What To Do When Life Becomes Turbulent

What To Do When Life Becomes Turbulent

June 15, 2015

"Yes, he alone is my Rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress. Why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come?" Psalm 62:2 (TLB)

As I headed down the gateway toward the plane, I noticed something was different. My heart wasn’t racing and my palms weren’t damp with perspiration. To say it was a phenomenon is an understatement.

The fact that I wasn’t afraid was proof God was changing me from the inside out. Years prior, you couldn’t have paid me enough to step foot on a plane.

As I looked out the plane window, I marveled at the beautiful day God created. There’s not a cloud in the sky … It’s going to be great flying weather. No bumps or turbulence to worry about. I can just sit back, relax and enjoy.

One hour into the flight I was singing a different tune. Although the sky was still clear, the turbulence was anything but enjoyable. Even the flight attendants were asked to take their seats, and the cockpit was silent. Uh … hello? Can someone tell me what’s going on up there?!?!

What started out as a relaxing flight turned into a stressful experience. With three hours left in the flight, I didn’t want to feel anxious the entire time. I needed to shift my focus off the turbulence and on to God.

With all the bumping, shifting and rattling, it wouldn’t be easy, but it was necessary.
I was determined to learn from this experience, not be terrified by it.

So after praying for God’s protection, I closed my eyes and whispered, "God, what are You trying to teach me? What am I supposed to learn?"

For the remainder of the flight I waited and watched for God to reveal some invaluable lesson. By the time we landed I walked off the plane with this in mind: Unexpected turbulence creates an opportunity to experience more of God.

It’s the perfect opportunity to …

Grow my faith.

Rather than shrink back in fear or become discouraged, I can lean in and draw closer to God’s presence while looking for His activity in the midst of my circumstances. Patiently waiting for God to act on my behalf can be a catalyst for spiritual maturity and deeper faith in Him.

Remember Who is in control.

Remembering God is in control helps lead my heart and mind to a place of peace. I may not always know exactly where I’m headed, but God does. Regardless of how turbulent the journey may be, He promises to get me safely from my present location to His eternal destination (Heaven). Therefore, I have nothing to fear.

Make a refining decision.

Sometimes, turbulence is not an option. So I’m left with two questions: Am I going to worry and wonder if God will get me through this? Or, am I going to relax and trust that God will get me through this? Hebrews 11:6 give us the best answer: "… without faith, it is impossible to please God …" (NIV). I just need to apply it to my life. And when I do, God refines me in the process.

Watch for God’s goodness and glory.

When turbulence comes I can easily miss God’s goodness. I need to look for His glory around me and set my thoughts on the impossible He can do for me.

Has life been tossing you around lately? The next time you experience a little turbulence … whether on a flight or at ground level … remember that you have full access to the One who will hold you steady and secure. Just like Psalm 62:2 states, "Yes, he alone is my Rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress. Why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come?"

Heavenly Father, as I face today’s challenges, help me not to shrink back in fear or discouragement. Instead, teach me how to see these challenges as an opportunity to grow my faith, to remember You are in control, to be refined, and to experience Your goodness and glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Acts 2:25, "I see that the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me." (NLT)

Psalm 91:14-15, "The LORD says, ‘I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.’" (NLT)

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What has become a challenge in your life? Ask yourself these questions regarding this challenge:

1. Am I shrinking back in fear and discouragement or am I drawing closer to God’s presence?
2. Do I really believe God is in control of this situation?
3. Am I going to worry or trust God — believing He will get me through this?
4. How can I look for God’s goodness and glory in the midst of my challenge?

Be sure to record your answers in a journal or your Bible.

© 2015 by Leah DiPascal. All rights reserved.

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  1. Please help me pray that as I wait for the USCIS response to my labor trafficking that I will allow GOD to act in His own timing,trusting and hoping in His lovingkindness and grace and His sovereignty.
    Thank you. God Bless.

  2. How wonderful and amazing is our God! I have been sitting up late tonight tracking an incoming flight that was delayed with my son on board. He is going through a very rough time right now, new marriage, strenuous training, very lonely, and preparing for deployment. He sounded so lost when I talked to him earlier. I think I will pass this on, I know it was so timely for me. Thank you!

