Will You Give Me Your Son?

Will You Give Me Your Son?

July 30, 2013

“And she made a vow, saying ‘LORD Almighty, if you will only look on your servant’s misery and remember me, and not forget your servant but give her a son, then I will give him to the LORD for all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on his head.'” 1 Samuel 1:11 (NIV)

As my arms wrapped tighter around my son, I squeezed my eyes hoping the hot tears stinging my lids would stop. Forcing a smile I knew he’d want to see, I released him and stepped back on the airport sidewalk.

Despite my efforts, tears dripped down my cheeks. I grinned and shrugged, unable to speak. Thankfully my son’s gentle teasing helped get past the awkwardness of the goodbye. With a final hug, my 19-year-old left for a mission trip to China.

Having children willing to serve God was my heart’s desire before they were born. It was what I’ve prayed for since they were small. And it is what I have worked toward for years. I just didn’t know it was going to stretch my faith so much.

You see, long ago my husband and I dedicated our children to the Lord, and we raised them to serve God. I was thrilled at my son’s decision to go on a mission trip, but the reality of releasing him to God’s calling felt like a piece of my heart was being torn away.

It was so much easier to dedicate my children to God during the three years my husband and I struggled with infertility. Each time I read the story of Hannah and her struggle with infertility in 1 Samuel 2, my heart leapt in hope. Just as she pledged her child to the Lord if He would only give her one, I was willing to do the same.

It was also easier to dedicate my children to God once we finally had them, while they were wrapped safely in my arms.

But standing at the airport, there was a fragile part of me that wanted to take back that offer. Fears rose up. My son is so adventurous, what if something happened? What if I never saw him again?

I tried to put the fears aside, but hours after our final goodbye, I still had a crumpled tissue in my hand. It was then, I heard God speak to my heart. It was unmistakably Him. I’d never ask myself this question: Will you give Me your son?

By that time my son was on a plane, so the question seemed pointless. But what I wanted to say was this: Well, now that You’ve asked … the answer is no, I’ve changed my mind about all that dedication stuff I said years ago.

In the weeks since that day, I’ve often wondered why God would ask that question since He didn’t really need my permission. I’ve come to believe it’s because He knows the influence a mother has on her children, even when they’re grown. With words spoken or withheld, tone of voice, and emotional and financial support (or lack thereof) a mother can influence her children’s obedience to God’s call at every age.

And in my case, God knows my fears have affected my children. Ten years earlier when my oldest son wanted to go on an international mission trip, my fears stopped him. At that time, I thought he was too young and the destination too far. Without my active support, his plans fizzled.

Over the years, God has helped me overcome that fear time and time again, and eventually that same son went on other mission trips. Every time I’ve released my tight grip on my children to obey God, my faith has grown. Apparently my faith needed to grow again, hence God’s heart check that day: Will you give Me your son?

Gripping my soggy tissue, I whispered a shaky “yes.” Hoping it was good enough, but sensing it wasn’t, I answered again, this time with confidence: “Yes! You can have my son!”

Immediately peace started to grow in my heart as I turned my eyes from my own situation to His plan for my son. Peace and joy continued to grow stronger each day.

Sometimes I wish I were one of those mothers who never deals with fear. They seem so confident and faith-filled. But I’ve learned when I give God my weaknesses, His power is displayed and His kingdom is advanced. So in spite of a bit of trembling, and a few tears, I’m going to say yes each time God asks if He can have one of my children.

Heavenly Father, thank You for loving me in spite of my weakness. I want to trust You more and confess the times fear has held me back. Help me to be honest with You and receive Your strength. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Reflect and Respond:
Fear has the power to stop us from obeying God’s calling for ourselves and in how we support others in their calling.

How has fear affected your obedience?

Power Verse:
Psalm 56:3, “When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” (NIV)

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  1. Thank you Lord for ths ministry. This devotion is exactly what I needed. My 16 year old daughter is leaving in 2 days on her 1st missions trip…to Peru.
    The Lord and I have had many times together where I asked for her faith to be stronger and rooted more than mine was. That she would have a heart after the King of Kings and not the Chumps of boys like I did. As hard as it is to let her go, I know God loves her more than I do. This devotion helped me to trust at my most fearful times. Thank you~

    • Hi Amy – thank you for leaving a comment today. I’m praying for your daughter to have a life-changing experience in Peru! And I’m praying for you too.

