When You’re Not Ready for the Season of Life You’re In

When You’re Not Ready for the Season of Life You’re In

March 9, 2016

“Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.” Ruth 1:16b (NIV)

It’s official … I’m the mother of the mother of a child. Just call me the #MMC.

I hope you understood what I’m trying to say because I can’t bring myself to say the “G” word yet.

My daughter and her husband graced us with their daughter the day before Christmas. Yes, our new little princess is beautiful. Yes, I feel all of the love in the world for her. Yes, her birth was wonderful and beautifully surreal.

But her birth means a change in seasons for me. And I’m not ready.

But it doesn’t matter because she’s here, and I’m officially a gr … Mother of a mother of a child.

Seasons change, don’t they? Life shifts.

One day you can describe yourself and your life one way, and the next day that description can totally change.

Sometimes those shifts are welcomed and celebrated. Other times those shifts are regarded with a bit of anxiety. Life is always changing.

Maybe the changes you’ve recently experienced or anticipate in the near future have you so excited you can’t stand it. Or maybe those changes are making you so nervous that you shake a little in your boots every time you think about them.

Either way, life has seasons — some of which we are ready for and some we simply don’t think befitting or suitable for who we think we are or what we think our life should look like.

I don’t think Ruth expected her season of widowhood.

A young girl gets married expecting to be happy, to have a family, to live together for a long time. Instead, as we read in Ruth 1:3‑5, Ruth faced a childless, widowed and destitute existence after her husband passed away. There was no one to ensure financial security, nuclear community or generational progeny. Her future was not what she expected, and her identity shifted as a result.

Maybe your season in life has shifted unexpectedly.

Young wife. Now widowed.

Working. Now unemployed.

Healthy. Now ill.

Married. Now divorced.

Calm. Now stressed.

Comfortable. Now stretched.

Not all shifts in seasons are negative. Some simply push us into places that require a major adjustment in our hearts, mind or will.

Employed. Now the promotion is more than you bargained for.

Childless. Now motherhood is the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Single. Now marriage is not as straightforward or simple as you thought it would be.

Content. Now God has led you to a place where dependence on Him means discomfort or uncertainty and forces you to grow in your faith.

Unbeliever. Now you know Jesus Christ, but reading the Bible is like reading a foreign language and you’re frustrated trying to figure out this Christian thing.

The book of Ruth is the story of girl who trusted God with the unforeseen, the unanticipated and the surprising. She teaches us that by embracing the changing seasons of life and the circumstances that God allows, we can come to see God in a new light as we walk through new situations.

Yet as we see in today’s key verse, Ruth tackled her new season head on. Even though her shift in season was unexpected, life-changing and unsettling, she embraced it.

She moved fully into the season of life God allowed, trusting that in the end it was God who was her Sustainer and Provider. She trusted Him with her identity, her station in life and the direction of her story. And in trusting Him she learned that new seasons, even the unexpected ones, can lead to the most beautiful places.

What does it mean to be a gr … grandmother?

I have no idea.

But I do know that Ruth’s decision to walk with bravery and boldness into a new season paved her way to be the grandmother of King David and ultimately in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Even though I probably will forever consider myself to be 27, I think embracing this new life-changing, redefining season of my life will allow me to see what God looks like as I walk fully in this place. And I might even be surprised by the impact He allows me to make in His power.

What does it mean for you to be widowed or a wife, unemployed or promoted, divorced or in a blended family, financially strapped or financially responsible, a new Christian or a seasoned saint?

I don’t know.

But I do know we should walk boldly into the seasons that God allows, trusting that He will show us how to maximize each moment we have there.

Dear God, I don’t know how to handle the season I’m in. Please show me how You would have me to operate in this place and give me strength to move forward in a way that brings You glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” (NIV)

Psalm 33:11, “The counsel of the LORD stands forever, The plans of His heart from generation to generation.” (NASB)

Are you struggling to focus on God and His Word in the midst of your shifting seasons? Check out the Proverbs 31 First 5 App as way to jumpstart each and every day in His Word.

For a reminder to walk boldly in the season God has provided or allowed, visit Chrystal Evans Hurst’s blog to download a free printable she has made available just for you.

Do you believe that the God Ruth served is the same God we serve today? If so, how do your words or actions show you trust Him?

Do you have practical tips to share for embracing either the welcome or even the unwelcome seasons of life? Share those in the comment section so that they might be an encouragement for someone today.

© 2016 by Chrystal Evans Hurst. All rights reserved.

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  1. This is not a biggie. I’m a recent widow.

    • Erika Silva says:

      Linda it is good to see that you are open for your new season in life. I pray that God will strength you so that you may welcome this time in your life by walking with Faith. I was a young healthy soldier and now I have a back injury and Fibromyalgia; at first I didn’t react well at all. I’m ready now to walk with faith, to welcome this season that God has given me. So many times I questioned God why but after a while I came to realize that Grace is enough. And yes I’m capable of going through this and still stay strong; holding on to his promises. So if I could share a practical tip on how to embrace new seasons it would be to trust and believe that the same God that rose Jesus from death will walk you through every season.

      • Erika;
        Thank you for your words of encouragement.
        You are a courageous person and thank you for serving this country.

      • I am so glad so many of you can be content with the situation and new season in your life. I am going through a lot of changes and I hate it! Trying to change it but so hard. I am homeless with a child jobless looking for employment oh did I said single mom. So you tell me where is God when I need a helping hand?

        • Claudia says:

          Hi Karlene! God is everywhere, all of the time! He is in your fingertips to type your message. He is in the air that flows through your lungs to give you health to work the job He will provide, which in turn will provide a lovely home for you and your child. He is in your heart that loves your child and in your heart that will be open to a good and godly husband. Believe it. I’ll believe it with you. He loves you. Jesus is good all the time, even when we don’t understand. Simply ask Him and He’ll help you, He’ll show you. He Loves you. Trust Him. God Bless you Karlene.

        • Terry Rerich says:

          God is right next to you and He wants you to talk to Him. Lean on Him and trust He will be there for you. Seek help in the shelters, churches, and local city programs such as Family Health Services. I will pray for you and your child, a job for you, and a home that you may soon rest your head. I am so glad that your child has a parent that cares. Head up, hearts tuned in to God, and never give up. I care!

    • Chrystal says:

      Thanks for sharing Linda. Yes. Becoming a widow is hard and totally different than the example of changing seasons I gave. I want you to know that I’m sorry for your loss and I’m praying that even in this tender and grieving time that God would be oh so near. Praying for your heart.


    • The Book of Ruth has brought me great comfort and encouragement. I became a widow 9 years ago . Since than God has opened so many doors for me. I had ” My Story “‘ published in a book with others and I also became a Care Minister. I wear a ring that has the scripture Ruth 1:16b ” Where you go I will go,where you stay I will stay.

      • I am a widow too. My husband of thirty-two years passed away 8 years ago. I went through a season of mourning (3.5 years} with me writing in a journal . I wrote in the journal about my day etc. Any thing that i would want to share with my husband i wrote it in the journal. It helped me to get through my griving period.

  2. Holly Thomas says:

    Beautifully written! Powerful and yet so amazingly on target with everyday experiences. Thank you, Chrystal! . . . and congratulations on being a G-Mom?

  3. I recently found myself the believing mother of two adult sons who walked away from the faith of their childhood (both saved and were showing fruit but then fell off at critical junctures in life–early teen for one, early adult for the other) and now neither wish contact with me, and mostly cus of me following Christ while enduring marriage to a narcissist.

  4. I always wanted to be a grandma. I knew I’d be an awesome one because I was an awesome mom. It was the one thing I was sure of. Well 2 things.
    Then Bobby died. I wasn’t ready for that. I went from hearing from my son almost daily to wishing I could. I went from hearing “Mom”. TO DEAN SILENCE.

    • Chrystal says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Sarah. A mother is never ready to lose a child. Praying God’s grace, peace and encouragement as you grieve the passing of your son. I pray that as you walk through this unexpected season that God would be near to your broken heart.

    • Sarah,
      I know exactly how you feel. I lost my son, Ryan (26), 8 months ago. I’ve gone through a lot in my life (both parents died, divorce) but nothing prepared me for this. Trust God (he knows the end to the story) and he will see you through this. Praying for much needed strength for you.

  5. Susan G says:

    I think for me in every new season, good or not so good, it’s trusting who God says He is and letting Him be Lord of my future or lead me in the present. God is always good. God has our best interest at heart. Nothing takes God by surprise. He is already at the end of where we are going. God loves us with an everlasting love and will never forsake us. That is enough promises from His Word to settle my heart down each time something catches me off guard or I fall headlong into a pit…and there are more promises where those come from!
    God is God and we can always rely on Him!
    Thanks for this!

  6. Kristiann Corley says:

    This really helped me tonight. I recently applied for a position at my university that would allow me to avoid taking out a loan for my senior year. I did not get the position and I spent several days asking God why He wouldn’t give me this position. I have worked towards my degree since I was 16 years old, and I just wanted my senior year to be a little easier than the past. I was honest with God in my prayer time and told Him I was angry and scared. Throughout the last couple of days, I realized that my faith was not in God but myself. I did not depend on Him for that position, but my own merit. While I put in the effort to get the position, I never talked with Him about it. This season I am walking through is painful and even unsettling at times, but I know my God is still good and He has something far better in store for me!

