When You Feel Like Prayer Isn’t Working

When You Feel Like Prayer Isn’t Working

September 22, 2017

“Jesus said, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.’” John 5:17 (NIV)

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I looked at his mug shot and felt my heart tear in two. I had prayed for this man my entire adult life. And now he was in jail.

From the outside, Richard’s (not his real name) life looked hopeless. Alcohol. Anger. Hate. Unemployment. Failed relationships. Richard’s rollercoaster life had fewer highs and more lows as time progressed. And now he was behind bars.

Two days after Richard’s arrest, I went online and read the details of the police report. It was the time of arrest that grabbed my heart … 8:32.

Oh friend, that was no coincidence. The officer could have easily rounded the time to 8:30. But no, it was 8:32.

For 20 years, John 8:32 was my personalized license plate. Just a simple reminder of the importance of truth: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (NIV) It’s what I consider to be my life verse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at a digital clock on any given day, and it read 8:32. I take it as a God-wink from my Heavenly Father letting me know that He sees me and loves me.

And on this day, I just knew God was saying to me … I see him. I love him. I’ve got this. He’s not hopeless. Not by a long shot!

In 1 Kings 18:41-45, there’s a story about a prophet named Elijah. God had caused a 3-1/2-year drought in Israel because His people followed foreign gods. Miracle after miracle occurred during those years, but it’s what happened at the end of the drought that caught my attention.

Elijah sent a message to King Ahab to let him know that the 42-month dry spell was coming to an end, even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

After delivering the news, Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground, and put his face between his knees.

“‘Go and look toward the sea,’ he told his servant.” (1 Kings 18:43a, NIV) (He wanted him to see if there was a cloud.)

“There’s nothing there,” (1 Kings 18:43b, NIV) the servant said upon his return.

Six times Elijah sent the servant back down the mountain to see if there was a cloud. Six times he returned reporting there was not.

Elijah said, “Go back.” (v. 43)

He observed the sky and came back to tell Elijah the news.

“A cloud as small as a man’s hand is rising from the sea” (1 Kings 18:44b, NIV).

Here’s a question to ponder: Was God working the entire time the servant was running up and down Mt. Carmel, or did
God make the cloud appear all of a sudden on the seventh trek? I don’t know for sure, but I think God was working the entire time.

I’m not much of a meterologist, but I do remember a little bit about rain cycles from elementary school. Water falls from the sky into oceans, rivers and lakes. The sun heats the water, and it evaporates as water vapor. The vapor rises from the earth into the atmosphere, cools, then forms droplets called condensation.

Little droplets get together and form bigger droplets. Eventually those droplets form clouds. When the droplets get too heavy, they fall back to the earth as precipitation into oceans, rivers and lakes. Then the cycle starts all over again.

So God was working on the servant’s first run down the mountain; the servant just couldn’t see it. As Jesus said, “My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working” (John 5:17). Just because you can’t see God working doesn’t mean He’s not.

I don’t know what you’re praying about today, but don’t give up. God is always working … even if we can’t see it.

And Richard? He wasn’t in jail long. God is still working, and I’m still praying. I see a cloud about the size of a man’s hand.

Lord, I pray that You will open __________ eyes to see You and follow You. Even though I might not see You working, I know You are. I believe, and I will not give up hope. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Philippians 1:6, “Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

Galatians 6:9, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (NIV)

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Who are you praying for? In the comments section, leave that person’s name or initial, (please be discrete) and let’s pray for each other.

© 2017 by Sharon Jaynes. All rights reserved.

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  • Katen

    For many years my husband and I prayed for children. It didn’t happen. I’m way past childbearing age (post menopause), so that prayer never came to pass. I was bitter for many years. Even though I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never have children or grandchildren, it is still hard. And affects me in my prayer life. I want to pray and believe and have faith that God will answer my prayers, but doubt always seems to creep in. Please pray I can get past this.

    • Karen

      It’s Karen, not Katen…..

      • Jamie

        Did you ever ask God if it was through adoption

      • Lori

        Maybe foster care or a mentoring program like big brother/sister.

      • Tonya

        Bless you. I’m so sorry. Thank you for sharing. Praying with you now Karen…

      • Carol R

        Karen I have the same issues in my prayer life. I continue to pray, but have come to feel God’s answer to me, more often than not, is no. My faith wavers and my next step is to think that I am not praying for God’s will.. The next spiral down is I am not living in the center of God’s will and He is displeased with me. I know that thinking is wrong and Satan certainly is able to use it in y life, but knowing it is wrong and getting it into my belief system and spirit is a different thing. I truly understand what you are saying.

      • Karen

        Karen, first of all, a big hug to you. I have been listening to “Nurture by Lisa Bevere”. I highly recommend it btw. She said whether we have given birth or not, this is the season to nurture God’s daughters. I want to gently say to you, perhaps there is someone who needs you to nurture them as you would your own daughter. That the pain and disappointment you have experienced, God wants to use that, through you, to minister to someone else experiencing the same thing. I want to encourage you to ask The Lord to bring you spiritual children to nurture. You have an understanding, through experience that others do not have. You have perspective that others don’t have. I encourage you to take this, with the help of the Holy Spirit and turn it to bless others. I am confident that Jesus will birth something beautiful through this in your life and other’s lives. Blessings to you and I am praying for you as seek The Lord. ❤

      • Angela EDS

        Dear Karen,
        i was praying for a child before and am still quietly hoping. We have been to the necessary check-ups and both mine and my husband’s side are fine but still no baby. Instead of going further with the medical procedures and expenditure, i told God that i am grateful for both our good health and i would let God’s will be done. Someone once told me that God sees the bigger picture and there is always a reason why i’m not given a child – perhaps God is protecting me from disappointments or hurt that may ensue, perhaps i still have to work on myself, perhaps God wants to use me for a purpose which requires me to be free from the responsibilities as a mother. Surrender yourself to God’s plan for you because He does know what is the best for us.
        Jeremiah 29:11
        For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    • Leslea

      Karen, I’m not sure if bearing children is a part of Gods plan for me. I hold to the fact he gives me the desire to nuture children and He will fill that desire – one way or another. Right now, I get to me the best Auntie ever!

    • Please pray for me..I’m a single mom and I love my children but I’m having a little bit of a tough time being the mom and dad. Please pray that God gives me wisdom and strength and helps me to be obedient to Him so my children see Him through me! I hope someday to have a God Fearing man in my life as my husband too!

      • Lisa

        I’m a single mom too. Remember, God is the father to the fatherless and protector of widows. He’s the champion of single moms! Praying for you today.

      • Shelia

        I’ve been there and yes it was hard. 2 kids and one “special needs ” but God IS Faithful. HE always makes a way. I prayed and asked God for strength and direction. HE never failed. I had to go in my closet and cry sometimes but God would renew me, refresh and strengthen me so I could continue my journey. Then finally HE sent the one HE kept for me. I have a great husband that loves me and my children. He treats them as if he was there from their birthing. God has a plan, just stay faithful He will do it in His time. I pray this helps. I don’t usually post. God bless

    • Jessica


      This book changed my whole heart when I was on a dark place struggling with infertility. It’s not an easy read, but it gave answers for all my questions about prayer, God, and my desire for a child. The author also does a lot of segments about infertility on Lutheran Public Radio. If you look up the website or app and type in her name they should pop up. Praying for you today.

    • Kimberly

      Your comment hurt my heart, and even though I don’t know you, I am grieving with you, just as I know the Lord grieves with you too. I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone. There are many of us who have walked very difficult paths through this life. I have been broken before the Lord many times, until I have felt that the broken shards of my life are just too shattered to ever be made whole again. I have my own “Richard” in my life, someone whom I love dearly, whom for me to to breathe is to pray for him, I have endured the heartbreak of visiting him in prison many times, and I have also struggled with infertility. Hearing “No, that’s not my best for your life.” from the Lord is crushing from our perspective. It is also desperately crushing to watch those we love turn their backs on Him. I understand what it is to desperately ache for a child, struggle to conceive him, struggle to carry him to term, struggle with ongoing illnesses through out his childhood that nearly took his life multiple times, and then to have to watch him grow into adulthood, turn his back on, his family, friends and God, and begin to travel down a path that finally took him to prison. I never gave up on my son, just as I know God never gave up on either of us. I can tell you that yes, this life is just so terribly hard sometimes, but I have clung tenaciously to the Lord, and I have found the Lord is always faithful and His promises are true. His plans are just simply too great for me to comprehend right here, right now. I would be lying if I told you that I always trust Him, and never doubt, because I do doubt Him, often. Sometimes, as you confessed, I also rage at Him. When I doubt Him, I have learned to confess it, forsake it, and remind myself all over again of just who He is, and what His promises are to me. I have found Scripture to be true, it is a ongoing battle, a constant choice on my part to choose to take my eyes off of my circumstances, place them on Him, and choose faith over doubt. I am praying for you to find a balm for your grief today, in our Father’s arms. He is holding fast to you, and He won’t ever let you go.

    • Roxanne

      I am asking for 2 or 3 to gather w me in Jesus name for grace and mercy for my cousins and a dear friend who takes a path. May it lead them directly to you Lord ..and all that have this struggle Matthew 18:20

      • Jan

        Gathering with you Roxanne

      • Fran

        Gathering with you.

    • This post is so timely. My grandson was just released from jail Wednesday . It seems as though everyone has given up on him except me and my awesome granddaughter. It looks and seems hopeless but this post has just encouraged me to keep on keeping on!! I’ll never give up on him . Caseys Nanny.

    • Caroline

      My sweet husband, Sam.

    • Fran

      For all who are lost…especially Amy, Rich, Bekah and Jessie. God does not want a single sheep left behind.

  • Karen

    For many years my husband and I prayed for children. It didn’t happen. I’m way past childbearing age (post menopause), so that prayer never came to pass. I was bitter for many years. Even though I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never have children or grandchildren, it is still hard. And affects me in my prayer life. I want to pray and believe and have faith that God will answer my prayers, but doubt always seems to creep in. Please pray I can get past this.

    • Gayle S

      Me too, Karen – it still makes me sad and I don’t understand why, but have come to accept it because I know that He wants and plans the best for me. We’ve focused on children who need a kind word, tutoring, someone to believe in them – and there are many blessings from this.

      Many Richards on my prayer list and I will start looking for that cloud! L

    • Jess

      The heartache of infertility is so real and it rears its head in conversations about childbirth, as friends and family give birth, baby showers, etc. It is challenging at times to trust it is the best pathway when the Lord says no. I believe you honor the Lord when you are honest about the pain and ask where is He leading you through it because He has something good just ahead for you. Designed just for you with lots of love.

  • Shanta Cowins

    I am praying for SC, A.C. Sr., A.C. Jr, N.W, and CG

    • Jess

      I am praying for MAA

  • Ludia

    I am praying for T & L , D, Lil T , J & M, M, L, M & D, S

  • Sherrie


    • Sherrie


  • Angela Sen

    For 12 months I have prayed for God to open doors for me. I was retrenched and need a job to save my house. I don’t know what God wants me to do but I do believe He loves me and is in control of everything. Please pray that I will not lose my house and that the Lord will begin to open doors for me. Thank you.

    • Omayra

      Father,provide as you always do for my sister Angela.She needs a job! Help her to keep her house.Grant her peace and hope,to keep her eyes on YOU and to not loose her faith.In Jesus precious name…AMEN!!

    • Tammie


    • Tonya

      Lifting you up in prayer Angela

  • Victoria

    Praying for my sister L.L

  • Tammy

    Craig, Bill, Kate, Pam, Gammy

  • Samantha

    Mike, Adam and Penelope

  • asphetawy ufkloqu

    nitcub bar dirty girl. want he stop going. no good. sex many many woman. i sad cry. why man no good home.

    • Rhonda

      Praying for you and this situation. May God’s comfort be with you.

    • Tiffany


      God sees you. He knows your pain and he is concerned about you. I pray God’s peace over your life and that you continue to trust him in this situation. I am a witness that even when our circumstances or situation may seem too much to bear God is faithful and will give you exactly what you need until your change comes. Be blessed.


  • Tina

    My dad, Jim

    • Victoria

      Tina, I am praying for your dad Jim.

  • Ashley

    Salvation and marriage restoration with C.J.

    Also, I’ve prayed in agreement with the other prayers posted. God bless you all! All things are possible. No plan of mans can thwart God’s plans.

  • Shelly

    I am praying for a great job. I was laid off and finding work has b en difficult. I do have faith but I believe in praying for others. I am single and of a certain age so it is challenging out there.

  • Amy


  • Denise

    My daughter KH

  • Elizabeth


  • Jami

    I pray for Ma still legal husband but now separated every single day that God will open his eyes or that he will open his eyes to God. I pray that Jon will change and that will allow good intentions to come into his heart, only honesty out of his mouth, only seeing love out of his eyes, and letting go of control over everything. I pray that God blesses him and humbles him and forgives him.

  • RM

    This is a great reminder to have patience & remain in prayer. I’m praying for Karen & many others that who have unanswered prayers. I have prayed & prayed for my adult children to become involved in church — to finish college– to find a spouse. I know I will someday see the cloud develop & rain will come just as the devotional says. I have prayed for some of these things for 10 years. Patience…

  • In Jesus name deliver ,TCT from world of sin and drugs heal her heart and mind from spirit of lust touch Mvh i deliver him while he is behind bars there son needs his mom and dad

    I feel like god is not delivering her from spirit of lesbianism it has bought her nothing but grief and heartache it has pull them apart and they need to be responsible parent for their child

  • Jessica

    Pray for my husband,Jesus… we going thru a hard time, I feel so desperate, I feel alone in this situation. I need someone to talk, someone can help me please 😭😭😭 I don’t know what to do!