  2. My son was diagnosed with severe food allergies at the age of 13 months. Last year he was hospitalized from an asthma attack and this year he was hospitalized due to a post viral reaction. I know God has big plans for this boy because the devil will not let up. I admit I have been fearful and anxious at times when it comes to my son’s health and care, especially now as we are just 2 weeks away from starting Kindergarten. But a little while back God whispered some really sweet words to me. He said, ” Amanda, I made your son, I love him, and I have a plan for him, will I not protect him from harm like I protected you?” God reminded me of what a great protector he is, that he will not let our foot strike a stone. I can be confident when I asked for complete healing of my son that it was given and I can be confident that God will keep him safe while at school. The Lord is Faithful and Good always! Amen!

  3. Glynnis – thank you so much for sharing your heart today. I’m up late reading e-mails and God sent your message at the perfect time. Yesterday I sent my oldest son (he’s 8) to church camp for the first time. He has been away from home before but always with family. I didn’t think I would miss him so much or worry about him having a good time, whether or not he is homesick, does he sleep well at night? I know that he is up there in those mountains with God by his side and he and I are bringing glory to God in his attendance. I need to remind myself that God will take care of him and provide for him while he is away. It is all part of a divine plan and I can be confident that the outcome will be good. Thank you for reminding me to turn to my faith in Him and turning my son over to His works.

    • Hi Kim – oh how I remember those first summer camps. They were the start of my faith-stretching experiences. They are so much harder on the momma than the child. I’m praying for you.

  4. While I wish my children would look for God, I must say I was not a good role model for most of their lives. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself that perhaps it’s too late to influence my 14 & 20 year old. When I read what you wrote, “a mother can influence her children’s obedience to God’s call at every age” – I know this is God speaking directly to me.
    Thank you so much for this timely devotion…blessings!

    • Betty – I’m so glad God used my words to bring you some encouragement. You can have as much influence as you are willing to assume. May God continue to show you how to influence your children for years to come.

  5. God has such a perfect way with timing. I just spent last evening choosing our list of colleges with my 15 year old daughter. As we sat together choosing which ones we felt met her needs, I couldn’t help but feel a heavy weight bearing down on my soul. I’ve prayed for years that she would follow God’s plan for her life and not mom’s plan. Lately, I’ve been earnestly praying that God would make His path clear for us. I am going to work harder to hold on to the words God revealed to you…. Pray that I can “give God my daughter”. Thank you for this devotion. Thank you God for your perfect plan and perfect timing!

    • Hi Kim – Letting your daughter follow God’s calling may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. May God give you wisdom and discernment as you walk out the next few years.

  6. Trusting God is scary. But the end results are beautiful.

  7. Heather says:

    “He knows the influence a mother has on her children, even when they’re grown. With words spoken or withheld, tone of voice, and emotional and financial support (or lack thereof) a mother can influence her children’s obedience to God’s call at every age.”
    Wow! Even though my children are still small this spoke in a huge way to me. May I remember this when my children are older!!

  8. Thank you for being transparent and sharing this very real scenario with us. I worried so much about a trip that my children would be taking that I got the shingles- really. Fear grips and paralyzes us for sure and control is right there to make us believe we are in charge. Thanks be to God when we release our fears and control to Him. Here is my 4.5 minute story of control: http://the315project.com/stories/jessica-lalley/
    Blessings to all who take the first step to release fears and pray for God’s direction and comfort!

    • Jessica – being a godly parent isn’t easy. May God give you peace that passes understanding as you continue to follow Him and model this for your children.

    • I had a similar situation and got shingles also….well…live and learn…. : ) Comforting to know I am not alone as I read these devotions and comments. God is always there for us even when it seems we are so alone. I think he loves how much we love the children he entrusts to us and is always gently leading us wherever we are in the journey to know and trust him.

  9. How does God know exactly what I need to hear each day? My son is leaving in 12 days to work in Ecuador at a special needs orphanage for a whole year. I keep envisioning what the airport experience will be like, and it isn’t pretty! I have asked God to keep him under his wings from day one, just never realized he was going to take him so far away. I need prayers that I will be as faithful and obedient to let him go as easily as you did. I think it is awesome that there are young people who are so obedient and want to please God.