    • Lisa, I feel for you and pray for you right now. I have a daughter who has been on two deployments and it is the hardest thing for a mother! I also know what it is to feel anguish and worry for a child who is going through so many stresses at once. We just want to take away all their problems and help and there is often nothing we can do. At 90 my mother said your child is never too old for you to worry about. I prayed Psalm 91 over my grown child daily, sometimes many times. A book that has helped me by Stormie Omartian is “The Power of Praying for Your Adult Children.” Maybe during his deployment you can build a supportive relationship with his wife. She must be very anxious too. Even if you don’t live nearby, you can do many things to build this relationship with her which in turn will ultimately support your son. I pray for all our military men and women. They are true heroes who need praying parents and supporters. We as parents can stand together at the Throne of the One Who knows all and loves our children even more than we do.

      • Rhonda & Lisa, thank you for raising children of integrity who are sacrificing for our freedom. They are heroes who need our prayer support and God’s protection.

  3. I just learned that a beloved family pet has passed away a week ago. Obviously, I am both angry and sad—angry that I didn’t find out of the tragedy right when it happened. This makes it the second pet that I’ve lost in less than a year.
    Obviously, God is using this as a way of testing my faith in Him. He wants to see if I’m going to look to Him during this difficult time in my life, and He is using my wonderful husband, Ron Smith as a guide to relying more completely on Him. God is obviously in control of the situation, and He wants me to remember all the fun times I had with my beloved Red. Although I miss that big, furry foot sitting dog, I’m sure I’ll see her again one day.
    “Yes, he alone is my Rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress. Why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come?” Psalm 62:2 (TLB)
    Amen! what an awesome thing to remember tonight! Why should we be afraid of difficult times as long as we have Jesus as the rock that we can cling to, the fortress where we can run to for safety when we’re afraid?
    “Heavenly Father, as I face today’s challenges, help me not to shrink back in fear or discouragement. Instead, teach me how to see these challenges as an opportunity to grow my faith, to remember You are in control, to be refined, and to experience Your goodness and glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~ Leah DiPascal
    Amen! What an awesome prayer on this late Sunday night! Regardless of the things we may be going through, God can definitely show us how to handle the various obstacles that may come along as we journey with Him.
    Acts 2:25, “I see that the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” (NLT)
    Amen! whatan empowering verse! Nothing is going to shake us as log as we always remember that God is always going to be right by our side, regardless of the challenges that we may go through in our faith journey in His presence.
    Psalm 91:14-15, “The LORD says, ‘I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.’” (NLT)
    Amen! wow! What empowering words tonight! When we place our complete faith and trust in God during difficult circumstances, He is always going to be right there with us, pulling us out of difficult situations.

  4. Ann Power says:

    Thank you, dear Leah for this shining testimony of God’s beauty for ashes that allows us to fly in His constant and steady presence!!! ❤️ Ann

  5. Waking or sleeping oh ruler thou art.

    This is the song in my heart as god used the last hour to show me the nearness of His power.

    God has been using my dream life lately to refine my thinking.Some have been rather jolting with themes of loss and some with the fanciful frills of a birthday party with CINDERELLA at Disney World.
    Which brings me to tonight’s dream.

    My dream involved taking my Granddaughter on her first airplane ride to Huston.Afterr poor planning on my part
    and a sense of entitlement ,we boarded the wrong plane and missed our flight that would have given us leisure time before the,of all topics, Time Management.”

    While inflight ,the wing was hit with lightning.My dream ended when , in real life, lightning flashed and thunder crashed to jolt me out of bed.
    Instead of being afraid, I thanked God for
    awakening me and asked Him to use the next hour productively which included
    fixing the outdoor bed for 5 kittens so it is storm protected.
    The storm outside has ended.I can rest knowing God answeredmy prayer to use the hour productively.The kittens are safe with the bonus bowl of water and food.

    I have returned to my comfy bed ,have found this glorious post which acknowledges Gods presence in storms.

    Above all, God has shown me once again, He will never leave me even in the storms of life whether real or imagined.

    Thank you God .I give You all the honor, glory and praise as I drift back and you gift me with a peaceful nights sleep for the remainder of the night.Amen.

