When My Prayers Seem Trivial

When My Prayers Seem Trivial

May 13, 2016

Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.” Jeremiah 33:3 (AMP)


I could tell by the look on his face that my little guy was upset about something. Kneeling down I asked, “What’s wrong, Brody?”

“I can’t find my game, and I’ve looked everywhere!”

Feeling confident it was somewhere in the house, I agreed to help him look. We rummaged through closets and toy boxes. I combed through every room in the house, while Brody frantically searched all the dresser drawers.

After 20 minutes, I started thinking maybe the treasured toy had been accidentally left at school or lost during one of our many errands.

My heart ached as I watched the tears puddle up in my sweet boy’s eyes. So I asked, “Brody, have you prayed and asked Jesus to help you find it?”

“No Mom … will you pray for me?”

Huddled together we paused and prayed, calling on the One who has all the answers. We asked Him to reveal exactly where the game was mysteriously hiding.

As I wiped the tears from Brody’s eyes, we agreed that it was now time to wait and trust Jesus to answer our prayers when the time was right.

I knew this wouldn’t be easy. Brody was still longing to have his treasured item back, and asking an 8-year-old boy to trust in an invisible God was a big request that required even greater faith.

Ten minutes later, I heard him running down the hall. “I found it! I found it!!”

With pure joy beaming from his face, Brody waved the lost item in his hands.

“Where was it, Brody?”

“In my sleeping bag,” he said.

“How did you know it was in your sleeping bag?”

Looking at me with a countenance of confidence he said, “Jesus told me it was there!”

We hugged and celebrated together — thanking God for answering our prayers.

Losing something so small might seem trivial to some. But to my little boy, it was a very big deal. And watching how Jesus made Himself real to Brody that day was a very big deal to me.

We both learned an important lesson. Today’s key verse reminds us of God’s faithfulness when we call upon Him:

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish” (Jeremiah 33:3).

God invites us to call out to Him when we need answers. He promises to teach us things we don’t understand and even show us things that have been hidden.

I’ve discovered that these “things” can be spiritual truths, which He shows us in His Word or practical things like giving Brody a thought to check his sleeping bag which he hadn’t used in weeks.

God loves us. He cares enough to speak to us about the little and big things in our lives. There is nothing we care about that God doesn’t want us to bring to Him.

Have you lost something you love and long to have it back? Are you rummaging through life looking for answers and not sure what to do next?

If it’s a big deal to you, then it’s a big deal to God. He wants you to come to Him about everything. No request is too small. No problem you face is too trivial or insignificant for God.

He’s invited you to ask, so ask and trust that He will answer.

Heavenly Father, sometimes I don’t want to bother You with the small problems I’m facing in life. I often wonder if they seem trivial or if I’m wasting Your time asking for help. Thank You for inviting me to come and ask You about anything. The big issues and the small ones. Thank You for loving me and reminding me what matters to me does matter to You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 17:6-7a, “I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray. Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.” (NLT)

Prayers for a Woman’s Soul, by Julie K. Gillies, is an inspiring book that will teach wives, mothers, friends, sisters and daughters how to cover themselves with prayer on a regular basis. This soul-pampering journey will rejuvenate, refresh and revive a woman’s soul!

This week Leah DiPascal is giving away a copy of Julie K. Gillies’ book, Prayers for a Woman’s Soul. Stop by her blog today and sign up for the drawing.

Are you trying to solve a problem on your own because it seems too trivial or insignificant to ask for God’s help?

Take time now to share whatever is bothering you (no matter how big or small) with God. Ask Him to show you what to do next, and trust that He will answer.

© 2016 by Leah DiPascal. All rights reserved.

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  1. Jamille says:

    Thank you I really needed as a tired and worn out mommy. I’m feeling restless tonight and don’t understand what God is doing. Feeling as if my prayers aren’t being answered. Thankful for God’s promise in Jeremiah 33:3.

  2. Donna Sloan says:

    Love this ministry!

