Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayer?

Why Isn’t God Answering My Prayer?

April 20, 2017

“So in the course of time Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son.” 1 Samuel 1:20a (NIV)

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Have you ever cried over something so much that you run out of tears? Your swollen eyes just give out and dry up while a current of unrest still gushes through your soul. And you look up toward heaven in utter frustration.

Me too.

And there’s someone else in the Bible who was right there as well.

She felt provoked and irritated. Her anguish was so intense that she wept and would not eat. Before the Lord, she cried out in bitterness of soul, “LORD Almighty, if you will only look on your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant … then I will …” (1 Samuel 1:11b, NIV).

These words describe and articulate the deep distress of a woman from thousands of years ago, and yet here I sit in modern times relating so completely. They are from the woman named Hannah found in 1 Samuel 1.

Hannah’s tears over her empty womb were made even more painful by her husband’s other wife, Peninnah. She had many sons and daughters and made sure to rub this fact in Hannah’s face every chance she got.

There’s a common thread that weaves through Hannah’s story, and yours and mine. We can all be found desperately wanting something we see the Lord giving to other women. We see Him blessing them in the very areas He’s withholding from us. We look at them and feel set aside.

Why them? Why not me?

Then the seemingly unjust silence from God ushers us from a disturbed heart to a bitter soul. And we start to feel something deep inside that contradicts everything we hold true: If God is good, why isn’t He being good to me in this?

And in this moment of raw soul honesty, we’re forced to admit we feel a bit suspicious of God. We’ve done all we know to do. We’ve prayed all we know to pray. We’ve stood on countless promises with a brave face. And still nothing.

So what do we do when we feel set aside? What do we do when our heart is struggling to make peace between God’s ability to change hard things and His apparent decision not to change them for us?

We do what Hannah did. We keep pressing in.

Instead of taking matters into her own hands, Hannah took her requests to God. Instead of pulling away from Him in suspicion, she pressed in ever closer, filling the space of her wait with prayer.

Oh, how I love her unflinching faith. Where barrenness and mistreatment by Peninnah could have caused Hannah to completely lose heart, she refused to be deterred from trusting in God. She possessed a faith that was not contingent upon her circumstances, but based on what she knew to be true about her good and faithful God. A faith that led her to pray with so much passion and boldness in the tabernacle that Eli, the high priest, accused her of being drunk! (1 Samuel 1:13-14)

And in a matter of four verses (17‑20), her cries of anguish gave way to the cries of her newborn son. Of course, 1 Samuel 1:20a uses very clear words to let us know Hannah’s answer didn’t come right away: “So in the course of time Hannah became pregnant and gave birth to a son …” (emphasis added).

Samuel was born in God’s perfect timing. And the timing of his birth was imperative because Samuel was destined to play an integral role in the transition from the time of the judges to the eventual establishment of kingship for the Israelites.

God hadn’t made Hannah wait to punish her. He hadn’t been callous or indifferent to her cries. And He’s not ignoring those of us waiting either.

God loves us too much to answer our prayers at any other time than the right time.

Father God, thank You so much for reminding me today that You are not ignoring me. You hear every cry of my heart. Will You please help me in the waiting? Help me trust Your perfect timing. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Psalm 27:13, “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” (NKJV)

Are you or a friend dealing with that kind of a situation where you’re trusting God for something “in the course of time”? We know how incredibly hard that can be. That’s why we are offering these hammered pendant necklaces with the phrase “See With My Heart” written in braille.

They are a beautiful reminder to trust God, even when you don’t understand His timing. When we can’t see what God is doing with our physical eyes, we can choose to see with the eyes of our heart. We can touch the braille on this necklace and trust (like Hannah did) that in the course of time everything will work out according to God’s perfect plan.

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Are you in the midst of a hard waiting season? Ask God to open your eyes to see His love and His goodness — even in this difficult wait.

© 2017 by Lysa TerKeurst. All rights reserved.

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  1. Lord, my family and I are going through tough times. Please open our eyes so that we are able to see your goodness and have strong faith as we await your answer to our prayers. Amen

    • Joining you in prayers A that you will feel the presence and comfort of God as you and your family pass through this tough season…Amen

    • Beverley says:

      I feel ashamed because I feel that my problems are the worst and get impatient, selfish, etc., until I read what others are going through. This is when I bow down my head and have to remember to thank God for all that I do have. I also have to join you all in prayers, so that the Lord and his son, Jesus and all the angels and Saints will hear our prayers in unison. So I lay out my hands and join and hold all of your hands (in thought) and pray for trust in the Lord, that all will be laid at his feet and will be timely answered, for God has a plan for all of us. Amen.

  2. thank you for this, so timely. just yesterday I was crying over delay in childbirth despite the fact that God has been encouraging me with this same verse.

    • Premadonna Braddick says:

      You’re not alone. I too have been waiting to one day give birth.

    • Hi Sarah, I definitely feel what you are going through as it took us 6 years to conceive our daughter. Times were very painful for me in those 6 years but my husband always encouraged me to keep trusting God and I drew so much strength in the story of Hannah and also the Bible Verse: Habakkuk 2:1-3 it will really give you hope, read it daily and petition God for a miracle. I also fasted for 3 days once in a while. Your blessing is definitely on the way and you will rejoice in holding your baby. I will be praying for you daily. Stay Blessed, Victoria.

    • I feel like I am losing my mind. I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I have got so depressed because I have been single and celibate for 20 years. Every year I pray to God for a husband and to have children and every year I find more ways to be rejected by men. All I can do is cry now out of frustration and depression. I have little to no faith now which is frustrating because I know that God is good but at 43 now I am so tired of being alone and without a husband I can’t even think about children because I fear that my time is running out. I don’t even know what to do. I feel I have done it all. Please pray for me , I read about Hannah and Ruth and even Rebecca but it offers no comfort any more as I realise they all at least were married. I need to feel the love of God more than ever, please pray that at least I will be filled with the Holy Spirit or that God so fills me I do not need a husband or children or pray that I don’t give up on God, right now his promises hurt.

  3. Heidi Contreras says:

    Lord, I pray for your protection and healing to descend on my family. There are current struggles and hurts that are so particularly painful right now. You know this and have been faithful in providing just the right friends and mentors in our life at this time. Thank you for this and for the renewed spirit that only you can provide. Your strength, courage, forgiveness, and everlasting love are exactly what we need and what you so graciously give. Thank you for wonderful reflections like these that have been training me so well. Bless Lysa and all those who are being ministered to with this wisdom you provide which is ministered to us by her. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

  4. I have been waiting to move back to my home town for many years, but I know God has a plan and His timing is perfect. It isn’t always easy waiting but He is changing me daily so that when the time is right I will be the person He wants me to be and He will keep His promise to me.

    • Thank you for sharing what you’re learning, Carole. I am encouraged by your hope and pray that He will continue to prepare and transform your heart.

  5. Theresa Ashton says:

    Thanks Lisa This I needed. My son and husband won’t bother with me anymore I pray my son will come back. I have been giving up. Thanks for Gods word. Amen

  6. Michelle says:

    Thanks Lysa.

