When Drama Distracts from Destiny

When Drama Distracts from Destiny

September 1, 2017

“Inside, the people were all shouting, some one thing and some another. Everything was in confusion. In fact, most of them didn’t even know why they were there.” Acts 19:32 (NLT)

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My daughter boarded the plane with her two young sons, who were flying for the first time. The boys also have tsunami-sized energy.

One is fair and blue-eyed, the other dark with beautiful black curls. On this day, however, they were twins from the neck down.

My daughter dressed them head-to-toe in identical green fluorescent outfits. She wasn’t going to take a chance on her active boys being swept into a mass of people in a crowded airport. No matter how many people might swarm around them, she knew her mama’s eye would spot her brightly-colored boys in a second.

In Acts 19, we see another mass of people where a local silversmith from Ephesus was angry at the apostle Paul. He was a businessman who created shrines to the Greek goddess, Artemis. But new Christian converts were cutting into his business.

The silversmith gathered a large group of craftsmen — all who profited from idol worship — and riled them up. A mob began to form, which threw the whole city into confusion. The crowd grabbed a couple of Paul’s traveling buddies and dragged them to the amphitheater.

Luke, the author of Acts, describes the scene:

“Inside, the people were all shouting, some one thing and some another. Everything was in confusion. In fact, most of them didn’t even know why they were there” (Acts 19:32).

While this took place in Paul’s time, our world can feel a little chaotic too. Debates on social media. Opinions tossed back and forth, often without consideration or wisdom. It’s tempting to be swept up in the chaos.

We can get a little lost as we debate one opinion or another. Or become frustrated as we try to persuade someone to our point-of-view.

What do we do to avoid being swept into drama?

Keep your focus on your destiny.

In a drama-driven society, it’s easy to be swept up in the commotion, though it holds little value.

If you’ve been drawn in, you aren’t stuck there.

Those words God spoke over your heart are still true. That vision He breathed into you hasn’t gone anywhere. Refocus from the drama to His destiny over your heart and life.

Encourage each other.

Paul and his traveling companions weren’t wearing fluorescent green shirts and shorts, but they were marked by their faith. God didn’t take His eyes off them for a second.

They also kept their eyes on each other, which is why Paul immediately gathered believers after the chaos in the amphitheater (Acts 20:1) and encouraged them to keep up the good work before he said farewell.

If you’re tempted to turn toward drama, look to a trusted, godly friend instead. If you feel like a friend is drowning in drama, throw a lifeline of prayer and encouragement.

Keep going.

After his chat with the Ephesus believers, Paul kept going. There were more people who didn’t know Jesus. He left Ephesus to teach and preach and encourage believers in all the towns he passed through.

When we focus on our destiny, encourage each other and keep going, we will make it to our final destination.

Later my daughter posted a photo on Instagram. It was of her two little guys strolling ahead, surrounded by bustling travelers. Their fluorescent shirts and shorts stood out like a glowing light. They may have thought they were doing it on their own, but their mama saw their every step.

There will always be those who are drawn to drama. They may not even know why they are there.

You don’t have to be one of them.

God knows exactly where you are and what His plans are for you. Ask God today to help you leave drama and embrace your destiny.

Dear Jesus, You have a plan for me. I’m so excited to partner with You to love the world in Your name. Take my eyes off drama that distracts me from that destiny. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Romans 16:17, “I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them.” (NIV)

2 Timothy 2:16, “Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior.” (NLT)

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While social media is fun and a great way to connect, we don’t have to respond to everyone all the time.

Consider tuning in to God when drama arises. What’s one way you can do that today?

© 2017 by Suzie Eller. All rights reserved.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you. I have started a new job where there is much drama and I am trying not to get caught up in it. It was a comfort to be reminded that God knows exactly where I am and that He has a plan for me even though I wake up with anxiety every morning questioning if I made the right decision.

    • Kathy, you are doing the right thing by choosing not to get caught in the drama at your work place. Pray for those who are involved in the drama & stay focused on your new job. With God you will make a difference. I will Pray for you.

    • Praying for you, Kathy. I left my job of 15 yrs after 2 solid yrs of trying to avoid manufactured drama. It is hard to stand firm in that kind of environment, so I pray that you find peace.