  3. Prayer for my daughter !

  4. Love that quote. “If it bothers you it bothers God ” been busy on some BIG things but needed remindining to ask for help with small things too. Thank you

  5. JoAnn Austin says:

    I am happy I read this…

  6. Jessie J says:

    am so hurt after reading this

    God could help find a toy but not my joy after all the asking and trusting i have done!!!!!!! wow!

    • O Jessie, I hear the hurt in your post, and my heart goes out to you. I am sorry that you’ve lost your joy.

      Lord God, I don’t what Jessie has been asking for, but you do. I know that you have heard her requests. I don’t know if the answers failed to come as she asked because it isn’t in your plan or because of someone else’s free will. Fill that empty space in her heart with your presence. Wrap her in the security blanket of your love. Restore Jessie’s soul, Lord. If it isn’t possible for her prayer to be answered as she would like, dear Jesus, then pour out a thousand tiny blessings on her so that she will know that you care. Amen.

      • That was a beautifully said prayer Shirley. I’m praying also to for Jessie’s heart. I so understand Jessie how difficult it is when we see others having prayers answered in their lives and we feel we’ve been waiting forEVER for a particular prayer / situation to be answered, I DO understand your hurt as well Jessie, and I will be praying for you. God is GOOD and He loves us so much. As hard as it is, we really must stand firm in the knowledge of knowing that God wants and knows what is best for us and is always working on or behalf. 1 will be praying for you

      • Shirlee,
        You are a wise woman, and a blessing to this group of readers. Your words are always kind and soothing. May your well never run dry & may you continue to fufil God’s purpose for your life. You are making a difference!


    • Sometimes God answers right away and sometimes He is teaching us and maturing us in the process of waiting. We have a choice to become better or bitter. It seems like alot of things in life are also a matter of perspective – that toy may be just as important to the boy as your need (and was used to build his faith). After my daughter died of cancer I have found perspective is vital in our lives. God sees the end result of the masterpiece – you. Renew our minds Lord (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) and may we see things the way You do; You are teaching us to trust You more and more; may we continuously feel Your love surround and fill us. You are the potter, I am just clay.
      – Isaiah 40:31, Romans 12:2
      Also, Shirlee I enjoy reading your replies and look for them each time. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank for your ministry…I needed this reminder.

  8. This morning I am sitting in a hotel room waiting to hear from my daughter-in-law and son to let me know when they will meet with me. They will decide after talking to me if I can see my 4 beautiful grandchildren. Please pray for us that we can connect and start a new so that this family can end the cycle on both sides of dysfunctional families. I love this ministry. I feel God’s presence so strong in my life and being part of this ministry has gotten me to this place.

  9. Dear sue and Jesse J,

    Praying for each of you that God will”bend down and listen to and answer your prayers exceedingly and abundantly above your greatest expectations.”

  10. Jessie J,
    I will agree with you in prayer that your joy is restored. That God will open your eyes to the things around you and give you peace and joy in them. I will pray that God will show you the hidden things so that you may trust that He is working even when you can’t see with human eyes.

  11. Jeannette Perez says:

    Spend my daily devotions praying for my two adult daughters and my family….however, yesterday when I was told the closing on our new home will not take place yet again, I retreated to my room and fell asleep wanting the day to just end. This morning I was blessed to read this devotional…I realized I never spoke with God about my current situation I just went to sleep. Thank you God that nothing is trival for you to handle and Thank You God for the peace that comes in knowing you know better then I. Your timing and perfect will is what I desire.

  12. Michelle says:

    Love this, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Amen … This word is just made for me… Thank you Jesus…

  14. Sharon Stephen-Buitrago says:

    Hello Ladies,
    I had misplaced my bank card. I did some research and realized that the last time it was used was in April. I asked God to help me find it and He did yesterday. I gave Him the praise right then and there. As Mother’s Day was approaching,it has been weeks since I heard from my son serving in the US Navy in Japan. As a mom, my thoughts were racing that led to worrying.But God made a way for me to not only receive 1 call but 2! I praised Him again for His faithfulness! Have a blessed day!?

