When Lies Take Your Heart Captive

When Lies Take Your Heart Captive

October 25, 2016

“We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5 (ESV)


Tolerable. This coffee will have to do today. I knew I was beyond the point of hoping for a better brew as I grabbed the Styrofoam cup and pushed the button on the coffee machine in the hospital waiting room.

I swirled an unusual amount of creamer and the contents of several tiny yellow packets into my cup and sipped twice before making my way back to my chair.

My daughter snuggled close as I wrapped one arm around her and held my lukewarm, barely tolerable cup of brown water at a distance. We were waiting, once again, for tests we prayed would give us solid answers. We were also waiting for the sun to come up; I wasn’t sure either was going to happen today.

My mind ran backward over days and weeks of discovering and managing her chronic illness. The intensity had been relentless. To top it off, I was worn thin from being awake all night and fighting a raging battle in my heart. The conversation went something like this:

How could you not know she was sick? What can I do to fix it? A good mom would know the answers. What is wrong with you?

I returned to the present moment when our name was finally called, and soon a group of nurses settled my daughter in pre-op. With a few seconds to breathe, I looked at my phone, which seemed like a safe place to rest my eyes. I was surprised to see multiple messages from friends.

First I heard Liz’s voice.

“Stacey, I believe the Lord wants me to tell you right now, ‘You are a good mom.’”

My hand went to my mouth and I lowered my head in disbelief. How did she know I needed to hear these exact words in this moment? I bit my lip to keep from dissolving into an ugly cry. It worked — barely. She couldn’t have known the enemy was ambushing my heart, working to convince me I should win the award for worst mom of the year.

Other lies had piled on as well. The accuser lied that my mess was too much for my friends … and too much for Jesus too.

While a current was pulling me under and away from shore, Liz’s words pulled me out and brought me in just in time. When I stopped to consider what she said, the Lord reminded me that even though I was tempted to hide in the middle of my fresh-out-of-amazing moment and let the enemy take my heart captive, Jesus was not having it. My mess was not too much for Him. He was right there with me the whole time.

And my friends? They were loving and supporting me as well.

I may not know what the future holds with my daughter’s chronic illness, but as we continue to make slow progress, I will hold these powerful truths close to my heart.

“Maybe you can relate on some level.” Do you think your mess is too much for Jesus? Are you wrapped in a bunch of lies about your own inadequacies that weigh you down and wear you out?

Can I encourage you with this thought? Jesus doesn’t sit across the table from you or me saying the situation is beyond His pay grade. He leans in close, looks into our eyes, and says, “I will not cast you off, sweet girl. Not ever.”

Jesus is our patient friend. Sometimes He speaks boldly through our sisters in Christ. Other times, He speaks directly to us with truth from His Word. Either way, when you’re tempted to believe one lie, or maybe three, charge back with God’s truth instead.

Every thought. Every emotion. Every lie. Take them captive to obey Christ. Replace them with truth. When we do, they have no chance.

Dear God, nothing is impossible for You. Thank You for speaking words of truth over our hearts in the most loving and compassionate way. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 147:5, “Our LORD is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power. He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure.” (VOICE)

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What lies do you believe? How can you charge back with specific truth from God’s Word?

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  1. Maya Pearl says:

    Wow! Just what I needed to hear today ❤

    • Kelly Gootee says:

      Thank you for this word, just what I needed to hear❤️

    • I’m currently going through a very similar situation with my daughter. Some of those thoughts have been racing through my own mind.
      But God’s voice IS louder and He knows every thought, hurt, cry for help, worry, and fears that we have. Its not a coincidence that your friend
      sent you that very message you needed to hear, God knew and used her to speak the truth and to let you know you weren’t alone. So thankful to have friends and fellow mommas so that we may encourage one another and lift one another up in Christ’s name. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us that God is bigger!❤

    • This is what I needed today too. I have a chronic illness as well so don’t give up. Keep visiting new doctors until they help. It will happen. I have been very down and out about many things but I need to keep in my mind that Jesus is so good and my Lord and savior won’t give up on me!!

    • I needed this today although it was yesterday’s. I myself is dealing with a teenage boy with a chronic illness that he has had since he was six pretty much non compliant right now and bitter at the world. I feel as if in some way I should be able to help. Don’t get me wrong I’m trying I’m just tired. I’m guilty because I’m tired and feel maybe if I would have done something different he wouldn’t be this way.

    • Good word!

  2. I so needed this today. I am spent. I have so much that had to be done and so little left. My husband isn’t a believer we have 3 kids. I’m a stay at home mom… For now. Our youngest is 2, middle child is 7 and our oldest is 10. He is autistic. He is very destructive. Broken windows, doors, walls. All of our dishes. He has OCD,adhd, and an anxiety disorder as well. He, on a daily basis, can be impossible. I try to do it all and am left so weary. I am strong, but I am tired. I believe this book could help me. ~Crystal~

    • Mary in NH says:

      Crystal, I’m praying for you and your boy. And for your other kids and husband.

    • I’m praying for you, Crystal…and for your son. My son has autism as well. I see the frustration and anger in him when he feels he can’t express himself adequately. When he was in public school, his anger was much worse. Teasing and bullying is worse now than when I was in school. All of those emotions bottled up will eventually explode. Unfortunately, the angrier they get, the more they really just need to be loved and accepted. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    • I can so relate to today’s topic, thank you for sharing! We have spent the last year in major upheaval with our teenage daughter’s life-changing medical diagnosis. Changing schools and friends, and the worst part was being ostracized by people in a Christian setting we thought were friends and mentors. Yet God is good and he replaced those relationships with new ones and led us to a better place to manage her illness. I have learned that he will be wherever he leads you to, especially the scary and unknown.

      • Ginger Kraft says:

        WOW, this message spoke to the depths of my heart! I went through heartwrenching divorce nearly 4 years ago after almost 32 years of marriae. I now fully understand after reading this devotion that I have accepted & believed lies that satan fed me!! By God’s grace & love I know differently and have victory!! Thank you Lord Jesus! ?

    • Praying for you today Crystal.

    • Marjorie Hilbourn says:


      I am praying for you as well – sister!!! God come over Crystal and give her peace in these super tough moments that are a consistency in her life. Dear Lord and we especially ask you to speak to her husband and let him know he is loved by the Living God!! Dear Lord – take Crystal under your wings and guide her through her days and nights and be with her 3 children and especially her son that is living with autism. Dear Lord – you and only you know each situation this family lives through – only you can bring comfort to the weary and your servant Crystal needs that comfort.

      Be with her – in YOUR NAME, AMEN!

    • Crystal, my heart goes out to you. I am go to pray specifically that God will put someone in your path to give you a reprieve. Someone that can share the care of your son. Someone to help carry your load. Angels come in all sorts of ways and I know God will provide just what you need. One of my favourite verses is Hebrews 11:1 “faith is the confidence of things hope for and the assurance of things unseen”. ❤️

    • I am praying for you, too, Crystal. Jesus IS with you!

    • Hang in there. I know the struggle of trying to be a great parent for all of the children’s needs can seem unbearable and impossible. I pray that you get a chance to rest and recharge. You’ll make it through with God’s help. Be blessed.

    • Jacklyn McCaskill says:

      Boom! That truth was like the key that unlocked the hope being held captive in my head! The lies Ive been tempted to believe stem out of our decision to homeschool this year and also feeling insecure in myself as a mom, wife. I totally relate to your article! It is
      vital that we take every thought captive and make it obey Christ!

    • Crystal, if I was close by you I would absolutely love to help you out!! I too am ocd, add, & have severe anxiety disorder, along with Lyme’s disease, fibromyalgia, had many a surgeris, and other health problems… But after many years of my illness, getting them some what under control, I started doing jobs with m.h.m.r., and nothing made me happier than working with special needs!! I felt like I semi fit in somewhere, and it touched my heart to put smiles on all those faces… Working with Alex AL needs requires a lot of patience but it is truly a gift!! 🙂 I am not able to work at this time which makes me sad as my health is not well at this time, but if you were close by, I would love to take some time, be your friend, and help you out!! It would be an honor!! Praying for you!! 🙂

      • I do believe God heals though!! Or I wouldn’t be hear today… So faith and Gods faith in you is what’s most important!! Never lose it!!

  3. Jan Hayford says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words!!!

  4. Jan Hayford says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words!!

  5. Yvette Reeder says:

    I would love to be encouraged as I was through this devotional!

  6. Tanya Fiori says:

    A great reminder that the word of God is the truth; and to turn to scripture when we feel the battle is waging in our mind, body, and soul with the enemy attacking us. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Rebecca Estes says:

    Can’t wait to read your book.

  8. This has been a difficult year. December 2015 and January 2016 I was very Ill from a rare reaction to some medication. In March my father was put into Hospice Care and is still dying, I found out my Grandaughter was molested, which caused me great pain and I’m taking care of my mother who has Dementia and is a widow. Grace, Grace, God’s Grace, If It wasn’t for Jesus, where would I be!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens m3.

  9. M McDonald says:

    Thank you!

  10. Nikia Rollins says:

    Thank you for the devotionals, they are always what I need to see in my darkest moments. God bless you!

  11. I feel never enough

  12. Amanda Murphy says:

    I so need this. ♡

  13. So relatable. my lies of having no value ,being unloveable and unacceptable haunt me daily to the point of wanting to inflict self harm but I have found that by writing my truths over my wrists I can have them daily as a reminder that I am not alone and I can do anything with Jesus right there with me.

    • You are loved and very special, there is only one you and there will never be another person who is as unique as you are.

  14. hannah ewins says:

    this came across my newsfeed right when i needed it most, thanks for sharing

  15. Exactly what I needed to hear this morning!

  16. Cesar E. Moran says:

    I thank you for this, what you do here makes a great impact! God bless you all.

  17. Pamela Campbell says:

    The biggest lie I struggle with is that if I try harder, I will be loved more. God says I am worthy. Jesus loves me, no matter what. There is His truth. ♡♡♡

  18. I recently was just told I have cerebral palsy. It is an extremely mild case. The lies I COULD believe are that I don’t have a chronic condition. But with God I know everything will be ok.

    • Definition of “chronic” – persisting for a long time or constantly recurring.

      You have a chronic condition. You have an eternal God: loving Father, Comforter and Best Friend. Bless your attitude, Laura!

  19. Kristen Kreuzwieser says:

    Thank you! Just like your friends’ words were so timely for you-if you only knew just how timely this was for me. I needed this. ❤️

  20. Fresh out of amazing sounds exactly how I feel as a teacher ? I want to be better at all the roles I have… a better mother, wife, teacher, daughter… but I am simply fresh out of amazing!

  21. Angel Needham says:

    I need that book!

  22. Here I was, thinking: I SHOULD GET THE AWARD FOR WORST MOM OF THE YEAR. Then I read, it is the enemy, Satan, putting these thoughts in my mind and misleading me. God is good all the time!

  23. Dear sisters in Christ
    Praying for everyone on these posts. When I read everyone speaking from their hearts now is the time to believe God is good and his promises are for us. Amen Amen and Amen

  24. ?The lie I have bought and sold to myself… I am a child of God but… it is too late… too late for my dreams, too late for the desires of my heart ❤️ that I have humbly submitted to God…The lie that I am a child of God but…it is over… I failed… Loser! Lysa TerKeurst says it so well… Cut the But and live in the knowledge of God’s word ? and his promises!?? Prayerfully Replace the But with God’s word?…I am a child of God and He has a plan for me. A plan to prosper me and not to harm me. Plans to give me hope and a future. ??(? Jeremiah 29:11?)

  25. Rebecca Dalton says:

    Such a good word for this weary mom!

  26. I am fresh out of amazing. There were hard weeks and months for our family. I want to trust what I see and at the same time there is fear deep inside of me. Yes, I need the Lord and his love for me and my family – my husband & my children!

  27. Tina Shorey says:

    These words…
    I am battling with PTSD and a divorce.
    Today was a day for giving up.
    Then your message appeared in my email.
    Thank you for hope.

    • I am praying for you. Please don’t feel alone. There are people who care about you even if you don’t know it! <3 My thoughts and prayers are with you, Tina!

  28. Jana Noonan says:

    I would love to read this book! God bless you!

  29. Sonia Moring says:

    ?????~ fresh out

  30. I sometimes believe the lie that that I’m insignificant or not liked by other people. One verse that has helped me to know that I am loved and I am significant to God is Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” This verse reminds me that the Lord has a plan for me and I am safe and secure in his presence.

  31. I have ben comforted and encouraged by the proves 31 ministry. This series about the lies we struggle with has been really encouraging. I deal with chronic illness at almost 70 years old and the encouragement to believe God is stronger than any illness comes hard sometimes. Take you for writing this!

  32. The silence voice, the whispering voice from the pit he’ll, all speaking lies to heart and mind , why because it’s the work of the enemy
    to try to the word of God from our heart, as believers, we much know our heart is a soil for the word of ml God

  33. Gloria Irving says:

    Lord this is my book and i am expecting to receive an email telling me so. Thank you Jesus for blessing me again. Amen.

    • God gives us what we need, not what we tell him we need. We have to be careful not to demand from God. He knows our needs even before we ask and He will provide in His time and in His way. ?

  34. I also like a verse from Joshua 1:9 which my son learned as his first memorized verse at 3 years old-“Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God will be with you Wherever you go. as I go through this illness journey, I need to remind myself that wherever I am, God is with me… forging a way before me, surrounding me with his love.

  35. Jamie Taylor says:

    Thank you for today’s word ~

  36. would love to get this book!

  37. Just what I needed to hear ??❤️

  38. Christina says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart.

  39. Thank you!

  40. Sara Ramirez says:

    God bless you all

  41. Kim Havron says:

    Such a beautiful testament, not only to God’s almighty power, but to the grace He extends us when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable. Just today we found out our 3 year old daughter would need another eye surgery to reattach her retina within 5 months of the first time she had the same surgery. One thought after another entered my mind until I was overcome with a helplessness that only a parent can know…the reality of our human inability to completely protect our child from suffering. This coming on top of both of my parents being hospitalized in the last month, one for triple bypass heart surgery and the other for the exhaustion experienced while enduring the illness of a loved one. We are also approaching the 5 year anniversary of my brother’s death. He was my only sibling and he died at the age of 25 on Christmas night at the hands of a drunk driver. It is easy to let the circumstances and injustices of life bog us down in the world, but we know we are not meant to be of this world. Instead we are being groomed for a greater profession, that of an eternal follower of Jesus Christ. The control freak in me wants to take the reigns and handle everything, but my heart reminds me that God is always in control and that He knows the plans He has for me, and my family. May God bless your daughter and your family and may the Lord shower all of you with His peace and grace as you navigate uncharted waters.

    “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NLT

    • I prayed for you and your daughter for peace, strength, and a successful surgery and recovery. One of my children also had a detached retina.

  42. What an amazing title I would love to read this book!!! Hope I win it or I will have to buy it!!! Thank you for your devotion today it spoke to my heart!!

  43. Maggie Smith says:

    I so need this!

  44. Maria Echeverria says:

    Reminded of God’s faithfulness! Learning to replace the lies of worthlessness to worthy…

  45. Jennifer Nixon says:

    I NEED to take my thoughts captive. These lies in my mind are tiring!!

  46. Andrea Williams says:

    I’m a true believer in God, but I struggle day to day with procrastination or fear. Fear of success and not knowing my true passion. Leads me into depression. Lost without a cause. I’d love to read your book. Hopefully it will give me the help I need.

  47. I want to be encouraged (:

  48. Thank you for this. I have a tendency to think I’m a terrible mom and if I had only done something different, the situation would be better, always blaming myself.

  49. Jan R Mayheu says:

    I need this encouragement right now.

  50. Thank you for this post. I’m currently in the beginning of a high risk pregnancy and love reminders of nothing is impossible for Our God. The frustration of the coming months spent In bed can be overwhelming!

  51. Grateful for to see today’s message at 1:27AM. Now I understand why I’m awake 4.5 hours past my bedtime.

  52. Kimberly LePore says:

    That sounds like something I need to read.

  53. Thanks for this Stacey!
    This is one of the most important truths we can learn from His Word, to take “every thought captive to Christ”.
    Bless you and praying for your daughter!

  54. Melissa Cain says:

    This sounds like an intriguing book and well timed!

  55. This post came at the perfect moment for me today. On my way to a doctors appointment God and I had a long talk and I had a good cry – pouring out my heart and asking Him to take my circumstances and help me through it. I had to turn it all over to Him.

  56. Ana Bruce says:


  57. Anxiety. Another sleepless night. I give it over to you Lord. Take the lies and replace them with Your truth. Thank you for loving me despite myself!

  58. Tori Bryant says:

    More than fresh out, I am stale out of amazing…its been a while

    • My thoughts exactly. I’ve been fresh out for so long it’s not fresh!! My 3 grown children remind me regularly how short I’ve fallen. It’s very painful. I can’t wait to get encouragement from this book. I loved the devotion today!

  59. Thank you for the reminder, don’t believe satans lies exchange them for Gods truth!

  60. Debbie Dodd says:

    Thank you so much for having this web page and all the important, priceless information. It is encouraging and motivated me to read my Bible. I need Jesus and I’m grateful for this site.

  61. Ann Marie Moreno says:

    Lies of failure circle around me constantly but I need to replace those lies with the truth that God sacrificed His son so that even though I may fail, I don’t have to be a failure.