  6. Waiting says:

    I am asking for my sisters in Jesus to stand in the gap for my husband and I and our marriage. He left tonight very bitter and angry. He left his cell phone here and I don’t know where he went. Please pray Jesus will be close to him and that he will experience such a strong sense of God’s presence. Pray that God’s angels will protect him and that God will renew a right spirit in both of us and that God’s voice will be louder and stronger than the voice of satan. I recognize our true enemy but I am not sure my husband does. I love him and want us to have the marriage God intends for us. Please pray!

    • Dear Waiting, I just said a prayer for you, your husband and your marriage. May you and your husband trust God and come together through HIS power and be an example of what God can accomplish. But, no matter what happens, keep trusting our sovereign,loving, God w/o cares for you, and cares for your husband even more than you do, and is holding you even now. Love, a sister in Christ

    • Hi Friend, I’m praying for you and your husband today. May the gift of your marriage be held in God’s almighty hand and protected from all harm.

  7. Turbulence isn’t even a strong enough word. My husband left me after 31 wonderful years for his secretary. He was a strong Christian, but now says the bible isn’t for today’s culture. His Proverbs 5 woman continues to post pictures of their adulterous affair on Facebook, constantly saying “how blessed” she is. My heart is currently in a Category 5 hurricane status. I’m trying to trust God and I’m just absolutely worn out! Even though my kids are 26 and 27 they are devastated!!! This weekend he took her to our family vacation spot that we’ve been going to for 15 years and she posted pictures of it—you might as well just taken our hearts out and rubbed it through glass…..Hard to trust when it just doesn’t stop….God is sovereign, but He gives us free will???

    • My heart goes out to you, Donna. This is the hardest of times for you–your husband has left, but rest assured, God has not. You are right about the free will thing. Your hubby used his free will to cause hurt. You can use your free will to avoid Facebook and stop adding its hurt to yours. It is enough that your husband left; you do not need to visualize the details.
      Gracious Lord God, you know Donna’s story, every detail. Open her eyes to see You at her side. Hold her with Your strong right hand. May her husband’s absence make her ever more aware of Your presence. As our hearts feel her pain, Lord, may we all be more conscious of the pain You feel when one of Your loved ones has an affair with the world–abandoning You for the momentary pleasure of sin. We pray that Donna’s husband will end his affair with the world and return to You. We pray that Donna will hold fast to You, that bitterness will not build a wall between her and You. Give her the strength she needs for this day, this hour, this moment. Amen.

    • Jessica says:

      I want to lift up Donna in prayer to You Heavenly Father. I pray for her to hold dear to Your Word, including Psalm 91:14-15 , John 3:16, and Philippians 4:13. I pray that her family has peace, guidance, and clarity. Please shelter them in Your Loving Arms. Please her know it is all going to be ok. You have a plan for her life, a beautiful plan. I pray that you bless Donna with the strength to forgive so she can move forward with her life. She is a beautiful woman, and I pray that You please help her to see that. Please end any hurt and pain in her heart. Please let her know other sisters are praying for her and lifting her up to You. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

    • christian says:

      I am walking through a similar situation. I don’t have the words to say. If I was with you I would give you a big hug. I promise that I will keep praying for you, please do the same for me. When the pain is real and it envelopes me – I go back to what I know to be true. God is sovereign, he is good, and he loves me. Thank you for your testimony – it allowed me to see I wasn’t alone. Love you.

    • Donna, I went through almost the exact same thing many years ago when my children still lived at home. I would think “Who has inhabited your body? This cannot be the man I know.” The pain was almost unbearable, sleep would not come. But God was faithful just as He promised. It was the hardest time of my life, but I did survive and you will too. I spent more time in His Word than I can tell you. It was my constant source of strength. Thankfully I had Christian friends who supported me. I pray you lean on God and His Word. He will be the strength you need and you will survive.

    • Donna, I’m praying for you today. I can’t imagine the level of pain you’re experiencing and the weight of grief you’re carrying. May God comfort you in a way that no one else can. He will never leave or forsake you.

