When Your Faith is Shaken

When Your Faith is Shaken

May 1, 2015

“And the Lord said, ‘Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.’” Luke 22:31-32 (NKJV)

Recently, I had one of the hardest days of my life!

My mom, who lives with us, woke up in excruciating pain. She had no one but me to help her. Within an hour, my pregnant daughter was admitted to the hospital because of her skyrocketing blood pressure. Rachael couldn’t reach her husband, so she asked me to come quickly in case she went into labor.

My husband had taken our only car to help someone and his cell phone was out of range. On top of all this, we live on a farm and rent out our barn for weddings. I needed to get ready for the two scheduled that weekend.

Brides and vendors were calling, emailing and texting. My mom was groaning in agony, my daughter was waiting, and I was supposed to be preparing for a retreat where I was speaking in two days! I didn’t know which emergency took precedence. My faith started to quiver in fear; despair attempted to envelop me.

I called a friend for encouragement. She firmly said, “Sharon, Satan is sifting you like wheat.” She reminded me of Peter in the Bible. I got off the phone and went into prayer, laying my load at the feet of Jesus. Then, I picked up the Word and read the story of Peter.

It was the night before Jesus was crucified. He was sharing the Last Supper with His disciples and turned to Peter (also called Simon): “And the Lord said, ‘Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.’”

A “sifter” is a machine that violently shakes grain and turns it into soft flour.

Satan was asking permission to violently shake Peter. A few hours later, Satan pulled out his first round of ammunition. He fired fear at Peter to get him to deny Christ. Satan knew if he could get Peter (and each of us) to fall for fear, our faith may fail. If this happens, he then sends the atomic bomb of shame and embarrassment.

There are three things we can learn from this story to encourage us in our troubles:

1. Satan sometimes asks God for permission to shake us, just like he did Peter.

God allows hardships for divine purposes. Our faith is increased through each trial, and we learn to trust God’s faithfulness and accept His mercy.

2. Jesus is praying for us, that our faith will not fail.

Wow, that’s huge! The very God of the universe prays for you and me!

3. Even when we fail, God quickly forgives when we ask and frees us from self-condemnation.

Peter learned this lesson not from his successes, but from his failures. After he denied Christ, Jesus forgave him and commissioned Peter to preach the Gospel and care for others. He could have lived with the shame of failing in his faith, but Jesus’ forgiveness washed that away.

Self-condemnation is probably one of the worst ways Satan tries to sift us. If our faith falters, we need to immediately ask God for forgiveness and not stay stuck in guilt. This helps take our focus off ourselves and puts it on serving others and the Lord.

Has Satan been sifting you lately? Boy, do I understand. Hectic deadlines, poor health issues, money frustrations and the pressures of life can shake our faith. These things can cause us to doubt that God is enough and will take care of us. In the middle of trials, we need to remember that God is in control, Jesus is praying for us and there is grace when our faith fails. Trusting these truths will move us from doubt and defeat to hope and peace.

Dear Lord, Help me! Increase my faith and give me Your strength to help others. Thank You for praying for me and giving me grace when I don’t deserve it. I love You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

1 Peter 5:10, “But may the God of all grace, who called us to His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.” (NKJV)

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Does it feel like Satan has been shaking you? Read Luke 22:31-32 and the books 1 Peter and 2 Peter in the Bible. (They’re short!) Peter’s faith was shaken, but he became a powerhouse for the Lord. You can, too.

© 2015 by Sharon Glasgow. All rights reserved.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear. Restored my hope today as I think of Jesus praying for me!

    • Not knowing where God is going to have my husband, Ron Smith and I relocate to (if the budget cuts end up affecting our current situation) is currently up to God. Sure, we’d really like to stay here, and I’d really like to remain with my TBC-Temple Baptist Church Champaign, IL family, but we don’t know what impact these budget cuts are going to end up having on us or our pals here at Eden Supportive Living Champaign.
      If worst scenario happens, where we are going to end up having to move, I most definitely hope that I can find a church community that I would feel like I can most belong to. I mean, I’ve already come so far in my discipleship. I wouldn’t want to lose any of that if I end up having to move.
      “Motherhood comes with so many surprises! One of my biggest motherhood surprises came when God called our family to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. I was 42 years old, and our two boys were heading into teenage manhood. They could put themselves to bed and get themselves dressed without any help.

      Obviously, I needed a little more adventure, a lot more carpooling, and a big dose of unconditional love. God made sure to give it to me! All wrapped up in pink bows, giggles, snuggles, sleepless nights, developmental delays, fears, happy tears and memories, so many memories.

      Only God knew how much I needed this little girl of mine. Although I feared adoption might turn our lives upside down and it did, God is turning my heart right side up as I watch Him work in ways I never imagined.” ~ Renee Swope
      Amen! Whata wonderful thing to remember on this Thursday night! We need to allow God to work in all the ways He can through our lives, regardless of what obstacles and challenges that may come our way in the process. These things are what God uses to test our faith in Him.
      “When circumstances turn my life upside down, JESUS CAN TURN MY HEART right Gside up by HELPINGME FOCUS completely on Him.”
      Incredible! What a wonderful thing to realize tonight! Life can turn upside down sometimes. When we focus on Jesus, He can help turn us right side up again. Only Jesus knows what we need when difficult circumstances come our way. Yet, this is when we need to learn how to put our full trust in the Lord during difficult times.

  2. I am feeling despondent my children has relocated to Tasmania my best friend plans to go to Australia! My work placed said they will send me for training and then decided against it. They allocated someone to teach me who is not good in the program but is a senior staff member! I feel very despondent and do not know how to get out of the situations! I am scared to be all by myself! I have helped many people in my life but seems to be going to be all by my self. I do not want to have a pity party but do not found answers! Sorry for this negative message! Hester

    • Hester, I am praying for you as I type. Remember, you are never all alone. . . Jesus promises He will never leave us or forsake us. He also says He is with us always. I can say, though, that I feel something of what you are experiencing. . . My husband had to relocate for his job for 2+ years to China (I live in USA) and there are other changes that have happened in the last year to make me feel alone. I have to remember His promises when I am feeling lonely and also force myself to seek out others. I will pray that you can seek out companionship, someone to see a movie with or have dinner with, that you can pray for the person training you and that the situation works out well. You are not alone.

  3. Frensisca says:

    God, I thank you for your constant reminders of faith during this period of change. Thank you God for your faithfulness and love!