  7. Premadonna Braddick says:

    Great message thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Team,
    So this comes so timely. I have been waiting on God to do something great in my life and shine his face on me. I have cried and prayed and He seems far however I continue to trust him with prayers and seeking his grace and peace as I wait. Please join me in prayer especially in those weak moments when I feel I should settle because waiting seems too scary.

  9. Thank you. I needed this reminder today. After 20 years of waiting for a husband I finally met someone and a year later we were engaged! 2 days ago after being engaged for over a year he ended our relationship. Said he changed his mind about what he wants from life and he has decided he no longer believes in God. I honestly felt it was more sad he dosent believe in God than he ended our engagement. Please pray for him.
    So now I am back to waiting 🙁 Will it be another 20 years? I dont know. I am leaning heavily on God right now. Although I feel some sadness I have a peace I believe must he from the Lord. I hate waiting lol but am trusting His timing
    Have a blessed day!

    • That is very hard, I certainly pray that God will give you strength in this time of waiting. But in a way, it is good because if he had fallen out of faith after you got married, you would have an even bigger problem. We don’t know why some bad things happen to us, but God is the great comforter; may you lean into His strength today.

  10. The message was beautiful and as I read it, it reminded me of the struggle I had with this very thing.

    Constructive criticism: The necklace is gorgeous and a great way to remember to trust God but the plug in the devotional seemed off. I truly only say this in love…it should maybe had been after prayer? I often copy and paste devotionals to friends who are struggling with various situations and it made me hesitate to do so. It cheapens the devotional in my opinion. Take that for what it’s worth…someone’s thoughts and not a reflection of your writing ability and God breathed words.

    • It was a wonderful devotional and beautiful necklace…but oftentimes, those going through difficult circumstances do not have extra spending money or (and my heart goes out to these people especially) someone in their lives who would purchase it for them. Just saying…

      • That is all true–no matter how beautiful the necklace, there will be many who cannot afford it. Isn’t it glorious that God doesn’t work that way? He bore the cost of our blessings–all we need do is receive. Thanks be to God!

        • I wish I could meet you in person, Shirley! I love your perspectives. Let’s pray for those who could use it but cannot get it, and thank God for His free gift!

    • I agree. Loved this devotional, but the plug about the necklace TOTALLY distracted me. Had to refocus my thoughts back to the message….

      • Melissa Meek says:

        Agree with all the comments here, it broke my train of thought and felt it was just thrown in. Much better choice would have been after Reflect.

      • I thought the same thing. Was going to send this to a friend but then it seemed like a plug for the necklace… I often visit the links at the end of the devo, so maybe put it there instead. Love you P31!

      • I agree. Love Proverbs 31 and understand that to be able to offer a free devotional you need a way to continue business but was disappointed to lose my centeredness on the word. Diminished the value of what I had just read.

        • I thought the same thing about the necklace. Here I am in sorrow for waiting over 20 years for my prayers to be answered and I get a commercial in the middle of my devotional. I thought it was tacky to do that. Please Proverbs 31 be a little more sensitive. A plug for your product is not classy in the middle of a devotional.

          • The ad for the necklace was featured in The RELATED RESOURCES section which has always been the case for such ads in previous posts. Somehow, in today’s devotional, I found it distracting, like it was right in the middle! wonder why that is?? Goes to show that it is such a powerful message that we should endeavor and continue to reflect on…irrespective!

          • I agree with all of the comments above. I am going through this very struggle right now so I felt the devotional was speaking directly to me. Then I found myself questioning the placement of the necklace ad and I too felt that it cheapened the message 🙁

    • Constance says:

      I agree, I very much enjoy these devotionals, but the sales pitch in the middle was distracting. Perhaps it could be done at the end instead.

      • Heidi Buell says:

        I agree with these comments. I was getting ready to post this to my Facebook page but will not do that now because I felt like there was a commercial added into a critical part of the devotion. Beautiful necklace and certainly it will strike a positive chord for some, unfortunately it distracted from the message.

        • I very much agree with the comments about the suggestion of purchasing in the midst of the devotion. Not appreciated and distracting.

    • Thank you ladies for all the comments on how this devotion was beautiful until the plug for the necklace. I didn’t know how to express how I felt but you expressed it for me.

    • I agree 100%. I felt let down that the “commercial” was right in the middle of the devotion.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministries Team says:

      Thank you so much for providing your feedback. We love to hear from our devotions subscribers! We have taken your thoughts into consideration and moved the necklace into our related resources section, which is included in every daily devotion.

      Please know we value you, and welcome your thoughts and comments at any time.


      The Proverbs 31 Devotions Team

    • I was also confused by the “ad” for the necklace in the middle of the devotional. Distasteful I thought and unusual.

  11. God is good. I was waiting… to hear from my father that disowned me… I prayed for reconciliation and hoped. I gave it to Him after years of trying to fix it myself…. not easy…The Lord blessed me with a phone call on my birthday from my father who hadn’t spoken to me in almost 15 years. Just a phone call but it was the best phone call ever … No resolutions no dramatic overtures but my father told me he loved me at the end of our chat. God is so good.

  12. 37 years old and never married with several relationships and a broken engagement. Some days I will lose heart and wonder why I Went through so much pain. I still want to believe God has someone for me with whom I can have a family. Please, pray for me. Xxx

    • I feel your pain. I’m 37 too and never been in a serious relationship due to medical condition but I know God has a plan for me. Hang in there. God’s got this!

    • Mandy Kahafer says:

      Maria, your comment stood out to me because I am praying for a Godly man as well. I am divorced twice, two kids who don’t know their dad, and many hurtful break-ups. One was recent who took my kids in as their own but left us. I wonder what I have done wrong. Of course, I know I have made some poor decisions in my life but now I am just going to trust God to answer my prayers. I will be praying for you. Let’s pray for each other and trust Him.

      • Mandy, may I suggest that you do not introduce your children to anyone until you know it will be a permanent relationship. Children do not need to be hurt by losing someone they have become attached to. I have a friend who caused her children to wonder why they weren’t good enough for the man to stick around. Right now just give all,your love to your children and God will take care of the rest. ❤️

        • Amen I agree,& it always hurts me to see divorce & remarriage as it clearly states in the Bible as wrong& hurts our Heavenly Father greatly to see young children suffer thru that… I will pray that God will soften the heart of ur real husband so that He can dedicate his life to Christ & his family! Trust God & not ur own understandingProverbs 3:5-8…🙏🏻Praying for u & ur children!

  13. This year has been awful. Struggling in my marriage,our family was attacked by someone we thought we could trust, my severe health issues, that dont seem to be getting any better, getting told to leave a church I was attending, getting kicked out of a bible study because I was hurting, but through it all my faith has grown. Whatever happens will happen, but I have my father and I am a daughter of the King!!!

  14. I am waiting for God to answer my dream of visiting friends in the US and graduates from the missionary training college where I serve. I am on sabbatical this year so it’s the only time I have where I’m not teaching. God has supplied just over half the fare and I’m suppoed to be leaving on May 27. I loved the part of keep on pressing in to God and waiting. My faith did waiver for a little while but now I am encouraged to keep praying and expecting God to answer. Thank you for this post. would appreciate prayers for this miracle to happen. God is the only one who can do it!

