When You Don’t Like the Story God is Writing

When You Don’t Like the Story God is Writing

July 11, 2017

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

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If it were up to me, I would have scripted some of life’s stories differently. So many tragedies have struck people near and dear to me that if I were the writer, they would have been changed.

Fortunately, I’m not the author, because each of these women impact thousands upon thousands of women all over the world with her powerful stories of God’s redemption. God turned their pain into purpose, their misery into ministry and their devastation into anointed messages of hope and restoration. Sudden glories fill and spill from each of their lives.

Their journeys have led them through dark valleys and back out into the light on the other side.

But if I had to decide?

My second child would not have passed away before she was born. Carol’s son would not be in prison. Linda’s daughter would not be a quadriplegic. Barbara’s daughter would not be bipolar. Patty’s 21-year-old daughter would not have been in a fatal car accident. Jennifer’s husband would not have succumbed to a brain tumor.

Difficult times are pregnant with glory moments — moments when we see God’s plan just waiting to be birthed in the lives of those willing to labor through the pain. The key is not to allow bitterness and anger to make our hearts infertile to God’s gifts.

One way to avoid the darkening of the soul is by constant communication seasoned with thanksgiving — a continual acknowledgement of God’s presence.

After my husband and I graduated from college, we moved to Charlotte so he could open a new business. But after we moved, the man who was to be his business partner changed plans.

“Sorry, Steve,” he said. “I’ve changed my mind. Good luck, son.”

I was so upset. OK, I was flat-out angry. Angry with the potential partner. Angry with God. We had prayed, fasted and felt this was where God was leading us. We had no money. No job. And school debt.

Three months later, a situation opened up that was far better than our original plan. It was Ephesians 3:20 in action: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us …”

Well, why didn’t God do that in the first place? Why didn’t He lead us directly to that second opportunity when we did all that praying and seeking? He could have.

But He is far more interested in developing our character than in doling out a life of comfort and ease. C.S. Lewis notes: “If you think of this world as a place intended simply for our happiness, you find it quite intolerable. Think of it as a place of training and correction and it’s not so bad.”

That’s where Proverbs 3:5-6 comes in: “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

We are ever the students. He is the teacher still. Trials rip away the flimsy fabric of self-sufficiency and become the raw material for God’s miracles in our lives. And those miracles are moments of sudden glory.

Oh that we would trust Him even if the twists and turns never make sense this side of heaven. That’s what trusting God is all about. As we live and move and have our being in Him, life’s dark places are simply opportunities to trust that God knows the way — and the perfect time to hold on tight.

Especially since He’s still writing the story.

Father, thank You for always knowing and doing what is best for me. Forgive me when I don’t trust You but think my way is best. I know that You have wonderful surprises in store for me when I simply trust You in all things. Thank You for being the Teacher. Help me to be a good student of Your Truth. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Romans 8:28,And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (NIV)

Psalm 100:4, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and a thank offering and into His courts with praise! Be thankful and say so to Him, bless and affectionately praise His name!” (AMPC)

Check out Sharon Jaynes’ book, Take Hold of the Faith You Long For: Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold. Let go of everything that holds you back from living the mountain-moving faith God intended, and take hold of all that Jesus has promised for you. Say goodbye to insecurity and hello to the confidence of knowing who you are and what you have as a child of God. The book includes a Bible study guide.

Visit Sharon’s website for a free printable of 10 verses to help you trust God in difficult times.

Are you going through a tough time right now? If so, leave a brief description in the comment section. Then pray for the name above yours. Sharon will pray for the first one.

We can easily fall into the trap of thinking that God has forgotten us during difficult times. How do we see that in David’s words of Psalm 77:1-9?

Now read the rest of the Psalm. What did David do to remind himself of the faithfulness of God?

How does trusting God change the way you look at difficult situations?

© 2017 by Sharon Jaynes. All rights reserved.

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  1. Mokeira says:

    Todays devotion reminder me a lot of my struggles in everything area of life. I feel plagued with a pattern of rejection and failure and this makes me lose faith in the promises of God from time to time.

    • Sarah Taylor says:

      I will be praying for you! I pray you will be able to focus on God and depend on Jim for your strength. My favorite verse is First Corinthians 4:13. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Claim this verse and know that your strength comes from God. 💞

    • I ❤️ Gods timing. This message is right on time for me. Doesn’t make the situation easier but gives me something to fall on instead of my own understanding.

  2. Peggy Fellows says:

    I am bipolar.Having a very difficult time!!!

    • So sorry for your struggle. Praying now for you.

    • Hi Peggy. I have bipolar disorder too. And I am struggling with it as well, starting to see especially the way the evil one uses it to gain footholds in my mind & life. Praying for you tonight, that God would make your ‘feet as hinds feet’ to lead you in His ‘high places’ – that this trial would lead you both higher & deeper with Him. X

  3. I’m learning to really trust, God has always blessed me and seen me through the difficult situations of my life. Still I have always thought I did it myself through tenacity believing blessing to be my ability to get out of a bad situation, helping myself. I’m struggling trying to trust and have patience. I have surrendered, but have I really? Please pray for me. I realize I can not do it by myself, I need God.

    • Praying now for you. I am still learning what it means to trust God.

    • I was saying the same thing to my husband last night. I asked Him if he remembered all the trials we’ve faced & if he saw each of them as a testimony. I was just struggling thinking of all the situations that didn’t turn out the way I thought & that really a lot of them wouldn’t look like a “testimony” to people because they didn’t end in a favorable way in my opinion. The Holy Spirit reminded m something in that moment… Winning the battle is not getting your way it’s having the mindset you’re on top even when things don’t go how you thought they would & continuing to run the race realizing obstacles are for growth not setbacks. If we truly believe the scriptures are true we have to believe all of them like Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

      • God meets us where we are. He doesn’t cause bad things to happen or allow bad things to happen, He is there for us when they do. He is patiently waiting for us to come to him in all our needs.

  4. Lora Burks says:

    This was a perfect devotional for me today. The last few weeks I have really struggled with feeling overwhelmed and being anxious. I work still raising my family and I care for my father 3 days a week who has Alzheimer’s. I find myself feeling hopeless and in despair wondering will this ever end and I feel guilty knowing I will miss my dad terriblely when he’s gone. Thanks for the reminder of Pro 3:4-6 it’s what my parents always wrote in our cards on are birthdays and bibles when they gave them to us. It’s also on my parents headstone because of that. I lost my mom 5 years ago so that’s the verse we chose because of that. God bless❣️

    • Denise Moyer says:

      Praying the Lord will give you the strength to care for your father, & bless the work of your hands, with all you do. & that He will provide rest for you, & time with your family. In Jesus name, Amen!
      ~ When I’m overwhelmed I will put on some worship music & it will lift me out of my depression & when I’m feeling hopeless. Your not alone! ❤

    • Hi Lora, I lost my Dad March 10th. He had Alzeheimer’s but died with CHF. My Mother also has it. It was and is the mostly physically and emotionally exhausting journey that I have ever been on. God’s grace is sufficient and he will see you through this. Try to savor every moment because so quickly it’s over. Keep your eyes on Jesus.

    • Lora, I pray The Lord give you strength to get through this. I went through it until I lost my Dad last September. Just Be Held by Casting Crowns, I’ll Keep On by Jeremiah Carlson, and Move by Tobymac helped me put one foot in front of the other each day. Now that my Dad has passed and the struggle is over, I am so grateful to God I was able to care for him until his death. The housework, and all those other things you just don’t have time for can wait. I will be praying for you.

  5. Denise Moyer says:

    Because no matter what, I will trust Him.
    So if He doesn’t move the mountain, I’m asking Him to move. I will just continue on & trust Him, knowing He will help me walk through it. & I will praise Him because He is worthy of my praise. & I will not fear what difficult situations I have to face, because I’m not alone. That’s His promise to me. He will never leave me.
    Praying for finances, for major dental issues, that the Lord will provide a place for us to live & strength to do what is before me. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Prayinf through your struggles with you and reminding you the Holy Spirit is praying with us, too. God cares for you and each thing troubling you right now is important to Him! Sometimes that lifts my spirits to be reminded of that. Praying He gives you wisdom and comfort and shows you how He is making a way for you!

  6. It has been a very challenging year starting with the death of my mother on New year’s day, problems in the house emotional and building issues gone wrong putting me in debts. I tried to put all in God’s hands and things seem to be going so wrong with blockages, bad lack and misfortunes. It feels like a curse at this stage to be honest however I still try to pray to the best of my ability but I am struggling. I want to learn to surrender completely and have faith. Amen
    I pray for everyone on this website to be protected by the light of Jesus Christ.

    • Melanie says:

      I am praying for you right now. I lost my mom not long after you lost yours apparently. As much as I miss her I am overwhelmed with how hard this has been on my dad. They were married 54 years. I have taken the verse about “casting my cares” on God very seriously because I simply had to finally say “I can’t but God can”. Picturing myself literally handing my struggles over has helped – I don’t know why but I could feel the weight being released. I do this “mind activity” every day and am seeing Him work. It’s hard as satan pushes so very very hard. But God is stronger – He is so faithful. Please take comfort in this visual as well and knowing you are not alone. I’m here and praying for you.

  7. Caroline Pollard says:

    I am really struggling with being single at the moment and asking God why nothing in that department has worked out. On the weekend I got rejected after thinking that a possible relationship might flourish. I want to know why God isn’t answer this prayer and desire of mine, so thank you for this devotional.

    • I know and am resting in the truth that only He can give you an answer, but just know you aren’t alone. On Facebook, there are a few pages I follow that help me stay focused on Him. Writing (gracefullyovercoming.me/) helps me too. Praying for you.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Caroline, I think the problem lies with us wanting,and focusing on who and what we want, insted of focusing on jesus and what he wants. We must strive to build a close relationship with Jesus before we can focus on any earthly relationship. When We seek Jesus and ask him to help us love him and get close to him, he meets all our emotional needs like no one else can. No human can fully meet our emotional needs like jesus can. Surrender all your desires of a relationship to him, and trust him to send you the right person at the right time. Blessings to you….

  8. I have multiple chronic illnesses. I would do soo many things different, but *sigh* I would also make a bigger mess out of my life than I already have. Learning to trust Him.

  9. Stoica Ioana Marinela says:

    I deal with rejection for years…looking for a job for such a long time.Crying year after year about my dreams and desire ,i feel so much pain about the time….not so productive in this years.Nothing makes me more happy then a sense of progress in my life ,right now i,am feel left behind…in my mind there is coming always a verse:Count well the days…how i,am i gone count well my days ?when i have days that i want to die rather then live this way….

    • Praying for you. I “get” where you are coming from to an extent. Try looking into the Purpose Driven Life study. That and writing on my blog has helped me. I don’t really have many productive moments, but God speaks (& comforts) through the silence. Easy to feel left behind and rejected. I have been battling that sooo hard lately.

  10. Melanie says:

    I would like to ask for prayer for my dad. He recently lost his wife of 54 years.
    I would also like to ask for prayers for me as I grieve the loss of my mom but also watch my dad miss her so much.
    I would like to thank God for being a faithful provider – this is a tough time but God’s invisible hand is working on the plan!

    • Suzanne Mickelson says:

      Praying for you Melanie! God is the “great comforter” and will pour out His pease and love to both you and your father!

      • Melanie says:

        Thank you Ms. Suzanne – I covet your prayers and feel blessed to know God is hearing absolutely every prayer.

  11. Suzanne Mickelson says:

    Please pray for my husbands salvation. We have lost everything including my job, our home and all our belongings. I would love for him to see God’s truth and love through all this and that God will restore and provide for HIS glory! Thank you

    • Melanie says:

      I am praying for you this morning. I have personally seen situations change in what seemed like the strangest time. I believe in God’s miracles. I believe in HIS timing – I won’t say I understand HIS timing but I whole heartedly believe in it. I believe you do as well!

    • andrea Whitehead says:

      I am praying for you and your husband.👏

  12. Vonda Mendham says:

    I was hurt at work it’s been financially devastating my husband not working been battling depression and insomina

  13. Chris Ehlers says:

    Please pray for my marriage to be restored.

    • Praying for you and your marriage. Also, you might want to check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. They have really helped me in my marriage and though mine has not been totally restored God is definitely working. Have a blessed day!!

      • Trish! I was so glad to read your post and suggest RMM!!! I too use that website and was reading these posts looking for ones I could recommend it too! I don’t know you but I pray for you and your spouse every day as I pray for all standers and Prodigals around the world!

  14. Barbara says:

    Thank you for this message. So appropriate for this time in my life. May God strengthen each of our Faith and may we keep our eyes on Jesus.

  15. Please pray I am healed from cancer so that I may have more years with my family.

    • Joanne Branscombe says:

      Kathy, I am praying for you right now. May God cleanse your body head to toe and set you free. Cancer, be gone! Know His peace and His comfort. Keep your heart and mind steadfast on Him. Blessings to you this day!

    • I am requesting prayer for my teenage son. Hoping he will listen to the voice of God and walk in His will. Thank you

  16. Joanne Branscombe says:

    It’s been a very rough past 6 months and I needed this message today. We had to fire a friend who was stealing from my husband’s company and he was also doing some other illegal things. Of course, we were blamed and it affected some of our relationships. At the present time my son & his wife are going through some struggles and only God can heal their marriage (they are both believers). Thanks for praying!

  17. My husband has left me after 30 years of marriage. Please pray for me

    • I pray that you allow love to remain in your heart and you allow God to lead you to a new life.

    • Angela Rojo says:

      Praying for you Denice, I’m experiencing similar situation ((( GOD HEALS THE BROKEN HEARTED))) it’s not easy, one day at a time.💛
      God Bless you.!!!!

    • I am praying for you Denice my sister. Your struggle is dear to my heart because I am walking in your shoes as we speak. Today marks the 30th anniversary of officially being in a committed relationship with my husband but married for 29 years. The emotional trauma/betrayal leading to our separation this past December seems more than I can bear majority of the time. No words to explain the feeling or lack of it going on inside. All I can say is, courage my sister! God is still on His throne and He is known to be close to the broken-hearted. He has been there for me and I know He will be there for you as well. Just as Sharon said, the key is to not allow bitterness and anger and unforgiveness poison our hearts. Staying close in contact/communication to our God so we can heal. I know it is easier said than done because am trying to do the same thing. With God’s help we are more then conquerors because He will never leave us nor forsake us. He is right there with us. I pray God’s comfort and strength for you. Peace be with you, my sister!

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries! They are a great resource and have helped me tremendously!

  18. Tanieka Shanks says:

    Please pray for me that I keep my body a leaving sacrifice unto God until marriage. Pray that God bless me with awesome man of God and that I be obedient to Godo living for Him totally.

  19. Angela Rojo says:

    My sincere prayers for health and restoration. Thank you GOD ALMIGHTY.!!

  20. God is weaving an eternal tapestry. We focus on our moment in time and think, “Gee, that’s ugly.” I don’t see the beautiful scenes where my thread came from and I don’t know where my thread is going. God’s eye is on the eternal picture and on every thread. Today’s thread may be in a dark place that gives definition to something glorious elsewhere. The Weaver has a plan, and I’m in the right place.

    • Thank you for a unique way to look at the situations in our life, that even though it seems so tough there is good it. In life we just want to sometimes focus on the hard part. It is like looking at projects not finished yet, we may not quite see the beauty of the end product.
      God has made each of us unique, with a unique plan if we will just trust him.

    • Heather says:

      That is beautiful. May I share it?

  21. God really puts what you need and when you need it right in front of you sometimes. After reading the devotion I feel guilty because my issues now seem so petty. But those issues are still there. I have a job that has wonderful people, I can go home without taking it with me and it is boring me to literally falling asleep at my desk. I am praying and know that God puts us in situations for a reason. My work is not the output it should be and that in-turn reflects to God….what am I showing others.
    Thank you for today’s message.

    • I’ve had those same moments, so see it as a strong message that your path is to go a different direction. Take action to work with God as he is trying to show you how you may be more fulfilled.

  22. Been praying for family relationships to heal and a job that’s more meaningful as I spent 15 years in the same place and they have spent five years flipping the script offshoring jobs and lying to us. But at the same time telling us we should be grateful for even having a job while the managers and supervisors get huge raises we get a quarter. I’ve been looking for another job as I spent 15 years in this one just to have everything meaningless and I don’t know which direction to take in my full-time job as I work two.

  23. Jon upong says:

    Please pray for me and my family,i need a spirituel breakthrough for my life to go forward,I dont have a stable job and i got tumor on both sides of my neck and its very painful! Am ready to serve God but dont know where to start,help me!

  24. Christopher Stelly says:

    I’m going thru a tough time financially and I need to take off work for a medical procedure but can’t afford to right now. I have a daughter starting college and just right now it’s too difficult. Please pray for me and my family.

  25. My husband and I have been married for 25 years. We have known and been in love for 37 years, but sometimes things don’t work out until later in life. I have been struggling with some comments his family members have said in the past. Referring to old relationships, and even though he has told me about them, and how little they meant to him. For some reason his mother and sister brings them up as if they know more. But the family will not admit my husband and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I want to forgive and put the hurtful comments behind me. I have tried and for some reason it continues to play over in my mind.

    • Mary in NH says:

      Terri, I feel similar pain to yours, having been married for 30 years who still dreams of the life he could of had when he was with his first girlfriend years ago. I know she was the one his family approved of, and I was always second best. But together we’ve built a solid family, two young adult children, the promise of grandkids someday, etc. While my husband’s not especially expressive, I know he loves us and will honor his commitment to us. Yes, Satan attacks and fills my mind with worry, I rehash all that some in law said, but in the end, I know God has a plan for my good, to see things work out for His glory. I trust in Him.

  26. Thank you for this very encouraging post today. It is a message so many of us need to hear.

  27. Carmea Huysamen says:

    Reading this today spoke to my heart. I am at a difficult time in my life at the moment. My husband and I are struggling with unexplained infertility for more than 3 years now. I thought for sure God will bless us when we proceed with fertility treatments. This did not happen and now we are in financial debt and I myself am unhappy in my work. Praying for outcome.

    • My sister, I know where you are…I have felt your isolation, shame, loss, and grief. My husband and I are 8+ years infertile. Some days are still hard, but as this devotional says, God has brought me out of this dark into the light on the other side. I am not redeemed yet, but I am no longer tortured. I’m praying for you and our sisters like us. Email me if you are interested in hearing how the Lord did this for me or if you are need of additional encouragement. (Ashleyyoshikonelson@gmail.com)

  28. Sandy Ensley says:

    Please pray for my daughter. She is an alcoholic and is in rehab at this time. Please pray for her.

    • Merle Nursten says:

      I’m pray for your daughter Sandy. Just wanted to say that I’ve benn there done that…and I am so close to God now because of it, prodigal daughter if you like. My life is completely different and restored and it never would have been possible if I hadn’t been humbled the way I was. Gods got this! I also pray that the facility she is in puts a lot of emphasis on the importance of God and getting well. Commonly known as a higher power in the programme. Sending love Xx

  29. I have been going through some really difficult times and they have been consistent for the past 23 years. I was totally dejected and given up on everything, that I wanted to end myself. Today, He spoke to me yet again asking me to Trust in Him. I am sure God is still writing my story and it will climax this month with His glorious ending. I trust Him ever so much more today and believe in His deliverance. I am not going to look back on what was lost because I believe in His plan for my future. Thank you, Lord, for reinforcing the Trust that I had given up. You are aware of my hopeless situation and you know the way.

    • I’m praying for you, Mamtha. Gosh, these difficult times just overwhelm us! David writes in Psalm 69, “Save me! The waters have come up to my neck. I sink in deep mire where there is no standing. The floods overflow me. I am weary with my crying. My throat is dry. My eyes fail while I wait for my God.” (vs. 1-3) What a horrible feeling it is when there is no sure footing and the waters are rising, and we feel we’re a gonner for sure! I can’t tell you how often David’s words were exactly the same ones I am feeling! I thank God that David doesn’t remain in that hopelessness in his writings. He remembers who God is, counts on His help, and praises Him repeatedly. Suddenly sure-footedness comes as he experiences the multitude of God’s tender mercies. A “multitude” out numbers any number we can even comprehend. I love what Sharon wrote above, “Trials rip away the flimsy fabric of self-sufficiency and become the raw material for God’s miracles in our lives.” David experienced trial after trial, and his trust in God grew deeper as he endured them. His faith was anchored to Him alone. Your situation is not hopeless at all, Mamtha. God will display His power and He will receive all the glory!

  30. Your heart is in my heart right now Vonda. Several years ago I worked in an extremely oppressive environment. I had a ton of responsibility that was neither acknowledged or I was adequately compensated for. I had multiple people breathing down my neck including a narcissistic supervisor and even fellow co-workers. Nothing I ever did seemed to be right. Add to that the passing of my beloved father the year prior and unbeknownst to me at the time, an imminent divorce and I was an utter mess . The devil had me against the ropes at that point; But GOD!!! He is faithful and His word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). Despite my current circumstances I praise God for my parents planting the seed of His grace and mercy at a young age for my twin brother and me. Because of their faith walk lived out, I knew no matter how tough things seemed, I could go TO THE ROCK! I began to replace satan’s lies with the TRUTH of God’s promises.
    Matthew 6:33 became my life’s verse and as I meditated on its simple instruction, my workplace environment didn’t change but I did. My attitude about my circumstances took on an air of light. And as I began to TRULY trust God he opened doors beyond my wildest dreams! I set out to work “unto the Lord” (Col 3:23) and I no longer dreaded going into the office. That divorce that began so nastily ended peacefully. As I fasted and prayed for discernment, God spoke to me clearly and said “let go; of EVERYTHING”. The only thing I asked for and was granted after 6 years of living a lie was my maiden name. And true to his AWESOME character, because I trusted and BELIEVED He didn’t restore me, He RENEWED me and gave me INCREASE! For the past 5 years now I have had the HONOR and PLEASURE of being the help-meet to an honest, humble, generous selfless, kind, hard working God-fearing man!!! Because of God’s faithfulness and our stewardship, I got to come home and prepare for the long awaited birth of our little girl. And oh what a privilege to be able to concentrate all my time and energy on building God’s Kingdom by nurturing my marriage and her little heart; IN THAT ORDER!!! Mine is a story of redemption and faith. And I will sing His praises all the day long. May He continue to richly bless each and every one of us!