    • Carter

      Jessica, my heart breaks for you! I will be praying for you! I felt just the way you are describing ! I was in an abusive marriage for 24 years and I prayed and wondered if God heard me. At the end of the ordeal, God did something comparable to the Red Sea parting- see Exodus. His goal is always to bring us closer. He is always working- for ALL of us. Lay your heart before the Lord, repent of your bitterness and unbelief and allow God to hold your heart and look to Him for strength and healing for yourself. You can only do you! Seek wisdom in the Word! A book that was very helpful- The Destructive Marriage by Leslie Vernick. Know that God sees you and your unique situation. Guard your heart and hold His hand!! God bless you, sister!

  • Jessica

    Pray for my husband,Jesus… we are going thru a hard time, I feel so desperate, I feel alone in this situation. I need someone to talk, someone can help me please 😭😭😭 I don’t know what to do!

    • Jessica

      Need prayers for marriage restoration, that God touch his heart and open his eyes. I feel sometimes the same way like God don’t hear me. And wake up every single day around 3:30am or a few min before 3am. I’m tired of crying every time I cried I feel this pain in my stomach I never though to go thru something like this its really hard specially when we have 2 precious kids 😭😭😭😭😭😭

      • Gayle S

        Praying for you, Jessica, your husband, children and marriage.

      • Lord, I know you hear Jessica’s heart-cry, but she needs that affirmation. Ease the pain in her stomach. Give her delightful moments with her dear children. Open her eyes to the wonders of your creation all around her. Grant her rest in the night and awareness of your presence in the day. Bring a friend to walk alongside her during this hard season–not necessarily to fix things, but to listen to Jessica and encourage her. And as to her husband–we know that sometimes those who most resist you are those whose hearts are indeed being touched by your Spirit. Work in him, Lord, either in a sudden blaze of glory or in mercy drops that gradually soften his hard heart. Your will, Lord, in your time. Amen.

      • Marla

        Jessica I am praying for you.

      • Lisa

        Jessica, I’m praying for you today.

      • Barb C, FL

        Jessica, I have never posted here before, but your anguished cry for help moved my heart. I was you 27 years ago. When my husband confessed his sin to me, he left the house. I felt I had no one to share with, but God pulled me to his Word like a magnet almost immediately. I remember opening to Psalms and reading the desperation in King David’s words gave me comfort, for he never lost faith in the One who could rescue, defend and heal him. That event started my awakening and I have never looked back; Jesus has stuck with me like a brother and I am grateful everyday for His constant presence in my life. However, I, too, was broken hearted to the point that I thought my grief would kill me. I finally went to a therapist and when I told him, “I can’t eat, I can’t sleep and I cry all the time”, he said, “Bingo. You are clinically depressed”. I was so grateful! I cried and said, “thanks for putting a name on it!”. He referred me to a psychiatrist who prescribed Zoloft, with the aside, “You’re going to hate it. Don’t give up on it. It’ll take 2 weeks to stabilize, hang in there. Compare the chemicals in your brain to a car transmission: yours is about 2 quarts low and it’s not able to move the car. This medicine will refill the chemicals in your brain that have been depleted by your lack of sleep, your constant crying and lack of food (I lost 25lbs in 2 weeks, I didn’t eat for 14 days, the thought of food made me sick). I did stick with the med and I did hate it for 2 weeks, but then the miracle happened: I stopped crying so much, my clarity and focus returned and one day I actually laughed at something I heard on the radio. I knew at that moment I was on my way to healing and I knew God had been with me every step of the way. Healing was a process, and my 2 children and I all continued to deal with the trauma that is the destruction of an intact family, but a further devastation was avoided by use of some medicine that gave me my brain back. I mourned the loss for another 2 years until it became clear to me there would be no reconciliation. I continued to pray for my husband, but the nature of the prayers changed. I had placed him in God’s hands. We remained friendly and eventually I remarried. My children’s struggle continued. There is collateral damage that occurs when a marriage between 2 adults fails and the family dynamic changes, but God…
        God continues to be my rock, His Son, Jesus, my strength, and the Holy Spirit my comforter. Would I have found this relationship with Jesus had my husband not found another woman? I don’t know. All I know is that Jesus showed up in a mighty way to show me how to live in a new, different, better way. My Damascus Road experience blinded me, but when the scales fell from my eyes, I could finally see the Truth and I was a new person. I pray you will allow God to do what only He can and focus first on your relationship with Him and secondly on your role as momma to your precious children. Trust Him. Trust Him. Trust Him. Amen.

    • Sara

      I prayed this same thing this morning. You are not alone.

    • Ashley

      Hi Jessica,

      I prayed for you. I’ve been praying for this for myself for 4 1/2 years but nothing is impossible with God and when he gives promises He won’t fail.

      Rejoice marriage ministries is great resource for hurting marriages. Also the book the power of a praying wife.

  • Myrna

    My son J, my daughter S…they are living crazy lives. My son is addicted to drugs and an alcoholic. My daughter is going through a divorce and drinking alot. My other daughter P.. she won’t talk to me it’s been 10 years😢😢. And for my 7 grandchildren. My heart is broken. I’m afraid.

    • Jovi

      I am praying for you. May God bless you and your family 🙂

      • Brenda

        I too, praying for my son J, he has been in and out of jail and prison since he was 16 yrs old. We as his 66yr. old parents have been through his problems all his criminal drug life, prison, jail,drugs, sex offender, yes, we have a beautiful grandson that we can never see or be with, he dated a girl 2 moths short of being 17yrs old and her angry divorced mother, knowing and letting her date him, filed charges and sent him to prison for 5 years. He’s out now living with us, he’s ruined our life and marriage, we are desperate to get him out of our home before he does something else. I take care of a mentally retarded son as well. He can’t find a place to live cause of his sex offender background. We keep looking to no avail. I’m so sick of this, I just can’t deal with him, he takes advantage of us, sometimes I just feel like I don’t want to live anymore.

        • jeannette

          Brenda, I pray that God will give you the strength wisdom and peace to carry on. Don’t give up on life even if you just have to take it day by day or minute by minute.

    • Carol R

      Myrna, I just prayed for you and your family. My heart aches for you. I have often prayed this prayer “When my life is overwhelming, Lord, please overwhelm me with You” That is what I just prayed for you dear one.

  • Tish

    Please pray for my son J.G.. that Jesus will soon rest in his heart, and that he will be saved an living for Jesus Christ..

    • SandyJ

      This is my prayer for both my son and daughter.
      I will be praying for your son.

  • K

    JP, who by no coincidence, just walked in the door… it’s 4:13 am. Thank you for praying with me.

  • Pip

    Please pray for my daughter, her partner, my grandson who I haven’t been allowed to see for 2 years and my granddaughter who is 10 weeks old and I haven’t met. My daughter is so angry with me and unforgiving and only Jesus can make any difference. My heart feels ripped in two. Thank you so much x

    • SandyJ

      I too am in an almost identical situation. I will be praying for your situation. Its such a hard thing to go through but Ive realized during these past 3 months that this valley is for me. I am seeing a Christian Counselor and growing in my faith. We will come through this stronger than before. God’s timing is perfect and He is faithful. Keep praying for your family. God hears you. Im praying for you and you.

  • K

    Roderick, Ken, Mike, Dusty, Andrew, Art, Wilton, Dan, Earl, Jordan, Ced, Nolan, & all men

  • Kelli

    This is music to my ears as this very story hits home for me and my family. My brother is this particular “Richard”. His name is ROB. When my brother finally got arrested after a couple years of sinking in alcohol and his behavior was out of control and our family was at our wits end, we didn’t know what to do, only to keep praying for this bad situation to get better somehow, someway and whatever it took to get his attention. So when he got arrested after a very bad choice of behavior, we were devastated, but at the same time, we knew that GOD was at work and had to trust him. My brother was locked up for a couple months. We had no idea how this was gonna turn out, he was facing possible prison time, again praying that he didn’t get that, but also something that he would get to wake him up to where he would realize his bad choices and learn from them. To our amazement, the judge had mercy on him, and we all know know who the REAL JUDGE was, and that’s our wonderful, amazing GOD that was at work the whole time. My brother got released on probation and conditions that he HAS to abide by or there Will be no mercy next time. Although all of this has caused him to be bitter towards all of us, because he blamed family members the whole time, and the first few months he was out, but My God is and still is doing a big change in his heart. It’s little at a time, but he is starting to come around, and he is still drinking alittle, but is staying home and not making those bad behavior choices that he used to. He is even going to our family functions now. And THAT is huge. So God IS at work behind the scenes, though we didn’t SEE it, we knew he was. Please join me in prayer for him still that God does a total heart change and for him to turn towards God. He knows God. We come from a Christian home, so God is all around him because he lives with my parents during this hard time and the Devil has NO ACCESS to him. He is in a home surrounded by people that love him unconditionally and WILL NOT give up on him. Thankyou Jesus for work behind the scenes and your perfect timing. I know that one day, my brother WILL be beside me at church serving you and our family will be together again like it once was. Thankyou all who are in agreement with me and praying for my brother Rob. God bless.

    • Diane

      I am so glad that God has answered your prayers. Without all the love and family support, your brother’s story might be turning out differently. He is blessed to have all of you.

  • Amanda

    I’m praying for JM

  • Melissa

    Please pray for RK’s and HK’s conversion of heart. I will for others. Thank you

  • Tiffani Venning

    Curtis, Michael, Randy and Marcus. It is my prayer for salvation for each of them. I pray that a Damascus Road experience will take place and total surrender to God will result.

  • Pemika

    My grandma to know Jesus personally.

  • Kay

    Physical healing for Donna

  • Jennifer

    Dear Lord, I pray for Charles. May he find peace and your way.

  • Lisa

    Thank you Sharon for your much needed and timely devotion……beautifully written. I am praying for C, A, and L. ~Lisa~

  • Marybeth

    Fr, Ka,Da,Co,To,Ko and my sisters, nieces and nephews

  • Donna Morris

    Praying for MR,TM,DM,BM,BA.

  • Linda Tracy

    Thank-you Lisa for those encouraging words. A good reminder to NEVER give up. I have been praying for my son for almost 20years, But God…. He is working while I am praying & waiting!
    Please remember my son and also our Son-in-law in prayer for Salvation.
    Thank-you !!!😔

  • Kim

    KTT (freshman yr of college & relationship/journey with God), healing for dad, strength & health for mom, and job satisfaction/stability for Jun).

  • Carla J Down


  • Erin


  • Penny

    My husband and I have a “Richard” too. Our son has never held a job more than three months, the mother of his two year old son is having to legally evict him from her home, the list goes on. In his mind it’s always somebody else or something else that’s the problem. Just last night, I went and got our grandson out of their house and he’ll be staying with us for a while. We will continue to pray for our “Richard”. Thank you for today’s verses they were right on for me! Praising Jesus for answered prayers.

  • Nicole Zammit

    My husband Kurt. We are separated. He has turned his heart, mind and thoughts away from God and His Will. My husband is very lost. My children and I Pray for him daily to find his way back to Our Father! We Pray for all of our free-will to align with God’s Will, as it is Never in God’s Will for families to be broken! -My children and I stand in that truth. And we fight the enemy and Spiritual Warfare that is over our family through Payer, and claim our Father’s Victory over it all!! Amen!
    Please Pray for us! God Bless!!

    • Bonnie Martin

      As a wife for 36 years, it has been my experience that I (the wife) MUST get out of God’s way so that HE can work in my husband’s life. It is a difficult time and it can be painful, however, please continue to persevere in prayer and in GOD’S LOVE toward your husband as you shared that you are doing, and God will be faithful to you and to your family; that is a PROMISE FROM GOD, not from me! Be at peace, be at rest, for God is at work, therefore rejoice in the blessings that are already on their way to you. You are in my prayers, B.

      • Becky


        Thank you for the reminder that I need to get out of Gods way and let Him Work in my husbands heart! I find myself often having to tell myself “He is God, I am not!” I know He loves my husband (and my 9 year old stepson who I will also lose through this separation) much more than I know and GOD will take care of them much better than I can!

    • Becky

      I will be praying for you and your family! Your strength and positive attitude are encouraging to me as I am trying to mentally prepare myself for a separation. My husband wants a divorce and although my heart is breaking I know that God will never give up on him and He will get me through this.

    • erickafaulk

      Yes I’m in the same situation my husband and I are seperated and we have two boys and it hurts he doesn’t seem to want to change his anger and his ways I pray for him and god will open his eyes and change his heart

  • Kevin aschliman

    A marriage in Atlanta

  • Alisono Poole


  • Brenda


  • Joyce


  • esther

    I have been praying for a suitable career for myself.
    I have finished doctoral studies and without a job for the one and half years. Please pray for me.

    • Esther, perhaps you should tweak your choice of words. Instead of asking for a “suitable career” for yourself, ask God what ministry you can do for him.

  • Bonnie Martin

    It is 5 am. Couldn’t sleep b/c husband’s back pain is so severe the bed shook with each muscle spasm. My husband and I have responded to God’s call, we know nothing is impossible with God, and yet I found myself crying, begging God for help to TRUST & BELEIVE in HIM again, I feel like such a failure. Then I opened my computer and found your encouraging words! Our marriage of 36 years is in a healing phase, it is a different time and place for us and difficult for us to understand; yet I thank you for the reminder that GOD IS STILL WORKING IN US!! My husband is a disabled veteran, and the V.A. is making life difficult in getting him pain relief. Please remember us in prayer, thank you.

  • Jennifer


  • Stephanie

    T.S D.W AG

  • Melinda


  • Carla

    I pray for my adult children that God will open their eyes and their hearts and that they will once again be believers.

  • Stephanie

    T.S D.W AG Myers

  • Gina

    Praying for S and M

  • Jenny


  • Melissa

    Please pray for my brother…. his story is similar to Richard’s! My heart breaks for him and his family.

