When God Says No

When God Says No

September 26, 2014

“For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us.” 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NASB)

We were running errands.

My 5-year-old son was in his spot in the back seat chatting away, mostly asking me for stuff.

“Mommy, can I have …?”

“Mommy, can you take me …?”

“Mommy, can we go to …?”

You know that place somewhere between kids being so adorably cute and totally driving you bananas?

Yup. I was there.

Every answer to his questions was “No.”

I was on autopilot: No. No. No.

Then that boy of mine said …

“Mommy, I wish that every time you said ‘no’ you really meant ‘yes.’ That would be more funner.”

“You mean that I would always mean the opposite of what I actually said?”

“YES! Just like that! Come on Mommy let’s p-r-a-c-t-i-c-e.”

I agreed to the rehearsal request. I mean … why not? All I had to do was keep giving the same response I’d been giving for the last 15 minutes.

“Mommy, can we go out for lunch?”


My son raised a fist of victory in the air and said, “ALRIGHT!”

“Mommy, can you take me to the store?”


He broke into applause.

“Mommy, can we go to the park to play?”


That cute boy waved his hands in the air while saying, “Yeaaaaaah!”

And then it dawned on me … my son was on to something.

He was choosing to believe my “no” was actually a “yes” and that changed his attitude.

It changed his response. It changed his reaction.

It made me wonder: What if we responded to God in this way? What if we believed that even when He said no, it was because He was really saying yes?

Because He is.

We have a good Father in God, who, just like a good earthly father, desires to give His children what’s best for them later even if He has to say no to something they want right now. The question is: Do we really believe that He’s good? If we did, wouldn’t that be cause to celebrate, whether He says no or yes?

It’s hard when prayer requests go unanswered or desires go unmet. I can easily feel deflated and frustrated with God. Hope turns to hopelessness, confident expectation becomes disappointment and faith turns to despondent despair.

But what if we really believed God was good?

What if we believed that He was always saying yes — maybe not to what we are asking Him for right at that moment — but saying yes to His best.

What if we trusted His heart, even when His hand seemingly withholds the very thing we so desire?

What if we chose to celebrate all of the previous yes answers He’s given us despite His current no?

I think it would change how we respond. I think we would find joy, keep hoping and smile despite what we see.

I know how badly you want your yes but hang in there.

Keep hoping. Keep praying. Keep believing.

And if God says no? Choose to give thanks.

I have been walking with God long enough to know that many times God has said no because He had a greater yes in store for me.

I have been walking with God long enough to know that even if I don’t like His answer, I can respond to Him with expectation, hope and joy.

I have been walking with God long enough to know He’s good and although He doesn’t always give me what I want, He always gives me what He knows I need.

In some way, shape or form, He’s always saying yes.

Father God, today I choose joy because I believe You are always saying yes. Sure, there are places of disappointment in my life and there are things I would like to be different, but I choose to give thanks. Starting today, I choose to respond to You as if You are always good — a Father who has my best in mind. Because You are good. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Matthew 7:9-11, “Or what man is there among you who, when his son asks for a loaf, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, he will not give him a snake, will he? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!” (NASB)

Psalm 100:5, “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” (NIV)

Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst

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Where is God telling you no? How have you responded to Him as a result? How has today’s devotional changed your thinking?

Have you walked with God long enough to experience a no that later you could see was only because He had a greater yes? If so, share your journey in the comments so that another might be encouraged to hang in there.

© 2014 by Chrystal Evans Hurst. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thank you. Faith like a child always amaze me and I desire more of it – I’m praying for joy in what seems like endless silence. His character can be trusted and i can thank Him for His faithfulness. God is good even if I don’t understand. Hope this old hymn encourages someone in light of God’s sovereignty:
    God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform;
    He plants His footsteps in the sea
    And rides upon the storm.

    Deep in unfathomable mines
    Of never failing skill
    He treasures up His bright designs
    And works His sovereign will.

    Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
    The clouds ye so much dread
    Are big with mercy and shall break
    In blessings on your head.

    Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
    But trust Him for His grace;
    Behind a frowning providence
    He hides a smiling face.

    His purposes will ripen fast,
    Unfolding every hour;
    The bud may have a bitter taste,
    But sweet will be the flower.

    Blind unbelief is sure to err
    And scan His work in vain;
    God is His own interpreter,
    And He will make it plain.

    • Beautiful hymn. I’m going to print it out and put it on my refrigerator. Thank you.

    • Nicole D. Smith says:

      AMEN!!! THANK U!!

    • Joanna Condeni says:

      Thank you so much for your willingness to pray with me
      I must admit I was a little taken aback when you used my name JoAnn. That’s actually what made me open this info.
      I have always believed that it’s not whats giben that counts, it’s what we DO WITH WHAT’S BEEN GIVEN
      No matter if it comes as gift or tribulation
      Jealth or sickness
      Thank you again & MANY BLESSINGS for your prayers.
      PRAISE GOD!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful and thought provoking devo. I am waiting upon God for so many answers in my life right now. In some areas, I have been able to say ” I don’t understand but I trust you Lord. Other areas are so big and new that I am in the waiting mode still. Some of these areas do not just affect me but my children and grand children. They would be faced with accepting God’s “No” with grace and trust. I pray we will all be willing to go with God regardless of His answers. After all, He is the perfect Father.

  3. I want to homeschool. Hubby says not, so I’m taking that as God saying no…for now. Thank you God for saying no, because I know You know best!

  4. Thank you for sharing this insight from God. It is certainly something I have struggled with this year. In April, my husband and I discovered we were expecting our first child. We celebrated and praised God for giving us this baby.

    At twelve weeks, we were told that there was most likely a chromosomal abnormality, and then at thirteen weeks, we were given a 90% chance of our baby dying in the subsequent five weeks.

    We continued to pray for our baby and had people all over Australia, and even outside of Australia praying for God’s healing and protection for our child.

    At 17 weeks, 5 days, an ultrasound could not find our baby’s heartbeat. We asked God for a miracle. God said no. At the follow-up ultrasounds on Tuesday and Friday, it was confirmed that our baby had died. I was induced into labour and on the 19th of July 2014, at 18 weeks and 3 days gestation, our son Reuben was stillborn. (Post-mortem placenta biopsy results showed that he had Down Syndrome).

    We have struggled to see how anything good could come out of this – how God could possibly be glorified more through the death of our son than through a miraculous healing. We still don’t have the answer to that, or to how this could be God’s best yes, and probably won’t this side of Heaven, but God is slowly working His healing in us.

    Tomorrow will be ten weeks since Reuben’s birth and we miss him terribly, but are so thankful for the assurance we have of eternity with God. I believe that my son is already in the arms of Jesus and that, one day, we will get to meet him.

    • Praying for you Meran as you continue to walk this path of heartache. I grieve with you in the loss of your son. Grateful for the day when you will meet him.

    • Oh, Meran, I too know the pain of such loss. I am so saddened for you. We lost our first born son at just under 5 months and I had to be induced as well. There is an irony to having to go through birth knowing that your child will not live, you will get no chance to see their smiling face, have them grasp your hand. It hurts and it is so hard. There were times when I felt like I literally could not breathe the grief was so heavy on my heart. We had struggled with eight years of infertility before we got pregnant with that first son. The loss seemed so compounded after that long wait, so unfair, I questioned a lot, questioned God, His ways, His reasoning and why. My heart is heavy for you as you walk this path. I understand how the “no” and the unanswered questions weigh on a heart. They can come over and over again. I just want to let you know that 20 years later, I can say that God is faithful. He heals broken hearts. He holds close those who mourn. His understanding is infinite. His plan is good. Those things I could not say right away. Not for a very long time. I could say them as a rote subject, but not from experience, not in confidence of heart, but in the years since our loss, I have experienced the truth of those verses. He is carrying you as a shepherd carries a lamb. You are loved. You are precious. Our sons are in heaven together, seeing Jesus face to face, worshiping in His presence, living in His glory. Our arms ache to hold them, to touch them. That is the hard part, but ONE day, one glorious day, we will see Jesus face to face and behold the faces of our little ones. God bless you today with peace that passes understanding in the midst of your grief. I have prayed for you to stand. Love, Wendy

      • Thank you for sharing your story,. We will never fully comprehend why God allows bad things to happen but when people like you can share the wisdom gained from it to comfort others it is a true blessing. Praying for both you and Merian.

      • Very late to this conversation but I was encouraged by your words you shared. I need to know that God heals broken hearts. I didn’t lost a child but the no’s keep coming and coming and I am waiting on yes.