  15. This message came on time this morning. I have been feeling loke tgis for sonetime and have started giving up my faith in god started thinking he doesnt hear nw or want to help me
    So i thank you for this measage so needed. May Gos Bless you

  16. This message came on time this morning. I have been feeling like this for sometime and have started giving up my faith in god started thinking he doesnt hear me or want to help me
    So i thank you for this measage so needed. May God Bless you

  17. Kimberly Dart says:

    Thank you so very much for this message. I’ve been in my “crisis” for several months and at times I’ve broken down down and cried until no tear was left that day. I know God is faithful and the key is for me to continue standing on His promise and praising Him through this valley. My family WILL have what He’s promised us… Just in HIS perfect timing. Thank you again.

  18. Thank you for blessing my soul.

  19. Barb Kocher says:

    Great message-but I have never before seen a sales pitch in the middle of a prayer. I expected there was going to be a biblical reference, or a prayerful mantra, or something that was going to help those struggling with trusting in God to answer their prayers in the course of time, as that section starts.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministries Team says:

      Thank you so much for providing your feedback. We love to hear from our devotions subscribers! We have taken your thoughts into consideration and moved the necklace into our related resources section, which is included in every daily devotion.

      Please know we value you, and welcome your thoughts and comments at any time.


      The Proverbs 31 Devotions Team

  20. Rebecca Cruz says:

    Thank you for this message. I’m presently goinf through a very long season of singleness while others around me have gotten married and started families. I know that God has a plan for this season in my life, but it’s hard. I just need to trust the Lord and His timing.

    • Hi Rebecca
      I too am going through singleness when all my friends ar getting married. I have prayed for over ten years and often get discouraged. At to
      We I fell like God is not interested or I am not good enough to have a husband. I know this is not true, but I see so many women who are mean to their husband yet feel like God has allowed them the joy of marriage. Still praying and struggling

  21. Shantell says:

    Thanks so much for reminding me of Hannah her faith is inspiration for all of us.

  22. Not a fan. Read for help only to have something sold to me. Unsubscribe.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministries Team says:

      Thank you so much for providing your feedback. We love to hear from our devotions subscribers! We have taken your thoughts into consideration and moved the necklace into our related resources section, which is included in every daily devotion.

      Please know we value you, and welcome your thoughts and comments at any time.


      The Proverbs 31 Devotions Team

  23. I wonder if God chose Hannah for this hard thing because He knew her response would be to press in and pray, offering her son in return….resulting in Samuel being in the right place to hear from and respond to the Lord.
    When I’ve cried out to God and asked why I’ve had to go through the heartache I’m going through, His gentle answer has always been because He knew I would be the one to love enough to pray for that person. Not because of me at all, but because I needed to love enough to persist and pray that person through.
    There is comfort in knowing there is a bigger picture than we can even see, and I’m sure I’m still not even seeing a corner of it.
    What encouragement we can receive from this story of Hannah. As Lysa often says…God sees, God hears, God knows.

    • Shannon you have truly blessed my heart today with your words. After going through a very hard battle with my siblings that I have always been so close to I found myself in prayer for them daily after our confrontation. Although I have lost the love of many of my siblings, nieces, & nephews over family circumstances, I know that no matter what route I would have taken they would have been against anything I would have suggested. I am the youngest of 9 & mom chose me yrs ago to be her caregiver. My mother & I are very close & she knew she could trust me to take care of her to the best of my ability. At the age of 90, my mother and I are still very close. She has been in an Assisted Living facility for 1 1/2 yrs & loves it there as well as those that take care of her. I still pray that my family will come to terms with this decision & realize how happy mom is & be happy for her. Thanks for your encouraging words. I have written them down & will read them often as I continue to pray for my family. ❤️ 🙏

  24. We too have been in a difficult season of waiting on the Lord for healing for our family and still struggling as things only seem to be getting worse. Trying to hold on and believe, but this is hard. I know there is a reason for this, but it’s all so ugly and heart breaking I just cannot see good coming out of it.
    But God’s thoughts and ways are higher than mine….

  25. It takes away from your beautiful devotional to include a marketing advertisement for a pendant. Much better when you keep those two things separate. Blessings to you and your ministry.

    • Proverbs 31 Ministries Team says:

      Thank you so much for providing your feedback. We love to hear from our devotions subscribers! We have taken your thoughts into consideration and moved the necklace into our related resources section, which is included in every daily devotion.

      Please know we value you, and welcome your thoughts and comments at any time.


      The Proverbs 31 Devotions Team

  26. Lindsay Ethridge says:

    What a sobering reminder of the beauty in waiting. Lysa, thank you so much for this devotional. I needed to read this. I’ve been praying and am in a season of waiting as well. My heart goes back and forth with my mind, wondering if and when God will answer my prayer of another child. I’ve even prayed that He would take the desire from my heart if it isn’t His will. This prayer hasn’t been answered either.

    Through the ups and downs of this waiting, I’ve also reasoned with myself that “I will be alright if the Lord doesn’t answer this prayer.” But in the laughter of a toddler or the whimper of a newborn and especially when my son loves on the littles at school or at the ball park, my heart skips and yearns. I needed to be reminded that His timing is always perfect. Always, no matter what.

    • Melissa Vanderhoof says:

      Lindsay, My struggle is similar to yours. I have waited 8 years for a second child. I’ve struggled with the ache and loss. I’ve prayed both for a child and for God to take away this overwhelming desire if it is not to be. I’ve prayed for comfort and peace. But the longing and pain remain. I’m sorry you are going through this too.

      • We are going through similar situations. We have been trying for almost 3 years for our 3rd baby. We found out we were pregnant in December (after having a 2nd surgery) and were so so excited. Our two children were very happy as well. They just couldn’t wait. After going through all that wait, we lost our precious baby. We are grieving the loss. My children are grieving for the baby. It’s a very hard thing to go through. Some days the grief overwhelms me. But God is doing amazing things through this journey. He is using the life of our baby in mighty ways. I know He will bless us again in His timing. My children have learned so much about love and I can see their faith grow. They pray and ask God for another baby. Someday, when we are holding our new baby, it will be an amazing testimony. I pray the same for all of you as well.

      • I too prayed and prayed for a child after my first. God did bring us a second blessing. I still felt something was missing….so we prayed and prayed for over 7 years. Then…God granted us a child through adoption and, two weeks later, I was pregnant after 7 1/2 years of trying and infertility treatments. So we had a bonus…and now have 4 children. I promise you, God is good. God sees every tear and hears every cry…and He is faithful.
        I find myself waiting again…for something entirely different this time. And I have to go back and think on our story and all the things that had to happen just right for His plan to be perfect…and know He will make it right.
        I hope this gives you hope!