  62. Would love to add this to my home library ❤️ Sounds like a book that will need to be read more than once ?

  63. Thank you for daily inspirations ! I know I have much more to give but need the confidence and power to stand up again …

  64. Amen. I needed this exact word today. I am at that place where i’m allowing the lies of the enemy to destroy me on the inside and it it causing conflict, negativity, distrust and heartbreak in my home right now. Pray I can tear out these lies and look past it to Jesus and his truth. It is a spiritual battle I’m not going to allow the enemy win or use to destroy me and my family. Pray for peace, wisdom and self-control in trying moments and situations.
    Thank you for this. God bless you.

  65. Yvonne Hinton says:

    Would love to have this book

  66. I was laying in bed when my phone went off and this came across this word of encouragement was exactly what I needed because I feel like I’m in more than one storm in my life right now, and I relate to everything that’s being said the enemy has had me believing that about my child my family and that all this is my fault. For the past two days God has just been sending me confirmation after confirmation that he is God and there is nothing to hard for him, and that all I got to do is give to him and God is going to work it out. There is nothing to hard for God.

  67. Karren Geary says:

    Everyone needs to hear an affirmation that you are not alone.

  68. Thank you for this word. It really touched me. I didn’t realize I was still blaming myself for moms transition. I took care of her full time for 7 years, she was my baby. My bother, a doctor, said I did very well with her care, I even received an award for my zest for being healthy and now it seems I am always sick. Not caring for myself as I did when she was alive. My friend told me I was a great mom even though I have no children…so your story really touched me. I must do better, God has a plan and another purpose waiting for me. May God bless, comfort and heal you and your child. Amen.

  69. Angela Lambert says:

    I needed this today thank you.

  70. Shannon Cullen says:

    Lord I often believe the lies I tell myself. I look ugly. I’m not good enough. I will never be up to par. I to often give in to the beliefs that I’ve learned here in my soulful existance. Lord now I’ve found my way back to you I ask you help me change my negative thinking. My entire thinking. Please help me to focus on you. On my bible studies. On my testimony. On leading others to you Lord! And Lord please, help me maintain my focus! In Jesus name I pray, Amen….

    I would love a copy of this book. I’m just coming back to faith. I went to church as a child and teen but then turned to a life of drugs. After a major battle with my health, I got clean and am blessed to have found God. I know Him to be so very real. I soak up everything I can. And this book would be a great add! It help change the lies I’ve told myself for years in addiction and further help in my recovery! It’s a blessing God sends the words for people to put together in books like this.

  71. Two Sundays back, several folk at church asked me about a situation I am in. I was unaware they knew & even more surprised that they were praying for me. However, after their Monday night prayer meeting, I saw a breakthrough begin. Praise God!

  72. Sylvia O'Bryant says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one feeling a certain way or the only one with a certain issue or downfall….I thank God for this email and how you shared true feelings that I can relate to and more importantly you shared Jesus’ words of hope and what He thinks of me…thank you!

  73. Cheryl Jackson says:

    Would love to receive this book. Sounds like it is exactly what I need!! Have a great week!! Much love!! ❤️

  74. I loved the statement about Jesus sitting across from us as we tell him our grief or struggle. He is never going to say back to us that there is nothing he can do. He is always here to help us through anything in this life he gave us. I also am encouraged by the fact that God does speak through people. Sometimes I ignore promptings to do things or say things to people. Who knows the impact God could have if I just do it or say it in faith?

  75. I was already crying before I read what Liz had to say. What a joy to know we have a father who sees, hears; an knows our every thoughts and desires. Thank you for this timely reminder. It is exactly what I needed to hear right now. God bless you Stacey.

  76. I surely would benefit greatly from this book. I would love to read it.

  77. This article was great, i took a moment to charge my phone before i started working and i saw i had a couple of messages, as i read the message on today’s devotional on lies, i sat down without hestitation tk read stacey’s story, being a mother of two children and a marriage that is crumbling, the lies that keep on ringing in my thoughts are ” that i will never amount to anything, how will i support my kids and get out of debt, will i ever see my mother or family again, (i live in the Netherlands through marriage, but i am from Africa), sometimes things get so overwhelming and i am tempted to listen to the lies that this is all too much for me, and thinking whether i will ever get out of the mess. So Thank you Stacey, cause i dis not read this is no coincidence, God used your situation to have His voice heard and to encourage other mothers that we are not alone and He Lets us know it on time .God bless you and may He continue to watch over you and your daughter,may you draw strength from Him. He uses our worst weaknesses and our simplest for His glory,power,greatnessand most of all love and faithfulness.in Jesus name Amen

  78. Estella Jefferson says:

    This book would really help my life right now. Thank you

  79. Shalom.

  80. Cindee C Riggs says:

    Yep…i can’t keep up with amazing. I’m worn out and tired. Keeping up with daily life is a struggle.

  81. the stories that you tell are true, sometimes I feel like giving up and the things that I here that people go thru makes it much easier for me to make it another day.

  82. Thelma Johnson says:

    TThe lies of the enemy are intended to paralyze us with fear. Our consciousness is seared by accusations that often exist in tension with a deep felt desire to serve God. The result of this mental persecution is that we often feel condemned and unworthy of God’s love. But we have hope in the living Word of God. Scripture declares there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). God reassures us of his unconditional love and acceptance in our most challenging trials and weakest moments. Living this truth involves daily practice and requires surrendering my fear of loss to the acceptance of God’s abundant Grace.

  83. Cheryl Turman says:

    I am overwhelmed with doubts as I have begun grad school after 20 plus years since I graduated from college. Relying on God’s sufficient grace in my weakness.

  84. Mary McGowan says:

    I would live to win this book. I have a son on drugs and has been for 27 years and I constantly battle with satan about being a good Mom and where did I go wrong. I know I did the best I could. But could always use some encouragement along the way from others. Thank you.

  85. This reminded me that When I begin to worry about my circumstances, I can take that thought captive and replace it with truth from God that “he himself is my peace.”

  86. Willing to open my heart for invitation

  87. Alinafe Bai says:


  88. I thought was very powerful the word from the 25 the October. It touched me very much I struggle with self worth,thinking I am not good enough and feeling like a failure as a mother. I really struggle with being perfect because mine mum is one and feel a lot of the time that mine best is not good enough. Mine children also got taken off me through no fault of mine own,I struggle with that every day and because I have a mild disability. I blamed god,but don’t know. I believe it was Satan’s doing. I have to kept trusting god that I will get mine kids back. They are in mine mothers care,but even though I do have regular access with them. I still miss them every day. When mine toughest descent always want to spend time with me or stay with me. I start feeling that rejection all over again even though she is only 5. I want people to give me a chance,but I feel constantly having to pprove myself to others.

  89. Thank you for sharing this devotional. I struggle with doubts and insecurity in things I do. I would love to win a copy of your book.

  90. Phyllis Witter says:

    God is truly amazing!

  91. Becky Barbur says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal story of dealing with lies. I can relate so well. This devotional was a good reminder to focus on the truth of His Word.

  92. God doesn’t make junk….we are so precious to Him and are blessed with so much true love in our lives!

  93. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Thank you, Lord, for your love, mercy, Grace and forgiveness.

  94. Would love to read this book! Great devotion- thanks!

  95. I forgot to mention,mine folks aren’t Christians,so when I want something different for them as me being a christen. I don’t have much of a say and believe in different things. I feel mine values get compromised and having to back down a lot of the time. It can be very difficult.

  96. I am so glad God does not give up on me! Entering newly into a divorce has sent my life shattering into a billion pieces! Being a single mom of three children was never a goal for my life. I feel battered and torn but not destroyed! I am praying that God will mend the broken pieces of my life and keep my children whole and healthy! Our God is bigger than my mess…I will keep telling myself this!

  97. Amazing grace, how sweet are your words-I thank God every day for my ‘complicated’ life. I have been struggling with employment or lack of employment for the past year. Thank God, because I am learning more and more about how great thou are-how great He is in my life! Amen
    I would love to receive your book and would be excited to share your book with a ‘friend’ when I am done. Read it Forward, Pay it Forward…
    God blessings and keep writing & sharing the Good News,

  98. I have this verse as a memory verse from my mentor & I love it.! I have crippling anxiety & I believe soooo many lies from the enemy but it’s when I start praying to God that I find rest and truth knowing that He has me no matter what.! Thanks for this devotional.! :))

  99. God is so good! Praise him!

  100. This sounds very useful to help with my daily doubts about myself.

  101. Stephanie Pomajzl says:

    As a single mom, there are many days that just feel like too much! I would so appreciate a copy of the Fresh Out of Amazing book to give me encouragement on those days!

  102. Thank you for sharing the word of God daily. This has encouraged my heart . Continue to do that which Hod has placed uppn your heart.

  103. Your post of Proverbs 31 brought tears to my eyes. When Jesus used your friend to send you a message, it touched me. He is so faithful, sometime I forget how much He loves me and how close He is.

  104. Christine says:

    Great devotional! Of course being picked to receive this would be awesome, but I think Crystal from the 1st or 2nd post really could use the encouragement from this book. Bless her heart!

  105. Jodi Smith says:

    Thank you! This touched my heart this morning

  106. Beth Byrd says:

    I would like this book. Thank you,

  107. Adejoke Fatunde says:

    He has a plan for you and me; plans to prosper us and not to shame us, plans to give us hope!
    I will love to read this book.

  108. I feel something is missing in my life with Christ and maybe this is where I begin. I’d love a copy.

  109. Lori Swartz says:

    I am just finding my way back to the loving arms of Christ. This lesson was a powerful message to fill my cup.

  110. I am thankful for your ministry…God’s blessings always!!!

  111. Kay Kramer says:

    Sometimes I feel as if I have nothing to offer. My husband has commented that we could be a “mentor couple” for young families since our kids are finishing up high school and we have one in his 2nd year of college. I don’t feel that I would have much of value to offer. Hubby thinks othwrwise. I am sure God does too. I need to stand on His word and focus on who I am in God’s eyes.

  112. Crystal S says:

    I needed this devotional today. I went through a divorce due to infidelity a few years ago. Some choices I made during that time have been used to tell me “I’m not who I was. I’ll never be that person again. There’s no grace left for me.” I need to hear I’m not too far gone.

  113. Leasa Day says:

    How this devotion spoke greatly to me today. At one time I too was in a battle of listening to the enemies lies. The daily devotions of Prov 31 always encouraged me with truths from Gods word. Today I am 2 yrs beyond the battle and praise Him daily for His unfailing love.

  114. “Nothing left to give.” wow how many times have I exclaimed this statement. Work piling up more responsibilities and I can hardly get done what needs to be done. 3 kids and a husband who I am trying desperately to like. “Nothing left to give,” rings true in my constant thoughts. Help me Lord to take one day at a time.

  115. God’s Grace is beyond measure.

  116. Jennifer lee says:

    I would love to win a copy of the new book.

  117. Faithfulness beyond measure.

  118. A verse that challenges me ? …taking captive EVERY thought!

  119. What a brilliant and timely devotion! I was just listening to Christine Caine on TBN last night too. She was talking about her book ‘Unashamed’. I find it so easy to fall for all the lies, but God’s Word is the truth and He has the final say. I’m so glad! Thanks for sending us such wonderful encouragement.

  120. A awesome reminder that God is in charge and not me.

  121. Heather Hildebeidel says:

    Thank you for this perfectly timed devotion. I definitely needed this message to start my day!

  122. Good devotional! I think we all can relate to that, one way or another…Our mind is the battlefield where we either let the truth of God prevail or we succumb to the lies of the enemy.

  123. There are times when life’s circumstances make me feel unloved by God, like I’ve sinned too much to be loved by Him. I look forward to reading your book.

  124. Thank you for sharing these truths as I am going through struggles with my daughter and Satan is attacking me with similar lies. I love the scripture chosen today psalm 147.

  125. This is a timely message! I would love to win a copy of this book to read and share with other moms.


    Thank you for this blessing this morning. After leaving an abusive marriage, my 17 year old son has chosen to break off contact with me. I keep going over and over and over what I did as a mom to make him want to do this. Not one day goes by that I don’t review my inadequacies and faults as a mother. This column helps me stop focusing on myself and instead focus on the love Jesus has for me–a love that far exceeds anything or anyone that this world can provide.

  127. Tandi Weaver says:

    God Is always a refuge in time of trouble . . .

  128. Thanks for this! My thoughts can run wild sometimes! I need to let God’s word speak to them!

  129. That ugly cry you were talking about…I just did. My daughter too has a chronic disease. (Not cancer)No cure. No protocol. We are out of treatment options. She’s gone through chemo (twice), hospitalized Atleast once a month, dr’s 2x a week and takes 17 daily meds.
    I’m so tired. Emotionally, spiritually. It’s a constant fight to keep my eyes off the giant of the disease and keep it on the giant slayer.
    This disease isn’t just about her. It’s about the whole family. I have other children at home. I’m not around. They have to often cook and clean. Big events? I’ve missed them while trying to save my daughter. My older daughters senior year! So many things to do, SAT exams, senior
    Pictures, etc etc. “I’m sorry, honey, I Forgot”. Heart to heart talks? No. I force myself to tuck them in bed at night when I am home,because we all need that time. But I’m almost in tears Because I’m so tired.
    My ill daughter..she’s do angry with me. I guess the anger has to go somewhere, so it’s directed at me.
    Bad mom lies? Yeah, It’s right at my doorstep.
    I know the truth. I know I’m doing the best I can and that God will stand in the gap.
    But this is the biggest lie that for some reason I want to grab ahold of. I’ve always wanted to be a mommy. A great one. My life’s goal. But it seems like I am failing miserably. It’s never enough. I’m tired of the lies. Please pray.


      Praying for you, Kim. Your kids will remember all of you have done for them.

    • Oh sweet Kym I am going to pray for you ,your precious family. You ARE NOT failing miserably. Your one courageous, strong Mom with a fierce love. You are not in this battle alone, our Father is carrying you. Rest in His love ,His peace. Please remember you are His treasure, treasure that?

    • That day, when Liz messaged me we found out it was worse than we thought. The pit was deep and got deeper. But the peace of God was present too. It is so hard when your kids hurt and you can’t fix it. I so understand my friend. Truth is so important when you are up against a raging battle. Find a truth, hold on tight my friend. But know this, Jesus is holding you. (Colossians 1:17) He won’t stop. Not ever. He keeps you. And he loves your precious family so much.

      I”m praying for you mama. Please hear me when I say this because I know it is true. God sees you. He sees you fighting for your girl. He loves you and you are a good mom.

  130. Pretty Flamingo says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today. I am in the middle of a very tough time and this is just so timely. Thank you xxx

  131. Beautifully written! Thank you for the reminder today.

  132. Would love to win the book! Thanks for the opportunity!

  133. Robyn Berry says:

    Your post brought me to tears. In this world, it’s so difficult to feel like you’re a good mom. We need to work each day to encourage the ladies in our lives as they do their best to raise their children. God bless!

  134. Lynn Glenn says:

    I would love to have one of these books. I am weary.

  135. i like the title of the book. I’m so many situations like this it’s easy to think “I just don’t have what it takes to get through THIS trial.

  136. I want to be amazing?

  137. Dawn Starr says:

    I could sure use this book. The enemy is working overtime in our home and in my mind. I need refreshing.

  138. Charmaine Underwood says:

    So needed to hear this and read this this morning! I tossed and turned all night with thoughts of dread about what I have before me today. It felt hopeless that anything would get done. My list was overwhelming and my thoughts were that I am not strong enough to get it done. Waking up to this devotion put it into perspective. Give it to God!! It is true I can not get all of this done by myself, but with him I can!!

  139. Karen Congleton says:

    This is so timely as my daughter has just been diagnosed with a chronic illness. Would love to read this book as I need all the reminders I can have of God’s perfect sovereignty.

  140. Oh that message came at the right moment for me!!! God is awesome that way. I would love to read this book!

  141. Pam Windle says:

    I’ve been fresh out of amazing for a long time…..heck maybe forever.
    It’s one reason I retired from youth ministry. I grew tired and weary and
    felt I really didn’t have anything else to offer! And even as I say that I realize
    Pride is part of the issue. I depended too much on myself and not enough on the Lord.
    The book sounds like something I could be encouraged by.

  142. Thank you Jesus for your promise that you love us and will never turn away from us. So needed to hear this today. Would love a copy of this book.

  143. Praying for you and your daughter. Would love to win a copy of your book!

  144. Chrestina Z. says:

    I know the Lord directed me to this devotional today and to this book. I have been awake all night, wrestling now for years with a situation that leaves me sorting through lies and seeking God’s truth. I would love to receive this book.

  145. Tammie proue says:

    You have heard God speaking to you and this spoke to me and exactly how I feel right now. I NEED this book to help pull me up.

  146. Would like to win this book. Both of my adult children and myself would benefit from reading it I am sure!

  147. I need to read this every day. So grateful for these words.

  148. Look forward to reading this book!

  149. Nikki Combs says:

    Great devotional! I’m doing my best to start each day reading these devotionals . They are helping me greatly. I appreciate each person pouring their heart out to help others!

  150. Shirley Stallworth says:

    Today Stacey

    Your piece was that encouraging voice mail from a friend for me. I needed this encouragement and reminder of God’s power in any situation!

    Thank you.


  151. Thanks so much for today’s devotion. I feel like I’m not good enough. I know God loves me and will never leave me but I feel like I am doing or saying things wrong. I know deep down that it is the devil putting these thoughts in my head but most of the time I believe it. I will save this devotion to read over again. God sends us the right thing we need at the very moment we need it. Thanks again.

  152. Thank you for being so open & honest! The lies that fill our heads & heart on a daily basis can be overwhelming sometimes!! Blessings to you!

