When Fear Overcomes Me

When Fear Overcomes Me

June 14, 2017

“Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword?” Romans 8:35 (ESV)

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The alarm clock glows green in the darkness. It seems stuck on 3 o’clock. Sleep eludes me, although I feel shattered with exhaustion.

I started a new project and it’s weighing heavy on me because I know I am fallible. I may leave gaps, forget important details, make mistakes and hurt others in the process. It’s quite possible that I will fall short of other people’s expectations. I may prove insufficient or just plain bad.

In an odd way, this scenario reminds me of soldiers of old.

Ancient Roman soldiers sometimes used a short sword they called the makhaira for eliminating their enemies. Because of its compact length, the soldier had to draw very near to his victim, almost like an intimate embrace, as he delivered the final strike. In that moment, all the victim could see was the face of his assassin. He forgot the world, he forgot hope and lost his fragile grasp on any remnant of a fight lingering in his heart. He saw only that hard, unflinching face bent on his destruction.

It is this particular word for “sword” that the apostle Paul uses when he asks the questions found in our key verse: “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword?” The makhaira?

Clearly, I have never been a Roman soldier. But I think I know what it’s like to have a makhaira pointed at my jugular. Its name is Fear.

Like that short Roman sword, when fear comes, it is as if the world disappears so I can only taste and smell and see one thing: The ugly face of fear.

In my mind, Jesus fades, and fear becomes a giant.

Perhaps one of the greatest areas of fear is our work. The work of our hands has so many complex, emotional threads connected to it. We long to be useful. To make a difference. To meet expectations. Add to that the reality that in our world, one’s stability is often attached to work.

We can’t pay the rent unless we get paid. Whether you’re a mother, doctor, loan officer, teacher, receptionist or work in any other field, we all face a multitude of pressures regarding our work. There are layers of fear running through our jobs, layers that, to some degree, remain beyond our control.

The prophet Isaiah said, “You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear” (Isaiah 54:14b, ESV). In other words, fear causes oppression.

In all its iterations: anxiety, worry, agitation, trepidation, panic, fear of failure, of rejection, of letting people down, of abandonment, of not measuring up, of being sick, of ending up alone, of the calamity that might visit our loved ones, financial fears, fear of death — every manner of fear is a chain that binds. Oppresses. And one day, Isaiah says, that oppressive fear shall cease. It shall cease because the Messiah will overcome it.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall fear? Certainly not.

And yet there are days when I see the face of fear more clearly than I do the face of my precious Savior.

On those days, I try hard to hold on to Jesus’ words on the cross: “It is finished” (John 19:30b, ESV). He meant, of course, that His work was accomplished.

So therefore, all the work my soul needs — its redemption and restoration and forgiveness, its renewal and re-creation and salvation — all this is finished. The most important work in the world has been completed.

But I sometimes fancy that the completed work of the cross casts its shadow on other parts of my life, too. Because Christ has finished the most crucial work on earth, something of that completion covers all the unfinished parts of my life.

Even small tasks find their rest in Jesus. They shrink to the right size. The lips that ordained my work spoke the words, “It is finished.” My work will finish and be completed according to the will of the One who called me to do it. It will be fulfilled through His strength and counsel.

As I learn to hear God’s voice more clearly than the voice of fear, I become more like Him. Something in me shifts. Grows.

This is the irony of our present lives: In the process of the wounding, bloody battle with fear, we become more whole.

Because in that process, we learn to trust our God.

Dear Jesus, thank You that You have broken the oppression of fear over my life. Please remove from my heart the fear of failure, of rejection, of financial insufficiency, of being somehow not enough. Help me remember I can rest in Your finished work. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Romans 8:15a, “For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons … ” (ESV)

In Bread of Angels, a novel based on the life of the biblical heroine Lydia, Tessa Afshar tells the story of how God can heal us from fear by teaching us to trust in His provision.

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How can you resist the fierce tug of fear today?

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  1. Elatris Williams says:

    I have enjoyed the insptation that each story tells. They build you up,even when you feel your already up lifted. Thanks​.

  2. nicole marie says:

    This was such a beautiful read, and I thank you for sharing it. I am at a point of uncertainty at every angle of my life. I am fearful, excited, unsure, grateful, frustrated all in one. This though was a great reminder of what Christ has done. He has finished the best work of all, for us I am thankful for this, and for you radiating the Lord’s light. Thank you.

    • What a blessing to have THIS be the devotional for today. I am struggling in this area so much!

      • God wants to offer you His comfort.

        • Yes, God is a Mighty source of peace,joy,comfort, healing, deliverance & love..He is a great Provider & Way Maker!! I learned to find the beauty in the struggles, with His strength! The struggles are blessings in disguise !! God will never leave us nor forsake us!! I would love to hear of your journey, currently in a storm & I know it’s very encouraging! God bless

    • Thanks for your encouraging words, Nicole. It is a measure of who you are, that in the midst of troubled times you would take time to build up someone else.Very precious.

    • Danette says:

      I’m continually learning to drop the fear Satan wants to use in my life at the foot of Jesus every time time it creeps in, thank you for these great devos everyday that keeps reminding me of who our God is!! keep on the march we serve a faithful father!!

  3. In need of building my faith to alleviate fear and Bread Of Angels fits the bill.

  4. Brittany says:

    I needed this. The paralysis of fear is exhausting and CERTAINLY oppressive. Praying into trusting God to throw off the yolk of fear and to put His sweet yolk on me instead. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Robin Roy says:

    Thank you for this encouraging devotion. I have struggled with anxiety,depression and fear every since childhood and overcame it for a while and it hits me every once in a while. But when it does it seems Jesus is right there reminding me every single time, not to fear. This devotional was definitely sent at the right time. I hope to read The bread of angels for more inspiration.

  6. Pat Franklin says:

    This,was a very helpful article . Goes,along with a new fav song of late–No Longer a,Slave to fear– I am a child of God. Satan uses fear to paralyze us n steal our peace n joy. But God’s perfect love casts out all fear. Whatever situation in life we face, God’s got it. Our job –to simply trust. Blessed be the name of the Lord.
    I would love to win a copy of her book to glean from myself n to share with others. God bless. Pat

  7. Rolaoluwa says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the awesomeness of God, how deep His love is. I’m at a crossroad, and then I read this. I’ve read it twice already! Reassurance, hope and peace all wrapped up in these words. Thank you.

  8. Toia Banks says:

    Thank you for that message fear is a problem that I hand been fighting lately.

    • Demetra Poag says:

      You are not alone, I struggle with the same but today when those negative thoughts and that anxiety comes I will say to myself it is finished and if I need to I’ll say it out loud. I’m so thankful for the timing of this devotional! God bless all of you.

  9. Marnie Davis says:

    I am scared. 49 years old, 4 beautiful children, growing into adults. Through autistic spectrum, as he and anxiety from them has taught me many lessons of understanding that everyone needs someone. Battling for years, depression, anxiety, financial set backs over and over, due to both depressed markets and failed attempts to revive a beautiful sanction with my spouse for 22 years, I struggle with trying to regain that love we once held and yearn so badly for that passion that has turned to shear responsibility and angst of overcoming our debt and the regret that we have caused turmoil for our children with arguing and resentment. I ache with the reality that I have not been the model mother to let them understand the love that one should share with their soulmate that God has given each of us. We cannot seem to regain that passion and comfort and security we once had with one another. It breaks my heart that in these very important years of their lives we are not being the parents and examples we should be for them. I know of love and see that special bond with many cours I know and those that I don’t. I want so badly to show them that through many hard times, if you trust in the Lord that things will get better. They have many times, but o,ly in short intervals. I long to be happy and know that no matter what, we have each other and our children and the love from God to survive and thrive. I just cannot see a light ahead as hard as I try and pray. I cannot change anyone or the circumstances by forcing the issue to grow closer to God. It seems to bypass every ear. The only thing they see is fault in our attempts, mostly mine. I am growing very weary and often think that maybe we aren’t suppose to go any further as a couple. I want so badly for things to work out for the good of us all; however, I don’t know what to do. I am so exhausted and doubtful. I don’t want to be,… But I do believe that things happen as God has planned and it seems closer and closer to the demise of our marriage. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I need to feel enlightened again.it may take a break from one another, but that only leaves me scared to death since none of our finances I understand for lack of disclosure and not being able to take care of myself. I have a degree, but I am not ok nterested in that field. So what’s a woman to do?
    Lonely and confused

    • Hey Marnie,
      i cannot even imagine what you are going through. dear heavenly dad let there be light in Marnies’ situation. God grant her your wisdom, peace and strength for each day. in the mighty name of Jesus do i pray, Amen.

    • Dear Lord, lead Marnie to your green pastures and quiet waters. May she stop striving for what used to be and simply love her husband as is, here and now. You have placed her on a hard path, Lord–may Marnie not just reluctantly accept her lot in life, but be fully content with where she is. And as to the legacy she leaves her children, dear God, may it be a legacy of an ever-deepening relationship with you. May her children rise up and bless her, saying, “she showed us how to love God: heart, soul, mind and strength.” Amen.

    • GLORYTOGOD says:

      First off is Jesus the main focus in your marriage? Because he needs to have a 100 percent commitment. Which many times we falter at doing. If both spouses are unyoked in the marriage, then the devil has a foot hold. All marriages go through trials and tribulations. But it preserving through the roadblocks and conquering the situation. With Jesus at the forefront. You need to 100 percent have the Lord reveal to you what impurities he would like to conquer. Then you need to start Praising, Praying, and Believing the Lord will restore what the DEVIL is taking and destroying. Did deep in the word of the Bible. Find restoration. Let nothing of this World of Stumbling blocks hold you down. You are free to be a believer and a receiver in Christ. Have your husband surrender what he needs to surrender. Then both of you need to confess to each other what roadblocks the devil has been trying to destroy in the marriage. Then you need to get down and pray, receive, and ask the Lord to restore you marriage. The devil likes division. But the Lord likes his will to be done.
      If you allow the devil and inch, he will take a mile. Dig deep in the word of the Bible, pray, and commit. Then ask the Lord to restore your marriage, and your family.
      Dear Lord, help this family. Bless them and keep them. Devil by the Blood of Jesus you be GONE!! You have NO power or authority in this marriage and in this family. Lord, allow this family to feel your restoration power, bring them ever closer to you, then they would ever imagine. Restore this women’s thoughts, feelings, and physical attacks by the devil. Let this person know you are the Jehovah to bring peace that passes all understanding to this women and her family. Draw her into our loving arms and overflow her with your presence. In Jesus NAME!! AMEN!

    • Hi Marnie: I can relate to some of the things you are or have gone through as far as marriage concerns, and the financial part and depression. Oh But GOD is the key to all this. He says in his word “perfect love casts out all fear.”. Just know that God has it all under control and there is nothing to hard for him and keep praying and believing that he will answer in his timing. Be patient and anxious for nothing he is a way maker out of no way. There is nothing impossible for him. Don’t be in fear know he is near you and your family, praying for you all in Jesus Name. May God bless you and your family.

    • Someone Who Cares says:

      Hello Marnie. I am led to respond to you, because I have been a slave to these same thoughts and emotions. In my case, I took my son and left my husband for a while, when my husband was in the throes of addiction and unwilling to seek help. I prayed for the Lord to deliver my husband from the pit of addiction, and through the Lord’s great mercy, He reached my husband and changed his heart. After establishing my boundaries I returned to the home, I was crippled by anxiety and fear for the future. I cried out to the Lord, “What do I do now…?”, and the Lord replied, “Just love him.” So simple, and yet so challenging. Scripture tells us that we can have joy despite our circumstances. This is a biblical principle. As long as my husband is not living a lifestyle of sin, we can live together in peace, being patient, kind, not boasting, not quick to anger, keeping no record of wrongs, etc, as scripture teaches us is the true expression of love. I am not perfect in this, but I can forgive myself and forgive my husband for our imperfections, just as the Lord gives us new mercies every day. I can’t force my husband to be or feel anything I may want him to be or feel, but I can love him where he is. And I can praise the Lord for each day, and appreciate that this is the legacy I am leaving my son about honoring the Lord in my marriage. I wish you many blessings.

    • Praying for you Marnie. There is always hope in Jesus!

    • Oh, Dear, precious Marnie, I am so sorry! You do know any one of the things you mentioned would be overwhelming, flattening, shattering, right? There is a reason you feel your heart breaking. But I want you to press the pause button for just a moment. For an hour. Let Jesus take this suitcase full of burdens. Let Him sieve through the lies you have packed in there. The false responsibilities. The self-condemnation. The shame. Personally, I have never met a model mother. Not a single one. Everyone errs. But that is why we need the Cross and His precious blood washing us clean. Giving us a fresh start. New beginnings. Debts are paid off. Marriages are restored. Passion can be reawakened. Children mend. Don’t lose hope. Exhaustion swallows up hope. Give your husband a surprise tonight. A smile, a hug, a good meal, a kiss. Whatever you have at hand. Don’t worry about his reaction. Let something good and loving come out of you and be poured into the well of hope. Jesus can heal your family. You are so very dear to Him!

  10. Marilyn Myers says:

    Yes to know God is to over come fear and to fear is not knowing God’s unwavering love. praise God from whom all blessing flow.

  11. Dianet BORRERO says:

    Am a failure and thou i try and seek His face am lost . Especially when am raising my grandbabies on 736.00 a month
    Her skeeching of everyday torments me and i cry out to God i cant see or hear Him .

    • Holy Father, I lift Dianet and her grandchildren up to You. Help them to know that you are their Father in Heaven and You see and know all things. Let the blood of our Savior Jesus Christ cover them, the One who fed 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. Father, be with Dianet now, and let her hear Your voice. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  12. Linda Humphries says:

    Fear fades when we focus on Jesus and his love for us. When our eyes view the waves of the storm, instead of our Savior, we become fearful. Walking on water and over the waves is a matter of faith and vision…who or what we are viewing!! God help us to focus on you today and every day. Amen

  13. I loved your point about ‘it is finished’. that really spoke to me. I am going overseas with very little money and fear has crept in sometimes. I am going to bless others and am seeing how God is providing even today!

  14. Melissa wideman says:

    Love to read this book

  15. Deborah says:

    I love this read. I really needed it. Right now I am preparing to get married to a man I love. Excitement, happiness and fear are most emotions that cloud my mind each day. Reading this I feel encouraged especially knowing that Jesus has overcome the fears so that i can rest in His finished work.
    Thank you Tessa for allowing God speak to me through you.

  16. Joana Elaine Sebastian says:

    This is the irony of our present lives: In the process of the wounding, bloody battle with fear, we become more whole. -this gave a great impact on me today…

  17. Pat Drlik says:

    I would love to read your book. I am duffle with my fears. I pray each day to gain more trust in God . I worry way to much.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  18. Anita McBride says:

    I pray to be not fearful of the unknowns I face in my life. I am good for telling people that if we live the way GOD wants us to then nothing would bother us.I need to apply this to my own life knowing believing GOD is with me every step of the way.

  19. Sue Amos says:

    I’d love to win a copy of the book. 🙂

  20. Claudia says:

    False Evidence Appearing Real. FEAR
    change to
    Faithful Evidence Appearing Real

    Question your thoughts. Talk out loud to yourself. Usually it fills the space of fear and I return to my Faith. Your ministry is so helpful. Prayers for all. Happy Day!!!

  21. Brandy Castleberry says:

    Thank you for reminding me that fear has no place in my life. With Jesus on my side whom/what shall I fear…

  22. Shelly Carpenter says:

    Dear Lord,
    Please remove from my heart the heaviness of depression and anxiety. Bestill my thoughts of food restrictions and the fear of weight gain. I pray I continue the struggle of reducing the Mike’s I run each week. Running from fear, dark thoughts and endless flashbacks of mistakes I e made in the past as a mother, spouse, sister, friend and daughter. Amen

  23. Devalyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your works

  24. Sandra Santiago says:

    Thank-you for your daily words and prayers. They are always delivered at thee exact moment when I am in need of comfort. God bless you for all you do.

  25. Melinda says:

    God made this and brought to me by you guided by the love and peace Jesus brings and teaches us…the words of the almighty creator and it’s simple to understand the meaning it brings.
    The gifts of Life are free and full of love to a humble honest open heart ❤️

  26. Karen penny says:

    Thank you for this. After my husband’s death, this is encouraging, am sharing this message.

  27. Elaine Ledlow says:

    When fear attacks I remember he gave his life for me and he will take my heavy burden and give me his light and easy yoke. He shows me he is with me and I have nothing to fear.

  28. Leila Hobbs says:

    I would and need to learn more about overcoming fear in my life. To rest in God’s abundant grace and fear no more.

  29. Fear. It’s a constant struggle with anxiety.
    Thank you for this post to help.

  30. kimberly bunch says:

    Thank you for this email. I was laying awake unable to sleep and often times this is when God wants to chat. Sure enough he spoke to me through your devotional. Fear has it’s grip on me lately, even though time and time again God reminds me to trust him….I needed another reminder. He is good and faithful.

  31. Anastasia Konash says:

    I have fears of things that which may never happen
    Please allow me the opportunity to open my eyes do that i may better see with my soul. Thank you

  32. Needed to hear this today as I have been going through some trying times with my job and health that have been leaving me fearful.

  33. Tessa, I think fear is one of Satan’s favorite ‘tools’ he uses on us. How quickly we forget the power through Christ we have over him. Thank you for your reminder of this. Blessings to you!

  34. Kari Brewer says:

    I am so grateful for all the aspects of P31, from the first 5 app to the daily devotions I receive. There are all so important in my walk with Jesus.

  35. JM Green says:

    Fear is crippling. Faith is freeing. I Ned to study Lydia to see how she ministered and lived in faith.

  36. Vicki Fowler says:

    Hi Tessa, I would love to read more in your book. Thanks for your insight here. I’ve struggled with a lot of fear recently. But I know Our God is bigger! 💜

  37. Beth Rogers says:

    I would love to read this !

  38. I would love to read this book

  39. Elizabeth Queen says:

    What a timely message as I sit here on my kitchen table just literally getting past an acute anxiety attack. I’m fearful because of a work and health related matter. I know God has finished the work, but when you wrote, “it is finished” it really spoke to me. I’m so afraid to fail at work and not be perfect, that it’s causing me to be mentally crippled and I continue to miss work. It’s a horrendous cycle I’m in. Your post spoke directly to this fear. God bless you and all of us as we seek Him in all things. It is well with my soul.

  40. Great article! Fear in all its forms feels exactly like a dagger piercing. Thank you Jesus brings us rest.

  41. Cynthia Casanova says:

    Thank you for today’s post regarding fear. God is elevating me to a new level in my journey of life to become a Spiritual leader to the singles in my church. We just heard a wonderful sermon on fear. I believe that we can expand our knowledge and have the capability to go deeper into discussion with your book.

    May God continue to bless you to be a blessing to others.


  42. Debbie H. says:

    Tessa, thank you for your words, for I am griped by fear. For about 2 years now we have struggled to keep our little bakery in business as our city has been doing massive road construction around us. I read God’s word daily and pray constantly but sleepless nights and anxiety continues. Reading your struggle helps me in mine.

  43. Ouida Fox says:

    Fear doesn’t always come towards us like a Goliath, but rather in whispers, saying “what’s wrong with you?”; “you can’t..”; you won’t ever…;” So subtle, yet so tormenting. Just say His name. There is power in the name of Jesus, and every demon must flee at His name. He who is in us is stronger than anything the enemy sends our way. Even when our faith is but the size of a mustard seed, we can say to the mountain of fear “GO” in the name of our sweet Jesus and it will be done. Put on your praise! Thank Him for His love, His creation, His faithfulness, His Holy Spirit and His hand that is always upon you, and watch the fear and heaviness lift.

    • Thank you for your response! I loved the reminder that we can face our fears and make them flee simply by saying “JESUS!” 💗😊

  44. Thank you Tessa. I needed to hear this today 💟

  45. Katrina says:

    Powerful message. I deal with overcoming fear a lot. My God is good.

