When Your Burden Feels Too Much to Bear

When Your Burden Feels Too Much to Bear

September 14, 2017

“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.” Psalm 55:22 (NIV)

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When we adopted our two daughters from Africa, we didn’t expect it would be easy. But we couldn’t have imagined how hard it would be.

Our family of five (my husband, our three boys and I) clearly heard God’s call. We knew our family was supposed to grow to seven. And as we looked at the picture of two little sisters standing in a dirt lot strewn with trash, our hearts confirmed these were our children.

The joy of bringing these precious girls to their forever home was overflowing … for about a week.

Then reality set in.

What we could not see from the initial picture, and what the orphanage couldn’t tell us, was the wounding that had happened in one of their hearts during her early years. The neglect and abuse caused deep gouges in her heart that wouldn’t be healed easily.

Our days were filled with challenges that took their toll on everyone. Days turned into years, and the issues we hoped would receive healing only got worse. Our house was like a tinder box, ready to explode at any minute. And it did. Often.

Multiple counselors and treatment centers didn’t seem to touch the underlying issues, and I began to feel hopeless. I couldn’t help my daughter, and I couldn’t seem to protect my family. Guilt overwhelmed my husband and me. Surely there was something we were doing wrong, or not doing right. And how could we manage the intense emotions?

It truly seemed too much to bear.

Before that, I’d never understood what it meant to get to the end of yourself. Life had been relatively easy, and problems seemed fixable. But at that point, I faced a situation beyond my abilities. I needed the Lord like I’d never needed Him before.

That’s when Scriptures like Psalm 55:22 took on a new meaning: “Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

I had to give this situation to the Lord, or I would fall apart with the burden of it. My desperation took me to a new place of dependence. If the Lord didn’t sustain me, my heart felt like it would crumble to pieces, and I was afraid of how my body was reacting to the stress.

There was no lightning bolt moment, but bit by bit, I felt more peace. A big part of that peace came when the Lord showed me I’d done all He’d asked me to do. We weren’t to “fix” our daughter; that was His job. We were to be a part of her journey and show her God’s love as best as we could. That truth sustained me through the most difficult times.

Our story is still being written. Friends ask if we’d do it again, knowing what we know now. And our answer is an easy yes, for two reasons. The first is we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, God told us to do it. And the second reason is we experienced the power of God in so many ways. We learned:

God will show up when you need Him most.

As a young believer, I’d heard testimonies of God working miracles, showing up when He was most needed. But I figured that was for other people, until I had a need so deep and a burden so heavy, I couldn’t manage alone.

Sometimes we don’t experience God, because we simply don’t need Him … or so we think. When life is firmly under our control, we operate in our strength. But when life is falling apart, our deep need opens our eyes. In our darkest times, we see God’s power, feel His presence and experience His peace like never before. That’s what happened to me.

Today if your burdens feel too much to bear, there is hope. Pour out your heart in prayer to our Heavenly Father — hold nothing back. And when you feel your burden lightening even the slightest bit, thank Him for His faithfulness. He’s been there all the time, just waiting to help.

Lord, thank You for being ever-present in my life. And thank You for the hard times. I might not have said that then, but I see now how faithful You were (and are) to meet my needs. Help me walk so closely with You that I never return to my independent self. I love You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Peter 5:6-7, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (NIV)

Many of us carry burdens that feel too much for us. In addition to prayer, there’s practical help to manage life. Glynnis Whitwer’s newest book, Doing Busy Better, offers a compassionate approach to managing an over-busy life.

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Do you ever resist asking God for help? If the answer is yes, what might be the reasons?

If you’ve been carrying a burden alone for a long time, read Psalm 55, and write a prayer of your own.

© 2017 by Glynnis Whitwer. All rights reserved.

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  1. Amma Konadu Anarfi says:

    God bless you, Glynnis Whitwer.

    If I may say this, I truly love the Proverbs 31 Ministry, and I can’t say enough how much God has done for me through it.