  153. Lisa Ledoux says:

    I needed this message today as I am going through a divorce and the enemy is constantly telling me how worthless I am. I am a child of the king and no princess is worthless. Thank you I will remember these are lies and I am better than them.

  154. Anna Esau says:

    I would love a copy of your book sometimes I feel like I have nothing left to give and then a friend says what do you think about running a Bible study I’m not equipped to do that but God is

  155. No one knows but God.

  156. Rhiannon Lewis says:

    So many times, I allow these lies and things of the past define who I am. So many days, I believe these lies. We must always remember who we belong to! I keep my eyes fixed on God because I know Hecloves me. I would absolutely love this book and feel it’s what’s my soul needs right now. God bless you ladies!!

  157. I often feel Fresh out of Amazing because the demands for me to be amazing never seem to let up. I realize that I can do nothing in my own strength. But wow. This is a lot!

  158. Wow, God is so good. I really needed to hear this today. Thank You.

  159. I love the title of this book! I usually say that my Mary Poppins has run out. 🙂 May God continue to bless you with the energy to.pour into your daughter as she, too, figureso out all of this. Thank you!

  160. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing Jesus’ truth and love!

  161. Christine A Guay says:

    I am constantly fighting negative self talk lies… I’m not good enough, I can’t do that, I can’t handle that. My mind also has a way of daydreaming about things I want to happen or playing out what I think might happen in an anxious situation. I’ve worked hard to cut it off. To remember Phil 4:8…Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
    I tell myself that whatever is going on in my head isn’t true and therefore isn’t excellent or praiseworthy. I lift it up to the Lord and let Him have it.

  162. Carrol Ellis says:

    Thank You for reinforcing that Satan hits me where it hurts. Lately I have been taking Jesus name and and using it against Satan and walking away. Jesus Name has power. I need not feel ashamed.

  163. Elena Chapman says:

    Thank you for your devotion. God is so good. He allows me to read what I need to read at that very moment. May God bless you.

  164. God is truly Amazing!

  165. Thank you for posting this it’s is exactly what I needed to hear I am at peace with myself and my situation thank you and God bless you

  166. Marion Ward says:

    I can totally relate to the phrase,”Fresh Out of Amazing”. For once again I find myself in the spot where life has fallen apart and clinging to God for support and peace. God’s love for us is amazing!

  167. This line,” I will not cast you off, sweet girl. Not ever.” That rocked me to my core. I needed to hear that today.

  168. Amen! Thank you for the inspiring word and confirmation that God is good!

  169. Yes!Yes!Yes! Needed to hear this today and many days! Thank you!

  170. Fresh out of amazing- what a great outlook on what the reality is….and that is where I am. The devil is a lier and learning to decifer his lies from God’s Truth is pivotal to true joy in Christ and life.

  171. Fresh out of Amazing – that made me giggle! Wish I had a penny for each time a similar thought crossed my mind! And over and over, God replies, “I’m just getting STARTED!”

  172. Feeling this way all the time!! I have to be amazing as a teacher, friend, mom, wife….and it is exhausting and leaves me feeling like I fail a majority of the time! It is impossible to keep up! It hits home the most though when it involves my children and I can’t fix or even understand their problems!

  173. Jessie Gobble says:

    Boy do I feel fresh out of amazing & would LOVE this book…

  174. This brought tears to my heart as I am dealing with feelings as inadequacy as a parent. I have tried to hard to be a good parent but feel that I have failed miserably. I believe if I had been a better parent,my son would not have taken the direction he did in his life, if I had been a better parent, I would have seen what was going on years ago. Even though I saw him every day, told him I loved him, taught him the Word, tried to support him from the time he was born, I missed something. Now, it feels like things will never get better. Everyday I wait to hear what is going on with him. I am in prayer and fasting for him and his deliverance and help. This devotional brought tears to my eyes and a glimmer of hope.

  175. Thank you for being God’s messenger to my heart as I had thoughts last night if. It being good enough- condemnating myself for not being patient enough with my kids- thank you for reminding me to run to God’s truths

  176. I’m at the bottom and barely hanging to life. Please I need something .

    • Anne Marie says:

      Praying for you , Bev, for whatever situation you are facing right now. Be strong in the Lord and power of His might. I’ll tell you what my brother told me once when I was facing hard times. You are in a valley right now but eventually you climb back up the hill. You won’t be in the valley forever. Keep on and don’t ever give up!

  177. I made a decision last night to do what it takes to cleanse my mind of every lie that the enemy has planted to grow and choke out my joy and peace. The lies that I have been turning over in my mind got to be too much and now I am having to deal with the necessity of pulling myself back and being still and quiet enough to focus on Jesus. As an extrovert who loves and values friendship this sacrifice is one that I feel in the core of my soul. I’m fresh out of amazing at this moment beginning yesterday and could use the encouragement more than I could effectively convey right now. Thank God for being faithful and merciful and thank you for sharing your testimony with all of us.

  178. Jacqueline Lugo says:

    Thank you so much for this. I needed this! I’ve been up half of the night struggling and battling with so many thoughts and emotions. In current ministry and even within my church. Am I good enough for a leadership role? Am I just taking up space? Am I taking up someone else’s seat? So many lies from the enemy trying to affirm those lies as truth.
    No matter the situation, no matter what anyone else says or wants for me to be doing, I turn to my Father and ask, “Father, God, place me where you want me to be. Father give me wisdom and discernment. Speak your truth to my heart. Let your will, your will alone be done, in Jesus’ name, Amen”. Thank you for the encouragement. God bless you sister loved by Christ

  179. While I’m not a mom to children, I am a mother figure to my mom who has dementia and Satan has, on more than one occasion, tried to convince me that I’m not a good daughter. But, my sisters in Christ have spoken those same words over me ‘you are a good daughter’, and these loving words have helped restore my confidence in the calling God has for my life. Thank you for the reminder that not only did I need to hear these words, but I can also speak these words over other moms who may need encouragement.

  180. Alicia Porras says:

    What an awesome God we serve who shows us daily love without boundaries.

  181. Sophia Sherrod says:

    Thanks for the help! Love the readings!

  182. Thank you for sharing! Praying that we are each willing to be used today to speak truth over our lives and the lives of others. What a special friend! To obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit and encourage!

  183. I can so relate to this right now. A situation with one of my kids has been difficult and my mind has gone to that place of lies too many times in the past ten months. Thank-you for the reminder we aren’t alone and none of this is too big for God.

  184. Tamara Akinbo says:

    Every thought. Every emotion. Every lie. Now that I so needed to hear today! We get so caught up in our storms and the enemy has a fueld day with out minds. We have to remember that God is in TOTAL control! Thank you for today’s devotional!

  185. Awesome devotions

  186. So timely and refreshing for this tired momma! I’d love a copy of this book.

  187. Great reminder that He is in the midst of it even when we can’t see Him.

  188. I am really hoping to win a copy!!!!

  189. Such a great devotion! Just what I needed for my morning. I’d love to have a copy.

  190. Tonya Ellis says:

    This sounds like just what I’m needing right now. At 50 everything has changed in my life and I’m not really sure which way is up. With two new jobs in the last two years, the upcoming election (gasp), and trying to cope with the kids moving away, just to name a few, it hasn’t been easy and the enemy had been hitting me hard with negativity. I’m trying to listen to God’s voice but it’s been hard to hear over the deafening sound of the enemy.
    Thank you for the chance to receive this book. God bless

  191. Cindy Begley says:

    So many times God will send me a message through a friend when I am feeling defeated. We never walk alone; He is always by our side.

  192. Perfect words for today!

  193. I want no part of satans lies

  194. Thank you for your obedience to our Savior for sharing by writing a book to help us women in our walk with Christ.

  195. God never ceases to amaze me, how He supplies our needs at the exact right moment, even just a few words from a friend.

  196. Inez Smith says:

    Thank you so much for the word on today. So many times we fall in the trap of believing our situation and giving life to it. God always has an answer for us!

  197. Mary beth says:

    I didn’t think when we relocated that I would be struggling like I am between not having any friends, jb searching not being what I thought it would be, trying to stay focused and not become a couch potato!!!!! When life throws us a curve we need to decide if we are going to stay on the curve or pray that God will guide us to the straight path……..I’m feel like failure because I’ve worked for 35 years and now to stay home and be a housewife is out of my comfort zone so I feel like I’ve let my husband down because I have not found a job…..BUT then I like the idea that I can do more around the house and not worry about asking for time off, plus family is coming to visit in the next two months and I really want to be able to spend time with them……so as you can read add from my rambling I’m a mess……….

  198. Thank you for your obedience to Christ to write.

  199. Dawn Pitcher says:

    Thanks for your devotional. It was right on time(God’s timing, that is). My human side is amazed when he gives me just what I need just when I need it. I would love to read Stacey’s book!

  200. I liked the illustration of Jesus sitting across the table telling me He will not cast me off. My heart needed to hear that today.

  201. Good Morning Stacey,
    I am praying for you and your daughter. I too have children with chronic conditions and have been truly blessed with prayer warriors that go to God for me, and with me on days I’m questioning my ability to be the best Mom for them……. I am often reminded of the privilege and honor of God’s choice to allow me to raise these precious children….

  202. Prayers for your journey. I pray that I will be able to replace the lies in my life with God’s truth. I love the statement about God sitting across from us as a patient friend that will never leave.

  203. Susan Freeze says:

    Thank you for your words. It’s nice to know Satan plays these kind of tricks on others too! Great reminder!

  204. Karlene Jacobsen says:

    Life’s journey can get overwhelming at times, and often (lately) I’m worn out from trying to keep up that I’m prime for lies to slip in unnoticed. It grows and festers until one day, I’m repeating the lie as though it’s true, and feeling beaten down and alone.

    This devotion is a healthy reminder that God’s word is the plum line of truth and should always be. Thank you.

  205. Regina Brooks says:

    Thank you for these words today, I needed them.

  206. lynda holseberg says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I would love to win a copy of the book.

  207. Thank you! Great message!

  208. I was struggling with battling the lies of the enemy just yesterday and God gave me clarity through something someone said. The enemy is out to destroy us, but God knows our needs and gives us what we need just when we need it! Thanks for your post and reminder!

  209. I would be blessed to have a copy. My budget is too tight to purchase the book. Thank you for this opportunity.

  210. Teresa Foor says:


  211. Deborah Mongiardo says:

    Just knowing “I’m not the only one “- feeling that I have failed as a mom helps my heart. Thanks for creating a means to share God’s Word in a fresh way.

  212. kelechi Isaac Chukwu says:

    To win the book

  213. Amen! The best moms always need to hear they are good moms more than anyone else! YOU ARE A GREAT MOM!!!

  214. Your message touched my heart.
    Thank you.

  215. I have definitely felt fresh out of amazing lately. As a pastor’s wife and mother to 4 very rambunctious children, I often feel like I have to be the model of amazing. That often morphs into me trying to control everything. I have to allow Christ to be amazing and prayerfully seek to reflect that in every area of my life.

  216. I am in need of feeling God’s amazing everything! If there is a reason for everything I try to figure out why! God tuned me into this site today and the devil keeps knocking!

  217. Natalie van Acker says:

    It felt like your message was written just for me today. Thank you

  218. Lindsay Kusy says:

    Great words this morning!

  219. So grateful for the privilege of hearing our Father speak directly to my heart today. Thank you so much. I will hold on to Him tightly during this time of self doubt.

  220. at time so true feel that way we need to pray at all time

  221. Dear God,
    Thank you for listening..

  222. God’s timing is always perfect. Thank you for this truth this morning, that I so desperately needed to hear.

  223. Would love this book!!!

  224. Thank you for the words of encouragement this morning. I do so want to be amazing for the Lord but feel stuck in a pile of mud!

  225. R Wilborn says:

    Wow. Just wow. This is exactly what I needed to hear. The enemy is constantly whispering lies and reminding me of all the ways I fall short with my parenting. This is a powerful reminder to make a conscious effort to surround ourselves with true friends and arm ourselves with TRUTH. Thank you.

  226. I so appreciate your encouragement this morning

  227. God is all knowing and I thank him for touching my heart this morning.

  228. Linda Willis says:

    I enjoy readind your devotions every morning,most of the time I start my day with it before I go to work. May God countue to bless you.

  229. God I know nothing is impossible for you. Thank you for reminding me I an not alone in this journey and with you all is possible!

  230. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story of hope. You are an inspiration.

  231. Valerie W says:

    I appreciate your message. It was what I needed today, while our struggles are different it all comes back to the same battle and I appreciate you helping bring to light the root problem.

  232. Thank you for these words of encouragement. I have a chronic disease which will eventually lead me to heaven. I suffer in silence not wanting anyone to suffer mentally. Please pray for me.

  233. Kirstin Poulson Gau says:

    Thank you for this devotion! I’m going through a storm right now and feel like lies are coming at me from all directions. After reading this devotion, I have a better understanding. Today is a new day! Rejoice and be glad in it.

  234. Mallory A. says:

    It’s always been easy for me to believe the lies that the devil has for me in the middle of a dark time. Leaning on God’s word with verses such as Psalm 145:18-21 has helped me thru those times.

  235. Thank you for the great reminder. As a wife and mother it’s easy to get bogged down with negative feelings.

  236. Feeling burned out! Just what I needed today!

  237. I’d love to have this book!:)

  238. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for the reminder that I have a BIG God.

  239. Thank you so much for your encouraging story.

  240. I so relate to this. My daughter had a genetic disease and required 24/7 care. As a mom, it felt like it was my job to keep her alive. She passed away 5 years ago and even though I KNOW God is in control and I trust Him, I still battle voices telling me that I failed her.

  241. Madgelyn Emile says:

    I’m writing you with tears strolling down my face. After reading your daily devotion by myself needed a word. When you are going through something the devil always come with negative things and because you are at your low point you seem to want to believe it. Thank God for Jesus, sending sisters like you to say the right thing at the right time to pull you out of the pit, just at the time that it seems as if you were going to fall. Just as your friend just tell you exactly what you wanted to hear at the exact moment. You just did the same for me. Thank yo!u God bless you, continue to do an awesome job that you were placed here to do.

  242. Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You are an inspiration.

  243. Roz Barrett says:

    Your words refreshed my soul this early morning. Thank you!

  244. GOOD MORNING! How refreshing to read what you wrote-and to think about how we don’t invite God in or acknowledge his presence when we are too busy blaming ourselves for what is happening to us currently. We know better yet we still doubt we are that loveable. Looking forward to reading the book!

  245. Alesa Shepherd says:

    Thank you. This devotion was meant for me. If I didn’t just put on makeup I wouldn’t have stopped the tears. Thank you.

  246. Kristy Downer says:

    I’d love to Win!

  247. TAKISHA S. says:

    I’m struggling to understand what’s true about me, because I’ve believed lies about my life for so long. Reading today’s devotional has inspired me to pray harder and look deeper for clarity and understanding.

  248. Johanna Lara says:

    Would love to read the book

  249. Amaka Mbadugha says:

    I know our situation varies but it was encouraging. God recently gave me the verse in Isaiah 30:18 which states that God longs to be gracious to me and waits to have compassion on me. As I wait on God to hear my prayers and people around me may not be as encouraging, I know I am blessed and God will not fail me because that’s what His Word tells me as I continue to put my trust in Him. Thanks for the encouraging words.

  250. So needed to see this today. My reminder that God is good – all the time ✝

  251. I needed this devotional today ..and everyday! Thank you!!!
    Love to read your book!

  252. Katie Widmer says:

    This was just what I needed to hear. I am struggling as a teacher. I have 7 year olds that are dealing with much more than academic needs. I am expected to “fix” it all. I am at my lowest point as an educator and am questioning if I am where the Lord wants me. I would love a copy of the book, today’s devotional reminded me that my classroom, my students, my personal mess is not too much for Him. The devil needs to step out of my classroom and my thoughts and I need Jesus to come in and transform my thoughts and actions so that my students may be touched.

  253. Shannon Houston says:

    I work as a middle school principal. So many days I feel myself fighting the evil one as he tells me, “You just failed that child miserably; Wow, you spent four hours of your day talking to a parent on the edge with their child and she’s not going to do an ounce of what she agreed to; That teacher is never going to change… give up.” And so many more lies. The struggle to continue is real. I pray for a new set of eyes daily. Eyes wide open and full of Grace. Thank you for today’s message. Trying to raise my own two children alone, and caring for 739 students, their sometimes present parents, and 50 teachers gives lies WAY too many chances to capture my heart. I needed to sit and read this. Being still has given me hope for today!

  254. Pam Parcell says:

    The enemy seems to be working overtime with whispers of lies. God’s voice is stronger; truth is always stronger.

  255. Thank you. Exactly what I needed this morning. God bless.

  256. Patti Sikes says:

    I would love to own a copy of this devotional!

  257. Marcia Downing says:

    Thank you for the encouraging words. The book sounds like a very good read.

  258. Great Devotional

  259. A great message to start my day!

  260. Anastasia Corbin says:

    I love the thought of charging back with God’s Word. So powerful! We have the victory in Jesus.

  261. Taking captive my thoughts is a daily and sometimes moment by moment need. Thank you for this devotion ad reminding me that when Satan tries to discourage me, I need to cling to Gods word and BELIEVE it is truth the only truth!

  262. Elizabeth Mayhew says:

    I guess we all struggle with thoughts and discouragement. But as you said we need to take them captive. Take those thought to God and say what do you think about this? He always has the answer for us andva plan.