  46. Carmen Selnick says:

    I will not fear!

  47. GLORYTOGOD says:

    Ephesians 6:10-20 10Finally, be strong in the LORD and in his mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 18And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the LORD’s people. 19Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, 20for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.

    How timely this devotional is for me right now!!! Hallelujah!! The scriptures will help me with a project I am working on for church. I am working on Ephesians 6:10-20 on the Armor of God. We need to learn to let things in the Lords hands and take up the Armor of God to help conquer our battles. How GREAT is OUR GOD!! When he confirms different things in a set plan in motivation like this devotional.

    Several years ago, these words came to me for Fear!!
    F. ….ighting the
    E……nemy with the
    A….resonal of

    If we fight the fight with the words in the Bible, the mediation we need to give, with Prayer, Praise, Repentance, and supplication, then humble ourselves and WAIT…which is often the hardest part to do, then we often times see the end to the tunnel if we only give it all TO the LORD!! Without flustering ourselves first.

    • Carmen Selnick says:

      Very good and thank you for sharing the privilege of wearing the armor of God, it brings me so much Joy, for to wear it is a choice! !!GB

  48. Carmen Selnick says:

    I just quit my job due to anxiety, fear,and many many emotional distressing feelings, I have recently started my Mary Kay Business, where I have put God first, Family Second, and career third…I want to make people feel important and know that God is real and that he is here to heal. Living in Faith, Carmen Selnick GB

  49. Would love to add this book to my reading.

  50. Bobbie Myers says:

    2 Timothy 1:7 😊

  51. Marianne Carlson says:

    Thank you that this devotion has provided the clarity I needed to understand the steps required from Jesus to become whole. To become me. Fear is False Education Appearing Real. 🙏🙏🙏

  52. Right words at the right time.

  53. Experiencing life as a ‘recent widow’ has revealed to me more clearly each and every day how the Lord is at my side thru the many new responsibilities I now face. Good message in today’s article. Thank you.

  54. Carmen Selnick says:

    To choose right now to put on the full Armor of God right now. ..GB

  55. Elizabeth York says:

    The Enemy certainly uses Fear to get to us.

  56. Lorena Arreola says:

    I would love a copy! Today’s devotional came hours before my 1st day on a job that I was allowing some fear to enter as in the past I’ve struggled a lot with keeping a job because of fear.

  57. Jenny Kellinger says:

    Fear is my weakness.

  58. Thank you for posting this. It was a great read with great timing!

  59. Melissa Williams says:

    Thank you for the reminder that my fear is so much smaller than my God. My Father has already taken care of things, all I need to do is seek Him.

  60. Crystal says:

    I would love this book. Learning to trust God’s provision and not fear has been one of the hardest lessons of my life.

  61. Gilda Opher says:

    As I was reading this morning so many emotions are going through me. In a few days I will turn 60 although I am grateful fear creeps in. Unaccomplished things done.
    I am reminded. Be anoxious for nothing; I am fear & wonder fully made and that I am with you always until the end of the earth.
    Thank you for this today.

  62. Fear is something I battle. I would love to read this book to learn more about leaning on Jesus to overcome my fear. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of this book.

  63. Leigh Mitchell says:

    Thank you for this reminder! Fear is so powerful but God is more powerful!

  64. Lauren Craker says:

    I appreciate this reading. I struggle with fears and anxiety and also find myself forgetting about the Savior at those times when the worry is overwhelming. This is an important reminder for me to try hard to keep my eyes on Jesus and remember He has planned every minute of my life I simply need to trust Him and ask for His drection.

  65. Thank you for this reminder that Jesus has overcome -john 16:33

  66. Debby Williams says:

    But how can you get through fear when you know the outcome will not be good for someone you love with all your heart?

  67. christy mihai says:

    I am in dire need of an emotional transformation, I would love to read and study this book, I believe it would help me.

  68. Kristin says:

    Such a timely post for me! I desperately want to make a change with my career but fear continues to creep in… thank you for the reminder that He will provide!

  69. I have for years lived inconstant worry and fear often so badly I can’t leave my apt. Some days in really have to push myself I thank the lord I have less ba days then I used too. Thank youmfor this divotional itnis an extremely great comfort to me. Praise the Lord! God bless!

  70. Donyelle says:

    I am fighting the battle of fear every day. My life right now is in a tailspin and it seems like no matter what I do the situation just gets worse. Every morning I pray that I’m able to give the problem over to God and not worry about it or fear the outcome because He will keep me. Thank you for the encouraging devotion this morning.

  71. Thank you! This is a great one! Fear is a tough battle that takes constant awareness and fight. It can be so crippling, but this great reminder, worded so well, is just what so many of us needed! Thank you!!!

  72. Anji Gravitt says:

    Bread of Angels looks like a great read!

  73. This is EXCELLENT. Thank you!

  74. I’ve heard a lot about Tessa and would love to read one of her books!

  75. Feeling as if I am not enough is how fear manifests itself in me. Thank you for the reminder that it is indeed finished through Christ and he is what makes us each “enough”, provides “enough”, and is “enough.

  76. Holland Martin says:

    Faith over fear!

  77. Emily Dejewski says:

    Thank you. I struggle with fear and I have found Jesus is my only strength during those struggles.

  78. Michele Hil says:

    Ethanol you for the scriptures this morning. It’s really the info I needed. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  79. Cheryl Slaughter says:

    This devotion today hit too close to home!! Thank you for reminding me that ” It is finished!”

  80. Laurie Ferlazzo says:

    Need this Godly perspective this morning – thank you

  81. Leseja Ramosa says:

    I am so grateful that your devotional on fear came in spot-on while looking for a releive for heavy financial debtes . i am also thankful for all comments helping me to be open and real to God and fellow bretheren in Christ. i better positioned to face life not alone but through Christ
    May the good Lord bless your ministry more abundantly.

  82. Andrea Graeve says:

    Loved this devotional!

  83. Rhonda Hendrix says:

    This was so timely for me this morning.

  84. Rachel Alexander says:

    I love Bible based novels. May God bless this book release.

    Thanks for the devotionals. Every day they are a blessing.

  85. Sharon Huff says:

    Overcoming fear of even small things has been a struggle for me In the past. The devotional this am touched home! By the grace of God, fear subsides.

  86. Lauren Grant says:

    love proverbs 31 daily emails. starting each day The message is always right for that day for e a rly what I am facing. That’s just how God is!

  87. Lisa Hahn says:

    I look forward to reading this book!!

  88. Laura Pelletier says:

    Would love to share this book with a dear student.

  89. Thank you for this devotion. It hit home today. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  90. Mary-Anne Grose says:

    Thank you for this devotional today. I’m going to read it over and over again.

  91. Melanie says:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  92. Spoke right to me this morning for I am worrying with fear. I would love to read this book. I remind myself that Jesus paid it all, but still wrestle with fear in so many areas.

  93. Fear is something I truly struggle with. Thank you for this reminder this morning. Would love to read the book

  94. Thank you for the message today

  95. Definitely these words spoke to my heart on fear! Truly a Mesaage I needed to hear from God! Thank you for sharing!

  96. This speaks to my deepest deep.

  97. Courtney says:

    This speaks so close to home to me! I often find that fear prevents me from growing in ways that I’d like to in my work. I have ideas that I’d like to carry out and then fear is there to tell me I won’t be good enough. I love this message and the reminder to quiet the voice of fear by pursuing and leaning in on the Lord. Thank you for this message today!

  98. Valorie says:

    I am trying to break my fear of many things, growing old alone, my loved ones failing health and the critters and bugs that roam my yard acting as sentries to keep me out of it. GOD did not give us the spirit of fear… so why do I fear so much???

  99. Cheryl Cavender says:

    The phrase “the unfinished parts of my life” resonated with me. That I’m lacking the qualities necessary to complete my assignments in life. Inadequate.

  100. Eva Popovich says:

    This devotional so spoke to me! Last night I lay in bed gathering my worries together until I was in despair. Mostly I was worried about doing my best for a meeting tonight where I am tasked with keeping the worship committee’s minutes. My software program wasn’t working properly… on and on. I started praying for God to take this worry from me and help me to do a good job, and after a little while I became calmer, more comfortable in my bed, and was suddenly surprised to realize that I DID feel calm, in spite of these worries lingering in my conscious mind. I was actually surprised to find that my prayer had been answered, and that I even had confidence that the rest of the problems I was worried about were going to be taken care of. By God. The only God, who will never leave us and always has a plan that WILL work.

  101. Today, I will give Him all my fears!

  102. Lori Schwan says:

    I love historical novels, especially those that bring out the Bible. I started reading Redeeming Love by Francine rivers when I was in college and read everything by her including her trilogy about the early church called Mark of the Lion. That was 20 years ago and my life has changed so much: work full time in a church and try to keep a home running well for my husband and three little kids. The last book I bought for pleasure was a year ago for a weekend with the family and I’ve never cracked it. I feel guilty reading when I finally have time because I could be spending that time sharing it with my family. At least watching tv or a movie is a shared experience or we can read one of the kids books together. At night after everyone goes to bed, there are chores to do and I watch tv while folding upteen loads of laundry from the week. I know modeling reading is important for my kids. Besides me reading on my phone my morning devos (which could look like Facebook or anything else to my family), how do you all make time for reading for pleasure?

    • Joanne Branscombe says:

      Lori, it sounds like you are in a very busy stage of life. I always have a book on the go! There were seasons in my life when I was not able to read as much as I would have liked. Every night I read before I turn my light out. Occasionally I get days when I can sit with a coffee and my book – but with work, church, activities, aging parents, grandchildren, etc those daytime moments are few and far between. I hope you can snatch a few moments here and there to sit and read (both the Word of God and novels). God bless you!

  103. Your words this morning were so inspiring. Our Lord continues to supply our provisions by sending people to buy our sheep that are for sale. We seem to be in a financial war right now and only the Lord stands between us and bankruptcy. He continues to supply the $7500 for the new air conditioner in our home, the $2000 car repair, the $500 for my denture repair and the $650 repair for the water well bladder. Where that extra money has come from, only Jesus knows. The fear can be overwhelming at times, and yet He continues to provide again and again. I would certainly enjoy reading a book about how someone else has overcome their fear of the unexpected and the unknown.

  104. Laurie Adornetto says:

    Baby steps forward while holding His hand❤

  105. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the reminder that through the Holy Spirits’s indwelling “It is finished.” I ALREADY have all I need to accomplish His will.

  106. Laurie Adornetto says:

    Baby steps forward while holding His hNd❤

  107. Brenda Nix says:

    I have struggled with fear many times in my life. Fear of not being enough. Thank you for this devotion. It reminds me that Christ is always enough.

  108. Love to have this book

  109. paulette says:

    I am trying very hard to find help and answer’s to deal with my anxiety attacks (THE FEAR IS OVERWHELMING FROM THESE ATTACKS)

  110. Lanette Peterson says:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful devotional today. The Lord knew that I needed this word this morning. I struggle with fear and I have a huge case of it regarding a project at work. Thank you for feeding me hope in Jesus!
    God Bless You!

  111. Yes, I know fear all to well. This devotion he given me much to think on. Also, would love to win a new book to read!

  112. Joanne Branscombe says:

    Thank you for sharing the truths from the Word of God, and making it real for our everyday lives. It brings encouragement on the dark days, and causes me to examine my own life that God may be glorified.

  113. Peggy Brown says:

    I really appreciate this devotional. I have struggled with “carrying my burdens” of late. This rang so true for me. Fear is our oppressor, if we allow fear to steal our joy and victory then we have lost. Today my victory will be in the peace of “it is finished”.

  114. Shirley says:

    1 John 4:18…thank you Jesus. We always need to be on guard…the devil is a roaring lion running to and fro seeking whom he may devour.

  115. Cate Crosby says:

    Thank you for your devotional. The message spoke to me, especially the part about the sword. Im a linguist, so I love language study.

  116. Teresa Looney says:

    I woke at 4:45 this morning feeling anxious. All my unfinished projects ran through my mind. I started praying, asking for God’s will for my life, this day. I didn’t receive a response. So I gave up on sleep, got up and reached for my tablet. After reading my daily Bible verse, I opened my mail to find this devotional! Thank you for sharing, it was the encouragement I needed for today.
    God is GOOD! His mercies are new each morning.

  117. Sue Bettermann says:

    I would like to enter the drawing for the book. The author writes beautifully. I am new to Bible study but not Christianity. I have a new project I will be working on today for our newly hired Deputy Director. I am tasked with outlining the differences in an amendment to state legislation. I’ve never done this. But after reading the daily devotion I can tackle my fear.

    Also, looking at Christ’s last words, It’s done, as meaning I have done what I came for (forgiveness of sin) instead of my life is over sits on my heart as empowerment and wonderment. Thank you.

  118. K Stumpp says:

    This book sounds like a wonderful read!

  119. Patricia Stacey says:

    I read the devotion daily. I would love to read about Lydia. My nephew named his last baby Lydia and all I know about her is she is the seller of purple cloth

  120. Sounds like a good read.

  121. Tessa is one of my favorite authors! I was so excited to see that she was the writer for today’s devotion. The way she described fear is exactly what I have been facing. I thank the Lord above for women like Tessa who are so honest about their struggles.

  122. Love, love, love this! Too often I have left fear guide my life. Thank you for pouring out your heart so others can learn to trust Him more.

  123. Raechell Baker says:

    What a great devotional this morning ! Faith over fear ! Looking forward to reading Bread of Angels.

  124. Sharron says:

    Tessa is a beautiful name.

  125. I woke up this Morning, and wanted to focus on why I fear Love, and being left. Why I fear in not having enough & then I opened my email and your devo on fear came up!
    I saw the book bread of angles and feel it’s so perfect in timing!


  126. Alicia L. Hinkle says:

    I would love to have this book, it reqllt apploes to the storm Im walking through right now.

  127. Alicia L. Hinkle says:

    I would love to have this book, it really applies to the storm I’m walking through right now.

  128. Vickie Harper says:

    I would Love to read this book!

  129. Andrea Adams says:

    Would enjoy a copy. Fear is like a spirit of death. I chose life!

  130. Lil Emory says:

    I really enjoyed this Bible study. I struggle with fear. I would love to read this book about Lydia.

  131. I suffer from anxiety and would dearly love a copy of this book. God bless

  132. Gail Byster says:

    I’ve been looking for a book like this.

  133. The fear of not being good enough is my biggest struggle. Not the fear of being good enough for God, but good enough here on Earth, for my husband, for my family, for my job, for my friends….it is sometimes overwhelming. I am learning that when it tries to consume me, I must be like Christ in the desert, saying, NO!” I have to put on the armor Paul teaches about in Ephesians. I think the vulnerabilities that were revealed when Eve tasted the fruit in the Garden (they realized they were naked [vulnerable, had shortcomings]and hid)are the greatest weapons against us. How powerful are the words of today’s devotion! NOTHING can separate us.

  134. Donella Sager says:

    I could really use a copy of this book. I have been battling fear for some time now. I am trying to trust God, but sometimes I am doubtful because of the situation I find myself in. I know God’s in control but my heart is growing weary because of this trial I am going through.

  135. I am going through a difficult season, fear creeps in with so many of my daily thoughts. I try my best to constantly give those fears over to God! I can’t wait to read this!

  136. I need to remind myself, to tell my soul–I am good enough because God made me, loves me, delights in me, & sings over me. He sent His son Jesus to die for me & am redeemed! Nothing & no one else matters but pleasing the Lord!!

  137. Denise Rork says:

    Tessa is an amazing writer, and this book sounds like a wonderful read; I love biblical fiction! Would love to win a free copy!
    Thank you~blessings,

  138. I fall short daily; however, every day it is my desire to be better. I do have fear but I am working daily to trust in the Lord and let go of my fears. I am His child and I stand on his promise. I live a very blessed life in many ways. It is my desire that when people look at me they see Jesus and they want what I have. I know I have a long way to go. I am so thankful I am not where I was and look forward to being better today and every day. Blessed & Thankful daily!!!! Mel

  139. Lee Ann Terry says:

    I have struggled with fear in many areas of my life. I am learning to trust Him more as He lovingly shows me He is in control and cares for me. I would like to read the authors perspective from a woman in the bible. Always insiģhtful when the Holy Spirit reveals truths this way. God Bless!

  140. Lynn Sell says:

    I find it very difficult to trust since my trust was abused. I know that God provides for me but I still live in fear. Since my eyes have been opened to all the lies, infidelities, etc in my life my trust has disappeared. I live in fear as to what will happen next especially with my children who all I want to do is protect. I pray to God for the strength to trust in Him and His Word so that I can trust and be less fearful

  141. Nancy Buenting says:

    I’ve fought a battle with fear my whole life and have passed it down to my children and grandchildren. I got it from my grandmother. I want to break it’s power off our lives.9

  142. Tabitha says:

    I am going through the hardest time of my life right now. Anxiety has completely taken over my life. I am so depressed. I am trying to have faith but it is so hard.

  143. I would love the book, to help me through my daily struggles.

  144. I am afraid of being myself and moving forward in my life. Please send me a copy.

  145. Sherrie says:

    Fear grips me right now, but it is fear for my son. He is facing an impossible situation.

  146. Bridget M. says:

    All of the “fears” you list definitely plague my mind from time to time, and then I try to remember the acronym for FEAR – False Evidence Appearing As Real. I meditate on the verse from Timothy about how we have not been given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love and of a sound mind. Thank you Tessa for your encouraging words of truth today.

  147. Thanks for this devotion today. I would love a copy of your book.

  148. Cheryl Dillistone says:

    I would love to have this book at this time of my life!! Parents are aging, children are moving out, husband is retired, and I’ve always been a stay at home mom. The future is looming and my focus turns to fear often. I’m thankful to God for this “now” word for me today!!!

  149. Words of encouragement as we struggle with fear. This is a book I want to read.

  150. Barbara says:

    Thank you for your message. Fear is so crippling. I need constant reminders to trust the Lord and to know that each problem I encounter he will transform into a blessing. I try hard to keep my focus on him and ask him to control my mind. It helps to know that I am not alone in this struggle with fear. God bless all of you.

  151. I needed this devotion today. Thanks for the chance to receive the copy of the book.

  152. blessed to read this today- so true.

  153. constance Howard says:

    I have lived in the shadow of fear and worry since I was five years old. I am now a 52 year old woman who desperately wants to have a relationship with God that allows Him to fully be in control, to lead, and guide me through life, resting in the knowledge that HE is indeed enough.

  154. Angeline says:

    Thanks for this great devotion. It’s reasssuring to know God has a plan and I need to trust him with my future as tough as things are today and not fear,

  155. Fear can be such a controlling device. It’s a struggle that Satan delights in seeing with humans on this side of heaven. Fear causes doubt and insecurities, both of which are of this world. We need all the tools we can get to help strengthen our walk with Christ so we can fight battle.

  156. Laura Cheffer says:

    Thanks for this encouraging devotional today. A blessing.

  157. Thank you Jesus for this answer to prayer. Was up all night struggling with fear about a job change and possible lack of a job. Nothing is in my control in this situation but it is all in His control.

  158. Really needed to read this today. The fear of what could happen is laying heavy on my heart this morning.

  159. Marie Kelley says:

    I allow myself to be gripped with fear in my business. Can do all the tasks except the most important one … engaging with people. I fear that rejection and often times when I do engage its really not so bad. I have reached a bit of a snag and need to overcome this fear to move forward and advance.

  160. Petreena Campbell says:

    Fear has been my reality for the past few months. I am a final year graduate student, rushing to finish my degree and transition into medical school. However, everything I try to make this possible seems to crash and burn. It has been very difficult dealing with disappointments and delays. However, each day I try to remind myself that God’s plan for my life is far greater than my own. It is not easy to trust when all your life’s dreams seem to be falling apart. But this I can say, God has been faithful. There is a song which says, “God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see his plan, when you can’t trace his hands, TRUST HIS HEART”.