    • Brenda Roberson says:

      In the 1990’s, I felt the strong desire to go back to school. I had three young children, but I felt God was telling me it was time. First, my mother talked me out of it, but the prompting would not go away. The next year, I applied to a program and was rejected. I eventually did get into a junior college, then transferred to an university where I would graduate in 2000 cum laude. In the midst of this, I was taking out loans. I began trying to get a job with one of the universities here in Philadelphia, because they offered free tuition for their employees as a benefit. I cannot tell you how many times I applied, particularly to the Ivy League university. I never got an interview. I continued to work and go to school. Things were getting unbearable at my job, so I went to an agency to help me find a new one. I was sent to a nonprofit for a position. I took the tests and passed and got several interviews. In the final interview, I learned that one of their benefits was that they would pay for my tuition. Glory hallelujah! I was not looking for this benefit when I went looking for a job and God provided. Do not be discouraged. He knows what you need. He will provide. And really does do so beyond our expectation and our imagination.

    • Sounds like HE has given you wisdom and growth esp. through this particular struggle. I have had similar situations with jobs and looking back can see GOD’s hand taking me where HE wanted me to be. Now I appreciate my position because of where I came from, an unhealthy work environment. This blessing may not have been valued as much if I had not been in the valley.
      GOD is working in your life and pray HIS blessings on you in this season of your life.

  7. I am in a season of life I never saw coming….divorce. I fought for my marriage, but my husband did not. I came from the belief divorce is NOT an option. He did as well, or so I thought. Infidelity crept in and took over my husband.
    After the season of hurt, scared, confused….I went through the season of focusing on what was best for my children and me.
    I am now in the season of dating, which is such a foreign word for me. I am a nurturer. I yearn for companionship with the RIGHT person. Dating with children is SO different than those days of being in my 20s. I not only am searching for the perfect mate for myself but one who accepts my children.
    This all comes with judgment and things I never thought I’d have to go through. For example, when should children be introduced into the picture? I don’t want to settle, and sometimes children change the dynamics of what you thought the relationship could sustain. Yet, I don’t want to introduce my children to too many different gentleman OVER TIME. BUT, let’s face it, people change, and I’m finding that out more and more everyday. I guess that goes with the different seasons. After all, it wasn’t ME that wanted this life. It has taken me going to my knees more and more and relying on God to lead my path. I have to know within my heart I’m doing and making the best decisions I know how and that God will guide me.

    • Dear Ashley, I am so sorry about your divorce and the pain that came with it.

      I urge you to step back for a bit and carefully read the book of Ruth. And to follow Ruth’s example.

      Ruth wasn’t looking for another husband. She was simply looking for a way to provide for herself and her mother-in-law. She made the best of a difficult situation through hard work and a humble spirit. Your comment, Ashley, sounds like you are on a quest to find your next husband. It carries a lot of worry about your tomorrows.

      Lord God, grant Ashley peace about her status as a divorced mother. May she find purpose and contentment in her present situation. Fill her with your strength for the day-to-day trials of parenting. May her hope rest fully in you, and not in an unknown future husband. May she trust in you whole-heartedly and let you direct her path, just as Ruth did. Amen.

    • Pray that God’s peace will direct you and you will know when to make each move. Wait on the LORD

    • Sweet Sister Ashley, may God grant you peace and courage and HIS grace as you keep coming to Him for comfort, guidance and companionship. Please know, He has a plan for you and your children. He IS working that plan. He has not forgotten you. You are the daughter of THE KING, and He loves you so much. He is bringing together His perfect plan to bring you the desires of your heart. I was divorced for a long time and I did a lot wrong. And I’m so thankful my Saviour never left me. He waited for me, and just like Boaz, He is my kinsman Redeemer. He is also yours. I will never doubt His love, nor His provision because I know He was there with me, He brought me through the storm. He will bring you through as well. You didn’t say how long you had been divorced. If not long, give yourself time to grieve, give yourself time to find out who YOU are not as someone’s wife and spend a lot of time with your kiddos. I regret the time I wasted chasing after men instead of spending it with my son. I can never get that back. Pray over every date. Be willing to walk away from them unless God says they are right for you. And you will know. Father, I thank you for loving us so much You sent Your only Son Jesus to die on that cross for us so that we could have this beautiful relationship with You. Thank you for covering us with Your grace. Thank you for reminding me that I am a daughter of the King and I deserve nothing less than Your best. Thank you for writers like Chrystal who speak your truth and help us stay connected as sisters in Christ. Father, please protect Ashley’s heart as she goes through this season of life that she didn’t want to be in. Please protect her children. And Father, please protect Ashley’s ex-husband. If it’s in Your will Lord, please help them both to be healed and to restore their marriage. Please give her wisdom and discernment and courage. In Jesus precious holy name…

  8. I’m a grandmother to eight and raising one of them, a granddaughter, for the last fifteen years pretty much alone. Its coming close to empty nest time. I’ve been raising children for 45 years. I’m so out of sync with others my age. I’m tired yet faced with this gaping hole that I’m supposed to fill. I doubt my abilities and I dread the emptiness. It simply feels like it’s time to go HOME. If not, then what? I’m lost and emptied. My only hope is in waiting on God to do His thing – create. I must become like a child again and allow the steps I take each day to reveal His plan. I know I couldn’t be in better hands.

    • Hi Pam, I am an empty-nester who loved being a mom but found it’s not so bad having them grown. They still need our love and support. There are so many young people who don’t have family near and could benefit from our love and support. I think esp. of our dear military families who move and are isolated with no one. My daughter, her husband and new baby are in that situation right now far away from us. I pray that GOD will show you HIS purpose for you in this season of life. You have too much to give esp. because you are HIS child. We can accomplish nothing on our own but we can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens us. Blessings to you and your family.

  9. My life has certainly shifted in the past few years. Married..now divorced. Employed…now unable to work..now a Gammy of three.Content…now not enjoying singleness.Medicine free mostly…now taking to keep me alive. Yet, God still has a plan for my life.

  10. The one thing ..or I should say two things I know for sure .. Life is constantly changing most times quicker than we can grasp But our Lord never changes. He is Always the same. Ready ,willing and able to comfort us and love us and walk with us through the changes. How comforting to rest in His love and never failing promises!!

  11. I am also in a season I never expected – married but d…. – likewise I could not ever use that word, either verbally or written . I’m still believing God for restoration.But I’m using this season to study God’s word.

  12. Mama_Cece says:

    I am 54 years old and have been a Grand mother for 10 years. My Son a then Senior Airmen met and married a beautiful women after one month who was already a mom to a gorgeous 3yr old boy So I instantly became a Grandmother and my Grandson affectionately began calling me Mama cece.. My husband and I jumped in with both feet.. we were going to be far better Grandparents than we were parents.. Sadly my husband passed away 5 years ago.. I wasn’t ready but find hope in Christ and my now 5 Grandchildren. I am constantly encouraged by your post.. Thank you for serving

  13. Living By Faith = Embracing what God did & continues to do for us! (29 Feb 16):

    “David confirms this way of looking at it, saying that the one who trusts God to do the putting-everything-right without insisting on having a say in it is one fortunate man: Fortunate those whose crimes are carted off, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate. Fortunate the person against whom the Lord does not keep score. Do you think for a minute that this blessing is only pronounced over those of us who keep our religious ways and are circumcised? Or do you think it possible that the blessing could be given to those who never even heard of our ways, who were never brought up in the disciplines of God? We all agree, don’t we, that it was by embracing what God did for him that Abraham was declared fit before God?”
    ‭‭Romans‬ ‭4:6-9‬ ‭MSG‬‬

  14. I try to live everyday waking up acknowledging that this is the day the Lord has given me, l say morning Lord help me to remember you are with me every step of my day. The good and the hard times. You have a plan help me trust you in that plan. Even when feel life is hard to walk through today because of a separation anxiety is not what I want you understand my pain and I trust you. You are my life and strength give me eyes to see your purpose in my life.

  15. I know he’s the same God we serve today. Amen!
    My unseen actions at home are praying and reading scripture and my devotions. This then moves into my words. But sadly, many times my seen actions don’t match my words. Life is hard, and I get caught up in questioning God when my seasons are hard. Maybe I didn’t understand his will for me? Maybe I made a wrong decision when I thought that was what he wanted me to do? But then, I am learning (thank you for today’s reminder! ) that God is not promising me safety or happiness or all things good. He is promising me he’ll be with me. He’ll be my strength. It’s easy to lose sight of that when the days get hard. But he’s still God and he’s still true.

  16. Cassandra Rodriguez says:

    Thank you ladies for sharing. It is so wonderful to hear the truth about others lives and the way that you all cling to hope and faith no matter the struggle. It reminds me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to accept that this life is painful. Thankfully we do have the one thing we need to make it through till we get to our forever home.

  17. How profound! Thank you I’ll returning to this devotional often, thank you.

  18. I while ago, I told a friend that for some reason I was drawn to the book of Ruth. I didn’t understand why. I read it, but still couldn’t understand why. Over the past year and a half there have been changes in my life that I never thought would have happened, but I keep moving forward and believing and when I didn’t know what to do, just stayed still. Now I am walking into a new season, nervous, excited, all of the above, but moving with my eyes on Jesus. After reading today’s message, I see not only the connection between the book of Ruth and preparation for the challenges and changes that have occurred in my life, but also the life that God is calling me into.
    Amen and Congrats!

  19. Amanda Hinerman says:

    Such refreshing and empowering truth for today. We never know what our next season will bring, happiness, blessing or earth shattering change. In a day I went from being an active 60 year old grandma of 9, to spending 19 days in a hospital with an autoimmune disease trying to destroy my body. Thank you Heavanly Father for finding me 7 years ago! By the power of His Spirit in me I felt no anxiety, and peace knowing that no matter what happened I would be ok. I am looking at this time as part of a refining process for me. Allowing me to show what it looks like to really walk in faith and gratitude under any circumstance. Thank you for your daily support.