  8. encourager says:


    Your story breaks my heart. Trust that God can heal your pain. Remember that our battle is not against flesh and bones but against principalities of
    darkness. Satan obviously has won your husbands heart. Christ has yours. Through your pain just keep drawinf moment by moment strength from the one who loves you more than just on this earth. Focus on what is eternal. Know that your healing will come. God bless!

  9. Life is so full of unknowns. The turbulence, I get it. I’ve had those times. I hope my latest blog will be an added encouragement to someone who can’t imagine what the future holds. http://www.micahmaddox.com/when-i-cannot-see-tomorrow/

  10. Feeling anxious about a doctor appointment in just a few hours. I am trusting God but have also been so full of fear. Acts 2:25, “I see that the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.” and “Yes, he alone is my Rock, my rescuer, defense and fortress. Why then should I be tense with fear when troubles come?” Psalm 62:2 (TLB) are perfect reminders to calm my insides.

  11. Jessica says:

    We are going through the adoption process, and we are nearing the end. I am finding myself anxious, and going through a list of what ifs. What if we don’t find the right child for our family? What if are family isn’t strong enough for this? What if our new child doesn’t bond with us? What if? What if? What if?

    I needed these verses in today’s devotion, and I needed to read today’s devotion. My family is not strong enough alone, but with Christ we can do all things through him who gives us strength (like it says in Philippians 4:13). Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you for bringing us this far. I pray that you please continue to guide us through this. You have the child picked out for us, and You will guide him or her to our family. Please help me to have patience and understanding as we wait. I thank You for all the friends and family and support you have blessed us family with during this journey. I know You will continue to shower us with blessings even after the adoption is complete. Even though we don’t deserve it, You bless us in abundance. Please forgive me for ever forgetting that. I am enternally grateful for Your EverLasting Love, Guidance, Grace, Mercy, Patience, and Forgiveness with my sinful and stubborn ways. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

  12. I needed this devotion today. I’ve been discouraged because after 6 months I haven’t been able to take my nursing boards because of paperwork. I’ve been discouraged and down about it. God is in control and I am learning to have faith in His promises that He will see me through! Please pray for me as I prepare.

  13. Thank you for this post today. It’s so timely for some turbulence I’m going through right now.

  14. this post is a great for me to read. I graduated 6 months ago with a Master’s and have had a multitude of interviews without landing a full time position. Finances are worrying me mostly but yet God has provided for us over and over. I am so grateful for His provision. I needed to be reminded that I need to continue to draw close to Him and not shrink into fear as I have began to do again.

  15. I needed this today. I recently lost my job. I am going today to yet another interview. I’ve had many. And for most I’ve been a finalist making it to 3 rounds in the process only to come in number 2 or be beaten out by an “insider” or someone younger with less experience. I am believing that God will take me through and provide a job. This process is exhausting and scary. I don’t have a second income. It is just me.

  16. Alisha M says:

    Thank you for this encouragement. I have to pray continuously everyday for the Lord’s help in the area of trust. I usually live in fear/worry which is never good. I am also afraid of flying and will be flying for my honeymoon in a few months. I have learned that when I live in fear and do not ask the Lord for help..I do not sleep well. When I ask the Lord for help, I sleep better and feel better. Thank you again for this encouragement.


    • Alisha, I used to be so afraid to fly and God has done a miraculous work in my life. He can do the same for you! Honestly, the #1 key to overcoming fear is trusting Him.

  17. Thank you for your words of wisdom. So many days in the last month I have been saying to the LORD, “What do I need to learn here? What am I missing out on that I don’t know?” I love my job but . . . teach me thy ways, O LORD. Thank you. for encouraging me.

  18. Tammie M says:

    I’m asking prayers for my younger brother who has a drinking problem. It’s destroying his life and he don’t know where to turn for help. He has tried the worlds way of dealing with his problem but with no success. I’m trying my hardest to give him worlds of encouragement but he thinks that I’m “preaching” to him. He needs to know and trust that there is a God who knowes his name.

    • Tammie, I’m praying for your brother today. Alcohol is a hard addiction to break, but with God all things are possible. He loves to perform miracles for His children.

