When Rushing Takes You in the Wrong Direction

When Rushing Takes You in the Wrong Direction

December 31, 2014

“Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Proverbs 21:5 (MSG)

I dropped the grocery bags on the counter and glanced at the clock. It’s way past dinnertime.

I shoved the dirty dishes to one side of the sink and quickly began washing the vegetables that rolled out from one of the bags on the counter. I could feel my heart racing as I grabbed a sauté pan and looked for the pork chops hiding somewhere in the refrigerator.

Why am I always running late? No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get my act together. I’m tired of rushing all the time. Why won’t anyone notice and help me?

In record time, I had potatoes in the oven, a fresh salad made and my stowaway pork chops sizzling on the stove.

Hopefully no one’s noticed what time it is yet. Breathe, Leah … breathe!

Just then I heard my teenage son hollering from the back door, “Mom, please come move your car out of the driveway. I want to shoot some hoops.”

In a mad dash, I headed for the door with my car keys in hand. I have to hurry – otherwise the pork chops are going to burn! I hopped in the car, shoved the gear stick in reverse and quickly backed up … right into my husband’s truck.

Oh, yes I did!

The crash was so hard and loud that my husband heard it from inside. In seconds we were surveying the damage. Let’s just say he was not a happy camper. And I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry my eyes out.

I felt terrible about what had just happened but no matter how many times I apologized, my words couldn’t fix the huge dents in both of our cars.

Keith was gracious and said it would be OK. But, it wasn’t OK. Not for me. I had made a careless and costly mistake that would have been avoided if I weren’t in such a hurry. My rushing had taken me in the wrong direction. Oh, and the pork chops on the stove? Completely burned.

Maybe like me you sometimes include too many things in your schedule. Sure, we have good intentions and want to meet everyone’s needs. But how helpful can we really be if we’re rushing around all day, feeling anxious and unintentionally setting ourselves up for careless mistakes because we’re doing too much?

I long to be a woman who chooses wisely and plans well. A woman who seeks the Lord’s guidance before setting her schedule, so that she can experience the peace of His presence instead of the anxiety of her hurriedness.

Do you want to be that kind of woman too? What would our days look like if we embraced the pace of God’s steady grace rather than rushing ahead in our attempts to get more done? What if we actually lived like Proverbs 21:25 says, knowing that careful planning puts us ahead but hurry and scurry can put us further behind?

Would we be more helpful to others and ourselves by slowing down, giving attention to what we’re doing and being present in our circumstances, instead of daydreaming about the next thing on our to-do list? I think so.

As we enter the New Year, let’s decide to make a change and do things differently.

Let’s ask God for insight when we create our schedules and move at a pace that pleases Him. Let’s be wise women who choose to avoid the trap of rushing which often leads us in the wrong direction.

Let’s settle our hearts and watch the anxiousness wash away as we take God’s hand and walk in the gentle pace of His steady grace today.

Dear Lord, give me Your wisdom as I plan my schedule each day. If I start to feel anxious because I’m trying to do too much, remind me to slow down, focus on what I’m doing and avoid the trap of rushing in the wrong direction. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Jeremiah 2:25a, “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?” (MSG)

1 Peter 5:6-7, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (ESV)

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If you find yourself rushing around weary and anxious because of the requests and demands of others, what’s one thing you can do differently that will help you feel less hurried and more peaceful?

When was the last time you asked God to help you plan your schedule? Take a few minutes now and ask Him for guidance and direction.

© 2014 by Leah DiPascal. All rights reserved.

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    For the second time in 4 months my hurrying has caused me to be seriously hurt.
    All my rushing around has injured my wrists making my life an absolute misery and allowing time for my nerves and muscles to heal just prolongs the anxiety of the ‘getting it all doneness’ that seems to loom over me these days.
    I read your blog and I am amazed by your absolute honesty and your love for God touches my heart as I too want so much to allow HIM to organize my steps so that I am not rushing and hurrying, and allowing HIM to both heal this body and inspire me while the healing is taking place.
    Thank you for this blog tonight, I don’t do ‘resolutions’ but I do put ‘things’ away at the end of each year… I leave them behind in the year and this year I want to leave my rushing behind. I want to move into a New Year with a calmness and quietness that will allow my body to heal and my art to remain an inspiration. Thank you again!

    • Lynn, I’m praying that as God continues to heal your wrists He will also fill you with hope and joy to embrace the New Year. May the peace of His presence wash over you in a tangible way as you spend time with Him.