    • I am so struck by your story of redemption….it makes me go back to the verse I highlighted in the suggested reading, Psalm 78. I highlighted verse 19…the very last phrase, “a pathway no one knew was there!” BUT GOD knew that pathway through the sea was there; and GOD knew the pathway was there for you! What if you had not listened and let go?

  31. Sarah Taylor says:

    My husband passed away in December. I had quit my job to care for him. The life insurance policy didn’t pay out so I must go back to work. God had blessed me with meeting my needs. I know HE will continue to meet my needs. Pray for me to keep my eyes on Him and not my problems. Thank you,💞

  32. Elizabeth clarke says:

    I have been diagnosed with cancer. Getting ready to start radiation and chemo.

    • Phyllis says:

      May God be with you at this difficult time. I pray for healing in Jesus name, Amen

    • Heather says:

      Elizabeth, I am borrowing/ modifying a prayer by someone up the list here bc she says it well. “May God cleanse your body head to toe and set you free. Cancer, be gone! Know His peace and His comfort. Rest in His mercy and Grace. Keep your heart and mind steadfast on Him. Blessings to you this day,Elizabeth, and always!” In Jesus Holy name.

  33. Donna Fischer says:

    I love how God answers questions sometimes. Before opening this devotion I was reading a news article about a young pastor and his wife who lost both of their young sons in a car accident. They have just been blessed with the birth of twin boys. My first thought was “so God sent them replacement sons? Why didn’t he just not take the first sons?” The story of Job has always been difficult for me for several reasons but one being it says that God restored everything to Job but how do you restore lost children? You can have other children but you can not replace the children that were taken. I still struggle with questions and asking why God allows things to happen. Sometimes I think I am not completely surrendering to God because I fear what he may take from me in order to enhance my testimony. Maybe I can just live under the radar where it’s safe and God loves me but doesn’t really challenge me. I know it doesn’t work that way but it’s how my brain rolls some days!

    • I prayed for you and in doing so I see so much of me in your questioning. Thank you for sharing your heart so that I could explore mine.

      • I so get your issues with the story of Job. His wife is often portrayed in sermons as being some awful person because she told Job to curse God and die. But, it isn’t just Job that lost everything. This mother has lost ALL her children in one fell swoop, AND she is watching her husband, her loved one, suffer through day after day of agony. I so sympathize with her as I understand the misery of being the caregiver to my younger daughter who suffers every day from a medical condition that seems to have no answer, no magical pill or treatment to offer relief. I have been living through this scenario for many years; sill praying and believing that God will either heal or give each of us the strength to keep going. I KNOW God knows the way, just like it says in Ps. 77:19, he as a pathway no one knows about, and I am trusting that he will use all of it for his purposes and for our good. It’s just exhausting some days.

      • Donna Fischer says:

        Thank you for your prayers. I pray peace over you as well.

  34. I am currently hiring teachers to staff my school and finding it difficult to secure the best of the best. I feel so much pressure because I believe in the mission of the school and I want each student to have the best teacher so that they are able to fulfil their potential and be able to walk out their destinies.

  35. Brenda Bumgarner says:

    I lost my husband to cancer a year ago and am finding it hard to understand. I find myself terribly lonely at times.

    • I am praying that the Holy Spirit will comfort you Brenda. Be encouraged.

    • Praying for you Brenda!!!! Read Psalm 91. God will cover you with his feathers. Also Lamentations 3 helped me through some broken times in my life. ~Lisa~

  36. I’ve been separated for almost 2 years. I have young children who have been affected by this. This is not what I want for my family. My oldest child is taking it really hard and his father is pretty callous when it comes to addressing our child’s feelings. He ignores my child’s it plea for him to come home and pacifies the kids with distractions of fun and games when they’re with him. There is definitely another woman involved. Please pray for healing for us all and that the Lord will order my steps on how to deal with this whole situation.

    • I am going to pray for you and your children. I am so sorry this is happening. Unfortunately, this is all too common. (My husband was having an affair-with who I thought was my best friend! He left our marriage and children. There was also abuse and craziness that I kept covered up for years because I felt si ashamed that I must not be good enough to be treated right and hoped he would change.) One thing you need to remember is that God doesn’t want people to sin, so your husband being involved with another woman is not what God would want. Jesus was very clear in his words about how important the marriage relationship is. Our culture has glorified the quest for personal happiness, even at the expense of living in God’s will and with scripture. Although it will be hard at times, please continue to press into Him and stay focused. Please seek Biblical Christian Counseling (licensed) for you and your children. (Get some referrals and make sure they work with families and give Biblical advice.) It helped me and my kids. And the truth is, even though their relationship is not honoring to God and it breaks my heart that my youngest still has to do the minimum visitations and be around the warped environment, I know that I can trust God fully. God did not do that or want that. It has now been a couple of years. I will be marrying a God-honoring man soon. But guess what? Even if I didn’t have this man, I learned that Jesus really is enough. You are loved, dear sister. <3

    • Kris, please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They are a tremendous help and have so many Christian resources for your encouragement. I pray for you and your husband daily as I pray for all marriages to be restored around the world!

  37. Please I’m going through a hard situation my 20 year got into a car accident and the insurance it’s giving us a hard time please pray for us Adriana and Erica may the lord bless you

  38. I keep believing for healing for a health condition that the enemy has been using to steal my joy & livelihood for over 4 years now. I keep running into brick walls trying to get help from doctors who shuffle me around, giving test after useless test for an issue I already know I have that they don’t realize as a problem but is wreaking havoc on my body. I’m in a seemingly dark and hopeless place but I am choosing to keep my eyes fixed on the light and my trust anchored in Him who works all things to His glory!

    • Kealani says:

      Praying for physical healing and relief, as well as God’s peace over you, so through this trial His joy never leaves you.

  39. Kealani says:

    Financial struggles. Health issues. Need to trust God with it all.

  40. Monica Marte says:

    I am under a lot of stress over 4 children 18-24. After a horrible divorce from an angry chaplain husband , I have not only fell into despair and seen drug abuse , legal issues with my kids , fear grip me to the point of wanting to die, a failed relationship with a man , and now my daughter wanting to just forget me . She is 18 and only talks to me if I buy her something or allow her to do as she pleases without commenting. I decided to cut off the phone I pay for as she won’t answer it and won’t submit to me or anyone . This is my only daughter and my sons have not faired so well either . I have been alone without my younger two during their schooling …. I just work and worry and fear tends to just overcome me. The latest news is my oldest son is in trouble in the Navy with money and he won’t tell anyone where he is or what is happening . I need courage. I have been angry as it just never ends . One son is in Teen Challenge and is overcoming and I got to see him but my heart breaks as my kids don’t care for me and their dad has only mistreated me and used me as the financial solution to all the problems. I have been a huge part of ministry in the past but the stress and anxiety I have had been so bad I get super overwhelmed at church . I work as a nurse and my capacity to care is dwindling . Please pray . I know I need Him.

    • Monica, you’re not alone. David was continually overwhelmed. He wrote in Psalm 55 “I am restless in my complaint and moan noisily. My heart is severely pained within me and the terrors of death have fallen upon me.” He goes on to say, “Oh, that I had wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest.” Amen to that, right! David cries over and over and over again throughout his writings, expressing his raw emotion of helplessness. This is the same guy who in his younger days didn’t hesitate to grab a stone and a sling shot and take out the biggest, most wicked baddie in all the land! But, David also wrote how his trust in God deepened as he learned His ways. “My soul waits silently for God…from Him comes everything!” Whenever he cried out, he experienced God’s mercies, God’s lovingkindness, God’s Strength, and God’s peace. This gave him great assurance in the midst of his troubles. I’m praying for you, Monica, to find your place of refuge in the Lord and His Word and cling to Him. Like David’s, your situations may not change, but you will inwardly. He’ll lead you to the Rock that is higher!

  41. Margaret says:

    Pray for a permanent full time job, it has been a struggle. I have a genetic skin disorder that is getting worse. Pray that people will see the Spirit of God that lives in my soul and not make judgements on my physical appearance. Need to trust God will continue to provide and trust He has a plan for good.

    • Sherrie says:

      I’m prayering for God to open the door for you to get a job.. I pray for them to see the beauty of God in you.. my the blessing be over flowing to you

  42. Sherrie says:

    My husband of 27 years left me and my daughter. He is addicted to porn and alcohol and having affairs..

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. They are a great resource I have been using. They give biblical advice and are all for restoration of marriages!

  43. This fits so well with another book I am reading called The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. A beautiful reminder that God is at work in all the details of our lives. Lord, help me to be “a remembering people” as you change pain into purpose.

  44. I’m struggling to trust God with my life and the lives of those around me. It’s difficult to let go even when I’ve seen him work in my life many many times.

    • Michelle says:

      Julie, I’m praying for you. Fear can hold us back from fulling letting go and trusting that God truly has a situation. Whatever fear or uncertainty is in your heart I pray for God to remove and replace with peace. He’s got this.

  45. Michelle says:

    Prayers for the salvation of my sister and her husband. She recently posted very hurtful and potentially slanderous things which seemed so full of hate. I pray for her and for healing in this relationship.

    • I pray God heals the heart of your sister and her husband, I pray his mighty right hand delivers them into his righteousness , joy and peace. Amen

  46. My heart is filled with fear over my finances, the money I make currently is not enough to take care of the familys expenses. I want God to increase my current business with more clients and bless my sister with a job so she can support also

  47. Michelle says:

    I am praying for my husband to attend Mighty Oaks Warriors Program in August and for the restoration of our family and our marriage.

  48. Annette Kuebler says:

    So much pain in our world…my heart goes out to you all. God is here. He will not leave us or forsake us.
    A week from today my husband will be in surgery to remove the meningioma in his head. My last husband died in surgery.
    I will run our business and take care of my husband through recovery. We are also having financial struggles complicating things with many medical bills (and more to come) that insurance does not cover.
    Remembering our circumstances are temporary and trusting the Lord through it all is key. He does bring good out of all things-reconciliation in progress with husband’s siblings after 14 years. And there’s more. Thanks be to God!

  49. Praying for every situation! As for me , we’ve been ( as a family) waiting for a new place to live for almost a year. We’ve been praying as a family every day and sometimes we get discouraged, since we are living in a small rented apartment, while God open the door. Having 2 little girls and living with 50% of our stuff in boxes, makes it difficult… But we know the Lord will open the right door at the perfect time. May God continue to sustain us in this waiting stage ( He is the only one who know how much longer we have to wait) May he grants us peace and faith in this process…

  50. I enjoyed the reading today it blessed me and encouraged me. I am recently divorce and living
    in a city where I have no family. And I’m having to start all over, it’s so hard because I can’t really afford it, I’m looking for a place to stay now. But, I trust God, He always make a way. And Brenda Bumgarner things will get better. Just keep seeking God in his word and He will continue to strengthen you and give you comfort when you need it most.

    • I’m praying that you continue to feel that same sense of comfort that only comes from The Father. Lord, meet each of Anissa’s needs. Give her all that she could ask and more. Let your blessing fall upon her and let your people surround her. Help her to connect with good Christian women to encourage her her in her new journey. Thank you for walking with her on this path. In Jesus name, amen.

  51. My marriage was rocked when I discovered my husband was being unfaithful. We are working through the damage and destruction in our home and families, but some days are very hard. My young adult children are choosing the world over the Lord and all of this is out of my control. It’s a lot to handle some days. Trusting God is easy when life is easy. Trusting His sovereignty on the hard days is difficult but I know in my heart of faith that He’s walking through it all with me, step by step. I’m not alone. May His voice continue to lead and guide me and may His presence in my being help me to continue to love like Him inspire of what is going on around me.

    • Amanda I will pray with you. I am in your current situation and choosing to “stand” for our marriage has been much harder than walking away. I am believing that God will breathe life into the dead places for your marriage and mine. Rejoice Marriage Ministries has helped me a lot in staying focused especially when it would be easier to give up. I told my husband the other day that I know that we had a good thing because the devil is trying so hard to destroy it. Right now I’m trying to find my own joy amist my circumstances. We have a 14 year old daughter and I’m trying so hard to put a smile on my face for her. Life is not at all what I expected but I am trusting God for using this turn of events for His glory. Prayers for you and I.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries! They are amazing and will give you hope and encouragement!

  52. I am currently in a job where I do not agree with the way things are done. It is an every day struggle for me to go there and work because I feel like I am failing God by being a part of what is taking place. I am currently seeking another job, but will most likely have to take a significant pay cut when I leave my current position. We are already struggling financially, so I am very worried, but I know I need to do the right thing.

  53. Praying for Sherrie and her daughter. Please pray for my family as my husband struggles with substance abuse.

  54. Thank you for the word. It offers encouragement and a reminder of Gods promises. I pray for my children. That they too may be directed by him I pray for deliverance for my son’s ADHD and depression and things that make you want to do things that are not of God. I pray for help for my other son may he hear is Gods voice and know that God is with him. I pray for peace.

    I am praying for your peace also Monica and unhardening of your children’s hearts toward you. God will answer our prayers.

  55. shareese says:

    I am at a tipping point in my career and am struggling with what to do next and being at peace while I wait on the Lord.

  56. Please pray for me and my family, i love the Lord with all my heart i been going through some hard times, my husband of 20 yrs of marriage is adicted to porn i found sexual dating sites profiles on his cell phone. Its been so stressful it seems like the more i seek God the more problems and issues i have to deal with, i care full time for my 4 children. One of my kids the youngest one is 4yrs old with Autisum so its been hard for me since i been worried and stressed about my son getting the right therapy.and then my mother passed away i felt like something in me died with her i been in deep depression and anxiety and at the same time dealing with a broken marriage. Please pray for me and my family i dont want to be left behind i just want to love and serve God with all heart regardless of all my pain and struggles. This sites has been a huge blessing for me for i feel at times that God uses this site to Guide me. Thank you

    • TaNisha says:

      Dear Imelda,

      Please know that God hears your EVERY prayer, every cry, every whisper. I want to encourage you of God’s unfailing love today. Allow God to love you through these trying moments. Yesterday, during my time with God I thought to myself “every area of my life is in shambles, I need you God.” God replied, if every area in your life is in shambles I can touch every area of your life. I was encouraged to know that God has a beautiful plan & purpose in my dark places & because of that God has the power to touch the dark places and bring light. Be encouraged dear Sister!

  57. Melissa says:

    Going through a divorce and waiting on a job that I know God is preparing for me. His time, not my own time.

  58. Devalyn says:

    My difficult situation involves my divorce I did not want , my husband has left me for another woman and left me without substantial living accomodations, funds and continues to engage with my family which feels like my family’s betrayal.

    • Please go to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will show you ways to stand for your marriage and show you how God can restore your marriage.

  59. Struggling with anxiety and depression. It’s only been a year but it’s been very exhausting and I’ve had to battle the temptation to give up on life.

    Please pray for healing, for endurance, for this to not put any enmity between me and God

    • Michele Bonifanti says:

      I will be praying for your deliverance as I have also been dealing with anxiety and know how it feels to want to give up. Hang in there and trust that God will bring healing in his time.

      • Thank you, Michele. I am praying for you, too. For strength and endurance for the both of us – I know doctors and counsellors can only do so much. It is really up to God

  60. Michele Bonifanti says:

    I have been dealing with anxiety for months now but I am trusting that God is healing me🙏🏻

  61. Please pray for my marriage and family
    We are struggling through betrayal and hurt and can’t see an end to the devastation it has caused our family, escape mybkids.
    Pleas pray for healing.

    • Christine Lee says:

      I’ve prayed for you and your family. Not only for healing, but for strength to get through this dark valley. Will continue to lift you all up in prayer through the day. Joshua 1:9…be strong and courageous, God will be with you!

  62. Christine Lee says:

    Please pray for my son Kyle, who has scizophrinia and bipolar disorder.

    • Karen in BC says:

      I’m praying for both Kyle and you Christine.
      Dear Lord please give this momma’s heart continued grace and courage as she faces each day, and protect this family from the fear and offence that may threaten to steal their peace and joy as they press all the harder into You. Please quiet Kyle’s spirit and help him to hear Your voice only. Help him to navigate through the maze of his fears and illusions and find You in the midst of them. Kyle may your spirit rise up to remember who you are in Christ, and know how much He loves you. Thank you Father that You love Kyle more then any of us can, and that You are holding him in Your grip. We trust in You Lord as we ask for Kyle’s healing. In Jesus’ name, amen

  63. Mary Lina says:

    Your writing could not have come at a more perfect time! I am deeply troubled, tired, exhausted, disillusioned. The battles are wearing me down. I love God; boy, have these past four years been heavy. I prayed for help because I really thought I would “become infertile to God”, as you so wisely wrote. I ask for prayer for my Mom who has been diagnosed with dementia and suffered an injury that resulted in her right toe being amputed. I “retired” early to be her caregiver (I would do it all over again). Soon, I will be going back to work (@ 61, not easy), but I need to. I’m financially drained and circumstances are worsening. So, I ask, please pray for me: health, financial, relationship direction. I thank you in advance. In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.

  64. Tonika Payne says:

    My sister is deep into drug and alcohol addiction.Pray she gets the strength needed to overcome.

  65. irene Okoro says:

    I Want God to give me a pure heart and make me to rejoice always because negative thought arise in my mind which has formed a stronghold that makes me afraid and my heart to beat faster at night. I want God’s divine touch.

  66. My best friend died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. My father died two months ago. My family has all turned their backs on me after a disagreement with my aibling. I feel as if God is stripping everyone from me and left me with no support syatem and no one to talk to. I feel so alone. I know there is a purpose in all this but I can’t see it yet.

    • Susan, I know how this hurts. I too lost my best friend years ago to cancer. And many family members died in the span of a few short years. My family also is not in my life. I am praying for you. I have found that I’ve had to pour myself in Him and focus on life in Him. He has met me each time I’ve put forth effort. He knows our hearts.

  67. Sunshine says:

    Good morning, this website, these devotions, speak to my heart everyday. I am struggling with a few mountains, daily computer issues- I am seeking a BA online, financial struggles- I have some very poor habits when it comes to my finances, relationship struggles- my children have pulled away from me and our relationship is strained, my best friend and fiance has pulled away from me and our relationship is strained, my spiritual life- the closer I seek to be to God the more struggle I have, usually I have retreated and given up in the past but I will not give up this time!

  68. My 19 year old son ended his years long battle with depression by taking his own life on May 31st. His older brother and I found him. I can’t see God’s purpose in this. Why did my son have to suffer most of his life? Why did God give him to me if I wasn’t going to be able to help him?

    • I am so sorry for your loss. We went down the same path with my stepson when he was 19. The shock and pain were unimaginable. My husband’s only comfort was knowing he will be with him in Heaven. It’s not possible to make rational sense of suicide. It’s not rational. God loves you still, and is your comforter.

    • Praying for God’s strength. I am reading Laura story’s book “When God Doesn’t Fix It”. I’m not sure why I read this today but to hear your cry. In her book she says, “the bible tells us all things work together for good–a good that frankly I don’t understand. But the bible does reveal to us that sometimes God used things He hated–like cancer, addiction, and death–to accomplish the things He loves. He does this regularly and faithfully. It’s only when we bring our pain to Him that we can find our dwelling in Him. She further states that man asks “why did this happen”? Jesus asks “how might my Fathers glory be displayed through this situation?” The answer to why doesn’t help us heal. But knowing that God’s glory can be displayed, even in the brokenness of our lives, gives us hope despite our circumstances. She tells us that to find more purpose and joy in our life’s we need to set aside the why and begin to ask how. How does my story fit into Gods greater story of redemption? Even when we can’t immediately see how our story fits into God’s story of redemption, Scripture promises that it always does.”
      I started reading her book because I don’t understand my own sons struggle with addiction and depression and kept asking God why?
      Please grieve as long as you need and know God is with you holding you thru this.

  69. Christabelle says:

    I need to feel the presence of God in my life. Have been praying for a while.

  70. My marriage is basically over My husband is very controlling and verbally abusive. I want to leave but my kids are why I am staying. He will not let me take them peacefully even though he works all the time and I am a teacher who is with them all day. It’s bad. And I don’t know what to do. Trying to let God be in control but so hard.

    • I’m praying for you. I don’t have the same issues you are dealing with in your marriage, mine are different, but Rejoice Marriage Ministries has really helped me in mine. Have a blessed day!!

    • Phyllis says:

      I am praying that your husband will open his heart to God and listen for the holy spiritual to guide him to do what’s right. In Jesus name Amen

  71. Yesterday, my youngest daughter tried to end her life. She’s in a very dark place and desperately needs God in her life. Please pray that God would place godly people into her life that will point her to Him and that she and her husband will accept Jesus into their lives.

    • I’m placing your daughter into HIS loving and healing hands, that she and her husband will turn to the Lord and feel his comfort. God bless you.

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve prayed for guidance and direction in your daughter and son in law ‘s lives and also that God will give you and them both comfort and guidance. I’ll continue to keep you in my prayers, may God bless you and your family and may your daughter and her family’s hearts and minds be opened to receiving the sardine gift of eternal life through Christ!

