What to Do When You’re Just Overwhelmed

What to Do When You’re Just Overwhelmed

January 10, 2017

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 (NIV)

If one more person asks me about centerpieces, I think I may stab myself with the cake knife!

How can one of the happiest days in a family’s life — something all of us have been looking forward to for years — turn into one of the most overwhelming events ever?

You see, overwhelm camouflages itself. Some days it appears in hard places: A health crisis. Not being able to pay the bills. A huge project at work that requires all your time and attention.

Other times, it sneaks in through the door of blessings: A new, unexpected addition to the family. A long-dreamed-about trip to see family. Or, in our case, one of our kids getting married.

When Amanda and Shaun announced their engagement, we were thrilled. We’d been praying for the right man to come into Amanda’s life, and Shaun was a welcome addition to the family.

But after the announcement came all the wedding plans. Who do we invite? Where will we hold the wedding? How will we pay for everything?

After the initial excitement, reality came crashing down on us. That’s when overwhelm kicked in. Dreams of seeing Amanda walking down the aisle were replaced with elaborate fantasies of bribing the kids to elope.

When I’m overwhelmed, my first instinct is to shut down. Then I fall back into familiar overwhelmed thinking patterns: I just need to work harder. Maybe I can rearrange my schedule to do some work on Sundays. Yes, that’s it … except my husband and I agreed that our Sundays would be a day for rest. But how else would these plans come together?

After stressing and stewing about how to make everything work, I finally remembered I was not in this alone. God is not surprised by the trials, or the blessings, coming my way.

When I start to feel the familiar weight of overwhelm press down, here’s what I eventually remind myself to do:

Stop comparing plates.
Our capacity to handle life is like dishes at an estate sale. There are dinner plates, salad plates, dessert plates and more. Some people get the dinner plates; their capacity is awe-inspiring. Then there are those who have been given a salad plate. They overwhelm easily and live a carefully curated life in order to function.

Friends, we need to know which size plate we have.

If you’re delicately balancing a demitasse cup plate in life, and your best friend has a turkey platter of a plate, don’t start comparing your capacity to hers. God designed your temperament and hers differently on purpose.

Take the next faithful step to deal with overwhelm.
With my daughter’s wedding, when I started to feel the panic of overwhelm rise within me, instead of trying to “suck it up” and power through, I learned to ask the right questions:

• I asked for time. I asked if I had some flexibility on other deadlines — I did!

• I asked for help. When my friend Nancy heard that Amanda was getting married, she offered to help with all the plans and prep. I politely declined, and then five minutes later, came to my senses and begged her to help. Nancy got to use her gift of planning amazing parties on the cheap, and I obeyed orders and bore less stress.

• I asked for grace. My husband and I took the day after the wedding off from work. We wanted time to rest, reflect and recover. The wedding was a huge blessing in our lives, but it was also stressful. We didn’t want to carry that over into other parts of our lives. Taking that day to reflect on what God had done — and rest — was priceless.

Practice trusting God more deeply before overwhelm sets in.
I’ve learned to step back, take a break and let myself sit in the unimaginable — the thought that God already provided everything I need for this challenge. I no longer let calendars, emails and to-dos dictate my next move, but I hold to God’s promises to shape my heart into the kind of daughter He designed me to be.

Father, let me take every thought and emotion, blessing or burden, directly to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV)

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What’s one thing you can do today to trust God with your overwhelm?

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  1. T Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing this article.

  2. Bernadette Hendricksen says:

    Thank you for your inspiration, I place all my fears, needs, prayers, problems in Jesus’ hands.

  3. Thank you!

  4. Wanza Cole says:

    It is 3:21 am and my anxiety was out the roof…what did God do? He directed me to your spiritual reading and aligned my chaos in my head with his grace and favor that is in my heart…thank you God and thank you for sharing this wonderful article about what I need to do in my chaotic, over anxious life…be blessed.

    • Hi, Wanza. I grew up as an anxious child. That is until I met Jesus and invited Him into my life when I was a freshman in high school. 2 Corinthians 12:9 has been one of my life verses ever since. I went through anxiety again when I went through Perimenopause. What helped me through the whole season was: praying constantly, saturating my mind with God’s promises, having a complete physical exam to make sure I was healthy, having conversations with those who have had similar experiences, changing my diet and walking. God also blessed me with my supportive husband who drove me to and from places when my vertigo set in and I was too afraid to drive. I was constantly in the emergency room during those times. I used to wake up several times at night or early dawn with my heart pounding with fear. I don’t have a lot of those early dawn awakenings anymore but when I do, I pray for others whom God puts in my heart that moment. I also stopped my habit of watching the news before bedtime. I started bringing to mind blessings and thanking God for them. My Pastor, Lance Hahn, wrote a book entitled “How to Live in Fear: Mastering the Art of Freaking Out.” I hope you can check it out. I will be praying for you. God bless you. God is faithful and promised never to leave us nor forsake us!

      • Dulcina Jorge says:

        Hi Cecille!

        Thank you so much for writing your experiences! It was such a blessing to me. I am also in perimenopause and am going through anxiety and emotional symptoms that are scary sometimes.
        I have been doing what you suggested as well: praying constantly (God must be so tired of me I think but I know in His promises, He loves that I go to Him), seeing a naturopath and taking more holistic approaches, eating a a healthier diet and including exercise. My husband is also super supportive. Thank God for him as he is a blessing.
        God is so good to us and I just focus on his promises and unconditional love and grace.
        Blessings to you and everyone else on this forum sharing your hearts. Proverbs 31 has been a huge blessing to me.

  5. I have been overwhelmed with medically ill parents for the past 7 years. This study would be helpful. Thank you!

    • You are not alone, Amy M! Trying to manage my mom from afar who is battling early Alzheimers. I cry myself to sleep many nights, just overthinking myself. <3

    • Caring for elderly or ill parents is a huge source of overwhelm! I pray you get the support and rest you both need during this time.

    • Im in the same boat with being both the parents’ caregiver; fulltime for over 4 years now. Advise; Prayer, take it one day at a time, and the MOST important thing to do is be firmly intentional and adamant about taking care of YOU on a daily basis. Don’t let yourself get lost in the serving others trap. Ive done that till it broke me down way too many times myself, and am determined this time to pay attention to ME in this circumstance! ((((Hugs))))

  6. I really need to read this book. My job is bursting at the seams with seemingly never-ending responsibilities. I’m losing control of my house. I’m so tired when I come in from work that my housework is backing up on me. I would be grateful for a copy of your book. I think it might really help me. Thank you for considering my request, and God bless you!!

    • Please give Jane a book. I can always buy one.

    • I’m there with you Jane! I just keep trying to remember what is really important, keep those things a priority, and know that I will eventually get time for the rest. We were never meant to carry the world on our shoulders. The Lord’s shoulders are plenty big and broad enough to carry all our burdens …. and He will take care of us!

    • Sherry Saylor says:

      I understand — I’m right there with you too! And – we are looking at the possibility of moving in the near future. I have started setting a timer for 15-30 min. – whatever time I feel I can spare and I pick a task and tackle what I can in that amount of time. It really has made a difference. It has helped me feel a little more in control of what I can control right now too. Blessings to you and Prayers being sent your way!!!

  7. LaSonja Hagans says:

    This devotion was right on time!


    ‘don’t start comparing your capacity to hers’. Great! He who compares herself with another is not wise. God bless you

  9. Jodie McCarron says:

    I could really use this book. As could my daughter. We are really going through a stressful,almost defeating situation. We are trying to build a good relationship with each other, unemployment, awful living conditions. But if I remember where to go it makes it easier. God bless you for the article, even if I don’t get a book, the article makes it easier to know that others feel I do and it doesn’t make me a bad Christian or person.

  10. Leilani Weaver says:

    What perfect timing for your devotional and paired scripture! Just what I needed, a reminder that I am not alone when I am overwhelmed. Sometimes it is easy to forget!

  11. Kelly Taylor says:

    Tks <333

  12. In case this puts anyone else in check like it did me….the other day my 14 year old son, in all his infinite wisdom tells me, “you know mom, sometimes I think you want to be the pitcher when God just needs you to be the tea cup”. Still can’t stop thinking about it!

  13. Corena Hall says:

    The more I read and remember the Names of God I realize that like His Word His names are meant for me to cling to that aspect of God that I need to. I am struggling with the season to come because of the season I am still recovering from. Adonai the all sufficient One comes easily to my lips in prayer. I’ve discovered that praise eases my overwhelming and allows others to see God’s hand over my life. I pray for strength to adopt this continually and remember He is God over all.

  14. I needed to read this tonight! Thank you!

  15. I could sure use this book!!!

  16. Charlie Kurkjian says:

    Thank you for this devotion. Many times my family looks to me to take care of things. After battling depression I realized I had to back off and let things happen.
    God is in Control, Trust Him and Wait on Him as you do your Best.

  17. Reading this devotional at almost 3am in the morning was just what I needed.I had gotten so overwhelmed that it manifested in my dream (dreaming of waking up so late that I couldn’t make it to my new job) and in reality (waking so early that I can’t fall back asleep)
    Thank you for the gentle reminder to give it all to God

  18. Connie Conrad says:

    Today’s encouragement was perfect for me. We get anxious and don’t even realize it. With God, we are never alone.

  19. Julie C.S says:

    As a mom of four (fifth on its way), home school mom of three different grade levels, and working around my husband’s new work schedule which changes our schedule, I’m overwhelmed almost everyday. I accidentally clicked on my homepage button instead of the article I was trying to finish reading. I guess it was God’s way of reminding me too breathe and rest in Him. So Thank you for writing this devotional.

    • I can totally relate. I’ve been in your situation before. My season of life includes kiddos still at home plus grandkiddos too. I love them all, but even after all these years, I still find myself at the place of being overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. Just this morning I was praying while hurrying through the shower and hurrying to get dressed that God would help me to let Him set my schedule for today. For Him to give me wisdom to know what things have to be done and what things can wait. I asked God to help me notice the blessings in little things today. And He’s already begun answering. The kids are playing while I’m having my “quiet time” and they’re singing “There is Power in the Name of Jesus.” Oh how we need to listen and learn from our children sometimes! The power to get through each day rests in Jesus alone. You’ll make it through. Cling to the One who is holding you.

  20. Thank you so much for these incredible and inspiring readings each day. They are so relatable and bring joy and hope to me each morning!

  21. I would really enjoy getting this book. Right now I am so overwhelmed with so many things.

  22. I thank u so much for these daily devotions. They have been a blessing in my life. I usually read them in the evening before bed when I have some quite time to myself. They r so helpful & I love the spiritual guidance in my life. Thanks again. I look forward to reading them each evening. They bring peace into my life.

  23. This was very timely for me. I spent the weekend helping my good friend cope with some unimaginable stress and then returned home to find myself facing overwhelm as well. Always good to be reminded that God wants to help us bear these burdens and will provide ways to do that. Thanks <3

  24. Tunde Szabo says:

    It’s good to be reminded that God is in control. I’m not looking forward to the next two months, stress about it, but must trust God and see Him do the impossible. Thank you

  25. Bridget Sangfield says:

    It’s 339am and I needed to read uplifting and encouraging words. I needed to read that everything would be ok. See, I am a 54 year old college student..classes started yesterday and today I will walk back into a class that I withdrew (actually, my instructor withdrew me along with 70% of his class) from last semester-Biology. I almost tried to compare myself to my much younger classmates..there was no comparison..those young brains and I were in different ballparks. I studied my butt off and literally stressed myself into a nervous frenzy (which lead to an emergency doctors appointment)..I actually, stressed myself so bad, I made myself sick.
    I have prayed for guidance to just calm the hectic that I feel that’s going on inside my skin, I prayed for a good read that reassured me ..that it’s going to be ok. .and through prayer, I know ….it will be ok, one way or another. I know I gave it a great try last semester and I refuse to give up on this nerve wrecking class. I refuse to lose sleep and/or stress over it.
    Thank you for today’s awesome read. Just what I needed to pick me up.
    Have a spirit filled and amazing New Year. And thanks in advance for my winning copy of OVERWHELMED!
    Blessings to your team!

    • Congratulations, Bridget, on your college enrollment. I too was the oldest in my college classes (even older than the professors!). Your younger colleagues may be quicker studies, but–trust me–you bring wisdom to class that they lack.

      I remember one tough exam. The two 18-year-olds beside me whined, “the questions weren’t anything like the book!”

      “In real life,” I answered, “the questions are never like the textbook.” You and I have God’s Book of Wisdom, Bridget. Better than every textbook. “We have the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16).

    • You are courageous!

    • What courage that you have Bridget to go back to school. I’m 55 and went back to school about 8 years ago. When I first started college, my dad went back to school and was in some of my classes. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. Jennifer Oliveira says:

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.

  27. Alyssa Lightner says:

    Im an educator/coach at a pretty tough elementary school, overwhelmed has been the story of my life it seems for the last few days! Thank you for the awesome honest tips you have given-and also for showing me that I’m not alone in my fear and struggles!

  28. Elayne Goodman says:

    This devotional was an inspiration. I tend to stress over things that don’t make any difference to anyone other than me. This book sounds like a good resource.

  29. Julie Devins says:

    2:30 am..awake reading this and coming
    To conclusion I was meant to. In an overwhelming place in life, needing to sell house, move, & not sure where.
    Need help and to rely on it coming.
    Frightened, but less so because of your words. He really will provide.

  30. Addie Griffin says:

    I just love today’s devotion, this is something I often battle with, I like talk to God before overwhelm comes, not in the midst of. He is concerned with every part of us, its nice when we actually remember to go to Him, before the problem festers.

    • Addie…your comment really resonates with me. Too often I wait until I’m in the middle of overwhelm to take it to God. Great reminder for me to talk with Him before overwhelm happens.

  31. Karen Julian says:

    Thank You!

  32. Life can be overwhelming. Wonder if that is the enemy’s plan to get us derailed

  33. SYLVIA TUCKER says:

    I’m currently in a season of overwhelming events but thank God that I’m reminded through what you have shared and more importantly scripture, that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness! ..

  34. I too feel overwhelmed. Everything you said in this post is me!! I’m going to work hard to abide by your wisdom. I am scared but with baby steps it will be ok

  35. Laurie Wold says:

    Hello ? First, thank you for the opportunity of receiving your book as a blessing.
    I am currently overwhelmed, anxious & sad. ( My joy that comes only from belonging to God is still intact!)
    God’s blessing upon you!
    Laurie ?

  36. Great devotion! I’m up reading this at 4am worrying about bills,and my children..as a single parent we try to do things on our own forgetting that God has our back…thanks

    • jakinda, Prayed for you after reading your reply. God does have your back…praying He shows you how He is going to take care of those bills this month, and how He is there for your precious children. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Praying for you today!

  37. Thank you for helping me

  38. Sonya Love-Smith says:

    My plate is huge, most of the times I can handle a lotime without much problem…struggling now to handle anything with sending one if my daughter’s away for help. My plate has shrunk & I don’t like it. Yet, God is still with me, daily…hourly. I am blessed, overwhelmed but blessed. I’m going to eat ice cream now!

  39. Umeika Stephens says:

    Such a timely wors especially after a day where I went to 2 meetings at the wrong time and completely forgot another.

  40. Cathy James says:

    Being overwhelmed on projects I dearly love is such a frequent problem that I have. I’m so thankful for this devotion and these words that quite my mind and remind me to “let go and let God”. Thank you!

  41. Marsha tennant says:

    Thank you for reminding me to cast my cares, step back and trust God’s GRACE!

  42. Stephanie says:

    Everyday is overwhelming!

  43. Guyla Gregory says:

    He is the only one that can calm me!

  44. Robine Morrison says:

    I struggle with being overwhelmed constantly and so does my daughter. If I don’t win I will still look for the book because it would be good for the both of us.

  45. I would love to learn more how to live my life not in an overwhelmed manner but in treasuring every moment. Time flies by and I do not want to look back and just remember the overwhelming moments. I want to learn how to to rejoice always- in blessings and trials- just like the Word tells us.

  46. Thank you Father God for providing a word of comfort for my heart. A blessing you are providing encouragement to so many.

  47. Lola Chenault says:

    Thank you for the article

  48. Thank you for sharing this post. Lately, I have felt overwhelmed with embarking on unfamiliar territory. We became empty nesters and will soon be making another military move(without our 19 and 21 yr old), I’m finishing my Masters Degree, and unfortunately relatives drama affecting our family of four. Both our children our trying to figure out what path to take as they contemplate military, nursing, and college paths. I hope we have prepared them as supportive, Christian parents, and wonder how I can make a difference from afar when they need me. I pray to give these overwhelming thoughts and feelings and believe that I will receive peace beyond understanding. Again, thank you for this much needed post.

  49. Thank you for sharing this devotional. It is a daily struggle that we all go through. I would love to win a copy of your book to share with my daughter.

  50. Vicki Hill says:

    I have had a challenge with anxiety attacks for about 10 years. While there have been times along this journey that i have seen improvements, I’ve had down times ,as well. Christian counseling has been effective equipping me with strategies. I refuse to allow Satan to have victory over my mind!

  51. Elizabeth Koh says:

    Thank you for your words of assurance. My daughter just told us that she may want to drop out of Law school. She is on a scholarship from the university. I feel very helpless and I do not know how and what to say. I am torn between being supportive or trying to push her to perservere. Will lay my burdens at the foot of the cross.

  52. The story really resonated with me and I hope that I am one of the people that gets to read and follow the book to be able to trust God rather than my own capabilities.
    God bless you!

  53. Life can be easily overwhelming. I just have to stop take a breath and ask God what to do next. This is hard for me to do because I feel I can do it on my own or he’s to busy to listen to me. I need to remember we serve a big God who loves and cares for us and our emotional and spiritual wellbeing are important to him.

  54. Sheena Strudwick says:

    Usually I would withdraw, but now I am trying harder to remember that Jesus is always with me and have everything under control. Then I look back and see His hand at work

  55. Amy McGough says:

    Thank you for your daily inspirations. I often feel overwhelmed between home, work, church, friends, and the only me moments I seem to have are in the bathroom at 4:30 in the morning when I try to read your blog. it helps me to try to start my day on the right path.

  56. That prayer wraps it up – remind me to take all my emotions, thoughts, blessings, and burdens to Him.

  57. I really needed this, sometimes I get overwhelmed with al the “to do’s” and forget who is charge and leading my life.