  263. Oh, how I love this post! Our MESS is never to much for Jesus! Amen!

  264. Gail Slagle says:

    I wiukd love to win a copy of this book. I am really struggling right now.

  265. Aimee Mayer says:

    I’ve spent years believing lies my husband said once or meaning something different, and over the years those lies twisted and grew and changed my perspective. I’m still working on them, but knowing they’re less had helped me move from believing them and throwing the Truth at them.

  266. Thank you so much for this devotional today. I will be saying Jesus is bigger than the lie of I’m not good enough all day long.

  267. Beautiful devotion. Nothing is impossible with God. I need God’s intervention trying to help me conceive.

  268. Winnie Russell says:

    Thank you I needed to hear that this morning.

  269. Fresh out is right where I am right now. Would love to check out the book. But I am encouraged to read this devotional and think where I can encourage some friends. Thank you!

  270. Jane F Purdy says:

    Thank you for your devotions. Going through some tough times. Quit work over a year ago to take care of parents. Lost my Mom in January to cancer, my dad has dementia. I have so much to be thankful for. Even though some days its hard to think that way. My Lord has carried me more than walked beside me. So thankful for a Godly husband. I haven’t been home in over a year & he supports me 100%. Thank you agasagasin for your daily inspiration

  271. Lying in bed this morning in my quiet time with my Father, I have surrendered the lies of the enemy and replaced them with the Truth. Almost eleven months ago, the downward spiral into a pit of hopelessness grabbed me and sucked me down into a quicksand of despair. I am still in the battle but am strengthened every moment through His Word, the love of my sisters in Christ, and an amazing program that help me put one foot in front of the other toward a path of peace. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has shown me how to Celebrate Recovery and not be defined by my hurts. Thank you for your words today, I am blessed. May peace and love dwell in you richly and I send up prayers for your precious child and family.

  272. Joey Beth Souder says:

    Sounds like it’s exactly what I am needing to hear.
    Exhausted and Defeated

  273. Michelle Castor says:

    I cant wait to read your book!

  274. oh the devil is craft with his lies, “you are no good, you have made horrible mistakes, how can you think you can possibly achieve that?”… I take a breath and imagine Jesus wrapping His loving arms around me….and I breathe. I would love this book. God is transforming me and bringing me out of the pit.. I need to be reminded and filled daily of this. thank you God for lovely me

  275. Laura Mccracken says:

    This is exactly what I need to hear today! That the Lord is powerful and nothing is impossible! Though I doubt and fear…

    Thanks for the chance to win the book!

  276. I experience fears of not being what I should be in my Christian daily walk.
    , but, I know it isn’t about what I can do, it is about what Christ will do for me. I must trust HIM.

  277. Jackie Martin says:

    Thank you for these words. Words of truth

  278. I know “my mess” isnt too much for Jesus i just struggle b/c He doesnt seem to be helping me. He could turn everything around in an instant, yet here I sit.

  279. Thank you for sharing your story which aptly describes the situation I am presently going through. I am trying to replace every negative thought the enemy brings with truth from God’s word. I know that God will stand by me in this illness and I am waiting for him to come through for me. Please pray that I will not lose hope but continue to stand on His word.

  280. This is exactly what my bffs told me last night. It’s good to know the Lord reminds us continually of His truths when His message doesn’t sink in the first time.

  281. This message was such a blessing to here this morning. Thanks so much for these encouraging words

  282. Valerie Young says:

    Thank you for your words of encouragement, they are very encouraging and timely God Bless you and Continue to allow the Lord to use you

  283. Thank you for this wonderful reminder of God’s greatness to me this morning. I have had some thoughts this morning that were trying to take complete control, even as I read His Word, they kept drawing my attention. Thank you for reminding me how strong the enemies’s lies are but how much stronger our God is. God always gives me what I need when I need it. I pray to keep my focus on Him and think of things that are true and praise worthy, every time my mind starts to wonder. Bless you.

  284. As my sister lay dying after a 3 and a half yr long illness, I would never have gotten thru it without GOD. Although she was in a coma I continued ro pray…in her ear as ahe lay there…praying she tryst him in her final hours if she never truly had before. I believe she dud. To this day I feel she now walks with the Lord and while my heart grieved for her trials in life…I can rejoice in her destination in death. Praise GOD!

  285. I have studied the word my whole life and been through many trials but never had my situation summed up in one sentence. I need to be amazing but I have nothing left to give. I would love to have and read this book.

  286. Elizabeth Dassah says:

    The message has been encouraging.

  287. Marcie lane says:

    Those lies come like packs of rats. I loathe them. But I have learned to drown them with truth–works every time. ❤️❤️Hope I win the book.

  288. The lies that bombard my heart are not those of monumental circumstances but of small, daily, proportions that slowly eat away at my heart and yes, my belief.

  289. Joy Martin says:

    Glad your friends upheld you. Mine walked away. God was/is faithful. Thank you for your article.

  290. This is exactly what I needed this morning with my husband gone, a teething baby, a 2 year old with a cough, a 4 year old with nightmares and the possibility of moving 8 hours away from life as I know it. It’s still not too much for Jesus and He’s already won! What an amazing thought!

  291. This was definitely for me to hear today! I pray each morning before reading my devotional that the Lord will speak to my heart and he did! I struggle with the lie of anxiety in fear. Proverbs 31 husband so helpful for me during this process! It is also very encouraging to see how many of us struggle with the same issues. I am thankful for a group of Sisters in Christ who can pray for each other and encourage each other 🙂

  292. I would love to read your book!!!

  293. This is what I need to hear EVERY DAY!

  294. Susan Wolverton says:

    I needed these words today!

  295. Alicia Vanmaanen says:

    I need to feel God closer and get rid of the lies.

  296. Janie Herrick says:

    I would love to get a copy of this book for my daughter. L. is one of the most “real” people I have ever met, especially with regard to her saving faith in the Lord. She has five children, two of which are special needs kids with multiple life-altering medical issues. In addition to almost daily medical appointments and physical therapy sessions throughout the week, she also homeschools her three oldest children. She herself deals with severe neck pain and frequent migraine headaches due to a childhood injury. And yet in spite of (or, more probably, because of) these challenges, she leans hard on her Lord and is teaching her children to do the same. Unfortunately, she is often attacked by the lies of Satan that she is not good enough when the household chores don’t get done, or dinner is hot dogs or something equally as mundane, etc. I know she would be blessed by the author’s testimony. Thank you.

  297. Kristina Diem says:

    I would love to read your book. I’m new to this. Thank you

  298. i needed thus Word of encouragement. thank you. lord god nothibgbis impossible with You! go before us today, come along side is us and hem us ib behind!!! amen and amen!!

  299. Phyllis Cooper says:

    My granddaughter need this book. Sexually abused as a child by her father, now as an adult she struggles with the lies Satan bombards her with. She is a baby Christian and still finds it difficult to trust God.

  300. Beth O'Keefe says:

    SO timely. I’ve been in this particular battle for so long, I often wonder what’s wrong with me. Thank you for this. I know God is at work on something amazing for His kingdom.

  301. I need encouragement for something I am fighting.

  302. May God Bless each and everyone that reads this. I’m so grateful & thankful for everyone on this website, that because of their wisdom & knowledge of God’s word it helps me to live day by day with all my struggles, pains & suffering. I lost my son almost 4 years ago to carcinoma (stomach cancer), and all I feel is pain, as much as I love God, I still can’t be the mom, wife, sister, friend that I used to be before my son’s death. I pray every second of my life to God, Jesus to take this awful pain away because I believe that my son is in a better place, in his Glory but I miss him so much!!!! Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement, they help me so much. God Bless You.

  303. Michelle Tuel says:

    I really needed to hear this today. My dad has stage 4 cancer and I have been in constant turmoil. Believing the lies of the enemy that tells me I am a lousy daughter. That I am not doing enough for my dad. My friends and family are very supportive. However, the guilt can be overpowering thanks to the enemy. Thank you for sharing you story about your precious daughter

  304. Bad mother. Bad wife. Bad at my
    Job. Bad runner. Yup, heard all the lies. Thanks for the reminder they are not His words!

  305. God bless you for this word of encouragement and truth.

  306. Jerilyn Atkinson says:

    It was nice of her friend to uplift her at the exact time she needed it without actually knowing it. Hopefully everyone has at least one friend they can depend on in situations like that.

  307. Wonderfully written! I know I would enjoy your book too!!

  308. I need to know I am a good Mom/grandma/great grandma. I dont feel loved, feel lonely and forgotten. How can you be lonely with 16 grandcildren and 11 great grandchildren. I have nothing left to give.

  309. What wonderful words of encouragement. We need to see the lies as lies and not what God wants from us.

  310. I would love the book as I am needing encouragement.

  311. I have a friend going through a similar situation. I know she beats herself up for not being able to fix it. I always remind her to trust in herself and know that with faith things will turn out.

  312. HeatherAnn says:

    This was right on time, Praise God . Thank you Jesus

  313. Thank you for this! Needed this encouragement today.

  314. Ashley N. M. says:

    Oh wow, I needed this for my spirit. I didn’t even know how to ask for it, not knowing exactly what I needed. God is SO good, thank you Lord!!!! I have been feeling drowned by my inadequacies, while doing my best to fight the enemy’s lies on my own, because I knew anyone knowing what is real would turn around run. Instead, the Lord gifted me with a real tribe of like-minded Christian mom-friends recently, and this devotion SPEAKS to my soul. Thank you Jesus!!! Thank you so much for this devotion, for the Lord is using y’all for GREAT things, all for His Glory!!!!

  315. Thank you. Encouragement is always needed.

  316. Liz Feldman says:

    I love this and love your vulnerability, Stacey. Truly encouraging. Thank you for pointing other women to Jesus.

  317. Susan Rost says:

    Once again I am blessed ! Thank you to all the ladies in the proverbs 31 who are used by God to minister to our hearts so beautifully ?

  318. Wow great message! It is so easy to allow the enemy to run rampant with my heart. The lies are strong, but my savior is stronger!! Thank you

  319. Hello Stacy

    Just the words of encouragement I needed to hear on this dark cold morning drinking my tolerable reheat coffee for yesterday in my chair wrapped up in my blanket seeking Gods direction in the mess of my life.
    Our situations are similar except it is my husband that is the one with health concerns
    Thank you for your message today that God is still with us in every situation
    May God Bless You Abundantly

  320. I also delt with my daughter’s chronic illness for twelve years, but God answered our prayers and healed her!!

  321. Thank for sharing your story & God’s Word, Stacey. I really needed to hear this right now!

  322. Nancy Derkowski says:

    Pray for the pain to subside!

  323. Boy, do I need this during this time in my life!?

  324. Patsi Manning says:

    I really needed this word this morning. I was just sitting here reading this morning’s word and feeling a similar since of failure. The scripture reminded me take these lies captive. I am His daughter and well able to do what I feel like He has placed in my heart to do.

  325. I know exactly where you are coming from. My situation is very similar and I struggle daily with guilt. I know God is in control and his ways are perfect. Sometimes it’s just hard to walk through it all. I’m grateful for the Word and friends and family to keep reminding me we are all His.

  326. Linda wilson says:

    I was sitting here in the hospital room with my sister this morning reading my devotion and I got this email that hit home. My sister is battling bone cancer and I’m trying to do what I can do for her. But God has all this. I’m just here for the helping hand. If it hadn’t been for God I could not have been here for her. A long story on my side but I’m glad God answered my prayers a few years back and I am able to be here for her.

    Thank you for your message today.

  327. Great message that really hit me this morning. I’ve been facing a tough situation at work and don’t really have anyone to turn to and talk it over. Such a great visual to think Jesus is sitting there with me telling me that He’s got this. Thank you!!!!

  328. Beth Heeren says:

    My daughter is chronically ill too..She has been sick almost every day for 5 years. We have gotten nowhere with Doctors, diets,specialists, homeopathic, acupuncture…everything. We could use some encouragement.
    Thank you

  329. Staci Mize says:

    Wow!! Your daily devotion came at the perfect time! I have been wrapped up, shackled and held prisoner by Satan’s lies for entirely too long!! It’s time to stand on God’s promises and break free from Satan’s web of deceit! I can’t wait to read your book! What an inspiration it will be for those of us believing the prince of lies!

  330. Amen

  331. I needed to hear those exact words this morning. Here I was thinking I just want to be a great mom, and wondering if I’ll be good enough. I have to remember that God made me worthy, and though I am not perfect He is helping me. He is always with me.

  332. Thank you for your inspirational message. Now I have hope It was just what I needed after the emotional bashing that I just went through. I know that God has something better for me

  333. Kris Hastings says:

    I do want to be amazing but I have no time.

  334. Janet Jaynes says:

    WOW….such powerful and amazing words …..I will not cast you off my dear sweet girl..not ever.
    That is what I needed to hear today…sometimes I believe the lies and feel like I am sinking as well and the truth that God will never leave me is what I needed to be reminded of thank you!

  335. Thank you for the devotional, it really spoke against my insecurities. Thank you for the reminder that our Jesus is more than enough!

  336. Your devotions get me through each day. It amazing how God knows what we need to hear.
    Thank you.

  337. Karen olson says:

    Lord, help me to believe You, and not the lies Satan wants me to believe. You love me, Satan does not.

  338. I definitely NEED a copy of this book! ?

  339. God is so graciously guiding me to rest in the fullness of Him. The rat-race of social media can become overwhelming and defeating when it is our focus in business &/or socially. My mind literally spins and I don’t know where to focus my time & energy. God has allowed me to cross paths with “just what I needed” Bible Studies so I am better equipped to replace the lies and lure of the social media rat-race with God’s Truths. Thank you for sharing this message today.

  340. I love this raw truth… Even the phrase “Fresh out of amazing” deserves reflection!! Thank you!

  341. How many moments of my life would be used for God if I only knew perfect and joyful experiences? Jesus loves me through everything that happens. Give thanks in every circumstance.
    Your devotion is a map for the journey-Life words that bless! LOVE

  342. What do I say but Thank you Father God, for leading me to and using this message to directly address my own personal concerns. I stand in complete awe of your All knowning and ALWAYS right on time provision of what I need, when I need it, and just how much! I love you Lord. Thank you for using your child & my sister in Christ to share your mercy & grace.

  343. What an encouraging word! I so needed to hear!

  344. Thank you for sharing your story. As a mom of two and an elementary school teacher I experience these thoughts almost daily. Thank you for the gentle reminder that God can handle it, even when I feel like I can’t!

  345. Marquita Price says:

    Thank you for this! I have been holding on to something for a long time. All I want is to be a good mother. No matter what people say I just can’t seem to understand it. Still working for Christ never ceasing to stop. As the enemy was getting the best of me, this devotional said it all. God still wants to use me! I just need to let go and give it to God!

  346. Jacquie Eaton says:

    I would love a copy of this book! Thank you for sharing your heart!❤️️❤️️

  347. Thank you for reminding me God loves us no matter what the circumstances.

  348. This book would be a wonderful resource to have. There are plenty of times when we do our absolute best and end up with below average results and can’t figure out where to go from here. I would love to have this in my collection in those times of need.

  349. I needed this to remind me of God’s power and love

  350. Thank you for this reminder. I’ve been in the receiving end of encouragement and have just been allowed to be on the giving end of God’s encouragement. It is such a blessing to be used by our amazing God.

  351. Such an important truth!exactly the reminder I needed this morning in my life. It’s not too much for God.

  352. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus is in control of all situations and that His love for me is greater than I can imagine. Thank you for sharing your heart and pray things go well with your daughter.
    God bless you and keep you strong in His spirit.

  353. Thank you! This is just what I needed to read and soak into my soul.

  354. Dana Parker says:

    Being a mom to three of my own kiddos and a step mom to my other three kiddos satan tells me a lot of lies about myself with my marriage and my kiddos.Thank you for this devotion. It is just what I needed to read this morning. My God is bigger than any lie satan throws at me!

  355. Arlene Stevens says:

    A wise person once said this to me … And it came to mind after I read your devotional this morning: A hungry heart will eat a lie…. feed on the truth of God’s word! Blessings on you and your ministry!

  356. I struggle with thinking I’m a bad mom . I think my kids will resent me. I question if they know I love them
    It’s a terrible battle in my min. I give parenting my best effort but never feels good enough

  357. Thank you for your devotion. Such truth for my heart this morning.

  358. I’m fresh out of amazing BUT my Heavenly Father is AMAZING and never runs out and for that I am forever grateful!

  359. Kimberley Merryman says:

    My 23 year old daughter was murdered 2 months ago tomorrow. I feel so far from God, though I know this isn’t true. I needed to hear what Jesus said this morning. Thank you.

  360. Thank you for this article! I struggle with not being a “good enough. Mom”. I struggle with believing that I’m not the best mom for my kiddos and someone else would be such a better mom, which I know is an absolute lie!

  361. Wow! Thais was an on time word for me today! There are many struggles with being a mom at times and the enemy is slick (if we let him be). When I read the words “you are a good mom” it was like Jesus was saying that to me as well! Thank you for giving me a little more hope and comfort today!

    Bless you,

  362. I’ve been learning that circumstances, though difficult and emotionally challenging, do not have to define spiritual health. When patience and hope are becoming thread bare is when God steps in and weaves comfort into our lives thru others or in His Word. I cling to His promises looking for those subtle ways He works that the enemy doesn’t want me to notice or acknowledge. There is no better place to be!