        • Dear Shannon,
          Two years later and I could have written your post. I’m currently struggling with some heavy duty noes (looks strange, I know, but I actually looked up the spelling. LOL). How did things work out for you?

    • WOW Meran.. I am so sorry for your loss and all the mom and dad’s that have suffered loss. Your words of Faith just blow me away. I am praying for you and your husband. Your story hit home and I thank you for sharing. We never know why? but like the devotion said God knows best!!!! I sometimes don’t understand why we have to go thru so much pain and loss but I am in awe of your faith thru this. Praying for continuted strength. I believe your loss will also be a testimony to many others. God Bless!

    • Meran,
      God be with you at this difficult time. 18 months after our first child was born, I became pregnant with our second. Then after several months I unexpectedly miscarried only God knew the reason. We were so blessed when only 2 months later our “yes” came as I became pregnant with what would be our beautiful daughter. Take courage God always provides the yes in His time. Praying for you!

  5. Suzanne Bustetter says:

    On July 2nd I received a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and on July 13th it was determined to be stage one after PETscan results from the test 2 days earlier. My oncologist began chemotherapy 7-16-14. I received treatments every two weeks, and entered the realm of what so many before me have discovered through such deep, difficult trials. The chemicals are immensely powerful and do very strange things to ones body, and mind. But seasoned with faith, they can be very effective. Sept 8th I had a follow up PETscan, which results I observed on Sept to reveal the cancer is gone, no evidence of metabolic activity remains!! Praise and glory to God in the highest! Hosannas!! But herein lies the ‘no’ I received from God, because He had the very best in store for me. Two and a half years earlier, I went to have the strange lumps that suddenly enlarged in my neck and upper collar bone examined by my nurse practitioner I trusted at the time. She sent me to renowned surgeon of that medical facility and he examined them, took a CTscan, put me in an antibiotic and declared me to have a clean bill of health. He committed suicide last year, and it is highly likely he was involved in a choice that had led him down a dark path prior to the sad choice he made. So I believe God delayed me in my circumstances, so I would be in the best care possible, and the ‘right’ decisions would be made for my medical care, and the outcome would unmistakably bring Him glory. You see,my current oncologist practiced in this town for many years, but left about seven years ago, but providence would have it that he returned in January to pick up and establish himself here again. It was through seeking help with my menapausal symptoms that lead me to an urgent care doctor that ordered a sonogram on my neck, that was read by my gynocologist a few weeks later, who looked me in the eyes and said ‘this could be malignant.’ She lost her mother to ovarian cancer and doesn’t take any possibility of cancer lightly. She referred me to an amazing ear, nose and throat doctor, who insisted on a full lymph node biopsy after ordering a new CTscan that provided disturbing evidence of large and abnormal nodes throughout my neck. I initially objected to the surgery, asking why not a needle biopsy, but finally agreed and had surgery on my birthday June 18th ( he only does surgery on Wednesdays and that was the closest day to the results discussion of the scan. On July 2nd, I went in for results. He couldn’t even say the words, just scooted next to the exam chair I sat in, and opened a neatly prepare folder and pointed to the printed diagnosis on the page, with tears in His eyes (great compassion!!!) My main response included, ‘I’ll get through this, cause I’m a Jesus girl.’ That have Him peace, and me too. The very next morning at 8:00 am I saw the oncologist, and you know the outcome, from my first few sentences. I just thank my Father God for saying no to give me His best yes!!! If you face a diagnosis of any health issue, thank Him now, over and over and trust Him. Look to 2 Thessalonians 5:16-18, emphasis on 18, and James 1:8 for strength and truth. I have never experienced such grace until this path in all my life. Through prayers and support of family and friends, I have truly been shown the height, depth and width of the love of my Savior, Messiah and friend Jesus. He is truly mighty to save, my strength and my shield! God bless you, no matter what you are going through! To God be the glory forever, amen!!

    • What a wonderful testimony! Thanks for sharing!

    • What a powerful testiony and also encouragement for so many. Thank you for sharing!!!!! See if we would only fully trust GOD instead of trying to do it all ourself and say not we need to do it this way right??? LOVE this testimony… you need to continue sharing this with others as this is powerful! Thank you Jesus for your health today!!!!

    • Beautiful and inspiring faith story, thank you

  6. Thank you for this devotional. I’ve been praying for over 1.5 years and the answer is either “no” or wait and it’s been a tough 1.5 years. I will try to grasp how to say “yes” to God’s “no.” Thanks!

  7. Oh, what a great analogy, Crystal. Love this. I am in a very busy season with family/home school/ministry, and it looks like it’s going to stay that way for the next 5-6 weeks. I so feel the need for more time for myself, but it looks like right now God is saying, “Hang in there and keep serving.” I want to say, YES, God! Whatever you say!

  8. I think your little boy was definitely on to something. How often do we pray desperately for something and then miss the answer because our mind is not fully engaged in what God is doing? I was reminded of this recently when I read about some prayer warriors who almost missed God’s answer. Thanks for a great reminder! http://versesfrommama.blogspot.com/2014/09/do-you-recognize-that-knock.html

  9. It’s hard. Right now a lot of bad things going on financially. I feel like God doesn’t want me to pay the family bills. I can’t help but feel defeated. I feel despair. I try to feel joyful in this season, but the joy doesn’t last I keep praying. But the next batch of bills may go late or go unpaid. Not a fun feeling.

    • Jessica, keep hanging in there. He’ll make a way when it seems like no way. My family is dealing with some things. too. my mom has been out of work since may this year and God has been providing for our bills and when it looks like its not gonna happen its like God wants to see how we will react to the situation. So keep believing him, he knows what he is doing! here is a song i hope will encourage you. I know it has me many of times. God Bless!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpJIwpvkB-0

  10. Ahhh…perspective. It is amazing how how perception of a situation can change if we look at it the opposite way. thanks for this reminder.

  11. chinasa mbachu says:

    Wow! wonderful piece. I have personally been a victim of being disappointed especially when things don’t turn out as planned even after much prayers and trusting God. Now I really understand that behind every ‘No’ from God is actually a bigger,greater and better ‘yes’ in no time. Praise God!

  12. Thanks so much for the wonderful devo, Chrystal. I have experienced what seemed like God telling me no when actually He had something better in mind. After I graduated college, I was desperate for a teaching job. It seemed like every opportunity I pursued, God was telling me no. Then in August of the next year, I got a teaching position in my hometown, at a school in the district where my children attended. He knew that job was the best for me, even before it existed.

    Your words made me realize that I may be experiencing it again. Recently I was a little let down because I wasn’t invited to be a part of an opportunity that at first sounded perfect to me. However, after learning more about it I realized that my philosophy is very different than some of the others involved. Where I thought I was missing out on something, God actually has something else in mind for me. Possibly something even better!

  13. This devotion blog has truly blessed me. I am educator who has outgrown being in the classroom. I am in the process of writing my dissertation. Therefore, my horizon of education is broader than it was 3 years ago. I have always been a great leader in any capacity. I have many acculades to prove it. I have outgrown the classroom as well as my district. For the past three years, I have applied for numerous jobs that I thought I was qualified for, but only to receive rejection emails. Just this week I had a breakdown at school in my classroom. I keep asking God, how long must I endure this unhappiness. Last year was such a difficult year, until I had a “mini-stroke” called a Transit Ischemic Attack. I could discuss this all day. Education has become a hassle instead of rewarding. After reading this devotion, I understand clearly that God’s no, is a yes. Praise God!

    • Minister12,
      This is exactly my season! I have been teaching students with special needs for 9 years who has become so draining. After multiple years of struggle with my school and college, I finished my license to teach English and am just waiting for a job. While waiting for 3 years to finish, 2 English jobs opened and were filled while I waited for the opportunity to finish. Since finishing, I’ve now had 3 more years of waiting. A job came open this year, but my school didn’t look at me because I’m too valuable in my current position to replace. I also applied outside my school but with so many years of experience, I was likely too expensive to be a candidate. Now, I’m back to waiting.

      Knowing another hard year, my 4th with some of the students I had been desperately wanting to leave behind, is waiting for me. It has been stealing my joy and summer off with my amazing little boy who will only be 1 once, for the rest of this summer. As I’m waiting, though, I’ve decided that I’m ready to let go of it and see what “yes” God has for me!! While I cannot control others’ choices to move me into English, my students’ behavior which can be so frustrating, or even at times my son, who certainly has his own ideas about the way things should go, I can control how I respond to all these frustrations!! And I’m going to respond in peace and acceptance! We don’t always have to be happy, in the now, about God’s answer. He encourages us to question. But we also have to remember, like this devotional points put, that his no is a “yes” to something bigger and for that we should rejoice!! I thank God and wait with expectation for a yes that he will reveal to each of us in his own time. I pray for patience, peace, and even joy during these times of waiting. God bless you all!