  20. It’s not being a Grand mother that bothers me…it’s the empty nest and I am a teacher! Have 5 children age 35-17! Last one will be going soon. I encouraged my children to leave long island for many reasons and they did! I miss them!

  21. Cassandra Johnson says:

    We just recently moved to another state for my husband’s job, with this came a new church and meeting new people. Which hasn’t been that easy. I began to work and resigned at the end of the year to be available for my mom and her chemotherapy. So I’m now in a season of being unemployed. My assignment for this season is to be available for my husband and my mom and I’m going to embrace it!

  22. Deidre-Ann Thompson says:

    This devotion was well written and timely. God placed it on my heart to step out in faith and quit my job 2 months ago, and let’s just say, after having said Yes to Jesus, He’s become silent lol. I have more questions than answers, and I’m seeking His guidance daily. I went from employed to unemployed, but that has afforded me more time to spend with my toddler. I don’t know what’s ahead, but I trust the One who does, because His ways are higher than mine and all things are working together for my good.

  23. What a powerful message, Thank you!

  24. Please forgive me, Lord, for putting my hope and desire for happiness and contentment in the “what ifs” and “if onlys” of life. Teach me what it means to place my hope in You!

  25. Meditate on the word of God, soak it up, read His word, His promises during a changing seaaon. It keeps me tucked in near to Him. His promises are true, even though I’m having a hard time believing them doesn’t mean they’re any less true. Stand firm and repeat scripture time and time again…it’s sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. It may sound something like this, “Lord I am fearful of my situation right now, but I am going to choose to trust in Your word. You say that you have given me NOT a spirit of fear, but one of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND (2 Timothy 1:2) so I am agreeing with You Lord. I renounce fear and am filled with the Living God.”
    Be strong in your seasons! He is with YOU!!!

  26. Elaine Stadtfeld says:

    Be proud to be a grandmother because there are those that never had the blessing of being a mother and will never be blessed to be a grandmother. What a blessing to have another child in the family that you can love and teach about God. Have a blessed day.

  27. nicholas says:

    Thought you might this read, GOD BLESS YOUU

  28. Sometimes it’s difficult when you’re enter an unfamiliar season. A death of a love one, you find yourself in a broken relationship, your children suddenly become out of control. But one thing I have help onto is my relationship with GOD. What has helped me through the difficult times is knowing that I made it through difficult times before and I Know HE will do it again. Yeah I know it’s no magic answer but knowing He cares for me……. HIS love, comfort, and faithfulness helped me through.

  29. I needed this. I am now -4 and still can’t say this new decade I am in. Also, yesterday, a potential new friend called me ma’am. Please pray I can accept and take hold of my age!

  30. Being a Gr….#mmc only means that you have been blessed with yet another chance. Another opportunity to teach, to love, to share, to encourage, to discipline, the list goes on and in this case to spoil rotten. Embrace you season as there are so many who would love to walk in your shoes. Congratulations Crystal! And remember Joshua 1:9. Be strong and have courage.

  31. Susie Roth says:

    I too took this a little not wanting to but I am now Nana! LIAM IS NOW 3! Yikes, they grow up quicker as I get older! But he will tell others, That’s my Nana! The joy of this child overwhelms what my title is! Enjoy yr little one….this is a honor that we have earned!

  32. Start with love and acceptance for where you are and trust the Lord

  33. I absolutely love being a grandma to an 18 month little girl! She is such a joy we needed as all our children became adults! What I am not ready for us my middle daughter will be getting married this summer and moving away! This will be very difficult for both of us but I keep believing that God is in control and she will be where he needs her!

    • Hi Pam, My daughter, the baby of my children is in west Texas while we are in Virginia for the past 4 years in the military. They are soon to be out and will move back east. Be encouraged that because you have a good relationship it will keep you together. Some people have children living nearby and have poor relationships and aren’t in touch. My daughter and I message each other everyday and are on facebook often esp. now that we have a 3 month old granddaughter. Visits that require travel make it more special when we are together. Blessings for your family and especially your daughter’s marriage and new life. (My son-in-law likes for me to visit because he know I will be in the kitchen!)

  34. janny holder says:

    I can tell you about so many seasons in my life, some has made me happy others extremely sad; but at the end of it all my god my god is always there. I love the way god puts me in certain situation and takes me out without hesitation , when I am worried he gives me comfort, when I am stressed he gives me hope. I love the way my father god guides me and tells me everything will be ok just trust in me. I have learned in my Christian journey to educate myself with word so I can worship and give all the glory to my god my god.

  35. Kenna hutto says:

    Once your grand new baby is old enough to light up with delight and exclaim “grandma!” when you see each other- you’ll love your new name!!

  36. Lauri Wood says:

    This was an encouragement to me today. I am recently divorced and on my own now. In the last few months I have seen God work miracles in providing a new house, the finances for it, watching Him build my business, and provide a new church for me. It is actually interesting to see His hand at work. No, this is not the life I wanted, but God knew I’d be here at this time of my life. My children are adults now, but I continue to have good relationships with them. I see God working and providing in their lives as well. God promises that He will never leave me nor forsake me.

  37. Rachael Boone says:

    My current season is a new pregnancy. We went through 2 miscarriages in the last year. This pregnancy is still new. We have 2 beautiful children that came with ease years ago. Each day I am thankful God has blessed us with baby, but fearful and anxious because I know anything can happen. It is not a fun situation. I pray his will and know God will take care of his children. It is not my job to worry or be anxious. Everyday there is no sign of distress on my pregnancy I am more and more thankful!!

  38. My season change is nothing compared to so many who have written a out their losses. God bless and hold all of your pouring out your pain here. My change is in progress. I have been the music minister at my church for almost 10 years but I feel God is preparing me to move aside for the next person or group. My prayer will be for the grace to discern that it is Gods plan and not Satans. Seasonal changes can be very hard on the heart and mind. I give it once again to the Lord.

  39. I am parenting teenage girls! 13 and 16. This is a new season for me. I am pretty sure menopause and adolescence were not meant to go together! At least not in the same house. My parenting skills seem inadequate now! I have increased my focus on prayer and created time for me (as well as couple time) and time for the girls. Spending quality time with Jesus helps center me for the day! Thanks for your words. I love your mother’s book Seasons of a Woman’s Life by Lois Evans. Just think of the legacy of faith being a G-ma has for you! Embrace it! Congrats.

  40. My story is not quite the “embracing the unwelcome season” type, BUT I can testify of God’s grace and love in those times. Last year I went through a break-up with someone I was convinced I would marry. This obviously broke my heart! 3 months later I lost my father to cancer – first time ever I lost a family member (I am only 23 now). With all this hurt and confusion and lost hope surrounding me, I do remember one thing: I KNEW that I knew that I knew – God was always there! Always available when I needed comfort, healing, peace, even if I wanted to run away. Oh how much peace I had in the midst of the storm, not because of who I am… but because of who He is. Sometimes seasons change for the better and He is also there. If this story might apply to anyone, I want to encourage you – RUN TO GOD. He is a Good Father. God bless you xx

  41. God tells us to fellowship with one another. Never isolate yourself. I have come to find that fellowship with other true believers, Christians, on a regular basis, to get in God’s presence and press into His Kingdom, recharges, restores, cleanses us. Gets me centered again in Jesus, in The Truth with HOPE. Always in LOVE. I am talking mainly about a true friend in Christ, true friends in Christ, unfeigned love for one another.

  42. Good morning, You are going to find that being a grandmother is one of the greatest blessings you can ever receive. Cherish each moment you get to spend with that sweet, sweet baby! Just think of the knowledge you can pass on! Oh what a wonderful season you are in. I had about four changes in my life within a 7-month period! I lost my mother, turned 40, became a mother-in-law and a grandmother in that short span! But our Lord and Savior was faithful and got me through it all! I have since been blessed with another daughter-in-love, a son-in-love, 5 more grandchildren and a granddaughter-in-love! Oh, how blessed I am!! You will find you love that grandbaby as much as if she were YOUR child! Next thing you know, you will be proudly showing off the fact that you are a GRANDmother!!!

  43. Debra Overs says:

    I was on the road to destruction, jail or death. In 2004 I fell down four steps in my sisters townhouse and was paralized from my neck down. I had worse insurance but small print unlimited rehab. Two weeks into an acute rehab a Bishop I knew from my city, being rehab not in my city, saw my name on books and walked back to see if it was me. He asked me if I was saved I asked what did that mean. He explained and I except Jesus into my life and immediately I wanted to know all about Jesus. All of a sudden no one but Christians, I found out, was assigned to tack care of me. They ministered to me while bathing feeding changing my depends my cathator and my OT therapist was Christian. They ministered in Word and song. I grew then I moved a leg then other leg and was up on a walker. I have limited mobility but I had yearning for God. I read nothing but the Bible but I realized God saved my life of smoking crack Cochin everyday and letting people in my house that only dealt with drugs. Now I’m clean for 12 yrs got my own apt within that yr I was paralyzed and I’m ever so grateful. Head of Deacon Board and Friends Who Care in my church. I could go on and on about how much God’s love for you and me never changes, He sent His son and that’s were I am today living off His grace and mercy. He saved a wretch like me.

  44. I recently learned I’m pregnant with our third – about 2 years sooner than we had planned as our current youngest is only 9 months. I know many have children close together but it wasn’t our plan and it means a change in my life. I struggled a lot at first – complete denial, but then I began to pray in a way I hadn’t before. I began to pray daily and with scripture at the center of my prayers. I have discovered a new peace as a result and even find myself joyful about this new life! God is good and present in every season, good,bad, and just plain unexpected 🙂

    • Hi Katie, I was in a similar situation years ago finding out I was pregnant again when my son was only 6 months old. It was hard to take in at first but it couldn’t have gone better. I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom. Money was very tight with only my husband working but they were some of our best days. My son and daughter were 15 months apart but also good friends and playmates. It was truly a blessing. I am so glad I didn’t miss out on my daughter.