  • Millie Mirembe

    Please pray for Mark’s healing and restoration of Philip

  • Jana


  • Cola

    J, P, S, & S

  • Omayra

    Lord you know I’ve been praying for my husband’s salvation and that ou r kids Aramis and Alanis will be your disciples too.I’m adding my siblings Lisa,Brenda and Luilli.My mother and my husband’s relatives let them see you Father!! Break whatever chain they’re carrying …show them how different is life when having YOU as the center.You’re my EVERYTHING,always praising you…your disciple in training.

    I pray for all my students and coworkers bless them Lord.For the world,nations,and everything under the sun…in Jesus almighty name.GIVING YOU ALL THE GLORY AND HONOR…AMEN!!

  • Janis Edwards


  • Kayla

    Katie & Jacob

  • Pamela

    I am praying for Fobi, Amanda, Shae, Kenneth

  • nicollett

    hi my 16 old son Griffin is addicted to dagga and i dont know what other drugs please help me pray for him that God wil set him free from drugs and he will return to God

  • Karen Kerns

    I am praying for Ashley, Amber, Eli, Carter and Josh

  • Diana

    My sons, Nathan and Adam, who are prodigals.

  • andrea Whitehead

    I am praying for my family,current friends,ex friends,to be able to hear gods word of when to leave my current job,for me to be able to forgive. I am praying for my boyfriend who went to Africa to help his family and had been gone for 8 months with barely a word. God has given me peace to continue on regardless of the situation.

  • Shannon

    Kinleigh, Sandra, Frankie, Joe & Dee

  • Dionne

    Praying for A.T., D.D.J., that Jehovah will deliver them from deception an that they would take their rightful place I the Kingdom of God.

  • Jennifer Lewis


  • Tammie

    Praying for AB.

  • Ruth

    For my husband, Kevin.

  • Susan

    Lauren is in a toxic relationship that has led to the severance of family relationships. Please pray that God would break the chains that are binding her.

  • J

    Please pray for D. Praying for conversion, blessings and financial graces. Praying for J and D- conception of child.

  • Sach

    Praying hard for someone very special. Someone I see something great in, but he does not see it.

  • Diane


  • Andrea

    My daughter Jennifer
    HSG screening today – praying she can be blessed with a child. Trying to trust god’s perfect plan but I know what a gift my children are to me and I know her longing in her heart.
    Thank you for prayers

  • Misty Von Krosigk

    My brother Tony

  • Lisa


  • Susan

    Lauren is in a toxic and dangerous relationship and has started severing ties with her family. Please pray that God would break the chains that are binding her.

  • Anne

    Daughter A who has MS
    Granddaughter R who is in with the wrong crowd
    Daughter N in USA long way from home in U.K.
    Daughter L who gets on with life but is lonely.

  • Julie


  • Billie Singleton

    I am praying for a lot of people in my life to find God! JS KH BE and JH
    May they open their minds to him.
    Thank you God for this day and Everyday! Amen

  • Lynn Bush


  • Rickii

    Father, I am reading the posts of the strong prayerful women and I am praying for them and myself! I am raising is all up to you in prayer right now. Give us strength, peace in our valleys, courage to continue to follow you, even when it is scary or uncomfortable to do so. Most of all Lord, please help us remember that you are always working and that we are never alone. In our seasons of sadness, longing, uncertainty help is to remember that our valleys are always temporary as long as we continue to walk with you and that after EVERY valley there is always a mountain where we can lift you up in our victory. I thank you God for all that you’ve done and are doing for me. Amen

    • Debbie storm

      Beautiful prayer!

  • Paulette

    Praying for my prodigal son TW

  • Jamie

    Praying for healing, restoration, and favor in MS, BC, TBS, TT, SS, LB, CF, JC in JESUS NAME!!!

  • Debbie storm

    I’m praying for AMH! I believe that in God’s time he will soften his heart to hear him and let him in. He has a 25 year prison sentence but if he can get it together, has a chance at parole in 12 1/2 years. He is my only son.
    Thank you

  • Morgan

    Praying for S.

  • Cathy Thomas


  • Crystal Sledge

    J.G. and D.B.

  • Michael

  • Addison

    JP, HP, JP, SE, GE, JM

  • CG

    I’m praying for MW, JP, DH, SJ, WJ, MG, CAM,DS, KG, SL. I’m praying for all my friends and families! I would like for my husband to recommit his life to Christ and for my family to dedicate theirs to Him. For my friends to never give up hope and also for myself to become more of a proverbs 31 woman, filled with patience and faith. My struggles have affected my prayer life especially because I am a new Christian and I am not really sure what to do. I want to be able to love going to church, to be filled with so much faith nothing can break me.

  • Lauri Smith

    Daily prayer for my son, S. Thank you for this reminder that God is always working no matter what I do or don’t see.

  • Gwen Rambo

    We haven’t seen our grandsons in 8 years. Pray for restoration between Braxton, Taegan and their dad.

  • Dawn


  • Shannon

    Praying for my prodigal son…..

  • Brandi K.

    My Dad, Jack, needs a touch from God and divine healing. He has a growth on his spinal cord and two nodules on his lungs. Due to the location of the tumor they are afraid to touch it for fear of paralyzing him. He has been through every test imaginable and they say there’s nothing they can do for him. His condition will only get worse. I know all it takes is a touch from God and he can be completely healed. I know God is able to heal him and as I’ve prayed this question has been placed in my spirit, I know you know I’m able, but do you believe I will? My answer…YES, I believe you will. Please join with me in praying for my Dad, Jack. I’m praying believing he will receive complete and total healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet! God is able and I believe He will heal my Dad.

  • Beverly

    That C and M would know Christ and find peace in their hearts.

  • Mandi

    Praying for healing in our whole family. Amen.

  • Tehanne Cooney

    Please join me and pray for my dear friends, T, J and B.

  • Robin Monroe

    Alecia and Allen, that their eyes and hearts maybe opened to receive Jesus.

  • Joy Griffith

    My beautiful daughter and grandchildren that have been homeless for 6 weeks. For miraculous provision – a home that they can afford and security for the children.

  • Glenna

    I have been praying for my nephew for years. I will continue to pray for his salvation. Thank you for reminding me not to give up!

  • Casie

    My best friends CP & CP & their marriage. They have really been struggling & have a lot of resentment for each other! I pray they will open up to each other & talk through honestly about their problems & pray to God together to help their marriage!

  • Christy

    JM, AM, RB

  • LM

    Praying for my sons Ben and Chris

  • Jennifer

    My 24 yo son, Dexter. That he will turn back to God, be successful at work and with his finances, and be able to live on his own.

  • Kelly

    PD 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  • Cynthia


  • Cynthia


  • Ellie


  • Kristin

    E,A, B&S For healing and protection

  • Stacy

    Pray for cassie

  • Lindsay

    My Momma TSD. Just diagnosed with lung cancer.

  • Sherrie

    My son, J.

  • jennifer


  • Bri

    Please pray for my husband B, he is a very hurt person and he takes it out on me in the form of angry hurtful words. I keep praying he will have a true salvation experience and would be baptized in the holy spirit because I know that the Spirit of Truth transforms our lives. Our relationship is toxic, the enemy has his perspective very twisted. I want to see him healed as I do love him. Also please pray for my kids T, C, J, B, R,and R, the older 3 are trying to find their way and the younger 3 are subject to the issues of the adults around them. It just isn’t right… also please pray for my dad and mom, my dad has become ill over the past several years and he is sinking into a deep depression. But he has a call on his life that is not yet fulfilled. God still has a purpose for him and mom and I keep praying for God to lift him out of this pit. Also for my siblings C, M and F they are all feeling lost and need God’s help and to draw close to the Lord and be delivered from the bondage they are in. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Robin

    My son SWP – addiction to drugs & gambling

  • Marilyn

    My husband! KFM

  • Debbie

    I am praying for my husband Michael to have a renewed love for God and for renewal in our marriage that has suffered an enormous hit.

    • erickafaulk

      My family has suffered so long with my husband know disabled. I feel so hopeless and we are currently seperated at the time it’s been 2 months. Please god heal this family.

  • Junie

    My husband Corey. Addicted to porn. Emotionally abusive. Thank you for your prayers for his freedom in Christ. I’m believing for this mountain to be moved.

  • Marisol


  • Jovi

    D. I am praying for you, like I always have before and will still continue to do so now. Maybe you might have forgotten me, maybe you don’t even think of me anymore. That’s okay, think of yourself first. I hope you won’t give up on your big project, it’s a huge deal, you know. If you ever need any comfort, you know I’m always there. Always. And as always, I pray that today you smile, and have hope.

  • Diane Kitts

    Praying for David D and Jackie Z and Odin. God is still working!

  • April

    My brother

  • Janis

    I am praying for my husband Russell, and my two stepsons to have their eyes and heart to see and know Christ.
    It has been difficult to say the least as I feel the tearing in the seams of our marrisge. Thank you.

  • Pam

    Praying every day for my young adult kids to return to Jesus and leave their addictions and lifestyles at the cross! Allie, Daniel, Emily and Sarah. 🙏🏼

  • Sg

    JW,JM,BA,OA,AC,N,S,S,Cc, all my family and friends, our president.

  • Connie Becker

    Prayers for K and D and K and M and M

  • Kathy

    Amy, Amber and Adam.

  • Melissa

    Praying for a prodigal daughter. I have been battling prayer for the past week because I have been praying and praying for months and some things for years and not seeing any changes. I am almost to the point of giving up. Don’t understand why God answers everyone else’s prayers, but doesn’t seem to answer mine. Even as I look through my prayer journal and seeing all the unanswered prayers!!! why??

    • Lisa

      I have a prodigal I have been praying for. A friend gave me a book Prayers for Prodigals 90 day of prayer for your child by James Banks. This has really been a journey for me but I see God at work in his life. It may not be in the time frame I want but I know that God has control and he will answer we have to be patient. No that is not easy, there have been many tears and sleepless nights but also glimmers of light that let me know God’s got this. Will be lifting prayers for your prodigal daughter as well.
      Peace of Christ be with you.

  • Shirley Hedge

    P & M

  • Lisa


  • Elisa

    My son CTY, he is currently in jail for possession. He is addicted to meth. Plus he is a lost soul, struggling to reconnect with God. Please pray for our family, especially his children, as addiction is not a one person problem, it affects all of us. Also please pray for my friend Lorie; she is fighting cancer. She is down to the last resort; clinical trials. Thank you

  • mary


  • Michelle

    I am praying for my daughters…this day and everyday.

  • Deborah

    Dennis, Joseph,Billy

  • Dana


  • Tammy


  • Amanda

    My husbands salvation, as well as many, many other family members

  • Melissa

    I’m praying for healing for my mom, my daughter, and myself.

  • Cristina

    Father God in the mighty, matchless name of Jesus hear our prayers as we cry out to you for our loved ones. You love them more than we ever could. I stand in the gap in agreement with my sisters knowing and declaring that nothing is impossible for you. You are the same yesterday today & forever, we give you praise honor and glory as we wait with expectancy in our our hearts for you to change lives and turn situations that look hopeless around, because your word is true and it will never fail. Give us your peace in our hearts & minds. In your name Amen!

    Praying for:
    My husband Felix- salvation, deliverance from drugs, & restoration of our marriage & family.
    My son Anthony- salvation, deliverance from drugs, Godly friends & a desire for the things of God
    My son Michael- salvation, Godly friends & a desire for the things of God.

    • Brenda Ronan

      Amen Chrisitna! Please save our families from the sins of temptations.

  • Hollyn

    Prayer for my husband, our marriage and finances.

  • Babette

    Sweet Lindsey.

  • Michelle

    🙏N. T. Healing, E. M. , K. M., families, 🙏hurricane & earthquake victims/ survivors. Pray for this Nation. Pray people realize the word of God will bring peace to their heart and souls. Hallelujah, hallelujah, Amen🙏

  • Heather


  • Rachel

    Praying for my brother Henry and his dear wife to surrender their lives to Jesus.

  • Jennifer creason


  • Beth

    Pray for C. C.

  • Michela

    I’m praying that the correct insurance coverage with fall in place by the time I deliver my second child. The insurance I have is awful & hardly covers anything. Thank you!!

  • Tonya

    Please pray for my little brother, J, that he will accept Jesus. Thank you for this timely reminder. It made me want to weep, because I have been praying for him for over 20 years.

  • Jen


  • Praying for C

  • Jasmine

    TG, RG, TG, MP, PM

  • Chelle

    I am praying for my husband Calvin, healing and deliverance from prison (15 years ), my health and deliverance from fear, children salvation, Tiera, Troy, Allen, Quel, Cheri, sister, healing of lupus and her marriage and my marriage

  • Sweaks

    Jason Brian and Courtney

  • Gayle

    LKH to believe and live in His truth and love

  • Tina


  • B

    K and M

  • Jane Johnson

    I’m praying for CGK and KK.

  • Angela

    I am in the need of prayer for direction and guidance as it relates to my career path. Angela

  • Christina Bogdan


  • Patty Bayless


  • Tracy


  • ks

    Praying for one of my kids to see Jesus in the everyday. That even while he is young, he will have a personal relationship with the Lord. Praying for my other son to find his way back to Jesus!

  • Deedee

    B &W

  • Emily

    My son, Gavin, who is struggling with severe anger and cutting. He is a beautiful gift and I pray that he will see the truth of who he is in Jesus.

  • amy

    my son

  • Julie

    I am praying for R.