  14. Meran…..I can totally relate to your story. My second daughter was born June 5, 1991 and died two days later. I still wonder why God took her, but He is truly an awesome God. Someday I will understand. God walked with me during those very dark times and a year and a half later blessed us with a healthy daughter. May God bless you. I will pray that He does the same for you.

    • Penny ~ My heart goes out to you in the loss of your daughter. An ache that I know all to well. I lost my first daughter 31 years ago. She was still born at 36 weeks, Avenelle Joy. I never heard her cry but I held her for good length of time marveling at the little miracle. 4 years later I had a son, then 15 months later a daughter then 2 1/2 years later another son. I feel that because of the loss I had of a child I treasured being a mom and my children so much more. I gained a closer walk with God and a thankful heart for the precious gift of life. I came to realize as my children have grown and well into their 20’s that Avenelle was a VERY blessed child to have God call her home. She has not had to endure the pains of this world and is waiting for all of us to meet her in heaven. Oh the joy that will be. I can’t wait to ‘hear’ her and I look forward to the time for her to meet her brothers and sister and for them to meet her. Hang onto the hope and promise. God’s ‘no’ to me for Avenelle was an amazing yes for the 3 children I have on earth and the loving relationship He has blessed me with. God bless you ~ Tamara

  15. Suzanne Bickham says:

    God said not to a relationship of nearly fifteen years. I hung on for years fighting for what I wanted, but when I finally released it to God I was able to let go. Four short months a later an old friend from high school appeared in my life and we have now been married 3 years.

    I love this man with all my heart. We have struggles to say the least but this past July he finally turned his life over to God completely and now God is giving him a “yes” in areas that used to be “no”.

    Our pasts have been littered with guilt and shame as we refused to accept no but God never gave up on us. We have seen so many questions answered with a yes that we are just in awe.

    Kinds makes me wish I had listened at a younger age!

  16. This devotional brought to mind my friend Lew. He was dying of cancer (he knew, it and so did our Bible Study group). At the end of Bible Study one day as we were sharing our prayer requests, he challenged the room: “For one week, let’s only Praise God and Thank Him.” The understood challenge that went along with this was NOT to ask Him for anything. Just to thank Him because He is SO GOOD.

    I did not know my friend Lew for very long, but his impact on eternity is great. Thank you Crystal for your devotional this morning.

  17. Chrystal,
    Oh my! What a great devotional to start my day this morning! This was so deep and rich. The story of your son celebrating in the back of the car while you said no was such a great visual.

    I loved this; “We have a good Father in God, who, just like a good earthly father, desires to give His children what’s best for them later even if He has to say no to something they want right now. The question is: Do we really believe that He’s good? If we did, wouldn’t that be cause to celebrate, whether He says no or yes?”

    I have had, what appeared to be many, no’s and I while I can’t say I celebrated at the time, I can look back and see that God was working everything for His best and my best. Oh, but sometimes it is so hard to see that while we are in the midst of the no, I need to step-out in total faith and know that he is working for my best even when it hurts so deeply.

    I always seem to bring to my mind the picture of the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indiana Jones gets to a canyon of sorts that he must cross with seemingly no bridge. He closes his eyes, steps out and is stunned to find that there is in fact a bridge! I need to close my eyes and step-out…

  18. Sandy brown says:

    I had desperately wanted a little daughter because we allready had 2 sons. Before I got pregnant again I prayed that God would give me the daughter I wanted. When I got pregnant I just knew it was a girl. But it was another boy. Todsy I am blessed with 3 wonderful sons. And about to get a daughter in law in November. My sons all take care of me and all of them are different but so wonderful. I wouldn’t trade any of them for a girl. And that boy I wanted to be a girl, well he is a honor student and double sport player, and has the most wonderful girlfriend! I am triply blessrd!

  19. It was long ago – the beginning of my walk with Him. My husband had just gotten orders for a remote (military) assignment – meaning that my son and I could not go with him. I so much wanted to go be with my family but we did not have the finances for us to do so. I called my parents and asked for them to loan me the money for the trip and give me a job in their business while we were there so that I could pay them back. They said no. I was devastated. God, however, knew that if He kept me alone in Tacoma, WA that I would have to find help and that help would lead me to Him. What an awesome God we serve!

  20. Meran, I too struggle with trying to find the good from a no. My husband was a teacher, a Fellowship of Christian Athletes leader, deacon in our church, pillar of the community, and touched many lives with his Christian love. At age 50, he died of cancer. Many prayers were said for his earthly healing. It has been 12 years and I haven’t seen the good from his death yet. In fact, after his death,my adult children have become distant from me, the friends we shared no longer do things with me, people I thought I would be able to count on ignored me and acted like I had died too.
    Daily struggle!!

    • I’m so sorry for your pain and pray that you will see good because of God’s promise that He works all things together for good. My thoughts and prayers and faith are with you Vicki and my heart goes out to you.I have prayed that you will see the goodness of God in the land of the living and I believe you will.

      I pray that the Holy Spirit comforts you like never before and that His companionship, presence and friendship in your life is greater than you could ever have hoped for. I will continue to pray and believe for you….x

      God bless x

  21. Ashley Ledford says:

    Excellent analogy using her son’s game and changing attitude about “NO” AND “YES”, and God’s intentions as a “parent.” Opened my eyes, thank you

  22. God has been telling me “no” for quite some time, but I’m just now listening to Him. I was always listening and acting to my emotions rather than to God. The outcome was always the same, no change and more heartache. My brother is the best man one can ever meet but he doesn’t put his faith in action and finds the fast and simple-not-so-wise ways to solve problems that get him into more mess. He’d rather live in his comfort zone and fears than step out in faith and trust God to help him change his circumstances. I was always there to hear his sad and heartbreaking situations and bail him out. Many times giving him money for gas, medicine, bills, etc… While there was no change in his life. Id cry and pray and pray and finally I hear it! God is saying “No” but “Yes”. I have to trust my brother to God. I am wearing my heart down and losing my joy trying to be my brothers answer. I’m not. God is. He will have to make many changes in his life that God will help him through in order to be the man He created him to be. Today my prayers are pretty much the same but now I wait on God to move and be still. I had to change and stop interfering with His plans.

    • I, too, have been trying to help my brothers for some time now. My brother is an alcoholic and I’ve tried for years to get him to open his eyes and see what he is doing to himself and his daughter (because our father was an alcoholic and I knew how it affected me as a young girl). I finally drew a line in the sand and told him that we would not be around him when he was drinking. He now officially hates me. I couldn’t deal with his crazy behavior and becoming more violent all the time. His wife turned to me for help with her daughter, who is 15.
      They are now divorced after almost 30 years of marriage and he has alienated everyone in the family. I think he was also doing drugs. My heart is broken, because we were close in younger years. I tried to help him and be there for him for so many years. He will not humble himself and ask forgiveness and come back to God’s loving arms. I ‘ve officially turned him over to the Lord and stopped trying to “fix” him. God knows best and he is the only one who can save my brother. I know he has a better plan than I could ever think of – I just needed this reminder that God is in control and he will take care of him. Now I pray for God’s will in all things – not just what I think could and should happen.

  23. Eight years of infertility. God said “no” month after month. We finally became pregnant only to hear God’s “no” again. Our first son was stillborn just under five months. We found out that not only did I have polycystic ovaries, uterine polyps, and hormonal irregularities, but after this pregnancy I had also developed endometriosis. Man’s “no” was my doctor telling me that the chances we would never have children were very high. Trekking to another doctor- one with a great reputation and success in helping women achieve preganancy to try again, hearing my own “No” when the lobby was filled with beautiful ceiling to floor glass etched panels of Greek gods and the receptionist telling me that the doctor worshiped those deities…having to walk away instead of reaching for the hand that promised me help because I KNEW who ALONE gives and takes away life was like having yet ANOTHER “No”. BUT…….That was NOT the end of the story, maybe it was the beginning- maybe it was God asking me “Wendy, do you love Me, do you honor me more than these?”. God had a better story He was writing that I never even imagined. Two years after the loss of our first son, our oldest son came into our home at 4 1/2 as we foster parented him. Six months later, our middle son was born to a mom who chose us to raise him and we were able to be at the hospital the day he was born. Six months later, he was adopted as our first son, and our oldest was finally able to be adopted a year later. A year after that, our youngest son was born….our biological son, a human impossibility…. after I had surgery for incompetent cervix at 4 months, developed gestational diabetes and had to take insulin at 5 months, developed high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia beginning 5 1/2 months, went on bed rest at home and at 6 months into the pregnancy landed in the hospital where I would stay until he was born at 7 months, two months early because I developed a syndrome that caused my kidneys and liver and blood clotting to fail. Nearly died. Had I not lost our first, the doctors would not have known that I had an incompetent cervix and we would not have gotten the privilege to raise our third son. Had we not struggled with infertility and loss, we would not have been open to foster parenting and adoption and we would not have had the joy and privilege to raise our oldest and middle sons. BUT the joy of God’s yes not once, but three times after ten years of His “No” was so worth it. These boys are mostly men now, but there is still wonder in my heart as I ponder how God answers prayers in unexpected and glorious ways when you think that He is not listening!!! He has made the barren woman to be the joyful mother of children once again. AND He has set the lonely in families once again. He is good and His love endures forever!!