  45. Thank you. I have traveled many a seasons. A major one lasting 37 years with many small seasons in the mix. I am a firm believer in Christ being baptized last November. Starting the new season of life has been so rewarding, leaning on the Lord has made the actions of others seem so less dramatic. As I have been in the season of repairing relationships from my depression years, thrown a curveball yesterday. I have realized amongst my pain others are hurting more than I. I know satin wants us all, he has no power over my life any longer. The hurt of others has now changed my season. Repair that was started has been torn apart. I woke this morning with an unhealthy heart where I know before it would not have been.
    Thank you Lord for giving these words so that I could find that peace. You are amazing.
    Being a grandmother is a whole new season, embrace it. As I am now a grandmother of 2, thought that no way could I love another as the first, so wrong, she is just as precious. I pray that I will be able to have a relationship with her as I do her almost 3 year old sister. The season has changed and that may not be possible. I know that with God all things are possible.

  46. I just became a caregiver for my brother who is 55 and has Down Syndrome. He is also exhibiting a lot of problems which may mean he is beginning in early onset dementia.
    Everything in my life has changed.
    I am doing this because I believe God wants me to and I have given up a lot but my attitude is not right. I seem to be unable to let go of so much and then give so much for who knows how long in a situation which may worsen as we go and not get angry about it. I think I have a constant low grade anger.
    It is hard for me to realize that I’ve been a Christian for over 25 years and I can’t trust God fully in this situation, because that’s what it comes down to.
    I just pray He will make a way!

    • Pam, I pray right now that you will get Christian support – these are GOD’s hands and feet at work to care for you and your brother. HE wouldn’t want you to go it alone. We are not islands but a body of CHRIST meant to work together. We can accomplish nothing on our own but with and through GOD we can accomplish all things.
      I am sure you know this but just a reminder from a sister. May you see GOD work in a mighty way.

    • As a mother of a special needs child, your story touched my heart. You are such a blessing in your brothers life. Yes it is difficult but God is with you through it all. God delights in you and you are His child. I pray that my oldest daughter takes care of her younger brother like you do when she is older. I pray that God blesses you with support. God bless you!

  47. Elizabeth says:

    My husbands business has failed due to another season of odd weather. He decided to give it up and took on a job. I have a home daycare, this year all my children went to school. Our income has dropped 60% We are deep in debt from trying to save the hubbies business. Through God, there is always just enough. He has changed my heart from a shopper to a stay at home. From Want to satisfaction. From a Mall Walker to a forest walker. He has taken all that Want of Stuff away. He has filled my need for all of that. In fact He has encouraged me to get rid of the excess. To turn my abundance to fill someone else’s needs. It hasn’t been easy… He is with me. He is my sufficiency. He is once again, my one and only God.

  48. Carolyn says:

    Chrystal, thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in this post. It came at a time when I am seeing glimpses of a season that I knew would be coming but am desperately trying to hit the pause button…my twin sons going off to college. (We already have one in college). When I had my first child, I was totally unaware of how all encompassing motherhood could be but I gave myself over to it and have felt that it was the best job I had ever taken on. Loved every minute. Even the ones that I didn’t love at the time. I feel like I’m retiring and my gold watch is three young men who are gentlemen and scholar. Hopefully I’ve planted the seeds of Jesus deep enough so that they grow in their lives and bear good fruit. Time will tell.
    For now the new horizon has my name all over it.

  49. Oh, Chrystal, you spoke to my heart today. Mother of two children. I always defined being a successful mother as raising those two boys to adulthood, loving the Lord. Yet the younger passed away at 20 and the older is so hurt by losing his brother that he declares there cannot be a God, because a loving God would not do x,y,z.. BUT GOD…tells me differently. He tells me His truth and whispers praise Me for the salvation of your son. Standing on His promise for He tells us I will contend with those who contend with you and your children, I will save (Isaiah 49:25).

    And I know where Kyle is! Praise God He gives us His word, friends, dreams and visions for hope. And a community like Proverbs 31 to support our walk with Him and each other.

  50. Heather says:

    I really, really needed this today. I am facing a possible layoff soon and the uncertainty is taking its toll on me. In addition to that, my oldest is leaving for college in August and my youngest will follow him the next August. So now I am facing becoming an empty-nester and that is so hard after motherhood has been my primary roll for 18+ years. But I will face this uncertainty with the confidence that God is leading me to beautiful places. I love how He uses this devotion every day to speak to me! Thank you!

  51. Kelli Roe says:

    Turning the big 50 on Friday. Somehow I pictured myself differently at this stage of life but I know God has a purpose for everything. I don’t regret how my life has turned out because along the way God has shown His faithfulness. I have seen miracles that I would have never experienced if He had not took me down some rough roads. God is good God is faithful!!! 🙂

  52. Would like to heR your comments a year from now on being whatever you are called. It’s a word that raises the bar. They love us like our pets. Enjoy this season. It’s an opportunity for do overs but that doesn’t even matter.

  53. Stefanie says:

    I really needed this today! I’m struggling with the season of life I’m in right now. My oldest daughter was married in November, my son is moving out soon and my youngest is graduating high school in May. I’m struggling with “who am I now that my children are grown”.

  54. kathy wyg says:

    Good Morning…Congrats Chrystal….to….gr..ma…land…..it is the coolest…neatest..
    thing EVER…we currently have one grandson….& he is a true blessing….we are currently SEVERAL STATES apart…so facetime & tango…are our best friends..but
    nothing like it…awesome club to be a part of ……& i too…love the Book of Ruth…it is
    awesome….thank you for your awesome devo today…it was very encouraging….

    have a blessed day………………….kathy wyg

  55. Oh my this hit home! I recently got the dream shattering news that my son’s girlfriend was pregnant. No, No, No this is not how I dreamed it would be! I don’t want to be a member of “that” club. I know I said I will trust God no matter what but not like this! God is so amazing,,so good. He has been so patient, so loving. He has gently whispered Just trust me. It’s been so hard, emotions all over the place but at the same time not only have I seen God reveal himself in ways I’ve never seen before but He is working in my 4 sons and husbands lives in ways I am amazed! Would I haven chosen this path no but God also keeps reminding me….those were my dreams, my expectations, His dreams are more than I could ask or imagine if I will just trust Him and walk in obedience. Still not ready for the “g” word but I’m getting there!

  56. I needed this today. I find myself in new territory at 51. My daughters are 19 and 23, and although they still need me from time to time, not as much anymore. I now have time to do those things that I’ve wanted to do….scrapbooks, writing, gardening, but I”m floundering. I hesitate. I delay. Why?? I believe the writing is somewhat of a calling, but the ability to focus on it and commit to it is elusive. Is that because once I start, I’ll have to finish…and then what if it’s not successful? This new phase of my life has me feeling more uncertain than I’ve ever felt before. I KNOW that God is growing my trust in Him. I will not be able to control this part of the journey, and that means I’ll HAVE to trust Him. That’s proving to be hard for me, especially since I’ve always controlled things myself. I want to give it all to Him, to trust Him completely…..help me Lord to do just that! Give me the nudge You know I need today! Amen

  57. Julia Bettis says:

    “Mimi” is a French form of mother. A lot of grandmothers use this name instead of the “G” word! LOL! Also, “Nana” is an acceptable title. Me, I am “Grammy” and I love to hear my grand daughter say it! Such a blessing!

  58. Thanks, Crystal! I’ll be a G-ma in a couple months. So grateful for this new stage of life!

  59. I wasn’t ready for my firefighter husband to fall into addiction, go to rehab (while I was 7 months pregnant and had a 1 year old and 14 year old at home)only to commit a crime so he could get drugs and end up in prison 3 weeks after giving birth. But 2 years later and it saved our marriage and brought me to a place of totally surrender and dependency on Jesus rather than my imperfect and human husband. It has been the hardest journey. Being a single mom to a daughter who just started driving and to the most rambunctious 3 year old boy and almost 2 year old little girl is crazy but I remind myself that these days will pass and I will miss it when they were small. Pray for my husband. He can use all the prayers he can get. Addiction is no joke. Prayers for us too as we try to live life to the fullest without him here.

  60. Kathy S says:

    Congratulations Crystal! Being a gramma has been one of the biggest blessings of my life! My grandson and I have so many fun times together – he just turned 5. It’s fun to be a “kid” again and just spend the day playing and seeing things thru their eyes, taking hikes, whatever you do – it is such a blessing. Embracing that role has been a pleasure but there are some things that are changing in my life that I don’t look forward to. I’m grateful for the reminder to trust in God for all the seasons of my life and to stay focused on Him.

  61. I became a widow at the age of 36, raising a 7 year old on my own. I believed that keeping things as normal as possible for her and seeking professional help was the best way to get my daughter through this trauma. I continued sending her to the public school she had attended since kindergarten and started her in therapy. Several school meetings, numerous missed days of school, hundreds of dollars spent and no progress was made… The only thing she seemed to learn in therapy was that the therapists couch smelled like cherry coke, an observation made while burying her face into the couch and refusing to engage in therapy … Eventually, we discontinued therapy and I transferred her to a parochial school. Fast fwd a few years and I am now remarried and have a toddler and an infant at home (welcome advanced maternal age – arguable a season of it’s own for sure!). Although we, including my current husband who also knew my first husband, frequently talk about my daughter’s father in our home as a way to help preserve his memory, my daughter has continued to refuse therapy, refuses to visit his gravesite and generally does not show much emotion in regards to her fathers passing. It has been unnerving for me at times because she does not open up and I do not know what she’s really feeling. A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were in the car with my 2 year old son who was talking and repeatedly using the phrase “my Dad”. I looked at my daughter and told her, you know, one if these days we are going to have to explain to him that his Dad and your Dad are different. She responded, ” I know mom. We just have to explain to him that my Dad’s work on earth was done so he went to be with the Angels.” YES! She got it! She got there without me! She got there with God! With his guidance she has obtained a deeper understanding and acceptance!