  4. Illonda Madison says:

    Thank God for using you to be such a blessing! This devotion was such an inspiration in this season of my life. God bless you!

  5. Sara Owens says:

    This is exactly what I needed to read..God will do as His Word says..never leave me nor forsake me! His grace always finds me!

  6. Jeanette hernandez says:

    Wow this are precise words to my spirits, I too am being sift and sift hard on my marriege. up until this moment that I read today’s devotion I was ready minutes away to get only the important papers, cloths, pets and walk out my marriage but this passage gave me a glimps of light and a small piece of hope I just ask to be prayed apon so that the little bit of light and hope doesn’t fade away

    • Jeanette, I want you to know that I lifted you up in prayer. My heart goes out to you. I know more than I care to admit about marriage challenges. May your faith not falter. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) I urge you dear sister to look to Him, to read his word, and to seek wise biblical counseling that you may have a future story of victory and peace!

  7. Jeanette, just hang in there. God loves you & is praying for you. Keep your hope in Him. Psalm 34:5 says those who look to Him are radiant and their faces are NEVER ashamed. Jeanette, you will never be put to shame! Fix your gaze on Jesus and your burdens shall be lifted. Just remember: the God of the whole universe is praying for you!

  8. Deborah says:

    Dear Sister Jeanette, Hold onto God and His promises for you and your marriage. His Grace is truly sufficient. He and your Pvs31 sisters are praying for you. Stand firm in your faith and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Take each day, step by step, knowing that God walks with you. Life may disappoint but God is faithful. Praying you will cry out to God to be the husband your spouse can’t or won’t be. He will not disappoint and only He can satisfy our deepest longings and the cries of our hearts. Unless you are in harm’s way, stand strong in your faith and follow the steps He has ordered for you. Only through Jesus! Deborah jpauldebbie@earthlink.net

  9. Thank you! This message was right on time. I shouldn’t be surprised though. Jesus knows what we words we need to hear and He is always right on time.

  10. I needed to hear this tonight! Thank you Gof for praying for ME!

  11. Eunice Paige says:

    PRAISE JESUS!!! Our Savior Jesus Christ of NAZARETH is alive and well!!! HALLELUJAH!!! I tooo have been going through a time of sifting in my life. My husband separated from me, have not been able to keep a job, became homeless due to mold & mildew in my apartment that made me sick many times; these are the heavy blows but there are other issues. PRAISE JESUS for his WORD & His FAITHFUL SOLDIERS who proclaim it!!! This is the second time I have heard this message within approximately two weeks time also the life of Job. This is the time of the GREAT SHAKING!!!! We must hold onto our GREAT FAITH & BELIEF in our SAVIOR for HE IS LORD OVER ALL. Sis. Lisa I PRAISE JESUS for ALL your trials & tribulations because you have been made MORE THAN A CONQUER you are able to comfort & strengthen others through your God given ministry. THANK YOU for sharing. May ALL be blessed & uplifted in Jesus Name Amen….

  12. I need prayer, I was laid off after 23 years then found out I had breast cancer. I need prayer, I cannot find a job and I’m not good at waiting….

    • Lord God, we pray for our sister, Alicia. May she rest assured that you watched over every minute of her 23 years on the job and that, while her job ended, your watch care has not. May she walk through this hard season of her life and emerge on the other side with a stronger faith, better equipped to accomplish the good works you prepared in advance for her to do (Ephesians 2:10). Bless her, keep her, smile upon her and be gracious to her as she waits upon you. Amen.

  13. Priscilla Amoah says:

    I am from Ghana and I follow this devotion daily through Facebook .I am in the middle of challenging issues and I don’t know what to do next. I am in my final year in the university and am really struggling with my tuition fees… I might not graduate this year….please pray with me am loosing hold of my faith but it’s my desire to stay connected and holy for God …but it’s very hard.

  14. The lesson was good, but left me unsatisfied because the story wasn’t finished!!! LOL Is Mom okay? Are Rachel and Baby okay? Did everything get done? Where is my happy ending?!? 🙂

  15. This is so what i need this morning. Satan is trying to put a wall between my husband and i and I love the thought that God is praying for us. Thanks for the encouragement!

  16. Oh how I needed this today. Yes, I’m being sifted and shaken. Within the last month, my mom had a stroke, my husband had emergency surgery and was diagnosed with cancer and another family member attempted to take her life. I am so overwhelmed and it is comforting to be reminded that Jesus Himself is interceding for me. Sifted and shaken. That’s me today. But my anchor in Jesus Christ shall prevail. These are hard times for me, even my very lifestyle is altered permanently. I need your prayers. I’m keeping the faith.

  17. I just said a prayer for you Priscilla. I love the verse that is used for the truth for today-1 Peter 5:10. Our God of all grace, after we have suffered a while, strengthens us and settles us.

  18. Georganne says:

    I agree with Dawn. I would love to hear the end of this story.

  19. Sharon, what happened after you read about Peter? I love the lesson, but it’s so distracting to not know how things turned out. We get all involved in your story, then get a Bible lesson and never hear the end of the story. Thanks!

  20. Nicole says:

    If you were left unsatisfied with this story, I fear that you could be one of those people who tire easily in sifting. The point is this….sometimes there is no happy ending. Sometimes everything that can go wrong will. Sometimes there are earthquakes and 5000 people die. The ending is not always the point. The point is, life is hard. Through sin we bring upon ourselves and sin brought on by others, and just life…life is tough. The point is not always the happiness at the end of the story, but the details in the middle. Christ covers the middle with his blood. Christ draws us near to hHm, in the middle. Christ hold on tight to us and we hold on tight to Him in the middle. It is in the middle where we seek and find Him. It is in the middle that He meets us there with open arms and we learn of His mercy and grace. It is in the middle where He sanctifies us and changes our hearts and minds. The love is in the middle. If we are always looking to the end of the story to find Jesus based on a happy ending, we miss Him every time.

    • Nichole, I think these people are just curious as we all are by nature. You are right though. the point is He’s in the middle. Indeed, sometimes what we call a happy ending doesn’t happen but we must remember there is more beyond this life. I have an older friend who lost her daughter to breast cancer, her grandchildren stopped going to church… and her husband died of a brain aneurism. That is not the retirement picture she had in mind! However, she holds fast to her confidence in the Lord and a future that is free of disease, the satan sifting of loved ones and a future free of death. I believe that in heaven, she will be thanked by others who are watching her… I know I’m watching her. 🙂

  21. Waiting on God says:

    You’re right on with this one! That was exactly my story this week — being sifted and falling to shame when I fell. Thank you for this reminder that He is praying for us and quick to make us clean and forgiven to start fresh and anew.