    • Hi Jane – God knew exactly what you needed to be encouraged. You aren’t alone in how hard it is to let your children go. And if you lean into it, this experience will deepen your faith beyond what you can imagine!

  10. Andrea L says:

    I just wanted to add my thanks. My youngest daughter (just turned 21) is engaged to a wonderful young Christian guy who has had a passion for mission/teaching work with teens in Brazil! I am fearful and sad at the prospect of separation and safety issues. Thank you for reminding me that our children are first and foremost God’s children. I need to lean on God for strength to accept & support these plans. He can do that with me … I am sure! 🙂 Hugs xxx
    PS New subscriber to the devotion emails. Very thankful and encouraged already!

  11. Lynette says:

    Oh my goodness! This is so me! My husband and I dedicated our children as close to their first Sunday in church as possible. We pray daily that they will love and serve God from a young age, whole-hearted and for all of their lives as well as their future spouses. And yet, with my children at 11 and 8, I feel that fear of letting go almost continuously. I know they are on loan to me from God. I know in my heart that following God is where they need to be to be truly at peace and to have the strength to face the difficult days in life. And yet, I’m so sad and sometimes fearful at every turn. “Have I done a good enough job?” “Will they make the right choice?” “What are they doing when not under my care?” “Are they safe? The ?s go on and on. It is silly, I know. Because bottom line, it is like I don’t trust God! And yet, I know God knows my heart and understands that I treasure my children so much. Thank you for reminding me that God’s got them…and me. I had a friend say once, “I’d rather have my children in another country in the middle of God’s will than living next door outside of His will.” How powerfully true. Thank you for sharing. Tearfully grateful for this devotion.

    • Hi Lynette, I’ve been on this journey to release my children to God since they were born. It’s been one hard time after another. But each time it does get easier. As you can see, it is still hard … but not as hard as it was.

  12. This has been on my heart the past week or so. I have always thought Hannah had a lot more faith than myself, and recently have been pondering more and more how much of my uncertainity as to whether I could make the same commitment has held us back from having children. I keep asking myself whether I think I could make the same commitment, and I honestly want to say I’m there soon, but God will have to work in my heart more. That and it oretty much appears we will need to go the adoption route. Thanks for the posting, I haven’t revealed my hesitation to anyone as of yet.

    • K – I don’t know if there ever is a time when we feel completely ready to have children in every sense of the word, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. I felt we were ready and then had to wait over 3 years before we were finally blessed. At that point, I still felt like we were jumping into unchartered waters….emotionally, physically, and spiritually! We rode the roller coaster of trying to conceive. It tosses and turns one all over time and time again. I know God worked in our lives all the time, even when it didn’t always feel like it. Hold tight to your faith. God is always there. Whatever your future holds, it is in God’s hands. There is no punishment from God for what you have or have not done. God’s plan. God’s time frame. God’s will. (Much easier said than truly believed 100% of the time, I know.) My prayer is for your heart to be filled with love of your children very soon.

    • K – I agree with Debbe – I don’t think anyone is really prepared for what children bring to our lives. If someone thinks they are, they are deceived because every child is different. Only God knows what He has planned. I’m not sure you know this, but I have two adopted daughters, so I have a heart for adoption. May you hear God’s voice over every other voice.

  13. Jeanie B says:

    The only mothers who don’t have fears over their children are the ones that don’t care! You are not alone. You brought tears to my eyes thinking about my own children, and the oldest is only 12! Thank you for your devotional today.

  14. Sharon H says:

    Glynnis, thank you for being real and sharing your heart with us. We have two grown sons, and they are as different as night and day. We dedicated them to the Lord when they were very young. The oldest is our prodigal. I’ve given him to God and taken him back more times than I could ever count. The youngest is in the process of applying for seminary. I worry about them both constantly. Will the oldest come back to Jesus? Will God provide the finances for the youngest to go to seminary? Thank you for reminding me that I must trust God and confess my fear. I love the verse you quoted today “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You.” God bless you and this ministry.