    • Now that my husband, Ron Smith and I are living here at Eden Supportive Living Champaign, we don’t feel hurried about anything. Whatever God may have planned in the coming year for us, we’re going to take it as it comes. We both know that new experiences are in store for both of us, no matter how big or small. Nevertheless, challenges are not going to keep us from doing and being what God wants us to do and be to be good and faithful servants. “Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Proverbs 21:5 (MSG)
      Amen to that verse! Hurrying isn’t going to get us anywhere whatsoever. We should take time to do and be what God wants us to. We should focus on the things He has in store for us.
      “Dear Lord, give me Your wisdom as I plan my schedule each day. If I start to feel anxious because I’m trying to do too much, remind me to slow down, focus on what I’m doing and avoid the trap of rushing in the wrong direction. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”~Leah DiPascal
      Amen! What a powerful prayer! With everything that we are going through in life, we shouldn’t allow our own agendas to stand in the way of anything wonderful that God has planned for our future, even what ay be going on right now.
      Jeremiah 2:25a, “Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry? Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?” (MSG)
      How so very true! We aren’t in a hurry to do anything to please God. Hurrying only happens when we don’t want to follow through with the plans that God has for us. We think that our own agenda is what matters most; however, that’s not what God wants us to realize.
      1 Peter 5:6-7, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (ESV)
      Amen! Isn’t God amazing? No matter what we may be going through, he cares so much for each and every one of us. We should obey whatever it is that he may want us to do to successfully serve Him.

  2. Thank you so much for this msg. I’m also always on the go. I have actualy one morning asked god to help me slow down! An hour later I had a bad fall and badly fractured my arm. So I HAD to slow down! Learning many lessons in the process. 1 what you ask god, he will give! 2. To accept help from others, graciously! And the difficult one, 3. To leave EVERYThING in GOD’S hands! May you have a blessed 2015!

  3. Barb C Smits says:

    Thank you! I needed to read this tonight. As I enter a new year I would like to seek The Lord daily, focusing on the “things above”, and getting organized to not rush in the mornings. This is the area where “I lose it”. Trying to get out of the house on time is a struggle. This ministry has been a blessing. Happy New year!

    • Barb, I agree – feeling rushed first thing in the morning is not a good way to start out the day. I’ve learned to prayer first before I get out of bed. It makes a huge difference!

      • Jazell Byars says:

        Yes Leah I’m trying to slow down in the mornings and not feel so rushed to get out of the house too. It seems easier said than done. But if i do it enough then it will become habit.

      • Amen it is a great day for us to pray before going out to work kinds of carrier in Jesus name

  4. olebogeng Letlhare says:

    This is the right time for this message. I really appreciate it. It is ministering to me and I will focus and plan ahead this coming year. Thank you very much.

  5. I love receiving devotions via email and they are always good. This one is EXACTLY what I needed to receive!
    Thank you & Happy New Year!

  6. Leslie McCardle says:

    Leah hit the nail on the head this morning. As a woman, I feel like I need to do everything for everyone. In an effort to accomplish this I usually mess things up by rushing and not focusing on the task at hand. GOD, please let me remember to ask for your help and guidance when planning out my day. When everyone is asking for something, let me reach out to you when responding to these requests.

  7. The Lord has truly been teaching me this “Slow Down” method in 2014. He has been trying to teach more for longer than that, but have had some wake up calls (called medical situations) that have made me reevaluate and have made me be slower. And I praise Him that He is ever gracious and the ever loving Father that has scooped me up in the midst of my mess….and still chooses to bless….bless me with comfort when I am hurting….bless me with guidance when I am unsure…bless me with peace in the midst of my crazy and bless me with protection when things felt scary. I am so thankful for my Abba Father.
    Thank you, as well, for continuing to help spur me on as we say our best yes-es in this new year and to remember that God takes us right where we are and like I tell my 5 blessings…loves us NO MATTER WHAT!

  8. This message was to me from God. I have taken steps this past year to truly change the way I have lived (always rushing) to something else…new job, relocation, shed tons of “stuff”, got rid of too many “hobbies and projects” and even set goals to live differently. Instead of doing that, I have found ways to avoid slowing down, am still rushing and still going in the wrong direction. I needed to hear these words today. I needed God to speak loud and clear to me. For my own sake, my health, my sanity and for those I truly love, I HAVE to ask for God’s guidance and help with this. I want His hand to lead this change in my life. The time is now. ..change has to happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your story and these words.

  9. The day before Christmas Eve this year; I didn’t have That One Big Thing to give my husband for Christmas. I had a huge knot in my stomach and scolded myself, “didn’t plan enough ahead.” I was tempted to go to one of the big box home improvement stores and charge way over my budget. I didn’t , instead I prayed for Gods peace. I wanted His focus in the holiday and asked for direction. Unbelievably ( why do I question) on Christmas Eve, a classified ad had a snow blower posted at my budget price! “Could it be true?” I thought. Silly, of course since I prayed for it. I was able to calmly go about work that day until it was time to meet the folks selling the snow blower. It met more than my expectations at within my budget and met some nice people too. God gave me a spiritual blessing in seeking s material thing: His timing is worth waiting for.