  58. Kimberly Eagleson says:

    Very appropriate words this morning. Thank you!

  59. Diane Kepic says:

    I would love to win your book!!!

  60. This s lesson I still struggle with much of the time. It goes against my very grain to let loose of problems and tasks and turn it all over to God. However, he never fails me! Letting go of control is so very difficult for me. Forgive me, Lord God!

  61. How on time was this? Very much on time. Day 4 of being snow/icebound in NC with 3 kids(8-4-3) at home. As I wrestled with having to and attend to the high demand of three out of school for the day kids. Needless to say I ended my day totally burned out and overwhelmed asking God what am I doing wrong here? He answers prayer bc in less than 24 hours I awaken to see this devotion in my inbox “What to do when you are Overwhelmed “. Thank you and may heaven continue to smile upon you

  62. Ravonna R. says:

    I always think I’m doing soooo great. Then, when I just can’t comprehend Gods answer, I immediately go back to that old feeling of just wanting to run away. To just give up. Having clinical depression doesn’t help. God, please forgive me, but I am so disappointed.

  63. Anise Braggs says:

    This devotional could not have come at a perfect time. As I type, I am up at 4 am overwhelmed.

    We recently adopted two girls that made us a family of 8. After successfully running a business for 6 years, I realized I could not manage my growing business and family at the same time. My heart was at home. So, today is the last day and I will be home.

    My father has stage 4 cancer that he is fighting, but is losing the battle and will to fight. I am overwhelmed.

    Your post reminded me that thia battle is not mine and that although I have a large plate, I was not meant to carry it alone.

    Thank you.

  64. Overwhelmed- that’s me in a nutshell. Continuing my journey of learning to – Let go & Let God. Would love to win a copy of the book.

  65. Jennifer Simms says:

    This is just what I needed this morning. I have taken on some extra responsabilities and am starting to feel overwhelmed. Thamk you for reminding me that God has me covered and to look to Him in thoses moments of panic and stress!

  66. Reading about others struggles reminds me that I’m not the only one with the same problems.
    I’ve got to quickly hand over my problems to God.
    I’m not the one in Control
    Jesus please let me realize this
    Let go and let God

  67. Perfectly timed message as I lay here in the middle of the night, overwhelmed by all the things I need to do. Letting go and trusting in God’s plan is something I struggle with very deeply. I pray God give me pace in the middle of my storm so that I may see His will in all that I do.

  68. Patricia Floro says:

    I have been feeling very overwhelmed and was just praying (again) about it just a few minutes before I read this. My new job has been changed from what it started out to be, to something completely different, I have an elderly, emotionally draining friend who is relying on me more and more, I have a daughter and her two little ones, their 2 dogs and all of their furniture, living with me for what was to be a few weeks which is now an undetermined amount of time. Usually I try to power through, but all of this together with several other smaller issues is draining me dry. Thank you for this message. It was Gods perfect timing.

  69. Heather Ball says:

    Wow!! I was just thinking about this verse last night and here it is! ❤️
    Coincidence? I think not! ??

    I don’t particularly like talking about my past… but it is a large part of my testimony. My
    Heart starts beating like crazy, my ears start burning, and I feel like I either need to throw up or pass out. Then I cry… everytime.
    But I know that I can do all things though Christ who strengthens me. ?? So I take a deep breath and let the words fall out. If my pain and struggles and how GOD has delivered me from that can honor him and help someone else then I will continue to press on and tell of my many weaknesses.

  70. Praying more would help and except help when it’s offered . I like what you said about the different temperaments God has given us . I had never thought of that before. Maybe that is a strength they had been gifted with where I’m gifted with a different strength.

  71. I desperately need this in my life and would LOVE to win!

  72. Dawndra Weston says:

    Overwhelmed? Yes! Thanks for your welcoming words!!!

  73. Thank you for this timely reminder! I find myself fussing with issues and events until I remember God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit are with me and in me-I only need to ask for His help and guidance.

  74. Elizabeth Nace says:

    This was perfect today. I tend to overwhelm more easily, and so this was exactly what I needed. I liked what you said about the plates. Thank you!!!

  75. I think I can only handle a small plate but I usually take on a large one. I definitely needed this today. Thank you for this message!

  76. So many truths in this that really spoke to my heart. I find that I overwhelm easily and compare myself to others. I have a friend who is already making plans for next Christmas and I am over here trying to make it to the weekend. Our plates are just different and I should not compare.

  77. This was EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now! I have been feeling like my list of things I have to do is crushing me! (and I stress “I”) Thank you for this great perspective and reminder that there is flexibility and help, but most of all, God has made the provisions for his plans.

  78. Nicki Peoples says:

    This book sounds perfect for me, especially in this season of my life when lots of things may be changing!

  79. Nancy Wiebel says:

    This would be such a blessing for me to receive. Thank you for the opportunity!

  80. Karen Van Lenten says:

    Thank you for this encouragement today! My daughter just got engaged and might be getting married this summer! Between work, home and now the extra of planning a wedding it was wonderful to wake up to read this.

  81. Nancy Wiebel says:

    This would be such a blessing to rceive. Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. Thank you for this book.

  83. Tracy L. Johnson says:

    I am constantly feeling overwhelmed. As a Church Administrator, I receive a humble salary, however, it’s barely enough to make ends meet as I struggle to pay the bills. I came home yesterday to an eviction notice because I haven’t yet paid my rent. I prayed, off and on all night, begging God to be my source, my strength and refuge. I just wanted my loved ones to have a good Christmas so I splurged a little – nothing big, but I wanted my 3 kids and my closest friends to feel loved.
    It’s 5:23 a.m. and I searched for a word that would give me peace, hope and encouragement and this devotion did. I trust God with EVERYTHING that I have and to provide me with EVERYTHING I need. I pray that my employer will advance my pay today and that the landlord won’t evict me. As I read your story, I was comforted in knowing that God knows All, sees All and can work in All things for the good of those who love the Lord. Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully, one day soon, I can share mine and boast about the goodness of God. God bless you!

  84. I am going through a potential job change in the near future and that has me wondering, wondering if this new
    job is for me. Will I be satisfied with this new job? Is this God’s will? So many questions and concerns.
    1 Peter 5:7 …Cast ALL your anxiety on him, because he cares for you. What a comfort to hear this!!

  85. Love this prayer you learned to pray:
    Father, let me take every thought and emotion, blessing or burden, directly to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
    Practice trusting God more deeply before overwhelm sets in.
    1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV) Love today’s truth. t.

  86. Fonda Manwell says:

    Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you

  87. Nicale Pomerleau says:

    The devotional about being overwhelmed really hit me today! I could totally relate! Would love to get this book!

  88. Penny Foster says:

    Thank you for this daily devotional. It is just what I needed to read upon waking up this morning. Your book would be a blessing to me.

    Thank you.

  89. As i lie here at 5:19am having made the decision just earlier today to call my boss and tell her i was taking ten days off, i got todays Godvine topic of Overwhelmed. The reason i found a college woman to work in my place the next ten days was THAT word. Nothing eventful happened, an accumulation of people whom i love having needs i cannot meet. Will ten days help me? A year is what i would like! But ten days it is to de-plug IF i can do it without worry about my daughter’s safety, my uncle presently dying in hospice, my 86yr old mom being okay, my money lasting through ten days, not checking e-mails, reading texts, canceling the 5 appointments i had this week, telling my friend i cannot take his cat to the vet, not returning calls from friends and family during the reprieve, staying off all social media, disappointin my 85yr old friend who asks me to visit this weekend, disappointing my friend who asked me to see her new home….. I am overwhelmed at what i have to do to get and take just a week off to be with God and me. I had a stressful vacation in September for 5 days with a sister with mental illness. Other than that i live my life daily with our Lord hour by hour. I still struggle. I live alone at the age of 56 and battle health normal issues. I love my job. I love my time alone with myself re-grouping. I love people. Why am i slowly wanting to retreat into longer and longer time alone with Jesus. This is life and i want to freeze it until i feel energy, strength, loss unwanted extra weight, figure out why i am so tired. So tired.

  90. Heather W says:

    Thank you this message! I needed this as I start my last set of graduate classes. Being a wife, mom, having a full time job and doing graduate work, I pray daily God helps me balance all these responsibilities and not get overwhelmed. B

  91. I would like a copy of this book to share with a dear friend. We both are overwhelmed by life challenges and I know the book will help us let go and let God. Thanks and God bless!

  92. Susan Kuhns says:

    This devotional was awesome, these seem to speak to me at the right time. God is wonderful like that.

  93. This book would be perfect for what is happenibg in my life right now.

  94. Katerina Parpa says:

    What a wonderful devotional today. Thank you for your honesty and simplicity in explaining certain things and giving practical guidance. I would love to win the book since I also work in ministry and am often overwhelmed with all the responsibility that God has entrusted me with, even though I am so grateful that He continuously strengthens me where I may feel weak and continuously brings the right people into my path to help me accomplish my tasks. I hope to win the book, but more so I pray that if anyone out there who has requested for the free book and needs it more than me, I pray that they will win it. Blessings

    • Katerina i believe we are sisters in Christ. I too want people who really need book to get it before me. Reading just your comment is life lifting itself to know there are women, so many women who care for each other and struggle with being overwhelmed. Drink the living waters before you thirst. Peace to your weary mind.

  95. This was definitely an on-time word! Just before I read today’s devotion, I was once again wide awake trying to figure out how to make ends meet (which bills to pay now and which ones would have to wait). Adding to my stress is that my washing machine broke down the other day. Thank you for this reminder that I’m not in this alone and I can cast my cares on God.

  96. Rita Agamennone Meeker says:

    I so need this book. My life is going in a million directions

  97. Thank you for sharing this article!

  98. Heather Hauger says:

    Great to read this morning! Thank you! Love the part about not comparing our plates! I do that so often…I’ll be in a good place, balancing life nicely, then look at my friend who is doing “way more” and think I’m not doing enough. Going to remember now what kind of plate Gods given me!

  99. Rita Agamennone Meeker says:

    My life is going in a million directions, I so could use this book

  100. Amber Vincent says:

    Thank you so much for your inspiring post. I can become overwhelmed so easily and I tend to forget that I am not alone. Thanks again for your encouraging plan.

  101. Just yesterday I was rattling off my prayers and praises to God. It was such a relief to give them to Him!

  102. Thank you for the reminder that all-knowing God made us all different in all different ways. Sure we all look different, talk different, have different opinions, etc. But I needed to be reminded that even our brink of feeling overwhelmed is different. To compare myself to others just adds to the feeling of inadequacy that feeling overwhelmed already gives me. Thank you for these insightful thoughts that you share with others!

  103. Lesley pratley says:

    Hi I have been very inspired by this article, really lovely encouraging words of hope and peace. After losing my husband at 43 from a rare disease 13 years ago I had to learn to say yes to people’s help. And The Lord has truly been my shepherd and still is. He blesses my life daily and it always surprises me of his goodness and love for me and my family who are all unsaved. But when there are problems they come to me for strength now and that is what God has done for me to make me stronger in him alone.

  104. Candice Upmeyer says:

    I loved this. I often feel overwhelmed with everything to
    Do in an ordinary day. I wrote this versus down and will put somewhere I can look at it. Like on the sun visor.

  105. Good morning and God bless all of you!!

    That’s me yesterday!! Many things to get done ,but thanks to my beloved God who helped me to go through the day…today I’m feeling better! I asked please Father let me sleep and he did!! Getting ready to go to work and be a blessing to others and of course asking Him to keep me calm ,and do things in an orderly manner.

    Have a blessed day holly people?

  106. Michelle K says:

    Chaos running amuck currently.

  107. JuliAnn Butler Green says:

    I thank you in advance for the opportunity.

  108. Christine Carney says:

    This couldn’t have been more timely! My salad plate is full and I need to take care of myself. Thank you.

  109. Keeping it real! THANK you, Never Thought About THE Different Size plates. Some days I feel like I have a saucer and others a platter!

  110. This devotion came at the perfect time! I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and wondering what I can handle more like my friend does. Thank you for this devotion!

  111. Liz Rodriguez says:

    Overwhelmed with my emotions & nothing but negativity. This came at the right time. Thanks!

  112. Dawn Hahn says:

    Thanks so much for writing this article!

  113. I so need this book. Both me and my husband have been off work on medical leave. Our 33 year old daughter was married in January and had her first child while I was recovering from major back surgery. She is upset with me for the timing and being “ugly”. I don’t know how to cope so she can see Christ at work in me.

  114. As a teacher I have this feeling often. Thank you for the questions to guide me through not being strew out!

  115. Julia Littley says:

    Perfevtly timed message for me today…God is good and able!

  116. Oh how so many Jesus-living girls like me need this book?! I’m a mother of a teenager & a newborn, & work a full-time job & a part-time job. I need to make time to read this book!

  117. Great post for those of us who are still learning about boundaries and the power of saying “no.”

  118. Beautiful and timely teaching this morning. God gave me a dessert plate….according to His design.

  119. Rachel Lane says:

    Thank you , this really helped me today.

  120. Just what I needed this morning! God is so mindful of our needs. I would love to win a copy of this book. I am in an overwhelming season of life.

  121. Karen Fletcher says:

    I am overwhelmed in a daily basis and I can already tell my 8 year old daughter has some of the same tendencies. We both need this.

  122. Alisha Wilbeck says:

    Thank you for being genuine about your struggles. I am battling anxiety. I worry soo much that I become physically ill. I am sure your book will help thousands of people!

  123. My plates have crashed down around me recently and I am struggling to get through each day. Thank you for a word that speaks straight to me.

  124. Definitely could benefit from controlling the chaos. Our lives are full of it (as I am sure is everyone else’s). I love the analogy of the plates. So important to remember that just like we are all different in shapes and sizes, our plate sizes are different too. God is an amazing God – he created us all different!

  125. Polly Tabor says:

    Exactly what I needed in the moment I needed it . Perfect timing from the Lord. This reminds me to take it to Him quickly. Thank you!

  126. Really like this devo. Great reminder and strategy for allowing God’s power to work rather than depending on self.

  127. Jennifer Onyeka Nmarkwe says:

    This write up is really amazing. I have been struggling with overwhelmed for a long time now especially with my leadership involvements coupled with being a final year student in a Nigerian University (all the projects and term papers…) and I never seem to measure up or get all the work done properly and on time and I decline help sometimes too plus I fail to tell them to God first. I did not even notice overwhelmed brings anxiety……thanks a lot, I will cast them all to Him from now on. But don’t you think to-do lists help sometimes?

  128. Karen Mahy says:

    Great devotional. My husband and I just came back from vacation. During that time, we had several moments that at first were inconvenient which turned to a blessing. One of the incidents was that the hotel overbooked their rooms, on he eve of the new year I rang in 2017 in a stairwell with all the luggage while my husband went to the reception desk asking why the room we were assigned had people in it already! By the time we were given a room it was past 2 am to once again the next morning be shifted to another room. Before we decided to repack and be redirected to our temporary home for the week, we decided to go on an excursion to release some frustration. We bumped into a sales man for the hotel next to us, and one hung led to another, we were given a free night at the much more luxurious resort plus we bought a time share at little to no cost for the family. Sometimes God places a temporary hiccup to open that door for the blessing to be even more beautiful.

  129. Terrie Delbridge says:

    Thank you so much for this reminder that God is in the midst of my chaos! I just started another semester of school for my Docterate in Nursing Practice. I will let God and only God direct my steps.

  130. One of my goals for the year is to prioritize, saying yes to the things God would have me say yes to and no to things that do not have lasting significance. When I get overwhelmed with what I am called to do, I am reminding myself that I am not doing anything in my own strength. That will be major for me this year and for the rest of my life.

  131. Jennifer Frasure says:

    Would love a copy!

  132. Really needed this, particularly this morning. Thank you!

  133. Martha Miller says:

    I live alone and I’m making a move from Florida to North Carolina in the early summer. I am quite overwhelmed with the financial aspects and logistics of the move as well as finding a new job as a senior citizen. You know, one that pays enough to cover current bills. Please be in prayer with me about this.

  134. I love today’s note. It is so encouraging that I am not the only one who tries to “handle everything” until I get completely overwhelmed and almost shut down. At that point I always start to remember that I can ask for help and turn it over to God. I needed this message today. Thank you!

  135. I would love a new book!

  136. Sandra Nicholson says:

    I would love to win..I teach adult ladies at church and will be utilizing information to help them reduce being over whelmed…

  137. I sure overwhelm easy, being a new mother and wife. This was very inspiring! Just what I needed to hear. My husband and I are going to walk through major changes soon and we both are super overwhelmed. This is a reminder about casting our anxiety onto the Lord and how to organize our lives!!

  138. Dale Hayes says:

    God always had exactly what I need set up for me every Morning as I read & pray This really encouraged me to do more reading & studying God’s word
    Had never heard of Kathi Lipp
    But am so grateful I stumbled up on your encouragement today
    May God continue to use you

  139. Charon Pinard says:

    Thank you! In the wee hours of the morning, when sleep escapes me, I find comfort from your devotions.

  140. Melissa Ralston-Wynn says:

    Praise the Lord,our helper and comforter.

  141. Naomi bickerdike says:

    Thank you for the reminder of Gods love and grace – he is enough!

  142. Melissa Little says:

    I would love a copy of the book to help me in my chaotic life!! Thank you for sharing inspiration!

  143. Just what I needed today!

  144. RUTH BEEGLES says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today!

  145. Overwhelmed?

  146. What a great devotions@proverbs31.org!
    Would love to read your book,sounds very helpful on handling life .

  147. Thank you for this article!!!! I’m the tiny saucer. I feel like I do a lot in our household, but also get overwhelmed way too easy. Everything I’ve read says to do abc, try harder, etc. refreshing to know this is how God made me, and I have to trust and rely on him more than others to get through life. Would love to read this book!

  148. Genia Wayne says:

    Lately God seems to be speaking to me about anxiety—through sermons, devotions, etc. I long to release my worries and trust Him fully. This book would be such a blessing!

  149. WOW! I really needed this today. What your shared was really helpful. Thank you and God bless.

  150. Stacy Lewis says:

    When I opened this devotion this morning I had to smile. God is so faithful. Just last night I was saying how overwhelmed I was. In July, we welcomed home our 4th child. He was most definitely an unexpected blessing, but after 51/2 months I am beginning to feel the lack of sleep and constant stack of laundry, dishes, meals, grocery lists and all the while homeschooling my older three daughters; 5,7 and 9. I have reminded friends many times of I Corinthians 12:9, but last night i did not during my own overwhelmed moment. Thank you for reminding me of it this morning. I am thankful God placed this message on your heart this very day. Thanks for proclaiming The Truth!!