  15. Charlayne says:

    I, too, dedicated my son’s life to God. I did my best to help in all aspects of his life. At the age of 21, he had his appendix removed. The day before he was to come home, my son stopped breathing. I wasn’t with him, his girlfriend was. I was at home getting ready to head back up to the hospital when I received a phone call from her. My body vibrated and I felt totally out of my body…going through the motions of rushing back up there. I prayed and prayed and ended it with “Your will be done”. My only child died that day. I wanted the do-over. I wanted to take him back from God. I even offered to switch places. In that moment, as well as days to come, I realized that all my wishes for my son came true. They just weren’t with me! They were with our Heavenly Father! How awesome is that!!

    • Tracy Padgett says:

      Charlayne, I just read your post. Tears are streaming down my face. I don’t know if I could be thankful if God takes one of my kids or my husband before I go. I would miss them so much! I had cancer a few years ago so in my head I always feel I will go first and try and prepare my family if that does happen that I have been so blessed and I am thankful for being here with them. The true blessing I have experienced is seeing all of my kids and husband come to Christ. I would be so angry with God if he took my kids or husband. But after my sadness and hurt I am thankful I can feel happiness for where they are and who they are with. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I am sure your son and God are up there now smiling down on us. Big hugs! :). Tracy

    • Dearest Charlayne – my heart absolutely breaks at the loss of your son. Please accept my deepest sympathy and love. I’m praying that God continues to be your peace and comfort. Thank you for posting a comment today and bringing perspective. In His love, Glynnis

  16. Lori Lane says:

    Dear Glynnis,
    My 17 yr old daughter has spent this summer on a mission trip in India through a great organization that included a training boot camp. She has been away from home 7 weeks (4 in India). She will be home in 4 days! She has wanted to share Jesus with children since she was saved in missions class during VBS at age 7. She has been on several trips here in the US with her youth group. She is called by God to missions and plans to fulfill this calling. This spring when her opportunity was revealed, I hesitated, I wanted her to wait and give herself a year to raise the money. But she was confident that God was in it and He provided all the money in 2 months time, and has kept her well and safe all summer. I had to defend my decision to let her go to other family members that questioned me as a parent. I came to the realization that “who am I to tell God NO”. Don’t get me wrong, this momma has shed many tears, but trusting God with my daughter has grown my faith enormously and the witness to family members is a bonus blessing….not to mention the way He has touched my daughter’s heart and life and the others He has allowed her to touch. God does provide all we need in obedience to His great plans, from the money to go – to the peace to let go. May God continue to bless you and your family’s obedience to His calling as He furthers His kingdom.

    • Lori – what a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness … to you and your daughter. May her homecoming be joyful and may God bless you for your obedience.

  17. Liz Lacy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It speaks straight to my heart. My oldest son is moving out for college, my second born has gone on two mission trips this summer. I too have the I gave them to you Lord but now I want them back, Okay they are yours struggle. We too prayed for this time that God would use them for his kingdom and I am thankful that they are showing the desire, second born especially. One of my thoughts is yes we prayed we are thankful but did it have to come so soon.

    • Hi Liz – thank you for sharing this. It’s such a paradox that the things we pray for can sometimes be the hardest to live out. May God strengthen you and build YOUR testimony of His faithfulness.

  18. My daughter does career missionary work in a sensitive country. I’ve found I have a peace, that could only come from the Father, each time she leaves to go back. It’s still hard to let her go, but the peace certainly helps.

  19. Patty Allen says:

    I struggled several years ago when my son was 16 and wanted to go on his first mission trip. I did not want him to go, like you I was afraid to let go. I prayed very hard about it for several days. Then during one of my prayers, I heard an audible voice tell me. “I gave my son to die for you, all I want to do is borrow yours.” After that, I felt a peace I had never felt before and gave my son my blessing. That was almost seven years ago. My son has been on three mission trips and two summer internships in other states. He has graduated college and is assistant youth minister and worship leader in a small church. God is using him in awesome ways. I know God will continue to use him because he answered the call when he gave his life to God at age 7 and answered the call to ministry at age 15. It doesn’t get any easier to let go, but I always have that peace from God.

    • Patty – I have tears in my eyes reading your comment. God truly spoke to you, and I’m going to remember those words and apply them to my own situation: “I gave my son to die for you, all I want to do is borrow yours.” THANK YOU for posting this comment today.