    I’m from Ghana, West Africa, and one thing I have struggled with is my part of the world seemingly not being regarded as a continent with many different countries. The narrative has been so for so long, and sometimes people like me feel regarded when it is otherwise. I would have appreciated if it were stated where in Africa the adoption was done from. Ghana? Nigeria? Mali? Uganda? South Africa? Tanzania? Kenya? Where?

    • Amma – The school that I teach at in the US has many students from Africa. They’re from. Ghana, Kenya, Liberia mostly. I constantly ask my students about their home countries, faith (most are Christian) and traditions. I need to understand what makes someone from Ghana unique from a child of Kenya. You are so right. God bless.

    • I understand your question, Amma. I too am an adoptive mama to wounded souls. When I share my lessons learned, people often ask for the rest of the story. Sometimes I give details face-to-face with someone who is facing a similar situation. But in a public setting read by folks I don’t know? Never, because the story isn’t mine to tell. Someday, by the grace of God, Glynnis’ daughter may tell her own story here at Proverbs 31. But till then, we give the gift of anonymity to the one who may not be ready to see her life played out on a public screen or to find an as yet unwanted link to her past.

      Lord, we pray for this broken-hearted child, and for all the others (including my children) that she represents. Bind the spirit of abandonment, this spirit of never belonging. Release a spirit of adoption . . . adoption into your family, Lord, the assurance that she is a much-loved soul. Amen.

      • Amen.

      • Ana I Mendez says:

        Thank you for the words of encouragement. I too have walked and continue in this journey with my two girls. I have never felt such desperation for my Savior as this journey of adoption had taken me to. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I remind myself that ultimately only Jesus can bring healing and restore what had been broken… So I pray in faith. It’s hard… But I’m not alone, my Lord walks with me.

      • I thank God for ministries such as this… such a blessing as well as reading comments from all. Love and mercy !

      • Thank you Shirlee for understanding – I always struggle with sharing even a part of my story. And there is so much I can’t ever share, as you understand. But each time I share, it helps someone. Please pray that I know how much to share, how to honor and protect my children, and how to be part of God’s healing plan. You are a blessing!

        • Thank you so much for sharing! I too am an adoptive mom, and can easily nod my head and with a heavy heart agree to your post. Such a long lonely road its been, guilt over emotions and so forth. Before I read your post this morning I was in tears asking God to carry me and my sadness. Your post was a Godsend…

      • Thank you Glynnis and Shirlee for your words. As a mom of three internationally adopted children, they resonate deeply and encourage me to continue in hope as I love, support and pray over them on their journeys. God has blessed me today through you both!

      • Amma Konadu Anarfi says:


        Thank you for your kind response. I see how you mean and fully understand. There is deep-rooted hurt inside when I consider the history and present state of Africa as a whole, and knowing it and living in it, a lot of us are sensitive, myself included. But above all, I am Christian, and you are all my family no matter where you are from.

        God help me always remember this above anything else.

        Thanks again.

    • Dear Amma, my daughters are from Liberia, and suffered deprivation, neglect and abuse that no child should ever experience. We know that many have suffered and pray for all who have known such hurts.

      • Mariposa♥ says:

      • Amma Konadu Anarfi says:

        I sincerely appreciate your reply. God bless you. The history of Liberia is a harrowing one. Ghana hosted thousands of refugees, most of whom remain here, some of whom became friends. Your daughters are in my prayers. You are in my prayers.

  2. Wow what a powerful word of encouragement…

  3. We adopted our oldest son from Romania. I know exactly what you have experienced and the burdens and stress as well as the joy. You are not alone in your feelings and God is truly always faithful to those who trust and follow him. Thank you for sharing what many people do not understand unless they have lived it. My son is now 19 and has turned out to be an amazung young man but he still struggles. God gave you your daughter bc he knew you could handle it.

    • Thank you for this Leigh Ann. You do understand. Praise God for the healing your son has experienced.

      • I will be praying for your daughters, as well as all of these special families who also know what it is like to love and raise an adopted child, especially those who come from orphanages overseas.God has a great plan for all of our children. My son has been my greatest challenge in life but also my greatest teacher. I see the world in a way I never would have. I also know beyond a shadow of any doubt that God brought my son here for an amazing purpose and He has done the same for all these other children.