  • Brit

    RAH & NI

  • Tammy

    TF, NL

  • Mandy

    Kaitlyn, Kylei & Kambrei

  • Patricia Burrows

    Beth Paul Kevin Marianne Carolyn Aaron Ryan Evan

  • Terri townsend


  • Valerie


  • Lisa

    David, Paul, Barbara, Jonathan

  • Shannon

  • Lynn

    Matthew and Mark

  • Anita


  • TLW

    Gary, Luke and family, Cara

  • Robyn

    I’m praying for my daughter who desperately wants a job. Sadly this desire is affecting her relationship with the Lord

  • Lori Maki

    NM, MM, VAM, CF, AM, BM, AC, AMC

  • Nora


  • Angie


  • Sarah

    I’m praying for my daughter H, my husband J and my one friend in particular, L. H & J are making choices in their own lives that can destroy their health and future and though I pray at times I feel discouraged. I know God hears me. I know God loves them but the destructive choices continue and continue. Though I grow weary I will not stop as I do have faith He has a plan for them both.
    For my friend L. I just pray for her to find a solid, supportive group of Christian ladies (or lady) that will connect with her in her town and be there for her in her tough times.
    I pray I can be a witness to them all and show Gods’s love through these hard times.
    Dear Lord, you know their struggles and my fears/heartache for each of them. Help me to be your voice and not my own. Help me to be patient and not push for immediate change/results. Help me to leave them at your feet and lift them in prayer daily. Thank you for never leaving or foresaking Your children. Amen!

  • Betty Paul

    I am praying for Charles.

  • Angie

    AR, AE, and BJ also

  • Jesson

    I am praying for restoration in my marriage. 8 months of being separated due to rage issues and emotional/verbal abuse. We have been in counseling and just yesterday my husband informed me that if I do not allow him back in the house in a month, he is divorcing me. Oh how I have prayed for this man, shown him love even when he has shown me nothing but anger and disgust. I am fighting for my marriage and it looks like he’s giving up. We have a four y/o son together and my husband does not have the Lord. I pray every day that he will be given the gift of faith and a yearning to know Jesus as his Lord and savior. Initials are JPG

    • Donna

      Jesson, don’t give it to threats. Threats show he hasn’t changed. Your son deserves a strong Mother who loves him enough to raise him in a peaceful home. Don’t stop praying for your husband but don’t be pushed into something that you know isn’t going to work without him changing. You can’t change him. He is the only one that can change his behaviour. With God all things are possible but if he doesn’t have God in his life then he is doomed. Stay strong in your conviction. ❤️

  • Valerie

    Ts, JM, CB praying specifically for these individuals

  • Sandra smith

    Praying for miraculous healing for family of CM

  • Tracy


  • Courtney


  • Susan

    My son C. Drugs, alcohol, very disrespectful to our household rules, bad life choices, he’s been in trouble with the police several times. My mammas heart has been broken a million times. My husband is so angry with him, he’s written him off. I feel left in the middle trying to love my son and husband both. My husband wants to kick him out. I’m afraid if he does, his life will get worse.

    • Tammy

      Dear Susan….I lived with that for years. I had to let go and let God with my son. The only thing I could do was let him go through the consequences of his actions and let him know my love was unconditional as I prayed for his turn around. He is now 33 and living a life that is respectable but it took a long time and God’s still working on him. I will pray for your family that God’s work will bring peace and joy to you and yours! It’s not an easy road…but keep hoping and trusting in God…he is working!!
      Blessings Tammy

  • Chantal

    I am praying for my daughter alpha who currently has anemia and underway and underheight, she doesn’t have much appetite and she is 7 y/o . Pls help me pray for it. Been going thru this since March this year

  • Melanie

    Joshua – deliverance from alcohol
    Children’s salvation – chad, Laura, violet, Adam, Celine, Heather, johniyah

  • Tammy Ross

    My son Owen that he is able to adjust to college life and the difficulty of his classes. That the Lord give him a spirit of confidence and not of self doubt.

  • Kassandra Heinrich

    For Doubting Thomas, and for us all to have a bit more courage and show up when the occassion calls for our presence and voice.

  • Lynn


  • Andrea

    I’m praying for AB and JB. Thank you for this message today. You don’t know how much I need do yo hear this, but God did! Thank you.God bless.

  • Akina

    Praying for my friend DT.

  • Traci Yoder

    Im praying for my daughter. A lot of anger towards her dad and I and God for moving her during her freshman year. Says she doesnt trust anyone. Praying for heart.

  • Lisa

    Please pray for my husband, Larry, to find his way back to the Lord!!!!

  • Abraham

  • Brenda Ronan

    I am praying for my son Kevin to overcome his addiction to alcohol. Prayers would be appreciated and most welcome!

  • Dawn

    My marriage, my eyes to be opened, RM… to return to God

  • Candace

    Please pray for TJ to return to God. My kids and I are praying for a miracle for my husband, their dad. Also, lifting you all and your needs up. He is a sovereign God who loves us beyond measure. He is good. Your will be done, Lord!

  • Diana


  • pray for enlightenment and restoration to our churches, families, communities, world~
    pour out Your unconditional love to GNC, R~C~L~A~C~K~M~W~DJ~B~H~X~S~B~VS~N~ALL
    ~~~always praying

  • Dawn

    My daughter H…. for her GRE test score to Be 300…. she needs confidence & focus.
    Also for her to be delivered from fear of sickness & dying.

  • Julie Waters

    Praying for Jacob and Amber

  • Kimberly


  • Rhonda

    Praying for my niece, Dana. Her boyfriend was murdered this summer. She is not a believer, but God has opened doors for me to show His love to her. I gave her a bible, and she has been reading it. I see God working. Praying she will come to know him. It has been a very slow process but I trust in God’s promises.

  • Elly Smith


  • Sherry

    My son, Kevin

  • Renee


  • Anne

    I pray for conversion for my daughter..Also I prayer for a project to be approve for my husband and his friend.

  • Pamela Hill

    My husband Dennis, diagnosed with rare cancer, surgery not successful in removing all the cancer.

  • Tina

    Kerri,mom, Jordan, dad & Nick. May their eyes be opened to God’s truth. Prayers for my husband, Scot. Good health, and favor & happiness with work. Prayers for my kids, Sam & Sean. May they stay strong in the Lord.

  • Shari

    My husband, CT, to return to God

  • Channy

    Great devotion!! I would like to thank Jesus for ALL he has done for me, my family, my friends & loved ones. He has always made a way out of no way even when we as humans are unfaithful, disobedient & sinners! I will always praise his name because he is worthy to be praised. I am grateful, thankful and blessed beyond measure and I am so happy that he loves me and is always there to make a way out of NO way. I would like to pray for NAK,MM,CB,TS,CS,TB,CB,ED,JL,EA,JM,DM,SL,MS,MH,DA,TB,TB,RK,SH,EK and any of my loved ones I forgot. Thank God its Friday…..I hope everyone in the comments has a wonderful, stress free, feel good FRIDAY! AMEN!!!

  • Debbie


  • Lisa


  • GS

    My family,friends, and me.

  • Mim

    Praying for SW and SK

  • Sandra

    Praying for CD, AB and MB.

  • SWW

    GEW (daughter) – salvation in Jesus Christ. Obey parents. That she gives up her strong-willed behavior.

  • Becca

    Wow I have never posted a comment at the end of a devotional that I’ve read. I’m amazed at how many comments are here. Please pray for my son Daniel for his salvation. This devotional really spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you

  • Cathy Aldrich

    N & P for their marriage and that they come to know and trust the Lord.

  • Pat

    Praying for TMM T JM KK NM SM PK IK BG DM TC’s family

  • Kelley

    Praying for TC .. victory

  • Tammy

    Several prayers. CW needs healing prayers. NM to turn his heart and life over to God. RL needs prayers for peace and answers for her family. Thank you prayer warriors and Lord Jesus.

  • Erin

    I am praying for Justin.

  • Viktória

    Please pray for a young woman I have known and loved for 20 years now.

  • Victoria

    Please add my dad Gary to this list, that he would give his heart to the Lord.

  • deannah muha

    Praying for Nick, Millie, and Mandi. 3 that need to get their life back to the Lord. Stay strong against the world.

  • Melissa Conaway

    Praying for my husband Chris

  • Lee Ann

    Please pray for my brother JDW. He is very lost and bitter, he has a alcohol problem and is bi polar. My mom and I have been praying for years that he would get help and turn his life over to the Lord.

  • Cheryl Downing

    Our son, Jason. He cut off all communication with us almost two years ago. We don’t know where he’s at and he won’t read our texts or emails. But this I do know….we love him very much no matter what AND God loves him even more and is at work wooing him to Himself. I can’t see what God is doing but I know He is at work in this. And that comforts our hearts! Thank You, Lord!

  • Sharon

    Please remember my granddaughter KJS


    What an amazing devotion! – How awesome is it that there are so many posts on here this morning! – speaking of husband’s in jail, my husband too is in jail. My husband got saved the night before he went in. Our family and I cried together, we’ve been suffering together, and missing each other terribly. We have 3 young children together which it makes it even harder to deal with. One thing is for sure, we cannot judge him, and we cannot turn our backs on him. He is a good man, good father, good husband, and a good son who made a bad choice. Amazingly enough this break and separation from what’s really important to him is exactly what he needed. Like the devotion says, my husband has experienced much more lows than highs which cause him to be angry, bitter, selfish, among many other things. I’ve noticed a change in him though. Just when I thought there was no hope left, that small cloud the size of a man’s hand appeared. My husband is at peace. His faith is growing stronger by the day. He is calm, happy, patient and understands that this is all a part of God’s plan. He knows that we serve a big God and that God is always working. A moment of heartbreak has turned into something joyful. God is so good, I cannot express it enough. In Jesus name, I know my family and I are going to be fine. I will not worry nor fret. I will be strong and courageous not weak and afraid. Amen. — God Bless ladies!

  • Michele Bonifanti


  • HA Wells

    Awesome devo — thank You, Lord! Praying for SM & Family, DL & Family, HL & Family.

  • Barbara

    Dawn and Marshall are both struggling with issues I cannot help them with. I can only pray for these things to be resolved.

  • Marla


  • Sara

    D & S

  • Michele Bonifanti

    My granddaughter, Amelia, she breaks out in hives and we are trying to find out why. It has happened two times and she is going to the doctor today. She has recently started kindergarten after going to nursery school for three years, and she tells her mother that she doesnt want to go to school. Please pray that she will adapt and start liking it. Thank you

  • nanette

    Please pray for my son Keith he is a strong young man and I ask for pray that he is covered in the blood day and night.

  • Beth


  • Marshall

    My son’s and their families ♡ Thank you God for saving and rescuing them.

  • Kim


  • Anonymous

    P. V.

    • Anonymous

      To follow Christ. To seek God’s will for their life. To pray about every decision about to be made, to discern whether or not the path is from God.

  • Beverly

    Ruby’s salvation
    Cody to pass his test so that he can practice. He’s failed twice and it’s been 1 1/2 years. He has to wait again till Feb to take it. He has a relationship with Christ but praying for him while he waits.

  • Kelly



    IM, VM, MH, GA, WC, LC, EC, AA, RA, VA DM, KM, JM

    Healing for my daughters grandfather.

  • Hello!

    I am praying for my husband, JR, that he comes to know and follow and trust the Lord with his whole heart. He believes in God, but I pray for home to come to a place where he no longer doubts, and that God continues to restore and renew his heart piece by piece. My heart’s desire is that JR gets to a place where HE leads our family spiritually. Its very hard when you and your spouse are on completely different levels spiritually, it can create lots of conflict. 🙁

    Thank you for helping me pray for JR! I know and believe God is doing a great miracle in his heart and in our family, though I can’t see it yet… I trust Him.

    Sincerely, Erica

    • Adrienne Crawford

      I’m in almost the exact situation with my husband. Him and I are on different levels spiritually. He doesn’t believe in God at all really. He used to. I don’t understand it but I need him to lead spiritually. I feel very alone and worry that we won’t ever go anywhere in life if we can’t unite spiritually. I’ll pray for JR. Please pray for my Chris.
      Love Adrienne

  • Lynn

    JD. Please gracious God open his heart to you.

  • Frankie Gray


  • Frankie Gray


  • Maxine

    Please pray for Gavin, Tamecka, Darien, Natashia and our President.

  • R

    TM, KM, CM, MM, EM

  • Kim

    My husband Chip. Please pray for healing – Tinnitus at what he calls suicidal level & prostate cancer. Pay that we will trust God and believe He’s working!

  • Cheryl

    For Erin: For her to admit that she is an alcoholic, and to seek counsel and help with her addiction.

  • Melissa

    For LW and LS

  • Lynn Kloft

    Matthew Carnahan

  • Two yeas ago I heard a pastor say something that spoke to this exact topic.

    “When you can’t see the hand of God
    you have to trust the heart of God.”

    I never forgot that. 💛

    • Lynne Klassen

      Thank you Leah! I like that quote. It really hits me in the heart! God bless you

  • Araceli Shaw

    For my son Alex he just got of jail for a gun possession, he’s 27 he was doing drugs and alcohol. he is going to Church with us now. I pray to GOD he will increase my faith. Thank you, Sharon

  • Amanda

    My husband, as an individual and our marriage. Also my oldest daughter, Makayla and my middle son, Austin. ❤

  • Sandra Ferguson Van Brunt


  • VIckie Miles

    my daughter Bethany and son in law Tyler

  • Nela Erwin

    I’m praying for Don W ( to know God and the salvation of Jesus)

    and for my son Gregor’ J who is in prison

  • Maria

    I pray for my daughters biological mother. That her heart and eyes be opened. That she may put the girl’s happiness first. Being separated from one’s children is painful but children are innocent bystanders when it comes to adults decisions. I pray her and my husbands relationship improve for their sake and the sake of the girls.

  • Danielle

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you! God Bless!

  • Lauri

    I am praying for G and my marriage.