  161. Gail Honey says:

    I have an urgent need for the fear in me to be stilled.

  162. Donna Kessler says:

    I really enjoyed this devotion today. It’s amazing how God supplies just what you need to hear.
    Thank you Tessa for your work in God’s kingdom.

  163. Laura Flores says:

    I would love this book for someone very dear to me. He has PTSD and I would love to read this book with him. It can help both us. I believe the Bible will help us thru this.

  164. Thank you for this moving devotion today. I struggle with fear of cancer recurrence on a daily basis. It’s nice to be reminded that I can rest in my Savior’s hands.

  165. Janine Mullins says:

    I fight fear by trying to read my devotional every morning and listening to Christian music throughout my day. I suffer from anxiety and without the word of and love of God, I would never make it here on this earth! His word sustains me!

  166. Thanks for the devotion. We are to cast our fears, anxieties, and burdens to the Lord and not take them back. I do enjoy reading Christian fiction and have read Biblical fiction which gives you an added bonus to ways in which the main Bible story could have happened. It gives more depth and insight to the story.

  167. I’m all alone with no support and have been unemployed for a year now, so I know what it feels like to fight the feelings of fear – especially when money is running out and you have a mortgage to pay but no one is interested in hiring you. It’s definitely a walk in faith and trust! ….even if it’s hard not to be scared.

  168. Lynda Fowler says:

    I woke up with a heart of fear this morning, and couldn’t believe how blessed I was with Tessa’s devotional. It was like God had it written just for me. Thank you for encouraging me to put my trust in Him, and dig deeper to know His voice so my faith and trust will become real to me.

  169. What a great reminder!! I’m working on boundary setting and not giving in to every request laid on me. I believe that fear has driven that in the past to just say “Yes” so whoever was asking would not be mad at me. Know now that it’s OK to say “No” and even that God wants me to slow down and make time to rest as well is refreshing.

  170. Connie Boles says:

    In our culture a person’s identity is totally wrapped up in his/her work. It is often one of the first things we share when we meet someone new because one of the first questions asked is, “What do you do for a living?” It is easy to find our sense of identity and value in what we do – as long as our work is going well. However, if we hit a snag or difficulties arise on the job we can find ourselves on shaky ground. That is exactly why we must remain stable and base our value and identity on who we are in Christ.

  171. My husband has been taken off chemo for his pancreatic cancer. The doctor says there’s nothing left that is working.We are fighting fear. Staying immersed in scripture and prayer helps. But we are battling fear. Your devotion helped remind me that there’s a bigger picture from Gods perspective and He has us in the palm of His hand.

  172. This devotion really spoke to me this morning and I would love to get to read the corresponding book

  173. Melissa Trevino says:

    Thank you for this word, I struggle with anxiety most days. I surrender it to God, but the enemy has his way of creeping in when I least expect it. It’s a daily battle.

  174. Wilma Clowater says:

    I have been plagued by fear for the majority of my life. Sometimes it was more at abae than others and those times when it wasn’t so prevalent, my Faith in my Lord was more consistent on a daily basis. When the cares of the world around overtook me and I allowed fear and negativity to take root over ” The Peace that Passes All Understanding” then fear became rampant and would wreak havoc with my soul and relationshis with God, my husband ,my family, friends and al the people I came in contact with. Thank the God Lord that he has redeem me and set me free for fear. This is not to say that it will try to rear it’s ugly head again but God has given me His Holy Spirit to combat this and He handles this not me. Thank you for this beautiful, insightful, God directed teaching this day. God bless you dear lady as you honour and serve our Great Majestic Loving Lord. Amen

  175. Caitlin K says:

    Thank you for this…I was struggling with so much fear and anxiety last night. I’m facing a new assignment at work and I feel inadequate. I needed this right now. Thank you!

  176. I would love to read this book!

  177. Kaitlyn says:

    I have worked at the same job for 5 years. I have had the same boss for that time. We have become very close, but today I transition into a new role at a new locaton, with a new boss. This is very scary, sad and exciting. I do not feel I read this today by coincidence. Today, of all days, I must put my fear aside and trust in God. Thank you for reminding me of that.

  178. Beth Harris says:

    Thank you for this devotional. Fear has played a negative role in my life and I need to remember to turn to God.

  179. Would love to read this book!

  180. Danette wingate says:

    I have experienced that fear and brokenness that brought me to the place where I realized I was totally dependent upon the Lord for my next breath, step, thought. In our total surrender to God he becomes our source of strength,our guiding light. Our hope rests in God alone! Thank you for your encouraging words.

  181. Terrilynn Andrew says:

    I pray everyday to not live in fear – but ask God to keep me positive and to keep me in the light.

  182. Pauline Barton says:

    The battle with fear rages everyday. As I watch helplessly while my daughter goes through divorce from the man she has been married to for five years. The man she married because she was going to have his baby. But a relationship not founded upon the Lord. As a matter of fact, my son in law is a non believer and has always hated any reference to God and The Savior Christ in his home.
    He filed for divorce almost a year ago and it has come to light that he has been involved for a very long time with another woman. Now, as he has been granted 50% custody of my grandson – the child that I retired from a job that I loved to care for since his birth- has filled me with fear. Fear for the heart and mind of my grandson. Fear that this dear child will be so confused as he is indoctrinated with lies while with his father and indoctrinated with Gods truth while with my daughter. I have wrestled with this fear for almost a year now. But its gripping hold on me has been released through prayer and Bible devotion and looking to God for answers. Not saying that the fear does not creep back in. But I am saying that I have learned to turn my eyes to Jesus when it does. My God tells me that He is in control and His Will will be done. He tells me that no harm will befall the ones that He has redeemed. He promises to protect and never leave. And He gives me glimpses of His Presence already founded in the heart of my dear five year old grandson. Then, I am filled with His Peace. His peace that passes all understanding.
    Thank you for your ministry. It has been one of the resources that has helped me through this difficult trial. May He continue to bless the work of your hands so that His Word continues to go forth through your ministry.

  183. This has been my battle as well…and it is my hearts desire to share with other women the power Christ has over it in our lives! The knowledge of His presence and truths have been my strenghth! Thank you for sharing and deepening!!! So thankful!!

  184. Suzanne says:

    One of my favorite devotionals that I’ve read in a while! What a great analogy of the sword/fear. I truly am going through this now at my job. Thank YOU for giving me hope today. Through you I am hearing God beside me.

  185. Well God’s timing is always spot on. Thank you for this today. In literal “despair” with worry & fear over some life issues. Fear does loom very large when it’s the focus. SHIFT.

  186. Cindy Oliver says:

    Fear can consume you! The evil one knows our weaknesses and how to get into our minds. Especially with our jobs. In my last job, I was fearful….of the Regional Manager who wanted more than one person could possibly ever do. My job was on the line, always. Even though I did my job the way she wanted, I had to do it illegally. Working overtime was not allowed, but not getting the reports and work done was also not allowed. I prayed and prayed about what to do. I put out resume’s and went on interviews. Finally, I had enough, I worked overtime and got paid for my time. She sent one bullying email after another to me…not concerning the overtime, because she knew she couldn’t legally…but concerning small petty things. In the blink of an eye, I got an interview and job offer from a place I didn’t send a resume. My friend had submitted it to this office…in a position I had never held…in an industry that I had never worked! I accepted the position, turned in my 2 weeks notice, and the Regional Manager sent one final email accepting my resignation. She did not communicate to me ever again. Thank God! The FEAR that I felt and experienced because of her was debilitating. What is so sad is that I loved that job. I felt that I could be a witness to so many. Now, 4 years later, my brother is going thru the same thing in his job. He is salary, and he is a Manager, so it’s not overtime. But if he doesn’t do the work, it doesn’t get done. God has shown my brother that He has got this. He is showing my brother how to handle things. My brother’s Supervisor has the beginnings of Dementia. He blames my brother for everything. But God has told him to get everything in written from his Supervisor. When my brother called me 2 weeks ago to talk about his fear of losing his job, I knew exactly how he felt. I talked him thru it, and we prayed. I can’t imagine other fears….fears of terminal illness, fears of domestic violence, fears of loved ones with addiction, fears of being a single parent, fears of losing your home, etc. Fear is real and it will consume you if you let it. I want this book for my brother. Whether I win this, or I purchase this book, it will be for my brother. Thank you for recognizing how serious fear is, and letting God speak thru you about fear. You are such a blessing, and in return you are blessed!

  187. Miriam Marine says:

    Amen! “It is finished!” I shall not fear, for my Lord God, is ALWAYS with me <3

  188. Janette says:

    After I read this it struck me that what I call stress is actually fear. Thank you for helping me identify additional circumstances I need to actively turn over to God.

  189. Marilyn Johnston says:

    I am a new member and look forward to learn more and becoming more like Jesus !!! Look forward to the book Bread of Angels!!!

  190. Tessa’s book sounds fascinating!

  191. Sally Means says:

    Thank you for this today.

  192. Lydia Hazen says:

    Just interested

  193. This article was most appropriate, as I struggle with fear of conflict. It is very difficult navigating life sometimes.

  194. Melissa says:

    What a beautiful devotion for today. I, too, have been struggling recently with trusting God’s provision in my life. Struggling with the dear of loneliness and acceptance after the recent death of my fiancé. The author’s book sounds like a lovely tool to place in my toolbox as I travel on this grief journey.

  195. This really spoke to me as I’m nearly always anxious at work. It’s review time, and even the thought of my meeting or hearing a bad comment gets my heart racing, chest tight, and stomach churning. I would love to read this book. Thanks!

  196. Michelle St amand says:

    i would love to win a copy of this book. im living in fear cause im at a place in my life where im trying to find my right life work.

  197. So thankful God helps me through my fear and for his assurance.

  198. Tina Deaton says:

    For 6 months God has changed my entire life. Lost my job and have not found an open door to another, but God is my provision and is daily bringing me closer to him as I trust in His unfailing

  199. Becky Barbur says:

    I’ve struggled with so many fears during my life, and I’m currently dealing with one in particular. Thank you so much for the reminders and encouragement to trust in His finished work and His desire to free us from oppression.

  200. Heidi Cavanaugh says:

    This would be wonderful for my husband. My husband has a job where he always seems to feel stress, I tell him to give his worries and stress over to God all the time but it hasn’t happened yet

  201. By replacing my fear thoughts with God has not given us the spirit of fear but of a well balanced sound mind.

  202. Heather says:

    I love to read about the women of the Bible. I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety this year and loved the encouraging reminder this morning, that God is in control and I can trust in Him.

  203. Fear of what out of my control has chased me. Building faith and standing firm! Would love this book!

  204. Praying for us all to overcome fear today.

  205. Really appreciated the devotional. My go to verse when facing fear and anxiety is 11 Timothy 1:7- For God has not given us a spirit of fear(anxiety), but of power and love and a sound mind!!!

  206. May Mooney says:

    I would love to win a copy of Tessa Afshar’s book, Bread of Angels.

  207. Marqia Rabb says:

    There are so very many things that cause fear in our lives. We must remember that we need only lean on the Lord for His help. What a great topic for a book! I’m certain it would be such a blessing.

  208. Diane D. says:

    May God pour out His blessings of peace on you! Look forward to reading your book.

  209. A much needed reminder not to fear where the provision will come from or if it will come.
    As I reach the end of my Master’s degree in Theology, needing just one more payment for the final module, this devotion reminded me that it WILL come. Thank you.

  210. Leah Bowling says:

    I would like to give a copy of this book to my daughter Lydia, who struggles with fear and needs to lean on God’s provision.

  211. This was very uplifting to read early this morning. I let fear paralyze me. Fear as a parent, a wife, at work and financially. I have to remind myself to keep moving forward, don’t give up. I am not alone.

  212. Theresa says:

    Such a good reminder, but so difficult sometimes to trust in God for everything.

  213. How easy it is to let fear and anxiety creep in, almost unknowingly. I pray to learn to see Jesus first and circumstances as a not even close second!

  214. Connie Musgrove says:

    Wonderful devotion this morning.
    I battle with fear sometimes too.
    Learning give my weaknesses to the Lord. He loves to show His strength in my weakness.

  215. Missy Barlow says:


  216. Christi Bilderback says:

    My daily struggle with fear, anxiety, and depression is exhausting. It truly is an oppressor, a stealer of peace, and a thief of joy. There are days when I get so tired of fighting the fight, that my soul longs for the rest that is promised in Heaven. Thank you for this encouraging reminder of the hope we have in Jesus. God bless you, and God bless all those who fight this battle every day. I pray that we can all lay down our swords and claim the victory that Jesus has already won.

  217. Suzanne Conner says:

    This speaks to my soul today, His provision for me fills all my needs. Fear is the lies of the enemy!

  218. Renee Viscusi says:

    Thank you for the encouraging word of the day. As I struggle day to day with the fear of not being a good parent to my 4 boys, one who is rebelling against the Lord and authority, I am reminded that God is in control and there is no reason to fear.

  219. Mary Ann Ehrhardt says:

    I have been through this process w/a shattered ankle and fearing I might lose a limb, never walk again or die. 4 surgeries later, lots of prayers and realizing I was not God, I remembered Fear knoc k ed. Faith answered, no one was there! Love my morning readings!

  220. I would LOVE to receive a copy of this book!!

  221. Encouragement for today Daily Devotions is something I read every morning, today’s verses hit home “When Fear Overcomes Me” Reading Bread of Angels would bring me closer to understanding and letting go of fear and learning more about how to “trust in Gods provisions”

  222. Karlansia Mills says:

    This devotional was much needed. I’m going through an exam period to complete my degree and fear is overwhelming due to past difficulties.

  223. Vcarroll says:

    My daughter is struggling with fear of life beyond high school. I would love to read through this together.
    We all struggle with it at some point. I think the key is learning to lean into God on the hard days with some seriously positive Biblical truths.

  224. Sherry R Kelly says:

    God is good!

  225. becky Lange says:

    Tessa Afshar is a amazing Christian author. I grow spiritually when I read her books.

  226. Haley Stephens says:

    What a great reminder that God is in control even when I am looking directly in the face of fear. Though we will go through tough times, knowing that “it is finished” provides peace to help us through those times. I would love a copy of your book!

  227. kemmouy blackwood says:

    I’m a recent convert and I’m fighting with fear, pride,and trying to learn the way of God at times I’m struggling with fear due to the fact I’m oppressed by the enemy not only me but my family also I’m also afraid of public speaking

  228. I have dealt with the giant of fear in my work. Being a reserved person and getting up and doing presentation was very difficult for me, not being a stage person! He truly shows up and I want to be fearless!

  229. Cindi Owens says:

    Sounds like a fantastic book I would be interested to dive into!

  230. Vanessa Bergen says:

    So good to hear again, nothing can separate me from the love of Christ

  231. This was a spot on devotion this morning. I hope I win the book so I will have another tool to help myself and others remember that Jesus has already overcome therefore fear is not necessary.

  232. Fear chokes us and folks make choices / decisions based on fear just as you wrote being faced with and coming to one’s end at the hand of the enemy with the mahaira. Christ overcame spoon the cross to give us strength to do all things in Him. Good article.

  233. Shannon says:

    This message truly came at a perfect time. For the past few weeks, I have been feeling a spirit of inadequacy and doubt within me, and i know I am worthy through God’s eyes but sometimes I don’t see myself the way God does. I’m thankful that the God I serve is loving and accepting of me no matter what.

  234. I am in need of releasing my fears and this sounds like a book that would really help. Thank you for this message today.

  235. Thank you for this devotion. Fear is one of my biggest struggles.

  236. Sarah Jones says:

    This was such an encouragement to me today! Thank you!

  237. I have battled fear for such a long time! But God is good and carried me this far and I KNOW will continue to carry me until He brings me home. Thank You Jesus!

  238. Michele Bonifanti says:

    I have been dealing with anxiety for months now but I believe the Lord will set me free. I really needed to be assured by your reading today, thank you.

  239. Good reminder , it’s the most difficult giving it over to God daily and in all matters.

  240. Belinda says:

    Overcoming fear has always been one of my greatest obstacles. I would love to read this book.

  241. Sue McGinnes says:

    For as long as I can remember, fear has been a giant taunting, plaguing & sometimes overcoming me. I identify with this so completely & appreciate the visual of the Roman soldier & his short sword – such an accurate depiction! Thank you for your words of encouragement & hope!!

  242. Wow this one just smacked me in the face today and Jesus just said Hi, I’m here did you forget that if I am with you no one can be against you?!?!?! yeah that just happened!!!
    I’ve just started a new business endeavor and well it’s only been two months and my home life has become turmoil due to the fact that I can’t help out with anything at the moment. It’s been a rocky road this past few months and I was about to give up all hope, however today’s message has given me new insight and a whole lot of love I want to thank you for sharing and helping me to understand that my hope doesn’t come from me but from above!!!! Praying for all of you today have a wonderful wednesday!!!

  243. D Collins says:

    I am going through a difficult time right now with my teenage daughter, who is terrified and ridden with anxiety over everything. We talk a lot about fear and the hold it has on us, how it can paralyze our life if we do not remember the One who overcame death and said, “it is finished”. When we put in perspective what Jesus has gone through, for us, fear seems to fade in the background in comparison.

  244. Suzanne Sevier says:

    I’ve loved Tessa’s past books and would love to read this one!

  245. Paige Holsapple says:

    When I feel oppressed in my flesh I want to run from that fear. It’s my natural inclination to avoid the pain until I give it to Jesus and stand strong against it using His word. The most growth I have as a Christian comes from my leaning in behind the Shield of my faith in the face of that enemy. Thank you for this encouragemwnt.

  246. Allyson says:

    The prayer at the end of the devotion says it all for me:
    Dear Jesus, thank You that You have broken the oppression of fear over my life. Please remove from my heart the fear of failure, of rejection, of financial insufficiency, of being somehow not enough. Help me remember I can rest in Your finished work. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  247. Elaine Moore says:

    Wow! This is so encouraging! It is so easy to feel anxious and fearful about not measuring up and to forget that Jesus wants to free us from fear.
    Thanks for the devotion!

  248. Jan Smith says:

    Fear has been in the driver’s seat of my life many times as it has in other women I know, family and friends.

  249. K Frost says:

    No more fear. Thank you for the reminder–trust in His provision.

  250. Jennifer Hale says:

    This devotional today spoke directly to me. Thank you so much, Tessa! I’d love to win a copy of your book!

  251. I’d enjoy reading this. Historical fiction gives me such greater understanding of the time and circumstances.

  252. Rehberg Billiejo says:

    Sounds like a wonderful summer read!

  253. Wonderful reminder that as we overcome fear we grow!

  254. Tessa is a gifted writer in her story and character development which so clearly provides the gospel message. The most difficulty I have is doubt and fear: as she shared in the message this am, fear of failure is great. Remembering God is always there loving me and providing for my best must be the focus. Trust and faith, in Him. No matter what! Thank you Tessa for sharing your gifts and talents.

  255. This morning’s devotion was timely and encouraging. Thank you!

  256. Ms RJ pina says:

    In 2006 I lost my sight; I wondered if it was because I challenged God and found myself saying out of anger and frustration over things that were going badly for me, “if you are real, then show me!” And, He did. I lost my sight and during my visits back and forth to the presigious Eye and Ear Infirmary in New England, Jesus face appeared suddenly in the midst of what my fear was telling me about never being able to see again. No, it was Jesus for certain and He spoke to me in a peaceful, loving and gentle way—He talked about life in this world system and how it is a challenge to us all; but His last words to me was, “Just believe in Me—and you will be ok!”
    My sight was restored even when the prestigious and dedicated doctors said I wouldn’t see ever again. I have my sight—and now—as a woman of 70, i have cataracts and maybe I may have Glaucoma in one eye. It is settled yet; but knowing I go through life not alone—but Jesus is by my side in all of this—Yes, even now—I am confident—“I will be OK” because I cannot go through a day without my love and trust in Christ Jesus. amen

  257. Fear is so paralyzing. I’d love to read this book.

  258. God’s timing is so perfect! This was incredible to read this morning and the very words He has been speaking into my life. He is AMAZING! God be with each one who has commented here as you wrestle with fear and anxiety! It is obvious that we all struggle with this and of course! Because obviously satan doesn’t want is to overcome fear and live in victory and the power of Christ. Imagine the damage we will do if that happens! Praying for you all.