  4. Neysa Micheli says:

    Love the message!! God bless you!!

  5. Terry A Gwathney says:

    Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you Glynnis for your powerful story. God knew you, your husband and sons could embrace that challenge or the door would have been shut. I needed your devotion this morning and God gave me confirmation through your story to “hang on” through a tough time in my life. My story is different from yours however, I made a decision years ago that I know was from God which has led to many challenges along the way. You are further along on your journey and as you said your story is still being written. You also said that what you know now, you would still do it all over again because you have experienced the power of God in so many ways. I do believe that God places people in your life for a reason and I am experiencing the power of God as well. If I hadn’t made the decision I made I would not know all the scripture I know now because I have leaned on God more the last seven years than ever before which has taught me so much. I have learned to always praise God for the difficult times as well as the good times. Please keep writing your devotions as I thoroughly enjoy reading them. ~Lisa~

  7. What a great on time encouraging story / word… Lately I have been feeling to the point of extreme burden but the Lord has truly shown up in subtle but Very noticable ways to comfort and heal. Just yesterday my daughter who works with me was so overwhelmed at and by work because of it’s great demand that she was despairing as also I do with any new thing designed to mold us. Then literally I saw how God handled the situation that impacted me greatly and calmed the situation greatly for her and in turn me. As I was reading this article I noticed that you hit the nail on the head with it phenomenally. Thank you so much…

  8. My job is not to fix my daughter. So true but so hard. My daughter is 22 and has turned away from the Lord. I just want to fix everything so she’s ok but I know I can’t. I just have to trust God to take care of her. I can’t change her path only He can.

  9. Thank you for this devotion. As an adoptive mom who has been unable to bond with this child, I have had such a heavy heart, and still question if it was actually what God wanted us to do. I feel like if it was, I would feel more peace. I have carried this burden for 5 years now. Trying so hard to let God handle this. Blessings

  10. What a timely message for me today. I have and continue to struggle with the same things but for a very different reason. My son is and has been a drug addict. He comes from a Christian family and yet he has made these choices. He knows the truth and has lived with it all of his life. We won’t understand why I suppose until we get to heaven and can ask God directly but there has been no other choice but to rely solely on God to lead and direct and lay our son at the feet of Jesus. And God has indeed shown up. He’s been there with strength, encouragement and some victory along the way, enough to give us hope that one day it will all be over and our son will live a life of healing and redemption. God is faithful.

  11. Thank-you for this word today. We are in the midst of some stuff within our family due to one of our children being diagnosed with a mood disorder. His reactions and behaviors have had a ripple effect on his siblings. It all feels too much to bear and I keep begging for the Lord to heal and intervene. Thank-you for reminding me that God is with me in this.

  12. We adopted our son from Ukraine a little over a year ago. He is now 17. We have had several very difficult moments and it has taken until recently for me to hear God repeatedly telling me that “changing” him is not my job!! As you stated, my job is to show him love and share Jesus with him but it is God’s job to change his heart. How exhausting it is when we try to do what only God can do! It is also freeing when we come to the point that we can let go of something and really give it to God. We still have trying moments, he is a teenager after all, but I am learning to rest in the peace that God is at work and the outcome belongs to Him. Thank you for your words this morning!!

    • Rhonda, your message hit my heart tonight. I have a teen as well (17) adopted years ago but now going through usual teen stuff and I wanted to throw in the towel (especially tonite). Then I saw this devo and your comments and God spoke to me. Thank you.

  13. Cindy Oliver says:

    Such a powerful message! Bless your heart! Parents, especially Mothers, are supposed to be able to “fix” everything. When you can’t, you begin to question your ability as a parent. You are so right that when you finally see that YOU can no longer do what needs to be done, when you realize that your resources are spent, you turned to The Only One who can take over. Your prayer is short, but SO powerful and true. I don’t ever want to return to my independent self. I would never have asked for my journey, but I would do it again to be able to learn how to truly depend on the power of God, and see the mountains that He moved.