  27. Waiting and praying is so hard. The Bible doesn’t give a specific time frame for how long it was before her son was born. We do know that the timing, God’s timing, was perfect. I have had prayers that took time, years, to be answered. In the course of this time, God transformed me. I could see Him moving mountains…slowly…to bring His answer in His perfect timing. As I fasted and prayed for a loved one to come back to God, He never failed me. The evil one wanted me to lose hope, but I never gave up. I put my trust in God and prayed for guidance. He did answer my prayer. My loved one did come back to Him, and 2 years later, she is still on His path. I praise Him for bringing her back. BUT I had to understand that God is in charge, He works thinks in His PERFECT timing, He loves us and will not leave us. We can’t see everything that God is doing, but we have to have faith. God can and will move mountains to answer your prayers. It may not be when you want, or what you want, but it’s all about Him. He knows what’s best. Praise God from Whom ALL Blessings flow!

    • Heather bly says:

      Thank you for your story..so glad your prayers were answered

    • Please pray that God will open some doors for me to find a great paying job, benefits, close to home and Godly leaders in the company. I feel as thou I have been forgotten and I know that God loves me as I have prayed every prayer been to every service, and been the good wife and mother as I should have. But, I lost my job and I’m in desperate need of another one. I have two degrees and all I hear is that I’m over qualified. I think that earning a degree is a good thing and two is even better but that is being used against me. Help me Lord, please!!!!

  28. I love the phrase,”filling the space of her wait with prayer.” It’s what I’ve been doing ever since the Dr. at our ultrasound on Tuesday said there might be a “chromosomal abnormality” with our baby. I’m waiting on the results of a genetic test to tell me whether it’s nothing, or very much something. My husband and I and family are trusting in the Lord and ready to love the life He’s blessed us with no matter what, but I can’t help being scared and uncertain about where this will lead. Living Lord, I pray that you would guide and protect the development of our baby with Your very own hands and calm the fear and sadness in our hearts. Amen.

  29. I agree I don’t want to be sold something while trying to focus on what God is trying to teach me for the day. These two things should be kept separate.

  30. I am encouraged to continue to trust God as I wait for a godly man.

  31. Whaaaaaa??? A commercial break in the middle of my morning devotional?!?!?!

  32. Carmen Velasquez says:

    I have a prodigal daughter who barely has any contact with me and her sisters.
    she and my husband had a horrible falling out 7 years ago and they haven’t seen or spoken to each other since. I am at the point of being numb. Our extended family knows the Lord, but they don’t seem to really care about our pain. No one reaches out to her, and when they did, she felt judged. She is living with her atheist boyfriend and every friend she has is an atheist also. I pray for her salvation and the healing of the relationship between her and my husband all the time. All I want is for her salvation and to have our family healed.

  33. This devotion reminds me of the song “Blessings” by Laura Story, https://youtu.be/XQan9L3yXjc. It’s one of my favorite songs that perfectly sums up the way we erroneously view God’s work and blessings. We all think we know what’s best for ourselves and our families, but so many times, God’s will is different. Faith is near impossible after years of yearning and waiting. But God is good and we can lean in each and every day for His mercies, even if they’re in disguise.

  34. Cynthia Nodland says:

    I feel like that devotional just turned into a sales pitch and it made me sad 🙁

  35. I was so thankful for this devotion today and feeling greatfull for it and then I felt physically slapped with a sale pitch. So disappointed.

  36. Janelle Volkers says:

    This was so perfect for me today! I have been planning on something for almost three years and last night told I still have to wait! I don’t understand why!
    So this reminds me there is a reason even tho I think it’s unreasonable.
    Trusting His timing!! (trying to 😉)

    Thank you!! It was perfect!!

  37. Hannah prayed for her need. But God had to wait till the nation of Israel was ready for the answer. I pray from my personal point of view, forgetting that God answers in context. My “not now” may be pending someone else’s “yes, Lord.”

  38. Anonymous says:

    That sales pitch completely undid the message and makes me question this ministry and it’s motives.

    Trusting the Lord is living by faith. Read some Brother Andrew or L. Lundquist. If you need funds to keep your ministry going, He will provide by putting it on the hearts of others to supply you without sales pitches or begging.

    I think I have read my last offering from this site. May the Lord give you eyes to see and hears to hear His truth. God Bless.

  39. Anonymous says:

    After suffering 3 miscarriages I had a son and he passed away. My initial reaction was to question God since this crushed me so. I have come to understand that there is a reason for everything although we may not understand it and that I need to trust God even in the difficult times that I do not know why things are happening the way they are. I trust that some day I will have a family all in God’s perfect timing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hear you and feel for you. We struggled with infertility for a while and had a beautiful baby girl and then she passed away suddenly. Just so hard. Hoping God can meand my broken heart. Praying and waiting on him.

  40. I love Proverbs31. However I do not think it’s appropriate to put sales pitches in the middle of devotional. The necklace is a beautiful idea- but It belongs at the bottom of the page, after everything else. Or in a separate email all together. I felt manipulated having it right in the Devo. And it ruined that worship time for me. I hope this will not become a habit.

  41. Marian Barton says:

    Thank you for this wonderful uplifting post. I too need a uplifting touch from my Heavenly King and Lord, please hear my family’s needs and prayers. God is awesome. Amen. Thank you Dear Father. I ask this in your holy name.Please pray for my family.

  42. Heather bly says:

    Thank you so much for those encourageing words..I’m in a feels like long big storm and waiting on God to come through with his promise.. and at times i get weary your words just kept me in still beliving god will come through for me at the right time..please pray for me and our family

  43. Very timely Word. Thank you so much! I needed to be reminded of this at this very time. I am anxiously awaiting salvation of lost family members (husband and son).

  44. Debbie Stephens says:

    Thks you for this. I so needed it. I will reread it often as I continue to pray for complete healing for my son’s vision. Plz agree with me.

    • Dorcas Foulkrod says:

      I stand with you Debbie – asking for perfect healing for your son in Jesus’ name! Thank you Lord!

  45. Well it seems one of the overwhelming responses from many of us today is that offering to sell your readers a pendant in the middle of a quiet and heartfelt devotional time has not agreed with many of us. Hopefully a valuable lesson for Lysa and this ministry that will not be repeated in the future.
    Reading Hannah’s story is always a difficult one for me even now as I spent SO many, many years reading it before I entered menopause. I am now a 64 yr old woman and STILL a barren one whose empty arms still ache. My husband and I fit into that 5% category where there was “no medical explanation” as to why we could not conceive. We didn’t choose to adopt during my cycling years because we had “a family” already at the time…..my husband had a 3 yr old and an 11 yr old when we married. However, even when you love your step children to the moon and back….you are STILL not their mother. Until the day I stopped having a monthly cycle, I NEVER stopped praying for a child. And as you age, I find there are yet more heartaches ahead as you have no one to carry on your bloodline, give your family treasures to, or care for you as your own grown child would.
    So God’s timing “for me” never came to fruition. I have thought when I see Him face to face and am sitting at His feet that I will ask Him that “why” question…..but who knows? I may be so enthralled by finally being in His presence, the answer will no longer matter to my heart. I will simply be content to be in the presence of Jesus~

    • Dear Connie,
      Your ARE without question the mother of your two children. What is the definition of “Mother”? Being pregnant for 9 months and giving birth OR spending your lifetime loving-caring-raising-INVESTING in your two children. I have a plaque on my wall that reads “Not flesh of my flesh OR bone of my bone, but still MIRACULOUSLY my own. You didn’t grown under my heart – your grew in it!” I have two adopted children and I quote Heather Avis, “My children may not have my eyes BUT they have my heart! and they call me Mom.” Not because I birthed them BUT because I love and invest in their lives even as adults.