  72. My son is struggling to find his way. I’m praying for him to feel Gods presence and for HIS wisdom and discernment. I’m praying he will turn his life back to the Lord.

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Mignon I agree with you for your son. Remember God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can ask, think or imagine in your situation.

  73. Phyllis says:

    I am going through a divorce after being married 16 years. My husband hadn’t hardly had a conversation with me in years and I just couldn’t take the isolation anymore. What is amazing is he doesn’t want the divorce, I would have thought he wouldn’t do care the way he acted to me. I know things won’t change however and that makes it so much harder. I have been trying to stay close with God and be thankful for all blessings but, it is so hard sometime.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. God can change your husbands heart. He hates divorce and can heal your marriage.

  74. Please pray for my adult son battling alcoholism and depression.

  75. Sharon Sampson says:

    My son is in prison and he is a backslider I am praying that he repents and turns completely back to God and that he is released at his parole board hearing.

  76. Crystal says:

    By the grace of God, I have been clean for 4 years now. I was addicted to meth and shooting pain pills. It had been a struggle to regain the trust of my family again and have since not even really had a relationship with them. I have 3 daughters, 2 of which I am trying to get custody back of and I have a 6 month old baby boy. I’ve been blessed to have the love of my life, my childhood sweetheart beside me through the past two years, we have recently rededicated our lives to Christ. We are struggling with every day finances as he is the only one working, please pray that if it be God’s will that I am able to return back to work and to have my 2 youngest daughters back home with me, thank you in advance for your prayers! God bless you!

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Crystal keep trusting God and he will take you through this; remember all that’s going on in your life is working together for your good. God is able to heal your husband and restore your marriage. Look up to the hills which cometh your help and know that your help comes the Lord God who made heaven and earth. He is with you always until the end and and has promised to never leave.

  77. We are struggling to sell our house. The stress of the situation is taking a toll on my husband and I and we will soon face a difficult financial situation. I pray that God will send a buyer and we will get under contract soon.

  78. Struggling in my marriage at the point of throwing in the towel

  79. Tina Sayers says:

    I just found out yesterday that I lost my job. We just recently got married and bought a house so needless to say we are just treading above water. But thanks to the Encouraging Word today I am reminded that God is in control. Thank you for serving and sharing.

  80. Sharon Sampson says:

    God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you can think, phantom, or imagine.

  81. TaNisha says:

    I need prayer in so many areas of my life, finances, blended family issues, marriage, past hurt from my husband, raising children that aren’t biologically mine and feeling unappreciated, wanting to pursue my graduate degree but not having the finances to do so right now, my confidence is low due to hurtful things said about me from my husband’s ex-wife and children (in which I take care of & love dearly, but their mom is such a negative influence on our relationship) I need prayer! Sincere, genuine prayer. Please pray for me. Much love family.

  82. Heather says:

    Pray for me to listen for God’s words on how to handle addiction in my family.

  83. Chukwukere Mary says:

    I did not give in to my boss sexual appeal and also rejected him even in the spiritual and since then he has been working against me and making me feel sad. I sometimes feel that God has forgotten me in this difficult times.

  84. My daughter is struggling with living an alternate lifestyle. I’m emotionally, physically, mentally tired. My finances are not were I want them to be. I’m not happy in my job. I struggle with feeling unworthy of love and loneliness.

  85. my husband and I have been separated for 1 and a half yrs. and the hurt and pain are still so real,and we would have been married 35yrs. this month and I am having a hard time getting through all of this. my husband just found out that he has a rare type of luekimia and there is no cure for it’all I can do is pray that it doesn’t get any worse.his name is art.

    • Rita,
      Father God…. pour out your Holy Spirit on Rita and Art. Heal their hurt and pain. We trust that all this is working together for Your good…. may their hearts be softened and may they draw closer to You and to each other in this season. Heal Art and bring glory to Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. They are amazing and will be a tremendous help for you in your darkest times

  86. One daughter just moved 1800 miles away. Oldest lives 600 miles away. And youngest returns to college next month. Please pray that I will listen to and follow God’s leading in this empty nest season of life.

  87. Penney Moore says:

    My husband is an alcoholic and has had many struggles lately. He is now realizing he needs to be healthy, but his pride keeps him from asking for help. I do not want to give up on my marriage, even though it is a daily struggle for me to remain positive and trust God to work in this mess. He is at least now praying with me about it. Please pray that God delivers him from this disease and grants him freedom.

  88. Joan Omoh says:

    Thank you for this devotion. I am in a place right now were i have doubts about my marriage and would have preferred a different story. I learnt that I have to trust the Lord more ( as He was the one who guided me on this journey). I can only pray for the anger i feel most times to disappear.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They can help you and encourage you through your darkest days

  89. Krystal K says:

    I’m currently going through my 5th miscarriage. I have no children yet. I know that God is good and God is in control, but my heart is broken. Thank you for your prayers.

    • Jocelyn Lacey says:

      Oh Krystal, I am so sorry to hear. I, too, had a miscarriage. That one alone was devastating, I can’t imagine what you are going through with having had your 5th. My prayers are with you, my sister in Christ.

      With love,

      Jocelyn Lacey

    • Praying for you Krystal!! I’m sending you a virtual hug!!! 🤗

  90. I am having a hard time trusting and believing God is listening. My husband has started a new business after 9 longs years of struggling financially. We are in debt, about to have a home foreclosed, our oldest daughter is about to start college with no money set a side because we had to use the money to survive since 2008 . We have had many friends in same financial hardship several years ago, but they have all pulled out of it and we were worst off. I don’t understand, it’s been a huge burden in my marriage. We feel like prisoners and can’t breathe. We have been to counseling, seeked financial advice, but my husband is determined to do the same business with a new business partner. I have asked him several times over the years to get a new job, but he doesnt listen to me. His pride has gotten in the way. I was not supportive for many years. I want to be supportive with his new company, but I can’t live like this anymore. I been asking God for doors to open and close. Asking for for favor and
    Grace over the new company . We asked for a business loan and prayed for favor and got turned down. i am tired and know God can do anything, but I am drained and want to be joyful. We are not materialistic people we just want a break . My husband’s truck has 435,000 miles on it, he keeps fixing it. He travels every week for work . I don’t understand how we can’t even buy a car. I need to trust, but I am growing weary and negative. Please pray for a joyful heart and that God will bless my family with his will and discernment. Thank you!

    • Lisa Lloyd says:

      Laura , I will lift your family situation up to our great God. There are no answers I can give that will help at this time. And I do not understand the “why” when these things happen . Please know God does love you even when He seems so far away .

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Keep looking up and believing the prayers will be answered. The Word of God says, “Anything you ask in prayer believing you shall receive it!” Just start thanking God for your present situation and everything that you are currently going through. Sometimes we have to say never the less not my will but your will be done. Let him(God) be in control. Trust God; this is working together for your good.

  91. Lisa Lloyd says:

    Please remember my brother and his children as they go through a messy divorce. My heart is broken for him and the children .

    • Direct him to Rejoice Marriage Ministries. They will be of great help and encouragement for him. They also have devotionals for children to help them during this time as well

  92. I don’t usually post but today we are dealing with a son who is suicidal due to a situation he has gotten himself in due to pride and is going to lose his job over. Also we have another who suffers from depression and anxiety and is struggling today. This is all while we are on vacation over 700 miles from home and have minimal resources available. Please pray God will grant us wisdom and direction as we deal with this throughout the rest of our vacation, as well as trust in the story He is writing.

  93. please day a prayer for my husband, Bub. We own our own business. He is very busy at work, we have a small crew that he is a part of and it is hard physical work. It is also mentally draining keeping everything going all the time. He had triple bypass surgery a year and a half ago and he turns 50 and is feeling his age. Thank you.

  94. I have a son & daughter & son-in-law who have walked away from God and a son who is chronically ill. Please pray for God’s powerful intervention in all their lives. We also have a house that we desperately need to sell right now. All of this is weighing very heavily on me and my husband.

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Kay thank God for all that is going on and trust him to work it out for your good and your family’s good. Stay before God and continuously give him thanks for all that going on around u trusting him to work it out for you and the good of your family.

  95. Tonya – prayed for you. I need prayer for complete healing of cancer. In Jesus name, Amen!

  96. I have been struggling with feeling like I am a failure in areas of my life. I’m 36 and single and always feel like I’m not good enough for anyone. I’m overweight and and frustrated and not ptetty. I have only myself to blame.

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Lisa no matter what you feel or think about yourself God loves you and has a great plan for your life. Begin to give him thanksgiving and praise for everything. He says in all things give thanks! Praise and thanksgiving drives the enemy away! Let the high praises (hallelujah is the highest praise) of God be in your mouth and the two-edged sword be in your hand ( the Word of God is your Sword). Speak the word over yourself!! The Word says, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made!” That tells me, “That you are beautiful!” Speak I have temperance in all things!

  97. Please pray for my husband and for the restoration of our marriage. He has been unfaithful and I feel that God has directed both of us to stay and this has made me stronger in my faith. It is so hard to not listen to what the worldly view is about this and to do what I believe through my faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Sharon Sampson says:

      Hollyn you are doing the right thing: keep trusting God and standing on the Word. God has given you the answer and the enemy is trying to get you to not believe what God has already put in your Spirit. Don!t waver kep on believing God. When doubt tries to creep in start thanking and praising God for what he has told you about your marriage and your relationship. I agree with you!!!

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website! I promise you they will be a great help and encouragement to you

  98. I’m struggling with the loss of my best friend, who was like a sister, a soulmate for the last 17 years. Please pray for me that God keeps me going each day and guides my steps forward to lead the life He has planned for me. The death of my friend has left me feeling empty and hopeless at times. Please God help me.

  99. Jennifer says:

    We recently relocated and have a second mortgage. We are praying that our home in our previous location sells quickly!

  100. Lesley Iannone says:

    Hello. I am 51-year-old and have several illnesses. Terminal. Heart failure and copd. To name a few. I have 8 yrs sobriety. I though my purpose was to be a caregiver to my family. Now I may need caregiving. I was raised Catholic. Iam a Christian.many regrets and also joy in my life. Please pray for my family and friends for they have illness too. Need prayer for direction in life. Gods plan and will for me.

    Thank you Lesley

  101. Shirley Stallworth says:

    Lord Sharon. God has given you such exceptional gift of expressing hope in him through your narratives in Proverbs 31 ministries that I am so moved and so appreciative for reading of ways that God is continually “glorified” that I shout “HALLELUJAH” thank you Sharon


  102. Rasheida Washington says:

    I am feeling alone in my marriage and it’s been a roller coaster ride for many years. I am struggling with whether to stay or go and am seeking clarity and to hear God’s voice clearly, even if I don’t like the script He’s writing

    • Jocelyn Lacey says:

      I’m praying for you, that God restores your marriage or that He gives you the courage to walk away, whatever is His plan.

      God bless,

    • Pray for your marriage. Check out the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will give you great guidance!

  103. Jocelyn Lacey says:

    I am having a hard time. I suffer from depression and my husband and I are away from our family in an area of the country that is very Godless. We grew up in the Bible Belt and this has been hard for us to be here. My husband’s work environment is very toxic and it has taken its toll. There is another potential opportunity and we are praying if it is God’s will for us to stay here or take the opportunity, if it’s even offered. We just need guidance and direction. We have a very happy and strong marriage, we’re just not in a good place here.

  104. My 87 year old mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. She is doing pretty well except for believing that my step-dad of 47 years is being unfaithful to her. It is tearing us all apart. I pray that God helps her see that it is the disease that is making her feel this way.

    • Jocelyn Lacey says:

      Dear Pam,

      My mom was diagnosed last summer with Alzheimer’s. It is the most devastating disease. I will pray for her, as well as everyone else effected.

      God Bless,

      • Thank you, Jocelyn! It always helps to hear we’re not alone in our trials. I pray that you find where God is leading you. Maybe he wants you right where you are to shine his light in an area where it appears it is lacking.

  105. Connie Lawson says:

    I have a daughter 15 years old diagnose with cancer,if you can pray that God use all this and do his perfect will! Thank you!her name is Alex.

  106. Jermetra says:

    I have suffered some tremendous losses in the past couple years. I’m at a point in my life where I feel all alone and lost. If it were not for the blessing of my children I would not want to go on. My mommy and I were two peas in a pod, and to not have her here with me kills me daily. In the back of my mind I hear her rooting for me cheering me on, and I know I have to keep going. I need prayer for strength, and getting a better closer relationship with The Lord.

  107. Please pray for my daughter, Lisa, who is in a spiritual warfare right now. She is about to enter Divinity School and Satan is trying at every move to put obstacles in the way and to keep her from God’s path in her life. Please pray that our powerful God will defeat Satan and her path will be clear to serve God.

    • Darlene says:

      Hi Brenda…I just prayed for you and your daughter Lisa. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.

  108. Because of my husband’s mental health issues and now alcoholism and 9 years of a 40 yr marriage becoming worse and worse, after doing everything in my power to help him and most recently him refusing in-patient care…we are separating, not divorcing. We purchased another home nearby. We close on it tomorrow and I will pack all my belonging and start my life there without my husband. I trust God has a plan for me and I trust that when I am out of our house of 26 yrs, God will deal with this man I do not know anymore. I do believe in miracles…Gods will be done not mine.

    • I’m very sorry you are going through this Linda. I pray God will heal your husband & restore your marriage… but if not those then at least comfort your Heart & continue guiding you to where he wants you & the best path for your life. Continue to trust in him & know you are doing everything you can- let that comfort you.

    • I think Rejoice Marriage Ministries website would be a tremendous asset to you. Please check it out. Praying for your marriage!

  109. I’m 33 & struggling with still being unmarried without children, and continuing to be in dead end relationships with guys I truly feel are great & even profess to be strong Christians, only to later see their true colors come out & get incredibly hurt by them. Days ago my BF whom seemed like the best guy I’ve ever met in beg. & was so kind & seemed to be in such a strong Christian walk, broke up with me out of nowhere on a text. I was on my way to go to church with him ironically. He had partied the night before & it almost seemed he was trying to pick a fight with me to not have to go. I didn’t bite & said I’ll be there soon to pick you up. He sends a text when in halfway there that said “not going to church & Im done with this.” I was shocked & devastated. Up to that moment he continued leading me to believe he was crazy abt me & wanting our relationship. I just feel like no matter what I do it doesn’t matter, I always end up rejected & heartbroken & still alone. Despite desiring & praying for a husband & children literally since I was in college 12 years ago. I feel incredibly down abt myself & defeated.

    • Sorry about all the dead ends, God know the best. We pray for God’s strength and patience for the right guy and at the right time.

  110. Amelia Baskin says:

    I understand your struggles Jocelyn. My husband and I moved away from friends and family for a b opportunity that didn’t work out. My husband got another job, but he hasn’t gotten the fulfillment he hoped for. We have had so many ups and doqns, and we really thought this would be our year, but it feels like everything keeps falling apart. I struggle with depression and anxuety, and I feel completely alone. We are struggling financially and I’m having trouble believing we will be ok.

    • allison says:

      i know it is difficult, just continue to hang in there Amelia ~ everything will come together…
      The Lord knows the plans He has for you and your husband, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope ~ Jeremiah 29:11

    • Amelia, I am praying for your situation to be abundantly blessed, say your prayers then continually thank God for answering your prayers.Prayer in thanks to the positive as if He has already given you abundant blessings in all areas of your life. In Jesus name, amen.

  111. Praying for heavenly peace within me and my family. God’s grace to have confidence in me to step-up get more involved in my spiritual life and all I do as well. Fear holds me back a lot. Father open the eyes of my heart, to keep trust/faith/hope because you know what’s best for your children and the right the time.

  112. Anita R says:

    Going through divorce after 41 years from the only man I ever loved or been with

  113. Marriage

  114. This devotion is exactly what I needed this morning. Lord, strengthen my faith when I don’t understand. Thank you for these words.

  115. My husband and I have been married for 54 years and are struggling financially for the second time. This is causing depression and doubting that we are hearing God’s voice clearly.

  116. Please pray for my husbands new job and adjustment for me and the kids as he moves to a new state while we stay at home. Please pray that he can find a good church, and Meet Godly people. Pray for His heart to trust in the Lord with everything.

  117. My husband left us 5years ago before he left I had always abused me verbally and violence wise to the extent my children lost respect for me because I didn’t defend myself before he left.I couldn’t do that due to my cultural reason.
    But now my son who is going to be 21 this year has derailed totally by being with bad gangs ano getting involved in terrible things.
    I feel I’m a failure don’t even know what to do but I never stop praying.
    This has really affected my confidence and I don’t even want to see any man approach me because I really put all I had in the marriage that collapsed.

    • Dear sister, you need to find a Pastor or his wife to speak to and have them pray over you. You have done nothing wrong. It’s. it your fault. God loves you and he even loves your husband. He needs help. He needs God. As far as your children, Jesus said to train them up. If they did not see a godly example for a father, they have the responsibility to God to do the right thing. Seek counseling and choose to be different. May the Lord show his grace and mercy to you and your family. Remember your identity is found in Jesus Christ not in your husband. Jesus enables you to love and be loved. Abuse is not love. Abuse is not godly. I pray for healing for your mind and body and your soul.

  118. Struggling with my husband. He doesn’t have a heart for God, his wife, his 4 kids. He’s very hateful to me & it makes me so discouraged. He makes no time for the kids or I. My heart is hurting.

  119. Darlene says:

    After 18 years of service my career ended. I’m in my 50s and have to start over without knowing my purpose and being out of the “career search” game; the love of my life ended a 15 year relationship with a text message; my BFF’s grandmother is passing away. Please pray for: peace and strength for my BFF and the family;my ex’s heart will heal, there will be no bitterness/anger between us,fill us with His presence;my purpose will be revealed and I will find gainful employment. Thank you.

    • Praying for you, Darlene, as well as your ex, your BFF and her grandmother. May the peace that passes all understanding flow through all of you and that God would restore to you ten fold what the enemy has taken away!

    • Darlene,
      I am very sorry over the loss of your job. Many times our identity can be wrapped up with our careers and if you suffer a professional set back, it becomes very hard personally as well. I have already prayed for you and I will continue to pray for you, your ex and your friend’s grandmother. Adide in Him and He will abide in you. God js faithful and if you keep your thoughts focused on Him, He will show you the way in all things. Stay strong!!

  120. Going through a divorce after 31 years of marriage and 4 children. God keeps giving me signs that we will be reunited but my circumstances look bleak. I am trying to stay focused on God and His goodness. My faith is strong but sometimes my hope wavers. Please pray for me, my children and my husband. Blessings to all.

    • Heather Crawford says:

      I will pray for healing for you. It will take time, I know from experience, but trust in God and he will bring you peace.

    • Lisa, you really need to check out the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They were founded on and believe in resrotation no matter the situation. Please look into it, they are amazing!

  121. I asking for wisdom and direction. The small store I have managed for 2years is closing. I’m almost 60 and single. I have a idea of something I would like to do but want to be where God wants me. My age is a factor in the job search. Some places don’t want to hire because of it. I know God is good and his plans are good for me. Just need clear direction.

    • Heather Crawford says:

      I will pray for you and am amazed at how similar our situations are. Diane, you are in my thoughts and prayers, that God will send you direction and security.

  122. Heather Crawford says:

    I am under employed and struggling financially as well as physical problems. Feeling at a loss for direction as I am older and starting a new job is a challenge

    • Heather, I pray that God would open up the right doors for you. I ask Jesus to let you feel his peace in knowing he know and hears your heart. Be enouaraged today and know he loves you and will take care of you!!

    • Dear Heather,
      I am and will continue to pray for you. That you will trust God’s plan for you going forward. He wrote our story and knows how it will unfold (in His time). I also ask the He bring relief to you for your physical problems and gives your doctors guidance and wisdom in knowing how to help.

  123. My daughter is expiriencing anxiety since she has been home from school this summer. She has always been a confident and happy young lady, this has really changed her. She is frustrated because she does not know why or even the root of why this is happening. I feel totally helpless. Please pray for the Lord to reveal to her the “why” and if there are underlying reasons that need more attention. I know anxiety can be scary and exhausting. Please help me pray for protection over her mind and heart while God is preparing her for ministry. Thank you.

    • Hi Evelyn. I am going through the same thing as your daughter. I never had anxiety issues and suddenly they started three months ago as my body became ill. I am praying for your daughter. Leaning on God to speak truth and calm our soul is the only way when we can’t rationalize what our body is going through. I pray for peace for your daughter.

  124. I just prayed for you Lisa. I was married for 25 years and have been divorced 16. God is for marriage and your family I know that. It is normal to feel doubt sometimes when you are going through a difficult time. God understands. I don’t know all your circumstances but I know that GOD is with you and your family and will never leave your or forsake you. Prayed for peace and strength for you.

  125. My husband has had heart problems for four years. Two months ago they done his yearly echocardiogram. They mailed a letter telling us the results that part of his heart is weakening. Due to the dr vacation time we can not find out what this means until August. He is not strong enough to under go any kind of heart surgery or transplant. I pray GOD will touch his heart to make it stronger. Thank you GOD BLESS!

  126. Linda kizzire says:

    Pray for my daughter, lonely . Praying that God would guide her walk to people who help her on her walk. That if it’s his will he would bring a help mate into her life.