  363. Monica Kratz says:

    Your words have touched my heart. I am not a mother, but my Mom and Daddy went through this same whirlwind of emotions when they found out I had scoliosis. She and Daddy both wondered how they couldn’t have noticed, but it wasn’t something they would know to look for; but that didn’t stop their guilt. All worked out as it was supposed to and I know that their relationship with God and with the help and encouragement of their friends and family, they made it through…and so did I. God Bless you and your sweet daughter!

  364. I feel so overwhelmed right now with life’s storms….finances,bank overdrafts, father’s health is failing, husband stressed and angry all the time, just graduated magna cum Laude and take two state certification/licensure tests in 23 days while the enemy bombards my mind with doubts of passing..I pray daily for God to give me the courage to stand in faith!

  365. Wow! I have a son who is struggling in school. He is believing Satan’s lies that he is worthless and stupid.
    I just sent him a text telling him the truth, he is valued, loved and chosen. I am praying that all the negative thoughts will be taken captive by Christ. I am going to share your devotional with my son when he gets home today!

  366. Holly Caldwell says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words!

  367. Debra Hilliard says:

    Thanks for the story , my life is not where I want it to be right now. By reading the story, Im now convinced . Have to take it all to Jesus and leave it there at his feet. Debra HIlliard

  368. Dear Stacey,
    Thank you for your devotional today. What a powerful and too truthful message for each of us who wear MOM hats. I too have a son who struggles with a chronic illness, Crohns & Colitis, and I too went down that same path as you…what if I nursed longer, what if I kept the house cleaner …what if I fed him only organics…the list went on and on. We all wear many hats, daughter, sister, friend, mother, wife and get very weary in life. Right now my hats that are too heavy are mother and daughter hat…aging 90+ year old parents who are refusing much needed help, sister dying of Brain tumor, and a son who is hoping for a clinical trial for his Crohns due to the horrible progression and no more meds are available. So each day I sit at Jesus’s feet and give it all to HIM and see the beauty HE places in our lives each hour of the day. He will never leave or forsake us…beautiful promise! Prayer of Courage and stamina for you sister in Christ!

  369. Melinda Funk says:

    Thank you so much for this statement of truth today. God really spoke to me. Thank you.

  370. I needed to heard this message of hope and reassurance today (actually, everyday) because I struggle with a long term deeply embedded general anxiety disorder (GAD). I have prayed most of my life for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to take away the pain but it (this chronic nondescript anxiety) greets me every waking day and every restless night. Gracious and loving God once again I surrender all to your loving care and protection. in Jesus name I pray, amen.

  371. Beautifully said. Thank you.

  372. Terri Lowery says:

    These were the exact words that I needed to hear today! Thank you. Sincerely, Thank YOU!!

  373. Thank you for those encouraging words. Lord, help me to remember them in my times of need…

  374. Please know that I am praying for your daughter as well as for you. May the Lord heal your daughter’s illness and heal your heart. Many blessings!

  375. Wendy Aicher says:

    Thank you

  376. Elisha Snell says:

    This was an on time message THANK YOU!

  377. The Lord used this email devotion exactly like the devotion stated He would. He spoke directly to me as I read. I have been discouraged about what I feel like is one million different things….job, children, divorce, aging and sick parents….from every direction!! He has encouraged me through this devotion to lay down those lies of rejection and cuddle up with Him….He will see me through, and He has never left me!!! Not for one minute

  378. Charlie Williams says:

    I won (want) it.

  379. The tank is empty. 🙁

  380. Even as I write this I am struggling with negative thoughts. It’s not even 8:00am and I am fed up with the day. But your devotional is reminding me that no matter what is happening around me, God’s words are truth and I need to keep throwing his truth around more than the lies I hear! Thank YOU for helping me this morning.

  381. I struggle with thoughts of being a bad wife, bad mother, and all around person. I have had so many “friends” betray me and not think anything of it. I have made big mistakes in parenting and also in my marriage. I do my best to give it all to God, but slowly take those things back and put them on my own shoulders. Then come crashing down under the weight again pleading for God to take it from me. Which he has always done, no matter how many times I fall. I know thT His truth is not what I believe about myself, but it’s hard to see ourselves the way he does most of the time.

  382. Jessica Rehn says:

    Thank you for this. I needed to hear these words. I face some uncertainties in my son’s life so this is just what my heart needed.

  383. I’ve recently made a decision to get closer to jesus…I broke up with my boyfriend cause he was a distraction…now I’m all hurt cause he hasn’t called…I don’t want him to hurt so it should be alright..I believe the enemy is trying to ditract from focusing on my journy…I believe in Jesus always have…but I have to know him more..it’s deep in my soul..he’s calling me to know him more..thankyou

  384. Christine says:

    I am empty and have no more to give. Thanks for the encouragement

  385. It’s definitely amazing when the Lord sends the right words when we exactly need it. I know I have often beaten myself up and have felt like a poor mother especially since I have developed fibromyalgia. The Lord is who gets me through the rough times and gives my boys the understanding that mommy can’t do extremes. We just have to remember that our focus is on the Lord and he will do the rest. 🙂

  386. Julie Bame says:

    I am thankful God lead me to This website. Every time I’ve read the devotion for the day it has been something I needed to hear. Thank you.

  387. Your “Encouragement for Today” always greets me where I am!

  388. Diana Lovett says:

    This is what I needed today. My daughter also has a chronic illness, and I struggle with the fact that I could not tell she was sick until it became very bad. Thank you for this today.

  389. Your words today so deeply touched by soul. With huge sobs of Thanksgiving I know Jesus brings us encouragement when we need it most. For days and days I have battled wondering why I can be so intense or cranky. I don’t mean to be. I don’t
    Want to be. I don’t ever want to be. I pray for caring, kindness,goodness always TO ALL. Jesus is leading me. Life can be so over difficult.

  390. empty.

  391. Refreshing thoughts, timely words. Thank you.

  392. Donna Hires says:

    Sounds like a book that I need to read!

  393. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you!!!!

  394. Danielle Francis says:

    I needed this today. The Lord is always on time. I need Him more than ever.

  395. From the Psalms” the Lord is our rock,our strength, our refuge,our very present help in time of need”. Psalm 42: 8 & 11 ” But each day the Lord pours His unfailing love upon me,and through each night I sing His songs, Praying to the God who gives me life. Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise Him again – my Savior and my God!”

  396. Thankful for Jesus who is never out-of-amazing!!

  397. Thank You very much!!

  398. Just what I needed to hear today. Out enemy want us to focus on our performance, rather than the sweet simplicity of serving, not letting the results of that service measure our worth or acceptance.

  399. Suzanne Huerta says:

    Thank you for that message this morning Stacy. This morning I thought I was not going to read my devotional for I was too busy. I cannot tell you how this passage gave me hope and encouragement. How God shows up and moves people to encourage us at our lowest point, is a life saver. Blessings on you and your daughter.
    Suzanne Huerta

  400. Suzanne Draeger says:

    “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

    • Amen! That is also the scripture vs I hold fast to when I feel I’m carrying the world on my own. I’m reminded of who God is, that He has me and to release everything to Him.

  401. Thank you for the words of encouragement I needed that on today. The devil has been playing mind games with me and for a while But God is right here with me fighting the battle everyday and I thank him for that. Thank you Lord for being my rock!!!

  402. Thank you for sharing this touching story. We sometime have no idea of how much power our words or encouragement can have on others…Let’s pour them out with love and expectation that WE CAN DO ALL THINGS through CHRIST who strengthens me! Thank you JESUS!!

  403. Deborah Williams says:

    We all seem to have our good days and our bad days, but we must remember who is the Conqueror, it is God Himself. He has given us the Victory we must take it and run with it all the day long. We can cling to God because he cares for us and the truth is that He is Bigger than any and all of our problems. Bless His Holy Name: Jesus!

  404. I struggle with anxiety and the lies are constantly there. I thank you for the encouraging words and pray that I remember them in the moment of my struggle.

  405. Such a timely message! This has been a rough season for us since the passing of my hisband’s parents and me starting a new job over a year ago. Both situations have not gone at all as well as I had hoped and I do feel fresh out of amazing. This message was so timely and encouraging. Thank you for being God’s instrument of truth in the midst of your own struggles.

  406. I needed to hear this today too and it’s such a relief to know I’m not the only mom going through this. Would definitely be encouraged by receiving the book too.

  407. Patricia F. Williams says:

    Wow, I have often told my girlfriend, even my daughter to “stop believing the lies”! And frequently reference “hurt people hurt people”.
    THANK you,

  408. Heather Christians says:

    I love reading devotionals and find myself nodding through them as if I had just written it myself. I struggle with my autoimmune disease being a wife, mother, and teacher to 80 wonderful students. I struggle with the lie that I am not good enough among others, but I know I just have to stop, close my eyes, and know Jesus is there. I talk to Him all day long, which is my reminder that He does care, big or small.

  409. Gail Crone says:

    I lost my job on 9/4/2016 and I Believe that I would get my job back . My boss did text me and said she has to make some time to talk to me but it’s not happening . I no there is a need for me at my old job and one moment she tells my coworkers that she’s going to bring me back nbut it happen yet !!! On this day 10/25/2016 the enemy would have me to believe that I’m nobody . When I saw the heading When lies take our lives captives I said oh my gosh that what the enemy want me to believe but on this day it’s not so … My God say I”m more that a conquer !! I need this book !!

  410. Deborah Wood says:

    Thanks so much for these words today. This is what I needed. When people and situations break you down and you feel there is no way you can make it. Then god speaks to you to lift you up and let you know you are good despite what surrounds you.

  411. Wow did I need this devotion. I don’t get the encouragement from friends but I do search everyday for Gods ptomises. I can’t let people know I’m struggling in things cuz I don’t want to gear I told you so. Or failure is something I can’t handle afain. I would love your book because my amazing is rinning out. Always trying to fix us , always trying to make things look good. On and on. Thanks for your words today.

  412. Thank you. So needed.

  413. Toby Hedgepeth says:

    I sometimes feel like an intruder in my own life! When great things happen for me and my family is immediately feel like there is someone more deserving. I would love to read this book….I know, although I feel like I’m fresh out, I have so much to give!!

  414. The enemy is so persistent but the Lord is so much more. Until the battle is over and we enter into Glory, we have to continue the good fight. Thank you for this devotion.

  415. I really needed to hear this message today. God is good!

  416. I feel I would like to read this book to be refreshed after a trying 2 years. At 60 years old I have taken care of both parents an uncle , who have passed on now. Started a new career and I am exhausted mentally and physically. I need refreshed.

  417. I tied a knot at the end of my rope more than a month ago. This devotion has given me the strength and encouragement to look up and see the hand of Jesus reaching out to pull me up. Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, I am now focusing on the power of Jesus to move me beyond my current circumstances through perseverance in Him.

  418. Charity S. says:

    Thank you so much for your devotional today. I am in the midst of a battle that the accuser has also warped my head with lies about…he knows to attack my children and my family because they are what I treasure most. Thank you for reminding me that God will never leave me, that He speaks only truth and that the negativity is straight from the enemy, and not our loving Father. Thank you so much doesn’t begin to describe how powerful your words were this morning.
    May God continue to bless and heal you and your daughter. I know He still works miracles, as I live one everyday. All my love, my sister in Christ.

  419. Debra Ebling says:

    This truly spoke to my heart. I just went through something like this with my mom. She passed,away in June of this year.
    It’s so hard! Not sleeping, my m in ND just wanders.
    Thank you for sharing!!!
    May God Bless you and your family!

  420. I thank God in Jesus name for your post, there have been times when I have faced not only storms but hurricane’s. I questioned myself about the what is and maybe if I had maybe I wouldn’t be in this position. God had to move the me in me out of the way and I had to let him guide and drive. It was for His glory, He may not have done it the way I wanted but He did what was best for me. I was diagnosed with an incurable illness 24 years ago and I was pregnant, I had no will to live, but God in His “Amazing Grace” has allowed me to live. My son has children of his own ( they told me to abort him and he’s healthy. Yes I had things to present themselves for His mercy and grace. I am indeed blessed and highly favored.Thank you and God’s favor and blessings upon you.

  421. Jovanna Fernandez says:

    Wow our God is good all the time! He knew just what i needed to hear. Thank you Lord for for reminding me that you are always with me. Thank you because all your promises are yes and Amen.

  422. God shows himself in amazing ways! I needed to hear this message this morning.

  423. Thank you for the timely devotion.

  424. Julia Littley says:

    Thank you, Stacey. God’s truth through your words was just what I needed today.

  425. Michele Mann says:

    I was blessed by the article Thank you!

  426. Great Devo! Would love to read this book!

  427. Hi I would like to enter to win a copy of Stacey’s Book. Fresh out of Amazing. I am current financial lack. I’m trusting in God. To set us on solid financial ground. Glory to God for how He continues to Bless us. God is so very good all the time. In CHRIST love Brenda Hooghuis

  428. Thank you for this devotional! I struggle with being anxious and need to remember that God can handle it all. Would love to read your book!

  429. Thank you for this most encouraging word/words. No matter how old the children are, Mom’s beat themselves up. Thankyou for sharing your heart. Would love to win a copy of the book. Thank you

  430. Thank you for these words today.

  431. This sounds like a book I need to read!

  432. Why am I always amazed at God’s perfect timing??? This Devo is great and I would love to read this book!!!

  433. I think as women we let the thief steal our joy and feelings of adequacy far too often. I think as mothers the fight gets taken to another level
    Because we are responsible for this other human. My logic says, “I can handle failing myself, but I can’t fail for this little one!” And then something happens. This post was such a fabulous reminder to trust in the Lord and lean not on our own understanding. Let go and let God.

  434. Nailah Taylor says:

    TGBTG…life for me has been so heavy for the past 6 years and there were b times I felt like throwing the towel in BUT God. He has continually shown me that he is in CONTROL and that I can place my worries and concerns at his feet. Thank you God for saving me on a daily basis!!

  435. Dorothy Nuckolls says:

    Thank you for this. As I read I started thinking about the lies I seem to tell myself, that I can’t do the things that I long to do. That I’m just not good enough. That I don’t have what it takes. Those are all lies. I need to remember to listen to God’s words and not mine.

  436. Thank you so much for this devotion. I really needed to remember that God has me and my family.We have been going through a rough time. And for a period of time I had to stop working. So you know as a wife and mother we internalize everything. But I thank Him for his Word He will never leave me or forsake me. And He knows the plans He has for me. This has left me encouraged, thank you for sharing.

  437. I’d love to win this book. Thank you for the chance and the devotion

  438. I would love to read this book.

  439. Elizabeth says:

    This was really powerful. It’s a habit that I often find myself slipping into. I too believe that God sends people to us to dispel some of these lies.

    I’m praying for your daughter’s health.

  440. This book sounds exactly like what I need to read right now, hope I win a copy!!

  441. Kisay-Marie says:

    I loved this devotional so much sometimes we go through things and it seems to hard to pass it or to not listen to negative thoughts.It really said the truth on how jesus is always there for us and helping us amen!

  442. This was perfect timing this morning for me to “take my thoughts captive” as I was not starting my day with the right mindset or a God honoring attitude.
    God knows what we need at just the right moment.
    I just sent a similar message to a friend yesterday. I’m not sure why, but I figured God knew and that’s why he laid it on my heart…so I obeyed. ❤
    Praying for your daughter Stacey.

  443. Today’s devotion spoke to my heart just like the text from the friend. As women we are expected to be so much. I just need more Jesus and devotions like these to remind mind me to hear who God says I am!

  444. Jennifer McCready says:

    Oh, how I needed this encouragement today as I have been feeling inadequate in every aspect of my life. From my marriage, to motherhood, to work, to friends.

  445. Kelly Doss says:

    Such a great truth and what I needed to hear

  446. Thank you! Just what I needed to hear today!

  447. That’s me …fresh out of amazing

  448. So need this book.
    Also, that is not your daughter’s chronic disease. It is a chronic disease that the enemy is challenging your daughter with. We frame our world with our words. Do not take ownership of that disease and do not allow your daughter to take ownership of it either. I believe she is healed in Jesus’ name.

  449. Mary E. M. Dickey says:

    Thanks for sharing the word of God with me everyday. When days are hard, I read the daily word and my whole world within me gets better. I thank God for his word.

  450. I may not the struggle of being a mother yet, but I know the struggle of being a college student who is fresh out of anything ? Thank you so much for the article

  451. This devotion was a great reminder. We must be alert and resist the devil and his lies. He longs to destroy us but the One who has already won the war is on our side.

  452. Regina Coleman says:

    I would enjoy reading this book!

  453. Beautiful words of encouragement as we are going through trials in our life.

  454. thank you. I was tempted not to read this encouragement for today and I’m so glad I did; just like the text you received in the hospital, this was what I needed to hear today; to take every thought, every emotion, every lie, captive to obey Christ. thank you so much for sharing. would so love to win this book.

  455. Linda Jones:) says:

    God is there whether we believe it or not. We just have to listen for him. I have a hard time at this. Just being still enough to hear. Thanks for todays devotion.

  456. Your words this morning were exactly what I needed to hear! My husband & I are trying to help our 28 year old daughter who is battling alcoholism and resulting legal issues. Our funds are depleted as well as our energies. Our faith and love for her and each other are what keeps us going, but the enemy is always at the ready in our weakest moments. Thank you for your powerful words.

  457. Dee Barnes says:

    I would love to win a copy of your book. I have so many thoughts running through my mind, I would love additional resources to help counter the lies with God’s truths about me.

  458. This was just what I needed to hear at this moment as I was struggling with a bad mom thought. Thanks for your post.