  151. Lorie Gordon says:

    I never leave comments, but I just had to thank you for the example of “plates” in your devotional today. I am definitely not a “Turkey platter” and that is ok because God did not make me one when He was at the potters wheel. 🙂

    Thank you for being willing to be used by God to bless and encourage others.

  152. Kristen Lester says:

    I recognize that I function on a salad plate. I see the different “plates” in my daughters. I also recognize that I have compared myself to other,especially other sisters in Christ and I am guilty of powering thru and the chaos in sued and st times, has stolen my blessings. What a blessed reminder that I am who God made me to be for His purpose. I don’t need to suffer from “plate envy!”

  153. Since I’m up in the wee hours with tea overwhelmed with joining households, a perfect devotional and book.

  154. Tammye Barrow Moss says:

    I’m overwhelmed with medical issues..I go to God in prayer but my heart is still heavy…I have,blood clots in my left leg & 1 in each lung…my husband has decided he wants out of our 27 yr marriage & has been seeing a,women for 7 years..I had no idea…I was raised in church & I have been saved…thanks for considering me…

    • Kelly Robinson says:

      It can be in the darkest moments of our lives that God has the biggest blessings. I don’t know own you, but I’m so sorry you’re going through this and I’ll be praying for you. Just remember always pray, always trust, and don’t give in to the devil.

    • Hi Tammye. I read lots of others’ comments on here but for some reason felt I should stop at yours and respond. God loves you so much. Psalm 23 came to my mind: “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” (Vs 4) Have you thought about doing the Finding I Am bible study that Proverbs31 Ministries are doing? It might be a great way for you to unlock the truths of who God is and how you see your identity based upon His unchanging love for you. (I don’t work for Proverbs31 Ministries! 😉 ) If I win the book, you can have my copy. If I don’t win it, I would like to buy it for you as a small gift, just to remind you that you are special and precious, despite how your circumstances are making you feel right now. My email address is drhshires@yahoo.co.uk if you’d like to drop me an email with your address, and I’ll get it sent to you. Blessings and prayers from a fellow sister in Christ x

  155. Since I’m up in the wee hours overwhelmed by trying to join 2 households, a perfect devotional and new book.

  156. Kristen Lester says:

    I suffer from “place envy” This is a great reminder that comparing plates can steal our intended blessing. I need to see myself as my Father doesaid and do what He’s called me to do. I can rejoice with those who function on platters and rest in God’s goodness handling my own plate.

  157. Linda Avalon says:

    I am currently feeling overwhelmed in my senior years as a single. I love that this reminder came thru today
    to remind me that I am never alone. The part that was shared that God gave each of us a different temperament
    to equip us with His plan in our life was a gift of freedom to be me.
    The past 2 months have been agonizing thinking that I will have a lifetime of being alone. Embracing His word that His grace is sufficient…

  158. Natalie Howard says:

    This was a wonderful word for me today. Challenged me is so many ways. I am so thankful that I read it.

  159. Darla Cummins says:

    With all the roles I play in life, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Thanks for the well-written devotion. It’s what I needed to hear today.

  160. Kelly Robinson says:

    It’s so easy to become overwhelmed! Thank you for sharing your story.

  161. Kristen Lester says:

    I suffer from “plate envy” This is a great reminder that comparing plates can steal our intended blessing. I need to see myself as my Father does and do what He’s called me to do. I can rejoice with those who function on platters and rest in God’s goodness handling my own plate.

  162. Amen

  163. Kimberly Banewicz says:

    What a great topic to write about. It’s taken me many years to accept the fact that I get easily overwhelmed. I had to stop comparing myself to others who filled their schedules and embraced their busyness. I know I have no joy when I am overly busy so I had to learn to say no and trust God to dictate my schedule, realizing what I could and could not handle and what was a priority and what was not.

  164. Timely reminder, thank you. I am feeling rather overwhelmed having to support other family members who are all struggling at the moment, and at times I feel my own strength to deal with it is failing. I keep trying to remember that God equips me with all I need, and that the strength He gives me from above is enough for me to then be strong for others. At times of stress like this is it easy to then feel overwhelmed by all the little things, which wouldn’t normally bother me. Your book sounds great.

  165. Sherri Lazore says:

    Casting my cares on Him has been turning up in many of my devotional times. So thankful that He cares for us and never leaves us. Thankful for another reminder to cast my cares this morning.

  166. Oh this book would be such a blessing. I’m learning to cast my anxiety and it makes such a difference in how I function as a wife and mother.

  167. Thank you for today’a devotion; our daughter recently became engaged…let the fun begin!

  168. Thank you for your ministry and the words that so many of us need to be reminded of….

  169. Dianne Estabrooks says:

    Loved this devotional and the reminder that in the midst of our overwhelm, God gives us the strength and helps us to refocus on what’s important. I am 76 but still active and often feel overwhelmed with all I have to do, especially the need to continue to go through boxes of “stuff” as we downsized from a 4 bdrm home to a 2 bdrm apartment!!! However, one day at a time and with His strength, I can do it! Thank you for your inspirational
    and motivating devotional!!! I would love to read the book!

  170. Vivian Rios says:

    I need a daily commitment of bringing all to God! Daily reminder. Maybe I will set an alarm To remind me of so.

  171. Funny… I was thinking, this is not for me, as I read the subject line. But as I read, I realize I fall into these scenarios all the time. I should probably read the book!

  172. Thank you Kathy for this timely devotion. I enjoyed reading your analogy about dishes at an estate sale. I compare myself to others all the time. ~Lisa~

  173. I really need this!

  174. Heather Church says:

    I am often overwhelmed and have difficulty handling the worry and stress. I would love a copy of this book so I could turn it over to God more easily.

  175. Thank you for the plate analogy. I needed that today. I am going to share it with my sister. She will appreciate it too.

  176. Yannique richards says:

    Would really love this book

  177. Lisa Lansing says:

    I can so relate to this. I am recently divorced and get overwhelmed at all the tasks I need to get done. Trying to take each thing one at a time.

  178. Debra Taylor says:

    I would love to receive a copy of overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s just Jesus and me fighting to keep my head above water. This devotional has given me hope.

  179. Janie Pluenneke says:

    Help needed! Overwhelmed and burdened! Looking for help to defend the enemy!

  180. Dianne Jones says:

    Wonderful words for one whose first instinct when overwhelmed is to shut down.

  181. I found this most encouraging, as I often experience this feeling. Thank you!

  182. As I read the title of today’s thought I was excited! It is so easy to feel overwhelmed and to learn not only does everyone feel that way at times but how others deal with that feeling is encouraging. The analogy of the different sized plates makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing your insights!

  183. Rita Nzelle Njitone says:

    Indeed these messages have touched&blessed your life first,reason why the Holy Spirit uses them to do same and even more in the readers lives.Shalom

  184. I could use this book as a guidance,I would love to read it.

  185. Yesterday I had a full-blown meltdown from being overwhelmed with life. Thank you for the reminder and for the permission to stop comparing myself to others who handle things differently (dare I say better) than I.

  186. Life has been overwheming for months now, so this was a great encouragement to me this morning.

  187. I am constantly on the worry side I say I am going to give it to the Lord and sometimes I do but most of the time I take it back. My husband and I are raising 3 grandchildren from my son who is inca reared right now for child pornogogy. My biggest fear is since we didn’t have any intentions of raising 3 children in our retirement of having enough money. I constantly worry about that and drive myself and my husband crazy. But we only have so much so it is a issue however God has been so good to us in so many ways with these kids I could not begin to relay all the ways. But we are 68 and it is hard for us and my husbands health is not the best and there lies my biggest worry. I CANT live without him he is my reason for living. Thank you Philomena cavone

  188. Elizabeth says:

    Sounds like a wonderful read. Very applicable!

  189. April Miles says:

    Wow!!! This is such a powerful message to hear. I just went back into the classroom to teach after a year off and overwhelmed is exactly how I describe my life at the moment, yet God opened this wonderful door for me so I love the quote “practice trusting God more deeply before overwhelm sets in!!!”

  190. I recently had a baby and about a month later I got hit with postpartum depression and while the depression is well on its way to full recovery I’m still dealing with anxiety. this book would be a great resource to help with my anxiety.

  191. Kelly J Emery says:

    With my youngest daughter getting married the end of May, after dating 10 days before getting engaged (they have known each other 9 years and had dated previously)… I am feeling more than a little overwhelmed! Just what I needed to read this morning!

  192. Oh how I needed this today; thanks!

  193. Robin Davis says:

    I loved your plate analogy. Now I can stop comparing my life to others in the regards of work/hours, thank you!

  194. Karla Segelquist says:

    I think we are all overwhelmed at some point in our lives and I remember being overwhelmed many times as a young mother. I would read this book and pass it on! I love sharing books that bless me! May God continue to bless you all!

  195. Life can be so overwhelming at times, we have to have someone on the sideline such as yourself cheering us on with encouraging words to keep going. What a way to get my day started, I needed this! Thanks for sharing!

  196. I get overwhelmed very easily and then worry about every little thing. I come up with crazy ‘what ifs’ and drive those around me nuts. I have severe major depression and anxiety. I often fall into negativity cycles that are difficult to stop. This book sounds like it could help me some and I would love to have a copy. Please and thank you!

  197. Have to learn to truly give it to God and stop taking it back!

  198. Thank you for today’s devotion! I think I have a salad plate and I’m always looking at others (who must have turkey platters) and thinking “how are they so calm?”. I’m learning to appreciate the way God made me and pray before I panic : )

  199. Beverly Robinson says:

    I would love to have this book to read and share.

  200. As a school teacher, wife, & mother of a busy teen, I would absolutely love to read this book. The devotional was a blessing!

  201. I reached overwhelmed Sunday. I had to stop and reflect on the times God has provided in the midst of hard times in the past. Thanks for your encouraging devotion!

  202. You nailed it. I hadn’t realized just how overwhelmed I have felt since my husband went home to the Lord seven months ago. I’ve been in constant contact with the Lord and have had friends and family helping. I need to let God and others do more. Thank you for helping me to see. God Bless You!

  203. This was awesome! I so often tend to choose the turkey platter and do so much for others, which isn’t bad, but I end up neglecting doing things with family. I love serving others, I tend to do too much outside of the home and then I am burned out for my family. I want to continue to serve my church and friends, but I know I need to find balance in it all, not only for my own sanity,but mostly for my family.

  204. Thank you for this. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in life as a working mom with four kids and a husband. This was very insightful!

  205. Lea Foster says:

    Thank you for the powerful message.

  206. This is exactly what I needed to read today! I just started a new job which is 5 times harder then the one I left. I know I have the skills but am so overwhelmed. To remind me that everything is already mapped out by my father is amazing. I have been praying for peace and confidence but not really trusting that all will be fine. Thank you for this reminder, I will carry it in my mind and tap into it when I feel ready to quit.

  207. As a new teacher, overwhelmed is a given ?

  208. Help! I need this book desperately! Whether I win it or buy it, I am reading this book! I think I’ve been given a demitasse plate and am trying to live like it’s a turkey platter! Thank you so much for writing this ladies!

  209. What great perspective. I feel overwhelmed often in this life and always feel like there is something wrong with me that I can’t handle things better. Thank you for the plate analogy….perhaps I am just a salad plate and that’s okay. Thank you for these words of grace.

  210. Lisa Orlando says:

    I have a lot going on in my life and could really use a book like this to help me with these feelings of being overwhelmed! God Bless

  211. I LOVE the plate analogy – thank you! I forget this concept frequently. As a middle child, where fairness should abound, I struggle with the thought that I’m not as (insert adjective) as others and battle through the grip of comparison to maintain my joy. I need to gently be reminded that my plate is simply different. Thank you.

  212. This is SO needed! I used to let stressful situations just roll off my back like water off a duck and keep moving. It’d be a proud moment when my boss would mention that I was handling the stress well. Lately I’ve been paralyzed to the point of “well past due for a nervous breakdown”. It helps to be reminded that it’s going to be ok to let others help when they ask. It’s ok not to be perfect.

  213. A very timely message for me on a day when my salad plate feels like the whole turkey is on it. Thanks Kathi and P31, trusting God in the process to lead me.

  214. I feel lost in all the problems of my life, and so unhappy. I love my God but it looks like that he is still not forgiving me for my mistakes that I have done more than 20years ago.
    I just can’t move forward. He probably won’t forgive me since my faith is shaking and not praying like I should do.

  215. What an inspiring message amidst the chaos we live in every day!

  216. That was exactly what I needed this morning. I have been so overwhelmed with my new job I actually got sick from the stress yesterday! Thank you Lord for perfect timing. Would love to win this book!

  217. I woke up and prayed with this verse on my mind. It was wonderful to have a devotion to read with it this morning!

  218. Thank you! for today’s devotional. I am overwhelmed currently by deadlines as well as a home in bed of an overhaul organizationally. I will put into practice your three directions. I do trust that God will supply all of my need. God bless you!

  219. Mandy Hoffman says:

    Your devotions seem to come along right when I need them or to remind me of a bible verse. Thanks for sharing!

  220. Belinda Clark says:

    So loved reading this.

  221. Ruth Mwangangi says:

    This was a timely devotional for me this morning…thank you!

  222. I relate to feeling overwhelmed in the presence of a demanding to-do list (sometimes self-imposed)
    the desire to handle it like others seem to do without breaking a sweat
    the feelings of guilt that overcome me when I can’t measure up.

    I love your example of china and how each was made for certain amount like us.
    Thank you ?

  223. Last night I couldn’t sleep. My mind has been on 100% think about everything you have to tomorrow mode. This is a sweet reminder that I need to slow down and trust God. I can’t do it on my own. I’m not in control but I know the One who is so my anxiousness can be calmed knowing this truth.

  224. Barbara Husty says:

    This devotion is just what I needed today. After being downsized at work in October, dad was diagnosed with cancer & mom was too weak to care for him. I spent the holidays caring for both while worrying about finding gainful employment, dealing with grandkids, spending quality time with my husband, getting to doctors appointments, juggling home health visits, etc. Now that we are at a point where I can focus on my immediate need of employment I feel frozen and more overwhelmed than ever – the pressure is on! This devotion has given me pause to stop and ask God for his unfailing grace and guidance! Thank you for the reminder of all His promises!

  225. Mallory Allen says:

    That is a very unique perspective on feeling overwhelmed. I feel myself comparing others’ burdens or capacity to carry those burdens and feeling annoyed or angry. Thank you for these words!

  226. Thank you

  227. Sarah Fagan says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Everyone deals with juggling life differently.It is always nice to know you are not alone, God is with you, and so are many other sweet women!

  228. Thank for the inspiration today…applies to every aspect of life. Great reminders to let God in. Thank you!

  229. I feel emotional overwhelmed by things in my life as a single parent. I try to stay hopeful but it is family hard when you are doing everything by yourself. At times I get really sad because I’m an only child who lost both parents and I have no siblings and limited amount of supported people in my life.

  230. Carlene Nicholas says:

    Thank you for this message. It was very timely!

  231. Sara Jane Doubleday says:

    This message was so powerful for me. I love, love, love the plate analogy! I’m always comparing myself to others and rarely ask for help (it’s a sign of weakness). I’ll use the plate visual to help me see when I’ve piled in too much and remember to pray before I load myself up!

  232. Sounds like your book could breathe some fresh air back into my life. 🙂

  233. Brandi White says:

    Fantastic devotion. How much “easier” would it all be if we remember to start with God in all things. It’s so easy to look at someone else’s life and think of how much better their life seems to be going.

  234. I needed to read this..I am very overwhelmed due to my mothers health issues..I admit I am so stressed that I am taking it out on my family..thank you for shaing this devotion

  235. Marilyn Haynes says:

    I over-commit. I want to do it all–perfectly. The perfectly part can be overwhelming as well. Balance on your tiptoes and never spill your coffee!

  236. I received my Lord 2 months ago.My father just lost one of his sisters and sadly to say he’s about to lose another that is gravely ill. It is overwhelming when I feel I have so much to deal with at once. It’s not an easy task in life.I get so lost in all my overwhelm I cry take deep breaths. And pray. Over whelming for me is an every fight to stay above the waters. Just want to learn more, know the God is with me through these times of trials.

  237. Priscilla Micetich says:

    This sounds like a great book.

  238. This really resonated with me! I realized that I have a tiny saucer for my capacity for stress. I get overwhelmed very quickly. Thanks for this simple but important reminder that God has it all under control.

  239. Ugh….this book was written for me….
    Help, I need that constant reminder. I slip back into overwhelm mode too easily lately.

  240. Carol L Kochey says:

    Wwould love to get a copy of his book.

  241. I am sure that this blesses many women but it does more than bless me! Yesterday I had a major panic attack that literally knocked me off my feet, and my 3 young daughters found me grasping for breath on the kitchen floor. Thankfully, my oldest daughter, 8 years old, called my husband who rushed home, and called my best friend who speed over but stayed on the phone praying until my breathing pattern resumed to normal. After packing the girls things up to stay overnight with her family, she and my husband reminded me that it’s okay to feel weak but to remember the necessary steps to avoid becoming overwhelmed. This devotional completely puts things into perspective for me. I am so grateful that God always has an on time word for me! I will be purchasing this book today!!

  242. Melissa Wilkerson says:

    Overwhelmed is the story of my life! I need to learn to give it all to Him and not let the stress of life get to me so much!

  243. I can do relate to this. I am learning to trust in God more during times of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

  244. Suzanne Erwin says:

    We are in the process of beginning a ministry for women to help in their journey with addiction. This article spoke to me as monies are short for the nonprofit as well as home. Daily I give this over trusting and staying in the word. Articles like this are encouraging to stay the course. I would love a copy for the nonprofit to share with others. Blessings….Sue

  245. marilyn H says:

    I know it was God this morning who sent me to my email before I started working .He knew this message “overwhelm ” was I just want to thank you for this ,and most of all Thank God for leading me here. It was not the same problem but regardless I was overwhelm. And it just made aware that all I have to do is just give it to him and he will fix it .So I have and I am feeling the relief . Thanks so much for encouraging message.