    • Kasey I understand . . . the youngest of my five had just turned 8, 2 months before my husband died. She is now almost 17 and she has really been struggling. They have to find their way through. And they will. This is where we see the LORD’s hand, and they grasp who their God is for them. I am happy that you have remarried. Blessings on your family as you traverse this journey.

  62. Oh my!!! Widowed, moved back to the States, now working full time (25 yrs home, raising children), becoming a grandmother . . . . yes but as each one hit, really, God eased me through with His grace. I reached out and received His grace from Him as well, as those that gave it to me. His grace really is sufficient but it is depending on Him. I like how you related it to Ruth. She was some kind of woman who persevered to know God. The deeper we know Him, the more grace we discover. Thank you so much for sharing this. My granddaughter is many states away from me, but I will treasure them as I can get them. I am YaYa. : )

  63. Jena Johnson says:

    Something I recently learned from Lysa Terkeurst is that when going through a trying time, at some point you have to stop asking “why” (i.e. why is this happening, why didn’t God keep this from my family) and you have to start asking “what” (i.e. not that this has happened, what do You want me to do with this). A godly perspective will help you accept the fact you may never understand why you’re going through this. And you’ll be okay with not understanding.
    *Hugs* to all of you going through a tough season of change.

  64. Whitney Marsh says:

    My seasons of life completely flipped me upside down as we moved from my home of 30yrs to a new, smaller town to take over my husbands family business. I am a nurse, but coming here it was decided we would all benefit more if I stayed home with out two children. There are moments in my days I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing and we have made the wrong decision, and I think I will continue to wonder if and what I’m doing is right for them for the rest of my life. Unfortunately it’s just a part of motherhood, we will always feel insecure as we go through the different seasons of motherhood. What has kept me going are these devotions-proverbs 31 and the first 5 app. I do them on a daily basis. Some days I don’t understand it all or what I’m reading in the bible but for the most part I receive wonderful messages that help me get through each tough day juggling life as a mom, wife and former nurse. It’s harder than you would ever think to give up something you love doing, but in the end the reward will be greater.

  65. Beth Wells says:

    I had known my best friend for almost 50 years (January 3rd). Our kids grew up together. We weathered divorces together. We shared grandchildren.We had lived together since 1999. She was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2015. I quit my job to be her 24/7 caregiver. She underwent chemotherapy. They told her a bone marrow transplant would cure her. We started that journey on September 21st. It ended on October 13th when she suffered a stroke and died. I wasn’t ready for that. That wasn’t part of the plan. We had planned to be two old ladies sitting in our rockers on the front porch, drinking sweet tea and laughing at our shared memories and private jokes. Now she’s gone and I’m living with my son and his wife. I’m having to learn how to live without her. I have to stop myself from messaging her or calling out her name to tell her something. My faith in God has been my lifeline. He’s provided for me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined, answering even small little prayers. I’m having to learn to depend on Him for EVERYTHING. I have a “nest egg” that my friend left me and I’m trying to be responsible with that. But I’m also trying to let God guide me in that area as well. It’s definitely a season I was not ready for. But with God’s help, I’ll make it through to the next season He has in store for me.

  66. I wasn’t ready for my thirties. I wasn’t exactly dreading them, but I wasn’t quite ready to let go of being “twenty something.” Then one day my mom asked me what I was looking forward to about my thirties. So I really thought about it. I’d had my two boys in my late twenties, so I made a list. I was looking forward to them in school, helping with homework, sports or other extracurricular activities, pta meetings, them gaining more independence to do for themselves so that we, as a family, could go on vacations, birthday parties, and more. I liked babyhood well enough, but I was really looking forward to watching my sons grow in the hope that they would “grow in stature and favor with God and man.”

    I made sure to thank my mother for her question to me, which I’m sure was Spirit-led. And now, I try to think of things to enjoy about upcoming seasons before they get here, because I love anticipation, and I don’t really want to cling to seasons that have had their time. And God has been faithful, is faithful, will be faithful, so I’m working on trusting Him.

  67. Roberta Peake says:

    You must accept and honor the season your in.
    This little saying got me through a hard divorce.
    I had to accept the season.
    But how do you honor it? It took me a long time to see what I must do to honor it.
    Worship the Lord!
    His Mercies are new every morning.

  68. I became a widow a month ago tomorrow. It was sudden, I was not ready. It has been so difficult, each day brings a new problem. I don’t understand God’s will but He will show me. I just know I cannot do this without Him! I pray my season will soon see blossoms of Spring, I don’t like the cold Winter.

  69. Oh wow…changing seasons! The Lord has uprooted us, moving us 8 hours from church and friends, into a new adventure. It will be closer to family and we are eagerly anticipating getting involved in a new church ‘home’. While it’s not altogether new, we don’t know what God has for us, trusting His direction in each step. A few weeks ago, He challenged me with Ps. 63:1 “O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; my soul thirst for You, my flesh years fro You, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.” He gently spoke ‘you often seek relief rather than Me.’ Oh my…it lead me to a prayer of repentance as He showed me areas where I wanted the ‘easy’ button. Thankfully, although my first reaction my be to ask ‘what now?’ I quickly run to Him and ask what He has for me? Thanks so much for this post!

  70. Thanks you so much for I needed to hear this today. I was a young grandmother at age 35. I started young and so did my daughters. So now I have 3 great grandchildren ages 4, 1, 5 months and found out there is one on the way for Oct. I embraced them and love them all. But I was not prepared for the widow season. After 27 years my loving husband, my soul mate passed away from lung cancer last April 23 2015. No he did not smoke but this was a non smoker type of lung cancer. This has been the hardest season of my life. I have been through some tough things in my life but this is the hardest and doesn’t seem to be getting better. Yes I am going to a counselor. It is to long to tell it all here but I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress because of what happened to me during the ending days of my husbands life. Enjoy that grandbaby as they grow up fast. Pam

  71. Oh how I longed to be a grandmother, BUT…my son will be 40 in May and he does not want any children. Now, even if he changed his mind I have “lost my health,” can barely walk and would not even be able to hold the child. Children are a gift from God and so are grandchildren. Oh how I longed to be “Mimi” but now that will never be. Cherish being a Grandmother!!! They are a gift from God!!! Proverbs 17:6 says “Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” They are a “crown”, cause for joy and dignity!!!! Cherish being a Grandmother at any age!!! Blessings.

  72. Being a Gma’ is a glorious and rewarding job. It is also fleeting as kids today quickly become too busy and too cool to spend much time with grandparents. It is a shame but a reality in the current fast-paced world. Enjoy every second of the time you have and use every one of those seconds to proclaim God’s blessing over that wee one.

  73. Maureceia says:

    Such a timely devotional. I am a new mom to a beautiful 8 month old who is such a blessing to me and my husband, but sometimes I find myself missing my “old life” where I could come and go, and do as I please. I sometimes miss the spontaneity that my husband and I had. It has been an adjustment, but I know that God is with me in the midst of this season change and will work on my heart to have an adjustment of my mind. Yes I may have lost a little freedom and independence, but I have gained so much more in my daughter.

  74. I am currently moving into a new season. For the last three years I have been living with my mother. I am 32 years of age, legally blind and a mother of a six-year-old child. Due to the fact that my mother and I are no longer getting along, I have chosen to go on my own. Other circumstances and situation concludes to my decision as well. I truly understand what you mean by a new season. Some days I am happy to move on, other days I am terrified that I won’t be able to do this alone. My current living situation is not the ideal environment for my child. The house is always in a uproar and chaotic. My son is now learning things that I don’t approve of. I truly feel in order to get it right, I have to take the lead in move out on my own. Honestly most of my fears are not my own, it’s my mother’s negative word saying that I cannot do it. More I try to lean on the word of God, the more negative thoughts come to me. Despite of my fears I have to MoveOn. I am constantly boarded in my room trying to prevent argument and fight. Living with my mother I am depressed and very unhappy. All of my life I have had and I can do it attitude, despite of circumstances and situations. Now I am truly wondering if I can really do this. I know that this is definitely a new season for me. Please keep me in prayer?.

  75. I so appreciated the comment about the reading the Bible being confusing. I’ve been a Christian for years an recently found I keep coming across scripture that was confusing and didnt seem consistent with my loving father God. I’ve been praying and felt like God was saying it doesn’t have to shake my faith, With the help of commentator Bibles and His Holy Spirit He can show me reasons for each God breathed scripture but before this revelation I was really shook up. this devotional was very helpful that we can lean on God in every single shook up change in our life. Thank you

  76. Ann Boyd says:

    The seasons in life. When my closest friend passed away suddenly, I found it hard to find any passion for life. I was much more interested in just going on to Heaven. Then almost 4 years later, we both felt God had brought a new friendship together. Through my own mistakes and our misunderstandings, the friend walked away. I had felt the most happiness ever since my friend had passed…life was great. Then that happiness turned to a deeper sadness than the happiness had brought. DIDN’T WANT TO BE HERE. Through it all I have made up my mind to never again get far away from the heart of God or take His love for granted. I have spent much time crying before My Lord, begging Him to fix this. So far He hasnt. But my relationship with God has grown deeper. While I’m still saddened by losing yet another friend, I have peace in knowing God and are “are good”. And I will never ever be alone. Now when I desire a friend to ride somewhere with me, God has reminded me that Him and I are hanging out together. We talk alot. No more without Him and me together and close.