  24. A lighter schedule- His answer is no right now- and even though I can’t see what He has in store through this, I can be sure He is doing something great.

  25. I have never thought of God’s “nos” to really being “yes” because it’s what’s best for me. Thank you for this perspective! I’ve prayed for a new career direction for several years. I will continue to hope and pray that my next job will serve Him best.

  26. Keyshaundra says:

    I would like to say thank you sooo much..I am in the process of ending a fairly new relationship but none the less its one I want but God said no…I havent completely stopped talking to them yet but have made it clear that the relationship is over….please pray that God will lead to allow God to lead and not get trapped in the traps of the enemy….I sooo needed this

  27. Brenna Book says:

    To make an incredibly long story short, I dated a boy back in high school. I met him in youth group and we quickly fell in love. We were together for 4 years and then he joined the Marines. He came out a changed man. Not the good kind of change. I seen things in him that just, I knew were wrong. I had planned on spending my life with this guy, but the guy I knew before. Not the Marine man I was seeing now. But I didn’t want to give him up. I kept thinking he would change. It took him treating me horribly and me doing lots of crying over him but we finally called it off. That was definitely Gods best yes for me!! Now I am married to a wonderful man and we have an almost 4 year old son, as well as two fur babies (cat and dog). I often think back and wonder what life would be like if I was still with the Marine, and I’m so thankful for where I am now! 🙂

  28. I know this devotional was for me this morning. I have been going through such a tough time financially, employment wise, family wise, spiritually and even with keeping motivated to complete schoolwork. I have benn angry with God because I am struggling and no matter what I pray about it seems that all I keep getting from God is “NO”. In a tough spot right now and I have no idea where to go next, but this morning God reminded me of His plans to prosper me and bring me to His expected end. I am grateful for God’s hand in opening up my spiritual eyes this morning to receive the answer I needed and also for encouraging me to praise Him. Instead of being angry, instead of being frustrated, instead of giving into depression and oppression. I need to give God thanks for every “No” because that means He is preparing me and circumstances to come together at the right time (His best Yes).

    • carrie maurice says:

      I love the message you just gave natesha,sounds like you know how to carry the crosses that we are required to carry each and every day.We do serve such a Wonderful,Faithful God who know us better than ourselves,as far as what we think we need.stay strong my sister God Bless you.

  29. Six years ago,I applied to medical school in my home country but I wasn’t admitted ,I was devastated,I ‘ended’ up in Russia to do the course here.I did not understand then what God was doing and accepting that “no ” was so painful,but Glory to God I’m in my final year now and I’ve grown so much in God since I came to Russia(where people haven’t even heard of Jesus),that’s just mind boggling how God works sometimes!Russia was the last place I would have thought of to study but Hod divinely brought me here and is working out all His great purposes out off my life!there are still some things I don’t understand in my life but I’m grateful for His word that lifts me up and encourages me.God is faithful no matter what!He is always with us and He will never leave us nor forsake us-that’s my anchor.

  30. About 4 years ago I was employed at a growing Christian school, loved my job as the secretary/jack of all trades! The administration chose to replace the current principal with someone who had no experience in that role, had only 1 year of teaching experience, and yet they felt she could bring in more money if she was the one in leadership….I had been praying for a month that God would fix the problem I saw coming and His answer was NO. I knew I could not work with this person as their idea of doing their job was putting it on my desk to get done and my husband and I decided if the change took place I would get done. Still God’s answer was NO and I resigned from the job I loved. A few months later my husband was in the hospital and I was able to stay right with him. I opted to homeschool our son and he chose to work ahead, graduate a year early, and now has begun his own business which has been his dream since he was little. Soooo many reasons why God took me out of the job I loved to be at home for a while! The NO was definitely a YES that I just couldn’t see.

  31. My husband and I tried and tried to get pregnant with our first baby. It was heartbreaking each month when it didn’t happen. It seemed that everyone around me was getting pregnant, and even though I hate to admit it, I was not happy for them; I was jealous. It took 14 months, some doctor’s visits, and a lot of prayer, but God has blessed us with our first child due in April! God always has a plan, we just have to be patient.

  32. Tammie Jones says:

    In 1991, we were in a private adoption process. We had gone to the hospital to take our baby home, but the birth mother changed her mind at the last minute. We were devestated to say the least. It was the longest 4 hour drive of our life back home where we closed the door to the fully finished nursery. The days that stretched ahead were full of longing for the phone to ring hoping the birth mother had changed her mind. It never happened.

    Little did we know at that time, that another baby would be born and in fact had already been conceived that the Lord would arrange for us to adopt.

    The baby of the first (failed) adoption was in a home where she was well taken care of. However, the baby we adopted was in great need of a home. God knew all of this and we did not. He said NO so that a greater YES could be realized. I wish i could say we trusted God without question in the midst of it all, but we were so hurt. Later, we could SEE how He made a way for us to have the absolute best, but at the time all we could feel was pain and hurt and wonder WHY???????

    Now, when things dont turn out the way we think they should, we remember this and how God brought His best for us through tragedy. It doesnt mean every situation turns out like this but our trust in Him is deeper because of what happened. When i look at my beautiful (now 22 year old daughter), i am so thankful that God said NO to our first adoption attempt.

  33. A few years back I was fired from a job! Never in my life had I been fired an I was shocked. I felt lost and alone and cried out to God “why?” Little did I know he had a better one waiting for me! He led me straight to a better paying, more convienent job! Praise God!

  34. What a sweet gift to my heart this morning! God has been planting this truth in my heart for a number of years & you’ve given me words to express this Truth to others! Thanks so much, the affirmation that our Father is not withholding from us – He wants the best yes for us & we can trust His heart.

  35. We wanted to move SO badly; closer to the city with an opportunity to make friends. We bought a house and began packing only for the deal to fall through.We were crushed. Little did we know that God was going to bring the friends to us. We were right where we were supposed to be. We now have more friends in our neighborhood that we could have dared to imagine or ask for. God’s “no” in the moment was a “yes” to our request for more friends. We just needed to trust HIS way of providing them.

  36. Two years ago, when I was planning to drop to part-time at work in Jan. 2013, I had my agenda all set to inform my manager of my intention on Black Friday. On Nov. 9, 2012, my husband came home in tears and told me he had just lost his job. We were devastated for many reasons but I felt like my dreams had been shattered, and I truly didn’t care to believe that God had anything else for me other than retail for the rest of my life. That was hugely disappointing, since I had always felt a calling in life and a purpose and the job I’d had since high school wasn’t part of that dream. I was angry and depressed that I had become stuck and felt utterly forgotten about in God’s eyes.

    It turned out after seven agonizing, stressful months, my husband found a job. And to look back, it is all so clear how God had a better plan! My husband’s first job, which he’d had for 14 years, was an hour away from home, and he was always gone 12 hours a day, Monday-Friday. Now, he works barely 2 miles away! When he was still a temp, he received a wonderful Christmas bonus (equivalent to what the full-time employees were given, even!) and was invited to participate in the program to become officially full-time 9 months later. He is still gone 12 hours a day on the days his shift works, but he also works three additional days of overtime. And because of all this, though it is still tight, I was able to say goodbye to my retail job of 13 years. This never could have happened if he still worked an hour away from home. We were paying for 7 tanks of gas a month just for his car! I am thankful that God saw fit to give my husband a new employer that really is committed to their employees and is closer to home.

    At the time, the “no” was devastating and I did end up having to work at my job for almost 2 years beyond that day in Nov. 2012, but it was all a part of a plan I don’t yet understand. Now I am just leaning on the Lord to take me to the place where He made me to be!