  127. Pam Summers says:

    Robin, I can hear the tiredness and hurt in your r

    • Pam Summers says:

      Robin, I can hear the tiredness and hurt in your words. I pray that God will send someone to give you a break, a time of refreshment. I also pray for your precious husband for peace and that he will not be anxious. I pray that God will act soon to put into place all that is necessary for your husband’s healing. May God encourage your sweet heart and may you and your family be blessed in every way. In Jesus name I pray. Psalm 145:14 “the Lord helps the fallen and lifts those beneath there loads”🙏

  128. I recently had a miscarriage that left my body out of whack, and since then it has been so hard for me to trust in God’s plan for me. Since miscarriage was definitely not in MY plans, you know? I know He does and deep down I trust Him, but the day to day trusting this journey has been harder for me. I know it’s easy to trust when things are going well, and the real trust is trusting when things aren’t. This really spoke to me today. Thank you for sharing. Praying for those who are also struggling.

  129. My husband’s negative spirit is pushing me away from him.

  130. I have been going through a hard time with my health for the last three months. I became acutely ill and have gone through quite the medical work up looking for answers. I am currently waiting on biopsy results and am trying very hard to not be anxious about the results. I have two small children and desperately want to be around for them. Praying for healing and God’s peace regardless of the outcome.

  131. Michele says:

    I’m 33 and I’m still single. I would love so much to meet a great guy, get married and have children. The waiting is really hard…

    • Dear God,
      Please hear mine and Michele prayers that you send her a good Christian man. One who loves You and will love her and bless her with marriage and children. Give her patience as she waits and let her know You will place him in her life at the right time. All good things come to those who wait. Lord please hear our prayers. In Jesus name, Amen

  132. After 25 years of sobriety, my husband has decided it’s ok for him to drink. I have also seen him slipping away from the Lord over the past few years. Cancer has afflicted so many in our lives who are very close to the Lord. He is bitter and angry that the Lord would allow this in the lives of those who follow Him. Please pray that the veil would be lifted off of his eyes, that he would no longer be decieved by the enemy, and that God would reveal Himself in a powerful way to him.

    • praying for you Holly ~ my husband and I have been separated for over 3 years now due to his addiction to alcohol. The enemy is so crafty, addiction is such a strong hold. I pray for him and you. that you may release these circumstances to the Lord. Trusting in His ways and will and taking care of you. finding the peace and joy we can only receive from Him… one day at a time. God bless you ~ hugs ~ so many hugs

  133. I am praying for your daughter, that she will be abundantly blessed by the will of God .

  134. Doris H Smith says:

    Please pray that our son-in-law, who has been without a join for over two years, can find a job soon.

    Also, prayers that it will soon be God’s will that our house, that’s been on the market for almost two years, will soon sell.

    So thankful for all God has blessed us with and all he has in store for us.

  135. My husband and I are currently separated and have been for just over a year. This is not what I want, but left because of verbal and emotional abuse. I continue to try to reach out to my husband, to talk to him, to do the right thing and he barely acknowledges me. I am weary, discouraged and losing hope for reconciliation.

    • Denise, Rejoice Marriage Ministries website will help you. Encourage you and guide you in your walk to marriage restoration! Praying for you daily as I pray for all hurting marriages to be reconciled

  136. Elizabeth says:

    This is my life verse, and this is so what I needed today. I have been in dark, desperate places and God has pulled me through and literally worked miracles. I am in a bit of an uneasy place and I am starting to dread and worry and despair, because my first choice plan does not seem to be what God wants. I need to have faith and let go and just let God’s will be done instead of worrying that my will is not playing out that way that I had hoped.

    • Elizabeth, just know that whatever God’s plan for you is, is always the best plan! Let his Will be done, in his time, not ours. Keeping you in my prayers that all will work out for you!

  137. Please pray for my soon to be daughter-in-law, Erica’s dad, Ron,to find it in his heart, to forgive and be the father that God has called him to be. As he and his daughter, my soon to be daughter-in-law, Erica, can’t see eye to eye on many things. My son and Erica are soon to be married on the 5th of August and Ron, Erica’s dad, has told them he wouldn’t be there to walk her down the Isle! I’m praying by some miracle that their differences will be resolved before then!

  138. My daughter left her good husband and sweet little boy almost 3 years ago to live an “alternate lifestyle”. They are in the process of discussing an amicable divorce. It has disrupted our family, to say the least, but my greatest concern is my little grandson and the effect this is having or will have on him. Praying for her to “come to her senses”, as the prodigal son did, sooner rather than later.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will be a great resource for you and your family

  139. This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. I am so thankful that when difficult times arise, he always there to comfort me and listen to me. I have recently been faced with a situation that I never dreamed I would be faced with. In the beginning, I didn’t handle the situation that I know God would have wanted me to. Since realizing this, I am trying to turn to him when I begin to have negative thoughts and want to say things that are hurtful and harmful. Please pray that I will have the faith to truly turn this situation over to God. I am tired and need rest with this situation. I am grateful for stumbling across the Proverbs 31 devotions. God is good!

    • Sue Hadden says:

      Praying for God to give you strength and peace that passes all understanding. He cares about you and He is faithful. He has the perfect plan.

  140. Sue Hadden says:

    We need to get a scholarship so my children can attend Christian school.

  141. Pauline Lowney says:

    I would like to have prayers to help me with my sickness. I believe in prayers and Jesus💕🙏

  142. Cathy Earp says:

    Please pray for me and my family. I will be going for a lung biopsy in 2 days. I’ll find out within 48 hours after that if it is cancer.

  143. I am asking for prayers for my family, for my husband to see that mistakes have been made, for me to truly let go and let God help with my anxiety, helpless feeling, anger and forgiveness to others as well as toward myself that I made have forgotten to ask forgiveness from God. For my daughter to see that we did the best we could even though we were not perfect parents, we tried very hard. That our daughter would comeback to use and truly know that we love her. Also to pray for all the people she deeply hurt in her path along her destructive need for attention. For our current financial situation to improve abundantly. That each and everyone of our families and friends will find peace in the storm. God has a plan to tteach us for his greater good and plan.

    • Lynda- I will be praying over you today that ” the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
      ‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  144. I’ve been walking through some difficult health situations and need God’s strength on the difficult days and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and revelation to be revealed as to what is going on.

  145. Pam Summers says:

    Dear prayer warrior, I really don’t even know where to ask for prayer because dysfunctional issues in my family are so complex. So, generally, please pray for honest and open communication between my loved ones. Pray that each one will listen to the other without becoming defensive or passing blame instead of accepting responsibilities for their actions. Please pray for forgiveness among each one and a fresh start. I pray they will recognize their value in God’s eyes and give their mountain of hurt and pain to Him. I pray for my niece to find a job as soon as possible. There is so much that needs prayer but prayers for these requests is so appreciated. May God pour out His Divine mercies and grace upon us all as we go through each day. Thank you for your faithfulness to pray. God bless you mightily.❤️

  146. Mary Scoville says:

    Please pray for me as I am trying to fight my way back from a dark place and be well mentally and physically. Pray I get the right treatments I need to be free of this awful anxiety and that I trust God will get me to other side and help me beat this and that I can trust Him totally even when it’s so hard.

  147. Jean Fitzgerald says:

    I am currently going through some tough times at work so I am going to retire. However I have to continue to work for the insurance so I have found another job. But of course the wages, benefits, and hours are all not as good as my current job. I am praying that God has led me to the right decision and the right job.

    • Debbie Parker says:

      Lord please provide for my sister. If this isn’t the job you want her to have please lead her to the perfect job for her. Please send people to encourage her in Jesus name amen.

  148. Debbie Parker says:

    I was diagnosed with ms at the beginning of this year. My road has been tough because after I birthed my first child 22 years ago I had endometriosis which caused me considerable pain for many years. I went through surgical procedures and then four years later I was able to have my second son then had to have a hysterectomy. Then I was fish with rheumatoid arthritis. Then the next doc said it was psoriatic arthritis. Now I know I have ms on to of that. I’m exhausted to the point that I can’t do much, even clean the house. I hurt and getting hot makes me even worse. Ask these years I’ve prayed for healing, but instead I’ve gotten yet one more disease. It’s hard to maintain faith. I meditate on scriptures but it’s hard to keep myself from asking why.

  149. I need prayers for my son who suffers from depression and is an alcoholic and drug addict. He sees no value in his life and wants to be dead.

    • Praying for God’s miraculous intervention in your son’s life and for peace for your weary heart.

  150. Melissa Conaway says:

    Our son has autism. We recently got approved for ssi & medicaid but due to my husband getting a promotion & overtime we have already lost it. Our son Carter is on wait list for Hopebridge an ABA therepy center that will really benefit him and it’s going to be expensive even after insurance so I’m praying there’s a way we can at least get medicaid back somehow.

  151. Lucinda says:

    My granddaughter has been living with me 5 years because of her unmarried parents drug addiction and her mothers( my daughters mental illness). He mother spiraled down after I was given guardianship in to homelessness and frequent jail . I have seen her a handful of times in jail and her daughter not at all. She recently was sent to a state mental hospital. I am visiting her there and she is very medicated and her brain is severely hurt, but I see hope. I am greatful to the Lord for giving me Mila ( granddaughter) to care for, and putting Melanie (daughter) in a safe place, where I can see her and tell her I love her, and where she might get better. Mila knows I have been visiting her and this has opened the wound of missing her mother, and it’s making her feel anxious too. I am worried for them both and must trust the Lord entirely for his grace, mercy, and wisdom. I am asking for prayers, for both these girls and myself. Mila just turned nine yesterday Melanie is 42 and I am 63 and a single grandparent working as a critical care nurse in a VA hospital.

    • kristie gibbs says:

      Praying for you and your family during this difficult situation.

    • Praying for you and your family that God would give you the strength and peace in your heart each day. It’s so hard to understand why things happen and we may never know the reasons but God does and I pray that you would feel his presence.

  152. Jessica says:

    Doris, I too have been out of steady work for awhile. Someone gave me a prayer specific for when unemployed on yesterday and it contains some of these words and I pray these for your son-n-law as well. I pray he is lead to the right job. Also that his heart is open to the right kind of work. Pray for his mind and cover his thinking That his mind is alert and his spirit is sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I pray that he would receive the job that brings fulfillment and happiness.

    I also pray your house would sale to the right people at the right time for the right price in Jesus name -God Bless!

  153. I would love prayers for my husband & I as we are trying to start a family. I know so many others have been here & felt the same frustration & disappointment. Will you pray that I am able to continue to keep my hope in God and His plan?

  154. kristie gibbs says:

    Praying for a difficult work related situation to be resolved positively for my husbsbd and our family. Praying that I trust God to work it out according to his great plan. Allow it to be so successful only He can take credit for it!

  155. Today is my birthday and while I have so much to be thankful for I am struggling with the loss of my husband and best friend, we were married almost 38 years. He passed away in March and I am just broken-hearted.

    • Happy Birthday Pat! Praying God will give you a special blessing today as you grieve. He is close to the broken-hearted.

  156. Prayers for my son to find a good job. He seems to find an opportunity but shortly after becomes a dead end. Another great opportunity has presented itself. Please pray that the interviewers would find favor if it be God’s will.

    • Tiffany says:

      Prayed for the Lords clear direction, for favor and that the Lord would open doors where He wants him to be and that it would be soon!

  157. Tiffany says:

    Please pray for God to provide abundantly as my husband is doing fund raising. Were at a critical point with his financial coaching ministry of needing an income increase or shut down a ministry that has served hundreds over the last 7yrs. We have 5 children ages 16 to 2.5 (2 daughters and 3 boys in between). Weve become stretched for space for the toddler so she shares a bedroom/bed with my husband and i (we have a bed for her but she wont sleep in it nathrally since the only location for it is our bedroom) which is becoming very difficult and putting some strain on maintaining a healthy marriage. We need support increase and to find an affordable 5 bedroom soon, or 4 that has a giant room all 3 boys can share. Thank you for prayers!

    • Thank you for the prayer above. Praying God would expand the margins in your life; financially, spiritually and physically.

  158. Kathy Ragan says:

    My husband of now 41 years was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 renal carcinoma in May 2014, and doctor told him he may have 2 years to live. He had just undergone a complete physical exam less than 3 weeks prior and we had only returned from a vacation in Mexico less than a week of his diagnosis. He had surgery in late May 2014 to remove brain mass, which was successful and has since had 2 radiation treatment series since then with a clear brain MRI in June this year. On July 1, 2014, he had a kidney removed, also successfully. He currently is on his third oral chemotherapy treatments since September 2014. He continued to work until August 2016 when he decided to retire, and I subsequently retired on January 1, 2017. He has quarterly CT scans, monthly oncology visits, and many chemo side effects, but we know that by the grace of God only is he maintaining. This Thursday he has another quarterly CT scan and I ask for prayer that it shows improvement; that makes the side effects more bearable. I praise God from Whom all blessings flow for the many, many blessings of this trial. While I struggle not to be anxious and worried, I trust that He will make good from this struggle, as He always does if we have faith let Him handle it. Please pray for us a healing diagnosis.

  159. Heather says:

    Wow! I’ll share my request, but first let me say I read through many of the comments and ended up saying one collective prayer for everyone who commented. We all need to hang in there and trust in God! My request is for my son. He’s 15 and battling anxiety and depression. It’s so hard to be a kid today. It’s hard to be a parent when you can’t fix your kids’ problems.

  160. Crystal says:

    Please pray for my family. My husband who is a preacher left me last Friday. He is truly miserable and I believe He is in the middle of spiritual warfare. The devil has been actively trying to attack our family since we began a church plant three years ago. We have many complex issues in our family. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray that my husband will obey God’s word and honor the covenant He made with me 13 years ago.
    Thank you.

    • Crystal please go to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will give you guidance, hope, peace and support. They are amazing!

  161. My 84 y/o Mom failed to take her meds, was admitted to the hospital and while there suffered a severe glaucoma attack. She was transferred to rehab facility and discharged last week and unable to care for herself. I have no siblings and very little help from her family and my husband is totally disabled and I have a full time job. She refuses to return to facility- I feel so alone, exhausted since she lives an hour from me and don’t know what to do. God has brought me thru so much in the past related to them, I just need to feel his presence and know his guidance for all. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

  162. Julie Mumpower says:

    Please pray for my adult son who is belittled and bullied by his earthly father each and every time they talk on the phone. His dad and I have been divorced for ten years now. My son who is a fine young man in his 30’s, has a good job, a precious wife and little girl, is humble and compassionate, would do anything to help someone needs to feel the love and hear the voice of his heavenly father who speaks with wisdom and advice. Thank you!

  163. My divorce was just finalized. It was not a divorce I wanted. I am worried about me kids and my future.

    • Dear Barb – I feel your pain. I was divorced (2nd) three years ago and it was not my choice either. It might sound trite but it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

      I didn’t realize I was in a bad marriage until God led me down a new path. I know it’s scary to be a single parent. I was one for 10 years after my 1st divorce, but God always provided for us. It took hard work, patience and a lot of prayer but things worked out.

      Although her Dad and I got along, It was hard on my daughter until she was around 19. Now she’s a thriving 29 year-old who works full-time and goes to school!

      I will continue to lift you up in prayer.


    • Barb please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. Your marriage can still be restored!!

  164. Please pray for my nephew, Bishop, who has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. He is really struggling right now and is flip flopping his personalities. Pray for my sister, Lisa, and her husband, Kendall, as they are under a tremendous amount of stress. Thank you.

  165. Mary Helen Goist says:

    Please I ask that you pray for my Aunt Helen who will need Chemo therapy treatments, as Pathology discovered in the biopsy process that 5 out of 20 lymph nodes tested were found as being positive cancerous. I pray that the worry, fear, and pain of stress be removed from her heart, and that the mighty Holy Spirit intervenes once again here for my request. Thank You for prayers.

  166. Randi kirwan says:

    Please pray that God will order my steps . I need to move from one state to the other I prayed or hav been praying but I am more confuse about what God wants me to do. Please help I haven’t been able to go to church any more because I feel like I have out grown my church just need a new start.

  167. Amazing trials that God has his hands on, if we trust in His way. I ask for prayer for my son and job situation. I am a single mother who is struggling with her 22 year old. He is angry, combative and at times so very disrespectful. Has decided not to return to school. I guess the worst part is that I can’t stop being disappointed in him and his decisions which he sees on my face. It’s a constant battle between us and I am so disheartened by my circumstances. I am alone, haven’t met anyone in 15 + years and now also need a job. Lost mine after closing down the site in 2016. Thank you for your prayers and a way for me to put it out there and allowing me to trust in Him which has all good intentions even when we don’t understand it.

  168. Daniel Mark says:

    Only our omnipotent Heavenly Father will come through for me for the solutions of a career that gets me out of poverty permanently,and get a wife for me.Without the Lord showing Himself strong on my behalf,these problems will never, ever be solved.There are other serious needs,but the solutions to these two help the unmentioned ones to be solved.Praise the Lord that the things that are impossible with me are possible with Him!!! Thanks ever so much for praying and sharing. The Lord bless.

  169. Cheryl Packer says:

    My husband Harvey had a stroke on his frontal lobe. He was in the height of a 28 year career, approaching retirement (59 years old). This has effected his mood and executive decision making functions so severely that he is unable to work. He has been hospitalized for major depressive disorder, suicide attempts, medications that have gone haywire. This has gone on for almost 2 years. We are losing our lifetime savings for retirement, our home, all qualities of life. Our family is suffering greatly. My son has been grieving the loss of a dad, he is 16. As I have been faithful in trusting the Lord with His plan, we need some positives now. No medications or treatment plans have helped him to sustain freedom from major depression and severe anxiety. Please pray for deliverance from this mental health nightmare, for us to get through this storm without losing our life savings, for the right Dr.s and for a home for our family, for insurance and a treatment to work for him. He is currently undergoing ECT treatments as a last result. He had some brief relief, but severe memory loss. We are trying to find a balance of how often and how much intensity to do the treatments. He was doing really well for a couple days and then took a break to help recover the memory and the depression has returned. He needs the Great Physician to lift this from him forever. It was such a relief to see him smile for the very first time in 22 months. Please Lord my God heal Harvey of this mental illness from the stroke completely, never to return. Protect our provisions and assists so we can have transportation to and from work, school and a home to live in. Please provide a neurologist and a Traumatic Brain Injury rehab for him asap. We praise You Jesus for your everlasting love and constant presence in our lives.

  170. I have an unspoken prayer request please pray thanks god bless

    • Lora, my name is Helena & I just wanted you to know I don’t know you, but LOVE YOU THRU CHRIST. I have no idea what you are going thru or your unspoken prayer request, but I AM PRAYING FOR YOU!!! PLEASE KNOW that THE LORD OUR GOD SEE’S YOU, HEAR’S YOU & LOVE’S YOU!!! I am lifting you up in strength, courage, persistence, fortitude, patience, peace & love. Asking for GOD’S MERCY & GRACE day by day. Keep your eyes fixed on THE LORD, KNOWING that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THRU HIM. His GRACE IS SUFFICIENT!!!! If you grow weary, KEEP ON PRAYING & SEEKING & THE DOOR WILL BE OPEN TO YOU. Remembering to NOT GIVE UP, we are ALWAYS on GOD’S timing & not our own, but HIS TIMING & WAYS will ALWAYS BE WHAT IS BEST FOR US. TRUST HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART, I PRAY GOD WILL INCREASE YOUR FAITH. THANK YOU & I ASK ALL OF THESE THINGS THRU CHRIST OUR LORD, AMEN….

  171. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to intercede for my family through our separation. That GOD would heal & remove anger & bitterness from my ex & that he would intentionally seek the LORD with ALL HIS HEART. That our young son would be healed, supported, nurtured & protected & continue to LOVE THE LORD. Lastly that I would not grow weary, faint or anxious. I pray I TRUST THE LORD WITH ALL MY HEART & GOD would increase my FAITH & I would KNOW he has AMAZING plans for ALL of US and that I can RELY & TRUST on THE LORD to see all these things to Fruition beyond anything I could ever imagine & we can continue to be co-parents even though we are no longer together as a couple. THANK YOU & I ASK ALL OF THESE THINGS THRU JESUS’ NAME.. AMEN..

    • HELENA

    • Rejoice Marriage Ministries website is an amazing resource!


    • Brandy Moss says:

      I am praying for you. Read my story below. I also found my husband of 18 years cheating, but he left us a year ago. God will make a way. ❤ you

    • Heavenly Father, I pray for Missy and her marriage. We know you have a perfect plan for this seemingly awful situation. Help Missy to not lean on her own understanding, but to trust in You and give this situation to you in prayer. This life can be so difficult and seem hopeless, but you do all things for the good of those who follow you. Missy is seeking you and asking for prayer, so I lift her up. Keep her upright and give her the ability to rise and walk when she feels life falling into the pit. I pray for you to present yourself in ways that uplift her and lead her and prevent the anger and resentment from coming. Protect her from evil that would love to drag her away into despair. Lord, I want to thank you in advance for your plan for this marriage and for Missy’s life. We trust in you and know that you are with her. We also know you can do all things and nothing is impossible. Give her the ability to forgive even if she doesn’t mean it at the moment, allow those words to come from her mouth in obedience to you who tell us to forgive. And I know that in time, those words will become truth and give her relief. Please keep your righteous right hand on this marriage and Your plan today. In Jesus name, Amen.

    • Missy, This Helena, THANKYOU SOO MUCH for your PRAYERS!! I am praying for you as well as all of us women. I understand the pain of rejection, betrayal & hurt. I too have been thru this with my ex I am going thru a second separation with. I forgave him before and I am BLESSED that GOD GIVES US THE CAPACITY TO FORGIVE & HEAL US AT THE SAME TIME. GOD IS holding & saving EACH & EVERY TEARS of YOURS. WE ARE LOVED by GOD MORE THAN WE CAN EVER IMAGINE & MY FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE Jeremiah 29;11 “For I KNOW the plans I HAVE FOR YOU” WE ARE SISTERS IN CHRIST! THANK YOU & I ASK ALL OF THESE THINGS THRU CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US, AMEN….

