Where Will I Be Left Standing

Where Will I Be Left Standing

May 30, 2017

“After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands.” Revelation 7:9 (NLT)

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Sometimes the most profound lessons are learned in the most humble settings. That was true for me one day sitting in a blue cinder-block house in the mountains of Ecuador.

“What do you like to do with your free time?” I asked Dolores, a petite woman with sparkling dark eyes who lived there with her six children.

Through an interpreter, she explained that she enjoyed getting up at 4 a.m. to embroider the exquisite works of art
adorning her children’s clothing. In her “free time,” Dolores was working to help her family. But as I continued to listen to her story, I learned something sacred was happening in those rare moments of silence.

Before our group left her home, my friend Luann asked Dolores two final questions: “How can we pray for you? What’s your greatest need?”

In the pause that happened while our interpreter did her work, I looked around Dolores’ snug house and made a list for her. “Lord, please give my new friend Dolores carpet for her floor and a ceiling to replace the plastic sheeting. Give her extra food in her kitchen and beds for all those children. Give her husband a job here, instead of far away so that she can have some help raising them … ”

When the interpreter told us her response, however, Dolores’ request was much different than mine. She said, “Please pray for me to teach my children to love the Lord all the days of their lives. That’s my greatest need.”

Dolores is a woman with an eternal perspective.

How has she gained it? From hearing about her life that day, I knew the beautiful answer. Dolores sits with Jesus before her children wake up each day. At 4 a.m., she’s embroidering and listening to Him. She stitches and she prays, so although she’s physically impoverished, she’s spiritually rich. Dolores knows the truth, and she lives it. That truth has changed everything for her.

This is a lesson I’ve learned over and over as I’ve listened to, watched and read stories from women all over the world …

Like the woman in India who meets Jesus and now understands the peace that settled on her when God’s Word was read to her.

Or the woman in Africa who starts her day with friends in a concrete room, raising her beautiful voice in worship.

The woman in Scotland raising her daughter on a mission base, so she can shine Jesus’ light into the community around her.

They may live in different places, eat different food and speak different languages, but one day — at the end of time — they’ll all be in the same place.

As Revelation 7:9 tells us, they’ll all be standing around the throne where Jesus, the Lamb of God, sits, and they’ll be shouting in a great, unified roar, “Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the Lamb!” (Revelation 7:10, NLT)

These women will all bring this wise lesson from their physical lives into their eternal lives: Know the Truth. Live the Truth. It changes everything.

I know where I want to be standing when time winds down and the Lord reigns over everything. I want to stand in that crowd with people of every color, dialect and citizenship. I invite you … I implore you … come stand with me.

Lord, I believe the Truth that You’re Savior. I want to live Your Truth in my life every day. I want to experience every beautiful change You have in store for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Revelation 7:17, “For the Lamb on the throne will be their Shepherd. He will lead them to springs of life-giving water. And God will wipe every tear from their eyes.” (NLT)

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Who will you lead to know the Truth today, so you’ll stand elbow-to-elbow with them in front of Jesus’ throne?

© 2017 by Amy Carroll. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion and message. Im a mother of two child and now i felt what should i seek for my child. Its really encouraging.

  2. Patricia Cunningham says:

    Sometimes the Lordwakes me early for my devotions! I loved today’s Proverbs 31 message❣️🙏Prayers and Blessings for you and your ministry ❣️😇

  3. Thank you, Amy, for this big-picture moment. So often we ask God for the quick fix, when he has his eye on our eternal future. He’s trying to grow our servant hearts, and we’re seeking our present comfort.

  4. Donna Fischer says:

    I am so humbled by this story. Here I sit in my comfort, yet I am envious of Delores. I long for her depth of spirit. I feel the shallowness of my relationship with God. Bless the Delores of this world.

  5. I have been a missionary in Haiti for the last ten months- and today is my last day before I return home to the States. It has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to face: leaving this place, the people, the language, the culture, but more importantly, the lessons I have learned about Jesus and His great love that this country and the time I have spent here have taught me. God has obviously used you to speak these words into my tumultuous heart today; I am heartbroken to be leaving, but after reading this devo, I am reminded that I will one day meet all of these hearts I have met, in front of the throne of the Lamb at the end of time.