  14. Simply thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  15. Wow!!! I could hardly get out of bed this morning. My 6 hours of “sleep” were filled with wakefulness and worries of the work load I am not managing well. 10 hours days for about 5 weeks now; my employee is out on extended sick leave and the girl helping me out leaves for a two week vacation today. As I get up I feel like I’ll throw up or pass out if I move. Yet I move. I move through the pain I’ve had from a boating accident 3 months ago, which happened tow days after having pre-cancerous masses removed from my colon, which happened 2 weeks after having twisting, cyst filled ovaries removed. It’s been a rough mid-year. But I moved this morning. All the while crying silently to God that I could not move one more step – but the duty He called me to awaits. I move through the routine silently calling His Name the whole way. The sunrise is stunning against the clouds as I drive east to the office – God reminds me & I appreciate his beauty. My office is on the water and the color is even more stunning – and God reminds me & I feel the tension ease in my neck and head. Today’s KLove scripture reminds me to choose to love God (Duet 30:20 NLT). Then this title – “When Your Burden Feels Too Much to Bear.” God reminds me. Thank you for being His vessel as you wrote from your hard days, weeks, months or maybe even years ago…He planned long ago for the moment I would face today. No matter the actual results at work, He & I remain!

  16. Thank you for this wonderful devotional. Though my circumstances were different I too have seen (and felt) God step in when I cried out to Him, broken and feeling like I couldn’t do anything more. The peace He gave me through those trying times was beyond any explanation. I share my journey with other women with whom God has placed in my life and everyone has heard of that peace only God can provide if we just ask for Him to step in. Though my story is still being written with valleys and mountains I don’t feel alone and never do I question if I’m where I’m meant to be.
    As for your daughter, I too can relate in the sense of having a 20 year old who has turned from God and shut me out. I needed this reminder that I need to lay this at His feet and just reach out, as I can, to let her know she’s loved. It’s so hard to step back and let God take over sometimes (I want to always “fix” things myself) but this just reminded me only God can speak to the soul. Keep her in your prayers please. Thank you again for this devotional!

  17. I so needed this. After the death of the love of my life in June, I have been so broken and overwhelmed with grief that I just need God to help me. I can’t help myself.

  18. This is so timely for me as it is for others. I cried out to God yesterday in frustration, fear and hope. I try to rely on God daily, but I do know , too well ,how much I actually rely on myself. The story, prayer and resources are much appreciated. Thank-you

  19. Excellent devotional! Children can have issues and be challenging wether they are adopted or not. I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot fix all that troubles my daughter. I’ve been praying for her for years and have had those moments where I just couldn’t bear it anymore. But God continues to see me through the peaks and valleys. It has kept me on my knees and dependent on Him. It has been a tremendous lesson in faith and even though I get low, I know my God is faithful and will give me the strength to endure. I pray this also for Glynnis.

  20. Thank you for always pouting out your ❤️! Every morning I open my app I am reminded that the Lord had it written just for me through a Proverbs 31 ministries and I am forever grateful.

  21. Thank you so much for this devotional. We are getting ready to open our open to Foster children. We believe this is God’s calling in our lives. Like you, we know that it won’t be easy, but there are times I think “What if this is too much for us”. I know in my head that God will provide in so many different ways, but the fear creeps in anyway, especially with the brokenness of some these precious kids. We are looking to take in the ones that are least wanted – the teens. With that comes a host of fears as they have probably seen more, done more, and lived more than any one of our family. Thank you for the verse PS 55:22 – we will be praying and claiming that verse. This devo is a great reminder.

  22. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing some of the realities of adoption in your own situation. My family started our foster care journey a couple of years ago and our experience was similar to what you describe. It is very disillusioning when you feel you are doing God’s Will and what he has asked of you, and it is not going anywhere how you had planned. God also taught us and continues to teach us so much through this season and I can definitely relate to the dependence on Him. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder of what our job is as parents- to show love and to teach about the grace of Jesus, not to try to fix everything.