      • Your “manufactured drama” terminology certainly resonates!!!! Oh yes…..so easily recognized, but we know God can see right through it all.

    • Kathy, I was right where you were 9 months ago when I started my new job. I was reminded of Gods word each day in devotion. I still struggle with it at my job but continue to seek God when I feel anxious and drawn in. Prayers for you! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Dear Lord Jesus,
    Through all my mental sickness of hearing bad things happening to me and my children, children hell me to forever keep your righteous and holy word hidden in my heart. Please continue to teach me of your righteous and holy word, and protect us as I continue to reverence you in all ways that is pleasing to you.

  3. Let the words of my mouth and my posts on social media be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer (expanded from Psalm 19:14).

  4. Father God, I am weak but thy art strong. Keep my focus on You. Remove distraction from me so that i focus and follow what Your telling me. Forgive me and make me strong in thee. Let Your so shine in me so others see You and glorify Your name. Obedience is better than sacrafice. I pray to obey thee. Help me and remove those things and people that are not of YOU. I LOVE You in Your Son Jesus Name, Amen

  5. Thankful for these words today – God knows exactly what we need.

  6. Fay Ann Swearing says:

    Very instructive and insightful devotion…Oh Lord may you help me to ignore the distractions and listen to the still small voice always…May I be willing to do whatever is right and allow the consequences to follow.

  7. Terri Wright says:

    Thank you! For this message!

  8. Thank you Suzie for this. May God help us keep our focus on him.

  9. I got caught up in drama at work yesterday, there is a very challenging conwotker thrre who pushed every button she could needless to say I had to pray over what I said to her! I thankful I can go to God instead of react to drama I will continue to pray for God to bless my words not to be harsh but loving and kind no matter where I am

  10. Susan Harkins says:

    How timely! Thank you. I have copied your versus to my desktop so I can see them often each day. Susan H.

  11. Sarah Liddy says:

    One way to steer away from drama, especially as I scroll through facebook is to stop and pray for that person and possibly others that are involved. Sometimes I even hide or state that I prefer not to see posts in that area, or block those people that continue to use drama on their feeds.

  12. My estranged husband brings constant chaos and drama. I try my best to avoid it, but the smallest interaction leads to it. We don’t agree about anything especially the kids. I feel so drained after I deal with him and I often regret how I’ve acted/reacted when things are over for a moment. In reality, my kids are the ones who truly suffer. Ijust want peace. Ple as early pray that I will have better control of my emotions and the words that I say. Please also pray for peace in my family. Thank you

    • Carrie Crowl says:

      Praying for you Kris. May God comfort you and give you wisdom and to hold your tongue when needed. May He also help your estranged husband to make wise choices so the kids aren’t hurt and feel loved and secure. May God bless you and keep you.
      Thank you for this devotion. It is perfect for what’s going on at this time.

    • Praying for you your husband and children.

  13. Barbara Hellriegel says:

    All I can say is WOW! This word is so needed for me today. As social media tries to tempt me into hatred and judgement, I need to remember my destiny in God!
    Thank you for this word today.

  14. This is a great devotional, and needed. I avoided drama the other night, it was a respond to a post I saw on social media, I’m so glad I didn’t give into my flesh and act on what I saw. I’m learning everyday that everything I see or hear doesn’t demand my response. It feels good to be able to walk away from drama and live out God’s will. I hope everyone has a blessed day.

  15. I look forward each morning to reading these devotionals and comments. It’s a real blessing to have this resource of a community of Christian women.

  16. I so needed this devotion today. We have a new boss and things have changed. Thank you for this encouragement today.

  17. To be honest, I can start my own mental drama when I see something that vexes me on social media. I have to remind myself that if it’s not a dangerous activity that needs to be brought to the attention of someone then it’s really not my business how people live their lives.

    I’m 41 and I remember days when my children were small and there was no easy access to social media or the Internet. Sometimes, I miss those days.

  18. Drama ~ I can get so sucked into it. I want to have a heart and response of peace and calmness. Lord help me keep focused on to where you are leading me.