    • Dear Tammi. Addiction is a cunning and baffling disease. My son struggles with significant addiction issues. It is a long road for sure. I heard it said that drinking is only a symptom of the bigger problem which is our great need for Christ. I’ve also heard it said that we can’t help addicts that share our same DNA. Pray that God sends someone in recovery his way that understands the problem in ways we simply can’t. Here’s a link to a Christian video that might help… http://www.joyreel.com/when-you-love-an-addict-2/. Blessings!

  19. Mary….I too am going it alone…I too went through trials looking for a job when I ws fired from a job of 15 yrs because my new incompetent boss felt threatened by my competence (she was fired a year later)
    I had a well documented case of harassment but didn’t have funds to pursue it. During that period I could have lost my home, had no health insurance, and faced other devastating losses as well…but I could feel God’s hand in it and learned to trust Him even more…I am in a much better tho different place

  20. Thank you! I really needed to hear this today, especially after my attitude at work yesterday. It was not the best and I am not proud of it but your reminder to give it to God helps!

  21. Thank U Leah. Great words of wisdom.

  22. Sonnie Jane says:

    Psalm 91:14-15, “The LORD says, ‘I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them.’” (NLT)
    This says it all…. Lor d I pray that we will always keep our eyes on You in Jesus Name. Amen!!

  23. I especially love your call to action, “Make a refining decision”. As women, it’s so easy to get sucked down that emotional vortex. I’m learning to count when I hit turbulence — that is “count it all joy”. James uses an accounting term to help us tap into the logical side of our hearts and minds. You can learn more by watching this Christian video… http://www.joyreel.com/count-it-all-joy-2/


  24. Elizabeth says:

    I’m in this very place as I await the arrival of my second son. I pray for God to give me the peace, wisdom, and strength I need to parent my young children. I’ve lost confidence in myself with the ending of the relationship with their father. I know God knew I would be here and will meet my needs. I just don’t seem to have the peace and joy I use to have. I want to enjoy my family and not feel so sad. I just want to see God’s face in this.

  25. I wish I knew how to pray again. I was so faithful growing up and I feel like it’s all fallen away. I lost my father, my niece and now my mother’s health is failing fast. Things could be far worse, I understand that, but it’s hard to believe when someone you love is suffering. I wish my mother could feel better again. I wish I knew what to do.

    • May God bless and keep you Sylvia. May God make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.
      Bless you!

  26. Thanks for sharing God’s faithfulness in storms….I needed to be reminded of that today.

  27. What a good devotion! Thank you for the reminder that God is in control all the time.
    Your devotion reminded me of my mother whom was in her 80’s when she travelled by plane to spend some time with me. The plane ran into some serious turbulence . As the flight attendant passed by checking on the passengers before strapping herself in she asked my mom “Are you ok?” on which my mom responded “Yes, thank you for asking. I am just wondering whom will I meet first – my family in heaven or my daughter waiting at the airport. But you know it really does not matter, God is in control and I love him”.

  28. Priscilla Wyndham says:

    Dear Donna and Waiting, and any others who responded with the same pain. I do not know if this works for everyone, but it certainly worked for me in a similar situation many years ago. I found that I needed to replace the hurt, the “oh poor me”, depression, wondering if and what I did wrong, why did I not catch on sooner, and on and on and on, with internal (rather than outward) anger. It seemed that once I could break it all down, rationalize, and reach a “how dare you do this to me” moment, it lightened up and gradually I came to realize that, he did what he did, was obviously no longer the same man I loved (how could he be?), started remembering the arguments, remembering the not so good times, and anything else I could recall, I found I got stronger and stronger. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking boiling anger, I am just talking anger that gave me a change of attitude, change of heart, or whatever it took. Anger seems a lot less emotional and hurts a lot less than suffering pain. Also, please understand I never once turned from God. I prayed……I prayed a lot. I never once doubted He was there and that He understood and had great concern for my situation. I have, since that experience, used the same method, on occasion, in other circumstances. If something is hurting me, or deeply upsetting me, I look for a way to express the kind of anger I am talking about. It clears my head, gives me back my self confidence, etc. Bottom line, for me it works.

    And, God is ever present in times of trouble. He calms me.