  23. Thank you Glynnis for sharing your very personal testimony. My oldest son struggles with depression and came out to us in high school. God has been my Rock through all of this. He has seen me through this most difficult time in my life of divorce and becoming a single parent. Yes no amount of fixing will heal my son. I know my job as his Mom is to love him for who he is. The burdens of life and broken relationships have been great but God has been ever present and faithful and I have been blessed with a new chapter in my life. Does my son still struggle? Oh yes. But God’s got this and I am so grateful that He has shown me that I can lean on Him! The joy of The Lord is my strength. Thank you Prov 31 Min for keeping this Momma’s head afloat and giving all of us a safe place to share our hearts.

    • Diana, Your story touched my heart. My son also suffers from depression. Lifting you and your son up in prayer this morning.

      • Praying for your son Donna as my youngest son suffers from anxiety. I suffered from anxiety and mild depression years ago so I can relate to my son. My heart aches for you because as moms, we want to take away that emotional or physical pain from our children. Praying for you as well. ~Lisa~

    • Praying for you Diana as my youngest son suffers with anxiety. As a mom, we want to fix all the pain for our children and feel so helpless at times. I too have suffered from anxiety and mild depression years ago so I can relate to my son. Anxiety and depression can be a trapped feeling. I will continue to pray for your family. ~Lisa~

  24. Thank you.

  25. THis is the perfect message for me today. Today I am 1 day overdue with my fifth child and every day seems to just drag on and on. I have contractions every day and every day I think its time and then they just fizz out, which is frustrating. The other day I had contractions for eight hours, consistently, and then they went away only to wake up feeling super sick. Now I have morning sickness symptoms and I am not sleeping very well. As well as all of that my father in law is not doing well, he will most likely be dying sometime after the baby is born. Also my husband was suppossed to be in a different state today for a job testing but he is going to have to rescheudle because the baby did not come when we thought, and this might lesson his chances of getting this job. Please pray for me and my family! But no matter what happens I am trusting God to bring us through.

  26. This was awesome – I have so many burdens on my heart. My 4 adult children and 5 grandchildren. Long stories but constant sadness over them all for various reasons. Some days I truly thought I would die from the heartbreak. I just keep pouring out to God my sorrows and each day is a little bit easier.

  27. Sharon Geiss says:

    We were foster parents for 10 years. As i look back i see such failure on my part. in particular we tried to adopt a 16 year old. it didn’t happen mostly because he would allow it to because of his deep wounds. I pray God will use our imperfect efforts to somehow bless these young people. I pray they saw some light and will be drawn to it. Wish i could go back and do it again, better but we don’t get that chance.
    Thank you for sharing. It is so hard and why do we so often think that following God’s leading will be easy>

    • Sharon, since my family had a similar experience, I want to encourage you. Please don’t condemn yourself. When the enemy taunts you to look back to remind you of mistakes and tries to shame you with defeat, take your stand in Christ and remember all the victories you had along the way. God understands our weaknesses and failures. We have to stand on the truth that God is sovereign and in control of all things (Psalm 103:19). With that truth as our foundation, we can claim the promise in Romans 8:28 that He will turn this for good. I know how hard it can be and am praying for you now that you have the peace that passes understanding.

  28. Great devtional and I can identify! I am the grandmother of an adopted child from China and was fortunate to join my daughter and the rest of her family when the “delivery” took place. There were many other elated families and terrified adoptees making that transfer into their forever homes that day. The range of emotions were all over the place and the journeys that followed from major surgeries for some and adjustments in brand new environments where everything was foreign to them is unimaginable. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least but the transformations that have taken place and seeing God’s hand at work in each unique situation has been amazing. I can also look back over extremely difficult times in my life (LOOK BACK being key words:) when horrific things rocked my world but God used each and every one to draw me closer to Him and rely fully on HIM! For those times I NOW am grateful! I know tough time aren’t over but each experience has strengthened my “Faith Muscle” and Heaven will be worth every step!

  29. Glynnis
    Thank you for this message today. I can affirm what you are saying. My family went through an awful struggle with our daughter when she was 14-16. She was very ill and the challenge we faced we couldn’t fix. I wanted to fix her so badly and couldn’t. It was scary and frustrating. One day in her room as she is having a meltdown I got on my knees and began to pray and give it all to the Lord. I prayed over her room and our house. And like always God showed up. Like you it didn’t happen over night but He gave us strength and healed her. She is a healthy, God fearing, wonderful college student . 😉
    We cast our cares and He over.
    Thank you for blessing me with this devotional today.