  15. I had a similar experience on New Year’s Day. My grand had been using my phone earlier in the day. He placed it in his pouch on his little red scooter. It was getting close to the time I needed to leave to spend the day with tbe relatives, but I needed my phone and we had spent hours looking for it. My baby could not remember where he put it. Finally, we decided to pray and ask God to help us find the phone. A few minutes after we prayed I stepped into the hallway where he had left the scooter and my eyes went straight to the pouch that was attached to the handle bars. My grand had put my phone in there. Now, he and I pray when he misplaces things. I have been searching for a condo mostly online and I believe that God will lead me to the one suitable for my budget.

  16. Praising God this morning for the angels he has placed in my life. Thankful I can pray to a mighty God about any and everything!

  17. Marcia Whaley says:

    Thank you for this devotion, as it is timely. Below is my prayer…….

    Oh my dearest Lord, Father of all creation – please help guide my brother and I on what to do so we can get my parents house sold (they both recently passed away). I lay it down, at your throne and I entrust you with it all. I lift this up to you. In Jesus’s Name, Amen.

  18. Thank you. Time to get on my knees!

  19. Such a timely devotion! Last night the whole family went out to my son’s sports practice. It’s a big field with hills and a playground and lots of space. My younger daughters were running around all over during my son’s practice, rolling down the hills, playing in the dirt, going to the playground. At the end of the evinging I noticed that my one daughter, who wears cochlear implants, was missing a small (but very important and very expensive!) piece of her one implant. It had fallen off somewhere on that field. It was about the size of a silver dollar and black. I was in a complete panic. We searched and searched, people helped us look, and I just felt dejected and upset. To replace that one small piece would cost about $500. I was getting angry and upset and losing my temper with the kids. So I just stopped right there and prayed….for patience, peace and to find the little piece of my daughter’s cochlear implant. As I was praying, my husband, from across the field, yells out “found it!” He just happened to look down as he was walking to the car and there it was. It was an important reminder to me that God is there, always. If he can help us find a tiny little piece of equipment in a huge field of grass and mulch, he can definitely help us with the big stuff. It was a good moment.

  20. Great devotion! I used to think we should only pray to God about the little things but over the years and standing on God’s word the bible says to pray with out ceasing about everything! And I have prayed for little things even as trivial as goin to the bathroom! ๐Ÿ™‚ and about finding lost items! Sometimes it’s easier praying about the little things for me than the big things :/ but God does care about the little and big. That’s the answer I always give my kids “pray about it, ask God to help you”. Whether it’s nervousness, jealousy, helping to remember answers for a test or whatever it may be, God cares about us just as we care about our children but even more ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for reminding me of this today!

  21. I definitely needed this reminder today. I cry out to God daily for help, for answers, for insight…everything, but all i hear is crickets. Never any answers, promptings, suggestions. I feel very alone (despite what the word says) & very forgotten. Its hard to wait & be still when your heart is in so much pain & anguish. Maybe He is speaking & i just cant hear if, but if thats the case, then i NEED Him to speak louder. I want to hear my Father’s voice. I want to know His presence & feel His love. Its a desire of my heart, yet the more i chase after it, the further it seems to get.
    Thank you for this verse. God is not a liar so He HAS to listen & answer me…He said so. Lord, help me hear you.

    • Mary Wilson says:

      CJ I know firsthand what you’re feeling. I don’t want to tell you this is easy because obviously it isn’t. I was praying for 25 years for my husband to stop drinking. I had walked away time after time believing God never heard me. It was like I was invisible. But here is what I learned. First, as you said, God hears us. Second, I have to make sure my prayers are “according” to His will not mine. Third, God WILL answer in His timing wbich I’ve come to realize is always perfect. Fourth, be ready to accept whatever God’s answer is even if it’s different than what you prayed for. Take heart my sister. The Holy Spirit is witb you always and intercedes for you even when you don’t know what to prqy.