  22. Waiting on God says:

    Was wondering, how did it all turn out?

  23. After a Huge argument last night this is exactly what i needed to hear. God is in control. And when i let go of what i cannot change because i leave it at Jesus feet that is where my peace comes in.thank you for this.mt Faith in him was shaken, but I know Jesus, and He loves me and prays for me so in Him I know I am stable and protected. Not shaken with fear.

  24. Sarah Grant says:

    Thank you so much for this!!! This has been my life for the last year, especially the last 5 months! If you wrote a book it would not be believed. But I knew God was for me and had something for me to learn!! I never picked up on the fact that Jesus Himself was actively praying for me before!! That made me cry!!! It is so true that trials are blessings in that they draw me closer to God and help me to help others!! I love this and will share it!! I wish everyone trusted Christ!

  25. Oh Sharon, can I ever relate. What a wonderful encouragement to keep the faith. It seems right when God is working, Satan jumps in and sifts. It can be dreadful, but God’s grace is mighty. His power is stronger than Satan. I am so thankful that no matter how difficult like gets, Jesus will never leave us or forsake us. Tough times call for a strong Savior. I love encouraging others in this area of tough times because I have had a few myself. Thank you, Sharon for sharing your heart with us. It’s so encouraging. http://www.micahmaddox.com/on-the-side-of-the-bed/

  26. Jessica says:

    I have had a year of several losses, and I have caught myself letting Satan shake my Faith. However, God has proven stronger, as he always does. Thank you Heavenly Father, for your precious Love, Grace, Patience, and Forgiveness. In Your Name we pray, Amen.

  27. Gail Perkins says:

    one of those RIGHT ON TIME devotions….meeting me headon in a week full of devil-sifting!!!! Thank you!!! love to you!!!

  28. In 2008 my husband and I were to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with a party, surrounded by family and friends. Instead, we were told that he had stage four lymphoma with tumors in several places and also in several bones. We were truly hit below the belt!!! Speaking of “leaning on faith”. The whole cancer journey was navigated by faith and guidance from the Lord. It was a VERY DIFFICULT journey, but we never gave in or gave up. I KNEW by faith, that my husband would be a winner whether he stayed with us, or if he went to heaven. God was not ready for him yet, but his measure of suffering has given him and our family an understanding of God’s mercy and grace that words defy. Satan can’t win, if you lean on the Lord. Lin

    • So true….so glad you all are pressing on through and enjoying the victory….God’s continued love, healing, warmth, presence and joy be with your husband, you and your family…in Jesus name. Amen.

  29. Donna Shipley says:

    Just when I felt over whelmed with life, I read this. Thank you so much. I have the feeling that we may be more than just sisters and brothers in Christ. My life right this moment is in turmoil. I have to make a very difficult decision that will effect my entire family. I am praying and waiting for guidance, but I’m almost out of time. So please add my name to the prayer (I almost said REPAIR, but I guess that is what it is a repair of my heart and soul) list. I need the Good Lord to show me the way to resolution of the situation.
    thank you all…..Donna

    • Donna,
      I don’t know your specific circumstances, but rest in the faith that I put you on my prayer list and have you on my heart. I feel like my heart needs to be repaired as well. I suggest reading “The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for your Broken Places.” It is by Suzanne Eller who is one of the Proverbs 31 contributors. It has helped me immensely.

  30. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that the Lord Jesus our savior continues his work interceding for us! I have too much on my plate right now and there’s nothing I can say no too… so this was quite uplifting for me!

  31. This is the perfect devotion I needed to hear first thing in the morning. Dealing with the loss of my fiance and cancelling all our plans is not easy. I lost my loved one, my dogs, my home, and my job. It may seem small to those who are experiencing much worse, but it is Satan testing my faith. I know as a new Christian, Satan is going to test my faith more than ever. I need to be able to lay my fears, doubts, and heavy load at the feet of Jesus but it is a daily struggle as I try to put one foot in front of the other. Thank God for the 5 minutes I can spend first thing in the morning with these daily devotionals. I truly think it helps me get through the day.

  32. Lori Ann says:

    You wouldn’t believe how my husband & I needed to read this today. (But you would, because it is all about God’s timing). When I read this devotion to my husband, he started crying. He needed this in the worst way. The devil has been sifting him for the last 2 weeks. But God reigns and we will NOT let the devil win. Thank you so much!

  33. The message this morning spoke so strongly to me. I am in the middle of complete chaos in my life but what I DO KNOW, is that God is with me. He is and always will be. Thank you for reminding me again that we are sinners and by God’s grace, we are free.

  34. Thanks so much for posting this. My goal this year was to read the Bible in a year. Yesterday and today the readings led up to this same very verse. I have felt tormented and I so needed to see this again. Thank you and God Bless everyone. I am new to P31 and find it very encouraging! You are all a blessing.

  35. Libby Gordon says:

    This is what I needed this morning. My family has had an incredibly hard year including our 17 year-old son being diagnosed with bipolar 1 last spring, my father’s fast and furious battle with lung cancer which he lost on December 3rd and now we are dealing with the aftermath of this same son being accused and arrested of a crime he didn’t commit. His case goes in front of a Grand Jury next week to determine if he will be indicted. It is an incredibly hard time in our family’s life. However, I never felt closer to God, leaning on him fully to get us through this nightmare and our grief. I read scripture daily and really enjoy these devotionals they are an important part of my day.

  36. Jo Ellen Swindle says:

    I have lost hope during times of crisis. The first being when my daughter turned against us and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which is a daily struggle for her and I fear what will happen to us. The second was when my son took his life after the end of a relationship he should have never been in. The third was recently, we had just signed a contract on a farm which was our dream, he had a seizure that very same night and I had all kinds of fears go through my mind. I feel terrible when I face a situation and forget what the Lord has done for us in the past. My husband is well now and we are living on our farm. God is faithful.

  37. Thank you for this today! It was right on time!

  38. Dear Sharon,
    Bless and thank you so very much for your message this morning! I so am in this place, and needed to be reminded of this very precious gift from Jesus. This message from you was EXACTLY what I need right now (and always.)
    Again, thank you so very, very much!