  37. A great and timely reminder! Thanks Chrystal!

  38. Chrystal: I loved this! Each trial or “perceived” no keeps me praying more and reading God’s word more. I’ve been praying for help in an area and God sent a yes yesterday. I praise God for every answer and keep praying when I don’t receive one. GOD IS GREAT, no matter the answer!

  39. I have learned through the years to pray for his will instead of what I want in the situations i am going through. Most of the time , I have to pray for contentment while I am waiting! 🙂 God is always good!

  40. This was so important for me to read today! I have been praying and believing God for the healing and restoration of my marriage for a while now. God has been faithful and shown His power, grace and mercy throughout this time, but many times I am living in the quiet; waiting. What a perfect reminder that in the silence, God’s yes remains.

  41. Bethany Miller says:

    There was a time in my life when I kept having miscarriages. 3 in a row in fact and although God was saying no He did have a better yes in mind. We have a beautiful, happy, full of life little 3 yr old that God blessed us with after we decided to not try anymore. She’s a blessing as well as all of my children.

  42. What a great devotional and so timely! It’s so hard to see the good in a no sometimes but God always knows what he is doing and what is best not only for us but for the people we impact by embracing his best yes. My pastor does these 1 minute devotional videos and today’s relates exactly to this. I hope you can open the link. http://milesaminute.com/video/dravecky

    • Thank you, Tricia. You may have posted that link three years ago, but it was just the encouragement I needed today. =’)

  43. Trying to accept God’s “no” as I write this. I understand why what I want is not what is best for me or anybody else, but it still hurts.

  44. Loved this post!! It put a smile on my face! I have learned this lesson!! I am in the midst of a huge, heartbreaking no turning into the best yes of my life! I wish I could share more, but I haven’t even told my family or friends what is going on. All I can say is that during one of the most difficult times of my life (family crisis, health and financial issues) a prayer request that I wasn’t expecting to be answered nor praying anymore is being answered. The difficult circumstances that I am dealing with now helped to bring this about! I pray that anyone struggling will hold on and trust God!!!

  45. Thank you Chrystal for this devotional. It reminded me of the NO I received in July 2006. It was the same as Merin’s but mine was own body failing to do what it is suppose to do naturally, carry a baby to term. While like her I will never fully understand why I could not have that one little girl with me till I get to Heaven. I can see He had and still has a plan for my life. Since then we had two kids Jaxson who is 6 and Lauryn who is 17 months. These are miracles and God’s answers to our prayers. I have courage to speak about my losses to them and encourage to stay on this road of Belief because His mercy endures forever and His love never changes. I lead a support group for our local charity MEND, for families that have suffered a loss and our pregnant. I am leading bible study at my church. Never would I have had the courage to do any of that if Alivia had not gone to heaven! Yes I miss her everyday but I know one day I will see her again. Marin the pain will get easier just take it one day at time even at times 1 minute at a time and hold on to God’s hand of love. He sees every tear and catches them. Be encouraged my sisters who have went through the loss of our children. God is taking very good care of them and He loves you. Thanks again Chrystal.

  46. Thank you. That’s what I needed to hear this morning!
    Have a great day…..

  47. Holly Bentley says:

    My heart has been heavy this week with why God keeps saying no when I think I have found my husband. Even though I know in the senew of my vessel that none of these men that I have had relationships with have been God’s best for me, it is still hard to accept that and let go. It makes me wonder; what was the point, what was the purpose, why another failed relationship? I really don’t know the answers to these questions, but there are always pieces that God allows me to see in the moment and others retrospectively that give some help in understanding. For those other reasons I cannot see, well it is an opportunity to continue to trust and believe that He will fulfill all of His promises.

  48. Chrystal, always a joy to read your devotionals. My “no” is healing from chronic back pain. After 2 surgeries and many treatments, the pain is still there. My problem is that I can’t see any good coming from it. It affects everything I do and is hard to not feel discouraged after 10 years of suffering. There is not one doubt in my mind that God can heal me thus it’s hard to see this is His best for me. I still remain in hope that healing will come soon.

  49. Thank you for this devotional message. It truly speaks to my heart today. I was given a no answer just last week that surprised me, but was definately an answer to my prayer to God for guidance and direction regarding a medical test I was scheduled to have. I clearly got the message that now was not the time for this test, and was disappointed, but totally accepting of the answer and ready to wait for what was next. Some friends were so consoling for the unexpected change of events, and I explained my prayer and acceptance of the answer. They still doubted my understanding of this change in events, and encouraged me to try another way to get insurance to approve the test. Thank you for confirming my confidence in God’s hand in this and in everything in our lives. If I do need to have this test, He will orchestrate the time that is right for this to happen. I fully trust His direction, and thank Him for the no answer for this and the yes answer for the wonderful trip my husband and I have planned to attend Jubilee with our church seniors group next week. I believe we will gain a much needed spiritual uplift from this trip. God is good, all the time, even in the no answers that mean yes to something better for us and/or those whose lives we touch.

  50. My Fiance wanted to be a police officer for many years and tried out for each department in our area. He wanted what he did for a living to mean something and to help people… He was never selected and never understood why since he was always out front on every trial. He’s very intelligent and decided to apply for PA school to work in the field of medicine. He was accepted and has completed his first year! God said no so that something better could come his way…

  51. I have been told no on many occasions this past year but I try to see the positive. I always try to figure out what He wants me to learn from this and how it had made me grow. It’s not always easy but I feel comfort when I do this. He wants what’s best for us.

  52. This devotion spoke straight to my heart today. What an awesome reminder of God’s love and how He is so faithful. I needed this so much.

  53. Thank you all for standing together with encouraging posts as we lock arms together with God as a shield to ward off the fiery darts of satans attacks. …& Florence do you know the title of that hymn? It is not familiar to me . Thanks.

  54. Linda Haich says:

    This devotion could not have come at a better time. You see, my husband of 37 years left me for another woman in February, after starting an affair 6 months previously. I have been praying for God to turn his heart back to me, as even now with a divorce looming in 2 weeks, I would consider reconciliation. but God has said “NO”. There is a reason for this, I believe. My soon-to-be ex is making extremely poor choices and God no longer wants him for me. He has something better planned. He is wading through my anger and hurt with me, and forcing me to be patient. So that’s what I’ll do!

  55. I have so much on my plate that is VERY hard for me to manage. I always turn to God for his hand and I often don’t know if He is with me or not. Grad school (2 yrs down 1 to go) is VERY hard. I am not keeping up well. I have children I am raising and trying to bring in some money along the way. I made this choice as I haven’t been in the “real world” workforce as I have been a stay at home mom running a business that brings in little money. So I NEED grad school to finish a degree that will bring me a career I can rely on. I have longed for human companionship from a man that I could one day marry. After two years of trying to be in the dating world I met a man who was right there all along at church. He is in a different season of life than I with a divorce longer behind him with a life very used to being managed alone. Being a mother my life is managed based on my children’s needs and I never regarded my own. I asked God to ONLY send a man that is someone who is marriage potential. When I finally realized this man might be the one I stopped turning him down. We developed into a relationship, but he still had a hard time wanting our seasons of life to blend together. It made me put the relationship before school so I could “prove” that I had time for him. School suffered and so did my faith even though we prayed together and did our best to have a Christ centered relationship. After the turmoil of not passing a required class that I will have to repeat and graduate late (when it was already too long of a program to begin with) I lost all hope in everything. I questioned the relationship, the decision to complete this degree, the painful lifestyle it requires of me, a child who wants all my attention, and had no confidence in anything…even the smallest decision of what to make/get for dinner. I chose to subtract the relationship from the equation. We BOTH questioned all along if us meeting was for friendship or more. Now with a breakup we question that same thing…are we meant to get back together or just stay friends? I WANT God’s Plan to be that He meant we were to be in a relationship. We both want our lives Christ-centered. He is wonderful with my daughter who loves him too. We have enjoyed our adventures and fun times both the two of us and three of us…and yet I am still not done with school. I have another year to go. I can barely envision surviving today let alone another year of this curriculum. And I don’t understand what God is even saying..what is he saying Yes to and what is He saying No to? I don’t get Him.

    • brigy@coralwave.com says:

      WOW! Simply, I sincerely say this . . . .When you cannot trace God, just trust him. Leave it all entirely up to God. Go back to school, despite the long time. It will surely be worth it in the end. Trust God!