  246. Trina Smith says:

    I enjoy reading proverbs 31 to my 13 year old

  247. Kara Lankford says:

    God has amazing timing in feeding me His word. So much is happening at work and overwhelming describes the time to a tee.

  248. Penny ogilie says:

    I sooo needed this devotion today…the “to do’s” of the next several weeks seem overwhelming. God’s timing is perfect!!

  249. Amber Reiter says:

    Would love a copy. Great devotional. thanks!

  250. I so needed this today!

  251. I would love a to win a copy and be able to deal better with my stressful schedule. Thank you!!

  252. Stephanie B. says:

    Just what I needed today to deal with a difficult family situation.
    Thank you!!

  253. Terri Lee says:

    Hoping to find out the size of my plate. Is it possible that it might grow smaller as we age? How many different foods fit? This book sounds like a rope being thrown out. Thank you.

  254. Cherie Riffel says:

    This was a much needed Devotion for me today, and really spoke to me. I am a Pastor’s wife, and I am going to Bible College, (Nazarene Bible College, online) for Counselling for Christian Ministries. My husband Pastors a Church that had almost closed it’s doors. God is truly Blessing. I have so much on my plate, and I so feel overwhelm!!! I want to give all to God and let Him guide and direct me daily. Thank You for this timely needed help. God Bless You!

  255. I so needed to hear this today. Im a widow of 8yrs We have 2 sons, yes Its very busy and yes Im struggling everyday and to pay the bills. But I know he has a wonderful plan for us 3. Thank you for your words this morning!! God Bless!!

  256. “Overwhelmed” is a word I’ve been hearing a lot in my own vocabulary lately.

  257. I would love one!!

  258. Brittney Beiler says:

    I love these devotions. Ever feel like God is giving you what you need exactly when you need it? 🙂

  259. Dana Clark says:

    Hi! I am blessed today by reading this devotion. The analogy used to measure ones overwhelm tolerance was perfect. I believe I would have the tiniest plate available, but I’ve been reminded (again) God has got this!!
    Blessings to you and yours today and always.

  260. Jon Farris says:

    Today’s devotional hit me right where I am today. I begin my internship for my masterse degree next Monday. With all the personal life demands and a final class starting in 8 weeks, I am feeling overwhelmed. Thank you.

  261. Bethany Marker says:

    What a great reminder and encouragement! It is so easy to get wrapped up in stress. When our hearts are overwhelmed, may we be led to the rock that is higher than I.

  262. Jessi Stucke says:

    I was just thinking about how I was going to ask my prayer group to pray that I’ll get some energy and motivation so I can do all the things I need to do, and other things I want to do. But ultimately I’m wanting to be able to do everything and I know I just don’t have it in me – I don’t have the dinner plate 🙂 I’m going to make a list and start filtering through to decide what’s most important.

  263. Thank you for this devotional today, I really needed to hear this today.

  264. Thank you for reminding me that perfectio and busyness are my enemy. It is so challenging balancing all aspects of life some days. Especially when pride keeps me from leaning on the King of the Universe for help.

  265. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s devotion. After I read, I began to reflect on the times I was faced with something insurmountable, but then I remembered that I serve a God who is bigger than my problems, my pain, my circumstances, my doubts, and my fears. It is in these times God can truly show that He is true to His word. He promised never to put more on us than we can bear. I’ve learned that God loves to stretch and strengthen us. He loves to show us what we a truly capable of. Our job is to trust Him, and he will show us great and mighty things. Thank you so much for this devotion.

  266. Thank you for sharing this!

  267. mel walker says:

    That one word is my exact situation at this time – Overwhelmed. Today is the day I turn it all over to God.

  268. Verna Benson says:

    So very timely. I appreciate all you mentioned and went through. Sometimes life seems to take the joy out of itself and closes in on even the things that can be joyful. A wedding, a new house, afresh start, a new job. So thankful God knows what is good and He knows what is best for us. Ah, being embraced in Him.
    Thank you!

  269. Gail Volk says:


  270. Being overwhelmed sometimes is an understatement. I am a single mom with a daughter that’s a senior in high school and we are are also planning to go to college in the fall.

  271. Suzie Perrier says:

    Im very overwanded n’y a trip to Cuba that m’y Daughter payés for me for m’y 60th brithday Ive never traveled so fare. And with all that going on lately in air ports Im à bit worry but I know the God is There for me Your dovotion came just un Time for me thankyou

  272. I know this is a topic that is a little to familiar with me!

  273. Cyndi Burns says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I am overwhelmed too easily, and like the author, my tendency is to shut down. I have just come through one such season and am seeking to rely totally on God. This devotion today could not have been more timely for my life.

  274. Raina Mills says:

    This devotional speaks to me in so many wayS, it almost seems written just for me. Thank you for the reminder that it’s OK to ask for and accept help.

  275. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning! I’m just realizing how destructive my constant comparison of the size of my “plate” to my impression of the size of the “plates” of those around me is! I need to embrace who God made me to be and take care of myself accordingly, in order that I may be still and quiet enough to hear God leading me

  276. Rebekah Raiteri says:

    I really needed to read this today. I have had so much going on in my life and have very quickly gotten overwhelmed. I am going to post this verse everywhere in my house and in my classroom so I can remember to rely on Him!! I would tremendously benefit from a copy of this book!!! Thank you for this encouragement.

  277. Thank you for reminding me that the Father will work through my weaknesses. I am homeschooling five children and I feel quite inadequate at times!

  278. Jody German says:


  279. Laurie Cowan says:

    I lost my husband of 33 years this past August. I have really felt overwhelmed these past months. I think this would be a great book for me to read. Thank you.

  280. Janelle Vanderveen says:

    This book is screaming my name. Would love to win

  281. Claudia Locke says:

    God’s timing is perfect — this article is my life right now! My daughter is to be married March 25 — she lives out of state so all the planning & prep lands on Mama. I found myself so overwhelmed until last weekend, when my church had a beautiful prayer service…. I committed to praying for S&W’s marriage and how they would find God again (they have fallen away). My perspective is changing — my focus needs to be on God and his blessings – not on table linens. Thank you!

  282. Think this book sounds great! Would love some help with overwhelm!

  283. Beth Strozier says:

    Thank you for being giving….I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from this book. I sure am excited about reading it and applying it to my life….which will carry over to the lives of those around me. Again, thank you!

    Beth Strozier

  284. Dede Scheel says:

    I woke up this morning with the thought of all the things I needed to get done and wondered how I was going to manage it all in the short time frame. I was feeling overwhelmed before even putting my feet on the floor. Then I read this. Thank you for the reminder that God knows me better than I do and He already knew what I was going to need this morning! Grace and peace.

  285. Through daily devotionals like yours, bible study and prayer, I am learning to let go and let God. It’s a challenging journey for a control freak like me, but so worth it as I see the hand of God in my life!

  286. Deborah Wilson says:

    Often times I get overwhelmed and feel like I am drowning. I would find this book very useful.

  287. Thanks for sharing. This was very relevant to my current season of life.

  288. Would love to read this one! Thanks for the opportunity!

  289. Thanks for today’s message, Ive been struggling with a similar situation and this definitely help me understand my current season.

    God bless you

  290. Elizabeth Luther says:

    Thank you for your post. I can so relate to the plate analogy, as I have always compared my low capacity of overwhelm tolerance to my friends’ ability to be able to handle anything and everything, all at once! But reading that God made us all different ON PURPOSE really released me. Yes, God does have different plans for all of us, and He made us all different for a reason….maybe to help balance each other out! Thank you for your words of wisdom. What a great way to start off the day and year!

  291. Sounds like a book I need to read. I love the plate illustration. Some days mine is an appetizer plate! Blessings!

  292. Renee Lynch says:

    After living in the land of “de Nile” I’ve finally woken up. With the desire to rejoin the human race and get my ducks in a row, my house is a mess. My bedroom, my sanctuary is a disaster. I’m stuck and can’t seem to get the energy to get moving. This devotion helped me to remember that I’m not alone. Thank you for redirecting my thoughts and allowing God to walk me through it.

  293. This devotional is timely!!! Big expectations for
    the new year and Big deadlines to complete this year…OVERWHELMED is the correct state of mind.

  294. I get so overwhelmed with my life. I have 4 girls, & their ages are 20, 16, 8, & 4. I work full time until 5 pm, then come in & have to fix supper, dishes, homework, wash clothes, give bath, & handle all the bills. My oldest daughter is getting married in y months & I have no clue where to start. She is marrying an awesome guy in the military & moving to Texas, which is 15 hrs from me. My husband helps some, when he is not working his 2nd job. My family doesn’t live close & we don’t like to ask anyone to babysit because they are our responsibility. Some days, I just have to go take a bubble bath even now & then, but only a weekend can I do that & still get caught, by little one.

    • Leigh Ann Norton says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I can understand how your daughter marrying a military man brings a bit of stress and possibly fear. My husband is a Chaplain in the military. We often spend time a part when I am not able to travel with him. We have made it work by still having/creating special time for each other. Sometimes we set aside time to talk on the phone and other times we use Skype. I love those times because I get to see his face and he does not feel so far away. We make sure that our relationship is a priority regardless if he is gone for a few days or a few month. I would encourage you to do the same with your daughter. Keep those communication times sacred. Also, I would encourage you to look at this change in your daughter’s life as a blessing from God. What an adventure she and her husband get to embark on through choosing to serve in the military. I will pray for you that God comforts you and her through this transition, as it is hard to leave family and to find new friends in a brand new place. Blessings and peace to you!!

  295. I struggle with trying to control and manage everything, and then getting overwhelmed and taking my stress out on those around me 🙁 I loved today’s devotion and am excited about reading this book!

  296. Great points . Thank you for sharing I often am overwhelmed as well but at times take it to her feeling inadequate. Your devotional just reminds me of how to be strategic but overall taking things to God In Prayer

  297. Debra Kellum says:

    Love the comparison of our capacity to handle life to plates at an estate sale. I so often fall into the trap of the comparison game – God made me and desires for me to keep my eyes on Him and not comparing myself to others. Thank you for speaking truth!

  298. Robin Mast says:

    Your devotion today on being overwhelmed could not have come at a better time. I am going through a divorce and having to make decisions about whether to sell our house. Two rooms in our house flooded from a slab leak, which compounded what I am going through. I had a brake failure on my car last week, and fortunately did not hit anyone, but now am facing a high repair bill. It has all been extremely overwhelming, and your devotion reminded me to seek God’s help through all I am going through. Thank you and thank Him for the perfect timing.

  299. Christina says:

    Chaos is our norm, and we’re good at navigating it…except when we’re not. We’re facing tons of changes & unknowns on top of the normal crazy in the upcoming year. I welcome all resources that point me straight to Christ & His grace!!

  300. Ramica Branham says:

    Just in time. We are on baby #4 and being a stay at home homeschooling mom, I’m starting to crack under all the questions my extended family is started to ask.
    How are you going to fit your family of 6 in your small home?
    Aren’t your kids going to fall behind in school work?
    When are you going back to work? A big family costs lots of money.
    So far God is answering things for me but anxiety still sets in at times.
    What if things don’t work out with this new home offer?
    What is my kids fall too far behind?
    I’m just asking God for grace to ask, hear, follow, and press on.
    God bless you moms of today. You’re not alone. I pray we all find peace of mind.

  301. Thank you! Trying to survive an overwhelming cold icy winter in Minnesota! I want to hyburrrnate like a big old bear! Needed this today to keep going at work …close to retirement and an empty Nester! Praise God he will get me through this!!!!!!

  302. Margaret Smith says:

    I enjoyed reading today’s devotion. I would love a copy of the book.

  303. It seems as though every day I fight the battle of overwhelm! I want to stop. I know God is in control but those pesky human thoughts creep in!

  304. As a teacher, I frequently feel overwhelmed. Your words helped me understand that it’s better to focus on God and complete whatever I can than focus on everything I have not completed. Thank you!

  305. Good Morning! This devotion was so appropriate for me today. I made a promise to give God the first of each day, and then started my day late. My overwhelm began to take over me so I thought I would skip this morning’s devotion for later today. I’m so glad I stuck to my commitment. This is a devotion I need regularly with the many events that threaten to overwhelm daily. God Bless.

  306. Christine says:

    This book is really something I need to read. Whether I win it or not.

  307. I am a teacher who would love to read this book.

  308. Overwhelm is my middle name.

  309. Need this

  310. This book I would love to have! This title fits my every day stay at home Mom and wife to a “T”!

  311. Sharon Beall says:

    It took me a long time to not try to do everything myself but allow God to help me. The struggle is real but I’m still learning to let go and let God. This book would be wonderful to read.

  312. Gods timing is perfect! Ran across this at at 4am after going to bed feeling overwhelmed. Thank you!

  313. I think I have different sized plates at different times in my life. And God can help me with the turkey platters and the demi tasse saucers!

  314. Summer Rowe says:

    Wow this was right on time! I struggle with anxiety and have for quite some time and one of the triggers my anxiety is being overwhelmed… Working a full-time job, raising two kids, being a good wife, keeping a clean house, cooking dinner….. I just never feel like I can do it all but for some reason feel like I should be able to 🙁 I am learning to let go and let God but it is a daily reminder. As women I think we struggle more with this in thinking we can do it all when in reality we cannot. I am trying to learn a better balance. Thank you for this devotion… I needed it

  315. What a great topic for a book. We all get overwhelmed with different things. Just like the plates, some of us get overwhelmed with seemingly small things and others with large ones, but our Heavenly Father knows what each one of us needs and loves us all in our own situation.

  316. Patricia Cartmell says:

    I would love a copy of this book. I am easily overwhelmed. Medical, financial, home, job. You name it. Praying for some strategies and relief and will pass it on to family.

  317. Just what I needed

  318. Very timely, thanks!

  319. A timely word from God….I ve been awaiting my surgery dates.Most probably two weeks from now.i am a bit anxious and overwhelmed.couldnt put my mind to rest though I feel very tired.please uphold me in prayer. Thanks for the message.

  320. Diana Foor says:

    Wow….my daughter too is getting married in a couple of months…being overwhelmed can be an understatement!!! I’m so glad that this devotional was in my in box this morning…just the little reminder’s that we are not alone but that we have to be patience and God will see us through…

  321. Tammy Johnson says:

    I am having a hysterectomy this Thursday Jan 12 and have been very overwhelmed and anxious. I had a breakdown yesterday and cried from just being so scared and worried and I told God I was scared and I need to hear from Him. I wake up this morning and find this devotion/scripture ❤️. I feel my plate is so small at times because I allow worry to control me instead of resting in His presence and promises.

    • Hi Tammy – I just felt the nudge to encourage you. I have been having a similar week as I begin treatment for skin cancer…fear, apprehension, doubt…lots of tears…forgetting all God taught me through my own hysterectomy last year, which, looking back, in the end was much easier, and actually more wonderful – physically and spiritually – than I anticipated. It was a period of peace I never knew before, as I felt God’s presence in a profound way — but not until I was in recovery. I always seem to hear His voice better once I’m at the point of no return, I think, for me, because I keep looking for Him to say there’s a way around it all… But in spite of our selective hearing, or feelings, He is there. And He has the ability to be with us and in us, as we know, but also the ability to go before us and meet us there… And when He seems distant we may not hear Him but if we concentrate we can read His lips…or rather, His word…and remember He’s faithful to carry us through, as well as meet us on the other side. My hysterectomy was bitter sweet. I was only ever able to have one child, but what an incredible blessing she is. And the fact that she “got out in time” is a testament to God’s love and grace. Though recovery was long (mine was total) the pain was minimal, a testament to His mercy. For weeks we had people bringing food and sending up prayers, a testament to His love and presence. This same God is carrying you now, and will hold you as long as you let Him. He will never leave you or forsake you… (Deuteronomy 31:6) Glad this P31 devo encouraged you! It did me, too. I will be praying for you, now and for the days ahead. God’s got you, Sister. Be loved and be blessed… 🙂

  322. It’s crazy how easy it is to forget how we are called to ” be still and know you are God.” To just stop allowing this world to run me and consume me and stop and come to the Lord and hand him back over the wheel is what should happen. Thank you for that awesome reminder this morning!

  323. Regina Brooks says:

    Would really benefit from a copy!

  324. I would love a copy of the book. Thank you!!

  325. Avis J Hearon says:

    Oh my, God sure knows my heart and that I needed this devotion this morning. I know God knows what I’m going through right now, I just need to learn to be more dependent on Him.

    Thanks so much for these wise words today! What a Godsend!

  326. In the season I am in Overwhelmed would be just what I need to help me keep it perspective!

  327. In my 20’s I always thought there would be a time if peace and I would get caught up… That is NOT life on earth. Only God can give us peace on earth.

  328. Love the plate analogy, I often compare my plate to those with platters and feel lacking, but this helps!

  329. Paige G Herrin says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It was a welcome blessing and encouragement for a busy thinker.

  330. Love the plate analogy….so so true…I think I have a salad plate capacity…so easily overwhelmed at times! Love Kathi and Cheri’s podcasts and writing- such an amazing pair! This book is definitely in my ‘to read’ list! ?

  331. This was my first visit to your website and it’s going to be something I do every morning going forward. This helped me put my stressful crazy job into perspective and is going to allow me to start my day at work with a better attitude. Thank you so much

  332. Thank you for addressing this topic of feeling overwhelmed. I would love to learn more! Pick me ?

  333. Shawn Davis says:

    I keep giving everything to God in prayer then forgetting and getting anxious because I’m thinking too hard about how I can fix it on my own. I’m so upset with myself I know I need to learn how to truly let go and let God! Lord help me

  334. I feel overwhelmed so often. I would love to win a copy of the book to learn new strategies to deal with the crazy life throws our way! Thanks!

  335. Julie Kangas says:

    Love this Devotional this morning! I have especially liked the comparison about the different sized plates & how God created each of us with our own personalities. I am one that needs a smaller plate! I tend to feel overwhelmed easily! Would love a copy of this book!

  336. Thanks for the encouragement. I enjoyed the plate analogy.

  337. I’m often overwhelmed, have anxiety attacks that have been known to be over the top of I don’t catch it in time from being in a constant overwhelmed state. I hope this devotional isn’t an indicator of what the day is going to be like. Yesterday was so nice at work.

  338. Totally relate to this! Lately the word “overwhelmed” has become my normal state so I need to be reminded to take a step back and go to God. Thank you!