  77. I lost my job in 2008 .ajob that I loved.I don’t do change well.I had to give up my home. And live in public housing. I’ve had to rely on God for food. Clothes. And just about everything. I long for the life I had before. But I’m trusting God to move in his timing.

  78. Thanks so much; this really resonated with me The Mother of the Mother of a child had me smiling because six precious grandchildren later the “g”label is still hard : )
    But the greatest fruit from it for me is sharing Jesus with these precious little ones. What a legacy opportunity. It’s in little bits and pieces but what a privilege! In That regard the g becomes an upper case G.
    I am actually in a lot of news seasons at once and so out of my comfort zone, but looking to the Lord and knowing that he knows what is best for me and has been so faithful in the past helps when I loose sight of this and only think of me. I try daily to walk in his light! Thank you again for sharing.

  79. In 2010 when I lost my husband to cancer, the devotion from Daily Bread on his birthday that year (which he shared with all of his friends and family before he passed) was based on the book of Ecclesiastes. We had the words that ‘summed’ up the devotion inscribed on our headstone “Every Season there is a Reason to Rejoice!” Sometimes we have to look for it, sometimes it is very evident, sometimes we see them after the fact – but they are there! Look for those reasons, ask for them to be revealed to you and our gracious, loving, holy, merciful Father will bless you with that ability. He’s awesome like that! Our seasons are going to continually change, we call it Life and I’m confident that we can get through it with HIM! I appreciated one of the comments above where she spoke about looking forward to the changes that will undoubtedly come. I’m preaching to myself when I suggest we Find the Joy in our seasons of changes…. again Every Season there is a Reason to Rejoice!

  80. What a great devotion! Thank you Chrytal, this is so encouraging.

  81. Carol Nike says:

    My life certainly hasn’t been what I expected. And yet looking back on the transition times I can see God’s hand those were times when he was especially near to me. This looking back gives me the confidence to know that God is always faithful and will be near to me in an uncertain future that I now face in relation to my daughter. His eyes on the sparrow and I know he watches me.

  82. Since my daddy’s sudden passing in November, our lives have all been unexpectedly flipped upside down. Of course, Momma has endured the most shock as Daddy was her world, but I’m finding myself trying to make sense of this “new life” without him, too. He was our leader, our patriarch. He did so much for us, more than we realized actually. My family and I live beside them on our family farm, so we’re all trying to fill the gaps and take care of business, literally.

    The thing I’m struggling with is the new role I’ve taken on. As a wife of 16 years and mother of 2 littles, I’m used to putting my needs aside to address theirs. But this new season of life is different. I am Momma’s most trusted helper right now, her base of support, her closest companion and confidant. While I could never take Daddy’s place, I have in a way become her helpmate. I can identify with Ruth.

    All of my doings, daily work habits, comings and goings, sleeping arrangements– everything — now centers around Momma’s needs. Every decision I make is now filtered through the lens of How Will This Affect Momma?

    If I’m honest, sometimes I struggle with this. My life doesn’t feel like my own anymore. The only thing I can equate it to is the season of life with a newborn. Everything you do centers around that baby, making sure its needs are met and they are cared for and loved. It is a wonderfully blessed season, no doubt, but it is also a season of sacrifice.

    Thankfully, a recent First 5 teaching reminded me how pleasing this “sacrifice” is to The Father. How all I’m doing and not doing is seen by Him. I see now that I am also keeping and fulfilling a vow. I’ve always promised to care for my parents as they aged, to the best of my ability. This isn’t how or when or why I envisioned it happening BUT, I find peace to carry on in this realization.

    I feel embarrassed confessing this, but it’s the truth of where I am. If you’ve experienced this, I would love to hear how you navigated these waters. And as always, I covet the prayers of anyone willing to offer them!

    God is SO GOOD and has met our every need at every turn of this nightmare. All praise, love and thanksgiving to Him!

  83. Oh my goodness Chrystal, this devotion is so very timely today! I turn 60 in 2 days and have really mixed feelings about this upcoming “change in season”! I appreciate your suggestion to walk with bravery and boldness as Ruth did, and I thank God for listening to my heart, as always, knowing that I needed to hear your story, especially today. Congratulations on becoming a #MMC, you look way to young to be in this season of life!

  84. Perfect.
    First time grand mama, two out of the house, one in college, one going to college in the fall, one still in high school and…me and Jesus finding our way together in this new season of living.
    Your words were so encouraging.
    Thank you!

  85. Keiko Loether says:

    I got divorced last year after almost a 7-year marriage and became a single mom. I was depressed but have gained strength and courage by turning to God, but I still struggle occasionally with loneliness and doubts if I ever meet someone to spend the rest of my life. I’m learning to shift my focus on me in God’s love. I’m also learning to let go of what others think of me as a divorced single mom who work full time. I occasionally encounter a few people who think I don’t have time for myself because of my work and my daughter, and they think I can’t involve in any girls day/night out because of financial difficulty by having only one income while I actually make way more than when I was married because I got a new job when I got divorced.

  86. Thanks so much. I really needed to hear this as I am transitioning into a different phase of my life as well. I pray that you will get so much joy from this little one that the “G” word will end up being your favorite 🙂

  87. When you feel uncomfortable in a new situation, like a new job or role in life, instead of thinking about how unqualified you feel, approach it from the perspective of, “I can learn something new today!”.

  88. thank you for sharing. needed this today

  89. Crystal, you will love being a GG. My being Nana has been the best part of my life. We have 3 now, the newsest is 4 months. God will bless you even thou you are young.

  90. I am in a new season with God. It is requiring me to grow faith in trusting on Him I now realize. At first I had no idea what He was wanting. This confirms my idea now. It is sobering to know that even after an exciting season with God that he urges us into a new season asking us to apply our new strengths or practice our revelations from prior season. We must grow in confidence and trust by faith because without faith it’s impossible to please Him. I can say my circumstances point to destruction, but my faith points to my help. Thank you for this article and thank you for a chance to share my experience. Thank God above all.

  91. My husband and I have been through many seasons over the past few years. Four years ago, we uprooted to another state for him to attend Seminary. We moved back home, and a month later, my precious grandmother passed away. I switched careers. And now, we’re looking at another change–my husband took a new job back in October, and now he’s looking at possibly not having that job at the end of the month.
    One verse that I love is Exodus 14:14–” The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” One thing that my husband and I have always recognized about ourselves is that we’re not good at is wanting to allow God to be in control. But this verse from Exodus helps me to realize that I don’t have to fight and take control because I believe in a God that only wants good for me.
    I don’t know what’s coming at the end of this month, but I’m holding on to God’s promise that he’s working for my good!

  92. Oh how I understand the “G” word! My daughter got pregnant at 19. I had only met this boyfriend one time. God stretched me in that season. I did not want to be a grandmother. I was too young. My daughter was too young. So many hurts. So many questions. Almost 5 years later, that baby is the biggest blessing our family has ever had! My daughter has a closer walk with God and I have learned to trust him more and more. Thank you Jesus for my Brooklyn!

  93. I have been in the season that was mentioned. At that time I decided that it takes 9 months so grandparents can get ready for the new season. I love all of my grandchildren and I have a great-grandson now. It was just being ready for the first one.
    I am in a new season again and not sure what God wants me to do. I’m waiting and learning about Him more. I retired 4 years ago but went into mentoring and helping at my church’s daycare. I’m officially retired and not sure what to do. I know God will use me in a way that is pleasing for Him.

  94. Hi, I have lost 2 jobs in the last 3 months and I have no unemployment or income. I have always been able to have some kind of income before. So now I am totally dependent on God’s provision. I have to say though that I have lacked nothing and that everything thing is being taken care of. I am completely depending on God for my day to day life.
    I want to thank you for this article. It has blessed me.

  95. Dana Maeshia says:

    First let me say that I loved today’s devotional. I have always said that I strive to be like the woman/women spoken of in Proverbs. Seasons do changes more often than not, in fact change is one of the things that is constant. I have seen a lot in my short life of 44 years, and I have learned to look at each challenge as an opportunity for a spiritual work out. Like most work out routines we are not that enthused when faced with the task, but we feel so much better, pliable and stronger after. So take a deep breath and embrace life’s challenges even though it may hurt or feel uncomfortable knowing that your Creator is not only with you every step of the way , but has ordained your challenge to grow you. I just wanted to share. Peace and Love!

  96. You’re not a gr….. You’re a Glamma!! That’s what I officially changed it when this season came about for me!

  97. The first time I read one of the 31 devotionals was one my niece posted on FB. I’ve been hooked every since. These devotionals are so uplifting and just make my day. I would be lost without them. Thank you for sharing this ministry with so many of us!!
    I am a proud Grandma of two beautiful princesses. I couldn’t wait to be a grandmother!! I didn’t know what my grandchildren would call me, but I really didn’t care 🙂 I know everyone has a different reaction to their “age” when their birthdays roll around, but honestly, I never did. To me it is just another wonderful day the Lord has given me to spend with my family. I feel the same way about being a grandmother. I’m thankful for each new day I get to spend with them. Thank you for letting me share my feelings. Thank you again for these wonderful devotions we can all relate to! Prayers and God Bless!!

  98. I loved this devotion today! We were blessed with our first grandbaby 6 months ago. I was beyond excited, but weeks before she was to arrive, I experienced major anxiety about this season of change. We were finally able to spend time as a couple again and I was feeling a little selfish about how this baby would affect our lives. Boy, did God set me straight! Lol. I can’t imagine life without her, I can’t get enough of her, I can’t believe how blessed we are! I felt the same anxiety when my children left for college, when my daughter got married….I do not like change. But if we lean on God, he will definitely get us through it and bless us in the process! Thank you for this today!