  20. This was a very timely devotion. Yesterday our two oldest kids (11 and 9 yrs) went to church camp for the first time. They have never been away from home before. We do not even do sleep overs. I miss them so much, my heart aches. This devotion pointed me to the heavenly prospective. I want them to grow in the grace and truth of Christ… so I have to trust God for his plans and protection. Three more nights to go 🙂

  21. Thank you for this message today!! A little over 18 years ago, I claimed this story of Hannah for myself. I promised that if God would give me a son, then I will dedicate him back to the Lord and pray that God will use him in whatever plan that He has for him. In two weeks, my only son will be going off to college. He will be 9 hours from home, and I am not only excited for him, but also fearful at the same time. I trust that God will protect him, and that he is on the path that God has planned for him!! “Yes, God, you can have my son.”

  22. Thank you for sharing your story. My 18 year-old daughter is on a mission trip in China right now! And then she will be starting college less than a week after she returns home. I feel the same way you do: “Having children willing to serve God was my heart’s desire before they were born. It was what I’ve prayed for since they were small. And it is what I have worked toward for years. I just didn’t know it was going to stretch my faith so much.”

  23. Constance Banther says:

    Thank you for that testimony ! I have been struggling with giving my sons to The Lord for him to deal, trying to do it my self! I know am going to focus on my husband and I and just pray alot for my boys.

  24. I love your story but my story with my 19 year old son is so opposite, my son is facing going to jail at 19!! I am so torn apart and in such pain over this, I am the one who turned him in, I feel such anxiety over this, hearing your story and what my story is , just makes me feel even worse. Even though why Johnny( my son) is going to jail is his own doing, I feel responsible because I called thee police that day, and He Hates me now. He wont even speak to me, and I just love him so much, and Pray for him everyday. He needs to learn that he cant hurt people and expect to walk away , I had to do what I had to do but why does it hurt so bad?????? I feel such torment in my heart, I dont feel I am supporting my son, but I am doing all I can, He wants me to lie on the stand for him, I cant do that, I have to do the right thing but I dont want my son in jail. I need some prayers and my son needs God so bad, Please pray for Johnny that God may reach his heart, for right now, it doesn’t look as if Johnny is saying “yes” where I just said “yes only 3 years ago, I feel I should have said Yes, when they were born, but I was catholic and really never understood what it meant to be Saved, or Born Again, if only I had been Saved earlier , I feel I could have Saved my son, and sons……I have 4!!!! Lisa

    • Rochelle says:

      Lisa, my heart aches for you. I am in the same position with my son facing prison. You are living with false guilt. It’s one of the enemy’s ploys. While yes, we will feel all the feelings and that’s okay, you must remember your son is an adult and he made choices. Whatever you needed to do I’m sure was justified. It is heart breaking to say the least to watch our children turn their backs on God and suffer the consequences of their own poor choices but you did nothing, NOTHING, to cause him to do whatever he did. I am praying to God on your behalf that you will be able to let go of false guilt and surrender all to God. He is pursuing your son and remember, YOU ARE NOT GOD and YOU CANNOT SAVE YOUR SON. Only God can and you are not God. But also remember we serve a God who loves us more than we’ll ever know. He can be trusted. When we truly know Him, we will trust Him. I’m praying for you.

    • Sharon H says:

      Lisa, I will be praying for you and your son. I know how it feels to see them making bad choices. It’s awful. My son too went to jail twice. He finally started seeing the light when he was picking garbage along the interstate with a sign on his back that read DUI. When he started suffering the consequences of his actions, it helped set him on a better path. He was raised in a Christian home, but still choose to walk away. He hasn’t come back to Jesus yet, but he is finally making better decisions. I know you are tired, but don’t give up on him. You are his advocate. He needs you whether he knows it or not.
      Lord, I lift Lisa and her son up to You right now. She is tired and needs Your strength to sustain her. I pray You would give her the wisdom to know how to help him and supernatural strenght to get through this valley. Bring someone into his life, that he can relate to. Someone that’s been where he is now and can share how they came to the Light. Amen

    • Lisa – God is doing something right now in your son’s life. I’m confident of this. Obedience is hard and it often doesn’t make sense. I’m praying God gives you peace and assurance that He is in control of this. You can’t see what God is doing, but He is working for your good and to pursue your son’s heart. Your son was in a different kind of prison before this one. I’m praying he experiences the freedom he needs while he’s in this current situation. Hang in there, sister. You are not alone.

  25. Remember our loving Father – and the sacrifice He made. He gave His only son as a sacrifice for US. Very fitting that we should be willing to give our children to Him, and trust Him with their care.