  259. Lydia Kraus says:

    As I’m sure many of us do, I struggle daily with fear. Ultimately it is the Lord who provides for us. He provides everything. I need constant reminders that the Lord is in control. I often come to this place of understanding when I feel broken and hopeless. What a blessing that brokenness and hopelessness is; it brings me closer to Jesus!

  260. Wow! I needed this Word today. My focus this year has been to recognize when fear is taking over and crowding out the voice of God. I would enjoy reading this book to strengthen my understanding on this consuming topic. Thank you.

  261. Donna Madden says:

    Sounds like perfect timing – Gods really been trying to teach me to trust Him more!

  262. Mary Aiaka kent says:

    God is good and faithful always!

  263. I know better, but right now I’m worried and scared for my son who is battling demons.

  264. Melanie Nicholl says:

    How true it is that our struggle against fear results in the sweet peace of trust. It is an ongoing personal discovery of mine as a breast cancer survivor. When I finally began to FULLY release all that I was holding tight because I felt I couldn’t completely relinquish control, I received His perfect peace. But the Lord did immeasurably more: He taught me to mindfully release other matters besides my health to Him as each day unfolds. It’s a lifelong, gentle nudging now, but I’ve learned, again, to be mindful of His sovereignty over my life and all circumstances, as well as His perfect Love, and plan. God bless you, I’d love to read your novel about Lydia!!

  265. Fear can be crippling. I am learning to be more aware when my actions are based on fear not faith. Thanks for the reminder!

  266. Ms RJ pina says:

    In 2006 I lost my sight; I wondered if it was because I challenged God and found myself saying out of anger and frustration over things that were going badly for me, “if you are real, then show me!” And, He did. I lost my sight and during my visits back and forth to the presigious Eye and Ear Infirmary in New England, Jesus face appeared suddenly in the midst of what my fear was telling me about never being able to see again. No, it was Jesus for certain and He spoke to me in a peaceful, loving and gentle way—He talked about life in this world system and how it is a challenge to us all; but His last words to me was, “Just believe in Me—and you will be ok!”
    My sight was restored even when the prestigious and dedicated doctors said I wouldn’t see ever again. I have my sight—and now—as a woman of 70, i have cataracts and maybe I may have Glaucoma in one eye. It is not settled yet; but knowing I go through life not alone—but Jesus is by my side in all of this—Yes, even now—I am confident—“I will be OK” because I cannot go through a day without my love and trust in Christ Jesus. amen

  267. At 53 I’m going through a very difficult transition in my life and battle fear constantly; physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am trying very hard to stop my thoughts at that first feeling of dread, close my eyes and pray. Pray for Gods peace to take its place. Ask and it will be given…good mantra to repeat till the fear subsides. God Bless.

  268. Beth Reynolds says:

    Wonderful read on fear this morning! Novel looks great!

  269. I woke up feeling anxious. So thankful for the way God works. This devotion was so timely!

  270. Jayne Smith says:

    Fear he is a liar. Aren’t we lucky that we know Him who is Truth. Standing on the promises of Jesus our savior.

  271. Lisa Nash says:

    Thank you for sharing this lesson at just the right time. May God continue to work in and through you. Blessings and hugs from GA.

  272. Needing a good “summer read!”

  273. i feel blessed!

  274. Laurie Partlo says:

    Fear has been a real struggle for me.

  275. Carol Davidson says:

    That would be wonderful to win!

  276. Lisa Littleton says:

    This devotion was what I needed to lift my spirit and encouraged those that the battle was already won.

  277. I know this book would be a blessing for me. I am facing anxiety and fears since having a hysterectomy in March. The past few weeks have been overwhelming but God has been there each step of the way helping me through this difficult time. His WORD has given me strength and hope each day. Thank you.

  278. Juanita E Ruby says:

    I enjoyed your post about fear. It came through my email that I get every morning from Proverbs 31.org

  279. sally evitt says:

    Thank you for your words of encourage. We know all of these things but it is so nice to read others words and let us be reminded the “It is Finished”.

  280. Mary McKay says:

    I have learned that when I give my fear to God, it shrinks. Gods presence is greater than any fear when you trust in him. So when I am afraid, I ask myself, “Am I trusting God right now?”

  281. Annette Rivas says:

    I am overcome by fear at this moment over work. I am covering for 2 people & I can’t take the stress. Please pray for me. My anxiety is crippling.

  282. Dodie Ahal says:

    Fear of what might happen to myself or a loved one is a battle that I fight daily. I try to follow Jesus and know that He is bigger than any problem I face and that with Him I am never alone

  283. Jessica Mixon says:

    Wonderful devotional. Dear is a real daily struggle in my life. Thank you Jessica Mixon

  284. Heather says:

    I have been frozen by fear for so long. I am on multiple medications and still fight it daily. Even the smallest decisions are a challenge. I struggle to trust that I can hear/see God guiding me.

  285. Debra Wasilewski says:

    My husband just lost his job yesterday, this book sounds like one we could use to help us during this difficult time.

  286. Kim Zuck says:

    Such a great article on fear!! I struggle with that on a daily basis – fear of the unknown is the worst. Thank you for your reminder that our God is trustworthy and our only hope.

  287. Natalie says:

    I would love to learn more about Lydia.

  288. Jan Chapdelaine says:

    I struggle with fear ~ not worldly fear, such as fear of public speaking but the fear of the spiritual world. I know that we do not battle against flesh and blood but against the enemy & rulers of this world. My fear is that when the enemy tries to take over, I forget that is through God’s strength that I CAN overcome that horrible lie! I forget that I have the weapon to use! Then I tell him to back off because I am the child of a King! The greatest that has ever lived! 😉

  289. Lana Allen says:

    Thank you for these words that uplift my heart and help me to remember I am not fighting the battle alone. He has already fought and won!
    God Bless your ministry!

  290. Martha Parrish says:

    I would love to read this book. I’m struggling with my finances and get so anxious and worried. This devotional today really encourages me. Thank you🙏!

  291. Cindy Herring says:

    I love reading these devotions that I receive everyday. Great stories that combine with scripture

  292. Fortunate Nyakanda says:

    Thank you for the much-needed devotion. I have been a victim of fear which led to depression and high blood pressure. Though I am a christian, I did not realize that I was agonizing over an issue that Jesus Christ himself finished on the cross.

    I have been uplifted. Thank you once more.

  293. Before I opened this devotional this morning…literally SECONDS before reading, I was telling the LORD I was afraid of _____. And God used this this morning, praise Him for His timing and His Word of truth! Thank you for ministering in writing!

  294. Estella Jefferson says:

    God is all we need

  295. Thanks for sharing this. Needed to be reminded that, although fear is a struggle of mine, with God on my side, fear has no control over me.

  296. Amanda Meilinger says:

    The enemy is a liar and it comes out in fear. Every time I read a Proverbs 31 post it reminds me Jesus is there and not to fear. I can give up fear by trusting in Jesus, who is always faithful, and by living in his word, which is always the truth.

    Thanks for this post on fear!

    From a worn out stay at home mom in Texas…

    Amanda in Dallas

  297. Lisa Funston says:

    Fear stops me more than anything else in the world.

  298. “As I learn to hear God’s voice more clearly than the voice of fear, I become more like Him. Something in me shifts. Grows.” This statement sums up what God has been teaching me my whole life. Proverbs 31:25 says…and she laughs at the days to come. God gave me this verse when I was first expecting my second child. Its truth has permeated my life and my soul. It gave me the strength to bear 9 more children, help my dad as he faced death by cancer, deal with a son with mental illness, and the security of knowing that God will always take care of tomorrow. With this fear gone (or at least lessened), it has given me the freedom to live today in joy and thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing.

  299. Robin LeGrand says:

    Tessa put it so simply, yet beautifully when she reminded me even the small tasks are in His hands.

  300. Nadine Burney says:

    This has really touch my heart today. My husband and I are going through very tough physical, mental and financial problems. It is very easy for fear to become a problem in life. It’s an easy way for the devil to bring you down. Thank you for writing this. I’m so happy I took the few minutes to read it. It will help me through my day. God Bless

  301. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of love,power& sound mind.Lord Jesus has already won the battle for us.We can trust JESUS in all things!Amen

  302. Sandra Ferguson says:

    God’s timing for this devotion is perfect as always. “It is finished ” will be my reassuring battle cry.

  303. Thank you for the wonderful lesson. It is one I need to do all to frequently.
    I would love to have a copy of your book to read and share.

    Thank you so very much!

  304. Tatyana says:

    I am struggling with a wounded relationship… wold love to read this book, thank you!

  305. Savannah says:

    A state of lifelessness can also be a life your living alive full of stress and stride,progression comes with oppression Fear is what makes us,break us and defines who we are

  306. Suzanne says:

    I am finding after having C-spine surgery 12 days ago that fear and anxiety have become overwhelming at times. I live alone and I’m trying to be strong and courageous knowing that God will never leave me nor for sake me. I have found that it’s easy to remember God when everything is going well, but because I find myself in this season of physical difficulties, it has become much harder to not be overcome by anxiety and fear.

  307. Tiffany McRae says:

    Tessa, I can’t explain how timely this message is! I have a huge presentation this morning for work and fear has been creeping in all week as I’ve been preparing. Your message today reminded me that “It is finished” according to the work and sacrifice of Jesus. I am now at peace and trust that you were a vessel in helping deliver that peace to me. Thank you and God bless. 😊

  308. Kerry Spirek says:

    This was exactly what I needed to hear today❤️

  309. This devotion speaks directly to my current state of life. My desire is to turn this life driven by fear into a life driven by trusting in God and his power alone. Thank you for allow God to guide your thoughts and hand as you penned this devotional thought. May God’s grace and mercy be with all of us who battle with fears of any kind.

  310. Oh, how I need this book right now! My cancer is back and I’m suffering from such overwhelming fear. I need to learn to not fear and trust that God is in control and HE will be with me no matter what happens.

  311. Thank you for this devotional. It touched my heart and spoke to me when I needed to hear these things the most.

  312. Every mountain worth climbing is worth the struggle to reach the highest point! Nothing will happen today that the LORD and I can’t handle together. He already holds our future. Fear Not. May God find us faithful through the storms of every rushing wind. Thank you, Jesus for this day and your children who seek You through Proverbs 31 ministries. . . . .always praying

  313. Vickie Stilwell says:

    I really enjoyed reading Tessa’s account of Ruth in “In the Field of Grace”. Looking forward to reading about Lydia. Thanks for the devotional reminding us that we can conquer ALL fear thru Jesus Christ!!

  314. I’ve struggled with fear for many years. I know the word say that perfect love casts out all fear. So I think about that word and I meditate on it and try to break down the true meaning of this scripture. God is perfect love so if perfect love casts out all fear and I still have fear in my life; this means I am not allowing God to per-fect his unconditional love in my life. I’ve had an abusive childhood which lead to an abusive marriage then divorce and I still abuse myself which all the negative thoughts. I will continue to pray, meditate and believe for change in my life-

  315. Donna Severs says:

    I needed this devotional today, because I have to face something today that I have been dreading.

  316. Oh, I need this book! My cancer is back and the fear in me is overwhelming I need to trust more in the Lord that HE is with me and for me!

  317. Cindi Brubaker says:

    “it is finished”…..love that!

  318. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  319. Rhonda Holder says:

    Today was a wonderful devotional about fear and what it does to us. A reminder to keep our eyes on the One who conquered all. I would like to win a copy of Tessa’s book.

  320. Erica wiegand says:

    Would love to win this! I love these devotions! My quiet place in the morning before the 4 kids get up. 🙂

  321. Kathy Reeves says:

    Great devotion on fear. I need to add it over to God and he will take care of everything.

  322. I live in fear of rejection, not being good enough and a multitude of others fears everyday. It is truly exhausting. Some days I just give in and others I fight so hard. I need to lean on God more than I do but I feel so unworthy.

  323. Thank You for this devotional today!

  324. Jodee Minter says:

    Thank you for your insight. I struggle with fear.. to the point of being stagnant. Thank you for your encouragement!

  325. I am trying to start praying through my fear, thanking God for reminding me, through fear, that my strength is in Him.

  326. Wow this was written for me today. I deal with such fears that I have become paralyzed by them. I pray for release of fear today.

  327. brenda marsh says:

    My granddaughter suffers from depression and I would love to give her this book

  328. Christy Swift says:

    this is so beautifully written! Thank you.

  329. Mary Pate says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional on fear- it was much needed! I have loved your other books Tessa – can’t wait to read this one:)

  330. brenda marsh says:

    Trying to overcome fear is hard

  331. Rhonda Sells says:

    Thank you for this amazing truth, “It is finished.”

    Jesus’ love.

  332. I have been through seasons where fear threatens to overcome and I was almost paralyzed. By God’s grace he gave me the verse Eph 1:17-20. I memorized it & it would give me enough strength to get out of bed! Praise God for his provision!

  333. Kristen says:

    This was a great message. My family has a history of letting fear and anxiety consume them and their daily lives at times and I feel that same pull sometimes myself. I have to remind myself that God is in control and to let those things causing fear to go. I may need to buy a few copies of this book as gifts to myself and a couple family members. Also I have to say I love your name Tessa, that is my little one’s name too!

  334. Connie Z says:

    What an excellent word today. I’ve been struggling with fear and anxiety since my daughter left for the Air Force 10 months ago. I have been studying many Christian studies to conquer this horrible fear and the one thing that has helped me tremendously is a quote from one of my favorite speaker “Do it afraid”. I will have to add your book to my study of this horrible affliction thank you so much this was an awesome article

  335. Very uplifting

  336. Lori Janney says:

    This devotion was perfect for me today. Struggling with some financial burdens trying to remain trusting in God. Our church is currently doing a series based off the book Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio. Our pastor spoke of fear being a giant and now this devotion today does as well. I love when God clearly speaks. Thank you for these devotions online! Lori

  337. I would love to read this book! Sometimes fear threatens to drown me.

  338. Karen Atha says:

    I really look forward to reading these stories of encouragement daily. It really lifts me up, opens and my eyes, and guides my day. It ensures I put our Lord and Savior first and reminds me that He loves us so much and by His grace, we are all saved. Thank you!

  339. Robin Jenkins says:

    May I keep my eyes upon the One who keeps me in perfect peace. This devotion was a good reminder to me while I am in the midst of wedding preparations for my daughter! Many details and demands, but God does not give me the spirit of worry or anxiousness. He is Lord!

  340. Elaine Rudnik says:

    Thank you for this Devotional. I deal with this fear regularly. I will have to reread and reflect on this Devotional again and again to overcome this fear. I hope I can win a copy of your book. Maybe it will help me overcome my fear.

  341. Amanda Smith says:

    Tessa’s book sounds great! I hope I win!

  342. Jo'is Levy says:

    Thanks for this devo today. It would be great to win this book.

  343. Yesterday in the morning, I fell fear .
    Took me almost two hrs. To realized , when I started to pray and gave God the control.
    The peace of God fall over me and changed my situation. I was able to stand up and do what was right thing to do. Thank your, God for been our savor.

  344. Elizabeth says:

    Tessa, Thank you for this post. I see I am not the only one with casting down fear in my life as I read the comments of my sisters. Yesterday, as I was filling up water cans for the chickens, I looked up to see the Sheriff walking towards me. Thank you Jesus, for walking me through that moment. I would love to read about Lydia!

  345. Would love to read this book.

  346. Mary Beth Clotfelter says:

    I would really like a copy of this book. Fear of the unknown grips me sometimes and life’s what ifs. The devotions you send are always so helpful. Thank you. Mary Beth

  347. Worry and anxiety are my biggest battles. I try to turn things over to God, but then I keep picking them back up! I love Tessa Afshar’s books and would love to read one about someone overcoming fear.

  348. Jaala Baker says:

    Great post, very uplifting and encouraging!! I struggle with fear at times. I would love to read the book and learn more about Lydia.

  349. This was perfect for me today. Fear. Recently I have been able to identify fear. At church we sing a song with the words, I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God. I am looking forward to getting a copy of the book mentioned in today’s post. Winning it would be even better.

  350. Cheryl Downing says:

    Your devo today, Tessa, rings true with the study I’m doing right now! Replacing fear with trust in Christ! I am very intrigued by your book. I love fictional writings of Bible characters and I’ve not had the pleasure of reading any of your books. I love finding new authors! Thanks for sharing your book with us 😁

  351. Marilyn Dauer says:

    As a mom facing my daughter’s cancer diagnosis, I fall into the trap of fear. Fear of losing her, fear of not having a close relationship with her husband and children who live so far away, fear of what will happen to the small children, fear of the pain she will endure.
    Thank you for this devotion today. It set my mind on the right path this morning.

  352. Thank you so much. I needed to hear this today. I’m struggling with many of these fears right now and this really spoke to me.

  353. Fear and anxiety are terrible things that many people suffer with, myself included. Although I have learned to trust and have faith in God, I still struggle. Reading devotionals as well as the Bible daily help me. Thank you for these encouraging words!

  354. Robin Barfield says:

    Fear and worry is constantly on my mind. I would love to read your book.
    I really loved the devotional this morning, every one of the fears you listed relate to me and my daughters.
    Thank you for this, I needed it.

  355. Lesly Leepper says:

    Thank you for your devotions. They help me grow closer to the lord in a more personal way. Be honest with your walk in your writings are inspirational.
    God Bless

  356. Constance Rose Carter says:

    Thank you for this devotion it meant so much to me today. I had a dream last night that I was alone I ended up alone. I’ve never felt so abandoned with so many people around me including my family in my life. I didn’t realize what it meant until I woke up. And then God led me to this devotion and I realize that I was fearful of abandonment! I claim the blood of Jesus inscription knowing that he will never leave me or forsake me. Again thank you so much because of your devotional I was able to identify and pray for healing in this area of my life. God bless you and may He continue to bless the work of your hands in the future. Hallelujah!

  357. Shelley says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart in this devotional and relating so well. I want to send forth a message of love .

  358. Jennifer says:

    Fear can paralyze you, but I’ve learned and am still working on it, to give the fear to God. And trust in him!

  359. Shantelle says:

    Oh my word! The timing of this message was impeccable! Praise the Lord for he is good!

  360. Lydia has always been one of my most inspirational women of the bible.
    Thank you for today’s message.
    Really spoke to my heart.
    Hope to read the new book!!

  361. Debbie B says:

    This devotional struck such a deep chord in me that I am in awe of how God uses people to get His message across. His timing is perfect. I’ve recognized that fear disables me, I just haven’t reached the point where I can get a good handle on it at times. This was so relevant for me.

  362. Samantha says:

    This devotion was very appropriate today as I am facing fear related to starting my career over. Thank you for reminding me to rely on God and gave no fear.

  363. Kim Mohsen says:

    I decided to read one fiction book this summer..because I always read non-fiction.

    I would love for this to be the one!!!


  364. Sandra Decker says:

    Good word today!

  365. Lupita Morales says:

    My journey has been full of fear after losing my 17 year old daughter Bethany December 27, 2011 and dealing with the grief and the loss because in that car she also had my 6 year old daughter Grace at the time. Grace suffers from not only losing her big sis but Traumatic Brain Injury. In 5 1/2 years my family had suffered but in learning to truly trust God and know he is good he has allowed me To see I only get in the way in what he is doing. Thank you so much for this today it was a reminder to know it is finished.