      • Loretta God bless ur kind heart,that touched me👍🏻I thank the good Lord for people like u who see the cup 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty😍

  46. Jennifer Sharp says:

    I enjoy reading the bible studies each day but I have a problem with today’s commentary. The message is good but it disturbs me that in the middle of it, you try to sell me a necklace! I find that in very poor taste and it reminds me of the money changers than Jesus ran out of the temple.

  47. Dorcas Foulkrod says:

    Lisa – thank you. I am always blessed by your honesty as you share your walk with the Lord here with us all.

    I was sharing this topic last night with a wonderful group of women. My precious daughter, Grace, will be 24 next month. She is about to receive permanent housing for the chronically addicted. I know my Father could lift Gracie out of addiction and mental illness, and deposit her perfectly healed into a new life if he chose to. But – I know that this will be a journey of faith – day by day. There are so many things that I don’t understand in this walk – but when I decide to remember that Father is working for our good all the time, no matter what it may look like at the time, I can keep trusting. He has never failed to give me his beautiful peace.

    Thanks for letting me share! Blessings, Sisters!

  48. I have felt this pain of waiting several times in my life. Feeling as if God has left me just hanging. Forgotten in the painful circumstances I’m in.
    5 years of trying to conceive and a miscarriage were so painful and I felt so broken and confused…in His time He blessed me with 4 (FOUR!!!!) babies!! (Not all at once lol)
    In Oct 2014 my husband was locked out of his new (awesome) job that he was impressed upon by God to take. As time wore on and we were struggling financially and just didn’t know what was next….that whole “left on the laundry line flapping in the wind-forgotten” feeling was all consuming. his new job is not amazing and involves living away from home 🙁 but….God did provide a job. Can’t wait to see how God works all this out. My childbearing story is my “gilgal”
    Please no commercials in the middle of the devotional.

  49. I have been feeling so hopeless and abandoned. God, let me see your goodness and love in the midst of this wait. I am thankful for these trials that teach me about you. Help me to keep waiting and keep believing.

  50. “A Crummy Commercial?” I use the classic line from one of my favorite movies to punctuate my feelings about the “ad” within Lysa’s devotion this morning. I am a great believer in Proverbs 31 and have been blessed many times by the various devotions you publish. But this actually made me nauseous. I’m at the end of a beautiful, uplifting encouraging word and the relief and peace I felt was brought to an abrupt end by the “ad” for one of your products. I’m sure that your jewelry and such are great money makers for your business, but I think you would be better served to include a link at the end of your devotions, rather than tie them IN to the body of the text. Plainly, it just felt “ALL KINDS OF WRONG.”

  51. Sometimes, God answers our prayers in such small increments until you suddenly realize that he has, indeed, answered your prayers. Waiting for God to answer my prayers is always hard for me. He knows that I have to learn patience and wait for His timing. Right now, I am going through a difficult season, but I have not given up on God’s perfect timing. Some days are more difficult than others. Thank you for this devotional today.

  52. Susan Mielke says:

    Thank you. This not only meets me in my waiting for change in my marriage,
    but we also waited 5 years for our son….named Samuel! God is good, even when
    I can’t “see” it with my eyes.

  53. I am insulted that you would use today’s reading to try and sell the braille necklaces. I think that’s terrible.

    • While todays message is sorely needed for many, I agree that selling ‘stuff’ in the middle of it is just wrong. Very sad.

    • I felt the same way – great devotion, then an ad to sell a necklace following it. Reminded me of evangelistic preachers on TV always getting you to send money or buy something. Really took away from the message. Thanks for listening.

  54. I agree 5% with Julie’s message (above); however, I think the braille necklaces are a very creative way for people who think we “see” (but are blind to God’s omniscient ways… or, even, blind to the multi-faceted meaning & depth of His Word) to be reminded that our frustrations are Certainly (with Faith!) intended for very positive results for each of us AND for His Kingdom. I would have never browsed the braille necklaces or heard about them without the link in this devotional. I don’t need any jewelry, but I will always keep the visual of the braille necklace in my mind as a reminder. Thx, Lysa! Blessings Always!

  55. Deliah Provost-Boothe says:

    Get devotional, it speaks directly to me. Praise God for such inspiration!! However, I was greatly disappointed when at the end of this reading there was soliciting. Selling a product during such time is just not right.

  56. Melissa Schaffer says:

    A word in due season. I’ve been praying for years for a physical healing and I was growing tired and questioning God at times. This is a gentle reminder of how faithful He has been with me in answering other prayers. I will wait upon the Lord. Thank you!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. After a four year struggle with fertility treatments we lost our precious baby boy at almost 20 weeks. The season of wait was so long and discouraging, and now as we look toward growing our family through adoption and see the season of wait to come, I pray that God gives me patience and contentment.

  58. Laura Garry says:

    I have been on a church staff for 16 years. For the most part I work behind the scenes. This past January God led me to share a message with our congregation through Hannah’s story. I believe God asked me to share so that I could encourage others who are in deep distress as Hannah and are waiting on God to answer their prayers. If what I shared with our congregation would be helpful for anyone else struggling in this same place, here is the message God put on my heart to share https://player.vimeo.com/video/198518562 I can’t imagine my life without Him. He has shown His faithfulness in so many ways, but especially in the waiting!

  59. Jennifer Palacios says:

    YES! I am in a period of waiting…waiting on answers that I feel I get and then later on I feel I get different answers. Oh Lord, please help me hear you! My husband, who has been living at his sister’s house over the past 2 yrs, no longer believes. We were both raised as Christians, we both have had a strong connection with Him. So, why all of the sudden does he not believe in anything. He doesn’t believe in God, Heaven or Hell, and he has lost all Faith. He wants to live life how he wants, regardless of the long term consequences. I feel part of why we are separated is because of the life he wanted to live, which caught up to us, and tore us apart. I am so excited for my newly formed relationship with my Heavenly Father that I just can’t fathom not being able to talk to him about it. Anytime I do, he gets mad and fights it. I have realized that I need to back off…but it’s just not fair that I can’t tell him anything, like I should be able to. But, God’s plans are His plans, and are better than mine. I HAVE to remember that. He will bring my husband back to Him, He did with me. It’s just going to be on His time. Please hear my cry, Lord. Please bring back my husband. He needs you more than he knows. I love you Lord for what you have done for me…Thank you!!

    • Hey dear…if you haven’t, please check out Rejoice Marriage Ministries. It has given me lots of help in my season of waiting.

  60. I needed this today. I’ve been waiting for over a year for God to answer my prayer. I know he has a plan but it’s always hard to be patient when I don’t know what that plan is. I will continue to put my faith in Him and believe that the best will come in His time.