  39. ShellyinIL says:

    This was much needed this morning. Satan has been sifting me for a while now, but recently turned up the heat. Health issues that won’t go away, anxiety, a marriage of 26 years where my husband still refuses to go to church or be a spiritual leader even though he claims to be a Chrisitan, he was laid off, I had to start a new job, middle daughter (19) is making poor choices to the point where I cried everyday for a week, and youngest is losing too much weight and I don’t know what to do. I do call on God and I do know it is Satan, but I am tired, worn and weary. Hubby agreed to read the Bible and pray with me but he only did it for 2 nights. More reason for tears.

  40. Claudia says:

    You cannot imagine how I needed this devotion this morning. I found this website last night and suddenly, my word for the year -HOPE_(which I have kept going back and forth on) proved to be just that–my word for the year and the word which I need to store in my heart. One of my children is without a job and Hope has been dimmed the past couple of months. I sat down and read the “book of hope”-!st Peter this morning and suddenly, my ” 5 minutes first thing in the morning” has done just that–given me hope. Praise the Lord for His precious Word. Thank you for this wonderful devotion. I know it was here for me to read this morning to give me encouragement.

  41. How can I get the faith 8×10 printable.

  42. Carolyn says:

    They you God for praying for me!

  43. I’m very much interested to find out how you resolved the 6 problems that came up?
    Peter was sifted like wheat, but he humbles himself before God, which is what we all should do the moment we err, and the Lord forgave him and restored him into the fold. god will always do the same for us, but we have to learn to forgive ourselves.
    If you find the time please let me know what resolution you found to your problems.
    Yours in Christ

  44. Sharon
    Your devotional about sifting wheat and the devil is so true but I found it hard to believe you would stop and read about Peter when your mother was in pain, your daughter at the hospital, and you had already taken time to call a friend. The prayer part was essential obviously but what decisions did you make once you prayed. It seems some important parts are missing. I am not doubting your story or faith but am thinking with the missing pieces the impact on others would be greater. Just a thought. Bless you for how you encourage others.

  45. Wow! Did I need this word today! Thank you for sharing and reminding me that though I am shaken like wheat I will be made stronger!!

  46. This is exactly what I needed to read today as I am being sifted and shaken right now. This truly resonated with me on so many levels. Thank you for writing this.

  47. Thank you for this message right from God our Father himself. I am being sifted too with my daughter suffering from an auto immune disease, mom with ovarian cancer and loss of my job for next year. I am brought to tears knowing Jesus is praying for me and I will be stronger in my faith because of all this and more ready to be used by Him. Thank you so much!

  48. P Wagner says:

    So…. What happened with your Mom, your daughter, and the weddings scheduled?

  49. I feel that it is a daily struggle to keep satin from interfering in my life especially in relationships with family +friends that I Love .I’ve lost so many people I once was so close to it hurts. I pray to God to know how to bring them back in my life. It hurts to go on without them.I lean on God for all I do but satin’s always there. God Bless All

  50. Please tell the “rest of the story”! Was your mom ok… Your daughter? How did God help you manage it all?

  51. What’s the rest of the story? How’s your Mom? Was the baby safely born? How’s your daughter? Did the events and retreat successfully take place?

  52. I fight feelings of hopelessness often. My husband has been an alcoholic for the last 30 years. He has told me numerous times that he will stop, yet it hasn’t happened yet. Some days I feel he won’t ever stop drinking and I fear what lies ahead. Thankfully, because of the hard years of living with an alcoholic and not feeling loved by my husband, I found God. I’ve known about God since I was a child but never had a relationship with Him. Now, I daily fill my mind with God’s Word and write favorite verses on note cards that I carry with me. Now, when hopelessness threatens to take hold of me, I read God’s promises and dwell on His faithfulness. There are times when my husband calls me horrible names and the devil starts pulling me down into discouragement. When this happens, I remember the verses I have memorized and what God says about me. This gives me peace and hope, but it can be a daily battle.

  53. I always find words of encouragement in the various devotions, but always wonder what the outcome of the various situations were. The curiosity in me wants the ending to the story, at least for that day. Lol!

  54. I to can relate to this message. My son went home to be with Jesus in may 2010, we were pastor of a church right before all this happened, my now ex husband had a txt about a year after my son i just picked the phone up and was astounded at the messages on his phone. Long story short, I am now divorced, I have a daughter addicted to pills and yes I have had a shaking in my life. But this one thing I do know. God’s grace is sufficient in every area of your life no matter where the shaking takes place. I work every day, I live by myself and it’s hard sometimes, I was with this man for 30 yrs, but again God has never left me or forsaken me. We each have a story my prayer is that God writes our story for us. After all, He is the author and finisher of our faith. God bless and when you have done all to stand. Stand as His word says in echelons 6, God bless and keep you all in Jesus name. Amen

  55. Thank you so much for the devotion today and how encouraging it is to see the comments posted and know
    that I am not alone. I am psychically but I know God has a plan with all this sifting I’m going through.
    I have had many tears of emotion this morning. To leaving my husband and giving up hope and freedom to loving him no matter what. And dealing with my pain in the process. But Peter was made stronger and by the Word of God We all will be too. My husband is in a drug rehab for a yr or more and here I am keeping it all going. The resentment is so strong I have to let it go, but so hard to do with all the reminders of how he has destroyed our lives by falling into the temptations of the devil. but now I see that Peter was walking with Jesus and he fell into that trap as well and God still found grace with him and forgiveness. If Peter can do it then so can I through Christ who strengthens me. Stay strong all you that are being sifted and I pray the grace of God over you all.