  99. I haven’t been able to embrace or feel comfortable in my fifty’s. I have had lots of great things happen, even got married two years ago, but I just feel like I missed out on my life. It must be the pre-menopause making me think this way. Everyday is a struggle and I don’t have much of a vision for the future. I love God, and I do trust Him…

  100. I will embrace the season I am because I feel God allows me to enter into a new one once I have mastered or done my task in the current season. Being content and waiting patiently on the Lord is hard, but so worth it!

  101. Like father like daughter! So blessed by your devos…..as I have been blessed many years by the ministry of your dad.

  102. Norma Sara says:

    Everything has its season under the sun. While emotions tend to follow changes, hope rooted deep in your heart will be the anchor that will see you through. Knowing that everything is under God’s control and authority, the enemy himself, all good will turn out as you persevere and never give up.

  103. TeRhonda says:

    This blessed me So much!! To God be the glory!!

  104. Cindy Gatlin says:

    My hubby went to Heaven on 10/15/15, his 53rd birthday, after a long illness. Now my sweet 84 year old Mom is receiving hospice care. In the natural, I can’t breathe, it’s too much, I won’t survive such huge heartbreak. But with God, somehow I get out of bed, drove 500 miles to be with my family and keep putting one foot in front of another.

  105. a verse the Lord has brought to mind countless times in my present, ongoing season of difficulty is this one:
    “We do not know what to do, but our eyes are on you.” (2 chronicles 20:12)

    that’s all He asks, isn’t it? not that we come up with a solid game plan or plan of action, simply that we keep our eyes on Him. just like david did as goliath stood before him. everyone around him was studying goliath & expressing all the reasons he was to be feared. but not david. he recited only the greater truths, the truths about the Lord’s power and might and strength and victory.

    our battles are the Lord’s. our calling is simply to keep our eyes on Him, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

    thanks so much for sharing, chrystal.

  106. Sharon grace says:

    I remember when I became a divorce mom, with 2 children and going to be a grandmother at age of 39. I was freaking out. I was to young to be a grandma and I didn’t know how to handle being single but when that little baby came… Oh how I remember that night. She was the most precious gift God gave me. She was beautiful and perfect in every way. I just knew that no matter what God would take care of us all… And he has. Now that grand daughter is 17 and I’m a tad older. Still single but I know my God takes care of me… He has this! Thanks Sharon

  107. Cheryl McDaniel says:

    Thank you for the encouragement of Gods faithfulness. We are missionaries returning to the states in a month and it’s a very unexpected return to help our parents. No jobs, no stuff, vehicle…..of course we “trust” Gods faithfulness, He has cared for us continually in PNG. Still, that small voice of how, where, what….all those questions. I Peter, casting all our cares on Him… Blessings!

  108. We bought a home about ten years sago and now it seems as though the Lord is leading us to Arizona. Granted the weather is warmer than it is here in northern Illinois…but somehow I’m not quite ready to leave the home we’ve loved. Maybe it will just take awhile to accept our new circumstances. Both yours and mine.

  109. Stephanie says:

    I am thankful for the women I have become. The Most High made it possible. In a season with stressful moments, struggles it’s hard to stay positive. I use this quote and meditate on it when I feel like I can’t handle it anymore : Romans 12:12 ‘Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing instant in prayer’. A bible verse that realy encourages me to press on . Amen!

  110. My older sister, when her oldest daughter and son-in-law presented her with their daughter, adopted the title Mother Emeritus or Emme (pronounced like the first letters of the new title M E) You could use it if you like. I’m sure my sister will never know.

  111. I can so relate to this post. Because I was a young mother, I also became the young mother of the mother of a child. I, too, could not say the “g” word, so I named myself “Queenie.” Being Queenie has been a blessing. My three little princesses give me a world of laughter and fun. They have this unconditional love for me that is so much like the love of Christ. I am truly blessed and will enjoy the journey.

  112. judy ruggiero says:

    Hi all, i dont know how much encouragement this will be, but im at a happy, sad part of myy life. My beautiful son is getting married in June and will be leaving me obviously. Im so happy that he has found the love of his life to spend his life with and i am also happy that i will be getting a new daughter. I am also sad that he is leaving me. I have 5 children, 4 sons & 1 daughter. 3 are still with me, but the son who is leaving is my heart. I love all of my children, but this one makes sure in so many ways that i know just how much he loves me right back. In a lot of lil ways he makes sure i know what a great mom i am. So you see why i am happy, sad. I pray God watches over them and helps them have a life-long marriage and some grandbabies for me. Sorry i wasnt supposed to say the G word, but i cant wait for that very special delivery. I hope they dont take too long in bringing me this special gift. Lol

  113. Gloria Nunez says:

    Hola Chrystal!, sometimes you need refueling. My view of God doesn’t change, He’s always on the throne. Circumstances can cause you to be overwhelmed & weary. God is the one doing the sustaining. I’m pretty sure underneath are fiery darts & it has to do w/my dang sanctification process. P.S. grandmahood rocks! It’s the cheese to my macaroni. 🙂

  114. Rachel Wood says:

    I’m currently in a very new part of life. In three months I’ve separated from my husband moved into a new home and started a new job. Things are changing all around me. I’m struggling to understand where God is leading me. This article really helped me feel that I’m not alone in struggling with this new path Im on. I desperately want to grow stronger and deeper with God but lost at where to even start. I trust Him worth all of this but I want to really know Him. I want to do more and be more than I have. Please be praying for me as I pray in agreement with all of you. Good night and God bless.

  115. Loraine says:

    Romans 8…Hope in any season.

  116. Heather says:

    This may sound petty to you but I am really having a hard time. I am 38 years old and 31 weeks pregnant with our first child. I have wanted to have a baby for as long as I remember. I was very sick up until a few years ago being told that children were out of the question and that we shouldn’t even think about adopting (because I was so sick). I got off of all of the 15 or so medications they have had me on March of last year and I got pregnant in August. I am so grateful and so in awe of what God has done. It melts my heart constantly to watch my little one grow and kick. It is amazing! I am really struggling with change I think. I try not to think about it at all because I don’t want to be negative or overly sensitive so I push down these emotions and they just burst out on nights like tonight. My husband is playing hockey tonight and I have just wept non-stop. I see him grasping onto friends.. single friends at that who have nothing to do- not the best of influence on him AT ALL. I am apprehensive about the baby coming for sure. But I feel so alone in this whole thing right now. My husband is an amazing guy. I don’t feel on the same page with him right now and it scares me. He has talked about him talking to friends all the time and taking trips with them because everything is about to change for him. It is about to change for me too and I need him. I know this is just a season but I am really struggling with this. I do love this devotion so much. I wish I could grasp it well!

  117. I have a simple song given to me in the midst of caring for and watching my late husband getting weaker as he underwent surgery, chemo, and radiation to fight pancreatic cancer, which is an aggressive cancer. In the middle of the year and a half he fought, one day as I was walking and trying to pray, I told the Lord that I wanted to sing to Him as I loved to do but had no song, no words, no prayers. I was overwhelmed. It was then that He gave me this little ditty to sing. Six simple statements of faith repeated: Thank You Lord, praise you Lord, love you Lord, need you Lord, trust you Lord, serve you Lord.
    That was five and a half years ago. The Lord called my husband to glory four and a half years ago. I’m still singing that simple ditty when I walk or anytime. It was the Lord Jesus reminding me it was ok if I didn’t smile when I sang, as long as I kept singing. And He gave me the words that I couldn’t come up with. Praise His holy name!

  118. Linda Mae Green says:

    May you truly enjoy and treasure being the mother of a mother of a child! Love every moment……nothing is better!

  119. I just want to share a couple of things. First, I found myself becoming a “grandma” before the situation was perfect. My daughter moved out on her 18th birthday and in with her boyfriend. She soon became pregnant. She finished her senior year early and pregnant. My grandson was born the Monday before graduation. It was not the “best” situation. But let me tell you he saved me. This was a very difficult time and things were happening in a way I did not want to see happen. My grandson is one of the best blessings God has given to me. I always knew I would love my grandkids but I had NO IDEA HOW MUCH I WOULD LOVE HIM! No idea at all. I would not give up anything in exchange for him. Since then I have been blessed with 2 granddaughters and I love them and have been equally blessed by them. Neither of them in ideal situations either. God has given me such a gift. I am to love them and share Jesus with them. The older two are already saved at ages 12 and 8 years old now. The youngest is only two and a half. Such a blessing they are to me, God’s greatest blessing to me!
    I may add that I was only 45 when I became a grandma, which I thought was way too young. Therefore, I am called Nana, which to me feels much younger. Ha! I have 2 other grandchildren in heaven to meet when the time comes. I miss them and already love them beyond words.
    Becoming a grandparent is the best thing ever, no matter when or what the situation. They are a gift from God. Praise be to God!

  120. Nancy J Damervak says:

    My.parents died 15 and 16 years ago. I was very close to my older sister and she has been such a blessing. My sister died suddenly on March 3rd, thrusting me into a new season. I will miss her so much.

  121. I am so moved by this. I’m literally in tears because I’m going through a season of change. I’m getting married in June and its been a challenge to adjust to the thought of the changes. It is bittersweet because as much as I will love my new life, I will miss my old life just as much. I’m also going through another season of uncertainty. I’ve bounced around from career to career and here I am again, as I near the end of one program, I’m doubting and thinking if it’s even the career path for me. I’m also going through a big change at work where I’ve been put in the grave yard shift and physically, I am not adjusting and I feel broken down mentally. And everything together just makes me feel like I am going to lose it. I haven’t turned to God as much as I should because, as silly as it might sound, I’m not always sure how to express myself. But I know he hears the cries of my heart. I want to run away some days because I’m just so tired in every aspect of my life. I don’t mean to rant but this post really moved me and it touched me in a place that I hate going to. But I also know this is God’s way of speaking to me.