  29. Catherine says:

    Praying for each of you ladies, that God would be with you, guide you and give you peace…..
    Facing difficulties in my own marriage after 29 years…..praying for the decision that God would have me make, the path that He would have me follow that is best for us all. I stood in His house all those years ago and made a promise. But it’s hard to believe that He would really want things to be the way they are. Still….praying for Him to help me see what I need to do to be the wife He would have me to be, yet be strong enough to hold my ground when it is His will that I do so….and give me the wisdom to know the difference.

  30. Thank you so much for sharing this story. I am only 27 and struggling terribly with my marriage. I have been married 4 years, and after 2 years I found out my husband had been cheating our entire marriage, at this point I was 5 months pregnant with our son. I left him for a short while but he pleaded my forgiveness and made promises of change. Most importantly, he started coming to church as he wasn’t a Christian before. It’s now been 2 years since, however my heart still aches every single day. I can’t seem to find closure and I try so hard to pray and ask Jesus to take this pain away, yet I am still struggling. My husband had welcomed God into his life and that should be the greatest reward for a painful situation, but I can’t seem to let go of the hurt. Please pray for me!

  31. My husband has left me after two and a half years of marriage and filed for a divorce. He just “went for a drive” and never came home. There is another woman involved too. After two months, he has become a completely different person than the man I know and love. My heart feels so broken and all I want is for him to realize that this is not the way. There are so many more details, but the gist is this. I am constantly looking to God and growing in my fair, but my pain is so great that I struggle to do much else. I believe God can heal anything, my heart, and my husbands.

  32. Thank you for your devotional thoughts today. I can relate to your airplane experience and have similar stories of my own. But, I appreciated your scripture thoughts as I have experienced some turbulent times in our family’s life for the past 2 years and face more changes in days to come. But, thank you for the reminder to keep focused on Christ during these times and not be shaken by it but watch to see what God is doing and teaching me during this turbulent time.

  33. Marilyn says:

    Just pray for me please. I just can’t do life anymore. Thank you.

  34. Marilyn, you are covered in prayer. I pray that you would feel the Holy Spirit’s presence now to comfort and love you through this storm. Whatever you’re going through, and the pain you feel, know that it is temporary. God’s in control and will pull you through. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are loved beyond measure. Seek Godly counsel…church clergy, Steven’s Minister or a Christian counselor. Guidance is important with a person to walk beside you at this time.

  35. Trusting says:

    Hello Leah,

    Your devotional really touched my life today. My husband and I found out on May 31st that we are expecting. It was a complete joy and shock to us. Days later the same clinical blood and urine tests came back negative. We are standing in faith that we are still expecting, but it has been a tumultuous and emotional time for us living in the turbulence of the unknown. Our first prenatal appointment is this week and no matter the result we are praising and trusting in God. Please keep us and our first child in your prayers as we stand in faith.

  36. Cynthia Kirksey says:

    Can you recommend any reading material for those of us who have family members with cancer? My sister-in-law is fighting aggressive brain cancer and is experiencing depression about her treatments. The devotional today is one I will forward to her, but I was wondering if there is any material out there that I could share with her that might give her comfort in her present situation. Thank you so much.

  37. Priscilla Wyndham says:

    Marilyn, I hope you will read, re-read, and re-read the post to you from Beth. It is very powerful and will hopefully give you encouragement. I pray for you and pray that you will seek help. I know it is easier said than done, but it is important for you to know that whatever your pain is, it’s been equally the same and a part of many other people’s life, as well…..you are not without a way to find a solution that works for you. Please take the time and effort to do this. We make our own choices, and for you this is important, if not urgent. God bless you, heal you, and lead you. Would it be too much to ask if you can respond to all of us that you understand and will do what you need to do? It would mean a great deal to know you are reaching out for the help you seem to need. GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO WE.

  38. Lynda Pepin says:

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. My husband is having a biopsy today to see if he has cancer for the 3rd time. It is hard for me because I don’t want him to go through this terrible disease again

  39. Thank you.

  40. I read this devotional today, drawn by the title. I feel like I am in a 5 month long storm. Since February my husband has told me at least 6 times he wishes we had never married. We’ve been married 2 1/2 years. In May, an old debt of mine came to light that I had never told him about. This, on top of other financial issues that I hid from him, has destroyed his trust in me. I realize this is my doing and fully accept responsibility. On good days, we get along wonderfully, laugh and talk and make plans for the future. But on other days, he regrets marrying me, he wants out and berates me for every mistake I’ve made. I don’t know what to do. Do I try to work this out, or do I agree to divorce? I’ve spent hours praying and asking God what to do but I’m still in turbulence.