  26. Misty Weare says:

    I’m just beginning this journey of parenthood, telling my two-year-old that if she stays right by my leg in the parking lot, she’ll be safe. I come from a mother that feared everything, and I know I’ll struggle with how much to let my children go and how much to protect them, maybe more than other mothers. I really appreciate your example of faith surrendered over and over.

  27. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the encouragement – this hit home today as I have two sons (twin boys) in the NICU right now. Actually, the oldest is 3 months old today and still isn’t “due” until August 22nd. (They were born 16 days apart). Our sweet little Lucas was diagnosed with viral pneumonia last week and God has been so good to us and graciously allowed him to improve over the last week. He’s still got a long way to go, and I know that God has great plans for him and trust Him for healing of our sweet boy. Our other son, Connor, who got to stay in my belly 16 extra days hasn’t had the struggles that Lucas has because every day makes a difference. God protected him from having the same journey as Lucas, and we are so grateful for that. Both of our boys are miracles, and I know God is teaching me that being a parent isn’t easy and it’s hard to see your children in trouble – but He made them, He gave them to us, and ultimately they are His to fulfill His purpose for their lives. I trust Him with them, and I know that throughout their lives – I will always need to remember this time and how He has sustained them and brought them (and me) through this storm. I owe Him so much for His grace and mercy on our boys and us, and I pray that my boys will know Jesus and love Him with all of their hearts <3 <3 – If you think about it, say a pray for our sweet boys protection and to continue to grow and develop and come home soon!

    • Stephanie – I am praying right now for precious Connor and Lucas. May God continue to knit together their little bodies so they grow healthy and strong. God is beginning their testimony early and I pray they will grow up to give Him all the glory and honor. And I’m praying for you too, precious mommy of twin boys. May God give you peace and joy in the midst of your circumstances.
      In His love,

  28. Rochelle says:

    Why is it so hard to surrender when the truth is we have no control whatsoever about what happens to our children?. God has a plan for each and every person’s life. My mother had cancer five times and she is 90 years old and still living. My friend’s daughter ate a walnut when she was in the 8th grade and died. We are not in control. I believe we fear more for ourselves because there is a deep seated unbelief that God will be enough if what we feel the worst will happen. Why don’t we believe that God has good plans for our children when we release them to Him? Oswald Chambers says that we have to be prepared to watch God wreck a life in order for Him to save it. With a prodigal son, it is difficult to release him to God but where better to release him yet, I must confess my unbelief that God loves my son more than I do and that to place him in God’s loving arms is the best thing I could do both for me and my son. God has been asking me this question for the past four years as I’ve watched my son’s addiction spiral out of control. Poor decision after poor decision. As I am learning about who God is I can surrender a bit more but total surrender eludes me. I am asking God to do for me what I cannot do for myself and that is to totally surrender all to Him. I think it just takes time and trusting in God’s goodness, staying in the Word and letting His Truths sink in. Peace will come. We must repent, renounce the lies of the enemy that come to kill, steal and destroy and then ask God to redeem all the years that have been stolen by our unbelief in God’s loving care and concern for our lives. The question for me is “When am I finally going to give up striving on my own and fall down to the One who is strong?” Hopefully soon.

  29. Thank you for this devotion. I am a new mother and my son is about to turn 10 months.. Something as simple as him being in daycare stresses me out. HOwever, I have to remember that I asked God for him and he blessed me with him. God will watch over and protect him always and I need not let FEAR get the best of me. It’s hard not to because we live in such a crazy world. I look at him and I know in my heart God has GREAT plans for his future. He is so bright and smart. I thank god everyday for him and for his son Jesus.

  30. As I write this to you I know what your feeling .Were getting ready to help my daughter, son-in-law, and our first grandson move 5+ hours away to do work with the Lord ( what a great boss) in reaching collage students for the second time in their life. The first time was a 9 month mission trip to China to work with collage students there. I’m thanking God that their staying here to do his work and not returning to China ( I don’t know how some of the parents do it, when their child obey the calling move to far away lands to live). Our son also did I mission trip to Africa all by himself when everyone else back out. He had never traveled alone in the states, let alone over sea. He said I made a commitment and I can do this with the Lord. How proud I was when he said that, at that point I knew that he would be ok. Train up a child in the way he should go: Prov.22:6 is this what were doing. God has our children in his hand:)

  31. lynn sinsapaugh says:

    thank you for this. My son is in Guatemala on a missions trip with his wife and oldest son. He is the pastor of the Radford Wesleyan church in Virginia. They are in the process of becoming missionaries there. I believe God has a calling on his life, it gets tough knowing that God might move him out there, so I tell myself who knows better than God? On the other hand I too don’t want him so far away’ but I know that God has His Hands upon him and will bless him. Thank you again for sharing I really needed to read this today. God Bless You.