  22. Mary Wilson says:

    How well I know this to be true. Most recently I came home after being gone most of the day. I discovered one of my dogs had gotten out of our fence and I immediately panicked. I began calling neighbors and started looking for her in my car. I was frantically calling her name with no results. So my husband told me to stay at home in case she came home and he went back out in the truck. Immediately I hit my knees crying (literally) to God to help me find her. I wasn’t even through praying and my phone was ringing. A neighbor had spotted her on the road but she wouldn’t go to her. She was scared. Thanks to God was pouring from my lips and heart. It should have been my first response (to pray) but while I was praying it was not as heartfelt as it should have been. But it was not the first time God proved he cared about the “little” things, which aren’t so little sometimes.

  23. Lovely reading. Our Ladies Bible study group is focusing on praying for one another’s needs and Sharing the Wonders He has done in answering those prayers.
    It is an awesome thing to plant those seeds of practical Believing in a child’s heart.
    To God be the Glory !!

  24. Have been wanting this book for sometime. I struggle with prayer. Recalling the words to describe my needs. Struggle with knowing God already knows my requests, think why bother. But know it’s the way to building a relationship with Him.

  25. Mustard seed says:

    thank you for this devotional!! Great encouragement to ask God even for the smallest things. Praying he will help me pass my exams coming up in July. Can’t do it without his help.

  26. phindile nguse says:

    Praying for a miracle. Everything seems to be going wrong about my life.,theres nothing that i try n do that works out. Lord hear my cry. I need u.

    • Something for you to meditate on:
      Psalms 138:8 The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.

      Also, if you can, go on YouTube and look up Lauren Diagle Trust In You. The chorus of the song says:

      When You don’t move the mountains I’m needing You to move
      When You don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through
      When You don’t give the answrs as I cry out to you
      I will trust, I will trust, I will trust in You

      Trust Him; He will not be made ashamed…

  27. Patricia says:

    God does care about the little things. Yesterday I got a call from my 83 year old mother. She was so upset that she had lost her car keys. I told her not to worry that I would help her find them. After looking outside and all around her apartment, I ask if she had checked her purse. She said that she took everything out and they were not there. But I felt God was wanting me to check it again. They were in a zipped part of her wallet. She said how did you know to check anyway? I told her it was God showing me where they were. He does care about the little thing’s lost! I would like a copy of the book.

  28. Thank you, Leah, for this reminder that God is concerned with every aspect of our lives..whether large or small!

  29. kathy wyg says:

    Good morning……..thank you Leah…for your dveo/story…today…..awesome….& too
    Thank you for giving us the ending….I appreciate that…I know these these devos you guys give us are to show God’s wisdom…etc…but for me personally…the devo & the story go together……& when you guys give us the ending to your story it just makes it complete…@ least for me it does……he answered your little guys prayers….that is so neat…I did the same thing a few months ago..about the praying…needed some help..
    Talked w/God on my early morning walk in my driveway…was earnest & honest w/him
    He already knew obviously what I was asking…& I asked him for direction & he gave it to me….ten fold…I was in awe….100%…& thanked him enthusiastically…& we were able to do what was needed…..it actaully blew my mind….
    To Jesse…I will say my prayers for you…..

    Have a blessed day……guys………..Kathy wyg

  30. Karen C says:

    I’m praying for guidance in how to handle a difficult relationship.

  31. I remember when my son was small he asked me to pray for him because they were doing a play in class and he’d missed a day to practice so he was nervous. He would also ask me to pray with him before bedtime because he would have nightmares and he said he didn’t have nightmares when we prayed. Even though he’s 16 now, I still smile thinking about those things because they are a part of him coming to know God.

    Thanks for giving me a smile and bringing back a warm memory…:-)

  32. Sarah C. says:

    Praying has always been extremely awkward for me. I have always been the type to pray in my mind verses out loud. In the last year God has done some amazing things in my life, all to bring me closer to him. I have always been a Christian, but in November He called me to be baptized again, so I did. I have started going to church again, and I read devotions daily (sometimes more than once), and I read my bible several times a week. Over the last week He has been telling me very clearly to learn how to pray, and to pray every day. Yesterday I kept track of things to pray and people to pray for in my journal, and before I went to bed I prayed out loud for the first time in at least 20 years. I was nervous, it was a little awkward, and I even asked God to forgive me and to be patient with me while I was learning how to pray. When I was done, I immediately went sleep. No tossing and turning or worrying for me. When I opened this devotional this morning, I started crying because it directly relates to my situation and helped reassure me that it doesn’t matter if it’s awkward, or I am nervous, God just wants me to pray, about anything and everything, because He wants me to be close to Him.