  459. Ally Luce says:

    I would like to thank Stacey for writing such a simple yet beautiful devotion
    for today.

  460. Susan Linnaberry says:

    At age 64 I am beginning to feel that feeling of no useful purpose. I know that as long as we have breath on this earth that God has a purpose for us. But with extremely limited funds and no family or friends around me I cannot help but wonder what it can be. It is very often all too easy to believe my usefulness has ended. I pray that God will make clear His will for my life.

  461. Alaina Simpson says:

    It has been only a week since my husband has left for military training. Although I held it together last week, this week things seem to be falling apart around me as I face feelings of anxiety and not being able to “do it all”. Woke up with the urgency to read a devotion and somehow receive a word of encouragement, and I am thankful I came across this one. In this time I definitely have to discern the enemies’ lies from God’s truth. That even in the midst of my angst, He is enough, and things will work out. Thanks for sharing.

  462. I needed this and have to remind myself often , stop putting myself down

  463. MaryElizabeth says:

    God bless you and your team for offering inspiration to so many of us who oftentimes feel depleted..of everything! Please continue to remind us of God’s healing & reaffirming powers of restoration and times of refreshing!

  464. Amanda Hodge says:

    Wow yep need to read this book. I have gotten very sick with my own chronic illness. After 26 surgeries and in and out of a wheelchair and now permanently using a walker, the other day I had enough of people being rude to me. Normally I take those ride people having a bad day or something and love on them. While I was not rude back to the man enough was enough and in the middle of Wal-Mart all of a sudden I threw my walker and started screaming and crying so hard i couldn’t stand up. I was so mad at how I keep getting treated when I just love everybody so much. And of course now I feel stupid about it since I’m 39 and the mother of two grown children. One who’s autistic that I trained out of those behaviors. Definitely need this book lol.

  465. A reminder I need each day…. In God’s eyes I am amazing, no matter how I feel!

  466. Timely word. Thank you.

  467. I’ve been battling the enemy in this area for much longer than I want to admit, and this devotion is yet another confirmation of His promises to me. Thankful that the Holy Spirit used your writing to once again remind me to set my thoughts on the things above, not on the lies of the enemy.

  468. Elaine Segstro says:

    Thank you for your devotional this morning. I struggle with guilt and not “measuring up”. Satan wants me to stay there, but God is with me to lift me up. Praise Him!

  469. I am amazed that each when I log in read my devotion that it speaks to me right away. It’s been long years of rejection and feeling inadequate most of the days. But once I read I am able to smile and get through the days

  470. Thank you for that devotional. Life here at my home has been hard lately. The lies you shared are similar to the ones I’ve also been experiencing. Thank you for reminding me that God wants to share our lives with us and nothing is impossible with him.

  471. Brittany N Christensen says:

    I’ve been believing lies the enemy has been telling me in recent weeks about my husband cheating on me. I believed I’m ugly, and I’m not good enough, and if I had only done this…I needed this devotion today. Just shows how Jesus is always right there with us! 🙂

  472. I went through a tough time in my marriage when the enemy convinced me that all that was wrong was because I wasn’t enough. Only Jesus can pull us up and out of the messes we get into huh!? I would love this book so much and praise God for making writers out of those that have the gift! We need you all so much.

  473. Christie Hitchcock says:

    Thank you for this post today – I needed to hear this today. Just like you needed to hear your friend say “you’re a good mom.”
    God’s blessings to you!

  474. Larry Avery says:

    Is there anyone that does not relate to your message? We sure need our God in His every aspect. He is right there , right here, every moment in everything. Praise HIM from whom all blessing comes, and from who our every hope is. Lare, Oregon, Oh.

  475. Lies that I struggle with are that if my friends really knew me and some of the bad choices I made, they wouldn’t want anything to do with me. A few years ago, several family members severed ties with myself, my husband, and children. My mother struggles with paranoia, delusions, and disowned me, her only child. It really hurts, but since then God has given myself and my family wonderful, loving, Christian friends that have become like family. I have to remind myself that God loves me despite my failures and weaknesses, and that for whatever reason, the family that rejected me had their own issues. Maybe it was God protecting me and my family. Some of the verses that help me are:
    Jeremiah 29:11New International Version (NIV) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
    Psalm 91:4 4 He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge, his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
    Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.

  476. Great and perfect devotional! Need to hear this message.

  477. A good reminder of Jesus’ power. The enemy cannot win! Jesus IS big enough. Thank you for the devotional today.

  478. Abby Combs says:

    Thank you for your devotional!

  479. That was beautiful. I’m going through Christine Cain’s book Unashamed in a group study, I am the leader in my discussion group. This message you shared was perfect. Thank you for seeking the Lord and sharing your trials to help others through theirs. Praying for your daughter for healing, comfort, and peace. Also for you for grace and peace through this time. ?

  480. Lynne Ulevich says:

    I”m struggling with many things – mainly trying to keep a floundering business going. I think, well this is God’s way of telling me it is time for something else. I feel a responsibility to my employees but sometimes things are out of our control, I pray to God that I am turning this business over to you and what will happen will be your will. Maybe it is time for a new opportunity that will lead to something more amazing. Because with this business I do feel that I am fresh out of amazing and maybe there is a better invitation waiting for me. The title of the book just resonated with my circumstances. Thank -you.

  481. Thank you for the encouraging words this morning.

  482. I loved your beautiful devotion, and it came at a time when I really needed it because I’ve been telling myself some of the same lies lately. Thank you!

  483. Dawn Quicksall says:

    As always God’s timing is perfect!! This message is exactly what I needed to hear today. Thank you!

  484. I want to thank you for bringing these words of encouragement at this moment. I am going through some hardship as a result of helping others.
    I have been praying, and many of my church family are also praying for me.keeping GODS words first in heart , mind, body and soul.thank you God bless

  485. I can relate to those lies.

  486. PowerWells says:

    Thank you for reminding me that the enemy’s greatest task is to remove Gods promises from our hearts and minds every moment of each day. The enemy also works diligently to distroy the character of God. Thank you for reminding me that satan is campaigning for “president” of our hearts and minds. He would have us to believe anything, be it truth mixed with error or flat out lies. I choose my Creator and Heavenly Father!!!

  487. Thank you for this post. I needed to hear this today. My head was filled with lies this morning and this was God’s answer to my prayers.

  488. Annie Bruhn says:

    This pierced my soul this morning as I wait on test results for my brother, and continue to pray for my daughter in her addiction, and look at a bleak help wanted list having lost my job 2 months ago…..thank you for the reminder

  489. KETINA KENNEDY says:

    Thank you so much for today’s devotion! I needed it so so much!

  490. This is just what I needed this morning! Psalm 147:5 is the perfect verse for me today!

  491. My mess is not too much for HIM! And that’s a mighty praise.

  492. Thank you for the reminder, as a mother of three adult beautiful young ladies, that have their own struggles, and sometimes I feel like I could of done things differently, but resting in the peace of God.

  493. Tammy Hammer says:

    Your lesson this morning really hit home for me in many ways.

  494. This was just what I needed to hear. Everyone needs some fresh hope spoken into their lives! I try to be that person, but sometimes I long for it in my own life. Praise God that He finds a way to speak into me when I need it most! Thank you for being that person today!

  495. Jennye lumpkin says:

    Thank you for your post today. It does help to know we are all human, and in this together.

  496. Karen Kuhlmann says:

    Just last week I felt as if I had stepped into a nightmare. A huge financial crisis suddenly loomed over us having to do with the cost of health care. I was a hot mess but God blessed me with a husband who could have faith for both of us when I could not. I am so grateful!

  497. Thank you so much for this article today. I needed to remind my mom that she is a good mom too 🙂

  498. Thank you so much for this word today. The battle of the mind is so real – and the enemy is crafty. . .but our God is greater – full of truth and love!

  499. Tina Steward says:

    Thanks for this beautiful, timely reminder of the truth. I find myself sandwiched between homeschooling my rambunctious 7 yo son and caring for aging parents, all with a sweet toddler in toe. Little bites of the Word and encouragement are all I can chew let alone digest in this season. Thanks.

  500. REBECCA BLACK says:

    I would love to win a copy! Taking thoughts captive is a very REALLY struggle!…

  501. Rhonda Corbett says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words! I, too, am waging a personal battle fueled by my radically changing menopausal hormones. The enemy is attacking daily with thoughts of self-loathing, but your devotional reminded me of a specific God-moment that occurred on Sunday. The encouraging words of a stranger were perfect to counteract what had happened earlier in the morning. I needed to hear them in my heart again today. Blessings to you and yours!

  502. Thank you so much for sharing this truth! I am guilty of so often listening and then believing the lies that come straight from Satan. My husband was just diagnosed with a brain infection and on top of that, I am a stay at home mom to three boys and homeschool the oldest two. To say that I lose myself and on most days feel I have nothing to give, would be an understatement. I am so thankful for Jesus, his truth, and the friends and other women that obey and allow him to minister through them. I would love to win your book. It would be a blessing in my life right now.

  503. This is my current season – perfect devotional for me and would love to read the book suggested!

  504. Marie Irish says:

    This sounds like a great book to do in a women’s small group! The Lord’s been teaching me how to “work from my rest” but I’ve only gotten a few “ah ha!” moments so far…maybe this book will help propel me further. Sometimes I think I’m my worst enemy with expectations, but I pretty much serve in every role in my life…pastor’s wife, mom, administrative assistant, daughter, friend, sister…so there’s always guilt to fight off from people left wanting for my attention.

    Thank you Proverbs 31 Ministries for sharing honestly and vulnerably…making us feel “normal” in our own struggles!

  505. Karen Kuhlmann says:

    Just last week I felt as if I had stepped into a nightmare! A sudden, unexpected financial crisis having to do with the cost of healthcare loomed over us. I was a hot mess but God had blessed me with a husband who could have faith for both of us when I could not. I am so grateful!

  506. Bethany Miller says:

    My Mom forwarded this email to me this morning. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness in June 2015. We struggles daily with her illness and other medical issues that have come from it. Some days I do fine. Some days I feel like God has forgotten us. I really needed o hear this message today. God is good.

  507. What a powerful message to moms everywhere this morning. God never does leave our side and even when we don’t know how to reach deep and pull ourselves up, He does! He speaks truth to us so poignantly and at all the right times!

  508. Bethany Martin says:

    Just what I needed to read today! Would love a copy of the new book!

  509. Thanks so much… I was just laying in bed praying for a deep intimate relationship with God.. but I keep
    Telling myself that ive made too big of a mess of things for God to show me grace and favor.. then I read your
    Devotional and it came in right on time.. I rebuke the devil in Jesus name!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

  510. Suzanne Causin says:

    I love every message that comes from Proverbs 31

  511. A good story to read and I related to it ever so well. I am the mother of 3 Adult children now however, at times I look back when I was raising then and I realize I made some wrong decisions and choices regarding myself and them. I question myself relentlessly if indeed I was a good mother or not. I always look at what I failed at instead of remembering the good things I did. I believe due to my errors of judgment then I feel I have lost my children, even though they are adults now. I still feel I have lost then to the world based all on me and my wrong choices. I only blame myself. So reading this message this morning I realize nothing is ever too big for Father who art in heaven and Jesus Christ to conquer. We must pray diligently and keep our faith that in time and in the Lord’s way he will allow us an opportunity to have a healthy relationship with my kids again. We have to be willing to Let Go and forgive ourselves and wait patiently on the Lord . In his way and his thoughts he will respond accordingly to our hearts desire, but you must be willing to give it all to him and not to try to fix it yourself. Lose and let it go. I promise he will hear and answer you sometimes immediately or sometimes it takes awhile. He knows the perfect timing. His ways and thoughts are not our ways and thoughts. Trust in God, acknowledge him in all ways and he shall direct thy paths. Be strong and of good courage. Remain and abide in his word while you await his answer. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised to us so live today according to his will. He will not leave you comfortless; he will come to you. Teresa Lanier

  512. mona lejman says:

    your devotional today really touched my heart….blessings!

  513. I’m currently waiting for God to provide answers for a job I interviewed for 3 weeks ago. I was told I would have an answer by the 11th at the latest and still no response other than I’m still being considered. It is frustrating, to say the least, but God has got this plan for us and he will reveal his answer in HIS time. I wish it were sooner but here I sit waiting… Thank you for reminding me WHO is in control (not me)!

  514. Christianne McCall says:

    What a nice reminder. Amen!

  515. Thank you for these words. I am in a darkish place right now. The enemy is throwing all the lies at me. I need to be reminded daily–hourly–that God is Truth and His Word is powerful.

  516. So touched by the proverbs 31 post! God spoke directly to my heart.

  517. laura callaghan says:

    This spoke directly to me! Thank you! God is all powerful!

  518. Rhonda Harris says:

    My how the good Lord knew I needed to read this today! With all that is going on in my life at present, I have been doubting myself entirely too much. Please keep my family in your daily prayers as we struggle thru all that is before us. Thank you and may God Bless you all!

  519. Kathryn R says:

    Thank you.

  520. Beautiful and uplifting, such a lovely way to start my day!!

  521. Thank you for this word. I was out of amazing nearly 10 years ago when our youngest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic illness and I not only did not see the warning signs but essentially made the illness worse. The picture of Jesus across the table touched my heart and provided encouragement as I continue to walk where God has called me as a mom.

  522. Charlotte says:

    Why do I ever doubt that God hear even the tiniest cries of this momma heart? Just this morning I struggled with believing the lies my own head was telling me – I’m the epic fail mom of the year, I will never successfully raise these kids, I am not successful in this mom thing…. and then I get to work and find today’s words of encouragement meant just for this worn out mom. God is always on time.

  523. Beverly Wilson says:

    The enemy tries hard to remind me of my motherly failures, but years ago I laid those at the foot of the cross and repented of those failures. Jesus reminds me of his grace and forgiveness and how much He loves me. That’s what I want to remember. So thankful for friends and sisters in Christ – some that that I have never met face to face, but who God sends to remind me also of how much Jesus loves me.

  524. Patrice Fitzgerald says:

    I would like to win a copy of your book to learn how to defeat those thoughts…

  525. SHEREE CONLEY says:

    You are an amazing writer. I have had this experience, however different the circumstances, and you wrote about it spot on. Thank you.

  526. Rhonda Marks says:

    Such amazing truths, always good to start my morning devotions & time with God. Thank you for your encouragement!

  527. Edriene Johnson-Butcher says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional as it spoke to me today and I know that God is in CONTROL…I would love to win a copy of your book!

  528. I saw a T shirt with the logo: “LIVE LOVED” and that is my new mantra! I am loved by God, even if I don’t always feel loved or accepted by family and friends. I am LOVED just the way I am, today, by the Maker of the Universe….but I am human and need reminders, so I am reminding myself to FEEL LOVED because I AM LOVED, everyday, all the time, no matter whether I can feel it or not.
    And those words bring peace to my soul 🙂

  529. Shaune Roberts says:

    I love the way our Father reminds me at the very moment of thinking I’m beyond His grace. The opposite is true I’m never beyond His grace or mercy. Thank you, for a gentle reminder that He cares and puts others in my life who cares for me as well. One of the hardest things it seems like currently is not to believe the lies of the enemy. So glad there is nothing impossible for my Father to handle. Today I’m going to practice bringing every negative and lie the enemy tries to make me think into captivity and surrender it to my Father. Thank you for a chance to receive your book.


    This momma of 4 little ones is fresh out of amazing!!!! This book is on my wish list!!!!

  531. I have been encouraged. I know now that I was believing lies about my ability .
    I thought I was a failure. I was believing that I wasn’t good enough. Now this devotion
    Reminds me that no mess is too much for Jesus. Nothing is impossible with God.

  532. Tears flowed as I read this – I sooo need this book, (but not more than I need JESUS!)
    Thanks for the chance!

  533. This was exactly what I needed this morning.

    • Right when I needed it most… your words combined with God’s love letter to us really resonated straight into my heart and soul. I am dealing with certain personal issues that have a tendency to make me feel overwhelmed at times. So, just as your friend was obedient by telling you what a good Mother you are, I am grateful that the Lord used you to share your story with us as a source of spiritual encouragement and I am truly blessed as a result of your obedience to our heavenly Father. May God continue to richly bless you and your family on this journey. You and your daughter will be in my prayers, Stacey!

  534. Kathy Groff says:

    I was really hurting this morning, until I read this. I was reminded that God will never forsake me, no matter what! Thank you for this message!

  535. Thank you! I needed that encouragement today!

  536. SO needed this devotion this morning, for me and for my daughter who is going through her first broken heart. It can be so tough to nurse our babies back to health and happiness. I’m thankful for the joy of our savior when I’m all out of amazing as I am this week!

  537. Christina says:

    Thank you for this message today. I struggle with this lie everyday. Today I heard God whisper to me through your post that yes I am good enough.

  538. Marjay laske says:

    I feel as if this message is for me each day. The experience of feeling like a bad mom because you try to make your child happy is what causes me great concern .

  539. Third time in a week the verse to take all thoughts captive has been shared with me. I’ve been dealing with near destructive anxiety and fighting so hard to end it.

  540. Martha Follmer says:

    How insidious the lies that come to us, and, unfortunately, how vulnerable women have been trained to be to them. Thank God that we can renew our minds to the truth of what God has to say about who we are in Him, and we can learn to spot those lies and demolish them. Here is to liberty in Christ to be at peace with ourselves as we allow Him to work in us both to will and to do His good pleasure.