  173. Brandy Moss says:

    Please pray for me. I’m going through a divorce and custody battle. My teen age daughter and I got into a confrontation. My husband pressed assault charges, filed DHS report and my 2 younger boys were taken away. He is now using it to force me to sell the house and give him custody in my divorce. Please pray for my family and that God would bring them back to me.

  174. audrey wise says:

    wow this really hits home because my story certainly didnt look the way it looks now. Life as i thought it would be has been completely different but Im learning so much about God, his love, his faithfulness, his power, his grace, his mercy, his patient, his kingdom, his character, and his word. thank u for sharing such an awesome devotion. God bless you

  175. Isaias Ricabal says:

    Protection for my kids minds. Peaceful divorce I tried my best but kids being put in middle. My relationship with my kids. Protection for me and a fair peaceful separation. Tried my best do not believe in divorce but unhealthy. Even my Counselor who also happens to be Christian says it’s time to move on.

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. God can change hearts. Please don’t give up. God will never give up on us!

  176. Thank you for the reminder Lord I thank you for the many blessings including the struggles you know best Lord. I ask you to draw me closer to you . Sometimes I question why knowing that I shouldn’t that I should trust your decision. Lord heal my heart so that I can be me forgiving towards those that have broken me and my trust , to be able to let it go so that you can handle it. Jesus you know the tears you know the hurt . I’m leaning on you and only you .

  177. Please pray that guide will guide me in the right direction with my decision making for myself and my son.
    I am divorced and trying to raise a 15 year old son who doesn’t want to be with me anymore and wants to be live his dad. My heart is aching because I miss him so and trying to parent when there is no support from the father is very difficult. I pray that his father and I can work together to keep my son on the right track in life. I also pray that God brings someone in my son and I’s life to be a blessing to us and we to him. In Jesus name I pray and I thank you for your prayers.

  178. I just fell like a God is getting me ready for something and I just can’t figure out what it is that he wants me to do I’ve prayed I fasted and I told him to take everything away until only he remains and I don’t see any difference it’s been a year and a half but I will pray for this and the feeling just don’t go away I keep trying but I’m getting so weak and tired of waiting I don’t like being in the situation I wish good God could just make it easy and tell me what it is that you want me to do

  179. Dianna Sharpe says:

    My sweet Jack went to be with the Lord on May 21, I have always thought of myself as a woman of faith. This has devastated me. I am broken and having a hard time finding direction. i have prayed for God to fill the empiness and use me to glorify him. I am in limbo.

  180. Pending divorce after finding out my wife was having an affair with a friend during my Open Heart Surgery.
    Soon alone with son, I take on a new journey, uncertain of any outcomes or how I will do it all. For almost 19 years, I’ve done all I could witj limited to no help. Sacrificing health, peace of mind and time to make sure all had whatever I could provide and take care of. Tired but I know I must stay strong through this process for son. Please pray that God continues to guide and strengthen me through these proceedings. Thank you.

    • God can heal your hurt and your marriage. Rejoice Marriage Ministries website is a great resource. I will be praying for you

  181. Jessica Washington says:

    I am in need of pray for my marriage and our kids. I work hard everyday and do the most for my family. All three of my kids are ADHD and it is hard at times to get then focus and my husband pays more attention to other instead of me and his kids. I feel like I am married to someone I don’t know. My husband is very insecure with himself and no matter what I do, nothing is every good enough. I am stressed out and in need of direction. I am a full time employee as an Admissions Representative for a College, I am about to graduate with my Bachelors in Organizational Management, and I have 3 kids two steps kids and my husband. I do all of this for my family because I want to be able to do more for them. Everything that my husband wants to do, I try to support him with that, such as, he wanted to pursue a Tee-Shirt Company with doing vinyl heat pressing, I bought the equipment and he doesn’t do much with it, He wanted to start a lawn service and I did all of his business cards and even bought the zero turn, he return the zero turn and did not pursue going further. He has a talent for producing and recording music as well. I feel lost. I am so lost I feel like I don’t even know were to being to start praying and walking by faith. I help a lot of people in life but why cant I help myself? I don’t even feel like I matter anymore. I look at my kids and I know I need to continue pushing forward.

    • I am praying for you and your husband. We all face difficulties in life and I want to partner with you as we all should, to continue lifting up our husbands in prayer. There is faith in Jesus, we cannot give up hope. Let us all continue to be steadfast and strong physically, mentally and most especially spiritually. Show him the love that comes from the Lord. I also pray that the Holy Spirit be alive in your heart and your family. I pray that it will take hold of your walk with Christ and your entire family. In Christ Jesus, Amen.

  182. My husband and I are both not working right now. We are both looking for work and with no success. My husband especially is getting hopeless and in anger of our current situation. Please pray for my husbands spiritual healing and may he find God’s peace and control in the whole season of testing and training. I trust that the LOrd will see us through this. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever.

  183. Pray for my 22 year old daughter. We have 6 children and have brought them all up in the Lord. They accepted Christ at young ages and all were walking with the Lord. My 22 year old is dating an unbeliever and seems to be drifting away. Pray that God brings her to the end of herself so she looks to Him and ends a wrong relationship.

  184. Please pray for my marriage. I’m married to a brave, strong Veteran who I’m so proud of. 4 deployments have taken a toll on him. He suffers every day not just from the war, but other trials. And now our marriage is suffering. We’ve only been married less than two years, but I know him and know his heart and mine. I believe God has plans for us and led us to be together for a reason. Right now I feel loss and sadness and fear for our marriage. I am trying very hard to trust in the Lord and know He has a plan, but it’s difficult at times. Please pray for us.

  185. Martha Swenson says:

    Pray for my grandchildren (especially Clayton) to come to know GOD & for my son & daughter-in-law to be GODly parents! & for me to find wisdom to follow GOD’S. will! Thank you for your service & GOD BLESS!

  186. Nkiruka says:

    I am a graduate from The department of Logistics and transport, reciding in Nigeria..I have been believing God for a good job being it isn’t particularly easy to get a job in my country without connection here and there. But I trust that God is all the connection I need and I pray he answers me soonest. Pls join me in praying thank you and God bless you all.

  187. Vicky Nordeen says:

    Right now I’m experiencing a dark season. My husband filed for divorce last fall and we have a pre-trial date set for August. All my efforts to save the marriage have failed. Since I have failed, I have given it ALL to God. I tried, and now I must wait for God’s plan. It has been a painful journey, but at the same time, God has been my Teacher and He is still teaching me. It’s saddening to go days without seeing my children. It’s saddening to think about my children not having their mommy and daddy in the same home. However, I know God has a plan, and I will be thankful even during this wilderness.

    • Please go to the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They have great resources for you. Praying for you and your marriage.

  188. beth warren says:

    I go back to my most difficult time (actually 2 years) Easter my Grand Mother had fallen and broken a hip most women of her age would not have come through with the grace and healing she did but I give all of that to her faith in God and knowing he was with her, the following July my Father suffered a horrific stroke (after between 10-20 heart related hospital stays) To this day I know God was with me as I got my 8 year old son in the car and made it the 1/2 mile to his home through a major deadly intersection (I was truly carried there because I do not remember it at all). I always was the night visitor since my mom would leave early so did not have to deal with traffic, and that first evening he could barely speak and no movement but as always as I got ready to leave he worked so hard to say be careful … he had taught me the trick put your keys between your fingers so if needed you can protect yourself so I trying to give him my best smile showed him I was ready. The next day he could only move his eyes. My father single handed built the home my mom still lives in today …. as my heart broke or shattered I prayed with him ( he had just gotten his own bible at his request and had gone to my church study with me and found peace speaking to one of our pastors, and I told him I knew he could not be happy this way and it was okay if he felt it was time to leave this earth. Sure his body stayed but the light was gone for the next couple of weeks. I see him from time to time and miss his silly stories I have heard all my life. Then that Christmas night I was in ICU with severe congestive heart in and out of conscousiness and a friend and priest from church came in to see my husband and check on me and while there he said to Bud “God is good ” and I responded “All the time” to his surprise so he said “all the time” to which I responded “God is good” (he used that incident in a sermon at a church he was at then. Sept of that year my mom had a stroke that effected her right side but she is left handed so that worked for her but she was angry and made a statement to me on the way home …Mom (my grandmother with broken hip at age 94) would think all was well. She was so wrong my grandmother was so happy she was home and only wanted to take care of her and my mother cursed and said she could not help. I went up stairs to check on grandmother who was in tears. At this point she was 96 the month before mom came home who thought I would give up my family and move back … no mom I am only 1/2 mile away and I have a child to be with. We got call from my grandmother at home to my husband who had been a first responder/EMT that she was experiencing chest pain. So I called EMS and my husband rushed to her aide. She lost cons. and I sat over night in ICU while they kept her comfortable finally left in AM got into bed at 11AM phone rang and said she was gone. My grandmother died on Dec 20th and my mom said we have to get this funeral over with so we can have Christmas. At my fathers funeral as we were processing out my then 8 year old son nearly hit the floor and my mom actually asked later what was that all about? Really? I have had my heart disease for 25 years have a pacemaker and cardio verter implanted and it has only been in the last year my mom realizes I am sick. Through all of this I have felt God’s love, seen him answer prayers, but also still waiting for the one with my mother because she spends her time telling me more that I do badly than anything. I truly need God to show me how to use this for good or get her to realize what she is doing. I know the stroke effected her mind but I cannot handle it. At least my Cario Doctor has said you just need to get out when it starts without explaining So yes I have my woe is me, a lot of loss (not to mention husbands infidelity 4 years ago), but through it all he is my strength and he is the one who lifts me up and allows me to see the sun rise on each day.

  189. beth warren says:

    Sorry that was a book.

  190. Please pray for my oldest daughter, who is suffering through a severe depression. She knows God and is having a difficult time getting out of the dark hole she is in. The devil is attacking her daily in her thoughts.

  191. Melinda Carlson says:

    Daughter has been raped twice in a year, she has been diagnosed with BPD, we have gone in debt with residential therapy, now her emotional support dog is sick and she doesn’t have the finances to continue vet care. My husband was without work for four months but did just get work. I am so sad and tired. Pray….cause I am trying to hold tight to Him but sense none of his presence. I have been in ministry 24 years and never felt so hopeless.

    • Hey Melinda. It’s not hopeless. God sees right where you are. I have felt that way too. But it’s in times like these when we feel hopeless, when we can’t see Him working, that He is doing the most beautiful work in our lives. No…you can’t see Him working because your heart is broken because of the things going on around you. That’s why you have people lifting you in prayer, helping you see there is a brighter day coming. Hold on daughter of the Most High God. He loves you and will never let you go.

  192. I am going through a separation now in my marriage because my husband of 27 years had an affair. I found out this year that I have cancer and I’m currently undergoing radiation treatment. I’ve been out of work because of the cancer has made my bones weak. But God is showing me so many wonderful things as I patiently wait for His healing. And I just got to pray for a lady in Nigeria. What a blessing!! I want my story to bring Him glory!!!

    • I just said a prayer for you Marie. I admire your strength and faith as you face this with tenacity and grace. I will continue to pray God’s will be done in your life. My precious 22 year old son died in my arms 2 months ago from cystic fibrosis and he touched many lives through his testimony. My heart is broken and I miss him every day but I pray you receive your healing on THIS side of heaven. God bless you!

  193. Please pray with me for brother’s complete restoration and salvation. He’s been struggling with drug addiction for over a decade now. This has affected his studies, personal life and finances. I believe that the God that makes everything new, still has a plan for his life. I am patiently waiting for the testimonies that will flow from him to the Almighty. Thank you all!

  194. Hi all, I’m Kristin. I am currently living in NJ. I work at a local Starbucks, but I am hoping to pursue a career in the veterinary field! God has been so good and steering me in the direction where I can glorify Him best. However, it is tough to find a position in my area, that offers both health insurance and room for growth/promotion. I also feel I’m being called to go back to school to obtain my veterinary technician associates degree but first and foremost have been called for YEARS to leave starbucks, but I never obeyed. It’s what I know, and I worry about not being good enough working anywhere else! I ask for courage, wisdom, and providence in finding a new job in the veterinary field and overcoming the lies from the evil one that I am no good to anyone outside of my long standing job at a coffee shop. Thank you for your prayers!

  195. I just want to say how much of a blessing you have been to me! My Apostle and your articles have been on time for this period in my life. I’ve been praying to God and trying to be consistent and live my life right but I feel like I’m in the desert or in a dry place. I’ve feel like I’m on the brink of a breakdown. I don’t know what’s going on. My finances are all over the place, my relationship is over (thank God for that but he emotional drainage is still leaking), I’m mentally all over the place. I need help in all areas of my life. Nothing I’ve set out to do is going right. It just seems like too much for me. I will continue to pray to God and trust in him. If I can ask for prayer, it would be to just stay dedicated, humble, keep trusting in God and for a breakthrough.

  196. I suffer from depression. We’re recovering from a destructive flood that destroyed homes within a 30 mile radius. We were blessed to have a second floor on our home to retreat to. The rebuilding is taking it’s toll. My husband and I fight a lot. We’re in our late 50’s & working on our house causes great physical pain. But none nothing equals losing the joy of the Lord I once felt. I need to trust Him more. Please pray that I am able to draw closer to Him. And that I will not look at my troubles so much.

    • I pray that God gives you and your husband strength and determination as you both rebuild your home, Nena. I hope He helps you, along with your community, find solace and courage throughout this difficult time. May He bring people into your life who understand depression. Let them, as well as with His words, provide you comfort and deeper resolve.

  197. I have been struggling with health concerns for several years. They seem to be getting progressively worse. As a result, my job priorities have changed and close relationships are redefining sense of purpose. Thankfully, several family members have courageously overcome cancer through God’s grace. However, a few continue battling other health issues or passed away recently. My spouse is also facing spiritual, financial and health concerns. As I pray for you, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks be to God.

  198. God has been with me and delivered me from years of sexual abuse as a child and brokenness of my parents’ divorce and my ex-husband’s repeated unfaithfulness. I stay alone and would really like to have a family – husband and children. God has used that dark period of my life to transform me, where I feel placed in people’s lives to bring them back to him. Requesting you to keep me (my dream to have my family) and these precious people (restored relationship with God) in prayer.

  199. This devotion was so perfect for me. My husband and I recently adopted a baby girl. Our birthmom was not truthful, and we are currently awaiting to hear if our adoption will be challenged by the birth father. The reminder to Trust in the lord and lean not on my own understanding reminds me that I’m not in charge and God has this!!

    • Vickie Spires says:

      I am praying for you and your baby girl, Amy. I pray God will resolve this quickly for you, and that this lucky baby girl will be raised in your Godly family.

  200. Vickie Spires says:

    My son broke both bones in his right arm at the elbow. He needs surgery, but the surgeon we saw said it is a “terrible” break and a “mess” and needs someone with more expertise. He referred us to a physician out of state. That physician wants a CT done before he will do a consult. Blue Cross denied the CT, said they contract with a 3rd party to make the determination and that the contractor will only deal with the medical provider, not the patient. The local surgeon is applying again, but we are stuck waiting, doing our best to trust God, but so needing resolution quickly.

  201. Rachel, I will pray for your hearts and lives. Thank you for sharing. He is faithful and your rewards for faithfulness are silently and invisibly developing and in store for you – gifts of peace, strength, renewal, and most of all, his very own presence. I have experienced all three of your trials. I am currently 18 months out from discovery of my husband’s infidelity and I am in the process of healing and restoration of our marriage. I will pray for God’s abundance to come your way in the shape and form that is best and most loving. Please be blessed by listening to Vaneetha’s story at dancingintherain.org

  202. Thanks so much for this devotional. I feel like I have been praying for something for almost a decade now. I trust He is at work and I need contentment with where I am. I really needed this today. 😊

  203. My prayer is for a caregiver that needs a job,Mary Flores. I am just trusting in my almighty Father because I know He is able.

  204. I would like to say Thank you I read the articles every morning. I thank God everyday for all my Blessings. For the past 7 1/2 Yes, I have really been going through things. My Mother died in 2011, I lost my job of significant income that same year.

    My eldest daughter wentf to college for a couple of yrs. do to lost of my income and my ex husband we could not help her continue her education. It has been 5 years, she has a baby now. My Grandson is adorable born on my Birthday. My daughter is so disrespectful to me,and my husband.

    Please pray for her and my family, I also have a nine yr.old daughter. We have no savings, my husband just started news business. Our marriage really needs help also. We have been through so much, loss of jobs for both of us in the last 6yrs. We almost lost our home, God is so good. As I grow in my faith I know God is always there for us. Please pray for my family as I wait for God’s breakthrough my family.

  205. For complete healing for my husband, Jimmy, who suffered a broken neck in a wreck and has been hospitalized for 3 1/2 mos.

    • Pennie Wood says:

      Am praying for Jimmy. We know God is in absolute control & is our Healer. I pray that His healing hands touch Jimmy’s neck. We can trust in His goodness and wisdom. He promises to turn disaster to good for those who “are called according to His purpose “. (Rom.8:28)

  206. Pennie Wood says:

    Having hard time with my walking. Back & legs weak. Been diagnosed with neuropathy but blood work not back yet. My mom in nursing home needing a lot of attention.

  207. TeRrIfic TuEsDaY morn,
    Thanks, always, for your daily inspirations.
    It seems that you are only speaking to me.
    Am asking for prayer that my desire for smoking cigarettes will be taken away; also, that my youngest daughter will pass her FNP boards, and she will find her life’s partner(husband) for her sons and her.
    (she once had a minister interested in a relationship with her; I, as her mother, was hoping, but she only wants to be a member)
    Thanks Be To God for my daughters, grands, godsons and framily
    Please pray for ALL humankind.
    With blessings, love and prayers, and, thanks in advance.

  208. God has definitely been sowing this deep in my soul as to what LIFE is and isn’t here on this Earth. And it isn’t all good, as a matter of fact, mostly bad,and it’s truly how we learn and how to handle each trial, circumstances, the tragedies that we will forever encounter until the day our Lord and Savior come to save us from this fallen world. I myself, keep waiting, wanting my prayers answered, my life to finally go the way I intended it to be, but as the days turn into years, I hear more from GOD telling me to just settle, relax, stay humble and to stay busy about HIS work and not mine. That in HIS time, things will come to pass exactly the way HE wrote my journey, not ME. Trust me, it’s been a hard, ling road that I have been on where I feel like I wrestled with God, well, he is definitely winning and wearing me out to where I have no choice but to relax, settle and stay humble! But, the end result is getting better and will be so much better. I may not be able to SEE that yet, but I am finally seeing where all I have is to fully trust him in everything and lean on HIS ways and not mine. This IS our life here on Earth and once we except it and learn how to move THROUGH these difficult times is where we will truly build character and Glorify God and then we can see things all working out as we go. Thank you Lord for your constant love and patience with us as we will always be in-training here on this Earth, but you already know this and love us just as we are. I am praying for you Stacey whatever it is that you too have been waiting on. Hope this sheds some light on your wait. God bless.

  209. Jennifer says:

    My 24 year old son was in a freak accident and broke his neck last year. He is paralyzed from his neck down. He is a prisoner in his on body. He has no quality of life and it takes our whole family 24/7 to take care of him. I have prayed since he was born for God to watch over him with divine and holy protection every day…. I am blindsided and feel all my years of prayer were worthless. Our lives, our jobs and our faith have been shaken. Please pray for healing for my son and for my faith to be restored.

    • I have prayed for you and your son and your family, trust the Lord with all your heart…we will not understand why these things happen…but we have to hold on to God’s word…look at everyday as a sign of hope and direction…many blessings will come your way just be open to them! God Bless.

    • Debbie Carpenter says:


      Your message really touches me and I will be praying for healing for your son and for strength for you and your family. Please don’t give up on God! He is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine, according to HIS power that is at work within us, both in physical healing and in emotional healing. My husband suffered a spinal cord injury 4 years ago and it left him paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors said he’d never walk again but God had a different plan and he is now walking with the aid of a crutch.

      I loved Sharon’s devotional today that says, “Difficult times are pregnant with glory moments — moments when we see God’s plan just waiting to be birthed in the lives of those willing to labor through the pain. The key is not to allow bitterness and anger to make our hearts infertile to God’s gifts.”

      In His Love,

    • My heart is broken for you and your family. But in this brokenness I will pray , everyday for divine intervention from God for complete healing. I do not even know exactly what to type and The Holy Spirit will need to help me with my prayers on this one. However, rest assured that you will all be lifted in prayer daily.

  210. I need prayers for a dear loved one to turn and always face God. To have faith, go to church and practice the ways of Joseph as a father, a true teacher of love and kindness and selfless in his ways. Please pray for my dear loved one who needs to walk beside God and hold and praise him in his thoughts and heart every moment of everyday.

  211. Nikki Bruner says:

    I wanted a teaching job for five years. I finally got it, I was so happy. I lost it the next year. I am devastated. My father is also very sick.

    • Priscilla says:

      Praying that you trust our faithful and merciful God to provide for all of your needs – financial and otherwise. He will place you in the right work.

      I will pray for your father’s health as well. Is he a believer in Christ?

  212. My daughter is about to move to Florida to start a new teaching job with our granddaughter. She is so torn this is the right decision. Please pray for clarity and peace from our Father for her. Thank you for all your wonderful messages!!