  10. Thank you for this message!
    Being in a perpetual rush it’s always counter productive. I like Kim statement that “God’s timing is worth waiting for.” Happy new year everyone and Proverbs 31 Ministries!

  11. As my earthly father used to say, “We grow so soon old and so late smart yet.” Older now and smarter (I hope), I understand that my heavenly Father takes the long view and wants me to spend my time on things with eternal impact. I’ve substituted present practicality for present perfection, which removes most of the pressure. Relationships trump projects. Praying continuously redirects doing continuously. Less Martha, more Mary.

  12. Oh, my, this is SO me. I’m wishing all the time I could figure out a way not to be in such a frenzy all the time. Thank you for this!

  13. A great reminder to slow down, but also this thought comes to mind – maybe our families should be more helpful and mindful of what the Mom is going through – you were working hard to prepare a meal for your family – your son could have picked another activity other than basketball, helped you in the kitchen, and Dad could have moved the car if it needed to be moved. I think many times as Christian women, we feel that we must do EVERYTHING for everyone without asking for help.

    • Sherry – those were my thoughts exactly – the lesson I gleaned here is why do we feel the need to do it all ourselves – the rule in our house is – if one is working everyone is working – especially at mealtimes not only does it teach a work ethic it makes for some great family times — somewhere along the line moms were told to be the martyr and do it all – its unfair to the mom and the kids! The son should have been asked to help with dinner and after dinner and the dishes are done -everyone goes out to shoot hoops. Agree we all need to slow down but lets not put this all on the mom’s shoulders!

  14. I totally agree with You Sherry. I put so much on myself instead of just asking for help. I know that my husband, son or family members would help, but I just sometimes wish they would see that I need help and do it instead of being asked. I’m learning to do the same in my daily walk. It is a daily surrender to God and allowing him to lead me and guide me throughout the day. When I begin to do it on my own, that’s when things usually start to go awry. I pray that this message helps others to remember to slowdown and know that a mighty God is with them. Thank you for this message today.

  15. Thank you so much for this post. I have been rushing to get so many things done for too long. I have been asking God which way He wants me to go for His kingdom. Being involved with women’s ministry, youth ministry, serving/outreach into the community all at once has pulled me in so many directions at once. I dearly love all of them, but I know I cannot continue to do them all and be any good to any certain one; not as effective as God wants me to be and to where He can use me to His fullest. I’m continuing to seek Him and listen for His guidance.

  16. Thank you for this post. Lately I have been struggling with the many committments on my plate. I am feeling lead to pull away from one because it has turned out to be a much bigger one than I imagined. I am not able to devote the time and energy it deserves. Naturally, I feel guilty.

  17. As a mom of two VERY busy non-driving teenage boys…I often feel or am rushed. Running, running, running at times.
    Now the boys are older, I’ve been trying to explain to them time management & that I am NOT here to “serve them” while they play Xbox & yell/bark “requests”. I have made them more accountable and I’ve set boundaries…NO last minute spur of the moment “plans” on their part, especially if it means I have to add one more thing to my plate. We are learning to respect one anothers “schedules & plans” as well as divi up daily tasks that were exclusively mine when they were younger. Tides are changing in our home. I refuse to allow stress & anxiety reign! God has so much more for my life & it’s according to His plan & purpose. I just need to be still some times!

    • Good for you Tanisha! It is hard to be a mama sometimes, isn’t it? But thankful for a God who gives us wisdom to lead our children to grow up to be responsible, loving and considerate. Continue to seek Him and His wisdom and things WILL change.

  18. This was awesome information and greatly needed today and everyday since I have a bad habit of over doing it most days.

    Thank you and God Bless!!!

  19. Talk about a message in due timing! in I identified so much with this. I can never be on time. I always run late whether I’m getting ready for work (and I work from home, you’d think that would help lol), or I’m leaving to go somewhere. I never, ever, have anyone offer to help me. It’s habitually me helping others get ready and myself last. I’ve tried focusing on me first and I still end up behind because so much is left undone. I think my issue is I have a servant’s heart. It’s my greatest strength stand worst weakness. Definitely a Mary girl in a Martha world. I’m trying to change that but I’m not sure it’s such a bad thing all the time.

  20. Love the story because I can so relate to it. Most of my life I’ve rushed and rushed and rushed… Great way to end the year and be reminded to slow down. Love the Scripture verses in this devotional. God bless you in the New Year!

  21. Debra Baker says:

    I so enjoy reading these devotions, and this one really spoke to me, I rush and try to do so much, and I need to Stop and Breath, I’m going to seek God more in planning my days out and Not taking on more than what I need to focus on. I have also learned or am learning that your body will let you know when you do too much and its taking me to be down in my body to learn this, so please pray for me, I am as well as all of us a work in progress, but as long as we learn our lessons, it’s all worth it.God bless you and your Ministry.