  61. I have been praying for a relationship in my life that has been rocky for several years… My life the last several months seems like and endless mound of disappointments. I have been guilty at looking at the happiness and success of other people and have been envious.., I have questioned and even screamed, cried till no more tears to God wanting to know if he heard me….
    I do be believe…. God has brought me where I am… but my patience, my pain, my confidence is so low right now…. I feel like I am in a pit and can’t get out…
    I needed this today… I just pray today, for peace and patience to wait for those answers…. but my heart is breaking..

  62. Linda Fritz says:

    We prayed for 8 years and tried medical intervention to have a second child. God said no. When do you realize instead of God saying “Wait” He’s actually saying “No”? How do you pick up the pieces of a pure desire when these hopes are shattered?

  63. Very timely as I just sent you an email yesterday evening about this very thing. When I get upset by the wait a mentor ( past elder) at my church reminds me that it has been over 40 years that he has been waiting for Gods answer to come. I have been waiting not long considering I gave my life to Christ just 7 years ago. It seems though that I have been waiting my entire life for the purpose of it and still have no rhyme, reason or plan for who I am or what I should do.
    Phrases such as “bloom where you are planted” and concerning who I am ” you are a daughter of a King” do little to quiet the desire to actually do Gods will through whatever He has planned for me while waiting on His perfect timing.

    Im not bothered by the necklace add, it didn’t effect my ability to take this word and be blessed by it.

  64. I needed this so much. It brought tears to my eyes because this is where I’ve been for several years. I’ve had many tears with God, frustration and separation. He brought me to a place of less frustration and acceptance of His timing. It is still hard in the waiting, but I know from experience, that His perfect timing will come through and remind me of His faithfulness. And then, I will be mad at myself for not fully trusting Him the entire time. I’m a brat and He loves me anyway!

  65. Rachel Caward says:

    This is exactly what I am going through and Icompletely understand the frustration and even anger, but I have chosen to keep praying and trust that God’s timing is not my timing, the Spirit is willing but the flesh is not. Keep on keeping on and do not give up!!!!

  66. Meredith Roever says:

    What do you do if it’s not an issue of God’s timing? My sister’s husband is quickly dying of a terminal disease. We can pray for but don’t expect a miracle to suddenly make him well. They both have lost faith and can’t fathom why the Lord has done this. They are angry and no longer believe He is real. I understand their feelings and try to remind them we live in a fallen world with sickness and death. I try to reassure them that God is with them and for them, but they scoff. What can I do to help other than pray for their peace and understanding of God’s love?

  67. I am waiting on God’s perfect timing in my marriage. I know He is at work. I believe in His plan for my husband and for me, whether that is together or apart. And I know it will all be revealed when God knows it’s time. So, I wait and pray. I am hanging on to my faith in God!

  68. Morgan Petersen says:

    Talk about timing! This was the perfect time for this story to be sent out! Thank you Thank you Thank You! I really needed this devotional today!😊

  69. Marg Bantem says:

    Thank you for this encouragement and direction today.
    I will continue to press in.

  70. Thank you for this devotion today. I have felt set aside for years as our family has struggled. Currently, we are going through a particularly trying time where our financial need threatens to leave us homeless. We are selling any family treasure of value, yet the unexpected expenses keep coming! I was feeling pretty desperate this morning and then read this sweet reminder of God’s faithfulness. I still have no idea where our provision will come from, but I’m choosing to press in when I want to check out. I am very thankful for this ministry.

  71. I have been focusing more and more on Hannah’s story as my husband and I struggle with infertility. This devotion came at a perfect time for me today as I was “sitting” in it. Grateful God always delivers what I need exactly when I need it. I know in His time not mine He will provide. Thank you!

  72. Thank you for this devotion. You described my situation perfectly and I needed this reminder so much. May God bless your wonderful ministry.

  73. What if God says “No” to a blessing?

  74. The timing of this could not be more perfect. My husband is filing for divorce and I just recently moved in with my dad, along with my two children. My husband does not have God and wants to live his life the way he sees fit. He did not treat me and my two children the best but I know its because he does not have God in his life. He is doing satan’s will. I am praying and praying and I am losing hope. God has not told me if He will restore my marriage or if He will end it. I can only go by what I see. I never thought pain like this existed.. thank you for this devotion.

  75. I never thought about Samuel’s birth like this – it was so much bigger than him or Hannah. He was needed at that time! Thank you Lysa!

  76. Angela Hanson says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful devotional. I have been struggling with this very issue for a year now. Trusting God and waiting for HIS timing and not trying to force something or take it into my own weak hands. I’ve made a point this last year to dive into the bible and really get to know God’s word. The story of Hannah stays near and dear to my heart. I also think of Sarah, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Ruth. My own desire is not a child just yet, a soulmate. I’m suffering through a broken heart. Each of these women come to mind as being women who desperately wanted something and waited for God’s timing. God, being just who he, blessed these women with their desires at the right time. Thank You again for this amazing devotional!

  77. Thank you for this wonderful message today. I have been praying for
    over a year now for healing and restoration of our family , but it hasn’t happened yet. Thank you for reminding me that I need to trust in God and that he his working on a plan of restoration and will do it in his perfect timing. The ad didn’t bother me at all, I am focusing on your beautiful message. I love the way God works through you, there have been many times when I was hurting about something and message that day gave me exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you and God bless you!

  78. Thank you for this reminder. Sometimes it is so hard to press closer instead of pulling away when it seems like God isn’t answering our prayers.

  79. hopeful future mom says:

    I feel that you wrote this for me! Yesterday I fell to the floor crying in what should be my nursery. We are selling our house so it will never be our nursery. Shortly after, I studied Samuel 1. Thank you for posting this! I needed it.

  80. I’m amazed at the furor over the ‘ad’ inserted in today’s devotion. Haven’t folks noticed that there’s a ‘related resource’ listed in the message each day? It is usually for a book and doesn’t it contain a photo — guess that’s why the outrage today? Still, in my opinion a fine example of ‘straining a gnat’ and plenty hypocritical. Even a ‘free devotion’ site must pay the bills. Do you fuss when the collection plate is passed mid-service? In this internet age, I think we all know how to read around an ad and move on.

  81. Blessing Trails is a random acts of kindness business I started because I felt God calling me to do it. I ran from it for four years and felt I was being disobedient to God. After spending lots of time and money it is not going any where. I don’t understand why God would lead me down a road to failure, especially with something that is to share love and kindness with others. It is hard to be patient for His timing when it is only costing money that our family could use for things like college education.

  82. The message was beautiful. I really appreciate this site, its new to me. I was planning on donating after trying it out for a month. I understand how nothing is *really* free living in a tech area and knowing how many companies go under because of the pressure of free virtual work. But I need to comment about merchandizing within a message. Tela-evangelists did this in the 70’s and history proved that God didn’t like it. I understand having an item as a side add, but to mix God’s word along with merchandizing is equal to why Jesus stormed the temple. Please reconsider.