  56. Dawn Brockmeier says:

    Gee, finish your story, please!!!! As a writer I am going crazy hAnging here wondering what happened next?…

  57. My husband and i are going through a very rough patch in our marriage. We have both made mistakes, i have made huge mistakes by saying/doing things that were not loving, hurtful and disrespecting to him… My husband now wants divorce but I am waiting on the Lord to intervene and putting all my trust and faith in Him. God is the only reason I am able to move and be at peace daily… But there are definitely moments where fear and doubt shake me…

  58. Prayer please says:

    I’m so over the stupid sifting! Why can’t someone step in and keep miscarriages and baby loss from happening? Injustice? Unfairness? So OVER it. :/

  59. Robyn Porter says:

    Thank you, Sharon, for this devotion. and to all the ladies who have shared their stories here. I feel so insignificant in the wake of their pain. The devotion comes at a time that is so relevant to what I am going through right now – definitely the season of famine. God is supplying the P31 leaders on a daily basis with profound messages that are helping me. I am on the cusp of a huge project that I’ve been blessed with at church. I’ve been away from my administrative gifts for some time and they are about to come into play in a big, big way. I’m having trouble relying on God to see me through this project, but I believe that he can. It’s just a trust issue for me. Always has been. I look forward to each day’s devotion and all the other things this bible study is providing that I’m able to participate in. I just praise God for all of you at P31 Ministries. I know He will see me through this, and I thank you for helping me get there, as well. (Hugz)

  60. We recently took a somewhat expensive unplanned trip, but it was to see family members. Now I am lamenting the $$ spent even though I knew it was a good reason to go.

  61. Floretta says:

    This was just what I needed my husband passed away in Jan of cancer and I have been struggling with what I could have done to make it better, what I could have bought wishing that we had made it to see my son in the service soy husband could see what he does on base. I went to the store today and saw something they said shrinks tumors I was so stressed my chest began to hurt I called my friend and she prayed with me about the acusere of the brothern and condemnation. I later after I got home read this. It let me know that God is really thinking about me and love me and reminding me to stay calm. Thank you Jesus for loving me and for keeping me focused

  62. First of all, many thanks to the writer of this daily devotional. It opened up a way for dialog or encouragement just for me. The responder Micah Maddox, the link that you posted has been the story of my life since January 27, 2015. I was at the point of giving up just now! I have spent every night in the hospital this year since January 27. My daughter is down with MS. She has been at the point of death, but she is still here. Doctors have been baffled by the fact that she still lives. I gave up all to be with her. My husband and I both did. God has provided for our every need. We don’t understand none of this but we are trusting God. Faith tested and shaken, but we’ve once again been encouraged to go all the way. Looking for a double blessing on up the road like Job. God is the same and we gotta trust Him at His Word. We are definitely His children. I am a Minister of Music and a 35 year veteran school teacher, my husband is a Deacon in our church and a 35 year veteran of teaching in an institution for mentally challenged persons. We have no worked siced December 2014. We both have time saved on our jobs that we have not missed a paycheck. God is still good even in this that we don’t understand, but He has a plan. Saints pray for us to hold out and no lose our faith, though shaken. God bless

  63. Rebecca says:

    im goin through a really hard time. My husband was caught having a affair for the 2nd time. We both really want to work this out, but I feel like everything is working against me. I know God has a plan for this! I’m just trying to remember that!

  64. Patty Buessing says:

    Thank you for these encouraging words. I feel like Satan has been trying to shake my faith for quite some time now. I have found by reading my devotions and praying more I have found an inner peace.

  65. Jocelyn Lewis says:

    Great analogy! So how did God work out all of the details?

  66. Gertie Heimpel says:

    Thank you. Beautifully said and a timely reminder. God bless your ministry.

  67. Korina says:

    Thank you, Sharon! God Bless You!

  68. This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you for sharing.

  69. Goodmorning! The Word of God always refreshes, and this was a pick me up, which I believe is worth sharing. I re-posted on twitter and facebook. I know it will bring encouragement to others as it has me. You all have a blessed day, and may God fulfill your needs today. God bless us all in the unity of His Service :).

  70. Christa Sferrazza says:

    Hi I don’t know if you sent me a proverbs 31 scripture ministries scriptures message today for May 2, 2015 and sometimes I have problems with my email. So If you sent a scripture proverbs 31 scripture message please try to send one again for may 2, 2015 cause I don’t know if u sent one to me yet for today…

  71. Dawn Brockmeier says:

    Praying for you… The “Prayer Please” post! I went thru the same thing many years ago! It is so hard to understand and to be allowed to grieve! May God let you especially feel you are loved, in spite of the terrible trials! Because you are loved!

  72. I wrote down in my notebook last night the Title of this. Opened up my notebook and could NOT remember why and where to find this..I knew from the title ‘When Your Faith is Shaken’ I really needed to read to study,for help..I went on and I prayed for God to show me what He wanted me to study and read in His word..WOW.I was looking around and reading other areas..and HERE IS WHERE I ENDED LAST NIGHT!!I have read all of this and in a bit I an going to Peter and read,study and PRAY..satan has been shifting I won’t get into it but God I see for the last 8urs has been answering my prayers as the attacks have been coming.. I’m in a storm as I write BUT THANK THE LORD MY GOD HE HAS GUIDED ME HERE RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS ME TO READ HIS WORD..GOD BLESS YOU SHARON..GOD’S GRACE..AWESOME!!!

  73. Rosemary Jellema says:

    I remember when my journey with my disabilities started and the fear, shame , doubt and grief began I felt like my God had left me to take all of the evil darts the devil was throwing at me. I could not imagine what I had done that God had turned His back on me. It has been a long road but a road filled with growth, beauty, joy and God’s almighty power to bless, restore and offer me peace for each moment. God never said that life after sin would be easy but he did promise He would always be there to protect us.

  74. It drives me crazy when people start these personal stories/examples and then dont let you know how they worked out or how God helped them. what happened?!

  75. Robbie says:

    A lot of people have asked the same thing that struck me – what is the rest of the story? Is everyone alright? Did your daughter have the baby? Is your mother o.k.? Please let us know how it all worked out. That is part of your story. We would like to hear it.

  76. Thank you for this entry. It is such an encouragement to know our Heavenly Father is praying for us during a time of sifting. Perhaps that sifting is necessary to prepare us for something bigger or refine us in some way. Another note that is encouraging is when Jesus Christ resurrected He told Mary to go tell Peter and the disciples. What an encouragement for Peter!!! Despite our failures, He still remembers us.

  77. Satan has definitely been shaking me. Lately, I’ve been feeling so confused and lost and lonely. A voice in my head has been telling me “Jennice, you know what you need to do. Go back to reading your favorite Psalms. Your answer is there”. And so for the last week or so, I’ve been reading the Psalms I’ve marked in my Bible and instantly I felt better. I don’t pretend to be the faithful follower I used to be, but I don’t feel so worried about every little thing not going well in my life. My faith is returning, slowly but surely.