  30. Sue Schechtman says:

    Glynnis thank you for sharing your story. I too, have an adoption story that did not go as planned. We had no parenting experience and adopted a 7 year old boy and his sister who was 2 and a half, from a foster home in Montana. Ben looked like your average 7 year old. He had no visible scars but gouges that had not been repaired on the inside. That is when I truly found the Lord and His power. I can relate to desperation, curled up in a ball on the floor begging for wisdom and peace. The tinder box comment is spot on. We were always walking on egg shells waiting for the next explosion of anger and pain. Trying to protect our daughter and younger son. God was there every moment of every day. I am proud to say my son is now 33,. God has watched over and protected Ben. Multiple times we waited for the dreaded phone call. Praise God it has never come. .He is married and has four children. Unfortunately he still carries alot of those painful rocks around on his back.
    *Your wisest comment in the devotion is that God called us to walk along him on the journey not fix him. Thank you for that wisdom.

  31. Last night I sat on my couch and I closed my eyes and pictured a backpack on my back. I took it off and opened it up and pulled out imaginary rocks with words on them that explained how I felt and the burdens I was carrying. I pictured Jesus sitting in front of me and I pulled out rock by rock saying, sickness, here Jesus, debt here Jesus, pain here Jesus, sorrow here Jesus, failed relationships here Jesus and so on and so on till my imaginary bag was empty. With tears streaming down my face I just unloaded on him. Today, I will admit I picked up some of those rocks again and this devotional showed me giving them to him is going to be a daily thing until I just let them all at his feet.

    • Wow! Powerful message. I too give things over to him, but soon pick them back up. All the
      (what if’s) start in my head and i become worried all over again because i dont know when or if , or how things will work out for me. Especially when it comes to relationships.

  32. I resist asking God for help many times in super tough situations because many times i feel unworthy of his help due to some sort of present sin in my life. I feel he will ignore me until i deal with it, or due to being let down soooooooooo many times in a particular area in my life that i just feel hopeless about and never see any change. I dont bother to ask God for help because i never see improvement in that area and just choose to spare myself the letdown. I am sad and frustrated when these things i tried to fix myself dont work out, but i dont want to blame God if he dosent come through for me, whatever His reason may be for not helping me. So i just dont bother to ask.
    His answer to my prayer may also be no…. and im not able to comprehend why. either way in two particular areas in my life that are really important to me God seems extremely quiet and distant regarding the matter and i cant figure out why so i spare myself the confusion and potential disappointment by just trying to do it myself which i ALWAYS fail. I have also prayed for things like the healing of as sick person and they passed away. That made me feel like i cant fully rely on God even though i know his word says that we can and He doesn’t lie. knowing that , at least gives me hope.

    • I have felt very similarly. I found that going to a pastoral counselor who was also a minister was surprisingly helpful. I did not want to try it and did not think it could help but it did. It was a woman which is important I think and she helped me from the Bible

  33. Thank you for sharing your story. It has spoken truth over me and my story today that I needed desperately. Thank you God for speaking through Glynnis today!

  34. You wrote my exact story, in every detail. I’ve never met another with the same experience, down to the details. Thanks for sharing!! 9 years later, still in the thick of it…

    • You are not alone. We too have a very similar story. Ten years in with no end in sight. Wish there was a place we could all meet and lift each other up.

  35. Thank you. I needed this desperately!

  36. Glynnis, thank you so much for this meditation. My husband and I took my brother in three years ago to care for him. He has Down Syndrome and Alzheimers. I am in a very low place. I do not understand why when this is a job God gave us I am struggling so much. I thought God would give me peace and joy if I was obedient.
    There is so much wrong in my head and heart. These things have nothing to do with my brother or the very heavy weight of his care but the pressure of the job has brought them to light.
    I have no idea how to even begin to make any changes. If I can just keep myself up and running so that my brother is cared for that is a good day.
    My hope is that God will indeed step in and make a way for me
    Your meditation gave me a lot of hope
    thank you

  37. Michelle Lange says:

    Thanks so much for this devotion today. My youngest is adopted and truly completed our family, but the road has been challenging with physical and emotional issues. We have struggled as a family and also grown so much as a family in faith. This devotion is also encouraging for me today as I’m speaking at a Women’s Retreat in two days and one of my sessions addresses Taking a Step of Faith and uses my son’s adoption journey as an illustration. This devotion was just what I needed – praise God!