  213. Me and my 3 daughters and my dog, are homeless. The landowner gave me a vacate notice so she can raise the rent higher than she is allowed to charge me.
    My youngest child has a chronic illness that has her undergoing transfusions bi-weekly. I am on disability due to having two surgeries back to back. I have very little income, I have nowhere to go, no one to help. My truck is breaking down, I’m feeling very afflicted and doing my very best not to lose faith. I know God hears me and he moves on his time. I need prayer! I need increasing faith and trust! This is difficult! I know I’m not the only one going through hard times but yet, it seems like I am the only one in the world that is! Even in my dark time, Although I’m in need, I have been helping others in need just to keep them from feeling what I feel and to keep my mind busy. I wish someone would help me up! I am at a loss and I do feel like this is how my life is going to play out. I know God is my Hope but where is He?

  214. My dad is in the very latest stages of Alzheimer’s. Please pray for our family, especially my mom, as we prepare emotionally to let him go. He is a wonderful godly man who will soon be healthy and whole again in Heaven. How we will miss him though! Pray for me to have the composure to speak at his funeral. I so want to do that for him but it will be hard.

  215. Debbie Carpenter says:

    Struggling with a bipolar daughter who is destroying her children and wreaking havoc on many lives. She is in denial about the seriousness of her toxic lifestyle and my heart is breaking for my grandchildren, ages 7, 8, and 10. Our entire family is consumed with worry and anger toward her. Recently had an intervention but it was unsuccessful. Praying for God to intervene!!

  216. Debbie Chaney says:

    Leaving my 2 grandkids with my daughter after raising them for 10 years.
    She has been clean for 3 years and has worked so hard at getting her children
    back. Want PEACE and understanding for ALL of US.

    • Praying for you today, Debbie! God bless you for loving your grandkids so well the past decade. And may your daughter continue to seek God first instead of any substance or behavior. Loving an addict is so incredibly tough … hang in there!!! ~Steph

  217. Priscilla says:

    I am so thankful for this article, and to be reminded that I am not alone in journeying through trials of this life and of my own flesh. We are to encourage one another to pursue Christ, to know Him and be found in Him! Thank you all for doing that as sisters in Christ.
    I want to see my mother trust in the Lord and know His salvation, that she might know what it is to rest in Jesus. I also want to be married, and it feels like there’s a wall at every side, and no one is interested. But I am thankful for both of these things, because they have kept me humble – key points of my life for which I must trust the Lord, and for which I have seen Him be faithful to renew my mind. He alone can save, and He alone knows my path. And it’s all for His glory.

    May Christ be lifted high as we look to Him alone. Praying that we would have tender hearts, trusting in our Maker and Master to perfectly do both what will honor His name and bring us to completion.

    • Joe Krantz says:

      Priscilla I wiil lift you and your mom in prayer now for her salvation and for God to bring a Godly man into your life as your husband. Your trust and humility in God is wonderful to see. God bless you!

    • Margaret says:

      Praying for you Priscilla that your mother would come to know and trust in our Lord and Savior. I also pray that the Lord will find that special someone to share your life with. The Lord has his timing. “Wait on the Lord” God Bless you and your family

      • Priscilla says:

        Thank you, Joe and Margaret! Your comments and commitments to pray are a blessing! I, too, will pray for you both and what you shared below. By His grace and power, may we put off the old self that would once wallow in anxiety and self-pity, and put on the new self that trusts in Him, is thankful and humble, and waits on His salvation.

        Colossians 3:12-16, “So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful. Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you, with all wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God.”

  218. Joe Krantz says:

    Prayer please for peace and hope over anxiety and pain following my divorce after 24 years of marriage. Also that forgiving will remove pain and anger toward my former spouse. God please renew and restore me. I love you Lord.

  219. Margaret says:

    My stepdaughter & her husband have had a major disagreement and falling out with their daughter 15 months ago. 6 months ago the daughter eloped because she and her parents could not agree on wedding arrangements. Now the daughter is expecting in 6 months. I pray for healing for this relationship and that each of their hearts will be softened to forgive So that this child can know a loving unified family. I pray that they will all come to know Christ and he can show them how to heal.

  220. I’ve been out of work for 10 months.

  221. Tamera Hanson says:

    Please pray for me and my addiction. Please pray to the lord I settle this case and sell the land so I can get out if debt. Please pray u get a job. God bless and thank you!

  222. I’ve been out of work for 10 months and I also need prayer for financial deliverance.

  223. Tamera Hanson says:

    Please pray for me and my addiction please pray I sell the land for a good price so I can get out of debt. Please pray I get a job thank you Balance and God bless!

  224. Thanks for this devotional today. Please pray for my daughter who I hope is being healed of a potential hypopituitarism and other random gastrointestinal issues. She is otherwise healthy and happy and I just pray that God continues to heal her, and help her grow spiritually, emotionally and physically.

  225. My second son is struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. He will be 22 in 3 days. He is our blond blue eyed son who always had a smile, a hand of kindness to animals and others. He tried many things which we cheered for him but the things never quite allowed him success. His older brother became a father at 19 and six months into parenthood his child fell. Fingers pointed, child abuse! Little did we know our second son was directed to alcohol, cigarettes, and later drugs to cover his pain. He enlisted but it was short lived(1year). He wanted to serve his country. He returned broken and unapproachable. He started music school with dark music as his following. Fast forward: he is back home after many, many dark days and flickers of light seem so small. I’m grateful that God drug us through the years of court for our oldest and all his charges have been expunged!! I keep praying and hoping for our son! I hope god has a wonderful surprise for him soon.

  226. Meridith Anderson says:

    Loved the reminders of looking for the blessings. Please pray for my 19-yr. old daughter, Emily, who is feeling anger towards us, her parents, for our rules and “restrictions” while living at home. She has lost our trust for the time being and we’re all trying to get it back. Please pray for relational and emotional healing, and that we as parents make loving, wise and Godly parenting decisions.

  227. Alberta F Griffith says:

    Please bring my son Jose home to us; it has been too long; lead him in the right way. Please pray for my grandaughter, Akira, to come home to us ASAP Thank in the name of Jesus Amen

  228. Desiree Nickle says:

    I have been married for 13 years this year and my husband had an affair in the 11th year. He also relapsed on drugs. We were elders in our church and I had just stepped out on my own with a conference called “No More Shame.” He has the affair a week after the conference after he had renewed our vows at the conference and I got to actually wear a wedding dress. He went to rehab and did not complete it and months later went back into the world of partying and drugs again. He was taking monies from the home and with the wisdom of counsel I was advised to separate. I was a stay at home mom for the last years and just had gotten a job, which I ended up losing during this time. The person I was staying with renege on the agreement for me to stay as long as I needed. Now I moved out of the state with friends and my car is not working and I just feel overwhelmed. I hate that I feel this way because I have seen miracles before with God. I know God has great plans for me and I pray, read and worship everyday practically all day. I am just praying for a breakthrough.

    • Desiree Nickle says:

      Also we have an 11 year old daughter who is shattered in the midst of this.

      • I am praying to our Father that he will dispatch his angels to cover my sister in Christ Desiree Nickle. He said when we pray we start with Our Father which are in haven, Father God; I asked that you give your child Deiree Nickle peace in her heart while you work on her situation. Without peace it is hard to stand the test. So, in the name of JESUS I speak peace upon her and her child. Now God, you said in your word that weapons shall form but will not prosper and on behalf of her the devil is a liar! In the name of Jesus cover her in your blood and keep her from any harm or danger. Please open up doors that man has close and I speak prosperity on her life! All these things again I asked in your precious name of JESUS! Amen…

    • Please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website! They are a great resource!!!! Praying for you and your marriage!

  229. Good afternoon, all of God’s people. I want to share this moment to give thanks to our almighty God! I have been going through some trials and tribulations with my job and health situation. I had to resign from my job because it became too stressful working with my former supervisor and it left me no choice but to resign. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis thirty years ago. I never been hospitalized nor been on any kind of medications. Just this year due to the stress I notice flare ups with the disease. It started with a consistent cough. So, I went to my doctor and got x-rays done and it showed that the sarcoidosis was aggressive. I knew at that moment I had to call on my heavenly Father and trust that he will not allow no more then what I could handle. I resigned from my job knowing that God will provide another job for me with my Faith Walk with him. I really had peace when I resigned from my job and knew I had to submit my application to various places and that God will do the rest! I’m saying this because the devil knew I had trust in God, so he targets my health. With that being said God heal my body thirty years ago and I know his words doesn’t come back void because I am heal! Since I been out of work I notice my body is more relaxed and the cough I had is basically gone. I returned to the doctor and she was somewhat perplex because what was noted on the x-rays and my charts was something totally different as to what she saw in me. I feel great no problem breathing and my test result came back positive! She stated she didn’t understand that my record says one thing but looking at me shows something totally different. I said to her that’s God’s grace and mercy that cover me all the days of my life! So, to sum this up I’m saying trust God in everything and he will give us peace beyond our understanding. I do ask that many prayers continue to be sent on my behalf that God will continue to bless me with a job and my health continues to be restored.



      • Thank you so much for that prayer and standing in the gap! I received it in the name of JESUS! May God continue to bless you and your family!

  230. Thank God prayer still works…I Believe; help my unbelief. Who knew that the words of those in the Bible would someday be mine. Been through some challenging times keeping a job and I have no one to blame but myself; unemployed since 2009; confidence is at an all time low with being out of work so long and I’m over 50. So many strikes against me. It’s not that I don’t believe things are going to work out; I know they will. It’s the waiting and not being able to see what or how God is going to work things out for me. If only things got better during the waiting instead of after.

    Thank you for your prayers

  231. I am struggling financially and in two very important relationships.

  232. I am praying to our Father that he will dispatch his angels to cover my sister in Christ Desiree Nickle. He said when we pray we start with Our Father which are in haven, Father God; I asked that you give your child Deiree Nickle peace in her heart while you work on her situation. Without peace it is hard to stand the test. So, in the name of JESUS I speak peace upon her and her child. Now God, you said in your word that weapons shall form but will not prosper and on behalf of her the devil is a liar! In the name of Jesus cover her in your blood and keep her from any harm or danger. Please open up doors that man has close and I speak prosperity on her life! All these things again I asked in your precious name of JESUS! Amen…

  233. Marilyn says:

    Pray for the healing of Brad and Jessica’s marriage. Take away all outside influences. Protect their children and wrap them in your love.

  234. Verna Grant says:

    Holy greetings everyone, i am a christian for 3yrs plus…i am having a great time with my Lord, but i am concerned with stuff happening in my personal life, i.e work, my finances,my bills piling up, death in the family, etc. i am praying my church family is also praying…please lift me up in your prayers..May the Good Lord continue to bless and keep your ministry, for doing such grea job.x

    • Vanessa Mello says:

      Hello Verna!
      It’s just the beginning
      Remember the promise: “And be sure of this: I am with you always, even unto the end of the age.” Matthew 28: 20b
      Jesus will always be with you and He takes care of every detail of your life.
      He will not avoid tears, nor moments of pain, but He will console you and teach you something in each of them.
      Talk to Him about your problems, your dreams, your fears and trust that He will respond and ALWAYS work for you.
      Great things God will do in your life.
      God bless you!

  235. Vanessa Mello says:

    Sharon’s words came as a balm to me today. I praise God for this ministry.
    I am unemployed for some time, I don’t live in the US and the situation in my country’s very difficult.
    God takes care of me and I thank you with all my heart for all your love.
    Today, I said: Lord, we just have food until dinner and tomorrow?
    This financial problem has affected all areas of my life and I feel very alone and I’m scared.

  236. Donna Dingwell says:

    Please pray for my children and grandchildren. My eldest son is deceased my middle son is in prison and my youngest son is battling addiction and learning to survive on very little, thankfully it is summer season ! My grandson is an amazing ten year old and my granddaughter will soon be three and both light up the world wherever they are ! Blessed !

  237. Brittney says:

    My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a little over 3.5 years. We have been lead by God to try different options, diets, routines, medications – all to get absolutely no where fertility wise. It’s been incredibly frustrating, exhausting, lonely, heartbreaking – to have this desire I feel God has laid on my heart, to obey His direction, and then get “stuck” with monthly “no’s” or “not right now”. I consistently ask why He would have us try all of these options since He knew they wouldn’t work – and this blog was another answer to prayer. What a beautiful reminder that God is working on sanding those edges of my heart. I can honestly say I am a very different woman from the girl who started this journey. Trusting God’s promise from the beginning while I’m stuck here in the middle.

    • Vanessa Mello says:

      Dear Brittney,

      And by faith even Sarah, who was past childbearing age, was able to bear children because she [a] considered him faithful who had made the promise. – Hebrews 11:11 (NIV)

      Reading this message came to my heart.
      God bless you!

  238. Tina mcIlhaney says:

    My beloved husband , Bruce, passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack onJune 29th. A wonderful Christian husband, father and community worker , I know he is now singing in the heavenly choir st home with his Lord and I miss him terribly. I know God has a plan for me and wants me to find my place even stronger in his Kingdom. Pray please for me and my family’s comfort and peace, that this event will bring my daughters and their families closer to the Lord and that one day they too will call Him their savior ! And help me be open, Lord to your leadings and your will in this new chapter of my life with yiu❣️

    • Patricia says:

      Keeping you all in my prayers.

    • Sharon Metro says:

      Tina – I, too, am a widow, now for four years. While some of the pain associated with such a loss never leaves, take heart in knowing your husband is in a place of peace and rest. That has been my main comfort for loss of husband Michael who for years had suffered from terrible pain, both physical and psychological Will pray that you can find a renewal for your life, a purpose for which G-d has chosen YOU, and you alone to fulfill! Blessings.

  239. Patricia says:

    Praying for enlightenment in the darkness in regards to my relationship with Bill, my starting of a new business, my family issues. Please Jesus give me wisdom, patience, and faith in my wait. Amen. Love P.

  240. My ex had all four of my girls taken from me last year and I have not seen my oldest or youngest in over seven months. My middle two in over three months. It has been a daily battle just to get up and out of bed let alone trust God or any plan he may have for me in this situation. Not only that today is my oldest birthday and she turns 11 and I have missed all of their birthdays because he keeps them away from me.
    How much more can a mother take before she mentally looses it. I’ve been strong in front of people refusing to show weakness but inside I’m dying.

    • Debbie Carpenter says:

      Praying for you Sylvis! This sounds incredibly difficult but please don’t give up believing that God will put you back in their lives! Children need their mother and whatever is standing in the way of that, I pray that God will remove it and provide a way back. Hang in there!

  241. My son is 5 months clean from a drug and alcohol addiction but is still struggling. He was diagnosed with bipolar, severe depression, anger & ADHD. Medication so far has not worked for him. He is back home, which is very hard for him since this is where all of his bad friends live as well. I pray that God will heal him completely and help him find his christian life that he should live. I pray God will put Godly people in his path to help direct him and help him find his way. Thank you.



  242. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for meaningful devotion!

  243. Nicole Falls says:

    Thank you so much, for sharing your story I also packed up everything with my children resigned from my job and moved to Charlotte, and it has been a struggle for me since then..first year car wreck afterwards diagnosed with Multiple Scerlorosis,my life has been turned upside down, Holding on to God with all my might….Thank you again

  244. Alcohol addiction

    • Praying for you, Ronie!

    • I understand the struggle. Alcohol is an insidious beast, but God can help you overcome! Celebrate Recovery is a great place to begin that journey or Women For Sobriety, which has an online community. Praying for you!

  245. Joyce Hargis says:

    Reading these prayer requests reminds me that I am not alone in the problems I face! I am grateful for fellow Christians whom I’ve never met in person share their hearts and pray one for another! Reading the many requests posted just today also tells me that I am not alone – that others hurt and others are praying! And we have a God Who can and will meet our needs! He understands our suffering because He gave the ultimate on the cross. Do I have problems needing prayer? Yes – all everyone! We have discord in the family, children and grandchildren who have gone astray, a grandson in a rehab and facing legal charges, a sister in last stage of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and other problems. And today a dear friend wrote me about her cousin Jenny who is in her late 20’s and pregnant and just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and the doctor recommending abortion. Let us stand strong in faith and be faithful to pray one for another – whether we know each other personally or note for we are in the family of God – and under attack by Satan. Hallelujah! Our God is greater than Satan and all his forces!

  246. Alexandria says:

    My daughter is currently in the hospital with a mass compressing on her bladder. Many test have been done and are still being done to figure out what exactly is going on, my little of 2 years old is doing the best she can and fighting as hard as she can, prayers are more than welcome

    • Praying for the doctors to have the wisdom to heal your precious girl. Jesus, I know how you love those little ones. Please comfort Alexandria and her sweet daughter.

    • Debbie Carpenter says:

      Lifting up both you and your daughter in prayer to our mighty Father who is the master Healer. Praying for strength and healing.

  247. My husband lost his job at the end of June. Please join me in praying that he finds a position that not only helps us pay the bills but also helps fill his life with passion and purpose.

    • Father in the name of Jesus, I lift Katie and her husband to you. Lord you said you are Jehovah Jireh our provider. Lord we know that you provide for all our needs and that you own cattle on a thousand heals. Lord as your children Katie and her husband are in need, provide for them Oh Lord. Provide that much needed job that will that will be over and above what they hoped and dreamed. You are a God of abundance and I pray right now that you open up the windows of heaven and pour them out a blessing that they will not have room to receive it. And as You bless them Lord, we thank you for the testimonies of your faithfulness that they will share with others who need encouragement. I pray all this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  248. My husband and I have been separated the last 6 months. I am believing that God will restore our marriage even if at the moment my husband is unwilling to do counseling. God can work miracles and I am holding on to His word not the words of the enemy.

    • Dee, please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will be an amazing resource for you and the restoration of your marriage

  249. Susan G. says:

    Thank you for this. Such truths that we need to hold onto each and every day. God is always faithful, even when we are not sure He is at the moment. Having faith and waiting for my husband (of 43 years) to just let go and trust God and have a true relationship with Him.
    Praying for your husband Kati, to find the job that God has designed especially for him. Praying your husband will trust God is working behind the scenes when he does not see anything happening…yet. Praying you both draw closer to God through this and learn to trust Him more. Also praying you both will draw closer to each other and pray together for this new job God has for your husband. Praying His blessings on you both!

  250. Susan G. says:

    Ooops Dee’s came in just as I was sending mine. :0
    Praying for you Dee and your husband and for your marriage. Nothing is impossible with God! Praying for a miracle and that God will heal and restore your marriage! We commit this marriage to you Jesus!
    Love and blessings on you both!

  251. Sharon Metro says:

    Right now am trying to figure out how to do what is a dream I do believe G-d has put in my heart (a particular writing project) while handling financial setbacks-actually one huge one…! Do believe the dream is from G-d, but the other stuff is. quite frankly, getting in the way-THANKS! for praying. Will pray for your ministry as well.

    • Sharon…. financial setbacks can be so paralyziing… if you truly believe God has sent you this dream, he will show you the way….sometimes we just cannot understand. Your dream will come through with patience and prayer….

  252. My 3 children have stopped speaking to me and cannot comprehend what it is like to try to live on SS…. I have become just a burden. They are all 40plus and fairly established, I am sorry to say they could easily help me without it being a hardship. Today I have rented a room in a house with 8 other people that I do not know. I pray they are as kind as they seem… it is not cheap. Today I have no money, no transportation and almost no food. They cannot seem to stop fighting among themselves long enough to think about me. We were so close forever, my husband and I divorced 16 years ago, I could not handle the womanizing anymore. The children and I were very close, but 2-3 years ago it all fell apart. My heart is broken, but God has cared for me up until now. No one has spoken to me in about two months, we used to speak daily. They have been my whole life. The hurt is going away , a little and I am trying to pick up the pieces…. it isn’t that easy at 74 years old. I feel guilty complaining when some of the stories are heartbreaking… but just don’t know where to get encouragement. My Bible has helped and God is by my side, otherwise I would not have made it this far…..

    • Sharon…. financial setbacks can be so paralyziing… if you truly believe God has sent you this dream, he will show you the way….sometimes we just cannot understand. Your dream will come through with patience and prayer….

  253. I pray God enlightens you of the clear path!

    I am having issues with rejection and lack of faith:(

    • Praying for you Kimm. Faith is believing in what you can’t see, because you know God is faithful. He has plans to proper you and not harm you, to give you hope and a future. Lean into him, press into him hard, he will never reject you. And ask him to build your strength so that you may take a bold step and trust him. And remember, when you are weak, he is strongest. He can do so much more than you can even dream up in your mind. Pray and ask him to help you. He will, it may take time, he works on his own schedule.

  254. Please pray for my marriage. My wife left me in the Fall of 2016, and I am heartbroken. I desire to honor my marriage and to reconcile. She will not communicate. I sense God at work in this, he has revealed many things to me in the last several months. I thought she was going to divorce me this month, July, but she and her attorney asked for more time. This was due to disorganization and confusion at a pre trial meeting. There is no irony, no accident, no mistake to be made, I prayed for disorganization, confusion, chaos, and used those exact terms, fervently to God prior to this meeting. And he answered that prayer and showed himself yet again. I am no closer to being able to communicate with my wife now if you look at the worldly evidence, but the divorce has been delayed for 5 more months, and I know God is at work doing something. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I trust him fully, totally, because he is always faithful and true. I find Ephesians 3:20, Jeremiah 29:11, and many other versus to be very comforting. The author referred to Ephesians 3:20 in this devotional, and it was in our message at church Sunday as part of the study of the Fruit of the Spirit. God is good, he is always good, he will never fail us, his ways are always better, and he can do so much more than our feeble minds can imagine. And best of all, he wants a relationship with us, just like a best friend, talking, laughing, sharing our struggles and happy moments from the day. Its overwhelming to understand that the God of the Universe knew each of us, knit us together in the womb himself, and actually wants to hear about our sorrows. He cares, truly cares about each of us so much. Please pray that this confusion and delay is part of his plan to restore and reconcile my wife and I. If not, I accept his will for my life as he always knows best, so I’ll ask for prayer also that she might find healing and peace, and the love that God has, the deep personal love. Only God knows what is in her heart and how to reach for her. Bless you for writing and sharing this, it was very timely for me today

    • Samantha Smith says:

      I pray God restores your marriage and points out to you anything you need to deal with too.And make you a better husband and he points out to your wife, what she needs to work on so you both will be ready for reconciliation to eAch other. In Jesus Christ name I prAy for total healing and forgiveness in both of you lives and in your marriage by the blood of Jesus Christ stripes,I pray. Amen.