  33. Perfect timing for me to read this devotional today. I have a problem at my job that reared its ugly head first thing when I walked in today. For the past 90 minutes I have had to address the issue and am frustrated because it is something that could be avoided if people would follow the policy. After reading the devotional I began to pray and was reminded of Joyce Meyer’s message on tv this morning–Opposition. I had to laugh and be grateful for the reminder about the message that I watched and about what I said to God before I left home today. I thanked Him for this day and for everything that I would face.

    Thanks for this devotional and for the reminder to stop and take this frustration to Him.

  34. Beth O'Keefe says:

    I am standing and agreeing with you in prayer, Karen.

  35. Marsha Purchase says:

    I am so glad I read this today. Often I feel that I don’t really know what to pray for. So I just ask God to cover my family, friends and the world. I ask that I follow his steps and ask for my faith to be increased.

  36. BJoyce Bonner says:

    Thank you for a soulful devotion that prompted such authentic responses. God truly cares about all aspects of our lives; even what we might consider trivial. He answers in due time and due season. All praises to a loving Father who feels our distress and comes to our rescue.

  37. This is such a powerful verse. There is power in prayer. For 11 years I prayed for a child. After seeing multiple doctors and tests I just knew the answer was you can’t have children. It’s so hard to see happy families when you long for children. My prayers were answered and I was blessed with a wonderful gift even after doctors said its not possible. So many precious women are struggling with the same longing to have children. Sweet one don’t give up. God does hear your prayers. The journey was long and hard and many tears were shed but God was faithful through the whole journey. Thank you for this reminder that God hears our prayers even for the small things.

  38. Jaimee Smith says:

    Once again, this is exactly what I needed. Sometimes I’m asking God for what I need and looking for instant gradifecation. I have a hard time moving on from it and trusting God has a plan. I get anxious and impatient and start trying to fix things on my own and then I just make things worse. That is my prayer this morning. Lord Jesus, please remove my anxiety. Give me patience when I bring my requests to your feet. Help me to trust that you have the best plan for me. Help direct me where I need to go to best follow you. Thank you for having patience with me. Thank you for your renewed Grace each morning. In Your holy name, Jesus, amen.

  39. Thank you, Leah for sharing this uplifting testimony! I plan to share it with my ladies bible study group when it is my turn to lead devotions. So many of us have stated that we feel our little worries and problems are not important enough to take to the Lord. We tend to view God with human limitations – after all, He must be extremely busy taking care of the entire world with much more urgent matters to attend to than our everyday needs and cares! Jeremiah 33:3 is a comforting reminder that God’s love for us and His patience with us is beyond our ability to measure.

  40. We ladies at church are faithful to cover each family in prayer throughout the week. I will have to purchase this book as we continue to learn how to pray for each situation and wait to see how God the Father answers.

  41. carol dupuie says:

    My heart has been heavy for my son who has one health issue after another. A job he came work because of his health. A job that he can’t support himself. He is faithful to the Lord and suffering in His name. Seeking answers. As a mom I have cryed to the Lord on his behalf, prayed scripture over him. My heart is broken. But today in reading the devotional I found encouragement as God knows, God hears, God listens. His love for my son is so great.
    Of all the prayer requests from my Bible study class come in , my request, my cry to the Lord seems insignificant compared to those others, but today’s verse gave me hope and encouragement. Thank you for your wisdom and bringing His word alive. Love in Christ, Carol

  42. Jeremiah 3:33 is one of my favorite verses. Quite often the Lord has answered a prayer of mine similar to Brody’s! Thank you for sharing this.