  41. Am a 28 year old young mother, my son is just 2 months old and my husband has decided that he doesn’t want me anymore and I should move out of the house. I have asked him wat I have done wrong but he doesn’t say, am so shuttered, discouraged and hurting. I can’t even concentrate on anything and I feel like God is quuet. I have prayed for my marriage and this is wat I get. Is this God answering or its just a test. I don’t know what to do, wether to move out or stay with a man that doesn’t want me anymore. Seriously need help, even contemplated on committing suicide.

  42. FaithfulWife says:

    Please pray for my husband and marriage. This turbulent season has me being tossed and fro and every time I think “this is it I can’t go on in this anymore” God will remind me of what His word says about marriage and the vows I took 10years ago. I can’t wrap my head around the man that had such a heart for God and this present man that has no emotion and purposely says things to cause pain. I know God will restore what the locusts were sent to destroy, I just feel so lost right now. We’ve best friends for 16years and now he won’t even let me in. He believes in God but refuses to pray, attend church or read God’s word. I miss him! Especially our daily devotion and prayer time. Now if I share a revelation of God’s word with him he literally laughs in my face about it and tells me I’m nuts. This man is not the man I’ve known for more than half of my life.

  43. Donna, my heart breaks for you and your 2 month old son. Your husband has gone to a dark place but you must not allow yourself to follow. I cannot tell you whether to stay or go, but I can say you have a responsibility to your son. Perhaps your husband should be the one to leave if he thinks he doesn’t want the two of you any longer. Continue to pray and rebuke satan any time the thought of suicide comes to mind. I have been down that road. I have been married 33 years and I must say the first 20 + years were pure hell. I even turned my back on God and contemplated suicide twice, but always knew that God was the only place I would find true happiness. Sine then, I found my way back to Him and even though I continue to struggle with the road my life is on, I continued to give thanks and praise Him during my storms. Today, is my life perfect? No, but my husband finally found his way back to God and I am the happiest I have ever been even in the midst of my storms, He has always been there and will always be there. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Sometimes because of the freedom He gives us and choices we make, we have to reap what we sow, so to speak. So Donna, start sowing good into your life and into your son’s life. He needs you, your family needs you, and God needs you! He will show you and lead you in the way you should go. Trust Him!!

  44. Thank you for this. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I found myself sinking back into depression but I came to my senses and realized that I’m not in control, God is. And I’m thankful for the small blessings.. One step at a time. I’m battling to get my son back after getting out of a very abusive marriage. My husband is trying to keep him from me & there was one point i went 6 months without seeing my son, he was only 6 months at the time. I struggle with anxiety and depression going through this journey but I’m praying God sees me through. I’m always thankful to read inspiring articles and am in the middle of writing a book to tell my story as well. Thank you again.

  45. Jessica says:

    I just recently learned that due to a serious wreck several years ago before I met my husband, he has developed an addiction to pain killers. He relapsed and has been using and hiding it for the entirety of our relationship and marriage. We have been together 2 years and married 3 months. I come from a broken home and addiction affected my mother and other members of my family. I feel like I should have seen or noticed something. And maybe I did but I ignored my instinct due to the blindness of new love and the fact he was holding everything together. I am sticking by him bc he has initiated the treatment path. I find myself feeling empty and mentally exhausted but still trying to be supportive and give him some moments to earn my trust. I have also found myself stuffing with really listening for God to speak to me about where to go with all of this. I have realized that this is not my problem and I did not cause this but I can be a shining light for God and use this to help someone else. I am working hard to stay focused on my own journey closer to God so that he is my source of strength and knowledge and trust. I truly believe if I give up on that focus I will loose this fight to support my husband and he will loose his fight to overcome this demon. Thank you for sharing your godly words to motivate your fellow sisters in christ.

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