  541. Hey Stacey! Thank you for this! Yesterday, I supposed I was in competition with you for the title of world’s worst mom (oh, and world’s worst wife!). I’ve been talking big about grace lately, but then when I was the one in need of grace, all the sudden I had to decide if I really believed it was enough. Thankfully, his grace IS enough. Lots of love to you, sweet and good mama. love,d

  542. This is the second time today (before 8am, no less) that God has led me to this truth. Focusing on His truth, not the lies I tell myself… Thank you for sharing your heart. God is good!

  543. Kellie Anderson says:

    I am a stepmom and I often hear those words from Satan. I have raised these children as if they were my own and yet it is the fastest way for Satan to get in my heart and remind me that they are not mine. He can so easily twist and turn every moment with them to take my eyes off the reason I am doing what I am doing and that God has placed me in this family for a reason. Thank you for reminding me to take these thoughts captive and give them over to our Lord.

  544. I am definitely fresh out of amazing at this point in my life, but as I read today’s devotion I realized once again that God is never, ever out of amazing!

  545. Thank you for the friendly reminder today. I won’t up this morning troubled and perplexed but the word today gives me hope. The enemy keeps telling me that I’m too far out of God’s reach, it’s no use in praying. I can’t even stay focused long enough to complete a thought! I’m so glad I ran across this devotional this morning. Thank you!

  546. Feeling Jesus’ blessings, yet still feel a need. Thank you.

  547. Michelle Vasquez says:

    Thank you for this! I am in a different situation, but some of the same lies. I think. My young adult son is going through some issues and I feel like I must have been a horrible mother. And I feel like I should be doing more.

  548. Cindy Barnes says:

    Perfect timing as always ?. Thank you & God Bless!

  549. Lisay Gillespie says:

    Need this bad
    Thanks for this message today

  550. Angela Miller says:

    I know God has a plan for me and I pray every day that I see it but I just don’t know if I’m close enough to be hearing God, even if he is speaking to me. I feel your book may help me look or listen in the right direction.

  551. Wow, I can’t thank you enough for this post today. My husband recently found out he has chronic kidney disease stage 3 and his numbers on the last blood test had gotten worse and the lies started flying, but as I read this, such peace came over me as I remembered to put this back in God’s mighty hands.

  552. …much needed words of encouragement
    Thank you.

  553. It’s been a very difficult years and I could use some amazing right now.

    Thank you for sharing your words and your generous heart with us!

  554. WOW! Words I need to hear this morning. Forwarding to my daughter as well. I am looking forward to the book. 🙂

  555. Looking forward to reading!!

  556. Meg Hickey says:

    I’ve been feeling in a “funk” for weeks and very un-amazing. This book might be just the help to get out of the rut.

  557. Judy Dickson says:

    I know Stacey Thacker’s new book, Fresh Out of Amazing: Opening Your Heart to God’s Unexpected Invitation would be very helpful in helping me to get past very difficult times I find myself in at this time. I look forward to reading this book as I know it will be such an encouragement to me for such a time as this.

  558. ChristieAnne says:

    I would love to win this book!

  559. patti monsoor says:

    Husband’s Cancer,son’s addiction issues, low earnings–and believing the lie that these are all my fault…this really spoke to me. Thank you.

  560. Thank you for the inspiring words, I can’t wait to read this book!

  561. Michelle Wahl says:

    I daily read the Proverbs 31 minitsries and find another source of peace from our Lord as he often uses words to reach me, today just knowing that he sits across from me, telling me I am his child and worthy , was what I needed in the midst of a storm in our home. I’d love to read a copy of the book.
    thank you for sharing other resources

  562. Everyday Satan attempts to defeat all of us. It seems he knows exactly where to prey on our hearts and minds. I enjoy reading devotions that reminds me that God uses others here on earth to remind us how much He loves us and protects us.

  563. Great opportunity to hear a fresh perspective on what we all go though, feeling less than amazing

  564. I am currently dealing with hyperthyroid and it is mostly under control, but I have still some symptoms and have been in a mood because of the medication I feel like a failure wife satan is using all the lies he can. but this verse refresh my mind. I am not alone and my husband loves me no matter how I act. Thank u Jesus!!!!

  565. Melissa Judge says:

    I am so glad I took the time to read this today. It was exactly what my heart needed to hear.

  566. Kristen Ann says:

    My husband filed for divorce. I never thought it would be us. But alcoholism has wreaked havoc in our family. We have 4 adult kids 1 is married and we are going to be grandparents. Such a gift in the midst of such sorrow. It’s a day at a time as Jesus gently guides me. But…It’s so easy to spin and and stay caught in the pain of it all. I’m relying on Gods greater plan for myself and our family. I’m able to pray for my husband his disease and his choices can’t be easy to live with. We as a family have set boundaries with him and because of that have each grown immeasurably. And for that I am truly grateful. God has a beautiful plan for us. I’m trusting in that plan as I patiently wait. ❤️

  567. Jena Born says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this word. It’s something we need to remind ourselves of constantly. Write it on the tablets of our hearts and share with our sisters always. God bless you and may He always make His face to shine upon you!

  568. Betty Minella says:

    I needed this today. I’m in the process of leaving my home of 20 yrs after the death of my husband of 42 yrs. Change is hard at this age. Voices in my head say you need to stay in the same rut. But I know the Lord says “my mercies are new every morning.” “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” I know the Lord wants to take care of me wherever I go and He goes with me in the next chapter of my life. “I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

  569. Kari Decker says:

    I’d love a copy of this book!!

  570. Ellie Maldonado says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Forgive me for saying this, sometimes I think all the ladies who share their story on this app, must have a perfect life or they never let the enemy rob them off their joy. Sorry for thinking this way, I know we are all human. Then, after reading your stories, I know that I’m not alone. You ladies are amazing. Praying for your daughter, believing she is healed in Jesus name.

  571. Kim Gramling says:

    Would love to have a copy.Thank u

  572. This message spoke to my heart today…I am praying that God will help my unbelief!

  573. Kelley Carpenter says:

    Now carrying the title of “Pastor’s Wife”, I have no idea what that means. It seems every one in the sweet church my husband landed in after a radical career change has a different rule book. A lie that I battle weekly is that I must be “doing it wrong”. The expectations are there, but they are apparently a secret. My son isn’t supposed to have any issues and if I don’t talk to someone then I am ignoring them….and many more lies that I continually battle. I know God has placed us in the perfect spot and He is the only heart I seek to please. But sometimes it is easier said than done. Thank you for the encouragement!

  574. Thank you so much for encouraging words. I would love to win this book.

  575. Thanks for the encouraging words! I do want to take every thought captive because this is where the battle is for me. I think it is easier to tell others about God’s grace to others than to really embrace it for myself.

  576. My husband left a few months ago and moved in with another woman. I’m left to raise our son on my own and muddle through this mess somehow. Feelings of inadequacy abound. My mind plays lies on a loop. “It’s your fault he left.” “How did you not see it coming?” “You’re a terrible mom.” “You’re son is going to resent you.” “You are failing at everything.” “You are a burden to your family and friends.” “You will never feel happy and loved again.” “You are worthless.” So many lies that I recognize as false and yet still often succumb to them. I feel anything but amazing right now, when it’s all I can do to just keep going

  577. Ann Marie Creigh says:

    Would love a book

  578. Stacy has provided much needed encouragement with Brooke in their book Hope for the Weary Mom. I can’t wait to see what comes next!!

  579. Deborah Lewis says:

    I’ve been going through something for a while and this just woke me up. All things are possible with GOD, he will never leave my side.

    Thanks so much I really need this!!!!

  580. Cindy Armatys says:

    Thank you! I sat with tears in my eyes at my desk as I read this. I have been divorced almost a year now. My former husband has several addictions and my son in his early twenties is addicted to alcohol. I needed to hear this! I too wonder what I could have done to be a better wife/mom. God is good, and He has a plan!

  581. Thank you for such a vulnerable story. Always pray and never give up.

  582. Sharon Bell-Hill says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us. It blessed me. I love sharing Godly wisdom with others. Being honest about heartache and doubt is hard to do. So every day I pray that I can tell the truth of what’s really in my heart. Pride was strangling me. Praise the Lord I am now free to worship. Amen.

  583. Miranda Marsh says:

    Thank you for the timely words in this devotional. I feel as though I’ve been living in a prison of the enemies lies…that I’ve grown so comfortable with the lies that the truth sounds like a foreign language. I am realizing that only by the truth in God’s word can I overcome the lies that have taken over….but it is such a blessing to know that I am not alone in my struggles. Thank you so much for sharing your heart!

  584. This really spoke to me this morning, giving me back some hope that I thought I had lost. I am definitely in need of a boost at this point of my life.

  585. i struggle with anxiety am feel like the devil’s lies creep in trying to make me
    Believe that I Am alone. But I know that I am not alone and I draw strength every moment of every
    Day knowing God and Jesus are with me and know every thought that forms
    In my mind before I think it and we are fighting for his battle together. There is hope in the Lord.

  586. Lorraine Ross says:

    I just loved the devotion When Lies Take Your Heart Captive. We have a ladies group called T.E.A. (Teaching Encouragement Action). Our target group are those broken by life circumstances and we want them to know their beauty and worth and to know God Loves them unconditionally. Your devotional are words of life. I would love to have a copy of your book to share with these ladies. Thank you

  587. Learning to battle the enemy by taking every thought AND emotion captive is vital to our spiritual health and wholeness.

  588. Your message spoke to me today. I have recently been through a divorce and I reflect back on what did I do wrong or what could I have done better. I am so crucial about what I do and the outcomes that it overwhelms me at times. I have learned in this journey that I need to me be and let God be God. I cannot fix anything, but he can make it what he meant it to be.

  589. Heather Purvis says:

    I told myself this morning in the shower that i am not the sum of my sins. I am a child of Christ. And that is more than enough. I needed this affirmation today. I’m away from home helping my brother care for his wife who is dying of cancer…seems silly to get wrapped up in my sin when others are going through such heartbreak. I’m so grateful Christ is in me and with me…id love a book, as a reminder to not give in to lies.

  590. Jaye Webb says:

    Stacey, your thoughts struck such a deep chord in me. We all hear “you’re not a good mom”. We all feel inadequate to the task. Even now that my children are (mostly) grown and away in college, I often feel like a not-good-enough mom. I praise God that He is my co-parent. I praise God that He gave me a loving and supportive and faithful husband. I praise Him for the evidence that my parenting wasn’t all bad, if my children are doing ok. And they are. And they are saved in Christ. Praise God!

  591. This is just the book I need right now!! I am feeling very insignificant in many ways! I can’t wait to read it! Thank you!

  592. Beth Thomas says:

    Being a parent is so hard! Of course, we doubt ourselves and our abilities sometimes. But we know we can be the best mom for our child, if we walk with Jesus and trust Him to work through us.
    Thanks for sharing this today.

  593. Talk about needed words to hear. I recently went through an issue at my job. I suddenly was being told by my boss’s that I was causing hostility environments and making students uncomfortable I really wondered how was this me. I was named teacher of the year just a year ago. My life was difficult at home, husband and mother have health issues. Time off wasn’t an option for me. I had to resign before I was going to get fired. The reasons were something I would ever do. To cause someone to be uncomfortable in my presence. I hear in my head, Your ever going to have a new job.you are a failure. You are old who is going to hire you. I needed these words this morning telling me Jesus isn’t going to leave me. He is to good to leave me without a job. Thank you for these words this morning.

  594. Your devotional tbis morning reminded me that God loves us and cares about what we care about, and knows exactly how to speak truth to us. Thank you for sharing this. It encouraged me greatly!

  595. Mother’s expectations are always so high on ourselves, especially when we have a special needs child. Thank you for this devotion today.

  596. I have just begun the journey of replacing the lies I believe about myself with the truth from God. I am learning to believe that I am enough because He fills the gap. There is no measuring stick to live up to in order to receive God’s grace and love. Those are the truths I now tell myself.

  597. Thank you for your words! I can’t wait to read your book. God bless you!

  598. Laura Ingalls says:

    Hi, I was very touched by reading this article. I get overwhelmed sometimes with thoughts of not being good enough or that know one will ever love me. I know these are all lies from the enemy. I am thankful that God tells me through His word, through family and friends that He loves me so much. I loved the quote that says “I will not cast you off, sweet girl. Not ever.” This made me cry. There is so much truth in this. I also really like this sentence –
    “Every thought. Every emotion. Every lie. Take them captive to obey Christ. Replace them with truth. When we do, they have no chance.” Thank you God for your unconditional love. Amen.

  599. Kim Peterson says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book! I struggle with being very critical of myself and fail to meet my super high expectations as a mom, wife, friend, daughter and child of God.
    Thank you!!!

  600. I’ve been sinking in debt and the enemy has been beating me up with his lies daily so I l need some hope and help from our Lord! I’ve been writing my story but every time I get ready to write Lately i get get discouraged about my current situation.. Please pray for me!

  601. Thank you for hearing God”s voice and writing this. I am reeling from my daughters hosptial stay from this weekend, and sitting in a parking lot drinking my coffee. Im not especially confident that that this whole tbing is going to turn out well in the short term, and as I pulled in to sit here I said to myself…Jesus, I know you dont judge me harshly. Then with my phone about dead, I happened on your story in my email. Really appreciative right now.

  602. Thank you for the encouragement! It was exactly what I needed to hear❤️

  603. Cyndi Lesogor says:

    Thank you for these words of encouragement today. I’ve been struggling lately with my self worth and identity since my children are now grown and I’m not sure where I fit in and what’s left of me. God spoke to me Thur these words.

  604. Melissa Priest says:

    I can relate to this completely. There is so much pressure to be the perfect mom and I know it’s not realistic. We are the hardest on ourselves. Satan is so good at getting in our head and telling us lies that get in our heads. Being a parent is hard!

  605. This is me today. With a son who has inattentive ADHD, anxiety disorder & depression. Who my husband says I blow everything out of proportion & I make a crisis out of everything…but God allowed me to read this as the tears flowed. TY

  606. God is GREATER! Oh how Awesome He is. While reading this He encouraged me to pray for you, your daughter, and your family, the healing is done and the Joy is there. These lies are not a way of God. Thank you for sharing with us and reminding us all to rid of these lies.

  607. Taylor Sunshine says:

    Either way, when you’re tempted to believe one lie, or maybe three, charge back with God’s truth instead Every thought. Every emotion. Every lie. Take them captive to obey Christ. Replace them with truth. When we do, they have no chance. <3 😀 thank you for this reminder this morning:)

  608. Bonnie Satorius says:

    I would really like to win a copy of this book. I need to open my heart to God’s love everyday, but, it’s tough because I don’t take every thought to God. I’m working on verses that tell me my identity in Christ and that helps

    • Thank you for sharing and being a blessing to me this morning, Stacey! Just as your friend was obedient to God by telling you that you were a good Mother at just the right moment, God used you to bless me at just the right time. I will be in prayer for you and your daughter. In His Love, Always!

  609. Debbie Frederick says:

    I am worried about my son. Satan does attack us. I am waiting on the Lord to help me see a clearer picture . And praying for my son to communicate with someone even if it is not me. Thank you for Hope.

  610. Albert Chang says:

    Thank you for your message. I really needed to hear it today.

  611. I would love to receive a copy. This book sounds amazing. Have a good day.

  612. Allyson Kohn says:

    I think a lot of the time I just begin to believe that I am not worthy of doing the things God has called me to do or He won’t meet the needs I have. But I know they are lies and I am constantly reciting John 10:10 to myself when I have those moments. I also like Romans 12:1-2. I just have to remind myself that they are thoughts from the enemy and I don’t have time for them in my life. Thank you for sharing your heart! It was definitely something I needed to read. My storms are not below God’s pay grade! He is with me every step of the way and for that, I am so blessed and thankful to have a Heavenly Father that loves me so much.

  613. Leah A Wolfe says:

    I am a widow. Daily I deal with feeling I’m not good enough. Right now I am struggling with a car that is overheatig and a home heating/AC unit that isn’t heating. I want to scream, “Why me, Lord?” Thanks for reminding me God didn’t dessert me.

  614. I’m encouraging a friend through a card today. You’ve helped me love on her as her young daughter faces a difficult diagnosis and treatment. Thank you!

  615. Gods timing is always right on! Thank you for sharing!

  616. Paula Culp says:

    I am faithfully waiting and hoping on the Lord to bring my husband back out of Satan’s grip, he turned his back on the Lord and me completely about 6 months ago. Funny how while I’m praying daily for my husband to get a heart transformation God is transforming mine. What an amazing God we serve.

  617. This was perfect for today. Circumstances chock me often through the day and I feel like I can’t breathe! Thanks for this reminder of how to be able to breathe in with God’s words of encouragement.

    • I know you must be tired and weary from the struggle. Remember Psalm 18:36 “You enlarge my steps under me, And my feet have not slipped.” You are not alone my friend. I’m praying for you today.

  618. I must always remember God’s truth trumps the enemies lies every time?

  619. What a great reminder that God has perfect timing, he has everything under control, and we are not perfect but restored through Jesus! The mom shaming and comparison that happens so often these days makes it easy for us to believe the enemy: we’re not enough, things are our fault, she’s better than you, why can’t you do it all, and on and on. But knowing the truth and remembering and believing it instead is huge! We can’t do it all, not without Jesus!! Thanks for this devotion. I would love to read more in a free copy of your book!

  620. Jackie johnson says:

    Loved today’s devotional. So often as a mom I feel weak and powerless and then God reminds me through different ways that I am a wonderful mom. This book sounds like a great read!