    • Lynn – I’m thanking God for your son and his wife and for a mother who has raised him to follow God. Obedience is a hard and narrow road – but I’m praying for God to fill you with peace and joy. Thank you for the comment today.

  32. I just came across this a few hours after talking to my 4 year old son’s neurosurgeon about the real possibility that he needs yet another major surgery. I’m really struggling with all that he goes through. I needed to read this. Thank you.

    • Haley – I’m praying for your son today … for God’s complete healing of his little body!!! And for peace and confidence for his precious mommy.

  33. God is so good. I have been struggling the last two days with my son having left to move 1200 miles away. He is having lots of bumps in his path . I rush in and try to fix it for him as most of them are involving money or I should say lack of money. I have been typing my nightly prayer to God on my sons IM in facebook. So that he knows I am relying on God to be with him and help him. In reality I am the one that needs to let go and let God work powerfully in his life. Today this message came up and it reinforces what I already know in my heart. He is God’s child and I need to let him be his heavenly father and lean on him. By my trying to solve all his problems I am preventing him from experiencing God’s wondrous miracles in his own life. I will release him to God today. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  34. Shannon says:

    Thank you for this. It is exactly what I needed to hear today. I’m on both sides – On one side – My husband and I are raising my four children (15, 13, 11, 6) and doing our best to teach them right and follow Christ. It is the unspoken as well that spoke to me, even though my 15 yr old is rebelling and pushing back we are continuing to love her through Christ and have given her to Him. It must be a choice she makes and I pray that He helps us and directs her (and the other children’s) path. On the other side – we are battling infertility and it is a very difficult place to be – to feel broken- I look to Hannah’s story for hope as well and we pray that God directs our path in this situation too. Thank you – for listening to Him – and speaking your heart. God Bless

  35. I have a 39 year old son who nearly died from crohns disease a few years ago….he was misdiagnosed for 12 years and the pain of watching him suffer was more than I could bear. The Lord did ask me to give my son to him with the words, “I have my only son for you. Now you give your only son to me.” He is much better after surgery but I had to prepare my heart to surrender him to the Lord many times over. It was a dying to self daily.

    Thank you for the reminder – I continue do my best to release him no matter what. God has answered so many prayers that I know He has my son in the palm of His hand.

    • Dear Emma – It’s amazing how God speaks to us mothers about our sons. May God fill you with joy unending as you walk this hard road of obedience.

  36. Marsha Carsner says:

    Thank you. This devotion was sent to me today by a dear friend. This past month we said “see you soon” to our youngest son, his wife, our 2 year old grandson, and a little peanut on the way. They will be spreading the Good News in South Asia. My tears fell as I read your words and saw myself standing in that airport holding tightly to a son who I also promised “God he is yours”. I am trusting in His provision today and in the future.

    • Dear Marsha – I’m praying that God is close to you and that you feel His arms around you as you release your son to obey. God bless you, sister.

  37. Terri Adair says:

    This almost sounds like my life, my son was 15 when he went on his first missions trip. 3 trips later and and 2 years of college(which when we dropped him off we all cried and he wasn’t so sure he was making the right choice of school. (It was) Now he’s out of school, unable so far to find a job, we have been supporting him, bought a car for him which now is totaled due to an accident (he’s ok) Now with no transportation he has decided to go to New York and live with his girlfriends family. She has been a Christian for 2 years. Her family? None are Christian. I worry that he will fall away or lose himself and not follow his dreams. I have 3 other boys who walked away from God and have yet to come back to Him. I already told God I couldn’t go through this a 4th time. It’s hard when you live 1400 miles away and now it will be even further.(We are in California and right now he is in Texas) I know God will take care of him, but someday’s, the tears and the lump in my throat is too much.As he is our youngest and have always been close, this too is tough. I have to trust God, I can do nothing else.