  22. Our children are all married with children of their own. I am sorry I didn’t demand more help from them when they were growing up and more help from my husband. I thought i had do it all. I worked out of the home and I was in a frenzy a lot of the time. Result: crabby mom and wife. Children & husbands have to be taught what is expected. And they need to be asked for help in home duties. They don’t see what needs to be done! My “gang ” was definitely spoiled. So, young mothers and middle agers take heed and make sure your family learns that it takes group effort to have a calmer atmosphere in your home. Pray about this and our Heavenly Father will guide you.

    • I realize I already replied – but as I continue to read these comments by heart breaks for so many who are carrying this burden of having to do it all — hoping some one will notice — they won’t! Ask for help – tell your family “no” once in awhile — not only is it healthy for you — your children need it! I see so many young people who walk around with such a feeling of entitlement it is unreal! No concept of pitching in or anticipating what needs to be done next or concept of not getting instant gratification – they are struggling and failing (for the first time) in the workplace. Somewhere we as moms believed that it was wrong to ask for help or make our children do things. Let’s start an honest conversation about raising independent, accountable young adults and how as their mothers we can guide that passage – not by moms sacrificing more – but by expecting more of the people around us.

      • Yes! My thoughts exactly! As a high school teacher, I am always amazed by students who will blame their missing lunch or uniform on their mom – I always ask, “Why are you not making your own lunch and doing your own laundry at your age?” Yet, these sweet moms will drop whatever else they are doing and drive to the school with the missing item. How will children be prepared for real life if they are not taught to be considerate of others’ needs, feelings, property, and time? Sometimes the rush and anxiety comes from us and a lack of time spent seeking His presence and peace. Other times, it is those around us, and when it’s our children, it is our job as mothers to teach them consideration, kindness, and responsibility. Sometimes it does seem easier to just do everything ourselves rather than require help from our children and teach them to do it properly and consistently. However, time spent doing that will actually benefit the child for life, along with lessening the burden and anxiety on the mother.

        • Jennifer – you are certainly in the trenches on this! I have three kids aged 12-19 and have constantly been amazed at the lengths moms go to keep their kids comfortable and from any sense of “failure” and then brag about the great lengths they go “I had to leave a meeting to rush home and bring XYZ to school, etc.” Not to say I never brought a forgotten lunch or book to school – but not every time and not at the expense of my own responsibilities to my job or other commitments. It doesn’t mean they can’t count on me – or I am not there for them – it means I trust that they are capable, responsible people and expect them to behave as such.

  23. Debra Baker says:

    This devotional really spoke to me this morning, as I am one of these women who rush, rush, rush. I am going to Stop and Breath and seek God for my daily schedule, you know after a point and time, your body will tell on you, and then you have no choice but to stop, which is where I am today, so please pray for me, these are such good lessons to learn, unfortunately it takes some of us longer to learn, I am one of those. Thank you and God Bless your Ministry.

  24. Deborah Burd says:

    Thank you so very much for your blog….I praise God for his timing and in needing to read this…I needed His calmness and through His Word it was provided….thank you again.

  25. Thank you! I often hear from friends and family that I am so busy, that I do too much, that I want to be super mom, that I have a crazy schedule yet somehow none of those comments have made a home in my head….or my heart thankfully. On the last day of a year I feel flew by (shocker) I get the real words that will settle in my heart, “…hurry and scurry put you further behind.” Well played God…I get it and I thank you! I am not a big resolution maker though I feel a sudden awakening to make a real and lasting change to slow down. Leah I thank you and all of the other women at Proverbs 31 for being open to share what God has done and is doing in your hearts. Happy New Year!!

  26. A timely reminder on this last day of 2014 as I reflect on this year and my one word for this year – PEACE. I still have a long way to go in this area and just might have PEACE Part II for my one word in 2015. My peace disappears when I start rushing and scurrying around. I am going to write out the verse in Jeremiah 2:25 as a daily reminder to slow down and let peace rule. Thank you for this today, Leah!

  27. Thank you! I can relate to you so much and I am so glad that I took time to read, to really read this today. I needed this message! My family has been telling me but to hear you speak my feelings really made me understand. I love the scriptures you added. Thank you again for your beautiful words. I now have my goal for the New Year as I stop rushing and start being present, relying on God instead of myself. Thank you again and I wish you a blessed New Year!