  56. This devotional could not have been more spot on to what I’m feeling today. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 6 months. This morning was another negative pregnancy test. I’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs with this struggle. I know God has a plan for us, and He has a plan for my already beautiful family with my husband to expand into something even greater – be that be through our own child, through an adopted child, or even taking the neighbors kids under our wings. I often pray Sarah’s prayer in 1 Samuel 2. Instead of begging God for a child and asking why we aren’t pregnant yet, I try and focus on thanking Him for the beautiful family he has in store for us. However, after another negative test this morning, I was feeling very discouraged. I even told my husband, “I wish God would just tell us ‘Yes, you’re pregnant!’, or at least give us some indication of when we might expect it!” Then I opened up my email and read this. I’m writing this comment as I have tears flowing from my eyes. I needed this reminder. God is saying yes! There is a child, who is perfect for us, waiting to be conceived, or waiting to be found. I know God is saying yes to us. I will spend the rest of the day thanking Him for His yes, and asking for peace and patience while we wait for that yes revealed.

    • brigy@coralwave.com says:

      May God bless and strengthen you, if God did it for Sarah in her old age, he is more than capable in doing
      something great in your life. Is anything to hard for God? Nope! Stand firm and wait and seethe salvation of the Lord . . . .I am blessed with two beautiful children, Don’t mind sharing them with you, LOL!
      Be forever encouraged!
      Bridgette, The Bahamas

  57. brigy@coralwave.com says:

    For every “‘NO”‘ Lord I give you thanks, despite it hurts and the waiting process seems very long. At the end of the day, you know exactly what is best for me. For every No there is certainly a much better yes . . . .I LOVE YOU

  58. At this point in my life I don’t believe that God is telling me no. I believe he is telling me wait. I am a new believer. The past few months have felt like a tornado. I don’t need to go into detail, because I feel that God already knows my trials at this point in my life. I believe that he has a plan for me and my family. He is in control of our future. He is preparing us for something great I don’t know what it is yet, but I have learned to trust in God. To understand that I am not meant to know right now, this instant. He isn’t saying no to my prayers, He is telling me to wait. My response to him is simple, trust. Trusting him and I will see. This devotional is teaching me patience. I am to learn patience. Patience to become a strong and loyal Christian. To believe that I am a Kingdom Woman,as you will, and that I am loved by God.

    • Ok Erica,
      I TOO will wait and understand that God is preparing me for what is BEST. Having patience after YEARS of waiting is the toughest request God has made of me. I will continue to TRUST GOD…as we are always chanting in vacation bible school to all the children. I will wait today and then tomorrow I will retrain myself to wait again…its a day to day struggle.

  59. Thank you! I was there for years after my dad died – a perpetual state if stress & waiting for the other shoe to drop. Only recently I’ve come to realize I was making God out to be something he was not – in essence by my attitude I was making him out to be a liar. I believed with my whole heart I could do anything but for some reason those promises weren’t for me….suffice it to say, many hard years. But God is faithful & never gives up on us!! Thanks again for the message

  60. Being in a military family, your lives are by order of the service. Recently my son in law got word that the family would be moving to PA. But he had not received the official orders to go. His wife my lovely daughter started to prepare for the move. But as time moved forward no official orders came. This frustrated her. She cried out and asked God “why the hold up?” After weeks of waiting and wondering God answered her in a way she was not expecting. She read a news article that in the area they were going to move, several counties were in lockdown because of a man who was going to start doing mass murders. They would have been right where it was happening. So God’s delay may just have been to save them from this man. Thank God for delays and saying no for our good.

  61. Robin Harpell says:

    I have been a single mom for 16 years. I would love companionship and a friend to grow old with but it has not played out that way. I wonder why?
    Is there something wrong with me? Confidence is not my strong suit, but I just don’t feel it is in my cards. God has a plan for me, a plan to prosper me. So, I turn off the part of me that wants companionship and focus on raising my child. I remind myself it is in his time not mine.

  62. My husband and I tried for several years to have a child, and wanted one for many years. Throughout my infertility God has been there working even when I didn’t feel it. He took away those feelings of inadequacy and continues to because I couldn’t provide a child for my husband. God recently changed our no to yes this year by leading us to adoption and putting that call on our hearts. There are so many children out there without homes. We are excited about the future life we will have with the child God has for us!

  63. olga Quiros says:

    Thank You Crystal for sharing this.It is the best way to respond to God when He says NO But I Do something different I always Keep my Faith Up even with tears in my eyes .I believe HE can do Everething and I believe that if we insist even if He say NO He will Answer our prayer. Nothing is Impossible for Him and the test I think is to keep our Faith Up even if we dont see an earthly way to be possible. According to your Faith be unto You Matt 9:29 May the good Lord be with You Crystal

  64. Crystal, I’m a widow. My husband entered Heaven a year and a half ago. Please pray for me that IF and only IF it is God’s perfect will, God will provide another Christian husband for me to finish life with. I want a strong Christian man who loves God with all his heart, mind, and soul……and one who would love my 5 Chihuahuas as well. Yes, I know that’s a lot to ask, but then we have a big God, don’t we! Thank you for your prayers.

  65. Estelle Seeley Harrison says:

    When I read your devotional today, it was just what I needed. It reminded me of the time in 2009 when I was told that I had breast cancer. It meant I would lose my job, and what about the addicts I counseled? How would we live on my husband’s salary? Why was this happening?
    Then, after much despair – I remembered a WOFaith speaker’s comment: ‘God is good, in all things, give thanks to Him in all things!’ I was able to calm down & know that God would make good out of what looked bad.
    Thanks so much for reminding me!

  66. This devotional spoke to my heart because it says something I already know – that even in our dark places, and especially when we don’t understand, God has a plan. He always uses hurt and pain to grow us in his glory. My husband & I struggled with infertility for nearly two years, two long years of pain & shame, two long years of unanswered prayers and monthly hurt. Those two years hurt and strengthened our marriage. They hurt & tenderized my heart. I hated the pain, but am so grateful for the growing up it created in my heart and marriage. After almost two years, I opened my hands and poured out my hurt and anger to God. Little did I know I was already pregnant! I am currently chasing our 8 month old miracle out of dog bowls ☺ I know it doesn’t happen like that for everyone, and my heart hurts for the mamas above who have experienced much more loss and hurt than me. You will be in my prayers, I also recommend a book called Hannah’s hope. It doesn’t fix it, but it did allow me to fully open my heart to Jesus.
    So while I can see how a no has turned my heart, and gave me an incredible yes, I have trouble seeing that in the pain and loneliness of the abusive family I grew up in. Thank you, Crystal, for the reminder that God is Good. My prayer instead of why, is help me see the good. Help me want to see the good & not the bitterness. Help me to want Your heart even when it hurts.

  67. I am going through a divorce. My faith is strong, but lately, the arrows have been flying, and my faith took a few hits. It is really hard when you are getting a “no” from God, when you so desperately want a yes, and feel like the lies and deceit from the other side are “winning.” God has been so good through this all. My faith has grown, God’s provision has been immeasurable. Your devotion today really hit me right where it needed to. I know that his “no’s” are leading to his glorious “yes” and I am desperately hanging in there. I just really needed someone to put into perspective for me. Thank you!

  68. Thank you so much for “When God Says No.” Perspective and truth make all the difference in keeping our thoughts true, excellent and praiseworthy, and your article is so helpful! I had never thought about God’s yes in this way, thank you for letting God use you to give us encouragement.

  69. Kimberly Smith says:

    This was an awesome devotion! It’s so hard for some people to accept No from God sometimes, including myself. Your illustration was right on point!

  70. Thank you so much for this devotional! This really hit home for me because I’m struggling with a “no” in a few areas in my life right now. But God! This devotional really touched my spirit and I thank you for it!

  71. Arianna Hulshof says:

    My husband got a job through the Burlington police and we were thrilled! But shortly after he was hired, he was let go. It was very hard for us and we didn’t understand why God would give him this job if He was just going to take it away, but we we put our trust in God, knowing that He would provide for us. After a month of searching for a new job, he was hired by a much smaller and more relaxed police department which was exactly what my husband needed! So in the end, God knew what He was doing and He had a better job in store for my husband. God’s plan is always better than our own!

  72. Maria D'Amico says:

    Thank you so much for your devotion and prayer. My husband and I are going thru a rough time. Our home in NC hasnt sold and no one can think why? I also had to quit my job to move to AZ and havent been able to find work. Then I applied to NC for unemoployment and the at first said yes and then 4 wks later declined me. So we have been up and down. Your devotion and prayer was like God speaking to me. It brought me to tears again thank you. |Maria D’Amico

  73. I courted a Brother in Christ for almost 2 years. I asked God during our courtship if he was the guy he had for me to marry; Gods response to me was wait & see. I did just that. The Brother & I went our seperate ways & he turned his back on Christ; going back to a sinful life. I thank God for his ‘No’ it kept me from a life of unhappiness.