  339. Jennifer Jarrell says:

    I needed to read this devotional this morning! I am back in the classroom after an injury that occurred on the job three years ago. I feel so overwhelmed and keep thinking I can’t do it all. I needed to remember to quit comparing my plate to others and remember having a job is a blessing!

  340. I would love to win this book. Thanks for considering me.

  341. I would love to own a copy of your book Kathy Lipp! Thank you for this devotional this morning, it really spoke to me. I definitely need to make some changes so that as things come up in my life I won’t be so overwhelmed.

  342. Deanna Gillis says:

    I would love to read your book. Anxiety and being overwhelmed is my flaw. Thank you for this opportunity.

  343. Pick me! This showed up at the perfect time of overwhelm for me. God is good!

  344. Darla Shevelow says:

    2016 was a very trying year with my husbands emergency foot surgery, then an emergency trip to the hospital with chest pains. All this took place right before Thanksgiving, changing our Thanksgiving plans. I found myself having to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal all on my own and less than a week to pull it together. I feel 2017 will be taxing on our finances as all these medical bills start rolling in. I have an in home child care business; and just recently started, at my family’s request, a bakery business right before all these emergency health issues. We have two teenagers and one college student still at home. Our youngest daughter loves volleyball and is playing club VB for the first time this season, so expenses for this is unknow. This article came at a good time in my life. I’ve saved it & plan to reference it often as stress try’s to rob me of God’s blessings. Thank you!

  345. Thank you for the reminder. My to do list can get so overwhelming that I tend to give up. I need to listen to God & trust His to do list.

  346. Ruthie Dudley says:

    Looking forward to reading it!!

  347. I like to say that I live in controlled chaos-that makes me feel like I’m still in control. The reality is I am completely out of control and I must let God have full control. Sometimes that is really hard. Thanks for His word today.

  348. I could sure use this book! Undergoing a tremendous amount of changes in my life and feeling a bit overwhelmed!

  349. Thank you for your inspiring story and words of wisdom. Work has been crazy and every day seems to be worse than the day before. I keep praying for peace and more time to get my work accomplished. It seems before I finish one task two more tasks pop up.

  350. Teri Smith says:

    I love this. My plate is Tea set sized!

  351. Cheryl Leuthe says:

    I would love to get this book for my daughter. She has a very busy life and is too often overwhelmed.

  352. I lead a MOPs group and this was so perfect for us! We are IN THE THICK of things but I love to remind them about how God knows exactly where we are and what we need, when we need it! This book sounds perfect for us!

  353. Leigh Ann Norton says:

    Such a much needed message for me right now: to just rest and let God work out the details. I am a lot like you. I tend to overwhelm easily and right now my husband and I have a lot going on. I find myself feeling overwhelmed. After reading your devotional, I must remind myself that God is the provider of the Blessings and he sees me through the tough times (And it is ok to ask for help and grace from friends). He is using both of them to shape me into who he desires for me to be. I am still learning to rest and trust instead of giving into feelings of overwhelm. May the Lord help me to do just that today and in the days to come! Thank you for such a timely word. It really spoke to me.

  354. With two kids and a third on the way, I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed.

  355. Alison Morgan says:

    I feel like this book was written just for me! I would love some spiritual and scriptural guidance and encouragement to keep
    Me from letting stress and anxiety overwhelm me

  356. Janet Jaynes says:

    I would love to read this book! This has me all over it….I am pretty sure I have been given a salad plate or maybe even a saucer and I can relate to shutting down and would love every to learn more on how I can handle overwhelming situations with God! Thank you for this today!

  357. Theresa Oman says:

    Isn’t great how God gives you what you need just when you need it! Woke up feeling overwhelmed with my turkey platter. Thanks for your words.

  358. I’m definitely overwhelmed. I would love a book to help me out when life just keeps giving it to me everyday oh my 17 year old twins to my husband not really speaking about his issues what he’s going through

  359. jennifer rembold says:

    As a home schooling mom of 11,I tend to head down the road to overwhelmed quite often. When I Finally let go and turn it over to God I am always amazed at His solutions and answers. I get so bogged down in my “I can handle this myself attitude”, that I hold onto my problems and issues until I hit bottom and then finally turn them over to God. I’m a slow learner. The second I let go this weight is lifted off me and God provides in ways I never think of.

  360. Amanda Melton says:

    Thank you for this. Being a mom of 7 children, ages 13yrs-10months old, I find myself being overwhelmed a lot. Especially lately since I’ve helped my mother in law take on the responsibility of my husband’s brother’s 3 young toddlers. We could certain use any and all prayers. Thank you.

  361. I love when authors share personal stories and I can empathize with their struggles. I look forward to reading your book.

  362. Altaira Knapp says:

    I am in a season of life that im surrounded by overwhelming circumstances. I appreciate your advice and posts!! This would be a blessing to me.

  363. Sandra Strickland says:

    I would LOVE to win this book! Maybe just maybe I could learn how to delegate some of my heavy load onto others instead of trying to take care of EVERY family member and then some! I’m a people pleaser and try to help everyone but then I feel totally wiped out from doing so! Thank God for Jesus,my burden bearer.

  364. Deb Hoskins says:

    Kathi, thank you for the timely and yet humorous thoughts about being overwhelmed! I was just telling the Lord yesterday how overwhelmed I feel about everything ? I appreciate your advice and encouragement! God bless you and your family:)

  365. Jodi Smith says:

    I would love the opportunity to read this devotion! It sounds like such a helpful tool! Thank you for this devotion!

  366. Valerie Rodgers says:

    Thank you, ladies, for taking time out of each day to share the word of God with us. God bless!

  367. I feel like this message was written just for me. I recently feel overwhelmed by raising a teenager, high school application and selection and with our family temporarily moved out of our home which is going through our first renovation project. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that God is in control.

  368. Michelle Folkers says:

    What a fantastic message today! Exactly what I needed to hear when I am struggling to work full time, take care of a 2 year old and my husband, am pregnant and have been getting angry at myself for not making exercise a priority. I woke up early this morning and with everything I had, had to force myself to sit down and bring God my “First Fruits.” And I don’t feel guilty about doing that over working out!!!

  369. 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”

  370. I feel like my life is an avalanche…

  371. Terri Villar says:

    What an amazing word! I definitely needed this today, as a mom of 3, constantly trying to balance life.

  372. Arnee williams says:

    I really enjoyed thi devotion!

  373. Judith Lynn Johnston says:

    Chaos??? This seem like a great book for all. We all are overwhelmed at some point and could use some guidance through the CHAOS!!

  374. Beth McCabe says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book.

  375. God is amazing with placing this message in today’s inbox! Struggling with feeling overwhelmed yet not as big a “plate” as others are balancing. Love the estate china set analogy… demitasse cup category here. Thank you for the inspiration and scripture direction.

  376. Thank you. I needed to read this just at this time.

  377. Ashley Gilmore says:

    As a wife, mother, manager,student, daughter and friend.. I feel overwhelmed daily. I believe God provided today’s devotional and the opportunity for the book to be a tool and blessing on how to be less stressed and rely more on God.

  378. Holly Stacy says:

    Last night I laid in bed at 1:45 a.m.feeling that fog of overwhelm trying to envelope me and God brought to remeberance the very verse used in this devotion. Then at 2:30ish a.m.the devotion arrived in my email. I am so thankful that God knows ahead of time what we need. Thanks for blessing us with the opportunity to win the book!

  379. We can each get wrapped up with busy. I pray for help with focusing on what God wants on my plate.

  380. Rachel Sadd says:

    Would love the book!

  381. I have a friend who also is overwhelmed by the blessing of her daughter’s wedding – this book would be perfect for her! I have always enjoyed Kathi and Cheri’s podcasts. They are so real and funny!

  382. Melanie Aber says:

    Great devotion today! I help leaders a young moms group at our church and I would love to use this for a book study. Thanks!

  383. I love your plate example in today’s devotion because I know the plate I have been given is small and I often feel like a failure knowing the plates of my best friend and my sister-in-law are much larger. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  384. So well said and received. I find myself trying to give God hints on how to make things change when all we have to do is trust in him. Thank you for sharing such a blessing

  385. Dee Edwards says:

    I truly enjoyed this article. It was interesting and relatable to my situation. The various sizes of plates to describe how much they/we have the ability to hold/maintain was brilliant! Thank you for writing article. It was truly a blessing to my spirit. To God be the glory for all the things that He has done!

  386. I’m sinking and can’t seem to breathe under the stress of our current situation!

  387. Christine says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today! I feel overwhelmed with work, with my responsibilities as a mom because my husband works out of town and at the same time trying to keep a strong relationship with God. I definitely need this book!

  388. What a timely devotion. I’m already overwhelmed and I just start classes today. I look back and think I could have worked harder, but I needed some downtime during Christmas break. Thanks for the reminder of taking it all to God who can give me sufficient grace for every day.

  389. Thank you so much for this devotional today. It’s like God knew just what I needed, when I needed it, as He always does. As a working mom of a toddler and infant (my overwhelming blessings), it is so easy to become overwhelmed when the days seem oh so short, but also so long. Thank you for not only the scripture and for sharing your heart, but for also giving practical tips on how to deal with the overwhelmingness of life. May God bless you, and the others who also comment who may be feeling the same way I do. I pray that whoever wins these books finds them useful and a blessing to their lives!

    • Laura Cason says:

      I wish I could meet you and get your tips on survival! I’m a mom of an infant and toddler and am job searching to return to work in the new year after taking time off. I am so anxious at the thought of balancing it all. Teach me your ways!

  390. Ahhhh, perfect timing! I used to think I HAD to be a dinner plate. But after reading this today, I realized a salad plate is important to complete a place setting. Now if I can just learn to let God fill my salad plate with His love and grace. How much healthier I will be. Thank you!

  391. Laura Cason says:

    As a mom of Irish twins who is having to return to work this year, I would be tickled to win a copy of this book!

  392. Carol Kochey says:

    I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed right now. I think this book will help me.

    • Kathleen Fain says:

      I enjoyed this. Thank you. I’ve been dealing with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed lately and am looking for a Bible Study to help me. I really think this might be it.

  393. Thanks for your article. 2016 was the most overwhelming year of my life. My husband went to Heaven on Valentine’s Day. I have immersed myself in God’s Word so when the overwhelm hits I can embrace God’s promises.

  394. Brittany Criss says:

    I am definitely a tea cup gal…I’m okay then I can get totally overwhelmed quickly and easily! This is definitely something I need to put at the top of my prayer list and pray for God’s help on. We’re expecting baby #3 any day now and I’m already overwhelmed thinking about everything…I just need to let go and let God handle it all instead of overthinking and trying to do it all on my own and worrying.

  395. Kelsey Williamson says:

    Would love this book! Such a great message. I need reminders daily when I get overwhelmed with 5 kids, their schedules, mine & my husbands’ schedules.

  396. This is exactly what I needed this morning!

  397. Very good insights in managing overwhelming, whenever and wherever it shows up.

  398. Exactly what I needed to read today!!

  399. God is so faithful. I keep trying to learn that He is bigger than my “overwhelm”

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    Perfect timing for reading this! Would love to receive this book!

  401. Rebekah Wilkie says:

    I would love this book. Overwhelmed seems to be a constant in my life with four small kiddos.

  402. Always appreciate Godly insights on the dash life can too often be…..& to hear others say ‘ “me too!”

  403. Rhonda Leininger says:

    This book may change my life and Lord knows I need it

  404. The encouragement today was EXACTLY what I needed!!! I’m going into the new year with plans to be more organized and consistent in evey area…”my plan”
    But with kids, a job and a business things can quickly spin out of control and Inget overwhelmed and emotionally out of control, until I take that moment and realize God had and always will be with me and in control of the situation he’s just waiting for me to let him take over!

  405. What a wonderful article! Some helpful hints to put things in perspective. Thank you and God Bless!

  406. Thank you so much for sharing this it really hit home with me a much needed saying I’m going to bookmark this so I can look back on it so when it hits I can read it I cast on you my lord and savior all my worries fears and health etc I know you will care for everyone involved and may they find this helpful with life’s daily struggles I also ask for strength at this point in the name of JESUS CHRIST AMEN

  407. Donna Montoya says:

    Thank you Lord for bringing Kathi Lipp into so many lives to share Your love Lord and Your word. Everyday I read proverbs 31, it’s always something I need to hear to encourage me that You Lord are always beside me in every area of my life.

  408. Erin Westfall says:

    Great advice for the struggles I’m going through right now. Thank you!

  409. Sharon Steinman says:

    I needed this . I am in a situation I have to completely trust God . I have the butterflies and I am single . I will think of this scripture and say God has this and me . Yes He knew this would happen. And He is mighty and has good plans for our lives . I will try to be like David and encourage myself. Thank you for your words and honesty. God bless you much !

  410. JA Larsen says:

    Thank you for this post today……the passing of my mom,overwhelmed with family making decisions …….I’m casting my cares on Him!

  411. Melinda Funk says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I overwhelm easily. God is continuously showing me how to give it to Him so that I don’t have to stressed. This was good to hear.

  412. Christie Sefton says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I overwhelm myself so easily and would love to read how to better hand that off to God and be more peaceful!!

  413. Jessica Poole says:

    What a wonderful way to think of the idea of stress and being overwhelmed. Just the idea that God has provided all we need to deal with our stresses, we just need to open our eyes and look, is enough to make even the biggest stressors seem manageable. I work I a college athletic department and the stressors are numerous each day but I believe having this mindset that God provides even for my stress will change my outlook and perspective on things.

  414. Tammy Pearson says:

    Thank you for reminding me that God’s grace is sufficient for me. I am truly blessed by His outpouring love for us all. What an inspiring read this was to me. Starting a new year and reminding myself I do not have to carry the load all by myself. Thank you for sharing this with each of us. My prayer is that we apply it to our lives each and every day.

  415. Thank you for the calm to my day and the reminder in the wisdom of your word. Even this is something I know, I still need this constant reminder,”To cast my anxiety on my Lord.”

  416. Thank you for the devotion today. I am at the point of being overwhelmed. I actually pretty much shut down yesterday and got NOTHING accomplished because of it. I asked God for wisdom and strength and decided to read this today. This is much needed. Thank you.

  417. LaTonya Williams says:

    I like the thought of thinking about the plate size and how different people have different plate sizes.

  418. Thank you for putting things in perspective. It’s reassuring to know God actually meant me to be a salad plate girl.

  419. I tend to go into denial mode when I’m overwhelmed, which eventually leads to shut down. I have a dinner plate capacity but I usually try to put a turkey on it. Great tools and perspectives. I know His grace is sufficient, but I tend to forget it’s enough. We recently moved so this is a great opportunity to practice dialing it back and relying on Him.

  420. Ann Thibodeaux says:

    Thank you Kathi for putting this message into easy to understand words. I can only imagine how much more there is in your book!

  421. Loved your devotion for today. I find myself overwhelmed often and your devotion helped me realize God is always near in time of need.

  422. Beverly A Richardson says:

    This devotional hit home in many ways……..My son just married on Dec. 20 to a very sweet Christian woman but during it all I was overwhelmed with stress. Yes I know I wan’t the mother of the bride so planning was easy: been there and done that 3 years ago. This was different. This was just 2 1/2 years after my husband left after 29 years and would be the 1st time I laid eyes on him since leaving the lawyer’s office. Pain, Stress and emotion was all I could feel for this wedding. I am so thankful that Godly friends calmed me and God strengthen me. To me at this point, divorce has ruined every celebration but God give me the strength to manage it gracefully without ruining anyone else’s joy. I refuse to give Satan that power over me anymore.

  423. Peace in the overwhelmed. Some days I think I have it…other days not so much. But overwhelmed seems to be a constant companion of late. I would enjoy your book. Thank you.

  424. Renee Andrews says:

    There is a wedding in my future…actually, if the Lord wills, five of them. But, I can always use help on just regular life days.

    I thought your use of “overwhelm” as a noun was very apt,and cute.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

  425. Cheryl Walker says:

    It still amazes me just how God knows exactly what you need at just the right time. Today’s devotional hit home. Right now I do feel very overwhelmed. I have Christmas to put away, a home that needs a thorough cleaning, at work my inbox and desk are overflowing with work, and health issues that need to be addressed. But this morning I am reminded that I need to prioritize and tackle one task at a time and I will accomplish what needs to be done. Thanks for today’s insight.

  426. BETTY LOYLESS says:

    Thank you for helping me process his truth! I look forward to growing more as I read more on this site!

  427. I really needed this today! God has blessed my business and this year has started off with a bang but yesterday was almost more than I could handle with a serious illness of a family member added to the mix!
    God is so faithful that he sends these wonderful devotions to me exactly when I need them.
    Thank you for your ministry

  428. Wow, what a great read! Will need to reread next time I am overwhelmed at work (like last week when I ended up making myself sick from it!).

  429. susan steinke says:

    I love the fact that I am not alone in the over when med world. I seem to have a turkey platter when my dies says a salad plate will due.

  430. Lisa Lyons says:

    In the midst of regular panic attacks due to anxiety and stress. Would love a copy!

  431. I love the visual image of the plates.

  432. God-
    Thank you for creating me as you did – mind, body and spirit. Let me take each emotion, blessing, or burden directly to you first. Every single day. AMEN

  433. I loved how you discussed that we all have different plate sizes when it comes to the amount we can handle. I have a pretty large plate, probably a platter size that I can handle before I am in over my head, but I also need to extend grace to those who have a cup size plate. I look forward to reading this book!

  434. I sure could use a copy of this book.

  435. Anonymous says:

    Hi! Overwhelmed housewife, learning to let go and let God. Would love to read your book.

  436. As a woman I can be overwhelmed by all the demands that are placed on my time. I need to list the important things I need to do each day and keep it manageable. God is on control!

  437. Thank you for this article. God I trust that you are present even in my most chaotic anxious spaces. Please renew me like the morning sun in Jesus name amen!

  438. The devotional minister to me this morning since I recently moved to a new city. I have felt overwhelmed with what steps I need to take regarding working for the Lord since I was very active in the church I attended before. I just need to continue trusting in him, he will lead the way.

  439. This is juat what I needed to hear. I feel as though my capacity is always so much smaller than friends and coworkers and I always wondered why I got overwhelmed so easily. But it is true that I am uniquely made this way by God and that is one of the areas of my life where I am always hanging on Him. It’s a blessing in disguise! Thank you for sharing your story!