  122. My seasons has not changed. I am still unmarried and childless. I thought it would change and now I sometimes question my faith in God or maybe it is something I have done. I allow my thoughts to run amuck at times. I am 55 and each year it has gotten harder but I push through it and say to myself God must have this ,because I don’t.

  123. Identified with your words.

    As my granddaughter was beginning to talk, her name for me was “Gr” which lovingly stretched into a bit of a southern drawl, “grrrrrrrrruh.”
    Now that she is 6, she enjoys spelling her
    Name ANNIE and mine Grannie with the “grrrrr” from days gone by.
    Grandchildren are God’s most beautiful gift for changing our perspective.

  124. This email is so timely for me! I my 84-yr-old mother was hospitalized 2days ago and tests revealed she’s had a stroke! I live 700 miles away from her and the rest of the family! This is definitely a new season with her and the Lord! He is Faithful!

  125. Praying and knowing that God has gotten me through the unexpected in the past reminds me that He will get me through now.

    • P.S. Enjoy that new little bundle from heaven and the blessing of being a mother to your child’s child 🙂
      It is something that I would love to experience; but as time goes by, I’m realizing I may never know that wonderful experience. You are blessed. God knows best.

  126. Choose to trust God, even against the overwhelming torrent that threatens your very existence. He is the One Faithful and True, always and in all ways. When your faith weakens because of circumstances and events, use it anyway, whatever little bit that you can find.
    Stand on God’s faithfulness. Stand on the fact that Jesus at any time could have ended His torture and humiliation in the flesh, but He chose the nails. He chose to see it through to make the way for you to know that He is indeed Faithful and True. See in His journey that the end we see is not really the end, but there is more that we cannot see, hear, taste, smell, feel or even imagine. It is in spirit and in truth that we choose to trust Him through it all.

  127. The best way to embrace new circumstances positive or negative is to first know that the Word of God cannot lie. In that Word it tells us that ALL things work together for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His purpose…Romans 8:28. It does not day that all things will be good, feel good or look good, only that it will all work together for our good. Be encouraged in the fact that no matter what you go through good or bad, will ultimately work together for your good !!! God Bless !!!

  128. Congratulations! I just became a mother of a father of a son last week. We are over the moon about our first grandson, and so thankful to God for the blessings that we know lay ahead. Go ahead and choose your own title. (there are hilarious ones to be found online!) I’m Gramma, and although in my head I’m still 37, I’m so pleased to have reached this stage in life.

  129. I will never know the shift from mother to grandmother but I do know all about the shift from mother to …. what do you call a mother who has lost their child? I have no words for it. Our only child (son) passed away at age 30 unexpectedly – so no heir for my husband, no daughter in law or grandchildren. It has been almost 3 years and I am still adjusting to this new shift in my identity. But I do enjoy the devotions you provide me and many times, I have printed them off and keep them on file for future references. God Bless you.

  130. This spoke right to my soul. My husband just disclosed his multiple affairs. And I find myself at this crossroads. Do I stay or do I go? How do I face this new season of uncertainty? What does it even look like to be a single mom to 3 very young children? I am thankful that God knows. And he has a plan. But I am scared.

  131. Katrina McDougald says:

    Thank you for sharing this devotion! Loved it! It spoke to me and made me releflect in so many ways of the many seasons I have been through. Renewed my confidence to face the many seasons I have ahead of me.

  132. My sweet daughter and my 2 little grand daughters are moving from my town to a place across the country. I am reeling from the news and so very sad at the thought of life without them. My family circle of love will be gone. I know this is a new season, but I am struggling terribly. I can’t imagine being so alone and not seeing them every day. God make a way for me to get through this.

  133. Thank you for this devotional. And thank you for all your suggestions on get through seasons of change.

    God bless!

  134. Thanks for this timely and inspiring devo. I am in a season of hard health that may be permanent. Life altering. I am unable to work, have lost much of my independence, cannot do all I would like for my husband, children, grands, or my precious Mom (82 years young) who lives in a facility about an hour away. The changing season took me from being an active, get it done person to a season of much stillness and quiet. “Be still and know that I am God.” He has and does bless me every day. I am trusting Him in a journey I do not understand but I am OK because I know the One who does know. I now have time to read all the Ps31 posts and pray for and over them. What a gift! Chrystal, a highlight of my day is when we Skype with my daughter and her family. My 3 precious granddaughters (4, 7, and almost 2) are so excited to show me their ballet positions or sing me sweet songs. Our 4 yr. old granddaughter announced over a phone call that she loves me, her Mimi, a thousand and 13? My response, “Well, I love you a thousand and 14.” Lol! Will see where this goes as there is never a dull moment when they are in touch or around. Precious gifts from our Abba, the Giver of all good gifts. Pick out your special Gma name and go with it. You will find your way by God’s Grace. All those hugs and sweet kisses you have ahead of you! Most of all, planting seeds for Jesus in the lives of your precious grands! Congrats! You made it!

  135. Cindy F. Williams says:

    My husband and I were plunged into Grandparenting when our beautiful, brilliant daughter became pregnant out of wedlock. She was a freshman in university. Those days were some of the darkest and most amazing of our marriage. We wouldn’t change the journey! Our Granddaughter is 14 and has always been a special light in our lives. Now our daughter is a pharmacist, married, and a new Mother of a 4 month old boy. The experience caused us to love God more deeply!

  136. Jennifer Aldridge says:

    I’m in the middle of a divorce and all I can say that plunging into the scripture, devotionals, lots of prayer, and lots of conversation with God has been my saving grace. I have actually yelled at God and asked why, cursed my husband to God, then followed it with prayers of forgiveness and healing. I have gone through every emotion possible in my conversations with God and with his grace have been able to keep my head up (although not all the time). It has definitely been a rough several months and while this particular journey is not over yet I know that I have my Father at my side and when it is time to transition into singlehood and single motherhood I know that I will be taken care of.

  137. Good morning! I can truly relate to going on in my plan of life as God would have me to do. I’d raised my 3 children (all sons, twins + 1, the twins are the babies) and I had expectations for them as all parents do, but then ONE DAY came….My youngest twin (and youngest son) was becoming a father and a husband! I went numb for a full week. I was angry, mad, furious and upset all at once but I didn’t voice it to he and his new wife to be (whom I did/do adore immensely),but I just wasn’t ready to be a nana yet or mother-in-law . I wanted him to be 30 but he was 27. I wanted him to get his destiny going, but it was put on hold, I wanted, I wanted, I wanted…..then the following year, New Year’s day my beautiful granddaughter was born….Precious…..then a year later my 2nd granddaughter was born on New Year’s day by my other twin son…..Wow! Who does that? God! I had all boys and he gave me 2grand girls born on the same day, by my twins. I now give up the I thing and except God’s will and what ever decisions my adult children make and I’m at peace with It and I’m a proud Nana and just because the babies and wives have come, it doesn’t stop the plan of God for their lives…it shall still go forth. I have moved from acceptance on the matter to embracement and It is well and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  138. Being a grandmother is a wonderful thing. The only thing better is being 77 years old and in good health and having the privilege of watching the great grandchildren while their mother works part time.

  139. Erika thank you for your service to our country. I will be praying for you and your words of encouragement.
    Karlene keep believing and have faith. God is there for you and your son. Our Lord will provide and soon you will have rest. Praying for you & your son.

  140. This was such perfect timing for me. I feel the season I am is feeling like I am in limbo. Praying God shows me the path that I am suppose to travel.

  141. This was an absolute blessing to read on today. I did not read it on the day it was posted but today it received in perfect timing. I am launching out and doing some new things that I feel purposed to do and it is not easy at all yet I am being obedient to God’s will. There are times that I doubt myself and that I am the person to do this but I know God is there all the time. Whenever I feel like giving up, he always sends some encouragement through his word or through an encourager. Thank you for using your gift to bless us.

  142. Congratulations on the beautiful daughter of your daughter 😉 I say that you refer to yourself as “Glam-Ma”

  143. I’m in this season now where the bottom of the boat has fallen out. It’s as if I’m in the wildernessand can’t see my way out. I became a new mother in 2013 and since then I have had health issues, the loss of my father and 3 other relatives, marriage struggles, stuck in a dead job, financial strain due to the health issues…the list goes on and on. It’s tough most days, but I do know that God has a plan and I REFUSE to die in the wilderness without reaching the promiseland. Somehow, someway!

  144. I used to get these everyday but I haven’t read these devotionals in a very long time because I get the ones on the First 5 app everyday. Today I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and Chrystal shared this devotional again. The title caught my eye so I decided to read it. When I say it blessed me!! I have been in a season of transition. I thought I was ready for this season but lately I have been hit from every side by trouble and calamity. From the loss of my grandmother, to going through my divorce to now finally financial hardship. I have never been one to really grumble and complain about the stormy seasons of life because I understand that they are necessary for my growth so I kinda just roll with them. Well, this one has lasted far longer than I would like and there have been days where I wanted to just give up and lay down. I have to admit, no matter what you’re going through with a person it’s hard to go from coming home to someone every night to living your life all on your own. It’s hard to go from being able to pretty much buying whatever you want to wondering if your bills are gonna get paid for the month and knowing that sometimes they don’t. I have read Ruth several times at different times in my life but I don’t think i’ve ever read it while I was going through a season like this. No matter what happens in this season, I know that God is here. I want to be like Ruth and take whatever comes in stride. I know one thing I’ll be a much stronger woman on the other side of it.

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