  83. audrey wise says:

    Wow this sure did hit my spirit like a ton of bricks. I struggle with this alot since losing my husband. Two ladies I know who lost their husband the same yr I did have since remarried. While me on the other hand have not. One of them always posting comments on fb about this and that. I click “like” just because but honestly I feel a little envious of her. I often wonder God what did they do that I didnt do but He always brings back to this truth so I pray that He helps me while I wait. I know one day this desire of mine will come to pass but until I want to have a good attitude and truly be happy for others. Thx for this awesome timely devotion:)

  84. Thanks 4 this devotional message .i had miscarriage today after waiting on the Lord for several years.

  85. I was unable to have children, but my heart yearned for them. I ached when friends were building their beautiful families. When I was 42, my husband and I were asked to adopt a 2 year old beautiful little girl. During the next 13 yrs we have also had the blessing of adopting her sibling twins at birth and another sister at birth.

  86. Even though I know the truth in my heart, my flesh and thoughts are often weak and flawed. I struggle with believing I am purposeful in a barren season in terms of literal childbirth but also vocationally. However, God has been miraculously providing for my husband and me and I know I lack no good thing. Holy Spirit, help me to persevere in this waiting.

  87. Brittany Pardue says:

    Im having a difficult time with this very issue. I have been trying for 4 years to concieve and finally it happened but my body couldnt support the pregnancy and I miscarried. My heart is crushed. I have pcos and being told i may never have a child is hard for me when since a child thats all i ever wanted and knew without a shadow of a doubt i wanted to be a mom. Just pray for me in this waiting period. I know God answers prayers on his time not ours but my heart is growning weaker and weaker.

  88. Susan G. says:

    Thanks for this. Most of us have at one time or another spent time waiting and praying for something. What has helped me most is to keep my focus on Jesus and not on the ‘thing’ I am waiting and praying for. I have known Jesus for over 50 years, and have come to know His true character and know I can trust Him in knowing what is truly best for me. He has never failed me yet!
    Bless you Lysa as you continue to bless others!

  89. It is hard to understand at times God’s silence,yet as painful as it may be, God works best in his silence.

  90. Katharine says:

    God truly spoke to me through this devotional. Thank you, Lord! As my sweet and gentle mom use to say before she passed away…He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always right on time. I miss her so much. Thank you God for giving her to us for 74 wonderful years. Also, Father, thank you for Your words of tRuth. Amen

  91. Talatu Shamdung says:

    I think this is for me I love this study, even though I’m still wondering why is he silent on me

  92. Alyssa Krabill says:

    God is still good, even when we don’t understand why events have happened in our lives. My family is broken in so many ways, but God is not through with us yet! Thank you, Father! Thank you for reminding me, God’s timing is perfect.

  93. Robin King says:

    I too am in a season of waiting…my son and his wife have decided not to have children and my daughter has had two miscarriages in the last year. I see everyone I know having grand babies and my heart hurts wondering will I ever get to have some sweet babies to love. I’m also dealing with depression and have been for a few years, I pray and pray asking God to deliver me of it but it still looms near all the time. I know God is faithful and I know He will do what is best in His time

  94. I am praying for the Lord to heal my daughter! I know He will because I know and stand on the promises that He has plans for her and that He loves her and she love Him! Lord I know you have heard my cries for help and healing for her! She needs this healing in the name of Jesus. I will be still and know that You have heard the prayers and will continue to hear them and I will wait for Your answer in Jesus name!

  95. Tamiria Sims says:

    This is a timely word for me. The Lord knows. Somedays Im all out of tears and convinved my heart cant take anymore waiting or disappointment. But, i just choose one moment at a time to trust God

  96. Lindsey Parton says:

    This devotion comes in perfect timing. My 5 year old daughter has some serious health issues going on. After waiting for 18 months for her epilepsy to be diagnosed and properly controlled we are facing another problem with her spinal cord. She has been having temporary paralysis among other things. A neurosurgeon was placed in our path that was able to figure out to the best of his knowledge what is going on. While we never want her to endure pain or surgery…this is needed. Her surgery is scheduled for next Friday. I’ve prayed really hard for her to not come down with an illness that could cause a delay. She had a fever last night. With much fear I was broken this morning and felt my faith be shaken. I finally cried out being completely honest not understanding why any of this is happening to her. Please know my heart goes out to the many families going through health and other struggles. Turns out the surgery can go on as planned. I need to realize God’s got this. Thank you for the many devotions that resonate so deeply. Please pray she is able to still have the surgery and most of all that it is successful for our sweet girl.

  97. Beautiful and insightful message. I feel like Hannah, as my husband and I have been waiting almost 15 years to have a family. I have to believe that God is using this time to bring us the perfect children that could only come from his hands.

  98. I’m praying for God to reveal how to proceed with the physical pain I experience. I have to work outside the home and have a long commute. I see others who don’t work and ask “why not me?” Doc had said more than a year ago it was time for surgery but it could not happen due to a new job. Any sick leave I’d get now is not enough. So I trust God and pray for His plan. Thanks for sharing about Hannah. Helps so much. In His time.

  99. Its been a long 6 years in 2011 I had to deliver my third son that was stillborn at the delivery I had to have lifesaving surgery the resulted in 29 blood transfusions and the loss of my ability to have more children. I miss my angel baby so much all the time it’s like a piece of my heart died with him. We have been on the adoption waiting list for a couple of years and just worry there is no hope., we have our hearts open and my kiddos dream of it. I loved this devotion it spoke to my soul, it’s been hard as everyone around me is blessed with a child why would we not. I know It’s Gods timing it’s just hard to understand.

  100. I too am amazed over the furor over the ‘ad’ in today’s message, but am also very disheartened. I feel that the wonderful women who donate their time to write these devotionals and who open their hearts deserve not only grace from those of us who benefit so much from the proverbs 31 ministry, but the benefit of the doubt as well. They are clearly not in this for the money and any suggestion that they would try and take advantage of any of us is way out of line, in my opinion.

  101. Sometimes I feel like I’ve filled a river with tears as I hear stories about marriages restored by God with prayer and fasting wondering why I wasn’t one of them but also knowing that God gives man free will and knows when one partner has a pharaoh heart and when God gently says no because He knows what you want is wrong for you

    • I’m with you Mari. I’ve cried rivers of tears over the past 2 years. I have never known such pain as divorce. At the time he left, my husband said he no longer believed in God. I can only imagine that this whole situation (though it was incredibly painful) was almost a rescue mission from God. The woman he left me for was like an insurance policy so that we could not get back together. I think God has other plans that are greater than the plans I had for my life. He knows what is best for us.

  102. Thank you for this perspective. I needed this today!

  103. Jonalyn Bautista says:

    While I do quite feel that the “ad” somehow felt off on this devotion, I am kinda more troubled with how our sisters in Christ reacted with it. I always start my day with reading the devotions from P31 Ministries. And for a long time, I know have never done this. While I believe it is our responsibility to somehow tell them how the “ad” doesn’t look good on the devotion, we should have done it with love. One of my favorite Pastors have always said, “Truth expressed without love is pure hate.” And let us not be like this world where “every good deed never goes unpunished.”

    By the way, thank you P31 Ministries. Your devotions have really helped me in my spiritual growth. I know it must have been really hard to run a website like this funded only by donation. I salute your efforts! And may God bless you a lot of times more than how you have used your words, your time, your own resources, in being a blessing to us.