    • Terri – I’m praying for you and your family. My specific prayer request is that God reveals to you how to love your children in a way that draws them to Christ. And in the process that your relationship with God is strengthened. God is up to something in the lives of your children – He loves them too much to let them go their own way – especially with you interceding in prayer!

  38. Carlynn Welch says:

    Thank you for sharing that you are someone who experiences fear! As a military wife, fear and change go hand in hand. At times and it gets overwhelming. We are in the process of sending our oldest to college in the states while we finish our year oversees. I never thought we would choose to do this, but it would have been our fear not her ability stopping us. Thanks again for sharing. Sincerely, Carlynn D. Welch

  39. How timely is your devotion. My youngest son, 19 years, left a little over a week ago to begin his college career. I’ve thought about Hannah giving up her son Samuel a lot the past days. He’s only texted me once since he left. I know he is OK, but it is hard to let go. Your devotion is the answer and confirmation of what I need to know. Thank you, and I thank God for speaking through you.

    • Oh Lou – how I well remember that first few weeks of my son’s college experience. I wanted to talk with him every day. He wanted to enjoy being independent. It took me a few months to figure out how to navigate our new relationship. I had to learn to extend a new measure of grace and unconditional love. I pray God shows you how to love your son in this new phase.

  40. I hear you. My tiny baby step to letting go happened yesterday when my 7-yo son went 60km away from me on a beachside camping trip. And we are actually foreigners in this land. He’s very active and runs off often, so fear was an issue. Thank God I’ve learnt that every time fear arises, I don’t need to give in to it but proclaim that I am God’s righteousness and so is my son. And I’m led to pray for the blessed protection of the blood of Jesus over him. And I felt at piece and slept well. 😉 I asked myself the same question…. Will I give Him my son?

  41. I could pray your exact prayer! We all need God’s strength, especially with our children. I could relate how you dedicated and were fully compelled for your child following God, but how it is hard to sometimes actually take the leap of faith, when like your example, called to go on mission trips and things where you can not be their in the situation. What is actually required when we fully act on our words? And yet, those are the times that are faith really grows because we are reminded time and time again we can trust God.

  42. Thank you for sharing this because it is exactly how I am feeling at this very moment. My 15 year old son just left on Monday to a mission trip to Haiti for 8 days and I feel like a limb is missing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. I kept saying as we left the airport, He belongs to God and God trusts me everyday to care for him so why would I ever doubt Him, who am I? This is another step in faith closer to Him.

  43. Thank you for your words- I fight this fear all the time. Since before the birth of my four children I have prayed that they will be men and women of God. Now my beautiful married daughter keeps talking of her heart for the people of Nepal and her desire to return there to work. My nearly 15 year old daughter is learning Spanish and planning her first missions trips to South America. One son leaves for Asia in November. I shudder at the thought of it- and have to give them continually to the Lord… but the saddest of all is my other lovely 20 year old son who no longer believes God even exists… Over and over I seem to have to learn that the most important thing is that each precious child loves the Lord and seeks to follow Him. One day at a time and over and over- I have to love them, surround them with prayer, and let them go- learning again that ‘His grace is sufficient for me, for His strength is made perfect in weakness’…

  44. Hi Glynnis,
    I am late in getting a comment to you about this blog post. It has been weighing heavily on my heart since I read it last week. I am very afraid of “giving my son” to God, because for me, that means losing him completely. I am not talking about sending him away on a mission, but truly losing him through death.
    I believe children are a gift from God, and in 2008 I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Aaron was diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at 3 months of age. We were given less than 2 years with him, but with God’s blessing, he just turned 5 1/2. I know in my heart that Aaron’s life, so long beyond what is experienced by so many other children, is because of God. But I have a very hard time saying, “Yes, take him”. The reality is that he could die at any moment. Any of us could, but when you have a child so physically fragile (he cannot swallow or cough, and weekly choking episodes are just a fact of life), I live on a very thin margin between life and death with him. How do I get beyond the feeling that if I completely, in my heart give my son to God, that I can rest in the comfort that it won’t mean that I am asking him to physically take my son through his physical death? I don’t know if this makes much sense, but if you have any words of wisdom, I would certainly appreciate you sharing them.

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