  • Bea

    Pls. pray for TJ, that the stronghold of disorder would be broken in his life. It is a serious problem. He leaves a hurricane of chaos in his wake. Please pray he would learn to clean his living spaces, put dirty clothes in the laundry basket instead of on the floor, pick up his dirty dishes, leftover food, and trash after meals, and no longer live in a state of squalor. That God would convict him of his bad habits and any associated sin, expose Satan’s lies that this is a normal and acceptable college lifestyle, and that TJ would repent and turn from his irresponsible and negligent ways. That the blinders on TJ’s eyes and in his mind would be removed, and that TJ would know the truth: disorder and decay are not from God and are not God’s best for us.
    Thank you for praying along with me!

  • S

    T, L, S, M, S, F… there are a lot of broken souls around me that need help.

  • Susan


  • Amy Jo

    My husband had a lifelong friend…Matt… who was just entangled in the grip of alcohol. He lost everything…he was living in his truck this time last year. On New Year’s Eve he was arrested and put in jail for 3 months. He attended a bible study there…and the group leader led him in a salvation prayer. He said he felt God’s power go through him. Matt is still sober…he has a job.he has a home again..he just got a puppy..he has a growing faith in Christ…God performed a miracle in him…don’t give up on those lost souls in your life!!!

  • Girley Gutierrez

    I’m praying for my boyfriend Caleb. I’m going to be breaking up with him today. We have so much individual pain that needs to healed before we continue our relationship. I know God is calling us both to Himself. I really need strength to trust God because I love Caleb so much. I know that in his timing, He will bring us back together, as the man and women He desires us to be, healed and devoted God to His heart.

    • Amy Jo

      My husband and I lived together when we were younger…had a son…broke up. I had a lot of bad feeling toward him. We bith came to know Jesus…about 2 years apart. God brought us back together and we were married in 2010. Our little family is restored…no…it’s even better than that. Just know that we have to do hard things sometimes…but let Him work in you…let Him work in Caleb…

    • Kay

      You are on my heart, friend. My ex and I ended our relationship 2 months ago after 6 years together. I know it’s the right thing, because there is so much healing that needs to happen. But it’s hard! I am believing that he is my husband, but I am also believing that will only occur once God’s healing and timing is in place. We walked too long out of timing with God. So I am praying for you and Caleb today. I am also praying for Wendell and he would experience the healing and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  • Peggy


  • Shana Honegan

    EA, my day and sisters

  • Debbie Choate

    Ryan to return to the Lord

  • Michelle


  • Bernadette Marquez

    A.C.M my daughter

  • Terry

    Pray for Luke to turn back to the Lord and follow His will.
    Pray for Rhenden,s safety and protection.
    Pray for Calea that she will soften her heart to turn to the Lord and break the vicious cycle she is following from her mom and grandmother.

  • Cindy Armatys

    Please pray for Ryan, Joe, Justin

  • Suzanne Roxberry

    David and Domenic

  • MMC

    Richard Wayne Cook III
    Lily Cook
    Porter Cook
    Megan Cook
    Kim Ryder and Family
    for peace.

  • C

    My sons JA and KH..raised knowing God , now walking their own walk without God.
    Each have 3 precious children.
    Thank you

  • Shelly

    Drew- he’s on day 39 of sobriety today. He came home from rehab on Sunday. The “honeymoon” period is slowly being replaced by moodiness and irritability. We can get through this, though, in God’s time.

  • Dustin

    Raised as a Christian now living in homosexuality. Rededicate his life to Christ and be a powerful witness for the Lord.

    • Dawn Foster

      Dear Dustin….As I continue to read these prayers, some of them literally grab hold of my heart…just like yours did as we too have been in this same place with our daughter way too long ourselves. She used to be a loud voice for Jesus, until the same thing happened to her. I’ve shared this with a few others this morning and pray it also brings you encouragement.

      My own “life verse” is Jeremiah 31:16-17. The Lord proclaims: “Keep your voice from crying and your eyes from weeping, because your endurance WILL be rewarded, declares the Lord. They WILL return from the land of their enemy! There’s hope for your future, declares the Lord. Your children WILL return home!” Not only is this a powerful PROMISE, note how many times these 2 verses say “the Lord proclaims” and “declares the Lord”. THREE! That’s powerful in itself! I came across a prayer on the internet, printed it off and have been praying it every day! Go out to Google and type in bondage breaking prayer. Just like that. In ‘Images’ you’ll see a tan colored document that says Bondage Breaking Prayer across the top and then starts with “Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace….”. Print it. Read it aloud every day. My husband and I pray it every day over our children, grandchildren and siblings. One day in prayer, I heard the voice of God say….don’t stop reading that prayer. Their names are being mentioned around the Throne Room!” We may not be able to SEE what God is doing – but again – Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen.” Be encouraged mother. Bless you.

      • Mercy

        Thank you Dawn, powerful sharing and verse. Bless you

  • M

    My children : NM, KE, CL, ME, AC, JJ, HG

    Salvation and for release from the grips of false religions and witchcraft and atheism. They each have their different strongholds.

    • Dawn Foster

      Dear M….As I continue to read these prayers, some of them literally grab hold of my heart…just like yours did as we too have been in this same place with our own children way too long ourselves. I’ve shared this with a few others this morning and pray it also brings you encouragement.

      My own “life verse” is Jeremiah 31:16-17. The Lord proclaims: “Keep your voice from crying and your eyes from weeping, because your endurance WILL be rewarded, declares the Lord. They WILL return from the land of their enemy! There’s hope for your future, declares the Lord. Your children WILL return home!” Not only is this a powerful PROMISE to, I believe, mothers….note how many times these 2 verses say “the Lord proclaims” and “declares the Lord”. THREE! That’s powerful in itself! I came across a prayer on the internet, printed it off and have been praying it every day! Go out to Google and type in bondage breaking prayer. Just like that. In ‘Images’ you’ll see a tan colored document that says Bondage Breaking Prayer across the top and then starts with “Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace….”. Print it. Read it aloud every day. One day in prayer, I heard the voice of God say….don’t stop reading that prayer. Their names are being mentioned around the Throne Room!” We may not be able to SEE what God is doing – but again – Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen.” Be encouraged mother. Bless you.

  • Lisa

    N, K, M, K

  • Mary Selan

    My mom, Annie.

  • Lynne Klassen

    Daughter Jen <3

  • Debbie Herbst

    Super reminder. Please pray for our home group. we are at a crossroads, dealing with some deep issues.
    Men are meeting tomorrow so please pray for revelation, appropriate repentance and unified vision.
    Thanks for the “Praying for Your Husband” book which I have used daily, and included our 2 college -aged children, since June.

  • Christy


  • A M Y

    Please pray for my husband HDL’s salvation. He does not believe in the existence of God and it is very difficult for me to share the gospel with him as he would become angry.
    We are in a very difficult marriage now. It is very heartbreaking for me to hear him say that he is different now and his feelings has changed. He seems lost and uncertain. I think he might be having midlife crisis and it is threatening our marriage. Please pray for God’s intervention to rid the Goliath in him and give me strength to fight for the survival of our marriage.

    • Adrienne Crawford

      I’ll pray for you Amy. I am in a very similar situation with my husband as well. Very bitter and hard toward God and anything I have to say. I wish he wasn’t. It feels like we’ll never get anywhere in our marriage and with our three kids. But remember God loves us and he’s for us. We just need to be faithful to him and our prayers.

      God Bless! ~ Adrienne

  • Cindy Sain

    Don, Paul, Russ, Gilbert, and Tony!

  • karen

    For my daughter who has, somehow, gotten pulled into addiction and all the ugliness that follows that life style. For her 2 year old little girl, who’s losing her mommy to darkness. Pray for a rock-bottom to come soon, before too much damage is done. My heart breaks for my daughter.

    • Dawn Foster

      Dear Karen….As I continue to read these prayers, some of them literally grab hold of my heart…just like yours did as we too have been in this same place with our own children way too long ourselves. I’ve shared this with a few others this morning and pray it also brings you encouragement.

      My own “life verse” is Jeremiah 31:16-17. The Lord proclaims: “Keep your voice from crying and your eyes from weeping, because your endurance WILL be rewarded, declares the Lord. They WILL return from the land of their enemy! There’s hope for your future, declares the Lord. Your children WILL return home!” Not only is this a powerful PROMISE to, I believe, mothers….note how many times these 2 verses say “the Lord proclaims” and “declares the Lord”. THREE! That’s powerful in itself! I came across a prayer on the internet, printed it off and have been praying it every day! Go out to Google and type in bondage breaking prayer. Just like that. In ‘Images’ you’ll see a tan colored document that says Bondage Breaking Prayer across the top and then starts with “Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace….”. Print it. Read it aloud every day. One day in prayer, I heard the voice of God say….don’t stop reading that prayer. Their names are being mentioned around the Throne Room!” We may not be able to SEE what God is doing – but again – Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen.” Be encouraged mother. Bless you.

    • Merle Nursten

      Hi Karen, my prayer was going to be that I pray for still suffering alcoholic and addict and that they will come to know Him as their higher power (its a 12 step thing) because without God recovery is just not possible. So I pray for your daughter too. You said ‘somehow’ got pulled in, addiction is us trying to run from something, trying to fill an empty hole inside, escape reality etc. If she can find what that is, there are more than likely a few reasons that go way back to childhood, the healing process can begin. And lots lots lots of prayer. Xx

  • Cathy

    My person is very much like your ‘Richard’. Drew just walked out of jail last night. Please pray, he has nothing, I have hope that Jesus is working.



  • m b

    E & P

  • Karen Portillo

    My son Christian. Teenage years are hard the way I remember them. Much worse now from what I see. Trying not to alienate him as I felt I was by my parents. Trying not to act in anger. Asking God for help.

  • Joyce

    I have to believe God is working on Janet even though I cannot see it. I will not give up.

  • Angela

    My daughter Ashlee. She is a young single mom struggling.

  • Elisabeth

    I’ve been a believer for 22 years, I have prayed in those 22 years for my parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. to find hope in Jesus. I have a wonderful family and I pray that someday they’ll see the truth. This has been my greatest obstacle as a Christian. It makes me so sad some days I feel I can’t breath. So Please pray for JD, PD, JD, KC, BD, PB, CB!!!!

    • Dawn Foster

      Dear Elisabeth, I just sent this to another and hope it brings you some encouragement as well. I came across a prayer on the internet, printed it off and have been praying it every day! Go out to Google and type in bondage breaking prayer. Just like that. In ‘Images’ you’ll see a tan colored document that says Bondage Breaking Prayer across the top and then starts with “Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace….”. Print it. Read it aloud every day. We fill in the blanks with “our children, our grandchildren and our siblings”. Every now and then I’ll hear the voice of God say – SPEAK their names – and I do. All 13 of them! One day in prayer, I heard the voice of God say….don’t stop reading that prayer. Their names are being mentioned around the Throne Room!” We may not be able to SEE what God is doing – but again – Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen.” Be encouraged mother. Bless you.


    Please pray for my family. Thank you for teaching me of Your Love.

  • Gwendolyn Hodges

    Neaman, my son.

  • Lora

    Praying for J

  • Kimber

    I have never put my heart out like this as I’m doing today. BUT, we all know prayer is powerful and God is good. This devotion is a great reminder to me to keep the faith and always believe in our Father even though we don’t get an immediate response. I have been praying (many times) for my son’s salvation, Ezekiel 36:26 “I will give you a new heart with new and right desires and I will put a new spirit in you”, and for the home investment business (house flipping) that belongs to my husband and me. We have a home currently for sale that has been on the market for 6 months. I ask for prayers lifting this home up and that He will deliver a buyer. We are very discouraged in all that we have invested in at this time as we have lost more than gained. After reading this devotion, I need to keep reminding myself that God is working on these areas (son and business) and to keep the faith and not give up, that there is hope. Some days easier than others. I thank you for sharing this devoition today and thank you for your prayers!

    • Dawn Rene’

      Ms. Kimber, Not only did today’s devotion move in my heart today, so did your post. My husband and I also have wayward children and a house-flipping business. We’ve been where you are…BUT …. God continues to bless, guide and show up – sometimes at 11:59:59. I encourage you to remember that everything belongs to God. This is HIS business – therefore – the outcome is HIS. Sometimes, when we’ve tried to figure out what is taking so long, all of a sudden the buyers show up and, after hearing their story, we realize that God was just waiting for things to get in order for them. And each time, they are our brothers and sister in the Lord! It ALL comes together for HIS glory and our good. Every time. Take a deep breath. Grab hold of your faith. Give it to Him. His Word tell us He will bless the work of our hands. And…thank you for the Ezekiel 36:26 scripture. I love that! The scripture that has been my “life verse” for many years regarding our children and grandchildren is Jeremiah 31:16-17. May it also bring you peace. Bless you…bless you….bless you!

  • Charlotte Welch

    JJW – drug addiction

  • Joy Wade


  • Alesia

    My sister
    That God would open her eyes

  • Katie


  • Deb Jones


  • Tracy


  • Lynn


  • Otilia Caraveo


  • Dawn Rene’

    Our children and grandchildren, Melissa, Chance, Shamus, Ayden, Jaxon and Brodey.
    Thank you and may God bless you all with answered prayers. xo

  • Marlene

    JC, LM, MD, MS, RM, JM, TV, AM

  • Pray with me to recieve healing, because it’s already been done and just need to be seen, restoration,and guidance, RB, KB, VH, JT,LH,OB.

  • Kathy Baxter


  • Ann Kite

    My brothers, mom, Sister in law, nephew.💝

  • Desda

    The devotion today reminds me to persevere in prayer and know God hears my cries . Please keep in prayer my daughters…Madison who is in need of emotional healing and for her to see herself through God’s eys, the beautiful young lady that she is inside and out, and McKenna, a young single mom, struggling to work , finish her degree, and make the relationship with the father work. She never gives us hope on him, which again, today’s devotional is so appropriate. Thank you for your prayers.