  43. Susanna says:

    Praying for that special job I need so badly.

  44. How appropriate for me to hear this today. Yesterday, a 9 year old girl in our area, who had been taken by her uncle for 8 days, was found in a remote area. The 2 men who found her, had been looking in the area, praying for God to show them where she was. Thankfully, they felt the nudge to look further and found her in a barn with her uncle.

  45. Leah’s message today hit home with me. This past Christmas, even thou I was sick, I did what me husband wanted and packed up the Christmas tree and decorations. After several hours, I was tired and decided to take a break. When I did, I noticed my Grandmother’s wedding ring, that I always wore, was gone. We searched for hours bu, could not find the ring. Just as Leah said, I prayed to the Lord to reveal the location to me, even thou this was a small thing to God, that ring was special to me because my Mom has just passed away two months before. It was her Mother’s ring that I had lost. Since my Mom was in heaven, atleast every day I could be comforted by that ring. I waited until the next day to look. God spoke to me and I knew just where to look, in the Christmas tree box. I opened the box and there clinging to a branch was the ring. I thanked God for hearing and answering my prayer. You are right, God hears and He does answer our request.

  46. mercelena tabares says:

    just wanted to say , GOD is great. And He definitely hears us…… Just today I felt like my little problems were bothering Him…. but here HE has answered me…. Praise God.

  47. Sally Ann Price says:

    I needed to hear this. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  48. I pray these prayers all the time but He rarely answers. I believe God is a big God. I expect big things from Him. But I’m starting to believe He doesn’t care. And I’ve gotten away from praying openly with my daughter because I don’t want her to see that He doesn’t answer.

    • Victoria says:

      My heart aches for you. I’ve been where you are and all I can tell you is what I’ve experienced and that is that God IS faithful and He DOES hear our prayers and answer them. But He answers them His way and in His time. That was the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around and accept. I’m praying for you and asking Him to reveal Himself to you in big and small ways over the next few days and to send believers to walk beside you and encourage you. He loves you. YOU and your daughter matter to Him and He hears your prayers and will answer them but it might not be in the way you anticipate so wait expectantly on the Lord. You’re loved my sister!

  49. A. Johnston says:

    Throughout my last couple decades, I’ve struggled with understanding how prayer works. I’ve often wondered if prayers only get answered if they are a part of God’s bigger plan, like as pertaining to ministry-type things. I pray every day for the usual, forgiveness, safety, wisdom, and such, and I am confident that God is responsible for taking care of my needs. I give Him praise for all. My question, though, is if God has predestined everything that will take place, what is really the point of asking for anything in particular? Is the point of prayer really more about the conversation/relationship? Thoughts, anyone?

  50. melissa says:

    Thank-you for the honor to win a copy of your book land of silence , my dad passed away going 4 years now. This would be a great book to read and help me heal .

  51. I needed to here this today.. Its not about loosing a game it’s that you need to believe that all good thing will come in time, whether it’s in a couple of minutes or weeks if you believe in God he will be there.. I truly believe he’s listening when we speak to him. Everyones situation is not the same when we want something so bad and we wish it could happen know instead of waiting but God does things when the time is right.. Amen

  52. I can’t tell you how many times we have stopped searching for something and just prayed and asked the Lord to help us find it, and in a short amount of time we have found it. Without fail He always proves himself faithful! My daughter is 22, and we just did this today when she wa staying to find her ear buds to pack to go on a trip… We stopped, we prayed, and not long after, found them! God is good!

  53. Cristina Moreno says:

    So glad I read this. I always look forward to the daily devotions. They are super helpful to me. Each one of them.
    There are a few things I need to pray for. I know God will answer in due time.

  54. Sherma Clarke says:

    I love the statement, If itโ€™s a big deal to you, then itโ€™s a big deal to God. Sometimes I compare my cares to others’ problems and decide not to bother God with what’s bothering me. But we are unique individuals to God. My concerns are unique. God cares about everything that concerns us. What a beautiful devotion and a timely reminder.