  621. Ann Langford says:

    The title to the book describes how I feel increasingly! Would love to read the book that might put my feelings in perspective.

  622. Thank you for your inspired words. I needed those this morning.

  623. Melissa Zietlow says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I have been struggling with feeling this way a great deal recently. I look at my life and feel like I am failing…with my marriage, my kids, my home, my ministry. I look around at the world and feel discouraged, powerless and afraid. The enemy has been hitting me hard, and even though I realize what he is trying to do, the weight of the lies often pull me under. I am trying to fight back by spending more time in the Word and countering the attacks with God’s truth. Resources such as this really help, like the text message from your friend. May God bless you for sharing!

    • Be Encouraged friend. The struggle makes us so weary sometimes. You are not alone. We will fight this battle together!!! Ill be praying for you…

  624. This was perfect for me today. God has been significantly using this same passage in my life over the past few months. I am facing a mountain I’m sure I’m not adequate to climb. My Mom whose health is failing is arriving today from out of state. She is moving closer to us so we can help her more. I also have two small children that I am homeschooling as well. Mom and I have a complicated past = there has been forgiveness and healing from growing up in an environment of abuse and mental illness. There is a huge battle in my thoughts going on as I struggle with fear, overwhelm, etc. etc. my adequacies don’t matter because He alone is able. Please pray for me ladies if you think of it. Thank you so much!

  625. This spoke directly to my heart today! Thanks!!

  626. I’ve been feeling like our bills are too much for God and I am not good enough or cool enough or worthy enough to work to get them paid. So I should just give up and not tithe because I only dig deeper then.
    But the truth is that Mal 4:6 says that is not true and God promises abundance if I am faithful about tithing.
    Thanks for the message today!

  627. Thank you, Stacey. You gave a message that I needed to hear today. God bless you in your endeavors!

  628. Boy, was that a great reminder! Too many days I feel fresh-out-of-Amazing, and it’s not about ys. Put our trust in Jesus, and we’re guaranteed Ahhh-mazing!

  629. Renée Thick says:

    This touched my heart – very encouraging. Would love to win!

  630. I hear this all the time. This was what I needed this morning. Now I just need me heart to keep the message there and not let the enemy in.

  631. Natalie Humphrey says:

    I heart have been encourag …I am going through this same situation right.each morning i get up the enemies steal my joy…continue u good work. .my heart have been bless…thank you

  632. Shirley Lanham says:

    What an AMAZING and POWERFUL Devotional – My Father God and Christ Jesus have been giving me the encouragement, strength and ability through HIS word and yours to be able to fight the enemy. Thank you so much – Peace <3 God Bless

  633. The book sounds wonderful and inspiring. We are so blessed that God is using you through your book to bring us closer to him. God Bless You for hearing his call.

  634. Melissa Cain says:

    I’ve been going through a season in my life where I feel God didn’t care. No one seemed to care. I just went through the Uninvited Online Bible Study and that helped tremendously! It reminded me that I am not alone in this battle; that if I lean on others, and especially Jesus, I can get through it. I really needed this devotional this morning too. I’m learning to ignore the words that the devil tries to through at me and hold on to God’s truths.

  635. michelle ingram says:

    Thank you… needed this Friday… an encounter last night through me into the mess of it again and this was so timely… taking my thoughts captive…

  636. I would love to win a copy of this book!!!! We live in a world where everything pulls at us to take our eyes from our precious Savior!!!!

  637. Thank you! I really needed these encouraging words for the WORD.

  638. Debbie Herbst says:

    Thank you. We have a family member with chronic illness and battling the lies, is so familiar. Love the line about Jesus doesn’t say, “that is beyond my pay grade”. Thank you for the Scripture which I was thinking about this morning, about the battle and victory for our minds.

  639. Latonja Piland says:

    Loved the devotional. Would love to read your book.

  640. Our Lord is great. Nothing is impossible with His overwhelming power.
    He is loving, compassionate, and wise beyond all measure. ~ This verse fills me with hope for my current situation. Thank you for being faithful to share your heart!

  641. Kathleen Fain says:

    Thank you for this devotion. This hit home this morning. I take comfort in the fact that God never leaves me.

  642. I was lucky enough to be on her launch team and get an advanced pdf. Would love to gift the book to someone who needs ti.

  643. Hi Stacy thank you for sharing your testimony. It really lifted me up and encouraged me to hold fast to my faith in God. I’m going through financial struggle and it seems there is no way out .I messed up and now don’t know how I can come out of debt.But Now I know my situation is not hopeless. My God is in control and He will make way out when it seems there is no way out.thank you again for your word of encouragement.

  644. Such a wonderful and inspirational story.
    And we all seem to find ourselves in situations where we feel the pressure of our life and blame ourselves for the pain. When we tut it over to Jesus
    We have to trust in truth what He tells us. It’s like we forget He is our strength.

  645. Mother of six, grandmother of 10, marriage is floundering, I am wiped out and could use a little amazing in my life right now.

  646. A combination of early motherhood and a pileup of past emotional pain that failed to be handled properly, has me totally fresh out of amazing. I am so looking forward to reading this book. It’s going on my Christmas list!

  647. Kathleen Fain says:

    Thank you for your devotions. They are a great way to start the morning.

  648. Yvette Quiroga says:

    It is important that we constantly fill our minds and hearts with Gods words because the enemy is always ready to deceive us.
    Thank you for the daily encouragement when no one else is there.

  649. Thank God for His amazing grace and the Holy Ghost!!!

  650. As a working mom and a youth group leader, I often feel like I have nothing left to give by the end of the day. But I still struggle with giving Jesus my burdens.

  651. This was spot on and much needed for the day!!!!

  652. Needed this…been struggling with being out of amazing for awhile…age and arthritis taking their toll on my confidence to be all He wants me to be since I am not able to do as much as I always did. Want to read this book and then place it in our church library for others who may be feeling the same way. Thanks for the insight that it is about human “beings” not human “doings” that matter most in His assessment.

  653. It’s so easy to believe the lies and so hard to walk out in faith and obedience. I’ve been in a situation similar to you . My son has a chronic condition but is living far away from home. Thanks for the devotional thoughts and encouragement. I feel like I never quite get it right; how much do I help and support, and when do I step back and wait on God. I want us to grow strong in the Lord not our own strength.

  654. This hit home for me today. Thank you for sharing your heart. And thank you Jesus for your perfect love and grace that is more powerful than anything the enemy throws at us.

  655. Dawn Sheffield says:

    There’s so much that I have learned, yet so much more to learn about the Live and Geacw of our Heavenly Father!

  656. Teya Miller says:

    After reading today’s Prov 31 email devo, I’m once again amazed by my Father meeting my needs in detail.

  657. Very inspiring

  658. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to take the lies captive. Recognize them, capture them and turn them to the truth and repeat. Our mind is way too powerful to allow it to get away on us and God always has enough power for any situation we may be facing.

  659. Needed that this morning, thanks a million!!!

  660. Todays devoitonal brought instant tears to my eyes and thankuflness to my heart. Thank you.

  661. MomSandi Lyle says:

    THANK you for this inspiring message today I needed to read this and my heart needed to match my spirit.

  662. Thanks for sharing this with me today.
    I really appreciate your thoughts that are helping me through a tough time in my life.
    Knowing that Lord Jesus is with me, makes me stronger.
    God Bless you.
    Jenny Smith

  663. The Lord is always present. I just need to listen and open my heart to hear his words

  664. Love God’s amazing grace

  665. Needed to read this today. I am continuously uplifted by your words.

  666. Wow, this is definitely on time for me. I was just talking to my co-worker and we were feeling in our position that we are at the bottom of the totem pole and each time we try to climb up; someone from the top refreshes the pole with oil causing us to slide back down. In my own personal life, though I’ve made good strides on progressing forward with Jesus, there are rare times when I feel amazing. As a single mom who’s has two marriages and two divorces, my heart cannot trust men. I am a loner by nature and so it’s difficult to make friends and those who actually stick around and don’t snicker behind my back. So sharing this today was right on time. I prayed that scripture riding into work today. I kept repeating to myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made but the pole keeps getting re-lubricated causing me to slip again. Just skimming through the many comments to this point leads me to believe that we women MUST support each other in the body of Christ more assertively. We must begin to search out the heart of one another and not the outside. Today’s living is a double-edge sword…on one had women are making phenomenal strides while on the other fighting forces that would try to keep us in “our place”. Those forces contribute to – at times – feeling inadequate. So thank you once again for such wonderful encouragement. Be blessed in the Lord.

  667. Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you.

  668. Miss. Conway says:

    Proverbs 31 Ministries blesses my heart with their faithful words of encouragement and enlightenment, every day!

  669. Thank God for His amazing grace and the Holy Spirit!!

  670. Like so many women above I struggle with this daily. It’s so unfortunate, too, because if we (I) look close enough we can see the good He is doing for us. It seems when He is trying to use us is when the Father of Lies really steps in and tries to take over our minds. I also think He tries to make us so busy that we don’t make time to be useful for Christ.
    Oh Lord, I pray that you help each of us to remember that you are our great Father. That you see us as capable, worthy, and beautifu even when the enemy and others try to knock us down.

  671. I would love a copy.

  672. Sunday I told our Bible study group that God had asked me to say “Yes” to a request to speak in front of a women’s group at a church-wide event. This is something I have never done and… definitely something for which I am not adequate without the presence and encouragement of our God. Today, my sweet friend (who is part of that Bible study class) sent me your heartfelt and encouraging blog, along with some precious and encouraging words of her own. Thank you for what you have written here! The ripples extend further than you can imagine. God is ever faithful!

  673. Thank you for your honesty!

  674. I have a friend that is drowning in life. Defeat is all she knows.
    Thanks for a chance at your book!

  675. Nothing is impossible with God! He has power over all! I just need to lift my short-comings up to Him!
    my selfish pride.
    my guilt for thinking I am not a good mom.
    my lack of self control at times.
    my discouraging attitude towards things I can’t change.
    He is my portion today and always!

  676. Just in time. 9 people living in my house, 4 generations. I’m all outta grace.

  677. Oh boy has the enemy been trying to chip away at me with lies. For weeks now he has waged war against my weary mind. I am struggling to put up my armor. I am even struggling to go to God for protection and strength. But I will not give up and Satan will not prevail. God IS bigger than my mess, he is working on something amazing for me, he has a plan, and most importantly he wants me to be happy. Thank you for reminding me that the enemy is always breathing lies in our ear and we must seek God for protection.

  678. The Lord us awesome, and I have fyi remind myself daily he’s in control. It’s so easy to listen to those lies and let the Lord know, “I’ve got this one,I can do this”. But soon realize with out Him I’m a mess. Yes father of lies wants to control with his confusion, but my God is a big God. Thank you for your insight and your gentle reminder fyi turn my heart and thoughts back to Him.

  679. Thank you.

  680. Gail thomas says:

    What an encouragement this was to many I’m sure! Would love to read the book
    Thank you , Gail Thomas

  681. Stephanie Shaw says:

    I love the morning devotionals!! They help me start my day with love.

  682. Although my situation is different, your devotional spoke to my heart.
    I think when life pushes us to the “brink” because of any circumstances, the Enemy is often
    waiting to fan the fire of worry and helplessness. Those are the times to lend in to The Lord but often times the
    waves can overwhelm us. Thank you for this devotional and for the reminder that He is with us.<3

  683. I came across this website as I was going thru some stuff, while the enemy was telling me to give up my sons, that it was too late for them, it was my fault for not correcting the problems when they were small. as this words were going thru my mind, I felt that I could not go on As I read your words, I received a second wind to go on. I still feel hopeless but know my feelings will catch up, as long as I keep those words in my mind “I will not cast you out, your mess is not too big for me” I can keep on going. thank you for such encouraging words

  684. Kathy Bright says:

    This was just what I needed today. I know that is often said but my prayer everyday is that God speak His Words to me for guidance to bring Him glory and find the joy He wants me to have.

  685. I needed to read this today! Thank you for sharing. God’s answers are always on time. How humbling that we’re sometimes allowed to be a part of his answer in the lives of our loved ones..maybee strangers sometimes.Praying I’m sensitive and obedient when prompted by the Holy Spirit too.

  686. Deborah Reames says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to experience this inspiring book. Excerpts from it are always just what we need.

  687. All three of my daughters struggled with depression, self-harm, and suicidal ideation as teenagers. I too struggled with fighting the lies of Satan that all of it was somehow my fault and that I was not a good mother. Thank you God for Grace and for Jesus! Every day I have to remind myself whose I am – a daughter of the King!

  688. Teresa Froese says:

    This was very encouraging to me as I have really been thinking this last week that it’s impossible for me to ever be effective in a positive way and get answers to my prayer because I’m just to big of a failure. Thanks for the encouragement!

  689. Keith Parry says:

    Thanks for sharing this insight that we all too often forget….moms and dads.

  690. Micha Peckham says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional. It has touched a place in my heart, I have been the one needing encouragement and got it. I have also been the one expecting to give the encouragement and didn’t. But I learned my lesson. When God is prompting you/me to do something- there is a reason way beyond what you can think. Thank you again for this tear bringing devotional today, just what I needed.

  691. Very well written and inspirational piece. Thank you for your insight

  692. Cheryl Williams says:

    Would LOVE to win a copy of the book!

  693. Great devotion today, thank you. One of the biggest lies I am dealing with is that I have to perform for other’s acceptance, even God’s acceptance of me. I know that His Truth tells me differently, but for whatever reason I struggle with accepting that. I worry constantly about letting others down around me.

  694. Melanie Lamas says:

    I am very blessed to have grown up in a Godly and loving home. I have had great examples in my life. I often still struggle with not thinking I’m enough or thinking that someone else would do so much better at what I’ve been called to do.
    Your Bible studies have been a great encouragement to me and a great reminder that it’s not about me. It’s about God!
    Thank You!

  695. Kaye Kruetzman says:

    Most of the time, I feel like I am pouring out everything I have to help my family, friends, and church. And then, there’s that one thing I forget or don’t get around to. I beat myself up about it — can’t stop thinking about it. It overshadows every good thing I do. I feel like a failure. Then, I remember Zephenia 3:17 which says God delights in me and rejoices over me with singing. Hard to imagine — the God of all creation rejoices over a mess like me? But, God speaks truth — and so I begin to feel loved and special. Jesus has covered all my messes and failures with his love and sacrifice. What have I to fear? Praise God! And, thanks so much for your reminder through today’s devotional.

  696. Julie Wurth says:

    Your devotion this morning really spoke to my heart this morning. We all need to be reminded from time to time to pay attention to the thoughts we’re thinking and to speak God’s truth against the lies the enemy tries to whisper in our ears every day.

  697. Thank you the chance at your book! I lost my husband after over 40 years together to cancer. Since that day, family and some I thought were friends have done some unmentionable things to me and my children. I have developed an anxiety disorder and depression. I read this devotional and I believe it was meant for me to read it this morning. God is the reason I am still here! My bible study this week is going to focus on allowing God to free my heart from the lies trying to steal my mind and my heart. Thank you!

  698. God is always on time! So are your devotions!!

  699. Steve Ernest Caldwell says:

    Put on the full armor of God 1st thing b4 you start your day! Rev.12=11 They overcame, by the blood of The Lamb, and loved not their lives unto death

  700. Tonya Justus says:

    It always brings me such joy and comfort when God gives us just what we need to hear in the exact moment that we need it.

    God is good

  701. I would love to receive this!!

  702. Marianne L. says:

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder that God is bigger than our problems. He knows what is in our hearts and gives us provisions in the exact time we need them.

  703. Melinda robinson says:

    Sometimes I wonder why others don’t notice I’m struggling and reach out

  704. Today I can’t even pray that much because I am preoccupied with the mess I made. Thank you for sharing.

  705. Wow I needed this so much today. I had just finished writing honestly to the Lord in my prayer journal and it was pretty much doom and gloom because I feel so defeated. It’s just so frustrating how the closer you get to the Lord the more Satan attacks. Anyway, thank you so much for your words. I pray your daughter makes a full recovery and the Lord will bless you.

  706. Michelle Bills says:

    Thank you for this devotional today and reminding us of the lie that is constantly being whispered to us, “you are a terrible mother”. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of tears I’ve cried over this lie that sometimes feels so true. Thank you. I would absolutely want to read your book, but I really want to send a copy to a dear friend who is in the trenches of believing this lie right now. I know it would help her and remind her that she is loved and she is doing an amazing job with her children.

  707. Jennifer D. says:

    Oh how we all need a reminder of this from time to time!

  708. Wow! So emotional right now. Thank you for sharing. Praying for your daughter, you, and your entire family.

  709. Kelly McKie says:

    This devotion today was right on target for the circumstances in my life right now, and the new book “Fresh Out of Amazing” is how I’m feeling these days so I would LOVE to see what God is trying to show and tell me through this book. Thank you Proverbs31 for being there everyday for me. God bless all of the staff that make this happen, every day!

    Kelly M.

  710. This book seems like something me and so many people in my circle need to read! Thank you

  711. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your book

  712. Lori Gardner says:

    Exactly what I needed to read this morning. It’s so easy to feel like a failure with all of the demands of our busy lives. But, I am grateful for God’s truths! Blessings!

  713. As I enter into preteen years with my son I feel like the worst Mom in the world. I always thought I knew him so well and that he shared with me but this new chapter is making me doubt everything. I have spent more time asking God why and what am I doing wrong then thanking Him and asking Him to guide me.
    Thank you for this reminder.

  714. Thanks for sharing your story. I needed to be reminded of the enemy’s lies and of God prefect love for me!