  440. Would love to win a copy of this book. I enjoyed your message on being overwhelmed.
    Thank you so much, Bev. Wood

  441. Samantha Turley says:

    I would enjoy reading this book. I hope it
    Will provide clarity and truth about what to do when that feeling of being overwhelmed creeps in. I am a family of six, mother to four. I need all the help I can get.

  442. kathy maass says:

    What a perfect devotional! It seems the older I get the more overwhelming life can seem. With 2 kids in college and being a business manager, I seem overwhelmed by my daughters being overwhelmed and also my staff. This was a perfect reminder to put it all at His feet and listen to what He is saying. He will always provide!

  443. One thing I can do today to trust God with the overwhelm is stay faithful to Him. I loved how Kathi says to HOLD TO GODS PROMISES TO SHAPE MY HEART INTO THE KIND OF DAUGHTER HE DESIGNED ME TO BE. That really meant a lot to me to hear. It’s amazing how God works. He knew we all needed to hear this message. I rely on my to-do lists to get me through the day to stay focused, but just because I have a two page long list of tasks I can choose how to handle them. I can ask for time, help, and grace. I can practice trusting that God’s got this because I know He does. Even when we cannot see what He’s doing, He’s working behind the scenes. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who deals with this area most in my life. Getting anxious and overwhelmed has kept me from doing a lot of things in the past, but I will know hold true that God has already given me all that I need to conquer this overwhelming challenge.

  444. Samantha Turley says:

    I would enjoy reading this book. I always look for ways to feel less overwhelmed when it tries to creep in. We are a family of six. I am a mother to 4. I need all the help I can get.

  445. I’m sending to a Christian friend who is going through the financial stress of a daughter getting married. Thank you. I know it will be a great resource and renewal for her. Blessings!

  446. Gloria Lucero says:

    This is just what I needed to hear. My family will expand by two today and it’s a little overwhelming. I’m trusting God to take care of all the details.

  447. Dawn Thomas says:

    This devotional is just what I needed today. What a blessing it would be to be able to read your book!

  448. What a timely lesson! I needed just this reminder this morning!

  449. I do not like that feeling of being overwhelmed. I actually become very non-productive. And then I begin to compare myself to people I know who seem to be able to handle EVERYTHING and I feel like less next to them. But, I know I am doing the best I can, and it’s not really about how much you can do, but knowing your limits. Thanks you for this insightful reminder that we’re all doing the best we can with the tools we have.

  450. Thank you for this. I love the truth of the Body of Christ – what do the liver and my feet have in common, except without the Blood of Jesus, we wouldn’t stay connected to help each othet. I’m so glad you changed your mind & let God (through Nancy) help you. :-!

  451. The one thing I can do right now is try to win this book. It just may be the fuel to get me out of my despair. Just a new Christian, and learning the ropes, I need all the guidance I can muster. Thank you for this opportunity.

  452. Debbie Schwer says:

    Just what I needed to read today. I love the idea of not comparing dinner plates. What an easy way to wrap my mind around that and not compare myself to others.

  453. Talk about hearing something right when you need it! Been feeling very overwhelmed at work lately and this was just a great reminder that I don’t need to compare myself and tackle everything that comes my way!

  454. Thanks for helping me remember that God gives us all we need, whether it’s a big platter or a small saucer we are carrying.

  455. Thank you for sharing insight on something that so many struggle with. I know I sure could use some help with letting go and letting God, but I also know, I’m not alone!

  456. Jamie Reid says:

    Thank you for this devotional. This was very timely in my life right now. I have been experiencing several heavy burdens over the more recent months and desperately needed this confirming word from the Lord. Thank you for this encouraging word that has helped me to press in and rely more on God’s strength to help me in this great time of weakness! Many Blessings to you!

  457. Stacey Rosenberry says:

    I would LOVE to read this book. Being overwhelmed doesn’t take much for me, I believe I have more of a salad plate not the turkey platter.

  458. Becky Blankenship says:

    I’d like a copy!

  459. Erica Edmonston says:

    I am a mom of three, Navy wife, and small business owner. I can really relate to the comparing of plate capabilities. I love organization, but I don’t always have an easy time keeping up with it. I get overwhelmed some days and have to rely on God to get me through. I would love a copy of this book! ❤

  460. thank you for today’s devotional, it really hit home. recently a trailer home that happens to be 2 away from us was lost due to weather conditions, there was a gas explosion that shook our home and within minutes our carport came crashing down and hit the car smashing the windshield, which means I have no way to work, so needless to say I am a bit overwhelmed, trying to figure things out, like you I had to let go and let God do HIs thing, I am not there yet, but getting closer to letting go. gotta love the snow.

  461. As a Pastors wife the feeling of overwhelm comes often. I need to put more into practice leaning on Gods grace and strength.

  462. Beth Harris says:

    love the plate analogy. I am probably a salad plate. what’s frustrating is that some people don’t get that we all have different levels of mental, emotional and physical energy and judge those of us who have smaller plates. It just increases my stress level when I encounter this. It seems as though people like that think I am just making excuses for not doing something or not meeting their expectations.

  463. Praying that these truths will sink deep into my heart.

  464. Teressa Allmon says:

    I could really use this book. I work as a high school receptionist and must be at work at 6:30 am. I have a middle schooler and 2 high schoolers one of which is a student who was kicked out of his house. My 79 y/o mom broke her ankle and is in a cast and my 82 y/o dad has dementia so definitely overwhelmed at this time

  465. Overwhelming thoughts about my day started in the shower this morning – I kept sending up quick SOS prayers to be reminded that God is in all – these words reinforce that promise. Thank you!

  466. This is quite an amazing article. This morning and over the past 6 months I have been faced with a challenging circumstance. My mom had her 9th surgery on her hip and the challenges are so overwhelming. I often think I can handle it all, along with work and helping my single daughter raise my 5 yr old grandson. Today my mom is on a respirator after a necessary surgery I signed for. I have decided to not go to work today. My plate is full and I am listening to God to be still and pray n tarry.

  467. Thank you for today’s message. I am also learning to enjoy what God has given me in my positions at home and in my family. God bless u!

  468. Mary sammel says:

    This message is perfect. Moving into season or overload

  469. Robin Johnson says:

    Thank you for a much needed article at the beginning of this year!

  470. I would love to win a copy of this book. I need it!

  471. Overwhelmed is my middle name. I’m struggling right now with things that can’t be taken off my plate and I’m not sure what to do. I try to just smile and power through but I’m really breaking inside. I try to focus on God’s word and involve Him in my busy life to help me get through. I often find myself comparing plates and wonder why others can handle my type of plate with ease and I can’t. Praying for change and I know this book would be such a blessing to have! ?????

  472. Abby Lucia says:

    I so often forget who is in control when a “crisis” hits.

  473. Our sermon this past Sunday was about worry. The pastor said, “turn your worries into worship.” Thank you for this devotion.

  474. Renee Underwood says:

    I have 13 year old triplets and my husband, their father, passed away the week before Thanksgiving 2016. God’s grace has gotten me through….however, feeling overwhelmed can be experienced on a daily basis.

  475. Exactly what i need before i blast myself!. God bless you for sharing your gift!. Greetings from Spain.

  476. I love this title and pretty sure it sums up a lot of my days.

  477. Loved the message regarding being overwhelmed. I am there more times than I care to remember. Thank you for reminding me of God’s place in our overwhelm. Would love to win the book.

  478. For me, it has had to become a lifestyle…of constantly taking my concerns and cares to Him. Sometimes I feel defeated because I seem to take the concerns back and and begin again to worry over and over. But He is always there ready to take them back again without condemnation.

  479. I can ask the Holy Spirit to bring God’s Word to my remembrance today when I am overwhelmed because the Word brings peace and truth to my soul.

  480. Barbara Underwood says:

    My daughter is getting married in August to the best man we could ask for. My mother had a trauma induced stroke and now has been diagnosed with dementia. She lives in Florida and I am in NC. I am so filled with guilt for not being there and my heart is breaking for her. I am overwhelmed to say the least. Your devotion this morning was just what I needed to try to reign it all in. God is in control. Thank you.

  481. Linda King says:

    God truly spoke to me through this devotion today. Thanks be to God!

  482. Wow this really hit home with me. I have always bit off more than I can chew and in return feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. This was a great reminder of letting go and asking him for help. Thanks!

  483. Linda Gray says:

    I have struggled my whole adult life with feeling overwhelmed, I’ve always compared myself to others in regards to how easily I become panicked with life’s struggles. I know the Lord loves me and that no matter what happens, He is in control but it is definitely a weakness I struggle with…I am a “small plate” child of God. Your book is just what would speak to me.

  484. I always find it humerous when we are at our most overwhelmed state and then God provides relief and understanding. He shows us he’s in control! This was that moment.

  485. Suzette Grazette says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. My son is graduating from high school this year so I will take to avoid being overwhelmed by asking for help and recognize my breaking point.

  486. What a blessing your devotional was! I never looked st being overwhelmed like a plate before, now I can evaluate my plate size and realize that it truly handles only so much. Comparing kills! Thank you for your obedience,

  487. Arlene Schiavello says:

    This message spoke so deeply to me – I often get overwhelmed and this was a great reminder to trust in God and let him work through me.

  488. Thank you for reminding me God is in control of all things!

  489. I find I get overwhelmed very easily which 4 kids! The fighting, “mom I need…”, mom, mom, mom!

  490. Perfect scripture for today

  491. Alahna Norton says:

    With the New Year comes new goals, new stresses, this article was just what I needed today. A great reminder that God has a plan for my life. I just need to spend time with Him and trust Him in all areas of my life.

  492. Allison Watkins says:

    Just an on time message for me!! I especially needed to hear about comparing your plate (enter a sigh of relief). Thank you!

  493. Amanda King says:

    I sometimes think I’m the queen of taking the simple and making it complicated to the point where I give up on doing it because I’ve overwhelmed myself. Lord knows it’s because I’m trying to do it on my own, perfectly none the less, without even asking if He wants my energies placed there. This reminder today… as I’m preparing to start school next week, preparing to lead the girls youth group in a winter retreat, and preparing for an overseas youth mission trip in a couple months, as well as the wife/mother role, I need this reminder to just rest in God’s strength. He will carry me through… oh, and to not decline help when it’s offered ?

  494. Wow, this article really spoke to me this morning. I am definitely a “salad plate” type of girl and I am so glad that I am not alone! I need to work on finding peace in the day to day details and not getting overwhelmed. Would love to read more in the book! Thank you.

  495. Meredith Hatt says:

    Thank You for always makingbsuch God centered, thought provoking and life affirming devotionals availavle! I so value starting my day with these. As a busy working mom, I appreciate Amy material about being over-stressed and over-committed. This is an area of my life that I know God has lots of area to work on in me!

  496. Thank you so much. I desperately needed that advice today. God bless.

  497. Christine McKenzie says:

    This is just what I needed to hear today!

  498. Thank you for the convicting devotion and for the opportunity to win the book.

  499. Susan Lindemulder says:

    At age 52 I can’t believe I still don’t “have it all together”! When will I learn to turn to God first! Even with the everyday things! Thank you for the devotioal this morning.

  500. Thanks for the easily spelled out steps to use when overwhelm starts to set in. I don’t want to live overwhelmed & sometimes it feels like that is the only way.

  501. Today’s devotion is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you.

  502. Janet Buff says:

    This devotional in particular, I could’ve used two weddings ago, LOL. This is one thing that I had to do as well with these two weddings 7 months & a lot of $, that we were blessed with. Sitting back and knowing that God was working everything out helped me to talk to my two daughters about. They were terribly overwhelmed, and I was able to remind them things like, you know you can just go to the justice of the peace and your wedding will be just as sweet..To tell them the bottom line is this is your wedding this is your marriage. You can do what you want to in the planning process. I would really love to have this book of yours. I hope that I’m one of the five that is picked..Thank you very much for the opportunity.

  503. I needed this reminder

  504. Eleanor Wielemaker says:

    Thank you for your article, we are stepping into this wedding planning stuff and yup it’s huge!

  505. Overwhelmed?

  506. Janet Buff says:

    Correction on my note to you: the weddings were 7 months apart..

  507. Cecilia Bellon says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful devotional about giving our worries to God! I needed this reminder today! God bless you and your ministry!

  508. A needed word as I am overwhelmed by stresses in my life. But God is not! I need to remind myself who is in charge.

  509. Diane Bonanno says:

    Thank you I really appreciate this and exactly what I needed

  510. Sharnta Hall says:

    GOD NEVER CEASES to AMAZE me!! A close friend and I JUST had this very conversation last night! She shared about her mind being overloaded since she transitioned into this new job in which she knew God had opened the door of opportunity but how she just had been overwhelmed since. With learning the job, taking in and understanding all of the information that was being downloaded to her in training. I listened and compassion within me began to share with her what helps me in moments of being OVERWHELMED! Yes because I too have been there more often than not. I began to share God’s Truth and as His Truth was shared there was a TRUMPING of the tormenting thoughts that kept trying to rob my sister/friend of the PERFECT PEACE GOD offers to us when we keep our minds stayed on Him. She went on to text later that something happened in her inner man and she was strengthened. She thanked me for the reminders, I thanked her because I needed the reminder too and we are better today because of it! Looking forward to adding this resource to my arsenal! Thanks so much Kathi!

  511. Thank you for just the right words at the right time. I have a dinner plate, but my problem is I go up to the buffet and fill my plate until it’s heaping then go back for more! I repeat this cycle… then crash and burn. Thank you for the reminder that our God is the God of peace and rest and that He will carry our burdens. Being overwhelmed is the devils way of distracting us from the good that God has set aside for us. I would love to read a book that describes a good portion of how I’ve been living my life at an overwhelmed dinner party! Thank you!

  512. Carolyn Sutton says:

    ?Thank You So Much ?? Just what I Needed ?

  513. Birdie Lipscomb says:

    I certainly can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed. I work fullt-ime, my husband works full-time on night shift and we have 3 active children. Getting them to activities while still keeping the household going with laundry and chores is challenging. It can be a struggle, but we look forward to the time spent together as a family and cherish Sunday’s when we worship together and focus on what truly matters.

  514. Terilynne Knox says:

    I would love to learn how to control the chaos in my life!

  515. This devotion today was really for me! I am a single grandmother raising a granddaughter while trying to take care of my aging parents and trying to work a full time job. I get so overwhelmed trying to be everywhere and take care of everyone. I do need to stop and reach out to God to calm my soul.

  516. Just what I needed to read. I am a stay at home mother to young children and some days can get really overwhelming.

  517. Michelle Cousineau says:

    Thank you for reminding me that God has this in hand. This reminded me of my life verse: ‘Be still, and know that I am God'(Psalm 46:10).

  518. Cathy Zavitz says:

    I am sitting on a bus on my way to work trying to suppress anxious feelings of being overwhelmed. your devotional today couldn’t have come at a better time. thank you Jesus. this book sounds like it would help me immensely. sometimes even my go to Bible verses for anxiety help don’t help….I am persevering

  519. This sounds like an amazing book. I have been overwhelmed for a long period of time. I currently going through a divorce, adjusting to moving to a new home for my boys and I, and adjusting to life as a single mom all while trying to navigate divorce and custody that is not at all amicable.

  520. Eileen Nora Shacochis says:

    My friend sent me this link and I found it a good read and would like to see more. God is my guide and I welcome all ways to keep him front and center in my life.

  521. Caroline Livingston says:

    I sat last night on my couch saying goodbye to my sweet friend leaving for Nigeria. We shared prayer requests, and your section on the plates was God’s answer. ?

  522. Teresa Einsig says:

    This explains so much for me! It doesn’t change the fact that I have a salad plate, but maybe I can stop beating myself up about my ability to handle things. Thank you!

  523. Joan Swanson says:

    A new diagnosis of my mother having Alzheimer’s and my adult son dealing with drug addiction have me overwhelmed. Trying to trust God in this difficult stage of life and focusing on the blessings and past answers to prayer are things I do to battle this feeling over being overwhelmed. Would love to have a copy of this book!

  524. Sarah-Anne says:

    Just what I needed today.

  525. Amanda Creider says:

    Your devotional touched my heart and God used it to speak to me. My father in law has been in the ICU for over 2 months now, has taken 4 heart attacks, but God has continued to bless by keeping him with us. My mother in law stays at the hospital 24 hours a day and sleeps on a chair in his room. If I win this book, I would give it as a gift to her. She is weary and overwhelmed as we all are right now. It may help her to continue to encourage her cling to Gods strength and rely on his strength in her weakness. I am,sure it will be of help to her. I would love to read the book as well. We all get overwhelmed, but Jesus is our strength. Its good to have reminders and encoragement and Gods word as well as practical ways to help us through. I hope I win for my,mother in law first and then for myself second. Thanks! And God bless.

  526. When I read the message today, I had to just smile because it is just so amazing how God knows what we need and when we need it. I really needed to be reminded that we just need to let everything in his hands. I have a son getting married in May 2017 and our lives have been affected by wedding stress lately. I would love to read your book and share it with my future daughter in law. I was just thinking the other day, I would just love to sit down and talk to her and tell her it will all work out and be a beautiful day. I think this book would help both of us in letting go and letting the Lord be in control of all areas of our life and letting others help us when life gets overwhelming. Loved your comparison to different plates…..so true. Continue the great work!

  527. Glynrose Brinson says:

    Just what I needed to hear today! I’m planning a baby shower for my daughter for a long-prayed-for-baby! A million things todo! Much needed reminder that I need not be anxious but turn it all over to Him… and then rest….in Him!!

  528. Estela Powell says:

    Thank you for your book. I pasty the perrin who really needs it wins. Amen

  529. Linda Mac says:

    God put this devotion here for me today! Sitting at my computer, my desk piled with binders and paperwork for a big meeting today, trying to get it all done and all done RIGHT for this meeting, I almost skipped over my devotion. Thank you God for the nudge to stop and read. And listen!

  530. Amen! Something we need to be reminded of each day.

  531. I loved your comment “Stop comparing plates. God designed each of our temperaments purposely”. that is soooo true and we need to focus on our own gifts and appreciate others around us with their different talents. A very good devotion, thank you!

  532. Deannette says:

    Hope I win a copy thank you ?