  78. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this post! I definitely feel like I am being sifted like wheat. In one weekend our sewer line backed up while my husband and I were trying to get ready for a date, which we hadn’t been on one for almost a year, then 30 minutes after we left my son badly chipped his two front adult teeth and almost bit through his tongue and my mom wanted us to come home. We didn’t even get a bite of our appetizer at the restaurant. We then tried to cancel our Fandango tickets but couldn’t refund or exchange them because it wasn’t two hours before the movie. The side door of our garage broke that night but my husband fixed it and Then the next day our garage door spring broke and broke so badly that we can’t even manually open the door. Yes, we are still in the thick of it now because I have to take my kid to the dentist, call the repair company for the door, and I have an obligation for a dinner this week to provide petit fours and meringues. Yikes, that’s enough for me! I needed to know God is praying for me, that His grace is here and available now, and that sometimes we learn more from failure than success.

  79. Cannot access the link for the “Beautiful 8X10 print” in the “Related Sources” section of May 1st devotional email

  80. I was sifted this weekend when my son was admitted to the hospital please I need everyone to pray for his his sanity I’m not giving up because I now that God is not giving up on him. I have faith that he will get the help that he needs and be back home soon to be reunited with us and be the happy teenager full of life and ambition that he once had. For days I have been praying for my son to get better and God works in mysterious ways. He has answered my prayers because now my son is finally getting the medical attention that he needed. I started praying two weeks ago when I felt lost and had no hope. I was afraid that my son would hurt himself or others and he refused to get help but God has answered my prayers and that’s to his mighty power and my faith to him my son was hospitalized. I now God is watching over him and guiding the doctors who and staff who are caring for him amen. Never let evil win keep faith and never stop praying amen our prayers will be answered

  81. Deseria says:

    My sister sent this to me because I have in the fire for the past several month! My faith was beginning to disappear as described in scenario trial in every hand. Crying in despair. But God the Awesome God he is doing a great work and carrying me through this very difficult time! To God be the Glory for the things he had done!

  82. Shirley Gordon says:

    So a word from South Africa if it helps across the ocean God too is specially preparing His children. For what I am unsure all we can do is wait to see that plan. Five family deaths in as many months ,trauma upon trauma. One death I will focus on is my brother his death was so murder and I am battling with that. He was diabetic and he developed a sore on His foot which went into his bones. This eventually led to an amputation ,septacaemia and eventual organ failure. The trick here that this was caused by government hospitals in this wonderful country that God has forgotten about. He died in pain at the hands of surgeons that are murdering patients every day. The hospitals are filthy, there is no medication, no beds, and no compassion. Can you imagine a woman giving birth on a hospital floor cause there are no beds available. I am going to attempt to sue but hundreds of people are sueing here at the moment so I fear my voice won’t be heard. In this country if you break your leg don’t go to a government hospital they will kill you and then they blame apartheid that was over decades ago. My family have taken huge mental and financial and relationship strain and I battle with so many anger issues. Despite the anger and emotions I want my brothers wasteful death to count. I want to make a difference to hundreds of South Africans before they need to die. Medical aid in SA costs a fortune and thousands cannot afford it.We need international media and involvement here. Local media are highlighting and covering as much as they can . If anyone reading these devotions and feel they have capacity to assist brothers and sisters across the ocean , please read and see what is happening here and if you are connected to voice opinions please utilize what you have. I am waiting on God to show where and how I can assist I have ideas but this will involve money and resources . Maybe there are wealthy families who can adopt a hospital or adopt a family I don’t know but international awareness is crucial. Please pray for SA and it’s people our government is demonic and their actions are demonic and it’s the children and men and women of this country that are being made to suffer unbelievable torture. This next time you have a need for medical care think of those men,women and children who would rather die at home then seek what they classify as medical here. This obviously excludes private care but the majority don’t have assess to private care.

  83. Brenda W. says:

    I So needed this devotional.. I had saved it in my keep file because I wasn’t able to read it on the day it came out. Sitting here on my lunch break I clicked on it and all I can say is Thank You Lord. He’s always on time and He knew I would need this on today. Thank you beautiful Ladies for blessing us with the gifts that God has given you. Love you all.

  84. my case is very tough people trusted me and gave me money to keep for them.thy will need there money very soon….the problem now is that I can not give account of this money. .God is my witness I did not spend the money but I can not provide d money I am confused….15850euro convert to our money 4,million plus. join me in prayer for God to help me nobody will belived me except Godm