  28. Stacy Fortenberry says:

    Wow! You wrote about me! I am praying often “help!” . My prayer can now be for guidance and good planning! Thank you!
    Love ,

  29. So…………..
    I was reading this email about When Rushing Takes You….and i got to the Bible verse Jer 2:25a and thought…. I have never seen this before how did i miss it. So i went and found the full verse and it reads: When will you stop running? When will you stop panting after other gods? But you say, ‘Save your breath. I’m in love with these foreign gods, and I can’t stop loving them now!’ (NLT) and i thought–this does NOT say what they are “trying to make it say”. I went to UNSUBSCRIBE because i thought “what in the world? they are just trying to make it match up and it doesnt” and then…..I got that voice that said, “ahem, um, Dianne…..you MISSED IT COMPLETELY” And what was revealed was, Sure, it talks about idols and foreign gods as in –gods, you know….the little statues and worshiping of the Bible. And the part I missed was, an idol is ANYTHING you put before the LORD GOD….oh……(light bulb) Running around and doing everything and time wasted on the internet, or our “smart” phones or social media drains our time….making other things that areimportant –God and family and people

    • Diane, thank you for sharing your insights and what the Lord was teaching you through Jeremiah 2:25a. The translation I used in this devotional was The Message. The wording is different, but I think it still speaks to the heart of what I tried to share with my personal story. I agree with you. An idol is anything or anyone we place in higher priority than the Lord. Sometimes that may come in the form of self-focus, people pleasing or performance based living. Here is the wording in the Message translation: ““Slow down. Take a deep breath. What’s the hurry?Why wear yourself out? Just what are you after anyway?” I hope this clarifies any concerns you may have about the connections between the theme of my devotion and the verse I chose to go along with it. Thank you again for sharing. Your words are greatly appreciated. Abundant Blessings, Leah

  30. I am battling anxiety on a daily basis and fighting to keep focus on God and not let the constant rush control me. I’m putting Slow down and WALK with God not ahead of God for my number 1 nyrs resolution.

  31. No other words but, THANK YOU!!!

  32. I’m so glad this message came on New Year’s Eve! It’s a blessing to me, and I’m sure others. I’m often rushed, and just try to do way to much in a day. My newest intention is to seek God’s guideance each day as I plan my day. I know he will give me direction, that I believe and trust in.

  33. Amazing how God seems the right message just in time! I keep feeling I’m falling behind ALL the time. This was such a simple & fresh reminder. Thank you. I’ve run into cars backing out of the driveway in a hurry, luckily no damage. But I’ve hit the basketball goal more than once. Reminders on the back of my mama van. I want to make wise decisions so that I will feel peace. Than You for sharing a wonderful devotion us mom’s need!!!!

  34. Dorrae Ferris says:

    Thank you, Leah! I can totally relate to your “funny” story. In fact not only did I once SLAM into the front of my husbands truck while backing out of the driveway, I was in such a rush one morning that I got into my car, which was parked in the garage, and opened the overhead door from inside the car, however I did not wait for it to go up completely, I immediately started backing up and slammed right into the rising door. It got stuck on the roof of my car and I was stuck. I couldnt move my car. The side rails of the overhead door were completely bent so the door wouldnt open or close. I just started to cry. I’m glad I dicovered your blog and I would love to be entered to win a copy of “Your Best Yes”. I did share your blog on my facebook wall. I’m going to follow your advice. Thank you again! Happy New Year!

  35. sequiya streeter says:

    This message was for me. I always find myself rushing to get things done and still don’t finish all my tasks. I will remember this passage. Thank you

  36. Veronica Mosley says:

    Thank you for the words of wisdom. I wish business was the reason i am always behind. My struggle is no activity. 2014 has been a strange year, in the past i am usually scheduled and purposeful, but this year i walked around foggy and confused and getting nothing accomplished but at the same time feeling very overwhelmed and unsettled internally. I am praying that 2015 will teach me again how to take refuge in the Lord.

  37. I love how the Lord always speaks to us and does it in so many different forms. I knew this (like all His Word) was for me when I first started reading the Facebok post. The sealing fact was when I read how you hit your husband’s car. I recall the same story for myself years ago when I did the same thing to a boyfriend’s car. I am speaking it now the Lord will plan my day and I will remove myself from this rushed life. If I happen to fall back I believe He WILL show me it is starting and I know to fall back on Him to help straighten me out.

  38. Azzie Grant says:

    Thank you so much for this. This has truly been a good read going into the new year. Happy New Year everyone!

  39. Thank you thank you thank you for this!! I’ve been running myself ragged this past year with a new teaching job while trying to keep up with everything else. It’s been extremely overwhelming. I will be saving this post and referring to it when I need it most.

  40. Thank you for this. I’ve kind of started to slow down. I’m so tired of walking around with my shoulders tensed up around my ears. The past couple times I’ve gone for groceries, I’ve been deliberate in SLOWING DOWN.