  6. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  7. Emma Kate says:

    This is such an amazing message. I have always prayed for people’s outward needs. But now I realize that it is not at all there greatest need. They need him more than food, water, or protection; because he is life.

  8. Thank you for today’s beautiful devotion.

  9. Cheryl Hill says:

    How do you listen to God. I listen, but dont hear. Thanks.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      The main way I hear God is through the Bible. I encourage you to start with a book like Psalms or John, and ask God to make His Words come alive to you. They’re truth and life! Blessings to you as you seek Him. I know He’ll reward your seeking with His Presence.

  10. This message was beautiful and a great reminder to have eternal perspective.

    I have one gripe and it is this: Africa is listed among along with two specific countries. Africa is not a country, but a continent, comprising 54 different countries, each as unique as America’s 50 states. I’m sure there will be some that have issue with me pointing this out. But as Christians I believe we must do better to challenge things like this. Thank you.

    • Amy Carroll says:

      Aba, I truly appreciate your feedback! I hear you, and I’ll be more careful in the future. This time the story was from Ghana. A friend of mine just visited there, and the Facebook video of their morning worship brought me to tears. I can’t wait until every nation, tribe, and tongue sings together!

    • Where was Africa mentioned as a “country”? I didn’t see that at all. But most important is that we can share things like this to build each other up and encourage each other. This is what I get from this devotion. I want to focus on what God is saying to me and my heart. Thank you Amy for sharing what God is teaching you through experiences some of us may never have. I am reminded of how blessed I am with all that I have right now and humbled that someone with so much less can glorify God so beautifully in the way she lives.

    • Hello my sisters….I just want to say…God created it all so He’s not concerned about us knowing it’s a country or contenant😉…He wants us to catch the “message and the lesson”. GREAT ARTICLE!😄
      Pastor G.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story of this mother. Her testimony is traveling far beyond her humble home in Ecuador.

  12. Thank you Amy for this devotional this morning. I remember my first missions trip and clasping the hand of a Jamaican woman as we sang ‘I’m a Part of the Family of God’. I could hardly get through the song. I was holding the hand of a sister in Christ who lived thousands of miles away, ate and talked differently but we both loved the same Savior. What an eye opener for me. Won’t heaven be wonderful! We will all be unit together and see all the faces we once met!

  13. Kim Longbottom says:

    This is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Cindy B says:

    Okay…. I started out this morning “grumpy”. After reading this devotional….I am convicted. My complaints can be turned into praise and prayer. Thank you for the reset.

  15. Ashleigh says:

    Today as I opened my computer to read a devotion before I dug into God’s word, I prayed. Or maybe complained, but to God. I am a working mother who is able to serve God with my career, but lately I’ve been resenting it. I have wanted those quiet times in the morning alone with God when the kids are off to school and its just me and him. Those days don’t happen for me. I work every day. And this week I’ve had time alone because I’ve been out on medical leave. I find myself counting how many days I have left and discontentment has been stirring. Wanting to spend time alone with God is a good thing, but when we can’t look beyond our current situation and find those times and be content, there’s a problem. This devotion spoke to my soul. Quiet time with God can happen at any time and any where. I’m just too lazy to get up at 4. That’s on me, and should be no reason to complain to God about my good life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. I needed this.

  16. Sandra Derby says:

    I have had similar experiences in Haiti. These amazing people know God in such an intimate way.