  19. Karin Thomsen says:

    A great read for sure!! Especially when most of what you see on social media is contrary to what we believe. thank you!! God bless

  20. My mother in law is one of those constant drama starters. She even goes as far as to make up things in order to start it, if there is currently none surrounding her… I try to keep my distance from her but it’s hard bc my husband is kind of what you would call “a mommy’s boy”. Her and her drama cause a lot of stress and tension in our marriage. I’ve tried to talk to him several times about how uncomfortable she makes me feel when she’s constantly talking/gossiping about others and she even tries to get him mad and insecure about our relationship by putting, “what if situations” in his mind. Ive prayed about this a lot but I don’t know what else to do. When he has been around her he will come home in an awful mood and accuse me of all kinds of random, off the wall things. I love my husband but I feel this is something that could destroy our marriage. If anyone has any advice please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi, Amanda I am so sorry that you have to go through such a negative situation with your mother in law. I was in a similar situation with my family and my in laws. My husband and I had to come to a agreement that if people around us are not supporting us in our marriage and can’t respect both of us we have to establish boundaries in our relationships or the negative communications with others towards our spouses. There where times I had to stop my mother in a conversation that was negative towards my husband with respect. I hope your husband can finds the courage to do the same. Have a discussion with your husband to see where you both can establish biblical priorities and healthy boundries in his relationship with his mother. Yes, we have to honor our Parents but we also must not allow any negativity or ungodly believes influence us. Sorry for my spelling! I will be praying for you!

  21. beth warren says:

    By treating people properly. I actually felt bad for an old gentleman who was walking from back of walmart to the store with a cane and at about 6″ at a step. I wanted so bad to offer him a moment to sit in my car to rest and cAool down but my dog was with me and she is very protective of me, so I at least smiled at him and I got the tiniest of nods back. When the lady brought out my groceries I asked if there were benches outside along the front and why. She said he comes every day get a couple of things and off he goes. At that point I realized God was telling me if this man could do this I need to try to do more. I will start tomorrow with my husband to go on a walk with our dog I may not get far but I will try to start. Once I was home and put away my few groceries I started with first 5 and now devotional with you all. Both kind of on the same track. Thank you for all you do.

  22. So much of life’s drama can be avoided if we just follow this simple advise. I know personally God had perfect timing for this wonderfully written article to hit my email this morning. My son’s girlfriend causes so much havoc in his life and it is hard for me to sit and stay quiet when I see the awful treatment she gives hin and the kids. It tears at my heart knowing those children do not understand why Momma yells horribly. My son understands it and is caught up in the cross fire of staying to see that the children’s needs are met….all the while it is tearing him down horrible both emotionally and physically.

    This article also helped me for another issue , I have a friend who likes to trail it down the gossip trail and open up the door for dissention. This really helped me to put things into perspectives a little more clearly. I love your ministry!

  23. Amanda,
    Get your husband to go with you to a Christian counselor before this becomes even more divisive in your marriage. There are many good counselors out there that can help you and your husband with this. If the first one you go to, doesn’t seem like it’s a good fit, not helping, whatever, don’t be afraid to try a different one. They are not all the same.

  24. Thanks so much for this post!
    It was much needed and a very welcome piece of advice.

  25. Seems my life is just been totally drama for the last 9 months. My husband blindsided me with divorce papers, I had to get out of the house, went and stay at my parents home who was in the nursing home. The following week dad passed away. A daughter who had been living with my husband and I decided to basically just move in where I was, and now doesn’t want to leave. My other daughter is my mom’s DPOA and says the other daughter needs to leave. I have rented an apartment and would like to get totally moved in but everything just keeps causing more drama. SO thank you for this devotion today. I know the Lord has plans for me but sometimes I still am scared.

  26. Wow! I was just getting caught up in a drama at work and was feeling very frustrated by my co-workers’ lack of understanding of my point of view (of course, they are entitled to their point of view even if it doesn’t seem ‘godly’ to me). So I came back to my desk and started reading this devotional. This devotional was dead on! How does God speak to us so directly like that? It helped me realize that just because my co-workers have a different opinion, it doesn’t matter. My focus needs to continue to be God’s focus. I can step out of the drama and show compassion and kindness to my co-workers, even when I feel angered by them. Show love even if I don’t feel it. And forget about their drama and live and work for the glory of God instead.