  55. Martha T. says:

    Very good reminder to take everything to God in prayer!

  56. my unanswered prayers of 28 years feel like a no instead of wait. I have been divorced for that long…my life feels like more losses than positives even though I have seen many answers to prayer. I try to serve God where He leads me but still feel terribly alone. I have some good friends but still feel sad. my daughter has fallen away because of belief in evolution. I feel myself slipping away too because if Gods silence.im tired weak and worn …and as I approach my 60 birthday can’t even begin to hope things will change.

  57. Valerie says:

    Thank you so much for this.. I read this in the morning and I was struggling with being denied for child care expenses so when I went to work I search for additional information that I Must have missed and sure enough the young lady was correct the guidelines did change but not for returning parent but for new parents so I not only qualify for the next six months but it will be lower.. I callex upon the Lord and he answered and I search for what I didn’t know.. Thank you my heavenly father..

  58. Thanks! This definitely was a reassurance for me.

  59. Angela Montgomery says:

    This is me all the way. Bible class, wednesday, talked about prayer. Service on friday evening talked about prayer. Sometimes I wonder if He hears me due to the repetition but then I remember how He tells us to rehearse things not just in our children’s ears but our own. Things I think are minute are great in His eyes. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to you.

  60. Donna Thrstenson says:

    What a wonderful reminder that God hears us regardless of whether it is a big request or the tiniest.
    I have to constantly remind myself that God cares about EVERYTHING we care about.

  61. Susan G says:

    Thank you so much for sharing that little children can and do hear God speaking to them. I know my two grandchildren hear God too, and it thrills my soul! This should be ‘normal’ for every Christian, including little children who know God.
    Thanks for this!

  62. Thanks so much for pointing your son to Jesus, asking Him to reveal the toy! What a precious gift He gave your boy in telling him where it was.

  63. Jessica says:

    I wanted to comment on this yesterday, but got busy and forgot. I just discovered this website recently and it’s helped me already. This was definitely a reminder. For awhile now, I thought I should restrict my prayers to more important things. People in need of healing, peace, forgiveness and things like that. In fact, I always felt I should pray for others before I pray for myself. I’ve been upset for awhile now over some of my favorite movies/tv shows for various reasons (you see now why I thought this was silly to pray about?), but all I talked to God about it was that I just wanted to enjoy these things like I used to. Now, I think I’ll tell God why this upsets and leave it all up to Him. There’s still a lot I’m afraid about and I’m struggling over worrying if God will answer me. I just have to keep praying to God.

  64. l am always blessed by this ministry.Jesus cares for us.HE wants us to trust him always. I pray that God grant unto us the grace to handover all of our worries to him without keeping some for ourselves.

  65. Brenda Neal says:

    I have been doing this for years…asking Jesus to show where my missing item is located. Recently I had the beautiful opportunity to share this with one of my grandchildren. For the child the experience was exuberating…for me, it was that quiet assurance & confidence in my heart that God answered as He has done many times over. My heart was overjoyed. The experience allowed me to share how wonderful our Lord is & that yes He does hear and answer prayers. The teaching moment was priceless and it thrilled me that I had the opportunity to teach this child about Jesus. “Call unto me & I will answer thee and show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not.”

  66. I have not seen this bible verse before today. It was too funny that I read this the day after I found something the night before I had lost for months. I had misplaced one of my bikini tops & my favorite. It wasn’t with my other swimwear so I looked in usual places in closet, dresser etc even suitcases as I had been on a cruise monte for. I had the thought I may have left in Jamaica & felt heartsick to have to spend the money to replace. I had surrendered this top to God & let it go believing it would show up in an unlikely place. So last night I was led to clean out my workout drawer which is stuffed with shorts & tank tops. I have done looked here before, but this time I went deeper. I took it all out & there it was the bikini top stuck between 2 drawers & barely visible. I laughed & jumped up & down. God had revealed something hidden to me but I just needed to go deeper which took more effort.

  67. hurting so badly Lord… please help the pain….you know my heart…..I am just so tired….let me feel your presence in a very real way tonight- please

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