  533. Jenette Tuada says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder!

  534. I completely understand about the feeling of anxiety for happy events. I have to stop and reflect.

  535. I am so overwhelmed some days that I couldn’t tell you one specific incident that’s causing it. My husband died 3yrs ago and then my sister who helped me with my mom and sistr (both handicapped) died 6 weeks later. I still feel like i dont have time to sit down and just grieve all at once and put it behind me. Today is another one of those days!! I prayed and committed yesterday to begin fasting and praying today sbout a specific concern and I blew that! Now I feel awful because once again I let physical come before spiritual. Some days I feel so unworthy in His eyes; The Lord knows all the requests I have layed before Him. I know He will answer in His own time. I just need to learn to sit still.

  536. Great reminder.

  537. Patricia Williams says:

    I think I may tend to overwhelm myself. I’ll try to do more than one Bible study at a time; more than one devotional. I actually heard me say outloud the other day I think I’ve over-devotional’ed myself! Ugh. Why do I do this to myself?

  538. Sherri Bellinger says:

    I always seem to plan well for an event but once the time comes I begin to get anxious, and try to convince myself that I am not capable of doing it. In the long run, I take a deep breath and most times my husband chips in to help me. This article was inspiring.

  539. The older I get, the more my plate seems to be getting smaller. The last 20 months have been a whirlwind of the unexpected. My turkey platter has gone from dinner plate to salad plate to a dessert plate. I know it is all in my Heavenly Father’s hands, I do. But overwhelmed comes with emotional stuff now. The coping has changed and I need to accept my smaller plate. I could really use this book.?

  540. Beth Thomas says:

    Some days it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, but God is bigger than anything we face!

  541. Thanks or a great reminder!

  542. Sharon Whitworth says:

    My twin sons were both married on different Saturdays this past October. They married lovely girls but I was totally overwhelmed! The devotion’s concept of different plate sizes is a great analogy. I didn’t seem to handle it as well but God blessed us with two beautiful weddings! I would love a copy of this book!

  543. Rachel Carrethers says:

    I am a SAHM of 4 and I am an amputee. Sometimes just taking the next breath is overwhelming. My 5 year old has never seen me walk with my God given leg. I get overwhelmed on just how I will do what I need to be the best I can for them. Thank you for this de orion today it was right on time, that’s how my God works!

  544. Lacey M Pierson says:

    Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:6‭-‬7 NIV

  545. I need those moments of quiet and restoration. My Father offers that for me if I just give him the glory, and Pray!

  546. Jenny Boone says:

    Loved reading this today. Made me realize my husband and I are separate plates (created with different capacities) and it is for a purpose. We both need patience with each other!

  547. I was trying to find a devotional today. I am working from home today, and wanted a word from God. I had
    heard Priscilla Shirer speak before, but found nothing online that I could listen to. I found this site and God spoke through the words on this site. I wanted to continue reading What to do when You’re Just Overwhelmed, and saw an opportunity to receive this book.

  548. Stephanie says:

    I easily get overwhelmed. When I find things are getting even the slight bit stressful I clam up and feel anxiety kicking in. I’m trying to be better at recognizing triggers that cause me to overwhelm easily, but sometimes that’s hard.

    It gives me much hope and relief knowing God is in control of every situation we face. He is our rock.

  549. Thank you, Kathi! Love your writing style – God certainly speaks through you!

  550. Thank you for the bit of peace to start the day…..So very overwhelmed……Help

  551. Kim Steinke says:

    I will be 59 on 1/22 and am at a major turning point in my life. My husband and I moved from Georgia to NH in November 2015 for a promotion he received leaving my daughters, son in laws and grandbabies and friends behind. We have stayed in my sister’s house and then moved into a rental condo in 3/15 and now have purchased a condo and will be moving once again. Along with all those changes I am working at a company that I first thought I had found my place and my NH family but as time went on I am in an environment of not being able to trust anyone and things happening that have challenged my moral compass every day. I am in the process of looking for a new job but again more change. God is getting me through as always but a copy of your book would be a bonus!! Thank You!

  552. Laura Sysel says:

    Just what I needed today. I feel like I’m going in 100 different directions and not being successful at anything. Trying to put my life back together.

  553. Christi Duncan says:

    I would love to read this book! I desperately need Godly assistance in this area of my life.

  554. My grown daughter needs this in her life. I always encourage her to turn over her problems to the Lord as He already has the answer.

  555. This was a beautiful and humbling way to start my day. I am not dealing with weddings or young family. I have matured a d do have a little more wisdom as a 72 year old. But , as a grandmother and a wife I can still get caught up in all the wrong details and drive myself crazy. That can happen even if I am having good friends to dinner. Is is wonderful at any age to be reminded of how God can quell needless anxiety and perfectionism when we stop and ask Him. It is so easy to spoil a good think when we overdo. Then we are apt to miss the blessing of what we planned in the first place!

  556. This speaks directly toy heart – need more help in this area.

  557. Karen Agozino says:

    Delegation and prayer, two of the best ways to prevent being overwhelmed! Thank you for your wisdom. God bless 🙂

  558. I would LOVE to win a copy!! That would be amazing!!

  559. roslyn lewis says:

    This us exactly what i needed to hear this morning. God always send a messenger. Thank your for your inspiring message.

  560. I would love to have a copy of this book!

  561. Brittany B says:

    Kathy your words are so true! Especially to this young working mama heart! Thank you for sharing God’s truth today! I needed it 🙂

  562. Gwen Bouchard says:

    This so resonated today! The plate sizes are such a wonderful word picture of how everyone is so differently created and gifted by God. Thanks for sharing your gift of writing as I woke up!

  563. Angelia Teague-Priddy says:

    This is much needed.

  564. Terri Hawkins says:

    I’m so overwhelmed at this stage in my life. Closing my business, looking for a new path in life. Worrying about how to pay bills, and taking care of my elderly Mother. Would love to have a copy of this book.

  565. I desperately need to learn these strategies. I would like to win this book.

  566. My anxiety comes from other peoples sins sometimes. “How will I fix it” “what do I say” “do I cover” “do I confront them”
    Then I remember it is God that convicts when needed and it is him that will have judgement. All I need to do is pray. But its hard to just sit there and not throw out my opinions and demands.
    In Gods love we trust-

  567. Your message on overwhelm was perfect for me. Being a new Christian I sometimes, well often, forget that I can cast my cares to Him. Thank you for the reminder.

  568. Cast your care upon the lord and he will sustain you.. the comment about all of us having different sized plates is such a helpful perspective, I always find myself comparing what my friends have to look forward to and myself, and how they often times handle themselves so well and are able to have space for additional items while I assume all roles and don’t delegate efficiently, while attempting to consume additional responsibilities. #fail or that’s how it often ends up. thank you for your insight and alternate perspective, may God bless your daughters marriage and your family we so fondly hear about.

  569. Conni Holt says:

    Overwhelm! Take my own responsibility my sons grandkids, brother, taking care of my mother. Yep some days I meet myself coming and going

  570. Wow it would be amazing to win your book. Thank you.

  571. Would love this book. Feel like my life is always in chaos.

  572. Vickie Bartley says:

    I live in the comparison of plates. I always think I should be able to handle everything! And by myself!! I love helping other people, but have such a hard time letting someone else help me. That would make me weak, right? I am so weak in so many areas. Thank heavens that God will work His power through my weakness.

  573. I would love a copy of this book ?. Thank you ?

  574. Wow it would be amazing to win your book. Thank you.

  575. I would love to get a copy, because, the fact that I tend to overwhelmed myself pretty easily is what reminds me that God is always there to guide and help us in everyway possible. <3

  576. Great reminder, God is always with us and knows just what we need! This book will help many, thanks!

  577. Susan Rundle says:

    A friend shared your blog with me thus morning after I posted on Facebook that I’m grateful, but overwhelmed. I just bought my first house post divorce. I’ve been on my own with my 3 kids for 8 years now and I’m so grateful for the opportunities and gifts provided to make it possible to own my own place. And I LOVE my little house, it is perfect for us. Now the reality is that I’m still moving out of the old place, have 2 out of 3 kids sick, trying to set up the new place, and still keep my job! This post couldn’t have been more timely. Would LOVE your book to help me stay grounded and keep perspective

  578. Betsey Reed says:

    I am one of those who tend to shut down as well when I get overwhelmed, which I often do. Thank you for this message! I am starting a coaching program to work on my time management and organization, but trusting and testing in the Lord is definitely the first step. Having this book would help! 🙂

  579. Thank you for such a wonderful chance, I’m always overwhelmed so this book would be nice. I stay at home because of health issues so this would give me a pick me up attitude. I just got Kathys book clutter free. I’m excited to read it

  580. e. garron says:

    I’m over 60 and retired. Reading at my usual devotional site this morning and it just wasn’t what I needed. Imagine reading God’s Word and it’s not resonating?!?!?! I started searching for a new devotional and found this site and am so thankful. I am feeling overwhelmed and today’s message was perfect! I loved reading today’s insight because it reminded me that I’m not the only one facing these feelings and that God knows every detail of every circumstance I’m in and I can lay it all before Him and not carry it myself. Would love to read the book as well.

  581. Diane Mayes says:

    Such an encouragement to read God’s word and know how He loves us.

  582. Overwhelmed is my middle name. Help.

  583. Beautiful post and very timely in my life. LOVE the plate analogy. ? 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “Give thanks IN all circumstances”. It doesn’t say “for all circumstances” it says in. Sometimes it’s hard to find the thankfulness but I try…especially in the small plate moments. Thank you!! ❤️

  584. Thank you so much for this today, I am certainly feeling anxiety and this helped ease it somewhat. Sometimes I forget GOD is in control.

  585. I have multiple overwhelming circumstances in my life. It is hard to see how one particular issue will ever work out. This book sounds helpful for my place in life.

  586. Kathryn Muraoka says:

    I hope I win !

  587. Loved reading your story! I always thought I handled stress so well until my husband and I started taking care of my mother-in-law whose health is declining and she has dementia. I struggle with feelings of guilt over not being as compassionate as I should be at times, which causes me major anxiety. I pray for patience and a loving heart every day, and find comfort that with God’s help, we will get through this! Look forward to reading your book!

  588. Betsy Heller says:

    I must sell my house before July because the payment will go up. The one thing I can do today is look at the price of sold homes in my neighborhood and the condition they were in.

  589. I loved also how you used the plate analogy! I sometimes get the wrong size plate & feel overwhelmed!! Sounds like a wonderful book!

  590. Your words are so helpful for this truth in life. I can hardly wait for the book. This is a wonderful way to look at all of God’s blessings. Thank you.

  591. Kathy Hill says:

    I think everyone needs this book! But I still hope I get it!

  592. Paula Miser says:

    So amazed when God sends messages like yours at precisely the right time. Thank you and Thank God!

  593. stephanie Bates says:

    I believe this is what the Lord is trying to teach me. I’m getting better at it but with new health issues, I’m having to rethink some priorities. I look forward time-wasting your insight!

  594. I start this new year with ongoing goals from last year. I also start it with some fresh starts on a new city, a new job, new business and more. Being a rather fearful person, I don’t boldly chase my dreams a lot of times. As I work through my depression, anxiety and PTSD, I strive to allow myself to state what I want and take action to make it happen. God has gifted me with writing and mentoring talents, and I love using them.

  595. The comparison of plates really hit home. I needed to read this today. Thank you!

  596. Christine Cude says:

    I get very overwhelmed with parenting and all the running here and there that it brings. I try to remind myself that it’ll be OK but sometimes I do let myself get really “freaked out” by it all. <3

  597. Kathy Greene says:

    This faulty reading was just what I needed to read. I have a small cup plate and I tend to get overwhelmed easily. And I had put how God is bigger than anything I can face on the back burner and try to fix everything myself. Thank you for reminding me once more I’m not alone and I can stop and breathe and ask God to take control and help me through whatever task I may into. I would love to be blessed by winning your book!!!

  598. Martinez Hill says:

    This is exactly what I needed today! I thank God for you putting wisdom in this book…I pray that I am one of the blessed ones to receive this book!

  599. Robin Milliman says:

    I so needed this devotion today.Thank you Jesus!

  600. Joni Kleinschmidt says:

    Thank you for this post! I don’t know how many times I have said I am feeling overwhelmed. I really appreciate the “plate analogy”. I am really going to try to remember that! It can be our tendency to think we are all supposed to be able to handle the same amount of stress the same way and yet it’s been very evident that we cannot do that. It is then easy for guilt to set in when we are not able to keep up with the person who can gracefully mange the “turkey platter”. Thank you for this.

  601. I’m new to your site. I was having a heart to heart with my sister yesterday and she mentioned your ministry. I quickly got off the phone and signed right up. I so related to your story today. Just a few years ago I too married my only daughter. It was the most wonderful time of our life but also overwhelming. It took great discipline to remember to stop and check in with the Lord each day as I would begin to feel the stress of it all come tumbling down on my shoulders. At the end He blessed us more than we could possibly imagine. It was beautiful! Our time with family and friends, and our daughter and her new husband will never be forgotten. Thank you for the reminder. Deb

  602. Crystal C says:

    Hello! Thank you for the reminder! As a mother of four I find myself carrying different hats nonstop and I forget to breathe and let God! Great post!


  603. Thanks

  604. Ashlee Ballard says:

    I have a demitasse cup kind of plate, and I now feel like there is design and grace in that, not guilt and shame. Thank you!

  605. Mary Jane John says:

    Thank you for today’s devotional. Letting go and letting God guide me is something I need to remember.

  606. Debbie Brown says:

    Exactly the message I needed this morning.

  607. Traci Lacayo says:

    I loved your analogy on the plates. That really makes sense. I know I prioritize my life by the issue and I try not to get overwhelmed. I teach my kids the saying–do one thing at a time and I make them repeat it when they have a ton of stuff thrown at them. I learned that phrase after my stroke and when I get overwhelmed I say that..with God’s help it all gets done. Thanks for your devotion and the reminder

  608. Tamara Gaines says:

    Thank you for this! Much needed today!

  609. Audrey Lowry says:

    This was written for me! Thank you!

  610. Becky Walker says:

    So good!

  611. Good Morning,
    God used you to once again give the scripture that He has been giving me for months now: to cast all my cares upon Him. Thanks for being a tool He can use to speak His Word!

  612. Great word! Thank you for sharing…I love your analogy of the different sized plates. I’ve never looked at it that way before and easily fell into the comparison trap. So glad God has given me all I need!

  613. Rhonda Funderburk says:

    This is my biggest issue to deal with. I get overwhelmed so easy. Thank you for reminding me of 1Peter 5:7. I am claiming this verse today!

  614. The calendar becomes so overwhelming that I feel like I don’t know if I am coming or going

  615. Kim Davidson says:

    Thank you for this today. My 14 year old son wrote a suicide note on December 23 and I have been overwhelmed with emotions and trying to help him since then. I know God will see us through this. I know God has a plan for him, but I have a hard time wanting to know the last chapter of the book and not read the chapters in the order they are to be written.

  616. I would love to have this book.

  617. This Message came to me in am excllent moment!!!

  618. Tara Campbell says:

    Such great thoughts and reminders today!
    His power is perfect and sometimes the overwhelm bug likes to tell me everything depends on me. Thanks again.

  619. Yes! Learning how to give my stress to God and would love extra help.

  620. Sarah Resendez says:

    This was so good and so very true!

  621. Rebecca Roberts says:

    What a timely message as I begin a new job next week and am feeling overwhelmed by finishing a kitchen remodeling project at the same time. Both are blessings, and yet my fragile emotions and fickle flesh are crying under the weight of the unknown things to come. Will I love the job, will they love me? Will the countertops ever arrive? I must stay focused on the one who is with me, who loves me and will shoulder the unknown with me so I do not need to feel overwhelmed. Thank you for this message today.

  622. Thank you for this today. My 14 year old son wrote a suicide note on December 23 and I have been overwhelmed with emotions and trying to help him since then. I know God will see us through this. I know God has a plan for him, but I have a hard time wanting to know the last chapter of the book and not read the chapters in the order they are to be written.

  623. Ann Thompson says:

    Thank you for the encouragement. It seems my life has been one extreme challenge after another sometimes it’s good to hear or read someone else’s challenges in life. I know God makes us strong enough to handle what we have to face but sometimes I wish I wasn’t so strong. Thanks again for the encouragement. I don’t talk or see people for many days at a time and things like this has made it a little more tolerable.

  624. Thank you for this great reminder today. I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed lately with my children and the responsibilities of being a ministers wife.

  625. Eva Martinez says:

    I have been teaching for 12 years and am on the verge of burnout. I am so overwhelmed by the expectations out side of the classroom, that I don’t have the energy to take care of my home. I cannot express the blessing this devotional was in my inbox this morning. It was just what I neededo to help me get through the day. Thank you Lord for providing these words!

  626. Jenn Harty says:

    Little things overwhelm me all the time. I get very anxious about some silly things. Then, I try to just sit and pray and ask for guidance. This book would be perfect for me!

  627. Thank you for blessing me with your thoughts! The overwhelming “ocean” can give such a sinking feeling, if we let it overtake us! Trusting that God has our day, week, year, and life already planned, we just need to try and relax, knowing He’s got this!

  628. I have three major projects going on at work and a looming personal situation. I have been trying so desperately to give it to God and not stress about it all. It is overwhelming and I am beginning to panic. I read the word, I pray about it, and really want to be able to let Go and let God. I say that I trust, but there is a pocket deep down that is still trying to control it all. Please pray for me.

  629. Stephanie says:

    As a single mom of 3 teenagers, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed. I would love a copy of this book to help me along this journey!

  630. Always look forward every morning to reading the Proverbs31 email.

  631. Karen Collins says:

    Thank you for this inspiring devotion today. Sometimes I wish my platter wasn’t so big. I may be able to handle a larger plate but it is hard to scale down.

  632. I so needed this devotion today. God gives you what you need when you need it. I must remember to just keep looking up to him and he will make things work out for the good. Thank you for letting him use you to help others. God Bless

  633. Thank you for your encouragement. It is a reminder for me not to compare my plate with others.

  634. I am a military wife of 23 years. As I get older and now with 2 busy teenagers, my life seems more stressful. We have a possible 12th move this summer looming and we wait on orders. With one of my teens graduating high school and the other “freaking out” over the possibility of a move, I feel like I can’t deal with it. I find myself saying “I am getting too old for this” often. I am not sure I can handle a move, graduation party, college transition and a new high school for my daughter all in one summer. I can’t seem to believe, trust and find peace in God as often as I once did. Prayers appreciated as I need to “get it together” for 2017 and find renewed strength in God and my faith journey.