  74. well on more then one occasion marriage was a possiblity but it never worked out so i took this as Gods no. i thought i would be a mom, but the no was best because i really wanted a healthy family because mine was filled with abuse. God knew the relationships would have not worked bc there were outside forces pulling my future marriage apart. i later found out the reason, i was not ready and the person had a secret life and we probably would have gotten a divorce. So that was really a yes to a better situation for me even tho the no at first i didnt understand. Also death sometimes i wanted healing for self and others but God knew the future had He said yes, it would be more suffering and loss so His no spared me more sorrow and the yes was to eternity with Him, even though the no was disappointing. lastly school God said no to a particular situation i was mad but He knew i had an interest in music and to pursue this track wouldve meant id have to forsake that plan. God knew what was best for me even if i didnt know.

  75. Thank you for the reminder that God’s no is God’s yes to His best. My husband is battling cancer. The doctors have not given us much hope. Our hope is in the Word of God not the Word of man. We continue to pray for healing. My husband says that healing will come either here on this Earth or in heaven. My husband also says that if he leaves this Earth before me to remember that he will see me later on that same day because there is no night in heaven. Heaven is God’s best.

  76. Wow this has really hit me this morning. I kept this email, didn’t read it yesterday because I “didn’t have time” and am now thinking maybe it was a good thing. I don’t know if it would have impacted me had I not experienced yesterday first. I teach 1st grade, and some of my kiddos aren’t always cooperative right away 😉 I get so frustrated because they can be very disrespectful and say NO! to me. But if I think of their NO as a way of God saying “Yes, this kid isn’t getting the love they need…this is your chance now,” oh how much more fulfilled will I be. That surely will do much more positive impact on a child than me showing my frustrations. Thank you Lord for sharing this with me today. Your timing truly is always right on time 🙂

  77. Carol Melendrez says:

    This word was just right for me . For the past 4 years my husband and I have been trying to have a baby and no success we’ve heard it all from everyone just stop trying and it will happen lol at this point all we do is just try and yes there are days where we feel defeated and like maybe God overlooked are blessing but I know that these lies are exactly what the enemy wants me to believe. I am so thankful that I read your devotional this morning it really touched my heart and really opens me up to see that just because God hasn’t brought us our miracle child does not mean that he is not going to bless us. It just gets hard because when you see other people having children or be blessed in ways that you you wish it with you in that place but I am so thankful to know that I haveto be patient which is it that easy for me at times and to be thankful that God has me here for me and my husband for a reason thank you once again for this devotional for it was exactly what I needed (;

  78. Several years ago I applied for a $6000 scholarship to get my Master’s degree in International Education. I did not receive the scholarship and I couldn’t understand why because I felt I had all the necessary qualifications. I was not happy and asked God why I didn’t get it. About a year later, I changed teaching jobs and needed to get more education so I could be more qualified in the area I was teaching. I began taking a Master’s class and found out that there was a grant I could apply for. I applied and I was awarded the grant. In the end, 3/4 of my Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction was paid for through a federal grant (about $18,000). God definitely knows what He is doing and I was so grateful He told me “No” the first time. It was a much better degree for my teaching position and a lot more of the Master’s degree was paid for. I just had to be patient. As it states in Jeremiah 29:11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”(NIV) And God has said “No” multiple times since then too. But I know God has better plans…

  79. Thank you for the encouraging devo! It was a great reminder to praise God in all circumstances no matter how it looks. one thing my husband and i have learned a lot latley in our faith walk with God is that God most definitely answers our prayers but its often in a different way n timing than what we think. His thoughts and ways are truly different than our own.

  80. For the passed two years almost my husband and i have been serving God full time outside of a conventional job trusting God fully for all of our provisions and needs and He has met them all! His way and timing of meeting them has often looked different than what we expected at times but He has always provided and He always will! He is a faithful loving Father. were in one of those times right now:) i often feel like Abraham . God has instructed my husband and i that its time to move out of our appartment and to move elsewhere but He has not yet revealed as to where that will be. So out of faith and obedience we have prepared our field by packing it all up and Monday morning we will pack up our van n then wait for Gods instruction as to where were going next! Never a dull moment in our journey with Christ! That verse you shared on how God gives us good thinfs because he loves and cares for us was such a good reminder for me that even though i don’t know where we are going yet ,i know its coming from Gods hand so it will definitely be good even if its not what i would have expected! We should expect great things from God!!! I love the security and total peace that comes from following God no matter where He calls! Thanks again for sharing this devo so needed it! Thank you Jesus for how He used and worked through your son to encourage us all! Please thank him for me for being the hands and feet of Jesus that have touched so many! God bless!

  81. A ministry that I’ve been sacrificing for and working on for nearly for years is not thriving. I believe God is saying no but I do not know why… yet. I may never know this side of heaven but I am learning to trust God’s goodness regardless of what I see. You’ve heard the analogy of us being on the tattered and ugly side of the tapestry while God is diligently working from the other side, making a beautiful and GOOD work? I know He loves me and His no is for His good work.

  82. No. I haven’t seen a “no” come from God. . . .because. . . I don’t pay attention. I have a handful of things I stress about. Gym time, what I eat that day, my relationship with my hus-friend, my son & his getting to be a tween’er & how can God can still love me after failing nearly every day. I’m positive there were plenty of “no’s” along the road to where I am now. I just didn’t pay attention & probably wrote them off as unanswered prayers. No bueno. SO. . .this day & forward I WILL PAY better attention to what I’m being told. Maybe like the hopes I have for my tween’er, we will BOTH eventually get it.

  83. I’ve been asking God for a home of my own but I guess its not my time yet I’ve been living with someone since 2011 I have been tested in so many ways. Before I started to read today’s devotion I was praying for God to release me from this situation and then bam confirmation I must wait on him when he says I’m ready that’s when it’ll happen I have felt this very way for so long my heart aches

  84. I’ve been asking God for a home of my own but I guess its not my time yet I’ve been living with someone since 2011 I have been tested in so many ways. Before I started to read today’s devotion I was praying for God to release me from this situation and then bam confirmation I must wait on him when he says I’m ready that’s when it’ll happen I have felt this very way for so long my heart aches….Sad all the time

  85. On Jan.21,2014 God said no,. to my request of me and my sweet dear husband of 30 years, growing old together.
    He took him, suddenly home to heaven without warning. However, I know that He will not leave me or forsake me as I have experienced these last 8 months. He has given me two beautiful daughters-and an army of angels to love and help us through this trial! I cannot trace His hand, but I choose to trust His heart. He gave me 30 incredible years with the love of my life! I know He will see me through and His “No” is for our good. Please pray for me and my daughters. Thank you.

  86. Dearest Meran, my heart goes out to you, your husband, and your family. I have never experienced the loss of a child as a mother but I have grieved the loss of 3 precious grandchildren. My daughter experienced 3 miscarriages and I felt the loss of each so painfully. While God has blessed her and her husband with three precious daughters (ages 5,3,and almost 3 months),I still think often of our 3 little treasures in heaven and look forward to meeting them some day. I thank God that I will never have to worry about their salvation because they belong to Jesus. God took them to a place that is safe with Him and I grew to be able to thank Him for that. God bless and keep you and remember that God’s story is not finished.

  87. Wendy Bronson says:

    We had guardianship of a 16 year old girl that we thought would be our daughter forever. She instead turned our lives upside down. We lost her & were devistated. But through all that God strengthened our marriage in a way He never has before. God is good all the time, in the storm & on the mountain top!

  88. This devotion is just another confirmation to the many others I have received. I keep praying and praying that God will give me a new job. This is my 12th year as a teacher, and I am ready to call it quits. I have been asking the Lord over and over for a different position, a different school, a different anything. And the answer has been no each time. In the past few months, I’ve heard sermons on faithfulness, Bible studies on “dwelling” and “cultivating” where you are, and I still don’t want to believe that this is God’s answer to me right now. But thank you giving me a different perspective on this. This no is setting me up for a future yes because He loves me and has plans to give me a hope and a future.

  89. I have been struggling with the decision should I stay in school while juggling 3 small children, working part time, and a husband working nights. I have felt that I should drop school to allow me the time with my family and home, but I feel like I failed if I drop school after this semester. I have been stressed and worn out for quite a while. I feel like it is ok to receive a no for college right now.

  90. thank you for this. i read it when it was originally posted and searched for it online to read it once more today.