  41. Barbara Hallbourg says:

    A good friend has been telling me about your site lately, and today after praying, I opened up your page and saw this story! How fitting for me today as I prepare for my husbands best friend and his wife to come over tonight. I ALWAYS frantically rush around making sure the house is just so, the food is just right and in the end I’m exhausted! Not to mention I almost always forget something! Your message to slow down has been a message God has been sending me pretty regularly this year since my surgery in May. I had no choice but to slow down, it was the embracing of the slow down I struggled with. The “feeling” of not being or doing enough. It never ceeces to amaze me how gentle our Heavenly Father is when sending us His messages.. And how patient He is waiting for us to get them! Well, me anyway! He uses so many avenues of life to send the same message.. For me it’s: Rest in Him, slow down, let Him in and let go! Thank you for being one of those blessed avenues we all need!! Striving to be more like Mary in 2015! Happy and blessed New Year everyone!

  42. Kathryn Spaulding says:

    Thank you; this sounded exactly like my story and I needed another reminder before things get crazy again

  43. YES!!!! Thank you SO much for this devotion…I needed this reminder. I find myself rushing around or not saying no enough…which results in me snapping at my family as we try to get to wherever I *think* we ought to be. Then I’m irritated at myself for being irritated with my family when I know I’m the one who got us into the whole mess! I need to quit letting my people-pleasing self dictate what we do and focus on asking the Lord for wisdom in our plans. Learning to rest in Him and slow down is a hard lesson for this type-A girl! Thanks for the reminder.

  44. This comment sends up a red flag for me: “Why am I always running late? No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get my act together. I’m tired of rushing all the time. Why won’t anyone notice and help me?” If you feel like this *all the time*, and pretty much always have, there’s a chance you have ADD/ADHD. Women most especially tend to go undiagnosed. It’s not just a problem kids have and it’s not something you outgrow, it’s a way that your brain functions differently from other people. I have it, and a diagnosis was an answer to prayer after years of struggling. It is possible to get help and to learn to cope. It’s not a *bad* thing, just a *different* thing.

  45. Leah, you are not alone! I too have backed my car into my husband’s due to running “late.” Thank you for the reminder to plan wisely. Here I sit catching up on e-mails when I need to go finish getting ready for work. Perhaps you’re talking to me?? May 2015 be a year for all of us to walk wisely with the Lord. Happy New Year!

  46. Thank u soo much I needed to here this I have had anxiety for a month now I had a reaction to a medicine and my anxiety has been off the wall with pressure in my head and headaches and my heart racing and they started getting worse and worse towards the en of the month and I realized it’s because my sons birthday is today and he passed away five years ago so I pray after today there go e

  47. Sharon Swint says:

    I wondered if you gave the wrong scripture reference? Proverbs 21:25 didn’t seem to connect. Sharon

  48. Jazell Byars says:

    It was meant for me to check in and read this post this morning. My one prayer for next year is to take the time to SLOW DOWN and consult with God and how to prioritize and what deserves a “best yes”. I actually read “The Best Yes” during your recent bible study which was a huge eye opener for me. We as women need to take the time to slow down. Because the men are the head of the household but we set the tone and pace.

  49. Grace Forehand says:

    Thank you for this! I’m one week out of back surgery and was feeling pretty anxious. Thinking of all the things that I should be doing for others. My Heavenly Father is wanting something else from me right now. Could it be quality time with Him? I think so! : D

  50. Rachal Carrasquillo says:

    I had major surgery 2 weeks ago that has forced me to slow down. I’m not allowed to clean or do laundry or push the grocery cart. The thing that’s been the hardest is that I’m not allowed to go back to work or run till the end Jan. I LOVE my job and I LOVE to run. I’m supposed to spend time resting and taking it easy. Neither of which comes very easily to me! However, a sister in Christ pointed out that maybe this is God’s way of making me put my busyness aside, that just maybe it’s His way of giving me much needed time to sit with Him and hear His voice and just spend time with Him. As hard as this is I know God has a plan and a purpose for this time I have away from my usual busyness.

  51. Thank you for the reminder. God has a way of slowing me down with illness. I normally go at break neck speed to get it all done. Work 10 hour days, keep a house that usually goes by the way of it will get done eventually as well as the yard, and garden. I was not blessed with children to help out and my husband is away so it all falls on me. So again I say, It will get done eventually.
    one suggestion; have the teen age son move the car, he is certainly capable. I was able to do this from the age of 10. NEVER on the road until 13, then only on back roads.

  52. Carla Martin says:

    I know you have been overwhelmed with all the different posts saying the same thing, but thank you so so much! It really did come at just the right time and is so me…. It gives me strength to know that I will be hitting the refresh button with a group of praying women!

  53. I really like this prospective . Another way to stop the hustle and bustle is to engage the teen son to make dinner. It is important to encourage the kids to chip in during rushed times.