  366. Stacey Blanchard says:

    As I prepare my heart to release my daughter into marriage, I struggle with fear over her sufficient provision. I have to constantly remind myself of the Truth of God’s word that He is her ultimate provider and protector. I would love to read Bread of Angels to continue strengthening my understanding of The Father’s provision😊

  367. Melanie says:

    Fear does point that dagger with us. But guess what? God has armed us with a sword–the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Don’t forget this. Speak the words found in Scripture and drive away the spirit of fear and depression in the name of Jesus! Get thee behind us, Satan!

  368. R. Foster says:

    Thank you for reminding me that God will work through me no matter what.

  369. Janelle Volkers says:

    Thank you for your insight!

  370. Karen Galehouse says:

    I love the messages from Proverbs 31. Many days they seem to be speaking right to me.

  371. Kristin Payne says:

    I would love to win a copy of Bread of Angels. My fear is threatening to overtake me as I walk with my dear mother through terminal cancer. Thank you.

  372. Rebecca Wood says:

    Fear is no longer a part of me.

  373. Thank you. I slept less than 2 hours last night because I was filled with anger, fear, anxiety and regret over a decision I made about a relationship which has kept me “unequally yoked” & in great emotional turmoil for years. It was a reminder to just turn everything over to the Lord.

  374. Kimberly Cardin says:

    This is bread for everyday life, it’s real and we all can relate.
    Thank you!

  375. Meditate on some special verses throughout the day. Years ago my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer. God gave me John 16:33. Sometimes i just had to just keep this verse running through my thoughts to keep me going.

  376. I would love receive the book. I’ve been struggling with fear gripping my life since my marital separation.

  377. Nicole Young says:

    I am in need of the Lord right now to heal my brokenness and fear.

  378. I deal with fear on a daily basis. Being a child of God, I know I shouldn’t feel this way. Fear of not being enough at work, of trying something new, of my 16 year old driving, not succeeding after high school, not teaching my kids enough before they grow up and live lives of their own and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I cannot control everything and have to give it up to One who can.

  379. Jennifer says:

    This was me at 1:00 a.m. I remembered yesterday that if God gave me this job/work/project He knew what He was doing through me. I count on that and that helps eliminate the fears, they still come but I count my blessings with God on my side 🙂 . God Bless you all!

  380. This devotional ministered to me today. As a pastor’s wife, I battle fear. Fear of failing people, fear of not being enough, fear of letting someone down, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  381. I really needed this today. My struggle seems overwhelming but I know my God is greater than my fear!

  382. Darcie Sutton says:

    I learned about this devotion from being a MOPS mentor mom. This group of young women have blessed me in many ways–learning about this devotion one of them. Today’s devotion spoke the me as I sometimes struggle with unexplained fear. Thank you for these readings.

  383. TRACY WADDELL says:

    Psalm 3:3 But you, Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, the lifter of my head.

    AMEN and Praise Jesus!!

  384. Michelle Vasquez says:

    What a wonderful, encouraging post! Thank you! I needed that!

  385. A devotion that spoke to my heart. Would love to win a book copy.

  386. Shelly Y says:

    Fear is my biggest obstacle as a Christian. I know in my heart that I can trust Jesus in all things but my head overtakes my heart and fear takes over. My biggest fear is the safety of my nearly grown children. It is all I can do to not obsess about it. I would love a copy of this book. Thank you.

  387. June King says:

    I am experiencing fear and anxiety at a greater level than I have in many years. The children are grown and on their own, my mother is aging and has experienced loss of her vision – thus her independence, and the world is becoming such a scary place with violence dominating every news station. Thankfully we have God’s Word to soothe and calms the soul. I would love to receive a copy of this book to draw strength and comfort from a believer in God’s promises.

  388. Suzanne Mickelson says:

    Thank you for reminding me to stand firm in the face of fear. Knowing “it is finished”! I would love to receive a copy of “Bread of Angles”! It is a timely book for this season of my life.

  389. Bridgette Coates says:

    thank you for this devotion today. I am facing surgery at the end of June and I am fearful. I’ve never had surgery, nor do i take medications of any kind, so the “What if’s” are overwhelming me and making me fearful. I know that the Lord is in charge. No matter the outcome of the surgery, I know that i will not be separated from the love of my Savior.

  390. Linda Thomson says:

    Thank you for this encouraging word! Just what I needed to hear in my life right now!

  391. Margaret says:

    I enjoy these devotions.

  392. Tamara Gribling says:

    I just finished your daily devotion. The email called to me When fear overcomes you. That is my current situation as a widow, mother, friend. Sometimes the screaming in my head blocks out what Jesus is telling me. I would love to win this book. I enjoy reading and when it is the word of our Father, it gives me such peace when I so need right now.

  393. Margaret says:

    Really trying to work on my fear stronghold. The book would be so helpful.

  394. I would love to win this book. Look forward to the daily devotionals on this website.

  395. This is so helpful. I am afraid of everything with work my family and friends. it’s a daily struggle to live in freedom of my fears.

  396. Linda Thomson says:

    Thank you for this word for me from the Lord! Just what I needed to hear in my life right now!

  397. Living with an autoimmune disease, I am constantly a prisoner to fear. I never know when a flare is going to hit or if I’ll even be able to walk the next morning. It’s scary. But I’m tired of being afraid. With the roman sword pointed at my throat, I lift my eyes up to the One who has power over every disease, every fear, every evil. He will rescue me because He loves me. His work is finished, therefore, I have no reason to be afraid. He is in control. I must trust Him through every fear, laying it down at His feet, surrendering my fear to Him. “In my deepest wound, I saw Your glory and it astounded me.”

  398. Tessa – thank you for your words on Encouragement for Today. I realized as I read this how much fear is in my heart about my job. I have made it through several cuts at our office – but I am always feeling like I am the next to be let go and the least important. Your words give me a new perspective!

  399. Tiffany says:

    Would love a copy! Thank you!

  400. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for encouraging women that the work of Christ is finished. We can lay fear aside and rest in His Word and Power. Looking forward to winning the book drawing!!

  401. Thank you for reminding me that when I have doubts that Christ has saved me and fear is brought on by Satan and has no place in my heart.

  402. Maureen Kelly Fulop says:

    Holy God, help me and my family to believe and trust that your grace will help us deal with financial problems and alleviate the fear of the unknown. Thank you. Amen.

  403. Fear is definitely something I battle, learning how to better manage this area in my life would be so helpful.

  404. Nena Hodges says:

    Like Lydia, fear has ruled my life. I would like to read this book and learn by her example, to trust God more fully.

  405. I must remember to not fall back into fear, because I was already delivered from it through Christ.

  406. Alyssa Arrington says:

    Thank you for sharing today! I’d love to win a copy of your new book. 💜

  407. Arlene Wolbaum says:

    I so appreciated this devotional on fear as I can relate to having this active enemy. Thanks for the encouragement!

  408. Lisa Malstrom says:

    I saved a copy of this devotion to refer to when I fall prey to fear again. I’ve struggled with it my whole life and my circumstances right now have me captive again to fear. Jesus is the only reprieve. I suppose that is where I need to be – completely dependent on him.

  409. Jasmine Flores Pfrimmer says:

    Pick me 😊 Would love to read an awesome book on overcoming fear this summer 🙏🏼

  410. Kristin Cushing says:

    Thank you for the beautifully written reminder and guidance. As I age and mature, I am realizing this is an area in which I need to grow further. I’m going to refer back to this!

  411. Vicki in CO says:

    Thanks for this devotion. It brings to mind the quote “Oh ye of little faith.” In all things, we must rely on our Lord in Heaven to carry us to victory, according to His will, and in His timing (which is often the most difficult thing for me)! I would love to win a copy of your book!

  412. I am a pastor’s wife – that alone is fearful.. however, the Lord led us to this ministry and He will provide the strength. Thank you for your service..

  413. It is finished. Praise God! Thank you for the reminder of His sovereignty and power. Work is a blessing but, in many instances, I admit that it becomes my god. Thank you for this devotion. I’ll work for God with joy and will rest in the truth that it is finished, it is finished.

  414. Elaine Kinion says:

    Tessa makes a good point when writing of the many fears we all face. Thank you for the better perspective of remembering Jesus Christ and that He came to take that fear and oppression if we will give it to Him.

  415. Thank you! This was an answer to prayer. Woke up struggling with fear this morning!

  416. How I wish I could overcome fear in my life!

  417. This would be a huge source of comfort to me right now.

  418. Perfect love casts out fear and there is only one perfect love… oh that we could focus only on Him!

  419. Danielle says:

    I resist fear by focusing on Jesus in the moment.

  420. Shaita smith says:

    Sounds like an awesome read!

  421. Brooke E Dougall says:

    My dear prevents me from even getting into God’s Word. I am in my second marriage and we are a blended family. My first marriage ended due to his affairs and addiction. I have three children from that marriage. I am afraid that my children will turn out like their father…..bound to an addiction. I am afraid that this marriage will end too. I am afraid that my husband, who is absolutely wonderful, will become noted of me like my last husband and abandon me. I have a stepson with special needs. I am afraid that I cannot love him the way he need to be loved. Wow, writing this down gives perspective! No wonder I feel so tired….so oppressed. I walk by fear, not by faith. Jesus can save my soul from eternal separation but he can’t hold my life and it’s trials? Thank you for what you wrote. I love God’s truth. 💓

  422. Beverly Johnson says:

    I too am on the verge a task that overwhelms at times. Thank you for sharing! This was great encouragement to me today.

  423. I needed this today after waking up from a nightmare about rejection which has hit me over and over again in the last several years.

  424. Thank you for this insightful and beneficial devotion on fear. Fear “can” have such power over us if we allow it. How true it is when we take our focus off God, fear steps right in without an invitation. In reflection of my life I see that I have experienced fear at all stages of my life…it would have been so helpful as a young child to have had God’s Word memorized in my heart, so, if you are a young mother reading this, please begin early in your child’s life to instill what God tells us throughout the Bible….”Fear not”. Thank you again for your helpful words that you share with others.

  425. Often in our lives, God does an operation on our fear…He takes us to that place that needs cutting away so we learn that we can (must) trust Him. It’s a hard lesson, but truly brings freedom. Is 43:1-4

  426. Shalonna jones says:

    This devotion was powerful and timely. The spirit of fear shall not reign over my life. God is all powerful and I shall trust in him and cast my fears in a sea of forgetfulness. Lord I surrender my spirit of fear to you. I know you will take it and give me what I need to succceed. Thank you lord! In Jesus name!

  427. Tiffany says:

    This is so good! Great certainly has a greater grip on my heart than I’d like. Trying to raise good, Godly kids in such a broken world seems impossible. I trust that God loves them more than I do and He has a plan. Thank you Jesus for giving peace.

  428. What a powerful devotional! I would love to give this book to my daughter in love.

  429. Michelle says:

    I’m not one to enter contests for free items but this book sound like exactly what I need right now. God is fully present in all areas of my life but the fears I feel when it comes to my job are overwhelming. I allow fear to overpower and the face of God reduces. This book sounds good. Thank you for considering me. God bless your day!

  430. Thank you for the reminder – it’s finished! Haven’t realized that clearly until now that most of my stress is caused by fear of failure. Need to rest on Him…

  431. Susan Harkati says:

    We need to remember that we serve a big God. The enemy knows if he can get us into a mindset of fear we can’t be useful to God. We need to stand strong in God’s power to fight through the battles ahead of us.

  432. Antoinette Haggard says:

    True love eliminates all fear. God is good

  433. What a great reminder that God tells us over and over not to fear and not to worry! It always creeps in though and I have to remember to give it over to God or I won’t find joy in the blessings I surely have.

  434. Janet Cullen says:

    I have never done an actual study on fear before….cannot wait to see what this book has to say!!

  435. I would treasure a copy of this book. Fear has battled for control in my life since I was a child. I have defeated fear many times by standing with God, but current painful events have left fear in their wake. Thank you for such a truthful post.

  436. Julie S says:

    It looks like a great book!

  437. Taylor R says:

    Thank you for your devotional today! It was SO applicable to my life; I can get so scared in the workplace. I am afraid that I will fail. Thank you for your encouragement today, and thank you, Jesus, that you finished the true work!!

  438. What a wonderful lesson this morning, as fear so often binds me and holds me back. Thanks you for this, and for the chance to get a copy of your book.

  439. Monica Gomez says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I can relate so much to everyday life things that you experience. May God continue to bless you with the ability to minister to us through your life. Can’t wait to read your book. God bless

  440. Tiffany Anderson says:

    I’ve often considered anxiety and many of the other things listed separate from Fear. Thank you for unmasking the truth and writing it so clearly. I can now see the enemy for who he truly is. A deceiver. And start to refocus on the victor. Our almighty king. I shall seek His face instead!

  441. I am currently in transition as a pastor. Thank you so much for this today. Fear of the unknown future is what gets me the most. I am learning patient endurance.

  442. Ann cottrell says:

    I am going through a divorce that I don’t want. My husband a retired FDNY survivor of 911 suffers from PTSD and only went for council for a short time after the attack.
    He had a breakdown almost 2 years ago and decided he no longer wants to be married. I love him and pray for His salvation & restoration of our marriage. I stand with God against divorce. My anxiety worry and fear sometimes get the best of me. I fear for my future financially but I truly know God will provide. I need to be still and let God fight the battle. Yes I’m afraid sometimes as my flesh tries to take over but my God will never leave me.

    • Ann, I pray for you… It is so hard when the person we Love dearly don’t see that we are not the problem and won’t seek help or follow through . We can’t control what other people choose to do. One Day At A Time and someday we will know why…

  443. Deb Seibel says:

    i would love to win a copy of Bread of Angels. I fight fear and anxiety on a regular basis even though I trust in God. It is frustrating1 Satan continually sends problems to my life regarding serious health isssues to a number of my loved ones. i myself had spinal fusion surgery last year and am now having complictions…. I feel like Job, but have more doubt than him. Thanik you so much for the encouragement for today devotions. They help start my day drawing me near to God.

  444. Betsy Carol says:

    Thank you for reminding me to rest in the work Jesus has finished. Nothing relies on me. Hallelujah!

  445. Janie McConnell says:

    I enjoy these messages I get from Proverbs 31. The one about fear touches me because I struggle a lot with fear of death, fear of the unknown, fear of “what it’s” and I try sometimes to deal with it on my own rather than Letting go, and letting God. Because God has the master plan for my life.

  446. I will pray. I will give my fears to the lord today. Though I have many right now. This is is encouraging and uplifting. No one will separate me from the love of God. I will pray and lay them before the Lord.

  447. Lisa Jenkins says:

    Fear has been a struggle for the last couple of years for my family. I am a breast cancer survivor and I have been downsized from my positions at work twice. My Sister lost her job and had a serious health issue. My parents are elderly and my Mom has an infection that she has to be treated with antibiotics for 18 months. My son has struggles with depression and been homeless for a couple of years. So when this all starts building up I just start telling myself that Jesus is still on the Throne and he is my provision. All my needs are met. I try to listed to Christian music and listen to sermons during work to keep my eyes above and not on the world.

  448. I definitely need a copy in my life.

  449. Kathlynn says:

    Tessa – Thank you for your divine insight
    All too often in our modern walk with Christ – each of us loses insight into the essence of Jesus, we fail to connect with the powerfilled words of and contexts of the Bible saints and we miss HIs hand… today – your illustration using the original Greek for sword – paints such a powerful and intimate picture of what our walk with Christ should be and IS when we “rest” in Him. We see the face of fear glaring at us, we feel the sharp point of the makhaira… yet if we will look more closely, right behind the adversary’s soldier FEAR, we will behold the nail pierced hand of Our Saviour Jesus about to grab that Fear and cast it aside… shouting in Victory… “It IS Finished!” We sing songs that say “The God of angel armies is always by my side!” but how much better it is to KNOW that “The God of angel armies chose me to be by HIs side!” In Christ – there is no fear because He has conquered death, the grave, and ALL the powers of sheol! Because Christ LIVES – Fear CANNOT OVERCOME Me… true it may get darker than dark, and we may smell the rancid breath of fear, we may feel the sharp edge of makhaira at our throat… but beyond that fear… always reaching out to snatch that fear away is the author and finisher of our faith – Our Living Saviour – Jesus Christ! Thank you for your encouragement today and for the most necessary daily reminder that God does care about me and that he has bought me with His blood and has equipped me to OVERCOME Fear through Him!

  450. Fear can easily grip your entire being and cloud your vision.Spending time focused on my Saviour is the only way I combat that feeling of oppression. When I do, the fear fades away. A beautiful gift from my Creator.

  451. Wow this came at the perfect time. Fear has had a grip on me for months. As a single mom, I fear just about everything when it comes to my child’s safety, wellbeing and quality of life. I’m convinced that every rare thing (deadly tick bites, roller coaster accidents, drowning, etc) are real threats to her. The devil has a field day with all of that, of course. I need this fear to be washed away by a renewed faith and the peace of our one true Protector!

  452. Jessica Bodine says:

    What a blessing to read a message that exactly describes how my mind races when I lay it down at night – did I enter the right amount in that spreadsheet? Is the supplier going to get it there on time? Will the customer get good product? – to have a NAME for that “Makhaira!” – and then a shield that no makhaira can slash through “it is finished!” (as I type this from my work desk, piled high with unfinished reports). How is it that I get the exact words I need for this day and every day (of course we all know the answer to that)? I will finish some of these things today – but knowing that the real work is already finished – will be my shield from the rest. Thanks be to God.

  453. Thank you for this reminder on how to face my fears! This is just what I needed to hear today.

  454. Tracey Broughton says:

    This sounds like a wonderful read. It is definitely a subject matter I would benefit from reading. Myself and many others I know could use a story of encouragement in the area of fear. Fear seems to find a way to rear its ugly head at so many times during the journeys of the unknown. May this copy of Bread of Angels bless someone at just the right time, and speak hope into their life.

  455. Joann Glover says:

    Thank you so much for the good words of Jesus! I am going through something I never imagined I would suffer, surgery, doubt, financial fear? In my 62 years I never thought I would end up in this situation, where I am unsure if I am doing right or wrong.
    I am trusting Jesus through this valley, expecting great things as this scary path closes in on me. I will trust in the Lord and thanks again for helping me with positive words. GOD IS GOOD!!

  456. Fear has been pervasive throughout my life due to the experiences that have crossed my path. Along with feelings of fear, anxiety and been lifetime “companions”! Feelings of fear of failure, letting others down, hurting/offending others, doing a poor job and allowing my emotions to cloud my judgement. I long to keep my focus on the One who is the Source of my strength, peace and hope. Only He can overcome and has overcome the lies that have flooded my mind. I need to remember that “nothing is impossible with God”. Luke 1:37 Jehovah-Rapha, the great Physician and Healer, can heal all wounds -physical, spiritual and emotional.

  457. Ann Goodner says:

    So thankful for these encouraging words.

  458. Thank you for this encouragement and truth! This book is definitely on my list to read!

  459. Teresa Turner says:

    Thank you so much for this! I needed this today.

  460. I really appreciate these devotionals. I read it every morning and it helps set me up for success during the day. Fear is a daily struggle, but with Jesus, nothing is impossible.

  461. Lillian says:

    Thank you for this devotion. It came right on time today. The overwhelming fear of insufficiency and not being enough for my family is overbearing. Then reading this has really brought it into perspective. God will only brings things to me that I can bear. I know I can get through them. He is always with me. There is always a way to get through the piles of fears because I create those fears to be gigantic. They really aren’t that big. Jesus is so much bigger and He always takes care of me.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  462. Kim Wilkes says:

    Thank you, I have often battled fear as you have described. Your words have been a reminder, that I needed.