  91. Again you hit the nail right on the head, at least my head. Did not read until today/ 10/31/2014. This was exactly when I needed to read it. God is so awesome. He always gives us what we need.

  92. My “NO’ answer came when I prayed and prayed for my husband to go to counseling with me so that our marriage would continue. I so wanted my 3 daughters to have their father because my father left when I was one year old. We were divorced in 1994. But, God knew what I needed! In 1995, I met my husband. He is wonderful. We have been together 19 years!
    When one door closes, God opens another – better.

  93. I am struggling with my no right now. After 17 years of marriage I got divorced and met a man that I thought was the one for me. He is in the navy. I thought he was god fearing, a family man, financially stable, mature. We dated for a year and a half with no commitment. During this time, I prayed, I begged God. I would cry, pray, aND fast asking for this man. A on 2/23/14. He told me that he didn’t want a relationship and probably never wanted to get married, he was fine being alone and happy with his life the way that it was. Although I heard God’s no, long before this. I am devastated! My soul hurts. I’m angry and alone. I’m lost and grieving. I know that God does all things for our good but this is hard for me. Every day that we don’t speak is a struggle. I’m holding on to God. I’m praying for comfort in my pain and asking God to give me the strength to move forward. No is hard to accept. It’s harsh and definite. I wanted to beg, plead and bargain. I tried negotiating with God. Getting angry with God, withholding my prayers and now I’m just exhausted. I’m like a child that has thrown a tantrum and is laying on the floor waiting to be picked up by her father and put to bed. I know greater days will come and this shall pass. I’m just trying to keep the faith, trust in God and walk in righteousness. I love you God, please pick me up because I am tired. Amen.

  94. I’m also struggling to accept “No” I too pleaded,begged, waited, got angry and bargined with God and my ex, for restoration and reconciliation. I had never experienced this kind of love and relationship and did everything to make us happen…after 1 major fight, He was done, moved on, and didnt look back, (I wonder if he took God with him). I too like an exhausted toddler, am tired and waiting to be picked up of the floor.

  95. Thank you so much for Sharing your testimony. I’ve prayed and cried and worked hard for 3 years towards a calling that God placed over my life. This is the second no I’ve gotten and I was distraught yesterday when I got my rejection letter. After reading this I feel a lot better. I may not know what’s going on but I can trust that If God said no he has something better in mind for me. God bless you !

  96. notabride says:

    well it hasnt happened so today its a no but I believe God has said or maybe saying no to marriage. not sure because I have the desire a strong desire even after all this time gone past. its really hard to accept. Really bc my life has been so difficult the idea of being alone and struggling till I die makes me extremely bitter at God. like after all ive giving up and endured for you. you cant even do this one this I ask. hmph. im trying to lay it down bc it makes life feel so unjust but I suppose God is good and maybe I dont need anything else. I dont know. but the yes hes saying id sure like.to know why me? I dunno

  97. Well i have to say,that i don’t know whether God is good or not,because He read my heart and mind, and i’m suffering right now,because of what i asked from God to give me the thing that i extremely needed wasn’t answered by Him,so since 2004 to present time i’m suffering ,if He really said no,He was supposed to give me other alternative,but he didn’t,i really don’t understand about this.

  98. There was a brother in church that I had a crush on. He was active in the ministry and attractive, seemed right to me. I prayed that he would notice me but he never did. God later confirmed that he was not the one for me but I did not want to accept that. “Why not Lord? He’s a good guy”. One day after church, when I was feeling extremely sad about the entire situation and this guy not paying attention to me, I went out to dinner with a sister from church, who I was now living with due to financial difficulty. And wouldn’t you know, she began to confide in me about all the problems she and this guy were having in their relationship. I couldn’t believe it! I’m thankful that God protected me from getting involved with him. I’m so thankful that even though I didn’t like God’s answer, I didn’t approach this young man. I’m sure there’s no way she would have allowed me to live with her had I been trying to date her man. He had problems, like all of us do, but I was blinded by the “He must be great because he goes to church” thoughts. And because of my past relationship, I know I would not have been able to handle his issues. I’m still single but now I realize that God’s way is better. I’m single because this is where He needs me to be right now.

  99. Confirmation thank you jesus

  100. So, I googled “understanding why God says no” and landed on this page. The comments alone are enough to put my perspective in order. Can’t thank you enough for listening to God and putting this in writing. You have changed my perspective and my attitude. Many thoughts and prayers for the others who took the time to comment and share as well. My not understanding is now okay. Through the many things I haven’t understood, I do know that God is with me always and I will kneel before him someday in love an adoration, regardless to what I have understood.

  101. Thank you so much for being obedient to write this. You were clearly directed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    I needed this so much this morning. I had laid a “fleece” before the Lord to get an answer from Him about a dream I have had and have been working on for the past 11 years. The answer which came through that test was no. I was devastated, but praised Him for the answer. Yet, I still have this dream deep within my soul and do not feel led to give it up. I have asked Him many time to remove it from my if it were not from Him, but it grows stronger. I was so confused when that answer came, but now, after reading this, feel a confirmation that it is okay to press on with what I am doing, knowing that God will send help to me when it is His timing and His perfect will.

    God bless you and thank you again for writing this!

  102. Hello Everyone, My Name is Gina from California. My life is restored for good. I want to share to the world on how Almighty Prophet Iyare Helped me reunite my marriage. To cut the long story short, after 2 years of break up with my Husband with no phone calls or email messages. when i read about great Prophet Iyare I decided to contact him in his @iyareyaresolutiontemple@gmail. com because I saw so many testimonies of his help in the the internet. so i contacted him for help. to my greatest surprise, 3 days after i contacted him my Husband called me and started begging for forgiveness,at first I shed tears because I was shocked! i am now a happy woman with a beautiful baby girl. all thanks to Prophet Iyare. if you need his help to get any of your problems solved just contact him at @iyareyaresolutiontemple@gmail. com his help is assured and guaranteed.

  103. Jen Thurston says:

    but that does NOT pay my bills! I know I’m a Sinner & I KNOW my problems are MINE, I created them. I could throw in my negative upbringing or my current state of Health, I could even start talking about the abuse I faced at Seven yrs old…on & on. Its not a matter of me deserving or Not deserving, its about How can ANY plan of ‘God’s’ start with the fact Humanity, the same Humanity that GOD Started, Has Rape of Babies??! I’ll never ever understand or even TRY to understand How God’s Plan for you or me or anyone alive today, STARTSS with, “You will born on Earth, where evil humans rape babies…but my Plan for you is Good”!????
    I have Zero Choice KNOWING there is a God. but like in the bible, ME knowing & praying & talking &Praising God/Jesus/Holy Spirit all day, everyday…I KNOW Jesus died for me & my Rapist & I will be so overcome w/Tears of Joy to see my rapist in Heaven!! see? I have no choice to Believe or KNOW but God gets to choose. They say all you have to do to be Saved is say that Prayer. then they say Well you have to read the bible you have to understand it the right way. in the bible over & over it talks about God’s Chosen Ones, as Chosen by God! so no matter how much I believe or know or try…I could STILL NEVER BE CHOSEN BY GOD!! I just survived my 2nd Heart Attack, I’m already on Disability, I live on $16 a month in food stamps & $882 in disability, I rarely drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs & am 50yrs old w/Horrid Credit & I NEED MONEY today yesterday….its just freakn money, please see my giveforward.com page type in my name Jennifer Thurston & even if the only thing you can give me is Constructive Criticism on HOW to get ANYone to HELP me pay these bills??! why God does NOT want me, likes me being bad ugly evil = I am NOT nor will I EVER be Chosen By God!
    please see my giveforward.com type in my name Jennifer Thurston & see if you can Help me! even a little bit. Will add up!! Thank you and Blessings!

  104. I hated God…for a long time..because he killed my husband…because I knew I was praying loud enough for him to hear me…and yet he said no…I walked around a ugly,godless widow for 5 years…years past and I would curse him still….then I met a new love who gave me our daughter…and I was transformed that’s when I knew that even “NO” was an answer…that God was great enough to take my anger my daughter will be 2 this week and I still free guilt for hate….the first time I felt my daughter flutter in my belly I understood his love. I’m working on forgiving myself

  105. I prayed and fasted and I knew, as always that my Father would respond. AND I heard the voice of my friend’s 3 year old daughter that woke me up from my sleep saying ” Mama! GOD IS REFUSING! I was so disappointed. I knew that God is saying “NO” to my prayers.

    I began to go through the Internet searching for forums where women and men share their disappointed in God. I learn that God says “No” because he is saying “Yes” to something better. I am holding on to prayer awaiting for his “Yes”

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