needs to read. There are so many bad things in this world that can lead her astray if she she doesn’t have the confidence in herself or know that God loves her. I wish I had read this when I was a teen growing up.

  420. great devo!

  421. Mary Ellwood says:

    I am learning to love me and I think this book will help with the process.

  422. Always enjoy studies continuing to point to God’s love & the promises from His word – that he loves us even with our flaws!

  423. Cherl McPhearson says:

    I love this post so much!! I’ve personally learned to love others and forgive them even though I didn’t feel they deserved it. I didn’t deserve God’s grace and forgiveness either yet He gives it freely! I will model myself after the Perfect One.

  424. This would be a great book for my daughter Serena (17) who struggles with knowing and believing in Gods love and purpose in her life. She had been through some really hard times since birth..

    Thank you
    Davie, Fl

  425. Sabrina says:

    What great insight and devotion! I would love to have a copy of the 31 day devotion. I have recently been led on my journey to read the gospels and reconnect with the love poured out to us from God through Jesus’ amazing sacrifice. The wisdom that Jesus shares through his parables are amazing seeds for me to water. His love is unconditional and my spirit keeps craving more on this agape love. God bless each of our unique journeys and thank you for sharing.

  426. Thank you for speaking to what is currently going on in my life. God is so good!

  427. We sure need God’s love in our life so we can show his love to others.

    Blessings Robin

  428. Shirley Stallworth says:


    I am thankful for this piece. As Christians we get confused when we expect people to love us the way that God does.

    Thank you.


  429. Recently recommitted my life to following hard after the Lord

  430. Bridget Foy says:

    Great post! Love it!

  431. I pray that my daughter will meet a God fearing wonderful man…one that loves her like God loves us. I also pray that she opens her heart to a love like that. Thank you for your beautiful devotion~so wonderful to read and to reread! We need to be reminded of Gods love daily. We love because he first loved us : ))

  432. audrey witman says:

    First i would like to enter for the book. Second i just wanted to share that it is very hard to be the only one in my family to love and serve God. When my children were young we all went to church
    But now they are adults they dont believe. I feel like im on an island alone here. But i know that i know that i know that i love God i believe him and he is my Father. I live to please him. I am just feeling lonely in my.home.

  433. Libby Parr says:

    LOVE this! God is good!

  434. I would love to read this book!

  435. Susan G. says:

    Thanks for this good, good word! My beautiful (inside and out) granddaughter will get this book if I am chosen.

  436. Kathy White says:

    I loved this devotion and would love to receive the book.. If I don’t win how might I buy it? Love is not love until you have learned to love yourself and only then can you love others. Also then and only then will you experience true love joy peace longsuffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control. To love you must want and be a witness of His love. The only love that matters.

  437. This was what I needed today!! Would love to read the devotionals!

  438. Christy says:

    I needed this today. I have just finished The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer and have been praying for me next study. As I checked my email this morning, I was directed to this particular devotion. I am fairly young, 37 and going through a very difficult divorce. It has been a difficult road, but I have relied on my faith throughout. Up until lately, I felt as if I was going well. For the past month, I have felt so alone, so unloved. I have split custody and it breaks my heart to spend a week at a time away from my babies. I really feel like most of friends just don’t understand, because they have not been through this type of situation. This devotion reminded me of God’s unconditional love for me, and that is enough. His love wakes me up each morning and helps me make it through the day. Thanks for the reminder.

  439. As I prepare to leave a toxic 5 year relationship littered with poor decisions and my own rebellion – I am comforted by the familiarity and peace that comes in turning back to God and his plan for my life. True love can only come from Him

  440. Roberta Pierce-Connell says:

    What you have written about all the forms od love especially unconditional love struck a nerve with me and how this affects my relationship with God. I believe this is something I need to continually work at as I allow my selfishness to get in the way. Thank you for bringing this to my attention which I will pray for help to be mindful that as a Christian we need to love one another without judgement.

  441. Kelly Pryor says:

    “Love happens when we sacrifice, knowing we’ll get nothing in return.”
    Statements like that concern me when taken out of context and made into posters. Yes, love is SO much more than just butterflies and passion kisses. There is a love we show for our fellow man and woman that IS self-sacrificial without expectation. But within our closest relationships, if our definition of love becomes ONLY that of sacrifice without any expectation of love or respect, we set ourselves – and our daughters, in particular, I fear – up for abusive relationships. There is a place for tough love. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do for another person is the hardest thing: to break up with that boyfriend or girlfriend, or to let that husband or wife or son or daughter stumble and fall and learn to pick themselves up, NOT to keep sacrificing your heart and energy and time in a way that enables them to continue living in an abusive manner or to not grow up.