  54. Ps. And he can do the dishes by putting the basketball away.

  55. I looked up Proverbs 21:25 in the NLT it says ” the desires of lazy people will be their ruin, for their hands refuse to work” I wonder what version of the Bible you used, because that doesn’t sound like you at all!! It sounds more like you are working too hard and expecting too much from yourself. Remember, you are wonderfully made! 🙂
    I can totally relate to the rushing around. I have ADD and am always running late! Have backed out of my driveway, in a hurry, into my neighbor’s car, twice!! 🙁 Anyway, yes, I need to stop rushing but I mostly need to manage my time better. I also, have discovered that I need to give myself grace under stressful circumstances and depend on The Lord for his peace. (and have a couple of frozen pizza’s in the freezer!)

  56. I’ve been rushing ever since i stepped into the working committee. I am a single parent, not well educated in a society where certificates and qualifications is the thing that gets you employed during my time. Hence i have this strong inferiority complex and belief that i have to work hard to keep a job and earn recognition.

    It has been 30 years of rushing, rushing to work, to night school, to get groceries, dinner, home (to work again) etc. And needless to say, my spiritual walk with God is never stable. I feel like I’m an overgrown baby with almost no increased knowledge of God ever since i know Him years ago. I hate this but don’t know how to get out.

    Of late I’ve been feeling really exhausted both physically and mentally and wished i could take a slow pace and rest but my child is still studying and I’ve got a home loan to pay.

    Thank you for the encouraging message today. It speaks truth.

    Have a blessed 2015 everyone.

  57. An other scripture to consider……All things are permissable but not all things benificial. In your scheduling ask God for His best for you.

  58. Your husband AND your son are home, and there are dirty dishes on the sink?! Those dishes could have been done by them. Your son could have watched the chops while you moved your car, or waited a few minutes until you were free. Why are you blaming yourself?
    How come neither of them were peeling veggies to give you a start with things? There are two ways of looking at most things, and I think I would react the same way. Drop what I’m doing and rush after others without asking for help! God needs to show our families that we need their positive help too, and you are not to carry blame when things go haywire. You are far, far more valuable than any car.
    Time to delegate and pray for the help you need, it works for our family it will for yours!

  59. This was very encouraging to read. I am still struggling with the concept though as it is drilled into me to push the limits, multitask, and never stop. I am a nursing student, wife, mother of two, and work two jobs. To top it off, my family has food sensitivities. I am constantly re prioritizing and just making it thru the day is often my goal. I feel like it is impossible at times. Just trying to get by and make ends meet is exhausting. I know thought that I could never do it without Christ and that this is the plan for me. I pray that I can see the big picture and learn how to let Him prioritize my days, even though I am stressed over deadlines.

  60. This devotional came in God’s perfect time. I’m a “do-er” and have always had work-a-holic tendencies. I thought I was doing ok this year until the last few months. Little by little I’ve taking on more things so that now, along with my full-time job, I have 4 side businesses and am really
    involved with the worship team at church. Recently I’ve noticed how frustrated I feel. Too much to do makes me tired and crabby (and yes, I too backed into someone’s car pulling out of my driveway this past year when I was too hurried. Of course, it was the car of one of my customers. Fabulous!). God has been speaking loudly to me lately about backing off and not worrying about letting people down. Your devotional was one more voice from God about this. Now I just need wisdom to take the right steps and let the wrong things go.

  61. Thank you so much for your post, Leah. I was instantly relieved just to have someone to relate to in my world of craziness and endless pressure to get things done on time. I am a wife and mom of two little ones and feel- especially lately with the holidays- that there just aren’t enough hours in a day and that I can’t get from Place A to Place B fast enough to get everything done that “needs” to get done.
    I appreciate all of the posts before mine and have taken to heart the importance to step back and Breathe. I needed to hear that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay if I can’t do it all myself, and it’s okay if it all doesn’t get done today.
    Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement that God wants us to enjoy the blessings that he’s given to us so we shouldn’t rush through our lives day to day to day. We need to step back and take time to soak it all in.
    Thank you again- and Happy New Year!
    God Bless,

  62. Terry Bridgham says:

    Oh WOW! This is totally me and my prayer for today is that I stop trying to do everything for everyone else, and continue being rushed and overwhelmed. I so desperately want to know when to say NO to myself and YES to God’s direction. I will need to get the book “THE BEST YES” & learn how not to feel I need to be a people pleaser. Thank you for this wonderful devotion!! I’m going to print it out & re-read it daily.

  63. Wow! This sure sounds like me! I’m always late; I say that I hate being late
    but demands of others seem to get in my way! I did the same thing recently; I
    was in a hurry and backing out of my parking space, looking at another truck;
    wham! I backed up into a tree! My hubby was upset; gracious, but upset with me.
    I need to slow down in this new year and BREATHE!!!