  • Terri schmidt


  • Renee

    For Jon. He is a lost soul but also the love of my life. He suffers from PTSD but is in denial of it. He has no belief. I pray for his soul and for God’s will to bring him home out of the darkness.

  • Loretta Baker

    Kelley, Christopher, Matthew, and Grandma.

  • Diane

    Please pray for my son Andrew. He is away from God. He is unhappy and trying everything to make him happy.

  • Karen


    • Marie

      Prayed for SWH!

  • Priscilla


  • maria

    praying for sally and her surgery at this time

  • Lisa

    My daughter L. She is in college and has pulled away from us and from God. She has moved in with her boyfriend and pretty much stopped going to church. We rarely hear from her. It’s so hard because we used to be close and her faith meant so much to her. Please pray that she returns to God and stops allowing satan and this world to guide her decisions.

    • Dawn Foster

      Dear Lisa….we’ve been in this same place with our own children way too long ourselves. As I shared with another mother earlier, my own “life verse” is Jeremiah 31:16-17. The Lord proclaims: “Keep your voice from crying and your eyes from weeping, because your endurance WILL be rewarded, declares the Lord. They WILL return from the land of their enemy! There’s hope for your future, declares the Lord. Your children WILL return home!” Not only is this a powerful PROMISE to, I believe, mothers….note how many times these 2 verses say “the Lord proclaims” and “declares the Lord”. THREE! That’s powerful in itself! I came across a prayer on the internet, printed it off and have been praying it every day! Go out to Google and type in bondage breaking prayer. Just like that. In ‘Images’ you’ll see a tan colored document that says Bondage Breaking Prayer across the top and then starts with “Father, we come boldly to your throne of grace….”. Print it. Read it aloud every day. One day in prayer, I heard the voice of God say….don’t stop reading that prayer. Their names are being mentioned around the Throne Room!” We may not be able to SEE what God is doing – but again – Hebrews 11:1. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for – the evidence of things not seen.” Be encouraged mother. Bless you.

      • Becca

        Thank you Dawn for telling about the Bondage Breaking Prayer. I am going to pray this over my son Schyler, daughter Sierra,son in law Isaiah & my other son Dakota daily. They all are in desperate need of Jesus!

  • Cheryl

    Praying for Heidi and Kelley.

  • Janice

    My son Mark who went through a very hurtful divorce and has not gone back to church since then. He was in a deep depression for 2 years and has finally come out of it. Also for my brother-in-law who lost his wife to cancer and is very bitter and does not believe in God!

  • Jackson Marla

    Larry O. Praying for God’s provision for him. We just literally need God to act on Larry’s behalf!

  • Carly

    I’m praying for my parents.

  • Linda


  • Becky

    TP. I love him and I pray for his salvation and the restoration of what was stolen from us.

  • Rose

    I’m praying for my husband.

  • Standing Covenant Wife

    J.G.- I pray that he surrenders his life to God & learns His truth & that his heart is softened.

  • DB

    Elaine, 94, dying. Knows Jesus but has had life-long depression and BPD issues. Refused treatment. Alone and fearful. Dan, 30’s -that he will respond to the Lord’s love, forgive himself and be able to function and thrive in life w/o fear. Recovering alcoholic and doing well in that regard.

  • Frances Williams

    Praying for Jason and PB

  • Praying for Bethany that her cancer reoccurrence will be healed, for Donna’s cancer to be controlled and Michael for a change of heart and a sign of hope for his future.

  • Nana

    Mw, jw, aw, and mr Lord please open their eyes and may they follow you ♡♡♡

  • Illonda


  • Kacy

    Three men my mother loved.
    Joe, Joseph and Ricky.
    I just realized this morning they no longer have her to show the kindness and love towards them that she always kindly gave to them. After my mom left to be Jesus they don’t have anyone like her anymore. So maybe it’s my turn to show them the love they need.
    These men are my Dad and brothers. They know of God but they so desperately need a relationship with Him.

  • Terry

    Guy and Kate

  • Lillian Lundy

    T.L. And R.P. Please pray for them

  • Jennifer


  • Prayerful Wife

    Please pray for my husband to be saved. I have been praying for him for twenty years or more. Pray he will become the spiritual leader of our family. Thank you.

  • Tammi

    Troy, Tucker for healing and that the spirit would fill them both

  • Barbara J Powell

    My brother, George. He has had a very rough time breaking addictions to many different things. He shows signs of hope one minute, and then goes right back to his old ways. He is struggling with emotional health as well. Just a series of bad life choices and events has led him down a dark path. Please pray for him to break these addictions, to seek help, to get his life and body healthy and, most importantly, to seek and have a relationship with Jesus. He so desperately needs hope and truth in his life

  • Adrienne Crawford

    I’m praying for my husband Chris and son Liam. They don’t believe in God even though they used to. They’ve become bitter and hard against the Lord and I know I cannot control the situation but I do believe God can change their hearts. I pray for them both; that Chris be the spiritual leader he needs to be. He’s already a loving, devoted father but I know that faith is what’s missing in his life. I pray for my son Liam. He’s only 14 but he’s very cold towards God. I worry about him as he’s young and impressionable. I pray that I be a better example to them and that the Lord strengthen my weaknesses and put a muzzle on my mouth that I have a hard time controlling. Lord please draw them to you. Reach them like no other can. Thank you in advance! In Jesus name!


    • A M Y


  • Brigitte Hidalgo

    I’m praying for all 4 of my adult children. Not one is living for the lord. They’ve each had profound moments where God reached out in an amazing way but still they doubt. I know it’s in His hand and His timing. I give glory to God for what I know he is doing though I cannot see it.

  • Jan

    Please pray for my husband Bob. He is 1 in a million but he is not saved or is not living putting the Lord first in his life. I have prayed for 40 years for him and I know in God’s perfect timing he will become the Christian, and family spiritual leader the Lord has planned for him. Prayers for me that I would be the witness and wife God would have me be. Some days my heart just aches.

  • Renee Shaw

    MS and MH

  • JJ

    Praying for my daughter my. She has mental issues going on and tried to harm herself,which landed her in the hospital. Doctors say she also ptsd which is contributing to some false accusations that has took a toll on our family. Please pray for her and our family to make it through this and come out even stronger. Our God is awesome! He can make a way from no way!

  • Ijnanya Thrower

    Please pray for my son, Kevin Thrower. He is currently in jail. Thank you

  • Liche M. Cavazos

    My niece, cc. It seems like the more I pray, the more she’s getting into darkness. She’s agnostic and practices wicken. I pray for her three beautiful children all the time as well, and her husband, to be the leader of the household. He was brought up with Christian values but he doesn’t instill the Christian life in their household. The last thing God told me to do is just love on her.

  • Krista Morgan

    MC – God knows. 🙂

  • Danette

    Kyle Daniel

  • This was such an encouragement to read – thank you for this beautiful reassurance. I find my thoughts can often start spinning up – threatening to take me far away from the peace and rest God desires for His children. If I can’t see that He’s working, I can start to worry and try to take matters into my own hands. Your words and the verses you’ve shared are a sweet reminder – God is always working, redeeming, and doesn’t give up even when we would!

  • julie

    Pray for my friend, V. I pray every day for him to make the right choices and never give up hope. I see some positive things happening and pray that they continue for his well-being.

  • Lucille

    My son “Chuck”. Drug addiction since a young man. Now in his late fifties He does know the Lord. He tries, but cannot shake it. Has been living on the streets for years. Hurts a mother’s heart and i can really share and care put all of us in prayer and in a loving Father’s arms for He loves us. Hold on saints. Thank you so much for this devotional today it’s just what i needed. Love you.

  • Mark and Lynne

  • Toishyra Kemper

    Please pray with me.
    My brother has stage 4 prostate cancer. Beautiful man but has anger issues. Praying that he will allow God to ease his heart, so he may see and feel the miracle he is working on the inside of him.
    A family of friends from church that lost a lot from Hurricane Harvey. Sometimes they don’t know what to do and where to turn. Praying that they don’t lose focus on keeping their eyes on Jesus.
    Thank you

  • Jennife


  • Gayle

    BL. My sister very ill. Not a believer

  • Paula


  • Sara

    Please pray for strongholds in DF’s life. It’s causing so much brokenness and sadness.

  • Cissy O’Neal

    Christopher-raised in a Christian home but turned from the Lord when he got out on his own. PLEASE lift my son up in prayer.

  • Jennifer J Tipsword

    My son Benjamin ❤

  • Debbie

    TS, CWS, SS, CS, CS, ELS, LS, DS

  • Renee


  • Patricia

    Please pray for my daughter HMR

  • Lucy Gilbertson

    Please pray for JG and MW

  • Della

    I am praying for my adult children and their spouses to know and see their need for the Lord.

    • Dee

      Praying beside you as I have this prayer in common with you.

  • JC

    • Marie

      Prayed for JC!

  • Steph

    Please pray for KR & RR as they are separated. Prayers that they can reunite as a family with their 3 children instead of taking the path of divorce.

  • Jackie


  • Lynnette

    Hyacinth & Malcolm

  • Whitney

    Dreyez, Preston, Joe, Shayla, Keisha, Hagen, and anyone who is struggling right now. I pray that everyone may find the same peace, comfort and love that I have found within you, Lord. Bless these dear people that are praying for so many loved ones, that their prayers may be answered. God is good, and he hears our prayers. Do not give up <3

  • Jennifer Butler

    John R., Ben, and Yonnie.

  • Donna

    Z,B & E

  • betty

    For my entire family salvation thank you

    I believe. God amen

  • Jan


  • Joyce

    Please pray for my son Todd

  • Courtney

    Myself (Courtney), my husband (Bradley), our 2 daughters (Alyssa & Aubree), my parents (Merle & Wanda), my brother (Brent), my in-laws (Scotty & Rhonda)

  • Luci

    Please pray for my family SLCJETATTBVDC. I know God answers prayers. Thank you Lord for loving each one of us. 💝

  • Judy Johnston

    Eddy, J.L family

  • CKB

    Sharon, I am praying for JB, MB, & PV, and thanks to your book, my husband, from head to toe! It is THE BEST daily scripture based prayer tool I’ve ever used!

  • Lauren Salmon

    Myself, JL, DL, KF, KW, SS, VE, KC, and TT.

  • Jacquelyn Hopkins

    Please pray for my son, Cameron.

  • Lisa

    Please pray for JP… that he will reach for the light again

  • Robin


  • Christine

    Thank you for reminder of God ALWAYS at work even when we don’t see.
    My husband Brian back at rehab. Watching him trying to walk and move normally was too difficult. You see we have done this already in June when he had a seizure. This valley began memorial day 2016.. When he was diagnosed with brain tumor. After another surgery this past June, we did 3 weeks inpatient rehab and 1p weeks outpatient…Brian moving and walking with no cane even and riding stationary bike. August 30th after driving from PHX to ABQ and only 6 hours at home he had another seizure. Spent most of September in hospital and just moved to rehab… Again..
    A nightmare repeat of June.
    Prayer so much needed..my mustard seed gets smaller each day…my weariness grows and my husband struggles still.
    Why progress all summer to returning part time to work and better mobility to just knock Brian down to start over. Makes no sense..
    I know its not my job to understand but to trust and obey..
    Thank you for helping to storm the gates of Heaven for me and my beloved .

  • Kim

    My marriage to heal, my husband to see his own faults and not just mine and that we can be closer than we ever have before.

  • Paige

    Please pray for JB that He will see and know and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Thank you

  • God’s Child

    Freedom from the chains of alcoholism: Aaron…..Renee….Brian…..Kyle…..Teth….
    Freedom from the chains of methaphetamines: Bobby Wayne…..Chrissy
    Awareness of and a true acceptance of Christ: Sonya….Michael….Payton
    Freedom from a lifestyle of sexual immorality: Tad….Breanna….Francesca…Brittney….Kelsey….
    Freedom from the chains of food addiction: Cindy…..Sonya

  • Dee

    Please pray for Stephen S. Stephen is my son in law, recovering alcoholic, hiding behind the use of other drugs. He and my daughter parent 2 toddlers, with a 3rd on the way. Please pray for my daughter Mindee S., Stephen’s wife, that she deepen her relationship with God and continues to trust Him for His strength in her weakness.

  • Pamela Tyrrell

    I am praying for Carly – 21 year old mom of a beautiful 4 year old girl. She thinks she’s alone – abandoned by her dad at a young age, and now her mom. Dear precious Father, she is wrong. She is never alone. You are always her father, even though she doesn’t know you. She also has my family and me, even though she really doesn’t know what that means. Let her see Lord, how precious she is and so deeply loved. Please help her to put her fears aside so that she will allow us to come along side her and walk with her.

  • Debra Alexander

    Praying for my little brother who is 42 years old, single and far away from God.

  • Ann Butler

    Please pray for David. He has fought God ( and others) for years…and addiction has brought him near death more than once. Pray for strength and wisdom for his family. I pray that he would see his need for a personal Savior and Lord. His parents are believers, and he has a praying grandmother. Help them to hang onto hope that ” the cloud is forming” even though it seems hard to see God at work.

  • Cynthia wong

    My husbands salvation. Sometimes I feel like my prayers are not going anywhere.. but just like Sharon said ” just because you can’t see God working doesn’t mean he’s not ”
    I need to have faith. Even though for me it seems like the impossible, I know that for my God nothing is impossible

    • Marie

      I was just talking to a friend in the same situation. I’m not married but I can only imagine how heartbreaking it is. Prayers for your husband!

  • Wendy Hallock

    Please pray for my son Kyle, that he will come to know and love Jesus Christ. Thank you and God bless.

  • Crystal

    How beautifully said that your words were able to move my heart ( and I pray many others) in the way needed for today. Thank you again- and always proverbs 31.