  38. Thank you for the message today. It is a huge blessing to my heart. The past few months have been tough as we have walked in faith with the Lord and have had many, many moments of feeling like we were going under. We know we are walking in His will and truly our circumstances are drawing us so much more closer to Him. My husband has grown immensely and has really learned where our help comes from.
    Thank you again.

  39. Terilynn Knezek says:

    Wow – God works in wonderful ways. I too am an adoptive mom and just last found some disturbing items on my daughters phone. I was feeling overwhelmed and like my burdens were too much to bear. After talking to my daughter (who of course got Angry), I have prayed and prayed. We were able to discuss with her last night that we LOVE her always. That is the key and important thing in dealing with these hurt children. So this blog came at THE PERFECT TIME for me!! Thank you!! I have been trying to turn it over to him but then I struggle with what did I do wrong. So thank you and it has helped to read all the responses here and to see how many others are in similar situation. Again THANK YOU!!

  40. My most recent vally is very different from this one, but my pathway to peace is exactly the same. My great desperation led me to greater dependence on God. Before I fully surrendered my child to him, I was physically sick-nauseous, losing weight, not sleeping, constantly running scenarios in my head. Finally, I released my grip and laid my cares at the feet of Jesus. Thank you, Father, for the peace that has steadily grown even when my hand tries to reach out and pick the cares up. You allow me to return them to you, and offer more peace and the strength to continue to point my child toward you.

  41. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart. Today’s reading comes at the perfect time for me. God always knows what we need and when we need it.

  42. Thank you for this devotional. I don’t have any adopted children from Africa. I am the wife of a Minister, and we’ve been serving here for over 20 years. I am the mother of two beautiful grown girls who are married to Godly men. I have two grandchildren and twin granddaughters in the way. I’ve got a beautiful God blessed life. But there are always painful times. We’ve gone through many. Did I mention I was the wife of a minister? Enough said there. 🙂

    I live in Florida where Hurricane Irma devastated many homes. We came out with flooding, loss of power, and our daughter had a huge oak tree tumble down inches from her house. They’ve been with me this whole time. We are truly blessed.

    But these past few days I have felt a burden that I just cant explain. It may be the devastation I’m seeing from this storm. My heart is heavy and its unexplainable. I’m very sensitive to what I see and hear.

    Besides the storm, today I heard about a couple of 15 year old students from the school where I teach. They were handling a 9mm gun. One accidentally shot the other, tried to help him with a first aid kit. The boy was taken off life support today. My heart is broken for the family of the one who lost his life. And equally broken for the 15 year old who accidentally shot him.

    Maybe it’s because I am so sensitive that I’m feeling this burden that I can’t explain. I’ve brought myself to read more of the “Good News” since all the bad that is happening hurts so much.

    Your story about your daughters touched this mama of two girls. Their hurts become ours. Thank you for reminding us to cast our cares on Him.

  43. Thank you for sharing your story. I am praying for you and for your whole family. We adopted a son from South Korea and it was a difficult time for all of us. In our case, the therapist did help a lot, but I know that’s not always the case. I pray that you will keep showing Christ’s love to all your children, and that He will give you the strength to continue on in the journey that he has set before you

  44. Thank you, Glynnis. This is so true. We sometimes don’t feel God’s presence because we’re trying to do everything in our own strength, even sub-consciously. It reveals a sort of practical agnosticism really. Thank you for the reminder to lean on God in all things, even the good ones where we can thank him for His many blessings.