    Mabuhay kayo, P31 Ministries!

  104. I have about lost faith. The silence is too much to take. I feel as if I have been forgotten and to drown in my situation. Tough times and there is no relief. To the point of me seriously questioning everything.

  105. God never ceases to amaze me as He puts things in front of us that we need at that moment. I opened my inbox this morning but then walked away to tend to some laundry. When I came back this devotion was open. I thought to myself, “I didn’t open this”, but I sat down & read it. I’m sure God was the one who opened it for me!! My sister & I were just talking last night about waiting for God’s timing. We are both dealing with sons that were brought up in church & that were saved at a young age. Both of them, now in their 20’s, are not following Christ as they should be. They’re both out of church & living life on their own terms. As my sister was crying last night I told her that I can’t help but think that God will use what these young men are going through now for His glory later. I will definitely share this with her as we wait together for our sons to return to Christ!! Thank you so much, Lysa for touching our hearts today with your words of encouragement!!

  106. Leslie Speigle says:

    Many of us begin our days reading Proverbs 31 ministry. I do have to agree the necklace for me was a distraction from where the previous words had taken me. Some of the comments left regarding sharing our opinions on this are insinuating perhaps sisters in Christ aren’t giving grace to the writer. I feel honest sharing in a graceful way is beneficial. People aren’t upset about the add, just the placement of it . We are all in different places in our walk which makes grace given to all important.
    The add today doesn’t mean people’s hearts are turned from this ministry. Be blessed

  107. Linda Goodman says:

    I really enjoy reading everything you post and have read many of your Amazing books! I am dealing with a lot in my life! About wondering Why God hasn’t sent me my Partner in life. I lost my husband back in 2004. Haven’t dated much for as the dating world has changed a lot! I keep asking God to send me a partner, and I am now 64 still waiting!! I know our timing and Gods’ are not the same but I also wonder about me changing with age? We don’t stay young forever, as I have stated the Dating world has really changed so I don’t date, single sites I tried they have failed me and I believe God doesn’t want me using them and instead wait on Him! Finical matters I often wonder where I have failed! Disabled! Limits me! When you run out of money something the world lives by that’s it!!! I pray God will Hear my Cries soon! I know we can’t rush God that’s for sure! My heart ❤️❤️ Does hurt each and everyday because I have never been in Love! That hurts! 😕 I know God hears me, but it still hurts me! I sometimes that the Right man for me isn’t Available at this time that helps some but not for long! Loneliness isn’t fun @ all. Health. I pray for restoring! I know God & Believe &Trust in Him! Please! Answer my prayers Soon God! Time is so flying by!! Thank you for Reading my story! May God Always Bless you.

  108. Lisa Pless says:

    I am waiting for a daughter to make a decision about whether or not to re-enter a same sex relationship.The other girl is in rehab for a heroin addiction.My daughter will be graduating from college next month and the other girl will be getting out of rehab in June.please pray for us

    • Dear Father God,

      Please be with Lisa’s daughter and help her during this time of separation to decide not to re-enter the same-sex relationship she was once in. God, please show her Your will for her life so that she won’t enter a relationship with another woman, or the wrong man. Your ways are higher than our ways and Your thoughts higher than our thoughts. I ask that you would elevate the thoughts of Lisa’s daughter and give her a new heart that burns passionately for You, trusting that You will care for all of her needs in Your perfect timing.

      In Jesus’ Name,


      • Lisa Pless says:

        Thank you so much for your prayers.We have had so many ups and downs with this.She is attending a church that is accepting of this and goes to a Christian college that has staff that are accepting too.At times I fall into despair at the clock ticking.But I know God is a miracle maker.

  109. I just heard of this website tonight in Wednesday night class. And I always scan back a few days to see what the other days are like. And this…. this passage has hit me hard, hard to my heart. For the last four and half years my husband and I have been trying for a second child. No luck. I always kept saying to others and to myself to the point that I believed in it, “if it’s in Gods will”. But just recently, I was disappointed, heartbroken, thinking how could He give a child to this women who ignores her crying baby, why her… etc. I had to find out myself why I haven’t gotten pregnant again. Granted there are women who are saying the same thing about me, why her Lord. So we Seeked out a specialist in fertility, and found out that I have “PCOS” poly ostic ovary syndrome. I have immature eggs that have died off, and sitting on my ovaries. I am on medicine for it. I keep hearing and reading how these women got pregnant on the first few months on the medicine. And one night I prayed alone on my bed…. asking God to please give me a sign if it is ur will, if it’s in my path for another child. How I have a hole in my heart, where another child is supposed to fill. My heart is not complete. Etc. well that night my flow came. I believe that was my sign. Because that was my shortest days. Tmi – before medicine I went from 45-48 day cycle to now 28days. And now I’m having dreams of a child, my mom in law has a May 24th in her head, saying that’s the day I’ll conceive, lol. And my nephew is saying for the last few weeks, that there will be two babies. My sister in law is due next week in may. So that’s one baby. But then I read about that necklace and I about cried! “See me heart” how true is that!

  110. Linda Quarles says:

    Thank your devotional was great.Sometimrs he says No, or yes or wait all are Answers.

  111. Great devotional
    As I read your thoughts they brought me into God’s presence
    So I felt betrayed to find the promotion for a necklace
    This deals like the outer courts of the temple
    Using the sacred word to promote the sale of gold

  112. I just discovered this site and how timely it is. I have been so discouraged lately regarding marriage. I am 65 years old and have not been in a steady relationship for over 30 years. After enduring physical and emotional abuse in my marriage back in the 70’s, I vowed no one would ever hurt me like that again, so I intentionally would not allow myself to get close or allow anyone else to get close to me, thinking this would be the solution to not being abused again. The problem is it also blocked the opportunity to love again. But now I am ready to date and eventually marry again. I am tired of being alone. I want someone to share life with; to do fun, simple things with; someone to care for and care for me. I have been praying to God to send me this man.
    I recently moved back home to my childhood state and am still in the process of getting re-acclimated. I ran into a man that I knew from my teenage years and we started dating. It’s been 9 months now of ups and downs; more downs because I realized that I was tolerating behavior that a Christian woman should never allow; inappropriate language and anger. Each time I say it’s over, he would call and I would give in. I keep asking myself why do I do this? Why do I keep asking God to remove this man and still allow him back? I know we are not “equally yoked” and that is part of the problem, but the kind things that he does and his sense of humor keep me accepting him. I have been praying for God to give me the strength to walk away for good. I even had my cousin pray with me last week. I was told in the beginning when I started dating that God said for me not to settle, and that is what I have been doing simply because I don’t want to be alone again. I just recently ended it again and I think it is final this time and I am actually feeling sadness. I know it’s not for him, but because I will be alone again.
    I ask for your prayers that I will be strong enough to obey God this time and not give in to my flesh;to be delivered from the spiritual and emotional ties that allows me to let this man remain in my life. I pray that God will allow me to see myself through His eyes and not settle anymore; that I am deserving of a good man. I pray that God will answer my prayer concerning a mate and I will have strength again to wait on God. And I pray for peace and rest while I wait.
    Thank you..

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