  85. Ilona M Betts says:

    Hi… I know my husband and I are being sifted… In 2001 we gave our hearts together to Christ… We were head over heals sold out for Jesus… Then things changed at the small church we were attending… A church split happened, and I ended up filling so many rolls, one of which was the church secretary… As the secretary one of my responsibilities was to make a bulletin each week that would be handed out to the church… On the back of the bulletin we put each fund that we had going, and the amount of money in each fund…. That way people would see where their money was going… Then one day I noticed that the Building fund money was going down $200 every week… I knew we were remodeling the nursery so I went into the nursery to see if anything had been done or purchased… But nothing… So I questioned our treasurer about it and he didn’t know because we had just changed over to a computer program to keep account of the money, when before he did everything by hand… So then I went to see the bookkeeper, she could not find where that money was… The church was in financial straits, and they were going to have a meeting to even if we should take a loan… My husband and I were so against it and planned on not even attending, then I get a phone call from the pastor (whom we were extremely close with, went on vacation with them, babysat their adopted children) and he wants to meet with me… So I go into the meeting, bookkeeper, treasurer, pastor and myself… I’m thinking at this point there’s going to be answers… Instead the pastor starts yelling at me and asking if I was accusing him of something,(that never crossed my mind), I was shaking and scared because of the way he was telling at me with such sheer anger… At this point the other 2 left the meeting and my husband came in… The pastor then seemed to feel regret, and asked if we were going to leave the church, we told him we didn’t know what we were going to do, we needed to pray, we did end up deciding to leave, so I sent him an email telling him that but saying we would stay until the schedule (nursery, children’s church, etc) was up… He sent me an email back saying not to bother that is staying around ruin the moral of the rest of the church… Then we got a letter in the mail, that he sent everyone… One of the things it said was that some people didn’t want to give up positions to new people and that is why they left… He was talking about us… It was so hurtful… That all that would happen and then he would lie life that… We started going to another church and were being counciled by the pastor…our first church ended up being taken down…assembly of God sent someone from the top in and cleaned house of a new pastor in and changed the name… We never went back… The new church did not ever feel like home, the pastor was very nice and preached good sermons, but the worship was not as lively as I liked it… We tried like crazy to fit in, at a fellowship meal I had this big Tupperware container that I used… It disappeared… I asked every woman about it and no one knew anything… It was just a container but it really bothered me, I called the pastor about it and he didn’t return my calls… Then my daughter who lived in the little town next to ours told me that there was a grand opening of a new church… That Sunday her and I went… I loved it… The following week my husband came… It became our church, we both were on the worship team, we both were involved with vacation bible school and any time they needed a hand we helped… Then one Sunday in July of 2007 one of the families that went there had hosted an orphan girl from Latvia… We immediately fell in love with this beautiful child… The people hosting her had no plans of adopting her, and we felt God pulling us to this… We started the process of hosting her for Christmas 2007…we figured we would do this, and see where it went …in October we got an email from the agency saying that this child and all the ones from that orphanage (in Latvia) were not going to meet those be hosted because they felt that they would be missing too much school… We were disappointed, but we prayed… The agency offered to return our money (over $2000) or we could wait and host over summer, or we could host another child… We prayed and we were both led to busy another child… So Christmas of 2007 brought our youngest child Natalie into our lives… The road of adoption was tough… We did not have that kind of money… But we were trusting God for provision… After a year and a half and just in time (she was about to turn 16, therefore uneligible for adoption under the hauge convention) we get an email from our Latvian lawyer telling us we needed to be in Latvia for orphans court and to stay with her for 18 days and if the courts permitted, we could take her back to America with us till the adoption was final… They told us this on Friday may 29,2009…we had to be there by June 2… We had no money for plane tickets… Though we did have a place to stay over there free of charge… And we had 5 days to be there… We had a meeting with the board at our church and they had already owned a fund for donations, but there s not enough… They decided that they would help us (but not technically a loan) and we would pay it back out of donations when they came in and by the adoption credit money we would get with our taxes… Sounded like a great thing… So we go to Latvia and bring Natalie home… They really pushed to try to control everything, it was a Christian school as well as a church, and they were insisting that she go there, I liked the idea, but she had alot of social difficulties and I decided to home school her instead for awhile… They didn’t like it… I was using their pace program, and she was doing pretty good… She was so far behind… She had turned 16 and didn’t know how to add, or subtract let alone anything else in math… Then she started not listening to me, which in turn in the middle of that first school year I changed my mind and sent her to the school… Years go by and is 2013 and we are again in the middle of the school year her senior year… And the pastor’s daughter was teaching at the school…she had a huge crush on my husband and would follow him around (the pastor’s daughter) and her own husband and others noticed it… And at a fellowship dinner I left my anger get ahold and I called her out on it… Basically said why don’t you follow your own husband around… After this Natalie became a target at school… Heather (pastor’s daughter) was pregnant with her second child and was extremely emotional… And did everything to make my daughters life (an orphan previously) miserable… We had no clue till one night we were at a restaurant and she stated telling us all the stuff that was going on at the school… Could she please finish the test of the year at home, we prayed and talked about it and then agreed… She had moved so far in the 3 years she had been there I knew she could basically do it on her own… And then we get a call from the pastor that he wanted to stop by and visit… We agreed and he came to our house… He basically said we were ruining her life by taking her out… Again she was still going to use their program, and they had a huge homeschooling program that they used…she would still graduate from there… We were calm and said no, we prayed and we feel confident that she will do fine… And she did… On graduation day he handed her, her diploma… When she looked in it, it had her last name before the adoption in the place of her middle name that she had picked when we adopted her, I told him it had to be changed… He thought she would like it… She didn’t, and it wasn’t her legal name… So they fixed it and I don’t think I said it, but we did pay every single penny back for the adoption that they helped us with… After that we all kinda moved on… In about October of 2012, my stepson who was 29 at the time came to us to tell us that he was having a problem, he was using heroin…we talked to him about everything we could think of about God… he was saved at 8 years old, but walked away as a teenager and a young adult… So we prayed, we prayed that God would heal him, or that God would send someone else to talk to him… Christmas eve 2012 he came to our house after everyone that came to our Christmas gathering had left… And he was wasted… It was hard to take… We dealt with it and continued to pray… Another year went by and it’s Christmas of 2013…he never showed …he was staying with my inlaws after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in music… But he came home could find no job ended up working part-time at the liquor store where he worked previously… January 2014 new year… He wanted to go to rehab… He wanted help… We got him there and he agreed to everything… I thought this was the answer to our prayers… He stayed one day and begged us to come get him, but he had a plan and we took him to another agency that set him up with another rehab… He stayed for almost 2 weeks… Then sent me a text that he was leaving and going to go stay at his moms… I was very upset and angry and scared for him… Then in may of 2014 he had an agent who was going to set him up to record his first professional album… He went to Florida to do this (that’s where he went to college as well) so he had a really rough time the lady was into some weird Wiccan stuff… And he wanted to just come home… The album was completed and so he came home… In July he ended up finding a position at the Bowery ballroom in Manhattan running lights and sound rented a room and also had a part time job working in a recording studio of the guy he was renting from… He was doing good… He