  442. Kitty Walker says:

    I have a great granddaughter I want to share Gods promises with her

  443. karissa says:

    I’ve been really trying to dig deep into the Word to find all that God says about me and how much He loves me. Its mind blowing how crazy BIG His love is for all of us. What stuck out to me the most is “It is only when we love God first and foremost that we can reach our full potential in loving others as friends, sisters, daughters, wives and mothers. As we grow in our love for God and in our knowledge of His love, we begin to change. We begin to see and love others differently.” Wow! We must first love God before we can reach our full potential. God has been laying love on my heart so much recently and I’m so glad I came across this message, it was exactly what I needed to hear and an answer to prayer <3 Thank you Majorie!

  444. Over the years I have taken on this type of love. Not because my flesh wanted to but because God saw in me what I could not do myself Love like him. Thank you Lord that you meet us at the place where we are and inthat time your love and what we see in your love brings it to another level. I would love to receive this book to pass on to another. Thank you listen to God.

  445. Shonda Fischer says:

    I have to remind myself daily how much God does love me. I try to pour that same love out on anyone I come in contact through out the day. How many people do we pass each day that don’t experience love or kindness? I want people to know that God loves them no matter what. I would very much love to receive this book and share with others.

  446. Yes, Jesus affirm your love to me!

  447. Karlijn says:

    Fully grasping God’s love is definitely something I’ve been wanting to grow in in the last couple months, great read! I would also love a copy of your book! 🙂

  448. Gretchen Scoleri says:

    Thank you for this awesome reminder of real ❤️ love!

  449. As a new believer In Christ, I am just starting to see How God Really does love me and wants the best for me. A little each day I am.learning to put my trust into him instead of just myself. After a 24 year abusive Marriage I asked God to help Me find a why out and he did 4 months ago. Last Month I prayed to him asking him to show me where I am needed, and he did 2 weeks ago. He started shutting doors to me here in Fort Worth and Started opening them for me in Houston including Transportation to get to Houston and A place to live. I leave this afternoon. May 21st. I would Love to be able to Win this Book to Help me Grow even More into my Faith,and be shown how much More God REALLY Loves Me. Thank You and God Bless.

  450. Desiree L says:

    Thank you for your reminder of what true love is. I want to teach my daughters its true meaning!

  451. Beverly Carroll says:

    Thanks for reminding us of Gods unconditional love and that we have the power to love that way!

  452. Great devotion! Especially in this world that is focused on romantic love that doesn’t last. I would love a copy of your book for my teenage daughter!

  453. thank you for this devotional! i loved the Bible verses you had throughout it!

  454. Helen Gooddine says:

    This was a blessing and confirmation. True Love does exist. Thank you God for your unconditional love.

  455. Lyvonnica Green says:

    Loved (no pun intended) this devotional. It is not always easy to love those around us and this was a good reminder for me that we need too.

  456. Carolyn says:

    Great reminder for me. I know what the Bible says about love but I need to be reminded quite often that we are to love everyone. Thanks!

  457. Sylvia Zuniga says:

    Thank you for your beautiful message on love.

  458. Carol Sherrard says:

    We see a world that is drifting away from love and more importantly from God. It is heart breaking to see parents so self~centered that the children do not feel loved and they are looking for that security in other things. So thankful we have a Heavenly Father who does love and allows us to grow in His love.

  459. Need to love God before others!

  460. Great message. Love God Love others.

  461. Kristine Drebes says:

    Beautiful message! I have 4 daughters, i feel this would be a wonderful resource for them.

  462. Mary K Heeter says:

    Love is What We Strive to Become All Our Lives.It is an Act Givin to Us Through God Our Lord and Savior.

  463. Monroe Dugdale says:

    This truly spoke to my heart. Amen.

  464. I have a daughter who was molested at age 16 by my former pastor. She has yet to get counselling and her dad encourages her not to tell anyone her business. This would be a wonderful gift to give her to read and reflect on what I believe she knows in her heart.

  465. Would love to win this for my daughter who I tell God loves her despite all that she has gone through.

  466. Just beginning this journey with my eldest gal….. reaching her especially through the visual/arts (and not just from mom’s mouth) is a GREAT idea. THANK YOU for making this accessible.

  467. Sharon Stryker says:

    Thank you for writing this book. Would love a copy & to share with others.

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