    • Brian, please check out the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will be a great resource for you while you stand for the reconciliation of your marriage.

  255. This devotional reminded me of how God is there even in the midst of hard times. Praise God!

  256. Waiting for Restoration of marriage, and financial miracle. I had to change employers, rather resign because of issues relating to marriage issues. Just waiting 4 God to turn it all around.

    • Yvette, please check out the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website. They will be a great resource for you

  257. My husband has been unemployed on and off for the past few years and we are experiencing real financial hardship with the possible loss of our house. I have faced insecurity at times during this and have voiced some of that to a Christian friend who has decided to quit our friendship. Both of these things are hard and hurtful- I could use prayers in both situations to see the story God is writing. This was an amazing devotion!

  258. Rebecca says:

    Restoration in my marriage. Husband is a Christian, suffered a PTSD trigger and left home 3 months ago. We were very active in our church as a couple, now I can hardly bring myself to go.

  259. Relief from the anxiety I’m feeling about a specific situation. That it all works out and I can stop worrying.

    • Erica Bancroft says:

      Praying with you Cody!
      May you be filled to overflowing with His peace that surpasses your understanding that will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Be confident in your Creator.

  260. Erica Bancroft says:

    To make the right/best decisions in regards to the schooling of our children. Courage and consistency for me to keep the Main Thing the main thing.

  261. I lost 2 sons last year. I in June, the other in October, one had a cardiac arrest, the other with pancreatic cancer. I lost a best friend in April of this year from cancer and my fur baby in May. My husband was 38 when he passed in March of 1980. I certainly also list my parents, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. I have One older sister left. I am so numb from all this loss and cannot understand the lessons I’m suppose to learn. it is so heart renching and I feel alone and lost.

    • Rosanna says:

      Praying for all your losses of dear ones…I don’t know why.. but I do know God loves you!!! Prayers your way!!

    • Rosanna says:

      Praying for all your losses of dear ones…I don’t know why.. but I do know God loves you!!! Prayers your way!! You are never ever alone!

  262. Rosanna says:

    I have adopted 4 kids and they were hoping my boyfriend would be their dad someday…he attended church with us regularly and he was found out to be a sex addict…I had NO idea…I have been praying for his recovery but stopped the relationship…kids are at a loss without him and I feel lost.

  263. Janice Alston says:

    I am praying for my health, that my test contuine to have good results I go back on the 24th, lift me up in prayer. I know God heards my pray’s but I am am never to pround to ask for prays from others . Also my sister’s, and their families that don’t get alone. I will continue to pray for all on their different truals in life.

  264. Janice Alston says:

    Oh, such great readings I am responding again to say there are changes we would have all changed, but all my trials God is in control. He will work it out. Love these messages. Just want to say God is awesome.

  265. Samantha Smith says:

    I am asking prayer for sadness in my heart and life. That God restores communication with me and my 2 grown children and that I may be the grandmother God has made me to be for my 2 grandaughters. One oh them, I have only seen on Facebook and on messenger and the other one I haven’t seen since she was 2yrs old at Christmas 2015. I am a widow and life does get lonely and sad. I try to go help others and stay busy. BUt being married for almost 24 yrs.and having your kids around made a difference but now not having no one in my life can an does make you depressed. I still keep holding on to God’s promises and hAnd to get me through each day. Thank you all for your prayers.

  266. Tonight I pray for everyone who has placed prayer requests on this site. I pray that God heals broken hearts here and that we all find peace knowing that He is here, holding us up when we feel like we can’t stand up any longer. Tonight I pray that God heals my lonely heart. I have been divorced for 5 years, unable to trust anyone for a very long time. Finally I met someone and opened my heart, and he disappeared from my life and is a different relationship. My heart is broken. I continue to believe that God can do the impossible and I pray that He hears my prayers and somehow restores this relationship as only He can. I also pray for a friend who struggles in her marriage. Lord please bring love, restored relationships, and peace to our hearts.

  267. I understand that in life things won’t always go our way. However, Barbara’s child didn’t ask to be born with bipolar. This child couldn’t have done anything to cause it. So it must have been God’s will that this child be bipolar. After all, God says that he creates each one of us unique and exactly the way he wants us. How can I trust in a God who picks and chooses who to create with horrible diseases and who gets to be say Tim Tebow. If God doesn’t do that and he did give nature a free will, then that that would make him a God that really isn’t controlling anything. I used to believe that God was a good God, but now that I am older, I see a God playing Hunger Games with a human race. We say that God “gave” his only son to save us. However what kind of a father would make his son pay for his mistakes. We call King Solomon a womanizer because he had many women and lots of people worship him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but God created a whole human race to worship him. That sounds to me like narcissism. Don’t take me wrong, I have been a strong believer all of my life. I believe that Jesus paid a heavy price for us. He came to earth and actually walked the walk.However, I wouldn’t want a father like his. If you read the book of Ezekiel, it’s pretty clear that God is an angry vengeful God. Forgive 70 times 7 times right! or maybe not.

    • Paul you sound like a man struggling with his faith. I totally understand that. But, I encourage you to not give up on God. There is an evil spirit that goes out and prowls like a roaring lion looking for our weaknesses. I don’t think God made or wants you to be depressed. The devil does cause then it will lead to inaction. I think God has more for you!! You just got to get out of your own way and truly open your heart to Him. No matter what you think He truly does love you. I know it’s easy to look at suffering and say God doesn’t love, but due to our worldly eyes we fail to see beyond what is going on in the physical present. Seek Him and you will find

  268. I do not know what to pray for Paul but the holy spirit does. So I lift Paul up in prayer and Barbara’s daughter too. I am bipolar also and by the grace of God it is controlled by medication. Please pray for my granddaughter for her salvation. Also pray for my husband’s health that he may not have cancer. Thank you.

    • Julia, thank you. I also have suffered with anxiety and depression since my teen years. I have found that medication, diet, exercise and prayer just don’t work. Finally in my fifties I think that I realize now that those things haven’t worked because I am fighting what God’s will was for me all along which is depression. He wants me this way because that’s the way he created me to be. I do pray that your husband does not have cancer. I just don’t know that it does any good.

  269. Prayers for healing, restoration and peace.

  270. Suzette Mason says:

    I am struggling right now in so many ways…
    * I work on staff at a church and it is so hard. The church has been without a pastor the entire time I have been there. All staff work in their silo. No collaboration or assistance. Such an isolating place. Looking for next place of service.
    * My oldest daughter (26) has been angry at me for things that happened years ago when my husband walked away. I know she has pain. I have asked for forgiveness for anything I did that hurt her. She will not have anything to do with me. I love her, miss her, and feel so isolated.

  271. Phyllis Buttermark says:

    I lost my husband in December 2016 and need your prayers to keep me moving forward.

    • Debbie Chrisman says:

      Phyllis, I am Praying for Peace and Comfort. I Pray God’s Strength as you go from day to day.

  272. Debbie Chrisman says:

    Today has been a trying day for me, it may sound so trivial. So many emotions and memories has come flooding back in which I’m having a hard time dealing with. I have recently have had 2 surgeries on my sinuses, while at the Surgeon follow up appointment today, I am still having some problems. The Surgeon informed me today that I have a deviated septum, which as we talked has come from a abusive relationship. 5 years ago, I had to have 4 vertebra replaced in my neck, and a couple years ago had to have several procedures done on my mid back, now finding this out. As I was thinking on all this and the hundred’s of thousands of dollars that have been spent on surgeries and treatments, I seriously became angry, but then felt, that wasn’t what a Christian should be feeling, and asked God to Bless the man that has done all this to me, but yet again I cannot get the turmoil out of my head.

    • It is okay to be angry. But, in anger DO NOT SIN!! I am glad you prayed for the person who did this to you because we must pray for our enemies. I pray that God will release any fear or guilt that may be trying to creep in your life. That is of the devil and it rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus

  273. PEG EDWARDS says:


  274. Praying for you Debbie.

    My daughter is having a tough time right now. She is in need of prayer as am I

    • Praying for you and your daughter, Tammy! It must be so tough as a mom to watch your child go through hardship.

  275. Hardest time of my life so far. I’m 38 and my husband was found to have a brain tumor this past February. He had surgery 2 days later and the recovery has been tough. I’ve taken a new job to give us more income and health insurance, and feel stretched so thin right now. God has this.

  276. denise scott says:

    Please pray for my youngest son. He needs a place to live asap. He needs Gods favor to find affordable a place & get approval on application check. He is debt free. Has been denied to no credit history. Amen Need a miracle.

  277. Kari young says:

    About 4 days ago a very good friend was walking across the street at night and was hit dead on by a truck..A wave of grief has swept over her friends and family because it is one of those things in life you are prepared for! I hope that through this tragedy people will still be able to see God’s hand at work and maybe some will turn to Him! He sees the big picture when we can only catch glimpses.. I cannot wait til one day when I meet the Lord so I can understand why He chose some of the things He did for life and lives like my dear friend who left this Earth too soon.

  278. Juli Moran says:

    Please pray for me…on June 20th 2017 I lost my Beautiful, sweet, loving,25 year old daughter Kelsey to a fatal car accident. I am beyond broken 💔💔💔

    • Debbie Carpenter says:

      Sending up prayers for you Julie for God to wrap you in his loving arms and comfort you.

    • I will pray for you. I understand your pain all too well. My precious 22 year old son Hunter died in my arms on May 19 from Cystic Fibrosis. I knew his death was a possibility eventually but NEVER in a million years did I expect to lose him at 22. My heart is also broken and I cry almost every day. If you want to talk I am here. robin@ggtgdaily.com
      Hugs to you. :0(

  279. Wow! That was totally spot on. Thank you for sharing and being the vessel to remind us. This happens to be my very favorite verse, so it grabbed my attention from the beginning. Your powerful words were speaking right to me. May God Bless You as You Continue to Bless others.

  280. Kimberly says:

    Pray that God hears my story– our son has used our granddaughter as a pawn, we we don’t do as he wants he won’t allow us to see her (she is is 3 1/2) . His girlfriend stole he keys to his gun safe so he asked us to keep his guns for him. We told him he couldn’t have the guns back until she was gone or he had new locks. A week later he wanted them back — we said no – our granddaughter was in that house and the guns weren’t safe. He called the police on us. They made us return the guns because they were his. He told us we would never see our granddaughter again. (We used to see her 2-5 times a week). We filed for grandparents rights. We went to court last week and the judge was in a very bad mood– she wouldn’t even listen to how our granddaughter cries for us. She didn’t want to listen to anything the attorney said — both parent filed against us so we can no longer see her (this stops everything according to Michigan law) so we will never see our granddaughter again. I pray to god everyday that he will make this better. We are completely heart broken.

  281. I’ve been dealing with pornography for a long time . It has ruined my life. I ask and pray to God to remove it from my life but I always fall back into that ugly sin..

    • Praying for you John it is a struggle that many men including myself struggle with. It takes a daily death to self to overcome this. Recommend getting an accountability partner. Someone you can pray with and pick you up when you fall. Never give up!! Keep fighting the good fight cause Jesus has already won the battle for you just believe ou have the victory!!

  282. Jacqueline Mcadory says:

    Keep my son and I on prayer. I’m asking that our relationship be restored and we love more and less arguing over things that I have no control over. He very bitter towards me and as a mother, I’ve always been there for him. Also please pray for my broken heart. Last year I lost a man that I loved so much after our break up. It’s been really hard on my soul. I loss two men that truly mean the world to me. I cry daily, blaming myself and questioning what could I have done different with the both of them. I feel totally unloved and I’m angry as well. Why did God give up on me?

    • I will be praying for you, because I know God heals broken hearts.
      The Lord is near to those who have lost all discourage and saves those who have lost all hope.
      Psalm 34:18

  283. Pray for my marriage. Has been a rough first year.

  284. Rachelle says:

    My special verse is proverbs 3:5/6
    We have had a tragic death in our family this week. I can use all the prayer.
    Love from the Netherlands. Thank you for praying

    • Praying for you & your family tonight. May you feel the Lord’s comfort & strength during this time. Praying He will heal your hurting hearts. Love, Lisa

  285. Pray for my nephew who is battling drug dependency. Pray for his mom & dad. Also, pray for me that I will be a more effective witness for Christ. That if it is not by words than by just simply living life and putting God first. I want to be a devoted child of His!!!

  286. I have struggled with depression for most of my life and feel like I have failed at so much because of it. Praying for peace in my life as I feel lost and alone.

  287. Please keep my children and me in prayer. It has been a devastating two years for us. My son, who was 14 at the time with Becker Muscular Dystrophy, went into heart failure and had to have a heart transplant. Right after finding out his heart was weakening my husband of 16 years hit me with divorce. He had traveled 100 percent for the previous three years for his career in management. I took care of the house, kids, pets, school, homework, sports and working part time on my own with little support because I didn’t have family near me. He lied to me repeatedly about having an affair, but after hiring a PI I found out he was living with a girl 20 years younger than me in his hotel room and she was pregnant with his child. Right after finding out the truth about him and her, my son went into heart failure. He was in the hospital for over two months. During that time, my ex – who was still living at home with me and our boys – moved his girlfriend a mile from our house. Then this man put us through a divorce trial because he thought he should have primary custody of the kids. He did not get primary or joint custody. I was going through drug issues with my oldest son as well as my youngest son acting out for attention because I was so overwhelmed.
    Please pray for emotional and spiritual healing for us. I had no idea how painful betrayal is until this. I ended up with many CPTSD symptoms, and I am struggling with memory and mental clarity. My ex’s girlfriend told me that I just need to get over it and move on because there are plenty of single moms out there with kids with physical disabilities. I really feel she got pregnant intentionally after finding out about my son’s heart weakening. I believe she became insecure about whether my ex would continue on with the divorce. She had lived with him for about six months. He moved home and started a job here with no travel. He went to see her on a weekend and she was pregnant just like that. I have never gone through such emotional pain. Going through a divorce while your child is fighting to live. I am so hurt. Several therapists and two psychologists have told me my ex is narcissistic and could be a sociopath. He has not been diagnosed, but looking at the signs and our marriage I believe he is.
    Lisa, I have been through the drug struggles with a child, and I will be praying for your nephew and his family and you.

    • Gina Aloisi says:

      I am praying for your husband’s surgery and for you to have the strength to help him go through it!
      God bless you! ❤

  288. Paula C. Hinton says:

    I needed this devotion. In 6 hrs headed to Atlanta, GA for my husband’s muscle transfer surgery. Loss of strength in triceps due to Spinal Cord Injury in upper neck from car accident on 5/16/14. He is a quadraplegic and life at times…it’s indescriable…I sometimes just call HIS name…Jesus,Jesus,Jesus when it is sooooo hard. My nephew w/a TBI from car accident @ 8 mos. old just arrested & charged w/hurting a child. We lost all of his family, except him 30 yrs. ago. But, I do TRUST GOD. I said, This is in your hands. I can do nothing. I told my husband that we will “March On” & go ahead w/surgery. This is tough, it gets harder, and requires more & more of me. I lay down saying, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus to fall asleep.I know I honor God by taking care of my husband. God saved him from death, & I am thankful. I WILL ALWAYS LIVE FOR THE LORD!!!

  289. Paula C. Hinton says:

    praying for you Cheryl & your family.

  290. Paula C. Hinton says:

    Never ever give up !!!!

  291. I am facing financial difficulties, been looking for a job for a long time but all in vain. I don’t know what to do anymore.

    • Sylvia, I’ve been there too many times. Some of my friends thought I was crazy because I was not stressing out. But I knew that God would provide … and He did … and always will. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Sylvia, keep the faith and rejoice in the knowledge that God loves you and cares for you. He will provide an answer.

  292. I have chronic illnesses that have resulted in ending my career. I’m facing another change in my healthcare which is somewhat scary. Please pray that I make the best decisions and that we find an answer for my balance issues.

  293. Zandile says:

    Gods training when you come across or experiencing some difficulties in your life,i’ve learned that its not just a walk in a park,it really makes us to lean on Him , trust Him , understand Him above all make Him our number one in everything not forgetting that He is building ,shaping our charecter in order for us to withstand all situations in our daily living,in order for the world to look upon us and see Gods saving power. Cause its not all of us who is going to have a chance to preach the Gospel power, but by our perseverence and contuinue trusting Him in all trials & tribulation the world will powerfully say we have seen your God who has carried you through all.

  294. I would deeply appreciate your prayers. My husband passed 10 days before our youngest son’s 16th birthday. He has been struggling in his faith as well as depression and anxiety and the “fun” of being a teen and has adopted a much more worldly point of view. Now 21 months later I am treating for triple negative breast cancer and some of the side effects of chemo are scary. It is so hard to see God working and to have real faith.

  295. My daughter had me arrested, has filed an order of prot. so I cannot see my grandchildren. I lived with her/family for 3 years to “take care of her” while she faked many illnesses. My husband is allowed to see them and they always ask to see me. they are 3,4 and 6. I have cried everyday since 4/4/17. I was suicidial but spoke with a pastor at KLOVE and he helped me immensely. I pled guilty to child endangerment so I could see the kids, still wasn’t allowed, order of prot. was reinstated, because she made a stink saying I was a criminal. She has beat me up 2x’s now. She is ALWAYS threatening me with being arrested again. I live in a small community and my testimony is riddled with holes. She uses the kids as leverage to keep me at bay. I’ve missed so much in their lives that will NEVER be duplicated again. She didn’t like that I told her she needed to be faithful to her husband, so she threw me out. I NEVER doubted anything she’d ever said and now I find it’s nothing but lies. I don’t see an end to this anytime soon. I struggle everyday just to get through it. I’ve BEGGED, PLEADED, and have asked God to make it go away and NOTHING. How much more can be heaped on me?

    • Praying for you in this trying time. You are loved!! B encouraged that God will not give you more than you can bear. When the time is right (His timing) everything will be revealed. Be encouraged in doing good and do not lose heart for anything works out for the food and glory of God for those who love Him!!

  296. Prayers please for my mom and aunt both battling breast cancer, for financial relief as my husband and I support my mom as she can’t work and prayers of healing for my husband as he is recovering from knee surgery.

  297. Teresa Harrell says:

    I recently lost my brother and my stepmom within a 3 week period. Both died of cancer. Currently, a very dear friend is in ICU on a ventilator and the prognosis is not good. Thank you for praying1

  298. Debby Nalbone says:

    My husband and I have been happily married for almost 45 years. We have three grown children and four beautiful little grandchildren. However, my husband has been without work for many years. I am a Realtor and am the sole provider. I love my work and just continue to pray for God’s provision. Worry about our future sometimes consumes me. I’m sure Sam worries too. I pray that God will provide the work and the clients. I keep praising him for being Jehovah Jireh. (God provides)

  299. Praying for Gods provision

  300. Diane Parker says:

    My husband is currently in stage IV lung cancer and is under going treatment. It has been a little over 2 years. He is still working but very tired. He wants so much to beat this but there is no cure only treatment. We have been married almost 36 years and have 2 small grandchildren that he would love to see grow up. I have faith but sometimes it is hard. Because he is so hard working and helpful to others. I always say that prayers work so asking you to pray for my husband Wayne with an additional prayer won’t hurt. Thank you and bless you.

  301. I have struggled with a difficult illness that keeps me from moving forward in life. I have lost my job and not finding what I need for work. I have tried over and over to change my situation in life but run into one dead end after another. I am in a dark place and the more I try to change it the darker it gets.

  302. I love what C.S. Lewis said…. think of this life as a training session not just for comfort, that makes since. I AM IN NEED OF PRAYERS because my job is at a slow pace so they have been cutting hours and I have 3 children going to college in August and there is no way I can afford it and I have no support from their father because he is married with his own family. INEED A SUDDEN GLORY/MIRACLE/A NOW UNTO HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DO in order to send them. Prayers are needed desperately. Thanks

  303. BT, I said a prayer for you! I am actually leaving a post for prayer that is very similar to yours. My husband has been without work for almost o year. Savings are used up and we are really feeling the pinch now. He just seems to keep hitting dead ends and road blocks. I am starting to feel stressed even though I know God will provide for our needs. I feel like God is trying to teach us something so I appreciated the thought that God is more concerned with our character than our happiness. I believe that! I just would like to rewrite this part of our story and not have to go through it. 🙂 It is just one more stress on our marriage which is already shaky. Thank you for your prayers.

  304. My husband of 23 years has had a two year affair (another one) for the past two years. We are in the process of trying to fix our marriage — again. I didn’t think I would ever have to experience this — again. But God is faithful and sustains me. I am grateful for any prayers of support.

  305. We have been trying to have a baby for about 5 years. It finally happened and at 13 weeks I miscarried. Praying for peace comfort and healing.

  306. Cathy Oney says:

    I pray for comfort and healing for you and your husband. I had 3 miscarriages and a stillborn son prior to having my miracle baby. I know that we were so depressed after each loss. Prayers work!

  307. My 81 yr old widowed Mom may have to move out of her house rental if landlord decides to sell. She will be devastated, as she is finally feeling safe and at peace since my Dad passed 5 yrs ago. She is not saved.