was off of the drugs and was even trying to quit cigarettes…December 2014…on the 9th was the last text we received from him… He texted every night with my husband… And Wed he never answered back, nor Thursday, Friday, Saturday..Sunday, I was at work and my husband texted me asking if I minded if he called Justin’s mother to see if she heard from him… He was clearly worried and so was I… I said of course… I got done work at 630 and headed home, my daughter Natalie and her friend were finishing up the nut tarts that I made for Christmas and I had to take her friend home… I came back and my husband was on the phone… The way he was talking I thought he was talking to Justin… I felt relief… But then when I looked at him he gave me a look that I wish I never saw… He got off the phone and said he wanted to talk to me… I knew… I knew I didn’t want to hear the awful truth… He had gotten a call from Boyertown (where my inlaws lived) police… And they received a call from the jersey city (where Justin lived) police they found him in his room dead from a heroin overdose… They would be sure after the autopsy…our world stopped…we went to my inlaws and his mom and stepdad and sister met us there… It was horrible, but we had to make decisions… We decided to cremate him and his mom’s parents had a place where we could bury his urn, we were pretty broke… It was almost Christmas..our pastor came and talked and cried with us… He had counseled him a couple years before… Then it was Tuesday December 16…we hadn’t even bathed let alone got out of our pajamas… We kept walking around our house like zombies… Natalie or adopted daughter had no clue how to take this… We had nothing to give her… I sent her down to my inlaws, they were devastated as well but we’re able to hide it better… They were both in their late 80s…so then this one couple from our church came and brought us dinner and talk… They had lost their son a year before from a tragic accident… They could understand our pain… We had to go to the church to get things set up for his memorial… We were doing it there… I had previously made a slide show of Justin’s pics from the time he was born till he went to college… I thought we could use it… Then one of his friends agreed to update it and put it all to Justin’s own music… So many things that had to be done… I did them, because no one else could… Friday December 19…we had to go to Jersey city to clean out his room and pick him up at the funeral home that cremated his body… His mom and stepdad and brother were coming to help us… So we had 2 cars to bring stuff home… We didn’t know where his car was, roommate said it wasn’t there… So we went there… Over the spot where he died they placed new garbage bags so we didn’t have to see the stain of his fluids… It was a nightmare… Only good thing that came out of that was we began a relationship with his mom and stepdad… We brought him home and then Sunday December 21 we had his memorial… Over 400 people showed… He was loved by everyone that knew him… We were all standing in the front receiving people and I looked over and pastor was waving his arms in gesture to lets get this show on the road… I had maybe 4 hours of sleep in the two days prior and was on Xanax that the Dr had given us… I just mouthed to him what do you want me to do? I can’t stop the people?? (And I had asked him a couple of days before that if he could start the meal chain for us… We’ve participated in that everytime someone lost someone, or someone was sick or had a baby…we only got that one meal, and the pastor dropped off a rotisserie chicken and didn’t even stay 5 minutes… So we lived on Christmas cookies… I just couldn’t cook… We both dropped 10 pounds in that week…) Monday December 22, 2014, we laid our son to rest… Again I asked for the meal chain… They never got it for us… At his memorial was a major opportunity to reach out to unsaved people… Instead the church members stayed in the kitchen and didn’t talk to anyone… Almost like they would be tainted by these awful sinners, December 23, was my husband and my 19th wedding anniversary… We went for dinner but that was it… We didn’t feel like celebrating… The next day was Christmas eve and then Christmas day… It was awful… People still expected us to do all these events… It’ll help they said… It didn’t… The following Sunday at church or pastor came and made a big complaint about cigarette butts in the parking lot…the next thing is new years eve…my husband and I backslid and started smoking pot… Something we hadn’t done since before we were saved…the year just seemed to get progressively worse…my mother-in-law got pneumonia and was hospitalized on the day before her 88th birthday… Feb 11…March 2 she went to be with the Lord… With my husband and I and Natalie by her side… My mom… Who is disabled started saying stuff, you need to get over this… Get over this I said???? Yeah we’ll never get over it… Then a lady from our church started saying stuff about my oldest daughter Nicole… That she’s such a big sinner, because she was dating a guy from our church who was separated by not legally divorced… Then she started attacking Natalie and what she was wearing to church… She was not wearing anything inappropriate… I mentioned it to the pastor… But nothing was ever said to her and she kept attacking… Finally I turned to get and said I have lost one child, please stop attacking my remaining children… We were being beaten down… They didn’t know we were playing around the edges with the marijuana… But the marijuana did help… Better than the legal Xanax… August 2015…we stopped going to church ….December 2015… First anniversary of his death… We didn’t have Christmas except a dinner… My father always had a gathering in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I went to it, but my husband just couldn’t… January 2016…my oldest daughter turned 30…i had a dinner and cake… My dad and stepmom were e there … My father shook the hand of everyone there but walked past my husband… Ignored him… I was furious… Didn’t say anything… On his birthday we called and he wasn’t home so we left a happy birthday message… Never heard back from him… In April my husband had to have a hernia surgery… He was out of work for awhile, they drug tested him when he returned and he failed it for marijuana and they fired him… Didn’t give him an opportunity for rehab like they’ve done with others… 2 weeks later I got fired from my job, (they were not understanding since Justin died… Didn’t even give us a condolence card) and I called a Co worker a nasty name after she pushed me behind my limits and got fired… We were both denied unemployment… But by the time I got fired at both had stopped the marijuana and started going to a new church… He ended up getting hired by a company down the street where we live… For less money and health insurance cost $100 more a week then his other job… The place is a nightmare… He hates the job…hostile work environment and he has to be outside alot in all kinds of weather… I started working at a restaurant cooking… I love it and I’m getting paid more than my other job… And I work with my youngest brother… Also before all this my best friend since 1980 was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer… She passed away August 11, 2016…I was so devastated again and still and I started the marijuana again… My husband did too… But then stopped because of possible drug testing… I have been so worried about him… He has been totally withdrawing into himself… A friend of mine sent me a book called visions from heaven… Thus it led me to the sifting… Oh and they shut off our cable and phone because we are so broke because of insurance (auto) messed up and didn’t charge us the extra money for a new car that my daughter got from August till November… So Nov, Dec, and January they added it all on… Couldn’t pay some of my bills… But the fact that there is no TV right now, I picked up that book and started reading out loud to my husband… I truly believe we have been under attacks and/or being sifted… I was reading it last night and today… With tears flowing…i think we were very close to another disaster …but now i feel life my eyes are open …we felt completely abandoned by God ,Jesus ,our church, our family and alot of friends, they just can’t stand out negativity… And have said “you need to snap out of it” before this we were so on fire for God and living right… Not perfect but forgiven… I know this is long but I felt that I had to lay it all out… Please pray for us that God would remove the sifting if that is indeed what it is or protect us from the enemy, there is even more I could say that happened from people that were supposed to be our church family… But I am thankful that one decided to mail me the book

  86. Vickie Simpson says:

    In the past 2 and a half years we have suffered illness,pain,3 deaths and financial hardship.I am in pain every second I am awake.This is one of the hardest periods of our life,I pray that God will give us strength to endure it.My son thinks there is no way God can love us and put us through this,he is losing his faith.Please pray for us.

  87. Robert Gareau says:

    my faith is being tested, I am single and have been praying for god to bring me a wife for the past 9 years and I get discouraged at times worrying god is going to make me stay single the rest of my life or make me settle for marrying someone I don’t want to be with and at the same time I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and that makes my fears worse with obsessive unwanted thoughts

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