  463. I am 64 yrs. old and a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother! I believe the best is yet to come for my family! I BELIEVE GOD HAS A GOOD PLAN FOR OUR LIVES!! The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy! “But…..JESUS” came to give us life and to give us life more abundantly! My family is going through some things right now but JESUS HAS THE FINAL WORD! During this process, I would enjoy reading the book “WHEN FEAR OVERCOMES ME.”

  464. Wow! Love the explanation of the sword used with soldiers of old. This is so true…fear tries to take us out just as if a soldier were taking out his enemy. Stares us down with intimidation so to get us questioning & backing down. Satan has no say-so anymore! Satan can ONLY do what God allows him to do! Sink that in ladies…I know it’s been helping me a TON lately! 😉

  465. Linnae Costa says:

    I’m dealing with fear daily since my 56 year old husband passed away a few months ago. Today’s devotion was extremely meaningful to me as I struggle to look for a full-time job without stressing my children out. Thank you.

  466. Katie sexton says:

    There are days I am overcome with fear. Fear of so many things. Thank you for this reminder that God is with me and I don’t have to be afraid

  467. This spoke right to my heart today, as I’m facing a decision about going back to work. Thank you!

  468. this one came at the perfect time for me. i’m starting a new job tomorrow in a field i’ve never worked in before and fear definitely can try to creep in and negative thoughts can take over. what a beautiful reminder to accept what’s already been done. thank you, Lord!

  469. Susan Altermatt says:

    Heartfelt prayers have been offered up for my fears to vanish in the name of the One who can do all!

  470. Thank you for sharing this encouragement! I am looking forward to reading Bread of Angels.

  471. Beverly McEntire says:

    Only through the power of Jesus’ redeeming love can I overcome my fears. Thank-you for your devotional today

  472. Ann McCune says:

    Loved this devotional!

  473. Kathy Sutton says:

    I too suffer with fear sometimes. Thank you for your devotional today.

  474. I am no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God.

  475. Natalie says:

    I could use this to help me with my panic attacks and anxiety I’ve been trying so hard to overcome

  476. Beth Mann says:

    I love reading these daily devotions. Many times the author speaks exactly what I need to hear that day. Our God is good using so many that we know and do not know to remind us of His goodness and His faithfulness. Thank you!

  477. Jean Dees says:

    I look forward to the daily devotionals and have been blessed by each one.

  478. Carol Eby says:

    Fear has ruled parts of my life very strongly at times. But very slowly I’m gaining ground on fear. A song that has meant a lot to me is ‘I’m no longer a slave to fear; I am a child of God!’ Praise the Lord! !

    • I’m almost 44 and have battled fear (plus depression) all my life. Just last week, I had to leave work early because I couldn’t function. All I could do was think and say “Jesus, help me.” I truly want to be free from fear, anxiety, etc. because I don’t want my children suffering like this. I want them to know without doubt God IS for THEM, He rejoices and sings over THEM. I never felt God’s love really applied fully to me, but it worked for everyone else. I’m slowly getting past that, but my faith needs to grow so much more and deeper healing is needed. Praying for everyone here who battles fear and is at times submerged in it. Thanking God for the days I DO see Jesus’ face and am at rest. Blessings!

  479. Thank you for this message today. I really needed the reminder!

  480. Debbie Herbst says:

    This was truly fantastic! This is profound that Christ’s work on the cross finished my most important work of being saved, and that work then extends over all other aspects of life and work! Thank you and I am covering my work with these truths.

  481. I am gripped by fear – the one that I am reminded of daily by my other half is the fear of not being good enough.

  482. I needed this devotional today! Thank you.

  483. Sounds like a great book. Enter me!

  484. Kathy Hutchins says:

    I recently lost my husband, your encouraging words have given me much to think about in terms of fear. Thank you.

  485. Great devotional this morning! Thank you!

  486. Kathleen Kirk says:

    WoW, God is Good, God is So Good Indeed!! He led me right to this devo today, knew I needed it.
    Thank you Tessa, for writing a novel about this. Lydia was a business woman, I am stepping out
    to build my own biz and Satan comes right along to attack and put FEAR & Worry in me. I will overcome
    by the blood of Jesus!!

  487. Beth Thomas says:

    Seems like fear is something I constantly battle. Sounds like an interesting book.

  488. Leigh F. says:

    Great devotion this morning. Fear and worry are my biggest sins. Thanks for the reminder that God is in control!

  489. Kristen says:

    count me in on the running!

  490. This post spoke directly to just what I’ve been praying about — I’m so worried about so many things; I’d love to release those fears and trust my Saviour more.

  491. I am listening to the national news & it brings a feeling of fear. God, please be with our leaders who are trying to make our country better. At a baseball practice – and now they live in fear of a gunman.

  492. The past 2 years I was crushed with fear and anxiety by severe depression that came out of the blue – I tried every medicine , TMS therapy , and was eventually cured by brain shock therapy – through the terror I saw god’s hand by reading scripture . A few months after that we lost our home in foreclosure – I found out a few days before Christmas and moved in 4 days – my husband never told me. Many days I am crippled by the fear of financial collapse , the thought of depression returning , the betrayal by my husband , the restoration of trust between us…. as I look back at what I have been though I can see that the grace of god is indeed sufficient – if u seek him with all your heart you will find him .

  493. “fear”. Time to tame this negative emotion!

  494. Theresa Guile says:

    I loved this email… it was very profound about fear!

  495. I Really need to read something like this!!

  496. Kathleen Veenstra says:

    “So therefore, all the work my soul needs — its redemption and restoration and forgiveness, its renewal and re-creation and salvation — all this is finished. The most important work in the world has been completed.” I love this part especially! I need to just soak in this truth and rest in the fact that it’s not about striving. He has already accomplished it!

  497. Penny Goins says:

    I would love to read this book

  498. Sharon Jones says:

    I love to read fiction! I hope I win this new novel!

  499. Jean M Burby says:

    I loved this email. Very timely! My fear today has to face the God I know!

  500. Piper Stephens says:

    This would be so great to win!! Fear is paralyzing me!

  501. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I have always been controlled by fear and know that I need to trust in God that he’ll remove it. Would love to win a copy of this book.

  502. Nicole Sweeney says:

    Thanks so much for the much needed devotional today. It really struck a chord. I would love to read your book!

  503. Carmen Lee says:

    I would be blessed to receive this

  504. Ronda Hinkle says:

    My greatest fears have always been not being good enough and becoming a failure.i have come to listen and see that the closer I become too knowing Jesus the less I’m afraid of becoming a failure, as mother, daughter and wife and another fear of joining my church that I won’t be good enough for the Lord’s servent in my church. The closer​ I become too Jesus the more he let’s me know I was never a failure in the first place. God guides me in letting me know that everything that has taken place in my life has been to bring me to were I am today without the work of the Lord I would not be here on Earth rejoycing in his love and mercy and Grace, because of Jesus I have been given a complete second chance with life, starting over completely. Seven years ago I gave my five year old daughter to her father in Ohio, it was my worst fear giving up your child. and my greatest achievement,I also gave my other daughter’s to my parents, Aubrey and Janey are also my greatest achievements. as they have grown into women my fears became stronger,then I asked the Lord to send me a godly man Michael,the Lord did just that. I wanted a man that wasn’t affraid to tell me the truth about myself. It’s taken four and half year’s for me to believe in myself Jesus and HEVEN.i gave it all away and am now receiving my life back.the selfless acts from giving away my children,my selfish ways turning from The Lord’s love and blessings, that I didn’t know what my goals were nor who I was.everything I didn’t do and did that I thought were failures has brought me to my knees.i know now that I had to loose it all to be able to receive it all back from God’s hands.my daughter Emma is being given back to me by Jesus because I believed I was good enough to be her mom because I believe Christ died for my sins my husband Michael is being given back because of the overwhelming joy I now have for the Lord. I will forever be in debt to God for bringing me to were I am today.jesus I thank you for bringing me back to you and into ministry.and thank you for your prayers.in JESUS name AMEN.

  505. I would love to read this book. Fear sometimes paralyzes me. It is so dangerous. But I know God did not give me the spirit of fear but of power and love and a sound mind!

  506. Dennis Arnold says:

    This devotion was written for me, I have been gripped with fear on my job. I left my old job of 20 yrs and God in a miraculous way opened the door to another job that I have experienced favor that could only come from God. I suppose one might ask then ” what’s the problem”. I am gripped almost paralyzed with fear on this job, fear that I will fail, fear that l will not be good enough. In this fear though something good has happened, it has caused me to draw close to God, cry out to him and memorize scripture that I can speak in times of fear. Thank you so much for these words of comfort.

  507. Mary Ann Larkin says:

    Great post! Powerful reminder to turn to Christ when fear enters our thoughts.

  508. Angela Garcia says:

    Fear is a battle. I am currently seeking a new job. I struggle with am I qualified to do what a future employer will ask of me? Jesus says yes, He has already equipped me for my future for He has my future already planned. This is where I need to keep my eyes on His plan and nothing else.

  509. Maribel McNutt says:

    This is a very appropriate devotional for me today.Thank you for sharing.

  510. Melissa Derksen says:

    This book would be of such help to me at this particular time! Praise God for gifting people to write in ways that bless others so deeply.

  511. Fear and anxiety are my worst enemies! I have struggled with them most of my life. Even when things are going good I still have fear. I know we were not created to fear. This devotion has really struck a chord with me. I need to look to my saviour more often because he is the only one that holds the key to unlocking this fear and anxiety and letting go. Even if I don’t win the book, I am going to purchase it!

  512. Joanna Kearns says:


  513. Michelle Robertson says:

    Amen for this devotional, fear has been my constant companion lately.

  514. Deb stokka says:

    Thank you for this devotion
    The prayer brought me to tears
    I will be saving it to repeat over and over ..

  515. Would love to read this book!!

  516. Marinette says:

    This was a great devotional. I needed to this reminder. I have been adopted as a daughter!

  517. Ashley Merkel says:

    This book sounds very interesting. We can all learn from Lydia’s experiences and offer all aspects of our life to the Lord. If she wasn’t afraid to share her love of the Lord in those dangerous days then why can’t we freely share ours in today’s situations.

    May God Bless you and keep you safe,

  518. This was the perfect devotion for me this morning! For the past several days I have journaled and prayed about fear and insecurity. Thanks to God for sending this assurance !

  519. Samantha says:

    Fear is my biggest obstacle. Anxiety and worry my most prevalent sin. I have to remember that God is with me, and to take the day one minute at a time. The Holy Spirit has spoken to me thru this that I need to confront my fears head on and find scripture related to it. Thank you for sharing!

  520. Fear is crippling

  521. Carrie Schmidt says:

    Thank you so much for this reading today. I needed to read this and be reminded once again that my Lord and Savior is with me and because of that I do not need to fear.
    God bless

  522. Sharon Barr says:

    I am in the process of learning to trust God in all my fears. I am being changed from glory to glory. I am ever thankful for God’s faithfulness. This devotion was so timely. As a new nurse I can get so stressed out by all the demands of the job and fear of failure. Thank you for the encouragement.

  523. Joanne Ellis says:

    Looking forward to a chance to read this!

  524. I would love a copy of this book. Fear has always been my worst issue and gets in the way of my trust in Jesus.

  525. This really hits home for me today as I’ve been struggling so with anxiety. The cross casting a shadow on the parts of my life that cause me anxiety is a beautiful and peaceful image. Thank you for sharing your words! <3

  526. Alma M Morrow says:

    Have a blessed day! I thank God I can be thankful in all circumstances.

  527. Cindy Bishop says:

    ‘Perfect Love casts out fear’…’and the peace that passes all understanding will guide your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus’. So beautiful! Thank you!

  528. Brenda Arthur says:

    This message encouraged and challenged me today in my struggle against anxiety and fear over things I have little control over.
    Christ’s work is finished. It is enough.

  529. Thank you for the message, could not have been more appropriate as I just lived that night!

  530. Judy Wickum says:

    Fear has kept me doing a job that is very stressful. Fear of no medical or costly insurance keeps me there. At the age of 63, I am afraid to resign and search for something different. Living in a small town limits the possibilities.

  531. I enjoy the proverb 31 messages very much. THey speak to my heart daily, thank you for your devotion to God and His word.

  532. Caroline says:

    There was so much about this devotion that spoke to me today. Fear has been attacking me in many different shapes and sizes lately, and I have been struggling with carrying what feels like the weight of the world. I’m so grateful for the reminder that Jesus will keep us safe, no matter what the enemy sends our way. Thank you!!

  533. Charu Rao says:

    A wonderful reminder of God’s promises that will never fail. We all fear different things. What a great reassurance that no matter what fears we face, God is with us and ‘No thing’ will ever separate us from His love. Which means, everything that touches us will first have to pass through Him and through the filter of His love to get to us. If His love allows something it can only be for our growth, to be shaped into His Son’s likeness.

  534. This post resonated with me as fear and anxiety overshadow my days

  535. thank you

  536. Love her books!

  537. Debbie Yan says:

    Awesome advice!! Fear has tried to defeat me and the Lord God lifted me from it.

  538. Thank you for this devotion. I have drank it in and feel refreshed in the Truth. Thank you

  539. Wow sounds amazing!

  540. When I read the devotional about fear by Tessa Afshar it was palpable to me. Fear has been an oppressor for as long as I can remember in my life. The verse in Isaiah 54 is going to be one I memorize and carry in my heart. Thank you Tessa for your insight! I would be tremendously blessed to read your new book!

  541. Great and timely encouragement! Thanks.

  542. Thank you for this post! It came at the perfect time, as I am facing many fears about my career this morning (all week actually). I am going to try to rest in His finished work, and knowing that He is over every situation. Thank you for the reminder that nothing can separate us from them love of Christ.

    Thank you and God Bless!

  543. Michelle says:

    Self centered fear can overcome me more than I like to admit . But it is always faith and a restful soul that conquers my fear ! Thank you Jesus that we can cast our cares upon you and find rest ! Obsessive thoughts of fear leads me to oppression thank God you have overcome !

  544. Thank you for the devotion. What a great reminder.

  545. Vicky Nordeen says:

    This message was so needed this morning. Last night I had my own episode with fear…and it seemed like the rest of my world stopped. I wanted to be unbound by those chains, but it seemed my mind was stuck on this fear (issues and concerns with my job). Luckily, I decided to put my phone down and focus on my kids. I took them to the library for storytelling night, and I was able to switch gears. I was attracted to the beauty of these little innocent children who were all sitting in their cute, comfy pajamas all engaged to the storyteller. There is so much more to this world than that one black dot on a white page. It is no fun feeling engulfed by that fear. It’s amazing how powerful fear can be, but I have to learn to choose to not be oppressed by fear. Give it to God and trust in HIM.

  546. I overcome my paralizing fear everyday through humbling myself to God, to surrender to his will not mine. “Let go and let God.”

  547. Patricia Jaracz says:

    Fear has been defeated, yet I am sometimes afraid of events, the future. I will remind myself that God has not given me a spirit if fear, but of power, love and a sound mind!

  548. One of the best devotionals I have read on fear in years. One of the best devotionals PERIOD. Truly insightful and obviously God inspired wisdom from this woman. Much needed & appreciated!

  549. Stacey Cochran says:

    Beautiful words that I needed to hear today! I love Tessa’s books. She paints a great picture with powerful truths.

  550. erica reid says:

    This is the first time I have read something by Tessa. Wow, it was very moving and I loved the writing style. I felt a strong reminder about the power of God, that I often forget in these deeply stressful times. Heading into a new season of my life, with my last son going away to college, the costs of college, and the fear of my “new normal” at home without my children is scaring me. I printed this devotion today and hung it in my cubicle by my desk. I think this will help carry me through. I would love to read more devotions or books written by Tessa.
    Thank you for blessing me today.

  551. Cristy Carnes says:

    Fear is a huge obstacle of mine. I will choose to do something and get a few weeks into it and fear hits hard. Did I make the right choice? Will this work? I know if I leave it in God’s hands it will all work out!

  552. Psalm 23

  553. I would love to read your novel on Lydia. Thank you Tessa

  554. Myra Rasmussen says:

    Thank you for reminding me that God did not give me a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind!

  555. thank you for this devotional this morning. i am going though a season of fear, due to unemployment. God has been providing beautifully, yet I still struggle with fear. In His powerful name, fear is no more!

  556. Earlene Harvey says:

    Oh what a Word! A timely word that I needed to hear! Fear rears its ugly head early in the morning and the love of my Savior is there to meet it! Thank You, Jesus!

  557. I have been crippled by anxiety and fear for as long as I can remember. However, I know in my heart that I would not have the relationship I do with the Lord if it wasn’t for these fears and anxieties. They have drawn me closer to Him and for that, I am grateful! The Lord has been showing me some amazing things in the face of my fears lately and I have no doubt that this devotional was all apart of his divine plan. I would love to read more into this book!

  558. Doris Snider says:

    I have the misery of fear upon me. All the things you mentioned, anxiety, fear of failure, the issue of being proficient on the job and also depression. I have been praying daily about this fear that incorporates everything of my daily living. I need a reprieve. I’ve kept your article and would love the book to get me through.
    Thank you for you help.

  559. Lois Hunt says:

    I love this author and would love to have a copy of this book. I battle with fear often and have for many years. I have been caretaker for my mom and dad. My dad died in 2008 after a long illness due to Parkinsons. Around that time my mother was showing symptoms of dementia from Alhiemers. She is still alive. This is very tough but God keeps me going but sometimes I get weary.

  560. Ruth Hahn says:

    Thank you for the wonderful devotionals. I am trying to win that book “Bread of Angels”.

  561. Fear has always been a struggle in my life, even when I was very young. “Cast all your fears on Jesus for He cares for you.” 1Peter 5:7 has been my constant reminder to give it to Jesus. Also, Psalm 139 helps to put my life in perspective and realize how great God is.

  562. How fitting. I was up until 2am this morning mulling over some fears. Thank you for helping me identify that and now I know how to deal with them.

  563. I am so grateful for this message today! It’s as if God knew I needed to hear it! I’m at my hair appointment and was just telling my stylist about my fear of going back to work after being a stay at home Mom for many years. I’m so afraid of not being good enough. I want to get this book to find out how to let go of my insecurities, and move forward:)

  564. Diane Runyon says:

    This is soooo me. A lot of my emotions I have had lately, anger, frustration, depression stem from the root of fear of the unknown. I like everything laid out ahead of time so I can see what’s coming, but life isn’t that simple. Thank you for your devotional and I would LOVE to get that book as I love reading historical fiction.

  565. Thank you for this post. I’m a widow, with children and recently lost my job. I’ve been allowing fear to overcome me lately. I am encouraged by what you wrote and am learning to trust God to supply all the needs of my family and not give in to my fears.

  566. Syndee S Griego says:

    Would love to read Bread of Angels. I am trying to overcome anxiety over sons medical issues.
    God Bless!

  567. I have been feeling this fear and am working my way out of the fear with Christ! I got so low after major back surgery…the unknown of healing and returning to work or asking for disability…all the unknowns make us fearful, but when we remember how much God loves and cares for us, we can find peace. I’m working on finding my way back! Blessings to all who fear and need to find their way.

  568. Cori Gershon says:

    My partner and I were together nearly 25 years. On February 24, 2017, she moved out. I’m basically doing okay.
    I have some support from the people at my church; but, I don’t think our bonds are strong enough to withstand a phone call from me at 3:00 in the morning. That’s about when the fear hits. I don’t remember the last time I slept
    through the night. I have a lot of fears…starting with how can I survive alone. Yet, I didn’t realize until I read the words in these blog pages that’s been fear that gives me the feeling that I’m being choked and I lost my chance to be…whatever God has planned for me. To add to this, I’ll turn 65 in September — I feel to old, in body and spirit, to start again. I guess, I don’t know God well enough to trust Him. But, my soul yearns to turn things over to Him.