    • Please help Kathy’s Momma find a new place where she CAN feel safe Lord. HELP her handle this move with a positive attitude. Dear Lord open her eyes ro your Word. LET kathy be a witness to her Momma. I know Kathy wants to see her Momma saved Lord pleaae makw HER receptive to Kathy’s faith and Love. In Jesus name Amwn. (((((HUGS)))))

  308. Cathy Oney says:

    I just lost my husband of 35 years. He was only 56 so I need healing and direction at this time.

  309. I just recently lost my best friend. Being a mother of a 15 yr old and 13 year old twins ( one od the twins is special needs and requires a lot of my time)I have little contact with the “outside”world. She was more than just my best friend. Her faith kept me grounded . Her light bright shining as the sun. She helped me with my pain (multiple back surgeriea), helped me with my feelings of being isolated and made laugh. I was depressed and anxious but now that has increased 10 fold since she died. I feel so lost without her. DEAR GOD I need help. Dear Jamie I am so sorry for your loss. I Pray for your heart to heal for the Lord to give you peace and comfort in your soul and mind. What you went through is so heart breaking. LEAN on your loving God for your needs emotionally and physically. Do not be discouraged The Lord has a plan. We all don’t understañd his ways but trust in him. (((((HUGS)))))

  310. There were 3 peoplw that typed replies while i was ryping my answer. CATHY GREY I am so sorry for the loss of your husband 56 is so very young. Y’all were married for 35 years. You both did a lot od growing up together. We all do not know God’s plan. I pray for your comfort and peace in your mind and soul. Dear Lord help Cathy find her path after this loss. Show her the path and direction she needs to take. Wrap your healing arms around her Lord and give her comfort. In Jesus name Amen

  311. In the hospital, the Doctors do not know what is causing her to be nauseated, vomiting, and diarrhea. All the tests are coming back negative.

  312. In the hospital, the Doctors do not know what is causing her to be nauseated, vomiting, and diarrhea. All the tests are coding back negative.

  313. My mother died in March after battling brain cancer for almost 10 years. She was my best friend and I am utterly lost without her; it’s as though I no longer know who I am or what my purpose is. She was my family’s anchor.

    • Jen – my mother was just diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I am struggling with the fear of losing her. She is my rock, she is my family’s rock and I just don’t know how I could possibly get through some of the things in life without her love, support and encouragement.
      I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. I can only imagine what you are going through. How were you able to set aside the fears over the last 10 years and enjoy the time you had with her? I have no idea if my mom will last 1 year or 10 years, so I’m really struggling. Not to mention we are 4 hours apart and my dad is divorcing her so I feel guilty that she is going through this physically alone…
      Praying for you and your family as you cope through this loss and that you find encouragement, joy and solidarity in the things she taught you!

  314. Marjorie says:

    I so desperately need prayer for my 20 year marraige . and for my husband and 10 year old daughter . ive battled with depression for 20 years now and its caused alot of problems in our marraige . my daughter is slowly drifting away from God and my husband isnt being a very good example for her either. I finally surrendered my life to God on Mothers day weekend. I realized I could not live any longer without him first in my life . and we have never had God first in our marraige . my daughter got saved and baptised about 2 years ago now but I can see her slowly slipping away from God. And its breaking my heart but I trust in God and ive always been told by others that she was SPECIAL! She is my world !! My husband has a sexual addiction and its caused us to drift apart from eachother. But I’m fighting for our marriage to be something its never been GREAT with GOD!! I thank God every chance I get for all that he does and has done in my life . but I’m struggling. Mentally and physically . thank you .

    • Grace Veatch says:

      Hi Marjorie,
      I’m also having a difficult time with my marriage. And I also am trusting God to work a miracle in it. My husband also battles with sexual addition. It’s caused a huge divide between us. There are so many issues that make it seem impossible to repair but we’re both here, trying to be obedient, waiting on God. It’s been a very difficult journey.
      I’ll be praying for you, your husband and daughter.

    • I recommend Rejoice Marriage Ministries website for you and Grace both. God heals hurting marriages!

  315. Edna Nord says:

    I am not going through a tough time but my brother, Murray is as is his girlfriend who is losing the battle with inoperable esophagus cancer. They both need salvation and pray they will find the Lord. I am still praying for Jackie’s healing. I pray too for them to find strength and comfort as they travel this tough journey. Praying the Lord will make his presence known and shower his love upon them.

  316. I had my third back operation in May. I started back to work this week. I am hurting and feel weak. I need to work since I am the insurance holder of our family. Please pray for my strength or for God to show my family a different way to pay for medical bills if I cannot work. Blessings to you who pray for me! I sincerely appreciate each prayer!

  317. I’m in final stages of Lupus and it’s involvement in my heart. I’m still trying to care for my special needs daughter who is failing as well. My husband is a pastor, and we are both trusting God, and KNOW that HE IS IN CONTROL. We are asking for special prayer at this time for God’s grace with each day. Thanks so much!

    • Carla,

      I will be praying for you and your family. I am so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. Please just know that I will be praying for all of you. In times like these, I always go back to Jeremiah 29:11. Bless you Carla!

  318. I am currently in a nasty custody fight for my 15 yo son. We have mediation next week and I just pray that my son can stay with me as he has been with me for the past 11 years. Also, during this time I lost my job and I’m having a hard time finding a new job. Please pray for me and my family. God bless you all.

  319. My husband has not had a job for 7 years we are suffering financial hardships. Please pray for him to not get discouraged and that he receives a job offer soon.

  320. I never imagined I would be in this position. My mom has stage 4 cancer which returned as a result of her not being able to afford medications after my dad dropped her from insurance amidst their divorce after 34 years of marriage. My mom is my rock – she reminds me I’m doing OK and encourages me when I fail. She helps keep my eyes on Jesus and I am so terrified about the moments in life I might have to do without her that I can’t concentrate on enjoying the moments we have right now. It is so difficult to trust God’s plan right now and I’m trying so hard with all of the faith I can muster up but I still have (too many) moments of doubt, fear and sadness.

    • Steph, I’m praying for you and your sweet mom! May GOD fill your hearts with peace and work in miraculous ways to provide healing and the financial resources needed. HE is able!
      TRUST HIM!
      Big hugs to you 💗

  321. I’ve been battling problems with my health for 8 years. Every time it seems to be getting better and I have hope the enemy comes to steal that from me with more symptoms. I’ve tried to fix and figure out for so long being too impatient to wait on and trust in GOD for my healing. I’m trying to let go and trust HIM now. Please pray for me!

    • I am so sorry for your suffering, Shari. I know what you mean about trying to figure everything out on our own. I am learning to trust the Lord myself. Everyday I say, “Lord Jesus, I trust in You.” I also find it helps to say, “Lord, please handle this for me.” And then sit back and stay calm and know He is handling things. Easier said than done, I know, but that is what faith is all about. Many blessings on your day today…I will be praying for you.

  322. Need prayers of healing for my granddaughter, Desiree, as she has numerous health issues and is bipolar and suffers from major depression, PTSD, severe anxiety. She was severely abused as a child and the trauma has left a huge impact on her heart and soul. I am her only support system, which also takes its toll on me and sometimes my marriage. Please pray for us. Thank you.

    • Susan, Thank you for praying for me today! It has made my heart happy and given me peace. I said a prayer for you and your granddaughter, Desiree.
      Blessings and BIG hugs to you 💗

  323. Naomi Collins says:

    I currently have End-stage Renal Failure, recently separated from my husband, lots of debt, and in need of a lot of things for myself and my daughters. I am praying to God all the time and trusting HE has wonderful plans for my.life. Naomi

    • Elizabeth says:

      Naomi –
      It sounds like your cup runneth over. I struggle sometimes to understand God’s plan, but I do know that he has one for each of us. I pray with all my heart that you find the peace and comfort you need and desire.

  324. Elizabth says:

    I have been unemployed since November. I am growing weary of my job search, and I don’t know how to pay next month’s rent. Please pray that God will lead me to an ideal opportunity.

  325. I’ve been battling with my physical health, my parents physical health, my employment is uncertain and my marriage is on the rocks…. But through it all I love & trust GOD through the process. I know He is ALL I need & that he will never put more on me than I can bare. Please continuously keep me, my family, and my circumstances in your prayers.
    Thank You

    • Bless your heart Anna I am so sorry that you are battling many areas in your life. Father God I lift up our sister Anna who is dealing with many difficult issues all at the same time. I pray that you will heal her health issues and bless her marriage with love and forgiveness, and whatever is going on with her employment guide this situation so she can continue to work, and bring healing to her parents. Jesus you are our great healer and comforter let Anna feel your peace, joy, and hope in all these situations, she is a faithful and loyal child of God. In Jesus precious name Amen.

  326. While my son was in rehab for addiction I also prayed and fasted numerous times, that God would guide us through this difficult Journey. Afterwards it was recommended he move into a sober living house he found one quickly and he liked it very much I thought this was a sign after 2 years we found out they were not adhering to the state laws. My son felt he would be okay on his own all the while I’m praying that God would direct us, he found an place close to his work again I felt this was a sign, and yesterday he lost his job. I know he feels so lost and hopeless, I don’t know how to keep going when I feel that we followed the right path only to find more dissapointment.

  327. Kathy Richards says:

    I’m losing my job – my husband is disabled and I really need a good job

  328. Kathy Richards says:

    I’m losing my job – my husband is disabled and I really need a good job with good insurance He has been in the hospital twice this year and is recovering from a broken back

  329. Cindy hill says:

    Please pray for my son Matt, he is going through a really tough time. I can see God working in him but he needs help with his anger and he did go see a counselor but he needs God and I pray this situation will bring him to know our savor and all of his pain will be worth it if that happens!

  330. Marital problems.

  331. Doreen Wilson says:

    Please pray for me, I am in everyday constant odds with my 13 year old daughter. She’s searching for attention in every way opposite of God. She used to love church but ever since middle school it’s been more about popularity, boys and her heart is cold…..very cold. My anger has gotten a hold of me too many times. I don’t feel like I can parent her at times m. She has no father in the picture and we don’t have much support..feeling emotionally incapable, weak and lost.

    Lord, I lift up Cindy Hills son Matt. Lord, I understand th anger and I ask for healing upon her son. Let him feel the presence of your love to help him through his trials his pain his frustrations. Lord, I pray for Cindy and that she is surrounded in support and people who can encourage her, listen to her and to pray with and for her. Lord, protect Matts mind away from what the enemy is trying to steal. Lord, I lift this all to you in Jesus name, Amen!

    • Anissa Perez Potts says:

      Dear heavenly father…I Pray for Doreen and her daughter. I pray that you mend hearts, minds and attitudes. Direct their souls to you dear Lord. Give Doreen peace as she navigates parenthood. Speak into her heart during times of strife with her daughter. Give her words to speak that are pleasing to you. Guide her every step. Have her put her trust solely in you. Make a way where there seems no way. Help her daughter find her place in you dear Lord. Surround them both with godly help and direction. Be with them always. In your name I pray…AMEN

  332. Anissa Perez Potts says:

    My son left to Navy basic training last month after a year of testing and failed then finally passing. He worked so hard to get there and was so proud. This afternoon after 17 days of basic training He was told that he’d be discharged due to a concussion that he hasn’t disclosed to medical. My heart broke as he searched for the words to tell me during our5 minute call. His voice broke and his pitch came in and out. He was shocked. I want to take this pain he must be feeling away. I want to hug him and tell him that I’m still proud of him But that’s not possible right now. He’s not sure when he’ll be home or how long the process is. I know that God doesn’t make mistakes and our steps are ordered by him But I still feel sad for my boy. I’ve cried for hours and not only does my heart ache but my head does as well. I trust God and I’m going to hold onto him as I know he’ll carry us both through.

  333. Please pray for my husbad to accept Jesus in to his life and for our marriage and family to be restored. We got married in 2010 and had been living long distance since 2012. It was a mistake to have this long distance marriage but I did not realize how terrible it was until my husband told me he was ending our marriage in June 2016. In September 2016, I found out he was living with another woman in our home. I tried so hard to reconcile with him despite everything and just last month, he stayed for 2 weeks with me and our son. He promised me again that he would end his affair and he told our son that he would choose our family. But he stopped communicating with ne after he left and when I asked him today he told me he wants a divorce. I am still processing this and I need God to guide me and keep me strong. Please pray for my marriage to be restored and my husband to be saved.

    • Joy please visit the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website for strength and encouragement. Praying for you!

    • Father please remove the scales from this man’s eyes, remove this woman and bring him to his knees. Have Jen choose you first, give her strength to endure. Jen, read Love Must Be Tough by James Dobson ASAP. It will help you!

  334. Jennifer says:

    My dad just passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. I have been having a hard time with it. I miss him so much and I miss hearing his voice. I am his girl and his best friend! He lived 5 hours away and all that I can keep thinking is I wish I was there for him more, was there something that I missed or could have done, and I wish I could have had one last visit just to hug his neck. So Proverbs 3: 5-6 speaks the truth. It’s not for me to lean in to my own understanding, but to trust in him! Since this has happened I have lost some connection with the Lord. I need prayers to get close if not closer to God then I ever have before. I want it so bad and know that I need it.

    Joy my prayer for you is that God will work in your marriage to make it strong and to bring your husband to know Jesus Christ. I pray that he holds you and gives you and your son strength during these times. He loves you more than anything in this world and he is right there with you. Just trust in him. In Jesus name we pray, amen.

  335. Dearest Jennifer,

    My heart breaks with yours for your loss! My dad too lives far away. Other side of the country actually. He has heart problems as well so your story hit me hard.
    May the God of hope fill you with peace and comfort during this heart wrenching time. May memories of your daddy make you smile as you know he is now in Our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom.

    Our family would appreciate prayers for continued salvation for my husband and two young children. For protection over us all. Our daughter spent her first 7 months in the ICU due to a heart defect & weakened lungs. Praying strength and healing over her body and for us all to grow closer to Jesus & stronger through it all.


  336. Jenny,
    I pray for strength and healing for your daughter and for you all to develop a deep, personal relationship with Christ Jesus. He is the Great Physician and NOTHING is impossible with Him. I pray for strength and healing for your daughter but also for strength for you and your family as you endure this trial. Pray and trust that God is working this out for your good and His glory! Stay strong and when you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus! He knows our needs and I pray he meets your greatest need at this moment.

    I am asking for prayers for my marriage restoration. My husband walked out on me and our 2 kids right after Christmas. He has since filed for divorce. I have been “standing” for my marriage restoration since day 1. God has gotten me through so many dark days but I ask that you lift our family up for restoration and Gods glory. He hates divorce and so do I!
    Also for Joy above, if you read down this far check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. They have been a tremendous help and support for me while standing. The ministry was started by a couple whose marriage was restored.

  337. Please pray for God to provide a better job for my husband and for me as well. He retired 2 years ago with plans to find something better, and we are still struggling to find the better! Also, I have been a stay at home mom homeschooling our kids. This year our youngest will enter high school and I have applied for a job at a local school. Also, my Dad had ps been diagnosed with dementia and I have had some health issues with my heart. Thanks!

  338. Jen-praying for God to restore your marriage and give you peace and wisdom during this time.

  339. Karen, I am praying and will believe God with you:
    Father God I pray in Jesus name that you bless Karen, her husband and family. You know their needs and You are not only able but willing to supply all their need according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
    I pray God that the job you have for Karen’s husband will come to fruition. I know God that you are working it out right now for Your Glory and their good. Lord bless and help Karen as she is the helpmate that her husband needs as he goes through this time. I pray Father that you bless Karen that she is able to get a job in the school system and if You desire that she move in another direction, please show her and open the door that you desire that she walk through and make it plain.
    Father I lift up Karen’s father as he walks through these uncertain and even frightening times, let him feel Your presence holding onto him that he will feel Your guiding love and comfort. Father please give Karen the strength, patience that she needs as a daughter and caregiver, please remind her that You care for and love her.
    Please Father bless her children and all that is hers through You in Jesus name. Amen

  340. Please pray for son that he will be delivered from substance abuse addiction and that he will be healed emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Please pray that he will have godly friends that truly care for and love him. He is an only child. Please pray that God will protect and keep him safe. Pray that he will walk in the direction God has for his life. Please pray for my family business that it will be blessed and increase. I need God’s mercy, direction as I move forward in full time ministry. I want to do God’s Will and serve His people.

    • Maltese & Marie Fuller says:


    • I am praying that this stronghold of substance abuse be broken over your precious son Lei and that God surround him with his love and Christian friends. Pray God’s promises over his life. I am praying that God strengthen your momma’s heart and that He uplift your family and business.

  341. Dear Lei,

    I prayed for you and your family this morning. May the creator of heaven and earth completely restore your son and bring him into His arm, whole and restored spiritually, emotionally, and physically. You are covered in prayer as well as you move toward full time kingdom work. Prayed for decernment, wisdom, financially security, perservance, and godly inspiration/motivation. God Bless.

  342. Please pray for our son to find a job. Please pray for my marriage and my husband’s abuse of alcohol.

  343. shareese says:

    Mary, I prayed for your son and for the healing of your husband and marriage. StAy strong and don’t give up.

  344. Maltese & Marie Fuller says:

    MY husband and i ownedand operated 2 group homes licensed by the state of nc, monitored by the co every other month.. To make this a shorter story we also have 5 children, last 1 born 10 yrs after our batgirl, he was born at 24 weeks gestation,he weighed 1lb9oz, remained in icu for 6months…GOD IS GOOD! Others being 10,13,16,17 needless my homes license was suspended without proper protocol… Meaning there were false allegations and accusations but they did no investigation before suspending our licenses to operate(1st home opened 2005 2nd 2014,we were rated #1, made front page of newspaper, etc.. In fact had just gotten our 2017 license renewal for 2nd group home just1&1/2 mo prior to the suspension.. This all happening 12-9-16, on 1-13-17 we then receive info stating rules and regulations that were broken.. Ok so that was done illegally but who will stand up for a couple now broke that is willing to fight DSS and dhhs and now we have 4 Cps investigations and i was informed yesterday morning my 13 yr old will be placed with her grandmother( whom has not been around for longer than6 months then disappears for yrs, my 16 yr will remain in the state of ala. Since she’s visiting her nana and next they’re coming for my 10yr.and 18month old which is considered a 9 month old bc he was so early… Plz pray God give my family strength to endure what seems like hell on earth… Im asking God to for an attorney his legal counsel here on earth. Bc not to mention when we went through with the homes, both company and personal vehicles broke, we lost 3 out of 4 of our homes and close to losing his mom’s (who died 2011 unexpectedly)… Plz pray for my family

    • Hi Marie,
      I am praying that the Lord return all of your children under your roof, that he keep this last home safe, that he protect and rebuild your business, that you and your husband cling to him for a cord of three strands is not easily broken. Start your day reading his words and claiming his promises. He hears you! I too had a preemie 1.8lbs, gave birth at 26 weeks, 6 month hospital stay, 1.5 years on oxygen and he’s doing great because God is so good and amazing. Don’t forget the miracles he had already given you, he will continue to be faithful. I’m praying for you.

      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

      Sending a hug to you sister.

  345. My husband and I lost a pregnancy this January conceived through ivf. He was not sure if he wanted another child because our 4 yr old son was born prematurely and we had a long road to get him healthy. I desperately wanted a sibling for my son. This was our last chance. But I am thankful for my son.
    My husband who is working full time and in school full time is now experiencing a full blown depression that started after this loss. We are in couples counseling and he just started medication. He feels as if has lost his love for me and life in general. I know this is a spiritual attack. We need prayer for his healing, for my strength to endure and not become depressed myself. He has always been an amazing husband. Please pray for my families renewal and that we all give God his rightful place 1st in our lives.

  346. I am struggling to find the right job to fit around my children,and to find right contacts to help me find work. Can I have some prayer around that and to be able to have shared care with my children. They got taken off me into my mothers care and the way it happened. I don’t believed it should and believe it is from discrimiation. It still really hurts. I still get angry about the situation now and then and really have to trust god through those time and to keep on forgiving the system who has done this awful thing towards me and my girls. I do see my girls,but would like it to be more than what it is rich now.

  347. Shawn Smith says:

    I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety for quite awhile now. I’m really frustrated and don’t feel like God hears me.

  348. My 18-year-old son is on a path we never would’ve predicted. He’s been struggling for nine months now with drug use we just had to kick him out of the house this week it was necessary but absolutely heartbreaking. We don’t know what his future holds but he has to figure this out and we cannot be involved in these choices that are being made. Praying for my son’s heart to soften and for strength and peace for us as parents and our entire family.

    • Dear Angela,
      I pray for you and your family as when you have a drug user in your home the whole home is under the influence. My oldest son was in the same boat and I know the pain your feeling. I sat him and his clothes out my front door one storming raining day and my heart went out the door with him. He ended up doing some time in prison for the actions he choose to do. But while in there God got a hold of is heart and he made the decision the drug days were done. He has been clean 9 yrs now,and has even walked away from the friends that he hung out with, Hes not serving the .Lord but I know in Gods timing he will come back to Jesus and give his whole life over to Him. Prayers of a momma hit the heart of God,so don’t give up keep a blood covering over him daily and turn him over to the hands of Jesus. I pray Gods peace and love covers you and your family during this time and His strength caries you through it. God Bless you in Jesus Love….Sue from California

  349. I’ve been struggling with feelings that I am not spending enough time with the Lord. Thank you for the encouragement!

    • Valrie,

      At times the enemy wants us to feel as if we are not connected or sometimes in our busy schedule we don’t connect as often as we should. I pray that God will envelope you with his assuring love and that you will once again burn with the fire you once had.
      With prayer and fasting you can once again feel connected. The good thing is God never withdrew his spirit he is still near.
      Have a blessed day.
      I have your back and I am praying.


  350. Experiencing closed doors in regards to Jobs. I need God to open doors for permanent good paying employment.

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