  • Janine

    Praying for Mike. It’s been hard lately so this is a timely reminder to trust God is at work in his life even though I struggle to see it.

    • Marie

      Prayed for mike!

  • Teresa Sanchez

    Prayer request for SHS.

    • Marie

      Prayed for SHS!

  • Teresa McNeillt

    Pray for my son in China. He just left the USA to teach in China. I’m worried about his health and welfare. He got addicted to drugs and alcohol when he went off to college. It was a nightmare of a time. We had to have him involuntarily committed and he got out of the hospital and hated us so much, he wouldn’t speak to us for three years. He called us out of the blue and came home for a weekend to tell us he’s taken a teaching job, teaching math and coaching a Chess team, in Wenzhou china. We have only heard from him once since he landed and that was over a month ago.

    Also pray for me. I found a lump in my breast a month ago. It isn’t a cancer, but it’s a large painful cyst that has to be surgically removed. I also start a new job teaching TESOL/GED students the same week I have to have the surgery done. I won’t get to rest and heal. I need to stay healthy once I start this job.

  • Iris

    This was SO needed for me today. Thank you! God bless.

  • Marie

    It’s so hard to see people that you care about not know the truth or reject it. Please pray for C.C and also a friend’s husband. Thanks! 😊

  • Anonymous

    Praying for R.- have been for over 2 1/2 years now. He has so many struggles from his past that he’s trapped in…from physical health and family struggles to depression and substance abuse. He was close to God off and on throughout his life but right now I don’t know where he stands with that either… God’s brought him out of it before, so I know it’s possible. But it’s so discouraging and disheartening to hear bad news about him and to see that there hasn’t been a change. When I read this message today, I cried at the end- not only because of how relevant the message was, but also because of Philippians 1:6. That was the verse that came to me when I first started praying for him. Galatians 6:9 also became a source of comfort for me and is now one of my favorite verses in the Bible. I pray that all these ladies will see an answer to the prayers for their loved ones. Thank you for giving us this message.

  • Janel


  • Janel


  • Karen

    Praying for my husband,Bill to turn to the Lord and be saved.

  • Karen

    Please pray for my husband. He is having memory and comprehension problems, along with spurts of lashing out.

  • Teri

    I’ve been praying for my ex-husband for years….two years ago, I saw the cloud coming up over the sea, the size of a man’s hand….today I see a storm cloud ready to pour out. He sits in prison now, pouring out what he has learned along the way to others coming up behind him and making realistic and wise plans for life on the outside. I believe this time he will make it. Praise God for His faithfulness and for allowing me to see the answers to my prayers. Don’t give up hope….God IS working.

  • MrsJackson

    Please pray for FW that God continues to speak to her and that she will move as God directs her.


    Please pray for J.
    Thank you

  • Tammy Ross


  • Charmaine

    Praying for my friend N.V.’s salvation. And that God would reveal Himself through a miracle in her family situation.

  • Tish

    S and A. Leaving them at your feet Lord!

  • K. Acierto

    Praying for D. A., L.A.,S.S.,T.G. , E.P.

  • Taylor

    BB. Lifting her up to you Lord. Always praying she comes to seek your face.

  • Dawn Carter

    Thanks so much for the encouragement you share. RKC is on my heart to be lead by God. Thank you for praying with me.

  • Jennifer


  • I am praying for my husbands heart. My pastor preached this very message Sunday, and its just the confirmation I need. His name is Charlton Rhodes, and I am praying God turns his heart towards his – to be come the husband, father and minister God has called him to be. I am also praying for his true salvation in Jesus Christ. Even though I don’t see his heart changing, this reminds me God is working still. Thanks for your blog post

  • My mom Ivie

  • Gail

    I am praying for my son, Dan.

  • Carolyn R

    Thank you, Sharon. Praying for my brother, my family in PR, and a lady who stopped us and asked us for money today.

  • Erica Bancroft

    Praying for B.S.
    (No case is too tough for God’s grace!)

  • Sharon Glesmann

    Please join me in prayer for my friend Olga as she goes through a divorce. Pray that nothing would be hidden and that she wil be treated fairly by the officiating judge.

  • Tiesha

    Thank you for your prayers!!! I am needing prayer for myself, Tiesha. I desperately need a financial blessing right now. Could you also be praying for my my dad and I’s relationship. Thank you again!!!

  • Michelle

    It’s so hard to continue praying and having faith that God will bless me with a child. I’m 34 years old and have severe anemia that disrupts my cycle. And no one can figure out why this is happening to me. Ever since i got that that is what j want most. I try to keep my heart pure and not have negative thinking but it’s really hard please if you can pray for me and for strength. This weighs heavily in me

  • Connie

    My daughter Melissa.

  • A fernandez

    I’m praying for Anthony, Manuel and myself please keep us in your prayers that’s God will take us out of the situation we are in now and show us His Grace and favor. Amen

  • Rosalind jackson

    Please pray with me for my husband Gregory Jackson, daughter Kymberly Jackson for salvation

  • Kay

    I’m praying for my daughter and my grandson who are addicted to alcohol. I’m also praying for both of my daughters, my two son-in-laws, and my five grandchildren. None of them have a church home, none of my grandchildren (ages 15 – 28) have been baptized. None of them are living a life pleasing to God. I pray that they will come to know, love, and serve the Lord and that they will all find a church home to support them.

  • Jona Shuffler


  • Michelle Allen

    My faith wavers as my fear increases. My daughter, 27 has an immune kidney disease. I pray for a miracle and on next Wednesday all labs are normal. Fear sets in because my sister 37 died last year of immune disorder. I pray both our children will heed doctor’s advice and live a long life serving Jesus, with a beautiful family. My faith wavers when I don’t get good news from the doctors and there are currently no prospects for marriage in my children’s life. I want to trust even when I don’t see.

  • Teresa

    My Son – K – Saved but so far away now. Been praying for 12 years. Know God is working but waiting is so hard. I take great comfort as I am getting closer to the Lord as my wait continues. It is what has given me strength and hope. His timing is perfect and I know that but a mother’s heart wants it fixed now.

  • Sareta Heath

    Cmh. Jlb. Jdb. Teb. Spd. Jack. Haley.

  • Melinda Adams

    My son, baptized at 9 but calls himself atheist and states he doesn’t believe God is interested in what we do.

  • Natalie

    My husband MRT, pray that he decides to be the husband GOD has called him to be and come back, dedicated fully to his family. My family RO and JS.

  • Birdie

    for my great granddaughter’s father – addicted to alcohol and drugs

  • Laura


  • Kimberly

    For my husband AJB

  • Brandy

    Praying for Z, he has many addictions to drugs and alcohol. He is depressed and has anxiety. I pray for God to break the chains. Command the enemy to flee and heal his heart from the hurts he has inside. I pray for him to open his eyes and follow the Lord. Amen and thank you

    • Fran

      I’m praying for your Z. I share your pain as I pray for my A with the same issues. The Lord is working in them, and will fight for them even more than we can ever imagine. May he replace their hearts of stone with hearts of flesh.

  • Rosetta Reeves

    My son Randy Whitehair. Drug adiction. Crime. Housing. I have been praying everyday just pouring my heart out to God to rescue him to bring him to a place of healing to bring him to a place of safety. I appreciate every single person who joins me in agreement to pray for my son.

  • Mariam


  • Diane Hyatt

    Pray for Karleigh Smith – student that I pray for in the Pray For Me program in my church – She’s a preteen 7th grader with all those teen years ahead. Thank you!

  • Joy

    Darrin, Caven, David, and Devon

  • Claudia

    Rey V.
    Restore our marriage
    Claudia V

  • Rob

    Please pray for my family and all my relationships. Please restore my reputation.

  • Rob

    Please pray for my family and all my relationships. Please restore my reputation.


  • Fi

    Pls pray for Judah. That the love and joy and communication be restored between us for God’s glory.

  • Savannah

    Initials P.Y.
    For salvation.

  • Kathryn


  • CJ Tritt

    Please add d. , c, and a to your list for salvation in Jesus Name..


  • Donna

    Husband LAR..restoration to Christ & marriage

  • Pray for J. He needs to see You and know You are working.

  • Myra

    I’m praying for myself and L.

  • Monica A

    Pray for healing for my sons Nathan, Jonah, and Jacob.

  • Emily

    Please pray for my husband. He wants to end our marriage. 17 years. High school sweethearts. He doesn’t love me anymore. and said he will never be able to.
    My heart is shattered. I feel hopeless. I feel like a failure. I feel like I’ve ruined my daughter’s life.
    Satan has my husband by the hand and his heart is a stone.

    • Hannah

      I pray that God will soften your husband’s heart and heal your relationship.

    • Shaunder Chillis

      How is this your fault? How have you failed in any way? Those choices are your husband’s choices. You already called the source of this. The father of lies is still roaming and seeking. Man has a will and when we yield to satan he will work through us. No ma’am my sister you hold your head up; GIVE IT TO GOD!!!! I know it’s not easy but you have to find the strength. I was abandoned almost two years ago so yes I know. God is working on your behalf.

  • Kay

    My brother, who is a good man and wonderful father to his two adult sons. But he has never allowed himself to believe and therefore has never taught his sons. My prayer is that God will use someone to get through to him, to each of them, and save their souls. I’m sure God has others who can do what I’ve not been able to do for them. And I will continue to pray.

  • Jen

    My little girl who has an op coming up soon.

  • Bwango Bernard

    My dear friend Daniel.

  • sherol

    Free my son from prison

  • Anita J Frey

    There is a man named Eric dying at home from stage 4 liver cancer. His wife is a believer and is beside herself. Eric is not saved. There is a battle raging for his soul right now. It is a race against time. Ministers were supposed to show up at the house today to deliver the gospel. They did not show up. Who did show up were some old friends with alcohol for him. Please please take a moment to pray for this man’s salvation.

    • Shaunder Chillis

      Anita as a believe you have the authority to lead him to Christ.

  • Barbara Small

    Judy – financial problems & her son Wayne who has serious epilepsy. I have prayed & prayed for them but nothing’s changed for them so I am waiting patiently on Gods perfect timing.

  • Eunice

    For miracle of permanent healing from asthma attacks

    • Shaunder Chillis

      It is so

  • Eleyn Isaak


  • Becky


  • Kathie


  • Christina


  • Sandra


  • Samantha


  • Bree


  • Joan Sattizahn


  • Cheryl


    • Shaunder Chillis

      God IS faithful!!!!

  • Avery

    Allison. I wanted my own way for many years veiled in “trying” to be a Christian. He was faithful to me and I know He began a work in her….I pray she will see Him and return. I’m thankful already.

  • Julie


  • Shaunder Chillis

    Praying for B.T., V.L., and V.S open their eyes God, let conviction overtake their heart and change occur in the majestic name of Jesus!

  • Kena

    I’m praying for my son M.M.P. who’s incarcerated to be released.

  • CE

  • teresa Blakey

    Jk ck

  • Duane

    I’m praying for my mom ( Queen B) who suffered 6 mini strokes in 3 days, a code blue, loss of speech and is now it assisted living for rehabilitation to regain use of her right hand and speech.

  • LG

    Pray for RG & MG. RG left our family in 2011. MG hasn’t wanted a relationship with him. Now RG is wanting to restore our marriage & have a relationship with his son. MG is consumed with anger, hate for his dad, anxiety & depression. Praying that the Lord will break down these walls in my family and do what looks like the impossible. Both father & son need to surrender to the Lord. Please join me in praying for my family & marriage to be restored. Thank you!

  • Talisha

    Pray for P. Pray that he would want to come back to his family and our marriage would be restored!

  • Janine

    I am praying for ZE.

  • Michelle

    S.A.R.G and S.M.L.G

  • Ana

    Pray for JB’s health.

  • Linda Sorensen

    Brad, my son-in-law who is facing multiple health issues & getting weaker every day. May he feel God’s presence and be at peace with God’s plan.

  • Myra Rasmussen


  • P

    Please pray with us for A. Thank you. It is critical.

  • Janet

    Please pray for my brother, F.B.

  • Rebecca

    Please pray for JW

  • Rene

    Please pray for JV, TJ, AV, PV, and SK.
    Thank you.

  • Shannon

    I am praying that The Lord will heal my husband’s sick heart, deliver him from his strongholds of fear and pride. I am praying for the right job opportunity for him, for God’s faithful provision & also for the desire of my heart, a baby so my son will not grow up alone.

  • Shannon

    Please pray for my husband and son.

  • Shannon

    Please pray for my husband and son. CE and TE

  • Lisa Camino

    For a job for KC, for peace with identity for BC, and for healing for Steve. Love them all. Thank you

  • Deborah

    J. C. and others that have believed the lies of the enemy and now find themselves in prison or the chains of addiction and sin. LORD, by your power, show the world that you alone can save, you are a chain breaker. Amen

  • TJ

    Pray for my husband M who has been called to preach but does everything he can to run from God and escape his calling. Throughout our marriage his struggle has been with various addictions and infidelity. These short comings have become a stronghold in our marriage. Trusting God but growing weary in the process and feel like screaming “Lord I believe but help my unbelief”. Also pray for my teenage son L that is struggling to find his way. Pray that he develops a hunger for God and allows him to lead s d guide him.

  • Sandra Moran

    Your message hit a chord. I have been praying for adult son Keith for 15 years since he turned away from the Lord. God did for me what he did for you only my number was 11:11. Showed on clocks all the time. It was John 11:11 where Lazarus is dead and Jesus says He will raise him up. He told me Keith is in His hands and not to worry. He will resurrect him from his complacency. I would appreciate your prayers. I am 73 and would love for Keith to be back in fellowship with God before I go home. God bless you.

  • Ann


  • Susan G.