  45. I am now living your story. I sometimes asked “why did I adopt kids”. It has been a hard struggle with these kids. I am now at a place where I have given it to God. I now realized it is not for me to “fix” them as you said, but to let the Lord do His work and for me to give them love. I was feeling so stressed and alone,has if God had forgotten me. In the midst of the feelings, I received your email. Then and there I was reasured that God has not forgotten me, He reminded me through your words that I need to give Him complete control and to trust Him completely. Thank you for obeying the spirit in your writing. Blessings!

  46. Thanks for this Glynnis. Such truths. After 50 years of knowing the Lord, my faith is still growing and changing… I have recently begun to give Him EVERY problem, hurt, concern, challenge, fear, anxious feeling, because of a revelation that that is exactly His heart and His Word! I am trying to trust Him FULLY in all things. I have always believed I was doing that, as I prayed each prayer believing He is Sovereign and is in total control and hears and answers our prayers. But I have come to a new understanding of really giving it to Him and trusting He will answer my prayer perfectly…however that looks to me…
    Like you stated, we really do have to come to the end of ourselves, and not hold anything back; but truly believe He will take care of whatever it is on our hearts, that we bring to Him.
    Bless you and your whole family!

  47. Very encouraging personal testimony with great depth. I am really amazed to see all these above reviews. Sometimes it is hard to understand the Sovereignty of God in our lives, and we start questioning Him. It is truly encouraging when you hear that someone else have gone through these types of similar difficult situations in their spiritual lives as well. God Bless.

  48. Brenda Hamas says:

    What a beautiful story. I will pray for you and your family. What a wonderful choice you made to adopt these two precious children. Praying that God will heal this little girl’s wounds and bless all of you beyond measure.

  49. “Sometimes we don’t experience God because we simply don’t need him…or so we think.” This is so powerful, wherever we are in our walk with the Lord! I desperately needed Him when I couldn’t “fix” my child’s inability to talk. And I needed Him when we couldn’t get seizures to stop. I still truly NEED Him today, but I let the pride of thinking I am a seasoned mom of an almost – 22 year- old- son with a disability. I got this. No. Actually I don’t. Thank you, Glynnis, for reminding me that our story is also STILL being written and I STILL simply need Him.

  50. We are two months into an international adoption of siblings. We too felt a clear calling to adopt these specific children. One is thriving; the other is breaking me. Thank you for the timely word, as I have been crying out to the Lord all week that this burden is too much.

  51. Thank you for your encouragement! Great timing on a frustrating day! I also have 2 amazing girls adopted internationally, now 17 and 19. God cares so much for them and laughs at my attempts to be the junior Holy Spirit. When I get out of His way and allow Him to work in my girls’ lives He does almost unbelievable things with their past hurts and insecurities! They will always have struggles more painful than some , but God is faithful. It is difficult at times to see the forest for the trees, but hang in their mommas of younger ones- love, pray , forgive, love, get some alone time, get some husband time, love, pray, and love even more-especially when it hurts and when you don’t want to. You will never regret it and neither will your kiddos.

  52. Glynnis, Thank you for your beautiful, truthful devotion “When Your Burden Feels Too Much to Bear”.
    The part of it that is so striking and heartwarming to me is knowing that God promises us to never
    leave our sides during our worst times, (actually even in our most joyful ones as well). The knowledge that His presence is ALWAYS something we can rely on is my greatest gift in life. You are so right that in our deepest sorrows and burdensome times, He is holding on to us, and at those times we feel Him more than ever.
    What has been a goal of mine is to try to be there for my friends in a committed way that God constantly shows us how to do. That in itself is a blessing, to think that we could be a blessing to someone’s life is awesome.
    I love the Bible verses you chose to illustrate the meaning of your devotion today. Thank you and may
    God continue to hold you tight!

  53. I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire you for all you are doing for your children. Even though you have faced struggles, they have all been for the Lord’s work.
    As Romans 5:3 says, “Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”
    This suffering you have endured will also give you strength for the future and most importantly has reminded you to put your trust in the Lord. Remembering that He is there to hold us up and carry us through the tough times is sometimes difficult for us, especially those of us who believe we are “self-reliant” (I belong to this group all too often.)
    Prayers for you and your family that the Lord’s peace may continue in your lives!

  54. Chinwe Anachu says:

    Word Of Inspiration

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