  64. Emma Borg says:

    This must be a desire of most females who walk a journey of faith. Your blog was more or less the exact prayer I’d prayed this afternoon whilst taking a New Year’s Day walk with my Labrador Bertie! I long to get better at all of this but I’m the root problem no one else. I’m starting all over again a fresh approach to life’s routine. Someone once told me that no one likes a busy fool and that’s true. Emma x

  65. This message was EXACTLY what I needed to hear and come to terms to be Active of doing something about it. Thank U Leah!

  66. Donna M Boyle says:

    thank you for such simple n REAL TRUTH.

  67. Hi Friends, I’ve spend the last two hours reading through your comments and praying for each one of you. I’m so grateful for you insights, honesty and love for the Lord! I pray that as we step into 2015 our strides will match the Father’s as we walk along side of Him every day. May be avoid the temptation of rushing ahead, but patiently wait for His leading. Happy New Year, F
    riends and may blessings abound!
    Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

  68. Thanks for your message. I am always trying to fit too much into the day and rushing to get things done. My husband tries to get me to slow down and has succeeded to a slight degree from what I used to do before we were married. I have 2 jobs, both of which require lots of preparation away from work in addition to the regular housework, church, and my sorority. I also have about a 45 minute commute each way to work daily. Sometimes it is very late when I get to bed and have to be up by 5 to do it all again. I really need help organizing my time to do things in the most efficient way so that there is still a little down time for me to relax.

  69. I needed to be reminded of this. I’ve been so overwhelmed recently and I often ask myself if those around me do not see I have so much to get done and the requests just keep coming. I’ve been worrying I may not accomplish what is requested if me. Lord oh how I need you.

  70. Brandy Martinez says:

    Thank you so much for this devotional today it was right on time for me. I can so relate to your experience. I am a single mother of two & find my self on a daily basis rushing, overscheduled, anxious & stressed!! It all starts in the moring when waking up getting the kids up fed & ready for school & myself off to workf & rushing out the door. Then the hustle & the bustle of the work day only to find my self rushing home to pick up kids, make dinner, do homework, extra curricular activities & the list goes on. By the end of the day I am beat, stressed & anxious. I pray daily & ask the Lord to help me with all that I have on my plate & I know that He is the one who makes everything work for the greater good. But I just feel like the weight of everything on my shoulders is overwhelming & unbearable at times. I am praying that this New Year I find a way to slow down & maybe take some things off of my to-do list & schedule so that I won’t be so anxious & always rushing. Thanks again & God Bless!!

  71. this really hit me!! Oh I needed that scripture today as I was sitting here contemplating all that is on the agenda for next week. One of my goals this year is to really be purposeful in my actions……to say NO when needed, YES when needed, WAIT when needed…….to embrace life fully without the rush. thank you for this post!! i’m recommending to my small group that they all read this!!

  72. Avery Flower says:

    Good morning. After reading this devotion, I praise the Lord for His Mercy and Loving Kindness toward me….I had a very high stress position which I loved mainly because I knew He had placed me in a position where He wanted me and from there “I” began “my” journey to please Him. One day in September of 2014, I was reassigned to another position with the same pay and title but the reality was this….I was “working so hard to please Him” that I actually was moving so fast and furiously, I missed His mark….and without question or delay, He moved me out of that role….so today, I praise Him because I am waiting with anticipation, patience and healing as new doors open and I allow Him to change my “natural” inclinations into actions that serve His Purposes in His Spirit….and ultimately quench my thirsty soul for Him. I am new on the devotion distribution list….I look forward to 2015 and reading more. Sincerely, Avery Flower

  73. Sharon king says:

    I’m so there in your shoes!! This very same thing happened to me! I was taking control of all the funeral arrangments when my stepdad passed and in my busy yet distraught thinking forgot to stop and think that a car was parked behind me when leaving moms the evening before the funeral! Crash and that wasn’t the end, my husband had choice words for my siblings that if someone else besides his wife would step up and help I wouldn’t be so stressed and the crash wouldn’t have happened! Oh no he didn’t!! That was totally not the time to start pointing fingers, cause of course the discussion got heated, and my mom surely didn’t need her family in a turmoil after just losing her husband!! I prayed Lord please help this family and for me to slow down, get some rest and try to deal with what just happened!! My prayer is your prayer for 2015!!!

  74. Andrea Stout says:

    WOW! what a blessing to have stumbled upon this as I lay here Unable to fall asleep with insomnia thinking of all the things I have to get done tomorrow and the craziness and rushing aroundthis weekend before my work week starts again. Going to be more intentional about slowing dowm.

  75. L:ove this Ministry. I love the encouragement and support! It helps me to know I am NOT alone. We need each other. Jesus said you will know them by their love for each other. Keep them coming !

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