    This was such a faith builder for me today! I was in the middle of prayer for a part we need for our water heater to be found in our city or somewhere! We had just come home late last night from a visit to our daughter’s home (and two grandchildren) in a neighboring state, and our water heater wouldn’t heat as my husband turned it back on. I have been praying God would lead him or the company helping him to find one close and soon!
    Then I decided to read your devotional and I was thinking about the “cloud the size of a man’s fist”, as I went to the window to look at the sky. There were big clouds and long clouds, but then I noticed all over the whole sky these smaller clouds the “size of a man’s fist” . They were everywhere! I began praising God that He will answer my prayer about the part we need for our water heater soon! And then I realized there were so many small clouds that I prayed for a loved one who needs to hear from God, and I prayed for those in Houston.and Florida that need hope and encouragement and comfort from being pummeled by the hurricanes, who have lost loved ones and those who have lost everything…and I prayed for the people of Puerto Rico and all the Islands devastated by Hurricane Maria…and I lifted up the people of Mexico who have gone through the past three terrifying earthquakes demolishing buildings and lives…there were enough clouds the “size of a man’s hand” for each prayer I prayed! God is Sovereign and in control and heard each of my prayers as I earnestly call on Him.
    Thank you so much for this! It came just in time to feed my faith.
    Bless you!

  • Denise

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband says he is no longer “in love” with me and the sadness I feel is overwhelming.

  • moore

    The Lord answers our prayers all the time. I am a true believer. The Lord heard my cries for my mom. I could not
    do what the doctors wanted me and my family to do. My mom was real sick, under hospice care. How do the doctors know when it is your time to go. When the Lord has the final say so. AMEN Holy Spirit. Prayer changes things.

  • nicole

    Please pray for my husband and our marriage. He has committed adultery. Please pray that he will be directed towards god, see god, and follow god. Be surrounded by godly men who are friends of marriage. That he will be humbled by god, repent and seek expert help. Help us to heal as man and wife.

  • Sheila Helms

    Please pray for Matt. He got saved back in 2011 but isn’t walking with the Lord now.
    Thank you and God Bless You !

  • Laurie Nettles

    I pray God opens M’s eyes to the truth of following and giving ourselves over to God and for Him. I pray God continues His work in me and showing me the way as well as keeping C’s eyes open and focused on Him. For a 5 yr old, he amazes me daily with his ability to see God

  • Danielle


  • Sheila

    Please pray for my son, Christopher. He will have been in a coma for two years on September 29. He is the oldest of our four children. He had just finished college and was coaching and teaching when it happened. After many months of hospitals, we brought him home. I quit my job teaching to care for him. Pray he will wake up and be whole again. I love him so much.

  • Gena


  • Kristina Garcia

    I am praying for my great niece Aria. She is only 2 months old. She is a miracle to say the least. She was born with enlarged ventricles. Doctors have diagnosed her with many things. She has already surpassed what they said that she would be able to do but there have been set backs. Today, she is in a Dallas hospital. We need prayer that her body will begin to function normally. We ask that God would give the doctors, specialist, and nurses wisdom to act in the best interest of Aria. In Jesus Name! Amen.

  • Elizabeth

    Jim B and Lizzy B

  • Griselda

    Alex B.

  • Sue Tarkin


  • Kay

    For my friends Carolyn, Terry and Kathy. That through all their very different trials, they feel the hand of God in their lives.

  • Yvonne Harris

    Me I have to get me right first before I can help someone else the pastors wife

  • Jennifer

    Please pray for strength and peace for TW and for courage and healing for EW.

  • Chantel Isaak

    I am praying for my two sons who both don’t know what they believe, that God would work in their lives and bring them to His House. I am also praying for some couples who are facing broken relationships that God would bring healing to them and, if that is not possible, then peace to the hurting wives. I pray for D.C. as well always and ever for the rest of his life.

  • Di Rothman

    My husband!!!! The Reckless love of God is pursuing him and I am standing in faith that he will believe!!

  • Carol

    Please pray for my Jewish parents to be born again. My dad is 96 and my mom is 92. I became a believer in 1974 and I, along with many of my friends have been praying for them all these years. They are precious wonderful parents and I know God is faithful, but they are 96 and 92.

  • Quin

    Please pray for my brother Aaron.

  • Alexis


  • Christin Herrera

    My husband-that truth will set him free
    My son-that fear is the devil living in the flesh
    My other son-that he will know how much Jesus loves him
    Myself-That God will forgive me even for the things I have not ask for forgiveness, that I will remember to Thank God everyday first more often, That God and son will lead me to the road of where they want me to go for them, That God will give me wisdom to ALWAYS make decisions like he would. A GOD MINDSET always,
    My mom-that her health issues will be found and improved immediately
    My sister-that this new relationship brings the best out of her and her children (as in God’s will)
    My old best friend-that her pregnancy will be healthy despite her decision to not be friends under whatever circumstance
    That God will bless me with Quality friends-help him to radiate me with his love and become a magnet for the “RIGHT” kind of people
    Help me to be who I need to be on earth as it is in Heaven
    God lead me to financial freedom and success
    Help me to lead someone to Jesus everyday through the spirit that lives in me
    Be with all those who have written here openly, and if in your will bless these request.

    And finally this ministry that gave me this opportunity to reach out and speak from my heart. Bless the leaders here that help lead others to you. AMEN

  • Ronda

    CT – restoration of friendship
    JR – salvation
    MR – that God shows him his path in life and heals his depression
    SR – complete healing

  • Anon

    Praying for a dear former student who is not in a good situation and there is no way to contact him and his family right now.

  • Ng Foong Chan

    I have been praying for my husband, Eben for a long time, for a change of heart and to come back to God. He is not interested in his work and not helping much at home.

  • Phil Asibe

    Am praying for my mom and me,for God’s mighty hand to show forth in her finances and me maritally……

  • Kamini

    I am trusting in Our Father’s promises and that He is still working in my family’s life and heart. I surrender my husband and our children to God. He loves them more than I ever can and will do a good work in their life for His glory. We need a complete healing and restoration of our family, but only with Christ at the center of it all so that we will have true love, peace and joy in our heart. Please pray especially for DA…only God can heal what’s broken so that we can see him smile one day. Blessings to all.

  • Barbara

    Praying for Bill to forgive me, soften his heart and open communication up, from our broken relationship.

  • Bree

    God demonstrated His grace to my when He forgave me a (grave and unforgivable, I thought) sin and turned it around into the blessing of my life. I am an unwed mother who continually see his blessing everyday and every way. I truly believe my eyes and heart would not ‘see’ these as blessings if I had not gone thru my trial. That I wouldn’t have had the capacity to be truly appreciative and grateful for His dying on the cross if I hadn’t experience such trial and His forgiveness. I was brought up in a home where “God first, then everything else follow” is not only a mantra but practically lived. So you can imagine how ‘exiled’ I felt. I knew God is forgiving but because of the severity of my sin I felt that I wasn’t worthy of immediate mercy. I thought, “surely I should be punished!”. But then God spoke to my heart, “God send His Son not to condemn the world but to save the world” and “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not of yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast”. I realized then that I have been continuing to be such an ungrateful child. How dare I not readily believing and accepting His gift! Are my standards above His? Surely not, absolutely not! It is without Him that I am completely directionless and blind to blessings. So personally came to him and received Him into my heart. Now I completely trust Him. He’s planning my every move, whether I see it or not. It may not be obvious to my eyes, and in some cases are things I dislike. But it has it’s purpose in His plan for me. My prayer request: That my son sees the blessing that he is – that he is indeed a part of God’s plan.

  • amy s keaton

    please join me in praying for my mother, AWS. many thanks.

  • Mary zink

    Praying for JZ and his wife JZ

  • c

    Charles (alcohol, drugs.cugarettes.

    Chandra (anger, depression, promiscuous Bitterness, acting tough so hurt cannot be seen.

  • Molly

    Praying for all of you here, Karin, Sarah, Leon,Myself, My large family , Peter and his family.

  • Kwamboka

    Praying for my friend Innocent who is looking for a job to support his small family,My friend Rhena whose dad has been hospitalised and also for a financial breakthrough.

  • Holly

    Praying for my husband Allen and my sons Jordan and RJ to have a renewed faith and desire to follow Jesus.

  • T

    Praying for Tamara. That she will know God loves her and He WILL deliver her. Praying that she doesn’t give up.
    Thank you Lord, Amen.

  • Annette

    Praying for my husband salvation. That the eyes of his heart ❤️ will b opened to Jesus

  • Annette

    GB- salvation to surrender to Jesus. Restoration of marriage relationships
    My sisters and dad salvation
    Nieces nephews salvation

  • Beth


  • julie


  • Barbara


  • Janet

    Elise and Evan

  • Diana


  • Callie

    J, M, B

  • Paula Churchill

    Tiffany and Taylor

  • Paula

    Tiffany and Taylor

  • Laurie Boddie

    My beloved John K…and our physical restoration. To God be the Glory!!!

  • Jan

    My precious sons Sam and Garrett to return to the Lord! I praise You in advance Father!

  • Laurie

    My son, Matthew – for continued and complete deliverance from bondage and addiction, for restoration of his relationship with God, that he would seek God in everything he does, for restoration of the joy of his salvation and renewal of a steadfast spirit within him, a new indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

  • DLana

    Lord hear our prayers for all those that we lift up in prayer, may they respond to your call

  • Julie

    Today I pray for P.J. I pray for his eyes ,that he will see truth. I pray for his heart and that it is pure and he receives God’s Love. I pray for God’s guidance.I pray for our marriage and that it is in God’s hands.

  • Anon

    Pray for JP drugs , come back to Christ , change life

  • Lynne

    Please Father, open the hearts of B2, B3, T, DB, BM, AS, DE, JE to seek you first for their salvation, forgiveness & guidance.
    Dear Lord help me to always look to you for guidance & help with our financial issues.
    Thank you for all our many blessings!

  • Martha

    Please pray for restoration of my relationship with my son and his family. His wife told me to leave their family alone, including my 2 oldest grandchildren. That was 5 years ago and I was given no explanation. This estrangement has affected my relationship with my other son and his wife. My youngest son and I were extremely close until the past 7 years. However, he suggested we seek counseling. Unfortunately, his wife is unwilling to participate. She does not want their daughter to have a relationship with me but will not give a reason. I hate knowing I’m a source of friction in their marriage. My son keeps saying it’s not my fault. I pray daily for the Lord to reveal my role in the estrangement with my oldest son and the deterioration in my relationship with my youngest. Both sons were saved at a young age but my oldest is in a very backslidden condition. His wife is not saved and their 2 children are 9 and 11. I pray the Lord will surround them with Christian friends and they will come to know Jesus in meaningful way.

    I don’t profess to be blameless or a perfect parent. But I don’t know what I did to cause my son to break all ties with me. It seems that when my health failed and I was unable to continue to work at a high-paying job, my oldest began to push me away. I helped them financially many times but when I ended that, he became more and more distant.

    I was a single parent for 10 years with little help from their dad and no support from my family. I raised them in church and while we didn’t have much financially, my children never went without. I remarried a wonderful Christian man whom is loved by both sons. His daughter and I have an extremely close relationship.

    By some standards, I have achieved a great deal. But there is no accomplshment greater than being a loving and nurturing mother who is loved and respected by her children.

    Please pray for my family and for physical healing.

  • Robin

    Cory W., Cliff W.

  • Amanda

    For my husband, the restoration of our marriage, our children, our business, and for BM, MK, DK, AK, AK, PP, SI, KB, and LG.

  • Krystal Manier

    Prayers for my parents finances and marriage troubles.

  • Gladys

    Prayer for my the reconciliation and restoration of my family, specifically my son Lenny.

  • Gladys

    Prayer for physical, emotional, spiritual and financial healing for Gladys, and to have strength to hold on a and keep believing in Jesus name Amen

  • I’m praying for my mother and father’s salvation. My mother is 79 and my father is 83 and he is in the beginning stages of dementia. I pray that they will have a supernatural encounter with my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ before they close their eyes forever, in Jesus Name!

  • Amanda

    For my boyfriend and i because we are struggling financially, and there are just to many bills to keep up on. Lord, i pray that you will continue to keep our faith held high and allow us to move mountains!

  • Dianna

    Pray for JB (our son, a single dad) and his 4 precious children. We feel the decision he is making about a current relationship is not in the best interests of his children and the extended family. He is a Christian but seems to have gotten lost in the last little while. We are very heartbroken. Praying for God to intervene and us to be able to trust God fully to do that in His way and time.

  • Kinika Lloyd


  • Anne

    For Connor, my youngest son, who has chosen not only to run from the Lord but also his family. Please pray that God will open his eyes as well as his heart!

  • Charlotte Cook

    Please pray for my son Jimmy Don. I know that God can make a way when there doesn’t seem a way. I am praying for a way and ask you pray for us.

  • Nicole


  • Tracie


  • Nancy

    My friend AB, that the Lord will change his heart and commit to keeping his word and his promises to us, me (Nancy) and DL.

  • Angela

    Please pray for my husband R for his salvation and God’s will. My hearts desire is for his SALVATION and for him to be released from prison and a fresh new beginning and for GOD’s protection for him at all times. If its Gods will for our marriage relationship. For forgiveness of betrayal, trust and hurt. Thank you for praying for him.

  • Angela

    Pray for step son RN and stepdaughter MA
    And RN girlfriend J. Pls pray for me Step mom for me to be the Godly mom to both of them and for me to stop being controlling and critical when I feel disrespected.
    LORD change my heart to be again selfless and love the children you have blessed my life with. Let me show them UNCONDITIONAL love!! In Jesus Loving Name I pray Amen!!!

  • penny Rose

    Praying for ECB

  • SD

    Praying for JJD. Praying that God continue to direct our parental path.

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