  635. Deb Johnson says:

    Related to this devotional so much! Very interested in your book & sharing with struggling sister. Thank you for your work!

  636. This is my day! Thank you for your words of wisdom for the overwhelmed!

  637. Kate Baugher says:

    Great read!!

    I often catch myself getting caught up in stresses of life and not giving them to God…..I pray that this year I can work on giving God my all and trusting him.


  638. Kate Lucero says:

    Such wise words, and EXACTLY what I needed to start my day this morning! I NEEd this book – “pick me, pick me!” ?

  639. Kathy Jenkins says:

    I would love to have this book for my daughter. She is 19 years old, although strong in her faith, she has for sometime struggled with becoming overwhelmed with life’s circumstances. Our family has had to deal with some unusual and hard problems. My husband had a life changing accident when she was 14, this seems to be the start of a “landslide” of issues. Just like Kathi in today’s devotion, she shuts down. I try my best to help her work through whatever has caused the concerns, but sometimes, I just don’t feel like I have the resource to do it.

  640. I love the analogy of plate sizes. It’s easy to compare ourselves to those with turkey platters!

  641. Mary Aiaka kent says:

    Good morning!!

  642. Thank you for your message today. I really needed to hear about our different size plates. I often feel “other women handle so much more” .

  643. Thank you so much – the “not comparing” is so important! Run YOUR race.

  644. Talk about overwhelmed, trying to raise 6 children ages 10-25 all living at home with school, jobs events, running an in home day care and restore my marriage with my husband after an emotional affair, just trying to live life above water.. welcome to my crazy overwhelmed journey..

  645. I really need this book!!!

  646. Gloria Marsolais says:

    This devotional on being overwhelmed is very timely reminder. Having access to God and trusting him to meet me in my weakness ( or that in the life of someone I love) makes all the difference in the ability to face what comes in a day.

  647. Roberta brown says:

    Look forward to my daily reading. Awesome and inspiring!

  648. This was just for me! I often try to be superwoman and often feel overwhelmed.

  649. I feel like I’m overwhelmed most of the time! I would love a copy of this book!

  650. This was exactly what I needed today (interesting how that works, isn’t it? 🙂 ), The bible quote associated with it is perfect too. I need to remember this. To hold on to this, and to repeat this to myself in the hardest times. My husband recently moved out and I am dealing with shock, grief, overwhelm, and confusion. Sometimes it seems like more than I can bear. It’s been hard to hear God’s voice, but I know that if I keep seeking, I will eventually. Thank you for this today. My situation is pretty much the exact opposite of a wedding, but the truths of the bible apply so many times no matter what season of life we may find ourselves in. And I have faith. 🙂 Blessings to you all.

  651. Karalyn Phillips says:

    I am struggling with fear of an uncontrolled environment, people pleasing and feelings of inadequacy. Thank you for this devotion.

  652. Thank you for this message! Just what I needed today and I am going to share it with some other ladies that I love.

  653. I would really love to get this book! We moved 2 1\2 years ago and we stll have boxes to unpack, which we dread, because we have too much and need to get rid of a lot of stuff. I’ m overwhelmed because I’m looking for a job to help pay off a $20,000 tuition loan and pay off a credit card debt. Plus there are a few more things we need, and with only one paycheck coming in it puts the burden on my husband and he gets overwhelmed! I don’t have a lot of hope and I could really use some help.

  654. Jeanne Joiner says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book. As a parent to a special needs child, being overwhelmed is part of my role, but some days are just more than others.

  655. Stephanie says:

    Kathi, thank you from the bottom of a current bride’s overwhelmed heart for this today. Knowing what my plate can carry is important, but the heart check I received today was about reminding myself that the plates of those I’m surrounded by are differently sized than mine. I am so ready to not only unburden myself but to unburden those around me and encourage them instead of piling on.

  656. Sherri Stone says:

    Thank you for this post today. I struggle with feeling overwhelmed by life – work, friends and social media. It can be too much and can distract me so much that I will often forget to just pray for help.

  657. I have a cup plate – overwhelmed easily and constantly desire my life to be neat and in order which is insanity.

  658. “My grace is sufficient for you…” is really all I need to hear all day! If I can keep this echo resonating in my soul, other things won’t become as overwhelming. Thank you for this reminder!

  659. Terri Conrad says:

    Thank you for this devotional on being overwhelmed. I’m a widow with three girls, two in college. I’ve gone from a busy family of five to just me. I’ve been so blessed to be a stay at home mom and the children reflect that very wise decision. “Overwhelmed” has been a companion now and then over the years but it has become “overbearing “. How do I help my girls deal with grief, pay for college, find a job and put our family home up for sale especially when I’m alone. God even told me ” I’ve got this!” “It’s chump change.” My faith is oh so strong, but “overwhelmed ” really is quite strong. I know God’s got this, and through our weakness He shows up and shows off. I am so looking forward to His mercy and blessings.

  660. This book would be very helpful! I always bite off more then I can chew! I tend to not ask for help or take it. I would love a copy!

  661. Myra Hall says:

    I live my life in a perpetual feeling of being overwhelmed. This would be such a blessing.

  662. Thank you for being my lifeline. I am trying to be a Phoenix and rise from the ashes of my former life. Your words in the morning help me be a blessing to others.

  663. I love these daily readings and so badly needed to learn about God’s grace especially when feeling overwhelmed. It was a huge blessing to me today as that is exactly where I felt I was today. I would treasure reading this book on this topic.

  664. I needed those precious thoughts today as I have a sick son and a stressed husband. I definitely need the Lord to undertake and provide as he has promised.

  665. L. Danielle says:

    Oh, dear! this is where I’m at. It seems like so much at the start of the new year. I received a word that God was going to finish what He started. While I’m excited about God breathing life back into old dreams and forfeited plans that I put on the shelf, I’m feeling overwhelmed at how will this all fit into my life. My prayer these first few days of the new year have been asking God to keep me focused on Him and keep my heart right when stuff jumps off. Feeling out of control is something I’m learning to deal with and this feeling of overwhelming feels like a lack of control. This devotion blessed me with the nuggets it provided. thank you for sharing.

  666. Ella Herlihy says:

    I have already read this book and LOVE it!! Such great humor and relatable stories couched in God’s word and surrounded by practical hints to take back your life! Thankful for the combination of this book and “The Best Yes” to make 2017 my best year yet (but not the busiest)!

  667. I need this prayer!! I hope to pray that every day!
    Thank you! The Book would be a tremendous help.

  668. Melody Mays says:

    Love Proverbs31, you have been so uplifting for me!

  669. I can’t tell you how many times I have been overwhelmed. I always remember, however, the words my pastor says, “It doesn’t matter what happens, God is still in charge”. I would love a copy of this book.

  670. Chellee Niermeyer says:

    I am just that! OVERWHELMED! I don’t even know if I would have time to read the book, to be honest! This is my devotion time while in messaging this. I’m not sleeping well, finances are a mess, in the middle of a divorce, trying to do my job without breaking down, 3 kids in different stages and one dismissed from a great Christian college for a silly reason and back home rethinking her future, parents who are aging and bit doing well, needing to think about a new home sin, and my health isn’t the greatest either! My plate is full! But I’m blessed and thankful for those kids, and God provides everyday, and parents who live me and are there for us, and I will make it through all this by the grace of God! I will overcome!

  671. Megan King says:

    This giveaway would be a blessing for my anxious heart, mind, body!

  672. I needed this message today, and everyday! I have been so overwhelmed and worried about kids, husband, everyday life. I am trying to figure out whether should I return to school to obtain my masters, but feel so guilty because my children are in middle and elementary school and need contast help with their work. Then we are beginning to get back on our feet from a 2 year financial crisis, but I do not want to add anymore debt, because we are in the process of paying off debt we acquired during these past 2 years.

  673. Thank you! I felt God tapping my shoulder as I read this. God does hear our prayers and when we are quiet & open to His voice He speaks.

  674. Kathi, I love the plate analogy! That is so true! My husband is a salad plate and I am a platter. It is definitely how we are wired. I have to be careful that I don’t compare our plates. I am often at the buffet looking for things to fill my plate with. My husband is content with the salad. 🙂 Great reminder!

  675. How could I not use a book that deals with the subject of being overwhelmed?!

  676. I’ve been overwhelmed at work for a while and need to these reminders daily. Thanks for sharing!

  677. Wow, this just hit the nail right on the head for me today! I’m in the middle of planning my own wedding, while going through the process of moving to a new house and my fiance and myself both transitioning to new jobs, all on top of just normal stressors of life and I feel overwhelmed more often than not these days, which I know isn’t good. This book would be a blessing and sounds just like something I could use right now. Thanks for the great devotion and intro to this book!

  678. Kelly Jenkins says:

    I am a salad plate person, and God has been showing me this year how to be content with this, confident about it, and also use it wisely. I have felt for many years my husband was comparing me to turkey platter ladies, and I was putting lots of pressure on myself to be this. It’s just not how God created me, and I’ve been gaining confidence about this and helping my husband understand this as well. It’s so important for us to realize how God made US, and be THAT best person, nothing more!

  679. This was exactly what I needed to hear today.

  680. My daughter has a plate about the size of a toy tea party. I read this article and melted. I know she would also benefit greatly….but not before I read it? you see…my plate is even smaller. Thank you for your ministry…it is an encouragement. God Bless you.

  681. Norma Corwin says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am a single mother and my three oldest kids blessed me with grandson’s in the last 4 months of 2016. It is an overwhelming experience to have three newborns in such a short span of time. I still have two kids at home and I feel that I have a cup plate that is just overflowing on to the table and floor. What you said is a constant reminder that I have to let go and trust in God to help guide me through his plan for me and not let my doubts and insecurities get in the way.

  682. Katrina Hicks says:

    I love your Blogs.like you said, when I get over whelped I shut down. It’s something I’m trying to remember, before it gets to that point turn it over to God. .. I will get better at it. Would love to win your book.
    Thank you

  683. Though I didn’t have a specific reason for feeling overwhelmed at times, after quite a bit of thought and prayer, I decided to “unplug” from Facebook. For me, I felt as if I needed to “like”, “comment”, or frequently post pictures. It made something intended as an instrument of “connecting” to family and former classmates, to an instrument of “enslavement”. Since saying goodbye to FB a few months ago, I’ve felt that I’ve been able to use my “extra time” in a better way. Oh, I certainly miss the updates of many but realize, I’m only an email, text, or phone call away to those who really care to stay in touch. (and that was an eye opener as well….but that’s another story…). This is just one example of how God is able to help us make the right decision.

  684. I so needed this encouragement today!

  685. Lil Williams says:

    I have never been as overwhelmed as I was this year. Between having a new dog, family snowed in with us, and having my special needs granddaughter out of school as well because of snow was more than I could handle. I knew I would get through it but had so many negative thoughts on what I was going to do. I cried out and ask God to please get me through this and of course he did. I’m 67 and can’t handle things like I use to. I would love to read this book. Then I would pray for the time to read it?

  686. We have had major medical issues in our family… Suicide attempts by our teen daughter, losing my father in law to leukemia before Christmas, and needing medication adjustments for me have reminded me how overwhelmed I can get. Thx for your discerning and encouraging words. I’d love to read your book, Kathi!!! Thx for being a voice in so many people’s overwhelmed wildernesses!!!

  687. I definitely needed this message today. God is good! He always sends us what we need at just the time we need it!

  688. Marilyn bucci says:

    Yes,I am learning that I need to trust God not only in my own overwhelming life but also this world,I have been called to be a watchmanbon the wall so its easy to get trapped in the overwhelming things that are happening today in the world,but My trust needs to be in God.

  689. I needed to read this today at this moment! So encouraged and reminded that God is in control and all powerful, no need for me to feel alone.

  690. Ana Martínez says:

    Thank you for the time you for the time you take each and every day to provide a clear path to peace for us that feel lost and overwhelmed. May God allways give you strength, wisdom, time and good health, so you may continue this work.

  691. April Coronado says:

    What a great read for this morning . It spoke right to my core. Thank you!

  692. I am looking for a daily devotional that encourages and reminds me that I can trust God for anything that is in agreement to His will. I need to here God tell me He loves me and is always with me no matter what.

  693. Thank you SOOO much for this devotion! So many times life can get overwhelmed! Such a great reminder to consult God first, trust Him to provide the help & people needed! He is trustworthy to meet EVERY need we have in ANY situation! Be blessed

  694. I am in a season where I feel totally overwhelmed quite often, work, grandkids, home, vehicle issues, you name it! Getting better about stopping at times, taking a deep breath and ask for God’s help through prayer but could definitely use more help! Some days are just harder than others.

  695. Thank you for this devotion today. I’m constantly overwelmed by life and not because life itself is overwelming but because I’ve don’t go to God first with my problems, because I compare myself with others, because my insecurities keep me in bondage. I’m currently looking for a job and feel overwelmed and lost at times. One minute I’m over qualified, then I’m under qualified, then not enough and not sure where to look.

    Thank you for this reminder and for your devotions each and every day. They definitely help remind me of Gods love, grace and faithfulness. I would love to read this book.

  696. Thank you for this devotion. I’m a mom of 5, a teacher and a worrier. I procrastinate and I worry about that! My favorite part was about the “unimaginable-that God has already provided everything I need for this challenge!”
    My 1st born is getting married in 7 months. Prayers appreciated! 😉

  697. Today I will take every thought and every feeling good, bad and ugly to the Lord. I will cast all my cares at his feet. I’d love to read this book!

  698. Sue Sisco says:

    Good morning, What a Blessing my Proverbs 31 devotional is this morning. I have been so overwhelmed lately. My Cardiologist told me yesterday that I was too overstressed & needed to do as She had , Let go. I know, as a Christian, that God”s Grace is sufficient each day for us but sometimes, in my weakness, I forget & allow all my Responsibilities & Family to overwhelm me & I forget to follow my all powerful Lord’s Holy Word. So Thankful that He forgives me & puts me back on the right track with His wonderful Grace. This morning is in my study & devotion. I really need Your Book as well as prayers right now, but can’t afford it. My Mother who has Alzheimer’s is In a bad stage &, lives with me & she & all my other responsibilities have gotten me down & affecting my health too. Thank You & have a Blessed day. Keep on, Keeping on In the Faith. ????

  699. Tabatha Shelton says:

    So needed this today. Overwhelmed with a toddler, baby on the way, financial stress & new job. God knows what we need to hear before we do. Thank you for these words today!!

  700. Robin Couey says:

    This was a very timely devotion for me – Thank you so much for sharing it! I think the book would be very helpful and would love to read it! I need to remember that the Lord is always there!

  701. I am to the last dollar each month so I can’t afford to buy your wonderful book. Within the two scriptures alone a ton of stress left my pain-filled body. I’m under tremendous stress with my 88 year old mother sending love letters and money to a scammer and I’m fighting her to save her from herself and I have a son going thru withdrawals & fighting demons & I have cancer that is spreading and not much time left maybe on top of which I also have fibromyalgia and arthritis through my spine. The cancer is getting bigger by my heart and about to attach to the spine. I also suffer with chronic neuropathy in hands and feet from chemo! Please could I win one book from you? It would surely help my life. I don’t want to die with my mother there hating me and my son feeling guilty for drugs and things said when he was out of his mind

  702. I needed this, this morning!

  703. Jean Raboin says:

    Today’s devotion about handling being overwhelmed was spot on and (as usual) perfectly timed!
    I have a son who is incarcerated (on trumped up charges), another who is selling his house (and moving in with us temporarily). Additionally, my husband and I are both out of work and caring for his 94-year old father. Talk about being overwhelmed!! THANK YOU for sending the right message at just the right time!

  704. Ruth ann stubblefield says:

    I am interested in one of the free copies of the book.

  705. Karina Ayala says:

    I need this book in my life

  706. I would love to read this book. I get overwhelmed so easily. I’m also a worrier- oh how I wish I was a “warrior”- Lol

    Learning to stop and pray more is what I want in 2017! This book would give me a great start. Especially have a high schooler and Kindergartener at the same time this year!!!

  707. Karina Ayala says:

    These emails have been a blessing to my life

  708. Having a 20 year old and 4 year old twins, house to manage, farm to help run, pets to tend to, meals to prepare, a husband to care for, (just to name a few) I would welcome this book in my life.

  709. To quiet the chaos would be wonderful. Perfect timing in my life.

  710. Amy mcdonald says:

    I love The Lord’s timing! He used your message this morning to quiet my heart and lay parts of my storm at the foot of the cross. Overwhelmed by my storm is how I have felt this past week and your message is just what I needed! Thank you friend.

  711. Wow! How did U know I needed this! Really struggling with a work situation affecting my mental state and now my finances. Praying for wisdom and direction .

  712. Jamie Gerry says:

    Thank you for this post, it came at a good time for me. I overwhelm easily and feel like I can only handle about a saucer’s worth some days. The turkey platter terrifies me!

  713. Assoune Forgue-safaite says:

    Just lost my 43yrs old brother to cancer and overwhelming can NOT describe it.

  714. But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. Ex. 20:10-11

    I didn’t miss the point. Practice trusting God with this. When you keep the commandment of God to rest on the seventh day (and God wasn’t vague but very explicit about this), not the first day or the day of your choosing but the seventh day, everything else fits. He blessed that day alone and made it holy, not just for Israelites but for all humanity.

  715. I never have thought about how bleasings can overwhelm me so much. What a God given insight. Thank you!

  716. Lynda Boucher says:

    Great title! Looking forward to reading this book.

  717. Tracy Jackson says:

    Exactly what I needed to see and hear today. Thank you for the reorientation!

  718. I loved the plate analogy- I am horrible at comparing myself with others and need to remember God created me the way I am for a reason. Would love to read this book as life the past few years has become increasingly overwhelming, so much so that I have had to go to counseling to figure out how to cope with it. Trying to learn to say no more often, to give things to the Lord and not try to control- daily trying to improve these areas but only can with God’s help.

  719. Mary Hawkinson says:

    Feeling overwhelmed is all too familiar! I’d like love to build up some tools to use when those feelings come.

  720. Jackie Thomson says:

    Thank you for this devotion, and for the opportunity to win a free book, as I attempt to balance my plate today.

  721. Wow, this is so timely. I really enjoyed reading this!
    Thank you!
    The book looks awesome! I hope to read it soon!