  27. This is just what I need and my spirit required

  28. Karen Hall says:

    Love this!

  29. Praise God for His faithfulness and thank you for sharing this message. I needed this spiritual water in words today and God as always provides the nourishment for each day and for life. He sees us in the crowd, His thoughts of us are more in. number than the sand and His love is everlasting; my limited mind strives to fathom how absolutely great and unchanging He is and I give Him thanks and all the praise for creating and watching over us.

    Thank you for this lovely inspiring post.

  30. Thanks for this Suzie. Good words here!
    So thankful I do not participate in social media…there’s enough drama everywhere without it. 😉
    Plus I’ve seen what it’s done to my daughters, grandkids, other relatives and friends…

  31. Merle Nursten says:

    Those words God spoke over your heart are still true. That vision He breathed into you hasn’t gone anywhere. Refocus from the drama to His destiny over your heart and life.
    Tears sprang to my eyes when I read this! I am His daughter and He wants what’s best for me always, He knows even before it happens! How privileged I am have to have Father who is watching over me every step of my wayward way and helping and guiding and loving! I love you my Jesus!

  32. As folks start trickling back into our mandatory evacuation zone in Sienna Plantation, TX – this was a perfectly timed devotion! So much drama here for the last 8 days with tornado and flood and evacuations! Prayers for my neighbors just trying to get back home and start their clean up!

  33. I so needed this. My life is full of drama & chaos. I have a child who deals with mental illness & another who is so angry because he doesn’t understand why his brother can’t be “normal”. I’m having issues with where I live at the moment so we’re staying with my parents until it’s taken care of. I’m a single mom, I work, but still am behind financially. Some days I honestly don’t know how we’re going to make it. My children need me so bad at home, but I have to work. It’s so very hard, these past few weeks all I’ve done is cry. Thank you so much for reminding me that I do not have to stay stuck in this. My God does have a plan, I have to remain faithful.

  34. How true this devotion is… it is so easy to get caught up in our own drama as well as our friends drama. Too often we throw our opinions out there without thinking of the outcome. Did we research before we gave our opinion? Is our opinion going to hurt others? Often times the answer is no we did not research or check to see if we were hurting someone we love. I, myself am guilty of this. If we keep our eyes on Jesus, the things of this world (like drama) will grow strangely dim. My prayer is that I help others see Jesus in the midst of there problems instead of getting drawn into drama.

  35. Stephanie Johnson says:

    I’m several days late but I’m grateful that I found this devotional or rather it found me. Right now my life is at a cross roads (finding a new job and preparing for it). Being in the place of the unknown often leads me astray from God’s will and I gossip and worry about my next step in life.I know that God has some wonderful things in store for me. I just need to keep the faith.

  36. Thank you for this devotion. I pray that I focus, encourage and keep going. God Bless You.

  37. Janice Alston says:

    This was really good message with very immature insights. I off put things I can’t seem to grasp into God hands, kneel and pray. You will get through this. I often wonder why there is so much drama in people life? Well that’s because they open the door and let it in. Honey, this was very inmature on the other person’s behalf. Hold your head high and move on.

  38. This was on time. Drama left and right in my family and I am always the one they call and get pulled into it. Lord help me not to get caught up in some one else’s drama which I know is a distraction from you. I pray that my family will seek you with their concerns instead. Help me not want to fix their drama but to speak a word of wisdom in Jesus name I pray Amen!

  39. I was so blessed by this. Recently I was transferred from one peaceful department into a chaotic department. In the beginning I felt “picked on” because the move seems unjustified. This devotion today has reminded me that no matter where I am- my Father has his eyes on me and He is fully aware of all circumstances. I praise God for His doings and I thank Him in advance for completing the good work He has begun. Be blessed!

  40. I lost my email from Proverbs 31 about ” ARE YOU THE WOMAN YOU WANT TO BE”.
    Is there anyway I can get it back? Can you resend it to me”?
    Love your daily devotional
    Plese help
    Thank you and God bless
    Rita b

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