  569. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for your most beautiful word on fear it is so encouraging to hear that I am not alone. The book bread of Angels sounds amazing!! Thank you and God bless Proverbs 31 Ministry you are a great blessing to me. Xx

  570. Thank you, this was a devotion that spoke to everything I’ve been going through. “It is finished”

  571. Kendra Rauner says:

    I battle with fear quite often, in fact, probably everyday. I’m so happy this email popped up today, because I know it was God’s work. I needed to hear this today, and God knew that.

  572. Amy Bryan says:

    Loved the analogies she used. Would love to read her book.

  573. Oh the ugly face of fear, how it can cripple. In reality it is a satanic attack.Recently I have been learning to immediately denounce Satan.Dr.Charles Stanley from In Touch Ministry (radio teacher) had a series the past week on this very subject how not to debate with the devil at any time but to immediately denounce him with the word of God & he will flee. This of course has to be done over & over again.

  574. Venus Harris says:

    I relinquish my fear but relying on God’s promises to me from His Word. I have to know His word , study His word and believe in faith His word. I have to pray and trust God in my times of fear

  575. Sandy K. says:

    God gives us the manna we need each morning to get us thru that day only. Each day He provides for us. I must remember to trust God with my daily needs and not to allow fear to put up a wall between our Lord and myself. God always gives us what we need when we need it. God has saved my life in more than one way previously and I am forever thankful to my Lord and Savior.

  576. Debbie Myhre says:

    What a beautiful devotion today. Fear is such a powerful force. It amazes me how it so quickly can invade my space and I see nothing else when I know in my heart that God is so much bigger. That recently happened to me but this time I was able to see God more quickly.

  577. This message was not only timely, but appropriate for this part of my life. I am without a job once again, & trusting God for His provision.

  578. Carole Jordan says:

    I have been overwhelmed with the volume of work I am expected to complete in a 40 hour work week. Have been lying about my hours by not entering more than 40 per week bout actually working an average of 55 per week. Told my boss last Monday and he still expects the job to be accomplished in 40. Went to Human Resources and I fear retaliation. Am learning to give it all to God and TRUST him with the outcome.

  579. I am in this process now in my life. Learning to overcome fear and trust in God’s provision. One day at a time. Step by step. I normally do not read stories like this but would love to check it out.

  580. Oh I would love to read this. Interesting as our coffee break group at church is called Lydia’s and is have often looked up her story. 😄

  581. Karen Greene says:

    Good Morning
    Thank you for this devo this morning. I was just thinking and pondering my finances and other unfinished work in my home and a bit of fear and discouragement started to creep in.
    In another devo I read this morning, this statement resonated with me.
    “Faith homors God and God honors faith”
    So with that, Faith should dispel my fear.

  582. Thank you.

  583. This was a devotion that speaks to me for sure. I have a net working business that I’ve been in for 5 years. While I make some money from it, it’s not at the level I really want it to be. I want to be able to quit my day job, to give back in big ways, to give this ‘gift’ to others. But, I haven’t been able to do this really…because of my fears. I hate fear yet it seems to engulf me. I can’t seem to shake it. I know Jesus is there for me but, like you said, I see fear’s face more then I see Jesus’ face. I see this opportunity for others so well but, I can’t seem to see it for myself. I pray that will change.

  584. Fear grips my heart all to often. All the fears that were mentioned in your morning devotional, are all too familiar to me the last 10 months, since my husband went to be with Jesus after a long battle with cancer. Thank you for the comfort of your reminder that Jesus has already prepared that way for me. That reason for worries are already covered and taken care of. My part is to just wait and watch Him work. I must admit, sometimes that. Is easier said then done.

  585. Leisa Campbell says:

    Just prayed that my fear would be removed from me today on way into work and WHOAH I read this opening my emails!
    I have been divorced for 2 years and starting over with life at 47 yr. old is so so so very scary. But, God has proven faithful and provided everything I have needed.
    So, starting on a new journey for myself I have been attending real estate class in the evening after work for the past week and 1/2 and I have been so fearful!! I take my first local test tomorrow and I am so very scared of that test!! But, this message is my reminder to not be fearful because my LORD is with me to conquer! WOOHOOO!
    Blessings to all,

  586. Jen in TX says:

    Would love to read another of Tessa’s books. She is such a talented writer.

  587. Kimberlee Solorzano says:

    Amen! I thank the Lord for sending me your words. I have been gripped by fear for a while now a change in ny life occured which led me to get anxiety attacks (what im constantly in fear or getting) and this was just what I needed to help me start my day. Thank you and God bless <3

  588. Cara Leverette says:

    I would love to have this book! I’m a teacher enjoying my summer, in search of a good book.:)

  589. Needed today…

  590. Cara Leverette says:

    Thank you for the beautiful devotion this morning. God is an on time God. I would love to have this book! I’m a teacher enjoying my summer, in search of a good book.:)

  591. Karen Prather says:

    By praying unceasingly

  592. Thank you. My lifelong enemy … fear. Continual battle

  593. I would love to win a copy because I have been struggling with fear. My husband and I have retired a few years before full retirement age and have needed to draw our social security early. We have health issues that made this necessary but praise God we are not disabled. The fear of living on our current income compared to what we had been earning causes stress and fear. I know that God will see us through this but there are times that the “sword” stares us in the face and the fear returns.

  594. Jennifer Ziegler says:

    Thank you for this timely message! It felt like a HUGE hug of reassurance sent straight from heaven….especially today when our Congressmen experienced a brutal attack on the baseball field in Virginia.

  595. I would love to win this book to read. My fear was overcome when I felt God revealed to me through Scripture that I needed to know Him better. I read God’s Word intentionally to discover who He is, His names, His character, His attributes. Instead of focusing on me and my problems that I wanted Him to fix and my fears, I focused on Him for that particular season as I obeyed what He asked me to do. I truly was overwhelmed by Him, His goodness, His love, His power over doubt and fear, His grace and mercy, His faithfulness, His trustworthiness to keep His promises. I truly learned to look at Him instead of my fears. I have continued this practice through the years. From reading this devotional I believe Tessa truly knows Her God well also and I would love to read her book on Lydia, a woman God chose to have us remember and learn from since He honored her by including her in His beautiful Word.

  596. I would be very excited to win. Blessings 🙂

  597. Martha T Carpenter says:

    I am going through “a new chapter” in my life and am filled with fears. Never having been in this position before, I get reminded often (by Satan) that I will fail. I KNOW the truths of God’s word. He has never failed me.
    Your words today are a great reminder of the promises God has given me. Thank you, dear sister, for sharing your words.

  598. Geneva Anderson says:

    I would love to win this book as I have battled fear most of my life. I am a Christian, but I still let fear overcome me at times. This is an area that I need to grow in.

  599. Tammy Henderson says:

    Trusting in Romans 8:28 and Him.

  600. Debbie G says:

    I struggle with the fear of the unknown and have a hard time even committing, let alone with following through what God has called me to. I love the reminder in Rom. 8:15 “For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship.”

  601. Laura Kinard says:

    This devotion was so timely to me this morning. I get so fearful with my job—even as insignificant as it is yet it pays the bills and provides health care for my family. There are people who seem to hold sway over whether I keep this job or not. Thank you for the reminder that God is faithful and cares for us.

  602. Thank you so much for this devotional. I am struggling with these very issues, having recently lost my job, and struggling with depression and anxiety. I truly believe that I am under spiritual attack. Would appreciate your prayers.

  603. Jean Dahduh says:

    I desperately need to get rid of fear once and for all. I am 78 years old and am having a frightful time. Thank you for offering the chance to win the book.

  604. Tiffany Fortenberry says:

    I think fear is one of the biggest things many people face. I know I myself struggle with fear sometimes as well. I find that it is easier for me to overcome when I am in the word of God and when I am close to Him. However, I can relate that if we allow our minds to entertain the feeling of fear in the slightest, Satan comes in like a lion ready to prowl all over us and overcome our minds with fear. I have found that being in Gods word and knowing his word has helped me to overcome this sense of fear. I hope the same for others who may also struggle with fear.

  605. Christie Grizzle says:

    Would love to explore more ways to rid of my fears in life! Your book sounds amazing!

  606. Just a few minutes before reading your post, I was dealing with a fear I have been facing for 10 years. I have been listening to the “voice of fear” for way too long. I want to be like Jesus and honor Him in everything I do but keep shying away from being bold in the workplace. I am praying to “hear God’s voice more clearly” and be bold no matter what. Thank you for your timely message…the Holy Spirit spoke to me through you.

  607. Victoria G. says:

    Today’s reading and lesson fits in so many ways in my life…..and I hear the lesson loud and clear…. lately I have discovered how hard I try to meet the needs of others….in fear that I will let them down….or be rejected….’the sword’….comes in so many forms of fear…..and truly can paralyze…..even at my age of 64….I am reminded and invited through lifes lessons…to “walk with Jesus” and He will calm me and bring peace upon my heart removing the sword of fear….

  608. Martha Hernandez says:

    Standing against fear by abiding in Him -fixing my eyes on Him. Speaking the truth -His word . Trusting in Him -that he performs His word in me.

  609. Ashlee Cofer says:

    Would love this!

  610. You never know what path life will take you. My son at the age of 21 was diagnosed with a mental illness. Although I have dealt with this change in our lives alone I become lost; tired and lonely but I refuse to see my son fail. I know that God sees and knows when to pick me up, HE has never failed me. He is my rock and strength. I know at times my son feels fear that the world is against him and Satan tugging away at him I would love to share this book with my son and fill him with all the positive words of the Lord our GOD:)) God Bless

  611. Megan L. says:

    Thank you for this devotional. I have been having a hard time lately, wondering if I’m doing enough in serving God, worrying that I’m not following Him like I think I am. Like you I too often see the face of all my emotions instead of the face of Jesus. I need to focus in on Him and stop focusing on my problems.

  612. Such a great reminder, fear is so immobilizing, it prevents us from being productive. It also takes so many forms, we can fear so much, especially the way the world is today. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus and rest in him and not be consumed by that fear.

  613. I am sitting here in the Nursing Home watching my middle aged husband loose his battle w Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

  614. Angela Williams says:

    Thank you for this message. I have allowed fear and anxiety to rob me of peace and joy. I know this is not God’s plan for me. He sent Jesus to give us abundant life. I just have to walk in it.

  615. So timely as I adjust to being a new adoptive mom…thank you

  616. Wow I really needed this today! I am in the middle of moving, leaving my job, and trying to find another. The fear of financial insufficiency is a big one!! But I need to give all the fear to Jesus and focus on His will for my life. He has plans bigger and better than I could ever imagine!

  617. Tracy Turner says:

    I have been battling with fear this week so this came at just the right time. I have lost many people dear to me, mum, dad, aunts and uncles, grandparents and sometimes my heart feels like it is actually bleeding. Last year I lost my beloved side kick, my dog. Today my new puppy went in to be neutered, a fairly minor, everyday op for the vets but it left me anxious and panic stricken that I would lose him too. I agonised for weeks about going ahead but today chose to entrust him to God. I picked him up this afternoon and he has slept most of the afternoon but praise God he is still here.

  618. enjoyed the message today. I would love to read this and pass it on to someone else in need of encouragement.

  619. Marsha Sanders says:

    Thank you for this devotion. It’s exactly what I needed today!

  620. sofia rosa says:

    Fear is a thing i have a battle with in my life.

  621. Linda Bowling says:

    Fear is my enemy. Fear of rejection & not being “good enough”. Fear of being left out. Lydia’s story sounds like a good read😊. Thank you for this day’s devotion

  622. The word fear has come into my mind a lot the past 5months. (the school I worked at closed and now I am looking for work) Thank you for your insight. God didnt give us a spirit of fear. God is truly bigger than anything we may be going through.

  623. Definetly need to read this today. I’ve been living in a place of fear lately instead of trusting in God fully about a stressful situation. It’s so hard when nothing seems to go like it should, especially your marriage. So praying today and meditating on his word.

  624. VIckie Miles says:

    Fear……comes into my heart on a daily basis…have I done enough? am I good enough? Will my life count for anything? this reading hit me in the heart this morning….I am enough in God’s eyes and he is all that matters!!

  625. Thank you! That was exactly the message I needed to hear today.

  626. Marielle Guynup says:

    Thank you ladies for all of your hard work. I love getting these devotionals in my inbox – they encourage me so much.

  627. I would really be interested in reading this book

  628. Janet L. says:

    Really needed this reminder today. Just had a disappointing job interview. Started to doubt at first, but then tried to remind myself it must not be in God’s plans for me.

  629. Tessa that was beautiful- such a great reminder that He has already accomplished everything & to lean into Him when fear rushes in & prior (to be pre-pared in advance with His spirit covering us). Like the song-prepare ye the way of the Lord. Thought stuff “tries” to sneak in & rob us… but He has already finished overcoming for us. <3 Lord please help us to receive you fully & to let your light & spirit be a lamp for us always. Thank you!

  630. thank you for my bank account have placed in God’s hands but it is so hard at times just to that someday some month is goes in overdraft account but those thing I need or buy are paid by God’s plan thank for this email today it is God ‘s way tell just to trust him and no worry you are covered .

  631. Joyce Jamieson says:

    The older I get, the more I realize how fear has woven its ugly tendrils through the many parts of my life. Thank you for reminding me that God is not the author of fear and that He is always with me. I need to rest in Him and not look to the world.

  632. Lisa Davis says:

    I received a cancer diagnosis Dec 2015. Talk about fear!! Fear was that sword in my face!
    I prayed… hard! I kept hearing God’s voice in my ear “Give me your fear, I’ve got this”. I am now cancer free. NO FEAR!

  633. i don’t know this story and would love to win a copy of this book.

  634. Grace Jimenez says:

    Thank for being a blessing in my my life. God is the same in the good times and on the bad times… He’s love for us never ceases due to our failures, struggles, and broken lifes. Father knows best!

  635. Melissa Conaway says:

    Would love a copy of your book!
    God Bless

  636. Sheila Hoffman says:

    Fear is something new to me, just today. I raise my eyes up to the Lord and ask Him for his protection and watch over me and fill my heart with Him. Always amazes me how when I am going through things God always directs me to guidance of Peace. He says to totally believe in Him and He will provide.

  637. Kimberly says:

    I once had a wise counselor tell me all of our emotions and actions are motivated by one or the other….Love or Fear! Oh how I hate when my responses to life are motivated by Fear instead of Love! I would love this book to help me overcome!

  638. Thank you for this devotion and exposing the many ways fear over shadows/infiltrates our lives. It brought to light how fear has touched my life. I will keep close to me the words of Jesus, “It is finished”. My journey of trust continues to grow.

  639. I’d love to win this book, reading my bible daily.

  640. Fear, worry, anxiety… this is something I pray to overcome. Would love to read your book!

  641. Janice Alston says:

    Living in Fear, well first of all I think I was living in fear, but with prayer, faith, and to believe is my key to help me conquer fear. Not,to say I have completely over came fear, but prayer helps.


  642. I overcome fear by trusting in My Savior and focusing on scripture that tells about overcoming fear. All I can say is TRUST our amazing GOD even through the hard times.

  643. Krystin Barnard says:

    Hello, I just have to comment, I rarely do. I appreciate your sentiment, but please be careful in your choice of analogies, some of us have seen the feeling on a person’s face that you describe at the end of the Roman sword. Some of us are combat veterans and have been on the haft end of that sword, others of us are emergency workers who have watched the life fading from human eyes, they are as you describe, they know they are dying and it is clear that they realize the folly of so many aspects of this world and everything they always worried about no longer matters, they are truly alone aside from the love of God and they know it. Your initial description of soldiers brought me right back to those incidents, then you went on to equate that kind of death to some menial task to do with work or something, I honestly couldn’t read on. Again, I appreciate what you are trying to convey and it started out with potential to be very touching, but it ended up coming across somewhat immature or lacking experience.

  644. Carolyn R says:

    Thank you, Tessa, for your devotional. Fear of so many different things is such an effective tool of the evil one. Fear appears so very real while we fail to remember God’s power and love to drive out fear leaving strength and security in its place. Thank you for this timely reminder! Blessings to you and I can’t wait to read your newest book.

  645. Thank you for your honesty about fear. Fear of being judged as weak for having fear, keeps many from facing that fear with confidence that Jesus is with them.

  646. My Lord Jesus has continually Helped me with fear for all my years ! I would love to read your book!

  647. I want to overcome fear I look forward to reading your book!

  648. martie winston says:

    Faith overcomes fear.
    When fear strikes I pray harder to remind myself God is in charge.

  649. Rebecca A says:

    Timely and spoke to my heart. Thank you-

  650. Janet Guyer says:

    I can’t wait to read the book!

  651. Tammy Trietch says:

    Fear has caused me to miss out on so much and to stay in bad (for me) situations. I’m tired of being afraid and want the joyous life God intended for me.

  652. Danielle currey says:

    Thank you for this reminder. I am no longer a slave of fear but I am a child of God. Praise the lord. Would love a copy of this book. Thanks for offering

  653. Jamie Epperson says:

    Needed this today. In this moment. Need to learn to trust his provision more than ever.

  654. Taylor Smith says:

    This devotion is exactly what I’ve been studying in Romans. THANK YOU!

  655. Lori Wilson says:

    Nearly a yr ago now, I was diagnosed with cancer, I have been in treatment since then. My condition or treatment are in no way obvious to others. New meds have come along way from the pale, weight loss and no hair. Most people I know have no idea. they also have no idea the fear that eats at you every second of every day. I was never very Christ like till this happened and some ladies I work with took me in to their hearts and introduced me to a new church and way of thinking. I have been very blessed up to this point and hope to continue this journey with Christ in my heart and watching over me and keeping my fears at bay

  656. Jacqueline Gajos says:

    Fear hurts my relationship with God. Shows me just how human I am. May the Lord give me a strength and courage that helps me live for Him!

  657. “My work will finish and be completed according to the will of the One who called me to do it. It will be fulfilled through His strength and counsel” Those words touched my heart to the core! God is slowly and surely removing the grip that a lifetime of fear has had on me. He is showing me to look only to Him, and HE will take care of it all. Thank you so much! I believe I will love your book!

  658. Latoya Wiseman says:

    Thanks for the devotional for today

  659. Thank you for the encouragement when facing my fears!

  660. Karen Martin says:

    This would be an awesome gift for my daughter, aged 30, who is living back at home in bondage to panic disorder,
    anxiety, depression & self harm. Praying for her freedom & to return to her 1st love/Jesus & TRUST completely in HIM!

  661. Yvette Smith says:

    I Love how our Lord & Savior provides for us!! When we think we’ve lost our way or we are at the end of our rope, He is ALWAYS there to offer a reminder of who He is & who we are in Him! Thank you for this reminder today, I REALLY needed to hear this!!!!

  662. Kathy Curtis says:

    I am thankful for Jesus and His love for me. We are your people, called by your name. You paid the debt for our sins Lord, so that fear would not control us. The enemy is working overtime and Satan has came to destroy. Father God may we keep our focus on you and not allow his attacks upon our life, our home, our laboring, and your Holy Temple. May we always return to your word and put on the Armour of God that you are providing over our life. May we always see you in all of our walking ways that you may be praised and honored as the Lord of Lord. In Jesus name, amen🙏🙏

  663. This devotion speaks to what has been a lifelong struggle for me. I would love to read the novel!

  664. Jessie Davis says:

    I sometimes struggle with fear of man, in the Bible it says not to, that if I just pray unto the Lord Jesus Christ he will provide, he will always be by our side, never leaving us in the midst of fear. I sometimes have to stop worrying so much and just try to instead pray about my worries. Pray more, worry less. So I would love to read your book!

  665. Lonni Briles says:

    This email really hit home with me today, as I have recently stopped taking a medication for anxiety because I was experience auditory hallucinations. Since then I have been struggling with crippling fear of not being enough and losing my mind. I know that God told us 365 times in His word to not fear, but I am overwhelmed by that nasty giant. Your prayers are greatly needed, and I would love to have that book, which I will pass on after I have read to those I know who also struggle with this terrible affliction.