  17. Standing “O”, Amy!
    I have a passion for spreading the Word about “God’s Sabbath” which God defined as the 7th day, beginning at sunset each Friday (Each of God’s days is sunset to sunset: Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23 31, which is important for the several holy days defined by God). God defines His “Sabbath” even before the sacred word of “Marriage” (Genesis 2:2-3 and 2:27, respectively). Bottom line, whether a believer’s indwelling Spirit shares that God’s Sabbath should be ignored, obeyed (or used as a Blessed, Amazing Gift to Learn How to BE WITH God and His Kingdom of believers each moment!!!!), your message today shows His beauty of blending the Old Testament (TEACHING His Kingdom) “Law” and the New Testament of Christ’s Love (listening to His Spirit in our hearts to foster a closer bond with God EACH day & moment)! When our hearts have Learned how to enJOY each moment with God as a Blessing (as you describe), we have learned the message of God’s gift to us of The Sabbath Rest. This explains Jesus’ words that the Sabbath was made FOR man (as a precious gift to learn to build a relationship with God… to set time out for & with HIM and His Kingdom of believers… and others), not as a way to add more religious RULES to our lives & to our relationship with God. [Believers may Worship God any… and every…. day, including on Sundays as Paul did with his house-church groups. Reference Bible commentaries to find out how an imperfect MAN (Emperor Constantine, c. 325 A.D., imperfect like all of mankind) instituted Sunday as a substitute for GOD’s Sabbath…ooops. Let’s correct that… while continuing to worship on Sundays and any other day(s)! Perhaps God allowed the error so that He may one day applaud our desire to research His Word and correct the error made 1700 years ago by the majority of church leaders, more human imperfection… just like all of us.]
    Beautiful message today. Gracias, Amy!!!

  18. I recently asked a homeless man what his greatest need was, that I could pray about. He asked me to come back in a few minutes so he would have time to think.When I came back, his request was for a friend who is having heart problems. This is a man that lives in a shed without heating or electricity and his concern was for his friend, not his own physical needs!

  19. susan green says:

    Thank you for the reading this morning. I want to guide my granddaughter to Christ. My son passed in 2008.

  20. This was absolutely beautiful, today!!!! The Lord surely uses you as a vessel to share love and encouragement to us all, thank you for this inspiring message today! It definitely helps me reevaluate my everyday perspective and makes me realize how spiritually thirsty I am for an eternal perspective. God bless!

  21. Maureen Barnes says:

    Thank you Lord for showing us what we need to be focused on. I am humbled by this devotion. Thank you for using your servant to speak into my life and the lives of everyone who reads this message.

  22. Merle Nursten says:

    I am so humbled by this story its made me very quiet in thought. I have been yearning of late to be closer to God, to experience Him, to do the right thing etc etc. I wake up every morning early to have my quiet time yet sometimes it just feels like lip service, but I keep doing it because I know no other way. I have just got quite envious of this mother who clearly believes with her entire being, who trusts that God is there beside her, He is clearly so real to her and there is no doubt that He is who He says He is! Its just so beautiful and so encouraging. Xx

  23. Elaine Sturm says:

    Excellent devotional as usual. Very thought provoking and encouraging.

  24. Ukinebo says:

    Thank you Amy as usual for a thought provoking devotional. Recently I have been reading a book that’s made me really ponder on what you talked about today..”where will I be standing when time on this earth winds down”. Many people don’t think anymore about heaven or hell…actually lots of people don’t believe they are real It’s my sincere prayer that your devotional today stirs hearts just like it did mine to stop and reflect on what our focus really is on;….a temporary comfortable life here on earth or a deep desire above all else to stand with Jesus in His full glory when He returns….

  25. Dolores’ answer gave me chills, and tears. All she wants is the skill to teach her children to love The Lord. It humbled me in my tiny view of this life. I want that kind of faith, that joy, that commitment to our Lord. Dolores is strong; I am weak due to my easy life.

  26. Thank-you, I am on the battlefield for the Lord. Stand, be strong, tell others about how the Lord has saved you. Let others know, How the Lord change your life. Be a bright light for the Lord

  27. Thk you so much for this. It is so profound for my life.

  28. God is so simple. I make it so complicated.

  29. Amy — so beautiful! I cannot wait to see the diversity when Jesus gathers His children together. What a beautiful sight that will be 🙂 Thank you for this encouragement to center our hopes (and our mornings!) on Him.

  30. Thank you for this inspiring devotional. God bless you for taking the time to share with all of us. In the midst of a lifetime of living with chronic pain and exhaustion I really needed to read this devotional. Instead of just praying for better health I am challenged to pray more to be like Jesus through it all. Thank you for being Jesus to me today.

  31. Susan G. says:

    This was beyond beautiful…

  32. elizabeth taylor says:

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  33. Amy,
    Even though I have jut read this today, it speaks volumes. I thank God for your dedication to Him and how you share what He shows you.

  34. Wonderful perspective of eternal things change the most in our lives. also read https://gracyscribblings.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/time-travel-youre-in/

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