  666. Angela Dill says:

    I think I need this book.

  667. Dina Gibson says:

    This was a meaty lesson which spoke to me intellectually as well as to my emotions. Thank you! I hope Proverbs 31 will share lots of your posts!

  668. Barbara Holmes says:

    I, too, am surrounded by fear. All resources to help will be appreciated.

  669. Robin Blair says:

    Prayer, faith, and to believe is my key to help me conquer fear. Not,to say I have completely over came fear, but prayer helps.

  670. Larissa Sharp says:

    This sounds like an amazing book that I could totally use in my life!

  671. Tammie Moore says:

    I really needed this today! I having been facing a lot of financial fears and struggling with complete trust and faith in God. Thank you!

  672. Anna Kimbrough says:

    I have struggle with fear and so overwhelmed with the fear and struggle of my sickness day by day.The struggle of paying the doctor bills, and doctor that surround with this sickness is a lot to bare even though I know that God will put know more on you then you can bear fear this hunt you through the temptation of the devil evil words that run through your brain, and the struggle of paying your other bills, and being able to buy food is such a hardship because the doctor bills, and all the appointment exhaust all your benefits, and leave you with fear of how your going to survive paying other bills, and buying food to eat, this book speak of one of my enemies that I try not to let conqueror.

  673. Grace Crapitto says:

    Sounds like a fabulous book to read! I would love to learn to put all faith in our God and leave all fears behind. Great book to pass on to others also!

  674. Conincidentally, or more exactly, by God’s providential hand, today is in a fact a fearsome day. My teen son is raging in a fit of anger and rebellion; my husband is angry and feels helpless that my son is throwing what appears to be his future away, and he shuts me out to prevent his own implosion. I fear the anger, the hostility, the helplessness, the consequences, the hopelessness, the judgement of men, the isolation the ugliness brings. But God is near. He is a good a gracious God who is trustworthy to bring about His word and works even this for my good and his glory. I can rest in the shadow of His wing. I can trust Him, who is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond what I can ask or imagine, to whisper His words of love, and draw us to Himself. How great Thou art!

  675. Kay Mills says:

    Fear grips me a lot. Soon I will be serving in a ministry that is totally out of my comfort zone. Because of the fear of failure, I know it will compel me to lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus. I would like to read your book. Your devotion was powerful.

  676. I have nor been attacked for a long time with fear until last 3 months. .I got my focus on the situation instead of on the Lord to the point I was getting terrible pain behind my head every time I thought about it..but in his mercy is helping me as I’m crying out for deliverance and peace back..repenting seeking meditating on promises of God..Rosilyn

  677. Thank you for sharing such powerful truths!

  678. Kari O McCartney says:

    This devotion is perfect for me today. Fear of not being enough and then being criticized for it– in my job, in my marriage, in my parenting — has a grip on me. I turn to God for knowledge of His will for me, but I constantly struggle to know the difference between doing my footwork and trying to steer the outcome to my will. I try to remember that God already knows how all of this will turn out, so I cannot surprise Him to where He says, “Wow, I didn’t see that coming.” My friend tells me to pray that I know that I have everything I need in every moment and all is just as it should be, and maybe everything is all right as it is. Remembering that in the face of fear, and in the face of my oppressors who are bent on spreading fear, is hard.

  679. In much prayer last night over my fears, woke up to read my devotion to find this gem, thank you……

  680. Cari Price says:

    As a family emergency flew into a personal horror, I found myself waking up in fear & isolation. Prayer and God’s love and comfort kept me moving forward. His peace and grace allows restful sleep to return as I continue to trust this situation to him fully. He alone has control and I am assured his answers to this situation will be more than what I could hope for. God reigns always.

  681. As always seems to be the case, our Lord reaches out to me in various ways with exactly what I need to hear, at exactly the correct moment. Fear… such a humbling emotion to admit. How can a “self reliant”, “successful” career girl admit to fear over a lost job, lost income, and lost face! How can I, of all people, be facing this? Well – I am here Lord. Right where you want me. I will not be afraid because you have promised you are with me. Thank you for the reminder Tessa!

  682. Beautiful devotion! I pray fiercely to trust, with thanksgiving, in God’s provisions!

  683. Freida Robertson says:

    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement and direction in overcoming fear..

  684. Maggie Mayne says:

    Dear, Lord, Thank you for your goodness and constant availability. Help us to remember that when fear’s ugly face is all we can see, that is the time to become more like you. Let us allow You to use fear to conform us into Your image. Than you, Jesus, Amen.

  685. I’m only beginning to understand about fear not being in my life!! I have a long way to go but I am working on it. With God’s help I will get stronger each day at leaving fear behind me!!

  686. Esther Reina says:

    Taking on the giant of fear. Knowing God is bigger.

  687. Thank you! I really needed this today

  688. Allen Davis says:

    My comment is very humble and Simple
    Fear is completely opposite of Faith
    Even when the two words are Caplized with the letter (F)

  689. Maureen says:

    This is a most welcomed, much needed and timely reminder that His perfect love does indeed cast out fear. Thank you.

  690. Thank you, Tessa! Your words soothed my anxious soul today. I needed a reminder that Jesus has covered all my unfinished tasks. He loves me through all my insecurities and self-doubt that rain down upon me in the midst of never being finished with a mountain of mom tasks. Further, He relishes the chance to use those same insecurities and self-doubts to draw me nearer to Him.

  691. Sheila Boender says:

    Looking to persevere of letting go the bondage of fear and ltruly live and prosper in all the provisions I truly ever need from my salvation in Jesus Christ

  692. Thank you so much! From God’s lips to my ears. A timely word well spoken.

  693. Jessica Royal says:

    So timely and much needed. Thank you for sharing. I would love to read your book.

  694. I really, really needed this devotion today. Oddly enough, I woke up late and had to rush out the door, telling myself that I would end my day with a devotional, unwind from my day with my Savior, instead of beginning my day with him. I’m not sure why, but as I sat at my work desk this morning, all I could think about was that I needed a devotional to get me through the day until I can get to my own devotional bible. I’ve done bible studies with Proverbs 31 in the past so when the link showed up for this one, I didn’t hesitate. Now I’m on my lunch break, holding back tears and feeling shame for fearing anything. I tell myself, every day, that God has never forsaken me and doesn’t intend to start now. We’ve been struggling to find a financial solution this fall, as we’re expecting our first child and we just found out the gender yesterday. It makes it so much more real that our child has a name now. I work 2 part-time jobs so I will not get paid leave from either, though one boss did tell me I could bring the baby to work if I wanted a few hours a week. This looming fear of financial stability doesn’t seem to ever want to leave me alone, even though there have been countless times in the past that God has reached out to let me know, “I’ve got you. I’m going to take care of all three of you.” Maybe it’s just the human in me but to see Jesus’s final words…it struck a chord with me. I really, truly have nothing to fear. God gave us the greatest gift of love and I know, and remind myself and my husband constantly, that we would not be where we are if God did not have a plan that it would all work out. So, thank you for this. I feel as though God really spoke to me through this devotion.

    • Samantha Smith says:

      I pray God takes fear out of my heart and I can move forward to what God has created me to do and work in.

  695. Chemi Perez says:

    Thank you, Tessa, for this beautiful devotion. Fear can overwhelm us when we allow it to do so, and I repeatedly have to quote the scripture that says” For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” II Tim. 1:7. Fear will not overtake us, as long as we have Jesus by our side. God’s continued blessings on your life and ministry.

  696. Shellie Driscoll says:

    Thank you for your beautiful devotional today. I really needed to be reminded not to fear. One of my life verses is Phil 4:6,7.

  697. In Christ alone I commit my fear and place my trust.

  698. Millie Tambo says:

    Thank you , I’ve just had a meeting with my Boss , and felt discouraged.However am reminded that we have been given a Spirit of Fear , but of power , love and a sound mind

  699. Lori Fitzsimons says:

    I recently went through a near death experience which scared me beyond belief. My world has been filled with many obstacles but knowing that God has been there every step of the way gives me comfort. I still find it very hard to go on some days. Lost my job due to illness and I fear which direction to go as I am unable to work with no money coming in to pay my bills. Fear has taken over but God has lifted me up through all these struggles.

  700. Marjorie says:

    I need daily reassurance of my Savior’s guidance so I would benefit much from this book.

  701. Geraldine Sharplin says:

    Thank you for your word in season. I am facing big change at wore, possibly redundancy. You have reminded me in whom my faith and trust belongs.
    Bless you.
    Geraldine Sharplin

  702. Demetrus says:

    I want to say I truly needed the devotion today, the scripture from the beginning was exactly what I need to read today… I struggle with fear, and what others think of me, just the silly things we tell our selves from time to time. When I think of these things or I am faced with something I fear I try to look to God for the answer through his word. Thank you P31 for your Devotions…

  703. Sara Fowler says:

    I keep struggling with fear. Maybe this book, Bread of Angels, could help me.

  704. Gail Best says:

    Wow. Such an encouragement. Going through a tough storm now. Recently lost my mother who is now at peace. Spouse not working due to a bad flare up of Rhumatoid Arthritis. I am healing a broken toe all at the same time. Many fears feeling run down, financially, insecure feelings. Reading today as was needed to pull me through the fears and encouragement to find strength in my faith. Thank you

  705. Kamyl Hoing says:

    I have been in a transition time in my life with work. My hope is always in the Lord, but fear has crept its ugly head into my thought too many times. God has been my strength always and He will continue to be. I need to rest there.

  706. Susan G. says:

    I think fear is the commonest challenge we as humans face…and we as Christians are not exempt. I must choose every day, and sometimes hourly to choose Jesus and His truths to combat any sort of fear that may enter my mind or heart. He is always the answer and always our Victor!
    Thanks for this!

  707. I am so blessed to get to go on a mission trip next month. My team is going to lead a youth camp for missionary kids. Our team leader decided our theme would be fear, recognizing our fear and knowing how to fear God. I really did not resonate with this topic, for months. I kept looking at my life and thinking I don’t have any fears right. Then like an onion God started to show me how fear shows up every day disguised as something different. I love your devo for today because it reminds us of the various forms fear shows up in. I also have to teach one lesson and I’m having a really difficult time writing it, so I’ll definitely be using this as inspiration.

  708. Catherine says:

    I wish I had an answer to this. I am dealing this the fierce tug of fear right now. I am trying so hard to let go and let God’s hand have control, and therefore have less fear because I am fully trusting him. I am trying my hardest but with my life as difficult as it is right now, I am struggling.

    But I’m trying.


  709. Georgina Espino says:

    your will be done

  710. Shannon says:

    I love that someone wrote & published a novel about a woman from the Bible. There surely aren’t enough books of that nature out there.

  711. Angela Stephens says:

    I fight to battle the spirit of fear. I have been reminding myself of the scripture. 2 Timothy 1:7)

    7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

  712. Christina says:

    I would live too have this book to share with my 14 year old that I am homeschooling.

  713. JUDITH C. RODRIGIEZ says:

    Just what my heart needed today. As I have to stand still and know that God is the only one that gives me peace that passes all understanding. God is faithful. Blessings your way!

  714. This is what I needed to hear today. I have a deadline coming up with my schoolwork and all this fear is just welling up and paralyzing me. I’m afraid I haven’t done a good enough job, that they think that I’m stupid, that I’m going to fail. The fear was making me feel all alone. Reading today’s devotional made me realize that I’m not alone in feeling that way. That it’s one of the tools, the enemy uses to isolate me so from there it’s a downwards spiral.
    I’ve read this twice already today and will do each time I feel the fear rising up.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I really needed it.

  715. Ruth Twentey says:

    Based on this post, the novel promises to be a wonderful read. Thank you!

  716. Ann Klein says:

    It is finished! Thank you Lord! We need to walk in His victory and claim same power that rose Christ from the dead lives in us. Walk and live in His victory. Satan has been defeated! Always remember that and resemble that victory! Praise God!

  717. I would love to win a copy of this book. Pick me please haha.

  718. S. Jean Burdick says:

    Such a good word!!

  719. Shantell says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! My Mom is in the hospital due to kidney failure. During this time fear has been shining bright. I so thought my faith was stronger. But watching my mother decline before my very eyes not only surprised me but it also has revealed my true nature of faith.
    I had unknowingly rested my trust in the doctors instead of my Lord and Savior! I’m not even sure when it happened! But I’m so thankful that He showed me the truth so I could humble myself and return to Him!
    God is our only true healer! Please keep my mother in prayer and for me and my family.
    Thank you!

  720. This touched me. Why do I let fear paralyze me? I know my Savior is in control. This was a wonderful reminder of that. Thank you for this.

  721. Denise Tejeda says:

    Fear overtakes us all at one time or another, it doesn’t matter if it is over health or finances or any other issue, it is still very real for whoever is experiencing it. The only thing that conquers fear is faith. It takes time with God reading His word and praying and also listening for His voice to conquer fear. Don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen over night….keep praying, reading His word and listening for His voice and you will become fearless!

  722. Miranda says:

    Great reminder that God is greater than our fear!

  723. Debbe Arnette says:

    Fear is gripping me this week, the fear of learning about the outcome of an MRI and pet scan. I needed to read this today and keep reading it the remainder of this week. Thank you.

  724. My husband and I are going through some marriage difficulties and this was just what I needed to hear! I pray that God blesses you for this wonderful word you shared with us and I own all your books and absolutely adore them!

  725. Illona Budiscak says:

    I needed to be reminded. Financially everything is crashing around my family and I only see hope through God’s promises.

  726. Stephenie Brentner says:

    I woke up at 5 AM this morning concerned about so many things in my life and my children’s lives! What a comfort it was to read this devotion today. Fear is such a invading enemy in our lives! I have to consciously rest in God and remember he is ever present and has conquered all fear! Instead of feeling oppressed by fear I can see how I can be blessed through the rest I have in my heart because of Jesus!

  727. Michelle Stewart says:

    Súper devotion on fear-saving this one!

  728. Tennessa says:

    Would be so thankful to receive and would certainly pay it forward – God Bless

  729. Manuela says:

    Love this! We cannot get enough of God’s truth, especially in this day and age, when everything seems to be turned upside down. So comforting to remind ourselves of Christ’s everlasting love for us! Fear does not have to have the final say in our lives because He has the pen and ink in His hand to write a beautiful story of our life. I would be really glad to win a free copy. Thank you!

  730. Fear is my worst enemy. I would love to read this book for encourgment on this journey of overcoming it.

  731. Debbie Moore says:

    I have read Tessa’s books before. She makes loved characters of the Bible come alive! Thank you for your work.

  732. The book sounds amazing!

  733. Natalie Clemmer says:

    Would love a chance to read this book! Thank you 🙂

  734. I would love the chance to read an amazing sounding book. Thank you God Bless

  735. Courtney says:

    I have just recently become aware of & come to the realization that anxiety & fear are the underlying, hidden culprits behind several of the issues I am currently struggling with. I pray (and would you please pray, as well) that God will (continue to) use these P31 daily devotions to help me, teach me, to allow Him to surpass, to overcome, my fear!

  736. Fear is the hardest everything for me to overcome. I fear rejection, failure and disappointment. I would love to read this book and save forever in my library of God’s word.

  737. Jesse Frazier says:

    Jesus Christ will bring us through all trails and tribulations. In doing so he is building us up and making us stronger through faith in the lord. We must not lose hope when things look bleak. Proverbs 3:5 says “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” When we do this, miracles happen! God loves us, and he does everything for a reason. In fact, one of my favorite verses- Romans 8:18 says “Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.” God doesn’t do these things because he hates us. In fact, it’s on the contrary. He’s doing this for our own sake. And will reward us for remaining faithful. “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10).

  738. Suzanne says:

    Thanks so much for these words, my world had fallen apart this morning with financial fears and blows. They are still there but this helps my situation

  739. Peter Neilson says:

    When I feel fear beginning to rear it’s ugly head,I turn to Psalms.David knew so much fear and it presented itself to him in many was,shapes and forms.What did he do??Constantly turned to God,confessed his sins,praised and worshiped Him.He ALWAYS looked to Him to be his strength,salvation and refuge in every situation.
    Worship and the praise of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ are two of the most powerful and effective weapons we have to overcome anything which may come against us in an attempt to fill us with fear,hopelessness or despair.
    Worship is a HUGE weapon or a “makhaira” to the enemy!!I suggest that we use it!

  740. Rowena Olores says:

    Thank you for this has spoken to my situation . I had been battling panic attacks for the last 2 years which most of the time happens when I’m driving. I had to cling on His word and His presence specially when I’m behind the wheel with my kids. It is draining because I did not have this struggle 2 years ago. I just pray like Paul, almost daily that the Lord would take this away from me. I know that Hos will and His plans are perfect and I pray that my prayers would line up to His will for me. I’m tired.

    • Jane Sculley says:

      This was very informational very helpful as I’ve always had a fear of being inadequate raising my three children as a single mom by myself and still struggle with that and helping them learn to be more Christian Like. To adequately support their selves that were lying on their mom which was my issue of helping them when they was in need but sometimes I think they use me because I don’t know where to turn so I’ve tried to turn them towards the Lord more and more everyday and that’s always been my fear that I didn’t adequately raise them the way they should been raised

  741. Kristy Long says:

    I resist allowing fear to swallow me whole by constantly reminding myself of the promises God has made to us. I seek the lessons and trust He knows and is working everything for my good. The hardest fear to accept is watching your child in a struggle, but I’m reminded that she is His just as I am, and she has her own lessons to learn. God will never abandon her and I see Him and know him better by loving her and being her earthly mother. I love the song “It Is Well with My Soul,” and I find I sing it to myself whenever the enemy tries to attack with fear. The song is a peaceful yet powerful weapon against the enemy!!

  742. Heidi Heim says:

    Yes! I need this!!! First time home alone with my irish twins. I am not even allowing fear to consolidate into thoughts, and am praying constantly!

  743. Crystal Lopez says:

    Interested in reading your book

  744. Nichole L Buchanan says:

    This hits homes for me as I’m struggling in a new job and feeling adequate at my new job. I prayed over taking this new position and God answered and said this is where I belong to do His will. But it still doesn’t mean it’s not hard. It still doesn’t mean that I don’t feel good enough most days since I’m in a new field with a new job and even a new town which means new people. I struggle daily to feel like I’m even somewhat capable in what I’m doing now. And that scares me as I am human and I’m replaceable in this job. But this reading today tells me that I am doing what He wants me to. I am working where I need to be. Where I am and what I am doing is sufficient because I am doing it with His blessing and His love. Thank you for sharing!

  745. Crystal Lopez says:

    Would like to read your book amen

  746. Crystal Lopez says:

    Would like a free copy

  747. Gabriella says:

    After nineteen years of marriage, I find myself doing life alone with four precious children. The basics of life are full of responsibility …… and fear. Thank you for reminding me of God’s goodness and faithfulness and pushing me closer to trusting – even when life seems to be at it’s worst!

  748. Belinda says:

    Pick me! Pick me!!!

  749. Ronnette Butler says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read and embrace today. Would love to read the book. Fear has stagnated my life lately and it consumes me so much that I’m not praying and I’m not as joyful. No more!

  750. Kayley Hibbert says:

    Always a timely reminder to trust God and to take my eyes off my circumstances.

  751. Donna Harry says:

    Thank you for this message.

  752. Belindaruby Taylor says:

    Resting in the finished works of Jesus is have confidence that he will fulfill everyone of his promises!!!

  753. Thankful to God for this word and thankful that I’am not alone in this fight 🙏🏻

  754. Debra Reis says:

    Sometimes fear can become overwhelming. That’s when we need to remember whose child we are. I pray for the peace of God in situations of overwhelming fear. Sometimes I am able to relax and let it go, but there are times I still feel the anxiety of it all. I know God will always be there to hold my hand no matter where my feelings lead me and that brings a little more peace.